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D ec. 3, 2020, JHK chats with host Tom Luongo on on a wide range of issues surrounding the election fraud of 2020, the hypocrisy of the COVID-19 crisis and how the forces of decentralization will overwhelm the the planned Great Reset of human society by the World Economic Forum and their well-placed toadies in our governments.

Listen to “Episode #61 – James Kunstler and the Limits of Fraud and the Great Reset” on Spreaker.

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3 Responses to “Gold Goats ‘n Guns Podcast Episode #61 – James Howard Kunstler and the Limits of Fraud and the Great Reset:”

  1. Killswitch Chronicles December 11, 2020 at 11:01 am #

    Have you considered doing a weekly commentary podcast by yourself? I enjoy your interviews, but in situations such as this I feel as though the interviewer dominates the time. No disrespect to the host, but I listen to hear what you have to say.

  2. anmariwakaranai January 20, 2021 at 9:10 am #

    This may be hard to believe. Plague, famine and war are imminent or occurring . Persecution and tracking of those deviating from the party line has begun.
    When you see holograms in the sky to induct the one world religion do not be fooled.
    There will be a warning from the one true God. Time will be suspended and you will see your conscience in the light of God.
    This is truth. You will have 6 to 8 weeks to convert before the purification.
    Jim and your readers, men of good conscience, please understand.
    Store water now, it will be bitter in the nuclear winter.

  3. muunyayo October 5, 2021 at 1:46 pm #

    Watchmen have been warning us for decades of the inevitability of a one world order and those with power have collectively made this move to strike …

    Those that control the world’s needed, natural and precious resources infact control the world. That’s a fact. There is nothing ever motivating anyone to relinquish this type of power.

    In the onset of the information age, ie the public internet, the explosion of information accessibility has proven to be the double edged sword for those with power.

    To their benefit, they have seized the ability to capitalize upon progress resulting from the convergence of telecommunications capabilities and commerce/financial transactions. Globalization has been realized as a result of the interconnectivity of these machines and with that, the paradigms of language, race, nation-state, sovereignty, the Rule of Law, history, academia, medicine, science, labor, faith, citizenship, privacy, basic human rights – disruption cannot be understated.

    However, those with the instinctual wherewithal to call authority into question have been given free reign to congregate in digital public spaces for nearly thirty years now. And within these last three decades it has become quite clear to those with eyes to see that the power structure requires an unwritten, unofficial alliance between those that create policy, those that control the distribution of aforementioned resources, those that have the intellectual ability to innovate -:and those that once had this power all to themselves – consolidation was necessary.

    Plainly stated, ordinary people who work honestly and with consideration towards their surroundings and are not consumed with the obsession of acquiring power – that is, the majority of people in this world – have finally seen that those we have entrusted with decision making authority have failed us to such extremes that the only righteous collective decision remaining for decent people is to physically eliminate the existing power structure.

    Therefore, in response to the threat of ordinary people that have become frustrated en masse and deep down inside know there are no political solutions remaining – the power structure brought the hammer down upon the peasants and brought it down hard.