Commitments and Obligations

     Conservatives have a legitimate gripe about America's excessive "commitments and obligations" to "unfunded liabilities" but their focus on Medicare and social security misses the larger point: our disastrous commitment to the current national lifestyle, in particular suburban sprawl and everything it entails.
     This point came across vividly in a video recently released by the usually level-headed David McAlvaney titled "The Fuse Is Lit Part 3 - an American Reckoning." In it, the smooth and articulate McAlvaney is shown behind the wheel of his SUV tooling across the picturesque small town in Colorado where he lives inveighing against the public that elects politicians who deliver the voters cash benefits. This dynamic is surely deadly, and implies Democracy's tragic self-limiting nature. But McAlvaney suggests if we could come to grips with the fiscal quandary of "entitlement" spending, American life would just rock on. 
     This is plainly not so, but it also reveals the tragic shortsightedness of even thoughtful conservatives - and there are some out there, indeed we need them, indeed one of the political tragedies of recent American history is the surrender of conservatism to religious hysterics, professional ignoramuses, military chauvinists, and flat-earthers. A true conservative would recognize the land development pattern of the millennial USA as a consequence of tragic collective choices, a living arrangement with no future, a trap every bit as lethal as Medicare and social security.
     The catch is, we're not going to unbuild suburbia and all its accessories. There's no way to legislate it away. We're stuck with it. The suburban entitlement will fail even more dramatically than the social entitlements that conservatives grouse about because there's no way to "print" cheap oil or well-paid livelihoods the way you can monetize public debt to support social spending. You can "print" mortgages, of course, for people with little chance of paying them down, but that only leads to the financial hostage racket called too-big-to-fail banking, and we know where that's gotten us.
      Around the Internet, in the vale of financial podcasting, you can hear voices cheerleading the "return" of the house-building industry. Is it a good thing that real estate speculators are banging up yet more housing subdivisions in the hills around San Diego? I can tell you why they are doing it: because that is the only way they know how to build anything in California. They're stuck in the habits and practices of the 20th century, building more car dependent stuff for a society that is already dying a slow death from living that way.
     In the collapse of all these rackets, bad habits, and brain-dead behaviors that is sure to come, historians will have a hard time sorting out what exactly brought down the empire. The big element that will not be so visible is the poverty of imagination that set the tone for it - especially among public figures and spokespeople who should have seen and articulated these relationships, and extra-especially among self-proclaimed conservatives.
     This happens to be the day when the articulator-in-chief gets his official new lease in office. Genial figure that he is, I don't think President Obama has a clue where all this is heading. I suppose he'll argue for stricter gun laws today, but that horse is already so far out of the barn it's in the next county. We don't seem to realize that America is now fully armed. Additional firearms are just superfluous at this point. And to some degree the people armed themselves in direct consequence as their government tinkered with due process, and sent drone aircraft into the American skies, and commenced computer hacking operations over every business transaction in the system, and voided the rule-of-law against criminal uber-bankers who creamed off the nation's wealth while holding the economy hostage. Since the armed public is not ready to mount an insurrection against this impudence, the dangerous tension is expressed in morbid and tragic episodes of mass shootings by maniacs against the innocent. What I want to know: where is the lone swindled rancher who waits to bushwhack Jon Corzine of MF Global in the parking lots of Easthampton, since the law won't touch him?
     I suppose we'll hear about immigration reform today. It will surely be some cockamamie proposal to legitimize the "undocumented" by shanghaiing them into the military (think: mercenaries), and otherwise keeping the welcome mat down for more newcomers waiting politely at the front door. This is insane, of course. The USA needs to reduce its population consistent with the tremendous economic contraction underway world-wide. There are too many people for the world to support and shifting them into this country from regions more rapidly affected by contraction is just dumb -- but we have our cultural myths to defend... and voting blocs to appease.
     It seems obvious to me that in the, say, four years ahead (one presidential term), we will not come to grips with any of the forces of reality bearing down on us. We will lose control of the money system; we'll go broke trying to keep up our oil supplies; the American public will get more economically desperate and angry; and pretty soon the practical matters of daily life will become rather harsh. And at that point faith in the system finally evaporates and people fight over the table scraps of a failed polity.
     Many of us around the country are hoping for a better outcome in the successful downscaling and re-localizing of American life, but those questions are just not in the arena. Hence, the arena itself will probably have to topple and crash before life is reorganized outside of where it used to stand.

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For a thoughtful conservatism -- check out the Front Porch Republic website

"legitimize the "undocumented" by shanghaiing them into the military (think: mercenaries),"

In ancient times this seems to be a recurring pattern of societies on their last legs. This is a canary in a coal mind if it happens. Not that we need one.

Yes, with regards to the maniacs—why is it always kindergartners or theatre-goers or people standing around in a parking lot??!! Aren't there more deserving targets??!!

But as our military and political powers demonstrate, life is cheap, and even the youngest of innocents cannot escape the American killing machine. So why should some whacko with a gun?

The empire became too big not to fail

For a well researched understanding for why the vocal flat earth society exists today despite the greatest access to libraries and information in the history of mankind, check out the following article in Seeking Alpha:

One of your best posts in a while, Jim, and I particularly like your mature comments on the "undocumented" problem. As I explain it to people, the Inn is full. We simply cannot house or sustain any more people in a country with such a downward spiraling future.

We will lose control of the money system; we'll go broke trying to keep up our oil supplies; the American public will get more economically desperate and angry; and pretty soon the practical matters of daily life will become rather harsh.

Which will cause many to whisper it would be all good if only he could have a third term.

Jim, as always you've hit the nail on the head. I am appalled at the people in high places who are convinced that the "system" is still sound, and just needs a little tweeking to get it back to normal. Our inability or unwillingness to see the big picture, and see the limits that are all around does not bode well. As we enter a crisis mode, the first thing we will lose is rational thinking, and let's be candid, we are in a crisis.

This is plainly not so, but it also reveals the tragic shortsightedness of even thoughtful conservatives

Like Bob Dylan? Per the following commercial, he sure looks like a Conservative, but looks can be deceiving. In the least, he's surely a hypocrite. But, aren't we all? Of course, some are more hypocritical than others, and Dylan ranks high on that scale, especially after doing this commercial. Here's spitting at you, Bob.

Many of us around the country are hoping for a better outcome in the successful downscaling and re-localizing of American life, but those questions are just not in the arena. Hence, the arena itself will probably have to topple and crash before life is reorganized outside of where it used to stand.

True enough JHK and still, some of us around the country are pushing on through anyway knowing what is likely coming to pass. I've been building alt trans bikes for a number of years for folks and it ebbs and flows. When Katrina hit and gas went close to $5@gal it didn't take long for people to become keenly interested. What's happening now, even though fuel prices have leveled off, folks seem to be looking for any way to ease the strain on their wallets.

Last week, I gave my lecture on economic schools of thought about the environment. One of those schools was ecological economics, which, as I tell my students, holds the scientifically sound but economically fringe idea that everything rests on the natural environment. Without the environment, there is no society and without society, there is no economy. It also thinks that the current system is not sustainable and should be replaced, not reformed. As my first example of an ecological economist, I used you as someone they would see later on during the semester. Your essay today exemplified that view, as there are three ways to replace the existing economic and social system, actively tear it down (not likely to happen), build an alternative and hope people come (Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms is trying this), or wait for it to collapse on its own and hope that the replacement develops organically. That's exactly what you've been pointing towards and how you conclude today's offering.

I've been neglecting collapse lately at Crazy Eddie's Motie News. Instead, I've been writing at least a bit about how Detroit is moving to a more sustainable future by getting light rail built down Woodward Avenue. The people along the main street of the Motor City are looking forward to a transportation system that isn't built around cars. Fancy that. I've also found some good renewable energy news and was led by the shiny object of the North American International Auto Show from trapeze artists to James Bond to the Golden Globes, which tied into the theme of last week's post. As Barry Commoner would say, everything is connected to everything else.

I also blogged about today's Inauguration. Consistent with my blogs theme of sustainability with a science fiction slant, the entry is about NASA's role in the parade and other celebrations. The space agency is worried about contraction, but they're still looking forward to more good times under Obama. I also blogged about the flu, finished my retrospective of 2012's extreme weather with Hurricane Sandy, noted that one doomsday scenario, a collision with the asteroid Apophis, has been postponed, and discussed comment trolls. You know who you are here.

My wife and I are off to watch the Inauguration with some fellow Daily Kos members. I'll imagine the light rail passing in front of our restaurant on Woodward while doing so.

Happy Motoring--for now--from Detroit!


That's why anyone with half a clue is stocking up on precious metals right now - and I mean lead and brass. Come to think of it - Homeland Security has been doing the same for the last two years.
This assclown in office is the most dangerous person to have held it in our nation's history.

Well, like all of us, I don't wish anyone bad...but where are all those folks who have learned all that high-tech stuff we see in Mission Impossible or elsewhere and, now having been screwed by their own government--who hasn't been?--go off and perform some mission to make an "impression"? You know, like retrieve every single internal email between Goldman Sachs and their GS counterparts in the Obama administration. Or suddenly transfer and distribute all of GS's cash into each and every checking account in the U.S. Or reveal everything about the offshore banking accounts, or a list of the drug money and its sources laundered by the TBTF banks.

We have the strange but not persuasive "Anonymous" and that's about it. Makes you wonder if that high-tech stuff really is only in the movies.

JHK has surprised me with the subject matter today , i assumed he would draw attention to the hostage situation at the gas plant and the impossibility of having perfect security for energy supplies in certain areas of the world.

The sad part is, were we to tackle the task of rebuilding suburbia into something sustainable, that would provide a tremendous number of jobs now AND vast savings later. What is truly tragic is that candidate Hillary Clinton in 2008 actually proposed one step along that path, making all government buildings as energy efficient as possible.

The ironies that surround us are overwhelming.

Denial is the standard American mantra.

Why does the state want our guns?

Why does TSA violate our Constitutional rights everyday?

Why do the elite get a pass on every issue?

Where is the rule of law?

Why does Alex Jones seem more and more like a legitimate commentator on our society? Yeah a lot of what he says is conspiracy theory, but a lot of it isn't that far off from what you hear here or on Zerohedge or on Drudge,

Why do we see the continual degradation of the American Middle Class?

Add in Peak OIl and our total lack of preparedness for it!

All I see it a country slowing disintegrating, losing its way, losing it's core principles. We slide into corruption,

The ironies that surround us are overwhelming.

Denial is the standard American mantra.

Why does the state want our guns?

Why does TSA violate our Constitutional rights everyday?

Why do the elite get a pass on every issue?

Where is the rule of law?

Why does Alex Jones seem more and more like a legitimate commentator on our society? Yeah a lot of what he says is conspiracy theory, but a lot of it isn't that far off from what you hear here or on Zerohedge or on Drudge,

Why do we see the continual degradation of the American Middle Class?

Add in Peak OIl and our total lack of preparedness for it!

All I see it a country slowing disintegrating, losing its way, losing it's core principles. We slide into corruption.

The ironies that surround us are overwhelming.

Denial is the standard American mantra.

Why does the state want our guns?

Why does TSA violate our Constitutional rights everyday?

Why do the elite get a pass on every issue?

Where is the rule of law?

Why does Alex Jones seem more and more like a legitimate commentator on our society? Yeah a lot of what he says is conspiracy theory, but a lot of it isn't that far off from what you hear here or on Zerohedge or on Drudge,

Why do we see the continual degradation of the American Middle Class?

Add in Peak OIl and our total lack of preparedness for it!

All I see it a country slowing disintegrating, losing its way, losing it's core principles. We slide into corruption.

The ironies that surround us are overwhelming.

Denial is the standard American mantra.

Why does the state want our guns?

Why does TSA violate our Constitutional rights everyday?

Why do the elite get a pass on every issue?

Where is the rule of law?

Why does Alex Jones seem more and more like a legitimate commentator on our society? Yeah a lot of what he says is conspiracy theory, but a lot of it isn't that far off from what you hear here or on Zerohedge or on Drudge,

Why do we see the continual degradation of the American Middle Class?

Add in Peak OIl and our total lack of preparedness for it!

All I see it a country slowing disintegrating, losing its way, losing it's core principles. We slide into corruption.

I like the points about missing the bigger picture/targets.

The fact we know about all these mini-massacres is a product of our mass media's attempts to push forth their political agenda. One has to be sympathetic for the president when reporters asked him where were you when all these other shootings happened. What would you have said? The truth? "I can't be concerned with anything that doesn't have a direct affect on my staying in office." He's no better than boehner. They are hand in hand with the ever contracting powerful elite. They need to keep people convinced they are important and needed because they're smarter and write the checks. So when the press gives a horn to this and that whiner...the doctors write the prescription. Definitely a modern society problem that existed way before obama and will continue to exisr in various formulas into the future.

Cfn is about how we create our own neurosis and how people that should be level, should know better, are overtaken by their own grandiosity...the overall propulsion of events, trends and circumstances beyond their control.
So everyone is going to get whatever is coming to them in regards to life choices despite these other weird things going on with weather and point n click death culture.

Jim--your Monday blog is the first thing I read in the morning. That said-- you state "Genial figure that he is, I don't think President Obama has a clue where all this is heading." I'm growing increasingly uncomfortable with that view. Mr. Obama knows exactly where this is heading and is giving lip service to busted bromides like 'clean coal' and '100 years of natural gas' so that all those gun owners don't notice the change in the air around them.

As someone watching the protests around the XL pipeline unfold, it seems clear to me that the president is trying to kick the can down the road as long as possible by pretending that we can drill and frack our way out of this. I'm of an age to remember 1973, when in the darkness (Daylight savings time re-imposed in late October as a result of the oil embargo)hundreds of cars waited in line for a few gallons of gas at the one local station that had some. This isn't the knowledge of some octogenarian--plenty of commentators must remember the 70's and the economic havoc wrought by suddenly-expensive energy. Am I the only one with a sense of deja vu? And is Obama's only goal to keep a lid on things for as long as possible?

Sorry for the multiple posts!

Hope you don't ban semi-automatic posts here!

Put they don't look like assault posts.

On a different note, I suggest folk here read: Anti-fragility..the later Nassim Taleb book. Great reading!

Once the "Right" takes to open looting like black, hispanic politicians and most importantly their oligarch financiers (Geithner)the contraction will make the USSR's look like a planned event.

Right now the conservatives are playing Ol' Pa to the whiners of the left kiddy act, but can the monetary games pay for this extravagant theatre?

The above link is one of the best peak oil "were so fucked" video's ever... worth an hour, even if you know most of it already...
It's called "There's no tomorrow" totally animated, the cartoon of our self destruction.

Glad we're back from the movies Jim!

What JHK, perhaps, make me most think about is that, let's say the whole Tesla-energy-from-the-universe concepts actually pans out. And everyone gets to run around forever in their electric cars...until the last rubber tree gives out and the last iron ore is mined. The whole suburban construct is still a landscape with no future. Happy Motoring was a time and place that is over and done--even if you can keep on motoring.

I lived for the longest time in the San Francisco Bay Area and lived near Berkeley. You know, Berkeley and Oakland, too, despite its reputation, have wonderful old residential neighborhoods. And bookstores and movie theatres and you can have a very pleasant life there. The only thing is, even there, every time you need to go somewhere you have to drive through ugliness, along ugly freeways or once nice boulevards lined with car repairs places and gas stations. And, of course, you have to drive.

To go to the local hill parks or go to the mountains you have to drive. To go to the ocean you have to drive. And 80% of what you pass along the way is ugly and awful. So you have to create a sort of memory suppression where the 4 hours walking in the hills were bracketed by 2 hours in the car. To survive you have to have a comfortable car, car stereo and zone out and pretend the little islands of beauty you are visiting are worth all the time maintaining your car, all the 'lagoons' of parking lots in shopping centers, all the driving through ugliness.

Or ignoring that one set of family friends is 35 miles away to the east and across a bridge in Marin, another is 20 miles away to the east in Walnut Creek, another is 60 miles away in San Jose with 8-10 lanes of traffic and one mega-mall after another as your sight-seeing along the way and it's a pain in the neck to even manage to see each other on a regular basis.

Even with free energy and even in a pleasant place like the Oakland-Berkeley East Bay it still hardly qualifies as a place with a future. Because along with all the ugliness between those islands of beauty are the islands of poverty and anger so to get anywhere you have to drive by or through that sadness and black it out, knowing that if things have been bad there until now, what's it gonna be like in the years to come.

Eh, I've seen worse glitches. Speaking of which, what was going on last week when the site was down for at what seemed like half an hour late Monday morning? That was frustrating!

Longtime reader but never posted before... I stumbled across a band this weekend that blew my mind.

They are called Arcade Fire, and listening to their album "Suburbs" reminded me of everything written here. In a way, it's encouraging... People are waking up not just by reading insights here and other places on the Interwebs, but even by the alternative culture and music we are starting to listen to.

"Suburbs" is one of the most devastatingly poignant albums I have ever heard, and the messages fit well with what Kunstler writes here.

This sent shivers up my spine...

"So can you understand?
Why I want a daughter while I'm still young
I wanna hold her hand
And show her some beauty
Before all this damage is done"

Or the song "Sprawl II"...

"Living in the sprawl, dead shopping malls rise
Like mountains beyond mountains
And there's no end in sight
I need the darkness, someone please cut the lights"

The entire album is a realization and recognition that we're at the end game. Yes, it's dark and deep, but in a strange way it's encouraging.

When the collective rantings of us conspiracy nuts start spilling over into popular culture, I count that as progress.

What "professional ignoramuses"?

When's the last time you saw someone on TV or in the press say they simply didn't know, didn't have the answers, and were looking for them?

Of course people in the real world talk like this, but never in the media. Any media. It's an unwritten rule.

Wouldn't it be great to have politicians come out and say they simply don't understand? But that they're still ready to take constructive steps one way or another.

So there is your proof of our inadequacy. Public figures lack the imagination to sense how much trouble we are in.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day, Brothers and Sisters!

I never thought I would live so long as to read someone like JHK admit that we need no more immigration. Dare we hope that he might yet come out in support of restoring American soveriegnty. As in, the way I think of it, one nation, one citizenship, one soveriegnty. No more dual citizenships and no more hyphenated Americans.

I think proposing a moratorium on immigration of a minimun of 5 years, ten would be better, would be the one issue which might gain the attention and support of idependents, moderate (former) Republicans and responsible (former) Democrats. I think it is the one issue which would give a new party enough leverage to force intransigent interest groups to negotiate.

For example: Israel and AOPAC, you want continuing support for your defense, then give up the fantasy of relocating the entire Palestinian people to the USA.

Hispanic Caucus, you want a path to citizenship for your young people, than stop the opposition to progressive farm legislation. We are no longer willing to have the poisoned products of agribiz and Big Food Processing shoved down our throats for the sake of an immigrant jobs program.

For me, the most poignant, damning, and paradoxical thing about today is the coincidental juxtaposition of the coronation of Obama and the Martin Luther King Jr. birthday celebration. If there is anything that more aptly pictures what the US once was and what we have allowed ourselves to become, this is it.

Say or think what you will about Dr. King, but in his day he was a force that stood four square against the tide of his times and said, along with the tens of thousands who followed him wherever he went) "business as usual cannot, must not, and will not continue".

Today, to the adulation of tens of thousands, the US will hold the coronation of a well-trained, politically correct, Mr Kool Joey, President Barack Obama, whose mantra (along with all the rest of the political figures in the US) seems to be, "well, whatever!".

This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, whose most outstanding and distinguishing characteristic while in office was his steadfast refusal to be trapped between the false paradigm of "either/or" and demanded more creative alternatives from his counselors than "the lesser of two evils" which has and continues to occupy the energies of all the politicians of the land to this day.

I know that JHK and most of the commentators on this blog feel differently, but for me the proximate cause of the demise of the US was and remains first and foremost a death of the imagination as pictured in the assassinations of the 60's and the installation of this latest (in a long line that goes back unbroken for the past 50 years!) well-trained jack-ass of a president. How sad!

In honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday I've traveled to Atlanta this week to pay my respects.

Think I'll go plant some watermelon seeds on his grave for starters.

" Many of us around the country are hoping for a better outcome in the successful downscaling and re-localizing of American life, but those questions are just not in the arena. Hence, the arena itself will probably have to topple and crash before life is reorganized outside of where it used to stand."

I also hold that hope, but in a small and quiet way that people do when they see a particular hope as an unlikely one.
I've been in the "Hell" bid'nez for quite some time now. That would be the abandonment of hope, most especially the false ones. (Example: Obama the Savior, ca.2008. That was an easy one; I checked his voting record and saw where his loyalties lay.)

Duh Pee-pull have been so indoctrinated and have sat on the cushy couch of ignorance and denial for so long that they no longer have even a half-assed clue as to what's going on. This points directly to the forbidden plateau of: ain't nobody gonna lift a finger (other than to power up the entertainment center) until everything falls down around their ears. Bringing us to the pleasant realms of Chaos or Totalitarianism; name your poison.

Precious metals of lead and brass indeed.

There is a place where we can all come together--be together, but what a process it is to get it cleared out and stretched out. It all starts with opening the doors...

True Appreciation
by Jeff Wolverton

Some people keep all but their own family
outside their hearts.
Many will let others in,
but only a few invite
people into their hearts,
and even fewer in number are the lovers of God
who take others into their hearts
and never ask permission to do so.
Rarest of all are the saints and mystics,
who already have everyone
in their hearts.
That is why, when you meet them,
you feel they already know you
as you've always
known yourself.

I also hold the common-sensical opinion that ALL economy is based on natural resources/energy and the further manipulations of same for various useful products.

Anything else is simply a ruse, a flim-flam, a fraud, legerdemain, a trick, a con, a scheme. Witness the "claims to wealth" vs. the actual assets they're lien-ed upon. It's mostly vaporous.
You'll notice this is kept well-hidden; little timmy git-near did his can-kickin' and denial of "mark-to-market" job. little lew is next Bullshitter of the Treasury, so his job is to keep the secret scrolls hidden for as long as plausible deniability will allow.

Arcade Fire fan here too.

Scariest visions of dystopic realities put to music since Leonard Cohen.

Bravo. More wakeup calls needed.

Excellent piece of work this week!

"one of the political tragedies of recent American history is the surrender of conservatism to religious hysterics, professional ignoramuses, military chauvinists, and flat-earthers." -jhk-

Not to put to fine a point on it, but those folks aren't at all "conservative," as the term should be properly defined. The are, instead, members of voting blocks, to be corralled like jackasses at election time - and otherwise ignored.

"I suppose we'll hear about immigration reform today. It will surely be some cockamamie proposal to legitimize the "undocumented" by shanghaiing them into the military (think: mercenaries), and otherwise keeping the welcome mat down for more newcomers waiting politely at the front door. This is insane, of course. The USA needs to reduce its population consistent with the tremendous economic contraction underway world-wide. There are too many people for the world to support and shifting them into this country from regions more rapidly affected by contraction is just dumb*..." -jhk-

Rarely do I want to improve your excellent word choice, but here I would suggest

"*screaming idiotic DEATHLY dumb!"

And here, JHK, we should blame "liberals" far more than conservatives. Most of the arguments in favor of high immigration levels are of the GROW, GROW conservative variety - that economic growth in the US will never ever stop.

"Liberals" should be about protecting the environment, or protecting the economic prospects of Native Born Black Americans from third world competition, or something, anything - to stop the US population growth before it's too late.

But, sadly, that side of the political spectrum has sold out to pro-immigrant racism, or to no-longer-relevant moral platitudes of one sort on another.

There are excellent non-profits working hard to reduce immigration to lower levels.

NumbersUSA seems to be the best, in that is the largest, is rated in the top for funds management, and it even has the begrudging blessing of the SPLC for its even handed approach.

They have over one million members.
It's time to join them. Let your voices be heard.

I also hold the common-sensical opinion that ALL economy is based on natural resources/energy and the further manipulations of same for various useful products.

Yes and I think we have to include in that human energy, "Economics As If People Mattered" to borrow from E F Schumacher, the value of one person toiling. Real prosperity is relating, not acquiring.

"This assclown in office is the most dangerous person to have held it in our nation's history." I would agree with you more if you would have said "in a long line of assclowns." If anyone thinks that all that is needed is the right politician in the leadership role has their heads so far up their asses they never will see any daylight.

It all boils down to this. People care too much. Say no to caring, and maybe, just maybe, some form of harmonious equilibrium can be re-established. But, don’t hold your breath. Caring isn’t relinquished readily.

Thoughtful conservative is an oxymoron in this outpost of the empire (Canada) too. Our present dear leader is in a mad rush to do a reverse version of Jack in the Beanstock. This time he is selling our magic beans (tar sand oil) for a steer. A Conservative icon from the not too distant past former Alberta Premier Lougheed suggested that a refinery with all it jobs be built in Alberta. The finished product is worth more and less problematic than shipping bitumen. In stead a mad rush is on to figure out the quickest way to ship the most bitumen out now for a pittance in royalties (environmental concerns be damned) to the potential successor to the present empire. (China)

..."There are too many people for the world to support"...James, you hit the nail on the head. It's THE problem that creates ALL the other ones in a closed finite system (planet Earth). One can only hope that Mother Nature will correct this problem eventually or probably Mankind will do it to itself, which it SOOOO deserves.
To me, most of Mankind is not worth saving anyway and every time I venture into the public realm my feelings are reinforced.
Off Topic: If the POTUS had any class, balls, sense of leading by example, he would have shitcaned this awesome spectacle of waste that is happening as I write this and tell the Amerikan sheeple he does not need worship he needs the people to man up and start spending money and time on things that matter, which is what he is going to do STARTING TODAY!
Oh well...that ain't gonna' happen. Sucks to be us.

Monkey Boy,

Clicked on the link, watched the video.

Well worth the 35 minute viewing time...

Thank You...

I caution you not to think that because Mr. Kunstler should mention something that it's imprinting itself on the national zeitgeist. I would posit that the exact opposite is true.

Maybe they are still sprawling in San Diego, but around here it's infill and bringing life back to the city and inner suburbs.

That requires oil too, but at least it's sustainable growth. JHK takes too dim a view of things.

The conservatives are no more conservative than a mouse described as an elephant. And what they expect the future to be is like putting an elephant on a mouse diet and expecting the elephant to pull more weight. "Conservatives" are lunatics.

All I can say about guns is it is best to own one and know how to use it.

..."There are too many people for the world to support"...James, you hit the nail on the head. It's THE problem that creates ALL the other ones in a closed finite system (planet Earth).

Bullshit. It is not THE problem. It is a symptom of THE problem and it leads to yet other symptoms, but it is not the root.

The root is the answer to the question, why are there too many people for the world to support? You could eliminate 95% of the world's population, and sure, you may mitigate some symptoms in the short-term, but in the long-term, since you haven't plucked the roots, you will be facing the same predicament.

Considering that, chances are slim for a clean slate. It appears the planet may be fresh out of clean least clean slates for us humans.

WTF are you talking about?
Humans like to fuck but are no longer regulated by nature (for now) and stupid, lazy, ones used to die off, elimating there, stupid, lazy genes.
That root problem?

It'd been useful if people had understood the implications of what Malthus was saying and basically stopped reproducing a long time ago. That would have slowed down economic growth and would have given more ecological room for each person to be prosperous.

On immigration, I think Mr. Kunstler is late to the party, so to speak. I think "the zeitgeist", if by that you mean non-ideological Americans who live outside of lefty enclaves, already figured out long ago that high immigration rates were pushing up housing, utility and transportation costs to levels where full time employed Americans could no longer afford to live with a modicum of decency and comfort in their own country. Our upper classes no longer make useful products; they collect rents, so they pushed for high legal and illegal immigration rates to keep their rents coming in.

Conservatives engage in various forms of conspiracy theory always wanting to place the blame elsewhere: the communists, the ecologist tree huggers, the Blacks, the immigrants, the liberals, the gay agenda, the Mexicans, the radical Islamists, etc.

Conservatives are very prone to conspiracy theories.

For example, conservatives are not worried about climate change: that's an Al Gore conspiracy. Conservatives are not concerned about peak oil: Biotic oil formation is a conspiracy. According to conservatives, oil is the product not of ancient microorganisms, but of a chemical reaction deep beneath the earth's crust. So no matter what the JHK and CFN claim, we'll never run out of oil--which means peak oil is a conspiracy of the oil companies to massively rip us off at the pump.

A little more about the abiotic oil theory conservatives embrace: Cold War Russian scientists looking for homegrown energy sources first came up with the idea of "abiotic oil." (Abiotic: not from living organisms.) The theory was refined by a conservative, former Swift Boater Jerome Corsi, also the author of The Obama Nation. Corsi's 2005 Black Cold Stranglehold: The Myth of Scarcity and the Politics of Oil posits that crude oil is an UNLIMITED resource.

So where is the oil, then? Like all the "drill baby drill" conservatives, Corsi says we need to look "where we have never looked--even deeper in the world's seas." Translation: offshore drilling.

Giora Proskurowski, a researcher at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, discovered small amounts of hydrocarbons forming through an abiotic process deep in the Atlantic. The conservative conspiracy theory abiotic oil believers have seized on his findings, even though Proskurowski says sorry - talk of bottomless, Saudi-free oil is "a pipe dream."

It's not just that conservatives wrongly focus on "entitlements," ignoring suburbia and peak oil, it's that they embrace a whole host of conspiracy theories to place the blame for our clusterfuck on "the other" instead of assuming responsibility for what their conservative values like wasteful militarism, immoral imperialism, and "greed is good" "free market" capitalism have created.

"...parking lots of Easthampton..."
In New Jersey, Corzine's home state, the township is spelled Eastampton. If you're referring to the wealthy enclave on Long Island, it is East Hampton.
And who is David McAlvaney? I suspect you mean McAlvany. You're supposed to be a writer. And your tone is very condescending. If you are going to pontificate, at the very least, you should check your spelling.

"Yes, with regards to the maniacs—why is it always kindergartners or theatre-goers or people standing around in a parking lot??!! "

Because we declare those areas "gun free zones" and the loonies are drawn to them like flies to a porch light. It is that obvious. And that stupid of our officials.


No, by zeitgeist, I mean the "spirit of the times" the "general feel" of the general population.

In this regard, I can assure you, the "average 'murkin" knows little and understands less.

Therefore, my assertation that whatever Kunstler pronounces is being assiduously ignored by the general population and their "leaders" still holds. (Those who even bother to ruminate a bit on "the immigration problem" are most likely to want to let it be handled by them'uns in gum'mint that are the experts in this matter. After all, that thinkin' and doin' stuff is hard work...)

I applaud your optimism [that something can be done], but the terrible weight of numbers leans toward collapse by dint of doing nothing to prepare for some very dicey predicaments and their outcomes.

Downtown San Diego and many nearby neighborhoods are filling in with a pretty functional, coherent urban fabric, but the main development model in East County and North County is basically to build stupid shit all over hell. It's a model that extends, with fairly small gaps, up the I-15 corridor through the Inland Empire to Victorville, back west across the Antelope Valley, and southwest into Ventura County. The only really reliable impediments to this shit are the steeper mountain ranges, some of which more closely resemble cliffs.

Speaking of San Diegans who went off the deep end, I once knew one:

By contrast, the LA Basin, the San Fernando Valley and the proximal part of Orange County have some of the densest infill in the country. Other than Orange County, which is chronically beset with epic political and policy dysfunction, these places have really been getting their acts together on mass transit in recent years. The rest of the country should be looking to the agencies and officials involved, especially the LA Metro and Antonio Villaraigosa.

It's the death of hope that worries me. It seems like all we can do is circle the wagons with other like-minded people and try to live as well as possible. Try to enjoy each day as it comes and face trouble as it comes.

We're just howling in the wind if we think we can change the course we are on. Collapse and chaos are inevitable, nothing we can do to stop it.

I really should amend one part of that for less mud and a bit more clarity:

I applaud your optimism [that something, COLLECTIVELY, can/will be done], (etc.)

Yes, Whites care too much. We have to learn to turn ourselves Off and do the hard things that must needs be done - and not done. Aid to Africa? Not to be done. Aid to Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc? Not to be done. Immigration? Not to be done - cut to zero for many years.

Bishop Fulton Sheen argued well in his "Plea for Intolerance": we are suffering not from the narrow minded, but more from the broad and foolish.

Yes Zone. When Doom is certain, hope is the enemy. We should be preparing for the swiftly approaching Four Horsemen, not trading inane euphemisms and pie on the Earth Marxist fantasies. Jeremiahs are seldom popular, but they are needed. He told the Judeans (Israel was already gone) that it was too late, they hadn't listened to God, that he Jeremiah had been their last chance and they hadn't listened to him either - so now it was too late and they should get ready for their new life that would be in Babylon. Jerusalem was lost for the time being.

average American knows little and understands less.

And how, pray tell, did that come about?

One impportant factor was and is the continueing abandonment by American intellectuals of their responsibilities, which consist of engaging with their less well educated fellow citizens and acting as, so to speak, witnesses for truth and civilization.

Meanwhile, did you notice the panic attack from our Chinese spammer? To paraphrase the gibberish, hiring overeas workers AND their families, ie., paper relatives, is cheaper than jobs for indigenous people, who might as well go off and die, apparently. Cheaper for the multinational employer, perhaps, but surely not for the host nation.

I repeat, I believe that calling for an outright moratorium on immigration is the one issue short of an actual declaration of war on some foreign power that does get people's attention.

One of the interesting aspects of our immigration policy or lack thereof is the changing demographics of the electorate. "White Male" election power is waning as the Republican party changes into the Republican rest home. Most of these people have beliefs and political opinions that are no longer relevant to this world so, in my opinion, it is a good thing that they are out-voted by the new majority. The problem is the new majority is also clueless regarding the important issues of excessive debt, climate destabilization and resource scarcity.
At least the new majority does not have the deep seeded prejudices of the old guard.

With the possible exception of Ron Paul, no living man has been more right about the future and done more to awaken the People than Alex Jones. Celente is good but hasn't had the reach of Jones.

Btw, Jones is not a White Nationalist and doesn't like them. Like Ron Paul he believe or pretends to believe that MLK was a great man and not a Communist agitator, a sex maniac, a plagiarist, etc.

The continuing stream of mass shootings (5 more dead today)and general mayhem (over a thousand dead since Newtown) reflect the tension in American society, but not in a revolutionary way. It is just another aspect of the monetization of our lives for the benefit of the 1%.

While the gun industry celebrates record sales and the successful transformation of semiautomatic weapons into "sporting' guns for "sportsmen" by industry lobbyists like the NSSF (based in Newtown, CT), another even creepier Industry is enjoying record profits at the expense of public safety.

Psychiatry led the way to the Nazi concentration camps when they began a program of euthanizing the mentally ill, disabled or otherwise undesirable citizens in the 1930's. Today they pursue an agenda of childhood "screening", turning any emotionality into a pathology, to be treated with their powerful and highly profitable armada of psychotropic drugs. These poisons effectively perform a chemical lobotomy that makes their subjects much more cooperative and "easier to handle". They also have a 5 - 10% rate of violent, bizarre homicidality/suicidality as a "side effect".

These drugs are now being prescribed at a 10x higher rate for such conditions as nail biting, bed wetting, weight loss and "I just broke up with my girlfiend". Big Pharma pays Harvard psychiatrist millions of dollars each to endorse the use of these drugs on children as young as 6, despite the fact that most are not approved for such use and that long term use causes provable brain damage. Part of their racket is reflected by the fact that poor children who qualify for Medicaid are prescribed at a 4x higher rate.

So welcome to Zombie Nation where we deal with the angst of a tripling of oil prices, an unsustainable suburban culture and a planetary climate emergency by popping another pill or 2 or 3.

The average person is a dummy and will always know little and understand less. Collapse Watch knows this btw. Thus his Communism is deeper than Ozone's or Kdog's - and in accordance with Trotsky, Marx, Lenin, Mao etc. They had contempt for people - far deeper than the True Conservative who knows the People are no greak shakes either - but still made in the Image of God.

While Americans are fighting the Gun Grab, a united Democrat/Republican Party will legalize tens of millions of illegals. And - everyone of them will be treated better than native born Americans. This wasn't "supposed" to be done until the Wall was built and e-verify in place. So the Amensty may cause another mass exodus from South of the Border - unless things are already so bad here that it's not worth it. That will be the end of immigration - when America is just another 3rd World Dump. But that means Social Services will have to go. There are still alot of Whites to be fleeced before that happens.

And the new majority are free from prejudice against the old majority? Liberals hate Conservatives, the Elite hate Conservatives, Blacks and Hispanics hate Conservatives. And Conservative is just another word for Traditional Whites.

Happy MLK day Vlad, I am actually a pretty good dude e.g. "The Big Lewbowski". I just enjoy poking a thorn thru your sandal. That is what we do at the firehouse. I am the "Grand Marshall" of Ball Busting. The bigger the rise the bigger the laugh. Yea, sure it's mean. But hey thin skin is like no skin, with practice you will have a turtle shell. So chill out and chuckle once in awhile would you. Lose the hate and learn to love. OH shit, now I sound like Asoka.. Sorry if I offended ya, STELMO

Well, I think we can hardly say that a parking lot in Arizona is a gun-free zone. Maybe just on that day?

Still… A recent article in The Atlantic cited a study that showed thieves break into houses that are occupied (or appear so) at far lower rates than in Britain. One theory: they can't be sure the homeowner in the US is not armed.

How many insane losers with mass murder on their minds consider whether they'll be met with any armed resistance? I'd say zero. Since so many kill themselves when the spree is over, I'd say they'd welcome a fire fight. Say, on the steps of the capitol?

Are there still mentally-functioning citizens left in America who believe Obama is the Leader taking us toward a Brave New World?

All the rest of us unbelievers can do is sit back and watch reality take us toward Armageddon. Thanks for chiming in JHK with your vision of the future.

"What I want to know: where is the lone swindled rancher who waits to bushwhack Jon Corzine of MF Global in the parking lots of Easthampton, since the law won't touch him?" the question. Surely we won't have to wait much longer; and after the first, there will surely be a flurry of other assassinations and attempts and a massive fleeing of perps (Corzine types) to the ends of the Earth. And that will be when my faith in this country is renewed, and I will once again have some modicum of belief in its reformability.

Obama told Boehner that there is no spending problem and he's tired of hearing it. Money is just something to be printed for Leftist morons like this. Hope you're not like this Vinny.

Like Ron Paul, Alex Jones is a Texan Republican politician. Alex Jones promotes Neocon propaganda about as well as Rush Limbaugh does.

Alex Jones Jones is a sensationalist and fear porn purveyor. He'll spin any story he can into another example of how they're preparing to kill or enslave us. He paints government as enemy.

Government actually helps us by building infrastructure that helps private enterprise to thrive. Entrepreneurs cannot do it by themselves. They cannot build a business without government help in the form of roads, education (if you can read and write), bridges, telecommunication infrastructure, etc. Success comes from joint efforts, collective effort, not solely by individual effort.

"If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet." --Barack Hussein Obama

No words have power in and of themselves. Blue collar White Guys all over America do this all the time - insult each other and pretend they didn't mean it or they're not hurt by what the other guy said. Then one of them goes too far and is secretly hated there after. Or the conflict immediately flares up then and there. Guess what? The upper classes, starting with the middle/middle even, doesn't do this. Interesting that they're on top and you (we, I come from the working class and I know first hand) are on the bottom. You see, they're nice to each other. They "groom" each other to use Anthropological language. It's one of the secrets of power, you see. Losers tear each other down.

What I feel doesn't matter since we don't really know each other. But what does matter is that you said what you said - and you believe it. You should own your words about the Virgin Mary. You think she sucks and MLk is great. This is an inversion - putting what is high in the gutter and what is low on top, but it's what you believe. You should push forward or repent. I don't see you repenting so you have to go all the way through it and hopefully come out the other side. Start here:

I agree that Goverment does have a place and that Libertarians often go too far. But clearly, Goverment has gone beyond its rightful province, and is now running rampant on our rights and on on the private sector. It is idle and idolatry to believe that the Founders intended there to be no private institutions, nothing between the individual and the Federal Goverment - not even the States.


If you can read and write and cipher, you have most likely received government help in the form of a teacher or professor who was a government employee. Even if you went to private schools, chances are those teachers received government help to enable them to teach you.

Just had an epiphany: since Liberals typically don't engage in shit talk with each other, or any kind of mock combat - perhaps that is why they are so incredibly vicious to their ideological opponents. They need hate obejcts for the emotional gratification they don't get from each other.

The Green Types are some of the nicest amongst themselves - and some of the most vicious with enemies. Thus the Communist infiltration of Greendom wasn't a stretch at all.

New England's literacy rate was well over 90% before the creation of the public school system. It has never been that high since. Clearly, this system was created for other reasons than education... Horace Mann and Co were great admirers of the Prussian State dontcha know...

Of course, the New Eglanders were Yankee Aryans. You'd never get that level of literacy now, public schools, private, home, whatever. The Genetic Capital just isn't there anymore.

Have a look at Florida from 60 miles up - Google Earth™
Looks all the world like an autopsied smokers lung full of cancer......

At least the new majority does not have the deep seeded prejudices of the old guard.

deep seated

White, male, and property owners were literate? Or everyone (natives, women, Blacks, etc.) had a literacy rate of 90% ... do you have a citation to support your claim of a universal literacy rate of 90%?

We, the people, still believe that every citizen deserves a basic measure of security and dignity. We must make the hard choices to reduce the cost of health care and the size of our deficit. But we reject the belief that America must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future. For we remember the lessons of our past, when twilight years were spent in poverty, and parents of a child with a disability had nowhere to turn. We do not believe that in this country, freedom is reserved for the lucky, or happiness for the few. We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, any one of us, at any time, may face a job loss, or a sudden illness, or a home swept away in a terrible storm. The commitments we make to each other – through Medicare, and Medicaid, and Social Security – these things do not sap our initiative; they strengthen us. They do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make this country great. -- Barack Hussein Obama

the True Conservative who knows the People are no greak shakes either

milk ;o)

This is a canary in a coal mind if it happens.

There is something in the ear of some people that demands a hard T or D sound at the end of certain words. My wife, for example, always says cousint for cousin and her brother (my B-I-L) always says goald for goal. It drives me crazy, of course.

Since the E and D are adjacent on the keyboard yours might be what is known as a "fat finger" error.

Well Vlad, I see that thorn is still working into your thin skin. Perhaps you should get steel bottomed sandals. Obviously you have no clue about real stress and the way it is dealt with. Throwing verbal jabs is a way to deal with it. It is an art form. Your jabs are true hatred filled comments. You should hide your head in shame .I give it out but I receive plenty in return. You are right about one thing. I don't believe in the bible and the immaculate conception. I do believe in Jesus but just consider him another one of histories great philosophers. This "my God is better than your God " bullshit has caused more grief for mankind, and you as a smart fella should admit it to youself. This will be the last of our correspondance.Goodbye.

All speech, no matter how sublime and inspiring, is just idle talk unless acted upon and lived up to.

"We ought to face the unpleasant fact that Obama will be remembered as a president of achievement and consequence," he wrote. "It does not matter if, like I do, you think those achievements are horrible and that their consequences will be worse. Obama's reversal of the Reagan revolution is here." --conservative Matthew Continetti

What's life without the occasional what? Can't quite make it out. Oh, "detour" (had to Google it). Uh, yeah. Fun to take that up a level. "What's the progress of human society without the occasional detour into, say, resource depletion, including water for irrigation of marginal farmland."

"Life is what happens while you're making other plans". Oh, wait. That was John Lennon. Well anyway.

Lot of symbolism in that commercial, intentional or not. Windmills, train with tanker cars, zipping past a (gasoline?) tanker truck in one of the least fuel efficient vehicles available on today's market. Then there are the cows. None of them with a leg stuck in a fence, though. That would have been too obvious, I guess.

Yeah and remember when the White Firemen got the Black Fireman to eat dog food? Racists! (Good One!) He won big in Court and didn't have to associate with his inferiors anymore. Give me a few million and I'll eat some dog food too....

But he was right in one of his points btw: he said the other Firemen would never let him live it down, always barking at him, etc. This is a perfect example of the cruelty I alluded to.

All the rest of us unbelievers can do is sit back and watch reality take us toward Armageddon.

No no no, get up offa your ass walk over to the window, open it up an scream as loud as you can:

I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

The Jon Corzines of the world cannot exist as they do without the aid of their small army of sycophantic technocratic minions. The Enablers. Those who Kiss Up and Kick Down. When things have regressed to a certain point in the future where no one has recourse to the law anymore, this small army should be remembered when any attempts at Justice are meted out. You know who these Technocrats are. Don't ever forget, because like Dathan the Task Master, even after the Collapse to come, they will show their ugly heads again to perpetuate the injustice inflicted upon us for millenia.

Never Again!!!

You suppose McAlvaney brings up his Y2K fearmongering while tooling around soothsaying in his SUV?
I doubt it. Just another conservative Christian with all the answers.

Yes, that one was my fat finger. My mind knows a mine just fine.

The Genetic Capital just isn't there anymore.

Yeah, the Indians got wiped out.

Yes, I am a Master of the very thing I condemn. . And yes, who has the thin skin now? By way of explanation, I'm not against hatred, but rather against hating the wrong people. Hating your male co-workers is inappropriate. Hating MLK and his minions is.

Seriously, think about what I said. You and I were both raised to be losers. Well functioning people in Real Cultures don't tear each other to shreds for shits and giggles and then pretend they didn't just do that or that it didn't hurt.

Also in you Game, surely you must have realized that there are Limits? Are Mothers on the Table? No? Then why insult the Mother of Christ? You KNEW that was forbidden yet you did it anyway. And no, Goverment has killed more people than Religion ever did. I admit that these two were often indistinguishable and that one of the glories of America was to make them so. Liberals have distorted this to make Religion evil - and create a new Civil Religion with Black Messiahs.

You are a vampire and I thust a steak into your 'art.

4 more years with 'The Last King of Scotland'.

What's this place going to look like in 2016?

Saw in NYT whites will be a minority in California by the end of the year. That will make a lot of people happy. As for me, I'm surprised it took so long.

I went into Hartford today. I looked around and wondered, "What's going to happen when the foodstamps, welfare checks and section 8 payments stop rolling in? That is all thats's keeping this place going?" Its not going to be pretty.


You are right about one thing, Vlad. MLK day is the High Holy Day with the Libs and the Left. It used to be May Day but that got a little discredited when they found out Chairman Mao and Comrade Stalin liquidated 100 million human beings beween them in the Workers Paradise. Not that they care, but its a little embarrassing.


You have a fat head: the Conquest of the Indians and their dispossession was necessary for America to be born. If you regret this, then leave. To regret and stay is to be existentially inauthentic. So put on your black beret and go back to Europe, Whitey. Write to us from a Cafe in Paris.

The Blacks, Indians, and now the Mexicans have made it clear that they want us off this continent. Why are you still here?

Obama plans to mix the Gun Grab with Obamacare using the CHILDREN. Kids are going to be asked in school if Daddy has a gun. If that is scary, etc. In other words, without even knowing it, the kids are going to be turned into Rats. Imagine the guilt this will cause when the Police come. Imagine the anguish to the Parents if the child is taken away.

Face it Ront: we are in the Presence of Pure Evil exactly the same as under Mao or Stalin or Trotsky (sorry Jgang, the mass executions started under him. Can't blame everything on the "Romans")

Did you see my late nite post to you?

Also I looked up 'deep seeded' and the scribes
on the web agree its 'deep seeded'.

Describe this place, 'Hartford'.
And what of the places from yr childhood you
tried to go back to?

Continuing with the movie theme, has anyone seen this excellent movie?

Life of Pi

It deals with many of the issues discussed in this space.

Did you see my late nite post to you?

Yes, but I can't locate "the Talk." Post a link.

"Also I looked up 'deep seeded' and the scribes
on the web agree its 'deep seeded'.

Your scribes are wrong, see following (and numerous others at Google):

Which is correct "deep-seeded" or "deep-seated"? -Yahoo! Answers › ... › Education & Reference › Words & Wordplay

5 answers - Nov 26, 2006
Top answer: G'day Richard K, Thank you for your question. Deep-seated is correct. It means deeply-rooted or deep beneath the surface.

With regard to O, b am..a's speech, is there a name for the kind of mental illness characterizing extreme cynicism and lack of sincerity, where someone mouths the words, but doesn't believe in anything that he's saying? Thanks.

I agree with this post.

In the future dystopia in which the government comes to dominate the economy and most "good paying" jobs accessible to average blokes are in "the government", people will seek to disassociate themselves from decent, non-conformist, free-thinking people and/or people who they fear might compromise their careers in government due to the omnipresent su..r veill,,ance state. Society becomes a big Shithole....

How 'bout this for a story-line?

Set in the late 19th century wild west, a gun-slinger rides into an isolated prairie town that is organized as a t..o tali t,,ari,,an society. The town is called SHIT HOLE. Gun slinger f..cks all the women, shoots all the men and then burns the town ground before then taking a huge crap on it.

In the past, the oppressors were the monarchs. We handled and go away from that with the Magna Carta and other developments.

Now it is governments that are the oppressors. Central banks and governments are the primary enemy of the people (actually the people are their own worst enemies for unwittingly electing and re-electing the representatives who are their executioners).

These central banks need to go. Governments need to become smaller and get out of the way.

We need a new type of Magna Carta for today.

Four more years of Obama will sink the US economy to levels not even imagined today. Continuing to prop up a system with no future shall bring our country to its knees.

The first time you meet someone listen carefully to what they say. The first thing out of their mouth is often a clear truth or a boldfaced lie. Change we can believe in was the first thing we ever heard Obama say and the truth of that turns out to be no change at all. McAlvaney hit it on the head when he identifed the emergence of a political class of elite career politicians who do not serve the public good but only serve themselves unless by chance the two interests coincide. McAlvaney reasons are to sell financial services true, but so what, that doesn't make him wrong any more than JHK is proven wrong every time he drives a car.

Each generation of an established aristocracy becomes more disconnected from their subjects and American politicians are aristocracy. It's not hereditary unless you consider money is inherited but the characteristic of membership in a separate and superior class, a ruling class, the defining characteristic of any aristocracy is undeniable. So long as self interest and the public duty coincide everything is fine but thats not what we have. Downscaling and re-localizing American life means nothing to quObama and everything else which passes for leadership in this country. Downsizing and living within means does not put money in a politicians pockets and politicians are all about lining their pockets. Politics is their career, their vocation, it is not a civic obligation to them for the two are mutually exclusive.

That we have lost our way is understandable. Americans worship specialization and confuse efficiency with virtue. Smart in America means knowing a lot about small slivers of the intellectual pie. The smaller the slice you have and the more you know about that little slice the smarter you are. You know your place and within those tiny boundaries and you,- king of nothing fit in. Second place does not count, winning is everything. Consequently it's natural to believe that a separate ruling class can take care of us far better than we can take care of ourselves. Ask the common man or woman if he or she is better off ruled by experts and by god and apple pie they will agree. Ancient Greeks learned better 2500 years ago and we need a Cleisthenes now for ancient lessons have been forgotten.

Innovation in a totalitarian state is almost non-existent and American innovation declines with every loss of freedom. At a time when we desperately need new habits and new practices, when nobody in California knows how to build a house without hiring a dozen Mexicans we need help. When everything has been reduced to the turn of a crank and then waiting for magic to happen circumstances which can lead to new ways of doing things are rare Anyone who is lucky enough to have a job is also smart enough to not make any waves and keep their mouth shut. Every vacant job has three people trying to get it and that is not an atmosphere which embraces change. A bit of rain has fallen and now we are mired in mud, it didn't take much.

Occasionally the historical record shows men of greatness emerging to lead, a hero who dreams of better worlds. It doesn't happen all the time but it can, lets hope it does. Lets make it happen.

Here's another data point of cultural decline in the Anglosphere:

I wouldn't want to be in PR or command at the Saskatoon Police Services right now, because Constable Scanlon is getting egg all over his agency's face by publicly promising to dump an unsolicited, very macabre commemorative statue on Newtown. I think I embarrassed one of their Twitter lackeys by calling Scanlon a grief junkie. Oh, well. That's what happens when your police agency hires the kind of cops who go on the record with that kind of weenie idiocy.

That's the movie the Indian rape victim saw just before she was assaulted. She and the resulting Indian riots were big news last month. Everywhere but in the US that is.

No one makes the suburbia is unsustainable argument better than Chuck Marohn of (Jim is entertaining as hell, but Chuck gets into the nitty gritty financials). Sitting through his presentation should be required of every city, county, and state official before they take office and spend away our future (because they don't understand the liabilities of what they're already responsible to maintain).

After a lull, lots of new stuff is getting built here in Miami. BUT, it is all stuff in the dense urban core with retail on the ground floor. Seems the South Americans who came to town to buy up the unsold stock built during the last boom (cash deals sold at reduced prices) aren't interested in the suburbs/exburbs. Thus, builders are responding with more projects in the dense cores. In Miami Beach where there are restrictions about knocking down historical buildings, buildings are getting renovated left and right, usually by stripping the interiors completely and updating everything. This might once again become the walkable city it once was.

But, but... in the artistes rendering, they's all clamberin' up through th' clouds to heb'bn where they'll be happy happy joy joy wid baby Jeebus forever and ever, amen. Isn't that what we've been popped onto the earth for?

Why, Saskatoon louts are just as befuddled as our'n! (And just as good spellerers too, from glancing through the comments.) Am these not sings of hope for ar nayshun?

You didn't click on the link, did you? It's a surprise.

Or, how 'bout this for a story line?

An unassuming bloke's relatives come to visit in his house for a week. Relatives turn out to be very auth..or,,itar ian and buy into all the,,gan..da and the whole,,ita,,rian trip.

95% of people are AFRAID....

Was kevin spacey channeling jon corzine in margin call?

I guess I can say I witnessed history this morning...I certainly got a major history lesson.
According to sen. Shoemaker, I live on the right side of history. Wow...this nation is arrogant.
At least with a monarchy they can claim divine ordination and it not be ALL about them and what they are wearing.
He also appealed to people to look for the good in this administration....because they represent so many bad people? Like a lawyer defending a teenage mass murderer?
Like corporations legally raping and pillaging the masses?
What the hell is middle class anymore when they are dying on freeways in excess of military losses? And how does a hat or tshirt or program solidify a moment? 1 million people coming and going on foot is just another shallow biblical allusion. At least woodstock had some real people involved instead of a bunch of stuffy posers who aren't going to be around in the next 20 years.

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Taki is bitter [or pretends to be].
Back in Greece he knew Arriana. She didnt pay her writers, but got 1/3 billion $!

Clearly JD is smarter, more articulate and more
ethical than Soto.
Now ya know why society is messed up.
Cronyism trumps talent.

"Since the armed public is not ready to mount an insurrection against this impudence, the dangerous tension is expressed in morbid and tragic episodes of mass shootings by maniacs against the innocent."

I think you got this just right, James

No, and damn I wish you hadn't made me. Thar she blows and here I spew.

As JHK points out, we are "stuck" with the suburban sprawl that we have built for ourselves.

While we can't easily un-do that, I think it will be interesting to see how suburbia evolves, at some point in the not-so-distant future, to survive (although not thrive) in the Brave New Post-Peak-Oil World.

Some possibilities:

- People giving up most of their SUVs for motorcycles or community-operated jitneys that circulate to get them where they need to go.

- Massive acreages of sod torn out, and replaced with vegetable gardens.

- Infill and mixed commercial activities invading the currently homogeneous block-after-block of detached, single family housing. By which I mean commercial activities selling actual practical things, such as hardware stores (gasp) and bakeries (gasp) and bicycle repair shops (double gasp).

- More bike trails and bike lanes that actually GO somewhere ... i.e., not just for weekend recreation, but for actually fetching groceries, garden tools, books, duct tape, eggs, fruit tree netting, coffee, bread.

Of course, proposing any of the above changes in 2013 would throw most homeowners' associations into apoplectic fits of outrage. And, off course, proposing the above changes in 2033 will just seem like, duh, common sense.

A hero? But of whom and for whom? Us? The Blacks? The Mexicans? This isn't just Fascist Theory: all these groups have conflicting interests. Our would be Hero will have to choose!

I want to climb into the clouds for the kids too! This is being a space monkey in Fight Club speak.

I found the Indian gang rape story being the gigantic international story it is getting zero coverage in this mighty cultural juggernaut of ours we call home v-e-r-y interesting. The five defendants are going on trial now and people are screaming for executions.

Curious how the story is unknown here. It is almost as if someone were controlling our media and only letting the American public see what they want us to see.

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The finance minister for the province of Alberta, Canada (the so-called Saudi Arabia of North America) today stated that decreasing royalty payments from bitumen producers will result in a budget deficit that will necessitate borrowing in order for the province to meet its expenses. Overcapacity in American supplies has resulted in a $40 per barrel discount on the oil sands-derived petroleum versus the West Texas Intermediate price. This has significantly cut into the province's oil royalty revenue and is prompting the provincial leadership to push ever harder for alternate pipeline routes to access offshore oil markets. The most lucrative route being eyed right now is the one to the west coast to access premium priced Asian markets.

This is the trap Albertans have created for themselves by encouraging rapid oil sands development through low royalty payments from producers. Oil companies borrow billions to build the extraction facilities as fast as possible, then have to keep production going full steam ahead to make the debt payments. If the market is glutted, they search for new customers rather than scaling back production and conserving the resource. Thousands of workers move into the province to build and operate these facilities, bringing their families with them. Thus, more demand for schools, roads, hospitals, shopping centers, housing, sewers, waterworks, electricity, sports facilities, policing, etc, all of which means the government also gets locked into an ever expanding inventory of costly infrastructure to build and maintain. The rush to expand causes labor shortages, so wages rise for skilled workers, further increasing the cost of all this new construction. Property taxes rise for everybody regardless of whether they are benefitting from the boom. Politicians won’t raise the royalty rates for fear of driving new business away. Increasing production quantity is seen as the province’s only path to continued prosperity. Alberta has unwittingly become Seymour in “The Little Shop of Horrors”, the flower shop proprietor who finds himself irrevocably committed to feeding his growing man-eating plant a steady supply of neighbors.

Alberta has a $7.5 billion royalty trust account that serves as a rainy day fund. The trouble is, it was $15 billion just two years ago and there is a reluctance to bleed this completely dry. Compare this trust fund to Norway's sovereign energy trust which has around $680 billion in assets, helped by a 2/3 government ownership stake in Statoil, the nation's largest energy producer. Alberta and Norway both produce about 2 million barrels per day of oil and both incorporate costly extraction infrastructure (offshore platforms in Norway's case). Based on their respective populations, Norway holds $144,600 in trust per citizen and Alberta $2,027 per citizen. Rather than build up a financial nest egg for the province, all that Canadian oil sand wealth is going into private ownership: stock holders’ accounts, inflated home values, and all the showy toys and baubles purchased by high-wage earners wallowing in the over-heated economy. And what will be left behind after the last gooey dregs of tar sand have been scraped away? Not much in the public’s interest I dare say; a pile of IOUs, a few sports arenas or similar state vanity erections, hundreds of toxic lakes, and a whole lot of heavy equipment operators with nothing left to haul except their household goods to the self-storage locker - future extras in the next generation of “Pawn Stars” reality TV shows.

I just had a look at CNN to see what's going on at the inauguration. They had a fashion designer on hand to provide detailed commentary on Michelle's dress. Thanks CNN.

Hey, is that group of Saskatoon memorial builders the same guys who wanted to donate one of those death-plunge amusement park rides to the 9/11 memorial site in NYC?

Think a little deeper about what you’ve written. The operant labels among globalist are “global labor pool” and “human capital”. Make no mistake, global finance and the transnational corporations have successfully colonized all erstwhile sovereign nations. Effectively, you and I aren’t classed anymore as citizens of an independent sovereign nation holding self determination. We’ve instead been “equalized” at market valuation; adjusted to the overpopulation of “human capital” across the globe.

Get it? Though America has favorable resource/population ratio compared to most of the world, our destiny has been entwined with all those terribly overpopulated nations.

You see, It didn’t take Kunstler’s apprehension of “ shifting them into this country from regions more rapidly affected by contraction is just dumb”; the folks running the show have bamboozled us with the global free market spiel (bullshit), leading us to believe that the broad middle class of 1970s America can be realized globally.

The only possible outcome will instead be a very narrow wealth class across the globe, sub layered by another narrow minority of apparatchiks, technicians and functionaries. The rest (Americans now included) will dwindle in number to where abject poverty holds population at stasis level.

"What I want to know: where is the lone swindled rancher who waits to bushwhack Jon Corzine of MF Global in the parking lots of Easthampton, since the law won't touch him?"

This is not the first time. Careful Jim. Careful.

"From Here to There: A Story of America's Future" is an inspiring and realistic novel that shows us how the future can be better through re-localization the the persistent power of a positive vision

Order your copy today. You will be very glad you did.

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(Words: 214)

Well that's obvious but what would be their angle here? Part of the war on women? I mean asking women not to butcher their unborn children is asking alot I know.

If I had to pick an angle, I'd say they don't want to focus on gang rape since that is a Black specialty. That being said, I'm not sure you're right that it is being ignored. I've heard about it several places. Gang rape is huge all over the 3rd World after all. The hundreds of Peace Corps volunteers who have been raped - now that's a cover up of what should have been a huge story.

For the most part, it's hard to disagree with what you've written. I long have concluded close to the same, a global elite bereft of any loyalties other than to themselves and their own class, having more fraternity with their counterparts in London, or Hong Kong or Zurich or Moscow or Riyadh than they do to the rabble taking up space in their own country.

While in all likelihood I'll be listening to memorized books recited to each other down at the abandoned rail car yard, we need remember there is no certainty regarding the affairs of men. Anytime the idea of 'only possible outcome' arises history has a way of showing things turned on it's head.

I don't think so. The Newtown memorial is the brainchild of a cop who is soliciting help from an EMT he knows. As far as I can tell, he's emotionally fragile, deals with his emotional fragility in really weird ways, and likes to involve others, including the press, his police agency (indirectly, by naming it in interviews), and various other officials who he figures might validate him by praising his nutcase ideas. One of my Twitter contacts summed him up brilliantly as a "good-natured mush-head."

A big part of the problem is that most people are hesitant to call time out on this sort of boundary violation. This emboldens people who would otherwise be reticent about publicizing their own pathos.

Well said. Mike Scanlan has a case of teh crazy.

What I find disconcerting about this circus is that Canadians living well over a thousand miles from Newtown are getting worked up over carnage that is not endemic to their country, and that they're being led by a cop. Canadians are less heavily armed than Americans and much less violent. It strikes me that they're substituting the manufactured reality of American cable news for their own observations. That's potentially one less anchor for sane Americans to grab in our efforts not to get swept up in ostentatious bereavement and violence worship.

Meanwhile, the Saskatoon Police are about to be armed en masse with Tasers. I have trouble imagining such a brutal, easily abused weapon responsible for so many accidental fatalities being adopted so widely in democratic countries had it been developed in, say, the USSR or Syria.

I've been following the story for a few weeks but not really super close so somebody can read up and straighten me out if I have it wrong.

Several weeks ago returning from a movie with her date a young woman was raped by five men on a bus. Her boyfriend was disabled by a crack from a steel bar and when they were finished the five threw her from the bus and left her for dead. She did die later in Singapore after being taken there for medical treatment. I believe large scale protest was necessary to get the perpetrators arrested and charged. The sight of thousands of people demanding justice (successfully) was not something the powers that be decided we needed to see. Sort of like target internet ads you could say but on a social rather than individual scale. We were being protected from useless information for our own good. In this case democracy in action and the struggle for women's rights.

But if I'm wrong someone please correct me. We don't want paranoid dogs running around. Here is something to start with.

Obama's Inaugural Address was another paean to "Happy Motoring Forever!":

We will build the roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together.


We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories.

Nothing about Peak Oil, Green Transit, the need to end our Auto Addicted suburban monstrosity. It should be no surprise that neoliberal Obama is supporting neoliberal Gov Cuomo's plan to waste $5 Billion on a new Autos only Tappan Zee bridge. So much for the brave words from Cuomo about "global Warming" and Climate Change with major causes in Auto Addiction.

To sympathizers of the Democratic Party & Republican Party and any other corporate entities to watch this short video of Dr. Cornel West.

Will you have the courage to stop blindly supporting, pushing, and accepting the Obama agenda that is the entire international capitalist agenda?

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false."
-William J. Casey, 1981

We are there now...

What a party last night in DC! And tonite, Lady GaGa!

Those Islamists killing everybody at that NatGas site in Algeria, is that the end of it? Or is it just the beginning? In TLE, Jim talks about something similar occurring on the Arabian Peninsula. There has been much talk of late about the USA becoming 'Energy Independent', with no need for Petroleum from NAfrica or the Middle East. We soon may find out if this is true.


"America's possibilities are limitless, for we possess all the qualities that this world without boundaries demands: youth and drive; diversity and openness; an endless capacity for risk and a gift for reinvention."

Uur own president says the "possibilities are limitless" and there are no boundaries. We can "reinvent" our society. So what is with all this doom and gloom talk here at CN? Why is everyone so pessimistic? Here in Atlanta, we're gonna build a new domed stadium to replace a...well, an existing domed stadium, so that PROVES things are not only good but getting better. And little bungalows are selling at 675K (in the right neigborhood), so housing remains a good value.

Yes, thanks for mentioning Casey and Friends. It was the culmination of Operation Mockingbird......for the Intelligence Services to own, create and distribute The News, all of which is misinformation.

This week network TV hit a new low with ABC's airing of its 14 and one-half hour, $40-million dollar "epic," Amerika. The xenophobic red-baiting engaged in by Amerika is hardly new to TV, but never before has a network spent so much time and money in such a blatant attempt to inspire in its audience jingoistic paranoia toward the Soviet Union and the United Nations. Small wonder that Mikhail Gorbachev complained to visiting American bigwigs earlier this month that "forces to which hostility is profitable ... use high-powered information media to sow hatred toward the Soviet Union."

The commotion about Amerika has obscured a much more serious problem about network TV, one that could serve to validate Gorbachev's complaint for years to come. Despite its length and its crass appeal to the dark side of the American character, Amerika is just a TV show. As such, it's not likely to have much lasting effect. However, that cannot be said of the changes in network ownership and control that have taken place over the last two years. These have transformed at least NBC and ABC from tasteless schlock-meisters merely striving to sell more ads into powerful information gatekeepers with strong ties to established power blocs that have their own aggressive foreign and domestic political agendas.

At issue in the ABC situation in particular is an extraordinary story overlooked by most of the press and never taken up by congressional investigators: Who actually took over ABC when Capital Cities Communications bought it in March 1985? For "Cap Cities" is no ordinary company, and the takeover was no ordinary case of corporate wheeling and dealing.

Funny you mention the Soviet Union. Right now I'm reading Edvard Radzinsky's bio of Joseph Stalin. Its a story of blood and terror, the suppression and liquidation of tens of millions of human beings unequaled in the history of the World. Just as interesting is the part where Western Intellectuals -- Walter Duranty, John Reed, George Bernard Shaw, the Webbs, Andre Gide, Louis Fuetchwanger to mention a few, -- knew the truth but covered it up, deliberately misleading opinion makers in the US and Europe. It wasn't until the 1970s until the truth was finally revealed.


K-Dog, I find your "speech" more critical and challenging than was Obama's offering. It has more of a MLK tone and spirit.

I'd say that it's just the very beginning. The "jihadis" know that they'll not be invited to share in the banquet of power and uberwealth. (Same in this country, but that's info that's become forbidden to voice.)

So, okay, what does one do to get "recognized" as a legitimate bloc to feed at the same trough as the head psychos? Produce enough disruption and very real violence (a few martyrs don't hurt either) producing some very real dead folk, thus proving your sincerity and cold-bloodedness.

These nice people enjoy cloaking their lust for worldly power, influence, and [sometimes] even goodies with a mantel of godly righteousness. Of course, it's all about ultimate power and control over others.

...And sure, if access to this portable energy supply from the M.E. is withdrawn from us, we'll become energy independent alrighty, just in an extremely impoverished (and suddenly moped-ed) way.

Now watch this for an example of a serious use of technology in the service of bare-bones practical energy and resource use:

Every home ought to have at least two, don't you think?

It seems obvious to me that in the, say, four years ahead (one presidential term), we will not come to grips with any of the forces of reality bearing down on us. We will lose control of the money system; we'll go broke trying to keep up our oil supplies; the American public will get more economically desperate and angry; and pretty soon the practical matters of daily life will become rather harsh.

Oh, c'mon - please - really? Four years? Really.

James - can you come over to my house for my Superbowl party? How many gallons, or should I say how many "tankers filled with fuel" will be consumed to provide transport to the fans of the "super Sunday excesses."

If the US currently has so much discretionary energy consumption - that tens of millions of people travel to "party(s)" on Super Sunday - please james - please please tell me how it's all going south in four years?

More like forty-years - after all, your original idea is the Long Emergency.

"A hero? But of whom and for whom? Us? The Blacks? The Mexicans? This isn't just Fascist Theory: all these groups have conflicting interests. Our would be Hero will have to choose!"

If folks continue this focus on the conflicts with, and struggling for some greater advantage over their fellow beings, we never will be a team. This is exactly what is promoted by those who seek to control the world.
If you happen to be black, white, Hispanic, male, female. rich, poor, ugly, attractive, fat, thin, etc, it is a temporary condition. We are spiritual beings having human experiences--a lot of human experiences in a process of reincarnation. If this is not the Fact, than in what lies the meaning of life.
Why choose to struggle against one another? It's just an age old habit, addiction which ends up enhancing the feeling of being separate. The Fact is we are ONE Being. Brotherhood is nothing to work toward--it simply IS awaiting your recognition.
Then we can get down to seeing more clearly, loving more dearly, serving more freely. We then inherit the peace and plenty of our abundant gifts. We free ourselves from our limited ego-minds. Through off the chains of our limited craving, experiencing real creativity and True Spiritual Freedom.
With hearts filled with Song, our very lives will seek harmony as we join in the a-bun-dance. Throw off the burden NOW!

Do you really believe we've got forty years just to slosh around with, and that none of the present finite systems we have in place is going to crash and burn within that time?

(Just interested if you're simply being provocative in this... or what.)

"The Long Emergency" is a different concept from "The Long Decline".

soumds like high plains drifter with clint eastwood. your a little slow on the draw with that one pardner

Just as interesting is the part where Western Intellectuals -- Walter Duranty, John Reed, George Bernard Shaw, the Webbs, Andre Gide, Louis Fuetchwanger to mention a few, -- knew the truth but covered it up, deliberately misleading opinion makers in the US and Europe. It wasn't until the 1970s until the truth was finally revealed.

So the Western Intelligence Services were too stupid to figure any of this out on their own? They had to rely on the prominent "intellectuals" of the day to form their opinions? Hardly.

Perhaps you missed the fifties. The Red Scare. The murder of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. The message was that Communists were cunning, deceitful murderous monsters. Kind of idiotic to cover it up considering the Red Scare. To do so would have been superfluous.

However, if you're in the propaganda business, you would want to cover it up because you wouldn't want your own population to sympathize with any Soviets. They were all Communists, and Communists were evil and deplorable and not to be trusted. No exceptions. All Russians were poisoned by the malady of Communism, and there should be no sympathy. Such messaging desensitized The Masses into accepting the possibility of wiping them out entirely with nuclear strikes.

(Just interested if you're simply being provocative in this... or what.)

"The Long Emergency" is a different concept from "The Long Decline".

You misunderstand - my post is an inquiry.

How the heck are any of these "systems" supposed to fail - if we aren't even beginning to see a tempering of discretionary energy consumption?

Suburbia will be the last to fail - not the first. People will stop driving to "ball games" before driving to work from the suburbs.

We are nearing the resources plateau - but the time-line/edge to declining essential energy consumption is not even on the radar........

Why does someone know something?

Every time when somebody proposes something with over the board emotions attached to it there is agenda behind it. In poor sacks’ case the motive, without sometimes even being aware of it, is that some decades from now while walking with his grandkids around “memorial” he can say: “It was me who did this”. Present time adoration would not have been unwelcomed either. Idiot wants something to be called after him.
Nobel Prize Bosnian writer in one his short stories depicted such a character, small 19th century town local who helped visiting master builder to erect a new cross on the local church spire. After master builder “collected a final payment and left the town”, this former “Mr. nobody” decided that he deserves more respect from towns’ people because “he was way up there, defying fear and gravity, unlike any of them”. Whole story is brilliantly rendered torment of his soul after being ignored, as people went about they own daily business.
As for the calculated over-the-board-emotions attached to a message, politicians use this to deceive or expedite rallying of masses to “support” anything they want to do. I do not have to list many recent examples.

To sympathizers of the Democratic Party & Republican Party and any other corporate entities to watch this short video of Dr. Cornel West.

^This^ is not a sentence.

I have three suggestions for Cornel West: Shave, get a haircut, see an orthodontist...then maybe I won't be so distracted and will be able to pay attention to what he has to say.

You sounded the warning bell at midnight last night. We'll see how many/few heed it.

Yes, disinformation "outlets" are shifting into higher and higher gears (as technology allows), all in the service of the world-killers. The race to watch will be the one between looming, inevitable collapse and complete domination and control. The dynamic of the death-by-a-thousand-cuts will determine flow and direction; successes and failures.

Thanks for the clarification.

As to timelines, I have no answers, only vague speculations. (Certainly not 40 years of status quo/BAU.) I stand by my guess that only a sudden deprivation will force duh peepull to find a "different way to inhabit the landscape" [tm JHK]. How long this determinant "loss" can be held at bay by perception management or desperate measures is an open question. I don't think we have any concrete access to the real skinny; as seen above, only in hindsight do we see the plans, resources and stats the PTB have at their disposal.

Oh, did you see Donny-don's post? (10:30 PM) There's another possible scenario for the suburban near-future. We could only hope that such common sense would prevail... but I ain't placing any bets on it. ;o) (...And the politicians, who are supposed to be our reflections, don't seem to be aware of [or give a shit about] these pragmatic ideas.)

"Collapse and chaos are inevitable, nothing we can do to stop it."

Kind of like rape, grouchy old bitch. Guess you should just lean back and enjoy it.

"... it is a good thing that they are out-voted by the new majority. "

Sure it is Dick. The new majority is demanding more toys with no way to fund them. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Thank god these fucktards will be running things now.

Hey fucktard, the Obama speech ("You didn't build that.") that you cite as some sort of brilliant example of government's success has been discredited by all but the dimmest of the dim. Thanks for stepping forward with this wonderfully, moronic snippet.

"deep seated"

Hey fuck lips, there is nothing wrong with using the term deep seeded. In fact I think it much stronger than deep seated if one is trying to describe a deeply held conviction. So, shut the fuck up.

"It drives me crazy, of course."

Of course. They probably pronounce things that way for that very reason.

Or close your eyes and listen--way more practical and responsible.

This morning listened to NPR on a way home after dropping my son to school. Talk was about yesterdays’ coronation. What strikes me is the even, matter-of-fact tone of bit “assertive” male and calm, raspy female voices of commentators depicting the event. There was nothing out of ordinary that they are aware of, and all is good.
The “Oath”, protection of The Constitution is better than ever, middle class and little man not to worry. Sound clips from inaugural ball were meant to show unrestrained joy. Interweaved participants in that charade were full of excitement, for obviously different reason: that they are there and nothing else matters.
If John Corzine or any of the ”Gang” was honorable guest and seated next to the president there would have not been elevated or God forbid even slight critical tone even on that radio station, supposedly critical voice of America. Raspy female would have smoothed it out with s-l-o-o-o-o-w, calm observation about their tie design, companion, or something.
It takes a village to hold a wail up.

Hey fuck lips, there is nothing wrong with using the term deep seeded. In fact I think it much stronger than deep seated if one is trying to describe a deeply held conviction.

Well, penis breath, I and most others, according to numerous articles you may access via Google, beg to differ. And besides that you're a dickwad.;o)

Oh, so it is incorrect for a person to string the words "deep seeded" next to each other? It is incorrect? Because assholes, such as yourself, are sitting around waiting for someone to use "deep seated" in a sentence and someone instead chooses, "deep seeded" that makes it wrong? I don't think so. And neither would ANY rational soul. So, go fuck yourself, douche-drizzle.

"Therefore, my assertation that whatever Kunstler pronounces is being assiduously ignored by the general population and their "leaders" still holds."

Some good points, yesterday and today, O3.

I'll still maintain that the "leaders" from Bidz'ness and big govt are mostly on the right of the spectrum, where Grow, GROW is the mantra - even unto death. And I'll still maintain that most/many of those bozos truly BELIEVE that "we Americans are the hardest working people in the world and that growth will solve all of our problems, forevermore." -RW Bozo, paraphrased-

The real failure of leadership is from the left, failure to do anything worthwhile about environment or overpopulation - as a way of slowing the sacred "Growth" before it's too late.

Of course, "leadership" on the left has mostly been bought out WHOLESALE, by money from the big business right. Here's the worst example, IMO, but there are many others if one knows where to look.
In other areas, ozone, you are correct that lead and brass can become the real precious metals - when coupled with proper propellant powder. It's interesting that our local Wally World has been sold out of most everything of that nature, for about a month, now.

I wonder if that's a Nationwide phenomena?

"growth will solve all of our problems, forevermore"

Are you suggesting that shrinkage will solve our problems? If so may I suggest that you lead by example and help shrink our population?

I remember taking my 12 year old son and his friend to see the original Men in Black movie. They had fun, for me it was mostly droll but there was one classic line:

The W Smith character was wrestling with and trying to subdue an alien, which got away.

T L Jones arrives at the scene and said:
"Did he say anything to you?"

W Smith: "Yeah, the world was coming to an end."

T L Jones deadpans with a straight face:
"Did he say when?"

"How the heck are any of these "systems" supposed to fail - if we aren't even beginning to see a tempering of discretionary energy consumption?"
-bud iz wiser than beer-

Bud, we're seeing it now. For example, the outer, outer ring suburban developments from the RE peak of '07, are still sitting boarded up and unfinished. Pine trees are starting to take root in the abandoned streets. I doubt those places will ever be built for housing, not if gas stays above $3.00/gallon.

And there's a LOT less movement of big RV's on the road these days, compared to 5 years ago.

Absent some triggering catastrophe - which can be anything from angry Arabs to a natural solar storm - we're not going to "see" sudden changes in discretionary energy use.

But close your eyes for 5 years like Rip Van Winkle - and you'll see plenty of change when you wake up.

Picture $10.00/gallon - that will be something to "see," won't it.

P2C, where is Wallyworld?

Is it near Itchy and Scratchy Land?


"Are you suggesting that shrinkage will solve our problems?"
-mystified, aka not-mommy, aka TootSie-

Shrinkage is inevitable, eventually, Toots.
I don't have to "suggest" that, because various physical and biological laws compel it.

And, misti, your rape comment to Grouchy was about the most vile thing you've come up with lately, and that's saying a lot.

You wanna' borrow some of my precious metals and put misti out of our misery, Grouch?

Just let me know what caliber or gauge you prefer, and I can probably help you out.

On a side note, mysty, your response to PRD? about mass murders in "gun free zones" was completely accurate.

Blind hog meets acorn - every once in a while?

Hey CW the Rosenbergs were Atomic Spies who sold state secrets to a reprehensible, murderous regime that wanted to destroy us. That's two people executed who really were spies. The other side, the Soviets, to whom the Rosenbergs owed their loyalty, in the Great Terror 1936-1939, and again in the Anti-Semitic campaigns 1947-1953, liquidated millions of innocent people in execution cellars, Gulags and Labor Camps for nothing at all, just to maintain terror. There is no comparison.

As far as intelligence services go, the US didn't really have one until the OSS was set up in the 40s.


"Why choose to struggle against one another? It's just an age old habit, addiction which ends up enhancing the feeling of being separate. The Fact is we are ONE Being. Brotherhood is nothing to work toward--it simply IS awaiting your recognition."

That is some PRETTY New Age Prose, ront!

Just a hunch - you've never been seriously hungry or in fear for your life due to the actions of another, have you?

matter-of-fact tone of bit “assertive” male and calm, raspy female voices of commentators depicting the event.

Thanks Balkan, I thought it was only me that notices such things. The raspiness you speak of is a speech affectation that has evolved over the past few decades to the point of no longer being an affectation and is prevalent primarily among women and, to a slightly lesser extent, among gay men of the flaming variety. There is actually a clinical term for this phenomenon. It is called "vocal fry" in linguistics circles. In this same group of speakers you are also likely to find in play another recent phenomenon of speech termed "up talk" where nearly every declaritive sentence is turned into a question by an upward inflection of the voice at the end. If you are not already familiar with these terms I encourage you to Google them.

I nearly broke the remote this morning in my haste to hit the mute button as one of these vocal fry women was excitedly describing the outfits of Michelle and her daughters.

War is the very essence of embodied life. Read the Bhagavad Gita. And as you know now, Gandhi wasn't a pacifist either. The trick is not to make war illegal - since that could only be done by an absolute Tyranny. But rather to be so strong that no one dares invade you.

What you want is only normal in Satya Yuga. That may not be for a while: estimates vary from millions to billions of years, though some say next week.

Buddha said, Struggle there must be, for all life is a struggle of some kind. Buddha was a Ksyatria after all, the warrior/ruling caste. And one who attained the Far Shore was known as an Arhat, a Foe Destroyer.

Your posts show the role that Eastern Religions can play in the setting up of an absolute World State - the terrifying one predicted in the Bible.

every declaritive sentence is turned



The Communists weren't vicious decievers? Is that what you're saying? Sounds like you are a sympathizer.

I think I read a part of that in a bookstore. Look for the part where the young Stalin runs down the steet whooping "I've got a job with the Rothschilds".

The author admits his puzzlement but asserts that it seems the world's bankers supported Communism. That's where the Communists got their money: from the Bigest Bank of All.

Oh, so it is incorrect for a person to string the words "deep seeded" next to each other?

People can string together any words they'd like, Shit-for-brains, so long as they could care less about looking stooopit.

Hey CW the Rosenbergs were Atomic Spies who sold state secrets to a reprehensible, murderous regime that wanted to destroy us. That's two people executed who really were spies.

How many spies were executed before and since? The Rosenbergs were symbolic scapegoats. The so-called "secrets" they peddled were harmless. In fact, it was ridiculous to think the Soviets could have done anything with what the Rosenbergs allegedly gave them. They were political sacrifices every bit as much as Morant and Handcock were. Here's an excellent documentary about the Rosenbergs by their granddaughter. They were brave. Naive, yes, but also brave.

The other side, the Soviets, to whom the Rosenbergs owed their loyalty, in the Great Terror 1936-1939, and again in the Anti-Semitic campaigns 1947-1953, liquidated millions of innocent people in execution cellars, Gulags and Labor Camps for nothing at all, just to maintain terror. There is no comparison.

Not going to argue with you about the atrocities of the Soviet Union against it sown people. Stalin was despicable piece of shit and what he did to the Russian people was a tragedy, but the Rosenbergs didn't have to be sacrificed for political purposes. In principle, it was an act of terror to stifle all dissent and underscore conformity. The same thing Stalin did with his terror campaign, albeit, as you say, in scale, there was no comparison. In principle, the purpose and effect were equivalent.

And if you're so concerned about traitors and treason, and the U.S. Government is so concerned, then how come there hasn't been a long list of treasonous traitors executed for giving the country away? Ollie North anyone? Reagan? Bush I and Bush II. Clinton? Obama? All of guilty of treason in the first degree, and countless others, but somehow they've miraculously avoided execution. You, HW, are a bully. The Rosenbergs were Strawmen erected and burned to set an example. It worked. They were murdered in Cold Blood.

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The Communists weren't vicious decievers? Is that what you're saying? Sounds like you are a sympathizer.

There were never any Communists, just as there were never any Capitalists...only those who thought they were. What they actually were, and still are, is something quite different. Both groups are vicious deceivers, that's for certain.

Sympathy should reside against any form of tyranny, be it disguised as Communism, Capitalism or anything in between.

Where is the room for diversity in your vision? Traditionally, Liberals have been repelled by such visions - the classic being Plato's Republic. The Church for example, overlooked Plato for Aristotle - who admitted Quantity and Variety as being important. In correction to his Master, he said that you never see a Principle or Archetype but only relative examples of these. To see Forms in their Purity is for the Few, the Sages in their meditation.

Or from another angle: you think Mexicans and Blacks are going to renounce their ethnic identities? These are all important to them. Only Whites are so weak and gullible to do something like that on command. Or look at the Jews: they had two thousand years of living with others, have they renounced their oppositional culture?

I admit that it can happen, but it can't be predicted or dictated or even expected. Usually one Culture destroyes or displaces another. Occasionally, two cultures merge - such as the Arab/Negro in parts of the Somali coast. But again, it takes a long time and it cannot be forced or predicted. And it usually doesn't happen.

Ty, not hard really. I'm a lazy dog. Speaking the truth is so much easier than speaking lies.

100 years of natural gas he says. And we have plenty of oil he says. Enough to export even.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Chomp.

From last week. Checked my numbers. Introducing the K-Dog coefficient.

1 barrel of oil = 158.987 liters which is also equal to 158.987 cubic decimeters

158.987 cubic decimeters * ( 1 cubic meter / (10^3) cubic decimeters) = 0.158987 cubic meters

Result: 1 barrel of oil consumes 0.158987 cubic meters of space.

Multiply by a trillion to move us into the ballpark of global reserves.

1 trillion barrels = 0.158987 x 10^12 cubic meters

0.158987 x 10^12 cubic meters * ( 1 cubic kilometer / (1000^3) cubic meters) =

158.987 cubic kilometers

The cube root of 158.987 is 5.4174. This will be useful later.

1 trillion barrels of oil consumes 158.987 cubic kilometers of space.

The area of Texas = 696,200 square kilometers.

(158.987 cubic kilometers) / (696,200 square kilometers) = .00022836 kilometers

.00022836 kilometer * ( 1000 meters / 1 kilometer ) = .22836 meter

.22836 meter * ( 39.3701 inches / 1 meter) = 8.9906 inches

call it 8.99


A trillion barrels of oil poured over the state of Texas would cover the state to a depth of 8.99 inches or 1 kdog.

1700 billion barrels is the remaining global oil reserve.

The remaining global oil reserve would cover the state of Texas to a depth of 1.7 kdogs.

Multiplying by the kdog coefficient ( 8.99 )gives a depth of 15.3 inches.

The remaining global oil reserve would cover the state of Texas to a depth of 15.3 inches.

1 kdog is equivalent to a cube of space 5.4174 kilometers or 3.3662 miles on a side.


One 3.3662 mile cube of oil is all we have for all future generations of mankind. We need to get offa our asses and get to work going solar. That includes wind and everything else renewable.


Do you admit then the final piece of the puzzle? That it was always the Rothschilds and their followers that created and funded Communism?

I admit that the Big Capitalists don't believe in Capitalism. Competition is for suckers, is a "sin".

The Jews of that time, such as the Rosenbergs, saw Communism as their vehicle for World Domination. Now they are using Captialism and Socialism to transition to World Goverment (Tyranny). It is our sacred duty to oppose them. Of course I admit the Gentile aspect. After the Rothschilds tricked the English by saying Napoleon had won and bought up everything, the King could have thrown them out with nothing but the shirts on their back. That he didn't shows he was in on it.

veil - EASL!
Wish I could write as I could draw...

Do you admit then the final piece of the puzzle? That it was always the Rothschilds and their followers that created and funded Communism?

The Russian Revolution and the form of Government that replaced Tzarist Russia required financing, and yes, that financing came from Western interests. The subsidization of the Soviet Union continued unabated until the end, but effectively, the Soviet Union was done when Stalin just took several decades for the last gasp. That's the naughty little secret. Stalin and the Soviet Union were the best thing that ever happened to the Western Plutocracy. They could now point their finger and say "look over there if you think you have it so bad" as they robbed the world blind.

Centralization leads to concentration of wealth and power which leads to tyranny. The key is to decentralize and diversify. Make the psychopaths work for person at a time, and deprive them of the tremendous leverage centralization provides.

I will give Stalin and the Soviets credit for kicking the German's ass in World War II. That was an impressive comeback. The Soviets backs were against the wall at Stalingrad, and they somehow pulled it out and reversed the momentum. The world, including the Jews, owe thanks to them for that, at least. Without that, the Jews were toast...because the U.S. sure as hell wasn't going to bail them out.

Hey Vlad, much of the early $$$ that financed the Bolsheviks consisted of artwork, jewelry and vestments looted and stolen from the Holy Russian Church, Museums, private estates and the Czars palaces and family. John Reed, for example, was initially paid off with $2 million in looted diamonds. The first thing Lenin got down to, besides banning books, was dynamiting churches and executing priests ... by the tens of thousands. A lot is made of the Nazis and the artwork they stole in conquered Europe. The Marxists did the same thing, robbing churches and museums that went back 1000 years. They also like to blow up and loot Synagogues and murder Rabbis. Nobody escaped. Nothing like it had ever happened in the history of the world, and maybe nothing ever will.


The Jews of that time, such as the Rosenbergs, saw Communism as their vehicle for World Domination.

No way. The Rosenbergs may have been Jews, but they were not the Rothchilds. They lived a rather meager existence, by comparison. The Rosenbergs were attracted to the idealism that the theory of Communism espoused, and they believed, at least for a time, that the Soviet Union was about that. They were naive and duped by Stalin, as many Communists in the U.S. were. Remember, it was not abnormal to be a Communist in the U.S. once upon a time. The Red Scare changed all that.

Enjoy your gender, culture, community, creed, circumstances, only don't take it more seriously than your Being. Lasting values need to have their primacy over fleeting pleasures, short-lived comforts, and ego-enhancing identifications.
Look around, the Lord loves variety!

Various Masters have said there are worse things than War - such as Cowardice and Capitulation to Tryranny. Meher Baba himself (Ront's Guru) wrote an essay saying that war often bring out the best in men. Ront is ignoring this as well as Baba's rejection of abortion.

Disciples are supposed to be dyed in colors of their Gurus; to become "Guru Mukh" mouthpieces of their Gurus. Ront is failing in this - he's choosing the New Age over his Guru.

There you go, we're off to the races! The massacres started with Trotsky and Lenin. As ever, the Jews try to evade all repsonsibility for the evil they have done.

Lenin was heard screaming at Trotsky for his order to kill the Czar and his Family.

I like this one better.

201 inch TV

Think of it. One long video cable and we could all sit outside and write clusterfuck comments in style.

Not today though, I have fog so thick I wouldn't be able to see the screen.

Is there something wrong with me because I'm not totally bone away and impressed because all I see is something that is less useful than the screen I'm looking at.

I doubt those places will ever be built for housing, not if gas stays above $3.00/gallon.

Of course. But, as long as our government can print dollars into existence we have no good way of determining how $many are available to buy more gas.

After years of believing that financial sector collapse was inevitable - and that it would collapse the rest of the economy - it now seems more reasonable to look for insight into current consumption patterns for any time frame predicting social upheaval.

When the NFL reports receding revenues from the Superbowl - you can be sure collapse is closer to reality. Eventually truly high inflation-adjusted ga$ prices are certain mean collapse is near as well. You know - when there money or energy to waste anymore.

You know - when there [no more] cheap money or energy to waste anymore.

The bling of The Russian Orthodox Church was nothing compared to the splendor of ancient times. I want to know what happened to the table of the divine presence.

Who's got it?

Dozens of millions of Human Beings were liquidated in Russia 1917-1956.

CW, this ones for you:

"We have the testimony of witnesses present at Meyerhold's interrogations. One of the 20th century's greatest theatrical producers lay on the floor with a fractured hip and blood streaming down his battered face while an interrogator urinated on him. He was accused of belonging to a Troskyist Organization and engaging in espioniage on behalf of four countries: Japan, England, France and Lithuania. Pasternak, Shoshtakovich, Olesha, and Ehrenburg all made their appearance in the stenographic record of Meyerhold's interrogation, the dramatis personea in what was meant to be a unique spectacle"

Here's what happened to Meyerhold's wife, actress Zinaida Raikh, when she enquired about her husband.

"Assassins broke into her apartment through the balcony door. They (the NKVD) murdered her slowly and sadistically, inflicting 17 knife wounds. She screamed wildly but nobody came to her aid. Cries in the night frightened people in those days".

--Edvard Radzinsky

There's you glorious Communists, CW.


But how did they get far enough to do that was the question. They had massive funding from somewhere - the book (if it's the same) admits that Rothschilds were involved. And they did have some help from the foolish goverment of Germany who unleashed them on Russia during the WW1.

And where there is variety, there will be War - which is better than the absolute Peace of World Tyranny.

Variety calls for morality - which means sacrafice. Are Jews on the West Bank willing to sacrafice their swimming pools so Palestinians can have a drink of water? I doubt it. So that's war.

The antipathy between the Ukrainians and the Jews goes back at least to the time (17th century) when Poland's aristocracy employed Jews to manage their estates in the Ukraine.

When Stalin began his war on the Ukrainians, he made good use of the enmity between these two groups. The details are laid out in Uri Selzkine's "The Jewish Century." Kevin MacDonald reviews Selzkine's book in an essay entitled "Stalin's Willing Executioners." Stalin's assault on the Ukrainians has a racial angle to it that most historians of the period seemed either to have ignored or been unaware of.

A few years ago, an academic named Goldhagen (I think) came out with a book in which he claimed that most Germans knew full well that Auschwitz was a murder camp. The book was entitled "Hitler's Willing Executioners." Now when MacDonald writes an essay to demonstrate that numerous Jews held administrative posts in the machine that sent two million Ukrainians to their deaths, he calls it(borrowing a phrase from Selzkine) "STALIN'S Willing Executioners."
What a world we live in.

You're not paying attention, HW, and you're not in agreement with Radu. There were no Communists.....only those who thought they were. Communism was always just a theory. The same for Capitalism. What you describe are the actions of Totalitarian Tyrants. They come in many shapes and sizes and speak many different languages, but they all share one thing in common. OPPRESSION.

Totalitarian Tyranny wasn't defeated with the capitulation of the Soviet Union. The other strains filled the void, i.e. Corporatism. Anyone who has worked for a Corporation knows it is a Totalitarian Tyranny and very much like Stalinism. Try standing against it. It will destroy you, just as Stalin destroyed his perceived enemies. And yet, HW supports this newer, improved form of Stalinism. HW is a Totalitarian Tyrant. HW is not to be trusted. He despises freedom, liberty and self-determination, and embraces conformity, uniformity, centralization and concentration of wealth and power.

Comrade Stalin, Beria, Molotov etc. would have been surprised to learn they were not Communists. A statement like that in 1938 in Moscow would earn you a fast trip to the execution cellars in the Kremlin.

As far as corporations go, they don't have their own police forces or prisons. If you don't like the corporation you're working for, just quit. That's all. I've done it. So have many others. Its called freedom.


"People can string together any words they'd like, Shit-for-brains, so long as they could care less about looking stooopit."

Obviously. You do so regularly. Deep seeded stupidity would explain many of your missives. Deep seated stupidity would apply as well.

"And, misti, your rape comment to Grouchy was about the most vile thing you've come up with lately, and that's saying a lot."

Well thanks, not-progressive, that is an honor. I'll make an effort to top this comment when the occasion calls for it.

Cornel West is like taking a scouring pad to my retinas.

I am irritated when speakers yell to their audience. I don't yell, and I prefer others to speak in a regular voice.

As far as corporations go, they don't have their own police forces or prisons.

Sure they do. They have the entire Military Industrial Complex at their disposal as one of their divisions. They own the politicians at the local, state and federal level, and they own the police. The police work for them, and they are the prisons, both literally and figuratively. HW, you are a regular Uncle Joe. The sad thing is, you fail to see him in your mirror because of those planks in your eyes.

Comrade Stalin, Beria, Molotov etc. would have been surprised to learn they were not Communists.

I doubt it. Trotsky didn't consider them Communists, nor did a number of Communist Purists. Of course, you're right, Stalin killed many of those critics off. In this whole charade, you appear as the Uncle Tom to Uncle Joe, standing dutifully at his shoulder whispering in fawning tones, "that's right, Master Joe, youse is a Communist. Don't listen to those traitors who say you're not. Execute them."

Do not even go there unless you enjoy “Pavlov’s’ reaction” (how communist!)to that magic word.
Some pedophiles call themselves a Catholic Priests but no sane person would equate them with Catholicism. With Communists it is apparently different story.
Communism had never existed. Millions of ordinary folks in “Eastern Block” who joined the Party did that from fear of Stalinist leaders at the beginning and inertia in later years. They were simply being born into that system, indoctrinated in a way no different than “free market” and “democracy” that is in here. Joined the Party in similar manner as “sheeple” in US hopped on shopping spree and by some innate desire to steal somebody’s wealth.
For Communism to work entire population had to have such a level of personal integrity, honesty and social consciences like Ayn Rand’s capitalist (sic) counterparts.

Alas and we read and follow the same blogs.

Variety calls for morality - which means sacrafice. Are Jews on the West Bank willing to sacrafice their swimming pools...

You have been unfailingly consistent in the misspelling of the bolded word above for the 4.5 years I've known you. Odd, since it's at the heart of Catholicism. The word is spelled sacrifice, Vlad. Whenever it comes up in something you are writing keep saying to yourself sack-ree-fice, sack-ree-fice, not sack-ruh-fice.

I am irritated when speakers yell to their audience.

Yeah Mom, that too. It would be interesting to see a thought bubble above the heads of each other person on that panel during West's rant. I'm guessing those bubbles' contents would be consistently unflattering.

I never knew. What else am I overlooking? Probably the Secret of the Graal or Tesla's "Free" Energy. He said the Secret was clear from the static created by touching a cat in winter. My cat has been very staticy lately. She keeps getting a shock when I touch her nose. Should I attach a wire to her and try to charge a battery? I think the Secret is buried deeper...

Anyway, I'll try to remember that i. I guess I've been spelling it the way I say it and/or hear it.

You're almost Home. Now for the Final Revelation: the Bankers ARE almost all Jewish. And the Jews support them, wisely or not, for that reason. The Rothschilds did give alot of aid to the new state of Israel and at least one of them is on some of the money I believe.

In Solzhenitsyn's new book, Two Hundred Year Together, he talks about how hard it is to have a real conversation with the Jews. He acknowledges that others took part in the Atrocities and in the Revolution, the Ukranian Whites also committed atrocities on a wide scale.

But now, the Jews refuse to remember their incredible enthusiasm for the whole thing. They only choose to remember that Stalin turned agains them. Now the Narrative has become the Jews were the victims of Stalinism and Communism, even the chief victims. Thus anything that makes them (you) look bad is instantly forgotten, whereas grievances against you are remembered in detail for thousands of years.

What is Communism but the inverse of Capitalism? Just like M is just W inverted. Your vertical invert is unusual - the usual is horizontal.

In any case, all this is explained in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Gary Allen called it "the Vise" in which the Middle Class is crushed between the Bankers and the Corporations above and the Marxist Masses below - even as the former fund and organize the latter.

Also I meant: ..and NOT by some innate desire..."

Exactly, more like about 40 years. But I like what Ozone says, and the new verb he uses, because Ozone correctly identifies what we must do: downsize, contract, use less energy:

we'll become energy independent alrighty, just in an extremely impoverished (and suddenly moped-ed) way.

We all need to stop wasting energy. Not necessarily to become "third world" ... not to suffer or die from lack of energy ... but certainly to stop the extravagant waste of our first world lifestyle. We can easily live comfortably on one tenth of our energy use. And with a better quality of life. Ask Tripp.

Do you understand what is Jim writing about?
I mean really understand.
I mean is he writing about horrible Russia from 80 years ago?
Suburbia, interstate highways, overconsumption is so USSR?
How do you get this rigged system served to us a “free market”?
Ho’ ‘bout other blogs, say if you do not like Orlov or if Alex Jones sounds too paranoid, albeit not far away from the truth, there are other more sane and best of all written by full bloodied Usonians: Joe Bageant (RIP), Fred , Paul Craig, Drudge, Chriss…?
How in the world one can read blogs like this and wrap his mind around Russia in 20s-30s, Beria, Stalin..and I hope that Tito is not in your repertoire?

I never knew. What else am I overlooking?

Well, you are overlooking the fact that we all die and are soon forgotten. Also, that in the Big Picture, the universe is oblivious and unconcerned with your concerns. Difficult to accept, I know. But I don't want to burst your bubble...your concerns are so heartfelt and entertaining to follow. And they certainly keep you off the streets. What else would you do with yourself without your concerns about the Jews, Blacks, Women and Commies?

Bee keeping perhaps?

We have an evil government. Just face facts..they are killing people in wars under false pretences. They allow illegal immigrants many of whom are criminals and they make believe they don't want them here. They allow drugs to come across pourous borders to keep us addicted. They control all our media in a steady stream of reports of negative news and stupid entertainment like the housewives series that undermine good families. They have TSA treat us citizens llike we are going into federal prisons and want to make sure we don't blow up things and people. They tell us about children getting murdered by children then treat us like children by taking ourguns away all the while they have drones that can take us down in a split second. They yellow us we are doing better financially as more people loose jobs homes etc. Its not howdy doody time folks. Its the twilight zone.

Now that we are in the twilight zone we could continue the episode and find out the president is really just a puppet. The government is really just a shadow government run behind the scenes by the CIA or something like that. The banks TV wall street education media transportation food production police health services and Hollywood is really all controlled by the government. They are sitting in their respective super mansions surrounded by people with guns protecting them against the masses whom they fear because of their paranoia. Gee......did I miss something. O yes the ending. We are all "shocked " when we discover the truth. But of course its just too darn late.

they are killing people in wars under false pretences.
No, we haven't had a congressional declaration of war for decades. We have "police actions," we have a nebulous GWOT, we have targeted drone bomb assassinations... but no wars.

They allow illegal immigrants many of whom are criminals and they make believe they don't want them here.
No, they are deporting immigrants in record numbers, year after year, especially the criminal ones. Yes, they want the Dream Act immigrants who are not criminals, did not come here voluntarily, and who want to study or serve in the armed forces.

They allow drugs to come across pourous borders to keep us addicted. They control all our media in a steady stream of reports of negative news and stupid entertainment like the housewives series that undermine good families.

Nobody is forcing anyone to take drugs or watch stupid TV programs. Take some responsibility for your own actions.


They have TSA treat us citizens llike we are going into federal prisons and want to make sure we don't blow up things and people.
This is George W. Bush's fault. Don't vote for or support anyone who voted for the Patriot Act that allowed taking away civil liberties.


They tell us about children getting murdered by children then treat us like children by taking ourguns away all the while they have drones that can take us down in a split second.
So far in the USA, no guns have been "taken away" and no drones have "taken us down in a split second"

David McAlvaney has read Rand & thinks the rich Lords & Ladies will save us. Just like the "Church" Missions have saved Haiti & Africa. We will all be saving ourselves--or not. The rich are toasted as dark as we are. This is the best the "Right" has?
He makes a goof like President Obama look human.
Jim,great read. Thanks once again. To the wacko's telling me we have room for 9 billion more people JUST in TX!!! Move to Mitt's planet.Take Tom & John with you. Scientology was invented to make Mormonism look good.

you are overlooking the fact that we all die and are soon forgotten. Also, that in the Big Picture, the universe is oblivious and unconcerned...

You need to look at a Bigger Picture, Kyooshtik. We have all died innumerable times.

Dying, therefore, is not a big deal since we have done it over and over and over again.

I have posted your questions at Reddit. Will see if anyone replies.

Ya, Balkan, I have some idea what JHK is talking about. For me, tho, the verdict is not yet in on his conclusions.

Collapse Watch first brought up the Soviet Union. I just ran with it, probably because right now I happen to be reading a book on Stalin. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have said anything.

Besides, I thought this was an open forum.


It was brought up indirectly. The focal point of that post was the co-opting of the Mainstream Media by the Intelligence Services, thus turning it into pure propaganda that puts the ignominious Pravda to shame. That post was in to add clarity to a William Casey quote made by another poster. It's good to know where you stand. You would fit in well over at Pat Lang's place, if you're not already a regular there.

For the record, I consider the likes of Bill Casey to be as immoral as Stalin, just not as messy. The likes of Casey knew they could accomplish their task without murdering millions. But if they had no other option, they would have done the same (and will do the same considering what's coming down the pike). Stalin had other options, but chose to annihilate everyone close to him.

For the literati:

“If you thought deindustrialization was something that decimated a few unlucky manufacturing towns back in the 1980s, think again. Christine J. Walley’s poignant analytic memoir of family life and class relations after the steel mills closed shows how America is still living out the legacy of those years, decades later. Anyone who wants to understand why the gap between rich and poor keeps widening, why upward mobility has shifted from a collective to an individual project, which misbegotten policies led to this predicament, and how ‘the materiality of class’ affects us even at the cellular level, can learn from Walley’s wise and incisive critique.”

Somebody read this, I don't have the time...

Besides, I thought this was an open forum.


HenryMorgan, that's what I thought, too. In my book your comments are always welcome. Your comments are one of the reasons I always come back to CFN... well, your comments and the big checks I receive for commenting here!

Did you check out the Cornel West 5 minute video I linked to?

Scathing criticism of Obama from my man, Cornel West.

People like Vlad who think all Blacks worship Obama as Messiah are mistaken.

He plainly states at the end of the video that he is selling his advice and owns precious metals positions.

But the cultural and political essay is spot-on.

He graces his conclusion in standard Strauss-Howe 4th turning theory.

My cat has been very staticy lately. She keeps getting a shock

Ways to prevent cat from getting static shock:

1. Increase humidity in home
2. Have cat "put down." ;o)

"No no no, get up offa your ass walk over to the window"

Blogging is my window to the world. If I screamed out my real window, no one would hear me...I can at least get my frustration off my chest when I blog it. Otherwise things get pent up inside your head like that wacko from Kenya pretending to run things and you go off the rails...thinking crazy like you're king or something. He's the second coming of Shaka Zulu, and will destroy all the white tribes of the collusion with his Zionists Puppet Masters of course.

Here in Toronto even the poorest of the poor are able to live in apartment buildings or houses that are centrally heated.

Now go back three hundred years when the only dwellings to be seen on Lake Ontario's hinterland were tents: How on earth did the Huron and Iroquois survive winter?

Winter living has made me realize why the ancients regarded the forces of nature as conscious beings. To me, winter seems almost a malevolence. It has the power to kill and it does kill.

Since very few people in this city die of exposure during the winter months, few seem to regard winter with dread. I don't understand their sense of security. After all, sizable sections of Toronto have conked out before--no water, no light, no heat.

Didn't the ancient Greeks have a story about winter's awfulness? Some sort of curse involving Persephone and Pluto? And Attica isn't as cold as Ontario.

1. Increase humidity in home
2. Have cat "put down." ;o)
3. Spray this stuff on cat.
OK, true story time-
I spent a year working at a veterinary clinic in SW metro Atlanta, that was located in a working class area that was trending, at the time, heavily black.

Folks (both black and white, as I recall) would come in, or call in, frequently - to ask some version of the question, "How much will it be to have my dog (or cat) sprayed*?"

We always had to stop short of answering them, "That depends on what color you want them to be when we are finished." haha!

*The reader will hopefully understand that "sprayed" is here, a mispronunciation of "spayed,"
which procedure is also known in proper medical terminology as a complete canine (or feline) hysterectomy.


This was, truly, a lower income area. Canine distemper is a terrible viral disease in puppies and young dogs, and we saw a lot of it - even though the distemper vaccine had been readily available for years, and was not all that expensive.

So, it would be bad news to have a young dog come in that might be suffering with distemper.

It made it worse when the dog's owner suspected distemper - especially if the owner was correct, and told you coming in, "He may have distemper."

Except the black owners didn't usually pronounce it that way. They would usually say, "He may have 'stemper."*

True story, here - If I'm lying, I'm dying.

Apparently, their ears heard "dis stemper" and translated it into "formal" English as "this stemper."

So, when they brought the animal into the "formal" language setting of the vet clinic - they would drop the "dis" vernacular

and shorten "dis temper" to "stemper."

It was an innocent and gentler age in SW Atlanta.
Although we did have drugs in the clinic, I did frequently close and lockup by myself, and I always carried a weapon in my car.

Some of us younger employees were always getting onto the vets who owned the place to "hire a Black veterinarian." They wouldn't do it. And it was NOT, repeat NOT, because they were prejudiced.

It was because they had discretely inquired among their existing black client base, as to how a new black veterinarian would be accepted at the practice - and discovered that that generation of black pet owners would not have accepted a young black vet, nearly as much as they would have trusted a young white one.

I don't know how things are there now.
The clinic is still there. I haven't been back since 1978. One of my vet tech co-workers went to vet school, and came back and bought the old owners out. He now specializes in doing spays for the humane society for really low prices.
He's fast! Fast enough to do a good job and still make money at humane society pay rates.
I understand he finally hired a black vet.

I really need to get back and see those folks, at my old vet clinic.

Good Lord, CW - how do you know about Aunt Fanny's Cabin?

At one point, right after my wife and I got married, we lived in Symrna, GA - only about 5 miles from there, and probably right about the time that your article was written.

I only went once - as part of a "restaurant takeover" for training/schmoozing for BioGuard Swimming Pool Chemicals and their store owners and managers.

Aunt Fanny's was kind of expensive, and hard to get in and get a good table - otherwise.

The United States of America had practically open borders throughout its history, from its founding until about 1921 (with some notable exceptions such as the Chinese Exclusion Act).

With this policy of open borders, the United States expanded greatly in population and led the world in terms of increases in its standard of living and increases in per capita income.

We still have a low population density relative to other prosperous countries of the world. We have the room and we need open borders to improve the quality of life for all Americans.

To wit, eleven countries are richer than the USA.

1 Liechtenstein 141,100
2 Qatar 104,300
3 Luxembourg 81,100
4 Bermuda 69,900
5 Monaco 63,400
6 Singapore 60,500
7 Jersey 57,000
8 Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) 55,400
9 Norway 54,200
10 Brunei 50,000
11 Hong Kong 49,800
12 United States 49,000

Many of these countries that are richer than the USA also have a higher population density (Number of people per square kilometer):

2 Monaco .. 15,255
3 Singapore .. 7,680.77
4 Hong Kong .. 6,479.64
11 Bermuda .. 1,279.26
174 United States .. 31.94

That's right, the USA ranks 174th in population density with 32 people per square km. Anyone who says the USA is "full up" is full of something else and is talking from anti-immigrant prejudice.

The argument that more population means a lower quality of life just isn't true. Assimilating new waves of immigrants will be possible for the United States and will lead to greater prosperity for the nation.


To wit, eleven countries are richer than the USA, as measured by GDP - per capita (PPP) (US$) even though they have population densities from 15,000 to 1,300 people per sq. km. while the USA is practically empty at 32 people per sq. km.

"Many of these countries that are richer than the USA also have a higher population density (Number of people per square kilometer)"

-asoka.., the Grow, GROW cheerleader, as always ignoring how these grossly overpopulated countries get their (imported) food and their (imported) energy and their (mostly imported) water - without which they would experience widespread emigration or widespread death-

This is a peak resources blog, right?


"Anyone who says the USA is "full up" is full of something else and is talking from anti-immigrant prejudice." -the soaker hose-

So, is the above an argument in the nature of a general moral platitude?

Or, is it a simple racist argument designed to inflame passions and impede honest dialog?

Does anyone know? Does anyone care?


This is a peak resources blog, right?

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"Anyone who says the USA is "full up" is full of something else and is talking from anti-immigrant prejudice." -the soaker hose-

So, is the above an argument in the nature of a general moral platitude?

Or, is it a simple racist argument designed to inflame passions and impede honest dialog?


No moral platitudes, just hard data.

No mention of race at all.

You are the one avoiding dialog by your name calling, which you seem to prefer. Address the argument, not the personal who posts. Your ad hominem is an admission of your weakness and lack of rational argument.

Interesting to you perhaps: Captain Pike reveals that Rand Corporation connection to the original Star Trek. Predictive Programming mind controll perhaps? A Federation of Plantets so why not a United Nations here on Earth. After all, if they can come together "up there" why can't we? Our differences are SO VERY SMALL compared to their's, right?


You are the one avoiding dialog by your name calling ("soaker hose"), and your red herring categories, as if classifying something into one of your three groups automatically invalidates data, data which you refuse to address.

The word prejudice just means to pre-judge without even considering what the data say. It has nothing to do with race.

Thoreau has a few moving paragraphs on that: the very poor of Concord were bent over with the cold, poorly dressed, living in little shacks thrown togther without chimneys - kind of like our tent cities. He compared them too the Indians who had had fur coats and Long Houses heated by roaring fires.

Man is very tiny if you look at his body, man is very foolish if you look at his mind, and man is tremendously vast if you look at his consciousness. Three things meet in man. The vast, the infinite, meet in his consciousness, in his awareness. That's what you become aware of when you meditate: boundaries recede and disappear.

The body does not contain you; in fact, you contain the body. Ordinarily you think, "I exist in the body." It is absolutely wrong. The body exists in you; you are vaster, you are bigger - not only bigger than the body, you are bigger than this whole universe. It is awareness that holds all.

I was wondering why the big to do about Lincoln: now it's clear. Obama is the New Lincoln - why just yesterday he took his Oath on Lincoln's Bible and MLk's too. He's gotta be a Chrsitian with two Bibles!

But the sinister side: Gun Owners are the New Southern Racists whom he is going to crush.

Do any of you CFNers know if any recent, indebted U.S. university graduate is willing to run in place for hours-on-end for no pay in order to get "Work Experience"? Thanks.

We're approaching a new Civil/Revolutionary War. Will you side with Lincoln or "the South"?

If I had a son by a Black Woman, I would name him Ford Lincoln Mercury. And if we later had twin boys, I'd name them Luther and Vandross.

Didn't they used to sell a huge, gas-guzzling car targeting the "African-American" market called the "Lincoln"?

Remember Conan on the Wheel of Pain; grinding the bitter grain of experience into the Bread of Wisdom. Is this not the story of us all? Buddha said none force us to cling to the spokes of agony (sex, women, men, job, cat) but we do it of our accord, from desire born of ignorance. But we can break free like Conan did. Or we can be enslaved under the Black Lincoln. Choose wisely.

Great critique of Libtardism by Jared Taylor. It is a Religion btw.

Some Blacks like Malcolm X when he was Malcolm Little used to put gasoline in their hair to make it red.

Why not? Why the hell not? It's no worse than tongue rings or tatoos.

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Yeah, Biolab was once upon a time a great company to work for, then the Blooms sold out. Great Lakes wasn't too terrible, but the sell-out to Chemtura was the beginning of the end.


I'd never heard of Pat Lang but I checked out the site and it seems pretty interesting.

Thanks for the heads up.


asoka.., the Grow, GROW cheerleader, as always


P4C, ignoring the human story, as always. Throughout history, migrants have fueled the engine of human progress. Progress, not "Grow, GROW." Progress is the human story, change is inevitable. If you look back over the centuries, the story of our evolution has been positive change which diminishes suffering.

The movement of migrants has sparked innovation, spread ideas, relieved poverty, and laid the foundations for a global economy.

In a world more interconnected than ever before, the number of people with the means and motivation to migrate will only increase. That is just a fact that you ignore at your own peril. Organizations like NumbersUSA that try to stabilize, lessen, or stop immigration are on the wrong side of history and that is not a platitude.

We had open borders in the USA until 1921. If you look at the history of the freedom of movement of human beings, it becomes obvious that migration is not a zero-sum game; it brings great benefits to the receiving country, the sending country, and to migrants themselves. Not just economic and growth benefits, though those are not to be denied. Not just diversity of ethnic restaurants, though nothing wrong with that.

Come to think of it, nothing wrong with moral platitudes either. By definition a moral platitude might be trite, meaningless, or prosaic... but not harmful. There are lots of things worse than moral platitudes. But charges of "moral platitude" do not hold up when one examines all the good things migration has done for humanity.

For example, migrants send back home over $350 billion a year, a sum much greater than all world aid granted to developing nations, and a big part of that money goes to education for the next generation. I do not consider education to be a "moral platitude" especially when it is privately funded as a result of private individual effort and a desire to better oneself and one's loved ones. Why would I object to that?

And, yes, there are economic benefits from immigration because it stimulates the economy when low skilled foreign workers take the jobs that are not wanted by native workers. This is not a "moral platitude" argument for immigration. By taking jobs not wanted by natives, businesses are able to offer services at a lower price. Studies have shown that USA cities that had high levels of immigration saw reductions in the costs of housekeeping, gardening, child care, dry cleaning, and other labor intensive services. When people pay less for services I don't consider that a "moral platitude" or "ethic restaurant" or "economic growth" argument for immigration. It just means more money in your pocket. Why would I object to that?

"Anyone who says the USA is "full up" is full of something else and is talking from anti-immigrant prejudice."
-the racist resident impediment, using the racially loaded word, "prejudice" for his own purposes-

"The word prejudice just means to pre-judge without even considering what the data say. It has nothing to do with race."
- the soaker hose, in a second post, re-defining the context of a commonly understood word he JUST used -

And you need to look up "ad hominem." My two favorite names for you do not fit the definition, because they are not random insults - the are, in fact based on your BEHAVIOR. In my opinion the two sobriquets above are quite accurate in their symbolism, and quite well deserved.

For example, you charge:
"Anyone who says the USA is "full up" is full of something else...."

"Full up" traditionally means "full up of shit," so this is an "ad hominem," on your part.

That's why you are The Resident Impediment, here, because you frequently engage in the behavior you decry in others.

As to why you are "Our Soaker Hose," I'll explain that later, but it is also a relevant descriptor, based on your behavior on CFN.

Anybody on CFN use any of these: Google, Intel, PayPal, eBay, Yahoo? Migrants founded those enterprises. Immigration is a net benefit to the USA. Immigrants are job creators who start new businesses and create new jobs. Immigrants also account for around 25% of all global patent applications from the USA. Why would I object to that? What reason? Is innovation and discovery bad? Is having a job bad? Is being able to feed your family bad? Why would I object to immigrants being job creators?

In a world more interconnected than ever before, the number of people with the means and motivation to migrate will only increase.

Hardly. In a world that's at the precipice of decline, yet wealth is concentrating at an ever-quickening pace, thus creating an even greater chasm between the haves and the have nots, fewer and fewer will have the means to migrate out of country, let alone in country. Motivation without means withers in short order. The only mobile ones will be the Plutocrats, and they'll need to be mobile if they want to keep their heads.

Anybody on CFN use any of these: Google, Intel, PayPal, eBay, Yahoo? Migrants founded those enterprises.

So? Are you assuming we're better off because of it? Hardly. In fact, a strong argument can be made that we are worse off because of these so-called "innovations." Ever heard of the Progress Trap?

Wright thinks the truth is more complicated. What makes this book unique and provocative is his notion of progress traps. The benefits of innovation often encourage society to live in a new way, while burning the bridges behind them as they advance. Society can find itself trapped in an unsustainable way of living, and it’s no longer possible to just turn around and painlessly return to a simpler mode. Like today, we know that the temporary bubble of cheap energy is about over, and our entire way of life is dependent on cheap energy. We’re trapped.

P4C, do they pay you to keep the focus on Asoka?

Your focus on Asoka's BEHAVIOR (as defined by you), instead of the data and arguments he presents, is evasive and a distraction.

This is a peak resources blog, right? We will need innovative ways to deal with an inevitable energy contraction, and innovative ways to deal with global overpopulation. Immigration contributes to such innovation.

Temp. right now is hovering a little above 0 F.

I realize its an apostasy here to question any aspect of 'Global Warming', which seems to be more of a religion than anything else, but I really expected these winters up here to have heated up a little by now. But every day its as cold as a witches left t-t!

Did you see Al 'Jazeera' Gore, after cleaning up a few weeks ago selling his 'Current TV' network, scored big again with a swindle involving Apple Stock. Say what you want about Al 'Jazeera' Gore, the man knows how to make money!


Microsoft Windows 8 will only have four versionsarticle rootWindows 8 futureDo you expect to be buying a version of Windows 8 in the future CASIO NP-20 Charger? What version holds the most appeal

Go here to read the rest:

Remember these metallic behemoths?

Gawd, those were the days. They were as big as a city block, and the trunks could hold at least twenty dead bodies. Mobsters loved them. They don't make them like that any more. Besides, Up-And-Coming Blacks prefer Land Rovers now.

My all time favorite was the Royal Deluxe II. Man, that was one smooth ride. Nothing compared. The Commies couldn't build a car like that.

"I realize its an apostasy here to question any aspect of 'Global Warming', which seems to be more of a religion than anything else..."

HM, no one ever said that "global warming" means all hotter-all the time. And, anyway, "global warming" is an unfortunate name for a more nuanced concept - that being anthropogenic climate change.

To argue that we humans are having no effect as we burn through 100's of million of years of stored fossil carbon, in a few hundred years - is ludicrous, IMO. And I'm not picking a fight, I'm just stating a fact.

One thing we are seeing is bigger "swings" in the weather - unseasonable heat, longer droughts, heavier floods - that sort of thing.

It got up into the upper 60's last week, up here on my mountain. One of my peach trees started flowering. It was 23 last night - no peaches for me, again this year.

The FIRST big vineyard that opened in my region is now closing permanently. The owner blamed unseasonably warm winters, which caused early "bud break" coupled with late frosts.

Climate change is subtle SO FAR (like that sea level rise, that you and I once grappled over) but it is definitely happening. And it's definitely going to get worse, absent some as-yet-unforseen "miracle."

And yeah, Al Gore is a scum-sucking plutocrat.

What about the ZIS 110? That thing was massive.


So David McAlvany is blaming old people and their entitlements (Social Security and Medicare) for the possible collapse of American democracy? And a dictatorship will arise in its place? Seems to me that the British Empire collapsed but no dictatorship took its place (unless Queen Elizabeth is a dictator). Seems to me empires are always collapsing and only in third world countries do dictatorships arise (Germany was not an empire so its collapse after WWI into facism doesn't count).

Dictators can only get power and money by VIOLENTLY taking it away from others. But regarding the collapse of America, like many I have lived through Hurricane Sandy and there was no rioting, no looting, no raping, etc. In fact, people COOPERATED! Yes, that's right, families helped families, neighbors helped neighbors, people came from all over the country to HELP. And that help continues to this day (although some are still in a world of hurt).

So I don't think the collapse of the American Empire will be so tragic or swift. The real worry is the dark paranoid fantasies being perpetuated by the NRA that the government is out to get you. Seems to me that the government is too busy with Hurricane Sandy relief, a struggling economy, two foreign wars, etc. to worry about gun owners and their lousy guns. Unless you are cooking Meth in your backyard, the government isn't interested in you. Of course there is the possibility that the NRA is inadvertently perpetuating drug sales due to their lobbyist activities that demand anyone can have a gun for any reason as long as gun manufacturers profit wildly! That's the real danger.

You have only two categories of argument that are in favor of continued high US immigration:

1. Economic growth is always good
2. Moral platitudes

"Your focus on Asoka's BEHAVIOR (as defined by you), instead of the data and arguments he presents, is evasive and a distraction.

It's ludicrous to say I "define" your behavior, your behavior, here, is observable by all.

And your behavior concerning immigration - endlessly repeating your moral platitudes and "growth is good" arguments - is as you put it for us, "evasive and a distraction."

And, *soaker - after awhile, referring to you as "Asoka," over and over - begins to be a severe insult to the real "Asoka," may he rest in peace.

Ah yes, it was a Beaut. Uncle Joe's car is quite the collector's item. It now resides in La Jolla, Ca., but has changed hands many times over the years. It is said that the aroma of Uncle Joe's flatulence still permeates the cabin air. Old Communist Diehards travel to it, like Muslims to Mecca, to breath in the sacred putrefaction. It's their special pilgrimage. Still, it can't compare to the Royal Deluxe II. No self-respecting rabbi would think of performing a Bris in the ZIS.

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The FIRST big vineyard that opened in my region is now closing permanently. The owner blamed unseasonably warm winters, which caused early "bud break" coupled with late frosts.

It's a shame about Blackstock, however, you still have several others for the time being, namely Wolf Mountain, Three Sisters and Frogtown Cellars.

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tell it to the Chinese, they're building a lot of neat stuff. But for the vast majority of that over populated country it is still a shit hole and it always will be.

Jews, Europeans and Asians.
Never blacks and browns.

Proof positive.
The one 'African' who started a Fortune 500 is Indian.

Just wanted to add, or have Fred add, to the ongoing conversation between Asoka and the others regarding diversity.

Four star denial performance by Hillary Clinton. Like all women who are caught, she cried, screamed, attacked, etc. This is taking "full responsibility". Once Behghazi was taken care of, she cheerfully confirmed that a large arsenal of Libyan weapons is now in the hands of Al Qaeda. How not since they were the rebels? Hillary said "we have to do better"! That's why we're doing the same thing in Syria. Those stolen/liberated weapons will now be used against us in Mali.

Always Blacks and Browns due to the multiplier effect. Blacks and Browns and low-skilled foreign workers provide services--such as home care or child care--that release skilled workers into the labor market.

What does this actually mean? Here is an example: When a low-skilled migrant from Mexico moves to California and offers affordable child care, a mother staying at home, a skilled professional with a postgraduate degree, is released to join the workforce.

Through the movement of one person, two people enter the workforce, and they will both earn wages that are spent on goods and services. Migration produces its own multiplier effects. Such indirect and second-order effects of migration are still underspecified, and the overall contribution of Blacks, Browns, and migrants to economic growth is therefore underestimated.

"...and the overall contribution of Blacks, Browns, and migrants to economic growth is therefore underestimated."

-our grow, GROW cheerleader, admitting that things are going to collapse faster than estimated-

Excellent "Fred," btw, Confusionism. Thanks!

How long can a nation of pickpockets, beggars, and con-men steal from each other before the whole shebang falls down? We are about to find out. Diversity is our strength. Yes indeed.

Yes indeed.

"In short, the United States consists of a great many substantial and hostile groups in a way that, say, Japan and Finland do not."

And Asoka wants more diversity, which as defined by Fred consists of enormously powerful groups whose interests run counter to those of the rest of the country.

I concur with his definition and his current piece is the best argument against today's ongoing soaked hose spew we could hope for.

No room at the Inn, were full up. Standing room only in the lobby and all those without reservations are screwed. Even if they were born here.

What does this actually mean? Here is an example: When a low-skilled migrant from Mexico moves to California and offers affordable child care, a mother staying at home, a skilled professional with a postgraduate degree, is released to join the workforce.

This is an example of imported servitude. Disgusting. The bitch with the degree can stay home and raise the kids and keep the home, or she can skip having the kids. Imported servitude doesn't reconcile that. As if whatever she's going to do outside the home is of greater importance than raising children and keeping a stable home. Nothing is ore important than that. NOTHING. But tell that to the Libs. Idiots.

And another thing. Lazy-ass Americans can start doing things for themselves, or not do it at landscaping and child care. Maybe they'd grow up and lose a few pounds in the process.

Oops his current piece.

I had too much diversity in my link and it didn't work.

speaking of unsustainable growth -

One of my sons and his girlfriend both have jobs that require them to fly. And they don't fly a lot, maybe every 3-5 months. So, you wouldn't think their Frequent Flyer Miles would accrue terribly fast.

Nevertheless, they've booked a trip to New York for later on this year - and they tell me that the whole thing, hotel and all - will cost them less than $50, out of pocket. Everything else is covered by those Flyer Miles.

Question - how much of our "economy" is already bouyed up by activities that are, at root - frivolous freebies?

Don't get me wrong, now, I'm thrilled my kid has a chance to do all this for free. Hopefully, it will give him some stories to tell when he's an old man - about the glittery life we all used to lead in the US, back in the good old days.

In other news, the first TV reports about this incident after the Falcon's playoff loss reported that this stabbing was due to a fight between two men over the outcome of the game.
Which seemed bad enough.

Well, it's worse than that.
They were fighting over FOOD.

It depends on how you define and perceive diversity. A diversity of approaches is a good thing. One of the main reasons Civilization is failing, and fails, is because of uniformity and homogeneity. Everything under the sun must be uniformly replicated and mass produced to the point the entirety of the world's inhabitants now aspire to own a refrigerator and a car and so on and so forth. That's what lack of diversity gets you. It gets you drowning in your own shit.

Question - how much of our "economy" is already bouyed up by activities that are, at root - frivolous freebies?

As a former CPA, I can tell you this is about booking sales earlier rather than later, or front-loading sales. It looks good in the short-term on the books because it helps hide an otherwise decline, but as you say, eventually you reach a point where you've front-loaded so much sales for which you have not yet relinquished service that you have no room left to service new sales because you're booked servicing the previously front-loaded sales. At that point, the companies that are too-big-too-fail will just renege on those service obligations, i.e. frequent flier miles, and the Gubmint will back them up on it because they're too-big-too-fail. Then, they'll start the whole front-loading scheme over again from scratch and all the brainless dolts will get in line and accept their shafting once more.

So it goes.

And the skilled professionals can go to the park with their briefcase and pretend they have jobs, falling down style.

I couldn't agree more about your feeling concerning 'imported servitude'.

More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better

I read the book and it was great to see my own ideas so well supported with hard scientific fact. The diversity overload is enough to make one doubt their own sanity.

Chuck Hagel grovels to the Jews, apologizing for telling the truth once or twice. He is just one of a long list of people who have apologized for tellng the truth. That's what happens when you give one small group of people control of the banking and media. Incredible. Still not enough though - they don't want him nominated. And there are 3000 Jews in the 1.2 million man army - yet they have all but absolute say.

Collapse Watch got awful silent when the role of Jews in the Global Conspiracy came up.

For all the talk of diversity, it's hardly anywhere to be found. It's all the same shit coming out of the same old vat. There's nothing new under the sun. Diversity, my ass. People wouldn't know diversity because they no longer see diversity. Mass Consumerism and NeoLiberalism detroyed diversity flying the banner of diversity. What a ruse.

Collapse Watch got awful silent when the role of Jews in the Global Conspiracy came up.

The aversion to Gefilte Fish is trumped by the aversion to skinned heads.

And, that would be awfully silent, not awful silent.

Are you Catholic? Is your name Pat?

Dogs over cats, any day.

You're focusing on the wrong aspect again. The Mexican wouldn't come if it didn't improve her situation. Collapse gets it right: it's the White Woman going out to work instead of working at home as a mother that's the problem. She takes the job that should go to a Man or a single Woman. And the Mexican takes a job that should belong to an American. Get it straight. Our concern should not be them but for us.

That being said, yes, we do bring them here to exploit them. I saw a clip of a new immigrant family, the girl was about 12 and feeling sick. She still had to pick crops. After they've been here awhile, they will learn to work the system and begin to exploit us.

I have outed you, Schlomo. Nice "Persian" attempt. Like Ilya Erhrenberg calling himself "Ashley Montagu". Own it and begin to critique your own.

After they've been here awhile, they will learn to work the system and begin to exploit us.

That means they pass the citizenship test and become full-fledged citizens of the U.S, because precisely at that point, they have learned how to be true Americans. Screw thy neighbor. Me, me, me. Fuck everyone else. Game the System. There is no tomorrow, only today. Whatever. I could care less. This is the American Dream to which the world aspires.

Catholic isn't an ethnic group like being Jewish is. But yes - Gentiles like Prog and Henry have amazing difficulty with this simple concept. Guys, most Jews are atheists and agnostic. They aren't having kids though while the Orthodox have huge families. So the future is with the Fundies, which means zero chance of Peace in Palestine.

And who developed modern Capitalism? The Department store? Fiat currency? Predatory Lending? I don't say only Jews, but they were certainly prominent. But at the top now - it's Jews. They are the ones who own the Federal Reserve.

Praise of diversity is an insult to our own culture.

If it's any consolation, Radu, Collapse graduated from a Jesuit High School and received an undergrad diploma from a Jesuit College. Grad school was secular. Jesuits helped Collapse lose his religion. Collapse thanks them for that. Collapse likes Bagels. Collapse likes Larry David, especially this scene:

Doesn't that look like great fun? How cathartic it would be. Let's give it a try and see if JFK bans us.

Praise of diversity is an insult to our own culture.

What culture? All cultures have been obliterated and replaced with buy, buy, buy, more, more, more. That's not a culture. It's a defecation.

Yes, oh yes. I'm proud of you fellas. But are you serious? Have you thought thru the impications? Are you ready to stop insulting Christians? As Washington said, most people need a religion to be good. Take it away and they will invent a worse one like Communism. Stop tolerating insults to our Nation? No more Jerry Rubins and Abbie Hoffmans to be allowed to shit on us with impunity? Bill Ayers to get the justice he deserves? The ADL to be forced to register as a foreign lobby? The Blacks made to behave - or else?

It's a serious thing to have a Nation. Serious and delicate. It can't take endless insults to its dignity and laws as the Left has delighted to deliver. Loyal opposition is another thing all together. Learn the difference.

-our grow, GROW cheerleader, admitting that things are going to collapse faster than estimated-


Isn't that what some doomsters want? I have read comments on CFN that the sooner the whole thing collapses the better.

I doubt there will be any collapse. I'm just looking at reality. The reality is there are 27 million immigrants in the USA (SOURCE: F.A.I.R.) and they are contributing by working, paying taxes, lowering the national debt, creating jobs, etc.

I think the more immigrants we have the better. I support freedom of movement of people and open borders. I am a true libertarian who really believes in FREEDOM.

Good rebuttal. The correct term should be "Global Weirding".

Boo fucking hoo, Vlad, you sound like a whiny little bitch. And you call out Hillary for crying.

I support freedom of movement of people and open borders.

Illegal Immigration from Mexico to the U.S. can hardly be considered freedom of movement for the poor souls making the crossing. It is a flight of desperation for them, and the risks are substantial. That can hardly be called freedom of movement.

It's a moot point. Nothing's going to change from an enforcement standpoint. The only thing that will mitigate immigration and migration is the end of abundant, cheap energy, and that's just around the corner....any day now, but don't hold your breath, just in case. Meantime, do your service to humanity, and let the dark-skinned southern neighbors tend to your garden, clean your house, and raise your children whilst you self-actualize in your toxic cube.

No its not the left, it is corn-pone brain dead liberals and politicians who hide inequality and the praise of hierarchy behind the word d-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y.

Diversity is a word that has been politically corrupted to confuse and mislead. It is not used by what you call the left whom I take to mean intellectuals of courage with brains whom dare to think differently, so fuck off.

Diversity in America has come to hide the imposition of a new sheriff in town syndrome, a dilution and confusion of culture. It is the embodiment of the more things change the more they stay the same. You embrace diversity, you are all about differences and maintaining them. You even see them when they are not there.

Radu that was for U.

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Related articles:

"I have read comments on CFN that the sooner the whole thing collapses the better."

Yeah, and you have made plenty exactly like that yourself.

Oh, someone seems a bit bitter because he has lost his WASP-dominated America. Love it or leave it, loser. You sound like another whiner from the "Greatest Generation"

One school of thought is that the sooner things collapse the less the destruction there will be. A softer crash in which there is less damage and in which people come to their senses and we suddenly have the dawning of the age of Aquarius or something.

I don't hold that point of view. A collapse once begun is a feedback loop of destruction out of control. Sooner or later it is the same thing, terrible and abhorrent and collapse should be avoided by making fundamental changes in the way in which we live our lives.

No, I have consistently said we have 40+ years, while making fun of the doomsters by predicting collapse... next Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.

Why you tellin' lies, K-Dog? You workin' for COINTELPRO?

It's rather clear and transparent that you and Radu are puppets who reside on the same hand. Cute little honey trap you're running. It is entertaining, I'll give it a Slapstick sort of way.

The only thing that will mitigate immigration and migration is the end of abundant, cheap energy, and that's just around the corner....any day now, but don't hold your breath, just in case.


Right. I've been calling this "just around the corner" bullshit since 1970.

Don't even try to hold your breath until next Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.

It is entertaining, I'll give it that...


That is the purpose of CFN: cheap entertainment. It makes me happy to know you are enjoying CFN's doomster schtick. CFN is good for laughs, though. I'll give you that.

It sure as hell beats the somber suicide cult over at Nature Bats Last. Those folks are real DOWNERS. Every minute of every day the fuckin sky is falling. Of course it is, for Christ's Sake, the Universe is entropy. Get over it, and party like it's 1999.

collapse should be avoided by making fundamental changes in the way in which we live our lives.


This has been my message to CFN for almost eight years now. And I have made hundreds of posts with useful information on how to make fundamental changes in housing, transportation, diet, lifestyle, energy use, horticulture, etc.

And those damn Chinese and Indians just won't listen. What do you expect? They want the American Dream. They want to self-actualize in a toxic cube whilst their fair-skinned Anglo-American neighbors tend their lawns and gardens, clean and maintain their homes, and raise their children. The wheel goes round and round until there's no energy left to power it. Then it blows up.

I won't call Hillary out for crying, but I will call her out for being bloated. What's up with that?

The best advice is to Trust No One. Make like you are in the X-Files and if you want to know if someone is real or a shape shifting fool who is talking to themselves to dissemble the crowd pay attention to the consistency of their thought.

Real dogs don't change opinion at the change of the wind. Real dogs are reasonably consistent over time in their opinions.

Another piece of advice is to not try and figure out exactly what a particular deceiver is up to or exactly how many people they are pretending to be. To try and figure them out is an exercise in futility. You don't have enough information and trolls send out false clues on purpose. They will even say exactly what they are to confuse. This is particularly noticeable when they are about to be busted and need to lie low for a few days. They have all the tricks of con men for that's what they are and teaching themselves to be.

To the best of your ability defend attack and advance the ideas presented here, not the people.

Some of us are not whom we seem. It's sad but free speech attracts idiots and that means having to sift through a lot of coal to find diamonds.

Some thoughts on using women is combat units:

1. What? We haven't militarized enough of our society?

2. They will be used to collect the guns. Watch.

3. It's your turn to carry the .50 cal. Go get 'em killer!

A Jewish Catholic? It is not impossible, all the first Catholics were Jews. And there are still a few sincere converts. But most nowadays are just moles. And the Jesuits are the worst Order of all now - not even Christian anymore. Anyone remember Fr Drinan of Boston College? One of the nastiest pieces of work that ever walked on two legs. Considered anti abortion folks the forces of darkness - yet he never lost his teaching privledges or his good standing as a priest.

You are losing the People you leftist trash you.

Earlier today, on a monitor overhanging a subway platform, there was a news note about Joe Biden: he's thinking of running for president in 2016. Hillary Clinton is probably thinking of running too.

In 2012, these two will be, respectively, 74 and 69 years old, which is to say they'll be on the verge of becoming aged.

Presidential campaigns are gruelling. Anyone who's seventy or over and who has the vitality to conduct an American presidential campaign gets my salute. Their constitutions must be extraordinary. And after election comes four years of hard and stressful work.

Maybe it's a mind over matter thing--an ambition to rule that's so fierce it supercharges the body's physical processes. This can't be discounted. Nonetheless, there have been number of American presidents and British prime ministers who, because of bodily or cognitive collapse, were rendered unfit for their jobs. Or so I've read. Here's a list.

William Pitt the elder
Henry Campbell Bannerman
Ramsay Macdonald
Winston Churchill
Anthony Eden
Woodrow Wilson
Franklin Roosevelt

The case of John Kennedy is iffy: whether his adrenal disorders affected his mind is yet an unanswered question.

And after election comes four years of hard and stressful work.

Nonsense. These pricks are waited on hand and foot. All they're required to do is stay on script, attend parties and functions, give speeches, and take a ton of vacations where they play golf. They get much more vacation time and perks than the average Joe. They don't know hard work. Hard work would kill them. Blogging on CFN is hard work. It's a minefield. Your next step could be your last. That's REAL stress. Raising children is hard work, and it's something none of them know anything about. All they had to do was conceive it. All living presidents should be required to finish their days digging for gold in the Congo. That's hard work and proper penance for the atrocities that flowed forth from the tip of their pens, or their presidential stamps.

Anyone remember Fr Drinan of Boston College? One of the nastiest pieces of work that ever walked on two legs. Considered anti abortion folks the forces of darkness.

You really are a sicko. You would ensure those children were brought to term and delivered....right into the hands of that most terrible of monsters, Father Ollie and his ilk. Disgusting. You should have your balls chopped off for suggesting such a thing.

It's an excellent documentary for those who haven't seen it.

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Here's an interesting web page I found. Last night I watched the PBS show "Frontline". The show was about the "untouchable" nature of the executives at banks that were bailed out. Today the Frontline web site hosted a live chat and one of the participants said that Lanny Breuer, head of the Justice Department's Criminal Division, would be leaving his post shortly to work for the Covingtion & Burlington law firm. So I went to their web site and searched for Lanny. He appeared on a web page congratulating C&B lawyers. Lanny's name appeared under the "Litigation" heading. So I went to THAT part of the C&B web site. One of the bulleted "Representative Matters" was...

"Represented Freddie Mac in multiple securities class action and derivative lawsuits brought in the wake of the company's $5 billion restatement of earnings, obtaining a very favorable global settlement after prevailing on a novel defense to class certification. We also defended the client in related regulatory investigations by banking authorities and the SEC."


In 2012, these two will be, respectively, 74 and 69 years old...


Since 2012 was last year, perhaps a past tense verb would be more appropriate.

Elizabeth Warren 2016

Blogging on CFN is hard work.


Finally, someone who understands. If it weren't for the opportunity to earn a high six figure salary and hob knob with the 1% it would not be worth the effort.

Elizabeth Warren 2016

[sarcasm on]
Now that we've got gays and women and stupid men in combat, I think we should go after the children. The age for military service should be lowered to age 12. We could get a shit-load of kids into the "services" with the right propaganda campaigns and make men and women out of little boys and girls.
[sarcasm off]

Yep, X

I saw it too.

Gotta say, I was calling these mooks the untouchables since I likened them to Myer Lansky and Murder Inc. and sure enough, someone called their documentary "The Untouchables".

Where I work we listen to WNYC all day so I heard producer and correspondent Martin Smith in an interview.

We should have had these guys arrested and put the banks in receivership and cut them down to size like Reagan did to the S&L's----if we were still a country we would have, but now we're global and that's why we're not reacting normally to things that could have been fixed.

If you want to hear it go to:

Blood will tell. And His Blood is upon you.

You want me to go against human nature? Miscegenation happens because people fall in love. You cannot legislate love with a petition to the White House. Your white nationalist ideology is making you stupid.

Gee, I didn't know that the Honorable Eric Holder was a partner at Covington & Burlington.

How cozy.


In the dark days before Das Internet, how could a simple sumnuvabitch makes these connections so quickly, if ever.

In the dark days before Das Internet, how could a simple sumnuvabitch makes these connections so quickly, if ever.


You can find whatever you want to find on the internet because it contains a multitude of completely contradictory statements.

If you choose to believe what you read on the internet, without critically evaluating and corroborating the information, you are a fool.

“Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.”
― Neil Gaiman

Librarians have critical thinking skills that allow them to look at a question from many angles before working on the answer.

Librarians understand nuances that aren’t contained in the text of a book or web site.

Librarians have muti-dimensional problem solving skills. They understand that questions could lead to more questions and answers could lead to more problems.

Librarians recognize differences in their users that search engines have yet to learn. Humans know more about human motivation than computers could ever understand.

Librarians ask questions. They are taught to ferret out the researcher’s real question through reference interviews.
Researchers often don’t know how to ask the right question to get the answer they are seeking. Reference interviews aren’t set questions and answers that a computer can put forth and understand. They are discussions between two human beings that lead to a better understanding of the question by both parties and better answers for the researcher.

We don't have a "deficit" problem. We don't have a "spending" problem. We need more government spending and more investment in our infrastructure and in education.

Both in absolute terms and as a percent of GDP, the deficit peaked in 2009 but has been shrinking since then.

Meanwhile, the government has been laying off workers -- including teachers and firefighters -- over the past few years in an effort to curb spending. Some economists, including Krugman, say that this austerity has made the economic recovery slower than it would have been otherwise.

Yes, the John Birch Society warned us decades ago but you Liberals mocked them to scorn. Now you have to pay the piper.

Sex isn't love stupid.

Librarians are some of the most ignorant Liberals out there. They'd burn books if they could. As it is, they just put Books on Race in "Research" where people can't get access to them.

Radu, it is the same basic energy. Love is the creative refinement of sex energy.

While you were probably supporting George W Bush's Patriot Act librarians were helping raise awareness of its overreaching aspects. Thanks to W we have lost a lot of civil liberties.

P4C says immigrants should just stay home and help their home countries.

What P4C does not say is that immigrants are beneficial to the countries they leave behind. Immigrants send cash remittances to family, and when they become emigrants they return home with knowledge and experience from their time in a foreign country.

Both countries benefits from immigration.

P4C says immigrants should just stay home and help their home countries.

That's a moral platitude and a denial of human freedom of movement!

The main purpose of sex is the production of children not "love". Thus it should be far more than a mere personal decison based on looks, money, ect. Parents should help find good matches for their children - with both sides having veto power. High level children is the goal. If you daughter brings home Sidney Poitier, she should be read the riot act - as if one Black in a million has his qualifications.


Machines are programming people: without anyone noticing it, you are following the "programs", the "instructions" the machines (but really indirectly what the corporations and their designers (unsure who decides what or who influences who within corporations and such, who's "will power" dominates, but it is probably intractable just like everything else)) want you to follow, you are executing the behaviors the machines impose on you (in essence you are the computer and the programs are executing you, you are executing the programs the computers decide you must execute and such), but really society and the social construct imposes on everyone, as in all your friends are on facebook and talk through facebook, you must too otherwise you are "cut off", you are "isolated" and so forth. And corporations want their workers to be always connected, always on, always "reachable" always in "Information Processing Mode", always in "Communication Mode", you are not allowed to be "isolated", an "island", "an individual" in essence, everyone must know what is on everyone's elses "mind" and such. A kind of thought control.

It is all a subtle change in the behaviors of Civilization, a gradual change from being yourself to being an extension of Information Machines, without anyone noticing or deciding, but simply playing along.

TV is much better, it is actually much more social and more relaxing, more passive, at least you are not forced to execute a program, you can just passively watch, TV is a much more superior Information Machine, it is actually non intrusive, TV is closer to meditation, to oblivion, to non social than anything else, TV will set you free, Computers will imprison you...

8 man

Thank you for exectuing the above text in your mind, you have once again been called to execute a program on behalf of the machines, you loaded the contents of the text in your memory and parsed it and the process triggered other thoughts, we are all programmers of texts now, all Machine Brain hybrids interacting and programming each other and transmitting Information and "Communicating" a never ending array of texts, ideas, concepts, logic chunks, segments of logic paths intersecting and interacting and colliding with other segemnts of logic (and in the background denoting will powers and fights between ideas and hence people and such)...

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Entire Marine and US Army divisions of homosexuals and women are being formed up to take on the Chinese, Russian, Iranian, and North Korean Infantries.

"P4C says immigrants should just stay home and help their home countries." -soaker hose, confused-

Actually, soak, these are just two helpful suggestions for a better Planet Earth.


Now, here's what a moral platitude looks like:

"a denial of human freedom of movement!"

Because, you see, the idea that humans should be able to move anywhere they choose on the whole wide Earth - without regard to consequences - is certainly a moral platitude, not to mention being physically impossible.


Is it possible that asoka..david is getting dumber?

Now, that's a possible? ad hominem - but it is acceptable, because it is based on soak's observable BEHAVIOR, on this thread.

Out 'till late tonight.
That's a statement of fact.

Here's a fact I didn't see on the Obama Information Bureau (OIB) last night or this morning:

In the first Gulf War two female service members were captured.

Both were raped.


Vlad, when exactly did you jump the shark? White genocide? Book-burning librarians? You're like a clown; you amuse but nobody takes you seriously.

About the military increasingly becoming a career path for homosexuals. Well, let's just say, Ernst Rohm would be proud....and vindicated.

Ernst Rohm once declared that he always took the opposite view (1). In saying this he was not merely acknowledging his spirit of contradiction and his self-confidence. The representative of a truly lost generation, he spoke in his self-revelation for those who came together after the First World War with vague but consistent feelings of opposition, of protest, in the Freikorps and armed nationalist associations, in order to transmute their incapacity for civilian life into extremist adventurism and criminality masquerading as nationalism. Active unrest, readiness to take risks, belief in force and irresponsibility were the essential psychological elements that lay behind the organized nihilism of those whose formative experience had been the war, with its underlying sense of the decline of a culture, and whose heroic myth was the spirit of the front-line soldier. Agents of a permanent revolution without any revolutionary idea of the future, they had no goal, but only restlessness; no idea of values that looked to the future, but only a wish to eternalize the values of the trenches. They fought on and marched on beyond the Armistice and the end of the war, not towards any vision of a new social order, but for the sake of fighting and marching, because the world appeared to them a battlefront and their rhythm was that of marching feet.

"Marching is the most meaningful form of our profession of faith."

Career militarists are decidedly homosexual. Always have been. They respect and adore each other above all others, and that affectionate admiration translates physically when left unfettered.

Man k-dog and asoka or is it dolphin with lamp on head and "a socca" a nicoise pancake made from chick peas.

Its like a battering ram of moral platitude, or is it the moral platitude of a battering ram.

I've seen dogs chase tails (their own), squirrels, cats (oh, not really dangerous) and never gets old and if you are really brave you can even dream that reality is all about chasin tail.

It is a curious thing, maybe not too well thought out.

What's going to happen when large numbers of 20 year old girls start turning up on casualty lists? What's going to happen when they become POWs of nations who could give a shit less about the Geneva Convention, or by stateless ragtag muslim Terror Brigades? You can pretty much guess what is going to happen. And think of the propaganda uses they'll be put to.

JHK is right when he states the USA has become divorced from reality. You have to wonder how this place is going to survive.

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"Its like a battering ram of moral platitude, or is it the moral platitude of a battering ram."


It's also like watching a badly played tennis match with someone and their clone.

Besides being a place where you look up information on obscure, dead, poofs, libraries are where you go hang out after you've been kicked out of the shelter at 7AM and it's 9 degrees outside.

"It's rather clear and transparent that you and Radu are puppets who reside on the same hand." -CW

Now you're gettin' it. "They" have absolutely nothing to contribute; in fact, that's the whole point, isn't it? To distract, divert, obfuscate, co-opt, contend, warp, and frustrate coherent discourse.

Notice how quickly the pretend person "asoka" got back to you on his "underpowered" 'puter from his mud hut somewhere in the southern desert hinterlands. lol I'd say it's got a lot more gum'mint-sponsored technology at its' disposal than it claims. Scroll on by, even though it won't make a whit of difference in the volume of posts, you can at least remove the courtesy of a response (which makes it very angry and gets it a chewing-out from its' superiors for not properly distracting/engaging).

It's obvious that Hilly has taken to the solace of the chocolatier's arts once again... ;o)

Yes, it's most likely that and a side effect of Boniva.

The main purpose of sex is the production of children not "love".

Here you are showing your Puritan Feathers once again. You have obviously never had a delightfully scrumptious, succulent pussy on your face, have you? If you had, you would never make such a statement. Get out and live a little before you're six feet under.

And that was not a reference to your cat, because no doubt that nasty creature has been on your face.

Although, in all fairness, you could also be Quaker since they had similar attitudes concerning sexual relations. If so, you have a lot in common with Babs Bush. She's also a Quaker. Here's a photo of her dressed to the Quaker Nines.

C'mon CW, you've been around CFN long enough to know that Vlad/Radu is a woman-hater, so no, he he has probably never had a succulent pussy straddling his mug. No doubt this hatred comes from years of rejection from the opposite sex. I'm sure he's never had a cock in his mouth either as he hates homos, so he says. He may be one of those freaks who is thoroughly asexual, which would not surprise me as he seems to be a complete misanthrope. It's really kind of sad when you think about it.

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Wow, MTV is really ramping it up with these couple ads. There's a ring of truth in it.

He may be one of those freaks who is thoroughly asexual, which would not surprise me as he seems to be a complete misanthrope. It's really kind of sad when you think about it.

Yes, that's why I asked him if his name was Pat.

What's happening in Davos? Derek Jeter for one, is there. Does anybody care? Davos is where the agenda is being set, the agenda that will determine how you will live. Davos is where it is all laid out, where plans are made. Everybody who is anybody is at Davos. Soros, Buffet, Gates, they're all at Davos. The skiiing is great, the food and drink is exquisite! Senator John Cary, with his wife's $260 million, couldn't attend this year. He has other important business in Washington. There's always next year.

Where's Al Qaeda when we need them? Hell, they're probably there too, skiing, dining, drinking...soaking in the hot tub. Wouldn't want to be in the hot tub with them, though. They're hairy motherfuckers.

Ironically, many of the men who hold women in contempt are womanizers, or ex-womanizers. That's because these men understand women only too well. I've known numerous such men. The more they pursue women, the more they despise them for giving in.

To despise and to hold in contempt, is not, of course, to hate. But all three states of mind are a close-related trio.

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Sure, it's aimed at those pesky PETA breads, but it sets a precedence for labeling any form of dissent against the Corporate State as Terrorism. This is the same shit China pulls, but that's not surprising, is it?

How do you keep consumers in the dark about the horrors of factory farms? By making it an “act of terrorism” for anyone to investigate animal cruelty, food safety or environmental violations on the corporate-controlled farms that produce the bulk of our meat, eggs and dairy products.

And who better to write the Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act, designed to protect Big Ag and Big Energy, than the lawyers on the Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force at the corporate-funded and infamous American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Chinese Spammer

You can see that I am not the Chinese Spammer by his use of the Resource Box: this is a kit of items and entities Matter - Energy - Existence uses to manipulate itself, to feel itself, to come alive and acquire self consciousness of its structure and such. It is a box of concepts and structures any substrate composed of Information Potentially uses to self create and instantiate logical, symbol and connection structures, logics. Symbol Constructions, Matter to Existence Converters...

But reality uses an Observer type of delimitation to express, manipulate and interact with what is imagined outside of an Observer type: nay, Information and logic segments are used continuously to saturate all points in space time, to give them a justification, since without logic and cause and effect and reasons, all Entities and Matter would appear to a Man Brain type of entity non existent, non decodable and such. But Matter must escape its own logic, must escape the logic it imposes upon itself as logics and logic segments are only inventions, arbitrary inventions, many other kinds of systems are possible; you cannot saturate all with logic and connect all with causes and effects and logic segments, everything escapes such points, just like all of the debates and ideas and and conflicts and controversies over the "Economy" and other things try to find out, figure out a way to overcome the only real reason and basis of everything and namely: the fight, the conflict between contrasting will powers, the conflict between two entities fighting for themselves, A against B, A wins and B loses, end of story, but all of the debates try to figure out a "way out", try to find a logical segment that could solve "this problem" once and for all without understanding that the problem is structural, will always be because all things are fighting all others, all differences are wars between items, the fight creates existence and there is no way to figure out a way out.

Hence the debates and theories and ideas, the "Politics", the "Fights" will go on forever, ever more logic segments and ideas and attempts to figure out how to finally solve the conflicts will be created, when the conflict is the essence of all from the outset no matter what, conflict, fight, difference between any two items (and difference always means war and fight, although sometimes they accumulate and merge into one item only to fight another item that accumulates other differences that then decide to become one and the same and so forth, but always fighting and comparing itself to something else) is the elementary particle upon which all entities, all the ideas are made out of and no matter how many logic segments are instantiated, no matter how many ever longer and complex blocks of text, conversations, debates, no matter how much information you throw at the problems, you will never get anywhere, you will always stand still and in fact the Internet with all of its constantly increasing information tries desperately to change the nature of things and solve problems (mostly just people judging things, people love to judge, love to play the part of GOD, as all people think they are GOD and can judge when in all truth all judgments are wrong from the outset, all of what the Man Brain does is wrong by definition since wrong and right and better and worse doesn't even exist), but it is all in vain and the more in vain it is the more information, debates, ideas, conflicts, controversies, politics and so forth will be thrown at it.

Symbol Generators, Infinite Abstraction Recursions, Infinite Machines ever more complex, symbols and concepts and time...


So Jeter has a seat at the table. Cool. My guess-- all they will be listening for is how to turn a $ out of the coming mess. Times change. Fortune passes elsewhere. Time to play EndCiv, again. Thanks Frank! Next year never comes for some.

... based on looks, money, ect.

If you[r] daughter brings home Sidney Poitier, she should be read the riot act

First, Vlad, it's etc. I know you're in a rush to get your message out but you should make a habit of proofreading before submitting.

About that movie you're referencing...WOW, it's been 46 years already. Today's young might not even "get" my favorite scene. The father (Spencer Tracy) is processing the implications of his daughter having brought home to dinner a man/boyfriend/fiance (gasp!) as black as the ace of spades. The camera begins to slowly pan in until Tracy's face fills the whole movie screen and he slowly intones, articulating each word, "WELL..I'LL..BE..A..SON..OF..A..BITCH."

This was racy stuff in 1967 and I near split a gut.

Good discrimination. And yes: few women have much too offer at the level of the mind. The sexes have their own separate cutlures - that's understood in all real Cultures. They come together in the context of the family: wives, sisters, mothers, husbands, brothers, fathers. Thus the two cultures come together to form Human Society. It's not a chaos or a free for all as Playboy Philosophy teaches. Hugh Hefner has done major work in destroying the West.

Of course playboys despise their conquests - they are despicable. And the conquests feel they are conquering the men - and typically despise them too. Not to see these things is to dwell in unreality. That old canard of 1st wave feminism, the prostitute/madonna complex is true. Men do see it that way and that is the way it is. Women who have been around much are not good marriage prospects. Thus SMV (sexual market value) is inversely proportional to MMV (marriage market value). MMV does a nose dive after 30 and the playgirls desperately start calling those whom they rejected years ago. Little do they know that their MMV has gone down the more they played and waited for Mr Right (rich guy). What does the typical woman have to offer but her youth, beauty and sweetness (cheerful submission). The first two she squandered on having fun and the third was squelched by feminism.

One caveat: after 30, when smv begins to go down, mmv goes down with it. No matter if she was a virgin or a slut, Nature bats last and she is no longer desirable either for a night or a marriage.


How About Throwing $14 Trillion Away for "Green" Socialism ...
2 days ago – Davos: How About Throwing $14 Trillion Away for "Green" Socialism ... A green energy plan for the world is completely unsustainable, because ...
Networks Ignore $14-Trillion Global 'Greening'
................................................ Plan | NewsBusters › Blogs › Mike Ciandella's blog
20 hours ago – It's easy to miss $14 trillion dollars if nobody reports on it. ... Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who leads the Green Growth Alliance, argued that investing this type o

Davos call for $14 trillion 'greening' - WTF RLY REPORT
2 days ago – Davos call for $14 trillion 'greening' of global economy ... a Liar · San Francisco Public Utilities Commission reveals plans to possibly use ... to the Green Growth Action Alliance, created at last year's Davos meeting in Mexico.
Davos Report Calls For Additional $14 Trillion - redOrbit › News › Science
1 day ago – The world must spend an additional $14 trillion on clean energy ... chairman of the Davos-commissioned Green Growth Action Allianc


And I have 'been around' enough to know some Woman Haters luv pussy!
Its the female persona they detest.

you can at least remove the courtesy of a response (which makes it very angry and gets it a chewing-out from its' superiors for not properly distracting/engaging).


[sarcasm on]
My superiors pay me equally for posts generated that are talking-to or talking-about. You are in the talking-about category. Besides, I'm not compensated per post. Click-throughs and scroll pasts and replies are all equal for obvious reasons.
[sarcasm off]

High six figures and benefits just to play games with you? You really believe what you are writing, ozone, that I am paid to post on CFN? Who pays you to post here year after year?

You are more gullible than most.

And 'they' can read anyone's emails.
Police state. Recently someone whined that I was paranoid, using the PS terminology.
No, I am right. PS alert.


I strongly discriminate between your helping me with a chronic error like the spelling of sacrIfice and a little error of carelessness like this. This is not nice or necessary. Thanks again for the former. Too bad you can't tell the difference - which makes me question the purity of your motives. Is it too aid or merely to do the "gotcha"? I admit the prevalence of mixed motives of course.... Real Alchemy is the separation of the inferior from the superior, the dross from the gold.

His mud hut somewhere in the southern desert hinterlands.

There do not see to be any IP addies going to any southern hinterlands surprise surprise. If you go to the View Stats on the homepage it turns out there is a surprising amount of info if you dig into it.

I'm engaging my front paws now. This is me.

Someone is actually using a puter at the Seattle Public Library right now!

This is me:

24 Jan 14:01:00
SeaMonkey 2.15
United States Flag
Bellevue, Washington,
United States Comcast Cable (

Dirt is spraying back between my legs. We have a lot of international viewers but I've only seen one 'south' from Mexico and One from Costa Rica so far.

So is the dynamic duo 1, 2 or many? We should be able to soon figure it out.

What shall be the 8 mans fate?

Someone is actually using a puter at the Seattle Public Library right now!

Not Me, someone else.

It's probably Radu. He's a homeless schizophrenic who has us all fooled. CFN's very own Fisher King.

And you want to be part of our Nation! That is the real joke. You are incapable of being a citizen because you fail the ordeal of civility. Saturday Night Live, Letterman, Comedy Central - these are your reality. Mocking Christian Whites is what you people and I do mean "you people" would have to renounce. You sacrifice your biggest pleaure? Not in a million years.

Your neuteured Gentile attack dogs too. Turk sacrifice his public hatred of Christianity? Never. Ozone to stop mocking the Right? What meaing would his life have?

Jesus, Kyoo is going to have a Field Day with this. It's like wrapping yourself in raw chicken and walking along a pond full of alligators. Don't watch, folks, It won't be pretty.

Please wipe that foam from your mouth and go see the vet about that rabies shot.

Interesting stats page, K-Dog.

Since Asoka is obviously addicted to CFN and posts incessantly, I would say Asoka is in Brattleboro, Vermont where the highest number of visits comes from: 883 visits.

Asoka is therefore lying about mud huts, South America, the southwest, etc. You have uncovered valuable information about our Asoka character, who as P4C said, comes nowhere close to the real historical Ashoka.

Good work, K-Dog!

Yes, thank you. Being a woman is a performance. Of course the personality itself is a persona or mask over the soul. But women put another mask over their real personality - to hide their ruthlessness and mercenary motives. Of course a woman could begin to fall in love with a man - and then see he would be unable to provide her with the things she so richly deserves. Thus a conflict is engendered in the woman - between her real personality and her mask. It's time for the man to exit because almost certainly, the mask will win. Or it will torment her even if she she is able to put it away for awhile.

Of course there are real or valid questions. If the woman is Traditional and want children, she has every right to find a good provider. This is where all this comes from. But for Career Women with lots of their own money and who don't want kids to proceed like this just shows how the Mask can dominate the personality.

And I thought you were telling the truth about using a computer at the Seattle Public Library.

Somebody is and may be a bit freaked out now too.

So how is the weather in Brattleboro?

The Department of Defense has also been here today. Friend or foe, will we ever know?

Too bad you can't tell the difference

I understand completely the unimportance of ect vs etc. but I do it to continually reinforce my CFN persona slash OCD bona fides.

Who is surfing the Net at work? Somebody was viewing from Richelieu Foods in Chicago. Is that you, HW? Can you give us some gift certificates for all our hard work? Nah, forget it, we don't want that toxic shit.

That Brattleboro is nuts. Who, or what, the hell is that? Is it a satellite office of the NSA or DHS? If so, a hardy welcome to you all. Here's mud in yer face!!

Somebody working at Harvard has been here too. Shouldn't they be thinking?

K-Dog, it's cold in Brattleboro, especially after sundown. Supposed to get to -12 degrees tonight, but they say by Feb. we'll have daytime temps near freezing.

You suppose our Asoka is on the faculty at that bastion of multiculturalism, School for International Training. That may be where he gets his crazy ideas. Maybe Asoka is an SIT liberal professor, poisoning the minds of our youth? If so, he should spend more time in the meditation building at SIT and less time on CFN.

Kyooshtik, you are doing an excellent job. Pay no mind to Radu. You are performing exactly as you should here on CFN, as are we all, to make the best clusterfuck we know how to make.

Someone from King & Spalding in Atlanta took a break from their meetings and paperwork to read the madness. Is that you, Steven Guynn? If so, nice house. Now go kick some ass and make Radu proud. Put women in their place.

More earth - friendly enthusiasts are ing on the town having to do with the woodwork every year. The adverse reactions relating to global warming everywhere over the our environment are increasing upon its awareness and more people want for more information regarding be of assistance make the earth a multi function livable place as well as extended generations to explore okay.Green living is this : everywhere in the going to be the rise all across the globe by no means do nothing more than in your United States. In several different areas around the globe recycling has taken ly and on some cases, has bee an all in one way to do with life Some cultures find recycling a necessity because their different natural resources are limited and they don't have the finances to understand more about get many of the new items each of them is regarding going to be the a period of time.panies are making eco-friendly cleaning and pesticide if you desire as well as for continue using as part of your a new house Instead having to do with using their chemical-based aerosols,a good deal more natural ingredients are which they can use in the cleaning agents and bug-killing aerosols. They're a whole lot better also you and going to be the environment.People are beginning to explore tend their exceptional anic gardens. By eliminating going to be the harsh chemicals that are released into going to be the air and filth they're making each of them is living things healthier as if that is so as going to be the environment.There are environmentally friendly living enthusiasts that are taking for more information regarding walking or at least riding a multi functional motor cycle for more information about help save going to be the air back and forth from going to be the harmful emissions both to and from congested traffic. Some are also beginning to understand more about carpooling for more information on lessen traffic. They be of assistance going to be the air bee significantly more breathable againnsumers are buying a great deal more biodegradable you'd like as tall as or at best ones that can be the case easily recycled. This will allow draw attention away from going to be the landfills back and forth from growing about relating to hand will all of them are to do with the trash a number of us chuck on the town that won't break down or not only can they contaminate going to be the a build up and water offer.There are any of those who are cutting down everywhere in the homemade solar power system can cost you The a lot fewer homemade solar power system used all over the all of our homes,the way better ly going to be the environment will be Most about going to be the energy saving bits of advice are more and easy too a woman or man for more information on are limited to.Water usage is the fact that ing down above the last decade. The much more global warming awareness that a number of us put in the market going to be the a good deal more it is certainly plausible are trying to educate yourself regarding save going to be the water provide you with the judging by using their a lot fewer water all over the their daily activities.Some people are even integral is the domain for more information on repair the broken appliances instead about sending them ially to going to be the landfill. This by no means one of the most makes it possible for going to be the environment,but also saves people lots of money in your several cases. If it can be the case easily repaired,one reason why in no way avoid throwing a multi function all right using the item away?The bottom line is this often much more people are starting to learn more about care about going to be the planet. By doing everything they can,the earth will continue include them as an all in one wonderful place to live and for long-standing generations that not only can they inhabit a resource box For significantly more a lot of information about Green Living please visit Modern Eco Homes dot that sells a multi function bigger range concerning and .

Why is the DoD here? Perhaps they don't understand satire. Neither do psychopaths. Guys, there's nothing to see here, really. Be useful and prevent the thousands of rapes that will occur today rather than eavesdropping on the ramblings of harmless Madmen.

To Radu at 2:13 and anti soak at 2:16: yes and yes. Things are what they are.

Diver rescues dolphin

Can you help me get the lamp off my head.

The DoD has a legitimate interest in folks who want collapse, dream about collapse, and insist collapse is inevitable... i.e., they want collapse so much that they denigrate and deny any alternative visions, labeling them as "cornucopian" ...

Such people must be carefully monitored for our national security, donchaknow?

Either that, or someone is bored out of their skull at DoD, and they enjoy the meaningless comments we post here for our entertainment.

Anybody on CFN use any of these: Google, Intel, PayPal, eBay, Yahoo? Migrants founded those enterprises. Immigration is a net benefit to the USA. - Assoka

Let's have a look at this.

So what have we got? Out of a total of 12 founders of these companies, 6 were American born.

The 3 founders of Intel were all born in the USA as was one of the two founders of Yahoo and one of the two founders of Google and one of the four founders of Paypal. But nevermind these quibbles.

Now let's have a peek at who the foreign born folks are. Hmmm, all guys who earned degrees in the USA. Now I know this is an unworthy thought but how many were illegal immigrants? If you can believe wikipedia, none.

So these - cough - "migrants" or their parents respected the law of the USA, got their shit together and asked permission to immigrate. LEGAL immigrants apparently. With a fucking PASSPORT.

And omg among them not a single hispanic doing the reconquista. Amazing that. Not one a semi-literate/illiterate, destitute peasant with no docs, no visa, no passport, no permission, no prospects. Or so it seems.

So is your idea that the USA let in only people that are highly educated, that have parents that are highly educated, that immigrate legally? And exclude/deport the rest?

We're just dying to know.



Larry Page: born in Lansing Michigan. His father, Carl Page, earned a Ph.D. in computer science in 1965. Both he and Page's mother, Gloria, were computer science professors at Michigan State. - per wikipedia

Sergey Brin: immigrated to the United States with his family from the USSR at the age of six. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps by studying mathematics as well as computer science. - per wikipedia


Robert Noyce: born in Bulington Iowa. He was the son of the Rev. Ralph Brewster Noyce. His father was a 1915 graduate of Doane College, a 1920 graduate of Oberlin College and a 1923 graduate of Chicago Theological Seminary. He was also nominated for a Rhodes Scholarship. His mother, Harriet May Norton, a 1921 graduate of Oberlin College, - per wikipedia

Gordon Moore: born in San Francisco, California. He received a B.S. degree in Chemistry from the U of C Berkeley in 1950 and a PhD in Chemistry and minor in physics from Caltech in 1954.- per wikipedia

Arthur Rock: born in Rochester, NY is an American venture capitalist. He was an early investor in major firms including Intel, Apple. - per wikipedia and one published interview


Ken Howery is a co-founder and managing partner at Founders Fund. Howery graduated from Stanford University in 1998 with a BA in Economics. Sounds like he was born in the US but wikipedia gives no details.

Luke Nosek is a Polish born American entreprenuer. Nosek received a BS in Computer Science from the U of Illinois. - per wikipedia

Max Levchin: born in Ukraine, moved to the United States under political asylum and settled in Chicago in 1991. He earned his bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Illinois. - per wikipedia

Peter Thiel: born to German parents in Germany, Thiel moved to the United States with his parents when he was a toddler. He received his BA in Philosophy from Stanford in 1989 and acquired a JD from Stanford Law School in 1992. - per wikipedia


Pierre Omidyar was born in France to Iranian immigrants parents who had been sent by his grandparents to attend university there. His mother who did her doctorate in linguistics at the Sorbonne, is herself a well-known academic. His father was a Iranian surgeon. The family moved to the US when Omidyar was six. - per wikipedia


David Filo: born in Wisconsin, earned a BS in Computer Engineering from Tulane University and an MS from Stanford University. - per wikipedia

Jerry Yang: born in Taiwan on November 6, 1968, and moved to California at the age of ten with his mother and younger brother, earned a BS and MS in engineering from Stanford. - per wikipedia

Immigration is a net benefit to the USA


Study after study shows this is true: immigration is a net benefit.

Omidyar got a degree in computer science from Tufts University.

You still didn't answer my questions.

You cited several companies several of whose founders were immigrants as proof that immigration is beneficial to the USA. So what are we to conclude whern we look at the particulars of these individuals? Apparently none of them were illegal immigrants, all of them obtained university degrees, some have highly educated parents. So are we to conclude that you would accept only those that immigrate legally,that are highly educated, that preferably have highly educated parents? Would you exclude/deport the rest?


asoka.. replied to comment from Rhino | January 24, 2013 3:33 PM | Reply

4 Jan 15:33:33 Firefox 14.0
1440x900 United States Flag
United States

Us Department Of Defense Network (
(No referring link)

Cornicopian motherfuckers at the Department of Defense are advocating unlimited immigration.

Isn't that sweet.


Repeating for emphasis:

24, 2013 3:33 PM | Reply

4 Jan 15:33:33

The only activity in that timeslice.

Immigrants are 12% of the population and 25% of patent applications. Innovation, intelligence, net benefit.


Asoka is DoD in Virginia.

Special message to K-Dog: back off civilian, cause the DoD has access to technology that can make your life miserable in Bellevue.

Another example of the clusterfuck you have created with your own paws, K-Dog. Asoka is a government-paid Fed. Imagine that!

Quiet all of a sudden too.

Can't say a cat got its tongue, it was a dog.

Are you telling me to sit?

Asoka is Department of Defense in Virginia. But who is Department of Defense in Arizona? Vlad perhaps?

I was wrong about it being the oil and gas lobby.

Ozone was right all along.

No, I'm not telling you to sit. I'm saying you can't really tell much from the stats page. We don't know who Asoka is, we don't know where Asoka is. He could be in the southwest in a mud hut, or in the Seattle Public Library, in mommy's basement in Athens, Georgia, in Boulder, Colorado, in Austin, Texas, in Ecuador in a mud hut, in Virginia at DoD, in Olympia, Washington (maybe at Evergreen), in Brattleboro, Vermont at SIT, or in any of the locations that show up on the stats page. You are guessing in the dark. Looking for Asoka on the stats page is like looking for a black cat in a pitch dark room. But the speculation certainly adds relevant material to CFN and helps us prepare for the coming collapse, the one that should be here in 40, 41, or 42 years, or thereabout. Just around the corner.

Repeating for emphasis:

24, 2013 3:33 PM | Reply

24 Jan 15:33:33

The only activity in that timeslice.

Your usual tap dancing isn't going to get you out of this one. If it does I'm taking lessons.

Ooooo, oooo, K-Dog. Can you tell me where I'm posting from? This is sooo cool. Technology is awesome.

There do not see[m] to be any IP addies going to any southern hinterlands surprise surprise. If you go to the View Stats on the homepage it turns out there is a surprising amount of info if you dig into it.

Holy Shit!! This is amazing...who knew? Talk about yer Big Brother. Next'll be:

Last time farted: 14.43.12
Vol of gas: 57.3 cubic centimeters
Gas analysis: Egg salad on rye toast w/lettuce, out-gas from previous day's lunch

Seriously K-Dog, do you understand what all this data means? For example, the entry on me shows 6 return visits. What does that mean?. I clicked out of CFN and went to another site for awhile then came back. It still said 6 return visits. Also, it is tracking how long I am here. If I leave computer on, minimize CFN while I go take a walk for an hour will that hour add to my total time on CFN?

This "View Stats" page kind of kills the notion that we are actually anonymous.

So 40, 41, or 42 years

These must be the official numbers, probably based on winning all the oil wars too. Thanks.

It would sure suck to be five years old.

883 visits: Brattleboro, Vermont.

Total Visits: 2744
Location: Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
IP Address: Comcast Cable (

Asoka is in Charlottesville! Asoka is a Southern Man!

Don't panic.

So people know I'm near or in Bellevue WA and a private citizen, I've already admitted that. They also know I use Comcast. Had the K-Dog presidential race actually gone anywhere you would all know my real identity. I've nothing to hide.

Tracking data is based on cookies, you left the page but did not shut down your browser and that is why the number 6 did not change.

Nice try, but nothing exceptional about that dance, tap baby tap.

Repeating for emphasis:


Asoka is DoD in Virginia.

Special message to K-Dog: back off civilian, cause the DoD has access to technology that can make your life miserable in Bellevue.

Another example of the clusterfuck you have created with your own paws, K-Dog. Asoka is a government-paid Fed. Imagine that!


Scrolling through the data I would guess that Vlad is in Boise. Would that be your conclusion?

But I thought Vlad said he moved to Idaho then didn't like it and moved on further west.

Vlad, feel free to chime in. Fear not, I am not re-setting the drone co-ordinates.

COININTELPRO turned out to be right on.

No wonder that pissed you off so much.

oh yeah

What's that expression?

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Ass-poke-ya I did.

"Don't get me wrong, now, I'm thrilled my kid has a chance to do all this for free."

Well now, there is a big surprise. Not progressive likes free shit.

This is a test related to the View Stats page.

I don't know yet.

All we have to do is associate a time stamp on a post to activity in the stats log. We will know soon, its only a matter of time. All we need is a one to one correspondence and the busting will be without doubt.

Just like 3:33 PM today.

OK Dog, riddle me this. The post above (a test) is time stamped 4:49 PM but I submitted it at precisely 4:41. That's an 8 minute gap. I have long recognized that the time stamps on the CFN comments are way off from real time.

Now then, the question is, are the times on the View Stats page similarly off? I ask because these time differences call into question the following you wrote concerning Asoka's location:

"Repeating for emphasis:

24, 2013 3:33 PM | Reply

24 Jan 15:33:33

The only activity in that timeslice."

Things are developing nicely. You see, it doesn't matter how you "feel" if they see you as part of "the South". The choice comes to you whether you want it to or not.

This creep is an Orthodox Christian - a convert from Evangelicalism. This is what hatred can do. Thus he serves the Satanic NWO - which hates Orthodoxy just like all other forms of Christianity.

Kyooshtik, do not question K-Dog. I am DoD, just like you were for 27 years. We are brothers.

We know when K-Dog crosses the bridge between Bellevue and Seattle or goes north to Everett or South to Burien.

We know everything at DoD and we are the good guys keeping our nation safe.

Wish I could afford Windows 7. I wish that I could afford a computer that is capable of running Windows 7. Windows 8? Another MS Turd. Hey! why do R&D when you can just buy hot tech companies and assimilate theirs. You will be assimilated. At least I can download Linux source code and REALLY screw up my antique (...ha!) computer.

You know, I just love to read all this personl bickering and government drama.
But, compared to just one simple fact, none of it means jack shit anymore.

350 ppm.

We are about to bicker ourselves into oblivion.


We know everything at DoD and we are the good guys keeping our nation safe. WE ARE LARGE. WE CONTAIN MULTITUDES! Largest damn bureaucracy in the whole USA to save your asses from the Muslim jihadists.

I just love to read all this personl bickering and government drama.


Me, too. Now that K-Dog has revealed that DoD is monitoring CFN, it makes all the comment thread so much more exciting. K-Dog nailed it: 3:33. Proof positive that Asoka is an employee of DoD.

I have a vision...

Why, it's Bullwinkle...and he's wearing a turban.

"Hey Rocky! I'm a Moose-lim!"

May Allah forgive you for your blasphemy against Islam.

Play your cards right and you get 72 virgins, too.

Ok. Ya got my longitude & latitude, my home address, my preference in after-shave...

Allah and I are in complete agreement. Ya don't have my Theme Song. An important addition to the Langley archive. As usual, turn the amps to 11.

There seems to be an awful lot of protestation to K Dog's theory. You know the saying...thou who do protesteth.....

For any of you who are DoD, fuck you, ya pricks. What a bunch of loser cowards...stuck with latrine duty. Get a life, you lackeys. The Plutocrats thank you for you for your vacuous servility.

Although, Radu and Asoka have posted lately, but there is no stamp from DoD. Collapse takes back his comments about the DoD folks. You're good and decent people looking out for the otherwise defenseless rich folks. We can't fault you for that. You're just doing your job. Carry on.

Fond Regards,


Ya got my longitude & latitude, my home address, my preference in after-shave...


Yeah, and we got the UN breathing down our neck, so no drones for you.

Mr. Butler was a traitor.

As you were.

Semper Fi!

Do you know of a way to alleviate the symptoms of Bell's Palsy? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Although, Radu and Asoka have posted lately, but there is no stamp from DoD.


Do you civilians really think that DoD would use a public IP address and not use an anonymously secure internet connection that encrypts our sensitive web traffic from hackers, network spies, and insecure networks?

Don't you civilians know that DoD can surf websites like CFN anonymously, we can hide our online identity, we can hide our internet history and we can do all that from inside of our secure web browsers?

And you clowns are looking at a CFN "stats" page, and begin to draw all kinds of conclusions. Hilarious! You have no idea of DoD capabilities. You are innocent sheep easily led.

Physical therapy for Bell's palsy
Four trials studied the efficacy of electrical stimulation (313 participants), three trials studied exercises (199 participants), and five studies compared or combined some form of physical therapy with acupuncture (360 participants). For most outcomes we were unable to perform meta-analysis because the interventions and outcomes were not comparable.

For the primary outcome of incomplete recovery after six months, electrostimulation produced no benefit over placebo (moderate quality evidence from one study with 86 participants). Low quality comparisons of electrostimulation with prednisolone (an active treatment)(149 participants), or the addition of electrostimulation to hot packs, massage and facial exercises (22 participants), reported no significant differences. Similarly a meta-analysis from two studies, one of three months and the other of six months duration, (142 participants) found no statistically significant difference in synkinesis, a complication of Bell's palsy, between participants receiving electrostimulation and controls. A single low quality study (56 participants), which reported at three months, found worse functional recovery with electrostimulation (mean difference (MD) 12.00 points (scale of 0 to 100) 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.26 to 22.74).Two trials of facial exercises, both at high risk of bias, found no difference in incomplete recovery at six months when exercises were compared to waiting list controls or conventional therapy. There is evidence from a single small study (34 participants) of moderate quality that exercises are beneficial on measures of facial disability to people with chronic facial palsy when compared with controls (MD 20.40 points (scale of 0 to 100), 95% CI 8.76 to 32.04) and from another single low quality study with 145 people with acute cases treated for three months where significantly fewer participants developed facial motor synkinesis after exercise (risk ratio 0.24, 95% CI 0.08 to 0.69). The same study showed statistically significant reduction in time for complete recovery, mainly in more severe cases (47 participants, MD -2.10 weeks, 95% CI -3.15 to -1.05) but this was not a prespecified outcome in this meta analysis.Acupuncture studies did not provide useful data as all were short and at high risk of bias. None of the studies included adverse events as an outcome.

SOURCE: Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2011 Dec 7;(12):CD006283. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD006283.pub3.
Physical therapy for Bell's palsy (idiopathic facial paralysis).
Teixeira LJ, Valbuza JS, Prado GF.

from the province, mainly in two aspects: one is the perfect sound level of the central and provincial financial system.It should be affirmed, the central province of the financial system is quite good.Since the 17th National Congress of the CPC, the State Ministry of finance through the deepening of reform, in general maintained relatively stable basis on the proper adjustment of the division of revenue and expenditure responsibilities at all levels of government.At the same time, increased the transfer of the payments, our province will be part of the transfer payment forms of local fiscal revenue, to ensure and improve people's livelihood and other aspects of fiscal expenditure, effectively promote equal access to basic public services and regional coordinated development of the province.But a comprehensive assessment of the central province of the financial system, there are too many governmental affairs division is not clear, the transfer payment of the special transfer payment proportion is too large, the project, general transfer payment proportion is too small, still need to be further improved.

how to change?The eighteen Party Congress report clearly pointed out: "to accelerate the reform of the taxation system, improve the central and local financial resources to match the power system, improve the public finance system construction to promote the equalization of basic public services and the main functional areas, the construction of local tax system, is conducive to the formation of structure optimization, social fair tax system."Based on this spirit, combined with the transformation of economic development of our province actual, I think the current fiscal and taxation system reform in our province, should be with the central synchronization, but also should be focused on.

is another level, improve the financial system below the provincial level.Actively explore the basic financial guarantee mechanism, to further improve the reform of province governing county and township fiscal management.The key is to grasp the reorientation of finance function and the provincial public finance management is too long, the problem of insufficient manpower, means.Through deepening tax reform, improve the financial system below the provincial level, promote grass-roots government's public service capacity and financial management level is improved by a large margin.

, improve the central and local financial resources proportionate to the fiscal and taxation system

is also further improve the existing tax system in the financial management system.The financial system is the norm from the central to the financial distribution relationship between local government institutional arrangements.A sound financial system, is not only to promote the region so that the coordinated economic and social development of the financial system security, but also improve the important premise of the public finance system and the market economy system.

finance is "the mother of politics".Public finance has the stable economy, resource allocation, income distribution, supervision and management functions, is the material basis for the government to perform its functions, the system guarantee, policy tools and means of supervision.In implementing the spirit of the eighteen process, the significant responsibility of all-round, side, from small to large to kindergarten development "beautiful China", both are closely linked inseparable.Especially in our province to speed up the perfection of the market economic system and the transformation of the mode of economic development, more important support function.However, this must be a new round of tax reform in depth, in order to make it more adapted to the current economic and social development needs, in order to better play a new role.Reform in finance and taxation

"Do you civilians really think that DoD would use a public IP address and not use an anonymously secure internet connection that encrypts our sensitive web traffic from hackers, network spies, and insecure networks?" Ass-poker

Okay, shithead, I'll play.
In a word: Yes.

It's what you call "hubris", you treasonous fucks.
...And just fucking stop your wankery about your drones that you're about to apply an extreeeeeme about of hubris (and taxpayer dinero) to.
Do you really believe the Chinese and Russkies have been sitting around with their thumbs up their asses while concertedly being surrounded by the Musclehead Empire? Jeebus and the Baby gawd wept; you need some very expensive satellites to make this continue working. Data from this kind of harware can be made to go away... Oopsie, no mas "eyes in da skies. (And on the cheap too, you stupid massive technology dependents.)

You're fucked, and you'll reap your reward right here on planet Earth, dickwads...

You're fucked, and you'll reap your reward right here on planet Earth, dickwads...



Iran, North Korea, China, etc. will all get theirs. Nobody equals the DoD of the greatest country on earth. I am a proud soldier fighting for freedom in a world fraught with danger.

Figured out the DoD angle. It was the comment Collapse made about Al Qaeda. They are the Golden Boys of the DoD, and they don't take kindly to calling that Golden Goose that lays the Golden Eggs "hairy motherfuckers." Well, too bad. That's what they are, and there will be no taking that back. Now, back to your hot tub in Davos, and a pox upon your privates.!/album/Mondo+Bossa+una+Outra+Vez/4522643

I am a proud soldier fighting for freedom in a world fraught with danger.

Thank you for your service, but please, take a break. You only have so many layers of skin on your John Thomas and then it's just nerve, blood and bone. Salvage what you have and're going to need it.

The "view stats" says Java is enabled, but when the browser is reviewed, it is disabled. Anyone else have this contradiction. If you don't have it disabled, you should. It's easily hackable garbage.

Thank you for your service, but please, take a break.


Take a break? You can do that as a civilian. I cannot. I am protecting your freedom.

Vigilance is the best guarantor of our liberty.

Thank you for your concern, but DoD never sleeps. We are large. We spy on multitudes.

Embrace the contradiction. It's one of the ways we at DoD create confusion for you easily led gullible civilian sheep.

Oh dear! Can we collapse into quivering heaps, while beshitting ourselves yet?

"New cyber legislation is being considered, but it is unclear whether it will get through the gridlocked Congress."

Not to worry, Janet! Savior Prez to the rescue! (How propinquitous and timely.)

"President Barack Obama is expected to soon issue an executive order that would set up a voluntary system to help protect some critical infrastructure and offer incentives to companies that participate."

^Quotes^ from Reuters:


"Incentives", hmmmm, "incentives"... what could the gum'mint possibly MEAN by that?

Fuggit. Let's just go snowkiting.

I love Grooveshark!
Whats DoD?

Get a newer laptop or net-book. Your problem is that the old hardware is not supported well enough. I'm using a Dell 1545 right now and running:

(uses paw to cut and paste from the stats page)

SeaMonkey 2.15

More specifically I'm running the latest Ubuntu release. Getting the wireless cards to work can be tricky but for me it went without a hitch.

I also have the identical setup on an Acer Aspire D150 which I'll take with me if I leave the doghouse for a long time. You could pick up one of those pretty cheap on EBAY I think. That one was under $300 new several years ago.

That and a memory stick and you are good to go as you know.

The thing to do is get a newer laptop, you need that so the battery has a better chance of working besides getting the hardware that a new distro supports.

I think Viking gods required bickering into oblivion be done with honor. I'll be checking.

Fuggit. Let's just go snowkiting.


That's the spirit, ozone. Focus on chopping wood, snowshoeing, growing veggies in your greenhouse, and posting on CFN.

Leave threat response to us big boys. We are protecting you, all of you, anarchists and racists alike. We took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Semper Fi!

Related articles:

Written by AdministratorFriday, 23 January 2009 07:44A Bright Future for Solar Energy: An Alternative Energy Source

I was first introduced to solar energy in the movie, Race the Sun with James Belushi and Halley Berry in the lead. It was a story about low- income and under achieving Hawaiian students encouraged by their teacher to join the Solar Car race. In the movie, a car shaped like a cockroach and covered with solar panels used the sun's rays as an alternative energy source to run the car.

Solar energy is the light and the heat from the sun. Solar energy is free and its supplies are unlimited. There are n air and water pollution caused about by using solar energy. But there is still some impacts on the environment although indirect.

Photovoltaic cells used to convert sunlight into electricity uses silicon and also produce some waste materials. There are also large solar thermal farms and these farms can also be harmful to the environment and desert ecosystems if not properly managed.

Solar energy can be used on different aspects. Solar energy can be used in agriculture. Greenhouses (which is entirely different from greenhouse gas) convert solar light to heat to be maximized in enhancing the growth of plants and crops. Greenhouses has been around since the Roman times and modern greenhouses were built in Europe in 16th century. Greenhouses are still an important part of horticulture nowadays,

Daylight systems are also being used to maximize the energy released by the sun. It is used to provide interior illumination replacing the artificial lighting. Daylight systems include sawtooth roofs, light shelf, skylights, and light tube. Daylight systems when they are properly implemented can reduce lighting-related energy consumption by 25 percent.

Solar energy can also be developed into solar thermal technologies which can be used for water heating, space heating, space cooling and process heat generation. Solar energy can also be used to distil water and make saline or brackish water potable or drinkable.

The solar water disinfection or SODIS involves exposing water-filled plastic polyethylene terephthalate or PET bottles. This process takes a long time, since the exposure time varies on the weather conditions. It requires a minimum of six hours to two days during days with overcast conditions,NFL JERSEYS. Currently, there are two million people in developing centuries use SODIS for their daily drinking water needs.

Also sunlight can be converted into electricity using photovoltaics or PV. PV has been mainly used to power small and medium-sized things like a calculator powered by a single solar cell. There are homes powered by photovoltaics. Using solar energy for water and space heating is the most widely use application of solar energy. While ventilation and solar air heating is also growing in popularity.

There are three main ways in using solar energy. The main way of using and converting solar energy is by using the solar cells. Solar cells convert light directly into electricity. Solar cells are also called photovoltaic or photoelectric cells.

Meanwhile, solar furnaces use a huge array of mirrors to concentrate on the Sun's energy into a small space and produced very high temperatures. Solar furnaces are also called "solar cookers". A solar cooker can be used in hot countries to cook food.

With all the benefits if using solar energy, there is still a downside for this alternative energy source. It does not work during night time. The cost of setting up solar stations is expensive, but the benefit of using solar energy when accumulated is so much more,Nike NFL Jerseys.

Anticipate the DoD initials to change on the stats page soon if they have not changed already.

Perhaps they will become the IoF


Dnsecto of Fumigación


Security Leaks get plugged but this one slipped by bigger than shit. Such a thing is called a bug in software.

Yeah who'd a known those two databases would get crossed; IP Addresses referenced to owner. Who'd a thunk that? Who could be so dumb?

Who but a paid troll could use such an address.


Insecto of Fumigación

From your article.

"She urged Congress to pass legislation governing cyber security so the government could share information with the private sector to prevent an attack on infrastructure, much of which is privately owned"

Seems you found the problem. There is too much privately owned infrastructure for the government to fully control the internet so they need legislation so things like the Asoka incident do not happen again.

24 Jan 15:33:33 Firefox 14.0 Win7 1440x900 United States Flag Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Us Department Of Defense Network (

Think of it Zone, we's almost famous.

The probability is high that she could be reading about us writing about her wanting to stop us,- tomorrow.

I'd stick around and watch the tap dancing of the serpent of many heads but snowkiting. sounds like a good idea. I'm going to go work out.

Unless I'm tossed from a helicopter I'll be back.

Who but a paid troll could use such an address.


If I don't use an anonymous web proxy, I don't get paid. All my posts to CFN have to be secured. DoD SOP avoids SNAFU and FUBAR.

Don't worry they'll fix the problem and your exposure will be secured. I'm sure the problem is being worked right now.

Relax asshole.

Thank you for paying my salary, K-Dog.

Why don't you do something else useful besides paying me to post here? Take on a political project like ending homelessness by housing our veterans, our seniors and our low-income families?

K-Dog, here are four specific suggestions for getting started on ending homelessness, instead of wasting your time here:

1) Get a moratorium on the disbursement of any further HOPE VI monies. The requirements for obtaining such a grant must be amended. In the first instance, the demolition of housing should be a last resort. Many units have been family homes for generations, and the immoral destruction of these homes must end.

2) In those instances where rebuilding is the best option, the program must require a one-to-one replacement of any demolished unit.

3) Furthermore, these new units must be reserved for low-income families who depend on public housing.

4) Finally, the siting of additional or new units must be in urban centers with access to transit and jobs and not in undesirable and remote areas that burden residents with crippling commutes.

All of this reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend this afternoon at tea. We were discussing the internet and the "Google" search. I was telling her that I use it for just about everything. She shook her head at me (she's about 13 years younger) and said, "Then you're a fool. Don't you know that "they" are monitoring you and everyone that uses "Google"?

I replied, "You mean you don't think that 'they' are monitoring your every movement on the internet?" She thus continued the shaking at the head at me being an imbecile. I got up, said goodbye, and slowly walked away. I try to pride myself when I'm intellectually over my head - which is most of the time.

Oh, by the way, we got on the subject by commenting on how the property she owns is readily seen via a google map. She was really stressed about it because she has vast amounts of acreage and she was concerned about its location being so readily seen on line.

I don't think she's a prepper, but like so many these days, she and her husband have secured a nice stretch of farmable land. On it, they own a sustainable style home capable of holding their entire extended family. Probably 12-16 people, give or take.

For what it's worth, that's my two cents for now, live (for now) from lovely Greensboro, NC. (timestamp 9:02, location: Brussels, Belgium)

K-dog and I don't always agree, but I don't agree that he's wasting his time here. I enjoy reading what he has to say. He makes a great deal of sense. Deriding him kind of makes it look like someone is afraid of being upstaged.


K-Dog is a former presidential candidate, which indicates he is intelligent, highly motivated, and very concerned. He so intelligent he is capable of multitasking, which means he can both post here and do something to help the veterans, seniors, and low-income who are homeless.

K-Dog is also a good dog with a good heart. No fear of upstaging. I really appreciate K-Dog. Woof.

Here is Vlad:

Location: Spokane, Washington, United States
IP Address: Century Link (

Here is asoka..

4 Jan 15:33:33 Firefox 14.0
1440x900 United States Flag
United States

Us Department Of Defense Network (

Very nicely done, K-dog!

A little help, though, if you please.
Where are "view stats?"
I've tried IE and Firefox - I've been looking and clicking around like crazy.

What am I missing?

I'm running a "Do Not Track" program.
And I've got pop-ups blocked.
Is that why I'm not seeing "view stats?"

Like the pirate with the ships wheel jammed in his trousers said -

"It's driving me nuts!"


More conjecture about the soaker hose - and I'm flying blind because I haven't seen the stats, yet.

There seem to be two possibilities:
1. He's paid to troll here as part of his job
2. He's wasting time here when he should be doing something else at the DoD.

My vote goes to #2 as more likely.

In which case he's (hopefully) shitting a brick now that his work IP is plastered all over the internet via his exploits at CFN.

Amazing, in either case.

Again, very well done, K-dog.

Now, how do I find that #%^(O*%$ "view stats.?"

Ever notice how these RepubTards rail against *entitlements*? Ever notice how they *TOTALLY MILK* those entitlements themselves, at a level 1 order of magnitude higher than those, "60-70% freeloaders?!?" (For the daft amongst yea, 1 order of magnitude is 10 times. And here I thought *they'd* only make enemies of the 47% that don't pay taxes - LULZ)

And don't forget, *their* free health insurance policy, courtesy of ?!?

Damn, constituency at home is thinking, "keep those no-bid, cost plus contracts rollin' in!"

"It seems obvious to me that in the, say, four years ahead (one presidential term), we will not come to grips with any of the forces of reality bearing down on us."

Kunstler's predictions are likely very close to the mark, but wrong timetable. Fracking has bought our society a stay of execution for 20-30 years.

The collapse may hit just in time for me not to get committed to a nursing home in my 80s because they will cease to exist. Poor me, a merciful death along with a life lived entirely during a miraculous period of human history built on the use of fossil fuels.

Then most of the human race will die off, and in all likelihood a new golden age of mankind will emerge at some point in the future, one with a small fraction of the unsustainable human population the earth is groaning to support currently.

And it is striking the profound injustice of it all. We lived in an era of unimaginable wealth, while the younger generation today face living (more likely dying) in something akin to a world war environment, but a war that has no hope of ending for decades if not centuries.

Ixnei: There are huge problems we face, and you have nothing better to do than to dwell on your petty political fetishes?

What's the name of the famous artist who paints on women's stomachs using his p.e,nis as a brush? Thanks.

I realize that this question is a bit off-topic. Sorry.

No problem:

Go to the menu under JHK's mug. (That means under his face for our viewers in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.)

Click HOME


Click: View Stats

On the far left under the Summary Column you will find a number of selections by which to view the website traffic.

And now why I've just logged on.

al-Qaeda al-Smieda, they have nothing to do with northern Mali.

I just watched a documentary on the Sahrawi people of Western Sahara. Seems were being fed bullshit about what is going on in northern Mali. As usual we are supporting the wrong side.

In northern Mali borders are just lines in the sand. This documentary provides essential background to understand what is going on there.

Our own John R. Bolton of Bush era torture fame makes several appearances.

It's Four paws up.

A proud Sahrawi man says in the film:

"Freedom is not something that is given, it is only something that can be taken away."

I consider that to be the most important of my finds all day. Not that I didn't already know.

1. He's paid to troll here as part of his job
2. He's wasting time here when he should be doing something else at the DoD.

Dude it is #1.
If it were #2 he'd be fired or courts-martial-ed or something, even at the DoD. Make all the jokes you want but he'd have to pretend to work but his efforts here clearly indicates that he does this full time.
No way he could hide it. No way he could just be a soldier on a military base doing this part time expressing his own opinions. But I'm sure he will be trying that excuse soon now that I've suggested it.

And remember, the snake has many heads. And all are cowards.

Oops sorry.

'indicate' without the s

But I do good for a dog.

Well, I see it's business as usual here on CFN with >60% of the traffic either initiated by Asoka or responding to him. How many times do I have to tell y'all ... DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS?!!

Now that that's outta the way, on to interesting business. What do you call an economy where real wages are falling sharply, workforce participation is at 40+ year lows, velocity of money is LOWER than 2008 yet ... inflation is now way above the Fed's target rate and high-end real estate (like the Hamptons) is selling like gangbusters?

You call it STAGFLATION. The one in the late 1970s was bad and took many years (actually about six years after Nixon closed the gold window) to ignite. Only our overall economic condition was MUCH better in the 1978-1979 timeframe. We had no real Federal debt, high workforce participation, and reasonable M1 velocity.

As those of you who've been here for a while know, I'm a fervent "Black Swan" investor only I've warned people here for some time (though JHK doesn't get it) that you should NOT SHORT THE STOCK MARKET. With Federal annual debt at 10% of GDP, the Fed still engaging in QEinfinity, and the rich finally stopping hoarding and starting to spend, get ready for slow inflation. No, it won't start tomorrow but it's now as inevitable as Spring grass. So ... buy gold?? Nah.

Probably the best long term (and I mean your MINIMUM hold period is five years) investment being handed to you now is to buy a fund that SHORT'S THE LONG TREASURY. There are many funds which do this in the Rydex and Profunds families. I like RRPIX. The US is certainly going to have another sovereign debt rating downgrade, we're too far out on the debt limb for any solution but QEinfinity, and China is seriously threatening to dump Treasuries strictly based on our problems.

The 30-year Treasury has a yield around 3.1% and as inflation slowly, ever so slowly, trickles in, that's going to look ridiculous. And it is. Maybe you think gold is going to $3000/ounce but I think it's likelier than in five years the Long Bond will yield at least six percent ... which will return more than 125% in RRPIX.

ECRI's inflation readings are pointing upwards, the Fed is worried about the surprising latest numbers, and ECRI's GDP growth curve is also pointing sharply upward (though the industries that are growing aren't the ones you'd like to grow ... they're the ones that'll cost you like Pharma). I believe shorting the Long Bond will outperform whatever gold or the stockmarket do.


K-DOG said:

And remember, the snake has many heads. And all are cowards.

Yawn. Besides his profusion of names with dots in them, and without, this guy has always been a rhetorical coward. The "I'm an enlightened Buddhist" shtick only adds to the farce that he has become and, along with it, the whole of CFN as well.

Now he's an uber-patriot. Hilarious. Hilarious but SAD because every time I come back for a short visit, his posts and responses to his posts monopolize the board. Of course, I recommend not responding to him directly but none of you that are left will take this simple advice.

ACT AS IF HE DOESN'T EXIST. Be disciplined!! Be united!! This guy soooo craves attention that if he talks in a vacuum for two weeks it will unnerve him into a convulsion.


Why do we have to take either side? Or any side, since there are probably many? Both sides in Libya sucked and it's probably the same here.

If I was the same person as asoka, and he is DoD, would I be taking this point of view? I'm for what is known as "isolationism" or Peace in terms of foreign policy. As you know, any talk of Peace for America is like the sight of a penis by an old maid to these folks. Thank you Takimag for that one.

And White Nationalism? The less said the better. They hate that far more than they hate the Left - which they have well under their control as witness Bill Ayers, et al.

Hmmmm.....DoD Arizona trolling at 4:00am. Doesn't sound like the same bored employee who was trolling yesterday. Marietta, Georgia is home to Lockheed-Martin (Martin-Marietta)/Dobbins Air Force Base, so that could be "Defense" related, as well. Talk about a creepy place. That area of the Atlanta suburbs is like being on a another planet....a planet called Littleton, Colorado. There is a terrible energy when you travel through those parts. It's sinister and alien.

LOL!! Don't pay attention to Asoka, pay attention to me. I have sound investment advice....short treasuries, not stocks. Too funny. So many are soooooo concerned, and yet, the trajectory appears irreversible. Why is that, do you suppose?

You can take your investment advice and shove it up your arse. It's not only not worth a hill of beans, but it's duplicitous and deceptive, and only meant to enrich you at the expense of all others. That's what investment is....any investment before, now, and forever more.


Connection between information chunks in minds and feelings, emotions, meanings, expectations and such. The programming of a mind to associate all information chunks to possible pain/pleasure or feelings or expectations of pleasure and pain even though only a very small amount of real impulses triggering real pain/pleasure and feelings (ever occurs or happens anyways) is implied by most events and endeavors, almost as if it were a completely abstract world, almost all abstract, indistinguishable from any other set of bits in minds, to any other arrangement of bits or any other succession of bits, to any organized bits according to time or space as it is all equal and the same except for what it could possibly imply in terms of pain/pleasure, a sequence of events imagined but almost never actuated, only seldomly but those seldom times gives reality to all the sequences of expected and imagined and feared or hoped for events, events that never will occur.

So value and importance is always just an association of a set of bits with imagined feelings and occurences and events. It is all just an arbitrary programming of neural networks to associate some bits of information to some emotions or possibilities and hence the creation of importance and value, the totally arbitrary and invented and programmed for no reason at all of things which are good as opposed to bad, which are valuable as opposed to useless, which count and are important as opposed to what is nothing at all: the measurement, the measurements according to values and the creation of NUMBERS to actually fix them on a scale: the amount, greater and less than, bigger or smaller, bigger is always better than smaller, hence the obsession of our Civilization for numbers and statistics, the GDP, the number of items sold, the amount of money, billions of dollars and billions of smartphones and trillions of dollars and so forth but almost always just imagined, just invented, rarely corresponding to any reality and such. And natural evolution and Physics and the laws of physics are also obsessed with quantity and numbers, natural evolution wants an animal to "last as long as possible", to "last longer" hence be more succcessful nt terms of "species" and such but who said longer is better than shorter ? who said that anything is better than snything else ?

The distinction, the numbers: but Matter and Mass Energy and the Abstraction Kit of Symbols self actuating themselves and becoming alive and looking (at itself) and feeling (itself) and deciding to be something more than just idle, dead, without events, as that is what the universe does when it creates its own observers, it invents its own Observers (and invents its own arbitrary inside (the observer ?...) and outside (external world ?...) (delimitations abound) and fake and imaginary absolute laws of physics: but how can they be absolute and imagined outside of the universe when they are the universe itself, the laws were invented as soon as the universe decided to randomly invent any random observer (observer of itself ? and why does it need to look at a part of itself ? why not invent anything as part of itself ? why does it even have to be real or even a part of itself ? who cares!) programmed according to any random arbitrary input - output reaction set, as all laws are just a set of input and output associations, hence infinitely programmable, anything as incredible and wild as imaginable is just as real as anything else, hence invent your own wild laws of physics, wild new sense organs, wild new universes, wild new emotion feeling contraptions, and sense organ feelings contraptions and so on, the wilder and crazier the better) but really by doing this creates all of itself and its own laws and its laws of physics and the experience set any configuration of given observers the universe chooses from time to time to have.

So how does the universe set the numbers ? how does it establish big from small, how large must the orders of magnitude be (from 10^-200 to 10^200) ? It doesn't know what numbers it wants to choose, or if even things must be disjoint to be counted individually as numbers at all, or merged into a monolithic block of only one entity, or many or trillions and the decision to what numbers and amounts to establish is random, wild, arbitrary and the next new observer the universe decides to invent and self impose upon itself may have completely different number sets, different orders of magnitude (from 10^-200000 to 10^200000), different processors and so forth, but all numbers are arbitrary and invented, and even the concept of numbers itself and amounts is arbitrary and even all of the further abstractions, an infinite level of ever more complex and incredible abstractions as like: if 0 is a word, 1 is a number what is 2 or 567 or minus 34566, the abstractions are so deep and incredible, so unimaginable it cannot be behold by any observer processor type but we can denote it and make it come alive, ever more complex and incredibly deep and surprising ideas, contructions, abstractions, machines, symbol sets, symbols becoming alive and such.

the APE

Just read that Janet Napolitano, the head of Homeland Insecurity, is warning of an imminent cyber attack here in the good, old FUSA. No doubt another ploy to try to get a euphamistically-named cyber security bill shoved through congress that will allow the government more access to all of our information. It failed last year so they're giving it another shot. Glory glory hallelujah.

Thanks for finding "view stats," and thanks for directing me to it. And thanks for digging into it, and "outing" our Recurrent DoD mole for us!

Those of you who enjoy this sort of computer sleuthing probably already know this - but manipulating the "date ranges" inside of View Stats can produce some interesting results and confirmations.

Now, K, as to whether Soaker is
1. Doing his paid job DoD job, here or
2. Wasting time on his paid DoD job, here

Well - you're the lead attorney on this case, you've put in the hours, and eventually I'll defer to your judgement. But, right now we're at the brainstorming stage - so let me add a couple of contrary thoughts.

The DoD operates on some version of "mission objectives," right? What would be The Soaker Hose's declared mission re his activities @ CFN?

"Operative (asoka..) will disrupt dialog on CFN comment threads at all times and manners possible. Operative will at all times maintain the "truth" of cornucopian assertions. The desirability of high US immigration shall be a particular focus for operative.

Subject only to the forgoing, Operative Asoka..shall endeavor to "fuck up" the dialog
at Cluster Fuck Nation - by any and all means possible"
For your eyes only - SecDef

Not exactly a JamesBondStyle license to kill, is it?

More in a while - I've got a lot of irons in the fire, this morning.

Hmmmm.... this DoD is from Kansas. Will the real DoD troll please stand up.

Us Department Of Defense Network ( 0 returning visits
United States FlagLeavenworth, Kansas, United States
25 Jan 08:25:07

Nice financial advice, E, thanks.

I don't know what's wrong with Collapse W on the subject - your advice makes pretty good sense to me.
And it diverges from mainstream thought - which is what draws me to this ClusterFuck, in the first place.

So, I'll probably add some short Treasury funds to my portfolio, after a little more thought and research - and see how it goes.

Contrary to your views, though, I have some physical silver, and a little gold. I'm adding more, every month, as my cash flow allows. It's a form of insurance for me and my family. Except it's tangible, unlike all other insurance, which is just an outflow of cash unless needed.

I've tried to ignore the Soaker Hose - and I do now ignore him, EXCEPT on immigration - pretty much. His views run counter to JHK's, and they run counter to the views of most of JHK's readership, apparently. Plus, from a environmental or resources standpoint, Soakers views on immigration are just plain WRONG.

So I refuse to let these views go unchallenged since, in my view, they give the whole discussion thread an unfortunate look - to new OR casual JHK readers.

I've got only four responses directly to Soaker Hose (aka The Resident Impediment), this week. And I will keep linking to his posts on immigration to directly refute them - but I will try to refer to him only by my pet sobriquets for him, from now on.

So thanks for the advice and suggestions, E.

Just so we set it straight for the DoD folks here who are taking names and notes, you find it favorable to bet against the success of your own country? Is that correct? That's the statement you make when you short Treasuries. You intend to bring the country down at a profit to yourself. And here you're worried about some poor desperate slobs crossing the border from Mexico, yet betting against your own country, and cheering others on to do the same. Sweet. That's not contradictory in any way, no. But, it is typically corporate. It's to be expected from someone who devoted a good portion of their life to the corporation, though.

You nailed him, CW.

I have many times pointed out that P4C is un-American in his adamant opposition to what built America and made America great. Immigration is our DNA and immigration is what will insure our future greatness against enemies like P4C.

Asoka in Groton, Connecticut, United States
IP Address: Dod Network Information Center (
Referring URL:
Visit Page:

I will try to refer to him only by my pet sobriquets for him, from now on...


Posts about, post mentioning, posts replying to, posts with "pet sobriquets," etc. all serve to keep the focus on Asoka and all are paid identically.

Keep up the good work, both of you, Eleuthero and P4C.

Gentlemen and GentleLadies of CFN,

I have been contacted by Asoka regarding a possible prosecution for libel and slander regarding his good name. Please be advised that you will be under investigation and any posts you make to CFN can and will be used against you to the fullest extent of the law.

Represent Asoka in Potomac, Maryland, United States
IP Address: Us Dept Of Justice (

Full disclaimer: I am an immigrant.

I have many times pointed out that P4C is un-American in his adamant opposition to what built America and made America great. Immigration is our DNA and immigration is what will insure our future greatness against enemies like P4C.

Shut the hell up with your "Greatness" talk. That's pure propaganda. Myth. Immigrants were used and exploited, and it's a fact that many who believed that "America" was something else, soon found out otherwise when they got here and it was too late. They had to live and cope with their sordid conditions. They were hoodwinked, and most couldn't go back.

"America" was never "Great." What JHK talks about was always the culmination of this Clusterfuck that started in the 17th century in North America. It wasn't "Greatness." It was the Long Suicide.....close to 400 years, to be precise.

"That's the statement you make when you short Treasuries. You intend to bring the country down at a profit to yourself."

You've got some real issues at separating cause and effect, there, CW.

"And here you're worried about some poor desperate slobs crossing the border from Mexico,"

And you are hopelessly confused on the concepts of illegal immigration (easily reversed) and legal immigration, which is impossible to reverse and is proceeding non-stop at 1,000,000+ LEGAL migrants per year - with huge government support.

Without that government support - legal immigration would quickly slow to a more sustainable level.

Since Asoka is a decorated war veteran be notified I will join in any effort to defend Asoka's rights on CFN from ad hominem attack.

Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur
Jackson, Mississippi, United States
IP Address: Department Of Veterans Affairs (

Well, if you have a beef with Legal Immigration, then I agree. Legal Immigration underwritten by the U.S. Government just adds technocratic fascist fodder to the cannon. Indians and Orientals are great at taking orders. They kiss up and kick down. They are perfect Little Eichmans for the Elitist Plutocrats. Obedience is at the core and fabric of their beings. Filipinos are no different. Fascist enablers through and through. This is why the Corporate State sponsors Legal Immigration. They are importing the prison guards and prison wardens.

One way to resolve it, but it is complex, is to end corporate personhood. Corporate power must be broken, and the wealth concentration that's occurring at rapid pace must not only be stopped, but reversed. But here's the hitch. We can't rely on the Government to do it. The Government belongs to the Corporations, and there's no getting it back at this point.

"...un-American in his adamant opposition to what built America and made America great. Immigration is our DNA and immigration is what will insure our future greatness against enemies...."

How many moral platitudes in the above "statement?"

I count six.

The landmass of the United States can only support a finite number of people.

How many true facts in the above statement?

I count one.

Sorry Soaker but there are no rights against ad hominem attacks, decorated war veteran or not.

As Asoka's lawyer I must advise you that I must make a demand for retraction before a lawsuit can be filed. This is said notice.

Your retraction published here on CFN will automatically exclude you from the lawsuit. If no retraction is forthcoming, damages to Asoka's reputation under existing libel laws will be sought.

Representing Asoka in Potomac, Maryland, United States
IP Address: Us Dept Of Justice (

Full disclaimer: Counsel for Asoka is an immigrant.

You are hereby notified that quoting Asoka in a reply to a third party also counts as keeping the focus on Asoka. Pay is identical to direct reply, indirect reply, talking to, talking about, mention of pet sobriquets, etc. Thank you, P4C!

Let us also look to this moniker of "hero", shall we?
IMHO, many of those who have adopted the label (especially those who would crow about it) are little more than persons who showed up to support or do the killing. That's not "heroic", that's the culmination of a series of bad choices and misunderstandings of their masters' motives and intentions. (In this case, masters = owners; not to put too fine a point on it.)
Is a drone pilot a military hero, in any original sense of the word?

The trademark of "hero" is mostly mouthed by politicians and media outlets; it didn't originate in its' present ubiquitous use from the common citizenry. That should be a large clue.

The cheapening of language, the twisting of its' meanings and the dulling of its' edges is just another tactic of divisive manipulators. Witness Karl Rove, Frank Luntz and the rest of their disgusting ilk.

"One way to resolve it, but it is complex, is to end corporate personhood. Corporate power must be broken, and the wealth concentration that's occurring at rapid pace must not only be stopped, but reversed. But here's the hitch. We can't rely on the Government to do it. The Government belongs to the Corporations, and there's no getting it back at this point." -CW

I agree. And not to be too fork-in-the-road about it, but I think that's why the race is very much "on" between totalitarianism and collapse. It doesn't mean that desperate people won't turn to tyrants for a cargo-cult "solution", but those iterations don't seem to have any lasting-power when communications are abundant and can't be controlled.

Thus, the threat of complete dominance over all forms of information and codified/"lawful" prosecution in the use of it. (Yes, Orwell and Bernays gave them the blueprints; only the tools have changed.)

On CNN the big story is Beyonce lipsinking the national anthem. But on BBC I learned of the bitter fighting in N. Burma, combat between India and Pakistan in Kashmir, out of control riots in Cairo and Athens, NKorea nuclear threats against the US and Japan, Ford plant in Belgium closing throwing 11000 out of work, fighting in Mali, unrest in Algeria, 60,000 dead in Syria as well as 1 million homeless refugees ... and that's just this morning. The whole goddam world is boiling up around us but all our networks can talk about is Michelle's dress and Beyonce lipsinking the National Anthem!I have to go to a foreign source to find out what really is going on. What a disgrace.

This guy soooo craves attention that if he talks in a vacuum for two weeks it will unnerve him into a convulsion.

We tried that and I advocated it myself. I was the leading champion of it for a while. It doesn't work for two reasons. The first is that it is just about impossible to get everyone cooperating. 'Just about' is a descriptive way to put it because you have spoilers showing up pretending they are in mud huts in South America too and helping it out. We can't put a dunce cap on anybody s head and conducting the personalities here is like herding cats. An very energy intensive and flawed effort.

The second reason is that then Radu and Asoka start talking to each other totally dominating the space and when people show up they say to themselves what the fuck is up with this. A racist and an asshole; I'm out of here. Perhaps R & A email each other Mission Accomplished when they drive traffic to zero, who knows.

But E, while your input is appreciated this is a special week, read upscroll.

Seems somebody outed Asoka as a paid government troll. Undeniable evidence, a timestamp even. Changes the game a bit.


One kdog of volume covers the state of Texas nine inches deep. A kdog of volume is the volume taken up by a trillion barrels of oil. We have 1.7 kdogs left. Another way to grok humanity s remaining oil endowment is to imagine a kdog of volume being a cube 3.4 miles on a side.

Yes a disgrace. A total disgrace, that's what it is. You've said it well.

Probably the best long term (and I mean your MINIMUM hold period is five years) investment being handed to you now is to buy a fund that SHORT'S THE LONG TREASURY. There are many funds which do this in the Rydex and Profunds families. I like RRPIX.

I entered RRPIX into a brokerage watch-list so I could check its price, graph it, etc. It showed a price of $7.36, up 4 cents, but it showed zero volume of trading and no bid or ask price. What's the story?

Other vehicles for shorting Treasuries (albeit 20 yr bonds, not 30s) are TBT which is levered 2x and TMV levered 3x. Both are soaring today. Not sure why, maybe some grand poobah at the Davos meeting farted or something.

Anyway, I agree that in the longer term (I'll accept your 5 years as the longer term) Treasury rates must rise which means bond prices must fall and thus shorting them is the right strategy. The two symbols are a way to do this (short bonds) but I admit its like playing with fire when you mess with 2x and 3x names.

On to a separate issue.......

When you show up here at CFN you invariably remind us that you ONLY show up infrequently (presumably because our shit here at CFN stinks while your shit and the shit at other blogs does not stink) and that all of us here that talk to, or about, Asoka are making a big mistake. YOU, of course, are doing precisely what you are telling us NOT to do. I enjoy the insights you express here on the blog but I wish you would stop making a fool of yourself by telling us how infrequently you post and that Asoka is using up too much bandwidth and we should all just ignore him. Physician, heal thyself.

all our networks can talk about is Michelle's dress and Beyonce lipsinking the National Anthem


This is not completely true.

Our networks also focus on other important stories, like suing Subway for an 11-inch footlong sandwich ... 11 inches is almost a foot ... so is 13 inches ... but I doubt anyone would have complained about "false advertising" if they had gotten a 13-inch footlong.

Things relating to food and cars are also really important news in the USA. It's not all about Michelle.

A racist and an asshole; I'm out of here. Perhaps R & A email each other Mission Accomplished when they drive traffic to zero, who knows.



Traffic to zero will never happen as R & A are well accompanied by their same kind, with their same intelligence level, with their same concerns for analyzing the clusterfuck, who also post frequently here.

Take a look again at the title of this comment space: "CLUSTERFUCK NATION : Comment on Current Events."

Every human being who comments here (excluding the automated spammers) has a legitimate right to be here, you fascist dog.

We don't have an "entitlements" problem. We have a conservative economics problem the pushed radical deregulation, tax decreases, and freeing Wall Street greed, the false belief in trickle down economics, reckless military spending, a CIA black budget, that is what has created our debt, not entitlements which are plowed back into the economy and create employment.

"Entitlements" like Social Security and unemployment insurance are actually the most reasonable social programs we have.

We are spending between $40 and $60 BILLION per month to help Wall Street and Wall Street is not investing the money in a way that creates jobs. That is the problem.

"Entitlements" are the only thing keeping millions of Americans from abject poverty.

Hang on. You have established that Asoka seems to be lying, that he is not asoka, and it is obvious that he is an asshole. But you have not established that he is working for the DoD. Nor have you established that I am - or that I am lying.

Being a racist isn't a crime. It's a legitimate point of view. The Howard Zinns/Collapse Watches of the World say that America was founded on Racism. Well they're right. What Nation wasn't? Do you expect the Founders to do all this for some other group - and not their own?

Again I'm using your all embracing definition of racism - that anything anyone does for their own group is racism. Needless to say, this definition is only applied to Whites since its goal is the destruction of the White Race.

The dictionary has another definition, but you aren't interested in that, are you?

Remember, humanity by and large is not admirable. The average poor person just wants to be a rich, elitist. And if they attained that, they'd be just as bad or worse than the current elite. "New Money" is notoriously so.

A Traditional Society doesn't allow so much free choice to everybody. People can't handle it. To allow them so much is just to empower those who can and will control them by playing on their lusts and appetites.

As the Protocols admit, the Aristocracy were the true friends and protectors of Europe. That's why they were destroyed by the "people" - manipulated by the Illuminati.

You did not mention her 1.5 million dollar
ugly Emerald earrings.
Those fools are shameless.
Remember Jims writings, where he wondered about folks 'burning down the Hamptons'?

How bout Michelle's new bangs! All the women are going to want them now. They are herd animals after all. And when she wears those new dresses, she is making careers for little gay designer boys. What's not to luv?

He is paid to disrupt this website?

They are herd animals after all.


The majority of Homo sapiens are social animals, except those who live alone in basements or RVs or trailer parks in front of their computer screens. Those loners do not have a successful marriage and full social life with lots of friends, status, respect, etc. ... all the things I enjoy.

If someone is here posting on assignment from the DoD, then it would not be to disrupt. What would they be disrupting? It's not like anything going to be solved or resolved in this obscure out-of-the-way space. More likely, it would be to create a honey-trap that attracts and antagonizes zealots. Bring them out of the woodwork, get them on record, and pin them to an IP. That's why CFN is a minefield and hard work.

And Radu, Collapse never said "America" was founded ON racism, although racism certainly was prevalent, and played a part in the founding and formation. You so love to put words in people's mouths. I still think you're a Jewish guy working for the SPLC. The cat was out of the bag when you said you had a cat. What kind of White Nationalist are you? White Nationalists don't have cats. They have Pit Bulls and German Shepherds.

4 Jan 15:33:33 Firefox 14.0
1440x900 United States Flag
United States

Us Department Of Defense Network (

-- 3:33:33 dot dot


And when she wears those new dresses, she is making careers for little gay designer boys.

Not any longer. Those Gay Boys are going to be joining the military in droves. It's the new career of choice for LGBTs. Yes, it's another acronym. Acronyms are us.

Perhaps you would have been more pleased had Michelle come dressed to the Inauguration like this:

Jesus, now NASA is part of the conspiracy. All you have to do is mention "Aliens" and they come a runnin.

National Aeronautics And Space Administration ( 0 returning visits
United States FlagHuntsville, Alabama, United States
25 Jan 13:39:06

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Getting back to this week's post by JHK, he says conservatives miss the central problem we face: our disastrous commitment to the current national lifestyle, in particular suburban sprawl and everything it entails.

We could solve suburban problems and problems of urban congestion using hydrogen fuel cells combined with car sharing. There is a ‘chicken and egg problem’, i.e., no hydrogen powered car will be invested in if it cannot be refueled, and nobody will invest in a hydrogen refueling station if no one has a hydrogen powered vehicle.

But. by replacing fossil fuel engines with hydrogen, using small stationary combined heat and power (CHP) engines, financial return should be 3–5 years. Besides financial sense, the replacement of fossil fuel with hydrogen in the automotive industry offers a substantial reduction of the harmful environmental effects and makes a lot of sense for the environment.

The problems of the absence of the hydrogen infrastructure is solvable, but we will need more suitable regulations. Using a car-sharing system, operating small urban vehicles, solves some environmental problems (e.g., air pollution and CO2 emission), but also helps to reduce congestion, secure energy supply and ease its distribution. This solves JHK's concerns about "peak oil" and urban transportation. All we have to do is learn to share.

Nonsense, and you know it. Hydrogen is not an energy source, it's an energy carrier, and it takes more energy to free the oxygen for its carrier purposes, then the hydrogen returns. It's an energy sink. It's a no go. A Hydrogen Economy is a wasteful, unsustainable economy.

In a recent study, fuel cell expert Ulf Bossel explains that a hydrogen economy is a wasteful economy. The large amount of energy required to isolate hydrogen from natural compounds (water, natural gas, biomass), package the light gas by compression or liquefaction, transfer the energy carrier to the user, plus the energy lost when it is converted to useful electricity with fuel cells, leaves around 25% for practical use — an unacceptable value to run an economy in a sustainable future.

That should read "free the hydrogen," not "free the oxygen." Or, maybe it should read "free willy." Whatever! I could care less.

Scientists are also investigating the combination of hydrogen and sharing:

Kriston, Akos, Tamás Szabó, and György Inzelt. 2010. "The marriage of car sharing and hydrogen economy: A possible solution to the main problems of urban living." International Journal Of Hydrogen Energy 35, no. 23: 12697-12708.

All we need is political will and we can solve our problems.

Thanks for saying you could care less. That means you do care x amount. Although you could care less. But you don't.

CHP cogeneration engine technology is proven technology.

Powered by GE gas engine technology, a combined heat and power (CHP) plant at Germany's Bitburger Brauerei (brewery) has surpassed 50,000 hours of successful operation.

Based on an ecomagination-qualified Jenbacher J312 gas engine, the plant converts biogas (gas produced by biological breakdown of organic matter) into electricity, steam and hot water to meet the brewery's process requirements.

The project is an example of GE's ecomagination commitment to provide innovative solutions that maximise resources, drive efficiencies and help make the world work better, said the company.

Since you've put your fingers in your ears, the link provided will be quoted some more.

“The advantages of hydrogen praised by journalists (non-toxic, burns to water, abundance of hydrogen in the Universe, etc.) are misleading, because the production of hydrogen depends on the availability of energy and water, both of which are increasingly rare and may become political issues, as much as oil and natural gas are today,” says Bossel.

“There is a lot of money in the field now,” he continues. “I think that it was a mistake to start with a ‘Presidential Initiative’ rather with a thorough analysis like this one. Huge sums of money were committed too soon, and now even good scientists prostitute themselves to obtain research money for their students or laboratories—otherwise, they risk being fired. But the laws of physics are eternal and cannot be changed with additional research, venture capital or majority votes.”

Even though many scientists, including Bossel, predict that the technology to establish a hydrogen economy is within reach, its implementation will never make economic sense, Bossel argues.

“In the market place, hydrogen would have to compete with its own source of energy, i.e. with ("green") electricity from the grid,” he says. “For this reason, creating a new energy carrier is a no-win solution. We have to solve an energy problem not an energy carrier problem."

The decimation of civil liberties, carried out in the name of fighting terror, will shackle us to an interconnected security and surveillance state that stretches from Moscow to Istanbul to New York

A Time for ‘Sublime Madness’

And once shackled our fate is sealed.

Nonsense. Shackles can be broken.

Let us guess. With Hydrogen, right? A Hydrogen Economy takes a lot of Imagination.

OK, we have some problems to work on, but they are not intractable. The cost of hydrogen is very sensitive to electricity price, but other factors such as water price, energy efficiency of electrolysis, and plant life have insignificant impact on the total cost of hydrogen produced. Waste material biogas CHP can solve the electricity question as the brewery plant in Germany has demonstrated with 50,000 hours of successful operation.


What ticks me off is that nothing is controllable or verifiable, you always have to depend on others, on third parties and their "Information" to establish any truths and such: like the GDP numbers, the Gross Domestic Products number: how on earth is it measured and calculated anyways ? who is doing the measurements ? can I trust them or it or anything anyways ? are the numbers real ? do they even mean anything ? it is in fact totally intractable in the end, a simple act of faith to believe in the numbers they (and who is they anyways ?) furnish you and such; especially since so little is being really produced, nothing is being produced in the USA anymore so what are the numbers anyways ? how many people are spinning their wheels at fake jobs (the service jobs which just means anything goes, nothing is being produced but hot air, just like this blog and these forums and all else) ? so then what is a good "normal" economy and what is a sick "economy" ? as if something like that can even be established (the economy is a man made contraption that has no laws and science applied, it is just an arbitrary system of power relationships according to some arbitrary quirk laws the powers that be or a society brainwashed itself to have, as if it were really scientific and not simply power struggles and fights and nothing else). And so it is with everything else, all things economic and all things in general: nothing is controllable or verifiable, you only receive all kinds of information that is supposed to be associated with some kind of reality, with how things are going, but no one knows anything, can trust anything, anything can be the truth or not, anything can be said, you will never know the truth, you will never know how much Gross Domestic Product was "produced" in the USA in 2012 or how much unemployment there is and even what are the normal numbers and the bad numbers, what is good or bad, what is even normal or not (normal doesn't exist, invented arbitrary models are the only thing that exists).

Take unemployment: what are good numbers and bad numbers and who says what is normal and what is not ? from what I see, that there are still 100 million people employed and getting a salary in the USA when they are mostly useless, spinning their wheels and not producing anything is bad and wrong and a sign of an economy wasting effort; the real numbers should be only 10 million people needed to work, the rest are a waste of time, a healthy economy should have them all at home watching TV and getting out of the way for example. But unemployment is considered "bad", arbitrarily, since the Standard Ideology and Economic Model considers that people still must "work for a living" when this is no longer applicable for a "Technological Economy" that creates wealth by the boatloads automatically, structurally, through automation and technology and huge economies of scale and huge numbers of workers (way more workers than are ever needed for example), but then how can you keep on forcing people to fight each other and be in "competition" (another absurd, stone age concept) if the truth were said that there is way more than enough for everyone, that work is no longer needed, that you no longer have to fight other people to live and work ? how can a stone age Man Brain adapt to something so true and simple ?

And so it is with all kinds of statistics, all kinds of numbers and information: the Debts, the national debts, the production indexes and so forth and so on, nothing can ever be controlled or verified, it is even unclear if those numbers mean anything, if they even exist, and what is going on, impossible to follow or understand or even figure out, all abstract information coming from who knows where, all fake problems, nothing is real, everything is a problem, nothing can be established all is intractable and so on (and even scientific knowledge and technology and so forth, all facts that are thrown at you, but can you really ever know ? can you really know about Genetic Engineering and what it is doing and how much can you know ? and so forth with all science and technology, all intractable, hard to verify and such ? are there really a billion transistors in the CPU of your computer ? is it verifiable ? can I trust it ? does it even mean anything ?). And those furnishing the intractable and probably "false" information (but true and false are probably not even applicable and such) all have an agenda, all have something to gain by furnishing all kinds of wild information in order to pass laws or anything else, to print money and give it to banks and so on, a never ending array of unknowns, intractable, inventions, and money transfers, new problems pop up out of nowhere, new emergencies occur out of the blue, and the FED prints money to justify the solution to "problems" no one ever knew they even had, no one knows what on earth is going on, and so its is with all the problems in the EU and so forth, no one knows what is going on, or to who the money is going, or who deserves what and so forth. the end of any truths.

Nothing even means anything at all, nothing can be established as normal or wrong, nothing can be tractable, all is intractable, all the money flows impossible to understand and so forth. The 10 trillion dollars debt of the USA is totally intractable, impossible to figure out, and how can money be debts if most of it is used to pay people ? so people are debts ? a never ending array of contortions, questions, doubts, acts of faith needed, intractable, power struggles, lies, all fake and impossible, nothing is true and worst of all nothing is false, you are all lost in a maze of abstractions, information not meaning anything or meaning anything, and people gaining and losing billions of dollars over all these intractable games.



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Not just imagination.

Hydrogen gas production through solar energy (which is abundant, clean and renewable) can power photochemical, electrochemical and thermochemical processes for producing hydrogen, in order to reach competitive hydrogen production costs (which seems to be your concern. You admit technologically it is feasible).

Hybrid thermochemical processes use hydrocarbons exclusively as chemical reactants for the production of syngas. Concentrated solar radiation is used as a heat source and represents one of the most promising alternatives, combining conventional and renewable energy to transition toward a solar hydrogen economy.

You could use just a bit more imagination.

Nobody that I know of is saying hydrogen will be the sole basis for the future economy. Hydrogen will be part of a mix, as one element of a global sustainable energy strategy for the 21st century that confronts the three-pronged challenge of irreversible climate change, uncertain oil supply, and rising pollution.

Hydrogen will play a crucial role: in road and rail vehicles requiring a range comparable to today’s petrol and diesel vehicles; in coastal and international shipping; in air transport; and for longer-term seasonal storage on electricity grids relying mainly on renewables.

It can't come close to supplying the current needs of this planet, let alone any future growth. In fact, it can't even supply half of the current energy needs of this planet. See this for clarification. I'm not posting it for you, because you are obviously convinced otherwise, but it's solid science.

Once we appreciate that physical growth must one day cease (or reverse), we can come to realize that all economic growth must similarly end. This last point may be hard to swallow, given our ability to innovate, improve efficiency, etc.

Nope, from the article you cite it is apparent the author believes:

The production of biofuels constitutes an extremely inefficient
land use

as if biofuels depend upon use of productive, arable land.

The factory I mentioned in Germany, which has just completed 50,000 hours of operation, uses waste materials, not land-based biofuels. Waste is one thing we seem to be good at producing, wouldn't you say. There are also biofuel projects in desert areas, algae-based systems, etc. none of which use land inefficiently.

If you have read my comments for any length of time, you know I identify the need for global population reduction (not fiddling with immigration policies), and energy contraction. We can easily live on one-tenth the energy we currently waste. World population is scheduled to stabilize naturally (with no tragedy or drama involved) but I want to reduce it voluntarily before it stabilizes. I have also posted numerous practical methods for achieving that goal.

Your presumptions about my positions are mistaken. Your "hard science" will not be enough, but is a welcome input.

My emphasis on global population production and simplified lifestyle is actually supported by the article you cite.

No matter what the technology, a sustained 2.3% energy growth rate would require us to produce as much energy as the entire sun within 1400 years.

This is a completely meaningless "solid science" conclusion because the assumptions are false.

The article assumes CONTINUED GROWTH, without recognizing population will stabilize in a few decades. The article does not consider the possibility of population reduction, reduced energy use, and sustainable growth.

The solid science you cite was apparently published before alkaline electrolyser technology became viable and ready for commercialization in mass market applications (such as light vehicle refuelling, energy storage, and backup power) making a hydrogen economy possible.

Read the comments to the article where he points to other articles he has written on the topic. Your plan sounds very ideal, but your ideal has many hurdles to overcome, so don't give anyone here the "if we only had the political will." Who the hell is the "we" in this equation? The Commodity Regimes, i.e. The Plutocracy, rule/rules this planet, and they've invested a great deal of money in the fossil fuel economy. They believe in a little thing called ROI, and they will not give that up at any cost....even if that cost means the end of human life on Planet Earth. They are the Government. They are the Governments. The Governments are one of their Divisions, and the Governments will do as they say. I have no doubt there will be a plan to reduce population, and I reject it before it hatches. If it comes from the Establishment, you can be sure it will be nothing short of a Holocaust. You sir, are playing with fire.

I have no doubt there will be a plan to reduce population, and I reject it before it hatches.


What part of the word "voluntarily" do you not understand?

Commodity regimes and plutocracy and governments understand ROI. They are not stupid. They understand peak oil. You only see evil in them.

You, sir, are playing with paranoia.

I LOVE Fred's blog. He is a real straight shooter. No groveling obeisance to political correctness. No big words or complicated sentences.

Just today, now that the days of this week are dwindling down to a precious few and the CFN dialogue is running out of fresh ideas, I decided to spend more time at Fred On Everything. In particular I read his Bio. He has quite a resume and it's funny. I recommend it.

I also glanced through the extensive column titles under the headings Magazine Stuff and Cop Columns. I read the 542nd article that appeared a couple of days ago at the head of his regular column list. Then I scrolled to the very bottom and chose #2 titled Blacks and Intelligence to read. Here is a paragraph from it:

......, let us assume that blacks are less intelligent. What can we do?

For starters, we need to recognize that no one is going anywhere. Blacks are not going to go back to Africa. Whites are not going to go back to Europe. We are all where we are going to be. We are not going to turn Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi into a separate black nation.

There are a couple of obvious errors on the Fred site that for some reason Fred doesn't notice, or care about if he DOES notice, but that drive me nuts every time I visit there: One, Column #539 he has titled as Squead Car Dreams. It should be "Squad..." Two, Column #532 is misnumbered as 332.

With the intention of pointing out these two errors so he could fix them (thus allowing me to fall asleep at night), I went searching for his email address. When one scrolls about 80% down the home page one comes to three blocks the first of which says "Write Fred." Bingo, I clicked on it. But, up came the following: "Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed."

Can someone technically savvy out there in CFN land either (1) help me fix my default mail client or (2) write to Fred and ask him to fix the two errors discussed above so Kyooshtik can get a decent night's sleep?

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

“The choice is not between violence and nonviolence but between nonviolence and nonexistence.”

“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Ah but the price is high is it not? A Man said, "What does it benefit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul."

So guess what the French and the Americans essentially said: We ain't got no gold! Well, at least right now. It will take five years for the German gold in France to be returned, and no less than seven years for the stash at the New York Federal Reserve. Bottom line: both Paris and Washington/New York have to come up with real physical gold any way they can.

It's not Al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb and not about a war on terror. Turns out its about gold.

And you guys thought it was oil.

Holy Midas Touch Batman

From the article:

"Mali - along with Ghana - accounts for up to 8% of global gold production"

And apparently the Germans are pissed that all their gold went to China.

Worthless paper backed by Unobtainium. Could worthless paper crash the economy? Are we too big to fail?

Fred admits he has no answers on race. He just says it's not working and it's going to get us. So is it extreme to suggest a plan, which by definition must be an extreme one since the situation is huge and extreme? Is it not even more extreme to do nothing? Why is that not extreme? If your car is rolling towards a precipice with no breaks, is it rational to do nothing? Isn't it more rational to jump out - and maybe even try and stop it if possible?

At this point, even ending Affirmative Action would be very extreme. Fred has indicated that might be a good idea. But it wouldn't "work" if by work you mean no violence. There would be huge amounts of rioting. Blacks aren't going back to the fields and factories without a fight. Knowing this, he doesn't really endorse it as a policy - he just says it would be nice. To endorse it would be to endorse extremism. A clever man, no?

Why not start something really ambitious like editing Shakespeare? So many mispellings!

"Leftist" and Obmama intimate Cass Sunstein promtes cognitive dissonance on internet. So far as far as I can tell, only Collapse and Anti have broken free of the Left/Right cognitive ghetto. Alot of posters like Be, Hancock, Wage, thing they have but they are just bitter that Obama isn't a "Communist" like he was supposed to be. As for Collapse, it really doesn't matter since he is so utterly hostile to Western Civilization to begin with. He automatically sees people as sheep so in that sense he never had any illusions.

Prog and Kdog may be awakening, but only at the level of mind. Emotionally, they are still in love with Leftist ideals. Thus their minds and hearts will be at war for a long time to come.

Since people are herd animals by and large, and are going to be controlled one way or another, by something or someone - why not let it be by Tradition - both Folkways and Religion? Isn't this far kinder, more humane, and leaving them far more dignity than the brutal Communist Way - or the Capitalist/Fascist one for that matter?

Kudos to Anti and Myself for our Awakening to the Truth on this all important manner.

Dale is in his own category - ruthless to other people yet "believing" in compassion. He seems to believe in our current system of Socialism and Crony Capitalism. Not sure if he wants it to go further Left or not. If it benefited him, that would make up him mind conclusively.

The article about the offical mind fucking:

Suffice it to say that every suggestion, solution, techno-fix, et-fucking-cetera that asspoker promotes funnels right back into the BAU status quo way of doing things. (Even the political hackery stinks of this "work within the system" approach.)

Who benefits from this?
Got it in one, I'm sure.

And then we have the little laddie, his bunghole buddy. Ever hear of "good cop, bad cop"? I knew you had.
Here's an interesting and revealing quote:

"Hang on. You have established that Asoka seems to be lying, that he is not asoka, and it is obvious that he is an asshole. But you have not established that he is working for the DoD. Nor have you established that I am - or that I am lying."

Oh, I think we can put some pretty good guesses as to his credibility, BECAUSE of this disavowal (in sloppy, backhanded support of his keyboard warrior buddy).
I just wonder where they get these societal washouts that gleefully psychologically assault regular folk with such obvious poo-slinging on the interwebs.

Most of us are labeled as harmless proggie-pacifist-libs who cannot be lured into false-flag "actions" with a bit of help from them. (Anti is an exception; they'll have him firing the first shots in the race war as soon as the "time is ripe" for another divide and conquer distraction. Notice who his good friend and supporter happens to be.)

To wind up an already too long post, you can't trust word one out of the mouths of these two choad-breath pud-pullers. There is nothing genuine here in thought or word, and you're correct; there will be little use for professional liars in a hard-scrabble world. They've chosen a very dangerous occupation and dangerous masters who will leave them to rot at the first sign of approaching retribution. "Stand by your computers and defend them with your last breath, maggots!"

Q - you can discover Fred's address by hovering over the button Write Fred. It will indicate his mail is 'jetpossum-readers' with the mail service yahoo dot com.

You can right-click & copy-email-address, but note the Subject: must start with two fwd slashes '//', else it's deemed spam.

He's previously apologized for various typos (there usu are aplenty), and said he'll correct them when notified thereof.

To set up the default mailer (in Firefox) Edit/Tools->Options/Preferences->Applications->mailto - you should be able to select gmail or yahoo, etc.

"Dude it is #1.
If it were #2 he'd be fired or courts-martial-ed or something, even at the DoD."

Continued from earlier today -

K-dog, there are so many DoD employees, in SO MANY civilian capacities - and asoka..david..hose could easily be in that category.

Here's an explanation:
I don't think he's military, certainly not an officer or noncom. The resonance of his posts is all wrong for that to be the case.

So he's probably a guilty-feeling civilian employee in some forgotten corner of some DoD bureaucracy. Say he's assigned to inventory the ejector seat thrust rockets on F4 Phantoms. (decommissioned in 1996, FYI) So every day he reports to work and fills out his form on-line.

F4 Ejector Seat Assy Count Equal = (0) Zero

So, that takes the Soaker Hose 10 minutes, allowing extra time 'cause he's sorta' dumb.

Then he has 8 hours and 50 minutes to fill, allowing an hour for lunch. So he turns to CFN.
Lucky us, right?

Remember also, that Soaker Hose could have a take-home computer with a DoD login. Lots of people do.

And this goes for the NASA logins, and all of the rest of the DoD logins, too. CFN isn't porn, and it's not on-line shopping, so it doesn't hit all the criteria that employees are told to avoid - so there's nothing wrong with hitting the CFN site and making some comments on the "company" dime and using the company computer.

Now - when it's done to excess, it becomes abusive of a trust and therefore wrong.

Should I write Saxby Chambliss, give him Soaker Hose's work IP address at the DoD, and ask him to investigate the abuse of taxpayer money?

I've been reading that Boehner (pronounced BONER) wants to make a priority of overturning Roe vs. Wade. Why not just create a Christian Wacko Party? Cuz even the Genius Turd Blossom knew that they would have to combine forces to defeat the Dems in a presidential election. It's the Crips vs. Bloods problem (Blue vs. Red, get it?)

And now, Republican Atheists

And you're in charge of the "out asoka..hose" movement on CFN, and you have my full support, K.
I'm just brainstorming alternatives.

If Soaker Hose IS a govt agent, I must admit that he fits this description from RV's earlier link

"[W]e suggest a distinctive tactic for breaking up the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories: cognitive infiltration of extremist groups, whereby government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of believers by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups, thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversity."
"It's easy to destroy groups with "cognitive diversity." You just take up meeting time with arguments to the point where people don't come back. You make protest signs which alienate 90% of colleagues. You demand revolutionary violence from pacifist groups.

We expect such tactics from undercover cops, or FBI. There the agents are called "provocateurs" -- even if only "cognitive." One learns to smell or deal with them in a group, or recognize trolling online."
-rv's link, which is very interesting-

K-Dog - it looks like the stats are only for the homepage (and 2 others), not the /blog pages...

"/Preferences->Applications->mailto - you should be able to select gmail or yahoo, etc."
-ak, to K/Q-

Also, K/Q, when you click the link on Fred's page that gives you the error message - somewhere along the way you should see a "Browse" button, which will allow you to search for, and open, your regular email program or the mail program for your ISP.

I'm not sure how well you and Fred would get along in person, K/Q. Maybe not a whole lot better than you and I would. hah!

But with half of the North American continent separating you two - maybe you can pull it off!

Maybe send him some money first?

"Well, if you have a beef with Legal Immigration, then I agree. Legal Immigration underwritten by the U.S. Government just adds technocratic fascist fodder to the cannon."

Collapse Watch GETS IT!


Now, spread the word.
And send money to NumbersUSA!

Now that Asoka has been outed as some kind of Secret Agent Man, I have to wonder if this can somehow be turned into a direct voice to the All Powerfull Oz?

Lots of people complain that no one in the government listens to them. Well now you all have someone. ***CAUTION*** I've worked for DoD in a lowly pay grade and had absolutely no influence on anything of any importance. Is that the case with Asoka?

I think Eleuthero is perhaps the most articulate
and informed poster here, of many 'aware' posters.
Not that he posts much.

No red carpet and trumpets? Fuck this soap opera.

Has anyone ever noticed that B.ill G,,at,es looks a bit like Bart Simpson?

Bill's new business idea: Mi,,cr os, oft will be in charge of the money.


XHALOR wrote: "I've worked for DoD in a lowly pay grade and had absolutely no influence on anything of any importance. "


When you find yourself in a situation of such 5th grade, demoralizing, bureaucratic insignificance, you might want to just focus on f,,uc.king the secretaries?

It's just like in Stocks: people are afraid to act boldy when the stock is doing great, but they act very boldly by staying put when the Stock is tanking. People don't realize than not to choose is to choose; that not acting when action is called for is an action, an unwise one.

Thus people do nothing in a crisis - they don't want to be "extreme" but in truth, nothing could be more extreme than the choice they have just made. This strange mental prejudice has been used by the Elite to bring in tens of millions of illegals. They just did nothing - in violation of their oaths. But the mental prejudice against non action protects them.

Have we determined if Asoka.. is the same as asoka..? Again I noticed that if you respond to asoka.. it shows you responding to Asoka.. or vice versa. If so, I admit I was wrong and Kdog and Ozone right. And therefore no adobe, no South America, no Osho - in short no Asoka. Thus the "loveable", obnoxious, racist, Negro goofball turns out not to exist - except in our Hearts!

Fear not Friends - I am real. Kdog and Ozone, my leftist friends, knock yourselves out. You have not disproved my existence and you will not. White Nationalism is real and therefore White Nationalists. Why is that so hard to believe?

Yes, he's very good. He used to post more but he got disgusted. Understandable. But though he reviles the status quo, I don't think he would support the Way Out which is to reject both Capitalism and Communism and embrace militant Nationalism or America First.

Fighting all kinds of wars in the Middle East and Africa while our Border is wide open is not putting America First. The Conservatives aren't conserving anything except their portfolios.

Dr. King: Guns vs. Butter....

O,b ama: Guns vs. erotic, body oil Coco-Butta...

"Prog and Kdog may be awakening, but only at the level of mind. Emotionally, they are still in love with Leftist ideals."

Actually, RV, I pick and choose my "ideals" based on their logic and validity.

I'm against most gun control.
I want a much lower DoD budget.
Homeland "security" is a farce.
Government (and individuals) should balance their budgets every year.
etc, etc.

I'm a social liberal - even a libertarian.
And I'm a fiscal conservative.

And on an an overcrowded Planet, I'm all in favor of abortion on demand, free birth control, gay rights, and anything else that serves to reduce human reproduction - because we're killing ourselves, here.

Now - on abortion, Mr. Radu, you are HORRIBLY inconsistent.

If anything, a White Nationalist, such as yourself, should be in favor of free birth control for the poor, and free abortion on demand for the poor.

You are letting some "other" belief system trump what's important - to your WN and to Planet Earth.

Zone, I admit that you and Kdog were right about this in general. I'm open to the idea that Asoka doesn't exist at all - I just want confirmation. We should have some kind of burial or funeral service for this non existent man if non existent he turns out to be.

And I'm sorry I left you out of my report earlier. You are a special case like Dale and Collapse. You have seen thru the Left/Right paradigm and know that the real criterion should be big/small or centralized vs decentralized. So good on you. But like Collapse, you are so filled with hatred that it doesn't matter. You march with your ideological opposites, the Communists, because they want to destroy just as you want to. Does that make any ultimate sense? As an anarchist you want to mazimize freedom. They don't. They will not be shy about it after the Revolution either. And don't expect gratitude. So lose the tude, dude. You have to stop being so negative and start explaining WHAT YOU ARE FOR. We know what they are for. But what are you for? Do you even know? As Madison I believe said, if men were perfect, we would have no need for laws or goverment.

I respect that you don't care for your natural allies, the Libertarians. You have too much idealism for that. But you have to explain why. It's not obvious. What is obvious is that the Communist affiliation doesn't make any sense - except I'm afraid, psychologically. They like to hate and so do you. They don't like free thought, and neither do you. But you love your guns, right? They don't want you to have them. So start there perhaps.

So have you given up "Reality leans Left"? Or have I cured you of wanting women in office all other things being equal (which they never are). Most women will always be for the needs of women first and foremost.

Now like I said to Rhino awhile back. We could give Blacks equal treatment but will you accept when they don't produce equal results? Or are you stuck forever in your stance of egalitariansim? Needless to say, we have already tried this experiement endlessly and it has never worked. What would be a real change for the better is for Whites to accept that Blacks aren't equal to us as a race - and the crux: therefore it is not our fault when they fail. Thus no more lawsuits about this. Let the chips fall as the may. For one Blacks in a hundred that might mean college. For the rest: back to the menial jobs. Some of these could be well paying of course: auto assembley is skilled labor after all.

Now the next step: once you realize this, do the thought experiement. What would they do if we adopted the above? Would they accept it? The correct answer is No. There would be blood, copious amounts of it. What was begun as a privledge (Affirmative Action), is now seen as a right. So? The answer becomes separation, ultimately separate states in the sense of countries. Any White who wants to stay can - but look how Blacks have treated Whites in Africa once they attained power: poorly.

Liberalism isn't just a collection of policies. It is an outlook, a philsophy that gives birth to policies and laws. And at that level, you are still lingering in a faux egalitarianism, ready to take responsibility where it is not our fault.

I think that rather than giving M..ic ro sof,,t a contract to take over money and banking, that they should give the exclusive contract to Soul Pucker who can then subcontract out this responsibility to M..icro..s,oft.

"So have you given up "Reality leans Left"?"
-rv, concerning p4c-

Damn, I did say that a couple of years ago here, didn't I. Yeah, I renounce that.

I'd still say social reality leans left.
And logic on national defense leans left.

But the left has leaned so far to the left on immigration, gun control, and minority rights that they are about to fall over the edge.

Yes I admit my inconsistency. It troubles me. I'd like it if people would be repsonsible about sex. And failing that, have the child and give it up of adoption instead of killing him or her. I don't even like the idea of Black babies being killed - even though that's why Margaret Sanger put the clinics near the ghettoes.

There is no answer here. We live in a Multiverse, Prog, not a Universe. If Whites were to gain their freedom, all White Nationalists wouldn't be able to live together. Many are like you - libertarians. Others would want the death penalty for abortion. All of us want to make the problem easier by limiting our State to Whites. How Blacks, Browns and others solve this problem or not is their business. We don't have to worry about it - or more importantly, pay for it or pay the price for it in terms of fatherless homes producing the most vicious thugs imaginable.

Obviously to make people be responsible like this again means a new start in a new culture where sex would be seen as sacred, and not merely in terms of personal satisfaction, but also a service to both God and the State. Very Alien to you I'm sure. But look were the opposite has taken us: the gifted have virtually no children at all. Well to do women become like this. Well, that's not acceptible - at all. Straight out, that has to go and never be seen again. It's been the death of many White Cultures. Priestly Celibacy hasn't helped us either, genetically speaking.

Again, I value personal freeom. I don't want people forced per se, but rather influenced to do the right thing - as the are now to do the wrong thing. Some will resist of course, so be it. Societies need rebels. But to be ruled by rebels and to uphold rebellion as official policy? Madness. A few gifted women will eschew children, marriage, and even men. But they cannot be allowed to become the Model or Template for the masses. That way lies destruction, yet that is the path we have taken.

Depends what you mean by Left of course. Left has come to Marxism - which wants the overthrow of America, the West, and the White Man. But there was an earlier Socialism, an American Socialism that didn't believe any of that. Read Jack London and Eugene Debbs.

So I'm not sure what you mean by "social" and "defense" leaning Left. We might acutally be in agreement.

In my own defense: London engaged in "Black Birding" as part of his adventures. That was going to remote Pacific Islands and enslaving the locals to pick guano under very poor conditions. That one of my favorite authors did this sickens me. A Black mark in an otherwise amazing and even noble life of adventure, writing, and politics. What can I say? He wasn't universal, he had rejected Christianity and didn't care about any but the White Race. I can be a White Nationalist without rejecting in toto the emergent philosophy of the 20th Century. Rather I balance it with a healthy love of my Own which Liberals have rejected and thus become insane.

We have to be fair to other times. Jack London was a normal man of his time, far above normal in IQ and in social awareness, but the emergent wave hadn't reached him yet. He wrote very movingly about the plight of factory workers and working class in general under Capitalism as Orwell and a slew of American writers would do later.

Thus the "loveable", obnoxious, racist, Negro goofball turns out not to exist - except in our Hearts!


Radu, as far as I am concerned I do not exist at all as an individual entity.

For your benefit I hold up my mirror of love.

There is no limit to the number of people we can love.

But to be ruled by rebels and to uphold rebellion as official policy? Madness.


There is a big difference between rebels and revolutionaries/fascists. Both revolutionaries and fascists are involved in movements, reacting against external conditions.

A rebel is an individual, not part of a collective movement, responding to prompts from within. Madness? No.

Asoka.. is a rebel.

Again, I value personal freeom.


No, you don't, Radu. You do not even value the personal freedom of movement on the planet. You do not advocate open borders to allow personal freedom of movement. You value fascist regimentation of individuals for what you deem a greater good. You sacrifice the individual to tradition/authority/corporate power.

Let's face it. The wall of denial about our predicament is insurmountable. The US is going to get caught off guard, blindsided by the big party it threw with the adevent of cheap and abundant fossil fuel energy, thinking there was no end in sight. The end is in sight, but too few will admit the joyride is over. Toss in a great deal of human arrogance and national chauvanism to make the looming disaster all the more catastrophic.

The "official" level of debt released by the government a few years back was an albeit staggering 14 trillion dollars. Like the "official" poverty and unemployment figures, they can sugar coat the magnitude of the disasters they have created by fudging the numbers. Figures don't loe but liars do figure. When "entitlement" programs are factored into the debt total (and I hate to use that term entitlement unless it means I am entitled to break my foot off in one of these Wall Street types assholes for wanting to gut these safety nets at a time when people will need them the most), the ACTUAL debt figure, according to some, was roughly 10 times the "official" figure, a totally unsustainable level of 140 trillion dollars.

"Inability to grow the economy resulting in levels of debt that have to be taken on at a completely unsustainable rate" (Dmitry Orlov on you tube) is what will cause our collapse. Like all empires past, they collapse because their strategies for maximizing energy capture are subject to the laws of diminishing returns (Richard Heinberg "The Party's Over"). In laymen's terms, we went broke, we fucked up, we burned our ass and now must sit on the blisters. We took this one time gift from nature which essentially captured the energy of the sun for eons of time under ideal conditions of heat and pressure for granted and created this car culture, this sprawling suburbia which will prove to be the greatest misallocation of resources in human history (the window for the creation of fossil fuels.....James Howard Kunstler, "The Long Emergency") and Everything has peaked or is about to peak. (Heinberg "Peak Everything") Without the physical resources (food) necessary to sustain endless industrial growth, along with the credit/debt (oxygen) for the financial system to maintain it, endless growth is indeed a thing of the past (Heinberg, "The End Of Growth").

How is growth possible? Physical resources (which are in terminal decline) and credit.....charging for the use of money with the expectation that future growth/production/capital will pay for it. By setting an interest rate. "You have then locked yourself into a mathematical equation which is debt raised to the power of time. No physical process short of a nuclear explosion can keep pace with it. Collapse is baked into that equation" (Dmitry Orlov, "Collapse Of The Titans" on youtube).

It does not surprise me that a country which I believe the sole country left in the world that could not/ cannot convert to the vastly superior metric system (based on units of ten) with its illiteracy rate and poisoning what's left of its collective damaged brain with GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, and that deadly toxin/carcinogen "aspartame" and subsequent collective obesity, lethargy, premature death, and increasing psychosis cannot grasp their ears firmly all pull their heads out of their asses to see that collapse is gaining momentum, that housing values are never going back to "normal", that the boarded up strip malls are going to open again once the "double dip recession" is over, that the tooth fairy and the easter bunny are not real, etc ad naseum

Toss the idea of peak oil/resource depletion/collapse out to the average person at work. They think you are crazy. They are yapping about the latest Corvette at the auto show or the latest sale at the soon to be gone shopping mall or the latest fecal stew/coronary bypass recipe being advertised at the local fast food joint. Bring up the subject and these people annoint themselves instant experts....too big to collapse, solar panels, will always be more oil (the latest being the great discovery in one of the Dakota states), the usual response.....denial

And so it stands with (what I soon expect) to be leaders turned dictators, until the will and the energy to maintain martial law proves futile, they are also in denial and will become like the dinosaurs.....once scary, but now extinct (Orlov, Reinventing Collapse). They probably see a dollar collapse, and thus the "national defense authorization act passed by our good "liberal" president Obama" and thus the impetus for them purchasing hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point bullets, but after what might be a very bloody, violent, and in the end, futile effort to force feed the "united states of america", if we survive, will revert back to simpler hunter/gatherer tribal communities based on simple barter and certainly with far less resource consumption.

Meanwhile, pull up a chair and watch the circus clowns and whores of Wallstreet/Goldman-Sachs pretend like the show must go on. Would be amusing if so many millions of lives would not be lost as a result of arrogance and denial.

a service to both God and the State. Very Alien to you I'm sure. But look were the opposite has taken us...


I don't even have to put words in your mouth. You are admitting it openly: "service to God and the State" You want to bring back the fucking Ozzie and Harriet 1950's when white men ruled the roost and people knew their places and did their duty.

This is not at all alien, Radu. It was what we were spoon fed by church and public schools for all our young lives in the 1940s and 1950s. We have yet to see the opposite. All we get is patriotic brainwashing, playing the national anthem at sporting events, saluting the flag, thanking the soldiers for their "service" etc. etc. Where is the Dept. of Peace? Why doesn't it exist and why doesn't it get $700 BILLION per year like the Dept. of War does?

"When you find yourself in a situation of such 5th grade, demoralizing, bureaucratic insignificance, you might want to just focus on f,,uc.king the secretaries?"


Unless part of that situation includes being married....asshole

I've produced alot of high quality work here today. Too bad no paycheck will be forthcoming. Everything I have said is against the ruling Ethos of this Regime, this Civilization, this Age, and this Aeon.

Toss the idea of peak oil/resource depletion/collapse out to the average person at work. They think you are crazy.

You are crazy because what you are saying year after year ("the sky is falling") never comes to pass. Why should anyone believe you?

You believe that we are all competing with each other for scarce resources, that life is by nature a zero-sum game. Your colleagues at work know differently.

So why did they sabotage Dennis Kuchinik when he ran for Prez? He had no chance, anymore than Ron Paul. He wanted exactly that. He's a good little guy and they hate him for it. They're jealous that a little gnome can have a hot wife six inches taller than him, 20 years younger, with a tongue ring.

Yes, he's a Jew. A good one, a Mensch among Men. And they hate him, mercilessly lamphooning him on SNL as a queer little elf.

Ozzie and Harriet? I! who have known the kisses of the women of Hell? Not likely, bucko.

He and Ron Paul should have demanded a recount. Many votes were missing on Paul's side. In small town in N.H, he got no votes at all. People came and asked where their vote was. Kuchinik claimed the same though I don't know the specifics. That would have been a real service to America: make Diebold open the Machine to reveal the ghost of deception.

Where should I send the paycheck? You have worked hard today.

But your statement that: "Everything I have said is against the ruling Ethos of this Regime, this Civilization, this Age, and this Aeon." is clearly not true. You are advocating fascism and fascism has a long history which you fall right in line with it.

Your political philosophy holds nation and race above the individual, and advocates the establishment of an authoritarian government with absolute power vested in the leader. You are perfectly in tune with the people who joined the KKK in the 1920s, followed Father Coughlin in the 1930s, backed Joe McCarthy in the early '50s, joined the John Birch society in the '60s, and signed up for the Moral Majority in the 1970s and the Christian Coalition in the 1990s.

You, Radu, are no rebel. You are right there with a large segment of the American population.

That is so beautiful. I love the way your name keeps changing from asoka to Asoka. It's like the way the Univese can be either seen as a wave or a particle...

It's the software, stupid. I am not changing anything.

You can forgive me a little hyperbole, I trust. Yes a rebel has comrades, together they make a Revolution. The "Leftist" Revolution was executed from the Top in America. Thus millions of Conservatives were marginalized and made into rebels against the New Order. They didn't understand this of course - kept looking down at the Marxist Street Scum who were already above them in the new Hierarchy. All in all, it was a Masterful piece of work.

Only very slowly have Conservatives begun to understand. John Birch did, but they were mocked to scorn by "our" media. Understanding that the Media had been taken over long ago was the greatest difficulty fo the Right. How can an Organism function without a nervous system? How can the brain send its instructions to the body? The Media is the nervous system and only obeyed the new Elite.

Why doesn't everyone else's name change like that?

asoka.. replied to COMMENT FROM RADU VODA

Radu Voda replied to COMMENT FROM ASOKA..

See? Your name changes. Sometime caps, sometimes not.

Everybody's name changes depending on whether they are replying or being replied to.

Like I said, it's the software, stupid. Your stupidity is comforting. Not much chance you can get a white nation going.

Yes a rebel has comrades


No, a rebel does not have comrades in the existential sense I am using the word rebel.

Conservatives, patriots, fascists, revolutionaries, communists, Marxists, Trotskyists, socialists, all have comrades and they are all reactionaries, reacting to material conditions outside themselves.

I shouldn't have to explain this to you, Radu. You should be well aware of the FLIGHT OF THE ALONE TO THE ALONE. (Plotinus [VI, 9, ix])

Read Albert Camus' THE REBEL if you still don't understand. Camus develops the notion of metaphysical and historical rebellion in opposition to the concept of revolution.

Xhalor wrote: "Unless part of that situation includes being married....asshole."


Hopefully, happily-married, otherwise it's a Jango.

Well...look on the bright-side: At least, you're not responsible, just a mannequin on display.

Radiation isn't nearly as dangerous as the Left has taught - after the immediate blast at least. The Chernobyl area has become Europe's greatest Wildlife preserves. The animals are normal. Don't give up. Get under a few feet of soil and stay there for a week or so and you should Ok.

Oh I never noticed since I had no reason to. Why does the software do this? Your insults are unkind, and uneccesary to one who is supposed to be pure love. Your outrage is particularly strange considering the reality vs the stories you've told.

I'm using the word rebel in its common meaning accessible to all. That doesn't negate your esoteric meaning, which I respect.

It's interesting that people consider it an affront to their ego to be reminded of their insignificance.

Oh well....

I see that Dmitri Orlov is moaning about whether writing books is even worth the effort. Unfortunately, they don't pay royalties for being right and able to say: "I told ya so."

A bit like the bloke returning to Jonestown after they drank the Cool Aid and remarking: "See, I told ya so."

Ever been catfished? Ever date someone for years only to find out that the girl of your dreams is an overweight guy in a wife beater t shirt?

Secret Agent Man

Sorry bout the commercial.

Dog wiggles butt..........

I just wonder where they get these societal washouts that gleefully psychologically assault regular folk with such obvious poo-slinging on the interwebs.

Believe it or not, the khans of the Golden Horde with their Turkic and Tartar Muslim armies of the 1400's were worse in their brutal and unrelenting subjugation of the Russan people.

But hey give em time. They're not done yet. Human nature sucks. Snowballs get bigger when they roll downhill.

As to where they can get them? Temp agencies.

At thirty five minutes fifty seconds I think JHK rode by on a bicycle.

“It's an untenable artificial world”

Zippy I WANT To



Thats at 38:26

Four paws up.


We need to take care of our own. Americans, all of them.

That's at 38:26

RV wrote: "Ever been catfished?"

T-Shirt in the Deep South: "A Million Battered Women and No Tartar Sauce."


As if any mental model really corresponds to reality, like when the debates in politics finds everyone trying to second guess how everyone else will act, what they want, what they will do and so forth, when everything anyone says depends on how the world looks from his own point of view, if he is rich then the world appears differently than if he is poor, the rich want less taxes, the poor more to sponge off the rich and so forth, but both think that their model is general, is valid universally when the model is 100 % dependent on the interests of the person assuming the model, and in fact there are no universals at all, only a never ending array of (point like disjoint and independent imaginary models with no truth or connection between them whatsoever) contrasting interests, contrasting agendas, contrasting situations and personal economic situations pretending to be the same for everyone when in all truth there is nothing at all (it is all subjective now, nothing is in common with anything), only millions of random subjective impulses, desires and make believe models all the economists and politicians and everyone chants, as if their personal situation is the same for everyone and so forth. And we want to force things (force the world to be like we imagine it to be, but really want it to be, we pretend the world coincides with our imaginary mental model of the world, but especially what desires we want hiding behind fake "objective" mental models) to abide to our mental model and think that our personal situation (the poor that rants against the rich and such and the unemployed that rants against the unemployment numbers improving) is the truth, the universal truth, must be the truth and everyone else is wrong and lying when in all truth no model is the truth, everything is random and even if the unemployment numbers improve it is mostly a random quirk that doesn't mean anything and can always change in a jiffy.

Decisions and choices depend on the random will power of a person, and as such can change in any direction from moment to moment, in second one he may want to buy 10 houses and the next second decide to do nothing and the next second decide to buy stocks and the next second anything else imaginable and in such a way in five seconds the individual having cash (any amount of cash) changed his mind 5 times, now multiply this by millions of people worldwide and everywhere and banks and organizations, and then you can see how intractable and meaningless all the numbers are, how the numbers don't even exist, how so many millions of disjoint random decisions can't add up to any pattern or any meaning and even if they did it would always be just a temporary random quirk, a trend or pattern or meaning that is always one instant away from being completely contradicted and demolished and changed (even because people like to oppose others, like to do the opposite of what others do, like to think they are better and smarter, when they are all stupid useless turds, you say black I say white and such).

And all of the numbers don't even exists: even if you knew how much cash everyone had, how much money was where and who had it and so forth, it wouldn't mean a thing since the cash depends on random individual choices of how to allocate it, and since these can change randomly from moment to moment, since the very person even having the cash doesn't even know what he will do with it himself, doesn't even know what he can decide from moment to moment, can't even predict his own choices and changes, how his man brain will react to all of the casual and random inputs to his mind, can't even predict his own behavior and next moves, then how can any economic theory predict anything at all and have any validity at all since all movements of money depend on all of these wild and random choices the actors themselves have no idea what they will choose ?

Just like the idea that small private start ups will hire people and such: what an idiotic idea, private actors hire if only they can make a profit, a gain, and will always hire the least amount of people possible, anyone would do this, you wouldn't hire 10 people and make less profit if you can hire 3 that will do the work of 10 and hence gain more profit would you ? (although, given the random nature of all ideas and choices, some startups would, and some would hire thousands just to give out free cash, as nothing makes any sense and nothing has any real logic in it and so). And so the myth of tax cuts improving the economy and making private companies hire people and such: it is anyone's guess if it is true, false, in between, or if the thing doesn't even exist and such.

But mostly, everyone wants to find a "moral fault" of someone else to blame why the economy isn't doing good (and no one even knows what an economy is supposed to do anyways, what is good and bad anyways, it is all so vague and removed and intractable, an imaginary world having imaginary debates when then what happens on the ground in real life has almost no connection to all of the theories, debates and ideas, everything just chugs along the same way as it has been doing in the last 50 yeas or so), workers are lazy, they don't have the right skill set, they need more education, we need more innovation and research, the unions killed the economy, unions are bad, the capitalists are bad because they want too much of a profit, the banks are bad, there are too many public workers, but in all truth there is no moral fault of anyone: morality has nothing to do with a "Technological Economy" (another moral fault of people saying that kids should study engineering instead of english in college and such, when in all truth, this economic system doesn't need either, has loads of people of all kinds in all endeavors, there is no "moral fault" of anyone compared to anyone else, although people love to always chant what morality fault everyone else has and such). The moral guilt of workers and others, someone is always wrong.

And another myth is the myth of "Investments", the myth that someone can invest in something and "Hire People" and such: nothing further from the truth, there are trillions of dollars worldwide not knowing what to so, but also there are so few real investments possible, that can give any real profit, that the rich just keep their cash, don't invest in anything, since nothing is worth investing in as the future profit of almost all endeavors is so little and so small (even if there is a profit) that it is not even worth wasting time on investing on anything, let alone hiring people: another myth, the idea that investments correspond to "hiring people": in a "Technological Economy" investments have very little to almost nothing to do with hiring people, people are always a pain in the ass, a liability, cash wants freedom, wants to multiply itself by itself (or sometimes may hire people to then fire them later (inventing all kinds of "objective reasons" why to fire) having fun hiring and firing and exercising power on others as so much cash gets them all bored, at least cruelty upon others is a way to have fun and such), and doesn't need any more workers, the system is choke full of workers worldwide, is saturated with workers, the very use of the word Investment is completely off the mark and wrong, we don't need Investments (which imply a profit, a future increase in cash, but if you hire people you already start losing the cash to pay them and they are mostly useless anyways, layabouts, idle, lazy, not skilled and you name it and it doesn't even matter if it is true or false, things on the ground will simply go their own way no matter what anyone thinks or wants, no matter what laws are passed, no matter how many debates and economic theories are invented and no matter how much information is thrown at problems with the expectation that ideas can change the behaviors of millions of disjoint people doing whatever they want outside of any models and truths), we should kill this word Investment: we need free handouts, we need governments to hire millions and cheap rents, we need free cash, there are no private corporations that need so many people working for them anymore (and when they do need it, they look like superstar heroes, when according to the Standard Economic Model, it should be normal when today nothing is normal anyone).

But then at this point we get back to public economy versus private economy, socialism versus capitalism: if you give free handouts to all the economy will die since there is no incentive to do anything, if you let the economy be run by private clowns, they will hog up as much cash as possible and become a super rich minority class: hence we need both public and private, a bit of both systems, and huge public - private projects hiring millions to build skyscrapers, rockets to mars, high speed trains and so forth (and millions to do proudly and bluntly nothing at all and be idle, but beware the devil loves idle hands), and cheap rents and free handouts, I want free cash, I want to be a layabout watching TV all day, I like being lazy and sponging off the system I have "no morality" can care less about "morality" and such, I want my free lunch, please all you rich just give the money out for free, you aren't doing anything with it anyways...



Dear misty

I think you are the best one liner responder on this blog. I totally agree with all your respsonses. These so called egotistical do gooders are just all smoke and mirrors. When push comes to shove you are by far the winner. Bravo. You certainly know how to call a spade a spade.

Did anyone see the Truthout article JHK linked to?

Here's a quote from Arundhati Roy contained therein:

"This theft of language, this technique of usurping words and deploying them like weapons, of using them to mask intent and to mean exactly the opposite of what they have traditionally meant, has been one of the most brilliant strategic victories of the czars of the new dispensation. It has allowed them to marginalize their detractors, deprive them of a language to voice their critique and dismiss them as being "anti-progress," "anti-development," "anti-reform," and of course "anti-national" - negativists of the worst sort. To reclaim these stolen words requires explanations that are too tedious for a world with a short attention span, and too expensive in an era when Free Speech has become unaffordable for the poor. This language heist may prove to be the keystone of our undoing."

The article hits on several different nodes to define our political malaise (mostly bashing on the GOPcraaaazy), but I contend that the permanent military state tells us all we need to know about the "concerns" of the real power brokers; and in this regard, there are many, many fingers plunged into a very large pie, political rhetoric be damned. We should remember that the current commandeer-er-in-chief never saw a war-funding bill he didn't vote "yea" for.
How many states in the FUSA contain a military-based industry?

Good comment, ozone. Thanks!

3:33:33 dot dot

Obamacare will stimulate small business with the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.

For tax years 2010 through 2013, the maximum credit is 35 percent for small business employers and 25 percent for small tax-exempt employers such as charities. An enhanced version of the credit will be effective beginning Jan. 1, 2014. Additional information about the enhanced version will be added to as it becomes available. In general, on Jan. 1, 2014, the rate will increase to 50 percent and 35 percent, respectively.

Here’s what this means for you. If you pay $50,000 a year toward workers’ health care premiums – and if you qualify for a 15 percent credit, you save … $7,500. If you save $7,500 a year from tax year 2010 through 2013, that’s total savings of $30,000.

If, in 2014, you qualify for a slightly larger credit, say 20 percent, your savings go from $7,500 a year to $12,000 a year.

How many states in the FUSA contain a military-based industry?


Why I do believe that would be all of them, Meester ozone. It was designed that to make our military dictatorship (i.e., the military dictates the budget) possible.

asoka.., I see The Light (literally and figuratively) when it comes to Hydrogen and the future. You are correct, Hydrogen is the future. Thanks for guiding me to The Light!!

The Hydrogen Economy

For those who still don't believe Obamacare is good for small business, remember that even if you are a small business employer who did not owe tax during the year, you can carry the credit back or forward to other tax years.

Also, since the amount of the health insurance premium payments are more than the total credit, eligible small businesses can still claim a business expense deduction for the premiums in excess of the credit. That’s both a credit and a deduction for employee premium payments.

There is good news for small tax-exempt employers too. The credit is refundable, so even if you have no taxable income, you may be eligible to receive the credit as a refund so long as it does not exceed your income tax withholding and Medicare tax liability.

And finally, if you can benefit from the credit this year but forgot to claim it on your tax return there’s still time to file an amended return.

That Obama fellow... he playin' chess.

Where is the Dept. of Peace? Why doesn't it exist and why doesn't it get $700 BILLION per year like the Dept. of War does?

That's cured easily enough with a mere name change. Watch, it's coming. DoD will become DoP, but of course, nothing else will change, and people will fall for it.

You are welcome, CW. Glad you finally accept the science of it, just like Galileo.

Damn it, CW, it is on Facebook...

that means it must be real.