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Today I’m chewing the gristle of finance with Byron King. Byron is a geologist who currently writes a newsletter, in association with economist Jim Rickards, entitled Rickards Gold Speculator with Byron King.  It’s published by Agora Financial, of Baltimore,  Over the course if his career, Byron worked in the oil industry, and has had extensive experience with other natural resource sectors. He also served for over 30 years, active and reserve, in the US Navy.  He holds degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, Harvard and the US Naval War College

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4 Responses to “KunstlerCast 285 — Byron King of Rickard’s Gold Investor” Subscribe

  1. Physicsnerd January 3, 2017 at 10:01 pm #

    Byron King, “Yeah, it’s gets away from the old concept of, you know, free market capitalism, that’s for sure. In the sense that, I mean it kind of goes back to the old days of the Soviet Union, you know when the state owns all the assets, what does it cost the State to do anything?”

    Come on Mr. Kunstler, that’s when you tell him it costs the State ENERGY!

    Mr. King, while studying Geology, did you take any Physics classes?

    I am so sick of hearing the insane idea that MONEY is in control.

  2. routersurfer January 18, 2017 at 3:47 pm #

    Great show! If people have faith in money, then money does control them. From the opening ” accidents, comrade.” to the end I loved the exchange between both of you. King is one smart cookie. I bet he does know a thing or two about Nukes. A simple and powerful message about how crazy our times are. Just finished my fifth listen of this podcast. Hope King returns again as we all further Trump down the road.

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