Links to Other Web Sites

Kunstler related sites

I published some short stories in Terrain Magazine, an online journal about the issues of place. They are amusing. Manhattan Gothic, A Christmas Orphan  and The Flight of Mehetabel. (They're also long. Pour yourself a drink and settle in.)

New Urbanist Links

The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU).

The Original Green Blog, by Steve Mouzon, one of the most forward-looking New urbanist practitioners.

Duany, Plater-Zyberk, Architects and Town Planners. Designers of Seaside, Kentlands, and other neo-traditional towns.

The Institute for Classical Architecture is reviving traditional building methods and manners so that we'll know what to do when the cheap oil fiesta is over and all those Modernist megastructures fail.

Visit J.H. Crawford's Car Free Cities.

A very important transit link:
National Association of Railroad Passenger's web site:

The Elm Street Writer's Group is run by the Michigan Land Use Institute. Lots of good essays by first-rate writers.

Excellent essays on advanced mathmatics, chaos theory, and architecture by Nikos A. Salingaros, the editor of Christopher Alkexander's forthcoming magnum opus, The Order of Nature.

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit: A Tour of the Once Mighty Motown.

An awesome traditional town planning firm, doing some of the best work in America: Dover and Kohl Town Planners.

Interesting new addition: a website dedicated to resurrecting classical land use patterns. Their current project is a Lecture Tour of Timeless Italian Villages in June.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Coalition of Chester County for pungent commentary on alt transport.

Peak Oil Sites

Energy Bulletin highly recommend daily digest of energy news

Matt Savinar's Life After The Oil Crash

Another good daily round up Global Oil Watch

ODAC -- Oil Depletion Analysis Center -- characteristically aloof analysis.

ASPO -- Association for the Study of Peak Oil. Group started by Colin Campbell and other elder statesmen geologists. -- Lists market price-per-barrel of oil

Lawns to Gardens is the excellent blog of Portland, Oregon's, "Peak Oil Poster Boy," Randy Scott.


Mike Shedlock ("Mish") runs a consistently intelligent site: Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis.

The Automatic Earth -- excellent commentary by "Stoneleigh" and" Ilargi" and the best daily digest of real financial news on the net.

Zero Hedge -- Fabulous reporting by the seemingly clairvoyant "Tyler Durden."

Jesse's Cafe American -- thoughtful and on-the-money finance analysis.

The Culture of Life News -- deep, funny, wild, insightful commentary from the divine sibyl of Berlin, New York, Elaine Meinel Supkis.

Karl Denninger's full-throated, revolutionary Market Ticker Blog.

George Ure's Urban Survival Page is smart, breezy, and has a lot of personality.

Doug Noland's column the Credit Bubble Bulletin.

The Daily Reckoning, Bill Bonner's excellent and characteristically aloof commentary.

Whiskey & Gunpowder, the wilder and crankier sibling blog to the Reckoning, edited by Gary Gibson

Miscellaneous Sites is the website for my homey Andrew Blechman of Great Barrington, Mass, author of Leisureville, an incisive journey through the dystopia of retirement in Florida's leading senior mega-enclave.

www.evolutionshift is David Houle's interesting "future look at today." Houle writes: "The name of the blog comes from that, and the premise that, in the next two decades, humanity might well have the opportunity to take the next major step in its evolutionary journey." is a great general storehouse of knowledge and skill fro navigating through tough times.