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“Jettison the Animals!”

March of 2022 sure was a humdinger. And, of course, April always begins with a joke, before the serious fun starts.

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What Is to Be Done?

Money money money everywhere along the trail for the Biden Family….

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Naming Names

      You see, there are real people behind all these disorders of our national life. Many more besides just the notorious Dr. Fauci…

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National Assisted Suicide

Read More 954 Comments

Shadows Within Shadows

The regime behind “Joe Biden” appears to relish the prospect of dragging out this crisis as long as possible, despite the fact that we have about zero national interest in the fate of Ukraine, except perhaps for our fears about the dark secrets that reside there….

Read More 529 Comments

Playing Dumb

Would our country be disappointed if Russia actually solved the problem of Ukraine? You have every reason to think so.

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Crashing’ and Burnin’

Yes, life in the early twenty-first century looks more and more like a bad horror movie. And now the critics are moving in, savaging the production.

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Nowhere Left to Hide

Financial markets are averse to threats of chaos and death. These conditions tend to interfere with formal promises between parties to service loans, which is the basis of finance.

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No More Russian Dressing For You!

Whoever is behind “Joe Biden” has done all they can to derail American Life, and the feckless leadership of Euroland has also seemed avid to trash its future. There is a welling movement, in America, at least, to resist all that, to sweep these degenerates out of power….

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Don’t Look Now

Ukraine is a manageable localized problem in a distant part of the world and Russia is going to manage it. The American crisis of confidence in its own operating system is something else.

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The Party of Chaos Blows Its Cover

The Ukraine blow-up is more a humiliation for “Joe Biden” and his faction than for the US per se, for the truth is that we have scant interest in that corner of the world and what goes on there is none of our business, and never was….

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“Joe Biden” Wins World War Three

One surmises that all the meshugas over Ukraine was designed as a distraction from the financial disorders now at hand.

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The Unmasking

We’re in the midst of a tremendous shift of public opinion. Winter is not over but the truth is budding now in a thousand places.

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Speed Wobble

Things are turning, indeed, out there… out in the truck stops and the households fending off repossession and the small businesses struggling desperately for survivial — even in the degenerate halls of government….

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Dishonesty is a Bad Business Plan

“Perhaps for the ruling class the only thing that would be more terrifying than seeing children go to school without masks is the idea of losing elections.” — Grace Curley, The Spectator

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Wake-Up Call

I must say, I believe the truth of our predicament will grow a whole lot weirder as we stumble into springtime….

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Death Wish

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The Revolt Begins

So, it’s time to serve notice that the game is over. The nation rejects the phantom president and the cabal behind the Covid-19 hustle, and all the Woke hustles that rode in with it.

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Old Man, Look at Your Life….

It’s worth paying attention to just how disordered Mr. Young’s thinking is because it summarizes everything that has gone awry on the political Left: He is wrong two ways: 1) morally, and 2) on the facts of the matter — which is as wrong as you can be….

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A Real American Hero

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Win-Win, Lose-Lose

Read More 744 Comments

No Time for Crybabies

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Dog Gone

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Light It Up!

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When That Ol’ Mojo Stops Workin’

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