Things Went Awry

      If you've never had major surgery before there's the cool part after they've got you all scrubbed and prepped in pre-op, and inserted IVs in your veins, and you're ready to rock and roll with whatever's on the program. I'm familiar with this routine. It's the only part of the surgery your apt to remember. Then they start pumping fentanyl and versed (midazolam) into you and things get extremely pleasant instantly. You're riding a gurney, a rolling taxicab, through the maze of subterranean hospital hallways and everyone's wearing the same outfit: green scrubs with a big puffy beret, and there's a party going on exactly where you're headed: the room where they disassemble you and put you back together.
      I was in for a minimally invasive cervical decompression on March 4. They were going to thread some arthoscopic instruments into the spaces around my neckbones - the cervical vertebrae - and grind down some bone spurs and fix some other crap that was pressing on my spinal cord and giving me grief. I was goofing with the anesthesiologists as I rolled into the OR, doing an old routine from a Samuel Beckett novel, Molloy, that I'd memorized back in college called The Story of the Stones ... "I took advantage of being at the seaside to lay in a store of sucking-stones. They were pebbles but I called them stones. Yes on this occasion I laid in a considerable store...." It's a great piece, goes on for pages and pages of absolutely absurd poetic drivel, and the chief anesthesiologist (Albany Med is a teaching hospital) was an Irishman like Beckett so I thought he'd appreciate it.
     They'd just given me the final chemical push into dreamyland and inserted the breathing tube when the EKG unit that my heart was hooked up to started reporting strange activity. The waveform looked bad. My blood pressure shot way up. They stopped the operation. I don't know this on my own, but I'm told that as they yanked the breathing tube out I seamlessly resumed The Story of the Stones "...I distributed them equally among my four pockets and sucked them turn and turn about. This raised a problem which I first solved in the following way...."
     In the commotion I assumed that that operation had concluded and all was well. I was then informed what actually happened, wheeled off to some post-op holding pen, and left to stew in drugged mystification and disappointment for a while. Eventually, they wheeled me up to a neurosurgery recovery ward to cool my jets until some new order of business was lined up.
     The next two days I had heart tests. First was the common stress test. You get a dose of radioactive fluid, wait an hour watching Honey Boo Boo videos until it penetrates your tissues, and then get a set of fancy pictures of your heart taken under this big revolving drum of a camera. Then they put you on the treadmill to study how your heart performs under a controlled strain. Turned out the treadmill interface with the EKG was on the fritz, so they took me off and opted for the "hot-shot" instead. The hot shot is a dose of some chemical that fools your heart into thinking it had just run the 100 yard dash. Meanwhile you're hooked up to an EKG readout. It was like a chemically-induced anxiety attack. The EKG on me produced a strange wave form. The pictures, on the other hand, showed nothing conclusive.
     The next day I went to the angiogram lab. It's a subterranean room chilled like a walk-in-fridge because all the computer equipment stuffed into it doesn't like to get warm. I got another IV "cocktail" down there while they shaved my groin and threaded a catheter wire into my femoral artery up toward my heart. There were at least eight technicians roistering around in there including the cardiologist who ran the lab. Some kind of Star Wars type of "music" filled the room, and the ambience was rather like a dance club around two o'clock in the morning, minus super-models. The upshot of the test was that I had a 90 percent blockage of the Left Main coronary artery, the "widow-maker." The other coronary vessels were clear.
     It had to get fixed. The next step was to decide whether they would fix it with a stent or a bypass surgery. The stent is a little wire basket inserted with a catheter. They have two kinds: 1) plain; 2) coated with anti-clotting chemicals. It will hold a blocked artery open, but it has its limitations. You have to stay on blood-thinner drugs practically forever and the stent can just fail. The heart-surgeons and their cardiologist office-mates came around to talk it over with me and we all decided that a bypass was the way to go.
     I spent the next six days as a hostage waiting for a surgery slot. The doctors didn't want to cut me loose because the widow-maker might take me out just lifting a bag of onions in the supermarket, and I suppose there were liability issues - like: this guy's heirs and assigns will sue us if we let him go for a few days and something happens. I had visitors, and my girlfriend kept me company for big chunks of the day, and I read a biography of Stalin - a much more interesting chap than I'd previously understood him to be - and, of course, I enjoyed the fabulous hospital cuisine. Oh, I wrote last week's blog somewhere in there, too, on my iPad.
     Tuesday morning it was back to pre-op. This time, I didn't feel as frisky as the last when I performed Beckett. The anesthesiologist resident was a whip-smart Asian beauty with a jaunty head-rag and a droll sense of humor, and that was good enough. I don't even remember them shaving my chest, let alone sawing through my sternum and retracting the ribs to reveal all the marvelous pulsing wet gunk inside. The operation lasted about five hours. For about four of them, my heart was stopped and my lungs collapsed (on purpose, to get them out of the way). My blood and oxygen circulated through a machine. That was my "Kurzweil" moment. I don't remember dreaming up any avatar super-model sex partners in the process.
     The surgeon "harvested" a couple of blood vessels from around my pectoral muscles to use as grafts. They used to go straight for the leg veins, but the chest veins are stronger and more flexible. They ran two bypasses around the blocked Left Main coronary vessel. The Left Main provides nourishment and oxygen for the whole left side of the heart, so you want to make sure that the bypasses deliver a lot of flow. They left three drainage hoses and a temporary pacemaker wire in my thoracic cavity, wired the sternum back together, and called it a day.
     I came to, partially anyway, in the post-op with the breathing tube jammed in my craw and, quite possibly, the most unpleasant range of sensations I'd ever felt. A nurse or patient assistant sat nearby and I tried to communicate that the breathing tube was killing me, but he just said he couldn't understand me. So, I tried writing it out on my forearm with my index finger. He remained perplexed. Finally, I wrote it upside down and backwards, and he said, "Oh, 'gagging.' Yeah. Don't worry, it's normal."
    The next 48 hours in the cardio intensive care unit amounted to a diminishing set of ghastly sensations. I was wired up to several machines and the hoses were dumping liters of accumulated fluid. Sleep was out of the question, such a racket of beeps and gurgling surrounded me. They got me sitting in a chair and then walking around the unit within a day of surgery. The other people on the ward were amazingly old, it seemed to me, pale, shriveled, grub-like creatures, like the nematodes you find digging up a patch of lawn. It was a stretch to imagine them surviving this.
     The doctors came by now and again to check in with me. They mostly gave you the impression that they wanted to be somewhere else, and were impatient to get there. But since they came by in the evening, and still wore the scrubs they put on at seven in the morning, you got the feeling that they were horribly overworked, too. After two days in the ICU, they sent me upstairs for one more night, and then I came home. 
     The feeling of having been hit by a truck and then having had my brains pulled out of my head through my nostrils is beginning to dissipate. A few provisional conclusions. 1) I was lucky to find out I had a blocked artery in the way I did. 2) I was lucky to get it fixed, pronto. 3) Unlike many of my boomer friends in these later innings of life, I know exactly what the condition of my heart is now. 4.) I didn't have a heart attack at any point in the ordeal, and the muscle is actually quite strong, so I will be here to torment my adversaries and auditors for quite a while.
     I now await the cavalcade of bills. It was impressive to see how hermetically sealed off the "care-givers" (doctors, nurses, etc) are from the business side of the hospital. At no point in the ordeal was the cost of anything discussed. Therefore, apart from the great benefit of staying alive, one is firmly in the grip of what amounts to an outrageous and indecent hostage racket. I'll keep you posted on how that unravels in the weeks ahead, when I'm not running my mouth in other directions.
     Apart from that, too, I'm grateful to the doctors and nurses whose skills allowed me to stay on board the mystery train and see how Ben Bernanke's grand experiment works out, among other temporal melodramas. And thanks to many readers who sent emails of support and concern.

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Jim, Just be happy you don't have your bank account in Cypress:

Holy Crap! So glad you came through all of that with your trademark sense of humor, and that you'll continue to be able to torment your adversaries and auditors for quite a while.

I just had major surgery three weeks ago today, so I can relate to your story. One of the things that I was worried about was that my heart would be in good enough shape for the operation. Fortunately, I got "cardiac clearance" first thing that morning. Lucky for me, everything went as anticipated. I'm recovering nicely. I wish the same for your recovery, too.

I mentioned my surgery once over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News this past week, but I plan on posting on it again, as it turns out I have something in common with the new Pope; we're both missing part or all of an organ. It seems that both of us are doing fine without it.

I've mostly been goofing off this past week on my blog, posting about Pi Day, the Ides of March, and St. Patrick's Day. I'll continue doing so this week, as both the Vernal Equinox and the second birthday of the blog are coming up. In between, I've examined the price of gas, China and Japan getting into a dispute over air pollution, the second anniversary of Fukushima, sinkholes, and the latest climate change news.

Happy Motoring--for now--from Detroit!

As a function of my high office as Pedal Pusher, I had fully intended to admonish you in this week's post for having sustained an injury while riding a bicycle without both hands firmly on the bars - an absolute no-no! As it turns, however, you may have never discovered the coronary problem had it not been for the cycling accident. The gods have their ways.

I second this emotion. Glad you made it through and lived to tell us about it!

Sounds like an episode of House.

Glad to hear you averted a big and terrible surprise!

I'm sure I speak for everyone on CFN when I say we all hope you have a speedy recovery.

Scary stuff Jim, but just maybe a blessing in disguise. Without that wake up call, you may have been picking up that bag of onions at the grocery store. We need you around so listen to the doctors.

I had surgery a couple of months ago, nothing like what you experienced, but I do remember what a fun ride it was on the gurney on the way to the operating room. The worst part was a sore throat for awhile after the surgery. The main thing was that I was amazed and happy that I was alive after the anesthesia. The lack of control was very scary for me.

The bills, of course, will be stupendous. I hope you have insurance.

Anyway, glad to have you around and thanks for posting every Monday. Reading you is the first thing I do every Monday morning.

CFN doomers ignore whatever tends to disprove the theory of oil supremacy.
Thanks to new technologies and discoveries, North America is now awash in cheap natural gas. The fuel has already replaced oil as a petrochemical feedstock, home heating fuel and in electricity generation.
Could it do the same for transportation, the primary reason oil remains dominant today? There are significant obstacles, but they're not insurmountable.
In Iran, for example, almost a quarter of vehicles run on natural gas. Pakistan is moving in the same direction. I ride frequently in taxis and buses powered by LNG in South America. Many CFN doomers simply want to ignore the implication: Natural gas is a potential substitute for oil in the transportation sector.

Wow. Get better and feel better soon!
"It was impressive to see how hermetically sealed off the "care-givers" (doctors, nurses, etc) are from the business side of the hospital. At no point in the ordeal was the cost of anything discussed. Therefore, apart from the great benefit of staying alive, one is firmly in the grip of what amounts to an outrageous and indecent hostage racket."
Boy is that ever the truth.

Anyone who hasn't yet should read this Time magazine article about our broken, larcenous healthcare-delivery system.

Jim: Congratulations on your survival, and best wishes for your recovery. (I thought that Honey Boo Boo videos were used only for interrogations at Guantanamo.)

Well done, sir! James......very happy indeed you came through OK. A friend had a similar experience with drugs undergoing a far less serious knee surgery: He was also given the final knock out drugs just before surgery but, for the life of him, could have SWORN he had been awake the entire time and wondered why they were wheeling him out before anything had been done. They assured him he had indeed been out cold and that the surgery was done. So...when he had the other knee done he made a pact with himself that he would remain awake by telling a joke to the surgical team. Again the final knock out drug was administered and he immediately dove into his joke. About halfway through the joke, the surgical staff started laughing...but he said he hadn't even told them the punch line yet! They said they were laughing because he had been out cold, but as soon as the drugs wore off he started right back into the joke were he had left off when the drugs kicked in. My friend had no recollection at all of being unconscious or in surgery. I imagine these are the same forgetful drugs Benny B. has been taking because he has certainly forgotten that history is fraught with the failures of reckless money printing.

Hi Jim and welcome back to the land of the living (or is that zombie.) Sounds like the sick-care industry sure gave you the full E ticket ride. Yet as bad as the "business" is, that doesn't diminish the fact that there are still supremely skilled surgeons and other medical practitioners who can, combined with modern technology, work something close to a miracle. I'm glad yours worked out well.
A toast of Jameson's ( a day late is of no matter) to your health Jim( yeah I know it's 9:44 A.M. but we are talking about our Chieftain, Jimmy Kunstler of the Clusterfuck Nation clan.) Slainte.

Now you're talking my world! Or at leas the world I used to live in when I worked on a cardiac ward at a hospital in San Francisco circa 2003-2005. You have described it all perfectly. Pretty good for a non-medical layman. But that's why we read you, eh? because you're a good descriptor.

People! Never forget that ANY medical procedure can kill you. I had a friend whose heart stopped during a routine colonoscopy. (The doctors tickled his vagus nerve wrong. The vagus runs from the brain to the heart to the asshole, supplying control signals along the way. The reason so many people are found dead on the toilet like Elvis is that when they squeeze too hard on the pot and their hearts are in a dicey condition to begin with, that vagal nerve stimulation puts them over the edge.)

But JHK, I'm surprised you didn't liken your perilous health situation to the financial situation facing the world as a whole. The money machine is 90% blocked in its widow-makers, and central bankmaggot sociopaths are doing everything they can to keep it pumping a little while longer. While stealing whatever they can. But the whole world is "circling the drain" as I used to call the routine where I'd see the same patients coming back to hospital again and again with the same problems, only worse each time. Until they made the final exit. And for the planet???

You were "fortunate" to have a diagnosis and repair in such an off-handed and strange circumstantial way. Wow.

Do you feel a little like the 6 trillion buckaroo man? Knit well and kick ass!

Wow Jim, you have just made me think that dying early may not be such a bad idea. But then again, I have a couple of kids to raise first. I'm glad you pulled through OK. Guess I will be out for a run in the next few days to try to keep the ticker fitter. (Yes, my hips are still working fortunately.) And there is the low-dose aspirin which seems like a good idea. But you have made me think of what it must be like in Greece just now and how healthcare may be (or, rather, not be) in future for all of us. Take care of yourself!

For chrissakes the man just had impromptu heart surgery and you want to ramble on about LNG in South America...just wish him well and be thankful that he gets to keep happy motoring!

Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Hang in there big boy, I want to read 3rd installment of series!

And you live to tell the tale! Safe passage and healing to you to fight another day.
Universal health care in Canada (for now) keeps those bills as NOMB.
I can't imagine what your bill-shock is going to be!!

If JHK DIED would you still be promoting your own blog here week after week after week? It is both both discourteous and tiresome.

Modern medicine is indeed amazing. Just think: Your heart & lungs were not being used by your body for 4 hours, it was all handled by a machine, and you are still around to talk about it. Not something that will be happening in a WMBH.
Of course when you see the bills for $100+k, and figure out what your ded & copay is, well, lets hope you are sitting down. Glad to hear you are recovering. Keep up the posts.

adequatio: LNG may be a substitute for some oil based applications, but certainly not all. Think about it, you are probably sitting in front of a computer made mostly of plastic (oil based) products. Look around you at all the other things that are also plastic (oil based) and realize that LNG cannot be made to substitute for all that.
Go to the store and look at all the products that are packaged in plastic (oil) of some form or another. Do you even see anything still packaged in a glass jar anymore?
LNG may replace gasoline as a fuel, but it will not replace all that oil provides.

Dee, in sunny CR, where gas it $5-6 a gallon, but who needs to drive anywhere?

Heal well James, heal well.

Best luck on your recovery Jim, and don't forget to take those baby aspirin going forward.


Wow, all that going on and you still wrote your blog.

That's dedication, buddy.

I am glad now I fortuitously reregistered recently so I could have an account to say I'm glad you're feeling better and, agree or disagree with your topic du jour (much more agree than disagree), I have the chance to say how much I have enjoyed and been edified by your columns these past years.

Thanks. Truly. Sincerely.

Jim, I'm sorry to hear about your heart issue. The good side is that this proves you have one. Please heed whatever advice the doctors give and stay on the green side of the lawn.


Hey James,
As that famous lady of the screen once said, "old age ain't for sissies". You passed congratulations.
I've had my fair amount of "hospital visits" not for your condition, (something maybe worse). When my son was a teenager he and his pals referred to us adults as human carbon units and not in a very positive way. That pretty much summed up what I felt as at my hospital visits.
All in stay well.

Jim, I assume you have some type of medical insurance? Consider yourself lucky. Every year millions of people in this country face the choice of having life saving medical treatment, and end up homeless, or dieing and leaving something for their kids.

Fact is that the majority of personal bankruptcy cases in the US are because of unplayable medical bills. The most disturbing thing about that fact? Most of those people HAD MEDICAL INSURANCE.

It's obscene.

So glad you are with us to educate, torment, and entertain.

One wonders, of course, when such procedures will be as obscure as our fading memories of moon-landings. They both seem to represent the pinnacle of a soon-to-be-forgotten and arcane art.

Really glad you came out OK on this, your bike crash seems to have saved your life, some times things happen for a reason. Someone upstairs is looking out for you, because you have more work to do here on earth Jim.

You were lucky enough to get it done before the ACA makes such operations un available to all but the uber rich and politically connected.

I don't have any kids and certainly won't, so like Reverse Engineer over at Doomstead Diner, I'm perfectly ready to get my ticket to the Great Beyond punched when my oft-abused mortal coil is no longer able to slog onward on its own devices.

Jim, Maybe you should have recited Eliot's Hollow Men. Get well soon. We need your keen insights as the emergency becomes shorter.

P.P. offers: "As it turns, however, you may have never discovered the coronary problem had it not been for the cycling accident. The gods have their ways."

Many years ago in a poor Chinese village, there lived a peasant with his son. His only material possession, apart from some land and a small straw hut, was a horse he had inherited from his father.
One day, the horse ran off, leaving the man with no animal with which to till the land. His neighbors - who respected him greatly for his honesty and diligence - came to his house to say how much they regretted what had happened. He thanked them for their visit, but asked:- How can you know that what has happened has been a misfortune in my life?
Someone mumbled to a friend: “he can’t accept reality, let him think what he wants, as long as he isn’t saddened by what happened.”
And the neighbors went off, pretending to agree with what they had heard.
A week later, the horse returned to the stable, but it was not alone; it brought with it a fine mare for company. Upon hearing this, the villagers - who were flustered since they now understood the answer
the man had given them - returned to the peasant’s house, in order to congratulate him on his good fortune.
- Before you had only one horse, and now you have two. Congratulations! - they said.
- Many thanks for your visit and for all your concern - answered the peasant. - But how can you know that what has happened has been a blessing in my life?
Disconcerted, and thinking he must be going mad, the neighbors went off, and on the way commented: “does he really not understand that God has sent him a gift?”
A month later, the peasant’s son decided to tame the mare. But the animal unexpectedly reared up and the boy fell and broke his leg.
The neighbors returned to the peasant’s house - bringing gifts for the wounded boy. The mayor of the village offered his condolences to the father, saying that all were very sad at what had happened.
The man thanked them for their visit and their concern, but asked:
- How can you know that what has happened has been a misfortune in my life?
They were all astonished to hear this, since no one could be in any doubt that the accident of a son was a real tragedy. As they left the peasant’s house, some said to others: “he really has gone mad; his only son might limp forever, and he is still in doubt about whether what happened is a misfortune.”
Some months passed, and Japan declared war on China. The Emperor’s envoys traveled throughout the land in search for healthy young men to be sent to the battle front. Upon arrival in the village, they recruited all the young men except the peasant’s son, whose leg was broken.
None of the young men returned alive. The son recovered, the two animals bred and their offspring were sold at a good price. The peasant began visiting his neighbors to console and help them, - since they had at all times been so caring. Whenever one of them complained, the peasant said: “how do you know it is a misfortune?” If anyone become overjoyed, he asked: “how do you know it is a blessing?” And the men in that village understood that beyond appearances, life has other meanings.


In case you don't know it, adequatio is asoka, which is to say either a paid or unpaid disruptor

Someone I think busted him as logging on from DoD network, perhaps asoka's one of Cass Sunstein's Own - google him - if you don't know of him and his program already.

Yeah, it sounds crazy, but the world is now officially insane, and like other totalitarian nations before us, things that would seem absurd occurring in a Free Nation, and surprisingly, a much higher percentage of "conspiracy theories" are actual literal and often openly shamelessly performed actual criminal conspiracies, large and small.

But I digress. Waste your time with this indivudal knowing his literal only hope is to confuse, disrupt and befuddle with pointless sophistry. To draw you into his web and keep you there.

Every person he lures into his web of BS, this little sociopath must derive such glee (probably dervies glee from me even mentioning his name...pathetic..and will now try hard and pathetically to engage me in conversation after an appropriate period for plausible deniability purposes...not going to happen).

Also, just so you know the adequatio persona is "soaked" (pun intended) in more plausible deniability and better mimcry of a real humn being rather than a indefatigable, sociopathic troll, paid DOD or unpaid contemtuous lunatic, it matters not.

In other words, this little nutball is learning and improving his insanity. It's obvious.

Man, I'd love a look at Cass Sunstein's Ops Manuals, just to see how close I am.

Now, you have two choices:

1) Heed my words and never directly engage with him again, for it is a 100% complete and pointless waste of time (the smart move in my opinion).

Feel free to then "pay it forward" and warn someone else before they waste hours their of life's precious time, as you are in danger of wasting hours and days of yours.


2) Ignore my words, engage with this sociopathic troll who's only purpose here is to disrupt, decieve, push emotional buttons, repeat repeat repeat Cass Sunstein's propaganda by the laws and rules of advertising/marketing, say so very little while appearing to be sagacious, engaging in sophistry of the most vile (and psychologically advanced) kind, etc. etc. etc.

Try as you might, you will make no headway, you can do nothing, and nothing reasonable you say will be met with anything besides pointless, soul-sucking, logic-defying, emotional button pushing sophistry.

You will either come to see I was correct or he will have entrapped you as he has entrapped others into endless and pointlessly dancing with him, diverting conversation and clogging the comments section with nonsense.

It's your choice. I've said this to others and they consciously chose Option #2, which is nuts, IMHO.

But at least now you make the choice with eyes open.

And that goes for anyone else who reads this and sees red when one of Casss Sunstein's Own pushes your buttons (his only purpose here).

Congratulations on you're recovery. I had the same operation five years ago and I'm now in great shape. I walk three and a half miles a day for exercise.
The only difference is that I live in Canada and everything was paid for by the government health plan (except the hospital TV rental). I will be interested to find out what your expenses are. You must have had insurance otherwise you would have been out of luck.

Egads, James. Glad you survived. But reading a bio of Stalin?! That can't be good for anyone's heart.

"Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better...stronger...faster."

Glad to hear you will survive. One would expect you to tone down your comments about the reduced usefulness of technology, but I don't count on it.

Best of luck.


James - Glad the techno medical circus was able to extend your life so I can look forward to many more Monday morning rants! I couldn't help thinking what would have happened if we were all living in a "World Made by Hand." Very simple actually, you would be dead and I would be out in the garden picking my breakfast. Glad you are still around... smile.

Zev Paiss
Author of From Here to There: A Story of America's Future

Ront; good story. I think that a workable rendition of reality lies somewhere between Chaos Theory and "One day at a time" philosophy. The recognition that the variables presented in most situations are virtually infinite must be adopted as a necessary component of a sane mindset.

Oh, and one more time, for discussion purposes:

Not to worry though. I am 99% certain nothing major (like the coming 9/11 #2, perpetrated by the same people who most likely perpetrated the first 9/11 through control of the Patsy Group, or something like that) isn't coming until the ascension of Emperor Jeb (whenever that may be but it's already 95% certain it will be in 2017).

Just so everyone knows. When Jeb ascends the throne, it will be a countdown to 9/11 #2 just as his idiot brother's seizure of the throne counted down the inevitability of the first 9/11.

Again, for marketig and mass psyhcholgical purposes, and using Skinner's' and other's behavior and mass psychologies, American are being reporogrammed through TV and the rest of the electronic mind for our coming role as the Germans.

For the coming DubyaDubyaThree which is the purpose of all of it.

Why? The Gods on Earth (ie. the Global Supranational Aristocracy, to which both the Bushes AND the Obamas belong) have looted and pillaged just about everything there is to pillage. The American People have been completely neutralized as a force for liberty, human dignity, and even simple human decency, for the foreseeable future.

Now, they must set the global peasantry to fighting each other like bugs in a bottle not just to reduce surplus population (thanks Ebeneezer Scrooge and Dick Cheney for showing us all that the bottom 99% of humanity (and the bottom 80% of Americans) are considered still, in fact, to be the "surplus population" - the more things change the more they stay the same) but to keep the peasants confused and direct ttheir anger AWAY from them who deserve it, the Supranational Aristocrats who collapsed human civilization for fun and profit, and are now leading us to a keyhole or extinction event.

Crazy sounding, yes. So is almost every single day of every single month of every single year of human history since agriculture was discovered and probably before.

If there's one thing anyone should take away from all this is that when Jeb ascends the throne in 2017 or the much less likely 2021, the countdown to 9/11 #2 and DubyaDubyaThree begins.

Simple as that.

It's really too late and way too far comically far along to even waste time arguind about.

I may have the individual details wrong, but the trends are now so longstanding and unwarvering, only a literal miracle can stop 9/11 #2 and DubyaDubyaThree which are now aristocratioc sociopolitical imperatives, that cannot be avoided even if our Global Masters wanted to (they don't).

Still, chances are slim to none that a placeholding houseboy who sits on the throne like Obama will be allowed to pull the trigger on such fun stuff. That can only be done by the highest royalty in the land, the Final Transition to RW Corporate Socialism's Final Solutions to various problems.

So there you go. Don't blame the messnger.

But everything should be "fine" well as fine as any totalitarian corrupt and insane land can be, until the Ascendancy of Jeb.

So we've got at least three more years of Status Quo before The Next Big Shock (see Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine).

Enjoy yourself. In three years, maybe 10 at the most, everything's going to change again.

(and on that I end my post with a hearty, deep, laugh)

Thanks for the tip off.

Dee, someone has copied my handle with a (dot) after it, and copied Asoka (who no longer exists).

adequatio. is not adequatio


I believe it was Bill Clinton who, after his heart surgery, said the biggest post-op lie is: "the patient is now resting comfortably"

May you be well and happy.

Also, Jeb might choose the VPs sot and run things from there, like Cheney did 2000-2008 and like his dad did 1980-88 over the befuddled puppet Reagan.

So you know, whether Jeb decides to rule directly from the throne or to rule from the Cheney Spot, it makes no difference to us.

Just so that's clear, too.

Casual Observer, before firing please observe the handle more carefully. I did not post what you are replying to. adequatio is not adequatio (dot)

Someone has created a handle with a (dot) after it to imitate me and plagiarize Asoka (who no longer makes his 40 posts a day here). I do wish JHK well in his post surgery recuperation.

Thumbs up to Jim for having the tenacity to write all this right after major surgery.

Jim, glad to learn that you stayed tough through some frightening adversity. Seems you've got a brass cluster there my friend. Had no clue that you were neck deep in it this month; although, I think it explains the GN reply a few weeks ago. Thanks for still producing content for youngins like myself who enjoy reading Doom affirmations from old salts like you.

Aha, and back to the culture of magical thinking. Seems Jeremy Grantham's notion of America's transition to phase 3 of rapacious oil & gas extraction is to be celebrated as a miraculous new dawn or renaissance of energy independence. I must say, articles like this truly fuck with my mind. I want to be positive. I want to think that it's OK to have kids, hope for a nice retirement, but it just doesn't seem convincing. Perhaps I'm asking too much.

Oh, I saved the Fracked-up USA link someone offered from last night. Reading now. Much more detailed and argumentative compared to the fluff above.

Does anyone care to point out diagnostically why the first article is pure hyperbole? I can only draw this conclusion intuitively myself. But I'm curious what a few others think.


Off-topic, but even a doomer blog should feature an occasional ray of hope:

Pentagon weapons maker finds method for making cheap, clean water from salt water

It's nice to meet another fan of the man from Turdy. (Sort of Beckett's version of "Lake Woebegone" I think.) I have actually met an author/professor from a small liberal arts college here in Michigan who admits in her book to resorting to sucking stones herself, so perhaps Beckett wasn't being as absurd as it appeared. What a harrowing medical adventure you describe! My understanding of Midazolam is that it is only used if a patient wakes up during surgery, to produce "ante-retrograde amnesia." In other words they don't want anyone remembering that they awoke during surgery in extreme pain, and suing the medical team. Welcome back to the land of the living - and do stick around.

Ufta! I'm so glad you survived this ordeal. Not too happy to be reminded of my own mortality though ;-) Looking forward to many more Monday mornings with you.

Many popular writers don't last too long; Jack London, Frank Norris, Hart Crane, Fitzgerald and Kerouac didn't even make it out of their 40s. It looks like those wild days of hippies excess in the late 60s finally caught up with you, Jim! But you've beat the odds and it looks like you'll around for awhile. And despite everything you didn't even miss one week's column. Where would we be without you? God Bless. Here's to a speedy recovery.


Get well James...
We wouldn't want our weekly dose of verbal abuse from any other curmudgeon.

If another shrub gets in office, just shoot me and end it. My concern is more around the crash of Europe and the Euro followed by the domino crash of the dollar followed by the political ramifications, war, etc...
All Hail Caesar Obama, Emperor of Beast World...

(No barf icon?)

T hree years ago I experienced a similar series of events as JHK. The end result for me was a quadruple bypass. In my outpost of the empire (Canada) I pay approximately $1,400 in medical premiums per year. (in many parts of Canada the premiums are nil!) The bottom line for me was seven days in the hospital, transfusions, specialist visits pre and post op tests from ying to yang and my total bill was nothing more than my annual premium. I shudder to think what it would have been if I had been a citizen of the empire instead of one of its client states.

Hey Hancock forget about Jeb Bush.
He's not running for anything. If you're going to worry, worry about Rick Perry from Texas. He's your worst nightmare, politically speaking, of course.

Glad to read you're okay. Best wishes, and keep writing.

Jim great to hear that they were able to repair your artery. You need to to read The China Study, by Colin Cambell. This shows how diet and nutrition causes these events. Once you read it you will know what to do to prevent a recurrence. We need you around my friend.

"..later innings in life..".. eheheheh.. good one.. The whole piece today is just fine writing as usual..

probably dervies glee from me even mentioning his name

Hancock, you are wasting bandwidth and encouraging the entity you are so concerned about, on a morning when our thoughts and prayers should be for JHK's speedy recovery. Please cease and desist comments about the entity. Do not engage. Do not even mention, directly or indirectly, and maybe he/she will depart. You are probably right in saying your verbal diarrhea is providing him/her glee. Please stop. Now. End of communique.

glad you made it.
you're good for the next thirty years.
many thanks to the albany medical center.
and to samuel beckett.

It is a privilege to share the planet with you, James. Be well.

Best of wishes for a speedy recovery Jim. Glad to see you survived the ordeal of the "care-givers" with your normal sense of humor. Prepare for a thorough "wallet-ectomy" in the coming months.

Too true. And asoka never visited Ecuador or even New Mexico for that matter. How's The weather in Arlington, Virginia today?

I know there's not a lot of Charlie Rose fans on this site, but I personally don't pass up the chance to hear from the actual persons running the world. This link is a fascinating interview with Rex Tillerson, CEO of EXXONMobil. It falls in line with the fracking topic, which I hope stays worthy of thoughtful comment this week. Rex Tillerson (his company) actually takes credit for raising the climate change debate several years ago, but he argues that "absolutists" have hijacked the debate and that the idea that climate change is predominately a man made phenomenon is uncertain. He says outright about man-made climate change, "there is nothing that confirms the link." In his view, man-made climate change is still only a hypothesis, which is a scientific claim, not an ideological one, and I find those sorts of arguments indeed reconcilable, different to the racial bullshit that gets perpetuated here most of the time. What say you? Well, not all of you.


Happy you made it through all that surgery stuff. I bypassed (intended) all the gory details lest I faint and fall off my chair. Read you next week.

I share your concern about the possibility of bank runs, Euro collapse, and consequently the Dow at 4,000, just as JHK has predicted. But our focus this morning should be to wish JHK well in his post-op recovery period.

our thoughts and prayers should be for JHK's speedy recovery.

Please describe the prayers of an atheist. To whom or what are they directed? And what result do you anticipate from these prayers? Why not say "Jim, our thoughts and our prayers go out for your speedy recovery... metaphorically speaking."

Sorry to hear about everything, hope you're doing better!


With all due respect and to reiterate what I said above, it's too comically far along to argue about, and I don't want to badger or insult you by mistake.

Let me just say my piece one more time and then I will let it go.

If you continue to analyze the situation as if the USA is still the same, in terms of human liberty or any of the other things that truly count, as it was in 1978 or even 1983, nothing will make sense and your predictions will be hopelessly incorrect.

That place you are analyzing simply doesn't exist anymore, not more than a few rotting shreds and scraps worn as cloaks by sociopathic monsters for marketing purposes.

Regardless of political affiliation it's all the same to us if the Democrats were leading and the Republicans their subsidiaries, as it is to the actual situation in which the Republicans rule even when they aren't in power, and the Democrats are either a de facto or actual subsidiary of the Bush Family and it's pet Republican Party.

Been trying to tell you that for years now, but you're having none of it. Even at this comically late date.

However, were I you I would remember this conversation so that when Jeb ascends the throne in 2017 (by the Kremlinology 95% certain at this very second), and Rick Perry has played his usual part as frilly lace curtains of plausible deniability, covering what I am nearly certain is no more than a decade or two before the former USA becomes the most monstrous evil the world has ever known, sicced like dogs of the enemies of the Global Supernational Aristocracy (which includes, just like the Nazis, their own people).

But again: You'll see. Nothing left to prove and nothing to be done that the Gestapo won't know what you're thinking even before you do, thanks to the now-steady stream of SigInt we all emit and which is all recorded and datamined constantly, flagged for additional HumInt analysis where needed.

I must admit you brought a smile to my face with that Rick Perry comment. First of all, if you think I give one tiny sparrow fart about the Corporat Socialist Sideshow (i.e Republicans and their subsidiary organization, the Democrats, when both are RW Corporate Socialist and who cares who they spend our last credit card bucks?), then you must not have paid much attention to my last month or two of posts before my account got axed.

So let me be clear: Even if I was still a member of the Corpzi Team Left, Rick Perry is about as dangerous to me as a cream pie dropped from a height of three feet.


Even in the extraordinary event (

OK, then, knowing Perry is a piece of window dressing of nonexistant democracy, help him prove me wrong and write him some checks.

Then you and he can BOTH show me in 2017 how wrong I was.

I look forward to it.

See you in 2017.

(not that I am implying I won't talk to you until then, but it's all meaningless speculation until the other shoes start to drop)

I've never been to Arlington, VA. How is it this time of year? Shithead...

With JHK's health on the line, this is not the time for cosmic nitpicking.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Jim this morning and my intention is for his speedy recovery, however it happens.

Please use in the future, friend, instead of wasting bandwidth with your noise.

They were going to thread some arthoscopic instruments into the spaces around my neckbones

I realize it is extremely bad form to correct our host but as an OCD sufferer, you all realize, I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

Jim, you left out a letter r. It's arthroscopic.

From Rex Tillerson we should know: there have been over a million fracked wells in the U.S since the 1960s. There has not been a substantial case of water contamination documented in any of those 1 million data points. Over 5o years, "if it (fracking) was a problem don't you think we would have figured it out by now?" Approx 33:00 minutes into the interview I submitted.

Maybe it's all good after all.


GET WELL and fasten your seat belt for the final chapters of project America.

Whups, dropped a line or two from my text.

It should read:

"Even in the extraordinary event (

To we peasants, one placeholding houseboy is much the same to us as any other, regadless of said placeholding houseboys' race color or creed.

I will say this, Rick Perry would make a fine placeholding houseboy, if there was only time to run another round of the Bush-Clinton and Bush-Obama Reality TV Scripts.

Simple as that, the way almost all mass psychology is at the business end.

Whups, AGAIN it dropped some of my text.

It should read:

What I measnt to type was:

"Even in the extraordinary event (less than 1% possibility, IMHO) that Rick Perry is scheduled to be another Imperial Throne Placehold placheolder for another round of the phony Bush-Clinton and Bush-Obama scripts before 9/11 #2 and DubyaDubyaThree now pushed back a decade, what does more Status Quo matter really when everything is all about waiting for the others shoes to drop and pushing the reset button and trimming the Global Surplus Population (as the Supernational Global Aristocracy surely sees us)?"

To we peasants, one placeholding houseboy is much the same to us as any other, regadless of said placeholding houseboys' race color or creed.

I will say this, Rick Perry would make a fine placeholding houseboy, if there was only time to run another round of the Bush-Clinton and Bush-Obama Reality TV Scripts.

Simple as that, the way almost all mass psychology is at the business end.

NOTE ABOUT POSTING ON CFN If you use the "less than" or "greater than" sign in your text, the site will read it as an unfinished html, get confused, and drop blocks of text.

I can Surely relate. Getting old is not my first choice, only preferred to the only alternative. the hope of seeing the industrial era endgame and my grandchildren grow up are strong incentives to stick around awhile. get well and carry on.

best wishes and good luck with your recovery, mr. kunstler.

Now some speculation on the hospital billing racket with the idea that jim might decide to share his ongoing experience as a kind of "testimony." Jim almost certainly had "adequate" insurance, or else he would not have been in a position to undertake the first procedure on his neck. Based on his description of his following travails, the top line hospital and doctor bills (before its knocked down by about 2/3rds because he will get the contracted rate mediated by insurance), will be north of $300,000. The insurance companies will pay somewhere around $100,000 or so give or take $20,000, and Jim will spend years trying to straighten out and make sense of the ongoing larcenous billings from said hospital's billing department.

Are you still black and Muslim?

Best of wishes for a speedy recovery Jim. Glad to see you survived the ordeal of the "care-givers" with your normal sense of humor. Prepare for a thorough "wallet-ectomy" in the coming months.

Glad you got through that OK Jim. Probably associated with Saturn crossing your ascendant and the recent Quincunx to your health ruler roundabout 2012. In fact, both Saturn and Neptune have been roistering about that Mars for sometime.

You have been through a lot. It looks like the worst health transits, and discomfort would have been September 2012 through last Feb. These were Saturn and Neptune hits to your prime health ruler. So from the astrological p-o-v the worst is likely past and you appear to have held up very well.

Fond regards, long may you riff.


Yeah, I'm sure.

They just found signs of heart disease in a number of mummies from several culture - including ones who were thought to have lived very healthy lives. The frightening thought: heart disease may be an almost inevitable event, at least for some people - no matter how healthy your diet.

Remember, when Asoka was uncovered, he freely admitted it. He interacted with us for two weeks as his true self. Don't stay in illusion just because its more comfortable or because you don't want to have been "wrong". The Ego is protects itself even when there is no reason to. We all were tricked to some degree or other. If you persist now, then it becomes a fault - showing that your Ego is indeed, too large or muy largo.

Still blaming everything on Bush. How pathetic can you get?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why US medical costs are astronomical. In the good old days Jimbo would have been allowed to die like a gentlemen. But nooo, he clings to life with stubborn determination as if the future of the Republic depended on it. Death Panels, anyone.

The Devil in new Bible series looks like Obama. Pure coicidence? Or Divine intervention? The producers say coincidence. I "choose" to believe Divine intervention.

Glad you're alive Jim.

"muy largo", in Spanish means very long. The Spanish word for large is grande'.

Not to change the subject, but what the hell is going on in Cyprus? With all due respect, of course! How could events in a little place like Cyprus have any bearing on the USA? Or maybe Cyprus is like the Canary in the Coal Mine, so to speak.

OZ or RipT, is it too early to plant potatoes? Another snowstorm tomorrow?


Adequesto, blow by blow:

"CFN doomers ignore whatever tends to disprove the theory of oil supremacy."

Oil is still key. It's the biggest slice of pie in the chart. No one can dispute that.

"Thanks to new technologies and discoveries, North America is now awash in cheap natural gas."

A price will be paid in excess of the market price, a price paid in polluted aquifers, Carbon dioxide emitted that would otherwise be stored, and, not least, reducing the fiscal incentives to put more resources toward post-carbon energy technology- which would help prevent the atmospheric carbon buildup which is accelerating- and liberating more and more greenhouse gasses from the soil ecology of the Northern Hemisphere.

"The fuel has already replaced oil as a petrochemical feedstock, home heating fuel and in electricity generation."

And is still subject to Hubbert's curve of consumption and depletion. The question of whether it is wise use to allow mega-corporations like Dow or Corning to make cheap disposable plastic junk versus just burning the stuff so that fat, overweight women can wear spandex indoors and pretend they live in Honolulu in March... or shove heat into the vast empty indoor spaces of our unfortunately gigantic commercial building structures.

"Could it do the same for transportation, the primary reason oil remains dominant today? There are significant obstacles, but they're not insurmountable."

The question is, why would we want to? The investment required by consumers, producers, governments and taxpayers approaches mind-boggling levels of boondoggle. All for a technology older than most living people, which will be used (wasted) driving all over America's suburban wasteland- leaking methane and spewing carbon dioxide. Did I mention GLOBAL WARMING?

"In Iran, for example, almost a quarter of vehicles run on natural gas."

The really regret their error in not building a petroleum refining industry. And what does all this activity- all this driving- accomplish? Every Football game requires 5,000 people to climb into crowded buses and cars to create hellish traffic jams.

"Pakistan is moving in the same direction."

Pakistan is moving nowhere. Its a backward, doomed nation. They use LPG and natural gas because its cheap and easy, no moving parts after you have it compressed in big tanks. Pakistan is overpopulated, stuck with 1930s technology, and governed by a military junta. What part of that should rational first-world people emulate?

"I ride frequently in taxis and buses powered by LNG in South America."

As do I here in America.

"Many CFN doomers simply want to ignore the implication: Natural gas is a potential substitute for oil in the transportation sector."

Not in any way, shape or form. Speaking of which I own a converted vehicle. There is no advantage. There is no gain in efficiency. There is only marginal benefits in emissions. At the end of the day the energy spent navigating the mousetrap of commuter byways to obtain morsels of the modern mass-production is unsustainable, as well as undesirable.

Given all the fuel in the world, what most people would do is leverage that (temporary) power to get above the disaster that the modern world has certainly become.

As a healthcare provider, I can tell you firsthand that the medical expenses/billing procedures are not our specialty and with all the stress that comes from this line of work, is the farthest thing on our minds.

When I read or hear stories of how much patients are raked over the coals by a greedy, for profit healthcare system that soon will likely no longer exist, aside from the thousands of people who die every year in this country and the millions who are bankrupted, I feel livid. Healthcare providers themselves are not immune to this legalized robbery (your money or your life, quite literally). When my little aveo kissed a full sized dodge RAM pick up truck in early 2007 head on at 45 mph and I was hurled through my windshield, the hospital tab would have bankrupted me for life if I hadn't just signed up on my wife's U of M care just a few months prior. Amazingly, they did not automatically refuse to cover me like many of these HMOs and PPOs, hoping people will not be able to afford some blood sucking lawyer and just shut up and pay that $60,000 dollar tab because you had the audacity to get sick or injured.

My knee cap was split in half, I broke or fractured almost every bone in my body, knocked out several teeth, and never let them kid you. It never goes back to its pre injury condition. I don't know why I lived as the front end of my car was pushed to the back seat, but my ice hockey and jogging days are over as I walk with a limp and the strain causes my back to hurt along with the constant leg pain because I walk with a limp.

I am glad JHK made it through this ordeal, my point was been there, it isn't any fun where you are the patient and when I am being a caregiver, costs to the patient are on the back of my mind, and it really pisses me off, but we don't have time to concern ourselves with that, we typically have slave drivers standing over us trying to cut staff, make us take on too many patients, tell us we are no good, we aren't working hard enough, if we don't step up they will terminate us, etc etc ad naseum. All in a healthcare racket that will soon cease to exist, as it is already showing signs of collapse....hospitals closing and consolidating, nursing homes being shut down (usually because the state fines them out of existence in their ceaseless and futile efforts to steal money as a result of chronic budget shortfalls due to an ever eroding tax base).

Life expectancy will plummet within the next decade as the collapse runs its course.

"The Devil in new Bible series looks like Obama. Pure coicidence? Or Divine intervention?

Divine guidance. He is pro-abortion after all. What could be more evil? One of his first official acts was to expedite and encourage the dismemberment of little ones during or after their harrowing exits from their confused mothers. Or was it his 1st official act? I don't remember. But pretty early on. So, verily: Obummer is evil and it's an inspired casting decision.

I know of what you speak. Seven years ago after five bypasses and a heart valve repair a five hour surgical event the total bill came to ZERO. Being Canadian made all the difference!


Given all the fuel in the world, what most people would do is leverage that (temporary) power to get above the disaster that the modern world has certainly become.

Bustin', was with you all the way to this statement. I either didn't get what you were drivin' at or just simply disagree. There is no significant societal transition or leveraging of this new so called energy abundance to mitigate the disasters you aptly describe. Most people are doing what they've always done. Zip. It seems the magical desire to keep things growing as they once had trumps all, while the mathematical improbability of that dream will demand otherwise.

Thanks for weighing in.

One of Canada's greatest men passed away last week. A Canadian Freedom Fighter sounds oxymoronic, but there was one, One who fought against the vicious hate crime mongers and their "human rights panels".

I was goofing with the anesthesiologists as I rolled into the OR, doing an old routine from a Samuel Beckett novel, Molloy, that I'd memorized back in college called The Story of the Stones ... "I took advantage of being at the seaside to lay in a store of sucking-stones. They were pebbles but I called them stones. Yes on this occasion I laid in a considerable store...." It's a great piece, goes on for pages and pages of absolutely absurd poetic drivel, and the chief anesthesiologist (Albany Med is a teaching hospital) was an Irishman like Beckett so I thought he'd appreciate it.

This recalls to mind my own (feeble) attempts to say something clever to the OR staff before nervously going "under" for a colonoscopy, perhaps never to return. The desire to be well remembered is universal, I think.

Thank you or Gracias. Have to review the old high school Spanish since they are slated to be the new Americans. It all makes sense if one is foolish enough to accept the premises the Media gives us: America is a Nation of Immigrants. Nay, more: immigrants are the very Essence of America. The Mexicans are immigrants, legal or illegal, it matters not since immigration is holy. Therefore Mexicans are the essence of American - more American than Whites.

The new is always better than the old - that's how you make money. Why build something that will last? Something that breaks needs to be replaced, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and so on.

Yes, I'm sure the Producers were more surprised than any to see what they had wrought!

Hey man, a Cardiologist dissected my LAD during a cath. I was put on a balloon pump on the way to emergency bypass surgery and woke up in the CCU with five bypasses. That happened 12 years ago. I'm lucky to be alive. So are you. Live each day as if it's your last. Best of luck.

Thanks for this column! It is very reassuring for those of us entering into the 'years where crap starts to catch up with you' phase of life , to know you can be grateful to be diagnosed quickly, have a serious procedure done, feel freaked out and happy to be alive at the same time, and come out the other side still with your sense of self intact! Best wishes on your recovery. I will be here to torment my adversaries and auditors for quite a while.

The parking lot builders and road-wideners torment us with their carhells, so we appreciate you tormenting them for the sake of the urban quiltpatches that never were or once was. Who else can torment them more skillfully?

...I'm grateful to the doctors and nurses whose skills allowed me to stay on board the mystery train...

Mystery train! What delight. Jim, you should listen to Jai Uttal's "Conductor." He makes a skillful use of the dulcimer. Also features a violin from some brimstoney bardo. It's cosmically cornponey. And sung by a brilliant Jew. Much nicer than Norman Greenbaum's covert Christian-mockery and one-hit wonder "Spirit in the Sky."

I have met Mr. Uttal along with Krishna Das and they are both very nice guys and genuine bhaktas. I would not have enjoyed meeting Greenbaum and would have told him he's a cunt.

I think that this competition is largely emotional and neurotic.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery you old poop!

I can't imagine having to endure the Long Emergency without you!

La Emergencia Largo.

oops, link does not work

He is way beyond 'abortion'.
He voted 3x [?] against 'abortion survivors'
as in, live births must be acknowledged.

See 'Obama Nation' book for gruesome details...
baby left to die at Chicago hospital.

While we are at it Google, 'After Tiller'.
Latest Sundance smash.

The New Mexico doctor [cough] who stars in it just killed a NY woman. The operation was a success,
in that its purpose wasto kill the baby.[8 months gestation].
The patient died as well. Not much word on that
at huffpost etc. Just kudos for 'after tiller'.


"He makes a skillful use of the dulcimer."

I think it's rather a banjo. Mr. Uttal can play a great many instruments of the east yet also respects folk instruments of the west and can play those. Sometimes he's like a cornpone Kunstler meets octave-challenged Bono meets guru throne room under a Bollywood sunrise.

His "Never Turn Away" off Shiva Station is, in my book, one of the greatest musical creations of the past 20 years yet few have heard of it. I brought him up for the banjo-trainride in "Conductor," y'unnerstan. Long may he wail.
"Monkey" is his best album.

I understand that Jim appreciates American folk music and even plays the fiddle or some such. We need some folk songs that decry carhells and name the names of them that built them. But nobody balls any more. How could the. Most raised by single mothers with devastated daddies AWOH. (Away without hope.)

We don't even have decent protest songs anymore. If you hear some magnificent melody like The Shinns' "Split Needles" you find, upon examination, that the lyrics are nothing but some guy still crying about some over-bedded chick not worth a lyric. What a waste.

Why couldn't the Shins sing out in that regal, pure voice about Jim's carhells once? But then, even the lyrics to "Hey Jude" are mostly worthless babble nobody cares to remember. It is, verily, the nadir of the Dark Age or Kali Yuga. Soon things will turn.

KD was arrested while trying to buy cocaine and
was a womanizer.
I once had the misfortune of spending a week w him when I was young.
If you like his music, great...but a few days ago
you were mentioning 'new age gals who chant the chalisa'....
well what bout bagavan das..did ya read his book?

"But nobody [has] balls any more. How could the[y]."

America's Best Walking Communities

Don't know if that's ever been posted here.

There has not been a substantial case of water contamination documented in any of those 1 million data points ... over 50 years...

Not true.

Federal environment officials scientifically linked underground water pollution with hydraulic fracturing, concluding that contaminants found in central Wyoming were likely caused by the gas drilling process. The findings by the Environmental Protection Agency came partway through a separate national study by the agency to determine whether fracking presents a risk to water resources.

Hi Jim. Very glad you are still on board. Wish you the best. Please keep us updated on the "Bill." My wife & I had a run for a few years in which 75% to 115% of income went for the "Bill." Yes, we had insurance.What a demented society. The Bankers and bookkeepers run the show. Everyone else is a jester or serf.You and yours are in our thoughts. Damn,fine look into the maw of the hospital industrial complex.Sorry you took that ride. Happy you can write about it so well.

Muy bien.

"KD was arrested while trying to buy cocaine and was a womanizer.

I would have expected that. What can you do. He's a... Bhaktas have no discipline, and women crowd around him fawning. Who can hold up even were he trying?

I once had the misfortune of spending a week w him when I was young.


If you like his music, great...but a few days ago you were mentioning 'new age gals who chant the chalisa'....

Yes, yes, but I want to put the best face on things now and then for the sake of Jew-Gentile communion.

well what bout bagavan das..did ya read his book?

I used to see him parading around Ojai with his Big Hair and an entourage of trashy-looking females trailing behind him who look like they'd slept on the floor the night before. I'd find myself standing behind him repeatedly at delis while he tried to chat up the white chick at the register and add to his harem. Once when hearing him ostentatiously chant some Sanskrit over his cup of coffee I turned and said: "I see you dressed up like an Indian renunciant. Have you ever tried renouncing fame? Or dressing yourself up and calling attention to yourself?"

He said -- and I was surprised by the effete and east coast tone of his voice -- "I tried that back in 1981". Or some year. Pathetic. I always just assumed he was a fake with no renunciation. Wearing a huge traditional Indian saddhu getup around the streets of Ojai and having an entourage of women marked him out as a showboat at least and a mini Adida at worst.

I had a similar but worse conversation with some Ohso victim that was visiting town, a New Zealander calling himself "Isvara Maitreya" or some such. I could tell some tales.

But one of his tracks (on one of his albums)is kinda cool, but whatever. There is no discipline with pure bhakti. Brahacharya has to be combined with the high fallutin stuff or it's quick a joke and embarrassment. I think White men understand this.

Aum, Amen.

Hey Jim,

I've enjoyed your blog - and books - for years. Thank you. Had my own heart event, and a stent, in December. So far, so good. Exercise and diet, genetics and luck. Heal and be well, and keep the faith.

Best Wishes, Phil K

After I wracked up a bunch of medical bills (in spite of being 100 percent insured) I applied for their "patient assistance" program, filled out a bunch of forms that proved I was too poor to pay, and got 100 percent of the bill forgiven. You should try that too; they may not forgive the entire bill but certainly some of it, unless you've got a bunch of money. When my husband was hospitalized for 12 days, we hired a specialist in hospital billing to go over his bills, and she saved us $6000 (again, this was AFTER the insurance company paid). She kept a cut of what she saved us and it was well worth the money. No matter how grateful you are to the staff, don't overlook the power of negotiating with the billing department.

Well technichally-larga-(feminine).

Well-wishes are so nauseatingly insincere. Why do people feel compelled to say things they don't mean? Take these shrines people build for those who die in traffic accidents on the sides of roads. They'll put teddy nears out there. What? A teddy bear? Seriously? It's sick.

Alright, that aside, did JHK dream at all whilst under the influence for four to five hours. It is claimed you don't dream under the influence of anesthesia. I beg to differ.

Also, bypass surgery is a huge racket these days. What are you going to do? Refuse? No thanks, doc, I'll take my chances with the 90%-blocked widow maker. It would be interesting to see the statistics of longevity without these bypasses. They claim Jim would have, or could have, died at any moment, but is that really true? It's an industry, remember, and these docs are like salesmen. When it comes to your health, it doesn't take much convincing. You're a captive customer.

Oh is he dead now? I like his voice also. Very deep and priestly, a hierophant type. His Hanuman Chalisa is great. Hanuman is great. Ever see the Hindu Sacred Heart where Hanuman tears open his chest to reveal Rama, Sita, and his brother, what's his name?

I was almost conned into having an important organ removed at age 30. Being more naïve at the time, luckily I was still freaked out enough to say, uh….maybe later. (I was captive in a hospital at the time).
Surgeons WANT you on the table so you are not likely to get the whole, real story in the decision process. I have learned over and over, sometimes the hard way, NEVER to take medical advice as gospel. Motives are not revealed, ‘cause they’re not all about you.

How about this tidbit: “We now know arteries that are 30 to 40 percent occluded may actually be more likely to contribute to a heart attack than arteries that are 90 to 95 percent clogged.”

Something to chew on. Read, learn, and be inspired to be your own advocate, which I know Jim has done in this area before.

A crew of Americans developed around the guru Neem Karoli Baba, including 3 who later became prominent in the Judeosphere who were ethnic Jews: Ram Das (Richard Alpert), Bhagavan Das (Kermit Michael Riggs, Laguna Beach), Jai Uttal (Douglas Uttal, NY), and Krishna Das (Jeffrey Kagel, NY). I vaguely recall a 4th as well. Jai Uttal is the most gifted of these.

All of them do a desultory job of representing Indian yoga in the west. But two of them do a nice job of representing the bhakan/bhakti-yoga principle.

Some more at this link on unnecessary coronary bypass surgery:

Patients who are given the bypass operation "to prolong life" fall into four major groups, only one of which has ever been shown to gain the promised result of such surgery. The first group is composed of those who suffer no symptoms at all. Such people may seem unlikely to end up on the operating table, but in fact many do. Typical would be the 55-year-old whose family doctor detects a slight abnormality on the electrocardiogram during a routine checkup. If an exercise stress test seems to confirm the abnormality, the doctor will refer the patient to a cardiologist for coronary angiography. And if the angiogram shows partial blockage of one or more of the three major arteries feeding the heart, the cardiologist may well recommend surgery, explaining to the patient that should one of these arteries become blocked, he'll have a heart attack and might die. So the patient submits to a bypass operation, after which he tells his friends at the health club how lucky he is to be alive. Those who see him jogging marvel at the sight. Unfortunately, not a shred of scientific evidence indicates that members of this group benefit from surgery; the operation may, in fact, cause such patients harm.

Sound familiar?


In addition to adding to the chorus of "get better soon"s, I just wanted to highlight the rather obvious: simply the fact that there are so many people out there wishing you well and worrying about your health. I hope that alone makes you feel that your work is worth it.

Speaking of being worth it, I am looking forward to buying your new book soon (I am assuming at least one will be needed to pay the bills).

"Carol": "Well-wishes are so nauseatingly insincere."

Speak for yourself.

Are you sincere in presenting yourself as a female by the way?

Per further review of that link, it turns out that in JHK's case, it can, or will, prolong his life since it's the left main artery. That's the exception. Keep in mind that depression can set in after a major heart operation, and you can add several medications for life to your list, all of which have side effects. Too bad they didn't have coronary bypass in Stalin's day.

Carol: "Too bad they didn't have coronary bypass in Stalin's day."

Why. Are you a fan of Stalin?

Your genocidalist and bloodlust credentials have been already noted, honeypie.

This statistic per the link is particularly damning:

The fact that 79 % of all bypass recipients are men is usually explained by the higher incidence of coronary-artery disease among males and by generally poorer results of such operations among females (whose arteries tend to be smaller and thus larder to bypass. The race difference, on the other hand, has nothing to do with biology. Age-adjusted mortality statistics suggest that coronary-artery disease is just as prevalent in blacks as in whites; in fact, angina tends to disable blacks earlier in life than it does whites. Yet whites receive 97% of all bypass operations performed in the United States. The relative youthfulness of the bypass population is equally difficult to explain in purely medical terms. The median age at which patients first develop angina or suffer a heart attack is 65; the median age for death from coronary-artery disease is 75. Yet only 25 % of all bypass operations are performed on persons age 65 or older. The inescapable conclusion is that the poor, the nonwhite, and the elderly receive a disproportionately low share of this medical service.

Well done, James! That you could stare death in the face (and general anesthesia as well which is a lot like a temporary death) and sing songs speaks well of you!

Best Wishes for a speedy recovery. Thanks for being one of the few Western media pundits who sees through these Soviet-style economic statistics we're spoon fed on a daily basis.


Oh, BTW, Jim ... those guys are now so good at bypass that if you did not have any preliminary "silent" heart attacks then, guess what ... you now essentially have a NEW HEART. You'll be our resident curmudgeon for a couple more decades.


We have to ask ourselves why is oil expensive? Supply or demand? Without hesitation I'd say demand, we've added another economy to the equation in the last 20 years (china). The real question is will oil get any cheaper? Most of these technologies, from what I've read, are not new. The price has risen enough to make them viable correct? So, we'll still be buying oil at that price, and we'll all go broke doing it. Even in The article it said demand has dropped to 1990's levels, what does that mean? I believe it means we've had enough demand destruction here in the US due to the depression. So, what happens when demand comes back? I mean they don't really think an economy fueled by petroleum can heat up and lower its demand at the same time? Really? What happens when many oil producers stop exporting and use their oil domestically? Lots of questions, and weren't we wondering how we'd run the economy on hydrogen, then ethanol, then wind and solar? Now we're back to oil.

Awesome that you're still with us, wherever that is. Old maxim - "If it doesn't kill you outright, it makes you stronger."

Wow..... Jim...... You have a squeeze? Good for you! Get better! And since your gonna be on your ass get some writing done! These books don't write themselves! No really...all the best Jim. Now get to work.

It is expensive and Black don't have the money for such opearations. And of course, Blacks don't take care of their bodies very well.

There was a clip of Bhagavan Das in the movie Guru: he was raving about being a sexy old man and how it was natural for young girls to want to be with him. I saw him in the 90's and he seemed serious and sober. I think the guy might go in cycles: he gets very serious about Christ or Yoga and then he crashes and gets very self indulgent. The Ego is the Snake lurking in the Grass and unless killed or kept under control, it will come roaring back.

Did you see the movie? What did you think? A young Hindu guy was fascinated by the way people just give their power away and he decided to impersonate a Guru, complete with sing song Maharishi voice and style. He didn't seem to be a racist as he tried it in India first before he did it here in America. He felt very bad about deceiving his followers with whom he got very close.

Wow..... Jim...... You have a squeeze? Good for you! Get better! And since your gonna be on your ass get some writing done! These books don't write themselves! No really...all the best Jim. Now get to work.

I didn't believe that particular statement was true. The documentary Gasland first came to mind when I heard ExxonMobil's CEO utter it. It did amaze me, however, that the man could so easily and confidently brush away the the general consensus surrounding climate change and the all the concern regarding the destructive, toxic nature of fracking so easily without Charlie genuinely challenging his bullshit.


Sorry for the double post:

I didn't believe that particular statement was true. The documentary Gasland first came to mind when I heard ExxonMobil's CEO utter it. It did amaze me, however, that the man could so easily and confidently brush away the the general consensus surrounding climate change and the all the concern regarding the destructive, toxic nature of fracking so easily without Charlie genuinely challenging his bullshit.


If I follow your questions, here's my response. Whether one believes Peak Oil theory or not doesn't matter. The fact that it simply costs more to produce resources, whether it be sweet crude or tight shale or lower grade mineral ore, is indisputable. Personally, I'm trying to figure how "they" could suppress demand in the conspirational manner you suggest. Too many other things in the system depend on access to cheap energy in order to be marketable.

Even if there is a new abundance via tech that allows access to formerly hard to acquire energy, it doesn't mean that said technology makes it cheaper to acquire, right? In fact, the inverse is true as counter intuitive as that seems. I think the point that many better informed voices on the topic make is that the window to transition to alternatives by using the cheap stuff to do so is GONE. To suppress demand now causes so many other things to begin to fail, correct? I think "they" are all in on phase three, and the have nots are simply fuked.

It contradicts your claim whites are being genocided by the system. Those statistics reveal that the opposite is true, especially when you consider heart disease is the number one killer.

I wonder if JHK is a smoker, and I'm not just talking tobacco?

In answer to your question, and as asserted by BeingThere on a number of occasions, yes, Inverted Totalitarianism per this definition:

I was almost conned into having an important organ removed at age 30.

Yeah, it is good to question the doctors. My wife had a pinched nerve in her lower back which the orthopedic surgeon said needed to be operated. He showed us the x-rays and told my wife she would be disabled and in a wheel chair for life without the surgery.

My wife smiled, and said no thank you. She began alternative/complementary treatments like massage, acupuncture, stretching, visualization, chiropractic, etc.

In six weeks she was hiking, playing basketball, and dancing. She continues with regular daily stretching and has never had back pain return.

The doctors don't always know what's best for the patient, but they sure know what is best for them to be able to make the BMW car payments.

"thus larder"... a coincidence? Freudian?

BTW- To all you cluster fuckers- The Grateful Dead did there first "Fire on the Mountain" 36 years ago today.

song #9

isn't it unbelievable how sickness is the all time equalizer. Everyone gets old, everyone dies. its inevitiable. when you are at that spot of life where it could go either way, you have to be humble and scared. You are looking at eternity and wondering if there is something else after this how will I fare.

The question is did you feel humbled and scared? You looked at the older people around you. did it scare you. It could be you or me. We will all be there someday.. How are you making peace with God while you are here. Here is the place you can make a difference in this dark dark world. How many mitzvahs have you done. Or is it all complaints.
Just the very fact you made it through so far means that you still have something to accomplish on this earth.

Make it a good one Jim. Make someone so happy in this life that when you are gone they will miss you and say you were a good man.

and general anesthesia as well which is a lot like a temporary death


It's true. If you think about it, it's simulated death, and as such, it's not too bad. It's a humbling experience to lose all control, and a moment later, fade to nothing. Live for today, gone tomorrow, that's me, HaHaHaHaHaaaa!

Yeah, I noticed that too. Plaque as lard, and arteries are a pantry for it.

Jim, good conclusions and very best wishes for a full recovery.

Also, when you get the bills, do yourself a favor, go online and contact an independent medical billing consultant to provide you with a cost analysis of each code you are being billed for - at least those "uninsured" ones. When I did so for a family member's procedure in 2005, the real cost was a small fraction of what the hospital had billed me and armed with that data, I was able to negotiate it down to about 30% of the original total.

"There was a clip of Bhagavan Das in the movie Guru: he was raving about being a sexy old man and how it was natural for young girls to want to be with him. I saw him in the 90's and he seemed serious and sober...Did you see the movie?

No, I tend to not be interested in the movies now for longtemps, especially those that are obviously cynical about the highest things. I would guess that the fellow from Laguna Beach was not the profoundest seeker in the first place, then going to Indian and failing to see the forest bec. distracted by so many trees. (Missing basics and getting over-interested in bric-a-brac and the merely perverse.)

He felt very bad about deceiving his followers with whom he got very close.

I would too. Thus I would not wish to do such a thing. He obviously had a lot of animosity to start out with. If you manifest a world "full of fake gurus" it's because you have shitty religion karma (many impurities.) When you projected exterior saints and genuinely good people, it's because of your own self-purification. You get the religion you deserve. Sad. And he made a movie to enshrine his cynicism and draw him further into it lifelong.

One of the dynamics around gurus is that once they have even a small following that following and that group scene becomes a huge engine of attraction, and it begins to matter less and less what the guru actually is like, and more and more they feed on the food of their particular mythology. (And I'm using the world mythology in a positive sense, not a cynical sense.) This definitely went on around Rajneesh/Osho (I have known many people who lived at Antelope.) Same thing happened with Da Free John. In fact, his first little grist-group was some homeless people in LA and some fans who owned a bookstore. Even women raped by Da Free John who considered him an ugly thing kept ties with "the community" -- the friends they had associated with -- years later.

He felt very bad about deceiving his followers with whom he got very close.
And what was his name?

BRAVO Jim, you have now joined the club of mortality , welcome.

I think I saw Jim wandering around when he was in his hospital bardo. He was floating up in the corner of my room scowling at me. I exorcised him by playing Turkey in the Straw on my fiddle. (I am bad on fiddle.) It reminded him of all the turkeys in the straw here of which he'd like to beat with a long stick. Thus it sent him sky-flying back to his well-tried b-d praying to G-d about his bl-g. Thus credit my sour fiddle-playing with continued clusterkvetching and towns we could love some day in that bright multi-racial Coke Commercial on the Hill.

It's good get get practiced about what to do in various bardos and cosmic waiting rooms. The Tibetan Book of the Dead needs updating: If you see six lanes, don't go there. That's the realm of the Feckless Venturans. Hopefully by spiritual culture we make some of the transitions automatically good and get a decent mother and the rest during the next Clusterkvetch.

I've been a "weekly reader" of your site and delighted fan of your occasional talks and rants. Has anyone tried to connect your decision to return to butter and other nourishments some time back to your current predicament?
In any case; so glad to see a new post today! Phil (Spokane, WA - though I became a fan while working in Boise, ID)

I now await the cavalcade of bills. It was impressive to see how hermetically sealed off the "care-givers" (doctors, nurses, etc) are from the business side of the hospital. At no point in the ordeal was the cost of anything discussed. Therefore, apart from the great benefit of staying alive, one is firmly in the grip of what amounts to an outrageous and indecent hostage racket. I'll keep you posted on how that unravels in the weeks ahead, when I'm not running my mouth in other directions.

Granted Jim, but do you not now owe them your very life? And at what point exactly would you have said no if costs were brought up?

Not defending the health care racket, just askin'.

Thanks to a concerned viewer.
From a review:

"The play is the story of a hyperbolically typical middle-class New York family that has seen all its time-honored moral standards eroded by the endless stream of "little murders" (snipings in the street, air pollution, obscene phone calls, power failures) that make up that existence that passes for life in the sixties. The father, Carol Newquist (played by Vincent Gardenia), asserts his masculinity by claiming to be able to spot fags "a mile away"--yet is paranoid about his first name and fails to notice that his own son is a raving queer."

Huh. Inscrutable? No. Odd? Yes.
Somebody needs re-re-invention for better pretendings (and pretensions).

Many CFN doomers simply want to ignore the implication: Natural gas is a potential substitute for oil in the transportation sector.

For how long and at what cost? Really now, to be so flippant is to be... stupid. Not to mention, natural gas is usually just a by-product of oil production itself.

Here's another thought Jim. You're NOW LIVING on the proverbial BORROWED TIME! (Perhaps literally as well!) Think about it. Your old sorry ass would have been dead if this had happened 50 years ago; not missed, not mourned, not celebrated, more than likely not even noticed except for your immediate friends and family. Maybe it's time to turn this blog around and tell us all what's right about this fucked up world we're living in now?

Mr. Kunstler,

So glad that you are still with us. I can't tell you how frightened I was while reading your account. I've come close too. I hope you can get about soon. We need you in the ranks of the few remaining who futilely shake their fists at the sky.

It will probably be easier for me when the moment of mortality comes. I will be digging some shit out of a trench in a landfill and suddenly, I will know. It will make the body disposal issue so simple. I can just be pressed into the mud with the amputee G.I. Joes and unloved Salad Shooters.

That methane coming out of the ground? It won't be from the Salad Shooters.

My final salute.

Hey! Race ya to nearest Cyprus ATM....when you can put your Red Ball Jets on again.


I think James Gandolfini would play Carol.


For how long and at what cost? Really now, to be so flippant is to be... stupid.

Stupid? Disaffected, you are stupidly replying to adequatio (dot), not to me, and the information was plagiarized from a poster who no longer posts here. So calling me stupid is itself stupid. Not to mention that your supposition is suspect.

It would appear that all roads lead to a natural gas-fueled transport sector.

The selling point is that natural gas used for transportation cost 25 percent less than petroleum. It’s also cleaner. Consider Weld County, Colorado: It says that it received its first LNG truck in July 2012 and that it has already realized a 22 percent reduction in fuel costs, or $25,000 a year in fuel savings per truck, according to a news story in the Northern Colorado Gazette.

“Right now, it is costing us 20 percent less per mile to run our LNG trucks versus our diesel trucks,” Jay McDonald, a country supervisor, told the paper.

Clean Energy Fuels is a champion of LNG, saying that it costs the equivalent of a $1.50 gallon.

Wowzerz... Your poast this week really horrified me. I'm glad you made it through without a hitch. Both my mom and dad did that questionable surgery on their neck vertebrae. Dad had two bones fused between a *supposed* squashed disc - Mom had something injected into her discs. They're both kicking, and the pain is apparently *gone*.

I'm horrified by the needle/knife/drug culture of *health care* today. I'd personally rather suffer the pain (which I do, from time to time - lower back sciatica) or even death, than have those butchers slicing and dicing, charging $1-5,000 an hour (just for the *bed*).

Let us know how much those bills (and the *insurance*) cost.

Thanks for sharing your travails with us Jimbo. It sounds like you are well on the way to recovery. Modern American medicine is unbelievable. I am afraid that it may not be available in the future. I had some heart issues a few years back. Knowledge and technology are almost always lost as civilization declines. We have some of the best hospitals here in NE, also NY. A fine Irish Doc cured me, at MG , in what I would have to say was quite a procedure. Your right, the versed and fentanyl are quite a hoot. My work was so well done I was able to resume work in a physically strenuous job. I am happy to hear you chose the bypass over the stent. More invasive but I believe more durable. My uncle, had a quintuple bypass, yep 5 carotids, he lived another 15 years. He was 75 at the time of the bypass and never quit smoking! Hang with us bro! As far as the bills go, I checked in at 7 AM , stayed overnight, and was released at 1 PM the next day. Bill came to $67 K plus. I did not leave a tip. I am sure your bill is more like 300-400K. Insurance is a lifesaver. I could not sleep at night without it. Happy Trails.

"We don't even have decent protest songs anymore"


If you were here I would whack you with a rolled up copy of Mother Jones. Sometimes it takes a journeyman songwriter and poet. Bruce Springsteen? Ring a bell? From last year. Pay attention.


I guess you were "lucky." Maybe some of that Irishman's luck rubbed off onto you. Hope you had a Happy St. Patrick's Day among the living.

James, let me know... if and when!

and the information was plagiarized from a poster who no longer posts here. - Adequatio (Asoka) to Disaffected

One of your most disingenuous posts ever. The information was plagiarized from YOU. You do not cease to be YOU just because you changed your screen name. Talk about brass balls... I think even Walt Whitman would be ashamed.

You'd smack me? Settle down.


Yeah but he has no voice and barks instead. Bob Dylan wrote impressive sounding rhymes too but it was hell to listen.

Melodically and structure-wise, never heard one song by Bruce that charmed the ear. (Revisit the reference the musicality of The Shins.) There used to be something called singing and voices. And where's the moral force in a rock star who lives in Pacific Palisades no matter what he pens.

We already have Kunstler talking about the death of the hometowns and at least he guides his children rightly by pointing to a cornpone thing like a garden notwithstanding woman troubles, colic, and a creaky hip. Springsteen, not so much.

Because he has no people he has nobody to lead and nobody to save. Thus he breaks no taboos and does nothing brave. People like Springsteen play it safe. Study songwrisking and a bit of love not just kvetch-all:

My apologies to the nice Jews and the not-so-nice ones who at least like humanlike urban fabric and the old ways, anomalous as they be. Question always becomes: Where's the love.

If only...if only...I had some respect for you.

Why don't you go re-visit the scabs on The Shins.

Wow, this can be fun.

Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen. In the upper atmosphere, ozone forms a protective layer that shields us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. At ground level, ozone is a harmful air pollutant and a primary constituent of urban smog. Ozone is produced when air pollutants from automobile emissions and manufacturing operations interact with sunlight. Long-term exposure to high concentrations of ozone can cause a significant reduction in lung function, inflammation of the airways, and respiratory distress. People with lung diseases are particularly vulnerable to the respiratory effects of ozone. Results from an NIEHS-funded study show that children who played three or more outdoor sports in areas with high ozone concentrations were more than three times as likely to develop asthma as children who did not engage in sports activities.

Clever? No. Pedestrian? Yes.


Today I ordered a used copy of Chin Kung's "Changing Destiny: A Commentary on Liao-fan's Four Lessons." Thanks for the guidance.

I have a question about Asian xenophobia. Maybe you've read something on it, maybe not. Many years ago, when my husband was a liaison for HP with Hitachi, he was in Japan and the Hitachi host (an exec) took them to a place of interest during the weekend. My husband was shocked when the host gestured toward a group of Koreans and said something derisive. Is there a story behind that?


Here, you visit. The following song has a well-chisled original melody, a melody and presentation that has to be called royal. The structure has about 4 different parts. (Springsteen often barely manages two.) It's beautifully sung in by the white, clear- and satvic-voiced singer with an unusually high range beautifully free of strain.

Even the bass part alone has more musical interest than all tracks of any Bruce Springsteen recording. All it needs is some kind of lyric that would have some value or meaning for their natural people; lyrics worth learning. Which was my original point.

I don't require respect from anon-o-mites by the way. How much less anon-o-mites who are not a gentleman.

Here is a fact.....there was no incidence of coronary artery disease in asia until they started eating dead animals and animal products. Eat dead animals and eventually your arteries clog up same as your kitchen sink trap. Ever clean out a sink trap??? Looks and smells yummy....that's the stuff you been eating, dummy. Every carton of milk, loaf of cheese, pound of butter, packet of hamburger should have a skull-n-crossbones on it........

"I have a question about Asian xenophobia."

We had a cat once with Xenophobia. It wouldn't consort pleasantly with dogs, mice, or people it didn't know. We put it in cat counseling for years to try to make it bond and merge with all entities. Finally we had to lobotomize it to get it to stop discriminating and distinguishing between one entity and another. Since that time I've learned to let nature be nature and that some types bond with one type, but not with others, and it's beautiful and all in divine order. The cat really didn't have phobia at all. It was just being a cat and interested in continuing on as a cat.

OK. Even though I know that I'm getting sucked into the vortex of this blog's foolishness, I will respond for the sake of everyone else who is evaluating "protest" songs.

The Shins song is very well crafted and I will probably listen to more of that recording. But The Shins clearly do not write songs that will rally unarmed people that are about to get into the face of soldiers.

"They brought death to my hometown."

That's a song that you rally people with.

Yo Vlad, My daughter tells me your hero Hitler was totally misunderstood. He screamed at Heinrich "You fool" "Vat have you done?" "I said, I vanted a glass of juice! Not to gas da jews!". I know, not funny but this is what you hear as a bartender.

I urge any of you who think you may have hardening arteries to look at vitamin K2 (not regular K, which is K1). You can listen to this podcast!-podcast-015-dr.-kate/id494779470?i=135455916&mt=2 or simply search for it on the website. This article is a good start:

Among other things, K2 (what Price called "activator X") keeps calcium from calcifying in your arteries. Sources are mostly pastured meat and dairy (big emphasis on "pastured", also know as grass fed/finished), but the best source is a nasty tasting type of fermented soybean called nattokinase or natto for short, which you can ferment at home. They do sell it from at Asian markets or in pill form, but what you make at home will probably be much better.

JHK-- I am glad you are well, and as a 33 year front line blue collar hospital guy, I do understand your adventure. We need your sanity to help us as the insane rise to power. Did you read any comments about the CPAC? Poor Barry Goldwater is crying. Get well, BEWARE of the many Alternative medicine scams, pills ,potions, stick to evidence based medicine, or read Rira Swan at

Yes! Good question. Each of the great Asian Nations consider themselves Supreme, the Center of the Earth. The Japanese consider themselves superior to all other Peoples. Now of course, they realize the debt they have to China, so they can't exactly trash the Chinese completely. But they do the Koreans - even though the Koreans are perhaps the closest to the ethnically, and definitely linguistically. Or is that perhapw WHY they hate them the most? Island Nations are notoriously xenophobic, even more than is healthy to be. And it is known for a fact that one of the Ancient Japanese Dynasties began in Korea.

Koreans were invaded by the Japanese during WW2 and treated savagely with tens of thousands of Korean Women forced into prostitution for the Japanese Army. I'm not sure if it was then or earlier, but a considerable number of Koreans went to live and work in Japan. They are considered a foreign population and will never be Japanese. Is this "just" social and do they have full rights and citizenship? I assume so but I don't know. They are definitiely looked down on. They are about 3 or 4% of the population - Japan's major minority group.

The World Community has put alot of pressure on Japan to start "helping out" and become multi this and multi that. Thank God they resist. They relented and took in some Vietmanese boat people and then treated them with such contempt that the boat people were desperate to get out. Like the Chinese (and the Koreans), the consider the Malayan peoples of Southeast Asia as inferior. Studies bear this out btw - at least in terms of the intellect.

Don't feel to bad for the Koreans - they treated the mixed children left by the American G.I's with extreme brutality. On one level this is deplorable but it is how Nations are maintained. Life is Ugly, not to mention full of suffering, devoid of self, and temporary. That's why Buddha wanted out.

So Koreans would probably rate Humanity: Koreans first, then Chinese, the Japanese, then Whites, then Hindus, then the "Browns", then the "Blacks". Japanese, Chinese, Hindus - the same with each putting themselves first. Some might put the Hindus ahead of the Whites. Hindus might put Whites ahead of the East Asians.

You PC Whites are a tiny and shrinking minority. The World is Racist. I'm part of a small but growing movement back to normalcy and sanity.

You tend bar now? Tell us some stories about beautiful and wise drunken sages - and the ugly whores who love them. Ugly? Only objectively. To the inebriated they are all lovely beyond compare.

Hitler loved animals and children. He was a consumate gentlemen to ladies and to the elderly. Your daughter is right. Maybe I should meet your daughter. You have no objections, I trust.

"And he made a movie" - famous last acts. I wish I could refute your cynicism but I'm too old. Ah, for the foolish idealism of youth! But then again (my youth stirs), he did seem like a nice guy and he did seem to feel really bad - so bad that he couldn't face his students the first time he had resolved to tell them the truth. Anyway, if it comes around again, you might enjoy seeing it with some of your students - if you are a Guru. Or friends if you aren't. It might be thought provoking for them.

The most interesting part of the movie was of course the reactions of the students. The more new agey ones were able to see it as a teaching. The Yoga teacher, who had been looking for authentic roots, was not.

Perhaps the young Indian American Man learned a lesson himself - don't "experiment" with people, it just another way of fucking them over.

I'm GLAD you came through ok : ) Joe Bageant is just going to have to wait a while to enjoy your company ; )

Having to come face to face with your mortality is a humbling experience. May your recovery be speedy and complete.

Did you meet GOD.

each time you look at ones array you must respect for authority involving to children

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There have been many extreme opinions about medicine and its necessity or lack thereof. Jim's operation was the heart surgery that IS medically justified and will likely extend his life considerably.

I had a double anterior cervical fusion done in 1989 when my congenitally malformed neck disks between C5/6 and C6/7 collapsed. Due to the great job done by two old sawbones at Stanford University, I have had nothing but minor soreness at that site for the last 24 years.

Modern medicine is a highly inexact science and there are many iatrogenic illnesses. However, that does not mean it is worthless. Even doctors themselves know that many medications and many surgeries are Faustian Bargains which merely trade one set of problems for another. It's up to PATIENTS to educate themselves before seeing doctors so that they are not steamrolled with their "expertise".


My opinions on the topic are not extreme in the least if that was the implication of your innuendo. I concede JHK's (I won't intimately call him Jim because I don't know him personally and never will, so I won't pretend that I do, speaking of pretenses) surgery in all likelihood will extend his life. These surgeries you are discussing are indicative of a certain standard of living; a standard that requires a plenitude of cheap energy to continue unabated. The notion that this standard could be rolled-out to an exponentially increasing population is ridiculous, and your admonition anent being an informed patient is not only silly, but will soon be moot. It's a contradiction to sound the alarms people do at this site, and then offer advice like you have that contravenes those dire alarms.

Glad you're still with us, Jim! Hope the recovery goes well. I heard a similar story from a buddy three months ago; four of us were about to get together for our monthly bike trail ride when two came down with heart trouble; one had an extra stent installed, the other had a surprise bypass operation after chest pains following a "minor" surgery. At this age -- though you're probably younger than us -- we should appreciate every day of good health. (Both my friends were dutifully taking their statins for years. Maybe they should ask for a refund.)

I was wondering when the magic pill advice was going to be proffered. Not to be disappointed, we're advised to consume K2, a magic pill that will prevent plaque build-up. Modern Western culture is many things, but this, more than anything, is emblematic of its magical thinking; one magic pill will absolve you of all those little murders. If only it were that simple. The Western way of life, to include its increasingly ignominious healthcare system, is in direct contradiction to living healthy and practicing preventive healthcare. That fact has spawned a multi-billion dollar magic pill industry whose sorcerers exploit the gap without addressing the root of the problem, and why would they solve the problem when the problem is their bread and butter.

Yes, indeed Carol,

But if you were following Jim's story in the last 2 years he had a cobalt poisoning by his artificial hip and went off the statin he was prescribed although he had high cholesterol. He also went on a hunter's diet, I forget what that's called.

Oh isn't it special that you refer to "Little Murders" when you took your name from the main character:
[ The father, Carol Newquist (played by Vincent Gardenia), asserts his masculinity by claiming to be able to spot fags "a mile away"--yet is paranoid about his first name and fails to notice that his own son is a raving queer. His daughter, Patsy (Carole Shelly), has ten people working under her; she is so successful that she cannot find any man who can dominate her.]

Yes, indeed Carol, but if you were following Jim's story.....


I haven't been following Jim's story. I'm not a stalker like many here, and I don't want to know too much about a person's personal life, above and beyond the context it can provide for a larger conversation about life as we know it.

Your post sounds hostile even though I've extended an olive branch, of sorts. Am I reading your intent correctly? If so, I will proceed accordingly, meaning if you want to jab me, I'll swing back hard and furiously. How do you want it? Either way is fine with me.

Scapegoating is another magic pill fantasy that Western culture has turned into a science. NumbersUSA and its feigned concern for the environment is a carefully veiled platform for scapegoating; a magic pill solution that doesn't address the root.

There are studies that have linked hip and knee replacements to cancer, so JHK should have his blood monitored regularly for free-floating cancer cells. This raises a very important point. Speaking of the root, there is a common factor that ties JHK's Western culture indicative afflictions together; inflammation. It's the precursor for most common diseases whose symptoms, not source, are treated by contemporary healthcare. High Cholesterol is not necessarily an issue if your arteries are in good shape. It becomes an issue when your arteries become damaged from inflammation and the plaque has a place to latch onto and nestle. Inflammation is responsible for JHK's hip problems, so Western medicine, rather than creating a preventative healthcare environment, attempts to repair the result of this inflammation by subjecting the body to a foreign invader, i.e. cobalt hip joint, which only adds insult to injury, meaning you've augmented the disease environment by providing yet another platform for disease manifestation.

The British scientists at the Bristol University have based their conclusion after detecting abnormal cell changes in the bladders of more than one in five patients who were monitored after being given "metal-on-metal" hip replacements.

In fact, problems occur with the implants when friction between the metal ball and cup causes minuscule metal filings to break off which can seep into blood and cause inflammation, destroying muscle and bone, say the scientists.

There are also concerns that metal traces in the blood could put major organs at risk of being slowly poisoned, and increase the chance of cancer - in particular in the kidneys and bladder, they say. The in-depth research on 72 patients found genetic damage to the bladders of 17 people - including three patients who developed full-blown cancer.

The proportion of patients who had suffered DNA damage may be significant, because such changes can cause mutations which in turn lead to cancer, say the scientists adding they hope to present the results to other surgeons next month.

Their study was launched after the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency warned that all 40,000 Britons with "metal-on-metal" devices should undergo annual checks, with scans and blood tests if doctors find symptoms that suggest metal leakage. A spokesman for the University of Bristol said analysis of the results from the trial was still ongoing, and that the research would be peer reviewed and published.

Best wishes Jim. Try to not get too upset at the latest nonsense going on in Cyprus. Just concentrate on getting fit in time for the main event in North America. I am sure it is only a matter of time. Max Keiser was not very comforting with his assessment that a collapse economically is 99.9% assured.

Oh well we all knew that has been in the cards for a long time. We will all have plenty of time to get those spring gardens planted anyway.

Cheers clusterfuckers the main event is imminent!

We will all have plenty of time to get those spring gardens planted anyway.


Yes, but you'll drop dead whilst planting them from the damage that's already been done and no more machines that go bing and their physician pilots to save the day.

I head into hospital tomorrow to have bandages removed after the second plastic surgery to repair an eye after cancer surgery. The entire staff were from everywhere, three nurses were from India, Ireland and America (Seattle) and the head doctor was an Indian and the assisatnt surgeon an Australian. The aneasthetist was Scottish and his assistant was Somalian... The whole thing cost me nothing as all the previous surgery did because here in Australia we have universal health care, thank fuck for that!

I'll be waiting to seeing how much JHK gets stung for his medical... Glad he's okay, I look forward to his weekly rant as much as any other weekly event...

The whole thing cost me nothing as all the previous surgery did because here in Australia we have universal health care, thank fuck for that!


If it didn't cost you a thing, then how was everything reimbursed? The physicians, nurses and entire hospitable staff magnanimously volunteered their services? The companies who manufacture the equipment and drugs donated it to the cause of keeping you alive so you could help murder another several hundred species per day with your luxurious lifestyle? Somebody/something had to pay. Somebody/something did pay, so don't thank fuck, thank those who involuntarily sacrificed.

Ah, laddie me lad. A veritable empty desert of oppositional personnas to your derivative and diversionary crapola. It's just sad. If it ain't you, it's another paid poo-flinger at a nearby rickety card-table; clacking away for gawd and country. But, keep it up; job opportunities are getting thin on the ground "out here" where your once and future enemies are hardening their hearts toward those who protect the uber-privileged. (Hey, it happens, sorry.)

Did you look at the number of people with that name in the entire FUSA before you consciously picked that one BECAUSE of that role in the Pfeiffer play? Nine, me lederhosen-clad, iniquitous twit... nine. Jesus, you're about as opaque as shrink-wrap on a CD.

Very interesting, Mike.
...And we do need to begin preserving and growing non-GMO varieties of soybeans, so, two good outcomes from one direction.
Thanks for the link.


What's new, man?

Lots and lots... but not too much that's germane to this h'yar blog! ;o)

I see you're still finding things that require a heavy dose of critical thought. Good on ya, mate.
Other than the in-your-face crisis-du-jour, and very quick searches, I haven't been following the breadcrumbs very well, so, I'm glad you and a few others are. :o)

Sheesh, Carol. You are a brutally gifted writer. I understand taking people to task when one has the capacity and breadth of knowledge to draw from, but why so punishing? I haven't followed this blog for so long that I can recall every crazy thing that any given frequent poster has written, so maybe I lack the context for your battles, but damn, you dig pretty deep. Just wondering why it's so important to crush these old folks.


Right on man. I've been trying to settle down and find a bit of focus lately. Hasn't worked. Just finished midterms and have begun an extended Spring break reprieve. Met a new girl, too. Dammit! Too many broad interests and not enough time away from the rat wheel to really settle down with anything in particular, pretty girls included. Shoot, I'm ready for the world made by hand already. Hurry up Doomsday!. Just kiddin'.

Take it cheezy, sir.


"March 19, 2013. Ten years ago today the Bush regime invaded Iraq. It is known that the justification for the invasion was a packet of lies orchestrated by the neoconservative Bush regime in order to deceive the United Nations and the American people."
whole article:

Oh, one thing that you may find intriguing:
The Cyprus-swindle is to be "backed" by promises of future revenues from na'chul gas to be extracted from the surrounding sea-bed. ...Na'chully.
(Let me look for a quick link.)
Took a couple minutes, but here's a good outline [of a teetering domino].

Just wondering why it's so important to crush these old folks.


I'm not crushing, I'm bonding, Mosh Pit style.

Ouch. Dr. Roberts appears to be performing historical surgery on the Bushie-boyz without benefit of anesthesia! Will the empire pull through, or are complications ensuing? Stay tuned.

Your wife? That's a good one. What a howl!!

The true litmus test for Reagan's Assistant Treasury Secretary would be his musings on the Vietnam War, specifically anent to this Hedges article on Turse's book about Vietnam, Kill Anything That Moves:

This is not the book Turse set out to write. He was, when his research began in June 2001, a graduate student looking at post-traumatic stress disorder among Vietnam veterans. An archivist at the U.S. National Archives asked Turse whether he thought witnessing war crimes could cause PTSD. He steered Turse to yellowing reports amassed by the Vietnam War Crimes Working Group. The group, set up in the wake of the My Lai massacre, was designed to investigate the hundreds of reports of torture, rape, kidnapping, forced displacement, beatings, arson, mutilation, executions and massacres carried out by U.S. troops. But the object of the group was not to discipline or to halt the abuses. It was, as Turse writes, “to ensure that the army would never again be caught off-guard by a major war crimes scandal.” War crimes, for army investigators, were “an image management” problem. Those charged with war crimes were rarely punished. The numerous reports of atrocities collected by the Vietnam War Crimes Working Group were kept secret, and the eyewitnesses who reported war crimes were usually ignored, discredited or cowed into silence.

"The move to take a percentage of deposits, which could raise almost 6 billion euros, must be ratified by parliament, where no party has a majority. If it fails to do so, President Nicos Anastasiades has warned, Cyprus's two largest banks will collapse."

followed by:

"Anastasiades, elected only three weeks ago, said savers will be compensated by shares in banks guaranteed by future natural gas revenues.

Cyprus is expecting the results of an offshore appraisal drilling this year to confirm the island is sitting on vast amounts of natural gas worth billions."

So does this point a gun to the Cypriot's heads and say, 'let us confiscate your deposits, plus give us access to all sovereign natural gas, and we'll give you some future bank stock kickbacks"? What a deal! It's the backhanded privatization of everything.
How likely is simple debt forgiveness instead of this overly complex maneuvering? Trick question.


That's funny, but don't you get battered in the process?

I get it though. I was young and resilient once, too :>)

From the PCR article submitted earlier:

"A case could be made that the historians’ comparison of the Bush regime with Japanese war criminals doesn’t go far enough. By this October 7, Washington will have been killing people, mainly women, children, and village elders, in Afghanistan for 12 years. No one knows why America has brought such destruction to the Afghan people. First the Soviets; then the Americans. What is the difference? When Obama came into the presidency, he admitted that no one knew what the US military mission was in Afghanistan. We still don’t know. The best guess is profits for the US armaments industry, power for the Homeland Security industry, and a police state for the insouciant US population." - Paul Craig Roberts


The Exceptional American Gov. Out Nazis the Nazis and out kamikazes the Japs. Who da thunk it?


Korea, where baby girls are left out in the cold.
[A friend married one of them, who had been adopted
by Americans].
K has one of the lowest birthrates in the world, perhaps even lower than Italy or Japan.
Payback, brides are imported from Vietnam, North Korea, China.

Farm towns there are dying.

That bad, eh? Modern Capitalism quickly destroy - even more than Communism perhaps. Brutality breeds compassion (to suffer with) and thus solidarity. But pleasure just creates isolation. Add to that mass immigration and the endless moving around of modern life, and the bed is made.

The following is a letter I wrote in response to a recent George Will column and the column:

Unconscious suggestion?
In his March 14 column, "Art of good writing is slipping from our culture," George Will shares with readers (tells readers): "Then there is sharing, 'the word I most loathe in the feel-good lexicon.'" (quoting William Zinsser, "On Writing Well").
I find it very interesting that Will, a shill for Big Biz interests, puts forth an unconscious suggestion that sharing is in some manner loathsome. It certainly does fit with the past 40 years of observing corporate business interests dictating how business profits shall be divided.
I use the word "divided" because shared implies fairness, equality, practicality and consideration for the welfare of others. During this period, these principles have been gradually jettisoned -- now being considered naive, foolish and poor business practice.
A preference for using the word "tell" rather than "share with" is exactly what is exemplified in the current business paradigm that so strongly informs us in these times of scarce well-paid positions: "This is what you get; take it or leave it. There are plenty of other people who would be happy (read: desperate) to do this job for less."
Ron Greenstein
El Cerrito

GW's column:
By George F. Will
WASHINGTON -- When asked to explain the brisk pace of his novels, Elmore Leonard said, "I leave out the parts that people skip." You will not want to skip anything in William Zinsser's short essays written for the American Scholar magazine's website and now collected in "The Writer Who Stayed," a book that begins with him wondering why "every year student writing is a little more disheveled."

One answer is that too few have read Zinsser's earlier book "On Writing Well." His answer is: "People now get their information mainly from random images on a screen and from random messages in their ears, and it no longer occurs to them that writing is linear and sequential, sentence B must follow sentence A."Tooting his own trumpet is not the style of this self-effacing and decorous WASP, who never leaves his Manhattan apartment or boards a plane or train without a jacket (J. Press, of course) and tie. Others, however, who cherish the craft of writing should toot it for him, lest young writers miss exposure to lapidary sentences such as: "I doubt if I'm the only person who has never quite understood what postmodern means, or how long post is supposed to last; the word floats in a vast sea of postness."
Style reflects sensibility, and Zinsser's style of clarity and economy derives from a sensibility that recoils from blurry words that carry deplorable thinking the way mosquitoes carry malaria. When his broker tells him a new person will be the "assistant assigned to your relationship," Zinsser wonders whether he hasrelationships with his barber, and with Maria at the coffee shop. "Cole Porter," he notes, "didn't write, 'let's do it, let's have a relationship.'" And nobody, nowadays, is too young to have issues:
"Toddlers have sandbox issues. Issues are what used to be called the routine hills and bumps of getting from morning to night. They have been around a long time; Job had issues. By calling them issues we wrap ourselves in the palliative language of therapy. We no longer phone or visit friends who are in trouble; we reach out to them. That way we can find closure."
Then there is sharing, "the word I most loathe in the feel-good lexicon." Beginning in the 1970s, "share" crept on little lizard feet into conversations, a signal that the speaker is about to tell you some personal matter about which he should remain reticent. Now, Zinsser says, "share" is a synonym for "tell": "'Did Rick share with you that we're coming for dinner tonight?' He did. He told me."
"Writing," Zinsser says, "is learned by imitation; we all need models." This columnist has had two, columnist Murray Kempton and novelist P.G. Wodehouse.
Kempton's 75-word sentence about President Eisenhower's 1956 campaign visit to Florida is probably too labyrinthine to be navigated by brains whose circuitry has been shaped by 140-character tweets: "In Miami, he had walked carefully by the harsher realities, speaking some 20 feet from an airport drinking fountain labeled 'Colored' and saying that the condition it represented was more amenable to solution by the hearts of men than by laws, and complimenting Florida as 'typical today of what is best in America,' a verdict which might seem to some contingent on finding out what happened to the Negro snatched from the Wildwood jail Sunday."
The American painter Robert Henri once said: "You should paint like a man coming over the top of the hill singing." Zinsser says such enjoyment is "a crucial ingredient in writing." Wodehouse was enjoying himself when he began "Leave it to Psmith" this way: "At the open window of the great library of Blandings Castle, drooping like a wet sock, as was his habit when he had nothing to prop his spine against, the Earl of Emsworth, that amiable and boneheaded peer, stood gazing out over his domain."
Some of Zinsser's models were lyricists of the Great American Songbook. A few were WASPs; Cole Porter went to Yale. Many were Jews, such as Israel Baline from Siberia who became Irving Berlin, immigrants who, Zinsser says, embraced the American language with fierce love. Or E.Y. "Yip" Harburg, who saw infinite possibilities "Over the Rainbow," where happy little bluebirds fly and troubles melt like lemon drops.
Our "endlessly supple" English language will, Zinsser says, "do anything you ask it to do, if you treat it well. Try it and see." Try him and see craftsmanship.

I was wired up to several machines and the hoses were dumping liters of accumulated fluid. Sleep was out of the question, such a racket of beeps and gurgling surrounded me.

Crass upon crass upon crass. Hospitals disgust me. Thing One, Thing Two, Thing Three-Thousand. All trying to stave off natural karma and kill duality, but only piling up Crass. You sure are a fighter though.

" I came to, partially anyway, in the post-op with the breathing tube jammed in my craw...

And then you come to your blog and your peanut gallery is throwing more stuff in your craw.

"The other people on the ward were amazingly old, it seemed to me, pale, shriveled, grub-like creatures, like the nematodes you find digging up a patch of lawn. It was a stretch to imagine them surviving this."

Like that Beth Neilson-Chapman song: "Life holds on, given the slightest chance. For the weak and the strong, life holds on." How the baby fights the abortionist as he cuts him into pieces fully alive!

Well they were actually people, once little girls and boys, somebody's beloved mother or wife. You'll look pretty similar down the line! If they were out in the wind, rain, and sun wandering homeless as the pre-Christian Dharma-Manu Shastra advises, maybe living in little sheds in the woods or by the sea instead of over-padded against life's little hits so long -- they'd a looked pretty good in age. Just going hungry a week really freshens a body up.

"But The Shins clearly do not write songs that will rally unarmed people...

Neither does Springsteen because he would never go out on that limb. My point was that he lacks both musicality and the courage needed, and that it was shame that really musical and well-sung material today (such as the song cited) lacks worthwhile lyrics. I will admit that Springsteen at least works for worthwhile lyrical content. But he is no leader of a people and nobody ever comments on how weak he is both as a singer and in terms of composing.

Janos: "The most interesting part of the movie was of course the reactions of the students. The more new agey ones were able to see it as a teaching. The Yoga teacher, who had been looking for authentic roots, was not. Perhaps the young Indian American Man learned a lesson himself - don't "experiment" with people, it just another way of fucking them over."

An inner guru gets externalized in various forms. They are a lucky hat-hook to hang the hat of the mind on. The truth is it's possible to project one's divine ideal on various and sundry externals and to derive benefit from it. A child projects an ideal of father onto her/his father even though the father, in truth from his p-o-v, has flaws and limits. One can project something great upon a mere crucifix and get divine feeling. Or Ramakrishna was so good at it that a statue became a live and spoke to him.

Everybody is some kind of guru to somebody, but the great ones, God makes them and followers choose them according to their karma. If one gets bliss, in my view, and life-upgrade: It was good. A lot of people had blissful experiences associated with Rajneesh/Osho and even Da Free John. But in a sense this was the merit of that follower and the efficacy of their projections combined with whatever kundalini-reality was going on with those flawed teachers. It's like I say: You get the world you deserve, you religion you deserve, and you get the guru you deserve. It takes a great devotee to mine a great guru.

What the guy did that was ham-handed and negative was to mock the guru principle. Even Karunamayi, who is a siddha with the inward-turned eyes and associated with many miracles. I saw a light nimbus around her constantly. Yet she has her human side and her sides that could be faulted or even mocked by these types. But it's better to cultivate the capacity for faith than to damage it. Flaws in outer gurus are our own impurities. Keep seeking for the better one. Signs do attend the great ones. Oh Faith! Shraddha. All this comes from faith. Faith is instinct about the possible.

Sheesh, Carol. You are a brutally gifted writer.

You teasing? He tries too hard. The product shows it. You can smell the sweat. Attempting to overween everybody he overweens only himself. He seems to post for emotional reasons desiring simply to be a part of this blog and to jack himself up as a worthy mind; not that he has personal interest in town design or living simple. Then spins huge personality melodramas to justify his existence, like a fat teenager sitting in the middle of the feast table puffy tennis shoes and all.

Hell, in the old days, in that sweet old "world made by hand", people learned how to live with a few bone spurs. I have bone spurs now. But most people today are pussies. They want their lovely little made by hand icons, their locally grown food, their locally grown business mafia, their bone spurs removed, and think it should be cheap and available to everyone.

Why don't you link to my post that you are responding to so I can insult you back properly. Don't tell me you are still pretending not to read my posts? You are so vain and supercilious!

What do you want? Does it bother you that I have many interests besides Race, and know alot about alot of different things? And that instead of being a walking book, I can analyze and Prioritize the information?

I do know what you hate the most: that we agree on so many issues. That you can't stand. But the Truth is the Truth. I hate Capitalism just as much as you do. But I also hate Communism and the FOOLISH Anarchists who support it. Maybe America was too big. Was it Thoreau who said New England was about as big a chunk as he could feel anything for. Indeed, do we even know our own City, Town, Street, or House? I have traveled much, in Concord! Or how about Lovecraft: I am Providence. So you see, we are brothers. I am Caspar the friendly ghost and you are Blacky.

Good points. There alot of nonsense about this: Ram Das saying that the Guru was nothing but faith so therefore it didn't matter if you ended up with a fraud. Maybe becase he became a fraud - or at least not the Man Neem Karoli tried to make him?

The mining idea is key. Or as they say in the East, when a pickpocket sees a Saint, all he sees is pockets. If sophisticated people sat with me, they wouldn't get much of anything. They sat with Rajneesh and Da Free John and got incredible experiences. I assume that they were both great fallen yogis, seduced by power, women, and money.

You got alot of from Karuna, I liked her but got little. I asume the lack was in myself. There were people who didn't even think the Buddha was anything special. My clearest memory was one of her disciples, a little Jewish guy. He told us, "My mother used to say, 'I'm hungry, have something to eat'. You need to get a Mother who wont cripple you".

I talked to someone from Portland last night who confirmed much of what you've been saying. She had a student who was deeply involved in the Sexual Underground there. The student had come to realize that it was evil and getting worse; that breaking up marriages wasn't cool; and that having sex with a child wasn't either. The young woman's departure created great anger in this "secret society" and she felt threatened enough to go into hiding.

That's funny, but don't you get battered in the process?


Not a bit. Anyone trying to hurt me is grasping at straws. They couldn't be further from the truth, but it does reveal something about themselves, and that's the point.

Seriously, though, it's not about purposely crushing anyone. If they're crushed by it, it's not intentional, but it is telling. The density of truth is bone shattering to those who have already petrified.

Age is a state of mind. It's a perspective. Physical age need not define you. Those committed to true growth and learning, rather than validation of their cemented prejudices and bigotry, will always be young.

Anne knocks it out of the Park, mocking both Rubio and the Bushes. She is now a "One Issue Voter" and that issue is Amnesty. Not bad for a self seeking mud shark.

Glad you're still with us !

The crowd goes silent on the Vietnam link. Not surprising. Right wingers will not acknowledge it, and avoid it like the plague, that's why I say it is a litmus test. Also, right wingers have a burning hatred for Fidel and Che. They choose Batista and puppet dictators every time, and support executive branch assassination when it comes to leftists like Fidel and Che. Come on, folks, step up to the litmus plate and let's see your true colors. Where are all the get well condolences for all those maimed and murdered Vietnamese. The silence for their senseless involuntary sacrifice is deafening.

The doctors don't always know what's best for the patient.

True. But sometimes they do. My dad in his 80s had a scan that showed a little piece of loose cartilage rattling around in his spine, I think probably around the lumbar area.

They removed it and after years of agonizing back pain, he didn't have the pain anymore.

Sometimes they get it right, other times they don't.

An old colleague of mine bumped his head working in his attic. He had headaches and some perceptual anomalies. The doctors and insurance didn't think it was a big deal. Finally he became concerned enough to get a scan, MRI I think. It turned out he had blood in one side of his brain and probably would have become severely disabled physically and mentally if not died, if it hadn't been for the scan and subsequent operation to address the problem.

It's a crapshoot.

It's a crapshoot.


Yes, it is. In fact, it always has been, and yet this unsustainable system we've erected that is crumbling as we speak is based on a crapshoot. It's not sustainable to administer millions of coronary bypasses every year with the unsupported contention it will save a certain percentage of lives, but that's where it's headed. Until. Still waiting on that until. It'll get here any day now. I know it will. It's caught in transit without a cell phone or lap top to say it's late, but like the Terminator it is, it will not quit until its mission is accomplished, whenever that may be.

He seems to post for emotional reasons desiring simply to be a part of this blog and to jack himself up as a worthy mind...

...believing words like whilst, nay and anent will do the job.

Don't you guys have anything better to do than criticize Carol's vocabulary. At least Carol focuses on content instead of style. What you are doing is petty and I eschew it. :)

They're like toddlers roistering in Romper Room. Don't put a crimp in their birl. Let them have their day in the sun, for tomorrow may be their last.

Not to mention, it's a delight to guide Q-Schmuck into playing Samwise Gamgee to Semen Lee's Frodo.

They continue to pay me the greatest of compliments. To arouse such vitriol means I move them, otherwise, they'd be apathetic. You do what you have to do to make the world a better place. I reveal them for what they are, and I keep their blood flowing to alleviate precipitous plaque build-up. Perhaps I should change my name to K2.

2 points popped out at me about this week:

1) There's no WIDOW to make.

2) How can someone be concerned about something they didn't know about because things have been going on as NORMAL in the public realm?

The State of British Columbia just married 320,000 people without their consent: couples who have a child or cohabitate for more than two years now have all the benefits and obligations of married couples. It's called being an undwed spouse! Gents, it'll be here before you know it. Keep her toothbrush out the bathroom and check for small articles of clothing that she may have secreted in your closet or under seat cushions.

Stop, will you? You're giving Carol a katzenjammer.

Don't you guys have anything better to do than criticize Carol's vocabulary.

No, frankly, not at the moment... unless it is YOUR disingenuousness which I wrote about last night and you never responded to.

You get the world you deserve.

Evil statement. And bankrupt. You do not get the world you deserve. You get the world that is run by those who inherited the world at the same time as your father did. What are they like? They are told what to like. What do you like? What they like.

And unless you are very lucky or very gifted or are educated by someone untouched by the prejudices of your father's generation you will not have an education that speaks to a rootedness and a continuity with the past but is instead alienated from it.

To say that you get the world you deserve is a wholesale abandonment of culture, but you really mean this because you have abandoned your culture because, as T.S. Eliot said, it's pretty thin soup, because culture is not your friend, as Terence McKenna said, because Christianity is finished, as you know, and now you have nothing left with which to defend your fellow whites ...

What are you going to do

with your life?

UFIA said, "There is no significant societal transition or leveraging of this new so called energy abundance to mitigate the disasters you aptly describe. Most people are doing what they've always done."

What I meant was that people will use available energy to mitigate the problems caused by modern life.

Given access to available energy, people will simply apply it to whatever problem is at hand, without much regard to future considerations.

Natural gas or oil gluts will simply become fodder for export markets. What happened to the 3rd world resource baskets will be applied to the USA. Its already happening. They will build pipelines to the sea and send that oil overseas to be burned in foreign gas tanks.

someday the carousel will stop spinning. Until then, surpluses will cause more energy use. Jevon's paradox indicates gains in efficiency or conservation will also simply increase total energy use.

More first-world people will use energy at first world rates. This is why immigration is BAD, BAD, BAD. (Not that they are genetically inferior)

The comparison of oil to a drug to which humanity is addicted is clearly an apt metaphor. An addict is a pathetic being.

Those who come here and troll on about how everything is just peachy are just addicts. They sit in the crackhouse and imagine its the Ritz Carlton. They finger the dime bag in their breast pocket and imagine Crystal Mountains.

Just heard on Rush: a crushing defeat for the Assualt Weapons Ban. Can't even get out of Committee. Feintstein about to split in two like Rumplestilskin.

God has given us a reprieve. Make the most of it.
With sweat and tears and conservation of semen, we may be able to avoid blood.

MN says "My knee cap was split in half, I broke or fractured almost every bone in my body, knocked out several teeth...."

To think this is a common occurance is slightly horrifying. The undivided highway was and is an unmitigated disaster.

What are you going to do

with your life?


Interpret non-existent messages from the patterns of light clusters of bygone stars for a scant pittance?

All this talk of infirmity just makes me more glad I have been working out in some fashion regularly for the last 12 years.

In some sense all preventive physical exercise is rehabilitation and conditioning. And it must continue in some form on a constant basis. In terms of our fight with gravity and oxygen:

That which resists, persists.

A corollary might be the the one about the pound of prevention.

I stress that this concept is incompatible with what most people regard as "exercise" which is simply "chores" or other physical activity in which the focus is on a task or other outcome than specific, guided application of stress toward some physiological goal, whether endurance, heart rate, strength, agility, or whatever.

I'm talking to YOU, brisk walking, dog-walkers, gardeners, lawn-cutters, and living-room vacuum warriors.

Apropos to nothing currently under discussion on this thread... I just sent the following e-mail to the letters editor of the NYT:

Kindly forward this e-mail to your Obituary section.

Dear Sir or Madam,

If you are above 50 years old and have lived your life in the NYC region you almost certainly know a good friend of mine. His name is Bob Teague. He was the first African American news anchor on TV (NBC Ch 4) and, I believe, one of the longest running news anchors, black or white. Much more about Bob can be found via Google.

At the moment Bob is in a hospital (with cancer) and, in my layman's opinion, is on his deathbed. I read the NYT Obituaries daily and have often wondered how you are made aware of the passing of certain people and how you decide who is deserving of the honor of an obituary article. If I didn't know that the word unique requires no modifier I would tell you that Bob Teague is exceptionally unique in many ways beyond merely his familiarity as a TV personality.

My plan is this: If and when Bob Teague passes away I will notify you by e-mail and will include the full name and phone number of his wife.

Note: Neither Bob nor his wife know that I am writing this letter.


I didn't respond precisely because your pettiness did not merit a response. Carol has you pegged: you are a weasel and contribute nothing to CFN.

Gotcha, Jay.

Thanks for the clarity.


Adequatio, the violence directed at me from Semen Lee and Q-Schmuck is not unprecedented. This has happened to me on many occasions; the first instance when I was quite young. Let me explain.

From an early age, I was attractive. I only know this because of the abundance of compliments and attention I would receive from all ages, adult and child alike. I didn't let it go to my head; instead, I took it in stride. My parents gave me sage advice, and warned that good looks is as much a curse as it is a blessing, especially for a female.

Not surprisingly, I developed somewhat early. My first period was several months prior to my twelfth birthday, and my cycle was predictable by the time I was thirteen. At the early age of fifteen, I was, at least physically, a woman; one that could have graced the pages of Playboy if I wanted to sacrifice my intellectual development. Psychically, I still had a long way to go. I had, and still do, the perfect figure and my physical measurements reflected it; 36-24-36 C-cup. My areolas were full, pink and perky, and my nipples would, and still do, respond with the slightest sensation. My muff was light brown to sandy blond, full, yet neatly manicured. This was back in the day when a bush was not considered unsightly. I still maintain a bush despite the fashion being to have it shaved like a prepubescent. Women these days don't understand the biological purpose of a muff. It helps secure and disseminate the musk of our sex hormones like a natural odorous loofah in which to attract potential lovers; and potential lovers I did attract, believe me.

Needless to say, boys, and later men, were attracted to me, and I found the job of managing this constant barrage of attention to be tedious and distracting, but we do as we must, so I dealt with it as best I could. The attention wasn't always positive, though. When I was in the fifth grade, there was a boy Brent who sadistically bullied me day in and day out despite the consequences he suffered for his disparaging and violent encroaches. I hated him for it, and at the time I could not understand why he acted as he did when most everyone else was always so kind to me. Fortunately, Brent attended another school in the sixth grade and I didn't see him again thereafter, until one day in the airport when I was thirty one.

I was walking to baggage claim when I heard someone calling my name. I turned to look, and there was this rather ordinary, milquetoast male of indeterminate age flailing his arms and running in my direction. I didn't know whether to run or scream for help. I did neither, and instead waited to see this ripple in the routine through. Once he reached me, he said hello and how are you, and asked if I remembered who he was. I told him I didn't. He said, "it's me, Brent, from fifth grade!" I was flabbergasted, not only at the fact he grew up to be so unattractive and unremarkable, but also that he would have the nerve to confront me like this after what he had done all those years before.

My concerns were quickly alleviated. He didn't waste any time before he apologized up and down for his disgusting behavior all those years ago. He was quite sincere and genuine and explained that he didn't know why he did it, but he did know that he had a crush on me and liked me very much. He had been to therapy since then and had discussed possible reasons why with the therapist, but he couldn't be sure. He admitted that it was a bizarre contradiction for him to act that way, but all he could think was that he sought to destroy that which he so admired.

I believe that is what is going on with Q-Schmuck and Semen Lee and their stalker-like attention. They're attracted to me. They see in me what is inadequate in them, and the cognitive dissonance that conjures, manifests a violent and vitriolic response to the stimulus; me. My loofah has had an effect on them, albeit their response to that effect is dysfunctional because these two, unlike Brent, have never worked through their issues with a good therapist. Instead, they've remained in arrested development, and when they feel vulnerable, they attack, rather than embrace.

You're the converse of that, adequatio, and that's why I have such respect for you. In fact, I married a man just like you. He's handsome, intelligent, loving and a fantastic lover. He has all the right moves. Just talking about him now makes me moist and my breasts engorged. Don't let them get to you, adequatio. You are a strong, good and decent man. Your wife is a lucky woman. May you live long and prosper.

Jesus, what a big homo Carol turned out to be. I hope you're going to fuck off now, homo (blows kiss).

I guess it was only a matter of time... the entity of indeterminate gender has lost it. I'm guessing even Asoka is embarrassed for It.

Whoa there. That was a little awkard. Funny, but a long exposition to make in order to coax a response from arguably impotent semen preppers. I don't think a real woman would describe her body that graphically and publicly. Could be wrong though.

Back to the Greek sovereign confiscation scandal for me.


You are under control of her "loofah". I haven't laughed so hard in months.

Asoka, you are utterly without shame. Congratulations for overcoming this.

Hey James, You will do fine subsequent to your single bypass surgery. My "old man" went into a Tampa hospital as one of those "pale, shriveled, grub-like creatures" at the age of 80 expecting to have a triple bypass came out subsequent to a quadruple and lived for another 14 years.


I don't think a real woman would describe her body that graphically and publicly.


One who belongs to a secret sex society would.

Sorry, you're not sponge-worthy. Them's the breaks.


Not one of your better efforts; in fact, it's downright "affected" and forced. Of course, on a bad day you're still heads and shoulders above Geriatric Weasel, that obnoxious goof who writes 'with a thread too big for the pattern' every single sentence, which has been a ton of shit lately.

It was on the fly. A lark. It won't be going in the novel, that's for sure. In otherwords, I know, but it was quick and dirty satire, so I didn't expect much from it. It did evoke some interesting responses, and as with any satire, there's a point. The first two posts after it proved that point, and many that came before it. Plus, storytelling is a lost art I'd like to try to revive with full knowledge of the fettering effects of a blog on such an effort.

You degenerate. I swear the tide is rising. It's all about give me, give me, give me. We need honesty. We need honest cops. We need a revival of honor and trust. We need the army. We need a giant fence around this great nation of ours; an electronically charged fence. And anyone who wants in or out must apply for a pass, and get a haircut, and they can't talk with a filthy mouth. We need respect for a Man's reputation.

TV cameras, that's what we need. TV cameras in every building lobby, in every elevator, in every apartment and in every room. We need public servants who are public servants; and if they catch you doing anything funny to yourself or anyone, they'll break the door down and beat the shit out of you!!

A return to common sense. We have to have lobotomies for everyone who earns less than one-hundred thousand dollars a year; I don't like it, but it's an emergency. Our side needs weapons too. Is it fair their side has all the weapons? We have to protect ourselves and steel ourselves, it's freedom I'm talking about, God Dammit, FREEDOM!!!

There's a fox loose in the chicken coop! KILL HIM!! KILL HIM!! I want my freedom! You've got to get me my freedom!!

I certainly do not want to brush away your injuries. You will never be the same. I crashed a dirt bike when I was 17 and my shoulder still will not bend right. Hey, that's life. I doubt you broke nearly every bone in your body. I have been to literally hundreds of car wrecks. A broken sterum, pelvis,or femur can kill you in 30 minutes. You are a lucky dude. Next time wear your seat belt.

"Evil statement. And bankrupt. You do not get the world you deserve. You get the world that is run by those who inherited the world at the same time as your father did.

Politicians decreed that a great canyon of red rock would exist in a state called "Arizona," placed the constellation Orion, and decreed your mother's nature?

The external is the external. All external is of the same nature. There's not a single part of it that is not directly related to you.

"What are they like? They are told what to like. What do you like? What they like."

If you entertain this causation theory long enough it will be true for you, at least for a while. As for me I had interests radically different from my father's; I disagreed with my mother's values.

Maybe you just have too many planets in Cancer. See, your world-experience is personal. Thus it tallies again with: You get the external experience you deserve.

And unless you are very lucky or very gifted or are educated by someone untouched by the prejudices of your father's generation...

What if they were teched my "prejudices" of some other generation? Uh Oh.

(Note: Most so-called "prejudice" is really judgement gained by experience.) Is judgement of one guy better because it comes from a certain year?

My daddy gave me lots of valuable postjudices. Each person is brimming with their own potentials. My father didn't make me; I made him. This is the correct view and the empowered view. And is the judgement and teaching of the man who loved me (Father) faulty while the judgement and teaching of the white-knuckled-at-the-wheel world-controller, propagandist, and public school talkbox to be more trusted?

"To say that you get the world you deserve is a wholesale abandonment of culture,...

Then why am I so concerned about culture? And why are you a fan of Terrence McKenna who rejected western culture? (See below.) I'm the one who says "Return to your churches." Did brain-addled Terrence say the same?

but you really mean this because you have abandoned your culture...

Speak for yourself. I abandoned TV, sitcoms, and often the automobile but sought out our real culture. You know nothing about it.'s pretty thin soup,...

I'm sorry to hear your personal world dream was a thin soup. Your fault. Put a bit more in it next time. I was richly blessed just sitting in our old quiet church alone. Blessed beyond the riches of most cultures.

because culture is not your friend,

Culture can be either friend and enemy. If culture gives you bliss and world upgrade it is your your friend. If culture destroys your mind (see Terrence McKenna, below) and gives you world downgrade, it is your enemy. Try to discriminate.

as Terence McKenna said,

The failed prophet and early-dead drug frypan is your guide? Funny. By their 'fruits' he shall know them! Did you notice his Year 2012/Timewave/I-Ching promo was a flop? Lucky he died young first so as not to be embarrassed. Did he have AIDS by the way?

because Christianity is finished,

Terrence McKenna said that about the world @ 2012.

Christianity exists wherever one soul seeks and experiences God. And God is not a vegetable or chemical. If Terrence McKenna had known the path of bliss sans drugs (Christianity/Yoga) he would have managed better.

as you know,

I didn't know that.

...and now you have nothing left with which to defend your fellow whites...

I have myself and my own voice. That's all each of us has for defending loved ones. Religion comes from man; man doesn't come from religion.

What are you going to do with your life?

I'm already doing it. You're the kvetcher defending no one and making no constructive statements. Or are you defending sosmebody? Was your post on behalf of the Jews?

The impression arises indeed: Is this the post of a Jew and is he basically saying: "Look, Gentile, you abandoned your culture -- too late now sap! Cut this metaphysical talk about getting the world you deserve because we control everything! Admit you're powerless!" That's the sense of message it leaves me with.

No, it ain't to late until after the pregnant lady sings. And still then it's not. Because you get the world you deserve. Does it scare you, Martin, if we get our spiritual life back and arrive at fearlessness, beyond your power to control or touch?

You started saying this: "Evil statement. And bankrupt.

What is "good" to you? Control of the culture? It's evil to tell people the external is a snake when it's really a rope.

Bankrupt? Need for drugs (McKenna) is bankruptcy. I think by "bankrupt" you mean: "Look, we control the money." Bankruptcy is having your happiness depend on outer conditions, the conditions you want to control. But Mammon is just Mammon. World is just world, and the divine behind the mind has charge of it -- not Jewss. This is the lesson of the Cross, see. You couldn't touch Him. And the more you attacked the Divine the more you attacked yourself and set yourself back. Thus it shall be again.

Good luck in the 21st Century if you happen to be one of the 2.5 billion people on the wrong side of the world.

The movie is called "Journey Through Hell"... it sure ain't no pleasure cruise.

"Adequatio, the violence directed at me from Semen Lee and Q-Schmuck is not unprecedented."

It needs to be noted that Carolonius Pornquist is the one who thinks often of semen, speaks often of semen, and likes to see his own semen more often by writing pornographic material.

In another post on another thread he was broaching the subject of oral sex with the subtext 'C'mon guys, let's not be prissy about discussing oral sex.' So it is clear "Carol" likes to see his non-generative material as often as possible.

My ideal is to see it as little as possible and let my creative potential feed my brain and concentration from within -- the principle employed by both the Christian saints and the yogis. So it's quite a different value from 'Carol.'

Thus from now on he's Carolonius Spermquist in my lexicon.

He brought it on.

Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA

Great message. Did you notice the practically all-white audience was less than enthused? Not surprising. They just like to sit and talk about shit, like he said.

Plant some shit. Love it. Spread the word, and the manure.

GET WELL SOON!! Gardening time is fast approaching.

Please look into vascular lesions and how to heal and prevent them.

I Send My Very Best Wishes for your recovery.

Nathan Privitt


Thanks for the account of your hospital hostage experience. I commend you on your blogging perseverance. It sounds rather suspicious to me that the doctor was so reluctant to let you go home to wait for an opening in the surgical ward, certainly prevents you from getting a second opinion. I don’t suppose they will be giving you the Motel 6 discount rate for the accommodations. Using a term like “widow-maker” for a clogged coronary artery doesn’t exactly aid rational decision making either, “money-maker” might be the term used when patients aren’t around. This reminds me of the mechanic who took my truck for a test drive to diagnose some minor gear shifting problems in the transmission. “Don’t drive this thing another mile or it’ll be a total write-off! The transmission needs to be rebuilt” he frantically warned me. A minor linkage adjustment at another shop fixed it. Doctors nowadays need to be regarded with the same scrutiny as garage mechanics, once they have you in the shop, up on the rack with your ball joints hanging out, it’s pretty easy to manipulate you into signing up for pricey procedures.

Your description of the ordeal was well done in that it made my skin crawl. I starting thinking about the gruesome open heart surgery scene in the film “All That Jazz” where Roy Scheider, playing a hard-drinking, womanizing, workaholic Broadway show director, goes under the knife. The instrument used to crack open his breast bone looked like a medieval torture device. The operating room scene intermittently cut to a boardroom scene where the producers of the over-budget show were debating the financial pros and cons of the operation’s outcome. A fat insurance payout for the director’s death, it was decided, would be most profitable.

I look forward to updates on your experience. I’d certainly like to know what they charged you for the bed and all that wonderful hospital cuisine. If you ever write your memoirs, maybe this chapter could be titled “All That Jello”.

HI Zed, Crackin' a chest ain't like crackin' a walnut. It is an ugly and brutal process, especially in a trauma setting. Can we say "Hand me a breast retractor please! pleace?".
Seen it, been there. Although mostly for tree crashes, knives ,and bullets.I never partook but I watched in awe.Modern medicine is something to be admired. Inspiring to say the least. I am sure that this stuff will not be available in the future. Just like it is not avaible in the 3rd world now.

Oh my!

You are the Kim Kardashian of CFN--gaudy and ill-bred.

I don't know who said it, but I recall a phrase:

Modesty answers not the crude "how" of femininity, but the beautiful "why."

Be advised.

"You are the Kim Kardashian of CFN--gaudy and ill-bred.

It's worse than that. It's an African American male turning himself on by posing as a lewd White woman in front of men.

Modesty answers not the crude "how" of femininity, but the beautiful "why."

The sentence lifts and opens up the mind to a higher plane. The phrase is both touching and beguiling, as is woman.

Real ones.

Evil Empire Goes After Homeschooling

Homeschooling offers hope for the return of the World Made by Hand and transmission of right values parent-to-child. One huge cause of the loss of "Firefox" knowledge (how to do stuff) is public school, no doubt. Raising Your Own Kids (homeschooling) reclaims the process of both passing on your knowledge, plus teaching them what's worth knowing instead of crap. It used to be natural before the wholesale institutionalization of children.

I really like Dick Morris. He's a nice guy and often on the right side of issues i.m.o.

Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA

Sorry Asoka, I couldn't take it any more. The slowww cooool strolling around the stage... I thought any second he was going to yawn. Why must blacks make such a display of being unperturbed? But anyway, the clincher came at 2:09. I had to bail when he said "so what I dit was.."

I really like Dick Morris. He's a nice guy and often on the right side of issues i.m.o

I like Dick Morris too but I have a hard time watching him. The odd movement of his lips when speaking greatly distracts me from what he's saying. Same as with Ebonics as mentioned above.

Hello Jim,

Let me add my relief that you are on the mend and will soon once again be slaying dragons. Please, in this brief time out in your busy life, take a moment to be sure your by-pass arteries do not occlude as your LAD did. The reason your main coronary artery was plugged was the nutrition approach that provided the building blocks for the sludge. Eliminate the sludge ingredients in your diet and you can be sure your arteries will never clog again.
Ask your lady fair to do some research for you. Visit learn what Bill Clinton did when his new by-pass artery became occluded. Become acquainted with the science that will keep you free of any further heart issues. While some may consider a shift in nutrition a radical approach, nothing can be more radical than having your chest cracked open, your IQ put a risk, all in a procedure that does absolutely nothing to reverse or address the underlying illness.
Go for it. We need you around for awhile.

Sincerely, Erik Esselstyn

Hello Jim and his Lady Fair,

Hello Jim and his Lady Fair,

The website address in my first email did not not print. To learn what Bill Clinton did to address a clogging of his new by-pass artery, visit the information laden, Carefully researched science about why arteries plug up and what we can do to keep them clear.

Good luck.

Warm best, Erik Esselstyn

?gyptische Beh?rden haben am Donnerstag Berichte über eine Flucht des Sohns des unter Druck stehenden Pr?sidenten Husni Mubarak aus dem Land zurückgewiesen. Gamal Mubarak habe am Morgen an einem Treffen der Regierungspartei RCD teilgenommen, sagte ein hochrangiges Parteimitglied der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters. Auch in Regierungskreisen wurden die Meldungen über den 47-J?hrigen zurückgewiesen. Der Sender hatte über eine Flucht Gamals Mubaraks berichtet. Im Internet hie? es auf mehreren Websites, er habe sich nach London abgesetzt. Viele ?gypter gehen davon aus, dass 82-j?hrige Husni Mubarak seinen Sohn zu seinem Nachfolger machen will.

Seit drei Tagen finden in ?gypten gewaltsame regierungsfeindliche Demonstrationen statt. Angeregt wurden sie durch den Sturz des tunesischen Pr?sidenten Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, der nach Saudi-Arabien geflohen war.

Jim, have enjoyed your book the Long Emergency and have had family read it too. I had a stent to address my 90% blockage 12 years ago, you may find out you don't have to stay on blood thinners for the rest of your life (unless you're leaving us soon, not) it will take a few months to TRUST the chief muscle--your heart--but you'll do it, just keep in mind what the 4,000 year-old mummies and more recent North American and Peruvian mummies revealed--plaque builds up in humans even if there's NO corporate trash to scarf. May I suggest, you get to know CoQ10 and high quality vitamin C. Thanks Jim, be strong.

Poor old Liz Warren. Might as well have tendered her resignation from the Senate. She suggests a $22/hr minimum wage. Once goofy liberal notions take hold of the brain there's no end to it. Why not $122/hr?

Mr. Kunstler,

I wish you a full and quick recovery. Thank you for your blog postings and writing. May you continue to do them for many years to come.

[Warren] suggests a $22/hr minimum wage.

OK, senile weasel, she suggested no such thing. You are twisting what she actually said.

Senator Elizabeth Warren: "If we started in 1960 and we said that as productivity goes up, that is as workers are producing more, then the minimum wage is going to go up the same. And if that were the case then the minimum wage today would be about $22 an hour. So my question is Mr. Dube, with a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, what happened to the other $14.75? It sure didn't go to the worker."

Dube went on to note that if minimum wage incomes had grown over that period at the same pace as it had for the top 1 percent of income earners, the minimum wage would actually be closer to $33 an hour than the current $7.25.

Warren was not actually trying to make the case for a $22 an hour minimum wage, but rather highlighting the results of a recent study that showed flat minimum wage growth over the past 40-plus years coinciding with surging inequality across a number of economic indicators.

Warren went on to argue that raising the federal minimum wage to over $10 an hour in incremental steps over the next two years -- a cause championed by President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address and since taken up in the Senate -- would not be as damaging for businesses as some critics have argued.

Ah, the liberal mindset. At my former school, they spent half a billion dollars of bond money uglifying the campus because the beautiful liquid amber trees on the quad were "not indigenous to California". Never mind that the potato isn't indigenous to Ireland but without it there would now be no Ireland. We've got a hideous new performing arts center that they now have no money to staff.

David Brooks wrote an excellent article about the ever burgeoning Federal budget. Government is now so enormous in the USA that current Pravda writers are absolutely aghast with some combo of hilarity and consternation that the country that defeated the old Soviet Union is now BECOMING the New Soviet Union.

The liberals on this site like Adequatio/Asoka are just beside themselves with glee over the possibility that we aren't too far from an "economy" where half of all jobs are public sector jobs. The liberal execs in the public sector retire with $180K pensions for life and there are "jobs" where no one knows what the doer of the job does between nine and five.

And their getting more brazen about it with bureaus being created in California with $150K admins to "study" some alleged problems. I don't know how people can work in the public sector and still emerge as liberals once they see the graft, waste, and incompetence of the public sector. Yet on this site, liberals are certainly well represented.

I think they believe in Santa Claus.


I wouldn't expect someone as unintelligent as yourself to get it. You're too much of a bigoted, ideological literalist.

If I'm your characterization, then you are most assuredly the Anette Funicello of CFN; Brainwashed at the Mouse House.

At least my renderings are satirically absurd fabrications. If you're to be believed about who you really are, and that is debatable "Jen", what a sad portrait you paint of yourself. I have no respect for you or your loathesome corporate whore/pimp of a husband, whatsoever, and the sooner your way of life comes to an end, the better. The entire planet welcomes your demise with baited breath.

How about you grow some shit, you lazy-ass smear of fecal matter, rather than relying on the slave-labor of migrant workers for your affordable produce. You have never known hard labor. In order to avoid it, you sold your soul, if you had one to begin with, to the corporate vampire, and spent the better part of your life looking down your nose at those who truly sacrificed as your mind, spirit and unused physique atrophied from idle lack of use. You are the disgusting epitome of a dying way of life, the pinnacle of which was demarcated by Napalm and Miracle Whip. You, and what you represent, are going down, and it can't happen soon enough. We will dance on your metaphorical grave, and find a way to prevent your phoenix from ever flying again.

See you in the garden, Sucker! I can't wait to see you sweat.

Thank you for setting the record straight. Bigoted right wingers like Q-Schmuck consistently and purposely misleadingly characterize. It's the act of cowardice, and reveals the weakness of their argument, if they have one at all.

A livable wage is part of what would render immigration moot, but they will have no part of that. Why? Because they prefer to hatefully scapegoat. It's cowardice, plain and simple. Their end cannot come soon enough.

I congratulate, it seems brilliant idea to me is

Thank you for your support. It is a great idea. The world will be a better place without these bigoted Rosicrucians. Yeah, I know, I used the "R" word. I couldn't help myself.

where half of all jobs are public sector jobs.


I know I'm not in "glee" over it, but I'm not a "liberal" either. Neither am I a "conservative." I refuse to be fettered by those foisted labels.

The above statement is a trope, imo. If the percentage of public sector jobs is increasing versus private sector, perhaps it's because the privatization effort that's been well underway for decades now isn't keeping pace with the recent nose dive in private sector jobs, but rest assured, it will catch up. Soon enough, Q-Schmuck and other assorted nefarious peeps here will have their way, and so-called unskilled labor will be required to render their forced services for zero remuneration, or better yet, they'll be required to pay to work, just as depositors in Cyprus are required to pay to have savings. Here's an excellent article on the privatization efforts of MARTA in Atlanta, Georgia. Please note that black political leaders, like Obama, are in bed with the fleecing of the Plebes. And talk about Soviet style anything, perhaps Pravda can write up a piece comparing and contrasting what's gone on with Grady, and what's going on with MARTA to the fleecing of public assets that took place immediately subsequent to the so-called fall of the former Soviet Union. This is the same thing, and let's not forget, that theft of state assets in the former Soviet Union by former state officials led to what has become infamously known as the Oligarchs. This is a page out the exact same playbook.

The silence is deafening. While the state is quickly moving toward mandating MARTA to privatize its operations, there has been no word of opposition from the elected officials of Fulton and DeKalb counties and the city of Atlanta. This legislation also includes the racist reorganization of the MARTA board in favor of a mostly white led North Fulton county; revising the procedure for collective bargaining, allowing the governor to appoint an arbitrator or retired superior court judge; lifting of the 50/50 (capital/operations) split, but none of the money freed up can be used to increase employee wages or benefits; and suspension of the defined benefit pension plan for future MARTA employees. HB 264 passed the house on February 21st and has now moved to the Senate.

MARTA is the largest transit system in the country to receive no operating help from the state but this same state now wants to increase its paternalistic control over the affairs of the Authority. Where are the voices of outrage from our elected county and city representatives? How can they sit by quietly while the theft of an essential public asset takes place? Their job is to protect the forty year investment made by taxpayers from the avarice of profiteers. The MARTA board itself - which is made up largely of appointees of these same county and city leaders - is particularly negligent as they act in collusion with the forces who aim to turn MARTA over to the private sector.

Just between you, me, and the lamp post, here's a look into another facet of the "health industry" and the codification (and acceptance) of mass psychosis. (Rather than things GOING awry, they continue to BE awry.) A good many signposts to different pathways in the article as well.

There's another aspect mentioned in the article that I'd be interested in discussing with you, but in direct antithesis of its' creation, the noise in here doesn't allow it. Unfortunate. I'll think on another avenue...

...The Shadow Knows.

It is an endless task. People like Q and E do not respect facts. E., for example, just today was braying about "public sector jobs" but what he won't say is that under Obama public sector jobs have DECREASED by 600,000. That is 600,000 fewer chances for "graft, waste, and incompetence" that E. appears so concerned with now that a Black man is in the White House. Under Republican administrations E. was silent. Yet the share of jobs in the economy provided by the public sector went up following the 2001 recession under George W. Bush, went up in the 1990 recession under George H.W. Bush, and went up in the 1981 recession under Ronald Reagan. Only, after the latest recession, which hit just before democrat Obama took office, did the share of public jobs drop under democrat Obama. Them's the facts. Government growth under both Bushs with huge deficits. Government growth under Reagan with huge deficits. Balanced budget under democrat Clinton. Government shrinkage and lowered deficit under democrat Obama.

Oh, radio drama. Superior to the boob tube bec. leaves your mind free to imagine. I used to listen to The Shadow on night shifts as a security guard.

Not to distract but the POTUS seems not to set much example in simple living or renunciation during this dark time. His current visit to Israel:

"Obama is scheduled to leave the airport to Jerusalem in a helicopter. A parade of Black Hawk helicopters will follow the presidential helicopter carrying his delegation.

A parade of Black Hawk helicopters! Pricey stuff. What president has made a royal progress to town hall like that kind of showboat? It's like something out of Star Wars.

Apparently somebody 'messed up' in the first days and filled Obamatronic's gas limo with diesel, obummering the bulletproof thing straightaway. So they have to mail him another kingly limo from Jordan they say. A message of broken glass?

His unholy Lordship Obama felt constrained to apologize to the PM about the size of his entourage:

Obama to Bibi, as they walk away, on mic: 'it's embarassing, our entourage. My wife, Michelle, teases me mercilessly'

My understanding was that the Bumtourage is usually huge-and-pricey because Michelle brings all her relations and friends. Is she teasing him for it not being big enuff?

Not being rastus or nuthin. But there he is. It's an insult to the country. All this and my kids can't get jobs.

OK, senile weasel, she suggested no such thing.

As you are fully aware, I quoted a headline from Moneynews which read "$22 Minimum Wage Suggested by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren"

You (the Slimy Eel) selected a paragraph to quote from that article, perhaps the second or third down from the top. What you failed to quote (by a process you are famous for known as cherry picking) was the following FIRST paragraph:

Tripling the minimum wage to $22 an hour from its current $7.25 an hour has been suggested by Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who until now..etc.

Let's face it, Elizabeth Warren is a typical delusional socialist who thinks corporations should incur the risks of investing to increase productivity and give all the resulting success to those who have taken no risk. Yes, that missing $14.75 she speaks of is ALL the resulting success.

Look at the issue from the other side. What earthly motivation is there for corporate owners (stock holders) and managers to invest in productivity increasing machinery and methodology if they are expected to give the gains 100% to non-risk takers. What do you think business is, a freakin charity?

Liz has the perfect job, she's a big wheel in the world's largest not-for-profit organization: The US Federal Government.

I just returned from Atlanta where I have an interest in a bicycle shop in Decatur - an Atlanta enclave. I was shocked to learn that MARTA is cutting back on its service - reducing its hours mainly. This will have a disastrous effect on businesses that operate into the late evening: restaurants, bars, theaters, etc... It will also exacerbate the problems of an already ghastly traffic situation in that city.

While other cities across the nation are expanding their mass transit services, the town that needs it most - Atlanta - is cutting back...Madness!

Commander Cody says:

"the noise in here doesn't allow it. Unfortunate.

I understand, I understand. But it ain't me, it ain't me. If I ran a blog I'd just ban the worst or even the steadily annoying. I wouldn't take it personally if I was caught up in the dragnet. Bein as I come off antesimtactically, notwithstanding my goodwill, or add odder unction. The blog need not be lost in the ozone each and ev'ry Saturday.

JHK, you and I now have two things in common. We're the same age and we both have had open heart surgery (mine was in October, for an aortic dissection). So I know in far more detail than most of the commenters what you have been through and I symphasize.

It will be a while before you feel like your old self - 3 months before you can sleep on your side again, 4 months or so before the various roving pains in your chest go away. And if they prescribe Lasix for you watch out - as I found out the hard way, it causes gout.

If depression lurks, just remind yourself how lucky you are to have survived the surgery (mortalty is about 25% - you get better odds playing Russian roulette. Bet the doctors didn't tell you that!) and come out of it with an undamaged heart. Rejoice also in the people around you who are helping you through this. As miserable as you may be now, you will get better with time.

Be well.

Dude, the easiest money to spend / waste is
someone elses!

Remember the talk of 'trillion dollar coins'?

Meanwhile, the US empire is in question.
Todays news brings:

Never mind that the potato isn't indigenous to Ireland but without it there would now be no Ireland.

???? You mean an over populated 1800s Eire?
Meanwhile on the homefront,I am unhappily surprised that JHK has not mentioned Al Bore and his big $ell out to oil!

Bein as I come off antesimtactically, notwithstanding my goodwill

asymptotically, perhaps?

Have you seen the article at Taki about Oberlin and
microagression [?]. Schooldaze.

Speaking of Taki, what other sites do you go to for news?

You PC Whites are a tiny and shrinking minority. The World is Racist.

Whites are a smaller piece of the pie [world pop]
each passing year.

The World is Racist

Have you seen the tee shirts 'eracism'?
Get with the program.

The World is Racist...too bad Whites were sold
the bogus bill of goods called die-versity.

I quoted Senator Warren verbatim.

You are quoting from an article which incorrectly states that Senator Warren "suggested" "tripling" the minimum wage. She did not such thing. She supports the Obama proposal of $10 an hour.

"Cherry-picking" is another way of saying I deliberately did not transmit false information from the article. Instead I provided verbatim testimony from Senator Warren and I provided context to show how much of a slimy eel you are.

I am challenging you to show me when and where, in her own words, Senator Warren ever "suggested" the minimum wage should be raised beyond $10 an hour.

Senator Warren has certainly succeeded in getting attention by referring to the study that said the minimum wage WOULD BE ... ONLY IF ... etc.

And she is providing cover to Obama, making $10 an hour sound like a wage that is about $12 an hour short of economic justice. So her tactic is working.

Although I enjoy the sarcasm of Q he is definitely a card carrying member part of “Most Privileged Generation”. Most Privileged Generation types were born right around the time of WW2 or slightly before, and their mother and fathers’ were predominantly supporters of FDR and the concept of unions and social/economic justice. Like the ungrateful offspring they turned out to be, they milked the benefits of their progenitors for all it was worth and then attempted (quite successfully) to close the door (read austerity) on those that followed because it’s just not “fiscally viable”.

Most of these duplicitous frauds and phonies were initially known as “Reagan Democrats” but now they don’t even pretend to remember the labor war sacrifices of their forebears and just sign-in under the generic banner of “Conservative”.

Occasionally they can also be found rubbing up against the legs of a creepy, vile racists masquerading as Spiritual Know-It-All intellectuals, like a domesticated, purring kitty fawning for their next dose of smelly right-wing tuna. And in the aftermath, they spread kitty litter to cover their rotten hypocritical sentiments and pretend they’re normal and kind as they hold hand over heart and sing “God Bless America” in honor of the country they sold down the toilet of self-interest and greed.

A superb poast. Another diamond in the kitty litter. If we keep this up, we may just have to rename this place Agape Nation versus Clusterfuck Nation. The right wingers here are going to have a conniption and blow out their widow makers. Oh well, our small service to humanity.

I agree, it's insanity. Are you an investor? I like the idea that you've invested in people and not some "Too Big To Fail" corporation. We need more people of means to do this. If you have extra funds to invest, I have an investment opportunity that will provide a nice return. It's a proven model so long as the location and management are right. It will take approximately $5 million and that will be payed back in less than five years per the successful model this is based upon. Let me know if that's in your ballpark, or you know of any others who may be interested.

Thanks a lot for the perceptive read on what types of discourse someone like myself seeks in sorting these issues. The article spoke directly to many of the stages of perplexity in which I've found myself through recent years and months. I've been forced to really change my disposition to the "both/and" demeanor mentioned in the content; although, it wasn't a smooth, conscious undertaking. The hardening heart mentality occurs in my interactions with people regularly. I'm better at not biting back like a cornered beast today, but the emotion crosses my mind often.

I'm admittedly consumed with the issues discussed by JHK and select others. Very few people have interest let alone the patience and faculty to discuss these topics without coddling their own egos. And it's astonishing to me that so few people from either the senior or junior cohorts with which I regularly interact can sensibly explore topics without whipping some sort of dead ideological donkey and without trumping up a personal pet theory.

I deplore social science generally, along with metaphysical pseudo intellectualism - by extension most aspects of post modernism - and I am especially bored with right VS left duality. The White Wizard and his spindly pet Gollum "shadow" this space with Aristotelian inventions that are utterly useless to argue; rarely, there is some fleeting cleverness presented only by accident; the unintended consequence of voluminous brain-farted posturing, and the logic never pans out.I stay out of that.

On the other hand, dialogue of a cleaner, healthier and genuinely scientific bent does make it's way onto this site. I did pick up on the article's subtle allusion to neurological/biological scientific research that I believe influences its subtext. I'm acquiring many books and net sources and will be sure to try and send you things that you haven't already stumbled upon in coming exchanges. But I think that's gonna be tricky for me to deliver on with you, OZ. I'm the neophyte here, sir!


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Lizzie is nothin' but a high falootin' overpaid and coddled legal windbag. She is my Senator in the hallowed halls. Her opinions are NOT mine.I can't stand the smug look on her face as she speaks down to US. I envision Feinstein and Pelosi whenever I see her. Finally we got rid of the shithole Billion dollar Kerry.He wears Hillary's shoes now. No really, he does wear her shoes and panties. I wish Brown would run again. Sure he is a lawyer also, but he does real estate closings. I think he could not stomach the DC reach-around gladhanding. Lizzy is a class action type, whoring out to the big buisness crowd. ????? FM all

Yes, the so called Right sold us down the river. But you think the Left hasn't? The Democrats have moving towards the Left for generations, secretly at first and now quite openly. And Marxists don't even believe in Nations to begin with. Look how both "sides" (often funded by the same donors), cooperate on immigration and open borders.

Good points about the boomers of course. Kyoo's philosophy is specific to that period, and will seem incomprehensible a few dedades from now. Needless to say, the only way it has been workable this long is that nether side was able to completely triumph. But now, under Neo-Liberalism they are openly converging. They were always ultimately the same since both are Centralized Economic Philosophies.

Kyoo never sucks up to us though. Give him that. He seems to know about racial inequality and the secret power of the Jews, but is unwilling to talk about except once in a blue moon.

Dying Vet accuses Bush and Cheney of Lying us into Iraq. And the Lies continue with all the Talking but brain free Heads saying that Iraq was worth it. To who? In what sense? Again, the American People know better.

I trust no politician, but at least she and the others you mentioned weren't caught soliciting gay sex in a men's public restroom after supporting anti-gay legislation and rhetoric like Larry Craig.

Remember, Brown was the protege of McAmnesty and so was just another Republican Stooge underneath that Blue Collar facade.

No, she just lied on applications about being an Indian (not Native American, Whites are then Native Americans).

I'm strictly small potatoes where investing is concerned. I run my own home-based business, and I'm helping my stepson with his bike shop in Atlanta (a store-front specializing in European town bikes) but the big bucks have always managed to elude me. Still, I've never missed a meal. Good luck on your project, though.

Alright, that is conceded, but you don't see a difference between the two deceits? One pol backed legislation and rhetoric that was in direct contradiction to the behavior he practiced in private. In fact, he was even more deceptive anent the minority group he opposed and his deceitful behavior, lurking about in dirty, detritus-inundated public restrooms in order to avoid the embarrassment of "coming out." She, on the other hand, lied on an application in the wrong direction, considering herself a minority when in fact she was not, but at least she doesn't support legislation and rhetoric to the contrary of her deceit, in fact, quite the opposite.

I'm sure the above is a bit too nuanced for someone like yourself who likes to see all things in dualistic black and white.

None of that is to say I'm a fan of Warren's and that she isn't also a tool of the corporations, but on a scale of hypocrisy, Craig has her beat by a long shot due to his moral, self-righteous stance on the wedge issues; gay marriage and abortion.

You took that poast spelling from me without attribution. I demand you cease and desist.

Breaking News. America's Top Cop, Joe Arpaio, says that President Obama's birth certificate is a fraud. Mysterious witness in the offing. Is this the Hour long awaited?

You are quoting from an article which incorrectly states that Senator Warren "suggested" "tripling" the minimum wage. She did not such thing.


By bringing up the lame missing $14.75 in the language that she used she was "suggesting" that economic justice would have been served if the workers received ALL of the benefits of productivity improvement. Having to support ONLY a 39% increase (from $7.25 to $10.10) rather than a 203% increase is just an act of political realism.

I will throw you a bone Asoka... it would have been more accurate if Moneynews had said "inferred" rather than "suggested."

Let's examine another asinine Warren statement:

"During my Senate campaign, I ate a No. 11 at McDonald’s many, many times a week and I know the price on that one, $7.19," she said. "According to the data on the analysis of what would happen if we raised the minimum wage to $10.10 over three years, the price increase on that item would be about four cents, so instead of being $7.19 it would be $7.23. Are you telling me that's unsustainable?"

Picture a cost/price breakdown of the $7.19 McDonald's #11. In rough outline it goes like this:

Material (burger, bun, pickle, condiments, etc)
Labor (levels from mgr to trash bag changer)
Overhead (heat, light, power, rent, toilet paper)
G&A (General & Admin)
= Price

Since we are not privy to actual dollar amounts for the 5 cost elements let me suggest plausible figures. If profit is 10% of price (i.e. $0.72) then the remaining costs are $6.47 which if we divide equally gives us ~$1.62 for labor (and for each of the other cost elements as well, give or take a penny).

Within the $1.62 of labor is the pay of certain employees earning between $7.25 and $10.09. If the new min wage of $10.10 is approved it is these people whose pay increase will cause the Labor cost element to rise from $1.62 to $1.66 and the product #11's price from $7.19 to $7.23.

This is how I imagine Ms Warren's brain trust arrived at the $7.23 price. What is conveniently left out of the equation (and I would have done the same thing if I were on the team) is the impact of "wage compression." i.e. What do you suppose the reaction would be of the other employees earning, say, $10.25 after 4 years on the job and suddenly the pimply faced kid hired last week has his rate jump to $10.10. Well, of course, there will be a range of pay rates above the $10.10 line that will have to be raised too. It may involve raises for everyone currently making, say, $20 or less. The amount of each increase starts at some figure and becomes smaller and smaller as you go up the pay scale until it peters out at zero above $20/hr. That is how wage compression works... if you didn't already know.

Further, beyond the impact of wage compression is the impact of the identical phenomenon on each of the other cost elements. Not only will McDonalds Labor costs rise but so will its other costs. Those costs with higher concentrations of low paid people will rise the most. Almost certainly this would be the Material element.

The perceived notion that a government mandated minimum wage is necessary in the first place, much less increased, is the fault of the government's ill advised inflation of the money supply.

ADequake said, "Warren went on to argue that raising the federal minimum wage to over $10 an hour in incremental steps over the next two years -- a cause championed by President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address and since taken up in the Senate -- would not be as damaging for businesses as some critics have argued."

And those critics weren't actually formulating an argument when arguing for the repression of the minimum wage- it was pure reflex.

The conservative party has been sleepwalking into the future- a jerky, robotic dance line which can't fathom its own depravity. Its dance partner is the Democrats, the party of corporate welfare in the form of subsidy for landscape, industrial food, and hotel chains. A love affair for the ages.

The underclass had to grow so the Democrats could have a constituency. The Republicans thought their constituency would last forever. The result is the evisceration of the middle class. The reduction of the work economy from production of real goods and cultivation of useful skills to, well...

... picking apart the open landfill that is the American landscape.

The result was (and is) about 30 million low-skilled immigrants enjoying no taxes, free health care, and schooling.

Americans, on the the other hand, pay for all this out of pocket, and face an inexorable deterioration of their living standards and public health. They are socially bullied into voting for it.

At this very moment the current powers that be are working hard in Washington to make sure America's lawns have people to mow them, who don't pay taxes. They are working hard to ensure the Factory farms and Animal slaughterhouses are staffed with cheap foreign labor so that McDonald's can continue expanding into growing economies in nations that are neither ostensibly democratic nor secular.

We are insane to expect anything differently. The Washington Boyz know who lines their pockets, and it is the corporations. They know that "revolution" can be put off indefinitely by simply allowing the previous programs deteriorating national morale to continue.

They know as well as any intelligent person that the system of law and public education is the perfect mousetrap keeping the classes right where they are in the only relevant time-frame: the short interval between today and the point in time which they imagine cashing out their investments and retiring from the rat race. Nothing else matters, not the nation, not the society, not posterity. There is no principle here but cold, hard cash.

They will flog anachronisms like the legendary trope of immigration being an American tradition, without which we would be devoid of culture, innovation, economic growth. It is a rationale without a reason. Don't ask why we should apply the social edicts of 16-19th century to the 21st century in such spectacularly selective terms. Don't ask why. (Just so, friends. Just so.)

She's a Blonde Indian - one of many Whites who are jumping ship instead of standing up for their Race against Liberal Tyranny; the Tyranny they themselves support. Maybe she just did it to help get a job. Or maybe she lied to herself as well - to keep a clean conscience about demonizing Whites.

Larry is bad too, another hypocrite Republican. Some have suggested that the Republican Party is largely run by closeted Gays just like the Catholic Church is. In any case (as he shifts his ground), it shows the power of a secret society based on difference and grievance. Gays are likely to be overly represented in revolutionary movements for this reason. Conservative England was full of them at the higher level: the Oxford Spies and the "Souls". Not anymore of course, no need, they won. Now it just a mopping up operation to destroy Christianity and any laws or customes that promote normalcy and decency.

Good luck on your project, though. - Pedal Pusher to The Entity of Indeterminate Gender

...Gets better (worse?) every day... the Entity actually said "If you have extra funds to invest, I have an investment opportunity that will provide a nice return." Right up there with "I promise I won't cum in your mouth... but if I slip up you don't have to swallow it."

Is there anyone still left in the world who hasn't heard of Ponzi, Madoff and Stanford?

I doubt seriously that Jimbo will get anywhere near this post, but your duty and die already. There is no up side to keeping your carcass alive at this stage. Your predictions of an emergency have been blown away by fracking. And yes, in the long run we will have poisoned all our drinking water that will lead to the demise of our species but we will go out partying just as the denizens of Pompeii. Is that so bad?

Congratulations on the successful outcome, Jim! But what an ordeal you had to go through. I am very happy things went well and wish you the fastest recovery.

And look after yourself. Don't take diary if your arteries are getting plugged. Exercise won't help you if you cement your arteries with indigestible calcium from commercial diary.

I am certainly looking forward to many more Mondays' of Mr. Kunstler's brilliant "torments".

You sir, are an Ogre. As Buddha said, All beings love life. All beings fear death.

I suspect you're every bit as much a woman, as Janos is a man.

My best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.

Don't take diary if your arteries are getting plugged. Exercise won't help you if you cement your arteries with indigestible calcium from commercial diary.

And by all means don't consume anything from The Dairy of Anne Frank.

Of course "The Left" is not faultless, but the "The Right" won and we are now living with the aftermath of their victory.

I'm surprised that as a reader of Plato, you don't recognize in "The Right" the distant emanation of Thrasymachus' unjust argument? In order words, to take advantage is the smart thing to do.

On the other hand, your championing of "Fascism" reads to my eyes as more like the preservation of "The Whole". Whereas, Thrasymachus - and the current conservative movement - were espousing a 'dog-eat'dog' philosophy of every man for himself with no regard for the whole.

It's a very subtle philosophical/political line you're walking and one fraught with very likely misunderstandings, especially when a word like "Fascism" is bandied about for controversy instead of the deeper explanation.

Too bad, because a week or so ago you almost dug deeper by invoking Plato but then you abandoned your shovel to revel in the mud of shock value that the word Fascism elicits.

This is why you never elevated above your station in life; your hatred prevented you from taking calculated risks. Once again you play the hypocrite, preaching to adequatio about why the risk-takers should be rewarded and then eschewing risk-taking in the next breath. You are so Jersey, it's not even funny, or actually, it's hilarious. You fit the bill.

Ogier, it's not Jim who should die, it's this numb nut. He's worse than useless. He spreads vitriolic hate in his latter years when he should be reconciling and making amends. He's a nasty piece of work. The world would be a better place without him. Leave already, please. You had your chance and you blew it. You were always an errand boy sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill. Do us all a favor and kick off. I'm sure you'll leave what little estate you have to the Janos Semen Lee and the KKK, stiffing your children who had to suffer your white-collar version of Archie Bunker all those torturous years. I don't blame your son for choosing dumpster-diving over giving you one iota of satisfaction, although, knowing you, no doubt you take some form of satisfaction in even that.

Cheers to all the Debbie Downers at CFN!


"I'm sure you'll leave what little estate you have to the Janos Semen Lee and the KKK, stiffing your children who had to suffer your white-collar version of Archie Bunker all those torturous years."


You're confusing me with all this "Janos Semen Lee" stuff? Are we still talking about "Julio Cuckhold" the bony white dude who's constantly going on and on about Buck's "Big Black Dick"?

Your response is a red herring. Adequatio was correct on the facts, and you should concede if you have even an ounce of credibility left in you. The kerfuffle was not over the legitimacy of the minimum wage or the raising of it, it was over what Warren actually said. What she meant is an exercise in conjecture and should not be presented as fact, but rather saved for the opinionated editorial page. In the least, even if it was in the editorial section, what she said should have been juxtaposed with what the author thought she meant so the reader could make up their own mind as to the validity of the author's opinion.

All that aside, the minimum wage debate is a canard, and raising it to approximately ten dollars per hour isn't going to change anything. It's a big fracas about nothing. It doesn't address the bloated executive salaries and where the profit goes. In a small business, the profit can be easily construed as the sole proprietor's salary, but in a too-big-to-fail corporation, the same does not apply. Someone who has owned stock in one of these too-big-to-fail corporations for twenty years and has recognized a thousand percent return, can no longer be said to have any risk, therefore they offer nothing of value to the equation; no risk-taking and no productivity, and yet there they are, skimming the butter cream off the top just like the mafia does in Vegas. And you defend that. Not surprising since you're one of those skimmers. You've always sided with criminals and you even admitted that if you were in Warren's analysts' shoes, you would mislead on the analysis, as well. I left the same profession you sold your soul to for this very reason; I simply refused to be in league with the likes of you and the unethical masters you served. Never again.

I consider them so inextricably joined at the hip as to be one entity. The semen part is obvious, or did you miss the preposterous and irrelevant discussion about the importance of semen retention not too long ago? It was so absurd, I won't forget it. Really, what the hell? People are taken aback by my OBVIOUS satire earlier in this thread, going so far as to label it "affected," and yet a discussion about semen retention goes on and on without even one critical remark about its appropriateness. Double standards abound, and so, for now on, this Siamese Twin will be related to semen through no fault of my own.

Dear Lummox of a Lady,

Your "renderings are satirically absurd" eh? No doubt this is part of the post-skill movement.

Nasty is right. To his own son and to his daughter who he has ridiculed in public on CFN for making the "wrong" choice of studies at Rutgers. Seems this OCD-ridden chauvinist does not even understand the field of women's studies and considers it to be worthless. But, then, he does not understand the purpose of a liberal education as he wasted his own undergraduate years at St. Josephs. He likes to say he has attended over a thousand Catholic Masses but readily admits he has no understanding of spirituality. He thinks it is woo-woo and therefore he remains ignorant of himself. What really interests him is gambling. Legalized gambling by playing the stock markets. Woo woo! What fun! Further he has no ethics other than making money. He will invest in anything he thinks will give him a profit, as if that matters.

I am shocked that anyone would spend money to remove liquid amber trees!

We have our own version of tree travesty in San Jose. Years ago (early 1990's) redevelopment monies were spent planting over 100 specimen palm trees (all 30 ft. tall--matched perfectly) down one of the main drags. They had to be lifted/planted by cranes.

Turns out they were the wrong species for this climate zone--more suited for San Diego. Now they look terrible--engaged in a really slow death watch.

Myself, I don't care for most palm trees. They look like giant, nasty weeds.

They look like giant, nasty weeds.

Weeds are actually quite valuable to anyone who learns how to use them. What are considered pests or common weeds may possess special nutritional and healing powers that often surpass cultivated plants.

Of course it makes sense to condemn weeds in this culture, a drugged culture which is totally dependent on pharmaceuticals ... Companies that produce alternatives to weeds are motivated to make highly processed and exorbitantly priced drugs created for profit making more than for concern for human well being.

Be certain, that the Q-monster whuz prolly a govt employee or contractor, doing mostly clerical (proofreading) or auditor work. Also, be most certain that he now annually collects his ~$6-fig-govt-stalka pension (on the dole), and doesn't refuse the *additional* $20k in SS funds (him&wife - he never quite got that irony back then).

Such hypocrites, really. Those old sh!ts don't give 2 f*ks about their children or grandchildren - it's really sort of sad.

No is talking to you Remus. (you remind me of Uncle Remus who is always saying, "Where you young bucks goin'?).

Buck, remember that Fascism is above and between both the Left and the Right. Sometimes it is called the Radical Middle for that reason. I like the image of the Equilateral Triangle with the higer apex symbolizing Fascism - between the Left and the Right, and thus able to take from both without denying itself. Thus, Plato's Republic is the classic model of the Fascist State. The American Republic was close to Fascism as well, but under earlier less centralized economic and physical conditions.

You've provided quite an image for all of us; your suit of a husband with the smeagol-like character who calls himself Julian sipping back some chardonnay whilst the big black fellas you're so frightened of run into each other with a pigskin on your smart tv. It doesn't get any better than that. It's the stuff of comedy. Thanks for more material. You are a joke, you know that, right? Like something out of Little Murders.

The Q-monster is an immoral person who spent 27 years sucking at the government teat through a DoD funded contractor making gyroscopes uses in aerial weapons like drone bombers. Monster is too polite a word. Q justifies his choice by saying his kids had to eat, like there was no ethical way to earn a living. More specifically Q was a little Eichmann, a petty man who dreamed of leaving piles of steaming shit on the keyboard in the office of his boss. He is a vindictive, emotionally immature cretin completely hypocritical like all the politicians (e.g. Ron Paul and Rand Paul) who whine about the evils of Obama's "socialized medicine" but never refuse their own government-paid health care plans.

Such hypocrites, really. Those old sh!ts don't give 2 f*ks about their children or grandchildren - it's really sort of sad.


Not all old shits, but a lot of them. Pedal Pusher is an exception. He didn't just hand money over to his son, but instead invested in him, and that's what I mean about investing in people, not investing against them. These rich bastards that have taken their gobs of idle cash because they have so much they don't know what to do with it all, are now investing it in commodities of every sort and driving up the cost of living for everyone, which especially affects those already on the margins. It's a tax by the haves on the have-nots. It should be illegal, but it's not, because the haves make up the rules, and the rules ensure they remain the haves.

Shut up Carol.

Yep, that is perfectly fascist. Misidentify and silence any perceived opposition, a la your friends Mussolini and Hitler.

"Shut up Carol."

Shut up Julian.

And while we're at it, why don't we call it what it is - (oligarchic) corporatism. Call it fascism, and your sock puppets and their sock puppets (all the *same*?) will debate the meaning of fascism (???) into the ground...


1 a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

We wouldn't have to argue over the meaning if we accept the Merriam-Webster definition.

Obama promises yet more Billions to Israel.

Contributing to the debate, huh - *mastah-debatah*? As usual, down the spiral drain hole goes any substantial discussion!!! Heh!

PS - wowzers, WinDOZER sure has a lot of (lag) *holes*...

I control the debate since I am able to present many different points of view to facilitate substantial discussion.

Thanks for your acknowledgment. I want an open debate and encourage participation from all points of view.

IxNoMor, I am giving you special permission to post as often as you like. Thanks again.

"IxNoMor, I am giving you special permission to post"

Wowzers, you really ping-flooded *incoming*?!? And how *dare* you deny *ME*, Ixnei?!... Heh.

Drug resistant superbugs

One thing Jim's article made me think about is the new superbugs. Recently there was this black guy in a favorite coffee shop who kept coughing. The air in these unventilated rooms would begin to smell like his moist breath. Everybody would clear out but I'd stupidly stay overlong trying to write one more post or email. Soon after, I pointed out to a friend -- a wonderful Japanese/Amerind/White mix -- the news story about a super-resistant tuberculosis carrier intercepted at the border.

Dangerous TB Patient Detained on U.S. Border

The bug carrier had originated in Nepal and taken a circuitous route into America, finally penetrating at the southern border. Immigration agets were tracking this with alacrity and nabbed him as soon as he hit our border -- so concerned were they about his super-resistant Tuberculosis.

The article quoted a female English doctor saying we may be looking at a new Dark Age where all surgery patients are at great risk from these super-bugs with nothing to be done for the infected. May come a day when packing-house style vivisections like Jim's are more rare plus dangerous.

While chatting with me this fellow revealed that he, himself, had tuberculosis. That rattled me. He believed he he had been given it by the prisoners/criminals he used to work with in California. He worked with criminally insane sex offenders and quit from burnout. He said that the prison population is a vector for many diseases. He also reported that they aggressively try to give their diseases to staff by spitting in their faces, etc.

Ixnex: "Shut up Julian...and your sock puppets and their sock puppets (all the *same*?) will debate the meaning of fascism (???) into the ground."

Let's deal with this for the monkeys:

Janos is obviously a different poster from me. He is much better read. He knows many historical facts and has studied political theory and I am lacking in both. His style of expression is different, more dry and off-the-cuff. I have no knowledge of who he is, where he lives, etc. But I've enjoyed his posts for a long time here and respected his lonely battle. Janos knows about a great many things I don't. I could not have explained fascism for example. I also think he is a better racial arguer than I am; makes more canny points there. We probably disagree on a few things on the religion side, not that I would point to anything. He is an intellectual; I'm not. (Janos is also less fussy about typos, working his posts less and letting more slide by.)

I tend to post in my own name on web boards, only having used one other name and it doesn't contain Vlad, Radu, or Janos.

Increase your continence and you will have better perception. Make it mindstuff for a more penetrating mind. Aum, Amen.


I would do a sendup of some of Carolonius' recent posts however he's ill dressed for the restaurant -- always semen on his lips. Both he and his Encycloquipic Ditz Preceptor do tire.

I've alread agree that our current system is Plutocracy or Oligarchic Corporatism: see ROLLERBALL.

Fascism is the opposite, where the State guides and/or controls the Corporations. Sorry numb nuts but you've got it backwards.

Gerade hat sie eine gro?e Herausforderung gemeistert: Ohne Pannen und unter den Augen von Millionen Menschen weltweit hat Kate eine glanzvolle Hochzeit mit dem britischen Prinzen William über die Bühne gebracht. Eigentlich sollte sich die 29-J?hrige nun erst einmal zurücklehnen dürfen. Doch schon wartet die n?chste Aufgabe auf die frischgebackene Herzogin von Cambridge: Sie muss so schnell wie m?glich ein Baby bekommen.

?Wenn Kate nicht in den n?chsten neun Monaten schwanger wird, bricht sie mit 200 Jahren k?niglicher Tradition“, sagt Diana-Biograph Andrew Morton, der gerade ein Buch über die Frischverm?hlten geschrieben hat. Kates Ehemann William kam 1982 nur elf Monate nach der Hochzeit seiner Eltern Charles und Diana zur Welt, und die sp?tere K?nigin Elizabeth II. war ziemlich genau ein Jahr verheiratet, als sie 1948 ihren Thronfolger Charles gebar.

Es laufen schon WettenGeht es nach den Quoten der Buchmacher, dann ist ein Geburtstermin schon im kommenden Jahr am wahrscheinlichsten. Für eine Wette auf das Jahr 2013 g?be es schon etwas mehr Geld, wie aus den Quoten des Wettanbieters Ladbrokes hervorgeht. Das meiste Geld würde für eine Wette auf eine Geburt noch in diesem Jahr ausgeschüttet. Dann müsste Kate allerdings schon schwanger sein, worauf nichts hindeutet.

In einem Interview im November hatte William gesagt, er und Kate wollten ?auf jeden Fall eine Familie gründen“ und bald anfangen, über das Thema nachzudenken. Sie wollten aber ?eins nach dem anderen“ angehen, versicherte er. ?hnlich hatte sich Kate ge?u?ert, über die gemunkelt wird, sie habe es mit dem Nachwuchs nicht besonders eilig. Doch an ihren durch die Heirat auferlegten Pflichten bestünden keine Zweifel, wei? der Monarchiehistoriker Hugo Vickers: ?Wenn ich es mal deutlich sagen darf: Catherines Pflicht ist es, ihren Ehemann glücklich zu machen und einen Thronfolger zu produzieren.“

Die ersten ?ffentlichen Auftritte sind geplantZum Glücklichmachen wird Kate in den kommenden zwei Jahren viel Zeit haben. Denn zun?chst wird sie mit ihrem Mann in einem Landhaus auf der walisischen Insel Anglesey leben, wo William noch seinen Dienst als Rettungspilot der Royal Air Force versieht. W?hrend der Prinz zeitweise 24-Stunden-Schichten schieben und genauso viel arbeiten muss wie seine nichtadligen Kollegen, wird Kate nur wenige Aufgaben haben. Ihre Engagements für einen guten Zweck muss sie zun?chst noch finden, und ?ffentliche Termine werden erst einmal auch kaum anstehen. Eine Wohlt?tigkeitsgala in London ist einer ihrer ersten Termine, au?erdem steht vom 30. Juni bis zum 8. Juli eine Kanada-Reise an – die erste offizielle Auslandsreise als Ehefrau von Prinz William.

Damit wird Kate erst einmal nur wenig von einer Hausfrau unterscheiden, die ihren Mann nach Feierabend zu Hause erwartet. Einen allzu gro?en Unterschied zu ihrem vorehelichen Leben wird die frühere Miss Middleton dabei aber nicht erfahren, denn schon lange ist sie vor allem als ?die Freundin von William“ bekannt und nicht als Frau mit eigener beruflicher Karriere.

Nach ihrem Studium der Kunstgeschichte an der schottischen Universit?t St. Andrews arbeitete Kate zun?chst als Eink?uferin für Accessoires bei einer Modekette in London, dann half sie im Partyartikelversand ihrer Eltern mit. Zuletzt verbrachte sie den Gro?teil ihrer Zeit bei William in Wales, wo dieser seit September im Dienste der Luftwaffe steht.

A bit from that article on the Super-TB border crosser. I placed in bold a piece that I think is absurd:

"XDR-TB is a particularly dangerous form of the disease that is resistant not only to the two most potent TB drugs, but also a handful of second-line drugs. It is rare in the U.S.: Only six cases were reported in 2011, according to the CDC.

"But it is a growing threat in countries including India and South Africa, where it has been found all over the country. The risk to the world is that the disease will migrate outward from these hot spots. Treatment options for XDR-TB are limited and can themselves be toxic.

"It remains unclear whether other people in custody with the Nepalese detainee might have been infected. By the time the Border Patrol learned of his infection, other people detained with him would have been transferred elsewhere, the CBP official said...

"Given how far and wide the patient ventured—he took a flight of more than eight hours to Brazil, and also traveled by car, boat and on foot—his case was reported to the World Health Organization as having potentially widespread public-health impact. Now, officials in the 13 countries the man visited along the way must try to track down thousands of people he likely came into contact with, to see if any were infected.

"That will be a challenge. "We will try to investigate where he was," said Martin Castellanos, director of Mexico's national TB program. But reconstructing his precise route through Mexico, or any country, will be difficult and perhaps impossible, he said...

"The WHO's Stop TB Department said it is working with the CDC to inform affected countries about people who may have been exposed to the man...

"DHS and the CDC declined to discuss details of the man's case, citing patient privacy. The man declined an interview request from the Journal made through ICE. He also declined to sign a privacy waiver allowing officials to release details of his treatment and his immigration case, ICE said.

That's insanity. I think if you have a fellow traveling around with a contagious super-tuberculosis his rights to privacy end for the sake of communities and their well-being.

We need some cornpone sense applied here.

Feel free to point - I respect your viewpoint and your yogic realization is well beyond mine. I went back to the Catholicism of my youth based on ongoing Experiences of Christ in the Eurcharist. The Insane Liberalism and Homosexual Corruption is difficult to bear. I'm often tempted to cut ties with it, but there is more than meets the eye there, believe me. The Sacraments are the reason the Church produces Saints and Protestantism only good men.

Or feel free not to point since I am unlikely to change. But I value free discussion of these matters and find them enriching. Your many sites are full of knowledge and inspiration. I once directed someone on Counter Currents to your Bahai site. I once even had a copy of that very controversial and now altered scripture you talk about.

I don't necessarily want America to become a European style Fascism but understanding it is important if we want to be senstive to our European Brothers. Our Founding Fathers would understand more easily since they still had a Culture and hadn't devolved to collective atomic individualism, where everybody thinks they're unique even though the same and thus can't get along or cooperate. For example, the Greek Golden Dawn wants the Goverment to own all the property. That might make sense for a small, crowded coutnry. I wouldn't want that for America. Each Fascism is different and based on the unqiue needs and culture of that people.

Fascism is sometimes defined as the modern Industrial State at War. Even so called liberal democracies do much of the same thing when at war. If Whites ever get their own State, the World will be yearning for destruction. All men will have to spend years in the Army and later on the Reserves. Who said Freedom was Free? Only a slaver would say that in order to disarm you before putting the chains on.

"and Protestantism only good men."

"Why do you call Me good?" Yahshua asked him. "No one is good but One--God.

Spring is... hear?

My raising of the issue of minimum wage seems to have struck a nerve. The lack of even rudimentary, much less sophisticated, understanding of matters financial relative to human nature among seemingly bright people such as Asoka, IxNoMor, Buck Stud and The Entity of Indeterminate Gender is stunning.

The number of thrusts to be parried is too voluminous for someone like myself with only one life to live, unlike others on this blog who are counting on two or more lives. But let me choose just one:

Buck seems to be enamoured with unions. At 12:22P today in speaking of the Most Privelaged Generation his post contained these words: "...were predominantly supporters of FDR and the concept of unions and social/economic justice." He laments the demise of those good old days without understanding that the unions almost single handedly destroyed the 3 major car companies, the City of Detroit, the Rust Belt in general, the US economy and themselves.

I have been hyper aware for decades of the absurdity and unsustainability of the contracts they were able to extract from the auto companies. My ancient m-i-l is STILL the beneficiary of an incredible pension and medical plan 17 years after my f-i-l (with his 8th grade education and 35 years at the Edison, NJ Ford Plant that is now a vast expanse of rubble and weeds) passed and, now that I think about it, 31 years since he retired.

The first car I ever owned, a VW Beatle bought 6 months after graduating college (1962), was an early sign of what was in store for the auto industry.

I was too unschooled in matters political to have any opinions about FDR one way or the other except for a sense of affiliation as a polio survivor.

Since this week's topic touches on health care in the USA, a survey has found 80+% support for Obamacare benefits:

More than 80 percent of people approve of things like health insurance tax credits for small businesses, improved prescription drug coverage under Medicare and the creation of health insurance exchanges that allow comparison shopping for benefits. Majorities also support expanding Medicaid, providing tax credits for individuals to buy health insurance, requiring insurers to offer coverage to people with pre-existing conditions and subjecting large employers to financial penalties if they don't cover their workers

St Paul spoke of Just Men made perfect. We must make ourselves Just or Moral. The let God make us perfect. He will not do not the part that we must do for ourselves.

Source for the survey findings in previous post:
Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Polls
(conducted March 5-10, 2013)

Recall that the Philosopher King of Plato’s Republic is reluctant to lead, but unlike many New Age types, agrees to go back down into the Cave for the betterment of all. And speaking of “The Whole”, justice in the Republic is defined as each individual performing the occupation they’re best suited for; unlike our current capitalistic predicament, where individuals often work far afield from their ideal occupational proclivity and passion just in order to survive. Moreover, the legacy of privilege in Plato’s Republic does not guarantee one a seat in the upper echelons of society, so that even the son of a farmer can become a member of the Guardian class if comprised of the right proportion of “metal”. Essentially, everything in Plato’s Kallipolis is geared toward serving “The Whole”. And it’s also why Socrates stated that justice is human excellence; therefore, to punish or harm one’s enemies is contrary to justice because harm never results in excellence. Moreover, to take advantage of or harm a fellow civilian is to puncture The Whole, and therefore, deflate one’s self as well, because we’re all part of the same Whole.

So how does this equate to Fascism, or more pointedly, to the personalities that have ruled over Fascist states in recent history?

Of course, Socrates was using the larger version of the Polis in order to gain introspective traction on the smaller, more subtle analogue of the individual psyche. In that regard, one should not take the concept of The Republic too literally, IMO, as the Philosopher King of the state equates to Reason in the individual; the Auxiliaries of the Guardian Class to the Heart/Spirit of the individual,etc.

But you linked Plato with Fascism and frankly, I just don’t see it beyond a superficial similarity to the idea of collective amplification of The Whole.

Perhaps you can provide some textual evidence for your Plato/Fascism assertion?

So, you're still collecting that $6-fig-govt pension, *ALONG* with the $20k in SS?!? Let's be *TOTALLY HONEST*, already. {sigh}

You're really not fooling anyone (except *maybe* yourself).

Lighten up on the old man, already. That's our *dad*.

Buck Stud, Plato does propose a kind of fascism that involved internalizing the will of the "superior minority" (the rulers). Plato strongly argues that, "the desires of the less respectable majority are controlled by the desires and the wisdom of the superior minority."

Plato's fascist society provides only a mirage of free choice: individuals are free to choose any behavior only if they are also willing to risk potential censure and ostracism. In opposition to free choice, any and all causes can become fascist if only one of the available choices is socially accepted, and thereby permitted; Plato’s mechanisms of control offer a very effective means for achieving this.

Plato proposed four control mechanisms for ensuring that populations control themselves – public opinion, glory, honor, and shame (or guilt) – because they require that individuals be responsible for monitoring/ensuring their own appropriate behaviour as well as that of the group, thereby freeing the authorities from the responsibility for maintaining social order.

Buck Stud, Plato’s framework for creating good citizens can be viewed as a fascist system. Plato's fascist logic derives its true power from the individuals within the population mass because at the point when each individual becomes a "good citizen" (embraces Plato's fascism), the impetus for self oppression has penetrated the most basic units of the system, thus ensuring the continuation of this system. It's totalitarian!

Plato. (2003) The Republic, 2nd edn (tr. D. Lee). Penguin, p. 135.

Carol said about San Jose Mom:
I have no respect for you or your loathesome corporate whore/pimp of a husband, whatsoever, and the sooner your way of life comes to an end, the better. The entire planet welcomes your demise with baited breath.

Your critique here shows neither circumspection nor humanity yet, if we are to believe your online resume as given here on CFN, you're a person who believes in being humane. Here, you sow the wind and you reap the whirlwind.

Just because a person works for a corporation does NOT mean: a) That they are a "pimp" to that corporation, and b) That all corporations are the work of some earthly Satan. Guess what corporations do, Carol ... they HIRE people. Personally, having worked in the public sector with a bunch of liberals, I would even hazard a guess that even the CORRUPTION in the public sector is far, far worse than the private sector.

Most people in corporations are just busy making, selling, and supporting a product which often has some putative benefit to mankind. It's also nice that people get paychecks and health insurance. In my school, fully half the entire campus is "support staff" (admins of one sort or another), most of whom are as useless as teats on a boar. The small sub-sector of useful support staff are generally in Admissions and Records.

You have to pick your poison, Carol. Personally, what I'm seeing is the government sector absolutely cannibalizing the entire economy. In Palo Alto, I'm seeing hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on "beautification" projects of no utility whatsoever like replacing a poured concrete tree pot with yet ANOTHER poured concrete tree pot ... though the previous one had nothing wrong with it.

Though the words "Democrat" and "Republican" have little real meaning any more, I disagree about the words "liberal" and "conservative". Your buddy Asoka thinks that Obama is on the right path and yet, after all the gyrations of his financial stooges, we still have an absolutely horrible economy which is in a permanent, structural depression.

True conservatism means a belief in small government, sound money, and reduced foreign involvements. Under BOTH parties, we're getting bigger government, unsound money, and expanded foreign involvements. If ever true conservatism was a philosophy to save our asses it is right now.


Q. said:

My raising of the issue of minimum wage seems to have struck a nerve. The lack of even rudimentary, much less sophisticated, understanding of matters financial relative to human nature among seemingly bright people such as Asoka, IxNoMor, Buck Stud and The Entity of Indeterminate Gender is stunning.

That's because liberals are "spend first and ask questions later" kinds of people. They believe in Keynesianism even though the only people benefitting from it are the "one-percenters" that they allegedly hate. So much for the alliance of facts with their utopian beliefs.

I've always found the majority of liberals on this site (with Being There being a possible exception) to be economic illiterates who don't know the difference between an economic gestalt and the cherrypicking of facts. Also, I wonder if many of them get out of the house and talk to retailers, college grads, and people on the ground in their communities.

Their dude is in office and yet he sticks with Helicopter Ben as his financial man at the helm?! Bernanke may be an alleged Republican but his economic course is stock Keynesianism when even Keynes only believed in Keynesianism under the premise that we saved during the "seven years of plenty" for the "seven years of lean".

The liberals on this site think Government is somehow more virtuous than corporations. No corporation would ever have 70% of its staff composed of human driftwood of no utility yet in government this is the rule, not the exception. Unions ... I was forced to work for one. In 23 years, our raise equalled or exceeded inflation in TWO of those 23 years. OFten, they actually are mouthpieces for the inherent good of the bureaucrats they're supposed to be fighting against for our good.

As I said in a post late last night ... anyone who can work in the public center and not emerge hating the liberal ideology has their heads squarely placed up their ass.


Well again, it's the Idea of the Superior Man who along with the Superior Men, should rule. Fascism admits that Industry and Modern Life changes many things - thus the Tradition must be updated for modern conditions - not thrown out like dirty bathwater as the Communists do.

Plato's intellectual enemies, the Sophists, are our modern day relativists and liberals. Of course Plato was very inflenced by the Egyptian Theocracy and its focus on the Eternal. We moderns find much of the Republic more than a bit rigid and sterile. There are other forms of Fascism that might be better now. His student Aristotle made a study of existing Goverment and came up with a good mixed system that shared power betweent the classes without giving away the store to the under-men.

In any case, it should be obvious the Democracy per se is a disaster. It can only work in small gifted populations like the old Nordic New England Towns. The current Japanese System is superb for economics at least. I'll dig up the article if you like. They are neither Socialist nor Capitalist and both Socialist and Capitalist. Nor is it a little bit of both or a compromise. It's the higher Third that directs the whole thing for the good of the whole. So despite the passion and chaos of their elections, the Structure is not threatened by the superficial Democracy and stability is maintained. Sure the Guardians of this System might be voted on - by those who Know.

People left in their natural state have little interest in politics. They become obsessed because they know, at least dimly, they are being persectued and robbed of their future. The ordinary butcher, baker, candle stick maker should be left free to follow his profession. And they are happy to leave the governing to others all others things being equal. What does being able to "vote" mean if your profession is being destroyed by cheap labor, affirmative action, or too many rules and regulations, too many fees, or too high a tax? Eliminate these, create guilds to regulate each industry, and then watch the people sleep walk thru life as they should.

NE-1 up for some Heaven Hill 6yr BiB bourbon? Cause I sure as hell could use a *sip* or 2...

Pretending that you were one of the 16%, who chose the *non-incumbent* candidate, hardly *BODES* well fer yer *ARGUMENT*...

I voted the past 16 years - and not a single vote went to the Dems or the Reps - just *sayin'* (I did foolishly vote for Clinton in '96, and look what *HE* did for the deficit just after)...


Good points, but here's the problem. It's the system of perverse incentives. It's the corporate culture and in turn the government which jumps when the corporations tell them to jump, which is no longer functioning in balance. And we all suffer for it.

What was once a separation of organized crime and the government is now one and the same. Clearly you need to understand that if banks can launder drug money, crash economies on reckless behavior and jigger the Libor rates, and so far no arrests…well calling this operation "Murder Inc." a la Meyer Lansky is really not far off. Look at the never-ending wars...

When the culture says that CEO's even when they fail deserve 400% more than their workers and deserve giant severance packages then hiring people becomes anathema to them. That's why we're not seeing any real employment gains. Every law that gets passed is re-written by an army of lobbyists.

If you think the Dems are the answer, I would love you to look over the trade bills like the TTP, which will ream the taxpayers if the global corporations think the regulations of a country hurts their bottom line. Who pays? The bovine tax-payers, that's who.

Another phony agreement is that those who invest money shouldn't be taxed on the money they make 'cuz that's, duh like being taxed twice. They don't want to pay a tax on the gains, see so they confuse the issue. Of course a 1% tax on transactions could really make a change in how derivatives and the global casino operates, but oh, we can't have any control of that----when do you think a $Quadrillion or 2 of junk will hit us like an avalanche. Or…will we have a big MOFO war instead?

After off-shoring jobs, I've mentioned the jobs will go back here only to be done by robots. How many of you saw the GE commercials of all your favorite movie robots coming together as a force. Well, they took that baby off pretty quickly when they realized that people had gotten the message that the jobs were going to them.

In turn a government who thinks that banks are their clients as William K. Black says happened during the "restructuring of government" under Clinton, well then you have a government that is no longer serving the interests of the people and are not doing the people's work. But they must have raises. They have single payer healthcare, but you can't. When money comes to them they don't complain, but when the little people pay into a system, they say, No to that. Why the banks need that money.

What's wrong with Keynes? The money is being printed for the banks, not the people, so the whole exercise is a destruction of monetary value to throw good money after bad...that's the Fed's idea of stimulus. Everything is misdirected.

They are shutting down government and for that they make big money and the idiots vote for them sanction their actions.

At this point right, left politics are pretty moot and so is the argument about public private. It's more like undifferentiated cancer cells than a clear distinction.

Vlad, you say that politics should be seamless and people shouldn't have to pay attention, but this is like anything else a question of use it or lose it. It's human nature that some people will take advantage of an opening and take more for themselves. If you want a government and other human constructs to work you need to be involved in the process---of course in a meaningful way. You can't expect a governing body to care automatically about the people, especially with all those perverse incentives.

One quality control person of the oil sands in Canada said to me: "It will take a whole generation for this corporate culture to change."

ps I will not be around to respond.

JHK is quoted in the new book "The Lost Graduation".

JHK: "What is your mission? To save your generation?"

The whole exercise is to eliminate risk of losses (too-big-to-fail), and allow the concentration of wealth to continue unabated. Yes, that's not sustainable, but until everyone who isn't benefiting from this scam sees it for what it is, then it will cravenly continue. Until. There's that until again. In order to prevent people from seeing it for what it really is, you put technocratic forces together that are responsible for factionalizing the population in order to prevent any formidable opposition from fomenting. Notice how E brings it back to the false dichotomy of left/right, conservative/liberal every time, and his foil, BeingThere, supports that and Janos by responding to them respectfully. If BeingThere was truly as Janos and E characterize her, there is no way in hell she couldn't find considerable common ground with what I say. Yet she doesn't. There's a reason for that. She can't, because she is not what Janos and E characterize her to be. She is a foil to lead you right back into the hands of the right wingers. Notice even when you do concede for them in order to find some common ground, they will quickly eviscerate that constructive overlap. They're rigid. They're set in stone. They're diabolical in their deceitful methods to shape public opinion in favor of further wealth concentration by parroting right wing talking points lifted straight from the scripted pages of Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and Savage. And yes, the so-called opposite side of that same coin, the left wingers, do the same damn thing, but let's face it, this comments section is unbalanced in that respect. There are far too many right wingers. I'd rather there be no moronic left/right ideologues, but the potter did a hell of a job molding these freaks; it appears their ability to be undone is near impossible. And so we must suffer them and the consequences that will necessarily follow from their abject rigidity.

This isn't going to resolve. It's not broken. These same old tired arguments are exactly the intent. Keep them at each others' throats whilst we pick their pockets clean. It's brilliant in its simplicity. It's such a successful strategy, it can be performed in broad daylight, in plain site, and people will see it as something else. It's difficult, if not impossible, to combat that, and so you must not. Arguing the same old left/right talking point is futility. Confront tyranny and hate, yes, but don't be distracted from your love versus their hate by being dragged into the mud of irrelevant debates meant to drag you back to camp.

Plato's intellectual enemies, the Sophists, are our modern day relativists and liberals.


I disrespectfully disagree. There are many contemporary Sophists, but the most prominent to me are the political pundits to include all the various think tanks. They control the dialogue, the dialectic. If you read this comments section with a fine-tooth comb, you can see their handiwork at play, and you are one of the most egregious at deceptively inculcating that misleading dialectic. So many of your debate points come straight from the playbook.

JHK is quoted in the new Generation Y book "The Lost Graduation".

JHK: "What's your mission? To save your generation?!"

Excellent and challenging essay at kulturcritc blogsite

Thanks for the thoughtful, polite dialogue. Once again, to interpret Plato’s Republic as a literal state is a reach, IMO. As far as ‘minority leaders’ he is also pointing to REASON in the individual as understood through the larger metaphorical lens of the state. And I have to disagree as to the motivating factors within Plato’s Republic. Education and not peer pressure, is the primary, elemental factor which organizes compliance. After all, there are no laws in The Republic and if the education is ‘virtuous’ no need for enforcement. Indeed, enforcement in Plato’s Republic is education; after all, according to Socrates, Justice is never to harm another, under any circumstance.

But when Plato talks about the equivalent of an ‘elite, minority leadership’ he is also embracing the concept of an A-Priori/Universal dynamic in which “REASON” stands upon the foundation of eternal truths. And because this is an eternal foundation, REASON itself is a more of a WHOLE; thus, to be “WHOLE” is to be singular and a ‘minority’ within the multiple fractures and splinters of vice and corruption. Put another way, the minority component of “REASON” imposes itself on the multitudes of “Vice” within an individual via education and the steadfast oversight of the Guardian class (Courage in the state as the equivalent of Heart/Spirit in an individual [the thrusting out of a defiant chest in order to impose compliance over base desires and vice; “ I must not take that drink, bribe, or sweet dripping honey disease.”]).

"It's the higher Third that directs the whole thing for the good of the whole. So despite the passion and chaos of their elections, the Structure is not threatened by the superficial Democracy and stability is maintained. "

And Socrates sought to eliminate the 'fly in the ointment' of the upper third by severely restricting the monetary compensation to the leaders. Indeed, the nobility of the higher Whole begins to fracture into an inevitable every-man-for-himself entropy at exactly the point that self-interest/greed sticks a nose under the tent.

Isn't it amazing though, the notions that a simple word such as Fascism or Liberal brings up in the minds of people? Especially since the definition of Fascism seems to have very leaky borders, or at least on this site.

I exchanged niceties with the front desk clerk as I approached the front doors, leaving my rococo paranoia in the lobby to be picked up later, no claim ticket needed. Upon exiting the building I offered a “good morning” to the doorman, who reciprocated in kind. He was an amiable fellow, and not just perfunctorily; he seemed genuinely friendly, to me at least, maybe because I broke down the formal barriers of the employee/customer relationship, letting him know without expressing it explicitly that he didn’t have to pretend with me, that I didn’t expect it or appreciate it.

My mission, should I choose to accpet it and I did, at this early hour was to seek and secure the essence of our joie de vivre; morning coffee. Gwen and I have one big cup a day early in the morning upon waking. We’re both agnostic, and I would like to say irreligious, but this ritual of morning coffee coupled with a number of other select rituals are so spiritually affecting, they have become a religion in their own right; so, we’re religious, just not in the conventional, or traditional sense.

Both of us reluctantly accepted a downside of this vacation, or most any vacation, would be the quality of our morning cup. Sure, other things would make up for it, but the spiritual satisfaction of the morning coffee ritual correlates positively with the quality of the coffee, and we had, or should I say I had, become quite the barista, and both of us quite the coffee connoisseurs. We so perfected the morning cup, most any other offering just couldn’t compare; we had to settle for second best, maybe even third or fourth.

That perfect morning cup was an evolution over many years that started with the Eight-O’clock brand, believe it or not. From Eight-O’clock we evolved to Starbucks and a French Press until the French Press shattered and we returned to a Braun KF 40 Aromaster 10 with a Krups F203 fast-touch bean grinder. The Braun was a durable drip machine that provided us many years of reliable service and it brewed a decent, but not excellent cup of coffee. Eventually, I found an online coffee shop that delivered a variety of whole-bean coffees superior to Starbucks. Even though Starbucks has made strides to diversify their offerings, their trademark coffee is over-roasted, imo, and Gwen and I no longer care for it, although we do seek it out as a substitute when on trips because it’s still a second best, or maybe even third or fourth.

When the Braun finally succumbed, we replaced it with a Bunn Velocity Brew GR whilst experimenting with a variety of beans over the years. The Bunn, although lightning quick compared to the Braun, didn’t stand the test of time; it quit on us after only several years, so I painstakingly researched for a superior replacement. We decided on the pricey Technivorm Moccamaster H-741 from the Netherlands. It’s function over form, so the aesthetic of this model will not appeal to the superficial, but damn, does it ever produce an excellent, flawless cup of coffee, and it does it nearly as quickly as the Bunn and it’s as silent as a Bosch dishwasher. The appearance is industrial and some reviews noted that it hasn’t changed since its introduction in the nineteen sixties. We think it looks better than the overwrought styles of the glitzy, gimmicky brands. It keeps the temperature of the water just below the boiling point of two-hundred degrees Fahrenheit, and incorporates a hollow mixing tube into the lid that extends to the bottom of the glass carafe to mitigate stratification. The brewing spout also contains a flow control knob so you can allow for variable coffee grind immersion times.

Several months prior to taking this trip, we had settled on the perfect bean combination; four scoops of Mocha Java to two scoops of Indian Mala Monsoon ground using the same model Krups bean grinder, which we have learned over the years works best with paper filters, otherwise the fine grinds seep through into the carafe and into your mug. Mocha Java is the world’s oldest coffee blend, merging Yemen Mocha beans with Indonesian Java beans. Of course, rarely do you find this traditional combination any longer, but suitable and oftentimes superior bean combinations approximate the traditional complex flavor and use the traditional name. The result is nothing short of fabulous, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you must. The marriage of beans, coincidently, really does render a flavor reminiscent of chocolate, even though the name Mocha is indicative of a port in Yemen and has nothing to do with the cocoa tree . Our mugs are large enough that together they hold ten cups per the measurement on the glass carafe. To that, I add two heaping tea-stirring spoons of turbinado sugar and four tablespoons of half and half. It’s pure bliss. Heaven-sent. Liquid perfection in a mug. You become one with it; a slice of fulfillment. Starbucks will be an injustice.

I headed west up 94th St to 3rd Avenue. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I knew I would find a Starbucks within several minutes of walking, so ubiquitous were they. The air was humid, and although polluted, it was mildly pleasant at this early hour with a nice breeze blowing. I was surprised at the number of cynophiles I encountered walking their best friends, and picking up their poop. You would think this is Paris absent the delicious bakeries if you weren’t paying close enough attention. I never realized so many people in Manhattan had pooches, but then again, we’d never stayed in residential parts of the city previously. Since the Marmara was once an apartment building, it was nestled in a residential section of the upper east side. It was an interesting change of scenery for us; offering a chance to see how another slice of Manhattan lived, being it’s such an eclectic mix of people.

'The Entity of Indeterminate Gender' =
notable quote of the day!

People would like 22$ an hour minimum, and Carol is the Queen of Prussia.

Some people are like lobsters in a pot of hot water.

You might enjoy the Shiva Temple on Kauai.
However the man who build it was an eccentric Homo,
Swami Subramunya.

Did Mao have much involvement in the VietNam war?

"If the good lord is willin' and the Creeks (Cherokee) don't rise" I will be racing Solo at Kenny's race, not far from you.

Thanks for the thoughtful, polite dialogue.

You are welcome, Buck Stud. It seems like we could be getting into a debate centering on an "aetheticization of politics," a debate that is associated with political fascism. Given your interest in aesthetics it would not surprise me. Plato's "minority leaders" suggest the metaphor of the political leader as sculptor of a pliant mass (as Janos says people have no interest in politics so the minority leaders have free reign to sculpt). This idea of political leader as sculptor is derived from Hannah Arendt's reading of Plato's Republic, from Jacob Burckhardt's account of the origins of the state and the "state as artwork" in Renaissance politics, from Friedrich Nietzsche's explicit usage of the statesman-as-sculpture metaphor in his meta-politics (see also F. T. Marinetti's and Gabriele d'Annuncio's aesthetic). Consider also the explicit use of the sculptor metaphor in Benito Mussolini for Italian fascism and Joseph Goebbels for German fascism. If you look at what practicing sculptors from Michelangelo through Canova to Moore actually had to say about the art of sculpture and then look at the results of formal aestheticians of scupture and their overall understanding of the functions of sculpture, the metaphor of the statesman-as-sculptor seems an aesthetically viable one. Perhaps Plato as sculptor of his state with its "minority leaders" is as much the aestheticization of politics as Mussolini sculpting the Italian fascist state?

Absolutely outstanding post, Adequatio! Let me think about it some more and get back to you later tonight when I have a bit more time.

In the meantime, why do so many here have a problem with a poster such as Asoka/Adequatio, given the type of quality posting he is capable of making?

"It is not merely the twilight of the standard model of physics. It is the twilight of the standard model of everything human."

'Excellent and challenging'? I don't know, Ront, but I think you overstate. Kulturcritic is fond of dramatic, emotionally-charged writing - the GRAND STATEMENT if you will. While the essay you cite is interesting in places, the conclusion is pure nonsense. Try contesting his essays with competing facts or theories and he'll descend on you with wrath. Theatrical, but...

So true, and he'll block you if you push too hard. He blocked me and taunted about it in an email. Boy, did I let him have it, but to what avail; it was likened to spitting into a strong headwind. Yes, I can also be theatrical and emotionally-charged, but I don't believe in censorship; it's anathema to me. If you're going to give it, you have to be willing to take it, otherwise you're just a cowardly bully.

Looks like I stumbled in on a Asoka/Buckstud love trist. Excuse me for the interruption, fellas.

Hey Otto Skorzeny, it sounds like you're not down with the bedrock tenets of the new, new America. It goes like this (and this comes straight from MSNBC). 1) Cheap credit 2) Sophisticated cellphones 3) Fancy eye glasses 4) Sodomy 5) Latin American Immigrants.

There it is. Get with the program


Although, to be honest, the latest offering ront linked to is not authored by the medical miracle. Instead, it's authored by one of his readers; a guest post which he has been encouraging as of late.

It depends on what channel you're watching. I found the following on Discovery and it matched what I see from many posters in this comments section, including you.

I'm wondering how many of you are in that video, and who's who.

Here's that hilarious KKK Night Rider scene from Django Unchained. You have to admit it crossed your mind how they were able to see to do anything with those silly garments to include the goofy hoods. Tarantino plays on the absurdity, as is his style.

The Klan! The Klan! Everywhere the Klu Klux Klan!

The men who created the clan are long dead and the Klan itself is all but defunct. But racial identity and the diverse Peoples and nations: May they live on forever.

"It goes like this (and this comes straight from MSNBC). 1) Cheap credit 2) Sophisticated cellphones 3) Fancy eye glasses 4) Sodomy 5) Latin American Immigrants."

Great summation! I might have substituted the eyeglasses with "tall boots with spikes for the heel-stomping Cosmoslut non-ladies and low-crotch pants for the shuffling plain-as-moths men" but it's too long. Last night I sat near a wholesome-faced, fairly pretty 21-ish White women getting chatted up by a fat, ugly 40-somethig Mestizo with long hair who ended up proposing what sexual things they would do if they had a "date," him describing it to her in advance, asking her "what positions do you like" -- and she didn't walk away in a huff. Utterly bizarre.

I recommend for all who want mental freedom plus a return to wholesomeness the daily perusal of the brave Canadian Jew Henry Makow:

He champions "four pillars of human identity -- Family, Race, Religion, and Nation. He's a hero of mine.

Don't think so as they were traditional enemies. One of his underlings asked Ho Chi Minh (how wonderful to say that name again) "Should we ask the Chinese for help"? Ho replied, "You fool. The last time they were here, they stayed 900 years. We'll have the French out in 20."

The North Vietmanese were proteges of the Soviet Union. As we fought the Viets, we supported the Soviets who were supporting the Viets. A perfect circle! There is no contradiction since the whole purpose was to strengthen the Elite, as known as Military-Industrial-Banking-Political Complex. Every war weakens the People and strengthens "Them". Foregin Affairs magazine is wild about what they call "managed conflict".

Perhaps you can provide some textual evidence for your Plato/Fascism assertion?

There is textual evidence, Buck Stud. Perhaps you could look at how Popper modified and adapted his method of "critical rationalism" to interpret Plato, Hegel and Marx idiosyncratically as harbingers of modern fascism. Popper argued that his interpretation of Plato as a totalitarian was irrefutable (see Popper's The Open Society and Its Enemies). By the way, Hacohen said that Popper ‘was right on target’ in appreciating how Plato’s political ideas had ‘permeated Western philosophy’ largely for the worse. (see Malachi Hacohen, ‘Karl Popper in Exile: The Viennese Progressive Imagination and the Making of the Open Society’, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 26 (1996). Hacohen writes that Popper’s "attack on Plato, Aristotle, and Hegel in The Open Society marked not a logical positivist seeking to eliminate metaphysics but a Kantian trying to prevent its contamination". Of course, I recognize that Popper grew up as a quintessential assimilated Viennese Bildungsburger and Popper's take on Plato drove the classical scholars of his day crazy. Still, Popper was convinced that Plato was a totalitarian and stated: "I have tried, in other words, to apply as far as possible to Plato the method which I have described in my The Logic of Scientific Discovery" ... Popper does have a body of work relating Plato to fascism and to be considered as textual evidence. That is, Popper's conjecture that Plato was a totalitarian had to be correct because he had tried his best to refute it without success. Hence, his account of Plato was accurate, or at least as accurate as any interpretation could possibly be. They say all western philosophy is a footnote to Plato. I suppose that includes proto-fascist ideologies like Platonism and the political philosophy of fascism that had such a strong run in the 20th century.

Oh not him too! I thought he was a great Sage. When I lived and worked at the Theosophical Society, we had a group of them who met there. The Leader was a grave young man who just gave me his number and asked to be friends one day. I was freaked out by that since that is quite alien to my lower middle class background. Maybe that's done at the upper and upper middle. In any case, it felt gay to me and I never called him. I tried to be nice when I saw him again, but he was clearly offended and was just polite. Too bad, since I had liked him. But - now you tell me this. Maybe my first impression was right!

I bet you ran across Benjamin Creme too, didn't you? You've been everywhere man, you've been everywhere. Have you met Maitreya yet? I wonder if he posts here? Who do you think it could be? 76iron? eud2e5s7? ozone?

Unfortunately for Plato, or maybe not, the Sophists get the final say since it is the contemporary version of them that interprets his meaning and sentiment. Surely he had to know that was always the fate of his legacy. Who cares, anyway? Not me. Not anymore.

In Traditional Culture, the higher you go, the stricter it gets. The Brahimins of India were on top, but there was so much that was closed to them. Likewise in Plato's Republic: the Guardians lived strict lives, consecrated to duty. Ancient China was supposed to be like that - with the upper class subject subject to stricter punishment for wrong doing. But everyone knows that the Upper Class got away with much and the lower, nothing. It was outwardly Confucian, but inwardly Legalistic. Likewise, Plato's system was unlikely to work, since there is no guarantee of a godlike ruler. Aristotle's sytem preserves some of the idealism but adds much practicality and approaches what WE would call a Republic.

Nations that adopt the "Third Way" generally get attacked by the New World Order. Iceland has just been given a news blackout, but they are very small and isolated to begin with. But because of this, militarism and the Third Way seem to be inseparable. And yes, some Fascists like it that way and love War. But Plato would have called that Timocracy, I believe or rule by the Fierce, the Generals; another kind of Oligarchy. But it need not be so: consider Franco's long reign of Peace after victory. And Iceland is still very peaceful. And modern day Japan as well. Since you seem interested, here's a long article about what I consider the most sophisticated system in the world: Japan's. Outwardly Capitalistic but inwardly Third Way. It's long but well written, and geared for the general reader.

Marlin, you could be mistaken to think that Vlad chose his current handle from the infamous Nazi pilot. That seems to make sense, but Janos Skorzeny was the head vampire in the old Night Stalker TV series. Given Vlad's propensity for non-editing, it could be that Skorzeny was his intended handle, but he did a letter inversion by mistake. I'd ask him myself, but I don't think he'd answer me on that one.

In his last work, The Laws, Plato dispenses with the need for the Philospher-King and proposes rule by a Council of Guardians who would follow The Laws and ajudicate. Enemies of the State would be called to Night Court - a building with a window on top open to the stars. Am I just making that up or is that in the book? Did they even have glass? Am I remembering something that happened - or will happen in the future? What did I do or what will I do? Or am I to be dread Judge just as I was a Witch Hunter, breaking down doors, in one hand a torch and the other, a sword. The Joy of it! To do the Lord's work. But also what Joy to dance around the fire as a Witch. All things blur and become their opposite. Creation and Destruction are both things of Joy, but who remembers Vishnu, the Preserver? He makes life possible in between these violent extremes. A Shiva type friend once complained about how shut down he was in my presence. This was a good thing and shows the power of Visnu in me.

FYI, Janos Skorzeny was played by Chuck "The Rifleman" Connors. Should we now call Vlad, Chuck?

I understand, Carol, but stylistically the essay in question is KC all the way, or it would never have been posted. Apprentice and associate works have a long history in Western art and science, and are always the responsibility of the moderator.

I will spare you the details of what the massive flaw is in this particular essay, but simply say that KC's essays, when they are flawed (which is often) are almost always flawed in their basic premise rather than in their details or presentation.

As you may have surmised, I am also a KC expellee...though I'll give him credit for abiding me for as long as he did.

My daughter forwarded me an e-mail she had sent to a friend at work this morning:

"Hey Dad- Thought you'd appreciate the curmudgeonly nature of this email. Guess I really am a chip off the old block.

Subject: Living in NY is soooo glamorous

Sitting in my kitchen trying to get expenses done. The sound of a jackhammer from new construction comes from my left side while on my right I hear a screaming fight between the doorman and my 100 year old neighbor who is an ex-Rockette. In her day she was prob quite fab but today she is nuttier than a fruitcake..oh and a hoarder too. Desperate for some sunshine to perk me up I look out the window at the gorgeous view.."

The attached picture is of a depressing, rather small quadrangle with looming dirty brick walls on all sides and an occasional window secured with rusty prision-like bars. On the concrete slab that constitutes the quad's floor are two large dumpsters, one with an industrial size garbage bag stuffed to the gills sitting on it.

^This e-mail^ and the nasty post by Asoka last night reminded me that I wanted to delve deeper into the topic of "Women's Studies." If you google "Rutgers Women's Studies" you will find the following:


The Women's & Gender Studies Program offers an Undergraduate Major and Minor, a Minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Queer (LGBTQ) Studies, as well as a Graduate Concentration in Gender Studies. The Graduate Concentration is open to students enrolled in graduate programs in American Studies, Criminal Justice, English, Global Affairs, History, Liberal Studies, Political Science, and Public Administration.

Why Women's and Gender Studies?

Women's and Gender Studies courses provide a context for the study of gender that takes into account issues of race, ethnicity, class, ability, national origin, religion and sexual orientation. Students involved in the Women's and Gender Studies Program take classes ranging from core courses like Feminist Theory and the Politics of Sexuality to a range of Topics courses like Human Trafficking and Gender and the Media. Graduates of WGS pursue careers in teaching, writing, public advocacy and many other fields.

The program at Rutgers was/is a seething hotbed of female socialist, feminist, homosexual manhaters (and why wouldn't it be... just look at the Welcome above) whose patron saints are Howard Zinn (a man who had not one kind word for any male historical figure, ever that I am aware of) and Noam Chomsky (who fits in nicely with all of the above).

What's not for a father to worry about?

As to careers, WGS grads who go into teaching tend to teach "Women's Studies." Those who write tend to write about "Women's Studies." And those in public advocacy tend to advocate for women and against men. My daughter fell in the "many other fields" category. She is involved in the promotion and sale of high-end women's clothing at Ralph Lauren. See the connection? Women's clothing - Women's Studies?

Janos: "Oh not him too! I thought he was a great Sage...Maybe my first impression was right!

Yeah, he's got really cool clothes and photos, all those traditional ancient India details like the Hare Krsna people used. (One of their mistakes in my opinion. They should have used some mixed approach combining old with new.)

I had a client years ago who let it be clear that he was a homosexual. If they are not too obtuse about it, or militantly promoting it, and have some kind of human virtue, I don't make a rule against doing readings for them. He told me that he had been involved with that "Hindu temple" on Kauai and that he had visited there a few times. As if to inform me of the truth he related an incident in which he visited the guru "Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswamiin" in a hotel in another place where the "guru" was passing through. He said that when he came into the hotel room he was surprised to find the guru "doing" one of the male disciples.

To be clear I asked him what he meant by "doing him" and he confirmed that he meant oral sex. Even this homosexual was shocked and let down and he ceased dealing with the "Hindu Temple" on Kauai.

Some time later I had a woman client from Alaska, wife of an attorney. She was a canny type and an observer. She visited the temple there a few days. On the phone later I asked her what she thought of it. She said that she had the distinct impression that they were a group of homosexuals.

Very sad. Americans in general fail at the ancient yoga of India, whatever clothes they wear or titles they give themselves. Kriyananda is another case. I couldn't believe that he had the gall to keep on, presiding over his "Ananda" organization. Of course, he claims that Yogananda did the same things he did.

Verily, the "first law" given to Adam and Eve in the Garden is the hardest one, just as Jesus said it is.

Oz, if you're peering in to the blog today, here's a 24 min. piece from Rose on the re-emerging Syria debacle. Funny how this topic finds its way back into mainstream media as the banking scandal in Cypress is actively stuffed. Tuesday on Rose, a thin discussion on the Cypress bank holiday. Wednesday on Rose, an in-depth scrutiny of just whodunnit, who is at risk, and why action is imperative (imminent?) to mitigate the "threat" in Syria.

Probably not appropriate to draw a conspiratorial link to the importance of both stories, but if we can say that a red line is being crossed with the "postponed" confiscation of depositor (Russian) assets in Cypress, then counter propaganda to thwart media attention on that travesty and invoke the "red line" argument regarding chemical weapons in Syria seems pretty damned suspicious, not least convenient. I don't know, man. I could use some help reconciling the connection (non-connection?) and possible ipso facto effects of these phenomena. Interestingly, Russia seems to be a significant obstacle to both action in Syria and these final machinations of complete central bank takeovers abroad. This Syria issue seems to be a way to force Russians to finally pick a side, though precise detail isn't sufficiently available to make the leap that I have here. I've long viewed Rose's show as an announcement platform for the agenda of TPTB - a conversation amongst decision makers of what is actually going to happen, whether public support exists or not. Any insights welcome.


Yes, when I chose the name Scorzne, I had no idea where I got it from. But it might have been in my subconscious from that show. My own confusion is a tremendous defence against enemies of all kinds. And it frees me of the karma of conscious deception.

Read the above article and feel the threat of it. Any Nation that scorns fiat currency and the goddess Usura will be attacked by the International Bankers. Hitler found he could trade German Iron for Argentine Wheat. No need for Bankers and their ruinous loans. He found he didn't need to "back" his currency with gold - Germany had none since it had all been stolen by the Allies. The real Capital of a Nation is the strong backs and high IQ's of its people - and Germany had this in abundance. Print currency as tokens of work performed. Chimps understand it in the laboratory: perform tasks, get tokens, and cash the tokens it for things they like. Somehow our Bernankes and Paulsons don't - maybe because it makes them superfulous? Sure a Private Bank can loan tokens - if it has them that is. And sure they can charge some interest, since they are businesmen. But that's all very different than International Banks charging interest to Nations to use their own currency. That's insane. Life is impossible unless some things are free. What's next? An oxygen tax? Tax on sunlight? You tell me champ.

The character was a vampire, just as Radu Voda was, just as Vlad the Impaler was. It's fitting, since this entity who now goes by Janos is a psychic vampire of sorts.


You may call me Master Charles - please peruse my Tape Ministry.

Why do all the kids want to be Vampyres? Because it is the closest thing in popular culture to the Yogis. Of course, a few are into the Marvel Superheroes, but mostly nerds. And in any case, the Superheroes are going gay and being replaced by Minorities and Vomen. The Vampire is a White Symbol of Power. And kids feels so weak and powerless now since they have no Culture, Nation, or real Fathers.

Houston we have a problem. No, not just with "Carol" writing porn and with Cyprus but with Bulgaria.

Seems that the place is such a mess that people are self immolating. Six so far this month, according to what I heard. Poverty and corruption being proximate causes. One guy was so hard up he couldn't afford bread for his little one and so he lit himself up.

Small countries, seemingly insignificant in the grand scheme. Who gives a shit about Cyrpus. Right? Besides Russians who hide their laundered loot there. And Bulgaria. What does Bulgaria matter?

But Germany does matter. And their response to Cyprus matters. I mean, scoffing bank accounts? What the hell?

And what does this tell you? It tells me that Germans are so fed up that they'll run over whoever they have to. Forget common sense. Never mind fairness. No patience for these flufferies anymore. Poor retirees? Screw 'em. Bank runs? Who cares. Just get the damn money.

So you have to wonder, what other lunacies are the Germans capable of? Maybe send in the Wehrmacht? And, you wonder, who else had input into this debacle? Were American officials involved? Did Goldman people have their snouts in it? Or maybe other American banks? Maybe looking to extract some advantage? I'm not accusing, I'm just asking.

And never mind broader issues of strategy. Euro zone countries are like falling pianos. And so you have the ludicrous spectacle of Germans prodding this alphabet soup of supranational organizations - EU, ECB, IMF - and these three stooges of international finance acquiesce to swiping bank accounts. That's what an expensive education buys nowadays.

When do they get down to the issue of whether the Euro zone is sustainable in its present form? Or just formalize a system of financial transfers from the north to the south?

Financial transfers? No chance. It works in a country like the US, as fractious as it is, but I'm doubtful as to how long even the US will go on with it given the ugliness of American politics ie the left vs the south and the north vs the right or the "educated" urbanites vs the hicks in "flyover country".

As for Europe where the various national ethnicities don't even see one another as fellow citizens and never did I can't see Merkel agreeing to such a scheme. And if she did I can't see her party surviving at the hands of German voters. Shovel money into corrupt regimes year after year, decade after decade? And they gave up the mighty Dmark? For this?

And so you have these rivulets of events. Like one trillion dollar deficit after another, QE now and forever, sequestration, clowns running Italy, poverty in Bulgaria, insolvencies in Spain, Cyprus, Portugal and Greece. Each on its own maybe survivable. But when do rivulets converge into an unmanageable torrent?

The big question is when do Germans say the hell with it all and refloat the DMark?

As for JHK, man, take it easy. The die is cast. So don't stress. Everything in moderation. Easy on the sausage and eggs.

So what's the deal, we have some goof writing porn? Maybe some dude that has issues.

He champions "four pillars of human identity -- Family, Race, Religion, and Nation.

An outdated institution that conditions children into "isms" (religious ideology, political dogma, etc.) The family is a unit of the nation (and all its jingoistic ugliness). The family is the root cause of all our neurosis.

A non-existent socially constructed concept that keeps us divided while the oligarchs engage in their theft of our labor and extort us through taxation.

Greatest cause of violence on earth, especially the dualistic religions which create internal violence and put you at war within yourself (religions destroy joy and teach that you are fallen, sinful, impure, etc. making you guilt-ridden, unworthy, and neurotic)

Supposedly a large group of people with strong bonds of identity, a nation is really a large prison where people are brainwashed, controlled, exploited, and if need be, told to die for national glory/defense/whatever. You don't realize it is a prison, until you try to enter or leave... and you are stopped at the prison border and must present your prison passport.

Family, racism, religions, and nations will all one day disappear.... the sooner the better.


You are a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

By the way, my son's textbooks for American History this semester are Howard Zinn's, "A People's History of the United States." and Howard Zinn's and Anthony Arnove's, "Voices of a People's History of the United States."

His political leanings are veering way left this spring! If there is a God in heaven, please prevent a political meltdown between my son and my ultra-Mormon, Fox-news-watching-mother in Utah!


Vampires are a symbol of MALE power, not white power. Ever watch the 1970's movie, Blackula? Vampires transcend race, but not sexism. Vampires were irresistible to women. Can"t you not see the symbolism of sucking out the women's blood?
Blacks in the 1890's when Stoker wrote Dracula, had other things on their minds than writing fiction, like Jim Crowism, perhaps.

Yes, I surely agree with you, except I'm not sure the concept of family is outdated. Remember, family structure has changed considerably since WW2, when family contained the concept of "extended family", women did not have to go out to work, divorce was rare and single parents uncommon. I think the idea of "family" as currently constituted is ineffective more than outmoded, and the idea of marriage is the concept that is outmoded.

"Family: An outdated institution...Family, racism, religions, and nations will all one day disappear.... the sooner the better.

You're quite a total case. Some major chronic brainwashing there.

Identity is good. Family is good. Race is good. Nation is good. Religion is good. Identityless-ness is boring. Not belonging to any genuine groups of affiliation is both boring, weakening, and destructive to well-being.

In real life human beings like belonging to groups of increasing intimacy and likeness. They even need to, to simply survive how much more have human happiness. Your nouveaux notions are anti-human and anti-nature, not to mention boring. Truly sociopathic.

A-Q said "Family, racism, religions, and nations will all one day disappear.... the sooner the better."

They will all be replaced by new oppressive orthodoxies.

Speaking of which, Feminist Theory, the theory that this culture is not built for the comfort and protection of women, but for their oppression. I have been associated with an institution whose dark heart is filled with these kinds of programs.

I don't think I can possibly understate how crazy these programs are. It has completely distorted the body politic. Whereas in the past you might think the angry young people would be up in arms about their self interest- politics, the economy, etc.

Now, they're up in arms against something they call The Patriarchy which few of them can succinctly define other than to say that it is the dogma which allows "Men" to have all sorts of privileges, including:

1. Power on demand
2. Sexual freedom
3. Great paying jobs
4. The ability to pee standing up

Of course, the whole concept is a mirage, and men aren't privileged with anything unless you call political disenfranchisement, sexual frustration, and synthetic estrogens in the food and water supply.

In this insane environment, we have a generation of dudes suiting up to go breathe toxic dust and get shot at in places like the middle east, all because they grew up without fathers, saturated in violent video game propaganda, and conditioned to be servile to the entire class of women, who they have been taught are naturally superior (in contrast to the base and oppressive animalistic native male psychology.

For Women's Study Groups, and I've witnessed this first hand, this is all gospel and received wisdom. The first-year freshmen are all conditioned immediately by the only groups left on American college campuses with a revolutionary ethic.

The are first "educated" in the doctrines: that males are privileged, that white people are privileged. These are the public-relations "soft" terminology. The real substance is undisguised hate speech: White people are evil; and men are sexual predators, depraved, and vile beasts.

Women are lured in by workshops on how to have lesbian sex and use vibrators, and how to have safe orgies with their friends. Men are excluded from women's circles entirely. The women approve the men who assent to WSGs' characterization of males and white people, and those special men are allowed to associate with women.

In their groups they talk about masculinity, and the problems and travails of being men and what it means. All good. But alongside this is a kind of pathetic acceptance of the charges against their class, and a servile adoption of feminist doctrines. Some of the feminists (womyn) guess correctly that some of the men are motivated by a desire to get with the feminists sexually, which sounds conspiratorial until you realize that in any human social milieu, this is one of the major motivating reasons for male and female associations.

This makes for a solipsistic political atmosphere. no longer is this a campus concerned with the outside world, or higher humanistic or philosophic ideals, but a simple cult revolving around a set of doctrinal mythologies. The establishment of degree programs and educational professionals only legitimizes this social situation.

In larger, more upscale and cosmopolitan colleges, I would imagine the Women's Study Groups have less of an effect. In their small liberal colleges, and of course, the Glaringly male-fearing and male-hating All-women's colleges, they are large enough to dominate young people's imaginations and have outsize influence on worldview.

Feminism in the late 60s and 70s was perhaps a necessary and righteous social evolution. But today, when women are not just emancipated, but wealthy and powerful. Technology and the physical systems built by men to provide them with the resources and protection they needed to flourish had the secondary effect of rendering them unnecessary.

JCL sez "You're quite a total case. Some major chronic brainwashing there."

But he's not necessarily wrong, as these trends are accelerating.

I'm a realist (some call me a pessimist- I think that we should prepare for the world we're likely to have instead of the world we'd prefer.)

Family, racism, religions, and nations will all one day disappear

Family: already changing. I spent a summer working for the Dept. of Commerce, risking life and limb knocking on doors and taking notes for the Census. The old models of mom, dad, maybe mother-in-law, the two kids, that is not the norm. The norm these days is mom at work all day, going out to the clubs twice a week with the girls to snort coke and drink whisky, while flirting with attached firemen and wearing stripper clothes. Kid(s) are latchkey, or more commonly, looked after by Boomer grandparent (usually singular). She lives in featureless crapscape of modular apartments and, after rent and expenses saves very little.

Racism: Just because there is a lot of white nationalism on the internet doesn't mean it is a dominant feature in the body politic. In fact it implies that it is no mainstream. And it isn't. America has legitimized something like 30 million Hispanics through amnesties which are giveaways and corporate subsidies to the building industry, factory farms, etc. Along with the legal immigration, there is a greater proportion of the population with self-interested and stateless immigrant mentality which is mercenary and necessarily conservative in terms of the status quo. America is now too multiracial, too post-racial, and its indoctrination systems too effectively anti-racist to permit the open expression of racism. Pluralist multiculturalism has won. We've been in a post-racial era for over two decades at least, and we can't go back.

Religions aren't going to disappear. The Catholic church is doing quite well as they are getting a big boost from the Hispanic settlement of North America. Despotic cults should be obviously avoided by sensible people; only problem is that despotic cults are successfuly because they override and outflank social opposition. It pains me to remind everyone here how gullible and stupid the "average" person is, and how much incentive a person has to believe that they are truly a special person who can get an agreeable afterlife in the light of scientific reality which can find no evidence whatsoever that justifies these claims.

Nations are in the process of disappearing- There are quite a few failing states and quite a few states ready to fall. What follows is typically consolidation. However, I imagine this process to take an exceptionally long time even though its logical endpoint is a one-world government. Politics requires statism, which requires differing states. Politics is now baldly a specie of Corporatism, and corporations need the ambiguity of law and trade to make privatize profits and export costs. Nations will coalesce into a one-world government only after a common threat is confronted which is enough for all states to bow down to a super-state. What conditions creates this scenario are speculative, but we are clearly fully within the epoch of human civilization where problems are planetary and the mechanisms of solution are all made worse by the dilution of political capital into so many hands.

What will the future look like? No marriage, probably. Family will continue the trend toward ad hoc arrangements, and children will continue to be prejudiced against as a class. Race as a concept will be outdated by fine-grained distinctions mined from genetic data but will remain deeply rooted as a feature of societies. Nations will, as long as they are yoked by trade agreements, continue to spend much energy fighting with the interests of capital.

Thats pretty much all that's going to happen.


You are a treasure. Thanks for sharing.


Yes, he is, we're lucky to have him. I was thinking of writing a thank you letter to St. Josephs in Philadelphia and carboning Pope Franny since he's a Jesuit. They've molded a superb character. They're skilled potters.

And yes, Zinn was a lying, deceitful bastard. All those misrepresentations about women's suffrage. It wasn't because women fought tooth and nail for it as he asserts, but rather it was because of the benevolence of men in high places that women can vote.

Soon these ninnies alienated from nature will be seeking to legislate that possums shouldn't keep their baby possums separate from other sorts of babies, and momma possum shouldn't give their pups the privilege of riding on her tail.

Frankly, I didn't read it, like I don't read JCL's poasts. I just noted the author. You have a point about the moderation part and its effect on what we the viewers see. Surely the medical miracle isn't going to allow a guest poast that insults his delicate sensibilities, and therefore, the poasts he does allow will reflect his image, so to speak. I don't necessarily think the author of that poast is his apprentice, but the medical miracle may possibly believe in his mind the author is.

Nations are in the process of disappearing


Not necessarily, but their intent is being transformed. They are now the various skins of a burgeoning global elite that can slip out of one and into another with no allegiance to any in particular. The allegiance part only applies to the throng of masses the concept of a Nation is meant to pacify and control. Xenophobia is a powerful implement in the cache of this roving elite.

No, not just with "Carol" writing porn


What's wrong with loving your coffee, or your dog? Who are you, anyway, the ghost of Jerry Falwell carrying on the campaign of the Moral Majority? You moral crusaders won't be content until the entire population is placed in straight jackets and head restraints and shown reruns of The Birth of a Nation all day every day whilst you meet in filthy bathrooms for illicit gay sex.

Yes, I am referring to the nuclear family, a relatively recent invention. If we could get back to the extended commune, I mean the extended family, that would be an improvement.

Marriage (legalized prostitution) and the family (and the oppression of women they imply) are the root cuase of the modern world's problems.

The family, although better than the tribe because it gives more freedom, is nevertheless outdated, has done its work (as Bustin Jay demonstrated), is no more needed in modern times. Family is the most hindering set-up for human progress.

it was because of the benevolence of men in high places that women can vote

LOL! You should use /sarcasm off

And the British, out of the goodness of their hearts, just decided one fine day that they wanted to give India its independence. Gandhi had nothing to do with it.
/sarcasm off

Adequatio, The Affordable Care Act is a crock of shit written by the Republicans a decade or more prior in conjunction with insurance companies. The Obama Admin took it off the shelf, dusted it off, put a new cover on it and claimed it as its creation. Pointing to a poll that that indicates people like various aspects of the plan, doesn't mean they endorse the act in its entirety, especially if they are availed of all the facts and implications. Not to mention, polls are highly unreliable. I don't trust them, regardless of which side of the coin is proffering the results to score points. It's a business, and those who own the polling companies no that to keep their revenue streams flowing, they have to devise the questions in such a way that yields the response sought by those seeking the polling services. It's a conflict of interest just as public auditing is.

I like what this physician has to say about it, as well. It will do noting to improve health. Shouldn't that be the goal? Yet it's not, and that's very telling. The goal is to extend the life of a failing health insurance model another ten to twenty years maximum so the wealthy can continue to concentrate their wealth through backdoor taxes such as this.

There can be little doubt that we're in a health care crisis of massive proportions. The Affordable Health Care Act is the proposed solution, but to any person aware of the facts, it should be evident that so-called "ObamaCare" is NOT a viable solution.

Now that President Obama has won a second term, it is clear that the Affordable Care Act will be implemented in full force.

When this act was initially introduced, I described it as a mandatory tax despite the fact this was widely denied. Now it is widely accepted that the Affordable Health Care Act is indeed a mandatory insurance tax.

More importantly though, guaranteed health insurance does NOT equate to guaranteed health care. First of all, one of the key factors is access to health care providers, which is sorely lacking already.

Secondly, the Act will promote rather than solve the current problem of wasteful spending. If you didn't already know this, American medical care is the most expensive in the world. The U.S. spends more than twice as much on each person for health care as most other industrialized countries.

No strategies are included in the Act to actually prevent illness and reduce health care costs. Instead it expands an already flawed model of "care" that has been and continues to be one of the leading causes of death in the US!

There are dozens if not more of Nationalist movement all over the World. The Basques want out of Spain. The Scots out of Britain and so on. India alone probably has a dozen.

Race is taboo in Multicultistan? Really? Only for Whites. Hispanics, Asians, and Blacks are as self consciously racist as ever. What holds them together? Looting the volkgut of White America. Wait a litte longer and see how far their "unity" lasts once the volkgut is empty. The Grievance Coalition will come apart at the seams. It already is in SoCal. Mexicans are driving Blacks out in certain places.

Thank you. White MALE Power - the thing that builds Civilizations.


I'm glad you're still with us and that your acerbic sense of humor has not deserted you.

I concede I immediately flushed-through today the readers' comments' section and proceeded directly to the comment-input section. Maybe you have'nt noticed: Your readers tussle amongst themselves like school children on an unsupervised playground.

I rarely comment anymore in the "remarks column" on any website because the awful drivel generally precludes participation. Your readers' weekly comments, too, are becoming increasingly petty. Could you not clad your website with a unpaid graduate school intern who whilst s/he earns credits at school serves as a traffic guard on your website?

Or is there not some cheap software application available to you which traps/filters repeat offenders whose scurrilous remarks cheapen your website? A machine-generated message would go back to the offender's email which says, in effect, "Knock-it-off, or you won't have further posting privileges!" Sorry, Jim, but I think you need to exercise a little (perish the word) "control". Let your readers call you anything in any way; let them express any cockamamie idea in their noggins, but for gawd's sake stop them from throwing barbs at one another on your website and on your readers' time!

That's Communist thinking Be. And disengenuous to boot since Communist know how dumb the average person is. They just want the useful ******s to think they are Democratic. Why would they be? A tiny group overthrows a Country and then they're going to share power with a bunch a limps, gimps, and losers? You know how dumb the average guy or gal is? By definition half the population is even dumber. You've been sold a bill of goods.

We on the other hand will tell you up front what the situaiton is. Voting is for the qualified. And everyone else gest to live knowing that better men than themselves are on the case. I worked with a very intelligent woman. I asked her two days before the election who she was going to vote for. She hadn't made up her mind yet. She had a rich and busy life and didn't give a shit, but she couldn't admit that. She ended up voting for Obama based on his "I'm not a racist" speech. She is far from atypical. This is how people are. I asked my sister and with nervous pride she told she hadn't decided yet. She hadn't a clue and didn't want one. But the Pride! - no different than Eve's when beguiled by the Serpent.

"Gandhi had nothing to do with it."

Of course the celibate and inveterate brahmacharya advocate and racialist penpal of Hitler had a lot to do with Indian nationalism. Long live the nations, long live the race-protecting Vedas and Shastras, and may the brahmacharis preserve them.
and Taki mag article on the above.

I bought a wonderful little book at a library sale: The Gandhi Nobody Knows" by Richard Grenier. Seargent-Major Gandhi was a decorated veteran of the Kaffir Wars in South Africa. He fought with the British against the Blacks.

The popular image of Gandhi is distorted to the point of just being a lie.


You are a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Mom.

Don't worry about your son. He'll start leaning to the right in the fullness of time.

[Foregin] Affairs ..Is that the mag that had
Mc Namara writing about population control?
The Mc Namara who helped run the Vietnam war.

What do you know about Yogananda and Mother Hamilton? Or Yogi Ramaiah [of arizona, etc]?

The library did not want people to read that book.

Don't worry about your son. He'll start leaning to the right in the fullness of time.


Indeed. Get him out of the public schools and put him in private. If your husband works for HP, that shouldn't be an issue, and if he is in private, change schools. He needs to be taught to love God, his race, his nation and a women's proper place. We need strong, virulent, sometimes ruthless, warriors if we're going to weather the tsunami that approaches. Zinn is poisonous to this goal. And keep him away from the cannabis if you can. That gets them thinking too much, and we can't have any of that. This is an emergency. We need doers, not thinkers. We need people who are moral, who are conservative, but also who can kill. McCain has it right in this video segment.

the race-protecting Vedas and Shastras

Didn't the Vedas and Shastras result in the caste system? Is that what you would like to see in the USA: dark-skinned people in a role as inferiors to whites, subservient like untouchables?

We need people who are moral, who are conservative, but also who can kill.

LOL! You forgot the /sarcasm off

We need people like Arlo Guthrie in Alice's Restaurant:

And I went up there, I said, "Shrink, I want to kill. I mean, I wanna, I wanna kill. Kill. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead burnt bodies. I mean kill, Kill, KILL, KILL." And I started jumpin up and down yelling, "KILL, KILL," and he started jumpin up and down with me and we was both jumping up and down yelling, "KILL, KILL." And the sargent came over, pinned a medal on me, sent me down the hall, said, "You're our boy."

his nation and a women's proper place.


I think The Entity is on the sauce tonight. A little up thread I spotted no for know and noting for nothing. It is unusual for It to make such errors.

"After two days in the ICU, they sent me upstairs for one more night, and then I came home.
The feeling of having been hit by a truck and then having had my brains pulled out of my head through my nostrils is beginning to dissipate." -jhk-

Glad you're still among the living, JHK. And I appreciate your ability to take your medical (mis?) adventures and wrap them up in humor for us. Many happy returns, man!

Now, any of us who have spent much time involved with the healthcare system have our own misadventures to detail. And humor is almost always good - although some things medical are not funny worth a good goddamn until years after the fact, if even then.


Speaking of family, race, creed, religion - and all of the other things that so many posters here would like to torture, torment, and cause to vanish. - - - I've been spending the last several days taking care of my grandkids through a bout of the flu. And sorry, to all you idiots who wish otherwise - but the family is the basic unit of childcare throughout human history, and is unlikely to disappear.

Now, I'm not saying that the "nuclear/traditonal" family is looking that good right now.

But what is grandma looking after the kids while her daughter(s) Strip for Crack - if it is not a "Family?"

Similarly, a "village collective" is traditionally nothing more than a collection of closely related "families."

By the way - that's certainly where we're heading, again, if JHK's body of work proves out.


And who would willingly take care of sick children other than paid professionals, the oddly gifted, or "family," anyway????

I almost never get sick, btw. A lifetime around physically sick children and adults has rarely affected me. However, logically, there is a level of "viral insult" which will overwhelm the most robust immune system.

I discovered that level is to be found, for me, somewhere short of 5 days contact with two sick, coughing, and snotting little germ factories.

Oh well, family is worth it.
But influenza is not a good thing.

Don't forget Harold in "Harold and Maude" when Harold acts like a bloodthirsty liberal punk to get out of going to War. Instead he wanted to stay home to sack in with Maude.

Yesterday in the Financial Times of London I read about a huge new oil strike in the Gulf of Mexico. That was the headline, anyway. The story itself revealed an estimated 500m barrels of crude, in 6000 ft. of water, 29000 ft under the earth's crust. Seems remote and hard to get at to me, but its claimed they'll be pumping oil by 2018.

I wonder if it might be time to reconsider the theory of Peak Oil? The Financial Times is yet another publication that states the US is on the verge of energy independence. This concept is rather recent, but is already accepted orthodoxy almost everywhere. In contrast, when peak oil is mentioned at all, it is with derision.


Kyoo may or may not be a Racist. But he is definitely an Abelist, an Abelist being someone prejudiced against Disabled people. He thinks that short people should get to play Basketball; retards to be professors; incompetents to be promoted above the competent and so forth. He is in short, a Munster.

Or is that spelled Ableist? Abel asked Cain why he was upset at God since his offering was not his best. Offer your best, Abel said, and God will accept it. Cain responded by killing Abel. Cain is the ancestor of the Disableist Tribes.

"In the meantime, why do so many here have a problem with a poster such as Asoka/Adequatio, given the type of quality posting he is capable of making?" -bs-

I have a problem with the Resident Impediment because he's a racist, and because he wins praise from the likes of you and "carol" and many others ONLY because his racism goes in the "correct" direction.


And, buck, I thought you were smarter than this.
Saying of RI, "the type of quality posting he is capable of making..." while making direct reference to a plagiarized and unattributed post from said RI: That's pretty sad.

yeah, I know soaker - fetch. You're a liar.
And a racist. And a politically correct hater.

Speaking of that, I get a quarterly alumni letter from Colorado School of Mines, where my brother took courses as a Coast Guard Officer. Same thing; the main article was about America's pending energy independence, pending net exporter, producer of more oil than the Arabian peninsula and Russia etc., with the focus on the role in this bonanza by school of mine alums. This is accepted as fact now, without dispute.


"This is accepted as fact now, without dispute."

Yeah, I see stuff like this in the financial press, too. So what should we conclude?

1. Oil is flowing because price is now +/-$100/barrel. So there was a deliberate "conspiracy?" to deny all that oil was here in the US, until the price went high, permanently.
2. This oil is expensive to extract, therefore commercially viable at +100/barrel.


Either is possible. What I want to know is how large our reserves of $100/barrel oil ARE.

And what happens when it runs out for good.

Especially if that's 50 years from now, and the US population is 450,000,000 because - you know - the oil was never going to run out.


Guilty as charged I suppose, but that was not the quality post I was referring to. At any rate, why do you think I think racism should have a correct direction? It’s as if you don’t think I’ve ever felt the hate from an African-American, Asian or Latino because I’m a white dude. But I have felt it many times and, in all honesty, it didn’t feel like the hate that was motivated by historical factors: these racists hated me on a visceral level or at least that’s how it felt to me.

At any rate, the racist banter becomes almost comical and from all sides of the aisle. For example, a week or so ago Vlad was going on about Latino’s being recruited for a role in Homeland Security or some such thing. And some Latino/a folks I know on Facebook were lamenting the very same thing, except they were equating it with Nazi-Germany as in ‘first the come for the children’ !

yeah, I know soaker - fetch. You're a liar.
And a racist. And a politically correct hater.


Whatever. Good fetching, by the way!

I still love you, P4C, and wish you well in your recovery from the viral infection.

He is in short, a Munster.


He does have a certain cheese factor after you add the E.

And assuming a non-sustainable replacement fuel for fossil-fuels is found, what are we going to do when that fuel runs out. Think of the great-great-great grandchildren! Then when the substitute to the substitute runs out, what are we going to do then? Then when the substitute to the substitute to the substitute runs out? I don't have any problems in the present moment, breathing in, breathing out, so I really appreciate you finding me problems to worry about that are tens or hundreds of years into the future.
/sarcasm off

Elizabeth Warren was the only senator on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, aside from the chair and ranking minority, to show up at last Thursday's hearing on indexing the minimum wage to inflation. This was unfortunate for the two witnesses representing the National Restaurant Association in opposition of the idea, because it meant that every 15 minutes it was Warren's turn to ask questions again.

She carved them up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Has their association ever, in its history, supported an increase in the minimum wage, Warren asked — and if not, does that mean they believe it should still be one dollar an hour? Where, she inquired, had the extra $14.75 per hour gone, representing the difference since 1960 between increased worker productivity and the increase in the minimum wage? And which should we take as more meaningful, your speculation about what might happen at your store, or this study of what did happen at tens of thousands of companies in states that adopted minimum-wage indexing?

P4C: Fetch!

Lizzie is nothin' but a high falootin' overpaid and coddled legal windbag.

Stelmosfire, sorry you don't like Warren. She uses her expertise to take the big boys down a peg, by asking questions they cannot answer.

Like a trial lawyer exposing a witness's false alibi, Warren has used Banking Committee hearings to fluster Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Treasury and Comptroller executives, and a Securities and Exchange Commission nominee — and by proxy, Barack Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder, whose approach to financial institutions Warren viciously summed up as "too big for trial."

P4C: Fetch!

"Then when the substitute to the substitute to the substitute runs out? I don't have any problems in the present moment, breathing in, breathing out,"
-inadequatio, breathing-

Yeah, I've heard that about you.

A couple of kids would have done wonders for your understanding of how real humans think, you know?

It's been a blast discussing Plato, fascism, weeds, Senator Warren, the deficit, the Vedas, sustainable energy, meditation, etc. Pure leela.

Thanks to everyone (including Ozone) for playing!

Hey Soak, gold is heading north again. You really should buy some; I worry about you only living on $12,000 a year in a mud hut and having to use frequent flyer miles to get to Ecuador every year.

Oh, wait a minute! You're in Arlington, VA working for the Dept. of Defense. Nevermind.... You should tell us all just what your "desk jockey" job entails. I know it's going to be hard but don't lie to us this time. You've got to try! Try harder, Soak! Atta boy!

A couple of kids would have done wonders for your understanding...


I have two kids. I don't use them in CFN debates.

Seems to be that peak oil will be a function of price. The US oil use has dropped, both on a per capita basis and in total. Total US consumption recenttly dropped to less than 18 mbd from a high of 21.77. We will never run out of oil. Just affordable oil. At a million dollars a barrel, there's no telling how much could be harvested. Probably not a lot of demand for that.

There is a movement now to: "Keep the oil in the ground!" because if we were ever to use it we will destroy our ability to live on the planet. The only way we can survive is to: "Keep the oil in the ground!" I think many on this blog agree with that sentiment. Of course, others think oil is some kind of black gold, they think its consumption is a necessity, and they are oblivious to our doom if we take the oil out of the ground.

Seems to me we are damned if we do (ecologically) and damned if we don't (economically).

About Kriyananda and Ananda. It's funny and sad what happens in groups when the leader turns out to have moral failings. Ananda is growing by leaps and bounds these days but the denial about Kriyananda has been institutionalized in the group. Anyone who brings it up is ostrasized and looked at like they are the devil incarnate. At the same time some leaders within the group continue to put Kriyananda on ever higher pedestals claiming that he is a jivan mukta (perfected being, etc.) Kriyananda may well be genuinely in denial, too.

Same thing happens everywhere. When someone writes an expose about L. Ron Hubbard the Scientologists circle the wagons and vilify the bearer of bad, if accurate, news.

You are confusing me with Asoka, who no longer posts here.

The family is the root cause of all our neurosis.

Asoka, it is my observation that people like yourself who emerge into the world from dysfunctional (aka fucked up) families hold the same view that you expressed. It only makes sense that they would.

The hatred between a parent and child has an almost physical existence. I am thinking in particular of two female friends of my wife who hate their mothers and I believe the hatred is returned in kind.

Each of these women, in turn, have daughters with whom they do not get along. When I say "don't get along" I mean they have studiously avoided contact for many years. Both women are also divorced, one of them twice. But the feature about these two women that strikes me most is that both have officially changed their first and last names. This is the degree to which they want to distance themselves from their biological parents. Both also live more than 1000 miles distant from their parents.

Tell me truly Asoka, in your real (non-cyber) life do you still use the last name that appears on your birth certificate? Have you changed the name you go by either officially or unofficially?

No, we are damned if we do. We are NOT damned if we don't. We just have to change the American lifestyle to consume less. Changing and simplifying is actually a benefit in disguise. By consuming less we can improve our quality of life in non-energy-consuming activities. It's a win-win.

No, you are one and the same. And a lying weasel.
You have two kids now? And you used to tell us all again and again how you had a vasectomy to avoid having children. You have no shame and are a Certified Shithead.

Are you asking agent Asoka? Neither he nor K-Dog post here. Probably victims of a DoD furlough.

Asoka might have had a vasectomy. That is what he claimed. I am adequatio and have two kids.

Like I said, you're a liar and a Certified Shithead.

If you are right, then what does it say about you that you are bandwidth engaging a "liar and certified shithead"? Sheesh. Takes all kinds. --Adequatio

Let's all take Ozone's advice to stop mentioning Asoka. The sumbitch is capable of coming back with a vengeance as asoka (dot) (dot) (dot) (dot) with his thousands of posts a week.

Don't talk about the debbil, ozone advised us.

LOL! Ozone is right.


About health care:

If any new health care act is accompanied by a document that's over 2000 pages, it should be shitcanned on principal. Period. I don't care which party or ideology wrote the pages. If legislation is more than fifty pages, it's written by morons.


She carved them up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Has their association ever, in its history, supported an increase in the minimum wage, Warren asked

Too bad I wasn't there. I'd have affected a faux Andy Griffith politeness and said "well, no, ma'am, if you'll check the record you'll see that we've consistently said there shouldn't be any minimum wage at AT ALL. We feel this constant changing of government mandated minimum wages is just one more way you folks are encouraged to spend more than you take in and to cover the difference by inflating the money supply causing yet further inflation. Any fool, ma'am, can see where this leads. There is simply no stopping you folks. Seriously ma'am, isn't this perfectly obvious to you?

BT said:

Good points, but here's the problem. It's the system of perverse incentives. It's the corporate culture and in turn the government which jumps when the corporations tell them to jump, which is no longer functioning in balance. And we all suffer for it.

What was once a separation of organized crime and the government is now one and the same. Clearly you need to understand that if banks can launder drug money, crash economies on reckless behavior and jigger the Libor rates, and so far no arrests…well calling this operation "Murder Inc." a la Meyer Lansky is really not far off. Look at the never-ending wars...

No disagreement here, BT, but even you have to admit that most corporations are NOT financial entities. They make baby shampoo, macaroni and cheese, tires, windshields, MacIntosh's, light bulbs ... you get the idea.

ONLY the banking sector is freed from mark-to-market accounting and has "merged" with government in the largest mutual ass-kissing contest in world history.

However, we must not forget that corporations, most of which are small and have small profits, are the engines of hiring in any healthy country. To my mind, it is a very pernicious sign when it seems that public entities continue to hire mid-level bureaucrats at $150K+ salaries while retailers are hanging on for dear life because of the shrinking salaries and cash reserves of consumers.

It's easy to paint any type of entity, in this case the corporation, with the same broad brush. However, we shouldn't condemn them all just because 0.5% are monopolistic, corrupt oligopolies. Where would our country be right now if we didn't have companies and 100% of all hiring was public sector?


We feel this constant changing of government mandated minimum wages...


Mr. Andy Griffith, indentured servitude? Slavery? Are you advocating those? With no government protection of workers?

ONLY the banking sector is freed from mark-to-market accounting and has "merged" with government in the largest mutual ass-kissing contest in world history.


All the corporations that make baby shampoo, macaroni and cheese, tires, windshields, MacIntosh's, light bulbs, etc. depend upon government for an educated workforce, water fountains with potable water, an electrical grid infrastructure, a system of roads for transportation of goods, etc. Some of the biggest corporations, the ones that pay at minimum wage, also depend upon government for direct entitlement support like food stamps to compensate for shit wages. Often corporations receive direct government support through knowledge gained through research grants, DoD contracts, etc.

It's not only the banking sector that benefits from government.

Warren has used Banking Committee hearings to fluster Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

You got it backwards Asoka.

I watched the Warren - Bernanke exchange (I think it was about two weeks ago) and in my judgement it was Warren who was flustered. She voiced a long winded question which, by her demeanor, she felt had nailed Ben's hide to the wall. Ben smiled slightly and began his reply calmly saying "well, of course everything you say is incorrect" (there was a modest gasp from the onlookers) and then he proceeded to explain WHY it was incorrect.

Asoka, give up your wet dream about Warren in 2016...ain't gonna happen.

This is adequatio replying to you. As someone who is supposedly tuned to language and speech patterns, you should have picked up on Bernanke's discomfort at being questioned by Senator Warren. I have bolded the words for you.

When repeatedly pressed by Warren, Bernanke's confidence seemed to waver.

"The subsidy is coming because of market expectations that the government would bail out these firms if they failed," Bernanke said. "Those expectations are incorrect. We have an orderly liquidation authority. Even in the crisis, we -- uh, uh -- in the cases of AIG, for example, we wiped out the shareholders..."

"Excuse me, though, Mr. Chairman," Warren said. "You did not wipe out the shareholders of the largest financial institutions, did you, the big banks?

"Because we didn't have the tools," Bernanke replied. "Now we could -- now we have the tools."

Later, when pressed again by Warren, Bernanke suggested that the government's tools to wind down a big bank that is failing were still a work in progress -- or at least that financial markets have not yet been convinced of their power.

"Some of these rules take time to develop -- um, uh, the orderly liquidation authority, I think we've made progress on that," he said. "We've got the living wills -- I think we're moving in the right direction ... We do have a plan, and I think it's moving in the right direction."

"Any idea about when we're gonna arrive in the right direction?" Warren said.

"It's not a zero-one kind of thing," Bernanke stammered in response. "Over time we will see increasing, uh, increasing market expectations that these institutions can fail."

Funny you can be irritated by adolescent girls' speech patterns, but only have admiration for Bernanke.

Mr. Andy Griffith, indentured servitude? Slavery? Are you advocating those? With no government protection of workers?

I'll be glad to answer your ^question^ AFTER you answer mine. Have you changed the last name you go by either officially or unofficially?

Good night, Kyoo.


Why do only jews get to be fed head? Can't find any drunk micks who can run a printing press?

Do you believe you are the product of a dysfunctional family or do you believe your family is average... no more dysfunctional than the average family... which would mean that the term dysfunctional is over-used and in fact meaningless?

Of course, I could never know for sure but I DO think you are what psychologists scientifically term as "messed up" and I think it very likely stems back to something awry in your family.

Good night, Kyoo.

Good. Gooood. Prison Industries pay something like .50 an hour. It's a race to the bottom with this kind of Capitalism. How decent men like you and E can support is the great Mystery. All of America is going to become more and more like these Prison Industries: our schools, jobs, families, streets, etc. Cameras and Cops everywhere.

A possible answer: Ideology. You think an Ideology like Libertarianism obviates the need for morality. And then the Mythical Aspect of this Quasi-Religion: the Invisible Hand that smooths the furrowed brows and levels the injustices. If one just BELIEVES, there is no need for Morality, the Dialectic, I mean the Invisible Hand will do it all for you. Yes Marxism has no morality either - same reliance of moonshine.

Only time will tell if we become net energy exporters or if no peak oil ever occurs. We use around 20 million barrels a day and the world around 85 million. A 500 million barrel discovery is just a 25 day supply for us and a 6 day supply for the world.

World oil usage of 85 million barrels a day comes out to around 30 billion barrels a year, plus or minus, which means that just to extend world oil supply for 1 year requires 60 such massive discoveries you speak of. Does the Earth have enough oil available for an extended period of time, say 30 years? That would require one trillion barrels. And that number is just for today's rate of usage. What about when 8 or 9 billion people are on the Earth and current 3rd world countries modernize and require more and more oil?

I'm not a doom and gloomer and I don't know what the outcome will be, but I believe we have to seriously look at what the numbers imply.

BTW, a shale oil and/or gas well (I'm not sure if well is the right word) seems not to last that long, so while we may possibly become energy independent, that period of time will probably be no more than 5 or10 years. And by basic economic principles and through political manipulation, the cost of energy will greatly rise.

Of course, a technophile like me (unlike the typical doom-mongering Ludditic - if there's such a word - CFNer) believes that we will find abundant new energy sources.

I think it very likely stems back to something awry in your family

Kyoo, you are trying to make this personal when the facts are public and show that family is a source of widespread social problems (rampant child abuse, stress/illness, divorce, domestic violence, teenage runaways, alcoholism and drug abuse, etc.)

The family is the unit which perpetuates divisions of nationalism, race and religions -- all of the things that are most ugly. The family does the work of transmitting loyalty to all these things.

Once the family goes, the destructive "family values" it instills will be gone -- patriotism, belief in a fictitious God, reliance upon instilled conscience instead of intelligent consciousness.

It is not about MY family or my psyche. The family as an institution enforces a divisive identity onto EVERY child.

we will find abundant new energy sources.

Unless those new sources are low or zero-emission, and sustainable/renewable, we are still fucked if we don't voluntary create demand destruction by reducing/eliminating "excess discretionary energy consumption" (tm Budizwiser).

The family as an institution enforces a divisive identity onto EVERY child.

Perhaps one of the greatest crimes committed by the family is that the family does not help the child to really inquire. Family teaches BELIEFS, which are poisonous to one's real intelligence, to a real search. It makes search unnecessary. The family conditions a child to a certain religious ideology, philosophy, atheism, political dogma, class interest, theory. The child is so innocent and dependent that he cannot say no. The child is so helpless that it has to agree with whatever nonsense the family is teaching. Once conditioned, the child moves into every inquiry with prejudices, presuppositions, with an a priori conclusion. Everyone is subtly forced to be according to the ideas of others: Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Communist. The child comes with intelligence to see things, but the family makes the child mediocre. The family grinds down the child's troublesome intelligence. The family wants someone ready to be obedient, to follow, to imitate, to reflect well on the family, to be "well brought up," "don't disappoint your mother." A true full individualism cannot emerge in history until the sense of identification with one set of parents is lessened in society by structuring in wider childhood contacts in an extended, communal family.

P4C: Fetch!

I think it very likely stems back to something awry in your family

The basic structure of the family is POSSESSIVENESS. The husband and wife possess each other and they both possess the children. The moment you possess a human being you have taken away dignity, freedom, his or her basic humanity. The family destroys that which is unique and beautiful. The family is a golden cage.

You're not fooling anyone. It's obvious to everyone here so why do you keep lying? Stop the charade and tell the truth for once in your life.

I think it very likely stems back to something awry in your family

The family is the incarnation of THE AMBITIOUS LIFE. Parents want the child to have a better life than they had. It compares generations. The family teaches the child to compare grades with others or with yourself, to be competitive. The parents vicariously live out their ambitions in the child's achievements. They give their children their heritage of unfulfilled desires, the incomplete ambitions. But ambition and ego at some point bar the way to happiness, especially spiritual happiness. Yet, most often, the family neglects meditation and teaches the child to get good grades, "to be somebody," to "make a name for himself," which leads to sacrifices, jealousy, stress, etc. Then life becomes a tension, a struggle, not a rejoicing. The need to fight forces you into roles, falsity, pretending. This living in your social mask saps your juice, your joy, and leaves only dead people, skeletons, fighting for power, position, money. Life becomes a battlefield. And THAT is how messed up families are.

P4C: Fetch!

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Tomorrow I will see if I can give you some links,
for you and yr daughter to read.

The family is the unit which perpetuates divisions of nationalism, race and religions -- all of the things that are most ugly. The family does the work of transmitting loyalty to all these things.

A Beast of Norway! Thule is the once and future Home of the White Race. It could be anywhere, but North by Northwest is best.

Yes, all Culture is transmitted via the Family, thus its importance. Memes follow Genes. Thus the Left has to destroy the Family and then try and become the Family. A fatuous and vile dream. Boys without Fathers tend to become monsters. And the Left needs good little boys not monsters. You are in the white water headed for the rocks.

Steel Toe Boot Reviews

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In case you were wondering, I don't use the sarcasm button because I am sarcasm. The name comes from a play that is overflowing with satirical sarcasm.

Anyway, you raise a good point with your sarcasm. They're using the Hegelian dialectic, and this is not to say that there aren't problems, that we live in a world of infinite resources, but what it does say is the concern expressed is fabricated. You can sense it. These are not nice people. They are not concerned. They're angry and hateful and they seek revenge. I do believe a number of them beckon a collapse because they know they are miserable sots, and they want the rest humanity to suffer with them.

Remember, Georgia Militia Man made much of his dough selling pool chemicals. POOL CHEMICALS!! That, along with cheap illegal immigrant labor, as much as anything enabled suburbia, the very thing that is lamented here day in and day out. His standard of living today is a direct result of the success of the suburbia he enabled, and now that he has his literal pot of gold, he wants to deny the younger generations their chance, and he hides this controlling sadism behind a cloak of concern for the future.

Maybe this exhibited angst from this generation has to do with their inability, collectively, to deal constructively with their mortality and their exasperation with a world that is changing so fast and furiously they can't psychically keep up with it. So they whine and stomp their feet like helpless children; slapping, biting and scratching out of frustration because they can't control their environment or their impulses.

Grow up and live with it. You can't control it. It's beyond your grasp. You're going to die. Accept it, and get the hell out of the way for the next wave. You've had your chance. Let it go.

Once again, you point to a false left/right dualism. Neither destroyed the family because there is no left/right beyond the propaganda; brought to you by Corporatism. It's consumer culture that destroys the family. Baubles replace friends, family, tribe and community and i-everything has taken it to a whole new level. In a sense, when you think it through to its roots, it's those who think they are right wingers, who call themselves conservatives that have enabled this the most with their patriotic support of the so-called "free market" and their unflagging faith in the Corporation and the profit motive. Style and technology, the hallmarks of consumer culture must change for change's sake so the generations can increasingly have nothing in common, thus fracturing the natural biological bonding process. If any of you are invested in corporations, you are most egregiously guilty of destroying everything you self-righteously claim to hold so dear. The hypocrisy is palpable.

There's really only one way the U.S. could be energy independent as they claim, and that's if the population is reduced to approximately twenty million in very short order. Hmmmmm, something to think about. Even so, who cares? Not me. Not anymore. And even if it's true, look on the bright side. You won't have to suffer with this persistent angst any longer and JHK gets to dodge those outrageous medical bills he'll be receiving.

This is an example of conceding nothing. You won't even admit the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act is as I described even though it's a verifiable fact. You cling to right wing deception, and that makes me question your credibility and motivation. It wasn't written by morons. It was written by Sophists for morons.


We're in agreement there too. Of course I like companies that produce real things, I'm complaining about those monopolies that are not concerned with their product because they are operating in the extraction model, which uses the government for tax breaks and other perks.

I did not mean to imply that I think the govt should act as employer of 300 million people. I'm only pointing out that for the extractioners, hiring human resources gets in the way of their profits.

Those entities also like way because it's a cash cow for them. Monsanto gets around that way and so does GE. That's why they can't wait to have one with Syria and Iran....

For conventional corporations, I have no beef with them.

Those entities also like war....

sorry about that. My cat stepped on my answering machine, really!

My cat stepped on my answering machine, really!


Another one with a cat. This, as much as anything, is a reason for collapse; the domestication of animals, but particularly cats. Ailurophiles are introverts who hate people, so they spend much of their time online goring the extroverts as their nasty felines spray the house and everything in it with toxoplasma gondii (no relation to the Indian Fascist).

The parasite spends its latent period in various warm-blooded animals. When in rats, the germ shows an unsettling control of the rodent mind. Normally, rats avoid cat urine, but when they are infected by Toxoplasma gondii, the rodents seem to find the pee irresistible, which presumably helps the rats and the parasites end up in a cat's gut.

Scientists knew the parasite could threaten the lives of unborn children in the wombs of pregnant women, as well as patients whose immune systems are weakened due to HIV infection. Disturbingly, there are signs Toxoplasma gondii might have broader effects on humanity — for instance, the germ has been linked with neuroticism and schizophrenia. [The 10 Most Diabolical & Disgusting Parasites]

But until now, scientists hadn't suspected it was linked to brain cancer.

No wonder Q-Schmuck's No. 2 son dumpster-dives. I bet Q-Muenster did similar things to his children. You're right, adequation, the conventional notion of family has to go. It's the highest order of tyranny.

Worried about their 13-year-old daughter's increasingly disrespectful behavior, Gentry and Renee Nickell of Crestview, Florida, decided to make her punishment humiliating and public. On Saturday, the teen (whose name has not been released) spent 90 minutes standing at a busy intersection with a hand-written sign describing her sins.

It read: "I’m a self-entitled teenager w/no respect for authority. I’m also super smart, yet I have 3 'D’s' because I DON’T CARE."

So-called conservatives are all about raising corporate slaves. Instead of teaching their children to fish, they send them to be taught to wipe the asses of corporate executives without even being able to wipe their own. It's sad, but true.

CD THANKS for the alternative view. The facts point to an economic recovery. 12 consecutive months of increases in home sales prices; 3 year high in sales volume ... and housing ... both existing and new ... represents recovery in many sectors. Housing related spending represents 25 to 30 per cent of the economy.

Can we define recovery? Does it imply we're on the road again to infinite growth? Or does it mean a recovery of home values to levels prior to the Great Recession? I believe what we're seeing are fits and starts in a permanent contraction, meaning their will be peaks and valleys on the slope down. The peaks will appear as roads to recoveries, but in time the bottom will drop out again and there will be a return to the valley. The trajectory is most assuredly down, though, not up. I don't say this because I'm concerned. Remember, not me, not anymore, but I mention it because it's an easy extrapolation when you consider ALL things. I'm not lamenting days gone by, and I'm not beckoning a world made by hand, I'm just stating a neutral observation with no particular agenda or ax to grind. Here's an article that is simple, yet balanced. It's very difficult to find impartiality on this topic, or most any topic these days. Most, if not all, analysis is replete with left/right agitprop.

This week, optimists had no trouble finding fresh evidence to suggest that the housing market is recovering.

On Thursday, they learned from a Realtors' report that existing home sales hit the highest level in more than 3 years. And earlier this week, a Commerce Department report showed homebuilding permits have been rising at the quickest pace since June 2008.

But not everyone is convinced that the sector's momentum has staying power. Skeptics point to reasons why the housing sector might falter, just as it has several times over the past six years.

If the optimists and pessimists had to face off in front of a judge, these are the exhibits they might enter as evidence:

So this is why I had to learn this ballad in the confines of my childhood, ignorance is bliss...

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones,
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones,
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones,
Now shake dem skeleton bones!

The toe bone's connected to the foot bone,
The foot bone's connected to the ankle bone,
The ankle bone's connected to the leg bone,
Now shake dem skeleton bones!

The leg bone's connected to the knee bone,
The knee bone's connected to the thigh bone,
The thigh bone's connected to the hip bone,
Now shake dem skeleton bones!

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones,
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones,
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones,
Now shake dem skeleton bones!

The hip bone's connected to the back bone
The back bone's connected to the neck bone,
The neck bone's connected to the head bone,
Now shake dem skeleton bones!

The finger bone's connected to the hand bone,
The hand bone's connected to the arm bone,
The arm bone's connected to the shoulder bone,
Now shake dem skeleton bones!

Dem bones, dem bones gonna walk around
Dem bones, dem bones, gonna walk around
Dem bones, dem bones, gonna walk around
Now shake dem skeleton bones!

Oh and almost forgot, welcome back to the living you ole boney bastard!

UFIA, you sez:
"I've long viewed Rose's show as an announcement platform for the agenda of TPTB - a conversation amongst decision makers of what is actually going to happen, whether public support exists or not."

Perhaps it's just me, but I happen to think it important to scratch for motivations. The link between the opinion-shapers and the infotainment industry is the perfect marriage. Both are now (quite transparently) selling shit, and the general populace no longer has the wit or will to resist.

M. (ComradeDystopia) pokes this bear very effectively, trying to get folks to review the headwaters of their "understandings".

We should remember that Recovery was "just around the corner" from the Crash of '29 until the industrial ramp-up of WW2 munitions (etc.).
That was during a period of endless, cheap raw materials. Make no mistake, it'll be tried again, but the materials ain't gonna be so cheap this time around and it's going to be a tumble down a long staircase, with no LONG-TERM recovery. There is no deviation from the worship of Mammon, so everything will be burned through in service of profit. (Don't forget, the FUSA is on a permanent war-time footing right now. Ramping the industrial production up to waste on a MAJOR conflict will be the final hammer-stroke on the stake driven through the heart of large-scale extractive schemes. That's when we'll find out what "commodities" really are, and financial trickery will be a highly dangerous pursuit.)

Time frame for the completion/crash of this continuing (and seemingly, unstoppable) dumbfuckery? Ask the occultists; their guess is as good as anyone's. As you point out, whatever needs a distractionary element or prompting into consciousness can easily be pasted into the infotainment paradigm. Seems that the spinning, legerdemain and papering-over has been shifted into a higher gear lately, doesn't it?
Don't wait too long to make some kind of preparations; I think the velocity of lies and meaningless distractions are a good indicator of how much time this particular clusterfuck has remaining.

Did this guy teach at your daughters alma mater?
Hes the quintessential Feminazi, Trans gender
advocate. [and pedophile!]

I remember him from my own undergrad days,
from the child psych text.

Money claimed that media response to the exposé was due to right-wing media bias and "the antifeminist movement."

Why would Schlumberger Ltd. be "schluming" in a place like Jim's blog?

...And you looky-loos over at LLNL - BREAK'S OVER! Get back to work; the enemies of the empire are proliferating exponentially!

...And Direct Energy? Nothing threatening to see here. What; you no longer believe the pronouncements of the board of directors?

(Now either these entities have been infected with moles and disloyal infidels, or they're desperately casting about for a sense of the current zeitgeist. "How worried should we be about the disaffection of the lumpenprole, and how might we better shape their perceptions?")

I agree. Most likely, as Carol stated, the route to demand destruction will be via population destruction.

Every living organism produces energy, which is ultimately released into the environment and affects the ecosystem, which is marvlelously intricate. Therefore, with large increases in human population, more and more energy is being released into the ecosystem, affecting its characteristics and requiring adjustments by the entire biosphere. In other words, no matter how energy conserving we become, as long as our population continues to grow we can't help but change the Earth's ecosystem negatively as far as Homo Sapiens is concerned.

The changes to our environment will result in a drastic human population decrease unless we figure out a way to control our human-produced energy. Our ability to do this is very doubtful; it would require technology pretty far advanced compared to our present level (Google Dyson spheres).

In the meantime, to effect the survival of our species, development of new energy sources will be necessary. I don't think it matters how clean this energy is because without it, we will surely destroy ourselves through wars fought over steadily diminishing resources. I know that seems contradictory, but it really isn't. It's not unlike taking out money from your 401(k) to survive. You really don't want to do it, but you need to in order to buy time while you look for new ways to produce an income.

The whole point of finding new energy sources is to avoid nuclear war. That leaves nature to deal with our overpopulation. Nature's war of attrition against us would be much less harsh than what we'd do to ourselves.

Once nature forcibly reduces our population to environmentally sustainable numbers, we will have the time to advance our technology to that level where we can handle energy flows effectively.

It's gonna be touch and go. And very painful.

Subramunya and Rudi had much in common!


"Seems that the spinning, legerdemain and papering-over has been shifted into a higher gear lately, doesn't it?
Don't wait too long to make some kind of preparations; I think the velocity of lies and meaningless distractions are a good indicator of how much time this particular clusterfuck has remaining."

On that note, happy to report that I got some seeds started for our 9 raised beds this Spring. We live in a particularly dry climate and have rather poor, shale laden soil, but I trucked in some rich mountain dirt and compost when building the beds. I installed a decent little irrigation system, too. Just purchased some azomite for this year's planting, but things turned out so nicely last year without any additives. We'll see how it goes. However, this little garden along with a limited stock of dry goods won't amount to squat in any serious situation. Funds to do much more just don't exist, so I've probably become over attune to trying to gauge the velocity of the coming train. For now, everyone in my household simply works diligently and hopes that some post-graduation current paradigm opportunities arise. Oh, watched a stupid episode of Doomsday Preppers last night where a guy was packin' up the wife and three kids to expatriate to Costa Rica. In the interim, he was acclimating his 2 little girls and older boy to the idea of eating worms, crickets, and scorpions if necessary. The expressions on the little 4 year old twin's faces were priceless. The thought of living in a tropical climate at first glance seems pretty appealing - a way to escape the continued status quo existence that could remain the state of things here for quite some time, collapse fears aside. Spring type weather year round, and a shit ton of rain to water crops seems like paradise to me. Everything else over there seems like a hell of a gamble, though - cultural differences, unfamiliar politics, etc.

Anyhow, the hyperbole this week was absolutely fascinating, but it seems to be dying down a bit for the weekend. You're right though, predicting anything out of that set of distractions is near impossible. It'll just happen when it happens.


Carol said:

So-called conservatives are all about raising corporate slaves. Instead of teaching their children to fish, they send them to be taught to wipe the asses of corporate executives without even being able to wipe their own. It's sad, but true.

This is totally off the wall and your only substantiation is ONE ANECDOTE?? Where did you learn to reason?

You're mistaking the sons and daughters of conservatives for the sons and daughters of the RICH ... of either political persuasion. I think most people's observations are that the progeny of the rich are mandarins who can't "wipe their own asses".

I live in Palo Alto whose citizens are 68% registered Democrats and these kids are spoiled rotten and have no manual skills at all. Finally, one anecdote does not prove ANY point no matter what it is.



"The family is the unit which perpetuates divisions of nationalism, race and religions -- all of the things that are most ugly. The family does the work of transmitting loyalty to all these things."

The very body is made up of divisions, elsewise it would be a blob. A cell has a cell wall. To merge with the 7 billion would be unsatisfactory and undesirable even if this perversity were possible. The family is where a child is truly taken care of. Nobody is willing to sacrifice more or give more, to a child, than its parents. To rob children of that love, identity, and belonging is a criminal impulse.

Loyalty is good. A human being is fortunate to have enough genuine belonging that he also feels loyalty to a few people and a few entities. The cultivation of loyalty -- closely related to faith and bhakti -- is a fortunate thing. And loyalty to real people who are close and known is far more satisfying, affecting, and human than loyalty to an abstraction.

I hope that should you have a child some day a statish demon comes and takes him/her from you. You already deserve that heartbreak for all the ignorance and ugliness you promote.

Can we define recovery?

I could make a long list of concrete indicators that we are in a slow economic recovery (getting back to par is not to be confused with "growth"), but then Eleuthero5 would come back and talk about abstract things like "the speed of money" and swear we are in the New Great Depression, and scream in all caps IT'S CRUNCH TIME! (as he did long ago about the Euro), with the collapse of the world "just around the corner." Sigh.

In fact, loyalty is blissful. Since God is defined as bliss in the Upanishads (and thus obviously God exists), loyalty helps bring a person more of that God that Inadequatio things does not exist. The Blissful Lord is far superior to Inadequatio's false god of drugs, science, monopolistic government, One Wurld Wombat Fake Fambly. These gives no genuine bliss, no satisfaction, or even human protection.

Loyalty to family, tribe, race, and nation is one of the ancient human things that give Bliss. Aum, Amen.

[thinks does not exist.]

You already deserve that heartbreak

I deserve the bliss I feel. The universe is simply set up that way ... as satchitananda. Go back and re-read the Vedas. Or sing yourself to sleep with some more bhakti chants.

You were born into a family, but this is not you, it has happened to you, an event outside of you. Of course somebody has given a name to you; it has its utility, but the name is not you. Of course you have a form, but the form is not you; the form is just the house you happen to be in. --Osho

If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple. --Jesus Christ

Family? Meh.

Well, last nights post by BTBill, P2C, Ozone and CN confirms there are still individuals here concerned about 'peak oil' and its ramifications. Is it real? Is it a red herring? Why isn't it discussed in the larger media? And when it is discussed why is it ridiculed as a theory. There is so much on the news now about an oil glut and coming oil independence I don't even bring it up anymore outside this site. People look at me like I'm nuts.

I get to read all the papers that come thru our plant -- WSJ, Financial Times, Investors Business Dailey -- publications without an axe to grind. The energy situation is not high on the list of any of these. If a true emergency did exist, a long emergency, would not they be all over it? A few have mentioned -- in passing -- the link between $147 oil in '07 and the financial collapse in '08. That's about it. Everything else is politics and high finance.


They're baaa-ack.
DoD just checked in.
WTF? How are we expected to run an empire with this kind of rampant incompetence? You'd think that encryption might be a priority; either that, or hubris now dictates a complete loss of CYA or give-a-shit.

Cue the shade of Chalmers Johnson...

Search me, CD.
Perhaps if it's not "in print", it doesn't exist? (Hear, speak and see no evil?)

And as we've all witnessed, real wealth is generated by shuffling pieces of paper and electronic bytes around. ;o)

None of this nonsense you harp is worthy of bold, Inadequatio.

Comrade, the mainstream media appears to be asleep. It is a scientific fact that 'Peak Oil' is happening in our lifetime, not the great-grandkids lifetime.

The stuff is getting harder and harder to get at. Production rates will drop due to increasing capillary pressure in rock deposits, and new discoveries will be unable to compensate for the additive drop in production rates. At the same time, more planetary population means a global increase in energy consumption. It is to be expected that the discrepancy between production and demand (heat, mobility, oil-based chemicals) will lead to political destabilization not only between the 'industrial' and 'developing' nations, but also in democratic systems. Like the biblical 'mene tekel', 'Peak Oil' may be interpreted psychoanalytically as another ecological omen which should arouse civilization to ward off coming disaster. Up to now, psychoanalysts have dealt only sparingly with this perspective. The wake-up call of scientists and publicists in certain media has prompted little reaction among consumers and decision-makers. Instead, utopian and/or apocalyptic visions of the future are the order of the day. In correspondence with the Airbus motto: 'We must use the air to preserve the earth', a project of the Max Planck Society is working on 'flying automobiles'. What we are witnessing is a collective manic denial with splitting of the ego. It may be asked to what extent the psychoanalytic method - in matters of ecological reality - runs the risk today of entering into collusion with the above-mentioned collective denial, instead of working through it lege artis on the basis of the reality principle.

P4C: Fetch!

Thanks for sharing your opinion, a strange one for someone who claims to honor the guru principle.

To me, the real culprit is overpopulation, which generates a lot of secondary problems that we see around us today, like expensive energy, oil wars, etc.

There is a population limit, but it doesn't look like we're going to hit that. Projections right now are that, by the middle of this century, world population will peak between 9 billion and 10 billion, and then start to decline. In fact, we'll be talking much more about the graying of civilization, and perhaps underpopulation -- too-low birthrates on a current trend.

As for CD's concern about peak oil, when we consider all the fossil fuels that humanity uses today -- all the oil, coal, natural gas, and so on -- it pales in comparison to a much larger resource, all around us, which is the amount of energy coming in from our Sun every day.

The amount of energy from sunlight that strikes the top of the atmosphere is about 10,000 times as much as the energy that we use from fossil fuels on a daily basis. Ten seconds of sunlight hitting the Earth is as much energy as humanity uses in an entire day; one hour of sunlight hitting the Earth provides as much energy to the planet as a whole as humanity uses from all sources combined in one year.

This is an incredibly abundant resource. It manifests in many ways. It heats the atmosphere differentially, creating winds that we can capture for wind power. It evaporates water, which leads to precipitation elsewhere, which turns into things like rivers and waterfalls, which we can capture as hydropower.

But by far the largest fraction of it -- more than half -- is photons hitting the surface of the Earth. Those are so abundant that, with one-third of 1% of the Earth's land area, using current technology of about 14%-efficient solar cells, we could capture enough electricity to power all of current human needs.

Yes, happy reportage!
We did well with getting most of our veggie input from our own growing and canning from last season.
I can certainly commiserate with you on soil conditions. Ours is a nice mix of rocks, sand, and some more rocks. ;o) Gotta build actual arable soil our own selves. Tripp turned me on to this most excellent book for a beginning understanding of what's in soil and how these organisms interact. Very illuminating!

(Sorry for the amazon advert; it can be had elsewhere.)

I'm thinking the lateness and coldness of this spring might be good for suppressing some of the massive fungal attacks of last year. Seed-spilling time is always uplifting as it's just a little something whereby we can reconnect ourselves to nature and watch its' workings. Fill them flats!
Best of luck; gotta git. (I'll look for you by using Firefox's "find" feature. Easy peasy.)

I took a class with Chalmers Johnson at SDSU. Great guy!

Ideas are the ultimate resource. One thing that people don't appreciate very much is that wealth has been decoupling from physical resource use on this planet. Energy use per capita is going up, CO2 emissions per capita have been going up a little bit, but they are both widely outstripped by the amount of wealth that we're creating. That's because we can be more efficient in everything -- using less energy per unit of food grown, and so on. Give the credit to ideas.

This might sound extremely counterintuitive, but let me give you one concrete example of how that happens. Compare the ENIAC -- which in the 1940s was the first digital computer ever created -- to an iPhone. An iPhone is billions of times smaller, uses billions of times less energy, and has billions of times more computing power than ENIAC.

If you tried to create an iPhone using ENIAC technology, it would be a cube a mile on the side, and it would use more electricity than the state of California. And it wouldn't have access to the Internet, because you'd have to invent that, as well.

This is what I mean when I say ideas are the ultimate resource. The difference between an ENIAC and an iPhone is that the iPhone is embodied knowledge that allows you to do more with less resources. That phenomenon is not limited to high tech. It's everywhere around us.

So ideas are the ultimate resource. They're the only resource that accumulates over time. Our store of knowledge is actually larger than in the past, as opposed to all physical resources.

Ooops! I forgot to cite source of my previous post (for the benefit of P4C). He has been such a good doggie, I don't want to overburden him on fetching.

Taking the wife and kids to a folk concert. Out till Monday. It's been absolutely divine!

IIIIII knowed it, knowed it,
Indeed I knowed it bro-ther,
I note it, wheee,
Dem bones are gonna rise again.

What a throwback. The "wife and kids." Don't ya know that your kids belong to everybody and you should be taking somebody else's kids to the concert instead? You should leave your kids somewhere and take some poor inner city kids to the concert instead. We are going to report you to Homeland Sicksurety to tell them you have retrograde family identifications.

Disgusting evil hypocrite.

Yes, the so called Right is destroying the family as well by their lifestyle. Imagining allowing children to watch TV or use the computer unsupervised. Imagine sending your children to "public school". And then they wonder why they don't know their children or why their children don't like them! Thus the Left and Right converge as all that descends must. Parallel lines meet at Infinity.

"Thanks for sharing your opinion, a strange one for someone who claims to honor the guru principle."

Honoring the guru principle has nothing to do with attacking all naturalness and working to orphan children or bereave mothers. You are sick.

CD, I hang my hat on nothing, and keep an open mind. In otherwords, I think the worst and usually get something better than that. Peak Oil's no different. I have considered it a strong possibility for some time now, but if it doesn't pan out as described, I'll be pleasantly surprised. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they've gamed this whole thing all along for more profits and in several years let it leak out that oil really is abiotic and not ancient sunlight. I am not saying I believe the thesis per the following link, but I consider all sources and all information. I'm keeping this one filed away as remotely possible, because anything's possible when you're interpreting shadows on the wall of this cave we call our world.

It said he was open about it. Does that mean there was no abuse?

A Coven has 13 in it. 12 Disciples and one Devil in imitation of Christ and the 12. No doubt fiendish things happen on the "non-existent" 13th floor in many office buildings.

Inadequatio quotes, of all people, the crimial and criminal crud Osho for his guidance. Even the Indian darling Krishnamurti described the dharma-killing Osho as a "criminal." By their fruits ye shall know them.

Osho was kicked out of the country by Reagan and had to wander far and wide in his big jet because no country would take him. Ramakrishna said that a true saint is never humiliated. Prior to that the spacesuit-wearing pimp had had to flee his own country of India because of his shenanigans and mooning out the window.

He created an following in America among the gullible by running a brothel. Easy to do.

He was addicted to a number of drugs. Hardly the mark of a sage or yogi.

He had chronic health problems, hardly the mark of a sage.

One of his addictions was nitrous oxide, which he had administered to him illegally by a follower who was a dentist. Thus he could have a 'blissful' mein when going out in front of his audience to snow them one more time.

Osho pretended to respect Buddha, though Buddha demanded celibacy from his monks and would have had nothing to do with Osho.

Osho worked to destroy the family, even though the hypocrite Inadequatio enjoys his family. Had Inadequatio and his wife been at the Osho compound, his wife would have aborted Inadequatio's progeny. He advocated abortions for all his female whore-disciples, much to their grief and sorrow in later years. And look at Inadequatio enjoying going to a concert with his wife and progeny. Yet he advocates Osho family-death for the rest of us.

I have known a great many former Rajneesh and Osho people, including those who lived at "Rajneeshpuram" in Oregon. Without exception they were without exception without light, spent, aged before their time. There was not an attractive human being among them. The men; all their ojas was gone. They never "transcended" sex addiction but were always spoiling to get some new orgy going. They never matured or touched the mystic. The women were inevitably childless and mateless. And sad, because women by-and-large require both for happiness and fulfillment. They were robbed of both mystical fulfillment and human fulfillment my Osho. And most women prefer human fulfillment to mystical fulfillment.

A real sage restates, revivifies, and firms up the ancient truth.

"No Saint comes to the world with a new teaching or philosophy; he brings the same ancient wisdom."
Maharaj Charan Singh, Sikh Guru, From "Divine Light," p. 144

"They [the sages] conduct themselves in the everyday life in accordance with the time-hallowed rules of conduct..."

"He should be known as the killer of the Brahman, who is a renegade beyond the pale of all recognized schools of thought."

The Jivan-Mukti-Viveka of Sri Vidyaranya, The Theosophical Publishing House, p. 170, p. 218

A sage supports and affirms human naturalness and human happiness. Creating children, having a mate, and raising your children with love and sacrifice is human naturalness and gives profound human happiness. Thus yogis and saints always support the natural human family and natural human ties and affections.

You don't think he had any Shakti, early on at least? Not later of course when he became pathetic.

His bodyguard once walked in on him while taking Nitrous. He was saying over and over again, "I'm so bored. I'm so bored." Bet he isn't bored now....! Heaven begins here on Earth - and so does Hell.

You have some interesting insights on child rearing, Julian - like leaving your children in the care of others while taking 'poor inner city kids' to the concert, and whatnot.

My questions: is this how you raise your own children? I mean, do you really believe that your own little ones 'belong to everybody'? How do your children view this? How do they respond?

pedal pusher, he's being sarcastic as a goof on what adequatio had to say about family. Of course, knowing adequatio as I do, he was also being sarcastic, so it's sarcasm squared. It's cray cray down here in the trenches.

"About Kriyananda and Ananda. It's funny and sad what happens in groups when the leader turns out to have moral failings. Ananda is growing by leaps and bounds these days but the denial about Kriyananda has been institutionalized in the group."

Very interesting as I don't follow the news with that group. What Kriyananda had going on up to his temptations and power depredations was impressive, and I thought a very good thing. It's interesting he has continued to attract a following. I would attribute it to the group dynamic that I described earlier. The "community" itself; that peer group once arriving at a certain mass, becomes an engine of its own. People might go to a meeting and Kriyananda himself won't be there, but a group of wonderful and satvic spiritual seekers will be there. The Baha'i Faith grew in the same way and successfully covered up the fact that their leader was a scarey looking walleyed imp who looked like the leader of a biker gang from Bakersfield, California circa 1965. The founding guru gets dressed up into a lore and meanwhile the community itself attracts, easily rolling in various and sundry like a sticky bread dough. People are certainly hungry for community in these times.

"is this how you raise your own children? I mean, do you really believe that your own little ones 'belong to everybody'? How do your children view this? How do they respond?"

I speaking sarcastically and translating Adequatio's views on family into the behavior appropriate to his views.

No, as I have stated here before to the anti-family drones, children are best raised by their parents and nobody loves them more or is willing to sacrifice more for them. Parental attachment to child and the child's attachment to parents are natural and lead to the best support -- from feeding and homespace on up to guidance -- for that child. I think that people who want to take over the raising of other peoples children for their political agenda are evil, and I think that parents who tend to other children before their own are sadly ignorant and defective. If all parents put their own children first, which is natural, children get the best.

I have decried the Marixst and Osho-ite notion of "children belonging to everybody" in various and sundry places for years. What these experiments mean is that children lose their parents and don't have ANYBODY really caring about them deeply.

I ended my sendup of Adequatio's family concepts with this:

"We are going to report you to Homeland Sicksurety to tell them you have retrograde family identifications.

Disgusting evil hypocrite.

This would have well signaled to a sincere poster that the part preceding it was written sarcastically. Are you a sincere poster?

Comrade, the mainstream media appears to be asleep. It is a scientific fact that 'Peak Oil' is happening in our lifetime, not the great-grandkids lifetime.
Well, I'll give you credit for at least talking about something worth commenting about, and being germane to the blog.

Does your crystal ball tell you how long you'll live, or if it will matter all that much, when we do reach PO? Because without a crystal ball you're pretty much winging it.

The number of variables to the last question are so numerous you might as well try to solve a rubik's cube with an infinite number of squares. But if oversimplifying things makes you feel powerful, carry on.

So-called conservatives are all about raising corporate slaves. Instead of teaching their children to fish, they send them to be taught to wipe the asses of corporate executives without even being able to wipe their own. It's sad, but true. - "Carol"

And you would know this how exactly? Seeing as, according to you, you've been fired from all your jobs for putting people in their place.

So, how would you know anything about corporate culture? What experience do you have of it? Because it sounds to me like you weren't at any job long enough to get much knowledge or experience. Am I right?

Another thing, I've asked you a couple of times what it was exactly you were standing up for that got you turfed. You put people in their place over what issues? You've never told us. I'd be interested to know.

I'd also be interested to know how it is that you could afford to throw away income producing jobs. Because most people can't. So are you going to enlighten us or was this story just a load of BS?

"Illicit" gay sex? Meaning "illegal" gay sex? I didn't know that gay sex was illegal. Maybe it still is where you are. Do gay people there stay in the closet?

But nevermind, do you have a problem with gay sex in filthy bathrooms? Why so? Have you witnessed it? If so, what were you doing in someone's filthy bathroom watching people engage in gay sex? Seeing as you have a habit of telling the reading public all your little secrets maybe you won't mind telling us about that. Right? (musta been some party).

Do you find gay sex distressing? Or is it filthy bathrooms that bother you?

And tell us, according to you, who or what legitimizes someone's sex life? Rabbi? Priest? Imam? JP? What legal jurisdiction are you in anyway? Is it only straight sex over there that's licit? Or only sex in a straight marriage? Or only sex in clean bathrooms? Do tell.

Have to tell you "Carol" the women that I know would be extremely averse to talking about their bodies like you did in public. It's one thing when you're with husband/lover/close friend. It's quite another when you're on a forum like this one. It would be seen as degrading even if it is anonymous. Or more or less anonymous. Hard to know what would impel someone to do such a thing. So it makes me think that maybe you aren't female.

Or maybe you are female. After all this IS the 21st century, this catch all excuse that justifies everything. Maybe this is what 50 years of "progressivism" has brought us.

JLCpunk said "He was addicted to a number of drugs. Hardly the mark of a sage or yogi."

This is are all accurate.

That said, there are two problems with this approach to evaluating a man and his message.

The first is expecting that virtuous ideas come from pristine sources. Objections on these grounds amount to ad hominem fallacy- attacking the arguer and not the argument. Often the biggest hypocrites see an issue more clearly than others. Perhaps this is a prerequisite for the highest levels of hypocrisy. But hypocrisy in itself does not invalidate a claim.

A-q said "There is a population limit, but it doesn't look like we're going to hit that. Projections right now are that, by the middle of this century, world population will peak between 9 billion and 10 billion, and then start to decline."

This methodology is suspect. First, it only provides a metric to population growth based on birth/death AND social advancement AND economic growth AND (insert assumed prerequisite for birth/death ratio assessment).

The problem is how its used. Here, there are hidden assumptions about the definition of the term "limit". In the narrow scope of the figure as used by statisticians, the term means the point at witch the ratio of births divided by deaths is less that 1.0.

In other words, there could be effects of population growth, or just populations, that could bring that ratio lower than 1.0 (or raise it) making the prediction very much contingent on the stability of certain variables or conditions.

It could be a very much larger total number, or a very much smaller number depending on these conditions. That 2050 time point is very far ahead in the future.

There remains the clusterfuck principle at work. If we successfully harvest the sun's energy we will have cheap and abundant energy. But what will we do with it? Invariably, without controls, will we not simply set ourselves to 3-D printing SUVs? If solar energy drives the price of fossil fuels to the floor, and 3-d printing proliferates requiring cheap hydrocarbons, what we might see is a World made of Plastic... softening and melting in the heat of a still warming planet.

And unless we figure out how to STOP the federally-subsidized factory food system, we are going to lose the ecological basis for our survival.

In 2011, in the USA, an area roughly the size of Maine, was cleared, plowed, and drilled for the production of subsidized commodity crops like corn for ethanol and soy for processing.

This expansion of agriculture reflects the intensity of our modern financial and political reality where short-term profit driven companies not only buy and write legislation and subsidies for itself, but redoubles its domination of continental ecology.

Since Agriculture is the dominant disturbance mechanism in the global ecosystem it is imperative that this monster be stopped.

Its worse now than ever. If you collect the threads that tie together 44 million Americans on food stamps, the fact that it amounts to a subsidy for the producers, processors and distributors directly from taxpayers, on top of the direct subsidies for the financial and insurance aspects of the Agricultural sector, it becomes apparent that a large part of the function of our government today is simply borrowing from the future to give to processors to make "irresistable" processed foods which

1. Make consumers fat and endanger public health
2. Deplete and degrade natural resources
3. Disrupt and displace ecosystem services
4. Require the illegal labor populations

It becomes clear that the government priorities have become:

1. Tax shelters, giveaways and subsidies to major American food processors: Coke, Cargill, Pepsi, Frito-Lay, etc.

2. Actively Promoting windrow-to-windrow cultivation and the establishment of gigantic commodity food stocks to leverage in a controlled market

3. Working and collaborating with some of America's largest landholders (agribusiness) to control resources like energy, water, and real estate.

and finally,

4. Working hard to give rights and privileges to the non-citizens which are an integral part of the corporate food chain- a bald-faced giveaway to hotel chains, landscape services, the "Housing industry" (and subsequent soul-destroying "crapscape"), and most vitally, amnesty for the decades of collusion between industry and government in creating and perpetuating the system of imported cheap manual labor that created this profit-driven system.

Its hard to tell where, in this three-ring circus of kickbacks and subsidy, the incentive for solar energy, sustainable and healthy food production, or population stability can possibly take root.

The effects of plowing an area the size of the state of Maine every year is a metaphor for the reality that the future is going to be more of the same: This global economy is going to continually disenfranchize our citizens, it will continue to drive down the quality of our environment, deplete our resources, and the people who have profitted mightly from all this graft and corruption will continue to make money. Our elected officials will continue to make any promises and give anything away they can to get elected and once in office simply dance for their industry lobbyists.

Who is going to forgo all the money that could be made right now from fossil fuels, for the promise of a better world for tomorrow's people? This is only possible in a political environment where political power is consolidated.

Political power is not consolidated. It is being given away to foreigners, foreign corporations, foreign policy, foreign trade agreements. In no time in history have Americans had more dilute political power.

When we talk about adding another 11 million Americans to the fold you are saying, in effect, Pay the people who created these conditions that dilute my political power. For the powers that want to control and rule our country, the program has always been: dilute the power of the electorate until it is so thin that they have no practical ability to do anything.

Until the carousel comes to a halt, its going to be bread and circuses. We know where that ends up.

Sure solar is a better alternative. But there is money to be made. And everything about this system stands in opposition. We are few in number, theirs are multitudes.

"Can't find any drunk micks who can run a printing press?"

Easy for you to say Bagh McWordsmith. Some of us have to throw STOP signs at cars for a living. I'll have you know that I am quite capable of running a wine press. How hard could a printing press be?

So what's the topic du jour? Fascists? Homosexuals? Homosexual Fascists?

Wait...I've got it!

BLACK Homosexual Fascists!

....and their MULES.

You should have been at the meeting when I pitched this idea for a TeeVee series to CBS.

Handshakes and cigars all around.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some reading and DRINKING to do. I will leave you with this thought...

You're losing it again, guy. I mean you don't have a problem with bathroom sex - gay or straight? Can you try to resist your conditioning a little bit at least?

X, it always has to be about X or to an X. Have you seen the movie American History X? You're gonna love it....

You know...sometimes the props just get in the way.

How weird were we?

Viddy well me droogies. Viddy well.

"Illicit" gay sex? Meaning "illegal" gay sex? I didn't know that gay sex was illegal.

He was confused and thought there was such a thing as licit gay sex.

"You're losing it again, guy. I mean you don't have a problem with bathroom sex - gay or straight?

He was confused and thought that nothing is illicit.

"Can you try to resist your conditioning a little bit at least?"

The majority of people have a strong need to be with the crowd and to conform themselves to what they perceive as the dominant consensus. Few are independent-minded enough to buck it when the mass is against them. Mass media owned by enemies has been a disaster for White people.

An honest Turk tells the Truth about Iceland. I never heard of the guy since he's a Leftist. One of the Comments says he lost his job at MSNBC for this kind of Truth Telling.

Sorry, Julian, sometimes these posts confuse me. I have a hard time discerning sarcasm from straight prose.

Yes, I'm a serious poster, and there are many who seriously hold to the views you expressed in jest. In truth, such it-takes-village child rearing practices were undoubtedly of great value in another place and time. Not now.

Of course it's about ME!

When it's not about YOU...

It could be about Brand X

Featuring percussionist extroidinaire Phil Collins

Waaaaay before he decided to become a PoP Star

Phil can't hold a fork anymore

From playing the drums

You have to respect an individual that sacrifices his body for the art...

Right Vlad?

I just wanted to say that you offer a much appreciated way of extending ideas while at the same time making them succinct and conceptually easy to understand. Thanks!


Bustin Jay,

Outstanding post!

"He was addicted to a number of drugs. Hardly the mark of a sage or yogi."

"That said, there are two problems with this approach to evaluating a man and his message.

But Osho's drug addiction was not the only item I listed about him. His shyster-list is long and his chicanery roundup is wide. And by their fruits ye shall know them. Former Rajneeshies/Osho-ites tend to be spent sex wastrels focused on the world with a desultory spiritual life, pining for the days of the Oregon brothel-commune. They think that cussing and using vulgar language is the epitome of spirituality. I have known so many of them. Never mind their children and their sorrows. ("My Life in Orange" is a good start.) Even Osho's best -- twits like "Maitreya Ishwara" (if you can believe such gall) -- are nothing but shakti-less grey newts trying to run a scam. I had a rather dramatic encounter with this particular Osho-wreck in Ojai after his hard-cussing former Rajneeshi benefactor twisted my arm to come to his satsang. I really didn't want to go, but she pressed me. He is one of Osho's "guru" fruits and he is a complete joke. He looked like he had masturbated just before coming out to play Osho in front of his little crowd of childless single wrecks shopping for their 30th guru. They were perfect for him but I wasn't. The guy had no glow, no ojas, no shakti, no honesty, no money, and no real answers. He directed himself only to women and never to men who knew anything or might ask hard questions. He left town the next day, humiliated in front of his crowd. I won't tell the details, but it was very funny.

Every other serious Osho-ite I've known was always stirring to get some swingers or wife-swapping scene going on.

"He looked like he had masturbated just before coming out to play Osho in front of his little crowd of childless single wrecks shopping for their 30th guru."


Now that's tough. After masturbation I have to have a bowl of Wheaties and two hours of sleep before I start lobbying to be the People's Guru.

"Yes, I'm a serious poster, and there are many who seriously hold to the views you expressed in jest. In truth, such it-takes-village child rearing practices were undoubtedly of great value in another place and time. Not now."

I spent a great deal of time trying to find genuine community in which to raise my kids with my wife. It does indeed take a village to raise them fully and rightly. Yet a more primal fact should not be overlooked:
That it takes The Mother and The Father to raise a child even more. Of the two, should we sadly have only one, the latter is more primal and important. I think that has always been obvious to those in touch with natural life.

It's when people like Hillary Clinton foist the "village" line upon us as part of an overall strategy to devalue the role of parents that I begin to dislike the phrase.

I remember in our quest for more genuine community we came across a group in Missouri called "East Wind Community" and they were trying to do this "all adults are your parents" experiment. (I have no idea why.) So they had all the kids living in this one barn and the adults (and parents) would do shifts sort of like guards or monitors in the house. It was an ugly concept to me, as are all forms of parental abandonment, and of course we did not visit there.

Natural parenthood makes a man (and a woman) really grow up and they learn divine things. True maturity for a man includes coming into a Father's point-of-view. Only then can he really understand humanity or deal with human questions with wisdom.

And I find it appalling to think there are leftists enjoying natural family and having their natural fatherly attachments while advocating Ceaucescu-esque non-family for everybody else's children.

A parent will often sacrifice their life for their child. The human annals are loaded with cases of mothers doing it, and fathers and husbands doing it for wives and children. For this reason parenthood is the natural Fortress of Well-Being for children, and should be sacrosanct except in the most extreme cases. For this reason also sodomatrimony should be resisted as nature has not dignified such pairings with procreation yet their adoption-dependent jiggerflaw can only demean and cheapen the natural parent-child bond and corrupt principles of Common Law.

Osho had a [1985] million dollar wristwatch.

And an abortionist to keep the population down.

and heres one of his, uh, students:

So you only have one kid. I can see that you are seriously concerned about your...ah..."investments".

Financial and otherwise.

I gave it some thought. I've concluded that the best way to shield YOUR child (male or female) from the horrors of this reality, is to enlist them in the French Foreign Legion as soon as they will take them. Be advised, it's not required, but it will go a lot easier for them it they speak French.


I had four kids, plus an adopted one. And yeah, I was seriously concerned about my children. (I notice those with single children are usually just as concerned.)

You have not done much observing of humans have you? Are you human?

How many children you, Fellor?

I don't call my children "investments." That was you. You call your children "investments"?

As to the French Foreign Legion I have no idea what you babble about. Try some other poster for conversation please.

Well Gee, Mr. Niggerhater....

You seem to be the only poster around.

You brought children into this world?


Ok. That was cruel. I apologize. Really.

I want to help as much as I can. My advice would be to learn some RAIN DANCES as quickly as you can. You can carry on with your profound mysticism. Perhaps this will help:

I recommend getting a life, cleaning up your speech vis-a-vis African Americans, and directing yourself to somebody who might find you engaging.

a few headlines:
Female Genital Mutilation on Rise in U.S.
nooooooo... who would have guessed...

Nearly Half of Saudi Women Beaten by Their Husbands
Shhhh don't tell the feminists........oh wait...... their silence is deafening

Muslim Brotherhood:
UN Document on Violence Against Women 'Un-Islamic'

Allegedly, Plato is recounting the assertions of Socrates, and Socrates was clear to distinguish between lovers of "sights and sounds" that which 'sights and sounds' emanate from.

To give credit where credit is due, Vlad has always made a point of this. Although, IMO, when he dismisses formalism, he also dismisses the autonomy of Kant's Categorical Imperative or the Formula of the Universal Law. And what is a universal law? Well it can't be lying, because if everybody lies, deception is no longer possible because no one believes they are being told the truth. In short, it is truth for it's own sake.

Have you read Marinetti's "The Futurist Manifesto"? This guy was no Socrates, that's for sure:

""Come, my friends!" I said. "Let us go! At last Mythology and the mystic cult of the ideal have been left behind. We are going to be present at the birth of the centaur and we shall soon see the first angels fly! We must break down the gates of life to test the bolts and the padlocks! Let us go! Here is they very first sunrise on earth! Nothing equals the splendor of its red sword which strikes for the first time in our millennial darkness."

Mary had a tugboat

The tugboat had a bell

And when she pulled the ripcord

She blew it all to

'K assholes. After all these years, I'm Audi 5000.

The previous post was a test...what I wanted to post was not allowed.

As Legally Qualified Officer of The Fuckin' Court,

I advise y'all to learn how to mix a PROPER Martini.


That's nuthin. Check out this documentary made by Liberals lookin for yucks. They tell the Truth about Africa they wouldn't tell if you asked them directly. Learn about General Butt Naked of Liberia. And Charles Taylor whose Campaign slogan was, "He killed my ma, he killed my pa, but I'm voting for him anyway". He won the election.

Thanks for the Cenk Uygur YouTube upload, Janos. Voices like Mr. Uygur prove that truth knows no "ism" because, while Mr. Uygur is a liberal, the biggest backer of the truth of his assertions about Iceland is Ron Paul, a true conservative.

Iceland got the Rothschild monkey off their backs and they are outperforming the EU (vastly!!) after their citizens were scared by the banking oligopolists. Thank God those Norse still have balls of steel.


But all for naught unless we change. If every man thinks material success the all in all, then another Dark Lord will rise to take Rothschild's Place even if we can dethrone him. If we take refuge in systems (like Libertarianism or Marxism) instead of morality, then people feel free to maximize their profit as if nothing else mattered. Nay more: they think they are helping Society!

Would a "good" businesman not rather hire prison industries that can provide much cheaper rates than a Company that has to pay minimum wages? Why not? It's his "duty" to his stockholders!

Nay friends (E has now become Everyman), the Chimps know money better than any. A token is a token is a token. It is nothing in itself unless able to purchase a banana or kiss from a dog.

Since Society doesn't exist (Margaret Thatcher), why wouldn't an executive hire illegals? If profit is all, where is his fault? And if there is any, well it's all in the hands of the Invisible Hand so no worries....

"learn some RAIN DANCES as quickly as you can"

What about *hail* dances? Worked pretty damned well *today*...


They took the advice of one Michael Hudson and got out from under the international bankster clutches.

Margaret Thatcher said TINA There are no alternatives.

We say there are.


and speaking of having the balls......
It was Icelandic women who lead this rebellion.

See Max Keiser speaking with Birgitta Jonsdottir about the banksters. Also google Iclandic woman against the bankers and you'll see more women in this fight.

the Rothschild monkey


Oh boy, here we go again. Imagine Q-Muenster's daughter coming here and what she might make of that statement. How would she react? It's possible she would have no clue to what you were referring and just skip over that part and take your sentiment as benign, but if she really knew the purpose of that statement and its intent, I'm betting she'd have a different opinion. I find it unfathomable that Q-Muenster would invite his children to this forum to share and revel in the blatant Rosicrucianism on display. It's sickening.

Hey Lucky 13, I had a $1,000,000.00 wristwatch back in the '80's. Wouldn't keep time for shit. I prefered my Timex." Took a Lickin" and kept on ticken!" Now I have an atomic Casio for astronomy shit. Solar powered with compass and barometere. Titanium. Now that is a watch . Of course I still have Grandads pocket watch for back-up. I can hear that thing clackin'away in my dresser when it is quiet at night.

Rhino, there's something particularly nasty about you. You're a tyrant. You're overly demanding. There's a not-so-subtle hint of violence in your manner. You are a product of rape culture. Quite a few of you so-called males here are, Q-Muenster included with his snide comment to me chastising my claim that rape is about power, not sex. Rhino, you're angry about that post because it gave you a chubby and made you feel vulnerable, so you must retaliate and destroy that which you perceive as threatening to your power. It's obvious, but what's most sick about this is the fact that there are several so-called women who post here who condone and enable this exhibition of rape culture to the point of issuing plaudits to the worst offenders. They prove the deleterious effects of rape culture; women relegated to the objectified role of an acquiescent and docile servant. In otherwords, no more than a dog you can fuck who also cooks, cleans, files, takes dictation and spends an inordinate amount of time on all fours like a pooch.

There has been a lot of talk recently about rape culture. In the aftermath of the Steubenville rape case, reporters used flowery language to describe the malicious victimizers of a sixteen year old girl. Immediately after their conviction, CNN’s Poppy Harlow described them as “two young men that had such promising futures, star football players, very good students.” NBC’s Ron Allen lamented that their entitlements to “promising football careers” and “dreams of college” could be jeopardized by their short sentence to juvenile corrections and placement on a sex offender registry. By contrast, mainstream coverage of the woman who was raped has been almost universally hostile. The Associated Press referred to her simply as “a drunken 16-year-old girl,” dismissing testimony that she had been drugged, and placing the responsibility for the rape on the victim. On social media, many people echoed this victim-blaming approach, making comments such as “not saying she asked for it but why did you consume so much alcohol in the first place?” and “I guess the lesson she should learn is do not get so drunk where you have no control of yourself.” Numerous networks including CNN, MSNBC, and FOX also publicly aired the name of the victim, setting her up for reprisal.

This widespread humanization of the victimizers, and dehumanization of the victims, provides a powerful support network for men who rape, and threatens those who seek justice for the abuses they have suffered.

Corporate journalists have not been the only professionals to come to the defense of rapists, however. Pop psychologist and best-selling author Steven Pinker has long been on a scientific crusade to depoliticize and naturalize rape. In his book The Blank Slate, he writes:

I believe that the rape-is-not-about-sex doctrine will go down in history as an example of extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds. It is preposterous on the face of it, does not deserve its sanctity, is contradicted by a mass of evidence, and is getting in the way of the only morally relevant goal surrounding rape, the effort to stamp it out.

Does Dr. Pinker believe that when Pinochet’s police trained dogs to rape women, this was primarily about sex?

When hundreds of thousands of women in Bangladesh were “tied to trees and gang raped, breasts hacked off, dumped in mass graves, [and] held in Pakistani rape camps,” was this primarily for sex?
When Roy Norris and Lawrence Bittaker raped and mutilated a teenager “with a pair of locking pliers, hit her with a sledgehammer, and jabbed her ear with an ice pick,” recording the whole scene on audiotape, was this primarily about sex?
When a journalist friend of mine received rape and death threats from “men’s rights activists” for publishing a story about male privilege, did they do this because they wanted sex?

When the nun Dianna Ortiz was kidnapped by Guatemalan police, who then raped her, burned her more than 111 times with cigarettes, and lowered her into a pit, filled with rats and the bodies of children, women, and men, some of them decapitated, some of them alive, and forced her to thrust a machete into a woman, how much of this situation was about sex?

It seems to me that if rape is primarily about sex, as Steven Pinker contends, then the purpose of sex for men in this culture is to violate, humiliate, intimidate, shame, silence, and express hatred for women, rather than to unite in love and affection for another human being. If Steven Pinker is right, then it would seem that men have sex with women for the same reasons they rape them: to feel the sadistic pleasure of dominating another human being, and ritually bulwark the system of male supremacy. However, Pinker doesn’t equate rape with sex to politicize sex; instead, he does this to frame rape as apolitical. And beyond apolitical, biologically normal and neutral:

Wow, who says white men can't jump?

John Thompson, Jr. is not a happy camper right about now.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I sense beyond the pretext of “subject matter” you simply need to write. In that regard, you’re a formalist, or “writing for writing’s sake”.

Have you ever heard of “Zaumism” that movement of Russian poets who experimented with “sound symbolism”?

Speaking of which, how bout the indeterminate (relatively) sound of this group ( Oooh, oooh yeah,yeah Robert Plant approvingly sings from the peaks of Kashmir):!

Yes, it is indeterminate, like Neapolitan ice cream; can't make up your mind, don't worry, have all three in one delightful package.

Speaking of music, I'm listening to some of this right now whilst I clean the house stark naked with all the window shades open. I love this music, and when you listen to it naked whilst engaging in some lightly-strenuous activity, it makes you feel alive and one with the universe. To me, that's Freedom. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Just don't get arrested.

Now companies in China that produce components for the solar industry are going bankrupt, as reported in the Financial Times. It looks like solar energy is a loser all the way around. We haven't seen the sun around here for any length of time for weeks. And its so goddam cold every day you don't even want to go outside.

Welcome to spring, New England style.

Lol...if I cleaned my house in the nude with the shades open I would not be personally worried about getting arrested. Now, the neighbor ladies, who upon viewing Buck in the buff would no doubt be sent into a frenzied state of breaking and entering, well, that's another story :)

Back to this Cyprus mess. I've been reading that this is shaping up to be a Russia vs the EU type of issue. And by the "EU" I mean Germany. What's old is new again.

Cyprus went cap in hand to the Russkis and came back wit' nuttin'. Never mind that wealthy Russians have bazillions socked away in Cypriot banks about to go asshole over teakettle.

Interestingly, Cyprus is supposedly crawling with shady looking Russians just when Cypriot legislators are trying to find a way out of this pickle.

So what's going on? Two track negotiations? Maybe official Cyprus shlepping to Russia to meet with official Moscow to beg for money. And unofficial Russian interests represented who knows what leg-breakers speaking for who knows what gangsters/oligarchs trying to bribe/threaten Cypriot lawmakers and salvage what they can out of this debacle.

Apparently the Russian govt has taken stock and looked at who is holding what hand. And they refuse to do anything to help out the EU. Again, the "EU" meaning Germany. So maybe the old tribal interests haven't changed and the old tribal animosities are still there.

So what are the Russians after? According to one account they're after what they've been after for a very long time: a warm-water Mediterranean port. And Cyprus fits the bill. Wait for it to go tits up, snap up the parts for a song, make it a client state of Moscow. And install the Russian navy there.

Maybe the Russians smell a historic opportunity. Maybe the Russkis think they can literally out-muscle frail-assed Euro Zone countries in the expected feeding frenzy. Maybe the Russkis are contemptuous of Western Europe's cafe intellectuals and sissified armies. Maybe they're gambling that the US hasn't got the stomach for a military confrontation. Maybe the fact that Russian moneyed interests will be walking around with their balls in a pail is secondary.

And so maybe Russian mafiosi have only so much pull in Moscow given that the powers there are willing to watch Russian money go down the drain. Or maybe the Mafiosi are thinking that what they have in Cypriot banks is sunk money, gone in whole or in part. Easy come easy go. They can always make more. So what do they do now? Wait for the game to play out and try to get in on the ground floor of a new "restructured" Cyprus, one maybe out of the EU but one that Moscow has by the throat. And one where the nomeklatura and their shadowy friends can still hide laundered loot protected by the Russian navy no less. What more could they want?

Big question: who gets there first? Will it be the US fleet? Maybe with NATO as its fig leaf or maybe not. Or will it be the Russian navy, much depleted but still menacing?

Too absurd for comment.

You tell Rhino that there's a hint of violence in what he writes. He could say the same about you. Haven't you warned a couple of posters that if you and they were to meet they'd be sorry, that such a meeting might result in your going to jail? Isn't that a threat? Most sensible people would take your remarks as a promise of physical harm.

If you want to cool Rhino down, just answer his questions. He wants to know what sort of take-no-shit behaviour got you fired from the jobs you were fired from; and he wants to know how you can be so cavalier about tossing away sources of income. It was your own histrionics that invited him to ask.

If it was up to women, we'd still be living in mud huts. But they are great at demonstrations - no conflicting thoughts in their heads to inhibit their voices. Everything is always 100% true or false. Shame on you for making this into another Feminist issue. Thirty lashes.

Isn't that a threat? Most sensible people would take your remarks as a promise of physical harm.


Actually, no it's not. I didn't say I wanted to meet them in person, nor did I say I was going to hunt them down. I said "if we were to ever meet." The probability of that "if" is zero, or close to it, so it's not a threat, but the point remains. Cowardly racists aren't going to talk the smack they do here in mixed company, especially a corporate whore Rhino-type.

However, you, and Rhino, are full of shit. You don't want an answer. No answer could ever suffice. Your pathetic attempts at riposte are rhetorical, not inquisitive. You're not fooling anyone, and the rape culture link is not absurd, it's spot-on.

And what do you mean by "cool Rhino down?" Is he hot? I haven't noticed. He means nothing more than a release of rape culture hot air to me. I've dealt with his types my entire life. They're cowardly cheaters who use tyrannical coercion to squash any form of dissent. They ALWAYS side with power, and that is the epitome of cowardice. You're no different, so shove off punk. I told you before you have no credibility with me.

Let Rhino stomp and snort in his underwear. He's cute, in a repugnant sort of way, with all his vulnerabilities exposed like that.

A sick, evil Woman agitating for White Genocide. Our System produces so many of these Gorgons.

Why did Rhino defend bathroom sex? Ask him since he wont answer me.

And rape. Why does he defend rape? A disgusting pattern emerges; advocacy for public restroom rape. What a noble cause. Tell me corporate rape culture isn't screwed up?

Pretty soon the same fervor will melt the white ice of Iceland. It isn't diversified enough. Something needs to be done about that. It's not fair.

Iron Man Quicked by one. Future and Past mixed, logical segments thrown all over the place, mixed all up, chunks of future and past and present, all stories mixed, all logic upside down, all things unknown and known, all colors showed. Pieces of past, remote past thrown together with pieces of present and far off future, the oldsmobile 98 in ancient rome, the mars computer in New Jersey of 1950,the star man in the year 23444556 comes to you and tells you his news, watch TV: you see your mom when see was young and you are old, but then, it is all mixed up you become young again, or mixed, and all elements of reality mixed disregarding any logic, any story line, all things together all things disjoint, you get the idea, wild and crazy combinations, the brain gets mixed up and mixes up all of its categories, and such then the outside world mixes up, or is it the outside world that observes the brain machine and such, and so on and if 0 is the brain observer and 5666 is the outside world, what is 56 ? what IS WERREMTTN ? what is the mountain and then mixed, segments, logical segments thrown on the ground, in the air, mix past and future, mix it all up, you win become free and happy and crazy, deny logic, and win...

The Ape Thug Machine.

Combining the latest elements of the conversation, I bring you this all-white band; Jam 47. It's quite a katzenjammer. Don't click on the link if you have one; a katzenjammer.

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Ooops, the forgotten link.

One great spiritual master (Thomas A Kempis) said, "Men say they love Peace, but they do not love the things that make for Peace". Remember that case (there have been so many) of that young woman raped and killed in Manhattan by a bouncer? She didn't want any of that, but she sure was looking for trouble, excitement, etc. Her and her friend had been bar hopping all Evening. It was now after 2:00 am and most of the places were closed. Her friend tried to persuade her to call it a night, but NOOOOOOO - she was not through. She was looking - for what? Mr Right? A nice guy? At 3:00 AM in Manhattan? Deadly dangerous since many places that are full of people at 2:00 are now desterted. So she is stumbling around drunk in her high heels and short dress Alone looking for clubs still open.

Again, she didn't want anything terrible, she just wanted to meet a bad boy - the type who do terrible things. So exciting! Dangerous, but SHE will tame him! Go to a Bar and watch the girls reject the "Betas" in favor of the Bravos. If Women really wanted what they say they wanted, the Barbarians would have been extinct or greatly reduced long ago. East Asians have done it, as have the Jews to some degree. Some women will marry a good Beta provider and dally with a Brute on the side. The most Alpha Women look for a man who is both of course - a Wall Street Bastard say, who was a bar fighter in his youth and still lifts weights. Brains and Brawn.

Have you heard about this kind of Feminist Thuggery at Tech Conferences?

Exactly. You get it. Excellent post. If Jen wants to hang around you rapists to all hours of the night and early morning, then she deserves the fate you'll deliver to her. It's a matter of taste and choice; Taster's Choice.

" I love this music, and when you listen to it naked whilst engaging in some lightly-strenuous activity, it makes you feel alive and one with the universe. To me, that's Freedom. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Just don't get arrested."

A black male mooning and flashing around inside his house is sure to be arrested, Carolonius. Your kinfolk South Africa would arrest you too. Plus maybe drag you around by a truck chain for a while.

Of course, when White women do it they get arrested too plus regarded as pervy. But you just had to put that in front of males on this board, wanting them to feel sexually aroused by you. (Since they don't welcome your pornography you seek another way.) Whilst, this is in itself pervy, if you will, that you raise your ugly head, as it were, and I concur, with commoners who might say: Shut the fuck up.

You're the one always here, not her. And you better be careful, Hun - Black Teenagers love to rape old White Women. If one of them sees you, he might jump right thru the window at you.

Wherever you and your organ monkey Jamie Lee are I'll be crushing you into the dirt with my heel. Squirm you slithering snakes, squirm. The more people I can push to your side, the better. The first step in treating alcoholism is for the alcoholic to admit they are one. I want everyone here to take that first step, and many have. By virtue of their alliance with you and Jamie Lee, they have gotten in touch with their racist inner self. A round of plaudits is in order. It's a big first step. Now the tough part; what are we going to do with you all now that you've "come clean?"

Well at least they can get it up. Something like 80% of all white men in the U.S. over fifty suffer from erectile dysfunction. White women have to get it somewhere. You impotent weaklings are responsible for the genocide of the white race with your inability to properly pleasure white women. The Horror! Viagra isn't going to save you. Nothing will.

"At any rate, why do you think I think racism should have a correct direction? It’s as if you don’t think I’ve ever felt the hate from an African-American, Asian or Latino because I’m a white dude. But I have felt it many times and, in all honesty, it didn’t feel like the hate that was motivated by historical factors:..." -buck-

By "politically correct direction," I'm talking about the racism mostly expressed on CFN by asokaquedatio and "carol."
This racism gets a consistent pass, or even earns praise from far too many posters on this website.

And what are you saying, in this second part.
Sounds like you're saying that it is OK for an African-American, Asian, or Latino to hate you all they want - as long as that hate is not motivated by "historical factors."


I sense a perfect catch-22, buck.
Asokadequatio and "carol" receive praise for their manifold hates because these hates are PERFECTLY motivated by "historical factors."

Asokadatio manufactures a false identity as a Black Male Victim of Jim Crow - because of the power of this persona to nullify objectivity.
(it certainly works well on you, btw)

"carol" manufactures a false identity as a Porn Writing Female Victim of Rape Society With Very Regular Periods because - well, because she's a dimbulb.

"Remember, Georgia Militia Man made much of his dough selling pool chemicals. POOL CHEMICALS!! That, along with cheap illegal immigrant labor, as much as anything enabled suburbia, the very thing that is lamented here day in and day out."

"carol," when you ASSume, you make an ASS out of -

Never mind, you're already an ass.


I was in the pool industry for only a few years, as a grunt and low-level operative. Hardly enough for a "pot of gold." Hah! More like a couple of dental fillings. I got out before the illegal immigrants RUINED the chances of honest native born African-Americans to make a living in most of the pool industry OR any other construction industry in the Southeast.

you are an unreflective hypocrite, by the way.

"And what are you saying, in this second part.
Sounds like you're saying that it is OK for an African-American, Asian, or Latino to hate you all they want - as long as that hate is not motivated by "historical factors."


I sense a perfect catch-22, buck.
Asokadequatio and "carol" receive praise for their manifold hates because these hates are PERFECTLY motivated by "historical factors."

Those are good points/observations Prog. Indeed, or at least from your point of view it may appear, as I'm sanctioning racist attitudes based on past historical injustice. Which sounds to be unacceptable/hypocritical to you, based upon your 'Catch 22' comment.

OK, fine then. If racism cannot be qualified by subjective/relative circumstances and extenuating factors, then YOU also need to step up and condemn the racist slave owning trade that your descendants engaged in.

In other words, you cannot be logically consistent in condemning the victims/descendants of racism who justify their racism based on past injustice anymore than you can excuse your forebears for the reason of 'that's just the way it was in The South back then'.

If racism of any form is wrong now - and that seems to be your gripe - then it was always wrong.

Now step up and condemn the past of The South for the sake of consistency and logic...not to mention morality.

That link you offered, well there is worse and similar at 'Angry White Dudes' site, with
horrific pictures.

And yes, there is silence in the lamestream.

Correction to the above...not your descendants, but your forebears, progenitors ...your 'people'

ancestors, lol

There was a free-floating meme up the thread a ways - concerning how WONDERFILLED life will be when the "family" is replaced as a child-rearing organization.

Pure statist filth, by the way, promulgated by everyone from the Russian Communists to these folks .

And what, exactly, would replace the family. And what beliefs would be taught. Based on the discourse on these threads recently, we can assume:

All Bow to Mighty "carol" and adequoka Beliefs

would be exclusively taught. shudder.


Although all might be well if they could include three simple items of unswerving devotion:

1. Go to this website
2. Sign up
3. Send many faxes

It's easy, fast, and fun!
And you get rewarded by real letters from real life congresspeople.

If racism cannot be qualified by subjective/relative circumstances and extenuating factors, then YOU also need to step up and condemn the racist slave owning trade that your [descendants engaged in]?????

The Left have been very silent about this case.
But, what else do we expect from those pro-abortion secular progressives?

A 72-year old Black doctor, Dr Kermit Gosnell, is on trial for murder. Dr Gosnell is accused of killing seven babies and a woman (7 counts of first-degree murder and 1 count of third-degree murder).

"Now step up and condemn the past of The South for the sake of consistency and logic...not to mention morality." -buck-

Buck, we've already plowed this furrow.

You will only be happy when I condemn the past of The South in terms vile enough to show you that NOTHING BEFORE OR AFTER WAS EVER WORSE THAN THE AMERICAN SOUTH IN HUMAN HISTORY - ever.

And, even if I do that, all you've done is convert one more person to a false duality of thinking - that all virtue resides in YOUR belief, and all evil in the belief of "the other."


Meanwhile - absent our possession and use of a time machine, my conversion to your version of South Hating will accomplish ABSOLUTELY NOTHING POSITIVE.

Meanwhile, buck, you continue, in your own words "sanctioning racist attitudes based on past historical injustice."

Hate is hate.
Racism is racism.
Regardless of how it is rationalized.

It takes a nanny [or 10] to raise Hillarys child.

"what are we going to do with you all now that you've "come clean?"

That's easy. Keep on breaking the false taboo against Whites asserting their racial interests. Beyond that, maybe segregate more consciously instead of tacitly. Yeah, coming clean is good. Getting the joogoo off.

See Prog's post below. We done pologizing. We owed some pologies now - and more. We have payback coming and nothing can stop us cashing in on some of that now. They should have been better people and accepted our sincere pologies. But they aren't and they didn't and they are going to be very sorry about how they've tormented us.

Scary. Here comes the Benefiber Brigade! Make sure you stock up these before you hit the trail.

Janos writes that black teenagers love to rape old white women. You reply that white women have to get sex somewhere, even if it's from black teenage rapists. So now you're in favour of rape. I thought you were against it, against it with "every fiber of your being."

Prog it's not about hating the South; it's about your lament of inconsistent racist sentiments. I was simply pointing out that you, ironically enough, possess those same inconsistencies in not condemning the historical racism of the South.

In other words you feign lament at racist attitudes as a result of past injustice, but refuse to acknowledge the perpetrators of said injustice. You also throw up ridiculous contentions/diversions such as the below "acting job" (one can almost see Prog in his white tuxedo and straw hat gasping in exasperation, "I do declare!"):

"You will only be happy when I condemn the past of The South in terms vile enough to show you that NOTHING BEFORE OR AFTER WAS EVER WORSE THAN THE AMERICAN SOUTH IN HUMAN HISTORY - ever."

No, I was only pointing out the simple fact that you have not once acknowledged the racism of the Deep South - slavery, Jim Crow, etc. But yet went ballistic over a movie - "The Help" - which portrayed a black maid serving some nasty piece of work some shit pie.

Which sort of puts your sincerity in perspective, i.e., wringing hands over a Hollywood fantasy while obstinately refusing to acknowledge the actual history of racism/slavery in the South.

You're every bit the Resident Impediment that you accuse Asoka of being.

Wowsers, buck, you don't have nearly as good a memory as I gave you credit for.


"No, I was only pointing out the simple fact that you have not once acknowledged the racism of the Deep South - slavery, Jim Crow, etc" -bs-

OK, bs, just for you and YET AGAIN - I acknowledge the racism of the Deep South - slavery, Jim Crow, etc.


And I now face the future, hoping 'till yet for something good to come of that future.

You, however, continue "sanctioning racist attitudes based on past historical injustice."

Question #1, buck:
Who is doing more harm to native born black Americans?
a. you
b. me
c. too many immigrants

It's a trick question - answer is (a) and (c)

Jim, I'm coming in late here, but I'm very happy that you found out you had a problem in time to deal with it. Like so many others here, I would miss your weekly piece (even if it does take me a few days sometimes to catch up). There are so few people who are capable of articulating why we are headed for such difficult times without at the same time falling into one of dozens of conspiracy theories. Just had a minor knee operation, knocked out, and I had exactly the experience you describe about enjoying the ride to the operating room. I remember trying to think, briefly, about why all the people around me seemed to be in such jolly good moods,which I found both reassuring and unnerving at the same time. But that's all I remember. I recently read an article, I don't remember where, about the phenomenon of people "waking up" in surgery, and having very clear recall of what was going on around them in the operating room, but being unable to communicate this awareness to the doctors. This piece presented the phenom as being very rare, and poorly studied.

I hope you are feeling much better by time you read this note than you did when you wrote the piece. Good luck!

Another, gayer, even queerer attack on our Civilization.

Hey Richard,
You just reminded me that I need to write JHK a personal get well message myself. I'm not sure that he reads this comment thread for more than the first few hours on Monday. I sent him my well-wishes on Tuesday, so he likely missed them.

I suspect that regaining consciousness during surgery is far more common than studies would indicate. My own mother-in-law came to during a hip replacement, about 15 years ago, now.

One arm was tied down to one side of the table.
The other arm was tied down to the other side of the table, that arm with an IV in it.
She's a good Christian lady, so what could she say?

"I'm stretched out like Jesus on the Cross."
Then she smiled to herself and went back to sleep.

Gotta' be some good drugs, man!
Best regards to you,

Does not the Good Book say, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live."?

Jim, I wish you a strong and healthy recovery. Welcome to the "zipper club". I had open heart surgery on Christmas Eve day 2010. My main descending artery was 95% blocked. The Cardiologist remarked that not too many people with a "widow maker" condition live to seek medical help. It's usually found in a post mortem exam. They also replaced the worn Atrial and Mitral valves with bio-prosthetics. I had led a healthy active life, was life long non-smoker, healthy Mediterranean diet, with no family history of heart disease. In all likelihood stress management played a large role. As I read this week blog entry, I had a strong sense where it was taking me. I knew what I was about to read. Your description of the Angiogram room was just as I remember it, music and all. From examination to discharge, my stay in Victoria, B,C.'s Royal Jubilee Hospital was 20 days. They kept me in CCU for four days with a nurse bedside 24 hours a day for the first two days. Then it was up to the Cardiac unit for a 9 day recovery until they could get my heartbeat down to an acceptable rate. I received every examination, procedure and medication that was required and was operated on by one of Canada's top Cardiac surgeons. This has extended to post care with my family physician and yearly follow Echo cardiogram, stress test and Cardiologist assessment. I remain deeply appreciative and grateful to all of the dedicated talented people who brought me through this.The total out of pocket cost have been limited to the parking fees at the hospital or clinic. Our Canadian health care system saved my life. It is not 'free'. Our marginal tax rates are modestly higher. There are no "death panels", deductibles or co-pays.
Take good care of yourself as you heal. Be patient. Have an attitude of gratitude and be thankful for the presence of small joys to be found in every day. Get someone else to turn over the garden this year. You need to take particular care in protecting the sternum as it slowly mends and heals.

Many people leave their bodies during surgery and see what the doctors and nurses are doing from above. Ask around after giving them a few beers or a drink. Life after death or outside the body isn't acceptable to our Society - anymore than Race. Funny, eh? We put so much focus on the body and then deny it when it comes to taking its differences seriously. Our band of acceptible discourse is getting pretty narrow.

Yes, Janos, I've heard about that kind of crap at tech conferences. I've been on dating sites for about 18 months now and I've listened to all manner of women complaining about male "creeps". My take is that females simply do creepy in a vastly different way. The male creeps make standard premature sexual overtures, often comically ineptly.

Femme creepiness is usually more in the nature of passive aggression and sheer professional ineptness. Except for a token woman here or there, the entirety of technology, engineering, and the sciences is utterly dominated by men. Yet men don't get custody of the kids in divorce so I see all these feckless kids with no skillsets living at home at 25 or 30 whose mommy makes no demands of them. Mom is more interested in having her kids as friends than in mentoring them.

The male FOOT is what's missing here AND in Europe. I often wish that women were as forward about their creepiness like testosterone addled men. The female creeps I've dated ALL have useless 25+ year olds at home because they're codependent messes who don't want their kids to leave.


I suppose you're one of these women who find senescent sex to be a vastly desired thing. Hasn't it occurred to you that there's a REASON why testosterone in men drops radically after 45?? It's a totally natural phenomenon and not to be vilified.

I'm almost 61 and have never used Viagra or Cialis but when I have partners, I'm not interested in some childish nympho whose idea of a relationship is fucking for 3 hours a day every day. I actually DID have an affair with such a woman my age and her whole life was a study in parental and professional incompetence. Gee, I wonder why?

The problem is that in a society of mandarins like the US and Europe, if we're not being "entertained" or "edutained", all we can think of is our next fuck. You think that's healthy?


Carol said:

Scary. Here comes the Benefiber Brigade! Make sure you stock up these before you hit the trail.

You are a HORRIBLE human being who has dehumanized virtually everyone on the site, even other liberals allegedly on your side. You're never fact driven and the substance of all your vitriolic attacks is nothing more than cheap slurs like the above. Oh, gee, Carol used alliteration. How fucking clever is that!?

I can't imagine any dude being chump enough to marry an unmitigated cunt like you. And I don't even like that word!!!


Rand Paul - his policy is softer on amnesty than Obama's according to Tancredo. A traitor in other words.

Wow, Marty, you've cornered me in a trap. A contradiction. At least that's what your Aspergerian logic tells you and precludes you from seeing the obvious.

Janos statement about black teenagers is preposterous. It's absurd, as are so many unsubstantiated racist comments in this comments section. These absurd statements can either be ignored or countered with more clever satirical absurdity. My statement is satirically sarcastic times ten, as is much of what I do here. Most of the bigots are a joke. They don't know it, but I do. The fact that you don't leads me to believe that you are an Aspergerian, incapable of sensing satire and reducing one's world to the purely literal.

No, I don't "favour" rape, and yes, I oppose it with every benefiber of my being, otherwise I wouldn't have posted the article about rape and rape culture, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let this den of racists go unrequited.

By virtue of the fact you've taken issue with me for something that any non-Aspergerian person with any semblance of intelligence can clearly see, and yet have remained silent about Janos' comment about black teenagers, I have to conclude that you appreciate and respect the racist absurdity of Janos and the others, which is really queer if you ask me, since you're over there in the U.K and this blog, and these commenters are distinctly "American." Maybe you all belong to that new organization called Racists Without Borders. I think that's it. Solidarity in hate from sea to shining sea. Nice.

Now go make your bread-winning wife breakfast, or dinner, or wait on her hand and foot in some manner so she doesn't boot your worthless ass out to the curb once and for all. How many handles do you occupy here, Marty? With you, it's like licks to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie; they're endless and there are more to come. As I told you before, you're a psychopath; that's why therapy doesn't work for you.

I can't imagine any dude being chump enough to marry an unmitigated cunt like you.


Degradingly calling someone a "cunt" is distinctly European, and more specifically, British. Marty leaves another calling card. Feminist Women's studies is another. Dude, you are one sick puppy. To create and play this many characters requires an immense amount of time and energy. Why would you do this? Are you that bored with life and all that it has to offer that you spend the majority of your days pretending to be twenty, or more, people on the internets? Like I said, therapy can't help people like you. Suicide can. For once in your life, make it right and apply the final solution. Have the nerve to make the final cut.

You think that's healthy?


Use it or lose it. It's the biological imperative. You shouldn't ignore your instincts as the intellect would have you do. Biology always comes first; the intellect must be taught its proper place. There's a pecking order to respect.

That being said, it sure the hell beats clamoring on incessantly in internet chat rooms about the perceived superiority of a fabrication called one's race.

Make love, not race. I like it. Here's to love in the morning, evening, late at night, and everywhere and anywhere in between. If everyone did this, the world would be a better place.

How much you want to bet this woman, and possibly an accomplice, did this to her child and then are blaming it on the proverbial black guy? Red flags all over this one. She blames it on the black guy because she knows it works in most cases. Most people are racists and will automatically assume it was a black person.

"When you have a baby, you spend all your money on babies," she said. "They're expensive. And he kept asking and I just said, 'I don't have it.' And he said, 'Do you want me to kill your baby?' And I said, 'No, don't kill my baby!'"

One of the teens fired four shots before he walked around to the stroller and shot the baby in the face.

Police announced the two arrests Friday afternoon after combing school records and canvassing neighborhoods searching for the pair. The chief said the motive of the "horrendous act" was still under investigation and the weapon had not been found.

West said she hopes prosecutors pursue the death penalty in the case. At her apartment Saturday, she had filled several bags with her son's clothes and diapers to donate to charity.

"My baby will never be back again," West said, sobbing. "He took an innocent life. I want his life, too."

It's all there. Baby's too expensive, a burden, so you devise a crude plan to rid yourself of him, and blame it on a black person. Easy peasey lemon squeezy, right? Wrong. It will come out, watch. But it won't make people stop thinking that it's always the black guy. You can't undo that kind of mass indoctrination, and so this will happen again and again.

Note also how she's already getting rid of the kids belongings, like cleaning up spilled milk, except the murder of a child isn't spilled milk, and you can't just sweep it under the carpet.

Prog writes:

"Question #1, buck:
Who is doing more harm to native born black Americans?
a. you
b. me
c. too many immigrants

It's a trick question - answer is (a) and (c)"

Never mind trick question; it's not a sincere. intelligent question.

And from what angle should I observe the question. From a perspective, that Americans of all colors,are somewhat "soft" and unable to compete against the tough,wiry South of the Border upstarts who will arrive at the job site at sunrise and work till sunset? And BTW, if these Mexican construction workers are indeed underbidding by a vast amount, why are so many of them driving nice,new pickup trucks? In fact, they are not underbidding as low as as conventional opinion would have one believe; they are incredibly hard workers and Sunday is often their only day off.

Juxtapose the sight of a Mexican construction crew at the sunrise job site and replace these people with what group of Americans? Yes, one could go back in time to the post WW2 building boom in America and argue that average Americans performed hard labor for a living but those days have been long gone for decades. Indeed the average American teenager cannot be roused from his compulsive,obsessive electronic game addictions to go out and shovel the snow.

But how convenient for Prog to feign concern for the plight of African Americans by invoking the injustice of immigration.(The same Prog who by inference, calls into question social justice programs as being deleterious to the ultimate interests of African-Americans; indeed, that is why he thinks I somehow "harm" African-Americans, because I support said social justice programs.[As an aside, "social justice" is a moving target that is fluid and changing and by the time cumbersome bureaucracies re-adjust their aim for "The Mean", dynamics have once again changed beyond the conclusions of their original adjustment deliberations.])

Yes Prog is very concerned for African Americans; thus deport the Mexicans! (or as Prog will argue in order to blur lines and provide himself a shield of sorts against charges of racism, limit all immigration).

Wow, so much for worker's rights. We're all illegals now (and have to become like them in order to compete with them). Extraordinary that anyone could actually hate his own people and Nation this much. And once all of these are legalized, we'll have to keep the border open in order to keep the cheap flowing. In the end, it wont matter anymore since we'll just be another 3rd World pit.

Mexicans do a have a reputation as good workers. And Black have a well deserved repuatation are horrible ones. Blacks can't compete with Mexicans and Whites shouldn't have to. We're past our desperate immigrant days. A curse on those who want to drag us back to that.

So I gave you (yet again) what you wanted, and condemned racism in the Old South. It wasn't enough for you, just as I predicted. And your torrent of protest all amounts to the same thing, stated more verbosely this time:

as you continue "sanctioning racist attitudes based on past historical injustice."

This will never end, will it, buck?


And concerning immigration - you ignore the FACT that working class blacks were displaced by the Regan/Bush/Clinton waves of immigration in the other gaseous torrent of your flatulent denial. Sure money was made, by the "men with soft hands." But the rest of us suffered, and continue to suffer.

I was working with great black men, my age and older, in the 70's and early 80's. Good guys, family men - men you could trust. Some of them had been with the company since they were young teenagers. They knew their stuff, made decent money, supported their families.
Five or six of them had been with the company since they were young teenagers. The original owner of the company sold out and the buyer gradually began to replace his "in-house" crews with their black supervisors and workers - with "contract crews."

And gradually, the old black guys were gone. (old HELL, they were in their 40's!) But they were replaced by the "contractors." At first the contractors were some of the old black guys, but that didn't last for long. Too much competition from too many desperate immigrants.


"Americans of all colors,are somewhat "soft" and unable to compete against the tough,wiry South of the Border upstarts who will arrive at the job site at sunrise and work till sunset..."

Buck, you reveal the nasty and effete attitude that is common among people (most often "liberals," which is a dichotomous word I try to avoid) who have never worked at a real job with their backs and hands. You expect(ed) an outsourced 40 year old crew leader to suddenly learn a new language and/or compete against more desperate men half his age.

Bah! You stand revealed.

And nothing can change the fact that to be pro-immigrant is to be anti-black and anti-working-class.

We're past our desperate immigrant days.


Yes, you are, but the desperation has taken on another form; now, you're desperate for a good bowel movement. As you desperately straddle the toilet seat, praying to your non-existent god for relief, the world outside, your former world of mint juleps neath the exquisitely manicured magnolia tree on a balmy summer afternoon, comes to an end, finally. May you not rest in peace.

From the "we always know less than we think we know" department:

“It’s absolutely not true that we need natural gas, coal or oil — we think it’s a myth,” said Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering and the main author of the study, published in the journal Energy Policy. “You could power America with renewables from a technical and economic standpoint. The biggest obstacles are social and political — what you need is the will to do it.” ---NY Times

My comment was an "angle", a vantage point as I clearly wrote. In fact, I have denounced illegal immigration before, a fact that reveals Prog's weak memory.

I actually like/agree with much of your economic philosophy. Do you recall that comment by De Gaulle when someone asked him about Chinese workers? Boiled down, it was something along the lines as 'good for the Chinese but don't expect me to be a worker ant'.

And yet, your racial politics impel you to throw your hat in with the party you view as most hostile to minorities, hence, your occasional lauding of Rush Limbaugh on this very site. The very party of 'fiscal conservatives' who never saw a labor law worth liking, or a worker not exploited enough.

You're guilty of the very charge you accuse me of (Slamming down the gavel and sentencing Janos Krandz to thirty days in the hole for outrageous hypocrisy!)

That's what this site has devolved to, "a rant site", if you want to know what posting like this is doing to you, she's telling you. Seems that "expressing your anger" doesn't "let off steam" just makes you more angry, as the Dalai Lama asserts. No surprise here.

"Two studies were conducted to explore how people experience and express their anger on a particular type of Web site, known as a rant-site. Study 1 surveyed rant-site visitors to better understand the perceived value of the Web sites and found that while they become relaxed immediately after posting, they also experience more anger than most and express their anger in maladaptive ways. Study 2 explored the emotional impact of reading and writing rants and found that for most participants, reading and writing rants were associated with negative shifts in mood." --- Dr. Ryan Martin, Univ. of Wisconsin

Nice post. You ruined its effectiveness with this, however:

"And Black have a well deserved repuatation are horrible ones..."

The older black guys I worked with were damn fine workers. The younger ones (my generation and younger) were good workers, too, but sometimes it was hard to get them to show up on time on a Monday.
But something happened to all of my generation, black and white. On average, "we" got sorry as shit.

Oh man, the tales I could tell. I had an old-fashioned work ethic. Guys from up north had the idea that having a beer at lunch was OK. That turned into drinking on the job all day. And just being slap-dashed about things.

The problem with buck's logic is that the children of recent immigrants are going to be even sorrier that our native born - what with Section 8 housing and AFDC and Free School Lunches Thrown Away Except for the Cookie.

The only thing keeping this country afloat is a torrent of incoming desperate workers - filling jobs that aren't even "there" in go