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April 2014

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March 2014

Eyesore March 14_B
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February 2014

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January 2014

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December 2013

Gehry Toronto

Behold this triple-header of 80-plus-story condo towers designed by Toronto hometown boy Frank Gehry for his place of birth (he’s lived in Los Angeles for decades).

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November 2013

Syracuse Blvd

Behold (above) the wished-for outcome of a project that would turn the Interstate 81 elevated freeway that runs through the heart of Syracuse, New York, into a surface boulevard.

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October 2013

Oct eyesore 1

Behold the conceptual rendering for this year’s official Flint, Michigan, public art project.

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September 2013

Farm Campus 2

The new “farm” office campus of Epic systems, a medical software colossus, in Verona, Wisconsin.

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August 2013

Petersen Automotive Museum's car sales criticized

“This proposed new facade for the Petersen Automotive Museum is one of two similar designs that has received preliminary approval from the Los Angeles Planning Department.

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July 2013


Proposed Film and Media Study Facility by Lafayette College for downtown Easton, PA. This off-campus melange of incoherently orchestrated buildings is anchored at the corner by a blank-wall “Borg” cube.

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June 2013


The street crossing that ain’t, Marlton, New Jersey.  

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May 2013


The “greening” of America proceeds apace!   

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April 2013


Behold, the proposed new San Francisco Trans-Bay Transit Center at First and Fremont Streets.

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March 2013


Get a load of this beauty. Social housing on the outskirts of Paris by the architectural firm Maison Edouard François.

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February 2013


Behold the new Perot Museum of Science and History in Dallas, Texas in all its magnificent cubosity! Wow, what an original idea! 

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January 2013


This abortion, an observation tower for Phoenix, AZ, is described by one wag as a giant toilet cleaning brush. Are you sick yet? Well, then get a load of the view:

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December 2012


Behold the landscape of Happy Motoring in its latest iteration in northern Virginia, that is, the Washington DC suburbs. It’s significant that the very seat of policy and governance in our country is the epicenter of cluelessness about the fate of our tragic car dependency. They just see endless new layers added onto the existing more »

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November 2012


On view in Kingston, NY. This kind of says it all about the condition of America’s Main Street economy. Note, this is about both the programming and quality of the buildings. Thanks to Martine Hahn from Greenwich, NY, for sending it in. Closeup below:

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October 2012


The architect of this addition to Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum, Mels Crouwel, dubbed his creation “the Bathtub.” Actually, it looks more like what we in America would call a laundry sink.

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September 2012


This roadside display in Calvert County, Maryland, kind of says it all about where civilization stands in the USA these days.

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August 2012


Presenting the First Baptist so-called Church of Hammond, Indiana, serving deep-fried Rotarian-style Christianity in the big box format.

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July 2012

Signage in the Countryside zone of the Olympic Village built for the London 2012 Olympic Games in Stratford, east London

London 2012 Olympic “Village” for athletes designed by the firm Delancey and Qatari Diar.  

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June 2012


Welcome to Cough Triangle, Brooklyn, NY – yes that is its real name – tucked neatly between the reeking Gowanus Canal and the Gowanus Expressway.

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May 2012


This street could not be more normal across America. It is Ohio River Blvd, Bellevue, PA.  

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April 2012


Presenting the new Regional Transportation Center in Greenfield, Massachusetts, another humdinger from the anti-urban bureaucratic goodie-bag, clocking in at $13 million.

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