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Laughs Abound

Eleven year old Jeff Greenaway is in love and on the loose in Manhattan circa 1962.
This book will crack you up.
For adults.

Sheer antic delight” — Remsen Pilchard


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JHK’s novella about a boy in New York in the 1960s. Paperback – $8.00 E-book – $2.99 Click to Buy

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JHK’s lost classic now reprinted as an e-book
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Archive | October, 2009

KunstlerCast #86: The High Line (NYC)

Rails to Freakish Parks

Released: Oct. 29, 2009.

James Howard Kunstler discusses two major projects that have recently turned 19th century railroad structures into parks: the High Line in lower Manhattan and the Walkway Over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. …

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Self-jiving Nation

     The scene in the White House these days must be a sort of Opera Bouffe, in which an earnest and rather grave young man moves from one roomful of lesser officials to another in which all agree to …
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KunstlerCast #85: Is NYC The Green Metropolis?

The Last Major Renovation of Manhattan

Released: Oct. 22, 2009.

Inspired by David Owen’s book “Green Metropolis,” James Howard Kunstler examines the idea of Manhattan as a “green” city. Kunstler believes that, during his lifetime, New York has never been …

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Marching Toward Zombieland

     When sober-minded individuals begin to regard an enterprise within a nation as “an enemy of the people” you can bet that some serious blood is going to flow.  This is now essentially the situation for the Goldman Sachs …
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KunstlerCast #84: Urban Thinkers

Christopher Alexander, Daniel Burnham, Lewis Mumford, Leon Krier, Le Corbusier

Released: Oct. 15, 2009.

James Howard Kunstler believes that urban design will be the next big philosophical battle for the hearts and minds of Americans. One of the most important …

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Booby Prize

      When that phone call came around six a.m. last week telling President Obama he’d been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, I had to think he turned to Michelle and said, “Honey, our life together has just gotten more surreal.” …
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KunstlerCast #83: Jane Jacobs, Urban Thinker

The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Released: Oct. 8, 2009.

Planetizen, an urban planning website and book publisher, recently conducted a poll about the Top 100 Urban Thinkers. Jane Jacobs, author of The Death and Life of

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World War Three Anybody?

     When Alan Greenspan predicted three percent economic growth showing up in the reported figures for the third quarter of 2009, did he mean executive compensation packages?  Maybe the lesson here is: don’t ask a crackhead to predict …
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KunstlerCast #82: Food in a World Made By Hand

Beyond Fast Food Nation

Released: Oct. 1, 2009.

In this week’s episode, listener Frank Aragona of the Agroinnovations Podcast asks James Howard Kunstler to talk about the role of food in Jim’s post-peak oil novel World Made By Hand. Although …

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