Message to Subscribers


In order to complete your subscription to receive email alerts from, you check your email inbox for a message with the subject “Confirm your subscription to” and click the verification link in that message.

Check the spam or junk or promotions folder if you do not see that email. Return to this page and continue reading after you have checked your email. 

Read this entire message all the way to the end (even if one part doesn’t apply to you).


If you have an AOL or Yahoo email address, these email providers tend to flag our email alerts as spam and/or delay delivery of our messages up to 24 hours.

If you have another email address that is not Yahoo or AOL, we recommend that you subscribe using that email.

All Email Users: “Whitelist” our emails

Regardless of what email address you use, you should “whitelist” our email address

Click the following link for detailed instructions on how to whitelist our email address: Here are instructions on how to do that with


Do not reply to that email address with your reactions to his blog. Do not add that email address to any of your email groups/lists.

You can reply to our email alerts with a technical question or concern.

For Gmail Users

Make sure you following the instructions above to “whitelist” our email address.

But even if you do that… Google may still send our emails to your “Promotions” folder, which you probably don’t check so you’ll never see our emails anyway.

Here are some instructions on how to address that issue:

Please Open Our Emails or Unsubscribe

If you’ve gone through all this trouble to subscribe to this list, please actually open our emails and click the link inside them. May email clients will automatically classify our emails as spam if you don’t open and read the emails.

As a preventive measure, our email alert system will unsubscribe inactive accounts after a few months. So Use It Or lose It!

To unsubscribe, or to change the frequency of emails, visit the following link:

Do Not Flag our Email Alerts as Spam

We only send email alerts to people, like yourself, who have Double Opted-in to our list, so it’s not cool to flag our messages as spam.

Again, use this link to unsubscribe:

Or if you encounter a problem unsubscribing, reply to our email alert with your issue and we will respond promptly.

Phew! That’s a lot. What a clusterfuck 😉