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A trenchant, brave, and important essay by Auticulture blogger, Jasun Horsley on the cultural mystifications of the popular transgender meme, and its role in the pernicious identity politics of our time.

Click link below for Part 1 in full (Parts 2 and 3 to follow):

The Rise of the Dream-State: Trans Agendas, Gender Confusion, Identity & Desire (Part 1 of 3)

Part 2:  Transhumanism, Postgenderism, Brain-Centricism, Psychic Fragmentation

Part 3Trans-Culture, Paraphilias, Non-Duality, & Corporate Cures for Alienation


The transgender question spans the whole spectrum of human interest, from psychological to biological, social to cultural, religious to technological, political to spiritual. It would be hard to conceive of a hotter topic — or button — than the question of when — or if  — a man becomes a woman, and vice versa. Wrapped up inside this question is a still deeper one of what makes a human being a human being, what constitutes personal identity, and how much identity is or can be made subject to our desire, and vice versa. Among the countless lesser questions which the subject raises, here are a sample few, some (though probably not all) of which I will address in the following exploration.

1) The question of biological sex and social gender roles

2) The question of possible causes for transgenderism or gender confusion

3) The question of what possible outside interests the “trans agenda” may be serving, whether corporate, military, governmental, ideological, or otherwise

4) The question of how transgenderism affects women and their position in society

5) The question of how it affects men and their position in society

6) The question of how transgenderism overlaps with/is compatible with transhumanism

7) The question of how children are being affected and possibly endangered by transgenderism as a social trend

8) The question of how transgender individuals are being discriminated against and abused in society

9) The question of class and privilege, and how transgender individuals may be themselves practicing discrimination and abuse

10) The question of whether ideology can be seen as a counter-measure or corrective to biology and psychology

11) The question of whether identity has any actual validity outside of group think and social constructs designed to control us and suppress our life force

12) The question of social and possibly biological anomalies within a community or species

13) The question of group identity and scapegoating

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James Howard Kunstler is the author of many books including (non-fiction) The Geography of Nowhere, The City in Mind: Notes on the Urban Condition, Home from Nowhere, The Long Emergency, and Too Much Magic: Wishful Thinking, Technology and the Fate of the Nation. His novels include World Made By Hand, The Witch of Hebron, Maggie Darling — A Modern Romance, The Halloween Ball, an Embarrassment of Riches, and many others. He has published three novellas with Water Street Press: Manhattan Gothic, A Christmas Orphan, and The Flight of Mehetabel.

5 Responses to “Guest Post — The Rise of the Dream-State: Trans Agendas, Gender Confusion, Identity & Desire (Three Parts) — by Jasun Horsley” Subscribe

  1. Walter B June 16, 2017 at 7:07 am #

    This subject isn’t really a subject at all Jim, it is just another distraction. It is a lot easier to steal a man’s wallet if you set his hair on fire first. In a nation where there is no longer any governance in government but only graft, corruption and theft, those who perpetrate these evils upon their own population are constantly aware of the possibility and terrified of the eventuality that the victims may someday wake up and do something about it. Keeping the masses diverted from reality by creating chaos is almost a sure fire way to achieve the goal of keeping up the scam. It only fails to work if the Fat & Happys somehow are no long able to maintain Fat & Happy but revert to Lean & Mean. In the current degrading financial and economic situation, Lean & Mean is actually a specter on the horizon for the Thieves at the Top when they look at the mass of Sheeple that they fleece. Distraction in these shaky times must go far beyond Bread & Circuses in order to maintain the Status Quo. They are getting desperate because they know a lot more about what’s coming down the pike than they are letting onto.

  2. JasunH June 18, 2017 at 8:15 pm #

    Hey Jim:

    are you following the Evergreen fiasco?

  3. lindaglenn92 July 13, 2017 at 3:54 am #

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    • erik November 3, 2017 at 4:00 pm #

      Linda Glenn, writing from Lagos to tell you how much she and God love you…

  4. AHtheHumanity August 23, 2017 at 12:58 am #

    Question 11 gets to the heart of the matter – our brains. In the end we’re talking about a psychiatric issue in a world where psychiatry has failed to deal with many problems in the human experience. Yes, crossing genders is a problem not just for the person “trapped” within their physic but also confined by societal norms. They can’t use a public restroom or apply for jobs where a man or woman is expected to fill the role.

    Practitioners who deal with transgender clients have turned a mental construct into a MEDICAL issue that can be “corrected” with surgery. However, due to the rise in medical costs and the decline in well paying jobs, good corrective surgery is beyond the reach of many and for those who do get it, has diminishing returns. It’s one thing to set a broken bone, quite another thing to go on hormone therapy for the rest of your life.

    If one looks at the figure heads of the sociopolitical movement to fight for the right to obfuscate realities spanning many topics, they are wealthy and influential and do not represent a large portion of the population. The media is complicit in this problem, like most other problems, by targeting the young whose minds are still developing and are more receptive to ideas and medical therapies that will make the dissimulation of the sexes complete; beyond question. The motive is not to help people deal with reality, it is to create a an environment that is toxic, divisive and dramatic.

    We can see why radical religious indoctrination has appealed to many who just want to be regarded as a female and male and lead traditional lifestyles. Long beards have become a trend for young men starting in high school. Teen pregnancy is a right of passage for most women and regarded by many as a base line for the definition of real feminism. Actions speak louder than words in trying to make the case for a transgender confederacy.

    Transgenders are not making the world a better place and are further muddying the waters of the great sea of human turmoil. They are selfish people who are not thinking about the human family and only thinking about gratifying their egos. This critique is directed at fully formed adults and not the children who lack guidance from parents/adults who have a healthy sense of identity and the moral fortitude to uphold their identities despite intense sociopolitical pressures and their own personal failings. it’s really too bad this discussion has had to leave the privacy and dignity of a doctor’s office because someone wanted to claim a badge of honor.

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