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Archive | Clusterfuck Nation – Blog

A Door Closes, A Window Opens

“Almost every headline and what passes as ‘news’ in the United States, is a cry for help.” — Karen Kwiatkowski

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The United States of Go Figure

“Forced obedience to obvious lies is the essence of totalitarianism. It’s the ultimate flex for psychopaths.” — Dr. Toby Rogers

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Sick Of and Done With

“Biden is not well. Everyone knows this even those who support him…the difference is they don’t care and that’s the most frightening aspect of this situation.” — Edward Dowd

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If Wishes Were Fishes — a Teachable Intermezzo

“Together we can finish the job.” — “Joe Biden”

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Time to Jettison the Animals

“The old left had intellectual commitments that were false in interesting and theoretically stimulating ways. The new left demands adherence to lurid absurdities so preposterous that merely entertaining them induces nauseating neurological disorders.” — Xenocosmography on “X”

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Which Movie Will It Be?

“It’s almost as if the principals (prosecutors and judge) were performing for their political audience — with a wink, a nod and a stage whisper (“watch this!”) as they ignore yet another fundamental element of American due process.” — Jack DeVine on “X”

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Gloat While You Still Can

“The hour is much later than you think…on multiple fronts: Financial, political, medical and geopolitical.” — Edward Dowd

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Saving our Democracy This Memorial Day

“We must stop Donald Trump.” — President “Joe Biden”

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Of Men and Myths

“Donald Trump doesn’t trust women. I do. ” — “Joe Biden” on “X”

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Fugazy Land

“The crisis of meaning only becomes a problem when society becomes resigned to it, accepts a condition of meaninglessness, and seeks to dispossess humanity from the insights and truths it learned through the ages.” — Frank Furedi

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An Urgent Matter

“If the government can suspend your rights anytime it deems something is a crisis, you don’t have rights. You have permissions.” — “Pismo” on “X”

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Monster Mash-up

“My take is that the US is incredibly unstable right now, and could go in almost any imaginable direction between now and the election, as well as some unimaginable ones.” —John Michael Greer

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Carnival Rides

“These agencies are not trusted because they are not trustworthy.” — El Gato Malo on “X”

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Prisoners of Themselves

“Ok, let’s be clear. If the intelligence community led by the CIA is not the “deep state,” what is?” — Jeffrey Tucker

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Nostalgia for the Mud

“Resentful childless harpies unconsciously longing for domination. Why else worship at the altar of Hamas? Why else would it be so overwhelmingly female?” — Dr. Jordan Peterson

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Pep Talk on a Dark Day

“We live in an age of full spectrum deception.” — Edward Dowd

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“We’ll certainly never forget the dark days of June 6– January 6th, excuse me.” — President “Joe Biden”

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The Bad Faith Olympics

“This is the weirdest era in human history. By far. Nothing else even comes close. Billionaires trying to kill everyone. Civil society unable to form a coherent thought. Institutions lie in smoldering ruins. Poisons handed out like candy. We are Neanderthals with iPhones.” — Dr. Toby Rogers

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Batshit Crazy America

“Look at what all these white patriarchs built. Without pay. In their spare time. Anonymously” — Jordan Peterson on “X”

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Crib Notes for the Trial of the Century

“Once someone determined Trump was so bad it was okay to lie about him, it set the precedent that the only thing that mattered was a subject’s politics.” — Matt Taibbi

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The Beauty Parlor’s Full of Sailors and the Circus is in Town

“They have tried to solve a wide range of insoluble problems, from the weather to poverty to viruses, and now they will attempt to solve us.” —Eugyppius

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“Whoever doesn’t miss the Soviet Union doesn’t have a heart. Whoever wants it back doesn’t have a brain.” — VV Putin

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Vectoring Dangerously

“Strategic ambiguity requires strategic capabilities. Otherwise, it’s just make-believe.” — Lee Slusher on “X”

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This Is Not an April Fool’s Gag

“I’m sorry for the harsh message, but somebody needs to tell the truth,” virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

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Oh Say Can You See?

“A modern nuc can fit in the trunk of a compact car. When millions of people can walk across our border with impunity what do you think the chances are we would catch something that size?” — Sam Faddis, Retired CIA

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