Fortress of Lies

     History has a special purgatory where it sometimes stashes feckless nations punch drunk on their own tragic choices: the realm where anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares. We've surely crossed the frontier into that bad place in these days of dwindling winter, 2013.
     Case in point: Mr. Obama's choice of Mary Jo White to run the Securities and Exchange Commission. A federal prosecutor back in the Clinton years, Ms. White eventually spun through the revolving door onto the payroll of Wall Street law firm Debevoise & Plimpton, whose clients included Too Big To Fail banks JP Morgan, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and UBS AG, defending them in matters stemming from the financial crisis that began in 2008, as well as other companies that needed defending from allegations of financial misconduct, such as the giant HCA hospital chain (insider trading), General Electric (now a virtual hedge fund with cases before the SEC), and the German-based Siemens Corporation (federal bribery charges).
     A republic with a sense of common decency -- and common sense -- would have stopped the nomination right there and checked the "no" box on Mary Jo White just for violating the most basic premise of credibility: that trip through the revolving door that shuttles banking regulators from the government agencies to the companies they used to oversee and sometimes back again. 
     Has there not been enough national conversation about the scuzziness of that routine to establish that it's not okay? Does it not clearly represent the essence of dysfunction and corruption in our regulatory affairs? Didn't President Obama promise to seal up the revolving door? So how could Mary Jo White possibly be taken seriously as a candidate for the job? And how is it possible that everyone and their uncle, from The New York Times editorial page to the Sunday cable news political shows to the halls of congress, is not jumping up and down hollering about this? Well, because anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares.
      The funny part is that, when challenged over her past connections to the banks and companies she would now have to regulate, Mary Jo White offered to recuse herself from future cases involving them. So, from the get-go as SEC head, Ms. White would not concern herself with the doings of JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley? How is it that gales of laughter did not blow Mary Jo White clean out of the hearing room? Is there not another qualified person from sea to shining sea who could come in and do the job without one hand tied behind his or her back?
     Now it also turns out that upon leaving Debevoise & Plimpton, Ms. White is scheduled to collect monthly retirement checks from the company amounting to a half million dollars a year -- that's for life, by the way -- while she supposedly runs the SEC. How is that not a conflict of interest? The remedy proposed by Ms. White and her attorneys was for her to take the retirement loot as a lump sum during her tenure as SEC chair, after which she could revert to collecting her pension in the $42,500 monthly payouts. Pardon me, but, well ...what the fuck? What planet are we on?
     As if that's not enough, Ms. White's husband, John W. White, is a partner at another giant Wall Street law firm, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, which frequently tangles with the SEC on behalf of its clients. Mr. White proposed to change his pay structure while his wife runs the SEC. More gales of laughter. He is also on the advisory committee of the Financial Standards Accounting Board, the group that oversees national accounting practices and which, in 2009, infamously changed its Rule157 so that TBTF banks could "mark to fantasy" the fraudulent CDOs and other bond-like "innovative" securities that they created -- many of which they had to eat after the housing bubble bust when the collateral for these swindles lost its value and the "innovators" could no longer pawn the stuff off on credulous pension funds and other client "muppets."
       The silence over this disgraceful matter -- and many others like it, including the dead hand in the empty suit posing as US Attorney General -- indicates that not only is the rule of law extinct in this country, but so are public figures of principle and credible news organs. Nobody has made a noise about it. Anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares. So, the objection to it has to come from outside the authorized channels. And the consequences will mount outside the fortress of lies that the establishment has become.


I suppose we could add Sylvia Mathews Burwell, formerly of Walmart, to run the OMB to that list JHK.

This is a great rant about money in politics that I'll pass along to my friends in the Coffee Party. They may still prize civility, but that was a means to an end, not an end in itself.

I haven't touched this particular affair at Crazy Eddie's Motie News, but I've been following what this kind of loose oversight enables, the four consecutive record Dow closings. Who cares if the nation is going into the dump? The party is going! Yeah, and those of us who have seen this movie before are now watching for the top of the market.

I've also been following a lot of space-based risks, from space weather to meteors to Chinese spying on NASA. Resource depletion, pollution, and financial collapse aren't the only threats to civilization, although Americans are starting to take climate change more seriously. As for whether that translates into action, we'll see.

Happy Motoring--for now--from Detroit!

...the consequences will mount outside the fortress of lies that the establishment has become.

...until one day the elites wake up inside the fortress to find themselves surrounded by obese, tattooed barbarian freaks at the gates.

Thanks for commenting on Mary Jo White's nomination to the SEC. Just another trip through the plutocratic revolving door.

The powerful continue to tighten their circle. It looks more like a Third-World oligopoly all the time.

What a great country we have! The financial and "law" crowd have the system nicely arranged to funnel big-time cash right into their pockets. The financial machinators dream up the schemes for funneling and the legal machinators make sure that it is all "legal" - or at least not prosecuted. Meanwhile, the peasants (that's us) slave away wondering how to pay the bills. What JHK describes is such an outrage it really ought to spark a revolution.

How sad, while reading this, James, to recall your declaration that you voted for Obama a second time. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”—a good guide, especially in politics, methinks.

And what has "Occupy Wall Street" to say about all this graft and crony capitalism? Did not The People rise up and speak? Were not the vile rascals driven out? ... [crickets] ... Really, WTF is about all you CAN say at this point.

No worse of a conflict of interest than two former Monsanto lawyers on the Supreme Court hearing a case that goes to the core of Monsanto's business model. Gee, I wonder how Kagan and Thomas will vote on that one????

This president came with a lot of hope and a lot of promises, most of them broken already. The most transparent administration in decades turned out to be the most opaque. I have come to learn that hardest of lessons; there exists no difference between the two parties, none whatsoever. It is about money and power and this president seems to have taken quite a liking to the trappings of his office. His wife relishes the attention as well.

I see our president parading around on television blaming our lot on republicans rather than working toward fixing our myriad problems. I see his wife making a mockery of the White House by going on various and sundry television shows so he can be worshiped by their hosts. I see millions upon millions of dollars being spent on her royal staff of sixty or so people, all of them charged with doing her bidding, no matter how irrelevant. While the rest of us struggle to get by in what is arguably the worst economy in our history, they live it up in the palace with lavish parties and expensive vacations. Just as the republican administration before him, Obama seems to ignore the common man, preferring to hang out with Jay-Z than to sit down and hammer out a fucking budget. Four years and counting, and no budget.

With our regulators tucked tightly in to bed with their charges, I expect nothing more than business as usual. When this thing blows sky high, and rest assured it will, the columns of smoke will be visible for miles and our banking system, will cease to exist. Simply put, they are now "too bigger" to fail and guaranteed to do so.

Hey, you forgot about Jack Lew, another prize in terms of managing America's dwindling financial empire. :)

A pension of $42,500 a month! More than what a person on disability is asked to live on for an entire year. There will be no equitable solution to this until this nation is turned on its head. I hope for the sake of the masses that it is not to bloody but I fear the worst.
I look at the faces of the people where I live and they look depressed and without a lot of hope for anything getting better.
History shows a bad track record when things get this lopsided and the ones in power who can make a difference turn a blind eye. Maybe Hugo Chavez was on to something that could actually bring back a glimmer of hope. Would it really be so terrible for everyone to have enough rather than so few having more than they can possibly use in one hundred lifetimes?

e Pluribus Unum? I think not. It's time to replace that dull saw with Mike Royko's proposed motto for the City of Chicago: Quod meum est? "Where's mine?"! What's good enough for Chicago is good enough for the Excited States of America!

The Banksters, Obama, Bernanke and the rest are destroying America:

The duplicity is resting upon much deeper lies, James. kulturCritic

In a country where the 'markets' are giddy over wholesale printing of worthless toilet paper currency that somehow gains value through some algorithm of financial alchemy and stimulates the economy (for lack of more accurate term), it should be no surprise that the sheeple are quiet. Afterall, most are still under the illusion...the hope.. that they can have a dreamy comfortable retirement; that they, too, are going to be rich. As Jim has said, in the end there will be those with a lot of money that isn't worth anything and those with no money.

This sort of thing has been going on since the beginning of human history and will continue until there's no more human history. Is it going worse in our nation, probably. The inner rot is palpably accelerating. As far as credibly news organs not commenting, they've been in Obama's pocket since the beginning. Hey, what's not to like - young, black, attractive, articulate and very, very liberal. Only, now, can you tell a very slight change in the general adjulation of the mighty one. Methinks the Republicans are feeding the rope or spiking the koolaid - whatever - and are a long shot from being as dead as recorded. So, the pendulum will swing, but nothing will change. Let pessimism reign!

Jim sez:
"The silence over this disgraceful matter -- and many others like it, including the dead hand in the empty suit posing as US Attorney General -- indicates that not only is the rule of law extinct in this country, but so are public figures of principle and credible news organs. Nobody has made a noise about it. Anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares. So, the objection to it has to come from outside the authorized channels. And the consequences will mount outside the fortress of lies that the establishment has become."

Consequences? Most assuredly, and very bad ones at that. Having no "law" (along with no justice) will spur the corn-pone/neo-nazis to create their own amongst the common volk; the law of the charnel house and abbatoir; the law that points blame and death-dealing exactly eye-level against "the other", rather than upward to the hierarchy, where the true villains (like the denizens of Craven Swine & More) share cigars and brandy while chuckling over the bamboozlement of the lumpenprole. I mean, what the hell, why not; they've already pulled off making the lumpen pay for their own enslavement. Case in point: a BILLION rounds of ammo and a bunch of TANKS for Homeland Vacuity and local "law enforcement". What are they preparing for, hmmmm?

BTW, the corn-pone-neo-nazis will be along in just a couple hours to convince us that if we get rid of the niggers (and assorted other "non-white" and "culturally undesirable" persons) and install a fascist regime [with a few American-style tweaks to the failed Deutschland version of recent times past], all will be well and our current princely lifestyles will continue ad infinitum. (With them as totalitarian rulers, of course. The deb'bil's bargain: "We'll save you... for a price.")

This echo chamber of disgusting self-impressed bullshittery [tm MM] and self-referential occultism makes reading the comment section of the blog a wade into a morass of irrelevancy and a vomitorium of cavalier waste of human potential.

Be advised that only comments in the first 12 hours or so are going to be on-topic; further germane comments will be lost in a flood of ugliness and faux intellectualism and scholarship. Draw your own conclusions as to why this might be, but it surely is a blatant exemplar of a dangerous slice of clusterfuckage and a paint-by-number emerging portrait of our very real enemies of the close future. One caveat? If you feel you must engage them, DO NOT give them any information that may be useful to them. (Personal skills, resources, exact locations, etc. You know the drill...)

Damn!! And I was trying to keep my blood pressure down.

Its a Good Thing most streets have curbs on them.

We may need them soon.

James - thank you for the interesting story. Of course, the story you have written is supposedly about "un-reality." But in deed - your story is not about "revolving doors" or the SEC of big banks and influence.

What your exposition exemplifies is overwhelming and ineffable effect of OUTRAGE FATIGUE.

You and me - as well as most of the world's population have been successfully manipulated into a new manner of consent and deference to absurdity and preposterous behavior among all those whose paychecks depend on the status "grow."

What I continue to ask of readers of this BLOG is:
How much duplicity will the commoners accept?

So far we've absorbed the "war on terror" and "too big to fail."

What's the next slogan?

Ah, the pipers come to the emperor over and over again and he continues to pay.

Who the hell does everyone think is running the country?

He is a puppet on corporate strings.

As always interesting blog, right on target.

But my real concern this week has been with your surgery. I trust all went well and I wish you Godspeed for a rapid and complete recovery.

I'm not sure outrage fatigue leads to complacency among those who strive to be aware of the realities of their surroundings. (Like most Kunstler readers.) Rather it leads to rejection and bitter "flinty-ness". TPTB don't seem to acknowledge this real effect and, historically, it inevitably leads to their downfall.
Hubris to Nemesis. World with an end, amen.

Methinks the shit may be beginning to hit the proverbial fan. To wit:

Thousands of dead pigs found floating in Chinese river

China's toxic smog, rubbish-strewn rivers and contaminated soil have emerged as a source of widespread anger over the past few weeks, as profit-minded officials jostle with aggrieved internet users over how to balance the country's economic development with its environmental concerns.

Experts say the groundwater in half of all Chinese cities is contaminated, most of it severely, and that soil pollution could be widespread in 15 of the country's 33 provinces.

"Well, because anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares." The view from the front windshield as the car rockets over the edge of The Grand Canyon into the future. A future with less energy,and no middle class. White cat,black cat what difference does it make as long as the rich get richer & the poor watch the circus. Can I get a bit of this "self regulation?" Nice start to the week!! Thanks Jim.

Principle #1 of Leadership: The leader always receives a disproportionate share of the things which that particular society considers to be the good life. What happens when that leader is in power, any failures, faults etc do not matter. The leader will always receive a disproportionate share of the good life.

Don't know why my post lost all its formatting but here's the link to the Guardian article if anyone's interested

Ah, but you're wrong about "anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares". We do care about the rule of law. Throughout America, scores of thousands of law enforcement people are hard at work keeping us safe. What are they doing?
They are huddled over computer monitors posing as 13 year old girls who are hot for fat 50 year old pudknockers or ferreting out downloaders of anonymous digital images of naked 10 year olds who they'll never meet. Or they are hard at work in local drug task forces busting drug conspirators violating moral/religious injunctions against recreational drug use that ain't alcohol. Others are busy enforcing the provisions of the cloned- from-books local Euclidean Zoning strictures. I could go on, but you see where I'm going with this...
people like these are the reason 2.5-3 million people are in prison.
So we do have rule of law and you thought otherwise. It's just that we have only a certain specie of rule of law...
But as for Ms. White, having her head the SEC is like having Tony Soprano for governor of New Jersey...

Not to turn this political, but there is not much difference between the two parties EXCEPT how they are treated by the media. If you are waiting for the MSM to jump on Obama's many indiscretions, broken promises, and outright lies, you better pack a lunch and get a chair because it's going to be a long wait.

I have read JHK for years, and I agree with much of what he says. That said, what JHK and many of his followers just can't seem to understand is exactly what Obama is. Obama is not some feckless liberal wandering clueless through DC. Nor is he the "communist" that conservatives believe that he is.

In fact, Obama is an economic fascist with dictatorial aspirations, and all of his actions show it if one is objective enough to look. This latest appointment is just another example. It is not the Communist Manifesto at Obama's bedside, it is Mein Kampf. His economic "plan" is the same as Hitler's. Obama correctly understands that Fascism is the quickest way to gain power in a economically floundering Constitutional Republic, just as Hitler did. The forumula:

1. Make the voting majority dependent, in whole or substantially in part, upon the federal government for economic survival. Do this by expansion of entitlements (Obamacare, food stamps, etc., etc.), expansion of the dependent population (unemployed, legalization of illegal immigrants, etc.), expansion of government in general, and economic weakening of the Main Street private sector.

2. Use governmental favoritism, failure to enforce the anti-trust laws, direct and indirect subsidization of large and favored corporations, and "crony" regulation (where regulation is not completely ignored to favor the "anointed") to enrich a selected economic elite that will be loyal to the President.

All of this is done to assure a solid block of power--a probable majority vote by the "dependent" at the polls, along with the loyal support of the "anointed" wealthy 1-percenters--power politically granted to President by both groups in exchange for political and economic protection of their interests.

Who gets the short end of the stick? The smaller and smaller minority of middle-class Americans stupid enough not to be "on the dole" and who get to pick up the tab for all of the government spending, taxes (either direct or through inflation) to pay for it all. All of that never leads a respresntative democracy to any good place. In fact, that is probably the hope of the Administration. All that is necessary now is for a severe enough crisis to appear (either real or "engineered"--Peak Oil and its related economic and social dislocations being one real one lying just at the horizon) to bring the country to the point, as was the case in Weimar Republic Germany, to make the public receptive to the "If you will give me ultimate power, I will fix things" song of a Hitler-esque President.

Overpopulation and resource depletion are very real problems that would tax the most enlightened government and robust economic system to its limits. The thought of confronting those problems with the current corrupt, power hungry, and morally bankrupt Administration is a depressing one, indeed. Americans need to wake up and see where they are being led--not to the Promised Land, but to a land with no promise at all.

It has been clear for some time that we are on autopilot to either revolution or collapse...or perhaps both.

What disturbs me, sometimes, is that so few people seem to realize that...or maybe they just don't want to be labelled as an "extremist."

Flash forward twenty to thirty years, and the rivers, oceans, countryside, and urban landscape will not only be strewn with animal carcasses, but also human cadavers. This is just a rather tame and benign prelude; a trailer that doesn't give up all the goods, if you will.

About the only thing you can say in White's defense is that she was a small fish.

Usually Obama picks the most prominent architects of the financial meltdown for federal positions related to the economy.

There may still be enough remnants of civilization that there would be local government maintenance workers to fish out the cadavers and put them in a mass grave.

So you really think Mitt would act any different? It really does not matter if Mitt or Mr.Prez is driving the car over the edge. RNC vs. DNC is a fools game & a dead end.

When are the supreme bigots going to be nixed from this thread? I'd love to join in on to almost everything JHK criticizes. But his own forum provides some of the nastiest attitudes I've ever seen online. Good blog this week, by the way.


True. Maybe universities can be preemptive and start offering degrees in cadaver retrieval and disposition. The next bubble, perhaps. Some will succeed on the way down, and this looks like a field ripe for entrepreneurial spirit.

Your last paragraph states that "When this thing blows sky high, and rest assured it will, the columns of smoke will be visible for miles and our banking system, will cease to exist" I think that the columns of smoke will be visible throughout the solar system at least as far as the Sedna region or the Oort Cloud. The stench will reach the Andromeda Galaxy at a minimum!

Occupy just adopted the cause of financial corruption because they thought it might have some traction. It turned out the public doesn't care much. Occupy eventually found it a pointless exercise to focus on financial corruption and just wound up being another movement in favor of the standard laundry list of issues of the left. They also probably found that for the most part they had to focus on the realities of their personal lives without that much time to engage in protests. Furthermore, many probably made the strategic decision to lay low to see that they did not facilitate the election of Romney.

Why not protest now? Obama is supposedly the guy of the left. No doubt if Romney had won and had pursued the very same economic policies as Obama or perhaps had actually taken financial corruption a bit more seriously than Obama, there would certainly be a lot more protest going on.

Well Jim, as well as the rest of you on this site who voted for THE ONE you are getting what you deserve. After all all we get the country we vote for... Not that I like the Repugs any better, both parties are all about power and not about country.

I'll be watching for those TV commercials to earn a valuable degree in Cadaver Retrieval from West Southeastern Missouri Internet University.

Hello, CFNers!

It's ironic (what isn't these days, and does the word 'irony' like any of the rest of the neurolinguistic battlefield, have any actual concrete meaning beyond a daily repurposing and rebranding, these days) that just as dialogue seemed to clear up on CFN in terms of signal-to-noise ratio, I became fool enough to reregister.

As I go to post for the first time and gaze upon the conversation thread below last week, I find it as catastrophically choked with nonsense as it ever was.

But, to all those who don't contribute nonsense, whether I agree or disagree with you, from the rebranded Cash (one helluva job keeping online security - of course I am not the avid reader of this site that once I was so perhaps you slipped when I wasn't looking) and howdy to good ol' ProgorCons, BeingThere, Eluethero (you old bastid, I still like you in spite of yourself), and all the rest I don't have room to list (ozone, glad I remembered to mention you by name my internet friend and marlin - hey marlin how'dya like your One-Party State - don't you worry, Jeb Bush will fix everything in 2017, you betcha!) a fine howdy-do to all!

It is amusing that asoka has also rebranded as adequatio. As suspected, he always was Jewish, and now a DoD employee to boot. Not exatcly a surprise to find out he's one of Cass Sunstein's own. I mean he speaks in such car-colliding contradictory nonsense, designed for one task... to confuse and mislead. No matter what he calls himself.

I say again it is an absolute waste of time for anyone not fooled by his act to reply to him. It's what he wants, and his bosses, because it kills actual dialogue.

Speaking of Jews, hi Beantown Bill. The image of your conversation in which you emphatically stated that you would defend any Jew against any Goy, regardless of the guilt or innocence of said Jew, is still burned in my brain.

It's a pity I could never logically argue to myself that you were one of Vlad's clones and therefore not refelective of Jewish and most pariculary Zionist-American mainstream thought.

Because that thought is preferrable to your being a real person who honestly expressed his feelings which likely reflects the attitudes of perhaps millions, though I still vainly hope otherwise.

Taken to the extreme, it means that if ProgorCons Jewish neighbor murders ProgorCons' family, you will assume innocence and lend support to said murderer, regardless of the facts of his guilt.

Don't bother trying to backtrack with sophistry and good old plausible deniability, guy. Nobody who ever saw that exchange will ever believe you.

Wait a minute, what am I saying? Of course they will. So, you put your two cents in, Bean. Loudly declare that you would never do that thing which you said you would do and probably have done on a smaller scale numerous times.

Say it without shame and The Sheep Will Believe. So go ahead, entertain me, salve your guilty conscience and sway a sheep or two. You know you want to.

ProgorCons, knowing the sad truth of it, provided Beantown Bill is not one of Vlad's or Sunstein's clones and therefore represents "level-headed" mainstream Zionist thought, if a Jewish family moves in next door, you have to understand im the unlikely event they commit crimes against you, that you will immediately be automatically be opposed in your efforts seeking justice by the Jewish community, who will not be concerned with the facts at all.

It's crazy to think such things could be, but Beantown Bill said it and I believed him.

Anyway, enough about that, it's just so comical, to paraphrase the fictional Hannibal Smith, when a plan comes together.

Besides, as I have said before, to we bottom 80% who reside beneath the Assh0le of the Elites getting excrement rained down on us while TV tells us it's creamery tasty chocolate pudding (and 99.5% believe and will continue to believe right up until the charade is dropped once and for all), do the inetrnal workings of the creature really matter to us, or does all that matter is stopping the rain of sh1t and forget the whys and inner workings?

So, it doesn't matter whether it's a centuries long vast global conspiracy or just the usual bunch of infantile sociopathic aristocrats doing what they've done for 8000 years since the first Thug met the first Cunning Scoundrel, teamed up as King and Priest (later to be joined by Banker, Entertainer and Psychologist as the primary methodlogies of Peasant or Animal Control) to make the first bunch of Slaves.

Is it a conspiracy? Who knows for sure, and them's that know would never tell their Pets and Talking Dogs that they view us as Pets and Talking Dogs.

Once again, it doesn't matter, but not in the way Kunstler describes...they are two seperate topics.

What matters is whether or not the Peasants will stand up for ourselves (we wont) while there is still time left to do so (there isn't) before this new form of Totalitarianism that as yet has no name and by the principles of advertising and marketing may never ever be publicly acknowledged and thus BE named, blooms into full flower (it already has and sits waiting paitietly for the Final Transition and Solutions to the Weirdo Problem, like a Masserati waiting for a mere turn of the key in the ignition to go from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds flat)

I call it RW Corporate Socialism, direct descendant of RW National Socialism (which is why Vlad's only problem with it is that he's not in charge).

BeuingThere calls it Inverted Communism, which is also wonderfulty descriptive, as is Chalmers' Johnson's naming it Inverted Totalitarianism.

Point is, whether it's a full conpiracy, half a conpiracy or no conspiracy, it's all the same to the bottom 80%.

A sh1t waterfall that almost all of us think is creamery choclate pudding. And a bunch of sheep who, as always will, in service of the Wealthy Sociopaths they adore, murder or otherwise destroy anyone who dares question their virtual slavery, piss on their graves and sow the ground with salt so nothing will grow thereafter.

Which frighteningly enough, makes quite an Elite argument for Leo Strauss', founder of Modern America, dark vision to become 100% ironclad reality, as it has already become.

Yet another head-on highway collision level paradox to ponder.


Your last sentence "But as for Ms. White, having her head the SEC is like having Tony Soprano for governor of New Jersey..." leads me in the direction of Tony Soprano is the Governor of New Jersey.

As always Jim, right to the point. We have been sold to the highest bidder, and no one seems to care. In reading some of the comments, I think back to Barry Goldwater's acceptance speech at the 1964 Republican Convention where he said "extemism in the defense of liberty is no vice." Maybe we need some of that today. It's clear that playing by the rules no longer works, and the sheeple have become so indifferent that we no longer care?

What brings me peace and contentment in the midst of outrage is:

Living car-free
Farmers markets
Local communities that thrive
Internet-free weekends

These are the ways I manage my outrage.

JHK offers us another fine "telling it like it is"--thank you "What a great country we have! The financial and "law" crowd have the system nicely arranged to funnel big-time cash right into their pockets. The financial machinators dream up the schemes for funneling and the legal machinators make sure that it is all "legal" - or at least not prosecuted. Meanwhile, the peasants (that's us) slave away wondering how to pay the bills. What JHK describes is such an outrage it really ought to spark a revolution."

The world value system is upside down, vices have become virtues and living up to one's principles with integrity, honesty and humility is considered foolish, naive, and weakness. This quality of being upside down permits this funneling up to occur.

It is important to recognize that ignorance is an addiction that is difficult to undo. As I heard stated on a PBS special on "Super-Brain": Every time you fire it you wire it. Consider this from our wise, American forefather, Benjamin Franklin: "Tell me and I will forget. Teach me and I will remember. Involve me and I will learn."

Which came first the corrupt government or the corrupt people who tolerate it? We have gotten what we deserve because we have gotten a perfect reflection of what we have become. so it is up to us to become the change we want to see in others--but it won't happen.

I really enjoy and look forward to each month's architectural eyesore--this months being an especially humorous eyesore. Just when I think that ugly kitsch and dysfunctional spaces can't get any worse, JHK and his vast network of correspondents prove that indeed it can and is getting worse with every passing day.

Oh you grumps! The DOW is at a record high! Housing starts are up! Unemployment down! Gas prices, why, they went down here by eight whole cents! And that mild winter for much of the's just a natural pattern!

All is well in the Fortress of Lies. Now go shopping! It's patriotic! See you at Sam's Club! Stock up on Pork Rinds! The 2 gallon tubs are on sale!

Looking backwards from our perspective here in 2060, creating self-reliant neighborhoods it looks almost easy. But the realty was a bit more complicated. What was required were three main steps to success.

1. First, we needed to realize that the Great Transition was indeed a transition from one way to another. It was not a just temporary abnormality that would soon be over but a change that was a harbinger of a much deeper shift. We were not going to get past this and get back to business as usual (BAU).
2. Second, people needed to believe that they could really make a difference. It required the ongoing distribution of successful solutions using social media, documentary films and local events to highlight what could be done in their community.
3. Third, the residents of a community needed to get out and meet one another. This was by far the most challenging step for many. We had become so inclated sitting in front of our screen, looking down at our mobile devices or just working hour after hour at jobs that meant little and paid even less.

When people began to understand that foundational change was necessary, that solutions really did exist, and that there were skilled and friendly people living within walking distance of their homes, the rate of change accelerated exponentially.

In almost every block we began to see gardens being planted, garages being transformed into micro-manufacturing centers, rooftops being covered by solar panels and people working together to make it all happen. People looked for ways to make connections. For example, one local brewery offered its spent grains to a small mushroom growing business, who in turn donated its spent growing medium to a small farm as a soil amendment to grow veggies that were used at a neighborhood pizza parlor. These example grew until the concept of waste or trash were virtually eliminated from the vocabulary.

Over time the interconnections grew into strong micro-economies where money, jobs, products, and services stayed local and built a level of resilience and self-reliance rarely though possible.

Humans are an extremely creative species and I turned out that it needed to get challenging enough before we began to band together use our collective wisdom and learn what was necessary to thrive.


Thanks...I did not know that.

Those Chinese commies / capitalists are buying
up Africa, USA etc.

Make the voting majority dependent, in whole or substantially in part, upon the federal government for economic survival........etc

And with that USA is broke, and the 1% buys up the assets, on the cheap.
The 1% is buying the USA presently, but not
at fire sale prices.

Many years ago, as a student of Accounting, we were taught that when Moses came down from the mountain, he had the Ten Commandments in file folder #1 and GAAP in file folder #2. GAAP was held up as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

That which could even be perceived as conflicting was not allowed. Aging of accounts and securities valuation followed strict GAAP guidelines, regardless of the outcome.

I suspected "game over" when Rule 157 was adjusted 'so that TBTF banks could "mark to fantasy" the fraudulent CDOs and other bond-like "innovative" securities that they created.'

The Practice of Accounting is now experiencing the declining side of Peak Truth in Reporting.

Obama is very VERY liberal?

By what definition, other than the RW Corporate Socialist Media says every day, could he be construed as such?

In fact, Obama, as one would expect given the whole thing is a corrupt joke of a puppet reality show with no actual relevance or meaning to the hundred or so families that actually run this country, is much more of a caricature of a liberal drawn up by sociopaths for idiots.

On every single issue that has any long-term meaning (which mean it is not permitted to be discussed in Corporate Socialist Media) Obama and Dick Cheney have not an iota of difference between them.

Except Obama, by necessity, has a better marketing program. Dick Cheney and that bunch are fist-in-the-face evil as opposed to more cunning evil and thus a more sophisticated marketing program for them (though maybe not Jeb "Corn-Pone Hitler" Bush, who is going to combine the evil of BOTh wings of Corporate Socialism in 2017 when he is crowned King Figurhead and Chief Murdered) of the Empire.

He will strike terror into the hearts of peasants everywhere, especially at home, and will murder anyone anywhere who does anything about dreams of being free. And after the next 9-11 (on odd-number month, odd number-date, 2017, 2019, 2021, bu I don't see them waiting much longer than that), in which once again we will attack ourselves and then sic the peasants like mad dogs on whoeever we say and no, none of it has to make the slightest bit of sense to be effective...quite the opposite.

Dreaming's OK, just turn on your TV. But the minute you even think of taking action, sophisticated algotrithms will flag you for human intel analysis and deeper electronic scrutiny.

This, by the way and I am not exaggerating the power of current technology one iota, will likely be even before you realize what you are thinking.

You will give off electronic signals inferring your subconscious intent, and the Homeland Gestapo Local Fusion Center will know before you do that you've become a danger top yourself and others.

This by the way is a 100% non-exaggerated statement of how modern intel works, based on known scientific tenets, but what does that matter tothe extreme disbelief you will likely hold it in?

It's already over, you see. Bush Obama, whatever. If you can say with a straight face not just that Obama is Liberal, but that he's VERY liberal, then you're not much of a worry to anyone in power. You ae still thinking what and most importantly HOW your slavemasters want you to think.

NEWSFLASH: Obama's not liberal any more than Dick Cheney or you coming Emperor Jeb Bush is conservative. It's so embaraassingly obvious that only a fool could believe either of those things. By the principles of advertising and marketing, there is no larger demographic than people incapable of distinguishing State Lies from Truth in Corporate Socialist America. And still growing wildly every day.

"No Nuremburg Rally required because TV is a 24/7 Nuremburg Rally."
--somebody said that, maybe JHK, but I wish I'd said it

All that is left of Liberalism and Conservatism are rotting skin suits which the sociopathic monsters who rule us wear occasionally on state occasions to fool the fools into believin they are as free as they ever were and that nothing has changed since 1978.

As long as you fail to relize that, you shall continue to be a slave in your mind, which is the only place it matters, as any marketer could tell you if you tortured them and forced them to confess the heart and soul and deepest kept open secret of their industry.

Good one James, very appropo to our virtual fantasy world.
Normalcy bias became cognitive dissonance which now morphs into my new theory of Systemic Irrationality.

As we have mounted the treadmill of inflation, we run faster and faster just to maintain our position, eventually this treadmill becomes the Red Queen, and the Treadmill of Immorality. A place where we will do anything to maintain our place on the treadmill.

The spreading disease of immorality and ISMS has now become systemic irrationality, a place where the mysteries and lies are only countered by the shadows and echos of reality. That sign post up ahead? Next stop... the Twilight Zone.

Don't worry, it can only get worse as we predicted last year. It must, because Something wicked this way comes, and the Unified Field proves that the dark energy gets thicker with every passing day. Prepare, for the madness of crowds.

Whew, I was typing so fast I made alot of mistakes, not just grammatical.

I thought I edited well, but I thought wrong. Damn that's a lot of little typos, too many to go through and correct so here is typo and correction for the one in which the sentence doesn't make sense otherwise:

I typed, "(though maybe not Jeb "Corn-Pone Hitler" Bush, who is going to combine the evil of BOTh wings of Corporate Socialism in 2017 when he is crowned King Figurhead and Chief Murdered)"

I meant to type: (though maybe not Jeb "Corn-Pone Hitler" Bush, who is going to combine the evil of BOTH wings of Corporate Socialism in 2017 when he is crowned King Figurehead and Chief Murderer)"

Bravo - your insightful comments are refreshing.

It's ironic (what isn't these days, and does the word 'irony' like any of the rest of the neurolinguistic battlefield, have any actual concrete meaning beyond a daily repurposing and rebranding, these days) that just as dialogue seemed to clear up on CFN in terms of signal-to-noise ratio, I became fool enough to reregister.

I pretty much conceded my sanity when most of the world accepted the 'war on terror' as a premise for pillaging anyone, anywhere, anytime.

neurolinguistic battlefield I can see now that others share my asylum.

Good day Sir Hancock, thank you for your scribbling....

That is one perspicacious observation. I am continually shown that human psychology is so complex that any given "truth", such as that word has any meaning in RW Corporate Socialist America, has just so many ways to look at, dissect and analyze.

Yours is yet another angle and facet to this Big Picture. Thanks for sharing it and once again validating the idea that on CFN, no matter how much nonsense spam posted, many gems lurk beneath if one is willing to sift the sands or excrement, as the case may be.

Overblown florid lingo from me! What a shock! But you get my meaning.

Thanks again.

routersurfer said: "So you really think Mitt would act any different? It really does not matter if Mitt or Mr.Prez is driving the car over the edge. RNC vs. DNC is a fools game & a dead end."
I quite agree.

Talk about being prescient, Jim ...

Just this morning Mary Schapiro, former SEC Chairman, landed a plum spot on the GE Board of Directors.


Sh-t, General Hancock is back!

And already bustin' my balls!


'Sup, budizwizer.

Just like the old Soviet Union and Nazi Germany (of which we are it's kinder and much more plausibly deniable direct descendant - thanks Bush Family!), the Conventional Wisdom is so over-the-top insane and senseless, that to display any sanity at all is to be considered insane immediately and by virtually all around you.

Carl Sagan used to say "Science is the magic that works."

He certainly was right, and behavioral and mass psycholy, advertising, public relations, and marketing are all sciences that are the magic that turn people, on a macro-collective scale (same place the bloody neurolinguistic war has been waged these last 33+ years) into predictable talking dogs.

Oh my, how I would have railed against such a concept a mere 14 years ago! Ranted and railed and cursed at the evil bastard who could say and believe such lies, so contrary to the dignity and decency of the individual. So against everything I believed and everything those flawed, but tremendously decent Founding Fathers, said and wrote.

(except Franklin, who's last speech to the Constitutional Convention reads as if he was living today, so dead spot on it is)

But they knew nothing of psychology, knew nothing of the reptilian brain that drives all human activity at bottom, only rationalized by the limbic and neocortex systems so everyone believes the lies that make them feel good about being part of something evil (exchange "good" and "evil" with "the sputtering, intermittant human desire for some tiny scrap of freedom and self-determination" and "totalitarian methods of aristocratic control of docile populaces" if you wish).

Ans so, well intentioned as they were, they were wrong in everything, as any High American Nobleman could today tell you if he was foolish enough or tortured enough to speak the truth to a Peasant.

But seeing is believing. Oh my gosh and golly, seeing is most certainly believing.

Now all that is truly left if for the geuine horrors to begin, everything is wholly in place, including an American People indistinguishable on a mass psychological level from Hitler's Willing Henchmen.

Obama, like Heinrich Bruning before him, is most likely (nothing is certain other than we will eventually get where we are going) the guy who cemented people in that final position and who is even now creating the monstrous horrors that will be directed against us (in plausibly deniable fashion and so well-marketed with reality TV shows from the AT&T Happy Times Fun Twinks Economic Sactuary Zones "Where everyday is FUNDAY!")

Although the cops and Gestapo will rightly call them "Roach Motels", but try telling that to someone...they'll never believe their Galdiators of Friendly Fascism could say such things - until the dumbasses get sent there themselves.

If it's not that it will be something much like that or it's cyber-equivalent.

Bottom line: So much has now been stolen from so many, and by far not just money and material wealth, that the Aristocracy will be walking a fine line from now on how hard to crush the smallest resistance that shows even the tiniest sign of spreading to even a handful of individuals and not spooking the sheep with overkill - not much of a problem due to the mass psychological condition of the American Subject Populace, but they must still fear it due to the occasionally viral nature of mass psychology that can spread to even the most docile sheep.

That the bottom line: The thievs have stolen everything, hired thugs to protect them, and now all that remains is how many Plebes and Proles have to die to maintain the Proper Aristocratic Lifestyle in the Feudal Future without keeping so many slaves and servants that the numbers don't become problematical for their Hired Goons to control an dofrce to work slave.

The choices were quite limited, as I recall.

I am glad to see you change your "happy motoring from Detroit" to the more realistic "happy motoring for now". I am happy to motor as far away as I can from the virtual hell hole of a city as I can. They are supposed to be broke? You would never know it by the number of unmarked cop cars that have hidden along the access ramps to I-94, I-75, I-696, I-96, ready to pounce on you like ravenous wolves starving for raw meat for going one fucking mile over the limit. I set my cruise control to go 5 miles under the limit. To be fair, that isn't just true of Detroit. All of the local swine like to get in on the act, one would get the idea the sole new role of the cops are to steal money from people in a vain, fultile, and undignified attempt to prop up all levels of government, who will be broke from this day, actually years before the official 2008 crash, because the limits to growth have been reached. They started to patrol down the streets in my subdivision, west of hell (Detroit) and are getting out of their patrol cars to inspect people's windshields for cracks. Find a little nick in the windshield, they leave a hefty ticket for you to wake up to. I am afraid to park in front of my house now so back all the way up my driveway, close and lock the gate, and put a big ass "beware of dog" sign up, although I don't own a dog, but if they start fence hopping, I will get the most viscious attack pitbull I can find.

Speaking of corrupt and collapsing governments, the former crook/gangster/"mayor" Kwamee Kilpatrick of hell (Detroit, which will need an emergency financial manager each year until the state of Michigan itself collapses)is to be sentenced today, prompting many of my facebook pals to post "off with his head". I heard on WRIF's Nightcall last sunday that half the people in Detroit do not pay their city taxes. Why should they? They don't have the money, and the city doesn't pick up their garbage, the street lights in most areas are off, and the neighborhoods sound like war zones at night with the sound of gunfire. Great place to live. They ought to raze the whole area and turn in back into farmland

The Chinese spying on NASA. Who cares. What a waste of time, energy, and resources space exploration is. Shuttles that are sent off in cold weather despite warnings from egineers because NASA is sick of delays whose o-rings fail, or shuttles that burn up on re-entry because of damaged heat shields. Billions of dollars wasted to satisfy the curiousity of a few scientists. Let's not bullshit each other. If people cannot get along on this planet and be better stewards of the earth, they sure as hell won't survive in space, nor should they. Not content to fuck up one planet, they want to spread the cancer known as the human race to another. A complete and total waste of time. Remember that story of that ugly bitch, Lisa Nowak, NASA's cream of the crop, married but driving thousands of miles in diapers to confront the lover of another astronaut she had an affair with? (She could stop for gas but didn't have time to use the crapper, instead shitting and pissing herself all the way to confront and apparently murder this woman). Now that gives me great confidence that mankind will survive in space, it makes me feel so wonderful to know my tax dollars are going to fund a bunch of ugly women in diapers chasing each other around with pellet guns. Scrap NASA altogether, I say.

But that will never be done voluntarily, they are a bureaucy that is in bed with the soon to collapse military. I read about some theory as to why the Chinese are trying to speed up their space program. Supposedly the moon has an abundant supply of helium-3, which if memory serves me correctly doesn't occur, or rather is not naturally formed on earth. It would seem the energy invested to blast off a bomb with people in it (they call them rockets) and actually mine/extract the helium 3 and bring it back to earth would be a minimal energy gain, but rest assured, if it proved to be worth it, the US would likely use its supposed permanently manned military presence in space to assure that the Chinese astronauts faced some unfortunate mishap. The energy/resource wars have already begun and may even extend into space. What a wonderful future we all have to look forward to.

The Corporate 1% supercede national borders, they are a global cabal that controls worldwide resources and commands all government agencies. They are firmly entrenched in the economy's profit centers (oil, Pharma, defense) and confident of their immunity from reform or regulation. A nuclear accident that melts down 3 reactors becomes BAU as the story is dismissed as a minor inconvenience.

They were slightly discomfited by Occupy but used their police and propaganda powers to successfully bury that meme. The strategy is to have the sheeple so distracted by personal economic struggle and the fine toothed comb of zoning, taxation, drug laws and traffic infractions that there is no energy left for revolution. The guns they allow us to have are for use against each other and are no threat to their well fortified tyranny.

Meanwhile their personal fortunes are well protected in offshore accounts as they taunt us with 4% tax rate increases that they will never pay. They appoint members of their own club to be the figurehead regulators and law enforcers while they literally laugh all the way to the bank. Their cynicism has no limits and they are well stocked with domestic intelligence, tanks and ammunition in case you step out of line. Here are your food stamps, antidepressants and huge TV screens America, now hush up, numb out and go away.


Sorry, I guess I am not yet familiar with everyone's new moniker but I don't recall giving your sh1t by name.

Marlin? Cash? Marlin, right?

Hey guy, nothing personal. It is what it is, and too late for anything but bitter postgame analysis of the Big Loss (for the bottom 80%) and the Big Win (for the top 0.01% Gods on Earth and their various Salacious Crumbs who slobbering slurp up their leavings - a better meal than any of us ever 'et, if one cares about such things).

Think of it as the mirror opposite of the Russian fatalist humor that bloomed under Communism.

It's all a joke and now all that's left, really now things are so comically far alomng on all fronts, that there is only one real inflection point left, the coming self-inflicted 9/11 #2 (the nuking of Chicago, perhaps Romney was only repeating the chatter of his Mossad handlers when he made than comment - it certainly would be a brilliant move from a marketing perspective and guarantee enthusiastuic particpation from the entire spectrum of populace...except the few Weirdos, who will just sort of...go away), or it's cyber-equivalent, followed by the finding of the planted evidence implicating whoever we want to bomb and steal from next, probably Iran, maybe even China, although America only attacks much MUCH MUCH weaker nations, so perhaps not China.

When that happens, you know that you have roughly a few months to Schindler, to do something anything to show that you were opposed to evil and mean it. If not, down in history with the rest of us, who are now firmly in the running for The Most Evil Human Society That Ever Lived.

What's more evil than knowingly pushing the human species into a keyhole or extinction?

We haven't surpassed the Nazis yet, but rest assured after the coming 9-11 #2 (odd number month, odd number day, 2017, 2019, 2021, but probably not much later than that) it's almost guaranteed we will surpass them by a good bit.

But always with a smile, a happy reality TV Show, and a mild and wholly non-threatening phony opposition who maintains their frightened impotent charade so they don't get tossed into the Economic Sanctury Zones ("Where everyday is FUNDAY!") with the Weirdos.

Not to worry, it will all make perfect sense to the vas vast VAST majority of Americans.

Which means it will make no sense at all. In fact, making sense can only hinder the efforts of the Elite to control a docile and zombified populace.

Things are coming so fast, Marlin, that I may yet be alive to see it and have my own awful Schindler's choice to make of action and suffering or silence and shame, made even worse by the fact that modern technology makes it impossible to even hide a mouse in one's attic, let alone several Enemies of the Corpzi State.

So in an ironic twist of fate, I may be forced to say to myself the same thing I say to you.

Unless the Aristocracy can keep the Sheep docile until Emperor Jeb unleashes the Evil Fist on everyone and everything (but with a smile, some fine marketing and some awesomely sophisticated toadying from the Controlled Corporate Socialist Media), when it will be too late to do anything but obey or suffer prison or death.

What a sunny future awaits us all. At least those few Salacious Crumbs who stil reside in the shrunken but still opulent Green Zone of America, forget the bottom 80% because we are not even human and we don't have sould and the Nobility knows this for sciemnce has proven it (ok that's a bit of hyperbole, but not nearly as much as you'd think). I may cast my meaningless vote for Emperor Jeb in 2017. Why? Because we all deserve what is coming...including me.

Obama has cemented one idea and locked it down tight. Ward Chruchill was absolutely correct, now even more than then, if that was possible.

We are a nation of Little Eichmanns, myself included, and Hitler's Willing Executioners.

Truth hurts. Reality sucks. Live with it.

How can we take a person like Mary Jo White seriously? Put the right clothes on her - overalls, scuffed boots, flannel shirt, dirty ball cap - and dangle a cigarette out of her mouth and you've got a perfect traveling circus roustabout.

Wrong. Fascism cherishes the Traditions of its Nation. Obama doesn't and is a cultural if not physical alien.

Under Fascism, the Goverment guides and regulates the Economy, whereas under our Plutocracy, the Corporations guide and regulate Goverment. So 180 degrees wrong on that one.

Remember, Hitler told the International Banks to GO TO HELL. Only Iceland has had the courage to do that since him. And under the guidance of economist Gustav Feder, Hitler effected a miracle. Germany was even farther gone than we were yet he turned it around.

I think "King Figurhead and Chief Murdered" paints a more poignant picture !

Whew, something must be wrong with my new typing setup or my hands aren't at the right angle or something because alluva (sic) sudden, I am an absolute typo machine and no amount of pre-posting scrutanization seems to slow it down or even catch half of it.

Occasionally during the year of his absence I'd get a yearning to read labels like "RW Authoritarian" but already, now that Hancock has actually returned, I wish he hadn't. MY GOD is this man verbose or what?!? Just once I'd like to see him make his point in a pithy 150 words or less. Never happen.

You are growing brother - almost there. But the last step is the big one. One small step for man but one giant step for mankind. All those name are ok but Plato's Plutocracy, or rule by the wealthy, is the simplest and most accurate. And Plato as a Fascist, condemned it.

Under Fascism, the Economic Elite are subordinate to the Cultural Elite. In other words, the two are going to be intimately connected, there is no way around that. The question is who will dominate. Americans have immense trouble with this concept, given their tradition of individualism - which I love btw. The Far East never had the illusion that the two were separable. They made sure, that the Goverment would dominate Business right from the begining.

Like most here I think, I want more decentralization than the European models, either Liberal Capitalist or Fascist, allow. But even so the question will arise and we must choose the Cutltural over the Mercantile. And thus the choice is then either Fascism or Socialism/Communism. Which preserves the Traditions of a Nation and the Nation itself? Fascism. It's the only choice. And our Tradition is one of decentralization. Barliman said to Aragorn, "We want to be left alone. King Aragorn said, "You will be".

Here ya go. Corrupt from the local level to the federal level and every other level in between

Yes, Yes, Yes. The people are idiots, sheep, goyim, or a women as Hitler phrased it. They will believe ANYTHING. That's what ancient Greek Sages, Catholic Saints, Hindu Yogis, and the Founding Fathers all had in common: they all had a realistically low opinion of the vast bulk of mankind. So! How does this square with your Democracy? It doesn't, does it? Upon entering the polling booth, a quadratic equation should flash on the screen. Failure to solve it should cause the curtains to open and a loud alarum to go off with a flashing red light!

Let's save people this embarrassment. Keep the idiots out of the voting box. No parasites either. The original criterior were too slanted to the rich, I'd settle for financial stability and lack of debt. And a basic test of literacy and knowledge of our system. For the highest or Federal Level, a more stringent test and a record of service. That would be military for most, both other things could be considered.

Also consider the record of modern psychological testing. Brown eyes/Blue eyes. Milgram's shock test. My favorite: people are in a room filling out job applications. The room begins to fill with smoke. Everyone continues to fill out the job applications. But put a person in a room by themselves and they act sensibly and get the hell out. The group drags us down and few are strong enough to resist it - or public opinion. The secret ballot allow some to use their intelligence, assuming they have it to begin with. But for many, the crowd follows them into the booth. Alas poor Jim. He knew better yet he got dragged down by the drama of the election and the Democratic Triblalism: he voted for Obama again.

I wonder who Ron Paul would have chosen to to run the Securities and Exchange Commission. the general adjulation of the mighty one.

This^ results from writing what the mind's ear hears rather than what the mind's eye sees.

It reminds me of hearing a Brit make mention of the '80s rock band "Juran Juran." Uh, "sorry," I said, "never heard of them."

"Ohhhhhhhh, wait a minute, you mean Duran Duran. My bad."

She looks like Janet Reno's little sister. They love to inflict monsters on us, obviously.

Check this out: Gabby Gifford's husband is a complete hypocrite just like ther other gun grabbing dogs.

One Black lady philosopher said baseball was an expression of White Male Masochism since it involved beating white balls.

Community is the way past, and through, the Special Period to come. Cuba is ahead of the game. They've made, or are making, the transition. As Islanders, they have an innate sense of limits when it comes to natural resources. I don't see the West having as easy a time as Cuba, though, precisely because of what Janos is advocating. Janos Semen Lee is advocating factionalism; the exact converse of the community we will need. Here's an excellent documentary. These people are truly happy in their transitioning world made by hand. This could never have happened if the gangsters and their puppet dictatorship were still running the show in Cuba.

" The corn-pone-neo-nazis will be along in just a couple hours to convince us that if we get rid of the bla-bla-bla.". Hey O3, you can't get rid of me that easy. I'm going out back to cover myself with a couple of quarts of Maple syrup.(after it cools of course). If I'm lucky I'll attrack a swarm of honey bees to replace the hive I lost last year from CCD. Wish me Luck!If it does not pan out I will let the neighbor hood kids lick it off me!.. OH Shit! is this site monitored? :o):o):o):o):o):o):o)

She teaches at Yale?

Storm the Batille, NOW! Kill the Swiss guards and sharpen the blade on the guillotine. Yes, violence will most likely follow in way like that of the French revolution because of how our nation has been fractionalized into essentially tribal orders of ethnicity, race, national origin, religion, language preference,etc -- not to mention economic class strata. That is, common allegiance to the abstract principles of the founding documents has been diluted by floods of immigrants from backward cultures in numbers too great for assimilation.

Are the 10 wealthiest counties suburbs of DC?
Civil Servants?
Meanwhile DC is a wreck!

Who was that philosopher? Angela Davis?

"Pardon me, but, well ...what the fuck? What planet are we on?" That says it all and will be the question for what ever remaining years are left of the species. The business schools have succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. Mutant robots money grubbing through life and ass kissing politicians have turned this planet into a bunch of terrified humans afraid the band is going to stop and will do anything to pretend that this so called reality is the only way to live the life. A rat race existence that can only be called a dream world of pink sunglasses and blinders that would blind a horse.



I had to go get some boot polish for
the after party.

test test test, what a crappy time to get the old Kunstler website treatment

can I post? can I post?

Let's try this again, without the youtube link and cut in half:

Just couldn't keep your piehole shut, could you? Not for an hour or two.

Just like you can't stop reading every word I type, which is quite shameful and hypocritical, if you were capable or shame or perceiving yourself as a hypocrite.

But in the end, Q, you're just not interesting enough for me to waste my time on. After the last time when I genuinely tangled with you and you became so farblungit that you wouldn't even come on site when I was there and actually sat and WAITED for me to leave, a full seven minutes, I believe, before you snapped at my retreating back like the ineffectual puppy you are.

I must admit that wasn't a waste of time, but supremely enjoyable for me and ProgorCons and I am sure more than a few others.

Remember how progorCons and I laughed so very hard at how easily and thoroughly you were
buffaloed. What a weak man you must be in real life, because I sure am no tough guy, but
I broke you as easy as snapping a swizzle stick.

Remember the song I played for you after your pathetic, entertaining display, my little swizzle stick of aristocratic pomposity?

It's called "Puppet on a String" by the Hives. Please feel free to enjoy it's dulcet tones once again...


(continued from above)

This was slightly amusing for me, recalling the tale and knowing anyone can look it up it's a matter of public record, you quavering fellow.

But that is more than enough. As you hang on my every word, know that once again and as always, the only words of your I'll read, like 'soakdequatio' and Chinese Spammer will be by mistake and scrolled over as soon as I realize what I am reading.

Perhaps I will read your coming impotent insults, my puppet, and laugh, but not much longer so if you want me to see the insults you'd better let 'em fly now.

Go ahead, rail and cry, weep and gnash your teeth, which for you is expressed through bloodless, detatched aristocratic pomposity.

Not to worry. If I even waste my time reading, rest assured I'll know what you mean, baby boy.

Now go, get thee hence, and find the words that will cause me to feel as I made you feel on that day when you waited prcisely sven minutes to yip at my retreating back, puppy.

But try as you won't. You can't, you pathetic and impotent old man.

Bye now, Q. I shall enjoy occasionally and mistakenly reading your future attempts to reengage me in conversation as I will knowing you read my every word and hate every minute.

Priceless, my little thumb-sucking child.


Anyone see 60 minutes last night? The Sagrada Familia Basilica is Gaudi's masterpiece and has been under construction for over a hundred years. It's completion was greatly delayed when the Ozones or Anarchists tried to blow it up. That's who this guy is - Ugliness personified.

Except for one thing. Bushes don't get murdered. They are the ones ordering the murders, to take a bit of poetic liscence with a sad reality.

So semantically, calling our soon to be Emperor a murdered makes no sense gramatically but I don't care about that, am I missing something semantically?

Well, three+ years is still no so "soon to be", unless whoever and whatever is really running the show decides to string the charade out longer before liquidating the operation, by which I mean roughly 6 billion of we Useless Eaters, particularly those of darker skin residing over dwindling natural resources, by 2100, but by plausibly deniable attrition, you understand.

We didn't kill them you see, it just sort of happened when the food and water shipments were late to the HappyTimes FunTwinks Ecoonomic Sanctuary Zones ("Where Every Day is FUNDAY!")

Which seems to happen alot, you understand, such that American average life expectancy is down to 58.6.

Anyone thinking of mentioning that euphemism actually means ten or tweleve million recently dead?

If you do, you'll be one step closer to finding out that everyday is FUNDAY yourself. Don't mention it at work or you'll be fired and then how will you make your money?

See? With the right marketing, you can sell Americans on murdering many millions of their own, and it will be so easy as taking candy from a 300-million-strong electronically connected brain-damaged infant.

I just told you how. Oh, and I forgot, station a few Token Liberal Doctors (who pose zero threat or challenge to the existing order) to weep a few real tears over the tragedy and the problem is solved. A few real tears from some gut-wrenching Alan Colmes type from watching tens of thousands die needlessly, will be a salutory and cleansing experience for 300+ million, just as the science says it will. They will feel better about themselves and going to work every day spreading the Greater Glory of RW Corporate Socialism!

See? Problem solved. Twelve million Useless Eaters and Recalcitrant Troublemakers quietly disposed of, and the Corporate Socialist Media will barely pause to report the life expectancy story, which will run a few days and be forgotten...except by a few Weirdos who will suddenly become too poor and go away to where EVERY DAY IS FUNDAY!

But it's their own fault because they got too poor, plus those places are great places! Don't you watch Reality TV? Why would they call it Reality TV if it wasn't real, ADUH!

You'd better believe that if I've got the marketing figured out, then whoever or whatever runs this country (probabaly 100 families much like ancient Rome had it's 12) also has it figured out, have deployed the test "life expectancy story" which easily covered up the deaths of 7-10 million Russians during their period of Totally Free Market Capitalism in the mid-90s, and are ready with the next step when circumastances warrant the Final Solution to the Weirdo Problem)

Mission Acomplished. Plus the American People are so much more laughably zombified and gelded than even they were in 2006, the height of the Second Bush Imperium - the First Bush Imperium being 1980-1992, and marked the beginning of the end of even the illusion of Peasant self-determination.

Anyway, Lara's Dad, that's a lot to say I like your comment, but could you please elaborate on what you meant if I am missing something because I don't get how calling Jeb Bush, almost certainly a judicial murderer, arch-multiple felony-RICO criminal who absolutely dwarfs in reach the largest mafia organization, and scion of one of the most ruthless, undemocratic, corrupt and murderous families since the Borgias, who were very friendly with the Bushes back in the 30s and 40s - look it up, a "murdered" is the opposite of the intended meaning.

So I don't get it. Please elaborate.

No, I can't remember her name. She's part of the very crazy Negro Intellectual world, but a few decades ago I think - before they got into Harvard and Yale. Maybe I'll look on Stuff Black Peeps don't like.

Anything goes, nothing matters, nobody cares:

Anything goes, nothing matters, nobody cares:

This is the exact description of reality as it is, we try to make things count and be important, we try to create totalizing religions, viewpoints ideologies interpretations, a lens that explains everything, where everything makes sense according to some set of logical segments and so on, we try to superimpose upon reality some totalizing view and filter, some grid where we have an answer to all, a grid that explains all and shows us what is right and wrong: a war, a battle, peak oil, we need economic growth, anything, any of the large scale totalizing ideas pretending to be all, but is in fact just a puny, insignificant way to see things that doesn't matter, that doesn't mean anything that is probably always wrong or irrelevant and so forth.

Look at the pebble on the street, that occupies your mind and thought, that is the entire universe for all time and space for the moment your attention is on that, the next moment it could be a car tire: but such it is, information is how the observer interacts with reality, any new observer will have a new information set and hence a new reality, information is what gives Matter its inertia, its mass, since without information matter is free to be anything and nothing (and create super abstractions, if matter is 0 and information 1 what is 433 or minus 34?), no grid is superimposed upon reality, just like the grid of the laws of physics pretending to be real: it is just a superimposition of a grid on reality that doesn't mean anything: change the observer the laws change or there are no laws at all, the new particle accelerator can be an apple a can and a car tire and so forth.

10 years ago the war in Irak was everything, all attention was on that, it was everything and such, now no one even remembers it, it doesn't even exist anymore, the same will happen with the Economic Growth Myth or Peak Oil or anything else, in a few years people will not even know what the heck all the fuss was about, even because the years of real economic growth of the west occurred between 1955 and 1995 and no one noticed it or talked about or even thought it was operating then, a whole bunch of other things were important: the idea of processes operating in the background, described as being always present, the other minds always present and this other mind aware state of being is always just a moment away from disappearing. Just like when you get tired of reading the same things over and over again, you need a change, in that exact moment you sense that it is all irrelevant, it doesn't matter, anything goes, nothing matters, no one cares.

spark plugs

Ha hah ha, here's a dilly of a typo:

"corrupt and murderous families since the Borgias, who were very friendly with the Bushes back in the 30s and 40s"

hahahaha - was that the 1930s or the 1230s?

It wasn't the Borgia, but the Nazis, the Nazi Leadership, to be more precise, "who were very friendly with the Bushes back in the 30s and 40s".

Look it up, as one should look up the greatest American hero no one knows about, General Smedley Butler.

We are a set of random elements, extreme details that become absolutes, but only to us as life renders absolute that which is random detail and irrelevant and relative and such.

The contrast between details and general,

Upon entering the polling booth, a quadratic equation should flash on the screen. Failure to solve it should cause the curtains to open and a loud alarum to go off with a flashing red light!

This image you paint is funny (it'll never happen but it's funny).

It recalls a day at work a few decades ago. I had a secret clearance and got tapped for an assignment on a so-called "black job." I was requested to report to bldg 5 where within there was a windowless area completely walled off and isolated from everything else. The door to it had some sort of cipher lock on it. I rang a bell and someone answered and took me inside to a stark cubicle containing only a desk and chair. I was told to sit and wait. I sat and gazed around and was astonished by the starkness of not only this cube but the entire area, no plants, no pictures, no personal memorabilia of any kind...sensory deprivation, if you will. On the ceiling I noticed a revolving red light. Finally someone came to get me for a briefing on whatever function I was expected to perform. As we walked through the area I commented to my guide about the starkness of this secret area. And I said, oh by the way, what's the meaning of that revolving red light? He said that means YOU'RE here.

Bill Ayers said that tens of millions of Americans would have to be put to death. Yet you fools elected his good friend Obama.

Can you imagine a White Separatist Terrorist being freed on a technicality and then becoming an influential professor who walked with the power brokers? And the Leftists claim they are persecuted!

Capitalism and Communism are both economic philsophies: the New World Order can work with either, but Capitalism is better later on and can bring in the Brave New World. Orwell's nightmare is the stick to that carrot and remains lurking in the background.

Fascism is a Philosphy of Man and honors each unique Nation's heritage and faith and race. The NWO can't use it and considers it a deadly enemy. That's the difference, Hanc.

As Caesar the Chimp said, "I never met an ape I didn't like".

You really are one of the insiders - at least into the foyer. Stop denying it and start telling us all you know. Become a whistle blower.

A black job? Does that mean bringing in someone totally unfamiliar with a case or situation just so as to get a fresh and unbiased opinion? Beginer's Mind.

Did you enter the room "where there is no darkness"?

Clusterfuck is an apt description of Washington politics.

Let's try this again, without the youtube link and cut in half:

Just couldn't keep your piehole shut, could you? Not for an hour or two.

Just like you can't stop reading every word I type, which is quite shameful and hypocritical, if you were capable or shame or perceiving yourself as a hypocrite.

But in the end, Q, you're just not interesting enough for me to waste my time on. After the last time when I genuinely tangled with you and you became so farblungit that you wouldn't even come on site when I was there and actually sat and WAITED for me to leave, a full seven minutes, I believe, before you snapped at my retreating back like the ineffectual puppy you are.

I must admit that wasn't a waste of time, but supremely enjoyable for me and ProgorCons and I am sure more than a few others.

Remember how progorCons and I laughed so very hard at how easily and thoroughly you were
buffaloed. What a weak man you must be in real life, because I sure am no tough guy, but
I broke you as easy as snapping a swizzle stick.

Remember the song I played for you after your pathetic, entertaining display, my little swizzle stick of aristocratic pomposity?

It's called "Puppet on a String" by the Hives. Please feel free to enjoy it's dulcet tones once again...


WSHancock1864 replied to comment from Kyooshtik | March 11, 2013 3:01 PM | Reply
(continued from above)

This was slightly amusing for me, recalling the tale and knowing anyone can look it up it's a matter of public record, you quavering fellow.

But that is more than enough. As you hang on my every word, know that once again and as always, the only words of your I'll read, like 'soakdequatio' and Chinese Spammer will be by mistake and scrolled over as soon as I realize what I am reading.

Perhaps I will read your coming impotent insults, my puppet, and laugh, but not much longer so if you want me to see the insults you'd better let 'em fly now.

Go ahead, rail and cry, weep and gnash your teeth, which for you is expressed through bloodless, detatched aristocratic pomposity.

Not to worry. If I even waste my time reading, rest assured I'll know what you mean, baby boy.

Now go, get thee hence, and find the words that will cause me to feel as I made you feel on that day when you waited prcisely sven minutes to yip at my retreating back, puppy.

But try as you won't. You can't, you pathetic and impotent old man.

Bye now, Q. I shall enjoy occasionally and mistakenly reading your future attempts to reengage me in conversation as I will knowing you read my every word and hate every minute.

Priceless, my little thumb-sucking child.


Like I said, MY GOD is this man verbose or what?!?

P.S. Among other errors today, it's farblunget

I love the way Jim says he is allergic to "conspiracy theories"; then week after week he writes about the most obviously blatant conspiracies like they are result of endless incompetence rather then by "on purpose design".

Jim just thinks that everybody in government is just misguided, and bad at their jobs. It never occurs to him that these people all went to college together, they belong to the same country clubs, they drink together after work.... and there is no way they could possibly plot against the general public??

Okay.... we'll keep going with that... but if it were true they would make a mistake in our favor every once in a while.... they do not.

Obama(tm) is a plant...just like Bush was, they were selected by (not the people) their buddies to "govern".... they were not elected by anyone, nor could the election have had any other outcome... Mitt ran like a drugged horse who was TRYING to lose....(47%... give me a break, obvious set up)

But you keep writing like the whole thing is just mistakes from honest government.

C'mon.... if your government has REALLY landed on the moon, they would have gone back (or SOMEBODY would have by now)... It's all a lie, we live in a very sophisticated version of North Korea, everything is a lie.

Ok, just one reply to you, too.

Bottom line, guy: If I acknowledge any ideas or beliefs in common with you not only is it accidental, but I do so with the greatest reluctance and sadness, whereas you celebrate every awful truth with a feral, joyful bloody-lipped sneer.

That, and an impotent desire not to make anything better, but simply to replace the current top dogs with your own, such that the coming horrors will be perpetuated more on a racial basis, instead of on an economic basis alone.

You don't really wish to avoid the horrors, do you? This, too differentiates you from most CFNers who come here to mourn, whereas you come to celebrate and await the day when order breaks down and your bunch might step in.

Any different from the current bunch? Nope, not a bit, for all your pseudo-honorable blather.

Anyway, I hope this makes clear (which it doesn't, I'm sure) that our difference is core and eternal. What you celebrate, I deplore as a tragedy of the species.

So, while occasionally you are mildly interesting and even bring the occasional relevant fact to the table amidst your great ocean of lies and misdirections, your constant embarassing attempts to recruit me or sympathize with me or whatever nonsensical game you are playing today, just forget it.

Not in a million years would I stand with a piece of human garbage like yourself.


OK, then. Now, in spite of your occasional interesting comments, gonna put you on the Pay No Mind List.

Which I am sure, like others, won't stop you from continually trying to engage me, in ways attempting subtlety but only further embarrassing and ineffectual, so go to it I suppose.

And look here, I now have wasted time with two of the biggest buffoons CFN has to offers.

Both engaged me and I wasted time on both.

Even if I do adhere to my Pay No Mind List, they are already up, in that I have already acknowledged their idiocy and so gave them the chubbies they desire with the infantile attention of response.

Geez, I'm stupid. Why don't I just complete the Trilogy of Buffoons when asokdequatio shows up to try and prod and engage me, as he surely will?

That would certainly complete my stupidity and waste of time today.

Monkeyboy said:

"It's all a lie, we live in a very sophisticated version of North Korea, everything is a lie."

Yep. Just that simple and dead on true. Every single American has to believe twelve lies before getting out of bed...and they do or they would rapidly lose the ability to make a living, if not worse.

Still can't believe it turned out like this. Still can't belive, even though the evidence daily grows, that the American People, Aristocrats, Plebes, and Proles all, are not one single iota different than any human beings who lived...ever.

But what I still can't believe, even though the evidence grows daily, is how painfully obvious all this is...except to 99.5% of the American Populace, most of whom have lost or simply never had the ability, due to what appears a purposeful design, to think in any way other than that which is programmed into them first by TV.

The way it dominates people minds, taking over not just what they think about but far more importantly HOW they think about it.

Which is why any revolution or action by the American People other than the 1933 Nazi "revolution" in favor of authority over liberty, is pretty much an impossibility.

You just can't get there from here.

Americans will either fi=ufill our Nazi/Corpzi destiny or we will tear ourselves up like a big Yugoslavia. Either would be equal parts tragedy and comedy, as always.

But trust me on this, the weak and cowardly American People will never again take any action that will benefit long-term human liberty ever again.

At best they'll just beat and murder more weak weirdos who dare ask a lot of hippie questions, like always in every nation every time period.

Make book on that.

Why? Because fighting people who can hit back is SCARY.

Just ask the American Military.

How can we take a person like Mary Jo White seriously?

Who better than someone who knows the players and knows how the game is played?

Investors and all market participants need to know that the playing field of our markets is level and that all wrongdoers -individual and institutional ... will be aggressively pursued by the SEC. Proceeding aggressively against wrongdoers is not only the right thing to do, but it also will serve to deter the sharp and unlawful practices of others. -- Mary Jo White

In two years there will be a long list of indictments and convictions. Wall Street is not happy about the prospects of Mary Jo White coming after them. Wall Street critics approve of her.

Neil Barofsky, former TARP cop whose recent book “Bailout” blasted Treasury’s response to the financial crisis, says she is a “terrific” choice and a “true beacon of independence.” Dennis Kelleher, president of Better Markets, a nonprofit organization that pushes for tougher regulations, is hopeful that she will get things done.

Occupy ran out of steam, just like the tea party, no great leader showed up, no one. Who pays the bills for AstroTurf ? Who pays? We all know the answers to that. We all know Bush was a puppet, but Obama? He's good, I mean he's really good! Say what you want about democrats, their party really gets the talent, I mean look ole Bill Clinton, man that guy could talk a line of shit! He could get his ass out of anything! But Obama's talent, I mean his real talent is he never, ever looks like anything is something he did. That's talent! Wow! If this whole game they play with us weren't destroying the damn country you'd have to respect them, like back in the days when this political shit didn't matter...where did those days go? I guess where ever those anti-war protesters who protested Bush went. BTW for anyone who likes Hugo Chavez, he stole 2 billion from the people of Venezuela, oh, and before I go, Gabby Gifford's husband got caught buying an AR-15, but don't worry, he's donating it to the cops, I mean, if he kept it that would be hypocritical wouldn't it? Ha ha ha ha

You know about the Jews at the top of Banking, Media, and Foreign Policy. That's make us allies whether you would or not. Or would you bite you nose to spite your face? You want to kick out the International Bankers without involving the Jews? Can't be done since they are thick at the top. Without naming them? Very well, but that wont stop them from fighting and naming you.

The question becomes whether you hate us more than you love yourself. You might. In any case, America is too far gone to reform. If you don't see that, you are a fool indeed. Why wouldn't I celebrate its demise - since it works towards and celebrates the death of our Race and Culture?

Your attachment to Democracy is just more sentimentality. The Founders loathed it. The recreation of America as a Democracy instead of a Republic was the work of generation by the nascent New World Order, the Gentile contingent started it - also known as the Hamiltionians or Anglophiles.

Go to old public buildings and look at paintings and frescoes: the sheaves of wheat are a classic Fascist symbol. They represent the prosperity that comes living close to the Earth in conformity with God Laws. The beehives, so beloved by our erring Masonic Brothers and Mormon Brothers, represent industry - and the subordination of the individual to the common good as long as it is conformity with Divine Law and Statute.

What's your tradition? Hippies? Anarchists? Liberals - who are always moving closer and closer to Communism and mass murder? There's no much there, Hanc. As ever you only represent your confused and angry self.

Americans are idiots. Travel abroad and you will learn those people are idiots too. So on what basis do you believe such people should be voting? They are fooled because they can be fooled; they can be fooled because they're foolish; they're foolish because they're selfish and/or stupid; they're selfish and/or stupid because that's unenlightened human nature.

Let's have more work stories - specificaly, ones where you almost get fired for your harrassment and/or tricks on people.

...and the name is white...oh the irony.

What does one do or need with all that money?

Who will follow that money?

Does anyone think that Mr. Romney would have chosen anyone any better, more honest, or less captured by the x% class for any of these appointments?

Mark Steyn was filling in for Rush today.
Breifly talked about his defense in a Canadian case where his writings were a hate crime.
Who wants us to be more like Europe?

News Of the Weird, today: UK brothel will get around
red light laws by offering 'service' to terminally ill.
[doubt me? google 'Madame Becky Adams].

I guess we can look forward to Martha Stewart doing more jail time, I suppose. That's what that statement means to me. And KWN1953, I agree with you and others, the effect would have been no different under Romney. Yes, maybe another appointee, but the effect would have been identical.

He's a recent immigrant. Kick his ass back to England where he belongs. He and Piers Morgan can book a passage back together. In steerage. Have you no pride? You have to have a recent immigrant like Steyn speak for those of you whose families have been here for multiple generations. He wants to come to this country, he needs to start at the very bottom like everyone else, cleaning sewers and bathrooms, then working his way up. If he isn't willing to do that, to start over again in a new country, then he should have stayed put.

Mary Jo White. What visions does it conjure? Not nice ones, that's for sure. Neo-Nazi marshmallow roasts on Chappaquiddick Island.

Post WWII when liberalism got all cranked up the cultural marxists decided that "nice" sells to the all important white female demographic. Well lordy, lordy Jim has his panties in a wad because the psychopath/sociopath bloc has figured out how manipulate this propaganda tool.

So I'll bet that Mary Jo Rottencrotch's candicy rests on some sad story rescued by her nomination, hum?

You bitchy libs are all responsible for creating this, may you and your step-n-fetchits in the conservative media rot in hell for this crap. Where every day is being tied to a chair and forced to watch TMZ.

Well, Hancock, as someone who rarely conversed with me when he was still posting fairly regularly, you sure devoted a lot of space to me in your first posting in a while. I suppose I should be flattered that I made such an impression on you, even if it was negative. The irony is that either you totally misconstrued what I actually said, or I wasn't clear enough explaining what I meant.

I don't want to go into that lest the bigots start up with their shit again.

Yes, the 80% won't see what has been happening to them until it is too late. You've been around the block too many times not to know that's the way it's always been. I cannot read the future; we really do not know how bad things will be,
we can only imagine it.

Wow Hancock, that's quite a CFN return today; a tsunami of very entertaining text:

So I don't get it. Please elaborate.

LOL, you must be a 'very typical American' or at least according to Jacques Derrida:

Problem is, back on the bad old days people could be dumber than a stump and since the nation was decentralized ( like the good ole Swiss) it didn't matter, they weren't empowered enough to really do any damage except at the state level! Until Lincoln the vampire slayer came along and showed what a centralized government could really do! War baby! You bet! And not some little war either, BIG WARS!! With cannons and swords and flashy uniforms. Centralized government has given "the people" the power. We all love a government that can give us everything, we just don't like the strings attached, we don't want to pay, too bad, the bills on it way.

And yet Jim you voted for Obama. as the better alternative of the two, the duality of parties is killing the country. Next time let's think out side the box and give thought to voting outside that duality,

MS, I thought, was a Canadian.
He now lives in USA?

So I don't get it. Please elaborate.

Elaborate is West Shancock's middle name. His prime directive is the opposite of Strunk and White. Never write a paragraph with only necessary sentences. Never write a sentence with only necessary words. Always continue to flog a dead horse.

BTW Buck, did you notice the very last English subtitle of that Derrida link was the word "Viola" (a musical instrument in the violin family)? The intended word, of course, was "Voila." How careless.

Let's have more work stories - specificaly, ones where you almost get fired for your harrassment and/or tricks on people.

I don't recall telling any story of almost getting fired for harassment or tricks on people. If I did, please remind me.

'Tell ya what; why don't you ask the littlest sperm sequestering laddie in the crust-pocketed lederhosen about HIS fun stories of life among the laboring classes? Now THAT I might find of some small interest and amusement.

He never seems to volunteer any information, yet wants everyone else's intimate details; why is that?
Psychic vampirism?

Just another Fox looking over what is left of the goose and the last of the golden eggs.

I am smart enough not to own any corporate shares..., and don't make that much so don't pay too much in taxes.., and am working to be self-sufficient of the system.., so I don't care either.

Well, General Hancock ...

Just what we need in CFN, another crank conspiracy theorist, and an aggressive, combative one at that. Its going to make for some pleasant times around here. Lets' see, so far I've learned that the Bush family was in cahoots with the Nazis from day one. And right now a conspiracy is afoot to stage another Nazi Revolution and install Jeb Bush as a new Fuhrer. Stay tuned, there will be more. This guy likes to write. The Kennedy assassinations have to be tied in here, as well as Trotskys murder in Mexico City. Not to mention the Trilateral Commission, the Koch Brothers, and the Bilderburgers. Its all beginning to make sense ...

This tells me a Peak Oil isn't so much of a problem after all. If it was there wouldn't be all this other stupid sh-t on here.


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What is your opinion on what is the current problem?

The idea of Fascism being an attractive alternative to capitalist/communist domination has grown on me.

It would be interesting to test this idea by unilaterally withdrawing from international diplomatic and trade agreements and see if the world polarises between socialist/democratic regimes the new unilateral free state.

Could the world's loose association of capitalist and communist states successfully dominate in and end-game scenario against the main world superpower establishing a national sovereignty?

In the end, it may be the only thing that keeps America together. A deconstruction back to its roots as a military empire, acting as a unilateral force-projecting entity in order to secure objectives in its best interests.

A benevolent world dictatorship could be established without deconstructing the socialist and communist political regimes, and might be necessary due to the history-proof problems of the 21st century: nuclear war, disease, famine, and cataclysmic climate change.

If Vlad is right and there is no credible actor on the world stage then I imagine we might just march off the cliff singing Kumbaya, whilst patting ourselves on the back about accomplishing world peace and free trade agreements.

Metaphorically, if you are in a car with "friends" and the car is careening toward the cliff, you may as well seize the steering wheel and give yourself a fighting chance.

I imagine the car to be occupied by America in the passenger's seat, China and India in the back seat, and the rest of the world in the trunk. Who else but the FED is holding the steering wheel? Sure, we have some sort of hegemonic power now, but for how long? The humanity in America has grown morbid.

"Does anyone think that Mr. Romney would have chosen anyone any better, more honest, or less captured by the x% class for any of these appointments?"


If you are looking for data to collect from this blog, I can say with complete confidence that 47% of Americans would say that he most definitely would not have chosen better and probably would have chosen MUCH worse.

Keep Voting! Have Another Beer! Four More Years!

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Identify yourself, sir.

First you tell me I'm talking smack about you, yet I never mentioned the name of Comrade Dystopia. So, and please be specific here, who exactly are you, how should I know you, and how exactly did I talk smack about you when I failed to mention your name or even your existance?

If this is Marlin, which I now doubt a little, that's a bit of nastiness well beyond what I'd expect from you.

And as for he rest of your nonsensical Coindcidence Thoery blather not just laughably typically contemptuous and ignorant at the same time, but apparently you failed to read where I mentioned that it may or not be a large conspiracy, we can't know, but that it makes little difference in the end to the bottom 80%, because the effects at our level are as identical whether there a centuries-spanning conspiracy ro none at all.

But hey, why bother reading that or acknowledging it even if you bothered to read? It spoils all the lovely strawmen you set up to knock down.

As for the Bushes and the Nazis, that's a matter of public record, albeit well buried. I'd tell you to Google the "Trading with the Enemies Act 1942" "union Banking Corporation", or ask you to read the 1935 minutes of the McCormack-Dickstein Joint Unamerican Activities Committee, but why would you do that?

My God, endanger your ego by showing you that you are incorrect and to a Conspiracy Theorist yet?

Never. You could not do that and keep your self-respect intact. Doesn't matter if said Conspiracy Theorist told you 2+2=4, it would HAVE to be wrong-headed foolsihness, wouldn't it?

You know it and I know it would.

Why your head would explode if you dared even find out there was such a thing as the McCormack-Dickstein Committee, the 1934 Business Plot, or Smedly Butler.

(HINT: There never was such a person as Smdley Butler. I made him up. C'mon dude...Smedly Butler? Even the name sounds phony...which it is.)

If this is marlin, man what made you into such a douchebag recently? I remember disagreeing with you occasionally, even arguing, but such rampant nonsensical douchebaggery is a bit stunning if this is indeed Marlin.

Plus the reaching out of hand for the "conspiracy theorist" label in order to shut down conversation shows a basic intellectual weakness that I don't remember marlin having, if this is indeed marlin.

So, identify yourself, Comrade. Who were you and how is it that I "talked sh1t to you" without ever speaking to you directly mentioning your name or even acknowledging your existance?

I guess that was a pretty neat trick I performed.

Well, speak up Coincidence Theroist and sucker of Noble Members.

Just who were you?

I'm sure I can expect a straight answer anytime.


Bill said, "The irony is that either you totally misconstrued what I actually said, or I wasn't clear enough explaining what I meant."

No, Bill, I didn't, and yes Bill, you were quite clear in your meaning at that time, and ProgorCons asked you more than once what you meant and you meant what you meant, confirming it more than once.

Now, as predicted you try to backtrack, wheedle, and weasale, but that's OK.

No one who read the original exchange could misconstrue what you said. Neither ProgorCons nor I did.

But you must do this. You must backtrack and deceive...even yourself if that is what is necessary. I understand.

How could you have said you would defend a Jew against a Goy regardless of their guilt or innocence because of (and I am sure I am paraphrasing here and these were not your exact words, yet the meaning was also clear and undeniable) the special nature of Jewish persecution meant that Jews must stick together because no one else will stick up for them.

How could you say what you have said? Still trying to figure it out myself, it was so vile, but you said it and no amount of backpedaling, backtracking and the customary weaselings are going to make it not so.

I absolutely don't blame you for doing exactly as I predicted and completely denying the truth, trying to weasel out of it, because it is a genuinely perverted philosophy you espoused.

It's one thing if you said you rethought and changed your mind. That would be being a mensch.

Instead you weaseled and played the old "you misunderstood me" game.

No, we didn't.

Be a mensch. Stand behind your beliefs. Don't weasel and try to lie your way out of it. Go ahead, it will make you feel better, not just being honest with others, but more importantly, being honest with yourself.

Yeah, I had it stored up for awhile, I guess.

I'm starting to think Q is a little queer for me. I go away and he still can't stop thinking about me and talking about me.

He pretends he hates me, but I think maybe he's just sweet on me. It's almost like he's jealous of you saying 'hi' to me, but covering with aggresion like a schoolchild.

You know, tellin' you how awful I am so he can have me all for himself.

You think that's why he can't get me out of his head and why he keeps trying to get me to talk to him again?

How much of a crone must this missus be if he's turning gay at this late date?

I mean, it's obvious he's impotent and effete, but homosexual?

We'll see, if I choose to remain around here, how desperate and rageful his attempts to get my attentions will be.

OTOH maybe he'd just be better off buying a male prostitute so he can get rid of his creepy attraction and fascination with me.

But enough about latently homosexual octogenarians playing childish schoolyard love-hate games.

I've got to download and checkout that Derrida vid. I keep hearing his name positively refernced but have yet to read or hear anything by him, so thanks for that.

If I decide to stick around, I'll let you know what I thought of it, if I remember, after I watch it

Hope to chat with you more in the future, Buck.

Fascism may have more flexibility than many think. Here's an artistic Italian Fascist group who took over an entire city building for a squat. Like the Left? Yes, but remember, Fascism considers itself above both the Left and the Right and thus free to take from either - if suitable. They have many heroes - espcecially Ezra Pound. And they love what we consider the Anti-Fascist character Montag from Farhenheight 451. The number is a new Fascist symbol.

I'm sure I remember you saying you almost got fired and had to apologize about something. I seem to remember it was about a complaint someone made about you. Sorry, kind of vague - it was a while ago.

You eat with those dirty fingers? You should chop them off. Better to enter the Kingdom of Heaven fingerless than not at all.

General Hancock, I know who Smedley Butler was. My question is, what the hell does he have to do with anything on this site? I know, I know, he's an important link in the Grand Conspiracy.


It's not so much that "nobody cares", as it is that nobody "can afford" to care. When five billion people move in the same direction, the amount of social inertia just overwhelms any person's thoughts of not accepting the status quo. They even have a term for it: "opting out", as in, "The problem is in you for not agreeing". At an individual level, we all have limited resources and they are being taken from us coercively or we are giving them up to the path of least resistance because to not do so means using even more resources.

Using that logic, what does E-Verify have to do with anything on this site? Or the Protocols? Or semen retention? Or maple syrup? Or baseball? Or being an officiant at your daughter's wedding in Central Park? Or how Teddy Kennedy liked to do the maid up the behind?

I know what I said and I know what I meant and I've explained and I'm tired of that. So I'm done with talking about it. Finis!
You want to communicate with me, pick another subject.

Idle hands are the devil's workshop. Just some ideas for All Fools day. Epoxy a quarter to the garage floor and watch someone try to pick it up. you will need a hammer to break it loose. put clear tape on the kitchen faucet sprayer and hose down the unfortunate soul who turns the water on ,get a dunkin/starbucks coffee cup and attach it to the roof of your car/ambluance with a good strong neodymium magnet. Better yet use a baby carrier isstead of the coffee cup, but be aware the cops will stop you.Fake spiders are always good. Rubber dog turds and fart spray are good when a dude brings his dog to the big house. I feel bad for the dog when he gets yelled at. I've got a million of them. Peak oil is so much fun! Vlad , this is what the bored do. Have a laugh.

Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET)

If you want to get more natural with your pics, Japanese researchers are working on a gesture-based mini camera that lets your hands frame the shot.

The group at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences () in Gifu Prefecture recently showed off something they call the Ubi-Camera, a play on “ubiquitous” and “yubi” (“finger” in Japanese) Samsung Laptop battery.

As the vid shows below, the simple prototype attaches to your index finger while your other fingers form a viewfinder around it. Push a button with your thumb to snap the shot.

Instead of a zoom lever, your arms determine how wide or tight a shot you’ll get. An infrared rangefinder on the device measures the distance to your face, and then determines the appropriate zoom level for processing the shot on a PC.

The result is a photo that looks just like what you see through your finger frame.

The Ubi-Camera was shown off earlier this month at organized by the Information Processing Society of Japan at the Miraikan museum in Tokyo.

Yoshimasa Furukawa and colleagues at IAMAS want to make the device wireless and improve its sensor so that it can work in various lighting conditions.

The lightweight and compact nature of the device make it appealing, but I th…

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Patrick Gray believes that a exceptional digital notebook and stylus might be what turns tablets in the enterprise from an R&D item to a must-have business tool.

The rest is here:

It’s been some time since we heard much from but the PMP maker is keeping busy with the snow-white B100. This capacitive touchscreen media player will offer up to 36 hours of music playback, or eight and a half hours of video watching. The 3.1-inch TFT screen has a resolution of 320 x 480, but it’s backed up by a (relatively) long list of media codecs, including OGG, WAV, APE and ASF compatibility. If you’re sick of limited playback options, you might want to consider downscaling those screen-size desires for improved format freedom. The PMP launches today, with prices starting at 11,800 yen (around $144) for the 4GB model, while the 8GB version will set you back 13,800 yen (around $168) at online Japanese retailer, . The Google-translated PR awaits your quizzical looks below.

originally appeared on on Fri, 30 Mar 2012 12:47:00 EDT. Please see our Apple Notebook Battery.

TechRepublic’s CIO Jury debates whether new technology means we can shred our paper files.

Continued here:

I personally don't wish Darwinian events of clarity to fall on America. (Or do I??) But how long can this "anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares" ethos go on.... and Nemesis still stay behind?

Article on Yahoo! (which is actually doing real news again, instead of telling you what color Boyance painted her toenails) this morning about an Australian commodities trading manager predicting that oil will hit $75 by late spring.

I recalled how, if you had suggested such a thing here four years ago, you would have been shouted down by the luddite posse. To wit; “Haven’t you read Simmons, you have to read Simmons, he’s the only one who knows anything, anyone who says anything else is stupid or a shill for the oil companies” “How do I know that? Well…it’s just intuitive, I feel it, I guess.”

Of course, none of the posse is around now, too busy building their shelters against the imminent Coronal Mass Ejection, no doubt. On to the next apocalypse….

Long-running hacker magazine 2600 has been digging into its archives quite a bit as of late (it began releasing videos of the early HOPE conferences in December), and it’s now gone back right to the beginning for its latest offering. It’s just released 2600: The Hacker Digest – Volume 1, a DRM-free ebook that collects its first year of newsletters — reformatted in book form for easier reading, but with every last detail intact (including typos). That’s available in both the Kindle and Nook stores, as well as through 2600‘s own site in plain old PDF form, each of which set you back just under $4. What’s more, while there’s no firm word on any additional volumes just yet, 2600 says it’ll keep them coming if there’s enough support for the first one.

The new iPad's screen is nice, but the greatest thing since sliced bread? Um, no.


My new iPad is going back to the store.

I paid $600 for the 32GB Wi-Fi model, and although I like it well enough, I don’t think it’s worth the money.

Before the Apple faithful take my head off, allow me to explain — and to note that I’m keeping my original iPad. Also, I have such mad love for my , I want to cook it breakfast every morning. You get my meaning; this isn’t just wayward iPad-bashing.

When Apple announced the new tablet, I was underwhelmed but intrigued. I’d skipped the , so I figured I “owed” myself this upgrade. Plus, it would be a business expense; I do write for a blog called , after all.

Mostly, though, I got caught up in the hype. After reading gushing praise for the new iPad’s Retina Display and blazing processor, I had to see what the fuss was about.

The fuss, it turns out, was more overblown than a Kardashian wedding. The screen? Yep, it’s nice. Does it make my eyes leap from my skull and…

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Measure your hotness in degrees.


The Medisana gets you one step closer to having a medical toolkit like Dr. McCoy on “Star Trek.” This is an infrared device that plugs into your . Point it at your forehead, your dog HP 582213-121 Battery, or your , and take its temperature.

The nice thing about infrared is that you don’t have to stick the ThermoDock where the sun don’t shine. That means your iPhone stays at a safe distance from steaming coffee mugs, people carrying around flu germs, and grumpy children.

This gadget can also be used to check the ambient temperature of your room or the great outdoors. As we like to say here in New Mexico, “It’s a dry heat!”

The ThermoDock works with the free app to track data. You can see how steamy you get before, during, and after a workout, for example.

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Panasonic updates its entry-level ILC

While the isn’t perfect, it’s still my favorite choice for snapshooters looking for a faster, better camera but one that’s similar enough to a point-and-shoot that they’re not forced out of their comfort zone. The GF3′s small size, well-designed touch-screen interface, fast performance, and solid photo quality — and, for its type, a more-or-less reasonable price — make it a compelling option. With the DMC-GF5, Panasonic makes some subtle updates and enhancements that improve on the GF3 for that same snapshooter.

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Do you check e-mail while you watch TV? If so, you’re far from alone.

Nielsen’s fourth-quarter in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Italy discovered that people are increasingly checking e-mail or searching for program or product information on their tablets and phones while watching TV.

In the United States, 88 percent of tablet owners and 86 percent of smartphone owners said they used their device at least once while watching TV over the prior 30 days. Almost half (45 percent) of tablet users said that they use their device in front of the TV on a daily basis. And 25 percent said they do it several times a day.

Among smartphone owners, 41 percent said they use their phone while tuned into the TV at least once every day.

Those in the United Kingdom also had a habit of multitasking. Among folks in the U.K., 80 percent of tablet owners and 78 percent of smartphone owners admitted to using their devices and TVs at the same time. And almost a quarter said they do it several times a day.

Those in Italy and German were slightly more focused on one task at a time. In both countries, 29 percent of those polled said they never watch TV and use a tablet together HP HSTNN-Q47C Battery, while 34 percent of Italians and 35 percent of Germans said they don’t mix their smartphone usage with their TV viewing.

Among all of those po…

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Originally posted here:

Lessee now,
The littlest laddie suggests I should cut off my fingers to facilitate my entry into his Kinkdom of Heb'ben. ...There to dwell forever in the perpetually squeamish lederhosen boy's presence, in his Fortress of Distortion and Deluuusional Magicks.

I'm failing to see the incentive/motivation/temptation/attraction in this proposition.

In the spirit of "helping and caring", here's my counter-proposal:
Petition Julia[n] to suck some of those gray-bearded, tottering spermatozoa out of you to attempt unblocking the pathways of your atrophied brain. (You're just mentally and hormonally constipated, is all.)

Apropos of absolutely nothing ;o), I give you Exhibit A of a fine piece of technology from Bayonne, New Joisey!

Saw the .44 and .45 models at the show this weekend; seemed very well machined and finished (properly HEAVY too). They wouldn't let me take one apart to peruse the inner workings and their meshings. C'mon, I'll only booger a couple of screws... Geeeeeze!

Thanks for the suggestions!
...And we still have a couple weeks to perfect these delicate techniques. Perfect. :o)

Okay, I'm out...
Boil that syrup down, down;
Turn that hoecake 'round, (etc.)

Here's a real song. Who knew?:

I'll go first. Let's discuss 20th century advances in female personal hygiene, and what the future holds for those not-so-fresh moments.

Hey Oz I have one of those Henrys. Mine was made in Brooklyn before the company moved over to Bayonne a few years back. Its a .17 cal. Golden Boy, pricey, yes, but an interesting little gadget. I love that it says, 'Made in Brooklyn, NY' on it. You can get a standard model a lot cheaper and that's what I would recommend.

I was talking to some good old boys in Canton McDonalds yesterday. Quite a few people from the Valley have moved up to your area. Your name came up, seems like you're well known in those small towns along Route 57, and have a pretty good reputation as a good neighbor and a good guy.


And thanks for the link, Oz.

They are exquisite, those Henrys, are they not?

Is Tuckers open? Fireplace isn't, ran into some financial difficulties I've heard.


For those not acquainted with the comments section, there is a bunch of code talk being bandied about. Some of the words are purposely chosen to reveal these intelligence shits have been surfing your browsing history. I'd love to meet some of you goons in person some day. One on one. No guns. No weapons. No tag-teaming. Just our bare hands.

Case in point.!/album/Mondo+Bossa+una+Outra+Vez/4522643

keyed Louis Vuitton Bag Ir

This version of Irène, an outstanding item among its pre-collection Fall Winter 2009, comes in suede leather with monogram embossed and revisits the classical Monogram motif. Yet, it is not as showy as other LV bags does, although it is all about the monogram, it is much low-keyed due to its color in coco and espresso.

However, low-key is not to associate with dull, it could be low-key luxury. Just as this bag does. Made from the gorgeous fashion design house Louis Vuitton, it doubtlessly holds a noble origin. Not to mention that it is luxurious. The bag is crafted in touching suede leather embossed with Monogram and dark canvas lining, together with leather and patent leather trimmings.

Needless to say, this bag is also very functional and versatile. Its central compartment with a zipper closure is very practical to use, and it is sized at 15.7" x 11" x 11". Around the central compartment are three inside compartments for holding your small essentials. The bag as a whole is safety ensured by a drawstring closure with decorative pompons. By doing this, it will be shown in a much elegant and smart manner. This bag can be hand and shoulder carried with double flat leather handles combined with golden brass pieces. Besides, there are considerately several bottom studs to protect the bag.

Its coco and espresso color goes well with the suede leather as well as your mood in winter. After all, in the cold windy winter, a warm handbag and a cup of coco or espresso are much better than any thing else.

CN, Teddy did the hired help in the Bum? He was my Senator for years. Do you have pics? I know he liked the sauce, but in the Bum? The Horror!

Well, because anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares.

This is surly the replacement phrase for the long standing, now forgotten "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

You are the vilest of the Vile. You need a brain enema.

The Horror!


It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror. Horror has a face, and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies.

Do you have pics?


No, I don't. Ask mm, or visit the Clinton Library in Little Rock.

Well, because anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares.

Well, Broomsgoat, on this point I agree with JHK, at least on the nothing matters part. There are some people who care, but nothing can be done. It seems best to quietly accept that fact instead of ranting and becoming angry (hurting ourselves).

It just seems a common sense truth that our whole lives are so small in comparison to eternity that nothing matters.

Take a step back. Read some of the new stuff in astronomy and physics. Then it becomes apparent that nothing matters... especially not things like CDOs, TBTF banks, inflation, etc.

"I'll go first. Let's discuss 20th century advances in female personal hygiene,..."

How bout lets dontandsaywedid. Next.

"You are the vilest of the Vile. You need a brain enema."

His mind does roil with many thoughts queer and strange. One imagine's his posts hissed out by some kind of gollum in a dark corner. Aha! Tolkie created "Gollum" to represent the traitor golems!

"The silence over this disgraceful matter -- and many others like it, including the dead hand in the empty suit posing as US Attorney General -- indicates that not only is the rule of law extinct in this country, but so are public figures of principle and credible news organs. Nobody has made a noise about it. Anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares."

Jim's Jewish self seems to be at war with some miasm-like Gentile self. The dissonance must excruciate. I don't know how he doesn't, while strolling some junkpile one misty day in a ghostly New York outback, split into two halves.

'is a little queer'.
Thats not like being a little bit pregnant, is it?

I think James is mostly correct, concerning the appointment of Ms White. It however is not that people don't care as much, as they feel paralyzed to be able to influence change. Our whole political system and economy is linked together and broken. You cannot change parts of the system without affecting other parts.

It is a two-headed monster joined at the hips, this political-economic situation in the U.S. How can a person elected to head the SEC be allowed to hold such strong biased interests favoring Wall Street and corporate America? Where is the objective view that leads to fair judgement.

Only some type of grass roots movement will change the current dysfunctional system.

I look forward to reading your blog every week. It is a nice refreshing dose of astute observation in contrast to the usual political theater. The garden looks great, btw. Since I don't regularly argue absurdism, I believe that the problem really lies in what is called: Material Realism rooted in Cartesian Dualism and the negative impacts on science, religion, ect. I created a simplified explanation on my blog here:

However, there are many resources that one can find if you want to explore the topic in-depth, but most people don't. Imagine that. All too often we focus most of our energy on what is going wrong (problems created by material realism) and very little on what is going right (solutions proposed by monistic idealism).

It is a two-headed monster joined at the hips,

I am struggling mightily to picture this metaphor.

Jim, I've seen no worse indictment of the US system that your "straight" depiction. A signpost for collapse if ever I saw one!!

, with two sets of mighty arms to dig itself in deeper, but with only one set of weak, spindly legs to run away from the oncoming disaster.

Listen Comrade,

It's a s simple as this. Until you identify yourself and explain your comments about me talking smack to you when I can't even remember what ur monniker used to be, we can have no further dialogue.

Period. End of story.

Now, you can continue to shadow-debate me, try to engage me, or shriek durance vile at anyone who dares to cast an approving comment my way like old Q-bert, but that will only further embarass yourself, not me.

It's the anonymous internet, of course, so who gives a crap about that, right?

Two choices, laddie-buck, only one if you want to discuss with me or acknowledge in any meaningful way at all anything you say over the long haul.

1) identify who you were - or wait for the natural course of time for me to figure it out (heck it may yet be in the unread portion of this thread - LOL)

2) continue shrieking durance vile from me at a distance

I don't mind conversing with you, if we agree to start over and remain civil.

Otherwise, just be a mensch and stay away from me, knowing I'll not engage you first. Live and let live, no?

Or do the existance of my very words unchallenged inspire equal parts of lust, fascination, and contempt, as they apparently do for a certain latent homosexual octogenarian?

If so, I suppose option #2 it is! Go to it then!

Hi Carol.

Just wanted to say that, like BeingThere (who I wish would show up again) I usually very much enjoy and am informed by your comments, whether I agree or not.

Please don't judge me by my scraps with the old school CFN knuckleheads. I've got a bad habit going way back to grade school. When knuckleheads take a verbal poke at me, I usually poke 'em back.

I try, often unsuccessfully, to just cut 'em off, as I am trying now. The coming weeks, if I stick around, will tell, and nothing but.

Anyway, my whole point is that I hope to engage you in civil conversation in future and know that I will always try to respond to civility with civility.

Be talking to you and listening, too...

I checked out the Derrida clip.

Funny... in a French sort of way.

(cue Simpsons froggy French laughter with expanding frog jowls)

Hooo hoooaaoo hoooooooooooonnnhhhh!

We must agree to disagrees, sir.

I know what I read. I know what you said. Backtrack all you like. ProgorCons and others are my witnesses. Remember how aghast he was and I presume still is?

Me, too.

Finally, considering you don't even accept the core premise of this site, and are a technological cornucopian (Good Yahweh, don't you DARE even try and weasel out of THAT appellation, for it would prove you have no shame whatsoever and would be tantamount to denying your heritage, so deeply have you repeatedly clunng to said views in the past)..., I don't particularly have anything else I wish to communicate with you about, and we are at an impasse here.

As you are not all cyber-stalky, we can just say so long civilly and avoid each other in future.

So long.

Historical oddity:

All Fools' Day is now occupied by the holiday Christmas.

Don't believe me? Look:

Make of that what you will.

"Io Saturnalia! The Slave is Emperor today!"


Do you really believe that these relatively mild undulations in supply, demand, and price, which JHk correctly predicted years ago and called The Bumpy Plateau and for which the graphic record of total OIL produced (not to be confused with total liquids, tho' that too is a bumpy plateau, just slightly less bumpy and with a very slight overall upward cant, not even close to what is needed just to stay even over the next two decades at that rate) is in complete agreement with they Bumpy Plateau prediction, really amount to a hill beans over any timescale larger that a couple years?

What are your thoughts about these comments? If you can discuss civilly, I would be happy to respond in kind.

But if you want to club with me infantile blather about doomers and conspiracy theory (as you are quite fond of), avoiding my question entirely and wasting everyone's time, please just save it.

Trust that others will know what an idiot I am WITHOUT you telling them explicitly and to the tenth decimal place.

Some are capable of that, you know. ;P

I typed: "But if you want to club with me infantile blather about doomers and conspiracy theory.."

But what I meant to type was, "But if you want to club me with infantile blather about doomers and conspiracy theory..."

Hello. Appreciate the post. As you've noticed I'm sure, I've laid low and have kept out of it, for the most part. I actually agree with a lot of what you said earlier. I too believe Jeb is a strong possibility for Puppet-in-Chief in 2016, and I believe another 9/11 is to be expected, only this time much more substantial. In otherwords, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, but damn, it's taking its good 'ol time about it.

You must derive such entertainment from poking the vLaddie.

I must admit to being occasionally entertained by your antics with him myself and pretty much most of the other stuff you post, agree or otherwise, you socialist pinko desecrator of Blood Und Soil and rejector of the Great Leader's Dictum of Sturm und Drang, Shock und Awe.

You do realize your constant disobedience and hippie questioning is going to jeopardize your Pie In The Sky After You Die, and then where will you be?

I'll tell you where, an eternity of standing on your head in a roomful of sh1t (remember the old joke? "Coffee break's over, people, back on your hands!") while Demon Dick Cheney endlessly fills the lagoon for all eternity.

Which, I hear, is a very long time.

Sorry to disrupt your convo with, Marlin, but that's a gun I always have wanted to check out in the flesh as it were, too.

Ok, so they wouldn't let you take it apart, but did they let you FIRE it?

Inquiring minds want to know (though my guess is no).

Lucky13 typed, "'is a little queer'.
Thats not like being a little bit pregnant, is it?"

Heh heh. It is.

You said, "Only some type of grass roots movement will change the current dysfunctional system. "

From your lips to the ears of whatever deity is running the show, if any.

Sorry to be so cynical (most would call it that, but I would say merely observant and postulating future events from numerous past near-identical repetitions), but I would guess all that will energize is the multi-billion dollar Gestapo HomSec network, and all it's ancillary arms, of which there are many including VIPS, VIPR, and several other acronyms I forget.

Then begins Surveillace Ops (electronic and financial, to name two) and Infiltration Ops so as to neutralize or otherwise divert any groups devoted to these mythical changes.

And if you think any of what I said is an exaggeration or stretch in any way of technological capacities and especially Gestapo intent, the first place to look would be to Google "Homeland Security" AND "Grannies for Peace".

There's more, much more, but that will get you started on a 'wonderful education', Pip. (Charles Dickens)

It sure is taking a long time, but rest assured it's getting here. Wheels grinding slow but fine, and all that rot.

There could be another incarnation of the old Bushius Poppius Augustus Caesar-Tiberius Clinton Script, now playing near-identically, in some aspects, as the BushtheStupid Caligula-Obama the Corrupt but at least not insane Claudius Script is now running, but the Nobility simply doesn't have the time.

I could be wrong. Denial and going along to get along are so much stronger in almost every human being who ever lived, that the reality of it for me, especially compared to where I originally thought it was, is staggering.

I am continually suprised by the level of denial expressed in mass psychology, particularly when controlled and monitored by what is almost evolving into, and here I take poetic liscence but much less than you'd think the reality is so far gone, The Electronic Corporate Mind, which shapes the minds of it's "biological units" (tip of the hat to Star Trek).

but it's a musical chairs with the coming roles. The original Christians today are the Occupy Hippie bunch and other Impoverished Counterculture Weirdos. The RW American Chrstians, which is almost all of 'em now thanks to Obama finishing what Cheney and Poppy Augustus started, are the Romans, soon to take their place as the Corpzis.

It's all very confusing and this time, thanks to the Confuse-a-Cat rules of advertsing, marketing, and public relations, this time you can't even tell who the players are even WITH a score card, because everything is RW Corporate Socialist Lies and nothing is what it seems.

As a modern salutation, I invoke the names of the Two Founders of Modern RW Corporate Socialist America, direct spiritual descendant, for now Kinder and Gentler, of RW National Socialism(doubly ironic since our two unacknowledged Founders are Jewish, I only state this because it is the literal truth).

Think of it as me saying, "Excelsior!" but updated for the modern age.

"Ed Bernays!"

"Leo Strauss!"

Hitler was a man of the Left just as much as of the Right. Indeed these terms don't mean the same things to a Fascist since he is not bound by either and sees the weakness and strengths of both. And these terms mean nothing to the Jews except as a means to decieve.

Thanks for the week's work, JHK.

I liked this line so much, I typed it into Google, in quotation marks:

"Well, because anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares." -jhk-

This returned only 70 hits, all of which seemed to return to the original CFN post on Monday. So, take Extra Points for originality, James!

Now, I must admit that I was reading hurriedly when my eyes came upon, "Cravath, Swain, & Moore."* Because I thought our host was making a bad joke about the law firm of Ms. White's spouse.

Because my eyes and brain translated the name of that augusted firm into "Craven Swine & More." Which would be a pretty good name for a law firm in a humorous version of "World Made by Handjob," should such a novel ever be written.
hint. hint. ;0)
I've been on the road for a couple of weeks, some business, but mostly pleasure. Took in Key West and Bike Week in Daytona. Some interesting contrasts and some interesting overlaps - which I may attempt to explain in a Peak Everything Related fashion, later on.


Welcome back Hancock!
I've missed you, you ol' bluebelly, you!
Although - you do appear to be making up for lost time in a hurry.

More later.
Don't take JHK's bannings personally, folks.
Remember to edit/copy before hitting "Submit."

*and, interestingly, "Cravath, Swain, and Moore" returns over 2 MILLION google hits. So, no originality to be found there.

Just unoriginal corporate whores and whoring.
Thanks again, JHK!

Too Big to Fail!
Too Rich to Jail!

More Lawyers In School
Forty Acres and a Mule

"Craven Swine & More."

Before splitting off to set up their own law firm these 3 young attorneys used to work for "Dewey Cheatem and Howe."

This weeks blog was spot on. It is so obvious that we no longer live in a free country. Just because it is not made the headlines of the nytimes that we are completely controlled by the wizard of oz behind the curtain does not mean that it is not real. This country is like one big Disney movie where the make believe president is elected by no one has no ream power and is a complete shill for the real leader (s)
that skulk around in the shadows calling all the shots. Why and what is the reason for this : greed power money and just the sheer audacity that they can do it. They consider the citizens either too stupid or too drugged to be of any challenge so they just laugh and continue the.charade. Jim picks on the financial world but this country is made of of many false worlds. Movies medicine education charity military manufacturing media technology food everything even religion. The real question should be :WHAT IS REAL?
Your own world however small can be the only semi real experience. Hopefully you don't come from a completely false family. So we look to some hope that someone will rise that can help be authentic be honest caring kind have morality that is not narrow. . Where is this person who can save us? I really believe it will never happen. How tragic for us all.

OMG. How funny! I will be using that

Missed you too, Johnny Reb.

Sent you a massive email a few months ago that got et by the Internets, and it not being CFN website, I did NOT copy it, and no draft was saved, as is customary.

Yeegh! An hour down the drain!

Buddy, we are one day going to meet face to face, I am starting to feel it. Hopefully, Spamageddon doesn't happen between now and then. It probably won't.

I am guessing all is safe until at least 2017 and the ascendancy of Jeb, which is likely already a certainty - call it 95% once he personally spoke of some early intentions in public on CNN and FOX.

Given that Jeb is the Next In Line for the Imperial Throne in the Primary Imperial Family which all others, Clinton, Obama, everybody but poor sadsack undermined Jimmy Carter I am guessing - look at any pictures when they all gathers, Jimmy the Cheese stands alone, all lesser families serving the Bushies and whatever, if anything THEY serve (they may be the top socipathic alpha aristo dogs on Earth); given that Jeb is next in line, if he runs he wins and if he speaks of running in plain words publicly himself, not proxies, he runs and wins.

End of story. What a boring show the 2016 republican primaries and phony election will be if that's the case, not even the mildest laughable pretense. The clowns will juggle, though, for that is what they are paid.

Sorry, that's how it is with Totalitarianism, Aristocratic Corporate Socialism or any other variant. Pretty boring, especially during the RW Corpzi "Fist in The Face" periods as opposed to Obama's more cunning more sinister and subtle Breszinski-model, which is at least a teensy bit harder to figure out, and occasionally mildly surprises (VERY occasionally!)

Whew! Nice to talk to you too, my friend, and I welcome your thoughts.

One last new concept for me, Johnny Reb, which I think may blow your mind. The Civil War was NOT primarily fought over states rights, but now I am starting to think it wasn't primarily about the states' specific right to own slaves, either, which it was for most "Rebs on the ground" regardless of what after-rationalizations they made.

And why not? I am betting being a slavemaster is fun. Having a class of people or race or both, who one can commit crimes against at will and if they go to the cops, THEY GET PUNISHED.

My God, who wouldn't fight for such a sweet setup, rich and poor alike, if they were born into it and taught it was right and proper and, of course, ordained by Father Yahweh and Sonny Jesus? Sure the poor whites didn't own slaves, but they got to, among other things, rape any black woman off the streets they wanted any time they wanted in the KKK era.

"Go ahead and complain to the Sheriff, honey! He rapes hardest of all!"

But I digress, sorry. On a macro-level, what the Civil War Between the States of Northern and Southern Aggression was about, I think, is the evolution of slavery from the old kind, peasantry for whites and slavery for coloreds, to the New Slavery, which is right now evolving into something newer and older at the same time - wage slavery ("sold my soul to the company sto'") for whites and sharecropping for Blacks in the post Civil-War.

That's a big generalization with numerous exceptions but you get my macro-meaning.

And last but not least: Whatever one thinks of pre-New Deal America, pro or con, it was not enmeshed in the New World Order (which may not have even existed then among the aristos, we can never know 4 sure).

How can I say this with any confidence? Take the case of hated bluebelly President and corrupt Republican (back when Republicans were Democrats and vice versa!) who let Wall Street run amok, US Grant.

How did Gould, Fisk, and the rest of The Evil Wall Street reward General Grant for allowing them to run hogwild during his administration?

They beggared him and his family in a huge stock swindle that took his life savings.

Ever see that picture of the dying Grant hurrying on his porch to finish his memoirs? The backstory is so he could leave his family something after being beggared by Wall Street. He succeeded and made back half a mil in royalties for his surviving family (in 1880s bucks!)

That's pretty close to proof for me that we weren't yet part of whatever runs things, some sort of medieval aristocratic supranational confederation, either non-conspiratorial or VERY conspiratorial, who knows?

Could you imagine OBAMA being swindled by his Wall Street chums like that and beggared?

Pardon me while I fall down laughing. Obama's with the swindlers, firmly, happily and sociopathically content, no doubt. Sleeps soundly as a f&cking baby...or Dick Cheney. 99.5% certainty, but that's my own opinion.

No one can be President who is not a vicious aristocratic sociopath who thinks the rest of us are talking dogs. The last one non-sociopathic was Jimmy Carter, I think, and he was assassinated by alternate means, for some mild poetic liscence with a harsh reality of a man sabotaged by his own aristocratic "pals".

There's some stuff for the old braino to ponder.

What say you on all of it, Reb?


Have you watched AMCs "Hell on Wheels" at all? It takes place on the UP railroad in starting April 1865.

Unbelievably fantastic subtle and powerful piece of entertainment. All part of Hollywood's new program of resurrecting the recent barbaric past in order to prep we Peasants for our coming barbaric future.

But I don't care. It's relatively historically accurate - not about individual characters other than Big Boss Durant and specific events but the larger tale of the UP's progress so far seems very spot on.

I looked it up.

Plus, the protagonist is a very cool and atypical Johnny Reb, the plots, most with Civil War undertones and themes, get exponentially better as the seasons progress and quite often but not always the UNION are the bad guys. It's complicated.

Check it out. I think there is a 95% chance you will like it if you do.



The oceans are becoming anoxic

The atmosphere has been destroyed

The deserts are rapidly expanding

Humans have grossly overpopulated

That faggot Bradley Manning has more guts than anyone you know.



The Bureau of Labor Statistics Unemployment Report

Most of the "personalities" that post here

Little correction here.

I typed: "And last but not least: Whatever one thinks of pre-New Deal America, pro or con, it was not enmeshed in the New World Order..."

But what I meant to type was: "And last but not least: Whatever one thinks of pre-1913 Fed/Wilsonian America, pro or con, it was not enmeshed in the New World Order..."

This is closer to what I think may be the demarcation line, certainly DubyaDubyaOne was a War of High Finance more than anything else.

Sure didn't "make the world safe for democracy", which I think was a Bernays' PR slogan, so you know it was a lie right from the get-go.

You said,

That faggot Bradley Manning has more guts than anyone you know.

Damned straight! He is an exemplar of what it means to be an American, in the oldest school, Founding Fathers-est way.

If there is a God, and She is Justice (among other things) and there is a Heaven, Bradley Manning ought to be quaffing heaven grog while he debates with Washington, MLKJr. and Aristotle.

If we had but one Senator with half the guts of Bradley Manning...well, that's one more small plane crash in an election year we'd have to read about. Tragic accident, you know. Like Pat Tillman and his tightly group triad of bullets in the forehead. Bullets are always precisely and tightly grouped in accidental shootings, don't you know?

Reality sucks.

Remember Prog is glad the South lost so he doesn't deserve that title. What would be the Southern equivalent of a Copperhead? Speaking of rapes: after the South was defeated, there was mass rape of White Women by armed Negro gangs. The Southerners had been disarmed and were laughed at by the Occupation when they asked for Justice. These factors lead to the rise of the Klan. Am I hard on Prog? He has never ONCE addressed any of this. Yes the powers that be are scraping history - revisioning it their liking. There was one or two good Southernersm, no doubt as you or Prog would have been if you had been one then, but sure the rest were complete scumbags. This is how they cement the division they have created. And yes, they are getting us ready for barbarism with all these post Apocalypse shows and movies.

Good article on Black ownership of Slaves - including White ones at one point. In the Carribean, English Masters would threaten to sell their slaves to a Dutchman. And Dutchmen would threaten to sell their slaves to a Black. After one of the Irish rebellions was put down, tens of thousands of Irish slaves came to the Carribean. Sometimes they were forced to work in the fields naked under the watchful eye of Black Overseers. To this day, Black laugh at the poor Whites of the Carribean calling them "red legs". So much for your noble savages.

The Article on Black ownership of Slaves:

Yes, the faggot is a good man. Are you going to correspond with him?

The Pope's Butler, Paole Gabriele, is also a good man, responsible for the Vatileaks of the Gay Atrocities in the Vatican among the Priests and Bishops.


"Craven Swine & More."

How many google hits did *that* get?!...

Do any of you remember how google gained their power? In the mid 90's, Yahoo dominated the search engine scene, but started putting adds and distractions in their results. Google came along, and for a good couple years, offered a legitimate alternative, without going IPO. Of course, when Yahoo tanked, they went "public"...

A Russian woman who is a friend of mine cannot believe that she left Brezhnev's Russia for the sack of continuous lies that now defines the United States. Sure, the weather's better. However, in all other respects, the games being played with statistics are worthy of Pravda circa 1964. Let's just sweep under the rug that wages are in freefall and the fall has accelerated in the recent 3 months. By the time 2013 is done, real wages will have dropped NINE percent in just the last handful of years. This is a "recovery"?

Do any of you know of any college kids or middle-aged people who are getting those plum jobs they got in the late 1990s?? I do not know of a single such human being of any age. In Palo Alto, every retailer I've talked to on the main street downtown says that the January and February just past are the worst they have experienced since at least 2006. This is a "recovery".

Luckily, Mike Judge (of "Office Space" and "Beavis and Butthead" fame) is making a movie called "Silicon Valley" which depicts a bunch of college kids living in a shack in East Palo Alto (a ghetto) and working 16 hour days for meaningless start-ups. It's about time some brave soul did this work. Judge's "Office Space" is a hilarious dark comedy about the sterility of the workplaces in which poor data entry/paper-pushing schlemiels function.

Word is out ... about the American economy and the farce that is the recent high-tech boom. The bust is palpable now in Palo Alto because nobody is buying coffee, dinners, or ice cream on the main drag downtown lately. If you're a gambler, there are few times better than this to short the Nasdaq. It's almost as nutty as 1999 with the only difference that most of these "micro-start-ups" won't live to go public.


And, FWIW, Q and his 3-letter-acronym login IP (oops, I mean @$$-soker) simply means that he spent 30 years as a *proofreader* of MIL-STD texts.

after the South was defeated, there was mass rape of White Women by armed Negro gangs.


Do you have any proof for this statement aside from pointing to an obviously racist website like amren? I didn't think so. Yes, captives can learn to think and act like their captors. Look at the history of the repatriation effort in Liberia. The repatriated former slaves were elitist and cruel to the Liberian natives, and still are to this day. A class system was devised and implemented where none existed prior to the days of enslavement. The West poisoned them. Remember the coke bottle in The Gods Must Be Crazy?

"Quite a few people from the Valley have moved up to your area. Your name came up, seems like you're well known in those small towns along Route 57, and have a pretty good reputation as a good neighbor and a good guy." -CD

AHA! My nefarious plan to paper over (or misdirect conversation away from) my disrepute and villiany has finally come to fruition!
Lies, all lies, of course; threats and payments have been discreetly employed. ;o)

As far as "movin' up the country"? Must be somethin' in the wind...

Yep, the Marlins are much less spendy than the Henrys, or even the Rossis (a Taurus product; Brazilian). But here's a novelty that I thought you might like to peek at:

What young sprout wouldn't want to find that Santa had brung 'em one on All Fools' Day? (Thanks, Gen'al)

'Saw the state of [non]progress in C'ville. That's what happens when you try to appeal to the swells; too much expensive and sexy detail that will never be appreciated by common swill-hounds.

Tucker's is open with 2 new stoves! Warrrrrrm and beery. ;o) They've also gone back to "over-browning" the onion rings. Oh, man, tasty! You can get out of there, full, for about a ten-spot. (Including a brew and tip.)

End of local [non]news transmission.

I would advise against dialoging with Vlad/Janos, as a complete waste of time. However I respect if you wish to contine for your own reasons, or like oone, to poke his monkey cage with a stick.

Having said that, remember Bernays' dictum that is still one of the core centerpieces of The Lying Industry Today, "A Lie goes down better when it is wrapped around a tiny core-grain kernal of truth."

Though that is not a quote and I am paraphrasing, now that I think about it. But the idea is what he communicated, however he said it specifically.

Having said that, it is a statistical certainty that there were (and are at any given time) a certain number of interracial rapes going in all directions (but generally, one would assume, being enhanced or diminshed by the lines and directions of power flow).

I mean, the sad truth is the pretty much all crimes, including rape and murder, have never ceased a bit since humans gained the cognitive self-awareness to know they were crimes against fellow sentient beings. Not for one day in 8000 years, I am sorry to say.

Examine RW Authoritarian propaganda of today (now being deployed comically and tragically, as usual, in Venezuela and elsewhere around the virtually enslaved globe) and one can trace it back to it's more primitve roots. One can also see the pattern of taking a normal statistical background event and turning it into a coruscant unique event or events in the mind of a target populace.

Does it have to make sense to be successful? Nope. Making sense would only hinder the project as making sense has nothing to do with swaying the opinions of mass groups of people, and forget the impact-less statistical outlier weirdos who see through the charade.

The others will kill them on command when the time comes, in plausibly deniable fashion, so long as the right marketing can be figured out, which undoubtedly it already has and awaits deployment post-the soon coming next 9/11 (2017, 2019, 2021 or 2023 at latest, I am speculating -CIA and Mossad would know, the arisocratic high mucky-mucks anyway).

Anyway, by taking the post-Civil War rapes of white women by black men, and there most assuredly were some as there always have been by every race aginst every other race, enhanced or retarded by the flow of lines of power and consequence, how easily could that have been turned into the myth.

Or any myth.

That's the scientific and statistical view of it, and the trick is to draw you into making an absolute flat denial or something, which flips the equation and now you are arguing something that is statistically and scientifically invalid, that such never EVER happened.

Sophistry is a neat "science". I wished I'd never heard of it nor learned of it's myriad mechanisms of deceit and peasant control.

As for VladJanos, if you ignore him, he may not go away because he's totally got no life and he has the inexhaustible indefatigability of most nut jobs, but you won't waste your time conversing with a proverbial brick wall to no good end.

Just my 2 cents. Take it or leave it.

Ok, so they wouldn't let you take [the Henry] apart, but did they let you FIRE it?

lol Oh, no, no, no. This was strictly a look, handle and purchase show. That rifle had an excellent "heft" and balance to it; that, along with the quality of the machining and smoothness of the mechanisms let one imagine that it's quite the "tack-driver" for a large-bore.

The cops checked everyone for ammo and weapons at the door, so the only ones armed [supposedly] were the vendors. (Although, I don't think anyone would want to start any shit at a gun show. Very, very civil and downright friendly for a roiling crowd! ;o)

As for losing my place in line at duh Poil-ey Gates? That's awright; I don't relish spending eternity goosestepping the streets of gold under the approving lash of folks with swastika-emblazoned wing-bands. Too bad for me, I guess.

(What is WITH these people and their immortality complex anyhoo? The thought of a tree-root reaching for the place my heart used to be is plenty gratifying in my book. Legacy and contribution, all in one, done deal.)

Point taken. I don't eschew the notion that blacks raped whites in the wake of the civil war, but I don't view that in racial terms. Rape is about power, not about race, or else, why would there be many more instances of intra-racial rape? Rape is bullying taken to its extreme. It is demoralizing terror against the defenseless and vulnerable. It's a human behavior, not a racial one. Also, Janos said "mass." My common sense tells me that isn't logical, therefore, I asked for his proof.

"Ed Bernays!"

"Leo Strauss!"

Whoa! I hope you were in the center of a chalked/salted pentagram with all the proper runes scribed and candles lit when you invoked the names of these arch-deamons!! Messin' with the powers of Darkness you are, young Skywalker...

Hancock, Carol, and MANY others -

We need to talk about "false dualities," folks.

Janos/Vlad has his false dualities hanging out there for all the world to see. And a sizable percentage of the traffic on this comment thread every week consists of posters who sign on simply to tell Janos how completely wrong he is. I have spent a fair amount of time correcting Janos' myself, as the CFN historical record will show.


But, Carol - your position is to say, essentially, "Blacks never raped whites. But, even if they did, it was ALL the fault of White People. 'The West poisoned them.'"


And Hancock - now you're asserting that the Civil War was not fought over "States Rights." It wasn't even fought over "slavery." Instead, it was fought because:

"...the poor whites didn't own slaves, but they got to, among other things, rape any black woman off the streets they wanted any time they wanted in the KKK era..." -hancock-

COME ON! Not only have you bollixed up the antebellum era with the KKK era, but you have created a bizarre and sexually violent mindset in the minds of "poor whites," that never existed.


False dualities, people.

Ascribing ALL virtue to one "side," or one "choice," or one "political party,"

while at the same time

Ascribing ALL evil to the other "side."


Anyone who thinks in those terms is ripe for manipulation, marketing, brainwashing -

Work on spotting "false dualities" in your own thinking - and then

But, Carol - your position is to say, essentially, "Blacks never raped whites. But, even if they did, it was ALL the fault of White People. 'The West poisoned them.'"


No, I'm not saying that, and I'm not engaging in false dualities. I never said, nor did I imply, that blacks never rape whites, or that blacks never rape, period. If you read what I wrote again, rape is about power. It's a physically and psychologically demoralizing act perpetrated upon the exploited and vulnerable as a form of terror. Considering that, for much of U.S. history, who has been in the power position, and who has been in the exploited, vulnerable position within the established hierarchy? It stands to reason, then, that the vast majority of inter-racial rape would have been perpetrated by those in the power position, because rape is about the projection of power.

My reference to The Gods Must Be Crazy was to show what happens when the poison of civilization makes its way into primitive culture. It changes the primitive culture in myriad ways, and mostly for the negative. Sure, the Coke bottle falling from the plane was serendipitous, but it was highly symbolic of the West, the current vanguard of civilization. And to me at least, it's irrefutable evidence that the repatriated slaves to Liberia were permanently tainted by their former captors' culture; a permutation of Stockholm Syndrome, if you will. It persists to this day in Liberia. That is not to say that primitive African cultures did not have their own unique set of destructive behaviors, but rather, the pernicious behavior exhibited by the former slaves repatriated to Liberia in the mid-nineteenth century was uniquely "civilized."

Hancock -
I can't keep up with you.

You've expressed +/- 25 unique ideas in the space of three days posting.
I agree with many of your ideas.
I disagree with some.

Slow down, man. Try to take things one at the time.

Remember that CFN isn't supposed to be freebased like cocaine. Try to treat it like a good sipping whiskey, would you?

I will suggest that (literally?) refighting the Civil War and its causes and aftermaths is generally counterproductive in this venue.


Beantownbill -

Hancock is correct that your positions and language in support of the now-vanished Mika disturbed be greatly. I continue to think about it, from time to time.

To try to move us forward -
Could you try to explain to me why I should trust you as a fellow American? or as a friend or neighbor?

Because you have left me - thus far - with the distinct impression that your ultimate loyalty lies elsewhere.

You typed: "The thought of a tree-root reaching for the place my heart used to be is plenty gratifying in my book. Legacy and contribution, all in one, done deal.)."

Completely agree.

I would argue that scintifically it must be hardwired, so near-universal is it, into the human primate brain, probably the deeper, older sections of limbic and reptile.

So near-universal that our missing it makes us the weirdest of the wierdos, and one of the attitudes and beliefs thatmakes us so desireable to kill (but these days use the medias megaphone to drown out and ignore any speck of truthfulness, honesty or basic common sense coming from any weird area, not just ours) by the aristocracy.

And therefore 99% of the Peasantry who know no better than to think what they are told and most importantly HOW they are told (a 0/1 dichotomous false equivalency that paralyzes and neutralizes the critcally thinking mind and will line up to particpate in committing horros they would never dream of as individuals so long as some in authority...orders them to), will do just that, even if they know better in their hearts

This legacy attitude is part of the overall picture of late-stage capitalism's "corruption and the stick" methods of confusion and motivation (BRILLIANT meta-strategy worthy of Gods on Earth for controlling their Pets and Talking Dogs).

By which I mean, the legacy is part of the bit these "Boxers" (from the book 1984) keep in their teeth and BETTER NOT EVEN DARE THINK OF SPITTING OUT OR EVEN TALIKNG TO OTHER TALKING DOGS ABOUT SPITTING IT, or bad things will just sort of start happening.

If they spit they bit, they will suffer and die, unless they take an even bigger, yet cozier bit in their teeth. That is wealth.

Otherwise, they suffer the fate of all Useless Eaters in a world designed solely ny gods on earth for Gods on Earth.

And a fellow peasant with a free heart and mind? They just want those people to just sort of...go away with their hippie questions anfd strange ideas.

As always, somehow, that's what always winds up happening, and everyone's happier.

For a little while.


Gotcha on the Henry. What year was it? I'd love to handle (fondle?) one of the original golden oldies from the 1880s.

There's an old movie, that I enjoyed as a young man, called "Silverado" in which Danny Glover carried an old Henry and used it effectively.

I have always one day wanted to check one out myself since then, doubly so since I'd also like to check out it's competition, an original Spencer from the 1870s.

Great movie, though a bit unrealistic, but it was from a time period when, for their own nefarious purposes I'm sure, Hollywood seemed to be trying to occasionally show people to strive for decency.

(probably for them it was about instilling wits-dulling naivete that would allow them to sell us fraudulent financial products more effectively, from a marketing perspective)

Do you really believe that these relatively mild undulations in supply, demand, and price, which JHk correctly predicted years ago and called The Bumpy Plateau and for which the graphic record of total OIL produced (not to be confused with total liquids, tho' that too is a bumpy plateau, just slightly less bumpy and with a very slight overall upward cant, not even close to what is needed just to stay even over the next two decades at that rate) is in complete agreement with they Bumpy Plateau prediction, really amount to a hill beans over any timescale larger that a couple years?
Congratulations on an epically long sentence!

Actually, my point has consistently been that people suck when it comes to predicting the future. JHK (and myself) are certainly no exception to that rule. No need to debate "points" or whatever. I regard almost anything as "possible", but almost always less likely than people think. Complicated issues can almost always be spun in either direction. Doesn't accomplish anything to recycle the "usual arguments". Cheers!

"It stands to reason, then, that the vast majority of inter-racial rape would have been perpetrated by those in the power position..." -carol-

Thus, carol, you argue that blacks have assumed the "power position" in modern American society.

Consider the statistics.
Especially consider the miniscule percentage of rapes committed by white men against black women.


Sorry, guy -

I'm like a stored up volcano.

So many new ideas and refinement of my old ones this past year...

Nothing like watching events unfold exactly as one predicts (Obama gtting a second term, the complete neutralization of liberalism and it's wholesale mainstream absorption into Corporate Socialism, other than a few weirdos who will be dealt with in plausibly deniable, but definite fashion, the failure to make a single meaningful prosecution among the Gods on Earth, and on an on and on just as I said and JUST like Heinrich Bruning, with the same likely 'happy' results!)
to stimulate the next pyramiding of new data into further future predictive analysis.

As for your response to my new Civil War idea:

1) I am actually running out of posting time until tonight or later, so I can't fully discuss right now. I am going to make one more post I wrote earlier and forgot about (to E) and then off I go, I think.

2) You are right. My analogy positively sucked. But it was irrelevant to the overall point, and I probably shouldn't have left it in when I edited, but I sometimes leave in stream of thinking digressions, even when I know better. As soon as I posted it, I knew it was a mistake and was going to divert the conversation needlessly. It did. My apologies, my bad.

3) so at some point I would like to further discuss this idea afresh with you, and forget about the rape digression, lets start over on that issue.

You always tell me not to do my usual posting pattern, and treat CFN as sipping whiskey not heh heh coke.

But I think it should be clear by now that probably isn't going to happen, not that it has anything to do with you and everything to do with me being the person I am.

So, when it comes to the internets, I suppose I do treat it in a freebase fashion.

But again, I had a year's worth of tweaked or new stuff to get out, and yeah I blew like a volcano in getting it out.

Oh well. Clean up time in Fukushima!

Oh man, I am also sorry my poor analogy started this line of discussion, which in some ways is a question of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Answer: All of 'em - LOL.

Not, Carol, that I am discounting the importance of rape, and decerasing it's prevalence (stopping totally, seems a literal statistical pipe-dream, I am sorry to say) or violence against women and decreasing it's prevalence.

But, as usual by this time, the conversation has strayed far from JHKs original essay.

This time, me and my blabbering volcano bear some of the blame, or maybe most :P

Sorry, everyone.

Now to post my post to E an then done for at least awhile.

Good internet conversation is enjoyable, but just a bit too coke. (not that I would know from actual experience, of course)

Sophistry is a neat "science". I wished I'd never heard of it nor learned of it's myriad mechanisms of deceit and peasant control.

Why yes - I love the sharp end of a broken Coke bottle - slowing turning counter-clockwise as it is jammed up my ass.

But what I have yet to experience is how and when the status "grow" will make using my Lincoln Navigator for scenic drives seem more patriotic than my Grandmother having the where-with-all to use a private automobile to make it to the doctor's office.

What we have here is a "values" conflict.

And "long before any long emergency" - discretionary energy consumption by the powerful must be assured - even as the masses go the way of the third-world life style.......

Hancock - your perspective is requested....

You can ask him for proof. You won't get any, just more self-referential misdirections, of similar structure and pattern to Fox News Lies and their coeterie of unfactual enablers generating plausibly deniability for bald-faced liars.

Same principle, differentt, though deeply related, groups.

Thanks for the congrats. I should enter a convoluted sentence contest, no?

OK, I understand and respect your point. I could certainly see where your argument, albeit a bit generic, could turn out to be true in the end and I wrong.

I don't think, from a scientific point of view when one considers the awful intractable math of global populace and all the various amounts of everything that it takes to run currently, let alone on the 120MB/day that demonad is supposed to rise to by 2030, I believe.

Again, the math. But I can't say with 100% certainty what the future you will bring as you absolutely correct about predicting exact details. Trends are another matter, but we must agree to disagree on that, sir.

I won't belabor any more points we've both heard many times, but I will say, in a generic answer to your generic argument (that is only a statement of fact and I agree that we shouldn't both start laundry listing all the points we've heard b4), consider the broken clock and how it is still correct occasionally.

Other than that, see you around, dale. Thanks for being decent about our disagreement.

Thus, carol, you argue that blacks have assumed the "power position" in modern American society.


You're a disingenuous piece of shit, and you know it. You see everything in terms of black and white, and that's what makes you a racist. That alone. Everything above and beyond that is icing on your shit cake.

I don't see things in terms of black and white. It's much more complex than that, but obviously, you're incapable of complex, critical thinking, therefore, you must reduce your world to your simple false duality of black and white.

Power projects power in civilization, regardless of the demographic that is in power. Rape is about power. Power is about insecurity and the need to secure and hold onto power.

And as far as your rape statistics are concerned, the source and method are not credible per this link. Jesse Powell in the comments to the racist screed sets the record straight in a professional, intellectual manner.

I’d like to make some comments on Lawrence Auster’s article “The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States.” The quote taken from the article states “In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.” Now the second part of that statement, that 0 to 10 black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man, is definitely not true. What is true is that “about 10” or fewer black women reported being raped by a white man in the Crime Victimization survey being cited. What needs to be kept in mind is that for the survey in 2005 about 67,000 people were interviewed aged 12 or older, so each person interviewed represents about 2,700 people in the general population. So, given that the estimate for the number of black women raped in the survey is 36,620 if even one black woman reported being raped by a white man the estimate for proportion of rapes against black women being committed by white men would jump from 0% to 7.5%. So basically, the crime victimization survey is a very poor source of data on the question of the number of black women raped by white men because the sample sizes are extremely small.

I want to add, looking at the table of crime victimization by race of victim and race of offender, the category of “Rape/Sexual Assault” does not show much difference from the other categories of crime in terms of proportion of white victims victimized by white offenders. In the “Rape/Sexual Assault” category looking at white victims 44.5% were victimized by a white offender (probably representing 19 or 20 cases), in the very large “Crimes of violence” category 49.0% of offenders were white (among white victims), in the “Robbery” category 33.6% of offenders were white (among white victims). Looking at the proportion of offenders being black where the victim is white the ratio of black offenders is high in the categories of “Rape/Sexual Assault” and “Robbery” and is low in the categories of “Crimes of violence”, “completed violence”, and all forms of “Assault.”

Basically, the Crime Victimization Survey of 2005 is a very poor source in trying to get information on the number of white men raping black women because small sample size surveys are very poor at quantifying the frequency of rare events. To look at the data source Lawrence Auster uses in his “The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States” article go to page 55 of 144 (Table 42) in the “Criminal Victimization in the United States: 2005 Statistical Tables” report.

The key item in her babble:

"Basically, the Crime Victimization Survey of 2005 is a very poor source in trying to get information on the number of white men raping black women...

White men are not inclined to rape black women. Accept it.

Not that it hasn't happened, but I've been alive 56 years and I've not yet run across neither a news story about a white man raping a black woman, or even an anecdote. White-on-black rape -- even in the past -- is mostly fevered imaginations of people who think constantly in black and white, i.e. blacks like Carolonius Spewquist.

budizwizer wrote:

And "long before any long emergency" - discretionary energy consumption by the powerful must be assured - even as the masses go the way of the third-world life style.......

Hancock - your perspective is requested....

Oh most definitely. It becomes most obvious when one considers in a deeply relative analogy (that no God on Earth would ever admit publicly, except under torture):

That of the human family who owns a family of dogs.

The priorities of our society, with us as the dogs, can be used to determine future prioitization of dwindling resources with this analogy, just as the human family would first sacrifice the health and well-being of their dogs (which they might even feel bad about, but still would do it - after all these aren't just any dogs but THEIR dogs), so will it be with us.

We can now see that we are allowed fewer and fewer trips to the vet's, and even when Mom and Dad know something's wrong and can see, it we still don't get to go because money's too tight and it's cheaper, if a wee wee tiny wee bit bit sadder (to the Gods not the Dogs), just to buy a new bunch of dogs to replace the old ones.

Meanwhile, the ever sickening dogs dimly notice Mom and dad just bought new iPODs for the whole family, three new cars, and just replaced the carpets.

"Sorry, doggies, there's just no meny to take you to the vet."

Isn't it amazing what is possible to see that has been right in front of all our faces for 8000 years without relent, once one stops listening to what God, which is to say The Rich Man because God is the Rich Man without his glasses just like Superman is Clark Kent without HIS glasses, stops telling us what and most importantly HOW to think.

Man, I can't disentangle myself from here! After a long hiatus, posting isn't like coke, it's like H or crack or something.

(takes deep beath and tries again)

"You're a disingenuous piece of shit, and you know it. You see everything in terms of black and white, and that's what makes you a racist. That alone. Everything above and beyond that is icing on your shit cake." -"carol"-

And you, "carol," are a wise and all-knowing person; almost God-like, in fact. And you never label people or believe that all Truth belongs to you and you alone. (sarcasm on/off)


Furthermore, "carol," you argue like a smart-assed male. And there is something wrong with your thinking, deeply wrong.

Have you talked to a therapist about any of this, yet? You need to. And share ALL of these posts with him or her, as well.

And both of them are Jews? Let's Karl Marx for another. Who shall we add for the fourth cardinal point? Gentiles are acceptable too. I've never claimed the NWO is entirely a Jewish affair....

I love the way water seeks its own level. You came here and were immediately attracted to another self righteous asshole. Btw in case you care, Carol is probably Asoka, the main identity the Asoka entity has now assumed as part of his job as a paid agent of Chaos.

Shut your pie hole, you ignorant neo-nazi jackass. I hope you're keeping in shape for the day we ever meet. I assure you, the crap you pull here wouldn't fly in person. Not for a second.

The garbage you and some of the others spit out here needs to be used in classrooms around the country as an exhibition that racism in red country is alive, well and flourishing.

So glad I didn't delete this when I forgot I wrote it this morning....

How ya' doin', E?

Loved your post. A great story that simply has to remain forever unreported (anyplace where a statisically significant number of people might hear it and might starting thinking about it) is that the experience and thoughts of your Russian neighbor are no doubt not unique but tremendously common in many people from authoritarian states, most particularly pre-Gorbachev Russia and Nazi Germany.

Any Cable TV dipstick with $4,000 and a beat-up convertible could no doubt, using the internet, find 50 of these people without working up a sweat (although the Nazi Germany survivors have probably all or soon will die off, so they can't report what they saw and knew as well as most of us on CFN know it but haven't the real-life experience for comparison).

But that naive Cable TV dipstick would immediately find themselves with bad monthly performance reviews and be canned (for plausibly deniable other reasons, of course) eventually. If they were sufficiently troublesome, word would go out on the Good Old Boys (and Girls nowadays) RW Corporate Socialist Network and this troublemaker would find out that he or she was now a Professional Troublemaker with but one job opening left - the broke-ass LW blogosphere where it matters nothing how truthful nor how many people read, one can never overcome the vast megaphone of multi-trillion dollar power of Corporate Socialist Media with your half-penny whistle.

But said troublemaker is welcome to waste their lives trying, knowing what will happen if they dare to challnge power and be heard by more than a handful of hippies.

It's Skinner's behavioral psychology...textbook. Pavlov's too.

Shock the bastards and make sure the shock is associated with undesireable behavior, and at least 90% of the time, probably more, the undesireable behavior will cease after a very few shocks, if they are very strong shocks (like loss of raise, loss of job, home, etc.).

Great story about the Russian lady, and I have no doubt it's true.

On another topic, we'll see if Mike Judge can pull off with his new movie what he pulled off with Office Space, i.e. a cult classic that everyone has some brand awareness of now.

The difference is, when Office Space came out, the lies that people believed, due to a unique glut of cheap super-portable, super-concentrated ancient sunlight, were a bit closer to being true, and that made all the difference.

Now it's all bullsh1t, all lies all the time, and not even good lies any more with any effort but the lazy lies of Nobility to Peasantry, as it has been for all human history, with slight brief exceptions, like the 1945-1980 USA.

People weren't actually free, not even close, but it was MUCH EASIER TO PRETEND.

And I am of a belief that when things tip past a certain point of upside-down insanity, that EVERY SINGLE PERSON knows it inside, even if they refuse to acknowledge the truth, as 99.5% do and apparently always have, with brief, slight exceptions.

Just like every bastard in Nazi Germany KNEW what was going on in those camps, even if they pretended so well they convinced themselves, which no doubt millions did.

Anyway, the point is that I will interested to see the success of Judge's movie, whether it will be surpressed as being too truthful like Idiocracy (which is now becoming a cult classic for that precise reason, and showing that in some cases non-threatening to power, the truth can reluctantly be set free by the peasantry over the wishes of the Elite - but only if it doesn't matter over the long run, and only if it is couched as comedy that can be shrugged off).

What will it be, a rejection as finally being too truthful, or just the next step in the tranformation of old-school American free humor or the fatal black humor of the authoritarian virtual slave, which is where the former USA is now?


On another note, I must admit that I am now, insofar that I pay attention to pro hockey since the Lindros/Clarke crap and the implementation of the trap that turned hockey into ice soccer, IMHO, actively enjoying the Philly-style Philly-ing of the Flyers this year.

Why? Well, it all started when Ed Snider invited Sarah Palin to the FU Center in 2008, and I learned one of my favorite Flyers of all time, Brian Propp, was an @sshole Bushie Corporate Socialist.

I already knew Ed Snider was a very bad guy, no matter how much he tries to hide it. Read what he did to Jerry Wolin, the ORIGINAL majority owner of the Flyers, and that's all one has to know about what kind of man Ed is.

But he's got good PR and like most bad guys who have money and entertain the sheep, the sheep love him and wouldn't care one whit if they knew what kind of a guy he really is.

"Hey, he gives charity to kids."

(so when he goes to court the aristocratic judge has a plausibly deniable reason to spare him the Peasant sentence, you know, 'cause he gives charity to kids)

Around then, increasing just a bit during the failed cup run in '10, I paid attention briefly again only to catch the usual Philly ending with a cynical laugh.

Then they signed the laughably bad Bryzgalov and tried to tell us he led the Ducks to the cup in '06 or whenever they won it.

I didn't care enough about hockey at that point one way another to check their facts. It's sports, after all, and my Peak Fandom is now more than a decade behind me.

When Bryz gave his Philly-style performance (how can the team of Bernie and Pelle have not had a decent goaltender otherwise in DECADES? Last year in the playoffs, my interest piqued enough to finally sit down and look at his career stat sheet.

What did I find?

Surprise suprise, Ed "RW Corporate Socialist Media Baron" Snider lied to his idiot adoring peasants, and their "watchdogs" in sports "journalism" which is finally like all other journalism that any significant number of people can easily watch, which is to say all lies serving the aristocrats and their corporations, every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

Bryzgalov didn't lead the Ducks to the Cup. Sebastian Gigaud did. Bryz was backup who played about 10$ of the time, if that. But as usual, Ed Snider et al told a Big Lie, told it shamelessly, millions believed it, and no one anywhere IN THE INTERNET Age could find a platform big enough that they could say "That a bald-faced unfactual LIE."

Because you don't call an aristocratic God-On-Earth who writes a check, a really big check, to kids every year a LIAR. ESPECIALLY when he's lying. That is the relationship between Peasant and God-on-Earth Aristocrat, Slave Virtual or otherwise and Master. It is how it has always been and sadly, apprently how it always will be.

America's last 13 years prove this conclusively, well as close to conclusively that something like this can be proven.

Sure it's sports and sure it's trivial, but to me the whole Bryzgalov Big Lie indicates that the tenets of RW American Corporate Socialism have penetrted everywhere and every thing. Almost literally. No matter how trivial, it's now just how everything works, the nominal and default positions.

As the Bryz incident and so many other things in all sports are so emabarssingly insulting to the intelligence of the fan (really just another variety of talking dog peasant, to Ed and his aristo pals), can I be blamed for having started phasing them out of my life more than a decade ago, with varying success but approaching fruition in the near future, I hope?

So rape is about power? And why should there be alot of inter-racial rape after the Civil War? Duh, maybe Blacks trying to take revenge on their previous owner/tormentors - now disarmed? See, how easy it is, little fool? And how utterly ridiculous you are?

THAT they did that, could be forgiven perhaps - though not by their victims. But that they are still doing it now, after countless benefits have been given them is another story. And in any case, they do the same everywhere, in Africa where they originate, and in Scandanavia which had no colonial empire. Also in England - even though English where very kind to Black G.I's during WW2, refusing to enforce the color barrier the Americans requested.

Thus the main reason has nothing to do with historical grievance - it's just what they are. They have very strong lower natures and far less self control than Whites and Asians. They do rape their own too, but they have a great fondness for White Women and of course, it's revenge as well.

And when I say "ALL," I simply mean ALL of my posts and then ALL of your vitriolic and bizarre responses.

There is a logical disconnect in your thinking, somewhere. And it is very apparent that you do not tolerate opinions which differ from your own.


And from your article:
"Basically, the Crime Victimization Survey of 2005 is a very poor source in trying to get information on the number of white men raping black women because small sample size surveys are very poor at quantifying the frequency of rare events." -"carol's source-

I believe you proved my points, "carol."
Including the point that there is something basically wrong with your thinking.

You do know the definition of "rare," do you not?

Because we were ORIGINALLY talking about rape and "power position," were we not?


You are so busy pigeonholing me into your "false duality," that you forgot your original point, did you not?

I can't help you if you aren't first willing to help yourself, "carol."


I'm out 'till tonight.

And with that, Hancock, I'm shutting down the browser window 'till (you know) tonight.

At least.

Ah, Procon, it's too bad this is an issue that some people refuse to let die. If you think about it, any explanation I make will be misconstrued. For instance, no matter what I say, Hancock would state I'm being disingenuous and backtracking. It's already pre-determined that I get berated whatever I say. Therefore, I'm not going to discuss the matter again.

But I will answer your question about trust. First, consider that we've never met. How can either of us trust anyone we've never met? For the same reason, we shouldn't distrust each other. Trust is earned through actions, not merely words. Since we've never interacted in real life, trust has yet to be determined.

Think about the myriad cases of on-line male-female romances where the man is so nice, but when met in person is really a dangerous individual.

As for me, I believe in being just and and in liberty, and would take the side of a person regardless of who they are or of what country they are citizens. If I feel you are in the right or you are being treated unfairly, AND you are my friend or relative, I will defend you to the death (sound familiar?).

Sure blame Whites for Liberia. And Nigeria. And Uganda. And South Africa. But Whites created the most humane and advanced societies in Africa. And Blacks from other areas desperately tried to get in to these areas.

When Albert Schweitzer set up his hospital in the Congo, he saved a tribe of people from exctinction. They were relatively peaceful - and they were literally being killed and eaten by a violent new tribe that had fought its way into the area.

Schweitzer has been delegated to the dustbin of history since he didn't worship the Blacks he helped. He didn't think they were ready for independence for example. And that greatly offended the angry Negroes. But he was obviously right about that, eh "Carol"?

hello CRNers,

I must say that I find the level of comments intelligent but useless. Everyone seems content to make short pretty speeches struggling to describe the shit with a different vocabulary and how this whole mess is somebody else's fault.

Why not consider this? Stop complaining and talk/plan an action about how to actually change things, if you have an idea for such.

Personally, I renounced my citizenship and moved to New Zealand. Rural New Zealand. Served in the USMC, blah blah

stop bitching and do something, or just leave and get on with life.
Good luck, you all really really need it


That's just the point dipshit: how could you trust and support Mika whom you never met? Because he was a Jew.

This is what makes Masonry dangerous as well. While they proclaim a Universal Morality, in practice the Candidate swears to favor his Brother Masons above others - even in Legal cases.

"...The Gods Must Be Crazy...Sure, the Coke bottle falling from the plane was's irrefutable evidence...

Irrefutable evidence from a slapstick comedy.

" that the repatriated slaves to Liberia were permanently tainted by their former captors' culture;

But slavery began in Africa long before. Slavery basically from Africa to White nations who only played with it briefly in historical time (and slavery as an industry was spearheaded by Jews). Getting slave-happy on deposit in Liberia, American were just continuing to live in their old African ways.

a permutation of Stockholm Syndrome, if you will.

Inventive, if you will.

It persists to this day in Liberia.

And in many African nations. And they keep exporting it. Periodically there will be a news story about some African inhabiting a white nation, say Great Britain, with the African busted for keeping a slave, often a sex slave, and sometimes literally in chains in one room of his flat. I remember one Discovery Channel documentary about how they can reconstruct faces from skulls. The head they found along a river turned out to belong to an African woman that a African import had been keeping as a sex slave in his New Jersey apartment before he beheaded her and took her apart, possibly for uncooperative attitudes.

...but rather, the pernicious behavior exhibited by the former slaves repatriated to Liberia in the mid-nineteenth century was uniquely "civilized."

And yet slavery is ancient in Africa and was learned from Africa.

You anti-civ now and getting ready to turn in your cell phone and laptop? How will you coordinate effectively with Homeland Security and FEMA on that happy day when you get to round up Whites, South African style, and take their homes?

CORRECTIONS: "Slavery basically [spread] from Africa to White nations..."

"American [slaves] were just...

Offer some credible proof, or shut the hell up, you goon. Proof is not a survey administered by Richard Dawson. What a ridiculous notion. Freud would have a field day with this. Remember all those kids accusing their innocent parents of sexual molestation during the sex abuse craze of the eighties? People will tell you what they think they're supposed to say, not what actually is the truth. Such is the nature of surveys. Black women wouldn't dare say a white man raped them, because it's not expected of them. Even if it were true, it should never be spoken. White women would readily offer that a black man raped them, even if not true, because it's expected by society for racist reasons.

If I'm a dipshit, so are you - in spades (pun intended). I said friend OR relatives. Obviously, I consider all 14 million of us a relative. AND they must be in the right or treated unfairly. Read my post thoroughly, dingleberry. Typical blind spot in the nazi vision.

or just leave and get on with life.


For those so inclined, it's easier said than done. Uncle owns you, and makes it very difficult for you to obtain your freedom. Even if you renounce your citizenship, Uncle considers you his until another Master (read state, as in country) accepts you as their slave (ummm, citizen). The only place you're allowed to be stateless in this world is in your mind, and enjoy that while you can, because in short order, they'll eliminate that convenient little refuge.

Discriminate between my contradictions as a person and my logical contradictions/errors on any given issue. Ok? Let's play fair, shall we.

Now, as in any relationship, boredom sets in when issues aren't dealt with, creating a deadness or lack of life. If you will open yourself, you will find your relationship with CFN (and me) renewed. Now I'll start: admit that the Klan played a vital role in saving the South. And that the Men of the South had every right to defend themselves when the Occupation Goverment would not. And play fair: discriminate between this and later Klan activities, many of which were not as honorable. I remind you that Bedford Forest decommissioned the Klan, realizing that robed men were not accountable to Law and destructive of Civil Society. But note, that was once civil society had been restored. There was no civil society when Negro Gangs were rampaging and the Union Soldiers laughing at the starving Southerners.

Unfortunately perhaps, the Klan had taken on a life of its own and continued under other leaders, some honorable and some not.

All 14 million of you are relatives and thus owed special treatment? Our case is made. And you wonder why we hesitated to have you all in America. And our worst fears have been realized.

Of course you folks lead the way on discrimination against minorites too. After all, discrimination is your middle name. By proxy do you make war. Thus Jews founded the NAACP.

Whites are now greatly under represented at Harvard and Jews greatly over represented. Now on a scale of 1 to 10, how much does that bother you? -10 right?

Ever hear of the Tawana Brawley case? She wasn't afraid to falsely claim rape against White cops. She smeared herself with shit and waited around to be "discovered". What reprehensible creeps both she and Sharpton are. Neither has ever apologized to the officers they smeared.

You catching this Newworld? Vide well, little brother, vide well. He will defend all 14 million of his relatives to the death. Oh and he'll throw a quarter in a White guy's cup - if he knows and likes you that is. And that's largely dependent on your attitude to his 14 million relatives.

Hi EAB, I don't know about u but I did my 1/3 century as a public servant in the USA. I also babysit twenty people as tenants.I would love to become a Kiwi. NZ Seems like a nice place. However, They don't seem to want me. I guess my skill set is too high for them . My Bro just went there for vaca and said it is a beautiful place.Watcha gonna do?

They just want minorites, especially Chinese. They consider themselves "an Asian Nation" now.

Agree. Both are disgusting scum, and it's a farce that Sharpton is given any form of mainstream soapbox. He should be relegated to a back-alley crate, proselytizing to dumpsters about how discarded meat keeps stinking the place up.

An endorsement from you is the kiss of Daath. But "you go "girl""!

White women sometimes do similar things. One fine young lady was out after her curfew, so as an excuse, she told her parents the Cabbie raped her! Imagine destroying a man's life for such a trifling reason.

You are right btw: people vary in their degree of corruption. Sharpton would smell quite bad. In contrast, some of the Saints don't smell or corrupt hardly at all - even after centuries.

"Black women wouldn't dare say a white man raped them, because it's not expected of them. Even if it were true, it should never be spoken.

Quite the opposite case. Any offense or infraction by a white against a black gets hyped to the skies and opportunistically blown up like a pufferfish straightaway because of the general racial climate and black victimhood gravy train. Blacks are so eager to hype themselves as "victims" of whites they even concoct lies from whole cloth, like the black stripper claiming the Duke LaCrosse team gang raped her.

"White women would readily offer that a black man raped them, even if not true,

The black woman raped by the black has greater shame. Refer back to the LaCrosse case. She even wanted it gang rape by white men.

"...because it's expected by society for racist reasons.

It's expected for White women to claim blacks raped them? Your mind is squirming like a toad.

Some guy (Cardinal) just appeared on the balcony. No idea what he said. Still don't know who the new Pope is. It's taking hours. They couldn't find the right size red shoes. In a fit of pique he said "fuck it, I'll wear the brown Florsheim wingtips." OK, just learned its the Brazilian.

I will also agree with you that Reconstruction was an abysmal failure; one in which we are still dealing with the consequences one hundred and fifty years later. Grant was an idiot. His southern policy, or should we say lack of a southern policy, resulted in graft and ineptitude on a monumental scale. This is what you get when you elect alcoholic generals to the highest office. He sealed a clash for centuries. The following book by Walter Lynwood Flemming is an excellent expose on Reconstruction in Alabama. I found it fair and balanced, at least to the extent that's even possible.

Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama

In it can be found support for your assertion that there were marauding gangs of blacks who murdered whites and burned villages during Reconstruction, to include rape. It appears Grant's inebriated apathy engendered an eye-for-an-eye approach of punishment by depredation for white southerners.

I know, I know, Grant's battle with the bottle is merely a myth, but it's more theatrical to label him a lush.

Other than that, see you around, dale. Thanks for being decent about our disagreement.
no problem, I predict a massive meteor will strike the earth one day, ending life as we know it. Past history and trends are all on my side. Whether it happens next week, or 10 million years from now, I haven't a clue.

While the PO problem is certainly more compressed, we have no clue what effect it will have, perhaps by the time it happens, the effect will be moot. No one knows.

Agree with you on population growth extrapolations, but again, many outcomes are possible.

I only drop in occasionally to post something I think of as having interest or value to the original discussion around here years ago. Not really into what this site has degenerated into, a sort of "flame central". Pretty boring.

It's the Argentinian, and in his acceptance speech he mentioned Madonna. Barraganete (plantains) will be served at the customary acceptance banquet.

SEC: fox guarding the henhouse. When a nation's top law makers and enforcers persist in indifferently or cynically administering justice they destroy the foundation of their legitimacy. History has demonstrated how cataclysmic the resulting consequences can be. Too bad we're too enthralled by the latest mediocrities of the Kardashians to pay any mind.

Crystal Magnum.
Tawana Brawley.

Janos, the absurd theme of 'Against our will, Men Wimmen n Rape' is brilliantly refuted in
'The Dark Side of Man'.

And the Imperial President:

1/4 MILLION $ for invites...gees.

Ok but Hankcock's not gonna like you agreeing with me about this. Worship of dark skinned minorities is part of his religion.

But can a woman rape a man - force his penis to get hard and penetrate her that is. One Black African girl I worked with said yes.

SEC: fox guarding the henhouse.

If you want to kill fat chickens, who better to hire than the fox who knows the ins and outs of the chicken coop?

Very true

Here is a snippet from the referenced book, page 766. Janos is going to love this. This isn't in the history books in public educational settings through high school, and more than likely not even in undergrad programs.

The blacks always felt that the carpet bagger was more friendly to them than the scalawag was for the carpet baggers associated more closely with the negroes. The alien white teachers boarded with negroes; some of the politicians made it a practice to live among the negroes in order to get their votes. The candidates for sheriff and tax collector in Montgomery went to negro picnics, baptizings and church services; drank from the same bottle of whiskey with negroes, had the negro leaders to visit their homes where they dined together and the white women furnished music. The carpet baggers seldom had families with them, and excluded from white society, began to contract unofficial alliances among the blacks. Scarcely an alien office holder in the Black Belt but was charged with immorality and the charges proven. Numbers were relieved by the legislature of the penalties for adultery. The average Radical politician was in time quite thoroughly Africanized. They spoke of us niggers, we niggers, at first from policy, later from habit. When Lewis was elected in 1872 a white Radical cried out in his joy “we niggers have beat em.” Two years later white Radicals marched with negro processions and sang the song.

The white man's day has passed
The negro's day has come at last

"If I feel you are in the right or you are being treated unfairly, AND you are my friend or relative, I will defend you to the death (sound familiar?)." -btb, to p4c-

Painfully familiar, bill. It's the phrase that rocked my world to the negative, regarding you and some of your group, because you picked a verbally violent baseball bat wielder to defend, apparently only because of your shared ethnicity.


"I said friend OR relatives. Obviously, I consider all 14 million of us a relative. AND they must be in the right or treated unfairly. Read my post thoroughly,..." -btb, to janos-

Bill, I don't know if you're being sarcastic, or tongue-in-cheek here, or what. I'd like to see you clarify, because as written - it appears that you are confirming most of the worst of the allegations of Janos, Hancock, and Eleuthero5.

But I'm ready to move on and see where this leads.
To wit, you are on public record here at CFN as being opposed to further immigration into the United States.

There is a man, David Gelbaum, who is in favor of further immigration into the United States. Gelbaum is so in favor of immigration that he has donated $100,000,000 to the (formerly) environmental organization known as the Sierra Club.

Gelbaum is Jewish.
Where does this lead us, Bill?

"Discriminate between my contradictions as a person and my logical contradictions/errors on any given issue. Ok? Let's play fair, shall we." -janos-

At the risk of offending the (ALWAYS perfect, more on that in a minute) carol newquister, janos, there is nothing in your post concerning the Klan in the post civil war south with which to logically disagree. What are you asking for?

"Carol," I do believe you just agreed with Janos about Al Sharpton earlier. Last week (or week before, I've been on the road) carol stated that ANYone who EVER agreed with Janos was a vile racist blah blah forevermore.

Where does that leave you, "carol?"


And "carol," you've been really strong in calling me a racist blah blah - but you've never specifically said why.

Either there is something wrong with you
you need to apologize
you need to name something SPECIFIC.
(with date and time, if you please)

put up or shut up "sweet"heart.

Hey wipe, I make it clear when I agree with him, and when I don't agree with him. We're venn diagrams, and sometimes, even if rarely, we overlap. If I don't say anything about something he's posted, either I don't find it relevant, or it's so preposterous, I don't want to waste my time. If I respond in disagreement, it's because I found his post repugnant.

Anyone who sees things consistently and perpetually through the prism of race is a racist, imo. If you want to be sociological and discuss cultures and subcultures, that's one thing, but when you start talking genetic heredity and how that relates to superiority/inferiority, that's quite another thing. You have shown your inclination to view all things through the prism of race. It's your pet false duality, and you carry it on your shoulder like Marcel, Ross' pet Capuchin. Also, you have remained silent when Janos Semen Lee has said and posted some rather heinous, overtly racist garbage. That deafening silence I have taken as tacit approval on your part when taking everything else about you into consideration.

No specifics, then?

Not one thing from the CFN record to specifically justify your accusations and nasty rhetoric leveled against me?

There is something wrong with you, "carol."

Pagones, very recently got a JUDGEMENT against
Tawana [aka] Maryam Mohamed!
He says he will settle for an apology.

Well you have never agreed to talk about the Klan and the need for it before. And you obviously don't want to now either. But thanks for the thumbs up.

It is dangerous for a People to rely only on the State for protection. Not only is that ineffective, as in crime, but it can be a disaster if the State is defeated (as in the Old South) or when the State turns agains the People -as it has against White people in America today.

Who is Ross? Capuchin? As in Capuchin Monkey? They are also a sub-order of the Franiscans. Cardinal O'Malley of Boston is manly yet talks with a slight lisp. His Franciscan Robe and sandals may be part of his Gay Identity. The Little Brothers of St Francis (another sub-order) are notorious and obvious flamers.

10? 20? years ago I was reading the Newspaper
and there was an article on 'Satanic Crimes' [?].

OK, I remember 1 of the horror tales there
[and it happened in a sanctuary Shitty, SF]!!

A body w/o a head was found in a park. Someone
volunteered the info that 'its Voodo and in 3 days the head will be put in the exact spot that the corpse was left in'.
The Police were like 'right'.
3 or 3.5 days later, the head was found there.

The LEO noted, 'nowadays we never ignore tips like that'.

I don't care about anything Vlad, Hancock or E has al,eged, because I don't respect 2 of them, anyway (I'll let you try to figure out who the 3rd one is I may respect). But for some strange reason I DO care what you think. Really, really, I' m
sick and tired of this subject and I'm moving on.

As far as immigration is concerned, we're long past the point where we need more people here in America. Originally, the US needed more citizens to feed our steadily increasing industrialization; but in having hit the limits of growth at our current level of technology, we cannot afford to have a greater population in America.

This saddens me because my father was an immigrant and gained by what the US had to offer him. Unfortunately, we have to be hard-nosed about immigration at this time or we might not survive as a country.

IMO, anyone who doesn't see this is an idiot, and that includes Gelbaum - and I don't care if he is Jewish, he's in the wrong.

sorry for the typos, but tonight I don't feel like putting out the energy to correct them.

As a strong proponent of critical thinking, let me say that satanic murders were debunked years ago through studies of actual murder cases.

Haitians in USA are still beating their children to death, regardless of what the motives the
Criminologists ascribe to them!
I am just relating what I read in a major newspaper.

Thanks for the info.

Remember, the Georgia Militia Man carries the memory of Sherman's march to the sea in his blood and from a thousand tales told by his Elders. Sherman's March was a reversion to the Ancient Middle Eastern concept of Total War, as practiced by the Assyrians and the invading Israelites in Palestine. There are no Civilians. This is the form of war practiced by the so called United States - now a puppet state of its Middle Eastern Lords.

Hope y'all kin forgive me for buttin' in, here...I had just found this heah cloisterfuck- so solly, jeem- and without tryin' ta take sides in the original debate, as I recall, it sure 'sounded' to me like whatcha 'said', or close to it thar, Bean...

The state takeover of Detroit's municipal government could be a godsend if it's done right. Your accounts of the police descending into official banditry is just another series of data points demonstrating that the city of Detroit and some of its suburbs are no longer capable of self-government. There comes a point at which official banditry becomes so severe that the only appropriate response is for the regional or national government to revoke the normal right to self-rule and impose reform from without. (Good luck if the problem is at the level of the national government.)

It appalls me how lax states can be about the activities of local governments under their jurisdiction that have turned into glorified official rackets. Offhand, I can think of three such cities: Roy and Steilacoom, WA, both near Tacoma, and Menands, NY, a shitty waterfront suburb of Albany. The police departments in these cities exist for no reason but to fleece motorists for harmless infractions. Roy, population 793, has been allowed to keep its racketeering police department despite being located in Pierce County, whose sheriff's department has a large, well-established patrol division with primary jurisdiction in much of the county.

The pathetic truth is that American states usually suck at making cities govern themselves lawfully or face consequences. The state of Michigan's current project in Detroit sounds like one of the most encouraging examples in this area in recent years. States need to make it very clear to municipal governments that if they turn to lives of crime, their charters will be yanked.

Where do you stand on guns? The wrong side? The rich liberal side? The Hollywood Hypocrite side? Even the Jewish side? Here's a good story about a Jewish family that had to find out the hard way after getting caught up in the L.A riots - while attending a fund raiser for Minority Youth.

Carol said:

"It stands to reason, then, that the vast majority of inter-racial rape would have been perpetrated by those in the power position..."

And P4C replied:

Thus, carol, you argue that blacks have assumed the "power position" in modern American society.

Consider the statistics.
Especially consider the miniscule percentage of rapes committed by white men against black women.

This is why I consider the intelligent discussion of demographics in America to be a lost cause. We wouldn't want FACTS to get mixed up in our Rainbow Coalition "soup" now would we?

The egalitarians also wrongfully assume that just because we cite damning stats about this or that ethnicity that we're ready to join up with or some Neo-Nazi group. In fact, those kinds of groups are some of the dumbest Whites around and most of them are tattooed goons that I wouldn't want to socialize with.

Numbers are just numbers. If they say something bad about any ethnicity, well then that ethnicity has a job ahead of it, does it not? And, by the way, I also include Charles Murray's recent work "Coming Apart: The State of White America 1965-2010" because it shows a sad moral decay in the white working class.

The irony of the Information Age is that people have more information at their disposal than at any time in human history but haven't the inclination or the guts to actually KNOW anything. Knowing is now declasse and CITING what one knows is the kiss of social death.


This is all the proof I need to conclude you are either a sock puppet of a person who has at least several of them at this site, or you are part of a tag-team of racists posting to this board and playing the role of token Jewish guy to be used as a foil. There is no other way what you have said here adds up. No other way.

You are a weasel, Georgia Militia Man; the worst kind, if there is a worst kind. You are the epitome of disingenuous, and you and your merry little band of goons here are a bunch of deceitful cowards.

I am against you with the entire fabric of my being. I will always be against you until I draw my last breath. You represent all that is reprehensible in this system. My mission is to expose you and your kind at every turn; to keep the pressure of my heal firmly on your slimy and slithering necks in perpetuity, grinding you into the dust from whence you came.

Why are people still bellyaching about the civil war? The inbreds of the south, complete with their nose mining habits and drooling problems from too much inbreeding lost. Get over it. They still have their violent, ass backwards cracker culture in place where people with the mentality of Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies, the shotgun, hound dog, and pick up truck types, when not watching re-runs of Hee Haw continue to breed with their siblings and first cousins, creating more inbreds who love watching cars run around in circles(NASCAR...apparently they are too fucking stupid to release they can buy videos/dvds of just the crashes) , joining the military because they are ignoramuses and losers and continue to cast ripples in the defective gene pool. Let the retards secede, all the better for the rest of us.

Amen to that! The best description yet of Georgia Militia Man and his kin folk.

It's not official banditry by just Detroit and the "forces of law and order" in other collapsing suburbs, all levels of government are broke and remain broke and will resort to even more outrageous tactics to steal money from people. It's not just the cops, it includes inspectors or anyone else from the government who can impose fines or monetary penalties. They are on steroids. The state on steroids. It is an indication of impending collapse. Chronic budget shortfalls due to an ever eroding tax base because the limits to growth have been reached and we will drown in the mountains of debt we accumulate,

In another blog, I related a story of how the local cops saw my friend's daughter smoking a tobacco cigarette on her front lawn.(last I recall, people were rolling their own cigarettes because they couldn't afford to pay, what is it now, like $5.00 a pack, most of which go to ever increasing taxes,the government set out to tax the rolling paper manufacturers or the rolling machine makers because they became reliant on swiping people's money by forcing them to buy packets of cigarettes). The young gal was 17 at the time, and like most kids, didn't have a job let alone a future (Her boyfriend works under the table for like $2.00/hour helping a local farmer do back breaking chores, his mother is on some disability and food stamps. Other people on this poorer side of town, if not on some form of public assistance, have career choices of selling drugs or prostitution) Almost every other house has a shopping cart as a means to transport the piss poor quality food they can at least for the time being get with their bridge card or food stamps. More alcohol is purchased than food, their were throngs of homeless winos that hung around this park until the cops arrested and ticketed them for "vagrancy".

Anyways, they gave the young gal a ticket for the grave crime of "under age smoking" which of course she could not pay. Now she is 18 and of course, the government, when it comes to giving you anything or helping you are horrifically inept, became masters of efficiency and issued a warrant for her arrest. They descended on the house, arrested her in handcuffs (she doesn't weigh 90 pounds soaking wet, and she spent a night in jail on what she said was a hard wooden bench with no blankets, no toilet paper, until her mother could come up with the $300 dollar fine. Other governments and counties are "auditing" people by the thousands and finding thousands and thousands of people "delinquent" in their "taxes". Several people I work with that made the mistake of living in Detroit are claiming they are getting notices/threats of home repossesion if they do not come up with say, 2-4 grand in "deliquent taxes". The only thing that might save them is that nobody in their right mind would want to live in the rotting city, with the garbage piling up, the streets lights out, houses and neighborhoods looking like they have been bombed, rampant poverty and crime, but some of these counties will repo people homes for owing a mere 300 dollars, or so I am told. That is what the goddamned government is sinking to, that is why I sense the collapse, the edge of that cliff, is a helluva closer than most are willing to admit. People still cling to denial. There will always be more oil. Technology will save us. Housing values will return to normal. The check is in the mail. I won't cum in your mouth, etc

Of course, the ex mayor Kwamee didn't help matters with the some 150 million dollars that he and his thugs probably hid with friends, relatives, and Swiss bank accounts so after he gets out of federal prison in 20 years, he would have returned to his opulent lifestyle but the those pieces of paper he stole will be worthless, so maybe we will see him dumpster diving or selling crack to feed himself. Actually, I think they will let him out in like 3 years with "good behavior" because the money to finance the prisons isn't there and so he will be part of a trend of letting non voilent offenders out early, not because they don't like to make people suffer, but because they can no longer afford to incarcerate millions of people. As I said, they used to think it was neat to try juveniles as adults and send them away for life, but now that the money is running out, they are releasing these inmates who have no jobs for them, so they continue this only way of life they knew, many of them are repeating offenses on purpose so they can have shelter, 3 hot meals a day, and a cot to sleep on.

What a future we have to look forward

Speaking of the elevator, the first morning at the Marmara, I decided to take it, and unfortunately the occupants of the room adjacent to ours decided to do so, concomitantly. There was an eclectic mix of people seeking shelter at this establishment. More than likely, it had something to do with the fantastic deals they were offering because the construction work on the long-awaited Second Avenue Subway (SAS), planned since 1929, was hampering occupancy rates. They were two males who looked characteristically blue-collar. I waved my hand in a gesture for them to enter first. I followed them in and checked to make sure the button for lobby was pressed. “Good morning,” I extended. “Good morning,” both mumbled in synchronicity. The accent was foreign, perhaps Serbian or Bosnian, maybe even Ukrainian or Russian. It was guttural. They were rough around the edges and none too friendly. “Nice hotel,” I mentioned. “Ahuh,” they replied, once again in near synchronicity, their utterance barely decipherable. These were men of few words, obviously, and it was clear they didn’t want to talk, or at least the alpha didn’t. The non-dominant partner appeared to be interested in conversation but knew better than to push the alpha’s buttons. Isn’t it peculiar how certain males bond in pairs typical of these two? Fred and Barney, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, the list goes on and on. These two were an iconic caricature, and they were making me a bit nervous. “Is this how it’s going to go down,” I thought to myself? I didn’t expect it to be like this. Joubert in Three Days of the Condor told me it would happen this way: “you may be walking, maybe the first sunny day of the Spring, and a car will slow-up beside you, and a door will open, and someone you know, maybe even trust, will get out of the car, and he will smile, a becoming smile, but he will leave open the door of the car, and offer to give you a lift.” I knew I shouldn’t have listened to him. He’s an assassin. You can’t trust assassins. Are these two my assassins? Is this really the way it’s going to go down, and I don’t mean the elevator descending to the lobby? The former director of Humint demanded my name and address when we squabbled on his blog a couple of months prior. He indicated that he and his special ops would do to me what they did to Che. I thought he was just a washed-up, blustering bluffer, but maybe not. Nineteen, eighteen, seventeen, the floor indicator light blinked in succession. My heart started to race, and I hadn’t even had my coffee yet. I could feel the pounding in my chest. Adrenaline was coursing through my arteries, scraping off microscopic flecks of plaque along the way, none large enough to cause a clot further on down the line. Cut! Stop rolling! Hold the phones! Why am I worrying? Who cares, anyway? Not me. Not anymore. The floor indicator light illuminated L, the doors slid open, and I bid the two parallel universe assassins adieu and we went our separate days, never to see each other again in this world. Yet another crisis averted. How long can I keep dodging the bullets in the crossfire of life?

So the decay of Detroit is spreading out to the lower middle class and poorer areas in the suburbs. Everyone is being affected in one adverse way or another over time, regardless of their rung on the socio-economic ladder.

Take a look at people on facebook, if you have an account, as an example. While I was wasting my time trying to warn people of the impending collapse/deindustrialization of america,one former classmate was fond of posting pictures of her interior decorator projects. Apparently at one time she made quite a nice living at doing this. The pictures and bravado have all but disappeared since, I am betting she thinks the economy will recover and it will all go back to normal soon, and that it could have or would have if only we elected Mitt Romney, etc etc. For the life of me, I can't understand why I got involved with that facebook crap, it has been a case of discovering that you still don't like many of your former classmates for the same reasons they irritated you 30 years ago.

I was forced to go to Catholic school (don't even get me going about the new Pope and all this hype...probably just another pedophile with a robe on. My mother from hell tried to raise me to be catholic, but it obviously didn't work)so this is telling, my fellow classmates whose parents sent them to this prep school for rich, ignorant, ass backwards religious fuck faces so their snot nosed little bastards could get a career handed to them rather than have to earn it. They are all collapsing one by one as well. My mother sent me there because she thought she could keep me away from all the drugs and sexually promiscous women that were rampant in the late 70's/early 80s. The kids from the local public school down the street came to our school to buy their hash, weed, mescaline, acid, mushrooms, and beaners because we had more and better quality stuff. We started out 60% "burnouts", usually kids from blue collar families like myself, 40% preppies. The people ran the prison kicked out 30 some of the burnouts for any and every reason they could, so by graduation time in 82, we were about 50/50, although we still ruled the school. The good old days

Another nerd went on to become a photographer and had a once thriving studio. You would think this guy was going to become the next Pope.Irish Catholic, an excpetion to the predominant Polish Catholic student body. His facebook account deleted suddenly, I recently went by his studio..."for lease". His house has been repoed. Apparently people are not anymore interested in getting their homes improved as they are getting their photos taken. Like the furniture stores that are closing one by one, their advertisements for 60% off, no sales tax, no payments for 4 years, and we will lick your toe jams to boot along with the free high definition flatscreen television sound like distant pleas in the wilderness. Their parking lots typically have 2-3 cars in them, typically the frantic and worried people that once made a living selling that shit. I remember the days when things were good and they were not at all shy to sell you something for like a 2000% mark up. If I were a meaner person, I would be tempted to go in there and act like I was really interested in and close to buying a sofa and chair, and then at the last minute say I will have to think about it and leave....maybe one day I will just for the fun of it.

Another gal who was once fairly nice and humble became a snooty bitch when she married some successful real estate sales type of guy, just the type I hate as much lawyers, politicians, Catholics, and child molestors. Miss conservative right winged xtian. She stopped bragging about their nice home and opulent lifestyle and this Ann Coulter clone is having to step down from her high horse and row with the rest of the slaves, and she was last lamenting how her husband's sales were way down, and they had to sell their Lamborgini, and how she hated having to clean the pool and do house work now that they can't afford to pay somebody to do their menial work for them anymore. Cry me a river. Have fun growing your own food and chopping your own firewood, bitch.

There are others whom are not former classmates that Can use an examples. My sister in law is going to college to become a massage therapist. (Why do people get married? To piss each other off? What the fuck was I thinking). Good luck making a career that way. How many people are going to want, let alone have any means or desire, to fork out $50-$100 bucks for a massage when they have trouble putting food on their table, have to go first without heat and then probably electricity. I am told you can get a massage and then some for an extra 20 bucks along with those egg rolls and order of chicken low mein at a local restaurant, now that I would have anyway of knowing (see me roll my eyes and whisper the good ship lollipop). Sometimes I actually like how the market mechanism lowers the price of good and services afterall.

Other guys begging people to send them money, they lost their jobs, homes, others to proud to beg that I knew or know of have overdosed or put a bullet through their head. I guess my point is, things seem to be gaining momentum, I don't know if anyone else senses this, and the denial, the things people are worried about...the new Pope (who gives a fuck), the trivial bullshit that many post about in webcoms like this, any number of items you see on the mainstream media that gullible people view as important or relevant. The US is soon to collapse I given the denial and the way of doing things that most americans have been accustomed/addicted to, will catch them offguard and the US will get virtually blindsided. You can't pay, so you go without. Was neat when you were one of the ones who could pay, but when you inevitably lose your job, your car, and your house, good luck adapting to going without almost overnight. I see millions and millions of people dying here in the aftermath, the streets awash with blood. The government trying to maintain control and impose martial law, although I suspect it will resemble what happens in third world countries after a natural disaster (they will not be there to distribute food and medicine and provide shelter and safety for the masses, but rather, surround the estates and assets of the so called wealthy and protect them from the wrath of the masses). Gang warfare, Race warfare. Curbside justice. Every man for himself as this dog eat dog house cards collapses in the next few years. Things are heating up

And so...
As we wade further into an ever-deepening swamp of rapidly diminishing options and the gum'mints [large and small] desperately cast about for the funds to continue the construction and reinforcement of their "Fortress of Lies" along with regional fiefdoms, what's it going to be? Collapse or a total, iron-fisted squeeze of [what will be] a destitute and surveilled populace?

To me, this is the question of the age for the FUSA.
This is the real "race" question (i.e. which will occur first), not the febrile dreams of hierarchical wankers, whose only concern is who they get to beat down while exalting themselves. (This is certainly not to diminish the likely possibility of their being "useful idiot" pawns of the classic kind.) For the moment, this can be disregarded, as it has only two future possibilities. One can be prepared for (although far from thoroughly), and the other cannot.

In Collapse: Race killings and outright "war of all against all" can proceed until everyone is sickened by the butchery, or until the population is so diminished that co-operation becomes necessary for bare survival. Prepare for life-or-death violence.

In Total Lockdown: They'll only be turned upon (sicced) the enemies of the State, otherwise they'll be as beaten down as all those others that they consider sub-human. One cannot prepare for this in light of the current politics that come from the barrels of the overloaded military's guns. (This would be the reason for "background checks for all"; confiscation of some small means of resistance, feeble though it be. They know the dangerous value of martyrs.)

So let us consider:
The Fortress of Lies continues until the public is exhausted [in all respects], presenting a facade of "normalcy" while the State becomes more and more oppressive and extractive, or collapse [via unpreparedness for contraction] allows what remains of the commonweal to be pragmatically repurposed.

Thanks for your perspective, MN; it looks like the race is neck-and-neck in Michigan. We're just spectators of an onrushing destiny/doom now; the priorities of TPTB are so skewed and fanciful that the upshot is going to be very hard on the vast majority. (That would be those who have no power, justice, wherewithal or reason for trust.)
What will we make of the aftermath, as all things must fade?

I'm for gun ownership with no restrictions. Guns are truly the great equalizers. Besides, gun ownership is protected by the second amendment; if people don't want gun ownership for everyone, then they ought to get active in promoting a constitutional amendment. But I believe any current anti-gun laws are unconstitutional. As you well know, Massachusetts has ridiculous gun laws.


Did you write this post using Chinese Word Spammer program or something?

Drinking heavily at the keyboard? LOL. :P

I don't mean to be rude, but that is one weird pointless thick block of text.

No disrespect, but, maybe it's posts like these that seem to make a few people question your honesty and identity?

Could you please elaborate on this comment?

I've been reading Michigan Natives posts. Well written, but I'm ready to jump off the nearest bridge. They take 'dystopia' to a whole new level.

Not to cast aspersions on our esteemed host, Jim, but could he have been any more wrong about the direction of the Dow? Here we are in the spring of 2013; gasoline and buffalo wings are still available, Toll Brothers is plowing under another bloc of forest and fields for a McMansion subdivision in the next town over, and the Dow Industrial Average is poised to punch thru 15000. I'm certain many catastrophic problems are roiling up under the surface, unseen; still, collapse hardly seems imminent.


American politics is descending to Italian levels of farce. No, seriously, Mary Jo White? On Wall Street they must be laughing their asses off. They can run their mega-buck scams unworried and unbothered.

If this appointment passes the stink test then a lot of other stuff can too. Like what about getting a Mafia defense lawyer to be Attorney General of the US?

The Economist mag had an article on the last Italian election titled "Send in the Clowns". Could also have referred to the state of affairs in the US. What's next, bunga bunga parties? Is there an American Berlusconi waiting to make his debut? Or a Beppe Grillo?

What will be the point at which the illusion of staying afloat, let alone buoyant, cannot be maintained? So many do not know the ship has bottomed out and is taking on water, others like myself who knew the ship is taking on water faster than the pumps can bail it out thanks to the writings of Dmitry Orlov, JHK, Michael Ruppert, and Richard Heinberg, have their hands tied with debt and will be trapped and thus will not have time to fashion a lifeboat. Others think the ship is unsinkable that could fashion a lifeboat. Most of us will drown like rats.

Further contraction and resource depletion will prompt the countries that have these resources to want something of value for their diminishing assets, to diversify, and not take worthless federal reserve notes. Monetizing debt because the limits to growth have been reached will at some point soon prompt a run on the dollar, and oil exporting countries dump the dollar once and for all, as some of them have already started to. The US gets locked out of the 2/3 of energy it needs to import from countries that have very good reason to hate our government for decades of interventionism and bullying. One of the strategies for energy capture that worked well for the US empire, namely, imperialism, falls to the law of dimishing returns, and warfare becomes a net energy and resource loss, the immorality of it aside, just as we saw in Iraq, are seeing in Afghanistan, and will likely see in Iran. They want to keep what Orlov desscribes as the joyride going at all costs. The energy needed to maintain the empire will soon be gone, so like their efforts to steal money/assets from people at home, their efforts to steal oil/resources abroad will prove to be a shameful and undignified act of futility.

When the hopelessly naive who chose denial over reality are faced with the fact that they can't make a car that runs on water, that these new oil wells in the Dakotas were but mere drops in a sea of energy we needed to keep the urban arrangement and car culture we created thinking there was no end in sight, that fracking and coal usage may buy them time but at the cost of their drinking water and their environment, people in the US, armed to the teeth, will simply go nuts. Some may argue that is already happening. Another mass shooting in New York, this "mother" was arrested sentenced to life in prison on a plea deal (after they followed her around undercover and confiscated a used cigarette from which they obtained her DNA because she refused to give a sample willingly)which proved that she abandoned was it 2 or 3 of her own babies to die...the cultural collapse is picking up speed.

More emergency managers with city after city in never ending budget crises with a scaling back of services and wages and laying off yet more employees while they find never ending creative ways to steal money from the people they are supposed to represent, more boarded up strip malls, those entropy bunkers some call houses in the US showing greater signs of decay,higher crime to go with higher poverty, higher energy costs, more job losses, more homeless people fishing for food and returnable cans and bottles out of trash cans. The collapse is all around you if you care to open your eyes. It is all downhill from this point, and the cliff will be at first expensive gas prices then non existent gas. Next to no mass transit in the US, the lights go out, the homeless shelters and food kitchens are bursting at the seams and the collapse has not run its course yet, the day of reckoning not yet here but just around the corner.

I think the government will comandeer (initially) enough gasoline to keep the thousands of armored vehicles to "department of homeland security" now has at its disposal. The ring leaders of dissent will be carted off to FEMA camps, never to be seen or heard from again, the hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point bullets will be more cost effective for the government to use than imprisoning people, so when the "have nots" try to get food, water, and other life necessities, they will be shot down if they step on the toes of those that "have".

Just as resource wars have began abroad and will escalate, they will domestically. The police in some states have taken over the role of the DNR (department of natural resources) by trotting off into the deep woods and remote areas to fine and ticket hungry people who fish without that all important license, the costs of which will only go up and up. Ticketing people for collecting rain water, for selling lemonade without a permit. I can see creditors making people pay for firewood, drinking water, and what little food is left after they have had the forces of law and order strip debtors of all their assets then protect the few that are left in nature so they can get their pound of flesh back, until they realize the futility of it and forgive all debts.

Some form of neo feudalism will likely emerge for those who survive, but I am one of the die off crowd, I don't see the human race surving this, not with the climate change, the famines, environmental disasters, resource wars, and human nature in general. I don't think people can or will make that profound cultural change necessary to cooperate and create a new, viable system of sustainability. 7 billion people on a planet whose pre-industrial carrying capacity was roughly 1 billion. Every leaf, blade of grass, insect, rodent, fish, small game, plant and animal will be consumed by the human race as it fights itself and the planet for self survival. That is the future I have been seeing since I caught onto this in late 2008 and every passing day only confirms it.

Happy Pi Day, CD.

And happy Pi Minute (3/14 at 1:59)

And happy Pi Second (3/14 at 1:59:26)

I can prove I'm Jewish, if you wanna meet. I have the physical characteristics, if you get my drift, plus the papers.

Jeez, I can't catch a break here. One side thinks I'm a Jewish monster, the other side thinks I'm a gentile racist. Who the fuck am I? I'm beginning to wonder. I know; I'm Judge Crater. Yeah, that's it, I'm Judge Crater.

Carol, are you nuts? Just because I don't agree with you on some issues doesn't mean I'm a sock puppet or have multiple on-line identities or I'm part of some conspiracy.

Oh, we'll. it is what it is.

Michigan Native, what you describe is the fulfillment of conservative political philosophy which says government should be limited.

Libertarians should be especially happy about the dismantling of "evil" government. Fascists like Vlad should also be happy since they don't believe in democracy, which they call "mobocracy."

So, when the people are not allowed to vote, here is what happens: the fascist "emergency managers" are managing to break up public sector unions, to privatize public services, and to drastically shrink the size of municipal governments. Isn't that what Michigan's Republicans have always wanted? Or are they reconsidering upon seeing what they have wrought?

Since Lou Schimmel became Pontiac’s emergency manager in 2011, he has privatized the Department of Public Works, outsourced police services to the Oakland County sheriff’s office, and turned over the city’s fire department to nearby Waterford Township, killing the public sector unions which represented the city’s firefighters and cops. He’s put every city property, including City Hall, up for sale and cut the city’s public employee workforce by about 90%. And he’s done it all without the consent of the city council.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. It's comments like yours that encourage me to post more of the same.

if you wanna meet


Back off, pervert, I'm already taken.

Whatever you say Mr. anonymous Jewish guy on the internet, whatever you say.

Beantown, you are a beautiful human being who has contributed some of the most rational and benign posts on CFN. Don't let these racists, antisemites, and conspiracy theorists get under your skin. As you so wisely conclude: it is what it is.

That is the future I have been seeing since I caught onto this in late 2008 and every passing day only confirms it.


A word of advice. Step back and takes some long, deep breaths. You're new to this. Very new. John Muir thought the same way. He died in 1914. As imminent as The End appears, no one can call the place and time. It will come like a thief in the night. Perhaps even, it will visit and be in our presence and us not even know it. It's best to take it all in stride. Write some books. Some plays. Do some podcasts. Or, you could assassinate the new Pope, but sounding the alarm about The End in a comments section to a blog full of alarms is an abject lesson in futility. Instead, give these dead and dying souls some lift. Steer them to enjoy more of the wonders life still has to offer. Direct them to the light; to joy. Their hearts have rented enough from pain.

Thanks for the thumbs-up. I appreciate it.

You're welcome. Anytime, you beautiful and special creature.

Sometimes I try to toss in some humor, but I cannot be more serious about my perception of collapse and the outcome for the US. We do not have a one payer healthcare system in the US, so thousands of people die and millions are bankrupted/financially ruined in the US because they had the audacity to get sick or injured. Everyone is OK with that here. Most people in other countries would have rioted and overthrew the goddamned government long ago if that happened there. One big difference. The governments of most other countries fear the people. Here, the people fear the government. Poll after poll reveal the people in the US fear the government more than organized crime itself.

OK, so many lack access to the "luxury" of healthcare. We have a systemically corrupt government that is unresponsive to the will of the people and takes bribes from people who are all but killing us (the murderers are called lobbysists and the bribes are called campaign contributions)

Now toss in this violent culture we live in, where people were used to get what they wanted by paying money for it. When they money becomes worthless as the fed cranks up its printing presses and dilutes the once almighty green back down to a single A rating as a prelude to a zero rating, or people have no money because they have no jobs or they do not make enough to have any discretionary income because their ever shrinking checks are sucked up by higher food costs, higer energy costs, both of which feedback on each other, and no doubt, higher taxes and rent. We do not have mass, free public housing.

As the flow of gas ebbs to a trickle then dries up altogether, we have no mass transit. If there is any government left and you are lucky enough to have a job, you will likely have to walk or ride your bike to it with full body armor and/or a military escort, from all the people who are having to go without and will want to get you for it. Good luck driving that muscle car down the Woodward Dream Cruise after the shit hits the fan. Be sure to include a nice covering of bullet proof armor.

I work in the healthcare field. When people conjugate into smaller places, like homeless shelters or the tent cities and shanty towns that are appearing under the bridges of Ann Arbor or outskirts of some towns, without adequate sanitation and hygiene, become breeding grounds for many of the epidemics that are now rampant in poor areas....scabies, bed bugs, colds and flus and infections that are becoming more resistant to antibiotic therapy. I see people left abandoned by their family to die, they fight over the deceased assets after they die alone. Of course, should something go wrong before they die, they are quick to show up with a blood sucking malpractice lawyer and file one of those bogus get rich quick lawsuits over someone they otherwise abandoned. Healthcare is all but hopeless, you may as well kiss that goodbye as well. Poor nutrition leads to weaker immune systems, quality food is getting more expensive and harder to find, despite the obesity epidemic in the US with the "happy meal" mentality...loads of fat, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, and inedible "all beef patties" that have more than likely been exposed to solid or liquid fecal material during the slaughtering process (read "Fast Food Nation" next time you wanna go crusing for me it is akin to putting a big turd between a bun, but telling you its safe to eat because they killed all the e.coli by using toxic levels of ammonia gas. Have a bacteria free lump of shit and super size it with that lethal poison called aspartame should you foolishly think you are healthier by ordering diet soda)

No food, jobs, money, transporation, shelter, healthcare, or security as even the parking lots of the Walmarts and Golden Arches crumble with weeds and trees breaking through the cracks.

The US is done. That is a given. Other countries may grow for a decade or so, according to what I read, but then resource depletion crashes them to a screeching halt. That is if we do not nuke ourselves off the planet in the present and certain to increase resource wars in the interim

Carol and Adequatio are the same person - Asoka. He just admitted it.

Maybe you can move to Vermont, the most Liberal Gun Laws in the Nation. How that happned, I have no idea, must be an interesting story.

Why indeed. Read your own post and find out why the South has a problem with America. Btw, they've won the war for the hearts and minds of much of America. A Southerner is fine in many parts of America where a Yankee is looked on askance.

Remember, many Midwestern Cities have been ruled by Liberals and Socialists and are still plugging along - even though they've lost their industries as well. Detroit fell because of the huge numbers of Negroes. That's the different.

Michigan Native, I enjoy yr posts and can sense yr anger. As you may know, The Student Loan Scam is now a trillion $ scam.

"here are others whom are not former classmates that Can use an examples. My sister in law is going to college to become a massage therapist."
In the 1990s in California it took 100$ of training to test for a massage license. Then it was 1000$.
now 10000$?
I spoke to an unemployed former Virgin exec who confided that his wife worked for 'scam college'
and had a nervous breakdown in doing so.
His words were something like 'get em in from the hood and get em to sign for 30-70k in loans"
Theres 'Art Institute' 'DeVry' etc.
The training is priced by whatever the loans allow! [seriously]
For profit education.
Hypnotherapy, Personal Trainer, Massage, Audio
engineer....self employment or unemployment.

What goes around, comes around. It is what it is. We're back to this again:

Great documentary about The Bowery in New York during the early fifties by Lionel Rogosin. Excellent.

A milestone in American cinema… On the Bowery is very special to me… Rogosin’s film is so true to my memories of that place and that time. He accomplished his goal, of portraying the lives of the people who wound up on the Bowery, as simply and honestly and compassionately as possible. It’s a rare achievement.

—Martin Scorsese

What is.

I am of the belief the minimal and only localized governments should be tolerated, if any government at all. Michigan republicans passed the "right to work" bill which is an assault on unionized workers with the rationale that it will attract more businesses to set up shop in this state who otherwise stay away because we have been a staunch union state for many decades.

They like the other tax and spend folks are both in denial. The auto industry will die just as sure as the retirement system will fail in a post collapse US. Any political solutions that still cling to this notion of endless growth are doomed to fail. The collapse will run its course, like an economic asteroid, and people will think there is some present viable solution to restart growth ans bring back the good old days. They all will be sadly disappointed, even shocked, when reality hits home.

Wisconsin, Michigan, 'white priv' etc.
Post some links!
This one was linked at some site, forget which.

Remember the latest scandal at Oberlin, of a one-man KKK rally at Oberlin College?

A Southerner is fine in many parts of America where a Yankee is looked on askance.


So true, so true. It's not uncommon to see the confederate flag waving in places like rural Pennsylvania. The joke's on them, though. They have so much in common, and yet they were easily hoodwinked into senselessly killing each other in the Civil War. It doesn't get much dumber than that. Hard to find any sympathy for such stark stupidity.

They all will be sadly disappointed, even shocked, when reality hits home.


That's just the thing. No, they won't. It never works out that way, so don't long for that bittersweet satisfaction, because it will never manifest.

Michigan was once a paradise before the Anglos arrived and stripped the forests bare building their bridges to nowhere, and now the Republicans are trying to sell off the picked-over carcass to the lowest bidder. Nice.

I wish you well when you secede from the union and the BTUs that you needed to keep yourself from heat stroke run out with the electricity. Jimmy Carter was the only good thing to come out of Georgia, a man that told thee truth and didn't have a hateful bone in his body

I know, Marlin, you're right completely about that.

(I figured out again that's who I'm talking to, so perhaps we could start over otherwise we can just agree to ignore each other)

Sorry I jumped all over you, guy, like I said earlier, I had a lot stored up.

But again and again, how can any reasonable person also fail to notice exactly what you are saying in direct contravention to all the empirical data?

But is any of it real, when JHK and so many others lay bare the fraud, lie, and totalitarianism in layman's terms with such clarity week after week?

In my parlance: the exhausted Augustus Bush-Tiberius Clinton has some how been whipped, this dead horse to groan back for one more feeble, and completely hollowed out run as caligula Bush and Claudius Obama, before the Elites have to trigger WWIII or it's cyber equivalent lest they be in danger of...ahem...accountability finally at the end (unlikely, sadly, for reasons our pal (your real-life pal, lucky) ozone stated so well above)

Look out now, here comes Nero Bush and the fun will soon begin (maybe).

Or maybe not. Can the script be whipped dead-horse fashion, by the sheer will of the Elites and the fear of the Plebes and Proles (the same one, actually) that if anyone tugs too hard on any of the loosley hanging laughable Corpzi lies (pick one in economics, climatology, journalism -chortle-, politics and on and on) the whole thing will collapse and it'll be Mad Max for the bottom 80% and good old 14th century feudalism for the top 0.01% and their 19.999% henchpersons & families, for another round?

Can the actual physical limits now being approached be held off for another round, i.e. a decade more?

Stay tuned. For myself, I don't think there's much doubt which way things go, but I could be wrong and fof the sake of those I love in future generations, I certainly hope I am a paranoid histrionic with a knowledge of history who added 2+2 and it came out five mistakenly.

But I wouldn't bet the farm on it. Time will tell, eh?

Meantime, given the past history of totalitarian nations and their intel/surveillance, it would seeem a statistical certainty that a vastly disproportional amount of Gestapo efforts are being directed at places like this and their analogs in real life ("Grannies for Peace" and such) what few there are, and political opponents of RW Corporate Socialism so as to have the goods onthem any time they need to be destroyed without being physically harmed...

...rather at the actual "terrorists" of which I suspect half or more are Mossad and Bushie CIA front groups like MEK, who aren't a danger to attack the hand that feeds them until it stops feeding them (when we need a fresh enemy of the roll of sham enemies).

Ah well, time will tell. The Thrid Bush Imperium is coming...probably 9/11 #2 and WWIII (or is it IV? V? I've lost count and they keep their World Wars secret now so we may have had a couple and not noticed - LOL) too.

Everything is proceeding almost frighteningly close to the timeline I began to envision when I correctly guessed that the Stolen Election of 2000 was actually one of the demaraction lines that future historians use to denote the End of The American Republic, as with the Roman.

(people will always argue which date is THE date the Republic fell - my money's on 12/12/2000)

Please let me know if you agree to start over again civilly or if you just wish to stop chatting. I'll try my hardest to abide by you decision and apologize if I fail.

What say you, Comarade Marlin?

I also agree to quit calling you Comrade if you quit callin' me General.

I ain't no officer. I work for a living. ;)

"The cultural collapse is picking up speed" -- Michigan Native

You said it man. It evident every day in the newspapers here, in the wealthiest state in the most exceptional nation in the world.

Example: there's a trial going on now in New London, CT; a gang of black teenagers beat a young artist to death on the streets of that city, with their fists and boots, because they were bored. This is in New London, pop. 30,000, barely a city, with a Puritan Heritage that goes back to the 1630s. Not Detroit, not Brooklyn, not East St Louis. You read about things like this every day. It wears you down.

= ComradeDystopia

Oh c'mon, the Battle Flag is now a universal symbol. Those people are just expressing their feelings and/or beliefs. They might not be very eloquent or then again, they might be. More and more people are coming to realize the South's Cause was Just. What does a "Union" mean if you can't leave? And there was a strong Anti-Slavery movement in the South as well. Not only was it immoral in and of itself, it hurt poor Whites. Of course, the well being of other Whites was the first concern of the Leaders of the Movement - as it should be.

The Draft riots against Lincoln's conscription were the largest in U.S history.

Read the Southern Agrarians. They were saying many of things Jim says - before WW2.

Maybe you can move to Vermont, the most Liberal Gun Laws in the Nation. How that happned, I have no idea, must be an interesting story.


Hey, I have an idea. BB can move to Vermont and start his own conservative synagogue. To entice new members, he can offer a free gun and an ounce of ganja. His temple will be bustling in no time. In order to keep costs under control, he can hire illegal Mexicans on the sly to maintain the buildings and grounds. It's a win-win. It will be what it will be.

Carol Newquist: i saw that film, 'On the Bowery'. It was stunning. 1955 ... did you notice, despite the conditions, the modicum of respect and dignity that still existed amongst the people down there. That's what doesn't exist now.

Hancock, I got your message. I spoke too soon and I think I'm beginning to understand what you are getting at now. I didn't appreciate you use of hyperbole.



That does seem quite out of character, but I'll bite.

You answered, albeit generically, but without any semantic information that gives an answer weight and relevance, so I'll ask again. Please answer in an honest and straightforward answer. Why?

I mean we already have one chinese spammer choking this site, why add to it?

It is just to piss off those you're feuding with?

(not that I want to get in the middle of your feuds any more than have you in mine)

Then why subject the rest of us to it?

I'm genuinely curious as to your comment and look forward to a civil honest straightforward reply to my questions.

Yes, the write on White Peoples Faces movement has now moved to Wisconsin. They're trying to get White Students to wear a White wristband now - kind of Yellow Triangle I guess. People are waking up to all of this, very late but they are waking up.

Ha! I wish the South did secede successfully. It would have been interesting to see what became of it. One strong possibility is that it would now be greater Mexico. The Horror! The Horror!

Hey crap-in-pants, shut your face. Do I make myself clear? Shut your face, or I'll shut it for you. Back off now, Jack, you piece of white trash garbage.

I watched an old show called "Naked City" - human interest stories from New York of the early 60's. Already you can see the City begining to go Black and Puerto Rican and I'm sure the show didn't show the half of it. Utterly tragic. The Fall of a Great City.

Carol, you have no idea of how deeply I appreciate you. I'm glad you've seen thru this Liberal Hater who dares to use the name Hancock, the Signer who signed his name so boldly.

Carol Newquist, pick up a few of Harry Turtledove's novels for an idea what an independent south would have looked like, and how it would have affected world history.

The American Civil War; The Massachussets Bay Company (1625) vs. the Chesapeake Bay Company (1607), Englishman against Englishman, Cavalier vs Roundhead, an extension of the English Civil War (1642-1649).


did you notice, despite the conditions, the modicum of respect and dignity that still existed amongst the people down there. That's what doesn't exist now.


I did notice that, and I agree. Take this douche nozzle, Hancock, for example. There were none of his type on the Bowery in those days. Although, the guy was robbed outside the bar as he drunkenly stumbled down the street, and the barkeeps were highly immoral to enable these peeps to drink themselves to death. It would have been more moral if they gave them a gun, or just shot them, or passed out ganja instead of booze. But no, anything for a buck. That's America, where even the depraved and destitute are fair game for exploitation.

Do you like Science Fiction? Read the Draka novels of Stirling to see the Future if South Africa had conquered the World after being strengthened by Confederate and other White racial refugees.

Being a citizen of a real Nation imparts a measure of dignity even on the lowest or least fortunate. America isn't real anymore and can't impart dignity to the disenfranchised but only bucks to the indigent.

Well, I'd say that gang of thugs conjured that violence from the fabric of that place. New England was conquered ruthlessly with blood and violence. The electrons and neutrons from which all things are made still contain the charge of that violent past. Considering that, what do you expect? The Puritans were mercilessly more violent than this incident you describe. Yes, what you have described is senseless and pointless violence, but can any violence be said to be other than that? The Puritans visited this ruthless brand of violence to any and all on a daily basis as is noted in the link below, and many other historical accounts.

The real reason of the Pilgrimage of the Puritans was their love of gain and power.--In America, as in England, under Cromwell, they were the most tedious of tyrants and persecutors. Having secured their charter, they established a spiritual despotism in America, such as was never surpassed in the annals of High Commissioners or Star Chambers. In the volume before us are examples innumerable of the manner in which they arrested, tried, condemned, fined, imprisoned, fettered, branded, lashed, maimed, cursed, banished, hung, and left naked and unburied their brethren, in a common Christianity. They re-enacted what Bancroft calls "the worst statute in the English code, that which did but enforce attendance upon the parish church," and with military and civil power dragged men whom they had voted heretics to hear those whom they had voted orthodox. They allowed no one to be tried or judged for "life or limb, name or estate," unless the jury was made up of members of their church. Baptists, Episcopalians, Quakers, were scourged from the land by their unsparing persecutions. Hereafter, as occasion permits, we may give some examples of the manner in which these fine fellows practised freedom of conscience.--With gunpowder and rum they "extended the kingdom of Christ" among the savages, and "enlarged the dominions of their natural prince" by squatting on the territories of the Dutch of New Amsterdam, whom, in grateful remembrance of the kindness they had received in Holland, they cheated out of their fairest possessions. Whenever any foray of this kind was meditated the public mind was always prepared for it by sermons from the pulpit, in which the Dutch were denounced as little better than heathen, whom the Lord had delivered over to the hands of his chosen people. They sold the African race into slavery with an energy only equal to that manifested by their descendants in stealing them back again, and went to war with England against the principle of Taxation without Representation at the very moment, they were practicing that principle in their own legislation. Such is the people who are now making war upon slavery, too hypocritical to be respected, but too dangerous to be despised.

That's her novel you insulted, you thick headed White White Hating Cretin. Haven't you learned the art of getting along with arteests?

OK, there's definitely something fishy about you.

Off to the Pay No Mind List, Resident Impediment. (whichever one you actually are, it matters not, just that you are a Resident Impediment)

Mika? 'Soak? Cass Sunstein?

Just kidding, it doesn't matter. Not one little bit.

Now, I suppose since your archetype act is anrgy feminist liberal, I suppose you are going to immediately commence shrieking and so forth, go right ahead.

But you are DEFINITELY not what you seem and you blew your cover in a short time.

I now see precisely why everyone is suspicious of you, because you rapidly expose yourself as being worthy of suspicion.

Like homeless in Japan, from what I am told by those who visit there.
Poor but Classy.

Good post. I remember reading a plaque just south of Boston saying that the prophetess (and poet) Anne Hutchinson tarried for a night here as she fled Puritan Boston for the Free City of Providence, Rhode Island.

The problem is that Blacks have nothing to do with Colonial New England, it's Culture or its problems. Blacks aren't Americans in any deep sense. We learned nothing from the whole Civil War since we are now doing the same thing again with the mass importation of an alien people, this time the Mexicans.

Brooklyn is now the priciest realty in the nation
or close.
The influx from Manhattan pushed prices sky high.

So the decay of Detroit is spreading out to the lower middle class and poorer areas in the suburbs.

D-trot has a problem, its people and who they elect, on all levels.

Janos has a soul mate in UK:

its always the joos


Holy Crap! We're you ever right about "Carol"!

If indeed this is 'Soak Sunstein and not Mika or one of the other RIs, he blew his cover with extreme rapidity.

I've gotta ask you again, it's one thing to waste time on what one thinks to be an actual troll, but why waste time on 'soak and mika's various personas when they almost certainly aren't even real people at all, but some sociopathic worm, either working alone or as part of some intel org. testing various personality archetypes interacting with we dangerous terrorist threats.

Or something like that.

One last thing, ProgorCons, there's an old anecdote I heard somwhere from the 60s, that some "activist" organizations actually had more LE and intel types, on occasion, that actual earnest members.

I know it sounds crazy, and I am only speculating here because in terms of technology it is absolutely 100% possible with even the tiniest stretch of imagination required, but might it not be that there are only a dozen or less real people on this site, and the rest are LE, spooks blogosphere trolls, and just plain old for the fun of it disruptors?

Wouldn't that be a hoot, and I could so easily see it being true in this Age of Complete Lies and Deception Seamlessly and Endlessly Presented to the Clueless, if it was so?

A dozen people and thrity or forty various intel types (the amount of money versus the so very little amount of actual "work" these Gestapo goons would need to do if they actually were protecteding the nation istead of watching the Virtual Slaves) and a third that many sad sacks who are first on the list for genichktschuss, when Emperor Jeb comes, 9/11 #2 and DubyaDubyaThree in 2017, 19, or 21 (maybe 23 but c'mon can they really keep the lid on the lies for that long or longer...maybe)

As Father Yahweh and Sonny Jesus are both sociopathic practical jokers, so far as I can tell from the Bible and empirical observation of reality, I could very easily see the joke being on us, ProgorCons

I could very easily see the joke being on us, ProgorCons


No, no, no, the joke's not on you, you are the joke. Get it right.

I finally figured it out! I'm still in the physics lab as part of an artificial intelligence solipsistic program test. I am really the only poster here, everyone else is just a subroutine to keep me amused.

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Their hearts have rented enough from pain.
Great name for a landlord, but that's Mr. Pain to you.

Wrong. You're dead, this is hell, and there's no way out.

"How many google hits did *that* get?!..."

I'm sorry, Ixn, But you've called "him" out one too many times on his "character development of multitudes" (e.g. sock puppets), so he no lieky U *No Mor*.

I'm still shocked that someone hired by google in '99 had such a low employee number (employee #20, first female). Maybe they reserved a few low numbers for those *key*, "they" wished to mould...

And to answer your question, it whuz something like 7+ *MILLION*...

Addendum - They elected a female pope, less than 50 years old? *NO WAY*.

PPS. (huh?) - Speaking of sippin' whiskey, ever heard of Heaven Hill 6yr BiB? Best stuff I've tasted in a while - oh yeah, I'd avoid that sugar-water Maker's Mark (watered down like *bud*?), myself... (*Numbers*-USA!!! [mantra-chant ad-inifinitum])

Apologies in advance for addressing you, but I actually now do have something substantive to say to you.

Just FYI, in my opinion you are a very real person who appears to be here with no particular axe to grind other than your own personal beliefs, like most (I assume) of the rest of the "real" CFNers, whether we be six, sixty or even six hundred.

In what I believe to be the extraordinarily unlikely event you are not real, but someone's persona (AI is still a few years away from simulating on the fly thinking for you to be THAT, LOL), not Jewish at all or in some other way wholly misrepresenting who you are and what you believe:

Bravo. This is by far your most seriously excellent forgery of a real, honest, reasonably forthright (aside from the foibles and blind spots we all have on our own issues) human being.

A fine simalcrum, so that, above all the others, the BeantownBill archetype is the one you should move forward with for internet infilatration and disruption ops.

Someone deserves a little something extra in their coming year Gestapo Christmas Bonus.

Sounds humorous (that's what I'm shooting for, anyway, in most of this post, and yes it must be announced or someone somehere will think I'm being serious), but I would put the likelihood, Bill, that you are pretty much anything other than what you say you are, at roughly 1 in 100 (that part is serious).

I've read a lot of your posts over the years I guess it is now, and if it's an act, it's a damned good one. LOL.

Since carol may well be mika (certainly the core loony tooney rollercoaster neuroses are there and the impotent verbal violence which for him equals for such extended periods of time what normal people can only hold for much shorter peiod and with much greater cause, even on the internets), I suspect you two will become fast chums.

Soon, you will be supporting his (Carol's) escalating violent verbal flatulence...because of your special bond of tribal brotherhood that the Goys can't understand.

That should be amusing, to the extent I bother to read it.

Haha! You've kept me amused all week. Thou art PCR, correct?!...

I love your keen sense of staying on topic, and meaning every word you say. As apposed to the impediment, claiming you're *too wordy*, while all he can do is proof-read comments (with no absolute value, other than *HIS OWN*)/./ Irony seems to keep *redefining* itself...

That was beautiful fellatio. Marilyn Chambers doesn't have a thing on you.

So why did many of the unhappy folks fulminating here vote (maybe twice) for a race hustling Chicago machine politician?

Because Boosh very bad, perhaps? Pick a subject: the economy, individual rights, foreign relations... do the Boosh years look so gruesome relative to what we have now?

Because you wanted to prove that you weren't a racist and were "down with" the brothers and sisters? So how much better off are you and the brothers and sisters or anybody else for that matter?

Because the race hustling Chicago machine politician was a youthful contrast to cranky old McCain? All that youth and inexperience has worked out so well, hasn't it.

Because Sarah Palin was dumb? Well, look what we're getting from her intellectual superior Joe Biden.

Have you learned anything about the difference between cosmetics and character?

"Unfortunately, we have to be hard-nosed about immigration at this time or we might not survive as a country."

Beans, it may be the we will not survive as a species, even, if the US doesn't lead the way to a lower growth future, including population growth inside the US.

"IMO, anyone who doesn't see this is an idiot, and that includes Gelbaum - and I don't care if he is Jewish, he's in the wrong."

Well said, and very gratifying to hear.

Now, as Ixnei/nomore points out for all of us, the next thing to do is to join and to also join that susps group to fight Gelbaum and the other pro-growther's, regardless of ethnicity.

"why waste time on 'soak and mika's various personas when they almost certainly aren't even real people at all, but some sociopathic worm, either working alone or as part of some intel org. testing various personality archetypes interacting with we dangerous terrorist threats."

A reasonable question, HC. I wouldn't engage this website at all if I didn't continue to learn things about human nature as well as my own nature, by reading and posting here. I have come to believe that the internet should enable the finest expression of the human spirit. That the internet is being overtaken by sociopaths and worms is a sad reflection on that human spirit.
But I will battle to the end for as long as God (god?) gives me breath and Georgia Power (georgia power?) energizes my wires.

Mika (aka Methuselah) was a real person, imo, far too hatefilled and crazy to be otherwise. Soaker was a real person, now reincarnated as "adequatio." Did you catch the way K-dog outed the soaker as posting from a DoD network, about 4 weeks ago? It was beautiful.
I had been thinking of saying that btb was a real person to a certainty of 95%, but you beat me to the analysis, and made it 99%.

While we're at it, lucky 13, antisoak, and asia are the same poster - all produced by a real person, IMO. Comrade Dystopia, Marlin - both produced by the same real person. Ozone, also real - and ozone is the ONLY consistent and productive poster to sail through all of the CFN bannings with his handle intact. Which makes me wonder about his connections to JHK or CFN, as it were. But he's still real, regardless. St. Elmo and rippedthunder - both produced by the same real person. Rhino is a real person who once had a different handle, but he doesn't like to talk about it, so I won't press that issue.
Being There and Lbend are both from the same real female person - who I really miss hearing from.

BTW, ixnei, I'm a real person, too. I have a couple of banned handles. And I now have a couple of handles in reserve. But I don't do "sock puppets." All of my handles begin/began with the word "progress." My favorite is "progress4spam," only because I invoke it when JHK/CFN goes on a handle-banning-rampage and ban my current posting ID.

And it's cool to be a volcano, Hancock. Just be one of those calm, consistent* volcanoes, like Stromboli in Italy.

*calm, consistent is NOT a real volcano type.
How many of you had "rocks for rockheads," aka "geology" in high school?

Is Stromboli a shield volcano?
Or a stratovolcano?
Or a composite?

Any volcanologists onboard CFN right now?

Thank you for your reasonable post. I can now breath a sigh of relief that I am not part of a lab experiment.

As far as Carol is concerned, I don't think she is Mika, that doesn't feel right, plus I always got along with him. Although in real life I get along with most anyone, I have the feeling Carol and I most likely won't be friends. Her loss.

Let's take a look at NumbersUSA, shall we. Here's an excellent review from Heidi Beirich at the SPLC.

Some interesting rabbit holes to follow per this article.

Roy Beck
John Tanton
U.S. Inc.
Wayne Lutton
The Pioneer Fund
Kevin MacDonald
John Trevor Jr.

It's clear to me, that NumbersUSA is a thinly disguised racist organization run by, and supported by avowed racists, despite Beck's protestations to the contrary. What's disturbing is that this organization is now seen as legitimate and a number of Republican congressman are being manipulated by this obvious Fascist trojan horse. It's also clear to me now that a number of you who post here are all in this together, and you're running a charade to make your views appear legitimate.

So tell me Mr. Jewish Bill from Beantown, what say you about this? I can't wait to see your answer. Really, I can't. It should be very telling. I relish your response. Really, I do.

Here I am at the end of this rant.
Is it really a fortress of lies, or just business as usual?
A fortress is a bulwark, a mounding of earth and a defense against attack from a strong force that seeks to dominate your position. In the case of contemporary politics, the castle has been established and the defense has killed all the opposition, so it is a moot point. All that is left is to bury the dead and pick up the pieces and write a new history.

You are here for one thing, and one thing only; to recruit for NumbersUSA and spread that organization's racist propaganda. You are vile. You are lower than low. I'm on to you like Pooh Bear is to honey. I'm going to continue to call you and your squad out at every turn. I am stronger than you. We are stronger than you. We will prevail. You and your cabal will climb back into your spider hole where you belong and stay there for good, leaving the rest of us to live in peace and harmony.

As apposed to the impediment,

It's opposed.

Testing to see if I'm paying attention, right?

I assure you, Bill, there was never any chance of us being friends. It was never in the cards. The loss will be yours, not for us not being friends, but because of the game you're playing with your creepy friends here at this site. You will lose this game, and it's a good thing we'll never meet in person. Such a meeting would end very badly. I don't suffer racists and racist sympathizers well.

ah yes, the dimbulb speaks lies of non-violence

Except for me, whom she wants to slowly strangle into the next lifetime - "her" foot upon my pecker, or something similarly undeserved, violent, fetishistic, and impossible.

"carol," you are sounding very much like soaker hose, aka The Resident Impediment I.

I will dub thee Resident Impediment II, as soon as I tire of calling you "carol."

You are certainly entitled to your vile, racist, and close-minded opinions - even though you seek to destroy all who disagree with Your Perfectness.

What you are not entitled to, is to argue in a logical manner, on a peak everything web thread, that continued immigration into the United States is a good idea.

Why can you not, you ask?
Because it is impossible.

And your invoking of the racist-card so early and so often - is a simple admission of this fact.


Another article calling NumbersUSA for what it really is.

The current economic downturn has set back entire communities, forcing families across the country to retrench and further dimming many individuals’ prospects of finding a job that pays a living wage. But immigrants are not at the root of economic downturn. On the one hand the United States supports free-trade agreements that eviscerate local domestic economies and Latin American economies, encouraging the flow of migrants to the U.S. On the other hand, the U.S. denies rights to those immigrants effectively creating a new “permanent underclass.” There is an opportunity for documented and undocumented workers to fight to create a domestic economy not built on exploitation of workers or competition for low wages. For documented people, supporting the documenting of undocumented workers and together fighting for a living wage is the way to go, not just morally, but for the benefit of all.

You can document them till the cows come home and they still have no right to be here.

since we are now doing the same thing again with the mass importation of an alien people, this time the Mexicans.


If you're ever able to get out and about a bit and see the world, try to visit the part of the country whose states names are Spanish in orgin: California,Colorado,Florida,Montana,Nuevo Mexico,Tejas. Also, if you do get to any of those states, try and check out some of the Spanish Colonial architecture (it's so fucking amazing; an "alien people" erecting buildings long before the likes of Vlad and crew ever arrived in the land.)

Additionally, check out this amazing ceramic artist, Maria Montoya Martinez (both parts, you will not regret it). She truly exemplifies "Made By Hand":

It gets even weirder. This organization claims NumbersUSA is supportive of Agenda 21, something another Beck has spotlighted recently. It's a mad, mad world, isn't it? So many people who care. It brings tears to your eyes.

In recent days, many patriots are becoming more aware of the threat of Sustainability and how it is part of the UN’s Agenda 21. Well Roy Beck founder of Numbers USA is in support of the Sustainability Agenda. Roy Beck has received financial support from avowed eugenicist John Tanton, who has also been instrumental in starting Planned Parenthood clinics too. Roy Beck along with Tom Tancredo is listed as an author on Minnesotans For Sustainability

Roy Beck has received financial support from avowed eugenicist John Tanton, who has also been instrumental in starting Planned Parenthood clinics too. Roy Beck is the President of an organization which got help with its start from John Tanton.

John H. Tanton, M.D., is a retired ophthalmologist from Petoskey, Michigan, an influential activist who helped to start NumbersUSA a grassroots lobbying group. There is more proof about John and his associations at his own website.

We also oppose illegal immigration but do not think its wise to work with those with the agendas of John Tanton or anyone, such as Planned Parenthood, who condones the killing of unborn American children.

"and it's a good thing we'll never meet in person. Such a meeting would end very badly."

Threaten me all you like, dimbulb, but don't you go threatening my friend Bill like this.


And you are now invoking "racist-by-association" and "agenda-21-by association" charges against the organization that SPLC calls the "most reasoned" of the TEN immigration organizations that it reviewed.

And you are doing this in a transparent and futile effort to prove that YOU are (naturally) 100% and Perfectly Correct concerning unlimited immigration into the United States -

Whereas Bill, and I, and the whole rest of the World is 100% WRONG, for daring to oppose you and your Perfect Correctness.

It won't work, "carol."
Nothing is that simple.

Except your lack of logic on this issue.

check out this amazing ceramic artist, Maria Montoya Martinez

Did you notice Maria was wearing a Rolex Oyster watch and those balls of clay came from the Potters Clay Co. of Secaucus, NJ? ;-)

Spanish Colonial architecture.
A mix of Moorish, African and European?

And that will quell Janos xenophobia?

And gave away [or gave back] the Panama Canal.
Even Neil Young complained about that.
'Now the Reds can ship Nukes thru it.'

How now sir. Surely you know that those things you mentioned are White Spanish? I like that style too - and classical Guitar. White Hispanics are big in the Army, winning many Purple Hearts and in the Special Forces beyond their percentage of the population. So I have no problem with the old White Spanish.

The potter is good, but her people are aliens. Most of the new immigrants are in fact angry Mestizos who have been taught that we are criminals. That's not a recipe for harmony. You understand the difference between immigration and colonization, I trust? They are colonists who will be conquerors unless the process is reversed.

The Mexicans were afraid to colonize Texas and the Southwest - afraid of the ferocious Commanchees and Apaches. So better men than they, White Men, took it from them and conquered the Indians. They resented this and started a war - which they lost. They signed a treaty which they now seek to break by stealth.

What do you think of the Sagreda Cathedral in Spain? I've never seen anything like it and am frankly flummoxed aesthetically by the outer, "rocky" appearance. One minute I think it ugly and the next beautiful. Gaudi seems to be trying to transcend Western Man separation from Nature, so the outside is a mountain and the inside beams a forest. No ambiguity about the inside - the it is magnificient. The construction style is different than the Classical Cathedrals so it really isn't in that Tradition and should be judged on its own merits.

And what will satisfy your xenophillia? When all White Women are forced to mate with Non-Whites?

Xenophobia creates borders which create civilization. Imagine if people could walk into your house and take up residence there. Would you bother to keep it clean and pay the bills anymore? That desire to keep them out is Xenophobia.

what you are purchasing is genuine Swarovski crystal beads. You can find many suppliers offering Swarovski beads wholesale supplies. It is easier to log on to the Internet where you can find a variety

I am not a joiner by nature. I may not be in favor of immigration at this time, but I have no plans to join numbersUSA. I just don't get active in any organizations. I like flying under the radar - it's just me. Nothing personal, Procon. I don't know who they are, and I don't want to read numerous articles to determine how sincere they are, as well, because I don't plan on joining them.

Carol, you have a paranoia issue. You think you can figure out people by making assumptions from your observations, when in fact your disorder distorts your views into paranoic inaccuracies. You see conspiracies on CFN when none exist.

What concerns me most, Carol, is your penchant for violent statements threatening or implying physical harm to people you disagree with. To me, this is an obvious mechanism to try to overcome your anger at feeling powerless and to allay your fears. If I were in that place in my head, I'd speak to a mental health specialist to try to resolve these issues. Such a professional can really help.

Finally, Carol, in reference to an earlier post of yours today, I don't believe I'm in Hell; my life is actually pretty good. I think you are projecting your own feelings about your life onto me.

They signed a treaty which they now seek to break by stealth.

I think you got the time sequence wrong and the actors wrong: the Americans were the ones who broke the treaty.

The treaty was signed in Mexico City, and Article X guaranteeing the protection of Mexican land grants.

Then when it came time to ratify the treaty, the United States Congress violated the treaty that had been signed by both parties. The United States violating the treaty by eliminating Article X.

The treaty is therefore not binding on Mexico. The Mexicans have a right to cross the bogus border to get to the land illegally taken from them. Eleven million immigrants have amply demonstrated the point that the border is bogus.

General Ulysses S. Grant called the Mexican War "the most unjust war ever undertaken by a stronger nation against a weaker one."

"Testing to see if I'm paying attention, right?"

You get a "B", only because - *AS USUAL* - your poast has *zero* content.

Plz try to contribute in the future!!!

EDIT: You were doing so well, Q, last week!!! Don't fall back on your ignorant spell-checker...

Let's lighten this sh!t up a *BOT*. Where's the (k)dog for prez?

The beautiful Cynicism, rooted in reality and events unfolding, a reality that transcends politics, based on the creeping entropy they see around them, of Lucky13, Ozone and Michigan Native, corresponds with my own detached malevolence. This is the heart of CFNation.


"I'm still shocked that someone hired by google in '99 had such a low employee number (employee #20, first female)."


Just as I figured. Your response is dodging and evasive. You won't give up the squad, and you protect your bogus role as token Jewish guy so you can continue to be used as a foil. I'm done with you, and what I have said isn't threats, they're points. The points, or should I say point, is that you wouldn't pull this crap in person. You even said so yourself. You said you get along with everyone IRL, which means you're a weasel and save your racist sympathizing for internet websites. I really do wonder how many I come in contact with on a daily basis who are weasels like you and Georgia Militia Man, if you two aren't the same person, or part of the same team. It's an unnerving thought to know that a certain percentage of peeps are like you two, or one, and you can't tell because they keep their racism close to the cuff in company.

So now Jewish guy Bill from Beantown doesn't believe the SPLC and won't click on the link because it's "Jewish." I'm not Jewish, and I clicked on it. You have to love it. Really, you do. It's so plainly obvious. You've been burned, dude. You're not anymore Jewish than George Washington, but at least he had the temerity to admit he chopped down the cherry tree, unlike you, who hides behind racists, or worse, is in league with them.

Hey soker - why so many sock puppets/aliases?

I disagree. You see what you want to see. It's more complex than the world through the prism of their cynicism. I can see the world that way, too, if I put on their filter, but if I change the filter, or the lens of you will, I can see an entirely different world. There are a multitude of realities running concomitantly at any given time in this wonderment we call life. Which one you want to see and experience depends on a number of things, to include your voluntary, or involuntary, perspective.

Be the ball, Danny, be the ball.

Isn't this guy a looker? Seriously, what a handsome fella. Such superior jeans. We should clone him after we genocide the majority of the Earth's inhabitants, so we can propagate genetic purity once again and return to paradise.

Carol reaches for Pepto-Bismol.

I bet youse guise are phoning up some sock-puppet reinforcements as I type this. Tanton, Beck and Jenks are aware of the crisis unfolding at CFN. Carol must be stopped. She's ruining our ruse. She's blown our cover and all of our hard work. The Being There scam didn't work. If all else fails, we'll hack the site down. Whatever it takes. We must secure the beachhead. We must hold the line. Too much time and effort has gone into securing that patch of cyberspace. We won't give it up without a fight.

General Ulysses S. Grant called the Mexican War "the most unjust war ever undertaken by a stronger nation against a weaker one."


He must be rolling in his grave. Can you imagine what he would have thought of every war from Korea on? Let's take Vietnam for example, where the U.S., in cold blood, murdered approximately five million Vietnamese. It was largely a peasant country. The U.S. was technologically light years beyond it, and yet the U.S. ravaged them? Why? But the Vietnamese were not easily broken. They fought back hard, and eventually played David to the U.S. Goliath. The list of wars after WWII follow the same pattern as the Mexican War. They were, and are, acts of sadistic cowardice, Libya being the latest, and the proxy war in Syria, as well.

You sound a lot like the character who called himself Asoka, matter of fact, almost word for word.

Speaking of the pope, it should come as no surprise that the latest pick is inauspicious, to say the least. He remained silent, and some will say he was complicit, as the military putsch known as the Dirty War in Argentina dispatched with approximately thirty thousand political dissidents in gruesome and horrific fashion such as dropping them out of planes and helicopters inot rivers and the ocean chained together like sausage links, but not before snatching the babies from the pregnant ones and delivering them to military families to be raised as good Fascists. It's amazing what Argentina's military learned at the School of Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia. He's a Jesuit, so this brings a whole new meaning to the term Black Pope. Try telling this to the diehard Catholics, though. They won't hear it. Hell, the MSM won't hear it as they laud his nomination. Catholics won't hear anything negative about this pope, or any pope. Cognitive dissonance, once again, is on full display. It's apropos, you must admit, considering JHK's post about Mary Jo White.

For some, that makes him a hero. Other are sceptical. Eduardo de la Serna, co-ordinator of a left-wing group of priests who focus on the plight of the poor, told Radio del Plate that: "Bergoglio is a man of power and he knows how position himself among powerful people. I still have many doubts about his role regarding the Jesuits who went missing under the dictatorship."

Many in the church are keen to move on from that dark period in the history of Argentina and the church. They say the new pope helped to heal the wounds of the dirty war and to restore the credibility of the Catholic hierarchy.

The part in bold sounds familiar, doesn't it? Obama has said the very same thing about the crimes of his predecessors as he continues the very same crimes and adds his own personal twist. There may not be an explicit New World Order, but certainly there is an implicit one. This is all following a scripted pattern, regardless of any conspiracy. Maybe it always did, but it's so much more transparent these days thanks to the internet.

One of the points of infiltration ops of all kinds is to create a total uncertainty in the minds of whatever "real members" (or "targets") so that they cannot even communication comfortably with each other.

No, I am not Paul Craig Roberts, but damn am I flattered you would accuse (compliment) me on such a thing, if you were even being serious.

I'm just some guy, just like you (hopefully).

*AS USUAL* - your poast has *zero* content.

Plz try to contribute in the future!!!

Let's examine the content of your posts this week:

1. You asked Prog how many google hits Craven Swine & More got... apropos to nothing.
2. About me being a proofreader
3. About me posting zero content
4. An edit to prior post about me posting zero content.
5. You asked "where's K-dog?" and linked to an hour-long YouTube containing some awful music with the word "dog" in it.

Is this what you call "content" Ix?

Whose posts this week do you consider to be filled with excellent "content?"


Don't forget to check out the link for carer opportunites as 31E Concentration Camp Guard (unwritten perks included forcing free sex from desperate attractive female prisonaers, followed by sending them to iterrogation anyway, hah hah ahahahaah!)


Looks like my prediction of AT&T Comcast HappyTimes FunTwinks Economic Sancturary Zones are being eschewed in favor of...ahem...more classical living arrangements for society's Undesirables and Useless Eaters.

Damn it, I was looking forward to going where EVEY DAY IS FUNDAY!

And once again, my predictions appear to be to understated, tepid, and boring compared to the simple observable reality happening now very fast in real time.

Looks like the Final Soultions to the Useless Eaters Problem that RW Corporate Socialism has come up with, are almost identical (I still expect excellent PR, marketing and a Reality Show to assuage Peasant mumblings and grumblings, which it will) to the original Final Solution for Useless Eaters created by the originals which we now based our society upon, all but a few over-the-top aspects that wouldn't go with the marketing program, this time around.

Father Yahweh and Sonny Jesus truly are wealthysociopaths, else why would wealthy sociopaths be God Favorite People on Earth, who shaped virtually ever moment of every society over every human being who has ever drawn breath, at least since the invention of agriculture and probably before?

Emprical data and observable reality leads one to demonstrable conclusions.

Enjoy the YouTube vid of our now observable and demonstrable future.

Will it be 2017, 2019, 2021, 0r 2023, the next 9/11 and our reprisal of the German role in DubyaDubyaThree, with nary a peep from anyone?

Do you really think they can keep this charade goping until 2023? They're going to have to ocupy our tiny peasant minds sooner than that if they want to keep the tanker-trucks of shrimp running up to the hamptons and various Russian Fuck Pits therein.

A quick question to no one in particular. What is "goping?" How about "EVEY?" Don't forget "carer?" And then there's "prisonaers?" That's just the tip of the iceberg, or is it "iceabearg?"

In your sloppy haste to pretend you're not someone else, you've gone too far. It's too obvious. Try to be a bit more clever, please.

Fear not; here's a diatribe that should make you feel better... er... maybe not. ;o)
It's a tragi-comic piece that [unsurprisingly] incorporates the author's OWN subjective preferences, as he bemoans others' lack of objectivity. (That's funny in itself.)

Now, I think we've all seen that calling people "stoopit" (no matter the truth to it) is fraught with the danger of being branded "elitist" as well as inflaming militant inferiority complexes, so it IS quite the conundrum to be trapped in a nation of entrenched (and perhaps encouraged) idiocy. Wha'cha gonna do? Are we fucked yet?

I like the guys' signature bio:
" He was raised by nubile, long-eyelashed callipygian wood nymphs and spoon fed dark chocolate, raw pomegranate seeds and 18-year-old Scotch until he could fly.

His writing has often been described as blasphemous, dazzling, transgressive and wildly verbose, self-aggrandizing BS — sometimes all in the same sentence."

(I left out the advertisement part.)

Afternoon Hancock, do you think these camps actually exist? I find it hard to believe a volunteer army of kids would lock up their relatives. Maybe I am wrong but it seems like a bunch of Internet bullshit. I worked for years in a quasi-military organization, and I'll tell ya the rank and file will revolt if the management f-ups, F-up. In the words of Morrison "They have the guns but we have the numbers". Can you give me Google map coordinates of these supposed internment camps? I'd like to eyeball them myself. I'm not doubting you, I just need a little more proof then some internet chatter.

Perhaps shedding a bit of light amidst all the heat, Archie the Druid begins to write his denouement. Opening paragraph:

"It’s been more than a year now since my posts here on The Archdruid Report veered away from the broader theme of this blog, the decline of industrial civilization, to consider the rise and impending fall of America’s global empire. That was a necessary detour, and the points I’ve tried to explore since last February will have no small impact on the outcome of the broader trajectory of our age."

I will warn you that the dread name of "James Howard Kunstler" is invoked to help make a point or two, so, CAUTION, SUBVERSION AHEAD! (Chalk that circle/pentagram to avoid hell-fahr and daemonic possession.) ;o)

To emphasize my point, check out this latest technology from Google called Google Glass, and think of all the different uses and possibilities. We live in incredible times, so change out those old lenses, put on Google Glass and soar.

At the next Klan rally, you can film it up close and personal with Google Glass. The next lynching? No worries, Google Glass has it covered. What about when you and your buds drag the next homosexual behind a pick-up truck? Google Glass can capture the memory so you can enjoy it for years to come. The annual Neo-Nazi marshmallow roast on Chappaquiddick Island? Google Glass will retain it so you can share it with your grandchildren in the FEMA internment camps.

Economic Sancturary Zones are being eschewed in favor of...ahem...more classical living arrangements

Apparently, Hancock, you did not receive the memo directing commenters here to eschew the use of the word eschew (eschewed, eschewing, etc). It is reserved for use by a certain commenter of indeterminate gender who seems to have great affection for it and for other highfalutin words like concomitantly and synchronicity used where the rest of us great unwashed might have simply worked with short words like "at the same time as." I think it's an empowerment thing, like rape.

The Force being developed is largely Hispanic. And they wont be locking up their relatives but Conservative Whites. You are way behind the times. We are now close to Civil War - since the Hard Right is not going to accept Gun Control. See the article below. Btw, these aren't my people. They are the hard Right - Veterans and Constitutionalists - men who took their oaths seriously. They don't like White Nationalism at all, though some of them are racially conscious.

Paranoia runs deep! Post here again after the feds confiscate your weaponry (NOT!). It should make interesting reading.

Most of us read and comment here because we're convinced that things are well and truly fucked. Stupendously, cosmically, galactically fucked. None of us know the full picture. But we discern some of the general outlines and depending on where we're at we can see some of the finer grained detail.

So here's one for the "hope and change" crowd. Obama, the darling of the pantie throwers on the left, is embarking on a scheme worthy of Big Brother. Apparently, according to Reuters, there's plans afoot from the Treasury Department that would allow American intelligence agencies to peep into your financial affairs.

The FBI has already got full access to the database in question (FinCen). Which is bad enough. To date, US spy agencies could get information from it only on a case by case basis. This planning document, which is supposedly in early stages of development, would allow US intelligence agencies to analyze more data. Full access says Reuters.

The rationale of course is security, suspicious activity, the war on terror. You know the drill. Necessity, as it always is in these matters, is the plea. It's necessary. Right?

Hope? Nope. Change? What a joke.

I mean, what's next? Cameras in your kitchen?

But isn't there that little constitutional amendment that guarantees freedom from tyranny? That's another joke. Armed to the teeth and as helpless as can be. Do the right thing, gather up your guns and burn them all. They are, at best, useless, at worst, a danger to your fellow citizens.

Wall Street sneers, your government is contemptuous. I mean, good God, Mary Jo White? What sheer fucking nerve. Even the Italians, whose public officials are bought and sold like cattle, must be in awe.

And now this from the Treasury Department?

Those inscrutable, little men running Beijing, never all that fussed about running people over, must be nodding approvingly. Putin and his cronies, sitting there in the Kremlin, downing shots of premium vodka, nibbling the finest caviar, are no doubt tipping their hats.

Does this sound like mockery? It is, you earned it. I'm an outsider but listen to me. Take this as a friendly intervention. Smell the coffee, do the easy stuff first. Tell the NRA and its supporters to go fuck their hats. They're a goddamned menace. That's just to get going. Like I said, the easy stuff first. Because the other stuff that needs re-doing, like ousting the charlatans on Wall Street and the Fed and the low-life breeds infesting Washington, that's a much taller order, a generation long job.

Yet another content-rich poast from Q-Schtick. You are quite the thinker. I can envision you in your lonely little cube all those years, fervently ticking and tying numbers so you could catch someone in a mistake and passive-aggressively chastise them about it. It's what kept you going for so long in such a worthless, non-productive job that no one cared about.

"Indeterminate" is out of your unwashed league, and belies your poast, but that's not surprising. You are the quintessential hypocrite, afterall.

And let me ask, what does one's gender matter? Does knowing it change how you would act or respond? I think it does, and by virtue of that, you are not only a racist hypocrite, but you are also a chauvinist. Your wife must have checked out mentally and emotionally long ago to still be tethered to you in any way. You're loathsome.

I understand where you are, stelmosfire, and I respectfully, yet utterly and totally, disagree with your general premise.

There was a time, not so long ago, when I would have lathered up (i.e. foamed at the mouth, internet-style as is the fashion everywhere people communicate on the internet) and fired up the old Google to present you with links to read and blah-de-blah-de-blah.

Things are so comically far along, it simply doen't matter what you tell yourself to help our aristocratic Gods on Earth keep the charade going long enough for the moment to pass (it probably already has) for we Peasants to do anything about it whether the charade exists or nobody's hiding nothing (because anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares, of course).

2017, here come da' Jeb, who will combine all facets of RW Corporate Socialism, the brainy gift of gab of Obama with the pure contempt and hatred of regular people of BushtheStupid, Cheney, Romney et al. (the Peasants say they hate being treated like dogs, but obvious really love it, Dick Cheney knows).

It's as simple as that. They feel less over the coming war and camp deaths of 50 million commoners, furrin' and domestic, than you would feel over the passing of your dog.

Anyway, no point belaboring what's coming. Then 9/11 #2 which will finish the process of fully converting, on a mass psychological and neurolinguistic level, to name two of many, the American People for their role ahead as Good Germans.

Oh, by the way, everyone won't sprout devil horns one day. You will simply be amazed at how ordinary true evil will look on a day to day basis from a peasant's eye view.

I've read the eyewitness accounts of Nazi Germany in the witnesses' own words and as it happened before, it will almost certainly happen again, with a new marketing angle this time around.

It's all about marketing. Plausible deniability. SELLING PRODUCT, whatever that product may be.

OK, but some answers to your questions, as briefly as possible.

You asked:

do you think these camps actually exist?

Not yet. They'll be easy to build when the time comes. After 9/11 #2, especially if it's the nuking of Chicago, a marketing winner GUAR-AN-TEED to get both Republicrats and Demoplicans on board with he coming mass murder to be perpetrated on themselves and whoever they're sicced on, furrin'-wise. Modular designs, prefab.

Concentration Camp design has come a long way since the British and Chrissiesmeer during the aftermath of the Boer War.

You asked:

I find it hard to believe a volunteer army of kids would lock up their relatives.

That's because I don't think you understand enough about the disciplines of bhavioral and mass psychology.

No one's going to be asked to lock up their own relatives. That would be poor psychological technique indeed. No, people from Texas will be asked to lock up the Vermont Liberals they despise, and Vermonters will look after the camps that hold dangerous RW Terrorists like Promise Keepers and the small handful of others who will defy the RW Triumphant.

Everyone (like you appear to be) who keeps buying the manure the Corporate Socialist Media keeps selling (like there's actually 2 parties instead of the Aristocratic Ranchers and we Cattle who's herd will have to be thinned and starved a bit to fix things up) will be spared as much as possible...just like the Good Germans were all helped to ignore what was going on in the camps. And ignore they did. Ignore we will, whatever specifically we are asked to ignore.

Impossible to predict details of the future, but something like that. The trends are now pretty much set in stone now.

You asked:

Maybe I am wrong but it seems like a bunch of Internet bullshit.

You are wrong. And things are too far gone to waste time arguing over it. Google the things I mentioned yourself and be the judge.

Or don't. Ignore reality, acknowledge it, whatever. It doesn't matter.

And yet, nothing terribly visible should move on any of it until at least 2017, and the coming 9/11 #2 in 17, 19, 21, or 23 (that late...less likely but possible, they could stretch this thing out because everyone so badly wants to believe the lies, all of em from unemployment numbers that don't add up to 1.6 billion rounds for HOMESEC Gestapo (is that internet Bullsh1t too?), and all the rest that don't add up in any meaningful way.

Do the math...or don't. doesn't matter. Believe, disbelieve, whavetever. Just pray you keep believing all the same lies you do now (like the USA is a free nation) and you'll be fine.

You said:

I worked for years in a quasi-military organization, and I'll tell ya the rank and file will revolt if the management f-ups, F-up. In the words of Morrison "They have the guns but we have the numbers".

You sound pretty young, or naive, apologies if this bothers you but I gotta call it like I see it. Allow me to counteract your youthful idealism of Morrison with a much more substantive quote, attributed to Jim Fisk, among others, but which I imagine is probably as old as the dawn of time,

"I can always hire one half of the poor to kill the other half."

When real-life consequences are one the line, especially harm (like the economic harm of losing one's job, at the very least) to a person's family, that person will, 99% of the time, do what they're told when they're told. Militar, civilian, whatever.

Ever wonder why there's only one Bradley Manning?

Because there's only one Bradley Manning.

What was the quasi-military unit you were in for years. Outward Bound? (sorry for he joke but your touching naivete got the best of me)

You asked:

Can you give me Google map coordinates of these supposed internment camps? I'd like to eyeball them myself. I'm not doubting you, I just need a little more proof then some internet chatter.

No. They're not built yet. And I'm not here to give you proof, nor convince you of a goddamned thing. Reality will do that soon enough and the clock starts counting down when Emperor Jeb ascends the throne same way it did when his dimwitted brother seized it.

I'm here to vent and to laugh where possible, at the folly of humankind.

Great minds, buddy.

Not an hour prior to reading your message, I pulled his latest up, to read sometime this weekend.

There sure are a lot of ways to look at this thing, it's so big. Plenty of room for JHK, Archie, and lots more to dissect different angles.

Like the old saw about the various ants asked to describe the elephant and each ant has a vastly different picture depending on which part of the elephant the ant was crawling up.

nothing terribly visible should move on any of it until at least 2017

This is typical of CFN commentary. If I wanted to go to the trouble I could cite instances of this same kind going back to before Y2K, and always the impending doom is just over the horizon.

Actually 2017 is one of the more optimistic CFN pronouncements I have read.

Oh, and Jeb will never become president as a Republican. Women, homosexuals, minorities, and progressive whites (those groups together form a permanent majority coalition) will prevent any old white male Christian Republican... much less Jeb, who favored an "easy on immigrants" approach and then changed to a "tough on immigration" stance... (flip-flop) ... from ever becoming president.

And let me ask, what does one's gender matter?

Of course gender always matters. Women have a different point-of-view from men on a host of issues. This is as obvious as the sun. Since when do black males think women are the same as men?

Does knowing it change how you would act or respond? I think it does,

I see you agree with it.

...and by virtue of that, you are not only a racist hypocrite, but you are also a chauvinist.

Feminism is a Marxist technique and got funded in America by the C.I.A. (who funded Gloria Steinem's Ms. magazine). Normal blacks can see this.

Your wife must have checked out mentally and emotionally long ago to still be tethered to you in any way.

Always going for the personal, this troll. Yet it knows little about wives.

A black male who is a feminist and pro-gay has given up all of his blackness. It used to be that blacks were a reservoir of morality resonance even superior to elite whites. You lose that, what are you worth? Just one more gun-toter for FEMA to create the new South Africa?

You're loathsome.

You're a black male pretending to be a white female who lusts for the day of massive black-on-white violence and posts shitty porn on James Kunstler's architectural blog and clogs it up with numerous catty posts centered on personality dramas, who can't decide if he's a fan of the racist Janos or his enemy.

This blog needs more racists posting so that Carolonius Pornquist will, hopefully, troll harder elsewhere.

I'm a real person, I consider myself one anwyway. Maybe I never posted enough here to get banned. Vlad always seems like the same guy, whatever name he's using. The same with asia. And that guy who signed himself E, he was a real guy I believe. I liked him until he got too bitter. I try to ignore asoka, whatever name he has.

I don't read a lot of this, it's just psychos/ dumbasses being obnoxious and crazy. Lots of times I'll read what Jim writes and ignore the comments. I feel it's Jim's blog and the posters should be talking about what he writes about, not name calling each other. I also don't see idiots coming on here and saying Jim's wrong about everything, if they don't like any of his ideas, why come on here? They can easily find Democratic liberal hack blogs that say everything is okay since Obama took over.

The trends are now pretty much set in stone now.

The double now, a sub-species of the double negative.

And I'm not here to ... convince you of a goddamned thing.

That's right St Elmo, that's why he just typed 6 screens-worth of paranoia. The man has diarrhea of the keyboard. His fingers must be bloody freakin stumps.

Here is a man who prophesied that the Dow would fall to 4000. Isn't it fair to say he has no idea what the fuck he is talking about/

Memo to: “Cranky-Old Fuckers Nation”

If you have to frequently change your name because you were so disgusting you were banned, or such an asshole you even started to hate yourself, you need to amend the personality you had under the old name, or you’re still a disgusting asshole, understand?

I know that’s pretty high level accounting stuff, but it’s otherwise pretty widely understood in the world away from your individual scratching posts. Now, carry on….as you no doubt will. Yeeowww. Yeeowww


And why wont they use the FEMA Camps - which can hold millions I believe. They were hiring personel a few months ago apparently - and they might still be. Surely your objection wont be that that's not what the Camps were intended for.

Marcus Junius Brutus Caepio (c.85-42): Roman politician, murderer... How could you?

If there be any in this assembly, any dear friend of
Caesar's, to him I say, that Brutus' love to Caesar
was no less than his. If then that friend demand
why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer:
--Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved
Rome more. (3.2.2)

A tu Brutei?

the quality, state, or feeling of being malevolent; ill will; malice; hatred.

Have a great weekend.

Feminism is a Marxist technique and got funded in America by the C.I.A. (who funded Gloria Steinem's Ms. magazine).

Why did this happen?
Do you have proof?

Wrong as usual: many of the bannings were glitches of the system. Nice to see that you haven't changed Dale.

Do you think that Ozone is Mr Kunstler? What a fascination theory. It would explain much. Of course I have been accused of being Mr Kunslter too. I remember poor Lucan desperately trying to rationalize why I wasn't banned. The best he could come up with: Mr Kunstler is trying to warn us about the Corn Pone by letting one poast a'here'a. My attempt at a Maine accent in honor of Bean's Maine Coon Cat.

Good old Lucan! I wonder if he found the She Male of his dreams yet? Or if he ever got around to reading Dostoyevsky's Journal anent the Jews?

A少数 倍 前の過去に戻って見て 見での父、父親の財布、財布|知る| 指示 のMoolah 貯蓄 は本当に決してべきではない 大量の余裕、好きなおもちゃ財物を買えることができます 購入を買うべき I ' 省エネ保留節約を維持保護 習慣、お父さんお父さんと母さん} 資本を稼いで現金元生地のMoolah、自分が住んで| { |生活|宿泊。I 置いた場所に集合 中、財布、ベッドマットレス |、財布心配焦慮パニック恐怖、これは泥棒。|これは本当にこの可能性は|は|これは|は|これこそ} 2 {日|仕事日金主要 提供正確| | 外観と感じて富裕繁栄ロード豊富」「すぐにすぐにすぐにタイムリーと父の同意できない| できない任意影響因子 同郷の人の弱い要求を提出する質疑:“お母さん、私を|地方|設為}



All hands on deck. The perimeter has been breached. Big word alert. Sound the alarm. There's another highfalutin wanker in our midst. They must be taught to keep it simple for the basal reader crowd.

The Boy Scout Oath, the last clause of which pledges to be morally straight. That rules out Gay Scoutmasters. Sorry fellas. Go fish somewhere else.

Ever read William Burroughs? He said the word is a virus. If you ever take to meditation you will discover this for yourself. Words are like jumblies spinning around in the mind; ad slogans and pop songs are words that have been weaponized. How can we See and Feel if these things are covering everything up? Thus the Voice of the Silence says, "The mind is the slayer of the real". This not against the proper use of the mind and language of course.

Famous Environmentalist, Bill McKibben says that Mexican immigration will help stop Global Warming because the immigrants will have fewer children in the United States.

Is either part of this true? If they come here, they will have a bigger carbon footprint per person in any case. And I've heard they have more kids anyway. Sure IF they acculturate to our Middle Class they wont. But since the middle class is dying on the vine....

And from the Nationalist Angle - let them and their unborn kids ruin Mexico. We have enough of them here already.

A tu Brutei?

My recollection is "Et tu Brute."

Did you (or anyone) see the 2011 movie The Ides of March starring George Clooney and Phillip Seymour Hoffman? Endless political backstabbing. Excellent movie.

Yes, you have the common spelling. Some spell Meow as Miaou. The French pronounce Mickey Mouse as Micka Moo. Don Juan should be pronounced as Don Jewan not Wan - if we were true to our own Language and sense of things. But instead we try to be all things to all people and nothing to ourselves. Down with Spanish n with the line above it. Bring back the str8 honest English n when saying Sandanista. Down with the rolled r's of Nicaragua. And bring back the word and concept Oriental - our subjective impression of the East.

"Do you think that Ozone is Mr Kunstler? What a fascination theory. It would explain much."

It would be fun if true because it would give a deeper glimpse into Jim's thoughts. I have to admit their styles and word-wrangling are similar, and the general attitude. But myself, I can't believe that James Kunstler would function as a split personality or create a false persona that praises himself. A post typical of ozone:

" Mr. K, you say:
"One thing you can be sure of: the current sociopolitical weather...that so-called conservatives endlessly invoke, in all its screaming eagle iconography." (Longer quote has been abbreviated.)

That is really an excellent envisioning of an abstract thought/striving that will turn out to have real-world consequences. Nicely done, as per usual.

Were this to have been written by Jim himself it would be embarrassing and I don't believe it could be. Nor would he patently lie. Qzone has stated that he lives in Massachusetts. I also don't believe that James would be a person who advocates spewing his male generative material on the floor in order to feed floor bacteria, as counseled by ozone. He could not speak so well if he undertakes such mortal chicanery or write so well with such a mordant self-destructive habit. On the other hand, such loss of mental material does lead to mental illness. But side with Jim on this question.

A bit better typography on the selected quote:

Qzone: "Mr. K, you say:
"One thing you can be sure of: the current sociopolitical weather...that so-called conservatives endlessly invoke, in all its screaming eagle iconography."
(Longer quote has been abbreviated.)

"That is really an excellent envisioning of an abstract thought/striving that will turn out to have real-world consequences. Nicely done, as per usual."

Janos, all immigrants are not the same, as you know.

McKibben is right about Mexican immigrants having a smaller energy footprint. Energy consumption is directly correlated with annual income. Mexicans have an average annual per capita income that is 53% that of U.S. citizens.

Other immigrant groups have incomes per capita higher than the U.S. average income per capita (for example, immigrants from China, India, Iran, Philippines, Korea, UK, Germany, Japan, etc.)

So, you can't lump together immigrants from China, Canada, Germany, Korea, etc. with immigrants who make less than the native American per capita income. Immigrants from countries like Colombia, Italy, Poland, Brazil, etc. make less than the U.S. per capita income.

They all have different levels of energy consumption because they all have different income levels relative to native born Americans.

McKibben is both right and wrong about the overall average related to global warming.

He is right in that the average immigrant (legal or illegal) in the United States produces somewhat less CO2 than the average native-born American.

However, he is wrong because immigrants in the United States produce about four times more CO2 in the United States as they would have in their countries of origin.

The data cited come from the Current Population Survey (CPS) of the U.S. Census Bureau.

The opposite is true.
Mexicans in USA have larger families than ones who
stay in Mexico.

And all immigrants use more here.
More is the American mantra.

Think of if US pop. had leveled off at 200 - 250
million, how much less EVERYTHING 'we' would be using.

I liked his image of sperm cells with long beards. But he kills his before they can grow their beards and become Sages. His only defence is Nixon's "Everybody is doing it" - which is no defence at all.

Exactly. They should stay in Mexico and consume less and have fewer children. Again, our middle class dying and at this point, they may have a better chance of reaching the Middle Class in Mexico. This would be the win, win, win situation. America would benefit from them not coming here, the Mexicans would benefit, and the Global Ecology would benefit.

On the really big picture, I agree with McKibben I suppose. America should have never exported its unsustainable way of life abroad. But how to undo that now....that's where he falls apart ready to throw the Baby (our Nation) out with the dirty bathwater.

Yes, it's unfortunate that Environmentalism is so linked with the Left. That turns alot of people off and unable to hear the crucial message. I was reading a small volume of essays of Wendell Berry. This one, "Thoughts in the Presence of Fear" was written right after 9/ll.

Thought 23 of 28, "We must not again allow public emotions of the public media to caricature our media. If our enemies are now to be some nations of Islam, then we should undertake to know (know in italics) those enemies. Our schools should begin to teach the histories, cultures, arts, and languages of the Islamic nations. And our leaders should have the humility and the wisdom to ask the reasons some of these people have for hating us."

Where does one begin? This sounds more like surrender than Sun Tzu's dictim to know the enemy in order to defeat him. If I didn't respect Berry so much I'd think he was a Bilderberger stooge playing with words and ideas to confuse the people. But I think in this case, he is just confusing himself. Almost all the rest of thought are great, about being peaceful and living in harmony with the Earth, etc. But he forgets that even the Hopi, the People of Peace, had a strong Cult of Warriors - warriors who on occasion defeated the Apaches and drove out the Spanish for a time.

I would however like the American People to hear the other side of the story from the Muslims themselves. If that was Bin Ladin they got, I wishe they had taken him alive and tried him publicly. That would have been an eye opener for everone, Left, Right and Center. He had alot to say that the Powers who rule don't want us to hear. This is different than surrendering to Islam by teaching it in the schools the way Berry wanted. We would have learned about Islam from Bin Ladin, but even more about ourselves.

A certain commenter of indeterminate gender:

"esCHEW! esCHEW!"

The CFN commentariat synchronously:


You remind me of this newly elected Pope Francis, especially with your proclivity for officious matters. He's a weasel, you're a weasel. He fashions himself an officiant, you fashion yourself an officiant. He aids and abets despots, you aid and abet despots. It's too bad you're not Catholic. You make a perfect parishioner, hell, you'd make a great Cardinal or Pope.

Pope Q-Schtick. I like it. Don't eschew the notion. Maybe the Catholic Church could create an honorary title for laypeople, you know, make them an honorary Pope to serve a synchronous term with the traditional Pope. You could be the inaugural pick and serve concomitantly with Pope Fran.

In your face, Bitch!

Tell Honey Buns I said hello if you can manage to make it out of your flatulent man-cave today. (No commas in that last sentence. Hooray for the basal reader crowd! Dumb it down for the unwashed.)

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Yes, I've read some Burroughs. I like him.

I appreciate your use of intelligent words, just as I appreciate Burroughs sentiment anent words. Our friend Q-Schmuck won't let us have it any way. He antagonizes Herbie Hancock for lengthy, verbose poasts, then taunts us for using "highfalutin" words to mitigate verbosity. He's like his neurotic housewife; he can't make up his mind.

Have you read Zerzan? Here's a link that underscores Burroughs comments anent language.

Language is routinely portrayed as a natural and inevitable part of our evolution. Like division of labor, ritual, domestication, religion? Complete the progression and we see that the end of the biosphere and total alienation are likewise “natural” and “inevitable.” Whether or not there can be a way out of the symbolic order is the pressing question.

“In the beginning was the Word”—the convening of the symbolic domain. After Eden’s freedom was revoked, Adam named the animals and the names were the animals. In the same way, Plato held that the word creates the thing. There is a moment of linguistic agreement, and from then on a categorized frame is imposed on all phenomena. This pact attempts to override the “original sin” of language, which is the separation of speech and world, words and things.

Many languages start out rich in verbs, but are gradually undone by the more common imperialism of the noun. This parallels the movement to a steadily more reified world, focusing on objects and goals at the expense of process. In similar fashion, the vivid naturalism of cave art gives way to an impoverished, stylized aesthetic. In both cases, the symbolic deal is sweetened by the promise of an enticing richness, but in each case the long-term results are deadly. Symbolic modes may begin with some freshness and vitality, but eventually reveal their actual poverty, their inner logic.

The innate sensual acuity of human infants steadily atrophies as they grow and develop in interaction with a symbolic culture that continues to infiltrate and monopolize most aspects of our lives. A few remnants of the unmediated, the direct still survive. Lovemaking, close relationships, immersion in wild nature, and the experience of birth and death awaken our senses and our intelligence, stimulating an unaccustomed hunger. We long for something other than the meager, artificial world of re-presentation, with its second-hand pallor.

Yes, I agree, Q-Schmuck's poasts are stale, insubstantial and tedious, but what can you do? He's a product of his era and upbringing. People of his feather are incapable of change this late in life, if ever they were. Hell, let him have a good time with it if it makes him happy. He doesn't have much time left, at least not psychological time. In several years he'll be wearing a diaper and some black or mexican nurse will be wiping his ass and feeding him baby food whilst she says "good boy" after each spoonful. We should all do our part in making his last years enjoyable. Keep on keepin on, Q-Codger. Glad to be of service. No need to thank me. I do it because it's the right thing to do. If more people did, the world would be a better place.

Zerzan confuses the animal spontaneity of the infant with the Trans-mental spontaneity of the Sage. Confusing the pre-egoic with the trans-egoic because neither of them is the egoic - Wilber's pre/trans fallacy which so many of the New Age and Romantic thinkers fell into. Tripp makes this mistake as well.

The Word or Logos or Christ did create the World. That's not the same as our word. It is said though, that if a man, any man, honors the Logos by always speaking the Truth, then he is given the power to make things come true by his word, the power to bless and curse - within Reason of course.

Wilber's pre/trans fallacy


What does Charlotte's Web have to do with this?

"I am not a joiner by nature. I may not be in favor of immigration at this time, but I have no plans to join numbersUSA. I just don't get active in any organizations. I like flying under the radar - it's just me. Nothing personal, Procon. I don't know who they are, and I don't want to read numerous articles to determine how sincere they are,..."

Ok, bill, fair enough. And I was not really directing the "join NumbersUSA" just to you, really, but to the thread at large. I hadn't mentioned it recently.

I'll argue that eventually, those of us with clear vision must "join" something, otherwise the Grow, GROW maniacs and the unthinking activists like "carol" join forces - and, unopposed, drive the US, and all of humanity, over a cliff.

And anyway, folks, you don't have to "join," per se. You can simply check out the website, and send a few free faxes.

It's easy, fun, and rewarding.

And "carol," is certainly prone to verbal violence and shows signs of mental instability.

"She" must have nothing - repeat NOTHING - that allows her to make a logical argument for immigration on a "peak everything" website. If "she" did, she would have invoked it by now.

So instead, "she" goes on the attack in a vile manner, and uses the "R" word - early and ofter.

"she" will do it again, before this week is through. 99.9% certainty.


"However, he (McKibben) is wrong because immigrants in the United States produce about four times more CO2 in the United States as they would have in their countries of origin." -adequatio-

Very well said.
McKibben is just strumming the PC heartstrings for Sierra Club members and the rest of the PC choir - - so those "True Believers" can continue to sip their organic coffees and "BELIEVE" they are doing the Always Perfect thing.

are you in that choir, "carol?"

"If you have to frequently change your name because you were so disgusting you were banned, or such an asshole you even started to hate yourself, you need to amend the personality you had under the old name, or you’re still a disgusting asshole, understand?" -dale-

That's pretty nasty, dale.
I don't apologize for my posts, but I think they overlap more with JHK's publicly stated views - than they radically diverge from those views.

And I've got a feeling that some of CFN's better writers and gentler (non-assholish??) posters took their one-time or two-time digital bannings personally, and simply stopped posting.

Which is too bad.
And it's too bad you choose to imply that there was something wrong with their posts and their personalities.

Not very Zen of you, dude.
karma, and all of that, you know?

"He antagonizes Herbie Hancock for lengthy, verbose poasts, then taunts us for using "highfalutin" words to mitigate verbosity.

How does the use of high faluting words mitigate verbosity?

"It is said though, that if a man, any man, honors the Logos by always speaking the Truth, then he is given the power to make things come true by his word, the power to bless and curse - within Reason of course.

This comes really by contact with Aum and continence. But yes it also relies on a man using words honestly; not speaking dishonestly. The words of a man who throws away words or speaks insincerely become cosmically ineffective. As one yogi said, 'He who speaks falsely cuts himself off at the root.' Pretending you are somebody you are not probably also serves to speed your words into the state of peanut shells and prattle.

The guru Karunamayi is a wish-fulfilling guru using that power of word. The hard thing is getting her to "say it."

"And "carol," is certainly prone to verbal violence and shows signs of mental instability."

Based on its posts I think it is not only an African American, but a bisexual African American. Notice his disparaging comment about "man caves" and letting wind. (It can't stay away from the anus in its comments; another bad sign.) It gets thrills out of posing as a white female then acquiring the inevitable over-interest of white males based on that illusion. What's funny is now seeing it latch onto the Spectacular racist Janos (my favorite poster here), notwithstanding it's agenda to silence the racially conscious. Very funny days!

Hancock -
This one's for you, although probably of interest to many of the CF Nation. You and I have gone back and forth on "conspiracy." You've moderated your stance a little, I've increased my watchfulness for the possibilities.
pro/con discussion follows -

This article argues FOR a grand conspiracy, because you just can't GET good news analysis like this from a US news organization, anymore.
It argues AGAINST it because the UK should be part of the grand conspiracy - and that's where this piece originated.

Mainly, though, I take this article to argue against the grand conspiracy. Even Johnson, with his fingers on all the levers of power to "conspire," managed to F*ck Up Royally - and get RMN elected - instead of himself OR Humphrey.

"By the time of the election in November 1968, LBJ had evidence Nixon had sabotaged the Vietnam war peace talks - or, as he put it, that Nixon was guilty of treason and had "blood on his hands"." -article-

Vietnam war would have been over three years earlier if Johnson had been "better?" at conspiracy - according to this analysis.

"Yes, it's unfortunate that Environmentalism is so linked with the Left."

Strange that environmentalism is a conservative impulse. And strange that war and invasions of countries are radical, non-conservative actions yet now so-called conservatives are associated with these extremities.

I find it weird, too, how lefties are fond of naturalness and takes a posture of affirming holistic values in general. Yet they are homophillic.

In being pro-gay they support those who do unnatural acts, acts that damage the nature-given body and which are based on psychological dysfunction. (Such as a lack of a father.) Nothing natural there.

Then let's look at their pretensions to love the holistic: They champion an orientation that ignores nature's own directive (in gifting a male or female body), that excludes half of the human race (the male or the female) absenting either Yin or Yang from human relat. and family, and which depends on the separation of children from their natural parents (in the case of their "family" aspirations). Nothing natural or holistic about homosexuality. Yet the same people (lefties) who are passionate about health food stores and organic food champion this human sickness that is counterposed against natural family and the natural heterosexual order.

I guess one answer to this oddity is that a "liberal" is always willing to consider any experiment. They always believe that their ideas are new and never-tried.

I wonder if a liberal interested in preserving a species of gopher in a certain bioregion would willingly introduce gay gophers into that bioregion to improve the world and enlighten the gophers with fruitless sex? Yet they are willing to mess with that experiment among their fellow humans. They are mental children and over-presented, via media, with false problems. The only reason some pretty liberal white woman champions the elephant-eared Obama, hot dog gorger and teleprompter performer -- is that she has grown up over-presented with a particular list of "problems" by the tribe, and she must do this to offset the stress of her engineered Problems List in the instinctive White quest for nobility. Whites are manipulated by those with control over the daily "Problems" presentation.

The real problems for Whites are things like boredom, lack of spiritual search and profundity, lust, lack of loyalty in marriage or to parents, now lack of prosperity and lack of natural parenting (after the 60's seeded divorce holocaust). Our real problems were ever "black unhappiness." We were over-presented with that problem, and a few others. If the pretty white brunette dancing for Obama had some sense of her real problems, she would not have been caught dancing enthusiastically in her blue dress for Obama like a moron.


End of lancemission.

are you in that choir, "carol?"


No, I'm not. Not by a long shot. Janos is right on this one. Encouraging a U.S. standard of living, at least the current one that is slipping away precipitously, will only exacerbate the degradation of the environment. But, and this is a big but, I don't blame the immigrants. They are desperate and destitute, and they're doing what they have to do to survive. Change U.S. foreign policy, eliminate the WTO, repeal NAFTA and institute livable wage laws, and this immigration issue will quickly become moot. Shit, as Janos mentioned, it will become moot with the elimination of the U.S. middle class which is eroding at an exponential pace as we speak.

Your "character" is so socially and biologically retarded as to be offensive. Don't like homosexuals? Go ahead Machine Gun Kelly. Mow 'em down. There. There will never be any more.

Fuckin' Moron.

Best Wishes,

Truman Capote

Character itself is offensive to you.

You you always lust to mow down with machine guns those you don't like, Fellor? Or are you just drunk tonight.

Stop this nonsense. This used to be one of my favorite places. For Fuck's Sake, please try to figure out how so many sensibilities were so easily offended by Free Speech.

Maybe Americans don't want free speech anymore.

If they ever did.

Maybe those inclined to express themselves in places like this have become so despondent, they just don't see the point.

Or they have run out of things to say.

I hope not. There is plenty to talk about.

For example, hairstyles.

Character itself is offensive to you.

Having "character" just means you are living unconsciously, living in a rut. The etymology of the word character means to make a deep mark, to make yourself a rut (from the Ancient Greek word meaning "to engrave" i.e. to make a permanent mark, to be stubborn... the opposite of spontaneity and flexibility.

The foolish person may have a certain character. It is easy for the fool to create a certain character because he is stubborn. Stupidity is always stubborn. If some idea gets into his head he may be able to practice it more consistently than the intelligent person because he is stubborn, he cannot be flexible. He is not dynamic, he is stagnant.

That helps many foolish people to become respectable — because they can do stupid things nobody else will be able to do, but they do them with such perseverance, with such patience, with such strength, that they succeed in doing them. They can create great characters, they can be great moralists, they can be very pious, and they can impress you.

Remember, character is not of much value. What is valuable is consciousness — not conscience but consciousness. Conscience is created by the society. The more foolish you are, the more the society is able to create a conscience in you. It gives you an idea how to live your life. It manipulates you in a very subtle way. It hypnotizes you and conditions you. And the conditioning is so long that you forget completely that these are not your ideas.

For example, if you are born in a vegetarian family you will be a vegetarian, thinking that you have renounced all meat-eating, etcetera, that you are great — you are a vegetarian. But if you were born in a nonvegetarian family you would have been a nonvegetarian. It depends on the conditioning; you are not doing it consciously. You are allowing other people to dominate you, to decide for you.

The intelligent person is rebellious. He does not allow others to decide for him; he keeps the right to himself. Hence, stupid people become saints very easily because they allow the society to condition them. At least in that particular society they will be very much respected. To others they will look very stupid, to others they will look insane, but to that particular society which has conditioned them they will be great saints.

Way to go Vlad, you've created a monster. You had to go ahead and use an unusual word and now we'll never hear the end of it. It (the entity of indeterminate gender) is much like my x-boss, Mot... hears a new word and flogs it to death for the next six months or till you run silently screaming from his office, which ever comes first.

What's worse, It attributes intelligence to words rather than to people ("I appreciate your use of intelligent words," It said, rather than "I appreciate your intelligent use of words"). Long or unusual, it appears, are among the criteria that make a word intelligent. Anent has a higher IQ than about.

Yes, the results have far exceeded my expecations. I like giving the English Language a workout, but as you say, it's not the same as being smart. Remember Mamet's play Oleanna? Poor Oleanna was scandalized that the Professor used big words when he could have used little ones. That was one of the reasons she set out to destroy him.

Of course, some synomyms aren't exactly so, and the shades of meaning can justify using an unusual one. But anent is no longer used, and does anyone remember anymore what exactly the shades were?

Inadequatio: "Having "character" just means you are living unconsciously, living in a rut."

No, having character means you have tried-and-true standards and you are willing to stand for them. It means the same thing it's always meant, fool. There's not a new thing in your useless mind.

having character means you have tried-and-true standards and you are willing to stand for them.

I see the priests [eastern or western, makes no difference] and the politicians [capitalist or socialist, makes no difference] have successfully programed you to think "character" [the scare quotes are intentional] is something positive. Your conditioning is complete.

And they flock to Eastern Mystical Traditions, looking for techniques to change themselves - as long as they can ignore the moral teacings which are probably stricter than the Christian ones they have such contempt for. If gaining Enlightenment means changing their view of abortion, well that's just not acceptable.

Yes, problem consciousness is how they drive us in the direction they desire. But I can't help but think that Whites are particularly vulnerable since so mental and prone to the "wordism" that takes the place of real morality and feeling for their own people. Other peoples can be corrupt, but actually taking the side of other races against your own? That's a White thing only. Some say it stems from the conditions in early Europe where welcoming the stranger helped the people survive. Whites have no experience living in competition with other racial groups near by as in the Middle East.

Or think of it in elemental terms: Fire is always coming and going; the other elements are much more stable in comparison.

In any case, if we survive it will be as a greatly hardened, chastened, and purified people on all levels. All these masculine women would have been making some guy miserable two generations ago. Now they avoid men and take themselves out of the gene pool. And the exteme xenophillia which leads to miscegenation will also be bred out of us.

Carol said:
Shit, as Janos mentioned, it will become moot with the elimination of the U.S. middle class which is eroding at an exponential pace as we speak.

Well, those who think Carol is/was Asoka should read this statement of hers ... which is absolutely correct by about four or five key metrics (fastest wage fall in decades, worst net asset base in 40+ year olders ever, etc.). Asoka/Adequatio is the dude who has always been in the camp that we should believe the Soviet-style economic "statistics" trotted out by the government in the last decade.

That's why California is welcoming wealthy Chinese out the ying-yang 'cause the greedy fucking realtors know that about 10% of people born and raised in California can afford a home in the Bay Area.

With the blessing of BOTH political parties, we are selling off bits and pieces of America to high overseas bidders. This will only exacerbate the inevitable ethnic hatred and rioting when that falling asset base can't even support grandma in a nursing home for longer than two months. But ,,, it's all good. ;~)


Where is the "line" for what is a "big" word, and what is not? Personally, I don't think it's about sounding "smart," rather, it's about efficiency. One word can replace an entire phrase or sentence. What's not to like about that? It mitigates verbosity as I asserted earlier. However, I understand if you and Q-Schmuck want to continue the tradition of low-level street thugs and punish all and any who use language above their pay grade. Language is a means of control in a myriad of ways, and the aforementioned is one such way. Q-Schmuck is now using language, and the byzantine and ambiguous rules surrounding it, as fighting implements. Rather than engage in the content of the dialogue, he attacks the symbolic mechanism used for that dialogue, and thus distracts from constructive thought sharing. This has been his way his entire life. It's why he became an accountant. He believes it gives him power. He's a petty little man. It's alright, though. Even petty little men deserve their day in the sun before dementia takes hold of them.

This is an example of an excellent post. A diamond in the rough. It stands in stark juxtaposition to Q-Schmuck's milquetoast, empty blather.

Thank you for the enlightenment. For those for whom this poast did not resonate, you must face the fact that you are in that rut, and by circumstance, you have entombed yourself in a living death. But, you can't leave it at that, no, instead you attempt to coerce others to entomb themselves in this living death called character.

A "mark" or "rut" or "engraving" can certainly be an unconscious choice; but it can also be a conscious considered choice made after careful deliberation such as choosing to establish a practice of daily meditation, the "rut" of habit if you will.

Kant really delves deep into this via the discussion of hypothetical/categorical imperatives.

Speaking of which, does a politician tell a lie when only a fool believes them in the first place? Because that's the degenerate state of American politics today, and why JHK bangs his head in frustration against the 'hypothetical' rule of law being practiced and on display in the higher echelons of American society.

It is easy for the fool to create a certain character because he is stubborn. Stupidity is always stubborn. If some idea gets into his head he may be able to practice it more consistently than the intelligent person because he is stubborn, he cannot be flexible. He is not dynamic, he is stagnant.

Foolish Newton, Leibniz and Fibonacci, stubbornly holding to the idea that 2 + 2 = 4. What a rut of character they were in.

Good job Asoka. You have won a convert to the cause of inconsistency. You are nothing if not consistent in your advocacy of inconsistency. The entity of indeterminate gender can now no longer decide if a comment should be called a post or a poast (tm Ixnei).

And it's too bad you choose to imply that there was something wrong with their posts and their personalities.

Not very Zen of you, dude.
karma, and all of that, you know?
Be that as it may, in terms of karma, we all take our lumps. But seriously P4C, there is something wrong with the values of about a third of the posters here, something seriously wrong.

BTW --I didn't take anyone on individually, I left it up to them to determine where they belonged on the scale of stupid and deranged. Compare that to the large number of posts here that have no other purpose than to insult someone personally....on that basis I question how you determine what is truly "nastiness".

Finally, I seriously doubt a lot of the people who use to post here left because they were bumped in some way, they left for a variety of reasons, I would guess the most prevalent is the disgusting racism and xenophobia that gains currency here without being addressed by more reasonable posters such as yourself. So nastiness can be a crime of omission as well...Cheers.

You are quite a character. I'll give you that, but only that.

Also, the examples you have mentioned are cases that support adequatio, not contradict him. They were thought pioneers who overcame the characters of their day. Those characters fought tooth and nail to maintain the status quo; a staus quo that secured and maintained their power. Part and parcel of how they did this was by characterizing everything, and codifying that characterization in institutions cemented by a rule of law. Today, that rule of law is flaunted, nay ignored, by the elite in power, but seldom is the rule of law ever criticized or questioned by those for whom it is intended to apply; us. There's a reason for that. Maybe Stuck's a Bud can tell us what that reason is.

And yes, E, animosity towards the other, to include other immigrant ethnics and nationalities will increase as the dispossessed U.S. middle class realizes the carpet has permanently been pulled out from under it. And, it's exactly the reaction the elite intend to foment. Have them kill each other, rather than focus their ire on who, and what, absconded the carpet.

I find that some people live their pathetic lives in here. The last post I saw was from a denialist, when I was here March 14th. The first thing I see when I logged in a few hours ago was a post by this same person. Scrolling to see what I had missed in my 3 day absence, it was full of posts by this same apparently disturbed person. I wished JHK was put an ignore feature so these people who have no life will dry up and blow away.Any attempt to get a serious dialogue going is derailed by this denialist and others who blame all the problems in the world on race. If we had the option of an "iggy" feature, whereby we could block seeing any posts by people who keep changing their nicks and hogging the board, then they would be deprived of the oxygen (attention) that their blow up dolls aren't giving them.

Speaking of race, every mick I know is drinking their Guiness (burnt beer, bad taste). Be careful driving, not only some who had a few too many but the cops have been advertising their intentions of nailing drunk drivers. More "we're watching out for you" type of ads on the tv, I guess Orwell wwas only off by a few decades. Not because of public safety, but rather yet another way to steal money from people. Driving out of bar parking lot would be grounds to get pulled over, even if you only6 drank pop or water, so if you had a brew or two, watch out for those assholes.

having character means you have tried-and-true standards and you are willing to stand for them.
character also means constantly questioning what you understand to be "tried-and-true". Looking into the mirror and seeing someone who can be flawed and prejudiced, facing that fact and owning up to it, and no matter how old, being willing to change.

Any other order of qualification, indicates stubborn, rigid, close mindedness, more than it does character.

Character also means being willing to have your views challenged without taking it as a personal insult, and being willing to put yourself in the shoes of another person or group, and not imagining you are qualified to stand in judgement of humanity.

Being humane, means understanding that people are deserving of compassion; being wise means understanding that their views are not so entitled. Having character suggests that we should suffer "fools", but not necessarily "foolishness".

BTW -- in keeping with my own post on character. I will admit that I intended my original post you commented on to be more humorous, and less serious, than it sounded. Words and wordsmiths are both imperfect.

Yes, I have noticed the cops are stepping it up everywhere. The clamp-down is in full effect. I also agree that Guiness is crap. I'll take a Hoegaarden, or two, or three, over it any day of the week, month or year.

As for the censorship, I have to disagree. Censorship, regardless of intent, is always a bad thing. It's easy enough to just ignore. I manage to do it effectively with semen retention lee, so if I can do it, anyone can. Spam is another matter entirely. That should be blocked whenever possible.

In keeping with nothing. The fact you referred to Georgia Militia Man as "reasonable" is a dead giveaway anent your character and intent here. That's all I need to throw you in the trash bin.

I agree with you on the "blocking" feature, sometimes its hard to ignore someone who is constantly shouting in your face. That's why I largely ignore the comments section here these days.

The problem actually goes to JHK, who could remedy some of these issues, to the advantage of all. However, he told me he thinks allowing such virulent racism on his site provides a place to "let off steam" for those so inclined. Maybe so...but I'm more in agreement with the Dalai Lama who said 'there are two emotions that grow the more you exercise them, "love" and "hate".' On that basis allowing hate speech is no more useful than beating on your pillow to alleviate anger. In fact, in only makes it worse.

Don't like Guiness either, but was always partial to those blue eyed brunette Irish girls. Jennifer Connelly types....oh my!

I only wish we could "throw each other in the trash bin", in a manner of speaking, it would solve a lot of problems around here. I don't read a lot of posts, so I haven't sorted all the posters out that closely, but "reasonable" is a relative term, and by the standards of this site I think P4C would qualify.

Michigan Native and dale, it's time to step up to the plate and give us your views on immigration and NumbersUSA considering what has been discussed in this thread. I honestly would like to know your views, and my expectation is that you will be as forthright and explicit anent all the other views you express here.

It's a figure of speech to mean giving the benefit of the doubt. I had up to this point given you that, but you have now revealed your cards. No more benefit of the doubt. I'll still read what you have to say, but with more grains of salt, and with an eye for the pattern.

immigration smemigration, I like numbers, especially 36-24-36. Those are my views, with the appropriate level of seriousness.

It's an interesting exercise to envision what type of car many of you characters here own and drive. Let's start with Q-Schmuck. Anent the profile he has provided us here, if it's to be believed, I'm going to guess a Buick of some sort. Maybe one of these:

That sounds reasonable, and reasonably evasive.

Notable Quote:
'I guess Orwell wwas only off by a few decades' !!!

Hows the Chem Trails in Michigan?
Or dont they happen there?

Have you checked Enjoy.

You remind me of this newly elected Pope Francis, especially with your proclivity for officious matters.

O Pleeze! He reminds you of the pope.
What the fk???

Can you explain? thanks.

Xenophobia? Like the Dalai Lama calling for Tibet for the Tibetans? You are still the bitter clinger to the failed values of a bogus Liberalism, which is now little more than Statism going on Totalitarianism.

Both the intellectual and the commissar may be equally intelligent. But one cares about the truth and the other only power - with truth as a commodity or something to be used strategically. Dale epitomizes the attitude of the commissar.

Exactly, diversity always leads to animosity. And since we don't need the immigrants and there are no jobs for them and there aren't even enough for the people already here - why on Earth are you for more immigration. If I didn't know better, I think you were a stooge.

As far as your writing goes: you have to stop trying to impress your reader with big or unusual words. You come off as alternately, a school girl trying to win favor or a school marm trying to hammer your reader.

Bravo Comrade. Like all Liberals and Women, you feel you have the right not to hear things you don't agree with. You are my fucking hero.

Wow - where to begin

First, the post by the Resident Impediment I, on which you lavish such praise, "carol."

"This is an example of an excellent post."

Actually, it is an excellent example of plagiarism.,%20Vol%209
See what I mean. Typical Soaker Hose in action.

"Can you explain? thanks."
-lucky13, quizzing "carol."

"carol," is fond of making her own Perfect Views seem even more Perfect by practicing "guilt by association" on those with whom "she" disagrees.

"she" can do this in a preventative manner, too.

Thus does "carol" tell dale that she will ignore him - ostensibly because he dared to once call P4C "reasonable." Thus, no matter what dale says forevermore, "carol" has silenced him prophylactically - at least inside "her" own defective thinking.


BTW, "carol" instead of casting hate, self-censorship, and ignorance all around, as you poast anent your Always Perfect views on immigration.

You should try just ONE post where you mention ONE good thing that logically flows from continued high immigration into the US - one thing that makes sense in terms of the theme of this website, at least.

You can not do it, can you?


The Dhammapada appears to be plagiarizing me.

S4B, you continue to plagiarize the racist antisemite Holocaust denier John Tanton and push John Tanton's organizations. You deserve to be called a racist.

“One of my prime concerns,” John Tanton wrote to a large donor, “is about the decline of folks who look like you and me.” John Tanton warned a friend that “for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.”

Fetch, Georgia Militia Man!

It's a good bet you're driving this.

"Be that as it may, in terms of karma, we all take our lumps. But seriously P4C, there is something wrong with the values of about a third of the posters here, something seriously wrong."

And, BTW, I actually did get the humor in your original post. My original post to you was intended to have a little bit of humor as well.

Although, I do tire of those who login/post/logout simply to say, "CFN sucks, you people ALL are jerks, etc. etc."

Name some names and pick some specifics, folks.
Otherwise your post is just part of the noise.


What are your thoughts on the selection for Pope*? Does it matter at all in the grand scheme?

Are you a "practising" katlick (attend mass on Sundays and Holy Days "of obligation") or do you just talk a good game?

* On the day he was selected I was watching CNBC (business show) and the right side of the screen was for hours focused on the balcony awaiting the imminent eminence's appearance. FINALLY!! a doddering old Cardinal came out with a retineau of younger wannabes to make an announcement. He was rather short and his head moved oddly, something like Michael J. Fox's when he was still trying to disguise his Parkinson's. I yelled at my TV screen, "OMG, 'you can NOT be SERIOUS' (a la John McEnroe), they CAN'T have selected THIS guy!?" Well, no, thankfully. More minutes passed and then Frances appeared. CNBC flashed on the screen that the selection was the Brazilian Cardinal and that he would be known as Francesco. This less-than-timely-and-accurate communication followed the Vatican's earlier SNAFU where the smoke that first emminated from the smoke stack (used once in a generation) was as black as that of a used tire fire, until a lower level cleric could shovel into the smoke machine (like soap solution into Lawrence Welk's bubble machine) the white-smoke colorant. Seriously, I grow increasingly tired of the Catholics' (not to mention the Jews and the Moozlims) attempts to maintain all these antiquated traditions... to what purpose? Couldn't they just tweet to the world that "we picked the guy from one of those long skinny countries in South America?" Or maybe they could have the former Pope do an "emvelope please" Oscar-type presentation.

Welmer Price describes the situation perfectly from his angle of Men's Rights:

Fair enough - although my truck is a lot smaller, a little bit newer, and lacks the Rebel flag.

And, btw, if you live in the country without a pickup or a mule cart - you are essentially useless to yourself and your neighbors.


Now, "carol" if you were female - do you suppose you would want to look like this, on a Rainbow Coalition Camaro like this one?

Don't click if you're not 18, btw.

If you want a chaotic descent into anarchy this is a good way to get started: seize people's bank deposits.

This isn't a fantasy-land doomster scenario, this is being contemplated in Cyprus as a measure to fend off collapse of the debt burdened government and Cypriot banks.

And if they're dumb enough to do this and dumb enough to announce their intent, they might as well fire the starting gun on bank runs. Not only on Cyprus but Greece and elsewhere.

Did you seriously think the droning Draghi had things well in hand?

And if Cyprus can do it then so can Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ireland. If they can seize 10% of what you have in the bank, then maybe they can seize 20% or 30%. Or more.

They say it's a one time stability seizure - er - "levy". I'll bet it is. But if they can do it once then they can do it again.

You might be asking, why is it that bond holders walk away with 100 cents on the Euro? That would be an excellent question. Now we wouldn't be such rubes as to suggest the fix is in. Would we? Nah. That's barroom talk.

Get this: apparently Cypriot banks are offshore havens especially for Russian money so you wonder how the Russkis are taking it. Maybe they'll live with it. Maybe they saw it coming. Maybe they see it as the least worst alternative. In any case who gives a shit about the Russians. Right?

Or maybe the Russkis were assured their money was safe. So maybe they're incandescent with rage. Which could be a very bad thing.

Anyway, this lunacy wasn't concocted by a gang of corrupt locals where in-your-face thievery by officialdom is the accepted norm. Nope, this apparently was engineered by Euro-zone finance ministers and has the buy-in of the IMF (who supposedly wanted an even larger seizure of bank deposits). They say that this idiocy has Germany's fingerprints all over it.

In the immortal words of Santino Corleone, did they go to college to get stupid? You wonder whether those formerly stone-cold, grey-souled northerners have been maybe baking their brains in the hot Mediterranean sun. Or maybe drinking too much Greek or Spanish plonk. Whatever it is, it's obviously affected their judgement.

Janos: "And they flock to Eastern Mystical Traditions, looking for techniques to change themselves - as long as they can ignore the moral teachings which are probably stricter than the Christian ones they have such contempt for.

Indeed, I've seen so many Whites fleeing Christianity, offended by simple morality, to embrace forms of Buddhism that are, at book level, stricter than the Christianity they flee. Only when that Buddhism is represented by kowtow-to-the-west-for-the-money-dissemblers (lamas who won't present the rigor) do they play with it for a time. Then they quietly seek something else.

If gaining Enlightenment means changing their view of abortion, well that's just not acceptable.

The unborn human child is, of course, the most sentient of all sentient beings, to use a highfalutin Buddhist phrase that liberals like to take into their lexicon. I remember the "rebirthing" movement in the 70's/80's and how it implied babe-in-womb is psychic. He/she knows what the mother/father are thinking and what's going on in the birth room. Then trauma shuts us down, creating a blocking scar-wall we can't see past later.

The picture of liberals/lefties messing with Buddhism is a nonsensical scene. But it does show that Whites are ever attracted to religion. (White women at the yoga kirtan singing melancholy diminished fifths in a foreign language about a monkey, Hanuman who are exactly like their grandmothers except for the fact that their grandmothers had lyrics they could understand and subject matter more attractive). Talk about blind spots. "I want my lust and kill-rights on inconvenient progeny, which prospect is occasioned only by by wild embrace of kama, plus I want to chant about getting enlightened only for the sake of "all sentient beings."

I gave 2 cents on that topic here:

I cite yogic sources on abortion in that video. I have long cited Yogic sources in front of Whites because I feel that's where Whites are headed. It's like heading wild horses off at the pass. Whites will always come back to their yoga. Tell some of them Christianity is a very elegant form of bhakti-yoga and lights can flash. Some day young whites will be swarming their churches trying to protect them.

Other peoples can be corrupt, but actually taking the side of other races against your own? That's a White thing only.

Letting an alien people take over their teaching and storytelling function (media) and getting presented a well-crafted set of "problems" from the cradle -- is a mistake Whites never made before, made possible only by their own technology. It's a White thing to always be inventing new situations and having to learn new lessons. The gorilla in the "Ishmael" book makes this point obliquely. Out ahead, we make all the mistakes first. We could be like an elder brother everybody is grateful for instead a giant too large on the landscape wrecking things. By messing ourselves up with our own technology we also created continual breaches in our own integument plus continual opportunities for enemies as our own inventions obviate or confuse our own cultural rules.

Some say it stems from the conditions in early Europe where welcoming the stranger helped the people survive.

I think it's more about watching the TV set define virtue and non-virtue too long. You make White kids consciences sting by continual presentations sof "poor blacks," "poor this," "poor that." No "poor us." Nothing about our fathers and mothers and what happened to them in the war. And no "great us." So you get the brunette in the blue dress dancing for Obama because it makes her feel finally righteous.

Whites have no experience living in competition with other racial groups near by as in the Middle East.

We always had national borders, religion, and family to keep things natural. Now all 3 are under attack by a people who learned to live sans national borders.

In any case, if we survive it will be as a greatly hardened, chastened, and purified people on all levels.

This can be. When a few men become willing to die for their people plus re-develop natural brotherhood based on deep shared values and beliefs -- this can all be. Affirming the Yoga in Christianity, at this time, is a great way to both consternate some camps and guide and motivate other camps.

Some moron: "Your conditioning is complete.

Conditioning is never complete until conditioning leads you to seek the Unconditioned.

Now, all is conditioning. Including the moon, sun, and stars. You can't be embodied without conditioning. The skill is to develop positive conditioning that leads you to the Pure Consciousness (God/Brahman), and to dispense with negative conditioning that leads you into progressively dark and inept egoic states. You can choose the conditioning of a feminized antifa. I'll seek the conditioning that leads to the Sat-Chit-Ananda and perhaps to the slaying of enemies of my loved ones and those to whom I owe deepest duty. One of those is singing hymns in church to the Divine Mystery Saguna Brahman Sundays.

Like I said before, there is nothing new in your adolescent mind. I don't read the bulk of your posts btw, but just skim.

Someone on this thread STILL doesn't know the difference between flaunted and flouted. And this is a person who tries to pass itself off as something of a word wanker. Just an observation.

The Church has survived almost longer than anything else - there is strength in those Traditions. But the reality must be there too: the Swiss Guard are not just the quaint guys in armor carrying Pikes - the real Swiss Guards are devout Catholics of Swiss descent wearing dark suits and carrying Uzis. Likewise for the Church: the Spiritual Power has to be there. Vatican Two was an utter disaster for both the inner and outer Church. Someone wrote up a business type analysis called "Leading Catholic Indicators" as a comparison of the pre-Vatican Two Church and the post. There has been an extraordinary decline in attendance, belief, faith, vocations, etc in the Western World. We are going to have to be revangalized by the Phillipines and Africa.

I don't know too much about this new Pope. He seemed healthy and of noble appearance. I agree that Benedict had a strange gaze... Pope Francis does have a mixed history of opposition to Gay Marriage (good) and of Ecumenical Celebrations with Jews and Protestants (bad). So we'll have to see. Despite his strangeness, Benedict became a hero the Trads by bringing back the Latin Mass. Significantly, the Traditionals have no lack of votcations and their seminaries are full. Quite simply, Pope Paul the 6th was nuts. You don't change or "open" the Church to the World because then it just becomes the World and ceases to be a refuge from it. Some things you can change, most you can't. I'd say allow married priests again since the system they have now just isn't working anymore. There is a long precedence in both the East and West for it and the Orthodox still have it.

Beyond that, the vetting process for candidates has to be much stricter. Put the Seminaries in rural monastaries and make them work in the fields and in the kitchen. As you know, most gays hate to get dirty. That'll get rid of some of them anyway.

I left the Church and meditated for many years and also practed 60's type Shamanism. I came back to the Church and was able to percieve the Real Presence in the Eucharist. To put in terms of Occultism: the Mass is the ultimate ritual of White Magic where Matter is transformed into Spirit. My conflict is simply that the Church teaches that it is the True Faith while I see it as A True Faith, albeit one that is the cornerstone of my Western Tradition.

You may convert back yet. Many of the Communist and Anarchist butchers of the Spanish Revolution reconciled with the Church before their execution. Of course there is a God! Anyone functioning normally knows that. The great rationalist Martin Gardner converted towards the end. He came to an understanding, a quiet knowing rather than a mystical experience, that God existed, He was Good, and that as spirits we were part of him and thus survived death. Nothing more but that was enough. The more is provided by revelation. This accords perfectly with the Church's teacing that a mind functioning normally will believe in God and even feel his presence. But because of Orignial Sin we are not functioning well or normally. Gardner worked his whole life to get back to the original or Adamic state. The Saints go beyond this and attain the Christ state or being. Other famous converts: B.F Skinner quietly converted, unable to really express why and perhaps embarrassed about it. Also Marshall McLuan I believe. Recently, Tony Blair converted but no one believes it legitimate. He just wants to cause trouble in another venue now that he is out of politics. He never recanted his views of abortion, etc. Unfortunately, Catholicism has become the religion of choice for Neo-Cons and now with Blair perhaps Neo-Liberals.

"I find that some people live their pathetic lives in here. The last post I saw was from a denialist, when I was here March 14th.

A "denialist"? Had not heard that one. It's a charmingly -- what can I say -- Orwellian, word.

(That's how you do comma overload properly, Carolonius.)

What were they denying? That the earth is getting colder and that climate is controlled by the sun?

Or were they denying that Whites are not without rights? Some things should be denied because they are wrong.

I can read your diatribes on any neo-nazi website. The question was why do people go away. Because of assholes like you who use a free board and clutter it up with the same old same old and derail better posts that are on topic.The other races are here to stay, so worry about peak oil and resource depletion or shut up. Let's e-mail JHK and suggest an ignore button so we can block out people who spam the place with their issues. They would still have the right to speak their minds, as they clearly have nothing to lose, but we could filter the clutter that way

I might actually enjoy the diversity of opinions but the same 2-3 people who seem to live in this place always derail peak oil, resource depletion, the issues relevant to the Long Emergency. When it becomes a play pen for white supremacists, denialists, and other pompous assholes with apparent mental problems, then serious on topic posters stop coming here. The ignore button would allow them to rant and fight amongst themselves but would allow the others to filter out the clutter and stay on topic

An in the end it doesn't matter anyways, getting all geeked up about a message board. So that is why people go away. The futility of it. That is why I will leave until the new thread comes out tomorrow. If I am not too wiped out from work, I will check out the new entry. Serious posters will have good responses and then the same old crowd will fuck it all up with their issues. They need to get a job or get off their mommie's computer. Get a life, for fucksake. Cheers

It's true, I concede I used flaunt where I should have used flout, but I can easily make flaunt work by exchanging yet for nay. There, happy? I didn't think so. The only thing that makes you happy is carrying tyrant's jocks. Just an observation.

At least I have the nerve to concede. It's something of which you and quite a few others here are quite incapable.

"Exactly, diversity always leads to animosity.

There is a very interesting article at AmRen now. It shows that Whites with liberal attitudes about "diversity," once they see the diversity actually show up, start going tribal and they immediately start going negative on it. A pro-"diversity" view and a pro-immigration view is usually, for Whites, a conceptual thing that they entertain because they consider it the noble attitude. They have never faced, yet, the reality of loss of tribe. All the experimenter did was to have some Latinos ride the train in a very white area for 2 weeks and immediately the attitudes toward immigration went negative.

Desire for "diversity" is nothing but a statement of carnality:

"I want more and different flesh." "I want more and different foods. I want more and different sex partners. I want more and different movies and entertainment. I want thrills because I am bored."

Lust for "diversity" comes from boredom and jadedness.

Think about the country of Norway. Even in one medium sized town pre-immigration, there were more Norwegians there than one citizen could ever hope to meet in his life much less really know. And they had a wide variety of looks within the Norwegian genotype. And they could manage to produce all kinds of character types for their plays and stories. Is that not a more profound spiritual challenge?

Are the eyes that can see and appreciate the many subtle differences in his own townspeople superior, or inferior, to the jaded eyes that no longer see them and now require extreme flesh variety to feel life is interesting? Which eyes are more spiritual and which eyes are really just jaded, lusting for carnival?

As far as your writing goes: you have to stop trying to impress your reader with big or unusual words.

If you realize he is a black male writing among White men, who probably read Malcolm X's story about the dictionary -- everything will make sense about this fellow. Obvious effort and the desire to appear erudite is part of that. Yeah, you got pulled in for a while by the fascination of thinking you were arguing with a white female on this blog. Simply review its posts with another concept in mind.

A man really immersed in words lifelong uses them as playthings and doesn't get uptight about them. Another type hoists a word like a flag, or jabs at the air with it -- like a weapon.

Get a job? Wait a minute, do you mean work for "the man?" Seriously? After malevolently railing against "the man," "the machine," you now want people to enable the same by sacrificing their slave labor to it? Come on, get real. If you're going to be a character, you must be more consistent. Iron out the contradictions, pompous asshole.

I think I've figured out why Q-Schmuck has such a bug up his ass. Being the miserly curmudgeon he is, the implications of the sequester have him nervous. He fears that he will be cajoled into offering financial support for his son who's in the employ of a defense contractor and may soon lose his job. The horror! Number One Son may have to move back in, and Cue may have to give up his farted-up man cave. Karma's a bitch.

"I can read your diatribes on any neo-nazi website.

Do you believe that ethnic consciousness was first born in Germany or didn't exist before the Nazis?

The other races are here to stay,

Are you predicting the future? Or are you making a statement about what you prefer? Why should America have suddenly changed? Do you love each of the 7 billion equally? Do you see nothing in your own people?

so worry about peak oil and resource depletion or shut up.

"Resource depletion" for who? A question of survival always touches on the question of who's surviving. Kunstler speaks primarily from an American point-of-view, now from the point-of-view of a Bengali in Bengal. Do you think mountain Peruvians are as worried about peak oil? Thus the question of "who" is going to survive and how is always on the table.

but we could filter the clutter that way...

Then while your people die -- the kind of people who worry most about things like resource depletion -- you would not need to know about it.

Do you feel it's good for our environment or sustainability to have a fully permeable membrane down south? Have you seen the waste they have made of the desert for starters? Would you fight with the same heart and care for your community if your community was suddenly transformed into Mestizos unlike you and none of your own natural people? Saving the world is melalomaniacal. You are not given that duty. Meanwhile it gives little heart satisfaction. But saving your own people and nation is engaging, doable, and in line with genuine duty.

Kunstler's writing is about saving America.
Janos' writing is about: Who is America?

The 2nd question is deeply relevant to the first.

I think you are loyal to no one in particular and that is humanly unattractive.

Other famous converts: B.F Skinner quietly converted, unable to really express why and perhaps embarrassed about it. Also Marshall McLuan I believe. Recently, Tony Blair converted but no one believes it legitimate.


Another one that no one will believe is Ozzy Osbourne. He now feels he's been chosen, but is no longer the Chosen One.

Cue's favorite song.

Carol writes:

" There's a reason for that. Maybe Stuck's a Bud can tell us what that reason is."

Not sure what to make of your above comment. It feels like you resorted to ad hominium vitriol because I was not nearly as enthusiastic over Asoka post (well, his uncredited "lifting" of anothers writing) as you were. In fact, I was not impressed at at all; it was a complete misrepresentation, implying that character is a rut in the modern sense.

In fact, from an Aristotelian perspective, a "rut" is the "walls" (think of a sculptors mold) that are needed to form the MORAL HYLOMORPHISM (raw material plus the form in service of function[telos];also perhaps, do some research on Aristotles 4 causes) of the PSUECHE(individual psyche). In short (and to ridiculously oversimplify), "Reason" forms "Akrasia" (vice) in service of a deliberated upon teleology (outcome, "end game").

Thus to characterize "character" in the manner that was presented is deeply misleading so I will repeat: the walls that comprise the "rut" are also what form the function in order to attain a given telos. In other words, if "One" tends to run off at the mouth, and insult other people at the drop of a pin, then perhaps one's Reason needs to intervene and reformulate the material that is resulting in the insolent laxity of boorish opinion and expression into something more thoughtful and considerate. Of course, "one" might initially rebel against the acquiring of a more virtuous habit, and even label it a "rut" of sorts.

But then again, why should philosophic logic wring its hands over the infantile protestations of the Simpleton Sophist?

All well and good Vlad but do you attend mass regularly and drop anything in the plate that clinks or rustles?

the Mass is the ultimate ritual of White Magic where Matter is transformed into Spirit.

This is a new one on me. Did YOU dream this up? I don't think this is Catholic teaching.

Now Ozzy Osbourne.

Me, I would post a lot less here but for Carolonius' and his rubbish. I see him as an Irregular self-conscripted for the Southern Poverty Law Center trying to stamp out a freedom-of-speech brushfire. I don't sense that he personally cares about things like the built environment, technology, or simple living.

Thing is, I do care about these things. Always have. I remember Jim on a radio chat (I think he was riffing) saying that he really didn't personally care that much about the built environment, but that he just loved to rail about it. I'm just paraphrasing the gist of what I got about it. That he cares more about being a creative writer perhaps. If true, would explain why not much comes of here. But I can't believe somebody who would create that garden doesn't truly care and isn't putting his hands where his mouth is. Nobody out there criticizes the built environment better. Maybe his excellent powers of insult alienate too many people in the civic building realm though. Maybe a Gentile would approach the problem a bit more positively or warmly. But who's approaching it?

Thing is, once you design the mere physical arrangement of a good town square, a good downtown, or a good co-housing development the question arises: WHO lives here? We find that in natural development of the past it was a set of related families, a clan, a people -- who inhabited the "places they loved." If you take an ideal physical arrangement, say a custom-designed village by a Kunstler or New Urbanism architect and fill it with today's politically correct "rainbow" scatter sample -- what will obtain?

If I were some real estate mogul who would play with building blocks and living arrangements, I'd install a set of related families -- maybe brothers and their wives -- to live there. Then we'd see natural human colony develop instead of some political concoction bristling with breakup and productive of "no particular type" of human being. I'd hope my little farm would produce some kind of distinct tribe, and one in touch with its origins. I've been mulling carhell since longtime.

If you analyze how the desire for the "old country" in in eastern city dwellers became suburbia later, and then an unsatisfactory and unnatural suburbia -- you realize that inherent in all of it was the desire of families to better themselves as families; to remain related. Nobody wants "One World Wombat Fambly" -- and nobody will really sacrifice for that. For the same reason, reading any "Directory of Intentional Communities" is always a sad -- if funny -- experience because most of them are already gone. One thing they always have in common is that the deny the principle of family, of natural relatedness, of blood. Thus most are defunct within a year.

Aum, Amen.

"S4B, you continue to plagiarize the racist antisemite Holocaust denier John Tanton and push John Tanton's organizations. You deserve to be called a racist." - The Resident Impediment -

Ah, yes, lacking facts, reasons, or anything else in support of his positions - The Resident Impediment invokes the "R Word."


Buck's a stud? - Do you see where there is no point in answering this blather or this blatherer?

Apparently not - but that's your problem, unless you can show me where I'm missing something.

So, John Tanton, when did you stop beating your wife? And why are all those who speak to you guilty-by-association as wife beaters?


And, why do Racist Impediments invoke the "R-word" with such delight?

Answer: Because it is practically guaranteed to stop any honest dialog, often to the advantage of the Invoking Racist.

Why and how can one word have such power?


"Despite leading the US into war and presiding over one of the greatest financial disasters in history, the worst moment of George W Bush's presidency was, he said this week, when Kanye West called him a racist. "It was a disgusting moment, pure and simple," Bush said. "I didn't appreciate it then [and] I don't appreciate it now.""

BTW, Soaker, who is "S4B?"


I promise you Julian, we will all rue the day you used this word just as we will rue your use of a verb derived from the noun consternation.

Normally I enjoy these unfamiliar words but lately it is all ruined by the entity who cannot leave well enough alone.

the walls that comprise the "rut" are also what form the function in order to attain a given telos

Are you presupposing "a given telos"?

Can you say more about that?

BuckStud, you said someone is making "infantile protestations. You called that person a "Simpleton Sophist" ... That simpleton is correct. Life is simple: Life has no Creator. Life has no meaning. Life has no purpose, no endpoint, no telos. Life is just divine play, like Brahman inhaling and exhaling to create involution and evolution of all that is, ceaselessly, with no beginning and no end. No telos.

CFN posts, of course, are part of that play, too.

Ipso facto, no rut, no character is needed.

Lighten up.

"All well and good Vlad but do you attend mass regularly and...blah

How many times have you sat through a Catholic mass? How many times have you sat in a quiet empty church? If the answer to either is less than 10 the subject of churches and religion is beyond your powers of even your rudimentary analysis. It's beyond your schtick, too.

It would be good for architectural and physical living specifications to be enshrined within religious movements. It seems most prophets, sages, and mystics did not anticipate at all what was to come thus religion needs to be re-invented eternally by the Pure Consciousness. Well, one fellow Baha'u'llah of the Baha'i Faith said something interesting about the automobile. Paraphrase:

"We have heard that an infernal engine hath been devised. Soon its fire shall consume the cities."

It's the only time the Baha'i scowling gnome said anything successfully prophetic. But instead of rejecting the Sacred Car his followers turned into a miscegenation cult and reject their grandfathers, grandmothers, and White nature devas.

"We have heard that an infernal engine [A-Bomb] hath been devised. Soon its fire shall consume the cities [Hiroshima and Nagasaki]."

Baha'i dude was probably talking about the atomic bomb, not the automobile. Dude was right on!

This goes to the heart of the new delusional ponzi scheme that is the unconventional shale gas bubble.
and what this site is supposed to be about!

Normally I enjoy these unfamiliar words but lately it is all ruined by the entity who cannot leave well enough alone.

I concur. Well, maybe his father will raise its ugly head and give his charge a whack, if you will. "Bucks Have Really Big Dicks, White Man" has the Biggest Words of All! resorted to ad hominium vitriol...
from an Aristotelian perspective...a sculptors mold...the MORAL HYLOMORPHISM ...service of function[telos];also perhaps...Aristotles 4 causes) of the PSUECHE (individual psyche). In short..."Reason" forms "Akrasia"...of a deliberated upon teleology (outcome, "end game") attain a given telos...the insolent laxity of boorish opinion...Simpleton Sophist?

Huh? Every post has got riffs from Aristotle plus telos, hyber-himin,' and hyperfunkin! If we don't get the hey outta here this Word Mutha is gonna eat NYC then head for Saratoga Sprigs. Warn Jim.

turned into a miscegenation cult and reject their grandfathers, grandmothers, and White nature devas.

Miscegenation is natural and Nature bats last. You cannot successfully oppose miscegenation.

Cult is a scare word which is constantly misused. Cult is a positive word: culture, cultivation, etc. Things grow in cultures.

There is no "rejection" [scare quotes are intentional] of White nature devas. All devas (regardless of color, race, or national origin) are celebrated equally in multiculturalism.

Diversity that excludes White contributions is not true diversity.

Globally Whites are a minority population (20.25% of the world's population) and Whites must be protected.

Their contributions must be celebrated and cherished, with equal passion of all other races.

Whites must be free of White intimidation. Whites must be free to engage in miscegenation without cornpone Nazis like you accusing them of "genocide." White Idiot.

No, he was talking about news reports about the development of the combustion engine. It was in the 1800s. And yeah, he was right. The automobile did, indeed, destroy cities as human habitations. Even though he was a scowling imp inclined to poison his competitors.

"Miscegenation is natural...

Attraction to those like your own mother/father and relatives of opposite sex is natural. Miscegenation is unnatural and you bat last.

"You cannot successfully oppose miscegenation.

It's easy to successfully criticize it, slur it, discourage it, and mock it. You batted last again.

Cult is a scare word which is constantly misused.

That is true. I've been saying that for years. Everyone should be a member of at least 4-5 cults. The government has their cults, and quite a few. Cults are where cult-ure gets cult-ivated.

When I said that the Baha'i Faith was a miscegenation cult the miscegenation was the bad part; the cult was the good part. You were too stupid to realize this.

Cult is a positive word: culture, cultivation, etc. Things grow in cultures.

Cult is a neutral word. Cults can be negative or positive.

Other cult-like things are seeds in the ground and embryos in the womb. Yes, I've been writing that for years. I'm glad you ran across one of my posts or articles and learned something.

I thought the same dang thing!
What country was more closed off, more Xenophobic than Tibet, pre 1959? [if ya doubt read 7 YEARS IN TIBET].
The Pope told us in the US to 'accept the stranger'.
Perhaps the Pope of Dharamsala [?] will follow suit.

Did you know slavery was legal in Tibet, pre 1959?
And under Mao, perhaps things got worse.

"Whites must be free of White intimidation. Whites must be free to engage in miscegenation without cornpone Nazis like you accusing them of "genocide." White Idiot.

You are not the protector or benefactor of Whites. You are just one with an unnatural flesh fetish, probably mad at his mother.

Whites must be gifted with White community, support, and their natural positive racial identity returned to them. Whites must be free of racial intimidation which coerces them to unnaturally mate and which makes them believe that racial self-destruction is a virtue. They should have the right returned to them to live among their own people and in the kind of societies they build. Freedom of association. (Emma West should have the right to live in England and raise her son around her own people.)

Those who shout "Nazi! Nazi!" at any sign of positive White identity either have potatoes for brains or are dishonest. I have never lived in the country and don't know what cornpone even is. So get some more creative kind of slur, dingbat. Or even one original thought of your own not fed to you by the Zeitgeist.

You're incapable of expressing yourself without resorting to so-called sources of "authority." Whether the words were adequatio's, or not, don't matter. It was the content of those words, and yet you support Georgia Militia Man in his distraction with the source of those words. The words, regardless of who scripted them, stand on their own, and I stand behind my assertion that it was an excellent post, precisely because of the words.

Everyone here who calls adequatio, or me, an impediment proves the words adequatio posted. If you were flexible and improvisational, there could be no impediment. It is a fact that you all have chiseled so deep a groove/rut, that it takes a mere micron to impede your failing momentum. You all have manifested what you see before you. You have created an environment that fosters, nay beckons, impediments. The universe senses your pedantic supplication of its entropic benefaction, and has sent us to hasten your demise.

Thanks for the 'comic update'.
This site has been SO serious this week.
So many unhappy posters.

Its as if RI had a virus [no pun] and it spread
to others.
So many angry people here.

Sorry to interrupt the 4 losers whose egotistical jousting constantly interrupts the purpose of this blog, but I figured I'd offer to the others who rarely post a link that speaks broadly to the techno-magic and market growth we all secretly hope will save our economy and future.

For those of you who have heard of Jeremy Grantham, this might not be new info, but Grantham offers a lot of data in his discourse that will make some of the data lovers out there happy.

Oh, and Carol, I know your going to slay me for watching and listening to Charlie Rose, but I enjoy hearing from people like Grantham, even if Rose is an official ball washer for the lying Power Elite. Also, I don't think you can compare that to the type of conversation you entertain from the gangly freaks (Ozone exposed one gnarly little fucker awhile back) who live under this site.


instead of casting hate, self-censorship, and ignorance all around, as you poast anent your


Its as if RI had a virus [no pun] and it spread
to others.

If by RI you are referring to Asoka, then yes he seems to have succeeded though he never existed, being a DoD paid agent who posted 40 times a day who apparently got furloughed in the sequestration, which is why he [and K-Dog?] disappeared.

"The universe senses your pedantic supplication of its entropic benefaction,..."

Buckwars. Carolonius Pornquist is now a fond fan of the Racialist Janos who came to stamp out. He is at war with his erstwhile protector and black Professor of Tai Chi and Aristotlean Exoterica. Buck has, in turn, who had a breakdown and turned into a babble-generator stuck on 5-syllable words.

The race-preservers and Racially Conscious are winning on Jim's blog! The African Americans, disinfo agents, Jewtools, and simple white degenerates -- are in disarray.

What next?

I stand solidly with Janos and all White men who stand by each other. As to James and his discomfiting Neptune-opposition-to-Saturn, nothing I can do. It's his transit. We are just players in his cosmic play. I wish wealth, fame, and honor on Jim for all that he has done, even if he feels trapped on his throne by a spectral crowd of cornpone trolls. Long may he riff. (And find some kind of love for Gentiles maybe.)

So many angry people here.

Perfectly understandable. Most people fear death so they get angry at anyone they think is a threat to their (or their group's) existence, they buy guns, they stockpile food, they get angry at the unknown (immigrants, foreigners, homosexuals, the Other, in some cases feminists, atheists, abortion activists, etc.), they lash out at what they perceive to be a threat to their perceived group (perceived threats like racial integration, affirmative action, miscegenation, multiculturalism, diversity, etc.), they use language that dehumanizes the Other, they engage in puerile ad hominem attack out of their paranoia/inferiority complex, they insist the external threat is real and their behavior is thereby justified. It is pathetic really. So be more understanding of their anger.

The African Americans, disinfo agents, Jewtools, and simple white degenerates -- are in disarray.

Post more! With each post you reveal who you are: a paranoid racist homophobic antisemite.

What grand Leela! Brahman inhaling, exhaling.

Thanks for the link. I'm watching it now. He's speaking truth to power. I respect that. He does get a bit data-heavy and technical, but that's alright I suppose, because he draws accurate conclusions from that technical data analysis. I haven't finished it yet, but want to note his statements about China. He mentions that China is attempting to do with 1.3 billion people what South Korea, twenty years prior, did with 20 million people. It's insanity. We all know this is not possible. So, knowing that, how's it going to play out? We know China can't support the rate of growth it expects and the increase in standard of living it desires for its population. At what point does the reality of this show its ugly face. What I'm referring to is rapid population decline. We know it's coming, but when? Is it five years from now, with the seeds for it currently starting to sprout, or is it ten years out? Twenty? When China realizes the extent of its crisis, how will it react? How will the U.S. react? What ripple effect will it have on the entire planet? These are the things we should be exploring in depth.



Not the Thomistic 'Santa Claus in the Sky' version of teleology, but more of Aristotle's "Final Cause" version which results from a "Formal Cause", or reciprocally, a formal cause 'forming' to meet the demands of a final cause. (And I only mention Aristotle because you mentioned " The etymology of the word character means to make a deep mark, to make yourself a rut (from the Ancient Greek word..."). But the point is this: Form, or "forming" in order to meet the demands of the final cause is/can be the "ruts' you so derisively demonize (and which Carol in her Asoka cheer-leading outfit does somersaults for[oh I better be careful; Carol might offer to "meet me in person"!!!-LMAO]).

For example: Say I have some wood/charcoal (raw material reducing to efficient cause)and begin to form into the shape of a pencil (its formal cause) which reduces into the final cause of writing - the teleology of a in form follows function.

Now in classic Asoka fashion, you want to move the goal posts again and claim in classic relativistic Asoka fashion, that the telos of a pencil can be anything, even a nose ring or hair beret. Whatever.

But just remember that I was SPECIFICALLY replying to your claim about character and "ruts". And although one's job may be a rut, a man with virtuous character still enters the rut on a daily basis to supply food, clothing and shelter for his family. And despite the considerable pain and angst this daily trek into "the rut" causes him, from an Aristotelian perspective, he still considers himself happy. Furthermore, in the Platonic sense (remember Carol and Jules, it was Asoka who invoked the ancient Greeks; I am just replying in kind)what is a return to "The Cave" if not a return to "The Rut"?

I know, I know, a real master would stay above, smiling in one of a hundred Rolls Royces as he enjoyed the fawning and petting of his loyal admirers.

Carol in her Asoka cheer-leading outfit does somersaults for[oh I better be careful; Carol might offer to "meet me in person"!!!-LMAO]).


See, you're being disingenuous. I'm not cheerleading the poster, I was adulating the content. It's your superficiality that sees it as the former, when in fact, it's the latter.

I don't want to meet anyone here "in person." Quite the contrary. If the majority of you whom I squabble with are anything like you are here "in person," I wouldn't want to be anywhere near you, or else I might find myself in jail, and I don't want to go to jail. So you're wrong, but it's not the first time you were, and it won't be the last. Now, go back to the crowd you little coward, where you belong. It makes for a great shield, Martin, but of course, you know that as well.

despite the considerable pain and angst this daily trek into "the rut" causes him

As Buddha said of the rut:
Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

As Jesus said of the rut:
You can be in the rut but not of the rut.

As Asoka said of the rut:
There is no limit to the number of people in the rut we can love.

" I stand solidly with Janos and all White men who stand by each other."

LOL...we seen you Jules and so have your comrades. Perhaps you would better serve the cause out front, like a scarecrow or something.

And although one's job may be a rut, a man with virtuous character still enters the rut on a daily basis to supply food, clothing and shelter for his family.


Oh Please!!! I'm so sick and tired of this bullshit explanation for why people give up their soul to tyranny. Horseshit! It's a horseshit excuse for "fitting in" and "doing what's expected of you." That's all it is. There's nothing virtuous in it. It's purely selfish. The fact the family is fed and sheltered is ancillary to the motivation.

Thanks for the link, BeingThere. Yes, gas fracking is a disaster waiting to happen in a myriad of ways. Environmental destruction is yet another of those ways. It will permanently destroy water tables, rendering aquifers off-limits anent drinking water.

Have you seen the documentary Gasland? I'm sure you have if you're even the least bit interested in this topic. For those who haven't, here's a link:

LOL...we seen you Jules and so have your comrades. Perhaps you would better serve the cause out front, like a scarecrow or something.

You seen me?

Yeah, out front is good. And I'll be happy to be a mere scarecrow on behalf of the White race. It would be a great delight. Tie me to the mast. Let me frighten crows and protect the harvest.

Pleasing our eyes was never my occupation.

By the way your posts are too long, too loaded with pretentious bullshit, and too full of soap opera dramas relative to personalities here. I can't even make out your purpose in posting here.

"The silence over this disgraceful matter -- and many others like it, including the dead hand in the empty suit posing as US Attorney General...

...who has no interest in black-on-white crimes but took an interest in Peruvian-shoots-Saint-Skittles. Oh, and who is implicated in a government scam to supply guns to Mexican drug gangs so that mayhem would result and he and his nefarious crew could ram through gun confiscation for total control. (Fast and Furious, which has resulted in many murders.)

Carol, thanks for the link to Gasland.

BeingThere, thanks for getting us back on topic.

Water is more important than oil. We are endangering the former for the latter.

Oil sands should be left in the ground.

Carol said:

We know China can't support the rate of growth it expects and the increase in standard of living it desires for its population. At what point does the reality of this show its ugly face. What I'm referring to is rapid population decline. We know it's coming, but when?

Those are important sets of questions to me, too. Grantham gets at some of them. When we talk of population decline are we talking about premature die-offs or managed reduction through voluntary refrain from child birth? Grantham notes that of all the past collapsed societies, none had the wherewithal to stop having large families the wealthier they became, except ours. In fact Grantham is more specific when he describes the self-selected birth rate reductions in Iran and other countries, but he talks of a necessary reduction to about 4 billion people over I don't remember how many years. On the other hand, he warns, if we hit 10 billion it's game over. Aren't we nearly at 8 billion?

Anyhow, I have to admit I'm out of my league in many respects to the whole strategic investing contemplation game; it seems to be a self-perpetuating cluster fuck, but the other thing that trumps even population growth in my mind is the simultaneous desired increase in "efficient" consumption. That is to say, no matter how many billions of people exist at any given time on the planet, does our current model for harnessing resources and technology in order to conduct "business" spell doom for the species anyway? Maybe it just a matter of degree, we don't dare limit our freedom to buy stupid shit, but we should limit how many useless eaters all want to have that shit.

Companies like Coca Cola only care about the efficient use of water (thus a rule of law that ensures their own unlimited access) simply so they can sell colored sugar water to EVERYONE on the planet. We can be as dirty and as wasteful as we want while producing "products" as long as they're efficiently produced. Listen to the CEO of Coke's bottling division speak and it sort of makes sense.

"And although one's job may be a rut, a man with virtuous character still enters the rut on a daily basis to supply food, clothing and shelter for his family.

Carolonius: "Oh Please!!! I'm so sick and tired of this bullshit explanation... The fact the family is fed and sheltered is ancillary to the motivation.

Even though his motivation was to feed them his effort only accidentally caused them to be fed.

Or as Obama said: 'You got a business? You didn't build that!'

"ancillary to the motivation"??

Does this construction work? Seems I have to make an effort to get meaning from it. Even the way he writes leaves the white man doing all the work.

Ahh, on the topic of gas fracking... tar sands mining, too. What's the status of the Keystone pipeline, anyone? Grantham argues against the pipeline, as for him it marks phase 3 of energy depletion. We go all in using the most destructive, toxic extraction methods to gobble up the low quality but abundant oil and phosphorous resources available, which surely seals the deal for the planet. I'm betting the pipeline will go through, no? Short-term investment good? Long-term dead planet?


Fast and Furious, which has resulted in many murders.

The practice of "gun walking," or letting guns be bought illegally in Arizona with the idea of tracing them back to drug cartel kingpins in Mexico, was first tried in 2006 by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The investigation was called Operation Wide Receiver and it started in the Bush Administration. The inspector general’s report criticized both Operation Wide Receiver and the Fast and Furious operation as ineffective and seriously flawed.

Fast and Furious started in 2009, in the Obama administration, and was ended by the Obama administration.


Not sure of the status, but imo it will go through. In fact, I think it was always a done deal, it was just a matter of when.

Speaking of Burroughs, he said something interesting about how things are operating these days at the highest levels. It eliminates the need for conspiracy, and provides an adequate explanation for what we're observing as "insanity."

We have a new type of rule now. Not one-man rule, or rule of aristocracy or plutocracy, but of small groups elevated to positions of absolute power by random pressures, and subject to political and economic factors that leave little room for decision. They are representatives of abstract forces who have reached power through surrender of self. The iron-willed dictator is a thing of the past. There will be no more Stalins, no more Hitlers. The rulers of this most insecure of all worlds are rulers by accident, inept, frightened pilots at the controls of a vast machine they cannot understand, calling in experts to tell them which buttons to push.

― William S. Burroughs, Interzone

So, this is inverted totalitarianism?

Jules writes:

You seen me?

Yeah, out front is good. And I'll be happy to be a mere scarecrow on behalf of the White race. It would be a great delight. Tie me to the mast. Let me frighten crows and protect the harvest."

I presume so; a few posters on CFN (Qzone and Q come to mind) have posted links to your writings/website. You're the astrologer, correct?

BTW, if you really are a professional astrologer, I don't doubt that you're a good one. Many bombastic types are actually very good at what they do professionally.

Steve Scalise, chairman of the Republican Study Committee said: "With one stroke of the pen the president could create over 25,000 jobs."

According to a study conducted by the Cornell University Global Labor Institute, "The project will create no more than 2,500-4,650 temporary direct construction jobs for two years, according to TransCanada’s own data supplied to the State Department," and, "The company’s claim that KXL will create 20,000 direct construction and manufacturing jobs in the U.S is not substantiated."

More to the point, we are talking about jobs that are "temporary" and "non-local."

I'm not convinced XL is a "done deal" ... if TPTB had a "done deal" the pipeline would have started over a year ago. Instead it was postponed.

Asoka writes:

"As Buddha said of the rut:
Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

As Jesus said of the rut:
You can be in the rut but not of the rut.

As Asoka said of the rut:
There is no limit to the number of people in the rut we can love."

Thank you for agreeing with me and acknowledging my point regarding have a choice and to choose is to have a TELOS.

Thank you... thank you very, very much.

I always get a kick out of clips from '76's The Network. Only saw it for the first time a year ago.

And the boardroom scene:

Classic film that tells me the boomers could sense the shenanigans of inverted totalitarianism even back then and did nothing but maintain status quo careers and perpetuating each crises we face now. Well, some collected a little personal nest egg they think makes them superior to others, somehow. Anyhow, they never rose to be anything more than idea consumers, never producers themselves. Now they hide in blog rooms and lament the stupidity of younger generations. Farcical, no?


Carol and Ade posted in the same minute [7.26].
I wonder if its the same entity at 2 pcs?
What a w. e. coyote!

And a happy Saint Pattys to ya all.
[but remember, St P was English].

Naw, incorrect. I wasn't the astrologer. That was some other guy you were trying to impress with your astrology-giblets. Go back in the posts and try to find him.

But I am having difficulty identifying you. You are the guy always talking about Socrates, Aristotle and Tecumseh who tried comfort Ms. Newquist about her misunderstood artistic heart, right? And oh yea you do slow-moving in the park with white chicks and expound on the Dow, right? It's coming back. Or was that somebe else.

"Many bombastic types...

Buck: " hominium vitriol...the MORAL HYLOMORPHISM ...of the PSUECHE...of a deliberated upon teleology...

And he talks about "bombast."

"Fast and Furious started in 2009, in the Obama administration, and was ended by the Obama administration.


When it leaked out and became known. Yeah, it was ended then. Esp. since there was an election coming. That was a hell of a lot of "gun walking" there, Obamapologist. Had to drop that hot potato pretty fast. vacation and mega dinner while the nation rots...

The Southern Poverty Law Center recognizes black racism in America and believes racism must be exposed in all its forms.

Black separatists typically oppose integration and racial intermarriage, and they want separate institutions — or even a separate nation — for black people in America. Most contemporary forms of black separatism are strongly anti-white and anti-Semitic, and a number of religious versions assert that blacks — not Jews — are the Biblical "chosen people" of God.

Though you wouldn't know it reading CFN, both white racists and black racists are minority populations. The vast majority of both white and black Americans value integration and pluralism. And they vote.

Sow a thought, reap an action. Sow an action, reap a habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Sow a character, reap a destiny. With each addition, the rut gets deeper. As Buddha said, habits are mere spider webs at first, becoming threads with repetition, to ropes, to chains. Yet the Soul is never bound in itself and there is always the chance of the incarnate soul receiving grace and being able to change.

But isn't the voting population no where near representative of the actual population? I mean, if approximately only 40% of Americans eligible to vote do so, then what's on the minds of the other 60%? Isn't that a tyranny of the minority voice?

I have no data on this. I just wonder if you might. Is it true that some 11 million people less showed up to the polls this last election cycle?

~UFIA vacation and mega dinner while the nation rots...

President Obama has taken all or part of 83 vacation days, according to CBS News White House correspondent, Mark Knoller. At that rate, Mr. Obama will be on par to take about 168 vacation days during his eight-year tenure.

President George W. Bush took all or part of 297 days at his Texas ranch. Bill Clinton took 174 days at Martha's Vineyard and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Ronald Reagan vacationed 349 days at his California ranch over eight years.


Lucky 13: "So many angry people here."

Have you checked out the Monday posts of our fearless leader?

Inadequate: "Perfectly understandable. Most people fear death so they get angry at anyone...blah, blah...So be more understanding of their anger."

No, it's not because people fear death. See above. (Does anybody here excel the anger of a James Kunstler article?)Of course like attracts like.

"they think is a threat to their (or their group's) existence,

Life is full of threats. You cover your ass in fear on a daily basis. Or do you leave your car unlocked?

"they buy guns,...

Oh my!

"...they stockpile food,...

Oh my! How degenerate to save things and prepare for the future!

...they get angry at the unknown (immigrants, foreigners, homosexuals,...

Much about your preferred zoolist is well-known. Starting with the fact that they eat, use services, take up space, take jobs, and drive down pay for us. In any case it's wisdom to be reticent about what really is unknown. I knew a woman who jumped into a black pit exuberantly in New Mexico. She got badly hurt. Do you jump into black pits? And you don't let the whole town come in your house and eat out your kitchen. Why should a town, state, or nation allow it?

the Other,

To embrace the Other just because they are the Other is simply perversity. And why not embrace Your Own? It's so hard to really embrace anything or love anything in this life. Why do you want to spread us out across the 7 billion? Like Da Free John directing a porn movie?

Meanwhile, it is human nature to be fascinated by the Other -- no matter your politics -- so why does anybody need you to worry about it?

"in some cases feminists, atheists,...

Those poor feminists and atheists, darlings of the establishment and media. Boo hoo.

...they lash out at what they perceive to be a threat...

There is not much lashing out going on from the traditional people eve though you hype it like there is. In any case, it's only human to take precautions against perceived threats. Many perceived threats turn out to be real threats.

" their perceived group...

I see you don't have any real group. All group affiliations are false to you. Who would want such a life? You want us to be mindless and inhuman and have no real group affiliations. How did you get so demented?

...they use language that dehumanizes the Other,

Adequatio: "Well, Broomsgoat..."
Adequatio: "the racist antisemite Holocaust denier John Tanton...
Adequatio: "Fetch, Georgia Militia Man!"

they engage in puerile ad hominem attack

See above.

With each addition, the rut gets deeper.

Janos, the good news is that the rut is reversible because karma is reversible. Karma just means whatever you do you are doing in unawareness... resulting in samskaras (karmic inheritance, like the dualistic (black/white) conditioning we see rife on CFN).

The good news is pratisprasava, which literally means to go back to the original source, which is a reversal of samskara process and is accomplished through meditation. Meditation is relaxed, alert, nonjudgmental awareness; it is pratisprasava, a return to our natural state of bliss.

If you are not blissful, you are not paying attention.

Oh, but the son of Frank Davis takes very expensive "vacation days."

Julian C. Lee said March 17, 2013 4:19 PM:

I don't read the bulk of your posts btw, but just skim

LOL! (See Julian C. Lee replied to comment from adequatio on March 17, 2013 9:24 PM)

Your actions contradict your words. You read my posts. Some of my posts you reply to line by line. Of course you never learn anything from them.

And some Presidents have administrations that are very expensive for the whole country. 2007/2008, losing 700,000 jobs a month, bailing out banks by the billions, invading countries and occupying them at a cost of trillions of dollars and thousands of lives.

Nice link, BT!
Here's a pdf transcript, for those like me, who can't stand to watch videos.

"JEREMY GRANTHAM: And so ordinary people became in a sense, richer than the kings had been in the past. And it
meant surplus, food, population growth, civilization, science -- all of these wonderful things but we only had a limited
supply, millions of years of stored energy from the sun. It`s in your bank account. And we`re draining down the bank
account without any real regard for what we`re doing. And what it leaves our children and our grandchildren. It`s our
inheritance and we`re running through it."
-my favorite lines-

"Karma just means whatever you do you are doing in unawareness... resulting in samskaras (karmic inheritance,...

Actually it's awareness of action that produces samskaras, so you have it backwards. Unuawareness, according to the sages, is preferable and does not create samskaras. As the Yoga-Vasistha said, a man should try to live in the world as if he is half-asleep.

Next. the dualistic (black/white) conditioning we see rife on CFN).

You expected the architecture and political block "ClusterFuck Nation" to somehow turn out to be the Non-Dual and unrelated to samsaric conditioning? Very funny.


The good news is pratisprasava, which literally means to go back to the original source, which is a reversal of samskara process and is accomplished through meditation. Meditation is relaxed, alert, nonjudgmental awareness;

In the normal outward state, where a man perceives a world, a man has a duty to use his judgement. And that is a Buddhistic view. Buddha did not advocate that men abandon natural worldly duties. is pratisprasava, a return to our natural state of bliss."

Meanwhile in the normal outward state it gives bliss to do duty.

If you are not blissful, you are not paying attention.

Don't make sound so easy to get bliss. You discourage people. It's more like this: If you are not blissful, you don't got religion, have not sought God, are not meditating, or are not singing bhakti hymns in church and noticing the lyrics. Or you are incontinent.

Further: The entire experienced outer world is nothing but karma. So if you are experiencing "a world" you are experiencing your karma or samskaras/vasanas. The problem of the body-world is formidable. The problem of attenuating the grossness of the samskaras less formidable, but still still possible.

"Your actions contradict your words."

At the time I wrote that it was true. In the past couple of hours I started reading your posts more. No need to get so excited about it.

Don't make sound so easy to get bliss. You discourage people.

Doing. Getting. Encouraging. All unnecessary.

It is easy. Sat Chit Ananda ; not doing anything in meditation, or losing oneself in Bhakti hymns, fun ways to abandon "natural worldly duties."

"The Southern Poverty Law Center recognizes black racism in America and believes racism must be exposed in all its forms."

I'm much more positive. I think that instead a positive racial identity should be promoted in all its forms, especially for White people in their own countries. SPLC works against that positive ideal.

"Exposed"? No, racialism should be promoted. It preserves the unique peoples and nations. But do the Jews who run the SPLC want to see the racism inherent to the Jewish religion exposed? Probably not. In fact, their "anti-racist" stance is itself an expression of Jewish scriptural race-war and their impulse to neutralize racial enemies. If somebody says "I'm a Jew" it's like saying "I'm a racist." Do they want that exposed while they neutralize the natural racial cohesiveness of their host peoples?

When will SPLC move to their hard-won nation and leave White folks alone.

"Doing. Getting. Encouraging. All unnecessary.

Not so. The field must be prepared for bliss. Why are you efforting and 'doing' on this blog by the way Mr. Do-Nothing.

It is easy. Sat Chit Ananda

Sat-chit-ananda is easy. But experiencing it increasingly in the waking state does take effort.

"...not doing anything in meditation,

Meditation is actually exhausting work. Read "Play of Consciousness" by Muktananda. You misrepresent it based on something you read.

Could we not turn the thread into a meditation teaching thread? It's in poor taste.

racialism should be promoted. It preserves the unique peoples and nations.

How can you "preserve" "unique peoples and nations." All is mixture, from the origin in Africa (in Africa, the place of origin, one finds all alleles).

"Unique peoples and nations" do not exist? Can you name a nation which is "racially pure"? Can you name an individual who is "racially pure"? Can you prove any of your assertions?

It is not only true that racial purity does not exist in nature: it is entirely unachievable, and would not be desirable.

Or do you, Julian, believe the success of whites is due to their racial supremacy?

Why are you efforting and 'doing' on this blog by the way Mr. Do-Nothing.

You think the idiotic contributions I make are the result of "effort" or "doing"? It is leela.

Wow man.

You misrepresent it based on something you read.

No, I speak from experience.

Could we not turn the thread into a meditation teaching thread? It's in poor taste.

Are we out of your comfort zone? Poor taste? That is funny! Let's go back to trashing whites who choose miscegenation, integration, affirmative action, abortion, diversity, etc. and actually elected a Black president. Twice.

You are anti-white.

You are a minority white separatist who condemns the majority of whites who do not share your views.


You are anti-white.

You are a minority white separatist. The majority of whites who do not share your narrow, racial, tribalistic views.

(do those commas mean I am black, too? LOL!)


You are anti-white, Julian.

You are a minority white separatist. The majority of whites, who do not share your narrow, racial, tribalistic views, believe in a pluralist society, a multicultural society. As do I.

(do the extra commas mean I am black, too? LOL!)


(do the extra commas mean I am black, too? LOL!)

We everywhere, bro. You ain't never gonna have a "unique nation" for your imaginary "unique people".


How many times have you sat through a Catholic mass? How many times have you sat in a quiet empty church?

I didn't keep track but I'll guesstimate 1000 of the former and 500 of the latter.

If the answer to either is less than 10

See above.

...the subject of churches and religion is beyond your powers of even your rudimentary analysis.

What analysis? I don't recall making any analysis.

It's beyond your Schtick, too.

I'm trying to determine whether Vlad's "practice" in any way matches his discourse. Or is "practice" just for the little people? It's one thing to describe acrobatic exercises and another thing to actually do them.

"How can you "preserve" "unique peoples and nations."

To figure that out, just ask: "How can they be destroyed." The answer will then be clear to you. The look of Heidi Klum utterly died in the progeny she had with "Seal," and likely other characteristics -- both positive and negative -- beyond the physical.

All is mixture,

Then why don't you advocate for the mixing together of horse and dog breeds instead of the peoples? You will be less of a meddler then. Why don't you mix all kinds of foods together? You'd be doing less harm and only fucking with yourself. Bluebirds and Cardinals run in flocks and it's a good thing. Why are you so against naturalness.

...from the origin in Africa (in Africa, the place of origin, one finds all alleles).

According to one theory. Even if true, that was then, this is now. We "evolved." But if you were really such a mystic you would know that the theory of evolution is a mental construct and that all arises in the now. Why are your mystical ideas only suspended when advocating to mix non-Whites with whites? Remember your Buddhist "allowing." Allow whites to exist, bro.

"Unique peoples and nations" do not exist?

One can take the view that all things are unique or that nothing is. I don't find your nilhist choice -- the meaninglessness choice -- to be the attractive one. I prefer the idea of many peoples and nations. All is Idea. Just mine are more interesting than yours and respectful of what Nature produced over eons.

"Can you name a nation which is "racially pure"?

Why does a nation need to be "pure"? That's your inserted distraction-meme. Was the Appaloosa horse saved (by a White man) because it was considered "pure"? Do people keep Thoroughbreds Thoroughbreds because of some mystical "purity"?

Can you name an individual who is "racially pure"?

There you go again. I have ever used the terms "pure" or "purity" in advocating for the protection of whites and their nations. I don't think even once. The peoples are different, and that's enough to dignify them. Why are you so fascinated by purity? Nothing is pure in this world.

Can you prove any of your assertions?

What assertions? Again, you must be referring to assertions by some other poster. You are relating to things in your own head, not to posts of mine.

It is not only true that racial purity...

Blah, purity, blah. Who got hold of your head and installed gremlins in it?

Again, fans of the Pug and the Irish Wolfhound do not preserve them because they think they are "pure." But because they like their physical traits and enjoy the diverse creation. I'll tell you one thing: I met a Scottish/Swedish woman the other day with flashing eyes and porcelain skin and the earth would not be worth living without her kind of face in it. You can have your one-mix soup. Move to Brazil and tell them they need to mix together more to suit you and give up all their phobias about fucking the 7 billion.

Or do you, Julian, believe the success of whites is due to their racial supremacy?

"Supremacy" is another stupid Jew-meme that you got stuck in your craw. The vast majority of whites who are willing to claim racial and ethnic interest -- like other peoples -- have no desire for "supremacy." Can you talk like a human instead of a box of meaningless buzzwords?

I don't think Whites are more successful than other peoples. I also think that the faults of Whites are equal to their virtues. I can criticize Whites probably much better than you and harsher too. Long live the White European peoples.

Try to talk to me next time instead of your college-installed evil spirits.

"You are anti-white, Julian.

You don't even think we exist. How much more negative can you get.

You are a minority white separatist. The majority of whites, who do not share your narrow, racial, tribalistic views, believe in a pluralist society, a multicultural society. As do I.

The majority had my views only a few short decades ago; the majority views have been produced by massive media propaganda and social engineering, and are in flux and subject to change. Engineered things come undone. Naturalness wins. Love of tribe and people are more beautiful than ugly false righteousness based on fucking (and "serving," and "loving" and "accepting") the 7 billion.

Your views are the narrow, lockstep, establishment views. My views allow for the peoples to live on, uncoerced.

Do you call the Jews "minority separatists" by the way? And do you experience the peoples as glommed together and never separate? Do you use drugs.

Why don't you mix all kinds of foods together?

Are you crazy? Mix all kinds of foods together? That's nuts!

I never practice miscegenation with my foods. I only want unique foods. I only eat beans. And I only eat white beans. None of that mixing with red beans or black beans. White beans run in the legume clan and it's a good thing. Why are you so against naturalness.

Do you use drugs.

No. Not even caffeine or nicotine or alcohol. Maybe once in a blue moon I will take an aspirin.

Do you use any of the above mentioned drugs?

Do you call the Jews "minority separatists" by the way?

What is your obsession with Jews about?

Jews are obviously NOT minority separatists. 47% of Jews marrying between 1996 and 2001 married non-Jews1. 31% of all married Jews are intermarried.

Miscegenation rules. It is natural to fall in love and some of the hottest women on this planet are Jewish women.

"No, I speak from experience.

If meditation has never brought you exhaustion, pain, and more than Jimi Hendrix would have to call you inexperienced.

Are we out of your comfort zone?

Do I post for comfort? Yes, I would be "uncomfortable" talking about meditation on the internet. But I prefer terms like "moral qualms" or "wrong." I never liked men who spoke in terms of "comfortable" and "uncomfortable." It's too womanly, vague, and non-commital.

But yes, turning the thread into a meditation teaching thread in poor taste, and that's trying to put the best face on it and be pleasant. So you teach Buddhist meditation at James Kunstler's Clusterfuck Chronicle now? Why?

What next.

Let's go back to trashing whites who choose miscegenation,

So I guess that means you consider miscegenation to be on the level of religion, like a holy rite. I got it.

Anti-whites love to see a flesh orgy of colors with true religious zeal it does seem. You can go back to trashing White people now, their natural instincts, their distinct qualities, and very existence while preaching Buddhist effortlessness, allowing, and such high falutin truck. But remember: Mass media and mass culture are backing you up ad on your side, coward. You do nothing brave.

Yes it's extraordinary that the most dangerous environment in the Western World is the womb. Here's what a Chin Kung, a Pure Land Buddhist Master says.

Question: Is there any use in honoring the spirits of aborted babies?

Master: No use! You think that honoring them will solve things?

Questioner: But if the child were born deformed or retarded, would he or she not undergo much suffering? Would it not be better to abort?

Master: We need to understand that bearing a deformed or retarded baby is bearing one who has come to demand payment of a debt. You owe a debt. By aborting the baby, not only are you stopping the debt from being claimed, you have killed him or her. The debt you owed in the past has now been mulitplied. In a future life, it will be even worse. Right now, scientists only see what is in front of them, they do not know the cause and effect of the next lifetime. Cause and Effect are linked through the past, present and future. This is a grave offense.

Questioner: But the baby has yet to take shape. It is only in the first or second week of gestation.

Master: No, the baby comes at the time is is conceived, it has nothing to do with taking shape or not. Upon conception, it has found you. You have an affinity with it from the past, whether it is repaying gratitude or a grievance, demanding payment of a debt, or repaying a debt. If the baby has come to repay gratitude, you will be returning kindness with ingratitutde. He or she will become your enemy in the future. Perhaps it was a filial child or virtuous grandchild who had come to repay kindness. By killing it, you have turned the fetus into a mortal enemy. This is terrible! You think you can placate the baby through the little merit gained from spending some money for a plaque. Nothing is this easy! You are only deceiving yourself."

Yes, I attend regularly and put money in the basket. Only a little money, though. Did you watch 60 Minutes? Those Nuns are clever destroyers, devils who need to be crushed.

Sweet mother of Pope Franny, this thread has devolved into quite a katzenjammer. It's to be expected when a bunch of ailurophiles congregate. I'm a cynophilist myself, and a Terminator fan. I'll be back.

Also a fine vehicle is important for a high soul. Even a master violinist wont be able to do his best with a beat up old fiddle. Perhaps the first human souls incarnated once the bodies of the Ape Men had evolved enough to be fit vehicles for them. Thus the inner and outer evolution converge...

The real Mystery is why Souls incarnated to begin with. Punishment? Evolution? Many Traditions don't really even try and answer. Some of the Sufis of India say it was to attain Kundalini, a Cosmic Energy that could only be attained by incarnating in the Physical Worlds. They would emerge higher than the Souls who had not dared the descent.

"Perhaps the first human souls incarnated once the bodies of the Ape Men had evolved enough to be fit vehicles for them. Thus the inner and outer evolution converge...

It might have been the Edgar Cayce material that stated that man became man not through a process of evolution but that astral entities (jivas, linga sariras) gathered around evolving mammalian bodies waiting until they were adequate to them, perhaps even cultivating them mentally. But then once you understand the world vis-a-vis Non-Dualistic Vedanta you consider that all "theories of cause" laid out across the "past time" are just mental inventions. We only get "evidence" for them according to conditioning. "The crow alights on the palm branch and a coconut falls right then, without any real material linkage. A house in the sky has no buldier" -- Yoga-Vasistha).

Whatever "past" you want or deserve, you can get. That would be Sankara's view. And notwithstanding his faults he's superior to a "Buddhist" who teaches: "Desire diversity." (Can you imagine Buddha saying: "Desire diversity" or "Crave variety.") That would be an inadequat Buddhism.

"The real Mystery is why Souls incarnated to begin with. Punishment? Evolution? Many Traditions don't really even try and answer."

The Yoga-Vasistha implies that most of this mess started with mental mistakes. It like to tell stories like that featuring a great king who ends up living a life as a crude tribesman, or as a deer, or as a bee that gets eaten by an elephant -- and it all hinges on thinking the wrong thought at the wrong time, then firming bizarre things things up with conditioning. It writes about the human body as an absurdity, a pillar of clay with a coconut shape on the top, etc., just something that going by what are essentially mental fancies originally at a subtle level. Buddha spoke of the body itself as the culprit, and spoke of taking down the whole tent (the cosmos) by destroying the "ridgepole" (the body, which projects the outer samsara). My preference is to increasingly purify the body and make its projections more satvic, enjoying the Return to the Garden along various lanes. I see Jim's whole body of architectural criticism -- to which many resonate -- as a longing for a return to a purer, more satvic state.

Gees, a 22 page link.
Can ya tell us on Monday what its all about, alfee?

I don't think history is arbitrary. Somethings have happened - but what? We can never know exactly since it all depends on our viewpoint, kind of like that Samurai movie that shows the same scene from seven different viewpoints. But that's not to say that there is no Truth, just that we can never know it completely since each mind and perception are different. But we can gain closer and closer approximation of it, like a limit in calculus. In any case, we become better men by trying. And there are versions that are just clearly wrong and didn't happen.

For the Jews, history is a creative enterprise, a story to make themselves look good. They make no attempt (in general) to be objective. Thank God we are better than that.

"For the Jews, history is a creative enterprise, a story to make themselves look good."

Yes. When somebody cries out "revisionist" in discussions of WWII they overlook the fact that WWII history STARTED as revisionist history. I mean, Jews were first carted along long conveyor belts and shocked with electrical shock guns suspended from wires overhead, or killed by diesel fuel -- before they finally settled on "Zyklon B tablets floating through shower pipes." The same witness material that came up with the first stories came up with the latter ones.

Still, I think we should Learn From the Jews and be in charge of our own history instead of them being in charge of both theirs and hours.

History has a special purgatory where it sometimes stashes feckless nations...

I love how Jim is able to talk in Catholic terms and that Jewish tendency, in general, to be able to be intrigued by the Catholic Church. It seems media are immediately positive toward this new Pope Francis. I wonder if Jim will mention the pope in his new article. I think that the "charity" and "save the worldism" derivable from the words of Christ has to be seen in context with a basic naturalness -- a naturaless of the human order -- that is now being lost. He also used parenthood, fatherhood, and motherhood as examples in His allegories. There was no need for Him to speak to many things rife today because they were beyond the pale then; not even on the radar. Nobody was agitating for "gay marriage" for example in Christ's time. There were no "amateur porn festivals." So the question arises: Does the universalism and extreme charity as represented by this new pope (in classic Christian fashion) have legitimacy atop the empty hole of a lost natural order? Or one under destruction and in the process of rot? Christ today would advocate for morality and the natural family. The charity of a mother for her child and the charity of a husband who supports them both is the basis of natural human order. Is natural human order served by the mass immigration that the Catholic Church is notorious for enabling?

I have little use for a church that can't speak to the God within, or guide men what to do with their sexual energies, or help men and women get stable marriages (astrology would help), or which doesn't have a word like "bhakti" in its lexicon or downgrades words like piety and devotion -- but crowds your dinner table with the world in the same flesh fetish indulged by the average atheist leftist or globalist plotter.

I wonder if this pope can understand that "to be
happy at home is the end of all human endeavor" as Joseph Sobran wrote below. I think it fits Jim's theme of places we can love:

"At certain moments I find myself enjoying life in a certain way. I may be alone, or with friends, or with my family, or even among strangers. Beautiful weather always helps; the more trees, the better. Early morning or evening is the best time. Maybe someone says something funny. And while everyone laughs, there is a sort of feeling that surges up under the laughter, like a wave rocking a rowboat, that tells you that this is the way life should be.

"Moments like that don't come every day, aren't predictable, and can't very well be charted. But the main response they inspire is something like gratitude: after all, one can't exactly deserve them. One can only be prepared for them. But they do come.

"This may seem a thousand miles from politics, and such moments rarely have anything to do with politics. But that is just the point. Samuel Johnson says:

"How small, of all that human hearts endure,

"That part which laws or kings can cause or cure!"

"But the same is true of all that human hearts enjoy. Laws and kings can't produce our happiest hours, though in our time they do more to prevent them than formerly.

"To be happy at home," Johnson also remarks, "is the end of all human endeavor." That is a good starting-point for politics, just because it is outside politics. I often get the feeling that what is wrong with political discussion in general is that it is dominated by narrow malcontents who take their bearings not from images of health and happiness but from statistical suffering. They always seem to want to "eliminate" something--poverty, racism, war--instead of settling for fostering other sorts of things it is beyond their power actually to produce.

"Man doesn't really create anything. We don't sit godlike above the world, omniscient and omnipotent. We find ourselves created, placed somehow in the midst of things that we here before us, related to them in particular ways. if we can't delight in our situation, we are off on the wrong foot."

-- Joseph Sobran, Pensees

I only counted 4 screeds.

Oh, *contribution*?!... :

"Do any of you remember how google gained their power?"

"Q and his 3-letter-acronym login IP (oops, I mean @$$-soker) simply means that he spent 30 years as a *proofreader* of MIL-STD texts."

"They elected a female pope, less than 50 years old? *NO WAY*."

"Speaking of sippin' whiskey, ever heard of Heaven Hill 6yr BiB?"

""I'm still shocked that someone hired by google in '99 had such a low employee number (employee #20, first female)." *WHO DAT*"


I noticed you mentioned *NULL* of those.

AT&T, hehe - I feel I'm so many others *sock puppet*, aLrEaDy (you missed teh *irony* in 'poasts' - *g33ZaH*)!!!

Banks bailed out in Cyprus - with the deposit holders punished.

I noticed that the markets (DOW, Nas and S&P) are down sharply in pre-market trading. The S&P 500 was -1.3% at midnight. I scouted around for rationale but found none till you posted this link. Bank runs always stir the markets' adrenals.

But why is this a reply to my question about your Catholic "practice?"

instead of them being in charge of both theirs and hours.

Is this a test to see if I'm still sharp at 12:52AM?

Note: Although the post above is time stamped 1:01AM I actually clicked Submit at 12:53AM. Can anyone explain this lag in all posts?

"I don't think history is arbitrary. Somethings have happened - but what?

My view is that history is not a separate element from the rest of the karmic flux. It is my observation that history is continuously changing. The mechanical device for this process is "new facts arising," or "things found to be false once thought true," or "new elements arising that change the picture of what really happened, or why."

But in reality it's just a part of the changing samsara. An author invents "pasts" for its characters and the human mind generates pasts in a metaphysical process that "explain" current karmic phenomena according to conditioning and acceptability. As an astrologer I've noticed that actions taken under particular planetary combinations get predictable results that include a "story" for "why that result had to be true." The past story-of-cause gets erected part-and-parcel with the action-in-a-particular time. Like, check your exam results under a good moon, get an "A" and the "story" erects itself: "Oh, it turned out they got my paper by the deadline after all." Check the result under the bad moon, get the B or C, and the story arises: "Oh, that substitute teacher didn't like me after all" etc.

Past stories of cause are, in my opinion, spontaneous constructions along with past events. I think it is wisdom to concentrate on a past that suits you or helps you, or at least the elements that help you. This is what Jews are doing and it serves them after a fashion.

The "ugly duckling" story is trying to illustrate this. First his "past" was that he was ill-born, the ugliest of the group. Then a new fact arose that was unknown before and his past turned out to be different than believed, and his trajectory different.

Tell yourself your ancestors were great, you become great. Tell yourself your ancestors were trash -- you become trash. Controlling a people's past-story allows aggressive manipulation of their outcomes. White people should be in charge of their own past, just as the Jews take charge of theirs.

I love to sit back and watch the past change in pleasing ways. It's all dissolved by sleep and re-projected upon waking anyway, like the spider's web, so how could such a comparatively small thing not be possible.


"Past stories of cause are, in my opinion, spontaneous constructions that arise along with present events."


Thanks for sharing this. Fascinating.

Some of the Sufis of India say it was to attain Kundalini,

...a brand of Italian pepperoni hard to come by outside the major cities. ;o)

"1:01AM I actually clicked Submit at 12:53AM"

LULZ! The *penultimate* proof-reader, who will stare at text for 8 minutes, to ensure *PROPER SPELLING/GRAMMAR*!!! (Syntax/Semantics - see Noam Chomsky)

as a longing for a return to a purer, more satvic state.

Now you are in a dualistic past/future sense of time. How can you "return" to a state you have always been and not ever not been? Satchitananda is, was, always will be. There is no "return" ... only a realization of what is. Wake up. You are living in samsara and drunk on maya. Go sing some more bhakti chants.

as a longing for a return to a purer, more satvic state.


There it is again: your obsession with purity.

I love how Jim is able to talk in Catholic terms and that Jewish tendency, in general, to be able to be intrigued by the Catholic Church.

You are not answering any questions:

What is your obsession with Jews about anyway?

Do you practice food miscegenation? (mixing food groups)

Who,in your opinion, has achieved a "purer satvic state"?

They don't even try to be fair yet we must. It is our Nature. But yes, why be fair to all and not to ourselves? We could at least do that. We don't have to distort our history, but we could at least put our best foot forward when teaching the young. They need that: the great men, great deeds, even some of the myths. There will be time later for the ambiguities.

In those old-time boxing matches they didn't have 3 judges sitting around the ring. There was just the referee. At the end of the match the ref walked over to one combatant and raised his hand. No wait for score cards to be tallied up.

Well, in today's tussle between Asoka and Julian I unhesitatingly raise Julian' hand.

Until tomorrow...


Why? Because we were talking and this was easier. If you are talking with someone in person, do you turn around and/or walk in a circle to change the subject? Don't be such a mud in the stick, or your name will be stick.

Chemists, Biologists, and even builders of high state electronics are all obsessed with purity. Making it sound like a Puritan bugaboo just shows your ignorance of life.

It's in his book "Changing Destiny: A Commentary on Liaofan's Four Lessons". Goes into rare detail about what actions lead to what results in this life and the ones to come. The original text is a few centuries old. Liao Fan was a scholar trying to rise in the Confucian oriented imperial Goverment.


Because everyone knows I called Julian (you/Vlad) an @$$-soker puppet... Ok, *humility* overwhelms me - feel *bettah*?!?

Yeah, he danced like a butterfly, but then he clammed up and played rope-a-dope. Maybe he sang himself to sleep with bhakti lullabies.

What's wrong fellah? Feeling blue? That ok but you don't have to say stupid things too. I'm not the same person as Julian or Asoka. All this identity talk has confused you and now you think everyone is someone else. You better stop before you think you are someone else.

Concern for "purity" just shows your ignorance of tantra.

All your sock puppets are belong to me.

Are we ready for March madness: bank runs?

Officials in Spain and Italy tried over the weekend to reassure their citizens by saying the situation in Cyprus is unique, and that bank deposits in their countries will remain safe. In Cyprus, the levy – which also would hit wealthy Russian depositors who have put vast sums into Cyprus's banks in recent years – is expected to raise (EURO)5.8 billion to recapitalize the nation's banks and service the country's debt.

The Dow could be at 4,000 by April 15.

LULZ, s'oker, you *SET US UP DA BOMB*!!!

Do not tell anyone, Ixnei. This is a secret just between you and me. I am Carol. I am Vlad. I am Julian. I am Asoka. I am Qshtick. I am Adequatio. I am K-Dog. I am Hancock. I am all of those sock puppets, because I am Walt Whitman. I am large. I contain multitudes.

BINGO!!! (B-I-N-... poor dog!) Why U change alias *SO MUCH*?!? Just *inquirin'*...

It's called artistic license. How else can you create *believable* alternate characters...

Asoka said:
Concern for "purity" just shows your ignorance of tantra.

I already shamed you years ago about your knowledge of Buddhism and the progression from Hinayana to Vajrayana but you're just like all the rest of the Buddha-pests whose idea of "Buddhism" is the typical Californicated "knowledge".

Buddhism, as practiced, is much, much harder and LESS forgiving than Christianity. In the Far East, parents send recalcitrant kids to monasteries to get their asses kicked, not to learn long-winded bullshit philosophies. You, AssWiper, sadly, are the same dumb dilettante that you were years ago. Earthworms have made more progress toward salvation than you have.

As I've stated many times before, I'd take ANY person with me on the raft of salvation before I'd take you. You're the personification of a person whose main idea in life is to DEFEAT people, not to save them.


AssWiper said:

No. Not even caffeine or nicotine or alcohol. Maybe once in a blue moon I will take an aspirin.