We Wish

       Wishful thinking now runs so thick and deep across the USA that our hopes for a credible future are being drowned in a tidal wave of yellow smiley-face stories recklessly issued by institutions that ought to know better. A case in point is the Charles C. Mann's tragically dumb cover story in the current Atlantic magazine -- "We Will Never Run Out of Oil" * -- setting out in great detail the entire panoply of techno-narcissistic "solutions" to our energy predicament. Another case in point was senior financial writer Joe Nocera's moronic op-ed in last week's New York Times beating the drum for American "energy independence."
       You could call these two examples mendacious if it weren't so predictable that a desperate society would do everything possible to defend its sunk costs, including the making up of fairy tales to justify its wishes. Instead, they're merely tragic because the zeitgeist now requires once-honorable forums of a free press to indulge in self-esteem building rather than truth-telling. It also represents a culmination of the political correctness disease that has terminally disabled the professional thinking class for the last three decades, since this feel-good propaganda comes from the supposedly progressive organs of the media -- and, of course, the cornucopian view has been a staple of the idiot right wing media forever. We have become a nation incapable of thinking, or at least of constructing a consensus that jibes with reality. In not a very few years, the American public will be so disappointed and demoralized by broken promises like these that they will turn the nation upside down and inside out, probably with violence and bloodshed.
Charles Mann's Atlantic article begins by cheerleading for the mining of methane hydrates from the ocean floor. These are natural gas molecules trapped in ice formations in the muck around the continental shelves. Mann spotlights the efforts of a Japanese research ship conducting tests. Guess what: the Japanese are engaging in this because they have absolutely no fossil fuels of their own, and a failing consensus about nuclear power, and they are on a course to become the first advanced industrial nation to be forced to return to a medieval economy. That is, they are the most desperate among the desperate. You could say they've got nothing to lose (but a few billion of their rapidly depreciating Yen).
Methane hydrates are stable only at extreme pressures or very low temperatures. They also exist in the arctic permafrost, for instance, Siberia, where conventional natural gas drilling operations have been carried out for decades, with no contributions from methane hydrates. Undersea methane hydrate exploration projects have gone on for decades in the US, Canada, India, Russia, China, and Japan. The hope is that this so-called "hot ice" would turn out to be the gas equivalent of tar sands, which would mean at best a very expensive way to get more fossil fuels as the conventional sources dry up. That hope has dimmed in nations other than extremely desperate Japan. Like a lot of techno-wonders, the recovery of methane hydrates can be demonstrated on the "science project" scale. For now, no viable technique exists for getting commercially-scaled streams of natural gas out of methane hydrates. The Japanese themselves state that it would take at least ten years, if ever, to commercially mine methane hydrates. Japan doesn't have ten years. It's banking system is imploding, and without capital even the science projects will come to an end.
Charles Mann is equally rapturous about shale oil and gas. He writes:

"Today, though, fracking is unleashing torrents of oil in North Dakota and Texas--it may create a second boom in the San Joaquin Valley--and floods of natural gas in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. So bright are the fracking prospects that the U.S. may become, if only briefly, the world's top petroleum producer. ("Saudi America," crowed The Wall Street Journal. But the parallel is inexact, because the U.S. is likely to consume most of its bonanza at home, rather than exporting it.)"

    This is very misleading. The US consumes roughly 19 million barrels a day. The Bakken and Eagle Ford shale formations produce about a million barrels a day combined now, and guaranteed to get a whole lot lower within the next five years. Today's near-peak production is based on furious drilling and fracking of extremely expensive wells -- known as "the Red Queen syndrome" because they are running as fast as they can to keep production up. Meanwhile, the depletion curve on shale oil is a reverse "hockey stick." 

Bakken decline graph.jpg
      The situation is similar for shale gas, the difference being that the temporary glut of 2005 - 2012 happened because we didn't have the means to export surplus gas from the initial burst of development and it briefly flooded the domestic market. The price of shale gas is still below the level that makes it economic to produce and when it eventually rises to that level, and beyond, it will be too expensive for its customers to buy. Shale gas is also subject to the Red Queen Syndrome.
      These arguments have been well-rehearsed many times in this blog and elsewhere. But the key to understanding our energy predicament is ignored in cornucopian cases like Charles Mann's Atlantic piece, which is the role of capital. Non-cheap oil has already worked its hoodoo on advanced industrial economies: it has already destroyed the process of capital formation. These economies were not designed to run on non-cheap oil and they can't, and the capital is no longer there for even the research-and-development to change out the infrastructure, let alone carry out any as-yet-undesigned changes. Furthermore, there is no prospect that we can rescue the process of capital formation at the scale required to continue financing things like shale oil. The absence of real growth in the USA, Europe, and Japan has already destroyed the operations of interest and repayment of debt, and any new debt issued will never be repaid, meaning it is functionally worthless (we just don't know it yet). These impairments of capital formation have left the major commercial banks insolvent and central banks have worked tirelessly to rescue them by issuing more "money" in the form of credit that can never be paid back.
       What all this means is that the capital does not exist to run non-cheap oil economies, or to continue indefinitely the production of non-cheap oil and gas, not to mention methane hydrates and other fantasy fuels.
     Joe Nocera's op-ed in last week's New York Times was shorter and even dumber (and lazier) than Charles Mann's foolish Atlantic article. It was based on remarks made by Canada's Energy Minister, Joe Oliver, who said (among other patently false and idiotic things) that Canada "has the resources to meet all of America's future needs for oil." Oliver was pimping for the Keystone pipeline project to transport tar sands byproducts from Alberta down to the US. Nocera swallowed everything Oliver said whole, such as "oil mined from the sands is simply not as environmentally disastrous as opponents like to claim."  Is that so, Joe? And what's your source for that assertion? Canada's Energy Minister? The slug at the bottom of Nocera's column said he was invited onto the op-ed page because regular columnists Gail Collins and Nicholas Kristoff were off (or on book leave). Nocera's column was disgracefully ignorant. The editors should send him back to the Times business section where unreality is the order-of-the-day.
      Now, many people may draw the conclusion that some conspiracy is underway when the major mainstream media report the news so disingenuously, but that is just not so. The reason we, in effect, lie to ourselves incessantly is because of the master wish behind all the subsidiary wishes: we want to keep driving to WalMart forever and we can't imagine any other way of life, let alone the way of life that the contraction of industrial economies is tending toward -- which is to say a way, way downscaled and re-localized economic life centered on farming and artisanal manufacture. Yes, we are going medieval too, eventually, just like the Japanese, who will get there a little sooner than we will. It's hard to swallow, I'm sure. That's why we prefer the more digestible propaganda gummi bear treats like Charles Mann's Atlantic article and Joe Nocera's stupid op ed.

* This was the title on The Atlantic's cover. Charle's C. Mann's article inside was titled "Why We Will Never Run Out of Oil." Shame on the editors of The Atlantic.


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Going after the high hanging fruit. After that, the sky's the limit - the hard limit!

Jim I have been a subscriber to the Atlantic for thirty years, no more, when the current issue was dropped off the front cover was as you said a smiley face made out of an oil slick, the article is preposterous and dangerous, the concept that we will in the future be powered by methane crystals hyper wishful thinking,

As for it being a Conservative issue, hate to tell you Jim but the Atlantic is a Liberal if not a Progressively slanted publication, so it is not just the right that is delusional on this issue.

bubbles for bubble heads.

get the hell out of foreign lands.

"We will never run out of oil" That was BS when in 1971, when I was 12 and U.S. production peaked and it's equally BS now. All we're doing with fracking is buying time until we figure out something new or circumstances for something else on us. I tell my students this when I lecture on energy, which I do every semester to at least two of my classes. Besides, if there is an endless supply of oil, then we'll be content to burn us until we reach Jurassic level of carbon dioxide and global warm temperatures. As I also tell my students, that was a great world for dinosaurs, but there weren't any people in it.

Speaking of my students, I have to run off and give them a final exam. Before I do, I'll mention that I've written about the effects of the voters in suburbia on local transit policy, the weather and my health cooperating with my efforts to reduce driving by walking, news from space, Ted Nugent shooting his mouth off, fuel-efficient cars, and my own health crisis, which happened just before Jim's. Speaking of which, I hope your recovery is going well. If nothing else, your spirits are staying up, as you are as ornery as ever! :-)

Happy Motoring--for now--from Detroit!


There are no real discussions in country that doesn't listen to all sides of an argument. If the press is merely a mouthpiece for corporatists, you can expect nothing better than this.

The fourth estate doesn't function any better than any other part of the governance.

I'm at work listening to WNYC and they were saying that the prices of energy are so low, that it's just as easy for the drillers to put a cap on the wells as it is to get the shale oil out, so there ya go.

That in the face of the pie in the sky--no limits to oil....

What better illustration of the denial of reality than the absurdity last week of billionaire Elon Musk whining that he was unable to drive his beloved Tesla electic car due to the congestion on Highway 405 in California!


How's your electric car doing Mr Musk? I suppose there is a lot more to the huge costs of Auto Addiction than just the price of gas huh?

"since this feel-good propaganda comes from the supposedly progressive organs of the media"

The New York Times progressive? Weren't they one of the Rags that got us into the Iraq war?

Wasn't our author one of the promoters for the Iraqi adventure?

Entertaining writer, but when you want serious analysis look elsewhere.

Reading JHK's latest essay brings to mind the oft-mentioned "Big Lie". That's where small lies are readily recognized whereas the "Big Lie" is accepted as truth because nobody can believe that anybody would try to make such a preposterous claim - hence the "Big Lie" must not be a lie. As I recall, this dynamic is has been used from time to time by propagandists. It seems, though, that the Atlantic, and the New York Times (as well as other news outlets) have gone the next step with the "Big Lie". That is, they themselves come to believe the "Big Lie". JHK would probably say they they (e.g. the writers for Atlantic and the NYT)figure that if they repeat the same nonsense enough times, by some magical aegis it becomes reality. JHK has called the "wishing upon a star" in prior essays. Well, if this be so, then may G-d help us all.

Too bad you didn't mention that methane clathrates are up to 100x more powerful a green house gas than CO2. The Arctic Ocean last summer was bubbling up methane in mile long plumes like a gin fizz. Methane is also bubbling up and away in sub-arctic ponds and bogs. It is a positive feedback loop on steroids.
Scientist, blogger and speaker Guy McPherson was recently on the c-realm podcast and he listed ten different positive feedback loops/cycles that have been initiated and are proceeding at ever greater rates. The warming genie is out of the lamp and he ain't going back in.
Here's a link to the episode. As Guy notes, the journals "Science" and "Nature" are the most prestigious peer reviewed publications in the established science culture.
It took me several days to absorb and accept the information. You have been warned.

Jim, you are spot on about Nocera. (though he is a regular columnist at this point) He has opined recently and repeatedly on the mendacity of the NCAA -- a subject which doesn't take a brain surgeon to eviscerate! I miss Bob Herbert and Frank Rich. They both had their own blind spots, too, but they were far better thinkers and writers than the current crop at the "paper of record."

Along with all the other magical thinking going on, one other more mundane metric drives opinion pieces these days; the amount to which they are "liked."


When I was a little boy, the Eisenhoweresque view of our energy future was that 'atomic' power would solve all of our energy needs - electricity would be so cheap that it wouldn't pay to meter it. That didn't quite pan out; I imagine that energy solutions rooted in methane, fracking, shale and tar sands will reap similarly disappointing results. The Jetsonian future of yesteryear looks quaint now. What we are really living is the worst aspects of the 50s on steroids.

Baltimore Bill Bonner has an excellent post on Dailyreckoning.something (look it up)and Archdruid is a terrific read as well. Check em out!

Price at the Pump falling. People are happy for now. They'll believe anything.

Unfortunately the plutocrats have believed their own rationalizations and lies for some time. This is nothing new. Somehow the plutocrats continue to believe that with enough money behind their gated walls in their mansions with their legions of paid security that when the Earth goes belly up from both resource depletion and Climate Change that they will be immune from hurricanes, tornados, etc.
Just as they have also convinced themselves that grabbing all the money and resources for themselves in "austerity" induced privatization schemes will revive the economy.

They need to believe in endless growth to "grow the pie" to insure that they get more and more and more of it. If the pie cannot grow anymore then they might have to SHARE some!

But their limitless greed is sociopathic: how many yachts, mansions, corporate jets etc can you have and actually enjoy?

A great illustration of sociopathology was the corrupt Tunisian politician who had a whole fleet of literally hundreds of specialty cars which of course he never had time to drive which were seized by the people and turned out to be mostly worthless rusty piles of junk as they could not be maintained. Cars have to be driven once in a while to keep the engine from seizing up...

Remember that Atomic powered bomber? Insane!

I have been following the resource situation for a number of years. It can be summed up in a few words. 'We live on a fixed planet.'

James: a correction: Joe Nocera is a regular Times op-Ed columnist. He has steadily beaten the pipeline drum as well as promoting tracking.

A question: you say capital is not being created, yet companies have and are sitting on loads of cash. What do you mean by this?

Let's not bash the title(s) of the article, as they are literally true -- we won't "run out" of oil in the sense of exhausting our supplies. It will just become economically unfeasible to get our remaining oil out of the ground.

You have to have some sympathy for those who think mankind can run on fossil fumes forever, because they probably realize in the back of their mind that the earth will support only a small fraction of the current human population on a sustainable basis.

Also, the temporary blip up in fossil fuels is bigger than Kunstler is willing to accept. It will prop up our economy for 2-3 decades.

Yes unconventional wells see their production drop off drastically after the first year. However, there enough drilling sites to keep going for many years.

And you don't need high producing wells to keep the thing going in the medium term. These wells produce a lot less after their initial spurt, but they continue to produce a modest amount of natural gas over a lifespan of 40 years or so.

A whole bunch of these wells, each with a modest output, adds up to a goodly amount of gas or oil.

The crash is coming but it will not happen in my lifetime, and I believe Kunstler is a bit older than I am so he won't be around to see his predictions validated.

" . . . the zeitgeist now requires once-honorable forums of a free press to indulge in self-esteem building rather than truth-telling."

The zeitgeist also comes wrapped in a flag and carrying a gun -- so it seems to me.


Thanks for offering a link like this. There are fewer and fewer offerings for research being presented on CFN lately. Listening now.


I think an equally impressive title for this essay would be:

We Is All Jonestown Now: The Oil Will Run Out, But The Kool-Aid Will Keep On A Flowin Til We Is No More.

I should add, however, the path to oblivion will be greatly accelerated if so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform is signed into law.

Numbersusa estimated the Senate bill would grant 33 million lifetime work permits to foreign nationals in its FIRST DECADE, and roughly 20 million each decade thereafter.

Now, I do not believe the US population would reach the level of let us say India because if CIR were to pass, the public will be horrified by the dystopian impact it has on our society and it will lead to the destruction of the Democratic Party and hopefully also the Republican Party.

Yep, any minute now....the oil is just going to run out! Oh wait, it will just get more EXPENSIVE! Hahaha.

Jim, that stupid Atlantic cover deserved your response, and your Monday column is one of your best.

Hey, uncle Jim!

You seem to be feeling quite active and energetic today. Great to to see! Hope the recovery is proceeding well and that you and the lady fair are enjoying Spring.


Most of us who read JHK are intelligent enough to know "running out of oil" means running out of cheap oil that allowed industrial civilization to flourish. I'm curious, and perhaps someone can answer this for me because I'm not going to read either link JHK referred to in his article because I've heard it all before a thousand times or more, but did either article mention EROI? I'm betting they didn't. Close to zero or negative EROI is the height of insanity for a culture that has always been, in the least, psychologically fragile.

Surprise, surprise......Scatlantic rag and the JYT run disinfo innoculation campaigns for the awesome welfare-warfare state. Who reads either of them? Exactly.... they are going bankrupt and will simply disappear like the rest of the print media.....

Companies may be sitting on record amounts of cash, but they are also sitting on record amounts of debt. So, they're not using the cash to pay down the debt? Gee, I wonder why? Maybe they can use all that extra cash they're not paying down their debt with to give their underpaid employees pay day loans at exorbitant interest rates. Don't laugh, it can and will happen on our way down. Watch.

Thanks to JHK for returning to energy matters this week.

@Carol, The Atlantic did discuss EROEI in some detail. It was a well written piece, incidentally, though the cover was very misleading. It had an omission I'll get to, but the biggest disappointment was the title.

The editors call it "Why We Will Never Run Out of Oil" when it should have been "Why Methane Hydrates May Provide a New and Potentially Dangerous Source of Energy."

That second title would not sell at newsstands, however (they do still exist). It was a bait-and-switch.

The signature error in the piece was not about mining the methane, which may or may not pan out as utopians hope. The author did not include the decline rate on tight oil and gas being extracted in the US now. I suspect these sources will help us limp along another decade, then crash fast, so I'm not as pessimistic as JHK.

That said, The Atlantic's cover story focused on something very Kunstlerian: the problems that nations relying upon oil exports will have if we have a new cheap-energy boom. No oil revenues for Saudi? Nigeria? Sounds like what the author calls "an arc of instability" from Venezuela to the Persian Gulf.

Nocera's piece was crap unworthy of the long and storied history of The New York Times. He can write but in this piece he came across as a know-nothing tasked to serve up something positive for the NYT's energy-sector advertisers.

OFF Topic......and on a personal note about how fucked up it is for people who still have a job.
My wife works in Human Resources, as a jobs recruiter for a not for profit org. that owns several hospitals and medical clinics in Oregon.
Her dept. of 12 was reduced to nine in 2009, with the remaining workers taking on the extra work. Now, 3 workers at the "assistant level" are being let go. Since the remaning workers now have to spend time doing the work of people that were making less money, they will have their wages REDUCED! This comes from a place that has "...providing a great place to work! " as part of it's "Mission Statement".
Why can't a Solar Flare or a flu Pandemic or WWIII just end all this shit?

The Atlantic article did discuss EROEI, but concluded in a cornucopian vein that many of the technologies in favor today were once considered economically unfeasible but are now just fine. The assumption was that we will always have new technologies that will come on line just as we need them.

The article gave very short shrift to the depletion rates from fracking, but implied that the wondrous new technologies will appear just in time to fix that, too.

The article also pooh-poohed the water consumption issues with oil sands extraction.

Overall, it was a good example of "Serious, Realistic" liberal crap. The underlying issues are acknowledged superficially, but dismissed blithely so we can get on to congratulating ourselves on our own cleverness, and reassuring ourselves that we don't have to change a thing that matters about our lifestyles. Since we mentioned the names of the real problems, we can consider those things fixed, and get on to investing in Apple and condominiums and buying $5 decaf soy lattes at will.

"Liberal"? If anything, The Atlantic has moved steadily to the right in recent years. I see the piece as plugging into Right-Wing "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" crap.

Both extremes meet, it seems, when they fear the lights going out. Both extremes will probably be disappointed in how matters turn out.

I suggest anyone who is really interested in being open minded on the topic of energy use and PO, actually read the Atlantic article rather than accepting JHK's closed minded and myopic interpretation.

It's actually quite interesting, and is not primarily concerned with "conventional" oil, a little detail that JHK seems unable to grasp, with his strident style of mind and resultant bomb throwing rhetoric.

I groaned with dismay and disgust when this issue of The Atlantic arrived. Jeezus H. Krist. For every person who reads this BS inside, another 1,000 will simply see the cover, and walk away feeling reassured and even more convinced everything will be alright.

What is both comic and tragic at the same time, is that the massive decrease in living standards, will be and is already being sold as a Triumph of the Green, so to speak.

Leaving aside for the moment all issues of Peak Oil and whether or not declining living standards are our destiny as a species or are a good thing overall (which they probably are, but that's another conversation), and just looking at the sociopolitical Comedy of Laughably Transparent Lies.

Lies so laughably transparent that few, probably fewer than 2% EVEN NOW with things so cimcally far along, of the population, can't see through them, for they are part and parcel of The Electronic Mind, so to speak, that disconnects people from reality (including me and all of us who partake of it - there's no rising above it without withdrawing from it).

Connected through gadgets, gewgaws and gimcracks to the Most Sophisticated Marketing Program in Human History.

All the drops in consumption created by the ongoing Final Looting of America is and will continue to be sold as Green Improvement.

Which continues to show that both Left and Right fists are required to beat the American Subject Populace into total aubmission.

Will it work on 99%+ of said populace, connected to their gadgets gewgaws and gimcracks? Of course it will It always works and the TV can tell any lie it wants to the American Subject Populace and they will believe it in impenetrable majorities.

Impenetrable to anyone without a Trillion-Dollar Marketing Machine, that is.

People are just so much more desperate to believe the lies, because if they stop believing the lies, they lose the vaklue of their currency and their already diluted to the point of worthlessness 401ks and IRAs.

The only hope to save any of it is to keep doubling down and believing the lies, inlcuding all the Green Lies yet to come about how energy thrifty we are and how green and how we should pat ourselves on the back.

When the truth is that the process is about 3% Gren and 97# National Impoverishment.

But only a crazy person would dare to say such things in public. Only a crazy person would dare whisper an opposing thought to the cacophonous eardrum exploding cranival of lies.

I typed:

Lies so laughably transparent that few, probably fewer than 2% EVEN NOW with things so comically far along, of the population, can't see through them, for they are part and parcel of The Electronic Mind...

I meant to say that less than 2%, even, now, CAN see through the lies.

Yes, I remember the Atomic bomber. But none of them ever got off the ground - thank god! However, the Atomic freighter did get launched and actually had several productive years. The NS Savannah is now mothballed in Baltimore, I believe, and is awaiting investors to convert it into a maratime museum of some sort. I imagine the Savannah will meet the same fate as that of the other mid-century nautical white elephant, the liner SS United States, now rotting at harbor in Philly. The United States is not a nuclear vessel, but nonetheless represents an exercise in grandiosity equivelent to the Savannah and her few sister ships - mostly Soviet as I recall. This 'edifice complex at sea' seems to be characteristic of peaking civilizations; consider the British Navy -
its apex paralleling that of the British Empire.

"SMOKYJOE": I agree entirely. I was using "Liberal" not in the sense typically used in American conversation, which is inaccurate. Strictly speaking, every visible US politician with the possible exceptions of Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders is "Liberal."

To describe The Atlantic as "Leftist" would be absurd on its face. The Atlantic is a solidly pro-corporate, pro status-quo Panglossian digest of self-congratulation.

Perhaps "Neo-Liberal" would have been a more intelligible term for me to have used. Pro-corporate, pro-finance, pro-warfare, pro-global assimilation, pro-consolidation of corporate and government power and finance. "Fascist" is more accurate, but a loaded enough term to make it less than useful in mixed company.

True. After I slammed the magazine down on the table, I said "Well, that's true. We'll never run out, per se, but certainly run out of high-quality oil we can get at affordably." The masses will not pause to understand that distinction, the meaning of EROEI nor Hubbert's Peak.

All one need do is peruse the msm and notice what passes for "news" to make one realize that we are living in a delusional society. Toward the end of WW2 as the Third Reich was literally running out of fuel Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler had SS scientists experiment with pouring water over coal to produce gasoline quickly.We all know the results were not as planned. Many in the upper Nazi hierarchy believed that Hitler was holding back some "wonder weapon" that would change the course of the war at the last minute. One notable exception was Albert Speer who as the man responsible for keeping industry producing under extreme circumstances was slapped in the face on a daily basis with "resource depletion" though for different reasons than we face today. Obviously, delusional clusterfucking is not limited as to time, place, ideology, or techno prowess!

If you enjoyed this latest depressing dose of reality from Jim, then be sure to read Taibbi's perfect complementary piece in Rolling Stone on the financial sector, "Everything Is Rigged." http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/everything-is-rigged-the-biggest-financial-scandal-yet-20130425

Oh, WWIII is coming. Make book on it. It is now a sociopolitical imperative for the Aristocratic SocioPathocrats that rule us. They have to push the ol' Reset Button since they have overheated the system (in more ways than one, metaphorical and literal) and now it's "Game Over, Put In Another Quarter to Start Again."

It worked over and over for all of human history until now. Will it work this time, or will we tip over into keyhole and/or extinction?

With the overshoot and climatic factors figured in, my money's on keyhole and extinction with about 50-1 odds against by now.

But in either case, pine not for 9/11 #2 (Chicago, most likely) and WWIII which we will start just like the Nazis started WWII by dressing up their own soldiers like Poles and attacking their own radio station. Just like 9/11 was almost certainly a joint Mossad-CIA-Saudi Op, using the usual patsies to feed to the masses.

It's coming. You don't have much longer to wait. No sooner than 2017, no later than 2027, almost certainly.

The recent Boston Marathon PsyOp and False Flag shows everything is right on target.

Lockdown achieved with ZERO resistance and ZERO substantive protest from anywhere.

The American Subject populace is now 100% divided and conquered. Our sociopathic aristocratic rulers, getting more crazed by the day with the hubris of the unchallenged and unopposed, can tell any lie, no matter how absurd, and a massive overwhelming majority will believe whatever they are told, publicly even if they don't believe it in their hearts.

Don't you worry. WWIII is coming because now it HAS to come, lest the Global Pathoxracy endanger it's 8000 year unbroken rule over the benighted and deserving-of-extinction human species.

It's amazing how, every time we find enough additional energy sources to buy ourselves some time to make the transition to a more sustainable living pattern, we don't do it. We only waste time AND energy.

You write:
" We have become a nation incapable of thinking, or at least of constructing a consensus that jibes with reality. In not a very few years, the American public will be so disappointed and demoralized by broken promises like these that they will turn the nation upside down and inside out, probably with violence and bloodshed."

...Either that, or go meekly to their slow-death bare subsistence "jobs" in the fields of Big-Ag, hopeless of any improved existence and hopeful of just one more day of life.

But that's an argument for another day. I think you've brought up something extremely important in these couple sentences. "Broken promises" point straight to an atmosphere of DISTRUST, which makes a cohesive society impossible. (I know, I've beaten this pitiable dead horse many times before.)

Where would a pervasive miasma of distrust come from? Well, just from personal experience, trust is hard work that requires face-to-face communications and a sincere give and take. Depending on your level of introversion/extroversion, this can be moderately hard to painfully difficult. (It's quite possible that those of us who have to make "public presentations" from time to time are more sensitive to these concerns, because some trust between audience and presenter is absolutely required... otherwise "work" in this area would evaporate quickly. Example: If I were to show up an hour later than agreed upon for every gig, I would soon not be asked to show up a'tall. ;o)

So, what do 'Merkins want anymore? Perhaps they just want to vegetate on their comfy couches, endlessly entertained by the flickering blue lights and not have to INTERACT WITH OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, because interaction/trust is hard. ...And to have a meaningful interaction, TRUST has to be established; and once established, quite a bit more fragile than most would like to admit.

Journals and dailies are [first and foremost] TRUSTED, otherwise they'll soon have no readership. Now, why they'd piss away this trust in a transparent subservience to foolishly short-term corporate interests should be an area of study for those of experience and direct insight in the medium. I would imagine that you'd have more insights into this than any visitor to this site, having written for actual print periodicals, rather than vanity bloggage.

I'd be most intrigued to see this issue explored more deeply on everyone's part, as I believe it to be the "currency of the future".

Got trust? No? Then, sorry, it's violence and swirling chaos for all, and "civilization" just another tattered and discarded unrealized dream.

The CONSPIRACY, dear James, is that THEY want us and need us to keep driving to Walmart, and Mobil, and KFC, Cinabon, Abecrombie and Fitch, etc. It is no secret; we just like being led blind into the abbatoir. kulturCritic.

Bring it on.

My wife and I realized our mortality and made peace with our higher power and have tried to live accordingly years ago. We don't have kids and we are tired and disgusted with a world that frankly, deserves everything that is going to happen to it and is not worth saving. We do not want to die but we are not afraid. Good Luck to all of us.

Articles appear every day in the WSJ, IBD and Financial Times saying the same thing; suddenly, there is a plenty of oil now, and far into the future. You've identified two that appear in Lib publications, perhaps making them more egregious.

I heard on a local news report 2 days ago about a 'breakthrough' in cold fusion, solving the energy dilemma forever. Should I believe it?


Perfect, excellent, and thank you.
You have helped convince me of the EROEI curve and the coming disasters to haunt our land. But, there will be plenty of oil James... its just, a simple matter... all they have to do is reduce DEMAND... then there will be plenty of SUPPLY to meet THEIR needs ad infinitum...

The reduction in demand can come easily James... either though increase in price beyond what the 'little people' can pay, or, population reduction...

Which do we think they will choose James?

This is all part of Something wicked this way comes, as the normalcy bias strengthens into cognitive dissonance, which now morphs and spreads into my thesis of Systemic Irrationality...

The parsing of madness is the occupation of fools. Are we the mad, or the fool?

Yes, of course... except that credit(money)is not yet the limit it may be some day.

When you say James, that we don't have the money, well, we haven't had the money for decades, yet we still spend credit as if it were money. Those who say that nothing backs the dollar since Nixon took us off the gold exchange standard have failed to reckon with our military. As long as we wield that big stick, it will back up our money(credit). Because, if you don't accept it, we'll come blow you up(Gaddafi, Iran in the cross hairs, Saddam).

So while I agree with your statements of facts, money will only constrain us when our military is no longer a threat to the world.

I have a confession to make. I like Cinnabon. It's true, it's my dirty little secret. If there's one thing I'd like to see salvaged from the industrial age in the soon-to-arrive world made by hand, I hope it's Cinnabon. I think we could make those by hand if we had to do it. I know I could. In fact, I do. We make our own version, and it's actually better than Cinnabon, so imagine what they'd be like in a wood-burning oven?

I am not sure how JHK defines 'progressive'.
A website called 'Crimes of the Times' shows
NYT to be anything but wanting progress.


Muslims in The White House

Obama’s inner circle! No surprise here.
This is scary and they didn’t even mention John Brennan who was sworn in (without a Bible). He converted to Islam a couple of years ago.

Obama’s White House Staff

Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser.

Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser – founder Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current Executive Director.

Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar – Islamic Society of North America.

Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

And of course, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett who many say is the real president.


You say 'false flag' as in?

Wow, this is the mentality of corporate recruiters. I knew I didn't like them for a reason. This is it. Sorry if I don't feel sad corporate recruiters are losing their jobs. What a joke of a job.

I know this will be an unpopular fact but OIL is a renewing resource...it just doesn't renew at the rate we are using it.
Can America create enough bio-fuel using plant matter and diesel hybrids?
the added bonus of being huge Carbon dioxide sinks would make Algae ponds very attractive.

Yummy it's so tasty too.

The global warming oh excuse me climate change religion crowd should focus on replanting more carbon dioxide sinks in places like Afghanistan and protesting the destruction of rainforests.
Events of deforestation and the mighty sun are what is destabilizing the weather patterns

Was Boston a FF event?
After looking at all the disinformation conspiracy nuts are beginning to look more and more sane.
What about the DEPORTED Saudi?
I stumbled across Glenn Beck going on and on about this Saudi guy.
Greetings From the belly of the beast keep up the good posts now if we could all shed the false left right paradigm.

Now that money = credit = debt = capital, and it's all completely abstract, a lack of capital is a purely semantic matter. There are no physical constraints on capital any more. The financial cornucopian elites think they've finally conquered death, but in reality the risk has not been removed; it's just been changed. It's no longer a matter of going and finding more gold, as the Kingdom of Spain did in the 1500s. It's now a matter of maintaining faith and trust in the abstract system. Once that fails, it's not so easily replaced by invading somewhere and stealing their gold.

I for one refuse to believe we in America are "out of money." We're able to create and spend $85 billion per month, or $1.02 Trillion per year, to rig the bond market and buy up worthless mortgage-backed securities in the manner of pumping IV fluids through a corpse. We can spend another $1 trillion per year on a military machine (remember, it's not all "Department of Defense;" the nukes are Energy, the drones are CIA, State pays many of the mercenaries, etc.). But was can't afford far less than that for Health Care, Education, Transportation, Infrastructure, transforming energy, or making the obviously necessary changes to our society and way of living? Even now that we have unlimited imaginary money?

The system isn't just collapsing on its own. It's being crashed by those who think they have discovered a sort of perpetual motion machine that will keep them safe while everyone else deals with the collapse, making them the one-eyed Kings in the Kingdom of the Blind. Whether they turn out to be wrong or right is no personal concern of mine. I have to support a family in the world as it really develops.

I'd rather talk about Cinnabons than the tin-foil-hat conspiracies of a Muslim White House.

JHK, you get all kinds here.

By the way, regular 'bon or the Minibon? Both have their merits. Might as well enjoy the cheap-sugar utopia of the Sprawlways of Amurika while it lasts!

There is definitely an argument to be made that we will never "run out" of oil -- if by that you mean the last car will be repossessed before the last oil well is shut down. It is quite likely that economic collapse will destroy demand for oil faster than geology will limit supply.

"You have to have some sympathy for those who think mankind can run on fossil fumes forever, because they probably realize in the back of their mind that the earth will support only a small fraction of the current human population on a sustainable basis." -LSJ

Please tell me why I must have sympathy for idiots engaging in the most dangerous ignorance, stupidity, and self-delusion possible.
My supply of sympathy for these lumpen fools is nearing exhaustion. (I've got to watch the asses of me and mine; those with "wide load" pasted across theirs can start looking after their own by putting down the Big Gulp of corporate Kool-aid and the Big Mac of easy and convenient every-fucking-thing.)

There is nothing conspiratorial about the phenomena you describe, KC. Our cultural manifestations are the results of a multitude of collective decisions(or lack thereof) both momentous and trivial, made over the decades. Call it the collective unconscious (or is it 'subconscious' - I forget?) but conspiracy has little to do with it. In fact, I would be happy if there were grand conspiracies afoot...It would mean that at least someone or some group knows what the hell it's trying to accomplish. As it is, there's nobody at the wheel. As JHK says, events are in control.

64th, bitches!!!!

We're looking at an ice free summer arctic much sooner than predicted, it's no longer a set of questions about decades, but rather a question of months now.

For folks who don't understand much of anything, it's pretty difficult to describe. I liken it to grandpa's old farm truck, when you had to go hitch up the old stock trailer, and could never get a good ground, and you never knew what was going to happen with the lights. Turn on the left blinker, and the clearance lights and one headlight start to dim in rhythm to the clicking under the dash.

Our weather is like that, the arctic ice is like the ground reference. No ground reference, no predictability.

It's very unlikely so-called 'higher order' life forms are gonna come through this epoch, so, try to be decent to one another, and enjoy the things that actually matter. There is fuck-all that can be done, even if the will to do something existed, which it doesn't. 20, 30 years ago, yeah, maybe, but still unlikely. game over.

So long,
and thanks for all the fish.

Well said, Zone. Your earlier comment about the importance of trust as the breakdown continues was provocative as well. I sense the frustration in your tone. A bit uncharacteristic, so I hope things are well in your immediate sphere. I currently am feeling a sense of ease which I trace to the season of greenness. Winter was quite miserable though. The journey continues.

Take it easy, Zone.


Way back in 1974, I wrote a undergraduate paper on "Hydrogen Fuel Derived from Water". Of course, if this process could be economically mastered, then the "cheap energy" cycle would be renewed and at a frightening pace. Who knows, perhaps the technology exists today....


I'll have to disagree with you on the motivations behind the spate of intentionally misleading peak oil articles. Given that so many are appearing in oddball sites which don't allow user feedback which would show how misinformed and innumerate they are, it looks very much to me like a stealth campaign to influence Google search results, and probably part of a larger campaign to soothe not just the populace, but some of the more gullible institutional investors and banks.

The only entities that benefit from this propaganda are the oil majors. Admitting the problem hurts the stock price, and asset prices (Hey kid, want to buy a used drilling platform?), and their continuing efforts to finance new wells. Bonuses might decline too. Just a guess.

So, they're pretty well motivated to make the web full of happy-talk. Pretty cheap too. I'd be surprised if it *wasn't* happening.

Make that "an" undergraduate paper.

Peak Oil just represents the point in time when roughly half of the ultimate available oil has already been used. Even if we are there, or soon will be, don't we have decades on the down side of the curve when we can voluntarily leave oil before oil leaves us?

When do you expect the following to happen due to fossil fuel depletion? Feel free to provide dates.

END OF INTERNET (no electricity for servers)

END OF COMBUSTION ENGINES (no fuel for jets, cars, etc.)

END OF USA MILITARY (no fuel for logistics, training, fighting, etc.)

I make this an open challenge to anyone on CFN. Provide a date (year, decade, century) and a rationale for the date, for each of the above.
I don't think any of you really, deep down in your heart of hearts, believes in peak oil. You cannot imagine really living without the above things.

If you believe it, then you must have a rationale, AND A DATE. Otherwise you are just propagating fear and doomster mythology.

If there will not always be oil, then when, what date, will oil not be available. If no such date can be given, the peak oil problem is revealed to not really be a problem, anymore than a certain rogue planet crashing into the Earth is a problem.

This CFN blog is much more interesting when I take the time to post here because I post on a variety of subjects, usually with correct grammar, usually concise posts, and always with intelligent content. Always provocative, it seems, though not intentionally so.

Times have never been better for human beings, though you would never know it if all you read was the doomster "we are so fucked" moaning and bitching on CFN.

Yea Jim, I read Mann's Atlantic article this weekend and came away with the conclusion that if we're looking this closely at hydrates then we must be a lot further on the downside of Hubbert's curve than we care to acknowledge.

For another reality check I suggest reading David Stockman's 'The Great Deformation'. I'm about 200 pages into it and it reads like some kind of alternative history. However, what I suspect is the world we're accustomed to and been living in the past oh,(fill in your age here) has effectively been a sham.

So as we all head down the path to 21st century feudalism it is my only hope we can keep some semblance of our humanity and don't turn the planet into toast, but then that is asking for a lot these days...

Other than this it's a good Monday!

I share your feelings on mortality and doubly share them on the deservedness of the human species to get it gone from the face of the Earth.

(it is still sad that, during the horrors to come, those who deserve to suffer most will suffer the least and vice versa, but that is simply the way of the benighted human species overall)

My point was, it will 95%+ certainly be here soon enough, as it's all over but the 9/11-ing and the slamdunk towards whatever the hell is the final destination here in the Former USA (FUSA also f&cked USA, per ozone or is it turk?) since the American People are capable now of only two modes as we approach the Event Horizon: Nazi-like obedience or internecine warfare chaos-style (Yugoslavia-style?)

It's coming, and the only question is how many Phony Bush-Clinton/Bush-Obama Script Cycles are left between now and 9/11 #2 leading to WWIII or it's cyber-equivalent (the casualties will be real, from privation etc.) and how many Boston Marathon Ops are in between so as to further soften the melons of the already-soft-melons of the American Subject Populace to get them ready to be the Nazis (kinder and gentler) of WWIII.

We shall not have long to wait and see. Starting in 2017, I think.

Will Obama get to finish the job on Syria before cometh Jeb the Destroyer or another Royal Equivalent? Will there be another Imperial Placeholder or two between now and the Royal Arisal of the Ultimate Corpzi Ruler?

Again, we don't have long to wait. These next three years, if not the last are near the last of anything that can be remotely considered The Good Old Days. We few that realize this should act every day as such, as often as possible.

You say 'false flag' as in?

Star here for the many holes in the official story and there have been half a dozen more plus the curious way the younger patsy was taken across town - far away from his capture and with MGH much closer - to a Mossad hospital to be operated on by Mossad Doctors, where he spent several days before his recent transfer - move along nothing to see here:


Lot of black backpacks around the area just before she blew, eh? The "Shgell Game" sems to be a common theme and reason why drills mirroring the actual Op are always scheduled for the day of the Op (9/11, 7/7, now Boston, and more all had "drills" scheduled the same day as the event)

The Big Picture:


If I had to live my life over again,
reflected Louis Pasteur, I would try to
remember that admirable precept of Bossuet:
‘The greatest disorder of the
mind is to believe that things
are so because we wish them to be so.’

It was a beautiful spring weekend in the upper Hudson valley. I recently moved out of a living situation with a textbook cornucopian and into a much smaller cottage. The building itself has some issues - poor insulation, some old windows, low water pressure. I will be remedying some of these by drawing on some of the material John Michael Greer presented in the Archdruid report awhile back (Thanks for having him on your podcast, I enjoy both of your books and blogs). The place is a rental so this isn't my final stop as living spaces go, but I'm using it as an experiment to see what works and what doesn't as I try to design a better lifestyle for myself. One that uses much less energy yet retains at least some of the comforts I've grown up with - don't worry, driving to Walmart isn't on that list. The place also affords me the opportunity to practicing my gardening skills so hey, at least one less hungry mouth to your south. Hopefully I can find some other mouths that want to learn how to feed themselves as well.

I heard on a local news report 2 days ago about a 'breakthrough' in cold fusion, solving the energy dilemma forever. Should I believe it?

Are you joking or are you still this clueless this late in the game?


Still got the image of that murdered 8 year old kid in your head?

Good, because that's what your rulers desire you to think of to the exclusion of reason. Don't connect any dots or anything, no matter how tightly grouped and infantile the puzzle becomes, TV says it's still a mystery.

You really are going to be shocked by 9/11 #2 (The Dirty Bombing of Chicago -probably or something like that) and you will howl bloody murder for us to retaliate by starting WWIII, won't you?

Some things never change. Did not the God Edward Bernays tell us so?

And is it not so, as you continue to prove here daily?

Child of Bernays, go make sacrifice at your local Wal-Mart at the altar of cheap Chinese goods, then genulflect at the altar of Corpzi Cable Media and bask in it's comforting glow.

All is well, except what needs to be fixed by shopping. Did not the God Edward Bernays tell us so?

And is it not so?

Good boy. Watch the flickering TV glow now, let it lull you off to dreamland where all things unexplained are performed by Lone Patsies and Cold Fusion will make energy too cheap to meter.

Speaking of hungry mouths, on Sunday I went fishing in the Albany Pine Bush with a friend. My friend caught a nice catfish. Everyone else we spoke to hadn't caught a thing. I must have asked 20 people. And seen another 30 at various places along the mile or so of shoreline. It scares me to think what this place will be like if one day the trucks stop running and all those people are out there actually need to catch a fish to stay fed. I wonder how many people will be out there then, even on days that aren't sunny and warm.

during the last 50 years this nations colleges and universities have evolved into nothing more than occupational therapy for morons.

and so they will believe it.

Brutal, Jim! And, yes, one of your better recent posts largely because you treat aspects of "peak oil", a topic with which you are well acquainted. I subscribe to the (progressive) "Atlantic Monthly" whose pitch this month to "thought leaders" re: "energy independence" did not resonate well with even a cursory look-see at the subject matter. Also I read daily the New York Times and while Joe Nocera's business columns generally hold my attention, I concede you are quite right in this instance: Nocera served wittingly or unwittingly in his recent op-ed as a shill for the much-in-the-news Keystone pipeline project. Very sad, yes? Pls keep-up your steady drumbeat of mockery. All you can do is to show over & over again that the Emperor wears no clothes and His feet are made of clay.

I truly believe there is a third path forward that does not require total societal collapse or sticking to the fantasy of business as usual. See more at http://abrahampaiss.com/fromheretothere/archives/468

Really - Not running out of oil or capital when it is transparently obvious that we are running out of both? We are becoming the Masters of Delusion.

And the icing on the cake is that we are also running out of a stable, predictable enough climate for agriculture, ie food production. Calories returned on investment is sharply reduced by drought, disease, falling water tables and heat stress. You lose not only the harvest itself but all the seed, fertilizer and chemical inputs and energy used to till and plant. Diminishing returns as more gambles are lost, until there is no will or means to continue.

Meanwhile the multibillionaires are mostly hoarding their money in tax free accounts, depriving civilization of the investments needed to maintain an infrastructure and develop alternatives to Peak Oil/Global Climatic Suicide.

Read www.nobillionaires.com, it will make your blood boil but also suggests a solution. Call it a Civilization Tax.

Damn, ozone, you are on fire, sir! With that first post and capping it with this little gem I'm responding to.

Please tell me why I must have sympathy for idiots engaging in the most dangerous ignorance, stupidity, and self-delusion possible.

My supply of sympathy for these lumpen fools is nearing exhaustion. (I've got to watch the asses of me and mine; those with "wide load" pasted across theirs can start looking after their own by putting down the Big Gulp of corporate Kool-aid and the Big Mac of easy and convenient every-fucking-thing.)

Fucking eh, Bubba!

Amen, hallelujah and go tell it on the mountaintop, brother!

It's all so far along on so many front and STILL 98% (and that is probably generous) are completely clueless as to how far it has sunk.

Just like every other nation in every other tuime frame, only with a bigger energy budget fueling all it's supposed moral advances.

It's sad on an individual level, but this species, to paraphrase the Founding Dads, is and of a right ought be extinct.

It is a real stretch to call the Atlantic progressive or liberal or even "leaning" it that direction. 30 years ago, yes, it was still an excellent magazine. Now it is more neoliberal, and it also fills its pages with work from neocon hacks like Andrew Sullivan and Megan McArdle. Pretty much of a corporate rag, and the same goes for the New York Times.

I disagree. Progressive and Liberal have moved right (pun intended) along with it, so the Atlantic and other such formerly Left-leaning publications have reflected the slide to conservatism that we've seen with people who consider themselves Liberal or Progressive. Which came first in this chicken and egg scenario, I'm not sure, but everything's tilting like the deck of the Titanic did before it went under for good.

Same thing with public television and radio. I can hardly watch or listen to it anymore.

JHK writes:

they are on a course to become the first advanced industrial nation to be forced to return to a medieval economy. That is, they are the most desperate among the desperate

The most common date given for the beginning of the Middle Ages is 476 CE. In Europe this period is not known for its ease of life and learning among peasants. But in other parts of the world the time of the European Middle Ages was a time of comfort, ease, and learning.

The use of the Middle Ages the way JHK uses it is as a threat, as a "going back to" a time of disease, suffering, and death. This is a very Eurocentric view. Things were very different in other parts of the world during that time and even before. A poem will illustrate this:

The Master Who Was Devoted to the Way,—"
Placidly and calmly he dwelt in idleness,-
He nourished his essence and soul,
And breathed in the pure emptiness,
He lifted high his aims beyond the clouds,
But dragged his form in a lowly cottage,
He let hang the curtains to hide the small table,
And covered it with white silk so he could read,
Rising and falling, a muddle of noise,
Sometimes hasty, sometimes slow,
This refined roaming, so free and easy,
Rolling them up, again spreading them out,
He recites "Juan er" and loyal officials are pleased,'
He chants "Lu e" and filial children are saddened,

He praises "Big Rat" and greedy people flee,
He sings "White Colt" and worthy scholars return.
It is for this reason that
Shun chanted the Poems to the end of his span;
Confucius read the Changes in the middle of his life;
Yuan Xian set his mind to chanting and forgot his humbleness;
Yan Hui focused on study and made light of poverty.
Ni Kuan read out loud while weeding and hoeing,
Zhu Maichen went chanting as he carried firewood.
If worthies and sages were so diligent in study.
How much more those middling talents and petty men?"

"Rhapsody on Reading" ("Dushu fu") by Shu Xi (ca. 264-304)

Yes, by doing it on Patriot's Day they have thrown down the gauntlet. And it will be answered in time. But first more of the Comrade Dystopia types have to awaken.

Well the Dow is up another hundred point today and all commodities are up. The Wall Street and Corporate crooks are dancing in the street thinking all the lumpen out here don't notice the greatest heist in history, thanks to big Ben and the other criminal banker types and the business school education of greed and "individualism" crap they spew.

Thank you so very much for writing about the Atlantic issue this week. Charles Mann really ought to know better, and maybe he does, but wanted that lead story enough to tweak it for the Aspen Ideas set. The cover was insane. "Good for America," but "scary for the planet." How is that possible?--except for people (the majority at Atlantic, I think), who believe deep down that America really isn't part of the planet. America is just too special!

Your post is a candle in the darkness, as always.

A tad self righteous aren't you? You who always refuse to anwer any questions about your real beliefs and what policies you would approve? You are a shadowy figure as well. An Anarchist as best as I can figure. And Anarchists have an atrocious record of mayhem in Communist Revolutions are they try to gain steet cred. It never works - the Communists purge them.

Anarchists should be marching with Libertarians if they only weren't so adolescent. A few do apparently - it is not a monolithic system. But most do lean way to the Left - and it is bizarre.

Sure and the water will just part itself like the Red Sea when you intone the name, the awe inspiring name, HARRY KREBS.

You gotta get yourself a Golem like the Rabbi of Prague, Rabbi Loew did. Now he has a Movie Chain...

The founder of Tai Chi, Chang San Feng used to relax in snow drifts after drinking too much wine. Drunks often do this - and freeze to death. It's easy to imagine oneself to be an Adept when drinking and falling asleep in a snow drift. An easy warm way to go.

Big Belly Sage Rush just said, Gay is Ok if done for Jihad or repented of by Jihad.

Muslims often go to Las Vegas to sin greatly and feel uttter disgust at America for making them do it. Then they "purify" with Bombs and self immolation.

Even the ombudsman employee hired by the JYT to whitewash their neocon zionist agenda described the paper as a disgrace, and was "released". In particular, he pointed out the state apparatus planted stories with foreign agents passing as reporters (Judith Miller), and then politicians and media useful idiots cited the stories as proof 1 million arabs needed to be murdered. So someone explain the difference between the JYT and say....Tass.... Pravda? The modern welfare-warfare state is just awesome....almost occult in its total reach and control over every aspect of modern existence. Just awesome......

You need fusion to get fusion. Separating Dihydoxide (which people signed a petition to ban) takes great energy. Perhaps Harry knows a secret incantation.

I run my car on regular water, but this Golem isn't telling. I rubbed the sign off my forehead and am Free.

There are only a few of the american people even listening to the hue and cry that the oil is running toward the hard to get dregs of the cup, those are the ones that post on this and other forums, at most 1% of the american people, likely a lot less than we hope there are knowledegable about all this.

Most people haven't a clue beyond what the TV mainstream tells them, be they worried about what they are going to get for dinner at the new place in town, or where they are going to get the money to pay for the rent, or their meds.

We have a movement in the places that shouldn't be the worried about tomorrow, toward a future that is uncertain, Like people pictured in the reality show Doomsday preppers, which gets a nod toward the extreme side of the USA they are the fringe as far as most people are concerned. Even though they have a following on the youtube channels of thousands of people showing their small stashs of guns, food, gardens and metals hoping that the crooks aren't lining them up to get stolen from when things go south if they ever do.

I don't own a gun I tell people, they wonder if I don't want others to own guns almost, but that is the freedom of the land, or used to be. If it got bad enough that I would need a gun to protect myself, having a gun won't help me. It is not the old west, where the fastest draw kills the bad guy, or good guy, we'd have to go to that times to be safe, and they weren't any safer than we are, just in a different time. Most people didn't have need to have a gun strapped on, while farming, or while mining, or while sleeping. But hear it told, you do now, which is odd.

We will run out of the oil we need, and then we will have a die off and then as things settle into a set normalacy in 120 years, we might or might not even remember we had this talk.

BioWebScape Designer

But most people in the Soviet Union knew that Pravda didn't mean Truth. The Enemy has greatly improved his methods since then. Pleasure is great than Pain in conditioning because the subject cooperates fully. Da!

The North Wind and the Sun make a wager on who could make a man take off his coat. The North Wind blew with all his strength but the man just clung to his coat all the harder. The Sun then tried and had the coat off in no time.

The World or Babylon System is literally made out of Lies. Satan is Rex Mundi, King of this World and He was a Liar from the begining.

Adequatio sprayeth "(If you believe): END OF INTERNET... END OF COMBUSTION ENGINES... END OF USA MILITARY... ...then you must have a rationale, AND A DATE."

Lets break it down:

I. The end of (cheap) oil


II. The end of the effects of (cheap) oil.

I. The end of (cheap) oil occurred around the middle of the last decade. Since then we're on the plateau where high prices drive exploration and development toward new sources. The problem is that demand continues to go up. Therefore the price will remain the same until demand peaks or production peaks. Then production will go down, down, and down. Artificially, (smart) global governance may begin taxing the stuff to reduce consumption.

II. The end of the effects of (cheap) oil are necessarily farther out into the future and as such are harder to predict. But lets play along. I will call the end of the effects of (cheap) oil date X. The end of the military we will call date J. The end of the internet, date I. The end of the effects, date E, and the end of the combustion engine date V.

Working backwards: J > I > V > E

The End of the military > The End of the internet > The end of the combustion engine > the end of cheap oil.

E: The end of cheap motoring: 2016, without a doubt. Fuel will be costly.

V: The combustion engine is on its way out. By 2020 every vehicle on the road today will be obsolete, a "junker". We will still need vehicles to get around, but, existing inefficiencies at future prices are going to make operation prohibitive. Whether this is a consequence of sober political policy (carbon neutralization strategies in the face of global warming) or high prices (due to the rapid decline in production unable to adjust to increases in demand) is irrelevant. Combustion is just too wasteful and inefficient a technology. It will be out-competed by electric technology. And governments will move to kill it.

I: The end of the internet is an absurd concept. After all, the internet is just a computer network.

J: The end of the military will be the end of the world, for all real intents and purposes. It will come after the end of the internet and not before.

So theres your answers, at least to the oil question: 2020.

In between, we're going in for 7 years of some very unpredictable events. But I have high confidence that the major effect that everyone is going to know about and live through are the 3 summers where there are record-shattering droughts. I would also place a bet on a black swan kind of geophysical event occurring directly because of warming and arctic ice sheet disappearance, most likely, the alteration of thermal deep-ocean currents that will result in paradoxically severe winters, along with scaling increases in the power of weather events: more torrential rains increasing erosion, higher winds causing damage, hurricanes and tornadoes on power-boosters.

Moreover, because of the stress our overpopulated societies are putting on the ecosystem, we'll see significant bounce in infectious diseases of all kinds, the spread of multiple-drug resistant fungal and bacterial pathogens.

Overall, more people will starve and die this decade than previous decades. The third world will continue to struggle mightily under the sheer mass of bodies and religious dogmas, as people attempt to requite the perilous and unsustainable nature of their situation and their imperatives for survival.

Under our largely clueless administration, the planet will continue to lose forest cover, in its densest, most diverse areas. This will accelerate the invasion of new species causing permanent changes in the balance of life and physical chemistries of the ecosystem. The world's forests are now being destroyed at a rate of about 50,000 square miles a year, by 2020, humans will have converted an area of the state of Alaska from cool, wet forestland to dry, barren cropland. Thats pretty conservative estimate.

The arid parts of the world will expand, and the malarial species of insects will expand from the equator and adapt to new host plants.

Overall, species diversity will decline in every category, with extinctions keeping the brisk pace set over the last century or so.

This is all out of the scope of the original question, though.

Janos, you missed (or ignored) my point about JHK's threats to a "forced return" to "medieval" days, as if living without oil is tantamount to a death sentence. The truth is people lived thousands of years without petroleum, without the internal combustion engine, and in some NON-WESTERN cultures they lived without slavery, without exploitation. They lived with grace and ease, fully enjoying times of idleness, and reading, much as we do here on CFN.

Water water everyone but none to drink.

Holy shit, Bustin!

Every time you weigh in I can hear the crack of a bat and can envision a baseball sailing out of a park and right through the windshield of your verbal opponent.

The more I pay attention to the smarter voices on these subjects the more I realize what exactly JHK's concept of a long emergency means. Somehow, I find a particular refuge of calm in how you frame and present these notions. Fewer and fewer attachments to this shitty clusterfuck nation for me remain, I suppose. Good riddance.

Later, man.


He could have been more to the point and just said NumbersUSA without all the hand-waving he did. What a waste of words when he justin could have said John Tanton and NumbersUSA.

Adequatio sprayeth


Bustin, you have been punked. The post you reply to is from Adequatio.dot not mine.

What's more whoever has imitated my handle is also plagiarizing historical posts from Asoka, not mine.

So you were doubly punked.

Interesting how you predict "record-shattering droughts" and then you say "The arid parts of the world will expand, and the malarial species of insects will expand from the equator and adapt to new host plants."

How do malarial carrying mosquitoes do in arid lands anyway? Are they going to adapt to cactus?

You are contradicting yourself with your doom predictions. Of course, you are also oversimplifying since there are many dimensions to consider in vector-borne diseases: disease ecology, epidemiology, prevention and management, the built environment, local and institutional knowledges and politics, social and institutional change, the political economy of chemical and non-chemical controls, etc. You have only mentioned the change in climate and the natural environment. The arid regions are not the most worrying when it comes to malaria-carrying mosquitoes. That's why some people move to the Southwest USA, to get away from the chiggers, ticks, mites, lice, noseeums, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, houseflies, etc.

Are you aware the Os visited the Saud in his hospital room?
And the 'student' has 12? terrorist relatives!

Guess I am not convinced. Which is not to imply
the Gov is good.

from link:
'Family and friends are adamant that the brothers were framed for the attacks.'

Are you surprised?

Hi, Carol. I see your still givin' everyone hell and havin' a blast in the meantime :>) You know, I disagree with most of your argumentative angles, but from what I can surmise, you're not particularly attached to any of them. You do successfully poke and prod the obvious contradictory positions of many of your adversaries, even if you do make a few of your own along the way. It is at times amusing, I'll give you that. I can't spend the time to read even 90% percent of it, but even so a quick glance at JHK's archives shows the same four knuckleheads making the same thoroughly discredited base arguments and bickering back and forth while claiming to hate one another all the while. They all tell you that they're never gonna respond to you again, least not directly, then moments later they're back in your trap. You're proven correct in a fucked up and ironic way weirdly enough, often enough, especially with regard to the dumbest of your foes.

But against J - not so much. But keep throwin' those turds, Asoka/Adequatio/Carol or whomever. I ain't mad atcha.


Sort of depends upon your frame of reference, yes? Compare The Atlantic with, say, Mother Jones or with The Nation, then, yes, The Atlantic appears to be rather tame; but compare The Atlantic with, say, the Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Time, or with Newsweek, then The Atlantic appears to be in league with a Trotskyite horse organ. So, yes, I’ll stick with classifying The Atlantic as a “progressive” magazine. Right you are, however, “Center-Right” is the direction most major written media has turned these past thirty years. Have you heard? Rupert Murdoch apparently wants to buy the Los Angeles Times. (Yikes!)

But against J - not so much. But keep throwin' those turds, Asoka/Adequatio/Carol or whomever. I ain't mad atcha.

First, the people you refer to are all separate people (except for Asoka. He's dead). Second, they are not turds. They are intellectual arguments, eloquently expressed most of the time. Third, there is no reason for anger. Fourth, JHK refers to being "forced to return to a medieval economy" which might be a good thing. No more time wastin' on the internets.

Fifth, Bustin (and everyone else) refuses to acknowledge that Taleb wrote about WHITE SWANS, not just Black Swans. It will be a cold day in hell when someone on CFN plays it fair and balanced with regard to what Taleb actually wrote.

"Interesting how you predict "record-shattering droughts" and then you say "The arid parts of the world will expand, and the malarial species of insects will expand from the equator and adapt to new host plants."

How do malarial carrying mosquitoes do in arid lands anyway? Are they going to adapt to cactus?"

Ha, obviously, no. They will come to the South and East, less so than the West. And they will not likely adapt to cactus.

I was trying to put a lot in those posts. Why waste the energy?

If you don't already know, we're in the middle of a mass extinction and gearing up for a total biological cluster-fuck on a geophysical scale.

Just visualize being too damn hot, too damn wet, too damn cold, etc.

Visualize brown landscapes where green used to be. Imagine strange new insects in your neighborhood.


I was trying to put a lot in those posts. Why waste the energy?


You are doing an excellent job. You packed a homerun into your post. Please don't consider it a waste of energy. Your posts are most edifying.

Guess I am not convinced. Which is not to imply the Gov is good.

from link:
'Family and friends are adamant that the brothers were framed for the attacks.'

Are you surprised?

Nope, I am not surprised and neither am I trying to convince you of anything.

It doesn't matter what you believe, anyway, since this thing, whatever it is or who if anyone is in charge of the looting, is too far gone for it to matter.

Hell, as I said before, it might be a real thing and those two patsies (where DID they get the money for all that travel, considering the Official Story is they were bust-ass broke) not patsies at all but real perps, unlikely as that is.

Real or unreal, LIHOP, HIHOP or MIHOP, it matters not to what the Global Pathocracy is using it for...to begin the Penultimate Transistion, which will proceed smoothly and mostly beneath the radar for the next 3+ years.

Maybe a few more small Boston-type Ops, to keep the sheep terrorized and unbalanced, but it's all foreplay until 9/11 #2 and WWIII.

As the Boston Op proves, you can sell any lie you want to to the American Subject Populace, and even if they might individually have suspicions, social inhibition and mass psychology will prevent them from gaining any ground anyplace with any significant reach, which are all gatekept by the Global Pathocracy.

Believe what you want, it doesn't matter. Reality is coming whether you like it or not.

It doesn't matter what you believe, anyway...


"Do not seek the truth. Only cease to cherish opinions."

-- Seng-ts'an, third patriarch of Zen, "Hsin-Hsin Ming"


The three handles that you use, even if you deny it, coax the same tired responses from the 4 general detractors who constantly hurl turds back at you.

Anyhow, like I said, sometimes you expose their frail emotional cores, which creates the egoic level of embarrassment that causes them to fall into the pseudo-intellectual bomb throwing trap with you time and again. I'm not into the idea of banning people, but if JHK were to take up the practice, then you and at least four others would likely find yourselves on the list. Even though your posts far exceed any others, the totality of posts made by all of you clog the blog like a Mexican's toilet after a cheesy enchilada fiesta. Sorry for the slur... I'll cop to some harmless prejudice.

Lastly, Taleb's book was an interesting read but a prophetic tome it was not. Taleb surely knew that. It was more a hand waiving essay about human stupidity and general misunderstandings of economics. Anyone who cared to could have written that book, as it was bereft of any hard data from which to produce a science-based counter argument. Besides, he himself never claimed that Black Swans were predictable. I've seen you argue with dumb shits who claim that a Black Swan is on the horizon, but you should have dismissed them out of hand, and you know why.

You often proclaim that people are taking positions that they are not. Not sure in this mention of J's position, though. Not too worried about it either. Neither are you, Adequatio; you'll argue the same position in a round about way eventually, under a pseudonym. And I have to admit your cheekiness sometimes is funny, ya little bastard.

Carry on, sir.


I haven't read the cited articles...

Just wanted to point out something else that has irked readers concerning the current dystopia:


It's been converted to online ONLY; a convenient APPlication will download the latest newsweek and make it compatible with all your electronic devices (kindles, pads, tablets, laps, pcs, macs). It still looks like a print publication with a front page, etc.

The magazine/book format must change. News and print media must become more interactive with notes and asides from various "intellectuals" and "man-on-the-streets" commentary. People will follow their own leads/interests to wherever they go...maybe some dark cult corner or some public institution...or another library of research and criticism. That's what pisses people off more than anything, that ideas won't be offered in the same Whitman's sampler format. News has become an exercise in critical thinking abilities and a basis for a plan of action for daily, weekly and yearly life. Kunstler is looking 5 to 7 years out and I think that's all we can really see as mere humans now that things are rapidly changing.

I live in Texas and everyone is talking about the money being dumped in our area. How it's raised property values and business. Promises are being made to hire X amount of people for the booming industry. I see trains loaded down with 50 tankers of petroleum headed North every other month. Most of the cattle are gone because of the drought and misallocation of resources like water to frack and tend corporate golf courses. People who used to work at one of the biggest auctions for cattle in the world are now tending hotdog burrito stands. My trailer park went from 5 vacancies to full up along with every hotel. Businesses are losing their workers to the boom because they get paid more an hour. We're not used to this kind of volume, people have to get creative to meet the demand. The creative/wishful thinking works its way all up and down the chain.

Not dead. Still here with three, three, three handles in one!


It is at times amusing, I'll give you that. I can't spend the time to read even 90% percent of it... And I have to admit your cheekiness sometimes is funny, ya little bastard. Carry on, sir.

You have not enjoyed even 90% of the cheekiness.

Carry on is what I do.


Not dead. Still here with three, three, three handles in one! Soaker-hose

Hi P4C!
We are watching you!


Danielsville, Georgia, United States
IP Address:
Charter Communications (

Feliz Lunes y Buenos tardes, BITCHES!!!


dystopia ???



Ay caramba! Somebody pinch me! I forgot to give a sh_t!


You're just being silly. That's like picking a date for the 1929 stock market crash or the 2008 crash. Or predicting the weather 3 years out. We can predict with absolute certainly that there will be hurricanes in 2015, but not where, or when.

While I can't provide a date, I can tell you that our energy problems will have reached a critical point when the interdependent web of "just-in-time" supply chains, dependent on CHEAP transportation fuel no longer have access to it. Some will break sooner than others, but as energy becomes more expensive, fewer supply chains of critical products and services are viable.

The problem with supply chain breaks is that they are nonlinear. What happens when the oil company itself can't afford to move pipe to a new drilling location, or get power because the old fashioned coal power plant can't get coal to the source?

When this becomes extreme enough, it will be followed by one or more economic collapses after which all timeline bets are off. This will be triggered either by oil price feedback, where high oil prices themselves work through the supply chains and make the production price of oil too expensive to use as a major energy source, or an international event that takes a major portion of the world's oil off the market (e.g. Russia diverts all hydrocarbons to domestic use).

This could actually benefit us, since hydrocarbon use will slow remarkably, possibly extending limited hydrocarbon use by decades, allowing us more time to adapt to alternative (and much less) energy.

Of course, this happy scenario implies the minimal use of nuclear weapons. This may, or may not be the case.

Folowing Jom's Blog for a few years now every Monday I read all the comments and am surprised at what I see. The majority of posters seem to think we all will go back to the mule and plow because the Peak oil events will cripple the western economies.

The western economies are already done for and the Governments and Big Ben know it they are buying time until they have all the pieces and players in place for a sudden surprise event that will either bring in the depopulation that is planned quickly before any resistance can deny them the final solution.

look at the script that played out in the media the government the central banks all is crumbling and they are losing control. Control is secondary to completion of the plan. The elite will not be following a mule and plow to eat you can be sure. The finite resources are for them the elite 500,000 people who deem themselves as kings.

So instead of beating the drum for a lost cause better to prepare for how you will deal with the soon to be events that will come without notice

Not even close. Try Watsonville, California
Trying to be clever again, and failing.

Hi backatcha!

Those aren't turds! They're "nuggets" of wisdom, beeATCH!


In Spanish words have gender.

Buenos días: Day is masculine, so you say Buenos.

Buenas tardes: Afternoon is feminine, so you say Buenas.

It's confusing, I know. But there is a difference between "buenos" and "buenas" just as there is a difference between "bitches" and "hos"

I don't think it will be able to do it for 2 or 3 decades. Not with Saudi Arabia running toward empty, not with each well they drill dropping 40 to 50% after the first year. We at the peak of all types of oil production right now, the hard to get to stuff is just barely keeping pace with the declines in production of the older wells, as they fall off the newer stuff won't be able to keep up and then terminal decline will be seen world wide.

You haven't been reading the places I have been reading it seems, to think it will last another 20 to 30 years. No matter what the hype is on natural gas from the tight shales, the energy used to get the energy out is very low ratio.

As the world warms more extreme weather patterns will show up and more of the poorer nations will fall off the energy user bandwagon, and you might get more oil to use, because the poor people can't afford it anymore, but is that what you really want to have happen?

To many things are all going on at the same time to predict where we will be in 20 to 30 years, even what I say might not happen, but I doubt we will like the world in 20 to 30 years, it is not a rosy future, unless you are dead by then.

This will be triggered either by oil price feedback, where high oil prices themselves work through the supply chains and make the production price of oil too expensive to use as a major energy source...

Quadrupled oil prices (USD$16 a gallon), leading to complete demand destruction, would be the best possible outcome.

As Bill McKibben and the 350.org activists are saying, LEAVE THE CARBON IN THE GROUND.

If we were to keep drilling and pumping and consuming the oil that is left, we are only signing our own death sentence through massive and extreme climate change.

What we need to do: Leave most of the carbon we know about in the ground and stop looking for more.

more extreme weather patterns will show up and more of the poorer nations will fall off the energy user bandwagon...


Oh, they just "show up"?

The first world energy hogs don't have any responsibility? The USA with 6% of the world's population and 25% of its energy consumption might have something to do with extreme weather "just showing up"

The population problem isn't just something "over there" in "those poor countries," where they may be having more children. From a consumption perspective, the developed countries have a bigger population growth problem than the developing countries!

JHK said: Undersea methane hydrate exploration projects have gone on for decades in the US, Canada, India, Russia, China, and Japan.

Actually, this is not quite correct. While some estimate that the planet holds three orders of magnitude more gas in hydrates than in traditional gas seams, and that their total energy is greater than all other energy sources combined, for the US, India, South Korea and Russia the on-going natural gas boom makes methane hydrates a low priority for now.

Japan is the exception. It has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in hydrate research, especially in the Nankai trough off its Pacific coast. The area may hold enough gas to meet the Japan's energy needs for a century. Japan is the world's largest importer of natural gas, and their hydrate project was expedited after the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in 2011.

But it is not nice to fool Mother Nature, or to try to take her carbon out of the ocean floor. And she has ways of letting us know. Landslides are the biggest known risk. Hydrates are often key structures in the sea floor. Before oil and gas companies became interested in exploiting them, hydrates were considered a risk because they collapse beneath heavy oil rigs. Deliberately drilling through them or mining them could disturb the seabed stability.

Ancient history offers evidence to support this, says Euan Nisbet of Royal Holloway, University of London. A landslide off Norway 8000 years ago triggered a 4-metre-high tsunami that swamped Scotland. Geological data suggests it was accompanied by a massive methane release, possibly because warmer temperatures melted sea-floor hydrates (Nature, doi.org/ccf5rs)

Like, who's "Jom" and what does his blog have to do with anything??? Color me confused!!!


As the world warms


That sounds like a soup opera that my mother used to listen to.

You answered your own question. JIM and This blog or CFN as you like to call it. Is there a COLOR for SLOW?

We will soon be at the point where millions die of climate change, or millions die because we lack of energy to produce and deliver food, potable water and heat.

Do you prefer starvation by ecological correctness (cool climate - insufficient energy), the stupidity of our leadership (insufficient hydrocarbons alternatives put in place much too late), or the apathy of the masses (American Idol - woo hoo!)?

In the dance of death, everybody holds hands...

The whole idea was to get away from dependence on Saudi Arabia. And there are other potential sources. And each one comes with its own problems. The best idea is to leave the carbon in the ground... and stop looking for more.

CANADA The Athabasca tar sands underneath the boreal forests of Alberta are the second largest proven petroleum reserves outside Saudi Arabia. As the phrase "tar sands" implies, the oil is really bitumen, a viscous cocktail of hydrocarbons that requires upgrading into synthetic petroleum even before it can be refined. Producing a barrel of oil from tar sands involves 40 to 70 percent more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil drilling.

GULF OF MEXICO Deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico, drilled under high pressure in waters more than 1,000 feet deep, account for about one-quarter of domestically produced oil in the USA, up from 6 percent in 1985. The 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon disaster was a measure of the inherent dangers of this kind of drilling.

BRAZIL Brazil's state-controlled oil company, Petrobras, is in the midst of a $236 billion investment to exploit the oil and gas reserves 200 miles offshore in the South Atlantic, in deeper waters than the Gulf of Mexico. Oil production there has already proved hazardous. A November 2011 undersea leak at a Chevron-operated field spewed 3,000 barrels of oil into the ocean.

VENEZUELA Venezuela has billions of barrels of extra-heavy crude oil and bitumen deposits in the Orinoco Belt. While this petroleum can be extracted using conventional techniques, it is too heavy to transport by pipeline or process in normal refineries. The Venezuelan government is looking for partners to help fund energy development in the belt. The high sulfur content of the heavy oil, however, doesn't comply with some countries' environmental rules.

ARCTIC The US Geological Survey estimates that areas north of the Arctic Circle have 90 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil as well as significant natural gas. Despite Shell Oil's recent difficulties, the Obama administration is considering letting multiple companies drill there at the same time.

SOUTH CHINA SEA Energy hungry China caused a diplomatic row last June when it put up for auction nine oil and gas blocks in the South China Sea that Vietnam says are in its territory. Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines have competing territorial claims on the South China Sea. Energy exploration in the region has been limited because few major oil companies want to get involved in the territorial dispute.


prepare for how you will deal with the soon to be events that will come without notice


I hear ya. I'm prepared. I have my cyanide capsule ready and waiting to be activated.

Do you prefer starvation by ecological correctness (cool climate - insufficient energy)...

This is false. A reduction of carbon-based energy would not necessarily lead to starvation by "insufficient energy" ... the world can get by on hydroelectric, wind, thorium nuclear, solar, tidal, etc. if we only give up our "way of life" for a simpler less consumptive lifestyle. Eliminating hydrocarbons would lead to "insufficient energy" for business as usual. But the purpose of this blog is to wake people up to the fact that business as usual cannot continue.

We could learn from the Germans about implementing alternative energy: Sixty-five percent of all renewable energy in Germany is owned by individuals and cooperatives and groups of small investors, not by multinational corporations over which we have no control.

If the cyanide fails, you might want to check out the book: Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying, 3rd Edition

I prefer more Super Derechos. You're never more alive then when you're close to death. Super Derechos will fill us with life, and thin our population as well. What's not to like?

Thanks, I'll check it out. My current novel will employ this theme, believe it or not. Whenever I finish it. My muse is on vacation right now, so all I can do is wait for its return. It didn't say when it would be back. It never does. Bastard! Just joking....I swear, muse. I miss you. Come back soon. Tell Osho I said high.

We could learn from the Germans about implementing alternative energy: Sixty-five percent of all renewable energy in Germany is owned by individuals and cooperatives and groups of small investors, not by multinational corporations over which we have no control.


Excellent point, although they are woefully behind in implementing synagogues. Funny that.

My point, as well, bigdog.

Except you say it more succinctly.

9/11 #2 (probably Chicago): time frame 2017-2027, but much more likely in 2017-2019 timeframe.

Depends on how long they can keep the lies going.
Will they get straight to 9/11 #2 or will they throw in a few more minor Bostons to soften people up for greater "soft fascism" or electronically chained enslavement or a rose by any other name, eh?

Knowing what's coming when they stop believing the lies, everyone (99%+) is so desperately clinging to them, I could see another Bush-Clinton, Bush-Obama cycle and just a slow crushing Soviet-style press on the bottom 80%.

I could see that happening, too, pushing the Event Horizon back 8-12 years, but I think your vision of sooner rather than later, even that is still a few years away, is much more likely.

Our American Corpzis would be good at that, and certainly the old dictum, "I can always hire one half of the poor to kill the other half," remains true today as it was 8000 years ago and every day in between.


Yes, I think we are doing better on synagogues.


Yishar Koach!!

It is "yasher koach"!


Let's not forget the oil spill in Arkansas with little coverage by the media and threats to whomever filmed it.

You get the points made.Well said I tend to disagree about Chicago My take is Atlanta,Ga the most useless city in the world. Per capita Fuel use is probably double the national level as well as a huge welfare state with lots of unproductive eaters as they say. In short Atlanta is a symbol of what the Leftist world hates about Americans. I know I grew up around there and spent many youthful nights street racing at the "VARSITY".

New York was hit first to strike at the economy and it has done its job, Boston was most likely a soften up for more NAZI style totalitarian protection of the masses. They choose Boston because the people there are all about big government,big unions etc.

The people running the show in the USA from top to bottom are only in it for self gain and power. Keeping vested interest happy and secure is more important than the countries future.

We have a president who sold out his backers and believers for the BIG BANKS and just may end up the best REPUBLICAN president in history!

My gut tells me to prepare for the worst as best we can and see if its possible to ride the storm out until the people come to their senses and demand that changes be made that are good for the Nation and not whats best for Global Corporations

"Japan is the exception. It has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in hydrate research"

I would put my money on the Japanese to make this work and solve their energy crunch! They have no other choice at this point but to make it work for them. These are the people that came back from a crushing defeat in WWII two Atomic bomb obliterated cities and intern camps in the USA of American Citizens. Do not sell them short.

Yes, the Elite know about the situation are preparing for the Human Race to survive. What is the problem? Of course, you want to be one of the few who get to survive - so does everyone. I hate them too but on another level I realize that no one could peacefully lead irrational humanity into the New Age - an Age where only a few will get to reproduce. I want no part of it and I have no part in it either.

Alex Jones is teaching the Masses. The Conspiracy Meme is hitting the Mainstream. Perhaps all is not lost.

I don't have anything against the Japanese, but the problems they face are monumental. Here is what they plan to do: Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation will drill 300 metres below the seabed, and place a pipe to carry methane to the surface. The goal is to produce tens of thousands of cubic metres of gas over about two weeks. Commercial production could start in 2018.

First, the team must solve a number of environmental and technical challenges. Chief among these is how to turn the solid hydrates into gas. The plan is to pump out seawater from inside the gas pipe. This will lower the pressure in the pipe and break up the hydrates into water and methane gas, which will rise up an outer pipe. If that doesn't work, other solutions include pouring in an antifreeze. The risks are enormous for a clusterfuckup.

I agree with you A on this one. I have been plowing snow in NE since '79. the blizzard in Feb 2013 kicked my ass. Hurricane Sandy kicked a lot of ass. It's just gonna get worse . We are so screwed! I don't care what you say I can't clear snow with a shovel so I guess the cars will sit. Hey I can sit it out but what about the sick people and fire victims. I worked the " Storm of the Century" back in '93 and we were in the ambulance behind road graders that could not cut the drifts. Oh'well. We can hunker down but most people don't have a clue. The government will always be there for them. I can help the locals but beyond that what can I do?

Cyanide capsule? What the hey? help a neighbor,friend, or someone nearby! You are not getting the death penalty. We need all the help we can get. Then again if you want to be a bummer feel free, just leave your bullets, seeds, and food for me.

I do not watch much TV.
I was somewhere today and the idiot box was in front of me.
CNN-Andy Cooper.
The WH held a press conference because a ballplayer
publicly 'came out'.
Bill and Chelsea both tweeted their luv n kisses.
Jeez, what a bunch of 'bread n circuses'.


The WH held a press conference because a ballplayer
publicly 'came out'.

Mexico City.
Any city in Pakistan.

"We have become a nation incapable of thinking, or at least of constructing a consensus that jibes with reality." -jhk-

Thanks for the week's work, JHK, and the above is my favorite sentence. I believe our capacity for constructing that national consensus has been actively destroyed for many decades - at least back to 1980.

The big question is whether this destruction is part of a deliberate process - and whether that process. rises to the level of (oh, dreaded word) conspiracy.
It may.

"In not a very few years, the American public will be so disappointed and demoralized by broken promises like these that they will turn the nation upside down and inside out, probably with violence and bloodshed."
- jhk -

I don't know about this, though, JHK. Events in Boston make it look as though there is a great capacity in the US populace for following orders and being controlled by Authority - as long as the lights and water stay on, and food is available.

If the lights and water went out for a week or so, I suspect that capacity for being controlled might evaporate rapidly and violently.

I will plan to be out of town, that week.

again: The WH held a press conference because a ballplayer publicly 'came out'.

It was the first time a professional athlete came out of the closet, an historic event. And by doing so he saved countless lives in the process.

A study, published in the journal Pediatrics, was conducted in order to determine whether living in a gay friendly social environment affected the risk of a teen identifying as homosexual committing suicide. It found that teens in “unsupportive” social environments were 20 percent more at risk of attempting suicide than those in “supportive” environments.

The more professional athletes who come out as gay, and the more social acceptance there is equals more support for gay youth and fewer suicides.

They ought to hold a press conference.

"I should add, however, the path to oblivion will be greatly accelerated if so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform is signed into law.

Numbersusa estimated the Senate bill would grant 33 million lifetime work permits to foreign nationals in its FIRST DECADE, and roughly 20 million each decade thereafter."
- lsjogren -

Best post of the week, LSJ!

Now, prepare to be attacked for using facts and logic by one or more of the Troll Trilogy.

I agree, that's nice and all, but don't they have someone/something to bomb? Or is all that on auto pilot whilst they celebrate homosexual liberation?

I sure hope they hold a wh press conference when John Tanton and Roy Beck "come out" and announce they're getting married. Talk about dropping bombs!

"He could have been more to the point and just said NumbersUSA without all the hand-waving he did. What a waste of words when he justin could have said John Tanton and NumbersUSA."
- "Carol," paying large compliment to P4C -

I like Bustin's stuff, too, UFIA. And despite what "Carol," is apparently saying here, I am not Bustin.

Bustin appears to have a few IQ points on me, plus he's got patience for dealing with the politically correct racism and name-calling of the "adequatio brigade" that I USED to have.

"I'm not into the idea of banning people, but if JHK were to take up the practice, then you and at least four others would likely find yourselves on the list." -ufia-

I assume that your "four others" would include Janos and me, UFIA - but who are the two others that you would recommend JHK ban.

And WHY, what is your underlying reasoning?

And why doesn't a US with a population of 400,000,000++ disturb you?

"Yes, we are going medieval too"

You ain't shucking and jiving Jimbo. Society is going Medieval. Just like in Pulp Fiction!


"we, in effect, lie to ourselves incessantly is because of the master wish behind all the subsidiary wishes"

Yes, the Master Wish which is Survival. But a world ruled by greedy, blood-sucking, psychos who have the materials to make our habitat uninhabitable does not bode well for long-term survival. Hence, the lies. Although if you know Jesus then you know there is a better world coming.

Although if you know Jesus then you know there is a better world coming.


I know Jesus and through Jesus a better world is here, now, because Jesus taught nonviolence. Many Christians have core values of nonviolence... from the Medieval times which started in 476 CE with the fifth-century Bogomils through the Albigensians, Waldensians, Wycliffians, Taborites, and Czech Brethren, to the Anabaptist groups of sixteenth-century Europe. Within Catholicism, the Franciscan order brought nonviolence from medieval into modern times, where it has been renewed by orders such as the Maryknolls and Sisters of Loretto. Each such group further advanced the values of nonviolence. For more than two thousand
years, then, there has been building a core set of values including love, truth, interdependence of belief and action, primacy of conscience, simplicity and voluntary poverty, rejection of war, and egalitarianism. Within the Hindu tradition, we find a similar line of spiritual and practical development, through Buddhism and Jainism.

Spot on about Obama, our Imperial Placeholder:

We have a president who sold out his backers and believers for the BIG BANKS and just may end up the best REPUBLICAN president in history!

It's a matter of aristocratic practicality. The poor and weak have no power and therefore are the easiest to betray with little to no consequences in a society as massively unequal as Corpzi America.

Obama is as much of an aristocratic sociopath as Bush or Cheney, I think. He is just of lower birth than our National Imperial Family and Inner Circle.

Plus, once Bush/Cheney exposed the American Subject Populace were just a bunch of malleable sheep who could be endlessly lied to about simply everything in massive marketing-based super-majorities, it was inevitable that things would just get worse in a trickle-down effect.

A positive feedback loop, each new shameless openly performed aristocratic corruption inspires a loosening of the standards of every class below, domino-style.

This makes the disgusting aristocracy of America more contemptuous and disgusted with us, add to that now they can pretty much do as they will on a large macro-economic scale with no fear of criminal charges or any reprisal at all, and the sprial quickly grows out of control.

Which is why they need the Gestapo HomeSec in place for the day that the straw breaks the camel's back, and legitimate acts of rebellion against hard targets occur (which may never since the American Subject Populace is most likely to go gunning after the poor and weak, because their TVs tell them so).

"May you live in interesting times."
--ancient chinese proverb

Things get steep the closer we get to the Event Horizon, which I thinks starts with 9/11 #2, whenever Mossad and the CIA/NSA/Gestapo HomeSec decide to launch their patsies and play The Dirty Bomb Shell Game with a dozen different black backpacks, so to speak.

Not If but WHEN, at this point.

Christians........nonviolent? Really?

Read more carefully. I said:

Many Christians have core values of nonviolence.

Including in medieval times with the Franciscans.

From the rule of 1223, the third produced by Francis, which became the definitive one. It is still in use today:

"...above all they should wish to have the spirit of the Lord working within them, and that they should pray to him constantly with a pure heart, be humble, be patient in persecution and infirmity, and love those who persecute, blame or accuse us, for the Lord says, "Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute and accuse you" (Mtt. 5:44). "Blessed are those who suffer persecution for justice's sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" (Mtt. 5:10). "He who has persevered until the end, however, will be saved" (Mtt. 10:22)

Jesus made himself a whip of cords and drove the money changers out of the Temple. Also he advised his Disciples to sell their cloak to buy a sword.


And when the time for self-defense came Jesus said to Peter: "Put your sword back into its sheath."

Quoting gibberish from some book proves christian cultists are nonviolent? Bending over for a mythical maniacal vindictive sky faggot attests to you and your cult's goodness? What about 1500 years of torture, pillage, rape, perversion, theft, extortion.....and the most extreme violence ever witnessed on an industrial scale? Breaking astronomers on the rack (Bruno) and then burning them alive.? Cutting Gallileo's nose off because he looked through his telescope at the manificent universe? Your cult has opposed every advancement of the human race with the most extreme violence possible....shame on you and your filthy cult.

The "self-defense" justification for violence is the province of immoral cowards afraid to die. When Jesus faced death he did not yell "IT'S CRUNCH TIME!" and start fighting. He continued to pray for those intent upon killing him, forgiving them because they, like all violent actors, are acting out their ignorance ("avidya" in Buddhism).

Agreed. I condemn any so-called small-c "christian" who uses violence toward others. I was talking about capital-C Christians who, like the Brethren, the Quakers, the Mennonites, etc. actually walk the talk and become Christ, not Christians.

33 million? We wish. But nay, the tale is worse. That number uses the 11 million illegal alien number - the same number used for decades. It's almost certainly more than 20 million.


He was the Lamb and had to be slain. A very special case. Christ said the Holy Spirit would come and answer all questions that he did not have time to answer or which his disciples lack capacity to hear. The Spirit came and taught the Fathers of the Church that War is necessary sometimes if there is to be a Christian State.

In the Hindu Tradition, Gandhi came to the same conclusion and used the Army on occasion.

FYI: Interesting Radio Ecoshock podcast episode (4/24/13) this week (4/24/13) with a oil pipeline whistleblower who said that the chemicals needed to keep tar sands oil moving through pipelines designed for regular oil breaks down the welds and will cause many spills in the years ahead. It's worth a listen. And clear out if there's a spill near you: you don't want 24/7 exposure to benzene, toluene, etc.


All I'll tell you is that I don't think you're a racist or posing as Bustin. I've assumed only that you are a doting grandfather and have grave fears about the world your grandchildren will face. You haven't afforded me the same general assumption. Your fears about a US population at 400 million probably match many of my own, but I'll admit that I don't know your position fully.

I said that I wasn't in favor of banning, but I too have my gripes with certain commentators other than The Entity. I don't owe you an explanation any more than you owe an explanation for feeding the frenzy of vandalism week after week. However, the archives clearly denote commentators who claim to not really like coming here but keep coming back despite a hatred of this, that, and the other, and who keep pushing their trophy arguments onto others even after a general consensus on an issue is attained.

I'm not in favor of murder and even if suddenly granted impunity I wouldn't go on a rampage. I'm no longer an adolescent who can't determine the difference between justified self-defense and throwing oneself into a war zone. The value I derive from here doesn't need to pass a litmus.

You're free to be here whether I'd ban you or not.




Re: The Party is Over for Banks and the "Paper Economy"

Postby nameta9 » Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:52 am

Amorphos wrote:Just want to run an idea past you...

Infinite banking, the ultimate socialism

As in a decade or so nothing will have value apart from the electricity and 'feed' a 3D printer uses, and power itself may become ‘free’, essentially the cardinality will be stripped out of the whole thing.
By infinite i mean ‘unlimited’ not a denumerable or otherwise very big amount ~ that’s still finite.

Ape Machine replies:

You mean infinite debt: debt does not ever have to be paid back, you just pay back debt with new debt, you pay back the old debt by making new debts and so on forever since in reality it will never have to be paid back. Actually what you really need is constant cash flow, cash coming in and going out, the more the better, the more confusing the better (the more intractable the better and then you can play all kinds of accounting games on the numbers and make up all kinds of things, actually the goal is to completely lose track of money, how much it is whether you are in profit or loss, the more mixed up and confusing the better and so on, the financial markets, the paper economy, the make believe economy and such) : just like the "huge" JAPANESE debts or Italian debts, they have all of these debts and yet their economies chug along fine for decades on end, they always find someone who will always buy their debts no matter what. So it will never really have to be paid back, it just gets rolled over forever. And especially these debts are so intractable along with the 10 trillion dollars of US debt, no one knows where it is, what is going on and so forth.

And also notice how small chunks of these debts of varying time spans (10 year notes, 2 year bonds and so forth) are being constantly sold, all having different interest rates, so when one debt expires new ones have been made to pay them off and so forth.

The game is perfect, perfectly rigged, will work forever, this is why JHK ( http://kunstler.com/blog/2013/04/aftershocks.html ) has always been 100 % wrong on the financial and bank economy: it will go on forever, no matter what, it is a perfect machine and you can make debts forever, no amount of money is the limit since it will never really have to be paid back. This is the little dirty secret of all of the financial crap.

The reason why governments and economies can make debts forever is because the Technological Economy generates huge amounts of free wealth automatically (along with huge profits, ask Apple or Exxon etc.) , wealth and production is no longer tied into labor or work anymore, wealth today is created through huge economies of scale, large scale networks, transportation, energy networks (and energy will never run out, we have a glut of energy and solar energy is an infinite source of energy, etc.), information, automation, computers, software, mechanized argiculture, technologies and so forth.

And the world is awash with cash, there is 100 trillion dollars in banks just sitting there and not knowing what to do, you will always find money that will buy any debts no matter what.

Every now and then they have to make believe that "debts" is real and serious so they choose a little irrelevant and weak country, just like bullies and decide to punish them: Greece and Cirpo for example, little weaklings that you can beat up in the name of a false moralistic imaginary model of an economy that doesn't exist and is just made up.

No new Capital?

Not a week goes by that the Governor doesn't announce a new State Funded project, ranging from a $100 million spa at UCONN (where the boys and girls can hook up and work out, and look good doing it) to the $1 billion 9 mile busway from Hartford (a crumbling ghetto) to New Britain (a decrepit industrial city in decline since 1960). The only passengers on the busway will be gangbangers, drug dealers, and those travelling to Capitol City to expedite their welfare checks, if that.

The state is in serious debt. Where does this $$ come from?

Hancock, you can predict the future, and have unique insight into recent historical events? Quite a guy!


And there is the new $500 million Field House (the old one is 20 years old, already obsolete) and school construction everywhere, including a $50 million HS in a remote little town in the eastern part of the state.

Anyway, it gives the impression that this place is a boomtown. That's not to mention the road construction everywhere, disrupting traffic and giving this 400 year old state an unfinished, disorderly look.

the Supreme Comrade

Howdy JK,

What the hell's wrong with "wishful thinking?" That's pretty much all we have....

Sit back and watch the conflict on this Blog. Why do you think the rest of the world would reason or "work" any better?

What we do know - what we know for sure - is that people are spending quite a lot of time and effort getting petroleum substrates free from hard to reach geographies.

What we also seem to know - or seem to experience - is a lack on any effort to redesign our living standards based on easy-to-recover petroleum.

What we also know is that powerful people have coined a term "austerity" and are currently testing various means of taking a way the current standard of living of several "western-style" populations.

When faced with "wishful thinking" versus what I know about the "austerity" being foisted onn various countries - I guess I continue with the fairy tales.

Why not play along - its all good? :-)

The "Broken Promises" meme you have described is likely a seminal theme for emergent and future social (d)evolution. I suspect that much of the crime we are seeing, as well as general chaos (e.g. flash mobbings of stores) in the urban areas, is a direct response to the angst, and simple fury, stemming from years of broken promises. Perhaps the most flagrant broken promise is that which says one will be more educated, affluent and successful than their parents. Many kids in the lower socio-economic classes seem to already know this; hence, the chaos in urban areas. Middle class college kids are just beginning to awaken to the false reality they have been sold. Eventually they all will, as they will be working (if they even have a job) in fast food with BAs, MAs, and PhDs (already 15% of PhD work in fast food or retail sales; wait until that's 50%).

My oldest son is in college at a major state university. He tells me that he does not know a single person, out of his 25 or so acquaintances, who, by the junior year, doesn't owe at least $50K. These are loans that, unlike with my generation, cannot be paid back over years, re-financed, interest only, etc; principle and interest payments start at graduation, and sometimes earlier.

When the full weight of the false reality which the current 20-somethings have been sold becomes known by all, the proverbial shit will really hit the fan. It will not be pretty. The current crop of kids are debt slaves, pure and simple, and when slaves wake up things are generally unpleasant for their former oppressors.

Think in terms of the level of chaos and crime in the middle and upper middle class suburbs on par with that of the projects in urban areas. South side Chicago or East LA everywhere!!!!

Lock and load.

Very revealing!
The prez just said (about Assad) something to the effect that the regime has more concern about staying in power and control than it does the people of Syria.

Ummmm, ol' buddy; ol' prez o' mine?... slot you and your banking pals into that same statement, along with FUSA-folk, and you've got yourself a scary look in the mirror. (Although you were just trying to make a veiled threat towards Assad, your robe seems to be missing, O clearly naked one.)

Baaaahahahaha! He just used the ol' Bush the Lesser's beaut: "It's hard work."
Dayum! You can't make this shit up, I tells ya!

Thanks for your concern. (Quite perspecacious of you! ;o) Yes, life rudely intrudes; and the fact that it's doing so at a time when I need to be concentrating on the growing season is giving me a cramp and makin' me a tad grumpy.
Wha-da-ya gonna do? (...as they say.)

When will you all realize things are not so bad?

Peak Oil is just a theory and a busted one?

That gold has no real value?

That a stopped clock is right twice a day and we are past doom hour?

That things are improving across the globe?

That "magical thinking" is real when is a child in Africa has more access to info through a smartphone today than Bill Clinton has in the White House during his presidency. JHK was calling for doomsday then too, Y2K was going to do us all in! Remember that?

Notice the pattern, if JHK is wrong it's a conspiracy of the status quo and if he's ever right he's just right. He never says I was wrong, but he has been on just about everything. Entertaining yes, but incorrect.

So while I find these rants entertaining those of you stockpiling gold, ammo and hybrid seeds are fools.

The future is quite bright...cheap solar, electric cars, less crime, more understanding and compassion, sharing of ideas on a global scale. You are showing your age, not with wisdom but with bitterness and fear mongering.

The only thing this blog sells is irrational fear with a horrible track record on predictions.

It has more in common with Glen Beck's rants than anything on the left.

Don't buy fear, that is a losing trade. Except for short blips in human histroy it has always been a losing trade. Smile. Laugh. Look around. It's not so bad and it's not so serious-in fact it's getting better all the time. Doomsday prophets all share one thing-they have all been wrong and then they have passed away. Quit wasting your life planning for something that you can't predict and that will probably not happen in your lifetime and if it does you won't really see it coming in the form it hits in anyway.

They have words for this. Paranoia. Lunacy.

Just stop already. You have been wrong. You track record show that is likely to continue.

Find some good-there is so much of it to find.

Although a bit crestfallen that you responded to a member of the Sockpuppet Syndicate, the J.I.V.E. post were a good 'un!

You state "..the world can get by on hydroelectric, wind, thorium nuclear, solar, tidal, etc."

If thorium nuclear comes online fast enough, and battery technology improves fast enough, yes we may be able to continue to house, water, heat and feed 7 billion+ people. Every day. Minimally perhaps, and with a great expansion of rail, but yes, it may be possible.

The fact that technical solutions exist, unfortunately, doesn't say much about what will be implemented, and in what timeframe, and addresses neither political nor economic factors. In a world where economies and countries were sufficiently stable, you might be correct. In the real world, what are the odds?

"As the Boston Op proves, you can sell any lie you want to to the American Subject Populace, and even if they might individually have suspicions, social inhibition and mass psychology will prevent them from gaining any ground anyplace with any significant reach, which are all gatekept by the Global Pathocracy.

Believe what you want, it doesn't matter. Reality is coming whether you like it or not." -WSH

There we have it.
Carolyn Chute (The Beans of Egypt, Maine) scribbled this:
"It is my deepest wish that the left, right and all in between stop pointing horizontally when the say "enemy" but to look up to that faceless elite. Unity of the People can be a formidable thing, ready to declare ourselves, ready to govern ourselves."
-From the Acknowledgements section of "Snow Man", copyright 1999

While that second sentence is a nice thought, as you keep pointing out, an informed citizenry [with the ability to think critically] is required.
Oopsie... S.O.L.

"In the dance of death, everybody holds hands..."

Well struck, sir! Give that man a kewpie doll!

As usual, you're pointing out the truly outrageous cognitive dissonance that's threatening to explode our little brain-boxes! Talk about reality being in direct confrontation with wishful thinking... yikes. (Outrage fatigue is starting to set in heavy with me I s'pose.)

We might remember that there's a lot of that debt-wealth (stealing from the future via speculation) sloshing around in this portion of the country, and chasing "investment opportunities" for "growth and gain" is being pursued with a maniacal fervor. (Desperation brought on by the very fact of dwindling "opportunities for major returns".)

Mornin', Zone.

Like you,I've been following this use of the chemical weapons red line tough talk regarding Syria lately. While Hagel spoke out recently and basically confirmed claims that small amounts of sarin gas were used by the regime there was an abundance of hedging to avoid indication of assured retaliatory action. This didn't make a congressman on the weak intellect committee too happy, citing the trite failure to lead cliche. Military action doesn't seem to be an automatic option for the U.S. anymore despite rhetoric.

My question is does Obama really have sway in deciding to take military action absent a U.N. resolution? Do you think he has the presence of character to act against the interests of Israel and the Arab League, or has the U.S. just simply been stifled by Russia and China at the U.N. and can only continue covert "aide" actions?

There's some criticism/discussion that Obama is resisting the imperialist puppet strings a bit but I'm not sure he as any credibility as an autonomous decision maker.

Thanks, man.

All excellent questions (that I can't answer definitively ;o).
Today's press conference isn't yet up in full video mode, that I can find so far. From my twisted perspective upon a radio hearing, it sounds like little more than an attempt to win the confidence of the pub-lick. Kind of a winning-hearts-and-minds, applied domestically. You could tell me what you think when viewing it video-wise with all the attendant body language. To me, it seems "the administration" is sensing a distinct lack of trust in the mood of the populace, and all the old bromides and bullshittery employed by the give-fascism-a-chance Bushies is being trundled out of the warehouse for a repeated turd-polishing. Keep an eye on the op-ed pages to see how much blanket support this collusion of the 4th estate requires. (IOW, lots of cheering and puffed-up jingoism instead of criticism means WEAK POLICY OUTLINE and thin "solutions/answers/lies" and a need to "educate the public" because of a lack of trust.)

...But that's just ME; consider the attitude of the source. ;o)

There are good things happening in the world, but to dismiss what commenters here are concerned about seems either naive or disingenuous. Do tell me all the good things happening in the world, because I certainly could use some good news.

I am open about whether or not we have hit peak oil, but that is not the point. The point is that we live in a world of finite resources. That doesn't mean life must end on the Earth, it just means that as a supposedly intelligent species, all of us should plan how we are going to handle that fact. I don't agree with JHK that we all have to live a life of feudalism, but who knows? He could be right. To dismiss the idea of peak oil is to dismiss the concept of finite resources, and that is a bad idea.

Gold does have value. When fashioned into jewelry it is very beautiful. Gold has some aesthetic quality that appeals to humans' finer senses. That is valuable. Gold also has chemical properties that are useful in industrial processes, thus adding more value to itself. Finally, gold has been used as a medium of exchange for thousands of years, probably because of its beauty and industrial uses. In our digital age, will gold continue to be used as a store of value? Maybe, maybe not, it remains to be seen. Is it worth $1500/oz? Who knows? But to say gold has no value is incorrect.

To call those who buy guns, ammo, seeds, PMs fools is being too harsh. At the worst, they are being foolish, but since you don't know all of those people's intelligence, you can't definitely say they are all fools. And at the best, they may well be proven wise. Again, how do we know?

I would also like to know how the world is getting more compassionate. More compassionate than what?

Last, our future MAY be bright, but it is not a sure thing by any means. You speak of electric cars, but until we can develop cost efficient and practical fuel cells for automobiles, the real EROEI for our current crop of EVs is way too high. A wise person will hope for the best but plan for the worst.

"...This didn't make a congressman on the weak intellect committee too happy, citing the trite 'failure to lead' cliche."

Got a chuckle out of that. "Weak intellect committee" is surely a classic in the making.

Hey Oz the last I heard about Carolyn Chute she was hold up in her bunker in rural Maine, digging in for Armageddon. The photo accompanying the article showed her and her husband inside their bunker, defiantly clutching AK-47s. This was a few years ago. Maybe things have changed. Also mentioned was she made about $450,000 from 'The Beans of Egypt Maine', not a bad sum.


Not too shabby! You could buy yourself a nicely-appointed underground complex [with or without dooryard] for that kinda cabbage, for damn certain. ;o)

And how about the White House Correspondents dinner? There was your Cream de la Cream at that thing. Imagine the groveling, asskissing and sucking up that went on? What happened to the adversarial relationship between the Press and the Administration from when George Bush was President? It seems to have disappeared. Now its one big happy family. What a difference, huh?


'To call those who buy guns, ammo, seeds, PMs fools is being too harsh'

Actually, to my way of thinking it shows what a fool and sheeple the person is who made the comment
that 'preppers' are fools.

Others buy play stations and newspapers fulla bunk.

Whats a PM?

Schools and infrastructure are being built...

which means

Men and women have gainful employment...

which means

Children are being fed and educated and there is heat in the houses in the cold of winter.

Only on CNF could that state of affairs be decried (by Ozone) as a generator of "cognitive dissonance."

You people are sick.

What inside info am I missing here?
I do not get the joke?

And whats a 1/2 Billion dollar 'fieldhouse'?
School or gov building?

They are screwed up, aren't they? I have to laugh when some of them label ozone a "liberal." Yeah, right. Sure. Okay.

They can't wait for things to collapse. They've been waiting for it their entire lives, and they won't give up on it until they take their last breath.

Sadly for them, but not for the rest of us, they'll be disappointed. If and when there is a collapse, it won't happen the way they believe it will. Maybe it will just be a rather uneventful decline. If it is, these folks will be clamoring for a refund, but sorry boys, there are no refunds for this event. You put all your eggs in the calamity collapse basket, and it could be that basket gets crushed. Too bad. Suck it up. Go out and live a little before you kick off this mortal coil and let everyone else live while you're at it.

Also, "CNF"? What is that? Clusternuck Fation? Clusternation Fuck? Please clarify.

Jamesh, thank you for your positive post.

I must warn you that you now risk being labeled part of the "Sockpuppet Syndicate" (rational posters who challenge CFN dogma).

What you write sounds a lot like what a deceased poster here used to write, so don't be surprised if someone says you are Asoka.

Thanks for a refreshing post.

Go out and live a little before you kick off this mortal coil and let everyone else live while you're at it.


LOL! They can't. At heart they are New England Puritans. They get pissed if they suspect someone, somewhere is having a good time. Anyone not suffering their angst they have to call names: pollyanas, cornucopians, deluded idiots, whatever...

Also, "CNF"? What is that? Clusternuck Fation? Clusternation Fuck? Please clarify.


It was a typo. But it could be Coddled Nation of Fuckheads.

Right on, Zone.

I'll look for this upload of the press conference vid you mentioned. To date, I've scanned the peripheral conversations and articles from Rose to the msm. Can't tell if they're behind the curve in projecting the propaganda or ahead. You're on to something when you describe a type of frantic scrambling amid the policy elite. These fuckers just cannot fake the type of confidence in their convictions they use to. The variables for deciding upon any particular agenda cohesion just seem to be spiraling out of control. What this means to the idea of a hastened arrival of calamity is anyone's guess.

On a side note, none of this may matter anyhow; someone posted an audio conversation from a former college prof who believes North America will be devoid of life in 5 years. The supposed runaway feedback loops for climate change/warming make "planning" of any kind pointless. We're fucked... Carol, that was for you. Now iddin dat sumthun? Haha! Too bad he didn't really explain the science behind his view. He just seemed to be another depressed Doomer in good company. Time to relax and watch my plants grow, lest the sun is 'bout to burn out too ;>)


Asoka, having another conversation with yourself?

Carol Newquist = Adequecio

You're too much. Good for some laughs, tho!


Homeschooling, Non-Schooling, Unschooling = Raising Your Own Kids


What happened to the Swedes? Have they all been lobotomized?

It's time for both the Swedish and the U.S. governments to be dismantled.

We think we know so much, yet we cannot begin to imagine what is yet to come in the way of White Swans.

For example, we know about wind energy, right? Big moving blade, noisy, kill birds, etc. Bad news, right?

Now someone comes along and changes all our ideas about wind energy with a bladeless wind turbine which converts wind to energy without any moving parts, absorbs little wear and tear, requires hardly any maintenance, and most importantly, it makes no noise and casts no moving shadows, because it does not have any blades.

Have a look: http://images.gizmag.com/inline/saphonian_turbine_bladeless-0.jpg?dur=4918

Who woulda' thunk it possible? I can hear your next questions: EROI? Does it scale? CFN minds are instinctively closed to new possibilities. Too much magic, right? No, just ordinary physics.

Let the comedy begin. The CFN astro-mystic has begun to drag its itchy asshole across the CFN carpet, stains galore.


I love the way the Media has fallen silent on the Syrian Rebellion. Asad has apparently put these Al Qaeda dogs down. As usual (Afghanisan, Libya) we want to arm the dogs even as they are supposed to our Enemies.

Now you speak of "unity of the people". What does that mean? That's Marxist speak - and it is discredited with the real people. Your Nation the Berkshires. Your enemies the colored masses of Springfield. They will have to be expelled if your Nation has any chance at all.

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the things CFN is obsessed with: MONEY.

Bladeless wind turbines convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity at up to double the efficiency – and half the cost – of a typical wind turbine.

We need more of these astro-mystical inventions.

Typical Leftist ad hominem slander. You need to grow up punk. The quickest way would be to get punched in the face.


"It's now a matter of maintaining faith and trust in the abstract system." - swmnguy

"Money" exists because it is generally accepted that it should exist but in a framework of custom, law, institutions.

But faith in "money" diminishes if people start to suspect the system.

You might look at all this money "creation" by the Fed (and other central banks) and ask yourself how does this differ from counterfeiting? So if people start to think that the institutional and legal apparatus underpinning "money" is compromised they will start to look for other ways of preserving their spending power.

Which is what this kerfuffle over gold is all about.

The recent plunge in the price of gold has the malodor of manipulation. Which itself could have the effect of creating distrust in the institutions supposedly regulating the financial system. Which could spur even more buying of gold. Have you heard the stories of people in India and China buying gold by the bucket after the recent drop in price? Have you heard the stories about how difficult it is to get physical delivery of gold?

Look at all those geniuses, those brilliant PHDs that run places like the Fed, that attended those high falutin institutions of higher lernin'. Even assuming the best of intentions and the least malign of motives, these are just people and so, underneath all the data driven analysis, are just as flawed, just as absurd, just as ego driven, just as subject to social pressure, to group-think, to wishful thinking as anyone else and just as desirous as anyone else of the things that everyone else wants. They know they're in the media, they want to feel good about themselves, they want to read complimentary things, they want the good regard of their friends, the esteem of people they know and respect. And so, because they are people, they are subject to fucking up most heinously and on a massively greater scale than other people because of the institutional levers they wield.

Given the behavior of the world's central banks and how they seem to be pursuing common monetary policies tell me that "group think" isn't alive and well. "Consensus" they call it. Ok maybe it is. Group think or not, it looks to me that their thinking is straight-jacketed. Have any of them seriously entertained alternative views? They want to avoid another Great Depression. What about the view that, as bad as the Great Depression was, what emerged was an economy based on work and saving rather than wild speculation. Was there even a thought at the world's central banks that as destructive as another depression would be, maybe the only way to get from here to there is through another? I doubt it.

Maybe they think that financial institutions would be destroyed in the ensuing mayhem. Maybe they think that would be a bad thing. Well, maybe they need to be destroyed. Maybe the effort to preserve them is the problem and not the solution. Was there ever the thought that we need to re-learn the lessons of the 1930s? I doubt that too.

Printing money is all they can think of. And so they print money. And so the world spins its wheels as the central banks try to avoid a necessary restructuring of an unbalanced and unsustainable global economy.

Remember the Fed of the 1970s, how it heeded demands for easy money (the justification at the time was better to have high inflation than high unemployment) and the huge infationary mess it created and subsequently had to be cleaned up at huge cost? Remember Greenspan? I have to imagine all those years in the 1980s and 1990s before the succession of financial debacles that took him down in people's estimation, that he basked in the adulation of the press and Wall Street. There weren't enough good things that could be said about him. He was the Maestro. He created he Great Moderation. People puzzled over his every obscurely worded utterance. And now? Now that looks all so Chauncey Gardiner.

History is full of countries and economies and currencies that crashed and burned. Do I blame people for buying gold? No I don't.

Terrifying article. The Globalists often begin things in Sweden and then spread it from there - just as our Public School System was taken from Prussia even though private schools were doing a great job - with literacy rates over 90%. The Elite were already plotting with John Dewey pretending to endorse a Liberal Arts education but actually wanting a system which tailored people for Industry. Of course most people shouldn't go to college, but those that want a real Liberal Arts education should get one.

Haha, Jack-off mate Janos - astro-boy's beloved towel boy - arrives on cue. Your red, stained carpet awaits.

I welcome a punch in the face from you, but do know that you can't handle the consequences.

Later, CFN! 'Til next Monday.


Never mind that the Greenhouse Effect discussion began a century ago,


Not even the scientists! Why do we even have science when we can pray to the sun!

Oh, it's going to get better. Humans are now FORCED to intervene. So what happens if the USA's solution is unacceptable to the Russians whose solution is unacceptable to the Chinese?

What if Sir Richard Branson says his solution is better then anyone's and acts?

Who has the right to impose?

This IS the magic moment. We will either cooperate or die off.

Girls go crazy for cute Terrorist. He has to innocent cuz he's Hot. This is women's nature - Learn.


Your love of disguting imagery is a Classic Leftist trait. How can anything good come from minds this dirty? In your case, a punch in the face wont be enough. You need several years of hard labor in a Prison/Monastary with Guards ready to render Singapore Justice.

Thank you, Adequatio.

Innovation is the most powerful engine for a sustainable change. The history of humankind has shown us that nothing is out of reach and that the majority of breakthrough innovations came from places that are least expected. So, by adopting an authentic lateral thinking process and by challenging the conventional wisdom, we can unlock our true potential for innovation.

Inspiring story of the Day: White Man in New Orleans held a gun point by Negro disarms him and chases him. A minute later two Negroes in a car offer to trade him his phone to get the gun back. White Man uses gun to break the window of the car instead.

Posters wish that he had had blown the robber away with the shotgun. Healthy hatred hard to disagree with. Maybe there is hope for Whites.

Now go back and read Ozone's talk about "the People" - and laugh.


Yes, bladeless wind turbines are robust, resistant and as scalable as the current bladed wind turbines. Cheaper, quieter, more efficient. Next.

I do what I do. Making you laugh is just icing on the cake. Thanks!

The state is in serious debt. Where does this $$ come from?

Hancock, you can predict the future, and have unique insight into recent historical events? Quite a guy!

Hey buddy, thanks for the compliment, even if it is a bit (or wholly), ummm, left-handed. I really wish I could see the future, instead of seeing a probability array of narrowing trends as the Event Horizon approaches, leaving little wiggle room for what is possible based in recent massive escalations on all fronts from enivornmental to economic and through sociopolitical.

If I could do what you mockingly say I can, I'd have cleaned up on some form of gambing, Vega#, Wall Street, Mafia bookies, whatever.

And I'd be so loaded down with cash I'd never have to give a shit anyways.

The answer to where the money comes from for your boondoggles is simple: The Electronic Printing Press.

Now that it has been revealed that, as Taibbi's Rolling Stone article concludes, "Evrything is Fixed", so yet another "wild conspiracy theory" shown to be stark, cold reality.

QE to Infinity and all the rest provides the electronic loot, falsely maginfying (as it has been for a few decades now, just recently momstrously Nazi-style misrepresentative) the power of the actually shrivelling American Economy.

See JHKs comments on Red Queen Syndrome.

The phony money, for now, drives real work, but that us a vestige of the soon to be ending Old World in which Bretton Woods rules the day and the dollar is global reserve currency.

And the end of cheap abundant high EROI oil to paper over the Ponzi scams, that's the "limiting reagant", and it's what CFN is all about, the black oily spider at the center...the energy required to feed the Ponzi scheme is laying bare the bones of what has always laid beneath.

As long as the FUSA maintains some part of it's economic vassalage using this Extractive Wealth Pump which steals from their own peasantry, transfers it to the FUSA through the system of Economic Hit Banks, while showering the Local Aristocratic DemiGods on Earth with enough cheddar to keep 'em in blow and whores and gold-plated 80" HDTVs, it's all good.

But that is coming an end, as JHK so eloquently points out, because every manipulation designed to keep the Economic Hit Banks afloat and the Extractive Wealth Pump pumping, now saps trust from the system in ways the Trillion-Dollar Corpzi Lie Machine can only slow briefly, even with all it's great mass/behavioral psychological power and it's ability to wave bloody dead 8-year-olds in your face until you can think of little else.

Considering the loot's all vaporware and electronic mendacious hocus-pocus, trust and the mass terror everyone has of what will happen when they stop believeing the lie (massive value drop of 401ks and the notion of lengthy retirement, among other things), is all that keeps this dingbat circus going.

It's all connected. The politics of the coming tyranny, which you still disbelieve at this late and obvious date, is all driven one thing and one thing only: The Welfare of the Top 0.01% Gods on Earth being ahead of the peasants in preparing for what is coming.

They'll pile you and yours like Corpzi Cordwood just to throw one more fancy dinner party before the end (frutti di bosco in hydromel sauce, anyone?).

That's the trust you have to dissolve if you are ever to see The Big Picture before it's upon you, which it almost certainly will be now with a couple decades and probably much sooner.

Ask ozone, you respect him. Your trust in your Aristocratic Masters undermines your reason. That and keeping glued to Cable Corpzi Infoganda, which fills your head with nonsense, lies, and strong emotion.

Agreed about the informed populace. Ed Bernays figured out how to short-circuit that now nearing a hundred years ago. Now the technology exists to bring his nightmare vision into full flower.

So even if an informed populace was possible, the bloated 900-pound corpse of Ed Bernays keeps getting dropped on us (every day through our TVs and other gewgaws, gadgets, and gimcracks) to prevent our even having the idea of rising...until it's too late to matter.

Even here on CFN, so many people who should know better because every week they come here and see JHK and others documenting all of it, even joining in themselves, yet still can't bring themselves to disbelieve their TVs and the Aristocratic Sociopaths who decide who and what goes on them.

Sad, but oh well.

As someone said above, "So long and thanks for all the fish!"

One last thing: Know why there's only one Bradley Manning?

Because there's only one Bradley Manning.

Lucky there's even one, given what Corpzi America has become and will almost certainly become soon.

I tend to disagree Vlad. I have never been punched in the face, nor have I ever thrown a punch. You can trust me, I am a stand up guy and will cover anyones back that deserves covering. There have been a few pyschos I had to restrain but I always tried to be considerate. Being almost 2 meters tall and 100 kilos made it easier but some men you just can't reach! And if they were really a pain in the butt the guys with clubs and guns were usually around.


Hancock said:

Now the technology exists to bring his nightmare vision into full flower.

So even if an informed populace was possible, the bloated 900-pound corpse of Ed Bernays keeps getting dropped on us (every day through our TVs and other gewgaws, gadgets, and gimcracks) to prevent our even having the idea of rising...until it's too late to matter.

H, check out this video from Charlie Rose. It seems that some futurists are re-launching the "technology will re-shape the future" mantra. It sounds damn good, too, or does it? They might not take too kindly to your prescient contrary views

The interview spans a lofty discussion about personal empowerment, the government's technological capacity to surveil and capture evil doers, and how we're all going to become world super citizens. Weee! The democratization of information and innovation. Wee! But wait a minute, we still have jack-off Janos Scuzzinky and his star dusted co-patriot, Astro-Boy. Ta Da! Guess the mantra of how the internet was going to revolutionize education 20 years ago was a fairy tale scented pile of bullshit after all.

Please excuse the poor use of sarcasm, this video got my overactive imagination working. What did sort of freak me out is how using technology is becoming a zero sum game in that if u cross the unknown government line expressing a thought on social media, you might have your as thrown in the klink. I'm not talking about China.

Self-appointed American Gestapo representative comrade Janos already advocates for the idea ;>) What an intimidating enforcer he would be *smirk*. Just kiddin', the interview was interestingly substantial if not a bit spooky, too.

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman at Google & Jared Cohen, Director at Google Ideas on their book "The New Digital Age”



Thanks for shining a light on these "technology will reshape the future" guys! Why, there are even some who claimed that controlled, powered, heavier-than-air flight is possible! Keep 'em honest, UFIA.

I know, RIGHT!!! And the next thing you'll be hearing is a thing called the horseless carriage!!! LOL!!! Imagine our city and suburban streets not filled with horse dung!


I'll call bullshit on my self here and admit to being a card carrying member of the "techno-fix all" club. Truly, at this moment of human creativity we must fall down in awe of our capacity to utilize such versatile tools born of pure research and applied science.

Help me out here: how do we reconcile our present incoherent manner of capital generation and allocation, not to mention implementation of these tools so that they're not controlled by a power hungry elite? How do we effect the idea that the working man doesn't need to get left behind as the machine of capitalism no longer requires him thanks to techno-production? Fresco's RBE? Interested! But the chicken littles who shout Communism, Socialism,Skynet etc. won't be reasoned with.

And remember, advanced airplane carburetor technology that achieved 100 miles per gallon used in the P51 Mustang pioneered during WWII to win the endeavor was real. It was subsequently patented and buried from public use while we romantically built a society for happy motoring using Ford mustangs that got 8 miles for virtually free fuel. Those days are long gone, even now that peak oil is bunk for the advent of new fracking tech. Vehicle mileage standards today are no less a joke comparatively. And despite the new energy abundance you rightly tout, the fuel cost trend is averaging up. So it's long past time for that advanced carburetor tech, or battery tech, or bio-tech to come back to market, right? But wait... such implementations are always only a few years away, waiting for government to invest in infrastructure, private investment and some other silly shit. Meanwhile, the private corporates post record profit improvements year for year.

I remember reading Highlights magazine in kindergarten. I would thumb through actual pictures of scientific pioneers sitting in functioning prototypical flying saucers and read how the average Joe would likely have one parked in his garage by 1995. Was it far fetched? The tech existed, but George Jetson never got his wish. Keep trying to convince me, I keep an eye on the same things you do. You play that role well, even though I hate you for it you little mofo.


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"I'm not mad atcha" -- UFIA

"I hate you for it you little mofo." --UFIA

Make up your mind, dude. Are you schizophrenic?

Was speaking facetiously... Don't worry.

Perhaps you are alright, but there is always room for improvment. A good punch might help with that ego of yours. I mean if the stand up guy suddenly found himself sitting down, maybe he would try and kill someone. You don't know since it has never happened.

No, Janos, Jesus gave a universal message:

Jesus, shooting down the "self-defense" justification for murdering another human being.

No, Janos, Jesus gave a universal message:

Whosoever clings to life, whosoever tries to preserve it, will lose it; and whosoever is ready to lose it will preserve it.

Jesus, shooting down the "self-defense" justification for murdering another human being.

You don't have to blame "them", Rhino, honey. They buy the gold and then want to sell it for (in their opinion) "worthless" dollars". Or they hold on to them for...what??? a side of beef? A bushel of corn?

Tell ya what, Rhino, you find those folk who want to trade their gold coins, bricks, or whateverthef_ck or a bushel of corn, then maybe I'll believe the ole gold bug bullsh_t! Until then, maybe we'd all be better off if you just shut your pie hole.


"Perhaps you are alright, but there is always room for improvment."



Okay, d_ckhead, if you want improvement, let's start with your spelling.

Self defence isn't murder. And stealing someone's horse or car is akin to murder so stopping it is self defence too.

Whites are the Native Americans.


Glad you feel entertained, honey child!

When you were posting as asoka I recommended you read a book entitled "Financial Reckoning Day" by William Bonner. You obviously haven't read it yet.

If you ever do you will greatly increase your woefully low level of financial understanding. Despite a multitude of anti-gold rants from you over the years I doubt you've convinced even one person. Yes, we get it. You don't like gold. But we also get that you, like a small child having a tantrum, sound off with much fury and bombast about the subject signifying nothing but your own ignorance.

I don't think you're stupid. But you are ignorant as you haven't bothered to educate yourself.

I'm trying to do you a favor Soake. Read the
book. Then you won't come across as such a lumpenprole when you discuss what honest money is, or isn't.

Thank you for an excellent illustration of how the self-defense justification grows. Why you can eventually invade countries using it that way! "I was scared. I "thought" x, y, z might happen, so I MURDERED.

Asoka is dead.

No, war is not the same as murder. Soldiers are innocent even if the war is not morally just. The onus is on the Politicians in that case. Of course atrocities and war crimes may be a different story. But shooting the enemy is perfect just - as the Holy Spirit informed the Fathers and Saints.

Whatever you did to Asoka, can you do the same to Adequatio?

This may strengthen your faith in the rightness of our Cause.


A good punch eh? So violence is the solution? As they say on TV "Come on Down". Let's mix it up! I believe you to be an intelligent internet boaster who does not have a life. Maybe I am wrong but I believe there are many here on the CFN that feel the same way about your boastful biggoted talk. Anybody else that has read Vlads postings please feel free to chime in anytime.

Intellectually you are dead as you refuse to grow.
And you're a liar; everyone here knows you used to post as asoka. You're one sick fuck.

Thanks for the link.

Don't know that I'll be able to sit it. I have a low tolerance for techno-euphoria, these days.

Oh, brave new world that has such people in it!

This insane asylum we call a nation is so detatched from reality, so thoroughlyenslaved to it's manufactured upside-down "Conventional Wisdom", that if it was a person, the FUSA would be unable to tell the differnce between it's ass an a hole in the ground.

Charlie Rose and the rest of the Aristocratic Mouthpieces spewing garbage designed to keep we peasants docile and confused.

Don't get so hot under the collar. Bigotry? Because I tell the truth about Blacks? You have to choose whether you want to please men or please God. God is the Ultimate Truth and he loves those who tell the Truth.

You may be big but your ego is your glass jaw. There is no shame in being knocked out. That you see it that way shows that you need to be. Thus the wisdom of the article.

LOL! You say: "shooting the enemy is perfect just"

And who determines who is the enemy? I cannot kill Germans, Japanese, or Vietnamese soldiers today and have it considered moral or just.

So, you are saying politicians determine morality?

Ha! What a joke you are. I don't think even you believe the bullshit you are saying.

Whoa, here's some great news (for the super-wishful):
“The U.S. Geological Survey is significantly increasing its assessment of oil and gas reserves in the Williston basin of North Dakota. In the past five years, more than 4,000 new wells in the Williston area have offered new information about the subsurface geology and the potential for oil and gas. … ‘Together the Bakken and Three Forks formations contain an estimated mean of 7.4 billion barrel of undiscovered technically recoverable oil. This assessment is a two-fold increase from the 2008 assessment,’ [USGS acting director Suzette] Kimball said.” (http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2013/04/30/regional/bakken-oil-report)
Happy motoring forever!

Hey Vlad, I think you are a very smart and well read person. Smarter than me that's for sure. I have black friends and white friends. Some of the white dudes are way bigger a##holes. Either way, we are all on this blue marble together. Perhaps if we could get along things would be cool. Happy May Day!

designed to keep we peasants docile and confused

I enjoy being docile and confused. I consider it a life achievement. Please leave me in peace.

You should try docility and confusion. It is pleasant. Try containing multitudes instead of being right all the time. Please.

A few Blacks here and there are ok, but it never stays at that level. More and more come in and then Whites have to flee. It has happened to tens of millions of Whites in the last 60 or so years. Once the Black level approaches 30%, they stop being polite and start throwing their weight around. And your Black friends wouldn't see any problem and would become angry if you pointed one out.

Here is a truly righteous Negro condemning his Race for their savagery. A deaf White Man was butchered by the friends of his Black Girlfriend.


Poor Janos. A fleeing minority.

Only 12% of the world population is your kind, so you gonna have problems no matter where you go. White privilege is a thing of the past. No you either integrate or continue fleeing. Your choice.

I just realized that this fukin' idiot really thinks he's fooling people that he isn't writing to himself via multiple sock puppets. Sure, Carol does it so blatantly it's aggravating, but Jack-off Skuzzinsky does it because he truly can't get anyone with an intellect to quibble over his assertions any longer, and he thinks his act is convincing.

Jack Wagon Zucchini, it's time to finally wiggle that big toe and depress the trigger of that big black shotgun cock you've held in your mouth for so long. Turns out this blog is some sort of life support system for you, and because your in no danger of being banned you'll hang on hoping for validation FOR-EV-ER. Seems you're beginning to find yourself alone on that deserted island though. Tickle me Elmo is really you mimicking Asoka's style. What, has Astro-Boy's flaming star finally burnt out, causing you to lose direction and your "Somebody to Love"? Nothing left but to commit a noble suicide.



Later, CFN! 'Til next Monday.


Life support? Pot calling kettle black.

You were gone as of this morning. Except you can't leave.

Got me, dude. Started raining when doing yardwork and got obnoxiously windy. Came back in to watch some DVRd stuff, thought of HC's post and got lost in Youtube and CFN. Time to peel of for some ice cream and other homework.

You win.

What? You don't hire Mexicans to do your yard work?
LOL! They will work in the rain. Hard workin' motherfuckers will work in all kinds of weather. You just illustrate what's wrong with whites. They lazy... and don't want to get wet.

Solar panels have yielded from 6% to 9% in efficiency ... until now. For the first time, scientists have produced a photovoltaic (PV) cell with a conversion efficiency of 40.7 percent. The breakthrough cell was developed using a structure called a “multi-junction solar cell.” In this type of device, individual PV cells are made of layers, and each layer captures a portion of the sunlight reaching the cell. This allows the unit to capture energy from a greater range of the solar spectrum, leading to higher efficiency. Grid parity is just around the corner!

Wellsir, if we was wishin' we had "the juice" to kick the ass of a piss-ant, shitty little country like Syria, sorry, the sweetest dream begins to fade:


So how to get some "juice" back into this crappy kerfuffle? Hmmmm... GOT IT! Send them terr'ists... shit, sorry... FREEEEEEdom fighters a couple pallet-loads of medical supplies and fine 'Murkin rations! Think they're gonna need 'em? Well, probably all 8 mee'un bucks worth, I'd say.

Yes, it does get thinner and more pathetic by the day. Nurse! Where's my fuckin' JUICE!!

What? 'They losin' that juice too?? I thought it was all about "retention" and "sequestration" of those precious fluids. Perhaps I was mistaken, and something (anything, please) NEW was proposed?
(Probably not; biting the hand that feeds those of the Sockpuppet Syndicate ensures expulsion and a evaporation of Empire Credits... and [oh, dearie me] an abrupt end to the Life of Ease.)

I think it is refreshing we have a president who has not rushed to war and does not seem eager to get USA sons and daughters slaughtered in a conflict that has not in any way threatened the sovereignty or security of the United States of America. You stupid, ozone, if you want boots on the ground in Syria or planes in the air over Syria.

...But, why worry? The oil will never run out, so we can burn the whole fucking ecosystem down! Let us wish [pray too, if you got that juice] that we all "go to glory" in a Cadd-ee-yak Escalade; mmm-hmmm, air-conditioned comfort on the Road to Hell...

I'm Ok with being alone because my mind is relatively at peace. But you! Ugly is your middle name. Your ugliness will eat alive sooner or later.

Check out this Leftist professioral con man who was recently unmasked. The punk is now in therapy - it's working and he hates himself.

The oil will never run out...


Oil won't ever run out because price inflation & demand destruction will guarantee that the carbon stays in the ground.

The oil will never "run out" because extraction costs will become exorbitant and we will stop trying to find it and we will stop trying to extract it. That will be a grand day.

"You have to choose whether you want to please men or please God. God is the Ultimate Truth and he loves those who tell the Truth."

Evidently, "He" is a man too?

At the very dawn of religion, God was a woman … the female deity in the Near and Middle East was revered as Goddess —much as people today think of God… the original status of the Goddess was as supreme deity… the Great Goddess was regarded as immortal, changeless, omnipotent; and the concept of fatherhood had not yet been introduced into religious thought. After three thousand years of racism imposed by Indo-European males it has been completely forgotten that God was a Black woman.

http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.com/new haven



Your knowledge of Taoism is slim. Google the Jade Emperor. God is both Male and Female and neither Male or Female. God will manifest which ever way you need.

"The Mind of a Con Man"

Oh Vlad...ain't you just too cool.

Let's review.

The livable environment on this planet has been destroyed.

INCREDIBLE amounts of money are "mysteriously" disappearing from the world's economy.

INCREDIBLE amounts of money have been missing from DoD's budget for years.

Stephen Hawking sez that in the long run, the only hope for our species is to find another world to inhabit.

The "Phoenix Lights" were first spotted in 1995 but didn't really get much attention until 1997.

Thousands of people saw this phenomena but our government has declined to comment.

What does the US Military do in Arizona? Go ahead. Check it.

I know that some readers of this blog believe in Noah's Ark.

If you don't already have your Boarding Pass...

You never will.

Bis spater

Good piece by a self hating White like you. At the end he admits that by forgiving himself for being White, he might stop hating other people as much. X, you can do it too. You don't have to be an asshole forever.


Do you think Aliens are going to take the chosen off this doomed planet? The Hale Bopp sucide cult believed that too. Anyway, if it's real, I'm sure I will be chosen. I'm not sure about you though, unless you give up the anti-White racism.

Media attempts to crucify Whites who wanted their own prom. If it was Black, not a word would be said. None our rights mean anything without the right of Freedom of Association.




Re: The Party is Over for Banks and the "Paper Economy"

Postby nameta9 » Wed May 01, 2013 11:18 am

Mowk wrote:Wow that's some irrational rant.

Exuberant Irrationality

Rationality doesn't exist, everything is wrong (and right) at the same time, just give up. The economy needs mistakes more than anything else, it needs stupid people more than anything else, people making huge debts and unable to pay, buying things, huge home improvement projects that then can't be paid back and such. The economy is an On Going Process with no inherent rationality, just a lot of changes for changes sake, alot of different people doing all kinds of things, it needs stupid just as much as smart. One in every three american workers change jobs every year, that is science fiction for puny Europe and JAPAN, they are old, stagnant, static economies, too "smart" and careful and conservative to grow, too educated and careful and such. That is why the GDP of the USA always grow, at least 2 percent a year while puny Southern Europe and JAPAN can't ever grow (and southern europe stashed all their cash in home values, what idiots (but didn't I say we need idiots ? of course, and in fact All Contradictions Are Operating always and such)).

The economy is an on going process (just like work and jobs and science, politics, power struggles and everything in life and the world, all on going processes going nowhere but pretending to go somewhere) that needs a mix of all kinds of things, disjoint logical segments that clash and mix up and confuse, we need confusion and making mistakes more than anything else, we need all kinds of changes. Stupid people buy things at Walmart or Home Depot and decide to improve their house - that creates work and jobs and consumption and so on. So then maybe they can't pay back, who cares ? someone else will always pick up the tab and the merry go round continues. We need way more stupid people (than smart) for the economy to grow than anything else, we need all kinds of people, the more different and random and unexpected the better, this creates all kinds of random interactions amongst economic sectors, all changes, make and break, buy and throw away, hire and fire and so forth.

That is why the economists and JHK (http://kunstler.com/blog/2013/04/we-wish.html) and others are all wrong when they think that society and economy as a whole needs more this or that, must do this or that (more "education" or "innovation" or "research" or "competition" or more public transportation, more "green economy" more local economy or anything else) since they think that such a huge intractable and pointless system made up of millions of random people can be condensed into some small logical segment and everyone is on the same page: nothing further from the truth, everyone is going in a different direction, all disjoint logical segments, it can't be condensed into a simple logical segment or reasoning within the comfort of your own minds, it is totally irrational, random, chaotic mess and so it must be to grow and create jobs.

We need confusion more than anything else, we need random people, millions of people making all kinds of stupid mistakes and such, this creates economic activity and growth and new jobs, always change, hire and fire, everything must become intractable, irrational, a mess, exuberant irrationality, exactly, we need all kinds of people stupid and smart, full of mistakes and full of wise and so forth, only a mixed economy can live and grow and create jobs and such, hire and fire, play your game, make your bet, lose and play another game, be crazy, be wild, mess up, destroy any logical segment, destroy rationality once and for all and the economy will grow forever and such.

Now go on Europe and JAPAN, keep on saving your cash in postal bonds or keep on protecting the values of your homes, keep on protecting the status quo, the moralistic Germany not wanting debts and irrationality and wild and crazy, they will kill all the economies in the end, they don't have a clue how a modern Technological Economy works, they are 100 % wrong on everything, the EU and JAPAN needs to imitate the USA all the way, print money and make debts and great consumerism and make a lot of mistakes and we need millions of stupid people doing all kinds of stupid things and all.

Instead, they all want to be the Morality Police of the world, what idiots...

a few days ago, Wuyishan Xingtian town facet having to do with cadres and staff for more information regarding get to sleep,on do just as well a period for more information regarding listen to learn more about background music play cards too your hard earned dollars,going to be the Xinhua News Agency exposure Reporters yesterday from going to be the Wuyishan municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department learned that,three cadres participate upon playing cards have been pulled out Xingtian town mayor was warning. Some it is certainly plausible get to sleep someone bet

January 8th

at do just as well everywhere in the Xingtian town Party council government office building,a multi functional few can be bought for more information about going to be the office regarding going to be the villagers can't go and buy leadership; Deputy Secretary concerning town Party council office, someone lying everywhere in the the safety net for additional details on sleep; in the financial bedroom,a financial personnel pc repair is this hanging QQ,available going to be the music; what is because more with your town having to do with organization council office, five or otherwise six people even though smoking joking, playing cards,the table also played there are a number stack gorgeous honeymoons as well gambling your dollars

January 9th,going to be the Xinhua News Agency published model going to be the above to sum up reported, caused widespread concern.

Wuyishan for additional details on carry around town rectification do just fine style and design education

reporter a few days ago back and forth from going to be the Wuyishan municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, published reports, Wuyishan City Commission also Discipline Inspection, has established an all in one special investigation team, after investigation, have for additional details on participate on poker party organizations Xingtian town Councilor Zhang Liming, Xing Tian Zhen Zheng section-level cadres Lin Jiansheng, hte forest law enforcement officials station deputy director Chen Wenqing and therefore on three cadres for additional details on removal from office, presided more than going to be the town,going to be the leadership responsibility having to do with the mayor Ceng Yong an all in one disciplinary warning. On two village cadres in the cards according to explore going to be the organizational tactics to understand more about offer the the appropriate punishment.

reportedly, Wuyishan hometown has also warned,the hometown authorities and further have the desired effect style and design education and rectification,properly assist in the change office preference having to do with work

reporter despite having

implementation about going to be the eight regulations cast in stone office design and style relating to have the desired effect

“ presently style ach and every hard. ” a multi function provincial officials told reporters.

indeed. The reporter notices, Fujian province for more information regarding email you attempt to to understand more about the call coronary heart strengthen the style and design construction. Provincial Office,the office about the provincial government issued going to be the implementation having to do with the central government "eight regulations approach,back and forth from going to be the five aspects regarding further desires,such as going to be the official activities shall be cleared site claustrophobic,under no circumstances stop,narrow down going to be the normal production and business activities; going to be the provincial Party committee provincial government leaders all over the principle a multi function year abroad (Habitat) may not be a good deal more than one times plus more

reporter in your contact so that you have there are a number cadres, also what better way their style and design having to do with string stretched directly Provincial organs relating to Chen told reporters,a female little one is this still small, because having to do with going to be the need to learn more about take the kid before sometimes are usually late as well as for work big event have the desired effect would be that the are preoccupied ahead of due date at this moment can never &rdquo “. Another official said, “ a number of us are ready to understand more about engage so that you have assemblies about the original lot of people,are going to want rehearsing what,at this time also cancelled, leadership also believe a lot more pragmatic,in no way for more information about engage all around the most of these fancy too much info online ” in Fuzhou Strait Herald reporter Cai Yaozong sixth is v Deng Ruoxu / manga)

Mowk wrote:

nameta9 wrote:Check out:




For further delucidations.

For further what? Checked your links out, they appear to be a reproduction of what is posted here, how is that any further "delucidations."

What is delucidation? is that suppose to be the opposite of elucidation? To elucidate: to make clear, would then to "delucidate" be to make less clear or intentionally cloud an issue. (are you making up words cause I haven't been able to find it in any dictionary.)

You must read the entire blogs, all of the blog posts and all of the posts of nameta9 on ilovephilosophy for further delucidations...

And also all of the blogs and posts on www.kunstler.com for further delucidations...

APE Machine

You were gone as of this morning. Except you can't leave.


Ha! I've noticed the same thing. There is a pack of them that does it, and he's one of the pack. Ozone and Strelnikov, as well. Why bother to say you're off somewhere? Who cares, anyway? Not me. Not anymore.

Why are those in the literary world so adamant Shakespeare wrote all those plays and poems, or even some of them? Why must it be so for them? What if it wasn't? So what. They're still the same, regardless of who wrote them. What if a collective of writers wrote them and used the name Shakespeare to publish and work them? That's not such a terrible thing, is it?

Sen. Jeff Sessions is saying the immigration bill is being written largely by LaRaza and wiil bring in 33 million Mexicans in the next 10 years.

Ponder that for a moment.

In Connecticut a law is being passed to allow illegals to get drivers licenses. Our House Speaker claims they need licenses to drive to work -- even tho it is against the law for them to be working. Also, they are eligible for the full panalopy of welfare benefits, which are many. Is there any other country in the world you can sneak into, get a drivers license, get welfare benefits, get free education for your kids, and in general be treated like your something special?

In New Haven, a sanctuary city, the mayor wants to let them vote in local elections. Meanwhile, just this week, despite having 'the toughest gun laws in the country', 4 people have been gunned down in Hartford and New Haven.

-the Supreme Comrade

Modern scholarship has determined Shakespeare was a woman. Shakespeare was Amelia Bassano Lanier, a converso (clandestine Jew) and the illegitimate daughter of an Italian-born, Elizabethan court musician.

Hey Marlin, your lucky to have Hartford Hospital and Lifestar so close. Whatcha' figure it costs to save a chest shot crack dealer with two weeks in the ICU and then send him to prison afterwards? The last time I went there in the box I actually locked the doors. I never even did that in Springfield!

Jim, I hope you read this article. It is a bit beyond me, I need to re-read it later, and just sit there and try to think it all through. Anyway, you will hear about the article from some source eventually anyway. Well, here it is:

How are the new gun laws in CT? The last time I was at Cabelas I bought ammo without an FID or any ID for that matter. Up here in MA. the gun laws suck. You can't even buy BB's without an FID. You'll shoot your eye out kid!


As I said before Bankers are dog-shit, except my local small town banker. They are one of the two privately owned banks in Western MA. You can actually sit down and make a deal with them on a personal basis. Or my credit union, I trust them too. They actually have capital invested in the local community. Why anyone would deal with the likes of BOA or the other "Too big to fails" Is beyond my comprehension. Maybe I don't see the big picture but I prefer to keep my money local.

Sen. Jeff Sessions is saying the immigration bill is being written largely by LaRaza and wiil bring in 33 million Mexicans in the next 10 years. Ponder that for a moment.

Congress passes legislation, not La Raza.

I hope La Raza is writing the legislation, but I doubt it.

33 million in 10 years? That's nothing. Maybe our population density will increase from 34/km2 to 35/km2. BFD.

Is Sen. Jeff Sessions a reliable source?

How many will flee from the USA to other climes?

33 million in 10 years? So what? Immigrants have always come here. Tired poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free are this country. Let's welcome them all.

" I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

“They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

“He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’”

Yep, this song says it all. If more people followed its example, the world would be a much, much better place.


Our Resident Guru Yankos Onda Zucchini stroked:

I'm Ok with being alone because my mind is relatively at peace.

You are not alone. Multiple personalities in one keep you company:

Janos Skuzzinky
Buck's a Dud
unLucky 13


That magic carpet riding star navigator Astro-JCL-Boy, who wanted me to send ya this loving reminder of just how much you're appreciated, kiddo.


You just said it had to be a group of people. Now you say it was one White Jewess. Why not a group of Black Women as the Sonnet to the Dark Lady indicates? You are a Racist.

You immediately attached yourself to the bitches of the site, such as Carol and Ozone. A man is known by his associates. Liberals aren't men but merely males and often male bitches. Needless to say, the imitation hates the real and male bitches hate men and seek to destroy them.

Read the link above about how self hatred leads to the hatred of others.

New Federal Category: Non Violent terrorists. There are 300,000 of them in America. Orwell anyone?


According to the Census Bureau's decennial census, USA population is growing by approximately 3.3 million per year. In ten years that will be an increase of 33 million.

Why don't you focus your concern on the American citizens who are having so many babies every year? It amounts to the same population increase.

We should really encourage all USA residents, documented or undocumented, to not have children. The world population needs to decrease.

It's funny USFIA, I always knew you were a closet M. Jackson fan. Have you been to the carousal at Neverland Ranch? I know you like little boys. Have you tried Propofol? It will kick your ass ! I loved it when they gave it to me. They stopped my heart and I saw the light. It was the light over the table in the ER though. In your infinite wisdom I am sure you know there is no bright light to welcome you home. Unless of course you consider the pyre a bright light.

"Let the comedy begin. The CFN astro-mystic has begun to drag its itchy asshole across the CFN carpet, stains galore."

Bwahaha!!! Classic.

A bit tangential, but on the subject of the value of money. I whuz at the credit union a few months ago, resetting one of my CD's which had just expired, and keeping some cash from a check deposit. When the teller asked how I wanted it denominated, I asked if they had the new *colored* $100 bills yet. The teller was a bit confused, and unaware of the printing press errors the Fed *apparently* had on their first line run. She said they have only had the black&white(&green) $100s as long as she's been there. So I told her I'd take it in $50s.

During the remainder of the transaction, she kept wondering why $100s aren't colored like the $5, $10, $20 and $50 have been for years, and that she was going to look it up when she got home. I suggested that, although conspiratorial, they prolly hadn't implemented the new $100, so that the Saudis/Arabs could still easily counterfeit them.

It is a bit strange the $100 has not been made more counterfeit-proof, considering the colored money printing technology is *EXACTLY THE SAME* for a $100 bill, as it is for any other denomination (which already use the colors technology)...


Haha, "You can only imagine hand sorting a volume like that..." Morons. It would be easily sorted, in relatively short order, by automated image recognition scanning. 2.5 years and counting, yet they still haven't *solved* this particular (supposed) *BUG* yet. Certainly they've experienced this same sort of "problem with sporadic creasing of the paper during printing that resulted in blanks spots" on the other paper money assembly lines, and been able to deal with it. Wouldn't pretty much *EVERY* assembly line such as this have a method of rejecting defects (EOL automated image recognition test)?!?!?!? I know they do it with coins (waffled errors). This $100 fiasco is ludicrous.

"Do you think Aliens are going to take the chosen off this doomed planet?"


Poster UnstoppableFarceImmovableAbject sez:

"And remember, advanced airplane carburetor technology that achieved 100 miles per gallon used in the P51 Mustang pioneered during WWII to win the endeavor was real. It was subsequently patented and buried from public use..."

This among many things hidden from the American public. Curiously, many concerning corporate profiteering with Nazi assistance during the second World War.

But the real purpose of this post is to point out that I never said anything about “Aliens”.

The Aliens are here to help us.

40% of the Fortune 500 companies were founded by aliens or children of aliens.

I knew there was something about Steve Forbes that wasn't quite "right".

Martians, Venusians, Vulcans? How can they help us from ourselves?

got to see a couple snippets of Obama speakin' on the tube last night. Regarding my question to ya yesterday, here's my sloppy guess at what's going on. Grain of salt time.

Obama is having some sort of crisis of conscious, though he's a cool cat as usual. I think this crisis started back during the 'lection cycle when he completely rolled over during the first debate with Romney. I'm not sure he even really wanted the presidency at that point, but ego kicked-in and he decided to try and win another Marketer of the Year award. Circumstances today would have been no different even if Romney-Bot didn't have so many software bugs and won. Guacamole Bay didn't close, likely never will, and rendition and droning became much more sophisticated under Obama's regime.

After O's first hundred days this term, he's now resigned to lightly thumbing his nose at critics, knowing "they're" gonna publicly thwart any sort of phony populist meme agenda that has his brand identity on it, while he in turn passive aggressively wrenches their brand identity. Lefties love him and righties hate him, snore. Either way big brother is doing exactly what it wants. Overall, and despite the partisan meme spreading media, the incremental reduction in civil liberties, austerity via slow, yawning sequestration, crony capitalism, inverted totalitarianism etc. are in full effect. Audiences of the msm are endorsing their own subjugation through manufactured consent right on cue.

Despite what some might say, the gun control legislative failure wasn't really a failure, as incremental state measures to try and minimize public arms was a small success. Obama may genuinely have been impacted by the schoolyard slaying and tried to take a principled stand on guns, but who cares because regardless of what he personally may think, disarming the public to fully implement military rule in this country is underway, if we see it as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts does...

Syria and chemical weapons - to me, it simply seems that hands are tied, Russia just ain't havin' it. Obama can't "lead" because there's nowhere to go. A U.N. resolution was tried twice. We'd already be at war if leadership hadn't failed. "Everybody" knows what's up by now. Russia helped the regime upgrade to digital air defenses and so on. Israel and the Arab league likely staged chemical use to push the humanitarian intervention narrative but Hagel knows it. Everyone in Big Gubbamint is just trying to save face for 2014's political auction.

That's my conspiracy theory. Ooooh, salty. Haha.

Lookin' like another rainy day here. Too bad I'm not Mexican, I should be out in the yard.


That's fine too. I'm open to the idea that they have tech they haven't told us about. I know they are working on killer robots and have developed a microwave weapon for crowd control. And the drone idea has very sinister implications - such as the movie Dune portrayed.

And now for another version of John Cougar Mellonhead's Ain't That America. This is the America Strelnikov and Co. want to protect and preserve. I guess that little two-year-old was just that five-year-old's bitch, huh?


A 5-year-old boy accidentally shot his 2-year-old sister to death in rural southern Kentucky with a rifle he had received as a gift last year, authorities said.

The children's mother was home at the time of the shooting Tuesday afternoon but had stepped out to the front porch for a few minutes and "she heard the gun go off," Cumberland County Coroner Gary White said. He said the rifle was kept in a corner and the family didn't realize a bullet was left inside it.

Strelnikov and Co. want to concentrate that gene pool, not dilute it. Idiocracy is a documentary from the future, and this is the sprouting roots of it.

I think you are right. Russia has wisely allied with the better Muslims - also known as the Shiites. We don't even know the difference.

I know they are


I know you are their bitch, according to your own definition. Remember, you said just a few posts up:

Needless to say, the imitation hates the real and male bitches hate men and seek to destroy them.

Bend over, bitch!!

Whites are native Americans.- janos

I watched only bits of the video (time being limited).

Be careful of your sources. People have racist agendas. You would know.

Having said this, scientists are no different. Depending on the field of study, two scientists can look at the very same evidence and come to opposite conclusions. People view the world through ideological and political filters and so evidence can be suppressed/distorted in more than one way. Such a theory treads on a lot of politically sensitive toes. You would know this too.

Anyway we've already discussed the issue. Your assertion - Whites are native Americans - is based on the discovery of some artifacts. Not many artifacts either. What you need to find to really nail this down are skeletal remains of Ice Age people in the Americas that are indisputably European in origin. So while these archeological discoveries are suggestive they are not conclusive.

You have to look at different sources of evidence - genetic, archeological, linguistic etc. Right now the preponderance of evidence is that Amerindians had Siberian origins. There is also more recent evidence of migration of non-Siberian Asians, possibly Pacific Rim peoples.

I'm not an archeologist but I would consider various possible scenarios:

- Is it possible that the artifacts in question were independently developed in the Americas?

- Is it possible that the proponents of this theory are seeing things that aren't there ie exaggerating similarities with European artifacts?

- I've never heard this question raised but is it possible that there was two way travel? Not only European Ice Age hunters crossing the ocean but is it also possible that Ice Age Amerindians of Asian origin travelled east across the Atlantic ice pack to Europe? Maybe both stayed for a bit, did some trade, learned some tool-making techniques and and travelled back to their respective home continents? Because if travel in one direction is possible then so is travel in the other direction. Unimaginably strenuous to modern day softies like us that get repetitive stress injuries on bloody keyboards.

- I've never heard this question raised either but is it also possible that nomadic people lived long term on the Atlantic ice pack and so transmitted goods back and forth across the ocean? Because what is definitely known is that Sapiens was not only a traveller but a trader.

Maybe some European Ice Age nomads did make their way along the edge of the Atlantic ice pack (which extended far to the south to Spain I seem to remember) across to North America, Inuit-style. Maybe living off of marine animals along the way, maybe travelling in kayaks/canoes.

There's some evidence in the form of DNA markers carried by a small number of "pure-blood" Amerindians - ie no known admixture with post Columbian European settlers. And these varieties of DNA (Haplogroup X if I remember right) are presently thought to have originated in the Caucasus region. Which may be some evidence for the Atlantic/European nomad theory. But this DNA could also have made its way to the Americas through Asia and Beringia via migration/intermarriage in Asia during the tens of thousands of years that Sapiens lived there as a hunter/nomad after migrating from Africa.

I'm not dismissing the European- Atlantic nomad theory. I'm not so hidebound. Maybe they even got to the Americas first. Who knows? At this point, 15-25,000 years after the fact, whether they did or not, is an interesting question. But that's all it is. It's one of those issues that may get White racists all up on their hind legs and may seriously piss off some Amerindian political activists. But, for the rest of us, in practical terms, what does it matter?

Verifying or refuting it is a matter of evidence and there's a long way to go. But if I were you I would be careful because, even if it were true (and it may be true) Amerindians, whose parentage is primarily of Asian origin, would likely also carry the genes of these Ice Age Europeans (ie that Haplogroup X). So if your agenda is to plant the flag in the Americas on behalf of White people by virtue of the fact that you think they got here "first", the Amerindians may have a leg up on you by way of this European ancestry. And besides, what scientists consider "proof" of a theory is only "proof" until contradictory evidence comes along.

The trouble is that very ancient evidence is very sparse and so can be very misleading. We may have to be satisfied with a very incomplete picture of how the Americas were peopled. That may not suit racist agendas. But if you're interested in the truth rather than self serving myth then a partial picture of what happened may have to suffice.

disarming the public to fully implement military rule in this country is underway, if we see it as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts does...


Can you name one law-abiding citizen who has been disarmed during the five years of Obama?

Military rule in this country started in the 1950's. The share of GDP devoted to defense never reached 5% except during the Civil War and WWI (and rarely reached even 3%). After WWII it only rarely dropped below 5%


Of course, that is just direct spending on the military. When you add in all the war-related costs (interest on debt, veterans benefits, etc.) we spend half our budget on defense-related expenditures.

And the PTSD claims and prosthesis claims and GI education claims, etc. are just beginning to stream in for our middle east adventures of the last 20 years. VA is backlogged and can't keep up.

We need to leave Afghanistan this month and shut down Gitmo this month. We could save billions of dollars with just those two decisions.

And the USA need every little billion dollars it can get its hands on since Bin Laden succeeded in suckering W into war and bankrupting our country.

Anyone in Congress who votes to continue Gitmo should be impeached and then tried for treason for aiding and abetting the enemy.

Gitmo is the best recruiting tool the radical Muslims have had to foment attacks against us. Gitmo should have been dismantled in 2009 to take away that recruitment tool from the enemy. Only traitors like Graham support Gitmo.

disarming the public to fully implement military rule in this country is underway, if we see it as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts does...

Omni asks:

Can you name one law-abiding citizen who has been disarmed during the five years of Obama?

Nope. but you side-step my point, which is that the effort is incremental, seemingly fails along the way, and proceeds nonetheless. Maybe that's an illogical leap, but for every bill that fails/succeeds - a precedent is set. It's the squeeze effect. Only Alex Jonesians cry to Piers Morgan in the manner you think, as though the gubbamint will enter people's home for a gun grab and a grope. They don't wish to trigger a Civil War, they wish to snuff one out. Too late though, as JHK's says, "the cat is outta the bag", what with 300 millon laser beam rifles, phasers, and confetti grenades already loose. Civil War still imminent? Impossible? Don't know.

You make some excellent points about Guacamole Bay, but even if the PR argument you're making leads to closure it's too late; the policies have evolved and vanished with typical Obama like opacity. But who really believes that you believe what you type. Not me, not anymore. Thanks for playin'!


Yea,but don't give up the real estate. We won it fair and square in 1898 :o) along with Guam and the Phillipines. Why we cut two loose is beyond me. We could all be eating free pineapples and coconuts! plus I could get a '57 chevy for a hundred bucks. but the beaches are nice! Build a new casino and the crowds will follow.Oh wait, then the Amerindians would have to go back on the reservation. Sorry my bad!

"Thanks for playin'!"

Tell him what he WON, Johnny!

but you side-step my point, which is that the effort is incremental


No, I did not side-step your point. There is no incremental effort. Either you allow people to have guns or you don't. There is no middle-ground. Obama wants people to have guns in there houses and has not lifted a finger or said a word that indicates otherwise. Obama is a 2nd amendment supporter.


We have to do our own grammatical corrections since Kyoo died.

I'm not in it to win.

In the game of life nobody is getting out alive.

Girls go crazy for cute Terrorist. He has to innocent cuz he's Hot. This is women's nature - Learn.


"If you cannot respect women, you cannot respect anybody else. It is from women you come; the woman mothered you for nine months, the she took every care, she loved you for years." --Osho

today,the national efficiency and Reform Commission specific an all in one analyze on going to be the decision to learn more about raise prices of interest concerning refined oil,considering the fact that February 25th less hour or so,not only can they steam,diesel-powered charges of interest are actually completely 300 yuan right into ton and 290 yuan, equivalent to the country 90 gasoline and 0 diesel-powered charges of interest in step with liter all over the average elevated 0.22 yuan and 0.25 yuan.

in new blog community homemade solar power system channel understands,pretty much everything bout of rising essential oil charges of interest could possibly be the adjustment having to do with going to be the residence refined acrylic charges of interest everywhere in the 2013 enchanting the before anything else some time This onslaught having to do with adjustment,prices of interest will return for more information regarding going to be the “ 8 times ”.

"Either you allow people to have guns or you don't."


I've fired every piece of small arms in the NATO and Warsaw Pact arsenal.

Some guns, you most definitely CANNOT have.

Multitudes sez:

Either you allow people to have guns or you don't. There is no middle-ground.

Omni, you're slippin' here. You over anyone else on this blog are not a dichotomous thinker. You are infinite, multiple, nowhere, now here, no thing, nothing, vacuous, infinite. Right that we have rights; right that they are intractable. Even if there weren't a middle ground, you couldn't ever reside there. I mean this as a compliment, truly. You're smarter than us all.



A thunderous clap over Janos' dome as the sound barrier breaks and Rhino's raptor jet whizzes past, followed by the devastating brain explosion of Janos where we hear an insignificant poof and fizz!

Rhino... well, you know.

Well, since the 1930s you can't have machine guns. You can't have all plastic guns. You can't have bazookas, you can't have stingers or ManPads (have you fired them?).

I was referring to common firearms like pistols, rifles, shotguns. Obama has not said a word against owning them. Obama has only supported the 2nd amendment right to own your own guns.

I've fired every piece of small arms in the NATO and Warsaw Pact arsenal.


They have something that's much easier now. A pill. It's called Viagra. Or Cialis. Either will do. No need to get elaborate and fire every gun under the sun to get your rocks off vicariously.

I've fired every piece of small arms in the NATO and Warsaw Pact arsenal.


And I bet you never purchased any of the weapons you have fired. You have not spent your own money on those weapons.

And I bet you never purchased any of the munitions you have fired. You have not spent your own money on bullets.

Margaret Thatcher had a saying about socialism that applies here. The military is socialist.

"I was referring to common firearms like pistols, rifles, shotguns."

Thank Jehovah I can still use my COMMON flame thrower.

And look! Carol's here!

Done with her shift exercising on a pole to support her writing career.

Yes, military types are the quintessential communists, fascists, you name it, they're all that wrapped up in one. It's a Jungian unconscious thing. Pay for it yourself, bitch, rather than on the taxpayers dime. And no, we don't want your protection, because it's not protection, it's extortion.

Happy Wednesday, Bitches!!! The only arms we need are for hugging, not for destruction. Try to love one another right now!!!

It is not protection. Militarists make us less secure, shooting their weapons on our dime. The stationing of USA troops in Saudi Arabia is what provoked Bin Laden and resulted in 3,000 deaths in New York City.

Firstly, neither I nor the movie claim that Asians didn't come here in far greater numbers. But the Cro-Magnon artifacts pre-date most of the Asian ones. The Siberians probably wiped out the Europeans and took their women. That's what's they did to the dying Norse colony in Greenland.

Remember, the spearheads are not merely not Asian, but they are exact replicas of the Solutrean Cro-Magnons. That's not an easy coincidence. But yes more work needs to be done - and it's hard to do when European skeletons and mummies are turned over to Native Americans so the evidence can be buried. As you said, people have racist agendas and neither the Indians nor the Liberal Anthropologists want to rock the boat.

Thanks for proving my point and finding yourself in the middle ground. The accoutrements to those items and legalese defining firearms will, perhaps in the next prezdential menstruation, possibly come to redefine "gun" as "spit-wad shooter." More precisely, a plastic straw no longer than 12" and capable ONLY of using soggy paper munitions will be permissable, making the average owner's defense capability adequate-io only for pestering the dog that enters your yard for a shit in your flower bed.

The government should, of course, assign legal limits to what type of weapons one could own, but for you there is no middle ground; therefore, no limit to what can be taken away. You clever thing, you.

Thanks for shinin' your laser beam logic down on us terestrial beings. Keep it coming, please!


Findings of the Temple Deficit and Debt Commission

1 End the wars.

2 Close most overseas military bases.

3 Stop acting like we have to wherewithal to police the world.

4 Stop giving money to foreign governments that aren't our allies.

5 Defund the space program.

6 Stop giving money and free things to foreigners that are in the country illegally, both at a state and federal level. Stop supporting the children of illegal foreigners.

7 Means test Social Security and Medicare.

8 Make the rich and fortune five hundred type corporations pair their fair share of taxes.

9 Combine federal agencies that overlap and do the same work.

10 Sell or lease federal property that is sitting idle, fire federal employees who won't do this.

11 No traveling for federal conferences of over ten miles.

12 End federal grants.

Xhalor, with ya all the way, sir. Case it wuddn't clear ;>)

That fire cracker wit of yours just don't pop, boy. Keep shakin' though, something is bound to come out.

Well, it's snowing pretty hard and the cabbage are covered but don't know if they'll survive. Since it is snowing, after an abnormally dry winter, I guess I can conclude that global warming really is a liberal hoax. Fuckin' lying Al Gore. Thank the right-wing TV meteorologists who tell the trrooof.

You are supposed to be anti-authoritarian. Stay in character.

Exactly. Where were all those Big Guns that fateful day? Nowhere to be seen. They stood down like the cowards they are, whilst a bunch of buffoons with box-cutters revealed to all the world that these military types are only good at blowing up wedding parties and sheep herders. Give The People the refund they have long deserved. You guys aren't worth jack shit. Make it on your own and quit sucking off the public tit, you cowardly communist bastards!!

I'm whatever I have to be at the moment. It's called survival.

"So long as elections cost money, we won’t end Congress’s dependence on its funders. But we can change it. We can make “the funders” “the people.” Following Arizona, Maine and Connecticut, we could adopt a system of small-dollar public funding for Congress.

Here’s just one way: almost every voter pays at least $50 in some form of federal taxes. So imagine a system that gave a rebate of that first $50 in the form of a “democracy voucher.” That voucher could then be given to any candidate for Congress who agreed to one simple condition: the only money that candidate would accept to finance his or her campaign would be either “democracy vouchers” or contributions from citizens capped at $100. No PAC money. No $2,500 checks. Small contributions only. And if the voter didn’t use the voucher? The money would pass to his or her party, or, if an independent, back to this public funding system.

Fifty dollars a voter is real money: more than $6 billion an election cycle. (The total raised in 2010: $1.86 billion.) It’s also my money, or your money, used to support the speech that we believe: this is not a public financing system that forces some to subsidize the speech of others. And because a campaign would have to raise its funds from the very many, it could weaken the power of the very few to demand costly kickbacks for their contributions — what the Cato Institute calls “corporate welfare,” like subsidies to ethanol manufacturers, or tariffs protecting the domestic sugar industry."

--More Money Can Beat Big Money

We are strong. We are invincible. We are WOMAN!!! and a man...maybe...baby! :D

An absolute truth!!! The biggest welfare fraud is CORPORATE welfare. Anything else pales in comparison. And people get their panties in a twist over so called "welfare queens". If ever there was a red herring that's it.

Survival? Fuuuuuuuuuckin' BARELY! You and Yankos are pretty much half dead far as I can tell. Your mutual shiftlessness is more like a case study for students on blogger self-deception. If you are a DoD slog, Omi-voice, I'da fired your ass long, long ago. Nah, you don't earn your paycheck. Your intelligence is so alien that it doesn't drive us lesser beings away from this blog, it hypnotizes and captivates us. Yes, some of us fuss and fart as you make us question things we really shouldn't doubt, but still we muddle through. You are an ET and I like having you in this little CFN closet. You've become a-muse-ment. Care for a Reeses?


Yanko, you just need to Break Free, buddy. Throw off the drag and let the world and your ex-wife see ya fer what ye arrrrr! No one missed your intrapersonal conflict with sexuality. And, an old post of yours from the archives gave 'way your proclivity toward pedophilia. Hell, your post earlier today reiterated it. Thankfully, you have/had little contact with your kids. But I want you to stay right here so we can keep an eye on you, shithead. You are scum, if I can borrow your word, oh eloquent one.


...so here we have 11 of the last 15 comments from Spewquist/addasquasho.

A healthy appetite for righteousness, kept in due control by good manners, is an excellent thing; but to 'hunger and thirst' after it is often merely a symptom of spiritual diabetes. Charlie D. Broad

U got me there A, I had to google Manpad, Sure I can't have one, but your buddy Brake Obumber gives them away for free to radical groups around the world. AOK all in the name of freedom.


Right! I don't expect anyone here to be as current on modern weapons as I am. Xhalor is in kindergarten by comparison. But I respect him as a middle american hoosier.

BTW, I am pleased that you have never thrown a punch or received one. That is the way life should be.

your buddy Brake Obumber gives them away for free to radical groups around the world. AOK all in the name of freedom.


He is the Messiah. He is President and anything a President does is legal. Cheney taught us that in his defense of W.'s wars.

"When the President does it, that means it is not illegal." Richard M. Nixon, TV interview with David Frost

It's called the power of carolnewquistdotdotdot, baby!

Lay off the mushrooms, man. I have no idea what you're on about with this post. I've read it five times over and still, nothing. Mushrooms will do that to you. They're good every now and then, but like anything else, moderation's the key.

You are scum,


Nice, but more feeling next time...like this:


I think corporate recruiters are filthy, degenerate scum.

"... but I too have my gripes with certain commentators other than The Entity. I don't owe you an explanation any more than you owe an explanation for feeding the frenzy of vandalism week after week."
- ufio -

Yeah, well, you seem to be beginning to engage the Troll Trilogy (asoka..dequatio, "carol," and carol...") yourself - you you will soon have to disengage, lest you begin to commit your own "vandalism" against the CFN comment thread, week after week.

And if you have "gripes with certain commentators" you should be specific, IMO - otherwise you are just adding to the noise.

I think I may be about to lose interest in this CFN TimeSuck, anyway. I will pass my baton to you, ufio. Why don't you deal with the Troll Trilogy and asoka..for 3 years like I did. One thing I'll tell you is that It will never leave CFN - as long as some vestige of the internet remains operational - asoka..dequatio and Created Trilogy will be here flogging the dead horse of "progress" and calling "Racist" on all those who dare to disagree with It.

Which brings us to:
"Anyhow, like I said, sometimes you expose their frail emotional cores, which creates the egoic level of embarrassment that causes them to fall into the pseudo-intellectual bomb throwing trap with you time and again."
- ufio, to asoka..of the Troll Trilogy -

I will admit to a certain sensitivity to charges of "racism." 'Till yet, when asoka..dequatio levels this charge against me - for no reason than to win one of Its stupid internet arguments about stuffing the US to past the breaking point with immigrants - IT PISSES ME OFF.

Maybe its generational, ufio, I hope so.
All I know is that people of my generation - especially those who worked in public service, as I did, have an inate, nearly atavistic dread, of the charge of "racism."

I post the following as evidence periodically, and I don't think you've been here long enough to have seen it yet, ufia. And it's not that I consider BushII worthy - only that he manifests the same "atavistic dread" of the word - a dread that is causing US immigration policy (among other things, though NONE less important) to rot from the inside out.

"Bush NBC Interview: Being Called A Racist By Kanye West The Worst Moment Of My Presidency"

I am g.r.a.d.u.a.l.l.y growing immune to gratuitous charges of "racism," some of you will be glad to know.

Let me prompt another such charge - so that the process of developing (personal?) immunity can continue on CFN.


Send faxes for free. Impact national policy.
It's the right thing to do.

And if asoka..dequatio or the rest of the Troll Trilogy calls it "racist," take it as a compliment to the rightness of your action.

Can you do us all a favor and get another name? The name you now have is stupid as shit. Seriously, what the hell were you thinking? Or maybe you weren't thinking. Maybe you never do. You lack any kind of imagination. Your name is dull, boring and uninspiring. Like you. Strelnikov would suit you better. So, for now on you're Strelnikov, not this other bizarre thing you call yourself, you dope.

On a different level -
And regarding the Religion known as Atheism -

Bustin Jay, 'Zone, and several others have tangled with me over the above concept.

I won't back down. Neither will they.
None of us called names or insults, though.

Anyway - Archie the Druid is off on the Religion of Progress. He says that faith in Moral Progress, Technical Progress, and Economic Progress - forms the Holy Trinity of this particular Religion.

I posit that Atheism (deliberate big A) is likely impossible without at least some Progress.
Any thoughts, anyone?

Yet another racist post from the RR (Resident Racist). Keep proving us right, Mr. KKK Strelnikov.

Any thoughts, anyone?


Yes, you're a racist.

sure, dimbulb

Now - why is "racist" such a powerful word?

No, I haven't read the current posts. Now that I am back home, I had to help my sister with an emergency brake job. I have ragged most of the grease off of my hands and am in the process of getting "responsibly" drunk.

Ozone let us know that the Russians have deployed some sophisticated AA Batteries to support the Syrian government.

Here's what I know. Tactically, yes, that is a problem. But, what the fuck! Do you not think that we train extensively to deal with that? For fuck's sake, it's the FIRST thing that you do.

Clearly, there are other considerations. The Russians have pretty much let the world know that Syria is THEIR baby.

I feel so bad for the counter soldiers. I know what it feels like to dive behind any cover you can find and just yell until the bullets stop, all the while knowing that not getting hit is just dumb luck.

Look at the rest of our NATO allies. They appear to be busy with other things.

I'm going to stay busy helping what's left of my raggedy family.

And in the fashion of the day, I will pretend that I don't understand what's happening.

I will post more later. Right now, The Ancient Smythe (mom) is yelling at me for tracking dirt onto her floor.

Does Shrubageddon's new library carry The Pet Goat? I think it would be appropriate if that was the only book it carried. You'd walk in and it would be wall to wall shelves stocked with gleaming copies of that famous book.

Obama is not a 2nd amendment supporter period end of story.
Feel free to educate yourself.

He also believes we need a private security force equal to funding and power of the US military.
Do we not already have an WAY to many Federal law enforcement wings?
Wake up already and see past the rhetoric he wants complete control over your life like a good little Marxist stooge.

Pro sed:

I think I may be about to lose interest in this CFN TimeSuck, anyway. I will pass my baton to you, ufio. Why don't you deal with the Troll Trilogy and asoka..for 3 years like I did.

I hear ya, Southern gent. Although my temperament is not that of a gentleman, and I'd never last 3 years against the keen intellects of Guru Yankos Onda Zuchini and Omni-voices-in-the-head. If you do lose interest and leave you can always dip back-in awhile later. It's only if you profess to leave for being better than it all that could draw fair criticism. Many do that then suddenly re-emerge as if we should cry the hero's welcome. I've found the that the best commentary here comes both from the shared concerns and the brilliant, angry -but sometimes cool- strafing flyovers. But in all candor, you probably defended the racist labeling attacks when you knew the source was crazy anyhow for far too long. However, no one who is honest would deny being susceptible to it.

I'll bounce soon enough. I'm not fit to carry a baton, and because I've pinned down some trustworthy sources and basically can't point others I like to post with in directions to which they're not likewise or better oriented, better for me to move along too.

It's cold outside though, and this dumb girl from class demands that I attend my computer to work on her assignment. Damn the female cryptonite!


Wake up already and see past the rhetoric he wants complete control over your life like a good little Marxist stooge.


I am not afraid of Obama. He is a 2nd amendment supporter. Even the Supreme Court said the 2nd amendment does not mean gun control is unconstitutional for certain types of automatic weapons used by the military. Obama absolutely supports the 2nd amendment for home owners to own guns commonly found in homes. Obama does not want "complete control over your life"

Oh so many years ago, I volunteered to join the Army of The United Snakes of America.

Here's what you are forgetting:

It's YOUR Army. There is NO DRAFT.

They are volunteers, mostly because of economic necessity.

They are YOUR brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, friends and acquaintences.

It takes an ENTIRE base to revolt to make an appreciable difference. Should a base elect to do so, damn, they can expect the F-18's.

Don't forget the IMPORTANT thing...

It's YOUR Army, knucklehead.

It's YOUR Army. There is NO DRAFT.


My money is drafted. Military funding is NOT voluntary. It is YOUR army and I am forced to fund it against my will.

Sell drugs, dumbass.


I just had a...

what the fuck do you call it?

An epiphany (please check spelling, AND meaning)

Your handle (UnstoppableFarceImmovableAbject);

combined with the last sentence of your latest post;
"Damn the female cryptonite!"

Has given me the inspiration to devise the PERFECT battlefield defense system:

The Cryptonite Chastity Belt

I will allow Lockheed / Martin to submit the first bid.

You and all your family should stop living off DoD welfare. Do something productive in the private sector instead of relying on the government DoD to support you.

Yo, fucko. What goes on in your mescaline addled brain that makes you think that my family lives off of DoD money?

How do I know that you are not doing the same?

Please do not BORE this blog with your tepid morality.

Wait just a minute you Evil genius. You'll once and for all unleash the force that will truly doom us all!

But hey, if it nets you a fortune and you're able to build a glorious bunker AND a personal Carnival cruise liner in space, who am I to stop ya?

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NATO does not let just anyone fire all the weapons in their arsenal. You had to be sucking on the military teat. And you probably have brothers or cousins (or your father) who did the same. Militarism runs in families.

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Re: The Party is Over for Banks and the "Paper Economy"

Postby nameta9 » Thu May 02, 2013 12:18 pm

Mowk wrote:I must?

Yes. Also read and study very carefully:


Also check out all the hidden posts of nameta9 in the Rant House and Mundane Babble.

Study and learn it all very carefully, you will be tested on all of this stuff by JHK himself monday morning.

You have your work cut out for you (and this is also what the other 7 billion people worldwide must do, so pass the message and get them studying!).



Check out nameta9 and old6598 on ilovephilosophy

For all of you non-violent Buddhists in CFN land, and you seem to be legion (Osho this and that), in Burma last weekend, in the Capital City, a mob of Buddhists, led by Monks, went on a rampage and burned down several Mosques and about 100 houses of Muslims. Compare that to how Chechen Muslims are treated in Boston (Bostonistan), what with $100,000 in free welfare benefits, admission to elite High Schools (Bostonistan Latin) and free tuition at UMassistan, Dartmouth Branch. Quite a contrast, huh? And look how our American Largesse is appreciated. These sons of bitches drove around Bostonistan in a Mercedes Benz for Chrissakes.

Financial Times of London had a bunch of articles this week saying the same thing the NYTimes and Atlantic Monthly said in those articles cited in Jim's blog. The most interesting was a full page spread about Brent Crude coming out of the North Sea. The wells were in decline, but new drilling techniques have brought production levels back. Also, much furious searching and drilling is still going on -- by China, France, Britain, Norway and American oil companies. And once again the Bakken fields are described as a 'game changer', driving the price of oil down and making Brent crude too expensive to extract. This thinking might be delusional, but even cynical deep thinkers in Great Britain are taken in by it.

--CD, the Supreme Comrade, which is what Hoxha, Albanian communist strongman called himself

Wow! You guys are sick freaks, you know that? You and your institutional racism, and yes, corporations are very much institutions.


PepsiCo on Wednesday announced it had pulled a Mountain Dew commercial that had been widely blasted as racist and tone-deaf to spousal abuse.

The minute-long ad shows police asking a severely beaten woman to pick out her assailant from a police line-up of all black men — played by members of hip hop collective Odd Future — and a goat. The goat, voiced by Odd Future co-founder and the ad campaign's developer Tyler, The Creator, threatens the woman to keep quiet because "snitches get stitches."

The ad drew intense, widespread rebukes for its negative portrayal of black men. Prominent social critic and Syracuse professor Dr. Boyce Watkins called it "arguably the most racist commercial in history."

The ultimate product of corporate recruiters, who helped place the degenerates who crafted these commercials. What a noble career corporate recruiter is. I'm sure your "God" is proud of you.

Check out nameta9 and old6598 on ilovephilosophy and old6598 on the internet, google in general.

And others similar...

Just for fun:
The reviews are in for the imposing final element of GeeDubya's legacy[turd]-polishing; the well-endowed Lie-Bury!

"The resolve of Stern's architecture here is also unyielding, and in certain spots excessively so. This is especially true in the public entrance plaza, with its three-sided colonnade of squared-off pillars.

This outdoor room has unavoidable and frankly unnerving connections to the architecture of muscular state power. It has echoes, fairly faint but altogether present, of authoritarian landmarks of a much grander scale, among them the 1959 National Museum of China on Tiananmen Square in Beijing and the buildings Adalberto Libera and other architects designed for Benito Mussolini in Rome."
-From this:


Of course, the question remains: Would a critic who lives in the belly of the LA beast and makes his bread and butter writing for the LA Times know "art" if it shit on his head?

A pic:


Looks like they don't want vehicles to venture too close to the entrance in case someone should attempt an escape. I find it quite a lovely, airy construction for a federal prison, don't you?
It does need a little "something" to set the perfect tone though... How 'bout a wrought-iron motto over the entryway that says something like: "Hard work" will set you free. (Just spit-ballin' here you understand.)

Here is a link to the current air pressure gradient
across the continental US.

This is an extraordinary atmospheric differential - now becoming the new "normal."

Anyway JK - I know you enjoyed some of our past musings - take a look at this......


Hey! Where did all them BOOKS come from, anyhoo?


Now believe it or don't, you've got to pay to get into the joint! I'd like to see the "tale of the tape" (entry receipts) about 6 months down the road. That would be fun.

JK - current look at the new "normal." Extraordinary atmospheric pressure differentials becoming common place. I postulate that increased water vapor content, due to CO2 etc - is the cause.

Your comments are appreciated.


Wow! That is pretty stunning.
Thanks for the link (unfamiliar with unisys; wunderground.com is my usual go-to site, although I'm pretty certain everybody depends on NOAA for most of their data). Bookmarked.

Hey Oz what are you doing indoors?

Get out there and plant some beets!


Yuck! Beets.
...But the wife does love 'em, and I'm starting to enjoy the "richness" of flavor in the home-growed variety.
Okay then, I'll do it! :o)

Oh, one good thang... I finally finished a nice cold-frame for seedlings, just in time for warm weather! lol
It is all disassemble-able though, so it will be good for a lot of years of use as it can be stored out of the elements.

Look at the high pressure in Cheyenne, WY. it is only 25 degrees F. BBBRRRRR!

Oz I got to get my ass in gear this spring, take a ride up North Country Way and check out your operation. 30-35 miles I reckon.


Stelmosefire, you too!


Wow! That is pretty stunning.


Yes, as stunning as this:


It's all around us. Every moment of every day, but it doesn't make it any less stunning. So ubiquitous is it, people take it for granted and don't even notice it. When they do, it's stunning. And then they forget it again until the next stunning revelation.

Ah, what the hell. It's like beeting a dead horse.

Janos has been well behaved of late [no holocaust denying] and Buck has offered links and art critiques.

And you?

Can we have a moment of silence out of respect for the passing of Kris Kross' own Chris Kelly? I know many of you here were huge fans, so it's the least you could do to honor his untimely death.


Chris Kelly, who rose to fame in the early '90s as half of the young rap duo Kris Kross, died Wednesday in Atlanta. He was 34.

that Kelly was pronounced dead "at an Atlanta hospital on Wednesday [after] an apparent drug overdose at his home, authorities said. ... 'It appears it may have been a possible drug overdose,' said Cpl. Kay Lester, a spokeswoman for the Fulton County police."

Rest In Peace, Mac Daddy. You'll be missed by the fine folks here at CNF.

Unlucky 13 dragged it booty on the CFN carpet and queried:

Janos has been well behaved of late [no holocaust denying] and Buck has offered links and art critiques.

And you?

A personal awareness that all three of those sock puppets named above sit on the same hand. Links I've presented higher up are simply too much for your brain to digest. Carry on bleating your inanities to everyone else, my fun with you wrapped up yesterday. You won the exchanges. *smirks*

Damn, you are good! CNF... ha, ha ,ha!

You have everyone believing you are an Asoka sock puppet. I know better. Asoka is dead.

Damn, you are good! CNF... ha, ha ,ha!


I know, pretty stunning. It sure beets working for a living.

The word Dead presupposes that he was ever alive. Likewise, the Federal Goverment doesn't grant the right to bear arms therefore cannot rescind it. Are you adequate enough to understand this?


Just in case you don't realize it yet, but UFIA is actually that former poster of bombastic and ego-maniacal proportions, "K-DOG".

When "The Farce" first arrived on the scene under its current identity, she feigned polite opinion and a sophisticated air smelling of parlor discussion. But slowly "The Farce" reintroduced the "Unstoppable" urge of the expressive megalomaniac that belies the initial head fake.

In any event, she's just as dull and obsessive as she ever was...and just as passive-aggressive.

CD, The Supreme Comrade of CFN:

My good fellow, you just can't even look or ask the tiniest question of what comes out of your TV, at least on Uber-Big Lies like this one.

Listen to yourself. A couple of welfare deadbeats driving around in a Mercedes? Maybe if they were holding several old people hostage in their basement (as, sadly has been done before) while collecting their checks.

In the absence of that, in what way does any of the Official Lies make the least bit of sense?

This whole think stinks to high heaven, from the fact that 1 million people were locked down briefly and dozens, perhaps hundreds of the locked down were taken from their homes at gunpoint and without warrants...to the fact that the one gutshot teenaged patsy didn't even have a gun, except we were told he did - just an honest fog of war mistake.

Don't make me laugh. Lockdown doesn't work unless the gutshot patsy is un-gutshot and armed. LMAO!

The FBI and the Russians knew of him, but gosh darn it, even though they had warning they had no idea...just like 9/11.

Now, to explain the trips to Russia and all the rest, which costs money, now they're the Ultimate Welfare Queens?

I guess I can't blame Corpzi Intel & Media for being lazy in their lie construction. Just look at the gullibility of their audience. Sorry, Marlin, gotta say it true.

Operation "Sheep"

--they're mocking you..Sheep (I can already hear you now..it's called HSEEP,how can it be a joke...and my hearty laugh in response to such a sheepish inference...plausible deniability, have you never heard of it, and not much of that, Sheep)

(more evidence just laying around for anyone to confirm...for now)


I don't know why I say this to you, if there was any actual politics left in this country, I suppose we'd be on different sides, but I sense in your commentary, even when I disagree and even when I think you're dancing to the puppeteers' strings, a human decency (for your own Tribe of us Americans, if not anything larger) of a kind that is disappearing, maybe by coincidence, more likely by design.

So I respect that and your honesty, if nothing else.

That is why I persist, though I suppose not for much longer. Too late to matter either way, but man, you're so close and yet so far.

Question your TV, ESPECIALLY when it sings the same mighty trumpeted tune across dozens of different channels.

That's the first step.

Otherwise, as I sometimes say to you, it's down in history with the other Clueless Sheep, decency and all.

Sorry, game over, no second try, cholly.

Question your TV!

And this isn't a Vegan Pacifist Hippie saying this to you, but a Veteran, a Meat-Eating, Gun-Toting old-school Liberal Libertarian - just like the Founding Dads who's works I still occasionally sadly peruse.

Even if they got human beings wrong, they were wrong for the right reasons, and I'll always stand with that rather than the Aristocratic Sociopaths who are about to cause the suffering of billions, no small number of them here on our shores and some could be you and yours.

Still at least three, maybe as many as fifteen years to wake your ass up.

Question your TV. Last time I am going to waste my time saying it to you. (I hope)

Give me the coordinates: me and Stel need to do battle. I'm bringing my sling and some round stones. You can be my second. If he gets me, you'll have to step into the breach with your zip gun. No Marlins allowed.

Goliath of Gath was a mere nine feet tall. Og of Bashan, a strapping 13. The Race of Giants or Nephilim may reappear as conditions worsen.

Your disgusting behavior has been noted by the Community and you have been censored. Don't worry though, Carol and Adequatio still support you.

I'll just bring my viking war ax, I like to get up close and personal ;o)


Hancock, thanx for the response.

I'm not sure what your main point is. Are you saying the US Government had something to do with events in Boston April 1? Why would you even think that? Things like that have occurred in the historical past -- the Reichstag fire in Berlin for example -- but not here. There is just no way. One of my neighbors is a retired FBI agent, another is a prosecutor. These are decent moral people, not the type who would murder an 8 year old boy for some political purpose. With all due respect I don't think you could be more wrong.


And Hancock I don't watch that much TV. If I'm in the house I'll have CNBC on. But the other night I watched a great old movie on TCM, 'Sunset Boulevard' c1950 with Gloria Swanson. What a film!


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Office 2010
Professional Edition


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Office Web Apps


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Office 2010 version introduced

how to help enterprises to use a simpler and more convenient way to deal with a variety of work, maintain close communication with our customers, so as to improve work efficiency?

for business users. Office Web Apps provides a great deal of flexibility to stay connected through the Web and work.

multimedia projects using familiar Office tools to create rich image;
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the two are equal, it is: 0.11 * s/250 = 0.08 * (1 + s/250)

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, the result is s = 667 (rounded)

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The primary equation

Hey Vlad RipT aka slelmosfire has a pretty fearsome rep north of Southwick as a dude handy with his fists. So watch out. For him its nothing but bare knuckles! Leave all weapons home.


He said he has never thrown a punch! Who is telling the Truth? You, the mob, or the Giant? I will not kill a Peaceful Giant.

OK, CD, thus we agree to disagree.

You have made your position clear and plain and it is YOU who could not be more wrong.

The moral footsoldiers you speak of have little to nothing to do with it, but to fill their roles as earnest investigators and investigate the clues they are fed, leading to predetermined conclusions.

The People I am speaking of the are the Blueblood Rulers and those mostly Blueblood Intel types culled from the pack who are either corrupt or will blindly follow any orders, no matter how horrible and atrocious, with full allegiance to the top 0.01% Gods on Earth and against the bottom 80% Peasant Dogs. Rather than be purged by the State, these State Criminals are nurtured and protected by it. Their crimes shielded and their lies enshirned and embedded in the minds of millions like you.

Something like that. But whatever, as I could not be more wrong - LOL.

Like all good Intel Ops, I am sure Boston combines both truth and lies as part of the "Shell Game".

Like the half-dozen big black backpacks in the immediate area.

But I shall say no more, as you have made your position clear.

You say, "It Can't Happen Here."

Which completes my picture of you as decent, well-meaning, but Good German nonetheless and among the highest in culpability for your refusal to see the soot on your hands, metaphorically speaking, for what it is.

I can see now, you will not awake from your TV-induced trance, even after 9/11 #2 and WWIII is started by us, though it will seem right and proper to you and millions of others.

My final response to you, "Can't happen here? It has already happened! You just failed to notice it and will continue to fail to notice until most of the horrors are done."

But it will be too late to take it back nor bring millions, and the billions likely later to go in the Great Dieoff that follows WWIII, from the dead or those whom their upcoming deaths then inevitable.

OK, then, let's agree to disagree and I shall pester you no more, unless I slip and then feel free to remind me of what I said.

Enjoy the righteous rage when 9/11 #2 happens, probably the Dirty Bombing of Chicago (Kremlinogical martketing Gold, my lad!).

You shall surely be primed to murder a couple million Arabs or Koreans or Russians or Chinese or whoever the hell your TV points you at. Enjoy the rush that comes from being part of such murder, and you don't even have to get your hands dirty. Your Inner Reptile will love it, especially since they'll be such RIGHTEOUS kills, no?

Cloaked in morality, and hundreds like the tragic 8-year old "collateral damage" (as whoever actually planted the live bomb surely views it), it will be such a heady mix of emotions when our own retaliatory nukes go off, or daisy-cutters, or whatever and wherever, you will be high as a kite like on heroin. Sheer venegful bliss.

As you are intended to be.

As you are intended to be.

The 6 million and the 11 million are politically correct number that don't change even though the facts do. You don't fuck with the beams and posts of human conditioning. They are what you need to attach other slogans to.

The opposite of all this is what the Buddha said under the Bo Tree after his Enlightenment: Oh maker of this House of Suffering, I have seen you and destroyed the Ridge Post and you will not make another such House again.

This is my rough translation. Go to the third verse down to see a more exact one.


And Hancock I don't watch that much TV. If I'm in the house I'll have CNBC on. But the other night I watched a great old movie on TCM, 'Sunset Boulevard' c1950 with Gloria Swanson. What a film

Doesn't matter, if true (perhaps you are buttering the bread a wee tad on that one) you still recite the Official Lies like you've been sitting in front of CNNMSNBCFAUX for several days straight.

I guess, like that fellow told Murrow back in '38 when he returned from our spiritual predecssors, Nazi Germany (Corpzism is a dorect descendant, IMHO, except with Zionists admitted to the club, this time) :

"The propaganda just seeps in."

OK, then.

They love to mix Truth and Falsehood. The Truth makes the Falsehood more believable. And makes Conspiracy people look like fools to the Joe Friday types.

Some people even think it's totally normal to have a bomb test at the Boston Marathon. People like this NEED to believe that everything is Ok. Normalcy Bias is a killer. Self defense experts explain how people who are being "interviewed" and are about to get mugged or assaulted, often keep denying to themselves that anything is wrong.

Sure there are decent people in the FBI. They wont rise in the ranks but they will do what they are told. Doing what you are told is the mark of a "good person" to Comrade Dystopia. In fact, such a socially conditioned person is far from the highest type in Kohlberg's Moral Hierarchy. Real moral vision only comes at the higher stages. Marlin would turn up the juice if the guy in the white coat told him to.

Regarding "vapor content"...

I once emptied out an elevator due to my vapor content. It wasn't pleasant and I nearly soiled my frock.

No the Nazis were figthing the International Bankers. This time it's the Muslims. Maybe the Chinese and the Russians too. Joel Skousen has an interesting theory: that each of the Big Three have their own version of the New World Order tha they want to bring in. So we're back to Orwell's Oceania (that's us), Eurasia, and East Asia.

Carol, that's not very lady like. Although at the FD the guys were proud of their poison gas attacks and would try to get to High C on the musical scale with a good push.Some guys were actually repemanded for performing their toots in class. The women not so much. They were like my little dogs, silent, but truly deadly, a sneak attack. You would never think a 12 lb. dog could clear a room.As a matter of fact my wife always blames the dog but I call BS! ;o)

Prisoner has 5 kids by 4 female guards.
Baltimore prison run by gang.


Damn I still spelled it wrong.

I believe this girl hits the High C at about 1:35


I am easily amused as you can tell. Vlad you should enjoy this link ;o)

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Question your TV. Last time I am going to waste my time saying it to you. (I hope)


You owe me a new TV, Hancock.

Because of your advice to "Question your TV" I now have no TV.

I began to question my TV. I used standard enhanced interrogation techniques. Now my TV will not talk at all. Just clammed up.

Now you got me laughing Asoka (who is dead, I know)

I think the water boarding fried the electronics.

To me it is not so important that we agree with each other, Comrade. I can easily change my opinion to agree with you. It is more important that we be able to laugh together.

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many of my friends

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Now you got me laughing Asoka (who is dead, I know)


I think the water boarding fried the electronics.

To me it is not so important that we agree with each other, Comrade. I can easily change my opinion to agree with you.

It is more important that we be able to laugh together.

I was there when Asoka died so I know. It was the CIA did it. They have their ways. They patrol this site and others. Asoka was a Christ figure, who spoke the Truth, wanted to spread some Light, and sought Justice for all humanity. Sadly and most tragically, they crucified him. Will he be resurrected? Mere mortals can only hope.

Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a Saphonian bladeless wind turbine!

Tunisian green energy startup Saphon Energy has created a new bladeless wind turbine which draws inspiration from the design of a ship’s sails, and promises to convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity at up to double the efficiency – and half the cost – of a typical wind turbine.

"There is a perceived need for wind turbines which can offer renewable energy while also avoiding the use of rotating blades, which can cause noise pollution and be harmful to birds.

The Saphonian turbine implements a patented system called “Zero-Blade Technology” in order to harness the wind’s energy. This is said to involve channeling the wind in a back and forth motion, until it is converted into mechanical energy using pistons. The pistons then produce hydraulic pressure, which can be instantly converted to electricity via a hydraulic motor and a generator, or stored in a hydraulic accumulator.

The savings in manufacturing result from being able to discard the blades, hub and gearbox needed in a traditional wind turbine, according to Saphon Energy. In addition, though we've been given no hard figures, the company claims that the Saphonian works to a level of efficiency which exceeds the Betz limit – a proposition which leaves us feeling skeptical, though admittedly intrigued.

The Saphonian bladeless turbine received an international patent this March, and Saphon Energy is currently seeking collaboration with a manufacturer in order to bring the technology to market, a process which the company estimates could take up to two years.


Asoka died for CFN sins.

^Asoka died for CFN sins, like pooh-poohing zero-emission renewable energy technology.



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^Asoka died for CFN sins, like pooh-poohing zero-emission DISTRIBUTED renewable energy technology. We don't need no mo' multinational energy cartels controlling energy supply.

These are decent moral people, not the type who would murder an 8 year old boy for some political purpose.


Jeez, you sound just like Major Bennett Marco in the 1962 version of The Manchurian Candidate, or in the least someone who's walked off the pages, or the celluloid, of Revolutionary Road.


And he did so unselfishly. Before he passed he was heard to cry out, "Jim, oh Jim, why hast thou forsaken me?" And a darkness descended over the land, not unlike the burning of an oil barge over the Pacific. The world is indeed a little darker for the passing of our dearest Asoka.

I love it, RippedThunder!!!

I only got to read Asoka's posts for a short time on CFN before his death. He seemed to provide CFN with relevant facts, statistics, sources, and Asoka called a racist a racist. I would fault him on his plagiarizing (which Puzzler also noted).

Nonetheless, I will miss Asoka's wit and wisdom.

And a darkness descended over the land


And during the darkness a torrential yet healing rain fell upon the earth that washed away my and my mother's leprosy. He died, so we could live free from the burden of carrying our own sins for all eternity. All praise and blessings to asoka. He dwells in all of us now. We are him, and he is us. He is the light and the way.

It is truly moving to see such heartfelt expressions of affection for Asoka on CFN. Didn't Asoka say this: There is no limit to the number of people we can love.

How do you know Asoka died? I believe he metamorphosized into a new CFN entity. I enjoyed his conforntational writing. Shit one time I threatened to shoot his ass. He was well read and intelligent. As you know there is no limit to the no. of people we can love. Peace and love peaceniks.

There is a strict limit on how many people we can even say "hello" to, much less "love."

And that nebish who claims to love all, and love them all the same -- doesn't really love anybody.

Love your people.

It's natural.

It works.

It assures all are really loved instead of inadequatiluved.

We are 7 billion strong. There is no limit to the number of people we can love.

There are 875,000 terror suspects in the USA terror database. That is a very small percentage of the entire population of 330,000,000, less than 1%, less than one half of one percent, 0.00265151515 to be precise.

Remember 0.00265151515 when CFNers like Hancock and Ozone start saying how we live in a police state and everyone is under suspicion. Not true. Don't be gullible when the conspiracy theorists spout their "facts"

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There are only 875,000 terror suspects in the USA terror database. That is a very small percentage of the entire population of 330,000,000, less than 1%, less than one half of one percent, 0.00265151515 to be precise.

Remember 0.00265151515 when CFNers like Hancock and Ozone start saying how we live in a police state and everyone is under suspicion. Not true. Don't be gullible when the conspiracy theorists spout their "facts"

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Later, under the comprehensive verification, the main building were sound become dominant, the Three Gorges Project to be started. Next, the attention of the decision-making level, is expected to speed in the Three Gorges Management Coordination. Experts have pointed out, the dam of the Three Gorges reservoir is filled with water, and the river happened not directly related to the interview,louboutin. China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Research Professor LIU Shu-kun told reporters that from the current situation, the Three Gorges Reservoir, not across the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River water shortages, the core of the problem is reduced rainfall led to drought. Rather than excessive Three Gorges Reservoir,tory burch outlet. Of course, Liu also pointed out that the consequences of the gate opening sluice. He introduced a large number of the discharged water, really can reduce Baxia main stream of water stress, but this will sacrifice some power. Three Gorges Power Station both functions of power generation and flood and drought in different periods, power generation priority, the priority of flood and drought, or shipping priority, which requires the center to coordinate, single Changjiang Water Resources Commission and the State Flood Control Headquarters can not solve this problem. " Liu said. Follow-up planning non-negative researcher at the Institute of Geology of the Three Gorges State Seismological Bureau Gao Jianguo told reporters, the State Council introduced the subsequent planning about the Three Gorges of the Three Gorges reflection processing, is not to reinvent the wheel. This is to make up for some of the past failed to give sufficient attention to the problem. Such as the Three Gorges upstream impoundment, resulting in libraries surrounding embankment becomes wet, which exacerbates the landslide. The ecological environment is also changing under the dam. Poyang Lake and Dongting Lake, past the flood season water arrival time, the normal ecological environment, but after the completion of the dam,ray ban, most of the flood season water is intercepted two major fresh water lake ecology is changing. Serious,abercrombie, like years ago Dongting Lake mice because the emergence of a large number of fleeing flooded rathole. So on the terms of the dam above the dam, easily lead to landslides, geological disasters are likely to aggravate, "last year, is the country most serious mudslides 1 explosion works, some of the fact that the dam construction process may also be affected environment. "said Gao Jianguo. At the same time the issue of immigration, need to be taken more seriously. Three Gorges migrants family were living in different provinces. "Family reunion difficulty,toms outlet, this is a problem to be solved." One professionals told reporters, the State Council promulgated the Three Gorges on the follow-up planning, not denying the Three Gorges,hollister uk, but to solve the problem of inadequate attention. The introduction of planning to seek the views of the various departments, showing the central emphasis,abercrombie pas cher. In conjunction with the follow-up plan,mulberry, the state will introduce some individual planning. Where immigration issues are particularly important, China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, Senior Engineer Wei Xiaowan told reporters that the purpose of immigration is not only to shift in the past, but also be able to "shift firm shift is maintained, can get rich. Like Zhejiang Xin'anjiang immigrants, drums and gongs to go, did not give the compensation is not enough. Countries hope that the good development of the immigrants in the local. "Otherwise immigrants there to move back to the idea of" Three Gorges follow-up plan "proposed objectives: to 2020, immigrants living standards and quality of Hubei Province, Chongqing City, the average level for the same period. Wei Xiaowan example of a power station in Hubei, the mountainous area of ​​the power station, there are hundreds of thousands of people want to move out,hollister, these tasks are more urgent. For local farmers, the migration is not only rich, good for the protection of the local environment and ecology,ray ban. "So the country is deepening the understanding of the past problems of the Three Gorges, in the new historical period, to require a higher standard, not to deny the Three Gorges."

Related articles:

Kyle Dillingham utför 27 Feb,pas cher ralph lauren. framför hans mamma s måleri The Devil gick ned till Georgien vid Adelante!Galleri i distriktet Paseo Arts. (Foto av Paul Hellstern/The Oklahoman) Som jag misstänkte, Oklahoma City violinist Kyle Dillingham bara kan t stoppa uppspelning av musik.Jag blev besviken över att missa framföranden av Dillingham och hans band Horseshoe väg torsdag kväll på Adelante! Galleri. Föreställningarna öppnas utställning av Diane Dillingham målningar 14 låtar, 14 målningar magnetofonerna: se det, höra det känner den. Diane Dillingham, Kyle Dillingham s mor, paintedthe 14 målningar baserat på låtarna Horseshoe väg registreras på deras senaste album, magnetofonerna. men jag tänkte att om någon tvingade honom att lämna sin fiol hemma mycket osannolikt utsikter jag skulle få höra Kyle Dillingham spela åtminstone några låtar kväll under den månatliga Paseo Galleri Walk.The Spelman t svika. I en cirka halvtimmen besök Adelante!, jag hört Kyle utföra Oklahoma ökar, Rocky s Reel och sin egen hög-hastighet spin på Charlie Daniels Band favorit The Devil gick ned till Georgien, som ingår en kort hyllning till Derek and the Dominos classic Layla. den begåvade musikern också strummed en gitarr till hans brokenhearted ballad The Love som jag brukade ge. min yngre sonGabe Babe, 2, och jag var rätt på Kyle s sida som han sawed skickligt genom en instrumental Rocky s Reel. I ve aldrig varit att nära en fiol som spelades innan, och det var fascinerande. Gabe funnit det spännande men bara lite hotfull. Höra låtarna och visa de medföljande målningar tillsammans verkligen gjort för en intressant multisensory upplevelse.Och medan jag kan ha missat Horseshoe Road s torsdag öppna föreställningar, mitt säte t gå till spillo. Adelante! Galleri ägare Cynthia Wolf sade alla tre ursprungligen planerade föreställningar (vid 6: 30, 8 och 9: 30 p.m.) var stående rum endast på torsdag natt. Horseshoe väg och galleriet, som sitter ca 30 för prestanda, läggas även en fjärde prestanda klockan 4: 30 torsdag, och det säljs ut, också.Jag ve hörde också att Horseshoe väg också sålt ut sina söndag konsert på Norman s tåg depot i downtown. Klart, dessa killar har massor av fans, och de är definitivt värt att se på nästa tillgängliga tillfälle.Och glöm inte att kolla in Diane s amazing akryl och multimedia målningar genom 21 mars på galleriet.Andra sevärdheter och låter Gabe och jag tog kväll i distriktet Paseo Arts:-en trio som kallade nyabussgenerationen Street Rag Stompers utförs på olika street hörnen på Paseo under en promenad. Två av musikerna spelade gitarr, medan en tredje spelade en gammaldags washtub bas, som var intressant att titta på. Jag fick gruppen s gamla-timey land-folkmusik.-vi betalade vårt första besök till Contemporary Art Gallery s nya plats på Paseo kväll och tog i en matris av målningar, mixed-media fungerar, keramik, korgar, skulpturer och smycken. Galleriet co-op har funnits sedan 1970-talet men flyttade sen förra året i en stor träbyggnad som tidigare inrymt theWoodchuck Chop. Jag m glad att underbara Paseo plats t bo stängd länge, men jag skulle vilja se trädgården vatten ut front tillbaka i god form i vissa punkt. - trumman cirkel framför Contemporary Art Gallery (tidigare Woodchuck Chop) innehöll mer än ett dussin människor av olika åldrar och etniciteter bankande händerna i ganska rytm på trummor. Jag m glada de är att hålla den traditionen kommer; Gabe älskar verkligen att se dem spela. (De ve uppmanade oss att trumma alonga några gånger, men min toddler s aldrig accepteras. Tydligen han #821.

There are 875,000 terror suspects in the USA terror database. That is a very small percentage of the entire population of 330,000,000, less than 1%, less than one half of one percent, 0.00265151515 to be precise.

Remember 0.00265151515 when CFNers like Hancock and Ozone start saying how we live in a police state and everyone is under suspicion. Not true. Don't be gullible when the conspiracy theorists spout their "facts"

New Heights fell by 5.7% against the market trend Q3 earnings will be released before Thursday disk

Even tho 'Revolutionary Road' , by Richard Yates, was published way back in 1962, I didn't read it 'til a few years ago, after I'd seen the movie. I recognize those suburban people and the town they lived in, similar to this Connecticut town, except closer to NYC. If the majority here thinks events in Boston was some sort of false flag operation, I don't have much in common with you all. Its discouraging that intelligent people get sucked into stupid conspiracy theories like this. Maybe its a sign of the times, I don't know.


He wouldn't want us to be sad but strong. Some called his vision utopian, idealistic, or naïve. His spirit survives in us all as we embrace the dawn of a new day and spiritual reawakening.

I don't have much in common with you all.


What? Oh mon Dieu! Say it ain't so! It can't be!

Whether or not it was a conspiracy detracts from the end result which is a furthering of the police state and a stripping of even the semblance of basic rights and liberty.

It's not just about an isolated, sterilized sheltered and detached Connecticut suburb. It's about "America," and more importantly, Corporate America. That story is as applicable today as it was in 1962. That, in and of itself, is a terribly frightening notion. Some things have changed, yet others have remained disturbingly the same.

Asoka you're the CFN official Court Jester. The Court Jester could make provocative statements that nobody else could ... because he was Court Jester. He could carry on conversations with himself (see above), switch opinions on a dime, taking this side now, that side later, saying all kinds of crazy stuff, and get away with it. Nobody could silence the Court Jester, not even the King himself.

This is what P2C and a few others do not understand. P2C gets pissed off at you. He does not understand your role here as Court Jester: Provoke, Bust Balls, stir things up, get people mad by saying outrageous things. I understand it and accept it for what it is. Actually I think you do a pretty good job at you (self) assigned role.


Case in point:

Google's Spymasters Are Now Worried About Your Secrets

Every time there is a so-called terrorist attack on American soil, pressure to ramp up the reach of our increasingly omnipresent surveillance state spikes, sweeping ever-larger numbers of people and more intimate information concerning their lives into national databases. As with the hunt for the perps of the Boston bombings, there is a growing acceptance and indeed a demand for additional surveillance cameras, cellphone eavesdropping, location checks and biometric identifiers.

The debate over immigration has similarly propelled a call for increased use of biometric markers to track the undocumented, but the proposals require expanded use of such markers to trace all those applying for jobs, housing and benefits.

These technological invasions of our privacy serve to undermine the bold assertion of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that the protection of personal, private space is essential to the freedom of the individual.

Schmidt and Cohen should ponder those sacred words when considering their own complicity in violating the security of persons protected from searches of their habits, locations, thoughts and the endless bits of formerly off-limits information. Google has turned once private data into a commodity routinely exploited for profit. No wonder these executives are now made uncomfortable when old-fashioned dictators appropriate the snooper culture of the new technology.

Like JHK, I think you have an allergy to the entertainment of some conspiracies, but not of others.

Here's some real collusion (thus a purposeful, profit-driven conspiracy) of gum'mints local and national, big money and big oil:

"Sixty percent of Pennsylvania lies over a huge shale sprawl called the Marcellus, and that has been in the fracking industry’s sights since 2008. The corporations that are exploiting the shale come to the state with lavish federal entitlements: exemptions from the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Clean Drinking Water Acts, as well as the Superfund Act, which requires cleanup of hazardous substances. The industry doesn’t have to call its trillions of gallons of annual waste “hazardous.” Instead, it uses euphemisms like “residual waste.” In addition, fracking companies are allowed to keep secret many of the chemicals they use.

Pennsylvania, in turn, adds its own privileges. A revolving door shuttles former legislators, governors, and officials from the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) into gas industry positions. The DEP itself is now the object of a lawsuit that charges the agency with producing deceptive lab reports, and then using them to dismiss homeowners’ complaints that shale gas corporations have contaminated their water, making them sick. The people I interviewed have their own nickname for the DEP: “Don’t Expect Protection.”

I'm fairly certain that both you and Hancock peer at the world through prisms that are more alike than different in manufacture. (IOW, you have more in common than the surface might suggest; and surface is mostly what we get in internet "conversations".) That, and the large matter of degrees of trust/suspicion. (Personally, I have a very high tolerance/threshold for the suspicion of damn-near everything, thus making me actually calmer in the face of undeniable Machiavellian machinations. "It's to be expected", sez I without the despair attendant to crushed illusions/wishes.)

Oopsie, forgot the link.


The last section of the article is titled: Circles of Trust. (Interestingly enough. ;o)

Would they frack everyone to death if they thought there was big profit in it (real or speculative) and they wouldn't/couldn't be prosecuted?

Why I believe they would. (Interestingly enough. ;o)

11? What is 11?

Hows the economy is yr area?

I keep hearing on the radio that 'Housing is booming
in the USA'!!!!

In furtherance of that strangeness, here's a question to be/not to be entertained:

Is it advantageous for [what's commonly termed as] the Military Congressional Industrial Complex to keep the subject populace in a constant state of fear?

Well put, Pete. I agree with most of what you said. (about Hancock)

One thing that first attracted me to JHKs books is that he did not go in for any crazy conspiracy theories, which was refreshing.

Oz, If you're ever down here in the Valley visiting relatives give me a call. We'll drink some cold ones on the patio. I get a few days off early in the week, otherwise working double shifts, which is tough on the social life.


Another small item for consideration and placing into a personal context of "conspiracy tolerance"...


Is this just an "issue of legal reciprocity" from one perspective, or is it a concerted conspiracy to subvert the rule of law both national and international from another? Goose, gander?

(If Zelikow is involved [which he most definitely is] you could guess my opinion without fear of contradiction.)

CD, I hear you on the double-shift thing. You're lucky to have a constitution that allows you that!
(I've only ever had work that requires daylight and survivable weather.)

I have you # somewhere, I'll have to peek about. (Disorganized idiot h'yar.)
Early week sounds okay. "Hiya" to A.-L.

Zoid did say, "Whoa, here's some great news (for the super-wishful)... Together the Bakken and Three Forks formations contain an estimated mean of 7.4 billion barrel of undiscovered technically recoverable oil. "

Lets see..

7.4 billion barrels is 7,400 million barrels and the US consumes roughly 20 million barrels per day so the Bakken's technically recoverable oil would last the US 7400/20 or just 370 days.

Really, most of the world's problems now hinge on the twin mind-bogglers of enormous numbers and exponential growth. Name the problem; those are the drivers.

All I know is that we aren't getting out of this coming crunch by wishful thinking, spiritual revolution, ethical evolution, psychological counseling, standardized tests, online collaborative learning, hydrofracking, think tanks, arctic oil plays, taxation, or alcohol. None of these work.

Nobody really gives a shit about what we talk about on this blog. So lets not act as if it matters. The people who we must convince are physically and mentally incapable of dealing with this stuff. All they know is, get up with the alarm clock, put on your makeup and hair gel, get in the car and go to whatever enterprise produces the check that lets them pay the rent.

Ack-a-haul isn't going to get it done either??
Damnit, there goes my last "hope"...

How 'bout if the gum'mint hands out consistent, medically graded cannibis to everyone over the age of 21? Helpful, or just a bunch of extremely lazy folks vege-ing around until nature begins the whackings?

Bustin, Fox News (admittedly grossly conservative) recently reported on a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll that showed 29% of Americans believe there will be armed rebellion in the US within the next few years. CNN (admittedly grossly liberal) never reported it. Not that I trust the numbers, but maybe this shows the times, they are a-changin'?

A team of very smart men at Oxford University's Fuure of Humanity Institute says mankind faces extinction from our use of technology. Not from the normal threats, but from advances in nanotechnology and artificial intelligence and a few other areas. In the news article, global warming wasn't mentioned.

Jusr legalize the damn thing already, as well as all other drugs. Then we'd save billions of dollars, deprive killer drug lords of their revenue stream, and let people who need to escape reality, escape.

Speaking of that (cannabis) its legal for medical purposes in this state now. Based on testimony in Hartford, we've learned it will cure any disease known to man, including heart disease, cancer and AIDS. Nobody has to worry about getting sick anymore now that medical marijuana has been legalized. Its the miracle cure we've been waiting for.

Also, the highest form of human being, one that will get you called by 2 presidents, is being homosexual. We're casting about for heroes and I think we've found one. Obama might be the Messiah, but Jason Collins is St. John.


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts recently:

So far, Washington has convinced the public that Washington’s terror is mainly limited to Muslims, who are obligingly demonized by print, TV, and much of the Internet media. However, if Muslim American citizens lack civil liberty, so do all other American citizens. Those who are safe are those who ally with the tyrant and remain subservient.

To ally with the tyrant, a United States citizen must have no moral conscience, no sense of justice, no compassion for the innocent and dispossessed. These are the worst kind of Americans; yet, they are the only ones who can succeed in the present environment.

Bustin says today:

Nobody really gives a shit about what we talk about on this blog. So lets not act as if it matters. The people who we must convince are physically and mentally incapable of dealing with this stuff. All they know is, get up with the alarm clock, put on your makeup and hair gel, get in the car and go to whatever enterprise produces the check that lets them pay the rent.


None of us "believe" any particular conspiracy theory unless it's told from the angle that piques our own curiosity, yet we can all sit back and point to the arrival of the worse case predicted outcomes of those theories usually on schedule. Marshal law could never happen in the U.S.? Nope, but uh, unless of course those damned Muslims and Al Qaeda try to mess with us, then we could understand why the gub'mint would lock us down for our own good, right? I'm not one of those who believe that the two men were set up in a False Flag Op, nor do I accept the narrative of Muslim terrorist cell. Self-radicalization works well enough alone. To me, these cats simply failed to assimilate in this country, but even so I don't gravitate to the anti-multiculturalism perspective either. They were partly assimilated young guys and were barely discernible from any other young people in America, native or otherwise. The youth today hear of all the corruption and just put up with it as they were taught to do so by their parents, until they don't. Then they freak the fuck out and shoot up the school. I think these kids occupy a new niche of hybrid malcontent in this country. They don't need to be foreign or domestic terrorists, of a particular race or creed, they only need to fail to plug themselves into the matrix. They mark the last stage of societal breakdown where the youth look all around them and see systemic corruption and say fuck it all; fuck'em all. Why play the game at all? Sure, right-weanies, leftist pansies, and conspiracy nutters in between will quibble about how the bombers and their social network of supporters became what they did, but it doesn't matter anymore. It's just a matter of time before the next incident, where all the Doomers are proven "right" in one way or another.

11 million illegals. They've been using this number for decades now. The real number is likely to be over 20 million. Just so Holocaust Studies. Even Jewish writers admit that 6 million is an exageration. Yet even as the scholarly estimation goes down, the public number remains.

Stupid Conspiracy Theories? Ok, so what would be a smart one then? I assume you admit the Elite have an Agenda and are moving towards that thru means fair and foul. The foul being secret and therefore conducted in the whispering shadows. I mean are you willing to admit that Pubic School are indoctrination and that has been the goal since the days of John Dewey? Or that a group of Trotskyite Jews took over the Republican Party?

Went to the movies yesterday. In the previews there were two movies that showed the Boston Police, one a Sandra Bullock police comedy, and the other a comedy about dead cops bring dead criminals to justice. What are the chances of two references to the Boston Police just after the triumph (your view) of Boston Police Dept?

how bout a link? we could all talk about it and inject some life into this blog destroyed by racist trolls.

i'm willing to shake any black, brown, or yellow hand - as long as they accept that i'm a racist just like they are. trying NOT to be a racist involves one in endless contradictions since the other races aren't so trying. it's a unilateral disarmament that leads to hatred and violence against whites - and makes its true believers into self haters and traitors destined for the lower circles of hell.

In my role as resident facilitator, here is a link:


I do not see any indication that nanotechnology is considered a threat for human extinction.

I will be interested in hearing your assessment, Janos, and of course from anyone else who wishes to join the CFN conversation.

Actually the team of very smart men do acknowledge climate change as a threat.

"These theoretical issues are implicit in all attempts to take into account long-term consequences in public policy choice (such as in the context of global climate change policy). These issues need to be brought to the fore and addressed explicitly.

Racially conscious Whites triumph over Left Wing Anti-Fa Scum in front of White House. The Anti-Fa had the numbers, the fists, and the megaphones - the White Nationalists had the logic, the decency, and yes the Police to protect them. Otherwise they would have been killed. These are your people. Are you capable of Shame?


I have to go out but I will read it later. What is your view of the Marathon Bombing? Inside job or Muslim terrorists?

So yeah, maybe I read too much into your comment.

Exact replicas? A bit of a stretch. Some guys see the artifacts as very similar in method of production or style to European artifacts. Too close to be coincidental. The problem is subjectivity. People have a tendency to see what they want to.

Maybe the "Cro-magnon" artifacts (as you call them) really do pre date "Siberian" artifacts. It would be really something if some kind of analysis could be done on the artifacts to determine where the stone originated from. If the physical/chemical signatures pointed to somewhere in Spain or France then case closed. You would have your smoking gun. But even if they ARE "Cro-Magnon", they may pre-date others only until the next discovery comes along.

Anyway, wrt mitochondrial (matrilineal) DNA, here's a map of Haplogroup X. I don't know how accurate or full of shit the map is. As with everything you see on the web, caveat emptor. On the Americas side, the map shows the distribution of Haplogroup X among Amerindians.

I've read that something like 7% of Europeans and 3% of Amerindians carry Haplogroup X and, most amazingly, 25% of Algonkian Indians. Look at the distribution. Interesting isn't it?


Some guys interpret the distribution as supporting the Solutrean hypothesis. But look closely. There's a repository of Haplogroup X in Siberia in the Altai region. No doubt you've heard that modern Amerindians most closely resemble people in the Altai area in genetic terms. So maybe the Altai was one of the original jumping off points.

There's geneticists that say that the Altai variety of Haplogroup X is intermediate in structure to the varieties of Haplogroup X seen in Europe and that seen in the Americas. What does this mean? Maybe the Altai region was the "fatherland", so to speak, for Haplogroup X. Maybe some people possessing it moved west to Europe and others moved east and over Beringia. Or maybe not. There's much difference of opinion, much work needs to be done to resolve these questions.

As you know, the latest theories about the peopling of the Americas have it that Siberians and maybe other Asians travelled down the west coast of Ice Age America, maybe in boats. So how ice choked was the coast? Was there any dry land? Maybe it didn't matter so much. Maybe there was so much in the way of aquatic resources that they could stop over on bare ice and make a decent living regardless. If THAT was the case then maybe it's not so implausible that Europeans made it across the Atlantic on the edge of the ice pack. Personally I'd give it decent odds. Worth looking into at any rate.

Appears to be young whites raised in American violent culture, during their adolescence, who therefore became susceptible to radicalization by words of fringe violent Muslim clerics, IMHO.

Those who believe in self-defense and the effectiveness of violence (radical Muslims, United States Marines, most American voters, etc.) can be swayed by those who make arguments for the necessity of violence to remedy x, y, or z.

Violence is not the answer. Violence only begets more violence.

Thanks for being open minded on this issue. Good points on the blood grouping - no proof of the Solutrean Hypothesis on that front. The skeletons and mummies are best evidence. The Spearpoints next. After that the stories of the Indians themselves of fighting White Men. The Paiutes speak of fighting Red Haired Giant Cannibals and wiping them out with the help of other tribes. The Polynesians of Easter Island may have fought the same people.

Btw, these White People don't sound so great. On the other hand, Whites seem to have had a role in building the great Civilizations of Central and South America.


Whites seem to have had a role in building the great Civilizations of Central and South America

What evidence do you have? Whites arrived thousands of years after those civilizations were developed with the help of Blacks. What evidence do I have that Blacks were key in ancient civilizations (besides Egyptian civilization)? The evidence is carved in stone. See for yourself.


"The earliest people in the Americas were people of the Negritic African race, who entered the Americas perhaps as early as 100,000 years ago, by way of the Bering straight and about thirty thousand years ago in a worldwide maritime undertaking that included journeys from the then wet and lake filled Sahara towards the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, and from West Africa across the Atlantic Ocean towards the Americas."

I have a bad feeling some of you who post here may be self-radicalizing. I'm debating whether to report you, or not. It's particularly disturbing considering the ones I suspect, which is most of you, have guns.

If you really supported the troops, you wouldn't send them to fight meaningless wars based on lies.

Occupy USA -- Bring All Troops Home Now

'Being in love means having to apologize every minute' John Lennon

With regards to the 3? amnastys, if Gov says
X illegals, triple that number.

Whatever the 'lowball figure, triple'.


DOW gets past 15000!!!!!

'good psychological sign'.

DOW gets past 15000!!!!!


If this keeps up, all of you will be conspiracy theorists for bandying peak oil. Where is the cliff? Where's the decline? Where's the descent?

The link says it was 8 Pro capitalist v. 400

Chechens aren't White but rather Caucasians of some kind, perhaps related to the Turks. And as Rush pointed out, they were radicalized by living in Cambridge which gave them a good preparation for the Al Quaeda belief system.

Open the link and find out. As Madonna said, Truth or Dare Garth.

Yes Whites are apologizing to Death. Death by Apology - better Apoplexy.

Here is what Obama said in Mexico City:

Mexicans have stereotypes of gringos.
Gringos have stereotypes of Mexicans.
Mexicans have a problem with drug violence.
Americans are supplying drug buyers and guns.

I listened to Rush Limbaugh today and he interpreted Obama's statements as "apologies." Rush is trying to score political points by taking simple statements and turning them into "apologies."

"Chechens aren't White but rather Caucasians..."


Janos, what kind of white separatist are you if you cannot recognize whites? Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokar Tsarnaev are "white" by definition. Check out Nell Painter's book: A History of White People which details how the very notion of Whiteness was manufactured from the myth of an idealized "Caucasian" past and people. Chechnya is quite literally in the Caucuses.

You disappoint me, Janos, with your waffling, with your racial formation theory. You now seem to be saying that racial group membership is contingent and can change to fit the dynamics of Power in a given social and political moment. Is it not convenient at this moment that these two terrorist Caucasians are white?

Don't blame Al Qaeda, Janos. Since 1982, there have been 62 mass shootings (four or more dead) across the country, in 30 states from Massachusetts to Hawaii. Forty four of the killers were "white" males. Only one of them was a woman. Your refusal to claim Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokar Tsarnaev as "white" is a betrayal of the "white" race. Own up to your own violent, terrorist-laden white race and to your gender. Where is your loyalty to "whites", Judas? You really should read Nell Painter's book: A History of White People. White people do seem to be a topic of interest to you.

A couple of those statues do like Negro but I don't think there is any other evidence. One of my Anthropology Professors who specialized in Native Amerians denied it. But good try.

Nell Painter? Sound Jewish. We know who is White and who isn't. And Chechens don't make the grade.

Liars always accuse other of lying. Obama is always lying. After Fast and Furious he (and you) should have the decency to not to claim Americans are supplying Mexicans with guns.

Another major liar, Stephen Jay Gould, slandered a White Scientist for fudging the data. But it was Gould who was doing. Whites do have larger skulls than the lower races.


Decency? A program similar to Fast and Furious under the Bush administration (in 2006 and 2007) called Operation Wide Receiver, also attempted to track suspicious weapons. Allowing gun sales to go forward even when the ATF had probable cause to believe the sales were unlawful has come to be known as "gun walking."

The two operations -- Fast and Furious and Wide Receiver -- were similar: both were run out of the ATF’s Phoenix Field Division. The inspector general explored both programs in depth and found similar problems. "The risk to public safety was immediately evident in both investigations," an inspector general’s report states.

The general practice of gun walking happened in both administrations. Republicans have made efforts (as has Rush Limbaugh) to politicize the issue. Gun walking began under the previous administration and it was Obama's attorney general who ended it. In other words, "gun walking" was Bush's fault. And Bush did not have the "decency" to end it.

Nice try, though, Janos.

Jiangsu Artillery Division stationed in the Yangtze River Delta region,the ever-changing environment all around going to be the camp. In-depth development concerning going to be the market economy, people's ideas and values ​​become increasingly diverse Exposure to going to be the era regarding top speed trains,going to be the officers and a man having to do with going to be the division, has a multi function a good deal more speak to,full feelings.or

,going to be the division organized going to be the reservists political officer training personnel you will experience that Nanjing,an all in one revolutionary site enchanting patriotism education. Spots all around the front,but bear in mind they were told: among the more active-duty officers and a guy can gourmet gift baskets free admission ticket you will notice that visit going to be the the back burner officers he is under
things if you want to collective renewed commitment often resolved,but take heart going to be the hearts relating to most of these long-term standby officers as part of your reserve forces engaged throughout the political work may not be going to be the taste: is the fact that also some form of regarding the People's Liberation Army, and in your force having to do with collective activities,for too much time rarely ever at no cost admission?:"It is not very about the money,perhaps be the treatment concerning there are a number reserve officers volunteered in an effort to come back running in an effort to going to be the camp,through going to be the training,we are going to want discuss all around the the item issue.along with

division party "members" that going to be the demands having to do with going to be the the back burner officers representative,providing some one everyone sitting together to learn more about Discussion,aspect was unanimously you're feeling that these a very long time having to do with China's economic construction has made noteworthy achievements,but take heart going to be the concept having to do with national criminal defense and rarely gone up there are still some of the it is certainly plausible should by no means understand reservists,worry about by no means attach importance you will recognize that going to be the reservists. For example,the damages to do with working a period in individual units,the back burner soldiers completely a multi function military training renders are never ever implemented,the work performance having to do with reserve officers as part of your armed forces did never in point of fact become the basis having to do with going to be the promotion about going to be the unit during which time his placements wages. And and consequently forth,all of which fast affect going to be the enthusiasm about the have the desired effect having to do with the reserve officers and soldiers.2 a lot of information and the back burner forces as going to be the"brand new ones"to do with going to be the the back burner officers and soldiers, and local party committees,the Government join hands and tough you will appreciate that create "When the back burner officers crowning an all in one in thickness atmosphere,if you would like you will experience that allow going to be the standby officers into going to be the team into going to be the heart, and actively offer advice and starting gorgeous honeymoons as well army building to assist the the army building sound and rapid development.or

division party "members" split the grassroots, in-depth industrial enterprises,street countryside,going to be the parts of society,going to be the responsible persons carried out pre-programmed forum,the back burner officers and soldiers so as to spend some time researching to understand more about ways you will recognize that mobilize their enthusiasm also have the desired effect and so as to assist the going to be the innovation and development concerning going to be the reserve forces way measures. Subsequently, an implementation having to do with the treatment to do with reserve officers, incentive choosing the perfect and coordination relating to pre-compiled stored soldiers contradictory investigation credit file in an effort to the division political commissar and provincial military leaders desk.in addition to
At going to be the same a period of time the division actively coordinating going to be the group belongs pre-programmed regional party committee and rates,you will appreciate that please them allowing an individual their unique reality,you will appreciate that created the introduction regarding going to be the implementation about local laws and regulations for going to be the treatment having to do with the back burner officers. As having to do with going to be the end to do with 2007,the division each of them is considered on the basis of the National People's Congress (NPC), belongs so as to going to be the group and division in an instant well below a going to be the team's annual funding within the amount of money This action was just do not much in the way but aspect means that the active this person officers not only can they no longer have the forget relating to running spending budget

the past separate many many years going to be the division further increase going to be the coordination having to do with efforts. August 2011,in order as a way to implement the reserve forces and political do just fine be good enough,the Jiangsu provincial internal revenue service and going to be the provincial military jointly issued going to be the document clearly states: reserve officers so as to the province's parks, attractions and lots of other places if you want to visit,be happy with going to be the same so that you have going to be the active duty treatment.three an
an all in one regiment relating to reserve officers, Taixing City Health and going to be the town armed Deputy Minister concerning Ling Chunhua,on the town of going to be the planning risks and side effects in your if you love competition without trouble embarked everywhere in the a multi functional many of the new is really a great Ling Chunhua said, precisely because if you want to have to settle for an all in one good reservists in addition points,just rent it out him as part of your number concerning competitors. Ling Chunhua extra points gorgeous honeymoons as well posts messages reported judging by the media, has aroused widespread concern. The division Xu Jianxin, said: as part of your maintenance having to do with the back burner officers interest as part of your implementation of going to be the treatment relating to the back burner officers and reserve forces you will find that a vanguard you will find that lead going to be the charge.the reason is

division party "members"immediately you will notice that to set up everywhere in the joint military the back burner officers in your recognition having to do with publicity on the basis of means relating to newspapers, radio,a short while ago Internet and numerous media.in addition to"I proud of about reserve officers pride filling the heart of each reserve officers.which is
former battalion commander
has do nothing more than assumed going to be the command concerning going to be the camp accents industrial,chief Chen Xi told reporters that going to be the command camp set up 12 very many years ago,all of them are operators party let me give you secretary and standby trainer local work,all be the case enhanced. Although there will be the a multi function coincidence having to do with factors,but they have any of these a consensus: this thanks for the concerning the back burner officers rarely one of the most engage in physical activity but take heart as a number of us give you an all in one platform in an effort to dogs don't themselves.and also

division a regiment having to do with get the job done a period of time may not be further but aspect is interesting that,all of them are going to be the company relating to going to be the regiment got out as instructors in your each of them is going to be the exceed expectations leaders of towns, streets individual most of them are each of them is operators party before anything else secretary on the basis of going to be the district proxy secretary concurrently. Local leaders at all of them are associated with cholesterol relating to standby officers feel as though about identity is usually that evident
identity relating to
standby officers and soldiers,an all in one strong impetus you will see that the building of our soldiers In recent very many years The division has been headquartered in your recognition to do with advanced military training units, militia and reserve forces and political have the desired effect advanced unit,many reserve officers concerning the Ministry having to do with Civil Affairs and the General Political Department jointly recognition also outstanding the back burner officers. (Lei Xie Luo)

Decency? A program similar to Fast and Furious under the Bush administration (in 2006 and 2007) called Operation Wide Receiver, also attempted to track suspicious weapons. Allowing gun sales to go forward even when the ATF had probable cause to believe the sales were unlawful has come to be known as "gun walking."

The two operations -- Fast and Furious and Wide Receiver -- were similar: both were run out of the ATF’s Phoenix Field Division. The inspector general explored both programs in depth and found similar problems. "The risk to public safety was immediately evident in both investigations," an inspector general’s report states.

The general practice of gun walking happened in both administrations. Republicans have made efforts (as has Rush Limbaugh) to politicize the issue. Gun walking began under the previous administration and it was Obama's attorney general who ended it. In other words, "gun walking" was Bush's fault. And Bush did not have the "decency" to end it.

And Chechens don't make the grade.


Janos, you are a traitor to the white race.

The legal services industry is collapsing.

Does anyone know of any good, "fresh" lawyer jokes? Any jokes about Chechen lawyers? Thanks.


May 2 (Bloomberg Law) -- Paul Barrett, assistant managing editor and senior writer for Bloomberg Businessweek tells Bloomberg Law's Lee Pacchia that Big Law is currently experiencing "a very difficult crash landing that is taking place now and will persist for at least another several more years."While acknowledging that the 2008 recession was partially to blame for the slowdown, Barrett sees the current situation compounded by the bursting of a bubble among large law firms that hired too many lawyers and entered into ill-advised mergers. We are seeing the reckoning from overkill that built up over many years, he says.

I know, right!!!! We keep hearing this bull that the sky is falling, but just like Chicken Friggin Little it ain't happening. What are we supposed to do, weep? We're wrong, the sky isn't falling, and were about to embark on an unrivaled path of spiritual and humanitarian renewal the Earth has ever known. Just a reminder, bitches, this aint about a techno renewal. We been there, done dat. This is about joining hands and loving the fact that we are achieving greatness and knowledge, both at the same time. It's carolnewquistdotdotdot time, baby!!!

He trippin, LOL!!!!

The Tax Department decides to audit Grandpa, and summons him to the Tax Office.

The Tax auditor was not surprised when Grandpa showed up with his lawyer.

The auditor said, ‘Well, sir, you have an extravagant lifestyle and no full-time employment, Which you explain by saying that you win money gambling. I’m not sure the Tax Office finds that believable.’

I’m a great gambler, and I can prove it,’ says Grandpa. ‘How about a demonstration?’

The auditor thinks for a moment and said, ‘Okay. Go ahead.’

Grandpa says, ‘I’ll bet you a thousand dollars that I can bite my own eye.’

The auditor thinks a moment and says, ‘It’s a bet.’

Grandpa removes his glass eye and bites it. The auditor’s jaw drops.

Grandpa says, ‘Now, I’ll bet you two thousand dollars that I can bite my other eye.’

Now the auditor can tell Grandpa isn’t blind, so he takes the bet.

Grandpa removes his dentures and bites his good eye..

The stunned auditor now realizes he has wagered and lost three grand, with Grandpa’s lawyer as a witness. He starts to get nervous.

‘Want to go double or nothing?’ Grandpa asks ‘I’ll bet you six thousand dollars that I can stand on one side of your desk, and pee into that
wastebasket on the other side, and never get a drop anywhere in between.’

The auditor, twice burned, is cautious now, but he looks carefully and decides there’s no way this old guy could possibly manage that stunt, so he agrees again.

Grandpa stands beside the desk and unzips his pants, but although he strains mightily, he can’t make the stream reach the wastebasket on the other side, so he pretty much urinates all over the auditor’s desk.

The auditor leaps with joy, realizing that he has just turned a major loss into a huge win.

But Grandpa’s own lawyer moans and puts his head in his hands.

‘Are you okay?’ the auditor asks.

‘Not really,’ says the lawyer. ‘This morning, when Grandpa told me he’d been summoned for an audit, he bet me twenty-five thousand dollars that he could come in here and piss all over your desk and that you’d be happy about it!’ --Osho

"Excuse me, did you say 'Rainmaker', or 'Drainmaker'?"

It seemed that every time Mulla Nasrudin met his lawyer, he had some added legal fees. It worried the Mulla to the point of ulcers. Then one day, he met his lawyer in the post office and said, "NICE DAY, ISN'T IT? AND REMEMBER, I AM TELLING YOU, NOT ASKING YOU, SIR." --Osho

James, The Daily Show had a great clip with Glenn Beck crying that Obama is to blame for the price in gold, and to trust God to make Gold high again. Then Jon Stewart read the bible and oops, God does not like Gold.http://www.openculture.com/2013/03/bertrand_russells_ten_commandments_for_living_in_a_healthy_democracy.html

Read those ten commandments, it will help in the fun filled world of anti science, and anti thought to come.

Anti science, like 'Heather has 2 Mommies'?
Talk about unscientific!

I watched. A small crowd, much yelling.

We are 7 billion strong. There is no limit to the number of people we can love.

Your "we" is an abstraction. Nothing real. "7 billion" is a number you read somewhere, and citing it doesn't mean you love them. Conservatives prefer real love, instead of trying to get "the 7 billion loved" by proxy and in theory -- by arranging politically that other people must give them their stuff. Your "love" is grandiosity and posturing.

There is no limit to the numbers of the 7 billion can stomp through Adequatio's houses daily! I'll accept that proposition.

"Actually the team of very smart men do acknowledge climate change as a threat."

Very smart data manipulators and political tools feeding at a trough.

The climate continually changes on its own. So those men must be pretty stupid not to know that. And didn't you and those smarty pants used to call it "global warming"? And now the world is entering extraordinary cold.


Recent articles at IceAgeNow.info which tracks the cooling:

Yesterday’s snow triples the total of 127 years worth of May snow

Wintry blast to hit New Zealand

Record-breaking snowfall in the Ozarks

Record-setting May snowstorm still hammering Plains, Upper Midwest

Record low temps expected in South Texas

Midwest cities clobbered by biggest May snowfall on record

May 1 – Snowfall totals for MN,WI, IA, SD and NE
Some areas received 10, 12 even 15 inches of snow! …… On May 1!

Record low in Laramie, Wyoming

Iceland – Strong inflation suggests that Hekla volcano could be close to erupting

Ireland – Worst fodder crisis in living memory

Snow Totals Mount in Denver, Boulder, Cheyenne
More than 6 inches of snow piled up in Cheyenne through Wednesday morning and has now arrived in Denver,...

Ireland – 43,000 carcasses recovered following devastating snowstorm

Amarillo temps to plunge 67 degrees – And then snow

Historic Snowstorm to hit Upper Midwest
“Rare,” says National Weather Service. “Unprecedented,” admits MSN.com.

8 to 16 inches snow for Colorado – 12 inches for Wyoming

Navigating the ice -Nome-US Coast Guard Photo

Alaska headed for an ice age

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Entering The Era of Decline

Check out "Arab countries Openly Discuss Peak Oil for the First Time". on Michael Ruppert's blog site, Collaspsenet.com

..."This is a big “Oh shit!” moment. The public signal has now been given by the oil producing countries that time is running very short."

Kunstler's point about thing falling apart very quickly might just be right.

There are other excellent articles on there as well incl XL Pipeline story.

Although I have no time to write these days, I still try to keep up with things as I work.

I cannot believe no one has acknowledged Israel's attack on Syria yesterday.

Are you people living on this planet?(or what's left of it)

We're going to be clobbered every which way....

I'm about to order this book:

Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson:

"Millions of people have a queasy feeling that something is not right in the global economy – but they struggle to put their fingers on what exactly the problem is. Treasure Islands at last tells the real story of where it all went wrong. This is the great untold story of globalisation.

Tax havens are not exotic, murky sideshows at the fringes of the world economy: they lie at its centre. Half of world trade flows, at least on paper, through tax havens. Every multinational corporation uses them routinely. The biggest users of tax havens by far are not terrorists, spivs, celebrities or Mafiosi – but banks."

I cannot believe no one has acknowledged Israel's attack on Syria yesterday.


Some of us who post here, the ones who respect and remember the work of asoka and Osho, choose not to be calamity junkies like you and many others here. There is so much good happening in the world day in and day out, and yet you choose to hang your hat on the negative and destructive and seek out news of the latest attack. That's what "they" want you to do. It's how they sell all "their" worthless and unnecessary shit. Tune it out, and perhaps then, finally, that collapse you all want so badly will manifest because the only thing that's keeping this thing afloat right now is the perpetuation of fear.

Oh Carol (who's a man, baby....)

I'm so glad you love all that's happening. Good for you. Best of luck.

The Israeli attack was against a facility that helped Israel's mortal enemy, Hezbollah, obtain sophisticated weaponry. In case you forgot, Hezbollah has sworn to destroy Israel.

You know, the friend of my enemy is my enemy.

BeingThere, if you want to see what is really important to the USA, check out the length, depth (462 footnotes), and incredible detail included in the Wikipedia entry for Taylor Swift. She is a juggernaut unaffected by peak oil, offshore banking, or the Middle East terrorism (five USA soldiers died yesterday in Afghanistan but not a peep on CFN).

As Budizwiser is fond of saying: wake me up when discretionary energy waste is affected by anything happening in the so-called "real" world.

I know, right!!! it's so amazing to me what news peeps choose to hang their hat on. Israel defends itself. Why is this a surprise or unexpected event. The carnage in Afghanistan continues.

This is a sideshow. It's designed to keep rubes like you distracted and focused on the wrong thing. You are fascinated by a shell game that is being performed by those who wish to control your train of thought. Or in your case, a little red caboose of a choo choo of thought. :D lol, rofl!!!

Ibendet & others, check out Holman Jenkins column in the WSJ, weekend edition. It starts out, "America will be energy independent by 2020".

With a nod to those Saudis recognition of peak oil mentioned in your post, you need a Phd. from the Colorado School of Mines to figure out where we really stand.

Incidentally, nice to hear from you again.


"Yesterday’s snow triples the total of 127 years worth of May snow"

What does that mean?
That 3x as much snow fell over previous record?

It means we are suffering anthropogenic warming which results in climate change in the form of extreme highs (drought, fires, etc.) and extreme lows. Anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is responsible for the snow records. Al Gore was right.

It means the carbon should stay in the ground.

Extracting and consuming fossil fuels is causing extreme climate change. Though it is not interfering with Taylor Swift's Red Tour, or NASCAR, or PGA, or any of our other discretionary excessive wasteful energy consumption of which Budizwiser has spoken for years.

When the International Energy Agency released its most recent World Energy Outlook it made an historic statement in the executive summary.

“No more than one-third of proven reserves of fossil fuels can be consumed prior to 2050 if the world is to achieve the 2 °C goal”, the internationally recognized limit to average global warming in order to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Let me rephrase that. Over two-thirds of today’s proven reserves of fossil fuels need to still be in the ground in 2050 in order to prevent catastrophic levels of climate change.

Asoka, back away from the computer.

Spend some time out of doors. Get some sun. Get some exercise. Put a little tan on that pasty white skin for a change. For God's sake, give yourself and the rest of us a break.


Zed's Dead, Baby, Zed's Dead


And so is Asoka.




Many who have followed Yogananda and other progressive path teachers have found the direct path to be more effective.

Archaeological evidence has recently revealed that the Earth has been experiencing temperature variations, also called global warming, global cooling, Ice Ages, etc. since God first made it about 5000 year ago.

Let see if I can jump in here to help. 3 X or three times pretty much means triple and vice versa. Let me see if I can maybe draw you a picture so you can grasp this. It's difficult, I know.

Picture a set of three ones (think of them as duckies if it helps). Here's a picture for ya:


Now if we're going to TRIPLE that, that is, make the duckies appear 3 times in the same area, it might look like this: (again, think of each X as a ducky.)


And hence you have the corresponding mathematical equations: 3 x 1 = 3

And: 3 x 3 = 9 (count 'em if you don't believe me. It's freaky, I know, but this is what TRIPLE MEANS.

Glad to know you decided against having children. whew!

Oh really? From small things like acorns or sperm cells, all the rest comes. Eight racially conscious Christians STOOD against hundreds of blood thirsty Communists. It's called courage. If you think it's easy, then try it.

Asoka is dead and not even the great power of carolnewquistdotdotdot can bring him back, baby!

And what Obama said is right on the money. If it weren't for the U.S. love affair for illicit drugs there would be no market for them. Makes perfect sense. The murder rate in Juarez alone would plummet practically over night. The big bank boys don't want this, of course, as that would deprive them of their little money laundering scheme.


And he (Asoka) is not only merely dead,
He's really, most sincerely dead!

Hat tip to the Munchkins in Oz. Listened to these guys back in the early '70s in Palo Alto. Good times.

Get on news.yahoo.com and look under "odd news".

UFIA cup soccer said, "(I) admit to being a card carrying member of the "techno-fix all" club. Truly, at this moment of human creativity we must fall down in awe of our capacity to utilize such versatile tools born of pure research and applied science."

Science is way, way ahead of the common man and woman in the street. Although there IS research and there IS insight and knowledge available, and tools, hardly anyone seems to realize that this is available for them to take advantage of. People perform the same old poor behaviors over and over again.

"Offer me alternatives, offer me solutions and I decline" - M. Stipe.

Statistics, Psychology, Philosophy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics... all these things are tools which the intelligent person can pick up and use, for better or worse. Some do. But most experience its benefits as a wholesale gift from the consumer economy.

There is another, older thread in humanity's philosophical life: mysticism, religion, and magic.

Magic is the manifestation of our experience as the creators of our own subjective experience. For most people, there is nothing more necessary to understand and live life. Happiness is not increased by the intellectual dilemmas of philosophy, the abstracting analysis of mathematics, the morbid curiosities of biology, the esoteric reactions of chemistry, the redundant awareness of physics, or the distressing exactness of logic.

For hundreds of thousands of years, human ancestors lived in a world of pure magic, where the imperatives of existence obviated analysis. Our biological forms co-evolved with this cultural precept. Nothing about magical thinking was incompatible with combat, worship, baby-making, or war.

Today, magical thinking survives, mostly because evolution really doesn't care about critical thinking. It doesn't care about intelligence, or education. If it was important, such traits would be readily apparent. Kids would learn things as readily as they perfect the motions of throwing or jumping.

Magical thinking is everywhere. It is why advertising works. It is why political systems around the world maintain control. It is why people are the way they are, why cultures appear so cohesive. MLK said, "I have a dream" and everyone could relate. Every night we descend cross into a shadow world with eyes wide shut. We devolve to an immature state, without dimension, our boundaries indistinct as the slime molds we evolved from.

What does a slime mold need with nuclear power? It wants to eat, to shit, to mate. It recoils from predators, attacks foes. Its existence is mediated by biochemical reactions. Its environment is small. So it is with us.

Second problem is the the terminology "we". Its always bugged me. "We" landed a man on the moon. "We" won WWII, "We" invented the light bulb. "We" have to ask if "we" are the people "we've" been waiting for. This appropriation of scientific advancement and invention is troubling. First, its false. Second, it is persistent. Linguists might think its some artifact of language. I believe it is an artifact of our slime mold past. A slime mold's most efficient activity is surrounding and absorbing something else. Once it has accomplished that, it dissolves it into its constituent building blocks. Digestion ensues. Shit is created.

So it is with our human organizations. "We" absorb high-value objects, whether natural or assembled from nature, and then, degrade them and create garbage of of a lower order which is not readily useable.

On this board only Trip is likely to be using some higher-order thought processes to short circuit this essential process, unless there is someone else composting their waste.

No one believes that normal people have the capacity to manage their own solid and liquid waste. To that end the state has duly created an enormous amount of regulation to prevent the practice.

A terribly inconvenient thing, that dump of banking data from offshore tax havens. I wonder for how long the FBI, IRS, Inland Revenue and all the rest can manage to studiously avert their gaze or look skyward and count ceiling tiles or pretend to be very, very busy on other files.

I mean, this is a real pain in the ass. To the extent that the investigative agencies and tax authorities are politically compliant, cynical, c*ck-sucking, clock-watchers, this has to really put a spanner in the plans for a leisurely, stress-free life. Because now there's pressure to DO something. Because the potential fraud is gigantic. And the people hiding all that money are not going to take kindly to having their scams uncovered. And these guys didn't get to be humongously wealthy because they're deeply imbued with concern for their fellow man, piety not being their bag. And so this can involve serious personal risk.

Nailing some petrol-station owner, busting two-bit crooks and gangsters is one thing. But, really, these banking records are another order of magnitiude. Do you really want to get into them? There's likely some really big names in there. And maybe some names you've never heard of and that you probably don't want to know. Do you really want to know who's on whose payroll? Do you want to know who drug cartels are paying off? Do you want to go mess with Putin's friends? Or stick your nose into the affairs of some of the more cut-throat regimes in this world? If you feel compelled, by all means, be my guest. And if you find out all this gory stuff what are you going to do with it?

So who has the cojones? And how much does the job pay anyhow? And what about the kids? Do you want to see them grow up? It's one thing if it was only your ass on the line. But do you think some of these guys won't stoop to harming your family? Do you think they're so honorable that they won't kidnap your little ones? Or your wife or mother? One could imagine that, if some investigator is bound and determined to cause inconvenience, some of these people could get positively medieval - in the Tarantino sense of the word. One could imagine that suddenly there's people contemplating early retirement. Or a career change. Or that maybe there's money being quietly and politely offered as an inducement to lay off. Would taking it be so bad? Because in the cosmos of crimes wouldn't that qualify as a fly-speck? Because the "offer" really isn't an "offer" but really a threat isn't it? And so the offer is accepted under duress, no? Take the envelope or else, right? Besides, there's dependents and bills to pay, yes? Doesn't everybody have these?

And even if a diligent and fearless agent was able to get the goods, how likely is it for a platoon of smart lawyers to trip things up on technicalities, how likely is it that political connections and considerations will bury the whole mess? The wheels of justice can grind exceeding slow especially if there's a justice system turning the crank that has ends in mind other than law enforcement, right? And so all that danger and fear and stress and effort and for what?

Tax evasion? Perish the thought. Let's be fair-minded about this. All the depositors and bank clients were trying to do was to provide for their successors and heirs, preserve a modicum of privacy, protect their hard earned money (however it was earned) from the rapacious maw of corrupt and irresponsible fiscal authorities. Tell me I'm not right. Tell me that the US government isn't itself a cesspool and tell me that, as bad as it is, that it isn't a model of cleanliness and decorum compared to the others, the others being immeasurably worse. I mean, you think the USA is fucked? You should see the rest. The US isn't the only regime that has to be dealt with, you know, with globalization and all. And so what would you do if, like some of those bank clients, you're faced with crappy, corrupt, murderous regimes and you have some wealth to preserve and some people to look after? You already pay the bloodsuckers a fortune in baksheesh, right? And all the "gifts". Enough already. All you want is to be left alone to run your business and make some money.

So, let's be practical, after all, what is "right"? Not that we're suddenly getting slippery but it depends on where you sit doesn't it? There's a measure of perspective isn't there? We don't know the conditions others are faced with, do we? Not in a position to judge are we? I mean, we've spent the better part of two generations and maybe longer laughing at strict moralists with a black and white view of the world. Haven't we? Well, isn't now as good a time as any to examine this situation with a richly nuanced analysis of how we've come to this pass? So, let's show our moral sophistication and worldiness, intellectuals that we all are.

If we were conspiratorially inclined (perish that thought too) we would have to think that there's a fair bit of thought going into how do you make this thing go away?

As Eric Holder says, some banks are too big to jail. But he couldn't have literally meant "banks" because you don't jail banks. You jail people. Meaning some people are too big to jail. And he's the top law enforcement official in the mighty USA. Wouldn't he know what he's talking about? Oh, I know, he didn't literally say "jail", he said "prosecute". Whatever. Let's not get silly. If he meant that some institutions are too big to touch, the implication is that the people running them are also too big to touch. Same diff. Applies with the tax havens too.

You wonder what would compel people to embark on such a journey. If in fact in happened. No chance they knew there would be another shoreline 3,000 miles west. My guess is that Europe in the last glacial maximum was a really tough place to live, food very scarce. Neanderthal went extinct after all. So I think it was take your chances hunting on the ice pack or starve. There's a school of thought (well ok, one guy that I read) that Sapiens came close to extinction in Europe too.

I think it was likely the same story for people living in Beringia. What would have compelled them to try the journey down the west coast? Must have been a really tough slog. But better make the attempt than freezing and starving where they were.


What does a slime mold need with nuclear power? It wants to eat, to shit, to mate. It recoils from predators, attacks foes. Its existence is mediated by biochemical reactions. Its environment is small. So it is with us.



And why did you start talking about Vlad (Janos) all of a sudden? LOL!!!!

Unemployment drops to 7.5%. Interest rates are at a historic low of about 3.5%, enabling thousands of low to middle income Americans, particularly Latino Americans, to enter the housing market, many the first in their families to do so. Dow hits close to record territory!

Yeah, the SHTF, just like CFN folk predicted...NOT!

And that is just a small bit of all the good news out there.

But CFN wants to focus on the negative and future doom. Otherwise you are considered Pollyanna and cornucopian. Whatever.

They keep bleating "the world is ending" with collapse "just around the corner" ... year after year ... decade after decade. It is doomster fantasy porn and they are addicted.

It's a conundrum, but as you say, it's probably the best out there. If you scratch the surface of any veneer hard enough you will eventually expose the termite riddled wood underneath.

Most of the good folks here, unlike yourself, have a sort of sweetness about them in that they innocently believe the daily dose of crapola the "uncover" or think has been uncovered. You and I know the real story, don't we? The boys and girls who sit behind the screen. As you seem to imply, they're really not bad kids, all in all. Just a wee bit selfish and antagonistic when they get mad. And then, not wishing to be backed into a corner, get quite typically violent. Happens in nature all the time.

Folks don't see it because they don't want to accept that the "they" is ultimately "us". Watch an episode of Wild Kingdom or the like. It's the way stuff works.

Thanks for attempting to open the eyes of the wide-eyed innocents on this site.

Add to selfish "GREEDY".

Also there was a gap between the two North American Ice caps. Some have theorized that the Siberians may have traveled down this corridor following the herds. But the weather must have been atrocious. I mean look how strong the wind is between high buildings. Now the Ice Caps where thousands of feet high and the corridor maybe a hundred or two hundred miles wide.

Another mystery: some of the oldest sites in the Americas are deep in southern South America. In other words, we don't know. I think alot of things probably happened: by the coast, down the corridor, over from Europe, and yes - a far more advanced race from Europe as well at some point. We are talking many thousands of years, time enough for many things to happen.

Addicted is right. My mother-in-law was typical of the doom-loving crowd here. She literally had to keep herself in check when somebody died and there was a funeral. The thought of death and despair made her positively giddy with delight.

And when her children presented her with grandchildren she was beside herself with grief, masked by a pernicious smile.

Ya, we took note of the Israeli airstrike into Syria. Like I said, Israel is the last remaining western country that still has a pair. In Germany the vaunted Aryan Supermen are hiding out in their Apts. in Munich, avoiding Turkish gangs roaming the streets, operating out of a converted 3 century old Lutheran Church converted into a Mosque. As for Great Britain, well, let's just say Ken & Jeremy have nupitals planned or this weekend and don't want any international incidents f-cking up the blessed event!


Glad to see you enjoying the show. Take it easy on the popcorn.

The paid sock-puppet syndicate is showing signs of floundering desperation; the odor of tissue breakdown is getting thick. Amputation of a few fingers might be helpful at this point.
("Just sayin'", as you nincomtard[s] like to blurt at "each other".)

You are getting paid, too?

Then why do you want to self-mutilate?

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What, do you not remember the 'work of asoka'
[fold hands in prayer]?

"Some of us who post here, the ones who respect and remember the work of asoka and Osho, choose not to be calamity junkies like you and many others here. "

That 1 sentence has given me a few chuckles.

Against 50 million wetbacks?

CHAPTER 3, "A Very Carol Day"

Her mother was sleeping, Carol's long, graceful body was folded on the worn armchair. She wiped her tears with the back of her palm and agonized on what to tell her mother when she woke up.

Miranda stirred and sneezed twice before opening her eyes. She groaned as she straightened stiff muscles, then staring belatedly on the bed and she met her daughter’s pensive look.

Carol rushed to her side amidst her moans of pains and hugged her. Then she dropped to one knee and took Miranda's hand. Kissing it, she stroke her forehead and started to weep, “I’m so sorry I didn’t protect you better.” She whispered into the frail girl's ear.

Carol managed to turn and buried her head on her mother’s neck sobbing openly. The old woman was not sure why it was her daughter wept, it didn’t matter, her daughter was hurt and she did what any mother would do naturally; console her.

The doctor finished his check up and patted Miranda's shoulder. Then the nurse moved in and started to sponge bath her; she had been instructed not to allow her stand up, the patient had lost a lot of blood during the freak accident.

Dressed in a stunning black and white 75% cotton and 25% polyester shift dress, young Carol paced outside the room, once in a while she would take a sneak peek at the half opened door to see if her mother was alright, then she would resume pacing. She wasn’t sure what to tell Bill, her husband, who was calling all the way from Bangkok, where he was on business.

Carol grabbed the phone impatiently from the nurse with her well-manicured hand. Removing the large, pearl earring from her hear, she held the receiver as she listened to her husband's concerned voice.

"Carol, my darling, I've been worried sick! How is your mother?"

Just as Carol was about to answer, the nurse presently came out of Miranda's room, smiled at her and walked away. Filled with rage, Carol upturned the glass vase that sat by her mother's bed and hurled it at the nurse. "Get the f_ck out of here!" she screamed.

Suddenly Carol imagined her mother sitting up in bed, awakened by the noise. Carol took her seat again and leaned forward, whispering into the receiver to her husband, “Daddy wants to say hello to you, are you up to talking to him?”

Carol handed the phone to her father, a handsome man who towered over her at around 6'7". She shifted to get comfortable and for the first time since the ordeal started. She sat back down, crossed her legs and pulled out a cigarette from the pack in her purse. She half smiled as she watched and listened to her dad fill the details in for her husband. As father chatted animatedly with Bill, Carol got up, took one long drag of smoke into her lungs, crushed the butt out, and left the room, feeling lost and dejected. She would indeed let the men handle the rest of the details of this over long afternoon.

Later that night, after having her dinner and a long hot bath, Carol nestled herself into the cool, crisp linens of her bed and closed her eyes as the sleeping drugs took effect. Earlier, the day had brought tears of rage and sorrow to her heart. Earlier that day, staring at the half of a yellow sun from her mother's room only served to consume Carol's thoughts as to what to tell her husband when they got to see him again. How could she explain the tragedy of her mother's death when she herself could not understand it? The day mercifully drew toward an end and Carol had drifted softly into a quiet, separate peace. The arrangements and her mother's affairs could wait for the morrow.

coming next...CHAPTER 4, "She Looks Great in Black"


in my neck of the woods the housing market is on fire...qualified buyers are standing on the sidelines empty handed because of a 'lack of supply'.

the peripheral economy is heating up as well.

Hamid Crazy?

Maybe his name isn't really "Karzai"? Maybe it's just Afghans with really bad English pronunciation calling him "Crazy"?

Karzai Said He Was Assured of Cash Deliveries by C.I.A.

The C.I.A. money, President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan told reporters, was an easy source of petty cash, and he suggested that some of it was used to pay off warlords and power brokers.

James, you watching NASCAR today? Talladega is on right now. You don't know what you're missing. I'm sure you were disappointed by the 3 hr rain delay :(

Same thing here. Housing sales going fast. Must have been a lot of pent up demand. After the house purchase begin the trips to the hardware store, remodeling, re-roofing, etc. The peripheral economy heats up. The recovery continues to strengthen... until it gets walloped over the head by the sequester in the next 90 days.

Government has shrunk under Obama. More government jobs have been lost under Obama than under any Republican president. The private sector is adding jobs, but the government is losing jobs big time. This will probably keep the unemployment rate from going down and could stall the recovery.

I came up short of funds at the end of last month and wondered where my money went. Now I know: Karzai. Seven more American soldiers killed today in Afghanistan. When is Obama going to end this massacre. The Taliban are much too much for USA troops to handle. The Taliban are stronger now, after ten years of USA occupation. The Taliban just keeps getting stronger. And Americans keep dying. It has been that way for any country that has tried to invade and occupy Afghanistan recently.

's relationship with them. Last night, the reporter was informed that the health service stations reach a compensation agreement with the family of the deceased. Event to see the leg of 17-year-old boy was killed and a 17-year-old young man, usually the body is also very good, how it just disappeared "Yesterday, brought his son,abercrombie france, Wang Yanan, father Wang Wenfeng grief,mulberry. Wang Yanan, who lives in Xinyang City, Jiefang Road,hollister, Taihe District Court,abercrombie. The night of August 24,hogan outlet, about 11, his mother saw the child leg swelling and protruding blue veins,toms shoes, and brought him to the clinic near the only one still in operation - Xinyang City the Jiefang Community Health Service Station for treatment. According to Wang Yanan mother recalls, the view of the service station doctors Liang said the leg pain is due to sedentary cause of varicose veins. Subsequently, Liang's husband, Liu Rongsheng let Wang Yanan, lying in bed, paste a named sun moxibustion plaster on his lap, and smear in their legs the same manufacturers JinLao speed through their legs massage. After the massage, Liu let the Wang Yanan sit up. "At this time the child looking pale, cold sweats body, two on the turn boy painfully drags me that his eyes can not see, and my heart is so uncomfortable." Said Wang Yanan mother,mulberry, Liu said that this reaction is due to children up too fast sake. Subsequently, Liu to Wang Yanan drank two bottles of glucose and a cap of unknown liquid, and veins-speed pass and put it in the hand and took him by those massage. But the Wang Yanan's becoming more and more serious, desperation, Liang call 120 emergency calls. He died at 1 o'clock on August 25, and Wang Yanan was pronounced dead. Hospital medical certificate, the reporter saw the cause of death forced acute respiratory syndrome. Family health service stations medication after the incident, the Wang Yanan's relatives came to the health service stations, hoping to get an explanation. However, the health service station doctors Liang Lijian, absolutely no problem with drug the Wang Yanan death they are not responsible. On the afternoon of August 26, Liang back to the clinic to take away the business license after did not appear. Yesterday, Wang Yanan relatives showed reporters the drugs used in children before his death. The reporter saw,air jordan, the manufacturers marked on the box of the two drugs are Guangdong Titan Group Limited. Drug use manual,abercrombie pas cher, the health care products clearly marked disabled patients with skin diseases, and prohibit use of the head and face. "The children have symptoms of discomfort, he is also coated with drugs in humans, and children with vitiligo history, the doctor is aware of,oakley. Could the doctor before treatment with drug contraindications do not see it " Said the family of the deceased. Progress health service stations do not want to bear the responsibility of both doctors and patients to reach a compensation agreement,toms outlet, the family of the deceased will require child autopsy. "Autopsy that night, someone to cry and shout,ray ban, to interfere with the conduct of the autopsy." Said Wang Wenfeng, autopsy report came out, they asked the doctors of other hospitals,oakley lunettes, the analysis showed that the children should be drug allergy cause death. Wang Wenfeng told reporters after the incident,air jordan pas cher, the staff of the of Xinyang City Health Bureau and did not investigate the health service stations, just to show them the the Liang physician certificate, Liang Li's husband, Liu Rongsheng, a practicing physician credentials. "Give me children to see a doctor Liang's husband, he did not have a physician certificates how dare give my child to see a doctor This is not to take the lives of patients as a trifling matter " At the disputed site, Liang said the patient personally see nothing to do with her husband. Mother of the deceased emotional and very angry geological asked beams: "You were obviously watching your child obviously your husband Liu Rongsheng take the drug, treatment to do, how you say so " At 6:30, the reporter then to the message River District government under the coordination of the two sides to reach a compensation agreement, the health service stations devote 20 million mutual accountability.

Related articles:

The Jews have caught our disease. I just heard on the news - a "bark mitzvah" for dogs.

Not just recently, but as far back as Ghengis Khan and Alexander the Great have tried unsuccessfully to invade Afghanistan but to no avail. That is why it is called the graveyard of empires.

When the Russians sobered up and got out I thought to myself, "Well, carolnewquistdotdotdot honey, they finally learned something." Then the United States decided years later that they were gonna play "cowboy, shoot-em-up, howdeee dooo partner, come a tie yie, yippie ay yayah" with 'em and the red ink continues to flow.

Meantime folks in the U.S. fret about welfare and education subsidies while the big banking boys take they looted cash and pile it on the pyre that is Afghanistan. Some bully boy bound to come long and piss on this fire.

"Okey Dokey...."

So, you are a dog? A Jewish dog? Do you bark in Hebrew? Are you K-Dog converted to Judaism?

What does the word "Jobbik" mean in Hungarian? Is it similar to a B.Y.O. ("Bring Your Own") party in the U.S.? Who's bring'n the Cole Slaw? You can't have a party without Cole Slaw. Thanks.

"Hungary's far-right Jobbik party has staged a rally in central Budapest in protest at the capital's hosting of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) on Sunday.

Several hundred supporters took part, despite attempts by the government to prevent it going ahead.

Jobbik said the rally was a protest against what it said was a Jewish attempt to buy up Hungary."

The states with the largest Hungarian populations:
Ohio .... 203,417
New York .... 157,863
California .... 133,988
Pennsylvania .... 132,184
New Jersey ... 115,615
Michigan .... 98,036
Florida .... 96,885

Hungarians are buying up houses in the USA. Have there been any protests against them here?

Jobbik is self-explanatory. People who don't want to work say Job? Ick!

"Jobbik said the rally was a protest against what it said was a Jewish attempt to buy up Hungary."

Question: Does Jobbik mean that there was an attempt by Jewish people to buy Hungary, or does Jobbik mean that the amount of money offered to buy Hungary was unreasonably low?


I did not even know Hungary was on sale.

Is this true?
Comrade D, you cant 'buy' rumors of false flag?

But when you add that each Airport from which departed the four Airliners that morning was 'protected' by an Israeli security company they roll their eyes.

Same with the Boston marathon. An Israeli security company was appointed to provide 'security' It's name is CRAFT.
Instead of talking so much about al-Jazeera's spurious links to al Qaeda, as Taki did the other day, why don't you publicly ask the
Feds to explain why they so quickly deported that Saudi scion of rich al Qaeda terrorists before he could be questioned about his connection to the Tsarnaev brothers?
His name is Abdul Rahman ali al-Harb, in case you want to google it.
And why don’t all of you, including Mr. Somerset, start asking some simple questions that your political masters (including your hated Obama and that wife of his who VISITED al-Harb just before he was deported) [from TakiMag]

Good stuff, with even greater potential. I would like to see you expand upon a few things.

1. What brand of cigarettes does she smoke, and describe in incredible detail her smoking style. You will appeal to a broader audience if you do this. There are a certain number of men who find certain styles of female smoking enticing and erotic. It's a way to bring sexual appeal and allure to the story without being debased and raunchy.

2. Describe in greater detail Carol's obvious physical beauty. You hint at a Grace Kelly type of radiance, but using your literary skill, elaborate on it to make her and the story more sexually alluring without getting crude. In keeping with this, as we all know, characters should not be perfect in every way. Not only should your story reveal Carol's psychical flaws, but also it should show some, even if they are few yet glaring, physical and behaviorally habitual flaws.

3. It would be delightful if you expand this segment by segueing into her husband's background and how they met. Perhaps he came from humble origins and worked his way up through her father's connections. The old man mentored him and brought him along. Maybe the husband had an affair with her mother, something Carol has always suspected but could never prove. The husband was a quick study and learned well the art of fakery that is the existence of this socioeconomic class. She loathes him now, as he does her, but in order to hold onto their status, they continue the charade. The husband has mastered the formal linguistics of this class and the attendant faux concern. Carol knows this and is both amused and disgusted by it. Still and all, the husband also has fatal flaws from his humble past that seep through every now and then, especially when no one is looking. Perhaps he picks his nose when he talks on the phone and he knows no one else can see him. Carol has serendipitously seen him do it on more than one occasion and she envisions him doing it now over the phone as he feigns concern for her feelings for her mother's condition.

4. Expand on her relationship with her father. Maybe there was incest in her past with him. Something unspoken, and over now, but of course, it's never really over. The experience changed Carol forever, obviously, but it also made her dangerous, because damaged people know they can survive, and as such can be and often are very dangerous, psychically at least.

You can do it yourself, or if you don't, I may post something to get the ball rolling. I think you can turn this into something if you were so inclined. I can help, if you'd like. Let's rock CNF to its core. We'll have these old codgers standing at attention before it's all said and done. Together, in the spirit of asoka and Osho, anything is possible.

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You're talking to yourself again. Just face the fact: like any foolish parasite, you've killed your host, the blog in this case. You're putting yourself out of a job. Smart parasites don't do this. Less IS more.

I am always HUNGARY for a new sale. This week, only at Macys, Pleather, open-toed wedgies, $39.99 in red, black, white, and navy.

You seem to have a keen insight into her personality and good thoughts to bring out her persona further. Feel free to take her into whatever dimension you like. There is no limit to the number of people who can love her!

Buck -
I read your comment to me last week.
It didn't make much sense.
So I read it again.
It made even less sense.

Essentially, you seem to believe that because you went to school with "La Raza" members - and because you tried to cut in line in front of a soft-spoken and polite "Mexican" last week -

That there should be no effort made to EVER reduce the population growth of the United States.

Would you care to elaborate?
Although no one will read it but asoka..dequatio and "the carols."

I'm out 'till Monday or longer.

-one more-

"Together, in the spirit of asoka and Osho, anything is possible."
- The Troll Trilogy, setting goals-

Anything is possible - - - only as long as the goal is reducing intelligent dialog on this comment thread to nearly zero by the middle of every week.

And making readers feel revulsion at the sight or smell of a luffa sponge.

Loving billions of people is impossible.

But, those other two goals are well in sight.

This thread is dead.
Better luck next week, JHK.

Esse est percipi --George Berkeley

Bustin said:

“Second problem is the terminology "we". Its always bugged me. "We" landed a man on the moon. "We" won WWII, "We" invented the light bulb. "We" have to ask if "we" are the people "we've" been waiting for. This appropriation of scientific advancement and invention is troubling. First, its false. Second, it is persistent. Linguists might think its some artifact of language. I believe it is an artifact of our slime mold past. A slime mold's most efficient activity is surrounding and absorbing something else. Once it has accomplished that, it dissolves it into its constituent building blocks. Digestion ensues. Shit is created.”

I appreciate the acuity with which you distill your points. I couldn’t agree more, and I also recognize and appreciate the writing verve with which you obliterate the fine line between skepticism and cynicism. I have a college professor friend who rightly calls me cynical whenever I take issue with the way he’s framed one of his topics for discussion. Because I’m such a shitty writer, my efforts never leave that realm of cynical contrarianism, even if I’ve taken him to task correctly. To your point, it’s always been true that the smart folks are far outnumbered by the dumb, and “we” don’t deserve credit for the advancements pioneered by a small handful of intellects.

I had an engineer friend explain to me what separates the truly dynamic thinkers from the conventional wisdom types. He said simply that only people who can differentiate between an idea and a fact are capable of critical thinking that can change social realities. The vast majority of “us” cannot do that. The vast majority can only differentiate facts from other facts in the service of distinguishing one’s personal beliefs. Ask an educated person, no matter their academic achievement level, to describe what an idea is and you’ll likely witness a wave of sheer horror wash over their faces. They’ll quickly compose themselves, however, and you’ll then hear and see some sort of lofty post-modernist abstraction squeeze from their lips like a self-satisfying morning poo. What they’ll present to you is their personal belief disguised as an idea. Ask the average academic for a congenital explanation of an idea and most fall flat on their faces.

I’ve read several posts from Trip and recognized instantly that he doesn’t live his live vicariously, hence his infrequent visitation to CFN land. He knows how to use ideas as tools. I’ve always looked for and have implemented lessons learned from folks like that in my own life. I could be a helluva a lot more self- disciplined though. I get stuck in and become part of the slime quite frequently, I’ll admit ;>)

I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to come to accept and agree with your disposition on these matters, Bustin. I have though, and I’m wondering when the “let down” feeling turns into a quiet acceptance and peace with it all. Perhaps that is a choice and not a process? It’s so confusing still.

Thanks for givin’ me back my soccer ball!
Back to the magical-thinking carpet slide from DoD sock puppets,eh?


Esse est percipi --George Berkeley

Thanks for that! Interesting lead. That's why we hate to love you, Omni. Gone are the days people had the time and presence of mind to sit and study deep questions like Berkeley did.

The endless minutiae here is hilarious. Your duly elected rulers and their sponsors have asserted the right to murder ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE....without recourse to any oversight of any kind.....no accusation, no trial, no witnesses, no hearing, no nothing........ Think about it......

Take it easy. Most of us agree with you. Watch this and have a good laugh before the CIA comes to the front door.


If you own, great. If you rent that 'good news' is
not good news.

I am always about in Quad...


Humans qua humans are by definition inadequate. But God is by definition not indadequate. He sees what you are doing and is preparing a place of punishment for you. You think you can hide in your darkened bunker but HE SEES YOU just as he saw Cain's blood stained hands.


Exactly Bishop Berkeley's point!

Esse est percipi --George Berkeley

Now repent sinner while there is still time. For Eternity looms for all of us. Winter is coming. It is always already later than we think.

Every phone call, email, bank entry, credit card transaction is now recorded......2 trillion personal communications are intercepted and archived every day. Welcome to the total surveillance welfare-warfare state..........

"while there is still time."


Death is the greatest fiction.

To confirm this statement just consult:
Krishna, Patanjali, Buddha, Mahavira, Nagarjuna, Shankara, Gorakh, Kabir, Nanak, Meera, Ramakrishna, Osho and Krishnamurti.

You can't scare me with "death" ... we have changed clothes [bodies] thousands of times. Death is a fiction.

Two trillion messages per day! Mine are well-hidden... no fear.

I commend you on pointing to a valuable posting by Bustin on that J. I must apologize [about now] for not hoisting the flag for that one.

As to Bustin's "we", I've never been at all comfortable with that either.
"I" didn't build this house; "I" did all the excavation work, put in the road, drains and septic system, and did all the final grading BUT, by Gad, "I" did not do the framing and concrete forming! It's very insulting for folks to say [hubby and wifey-wise], "WE" built this house in year so-and-so. "YOU" did no such fucking thing! Experts in various fields of construction built it "FOR" you useless pinheads!

Excellent observation you made here:

"I’ve read several posts from Trip and recognized instantly that he doesn’t live his live vicariously, hence his infrequent visitation to CFN land. He knows how to use ideas as tools. I’ve always looked for and have implemented lessons learned from folks like that in my own life. I could be a helluva a lot more self- disciplined though. I get stuck in and become part of the slime quite frequently, I’ll admit ;>)"

I've already implemented some of his applied ideas, but cannot even pretend to any of his understandings of the web of life/universally-greased cosmic machinery.

(Much aside...)
Just let the dog out for her nightly rendezvous with the smells of real things and tilted back to see the Big Dipper/Ursa Major nearly directly overhead. Here, amongst the despoilage and ruination brought by the conceit of Man, I breathed in the fecund scent of all that's green and growing and all that lives by the decline and extinguishment of others. And in that blaze of stars at unimaginable remove, I reconnected with what I am, and the peace of bloom and death washed over me, once again.

"Shit is created". To Bustin and Faerce, that's all life is ultimately. Without the Perennial Philosophy, there is no proper scale to judge anything in regard to anything else. Everything is equally important - or unimportant. Then the Bustins come to the rescue and say shit is more important since it brings renewal and fertilization. People gasp with the wisdom of it. Thus Shit becomes God.

Ozone, another shit faced philsopher of shit.

Religious persecution in the Heartland. Relay team banned from Finals after the victor pointed to Heaven after winning. This cannot stand.


Whoa, Dooooood!
There's desperation in this kind of close and careful monitoring. It means, "Sorry, Fourth Reich has hereby been cancelled until further notice due to lack of funds and give-a-good-goddamn."

Yes all real Masters speak of the terror, glory, and spiritual possibilities of Death. None of them speak of glibly or in Candide kind of way. Optimism is simply idiocy, the opposite side of the coin of atheist despair.

Just a gentle reminder:

"Wishful thinking now runs so thick and deep across the USA that our hopes for a credible future are being drowned in a tidal wave of yellow smiley-face stories recklessly issued by institutions that ought to know better." -JHK

Ohhhhh, believe you me, they know better, but BAU must be maintained at any and all cost. Thus dependence on mendacious, cheaply-bought fuckwits and charlatans; a new nadir in the history of psy-op bullshittery (tm, MM).

Long-term thinking is not good for profitability.
Better visit the range for some demographic sensibility checks...

Your humble contributor lives on the Straights of Georgia. No probable cause or warrant is necessary for a cop to search your car, boat, or house. While out fishing was accosted by a homoland security crew of punk potheads in a boat powered by 3 200 horse suzukis....asked if it was now illegal to take a piss over the side. You guessed it..... is illegal to dump effluent within coastal waters without a permit. Pissing is now deemed illegal by your betters...... If you aren't doing anything wrong (pissing), you have nothing to worry about.....

Zone, sounds like whatever clouds were hanging over head earlier this week have parted and the starlight is once again seen:

"Here, amongst the despoilage and ruination brought by the conceit of Man, I breathed in the fecund scent of all that's green and growing and all that lives by the decline and extinguishment of others. And in that blaze of stars at unimaginable remove, I reconnected with what I am, and the peace of bloom and death washed over me, once again."

That was awesome, brother. Glad to see it as I myself prepare for a cruddy Monday experience.
Good stuff per usual, but I think you lost me with the Fourth Reich thing.

Uhhhhm, ahem, sorry Guru Yankos Onda Zucchini, you're usually just "pleasuring" yourself when as you constantly wax philosophical, or spiritual, or whatever that nonsense you write is supposed to be, but thanks for tryin' :>I


after the victor pointed to Heaven after winning

Heave is not up there. This very earth is the lotus paradise. The victor pointed in the wrong direction.

I pledge allegiance to the Earth ... and to the flora ... fauna and human life that it supports. One planet ... indivisible ... with safe air ... water and soil ... economic justice ... equal rights and peace for all.


Shorty, sorry it happened, man.

Sounds like simply/accidentally? flashin' the tally-whacker to the cops was enough for the "homoland" security sailor to approach you. That might not mean probable cause though.


hahaha, and almost every other number prior. Way to show us light weights how it's done



This thread is dead. --P4C to CFN


Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead.

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