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Tag Archives: Architecture

KunstlerCast #93: College Campuses

Programming Young People for Cynicism Released: Dec. 17, 2009. James Howard Kunstler discusses the built environment on the American college campus and how modernist ideas about architecture are programming young people to become cynical. Kunstler talks about some of the ugliest campuses in the country, as well as some of the best. Even some of more »

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KunstlerCast #89: Everyday Architecture

Empty Gestures, Darth Vader Windows & Porches for Leprechauns Released: Nov. 19, 2009. James Howard Kunstler thinks that most modern buildings are not really architecture, they’re just manufactured boxes. Whether it’s suburban houses, or retail stores, the buildings of our everyday environment send the message that we don’t care about ourselves or our surroundings. Kunstler more »

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KunstlerCast #86: The High Line (NYC)

Rails to Freakish Parks Released: Oct. 29, 2009. James Howard Kunstler discusses two major projects that have recently turned 19th century railroad structures into parks: the High Line in lower Manhattan and the Walkway Over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. The High Line is a unique park in New York City, built upon a former more »

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KunstlerCast #85: Is NYC The Green Metropolis?

The Last Major Renovation of Manhattan Released: Oct. 22, 2009. Inspired by David Owen’s book “Green Metropolis,” James Howard Kunstler examines the idea of Manhattan as a “green” city. Kunstler believes that, during his lifetime, New York has never been in as good shape as it is now. But he also thinks it will never more »

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KunstlerCast #80: White & Green Rooftops

Mitigating Climate Change & Saving Energy Costs Released: Sept 17, 2009. Professor Steven Chu, the US Energy Secretary, is advocating for people to paint their rooftops white in order to save on energy and to cut down on global warming. James Howard Kunstler reacts to this idea and also addresses the topic of rooftop gardens, more »

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KunstlerCast #76: Man Caves

Andrés Duany & The Dilemma of Male Space Released: August 20, 2009. A “man cave” discovered in a government complex made national news earlier this month. Eminent new urbanist planner Andrés Duany was prompted to speak out in defense of the man cave and “male space” in general, which he sees as a disappearing habitat more »

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KunstlerCast #68: Historic Preservation

The Residue of Pre-industrial Artistry and Craft Released: June 11, 2009. James Howard Kunstler addresses some issues regarding historic preservation. Kunstler supports historic preservation, because adaptive reuse is part of what makes the great European cities so rewarding to be in. According to Kunstler, the historic preservation movement really ramped up in the U.S. after more »

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KunstlerCast #56: Virtual Walking Tour of Paris

JHK Gives a Walking tour of Paris using Google Street View Released: March 19, 2009. At the suggestion of a listener caller, James Howard Kunstler gives a virtual walking tour of Paris, France using Google Street View. Google Street View is an interactive photographic map that allows users to view photographs of streets and buildings more »

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KunstlerCast #53: Incomprehensible Buildings

Anti-Social, Despotic, Architecture Released: Feb. 26, 2009. A listener asks James Howard Kunstler to react to the Feb. 9 fire that destroyed a Beijing building by Dutch starchitect Rem Koolhaas. Kunstler believes many famous architects, including Koolhaas, often strive to confound people in order to appear supernaturally brilliant. It’s all in the service of grandiosity more »

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KunstlerCast #51: Seaside Revisited

The Future of New Urbanism is Urbanism Released: Feb. 12, 2009. James Howard Kunstler is back from a visit to the American South. He reports on two New Urbanist developments outside of Montgomery, Alabama. In many ways Kunstler believes that the new urbanist model of building 400 acre “traditional neighborhoods” out in the green fields more »

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KunstlerCast #22: Handicap Access

Inadvertantly Promoting Sprawl Released: July. 10, 2008. James Howard Kunstler explores the consequences of handicap access laws and codes, and how they have unintentionally promoted suburban sprawl throughout much of America. In many instances, developers feel it’s easier and cheaper to just build one-story buildings rather than multi-story handicap accessible buildings. These laws can also more »

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KunstlerCast #15: Reactivating Small Cities

Life after oil in small cities Released: May 22, 2008. A listener from Canada asks if small cities will be willing and able to absorb more people after peak oil makes big city life problematic. James Howard Kunstler believes that many small cities across North America are waiting to be reactivated. These places would benefit more »

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KunstlerCast #13: Personal Transit & Green Buildings

Transit, building and behavior as oil prices rise Released: May 8, 2008. James Howard Kunstler takes questions on personal rapid transit, sustainable green buildings and the happy motoring program in America. He also scolds us for us referring to ourselves as consumers. This show is the result of a special collaboration between The KunstlerCast and more »

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KunstlerCast #05: Starchitects

The Seattle Public Library and other award-winning disastrous architecture Released: March 13, 2008. How and why did Seattle build that hideous new public library? asks one listener from that city. James Howard Kunstler tells us how cities get hoodwinked into a status fashion contest to have a museum or library built by one of the more »

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KunstlerCast #04: Parking Garages

Retooling parking in Columbus, Ohio Released: March 6, 2008. A listener from Columbus, Ohio shares the bad news about two proposed downtown parking garages. Even though James Howard Kunstler thinks the happy motoring scene in America is on the way out, he explains how to design a better parking garage with first-floor retail, a central more »

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KunstlerCast #01: Drugstores

Disposable architecture Released: Feb. 12, 2008. James Howard Kunstler rips on drugstores: the one-story, junk food- dispensing boxes that masquerade as buildings on America’s street corners. Topics include: monocultural zoning; big retail vs. mom & pop; separating the business programming from the container that it comes in; and the destiny of these awful structures after more »

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