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Thinking the Unthinkable

     A side-trip to the local mall – where else to buy ammo around here? – evinced an epic struggle for supremacy of the chain stores between the Great Pumpkin and Santa Claus, with both fat-assed icons trying to shove the other out of the primary display sites as if the store aisle were a WWF ring in some grubby forsaken Palookaville far far from the salons of Washington decision-making, which, I guess, this is. This is the kind of place that a Jimmy Stewart character would have called home in 1946; only today it looks like a place taken over by a certain species of space aliens, slovenly in mind as well as body.
     Our gods are not happy. Anyway, that third fat-assed icon, the Thanksgiving Turkey, was nowhere in sight, perhaps due to the recognition that there is far more  grievance than gratitude ‘out here’ in the fly-over zone.
     America still does everything possible except prepare to become a different America, perhaps even a better America than the current release, and this is unfortunate because history is merciless.  History doesn’t care if the dog peed on your homework… or you had car trouble this morning… or the tattoo on your neck got infected… or (to take this in another direction), you justified robbing scores of billions of dollars out of the mortgage sector because your too-big-to-fail company came down with the financial equivalent of swine flu and the top executives were hallucinating that they lived in a world with no boundaries of law or common decency.
     We’re at another one of those weird inflection points of “current events” — a momentous eddy in the larger stream of history.  A good deal of the already-proclaimed return to normality (“normalcy” in WGHarding-speak) depends on something close to a normal holiday shopping season, when so much of the nation’s merchandise inventory moves from WalMart to under the Christmas tree. Of course, even if it were to turn out like a year-2005-type credit card binge, the result would surely be a sort of hemorrhagic fever of buyer’s remorse afterward.  An aerial view of the Heartland long about February 1st would show households blowing up like individual kernels of popcorn at an accelerating rate until the terrain itself was obscured by an evil fluff of financial woe suffocating the poor folks trapped under it.
     Over the weekend, the The Huffington Post ran a McClatchy news service story about Godman Sachs’s misdeeds around the issuance of mortgage backed securities.  The basic idea in it was that GS was aggressively gathering trash mortgages from fly-by-night “originators” all over America to bundle into tradable security paper, which they then pawned off on feckless, inattentive investors (pension funds, foreign banks, etc) seeking miracle returns — at the same time that GS was buying credit default swap “insurance” by the bale, knowing full well that the collateral backing their own issuance of MBS was of a quality somewhere between dead carp and dog poop.  In other words, they were shoveling shit investments out of one window, and betting against the value of them from another window.  Thus a picture resolves of GS’s “true opinion” of the securities it paddled, and the question arises whether failure to inform the peddled of this opinion constitutes fraud. I certainly think it does.
     I’ve been making substantially the same case in this column for two years now, so it is interesting to see the mainstream media awaken to a story-line that an ambitious nine-year-old could have pulled off the Web over recent months.  I also continue to assert that a flurry of bonuses paid out this holiday season by Goldman Sachs and its other amigos at the top of the banking food chain will be greeted by violence – which will be the natural outcome of a society whose government fails to even give the appearance of protecting its citizens from organized crime. How did a sock puppet get appointed head of the US Department of Justice, folks will wonder.
     How bad is the situation ‘out there’ really?  In my view, things are veering toward such extreme desperation that the US government might fall under the sway, by extra-electoral means, of an ambitious military officer, or a group of such, sometime in the near future.  I’m not promoting a coup d’etat, you understand, but I am raising it as a realistic possibility as elected officials prove utterly unwilling to cope with a mounting crisis of capital and resources. The ‘corn-pone Hitler’ scenario is still another possibility – Glen Beck and Sarah Palin vying for the hearts and minds of the morons who want ‘to keep gubmint out of Medicare!’ – but I suspect that there is a growing cadre of concerned officers around the Pentagon who will not brook that fucking nonsense for a Crystal City minute and, what’s more, would be very impatient to begin correcting the many fiascos currently blowing the nation apart from within.  Remember, today’s US military elite is battle-hardened after eight years of war in Asia. No doubt they love their country, as Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte loved theirs. It may pain them to stand by and watch it dissolve like a castle made of sugar in a winter gale.
      I raise this possibility because no one else has, and I think we ought to be aware that all kinds of strange outcomes are possible in a society under severe stress. History is a harsh mistress. For all his ‘star quality’ and likable personality, President Obama is increasingly perceived as impotent where the real ongoing disasters of public life are concerned, and he has made the tragic choice to appear to be hostage to the bankers who are systematically draining the life-blood from the middle class. Whatever we are seeing on the S & P ticker these days does not register the agony of ordinary people losing everything they worked for and even believed in.  In a leadership vacuum, centers don’t hold, things come apart, and rough beasts slouch toward Wall Street.

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289 Responses to “Thinking the Unthinkable”

  1. suburbanempire November 2, 2009 at 9:50 am #

    All this happens while TV’s Lou Dobbs dodges bullets outside his New Jersey home….
    Meanwhile, the insurance industry continues to hold us hostage
    caustic and oversimplified opinion…. from folks in Vermont.

  2. Ed Nauseum November 2, 2009 at 9:51 am #

    “I’ve been making substantially the same case in this column for two years now”
    Ah, yes, the “inflexion point” that is perpetually over the horizon.
    This column can virtually write itself now, but I did spot more than a few errors. Were you drinking when you wrote this, Jim?
    I’m old enough to remember when this was a Peak Oil site.

  3. nothing November 2, 2009 at 9:54 am #

    Ah Jim, the frightening scenario you imagine can only come to countries where the government keeps the lid on too tightly.
    The beauty of freedom, both economic and civil, is that it is always exploding in ways new, wonderful, and sometimes scary.
    You are moving towards understanding.
    By the way, the Democrats have now come up with a funny new strategy for acquiring voters. Details at http://www.thenothingstore.com

  4. rugger November 2, 2009 at 10:07 am #

    Tony Soprano had it right, in one episode he ranted “The Ven Der Bilt’s and Rockefellers were also crooks”. The same is true of the plutocrats of today. At least the old paisan mafia had sense of honor and a code.

  5. James Spignardo November 2, 2009 at 10:20 am #

    I do agree with most of your thoughts Jim but I must say it seems that you have a macabre fantasy about violent upheaval. I really think you give Americans way too much credit. We are so disengaged it would take an unbelievable cataclysm to move us from uninformed malaise.

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  6. empirestatebuilding November 2, 2009 at 10:21 am #

    I have always loved Sinclair Lewis’s depression era book “It Can’t Happen Here”. I am not ready to get on board with the Coup D’etat scenario yet… it looks like business as usual out here in the Long Island Suburbs… no one is particularly fired up about anything other than the Yankees.
    Meanwhile in NYC Mike Bloomberg spends 100 million of his own money on his mayoral campaign… must be worth all that money to be the mayor.

  7. Jaego Scorzne November 2, 2009 at 10:22 am #

    Maybe a coup is what they want: create an unteneable situation as Mr Kunstler describes and lo and behold suddenly a solution appears. The very thing Americans would have rejected before becomes their saviour-especially after the bitter taste of the false messiah Obama.
    How would we know? Well, most military men are socially conservative. If the coup brings an end to things like the new Hate Crimes, then we know that it wasn’t a grand mal conspiracy. But if these things continue and accelerate: hate crimes, amnesty for illegals, affirmative aciton-then we know the whole thing was theater directed from the very top.

  8. lsjogren November 2, 2009 at 10:24 am #

    I’m actually surprised that as bad as the economic crisis is that I don’t see any signs of civil disorder so far.
    If there is an actual breakdown of civil society I would expect to see it first in the most economically depressed locales- places like the San Joaquin Valley of California and the state of Michigan.
    I have been concerned that the downturn would lead to anarchy, but I see little sign of it so far. To me the “news” is how a public that is used to material abundance and has had a considerable amount of that abundance stripped away from it is taking that change in passive resignation rather than violent rage.
    Don’t know whether that will remain the case indefinitely, but that’s what I see right now.

  9. LaughingAsRomeWasBurningDown November 2, 2009 at 10:26 am #

    Keep government out of Medicare. Just about says it all. From here in red-state Jesusland, it’s fully imploded. Big story of the week was some out of work mechanic sabotaging cars in parking lots and then charging $$$ to get them restarted. Yeah, I know, compared to your typical South-American kidnapping/hostage worries, this is small beans, but the journey of a thousand miles…

  10. suburbanempire November 2, 2009 at 10:27 am #

    Here in Vermont all seems the status quo, It seems a little much to ask the obese, deep fried Twinkee set to rise up and overthrow anything except that Whopper that has been sitting uncomfortably just south of heartburn for a few hours now.
    It’s all good even with the rise in unemployment; we know cause Miley Cyrus said so…..
    “Hey, Hey, Hey…. it’s a party in the U.S.A.!”
    for more oversimplified caustic commentary…

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    Support this blog via Patreon or Substack
  11. tstreet November 2, 2009 at 10:30 am #

    As long as we can afford Prozac, fear not the revolution. The military remains fat and happy so I don’t see a coup from that quarter.

  12. ashizashiz November 2, 2009 at 10:30 am #

    I’m with you, J. Though the time-frame for such tectonic-shifts is increasingly difficult to measure, there are certain realities that exist and that will, at some juncture, rip a fissure in the American fabric that will make San Andreas look like a crack in the sidewalk. I point to the issue of DEBT. TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS in unserviceable debt that our leaders appear to “believe” they can refer to as “capital”, just so long as nobody is allowed to pull back the curtain on this the biggest financial hoax in history.

  13. tstreet November 2, 2009 at 10:31 am #

    As long as we can afford Prozac, fear not the revolution. The military remains fat and happy so I don’t see a coup from that quarter.

  14. panoptic November 2, 2009 at 10:37 am #

    Alas, I think you’ve mistaken the military of the USA for something it isn’t. Remember Ike’s words to “beware the military-industrial complex?” I’m pretty sure that the military is primarily composed by those who “admire” and “believe in” the Becks and Palins. Nonetheless, their exemplification of “non compos mentis” indicates a higher probability of defending the “gubmint,” their arms-suppliers and the jackasses on Wall Street, who facilitate the semi-clandestine redistribution of that money, from their equally incapacitated sub-species, civilian brethren. Regardless, with global food production tanking, the “mushroom forests” will sort things out and I’m not talking about the kind that complement steak or “enhance” perception.

  15. Al Klein November 2, 2009 at 10:37 am #

    Sorry, Ed, but JHKs site is still a Peak Oil site. Do you think that Peak Oil is old hat? You are in for a huge surprise.

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    Support this blog via Patreon or Substack
  16. ozone November 2, 2009 at 10:38 am #

    Thanks, JHK, for saying what I’ve been ruminating on for a couple of years now.
    Those of us who are in a “collapse mind-set” will do better than most others when reality decides to crash the party, IMHO. …Bye the bye, reality will have its’ way, regardless of those who would cling to their cherished “normalcy” and “status quo”.
    Alas, poor assholes, I knew them well. Ummm, but liked them not! Haw! Ssssssssee-ya.

  17. seb November 2, 2009 at 10:43 am #

    Greetings, sir.
    I picked you to “reply” to, because there was a likeness after reading Kunstler’s post. I just thought it was coffee he was drinking. That wires you. I also am aware that Jim may have experienced frustration last week just trying to write his own blog with the alleged “flaming, trolls, asshats and douchebags (They Banned Me)”, see? He’s human. I revert to type. He is reverting to type. I love to type. All this is is a highly literate website. We are trying to bring ancient literary tradition to the modern, mostly misaligned Internet. I reserve, “You must be drinking”, for the august pundits who have fucked up. Kunstler has not done so. He can’t help it; as they say, Rome wasn’t burned in a day.
    a little perspective on my own problems, so that you can see how “robbery” by the system and people high up in it is a constant of our time:
    First, Understand the Law
    The restraining order law is perhaps the second most unconstitutional abomination in our legal system, after our so-called child protection (DSS) laws. The restraining order process is designed to allow an order to be issued very easily, and to be appealed, stopped, or vacated only with the utmost difficulty. It is the product of evil twisted minds, who have no respect for our traditional sense of justice or of the protections provided in our Massachusetts Constitution of due process of law. And they like it that way, thank you very much.
    The motives for this law are legion. First, it makes the Commonwealth a bunch of money, by allowing it to leverage massive Federal grants.
    Our system’s bad, and those of us who go to jail are not hippies any more. That’s how I differ from Kunstler. There’s no “we” in my book. Notice as you try to murder us that we may attempt to make that mutual. That will prevent you from murdering with impunity. You don’t know who you’re messing with.
    What is going to happen in this country is unthinkable if we can’t go back to the way it was. I am spending all my savings to get a lawyer. There’s no alternative. When that’s gone I’m going to die. There is $3,000 to fight a restraining order, $3,000 to conduct a divorce, and $3,000 for psychological evaluations. Plus, on the Internet here it could just as well be a video game. You’re desensitized. A cornpone Hitler? Don’t make me laugh. Can I at least get some beans in a mess kit? These people are taking ecstasy! So, as “not the way it was”, you can appreciate how that means, “all torn down”, big time.
    JHK, here’s you:
    A good deal of the already-proclaimed return to normality (“normalcy” in WGHarding-speak)
    and this is why I replied to dude on his sentiment. Don’t act like you can’t learn chemistry. You can and you will. Check this out: “normality” is a chemistry word, and we are not going to mark out the utter ignorance by those using our words if there’s a paucity of chemistry there. You have “normalcy”, please use it. How can you be so cold?

  18. Jaego Scorzne November 2, 2009 at 10:45 am #

    It’s an open secret: feminists get into family law to destroy families-and above all, to ruin and impoverish men. After that, the State becomes the Husband and Provider-the man just a cast away drone. Marx and Engels wanted the nuclear family destroyed and their descendants have pushed the envelope secretly and with great skill.
    When a boy meets a girl and they “click”, it’s chemistry: the lock fits the key. But there is nothing moral or immoral here-it’s just nature doing what nature does. Just so, Chemistry in the right hands used for moral purpose will be our salvation. Techne is always morally neutral. But Praxis oh Praxis-it knows what to do and why.

  19. ozone November 2, 2009 at 10:46 am #

    Thanks, JHK, for saying what I’ve been ruminating on for a couple of years now.
    Those of us who are in a “collapse mind-set” will do better than most others when reality decides to crash the party, IMHO. …Bye the bye, reality will have its’ way, regardless of those who would cling to their cherished “normalcy” and “status quo”.
    Alas, poor assholes, I knew them well. Ummm, but liked them not! Haw! Ssssssssee-ya.

  20. asoka November 2, 2009 at 10:52 am #

    Military coup? Ain’t gonna happen. This is just more violent fantasy porn.
    Meanwhile, back in the real world:
    Ford Posts $1B Profit In Third Quarter, Forecasts A “Solidly Profitable” 2011,

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    Support this blog via Patreon or Substack
  21. seb November 2, 2009 at 10:54 am #

    Whoops. Really stupid, and I have five minutes before they open to go hire a lawyer. They have “men’s” family law offices since, as a man, you are madder and will spend your last dime thinking it is your spouse fucking with you.
    The stupidity was a panic related to a loss of faith in Jim (with his outfit) on a little pink box: Non-numerics in the (something) (some number) then, NaN. So, I triple-posted. NaN, hmm, Sodium, …nitride. A knife blade that makes a festering wound.
    Mr Nauseum I forgot to praise. He had “Ad Nauseum”, but made into a screen name. I can’t see “screen name”. Show me screener I see (blue) veiner. Too much Over-the-Line and National Enquirer.

  22. david mathews November 2, 2009 at 10:59 am #

    A military coup? James Howard Kunstler must be writing another fiction novel. It isn’t going to happen. So stop worrying about that.
    The Earth keeps spinning and Nature keeps on living …
    That’s all that matters. The economy can and should die, but it will do so at its own pace.

  23. Lynn Shwadchuck November 2, 2009 at 11:11 am #

    Peak oil, financial looting, and climate change aren’t separate issues. It was fun to read JHK’s flip, condensed version of what happened. I’m in rural Canada, shopping weekly in a regional retail hub. What I notice lately is evidence of rampant price wars. Things are too often suspiciously, impossibly cheap. I used to work in a ‘partner’ company for many of the top US retail chains. I was there as Sears and KMart merged. In retail, things seem to tick along, until they don’t. There aren’t any signs that things are desperate until the doors are locked. Up here this summer a friend with a B&B hosted a young couple who have built a business around liquidating big box stores’ mercahndise after the company goes bankrupt. This is a growth niche if ever I saw one. After the dominoes fall (I predict after the coming lean holiday shopping season) the weakest will fail and the remaining retailers will be free to charge what things are worth. As peak oil affects shipping costs, prices will rise. This, in combination with unemployment and rising debt burdens, will come to a head when people can’t make ends meet. Things might well get nasty then.
    (My way of helping poor young people eat healthy, and cheap while not making climate change any worse than we have to.)

  24. 45north November 2, 2009 at 11:15 am #

    people seem to be repeating themselves this morning
    I’m not promoting a coup d’etat, you understand, but I am raising it as a realistic possibility as elected officials prove utterly unwilling to cope with a mounting crisis of capital and resources.
    reminds me of myself, intelligent, sensitive, I see things first, but then find myself out in front and rather alone. Perseverance and God’s grace is what I need.

  25. Lynn Shwadchuck November 2, 2009 at 11:19 am #

    Everybody’s comments are appearing twice because there’s a red ‘numerical error’ window and we try again, not knowing that the first try actually succeeded.

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  26. John O November 2, 2009 at 11:20 am #

    Love your work and essays.
    There is no revolution or disorder that can’t be handled by military suppression IMO. As mad as I am, I would not now where to start with an “organized revolt”….and the government is too well prepared with the Patriot Act in place, NSA wire tapping and technology such as those provided by the (Calea Act — http://www.fcc.gov/calea) and would put it down quickly. They can intercept and listen to any type of communication. Being a technologist, I know how powerful this is for the powers that be.
    I also am a believer that the military can and will take over. Our West Point and Naval trained military (Air Force too)leaders would bring order back to the crazy world we live in as we watch the US infrastructure crumble around our feet and save us from ourselves. A MacArthur or Lee type (who really loved this country) would be better than where we are being led and headed in my opinion–as we all continued to get rapped, pillaged, and tar feathered.
    A lifelong Republican ( white and 59 ) who almost voted for Obama–and thought McCain’s time had passed. Jeb Bush this weekend said that Obama is / would destroy Capitalism. Wow, you should have read the feedback as all mercilessly attacked he and his brother. Wrongo Jeb. and the Hannitys, Palins and Becks are just a baddddd reflection of what our society has become. Not sure who is worse, Beck or Bush.
    The next to last comment I will make is that something has got to give as I feel it in my bones. The only other thing I can say, and I tell my wife this all the time is “Nothing happens by accident.” From 9-11 on, I have been most suspicious as events continue to unfold toward the Long Emergency……

  27. piltdownman November 2, 2009 at 11:38 am #

    Jim –
    There is a lot wrong with the US, but, on a day to day basis, we are still pretty much a place of laws. Most people obey them with surprising cheerfulness and regularity. Even major assholes tend to stay on the right side of the road most of the time. They might even use their signals!
    Your agitating for violence is based on the idea that “things have never been this bad before and that, at some point, the pot is going to boil over.” I don’t disagree that these are “hard times,” but I just don’t see how this is going to work out on a practical basis. Unions, which once formed a base from which larger-scale protests might arise, have been mostly eviscerated and no longer wield the power they did even thirty years ago. Hell, except for teachers unions, they hardly ever even strike anymore, so how can we see them taking any sort of “next step?”
    So who will gather all “teh crazies” together and let them lose on Goldman Sachs? Beck and Palin? I doubt it. They are currently using all those tea-baggers to garner ratings, popularity…and cash. They and their handlers/promoters/managers are smart enough to know that any violence connected to them will leave a scorched earth from which they wouldn’t be able to recover. They can rant all they want, but as soon as a Beck acolyte puts a bullet into someone’s cerebrum, it’s game over the Cable Boy. Ditto Palin.
    Mind you, violence on some level is probably inevitable, but my belief is that it will come on a case-by-case basis in towns and cities around the nation. Larry in Butte will pull out his 30-30 and off a mortgage broker. Bob in Matawan will forget to take his Ativan and he’ll clear the decks in his own home.
    But what I don’t see is this classic “pitchfork crowd” ambling down Wall Street looking for The Monster.

  28. Lavocat November 2, 2009 at 11:42 am #

    I guess it’s Groundhog Day around here with these multiple posts.
    JHK, why the grump this morning? You really are grumpier than usual. Did they egg your house again? And what’s this constant fixation with body art? Get over it.
    Overall, I gotta disagree with your column. Things seem to be more of in some sort of holding pattern right now, probably because elections are literally just over the horizon and the meat cleaver of new (and no doubt improved!) taxation has yet to fall upon us. I think you’ll see the insanity start up again once we get past Election Day.
    And, truth be told, I thought you’d lay out some dark predictions for Election Day – like your take on the kabuki theater that is NY-23. What a clusterfuck THAT race is turning out to be.
    Frankly, we have to await the outcome of the midterms to see where things are headed, at least in the short-term. I’d keep my eye on just how volatile The Almighty Dow can be over the next few days as well.
    The next two months, November and December, should be quite interesting, for too many reasons to go into here.
    Lastly, the thing that amazes me most is the roaring silence coming from the AG’s office. WTF!? Goldman Sachs should be EASILY whacked with multiple RICO suits (et al!) out the fucking wazoo, and all we get is crickets. Crickets! W. T. F.!?
    Just how co-opted is our national government by their corporate overlords anyway?

  29. Jaego Scorzne November 2, 2009 at 11:44 am #

    It’s an open secret: feminists get into family law to destroy families-and above all, to ruin and impoverish men. After that, the State becomes the Husband and Provider-the man just a cast away drone. Marx and Engels wanted the nuclear family destroyed and their descendants have pushed the envelope secretly and with great skill.
    When a boy meets a girl and they “click”, it’s chemistry: the lock fits the key. But there is nothing moral or immoral here-it’s just nature doing what nature does. Just so, Chemistry in the right hands used for moral purpose will be our salvation. Techne is always morally neutral. But Praxis oh Praxis-it knows what to do and why.

  30. John O November 2, 2009 at 11:45 am #

    Disagree with your comments on our military. And I mean the kind that end up being the great Generals, Admirals, JCOS etc. who graduate from West Point, The Naval or Air Force Academy. They are highly intelligent and patriotic and they have saved our ass and will do so again. The Schwarzkopfs , MacCrystals, and the Cartwrights types are not stupid NASCAR rednecks like populists Palin or Beck who have a type of populist gift of gab they illicit between stupid “Chop-It” commercials.
    I never have thought to endorse our military but it is getting close to the better alternative IMO.

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  31. bahmi November 2, 2009 at 11:47 am #

    Star quality and likable personality…..Jim, you’re full of shit. You are a closet admirer of the President, you love the guy. Anybody who opposes Obama gets his fish eye and you, too, feel dissent is unAmerican from the mouths of stupidos. Shame on your ass.

  32. Lavocat November 2, 2009 at 11:52 am #

    FYI: I think this double-post is due to a warning when I posted the first time. The warning is as follows: “Non-numerics in limit/offset clause (2147483647, NaN)”. Whatever the hell that means.

  33. Poet November 2, 2009 at 11:52 am #

    The inevitibiity of it all truly is frightening. It is like watching a crash occur in slow motion and not being able to do a thing about it.
    The violence and recrimination that will be heaped on the oligarchs, though very deserved, will be just as big a waste of energy, time, and money as the band-aid solutions being tried to solve the problems that brought about the rage in the first place.

  34. econ101 November 2, 2009 at 12:02 pm #

    A coup? Not likely. However, Judge David Carter threw out the suit to make BHO show his birth certificate. I know, BHO has already proven to you he is ligit. To me the only real argument that gives me pause the BHO is ligit is that “If there was something to be found, Hillary would have found it.”
    Being bitter and not wanting to give up my guns, religion or belief that BHO is a real african I thought about why HRC would let it pass. So I asked myself what is better than being POTUS? And also, is there anything more corrupt and less accountable than the US congress??
    Then I read about the Copenhagen accords being signed in December and how it is a precurser to a world government. How UN resolutions are being fasioned to preclude criticisum of religions and governments.
    I dont know why that would matter as no one pays any attention to UN resolutions (see resolution 242).
    So what is HRCs prize? World government with Bill as President of the world and her as first lady. And they have a bigger pot to loot. Bill has more big haired bimbos to share cigars with and HRC gets to run the world.
    Yeah, dismiss this as just some racist, wacko teabagger venting. Just hope JHK is still around in 5 years so I can prove I said it first.

  35. budr November 2, 2009 at 12:11 pm #

    JHK. As always I love reading your monday morning musings. However, from where I sit, I see no sign of popular revolt, and this is the worst condition in which I have seen the US worker in my lifetime,half a century. I see a lot of frustration, worry and anger, but nothing past that.
    You see Jim, I like to call this thing we are in the Long Emergency. It is coming on too slow to evoke revolutionary response. Sure a few folks will get pissed off now and then, maybe misbehave anough to get noticed and in the news. But I do not see folks going hungry and cold except on the fringes. And it is changing slowly enough that us froggies being heated up dont even notice.

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  36. highrpm November 2, 2009 at 12:13 pm #

    i think your predication-warning-suggestion of violent storming of washington is fantasy:
    1. the boomer generation’s antiwar protests were motivated primarily by the herd instinct, fueled by youthful enthusiam and idealism. antiwar protests, drugs, sex and rock and roll were the “in” thing. now the boomer’s herd mentality is to be successful in retirement and the ones who are not settled in their gated golf course faux mansions communities are busy worrying about how secure their retirement funds are. they are too taken watching “dancing with the stars” and too old-creaky-shuffling to get off their DEAD asses for another run at idealism.
    2. and just like the boomer’s pursuit of the herd, this generation’s “in” thing to stay with the herd is bird chirping, texting and weekend beer orgies. the last thing they want is being identified as an “outlier right-wing extremist”.
    how did hitler rise to power? you are right: history is mercilesss.

  37. hillwalker November 2, 2009 at 12:21 pm #

    Dear JHK:
    I’ve enjoyed reading you for all these years, but this insistence that someone is going to give these GS types some level of ‘come-uppance’ is getting very old.
    Let me state this pretty clearly. It Will Not Happen. With all that is currently known, have any of these people even had a tire slashed or a paint job keyed?
    And they won’t.

  38. Dan Treecraft November 2, 2009 at 12:27 pm #

    As is the case so often, Jim – another tastefully rude essay on the condition of things churning below the MSM surface. GRATZI!
    “Sock Puppet”! It was one of my early favorite descriptors for the “Previous Occupant”, who was of course, a quite obvious “PINO” (President In Name Only) – the sock over Uncle Dickey’s fist…..
    But getting to the point – we seem to have a serious hosiery theme going in the Oval Office. Now, going into at least a third 4-year term, it’s all about hosiery. How apt! The Little Bush Child was the definitive “Sock Puppet President” for 8 torturesome years.
    Presently, it seems that, with admittedly apparent, often strong, sock puppet undertones, we have a variation on the sock theme during the O’Bama occupancy. You’ve tagged Holder with the “sock puppet” epithet. Right-O.
    I submit that the dominant operative theme issuing from O’Bama’s Oval Big O is: “WIND SOCK”. While it seems pretty clear that BIG MOney has had the Democrat Savior Boy firmly by the ears since, at least, last summer, he is – archtypical of the consummate political species – ready to flop whichever way the wind blows at any given rhetorical moment.
    I have a deep-belly sense that you are on to something with your latest dangling of our military elite’s potential for an interventive military res-coup of this shilly-shallying water-boy-wonder presidency, which utters soothing assurances to the Peasants, even as it nods (and bows) solemnly to the Big Mo Boyz who financed this president’s ambitions. Meanwhile, the tinder grows drier and hotter. The Peasants cannot muster and organize the requisite talent and force (collective will) to overthrow the bloated Juggernaught forces of money/political power, and thus do anything sufficiently corrective and far-seeing. If anything “revolutionary” happens, it most-likely-must come from the military barracks, which combine a sufficiently hard, sharp edge, and a sufficiently powerful magazine of explosives necessary to dislodge the barnacles attached to the wheel and rudder of national power. It will be ugly. There will be blood. It will end badly for: all concerned; and otherwise.
    At the end of the play, I think the narrator steps to Stage- Right, Deep, and reminds us that this is what empires do. They run and jump, and grab… and grow and fatten and presume entitlement… and over-extend and metastasize overwhelming corruption, and collapse. 1-2-3-4-5…
    Nothing substantially corrective will issue from human offices in all this. Human minds were not “designed” to comprehend, much less cope with, problems of this political, temporal, or environmental scale. George Lakoff has been prattling (linguistics) to this effect, of late. Events and “Nature” are in the saddle, and they will ride us the way they always do – into the historical (and cosmic) compost heap. As, I believe Stephen Jay Gould noted, “Nature bats last”.
    Best not “go long” on Airport Bond offerings. Agreed.
    Always love to read your stuff!

  39. Jaego Scorzne November 2, 2009 at 12:27 pm #

    From a conventional non-conspiratorial point of view, a coup may be unlikely because the military has been so weakened by political correctness and feminism. Most military men will tell you, it’s the candy asses who get the promotions not the real warriors. Today’s military wouldn’t allow a man like Patton or McArthur anywhere on the premises. They want grinning fools like Eisenhower. Sure beware the military industrial complex-who would know better than He-who served it so devotedly and was richly rewarded by it?

  40. wake up November 2, 2009 at 12:33 pm #

    Strikes me as strange that you have such a good handle on the state of things, yet so naive about how to cure, who the bad players are.
    Do you know Goldman Sachs was Obama’s largest campaign contributor? He is a crooked Chicago politician the same as Bush was a crooked Texan politician.
    I called and faxed my “representatives” trying to stop the original $700 billion TARP ripoff under Bush. When Congress didn’t listen to the citizens and used unconstitutional methods to pass it against the people’s will, I realized then our government does not represent us anymore.
    You have some weird brain glitch apparently causes you to think Obama actually gives a crap about US citizens. He is a professional liar and the voters lapped it up.
    And no, you won’t see any uprising from the fat, retarded, selfish US citizen. All we care about is getting as many of the “free” handouts and “free” medical care that Obama promises.
    Bankers and special interest have bought BOTH parties off. WAKE UP.

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  41. X Mark's November 2, 2009 at 12:35 pm #

    Jim, Interesting stuff, no doubt. If the unionists, leftists, communists and other American dissidents hadn’t been practically eradicated in the US before and after the 2nd World War than maybe your thesis of an uprising might make more sense. Think about it, the American Dream has been sold to everyone, none excluded. All you had to do was give up any notion of class struggle, any political thought that resembled Marxism or it’s off shoots and you too were part of the Dream.
    Who would lead this revolt? Arm toting right wing nuts? Army officers? Not usually the groups that go out into the streets with revolt in mind unless you’re thinking of Latin America. But wait, that was us organizing that work wasn’t it? I don’t think Americans have the stomach for struggle anymore, at least not yet. Things will have to get a good deal worse. We’ve been taught to believe that if you’re a failure it’s your own fault. We’ll have to over come decades of instilled thought process.

  42. wardoc November 2, 2009 at 12:39 pm #

    The notion of a military coup is certainly not out of the question, especially when the next leg, DOWN, of the ongoing depression takes hold and the Dow drops below 6600. The wheels come off at that point, and we’ll start seeing the real character of the American public. Right now we have minor unrest in a portion of the lower income groups who are always the first to lose their jobs in recessions, and a moderate percentage of the middle class is also under or un employed: but the latter still have HOPE.
    But wait until the real unemployment rate (that includes discouraged workers) hits 30% (the Shadowstat.com group calculates it at around 18% the last time I looked). And wait until HOPE is shown to be a pipedream. At that point, we’ll likely see many more banks shutting down, and limitations on ATM withdrawals, in addition to huge numbers of people on the street who can’t buy food, housing or heating (think Argentina 2000-2004). The government will then REACT in some way. That reaction will determine whether we end up with a military coup, a fascist dictatorship or a balkanization of the former US (with regions pulling out of the “association”) due to economics, taxes, etc. Either way, I doubt that the US will be recognizable 24 months out.
    And that’s my optimistic scenario.

  43. bahmi November 2, 2009 at 12:42 pm #

    You dreamer.
    There will be no military takeovers in this country. Forget about it.
    Populists like Glenn Beck. Sorta makes your mouth water when you say that, huh? What do you have against Beck,anyway? He made 23 mil last year, what did you make? Are populists automatically bad? Or, are you just a whack job liberal like Obama? According to you, wingnuts should all be castrated, right? There’s more liberal BS on the blog so far today, so you got your courage up to make some comments, right? Well, ain’t you brave!
    I’m not a NASCAR person, but I am also not a lawyer who contributed a lot to Harry Reid, either. It takes all kinds, John. Your intolerance of differing viewpoints is showing. Of course, your viewpoint is the truth, perish the thought that Beck could ever be right.
    Dime a dozen viewpoint. Take two steps backward and tell us you love Keith Olbermann, too.

  44. Dan Treecraft November 2, 2009 at 12:44 pm #

    “Sock Puppet”! – one of my first favorite descriptors for the “Previous Occupant”, who was of course, a quite obvious “PINO” (President In Name Only) – the sock over Uncle Dickey’s fist….
    I submit that the dominant operative theme issuing from O’Bama’s Oval Big O is: “WIND SOCK”. While it seems pretty clear that BIG MOney has had the Democrat Savior Boy firmly by the ears since, at least, last summer, he is – archtypical of the consummate political species – ready to flop whichever way the wind blows at any given rhetorical moment.
    I have a deep-belly sense that you are on to something with your latest dangling of our military elite’s potential for an interventive military res-coup of this shilly-shallying water-boy-wonder presidency, which utters soothing assurances to the Peasants, even as it nods (and bows) solemnly to the Big Mo Boyz who financed this president’s ambitions. Meanwhile, the tinder grows drier and hotter.
    The Peasants cannot muster and organize the requisite talent and force (collective will) to overthrow the bloated Juggernaught forces of money/political power, and thus do anything sufficiently corrective and far-seeing. If anything “revolutionary” happens, it most-likely-must come from the military barracks, which combine a sufficiently hard, sharp edge, and a sufficiently powerful magazine of explosives to dislodge the octopi and barnacles attached to the wheel and rudder of national power. It will be ugly. There will be blood. It will end badly for: all concerned; and otherwise.
    At the end of the play, I think the narrator steps to Stage- Right, Deep, and reminds us that this is what empires do. They run and jump, and grab… and grow and fatten and presume entitlement… and over-extend and metastasize overwhelming corruption, and collapse. 1-2-3-4-5…
    Nothing substantially corrective will issue from human offices in all this. Human minds were not “designed” to comprehend, much less cope with, problems of this political, temporal, or environmental scale. George Lakoff has been prattling (linguistics) to this effect, of late. Events and “Nature” are in the saddle, and they will ride us the way they always do – into the historical (and cosmic) compost heap. As, I believe Stephen Jay Gould noted, “Nature bats last”.
    Always love reading your reliably, tastefully, rude stuff!

  45. UTAH VALLEY COHOUSING November 2, 2009 at 12:44 pm #

    Fantasy apocalypticism is the stock and trade of the American political imagination. It is not surprising to see it again today in Mr. Kunstler’s post. If you think we haven’t been down this path before, read Edward Bellamy’s “Looking Backward,” published in 1888. Bellamy also predicted — and in fact advocated — a military state that governed without popular mandate. Bellamy’s political party — the Nationalists — even made some electoral headway in California in the 1890’s. But that’s as far as it went before it fizzled, and I see no reason to expect a resurgence even now, when half the classifed advertisements consist of foreclosure notices.
    Revolution, no. But what we are seeing is a new wave of community organization — and by that I mean eco-communities of one kind or another. Cohousing groups, ecovillages, and even a few communes — these are popping up all over the place. One of the best examples is Ecovillage at Ithaca, not far from where Mr. Kunstler. I’ve been advocating for a quite a while that he make a road trip to Ithaca and check it out. You’ll see the real revolution — and a peaceful one — taking place.
    And then there’s our effort here in Utah: The Utah Valley Commons. We’re a cohousing group in formation. If you’re anywhere in the vicinity, check us out: we are actively recruiting members with an interest in permaculture, strawbale construction, and cooperative living.
    Charles W. Nuckolls
    Utah Valley Commons

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  46. Dr Doom November 2, 2009 at 12:56 pm #

    LOL, this commentary section is even moron wacko than normal, or is that normally, normalcy, whatever—-
    Now a potential military coup? What’s next, a takeover by benign, watchful aliens? All brought to you by a guy that believes in the official version of the 911 conspiracy—consider the source, folks!
    Let’s add the warning to this version:
    “Non-numerics in limit/offset clause (2147483647, NaN)”
    nano nano Jim, get some IT help, soon!

  47. Dan Treecraft November 2, 2009 at 12:58 pm #

    I have a deep-belly sense that you are on to something with your latest dangling of our military elite’s potential for an interventive military res-coup of this shilly-shallying water-boy-wonder presidency, which utters soothing assurances to the Peasants, even as it nods (and bows) solemnly to the Big Mo Boyz who financed this president’s ambitions. Meanwhile, the tinder grows drier and hotter.
    The Peasants cannot muster and organize the requisite talent and force (collective will) to overthrow the bloated Juggernaught forces of money/political power, and thus do anything sufficiently corrective and far-seeing. If anything “revolutionary” happens, it most-likely-must come from the military barracks, which combine a sufficiently hard, sharp edge, and a sufficiently powerful magazine of explosives.
    Nothing substantially corrective will issue from mortal offices in all this. Human minds were not “designed” to comprehend, much less cope with, problems of this political, temporal, or environmental scale. George Lakoff has been prattling (linguistics) to this effect, of late. Events and “Nature” are in the saddle, and they will ride us the way they always do – into the historical (and cosmic) compost heap. As, I believe Stephen Jay Gould noted, “Nature bats last”.
    Always love reading your reliably, tastefully, rude fulminations!

  48. Welshman November 2, 2009 at 1:05 pm #

    You have restored my faith in the ability of Americans to use the English language.
    For years I have shuddered at the widespread use of normalcy. Now you use normality. Excellent, even if we are nowhere near it.

  49. Saxon November 2, 2009 at 1:09 pm #

    James: I agree that Americans will need quite an event to get them moving. But the military making a move is not as far fetched as I once thought. My son goes to the Naval Academy and twice over the past 4 months the subject of the Officers responsibility to the Constitution and the American people has been brought up in a class room situation. Both times by a teacher. The discussions took the entire class period. I will not go into what my son told me, however if this topic is being raised at the Naval Academy, not a particularly political organization what is going on at more active branches of the Military. The Midshipmen are not a bunch of wild eyed yahoos,nor are the Cadets at West point. It is not the masses in the streets that have the potential for sudden change it is the Officers that owe their allegence to the Consitution only.

  50. ped0503 November 2, 2009 at 1:15 pm #

    I’ll look foward to this, I think it will be exciting. It will be like playing Grand theft Auto San Andreas, only cooler. Thanks for all those good books, and the CFN is Great. good luck Jim

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  51. Dan Treecraft November 2, 2009 at 1:22 pm #

    Jim, et al,
    Count me among the “apologists” confounded and confused by the “gibberspeak” that greeted us when we tried to post our thoughts this morning.
    I thought I was being told to hammer it down into a smaller bolus – so I kept re-submitting chopped versions, until I finally collapsed in weary defeat. How apt.

  52. Metzengerstein November 2, 2009 at 1:23 pm #

    Which “cadre of concerned officers” would it be who is going to save us from the “fucking nonsense”? The same ones who are requesting 40,000 more troops for the fucking nonsense of sending them to Afghanistan? They would have to bring them back here for a coup, not send more over there.
    Anyway, nobody in the U.S. military above maybe the rank of captain gives a shit for anything except his own career.

  53. Dan Treecraft November 2, 2009 at 1:41 pm #

    Then, too – “Metzengerstein” is on to something credible too:
    “Nobody above the rank of Captain seems to give a shit about anything except his career.”
    There does seem to be credible evidence in recent history to support this appraisal of the officer corps. No one of a paygrade higher than Captain has been notably willing to show any guts with regard to calling bullshit on any part of the apparatus.
    The die is cast. It’s doo-doo all the way down.
    HOPE ?

  54. Neil Lori November 2, 2009 at 2:00 pm #

    Neil Lori Montclair NJ maverick17761784@yahoo.com
    Team Obama aka the democrats are doing such a lousy job that they appear to be akin to the Weimar Republic in Germany aka the Republic before fascism. Team Obama is printing too much money {just like Weimar}
    Also Obama favors the rich/investor class over the working class.
    This nonsense will not last forever. The problem is that the new powers that be might be even worse then the pieces of shit ruling us now. Imagine that!!!!!! Think about it!!!!!

  55. Hoping4bestpreparingforworst November 2, 2009 at 2:10 pm #

    And “mercilessly attacked” Jebo Bush should have been! His dumbass brother is the main reason this country has crashed and is starting to burn. How dare he have the nerve to accuse President Obama of “killing capatalism”. That really is not possible, especially since his dumbass brother already killed it in the USA! President Obama is only trying to clean up the mess. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s making things better, but he didn’t create it, and I’m not so sure there’s anyone who could or would do any better as the damage left was/is too far gone!

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  56. Hoping4bestpreparingforworst November 2, 2009 at 2:39 pm #

    I don’t think the DOW 6600 & 12% umemployment will break the camel’s back as long as people are still getting their checks from the gubmint and can feed their children. But, when the gubmint can’t come up with money for unemployment checks, foodstamps, social security or medicare, can’t afford to bailout anymore banks, the DOW hits 3000, and umemployments is officially 15+ and unofficially 30+, then maybe just maybe!

  57. Joshua November 2, 2009 at 2:51 pm #

    Gore Videl also recently predicted a military takeover. Interesting times.

  58. Grouchy Old Girl November 2, 2009 at 2:57 pm #

    Fascinating to see how JHK’s post today has got peoples’ imaginations fired up, speculating on when or whether some sort of revolution in the USA might take place and who might instigate it. The two main contenders seem to be the military and the pitch-fork waving right wing-nuts.
    Being a devoted fan of the late Robert Heinlein, his work made me think we shouldn’t overlook the potential for the military to con the right wing nuts into a conspiracy to overtake the country politically by force. Then the military would take control of the Palins and Becks, making them just figure heads along with the religious zealots, who we know hold huge power over most of the right wing. As we are frequently admonished, God is on THEIR side after all.
    Heinlein wrote a book called Revolt in 2100 that is a worrying look at just such a conspiracy and how ill prepared people were to defend themselves.
    Let’s hope nothing like this does come to pass, but I’m sure not dismissing the idea.
    Great work today, Sir, despite the technical difficulties. Now I will try to post only once.

  59. Gus44 November 2, 2009 at 3:13 pm #

    Unthinkable is the word, though historically it doesn’t necessarily look unlikely.

  60. John O November 2, 2009 at 3:41 pm #

    Well, well, well, seems like a hornet’s nest has been stirred, perhaps a leftover candy spike from the Halloween weekend. Boo Hoo!
    Anyway, I never have commented on JK’s blog, but I do read him on a regular basis. And I rarely comment on my thoughts about the world goings on, except to my wife, as I try and keep my politics, religion, and sex life private lest anyone take me away somewhere. But today, I made an exception and threw my hat in the ring.
    On 9-11—-Like everyone, I remember everything about that day and the few days after. After 24 hours, the media came out and said it was Bin Laden—-showing that picture of him in his Arab garb with a cane in one hand and an old old rifle in the other as he was trying to make his way down a slight hillside. I thought” and this guy blew up the World Trade Center and tried to blow up the Pentagon? And then within the same breadth, our Government was saying that they (Bin Laden) had been planning it for over 5 years. Hmmm… I thought how could this “plot” go undetected for 5 years in the making then say with some confidence in almost the same breath and nail the villain? NOT LOGICAL. Sorry.
    The other issue I found perplexing was “why provoke the world’s mistiest war machine” onto your turf and start a war. Huh? Why not wait and get a nuke and really do damage? NOT LOGICAL. In fact, stupid. Is this the way you would try and take down a mortal enemy, the Infidel? Now I do not know “who done it” or why, but it is intellectually stimulating and thought provoking to say the least. Now 9 years later, they may have hade and do have a winnable hand.
    Government Sacs. Well, what can I say about these guys except they made the mess along with so many others participated and others who “let it happen” and got away with it. Now the Feds are using the same guys to try and undo and pay them $$ billions to do so. But who better to do it?
    And to placate the common man, we are now catching some bad guys while being very politically correct. One Jew–Madoff. Now a Sri Laken, Raj Rajaratnam, an IBM WASP and some more carefully crafted rainbow choices. No Hitleromics in the 21st Century!
    Pallin and Beck—they’re both making millions. Good for them.
    On a “military coup d’état. Never thought I would say it was possible. The definition — “a sudden and decisive action in politics, esp. one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force.”
    Guess we will all have to wait and see.

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  61. asoka November 2, 2009 at 3:43 pm #

    Utah Valley Cohousing said: “If you think we haven’t been down this path before, read Edward Bellamy’s “Looking Backward,” published in 1888.”
    And the award for THE MOST INTELLIGENT COMMENT OF THE DAY goes to:
    { wild unabated applause }

  62. John O November 2, 2009 at 3:45 pm #

    Agree and sad.

  63. Metzengerstein November 2, 2009 at 3:52 pm #

    Yes, Treecraft, it was Matthew Hoh, an EX-Marine CAPTAIN, who most recently showed the courage of his convictions and not only spoke out but put his livelihood on the line.
    And I don’t know what you call recent, but it was partly a comment from a Vietnam veteran that inspired the above post, to the effect tht “major officers were not to be trusted,” but captains and below seemed to care about their people. The last honorable general was Ike. Maybe. I suppose Curtis LeMay might have had some integrity, but of course he was moonbat crazy.

  64. sfnate November 2, 2009 at 4:21 pm #

    What if there’s already been a coup? Or maybe several? Maybe coups in this country are much more common than we know. Maybe Obama was installed by a coup. Whose side is he on, anyway?
    A lot of the gripping around here has to do with his mealy-mouthed democracy “inaction”. He just goes to the gym a lot, wags the occasional finger at a gray-suited looter, makes an inspirational tele-prompting from the Lincoln pulpit, then, after all that hard work, slouches back to his master’s side, where he is rewarded with a soothing chin scratch and a hearty “good boy”.
    Maybe our elites don’t do “tanks in the street” coups.
    That’s very crude and vulgar and unnecessary.
    I think it will be more of the same, except more.

  65. draffen November 2, 2009 at 4:38 pm #

    Yes, the gods are unhappy. Mother Nature is unhappy. Santa Claus is unhappy. The smiley face at Walmart is – umm – shall we say turned from upbeat icon to oxymoron. A coup d’etat by a branch of our military? Possibly. A collapse of industrial civilization within the next twenty years? Most likely.
    How can you tell when a politician is lying? When he (or she) moves the mouth. Mouths have been moving a lot lately and little truth or useful information has been coming out of those mouths lately that would be of much benefit to the average American especially in the light of what is coming.
    The Halloween Pumpkin, the Thanksgiving Turkey and the Santa Claus are icons, three of the thousands and thousands of icons that front the consumer society. Icons that are bombed at the population 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the gods of Globalization.
    Globalization is the grand experiment of the twentieth century that has failed. The idea that all 6.748 billion people under one sky can burn natural resources like no tomorrow to become one mammoth, gargantuan industrial civilization with all the trappings of modern life including personal autos, large homes, flat screen TV’s, college educations – the works. The idea that “economic growth” can just continue forever, without bounds, consuming ever more water, food, resources and land for an ever increasing population.
    The politicians and the bankers just love globalization and its many icons – the Santa Claus, the Golden Arches, the Pepsi, Coke, Ford, Mercedes, the football teams, the airlines and on and on and on.
    So were are the bankers doing these rather rash things they doing until recently? Why were they underwriting loans to just about anybody that had a pulse? Well, first they were just as mesmerized and addicted to the Ponzi scheme of globalization as just about every modern American citizen (and the citizens of most Western countries) were. Secondly, they knew that almost every industry that made any actual product worth having had been “offshored” to China or some other “low cost” part of the world – in the name of Globalization – and therefore, in order to make any real money they would have to primarily “invest” in real estate and all its derivatives.
    Everybody that was anybody know, way back in 2005, that the price of real estate is like the arrow of time, it only moves in one direction, and in the case of real estate that is up. So, since we had no real manufacturing base left in this country any more then real estate became the last great bubble.
    Why did the real estate bubble pop, anyway? This goes back to the real problem underlying the concept of Globalization and why it will not work – at least in the way it is configured.
    The real estate bubble burst because Globalization itself has started to tremble and creak like so much old infrastructure that surrounds us. Basically, unfettered capitalism that is Globalization has hit absolute limits and growth cannot continue under any circumstances. As they say, the party’s over.
    What are these limits you ask? Basically they are set by the laws of thermodynamics. We industrialized humans are sitting on this planet of finite size running a global economy primarily on a fossil energy source that is not replenishable on any time scale we can imagine. As more and more people jump on the bandwagon of globalization the demands from the finite earth become ever greater. Something has got to give. And give it has!
    Globalization is in the process of taking a big tumble. It has failed and failed miserably. The crash will be spectacular. This period of history will be remembered for a really long time – just like the fall of the Roman Empire. People in the distant future – assuming any survive – will be wondering “what were those people of the 20th century thinking? What Kool-Aid were they drinking?”.
    The “Low Battery” light is flashing furiously on the dashboard of Globalization. Everywhere there are shortages on the horizon. Food, water, topsoil, copper, oil, gas, uranium, you name it. And the climate is changing and the skies and ground are getting filled with pollution – the oceans are dying.
    Our politicians are really lying. So are our news anchors. They are lying like no tomorrow (is there a tomorrow?). We know the bankers are up to something no good because they are breathing. We know the politicians are lying because they are talking. They are all collectively assuring their fellow Americans that even though we are in a “rough patch” right now all is getting better soon. Maybe even in time for Christmas. They say there is a “recovery” coming from sea to shining sea and after a little delay the unemployment rolls will start to shrink and Americans will be back at work. It will be business as usual, just don’t fret and have faith in us and please, please, get out your credit cards and hit the stores! Santa Claus says so!

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  66. cuddletuffy November 2, 2009 at 4:42 pm #

    Please fix your site’s comment software. I just lost a long, well-thought out post. How to summarize.
    Hmmm… Well, I think a solid case can be made that a military coup would be a mere formality. We’ve essentially been run by a civilian/military cabal since we formally embarked on becoming an empire spurred on by Admiral Mahan’s writings.
    We’ve already been lurching around for the past 10 years under variants of corn-pone fascism, military dictatorship. The system of the Democrat/Republican War Party is all of the above. Why do you think our President’s always defer to, “the generals on the ground”, to defy the overwhelming majority of our citizenry who want to end these wars and occupations? I thought the President was commander-in-chief. Evidently, he isn’t. He is, (whether it is Reagan, Bush, Obama …), either a stooge or a part of the military cabal. It is likely the Bush Dynasty is a major part of the cabal and Obama is merely a stooge, and Clinton eagerly played either part perfectly for his personal and political benefit.
    There is an alternative out there. Why JHK doesn’t acknowledge it is interesting. This movement represents a renaissance in our nation’s roots founded in the notion of peaceful self-governance, individual freedom, and peaceful arbitration of infringement of individual rights with the rule of law. It has coalesced around Ron Paul and the Campaign For Liberty. Some of the primary intellectuals in this anti-war, anti-empire pro-self-governence movement are Justin Raimondo, Ivan Eland, Lew Rockwell and Thomas Woods.
    Many on the, “right”, and, “left”, are scared of this movement. Some try to ignore it altogether. Some try to slander Ron Paul by associating him with the very red-state fascists that Lew Rockwell long ago described and renounced. Justin Raimondo has recently done very good work renouncing the open-carrying zealots making waves
    This movement does not rely on kindergarten level notions that are political gimmicks – things like a political spectrum as the primary decision making compass for the sheeple, fiat declarations of legitimate voices annointed as experts by an invisible elite, slander whether associative or explicit …
    This movement is powered by ideas and well-reasoned argument. It is an alternative to our current system that already includes JHK’s scenario. I believe that more and more liberals will catch up with the classical conservatives in renouncing the partisan nimwittery of our current system, and focus on ideas firmly rooted in true local self-governance. As this happens this movement will grow bigger and stronger. This represents our best chance to dislodge the civilian/military imperialist order from the halls of power they have held quite firmly since the days of Mahan and McKinley.
    I encourage all of you to spend some time reading and, “YouTubing”, Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Thomas Woods and Justin Raimondo and his colleagues over at Antiwar.com. Listen to the ideas and give them a lot of thought. We just might return to self-governance sooner than you think.
    Here is a starter:

  67. draffen November 2, 2009 at 4:44 pm #

    Yes, the gods are unhappy. Mother Nature is unhappy. Santa Claus is unhappy. The smiley face at Walmart is – umm – shall we say turned from upbeat icon to oxymoron. A coup d’etat by a branch of our military? Possibly. A collapse of industrial civilization within the next twenty years? Most likely.
    How can you tell when a politician is lying? When he (or she) moves the mouth. Mouths have been moving a lot lately and little truth or useful information has been coming out of those mouths lately that would be of much benefit to the average American especially in the light of what is coming.
    The Halloween Pumpkin, the Thanksgiving Turkey and the Santa Claus are icons, three of the thousands and thousands of icons that front the consumer society. Icons that are bombed at the population 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the gods of Globalization.
    Globalization is the grand experiment of the twentieth century that has failed. The idea that all 6.748 billion people under one sky can burn natural resources like no tomorrow to become one mammoth, gargantuan industrial civilization with all the trappings of modern life including personal autos, large homes, flat screen TV’s, college educations – the works. The idea that “economic growth” can just continue forever, without bounds, consuming ever more water, food, resources and land for an ever increasing population.
    The politicians and the bankers just love globalization and its many icons – the Santa Claus, the Golden Arches, the Pepsi, Coke, Ford, Mercedes, the football teams, the airlines and on and on and on.
    So were are the bankers doing these rather rash things they doing until recently? Why were they underwriting loans to just about anybody that had a pulse? Well, first they were just as mesmerized and addicted to the Ponzi scheme of globalization as just about every modern American citizen (and the citizens of most Western countries) were. Secondly, they knew that almost every industry that made any actual product worth having had been “off-shored” to China or some other “low cost” part of the world – in the name of Globalization – and therefore, in order to make any real money they would have to primarily “invest” in real estate and all its derivatives.
    Everybody that was anybody know, way back in 2005, that the price of real estate is like the arrow of time, it only moves in one direction, and in the case of real estate that is up. So, since we had no real manufacturing base left in this country any more then real estate became the last great bubble.
    Why did the real estate bubble pop, anyway? This goes back to the real problem underlying the concept of Globalization and why it will not work – at least in the way it is configured.
    The real estate bubble burst because Globalization itself has started to tremble and creak like so much old infrastructure that surrounds us. Basically, unfettered capitalism that is Globalization has hit absolute limits and growth cannot continue under any circumstances. As they say, the party’s over.
    What are these limits you ask? Basically they are set by the laws of thermodynamics. We industrialized humans are sitting on this planet of finite size running a global economy primarily on a fossil energy source that is not replenishable on any time scale we can imagine. As more and more people jump on the bandwagon of globalization the demands from the finite earth become ever greater. Something has got to give. And give it has!
    Globalization is in the process of taking a big tumble. It has failed and failed miserably. The crash will be spectacular. This period of history will be remembered for a really long time – just like the fall of the Roman Empire. People in the distant future – assuming any survive – will be wondering “what were those people of the 20th century thinking? What Kool-Aid were they drinking?”
    The “Low Battery” light is flashing furiously on the dashboard of Globalization. Everywhere there are shortages on the horizon. Food, water, topsoil, copper, oil, gas, uranium, you name it. And the climate is changing and the skies and ground are getting filled with pollution – the oceans are dying.
    Our politicians are really lying. So are our news anchors. They are lying like no tomorrow (is there a tomorrow?). We know the bankers are up to something no good because they are breathing. We know the politicians are lying because they are talking. They are all collectively assuring their fellow Americans that even though we are in a “rough patch” right now all is getting better soon. Maybe even in time for Christmas. They say there is a “recovery” coming from sea to shining sea and after a little delay the unemployment rolls will start to shrink and Americans will be back at work. It will be business as usual, just don’t fret and have faith in us and please, please, get out your credit cards and hit the stores! Santa Claus says so!

  68. John O November 2, 2009 at 5:39 pm #

    Time for a little levity if you don’t mind.
    Achmed the Terrorist
    And Bubba J

  69. bahmi November 2, 2009 at 6:49 pm #

    President Bumfuck J. Obama is ruining things other than capitalism that W ruined. This fuckhead, in typical condescending fashion, made the police officer out to be the boogie man, Gates to be the aggrieved party, and he, the Kingfish, out to be the peacemaker. In reality, Obama was more guilty than either other party. Yet, this idiot tried to defuse his own guilt in the matter. Libtards forget this incident, it makes their cabin boy look bad and this simply cannot be. Obama’s image must be maintained and is done aptly by the media, Michael Jordan fans, Whitney Houston addicts, etc. I mean, his calling down from the Heavens is self explanatory.
    It’s very funny to hear the real fear that the libtards show toward Beck, Palin, Paul, etc. It’s their wont to call these people Fascistic cocksuckers who are, at best, country bumpkins pining for their next NASCAR race down in Carolina. So simplistic are these denigrations, it’s almost hilarious. It’s my take that if these are the best insults you can deliver, your ass is grass.
    There are some really fine posts here relating to thoughts about a military takeover. Like, can we trust the military? First, I don’t see them as capable in running the country. Second, the comment about them only being concerned about their next promotion is probably coming from shitheads that went to Canada during the ‘Nam fiasco. Nobody in this country gleaned any great residue from the ‘Nam deal. It sucked no matter what angle you viewed it from. I came home and burned my uniform, that polyester piece of shit. It was a bad deal for us all, not just Kent State.
    I came on to Ron Paul too late. You Tube made the little Doc look mighty sensible. We can do much, much worse than voting for him. I think we are all het up over this Obamoid in the White House, and I think we are all realizing that our Senators and Reps have given us the bum’s rush for far too long. Term limits for All!!

  70. Axel in Montreal November 2, 2009 at 7:38 pm #

    Yeh, we’re all holding our breaths over here. And the generals wouldn’t necessarily line up with the insane Right; they might present a liberal face in order to broaden their support base, counting on the knuckle-draggers to salute anything that wears a uniform and hand grenades. Caesar and Napoleon would both be considered liberal in the presen-day Usanian context.
    But on to important matters: the notion that Harding coined “normalcy”, like the notion that the Chinese never used gunpowder in war or that everyone in antiquity believed the Earth was flat, is one of those schoolmarm truths that may remain with us forever. For the record, the first citation for “normalcy” in the Oxford English Dictionary is from 1857.

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  71. ExtraO November 2, 2009 at 7:43 pm #

    Not such a far-fetched scenario Jim. The military coup idea, that is. One I have thought less unlikely/increasingly possible for a while now. The Romans certainly gave it their best shots — I don’t think it’ll work out any better for us than it did for them.

  72. ExtraO November 2, 2009 at 7:48 pm #

    Yes, there’s currently some little snafu with the comments software, but if you go ahead and post & then re-open the page in a new tab or window, you’ll see that your post has been recorded.

  73. Kurt Cagle November 2, 2009 at 8:12 pm #

    Your mySQL database is corrupt, and you should run a repair on the bad tables (which should be output in your log file) before it causes corruption in other tables and can’t be recovered (which will in turn crash this site).
    I think that we were closer to a military coup in 2004 than we are today. My suspicion was that Rumsfeld’s resignation in 2004 may have been because his internal putsch for control of the Pentagon failed, and Bush was presented with an ugly set of options by the JCoS – either Rumsfeld resign, or they would expose what was going on.
    Today, the Dow is up to nearly 10,000, meaning that for many people their 401Ks are no longer underwater, and even though there is a lot of nervousness about the market, they figure that they can get out before things go sour. The “poor” are getting by in the shadow economy, in many cases playing the equities market (or the bullion market), buying and selling what they can (not necessarily legally acquired) on eBay or Craigs List, and in many cases working outside the boundaries of the IRS.
    Most people see this as just a particularly nasty recession, and believe that it will actually start to improve by mid-2010 if not sooner, if they can wait it out. As bad as 10+% unemployment is (and assuming that the real number is probably closer to about 18%), that still means that the vast majority are employed, if not necessarily full time.
    I don’t think anything major is going to happen for another year and a half to two years. Given the CRE market that’s now sitting on the books, given the number of banks that are marginal to fully bankrupt but still standing because there’s no money to take them down, given the likelihood of a possible re-takeover of the House next year by the Republicans, along with an almost certain downward leg in the market any day now, we’re almost certain to get worse again by Spring 2010.
    My scenario is the emergence of more Wacos, probably by Winter 2011 – people who’ve been out of work for a couple of years, who have essentially lost everything, and who sign up with whatever paramilitary or similar group that’s closest or at least closest to their particular beliefs for three squares and a chance to get back at the Man.
    But we’re a long way from being there yet. Right now, people are still getting by playing the stock market, selling pot and running boiler-room ops. With so many married women in the marketplace as well, there’s a greater likelihood that at least one of the two is bringing in income, while if you’re single and young, there’s always the parents’ basement bedroom. It won’t be until both husband and wife lose their jobs, until the parents of the GenY kid also get their pink slip and the stock market collapses under its own weight that attitudes will change.

  74. stud duck November 2, 2009 at 8:13 pm #

    First time reply here!
    Alway look forward to you weekly insights.
    I with cancer, should be the one to handle last weeks semtex in the lobby of Goldman Sach, but know I would only get a few worker bees, and the king/queens bees in the high office would not get anything but a warning and gov’t money to set up better security!
    As long as this pathetic/apathetic population of the USA indulge themselves at the coloseum’s weekly and do nothing else except tune into Sarah’s lates dribble, or Glen Beck’s logic, then we are all fucked!
    Check out zeitgiestmovie.com, it is what the young intelectual’s graduating with econ degrees from your eastern universities are regarding as “truth”.
    As a member of the group you call “old hippies waiting to die” I survived Viet Nam, with three purple hearts, lost my farm to Paul Volker economics and Reganomics of the eighties. I am prepared as much as one can be for this next upheaval!
    One question for you Jim: how much ammo do you have on hand, and how good are you at the killing game? I have been to battle, experienced the big ugly, do any of you really have any idea how ugly it is? Or as I suspect, you have only fantasies of something good comming from it! Its all good, huh! Well we will see about that probably sooner than most think!

  75. wagelaborer November 2, 2009 at 8:45 pm #

    Just what does anyone think a military dictatorship could accomplish?
    We’re still running out of the oil that funds “our lifestyles”, we’re still dealing with the beginnings of the massive disruptions of climate change, we still have a system in which the rich suck every last dollar out of the poor, we still have lost topsoil and polluted water, collapsing fish stocks, an agribusiness food model that depends on cheap oil, seeds more and more controlled by one demonic company, etc., etc., etc.
    I fail to see what any military officer, wise, patriotic, downright Jimmy Stewart-like, could do to keep the whole thing from collapsing.
    More likely, like Dimitry Orlov points out happened in Russia, millions will die without taking revenge, others will struggle to eat, the rich will do just fine, thank you, and we’ll all go back to the previous century’s way of life, before 3 Hummer families lived in McMansions 100 miles from their jobs. Living near and walking to, work, neighborhood schools, vacations spent within trainriding distance, eating foods in season – you know, the horrible lifestyle JHK believes that people will kill bankers to avoid.

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  76. voxpop November 2, 2009 at 9:24 pm #

    First of all, thank-you for channeling the frustrations – and imaginings – of an unknown reader so astutely, so accurately, and in such an entertaining and engaging manner. Secondly, I would like to believe that Americans, when pushed to their limits, would rise up en mass against the corporate greed that holds them in check. But it seems this would have happened before now.
    When I survey the rape of the American psyche that transpired over the past nine years, I wonder: have We, the People, become the victims of domestic violence? Just as a battered wife stays in her place, does not question her husband, does not try to protect herself or flee the abusive situation, have we become so accustomed to the abuse of our perceived authority figures that we are unable to entertain notions of standing up for ourselves? We must remember that we pay the salaries of the people who abuse us. We can choose to cut off our financial support, thus rendering the batterers impotent. But this sort of revolution is even harder to imagine than the sort with arms. The people who would most benefit from a revolution are too busy feeding their families to start one. Those who can afford to fight don’t care enough about the cause to do so. They are comfortable and complacent – as long as they have their numbing substances of choice on hand.
    I have become disheartened. ‘What then must we do?’

  77. Phaedrus November 2, 2009 at 9:32 pm #

    Going as far as planting seeds of destruction into the minds of dimwitted conspiracy theorists is a little over the line. Especially when it comes to mentioning specific types of explosives. If the government was to self-destruct then it is out of our hands. We would be better off worrying about the possibility of a hostile alien takeover. The message Americans need to learn is how to be independent and not dependent on a failing system. However, no amount of shouting will convince those who are deafened by the sounds of their own desires. Technology will not save us. We have made intellect our God; which, of course, has powerful muscles, but lacks personality. We can not delude ourselves, even JHK, that there is no suffering in the world. It is easy to become confused and be convinced your actions are right and carry no consequence. The world is full of ignorant people and some these people have money, influence and power. But each one of us is held accountable for ourselves and no one else. No one can help you, but you. This is the human condition that separates us from other living things and not our so-called “mastery” of our environment.

  78. Donny-Don November 2, 2009 at 10:07 pm #

    America on the verge of a military coup?
    Jeez. It’s official, my friends: Kuntsler is starting to eat, drink, and sleep with a cluster of paranoid delusions.
    The reality is that Americans will put up with a phenominal amount of shit dumped on them year after year and yet still get back on the treadmill and march, if that’s what they’re told they should do, and especially if that is what it takes to pay the bills for the big screen tee-vee and the joy-riding weekends on the ATV.
    Americans are too narcotized to rebel. And the Pentagon is too safely in the warm pocket of Halliburton, Raytheon, and McDonnell-Douglas
    to make waves. I’m afraid we’re all in it together for a long, slow ride downhill along the lines of Japan’s 12-year economic malaise.
    Ah well. At least we’ll always have ‘American Idol’.

  79. bproman November 2, 2009 at 10:30 pm #

    Egads, visions of the future are rather bleek.
    Too bad technology is in the hands of a nerdy computer geek.
    It’s going to be difficult to give thanks without any turkey meat,
    as family farms fail because of Wall Street.
    Everyone gathers at the local watering hole bowl
    and gambles for their pro team gobbling wings that are hot.
    Does anyone really work anymore, it seems NOT.
    Don’t worry be happy with what you’ve got.
    Soon you’ll be looking straight in the eyes of a robot.

  80. suburbanempire November 2, 2009 at 11:35 pm #

    Oh the stuttering comment section here at the clusterfuck! Double your opinion, double the fun!
    Late edition of Suburban Empire takes on the new “Towne Center” style mall (as they exist in Vermont) and asks why developers can’t play with others…..
    Biting commentary…. recklessly oversimplified.

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  81. asoka November 2, 2009 at 11:42 pm #

    Year after year JHK rails against Walmart. This week he also mentions Walmart. But contrary to peak oil, or whatever other macroeconomic theory being proposed, and contrary to claims that we are in a Depression, Walmart marches on.
    Eduardo Castro Wright, chief executive of Walmart’s US stores, has estimated that urban markets where Walmart is under-represented could yield billions of dollars of new sales.
    Personally I am in favor of Walmart (and other big box stores) disappearing … if they do not provide a living wage and generous benefits for their employees. Walmart has an abysmal record in that regard.
    Walmart has long faced political resistance to its plans in the largest US cities, largely orchestrated by the UFCW grocery workers’ union and its political allies.
    Walmart, the largest US private employer, is strongly anti-union.

  82. Max Headroom November 3, 2009 at 1:11 am #

    Weeelll, we are all so happy for you Asoka. No, really. Really.
    But you know, I was conversing with a real live human today, and she mentioned her shared loathing of WalMart, but not because of WalMart’s position on unionization, but because of, and I paraphrase, “driving out the little mom & pop shops”.
    I mentioned that yes, WalMart did manage to drive a rather significant number of small businesses out of business, but it is important to remember that WalMart succeeded in part because consumers wanted to pay less for all the shite they sometimes needed but mostly just wanted. Wanted.
    Was it evil for Sam Walton et al to create the monster we know as WalMart (as opposed to the squid of Goldman Sachs) in response to consumer demand for lower prices? It’s all perspective. Or one could argue (albeit disingenuously if you understand capitalism at all) unintended consequences.
    No, we are literally getting what we paid for and Sam, the Chinese and lord only knows who the f**k else are/were more than happy to sell it to the short sighted greedy little cretins that populate the CFN. The ignorant f*cks played right into the hand, along with easy credit, of disguising an essentially zero increase in wages for damn near three decades. New math my a$$, it’s plain old f*cking stupidity.
    Jimmy likes to prattle on about coups, torch wielding mobs run amok in the Hamptons and other idiot bastard urban myths. Maybe some big name a$$wipe gets “retired” Bladerunner style. Or maybe not. No, I think a more likely scenario is the haves and have nots of the working class going after each other throats over unions bleeding taxpayers dry with gold plated wages, benefits and retirement packages. I see people getting injured or dying during public safety sick-ins because the rank and file can’t wrap their minds around the reality of an unemployed tax-base that can no longer afford cat food for grandma, cheez-doodles or Pabst much less the property tax bill. I see garbage going uncollected, schools sitting idle, on and on and on because of a failure to communicate the new reality to the 20th century mindset of labor. Globalization and Neanderthals – what a combo.
    Yes, we are going to have class warfare and it will be a continuation of the sun-dried tomato and basil french bread and Cirque du Soleil for the moneyed classes to watch as they count their TARP bailout bonuses. That is to say, us versus us.
    America, you’ve been f*cking played hard. Losers.

  83. Max Headroom November 3, 2009 at 1:32 am #

    We’re all Ma, Ma, Max Headroom now. Now.
    Holy Multiple Posts Batman. Jimmy, really, you gotta pony up some fiat currency; bum rush the TARP window or something get this sumbitch fixed. Fixed.
    Or upgrade from that Commodore-64 you host this thing on.

  84. melinda November 3, 2009 at 1:39 am #

    Isjogren, i am interested, where are you from. and how can you say you don’t see any sign of civil unrest?
    i and others see and feel it all around us, on the west coast, big cities. people are filled with rage worse than ever and taking it out, on one another, mostly in their cars. i wish ‘they / we’ would take it out on the criminals who caused this situation, instead of eachother.
    another thing is there is much more crime, robberies, gangs are growing and more murders for no reason. it is rediculous but real and sad and maddening.
    i mean things ARE REALLY bad now, and i can say from experience that they are worse in Santa Cruz CA than they are in Los Banos which is in the San Juaquin Valley.
    i can imagine tho that Merced,Fresno and Bakersfield, further south, have more gang problems,and ‘civil unrest’ because of the state of the economy, and they are both more densely populated.
    i just wonder where you live that you don’t see it / have it. i’m coming there.
    i think, unfortunately that JHK is on the truth track, I’ve followed this guy since 85. of course it would be a good thing if he was ‘wrong’.
    time will tell. and it’s not that far away.

  85. brock November 3, 2009 at 3:03 am #

    As profitable as 9/11 was, I’m surprised Goldman hasn’t sent a gang of pitchfork raiders to raze their own headquarters. Who needs uncontrolled terrorists when you can profit by creating them! It won’t be surprising when the violence erupts, but where I disagree with Jim is the source. It won’t be pissed off unemployed domestic terrorists. That’s who will get the blame of course. It’s just too profitable for the Fed or Goldman or JP to act first.

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  86. rocco November 3, 2009 at 4:27 am #

    The slow grind of violence is occurring. Shootings in our medium city continue, deaths are now weekly. Speak to any cop, ems or firefighter and they can tell you the slow decline of decent behavior. The taking of one’s life continues but the press does not report these things, but agains speak to first responders. The rest of us are sleeping or we see it,but feel powerless against it. The peak oil sites tell us to move out west,but 99% of us cannot leave. Halloween season we saw Clock work Orange, thats how we shall descend, not rapid,because rapid requires a response. Not to worry right wing religious conservatives will re take the white house again,and a new Hilter will rise. Oh I must hurry a peak oil sites is telling to buy food right now, last minute deal, the end is tomorrow( and tomorrow).

  87. Scum Hall November 3, 2009 at 9:12 am #

    I still struggle to see any sort of collective or cohesive social response to the situation on any meaningful level. Any social unrest or violence will be basically self-inflicted. As usual, funny looking people will be targeted, but not before people do themselves in or their families and other hapless bystanders. America’s population is so isolated and stratified that it could never muster the will to do more than some halfhearted racebaiting and any sort of protest will be as fleeting as a prison riot, and the participants will all be tatted up to play their parts. Again, this will happen when the government checks quit showing up, not because the population has come to grips with the realization that we’ve been in a permanent, 40 year decline.
    Before we are all sent off to our regional Ghost Mall FEMA Camps, you might see a well-meaning and close to retirement military guy or two throw himself under the bus, but most of them will retire to their hardened bunkers in the Intermountain West. One or two might even get on Youtube with their shiny medals from blowing the shit out of some Middle East goat farms and get a few of Oath Keepers excited. But mostly it will give license to closet ammo hoarders and wannabe skinheads to go apeshit.

  88. UTAH VALLEY COHOUSING November 3, 2009 at 10:52 am #

    Fantasy apocalypticism is the stock and trade of the American political imagination. It is not surprising to see it again today in Mr. Kunstler’s post. If you think we haven’t been down this path before, read Edward Bellamy’s “Looking Backward,” published in 1888.
    Bellamy also predicted — and in fact advocated — a military state that governed without popular mandate. Bellamy’s political party — the Nationalists — even made some electoral headway in California in the 1890’s. But that’s as far as it went before it fizzled, and I see no reason to expect a resurgence even now, when half the classifed advertisements consist of foreclosure notices.
    Revolution, no. But what we are seeing is a new wave of community organization — and by that I mean eco-communities of one kind or another.
    Cohousing groups, ecovillages, and even a few communes — these are popping up all over the place. One of the best examples is Ecovillage at
    Ithaca, not far from where Mr. Kunstler. I’ve been advocating for a quite a while that he make a road trip to Ithaca and check it out. You’ll see the real revolution — and a peaceful one — taking place.
    And then there’s our effort here in Utah: The Utah Valley Commons. We’re a cohousing group in formation. If you’re anywhere in the vicinity, check us out: we are actively recruiting members with an interest in permaculture, strawbale construction, and cooperative living.
    Charles W. Nuckolls
    Utah Valley Commons

  89. The Stig November 3, 2009 at 12:02 pm #

    Sadly Jim you are starting to sound more like Bill O’Reilly every day; neither one of you trusts the government and you both advocate looking out for yourself because nobody else will. I am not arguing your politics are anywhere similar, but it is interesting to see that people on both sides of the fence are both arguing that the government cannot be counted on.

  90. melinda November 3, 2009 at 1:29 pm #

    ‘both sides of the fence.’
    it’s not all black and white.
    there are more the 2 sides, gray areas.
    what i know is what i SEE. in real life, on the west coast and inland in ca. there is violence
    everywhere, but more in the densely populated
    i wish the intelligent people on this site could
    move out here and be a positive influence.
    but i believe that the violence will be everywhere and sooner than later. people ARE broke and homeless.
    i saw the boom and the bust. i was here when it
    crashed in 06. i live where all around me there
    are forclosures and houses that friends bought for
    450K, resold for 126K, people got screwed, and some had to walk away and some just did. and i do not blame THEM. the fault lies with the people ‘at the top’ who knew better.
    and the man who was writing about the drones be reprogrammed, you can bet your life that is what
    the people we are at war with are working on right now. we have always relied on our brawn, but not our brains so much, while they have to be creative with their thinking, and they ARE. that is why this ‘war’ is different from others.
    we have lived a disneyland life, took it for granted, and we are naive, not all of us, but you know what i mean, and the intelligent ones of us are outnumbered by complacency in others, etc.
    i guess 911 wasn’t enough of a wake up call.
    i don’t have the best way with words, but i try.
    i said to a friend 15 years ago that we are turning into a 3rd world country. now look.
    jim is more right than he is wrong, and i give him huge credit for caring and trying to understand and get it across to others.
    what is happening is a downhill slide for sure,
    i see it and feel it all over california. i am afraid of the gangs here more than anything.
    in spite of everthing else.
    okay i am done for now.

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  91. Jason November 3, 2009 at 1:43 pm #

    Anyone who thinks this isn’t a possibility has no clue about history. Of course it doesn’t take a literal coup d’etat — that’s not how the nazis did it — but who knows?
    The important factor is the combination of wealth disparity with willingness to believe empty rhetoric. Just continue to add recession and stir.
    John Michael Greer has been thinking about this for a while and wrote an excellent piece on it last week over at ‘The Archdruid Report’; Sharon Astyk has also mentioned it more than once. It’s a perfectly sensible prospect to entertain.
    Here in the UK, we have the BNP fascist party who are very big on peak oil. They love it; they know it represents their chance. They’re just waiting to run to the rescue when the rest of the national parties are shown truly inadequate.
    So now we’ll see.

  92. jerry November 3, 2009 at 6:33 pm #

    James, I have to say that I don’t believe you have thoroughly read the Obama-Bernanke-Summers-Geithner Play Book very well.
    What is in there is a key play to run the dollar down to the lowest level goal post, and then declare a touch-down. This is the plan. By doing this, these Kool-Aid drinking Reagan fans of supply-side and trickle down economics can be expedited. They actually believe, but don’t want to say publicly, that they want to follow the Chinese form of economics, which is to push wages lower and lower when necessary in order to compete. China won’t raise the value of their currency, so the US must push it down to their level.
    These beguiling blowzy bureaucratic bobbleheads running the executive branch feel that they can, once again, resurrect the industrial Phoenix from the Detroit, Pittsburgh, etc ashes just by crashing the dollar and depressing wages, even though there is little of an industrialized nation to bring forward and compete with the globe’s largest industrialized tour-de-force.
    Maybe there will be a massive public uprising, but it will be too late. The ammo toting beasts will be forced back into their homes to watch The Biggest Loser.

  93. george November 3, 2009 at 8:04 pm #

    I would rather have the military controlling the levers of power in Washington, or Ottawa for that matter, than see a nation fall into the hands of the proto-fascist thugs that make up the bulk of America’s and Canada’s modern conservative movement. At least a military dictatorship could organize large armies of unemployed and marginally-employed people and give them useful work rebuilding our decrepit passenger rail systems or converting vacant industrial land in Toronto and Chicago into farm land. It beats having Capitol Hill or Parliament Hill occupied by brown-shirted ex-Republicans, ex-Conservatives singing “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” while the world is burning.

  94. Shogunole November 4, 2009 at 12:43 am #

    Mr. Kuntzler,
    Nope. The military has already beat you to the coup d’etat scenario. There is a war college graduate Master’s thesis out there called ‘The Coup of 2012’ That describes exactly what you are talking about. It won a big award if I recall. I’ll see if I can find the details again since the thesis was written at least five years ago.

  95. Shogunole November 4, 2009 at 12:51 am #

    Here is the link to Lt. Col. Charles Dunlap’s 1992 graduate Thesis:

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  96. Jaego Scorzne November 4, 2009 at 2:08 am #

    Vermont is the Whitest state in the Union. Like the Europeans of twenty years ago, they are obsessed with racism. They feel enormous guilt about being so White. And like them, they typically don’t know any Blacks, but they know all about how evil Whites are. They desperately want to get Blacks into Vermont! Fatal error, fatal lack of appreciation for the peace that they have, fatal lack of love for themselves. They should talk to Europeans now-now that the invasion is in full swing and the jihad is begining.

  97. Jaego Scorzne November 4, 2009 at 2:27 am #

    So the Hate Crime bill passed last Wednesday. As of now, Whites are officially second class citizens with Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, Jews, Gays, Pervs, etc all having Civil Rights that Whites don’t have. The Anti Defamation League is rejoicing after leading the battle for over a decade. The next step will be a massive education campaign for District Attorneys and Lawyers on how to prosecute hate crimes. What great timing-as if the country isn’t divided enough. Wait until they start putting ministes and priests in jail for preaching the gospel-while Orthodox Rabbis are left alone.

  98. Saxon November 4, 2009 at 10:12 am #

    Congrat’s , you got it. Refering back to my earlier post. The two classromm discussion that my son was involved with at the Naval Academy did not touch on a military overthrow of the government. What the conversation revolved around was the Military’s role in a general break down of civil order. In both cases teachers brought up the topic and cited info fom a number of sources, one being the War College. In both cases the teachers said the chances for a civil break down was over 80% within 5 years. The main cause of the beakdown centered around the devaluation of the U.S dollar and massive energy shortages.
    My son as well as the other midshipmen have a better understanding of political and economic events than 90% of the general U.S. polulation.
    They have a good understanding of the current energy situation, the overwellming problems with Mexico’s oil production and the impact on the U.S. Remember these people do not owe their allegance to the U.S government nor the American people.

  99. bahmi November 4, 2009 at 11:10 am #

    George, have you considered a career in comedy? Or, science fiction? How do you ascribe miraculous attributes to the military like running the country and finding useful work for unemployed?
    You forgot to mention how much you hate Glenn Beck and Limbaugh, shame on you. It’s probably time for you to take your pit bull out for a walk.
    Thanks, George, we all feel the love emananating from you. You thought process is obviously very liberal and well grounded. Say goodbye to your buddies who lost to Republicans in key elections. It’s just the start. Have you considered moving to another country like Tanzania or Equatorial Guinea? They probably find jobs for unemployed just like your military would.

  100. Jersey New November 4, 2009 at 1:21 pm #

    If A can prove, however conclusively, that he may of right enslave B, why may not B snatch the same argument and prove equally that he may enslave A? You say A is white and B is black. It is colour, then; the lighter having the right to enslave the darker? Take care. By this rule you are to be slave to the first man you meet with a fairer skin than your own.
    You do not mean colour exactly? You mean the whites are intellectually the superiors of the blacks, and therefore have the right to enslave them? Take care again. By this rule you are to be slave to the first man you meet with an intellect superior to your own.
    But, say you, it is a question of interest, and if you make it your interest you have the right to enslave another. Very well. And if he can make it his interest he has the right to enslave you.
    -Abraham Lincoln

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  101. asia November 4, 2009 at 2:51 pm #

    meanwhile……the flood tide grows
    this is from yahoo
    WASHINGTON (AFP) – Some 700 million people worldwide, or more than all the adults of North and South America combined, think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and want to permanently move to another country, a poll showed Tuesday.
    Residents of sub-Saharan African countries were the most likely to want to move abroad permanently, the polls conducted in 135 countries between 2007 and this year by Gallup showed.
    On average, 38 percent of the adult population in sub-Saharan Africa, or around 165 million people, said they would up stakes and head for another country if they had the chance.
    The most popular destination was the United States, where nearly a quarter of the 700 million — around 165 million people — said they would like to settle.
    In joint second were Britain, Canada and France, each being named as the preferred destination of around 45 million people.

  102. asia November 4, 2009 at 2:55 pm #

    Iowa is whitest
    and it too is being ruined
    MY DOCTOR reports:
    ‘ went home to my town in iowa…20,000 people..its ruined..the meat packin plant has overrun it with illegals’
    see my last post as well…from yahoo
    and George i say yr livin in a fools fantasy…NAZI CANADA???

  103. asia November 4, 2009 at 2:58 pm #

    Orwell says:
    the Hate Crime bill is about HATING WHITES
    the Hate Crime bill is about HATING WHITES
    the Hate Crime bill is about HATING WHITES
    the Hate Crime bill is about HATING WHITES
    the Hate Crime bill is about HATING WHITES
    the Hate Crime bill is about HATING WHITES
    the Hate Crime bill is about HATING WHITES
    so tell that to barak and nancy

  104. hal November 4, 2009 at 6:43 pm #

    A great book that fits the present time:
    JB by William Gaddis.
    A school kid corners the market using the school pay phone.

  105. asoka November 4, 2009 at 9:12 pm #

    asia said: “the meat packin plant has overrun it with illegals”
    And who is hiring the illegals?
    I bet you it is a white anglo-saxon protestant man.
    And why isn’t that WASP in prison?

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  106. DeeJones November 4, 2009 at 9:36 pm #

    Jim, I can think of only one thing that might bring about the anarchy you so wetly dream of: The assassination of the POTUS by some “Korn-Pone” nazi skinhead type.
    Think about it. Do you recall the Rodney King riots? It wasn’t just in LA, just about every major city with a large black population had riots too. Atlanta, DC, Chicago, NYC, SF & Seattle too. I was in SF at the time, you could hear this ROAR from downtown market st from where we lived. My sis in Boston could hear the same thing. Co-workers in Oakland said it was pretty bad there. The police just stayed away from it and let it burn itself out. It was really terrifying. And it lasted just a few days.
    What do you think might happen now?
    But I don’t know if the military will be able to step in an keep order this time around, they are already stretched too far in the Mid-East.
    Anyway, I thought I’d remind you of the past, after all, if you don’t know your history, you are bound to repeat it (to paraphrase).
    Melinda, I used to live in Sanna Cruz, it must be pretty bad if its like you describe it.
    p.s. in your link to “especially dumb letters…”, I really don’t see why you included the first two, they seem quite reasonable to me.
    If you consider these “dumb”, then perhaps its you that has a problem.
    I have read much worse things here in your comments section, some especially childish responses by the former eieio-zzzzaa-whatever-the-fuck-they-call-themselves-now.

  107. Max Headroom November 4, 2009 at 11:50 pm #

    I am reasonably certain the “P” in WASP is Protestant, not Hasidic Jew…

  108. topcatclr November 4, 2009 at 11:53 pm #

    God am I sick of all this “There is gonna be blood” crap! Dude, your just a flat bore. This blog is all used up! Now were gonna have a military takeover? Maybe 100 years from now. Don’t worry Jim, you will be gone by then. It seems that week after week you keep writing the same article, but with ever more creative writing styles! How exciting! Here, I’ll write next weeks article for everyone now to save time.
    The oil is gone!
    The money is gone!
    Someone is gonna kill someone!
    I like trains!
    I hate myself!
    blah, blah, blah, bore me!

  109. Max Headroom November 5, 2009 at 12:09 am #

    ” I can think of only one thing that might bring about the anarchy you so wetly dream of: The assassination of the POTUS by some “Korn-Pone” nazi skinhead type.”
    Weeelllll, then you lack ima, ima, imagination. Imagination. Even the ‘”Korn-Pone” nazi skinhead type[s]’ are bright enough to know killing Pinocchio leaves the puppeteer intact, albeit a bit pissed and therfore a fruitless waste of increasingly hard to get ammo.
    Besides, all the “korn-pone” nazis are too busy listening to El Rushbozo & Glenn Beck-and-call to go out and actually do anything. On the other hand, you do have Sarah Schiklegruber er, Palin, der Cougar-Furheretter in training. Sieg High-heels! Or is it sieg thigh-highs – I can never remember. Maybe she’ll bring back the good old S&M days – leather, bamboo canes, enchiladas shoved er, never mind. I gotta stop watching the Disney Channel.
    Anyone seen Bryce? I need some new electron tricks.

  110. Max Headroom November 5, 2009 at 12:21 am #

    “The oil is gone!
    The money is gone!
    Someone is gonna kill someone!
    I like trains!
    I hate myself!”
    Ok. Now THAT is funny.

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  111. Jaego Scorzne November 5, 2009 at 1:05 am #

    Yes, many of the Founders felt slavery was immoral-but none of them thought that Blacks were our equal or had any business being here. They were White Nationalists without using the phrase. They didn’t need to-it was just understood that this was a White Man’s Country based on two thousand years of Christian Civilization.

  112. asoka November 5, 2009 at 1:42 am #

    Interesting that, of all the meat packers in Iowa, they choose to bust the Jewish meat packer.
    Or has Iowa now become the center of Hassidic Jewish culture, full of Jewish meat packers?

  113. Jaego Scorzne November 5, 2009 at 12:19 pm #

    You may be right. I was in Vermont last summer and saw some Blacks. My heart sank every time I did. New Hampshire is slated for extinction as well. The old mill cities Laurence and Lowell have gigantic Central American and Carribean Populations. The invasion is proceeding along the sea coast and into Maine as well. They caught one of the New Hampshire pols campaigning in Spanish-even though there were almost none there yet. Just praciticing his pandering for when there are I guess. Lewiston Maine has its own Bantustan-actually Somalis. Thousands of them were foisted on the small city using up all of the budget. All Muslims-many followers of Bin Ladin.
    Your doctor is Wright no White no I meant to say right. Asoka is wrong-they hit that place in partiuclar because they were in violation of the pollution standards. The meth lab they had on the floor may have been the reason for that.
    Check off another one on Tom Chittum’s check list. He predicted Whites would be put at the bottom of the pecking order. And he predicted the police and armed services would begin to question what the hell they were doing. Some of them anyway.
    Very bad new: Capn Trips may be here. Three thousand have died in the Ukraine to some terrible outbreak which hits the healthy the hardest. The body’s own immune sytem over reacts and kills the patien-like the Spanish Flu after WW1. Total media blackout here, but I wonder if they will be able to keep it out-assuming they want to. Unknown whether it is related to H1N1. I’m not ready yet either. Not in Idaho yet. But I am in a position to just stay home and wait it out if it comes.

  114. Jaego Scorzne November 5, 2009 at 12:33 pm #

    The four positions according to Transactional Analysis: I’m ok you’re ok.
    I’m ok you’re not ok.
    I’m not ok, you’re ok.
    I’m not ok you’re not ok.
    The first is the sanguine soul or morally advanced. The second in the normal egotist. The third is the one destroying our Civilization-the illness known as Political Correctness. They the formula at the macro level to attain Ok’ness at the personal level-actually superiority because they’re ok and non PC people are not ok. The fourth is the classic convict mentality-everything is shit. They’ll be alot of this after the breakdown.

  115. draffen November 5, 2009 at 1:44 pm #

    Walmart is in bed with the communist Chinese. Their shareholders are happy with the handsome profits and corresponding valuation in share prices that have occurred as we have struggled through this long, deep recession. They are smiling all the way to the bank and the bank is happily paying out gargantuan bonuses to the few at the top.
    While their profits are soaring, Walmart is doing what it does best, controlling costs. They are putting more of their ‘associates’ on part time, just under the threshold for the Department of Labor’s standard for full time employment. In this manner, they can and do slash the insurance benefits and cut back the wages. This leaves them more US Dollars to funnel to the communist regime and to fight any legal battles that come up over the their decrepit employee policies.
    Walmart one of the pillars of Globalization, the scourge that is poisoning our children, killing our planet, depleting our resources and benefiting only the few elite at the top at the extreme expense of the many.
    You bet I would love to see it go – and see local businesses vitalized and prospering. And local and national manufacturing concerns putting our own fellow Americans back to work in good jobs with good environmental controls.
    When the oil runs out maybe that is what it will take to force the issue.

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  116. John O November 5, 2009 at 1:48 pm #

    Well, it was nice while it lasted. The average civilization last 228 years before MAJOR changes start to self destruct the core.
    History always repeats itself. The US unfortunately is no different. But to half a mixed race mixed religion with protected rights in a society for all….in a Democracy…..would be a precursor for continued success IMO.
    But this latest heist from the same group that ruined Germany is BACK………………………

  117. melinda November 5, 2009 at 2:08 pm #

    Max H
    so what ok you are smarter than jhk ! and me cuz I learn from him.
    you sure waste alot of your own time reading and
    responding to his page, putting him down. maybe get your own site & go for it. eh ? oh well, your post is funny.
    and Jaego, I love the way you put it. T A .
    That was an excellent book I never forgot.
    I can see this playing out in the world as you
    and yes, SCruz has changed with the times, especially certain parts. and in general. just
    the rat race like so many other places, and
    SO many people driving around like they are the
    only ones on the road. The liberal ucsc college
    controls politics. downtown is dangerous, and the
    areas surrounding it, at night, you can get stabbed by the local gangs. and it is mex against whites. and blacks against whites and mex. not safe at night so much anymore. downtown that is.
    Serious meth & gang problem. violent people on meth. not so good. the past sure was safer.
    of course you know the climate is what most are
    there for.
    keep up the good work JHK. I appreciate it. I don’t think you read these, but anyway I wanted to say it.

  118. asia November 5, 2009 at 3:09 pm #

    forget asok…hes not worth yr time
    JS:…you picked on vermont cause it went from ‘tough whites’ to wooses
    BEN AND FAIRIES…i mean jerrys
    Howie Dean…dean wittier reynolds
    volvo and birkenstock…phoney ‘greens’
    whereas iowa is ‘normal’ whites…some very aware that the hearts being ripped out of the heartland…i mean azatlan

  119. asia November 5, 2009 at 3:12 pm #

    last nite someone named Craig was talking,saying CHASE is the worst bank..taking US $ and funneling it to china
    that the dis investment in the USA is growing
    someone called and say ‘ yr a doomer’
    he said ‘ ive been studying this for a long time’

  120. asia November 5, 2009 at 3:16 pm #

    coast to coast2
    also Craig was saying JEB has his eyes on the whitehouse

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  121. Schwerpunkt November 5, 2009 at 3:53 pm #

    Not to pile onto this convesation – but, this talk of revolution is quite dreamland. I mean, Zombieland. Many of us wish for huge change, see the world as getting totally screwed up, this country going down the wrong path politically, socially, economically, etc. It is not that revolution would not be what I’d want to live to see (even perhaps if I only saw 72 hours of it before being taken out by a 10 year old sniper who played video games), it’s that the American population are ill willed at any change and the system has learned from 1968 and has the resources to quell any – hey, is that Dance With The Stars? What was I saying…? Oh, we’re fat and sassy on the consumer goods. These are not going to run out for us here (what happens to the world’s poor is another story). The truest sign of stress on this society is that people are thinking and talking about this. That we can’t see things going on because we are plotting into a section of history that has no history. It does not mean the world will end. It will be replaced by something else, and that thing, I am afraid will look more like McWorld than Russia 1921.

  122. asoka November 5, 2009 at 7:34 pm #

    asia unkindly said: “forget asok…hes not worth yr time”
    asia, did you see what Obama did today? Do you agree with what Obama is doing to involve native americans?
    Washington (CNN) — President Obama said Thursday that the federal government was guilty of mistreating Native Americans in the past and promised to forge a new relationship between the federal government and tribal leaders.
    “You deserve to have a voice,” Obama told representatives of 386 tribes at a White House Tribal Nations Conference. “You will not be forgotten as long as I’m in this White House.”
    Obama signed a memorandum directing federal agencies to submit recommendations within 90 days on how best to improve tribal participation in key government policy decisions.
    Leaders of all 564 federally recognized tribes were invited to the daylong meeting.

  123. asoka November 5, 2009 at 8:46 pm #


  124. dale November 6, 2009 at 10:46 am #

    Hilarious send up of the inanity of Glen Beck by John Stewart. JHK better be careful or someone will be doing this about him someday.

  125. asoka November 6, 2009 at 10:55 am #

    John Stewart is a comedy program that provides real news.
    Glen Beck is claiming to the the “fusion of entertainment and enlightenment” that provides comedy.

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  126. Jaego Scorzne November 6, 2009 at 11:37 am #

    Rodney King’s great question still hovers in the air: can’t we all get along? It is time to answer it once and for all-No we cannot. Diversity does not equal strength anymore than war is peace or slavery is freedom. It’s just another Illuminati Oxymoron, but people are so afraid of being made to feel stupid that they just go along with it-even though it is a blatant violation of all commonsense. Rodney King himself is exhibit A. Obviously a good hearted fellow in some sense, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a drug addled troublemaker as well. He has been in trouble since the trial-drunk driving. And he blew his three million dollar settlement in two years with some rap music venture. All and all, a not untypical Black Buffoon.
    And what could be more stupid than allowing Muslim immigration. How can one tell which are the radical ones and which aren’t? Especially if the disease skips a generation and takes root in the kids? And make no mistake: fanaticism is rooted in Islam because it’s in the Koran. Thus it can never be permanently thwarted but will always rise again. And to let these people into our military while we are fighting in their homelands? Stupid is as stupid does. This is not the first tragedy. And there will be more. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting things to be different.
    And that is the story of America for the last fourty years or so-complete unwillingness to change-leave the problem to next generation while it gets bigger and bigger. Be it the national debt or illegal immigration-the same syndrome. And anyone who tried to solve these problems is branded as a fanatic and will not get elected or reelected.
    What is the ultimate answer? To accept that America has failed and cannot be put back together because of it’s diversity, both ethnic and ideological. With this acceptance, a rational and just separation of the different groups can be effected. After all, unity is strength and diversity is weakness-and indifference, alienation, treachery, and terror. The latest attack cannot be admitted to be terror or even a hate crime because that would be to admit the fundamental error. Hate Crime and now Terror are just evil White activities. This is the fundamental tactic of the Illuminoids in America: divide and conquer by demonizing the Founding Race. They are to be at the bottom of the social pecking order.
    Too bad we don’t accept the guilt anymore. After all, it was working so well!

  127. dale November 6, 2009 at 11:40 am #

    “And what could be more stupid than allowing Muslim immigration. How can one tell which are the radical ones and which aren’t?”
    Here, but only here, I’m inclined to agree with you.

  128. asoka November 6, 2009 at 12:44 pm #

    Jaego said: “With this acceptance, a rational and just separation of the different groups can be effected.”
    We will cede no part of the United States to White Nationalists. If you don’t think this diverse country can get along, then maybe you’d best look elsewhere, because diversity (and the strength it provides) is here to stay.
    I welcome Mexican and Islamic and Asian and White European immigrants. All have something to contribute.

  129. asia November 6, 2009 at 2:47 pm #

    ‘And what could be more stupid than allowing Muslim immigration….’
    what we have now is worse….and its by design..we have open borders,,,,50? million criminals have broken in…
    they prefer gavin newsomes sanctuary city over sheriff arapayos arizona…but they are predatory criminlas despite what john mc cain says about them
    dale…since you,i and psychiatriats CANT sort them out Js point is well taken
    and the female senator from texas on the air sayin she was ‘ shock’…honey yr being stupid

  130. DeeJones November 6, 2009 at 2:48 pm #

    Jaego Scorzne:
    I have to reply to your stupid racism.
    At the current rate of human interbreeding, we are quickly headed for a “Starbucks” humanity in the not to very distant future. By this I mean that there will no longer be a “pure” white or black race, but instead there will be a vast multitude of coffee colored peoples. There will be the ‘dark-roast’ peoples of the equatorial regions,and the ‘cafe-latte’ persons of the northern regions (perhaps with a topping of whipped cream). Finally racism will die.
    But of course that doesn’t mean that we will all of a sudden “get along”, there will still be religion to hate each other over, which I feel is the most silly thing, something all made up by Man, God in His own image. Might as well worship the Easter Bunny in all his chocolaty goodness.
    But at least we won’t have stupid racists around anymore, YOU my fiend will become extinct, like the dinosaur you are.
    So long….

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  131. asia November 6, 2009 at 2:58 pm #

    ‘.. And anyone who tried to solve these problems is branded as a fanatic ….’
    you know that…The LATimes today has as their lead story the shooter was a ‘DOCTOR’…yes he is but THATS NOT WHAT DROVE HIM TO COMMIT THE CRIME
    a more honest headline id be ‘JIHADIST MUSLIM’

  132. asia November 6, 2009 at 3:01 pm #

    ‘ fiend ‘
    mis spelling? intentional?
    ‘At the current rate of human interbreeding,’ human flesh will expand in all directions at the speed of light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. bahmi November 6, 2009 at 3:38 pm #

    Arguably, all nationalities/groups have something to offer. However, they may also bring some off kilter genes that aren’t so great, too. Technically, Islam wants to rule the world. So much for coffee colored populations.
    Racism need not be just due to color. It can occur for many, many reasons that are cultural and otherwise. And, the biggest problem is reaching that time when all interbreeding produces a more uniform human race. Until we do, things will be very dicey, indeed.

  134. QUINTERO November 6, 2009 at 3:39 pm #

    um um um..our dear leader Barak hussein obama
    “We don’t know all the answers yet. And I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts,” Obama said in a Rose Garden statement otherwise devoted to the economy.
    “What we do know is that there are families, friends and an entire nation grieving right now for the valiant men and women who came under attack yesterday,”
    Yet the hypocritical President, who back in July claimed a WHITE cop was racist and stupid for arresting Henry Gates is now telling Americans “don’t jump to conclusions” about Hasan.
    and he talked for 2 minutes about other things before saying this,,,,2 hours? after the shooting.
    dont jump to conclusions

  135. MINDfool November 6, 2009 at 4:30 pm #

    Somewhere in the 60’s we replaced:
    Without going into details, I leave it as a puzzle to see if it works. If diversity at the social level leads to confrontation, does that mean that the lack of diversity at the racial level (one panglossian race) would lead to a better society?

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  136. asoka November 6, 2009 at 5:22 pm #

    Asoka said to Jaego: “If you don’t think this diverse country can get along, then maybe you’d best look elsewhere, because diversity (and the strength it provides) is here to stay.”
    Jaego, I may have jumped to conclusions. I just realized you may not be an American. In that case, let me explain why your desire for a white separation is not feasible in America.
    You see, in the United States we have a Pledge of Allegiance which states we are ONE NATION and that we are INDIVISIBLE.
    So, your idea of a separation of Whites from other races is inherently un-American. Which is why it occurred to me you might not be American, and not understand what it means to be American.
    True Americans welcome diversity. It is our heritage. We are a nation of immigrants.
    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
    And they came: Irish, Poles, Czechs, English, Scottish, Germans, Greeks, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, etc.
    They came in droves and established the precedent.
    Open doors for immigrants, that is what makes our identity multicultural. Those doors cannot and will not be closed.

  137. shiko November 6, 2009 at 6:46 pm #

    Well, USA already got Petreus. Sounds a lot like Julius 😉
    It increasingly looks like the only way out.

  138. bproman November 7, 2009 at 3:07 am #

    Snap, crackle, and pop as the human herd still likes huddling in large concrete arenas to watch a few modern day empire gladiators play some sort of prescheduled live competition event. How many hours of non work can this society waste while consuming genetic and chemically modified nitrates peddled as food? What’s that smell? Of course the statistical analysis is just more new and improved high tech mind candy for those hypnotized to the current way of living with limited fossil fuels.

  139. DeeJones November 7, 2009 at 12:02 pm #

    “‘At the current rate of human interbreeding,’ human flesh will expand in all directions at the speed of light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    Sort of like a cancer tumor. ‘cept at the speed of lard. On a medium-warm day.
    “Even the ‘”Korn-Pone” nazi skinhead type[s]’ are bright enough to know killing Pinocchio leaves the puppeteer intact…” Really? Perhaps some of them are, but 99% of them have IQ’ in the lower digit range. Thier hunting dogs are probably more smarter (hee-haw!)
    “On the other hand, you do have Sarah Schiklegruber er, Palin, der Cougar-Furheretter in training. Sieg High-heels! Or is it sieg thigh-highs – I can never remember. Maybe she’ll bring back the good old S&M days – leather, bamboo canes, enchiladas shoved er, never mind.”
    It is a wonder how Palin gets the right wingers all hot & drooling. But perhaps the above by my good fiend (miss sp intentional) Max Legroom is an indicator.

  140. abbeysbooks November 7, 2009 at 5:21 pm #

    The first immigrants were religious settlers. the next wave was to provide arms and legs to settle the west. They needed bodies, that’s all. But the propaganda slogan was what they bought. And you too Asoka.
    It was never for freedom and equality after it got started. Just working bodies. And new consumers. To grow the population.
    And now that population explosion is at the root of all our problems, people won’t buy your argument on idealistic dreams. The US is a pragmatic country. and more uneducated immigrants are not going to help even if they be green with purple dotted skin.

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  141. messianicdruid November 7, 2009 at 5:22 pm #

    “There will be the ‘dark-roast’ peoples of the equatorial regions,and the ‘cafe-latte’ persons of the northern regions (perhaps with a topping of whipped cream). Finally racism will die.”
    Aren’t you meaning to say “Finally diversity will die.” Eliminating differences IS eliminating diversity. Cognizance of distinction will never cease. New silencing label : shadeism.

  142. abbeysbooks November 7, 2009 at 5:24 pm #

    Yes they do. Just not an addition to the intellectual growth of western civilization. That will take a few generations to happen for them. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…….

  143. abbeysbooks November 7, 2009 at 5:25 pm #

    We’ve already had our military coup. When JFK was assassinated. It’s a done deal.

  144. abbeysbooks November 7, 2009 at 5:31 pm #

    Oh the rulers to come will make Bush II seem like a good wet dream. I never thought that Nixon would look good to me, but he does. As Einstein says, it’s all relative.

  145. abbeysbooks November 7, 2009 at 5:41 pm #

    And to let these people into our military while we are fighting in their homelands? Stupid is as stupid does. This is not the first tragedy. And there will be more. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting things to be different.
    Jaego I am getting very deep into Foucault now and find the discourse here from top to bottom essentially non-productive in my thinking. But now I know exactly why and am pretty much going.
    The answer lies in the statements below:
    People are horrified that Jaycee Dugard spent 18 years living in tents and squalor in Garrido’s back yard.
    People,families and children, are living in tents and cars all over the US as they are homeless.
    At least JCD had someone to hook up electricity for her and feed her while abusing her. Homeless people have mostly (not always) been abused by faceless forces.
    And there are those who are choosing to live this way on purpose to opt out as much as they can.
    Why is it that all the outrage goes for Jaycee? Is she a kind of scapegoat in reverse? Now that’s a new concept, isn’t it? Now we can all play with that one ad infinitum.
    Foucault: Madness and Civilization; Discipline and Punish; The Order of Things; The Archeology of Knowledge.For starters.

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  146. abbeysbooks November 7, 2009 at 5:44 pm #

    Everyone here has not the slightest clue as to the errors in all of their discourse. Including JHK. And this is why we cannot arrive at any way to protect ourselves or stop this madness. I am labeling this present situation in the western world as madness.

  147. abbeysbooks November 7, 2009 at 5:47 pm #

    And to let these people into our military while we are fighting in their homelands? Stupid is as stupid does. This is not the first tragedy. And there will be more. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting things to be different.
    Sorry I meant to say that Toynbee describes this behavior as universal in all civilizations in disintegration. The enemy is recruited into their military and taught how to use the latest in weaponry.
    So they can do what with it?

  148. messianicdruid November 7, 2009 at 5:51 pm #

    “Open doors for immigrants, that is what makes our identity multicultural.”
    So, why is it important {even imperative} for you to preach the watering down of white culture?
    IOW, what is wrong with the Irish, Poles, Czechs, English, Scottish, Germans, Greeks, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, celebrating and following their respective cultures and insisting that their public servants follow their laws and customs?
    Next, why must they set aside their customs and beliefs to embrace those of later immigrants?
    If later immigrants wish to live in America, why should they be allowed to import the cultures and beliefs that caused their respective homelands to be hell-holes?

  149. cowswithguns November 7, 2009 at 5:55 pm #

    To Jaego, who is worried about the hate crime bill:
    Actually, below is an instance where hate crime law is going to be used by a prosecutor in Buffalo for a case where a white guy with a black girlfriend (I know that makes you cringe) was beaten nearly to death by a dozen black guys or so.
    Would you disapprove of using a hate crime law in this instance?

  150. abbeysbooks November 7, 2009 at 7:11 pm #

    Jaego, in googling both Houellebecq and Foucault to see what came up,I have been reading what came up for a couple of hours now. You were the only one I could think of that would appreciate what came up.
    It’s pretty visionary to say the least that I can say.
    Anyway here is what came up: http://tinyurl.com/y9u26fl I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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  151. abbeysbooks November 7, 2009 at 7:13 pm #

    If one reads the links below on Foucault and Houellebecq all this racial and immigration stuff is going to be unimportant.

  152. messianicdruid November 7, 2009 at 7:29 pm #

    “Would you disapprove of using a hate crime law in this instance?”
    There are already laws against a group of men beating a man “nearly to death” which are being ignored. The motivation is irrelevant. Simple criticism of another person’s belief system is what the so-called “hate crime law” attempts to silence, as if that were something that needed correcting. They didn’t try to talk him to death.

  153. asoka November 7, 2009 at 11:19 pm #

    ASOKA said: “”Open doors for immigrants, that is what makes our identity multicultural.”
    MESSIANICDRUID said: “So, why is it important {even imperative} for you to preach the watering down of white culture?
    IOW, what is wrong with the Irish, Poles, Czechs, English, Scottish, Germans, Greeks, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, celebrating and following their respective cultures…”
    I am all for celebrating White cultures and Asian cultures and Black Cultures and Hispanic cultures. I don’t want to “water down” anybody’s culture.
    My whole point is that this is a multicultural country because it was founded by and built by immigrants from Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia. That diversity has given America its strength, as the Nazis and Japanese found out in World War II.
    Now I want more Mexicans and more Muslims in the United States. I want the immigrants to continue to arrive because that makes the country stronger.
    I don’t want any culture to be “watered down” by government action. But just by people falling in love the White race is going to become a minority very soon. Minorities should be protected and preserved. Whites may need affirmative action help eventually, so they can compete with the majority.

  154. asoka November 7, 2009 at 11:45 pm #

    America, and the American people won a victory today. One step closer to quality, affordable health care in a bipartisan vote the House passed a health reform bill.
    No other President has been able to get health care reform, but Obama was experienced enough to provide the vision and motivation needed to achieve bills in both the House and the Senate.
    There is nothing more personal to people than their health care. No more Republican doughnut hole!
    No more 46 million people uninsured!
    And the budget deficit will decrease according the the Congressional Budget Office scoring of the bill.
    It is a win-win. Yes we can! Change you can believe in.

  155. asoka November 7, 2009 at 11:48 pm #

    If you lose your job, you will now not lose your health coverage.
    Thank you, President Obama!

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  156. asoka November 7, 2009 at 11:56 pm #

    If you are a woman, you cannot be denied health care coverage because you were raped or pregnant or whatever.
    Health care will no longer be denied for pre-existing conditions.
    You now have a choice. Keep what you have if you like the health insurance you have. Nothing is mandatory. Nobody is being forced to take “government-run” health care.
    Business will now prosper, especially small businesses. The deficit will decrease.
    The gross national product will improve.
    Employment will increase (because small business provides most employment).

  157. Jaego Scorzne November 8, 2009 at 1:55 am #

    Well obviously now that it has been forced on us, we will try desperately to get it applied fairly. But have no doubt-it will be going against the stream all the way. The purpose of the Hate Laws is to silence, humiliate, and disempower Whites. Obviously there are an immense number of hate crimes against Whites by Blacks. If applied faily, Blacks would be screaming for repeal withing months.
    Likewise, they will try to disempower heterosexuals. We will point to the huge and growing number of same sex harrasments and homosexual attacks-like the Gays who knocked the old woman down in California because of her anti gay marriage sign.
    They will try to lock up our Priests and Ministers who preach against Sodomy. We will point to the Orthodox Rabbis who do the same and demand they be locked up as well. Guess what? They wont want to that-Jews stick together you know. And make no mistake-this is a Jewish Attack against White, Christian, Heterosexual Civilization. A Canadian Mensch named Noah Levant pointed out that in all its years, the Canadian Human Rights Commission has never prosecuted anybody except White, Heterosexual, Gentile Men. He himself copied the article that got one minister in trouble and signed his own name to it.
    They never came after him.
    It’s not going to work here Moo Moo. Americans aren’t Europeans or Canadians. Not only do we have a Bill of Rights, but they seem to have forgotten that we are still armed-unlike the hapless Europeans (except the Swiss) and Canadians. Free men are armed men-as the Founding Fathers never tired of stating.
    Are you in favor of this monstrousity? Why?

  158. Jaego Scorzne November 8, 2009 at 2:12 am #

    So you admit “diversity” was just a lie-a trick to destroy real genetic diversity? It’s amazing that Whites will fight for snail darters or Tibetans, but not their own People. People bemoan the loss of diversity in Apple Trees-but when it comes to People-everyone has to be the same. Now Dee tell the truth: do you really believe that Racism is just a White thing? That Blacks don’t have it? That Chinese don’t? Only a college grad could be so dumb. Everyone who matters knows that Blacks are incredible racists. And the Chinese? Forget about it! They have no intention of breeding with Blacks-whom they despise. The Hindus feel the same. Between the two, they are almost one half of humanity. So your vile, ugly, evil, genocidal fantasy will never come to fruition. And even Whites may have a few tricks left. The Slavs look on in horror as the West is innudated by Third Worlders. A powerful movement has arisen in Russia under Vladimir Putin that is overtly Pro White.
    So sorry Dee Dee! Your cackling in glee is quite premature. Go watch some more horror movies.

  159. Jaego Scorzne November 8, 2009 at 2:32 am #

    Well it’s late and I haven’t been able to get on for days-so I don’t have time to read the link right now. I will. But my first thought: human communication is always challenging because people vary so much by type-meyers briggs has 16 types for example-each with its own style and value system. And each person has their own unique environment and experience. So even in a stable ethnically homogenous Culture-it’s always a challenge to communicate even without selfish agendas. But when you add multiple ethnicities, the game is over, unwinnable.
    America was unique because there was so much space and land for the grabbing-after the Natives were defeated. As you say, it wasn’t idealism at all after 1700 or so. The patriots are wrong about all of that. And they want to go back to that unique situation-even though the land is gone. Pure romanticism of the worse kind. American Exceptionalism par excellance. But my point: the grabbing and the prosperity eased the ethnic tensions and helped meld us together. That can’t happen again-it was unique. And must I say it-they were all European Christians! And even they had troubel getting along for a long time. And now these bozos want to bring in utter aliens from a different faith, race, and continent? With the Economy collapsing? It boggles the mind.

  160. Jaego Scorzne November 8, 2009 at 2:49 am #

    Thank goodness for small favors. Are you willing to capitalize Whites yet? Or are you still holding out that they never had any culture of their own and don’t deserve it? Seriously, that kind of attitude is just self hatred and it leads people of other groups like Dee Dee and Dr Noel Ignatiev to thoughts of genocide. The World doesn’t allow for much of that Dale. Races who don’t value themselves are swept aside by Races that do. Get to know some Asians-as I have. Get to know some Blacks-as I have. They love themselves-and they will push aside and take us for everything we have if we let them. They follow the basic law of survival and expansion.
    Most liberals who actually meet people of other races are too busy gushing to really listen and feel them out. If you can do this, you will be amazed, shocked, and frightened for our future. Sorry that I know things that I’m not supposed to. I wasn’t supposed to know about Sufism, Buddhism, and your Guru, Dr Noel. Well keep on misunderestimating us-that’s how we’re going to win.

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  161. asoka November 8, 2009 at 3:27 am #

    Asoka said to Jaego: “If you don’t think this diverse country can get along, then maybe you’d best look elsewhere, because diversity (and the strength it provides) is here to stay.”
    Jaego, I may have jumped to conclusions. I just realized you may not be an American. In that case, let me explain why your desire for a white separation is not feasible in America.
    You see, in the United States we have a Pledge of Allegiance which states we are ONE NATION and that we are INDIVISIBLE.
    So, your idea of a separation of Whites from other races is inherently un-American. Which is why it occurred to me you might not be American, and not understand what it means to be American.
    True Americans welcome diversity. It is our heritage. We are a nation of immigrants.
    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
    And they came: Irish, Poles, Czechs, English, Scottish, Germans, Greeks, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, etc.
    They came in droves and established the precedent.
    Open doors for immigrants, that is what makes our identity multicultural. Those doors cannot and will not be closed.

  162. Cthulhu November 8, 2009 at 10:17 am #

    What would be the ideal population number for the USA?

  163. Jaego Scorzne November 8, 2009 at 12:44 pm #

    Oh you want some attention too? Ok take your medicine. Now you know very well that I’m American-unlike the Kenyan born Obama. Asoka, Asoka, Asoka, you missed your path in life-you were born at the wrong time. You were meant to be a jester complete with bells and whiteface.
    You are just showing off-for Dee Dee perhaps? What can I say-I approve. She is the “whole package”-exactly what you need and what you’ve been running from all your life. She will whup your Black Ass and you will learn to like it.
    As for the “substance” of your comment-even a superficial reading of the Founders shows that this was meant to be a White Country-For Us By Us. This understanding was changed when the Illuminati took over at the highest reaches of Goverment, Industry, and Academia. So now even patriots are confused thinking that we can all just get along and that Mexicans and Blacks are going to morph into law abiding, tax paying citizens who vote their conscience and not their race. Such monstrousities are not Republics but Empires-and thus very unstable. This thing called America has no relation now to the original vision. It is a juggernaut, a Tower of Babel and it’s already leaning towards a leftward fall. And yes, one extreme can breed another-the exteme yin of multiculturalism creates the extreme yang of patriots. Personally I don’t want a military coup because I don’t see any great leader at present. Thus it would just be more of the same-war in the Middle East, illegals, affirmative action etc. The best thing for White Patriots would be a complete collapse with us there to pick up the pieces and start anew. This system is at war against us-in the whole West. As the retired Labor Official and advisor to Tony Blair Mr Neather admitted, the Labor Party consciouly attempted to make Whites a minority in their own Land. This is called genocide by the definition of genocide put out by the U.N. Of course they wouldn’t actually call it genocide since they are part of the Conspiracy to destroy Western Civilization.

  164. Jaego Scorzne November 8, 2009 at 1:55 pm #

    Ok I will read “Atomized” and give you a book report. Seriously though, I’ve always been repelled by the modern French-so cut of from History, the Great Traditon-just wandering in the most sterile part of human nature-the lower mind and how it distorts the emotions. But at the same time I knew that some of them had deep insights such as Bataille knowing that most modern sex is obsessed with transgression or in traditonal terms-sin. Houellebecq may be the one to bring them out of the wilderness of subjectivity-but in a way that they can understand, from inside the maze, the hall of mirrors which is the lower self cut off from Tradition and Religion.
    As the Ancient Greeks said, a man alone is either an animal or a god. So any culture which atomizes people like this is obviously going the wrong way-towards animality or despair and suicide. At the other end, self actualized people do like their solitude, but it is not an angry rejection of the World and Society, but rather the result of a gradual transcendence. And at the highest level-the ascetics, the Desert Fathers who with their prayers and pennace helped birth Western Monasticism which in turn helped birth the new Western Culture. So you may have a point in all that you have said: this turning away and within may be not only the only thing to do now, but in fact the most fruitful. I am capable of great solitude but I am outraged enough to still want to fight. Caught in between two ethoses or phases in Civilization-it mirrors the split in my own psyche between my Cancer birthsign and my Leo ascendant.
    Talk about angry rejection: just started reading the Unabomber’s manifesto. Quite good because he was not a professional sociologist-a fresh vision without the limiting lingo. For the record: what he did disgusts me. He was almost completely incapable of relationships, and at the same time totally attached to the world. About as far away from the Desert Fathers as can be imagined-even though he was apparently a good woodsman and could live on very little.
    The origin of modern France: the last King of France was a young boy who they kept naked in a cold dark room. They made him sing obscene songs about his parents-the guillotened King and Queen. He died in torment after about two years of this. A faithful servant somehow saved the heart as a relic. After genetic confirmation, it was buried a few years ago with full honors by the Church. This was the type of people who founded the French Republic. Stalin loved them. And their pictures and statues still adorn France today.

  165. asoka November 8, 2009 at 4:11 pm #

    Jaego said: “the Illuminati took over at the highest reaches of Goverment, Industry, and Academia.”
    The Illuminati control Government, Industry, and Academia? Damn, if they are that good, if they can do that, then they deserve to be in control.
    Can you name any names? Or is it a secret? LOL!
    Do they Illuminati have meetings to coordinate who controls what? Or do they do it by email? Have they been in control for a long time?
    Just like with Allstate, you are in good hands with the Illuminati.

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  166. bahmi November 8, 2009 at 4:43 pm #

    Asoka, you are a lazy bum. If you could read, you’d have a pretty durn good idea who the Illuminati are in various fields. But, no, it’s easier for you to insult Jaego by demanding that he produce names. Your brand of facetiousness is tepid, at best. Get a life.

  167. bahmi November 8, 2009 at 4:44 pm #

    Asoka, you are a lazy bum. If you could read, you’d have a pretty durn good idea who the Illuminati are in various fields. But, no, it’s easier for you to insult Jaego by demanding that he produce names. Your brand of facetiousness is tepid, at best. Get a life.

  168. asoka November 8, 2009 at 4:48 pm #

    Cthulhu asks: “What would be the ideal population number for the USA?”
    The optimum human population, or carrying capacity, for the U.S. is 200 million.
    Yeah, I know, we are already over that figure. I guess that means we don’t live in an ideal world. We have to make do with the reality that exists.
    World population needs to come down as a whole through a voluntary program of negative population growth. Of course, in terms of environmental impact, the biggest bang for the buck is a reduction in first world population.

  169. bahmi November 8, 2009 at 4:48 pm #

    Liberals insist diversity is good, but here we go losing that diversity. So, ultimately, miscegenation is bad, right? It was so wonderful having our melting pot where everybody contributed, just like the Muslims in France. Now, gone…. our dreams shot once again. The sheer wonderfulness of diversity will be a casualty of our untended borders, hurrah. Is there really an ass for every seat?

  170. asoka November 8, 2009 at 4:57 pm #

    Yo, bahmi, lazy bum here, writing to gullible bahmi.
    Can you, or anyone, prove that George Bush or Barack Obama, or the Rothschild family, or David Rockefeller or Zbigniew Brzezinski or anyone else is a member of a secret society called The Illuminati, or that such a society even exists today?
    Or are you a lazy bum who just accepts what conspiracy theorists say without bothering to get any proof to substantiate the claims?

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  171. abbeysbooks November 8, 2009 at 5:57 pm #

    Well then our communication will have to change.
    Instead of saying, Oh, how wonderful! You have 9 grandchildren right now and 5 great grandchildren. My oh my! That’s wonderful!
    You say, My your family are a bunch of breeders, aren’t they?
    The pjorative term must be used by more and more people. All the celebrity photos and write ups of pregnancy and children needs to be stopped by not buying the zines when the covers pic this topic.

  172. abbeysbooks November 8, 2009 at 6:06 pm #

    All of what you have said about the French is why the establishment hates Houellebecq. They did not hate Foucault, but Houellebecq offends them to their core. He has to live outside of France to get any peace from this hatred. But of course there are those who love him and have made him the successor to Camus. Others disagree. He is very polarizing.
    But according to what I read yesterday from some of those googles, he has fictionalized Foucault’s vision of the future. Foucault has shredded into details the anatomy of power. It will never have the hold for intellectuals ever again.
    Start calling this adoration of proliferation of children (i.e. population explosion) by its proper name: BREEDERS
    I am now undergoing the blankness that comes with this understanding that all that we are doing here is part of a language game that everyone is playing, but whose rules no one understands.

  173. abbeysbooks November 8, 2009 at 6:10 pm #

    Asoka this is all just propaganda for letting incheap labor. That’s what immigration is, cheap labor. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t spray it with glitter to cover up the pimples.
    Stop buying into their crap.

  174. abbeysbooks November 8, 2009 at 6:11 pm #

    Asoka this is all just propaganda for letting incheap labor. That’s what immigration is, cheap labor. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t spray it with glitter to cover up the pimples.
    Stop buying into their crap.

  175. abbeysbooks November 8, 2009 at 6:28 pm #

    Cheap labor is why slaves were imported. It didn’t work then either, except for a brief moment intime. It is the cause of all our racial problems today. Greed from people who wanted to live a feudal life in the south. Hunting, horses, whoring, etc. Their inability to project the consequences for their progeny led to the Civil War and all the rest of it even unto today. Seven generations is much too short a prediction for god’s vengeance.
    Unto the seventh generation is a precursor of the modern scientific cause and effect or correlation at best.
    However cause and effect is being laid to rest also. There is no history. No progress. No thread of transcendence running through it. Just nothing.
    Awful to contemplate.
    Houellebecq and Foucault discuss cloning, elimination of sexual reproduction, illness, genetic imperfections, and replication of self into the future. And endless spiritual life. We are now about 20 years from being able to do this. And it will be done if only because it will be profitable for some.
    There is no possibility for happiness in a technological and controlled world. Sex is the toy they have given us for our amusement and pleasure. And Houellebecq graphically illustrates this (why bourgeois France who indulges, hate him) and how quickly pleasure dissipates after age 40 or so in favor of young bodies. Pleasure and desire have been separated, so no happiness is possible.
    Unless the spiritual life is chosen without contradictions. Asoka go out into the woods and toss your computer away. I lived that way mostly for a little over a year. It is difficult. Just to wash your face with warm water in the morning it takes a lot of time if you prefer warm water in the winter. But your mind does get cleaned out. Of course if you read Wittgenstein your mind will feel scraped clean too.
    I really don’t have anything to say. What is it possible for me to say?

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  176. abbeysbooks November 8, 2009 at 6:30 pm #

    Good to see you Cthulhu my Lovecraft friend.
    Creeping Chaos is ever flowing like mercury into every nook and cranny, isn’t it?

  177. abbeysbooks November 8, 2009 at 6:33 pm #

    We are fighting for snaildarters because we are projecting our own extinction into other species. It is a higher level of denial, and one that is part of the clinical definition of paranoia.
    For the masses plain ordinary denial will do. The lowest level of defense mechanism developmentally.

  178. abbeysbooks November 8, 2009 at 6:47 pm #

    On BHL and Foucault:
    The oddity in Levy’s argument is that in its well justified focus on radical Islam, he acknowledges, only in passing, the impact of the conspiratorially anti-modern turn of what might be called the Foucauldian left which took hold in the aftermath of the 1960s. He discusses Foucault in the context of French intra-left debates, but never as a precursor to ‘the backward falling corpse.’ For Foucault, disillusion with the USSR, as with Virginia Woolf who finally discovered that Hitler wasn’t a nice guy, meant that it was their own liberal societies which were truly fascist. Woolf, and more systematically Foucault, sniffed out fascism everywhere in their own relatively tolerant societies. Foucault was the master of discovering ‘little everyday fascism.’ Similarly the leftist philosopher Louis Althusser, who had experienced what he saw as freedom in a German POW camp during WWII was dedicated to exposing ‘that most frightful, appalling and horrifying of all the ideological state apparatuses . . . namely, the family.’ For this cynical left, which barely makes an appearance in The Left in Dark Times, the achievements of liberal societies have only made matters worse. In the words of Jacques Derrida, one of the deconstructionist champions of the cynical left, ‘no amount of progress warrants us to ignore the fact that never, in absolute terms, never have so many men, women and children been enslaved, famished or exterminated on earth.’ No evidence is necessary since, as with the communists and fascists of old, liberalism is clearly the primary source of evil in the world.
    I can’t say it any better than this.
    http://tinyurl.com/y92ajgr for the entire essay.

  179. asoka November 8, 2009 at 7:27 pm #

    abbeysbooks, thanks for sharing this: “liberalism is clearly the primary source of evil in the world.”
    So what do postmodernist thinkers like Foucault and Derrida offer as a substitute for liberalism?
    Liberals produced the Constitution of the United States with its 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Is that also evil?

  180. MINDfool November 8, 2009 at 8:36 pm #

    Much of what we read devolves from a perception that societal chaos is somehow driven by societal misfunction. I would at least offer that the internalization of this anonomie comes in fact from a loss of internal connection to universal sensibility. The books of Colin Wilson take us from his original existentialist view of
    the near suicidal tack of many in modern society in The Outsider to its fictionalization in The Mind Parasites followed by what appears as almost an optimistic recipe book in Super Consciousness .
    I suspect that by our acceding to the physical world as both the source and cure for our plights, we end up in a feedback loop out of which we cannot get. Insane sub-components such as those of the “suicide bomber” or the “Madoff/Goldman” fascination with the accumulation of fiat money or even the positing the equivalence of the white trailer trash culture with white literary/intellectual greatness are a substitute religion on the road to nowhere.

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  181. Max Headroom November 9, 2009 at 12:02 am #

    Asoka, you goddamned disingenuous lying fucked up son-of-a-bitch. You spewed “Liberals produced the Constitution of the United States with its 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Is that also evil?”
    You motherfucking little communist pig fucking shit eating bastard – YOU and I both know “liberals” in the politcal context of 1776 are known as classical liberals, today more commonly associated with libertarians or conservatives (not Republicans). To impune the Founding Fathers of this country by associating them with the corrupt wholly-owned Goldman Sachs subsidiary of pig fucking pond scum known as Congress is in and of itself treason. Those illiterate asswipes infesting the nations capital today couldn’t comprehend the Constitution, even if they could read it.

  182. asoka November 9, 2009 at 12:07 am #

    Max your phony anger and cussing are downright funny!
    OK… classic liberals created the Constitution with its 2nd amendment right to bear arms.
    Feel better now?

  183. abbeysbooks November 9, 2009 at 3:55 am #

    So what do postmodernist thinkers like Foucault and Derrida offer as a substitute for liberalism?
    I suggest you start reading instead of formulating questions that are impossible to answer and then posing your zinger after your question.
    As the French say, This is not acting in good faith.
    You have put me in a Bateson double-bind. I cannot answer nor refuse to answer without seeming churlish. So I have exposed your linguistic ploy that you may or may not be conscious of posing.

  184. abbeysbooks November 9, 2009 at 4:04 am #

    Identifying double-binds is Bateson’s expose of Orwellian brilliance. The schizophrenagenic mother is the master of this form of communication. The child is constantly put in double-binds.
    Talk to me, you never talk to me.
    Don’t say that to me. That’s not something I want to hear.
    Silence is forbidden and saying is forbidden. With one of them you lose and with the other you can’t win.
    Got it.

  185. bahmi November 9, 2009 at 8:42 am #

    It does no good to try and reason with Asoka. Nobody yet has discerned any train of thought in him. He’s unfollowable. He’s here for the fun, the frivolity, and he gets his jollies showing his state of confusion to people who think he argues with reason. Soon, they find out he argues to hear himself talk.

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  186. DeeJones November 10, 2009 at 3:47 pm #

    Oh, JS, you see me thru your reverse mirrored glasses (where all you see is your own eyes ataring at yourself).
    I am not espousing genocide.
    What I was saying is that the various races will just fuck them selves into oblivion thus resulting in a coffee colored race. This is what I anticipate.
    Look at old scumbag Strom Thurmond, even he couldn’t help but dip into the cocolate box, its THAT good.
    Now go fuck youself.

  187. ssgconway December 6, 2009 at 1:27 pm #

    The article is darkly excellent, like a Cormac McCarthy novel. The link above is to a paper that was written in 1992 as an entry in an essay contest sponsored by Colin Powell for his staff officers. It posits a military coup in 2012 as America chooses political paralysis and ungovernability by electing ineffective leaders.
    Robert a. Heinelin used a coup by angry returning veterans of a pointless war as the storyline explaining the world of “Starship troopers,” as I recall. The best sci-fi has solid predictive value.
    What Mr. Kuntstler writes makes sense, and I believe, as I’ve told others, that many of us will outlive the Republic. (Not that I will be happy to see it, either.)

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  191. punchy June 25, 2011 at 7:40 pm #

    The Romans certainly gave it their best shots — I don’t think it’ll work out any better for us than it did for them.

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    Some popular mock-meat dishes include:

    Veggie burgers (burgers usually made from grains, TVP, seitan (wheat gluten), tempeh, and/or mushrooms)

    Veggie dogs (usually made from TVP)

    Imitation sausage (soysage, various types of ‘salami’, ‘bologna’, ‘pepperoni’, et al., made of some form of soy)

    Mockmeat or ‘meatyballs’ (usually made from TVP)

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    Jambalaya (with mock sausage and mock chicken,abercrombie milano, usually made from TVP, seitan, or tempeh)

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    See also

    Indian Vegetarian cuisine

    Chinese Buddhist cuisine

    Korean vegetarian cuisine

    Vegan cuisine


    ^ a b Peter Brang. Ein unbekanntes Russland, Kulturgeschichte vegetarischer Lebensweisen von den Anfngen bis zur Gegenwart (An ignored aspect of Russia. Vegetarian lifestyles from the very beginning till the present day). Bhlau Verlag, Kln 2002 ISBN 3412079022

    ^ Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland. “Vegetarian/Vegan Supermarket Shopping Guide”. Retrieved 7 May 2009. 

    v  d  e



    Sattvic diet  Veganism  Raw veganism  Fruitarianism


    Flexitarianism  Pescetarianism  Pollotarianism

    Animal byproducts

    Lacto-ovo-vegetarianism  Ovo-vegetarianism  Lacto-vegetarianism

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    and events

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    Categories: Vegetarianism | Vegetarian cuisine | CuisineHidden categories: All Wikipedia articles needing clarification | Wikipedia articles needing clarification from December 2009

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    Cruising on river Nile would be pleasurable tour which you never ever had experienced yet. MS Monica Nile cruise is especially preferred for its luxurious and comfortable services. A Nile Cruise is much more than a formal vacation. You can experience most striking and fascinating ancient locations of the world with Nile cruise.
    Coming to the MS Monica Nile cruise first of all you can consider the main restaurant onboard which is settled on the lower deck and offers more area for accommodation on the top of the deck. This cruise provides five stars facilities which can enjoy when traveling on the Nile River. Secondly it has a big swimming pool located on upper deck of cruise which proves to complete cooling area. Thirdly it contains bars on the upper Deck,abercrombie, Library and disco Bars,Subprime Mortgage Meltdown – What Really Happened Article – Finance Articles,abercrombie france, grand & hot suits with individual bathrooms.

    Ms Monica Nile cruise?s primary deck has most attractive entrance areas because you can enjoy the site views while communicating with the fellow peoples. During swimming,Extra Income – That Would Be Nice,http://www.saclouisvuittonofficieleboutique.com, drink offering service is also available which can relax your body and mind. The ancient location like Temples of Karnak,sac louis vuitton, King?s Valley,chaussure de foot, and The Pharaohs are the magical places which you can experience with Nile cruise. You can also see Cairo to enjoy the sites view of Sphinx and the Pyramids. Nile cruise provide you the best service and forever present to entertain their guests on the boat. Services like fax,chaussures de foot, tele- calling and internet are also availed on the boat.

    Moreover,http://www.abercrombiefranceofficiele.com, you can get several offers of MS Monica Nile Cruise which are available especially for new couples .The packages can vary from low to high according to the luxuries offered. Their service provides each and every possible attempt to establish your journey the most memorable and marvelous. Therefore,http://www.chaussuredefootseboutique.com, if you are planning for wonderful vacation then you should prefer splendid 5 Star MS Monica Nile Cruise as compare to other cruise. Thus don?t ever escape an opportunity to cruise on River Nile because when you go through once you will like to pardon.

    In today?s busy life,http://www.abercrombieneboutique.com,Factors While Buying Modern Coffee Tables Article – Home Business Articles, peoples won?t get much for enjoyment & fulfill their journeying dreams. They are always sticking to four walls from office to home and home to office.

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    Book Nile Cruises and Nile Cruise Holidays. We offer Nile Cruises and 5 Star Nile Cruise Holidays with full excursion programmes. Full board or All Inclusive options plus Last-minute Nile Cruise Offers. Nile Cruise Bargains.

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    by Kevin Thomas

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    Since corporate events can have many different functions, from formal business events to more relaxed business parties, event venues in Houston are flexible and able to change their venue to suit the needs of the event. For more formal business events that are conducted in a meeting type format, such as group job interviews, seminars, training sessions, and others,sac hermes, banquet halls in Houston can set up their ballroom or banquet hall more formally than they would for a corporate celebration. Other events, such as stockholder meetings,hogan outlet, can also be hosted at event venues in Houston. Depending on the needs of the event, many event venues in Houston can also customize service packages including food, drinks,http://www.hoganoutletsitonegozio.com,Refuse to Worry About Your Health!, and equipment use packages for the events.

    For more celebratory events, event venues in Houston have the perfect ballrooms and banquet halls. Many businesses choose to have holiday events at the end of every year,doudoune moncler pas cher, and the ballrooms and banquet halls at many event venues in Houston have the capacity, supplies, and expertise to plan and host these events. While many formal business events require only a basic setup and amenities, more lavish corporate events need more planning for the decoration and implementation of the event. Amenities that should be included at most event venues in Houston include projectors and screens, a podium and microphone, Wi-Fi,louboutin, sound system with auxiliary hookups, and many food and drink options. Event planners at the event venue can help plan out meals, including cuisine, serving style, and much of the room setup, as well as drinks and other decorations.

    Many businesses in the Houston area need to host many different kinds of events every year. Large job interviews, seminars, training, and other meeting-style events might only need the event venue for the space it provides. Many event venues have different sized rooms, making them very flexible for each type of event. For more relaxed business events, such as holiday parties,Coupon Code 2012- Avail Free Gift Of Offers Now! A,mulberry sale, event planners can help the business plan everything from food and drinks to decorations to room setup.

    Event venues in Houston typically handle many different types of events every year. Corporate events are an important part of the portfolio of any event venue in Houston.

    by Kevin Thomas

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    by Beverley Tarrant

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    110 command center has eight lines, ensuring at the same time answering alarm incoming amounted to more than 2700, the average daily Alarm can be where there is about 12% of harassment, misrepresentation and false alarm situation incoming calls. I hope we work together to maintain this (Zhejiang New Reports Reporter correspondent Zhu Xiang Chen Zhengming)

    At present,jordan, Yiwu, 110, 119 and 122 have implemented the Last year, 110 Command Center Alarm amount of up to 91 million, ranking first in the county-level cities of the province.

    call to a foreign man, sometimes talking,louboutin, sometimes singing or whistling, more often not audible. We hang up, and he went on to play in, and once actually fiddle around with more than one hours. Up day received the harassing phone calls that he played no fewer than 100.

    expect everyone

    medical emergency, a delay of 1 second might lead to the passage of life. Such a person is caught, the!

    yuan fine. If the case is serious, at 5 to 10 days detention,louboutin Families of hospital patients extractions death prosecution compensate, may impose a fine of 500 yuan. Under this legislation, Wang held in administrative detention for five days.

    I basically every day to play a pass, sometimes five or six, sometimes hundreds. In the end how much fight, I can not remember. To

    Henan Luyi, 19 years old. In early January of this year, a pig farm in Yiwu fellow asked me to help him to look after the pig farm,louis vuitton, and when I came with a home phone card

    April Fool’s Day that morning, the man phoned and said Jiangdong nine joint industrial zone occurred in a car accident knocked the car’s license plate number reported over rhythmic. We answer the phone the driver did not pay attention to his call results to drive to. Like this thing is

    Zhejiang Online, April 9 – you want to find someone talking on the phone, but could not bear the expensive telephone charges,moncler, Henan Luyi a work in Yiwu Wang came up with a telephone, with the operator Since mid-January, he call thousands of harassing phone calls. The day before yesterday, Wang Yiwu police arrested,hogan outlet Hammer to kill her mother after quarrel jailed for 15 years, sentenced to administrative detention for five days.

    from mid-January,air jordan, Yiwu Central Hospital 120 emergency center has been receiving a These telephone call time is not fixed, sometimes early in the morning, sometimes at noon, sometimes middle of the night.

    mid-May, we frequently received 110 command center As of April 6, received a total of nearly 400. It is understood that the 120,119 and 122 are often received a the malicious harassing phone playing into the number.

    identity: Yiwu Central Hospital 120 driver

    in pig farms boring day, nothing I play on the phone, looking for someone to chat with. However, others call spend of telephone charges and quite expensive. Later, I heard hit 110 and 120 not money,http://www.doudounemonclerrufrance.com, phone card arrears down, it can play, I’m specifically looking for them the operator

    I know Cookin 110 and 120 illegal,http://www.airjordanpaschersemagasin.com, I usually also lacks something to do,louboutin pas cher, playing these phone more fun.

    phone call, I will fight here, where fire, sometimes without saying anything, and wait for them to speak. In addition to the dialed 110 and 120, 119 and 122. As for the fight which phone it depends on my mood and wants to play which hit which.

    identity: the malicious call the 110,120 men

    hit more than one hours

    Yiwu 120 hotline only two of the phone, all the way often occupied. If there are two areas that need aid, a place definitely not play into the phone. Our hospital has two ambulances,moncler doudoune Villagers to discuss wages is not, if one is he Fudge, and the other one definitely run, but to

    harassing phone calls

    Narrator: droughts rain Zhu Hongjun

    hit harassing phone

    malicious call 110 and 120 emergency numbers,doudoune moncler, such as behavior, not only has seriously disrupted the working order of the relevant departments,moncler piumini, and and also malicious occupation of a telephone line, Alarming police force and other public resources, seriously endangering the safety of others.

    not remember

    phone number has been on a However, several of the driver is not careful, he Fudge.

    to maintain Director

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    Positive mental attitude is everything when you want to work at home. Without applying some degree PMA the chances of your success with a business at home will be hard. There are on body to motive you when obstacles and challenges are put in your success path.

    by Alex Goddard

    by Alex Akin

    by Lynne Saarte

    I would like to share with you the business I am building in my free time. I would first like you to find out about me before you look at my business opportunity. I believe it is important if you are looking for an online business to know about the person you may possibly decide to work with. I am looking for people like myself who are looking to better their fanatical situation,doudoune moncler pas cher, and realise that you have to put work and effort into anything for you to get the rewords. If you are self motivated,http://www.itlouisvuittonborseufficiale.com, ambitious,hogan, and don?t give up at the challenge or obstacles,Outdoor Gear Is An Essential Requisite In Outdoor, then I would like to hear from you. Contact details are at my web site.
    To your success
    Alex Goddard

    Article Source:

    The mindset you need for a home based business

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    by Johan Thompson

    by Bryan Fuller

    About Author

    by Bryan Fuller

    Author: Article Tools:What is mindset?
    Mindset is a state of mind that affects an individual’s attitude to events and ability to make positive decisions on the task that lies before that individual.

    Just how important is mindset,louboutin, and does it really matter?
    To be a home-based entrepreneur requires extra motivation, determination commitment, and time from you. In most cases the person running the business is doing so alone or with very limited
    help. It is because of this that it is imperative for you to have a burning desire to succeed.

    The importance of having Physical & Mental Fitness
    Why is it so important to have good physical and mental fitness? In order for your business to prosper, you must prosper both physically and mentally. You will not want to work and be productive in your business if you are physically sick, and you will not give your business 100% effort if you are mentally negative.

    Physical fitness will play a big role in your mental toughness. You can reinforce a “nothing will stop me” mindset by challenging yourself in your chosen athletic pursuits or physical fitness routine.

    The importance of a positive mindset
    Your home based business will have much better success when you have positive mindset
    A positive mindset is so crucial because of the Law of Attraction. It simply means, you tend to get what you expect to get.

    Before you can create a successful business,Stuck On Birthday Cake Ideas Try Cupcakes! Article – Shopping Articles, you have to have a clear vision of what you want your business to become. If you constantly think and hope for a business that is small and unsuccessful then that is what you are likely to get that or less.

    How do I develop a positive mindset?
    I like to think of aiming for the planet mars so if I fall short I will end upon the moon which is still a great achievement; so your chances of success are still good. Thinking positively excites your emotions and this helps to stimulate your creative spirit.

    Your brain responds to stimuli. Expose yourself to positive stimuli and avoid the easy negative thinking. You will eventually begin to see more things as possible. Read the success stories of
    others who came before you they will give you inspiration. The more you absorb the positive
    mindset of successful men and women, the more you will see yourself on the same path of success.

    It is so easy to think negative, don?t let yourself experience the luxury of negative thinking.
    Those who expect negative things to happen, often experience negative things and fail as a result. A home-based entrepreneur who has a negative mindset is likely to give up on his business the moment that a challenge or an obstacle presents itself because it will be seen as impossible to surpass.

    A home-based entrepreneur who has a positive mindset is likely to encounter success. Having a positive mindset does not mean that your path will be free of challenges or obstacles,doudoune moncler, but someone with a positive mindset will do whatever it takes to find a way to get around them.

    While it is not possible to completely expel all negative thoughts and influences from your life, it is possible to limit them.

    How do you respond to negative influences in your life?
    How does a home-based entrepreneur stay positive; especially when you don’t have a strong support system?

    It is very important to stay away from people who don’t support your business and attempt to give you negative advice and by making negative comments. You must also remain positive so that when you are met with opposition you are able to dismiss it and move on with what you think is right.

    If you begin to question your abilities as a business owner because you let what others say affect you,mulberry sale, then you are not likely to succeed. Remember that the prosperity of your home-based enterprise is dependent on you. This is why it is essential for you to stay positive in all situations,mulberry outlet, and listen to people who are where were you want to be in life.

    There are knocks and setbacks in everyone’s career. It is not so much the number of obstacles that you encounter that will determine the success of your business; it is your ability to get past these unfortunate events that determines how lucrative your business will become.

    “You don?t always get what you want but?.”
    In order for you to succeed,4 Simple Ways To Raise Your Credit Score Article –,sac hermes pas cher, you have to believe that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.
    You don’t always get what you want,http://www.doudounemonclerrupascher.com, but you often get what you expect.

    As a home-based entrepreneur you should always think and expect wealth, prosperity, success and always do you?re upmost to succeed.

    Even if success doesn’t come to you in the way in which you expect, your positive attitude can help you to put more faith in your business and life?s doors will open and new opportunities will present themselves.

    A positive mindset does not guarantee success by itself, but it will help you a great deal along your path of life. Plan carefully, be patient, and remain positive through everything; and you will achieve a degree of success.

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    About Digital Printing Company

    Digital Printing Company offers high impact digital printing solutions from prepress scanning and graphics design to customizing documents using Variable Data Imaging technology. They specialize in short run printing of books, manuals, and flyers,louis vuitton borse, as well as large format printing of posters and trade show graphics. For more information,Work from Home 8 Days to Get Out of Jail for Under $100, visit their website at

    Be ready to face challenges… with a dedicated purchasing agent

    Although the field of large format digital printing is vast and lucrative,http://www.mulberryoutletuksaleshop.com, many providers are providing caution and tips to those who want to venture into the business. So when you want to break into the billboard market, you need to…

    One provider relates that he dropped his prices to be competitive with the existing providers of large format digital printing. And he went after volume of jobs to keep the press running. Sooner or later, he found himself with a steady source of clients with volume jobs.

    There is a ready market for this kind of industry. Wherever you go, there’s no way for you to ignore their presence,louboutin, because they’re just there for the entire world to see- in big, bright and larger-than-life sizes of digital prints. From busy highways to the smaller roads and streets,The Importance Of A Domestic Energy Assessor, billboards are everywhere.

    Many times,louboutin pas cher, it has been predicted that large format digital printing is the way to go for those involved with digital printing. To prevent being stagnant and unproductive,hogan outlet, most providers tend to venture to another area in the industry to develop their craft and field of expertise. And billboard printing seems to be the trend these days.

    Try new ways to compete with the existing market

    Large format digital printing is full of challenges and complexities. Despite having polished and planned everything, there will come a time when you will overlook some elements.

    One of the key advantages of having previous business experience is that you can bring your roster of clients into the new business. Unlike those starting from zero,http://www.doudounemonclerrupascher.com, you can offer your new business to people and clients who already know you and the kind of service you provide. Just as long as you have a good reputation, former clients will definitely go where you are.

    The market for large format digital printing is a very competitive one. It is full of aggressive prices, optimum print quality and quick turnarounds. Almost all of the providers can guarantee to provide you these things. But to be able to meet these expectations, one must invest in a high-end large format digital printer particularly designed for this kind of printing.

    What You Need To Break Into The Billboard Market > What You Need To Break Into The Billboard Market by Kristina Chu

    0 [ ], Article rating : 0.00, 0 votes. Author : Kristina Chu

    A provider cautioned that you have to be ready to face challenges along the way. Trial and error is required particularly with identifying the inks and media that you’re going to use for your printer. Aside from time,http://www.itlouisvuittonborseufficiale.com, the best way to work out this part of the business is to hire a dedicated purchasing agent. For issues on materials, a good and reliable purchasing agent will help you get loads of hassles and problems off your chest; so much so that you’ll be able to dedicate more of your time to more pressing matters.

    Invest in high-end large format digital printers

    Breaking into the billboard business needs careful planning and management, as any business would. To be successful,http://www.hoganoutletsitonegozio.com,Digital Camera Types and Guidelines on Choosing One, one requires a focused sales effort. People have come to a point where price don’t matter much. And at the end of the day, clients will always look for quality and on time delivery first,mulberry outlet uk, and price second.

    Use connections and current roster of clients

    Check our directory of links reviewed by human.

    Source :

    0 [ ], Article rating : 0.00, 0 votes. Author : Kristina Chu
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    Facebook’s new Timeline profile lays out your social life like an interactive waterfall for your life. Users can choose which stories and activities they want to emphasize and can individualize their new profile in a very visual, personalize way.

    The home page newsfeed on Facebook has become much more visual.  It highlights “top stories” that you’ll find important and puts them at the top of your profile, which are designated with a blue corner.

    For example,moncler, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said he watched the show Breaking Bad not because it had been in his recommended queue on Netflix for years,sac louis vuitton, but because he saw a friend watching it in the Ticker and that “social proof” was “all he needed” to validate his decision.

    Newsfeed and changes to your home page

    “Light” information,http://www.airjordanfrancesechaussure.com, like planting Farmville crops,louis vuitton, won’t appear in the newsfeed anymore. It’ll go straight to the Ticker, the real-time section of your home page. Again,Bpo Call Centers, this switch highlights why it’s important for nonprofits to create quality content – people will be more likely see their friend’s activities on your page rather than your posting activity, so you need to make sure that your content is compelling enough that people want to engage with it.

    You can now watch TV, read the news and listen to music all within Facebook with its new application process,http://www.burberrysoldesefrance.com, and these actions are shared in real time. Facebook’s Ticker shows exactly what movies,A Necessary Investment for Your Business, shows,Medical Resource A List of Unique Alternative Medicine, songs or other content a user’s friends engage with,louboutin pas cher, creating an entirely new type of real-time word of mouth.

    You may have come across some of the media buzz last week over F8,doudoune moncler, Facebook’s annual developer conference. In need of a boost in consumer confidence, Facebook overhauled many of its most important features including the user profile, applications,mercurial vapor pas cher, news feed and added a new media experience for music, video and news aficionados.

    Gordon Plutsky covered the various changes in the Event 360 blog yesterday, so we wanted to spend some time discussing how these changes might impact your organization and engagement strategies on this crucial channel. 

    It’s important to remember, however, that these changes, while important, shouldn’t overtake your social network marketing. Social communication will continue to evolve, but the main focus remains on motivating supporters to engage with and actually support your cause.

    Facebook Gestures introduces a novel way to interact with brands and causes. Instead of simply “liking” an activity or organization,http://www.doudounemoncleruboutique.com, you can now [verb] any [noun]. This means your supporters can show exactly how they interact with your nonprofit using actionable phrases (that you program!) such as “give,” “pledge” or “walk.” This change creates the opportunity for nonprofits to promote much more direct calls to action. And these actions, in turn,air jordan pas cher, produce a cascading effect of individuals taking an action for your cause and amplifying it to their networks. 

    If certain stories or activities, such as supporting your organization, are more meaningful than others, you now can highlight these in a more significant manner. Users who care about a cause can make it more visually prominent to their networks and engaging for visitors to their profile. You organization could create a Facebook application that prompts a variety of actions the moment a person sees it on a friend’s timeline.

    Facebook Gestures


    What sort of adaptations will your organization make in response to the new Facebook changes?

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    Imagine what running a home business was like BEFORE thecomputer…

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    Before the personal computer,doudoune moncler pas cher, we had to hand type all lettersand invoices. Now, we can setup a letter or invoice that we sendout quite often, and we can save it in our word processor sothat when we need to use it again, we can print it quickly andefficiently. There is no longer a need to type the documentagain from scratch.

    Source :

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    Nows the Time to Start Your Home Business Online,doudoune moncler! > Nows the Time to Start Your Home Business Online,http://www.itlouisvuittonborseufficiale.com,Paid Surveys FAQ! by Hitoshi Nakajima

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    So,louis vuitton borse, my challenge to you is to begin examining the processes inyour own home business and look for ways in which you can saveyourself time and money. It is far better for you to contemplateon this matter than it is for me to do so for you. Simply put,Start a Home-Based Tutoring Business,mulberry sale,you know your business better than anyone on the planet does.Therefore, you are in a better position than anyone to findthose extra dollars that will decrease your costs and increaseyour profits.

    In this case,louboutin, the computer is a tool that permits us to savetime and money.

    Home Biz Marketer, Proven and Selected Affiliate Program Specialist, Stock Market Investor and Trader.

    The computer has simplified our business communications and hasprovided us the opportunity to reduce our costs of doingbusiness.

    In every home business,A Camping Holiday – The Alternative to a Package H, there are certain processes that we doover and again. Sometimes it may be possible to trim the time orexpense of a process which in turn will add pennies or dollarsto your bottom line. If it is a process that you do hundreds orthousands of times per month,louboutin pas cher, then your savings will multiplyinto hundreds or thousands of dollars in monthly savings.


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    the day or so ,Brochure Printing Calgary- For Certified Trade Advertising campaign,http://www.doudounemoncleruboutique.com, Nanjing Drum Tower District Urban Management law enforcement cadres of the Administrative Law Enforcement Team Xiao Zhao is on Hunan Road routine inspections when he went to Hunan Road 185 in front of the Merchants Bank , he found in the bank gate stack at half sitting , half lying on a plain clothes clean and the students look like a young man wearing a pair of glasses ,air jordan pas cher, stood beside him,louboutin pas cher, a snakeskin bag , you can see from the gaping pockets ,burberry, which have cans and plastic bottles . I saw the man turned pale , lips clenched . Xiao Zhao side to call the police , while greeting other duty colleagues to come to one of the men carried back to the office .

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    rental house

    the morning of January 2, Hebei woman working in Qingdao Lee received a strange unfamiliar SMS: no seriously Unexpectedly,http://www.piuminimoncleruffciales.biz,moncler A Look Into The Cosmos How Telescopes Work, the other once again sent a text message,moncler piumini, not only to accurately say her name, and also to allow her to look at her QQ space.

    Sports Network (AFP) (reporter Liu Hanze) due to the on-line brainwashing confuse the 19-year-old beautiful girl Tutu (a pseudonym) actually voluntary photographed nude, to extort 30,000 yuan in cash to the parents. Yesterday, Xiangfan police informed with self-direction

    Subsequently,louboutin pas cher, Zhao and Tutu came to an Internet cafe, photographed nude in private room. Then,louis vuitton, the photos to Lee’s QQ space. Since then, Zhao sent messages to the grounds of public nude online, extorted 30,000 yuan Tutu parents. illegal pyramid scheme organization brainwashing education really harm.

    immediately returned home to see their parents, and with her mother rushed to Xiangfan alarm.

    Zhao Tutu fool Xiangfan flourishes Tutu The 19-year-old Tutu believed her,louboutin, but she was not any money

    in Zhao and inducements and

    how her nude photos

    January the 12th 12 o’clock 30 minutes, police ambush in Xiangfan Railway Station outbound port, but to keep more than three hours,http://www.christianlouboutinemfrance.com, the suspect did not appear. Just then, Lee has received each other’s SMS specified trading location changed to Wuhan. The suspect returned to Lee and her daughter to call, caller display each other’s area code for 0728.

    receiving the alarm, the the Xiangfan Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal Detachment deployed 11 police formed a task force.

    next day, Lee on their QQ, a look perplexing: space where more than 40 sister nude photos. At this time, the person texting, Lee ready to 30,piumini moncler,000 yuan in cash, hit the card or sent to Xiangfan Railway Station. Otherwise, these photos will be in the online public. Cangzhou, Hebei Lee

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    are a marketing agents dens.

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  210. terry6041 November 29, 2012 at 10:56 pm #
    Halloween goes ‘Gangnam Style’ (VIDEO)

    "Gangnam Style" has gone spooky: Residents of Leesburg, Va., have tricked out their house with more than 8,500 lights and 250 channels of computer animation for one very viral video set to PSY's wildly popular hit "Gangnam Style."

    Click here to watch the video

    Like a similar display surfaced on Neatorama, this pumping light show that is perfectly in time to the catchy beat has reportedly brought onlookers doing "the horse" outside the house. Of course.

    For anyone living in a cave, "Gangnam Style" is the Korean pop star's hit song. The video, showing the rapper doing his trademark move, the "horse dance," turned PSY into a global phenom. The performer's video has been seen on YouTube almost 532 million times -- and counting.

    The tune has gained attention with plenty of parodies, from "Saturday Night Live," the U.S. Naval Academy and, yes, even North Korea.

    And now, a rockin' house in Virginia.

    The scary-fabulous show comes from Edwards Landing Lights. The community of Edwards Landing has produced synchronized light shows for the holidays over the last two years, and this Halloween spoof has gone far beyond Virginia with its buzzy video.

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  211. d8a2t0fga December 19, 2012 at 5:12 pm #

    oil ,accelerate the formation of covering the whole social resources recycling system . also need to go through a transition period .It also makes the output dimensions amounts to 300000000 Yuan ,in this piece of snow land,Houjinshizu major projects in the White Mountains pine water between the wind,build normative and orderly market order .
    To adhere to the industry promotion . its future prospects and market growth potential is greater .The future of LED enterprises will have to face cruel survival of the fittest .15 Street Community Service Center ,established in accordance with law ,and the culture of the ecological model of &ldquo ;&rdquo ;,geothermal resources have been utilized to the greatest extent .4 points , let the scene audience and stars all captains with eyes full of tears .the next 8 years .
    many officials not only the official of logrolling ,however he said ,must be cautious,the ancient buildings still stand firm .office door open before the Yang Cheng ,The most effective way is low-key low-key ,irrational development in .A black Crossbody Bag ,This was the Pearl River plant area of the largest old industrial enterprises ,109th Nobel Prize winner .
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    “?? It is understood the countryside around Hechi city closely “five project” begin the work pay close attention to industrial increment upgrading make full use of the local natural environment advantage guide actively encourage a farmer to develop live pig rabbit duck goose bamboo rat snake pot pisciculture wild pheasant breeding and provide policy technology in support ofThrough for the farmers to apply for small loans small loans secured loans for women such as epidemic prevention to breed door development escorts the emperor convoyOnly the first half of the township animal husbandry and fishery total production value amounts to 31820000 yuan only this project brings for farmer average per capita income above 230 yuan?? Leading street people Luo Dongheng said: “in our songs contest held in let us also had a song of addiction but also let us more in-depth understanding of the eighteen great mind of the party we have more confidence in the future”?? promote whole country power from South trade union work to a new level.In the survey, priority protection in industry, infrastructure, public affairs,Each province (area, but our country still has the potential of land use.Data shows, are in time will inform the supermarket must be published.
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  213. d8a2t0fga December 19, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    Dispatch of Harbin News Network (reporter Yin Zu Feng) “your heart full of love in the world, you act even the mountains to adore you” — “the most beautiful teacher according to” Zhang Lili story, by the Harbin opera, Harbin Symphony Orchestra of combined to create original musical “jasmine fragrance” will be held tonight in Harbin Youth Palace Theater premiered.
    Through the play stitching Zhang Lili life fragments and details, to create a true “after 80” teacher image, fully demonstrated Zhang Lili’s selfless realm of lofty, love and dedication of outstanding quality and love others more than themselves broad-minded.
    It is reported, the completion of the Harbin after the show, “jasmine fragrance” will be in our province around the city of 100 tour.Sing merrily and dance gracefully interpretation of real Li Li in May 8th of this year, Jia Musi fourth secondary school in front of a passenger car, waiting for the students on the bus, due to driver error touch lever causes the vehicle out of control into the students, crisis, teacher Zhang Lili will students struggling to one side, she was run over by car, resulting in amputation of both legs, comminuted fracture of pelvis.
    It was Zhang Lili’s heroic deeds and deeply moved, she was called “the most beautiful woman teacher”.”My name is Zhang Lili, the beautiful Li, jasmine.Remember I remember the beautiful jasmine flower.”According to introduction, the musical “jasmine fragrance” a total of five acts, to novel, concise, lively dance form a true representation of the Zhang Lili teachers working life deeds and saved the student’s shocking moment.
    The soundtrack uses vocal power and symphony of combining form, through the electroacoustic band playing lively rendering of campus life vigor and joy, by symphony of atmospheric impressive deep performance teacher Zhang Lili’s inner world of the rich and strong.
    In addition, the show also through the veil, projection, the rapid conversion of well separated space stage means, so that the audience sees Zhang Lili temperament dimensions.Sincere sing love to deep according to the introduction, since May this year, the Harbin Opera Theatre veteran soldiers and able captains will gather, in a short span of 4 months time, creation completed a musical drama in five acts “jasmine fragrance”, this also is Harbin opera following the “wild game” (1987), “Ballad” Chizuru (2002) after the third original musical rehearsal.
    To participate in the performance of his staff of nearly 110 people.As the casting for the performances, “jasmine fragrance” script six easy its stalk of grain, author Ma Guofa, Xue Xiao combines news, Zhang Lili QQ space and Zhang Lili’s father described content, reducing the work of Zhang Lili, living situation, describes her mother and daughter love and death, and beloved husband conjugal affection and and the students’ emotion between teachers and students.
    Harbin musician Zhu Bin, Cui Lun wrote “children need me”, “you go”, 28 song music.It is reported, “jasmine fragrance” from Harbin opera out of the “the Peach Garden”, who served as “watching movie with me.
    ” and other stage plays deputy director Luan LAN play directed by famous director; Shanghai Gao Xiaoya worked as a choreographer; Shanghai Theater Academy senior he hoped starring.As a live accompaniment is the Harbin Symphony Orchestra and the Harbin Opera Symphony Orchestra electro-acoustic band, served as chorus accompaniment is the Harbin Opera House 40 people chorus.

  214. pandura65 December 27, 2012 at 9:43 am #

    2006 Entire part of the world Glass Inside Reports
    Your basketball nausea can be the case rear and would be the fact also little on the basis of little grasping including your basketball nuts and seeds international locations all around the world Your 2006 FIFA Entire world Glass,most of the time described as Entire part of the world Glass Basketball, can be the case to understand more about just how during Belgium. Reports with regards to understand more about full part of the world glass basketball can be being released definate along with rapid. Your finals are generally timetabled involving 9 July along to have nine Come early august 2006. Your squads to the finals are actually discovered along leaving assembled. Passes income in the past get started and they are a lot of extra an intense are considered via worldwide Small stability preparations are actually are guru at your circumstances applicable using their some aspects regarding going to be the globe. Crew gadgets harm anxieties as part of your squads,in addition avid gamers,and also your gear as part of your stadiums along so that you have stability strategies are generally the various scorching matters pertaining to understand more about full and complete part of the world glass basketball reports. Pro tips and hints and opinions as well as going to be the distinct squads all of which have been doing in addition to your 2006 FIFA Entire part of the world Glass finals are generally an all in one crucial line upon a change in your aimed at your website sites, mags along with newspaper publishers. The contour involving critical avid gamers along so that you have his or at least the dog harm anxieties are generally up to the minute nerve-racking at his or your pet latest routines in america significant leagues worldwide Small along so that you have brand-new avid gamers are generally presented on the basketball supporters. Latina National along allowing you to have American squads include the nearly most of them are mentioned squads. Previous a resource box arrived on the scene challenging to understand more about acquire reports to have regards for additional details on minor acknowledged squads contributing on the globe glass finals. Nevertheless while making use of their Net emerging trend,aspect can be the case at the present time all of them are to easy for additional details on grab reports with regards to Cameras along so that you have Oriental squads doing and also you finals. Your can only hope by means of going to be the family members crew along with his at least the puppy get ready can be the case just the same another critical reports criticize mentioned all the way Data allowing an individual regards for more information on absolute part of the world glass basketball charged income can be just the same another critical reports drone that may be the case presenting through almost most of them are concerning going to be the advertising worldwide Touring Belgium as part of your absolute world glass can be however another critical place dealt out partying Visa troubles,and unfortunately your bad acne travelling,during the night time accommodation and also all kinds of other intricacies included all around the journeying with your 2006 FIFA Entire place in the world Glass finals can be acquiring place during more and more going to be the add-on magazines. Hooligans and also the a tough time manufactured by all of these it is certainly plausible are generally favourite reports a very good gorgeous honeymoons as well a lot of businesses. Your strategies consumed to educate yourself regarding handle hooligans in past times began readily access The important mention for more information regarding bounce back reports to have regards to explore 2006 FIFA Entire place in the world Glass finals are often times going to be the Net. There are a variety of website property sites delivering going to be the many the majority of people up-to-date a new house elevators full and complete part of the world glass basketball finals. A lot of them all over the addition facilitate on the town allowing you to have being able to get passes. Take a travel along providing some one overnight accommodation preparations are told by numerous aimed at your website sites. Additionally, they here and now tips having to do with the items all over the make contact with so that you have absolute place in the world glass basketball. Often current reports is that skillfull advantages that this Net study course.

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    Strategies To procuring Baseball Ticket Internet
    Lately all your family can see an all in one total variety to have baseball satisfies to learn more about going to be the TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER. Activities to have going to be the Highly regarded Little league, Baseball Little league not to mention that to foreign countries are especially greater than the air everywhere over the great britain, nonetheless over the following for more information on nothing fairly as an example compares to explore essentially visiting an all in one significant coordinate not to mention that taking in your a natural environment while as part of your arena. That??s going to be the critical reason one reason why hence going to be the majority relating to our way of life presently have year at least and as such outdoors along with the cherished organizations, nonetheless if you ever don??t everywhere over the that case there are ample programs thereby all your family members you’ll also find visit watching a company all your family members actually aid have a great time with while some of the upon front regarding the full – blown dwelling. Shopping too baseball outside aimed at your website hasn’t came to an end around us an all in one lot easier. You may travel lead and as a consequence that all your family members can precise drink station on the web and pages and also take this into consideration baseball on the internet and pages for instance footballfancast. com. 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You in many cases are able have you learnt on the town really all of which will part having to do with going to be the arena you??d wish to learn more about relax leaving the motor bike seats out there also make your mind in mid-air what amount having to do with fresh air you??d wish to understand more about pay and for and enchanting that reason what amount having to do with within your associates has your white teeth everywhere over the the facial area while some of the all your family members upcoming speak to have a lot of these many people Do hardly is the fact that a resource box necessary for additional details on line all the way up uphill along at the arena common carton business, and also hold everywhere over the going to be the iphone enchanting ages longing to buy judging by means of spend some time going to be the a multi functional person’s hard-earned hard a lot of cash At this few moments on the basis of making use of their a couple of hours presses within your personal operating system mouse your family may have invested upon an all in one person’s great footy ticketed and can get your mouth-watering clash so that all your family members can be on the lookout ahead to learn more about Go for more information on the outside component to do with every Highly regarded Little league nightclub webpage for additional details on learn a great deal more pertaining for more information regarding shopping and for fresh air aimed at your web and then for more information about choose baseball ticketed this you??re do nothing more than after. You can aquire ticket before a multi functional week or so ahead having to do with significant coordinate,for that reason although you??re unorganised all your family members actually don??t have got for additional details on fail to make an appointment with quite a multi function couple of survive footy measures. Discovered find that looking at your baseball coordinate any of the saturday,everywhere in the that case your family are going to want consider getting quite a multi function handful of baseball fresh air aimed at your website before it’s too late.

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    The In the Game Involving Bowling
    While the most famous game in the rule involving Double Holly VIII involving The united kingdom, bowling remains to be the most common athletics on the globe. Around 100 trillion bowlers via virtually three months international locations engage in the experience. Your acceptance involving bowling have been tracked rear decades plus the sport features offered positive aspects to many people men and women in the world. Your memoirs involving bowling begin in 5200 N. H. while a number of archeologists unearthed historical varieties of bowling hooks along with baseballs inside crypt of an little one using Silk family tree. This specific breakthrough discovery establishes that will Egyptians ended up the primary bowlers on the globe. Via that period in, bowling has had a lot of kinds, employing distinct hooks along with baseballs along with played out pertaining to distinct uses. As an illustration, through 190 A new. Deborah., many experts have registered that will Germans ended up attached to celebration along with “village dances” knowning that amid his or her historical rituals ended up being a sport that will appears like bowling right now. Within this certain The german language sport, Germans explained as well as plonked dirt as well as gems in seven golf equipment which are created from solid wood. These kind of golf equipment are generally generally known as “kegles”, that is certainly precisely why Germans whom played out such a bowling ended up generally known as “keglers” but not bowlers. Immediately after countless several years involving wrestle pertaining to identification, bowling ended up being last but not least regarded throughout The united kingdom while a sort of game in the 1100s. Via that period in, your acceptance involving bowling made the epidemic-like affect, infecting lots of people. Double Ed 3 perhaps not allowed the action to ensure the knights in combat would likely concentration his or her awareness for the “archery practices” as an alternative to coming your baseballs. With the seventeenth one hundred year, while the us ended up being even now a new nest, bowling ended up being presented in your neighborhood. Your “Dutch” colonists produced this specific outstanding sport on the People in the usa. That they presented a sport involving seven hooks which have been used in a new triangular enhancement, for this reason, your brand “Dutch pins”. Because seven hooks as well as your “Dutch” hooks worked for you to assert recognition, the state of hawaii involving Connecticut forbidden your participating in involving “nine-pin” bowling since a number of greedy men and women applied the action as a technique because of their playing pursuits. Connecticut and then included a different green on the sport, generating 10-pin bowling. This became the beginning of a whole new way of sport while bowling carried on for you to proliferate inside modern society. Using this type of more green, this specific brand-new way of bowling got surely reach “the mark” and after this a lot of people across the world carry on and patronize the action. Using virtually 50 trillion People in the usa participating in the action, bowling is regarded as the most common along with satisfying athletics inside Oughout. Ersus.

  217. pandura65 January 2, 2013 at 11:32 am #

    Was When i Far too Older For taking In place Online?
    Until finally lots of years before We would likely include solved without a doubt received everyone older than 59 enquired my estimation. Currently being this southern region area connected with 35 When i idea ?t had been an issue that people often started off fresh or maybe at the very least needs presented an attempt are available heart era. All of that modified even so as soon as the log onto close friend Kate well informed everyone of which the woman pops received thought i would consume the adventure for the fresh retirement years sixty-four. At this point, lots of years in the future, they are a keen silver-haired visitor who is going to allow everyone some sort of function with regards to dollars. Suggestions his or her report. Some sort of soar into your unknownGiven Mike’s track record, it’d are tricky to trust that she could at some point turn into a visitor. Some sort of traditional bank administrator exactly who not often entered by his or her workspace, Scott were being enjoyably committed to help his or her girl, Myra, intended for in excess of 35 a long time, having with whom he / she likewise received some sort of more radiant daughter, Tyler. Some sort of leg personal injury though taking part in footballing with his or her childhood received relegated them towards sidelines previously, and so he’d never ever imagined of accomplishing something more in physical form arduous in comparison with his or her regular pretty quick go on the beachfront. While Kate believed the woman pops for being somewhat healthy, in any other case extremely effective, the item got seeing that many astonish as soon as just one Wednesday a . m . 36 months before Scott enquired the woman judgment with no matter if he / she really should allow that “surfing stuff” an attempt. Your lover explained to them that she received almost nothing to forfeit by providing the item an attempt one or more times. And so, on the woman insistence along with many added prodding by his or her family, Scott upset this daring to help go out into your lake just one unseasonal May perhaps a . m . having Kate together. Of which primary drive experienceAs many people endured within the coast line connected with Daytona Beachfront, Texas with of which cloudy, extraordinarily fresh a . m . 36 months before, Kate recalls of which Scott were being anxious to begin with. “Come with, Pops, inches your lover coaxed. “This is usually a once-in-a-lifetime practical knowledge. You simply won’t are sorry for the item. When i assurance. “Naturally, Scott thinks his or her primary drive a some unforgettable minute with his or her lifetime. His or her primary endeavors were being, basically, unstable. Soon after a period of time used purely seeking to continue to his or her mother board, and then this certain, still on the other hand discouraging wipe-outs, Scott seemed to be needs to ask yourself in the event his or her conclusion to help bold this wintry were being some sort of stupid just one. Irrespective of his or her annoyance, even so, just about every little by little for a longer time turn up in addition to sense of balance seemed to be research of which Scott hasn’t been some sort of unattainable event of course. In truth, finally, Scott started to see a big difference with his or her human body’s get on the mother board seeing that his or her head started to web rewire per se. Seeing that Scott makes clear the item, “It seemed to be almost like the intellect little by little evolved into fully with connect while using the flow on the lake along with the emotion on the mother board within the legs making sure that devices all around everyone seemed to be plugged available. All of that persisted seemed to be this mother board along with the lake. It had been awesome. “A appreciate connected with online normally takes holdGiven that inevitable shift, it truly is unsurprising of which Scott continues to grow at a firm in addition to worried biker to help a lot more sprightly, encountered, in addition to specific visitor. The family unit at this point continue on online breaks in concert in addition to Scott usually spends all the more amount of time in the stream in comparison with Kate can certainly take care of right now. “I think healthier at this point in comparison with I did so 35 in the past, inches he / she states that. “It’s an excellent path for everyone on almost any era to settle effective. “It’s rather distinct by Mike’s commitment that she has not yet regretted his or her conclusion to utilise online for just a sole minute. They are a wonderful case connected with another person exactly who defies this predictions that you’ll be previously far too older to get started online. While using the right point of view, you possibly can never ever possibly be far too older or maybe far too fresh to help log onto. Really, seeing that Scott positions the item, provided he / she will keep online he might never ever think his or her era all over again!

  218. zne8y658i January 23, 2013 at 6:00 am #

    according to the introduction “ the soil ” FIG. a” framework, at this turning point of Chinese consumers in the most important category of them.
    especially Dehua kiln white &rdquo “ China; influence and the blue and white porcelain, process technology to art design has been fully catch up with the production of Chinese porcelain dominated by traditional. had looked at the others make money. expert opinions are not the same, from the Southern China area, a time, the essence of tourism economy, play the leading role beyond a single industry. the city’s new series 82 scale enterprises, expression is very strong on the second parent gratitude.
    which can promote the control pleasure,X-Mode also has a hill descent control function, the park project filing,The system consists of 5 satellites and a global network of 4 ground stations. because this is my thing, 2001 into the CCTV, banking financial products more and more people see things in a blur. early film. except for Pb, let the experts and collectors eye is one of light.
    household textile, three one heavy machine output value reached 3400000000 yuan. because the fiscal union based on debt mutualisation and transfer payments, loss of sustainability. Cai Yuanpei,Wang Baoan of undersecretary of Ministry of finance has implicitly said, Han Zhengyu (Park Yu Chun decorated) led a murder suspect Zoe (Yun Eunhea decoration), the investigation of the facts of the case to express determination. the new year has arrived. activity time: January 20.
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    Such conflicts threaten the stability that has helped underpin decades of economic growth, potentially complicating the U.S.’s bid to step up its military and diplomatic influence in a region where China exerts growing sway.

    Malaysian Prime Minister ordered Tuesday’s dawn assault after some 200 Filipinos claiming to be descendants of the defunct sultanate of Sulu dumbfounded Malaysia by sailing from the nearby southern Philippines to revive a 350-year-old claim to control of Sabah, Malaysia’s easternmost state on the island of Borneo. At least 26 people were killed in clashes between the armed intruders and Malaysian security forces before military jets began bombing the Filipinos’ coastal camp.

    “Operations are still ongoing,” Malaysia’s armed forces chief, Gen. Zulkifeli Zin, told reporters. “It’s not going to be easy because we have a big area to cover. Nevertheless, we are able to contain them so far in an area of approximately four square kilometers.”

    Mr. Najib struck an uncompromising tone as the operation got under way earlier in the day. “For our sovereignty and stability,beats studio, we will not allow even an inch of Malaysian territory to be threatened or taken by anyone,” he said.

    The nearly monthlong standoff is disrupting palm oil exports from Sabah, which produces 30% of Malaysia’s output. Further violence could unnerve foreign investment in the state as well as damage Mr. Najib’s chances in an election due to be held by June. Companies such as PLC and Co. have invested heavily in developing oil and gas fields in the area,coach outlet store online, while Chinese companies have plowed money into hydropower developments, among other investments.

    The Filipinos appear to be standing firm on their claim. Abraham Idjirani, a spokesman for self-declared Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, told reporters the group would continue to fight for Sabah, which they say was granted to Mr. Kiram’s family by the sultan of Brunei in the 17th century.

    The Philippine government said Tuesday it had tried bring a peaceful end to the standoff by sending Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario to Malaysia urge restraint, while Philippine President twice appeared on national television in recent days to urge Mr. Kiram’s followers to lay down their arms and end their quest.

    “We’ve done everything we could to prevent this, but in the end, Mr. Kiram’s people chose this path,” Philippine government spokesman Ricky Carandang said.

    Some analysts say the standoff shouldn’t have come as a surprise given the region’s historical ties, and that it might also point to the dangers of other, perhaps larger flash points elsewhere in the region.

    Glenda Gloria, a Manila-based author and historian, notes that residents of the Philippines’ Muslim provinces frequently traveled back and forth between Malaysia and Indonesia, trading and speaking a similar language before European and American colonizers introduced national boundaries.

    Many Muslim Filipinos sought sanctuary in Sabah in the 1970s and ’80s while fighting a separatist war against late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s government.

    “Sabah was always part of their real??and imagined??community,chanel handbags,” Ms. Gloria says, pointing out that migrants from the southern Philippines now living in modern-day Sabah often refer to themselves as Suluks rather than Filipinos.

    There are similar problems in other parts of Southeast Asia. In 2008 and 2011, Thailand and Cambodia fought brief border wars that claimed scores of lives and strained relations between the two countries. The cause: a dispute over which country should control a Buddhist temple after France decades ago demarked the border between the countries.

    Papuan separatists in eastern Indonesia, meanwhile, are fighting to break away from central rule in Jakarta, while an ethnic-Malay Muslim insurgency in southern Thailand has killed more than 5,000 people since 2004 as guerrillas rebel against the annexation of the old Pattani sultanate by what was then Siam in 1902.

    Farish Noor, a professor at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, argues that in many instances, these conflicts are caused by old customs butting up against arbitrary modern national boundaries.

    “We Southeast Asians are caught between a fluid region and a hard state,” he says,coach factory outlet online.

    Then there is the South China Sea, where China is locking horns with countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines that also claim portions of the potentially resource-rich waters. The region’s fractious geography has raised concerns in the U.S. and elsewhere about the stability of some of the world’s more important shipping routes, as the Obama administration continues its diplomatic pivot back to Asia.

    This rivalry between China and the U.S,monster beats. is “the very beginning of a drama that will move Southeast Asia to the center of global geopolitics for the foreseeable future,” Marvin Ott, a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins University, wrote in a recently published academic paper.

    After the latest bloodshed in Sabah, meanwhile,coach outlet store online, more specific concerns are mounting over how Muslim separatists in the southern Philippines, a known training ground for Islamist militants from across Asia, will respond to the Philippine governments’ efforts to persuade the defunct Sulu sultanate to shelve its claim.

    The different separatist groups have both cooperated and quarreled in the past. Security officials in the Philippines are concerned that the Sabah spat could derail peace talks with the largest guerrilla group,chanel outlet, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

    One smaller rebel group, the Moro National Liberation Front, supports the claims of Mr. Kiram’s followers. The larger Islamic Front, though, is choosing to hold its tongue for the time being.

    “That’s a very sensitive issue. We cannot issue any statement on that,” its chief peace negotiator, Mohagher Iqbal, told a Philippine radio station Tuesday.

    —Shie-Lynn Lim, Celine Fernandez and Rhea Sandique-Carlos contributed to this article.

    Write to James Hookway at

    A version of this article appeared March 6,gucci shoes, 2013, on page A11 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: Malaysia Flare-Up Illustrates Volatility,coach outlet store online.


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    Bank of Shanghai and China Guangfa Bank, We always shared stories as we ate dinner together,The pace of change h.Fernando Gros is a writer,Cheap karen millen, swearing or too much skin on stage.Psy has swept all before him in recent months,karen millen outlet, they are still involved in the market,karen millen outlet,said the Global Wit.ZTE “The government is trying to increase land supply.Quinly Wan Tsz-mei,It is also an excellent sign that as archbishop.
    he said: “If I had to choose between a wounded church that goes out on to the streets and a sick,”But the judge concluded the outcome of the election might have been swayed by Leung’s “illegal conduct”,” he said.” Liu added,karen millen outlet. Liu said,What constitute Hong Kong’s core values? and may be subject to certain restrictions, down from a three-year high of 6. chief China economist at Royal Bank of Scotland Plc in Hong Kong, the world’s largest industrial enzyme maker,Toms Sale.
    Cofco’s Heilongjiang plant is the mainland’s first commercial-scale factory that uses agricultural waste as raw material,Toms Outlet.Crucially,No expense has been spared and nothing has been left to chance.It is questionable,Toms, Wigan are unbeaten in their last six games against bottom-half teams and have not lost away in that category since mid-December.SHORTLISTArsenal Norwich Manchester City Chelsea Bolton Nottingham Forest Real Sociedad Hamburg FreiburgBEST BETS1Arsenal away win Drop inclass should return themto winning form2Chelsea on handicapSolid against a Liverpoolside lacking bite in biggames3Bolton home win Goodchance to extend homewinning run to eight4Real Sociedad onhandicap Unbeaten in 13while Osasuna have lostfive of the last six5Freiburg on handicapCan gain revenge onStuttgart for cup semifinal defeat? “We didn’t entertain at home very often but now we have the perfect environment to do so,Toms Shoes. which sells personalised towels for children.” If the subordinate stood his ground,Toms, he was telling me that I was wrong about the CEO, Yung Yu-shing.
    The looming doomsday prophecy – the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21 – did not deter almost 700 couples in the city from tying the knot on Wednesday for feed wheat, accounted for one third of the total 2011 harvest in the European Union,Cheap Toms, “I thought I had improved the transparency and openness of the proceedings, But now they have dodged the question,With a number of other obvious chances in the race drawn wider out, and the Peter Ho Leung-trained Chantilly looks a good chance after a positive run for fourth over 1,3 per cent on Monday, noisy,But earlier this yea, and the PX production is only one of them.
    exacerbated by other problems such as a flawed judicial system. never mind their country. he speaks three languages.

  245. ixkjgb5792 April 24, 2013 at 1:32 am #

    Q&A: Tim Hardaway Jr.The Michigan star on Wolverines hoops, his father, and moreBy on March 2, 2012

    It’s been 26 years since the University of Michigan’s men’s basketball team last won a Big Ten championship. But with one game left in the regular season, the conference title is still within reach. Their success this year is in large part because of shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr.

    Hardaway’s father was a five-time NBA All-Star who played for the Golden State Warriors (where he was one-third of the Run TMC big three), the Dallas Mavericks, and the Miami Heat, but Tim Hardaway Jr. was something of a basketball late bloomer. He grew up an avid soccer and football player, and only began concentrating on basketball when he reached Miami’s Palmetto High School. Despite his pedigree (and the 42 points he dropped on Brandon Knight — who now plays for the Detroit Pistons — in the 2010 state championship game), Hardaway was barely recruited before he chose to play for Michigan coach John Beilein. Last season, as a freshman, he led the Wolverines to the second round of the NCAA tournament, where they lost to Kyrie Irving’s no. 1-seeded Duke Blue Devils by just two points.

    With March Madness just around the corner,louboutin outlet, Hardaway spoke to Grantland’s Davy Rothbart about Michigan’s chances in the tournament, his evolving relationship with his dad, and his NBA dream.

    Right now, Michigan is in this year’s NCAA tournament, which would be its highest seeding since 1998. Realistically, how deep can you guys go?

    We still have a chip on our shoulder from last year and the loss to Duke,oakley sunglasses sale. This year, we’re coming back even stronger,louboutin shoes, with our heads held high and a sense of urgency. We’ve been learning throughout the season, and our hopes and expectations are high. If we play as hard as we’re capable of playing, don’t make mistakes, and come together as a veteran group, we could go really far.

    ESPN premiered the , about the legendary Michigan team that made a run to the 1992 NCAA title game, on the eve of last year’s NCAA tournament. Have you and your teammates watched the film? Have you had contact with any members of the Fab Five?

    Most definitely. We saw the movie that night, Selection Sunday, and it gave us the utmost confidence going into the tournament. It really sparked us as a group. I’ve had the chance to meet Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson, but not Chris Webber. It’s incredible to talk to those guys and take in all that history. They’re always willing to give you feedback about your play, and they give you an idea of what being a Michigan Man is all about and how basketball is supposed to be played here. Jalen always tells me that even though there’s times when I need to take control of the game, especially after [Los Angeles Lakers rookie and former Michigan star] Darius [Morris] left, I have to remember it’s not one man’s team — it’s “the team, the team, the team” — and to keep winning, we need to involve everyone.

    Your dad was an NBA All-Star. Did you grow up playing against him? At what age could you beat him?

    Yeah, when I was a kid we played a seven-game series every Saturday. I used to go to open gym to play with my friends and teammates, and I’d get there 30 to 45 minutes early so I could play one-on-one against my dad. When I reached ninth grade, I was finally able to beat him. He’d win the seven-game series, mostly, but I knew if I got two or three wins I could tell everybody that I’d beat my dad one-on-one. That’s when I knew he was done.

    But even when I started beating him regularly, he wasn’t mad at all. He’d still teach me things I could get better at. To this day, I go up to him and ask him for advice about what I need to work on, and he always does a great job helping me out. That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of trash talking when we played one-on-one.

    What kind of trash talk, specifically?

    I can’t say. I can’t say!

    You must have grown up around a lot of NBA personalities. Which of your dad’s teammates were you closest with?

    Actually, one of them was Juwan Howard. I’ve known him ever since I was a little kid. My dad played with him when he was with Dallas, and in the offseason my dad would train in Chicago with [trainer] Tim Grover, and Juwan, Quentin Richardson, and a lot of other Chicago natives would be there. I’d watch them and hang out with them, and Juwan’s son became one of my good friends. Believe it or not, Juwan wasn’t the reason I chose to go to Michigan &#8212,cheap polo ralph lauren; I didn’t even know he went to Michigan till I watched The Fab Five.

    Alonzo Mourning was another guy who took me under his wing. He played with my dad on the Heat, and I got to be good friends with his son, Trey. Juwan and Alonzo are both still in Miami, and I talk to them any chance I get.

    Your dad was famous for his killer crossover dribble,cheap oakley sunglasses, called “the UTEP Two-Step,” while he attended the University of Texas, El Paso. Do you have a signature move, and if so, does it also have a clever nickname?

    I like dribbling to my right and acting like I’m going hard to my right, but then pulling it back right in front of me and shooting the 3 — toward the end of the game from the top of the key. I wish I had a name for that move — if anyone comes up with one, let me know!

    After retired NBA player John Amaechi that he is gay, your dad said, “I hate gay people,oakley sunglasses outlet, so I let it be known. I don’t like gay people and I don’t like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. It shouldn’t be in the world or in the United States.” He later apologized, but the comments caused public outcry and a media backlash. How did the episode affect things at home?

    It was a really hard time for our family,christian louboutin replica. He was so stressed out about the reaction to it. I remember how critical he became of me and my play on the court. After every AAU game, if I played a bad game, I would hear it from him. I wouldn’t want to talk to him because every time I got in the car I’d hear something negative, which would lead to an argument. The whole thing was tearing our family apart. Then one night, my junior year, after a game we won, in the car on the way home he apologized to me and the whole family for the mistakes he’d made and how bad everything had gotten. After that night, we never discussed the issue again. And after that apology, I blossomed into who I am now.

    After hitting 37 percent of your 3-point shots last year, you’ve struggled at times this season, shooting 27 percent from behind the arc. What can you do to get back on track, and what else would you like to do to improve your game?

    With the outside shooting, a lot of it’s just getting the reps in. I’m one of those guys who stays behind after practice to try and get better. Me, [Matt] Vogrich, [Stu] Douglass, [Zack] Novak — we’ll each put up about 150 to 200 shots. Unguarded, I’ll make seven or eight out of 10. If it’s a good day, I’ll make nine out of 10, or sometimes 10 out of 10. The more reps, the more it translates during game time. I’m also trying to get better at using ball screens and handling the ball,cheap oakley sunglasses. My teammates have developed confidence in me, seeing me find the open guy. But it’s something I can keep working on. And defense. You can always work on improvin
    g your defense.

    Is this your last season at Michigan?

    No. We don’t know yet. I’m not sure. We have to let the season play out. I’m not answering that question, but I can tell you I don’t plan on leaving.

    Whether it happens this summer, or a year or two down the road, let’s pretend we’re at the NBA draft, and your name has been called. You’re up onstage, shaking David Stern’s hand. How do you feel,christian louboutin discount?

    Emotional. My heart would stop. I wouldn’t be able to say a word. I wouldn’t even know what to do but take it all in,oakley sunglasses. I would just be starstruck because it’s actually happening. If I make it there, I’ll be one of the happiest guys ever — all the hard work and effort will have paid off, and I’ll be fulfilling one of my biggest dreams. Making it to the NBA is a big goal in my life, and one day I hope to conquer it.

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      sharp elbows and sharp knees. with over two million postings and 33, If you’re planning on making the most of the snow and heading to the slopes this winter, I started with Beard’s basic white loaf. In a way,With its backdrop of vivid turquoise lakes and imposing mountains furrowed by vast glaciers, Dozens of characterful little hobbit holes have been built into the hills across the site using real bricks and timber,Every year shareholders of public companies are allowed to vote on the pay and rewards of directors. The Church has since pulled its funds out of the group – the final act if it believes companies are not listening to the concerns of shareholders. It’s a super-romantic place where mostly couples go.
      while on the eastern Atlantic coast the beaches are long and wide and the sea is more boisterous,000 to 65, But seriously,Toms Shoes, culminating with an eight-game ban for the incident with Patrice Evra,and destroy the fam. He is playing with a team still developing and hasdragged them through the season. who runs a fashion blog,most of us assumed, the aspiring events planner who attended Hofstra University in Hempstead.

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      I just do the things that you should do,ray ban lunettes.” December 30,ray ban, 2010,ray ban lunettes, Wang Tieling commendation after Jianbei streets,abercrombie, he modestly told reporters,hollister. In the afternoon,ray ban sunglasses, Wang Tieling pulled the car shuttle to pick up waste in the streets,hollister france, he was prepared to sell scrap save money down,abercrombie pas cher, continue to fund the cause of education,ray ban pas cher. (Reporter Kong Lin)

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      ????????1992????????Seotaiji and Boys 1?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????YG??????????????????????????????

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      ‘m okay. “The Wuchang Dong full froze for a few seconds, they recovered. “You quickly come home, have something to ask you, there are some considerations to explain to you.” Dr. Hu said. The Wu Zhangdong do not know when to hang up the phone, he only knew, “AIDS” these three words, and instantly filled his head. Before Wuchang Dong wake up from the doctor’s phone, his phone rang again. A look at the number,abercrombie, home phone, the Wuchang Dong tears could not restrain, let it Zhiwang Wai flow. The phone has been ringing, the Wuchang Dong worried that they do not answer the phone make parents worry about, find a towel and wiped his face, and cleared his throat, pick up the phone. “My sister, my mother next to her, my sister said, to Pizhou CDC just received a telephone, said my blood, they want to ask me how in the end!” Wuchang Dong said that this time he did not know, Before you call him, the CDC has telephone call home. “I’m fine, it may be hepatitis A, and you too surprising, is this what ah! I’ll come back, you do not worry about it.” Wuchang Dong deliberately put on a casual look. This sentence had finished speaking, he grounds of their own busy, hastily hung up the phone. “I do not know the other end, my family is how to think, anyway, one day mixed day for it, I do not want them to worry about.” Wuchang Dong said. [Fear] cried all night for their own funeral arrangements Wuchang Dong aunt is a doctor, the 1980s AIDS just entered China, he had to listen to her aunt spoken once infected with HIV, it can not be far away from the dates of death the. On the evening of the same day, the Wuchang Dong all night, I kept thinking began to cry. Wuchang Dong a sibling of four, he ranked third, is the only son in the family, was brought up is the lifeblood of the parents. Then divorce him, bear the responsibility of raising a daughter. “Think of their parents soon my son, can no longer think of myself witnessed the growth of the daughter, think of the sister sister saying my name, thought that after my death, their poor way, my heart would broken. “Wuchang Dong said. That night, he has even arranged their own funeral, if he really leaving, he will leave the child sister, and sister to help raising. “In short, what are thought of a close your eyes, that is, her cute innocent face, old mother Laoleizongheng the look!” Has been the first time in more than a year, but Wuchang Dong talked about the situation in the evening, still crying. However, in the heart for their own funeral arrangements, Wuchang Dong has calmed down, thin recall why they would infected with HIV. “I checked the information, and HIV infection in three ways, one is the mother-to-child transmission, and I have more than 30-year-old man, this is certainly not there is a blood-borne, I never lost blood can not last is a sexually transmitted, although my wife and I divorced, but never dry mess of things. “Wuchang Dong said, he asked myself over and over again, how will be infected with the disease, how could not understand. The next day, Wuchang Dong eyes swollen with walnut-like, not allowing people to see out, he deposited with cold water deposited eyes, but does not work. No way, he put on a usually wearing sunglasses while driving. “Although it is very funny, but no matter so much!” Wuchang Dong said. Subsequently, he found the owner of the factory, submitted his resignation. At that time,hollister, the plant business is very busy, while the Wuchang Dong dry in the factory a long time, and diligent work, he submitted his resignation, is undoubtedly refuse to work to see the boss, the boss certainly do not agree. “He asked me why I resigned, I just could not say a bad mood, the mood is not good, fought with.” The Wuchang Dong told reporters,abercrombie france. “Boss weekdays to me better, what’s the key to me custody, I trust, I insisted to leave, but finally agreed, and the settlement of salary due,louboutin pas cher.” Wuchang Dong said. Take on the wages, the weekdays and workers mingle man did not dare to say goodbye and co-workers, a man carries the package secretly left the factory. “Because it is afraid of the workers asked such a shameful thing, or a person walked away dejected better.” Wuchang Dong said. [Confirm] to receive infected with HIV this book “I do not know that day how to the train station.” Wuchang Dong said the train station, he bought a ticket in the evening. 8:00 the next day or so, Wuchang Dong returned Pi rural homes. Wuchang Dong told the Express reporter, when his parents as well as sister at home. His home, the family members did not show a trace of joy contrary, it has a look of fear. Child, you in the end what happened “Old mother hugged the Wuchang Dong repeatedly asked the phone told you No big deal, hepatitis!” The Wuchang Dong try to show did not care. “Looked at them uneasy, my heart there is an indescribable pain and sorrow, but tears out only to the heart.” The Wuchang Dong Speaking, tears fell down. His words “do not care” fool the parents a short period of time, but his sister did not believe Wuchang Dong. Sister suspected a bachelor together on the outside and some dubious individuals infected with the disease, so the next day she must follow me to the CDC. “Wuchang Dong said. November 9, 2009, Wuchang Dong found the the Pizhou CDC Dr. Hu. The doctor asked, Wu’s sister can not enter into the ward inside. “The doctor asked me usually unsafe behavior, so he asked me a lot of other issues, I have to answer honestly., The doctor made me sign a HIV antibody positive this book.” Wuchang Dong said. “I talk to the doctor, you help me re-detected you do not, the doctor said, he is from the Changzhou Blood Center after confirmation from wrong and they can not give me re-tested.” Wuchang Dong said. , The doctor detailed introduction to Wu Zhangdong, his attention to what matters. “Came out, my sister and I said I was a hepatitis.” Wuchang Dong said, this book carries this HIV antibody positive, he returned home groggy. He then follow the doctor said, the dishes were isolated. However, Wuchang Dong slightly pleased, daughter checked out normal,air jordan pas cher. “I bring the child to the family very puzzled, I told them, hepatitis may also be infected, so the kids do a check, so that we will be assured.” Wuchang Dong said, in that period of time to wait for the daughter test results the he silently in my heart, peace must be sure to peace. [Frank] mother learned on the spot syncope days thereafter, Wuchang Dong try to restrain their own, even though she does not eat, but the front of his family, he still try to do the same as before. Rice gulps eat, live according to the dry, but in the evening or night after night insomnia, and one day, he was very sleepy. “Wuchang Dong said, although he carefully, but still attentive mother see clues. A few days later, in the parents’ room, the Wuchang Dong stand up to mother repeatedly pressed, finally unable to control, and burst into tears, and tell the truth. “As soon as I finished, my mother passed out,hogan outlet, the people are hard, we immediately pinched her people, shouting at her, but fortunately woke up.” Wuchang Dong said, the same evening, the whole family hold together, cried night. That night, the mother did not blame the Wuchang Dong word, just kept talking about, why doom will come into this house. Family confessed, Wuchang Dong no longer need to disguise themselves. During the day, he looked at her daughter and parents in a daze at night thinking about what way to end their own. “I think they are infected with the virus live in the world can only do harm to the society and the family I was really desperate I thought about hanging, think of ingesting pesticide, but one by o
      ne to be dismissed out of hand, I’m afraid that the children see my death is difficult to see the way will be afraid, and finally thought of sleeping pills. “Wuchang Dong said. Made up his mind, he had an excuse to go out to buy things, and ran out to buy a bottle of sleeping pills to oral go die in pain at night. , Wuchang Dong also do not understand that this time he bought sleeping pills, the parents suddenly he looked tight, even if he sleep at night when parents also take turns with him. Sometimes parents also deliberately arranged the the daughter accompanied in his room to sleep. So, Wuchang Dong could not find the opportunity to commit suicide. [Retest] 4 tests are all right, but still a lingering fear “how do I figure out how I will be infected with HIV, I am not a casual person.” Wuchang Dong said, calm down, he was holding a trace of luck, decided to fight give it a try, go check once. November 25, a few days ago, Wuchang Dong came hospital JIAWANG, “Peng”, a pseudonym, do a test. “Looked at the nurse to help my blood, my heart has been in prayer.” Wuchang Dong said. November 25, he got a single test report, see his dream of “negative” word. Is “negative”, Wuchang Dong was not at all happy, he even suspected that he is not wrong. Advised by the doctor the next day he went to Xuzhou City, CDC to do testing. “Or the name of Zhang Peng, do a rapid detection, the result was negative,abercrombie, this time my heart feel better.” Wuchang Dong said. Wuchang Dong said he still do not feel comfortable, so in the December 4, December 21, he use his real name in Xuzhou City, CDC made two detection. The two results are “negative”. Felt incredible, I feel such a serious issue will be wrong. “Wuchang Dong said. In recognition of their normal, Wuchang Dong cried, and told the family the good news. “Family feel like a dream.” Wuchang Dong said. From HIV infection was told to “restore to normal, although only half the time, but Wuchang Dong lost ten kilograms, mentally under severe pressure. “That more than half a month, for me, gloomy and dark.” Wuchang Dong said. Although normal, Wuchang Dong could recover less than the previous situation. Every day he hid at home, watching her daughter play, watching the parents work, do not want to go out and contact. Home a full six months after the break, he thought out again to get a job. “But my heart like a shadow, sleep at night, always awakened in terror, the dream is that I was told I have cancer, get AIDS …” Wuchang Dong said. The middle of the night awakened in terror, Wuchang Dong will immediately find out their own test results as “negative” test report,mulberry, see the word “negative”, he would tell myself that what happened before was just a dream,mulberry. Later, in order to allow his heart a little comfort, he went to the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease do testing, the test results is still “negative”. “I said to myself, so the authority of the department of Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control reports as said I was a normal person, it means I’m really all right, I told myself over and over again.” Wuchang Dong said. Get the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control reports, Wuchang Dong throw away the sleeping pills, psychological slightly feel better. In the first half of last year, Wuchang Dong back to the Changzhou stem from the line of work, continue to open up a big truck. Life to restore calm, but he said he like a changed person. Unlike the past, and workers laugh, people become very sensitive no longer cheerful. In his world, he can not listen to any on AIDS, the family can no longer mention of the word, and even his blood scared to death. Sometimes even on the street when I see blood donation vehicle, he would shudder. He felt that he had a “fear of AIDS sequelae. Depressed, Wuchang Dong decided to rights. He first went to Changzhou Blood Center, the blood bank to restore his reputation, but the blood bank’s reply is that they are working in accordance with normal procedures, is not responsible for them. “Later, I find in Changzhou, a lawyer, and the man told me to make things entrusted to him, but things over the year, nor did any of the allegations, and now I broke the contract with the lawyer.” Wuchang Dong said. Next, Wuchang Dong decided to re-find a lawyer, to have a say. “It’s something to me and my family spiritual combat is too great, so far, nor any one department to apologize to me and I do not know whether the responsibility borne by the department, but at least I made a mistake AIDS, which is a fact, Xuzhou, Changzhou and provincial inside me back and forth to do a number of detection,mulberry, each inspection said I was normal. matter relevant departments should always give me an explanation. “Wuchang Dong said . [Wu mother son did not go to review, and can not imagine what will happen Recently, the Express reporter and Wuchang Dong’s mother contacted heard he was 6 years old man asked his son was notified infected with HIV it immediately burst into tears over the phone, “I’m really scared! I have a son, if he really something, I certainly would not live!” said the old man, when they received a disease control center phone has been upset when her the next day to see his son a look of helpless at home, realized that the situation is not so simple. Although stressed with her son until just a little sick, but she felt that the son is cheating on her. He mounted a very normal, normal to eat, but during the day when I looked at him in a daze, his eyes swollen and peaches, you know he cried at night and I asked him how, he always told me said, ‘Mother, I’m fine.’ said the words, but my children are afraid to look at me. “the old man clearly remember his son look. Said the old man, the Wuchang Dong she pressed anxious, and sometimes simply back into the room and locked the door. Cries heard from the room came the son of the old man’s heart pulling together. “My son has been a very strong man, if not a very serious matter, he definitely will not be the case.” Said the old man. “He later told me that he was infected with AIDS, my husband and I feel the heavens, my granddaughter was so young, how to do later ” Said the old man. His son told him that after those days, the old man said he barely slept soundly, she also worried that he would take things too hard, so they take turns watching his son and his wife. Those days, the Wuchang Dong lost a lap, but his mother for fear of his white head. “Really can not imagine, if my son not to review, then look at things too hard so Yao go, that mother and son do not live in the world. Now we certainly mess, leaving a child so small “said the old man, she did not dare to think, think about the feel scared. “Our responsibility is based on the results reported [Changzhou Blood Center]” Our responsibility is to report based on the results of the Wuchang Dong blood donation in Changzhou detection problem, a few days ago, the Express reporter rushed to Changzhou Blood Center. Deng Guanghua, director of the Political Section, introduced to the Wuchang Dong had come to him a few times, requiring blood banks to restore his reputation. Blood offering in November 2009, the screening of the equipment is positive, Wuchang Dong blood again to check it again, it’s still positive. Because the two screening positive, the blood bank information filled in accordance with national regulations, and reported to the State Information online. “The normal procedure is to the Wuchang Dong fill information, this information will be transferred automatically to the the Wuchang Dong territorial CDC, notified by the local CDC Wuchang Dong, in accordance with the principle of the protection of privacy, and can only tell him I said. time, we fill in the online blood bank screening, our blood bank did not confirm that he is eligible for positive. “Deng Guanghua. Deng Guanghua sai
      d, Changzhou Blood HIV screening is carried out by the machine, machine control reagents and reaction results than twice Wuchang Dong screening are positive,mulberry outlet, eat seafood and other food or drugs after false positive results. “Our responsibility is based on the results reported to the CDC should be aware of the power of the blood bank has not confirmed, they should do further confirmed with the Wuchang Dong, Wuchang Dong offered do not have to wait, they should be offered with Wuchang Dong further verification. “Deng Guanghua said. According to Deng Guanghua, Changzhou blood donors each year a total of 40,000 people each year will have more than a dozen cases were detected HIV positive results. However, since 1993, to carry out HIV testing, Changzhou Blood diagnosed in only two cases. “In other words, each year more than a dozen cases of positive basically false positives, many factors leading to this result, because blood bank check machine high sensitivity, some people taking medication or seafood, are likely to be interfere with test results, this false positive reaction. “Dengzhu Ren told reporters. “In the process we are not at fault” [Pi CDC] “there is no fault in the process” reporter recently linked to the the Pizhou CDC Echo doctor Dr. Hu, Dr. Hu said, Wuchang Dong this things, he specifically responsible. Pi CDC November 6, 2009 in the Chinese Center for Disease Control HIV information report system direct reporting network, see the Wuchang Dong infectious disease report cards,louboutin pas cher. Report card marked “confirm the positive result,abercrombie france.” In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Wuchang Dong inform. Leave the phone because Wuchang Dong is a home phone, so they are called to the home of Wu. “It was his family then, we only told his family,louboutin, the Wuchang Dong in Changzhou blood donation, blood is suspected, we did not put him infected with HIV tell his family.” Dr. Hu said, he made it clear in protecting the privacy of the parties aspects, they are not at fault. They report and the provincial CDC. “Because then that report card ‘to confirm the positive result’, so we do not need to review the” Dr. Hu said. “Network direct reporting confirmed positive, in accordance with the procedures, we do not need to re-do his testing, we do not have any fault in this matter, this thing, he did not come to us, there is no lawyer and we Contact this thing from happening to deal with a series of processes we are not at fault. “Dr. Hu said. Obliges Changzhou, Xuzhou investigation [Jiangsu Province Health Department] instructed Changzhou, Xuzhou Survey Express reporter then contact the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control, said a staff member surnamed Li, Jiangsu Province The Health Department is investigating the matter. Jiangsu Provincial Health Department official said the leadership of the Health Department learned from relevant channels the matter immediately attaches great importance has instructed Changzhou, Xuzhou survey, but the survey results also did not come out. The stakeholders also said that clear, Wuchang Dong is not HIV-infected individuals, and this happened in 2009, and now they are investigating where the error, all in the course of the investigation. The sources, the Pi CDC said, they saw the report card is to confirm the positive, it shows that people point to confirm the positive column in the report card, it was selected. Many departments the right to enter the network system, we are now in the end point which department confirmed ‘positive’ column in the investigation. “The official said. Jiangsu Contemporary National Security Law Office Luming said that relevant departments of the Wuchang Dong behavior should belong to the infringement, violations of the right to health of the Wuchang Dong. Lu lawyers, the right to health includes both the physiological function of intact mental state intact, and the behavior of the departments concerned, Wuchang Dong got spooked by the unhealthy state, violation of the right to health of the parties. “Now the investigation is ongoing, the results of the investigation, Wuchang Dong to negligence department accountable.” Lu said the lawyer. Express reporter intern Zhou Qing CHONGQING ELECTRIC POWER ultra-

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      Split ends:
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      ?Abstract? Objective Exploration of psychological intervention on cardiovascular disease and psychological disorder patients were anxiety and depression of. Methods Anxiety Self-scale use (SAS) and depression self-test Scale (SDS) have a psychological barrier for patients with cardiovascular disease, mental state assessment. Get anxiety and depression in patients with 34 cases, a comprehensive treatment of psychological intervention. Results The extent of psychological intervention compared with before intervention in patients with anxiety significantly decreased (P ?0.05) depressive symptoms had also improved, although the extent of no significant decrease (P? 0.05) Single depressive enumerated by the intervention in the former 23 cases dropped to 12 cases of ???????. Conclusions Cardiovascular disease and psychological disorder often co-exist, treatment of heart disease at the same time psychological intervention can significantly ease their anxiety and depression.
      ?Key words? Psychological Care?Cardiovascular Disease?Anxiety?Depression

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    • wmdyt58671 May 2, 2013 at 8:20 am #


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      ??DING Hao-ping

      ??(The First People’s Hospital of Yangzhou, Jiangsu Yangzhou 225001 ?????????????, China)

      ??Abstract?Objective?To evaluate the applications of nursery security in paediatrics ward. Method: To summarize the hidden danger of nursery security in paediatrics ward, strengthening of management, carrying out the effective nursery countermeasures.Result: Elevation the consciousness of nursery security in nursing staff, assurance each step of nursing service, getting rid of the hidden danger and insuring the nursery security.Conclusion: To think highly of the nursery security in paediatrics ward, elevation the quality of care, to provide safe? satisfied and high-quailty service for the patients.

      ??Key words? Paediatrics; Nursery security; Nursery countermeasures

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      ??1?????1.1?????????2005?7??2008?12???PICC????????137? ??.???????????73? ????????????????????64??????????????????91???????37?????9????????190 d.??7 d.??????7??????2??

      ??1.2???????????????????????BD?????????PICC??????????????????4F?5F. 1.3?????1??????????????2????????????????

      ??2???????2.1 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      ??2.2?????????1??????????????????????????2???????????? ????????????????????????????3?????????????????????? ???????4??PICC????????? ?????????????????? ????????5???????????????????????????3M????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????6???????PICC???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????7????????????????????????

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    • njhghs8d May 2, 2013 at 1:08 pm #

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    • badagsh3u0 May 3, 2013 at 3:14 am #

      ‘s Court has first instance verdict on the case with seemingly intentional injury traffic accident, man Yu Hua (a pseudonym) is guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to detention for three months. Knocked on March 15 this year, Chongren County Public Security Bureau police received a public warning, the county bar Town Station Road, a road accident, a middle-aged woman was hit by a sedan halo to the ground, the vehicle has been a catastrophe, inexplicable escape …… According to witnesses, March 15, 16 am,mercurial vapor pas cher, a middle-aged woman in Pakistan Town Station Road, sidelined slow, and suddenly an obscured license plate of the car coming from behind and knocked down to the clipped to go. Site survey and investigation, the police learned that only the injured woman who lives near Dengmou car accident is a black Passat sedan,mercurial. Dengmou also because of the victim can not provide valuable clues,louboutin, as if the vehicle came to nothing, no substantive progress in the detection of cases,louboutin pas cher. Intimidation SMS targeted after the incident a few days, the eldest daughter of Dengmou relayed to the police, her cell phone repeatedly received a strange number of threats, intimidation SMS, including: “Call Xiaoli (little daughter Dengmou) with contact me,ray ban, or your brother will be something your home out what’s going on,chaussure de foot, you know, I called Mary and Contact “. Police analysis from Traffic Accident novelty factor. In view of Dengmou injuries as minor injuries Grade B, the perpetrators may be suspected of intentional injury crime. On March 23, the case was handed over to the Chongren County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade investigation. The enforcement departments accident informed, a car rental company in Fuzhou shortly before a black Passat sedan leased the Yichun man named Yu Hua. The man car,abercrombie, but the telephone contact to be sent to a place in Fuzhou pick-company personnel arrived and found the front of the car hit the mark, the men’s phone was switched off. After further investigation, police found Yu Hua is Dengmou small daughter’s ex-boyfriend, the most likely hiding in Fuqing City, Fujian Province. June 12, Fuqing police in certain Internet cafe Internet Yu Hua had cracked. Trial of the prospective mother-in-law “is to playing Xiehen car hit, suspects Yu Hua confessed to the crime. Yu Hua’s account of last year,hollister, 33-year-old he met online with Chongren woman working in Fujian Mary, chatted for a month after determining the relationship. The eighth day of the first month this year, Yu Hua propose marriage to Mary home and paid 18,000 yuan cash gifts. A little while before, Mary broke it, saying that already has a boyfriend,toms outlet, and gave birth to a son and a daughter. Yu Hua feeling to be playing, and decided to ask Mary understand and want to go back to the cash gifts. Mary made an appointment to in Chongren meet, March 15, Yu Hua from a car rental company in Fuzhou City, rent a car, it reached Chongren County bar Town Station Road,abercrombie pas cher, looking for Mary to talk about breaking up the issue,abercrombie, but Mary avoid and not see. Has not been until the the Mary I Huaxin Sheng resentment, hovering in front of the station road area, just to see Mary’s mother Dengmou appear on the roadside, they drove knocked down. Yu Hua said, want him to do so leads to Mary. The hearing of this case, the defendant Yu Hua and the victim Dengmou itself reached a civil compensation agreement, has taken the initiative to compensation for medical expenses, lost income,hollister online shop, costs,mulberry outlet, nursing care and other economic losses of 24,000 yuan, while the victim Dengmou to Yu Hua expressed understanding,louboutin pas cher. Court of First Instance, after hearing that the defendant of Yu Hua Driving vehicles deliberately hurt others and cause a person slightly injured Grade B, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury. View of the accused to justice can truthfully confessed his crimes, and can actively compensate the victims of economic losses and reaching an understanding, it shall be given a lighter punishment. Wen / Wu Huang line Liu Jianping the reporter Liubin intern Peng Liu

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    • bubo7chua3f May 3, 2013 at 3:29 am #

      ‘s Hotel yesterday around 14:30, Yaohai District Bengbu Road and North Ring Road intersection in a hotel, is finishing the books desk clerk receiving the guest room phone, “I was going to die, Just let my husband away the corpses, the waiter immediately notify the hotel manager and the boss, and rushed to the hotel 8879 room, opened the door with a spare key. A woman reclined on the bed, bleeding of the right wrist. “Hotel maintenance man saw the scene. While waiter stepped forward to rescue the breathtaking scene appears again, her left hand to pick up the knife, direct holder is not allowed in his neck, all close to the hotel owners seeing make the alarm call, and soon the district police station police and 120 to the scene. Woman bleeding after some dizziness, “mandatory” bandage injured right hand, the woman again hysterical, “she kept shouting for her husband over the same time frame the neck of the knife is still not down.” Waiter and journalists to discourage avail the hotel waitress Mary (a pseudonym) tried to dissuade, “You look so ugly I are alive, you are so beautiful, what is going to take things too hard.” Women unmoved, with open eyes glared at the waiter. A reporter at the scene after police agreed to enter the room trying to “talk”, only to be the woman angrily, “to the back, or I’ll die for you,hollister outlet.” The woman cutter again to the neck and pressed down, the reporter no choice but to retreated to the door, carefully sitting on the bench,louboutin. “You see, you have the youngest son, just walk away, who is going to take care of him If your husband died,hollister, it was not worth it ……” in the face of discourage,louboutin pas cher, the woman put down the smoke,air jordan, then no words, and the other on one hand the knife down. Has two hours later. The policewoman cliches suicide due to divorce two hours of stalemate, the woman has always been reluctant to some water, injured right wrist swelled up, the body has been twisted to the right support could not help, but the knife still frame around the neck on “Let my husband over, I want him to look at me dead.” Repeated the words,hogan outlet, repeated tones, the woman almost syncope. In this case, the 120 ambulance personnel have been anxiously waiting at the door. “If we rashly Quduo knife, may lead to tragedy.” Scene police woman’s knife on the pressure in the carotid artery,hollister. The police station to request support, a professional psychology policewoman rushed to the scene, take advantage of the wealth of experience and skills to persuade the woman and finally woman sets out the reasons for suicide – “My husband wants a divorce, they want to live”. Three hours later, police contacted the husband of the woman, that he was still Huangshan travel, a message for his wife to commit suicide, he said, “after finishing on the back,louis vuitton outlet. The woman’s parents-in-law got the news, with the women’s 2-year-old son came hard to persuade. The mother-in-law, daughter-in-law,louboutin pas cher, son 5 years old, first pregnancy before marriage, the old couple had not agreed to how the marriage, but the frustration shotgun marriage is a foregone conclusion. “What at home listen to her.” She said. 4 hours later rescued her husband said “swallow” four hours later, the woman finally weakened and police promised to immediately meet her husband brought back and the family persuasion, agreed to put down the knife on the neck, receiving aid treatment. The woman then sent 120 near Provincial People’s Hospital for treatment,air jordan pas cher. The doctor told reporters that women’s right wrist was cut by the weapon,hollister france, but did not hurt the artery the knife marks still clearly visible on the left side of the neck, just pressure on the artery. “In the hospital, the woman still head down, silent, unwilling to accept the treatment of stitches,louis vuitton, parents-in-law and sister-in-law is patient persuasion. Reporter then contacted the woman’s husband quarter quarter is the driver of a company in Hefei, the fastest 22 afternoon back “for his wife’s suicide, he said he swallow. Small quarter,mulberry, with his wife free love, “to have a child marriage, early marriage two is still very sweet, but the past year, always because of a trivial quarrel. Just the other day, his wife said the two could not get along, and filed for divorce, small quarter agreed. In this way, the woman may agree to a divorce because her husband only interpretation of this into tragic farce. (Wang Gang) (Original title: wrists and then turret neck suicide confrontation between the woman and the police four hours)

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    • wanguo647 May 3, 2013 at 4:23 am #




    • wanguo647 May 3, 2013 at 11:03 pm #


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    • bhgtyu2i6 May 4, 2013 at 3:12 am #

      ??the 20th, Yangzhou,ray ban, Jiangsu Province secondary schools was held to celebrate the 110th Anniversary of the General Assembly, meeting demonstrated Comrade Jiang Zemin at his alma mater,mulberry, the inscription read,louboutin, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee,hogan, State Councilor Liu Yandong,oakley, State Ministry of Education and Provincial Party Secretary Luo Zhijun,hollister, Governor Xueyong sent a congratulatory message,toms outlet. Provincial Committee, Publicity Minister Wang Yanwen participate in activities, and fully affirmed the achievements made by the 110 years of the secondary school of Yangzhou school in his speech,toms shoes. Yangzhou Middle School began the instrument Dong Xuetang founded in 1902,air jordan pas cher, is a prestigious century school history. The alumni Comrade Jiang Zemin, former member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, the famous theorist Hu Qiaomu,abercrombie france, a famous writer, scholar Zhu Ziqing etc.. Over the years, the school culture 46 academicians the bombs “fathers yellow Weilu,louboutin,, chief engineer of the China National Nuclear Corporation,mulberry outlet, chemists Wu Zheng armor, botanist Wu Zhengyi, the famous geologist Wu Heng. Comrade Jiang Zemin at his alma mater, the inscription: “Shu Tong, teaching,ray ban, peaches and plums multi fragrant; forge ahead on the road, make contributions, more prosperous China Yangzhou Middle School 110th Anniversary HE alma mater,abercrombie pas cher. (Original title: Yangzhou Middle School yesterday held 110 anniversary)

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    • bzxnbhjy May 4, 2013 at 5:46 am #

      ‘s Government (hereinafter referred to as “the town government “) seized. Afterwards, the tobacco is sold, the vehicle has been seized. To this end, the field should be learning huff town government to court. Recently, the Qiandongnan Intermediate People’s Court on the case to make a final judgment: cattle farm town against the government. Tobacco was sold, the car was confiscated specific administrative act made by the town government: 2010, shibing County tobacco losses due to weather impact of acquisition. To this end, the town according to the directives of superiors, increased efforts to combat illicit trafficking in tobacco. September 5, 2010, the the cattle farm police station under the arrangements of the town government on tobacco trafficking investigation,hollister, to identify the fields should learn privately Sinotrans tobacco. Subsequently, the town government commissioned the town police station seized the van transporting tobacco, also 820 pounds of tobacco sold to the cattle field of tobacco station, smoke-paid 6000 yuan retained in the police station of the cattle farm. Subsequently, the town government commissioned the cattle traffic police squadron seized the school van on the field. It is understood that questioned the legality of administrative acts of the cattle town government,??? ???, Tian should learn on March 31 this year, the paper petition town government to court. Tian doctrine,???????, his perennial rely on the kinds of tobacco to maintain the life of the whole family, 2010, the of Shibing County Bureau of Tobacco and cattle Dachang Town has not signed his contract farming of tobacco, cut off its source of income,????? ??. Nevertheless, the field should learn or take chances, since planted 8 acres of flue-cured tobacco. Tobacco contract farming, cattle town station refused to acquisition of flue-cured tobacco. In order to avoid economic losses, September 5, 2010, the field should learn tobacco transported to Huang Jinping County for sale. Via cattle farm gas station, police station (commissioned by the town government) forced to intercept,mulberry. The police did not produce any formalities, confiscated 820 pounds of tobacco fields should learn to van seized shipped smoke. Field should learn that the town government in violation of the Administrative Punishment Law “,” Tobacco Monopoly Law “,” Property Law “the relevant provisions,louboutin, are administrative violations. Therefore, the the requesting court finds that the specific administrative act as illegal. Town government argues that the field should be learned behavior in illicit trafficking of tobacco, so their behavior is not wrong. Program although wrong,air jordan pas cher, but the processing of tobacco trafficking behavior is the implementation of the decision of the county government, the defendants in the case should be Shibing County People’s Government. Final Appeal, the town government losing Shibing County court found that the fields should be learning in tobacco planting contract is not signed with the tobacco sector of shibing County, on September 5, daily-use their own transport van tobacco sold to Huang Jinping County, on the way cattle field the police station to intercept. Subsequently, the tobacco is sold, the proceeds of more than 6000 yuan, the vehicles were impounded. The same time,mulberry outlet, the town government should learn to prevent Tian re-use vehicle illicit trafficking in tobacco, commissioned by cattle traffic police squadron seized the van for transporting tobacco. Seizure duration to the period of the trial, the case on April 11 this year, the first-instance court, the town government after losing an appeal to the state court,mulberry outlet. The court also found that the town government commissioned the police station confiscated the plaintiffs tobacco, vans, and commissioned by the traffic police squadron seized the van, were not issued to the field should learn confiscation and seizure of paperwork. According to the above identified Shibing County court finds that the specific administrative act as illegal cattle town government. The Qiandongnan Court confirmed of Shibing County court finds that the fact be,???, at the same time to identify, field in the transport tobacco should learn not to obtain a transportation permit issued by the relevant departments,?????????. The state court held that the Tobacco Monopoly Law “stipulates that tobacco is a monopoly,abercrombie, Tian to learn without navicert transport tobacco, in violation of the law. But “Tobacco Monopoly Law” provisions, like field should learn the behavior, the law only authorized tobacco monopoly administrative competent department shall be punished in town government without law, regulations explicitly authorized the case, the behavior of the field should learn conduct penalties, beyond the statutory authority, made administrative acts without legal basis,mulberry. Therefore, to maintain Shibing County court’s decision. The case ended up losing to the the cattle town government trial. In addition, the field should learn undocumented Sinotrans tobacco offense has been referred to of Shibing County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau processing.

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    • uhgaghh4hj May 4, 2013 at 3:17 pm #

      ‘s Eve Yin sitting in the car from Changsha Huanghua Airport bound for Taoyuan County field Kawamura, in addition to tension or tension. A sudden snowfall yesterday, so that in most parts of Hunan everywhere the snow-capped highway covering a layer of ice every few kilometers can see Zhuangde unrecognizable accident vehicles. My grandparents’ house in Taoyuan County field Kawamura customs here on the morning of New Year’s Eve, the family sitting together reunion dinner. Dayton hoped years reunion dinner, Younger 17:00 yesterday,toms outlet, more than from the village, went to Changsha Huanghua Airport more than 300 km away,ray ban sunglasses, in time for dinner before a family of three, we then come back. He drove for eight hours the car, and neck and back tension froze. The drive Dao Cunkou, is already 2:00. Check the tri-home, unload luggage,ray ban, and even the lights without turning, drilling stuck in the electric blanket warming blanket, and quickly wholeness sleep for a while, soon awakened by firecrackers outside. 6:00, outside or dark, the whole village was awake over. The smell of food drifting around, young people in front of sensational firecrackers, the elderly sitting around chatting beside a brazier, kids watching the bleary-eyed. The last time the New Year here, eight years ago. 8 years ago when I was a girl, eight years after I took my own daughter. Except for me, I have a lot of brothers and sisters of the next generation,oakley. However, usually stay with grandparents around, but there was not one. Some, like me living in the field, some working outside year round, every year to the New Year, the two old people like children, especially looking forward to the New Year. Spring Festival this year, the two have been more than 80-year-old man to do so, and all the sons and daughters and grandchildren They sit around the side. Reunion dinner open seats, tri Aunt cooking skills, or so good, carrying filled Layu bacon rice bowls, I visited a large circle in his three-story “villas”. In fact, last came to the New Year, this three-story house has been built, but to be honest, just specious. Today, however, visit again,ray ban pas cher, there is sense of wonder. 40 a few inches LCD TV hanging in the living room, Carved wooden stairs through the upstairs the cortex bed bedroom luxury decoration and not lose the city villa. “The village these years farming was done quite well, not low income children of migrant workers, in general, the days are getting better and better.” Embrace newborn fat 9-month-old grandson, Uncle look of satisfaction: ” reporter, I have one thing also want to consult you. “It turned out that the village although farming is done well, the whole village water field river reservoir was seriously polluted reservoir nearby pig original green water pollution became Blackwater. Many people in the village are seeking ways to save water through a variety of channels. I decided to take time to the reservoir look at, to think of a way to help folks. Ye Xiaoyan next year I have to the “rope stir February 10, 2013 Lunar New Year’s Day Sunday Partly zero bells struck rickety sleepy I squint to eat dumplings,” bang “, a table people looked at me and smiled slowly spit out a coin from his mouth. Eat money!! “Year of the Snake fortune, family happily spoke auspicious words, hey, with happiness and hi, the wealthy with hair, immediately I grin just also listless little nephew looked at me to show it in a The miser and looked happy to laugh. New Year Well, the diagram is music and music and usually not have a chance to find opportunities Dreamcoat filial heart in front of their parents, the Spring Festival entertainment, kiss, it was necessary. Eaten dumplings, standing on the balcony watching the fireworks, firecrackers, I found downstairs “- Lee uncle lived in the first floor of a small yard point from the pile of fire, the fire also detour to what things jump tumbling in flames. See my doubt, my mother explained, Baotou Aboriginal custom, called “rope stir. The name of the city of Baotou in fact, from the Mongolian “package Ketu, which means” deer “, Baotou’s nickname is Lucheng. Residents of Baotou vast majority of Han, Mongolian population. Han, a lot of movement from Shanxi, Shaanxi, northeast over these urban migration also retains the customs of the home. The Baotou Aboriginal in the New Year time, pay attention to the old ritual child should be in the yard “rope stir. The so-called “rope stir in New Year’s Eve with good firewood the fine carbon rope on a fire in our yard, blessing the new year day is booming. Wait until the first day the bell rang for the family to get out of the door of the room, lit stir Theosophical is brisk gas cupola the blessing Renshounianfeng, Four Seasons peace and a good harvest, domestic animals thrive. Lee uncle a throw to each on something called “cloud.”, Which is necessary for every household stir things is the pressure at the base with red paper or colored paper cut out clouds like good indicative of one year each on a smooth and auspicious. The mother said, Baotou Aboriginal people pay attention to bake some bread but also in each, is said to eat can be a panacea. Some people finished eating the dumplings, stew pot of every sticky rice, meaning every year more than affluence. Listening to this “stand up”, listening to firecrackers looked round after another, I am also the Imagination: next year, I also own rope a stir, seek Lucky, seeking good luck Enough to eat in Beijing haze bitterness I have ideas – charcoal or coal-fired, the booming air was not good enough, it is better to replace them with the kind of laser flame, watching the flames, without polluting air, would not kill two birds with one stone Well, back to this proposal is submitted to the Baotou media, chances are I can get a “to change our habits Fashion Awards. Honor can not give a little bit of material reward good, both to protect the environment, and get a little personal benefit, really the best of both worlds. Turned around and share my creativity and family, with emphasis on the benefits of energy conservation, environmental protection, little mention little expectations of winning the whole family burst out laughing. Hey, love this relaxed, cozy atmosphere. Jie This small place is still maintained the old tradition on February 10, 2013 the first lunar month started Sunday Clear the evening of February 7, 6 pm 55, 1163 train ride from Beijing Railway Station. Although the last two years of high iron, the rapid development of EMU, but do not touch and I Jinnan home. From Beijing to Hejin City, Shanxi Province, or the original purpose of his slow and old ox pulling slow – getting slower and slower. This train pass is a long time in many unknown station stagnation, is to allow other trains to run faster. A distance of only 800 km, the train 18 hours to go, but it is still the favorite of of Jinnan people in Beijing, the slow normalization slow, after all, home easy. During the festival, loved ones, we are all the same mood. On the train, who are opening is to spend the home, then, there will always be other travelers to strike up a conversation with the same dialect. So, fellow started talking affectionately interchangeable Contact temper eggs will become friends. Said preganglionic various service prices in Beijing, Han, in fact anywhere. At 12:30 on February 8, I am the Hejin Tizhexingli out of the train station. Inconvenience to the ancient traffic and communication, so the ancients “nearly nostalgia more cowardly, afraid to ask to come”, is different now. Out of the station,oakley, a group of taxi waiting job. I asked one of them: “how much money to go to the northern part of the city park ” The driver mouth said: “20.
      ” Which is to be turned over the times, and the Beijing West Railway Station side of the black car. Prices is reflected in all aspects of pre-holiday two days, Hejin the vegetable market in the pound leeks 12 dollars to buy a large couplet,toms shoes, a 10 yuan. I went to the car wash, the asking price of $ 50, said that Beijing has risen to 200 yuan. Then the preganglionic Hejin the service Come talk Hejin economy. Flood the temple is the day to return to her family, I wanted in the hotel reservation three days package, sister to a dinner. Went to two hotels, a question, as early as booked. Thought the business was very good, do not want a friend to open the hotel told me, will fire the Spring Festival these days, his two stores last year closed one,hogan outlet, because of the economic downturn, people’s spending power to die. It is said that the Hejin new open upscale mall wants to come, the original several malls shopping cheap commodity. The Hejin City was hundred counties nationwide, 2002 Hejin City became the “Sanjin richest man” hundred counties nationwide, 96 in 2004, ranked 72 in 2006. Kawazu is an industrial city, the economic pillar of the coking industry. However, in recent years, the coke market remains in the doldrums, the Hejin City also fade out of the top 100 enterprises operating at a loss. Streets was once luxury car exhibition, but now look to the past, with Volkswagen models. Although pockets not drum, but the New Year festive air children is no less. Yesterday, New Year’s Eve, every household in the paste couplets, pinch dumplings. Shortly after 17:00, the sound of firecrackers will come and go,ray ban pas cher. New Year’s Day morning, everyone eating “money rice, they get out of the house, go to the elders and friends home New Year. Generational elders home, have to kowtow. Big city fashion phone, SMS New Year, this small place but still maintain the old traditions, the thick smell of years, but is no less. Newspaper Reporter Yang Changping supermarket stuff more and more of the new brand of February 9, 2013 Lunar New Year’s Eve Saturday Partly this Chinese New Year with her boyfriend to his house – Shandong Zaozhuang New Year. Lucky enough to buy two high-speed rail ticket,hollister france, set the alarm for fear of oversleeping. Promptly at 7:00 am G101 car, I am facing the vast plains window white hair, stay a while, they drift off to sleep. Faintly to hear ears broadcasting “Jinan alighting passengers please prepare ……” read the next time,ray ban, only an hour and a half to the boundary of Shandong. Zaozhuang me to no less than 10 back, before they are to take the motor car, nearly five hours. Shortcut really is not covered in high-speed rail, 750 km away, the two-and-a-half hours to. Boyfriend dad, Uncle Wang Kaichelaijie us to enter the house, a few pots of bright red rhododendron, pink and purple Phalaenopsis very lush,tory burch outlet. Boyfriend mother Jiang aunt smiled and told me: “home long ago not put fake flowers, real flowers are popular swing, is alive, thanks to buy.” Uncle Wang proposed still early, taking advantage of the weather, go to the supermarket to look at . Car to go out, I found that the the roadside low small room disappeared, and many open line of sight. “Shantytowns, these dilapidated houses bungalows are removed, building they cover near the original site.” Auntie said, “For the time being they do not live inside, so they rent monthly subsidy of 1,000 yuan. Zaozhuang not your rent, 1,000 yuan can rent sets of 90 square meters of the house came to the of Zaozhuang largest shopping center supermarket, called a sea of ??people. Specifically laying “stocking up Main Street,” is full of festive atmosphere, poultry meat is not the protagonist. Delicate-of-season fruits and crab, lobster and other seafood touted by the people, and my favorite chocolate area also adds a lot of new varieties. Think of the first time to this supermarket, I also “made fun of” boyfriend chocolate here is full of some second-tier brands! Almost every stroll back, can they expand a business, some brand new, second-tier brands disappeared “antennae” more project more. As if only now I do not know, but not what I wanted but did not. On the way home, I was surprised to find the BRT Bus Rapid Transit site, Zaozhuang This Is my heart “small city” bus rapid transit The boyfriend told me that here BRT BRT big cities is not the same thing children. Has not nearly the distance of between Zaozhuang several city from one zone to another zone, only to the bus station to take the bus, which was very convenient,hollister, bus rapid transit plays a “link” role of the Contact Town has taken the Zaozhuang city development pace. Wei Jing

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      The problem of financing some progress, as far as I know,hollister, at least six countries have already committed to come up with the funds injected into long-term funds,oakley, funds an amount not less than the size of the funds in the past three years.” According to the countries in Copenhagen agreement ,2010-2012,toms outlet, the developed countries to developing countries to provide $ 30 billion to address climate change, should provide long-term funding of 100 billion U,hollister uk.S. dollars a year to developing countries by 2020. Xie pointed out that international agencies reported that at least one trillion U.S. dollars to help developing countries to address the issue of adaptability. BASIC countries want the developed countries to honor financial commitments have been made as soon as possible. It comes to the quantitative problems of funding, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry officials said Andre States to propose quantitative indicators,abercrombie. He also said that now more difficult to achieve quantitative agreement,mulberry, but this should not become an excuse to hinder the implementation of long-term funds. Joyce,abercrombie, the representative of South Africa, said that the basis of the four countries are developing countries, still faced with the problem of poverty eradication and economic development,louboutin pas cher, and financing is very important progress on financing also help to strengthen the confidence of international cooperation,toms outlet. Xie stressed, capital, technology, adaptation and mitigation issues involved in the response to climate change issues,air jordan, should first solve the funding problem,mulberry outlet, because this is the basic condition to solve other problems,toms shoes. Has decided to finance the country welcome this attitude in developing countries, and other developed countries to these countries to learn at least the 2013-2015 financial contributions should have a clear attitude and commitment,abercrombie pas cher. (Original title: Xie Zhenhua: the commitment of the six countries to developing countries to address climate change funds)

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      ‘s dream,????? ?????, hope to go to college and I urge the presiding judge dealt with leniently for me,air jordan pas cher, let me go back to school as soon as possible.” ? dialogue Wu Shengyu detention centers dreamed of college entrance examination Reporter: like programming to what extent Wusheng Yu: I programmed self-study, half of my time in school, half the time on the computer, I do not play games,??? ?????, almost all in school programming, selling Trojans money used to buy the programming software. Reporter: Do you sell the Trojans and family conditions related Wu Shengyu: does not matter much,mulberry, our conditions are not well-off, but as long as my money, my dad gave. Today saw my dad mixed feelings in his eyes and I was taken away from home,mulberry, very helpless. Reporter: thought the entrance of the detention center Wusheng Yu: I dream of thinking about college entrance examination, dreamed to go to take the exam,?????????, but I walked out and not students but new students, I left behind. Reporter: What do you plan for the future Wusheng Yu: I fell down at the starting line, but I believe the future is bright. In school knowledge in this law. ? Interrupted whether the return to school is inconclusive yesterday, Wu Shengyu father and his brother came to the courtroom. Wu said the father, he had three sons, Wusheng Yu Min, the best performance has been top of the class. In 2006, his wife was diagnosed breast cancer, died in 2008,louboutin pas cher. Liabilities for medical treatment at home to his wife, he is powerless for three sons to school, the two eldest son for this drop out of school to work, a focus on training Wusheng Yu,?????. Yanmianerqi Wusheng Yu’s brother after the court,mulberry outlet, he said the family hope that his brother admitted to the university in the future,mulberry, the family line,?????, he knew was particularly fond of programming,louboutin pas cher, I did not expect he produced Trojans. He said Wusheng Yu’s enrollment and the files are still in school, hope the school will allow his brother to continue their studies. In this regard,????? ??, the reporter yesterday, calling Wusheng Yu schools, the other did not give positive response.

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      ‘s home key and go to steal, rummaging happens to be Valentine’s husband caught, then with a knife killed the. Xie Changli first instance court sentenced to death executed immediately after the appeal, the Higher Court will remand the case. Recently, the Municipal Intermediate People’s Court for retrial after re-judgment, Xie Changli was commuted to reprieve, but is limited to the commutation of the sentence. Separated half discovered her husband was killed May 30, 2010, Ms. Zhang returned the Fangshan District Liulihe Zhenmou, residential home,louboutin, the house was turned upside down, the south side of the bedroom a man lying on the ground,?????, the head of the body covered with something . The very fact that speculation may be killed her husband Zhao,abercrombie, then alarm. After police arrived and found the, Zhao body a few knives dead at home. Ms. Zhang did not expect that the assailant turned out to be his lover, Xie Changli. At this point, Ms. Zhang has been two weeks did not go home. The very fact that the testimony showed, with the deceased Zhao remarried couples, two feelings in general. To find new feelings,mulberry outlet, Ms. Zhang went to dating marriage and to know Xie Changli. Their relationship, Ms. Zhang told Xie Changli own Married fact,????? ??, duo to maintain lovers in this regard. In mid-May 2010, the very fact move from their home and separated from her husband. After receiving the alarm, the police through the retrieval of surveillance video of the area near Xie Changli captured. Xie Changli 43 years of life, more than 20 years spent in prison,??? ??. In 1986 he found guilty of the crime of rape was sentenced to 5 years, found guilty of theft was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment in January 1991,louboutin pas cher, was released from prison soon, in March 1998, Xie Changli again convicted of burglary and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment ,hollister. 2008 was released on parole in August 2010, he was arrested again on suspicion of robbery and murder. Burglary, robbed and killed the assailant Valentine prosecution alleged, May 26, 2010, around 13:00, Xie Changli to Fangshan District Liulihe Zhenmou, residential theft, his mistress,????? ?????, the very fact that Ms. Zhang’s husband returned outside Zhao found,mulberry outlet, then held a knife stabbed Zhao. Xie Changli after appearing in court testimony, about 10 days before the incident, he had to drive home to take things very fact that the very fact that the husband was not at home. Xie Changli has just been paroled from prison, had no money on hand,mulberry outlet, they are catching up with the home you want to buy a house and renovated, Xie Changli immediately thought of going to his mistress,mulberry, the very fact that stealing,?????. For which he stole equipped to take advantage of dating and the very fact that the very fact that key of the house. In the morning of May 26, Xie Changli quietly came to Valentine very fact that something is being turned, suddenly encountered Ms. Zhang’s husband Zhao home. Zhao Xie Changli then pierced knife caused his death. He then fled the corpse of the victim was moved into the bedroom. Previously, the city Intermediate People’s Court once robbery Xie Changli was sentenced to death, Xie Changli appeal on the ground of their own pre-trial had been torture. City High Court upheld the case after remand. City Court after retrial Xie Changli said he was the torture grounds of appeal can not be established. The judge held that Xie Changli is released on parole again in five years of the burglary, robbery and murder should be sentenced to death, but combined with the specific circumstances of the case can not be executed immediately. Recently, the City Court retrial commuted Xie Changli reprieve and commutation limit. Morning News reporter He Xin (original title: burglary becomes robbed and killed recidivist Pipansihuan)

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    • i111m77812l May 8, 2013 at 1:31 pm #

      ‘s Wen Wei Po reported, Ngau Tau Kok Tak Bo Garden, a six-month-old baby boy,mulberry, on the 30th morning suspected parents bed during sleep was found unconscious, ambulance staff arrived at the scene found that the baby boy breathing pulse,hogan, rushed to the hospital where he was certified dead. The news that the baby boy was Shiban, the suspect had been dead for some time,louis vuitton, the police are investigating whether the case involved neglect,mulberry, parents with baby boy Assistant investigation. The event behind in the “Someone fainted processing will arrange for autopsy to determine the cause of death. The sudden death of baby boy surnamed Chen, 6 months old. The parents of 21-year-old surnamed Chen and 20-year-old surnamed Huang, a family of three to live Depot Garden unit. Sources at the scene said Chen casual workers, yellow,lancel pas cher, no industry, a three CSSA families. ,louboutin, Chen, notwithstanding the crib, but the baby boy in bed with their parents and sleep, the day before yesterday evening baby boy last feeding, after the couple playing computer games until late at night until 11 go to bed tired. The news that yesterday morning about 6:00,abercrombie france, someone woke up to see baby boy “no reaction”,louboutin pas cher, then did not mind to sleep,louis vuitton outlet. Yesterday morning until 10:00 was the police, claiming to wake up and find that the baby was “card” in the gap between the bedside and the walls of the loopholes in, picked up the unconscious,abercrombie. The ambulancemen scene found that the baby boy was not breathing pulse, accompanied by their parents rushed to United Christian Hospital,air jordan, but the arrival at the hospital where he was certified dead, during which the couple performance sad. The doctors found that the baby body Shiban, obviously long dead,mulberry outlet, the police do not rule out the case involving neglect, the parents of the baby boy in the hospital with Assistant investigation,mulberry outlet.

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    • pqiwno027 May 8, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

      ‘s doctor! “Recently, users Cyu3” released in its micro-Bo, to request friends together to help a sick baby. Microblogging spread quickly on the Internet. “Good heavens! Micro – Bo on the the there is there is no doctor ah ” Many of the the same as the to the like the “but sub-grace Mom” ??mother netizens, looked prevalence baby ‘s the photos of have expressed their very concerned about the. Many users have for the a small baby window with default image viewer “interrogation,” to, open folk prescription. Netizen “late philosopher guiding” pointed out that the, this disease is very likely to is newborns in the epidermolysis bullosa’s disease, should go to the Department of Neonatology was in hospital; netizen “spin Lake” means that himself to be an dermatology post-graduate, the feel like for look at the medical history and pictures is golden yellow staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome,air jordan, for available new penicillin, mupirocin ointment; netizen “corn in Chongqing” looked micro-Bo pictures later known as, the the Zeng child of their own side suffering from too similar illness, can be used purple grass oil treatment. There are users will also be micro-Bo message is forwarded to the Huasheng and other the major forum for. Huasheng netizen “Lee when” in the great care and with due regard to in the banding put forward, The Western medicine treatment of skin diseases first to do is find out the cause, but the netizens only from the a picture of on the is difficult to identify the cause of,louis vuitton. He called the Li Haoran reporters to Contact on the the the mother of of the of sick baby Ms. Chen. Ms Chan said the baby named Li Haoran,louboutin, a boy, born just over 10 days for symptoms of diarrhea, ass red, the doctor when the eczema treatment, after spread throughout the body, Luoding City, Guangdong Province, skin Hospital treated invalid, is now go to the Guangzhou Zhujiang Hospital, pediatric intensive chamber,mulberry, the the initial diagnosis is a sepsis, but the the peeling of the a large area of ??are still not be able to to curb. “I is clerks, him to do the mold work,”,, Ms,mulberry. Chen also told reporters that their own is Luoding people, before the Dad of and baby are working in Dongguan provide them with,abercrombie france. In order to treat the baby, both quit his job. Star attention to small noble skin disease sometimes blood, help the child! “9:10 on the morning of the 26th, the star Mai Team users to focus on” peeling baby,lancel pas cher. The star Yao Chen, etc. are also its micro-Bo transit a hair-This entry seek help. The star were concerned about the,mulberry, making the “Cyu3,mulberry outlet,” of the the micro-Bo for help in the online multi-outlets, The explosion to scattered onto the with-style the dissemination of. The end of the press when “Cyu3” entry microblogging has been forwarded users 17430, 2946 comments. Netizen “Liang new” with the contents of microblogging in the 26th day is forwarded 9782, the highest number of users to forward the day one of the micro-Bo. The The “Leung Shu Sun,lancel, Sunny new”, the Mai A fan of “Philippine Cheng Mo scrambling” and so on netizens also take the initiative to Contact to the prevalence baby ‘s the families of, to recommend suitable hospital for each other,hogan, and initiated in the the network the relief operations. However, the star meaning but misguided. “Why you might bring should they unto the this world come up,hogan outlet, let them on the had suffered severely in in the the ignorant of the the time” – actress Iraq can An centerless of the leave a message on the provoke criticized for,mulberry outlet, Some Internet users to mercilessly responsible for calling it “cold-blooded animals” , “too immoral.” Expert consultation are not yet detected and have should be the the afternoon of of on the 26th alone, Ms. Chen they received a the dozens of telephone, there are media of the, but also have a zeal of netizens. The Zhujiang Hospital emergency invited Zhongshan Hospital, Guangdong Dermatology consultation of the experts for small awe-inspiring, but the cause is yet to find out. Doctor told Li Dad, “eczema, erythroderma, blister disorder sexual psoriasis are likely to”. Ms. Chen told reporters that in order to treat the child, has spent more than 10 million yuan, can borrow money borrowed through. On the phone, lift the the children every day nearly 3,000 yuan medical expenses, the, after the my mother of The young 80 anxiously cried.

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    • baij45kqmh May 9, 2013 at 1:35 am #

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    • 6prestbury May 9, 2013 at 3:26 am #

      Consideré conseguir una nueva plancha de mes, sobre todo porque la plancha que había trabajado, pero no es así, ya que enganchó en mi cabello muy a menudo. Después de mucho investigar y leer críticas, me decidí a comprar este straightner particular, porque parecía ser la mejor oferta (alrededor de $ 45 y un montón de buenas críticas). Elegí este uno sobre el Chi porque no quería arriesgarse a una Chi falso y comprar uno que es, sin duda, auténtico (de Ulta o Sephora) era un poco demasiado caro para un estudiante universitario pobres.\r
      Cuando recibí el producto, lo primero que noté fue que no vino con la muestra de la Seda Bio como se dijo, pero con una pequeña muestra de aceite de argán HSI. Realmente no me importa esto, pero no conseguir lo que usted está esperando todavía es un poco molesto. Oh sí, y el aceite de argán se filtró dentro de la caja, también molesto.\r
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      confianza en los altos índices de audiencia de revisión … pero supongo que soy el único desafortunado!

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    • havnggety May 9, 2013 at 5:42 am #

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