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Archive | 2012

Join Up!

     Meet the new third party in national politics: Reality.      Reality is the only party with an agenda consistent with what is actually happening in the world. Reality doesn’t need to drum up dollar donations from anyone. Reality doesn’t have to pander to any interest group or subscribe to any inane belief more »

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September 2012


This roadside display in Calvert County, Maryland, kind of says it all about where civilization stands in the USA these days.

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Male Energies

     History will notice — even if we are too chickenshit to face it now — that the extraordinary turpitudes of US politics today represent an unprecedented failure of American manhood. It’s everywhere and pervasive along the spectrum of party politics, as untruth is everywhere and pervasive in American life.      The Republican more »

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The AFTA Act of 2012

     Over the years, I’ve spotlighted America’s telephone system as the single best example of the diminishing returns of technology in everyday life. This sort of negative “blowback” occurs when you apply technological innovation to make a system work better, and you actually make it worse.      As I tell it, we’ve spent more »

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Pure Americana

      At the core of the manifold paradoxes swirling around American governance is the harsh reality that we just can’t keep running our shit the way it has evolved to run. Neither candidate for president is honest enough to spell this out and indeed both act as though easy work-arounds exist for sustaining more »

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That Old Martial Spirit

     A great orgasm shuddered through the money world last week when Mario Draghi paused between scamorza con arugula tidbits to remark that the European Central Bank (ECB) would stop at nothing to keep the financial blood of Europe circulating. Of course you wonder how many pony glasses of Campari he knocked back before more »

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KunstlerCast #213: Duncan Steps Back From the Kast

Update on the Future of the KunstlerCast Released: August 2, 2012 Duncan and Jim update listeners on the future of the KunstlerCast now that Duncan is stepping back his role. Direct Download: KunstlerCast_213.mp3 ( 7 MB | 8:32 mins.) In Stores Now

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August 2012


Presenting the First Baptist so-called Church of Hammond, Indiana, serving deep-fried Rotarian-style Christianity in the big box format.

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Salutes to the Homeys

     Blogger Pater Tenebrarum of Acting Man put it nicely today: Since Mario Draghi “bought” European bankers and politicos a summer vacation by promising to pull out all the stops to save the Euro, this blog will take a break (not a vacation) for a week from the nauseating ongoing melodrama of international finance more »

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KunstlerCast #212: Health & Technology Update

JHK and Duncan give the scoop on some of their recent challenges Released: July 26, 2012 JHK gives listeners an update on his recent health issues. Duncan explains some of the tech problems that have been affecting the Kast. Direct Download: KunstlerCast_212.mp3 ( 27 MB | 34:33 mins.) Live Web Event TOO MUCH MAGIC: Wishful more »

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What the Summer Breeze Said

     Europe is giving new meaning to the term “bootstrapping,” the age-old (virtuous) idea of picking oneself up off the floor after some blow or reversal of fortune has laid you low. The new method might be called “skyhooking” in which a massive rescue apparatus secured at some mysterious point unseen in the clouds more »

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KunstlerCast #211: JHK’s Edible Garden

Update from the Kunstler Compound Released: July 19, 2012 JHK gives a walking tour of the grounds of the Kunstler Compound in Washington County, NY and updates listeners on his progress in planting his own edible garden and orchard. Direct Download: KunstlerCast_211.mp3 ( 17 MB | 21:19 mins.) In Stores Now

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The Rising

     The word lamppost is popping up lately with alarming frequency in connection with the word banker in all kinds of respectable places, and I don’t think this refers to, say, men in Armani suits searching for their car keys where the light is shining on the sidewalk after quaffing a few rare cuvee more »

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KunstlerCast #210: Too Much Magic

Released: July 12, 2012 JHK discusses his newly published nonfiction book Too Much Magic: Wishful Thinking, Technology, and the Fate of the Nation, (Altantic Monthly Press, 2012). Kunstler considers Magic to be an update on his 2005 book “The Long Emergency.” He says it was time to issue a reality testing report from reality central. more »

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The Drowning Pool

     News that that a swarm of termites deep inside the British banking system have been fiddling the interbank interest rates (LIBOR) for years in order to systematically vacuum a few billion pence off the exchange floors for themselves is the latest blow to the credibility of the global money system – and probably more »

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July 2012

Signage in the Countryside zone of the Olympic Village built for the London 2012 Olympic Games in Stratford, east London

London 2012 Olympic “Village” for athletes designed by the firm Delancey and Qatari Diar.  

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Hostage Racket

     Not to put too fine a point on it, but didn’t that cunning rogue Chief Justice John Roberts pour a jug of Karo syrup into the gas tank of America’s twelve trillion cylinder engine? Or, put another way (forgive the metaphor juke), didn’t he just give President Obama enough rope to hang himself? more »

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KunstlerCast #209: NextGen New Urbanists

Released: June 28, 2012 JHK and Duncan speak to a group of NextGen New Urbanists during the Congress for the New Urbanism held in West Palm Beach, Fla. this May 9-12. NextGen New Urbanists are young professionals participating in the New Urbanist movement. Jim asks the group to tell him what they’re up to and more »

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Rocky Mountain High

     The techno-narcissism flowed like a melted Slurpee this torrid weekend at the annual Aspen Environment Forum where scores of scientists, media figures, authors, professors, and policy wonks convened to settle the world’s hash – at least in theory. The trouble started Friday night when Stewart Brand, 74, impresario of The Whole Earth Catalog, more »

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Hazardous Games

     The story-line behind the convulsions shaking the money centers of the world is such a hopeless labyrinth of mathematical metaphysics because abstraction unto infinity is the last refuge of those seeking to evade reality. This is why individual human beings faced with terrible choices go crazy, and it is true of societies and more »

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Cloacal Finance

     With the kind of aplomb characteristic of a waiter lifting the silver serving dome to expose a roasted goose, Europe has looked deep into its organs of finance and produced 100 billion E-bucks for the ailing banks of sad-sack nephew Spain.  Where did all that money come from? Out of Europe’s ass. That more »

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KunstlerCast #208: West Palm Beach

Released: June 22, 2012 James Howard Kunstler walks through City Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. and comments on the pros and cons of this New Urbanist city block of commercial buildings. Follow our route on Google Maps with the player below, or click here. View Larger Map Direct Download: KunstlerCast_208.mp3 ( 34 MB | more »

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June 2012


Welcome to Cough Triangle, Brooklyn, NY – yes that is its real name – tucked neatly between the reeking Gowanus Canal and the Gowanus Expressway.

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Welcome to the Wormhole

     Now we get to the really fun part of the global unwind where even money flowing into supposedly safe havens turns, presto change-o, into an evaporation of wealth, and all of the lawyer-lobbyists who ever double-parked on K Street in the sorry history of this frantic era will not avail to contain the more »

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KunstlerCast #207: Leon Krier @ CNU 20

Released: May 30, 2012 Leon Krier is one of the best-known – and most provocative – architects and urban theoreticians in the world. Until now, however, his ideas have circulated mostly among a professional audience of architects, city planners, and academics. In this episode we hear some of his concluding remarks made during his Saturday more »

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