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Tag Archives: Technology

KunstlerCast #203: Live Audience Podcast – Part 2

JHK & Duncan at Union College Humanities Seminar Released: April 26, 2012 James Howard Kunstler and Duncan Crary record a podcast before a live student audience at Union College, in Schenectady, N.Y. As part of a Humanities Super Seminar on liberal arts and activism, the students read The KunstlerCast book. In this segment, students ask more »

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KunstlerCast #201: Listener Mailbag

Light Pollution, the Printed Page v. the Screen & More Released: April 12, 2012 JHK fields listeners calls about the healthcare industry and its future in the Long Emergency, the validity of peak oil, cognitive ability to retain information from a computer screen vs. the printed page, and light pollution. Direct Download: KunstlerCast_201.mp3 (25 MB more »

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KunstlerCast #199: Communications Wasteland

Our Overcomplexity and Hyperdependence on Modern Technology Released: March 22, 2012 JHK and Duncan have a ramble ‘n rant episode on the robitification of our communications landscape, that wasteland of overcomplexity and hyperdependence of modern technology. Direct Download: KunstlerCast_199.mp3 (42 MB | 40:10 mins.) Listener Caller Line: 1-(866) 924-9499 toll-free ANNOUNCEMENT: The 200th episode of more »

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KunstlerCast #151: Energy Delusions

Fantasies About Our Oil Dependency Released: April 7, 2011 James Howard Kunstler believes Americans and their leaders are lying to themselves about our current energy predicament. There is a tremendous body of fantasy about how much energy Americans can harvest from shale gas, shale oil, tar sands, running the American truck fleet on natural gas more »

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KunstlerCast #108: The Virtual Realm vs. The Authentic

The Internet as our Third Place Released: April 22, 2010. James Howard Kunstler believes that the virtual is not an adequate replacement for the authentic. In spite of how appealing and ingenious we may find virtual life, it is not as good as real life. Kunstler calls the Internet “the world’s most amazing distraction from more »

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KunstlerCast #106: Space Exploration

An Exercise in Techno-grandiosity? Released: April 8, 2010. As NASA prepares to retire its space shuttle program, James Howard Kunstler takes a few moments to muse on the past, present and future of space exploration. Personally, JHK is glad that our government is cutting funding for space exploration. He’s not sure what the 20th Century more »

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KunstlerCast #74: Electric Society

The Quest For An Electric Vehicle Nirvana Released: August 6, 2009. James Howard Kunstler explores the possibility of transitioning our society from fossil fuels to one that runs on electricity. This discussion is based on ideas presented in an episode of NOVA titled “Car of the Future” (Season 33, Episode 3). You can watch the more »

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KunstlerCast #7: Fate of Flagstaff & Hydrogen Cars

Arizona after cheap oil + alternative fuel fantasies Released: March 27, 2008. A listener from Flagstaff, Ariz. wants to know what fate awaits his town in the post oil future. The verdict from Jim? At least it’s not Phoenix, but most of Flagstaff looks like the service road around Newark Airport. The caller also asks more »

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