In Full Flight

      Flying at higher platitudes in the thin upper air of his own mind last week, Republican candidate Mitt Romney remarked apropos of airplane travel: "[T]he windows don't open. I don't know why they don't do that. It's a real problem. So it's very dangerous."  
     It turned out that Mitt meant the remark as a gag. But it sheds some light on the hazard of trying to be funny by saying the opposite of what you mean, and also on the essential character of Mr. Romney who, to put it as plainly and directly as possible, is the sort of person commonly described as "an asshole." Hence, the thought that must be flashing through many people's minds these days when Romney's off-kilter, square-jawed, grinning visage floats over the nearest flat-screen: Who would vote for that asshole...? Being given to more baroque taxonomy, myself, I would be satisfied in calling Mr. Romney an empty vessel in a vacant room in an abandoned property in a forsaken land, and leave it at that.      
      It happens that his opponent, Mr. Obama, is a genial fellow with whom almost anyone might like to have a beer. Despite his winning smile, though, the president has managed to cripple due process of law, make war on the nation's own citizens, let Wall Street criminals run amok, and sell out the electoral process to a corrupt corporate oligarchy. I wouldn't vote for him again if he water-boarded me in a Jacuzzi full of Schorschbräu's Schorschbock 57 beer ($275 a bottle). But he's welcome to come over to my house and watch the baseball playoffs if he brings his own six-pack and a bag of Cheetos.
     And so it goes on the backstretch of the emptiest election contest in memory.  The nation simply can't contend with the existential problems it faces and doesn't want to hear about them. As far as I can tell, nobody is paying attention to the campaigns, not even the reporters, certainly not the bloggers, who have their eyes on the riots and other kinetic unravelings related to the money crisis in Europe. Here, where anything goes and nothing matters, everybody just goes through the motions of electoral politics. It all has the odor of a ritual that nobody remembers the original purpose of - namely, to govern, i.e. to manage society's collective affairs. These days, nobody believes that our affairs are manageable, and their perception is probably correct, especially when it comes to paying for it all, since accounting fraud is now the basis of all financial operations.
     But I don't mean to just deplore the situation. It is what it is, and we are at a certain juncture of history because of the choices we have made, and we'll have to see how the consequences roll out. Here's how I see some of them.
     The Romney election fiasco will destroy the Republican Party, just as the Whig party fell apart in the last days of Millard Fillmore. The religious nuts and Dixieland ignoranti will demand the expulsion of all non-extremists and Karl Rove will be left at the Nascar track with Honey Boo Boo on his lap and a dwindling "base" of shrieking microcephalics awaiting the second coming of Adolf Hitler in a green satin Mountain Dew race-day jumpsuit. Respectable conservatives (they exist) will have to take their pleadings elsewhere, the venue or party yet-to-be determined, perhaps off-shore somewhere where the downtrodden sew blue jeans and counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags. 
     Meanwhile, genial Barack Obama glides to victory and then presides over four more years of implacable contraction that will make the Great Depression look like an episode of Cake Boss. The contraction is upon us because peak oil is for real and shale-gas / shale oil is what used to be known as "a bill o'goods" which one is sold by underhanded means and, boy, was this country sold. BP, Chevron, Exxon-Mobil and the gang carpet-bombed the cable news networks all year with shale propaganda and now everybody and his mother thinks we're going to run Walmart indefinitely on the rectified rock-farts of North Dakota. The sharpies over at Spin Central haven't figured out yet that true "energy independence" means living without the oil you need to run your stuff. 
     In reality, the roughly 300-year fiesta of an expanding fossil fuel energy supply is over, and that model of an economy with it. We'll also soon discover the hard way that technology is not a substitute for energy. No matter how many apps you can cram into a little pocket-sized box you still need juice to run it. In any case, the folks who elected Mr. Obama will be furious when they learn the truth of our predicament. The Democratic Party may not blow up quite like the Republicans, but it could become the front organization for the imperial return of Bill and Hillary Clinton. I've maintained for over decade that Bill Clinton will get back into power despite the 22nd amendment because the nostalgia for the 1990s will be so overwhelming and irresistible in a harsh age. The only thing I wonder about is whether Bill or Hillary will succeed in getting the other bumped off. Otherwise the regime could develop into something like the brief joint Roman emperorship of Pupienus and Balbinus (238 AD). Eventually, I expect bankruptcy, political paralysis, and social disorder to become so extreme that a Pentagon general will stride into the White House and put an end to the freak show. A Navy Seal team spirits away Bill and Hillary to a dumpster in the ruins of Opryland... and it's on to the new dark age.


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The Mittster was using sarcasm, anger's cousin.

In the short run, Obama is the far lesser of the two evils. t's like Obama is beholden to Goldman Saks while Romney IS actually a Goldman Saks. Obama is much better qualified to keep us careering along the edge of the cliff for awhile longer, but admittedly, Mitt would be the more appropriate choice, the one a delusional society in decline and denial rightly deserves. I In the long run, we need a saviour to rise from these streets, someone with the moral and political courage to tell the truth about the long emergency.

I am looking forward to going over to Elon University to see Jim speak Monday evening. After two years in the South, it will be good to hear someone make sense, and he will probably make me miss way upstate in northernmost New York.

While the specifics of the situation in New Zealand differ we participate the same global oil market.

Today I received a 'backup' scythe and an assortment of new blades. Make use of international deliveries while they are still reliable and affordable.

While scything round our fruit trees I could hear my neighbour, in a race against rising fuel prices, working diligently on his home built motor-home.

Slow bleed or catastrophic crash? I suspect the first. There won't be a date we can point to and say, this is when it fell apart.

Recently I've been commenting on a blog that has a futurist-leftist stance, hosted by a scholarly gentleman of letters. The host and his bloggees, while debating endlessly the details of their shared premise, seem to be in agreement on a single thesis - that humans are the victims of civilization and its evil institutions, that pre-civilized humans lived in harmony with nature and one another, needing no hierarchy or organization beyond the general principle of 'share and share alike' and, that as soon as civilization crashes, the human condition will somehow return to it's state of primal bliss.

In order to support their shared delusion they quote cherry-picked segments of various publications of both real and pop-science topics- mostly anthropology. Political correctness, particularly as it pertains to the Diversity and Inclusive movements, seems paramount to the bloggers.

I've been very frustrated in my attempts to convince the bloggers that mankind is the creator of civilization - not vica-versa - and that its problems simply reflect and amplify the basic tendencies and instinctive drives of humankind. They're not interested.

My next move will be to just shut the hell up and refer them to your "World Made by Hand" books. That may give them some idea that hard work, organization, and, yes, even some form of leadership structure will be in order as we face a different and difficult future.

Many thanks for your excellent work.

And neither one of these clowns will say a word about how many jobs could be free up if we ended both legal and illegal immigration.

How did the Elite maneuver us into this "heads we win and tails you lose" corner? But if you metion the Third Parties to people they will say they "don't want to waste their vote" - as if voting was like sports betting or something. Such people (the vast majority) are unworthy of the right to vote.

No field has been more corrupted by Political Correctness than Anthropology. All peoples are wonderful except White Europeans. The Communist Boas and his Disciples took over the whole field. Boas sent Margaret Mead to Tahiti to find out how wonderful they were without Christianity; how they lived a life of free love without jealousy etc. That's the Liberal idea of Anthropology: find what you expec to find. Needless to say, Mead's work on Tahiti has been found to be 100% wrong and useless. And the Polynesians before the White Man killed with an appalling casualness - often just for lunch.

Cannibalism was widespread thoughout Africa, Oceania, Australia, and Central America. Not sure about South America. In North America, it was practiced here and there long ago in the Southeast and Southwest. They are desperate to hide this so as to make non Whites out to be Noble Savages and not just Savages.

If the Muslims or Chinese went to Polynesia, they would have ended these practices as well. They are abhorent to any higher Culture.

Radu, you are mistaken on several counts:

1) Boas was not a communist. He was a socialist.

2) In 2003 anthropologists Clarence C. Gravlee, H. Russell Bernard, and William R. Leonard reanalyzed Boas' data and concluded that most of Boas' original findings were correct.

3) Mead's work reflects on Mead, and does not take away from Boas' greatness. Boas encouraged his students, by example, to criticize themselves as much as others. Boas encouraged his students to learn from one's informants and to let the findings of one's research shape one's agenda, so Boas' students quickly diverged from his own research agenda.

4) Virtually all anthropologists today accept Boas' commitment to empiricism and his methodological cultural relativism.

We are at a certain juncture of history because of the choices we have made, and we'll have to see how the consequences roll out.

It's dangerous to hope that cosmic scales will balance without our civic intervention though that is what is expected us to be considered good citizens. We really don't want karmic justice anyway as better we had a second chance seeing as payment due significantly exceeds accounts received.

We are at a juncture of history where it makes more sense to elect an unknown dog to office than the two choices with which we are presented. A dog who will get the best minds in the country working on our problems with full disclosure. A dog who is ready to bite and can any of his experts who strays from the path of service to the people to behifet themselves.

Government should have no secrets and how it came into the popular zeitgeist that it was OK for governments to have secrets defies belief. Like I already stated we don't want the cosmic scales balanced. We want another chance.

Nice Post Jim!!!
My contribution is 'the Usual Doom and Gloom' for the USA.
Blasphemy laws , part 1 [from AWD site]

Islamic leaders in Dearborn, Mich. are holding a rally this Friday night to build momentum for the passage of laws that prohibit speech or expression that hurts “the religious feelings of Muslims.”
Put together in response to the film “Innocence of Muslims,” rally organizer Tarek Baydoun said,
“We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to sow the seeds of hate and discord against the religious beliefs of others.”
Rally co-organizer Osama Siblani added, “There is a need for deterrent legal measures against those individuals or groups that want to damage relations between people, spread hate and incite violence.”
In other words, it appears one of the goals of the rally will be the eventual creation of blasphemy laws: laws that would reflect an international movement toward banning speech that is critical of Islam or Mohammed.
Meanwhile in NYC
Today, the MTA voted to ban “controversial advertising” after Pamela Geller’s ads criticizing jihad and promoting Israel caused an uproar in the Muslim savage community. The MTA didn’t say they were banning political advertising. Just any ads that could potentially bring violence. In short, the MTA decided to curtail First Amendment freedoms of peaceful Americans because Muslim savages might exercise non-protected acts of violence and savagery. The ruling proves exactly the reasons for the ad posted by Pamela Geller…
Don’t bother to ask Mayor Bloomberg…he’s too busy counting the ounces of Big Gulps.

These Muslims call for a UN resolution to criminalize "contempt of Islam as a religion and its prophet".
Together with the term "Islamophobia" this looks suspiciously like the criminalization of "anti-semitism" and "Holocaust-denial" their Semitic brethern already have foisted upon us.
The idea of "free speech" seems only understandable to a limited demographic on this planet. ..........

Did anyone listen to the Bircher on Coast to Coast last nite?

Read 'The Dark Side of Man'.
He says MM went to paradise for 6? weeks and did not live with the natives.
It is a f--king hoot.

K-Dog The write in choice. The cry of reason in a world turned upside down by greed self interest and dammed stupidity.

K-Dog for president.

Someone needs to tell Mitt that humor only works when there's some sort of surprise in it. Like if the joke consists of suggesting something idiotic, and the guy saying it is an actual idiot whose entire campaign has consisted of idiotic suggestions, there's no joke there.

And the religion of peace is at it, yet again!

A Buddha statue stands amid the ruins of a Buddhist temple that was torched in Ramu in the coastal district of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, on Sunday.

Thousands of Bangladeshi Muslims angry over an alleged derogatory photo of the Islamic holy book Koran on Facebook set fires in at least 10 Buddhist temples and 40 homes near the southern border with Myanmar, authorities said Sunday. (AP)

In what turned out to be long hours of arson and vandalism, a mob destroyed 12 Buddhist temples and monasteries and more than 50 houses in Ramu area of southeastern Bangladesh district of Cox's Bazar yesterday.

The violence was apparently triggered by a Facebook posting of a photo defaming the Quran.
[jakarta post]................................

The backstretch of the emptiest election contest in memory. The nation simply can't contend with the existential problems it faces and doesn't want to hear about them.

There are a large number of unhappy voters but not that many undecided.

Q:Who would vote for that asshole...?

Q:Mr. Obama, is a genial fellow with whom almost anyone might like to have a beer. Who would vote for him...?

I state these obvious points to illustrate what would have to change for things to be different.

a)Take the case of a Democrat defecting to Romney. The Democrat would have to admit that their vote for Obama in 2008 was a mistake. Average people don't admit mistakes. They would rather die first.

b)Recovery being right around the corner is something we all want to believe in so we do. The alternative, acceptance of reality is so revolting nobody accepts it.

c)The average Democrat or Republican is incapable of thinking in terms other than the choices presented to them. T.V. brain sterilization does much to explain this but fundamentally Democrats and Republicans see their parties choice from the philosophical perspective of their political parties point of view. Being very little difference between these two points of view nobody is going to change sides. One doesn't expend effort for no gain and changing sides is effort. One is certainly not disloyal for no reason. The differences between the Democrats and the Republicans are moot. Homeostasis prevails.

d)Americans now live in individual bubbles where each picks the news experience of their choice. They tweet and Facebook and some even come in here but true social interaction is dead.

e)The growth paradigm is alive and well despite its fabric unraveling at the seams. It feels too good to say it's all good so we refrain from acknowledging anything else. There is nothing all that attractive about the real truth these days so looking at it seriously is out of the question.

The thin upper air of Romney's mind is thicker than the air of intellectual activity in this country. I heard that a 'Mideast entity' has made an attack on the financial center of Manhattan and several well known banks were targeted today.

People drink it up without question the same way dogs lap up water. This is America which believes that government and media tells the truth and believing anything else is unAmerican and supports Islam and our enemies. Years ago an American who did not question their government and Media was considered unAmerican. That's why we had the revolution in the first place.

A headline from today:

Officials see Iran, not outrage over film, behind cyber attacks on US banks

Unamed sources; the best kind. Somebody said it is so and so it must be true, ask anyone. As good consumers we consume. Consumers are not supposed to question and Americans consume a lot of shit. That's the way it goes. The chicken are home to roost. We are at a certain juncture of history because of the choices we have made and we are screwed.

There should be outrage and demands to check facts but untruth has become so much more palatable than the truth there is no outrage.

Cyber attacks, ha! There is not enough meat on that bone to see if it is rotten or not.

Islam is still a religion of peace. Even though some who call themselves Muslims use violence.

Christianity is still a religion of peace. Even though some who call themselves Christians use violence.

I could catalog a whole worldwide list of Christian terrorism, like the Lord's Resistance Army, a cult guerrilla army engaged in an armed rebellion against the Ugandan government, which has been accused of using child soldiers and committing numerous crimes against humanity; including massacres, abductions, mutilation, torture, rape, and forced child labour as soldiers, porters, and sex slaves.

But just because some minority of Christians practice terrorism, does not change the fact that Christianity is a religion of peace.

Just because some minority of the world's one Billion Muslims engage in violence does not change the fact that Islam is a religion of peace.

Do you recall this map/article from 2008? Is not that far away from current reality, in terms of how the national divisions continue to play out. In any case, most of the then-swing states are still the swing states now, if you substitute Wisconsin for Michigan are rearrange the names of the GOP players.

New Hues for the Electoral Map

Where you live is this country is emerging as a top criteria for how you are going to live. The states - where the real action is - are reverting to type as quickly as their legislatures can accomplish it, in order to entrench what power the power classes there currently have.

Well done again, Jim.

"Microcephalics" and "rectified rock-farts" will both make fine additions to my lexicon.

I blogged this last January here:

How can Making Mr. Right be so wrong

Back in 1987 I saw a science fiction comic movie staring John Malkovich and Ann Magnuson about building the perfect man. It was called Making Mr. Right. He was built to date a single woman looking for the man of her dreams.

When I see Willard Romney, I see that robot who seems perfect for what you would imagine for the US presidency. What's there not to like?

Isn't he just the bomb? Tall dark and handsome and rich--Oh my. (Extractionist)

Isn't that what we're all looking for as the leader of the free world. BTW after the Soviet Union fell and China is the super capitalist, why do we still refer to PODUS that way?

Well, he'll tailor all his ideas around what people want him to be, making him seem like your perfect man in the White House.

He was once a moderate Republican but that was an endangered critter and went into extinction in the early 2000's.

The remaining ones had to go in for reprogramming and are tutored in the world of magic words by Frank Luntz. Now when they say something they are right because they say so emphatically and there's nothing like emphatic to change reality.

Yes, indeed he will create millions of jobs. Look at the amazing business experience he has creating sausage out of "failing" companies. These companies needed to be sliced, diced and siphoned for all their value.

Bain Capital made giant money while workers got laid-off. He could take the yellow pages in London and turn them into gold for Bain Capital. Of course, you have to have big government connections for that. Joe Shmo could never pull that baby off.

I love the taxes this patriot pays. 13.9% on millions flowing in while he sits back on the beach watching the ebbs and flows of capital. And he says, I'm just following the tax law. I have nothing to say about that. His company Bain Capital was one of many who lobbied congress for those low, low rates and he promises he will make them even lower!

Huh? And he thinks people don't notice this?

He is double standard man and is outside the law as many of the top echelon are in this country and globally. All because lobbyists have been changing the law on Capitol Hill for decades to suit their needs.

Me thinks they created a monster!

Oh and what a lover of the USA. (swoon) He offshores his money in the Cayman Isles and Switzerland as often as jobs and companies fly outta the US.

He attacks Gingrich for lobbying for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, but has investments inside and outside a "blind trust".

Bill Maher made a great point when he said the Republicans are in a bubble and have invented an Obama to fight against that doesn't exist.

Their invention is as whacky as Romney and the political dialogue they put out is positively surreal.

This entity we call a government is rapidly disappearing. It has become a functionary of lobbyists representing banks and monopolistic global business with the worst trade deals imaginable. Their whole MO is to raise money for advertising to sway the brain-dead and allow the lobbyists to make the laws.
Please see Bill Moyers recent programs online devoted to ALEC and the Citizen's United.

What country would stand for this kind of discussion of austerity for the tax-payers and workers against the backdrop of 400 people owning more assets than 160 million citizens and not want redress?

I'm afraid in this election the winner will truly be the loser.

One good thing---There's a full moon out this morning!

"Let the Eagle Soar," as one John Ashcroft might croon. At this point, however, even Red Bull can't give Romney wiiings.

Would "microcephalitics" work as well? In related matters, "microphallitics" is apparently also apt these days.

So what, do nothing and let somebody else decide the election- I do not thing so. If you do not vote, Mr. Kunstler, do not complain nor do you count.

My family and I will support Obama and the Democrats. If Obama is re-elected along with a congressional majority, he will be unencumbered with the constraints posed by another election, and thus he be emboldened to act more forcefully.

"I would be satisfied in calling Mr. Romney an empty vessel in a vacant room in an abandoned property in a forsaken land, and leave it at that."

That's more elaborate than what I've been calling Romney, which is the biggest empty suit I've seen in 44 years of following politics, but it gets the point across.

I stayed away from the presidential race this past week over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News, but I've still been blogging about politics. I started off marking the 4th anniversary of TARP with The Dark Bailout. I then pointed out the similarities between Kunstler's "World Made by Hand" and the TV show "Revolution." That got some pushback on my Facebook page from people who think it resembles S. M. Stirling's Emberverse more. That's different from the Hollywood Reporter, who thinks it's "The Hunger Games" meets "Lost." Ah, controversy makes for good blogging! That led to my watching "The Hunger Games" but reviewing the latest Star Trek movie instead. I'll get to Katniss Everdeen's dystopia later.

Other topics this past week include the latest on the gas price rollercoaster, how anticipating Peak Oil changed what care I bought and where I lived, and recent news on space, social media, and the Nobel Prizes.

Happy Motoring--for now--from Detroit!

Jim last week I took a very pleasant, beautiful but sloooooowww Amtrak train from NYC to Montreal through your neck of the woods. The scenery along the Hudson River is spectacular, the views of Lake Champlain past Ticonderoga are also magnificent. But the train itself takes 11 hours. Subtracting 1 hour for customs this is still incredibly slooowww.
According to Google maps you could drive it in 6 1/2 - 8 hours. My blackberry app showed us going 30 MPH for major portions of the trip past Albany.
There is only a single track for most of the Albany to Montreal portion and we had to wait for the North bound train on a siding for 20 minutes or so due to the single track. According to Google Maps the distance is only 370 miles. As you have argued if we just restored Rail speeds of the 1940's of 90-100 MPH this trip could/ (SHOULD) be made by Rail in 4 hours without Hi-Speed Rail!

They did have some historical guides from north of Ticonderoga who were quite interesting. A young woman from France listening to the tour guides praised the beauty of the scenery but could not believe either the incredibly slow speeds or the rickety ride. Unlike her native France where Rail goes 200 MPH as smooth as silk!

In all likelihood, while Rail meanders along NY State is busily invested millions in the roads...

Thank you Radu Voda; for a while there I thought I was nuts.

I would recommend anyone in a State solidly for either Obama or Romney to vote for the Third Party of your choice. Personally I am voting for Rocky Anderson and his Justice Party who made re-establishing law and criminal justice for Bush and the banksters the main subject of his speech.
But there is also Jill Stein of the Green Party who have been some glimmerings of the need for reduced consumption and changes to Auto Addiction. Or Gary Johnson of the Libertarians resolutely opposed to the Wars and the banksters and assaults on civil liberties at least even if tending towards "Propertarianism" in which the rights of the plutocrat's property would trump all public spaces and shared resources.

Romney and his neo-conservatives would probably start up with a War with Iran sending oil prices to $200 a barrel and sending the whole world cascading into a Depression unable to invest in the Green Transit and Transition we need to preserve a civilized life.

Another great post, James, as always, sad to see that most of your readers are "smarter than your average bear" as to what is really happening in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Farther to the south, where running out of the wherewithal to heat your homes is a non-existant problem, in retrospect, the decision to embrace voluntary simplicity in an agricultural area seems to have been a smart move. I wish I could say more positive things about the political class in Costa Rica, but they seem to be hooked on the industrial-export model as the only game in town. Nonetheless, out here in the boondocks, the locals never did trust them, go their own ways, most exchange is under the table, and the agricultural legacy is experiencing a revival as options evaporate.

All the best to your readers with their winter gardens.

Romney or Obama. Ugh. Ipso facto, we get this kind of leadership because we deserve this kind of leadership. Our public never wants to hear the plain, unvarnished truth so we get those who will oblige into positions of power, managed, behind the scenes, by actors who are without any sort of societal rectitude or concern. Every so often a Moses comes along who will say the truth and - for some unknown reason - still get the agreement of the masses. I wouldn't hold my breath for this to happen, though.

JHK sez:
"The Romney election fiasco will destroy the Republican Party, just as the Whig party fell apart in the last days of Millard Fillmore. The religious nuts and Dixieland ignoranti will demand the expulsion of all non-extremists and Karl Rove will be left at the Nascar track with Honey Boo Boo on his lap and a dwindling "base" of shrieking microcephalics awaiting the second coming of Adolf Hitler in a green satin Mountain Dew race-day jumpsuit. Respectable conservatives (they exist) will have to take their pleadings elsewhere, the venue or party yet-to-be determined, perhaps off-shore somewhere where the downtrodden sew blue jeans and counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags."

Might I suggest Honduras? It's accessible, has a nice Cuba-like climate (aside from the occasional infrastructure-devastating hurricane), there are plenty of po' folk to work for slave wages, and a nice business-friendly, CIA-installed, fascist gum'mint, loaded with nice people who learned their "enhanced interrogation" techniques at the School of the Americas. What amoral, money-grubbing fuck wouldn't delight in such a place?
Good rock to crawl under while awaiting the bloodletting to subside and the next Reich to be installed in the Homeland...

" BP, Chevron, Exxon-Mobil and the gang carpet-bombed the cable news networks all year with shale propaganda and now everybody and his mother thinks we're going to run Walmart indefinitely on the rectified rock-farts of North Dakota. The sharpies over at Spin Central haven't figured out yet that true "energy independence" means living without the oil you need to run your stuff."

It's gonna be a stone Bitch when the 'Murkin peepholes find this shit out the absolute hard way.
...And your re-definition of "energy independence" is pitch-perfect! Frank Luntz would be horrified that his M.O. is slowly being turned against him and his fellow new-speak-mongers. "I'm lovin' it." [tm, NONE]

Hyperbole or not, the consequences of contraction are already being felt, acknowledged or not. Let the coliseums be filled!

Why do the retrograde attitudes of the antebellum South persist? Hitler in a green NASCAR jumpsuit--brilliant.

Here's an interesting analysis:

Nice snark on the current political dystopia!
(Sometimes ya just gotta laugh... so thanks for the laugh. ;o)

"My family and I will support Obama and the Democrats. If Obama is re-elected along with a congressional majority, he will be unencumbered with the constraints posed by another election, and thus he be emboldened to act more forcefully."

Good grief. God help us if that happens, and I say that as a nonreligious person.

I can't believe there are some people that see merit in the views of James Kunstler yet bitterly cling to their archaic and obsolete leftist or rightist worldviews.

A Soka Soka

"Islam is still a religion of peace." Doubtful.

Islam treats women like property. That my friend is wrong!

"Archaic and obsolete" is probably somewhat redundant.

"Archaic and dangerous" probably would have been a better choice of words.

"If Obama is re-elected along with a congressional majority, he will be unencumbered with the constraints posed by another election, and thus he be emboldened to act more forcefully.

Oh, I get it. He may be a "dictator" but he's your dictator. Fucking idiot.

Evening, local residents are discharge of firecrackers, "Tangshan some time ago the 4.8 earthquake, the temple collapsed, designed to collect the Boys & Girls," the market rumors, continue to spin the Hebei several prefecture-level city firecrackers. According to the locals, setting off firecrackers in order to "evil spirits". The temple collapsed "rumors involving multiple versions of the Qingyuan County public Guanyin Temple, Xiong niangniangmiao. Yesterday, Baoding, Hebei Hengshui Buddhist Association and the relevant departments have denied that, to remind the people do not believe that do not pass. Police said the rumors of an investigation. Guaixiang night set off firecrackers comparable to holidays, May 31 After dinner, Hebei Province, Xian county west of the village suddenly began to set off firecrackers. At first most of the villagers and did not care, because the local after the death of night, the custom of "fireworks". Soon, however, in different directions and the sound of firecrackers sounded. About 40 minutes later, the sound of firecrackers coming from all directions, but also intensified its lively and New Year. Awareness of many of the villagers, each full of doubt asked: "how is it? So more than someone died?" Some villagers flashlight onto the streets talk with each other, while others called to the far village folks asked. Answer over the phone turned out to be: "set off firecrackers, and the New Year." This reporter has learned, despite the night set off firecrackers, but most villagers do not know why, but "follow the crowd, watching the discharge of others, will follow the discharge, there is always a reason. Rapid version of the survey rumor is not the same as the set off firecrackers, the team has grown, a legend about the "evil spirits" spread like wildfire. 9 oclock that night, most of the villagers are aware Origins, despite the variety of versions, but the most widely circulated in the local: "Tangshan some time ago the 4.8 earthquake, the temple collapsed, designed to collect the Boys & Girls." So, more villagers joined have sensational firecrackers. At the same time, some people began to inquire, in addition to setting off firecrackers, but also to do something? Followed, it was rumored to eat canned peaches to say, there are people in the body or on the door to fasten a red string. According to the reporter, in addition to the temple collapsed the most widely circulated, and some other argument, some say is a place in the building of the temple, the Boys & Girls "; some said:" This year is the Year of the Dragon who the dragon of the Boys & Girls must in this few days set off firecrackers. "on the 3rd morning, in Baoding park, breakfast stalls, etc., people in small groups whispering, talking. Baoding Baidu Post Bar search to the temple collapsed "rumors involving the Qingyuan County public Guanyin Temple, Xiongxian niangniangmiao, the Yixian grandmother Temple and Xushui, everybody in town, Renqiu, Changzhou mult

"I would recommend anyone in a State solidly for either Obama or Romney to vote for the Third Party of your choice. "

And I would recommend that doing so is flushing one's vote down the loo.

JHK ruins his essays by channeling Kos like Political Correctness and disguising it as insight. American facism of busy body government sprung from the fevered brains of the Puritans and the lunatic busy bodies of the Burnt Over area of New York, not the American South. Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent has chronicled that via his research of pulling all the threads together.

Other than that JHK is correct. As a rightist I can see that what constitutes the American Right is fantasist nonsense. Like any of their programs or abstract goo goo could take the residents of Detroit and do anything with them (the latest great story from Detroit is about how some Black Democratic voters took over a gas station, hilarious)

But the American Left the true driver of political hay beyond the fat bankster crook driven agenda takes the cake. They can be thought of as a plane full of crazies with its nose pointed towards the ground and every crack head pushing the throttles forward.

Are we really having an election this year? How did I miss the candidates? Who are they again and what do they stand for? So my life is going to get better? Yippe!!

Jim, many thanks for the repeated reminders that all is not well with Obama's approach to the presidency, and his administration's neglect of many items of dire unfinished business. Most would not (yet) see it this way, but we're fighting one battle simply to survive and struggle through to the real battlefield, where much sterner enemies than NASCAR Republicans await: compromised democracy, ignorance, poverty, falling EROEI, soil loss, climate change... arrayed for battle under the standard of Reality.

Thanks also for introducing me to Honey Boo Boo. Now my familiarity with breaking American cultural news is current again. !

And while all this is going down, you can at least keep your lights on a house warm. There are great ways to live sustainably and independently while the world unfolds as Jim predicts.


I believe Kunstler is equally contemptuous of the establishment left as he is of the establishment right. However, he seems to get more pleasure in ridiculing the right.

I likewise am contemptuous of both, but I tend to get more pleasure out of ridiculing the left.

One primary reason for that is I feel leftists tend to have a lot of education in their background, so I feel they have less excuse for their stupidity than rightists do.

I hear ya, pedal pusher. The same thing happens cyclically at one of my blog haunts (reading and commenting, not guest or group blogging), but I watch it go by without sinking into it. Even while admitting to the awful period of history unfolding before us, there seems to be a purposeful trade of one sort of dream for another -- the American Dream for the anarchist HG dream -- and both require their share of denial of facts on the ground.

Supportiing Obama is fine, but don't hold your breath waiting for better policies because he won't be allowed to live if he tries any such thing. In fact I doubt Pres. Obama will survive his second term.

However, voting Democratic in national elections is no substitute for paying attention to what is being done where you live. When is the last time you went to a city council meeting? Do you show up at local candidate events and try to force those suits to answer questions about yout concerns?

We will have to take back our country ourselves, town by town, neighborhood by neighborhood, county by county. Ain't nobody going to do the work for us.

JHK, makes my day,
the signs of collapse,
are on the way.

He is so right,
in so many ways,
our time is numbered,
now in days.

He is the Man,
we love to hate,
as the grim reaper,
seals our fate.

But there is magic,
on the horizon,
when the Mystery,
of life is fallen.

A world made by hand,
and not much tv,
gadgets and googles,
won't be for thee.

The Piper dumped it long ago,
as hypocrisy did show its nose,
as reason took the back seat of life,
and mystery revealed, as source of strife.

The Magi

Romney's an empty suit who likes to fire people after he "harvests" the firm that employed them.

Obama is clearly over his head and has always been. And he never met a compromise he didn't like, even when it was with rightist lunatics.

Thus the events roll on and on. The big story: "cheap" natural gas. I keep hearing that. It is cheap, but 100 years worth in the ground? Try 25, if we are lucky, from these new finds.

So, to quote Aerosmith, dream on. Until we awaken. I'm with JHK that right now, the odds are greater now for a general collapse than they were four years back. Then I thought we might get real action on Climate Change and energy depletion.

This morning I took out 14 minutes to watch the short video that seems to have incited many parts of the Muslim world. I was reminded of the film by Mel Brooks where Moses is depicted as an oaf dropping the third tablet of the 15 commandments.

If Jews took the same stance as Muslims Hollywood would have been burnt to the ground. This Muslim hating video is like a cartoon. There must be MUCH more going on to incite the kind of protests we are all witnessing. And there is.

The unsustainable western lifestyle is taking us down an impossible road. None of our leaders say a word and as Jim points out so often, the economic experts have become drunk with their own beliefs about the absolute deity of "growth."

What American's need are clear, compelling, and realistic positive visions of the kind of world we can create. That would help to stem the rapid rise in teen suicides and give many hope that their future is worth living for. Take a look at the summary of a positive future at "From Here to There: A Story of America's Future.

Maggie was the 'Freud' of Anthropology.
As in, wrong about [most?] everything, yet her word
was accepted as science. So much for Social Sciences. Freud, Mead, etc.

You might want to look very closely at where funding for these third parties is coming from.

JIll Stein may be your average foolish doogooder, but I can't help wondering about the other two.

It has now become clear that Prince Willard's path to the nomination was smoothed by Jon Huntsman playing the reasonable Republican and Ron Paul, both set up to siphon off votes which otherwise might have gone to one of His Highnesses opponents. Don't forget Huntsman is also a Mormon and Mormons are a faction who do work and conspire together; no doubt there is a cabinet position waiting for him. I am going to guess transportation, where he will have 4 years to undo whatever good Ray LaHood has managed to accomplish. The payoff for Ron the nepotist patriarch was supposed to be a position on the ticket for Rand, instead Prince Willard doesn't need him any more so he and his can take a hike.

Now we have yet another Utah politician, fronting a previously unheard of party. Something is very wrong with this picture. As for Gary Johnson, he couldn't even hold his own against the MSNBC gaggle of overpaid, swelled headed hacks; what might happen when he has to negotiate with Putin?

I never expected Prs. Obama to be more than a transitional figure. I think what did come as a surprise was how much the Wall Street criminal gang had entrenched themselves into all branches of government. When even a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has to change his vote so as not to offend insurance companies, a major part of the governing coalition, we have fallen far indeed.

If we are voting for a figurehead, then let us insist on a good one. Not who would like to have a beer with, but which candidate is less likely to be an embarrassment? No more goofballs. No more stumblebums.

Protest votes are all well and good, but we American people will have to take back our country by ourselves, no one out there is interested in helping, they are all waiting for their share of the spoils,and we have to start where we are, at home in our own neighborhoods.

On poking "Da Left" with sharp sticks, you sez:

"One primary reason for that is I feel leftists tend to have a lot of education in their background, so I feel they have less excuse for their stupidity than rightists do."

Perhaps that USED to be the case (and I'll grant "Da Left" has revered and made more use of educational institutions), but the denial and willful ignorance of reality is splattered over the entirety of the political spectrum. Just had a friend stay with us for a week on his yearly visit to the Homeland, and he proved to be more of a hardcore Obama-as-savior kinda guy than ever. Now why would that be? Because he doesn't access the news of the world anymore, even though he's got all the time he wants to find it! He now simply "believes" in the wonderful, shiny gleam of Obama's public face. Cult of Personality anyone?

Yep, they'd sure deserve a damn-good-whacking if they'd keep up by reading a variety of sources, but I'm not seeing that anymore. (Yes, all that edumication was supposed to teach 'em to be critical thinkers, but when they deny themselves the data, they're pretty much done with that.) BELIEF has taken the place of evidence (and mindfulness of nuance of that evidence).

Jim, please help promote my compromise proposal to put the marriage debate behind us and get us focused on preparing for the new economy. My proposal is called the Egg and Sperm Civil Union Compromise, and it works by prohibiting creating people by any means other than joining a man's sperm and a woman's egg, preserving the right of every marriage to conceive offspring of the couple's own genes, and giving federal recognition to state civil unions defined as "marriage minus conception rights."

I know you already know the goal of gender equality and postgenderism is not gonna happen, and the longer the left keeps it as their unyielding highest priority, it distracts and divides and depresses everyone. It's time to break the bad news to all the progressives, that technology is not going to make people into omnisexual postgendered beings, and it is a bad idea to keep pursuing it. It is a much better idea to settle on Civil Unions that don't have the same right to procreate offspring, than to say there is a right to make babies from genetic engineering. I know you favor more contraception, so the idea of preserving conception rights might seem unwise to you, but you also said you understand that we are not going to institute draconian population controls, and my proposal doesn't mean we have to provide IVF or what-have-you to everyone, it just says that we can't prohibit married couples from having natural babies. I think it would lead to less IVF and on-demand baby making, and get people more focused on keeping people who are already here alive and well. The last thing we need is people insisting that same-sex couples should be given technology to make babies together, but that is apparently the highest priority for everyone who rejects my compromise. Why is that?

Apropos of nothing I interject levity in the twilight of our (political) silly season, which I hope Jim will allow and his readers, enjoy:

Anecdotally, since 2008, I've been noticing more and more gardens, more and more yard sales, more and more part-time jobs, and even, more defaults.

This weekend, I considered a contrarian view. A positive conspiracy theory.

What if the contraction is, in fact, being expertly managed?

Sure, They can't and won't publicly acknowledge it, but what if our political and economic leaders knew what was coming and very well know what is happening?

What if the fraudulent data is part of a years-long effort to have us manage our expectations and--individually--become more self-reliant?

It's certainly true that, the longer the can gets kicked, the more people have a chance to re-orient themselves locally, to read books like World Made By Hand.

The longer the charade goes on, the more people have time to realize it, to prepare physically (get in shape, stock up on essentials) and emotionally (unplug, make do with less, get to know our neighbors), thus making a crash--slow or quick--potentially more manageable.

"The unsustainable western lifestyle is taking us down an impossible road. None of our leaders say a word and as Jim points out so often, the economic experts have become drunk with their own beliefs about the absolute deity of "growth." -ZP

As JHK rightfully points out (along with an assortment of a few others), plans B through Z are purposefully smothered and stabbed in their beds. Plan A (growth&mammon) is the only one allowed to be expressed. A lot of $$ is put into these suppression efforts, because BAU is amazingly profitable for the powerful few. We should keep in mind that there is little "hope" for meaningful "change" until the majority have been sucked dry and abused beyond endurance. (The 3rd Reich was just dandy in the eyes of the general populace until the nasty chickens of outward savagery and exploitation came home to roost. Then... not so dandy anymore.)

I didn't catch the name of the site you mention; What is it? Sounds like it might be fun to engage them in the mental exercise of examining other societies that have collapsed, and, yes, they do "revert to a natural state." But, that natural state is one of constant conflict, warfare, pillage of neighboring tribe's resources, systemitized rape for the purpose of expanding the gene pool, and, more often than we like to admit, cannibalism.

Have them check out the movie, Apocalypto. Most experts on that part of the world and time agree that the movie is a decent depiction of reality. Perhaps the bloggers at your site have only seen the first 10 or 15 minutes where the nice peaceful tribe goes about their bliss in nature. Then the bad asses from another tribe come and rape their women, steal their men for slaves and sacrifices, and overall destroy the world of the peaceful tribe. That's nature !!!!


ozone said:

"Yep, they'd sure deserve a damn-good-whacking if they'd keep up by reading a variety of sources, but I'm not seeing that anymore."

Interesting take. The left, while generally having a lot of education in their background, choose to shun the "continuing education" that comes from keeping abreast of current events. Hence, I am unfair in expecting that they "ought to know better".

Good post Jim.

Unfortunately, the US once again has no good candidates. Mit is an asshole and will bring down the US faster than Obama. Obama is the lesser of the two evils, and that's not saying much. The shit is going to hit the fan, no matter what, but I always vote, and so I must cast my vote for the lesser evil.

I admit it.I'm not a fan of any organized religion. Fundamentalists can sometimes interpret religious texts in destructive ways and unfortunetly the Koran makes it very easy.Religious nut jobs of all religions are dangerous, it's just that Islam has a lot more of them.
It's also interesting to me that religions that at least seem more peaceful such as Baha'is ,Sihks and Buddists seem to be persecuted the most.

It's easy to poke fun of the South; we do have our share of cultural idiocies and stereotypical inhabitants. But it's a mistake to point to one geographical region and imply that it's the source, or epitome, of the cultural decay that now defines america.

Look through the archives of, and you will see that tattooed, mulletted pinheads are ubiquitous across this land. Inland California is as redneck as anything here in the south.

But Jim apparently hasn't spent much time here, which would explain why he seems blind to the persistence of common decency in this region (not to mention preparedness and independence).

Where I live, we say "yes, m'am" and "thank you" to strangers and lowly "sales associates." When an apartment building burns down, we take care of the displaced families. A stranger can drive up my long, gravel driveway, park, and get out... without my feeling the need to brandish my shotgun.

We also share a skepticism of all things federal, which Jim seems to be only now catching on to. He did get suckered by Obama, after all; and it was interesting to watch his illusions crumble one-by-one as the horror of this presidency revealed itself over time.

I personally can't stomach what passes for Christianity or any other warmongering religion. But southern churches do provide social cohesion and foster mutual caring. And they are everywhere. You can't travel anywhere in Nashville, for example, without passing dozens of them.

The mid-south will be one of the last areas of the nation to fall apart. Yes, it is already happening to places like Memphis, but you can't blame that on the rednecks.

All new Third Parties have to come from somewhere.
The Greens in Germany started from a small minority to Coalition partners who have guided Germany into one of the leaders of the Green Transition in terms of Green Transit, solar and wind energy, insulation etc.

My vote will demonstrate the Path I believe we must take as the minority Abolitionist Republicans did in the 19th Century. Unless there is actual perceived electoral pressure from alternatives to the Corporatist parties they will continue to ignore the wishes of the people as they have been doing. As Rocky Anderson pointed out, even though Theodore Roosevelt lost his 3rd Party bid with the Bull Moose party after Taft reneged on progressivism, his run resulted in Progressive legislation being passed.

I insist on exercising my right to Vote and refuse to Vote for evils of either Corporatist stripe. I suspect this may be a much higher level of the electorate than the Corporate pundits would ever admit...

I guess most everyone just wants to stick their fingers in their ears and holler, "Lalalalala, I can't hear you!", so maybe they need a damn-good-whacking for performing THAT trick of self-insulation. Ignorance is dangerous; what we don't know can hurt us very profoundly.

(How the "intelligencia" act on their particular beliefs/delusions might vary according to your area and settling that has occurred during shipping and handling.)

"...we need a saviour to rise from these streets, someone with the moral and political courage to tell the truth about the long emergency."

There are plenty of people who speak the truth as they see it. I just read a great example. Without some hungry to hear and, more importantly, prepared to dedicate their lives to living in accord with the truth, well, we have words.

I was surprised some time ago when riding on the "City of New Orleans" Illinois Central to see that the second track had been removed, leaving only a single one. Conductor said it had something to do with taxes. Crazy way to run a railroad.

It becomes obvious over time, that most of us don't understand The System we have. Although JHK alludes to it, and the left and right complain about it, nobody puts their finger on it; so here it is;

The System we have is called;
The Rule of Gold... He who has the gold, makes the rules.
It was created in a place long ago, and has survived unto this day because it allows the gold holders to maintain 'da rules'. No matter what destruction comes to civilization and government, the Phoenix of gold always rises from the ashes.
It does so because of YOU. YOU love the Gold men, you want to be like them. OR you despise them and covet what they have.

A long time ago in place called Babylon, a system of government was set up, a Triune system. The money changers operated out of the Temple of the Sun, they created something called; Fixed Contracts, for a variable world. The contracts were backed up by the Kings law and force, while the people were admonished by the Priests to "submit to righteous authority given by God".

Sound familiar? It should, it is the Head of Gold, that stands on two legs of rich man's ideologies, the Left and Right, and we are the toes divided as iron and clay, mind and emotion.

The statue is the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, the statue of empires...
The only way to bring down the statue is the power in the rock, that tears down the Rule of Gold with the power of the Golden rule.

What would happen to the rule of gold, if millions of you just said "Fuck it", no more paying taxes, no more 'participation', the only way to win an economic battle, is to withdraw. To go into the wilderness means to leave the system, to go Galt en masse, and learn that wealth is not numbers on paper, but loves and lives and lands. Working together, not separately. Our individualism and intelligence is our Achilles heel. What would happen if millions just walked off the job, and walked out in the country to form cooperatives, a barter economy with your own currency? It would be difficult at first, yes, but snowballs in hell are built a little at a time.

But this will not happen because we are divided as iron and clay, we love our little numbers on paper and devoted to Mysteries of religion and science, politics and economics, superstitions and fantasies promoted to keep you divided, we love the shadows on the wall of our prison cave. The Grail is the hidden power in the rock, that unifies the Godly and the Godless. It is the Revelation of the Light, for a new time amidst chaos and darkness.

Compare this election cycle with the election 100 years ago, 1912. America was flush, coal, oil, beef, steel and wheat. We were poised to become the predominant world power, replacing Great Britain, France and Germany. Millions of immigrants arrived from Europe yearly, providing labor for teeming industry, seeking a new life, eager to become Americans. That year 4 distinct candidates sought the Presidency: Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Eugene Debs, and William Howard Taft. That's a time when giants walked the earth, unlike now, when we have midgets.


Interesting thought, TrE.
I've also noticed small articles relating to contraction leaking out in dribs and drabs from outlets of the MSM (if you can feature that). Your supposition could be absolutely correct. Let's do like the politicos and "give it some more study"...

Management of public perception should always be taken very seriously. The lessons of its' employment are sobering, as well as being a scorching look into the abyss.

"So what, do nothing and let somebody else decide the election- I do not thing so. If you do not vote, Mr. Kunstler, do not complain nor do you count.

My family and I will support Obama and the Democrats. If Obama is re-elected along with a congressional majority, he will be unencumbered with the constraints posed by another election, and thus he be emboldened to act more forcefully."

Listen up Mr."if your not part of the solution, your part of the problem". In this country we have the right to NOT vote, to not take part in a FUBAR system that in no way resembles what our forefathers intended. Have you not recognized the fact that "voting" has become a tool of distraction to give sheeple like you the illusion that they have some input in how this country is run? I for one do not care to "save" this country.
I am trying like hell to get out of here and become a visa refugee (emmigration has been made virtually impossible by the facist oligarchy you worship). But you and your family can stay here and vote your asses off for any PR representative you like.
Like the old Rolling Stones song said, "...bite the big apple...don't mind the maggots!"

I heard the Bircher, Antisoak ...made a lot of sense!!!



NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The Institute of Supply Management's monthly reading came in at 51.5. Any number above 50 indicates growth, and the September reading was the first above 50 since May. The three-month slump followed a string of almost three years of manufacturing growth.

Monday's reading bucked the trend of a slowdown in other major manufacturing centers around the globe. The report was a key reason U.S. stocks were sharply higher in morning trading.

It may be a global recession, but Obama is leading America out of the recession.



The way it looks it really won't matter which one of these clowns wins. The country will continue to decline on purpose and the people on the bottom tiers will be blamed.

Follow the trail. Look at who is gaining with all the bullshit going on. The Muslim world is going nut's over a film insulting islam that was produced by a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood and an Egyptian by birth. Hmmm would anyone in the media have the guts to call on that ? Judism and Christianity are slandered with consistant regularity and there is no bloodshed. What's with that ?

This election is all about penis color. We are going to take a what color do you want ? BOHICA !

The American public will buy into anything positive no matter how negative it really is going to be. Clinton, sure. A General, why not. The promises of brokerages hawking oil company shares? Already in the works. Just promise these poor gullible souls they will have cheap food, fuel, and plenty of entertainment. They will bite.

sure mittens is goldman-sachs, but what does that make our president? the bathroom attendant? sorry, that's harry reid.

the president is every bit the empty suit that his rival is, and his posing with his jaw jutting out is every bit as irritating as mittens smirk.

poseurs, the both of them, mitt's constituency is the big money, and o's the medium money that wants to get on the gravy train.

of the two i would say that mittens looks to be the better manager, the emperor has no clothes, he is out of his depth, and why shouldn't he be? simply reflects our society writ large.

Lot's of talk about how our leaders are not willing to promote sacrifices from the public for the greater good, such as the purported Greatest Generation had made in their time. I agree that this is true and that the slightest mention of sacrifice invokes a barrage of critisism from the opposing party, ok Republicans, that we have the freedom to consume as much of our resources as we wish for they are infinite. Well I for one am willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and vote for this bum Mitt. Forget the human species for they are inevitably doomed. Let's think of the countless other species of animal and plant life. We need an immediate collapse in order to save what remains of nature. The Dem's are just prolonging collapse and time is such a factor that we can prolong it no more.

He proved to be more of a hardcore Obama-as-savior kinda guy than ever. Now why would that be? Because he doesn't access the news of the world anymore, even though he's got all the time he wants to find it! He now simply "believes" in the wonderful, shiny gleam of Obama's public face
Dale Griffin and Amos Tversky, "The Weighing of Evidence and the Determinants of Confidence." (Cognitive Psychology, 24, pp. 411-435.)

What this means is that we change our minds less often then we think. If we believe something is more likely to be true than not we listen to evidence which supports our position and ignore the rest. Understand this and it can change the way you think. Understand that rational logical argument against an opponent's position can actually make your opponent believe even more strongly in their point of view than before.

Once your belief is fixed, no amount of argument will alter the truth-value; once your decision is fixed, no amount of argument will alter the consequences.

Pesky scientific method. Experiments give results which you don't want to believe and must be discarded, that's human nature. Fortunately belief in science is optional and magic seems the better option these days.

At times like this it is good to be a dog without a big brain to obfuscate truth.

Never in America's history did it make more sense to elect an unknown third party dog. - Me.

K-DogWrite in me for president. But if you really think your vote for Obama makes a difference then go ahead ahead and vote for him. If that's true you will feel better for having done so and who am I to stand in the way of that. You will have defeated the evil Romney and saved western civilization. Who am I to stand in the way of that. You will have made a difference and having supported Obama you know that he will be supporting you, he'll remember your vote. Who am I to stand in the way of that?

K-Dog that's who. Believing that is just plain nuts. This Zebra won't change his stripes. Obama threw us under the bus once and is going to do it again. No wishful thinking is going to save us. To be where we are now, no better off and closer to the cliff in four years than we are now is what we get with Obama and that is a 100% guarantee. 100 percent probability of that but hardly anybody wants to face it.

Oh - But he won't be encumbered with thoughts of re-election so he will concentrate on being president and in this term do what he was to busy thinking about himself the first term to do. What a crock.

Corn syrup poisoning. The ration centers of the human brain has moved from the frontal lobes to the limbic system. We are all screwed.

Elect the compromise kid and you seal our fate.

The ration centers

LOL thinking like a dog sorry.

rational centers

I really messed that up I got Ozone's quote in but not the one I wanted.

"Over the past few years, we have discreetly approached colleagues faced with a choice between job offers, and asked them to estimate the probability that they will choose one job over another. The average confidence in the predicted choice was a modest 66%, but only 1 of the 24 respondents chose the option to which he or she initially assigned a lower probability, yielding an overall accuracy rate of 96%."

—Dale Griffin and Amos Tversky, "The Weighing of Evidence and the Determinants of Confidence." (Cognitive Psychology, 24, pp. 411-435.)

Try the Seventh Day Advenstists. They are a gigantic Survivalist and Health Food Cult as well as being a somewhat typical Christian Denomination. They believe the world is about to end and aren't too much into Zionism as far as I can tell so far. That means much less into war mongering. I mean war mongering is bad enough but doing it for people who hate you is beyond insane.

Obama is an asshole as well, you say he would like t have a beer with him, he is the kind of guy who goes out with a group drinks and eats more than any one then drops a fin on the table and leaves before the bill comes. That is what he is doing with the country on an enormous scale, and that makes him an asshole.

Boas believed in cultural relativism - the idea that cannibal societies were equal to Western ones. Insane. So he knew that the truth about these Savages had to be hidden. So this "Scientist" and his follower proceeded to do just that.

Boas was a politician masquerading as a scientist. To be more specific, he was one of the whole wave of Jews intent on tearing down Western Culture - to replace our Elite with themselves. To weaken us to such an extent that we would allow massive invasion into our lands from the 3rd World. They have largely succeeded and we can see the horrific results.

Thank you Spock (or is it Bones?) - I will read your book. Birch is a fine tree; John Birch was a fine man.

You can take the man out of the jungle far easier than you can take the jungle of out of the man.

Children are a sacraficed as witches by Black "Christains" in Britain. One was found who had been beaten so badly that he had no face or eyes left. Thru the remains of his mouth he was still begging for mercy.

There is nothing about this kind of thing in Christianity, but jihad and the cutting off of heads is enjoined in the Koran itself.

Good post. You're finally starting to get it. I'm proud of ya bud-dy.

the whole wave of Jews intent on tearing down Western Culture - to replace our Elite with themselves.


Yeah, right, Radu.

Boas, Darwin, Freud, Einstein... all Jews intent on world domination. Jews are only 2% of the world population, but soooo dangerous.
[sarcasm off]

Yes, the human mind is too flawed in its ordinary functioning for Democracy to work en masse. Yet you persist in your belief - so you are doing the very thing you condemn.

A small number of qualified people should be the only ones voting at the highest level. Less stringent criterion at the state level and again less stringent at the local. But some criteria at every level. Being capable of getting an ID is a good begining - as is being a legal resident who can speak and read English.

"cripple due process of law"

It was already crippled.

"make war on the nation's own citizens"

This has been happening since the 1960's. Again, Obama didn't start this trend.

"let Wall Street criminals run amok"

They were already running amok in previous administrations, but point taken. He could have done more here.

"and sell out the electoral process to a corrupt corporate oligarchy"

Again, it was already sold out well before Mr. Obama took office.

Obama is pretty late to the party. Even the president's ability to enact change is limited or at least the direction of the changes that will be successful is determined by the nature of the overall system.

Regarding voting this time around, I had sworn that I would never vote for Obama again. However, if we don't choose the lesser of the two evils, we choose the greater one.
Regarding Romney's remarks about airplane windows not opening, after reading the actual text of his remarks, I cannot swallow the excuse that he was joking.
"Following an emergency landing his wife's plane had to make last week, the governor took a moment on the campaign trail on Monday to comment on her safety.
"I appreciate the fact that [my wife] is on the ground safe and sound," he said. "I don't think she's aware of just how worried some of us were."
Romney continued, "When you have a fire in an aircraft, there's no place to go exactly. And you can't find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft because the windows don't open. I don't know why they don't do that, but it's a real problem," Romney said."
Sound humorous?


"the emptiest election contest in memory"

Dude, come on. What about McCain/Palin in 2008? That was the emptiest of empties.

I think we'll all be surprised how long the zombie Republican Party manages to shuffle along, especially given that it has a tv network devoted to spamming its talking points.

Funny actually, I saw a Rachel Madeow program about how many of the Fox pundits are directly or indirectly associated with the Romney campaign, so I don't know how they're allowed to used the term "news".

And apparently Ben Stein is an economist now according to Fox Spews. *snort* *guffaw*

Good news story, bad news story.

Bill Moyers was just talking to Kathleen Hall Jamieson who directs the Annenberg Policy Center. According to a survey they did - ooh, you say throwing up your hands with delight, the pointy heads did a survey - but anyway according to this survey something like 57% of the American public was aware that Paul Ryan was the Repub VP nominee. Maybe that's good. Because maybe it means that 57% have a clue. But maybe that's bad because it also means that 43% have NO clue. The survey also showed wide ignorance on the candidates' policy positions.

So, do you believe the results of the survey? Your choice, it might square with what you actually see with your own eyes. So if you believe it, the bad news is this general ignorance. But I guess the good news is also this general ignorance. Why so? Because what if you were really up on all the players and their every policy pronouncement? What earthly difference would it make?

No doubt, the university educated elite, the people that deploy all those 8 cylinder words, those very same people that, for the past two generations, took the American economy (and culture and body politic) and fucked the daylights out of it, will look at the results of the survey and they will point and sneer at the smerdet. Let them sneer. The ignorance of the mob is also its wisdom.

Why? Because, and this won't be news to anyone, there's the general perception (an accurate perception) among the great unwashed that it's BAU on Wall Street, that the too big to fail banks are even bigger, that there's an elite consensus that this is how it ought to be (regardless of one or another publicly protesting otherwise) and that there's not one damn thing by way of lawful due process to be done about it. Which, if all this is true, is begging for an even bigger financial calamity than the one that hit in 2008.

So let's say we have another financial collapse. And let's say you have Obama sitting in the White House. Or alternatively Romney. Who gives a shit either way? What difference would it make? Both are approved nominees of Wall Street, both are in the pockets of the banks and you know that the priority of either one or both will be to save their masters in Manhattan. You dear friends and me won't count for beans, we'll be thrown to the wolves and they'll say, well, it's the market. And the 1% need another tax cut and another bazillion dollar bail-out and as sure as we're sitting here the 1% will get both.

...but the denial and willful ignorance of reality is splattered over the entirety of the political spectrum...Ozone

I see it the same way. The idiot "left" is just as fucked in the head as the idiot "right".

'Millions of immigrants arrived from Europe yearly'

Oh, did they?
From what I read it was a VERY carefully managed 20,000 to 100,000+. Due to the Origin of Nations Act. W/O that, we are doomed.
And are doom was sealed by LBJ in 1965.

Its significant to note that those that did not WORK or caused trouble were sent back 'home'.
When Puerto Ricans arrived in large numbers in NYC, with no need to 'learn English and get a job'
[due to leftist John Lindsay] the Teachers Union saw a chance to make $ thru 'bilingual education'.
That broke precedent with almost 500 years of how class was taught.

Want a laugh? Listen carefully to Steely Dans
'The Royal Scam'.

They left their island home for Manhattan
See the glory of the royal scam.......

I laugh at his run down of the 'leftists giving Castro a standing ovation at Rios Earth Summit'.

Resting in 5 star Hotels, eating caviar and attending 'Poverty Conferences'.
As if they cared about anyone other than themselves.

Mittrak Obamney (tm) The people's* choice for president.

*People (n) Any entity that has filed for status as a C corp, S corp, LLC, Delaware C corp, Delaware S corp, Delaware LLC or 401C3 based on K Street NW in the District of Columbia.


Q: How many Democrats does it take to change a light bulb?

A: None... the Republicans won't let them.

Q: How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

A: 5 to meet and come up with a tax cut for the light bulb manufacturer, 8 to design a block grant so the states can change it themselves... 150 million to decide that the light bulb must take some responsibility for itself and therefore must change itself.... and Rush Limbaugh to blame the Democrats for the darkness.

We are the USSR? With Ostalgia parties soon?

'I've maintained for over decade that Bill Clinton will ..............'

[actually there should be an 'A' in that line].

Follow the money. In this 2012 election, more Wall Street money, finance money, insurance money, real estate money, etc. is going to Romney than to Obama.

As of late August, Mitt Romney’s contributions from the securities and investment industry had totaled almost $11.5 million, compared to almost $4.2 million for President Obama, according to a Center for Responsive Politics compilation of Federal Election Commission data. The numbers for the broader finance, insurance and real estate sector showed a similar disparity: about $28.6 million for Romney, against $12.2 million for Obama.

Good jokes Monkeyboy! *seal clap*

Jokes? I was totally serious... the joke is the way the system seems to not work.

The fact that people here are still arguing for one of the two allowed parties reveals the astounding level of successful mind programming in the U S and A.

It must be extremely amusing at times to the elites that make the real decisions. You all are such losers in life that you place hopes on what some guy that will never listen to you will do for you.

Get a clue. You do not count.

Do you listen to the stinked up wino you pass in the street with eyes averted? Or the guy that has real money?

To the 2 allowed candidates you are the wino.

Fuck's sake, do something for your own self, forget these anesthetizing manchurian candidates.

Planting one tomato plant is scads more valuable than thinking you're part of some democracy/representative republic.

peace peaceniks

I am trying like hell to get out of here and become a visa refugee (emmigration has been made virtually impossible by the facist oligarchy you worship).

This is just a cop out, i emigrated, asoka emigrated, there were no insurmountable problems, sure there are difficulties at times, but I've lived in 4 countries and gotten thru it all. I'd suggest a low-priced country where your dollars will go far, possibly thighland?

peace peaceniks

Late to the party or not.

"The president has managed to cripple due process of law, make war on the nation's own citizens, let Wall Street criminals run amok, and sell out the electoral process to a corrupt corporate oligarchy."

"Barack Obama glides to victory and then presides over four more years of implacable contraction."

The king is but altogether but altogether but altogether is altogether as naked as the day that he was born. ♪ ♫ ♫ ♯ ♪ ♫♪ ♫ !!!

And it's altogether much too chilly a morn !!!!!!

But one of em had 'change we can believe in' then. Now it is just plain empty.

The ability to digest information has not kept up with the deluge of it. This caustic situation is made more dire by almost a hundred years of conditioning to be consumers resulting in the ultimate calamity of people now thinking it is OK to farm out their thinking. We pay people to do that for us is a fine attitude until you are broke and turkeys are having a fine day today. Somebody took the calendar off the wall.

You can always vote:


I disagree that Mormons conspire together. Huntsman hates Romney. Harry Reid, also a Mormon, hates Romney. You may recall that Huntsman was Obama's ambassador to China.

Changing the topic completely....

My daughter took her "on the road" drivers test this morning. The guy who gave her the test was a 250 lb. Jamaican man, whom she could hardly understand due to his heavy accent. He docked her for going 10 mph under the speed limit--she saw that the light ahead was red, so she took her foot off the gas peddle and glided toward the line of cars waiting for the light to change. I guess California wants drivers to use the maximum amount of gas?


PS Kyooshtick...I miss you.

"The soaring postwar fortunes of cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta fed that ancient Barbadian slaveholder model of power with plenty of room and resources to launch a fresh and unexpected 20th-century revival."

Say it aint's so please.

But I know it is so.

Some men talk about 'losing their liberty' as the loss of their dominance over others. The exact opposite of the beliefs of a Sansculotte such as myself. Loss of liberty by being held accountable for laws that one once were exempt from.

Aristocratic liberty, that's what we are talking about. Be they Southern Conservatives or Yankees, Girondin or Sansculotte it's the same. Redefinition of the Liberty of Equality as Aristocratic liberty.

Anything that promotes equality can't help but limit the freedom of the upper classes to use the lower classes as they please. It cannot be any other way so liberty was redefined in the south centuries before Orwell would name the technique.

Excellent article, it digs deep and almost hits bedrock. It almost gets there.

Understand the two different definitions of liberty, both are alive and well.

Good Soak. Many a true tale has been told in jest. Out of the mouths of babes as it were.


Iona Laundramat is on my case.
I need to meditate more.
Over and out.


This is the way I look at it:

We are all domesticated dogs.

Whose dog would you rather be:

Obama's or Romney's?

Concerning your observation, James, that "the Romney election fiasco will destroy the Republican Party," one can only wish. The mass of low information voters in this country have been brainwashed to believe that our totally corrupt authoritarian duopoly is the ony natural way to govern. Most have no conception that other parliamentarian democracies do better than the US with multi-parties. If the Repubs, with their angry tea party wing, stay together, they may never again elect another president, especailly with all demographic trends pushing them to permanent minority status. Let's hope that the sensible middle breaks away, and, if they do, many more conservative Dems may choose to join them. Whatever happens, I think that the future lies with the party that is ready to give up the Empire, which we could never afford in the first place.

I want to be my own dog.

As usual you are full of it. It is not 2%, the true figure is 0.18%. That is a difference of more than twenty to one. Where do I get an application for your job?

No, ten to one I was wrong.

"Everybody just goes through the motions of electoral politics. It all has the odor of a ritual that nobody remembers the original purpose of - namely, to govern, i.e. to manage society's collective affairs." - JHK

"Forty years ago there was deep concern that the population was breaking free of apathy and obedience. Since then, many measures have been taken to restore discipline." - NC

No one writes like you Jim. You make us laugh and tear up with your wordsmithing, putting together phrases that no one has ever heard before and you make us feel less alone. Your writing is haunting. Your description of Mitt finally made me feel comfortable that I had an articulation of him that rings true for me. Monday morning is Kunstler time around our house, and we often read the columns out loud to each other, savoring certain paragraphs and saying, "I've got to have that one again please." Been known to fall asleep to a column or book, somehow feeling better for having read it.

Four years ago, we left suburbia for the deep country, and to learn how to make it. We have been happier, but much busier and frequently appalled at our lack of knowledge. Locals get a kick out of our continuing saga of stupid mistakes. But we had the courage to do it, at an older age (low 60's). We have been dismayed at how much we have needed other people with skills we don't have, at how steep the learning curve is. It has shown us that when it comes to preparedness, and going back to a world made by hand, the village is everything and that those who wait to start when the shtf, who go out the door after the grid goes down to turn on that generator they bought at Home Depot, but never started, and find that they are reading the instruction manual by candlelight, and finding out once again that corporate big box stores sell products that are defective and need a replacement part from effing China, and that generators swallow gallons of fuel which may not be available. Yes, and by the way, maybe those heritage seeds won't sprout because the seed container was left where the precious seeds got overheated, or their well pump gets blown out by lightning, or their stored fuel lacked preservative, or their garden won't grow with crappy Home Depot soil, and the composting toilet doesn't compost in the winter but the salesperson didn't mention that. We are constantly reading about garden bugs, and thanking God that Home Depot is still there so we can buy all the pipes, screws, nails, lumbar, paint and everything else it takes to get a gently dilapidated ranch back up to speed and how does that stored food actually taste anyway? We are in awe: of our own ignorance as college grads and sophisticated city dwellers of the past, and at the gleeful opportunism of many grease covered persons with mechanical and equipment skills once they see the city folk a'comin who suddenly need "friends in low places," and what all it takes just to be slightly independent on an off the grid property - basically how my grandparents lived through the Depression while raising twelve kids. We spend most of our time doing, rather than blogging or sleeping, because we think, "any second now, this sucker (USA) is going to blow, and we don't want to have to drive back into Dodge while things sort themselves out." Message here: if you see the storm coming, get ready, because every step you take reveals three more steps in this preparedness or made by hand game. Did I mention learning to care for and shoot firearms?

You're the last hold out Turk: all the other regular posters have repudiated Obama and repented of their stupidity. What is your problem?
Like King Canute, you try to hold back the tide - denying that was is (Obama's corruption) IS.

At this point in human history, I don't see either as being about peace. They both are using violence to try and prove who is right. All humanity will suffer either way. And thus, both will be wrong. Ultimately, we need to seek truth.

Yes. It is always funny to laugh at others who are so stupid. Do you know what karma is?

I bought a faucet at HD, made you know where.
It was very low grade. I forget what the plumber was yelling as he installed it.
Something about 'the threads arent right' or something.

Darling, do you have time to post here regularly?

Orwell Rolls In His Grave

Ozone, thanks. Your link did not work but I found it here. I'm halfway through.

Welcome to the world. It's not about understanding what makes sense. It's about understanding their agenda. As if we should automatically know. Nice place isn't it?

Kewl, K of dawg.
And, thank you for the site, it's now bookmarked. I'm sure we'll find tons of things to peek at there!

Good post, Ranch Lady.
I agree in every aspect. --Both in reference to JHK and the visiccitudes of getting one's head back into the dirt. Oh, the BUGS this year! There'll be more, so we're learning to try and deal with 'em without the nerve gas poisons. Not easy. Have to figure out what they like to munch, and give
'em lots while hiding the stuff WE like. ;o) Next trial will be water from the well sans 'lectricity. (Need something we can swap out quick n' dirty.)

Anyhoo, best of luck to ya and stay ahead of the storm.

The following link is for entertainment purposes only. Getting lost in the trees is no way to find the forest.

Stump Speech Facts

Good pick Anti! Ya Gotta love the 'Dan!


And they wandered in
From the city of St. John
Without a dime
Wearing coats that shined
Both red and green
Colors from their sunny island
From their boats of iron
They looked upon the promised land
Where surely life was sweet
On the rising tide
To New York City
Did they ride into the street
See the glory
Of the royal scam

They are hounded down
To the bottom of a bad town
Amid the ruins
Where they learn to fear
An angry race of fallen kings
Their dark companions
While the memory of
Their southern sky was clouded by
A savage winter
Every patron saint
Hung on the wall, shared the room
With twenty sinners

See the glory
Of the royal scam

By the blackened wall
He does it all
He thinks he's died and gone to heaven
Now the tale is told
By the old man back home
He reads the letter
How they are paid in gold
Just to babble in the back room
All night and waste their time
And they wandered in
From the city of St. John without a dime

See the glory
Of the royal scam

time for the winter rye, pumpKins are junk. the world record was set this week in Topsfield.

How many pies is that?

The "no difference" between the candidates mantra is full swing today. But does anyone here really believe that Vlad, Anti-soak, Widepsread, Wardoc, Q, Rhino, Greyghost, New World, Progserve,K-Dog and many others would not be doing cartwheels on Wednesday Nov 7 in the very unlikely event that Romney is declared the victor?

Of course not; they all would be ecstatically writhing in a right-wing orgy.

But that's just too ugly a sight to contemplate(especially anti-soak with jaw agape in savory anticipation of a fat Rush Limbaugh stogie) so I'm doing my part and putting a check in the President Obama column for my mail-in ballot.

I had my experiences with CA multicuralism also. Such as coughing my lungs out when I had borderline pneumonia, waiting for the Indian (SE Asian) Xray technician who was offering every courtesy to the extremely beautiful Indian (SE Asian) woman who was ahead of me in line. I thought I was going to pass out before he got to me. 10 min. for her, 2 for me when it was my turn.

That year 4 distinct candidates sought the Presidency: Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Eugene Debs, and William Howard Taft. That's a time when giants walked the earth, unlike now, when we have midgets.

Ok...chalk one up in "the older I get, the better I was" column. You guys crack me up though, so enjoy the below song by the inimitable Johnny Horton...truly:

For bugs you need a birdfeeder.

Also, thorny shrubs provide cat proof perching for many kinds of birds as well as cover for toads (hopping flycatchers). However, the thorny hedge is not recommended for places where lethal reptiles abound, thorny trees, such as locust and osage orange might be a better choice there.

Mostly, Vlad/Radu and I are about as far apart in our world view as 2 Homo Sapiens can be, but I do agree with him in one area of American life: Not everybody should have the vote; people are generally too stupid or ignorant to have the power to help decide who operates the country.

Cynical as I am, I'm still surprised when I read CFN posters saying they'll vote for the lesser of 2 evils. WTF? Don't they understand that not voting is a vote, too?

Discombobulation and disinformation. Take me out of that list.

I think Asoka meant the percentage for the US population, which is 2%. If not, he has his figures wrong, but it's not a big deal because his point is valid.

I mean seriously I resent it. When I mean no difference I get real specific and you threw men in a pot of gumbo with a bunch of crawdads.

His point is valid but I didn't know anti-semitism was on the table this week so why bring it up in the first place.

Anti-semitism is NOT on the table this week, but Asoka was responding to an earlier anti-semitic post by Vlad/Radu.

This seems like good time to resurrect a presidential election campaign that began during the 1976 Ford vs. Carter contest: "Nobody for President". It was the brainchild of hippie activist and Merry Pranksters member Wavy Gravy, whose resume includes Woodstock MC, Grateful Dead's official clown, and cofounder of the Hog Farm Commune whose charitable work included operating the Bad Acid Trip Freak-out Tent at Woodstock. Posters and bumper stickers were printed up for the cause and Wavy went around the country in his mobile commune bus spreading the word for Nobody to everybody. Coincidentally, Wavy Gravy was born as Hugh Romney - go figure.

The basic premise of Nobody for President is to offer a constructive alternative (and outlet for cynicism) to voters who feel nothing but apathy toward the candidates and so, don't vote. If every state allowed "none of the above" as a valid ballot choice and that option won the majority of votes, would that be a strong enough inducement to declare a no-winner and require the nomination of new candidates for a second-round election? In the real world, no. But how does a voter who doesn't take part in rallies or demonstrations express their disdain for the choices on offer? Electronic voting machines don't even allow for the tiny rebellious act of writing in "none of the above". The whole point of voting is supposed to be about choosing who will best lead the nation, not who will fuck up the least. So get some poster boards and paint your own Nobody for President lawn signs and be an advocate for active non-participation, engaged disengagement, passionate apathy, or whatever label suits your pessimism. Hopefully this isn't yet considered a treasonous act by Homeland Security.

Funny story about Wavy Gravy at the 1976 GOP convention in Kansas City: He got inside the convention with a borrowed press pass and started handing out "Nobody for President" press releases. An undercover cop spotted him and called in the FBI and Secret Service who surrounded him. A cop patting him down felt a bulge in his pocket and asked with great apprehension "Is that a gun?". It was one those wind-up clacking teeth toys that Wavy always put on stage with him when he was speaking at events. The cop pulled it out and it started clacking away in his hand while Wavy commanded "Quiet, our leader is speaking". The cop handed the toy back and told him "Get the hell outta here, you're too weird to arrest".

Yes he was and the entity known as Vlad/Radu and Asoka together whom I shall refer to as the two headed beast love to degenerate the comment section of this blog into race hatred. They do it every week as you should know.

Trolls feeding trolls is as bad as kids raising kids.

Thanks for the week's work, JHK.

The following line - by itself - is worth thousands of times more than you have charged for this week's post:

"I would be satisfied in calling Mr. Romney an empty vessel in a vacant room in an abandoned property in a forsaken land, and leave it at that." -jhk-

Day-um! Man, that's some good prose!
Although tragic, in the final analysis.

Being "too weird to arrest" doesn't always work though there is much to be said for god protecting idiots and fools. I know!

A write in vote for K-Dog can be considered a 'Nobody for President' vote. I suggest writing it in with a black sharpie. If my popularity suddenly shot up and my identity were outed I'd expect to be evaluated on my own merits.

Having just seen "Orwell Rolls in His Grave" I know there would be no chance of that. Obama's in. The medial levers are ready to counter any significant gain by Romney the whole thing is as carefully managed as a Broadway Ballet.

A K-Dog for president vote is not going to tip the scales and you will actually leave a record of a 'Nobody for President' vote. As it should be.

And if I won I'd do a better job anyway.

The media levers are ready to counter any significant gain by Romney. The whole thing is as carefully managed as a Broadway Ballet.

You know Buck, for an apparently card-carrying, left wing, liberal, wing-nut, artiste - you have a nasty edge of homophobia that shows up when you try to do insults.

"...too ugly a sight to contemplate(especially anti-soak with jaw agape in savory anticipation of a fat Rush Limbaugh stogie) so I'm doing my part and putting a check in..." -bs-

You might want to think about some therapy.
California just made it illegal to try to turn a "gay" minor straight or bi.

But maybe it would be OK for them to try to help you get over your "thou doth protest too much" homophobia. Maybe? Worth a try??

Yes, Asoka in his 'dim witted way' got the right #, but for the country, not the USA.

"I would be satisfied in calling Mr. Romney an empty vessel in a vacant room in an abandoned property in a forsaken land, and leave it at that." -jhk-

You second that opinion of the man. I'll give it a third. If that zero got in it would be a disaster. I'm not worried about it though, the republicans screwed themselves and don't have a large enough base anymore, I hope. I only wish the damage had extended to their death grip on congress.

His idea of Freedom is to have the freedom to exploit.


Its times like that you you can save this for:
Bully you are transparent
Yet one more Internet bully with the name calling and hatred of free speech, attempting to compensate for your lack of insight with flaming, a faceless coward , .......................ignore it

"Don't they understand that not voting is a vote, too?" -btb-

Bill, you come up with some wacky shit on here.
But, dang, this takes the cake.

No, not voting is not a vote.
Not voting is - wait for it - NOT VOTING.

Vote for K-Dog, if you like.
Or vote for your buddy asoka..'s Stein and Friends.
Or leave the presidential vote blank, if you must.

The races down the ticket are IMPORTANT, man.
At least sometimes - and for some people.

If informed people don't vote - we bring this country that much closer to control by the brainwashed and their oligarch candidates.

Is there nothing down the ticket in Boston, MA that's important to you? How about if times get harder?

Maybe you city boys just think it's all too big for you to worry about. Is that it?

Me? I want to know that some of my LOCAL politicos KNOW that I'm trying to keep an eye on them by voting and being involved.

And if times get really tough around here - my local sheriff is going to go WAY, WAY up in importance to my families happiness - or maybe even our survival.

And that's important to me.
So I plan to vote - one way or another.
Even if not for Mittens or Obomber.

On the GOP's failure to create a likeable brand for 2012:

The Ronmey/Ryan duo seem like creations from the replicant factory in "Blade Runner", a pair of "more conservative than Conservatives" cutting-edge Nexus 5 models with a predestined 8-year life cycle. Despite their perfect physical appearance, they give off this creepy aura of inhuman infallibility and a complete inability to experience normal human emotions.

I thought Mike Huckabee was the most genial and likeable of the GOP candidates. He also appeared to be the sanest of the bunch in the nomination race. But he didn't seem to appeal to the hardcore conservatives and big money backers. If only he could have pre-announced his running mate as Donald Trump in the debates, his fortunes might have changed. Not only is Trump a darling to the 1 percent, he is the perfect sideshow clown and magnet for media attention. And then consider the common penchant for squashing names toghether to create single word brands, ie "Obiden" or "Rymney" ("Brangelina" seems to have popularized this trend). Apply this to a Huckabee/Trump ticket and you get the irresistably irreverent brand "HUCKARUMP 2012". Damn, even the most liberal media rags would salivate over the prosect of that headline grabber and promote the hell out it just for the gag value alone. RNC, I'm available for consulting in 2016 and my fees are quite reasonable.

I would like to hereby suggest that Mr. James Howard Kunstler be nominated for Energy Secretary in Obama's second Administration. I can hear Mr. Kunstler's inagural address as Energy Secretary now: "Suburbia is the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world!" A reporter from Truthdig would pipe up, "But Secretary Kunstler, what about the pyramids? Weren't those an equally worthless endeavor?" Secretary Kunstler would then thunder, "Atleast those had some aesthetic value! Suburbia none!"

Candidate K-Dog, if elected, will you be serving your term in dog years? If so, who will fill out the remaining 3.43 years until 2016? And most importantly, when do you believe spaying actually "legitimate spaying"?

Reply to Anti Soak, Daedalus, and Ozone

Thanks Anti Soak, I always loved being called Darling, and yes, I'll try to post.

We went through the very same faucet routine - a Home Depot purchase and the good ole boy repair plumber looking at it like it was a snake. Like how we could we buy such junk? I remember his judgment, "Cheap Chinese Crap." I took it back to Home Depot, stood in front of the manager who said, "Well, you would have to contact the manufacturer (the faucet was a year old, was in the mid-price range and should have lasted for a decade), or I could give you 20% off on a new one." I took the 20% off on a high end replacement. We're four months into it and have already lost the cap to the handle down the drain.

Speaking of down the drain, I would report that investing in wind energy, at least the residential variety, is not a good idea. It is a puny amount of voltage even when blowing like crazy. We have solar too, and you need a lot of panels to make life good. We still run the Perkins Generator (replacing the Chinese diesel which was here when we purchased the property and about which we discovered parts were no longer available - previous owner didn't mention that and we never thought to ask). The generator takes diesel, so when that is too expensive, we will live without all kinds of luxuries we still have, like lights at night,other than the one right next to you. We like LED light bulbs. They are expensive, although Home Depot has one for $9.95 that puts out good light for nary a watt.

Daedalus, the truth is that most reasonably intelligent people who are city bred are lost when it comes to practical survival - when it comes to this totally new way of being, we are ignorant to a degree that is embarrassing, but my husband and I have always been up front about it, which has helped us with many of the natives here. They can shake their heads and laugh with us instead of behind our backs.

I know that the stress of all the sudden change, and the overwhelm, with some family illness thrown in, and hauling a 97 year old mother out to our area has added to the stupid person quotient. That's the thing about big change, the stress of it causes a cascade of other unfortunate things to happen,and that is why people are so much better off getting started early. What a grievous loss for us that our grandparents' knowledge was thrown away. My mother couldn't get off the farm fast enough when she came of age. She doesn't even like antiques for God's sake, because they are old, not new and shiny and modern with no connection to the fact that she came from a farming community. As for karma, I'll share that the city area we came from was Southern California coastal, so we are very familiar with metaphysical terms and meanings. And boy, have some people earned a cosmic slap down from how they took us to the cleaners. We're less ignorant and more wary. One of our local natives who we love, said the other day, "Don't worry, yer gainin on her."

Ozone, one of our wells is now solar powered, 483 feet deep, that's the one that got hit by lightning. Now we have a backup Grundfos pump in a Faraday cage lest an EMP puts us out of business the next time. We didn't think about grounding either, and the original owner left us with an ungrounded wood stove, which got hit in another lightning strike, and put the new ceiling fan, the DVD and several other electronics into early retirement along with blowing a spectacular amount of floor pad pieces blasting toward the dog's rear,(the owner had thoughtfully put steel wool under the floor pad which made an excellent ending point for the bolt) across the living room floor, and scared the living daylights out of me because I was sitting about three feet away. The dog now lives in the walk-in closet during a thunderstorm. I have been known to get in with him in a very bad storm. We are up by the Grand Canyon and we get some enormous bolts.

No nerve gas for the bugs out here, I'm organic all the way, but we'll shoot a rattler with a very inorganic round. Several other rancher types reporting from Texas and Dakotas that the bugs are mysteriously disappearing all of a sudden. Like fish dying en masse or birds falling out of the sky. Drought? Magnetic field shifting? Our bugs seem fine however. Everything is crumbling out there, but the bugs here are swell.

To end on a positive note here, (not very Kunstler-like) the nights are utterly still, the Milky Way is vivid, the freedom of space is breathtaking, and there are no more annoying or infuriating neighbors. It's amazing how unhealthy and unreal the city feels now.

Good call Flaming Peak, but wouldn't a new department be more appropriate for Jim? Say, Dept. of Bound-to-Be-Wrong Prognostications.

And what is anti-semitism btw? You people throw that around alot but seldom define it. And when you do it turns out to be everything and anything. Basically it means whatever you want it to mean and it can be used anytime you don't like somebody.

How do you like the Muslims trying to make criticism of Islam a Global Crime? Welcome to the World. You taught them well. Did you never realize that all the shit you people came up with could be used against you?

Spaying is a personal decision. We have individual rights and religious freedom. I will serve my term in people years, serve only four and will advocate for fixed six year terms for future presidents.

Along with the K-Dog write in vote please try and put as many progressives (if you can find any) and democrats as possible in congress. I think I can work with them better. This is a general statement, individuals need to be evaluated on their own merits. Deep reflection on everyone's part is needed to decide exactly what those merits are. The important thing is to reverse the cycle of corruption.

The dog now lives in the walk-in closet during a thunderstorm. - Damn Right, floor pad pieces blasting towards your ass is not good, it makes you careful for a really long time.

So you don't believe in Obama but are just voting for him to spite Right Wingers - oh, that's really profound.

And I will not be celebrating if Romney wins - he has not an iota of concern for the White Race.

His European predictions are coming true. It is a mistake to put a timeline on things sometimes because you may err and consider your own desires in lieu of reality. Reality has it's own drummer not yours. Predicting the future is really hard to do and anticipating block points is often not considered as part of the process.

So what your solution? The status quo of Whites accepting second class status and their ultimate dispossesion and extinction? And "enjoying" mob violence from Black Thugs in the meantime?

Sorry but that's not happening. You have no answers and can't even acknowledge the situation. You epitomize the disconnection of our Elite and are no different.

sputter, sputter, klunk, and fizz
are the sounds of the economy running out of gas.

My vote is for sale.
The bidding starts at $100.00 US dollars.

Thanks for the song...always appreciate good music. Although I liked the Dan back in the day of their popularity, I didn't take it to the next level and listen to more of their works beyond the radio.

The country/folk songs from the 40's, 50's, & 60's hold a special place in Americans' hearts. It is a part of our history.

While life was good for whites when we had knowledge that others didn't, the world is catching up, and it is changing the dynamics of our lives. It is a force so great many believe they have no option but to bend to that will. Running to the hills won't save us.

Thanks for the insights JHK. All predicted ages ago by Barry Commoner, RIP. They still don't get it.

"Hence, the thought that must be flashing through many people's minds these days when Romney's off-kilter, square-jawed, grinning visage floats over the nearest flat-screen: Who would vote for that ********...? Being given to more baroque taxonomy, myself, I would be satisfied in calling Mr. Romney an empty vessel in a vacant room in an abandoned property in a forsaken land, and leave it at that."

'.....leave it at that! How about that!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd hate to be Romney, if James decided his taxonomic standards demanded a more discursive and dismissive characterisation.

I Know, I know BuckStud, Obama is a Giant Among Men, bigger than life, the Messiah really. Charlie Rose stated Obama is the Smartest Man On the Planet, by far the Greatest President Ever. And this was before he served a day in office. TRs 40 published books and 2000 magazine articles ... forget about it. TR got his Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating an end to the Russian-Japanese war. Obama didn't even have to do anything to earn his peace prize. Besides, he 'gets down' with JayZ, Beyonce and George Clooney. That's how great he is!


Wavy Gravy!!!??? Holy Shit! I haven't heard that name in a long time. A Merry Prankster! ... along with Mountain Girl, Ken Babbs, Neal Cassidy and Ken Kesey. Wasn't Wavy Gravy Hugh Romney from suburban West Hartford, CT, next town over? That guy has lasting power!


Original Member of The Insane Clown Posse.

Hey Marlin, Wavy was from W. Hartford,huh? I never knew that. Don't eat the brown acid!

"...then consider the common penchant for squashing names toghether to create single word brands, ie "Obiden" or "Rymney" ("Brangelina" seems to have popularized this trend)." -Zed

Here's a strangely apropos theme song of berserker capitalism for the Rymney beast (damn, missed it by one stinkin' letter):

Saaaay, is a miner just another tool? 'Guess so...

"Oh what will you give me?", say the sad bells of Rhymney.

Ask not for whom (etc.)

Okay then!
We gots a ditty for that.

Were those the days, or were they? ;o)
BTW, the Cowboys stuff with the Red Army choir [] is pretty hilarious. How did they get them to consent to such silliness?
Their movie is big fun too; check it out.

Ain't payback a b#@ch.

Like you and others like you have not been voting for decades out of spite.

Finally! A lefty begins to undderstand!

The biggest mistake made by the self styled "progressive left" was its disdain for local issues and local politics. (The second biggest was its willful ignorance of farm policy and rural issues) Why does working class America, or at least the white portion thereof, not vote for lefty candidates. Because they are never around when we need them.

PROGRESS4SPAM, where are you when your neighbor's house burns down? Hint, on your way to an important demonstration to protest oppression in Tierra del Fuego is NOT the right answer. Meanwhile, while you are out saving the world your RW neibors are at the burned out house, with casserole in one hand and checkbook in the other, and their kids are following with armloads of clothing and bedding.

Weirder and weirder!

We happen to live in the lightning capitol of Mass., and we get some giant woods-crushers here as well. A neighbor's house has been struck and burned twice. (It didn't help that he keeps his abode jam-packed with crap and old paint and solvents. His son-in-law said the colors of the fire were spectacular; thus an indication that letting the joint burn was the sounder option, vs. getting the poisons into the groundwater by dousing the nice chemical fire.)

Closest we've had so far was about 125' away. Boy Howdy, that'll get your attention fast (as you can attest). Double grounding rods, plus a Ufer ground in the foundation, attached to the main panel. Our doggie resides under the table or in a closet when the rippers roll in.

Thanks much for the tip on the well. Ours is 360' with a recharge vein having been hit at 26'. (The depth is for capacity and other veins of course.) So we pull our water from 340', leaving 20' for sediment. Well-watered was one of our considerations for a home site, so, thankfully, we've got that. The soil is pretty much all rock, sand, and gravel [aside from the typical "woods dirt"], making amendments a necessity.

Gradually replacing all our bulbs with LEDs, and though we don't use much power (comparatively), it makes a noticeable difference in our consumption.

We're enjoying the spangled skies also (formerly only known in our yout'z) and find it a little alien to go into "the big city" these days, quite strange to say. Fun to watch the satellites whiz by... for the time being. ;o)

-All the Best from Yanqui-land!

Great link O3, I never heard of these guys before. Now I am wasting time watchin' utube when I have chores to do. Ma ain't gonna be happy. I probly be gittin' the switch!

She'll be singing her own version of the Piggies:
"What he need's a damn good whacking!"

(I feel these atmospheric vibrations myself from time to time. Somebody's gettin' tessssssty. ;o)

"Commoner viewed the environmental crisis as a symptom of a fundamentally flawed economic and social system."

That's the way it is, he was right.

A hundred bucks !!!!!

For that I want a ceramic mug that says XHALOR sold me his votes so we could beat the dolts. Or something like that.

But I jest. I really can't buy votes because I am way ahead of Obama, Romney and everyone else in the cost per vote metric now. I don't want to mess that up.

K-Dog for president.

Kunstler - All unicorns and butterflies....

Leningrad Cowboys: Russian version of Devo?

What about the Insane Clown Posse? There's a class act.

Here's what I recently read about Leningrad. Leningrad held out for more than 3 years against a million man Nazi Army, 1941-44/45. When the Germans were finally pushed back, they left behind an enormous amount of ordinance. To this day, during the summer, teenagers go outside the city, and in the fields and woods, collect rifles, pistols, mortars, artillery shells, bullets etc. The mauser rifles, some in original crates, still fire. When they are confiscated by the authorities, the kids just go out and find more. The supply is endless!


You too, huh? Nasty! When you see Blacks abusing Whites it must give you alot of pleasure.

Don't project your own spite and psychological complexes on to me. I'm neither Right Wing or Left Wing; neither Capitalist or Socialist per se; support neither the Jews nor the Muslims. So which side am I on? My side. The White side and support whatever will enhance our cause of White survival. To do anything else is self destructive and is blind, spiteful, selfish, or masochistic.

You're conflating two different things. Yes, the world is catching up and that we couldn't have stopped. But we didn't have to open our borders or ship our jobs overseas. It didn't have to be like this - we've been sabotaged.

Has it occurred to anyone beside myself that in the vast (mass-t) popularity of Honey Boo Boo, we see the ultimate pinnacle of democracy?

"The Democratic Party may not blow up quite like the Republicans, but it could become the front organization for the imperial return of Bill and Hillary Clinton. I've maintained for over decade that Bill Clinton will get back into power despite the 22nd amendment because the nostalgia for the 1990s will be so overwhelming and irresistible in a harsh age. The only thing I wonder about is whether Bill or Hillary will succeed in getting the other bumped off."

Jim, this was stellar. Like sweet wine going down, utterly smooth and oh so right. Bill was wooing the younger crowd on The Daily Show last week. In terms of which psychopath would succeed in getting the other bumped off, I'd have to put in a slight edge for Hillary. If they ever sleep together (now there's a thought!) it must be with one eye open.

K-Dog, you really busted me up with the Damn Right on the traumatized dog thing.

Ozone, it's great to hear from a kindred soul. When we were shopping for our budget ranch, a good well was at the top of the list. We ended up with two, which saved our garden etc., when the solar well went down. We did a lot of water hauling from one end of the acreage to the other. Thank God that's over. All this stress is costing us our yout'z. Thanks for this great spelling, haven't thought of that since "My Cousin Vinny."

I wish JHK would stop frightening me by writing what I’m thinking: “Eventually, I expect bankruptcy, political paralysis, and social disorder to become so extreme that a Pentagon general will stride into the White House and put an end to the freak show”. Sheesh---knock it off willya? Things are bad enough as it is, without both of us thinking that.
But is it such a crazy idea?
The US economy is entirely dependent on the input of cheap oil, that’s what built the nation, and holds it together. Presidents promise growth, but without oil, growth is over and the economy goes into a tailspin. No president or government can stop it
Now look ahead to 2016 or 2020. We’ve already seen whack-job candidates up for election as president, luckily they were laughed out of court though we bloggers miss them.
in 4 or 8 years time when the economy has really collapsed, some real godnuts will surface to offer ‘solutions’ and voters will be ready to grasp at any form of insanity if it promises ‘salvation’ and restoration of ‘the American Dream’. So it’s likely that the next incumbent will be a religious freak who believes that prayer will refill the oilwells and make it rain. (Perry on steroids?)
When that doesn’t work, and JC doesn’t return to clear up the mess we’ve made, the unemployed and by now hungry millions are going even more annoyed. The USA has 300 million guns in private hands, so a breakdown in civil order is certain because by that time they will be able to outgun the police. Already towns are cutting back on policing because they just can’t afford it.
The military will also be facing catastrophic cutbacks (they run on oil too), they too are infected with godmania. It only takes an evangelical general or two, and a few thousand similarly minded men and a military takeover becomes a distinct possibility.
When that happens you have a theofascist dictatorship as a fait accompli. Welcome to third world America.

One of the Pussy Riot low lifes once put a chicken in her vagina during a "performance". Where is PETA? Surely they are not Liberal Zombies too!!!!

Preach it honey - Democracy is the triumph of the lowest common denominator, the mass man, the untermench, homo consumereris. The Founding Fathers despised it.

Time to take the blue train ... somewhere down that crazy river ... all the way to Kokomo ..

Time to take the blue train ... somewhere down that crazy river ... all the way to Kokomo ...

in 4 or 8 years time when the economy has really collapsed

So why is it 4, or double that time frame? Maybe because you don't have a clue 'when' anything will happen, nor do you have any basis for a
'collapse' outside of picking numbers from the air, like kunstler. and like him and the bible endtimers you're always (or almost always) wrong.

We were allegedly 4 hours from a global financial meltdown, with allegedly insurmountable debts, yet the money printers can pay off any debt with electronic chits.

the soviet union collapsed yet has come back fairly strong, iceland literally collapsed and has come back fairly strong. it is the way of things to recover, not to collapse.

there's other ways of fueling modernity than oil. there's other sources of oil than petroleum in the ground.

peace peaceniks

come on Radu, ( Vlad) a chicken in the cha-cha? I can't see it.Maybe I can but it just seems wrong. Was it a hen or a cock?

it is the way of things to recover, not to collapse.
there's other ways of fueling modernity than oil. there's other sources of oil than petroleum in the ground.

Amen, brother Welles.

And the faster we REDUCE nuclear proliferation and REDUCE global population, the less stress we place on Gaia's ecosystem, of which we are a part. ECOSYSTEMS DO NOT RESPECT NATIONAL BORDERS, SO THE EFFORT HAS TO BE GLOBAL. I got my tubes tied.

Life is grand in South America!

Going back to my hammock now.


Do you think that Obama practices "Voodoo"?

I bet that in Haiti the leaders probably practice voodoo, like the way George Bush, Jr. practiced evangelical Christianity.


I'm not really trying to be nasty, even if my attempted "insults" are not all that funny, etc. So much gets lost in the internet translation, like the mischievous dimple that belies any sort of malicious intent.

Of course, if you're of Irish or Scottish descent you know exactly the sort of look I'm talking about :)

Riot Police Used Against Peaceful Supporters of Striking Walmart Workers

H/T Daily Kos user "The Troubadour":


You're too narrow-minded in your thinking, Procon.
You are inhaling the bullshit TPTB are slinging. Really, they own both major party candidates, and no alternate candidate has a chance of winning, so what's the point in voting? To carry on a fallacy that we're living in a democracy and we have a responsibility to mark a ballot? Grow up and get real!

It's not hard to think this through and realize that if enough people didn't vote for president, maybe the turnout would be 35% or 40% and that would send a message. Like, "you can't fool us and the party will end." A 35% vote tally would tell everyone that something is radically wrong - the public has called for big-time change. What's so wacky about that?

BTW, I will vote for some Massachusetts ballot referenda. That's about as far down-ballot as it gets. Concerning any federal elections, nope, I won't vote, I don't want to waste my vote. Withholding my vote is a vote against the system, and carries more weight than electing another corrupt pol.

RL, I'm probably your age or a little older and I admire you having the guts to make such a huge change at that point in your life. I'm too set in my ways to make that type of move.

I realized a while ago there's no way for me or anyone else to avoid the consequences of a SHTF scenario. No matter how prepared anyone is, at some point bad people will come after us, either to try to take what we have, or just to raise general havoc and violence on our person.

It's inevitable that there will come a time when we all get involved with truly vicious,life-threatening fighting, and we'll have to defend ourselves.

This will happen no matter where anyone lives. The more secluded one is, the longer it may take to find you, but eventually the bad guys will.

When I understood this, I reasoned that I shouldn't have to put in a super-major effort to relocate; so I'm staying put and getting ready to defend what's mine. At the very least, I and my loved ones will go down fighting, and that's not such a bad way to go.

Sorry for being apocalyptic, but I really do appreciate what you've accomplished, and I wanted to remind you that just because you've moved out of a highly populated area, that you will still have to fight someday. Of course, I know that we (America) still have a good chance to come out of this ok.


Have you ever noticed that when dogs piss, they don't make any effort to cover it up, but that when dogs crap, they make a half-hearted (usually unsuccessful) effort to use their hind legs to kick dirt over their shit to try to cover it up?

How long does it take to cook a hotdog with a taser?

How's this for a reality TV show idea?

TSA agent in blue rubber gloves and a blue shirt (a blue shirt, not a brown shirt) amazes the audience by cooking tasty dishes with his taser. At the end of every show, he tasers someone in the audience who screams in agony.

We need to pull-the-plug on the nascent U.S. police state and The Blue Shirts.

Intelligence effort named citizens, not terrorists

WASHINGTON (AP) — A multibillion-dollar information-sharing program created in the aftermath of 9/11 has improperly collected information about innocent Americans and produced little valuable intelligence on terrorism, a Senate report concludes. It portrays an effort that ballooned far beyond anyone's ability to control.

What began as an attempt to put local, state and federal officials in the same room analyzing the same intelligence has instead cost huge amounts of money for data-mining software, flat screen televisions and, in Arizona, two fully equipped Chevrolet Tahoes that are used for commuting, investigators found.

The lengthy, bipartisan report is a scathing evaluation of what the Department of Homeland Security has held up as a crown jewel of its security efforts. The report underscores a reality of post-9/11 Washington: National security programs tend to grow, never shrink, even when their money and manpower far surpass the actual subject of terrorism. Much of this money went for ordinary local crime-fighting.

Disagreeing with the critical conclusions of the report, Homeland Security says it is outdated, inaccurate and too focused on information produced by the program, ignoring benefits to local governments from their involvement with federal intelligence officials.

Because of a convoluted grants process set up by Congress, Homeland Security officials don't know how much they have spent in their decade-long effort to set up so-called fusion centers in every state. Government estimates range from less than $300 million to $1.4 billion in federal money, plus much more invested by state and local governments. Federal funding is pegged at about 20 percent to 30 percent.

I have before me what appears to be a Stanley No.45 Type 7B woodworker's plane. It is in it's original box and even has a "nosing tool". Don't ask me where the Milwaukee Journal from 1976 lining the box came from. My assembled (and mildly enibriated) experts are in a tither. Some say that because of the "S" stamping (Sessions as opposed to Bailey forge) and vestigal floral pattern, it was made no later than 1896. Some say no later than 1906. But the important question is this:

Do we have enough beer to last until the 4th? (that's my real birthday).

A monumental endurance test. Some pranic energy maybe? These are the tools you will need for your "World Made By Hand". This thing has been in my family for a very long time. I haven't actually used it since I was a young boy. You will notice that I gave up my vote before I gave up this tool.

And now some music! Of course I get to select.

Now, turn this way up. I wouldn't want you to miss any of the nuances.

Am I Facing Another Major Depressive Episode

I'm hoping someone can help me out. I don't take the Xanax every day, but every few days I do. I'm no longer on anti-depressants, although Zoloft was the kindest to me when it came to side effects.

I feel that I'm on the verge of breaking down again. My mood has been low for weeks, my panic attacks are getting worse (both in intensity and duration), and I'm afraid that I'm at the breaking point. I spent eight months on disability a couple years back, and now have an okay job with less than okay pay, but my wife and I get by. My insurance isn't very kind when it comes to psychiatric services, we're on a shoe-string budget, and my doctor wants me to see a professional, but I can't afford the $150 each time I would go. I think I'd benefit from therapy, but just CAN'T afford it. My wife is out of work, the bills are high, and I make "too much" to qualify for any governmental help. The local crisis center is filled with people who really don't care, I've been there plenty of times, and I refuse to just stick a random pill down my throat to see if it "works." All they wanted to do was give me pills.

WIth that, my symptoms have grown worse over the past couple of months, and I've considered going back on Zoloft. My wife is against anti-depressants and it would cause a huge rift in our otherwise fine marriage were I to start taking anti-depressants again.

I'm jumpy, VERY irritable, unhappy and feel trapped.

Can someone point me in the right direction, please?

Hello, RShackleford,

What a distressing situation for you. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to your problem. First, I would like to reframe your perception of taking an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication when needed: If you fell and broke your leg, you would consider it necessary and reasonable to have it reset and to cooperate with all possible treatment recommended. If you have a broken emotion, the same thing applies. Depression and anxiety are real illnesses that require real treatment; it's extremely unlikely that any person could manage them effectively without medical intervention. I hope you are able to discuss this with your wife within this perspective, because it is important for you to accept the available help, including medication. When a medication is prescribed, even an antibiotic, there is a trial period to see if it is effective, or if a different type is necessary. That may seem like "sticking a random pill down your throat to see if it works" but it's not random. You have to start someplace and work from there. Is your local crisis center also the local public mental health agency? Some communities have both, with some cross-over of types of service. Public mental agencies generally charge based on your ability to pay, and special considerations can be made. You can request individual therapy for depression and anxiety, and medication will be recommended. The important thing is that you receive treatment that is helpful, whether it is medication, talk therapy, or both. I urge you and your wife to reconsider your thinking on this, and pursue getting the help you need.

1. Get off the drugs.

2. How's the sex?

Oh yeah. Almost forgot. First, we will speak to you separately. Makes it easier to let it all hang out, doncha' know. Then, we will examine how you interact with each other. No violence! We will bind you with "Silly String" and go from there.

Our staff of psychiatrists will offer recommendations about this relationship.

Does the relationship have the ability to thrive within the confines of our social norms.

It's important to find out if you are both ready to accept that.

Think this is easy? Go ahead and take it out for a test drive. My party....I'll cry if I want to.

Don't you ever wonder why we have a Senate? Is it to thwart the work of the Congress?

A suggestion, from a religious nut in Dixieland...

Buy a bicycle and then ride it daily. check out Luke 9:23 where my favorite ride leader teaches cycling. Then he said to the crowd, "If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways (happy motoring), take up your cross(bicycle) daily, and follow me.

"In a study (2000), researchers at Duke University Medical Center have found that exercise works at least as well as Zoloft, a popular prescription drug, in treating clinical depression..."

Hey Welles I see you've bought into the BullShit that "Asoka' has emigrated out of the US for some unnamed spot in Latin America. You yourself are in Brazil; 'Asoka' most likely lives in one of those Over 55 Condo Developments outside Phoenix, AC cranked up against the 105F degree heat, riding around in a golf cart when he has to go out anywhere.


I feel that I'm on the verge of breaking down again.

Brother, been there, it's the worst feeling in the world, I almost didn't make it, then by chance and out of desperation I began speaking to myself out loud, in different voices as if different characters, and it provided enough relief for some reason that over time I got better.

I've recovered 95% over the past 7 years, suffered from massive panic attacks. I KNOW intimately what you are going thru.

It may sound very strange, possibly useless, to talk to yourself out loud, but I think the success was due to mental distraction that allowed my mind to finally relax.

Ignorance is bliss, as it were.

I think persons suffering from depression suffer from extreme self-introspection, no fault of their own, it's a chemical thing, and that DISTRACTION frees you from this shackle.

What do you think? I want you to get better, I don't want anyone to suffer like you do, I've been there and it's hell. But heaven awaits you brother, so tell us and we're here to help!

peace peaceniks

I would have thought that the 4/8 year period was obvious, thats when the whackjob presidential candidates show up to get themselves elected. When the economy has collapsed its likely that a jesusfreak will get the job, as nothing else has worked so far
And no, you can't make petroleum other than by getting it out of the ground. Don't think biofuel, unless you prefer driving to eating, though I suppose that would be OK if you're driving while other people are starving.
Oil has created our 'modernity'. without it our modernity will vanish like the mirage it always was..
There really are no alternatives to oil

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There really are no alternatives to oil

Brazil produces enough cheap ethanol to run its entire fleet of cars.

and modernity doesn't vanish, name any time modernity 'vanished'...the way of the world is forward.

even in the total absence of petroleum the telephone was invented. railroads were built, the camera was invented, automated manufacturing was invented, cities sprang up with great universities. all without oil.

The battery was invented in 1800. solar electricity has been invented and offers an as yet weak alternative to petroleum, but still proves the point that alternatives are capable of being found.

In Sweden they heat large train stations using the heat from the people passing through. it's called ingenuity, and it forces people to invent LED's that consume 2% of what a regular light bulb consumes. how's that for cutting energy use?

there was a national push for civil rights, poverty eradication, put a man on the moon, eradicate cholera....this consensus of action can easily be applied to any possible dire situation of oil running out.

don't give me this tired pablum of 'no oil=no modernity'. what vacuum of reasoning do you live in?

peace peaceniks

"what vacuum of reasoning do you live in?" - [wishing] welles

This from a person who responds to a cut 'n paste, question-AND-answer piece from an advice column, lifted from god-knows-where. (I guess the nearly complete moniker of a famous brand of watch wasn't any clue as to the origins of this piece of distraction.)
Who's deluuuusional? *Sheesh*

Now THAT is one sweet piece of refined technology!

And [as we all have found to our sorrow] there's never enough beer... :o(

As Patprick Hornry was wont to yell, "Give me intoxicants, or give me... uh... some OTHER kind of intoxicants! Yeah, that's it."

Hoppy Birthday, X!

What? No squalid adobe huts and delicious cracked corn for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
I'm SO disappointed. My trust in humanity's goodness and truthiness has been crushed, I tell you, CRUSHED!

**(Ps, I shouldn't have said anything; now we're in for a deluge of aforementioned bullshit. Damnit. Shhhhh!)**

Hey, WSP and RT, did you guys check THIS shit?
Poor Pete; second time a vehicle has entered his store without permission in as many years. This time I'm afraid it's damn near unfixable due to monetary constraints.

Whoa, dude, not good!

come on Radu, ( Vlad) a chicken in the cha-cha? I can't see it.Maybe I can but it just seems wrong. Was it a hen or a cock?
Vlad is just such a prude isn't he?

I had to share this.

portions of M. Morford essay

In my yoga studies, in the philosophy spanning back thousands of years to the Upanishads, in the teachings that are fundamental to yoga and life as I know them, comes this wonderful piece of wisdom and advice I try to carry through to my classes – and also to what I read, ingest, consume, drink and live and kiss and drive, et al – every single day.
It goes like this: Whatever we contemplate, whatever we place our attention on, that we become.
In other words, attention defines experience; the world is your awareness of it. Focus your attention on the certain aspects of the world – the pain, the complaints, the stress, the GOP, the ugliness, man’s inhumanity to man – and not only do you give all those things more life and power, you yourself become and embody them, your internal energy state shifts and molds to fit the objects of your attention. Your very vibration slows to a sludgy, bitumen-like crawl.
Or rather, it can, if you’re not damned careful.


Attention defines experience; it’s what famed author Georg Feuerstein called “the destiny-making power of the mind.” Pour all contemplation, all energy away from deepening the Self and instead toward profit, status, money and the endless ephemeral goods of the world, and watch as the world increasingly satisfies you. Not. At. All.

"If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways (happy motoring), take up your cross(bicycle) daily, and follow me."

Feed my sheep!! I have a friend named DUKE who believes the same thing. Coincidence? I think not.

Click on my name up by the little blue wrench on top of this comment. The future can be fun. Enjoy.

"Click on my name up by the little blue wrench on top of this comment. The future can be fun. Enjoy."

If the slides are out of sync with the captions click your browser reload and that should help.

Such are the perils of a "Web Page Made By Hand".

Share letters to Editor:

And leave the driving to them
I have begun to notice that there is an interest in having vehicles that will do the driving for you ("Robotic vehicles get the go-ahead," Sept. 26). You simply decide where you want to go, and the robotized vehicle will take you there, hopefully safe and sound.

Well, this is going to surprise everyone, but there already are vehicles that do that, and not only that. They also do not require you to repair, maintain, insure, clean or purchase fuel for them. So, where can I get one on these fabulous vehicles, you ask, and what is it called?

Public transportation. Such a brilliant idea, so cooperative, collaborative, economical and so, so civilized. Is it not the perfect time to celebrate and expand its use?

Ron Greenstein, El Cerrito

Survival depends on cooperation

It is time to read again the Porcupine Fable.
It was the coldest winter ever. Many animals died because of the cold. The porcupines, realizing the situation, decided to group together.
This way they covered and protected themselves. However, the quills of each one wounded their closest companions, even though they gave off heat to one another.
After awhile, some decided to distance themselves, one from the other. But those who did, died off, one by one, alone and frozen.
Those remaining had to make a choice: either accept the quills of their companions or disappear from the earth. They decided to go back to being together. This way they learned to live with the little wounds that were caused by the close relationship with their companions, but their collective heat brought about survival.
Is there any way this fable can be couched in language sufficiently simple for our leaders to understand?

W. Frederick Shaw
El Cerrito

I saw that on the news 03, nice job Mr Tri-axle driver. Didn't the asshole see the truck ramp at the bottom of the hill? Some people, Sheesh! That hill is a bitch. I can't imagine going down it in a loaded log truck! It drops 328 ft. in the last half mile. That is a 12.5 % grade! Can you say SMOKED BRAKES?

Like all good ideas, it becomes bad when carried to an extreme. Millions of New Agers for example, believe that if you notice someone is angry that means you are angry - otherwise you wouldn't even notice it. Or a variant: the observed person isn't angry at all - you're just projecting your anger onto them. What a great communication destroyer that one is, eh?

The Discourses arrived in the mail. Noticed Baba's strong condemnation of birth control devices. Says that they encourage the acting out of lust and promiscuity. The Church says the same thing - and that they lead to more abortions since they often fail or are forgotten. Baba doesn't even mention abortion - could it be that he approves of it? Tend to doubt it he believed the same as the Church.

Now how many Baba Lovers embrace these teachings? Or do they ignore them? People attracted to the East are overwhelmingly Liberal yet the Teaching themselves are often quite conservative. A contradiction for those involved. At the same time I acknowledge that Fundamentalism is alien to the Path. A true seeker must have the best of both Liberalism and Conservatism.

Public Transportation? Great idea marred by the extreme rudeness and violence of the American People - particularly the minorities - Blacks being by far the worst.

Gated communities will becomed walled villages. Look at how Mayor Bloomberg has benefited New York by his ethnic profiling of minority kids - tens of thousands of knives and guns have been confiscated - countless lives saved. In Detroit, one downtown mall had a winning idea: no kids under 18 allowed in without a parent or guardian. The good kids are penalized but it was absolutely necessary. Many malls all over America have gone under due to gangs driving customers away.

The Jews of Brookline and Newton will probably set up armed neighborhood enclaves if they haven't already. You might want to relocate.

Obama's coming war against the suburbs - how dare Whites leave the Cities! It's theft!

Regional Equity is Agenda 21 coming to your area soon.

Male dogs lift leg, to spray their odor, and mark their turf to other dogs.
They dont want to hide that, but advertise it.

Just when ya think youve read it all:

attorney representing five Simi Valley sex offenders who sued the city over limits to their Halloween activities said the lawsuit will be the first of several she expects to file over such restrictions.

Lawyer Janice Bellucci heads the 18-month-old advocacy group California Reform Sex Offender Laws. On Friday, she filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming that Simi Valley's ordinance violates her clients' First Amendment rights.

The suit seeks a judge's order prohibiting enforcement of the ordinance in Simi Valley, which has 119 registered sex offenders, according to a city report. Bellucci is representing five unnamed sex offenders, three of their spouses and two minor children, she said.

The ordinance, adopted Sept. 10, prohibits registered sex offenders in the Ventura County city of about 125,000 from displaying Halloween decorations, answering the door to trick-or-treaters or having outside lighting after dark on Oct. 31.

Simi Valley councilman and LAPD officer Mike Judge said the law is modeled after similar Halloween laws enforced in other California cities, and is meant to protect children.

"This law was generated by citizens asking the City Council to do something," Judge said. "And it didn’t seem unreasonable for the City Council to take it up.

"As far as I’m concerned, our law doesn’t go as far as other laws in the state of California and it still, in our opinion, protects our children a little bit better than not having it."

Cartwheels? Hilarious. You're a funny guy Buck.

But on the off chance that you're serious, no pal, not this cowboy.

OK Buck I'll give you one thing. One area Obama might be different is that Obama doesn't dick around when it comes to the whacking stick. If he can grease a jihadi or two he does it as numerous drone attacks and the bin Laden rub out demonstrate (that's assuming they actually did get bin Laden).

So the question is what about Romney. They say that presidents have to act without the luxury of time and reliable data. But according to what I've heard, Romney is deliberative, Romney wants hard data.

Romney understands money. But what would he do in a situation where the decision isn't about money. What if he has to make a tough call, where there's wheels within wheels, seen and unseen, where it's about foreign powers and shadowy so-called "non-state actors"?

Would Romney put his cojones on the anvil the way Obama does? What if it's a life/death decision and all Romney has is a flimsy latticework of supposed facts provided by non Americans (allies or not) whose motivations are at best unknown or at least suspect, filtered by Americans working at intelligence agencies (whose agendas may be just as suspect), where these "facts" are both buttressed AND contradicted by "expert" opinion, where "expert" advisors give diametrically opposing advice?

So would Romney have it in him to make the call to backstop Israel - or not - if Israel decides to hammer Iran? What if Bibi calls Romney and says to him "this is the 11th hour, we're going, are you in or are you out?".

Would Romney dissolve in a dither? Or would he act decisively and shape events? Would he say "Look asswipe, the holocaust was three generations ago so if you think we're going to war for you guys you're all nuts. Buzz off and do what you have to do."

What if, in Romney's opinion, good judgment dictates that America stand back and just let Israel and Iran duke it out? Would he have it in him to forthrightly and, without blinking, get up on his hind legs and justify himself?

What would Obama do in this situation? We might have some idea since we've been watching him for four years. And Obama developed some cred as a shotcaller. Does Romney have any? I don't know. Romney might have it in him. But I don't envy you guys that have to make that decision.

Can't see it? It is better so, Rip, it is better so. You don't want to be like poor Dale - he not only sees it but likes it.

Got a nice little rant for you guys this week at Small Batch Garden titled "No Country For Energy Descent." The world has officially lost its mind...

Cheers, Clusterfuckers.
Tripp out.

"Robotized vehicle will take you there, hopefully safe and sound."

Shock and awe well disguised. A hard pull on the media's technology bedazzlement lever and don't look at the man behind the curtain. He is hard at work keeping you from noticing things, don't notice him it is only fair.

The common dog believes in magic and all the toys of man are mysterious to most of us. We don't know it is only a few physical laws which are being exploited with a handful of ideas repackaged in countless ways. Conservation of energy rules all, equations balance and there is no magic.

Regarding there being no difference between the Repubicrats. While it is true that both are corporatists a Romney Presidency will make the privatization party of Chile's former dictator Pinochet look like a summer concert in the park. Even things nailed down won't be safe and the aristocratic wet dream of uncle Milty will be in full flower.

Both are corporatists and lead us to ruin. QuObama's death will be death by a thousand cuts. Death by Romney will be a quick fatal jab to the heart.

"Tis not so deep as a well nor so wide as a church-door, but ’tis enough, ’twill serve. Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man. I am peppered, I warrant, for this world. A plague o' both your houses!"

So choose your poison or vote K-Dog.

I wonder if Naomi Klein would like a government job? Maybe VP if Ralph turns me down?


I thank you for bringing this to our attention. No doubt the king of drones has been talking to Rahm Emanuel about the proper use of toys for repression and subjugation of the populace. Did you know that when you apply at Wal-Mart you get food stamp applications. Joined at the hip, the new fascist state.

However I must take issue as a matter of conscience with your statement:


Clearly shown in the photographs is a microwave brain cooker and while a population that tacitly approves of murder and torture may deserve such treatment my higher power says no.

Microwave Brain Cookers: as used in South Africa and Chile (somebody help me here).

Urban drones. Today they just take pictures, (mostly) but tomorrow is another day.


What's a citizen to do?

One thing to do is support this project:

When all the bricklayers, and all the machinists, and all the miners, and blacksmiths, and printers, and hod-carriers, and stevedores, and house-painters, and brakemen, and engineers, and conductors, and factory hands, and horse-car drivers, and all the shop-girls, and all the sewing-women, and all the telegraph operators; in a word all the myriads of toilers in whom is slumbering the reality of that thing which you call Power...when these rise, call the vast spectacle by any deluding name that will please your ear, but the fact remains a Nation has risen.

I'm generally good about identifying quotes an exceptions being the eternal bard for whom such oversight is acceptable. In this case I honor the man more by letting you google it.

This link is to the project trailer directly.


&@9992; should be ✈

This time the link should work. Using a blockquote for the link's title did not work. I also don't know why the last try did not work. This time I'll do it like most dogs do.

I think it is time for a nap. Right now technology is winning and I still have sunlight on the carpet.

To Tagheue2F

Regarding your efforts to rebalance yourself: GABA is the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter synthesized in the brain. Increasing GABA results in relaxing and lowering of anxiety. This can be accomplished naturally, usually with a 500 mg dose of L-Taurine twice a day. Or companies like ProThera make GABA as a supplement.

L-Taurine is available at health food stores. ProThera company can probably recommend a holistic provider in your area since they are not sold over the counter. 888-488-2488. It would be best to have a trained holistic health practitioner take on your case,and this would mean getting to the cause and not just drugging you. I'm with your wife, try to find alternatives to drugs, which always have side-effects. But do something, because the worry over the depression or anxiety is just adding to the load you are carrying. Also, natural B-vitamins (not made from coal tar which is most of what is sold everywhere) are very relaxing. Life Extension online sells a good one. You must be sure to get the B6 as pyridoxal 5-phosphate as that is part of the GABA pathway.

To BeanTown Bill,

Thanks for the post. We are defended as best we can be. We'd like a high view tower (scaffolding maybe?) - just haven't got to that yet. Congrats to you for not just sitting and waiting to be a victim, no matter where you are. So many of our old city friends are in exactly that predicament, and don't want to think about it.

I had no idea that you were such a conspiracy theorist, Bill.

"You are inhaling the bullshit TPTB are slinging. Really, they own both major party candidates, and no alternate candidate has a chance of winning, so what's the point in voting? To carry on a fallacy.."

Wow, TPTB and everything. Just as an aside, what ethnicity do you envision in YOUR version of TPTB?
We both know what Vlad envisions, right?.

Moving on - here's the participation data for Federal elections. This begins to show why you are wrong.
In presidential election years participation has dropped from 63% in 1960 down to the 50-55% range where it was in the last election.

Off-year (read CONGRESSIONAL) years - we're ALREADY at the 35% range where you contend that Those Powers That Be would become alarmed.


I'm glad you admit that you do go to the polls and vote for something, Bill.

But if you just leave the Presidential box blank - please don't do it with an idea that anyone in power is EVER going to care.

Fare better to write in Micky Freakin' Mouse, or vote for the Green or the Libertarian -

Best of all, why not write in K-Dog?

A protest vote needs to be recorded, if it is going to count for something.
Back to our original argument - a vote has to be actually recorded SOMEWHERE.

So it's stupid to say that "not voting" is a "vote."

I have no idea how you can argue otherwise.

OK, CFN, the first Pres. debate is about to start. I skipped the conventions as mindless blathering coronations.

But one of these two characters - Mittens or Obomber - is going to be the next POTUS.

Like it or not, folks -
History is in the making, tonight.

"As Patprick Hornry was wont to yell, "Give me intoxicants, or give me... uh... some OTHER kind of intoxicants! Yeah, that's it."

Don't forget your history!

It's "Give me librium or give me meth!"

Fer cryin' out loud...

"It goes like this: Whatever we contemplate, whatever we place our attention on, that we become."

I would find it a lot easier to contemplate on a life that I would like to have, if the cops would quit hittin' me on the head and dragging me off to jail for vagrancy.

Obama's like that Rock at

He's whatever the you believe he is....

The World will come to an end if you don't believe in The Rock!

The World will come to an end if you don't Vote for the Rock!

Vote for The Rock!

I've heard enough though most of the herd is still listening.

Obama: My spreadsheet is better than yours.

Romney: No it isn't your spreadsheet has holes in it and doesn't know how to get money out of thin air like mine does. My spreadsheet is better than yours because it gets balanced after we grow the economy so the rich don't have to give anything up.

Obama: Your spreadsheet unbalanced by seven trillion dollars.

Romney: My spreadsheet is better than yours.

Obama: My spreadsheet is better than yours.

Romney: My spreadsheet grows the economy and creates jobs.

Romney: My spreadsheet creates jobs and grows the economy.

Romney: My spreadsheet grows the economy and creates jobs.

Romney: We have to grow the economy.

Obama: We have to grow the economy.

Obviously since both of the idiots worship the god of growth without question neither can or will prepare us for the long emergency now upon us. "Four more years of implacable contraction that will make the Great Depression look like an episode of Cake Boss" has become inevitable.

Dogs have good ears and after some initial training we get amazingly good at hearing things. That Romney is evil and mendacious. He is all about getting you to eat rotten meat and making you think it is good. I heard his sophistry very clearly.

Obama rides across the stage of life like Pee-Wee Hermon on a kids trike thinking he is leading us somewhere because he sincerely believes the ways which got us into this mess must surly be the way to get us out Not that he isn't up to any slick fib that will get him his way.

Clueless, both of them. If either of them wind up having something valuable to say I'm sure I will hear about it. For me my time is better spent than hearing the same tired cluelessness.

Best of all, why not write in K-Dog?

A protest vote needs to be recorded, if it is going to count for something.
Back to our original argument - a vote has to be actually recorded SOMEWHERE.

So it's stupid to say that "not voting" is a "vote."


Thank you very much.

Thanks for the advice, but Newton and Brookline are very affluent areas next to the big city and will become obvious targets. Besides, who wants to be in a Jewish area when the SHTF? I don't like walking around with a bullseye across my back. I think I'd be a lot safer where I am now.

X, you're getting this all mixed up with Nathan Hale, who famously said, "I regret I only have but one life to give for my high."

I was going to write you in, K-Dog, but I can't support you after your comments the other day on Israel. They were so typical, and so blind, and so wrong. You made a big mistake when you started hanging with Pavlov's pack of dogs. I still like you, though.

I'm going to bed soon and am too tired to think through a cogent reply, but I will reply again to your comment. My ISP was down all day until a half hour ago, so I couldn't see your post.

I just saw a video recording of pilgrims at M...e c ca.

There was a white bloke with a beer belly, crew cut, tortoise shell glasses in a blue TSA uniform who was rubbing the Black Stone with his blue rubber gloves.

Didn't Romney used to work for a private equity firm called "Bain Capital"?

I looked up the word "bain" and found the word "bagnio", which is defined as:

1. A brothel; a stew; a house of prostitution.

"Aren't you going to take off your blue rubber gloves?"

"I never take off my blue rubber gloves."

America, you have become a nation of enablers and apologists for tyranny and mass murder. You condemn the Nazi and gulag guards of times past even as you celebrate your own mercenaries and torturers, even as you explain away, if not outright cheer, the unspeakable crimes committed by your sons and daughters. You don’t care who you kill, as long as your soldiers are paid, and your munitions, bomb and tank factories are humming.

Safely ensconced in academic luna parks, your leading intellectuals lean slightly right or left, but never enough to rock this blazing gunboat, lest they sour the cocktail parties or, god forbid, have their tenure revoked. Mouths stuffed with antipasti, they’re expert at sidestepping Israel’s prolific crimes, 9/11, Bin Laden’s faux death or the parasitic Federal Reserve, and as another joke election nears, they’re all gung ho about candidates who back illegal wars and banking frauds, since each is supposedly the lesser of two evils.

For the past five presidential elections, winning candidates have won 52.9%, 50.7%, 47.9%, 49.2% and 43% of the popular votes respectively, so there hasn’t been an overwhelming mandate for any of them, but with the runner ups from the other major party often close behind, and in 2000, actually ahead in the popular vote count, the two-party system has gotten a stranglehold on our public life and pocketbooks. As for our senators, only two are not Democrat or Republican. An American election, then, is basically a rigged referendum for this thoroughly corrupt and murderous system, and simply by voting, you will give it the green light to go on killing and looting. Every four years, we’re railroaded into sanctioning endless war and bottomless corruption. If disappointed, we’re then steered by our brainwashing and dumbing down media to a near clone of our current rapist.

Obama seemed very weak tonight - as if he had just been serviced by one of his "body men". Remember, one drop of sperm is eqivalent to a hundred drops of blood. Once a month is the absolute maximum allowed for a middle aged man. Who says? Nature. Sorry Ladies, you'll just have to make do. Of course there is the possibility of Karezza...

I recently read an article discussing the growing problem of TSA agents stealing stuff in passengers' baggage. Apparently, some TSA agents can't resist stealing fancy electronic gadgets, jewelry, cash, etc. that they see in bags using all of their fancy scanners.

They interviewed one former TSA agent who appears to be a kleptomaniac. He literally couldn't resist himself.

Kleptomania is the term for the psychological disorder of a person who has an irresistible compulsion to steal things.

What is the term for the psychological disorder of a person who has an irresistible compulsion to push people around?

The Hasids will protect you in Brookline. They have a Temple near Coolidge Corner.

Interesting article about Hispanic Assimilation - much foodfor thought if you have the appetite.

Only a quarter of them think of themselves as Americans first. And although they become more like us in the 2nd and 3rd generation - that's not such a good thing: more out of wedlock children, decrease in health, liberal attitudes about Gays etc. But get this: the later generations think they are being discriminated against more than the 1st generation does. Evidently, becoming aggrieved is the essence of being American now. It doesn't bode well does it? If the Italians had this kind of support team pandering to them they might never have assimilated either.

At lot of the Agents are Black. And Blacks are born thieves.

Which university has the best graduate studies program in Eugenics?



The state of North Carolina is currently considering proposals of paying compensation to people who were sterilized as part of the state’s controversial eugenics program. The North Carolina Eugenics Board sterilized thousands of people, many against their will, along with 32 other American states.

Do you buy your pets clothes

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" Lu Yajiang stupefied.He almost forgot, previously Zhang Haohan said, one is like other monster beats by dre within the Hanjiang river.If Han Jiangzhen is his father, then Han Cheng, Han Cheng who will be? The article author needs to say: Thanks a lot, Mr.

long comment ~ ~ hard attack In, 41~~~~~ Zhang Haohan a to kill to remove I never resist appearance, Yang Renhe wouldn't let Lu Yajiang together with hands.Lu Yajiang is injured, but an infinite cheats or estoppel, now's Yajiang usually are not his opponent, Yang Ren monk anonymous, so efforts to persuade: "brother Han, you raise an excellent injury again, for those who have an amazing misfortune, your family the best way to do?" Lu Yajiang presently has to wireless headphones settle down, and believe Yang Renhe said rational.

These so-called right not at all times fighting techinques than their Mojiao people trusted.Although he hated Liu Yuantong by having a vast, then Liu Yuantong is killed, but he'd more significant things you can do, not something here, take Zhang Haohan's life, anf the husband will endure his injury.

Then beats headphones he coldly: "love you." "Turn on one's heel, to catch at the Yang Renhe. Lu Yajiang left your own home looking for road to the Hanjiang River Valley town bustling place scamper, Yang Renhe couldn't know he'd something necessary to do, but after stumbling and also.

For decades, Lu Yajiang within a restaurant staring at the monitor stopped, and found for the restaurant signs, his mouth filled up with a major smile, marched in. Yang Ren ran after her, see Lu Yajiang has sat down at a clear chair table, then also designed to be seated, carefully surveyed surrounding circumstances, depress voice asked: "what will this be place?" Lu Yajiang gave him a queer look: "you arrived in don't see sign?Ruyi restaurant.

" Yang Ren catch hair: "I mean, you're here to check into what?" Lu Yajiang surprised: "investigation?I am hungry, come in to nibble on ah." Yang Ren dumbfounded. Before long, the 2nd holding beats by dre review menu back,, Lu Yajiang started recption menus looked lost it back: "pork beef mutton meat meat is meat dishes, just give me a duplicate.

" The 2nd left, he beats by dre tour touched the belly: "ten days do not eat meat."Sympathetic eyes check out the Yang Ren, "you aim for not too long not to have eaten meat.Never mind, I invite you eat the meal.

" Yang Ren and close mouth to silence. In a little while, a lot more than 10 disc oil monster beats pro large meat food sent up, placed the table heap full.Lu Yajiang lift chopsticks glut oneself with delicacies, Yang Ren recently roast bird roast pheasant roasted rabbit eat sick, would not have much appetite, then watched him eat.

The Etch-A Sketch Man and The 90lb Weakling

Last night I worked late, but managed to get home in time for the debates. It was a surreal experience, but why am I surprised.

This is the age of surrealism after all. We speak in political terms as if we were back in the 1960's not really discussing how this country is now run for and by the top 400 people. They will continue to get all they want.

This is an inverted communist global system imposing war and the shock doctrine on countries. We have created a domino effect of debt deflation for million of people around the world.

We’re seeing Latvia, Greece, Ireland, Spain and soon Italy. This thing is a gigantic gift to the banks who got $23Trillion all told world-wide.

As the post Keynesian Michael Hudson says, the banks are destroying the sovereignty of these countries as if they are getting the spoils of war without the giant mobilization and money it takes to wage one.

The wars we do fight bring in the big bucks for no-bid contractors. We must always have one going on, these guys have to make their quarterly profits.

Why can’t Obama speak?
Because they are pretending that this is still the country it was in the ’60′s with pretty much the same issues and the American people don’t grasp what this is. What e have become is the big secret---just keep watching the TV , folks, everything will be fine. We think we can hook one up for your very own cardboard box home, when you get to be a senior citizen.

Romney is a different flavor every time he speaks. He is the etch-a-sketch man who literally lies to the nation onstage–not admitting what his tax plan is about! Obama tried to call him out but he wouldn’t own up to it.

Hint: Romney doesn't pick Ryan as his VP for nothing....

The American people just look at body language so Romney can lie cheat and steal right in front of us and he’ll win the debate!
So question is does Obama want to stay in the WH? I'm not convinced he does.

What a sad day for this country when a plutocrat like Romney can even run for this election let alone possible win.

I assure you that under Ryan/Romney—people will die younger!

What'd you say?

"I was going to write you in, K-Dog, but I can't support you after your comments the other day on Israel. They were so typical, and so blind, and so wrong." -b of boston to K of dog-

Bill, you're going to have to elaborate.
I don't recall anything that K said about Israel that was all that bad.

Or, Bill, is any negative, whatsoever, about Israel grounds for writing off a fellow poster or a politician forever??

Speaking of which, Bill.
Should I vote for the Mormon close-friend of Netanyahu who is likely to back Israel regardless of logic or outcome?

Or should I vote for the Kenyan?

Do you suppose, Bill, that Those PTB arranged this whole political mini-conflict to attempt to turn traditionally liberal US Jewish voters -
much more conservative?

That's a nice multi-layered conspiracy.
Isn't it?

Since you refuse to vote, maybe my ballot can be a proxy for yours. ?

"Do you suppose, Bill, that Those PTB arranged this whole political mini-conflict to attempt to turn traditionally liberal US Jewish voters -
much more conservative?

That's a nice multi-layered conspiracy.
Isn't it?" -P4s

If you don't think this very idea (why... the very IDEA!) was batted around in the septic confines of think-tanks and various campaign strategy sessions, you might want to think again. (It's all about which buttons aggravate which reptilian responses.)

**Somebody please dig up Eddie Bernays and hang what's left of his rotten corpse from the flagpole outside of Langley and wherever the NSA hides their evil asses. (Half and half will do.) You'll be doing the country a great service; please post video on metube and pics on Faceplant. Thank you.**

Wrap your head around this:

The Stasi had 1 out of 7 persons in E. Germany under surveillance.
'Merka (the beauteous) has 7 out of 7 persons under surveillance.

Now that's what I call success!

It's "Give me librium or give me meth!"

Fer cryin' out loud... -X.

Damnit! I never get that one right. Thanks for the correction. Consider me appropriately chastened.

Which university has the best graduate studies program in Eugenics? -Pucker

Why, Pucker, me bai, I'm glad you've asked! I can help.
The very best is to be found at the University of Nigerhaten, very near to Berchtesgaden (home of the famed Eagle's Nest, now a pleasant restaurant).

To All,
Thanks for the reports on the "debate". If you make it sound funny or strange enough, I may just watch it tonight myself. Will it leave a stain? (Fight nicely now, Poppets.)

Do you remember the T-100 model from the first Terminator movie?

How 'come they never programmed the T-100s to speak English without an Austrian accent, or to wipe and flush the toilet?

The software must be fucked up?

I'm voting for the Black Stone because it's black.

Ozone, prepare yourself. Romney killed Big Bird.

Yes Romney crush Obama - and Obama is alot like Big Bird. Good stuff - your meditation vacation has refreshed your creativity.

K-dog, I shared this post of yours on facebook saying it came from a fellow posting a blog who speaks my sense things. I hope that works for you. Let me know if you think doing that was inappropriate.

Make mine Orange.

Dude! Let's listen to Ozone's favorite - Led Zep's Houses of the Holy as we lower the casket into the Earth.

You joke of things beyond your ken, churl (or should I say CHUD). The Eagle's Nest is one of the Holy Sites described in Savitri Devi's book "Pilgrimage".

The California Legislature just passed a resolution banning all criticism of Israel on Campus. Not binding - just floated out there you understand. But if not resisted, it will grow teeth until we resemble the police states of Western Europe. The Iron Curtain has moved westward and is now over the Atlantic.

If this is too Christian for you to believe, just google Israel, University of California and you'll get lots of other entries.

Liberal? Conservative? Are you sure those categories are as universal as you think? The Hispanics are "conservative" on social issues as far as voting (not in their daily lives) but "liberal" when it comes to benefits, affirmative action, etc.

Likewise the Jews. They are Liberal when it suits them and conservative when it doesn't. The operative principle is "what's good for the Jews". I don't condemn them - everyone's like that - everyone except us. So don't be projecting our idealism onto other people. Everyone else votes their best interests. Maybe we have something to learn here? I mean I'm all for some idealism, but the average White Democratic voter is in favor of policies which discriminate against their own children.

Of course the ones with money can get around these pitfalls and end up with their Republican "enemies" at elite schools, etc. I thought you understood all this but apparently not.

CHUD means Carniverous Humanoid Underground Dweller". It's a low thing compared with Phylos the Tibetan, Dweller on two Planets.

Zone lives in his mountain cave jamming to Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy while munching on uncooked vittles one can neither raise nor buy. A graduate of the University of Dysgenics at Whitehatin, Germany.

I'm more sanguine about the assimilation thing. Hispanics say that they don't identify as "white". I think this is an exaggeration of differences. Just ethnic puffery and nothing more. They'll get over themselves. Time passes, times change, people inter-marry and people forget.

USUALLY they forget. If people leave the old scabs alone that is. Talk like this: "religious nuts and Dixieland ignoranti" is asking for trouble. And if you look for it you generally find it. Your trouble isn't a Spanish/Anglo divide.

People don't suddenly get stupid south of the Mason Dixon line and their IQs don't magically increase to the north of it. But you hear this bigotry all the time. People that propagate it have this blindness to the nuttery in the north of the country. Contrary to what they think people in the north are no more evidence or reality based than folks to the south.

How's Gidget doing? Did you ever stuff her wild bikini?

Obama might be better on the principle of "worse is better". His presidency and the empowerment of Blacks to mob violence has awakened countless Whites. Whereas Romeny would be like Bush - just more war, brown immigration, etc.

Yes we are in danger of forgetting everything, most of all ourselves.

Assimilate to our Culture? Where? What Culture? You mean TV and Credit Cards and shit? There's nothing here and they know it. So they'll take everything we have and keep on being themselves - and make us 2nd class citizens. Remember when Quebec demanded bilingualism as a requirement of civil service. It will come here too. Countless Anglos were ruined then and will br ruined here as well.

They have a right to their trashy culture - in their own country. And we have to have a chance to remember our culture and thus ourselves.

That works for me and I give permission to anyone to use anything I post here any way they wish.

I only ask that you not use it to turn dog against dog because I want all dogs to get together and get along. That said let your conscience be your guide.

I know how you feel, don't worry about it.

My position on Israel matches that of some liberal Jewish Americans. Saying I've joined Pavlov's pack of dogs is funny but inaccurate.

I support Israel but can't abide their maltreatment of the Palestinians. If you feel differently I respect that but my opinions are my own based on a personal commitment to peace and justice. I developed my attitude without any help from Noam Chomsky (who I later learned feels much as I do), entirely on my own.

The trigger to my attitude was when I learned many years ago (in the public library before the internet)that the income ratio between an Israeli and a Palestinian was twenty to one. That factoid stopped me in my tracks for such a ratio cannot help but show injustice.

I'd write more but I just heard a bell and I need to see if there is some food in my doggie dish. I just got really hungry.

The two dickweeds forgot to invite me to their chat last night. Since they forgot I've decided to tell what they both forgot to do last night. Explain things to the American people.

The Budget

Ignore his solution. A K-Dog solution is far more sophisticated. He is an accountant an best he focus on the details. That's his forte.

Who cares who has the better spreadsheet if both don't deal with reality.

"Artificial Intelligence" is redundant.

I met Robert Plant once.
And, unrelated, my dad had worked on a legal case for them.

Which university has the best graduate studies program in Eugenics? -Pucker
Has to be Univ. of Oregon, in Eugene.

I want to know which university has the best graduate study program in Ebonics. At a cost of a mere $50k, no doubt ;(

I want to know which university has the best graduate study program in Ebonics. At a cost of a mere $50k, no doubt ;(
Ask Vlad. I think he's doing post-doc right now.

Looks like Eastwood was right about the empty chair - an empty suit with a blue tie showed up last night.

So, K-Dog, what's your position on the need to balance federal budgets and the impact of the federal debt? Sorry if you've addressed this previously.

The only thing I wonder about is whether Bill or Hillary will succeed in getting the other bumped off.
Otherwise the regime could develop into something like the brief joint Roman emperorship of Pupienus and Balbinus (238 AD).

I missed this the first time LOL !

This historical precedent for this is the Ottoman Empire where if you were a man and had the good fortune of mounting the throne of the Ottoman Empire, you were expected, by law, to put all your brothers to death.

I'm sure there are other historical precedents but I'll go with the one gets bumped off scenario. There is still that carpet to clean. Joint rulership like Rome; I don't think so.

I'll save the specifics until I release my tax returns. My tax returns are sure to get me elected. As specifics cuts will piss somebody off I'll slam dunk the election first.

But I'll give you a hint. The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy are gone. But seriously the budget has to be totally redone.

Entitlements are safe. Fines for businesses who do not produce a certain percentage of what they make domestically are coming. The only way to avoid these fines will be to increase domestic employment by certain calendar dates and I'll have some people work out the details.

This will reverse unemployment instantly. If that is an exaggeration OK then, it will take a few days. Tax breaks will be going to businesses that address the problems of America's sacrifice zones.

The budget gets balanced by taking things in new directions. The old ways don't work. We have to re-prioritize everything.

Thanks K-Dog, but more specifically sir, what is your position on federal budget deficits/surpluses theoretically/philosophically? What does each represent and what are the repercussions of each? What should be the GOAL of the federal budgeting process with respect to the three general economic cycles; expansion, downturn, and recovery? Indeed, what is the PURPOSE of taxation and debt/money issuance itself? I ask not to determine if you've got a PhD Economist level of comprehension of money matters (indeed, I sincerely hope that you don't!), but rather, merely to determine if "your dog will hunt."

Kibble and Tail Wags

Big Bird was a potent symbol of Tyranny and Racism. He deserves to die. Sesame Street was a ruthless attempt to shove the multicultural agenda down the throat of White America.

A giant in the field of Racial Science has gone to the realm of the lute and the lyre.

Brain Williams just said that a giant comet is coming which may be brighter than the moon. This is what we've been waiting for. If it real, it's the end. If it's a trick, it's also the end.

Remember when the Old Ones tried to leave Antartica when it began to freeze, they found that their wings had atrophied and they couldn't. Ages before they have flown thru space itself.

No disrespect Radu Voda, but could a MORE IGNORANT subject EVER have been brought up in such a supposedly "august" arena? The fact that anyone of reasonable intelligence could even repeat it, never mind actually lend it political credence, is perhaps indicative of our times. Fitting that Romney brought it up in the first place. Fitting as well that Obama and his acolytes even acknowledged it. Fitting for the rest of us in that we're even discussing it.

That link you posted makes the issue look like what (once again AWOL) Kooshtik would call a temptress in a teacup. or something. haha ;-)

However, in researching what's going on out in the UC system - in that left coast bastion of the land of fruits and nuts - I came upon this:

"More than 2,200 students, faculty and alumni - many of them Jewish - have signed a petition asking UC President Mark Yudof to set aside the report......

The dispute is a collision between civil rights and free speech, where allegiances can't always be sorted out by religion. And it suggests a microcosm at UC of the conflict in the Middle East: angry, defensive, intractable.

Mistrust among student groups has festered for years. But 2010 was especially rough for multiethnic harmony:

Swastikas appeared in numerous locations at UC Berkeley and UC Davis. Also at Davis, someone defaced the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center with derogatory words.

At UC San Diego, students used racial slurs and caricatures of black people in Facebook invitations to two "Compton Cookouts" ridiculing Black History Month. A student used slurs on campus TV to mock those who complained. Someone hung a noose in the Geisel Library.

At UC Merced, students posted a cartoon video lampooning classmates who requested a Chicano studies minor.

The incidents were "quite simply the worst acts of racism and intolerance I've seen on college campuses in 20 years," Yudof said at the time.

"the worst 20 years"

There has always been a saying in the hinterlands, that trends start on the West Coast and then spread East.

If multiculturalism is ending - as indeed it MUST, someday - since all things, good or bad, must end - - -

Then it stands to reason that the end of multiculturalism in the United States is likely to appear - first, at least - at various units of the University System of California.


it is time to think about finding a place to settle down and buckle up, folks.

This could be a long wild ride.

If multiculturalism is ending - as indeed it MUST, someday - since all things, good or bad, must end.

So, I take that to mean that monoculturalism must end someday as well? How exactly is that going to work out?

OK, so revise the cut-off percentages lower. The point is that at some level, disenchanted voters will make everyone take notice. Or vote for lower-level positions and skip the rest.

I don't know or care what ethnicity TPTB are. Not relevant.

Stupid is thinking that your vote ultimately means anything; it hasn't for a very long time, if ever.

I'm not a conspiracy believer. What's happening is just a natural evolution based on man's nature.

I thought the Compton Cookout was like 5 years ago.
Muslim students have been violent with Jewish ones in Toronto. I saw that pop up on Yahoo news.

Any good news?

I'm not a conspiracy believer. What's happening is just a natural evolution based on man's nature.

Agreed, but the word's devolution.

Do you know what happened to Amanda Wallace?
If not google her name and 'you tube about UCLA'.

You could try 5-HTP. It does the same thing that the SSRIs do--increases serotonin--without causing a brain-poisoning build-up of serotonin between the synapses.

If you can afford to get any blood work done, test for the following:
Cortisol and DHEA, (adrenals).
T3 and T4, (thyroid).
Hormone imbalance can cause depression, hypothyroidism in particular.

Exercise may help, unless your adrenals are depleted, in which case your condition may worsen somewhat. If exercise lays you flat, completely exhausts you, your adrenals may be depleted. An undersupply of the adrenal hormones is itself sometimes a cause of depression. Exercise, at any rate, is either free or low cost.

Try eliminating caffeine, sugar, refined foods, and, as RanchLady suggests, supplement with B complex.

Here's a list--partial--of physiological disorders that can cause or contribute to depression: food allergy, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, low nutritional status, hypoglycemia, metal poisoning, viral or bacterial infestation. I know--it's a disheartening list to contemplate, but you've got to get to the root of you problem, not just smother its symptoms.

As for talk therapy, it may help. But it won't help much if the cause of your depression is organic.

You must believe in The Black Rock....

The World will come to an end if you don't believe in The Black Rock.....

Vote for the Black Rock and all of your dreams will come true....

Someone recently told me that in the U.S. now young people now smoke something called "Synthetic Marijuana". This person said that "it looks like incense, and it's legal."

Someone needs to tell the young people that they're not supposed to smoke the incense.

Many years ago in South East Asia some hill tribe villager in the mountains tried to sell me a huge marijuana spliff rolled using paper taken from front page of a newspaper.

I declined the offer remarking: "No thanks...No propaganda for me...."

You say you support Israel. But you didn't explain how or why.

How do you feel about Americans when they allow native-Americans to be wards of the state and let them live in extreme poverty and hopelessness? I don't hear you complaining about it. Where is your outrage?

I don't hear you saying you're tired of Russia mistreating the Chechens. Where is your outrage?

Why is it that you single out Israel?

As I've said before, what if Canada and Mexico said that the US should be wiped off the face of the Earth and began lobbing rockets across their borders? Would you get a little nervous?

What if the ruling party in either or both countries made the destruction of the US a plank in their political platforms. How would you tend to treat Canadians and Mexicans? Would you be concerned about the Mexicans already living here?

The organization that until fairly recently was the mouthpiece of the Palestinian people and was elected by the Palestinians to represent their interests - the PLO - still calls for the destruction of Israel in its charter . How are Israelis supposed to react to that; just overlook it?

I don't condone any humans mistreating any other humans. Lord knows, Israel is guilty of this, but to tell you the truth, I'm sick and tired of people always linking the word "Israel" with the connotation of "bad", when in fact all countries treat some of their people badly.

Yeah, I'll give you that.

Philosophically the budget should balance. Philosophically is is unjust for ones sector or generation of society to steal from another. We should care about future generation. All dogs are brother dogs.

In a fantasy world expansion and growth can go on forever. In the real world it can't. Economic cycles of expansion, downturn, and recovery indicate a sick unequal society uncommitted to the welfare of their fellow dogs. If that's the philosophical stance you were after you just got it. Our goal is to create a society where each individual in every generation has the opportunity for a rich fulfilling life. Economic cycles prevent this. Americans know well the importance of freedom and liberty but in the greed of the last forty years Americans have forgotten about equality another essential variable in that wonderful equation the age of enlightenment gave us. The French took it a step further by talking about fraternity but they had our shoulders to stand on.

As a people we must:

Stop being afraid of other Americans.
Stop being afraid of other Religions.
Stop being afraid of other Classes.
Stop being afraid of Speaking Out.

We are Americans first and need to start acting like it and if you don't understand ask an American who does.

The above directive being impersonal and not directed at you personally Disaffected.

It is essential that we move to a balanced budget. Equality, justice, and the future of the nation demands it.

I also believe you don't give cats fish but you teach them to catch fish for themselves. Had to use cats there because I don't touch the stuff. Red meat for me. There goes the vegan and fish vote.

future generations. All dogs are brother dogs.

Ϭ K-Dog All dogs eat.

✔ K-Dog All dogs eat.

That's better.

I read somewhere that the Mu..s l , ims believe that the Bla ck Stone that the M.../us ilms worship at M..e// cc/ a was originally snow white when it fell from Heaven to Earth, but that it has turned black "from the sins of man."

The l i, ms may find Ob a ma to be a rather prophetic figure. O b ama's mother had snow white s kin, while O ba ma's Af r ican father's sk in was as black as coal. Apparently, O b ama's father was a very violent man who, according to O ba ma's brother's accounts, would often get very drunk and beat O b ama's mother and the children. Thus, it is probable that O bam a may have been conceived through a very violent act of rape. O b ama may be like the Bl ack Stone.....?

One of your best pieces ever, Jim.


Meteors glow snow white when they fall to earth and are black stones when they are found. Iron artifacts, from about 600 BC in Iran were made from meteoric iron. As a child I read a story of a man who disguised himself as a pilgrim and snuck into Mecca to touch the stone. The penalty for an infidel doing this was death in the story which was written about 1930. The stone is probably a meteorite and the story said so.

Richard Halliburton wrote the story. I just remembered.

I heard that girls can now join the "Boy Scouts".

I heard that the highest rank for a girl in the "Boy Scouts" is the "Spread Eagle Scout".

What if the infidel touches the Black Stone at M...e//c a wearing blue rubber gloves?

Girls in the "Boy Scouts" there's a dumb idea!

Do you know how horny young teenage Boy Scouts are?

Does anyone have any good stories about horny teenage, pimply-faced Morman missionary boys in Africa?

If one kidnapped one of those horny, pimply-faced Morman missionary boys in Africa, how much do you think that the Latter-Day-Saints Church would pay to get him back alive?

Don't know there Pucker. Your going to have to disguise yourself as a pilgrim, learn the purification rites, sneak into Mecca and find out.

If we hear from you after that we know blue gloves work. Why would gloves have to be blue?

I don't think the stone would kill you. I think the story suggested the Sharīf's boys were the ones who would do you in though Saudi Arabia has officially been in charge there since 1925.

I wonder if this is where the word 'sheriff' comes from? Anybody know?

Probably not.

K-Dog wrote: "If we hear from you after that we know blue gloves work. Why would gloves have to be blue?"

Actually, that is a very good question!

What's with the colored uniform thing? The Italians had The Bl a ck Shirts. The Ger mans had the Br o /wn Shirts. The Repubs do the Red thing. The Dems the Blue thing. The TSA has the Bl..ue Shirts, and the Blue rubber gloves.

What's with the colored uniform fetish?!

The blue rubber is a bit perverted....

The sex shops appear to sell a lot of tools made out of rubber. But they're usually pink color rather than blue.


We are very disappointed that PBS became a political target in the Presidential debate last night. Governor Romney does not understand the value the American people place on public broadcasting and the outstanding return on investment the system delivers to our nation. We think it is important to set the record straight and let the facts speak for themselves. The federal investment in public broadcasting equals about one one-hundredth of one percent of the federal budget. Elimination of funding would have virtually no impact on the nation’s debt. Yet the loss to the American public would be devastating.

A national survey by the bipartisan research firms of Hart Research and American Viewpoint in 2011 found that over two-thirds of American voters (69%) oppose proposals to eliminate government funding of public broadcasting, with Americans across the political spectrum against such a cut.

As a stated supporter of education, Governor Romney should be a champion of public broadcasting, yet he is willing to wipe out services that reach the vast majority of Americans, including underserved audiences, such as children who cannot attend preschool and citizens living in rural areas.

For more than 40 years, Big Bird has embodied the public broadcasting mission – harnessing the power of media for the good of every citizen, regardless of where they live or their ability to pay. Our system serves as a universally accessible resource for education, history, science, arts and civil discourse.


Earlier in 2012, a Harris Interactive poll confirmed that Americans consider PBS the most trusted public institution and the second most valuable use of public funds, behind only national defense, for the 9th consecutive year.

A key thing to remember is that public television and radio stations are locally owned and community focused and they are experts in working efficiently to make limited resources produce results. In fact, for every $1.00 of federal funding invested, they raise an additional $6.00 on their own – a highly effective public-private partnership.

Numerous studies -- including one requested by Congress earlier this year -- have stated categorically that while the federal investment in public broadcasting is relatively modest, the absence of this critical seed money would cripple the system and bring its services to an end.

In your experience, do you think it would appear out-of-place to find a Japanese vibrator in a handyman's tool box in his garage?


I bet that any self-respecting Japanese do-it-yourselfer, handyman has a sturdy, reliable Japanese vibrator in his toolbox....

"Does anyone have any good stories about horny
teenage, pimply-faced Morman missionary boys in Africa?"

I'll bet this guy does. He has no fear of the black stone. Bukko_Canukko comments.

Be honest, Bill. Israel isn't just the little piece of chump change in Palestine but the mighty Nation without borders that controls the whole Anglo world and influences much of Europe and beyond. It controls America basically. Thus it is called the Zionist Entity - and the evil it does is beyond calculation.

I didn't come up with this idea - the early Zionists like Herzl and Weitzman did. No one says it anymore so as not to outrage the goyim.

Do you mean Bukkake? It "punishment" for bad Japanese wife. But she not mind so much maybe?


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Re: "Poof There It Is" -- how do you argue against it?

Postby nameta9 » Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:42 am

James S Saint wrote:But if you redefine energy such that potential energy is to be "negative", then you are saying that positive energy converts to negative energy when anything stops moving. So as long as everything is moving, the universe is positive.

The balance of the moving and the non-moving is not likely to equal zero, especially when you consider that movement is relative. The same object has positive energy if you are moving past it. But if you stop beside it, it suddenly has negative energy.

Take a scale: if 0 is still - not moving ; and 1 is moving (doesn't matter how fast or how much), then what is 2 ? what is 3 ? what is 2.43 ? what is 15 ? what is - 4566.78 ? (and 0.45 doesn't mean moving more or less or fast or slower, but some kind of abstract property that is completely different from either moving and being still but related to them in an imaginary abstract scale with wild new funky properties that are outside of the possibility to model for our neural circuits and our logic and our brain style, etc.) remember, we are not talking about how much something is moving, but simply an abstract new property or entity or relationship (but those words are just very gross approximations to what I want to think, something like more than 10 dimensional space, or the square root of negative numbers, but much more impossible to imagine and abstract and impossible to relate to in any way, so much so, that no mathematical relationships can and must be established past moving or still (but you can always invent them anyways, just to create ever more abstract ideas and entities and systems, nay, trillions of ever more abstract scales and ideas and concepts) etc.) the most abstract as possible (the most impossible and counter intuitive concepts) to define moving compared to not moving, still compared to not still: so you extend the concepts beyond what we can conceive, you extend them beyond any possibility for us to imagine them at all, but nonetheless define them anyways, make believe they exist anyways, create them anyways and identify them as something new, albeit impossible to imagine, but new, and you can keep on extending on an imaginary scale other concepts, ever more so, even though you have no idea what they are, etc.

How can there be something that is not still and not moving, but doing something else, or being in some other state that is neither moving or still, but an extension, an abstract extension of these 2 concepts ? That is Free Physics, break the boundaries, break away from the past, beak away from anything you can possibly imagine, invent the most abstract entities and properties and relationships possible, and create new universes with all of this...



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P4S said:
Also at Davis, someone defaced the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center with derogatory words.

At UC San Diego, students used racial slurs and caricatures of black people in Facebook invitations to two "Compton Cookouts" ridiculing Black History Month. A student used slurs on campus TV to mock those who complained. Someone hung a noose in the Geisel Library.

It's about time someone defaced the LGBT "Resource Center" since its very existence is a form of defacement to the ENTIRE CAMPUS. Gays earn more money, on average, than straights so where's the "discrimination". I don't hate gays but I'm tired of them carping on their nonexistent "discrimination".

As for "Black History Month", well, that goes from the farce of the LGBT Center to the ridiculous. When a man only has pride in his skin color as his largest ego prop, he's got nothing. He's got less than nothing.

Unlike Vlad, I've never focused on my "whiteness" until recently because I feel my race is sinking to the level of ghetto and barrio "culture". That's why I bought the book "Coming Apart: The State of the White Race 1960-2010" as support for my thesis that whites have lost their moral, ethical, civic, and intellectual moorings. Indeed they're becoming as anti-intellectual as Hispanics and Blacks.

Only colleges would have "departments" like Lesbian Studies or "Afro-American Studies". Even liberals who worked at my college parody and pillory these 'disciplines" as being an academic travesty. Yes, let's let young people MAJOR in reverse racism and sexism. It's done so much for our culture as a whole [sic].


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"Do not say first, look forward to you to see will guess, we still plan over ways to go.I am too beats by dre solo slow, I need to come back by 50 % a year" "So things you say?Given that you said ok, i'll follow anyone to the Ming Valley, it should be casque beats wondered it?"Green cloud hurriedly asked.
Who may be reluctant to invest 12 months on beat headphones time.In addition to the green cloud and Du Xianzi also allowed us want asap, say to spot.Then discover the pills fast return. "Well, I throw a flight instruments, fast, would be to eat an excess of reiki.
And you we can fly, a Reiki drained off, then another continues to get in the aura.So to and from cycle, which saves time and is not so tired.And next, if nothing else, you can easlily around the clock onwards, so probably earlier arrival.
"Wang Yufei hesitated once said. "The way To be sure, don't speak out earlier, so tired a full day weren't able to say" green cloud couldn't help complaining about. "I am not scared of you a gal feel shy could not say" Wang Yufei hurriedly explained.

"I have the following question for Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama:

In your experience, do you think it would appear out-of-place to find a Japanese vibrator in a handyman's tool box in his garage?


On another note, great Eyesore this month--hilarious!

20 Most Loathsome Star Wars Figures

With the return of Star Wars the Clone Wars tonight on Cartoon Network, the Toy Maniac wants to discuss his favorite toy line, Star Wars. Now in all fairness to the flowing scrapes of plastic, they weren all given a fair chance. There are by far way cooler Star Wars figures and characters out there that shine better than these. Many of these figures, Dengar in particular, have even had better versions produced. Each figure on the list is analyzed by design, character, and portrayal. Anything and everything is taken into consideration to place a figure on our 20 Most Loathsome Star Wars Figures list.

20. Emperor Royal Guard (1997)

Charges: For reducing the great Darth Vader to whiney kid who said and style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt">Exhibit A: This figure is the first of several lame figures of Jake Lloyd. The next few figures come with different accessories, that all.

Sentence: To be buried in the sand and forgotten.

I'm so glad I stopped buying SW figures. For a while there, I was getting every one of them. Once I began to have trouble getting them all, I just quit. I have an all or nothing mentality on that sort of thing. Sadly, I did have a number of these figures, including most of the POTF line. I prefered to think of the POTF Luke figure as being the movie poster version of the character, since the Hildebrandts gave him a broad chest with an open shirt as well. I didn't mind the face so much. Back then, almost nobody made 3 3/4" figures with faces that looked like the actors. They were certainly better looking than the figures from the 70s and 80s.

nice list glad i am not the only one who felt both the pof the force han and luke got screwed up Han for not being albe to fit into the falcon and Luke for his big new look the jake figure should also add creepy for collectors winding up buying a little kid. jango with removable head talk about a way to put kids into thearapy. Jar jar should have been number one for not only getting a figure but existing. as for Yarna true her head looks like a potoe but she does hold the history of almost being one of the last star wars figures made for the original line before it died plus she is the star wars universe own lovely hooker.

Darn, darn, darn, darn, DARN! [in the stylings of Fred Gwynn's, Herman Munster]
I missed the party with my totenkopf homies. (And boy do they get the lay-deez, as you can see from their smoldering manly pulchritude.)

Oh well, maybe next year. C'mon guys, let's get that newsletter out in some kind of timely fashion; like the intelligent white people that we are! :o(

More Good News

Jobs Report: U.S. Economy Adds 114,000 Jobs In September; Jobless Rate Down To 7.8 Percent

Let's all be patriotic and celebrate America becoming stronger with the addition of private sector manufacturing jobs. Obama has prevented a Depression after Bush left him an economy in free fall. Bush was losing 700,000 jobs a month with his lower taxes on the rich trickle down economics.

Big Bird was a potent symbol of Tyranny and Racism. He deserves to die.
------------------------ true, indeed. But what about Daffy Duck? that little blackie behaved abominably to the symbol of whiteness represented by Bugs. Surely he should be lynched.

as a warning to other cartoon characters, not to "get out of line" you understand.

Massive 10 bay Gulf fillin' station going in on the other side of Rattlesnake Mountain, biggest one around. When I was a kid all that land was an apple orchard. (no sign of that now) Its going to be 24 hour service and at night the goddam thing will be lit so bright with neon you'll be able to see it from Jupiter. Ya, gas is going to $5 per gallon, but it'll take more than that to stop this high octane suburban juggurnat. We learn that West Farms Mall is expanding -- 'Here We Grow Again" -- with new, bunker like parking garages. Really, is there any structure more charming on Earth than a stacked, 5 story, concrete parking garage? They do need that parking garage because the Mall is so full up all the time that cars spill out onto the adjoining streets, impeding traffic and causing accidents. And around the indoor mall there are btightly lit strip malls and they appear to be expanding outward in all directions. The meltdown in 2008, all the stuff Jim wrote about since ... that was just a glitch. Strip Malls, housing developments, massive automobile dependency, they're back. They really never disappeared. It seems to be the only way we know. It has momentum once again and a life entirely of its own, independent of oil, avialable credit or anything else.


Was Disney on the welfare rolls?
Did the USA fund Daffy in Pakistan?

What about changing yr 'handle' to 'Curmudgeon' ?
Black Studies, hmmm. Have you audited a class in BS?

If you do, you will find that Black Behavior/ Misbehavior is never studied.
Its yet one more 'grievance group', working the taxpayer.

And good for you to note gays make more money, yet they too want funding, as a grievance group.

It has momentum once again and a life entirely of its own, independent of oil, avialable credit or anything else.


Not independent of laws of physics... Unless oil formation is abiotic. If oil is a finite resource, eventually alternatives will be found. Alternatives have been found in South America where millions of vehicles, trucks and cars, run on alternatives to gasoline.

Just two weeks after the US Embassy in Egypt was ransacked by terrorists and a band of Egyptian thugs, President Obama announced that he would provide Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood government with an emergency infusion of $450 million in US aid.

Regarding multicultural studies has anyone hear read Tomas Rivera's "...And The Earth Did Not Devour Him" or Eulalia's Perez's "An Old Woman Remembers" or Gaspar Perez de Villagra's "The History Of New Mexico" or Eusebio Chacon's " The Son Of The Storm" among many others?

Contrary to current right-wing myth making, this history/literature is NOT being explored in the average modern day American classroom. It has been stored away in that realm of, to quote Michel Foucalt, "subjugated knowledge" Or as Foucalt further elaborates: "historical contents that have been buried and disguised in a functionalist coherence or formal systemisation...And this is simply because only the historical contents allow us to rediscover the ruptural effects of conflict and struggle that the order imposed by functionalist and systematising thought is designed to mask".

I detect the results of this even on a site such as this. For instance, the privileged and ignorant, often transplanted from the east coast, railing about the burgeoning Latino/a in Southern California without really having any sort of contextual clue in terms of "subjugated" history.

Still plugging away for the Oil and Gas industry I see. Pumping out lies and distractions as always.

A successful Brazilian ethanol model is sustainable only in Brazil a country with advanced agri-industrial technology and an enormous amount of arable land. It is a solution only for some countries in the tropical zone of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa only. The abiotic theory was developed contrary to established scientific principles for no other reason than to provide false hope.

Yes and Dora the Explorer is a wet back who should be deported.

The things they are doing to young minds is an abomination, Dale. But I suppose with your kinky character you have no problem witht things like "Heather Has Two Mommies" and the more recent "King and King".

"The meltdown in 2008, all the stuff Jim wrote about since ... that was just a glitch.

A glitch which ruined the lives and careers of some dogs allowing others profit handsomely from the misery of their fellows. A glitch where twenty million people have been left unemployed with little hope of ever working again. A glitch which allowed the at-will contract labor movement to conquer the land. A glitch which leaves millions homeless to this day.

Just a Glitch

We don't care - just like they don't give a shit about our history and culture. Those who do care can go down to Mexico and hang out with them and/or read those books.

As ever, you refuse to see that there is no reciprocity in any of this. The world is leaving you behind because alot of Whites are at least begining to see that.

America can't be all things to all people lest it become nothing to anyone. So the question becomes: is America our's or their's. The answer: it is our's if we are willing to fight for it.

Have you read Bodega Nights - about the hopes and dreams embodied in the dusty cans of a little Hispanic corner store? No? Shame on you. That shows an imperialist mindset. Are you sure you're trying hard enough? Try harder white boy.

others toprofit handsomely

As I thought, you dismiss anything Christian out of hand. Not good, but it's your soul. Btw, you don't have a soul - you are one and have a body.

About the swastiskas: bet they did them themselves. Leftists are famous for such things. One Leftist Professor trashed her own car and then tried to implicate some of the White Male students in one of her classes. They probably stood up to her - which they can't stand since they have no real defence. Luckily someone witnessed her doing it and testified to that effect.

Obama has big plans for the "Whitopias". They are traitors for leaving Blacks alone in the big cities. They must pay their share - or at least accept Black refugess. It's regional equity man. You have no problem with that do you? As Andrew Young said decades ago: we will follow you everywhere and you cannot escape.

Not only that but what about the cost to the soil? Are Brazil's fertilizers based on oil like our's? If so, how can it be said they have a viable alternative long term?

Actually I think it was called "Bodega Dreams". Now (since I have you on the line again) imagine being interviewed (interrogated) by your new Hispanic Superior: You talk the talk ese and are good at pointing your finger at other white boys. But (pointing his cigar at you) what have you actually done to support the Aztec people in their quest for freedom in occupied gringo America? This is our land and you are here because of Yankee imperialism. You know that right? (you shake you head vigorously trying not to cough from the cloud of cigar smoke). So since you know, how has this FACT been reflected in your art? Dead silence. You don't know what to say, never having taken the implications of the Reconquista seriously (since you never listened to Radu/Vlad/Jaego and didn't realize he was a friend). He smiles in triumph and says I hope you do better in the future - we will be watching to see that you do. He gives you a contact number and tells you to consult with this person for guidance as to what is expected. You nod your head dully, shell shocked - your world and manhood in ruins.

You mean big bird? So children's education isn't important?

Decades ago boys in grade school were reading about great heroes, their deeds and moral excellence. Now they read whole series like "Mr Poopy Pants" or stories about racism and being saved by their big sister.

Big Bird is big shit - as is Sesame Street as a whole. It takes a village (global) to destroy a child.

"subjugated knowledge" Or as Foucalt further elaborates: "historical contents that have been buried and disguised in a functionalist coherence or formal systemisation...And this is simply because only the historical contents allow us to rediscover the ruptural effects of conflict and struggle that the order imposed by functionalist and systematising thought is designed to mask".

This is an example of what royally bothers my ass about these high falutin' academics. They take simple ideas and bury them in blizzards of utter bullshit as if their aim isn't to clarify or enhance understanding but to impede it.

I spent too much of my hard earned money in supposed institutions of higher learning digging through crap like this, decoding it, looking for the golden nugget of wisdom only to find in the wee hours that what was conveyed was the most pedestrian insight.

'begining', no, 'beginning'!

No one here gives a shit what 'stud' posts.

PBS costs less than two dollars per American per year. PBS consumes less than one percent of one percent of the federal budget . The cost of big bird is bird seed. The man who ties dogs to cars would take big bird away from little kids. A man who could personally finance PBS for weeks.

Keep your shirt on. Peasant cultures are resistant to change but change they will. Why? Because it's in their own best interest.

I saw a long time ago a documentary about migrant farm labor in the US. A man from Mexico was asked why did he do this type of work. He said because the picker always eats.

Yes, he always eats, but they were always on the move so his kids were constantly changing schools so they were miles behind their age group, his family lived in fleabag firetraps, he drove a junkpile that threatened to shake itself to pieces.

So yes the picker always eats but that's about all he does. He impedes his kids and his family through this thick-headed stubborn-ness.

It doesn't take a group of Einsteins to see that there are easier ways to live. Understanding sinks in eventually, people see that the way forward is to speak the gringo's language and to adopt his ways. It takes time but it will happen.

Assoka says the migrant worker "contibutes". Yes, to the bank accounts of the 1% as opposed to his own. Which wears awfully thin after a while.

Heather has two mommies huh? one mommie on welfare any day. Why you would give a shit is a complete mystery to me.

Did the USA fund Daffy in Pakistan?
Anything that would make the Pakistanis smarter is good in my book.

The things they are doing to young minds is an abomination.
Now Vlad's an expert on child psychology (wink,wink)

How about though the picker doesn't have a clue on how he can do anything else but pick? The picker may only be trying to find something good in a jacked up situation so he doesn't loose his mind.

The suits of Harvard the Ivy League and the Chicago School decided it was up to us to change careers as the wisdom of the markets dictate without consideration of the human or canine ability, capacity, and cost to do so. As this directly affects the money we can put into their pockets this was not only insensitive but stupid.

Social mobility is a myth propagated by those who have so they can get more. As usual consequences are not been considered.

It doesn't take a group of Einsteins to see that there are easier ways to live, your right. From the pickers point of view all he needs is one Einstein to show the way, but he doesn't have even one. Instead the picker has overwhelming pressure that tells him he is a picker and that is all that he will ever be. Walking in the pickers shoes being thankful for enough to eat makes a good sense. When joy is scarce we find it where we can.

Especially when you are a dog without papers.

?Outside shouting, no sooner do?"Lv Yun the facial skin should really be in the heart using a row of abdominal. Then during the tiger premiered "Zhang, the reason for so early?" "Well... I seemed to be afraid you aquire up late, especially early to call you" "Really?Thanks card, then we will go "to open said tiger.
However the green cloud really could not stand she asks dr dre headphones "two brother, this time left old gentleman has?" "This... I shout you go to eat, go submit the procedure, to our is," said Zhang hurried. Afterwards you ancient spirit demon may be a small child, green cloud thought.
He explained. "That we need to drop by eat!" "Well, let's go!" After dinner, saving money cloud three again on the pharmacy church hall door half cup of head phones tea time, he heard the existing man's voice left "Well, come, 1 by 1 appear in!In the tiger, you are available in first!" "Is" inside the tiger in, while, in dre beats headphones the tiger smile back.
Need not each student asked what, there came a voice left old gentleman.They can be a student contacted.Very quickly little bit students turned out, here is the green cloud. Green cloud went in, found the hall nobody, wanted to ask, left your existing man's voice came again "go straight ahead, then turn left" Green cloud with it proper big house, a home is brimming with wooden frame, also in the modern university library have got a fight.
But it's but not on the books, but quite a few Yuxia, large and casque beats small, that also have break paper, the flashing lights. "Come on, put your dry elixir." green cloud which was found to create a row at the front of the usb ports must have been a table, whilst the left old gentleman around the back seat.
Green clouds go through the table to storage bag handed.Mr. Zuo Lao checked out saving money cloud drying herbs terrified "Well, evidently you may be beyond fire operation good, well, you wouldn't have drying sub-par elixir, some on the spirit beats by dre solo of this grass" "It is our pharmacist's work, however your level is enough, you each ten strains from drying.
Is capable of having an integral, but ten points comes to great Lingshi, it will be easy to treasure beat headphones hall integral quite a bit so they could earn something,, versus monatary amount cheaper" "And your monthly ten blocks down Lingshi turned into twenty pieces, these never let most people realise that each of the.
In addition, i heard that they are, would not want to disclose task." "Yes, I'm able to do an adequate job, thank you left old gentleman" green cloud exciting replied." ", well, this is your tasks this month, if done early, arrive here.
Let's go. "Is" green cloud took the bag for storing the respectful backed out. In the third chapter, whenever the forest Lv Yun was excited out pharmaceutical hall, search for see a student in the tiger was still being there awaiting her "How bad?"In the tiger silly ask.

O depth of superficiality. Do you dare to eat a peach?

...Only as far as it helps him to lure the tender tykes into his soundproofed, windowless, generic, white van.

"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed
ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function" F Scott Fitzgerald

Once again you fail the test. You inevitably and incessantly grope for the racial angle; thus your rationale is always oblique and weak.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time with you on this Vlad; you're dismissed.

In fairness to Foucault, this particular quote was lifted from an academic setting.

I thought his declaration/assertion has merit. In fact, close scrutiny of the statement reveals the double-edged nature of his assertion, i.e., any group is susceptible to historical revision. Moreover, his assertion explains why "the pitch forks" are almost never wielded. People are simply required to negotiate the hamster wheel day after day just in order to survive. Getting off the wheel to rebel or reflect and one risks ruination. Or in Foucault's words, "imposed by functionalist and systematising thought".

But what specifically about the content of his assertion do you find to be "bullshit"? Furthermore, what other choice of words would have more efficiently communicated his thoughts? Additionally, and since I presume you're a proponent of "personal responsibility", why should Foucault or anyone else be concerned with somebody too lazy or apathetic to enlist the dictionary in order to comprehend potent words that communicate complex ideas/thoughts?

Jack Welch says that the 7.8 unemployment number is "cooked". O Jackie Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling...

Maye the switchgrass is used to fuel the tractors
that till the fields where more SG is grown.

'boys in grade school were reading about great heroes'
The good old days. Norse Gods, Vikings.

Great, so what are your two opposed ideas? That Hispanics are the future and that that are they are going to like you?

A can't be both A and not A at the same time.

Denver is with the proposed borders of Aztlan. What are you doing to facilitate the incoming Bronze Race (what they call themselves)? Talk is cheap. If you are serious, you will reflect Aztec values in your art. Frieda Kahlo type stuff is fine since it is shamanic and vaguely Indian looking if not overtly Aztec. And Diego Rivera's work was strongly Marxist - also good. So those are a few guidelines for starters. You are not a free agent if you simulataneously eating the food of the Bronze Race and not of the Bronze Race. You have to earn your keep now, gringo.


Anyone remember Lou Reed from Velvet Underground? Some comments from fellow New Yorkers who've seen him around town.

"I like most of his music, but the one time I saw him, I let him pass without saying boo, he looked like a scowling eye-shaded seventy-eight year old skell down on his last fifty-eight cents looking for a greenhorn to roll. To think that’s a look he’s proud to have honed. Glamourpuss!


Now I see him walking around the village with Laurie Anderson. He looks like he’s ready to die, but not in a good way like Keith Richards.

Hail, Hail Rock & Roll.


I once law Lou Reed wandering the streets alone near 57th street. I passed him as he stared hypnotized into the window of a closed children’s shoe store. He seemed creepy and really out of it."

Whatever you've got, time is going to ruin it. Then it's going to obliterate it, and you, and eventually everything. Some find this idea appalling. Not me.

What's your problem? Enough passive aggression - out with it!

Or would you rather boys be girls and girls be boys as per the Gay Agenda? I assume you don't believe that but rather this and the spelling bee is just sniping at me.

Rock is a lifestyle - a degenerate one, one that kills plants exposed to it constantly. The beat is a destructive one, opposed to the heartbeat etc, and the volume too loud of course.

Good for you. As St Paul said, Here we have no eternal city. Or Blake, He who kisses a joy as it flies, lives in Eternity's sunrise.

No there must be outside increments of energy. Closed systems run out of fuel. The whole Univese is running down - including the human body. More genetic mistakes every generation.

We await the Eucatastrophe, the simultaneous End and new Begining of the World. The Dark Lord will lift his hand, oer dark seas and withered lands.


The first time that I saw this word in print--and the last--was thirty-odd years ago. In Answered Prayers, Truman Capote claims that Porfirio Rubirosa was a practitioner of karezza.

Rubirosa was the Twentieth-Century's most famous and successful gigolo. He was an octoroon from octoroon central--the Dominican Republic. His phenomenal success with women, white women, European white women, was due in part to his race. It made him an exotic.

Like Muhammad Ali did in his rope-a-dope act, receiving blows passively before delivering the knock-out punch, Obama lured Romney into loosing a tsunami of lies in the first debate.

Romney told 27 lies in 38 minutes. That must be some kind of record. On substance Romney lost the debate.

Now Romney has to be careful. Obama can come out floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee in the upcoming debates (which will have effective moderators).

Mr. Romney’s bounce has been less apparent in national tracking polls so far. The Rasmussen Reports national tracking poll held steady, showing a 2-point lead for Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama actually gained 1 point in the Gallup national tracking poll, however, and about 1.5 percentage points in the online tracking poll conducted by the RAND Corporation. --Nate Silver


Not only did Romney not get a bounce after the debate, with the unemployment rate under 8% for the first time since Bush left a 10% unemployment rate, Obama will get increase his lead even more.

Scream all you like, no one will hear you.

Do you remember the 1970s TV show "The Bionic Man"?

I think that there may have been some terrible conceptual flaws in that government program? I heard that they cancelled that program silently and covered it all up.

Because of the feminist movement, they were forced to create a Bionic Woman.

I heard that the program went awry when the Bionic Black Man robbed the Bionic Korean convenience store owner.

Do you remember when the senile Steve Austin, the Bionic Man, turned 70 years of age, and he tried to show everyone that he was really as young as he feels?

The Filipino nurses in the nursing home tried to hold him down, but....

And later one of the start-up black cable TV stations came up with a Bionic Man knock-off series starring a Samuel Jackson look-alike. It was called "The Bionic Super Fly".

Why do they call him "Super Fly" anyway?

Flies are nasty, disgusting insects that vomit on their food.

I have a question for Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama.

"Trick or Treat! How 'come no matter who I vote for every four years for U.S. President I always find out later that the really rich people get lots of candy, but I just get a rock, like Charlie Brown?"

Have you ever noticed that on Halloween all of the Chinese kids get dressed up like Foreigners?

Romney said, "In one year, (President Obama) provided $90 billion in breaks to the green energy world … into solar and wind, to Solyndra and Fisker and Tesla and Ener1."

That is incorrect in several ways.

1) That $90 billion wasn’t provided in one year.

2) It wasn’t distributed primarily via tax breaks.

3) It wasn’t primarily provided directly to companies.

4) It wasn’t primarily spent on solar and wind.

5) It wasn’t spent at all on Fisker or Tesla.

Romney put five lies into one energy statement. Romney is not interested in telling the truth the American people.

Thank you for using the word octoroon. The old designations had a grace and accuracy totally lacking in today's PC lingo.

Obama is a high yellow - like Big Bird.

Blacks of all stripes tend to be good with women -who are attracted to psychopaths and "bad boys" in general.

Republicans frequently have blamed the $787 billion stimulus for the national debt, but, when all government spending is taken into account, the stimulus frankly wasn't that big.

In contrast, the U.S. will have spent nearly $4 trillion on wars in the Middle East by the time those conflicts end, according to a recent report by Brown University.

The Bush tax cuts have cost nearly $1.3 trillion. The Bush/Romney policies have driven this country's economy into a ditch.

Let's cut taxes on millionaires and wait for jobs to be created. If cutting taxes on millionaires creates jobs, we would have 4% unemployment now. It could get a lot worse with Romney in the WH.

When George W. Bush took office, the federal government was running a surplus of $86 billion.

When Bush left, that had turned into a $642 billion deficit. Bush created the largest USA bureaucracy that makes us take off our shoes and belts and submit to intimate searches (either by machine or by hand).

Romney will take the deficit even higher.

With Obama the deficit has shrunk. Last year's federal budget deficit was 12 percent lower than in 2009, according to the Office of Management and Budget. The deficit is projected to shrink even more over the next several years, unless Romney is elected.

Many on CFN have been warning for years that investors will run away from Treasury bonds because of the national debt.

So far it's not happening. Interest rates on Treasury bonds continue to hover at historic lows.

If Romney repeals ObamaCare, the deficit will increase.

Republicans have blasted the Affordable Care Act as "budget-busting." But health care reform actually reduces the deficit, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Defense spending constituted 20 percent of federal spending last year, or $718 billion, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. This adds up to 41 percent of the world's defense spending, according to Bloomberg TV anchor Adam Johnson.

Mitt Romney has vowed to not cut defense spending if elected president. Romney wants to throw more money at the Pentagon, even though the Pentagon is not requesting it.

The federal budget deficit ballooned under Ronald Reagan, and that may be just the way Republicans like it.

Some Republican thinkers have proposed "starving the beast": that is, cutting taxes in order to use larger deficits to justify spending cuts later.

Since Republicans ultimately want lower taxes and a smaller government, what better way is there to cut spending than to make it look urgent and necessary?

I suspect that all unequal societies in which there is a huge disparity of wealth between the rich and the poor will inevitably be scams since in such societies there will be a list of topics that are (a) extremely important to the well-being of the people, but which (b) the people are not allowed to talk about and, therefore, are not discussed in the state media.

So people spend all of their time in school NOT studying what's most important to them; they spend all of their time listening to debates over issues that are largely NOT relevant to them, and voting for politicians that do NOT represent their interests. Society becomes a scam.

Obama picks losers but creating energy was never the point. The real puropose was money laundring: all of these companies made huge contributions to Obama - money from the public till. See how it works?

Meanwhile he funds drilling in the water of South America while forbiding them here.

It has been scientifically established that the more unequal a society is the more unhappy it's members. Further, lack of trust, shortened life span and a Pandora's box of other ills emerge as disparity of wealth between the rich and poor increases. All dogs eat is scientific fact. I suggest The Spirit Level Kate Pickett and Richard G. Wilkinson wrote it. I read it and recommend it.

The observation in your post Pucker is backed up by reams of fact. Good for you.

Naturally the book has haters. "Truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident" - Schopenhauer

A concept known well to readers here.

But hating on scientific fact is fucked up. A great book.

Isn't DEBT like a swarm of horrible, nasty, devouring black flies that breed prolifically and have no natural enemies, thus, swamping the Earth and mankind in their filth?

Debt has no natural enemies as it is favored by creditors (banks) and debtors (borrowers) alike.

[Black Horseman]

Debt has no natural enemies as it is favored by creditors (banks) and debtors (borrowers) alike. And DEBT breeds prolifically through leverage and the acceleration of money.

Thus, DEBT is like an apocalyptic swarm of horrible, nasty black flies that breed prolifically and have no natural enemies, thus, swamping the Earth and devouring mankind in INFLATION.

I heard that Obama is going to get dressed up like heterosexual for Halloween.

That f..cker Reverand Moon cut me out of his'n Will!

The Coventry Martyrs

In the 21st Century it is easy to believe that religion is a cause of strife in the world. That mankind is prepared to justify murder and torture, in the name of their God. We have experienced fundamentalists of every shade committing atrocities in the name of their beliefs. Yet, however bad we think the situation may be today, there existed a darker and crueller time and place. Then, as now, there were people prepared to die for their faith, but the majority of these chose not to end their life in the destruction of other lives, but to suffer indignities and tortures rather than renounce their faith. This is the story of some of them, the Coventry Martyrs.

The LollardsJohn Wycliff (1329 - 1384) became the head of a movement that was probably the first recognised opposition to the established church since the 5th Century. The Lollards, as they became known, were particularly strong in the textile, tanning, dyeing and associated trades, and thus Coventry became a centre of Lollardy. Lollards were opposed to the worshiping of images, did not accept the doctrine of transubstantiation1, were against pilgrimages, and believed that church services should be performed in English. The basis of their objections was that religion should be based on the word of the Scriptures, and that the church should be reformed and all its wealth removed. Their worship consisted of reading together from the Scriptures2. Initially, though the Lollards were regarded as heretical, they did not suffer persecution. However the Act of 1401 De Heretico Comburendo3 changed that. It gave a clear indication of the punishment that Lollards would face.

When detected they would be tried and made to confess, and then perform a public penance. This penance was to take the form of walking from the local church, barefoot, to a public place,4 carrying a faggot of wood upon their shoulder, where they would recant their heresy and list their crimes. The following Sunday, they were to repeat the journey and penance with the faggot upon their other shoulder. Some dioceses chose to make them wear a badge to indicate their status, others branded them with the image of a bundle of branches. The faggot was a physical reminder of what would become them should they relapse: they would be burnt at the stake.

John GraceIn 1415 Ralph Garton was tried for being a Lollard, two more were tried in 1417, and in 1419 Robert Clerke, a member of St Michael's Church5, was brought before the Bishop, and charged with heresy, but he recanted. Some indication of the strength of the movement in Coventry can be seen from the events of 1424.

John Grace had been a Dominican monk, and as such held a licence to preach. However, he became convinced of the right of Lollardy. He preached in Lichfield, Birmingham, Coleshill and Coventry. It was at this last location that the Prior of Coventry and a Grey friar opposed him, saying his preacher's license had been withdrawn. They were nearly killed by the mob. Still Grace was arrested and sent to the Tower of London. Yet one year later seven men were arrested for being Lollards, and there was more trouble in 1431. This came to head in 1432 when 'the wife of a mayor' was executed at Coventry. This unknown woman is not normally numbered amongst the Coventry Martyrs, but was probably the first. This failed to suppress the movement though, and in 1445 John Bredon confessed to having affixed bills to the doors of churches in Coventry, including Holy Trinity.

In 1485, eight more Coventry Lollards appeared before the Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. They were particularly offended by the veneration of images, specifically Our Lady of the Tower at the Carmelite Friary. Between 1511 and 1512, 74 Lollards were interrogated at the Bishop's manor at Maxstoke. Several prominent citizens were also sympathetic to Lollards, including Mayors Richard Cook and William Pysford.

MartyrdomThe Hollows in Coventry were once the site of Richard II's quarry, from where he donated stone to the construction of the walls of the city. After Charles I's attack on the city at the start of the civil war, this was filled in as it offered a sheltered place from which to attack the City. Nowadays it lies just outside the ringroad, and it was here that the martyrs died.

Joan Ward (1)Joan Ward (or Washingby) had previously admitted 20 years of Lollardy, but had abjured in 1495. She had married and left Coventry, but returned in 1511 and resumed her activities. She was condemned as a relapsed heretic and burned at the stake.

Master Archer (2) Master Archer, a shoemaker, went to the stake along with six of his colleagues on 4 April, 1520.

Thomas Bond (3)Thomas Bond (or Bowen) also died this day, accused like the others, of teaching his children the Lord's Prayer, in English.

Master Hawkins (4)Master Hawkins is described as a shoemaker, or skinner.

Robert Hockett (5)Robert Hockett, or Hatchet, or Hatchets has his trade given as a shoe-maker or leather-dresser6.

Thomas Landesdale (6)Thomas Landesdale or Lansdale, or Lansdail, or Laudersdale continues the clothing motif and has his living given as hosier or tailor.

Master Wrigsham (7)Master Wrigsham like the others had abjured and done penance, but then relapsed. His occupation was a glover.

Joan Smith (8)Joan Smith or Joanna Smyth was perhaps the most unlucky of the seven to die this day. After investigation she was discharged, but then a document was found in the sleeve of her gown. On it was written the Lords Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Apostles' Creed, in English. Upon this being discovered she was immediately condemned and burned with the men. It is likely Thomas Landesdale was her brother-in-law.

Robert Silkeby (9)Robert Silkeby or Silkby or Silkeb, or Silkesby, or Sylkeby, also known as Dumbleby was probably considered the prime capture when he was caught with the other seven, but he escaped. He had been a librarian to the sect for some 18 years, keeping tracts and English translations of the bible. However at the end of 1521 he was recaptured, and on 13 January, 1522, he too went to the stake.

Edward VI's reign was short-lived, a mere five years, but during it great progress was made in Protestant teaching. His stepmother Catherine Parr was a keen Protestant. His reign saw the publication of The Book of Common Prayer, and the first Book of Homilies7. However, in 1553 Queen Mary ascended to the throne, and Roman Catholicism was reimposed vigorously. Between February, 1555 and November, 1558, 287 men, women and children were burned at the stake. Three in Coventry.

Reverend Lawrence Saunders (10)Lawrence Saunders was educated at Eton and Cambridge. He was ordained and granted a bishop's license to preach, and became associated with the leading reformers. He burned February 8, 1555.

Robert Glover (11)Robert Glover was born in Mancetter and was also Eton educated. He was married to Mary, niece of Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester, and their eldest son was called Hugh after him.

Cornelius Bongey (12)Cornelius Bongey, or Bungey, was a capper from Coventry and burned alongside Robert Glover on 20 September, 1555. He was not famous, just an ordinary man, and in him we see the echo of Tertullian's words. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church

TodayHow are these sons and daughters of Coventry remembered today? There are two memorials, though strangely each only contains 11 names - for an unknown reason, Master Archer is missing. The first stands on the site of The Hollows, where they burned, and takes the form of a 20-feet-high runic cross of Cornish granite. It stands at the junction of Quinton Road, Mile Lane, Little Park Street and Park Road. It was unveiled on 15 September, 1910. The second was created during the rebuilding of Coventry after World War II. It is a mosaic which is embedded in the wall inside Broadgate House, created by Rene Antonietti after the design by Hugh R Hosking. It sits below the clock of Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom in Broadgate and access is gained through a doorway in the left wall.

At the same time several streets in a new estate in Cheylesmore were named after them. There is Martyrs Close, John Grace Street, Lollard Croft, Joan Ward Street, Hockett Street, Thomas Landsail Street, Wrigsham Street, Silksby Street, Glover Street and Cornelius Street. There is also Laurence Saunders Road in Radford.

FinallyMost of us can only wonder at the courage and faith of these people, but the words of Robert Glover's uncle-in-law when he went to the stake in Oxford with his fellow Bishop Nicholas Ridley, is perhaps the most fitting banner. Be of good comfort Master Ridley, and play the man. We shall this day light such a candle by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.

1The belief that the wine and wafer offered at mass ARE the body of Christ.2This gave them their name of Lollards, from a Dutch word meaning 'to mutter'.3On the Burning of a Heretic.4Usually the market square or cross.5The Cathedral.6You'd think if it mattered enough to burn someone alive they would get his name right.7Printed sermons.


Thanks for highlighting this word from Vlad's post, Jam. And thanks for the word, of which I had never heard, RV.

Fascinating concepts were explored in the United States before and after the Civil War. JP Morgan (and many other rich bastards) crushed a lot of experimentation into human sexuality and birth control - through the passage and vigorous funding of the "Comstock Law."

Fascinating. What might have been.

And Jam, nice posts. Short, original, creative, and sometimes funny. Certainly the opposite of the overposting by Mr. Cut and Paste.


"I don't know or care what ethnicity TPTB are. Not relevant." -btb-

I disagree, Bill. We are where we are as a Country and a species - because a few hundred (mostly male) people with personality disorders have slowly seized control of - - -

Did you know that Oneida Silverware was founded by an "intentional community," back in the 1800's.
That Oneida practiced (among many other things) something called "complex marriage.

Did you know that Comstock and his backers CRUSHED the Oneida experiment - just because of their own pathologies and fears.


So yeah, the ethnicity and mental pathologies of TPTB are quite relevant - and should be exposed to the light of day.

Mitt Romney vs Obama McDonalds and Burger King arguing over whose french fries are healthier.

Okay, okay, I'll BUY the stinkin' watch!
...But only on condition that you stop with the copied history lessons of the English Religious Terror. (Chinese scamspam, ETC.)
(Spidey, your schtick is as old and tired as your mind is frapee'd.)

Interesting outlook: society as scam.
If "the people" aren't getting enough crumbs BACK from the scammage, how long can this dynamic remain ascendent? (We already know that the whole of the "loaf of their labors" has been coaxed from the people's fingers... by strictly codified legal means, of course.)

Is it possible for a nation to be governed in a way where every citizen has the "chance" to enjoy a life of comfort and at least some measure of leisure or happiness?

Is it possible for a nation to determine what personal responsibilities it must demand of its citizens to provide this "chance" for success?

Do current events suggest that our rich citizens, our powerful leaders or our government processes reflect the need to answer these questions?

What academics ought to be preoccupied with is telling HOW IT IS. And telling it in the simplest way possible. And why? To effectively convey knowledge and understanding of a particular subject matter.

So how is it with this Foucault stuff? There's nothing here in this passage, not one damn thing that would justify anyone picking up another tome to understand him.

Let's get to it. What is this illustrious Mr Foucault telling us? According to you he's saying "People Lie About History".

And what else? According to your reading of Mr Foucault's heiroglyphics "Keep People Struggling" And why so? "So They Are Too Busy To Make Trouble".

Big hairy, fucking deal. There's nothing here that couldn't be said in plain, clear English. There's nothing "potent" here or in the least "complex". And you know what, there's a lot here to be apathetic about.

What bullshit do I object to? Stuff like: "...functionalist coherence or formal systemisation... " and "...imposed by functionalist and systematising thought..." This is BULLSHIT.

This gibberish does not enhance understanding, it obstructs. It does not clarify, it confuses. The only thing it may enhance (in the view of the particularly credulous and especially 20 year old undergrads) is the reputation of Mr Foucault as a deep thinker and a towering academic. After all, if it's a bitch to decipher, there must be something worth deciphering. Right? Well, actually no, there isn't. Not here.

Oh, and what do I mean by speaking in "plain, clear English"? Ok, good question. What I mean is making more use of those short, forceful words of Anglo Saxon origin. They may not have the sophisticated sounding, multi-syllabic, rat-a-tat-tat of those of Latin or Greek derivation that infest the English language and that are so beloved of academics. So, if you want people to know what you're talking about, use that guttural, old, Germanic vocabulary of the English peasantry as much as possible. But if you want to impede communication make sure you use a lot of Latinate terminology.

This may sound like revisionist history but I know someone living in Montreal who lived there in the 1950s and 60s when all this bilingualism stuff came up. We were talking about this topic (about 40 plus years ago so the recollections are fragmentary but the gist I think is accurate). And he said that French speaking Quebecers did not ask for and did not want a bilingual Canada. They wanted a French speaking Quebec.

And I think wrt to your culture you are like a fish that doesn't know he's wet because he spends all his time in the water. In Washington a Roman of the Pax Romana era would look at the monuments and buildings and feel at home there.

What language do you speak, what literature do you read, what what legal regime and governing institutions do you live under? Answer those questions and you'll have a lot of answers as to what culture.

The picker may not have a clue and he may resist getting a clue because he's afraid that getting one is harder than breaking his back in the stinking heat and being immobilized by arthritis by the time he's 60.

But his kids will see other kids their own age who can speak, read and write in English, who have some prospects other than a life in the fields, who have relatively stable lives with friends and a peer group and whose parents aren't burnt, bent and wrecked.

You're right of course about being an illegal. Their argument will be that they will bust their asses in the sun but they can earn in a day in the US what it takes a week to earn in Mexico. And that looks like a good deal in comparison.

But if they had papers they could do better still, if they were functional in English better still and if they had more than a grade school education even better. It's this stuff that eventually sinks in maybe not with the original generation but with the US born or US raised. Poverty sucks especially when you see that other people are doing better than you are and the questions naturally surface. What do I have to do to live like them?

I've seen up close how it is to adjust to a new language and culture and I don't under-estimate the difficulty. And I agree that this business about moving up the value added food chain by learning new job skills is a total fairy tale because there is no value added food chain to move up on. Total fabrication. Expecting a guy in his forties whose been a welder in a plant all his life, who has two kids and a wife to support to suddenly chuck it all after the plant closes to re-train to work as ...what exactly?

Mortgage payments have to be made every month and notwithstanding what may hold in the long run according to the bogus calculations of economists, people don't just eat in the long run, they eat every day.

Oh but then Buck and his cohort can't feel superior to other people....

All Priesthoods have a technical lingo designed to obfuscate and keep others in the dark and feeling inferior.

What do you think - could legal documents be made a bit easier to understand? Maybe just a little - or even alot?

Even medical and that bastard son, insurance documenst could. Obviously medical things do merge into science and thus real complexity...

And look what they did to Mormonism - and how the Mormons folded with nary a whimper. Twice - first over polygamy and then the all White Priesthood. Brigham Young swore Mormonism would never compromise on the latter....

Shhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone that.

Everyone I have seen since the debate is convinced the debate 'informed' them. The way Romney met Obama's handshake with the arm grab was decisive. Clearly the more confident man and the one to lead the nation. The handshake proved it! The same people I note that were convinced by the handshake were also the same one who did not care if Romney was telling the truth or not.

A couple days ago I was in the coffeeshop on third and ran into Jerry the pug. He had been there for a while and was upset. He wants to go somewhere else and live because he's decided the people living here are idiots. He had listened to everyone 'discussing' the debates for half an hour and was beside himself.

He said that lying has become so normal in this country that Romney could now 'win' a debate by lying his ass off. Behavior which would have got him laughed off the stage in years past. Jerry said the people here don't know or care what truth is and are going to be the death of us. He was shaking and trembling when he said this. It was cool but not cold at the coffeeshop. Jerry was shaking from exasperation. Jerry said, don't these people know you should pay attention to words and that you are better off listening to a presidential debate on the radio than to actually watch it and that sometimes less is more. One guy was going on and on about how Romney won the debate and how he was going to 'own' Obama.

Jerry said that guy can kiss my black ass.

Anyway Michigan Native, don't tell anyone that the debate was like two fast food franchises arguing about the health of fat soaked french fries. Millions walk around comforted in the belief that the debate informed them and that they are preforming a vital role in the American democratic process.

And the truth is they are indeed preforming a vital role in the 'American' democratic process. They just don't know what that role is.


The same people I note that were convinced by the handshake were also the same ones who did not care if Romney was telling the truth or not.

What academics ought to be preoccupied with is telling HOW IT IS. And telling it in the simplest way possible. And why?

I always find it interesting when people of divergent philosophies seemingly agree. In this case, both you and Asoka champion a medium of language that is strictly pragmatic; never mind the ostentatious banality of "functionalist and systematising thought" culturally imposed under the guise of "proper grammar" and other formal arrangements.

As mentioned above,and garnered from the pugnacious tone of your posts, it sounds like you want to reduce language to a strictly utilitarian and declarative form. Like an Italian brute cursing at an errant bocci ball attempt, you denounce thoughts and opinions contrary to your own with attempted power impositions such as "BULLSHIT" and"ASSHOLE". But most intelligent folks read your dialogue for what it is, and are not the least bit intimidated or cowed. And certainly not impressed.

Asoka, on the other hand, seems to want language to serve the essence of thought and not for the imposition of power. His simplification is more in line with achieving poetry of the mind as opposed to the prose of constraint and that's a big distinction Rhino- by the way, what an appropriate screen name.

But before I let you get back to your "rutting and hoofing" your criticism of "high fallutin" language is nothing new.

"...achieving poetry of the mind"


No doubt this achievement is taking place over lunch at the Taco Bell under the careful tutelage of Wiley Brooks.

Yeah, those blog posts are definitely up for a Pulitzer.

'Scuse me while I go LMAO.

Here's the video of Jared Taylor speaking at Towson University. The University is desperately trying to stop White students from starting their own group. They desperately tried to stop Jared Taylor from speaking - charging the new group hundred of dollars to use a room for the lecture. Black students are outraged - as are almost all the White students too! One Black student said, why do they need a group? Whites never did anything good.

Still think that we need to wait to organize for some hypothetical future - when all of our rights are already gone? Prog, we need to organize now against that day.

When you meet another man, you should crush his hand if possible. If you don't like it, I'll paint my ass black (watercolors) for you to kiss.

"The picker may not have a clue and he may resist getting a clue because he's afraid that getting one is harder than breaking his back."

We all resist clues. The beginning of strength is to know weakness without fear.

The picker has kids enough about him. We haven't forgot about them but others may. Those kids need food shelter clothing health care and education. The other kids their own age who speak, read and write English need to treat them well.

Yes, qutie true. Rhino is a brutal Roman who only understands "cash value". A forest is a bunch of lumber waiting to be cut. Animals are just lunch walking around.

The terrible things you say about him and he says about you are both true. Both of you together are needed to create a Radu Voda, the Voivod Radu.

Poetry of the mind legend of the mind.

Take a nap on a toasted carpet through a big picture window in the middle of winter and tell me those Breatharians aren't on to something.

Stretch your paws out on the carpet bathed in the golden rays of the Sun God. She tickles your belly and her warmth fills you up all over. I'm feelin Wiley. There is a strong harmonic resonance in the room.

Welcome back, Michigan Native.
Hows Michigan's economy?

They [ and My grand dads folks were from Quebec] were fools to allow Trudeau, Immigration, Immigration of non Christian Whites, etc.

Bye Bye Canada.

Shut up ding-dong. I'm not fooled.

And you, Ski-doo, why would I pay any attention to some white guy from Yale with a silver spoon stickin' out of his ass.

I will break from the discipline of NOT responding to an incurable racist to ask a few questions. What, pray tell, would a white student group discuss during their meetings? How their priveleged life style is disappearing because of the inevitable tide of general population increase? How there needs to be an ordinance outlining the appropriate orientation of the bill of a baseball cap?

College students defying authority. Damn, that's NEVER happened before.

And when a man crushes your hand you reach around and grab his shoulder. If he does it first you do it next.

Here is something for you.

Always good to see other points of view. Essential even. The debate is discussed from another point of view.

Shut up ding-dong. I'm not fooled.


Authenticity is my strength. I am who I am I'm not here to fool.

No worries, K-d,
He was mistakenly barking up the wrong tree.
He meant to be responding to the little lederhosen-clad laddie, a tree of this type:

Okay then,
Back to the back...

(The clue would be: "...responding to an incurable racist...")

Poetry of the mind legend of the mind.

What's wrong with you K-Dog...posting Legend and Mind in the same sentence without a mention of The Moody Blues?

Well Rhino doesn't care for the 'bullshit academicians' but I'm sure he doesn't care for "Ebonics" or "Spanglish" either. So where does that leave his world and who imposes the cultural norms?

You mean, I'm not the first? I actually know the names of few songs but love many.

I met Tim once; for real in Redmond, WA. I sized him up real good and came to the conclusion that he was an ordinary guy.

I was burning fossil fuel like there was no tomorrow, another time, another place. The radio was on and there was a quick blurb saying where he was going to be. I was only a half mile away and sure enough when I got there it was he. The bizarre thing was hardly anybody else showed up to see him. He was old then, beaten up and broken, trying to get by on promotional tours between software stores when such things existed.

He was spewing a Kurzweilian kind of bullshit. But hey, he was paying his bills.

Good tune, thanks.

Maybe they would discuss White Culture and Achievment. Believe it or not there is a little - like everything you're looking at right now. Or do you believe like the young Black Man - that Whites have never done nothing.

And needless to protesting for their civil rights such as the right to organize (like every other group) is important too. Shame on you for your ignorance and hatred.

Exactly. It leaves him nowhere, just like you. The Hispanics (the Mestizos coming here) don't read or like opera, the arts, philosophy etc. A few of them like to read about how terrible Whites are and how glorious the Aztec Cannibals were.

You aren't going to like what they create nor are they going to like you. You are a Nowhere Man just like the Rhino.

And they are ethnicaly cleansing the Blacks - I thought you like the Blacks? Get your bullshit story straight.

So do Whites have the right to organize like every other group?

White Nationalists are Knights in White Satin, always reaching the End.

Maybe they can discuss how a diet of eating nothing at all is a diet in the first place. I'm sure it will fit right in with the discussion of other impossible fantasies.

It's a pretty safe bet that they won't be discussing ALEC (or why the United States has been nothing but a big fucking lie for a very long time)

So Whites don't have the right to organize like other people? Glad you're still on the stupid pills.

You are inbred hill trash. Here's you as a young Lad. You look more the the Trash Dad now of course.

Of course genius - those are the very people who use Blacks agaist Whites. Who founded the NAACP? The Blacks? Guess again.

It's all divide and conquer. But unity wont work either - we're too diverse. Someone has to dominate - that should be us. The other groups wont accept that so it's either divide peacefully or have a steel cage match. I'm for peaceful division.

RADU VODA Monastery. Bucharest, 24 Radu Voda Street. Convent for monks. Dedication day: "The Holy Trinity", the second day after Whitsuntide.

Recruiting for a Sustainable Horticulture Instructor. Seeking a dynamic and experienced horticulture instructor. This unique program includes hands-on work in greenhouses, orchards, ponds, and gardens. Experienced horticulturists from the business community are encouraged to apply. This is a great opportunity to help students increase chance of employment by providing vital vocational training.

Is American education preparing for WMBH? Some educational institutions seem to have permaculture on their minds.

Will Obama win in Wyoming? Wyoming is the nation’s top coal producer, accounting for 40 percent of all the coal mined in the United States in 2011.

I voted against the Clear Skies Bill. In fact, I was the deciding vote — despite the fact that I’m a coal state and that half my state thought that I had thoroughly betrayed them. Because I think clean air is critical and global warming is critical. But this notion of no coal, I think, is an illusion. Because the fact of the matter is, is that right now we are getting a lot of our energy from coal. And China is building a coal-powered plant once a week. So what we have to do then is figure out how can we use coal without emitting greenhouse gases and carbon. And how can we sequester that carbon and capture it. If we can’t, then we’re gonna still be working on alternatives." -- President Barack Obama

Some 1.8 million donors gave $181 million to Obama's re-election campaign in September. Obama maintains fervent support among Democrats. No enthusiasm gap.

Bored nothing to do?


Is it the same old same old at Clusterfuck Nation with the same tired loose wingnuts? Don't despair there is plenty to do it's Saturday night!

You could start here.

Corporatists equating corporate rights with human rights except when it suits them not to. Which is it? None of the above to men who don't play fair.

A good night to find out about Citizens United until fresh meat and tasty morsels here arrive. Follow the Canada Connection and you will soon see what I mean.

Were corporations to be people they would be the oft misrepresented Übermensch at it's worst. Existence without soul, compassion, and love of life. Immortal and strong, without knowledge of death. The horror of horrors.

Today, in his new reality cooking show, "Post-Collapse Cooking", Jamie Oliver is going to make his uniquely British "signature dish"----cold Canned Beans on Toast....

What's the smallest wave that a surfer can surf on?

Why is it that some sports, such as American football and basketball, select athletes who are are physically most well-adapted for their particular sport (e.g., large physical size, tall, etc.), while other sports, such as caving, do not? One would think that midgets would be best adapted for going through caves and tiny spaces?

Big fat people would probably be good at political demonstrations because the police would have a hard time pushing them out of the way?

[The Dating Game.]

"I have a question for Bachelorette Number 1:

What's the smallest wave that a surfer can surf on? And what do you think about Cossacks?"

How 'come you don't see any huge, fat people who are politically active?

Is it because huge, fat people are not "active" generally?

How 'come the only place where you see big fat people on the beach is in Russia?

Are the words "complexity" and "beserk" synomyms?


Those young horny, pimply-faced Mormon boys overseas look a hellavalot younger than 19 years of age!

SALT LAKE CITY (Reuters) - Mormon leaders on Saturday lowered the age requirements for full-time missionaries in a change that could swell the ranks of the church's messengers around the world.

All 18-year-old men in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will now be allowed to serve missions and women can do so at the age of 19, Thomas Monson, the church's president, told members at a conference in Salt Lake City.

The previous age requirements for serving as Mormon missionaries was 19 for men and 21 for women.

Monson and other church leaders said the change, which is effective immediately, was a response to the needs of the growing church, which was established in the United States but has spread throughout the world.

"I am not suggesting that all young men will - or should - serve at this earlier age," Monson said. "Rather based on individuals' circumstances, as well as upon determination by priesthood leaders, this option is now available."

His words drew audible gasps of surprise and delight from those gathered in the 21,000-seat conference center near the church's worldwide headquarters.

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I tried to become a Preacher once, but I had a bad habit of holding 'em under water too long during the baptisms in the river.....

I tried to be a good shepherd to my flock, and to give 'em what they wanted, but I kept'n up the Kool Aid recipe.


Yep, folks.

Let's vote for a spanking new economy by voting for the the oligarch, Mitt Romney, who is really Milton Friedman following the model of the Shock Doctrine.
You won't know what hit you.

Oh, of course we don't call it that, that would be too honest and that's not the paradigm for today.

Yes, indeed, some folks in the laboratory of the ideology discovered that when they didn't pay a subscription to the fire department in their town the firemen came not to take out the fire, but to make sure the fire didn't spread to other subscription payer homes.
No amount of money could get these heros to take out t he fire---you had to have already paid into the subscription---Let's just hope this sucker paid his monthly insurance bills!

Question, I ask you---Is this guy a "leech" on society that he didn't pay his subscription? Is he part of the 47% Romney doesn't represent?
Would Ayn Rand say let'er burn? (burn baby burn)

Hey what's with that Big Bird anyway?

Well as I've pointed out numerous times, the media will not dare speak it's name---not even the left-wingers. I noticed not one person stated the obvious---

PBS is public---Public I say, we must turn it into a profit center---Everything must be Privatized.
It's not about producing real wealth, it's abut monetizing everything on earth. Mineral,fish foul, human--EVERYTHING!

We are post--Industrial you know, we syphon wealth--we don't create it! Hail to the great extractor!

Your public sector will yield $billions-oh, perhaps $trillions to a special few "Untouchables". One thing I assure you, you will be paying through the nose for all services Thus the service economy---That's what they mean--Free-dumb lovers!

Obama wouldn't be much better, he's ready to bargain in the lame duck session of congress with the Republican side of the Friedmanites---That's what I call choice!


Out of over 100 comments on a CBS-News article on the high gas prices in Cali, exactly one mentions PO (AlecSevins).

The rest is: price gouging, the current and previous POTUS, the Republican candidate, Cali. clean-air rules, Cali legislature, etc.

Sticker shock at California gas stations

From the above link:

by AlecSevins October 7, 2012 1:34 AM EDT

"Peak Oil" is the root cause of this, yet most Americans don't really understand the concept or choose not to. No Presidential candidate will candidly mention that the U.S. peaked back in 1970, even though geologists are well aware of what's going on. Half the GOP still thinks oil is Heaven-sent and ignores the physical evidence (just as they do AGW).
That whole Arab oil embargo and the 55 MPH speed limit was directly tied to the 1970 U.S. peak. Look up graphs of "U.S. oil production" for visual confirmation. Now, the whole world is peaking, probably in 2006, and it's a big driver of this recession.
Mindless people who see conspiracies and "price gouging" need to study petroleum geology and the very real concept of EROEI. The cheap oil is long gone and we've been searching for over a century. New technology brings marginal gains, not exponential releases. Do the math. Alaska peaked in 1988, including ANWR. The Bakken shale (aka "tight oil") will never achieve game-changing flow rates, and dry kerogen shale (the bulk of U.S. shale) has yet to break even. It also has nearly impossible water needs.
Drilling for more U.S. oil is like mining the Colorado River's terminus for water. Prices are at the mercy of finite reserves and diminishing returns.

You sez:
"Let's vote for a spanking new economy by voting for the the oligarch, Mitt Romney, who is really Milton Friedman following the model of the Shock Doctrine.
You won't know what hit you."

Now right there, our fascist oligarchs have one tiny problem. Namely, there are some who will know EXACTLY what him 'em. It pretty much explains the all-encompassing surveillance that's been put in place; gotta keep an eye on potential flies-in-the-ointment. Plus the current misdirection campaigns that abound seem to be directed toward turning the lumpen against one another (saves time and resources, y'know). An old ploy, but one that continues to prove effective. Look at this place, for example; sure doesn't take much/many, now does it?

Despite what looks to be an insurmountable tide of corralling all and everything that could be construed as a threat to BAU, it's never as complete as imagined. The very speed at which official pronouncements from "unnamed gov't. sources" are now coming at us should be an indicator of the underlying panic that is occurring within the servant cadre of the potentates. (The blur of incoming bullshittery is not simply an outgrowth of election season madness.) It's my opinion that they believe some of the general public now "know too much" (sort of like having too many spies with different agendas working the same case) and they'd better get some heavy distraction going in very short order. Otherwise, focus will not be sufficiently diverted from what, why, and who-dunnit.

Good catch AK.
Damnit! Another bean-spiller!

That ratio of the successfully distracted to the clear-eyed is telling. What will be the overarching "emergency"/"security concern" that cuts off our only information stream (internet)?

Pucker (quoting some Mormonity-figure):
"Monson and other church leaders said the change, which is effective immediately, was a response to THE NEEDS OF THE GROWING CHURCH, which was established in the United States but has spread throughout the world."

What would those "needs" be, pray tell? Tithing from an expanding congregation, perhaps?
Dunk 'em deep [and hold 'em under], brethren and sistern!

A file from under the heading:
How To Tell You're Just About Done

...And someone please tell me why this evil little fucking goblin Adelson, one of the richest assholes in da woild, can't get himself a decent dye job. Christ on a crutch, can't afford a stylist, or just taking a residual from "Just For Men" because you can't part with 50 bucks a month to get it done right, Sheldon? Tell us, gremlin-boy.

What does Sheldy "get" if the beneficiary of his munificence, Mittens, is coronated? Immunity from prosecution or death? Dual religiousity status? World-wide gambling legality, enforced by our heroes?

And don't forget Adelson's ties to Chinese organized crime. He's got a casino in Macao.
What a POS--but he's buying an election along with others with deep pockets
I'm so impressed with this "democracy"---not.

BeingThere: "You won't know what hit you."

Ozone: "There are some who will know EXACTLY what him 'em."

Asoka: "Some in these parts will not be hit"

I did skim the long article and I get Sheldon Adelman confused with Sheldon Adelson!
However 'crooked' he may be, if what I did read in the article are his worst crimes, hes an angel compared to Obama.

As far as Democracy goes, its not mentioned in the
Cons, BoR or DoI. Why did the Founding Fathers do that?

As far as Democracy goes, its not mentioned in the Cons, BoR or DoI.

The term "democracy" comes from two Greek words: "demos" (the people) and ""kratia" (power or authority). So of course democracy is a form of government that gives power to the people.

Or, as the U.S. Declaration of Independence says ... "the consent of the governed"

There it is: democracy in the DoI.

Not quite. What is happening in California is the result of a large refinery fire and a massive power problem in a separate refinery. With two refineries off-line, there is a severe shortage of the fuel used during the winter months. Remember, because of California environmental laws (and thank Allah that we have them), fuel is specially formulated here that is not sold in other states.

HOWEVER...the situation does illustrate how tight supplies are in this state and what can happen when a BLACK SWAN swoops down and takes a dump on top of yo haid.

Romney says he supports expensive tax rate deductions, but he refuses to specify loopholes and other tax breaks that he would end to pay for the new perks.

There are costs to those tax cuts … Governor Romney has not said what his secret plan is for paying for these $5 trillion in tax cuts. Just like he will not talk about where his tax returns have been or how much money he has offshore.

But we do know that a million-dollar donation from a foreign-owned corporation was given to a Republican super PAC supporting Romney.

Obama warned SCOTUS, saying that would happen, after the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

Our elections can now be bought by money donated from foreign entities.

XXX5 frequently quotes Joseph Stiglitz on the economy. I have quoted Joseph Stiglitz on the cost of the Iraq War.

Now we have a quote from Stiglitz on the unemployment numbers:

"No president, maybe except Nixon, would actually try to change what the Bureau Labor Statistics does or what the DEA does. These are really independent agencies and the idea that they would do that is literally absurd. You don't monkey with the numbers because that would destroy your credibility."

That is how XXX5 destroyed his credibility, by monkeying with Great Depression unemployment figures, by incorrectly saying we are in the "worst" recession in US history, by saying the middle class has "disappeared," by saying we are in "crunch time," and by confusing U3 and U6 BLS unemployment data.

Stiglitz said the only thing that presidents can do is explain the numbers and put them in context of larger economic tides. Friday's report showed that unemployment had fallen to 7.8% after 114,000 jobs were added last month.

Here's a front page story in the Sunday LA Times:

"A Sea Change In Ocean Chemistry"

Here's the link for the web edition,0,7494056.story?page=1&ref=nf

I think that after today you have to subscribe to read it. The LA Times is one of the last good newspapers in the country. Worth the subscription.

When the oceans die, we're next. Let's see how tax cuts fixes this.

The LA Times is one of the last good newspapers in the country. Worth the subscription.


Or you could just go to a public library or academic library that has a subscription to NewsBank, which has 2,000 newspapers full text.

By using public resources you have paid for with taxes, you don't have to pay for a private subscription. Works for me.

Greatest country in the world. And the boomers are the greatest generation. Thanks, xhalor.

Why, you're welcome, Ding-Dong.

Just doing what I can to clarify Stiglitz's "context of larger economic TIDES."

Reflection on the debates from a Black perspective: Obama has always been careful not to appear too aggressive. If I remember right people were very disappointed by his initial performance in the debates in 2008--not enough attacking, slow to respond.

But there are still a lot of Vlads and Radus out there who have a problem with a black man seeming too arrogant or aggressive in an argument with a white man.

Obama didn't have this problem with McCain because McCain didn't have the arrogant, takeover personality that Romney has. (The kind that flattens a Jim Lehrer.) Romney is obviously very comfortable lying and bullying. For some reason he reminded me of Bernie Madoff.


(The kind that flattens a Jim Lehrer.) Romney is obviously very comfortable lying and bullying and assassinating and outsourcing. He'll force the country to the ground and give it a haircut.

Up to you old tricks again I see. As if Fire Protection and PBS are on the same level, both necessities. Believe it or not, there are many Americans who don't like paying for the Leftist garbaged spewed from that network. And to any DISCERNING eye (not you obviously), Sesame Street is an overt attempt to corrupt young Whites into accepting multiculturalism. The teaching of a,b,c's is an obvious ruse. So that's what's up with Big Turd.

So yes there are common goods. But it's Leftists like you who make the Public Square so impossible and who make the average person want as little to do with the Commonweal as possible. Your values are completely whack and you want to publicize everything. And people who want everything end up getting nothing. People refuse to share with those whose values are so different - who don't believe in private property for example, or that Blacks are owed as much as they desire - which is everything of course.

When you denied the existence of an Obama Cult you put yourself in the category of those who cannot be trusted. You obviously want to minimize your culpability in voting for him - without changing any of your failed ideas and ideals. It cannot be. People who voted for him should spend the rest of their lives in mourning and pennance for their failure to see. But do they? No, like you they refuse to change even when shown to be wrong - like your stubborn endorsement of "democracy" - an idea alien to real America.

Watch the video of Jared Taylor at Towson University. The ignorance, arrogance, and outright stupidity of the Black students is simply beyond belief. They don't believe Whites should have any rights at all. And these are the best Blacks? The smartest? Just meditate on how bad the bad ones must be.

Blacks like to punctuate their arguments with punches. Just go to Youtube: there are many videos of Blacks starting trouble with Tea Party demonstrations. We have every right to be wary of Blacks. That's not an irrational fear or dislike but simply prudence based on experience.

I invite all White posters and viewers to watch Jared Taylor's video. It's an eye and mind opener. It shows that there can be no peace with a people so fundamentally alien and corrupt, who refuse to take responsibility for a-ny-thing. The solution? Complete separation. There is no other.

"Romney is obviously very comfortable lying and bullying."

Perhaps your "Black Perspective" should consider this:

just for shits and giggles

In WA state we have had two refinery fire in as many years and they always drive up prices. Funny how that happens. But if the media says so it must be so.

Cherry point refinery.

Focus groups at the time must have provided very positive results for them to use the same ploy three times. I could not find a news article on the other fire. BP's money controls Google, how soon we forget.

HBC just got 220 M.
For those who dont know what that means and want to,
Historically Black Colleges.
But what are the graduation rates of Blacks who graduate?
Compton College was shut down, or nearly shut down and now is a 'satellite' of Torrance JC.

Although the situation is well beyond irredeemably dire, I have to thank you for this....
"..shrieking microcephalics awaiting the second coming of Adolf Hitler in a green satin Mountain Dew race-day jumpsuit."
I nearly pissed myself in a fit of actualized uneasy laughter...

Yo B Towne, check it out. Mene mene tekel upsarin. Your Kingdom has been weighed and found wanting.

I didnt know about the bonuses at NY Times for hiring non whites.
I wonder if Santa Monica City has the same policy.

Watch the video if you get the chance - it's long but worth it. No White can watch it and not realize just how dumb Blacks are - and these are presumeably better than the average.

For example: Mr Taylor made the fine and cogent argument of what if hundred of thousands of unemployed Americans swarmed over the Mexican border and demanded jobs, services, the right to vote with ballots in English etc. Would the Mexican people accept it? One of the Black questioners though Mr Taylor was saying that Whites should take over Mexico. He didn't have the capicity to understand a hypothetical. Mr Taylor didn't even try to correct him but just waxed indignant. He's right - what is the point if someone is that stupid - and that programmed to hate you?

And yes, beyond the incredible stupidity and miseducated ignornance - the pure malice was breathtaking. This video will be a great tool for the awakening of sleeping Whites. I implore all Whites reading this to view it.

The best spoken Black was in favor of allowing the White Club on Campus. Alas if only most intelligent Blacks were this decent. Most our like our own Asoka - their allegiance, both heart and mind, for their own and only their own.

"Some in these parts will not be hit"
Nasty nasty nasty all the time, but a especially nasty on a Sunday morning. He must be quivering with joy.

"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." - Matthew 10:29-31

Are we our brothers keeper or not?

United we stand divided we fall. Eat the apple and throw away the core.

"What if hundred of thousands of unemployed Americans swarmed over the Mexican border and demanded jobs, services, the right to vote with ballots in English etc. Would the Mexican people accept it?"

From the mouth of babes.

Damn right they would. If the leading indexes on the Mexican Stock Market went up as a result and all their media radio TV, internet and print touted it as an economic stimulus their people would soak it up just like here. Greed would blind.

The crucial determining factor would be the degree to which one was immediately and personally affected by the influx. The degree to which one was immediately affected determines attitude because all sense of community has been lost.

Death by a thousand cuts.

Goblin huh? Classic anti-semitism - just what Vlad said about Charles Krauthamer. You really a piece of work/shit with your posing as a libtard.

I suppose Italian mechanics are grease monkeys? Why don't you come out of the closet full of white sheets you coward.

Wrong asshole: the army, drug gangs, and peasant with pitchforks would unite and destroy the unshaved army of Fred Flintstones.

You may not have heard but Mexico, despite being a failed nation is still more one than the United States. They take their borders very seriously and hunt down illegal Guatemalans, Salvadorans etc. Of course they "allow" them passage thru to the Untied States - for a price. And if not paid, God help them. But that's Mexico, none of our business.

No more trouble in my body or my mind,
I'll eat the fruits of Eden and throw away the rind, (mind next refrain)
Ohhhhh, Eden.

But Adam did eat and died of strychnine poisoning on the beautiful but acid planet called Eden. Old
Star Trek.

To the degree that they have a sense of community you would be right and I would be wrong but if they go through life thinking others are assholes they would fall fast like us.

One of my favorite episodes. Remember the bait they used to seduce Chekhov, She was hot.

Yeeeeahhhhhhhh-hey brother.

You don't know it was strychnine.

Herbert Herbert Herbert Herbert Herbert...

Yes hot and no I don't no.

But an interesting episode. Remember the premise? The technology of the day was causing a myserious illness which could be controlled but not cured. Ever here of Morgellon's Sydrome? Hard almost inorganic hairs start coming out of the body? Unknown cause but it parallels some of the symptoms described in the Witchcraft Literature of the Middle Ages.

The later Star Treks had their points but the first still stands for raw creativity and ideas. Rodenberry had an amazing mind.

My apologies to anyone who is already aware of this, but for those of you that have watched any CNN newscasts over the last few years and wondered what ever happened to their jounalist Amber Lyon, she's is now making the rounds in the Internet media. Having worked in broadcasting for as long as I did, I found it very odd that she just went away at such a young age. Once you get to that level at CNN, there really is nowhere else to go. I've watched two interviews with her. The first one, and the shorter one (30 minutes) is with Alex Jones. I personally am rather tepid about Alex. He doesn't always get it quite right. But I do believe that his heart is in the right place. The second, and much longer (almost three hours!), is with Joe Rogan. She really does let it all hang out with Joe. Both are very eye-opening and well worth the time.



Biddy gave her a belt in the gob and left her lying on the floor.

I'll watch your video if you watch mine.

I already watched your video and really don't give a fuck if you watch the links I posted or not.

I have the entire first series memorized verbatim.

No more trouble in my body or my mind, eat all the fruit and throw away the rind, Yeah hehy,,,,, brother.

The poison was acid, all the fruit had acid in it. Spock took a reading with a tricolor the fruit he scanned had stripes on it and a bite out of it. He said it was poison.

At the end I remember Spock said.

It is my sincere wish that you continue your search for Eden.

The evil insane guru had used a pure message to mesmerize his followers but he had bitten the acid filled fruit rather than go back to a society filled with poison where death was slow.

You are correct about his condition. The evil guru had an incurable disease caused by technology and the ironic thing was that if he left technology he would die. His survival defended on technology.

Spock learned this and when he realized that the evil one was going to commit suicide by leaving the society on which his life depended and takin the yungins with him then Spock knew he was insane.

It is my sincere wish that you continue your search for Eden.

tricolor should be tricorder

viva le tricolor

The poison was acid, all the fruit had acid in it. Spock took a reading with his tricorder. The fruit he scanned was green with stripes on it. It had an a bite out of it showing the yellow flesh inside. Spock said the fruit was filled with acid.

That's better, my humble apologies to all.

His survival depended on technology.

Sorry to hang my head is shame yet again.

I'm still on the first one but the RF ID thing on kids is OK. It's about their safety so parents can know if they are on the bus or not. We are talking about little kids, ones who need to be kept safe. Sometimes they fall asleep on the bus and get lost.

Now back to Bahrain.

In other words, the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was bitter to you. Medicine often is my dear X, it often is. But you will be the better man if you can let it heal you.

Remember Adam's reaction to Spock (who they thought was little Herbert) when he made the Triangle with his hands and said, "One"?

So fuckin cool. To die for.

Where are you getting your information on Mexico? You are wrong. Mexico has a much more humane policy toward undocumented "aliens" in their country. Travelers dealing with abuses get a lion share of the publicity in the USA, but they are a small number of the total illegal immigrant population in Mexico. Experts suggest the percentages by home country may mirror those of legal foreign-born residents. Some 70 percent of legal foreign-born Mexicans come from the U.S. The next largest number, about 5 percent, hail from Guatemala.

Pieces in U.S. media from the Washington Times to the Concord Monitor have inaccurately claimed that Mexico’s policy is to jail and deport those found to be illegally in the country.

But rather than deporting people who don’t have authorization to be in the country, there is a process for “regularizing” these immigrants. According the law, said Perez, illegal immigrants are “never” arrested and sent to jail unless they have committed a crime in Mexico or in their home countries.

Once foreigners have been living in Mexico legally for five years, they can become citizens.



You, Radu, are once again spreading false information... due to your racism.

I suffered thru 2? 5? minutes of it...
I dont need my facts reinforced.

Full immersion indeed. Deep pockets.
Apparently they gave up the White Priesthood when Andrew Young threatened them. Such is their "faith".

Ok, as long as you know how dumb and bad Blacks are.

The next big death row execution in Texas is scheduled for October 10th. Hook 'Em Horns!

Here's the story of a little boy who convinced his mom to allow him to join the Girl Scouts:

The Girl Scouts of Colorado has flip-flopped on its refusal to allow a prepubescent, transgender boy to join its ranks.

The leader of a Girl Scouts troop in Denver initially told 7-year-old Bobby Montoya that he couldn't join because, "he has boy parts."

But the organization had a change-of-heart, telling KUSA-TV in Denver, "Girl Scouts is an inclusive organization and we accept all girls in Kindergarten through 12th grade as members.

"If a child identifies as a girl and the child's family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout."

Felisha Archuleta, Bobby's mom, was first told by the local troop over the phone that she could enroll her son.

"Bobby identifies as a girl, and he's a boy," Felisha Archuleta told KUSA-TV.

"He's been doing this since he was about 2 years old. He's loved girl stuff, so we just let him dress how he wants, as long as he's happy."

But when Felisha and Bobby, who has two older siblings, got there, the troop leader flipped out, fumed Rose Archuleta, Bobby's 52-year-old grandmother.

What a ridiculous, asinine article you posted in the link. And did I mention fucking hypocritical?

Haven't any of you right-wing bozo's ever watched "Bedtime For Bonzo" ?

I'm usually an opponent of the Death Penalty since I don't trust the State with the power to flip-the-switch....

But, for this bloke in Texas, who's getting it on October 10th, I may make an exception.

Apparently, he sexually assaulted a white woman, killed her, buried her in his back yard, and then later dug her up and hid her corpse behind his living room sofa for God-Knows-What purpose?!

...Why does that weeping pustule that poses as a person keep attempting to address me? (I hope they're saying nice things.)

How 'come the English language only has 5 vowels?

Can't we do better than that?!

What if you had to repeat over-and-over, a hundred times a day, every day, to complete strangers the following phrase?:

"I'm going to rub the back of my hand over your crotch."

[Redneck riverbank scene in the movie "Deliverance". "Don't say nuth'n...just do it."]

Do you remember those 2 redneck, mountain men that the canoers ran into on their canoe trip down The River?

How would you rate those 2 blokes for "Customer Service"?


It appears that the Romney bounce is over. Well, unless you're certain type of GOP pollster.

Check out the light on this polling company who claimed Romney made substantial gains the battleground states, including an implausible 10pt turn around in Ohio:

It really hit home, eh? Good you needed that. The article is the simple truth. You only suffer because you identify with something corrupt, namely the Demonrat Party. Just stop identifying and the suffering will stop.

Don't blame the messenger, Buck. Btw, did you watch the Amren video? Blacks show themselves for they are. You have to stop identifying with this failed race.

Like a little girl with her hands over her ears screaming la, la, la...

You are so flawed it's not funny.

Try this one on for size. Now imagine if four White guys and a White girl raped and tortured a Black couple for hours before killing them. Think it might be an international story and not a "Black Out"?

The actor who played the rapee had his life changed forever at that. People would make pig sounds at him on the street.

Deliverance and Easy Rider are the ultimate masterpieces of Hollywood's Campaign against the South. When are they going to make a movie about the rampant pedophilia of the casting couch?

I just gotta say, when something has become so fucked up that the likes of me doesn't even want anything to do with it.....

It's really fucked up.

I may repost tomorrow..
from yr 'ridic' link:

To be sure, no white candidate who had close associations with an outspoken hater of America like Jeremiah Wright and an unrepentant terrorist like Bill Ayers would have lasted a single day. But because Mr. Obama was black, and therefore entitled in the eyes of liberaldom to have hung out with protesters against various American injustices, even if they were a bit extreme, he was given a pass.

Read more:

Don't know if anyone will see this post, but saw a TED talk about how technology is allowing people to make money by renting things out (their space rooms, their tools, their cars, etc.) and how it is providing lots of ways to find to find small jobs working for others. If you're un/underemployed or know someone who is, maybe it will help. Be sure to scroll down, there's lots.

Of course, all of it only works as long as we have technology, but once you acquire the skills you're way ahead if the electric networks go down.

Where are they, God? Have I defeated all of them? But only by thy grace! It's just you and me now, buddy.

Thank you. The Liberals are sick people. How can anyone have such mental compartmentalization? Or as Gurdjieff called them - buffers.

The poor sad three brained beings whom Beelzebub witnessed are still here. As Long John Silver said, Black Dog was bad but he was a child next to Flint. Aye, they are all children next me.

I noticed you didn't answer my question about what was troubling you about me. You made me feel like Hal the Computer talking to Dave Bowman.

You have defeated no one. I provided facts about Mexico to counter your lies. You did not even respond, let alone defeat.

The greatest number of illegals in Mexico are from the USA.

The Mexican government does provide a way for illegals to become legal.

After five years of living legally in Mexico you can apply for citizenship.

Nobody is arresting and put in jail solely for being in Mexico illegally.

The USA is much less humane toward illegal immigrants here.


Nobody is arrested by the Mexican government and put in jail solely for being in Mexico illegally.

The USA is much less humane toward Mexican illegal immigrants in the USA than Mexico is toward USA illegals in Mexico. 70% of illegals in Mexico are from the USA.

Is it that my nimbus of glory is too bright to comfortably behold? Or my is halo to square?

New York state

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KLCC Little Girl In A Reverie

One last photo with Cheng Sim before I left Burger King. LOL she was so funny, she touched me and said, "You're so real lah." and continued poking me. All this while we've only communicated online, so I did not seem real to her. LOL.

Chugn lern and I. Both of us had to go home soon. Too bad we didn't take an SMK Subang Utama group photo with Jasiminne and Sarah. Four Subang Utama bloggers at the meet, yo!

While making our way towards the carpark. Slinky was kind enough to give a few of the Subang bloggers(Me, Calvin Tay, Chung Lern and Penny) a lift back to . well, Subang.

Walking and taking photos is fun.

I LOVE THIS PIC. See my bracelet. Haha. Everybody's in except Chung Lern. I was scrunching my face because I was trying to balance my ass from slipping off the carseat.

Catching some evening sunlight.

One of myself. It's a must. I'm sorry.

Chung Lern looks so pretty here!!

I had a great time, everyone. Really. Sorry if I seemed distant to some. there'll always be another chance for us to meet up and catch up more. So I suppose during the next round of blog meets, there'll be more bloggers who will be interested in coming for the meet. :) I love meeting new people this way. Very fun, sharing common grounds and mutual friends galore. Oh, and don't forget the excessive camwhoring activities. LOL.

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Late Night with David Letterman

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David Letterman's first late night talk show. It premiered on NBC at 12:35am on February 1, 1982. Coming off of his failed morning show, NBC still had confidence in Dave. This show was the result, and it changed the late night talk show forever.

Dave's first show saw him introduced by the "NBC Peacock Girls", a group of cabaret dancers in feathered costumes, whom Dave said had "come home to roost". His first guest was Bill Murray who, having had a little too much to drink that evening, went off on a twenty minute aerobic dance routine to Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" (much of which was edited down for broadcast).

And all of that was just on the first night.

Dave went on to make TV history on several occassions. He dressed up in giant suits made of things such as rice krispies or alka-seltzer. Then he'd be submerged in milk or water. He once donned a suit of magnets and pressed up against a shelf of metal cans. Another time he held elevator races in the building. He'd read viewer mail and sometimes even go and visit fans who wrote in (such as the time he encountered a fan who criticized his shoes. Dave found the young woman who wrote the letter and took her shoe shopping with him to find suitable footwear).

Often times Dave would introduce a new camera angle, like the Late Night Monkey Cam (a camera strapped to a chimp's back}, the Late Night Thrill Cam (which was a camera suspeded above the studio audience and pointing down towards the people that ran along an inclined track), and the Late Night Tiger Cam (similar to the monkey cam, only this one mauled bandleader Paul Shaffer.

The most infamous (and hilarious) segment on Late Night was shortly after General Electric bought NBC. Dave took his camera crew and a basket of fruit to the GE Building to meet his new bosses and say Hello. After trying to turn Dave away at the door to the building, Letterman slipping inside during the confusion. He was met by a GE Pinhead who ordered him to turn off the cameras. Dave introduced himself and tried to offer the basket of fruit, but the suit would have no part of it and instead walked to the camera and covered the lens with his hand. A clip of this "handshake" was included at the end of each broadcast for several weeks after the incident. SEE: GE Handshake

Two of Dave's signature comedy bits, Stupid Pet Tricks and Stupid Human Tricks reached fame on Late Night. People were interviewed and auditioned for the show from around the country. If you or your pet could do an amusing trick, chances are you'd be invited to perform it on the show. Pet tricks included a dog that could cram three tennis balls in its mouth, a little dog that could attack a vaccum cleaner, and another dog that could "sing". People tricks included the man who could stop a moving fan with his tongue and a man who would pour milk in his mouth, lay down, and let his cat drink from his mouth.

Animosity between Dave and NBC built over the years, and after Johnny Carson retired, the network gave The Tonight Show to Dave's good friend, frequent show guest, and fellow comedian Jay Leno. Letterman felt betrayed and eventually moved to CBS to start Late Show With David Letterman. As such, Dave's final NBC edition of Late Night aired in June 1993.

On the final edition Dave was serenaded by one of his favorite musicians, Bruce Springsteen, and a lot of clips were shown of the past decade of shows (since once the show moved to CBS all of those old clips were forbidden from being trotted out and shown).

Reruns of the show used to air on E! and A until Dave insisted that practice end because he felt it was diluting his nightly new editions. As such, all of the old editions were locked away in a vault somewhere for over a decade until the Trio Network bought the rerun rights in late 2002. After running a 96-hour marathon on Thanksgiving Weekend 2002, the network announced plans to begin nightly reruns in 2003. Clips are also seen now and again on various NBC Anniversary Specials, but are few and far between. If you ever have the chance to see reruns of the show, don't hesitate. You're in for a treat.

With BIG Boobs what problems get associated

I have a hard time finding clothes that fit properly and don't look like potato sacks, or something Devine would wear in a John Waters flick. Every dress I buy to fit my boobs has to be altered and taken in, in the stomach and hips.

When I was younger, 2 piece bathing suits only were sold in sets and I could never find one that fit my top and bottom. I used to take try to mix and match a small bottom with a large top and hope the checkout person wouldn't notice. That's when I learned to make alterations. But the first time I did that, it was a disaster, I didn't sew enough stitches and the suit came completely apart when I dove in the water. I surfaced and I was completely naked.

Can you be if you have small boobs, or just at best? Men mags are filled with big boobs! My boyfriend likes big better, I don feel sexy enough. Men are always drooling over big ones. I don have a great face nor butt either :(

Which do men really prefer; small/large breasts? And, from both the woman man point of view, do they lose the feeling if you get cosmetic surgery to enlarge them? And to the men who prefer big boobs, would you choose small natural ones over big fake?

Point and Click Games

If you are looking for good ways to attract a girl you have come to the right place. I am going to share with you the top flirting tips for men. The ultimate guide for how to flirt with a girl and how to seduce women. Knowing how to attract girls is a difficult but very rewarding pursuit. Learning how to seduce girls and how to attract women will give you the control and freedom you have been looking for with your dating life.

Some guys just naturally know how to flirt with women you would be surprised how many of them actually had to learn how to attract a girl. Knowing how to get women is a complicated and scary world for some people. Fortunately flirting with a girl is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. I have compiled a list of flirting tips for guys which will give you a great advantage when learning how to flirt with girls. You will learn how to flirt online and how to talk to a girl and even how to get a girl to like you. Flirting with girls online is just like flirting in real life.

I believe that tips on flirting with girls is sometimes all it takes to go from a poor dating life to a fantastic one. How do boys flirt with girls? What is the secret to knowing how to attract any girl. A lot of you may want to know how to flirt with a girl in middle school after learning how to flirt with a girl online.

Learn all the ways to flirt with girls and improve your dating life by learning how to flirt online with a girl. Master how to flirt with a girl you like by reading my tips for flirting with girls. Understand and apply these tips on how to get a girl and you will experience the power of knowing how to flirt with a girl.

Can I get paid for taking care of my grandmother

It hard but you may have to take a stand and force the issue-even if it means a home. You have your own life to lead,it selfish to want that,and they are being selfish to deny it.

Don ask them. Tell them.

If they care about you they understand.


My mother has Alzheimer

5 years ago

it might depend on the state in michigan if it is the seniors money then no unless u have a contract and someone with alztimers cannot make a contract so be careful its possible u might try the govt thing and c what the regulations are for your state so get her children off their butts and tell them it is time u had a life and if they refuse get in contact with adult protective services and see if their is something they can do to help. if they really dont want her in a home then they better be able to pay u if that is what u want to do and u are right this is not your responsibility it is her childrens and bless you for taking over where others have failed also if u do decide to do this remember to take care of yourself while taking care of your grandmother and u do need a break to have some fun too also try contacting AARP and see where they can point you. i think that it is time for someone to take over for you and give u time to grow and thanks for taking care of your mom you probably dont realize how much it meant to her


been in this same situation

Wow, you are a very strong and brave lady. Yes you can get paid by the government for what you are doing. I give you a thumbs up! I think you have to get certified with a couple of things, but it shouldn be too hard. If push comes to shove and the gov doesn help,talk to your uncle and aunt and stand firm--Tell them you not going to watch her unless you getting paid for it. I understand that your grandmother, but you paid your dues long enough!

Water Hanging Baskets From Your Smartphone

It's a time-consuming task to water hanging baskets. You must take the basket down and water them with a hose or watering can, or water them while hanging using a hose extension made for watering hanging baskets. Then you must store the hose away.

There's an easier way. Install a watering setup that gets water automatically to the root of each hanging plan in the exact amount the plant needs -- when it needs it.

You need a device that attaches to the faucet in order to reduce the water pressure to the lower pressure needed for a drip system. You also need enough irrigation tubing to run from your faucet device to your trellis, and short lengths of quarter-inch tubing attached to emitters that deliver drips of water to each one of your hanging baskets in exactly the right amount.

Suppose you have 6 hanging baskets suspended from hooks on a trellis near your patio. Run tubing from a faucet device to the trellis. Attach it to the trellis post. Run in up the post and along the horizontal lentil or rafter from which the plants are suspended.

For each hanging basket, run quarter-inch tubing from the connecting tube to the root area of each plant zone and attach a emitter.

How to control your watering setup

There are three ways you can turn the water on and off:

Manually. Go to the water faucet and turn in on and off on the schedule you desire.

Digital timer. Install a battery operated timer between your faucet device and your faucet. You can program it to come on and off as you desire -- for example, every other day.

Insteon home automation. Set up an Insteon network and add an Insteon sprinkler controller. This method takes a bit more work than the previous methods -- you need to install a 24-volt power supply for the sprinkler controller, a 24-volt valve in a valve box, and run underground wires from the controller to the valve. Once you get it set up you can control it via your web-enabled smartphone. You can also use this type of setup to water your tomatoes via smartphone.

Insteon has become the home automation network of choice for the do-it-yourselfer. It is affordable, easy to install, and offers many automated applications for household tasks.

If you're just starting your home automation network, I suggest you start with remote lamp control. You only need a controller and several plug-in lamp switches. With Internet service, a route and an Insteon-compatible app loaded on your web-enabled smartphone, you are ready to control your lamps from just about anywhere. You can add irrigation and other applications as you are ready. You can even water your tomatoes from your smartphone.

If you have not installed an Insteon home automation network, take a look. Why not use today's technology to make home living safer, more convenient and more enjoyable?

IDG News Service mdash;
Heroku, the platform-as-a-service provider bought last year by, announced Thursday that it will begin supporting applications written in Java. Heroku started out running applications written in Ruby. It later expanded to support Node.js and Clojure, and is now adding Java. "Java is, by many measures, the world's most popular programming language," Adam Wiggins, one of Heroku's founders, wrote in a blog post. "Our desire is to be as inclusive as possible." Many PaaS providers started out by supporting just one language and then expanded to include others. Adding Java makes sense for Heroku, since Salesforce's platform is largely Java-based, said Bill Lapcevic, vice president of business development for New Relic, a company that offers application performance management tools for developers, including those that run apps on Heroku. Supporting Java puts Heroku in a better position to serve existing Salesforce customers, he said. The move also puts Heroku in competition with Amazon, which earlier this year began offering its first Java platform-as-a-service offering, called Elastic Beanstalk. For now, Heroku should have an advantage, Lapcevic said. "My opinion is that Amazon is expert at running its infrastructure and less at helping you run applications and making them easy to deploy," he said. Heroku said it will offer the service initially as a public beta. Nancy Gohring covers mobile phones and cloud computing for The IDG News Service. Follow Nancy on Twitter at idgnancy. Nancy's e-mail address is
Richard Heroux knows that failure can be a valuable teacher. In his master?s degree thesis examining why federal modernization projects fail, he cited several common pitfalls that can be obstacles to success. He defined project failure as being based on three criteria: costs overruns, missed schedules and undelivered objectives. There were many failures to draw on?according to the General Accounting Office, federal agencies waste 20 billion annually on dead-end modernization projects. Heroux gathered material about unsuccessful projects from agencies, media reports and the public domain, then narrowed his focus to nine organizations?including the FAA, IRS and Social Security Administration?for which he had the most information. The mistakes included: No systems development life cycle Lack of top management support Undefined and hazy system requirements Excessive scope creep Sporadic user involvement Lack of systems architecture oversight Project leaders not having the appropriate technical background
Hands-on experience leading an enterprisewide project is the best way to get ahead, according to an exclusive CIO magazine survey of 100 respondents identified by their managers as up-and-coming IT leaders. A whopping 76 percent of those who had the opportunity to lead such a project rated the experience as critical to their career development. The survey, conducted earlier this year, also found that 52 percent are only somewhat satisfied with their leadership development opportunities. Mentoring or coaching by internal (37 percent) or external (53 percent) leaders also ranks among the most frequently cited leadership development opportunities of interest. Aspiring leaders face obstacles, however. Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they lack time to devote to their career development, while 19 percent said they lack management support. However, 54 percent envision themselves as CIOs in five years, while 29 percent are aiming for some other corporate leadership role. x201c;For many, the challenge is availability of opportunity, to be at a place where they can actually grow,x201d; says Simon Dunning, managing director at Applied Materials. x201c;Itx2019;s a double-edged sword. You need the opportunities to grow but you also need to be successful at the opportunities. It only takes one failure to destroy a lifetime of growth.x201d; (Read about the experiences of emerging IT leaders in x201c;Pathways to Leadership,x201d; Page 37.) Relationship building (78 percent), change leadership (75?percent) and the ability to shape executive expectations (67 percent) are among the leadership skills most instrumental to getting those we surveyed where they are today. Driving business innovation (49 percent) and strategic planning (44 percent) were most frequently cited as the skills these future leaders are most interested in improving. According to Brad Busick, manager of change management for the city of Takoma, Wash., younger IT staff may also benefit from their familiarity with rapidly changing technology and social networking tools. x201c;Todayx2019;s Twitter is yesterdayx2019;s CIO conference that required everybody to fly to Florida,x201d; says Busick. x201c;Itx2019;s real-time, relevant and that is the competitive advantage for the next group of leaders coming up through the ranks.x201d;

IT departments, long criticized as being too slow in offering new technologies and services, may be facing a grassroots rebellion in many companies over cloud services. A new survey that looked at cloud adoption inside companies found that many business executives are bypassing IT altogether in adopting cloud services -- and they face few consequences for doing so. Avanade, a business technology services company that was created by Microsoft and Accenture about 10 years ago, sponsored the survey. Conducted by Kelton Research, it involved 573 respondents, including C-level executives and business unit leaders. In the survey, 20 of those responding said they had actually gone around their IT department to provision cloud services. Of that subset, 61 said it was easier to provision the services themselves, and 50 said it takes too long to go through IT. And while 60 reported that they have corporate policies in place that prohibit such actions, those policies aren't real deterrents. Tyson Hartman, the CTO of Avanade, said that business units are responding to cloud in much the same way they have responded to other new technologies, which is to move quickly toward adoption. "If you look at any technology at different points of adoption as it matures, you tend to find this side-effect of technology sprawling or growing outside of a prescribed governance model," said Hartman. The survey data showed that the trend "was more pervasive than most people realized," said Hartman. Ultimately, said Hartman, IT operations will realize that they have to control and govern the growing cloud sprawl to ensure systems comply with data security, privacy and regulatory requirements. The business units that are adopting cloud may also save money by working with IT, particularly if other business units are adopting similar services and platforms but aren't leveraging any synergies. Overall, the survey found that 74 of enterprises are using some form of cloud services, up 25 since Avanade conducted a similar survey in 2009. Companies are also training their employees on cloud platforms, with 64 reporting investments in training for both new and current employees. Patrick Thibodeau covers SaaS and enterprise applications, outsourcing, government IT policies, data centers and IT workforce issues for Computerworld. Follow Patrick on Twitter at DCgov or subscribe to Patrick's RSS feed . His e-mail address is . Read more about cloud computing in Computerworld's Cloud Computing Topic Center.
Confidence in the IT industry dipped somewhat in March compared to December, and plans to increase staffing levels dropped slightly as well, a new survey shows. The findings by CompTIA, an IT trade organization, were based on opinions of 336 U.S.-based executives at various IT companies surveyed in early March.'s IT Job Search BibleAre You Confident in the Job Market? CompTIA said that its Industry Business Confidence Index made a big jump in December of 6.3 percentage points to 56.6, but dropped back to 54 in March, the survey found. The trade association was quick to point out that the slight decline should be compared with strong optimism over future business conditions. For example, the survey showed that 53 of IT companies expect to shift more resources to new products or investments in research and development or efforts to enter new markets. The March survey also showed that 30 of the companies surveyed expect to increase staffing levels in the next six months, offset by 18 of companies expecting to reduce staff. The net result is a positive 12, compared to a slightly higher 14 net positive in the December survey. Asked what keeps IT executives up at night, respondents cited the continuing fragile economy, fears of a stalled recovery and weak consumer demand. Matt Hamblen covers mobile and wireless, smartphones and other handhelds, and wireless networking for Computerworld . Follow Matt on Twitter at matthamblen or subscribe to Matt's RSS feed . His e-mail address is . Read more about careers in Computerworld's Careers Knowledge Center.

The recruitment Yesterday (4 days), Zhongnan University an online employment recruitment news, that teachers and students shouted, a post: strokes, Virgo you ready yet? recruiting three types of personnel reserve cadres, designer and salesman. This column in the handsome, steadfast and hardworking, strong communication skills, strong logical thinking, subject to management and strong execution Do Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo priority. noted that after the issue of this microblogging soon attracted the attention of users, Netizens they said it could not accept. SOUTH greatly four students Chao said: quickly change yesterday afternoon, reporters once again log on to the website, the words on the Constellation requirements have all been deleted. Zhongnan University of guidance services center deputy director Luo Xianfeng explained, this company is recruited to register on Saturday, on duty at the employment office is a few students. They lack experience, only audit the necessary certificate, information on the company's recruitment information posted online. Director Luo said: LIFA doors and windows Systems Limited relevant person in charge of the telephone,

Reporter online search to the other company's office phone,nike nfl jerseys, but no one answered.

from limiting blood type limit account to Constellation

employment discrimination encountered by college students in the job market is more and more in recent years, this human resources experts said, should reflect on their own behavior.

constellation requirement is a long time there has been even more strange request. Wuhan Vocational College of Commerce Office of Admissions Director Hongbing said. If any unit in the recruitment of college students when required candidates to drink; Some units require candidates blood type must be type O or type A; Some units require female candidates are either already married, or within a few years be allowed to marry; there unit requires candidates to be the city accounts ...

senior human resources specialist, said Wang Hai, these strange employment requirements of the growing number of employer and candidate inequality. In the context of the increasing pressure of college students employment, college students tend to find a job As the employer, you should stand on each other's position reflection, as the relevant authorities should strengthen management, and try to give all the candidates a fair competitive environment.

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Simplest Way to Building Geodesic Domes

Building a greenhouse geodesic dome is normally time consuming but fairly easy for precise sizes as well as have a nice workspace. You'll need at least one assistant to help with the cutting, measuring and this particular assembly of your techniques geodesic dome.

Most people prefer these steps:

1. The dome can be built with metal, PVC pipe, wood or bamboo. PVC pipe is used in this example, but the design together with set up are the same whatever the material you decide on. Remember that PVC pipe has a short UV life, so the pipe needs painted or covered with rust-o-leum to continue it from becoming brittle.

2. Estimate the size of the greenhouse to look for the level of materials it is advisable to buy. DesertDomes has a wonderful tool for calculating triangles along with stuts.

3. Search pertaining to designs. Geodesic domes are composed of two different sized triangles and one base. You can easily adjust the height of the greenhouse dome by building the beds base on a taller principle.

4. Plan for setting up and watering. Greenhouse domes need to have air vents and sturdy frames which may support a watering system along with constant humidity level. Dirt, gravel or treated wood flooring is ideal, and you can create a dome light enough to move regularly to a clean garden of ground.

5. Pick the plastic for the greenhouse at almost any greenhouse supply store. Buy plastic which has a high UV rating, especially when making the dome out of PVC pipe, as it becomes brittle within the sunlight. You'll be able to safe the plastic with weights, or build a dome the place that the plastic is hung from the within the dome. There are many kits on the market, so examine several for a wide variety of geodesic greenhouse domes.

Now, let's discuss about The Eden Biodome Revolution created by Kacper Postawski and just how it may assist you. I really hope this simple The Eden Biodome Revolution Review will assist you to differentiate whether The Eden Biodome Revolution is Scam or a Real Deal.

Building geodesic domes for greenhouses is not only around the frame! What you use to cover your bio dome is definitely the key to the environment you would like to create.

What exactly you need is a covering that's transparent or translucent enough to allow for optimum light to excel into your greenhouse. Considering that different plants have vastly different light needs, the kinds of plants you ought to grow should be taken into account when building your geodesic dome.

Things thinking about aside from the needs of this plants are your climate, the price of materials along with the durability of the product. Ensure that you consider all methods of your particular situation to produce the proper solution for your individual requirements.

This user-friendly, foolproof system will present to you the way to generate your own geodesic greenhouse, build your own organic food factory and provide your family with incredible food year-round.

The following is all what you need to understand about Eden BioDome Revolution:

1. Shows you the simplest way to very easily construct ones own bio-dome, step-by-step. I'll take you through each action with detailed explanations, illustrations or photos, and even videos that demonstrate the most crucial steps.

2. Adhere to my "magic" 3 step system to construct your dome extremely quickly and very precisely. Without this system you could possibly spend weeks building the dome and make many mistakes!

3. You'll learn the amazing material On the net to cover your dome with which is able to turn your dome perfectly into a tropical paradise. This material is currently being utilized in elements of Canada where it might be -30C (-22F) outside the house, and the farmers are picking strawberries to their t-shirts. This material is awesome at keeping temperature in! They're using it inside a regular green-house, it's all the more effective inside your DOME green-house along with the thermal benefits of the dome's shape. I'll explain to you the best way this material and how to cover your dome with it.

Dimissioni irrevocabili. Con un ‘no’ pronunciato sul tavolo del Consiglio federale, Umberto Bossi lascia la guida della Lega Nord dopo aver condotto la ‘Padania’ per oltre 20 anni sul campo di battaglia della politica, sotto le insegne del federalismo.

Classe 1941, l’Alberto da Giussano dei giorni nostri per il ‘popolo padano’, è in politica da 30 anni, con il chiodo fisso del federalismo: 4 lustri tra aule parlamentari, stanze del governo, comizi sul pratone di Pontida e ampolle con l’acqua del sacro fiume Po. Prima di incrociare la propria strada con la politica, il Senatur, che aveva lasciato la scuola per aiutare la famiglia, trova un impiego all’Aci di Varese, poi ottiene il diploma di perito elettronico alla scuola per corrispondenza ‘Radio Elettra’, lavora come operaio, perito tecnico e informatico.

Nel 1961 tenta la strada del successo musicale partecipando col nome d’arte di Donato al Festival di Castrocaro, per poi incidere due ’45 girì: ‘Ebbrò e ‘Sconfortò. La musica, però, non è nel suo destino. Il primo contatto con la politica avviene sotto le rosse insegne di falce e martello, nel lontano 1975, quando l’uomo che sarà il futuro leader leghista e ministro delle Riforme partecipa un’iniziativa di solidarietà del Pci di Verghera, una frazione di Samarate, in provincia di Varese; per una raccolta di fondi a sostegno dei dissidenti del regime che Augusto Pinochet aveva instaurato in Cile. L’impatto con le teorie autonomiste e federaliste avviene quattro anni dopo, quando Bossi incontra all’Università di Pavia il leader dell’Union Valdotaine Bruno Salvadori. Nel 1980 Bossi fonda un gruppo che chiama ‘Unione nord occidentale lombarda per l’Autonomia’.

Nel 1982 Bossi fonda la Lega autonomista lombarda, di cui viene eletto segretario nazionale, insieme a Roberto Maroni, con il quale percorrerà un lunghissimo tratto di strada in un sodalizio che ancora regge (tra alti e bassi e con qualche incrinatura negli ultimi tempi). Alle politiche del 1987 Bossi viene eletto per la prima volta senatore. Nasce la ‘leggenda’ del Senatur e comincia la guerra a ‘Roma ladrona’, uno dei tanti epiteti che Bossi e i suoi riserveranno alla Capitale e al centralismo, odiato nemico da sconfiggere con l’arma del federalismo,Louis Vuitton Italia. La figura di Bossi acquista sempre più spazio nelle cronache politiche. Non solo per le idee che la Lega porta con sè nel confronto politico, ma proprio per l’anomalia rispetto alla politica in doppiopetto, più compassata, della prima Repubblica: il ‘condottiero padano’ è l’uomo politico che indossa la canottiera d’estate (persino a Villa Certosa da Berlusconi) e non si preoccupa di farsi fotografare abbigliato “come uno del popolo”.

E come uno del popolo preferisce piatti semplici: passa alla storia, una cena a base di sardine con Massimo D’Alema e Rocco Buttiglione per preparare il ‘piatto’ del ribaltone del ’94. Bossi è quello del “la Lega ce l’ha duro”, sparato ad un comizio sul pratone di Pontida davanti alle camicie verdi padane in estasi; è quello di “Roma ladrona”, del Tricolore “che ci si può pulire il c…”; del Va pensiero verdiano al posto dell’inno di Mameli; delle pernacchie e del dito medio mostrato con piglio agli avversari politici. Nel 1992, anno terribilis per la politica della prima Repubblica, caduta sotto i colpi di Tangentopoli, Bossi viene rieletto, questa volta alla Camera, con un cospicuo bottino di preferenze, quasi 241mila.

Il 1993 è l’anno di Tangentopoli e del cappio fatto oscillare in aula alla Camera dal leghista Luca Leoni Orsenigo contro i corrotti della politica, un gesto ‘figlio’ del celodurismo di Bossi, anche se neppure il leader leghista riuscirà a sottrarsi ad una sentenza di condanna per una tangente nell’inchiesta Enimont. Il 1994 è l’anno dell’alleanza con Forza italia. Un’alleanza con cui il centrodestra vince le elezioni, ma che dura poco perchè il ‘regalo di Natale’ del Senatur a Berlusconi, il 22 dicembre dello stesso anno, è un ribaltone che manda a casa il neonato Polo delle Libertà.

Nel 1996 primi squilli di tromba per il progetto secessionista della Lega. E’ l’anno della prima cerimonia dell’ampolla, con l’acqua del ‘sacro fiume Po’ in viaggio dalla sorgente alla foce, accompagnata dalle camicie verdi leghiste. Nel 2001 nasce la Casa delle Libertà, che vince le politiche. Bossi varca la soglia di palazzo Chigi come ministro per le Riforme istituzionali e la devoluzione, imprimendo slancio alle idee federaliste, bandiera del Carroccio. Nel 2004 il leader leghista viene colpito da un ictus. La riabilitazione lo costringe ad una lunga degenza. La malattia non gli impedisce però di candidarsi alle europee ed essere eletto. Nel 2006 il Senatur rilancia l’idea secessionista, con la nascita del ‘Parlamento del Nord’, antesignano dei ‘,louis vuitton borse;ministeri al Nord’voluti dal Carroccio qualche mese fa. Il resto è storia più o meno recente, con un Bossi sempre più ago della bilancia nei rapporti interni al centrodestra, mai completamente a proprio agio con gli alleati dell’Udc e di Alleanza nazionale. La nascita del Pdl, di cui l’Udc non farà parte e dal quale Fini uscirà dopo molti attriti con il Cavaliere, aumenta il peso ‘contrattuale’ della Lega all’interno della maggioranza. A fare e disfare equilibri politici tra il Carroccio e gli alleati, manco a dirlo, è sempre e solo lui, il Senatur. Che sceglie però la strada dell’opposizione quando a salire sui banchi del governo è Mario Monti insieme alla sua squadra di tecnici.

How many flights are there each day from the IAH airport

Welcome to Houston! If you didn't drive in, chances are you arrived into George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), just 15 minutes from the Hilton Houston North hotel. George Bush Intercontinental Airport is truly a "City within a City," and the airport's physical size and growth have contributed immeasurably to the community's economic growth while providing the traveler with one of the finest and most convenient, modern facilities in the world today. IAH houses 5 passenger terminals which host over fifteen Airlines from all over the world, including AeroMexico, Air France, Lufthansa, KLM, and Singapore Airlines. Domestic Airlines include Delta, United Airlines, US Airways, and of course Continental Airlines, which is based in Houston, Texas.

Fixed Base Operators (FBO's) operating out of IAH include Landmark Aviation and Atlantic Aviation. airports, IAH covers 10,000 acres and handles 700 departures each day. Over 43 million passengers passed through George Bush Intercontinental Airport in 2008 alone! There is an underground inter-terminal passenger train to assist travelers with getting to their gate in a timely manner, as well as an above-ground train which services select terminals. The Hilton Houston North hotel provides a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport on a regular basis to make your stay with us even more enjoying and hassle-free.

The Essentials of Club Flyers Printing

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Another form of promotional material that you can use for your advertising and campaign are the club flyers. These materials are appropriate if you wanted to make announcements about the big event to happen in your .

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Auch in Fachkreisen wird Kritik laut. Der IT-Sicherheitsexperte Holger Heimann findet die Informationspolitik des Unternehmens ?nicht besonders vertrauenserweckend“. So habe Sony sich unterschiedlich dazu ge?u?ert, wie die Kreditkarteninformationen gesichert waren. ?Gerade bei sensiblen Daten sollte man hier aber schnell zu eindeutigen Aussagen in der Lage sein“, sagte Heimann. Auch im jüngsten Fall – dem Diebstahl bei SOE – habe Sony noch nicht mitgeteilt, ob die Kreditkartendaten verschlüsselt gewesen seien.

IT-Sicherheit mit LückenVielleicht noch sch?dlicher fürs Image: Die angekündigten Schritte deuteten schmerzlich darauf hin, wie wenig sich Sony bislang um die IT-Sicherheit gekündigt habe: ?Das, was eingeführt wird, sollte eigentlich Standard sein“, betonte Heimann, der das Unternehmen it.sec in Ulm leitet. Bis die jetzt angekündigten Schritte wirkten, k?nnten noch viele Monate vergehen.

Ohnehin hatte Sony bei der Krisen-PR nicht immer ein glückliches H?ndchen. Es fehle ein ?ffentlich sichtbarer Krisenmanager, meint der Krisenforscher Frank Roselieb. ?Wenn man liest, was Sony von sich aus sagt, hat man das Gefühl, die schwimmen irgendwie“, so der Direktor des Instituts für Krisenforschung in Kiel.

Starke MarkeTrotz aller Kritik an seiner Kommunikationspolitik muss der global bekannte Konzern nach Ansicht des PR-Profis Roselieb nur bedingt um seinen Ruf fürchten. ?Sony hat Chancen, diese ganze Sache einigerma?en gut zu überstehen, weil sie eine unglaublich starke Marke haben.“

Wie die Millionen Sony-Nutzer reagieren, l?sst sich zwar schwierig vorhersagen. Mancher scheint aber tats?chlich bereit zu sein, über den Datenverlust hinweg zu sehen – wenn die Dienste nur bald wieder laufen. ?Bin ich froh, wenn dieser Hacker-Krieg endlich mal vorbei ist, wann immer das sein wird“, schreibt ein Spieler im Forum von Dann k?nne man endlich wieder seinem Hobby nachgehen.

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ralated article:

Guardate?, uno squisito regalo alla politica e al popolo italiano da parte dell’insuperabile genio Walter Veltroni. Questo signore, già noto come industriale emergente del Nord-Est, non più contento di sfruttare solo i suoi operai,louis vuitton borse, ha evidentemente deciso di passare al parassitismo in grande stile e dichiara platealmente che non andrà più alla Camera ma continuerà a percepire il relativo emolumento perché “deve pagare il mutuo”. La Porsche del soggetto, ci rivela, ha targa slovacca per non pagare le spese. Un bell’esempio di spirito civico, non c’è che dire. E per finire un tocco di omofobia: i gay che si baciano gli fanno schifo perché lui è un uomo normale e gli piacciono le donne.

Eppure, non c’è motivo per pensare che Calearo sia peggiore di tanti altri. Anzi, bisogna riconoscergli quantomeno il pregio della sincerità. Il difetto è nel sistema. Una legge elettorale che consente ai segretari di scegliere i candidati ha prodotto questo ed altri mostri. La nostra classe politica, la peggiore in assoluto della nostra storia, che si accinge ad eliminare in modo arrogante le ultime garanzie del lavoro in preda alla crisi. Alla faccia della Costituzione e in particolare del suo art. 1. Né questo difetto verrà superato dalla nuova legge elettorale in gestazione, che non prevede il ritorno alle preferenze, proprio per non intaccare in alcun modo il potere di designazione delle segreterie dei partiti.

Inutile peraltro prenderci in giro. Questi politici sono in certa misura lo specchio di una società corrotta, la nostra. C’è una peculiarità tutta italiana ad esempio in fatto di evasione fiscale. Le operazioni in grande stile a Cortina o altrove lasceranno con ogni probabilità il tempo che trovano. Ci vogliono misure radicali e una profonda ristrutturazione del modo di essere e di operare del fisco, per assicurare al pubblico le entrate sempre più necessarie. E bisogna ovviamente evitare che queste entrate siano devolute de plano ai creditori.Così pure quella del pareggio di bilancio è una follia imposta all’Europa (ma non a se stessa) dalla Germania, che vede nel monetarismo alla Merkel il migliore strumento per mantenere il suo dominio sul continente.

Ma il problema dell’iniquità ?fiscale non è ovviamente solo italiano e non consiste solo nell’evasione fiscale, ma nella tassazione del reddito, ad esempio per quanto riguarda la predisposizione delle aliquote. Parole chiare al riguardo le ha dette, con riferimento al sistema belga,Louis Vuitton Outlet, il funzionario dell’Ufficio imposte Marco Van Hees, il quale ha rivelato che, tanto per fare un esempio, ?un’impresa come ArcelorMittal, che dichiara un utile di 1,3 miliardi di euro, paga un’imposta di 496 euro, pari a un’aliquota effettiva dello?. Ma c’è da ritenere che anche altrove le cose non vadano meglio. Si guardino gli Stati Uniti e il noto caso del miliardario Warren Buffett, che paga?…

, segnato da fortissime sperequazioni. Che fare per cambiarlo? E’ solo nella politica che si trovano le soluzioni, ma in una politica del tutto opposta a quella attuale. Partendo dall’Italia, va definitivamente delegittimato e superato questo sistema politico basato sull’autoperpetuazione di una classe politica totalmente subalterna all’iniquità e anzi partecipe di essa per motivi di bassa lega personale. Qualità morale e intellettuale, zero, con pochissime eccezioni.

Ho sottoscritto l’appello per un? redatto da Ugo Mattei, Marco Revelli e altre/i, che, come sintetizzato sul?manifesto di domenica, pone l’esigenza di tre importanti rotture: con il modello di partito novecentesco accentrato, burocratico e scarsamente trasparente, con il modello neoliberista europeo e con la visione “ristretta”della politica,nonché quella del riconoscimento dell’importanza dei comportamenti e delle passioni.?Tutto è politica e va promossa e garantita la partecipazione democratica contro le pulsioni autoritarie insite nell’attuale sistema.

Ma non basta un appello. Occorre che si parta da qui per ?un rinnovamento profondo della politica esistente a partire?dalle fondamentali esigenze dell’unità e della democrazia. E di un che consenta di porre fine allo scempio attuale. Mandando a casa una classe politica vergognosamente? inadeguata? e parassitaria. Risanando anche? la nostra società, a partire, laddove necessario, da ?una ?profonda autocritica…

Thomas Bach st?rkt den deutschen Leichtathleten in ihrem Kampf um eine Live-Berichterstattung der ?ffentlich-Rechtlichen von der WM in Daegu/Südkorea (27. August bis 4. September) den Rücken. Der Pr?sident des Deutschen Olympischen Sportbundes (DOSB) fordert: ?Die ARD und das ZDF sowie die IAAF sind aufgefordert, sich an einen Tisch zu setzen, um für die offensichtlich ungekl?rten wirtschaftlichen Fragen eine L?sung zu finden, die sowohl den Interessen des Sports als auch dem Sendeauftrag gerecht wird.“

ZDF-Sportchef Dieter Gruschwitz sieht in dieser Diskussion den Leichtathletik-Weltverband in der Pflicht. ?Es ist Humbug, dass wir die WM nicht übertragen wollen. Wir wollen sie sehr gerne übertragen – aber nicht zu jedem Preis. Wir sind weiterhin jederzeit gespr?chsbereit. Der erste Schritt muss nun aber von der IAAF oder deren Rechte-Vermarktungsagentur IEC kommen“, sagte Gruschwitz dem Sport-Informations-Dienst (SID).

Sollte es doch noch zu einer Einigung kommen, würde für die deutschen Sender allerdings die Zeit knapp, um diese Live-?bertragung dann zu organisieren. ?Eine ?bertragung in der Qualit?t, die man von einer EM oder WM gewohnt ist, ist nicht mehr zu gew?hrleisten“, so Gruschwitz. Zu kompliziert und langwierig sind die technischen Vorbereitungen sowie der Transport des Materials nach Südkorea in die WM-Stadt Daegu.

Offener Brief der AthletenAm Montag hatten alle Kaderathleten des Deutschen Leichtathletik-Verbandes (DLV) sowie ehemalige Stars in einem offenen Brief die Live-?bertragung der WM im ?ffentlich-rechtlichen Fernsehen gefordert. Sie wandten sich an die TV-Intendanten von ARD und ZDF sowie an Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel, Bundesinnenminister Thomas de Maizière und die Ministerpr?sidenten und Sportminister der L?nder.

?Ich bin schon verwundert, warum die Athleten nicht auch an ihre Interessenvertreter, also den nationalen und internationalen Verband geschrieben haben“, sagte Gruschwitz: ?Ich würde mir wünschen, dass auch die Position der IAAF mal kritisch hinterfragt wird.“ Inzwischen hat der Weltverband reagiert und vor dem Auftakt der Hallen-DM am Samstag in Leipzig (11.00 Uhr) eine Pressekonferenz zu diesem Thema anberaumt.

Mittlerweile melden sich die Athleten auch pers?nlich zu Wort. Weltklasse-Hürdenl?uferin Carolin Nytra emp?rt sich angesichts der Situation: ?Wenn wir schlecht sind, wird rumgemosert. Wenn es einen Aufschwung gibt, wie wir ihn jetzt haben, werden wir nicht gezeigt. Das ist nicht nachvollziehbar.“

Bach appelliert an ?ffentlich-rechtliche Sender?Nachwuchsprobleme werden die Folge sein, wenn die Highlights unserer Sportart nicht mehr im ?ffentlich-rechtlichen Fernsehen wahrgenommen werden“, sagt Ralf Bartels, WM-Dritter im Kugelsto?en. Er dachte kurz darüber nach, ARD/ZDF bei passender Gelegenheit ein Interview zu verweigern, findet jedoch: ?Das w?re ein Schuss ins eigene Bein.“

Raul Spank, WM-Dritter im Hochsprung: ?Da wird nach Olympia 2008 ?ffentlich lamentiert, dass wir in der Leichtathletik keine Typen mehr h?tten. Dann pr?sentieren sich welche wie bei der EM 2010, aber im ?ffentlich-rechtlichen Fernsehen soll sie dann bei der WM niemand sehen.“

Bach sagte dem SID: ?Der DOSB tritt dafür ein, dass ARD und ZDF ihrem ?ffentlich-rechtlichen Sendeauftrag nachkommen und die gesamte Vielfalt des Spitzensports im Fernsehen abbilden. Zum Sendeauftrag geh?rt aus unserer Sicht insbesondere auch die Berichterstattung über Gro?ereignisse wie die Leichtathletik-WM, die auf ein gro?es Interesse beim Publikum st??t, wie die Titelk?mpfe 2009 in Berlin mit in der Spitze fast zehn Millionen Zuschauern bewiesen haben. Auch die EM-?bertragung im Jahr 2010 aus Barcelona lief mit bis zu 6,7 Millionen Zuschauern sehr gut.“

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