That Old Martial Spirit

     A great orgasm shuddered through the money world last week when Mario Draghi paused between scamorza con arugula tidbits to remark that the European Central Bank (ECB) would stop at nothing to keep the financial blood of Europe circulating. Of course you wonder how many pony glasses of Campari he knocked back before that whopper came out. The markets squirmed with glee. I suppose it feels good to have quantities of smoke blown up your ass.
     This is the last month of the Great Pretending over on that lovely continent of exquisitely preserved towns and the corniche winding down to the crashing green sea, and the lunch table under the grape arbor... I mean, compared to, say, the universal slum vista of tilt-up, strip-mall America along the deafening highways, with the wig shops, tattoo dens, pawn shacks, dollar stores, parking lot swap-meets, and supersized citizens waddling through the greasy 100-degree heat of a new climate regime. When things blow, as you may be sure they will, at least the Europeans will sink amid all that loveliness while the American experience will be more like getting flushed down a toilet.
     The more you reflect on the Draghi remark, the more you wonder whether absolutely anyone out there is paying attention to the fact that there is no money backing up these pledges of continued bailouts. All the major banks of Europe are functionally insolvent and all of the nations that charter the banks are structurally insolvent, and the economies that depend on the circulation of funds around this Euro organism really cannot escape some sort of cascading collapse. The big unknown element of the story is how angry and batshit crazy the citizens of all these countries will get when summer ends. I don't believe they will fight each other just now, but it is very likely that the lampposts of all these lovely towns and cities will be decorated with swinging corpses of bankers, ministers, and a choice selection of politicians while a fight over the table scraps of a 30-year-long debt banquet occupies the folks in the streets.
      Over on this side of the Atlantic, the question arises: where are the good guys? Why is there not one national political figure in the USA who has a comfortable relationship with truth? Perhaps the elimination of truth in our banking and governing affairs is so complete now that there is no truth left to have a relationship with. Or perhaps no American person of integrity believes in the system enough to defend it. Which raises the corollary question: where are the brave persons who would oppose this baleful culture of lies, swindles, and rackets?
    I never tire of reminding readers that life is tragic. Individuals and groups in societies make bad choices or fail to meet a challenge that history presents. When persons fail, events take over and lead all persons where events will. Hence, events will take over the election clown show between an errand boy and a horse's ass. The distracted, degenerate public of tattooed soccer moms and men wearing baby clothes have no idea how quickly the supermarket shelves can go empty. The banking system is headed over Niagara Falls and it will take all our comforts and conveniences with it as it goes over. 
      Generally people prefer order over chaos, so don't be too surprised if some general in the Pentagon reluctantly decides that there is no choice but to step in and become the government. This would be an awful and momentous thing in our history, but it is exactly what we've asked for with our pornographic politics of lying, grifting, swindling, and racketeering. What I describe, of course, is the flip-side of martial law. Once civilians declare it, things have a tendency to get martial real fast - meaning that the feckless and hesitant civilians who allowed the situation to develop get swept out of the way in favor of anyone who can get something done. And what will have to get done in short order is the reorganization of a banking system to get money flowing again and the reopening of supply lines for food and medicine in particular.
     This is not an outcome I promote, you understand, but it is the scenario that a foolish people in a depraved nation are sleepwalking into. Take away the pizza pockets and the Pepsi and anything can happen. We may even live to see Mitch McConnell roasted on a spit in some Kentucky parking lot.


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Alas, James, another luminary voice is to be heard no more.

best, kulturCritic

What? No pizza pockets and Pepsi? Surely
you jest.

At eighth acre farm, I try to envision a post cheez doodle world. Have a look.

I always love your Monday updates. What a joke of a "system" we live in today.

JHK as usual is spot-on perfect in the America I see all too often:

"the universal slum vista of tilt-up, strip-mall America along the deafening highways, with the wig shops, tattoo dens, pawn shacks, dollar stores, parking lot swap-meets, and supersized citizens waddling through the greasy 100-degree heat of a new climate regime."

Doofus Americanus Elephantiasis will get thinner--and desperate--soon enough when the Frito-Lay and gasoline trucks stop rolling. Then we will want a competent general to tell everyone what to do. That's my fear too.

But NASA landed a rover on Mars! I actually think that was pretty cool. Maybe finding evidence of extinct life there will put us in our place before we create Mars' twin right here on Earth.

Wish I were at a table on that European cornice right now, sipping anisette and watching the topless and slender women sunbathe in the near distance.

Your descriptions are ever so eloquent Jim.But alas it is true; we have seriously made so much of this country so unbelievably ugly and used up so much irreplacable resources to do it with. What I don't understand is where is the outrage over what has happened, both here and across the pond? Are people here in the US so drugged up on their video games and fast food snacks that they can't muster the strength to protest?

What I see happening, which concerns me, is that even here in a lovely rural area, burglaries are rising. Lots of homes are being broken into when no one is home and stuff taken, including all the copper pipe the thieves can remove. So perhaps they won't rise up against those that did this to them but rather steal from the neighbors; if you have a job and leave the house for work, who knows what will be there when you return? Will we have to hire the local druggies to "watch" our homes?

Surprised you didn't comment on a good piece in the NY Times the other day; talked about how several generations in Spain were all living with the elders and off of their pension checks. Grandparents were being pulled out of nursing homes so that the children and grandchildren could "care" for them and thus have access to their checks. Is that our future? A friend got fired and can't find work; her sister may also be fired shortly. I can see them both ending up living with 86 year old Mom and off of her social security check. I guess we can do this here; until they cut social security that is .....

While it would be exciting to see the corporate class, their minions and promulgators swinging from lamp posts - and no, not in some inspired olympian manner! - I imagine that, at least in ameriKa, with all the ramping and tooling up of local and national security organizations, that Jim's glorious vision of an updated French Revolution-style uprising will be quite squelched. Swat teams, drones, and other hi-tech weapons have reached a ridiculous level of utility for the PTB. God help us... & for "pete's sake", vote 3rd party and pass the pitchfork...

(BTW, who IS that guy, "pete"?)

I think what really drives the seemingly unquenchable ejaculatory response to the empty words on both sides of the economic cesspool is the cornucopian belief that somehow 'they' will come up with solutions and follow through with the hollow promises to 'fix' the system with the same financial alchemy tools that got us into this clusterfuck in the first place; a bit of the hair of the dog that bit you. That said, I am considering running for President on the new 'Cornucopian Party' ticket that tells voters and 'the markets' just what they want to hear with no basis in fact whatsoever. My motto: "Derange you can believe in!" Oh wait....we have political parties/economists like that all ready. Never mind. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program of lies, deceit, greed, swindling, sleight of hand and profiteering at the expense of the planet and all the life contained therein.

Man, you are the funniest dude. I suppose truth is stranger than fiction.


NPR this morning is reporting that Shell is pulling huge amounts of money out of the European banks and investing/storing it elsewhere. They obviously know that the gig is up.

News from the front: it was reported on radio this morning that large companies are pulling their money from European banks. Let the game begin. Good looking raised beds, Jim.

Mr. James,
You sez:
" I never tire of reminding readers that life is tragic. Individuals and groups in societies make bad choices or fail to meet a challenge that history presents. When persons fail, events take over and lead all persons where events will. Hence, events will take over the election clown show between an errand boy and a horse's ass. The distracted, degenerate public of tattooed soccer moms and men wearing baby clothes have no idea how quickly the supermarket shelves can go empty. The banking system is headed over Niagara Falls and it will take all our comforts and conveniences with it as it goes over."

And I, for one, never tire of hearing it, because the unfortunate truth of the matter is that the more the "can" is kicked down the road and severe outcomes are not considered, the farther and more disastrous the inevitable fall. I'm not sure those who promulgate willful blindness are doing anyone any favors. As one of your posters (E.) had said, it's the pessimists who see what needs to be addressed, and rather than sinking into despair as a result, they're generally the ones who are psychologically prepared (read: used to bad news) and are ready to roll up their proverbial sleeves and get to work.

The only way out is through, which is why I was intrigued by Morris Berman's review/commentary about the movie "Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?"
His point #3 is dangerous (but necessary) subversive thought:

"Like Occupy Wall Street, the film insists that we must “take back” the American Dream. Like OWS, it never seems to grasp the fact that rather than recovering or restoring the A.D., we need to abolish it. The A.D. is part of the American frontier mentality, coupled with the mythology of extreme individualism, and is in fact based on the idea of infinity: there can and should be no end to economic and technological expansion. Unfortunately for that hopelessly neurotic vision, we are fast running out of resources; the planet cannot support the A.D. extended to every American, let alone every person on the planet. In fact, it was once calculated that for everyone on the planet to have a “modest” middle-class American life, we would need the resources of six Earths. This is why socialism, or spreading the A.D. around more fairly, is not an adequate response to capitalism, because it too is based on the notions of “growth” and “progress,” and those notions are fast becoming obsolete. The real shift required is not to (let’s say) a Scandanavian-style economy, but to a steady-state one: no growth, and not profit-oriented. And if the left hates this, as I’m sure they do: well hard cheese, folks, because in thirty to forty years we are going to be forced into this, when petroleum runs out and the dream of unlimited energy turns into the nightmare of scarcity. To socialists and capitalists alike, to Paul Krugman and Robert Reich and every other so-called liberal, I can only say this: permanent growth means permanent crisis. It’s time to start equating this type of growth with cancer."

Sorry for the lengthy posting, but I thought it was germane to the Empire of Delusion that we seem to be trapped in and that you outline so well.

Remember when Frank sang it?

The summer wind, came blowin in - from across the sea
It lingered there, so warm and fair - to walk with me
All summer long, we sang a song - and strolled on golden sand
Two sweethearts, and the summer wind

Like painted kites, those days and nights - went flyin by
The world was new, beneath a blue - umbrella sky
Then softer than, a piper man - one day it called to you
And I lost you, to the summer wind

The autumn wind, and the winter wind - have come and gone
And still the days, those lonely days - go on and on
And guess who sighs his lullabies - through nights that never end
My fickle friend, the summer wind

"Why is there not one national political figure in the USA who has a comfortable relationship with truth?" I can think of one--Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Unfortunately, he's a Socialist--a real one, not the imaginary one the delusional corn pone fascists think Obama is--so he doesn't get listened to. Also, Ron Paul seems to be able to describe the nation's problems, but most of his solutions are crackpot.

I haven't been writing about those two lately over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News, not since Ron Paul dropped out of the presidential race, but I have been posting a lot about politics. I began the week with three entries about Ted Cruz, the Republican candidate for Senate in Texas who is as clear a case of one of Jim's maniacs who are promising people that they can keep their McMansions, and gas guzzlers, and commutes. Cruz thinks Agenda 21 is a UN plot funded by George Soros to eliminate golf courses and paved roads. Yeah, and the path he's on will get rid of them even faster.

I've also been covering Michigan politics, both on my blog and at For starters, the local watered-down equivalent of martial law, the Emergency Manager law, will be on the November ballot and up for repeal. Oh, and Planned Parenthood, one of the few organizations to take population control seriously, issued their endorsements. I've also been posting about space and astronomy (I cover sustainability with a science fiction slant) including Curiosity's mission to Mars, an event that is making space enthusiasts anxious because they are afraid that might be the last such mission as austerity takes over. Finally, I made a snarky observation about projection being the Right's favorite defense mechanism, but that isn't the half of it. Ever heard of DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender)? Maybe you should.

As for what the future brings, definitely more election coverage and maybe a review of the Rolling Stone article featuring Jim and his new book. Stay tuned!

Happy Motoring--for now--from Detroit!

Where do you draw the line between guilty and not guilty?

We ghave managed to get the global system to go along with this and it will be our undoing.
The whole system is inverted, as I always say. This is global inverted communism, based on the Austrian school and the Chicago schools of business and of course our old friends Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand, around whom many devotees have created an economic fundamentalism.

In the Fundamentalist circles, they've managed to turn Martin Luther into a money grubber! (Ya, know the guy who referred to money as "filthy lucre".

Although I disagree with one of the founders of supply side economics, he has in fact become a man of conscience:
Paul Craig Roberts has a great essay today in discussing our Orwellian jobs reports. This massaging of data goes back to Nixon but was not adopted till more recently. But I must share with you some paragraphs:

[Other than some minor insignificant detail, “your” government has been consistently lying to you about everything of importance.

“Your” government lies to you, because “your” government has an agenda that it most certainly will not tell you about, because if you knew what it is, you would revolt. Putting down the revolt would divert the government from its agenda. It would also alert the rest of the world to the fact that the US government has an undeclared agenda of world domination, despite the costs to the American people and every other people. World War III looms.

Nuclear annihilation is the necessary outcome of the neoconservatives’ drive for US world hegemony. Syria can fall, and Iran can fall, but Russia and China are unlikely to accept their reduction to puppet state status. As both are nuclear armed and as the crazed criminals in charge of the US government are wallowing in hubris, nuclear war seems inevitable.

The world’s most mortal enemy is Washington. If Washington prevails, the world will be dead or in slavery to Washington, including all american subjects, whether Democrats or Republicans.

Surely someone somewhere is trying to tell us all something, here in the Nation of Nothing and Serial Nobodies when thunder/lightning and biblical downpours descend on NASCAR races and spectators are killed - The Horror ! NASCAR postponed and never mind the dead fans. We have plenty of fans, and a few either way won't matter to Pepsi and Beer sales. It's all about SELLING.

And what are we to do without fresh cheese-doodles ? Well kill each other in massacres it seems. The recent massacre-of-the-week at the Sihk temple is as usual, appalling. Look for the usual nuts to emerge and the bought and paid for corrupt lying media to go into full hysteric mode while Joe and Jane Six Pack yawn, fart, belch and cash in their food stamp vouchers for steak and cigs.

One has to wonder, to what lengths the corrupt, murderous US Government will go to collect the guns of the citizenry? Perhaps a few more murders-of-the-week will increas the chances of confiscation.

Maybe the boy-king will just ORDER IT DONE.

The Kunstler cast will be the better without that flimsy yuppie Crary. He has served his purpose. Last weeks 8 minute whine-fest was pathetic. You need new and better direction. You can figure the technical dept. out. How hard can it be?

I won't even mention that doomed and failed Shindig fiasco-RSVP detonation last week. I already gave the developer a piece of my mind of that piece of used dog food. Truly the poster-children for Too Much Magic.

Let's look forward to some fresh blood and more domestic killings this week. Maybe a violent rampage in a Wall-Mart over stretch socks.

I see a pattern developing.

don't be too surprised if some general in the Pentagon reluctantly decides that there is no choice but to step in and become the government.

The Pentagon is the largest government bureaucracy on Earth. The USA is a military dictatorship, and the Pentagon has been dictating the USA budget for a long time, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

... in favor of anyone who can get something done. And what will have to get done in short order is the reorganization of a banking system to get money flowing again

Riiiight. The military has proven itself inept and corrupt, unable to defeat little brown men in black pajamas, or olive-skinned men wearing robes, even after decades of the use of military might.

As for a corrupt military "reorganizing the banking system," I don't know how much farther away from reality one could get. Finance is not one of the Pentagon's strengths. Just recently they shipped pallets of money to Iraq and cannot account for the whereabouts of TEN BILLION DOLLARS. It just disappeared from their accounting ledgers.

The military clowns (who are government-created and government-funded) are going to "reorganize" banking and restore order? They are unable to do either.

Over on this side of the Atlantic, the question arises: where are the good guys? Why is there not one national political figure in the USA who has a comfortable relationship with truth?

"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted [to be truth]" ~Wm Burroughs.

We are all being slowly "frog boiled" in fluoride laced water while in a chemically induced stupor of pharmaceutical spiked food and neuro-toxic vaccines - our pot is see-through and on the telly is a smorgasbord of mind-numbing "Bernaysian" programing designed to suspend us in a fake-reality as our mind and bodies turn to jelly. The PTB have told us over and over that they don't need too many "smart" people...looks like they are doing something about it. Jump out while you still can!

All of this won't matter, Jim, since the biggest problem facing us is climate change. But our myopic leaders, and by default us, are too concerned with the here-and-now to see the big picture. Just recently, a Koch brothers' mouthpiece, a scientist from California, came out of the conservative closet after he ran his own study that concludes that climate change (also known as global warming) can indeed be attributed to man. Also, James Hansen - formerly of NASA who in 1988 told Congress that if we don't do something about this soon we are royally fucked - wrote an op-ed in the NY Times or the Washington Post (can't remember which) stating that this situation is even worse than thought and that singular weather events can most likely be directly related to the warming of the planet.

So whatever economic bedlam may befall us, we really have much bigger things to worry about.

I doubt we will see too many obscure string-pullers from the sci-fi realm of finance swinging from lampposts. This would require a nuanced level of cognition amongst the general public regarding the true trajectory of affairs that will never, ever manifest. Contraction will be a slow-gathering, complex process and predicting things too precisely is quite futile. There are infinite surprises ahead, both positive and negative...

If/when Mitch McConnell's chestnuts are roasting over an open fire, I'll bring a couple of bags of the last marshmallows. In an imperial system nearing the end of it's life, like the US, the chances of a "7 Days in May" scenario are far greater than most realize. We Canadians to your north are looking on and thinking thoughts of Austria circa 1934.

The Government is on the verge of debasing the coinage again by taking the nickle out of the nickle, after the banking system collapse pre 2013 nickles will have more value than $1 bills so go out and buy a few boxes folks, as for Sen McConnell, he will be fine, if he is in Kentucky long as he is not in Louisville when TSHTF

JHK's predictions are so wrong... so unnecesarily alarmist.

All B-movie imagery that sinks deep into the psyche causing great unease and worry... for no reason.

This is nothing new. It is not the end of civilization as we know it. There is too much wealth and momentum and technology for that.

Humanity will continue to muddle along, moving through the booms and busts, adapting to parts of the environment, adapting parts of the environment to itself, innovating, evolving, devolving, spiking back up, etc.

Stop brooding and get on with your life. Life is wonderful. Create something! Contribute!

James, you mentioned bankers, ministers and politicians swinging from the lamp posts...what about the lawyers and accountants that have kept the fraudsters and liars on the "correct" side of the law...and you might find a few religious leaders joining them as well!

"where are the good guys? Why is there not one national political figure in the USA who has a comfortable relationship with truth?"

Ron Paul really did try, and took a lot of flack for his honesty and bravery. I recall he got a lot of applause at many of his debate appearances, so perhaps the truth does resonate.

Of course, he was completely shunned and dismissed by the MSM - only pre-approved plastic puppets need apply to be spoonfed to the masses so they believe they have a choice in our "free democracy".

Someone commented that "most of his solutions are crack-pot". Radical deficit reduction? Audit the Fed? End the wars and bring our troops home? Reign in the Death Machine (military industrial complex)? Uphold the principals of our Constitution? Return to Sound Money?

Yeah, I guess these are all pretty crackpot ideas in present-day America.

Last night I held my breath as the SUV sized Martian lander called Curiosity settled down on the soil of that long dead ball of red dust and rock. I shudder to think that some feel space colonization will be our future. They must be smokin' some good shit.

For a much more realistic and down to earth example of what our future can be like, pick up a copy of From Here to There: A Story of America's Future.

[quote]Are people here in the US so drugged up on their video games and fast food snacks that they can't muster the strength to protest?[/quote]

no, but they are too busy doing three times the paid work they used to do with the constantly dangling carrot of 'paycheck' and the stick of 'unemployment' at their backside, commuting over 2 hours daily to a miserable work environment where the employees all hate each other and the boss hates them and all the other house-darky bullpucky that goes on in the workplace today, to pay much attention, while patting themselves on the back that they are way more intelligent than the slobs receiving money from the state's UI dept. or all those losers who didn't graduate from college with an engineering degree.

they're too busy cleaning up their F*ckedbook profiles of pictures that might be used against them in an ever-dwindling supply of job interviews, mandatory 'networking' over Linkdin just in case their division gets sent to India next quarter, polishing their credit reports and taking enemas for the cavity searches that are soon to be required before being allowed that RFID pass into the magical stationery cupboard and one other whole bathroom break every day(!). they're too busy working 80 hours for a salary that used to be forthcoming for only 40 hours of labour, while the chattering commentors on every relevant article discuss how lazy, fat & repugnant they are.

they're too busy paying that mortgage on a house, that maintenence on a house, that tax bite outta crime on a house that they might never be able to sell because they stupidly took out the loan that the mortgage officer said they qualified for. they're too busy being a specialized soldier in their own field and, by necessity, an ignoramus in every other field away from their own. they're too busy being scared by Amber alerts, orange alerts, lone gunmen with delusions of being The Joker, anthrax spores on the public restroom toilet paper, paroled violent rapists and every other imminent doom scare tactic meant to acclimatize them, like sheep, to being fleeced 'for their own good'.

pity them; pity us all.

That's a lovely garden you've got there in the Daily Grunt section, Jim. How have you managed to keep the slugs from chowing down on your leafy greens?

Pretty good riff you had going there, rage on!

NASCAR Pennsylvania 400, old-testament-style [with pi'churs, for those who abhor and deride the written word]:

"The attendance was estimated by the track at 85,000. Public address announcements were made before the storm and the end of the race for fans to take shelter and evacuate the grandstands, Pleban said."

Uh... evacuate the grandstands and take shelter... And just WHERE would that shelter be?? (Peckerwood fuckheads.)

Asoka, good observation here.

I doubt this observation from James too. I don't think we face the slightest possibility of a military coup here in the noble U.S.A. it didn't happen in Egypt, because the Elite and the Generals were of the same ilk.

By now, if U.S. military leaders haven't had a significant gripe with the way this country is ran, then I don't see them taking issue anytime soon. However, I have a similar argument ongoing with my friend regarding rank and file military troops and their individual loyalties: Do they possess a willingness to police ordinary citizens?

He doubts that the "Indians" would take up arms against the people, believing instead that they would turn against the "Chiefs" amid some mythical sense of nobility and honor. Of course, it's reasonable to think that some infantrymen would desert, fleeing for the hills with their families and immediate kin, while others would adopt a different sort of survival instinct and justify militaristic maneuvers against "enemies of the state." However, as JHK himself notes in one post and then contradicts the very next week; the great contraction will likely drag out for a couple decades, and we'll all just sort of be used to shittier and shittier conditions, as if they were normal.


Every week I read JHK's essay on life here in the West, specifically the US. And every week I get a good laugh - it brings out the masochist in me - we are such a profane, irresponsible people, to be sure. But that said, I think JHK places too much focus on the abstractions of so-called modern life. Such as money, capital and debt. JHK allows himself to get dragged onto a playing field where he can't win (and by "win" I mean develop a workable solution to perceived problems.) The uber-quants have blown the explosive bolts that bind abstractions to reality. So, you ask, what is our future then? Well, I predict a slide into perdition accompanied by astonishing levels of ennui. All of out real passion has been dissipated in reality shows, sports, NASCAR and other forms of pornography (i.e imagining ourselves as the protagonist in an illusion.) Psychically we have reached the end of the line. This is why none of the course corrections (especially but not only the economic ones) come across as very compelling.
We will need a paradigm shift to save us from the chasm, nothing less will do the job, methinks.

And yet half the respondents will go back to posting on Kos or DU where they dream of yet more centralization of the "economy" all because the smartest people they ever met their Mommy Professors who held their lives in their hands told them that Professors should rule the world with their "reason."

The last techno magic trick of a dying empire/civilization was to put a Plutonium-fueled automobile on another dead planet, just as our own is in its death throes. Some ironic symbolism there, does it have a shiny front grill and a Made in USA sticker? Will any other biological life ever discover it, broken down on the Martian plain? Hope they are wearing radsuits if they decide to look under the hood.

Meanwhile our preference for the spectacular is diverting our attention from the actual results of covering large parts of Earth surface with blacktop and mall roofs, with millions of smoking 4 wheeled cancer cells buzzing around and burning up most of our one time fossil fuel inheritance.

The world population of yeast people is made complacent by alcohol, legal and illegal drugs and hypnotic screens that keep brain cells sedated with nonsense.

Our motto as we take yet another step down the road of devolution: "What me, worry?". Good luck with that.

good one- couldn't have said it better myself!

My neighbor's 40-something year old son moved back in with his parents recently. "A good kid," my neighbor says, "just having a hard time." Seems like this is becoming pretty normal.

To ozone,

I like your post. Perhaps you will appreciate what we are trying to do and advocate. We feel communal living needs to be re-examined and rethought creatively. We feel it has run a mock in the past because rather than emulate true community which respects individuality and individual freedom and runs more democratically, communal attempts in the past have more resembled the family paradigm which runs more consensually or in a hierarchal fashion. The family is relatively small while community is relatively large.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all, communal arrangements could be whatever people could agree upon. Of course, that is the challenge as it seems rather than enjoy the benefits of cooperation and sharing we stubbornly refuse to agree about anything, and so we are forced to go it alone. The kind of agreements I'm talking about are basically ethics and goals.

What we are suggesting is basically quite simple. Reject all Usery economics and agree upon what it should require in time to provide the basics. Even Mahatma Gandhi said it should only take two hours a day to meet the basic requirements of life, certainly many more have said it shouldn't take more than four hours. The rest of the time could be up to the individual.

I was part of that late 60s and early 70s dropout movement. Most of us who were really serious never re-integrated into society, instead choosing to be "homesteaders", organic farmers and craftspeople. The people today advocating "local economies" I suspect have never lived it. Those of us who have, know that it doesn't work. Oh, it works alright but with a job on the side in the system, a little help from the trust fund or exploiting those without a home or a job and having them work on your "homestead". This is the reality. Those people advocating precious metals and gold better save some of it to pay the new enforcers, protectors, police because if this "local economy" movement doesn't address access by all to the basic resource of life, namely land, those who don't have access to forest and field and are only offered the option to be the serfs of the new "homesteaders" will get angry pretty fast, I would say. Actually the Caucasians are quite used to being serifs and generally will be shamed into it, looking at their personal plight as a personal failure.

For those who don't know Mario Draghi (President of the European Central Bank) from shinola, here's an exposition launched from his questionable cocktail party blurtings that JHK references.:

Bring the kids; it's a picnic basket-load of family fun!

Discourses- A sermon on the morality of railroads -1851- -search it!

See "Wallbuilders" web page sometime, you bunch of sadsacks...

Comment as to which particular form of economic approach is appropriate is off a little bit. The organism fails when it is poisoned from excess, wrong choices of lifestyle or attitude or associates or environment or CORE BELIEFS. Witness our up and coming wannabe president.

This arrogant bully of a man, you could teleport him to a vantage point alongside Saul of Tarsus(see Acts 6:8 thru 8-1) and he would not have the courage or strength of character to denounce the maze of Mormonism. America will rue the day this bunch infiltrates the Federal Government and all the ways and means at it's disposal. Walter Martin's book "The Maze Of Mormonism" is forbidden reading for LDS cult members. LDS is a lucrative, self perpetuating franchise for the men in leadership.

But Jim is right, sooner or later crap is flushed on down the drain. The people are still with us after their minds are cleared, and most of them better for the experience. Sugar joins salt & tobacco on the taxed unhealthy substance list and what do we do without refrigeration and spoiling food without salt or sugar to help preserve the stuff. Radiated food?? Maybe the highest and best use of radiation technology!

To Ozone's comments about the choice of economic model: Individual initiative is still a key element, but infrastructure concerns us too. The 1851 discourse at the top is in line with Mr. JHK's complaint about the disappearing railroad blues in our time. Because railways run on any known energy source, it seems more parallel bar therapy should be in the solution set.

Drought and dropping water tables and expensive electricity to pump harder and longer for water point to more engineering to bring water to where we need it, so NAWAPA must be back front and center. North American Water And Power Alliance is a stand alone solution for many North American problems. Our Muslim brothers will grow more aggressive as time passes so we really have no choice about homeland food and energy than to adopt more of a "Fortress America" methodology. Strategic planners have always known railways as the Second Dimension Surface Transport Logistics Platform".

Another poster talks about nuclear in the military vein, and that reinforces need to enhance stand alone water/victuals production and distribution, essential manufacturing and robust transport matrix in North America. A British firm, has comprehensive US Rail Map Atlas volumes showing US railway lines past and present. After the election, the large donors for whichever side wins can purchase and distribute sets of these map books to each of America's 3000+ planning bureaus. See "Retail Railroad" on the web.

No sore losers here, boys and girls: if your man doesn't win, put him to work as head of an "Infrastructure Engineering Brain Trust" to direct water, rail and manufacturing projects in the USA. Our previous postings can give other details missed here.

Political infighting as a constant occupation for America has become a detriment. However, the main event actually centers around the unabridged doctrine of the Qur'an, Islam's "Mein Kampf". Like Hitler, Islam wants a world without Jews, and whether by peaceful or violent means, that is job #1 for this misguided unfortunate bunch. Along with Mitt, we wish the Mullahs of the world could witness ( and share) the events and narration of Acts 6:8 - 8:1. The Old Testament calls Ishmael a "Wild Ass", the father of an unruly people... Dat ol' Bible is sumpin' else!

To see how Willard Romney's mind works, see Senator Frank J. Cannons book "Under The Prophet In Utah". For deep background on "The Religion Of Peace" see George Grant's "The Blood Of The Moon".

Take heart doomers; God is in control, and rumors of America's demise are premature. Judgement does not mean the end, but get ready for some hard knocks. For what we are about to receive, we give thanks!

Jim, I can imagine a martial law scenario too, but yours seems to assume that the same citizens who have been too stupid to identify the bad guys before the crash will be discerning enough to do so afterwards.
Even today, with the world of information a click away, a mob would be more likely to lynch the retired school teacher down the street whose union assured him a decent pension than to track down Lloyd Blankfein and fit him for the noose he so richly deserves. The same demagogic skills that have served Mitch McConnell well thus far may enable him to continue to live in comfort post-crash as a local warlord. He’ll proclaim to his followers that “if they’d listened to me this never would have happened,” and they’ll nod obediently while patrolling the perimeter of his secure compound – in return for a reliable bowl of gruel at the end of the day.
The lampposts will hang heavy – but not likely with the scoundrels who wrought this mess.

Great chat you had with Max Keiser, the other day.
I never miss those.

Re: That old martial spirit, (dictatorship is on the way). This just popped up in an email forwarded to me:

The legislative branch is voting it's power away to the executive. Full unbridled criminality is arriving, in stages.

the article asks, rhetorically:

"The Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act removes these barriers between the branches and shifts the powers of appointment in such a way that the very foundation of our Republic is weakened under the crushing weight of a powerful executive branch.

In light of this impending imbalance, it must be inquired as to what could compel Congress to legislate away its own power? Why would so many representatives in the Senate and the House willingly abolish their role as bulwark against executive despotism?"

The answer of course, is that the majority of the people in our Congress were payed off to gut the system, once more, and continue the march towards dictatorship.

Was it Industrial 'Civilization' that ended the extended family?
At least he has a family to go [back] to.
How many homeless are in US?

Did others hear listen to JHK the other night?
One of his statements was 'Its not my job to say things that make people happy'.

The Pentagon is the largest government bureaucracy on Earth. The USA is a military dictatorship, and the Pentagon has been dictating the USA budget for a long time, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

You say this with great contempt yet when I suggested a week or so ago that government be cut by 75% you feared we wouldn't be able to defend ourselves. You have a bad habit of taking opposing views simply to be ornery. And BTW, before you mention being large, fuck Walt Whitman.

And while I'm at it, to close out your final comment on last week's thread: PROFILING is as natural as breathing. We humans categorize things, situations, and people continuously. Categorize = profile. Trying to stamp out profiling as if it were some evil practice is ridiculous.

Oz, shelter is in ones CAR! Its a car culture.
One person was struck by lightning?

I certainly understand your perspective.
We'll probably have to see what remains after the Neo-fascists get their [unmasked] turn at attempting to control all of everything. If they get their fondest wish of world-wide feudalism and enslavement, anything in the upheaval following that phase is possible. ...Including looming extinction from the poisons of a glorious, cleansing global war.
(BTW, an unpleasant form of population reduction awaits the chosen victims of such "institutions".)

Wish I were at a table on that European cornice right now

Smoky, a cornice and a corniche are two very different things.

I quite agree with Zanrak. I spent the last three months in Decatur, GA - an enclave of the Greater Atlanta Disaster - and observed that nearly every fourth person or so was an enforcement officer of one type or another: Decatur cop, Dekalb County cop, State Policeman, Atlanta cop, or private'security guard'. These enforcers are getting bolder that anyone at all can be detained as a suspect of terrorist activities. Hell, I was stopped myself for no real reason, and I'm and old white guy! America is a police state already.

... at the expense of the planet and all the life contained therein.

I think the word thereon works better even though a certain amount of life exists below the surface.

With respect to martial law and general control of our food stuffs/supply: Has anyone else in other parts of the US (I'm in Seattle) noticed that their local news stations have recently begun airing reports on the dangers of supplements? I thought perhaps these talking heads were referring to impure obscure supplements but upon listening to their speel, it turns out that they are talking about everything from Vitamin D to regular vitamin pills! The newscasters report that their scare tactics are necessary because our supplement industry is not government regulated. Oh, right. Pepsi and pizza pockets are OK but God forbid you should take anything that could be healthy. Frightening.

I have found all too often that the only way the local "farmers" and "crafters" and such are actually making it is indeed with other jobs on the side, a working spouse or trust funds. "Buy local" is a great slogan but all too often that is put aside for "buy what is cheapest". I know that even a large retail store that I sell produce to will buy cheaper stuff that is non-local rather than pay locals higher prices, while telling their customers that local wasn't available. It helps the store's bottom-line and that in the end is all they care about. The slogans sound great but in the meantime Joe Six-pack is waddling into their local WalMart or grocery chainstore and local food doesn't even register for a second on their minds...... I don't see a good ending to all of this right now- but then it's not an ending anyway; just a transition to whatever comes next I guess....

Somebody pass this on to anti, since he is ignoring me after I correctly surmised that he was a paid shill.

"Oz, shelter is in ones CAR! Its a car culture.
One person was struck by lightning?"

Once again anti responded without bothering to read the comment he was responding to. Actually ten people were struck by lightening and one was killed. Another is still in critical condition. He was correct that a car is shelter against lightening.

As to his earlier post, while not the complete cause of the ending of extended families, the corporate culture that requires workers to pick up an move their families to where the work is has certainly contributed to it. When I lived near KC there were two guys from Arkansas living in a pickup camper away from their families so they good get decent jobs at a local GM plant. I sold them my old trailer cheap so they could live in a semi-civilized manner. They had lived in the camper for two years, year round.

They obviously know that the gig is up.

It's jig. I covered this error in last week's thread...or maybe the week before.


I don't mean to take away Q's job, but this one is too funny to pass up.

"Actually the Caucasians are quite used to being SERIFS and generally will be shamed into it, looking at their personal plight as a personal failure." emphasis mine

But the site uses a sans serif font! ;>O

One person was struck by lightning?" ..... Actually ten people were struck by lightening and one was killed.

Mudd, see below.

Lightening vs Lightning › English Difficulties

The English words lightening and lightning are only one letter apart in spelling and pronunciation, but worlds apart in meaning.

I see a similar pattern. My rural area has also seen break-ins skyrocket. Local police have solved many of them, but not all. The area fence shop does a good business with emphasis on electric. People are starting to fence and keep livestock and sometimes "livestock guard dogs" on their road frontage. One suspects this is more about security than filling the freezer or making a profit. Gates are becoming more common across driveways.
I suspect your vision is correct. Surviving homes and farmsteads will have more inhabitants. Grandma(s) will be employed monitoring the security cameras and alarms and their SS income will provide cash. Those maintaining the gardens and landscape will have ATVs (later horses) and radios to enable response. A "family business" will develop. Fewer and fewer will work off-site.

Mitch McConnell?

How about Las Vegas Billionaire Harry Ried?


i before e except after in iether or ried.

With the technology to spy on people, facial recognition, cameras everywhere, drones in the air, and a multitude of other devices available to the government, It's only a matter of time before someone steps in. Fascist regimes gained power in the last economic upheaval, and a look around at the Tea Party and the rest of their ilk, show that there are more of them waiting in the wings. With all of the technical instruments available to the government, we have a "turn key dictatorship" ready to be used against us at any time of their choosing. With guys like Dick Cheney around, it's just a matter of time.

The Rhodesian experience has a good many parallels being with our fractured political economy different factions loosely organized and targeting out groups.

Even you "Lifestyle refugee" whites who escape the big city thug minority polticians for the bucolic non-diverse countryside will become targets. The many accounts I read from Obama voting white liberals who move to the country only to mock the rubes and look down their noses at them while at the same time praising the new gods of diversity (you know the ones who appear in mug shots all too often)and the ones they fled from to become refugees.

So you lifestyle refugees out there in your solar paneled powered cabins listen up. Them rubes you mock are sitting in their trailers smoking up some good meth, jabbering to one another in incoherent sentences, and the only coherent thing these tweekers can agree upon is that you uppity bastards are not better than they.

On the News this morning: "The SPLC which hates track groups..."

Poor guy was so excited - it coulda happened to any buddy!

Anybody's was the most attractive woman in West Side Story. To hell with Velma, Maria, Anita and Mortica.

Seeing Through Walls With a Wireless Router

They now can see where you are in a room, from outside your house, if there’s a wireless router turned on nearby.

Yes, "jig" is probably the better (and more correct) word. But "gig" also works, as in "a band's gig" -- this show, this venue, is no longer any good in pertaining to European banks. European banks won't perform any more.

The self lovers in Vermont are freaked out that the tiny Black community in Burlington is causing most of the crime. Are we racist they moan in an ecstasy of masochism?

They all agree on how loathsome other Whites are.

Both groups of Whites are right about how horrible the other is. The poor Whites are right about the Blacks though.

Have you studied the Jewish role in the destruction of South Africa? Even Amren is allowing some discussion of this now. A few Jews are making mea culpas - not sure it will change anything though.

Jigaboo as opposed to Gigaboo. Or jibabyte perhaps.

I have an example for the above, friend of mine has a liberal daughter who became a doctor and had to move to fairly rural Alabama. But she is an animal lover who took in dogs, but after awhile she shot her mouth off about the hillrods not taking care of their dogs and why she had to take them in to care for when they could not.

The death threats rolled in, so daddy, the one she thought was a knuckle dragging reactionary who clinged to his guns had to travel to Alabama and teach daughter how to handle a pistol.

But she finally found a job in a Northern city taking care of minority patients. So she is better off since white liberals are trained not to insult minorities, and honestly she is better off being their servant than being a target in sticksville.

Somebody pass this on to anti, since he is ignoring me after I correctly surmised that he was a paid shill.

Shirley you jest. The idea that anyone would PAY Anti to articulate a position is absurd on its surface.

That's an old tired liberal smear. Several people have called me a paid shill.

Things are the opposite of what you people think. The Tea Party is peaceful - Occupy Wall St extremely violent. Rock Festivals for the Earth leave enormous amounts of trash. Conservative groups are very respectful about their trash without the overt ideology. Whites are the least racist people on Earth - stupidly so, to their own detriment. Christianity isn't about to take over America - Anti Christian Marxism is - funded by the Banks and Foundations as always of course.

You know Vlad I hate talking about YKW because it simply devolves into the framework that was part of WN ver.1.0 or otherwords, "fail."

Jim though is a great provacatuer, his book being my gateway into the collapse of our too complex empire.

But he misses one thing, he puts too much emphasis on the financial economy while he misses by a mile the changes in the political economy.

The currency of White Guilt has been debased by too much printing (every Democratic voter a Ben Bernanke), but with inflation it is about building a crappy bridge over the deep canyon of deflation.

Long story short white guilt ist Kaput.

she shot her mouth off about the hillrods not taking care of their dogs

Thanks for using this word. It's entirely new to me but I see it DOES exist in the Urban Dictionary. As I gather, hillrods are akin to hicks or red necks.

BTW, I prefer clung to clinged as the past tense of cling. Ya know, cling clang clung. ;0)

JHK: ..the fact that there is no money backing up these pledges of continued bailouts.

Simply not correct. While the system continues to
groan under excessive debt levels, governments can literally credit ANY debt-holder with what he is owed in the blink of an eye.

What, the banks were given $2-4 trillion so they wouldn't collapse? Don't tell me there is 'no money', it is all show.

Thus Europe will never 'run out' of money, as long as their is political will - and banker acquiescence - to central bankers printing up what's needed to paper over debtholes.

Now the value of that money, that's possibly another story...

Hence big-ass debt-holders such as China might get perturbed at being paid off in spendable yet depreciating dollars.

Money is no longer a finite resource.

peace peaceniks

The tomatos seem to be doing good here in New England anyway.

So yesterday I flipped my canoe and ruined my 10 dollar cell phone.I am not getting a new one so don't bother trying to call me.

men wearing baby clothes

wtf is that?


"We may even live to see Mitch McConnell roasted on a spit in some Kentucky parking lot."

Oh, God. If that happened, some fool group will make him a martyr. How 'bout St. McConnell, patron saint of hypocrisy.

You know the saying, you get the government you deserve.

I laughed when I read it even though I wondered that myself. Maybe someone here can explain what JHK means when he refers to "men wearing baby clothes"

Maybe someone here can explain what JHK means when he refers to ..((half of what he talks about))..

I heard what I thought sound pretty scary this morning on the BBC. They said Shell is withdrawing all sorts of money from Euro-banks. I'm sure other big companies will follow. I was surprised at how mundane the announcer sounded, as if he was going out of his way not to panic the listeners...

Isn't this a big deal?

Are you saying that the Hill Bills do take care of their dogs - that she was wrong about that?

I'm certainly not saying that she isn't a despicable anti-White White racist btw - just that she may have had a point.

YKW - you know what - ok - let's call them the eskimos. So do we let the Eskimos keep screwing us over in the New America? Let them do it all over again?

Byzantium had an answer: forbade them to have anything whatsoever to do with education or money - I think the former would include media in today's world. Ezra Pound thought this was a capital idea - he spend a year in a cage and ten years in St Elizabeth's. What do you think? What's your solution to the problem - and problem it is.

We could let the Muslims take over since they had far more sense than to turn their money over to the Eskimos. That's another answer. Ignoring the question is not an answer since they will just start to run their game again.

U know! baby cloths, droopy pants, AKA diapers, sideways hats, AKA baby bonnets,and vernacular such as you is, i is, we all is in for i fream!

Yes, Vlad. White is black and up is down ....

I saw this on Bartcop, in a picture.

Debating Republicans (and Vlad et. al.) is like playing chess with a pigeon. You could be the world's best chess player, but the pigeon is still going to knock over all the pieces, sh*t on the board and walk around triumphantly.

You have to go down about a quarter of the way down the page to see the picture.

You say this with great contempt yet when I suggested a week or so ago that government be cut by 75% you feared we wouldn't be able to defend ourselves.


What I said is that you want to leave us defenseless. Fear is something you are imagining. I have no fear and have never expressed fear of being defenseless.

Where we differ is you want to reduce government by 75%, while I want big government to stay the same size with that 75% conversion of defense budget going to health, education, housing, transportation, infrastructure, etc. to promote and provide for the GENERAL WELFARE as the Constitution states, leaving a smaller portion of the budget for DEFENSE, which is also constitutionally mandated. I just want the priorities changed from military to civilian without any reduction in the size of government.

You should try living outside the USA. Here in South America people are envious of the USA for its relative lack of malfeasance. I often hear this: "Yes, you pay more taxes in the USA, but you have better sewage treatment, drinking water, fewer potholes, etc. At least you get something for the taxes you pay."

"Oh, it works alright but with a job on the side in the system, a little help from the trust fund or exploiting those without a home or a job and having them work on your 'homestead'."

Spot on. That's precisely what I've seen in Oregon. As far as I can tell my uncle and aunt's farm has operated in the red for the entire three-plus decades that they've owned it. More or less until the 2008 crash they had very profitable business ventures in town that covered the costs of the farm and allowed them to live comfortably enough in the hills (notwithstanding their high baseline of domestic squalor), but their personal finances have been touch-and-go since the crash. Relations between them and their business partners in the past four years have been marred by chronic nonpayment of debts, threats of litigation, and attempts to steal valuable properties by foreclosure, sabotage and squatting. It's a goddamn freak show, and it would be even worse if it weren't for angel investors throwing tens of thousands of good dollars after bad in the nick of time.

In its current structure the farm would be completely unmanageable without unpaid labor. I've personally put in nearly a thousand hours in multiple seasonal stints. What particularly galls me is my uncle's blithe conceit that it's totally cool to spend one's twenties working for free in a marginal business with no expectation of future compensation. He sure as hell wasn't doing that in his twenties, and his resultant Social Security pension provides a cushion without which he and my aunt would be totally screwed. I'd be a lot less bitter if he hadn't spent the last five years bullshitting everyone to the effect that I haven't sacrificed a thing working for him.

You're right to call it exploitation. Then again, Stuff White People Like: Unpaid Internships!

It gets worse when a group of worse-than-useless vagrants rolls into town and spends the fall fucking things up left and right by way of showing off their work ethic:

If the "Kids" hire on again next fall and I'm still at the farm, I'll probably walk off the job.

Jim, your delightfully rapacious rhetoric never ceases to entertain, these dismal Monday morns, the humid sky threatening to wreak yet more deluge across our gasping communities...

Yet, I keep thinking that you may be getting Europe wrong. As delicately civilized and scenic as Europe is, and as precarious its economies and productivity may seem, European society has deep, tough foundations wrought over centuries of trials.

For a scenario where it's the EU that is bailing out (and potentially dismembering) the US, set in 2040, visit "Inter States 2040" at


"As I gather, hillrods are akin to hicks or red necks."

Let us zero in, Q. "Hillrods" was a commonly used phrase among my childhood peers. The even more commonly used phrase, including the adults, was "Hilljack". This would be in the middle of the Great Lakes basin between Cleveland and Chicago. The term specifically referred to later generations of Kentucky and Tennessee hill people that had moved into Eastern Indiana. According to my nephews, it is only infrequently used now.

These "baby clothes" are positively freakish! In the grocery store I see young men wearing baggy shorts that come down about mid thigh, their butts cheeks fully exposed, covered by some colorfully printed designed boxer shorts. As for the older set of males, they don oversized shirts to hide their monstrous, bulging bellies. Add to this the ubiquitous half cocked or fully backward baseball cap (to hide receding hairlines?) and high top sneakers and you've got a pretty good picture of men in "baby clothes".

The women aren't much better. I just don't get the pierced noses, eyebrows, tongues, etc., the too-tight tops, exposing flabby tissue and floppy, sagging breasts, and asses that resemble the back of a Buick Roadmaster. And none of these "visions" would be complete without the vericose veins running across their thunder thighs like some kind of a road map to Hell. sigh :(

And don't even get me started on tatoos. I know one young girl who is about thirty who has an entire POEM written on her fore arm. She's a very pretty girl, though I don't have the heart to tell her what this tatoo is going to look like in thirty years after her arms lose the youthful muscle she now possesses.

I love the standard response when those who mutilate themselves to gain the approval of their peers.

When someone calls them a fool, they say "Don't judge me by my appearances."

I believe if someone intentionally makes themselves look stupid or gross, then I have the right to laugh at them. If their appearance was due to birth or injury, then laughing of gaping is poor taste.

I recall years back see a young male with a six inch multicolored mohawk having to almost break his neck while driving a small pickup truck. I got a good laugh out of that.

Before Q jumps in. I change people to me and forgot to change appearances to the singular.

However, the tattoos help the economy, once when they get them and then later when they have them removed.

changed "people" to "me"

What I said is that you want to leave us defenseless. Fear is something you are imagining. I have no fear and have never expressed fear of being defenseless.

Oh, God!! Here we go with the endless depends on what the definition of is is.

Another Monday and another episode of Doom Porn.
I love Doom Porn almost as much as regular porn.
Its almost worth the risks of living here just to have it.
Thanks James.

An off the subject question so I apologixe in advance but I'll ask anyway.

I need some honest advice and ideas about PM investing.
We all realize that the finance scheme will blow at some point and we could be well locked out of our bank accounts, or have wothless and inflated money returned.

That being said, I have retreated as far as to move from banks to a Credit Union.
Some scant protection there, maybe, but a serious blow will take them out as well.

I already hold about 20% of my money in cash, paper cash.

But the idea of converting to gold and silver is scary because the prices of these could drop as the powers at be try to patch the system, so no way to predict I suppose.

But as a natural cheap skate and skeptic, I distrust the PM idea, nutty as that might sound. I ask myself if this is another ponzi brought to us by Glenn Beck and Jamie Diamond. When I think about PM purchases, I feel like I'm being scammed and coin shops remind me of used car lots for Ron Paul nuts.

If anyone could direct me toward some sanity on this I would appreciate it.


After the swarm leaves the games and return to their neutral corners to relish in the glory of sporting accomplishments you may want to lay down a wager in Vegas that you will not see an improvement in basic living conditions at the grocery lineup. Will the corporations introduce ham flavoured popcorn in time for this season of pigskin pundits.

Hey Oz, pretty impressive screed earlier today.

As for me, I'm reading 'The Education of Henry Adams', but I'm drinking Sam Adams.


The tomatos seem to be doing good here in New England

What sort of good are they doing? ... collecting food and clothing for the poor? Ohhh, wait a minute, you meant well. Neh-verr-miind.

P.S. It's tomatoes.

Q, here we say Tomatos.


Klassic Kunstler at your best!

Thanks for blog referrals last week. Many of the mentioned sites I visit regularly. A new one for me though is John Michael Greer. What a pleasure to read such lucid writing.

On another note; The image Mitch McConnell being roasted on a spit gives new meaning to the term "Happy Meal. Oh, would you like to Supersize your order with a side of Limbaugh?

Perhaps you'd like try our McReid DemoNuggets?

With all these idiots to fry it will be some time before we all starve...but then again I think I'll go vegan.

Been reading "Too Much Magic"...and then I came across the article above. Whoa, what a fantasy! Thanks for writing...

Well, as far as the generals go (and there are thousands of them)...why would they want the hassle of governing when they now make almost $200k per year, no retirement contributions, free medical, housing allowances, food allowances...oh wait....they already make more than congressmen and women, and there are more of them...maybe they are our new royalty. When you see a fancy caddy pickup or humvee with "retired army, navy, marines" or whatever on the back window, don't forget to give them a one finger salute...after all, you helped pay for it...most of these beauts are making $100-150k retirements at early ages.

Hey stinky, so you think we havent been in a "bubble economy" since the savings and loan crisis of the 80's eh?
We go from one artificial "growth period" to another and the crashes are coming closer together. We are in one now, QE, TARP (11 Trillion of fiat printed money just in the USA alone) And its going the same in Europe.
Have you not noticed that all that money that was printed and given to the banks has not caused hyperinflation?
How is that Stinky?
Every country that has printed money to try and outrun their debts over the last 80 years has come undone. Agentina, Brazil, Germany in the 30s, see the whole list -
We cannot sustain this, there will actually come a time when the Chinese just will not buy those US Bonds.
Then what bub ?
Furthermore a growing segment of the Government budget goes towards the INTEREST on this debt. It is currently at 6%. That is 6% of everything that comes into federal coffers in taxation goes towards that interest payment
That is just TOWARDS THE DEBT PAYMENTS STINKY not paying down the principle at all! And its growing. You think this can be sustained pal?
It wont be a crash - crash. It will be a winding down a general bankruptcy. Think the devolvement of places like Detroit, Stockton, Valejo, Jefferson County ALabama, then apply it to the whole USA.
I live in Oregon, and we just let go of 600 jailed felons in Lane County because there isnt the money to keep them. That is being played out all across the country. WE ARE COLLAPSING as I write this.

Mudd, I really hate busting your balls so much but you leave me no choice. Let's run through your post.

I love the standard response when those who mutilate themselves to gain the approval of their peers.

This is an incomplete sentence. One way to fix it is to change when to of.

An alternate remedy might be to follow the word peers with a phrase such as "tell the anti-mutilation crowd to go fuck themselves."

When someone calls them a fool, they say "Don't judge me by my appearances."

Do they actually use the plural or do they say appearance?

I believe if someone intentionally makes themselves look stupid or gross, then I have the right to laugh at them. If their appearance was due to birth or injury, then laughing of gaping is [ ] poor taste.

then laughing or gaping is in poor taste.

I recall years back see a young male with a six inch multicolored mohawk having to almost break his neck while driving a small pickup truck. I got a good laugh out of that.

It's seeing, but beyond that I have no idea what point you're making. What caused the young male to almost break his neck while driving a small pickup? And, would it have made any difference if he had a crewcut rather than a mohawk?

Mudd, you are approximately 10% as incomprehensible as Anti...and THAT'S A LOT!


In the future I won't try to post while I'm working and can't give posting my full attention. Multitasking is generally a bad idea.

You have to go down about a quarter of the way down the page to see the picture.

The first down makes the sentence clumsy. Get rid of it.

However, I liked the pigeon on the chessboard metaphor.

In the future I won't try to post while I'm working

I still want to understand about the guy with the mohawk.

'Mudd, I really hate busting your balls'

If you hated 'busting his balls', you would refrain from doing so.

I knew youd go for that one.
I think long ago you corrected someone else here
for not using 'jigs up' when they should have.

Marlin, I assume you mean this creep, and hes not a Billionaire.

wiki: Harry Mason Reid (born December 2, 1939)

'as always of course', Is that a run on?

Didya know George Harrison was a Harry Krishna?
And sometime in the 1980s he did a concert in LA.
He stayed on after all but the 'trashman with a small tractor' pushed all the trash at the LB Convention center into a heap.
It was then he had a 'do I have anything in common with these people moment' and stopped doing shows for a few years.

upon listening to their speel


You say tomato, I say tomato can't we all just get along? HAHAHA Hey that is a good name for a song. When did they stop making great musicals? Now we have bombs, guns, and violence. Go figure.

Gawd, something like that happened to a 'glib lib friend' and just yesterday he was saying
'I was ignoring her after all the trouble she and her kids caused me and she [an old black gal] called the police on me'.

So this morn I take out the recycling and [an old black gal] yells at me for not using my trash cans.
I didnt have trash, I had gone up the street to put
the cardboard boxes I had in the recycling bins.

The one thing all we humans fear is having regrets as we approach our final breath. What I regret is that I will never have the talent to craft paragraphs like the first two in Jim's essay today.

The neurotoxins in the environment are far more likely to reduce America's collective brainpower than the neurotoxins in vaccines. Anyone who is sufficiently knowledgeable about vaccines to know that they contain neurotoxins can simply refuse to be vaccinated. But no one who wishes to remain alive can refuse to eat or drink or breathe. The neurotoxins in our air, food, and water are far more numerous than those in our vaccines. The neurotoxins in vaccines are mainly aluminum, mercury, and whatever substance is added to the vaccine to intensify its effect on the immune system. The neurotoxins in the environment are ALL of the heavy metals plus a dizzyingly complex array of solvents and pesticides. The neurotoxins in vaccines are a worry. But they are not the major worry.

Doomers talk about peak-oil, peak-water, peak-minerals. It's time they begin to talk about peak neurotoxin-resistance. Civilization is made to move by human will and intelligence. Neurotoxins undermine both.

'As far as I can tell my uncle and aunt's farm has operated in the red for the entire three-plus decades that they've owned it'

That is quite a feat! A business that loses money for 30 - 40 years and survives.
Any idea on how they did that?
Growing / selling weed?
They were rich to begin with?
They inherited the place and it was payed off?

True enough, Q.
Those two paragraphs are so dense in description and content I had to take a breath when I finished! Whew

OK, let’s imagine its 2014 and Mitt Romney has been president for a couple of years. The economy in Europe has collapsed completely. There is rioting in the streets and complete anarchy. America is on the brink of collapse because unemployment has skyrocketed to 25% and Social Security no longer pays out. The post office no longer runs and no one gets cable anymore. Newspapers are only printed intermittently. Mitt doesn’t let politicians get burned at the stakes or let bankers be hanged from lampposts. No, Mitt declares War on Iran. He claims they have a nuclear bomb that they intend to use on the US. How does Mitty know this? Sheldon Adelson told him that he had a vivid dream about it and with his megabucks, his dreams always come true.

Mitt drops the bomb on Iran. The price of oil shoots up to $17 a gallon. All OPEC countries refuse to sell to the US. Canada and Mexico refuse to supply the US because they need their remaining oil for their own terrified citizens. All food production, food delivery, and public school stops. No one can afford to go to work or school. No one can afford the remaining food on the store shelves. Chaos breaks out in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. Mitt declares Marshall Law. Food is air dropped into major cities which causes more rioting as the food runs out long before the hungry people do. While Mitt and his top 1% are laughing at the masses of Americans running around, burning things down, China launches an all out attack and conquers the West Coast. Eventually the Chinese overwhelm the US and all the survivors learn to speak Mandarin. White people become the new slaves.

The clock is ticking.

Thanks CCM.
And under our dear [mus-slime] leader? What then?
Circuses and Bread?

As in the Dioxin on Citrus?

The distracted, degenerate public of tattooed soccer moms ... - JHK

Jim, I'm afraid it has gone beyond your generic soccer mom. I am noticing an increase in tatts, discreet though they may be, amongst the wives of academics at the Rutgers pool this summer. And to top it off, horror of horrors, I noticed this old dude who (whom?) I know to be an emeritus professor with a butterfly tattoo on his back just below the left shoulder...wing span about 2.5 inches. And this is not some old tattoo he got in the Navy during WW2. It's fairly fresh. I'm dying to ask him, "Whus up wit dat?"

Hey Antisoak, you'll like this one.

Tomorrow Obama is coming to Connecticut for several $35,000 per plate fundraisers with Wall Street Moguls on the Gold Coast! (Greenwich, Westport, Stamford etc., ... about 65 miles southwest of here.) The best part is that they're kicking all the 'little people' out of Sherwood Island State Park so he can land his fleet of helicopters.



Now I'm home with no distractions, so you will see that I can rite gooder thun bfour.

The guy with the mohawk had to bend over his head and stick his head out the window to keep from breaking his hair because it was so stiff and would have broken on the roof liner.

The one thing all we humans fear is having regrets as we approach our final breath. What I regret is that I will never have the talent to craft paragraphs like the first two in Jim's essay today.


It's never too late to start meditating and deriving its mind-expanding benefits. Imagine accessing the creative regions of your brain that were previously slumbering and the close-minded posters lamenting they can not write like you and how happy that would make you feel:

Davidson says his newest results from the meditation study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in November, take the concept of neuroplasticity a step further by showing that mental training through meditation (and presumably other disciplines) can itself change the inner workings and circuitry of the brain.

Meanwhile here on the Mexican coast, when he shows, the city roads are tied up, for 50 miles in all directions, all day.

" And to top it off, horror of horrors, I noticed this old dude who (whom?) I know to be an emeritus professor with a butterfly tattoo on his back just below the left shoulder.." 'Q'

An old trick I learned back in the day: whenever you're unsure of the use of "who" or "whom", substitute "he" for "who" and "him" for "whom" and see if it works out for ya. Just sayin.

My guess, if I may be so bold: "...I noticed this old dude who I know to be an emeritus professor..." My translation? I noticed he (was) an emeritus professor...".

It really wouldn't work to say "whom", as in, "I noticed him was an emeritus professor...". What say you, 'Q'?

Males [and to a lesser extent, females] have had Tatts, going back generations.
In the last 20 years, huge, tribal 'art' [cough]
has sprung up on the skin of more people.
Bigger tatts and on more people.
The killer at the Sikh Temple had lotsa ink. Classy guy.

To continue my rant above about "fashion" in this modern age... What is with these women who get "diamonds" embedded in their nails? Real diamonds are to be adorned around the neck or finger(s). I guess a diamond bracelet would be okay, too. I never got one of those...or a tiara, I might add.

I'll wait for Asoka to weigh in on "blood diamonds".

The shooter was in "pschological operations" in the army - perhaps as a subject?

They probably called him two nights ago and just said something like rubber baby bugger bumpers.

Have you begun to wear purple yet - as an expresion of old lady self actuaization?

Please help me. What does "old lady self actuaization" mean? As to wearing purple, I think I look best in turquoise (both jewels and colors).

If old people are getting tattoos, it might mean the fad is becoming uncool. I heard my daughter and her friend (high school age girls) calling tattoos "tramp stamps."

He thought he was a Psy Op but his "traning" was actually conditioning - a Patsy.

If the tatoo is on the coccyx, it's called a slut flag.

Becoming like Ruth Gordon of course. The famous poem:

Well. This might be more than likely other than lamp posts:

Perhaps he just watched the movie or read the book, Papillon.

I have no Tatoos. They are forbidden by the Himalayan Brotherhood - also known as The Great White Brotherhood. Nothing to do with Race - all men are welcome but the price is all that you are. Women are not excluded but in general exclude themselves since they always want more than they are willing to give.

A delightful poem. Thanks for sharing. I always liked Ruth Gordon. ONE of my many regrets in life was declining an opportunity while in New York to see "The Matchmaker", with Gordon as Dolly Levy.

James you have a number of great talents, but they will never really have value until you give yourself to the Lord God & his son Jesus Christ so that he may bless your work.

Until that time you will continue to put out the same old predictions month after month & year after year. Yes, a broken clock is right twice a day and that's about your accuracy level. You could be a TRUE prophet if you would only seek God's wisdom and blessing.

Our nation is going to fail. The question is how big and how ugly the crash will be. Instead of snearing at people who do not agree with you or live your lifestyle, and chuckling up your sleeve at what will happen to those you don't agree with when the fall comes you should be praying for peace and God's mercy. Only the Lord God's intervention will help & save us.

Our leaders of all directions & flavors are corrupt. They have become only interested in themselves, their money and their personal power. Our nation is in deep trouble. Pray for peace and for God's mercy on our nation. That is the only answer.

I feel sorry for you and people like you who think that just because they have their half acre, their garden and their Ithaca pump shotgun that they are safe from diaster. It's all so foolish. I grew up and lived most of my life in upstate NY. A little farther to the south and west of you, but don't be fooled. If this nation crash lands and the prison doors break open places like Danamora, Elmira, Ossining, Attica, Frackville & Farview aren't all that far away. Those who like to think that because they've got their trusty Ithaca they'll be able to handle the bad-asses only think that way because they've never really met anyone who was truly bad.

If the prison doors do break open, the kind of people you hope to fight off will take your gun away, pick their teeth with it and play Steamboat Wille on it just before they blow you into an unasked for appointment with your maker.

Pray for peace and for God's mercy James. Pray for him to bless your work. Pray for him to reveal his wisdom to you. Pray for him to save you in the name of Jesus.

While you are correct about what's coming, you are very wrong about when and where and how. You cannot know without God's wisdom.

Instead of snearing at people who think and act differently than you do..embrace God and you will be blessed. And above all..PRAY FOR PEACE AND MERCY FROM THE LORD GOD.

Here is an article that covers something I have known was true for many years. The atom bombs dropped on Japan were not only the final shots of WW II, but they were aimed at the USSR and thus were the first shots of WW III.

What say you, 'Q'?

"Who" sounds good to my ear but technically I couldn't say for sure. Maybe Asoka will chime in.

"...I know to be an emeritus professor with a butterfly tattoo on his back."

You know two things about this professor: that he was an emeritus professor and that he had a tattoo on his back. That's the idea conveyed by the sentence. But is that what you mean to say? Don't you mean, rather, that you saw a professor whom you know, and that upon inspecting him you discovered he had a tattoo on his back? The familiarity of the professor and the tattoo-discovery are separate ideas. You conflate them because of the length of your sentence.

The logical flaw in your sentence is its real flaw, not the who/whom distinction. The who/whom distinction(in this case)is a trifle, an example of the arbitrariness of grammar that I mentioned in an earlier post.

" emeritus professor. He had a butterfly tattoo on his back..."

Jesus H. Christ you've got to be kidding me.

"You cannot know without God's wisdom." But I'm sure you do though, right?

If he is coming I wish he'd just get it over with already so we don't have to hear from people like you any more.

I know the following comments will anger the right and left wing doomers on here:

_I am proud of the Federal government agency called NASA for an incredible feat and all made from Made In America products.

-Fluoride an naturally occured substance made by all natural mother earth. Decades from evidence based reseaarch from those Socialist European Union medical group and our own science gang it prevents tooth decay and a wonderful preventive healthy treatment.

PLEASE vaccinate your CHILDREN.

Please use evdience based information obtain through the scientific medthod of gathering data. DO not let the fear mongruls of the right or left scare you. Visit independent sites:,, and BEWARE of the con man selling fear and quick easy fixes. I am disappointed by JHK and the peak oil community, you seen to crave doom,and when an awesome human, American feat like NASA Rover comes along you ignore it. I suggest prep, learn to live simply like David Thoreau,and the most feared and presecuted folks in the doomer world are those that ask questions.

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NO one heard JHK on Coast to Coast radio the other night (Saturday)? It was eye-opening in the sense that I now get a much clearer idea just where JHK is coming from. He says he is an actualist, in that he believes in what is actually true as opposed to what we would like to believe is true. I say that if he actually believes any of his ideas will ever be implemented he is clearly delusional. But it sells books and it makes us all feel better about ourselves and our future if we hold out hopeful solutions, no matter how unrealistic they may be in the real world.

Not that his ideas are wrong; that's not what I'm saying. It would be great if we all lived in a world filled with cream cheese and lollipops. It's just that even if we did, TPTB would steal it all and put it in a vault and loan us drops of it at interest.

Fluoride is a socialist plot! People with all of their teeth rarely vote Republican!

Polio, smallpox, measles, whopping cough are great diseases they make people stronger. Look at what polio did for FDR!

Fear is good! Even better than greed.

Booga booga!

Look there's a terrist behind that bush!

Look OUT there's a terrist behind that bush!

"seemingly unquenchable ejaculatory response"

Nice rant Dirk, but please don't use the word 'ejaculatory' in reference to politicians. I see enough imagery hearing about Weiner and Frank.


Thanks for the reference. Loved it.

Ole' blue eyes himself:

"...nuclear war seems inevitable.
The world’s most mortal enemy is Washington."

Seems? How about "is"? Inevitable as gravity and the deranged nature of evil. So why are we wasting our time talking about peak oil, when we should be wasting our time watching DWTS?

There was nobody like Sinatra. Hmmmmmmmm........memories..........!

"biblical downpours descend on NASCAR races and spectators are killed"

It was Sunday. They should've been in church. New NASCAR prayer will include the following petition:

"And Lord forgive us for not hallowing the sabbath and take us off the list of lightning targets. Amen."

This on a week when JHK completely left off NASCAR.

"Just recently they shipped pallets of money to Iraq and cannot account for the whereabouts of TEN BILLION DOLLARS."

Oh, they can account for it. Or else there would be a line of dead bodies from here to Timbuktu. They're just not telling us where it is.

"We may even live to see Mitch McConnell roasted on a spit in some Kentucky parking lot."

JHK, that would be some tough, greasy meat. I'm done here!

Curiosity's landing on Mars is a great, if not novel accomplishment. The purpose of the mission is to find evidence of life on Mars, past and/or present. The other objective is to explore more of the surface.

To date, we know of only one place in the universe that hosts life out of the near infinite volume of space - Earth. If we learn that Mars does, or once had life, and if life is theoretically very rare throughout the cosmos, what are the odds that the only TWO locations of life in the vast reaches of the space-time continuum were in the same solar system and nowhere else?

Mars having had life, even at the most basic level, implies the possibility that life is abundant throughout the universe. And if that is so, the odds of intelligent life existing elsewhere rises considerably.

To find alien intelligent life would be the greatest and most profound event in the history of mankind.

That is why the cost and effort in landing this rover on Mars is worth 100 times and more the actual expense.

For you doomsters and frightened individuals, yes, plutonium was utilized in the mission, but the container for the plutonium was hardened to the point that it could survive a crash landing or an explosion without rupturing. NASA scientists are not idiots.

Nice week's work, JHK. Thanks as always.

"The more you reflect on the Draghi remark, the more you wonder whether absolutely anyone out there is paying attention to the fact that there is no money backing up these pledges of continued bailouts."

The people who are "paying attention" have been aware of this fact - and desperately trying to create some currency inflation - since 2008.
Some day, they will succeed - probably beyond some of their wildest expectations.

The Chinese can not be happy about this debasement of the "fiat currency."

Some day all bets are going to be off.

"...they're too busy being scared by Amber alerts, orange alerts, lone gunmen with delusions of being The Joker, anthrax spores on the public restroom toilet paper, paroled violent rapists and every other imminent doom scare tactic meant to acclimatize them, like sheep, to being fleeced 'for their own good'.
pity them; pity us all."
-anon y'mouse, on the American people-

That's some damn fine prose, anon y'mouse.

If you're not careful, you're going to out-JHK our own JHK! Keep 'em coming!

Speaking of crazy goings-on, in and around Burlington, VT.
Vlad, you wouldn't happen to have a LOCAL link, would you??

I was looking for one - but found this instead.
Anybody you know riding this tractor, 'zone??
That's some serious anarchy, seems to me.

Jim's August Eyesore of the Month, The First Baptist Church in Hammond, IN, was a boring letdown - a big box with a faux chapel facade . I was hoping he would add his two cents worth of criticism to the growing portfolio of criticism of the London Olympic Orbit Tower. Some of the nicknames I've come across are "Eyeful Tower", "Giant Squiggle", "The Lower Intestine", "Meccano on Crack", and "The Godzilla of Public Art". One critic summed it up nicely as "an awful lot of trouble just to look at East London".

Coincidentally, there is a connection between these two eyesores: the church in Hammond is just a few miles from the East Chicago steel mills on Lake Michigan and the Luxumborg based steel company ArcelorMittal owns a large chuck of that operation. The company also donated the steel to build the Orbit Tower. "Donated", I gather, is the term for tax write-off, bribe for labor law relaxation, or excuse to reduce steel worker's wages. Apparently the company's CEO had a chance encounter with London mayor Boris Johnson in the lavatory at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland where the deal was proposed - whether they shook hands or some other body parts to seal the deal, one can only speculate. The tower certainly has a phallic appearance and the squiggle of steel latice spiraling around the shaft looks like it's spurting out of the tip in a blood-red stream (maybe one of those guys had a bladder infection while at Davos).

Don't you mean, rather, that you saw a professor whom you know, and that upon inspecting him you discovered he had a tattoo on his back?

You make a good point. If I had that post to do over the relevant sentence would read: "And to top it off, horror of horrors, I noticed this old dude who I know to be an emeritus professor and lo and behold he had a butterfly tattoo on his back..."

The insertion of "who (whom?)" is a case of me covering my ass since I am critical of other people's mistakes but don't actually know when to use who or whom.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day:

Jesus, save me from your followers.

'..."diamonds" embedded in their nails?'

Have you seen US olympic swimmer Ryan Lotche's rapper-inspired stars-and-stripes diamond mouth grill? Think of it as a tooth-tiara.

Jam sed, "Doomers talk about peak-oil, peak-water, peak-minerals. It's time they begin to talk about peak neurotoxin-resistance. Civilization is made to move by human will and intelligence. Neurotoxins undermine both."


Television, any kind.
Fluorescent lights.
40-hour work weeks.
Most printed matter.
Internet use, any kind.
Energy use, any kind (as any use is aggregated mercury deposition from coal-fired power plants).
Anything made of foam.
Conventional food.
Processed food.
Many wild plants.
Tobacco, any kind.

After browsing last week's list of links, I have to say Jim left off one crucial link to cap off the doom fiesta: If I were to plow through that much bad news every week, self-deliverance would look mighty comforting.

Earth's oceans, forests and other ecosystems continue to soak up about half the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by human activities, even as those emissions have increased, according to a study by University of Colorado and NOAA scientists to be published August 2 in the journal Nature.

Imagine... only having to cut emissions by half.

Its easy to imagine how the average person could accomplish this:

Half the international flights.
Half the 12-oz. steak dinner.
Half the trips to the supermarket.
Half the amount of children.
Half the amount of garbage.
Half the annual natural gas withdrawl.
Half the annual coal burning.

What is a half?

Its the thing that makes the other half of anything seem less precious.

We don't appreciate half of what life has to offer.

We don't enjoy half of our meals, our work weeks, our afternoons.

Half the cup of coffee is cold before we drink it.

Half the tank of gas is wasted by the time we figure we could have saved the trip.

What is both halves but too much?

Well, golly gee! You didn't leave a lot for the rest of us to pick from, did ya? Maybe my time's pretty much up. I don't really know. Maybe no one does. I've committed or been part of every sin you've named...and then some.

I guess my generation has been pretty much responsible for using up the majority of the world's energy. I feel especially bad for my grandchildren. I don't feel that bad for my children, who range in age from 49 to 37. They've had a relatively easy life, handed to them on a silver platter, courtesy of my husbands and me. In short: I don't tolerate ANY bitching from ALL.

Now, my grandchildren are a different story. The cost of their tuition in college is gross beyond words. There is no way they can succeed in today's world with a mere B.A. THAT makes me angry! And the fact that they're in debt to the tune or $30K plus at the end of 4 years. Add a spouse and a few kids into the mix, without health insurance, and you've got a real mess on your hands. I know about this. I've got a grandaughter in this EXACT same situation. Plus, i5 seems to get worse every year.

What chance does she have in buying a home (she's still single, not too pretty, and there's no "eligible" man in sight that I can see). What do I tell her? She MAY get a job as a bank teller after graduation? After spending 4 years in school to be an accountant? I was a bank manager at her age in downtown Boston at a Savings and Loan at her age. And I DIDN'T EVEN MAJOR IN ACCOUNTING! I really don't want to leave a world such as this to my grandbabies!

Americans aren't just sleep-walking into the future, they are text-walking and text-driving. Several articles have recently warned of the dangers of walking while texting that included videos of engrossed texters doing faceplants into foumtains, planters, etc. Today I read the headline "Man Texts About Needing to Stop Texting, Then Drives Off a Cliff"

From the article:
"Texas college student Chance Bothe’s last words prior to driving his truck off a cliff were in the form of a text message: “I need to quit texting, because I could die in a car accident.” He miraculously survived, but Bothe’s story has become an ironic example of the dangers of texting while driving."

No doubt, the Curiosity's landing on Mars is an impressive scientific accomplishment. However, the odds of finding evidence of intelligent life on Mars is far more likely than if Curiosity landed back here on ol' Terra Firma and searched for the few examples of intelligent life still functioning right here, particularly at the civic level. Such a sad state when you realize you have 7 billion chances to strike paydirt... jeez there's better odds playing PowerBall.

So much to do, especially with the sand running out of the hourglass exponentially.

This summer's reading material ended with "Predator Nation" by Charles Ferguson. Read "Predator" right after finishing your book Jim, "Too Much Magic". I suppose if I wasn't the optimistic type I'd be hitting up every M.D. in the area for RX's for every antidepressant known to man or animal.
Instead the remainder of our time will be devoted to building that "lifeboat" of a sort and teach our children to be capable and altruistic persons. An interesting challenge while at the same time teaching them to properly handle a Bushmaster M4 A2. These days it's all about balance. Or if for any other reason but to maintain a semblance of sanity...

I hope you and your readers can maintain theirs too while Events are all Spinning Into Place!

To assist you in doing so here's a rare musical selection for your listening enjoyment;
First the Acoustic version;
and if you liked that check out the electronic version;

It's all about balance...

No bankers or politicians will be swinging from any lamp posts. Americans, secretly or overtly, worship the rich, and the ire directed at Wall Street is an expression of people's belief that these movers and shakers game the system and are screwing them, not that wealth is unevenly distributed. Given the choice, most Americans would "take the money and run", too.

Instead of blaming the true culprits, or at least those at the helm of the ship, Americans are conditioned now to blame mostly irrelevant parties like the mythical "liberals" (a mostly impotent group these days), the gays, and the Muslims, among other culturally convenient targets. If it were the case that Americans targeted the parties running the show, you'd see a lot more violence directed at them, but instead the whack jobs will target convenient scapegoats designated by the media.

Like, hey, let's kill some Sikhs because they're kind of like Muslims, right? At least, they have turbans, so they must be doing something evil like the villain from Aladdin.

The supermarket shelves will also not go empty. Food is just going to keep rising in price, and people will find substitutes. Eat chicken instead of steak, etc. More and more people will go on food stamps or other types of aid. Americans currently eat far more than they need to and there will be a lot of belt tightening as the years roll on. Food security is not likely to be a major problem in the near term.

The American system has a lot further to devolve before anyone will be taking to the street en masse like in the Arab Spring. Most people have access to food, clean water, and shelter, and the government is not so obviously oppressive that the populace will demand regime change. There are plenty of circuses like video games and cable tv to keep most of the populace contained and distracted.

No, I see a long slide, not a quick fall. Ten years from now, we may all be surprised by where we end up, but it is unlikely that overnight the entire system will fail. Or if it does, people are likely to adjust to their new circumstances, not go all French Revolution on Wall Street.

Furthermore, Jim underestimates the systems that have been put in place to deal with unrest by the government, all the way from local to federal. Police forces are militarized now, at all levels. They have pepper spray, tazers, assault rifles, and body armor. They'll be able to deal with most anything that pops up. There is a police state in place.

Jim also has a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of money in today's world. Nearly all of it is fiat and conjured out of nothing by mechanisms like QE or the prototypical buying of government bonds by the Fed. So the money faucet can flow indefinitely, as it only requires more 1's and 0's, not any real tangible assets. The inevitable result is inflation, but that's not something most people really understand too well. So its effect will be like that parable about the frog in the boiling water.

This idea that Republicans will be roasted on spits is nonsense. The Democrats are weenies, or at least they tend to think themselves more civilized than the other side. They want to talk things out, compromise, and deal with facts, whereas the other side is in a mud fight, and they know it.

No, I wouldn't expect big events. Look how Occupy Wall Street was demonized and marginalized. It did not become a mass movement. We are paralyzed, and it is likely to stay that way indefinitely.

I know that people like Jim want to see some real action, but I just don't see it that way.

Undoubtedly, Cina needs to be the posh industry with very best probable on the planet. Mainly in the overall economy, nearly every luxurious brand anxiously squashes into Cina to carry their substantial income, such as Louis Vuitton. But what has come about for decades? Does every little thing take place because they desired?

Certainly, Louis Vuitton will get positive results in China. It signifies women that very own Louis Vuitton is a good beauty. It is not only a ladies handbag as well as a bracelets, but additionally cash and standing. That's the unique level for Louis Vuitton- however sales volume is big, it never ever special discounts.

It declares that all handbags are made separately at Lv magic formula class- it balks at the time period manufacturer- in Aseni?res-sur-Seine, northwest Paris. This is where the Lv lab does its assessment. A mechanical arm lifting a ladies handbag set with a 3.5 kilo weight then declines it on the ground to check its longevity.

Another device bombards bags with ultra-violet light to try potential to deal with falling, whilst zip fasteners are pulled go in and out 5,000 instances. This strenuous procedure makes certain a Louis Vuitton tote almost never does not make a case for its lifetime promise.

Nonetheless, once you find Lv just about everywhere in Cina, even the hobo having a luggage in monogram logo design, are you still continual to keep up with the modern types? Or, choose various other specific luxury model, like Hermes, important-minimal yet tempting. Are all specific, each should buy.

Louis Vuitton is self-conscious in China. Once a individual luggage a Louis Vuitton ladies handbag, the first question haunt individuals are be it a realistic? Does he/she genuinely afford it or simply exhaust hisPerher income of various several weeks to be? Frankly, Louis Vuitton won't convey funds or status any longer,hdmi cords, at the very least in Tiongkok. Celebrities are advised order other luxury brand names to demonstrate their taste.

Louis Vuitton is depreciating in worth over decades in Cina. It will get large earnings in Tiongkok now, although not mean once and for all.

Yes they actually seem serious about Mars - maybe trying to boost national spirits?

In a couple of weeks they are going to test a new engine that uses superheated gas - if it works, it will halve the time it takes to get there.

Nice post, Turkle.

Your post is like a rational recompilation of many of the points I have made over the years in my responses to the lamp post & pitch fork brigade on CFN. Just ain't gonna happen.

Like you say, the decline will be very slow. No black swans. No sudden currency collapse. It will be a muddle-through kick-the-can operation for decades to come.

I also agree with Welles about QE and limitless electronic money, contrary to E.'s screaming about Euro CRUNCH TIME IS UPON US!


But once again you are implying a purpose, a goal: "The Goal Is For The Species To Propagate" (or survive, or last as long as possible, etc.): FALSE, Not even this goal is operating, what is operating is a chain reaction, a complex chain reaction with many levels of random and detail and many actions and reactions, with no direction at all, not even the direction of preserving a species.

It is hard to get outside of our thinking in terms of goals, mostly cause and effect and direction, since all of our world and thought and language is operating upon discerning patterns, hence goals, hence directions, hence paths, etc.

But evolution can simply be seen as a set of items constantly interacting, some lasting longer, some disappearing, some fighting each other and such. And what gives the direction or goal system are the circuits of pain/pleasure that impose a constraint on how items behave, how they react to another action outside of themselves: some can react against a lot of different complex actions, some less, some casually can last a long time, some may not as soon as some condition changes, and so on.

No species can last more than a few seconds on the SUN, so all species have failed all and any of their goals: ah, but the goals imply where the species must last, so of course, a species gradually lasts longer and longer in a constant environment like earth and such, but that is just because the accumulation of random changes made it become TEMPORARILY adaptable to an always TEMPORARY condition, the condition and environment itself is a fluke item, the system as a whole is totally a fluke item, random, meaningless and can have within itself any possible temporary goal or direction. And then is lasting more time better than lasting less time ? is a big number better than a small number ? are the differences in number values (more time, less time) implying a goal that is better or worse or a direction ? must going from a small number (lasting a short time) to a large number (lasting a long time) better and represent goal achieved ? No, we make up what is bettter or worse, for anything else besides the Man Brain it is all the same and indifferent.

You may say at most, that a direction, or goal, or pattern can be seen within a species as a local pattern, as a local repeatable pattern, but nothing more than this. And you can say this and think this only because all of the formatting of the world in our mind and thought and language and concepts always creates diections, goals, paths and so on.

Hence for a Man Brain everything seems to always have a goal and direction (for a hammer everything is a nail, for a Man Brain everything has a goal and direction), when it is only the Man Brain that is projecting its formatting and its grid on the world according to its own directions and paths and interpretations: a cat doesn't know what time it is, doesn't know how long it lasted, doesn't even have any awareness of time, each moment is all the time there is and will ever be, a billion years or a microsecond are the exact same thing for a cat or for anything else that is not a Man Brain, and it is especially TIME that which gives directions and goals and paths and repeatable patterns, TIME is the great grid that falsifies reality and lets us project our grid on the world thinking that the world really obeys our grid and TIME itself...



In any case, Mathematics is Overrated: just because you have a bunch of formulas and models really doesn't mean much, it is just narcistic: most real world applications and calcuations rarely use such of the complex math and formulas and analytical solutions to equations and such, much real world operating is very down to the ground, very rough calculations stuff, sometimes with computers and Numerical methods to be more precise and such.

The Myth of mathematics, the overrating of mathematics comes from the idea that a few simple procedures and formulas can let you be on top of many different complex phenomena and predict them and such: and so it is up to a point and so it has been in the last 200 years, a lot of great discoveries and instruments, but this has peaked now, it is mostly over, very little new great formulas like Maxwell Equations and such will ever be discovered again, you can discover Maxwell Equations and how to apply them (always partially, and always with approximations and even there most of the time there are no analytical solutions to the differential equations to things that practically really count in engineering and such and you always have to revert back to Numerical Methods and such) only once, once in a million years.

Science is a short story, most of it has been told and concluded in the last 200 years, there will be very little new really great discoveries, now we must invent new discoveries, force them, create them, falsify reality, create new worlds and brains and thought systems and brain machines, etc.

Q, Tramp Stamp?

I understand 'Tramp Stamp' to be a tattoo on the small of the back, just above the butt area. This was told to me be a young co-worker who seemed inordinately fond of 'Tramp Stamps' on young ladies. It is a mark on distinction, as well as other things



Well things aren't great for your grandkids, but they're not great for me or my friends either who are older than they but unemployed now as well. What do you tell that grandaughter? Start by telling her to take the lower-level job- just because she has a college degree doesn't mean she knows anything. So if she wants to work in the banking industry, take the teller job and work her way up. Save money; don't spend most of the paycheck on big cell phone contracts and cable and all of that- have a regular savings plan and pay herself first. Have housemates to cut costs, or do a home-share with an elderly person for little or no cost in exchange for company and lawn mowing and snow shoveling. If she is willing to live in a place that isn't as cool as Boston or NYC or SF and such, there are plenty of homes to be had for reasonable prices. My area was not hit hard by foreclosures but there are several such homes just minutes from me (all minus their copper plumbing and other parts of course now).

I think that while I totally get the issues that are facing the 20 somethings now, I'm tired of the whining. I graduated into a recession and was glad to get a job at Burger King; which I ended up managing. Was this going to be my career? No- but it paid the rent for a time.I think that many of the kids your grandkids age really have expectations that are far too grand. They expect that with that grade inflated piece of paper in their hands they will get some cushy job offered to them doing magical things with their computer in AC controlled splendor, with all of the toys around that Google and their ilk keep around for their employees to play with. Get real. Take a job, start at the bottom and work your way up. And quit whining and blaming the boomers for everything wrong with your life. (Not you Myrtle- the 20 somethings)


You've made some excellent points here and I agree with you 98%.

I was just smiling to myself listening to the way this election is being discussed and I thought to myself, these people have no idea what they're going to vote for. It's as if there are multiple realities going on at the same time and people who have been connecting the dots don't get the mass audience they need to explain the facts of the real world to the polity.

Yes, each person suffers quietly in their own hell. For years people have lost their homes due to medical expenses and the media like 60 minutes will carry the story, but there has been no critical mass on this. Obama "fixed" it so we can go on now and pay giant premiums monthly. Businesses are still saddled with the medical insurance expenses as they compete in the "Global" market.
Note to people--there will be no considerable job creation because this system doesn't work in a functional economy. It's doing great without us.
Romney is a totally repulsive creature who is undefinable, moving all over the map on every subject. Obama already is Romney!--He's adopted all of Romney's programs and now Romney and the Reps want to dismantle them and impose austerity and Paul Ryan's plan.--Medical vouchers for people living on a fixed income--that's the ticket!--Let's just say that as the Republican keep calling "Obama(Romney) Care euthanasia, I think what Romney will usher in will be the real deal. They always project what they want on the Dems. That's the Rove way.
And Turkle you are so right about the ususal suspects (scapegoats) Lots of little people are going to be killed this way. Don't forget that our military personnel are committing suicide at the rate of one per day, so their coping mechanisms aren't very good, are they.
I have said on this blog before that guns against govt. microwave technology for crowd control will render them useless when the SHTF--if it ever does.
When thing disintegrate anything can happen, so it's hard to predict where it's all going...
Maybe a nice big war is in the cards.

Just a note on the JHK Coast to Coast interview...
The official site wants you to subscribe for access.
Here's a link that someone put up gratis:

Click the timeline at 1:00:00 (one hour) exactly, and you'll drop right in to the forefront of the interview. (Hope that works for everyone.)

A diploma only indicates that one "tests well".
It's also important to develop real-world, hands-on practical skills. One should not simply aspire to being a middle management drone for a faceless consortium of asshats. That's a tenebrous and shaky cubicle to occupy these days, and I wouldn't recommend it as a primary/sole occupation to anyone I care about.
(Lots of good advice for living arrangements that you've outlined. Probably shouldn't get too many overblown expectations in that regard either. Here's some hubristic sonzabitches that shit their own 90,000 sq.ft. nest; and with only 8 kids to boot!)

From perusing this, perhaps you'll see why I agree with Berman that a stake needs to be driven through the heart of the 'Murkin Nightmare of unending opulence, consumption, and sociopathic exploitation of the little people.

I would like to thank JHK for hosting this forum, it is always great to read what the left is thinking beyond the scripted censorship you might find on MSM boards.

America's political scene looks like Deathrace 2012 as to which political coalition will self destruct first. I'll make the case that the D party implodes first.

First look at the posters here who are left wing, they basically are depressed white people who clamor that everyone must have alot less, especially whites. Second they are aligned with non-whites who basically comprise the D faction that wants more via any means necessary, and could care less about the soft feminine "lessness" that white libs blab on and on about.

Couple that with the impending government bankruptcies and that is my case, Liberals respond.

Has JHK ever defined himself vis a vis the targets of his derision? Shall we assume that he is the alternative to these people? At what point do we ask which is worse, an overweight,albeit happy Walmart person or an arrogant, preaching-to-the-choir blowhard in Upstate New York? Methinks JHK paints with a broad and greasy brush. What about the generically handsome breeders in their neo-"Craftsman" McBungalos pushing their beautiful kids in one of those ATV baby strollers while sipping a Starbucks?

Good day to all doomers. And good day to Mr K. - your adjective laden prose is a delight.

I spent yet another week's end traveling about the back roads of "flyover" America. And had the privilege of ranting and barking about the sad state of affairs which accounts for the new "normal America."

I was treated to several free drinks in one watering hole. Local townspeople shook my hand and marveled at my ability to delineate all the ways in which they were being fucked over by the rich and powerful.

One man shook my hand - and seemed proud to let me know that the people who lived in the "podunk towns" of America know what is going down as well as any city-slicker......

All in all - I was surprised by this behavior. You see, I travel America by bicycle - and my bright clothes and bandanna normally set me at odds with rednecks or farmers or whatever you want to call the rural population.

But on this trip, it seemed harder to find "dumb people." Oh sure, there were ignorant fools all around.But among those who have work and meaning in their lives most of them are getting pissed off too.

Like you - I hope for some accounting - some kind of "payback" to those people who lie and cheat the world. But I wonder if you are weakening the strength of your perspectives and positions by attaching time-frames or predictions to your musings.

As most of your readers know - there now exists multiple realities. And while my exchanges of attitude and perspective with local rural populations support the idea that the truth is leaking out to middle-America, there has been no official accounting of just how much of the world's people remain deluded.

Thanks again for your essay.

in reference to all the discussion of 'tramp stamps' and suchlike, just the tagline of one non-joke is all that is necessary:

"Grandma, grandma: show us Big Bird!"

I was actually thinking about him when I wrote that! It never ceases to amaze me the lengths people will go to be "tacky". And he is one good looking hunk! (tsk, tsk, shaking my head as I stare at the floor). I guess the flappers in the '20s got their share of criticism over their short skirts, bobbed hair, and cloche hats. And you may be old enough to remember parents bitching about that "greasy kid's stuff" boys put on their hair in the '50s. And let's not forget the weeping and gnashing of teeth when the British Invasion ushered in the "mop top" long hair of the '60s. But sporting a "grill"? I mean, really?

Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ - Published in Federal Gov't Journal

By NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.
Published: Tuesday, Jul. 24, 2012

NEW YORK, July 24, 2012 -- /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Harvard University researchers' review of fluoride/brain studies concludes "our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children's neurodevelopment."
It was published online July 20 in Environmental Health Perspectives, a US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences' journal (1), reports the NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF)

"The children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ than those who lived in low fluoride areas," write Choi et al.
Further, the EPA says fluoride is a chemical "with substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity."
Fluoride (fluosilicic acid) is added to US water supplies at approximately 1 part per million attempting to reduce tooth decay.
Water was the only fluoride source in the studies reviewed and was based on high water fluoride levels. However, they point out research by Ding (2011) suggested that low water fluoride levels had significant negative associations with children's intelligence.
Choi et al. write, "Although fluoride may cause neurotoxicity in animal models and acute fluoride poisoning causes neurotoxicity in adults, very little is known of its effects on children's neurodevelopment. They recommend more brain/fluoride research on children and at individual-level doses.
"It's senseless to keep subjecting our children to this ongoing fluoridation experiment to satisfy the political agenda of special-interest groups," says attorney Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President. "Even if fluoridation reduced cavities, is tooth healt

Read more here:

If you meet the Buddha on the road kill him.

'declaring the first week of February as "Larry Brinkin Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Larry Brinkin Arrested: San Francisco Gay Rights Icon Accused Of ...

Jun 25, 2012 – Police say they arrested 66-year-old Larry Brinkin, the high-profile gay rights leader....................

when Larry Brinkin was arrested two weeks ago, the police found “images of year-old infants subjected to sodomy and oral sex, and perverse racial comments (Brinkin’s email: ‘I loved especially the 2 year old n----- getting nailed.
Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond b---- is going to get. White Power! White Supremacy! White D--- Rules!’).”

Yet the media has barely reported this terribly disturbing incident.

who was Larry Brinkin? He was “a central figure in the gay rights movement,” a man who was so influential that, “The San Francisco board of supervisors actually gave a ‘Larry Brinkin Week’ in February 2010 upon his retirement.”

'More and more people will go on food stamps or other types of aid..'

1 in 6 or 7 is ALREADY on EBT / Foodstamps, yes?
At what point is the system broke?

Here, in Poway, the Govt is borrowing 105 Million Dollars. IN 20 YEARS THEY WILL REPAY 800 MILLION DOLLARS.

SJM, There is a bumper sticker:


Which bumper-sticker is more profound?

Anyone here know anything about duelling? Formal duels (pistol or sabre) were being fought long after they'd been declared illegal. Now they're out of fashion. A prediction: if a transition of the doomer-kind comes, and if it's a big one (wrecked transportation systems, no police, isolated communities), duelling is going to make a comeback.

The Chinese will not invade the west coast. Mitt will break up the US and sell off the parts to finance offshore projects such as the Bush estate in Paraguay and new gated communities at home in which a small minority of rich will carry the torch of the American way of life into the future. The Chinese will not invade the west coast, they will buy it and are already arriving.


Yes, it will be a betting sport similar to dog fighting. The only difference will be that the duelers will be desperate, poor schmucks, so the people betting on the "games" will not get emotionally attached to the competitors.

Yes most Democrats are wienies but who says most Democrats control the Party? Democracies are not Democratic after all.

The Party has been quietly taken over by Communists. The Weathermen were completely comfortable with killing the 20% of the American Population that would refuse their reforms. And they contemplated killing all White babies.

Now is the Weatherman Bill Ayers still in prison, or is he a well respected professor who has the ear of those in power?

Bill Ayers doesn't have the ear of those in power any more than Noam Chomsky does, which is to say not at all, you twit. BTW we could use a few communists in Washington now since just about everyone there is wholly owned by the corporations. Anyone who believes differently is a fool.

Yes pedophilia is three times more prevalent among Gays than Straights. No one reports it because they are already compromised. Anyone who spoke out would lose their job. Gays are great, gays are good is the ruling ethhos of our Country.
There are no medals waiting for those who speak out on this - unlike Corporate corruption.

And of course the hatred of Whites, especially Nordics. Imagine what waits for these children who are adopted by Gay Couples.

Conservatives deny any racial significance. Communists know better: the best way to sink the West is degrade and destroy the racial stock who created it.

He friends with Obama stupid. You should just give up - you just don't have it. Try fixing old clocks or cleaning bathrooms.

Good name - you are confused about everything.

Good grammar.

To Asoka

Using Rhino's logic, anybody who imagines a slight can point to "past behavior" - Asoka

"Because we "think" we know what the future Imperial Japan was going to do, based on past behavior, let's incinerate men, women, and children in large cities." - Asoka

"A slight" my ass. Your whole post was breathtaking in the sheer scale of its stupidity. One of the classics.

Let's have a look at your favorite tool - wikipedia - to see what it says about deaths inflicted by Japan in WW2 ie military deaths and civilian deaths due to Japanese military activity and crimes against humanity. "Past behavior," in other words, from the perspective of summer 1945.

So here we are

China: 10,000,000 to 20,000,000
Dutch East Indies 3,000,000 to 4,000,000
Indo China 1,000,000 to 1,500,000
Korea Japanese colony 378,000 to 483,000
Malaya 100,000
Philipines 500,000 to 1,000,000

So we have in rough numbers 15 million to 27 million deaths because of the Japanese. Pretty bad "past behavior" wouldn't you say?

And how many dead had the Japanese suffered to that point? Something north of 2.5 million. Not the mark of a regime or culture that put a high premium on the value of human life wouldn't you say?

These are just some of the bigger casualty numbers. It doesn't include casualties inflicted by Japan on Americans just as a nod to your contempt for Americans (let's be a sneering hipster just like you for just a second). I mean what the fuck do AMERICAN lives count for? Right?

So are all these millions of dead what you consider "a slight"? In the immortal words of Virgil Solozzo - "te salut" - you have a much stronger stomach than me.

And you STILL haven't told us what YOU would have done if YOU were in Harry's shoes. Oh wait, I remember - "just say "no". Am I right?

So in your dream world Harry couldn't POSSIBLY have made the the assumption that if Japan wasn't defeated and disarmed that they would have continued on as they had been for years on their campaign of conquest and rape and murder. Because Harry had absolutely no RIGHT to make that assumption. He had no evidence or basis in reality for making that assumption. Right? Because you just never know about people. Right? Golly, they can do a 180 and just surprise the hell out of you. Right? I mean, assuming the best about the Japanese in 1945 would have been the right and responsible thing to do. Right?

I'll say it again in case you didn't get the point and you probably didn't. It took TWO nukes to make Japan quit (one wasn't apparently enough). But Japan DID quit.

Using the same logic, "the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior," any other country in the world could conclude the USA is going to use its nuclear weapons again. - Assoka

And arguably a further extension of the WW1/WW2 conflict - this time between the USSR (and its allies) and the USA (and its allies) - was avoided. A good thing, no? Because from the Communist point of view those crazy Americans might just be batshit crazy enough to drop another one.

The Communist nomenklatura, judging by their words and deeds, obviously didn't give the slightest fuck about how many of their own people died. But with nukes? Why shit, the nomenklatura might die too. Now what the hell good would that be?

How many died in the atomic bombings? Again according to that impeccable source wikipedia 150,000 to 250,000.

Preparations were also being made for the invasion of Japan just in case.

I'll quote wiki again:

"In all, there were 2.3 million Japanese Army troops prepared to defend the Japanese home islands, another 4 million Army and Navy employees, and a civilian militia of 28 million men and women. Casualty predictions varied widely, but were extremely high. The Vice Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff, Vice Admiral Takijirō Ōnishi, predicted up to 20 million Japanese deaths."

Do your fellow skinheads know that you speak/write Ebonics?

In pre Revolutionary Russia, the young men wore long hair and sported colored glasses. Strangely familiar, no?

Such things by the youth signal the coming end of the Regime and/or Culture. Our Regime engineers such things and depends upon them. Traditional Americans would have never put up with what has happened.

Now for the part you wont believe: the same Banking Families are behind their Revolution and our Cultural Revolution - yes just like China's. There's was brief and bloody, our's long and far deeper.

You have no come back except that? That's the same as admitting defeat. You lost and you are a loser.

So anyone who is against Communism is a skinhead? You are even more stupid than I thought.

Are you actually suggesting that Ebonics is not real language? That's racisss!

We should have just let them alone once they were driven back to Japan. Why do we insist on trying to make everyone just like us, and us just like everyone?

Confusionism, this is just a new era, the old taboos are dying off as America dies off and we no longer need to pretend to be patriotic to whatever it is we are supposed to love yet no longer loves us.

Just go back to Kos and DU and tell your friends that the word "racist" is losing its effect and the Amuurrican Spring is just about the corner from where you stand.

No, you're a skinhead because of your delusional thinking regarding race. Everyone on this site knows that. Also, you are being petty by calling me a loser. I disagree with much of what you write but I still think of you as intelligent and above such childishness.

HI Anti, I am not so sure about the fluoride comments. My teeth are full of cavities, as are my wifes. My kids got flouride drops as babies . Our water here is not fluoridated. They have zero cavities and both of them can kill me at Jeopardy, and I could kill the guys at work. I guess that may not be intelligence, just memory recall. But F,CL,Br, and I? all the same as far as I am concerned. Naturally occuring and what the heck can I do about it? Your body takes what it wants and dumps the rest. At least if your kidneys and liver work properly.I'm not talking toxins here ,just trace elements.

Not sure what DU is. As for the word racist, its definition still remains the same even if its "effect" has been watered down.


Japan was finished. We did not need to invade Japan. They were blockaded and had no ships left. The islands did not have any oil.

From the font of all knowledge wikipedia.

"By the end of January 1945, the Japanese were suggesting peace terms.[22] These proposals, sent through both British and American channels, were assembled by General Douglas MacArthur into a 40-page dossier and given to President Franklin D. Roosevelt on February 2, two days before the Yalta Conference. Reportedly, the dossier was dismissed by Roosevelt out of hand—the proposals all included the condition that the emperor's position would be assured, if possibly as a puppet ruler; at this point the Allied policy was to ACCEPT ONLY UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER.[23] Additionally, these proposals were strongly opposed by powerful military members of the Japanese government.[24]" (emphasis mine)

In the end Hirohito was allowed to remain a figurehead.

One problem was that the USSR was going to get into the Pacific war and the US didn't wan them to get any more power. So the bombs were dropped to speed the end and send the message to the Soviets that the US was ready to kill large numbers of civilians to get its way.

The dropping of the atom bombs on civilians was not one of the United State's finer moments.


Actually fluoride is chemically different than the other halides (Cl, Br,and I). Fluoride forms insoluble CaF2. The problem here is that calcium is used in nerve signals. This is why having HF in large amounts at oil refineries. I there is a leak, those exposed are essentially dead. There is no antidote once it has been absorbed through the skin, or breathed into the lungs.

Now, if the

The point was not about any particular program, just that the descent is likely to be a long slide of the variety we're already seeing. In other words, I wouldn't count on overnight seeing people take to the street with pitchforks as the power goes out permanently and the supermarket shelves give up the last cans of Spam. That's unlikely to be the scenario that actually confronts us. More likely you'll see sporadic outbursts of relatively random violence, increased food prices but not bare shelves (there's a lot of slack in the food system actually), and more intermitant blackouts. Jimbo's thinking is along the lines of "apocalypse now" but I just don't see it happening.

The microwave weapon has a range of about a hundred yards I believe. Certain sniper rifles half a mile or so in the hand of an expert with a scope. Regular rifes much less, just hundreds and hundreds of yards.

Living in N.Y makes you automatically on the side of Goverment I guess. Certainly if you know what's good for you and you do.

You never answered Prog's question. You've had plenty of time to think and now an answer is due.

Growing up in NYC in the 60s, I assume I drank Flouride. I had lots of cavities.

Comedian Dick Gregory says it was Rockefeller making money from Flouride. My [licensed] Naturopath
said 'yes, Gregorys right, it was 'thru Alcoa Aluminum''.

"The Party has been quietly taken over by Communists."

*face palm*

Vlad, you fail at political analysis. The Weathermen and Bill Ayers....really, that's your contribution to the discussion, some irrelevant talking points about 60's radicals that you heard on the Bill O'reilly show?

If anything, the Democratic Party has become more and more like the Republican one. Or do you think they've, uh, gone red too?

Your red baiting is getting real stale, buddy. It seems to be the only color paint that you have in your garage.

Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbererest. The Skinheads are a subculture. There are many White Racists who don't have tatoos, shaven heads, or listen to horrible music.

Blacks are very dumb. Even Turk doesn't even try to dispute this anymore - he just resorts to insults immediately - just like you. There is no defending these people.

Btw, your attempt to take the moral high ground is absurd. You lost and can't fight fair at all. You got nuthin.

"The Weathermen were completely comfortable with killing the 20% of the American Population that would refuse their reforms. And they contemplated killing all White babies."

And during that same period, fifty thousand Americans lost their lives in a pointless war against Communism, along with over a million Vietnamese. How many did the Weathermen end up killing, Vlad? Hint: it isn't even the same order of magnitude.

And which had a worse effect on American society, some 60's radicals who killed a few people or a war that devastated a huge swath of the male population by turning at least some of them into physical and mental basket cases?

And who prosecuted this war? I assure you, it wasn't the leftists but your high and mighty conservatives.

It is funny to read about your little pet topics, because so often they are completely irrelevant to what is actually occurring. Who gives your marching orders? How do you decide what idiotic spew to barf out this week?

So why isn't he in prison Einstein? If a White Nationalist did all the things he did, he's never see the light of day.

He get out on a technicality you say? So why isn't he mopping floors at night - instead of having the ear of the president as an honored college professor? You're not thinking Turk. You're good at that non activity.

Yes, the Republicans are moving Left and the Democrats Right. They're owned by the same people. That's what we've been trying to tell you for years. Communism was and is a Rothschild enterprise. Time to take Morpheus's pill - forget the color - I don't want the color anyway since that would be a metaphor that would spoil my thesis.

I covered this last week, or perhaps the one before. You scapegoat other races to deflect self-examination, regardless of whether your assertions are true or not. Psychologically speaking, this is quite clear from your obsession with average IQ numbers. Your personal flaws are monumental, so you focus on everyone else's supposed shortcomings.

Meanwhile, at least some of the black population manages to find gainful employment and go to work everyday. I don't see them on here complaining day after day about people keeping them down.

So, Vlad, if they're so dumb and can find work, why can't you? Are you lazy or stoopid or both? No, wait, don't answer that question. I already know.

I'd rather take the moral high ground than delude myself with pseudo-intellectual paranoia. Keep at it Vlad.

Most of them aren't worth their salt and their empolyers would gladly be rid of them.

Thanks for admitting that they are dumb. True, you don't need brains for many jobs, but character is important even then.

Your attack on my employment status is an ad hominem and thus invalid. You need to study logic and what a valid argument really is.

You didn't until you lost. So it doesn't count.

at least some of the black population manages to find gainful employment and go to work everyday. I don't see them on here complaining day after day about people keeping them down.

Been down so long, it looks like up to them.


All credit to Richard George Fariña.

There you go, Turk, Vlad gotcha again. He got you to keep responding to his tired old tripe, yet again. Think about it, Buddy, are you accomplishing anything, except for venting your anger at him? Let it go. You're ruining your collection of great, recent posts. Please get back on track!

Vlad, I feel perfectly justified to get into personal details, given your posting history here, which is rife with personal attacks against others (calling them commies, liberals, etc.) as well as broad disparaging of entire ethnic groups (Jews, blacks).

You're overly fixated on (supposedly) winning arguments on the internet having to do with your pet racial and political topics. It seems to constitute most of your waking day. And my primary rejoinder is, get a job you bum! I don't care if it is an ad hominem attack. It is true. You've got far too much time on your hands, and "idle hands are the devil's plaything."

Say that certain racial groups are, on average, less intelligent than others, which I'll concede as a possibility. Why are you so obsessed with this idea? What is the point in berating people on the internet with this concept, again and again? I'd argue it has more to do with your personal shortcomings and insecurities, i.e. it is your attempt to place yourself above entire groups of people in order to feel superior to them.

And, finally, what is your endgame in all this? Even if everything you write is true (which I do NOT concede) and you're "right" in all your arguments, it will change nothing. You are politically impotent (probably impotent in other ways too). So move on with life, that's all I'm saying. Obsessing over these things is not serving you well, and it won't in the future either. It won't make you happy. It won't lead to personal growth. It is just going to make you endlessly spin your wheels in places like the CFN comments section, where you're getting nowhere and (dunno if you've noticed) you're not making any friends.

What do you care? They were mostly Whites.

Meanwhile, the Weathermen planned the deaths of tens of millions - just like in China and the Soviet Union. Again, it would have been mostly Whites and thus ok. The failed - that time. Now they're at the plate again.

Damn, you're right, Beantown. I realized it after I hit 'Submit' on my last post. He's reeled me in again. The pot shouldn't call the kettle black. I shall refrain from further replies to Count Vladcula. Thanks.

...for whom the bell tolls

Q: here's the definition from M-W
(Sorry if mangled; too many <s in it...)


objective case of WHO
—used as an interrogative or relative ; used as object of a verb or a preceding preposition <to know for whom the bell tolls — John Donne> or less frequently as the object of a following preposition <the man whom you wrote to> though now often considered stilted especially as an interrogative and especially in oral use ; occasionally used as predicate nominative with a copulative verb or as subject of a verb especially in the vicinity of a preposition or a verb of which it might mistakenly be considered the object <whom say ye that I am — Matthew 16:15 (Authorized Version)> <people…whom you never thought would sympathize — Shea Murphy>

But what I really like is their "Usage discussion":

Observers of the language have been predicting the demise of whom from about 1870 down to the present day <one of the pronoun cases is visibly disappearing—the objective case whom — R. G. White (1870)> <whom is dying out in England, where “Whom did you see?” sounds affected — Anthony Burgess (1980)>. Our evidence shows that no one—English or not—should expect whom to disappear momentarily; it shows every indication of persisting quite a while yet. Actual usage of who and whom—accurately described at the entries in this dictionary—does not appear to be markedly different from the usage of Shakespeare's time. But the 18th century grammarians, propounding rules and analogies, rejecting other rules and analogies, and usually justifying both with appeals to Latin or Greek, have intervened between us and Shakespeare. It seems clear that the grammarians' rules have had little effect on the traditional uses. One thing they have accomplished is to encourage hypercorrect uses of whom <whom shall I say is calling?>. Another is that they have made some people unsure of themselves <said he was asked to step down, although it is not known exactly who or whom asked him — Redding (Connecticut) Pilot>.

Are you at work right now? Posting on the Company's dime? Give me your supervisor's email, I want a word with him. You are hurting America's economy, wasting our tax dollars if public or my money if I'm invested in your company. Hurting all of us by not giving your best.

It's not an insult if it's true Turk. Btw, I'm not on any kind of relief. I'm not hurting anyone except myself perhaps.

Thank you for admitting the low down on Black IQ. Now justify tearing America apart for a pack of morons who didn't deserve and can't do anything with their ill gotten opportunities.

Yes dynamic silence is what the Rabbis call it. It works perfectly if you own the papers. Then the internet came along and now it doesn't work so well, chump.

Q, Tramp Stamp?

Yeah, Wide, your definition/description of Tramp Stamp is accurate. Whenever I see one I recall an episode of Six Feet Under. The remaining members of the Fisher family, after patriarch Nate Sr. dies, continue the family undertaking business. There are the brothers Nate Jr. and David, their sister Claire and their mother Ruth. David is gay.

They find themselves in need of an additional mortician and hire a thirtyish woman who, it turns out has some rough edges and is a bit on the slutty side although adequately competent in her job. She is in the back room "juicing" a cadaver when David comes in to speak with her. For whatever reason, she is bent over or on her hands and knees cleaning up something on the floor. She is wearing hip huggers and a thong. Just above the skinny top of the thong a tramp stamp is totally exposed. Gay David's eyes widen slightly and his face subtly registers a look of revulsion. Quite funny.

My three favorite TV dramas were The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and Deadwood.

I agree with Roosevelt that the only possible outcome had to be the complete and unconditional surrender of Japan. Why so? Because the lessons of WW1 should have been learned, that Japan couldn't be allowed like Germany in the 1930s to re-build, re-arm and go off again on a killing spree.

I've read accounts (sorry, cannot remember sources due to the passage of time) that said that many in the Japanese war cabinet were itching for a direct US invasion of the main islands regardless of Japanese casualties. Why? Because they were convinced that Japan would decisively win the confrontation or at worst inflict damage on the US severe enough that the US would be compelled to seek peace and a negotiated end to the war. And also that even after the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki there were Japanese cabinet ministers that thought the US couldn't possibly have many more of the same weapons and so it was a matter of lasting long enough to compel the US to either invade and be severely damaged/defeated and therefore to have to seek peace or seek peace outright.

I've also read that the Japanese army was essentially intact on the main islands and was also itching for a fight. Apparently many in the know in the US were aware of remaining Japanese strength, so much so that many high ranking US officers would not support a direct invasion.

So I'll quote wiki again:

"In all, there were 2.3 million Japanese Army troops prepared to defend the Japanese home islands, another 4 million Army and Navy employees, and a civilian militia of 28 million men and women. Casualty predictions varied widely, but were extremely high. The Vice Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff, Vice Admiral Takijirō Ōnishi, predicted up to 20 million Japanese deaths."

The issue from the perspective of 1945 was how do you get from Point A to Point B, Point B being unconditional surrender. To Harry it must have appeared that the road had to be through the dropping of the nukes. Not a great way to go about it but it seems to me that other alternatives were worse. The clock was ticking and Harry didn't have the luxury of time.

You say Japan was finished. In war you deal in incomplete information. What about from the perspective of Harry in 1944/1945? MAYBE Japan was finished. Big maybe. "Finished" in the collective opinion of one group of people isn't necessarily "finished" to others. What did Harry know, how much could he depend on his information? And what were the Japanese people willing to suffer? Judging by the ferocity of the Japanese soldier I would have assumed the very worst. No pushovers the Japanese.

As far as keeping the USSR at bay goes, foreign affairs types are not renowned for thinking outside the box. Had any of them thought of trying to con Stalin into invading Japan and doing all the dirty work? It would have meant keeping the nukes secret, saving US lives, likely getting an unconditional and complete surrender and teaching the Japanese an extremely bitter lesson.

Defeating Japan was necessary but how important were the islands of a defeated Japan from a strategic standpoint? Can you imagine Soviet forces invading Japan? Can you imagine the horrific damage they would have inflicted on one another? Maybe if Japan was delivered to Stalin's forces in a bow, it would have sped the eventual bankruptcy and dissolution of the USSR. And it would surely ended the Imperial Japanese regime.

There are others who have considered and informed opinions that think that the nukes were unnecessary. But I have trouble listening to simplistic bullshit from idiots that call Americans "depraved". When you ask what they would have done in Harry's shoes they have zero answers.

Say that certain racial groups are, on average, less intelligent than others... Turk

IMO IQ as a measure of intelligence is suitable for jerking off on and not much more and measures of "average" intelligence of nonsensical classifications like "race" even more so.


The US had enough info to realize that the Japanese had no ships and no oil. Just sitting and waiting would not have lead to any American deaths. It might have taken a few months, but they would have eventually given up.

Also, the USSR had already lost many people, and if they would have invaded Japan and lost many more, they would have kept it, just like they did in Eastern Europe.

Without oil, the Japanese would have had no air support or armor. The USSR, as allies would have had our air support.

But what I really like is their "Usage discussion":

Well that settles it AK. I'm off the hook on this who/whom issue. Henceforth, I'm just gonna go with whatever sounds right to my ear. Thanks for the post.

Thank you for admitting the low down on Black IQ. Now justify tearing America apart for a pack of morons who didn't deserve and can't do anything with their ill gotten opportunities.

This is something you did not see in the 1950s.

Black Executive Profiles

Blacks made the best of the opportunities they received, after the Civil Rights Act and Affirmative Action were implemented, because Black be smarter than you think, Vlad.


Boy you are funny!

"China launches an all out attack and conquers the West Coast. Eventually the Chinese overwhelm the US and all the survivors learn to speak Mandarin. White people become the new slaves."

That is hilarious! I expect they would sneak 10 million soldiers across the Pacific, past the US subs and aircraft! It would take thousands of ships, not to mention tens of thousands of landing craft!

Even if they did get some across the ocean, the new enemy would bring Murikans together, lining the shore. Even people in CA have guns.

An external enemy will always make people forget their differences. After the Chinese were gone they would return to shooting each other.

Sounds like a fun idea for a movie. We'll call it "Escape from Mitt Romney".

No Jeff, he don't. Mutt is outta luck too. Pizza is a dream that turned into a nightmare. It coulda been good, but so seldom wasn't.

Remember one of his own went off the deep end over the weekend. Desperation has put him in top form.

How did that Black swimmer you talked about do in the Olympics?

Asian Americans accounted for 36% of all immigrants in 2011

Dude, they get on the plane and then they get off the plane. Nothing hard about it.

What are you, some kind of fucking, Hooplehead Cocksucker?

He's been attempting to resurrect his band, "little laddie lederhosen and the Buttfucked Bullyboys", but so far only a couple of the former "members" of this coalition have shown up in the Nation of Clusterfuck to profess support and spew adoration.

Remember their big hits, "Die Nigger Die!" and "Nigger in the Woodpile!"? Yessir; and lest we forget the seminal favorite, "Mamma Fucked a Librul Nigger-Lover"!
(Still available behind Chick-Full-a-shit counters at an outlet near you...)

(Yes, fellow-traveler Wade Michael Page slipping his choke-chain too early has given da boyz a reason to mutate their Orwellian-isms into further Rovian projections. Oh well, take heart; the Nazis didn't have it easy at first either.)

The Colorado, America's most fabulous river. Except it isn't so fabulous any more.

If you go to the mouth of the Colorado expecting to see a big flow of water spreading across the Sea of Cortez, you'll be disappointed. All you'll see is a dried-up river bed.

The situation upriver is just as alarming.

The Colorado gets most of its water from snowpacks in the Rockies. These snowpacks are getting thinner by the year. Not enough snow.

Phoenix and Las Vegas get their water mostly from the Colorado. As the Colorado dies, both these cities die with it.

How long before Phoenix and Las Vegas are as parched as the Colorado's mouth? Barring big changes, a decade.

You just turkled my funny bone!

CR,Is it 'down' by 90%?

Fucking hilarious. Didn't they do "Gonna rape that femi bitch"?

I hate that kind of music - it sounds too much like what you do.

Don't worry the ECB and the Fed still have the suppory of the drug cartels:

Who knows the future, but if things continue the way they have over the past several decades, the American west will experience heavy-duty water wars. The southwest is a desert, for crying out loud, and it's not natural or wise to have major cities like Phoenix or Vegas in that area. And lurking over the whole region is the humungous megaplex known as Los Angeles.

Even before the climate got hotter and dryer, looming water problems were on the horizon. LA's water needs are now insatiable and it constantly eyes more Colorado River water rights. Now, with the climate in the area drying out and the water flow of the Colorado lessening...

I guess that more efficient desalinization plants are going to be a big thing. Or how about towing icebergs up from the Antarctic?

Didn't you criticize Kyoo for this kind of thing? Chortle on you porcine fool.

Are you suggesting that there's something wrong with Homosexuality? We thought you were cool but we was wrong.

So much for political correctness! Scratch a Liberal, find a hypocrite.

Note the ugliness of this man's mind. What a nightmare. He is everything he pretends to hate.

Plenty of water on Mars. Let's ship it!

There's probably human life underground up there. There may be plenty of air. Some say Martian Negroes and Jews are strictly segregated from Aryan Martians.

Hi guys,

Wage sent me this link---
It speaks to the breakdown of our infrastructure.

US infrastructure, highways and power grids, failing under relentless heat wave.

Great contributions you're making today. Totally in agreement about IQ tests. There are many different ways to categorize a persons so called "intelligence".

Thanks for the link, LB.
"Hiya, Mate!" to Wage.

Good article by a former Obama classmate at Coumbia. He never met or saw Obama and believes him to be a foreign echange student.’s-college-classmate-the-obama-scandal-is-at-columbia/

Yeah some people are good at shop or home ec. Sorry if you got the short end of the stick fellas.


We have seen this one before. The people who were in the Navy during Vietnam, but never met Kerry, but they knew he shot himself, and lied to get his medals.

Real swift!

I appreciate it when you display humor. Not bad at all.

I wouldn't ship water from Mars. Actually, the Martian Jews need to drink huge amounts of it, and I wouldn't want to harm my tribal analog.

A better fix for the southwest would be to tug a small comet into Earth orbit; comets are made up mostly of dust, gas and plenty of water.

Rather than wasting all of the energy to slow the comet down to keep it in earth orbit it would be better to let a small comet hit the southwest at its normal speed.

Vlad would like that because the crater would slow the people coming in from Mexico.

Even those 80 IQ negroes would recognize sarcasm.

Well I don't want to seem like some kind of fanatic that wants the White Race to have a future or somthin.

Apparently, the Martian Jew was really written of at one point. UFO stuff is often unbelievably strange - the preserve of the credulous and crazy.

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You like Kerry? Think he's for real? As Frank in Blue Velvet said, you are so suave.


Kerry is just another politician. However, the Swiftboaters have been shown to be bald-faced liars.

Don't suppose you ever knew any personally. Say that around one and they would have kicked your ass. Takes a bad ass motherfucker to survive what they went through and they could take care of buisness.

On Public radio, once upon a time, they were asking folks to show up at the 'wetback rally'. The DJ said
'Koreans, come on, 1 in 5 of you here are 'undocumented''.

And we know how Koreans and Mexican in the US get along, yes?

KDOG, at yr link I found this comment..
Sounds like the situation in Silicon Valley!:

'Burnaby BC is now 85% asian houses sell for $1,400,000.00 many of the Chinese Communist Party Members live in China own the houses in Lower Mainland do not participate or benefit the communities,
BC Canadians can no longer afford House... Electricity prices ,wages are very low,gas high ,in effect the area is being hollowed out .
The lower mainland of BC is now coming under the control of the Chinese Communist Party,Chinas Hong Kong in North America'.


My previous comment is an example of how honest and intelligent people discuss things. I responded to the point of your post.

Now, since you were apparently unable to respond about my post you went off about whether I liked Kerry ...

The only reason I mentioned Kerry is that he is the person who is most associated with swiftboating.

Now if I had been responding in your pattern I would have asked you if you used Suave haircare products and liked the way it made your hair feel.

I might have also made the comment about Wayne Allyn Root, who is a Libertarian. Libertarians are really just Republicans who want to smoke dope and get laid. Thus the reason he doesn't remember Obama MIGHT be that he was stoned for the four (or more) years he was at Columbia.

I wouldn't do that because I despise swiftboating, no matter who is the target of the attack.

It will be interesting to see the non sequitur that you use to respond to this comment.

Of course, no matter how you will will respond, you will walk around triumphantly.


Yes, they are tough guys and would beat me up, but that still doesn't change the fact that they lied through their teeth. Kerry also survived there, and he saw what a disaster it was and was tougher because he told the truth as he saw it.


In the past few weeks I have also given out enough info on this site that a person with any brains could find out my identity in less than an hour. If they want to look me up and beat me up, they can. I'll try not to fight back. However, I WILL press charges. Only brutes resort to violence to solve disputes.

Racism: A word some cry when losing an argument.

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White Racism:

Prejudice or discrimination directed by whites against someone of a different race, but denied by those same whites to preserve their white privilege. It's not about guilt; it's about responsibility.

White Privilege:

A set of advantages and/or immunities that white people benefit from on a daily basis beyond those common to all others. White privilege can exist without white people's conscious knowledge of its presence and it helps to maintain the racial hierarchy in the USA.

When searching for a house, dealing with police, looking for a job, going to school, shopping in a store or many other everyday actions, white people have a different, usually easier, experience than Black people do. The disparity between these two experiences can be defined as white privilege.

You never went up vegetation choked canals in a small boat surrounded by jungle hiding enemy snipers where all you had to survive with were your buddies your wits and your guns. Swift boats did it every day, no time off.

KDOG, thats what the creep at NPR claimed.
Asian Invasion in USA, for sure.

Piaget hated [?] defining / quantifying Intelligence with standardized tests.

Vlad said:
Communism was and is a Rothschild enterprise.

This is absolutely correct. FDR knew this and still formed a chummy relationship with Stalin.

Bolshevism was an overwhelmingly Jewish phenomenon. However, unlike the United States where the effete meddlesomeness of Jews has always been tolerated as the price of dealing with them, even in business, Russia has had it with this group.

Putin, to my mind, is one of the most courageous leaders in the world. He is intelligent, not a sappy sentimentalist, and he's socially and politically savvy. We don't have anyone in the USA with his balls.


Hi Guys, (esp E.)
I'm reading a fascinating interview of Michael Hudson on his site:
Fireside on the Great Theft. re his book:The Bubble and Beyond.
He's being interviewed in Germany by Dr. Schirrmacher of Faz Newspaper in Frankfurt.

[I later was asked, when I went to work for Herman Kahn at the Hudson Institute, whether there was any reason why I could not get a top secret security clearance. I mentioned that my father was a Trotskyist leader, and he said:

Oh, they know about that, that Stalin and Roosevelt made a deal around 1941 that if Roosevelt would prosecute the Trotskyists, the Communist Party promised not to pull out any of its Labor unions on strike during the balance of the war. The U.S. Attorney General later wrote in his autobiography that it was the only thing that was ashamed of doing, because by no stretch of the imagination could the Trotskyists have been any threat to the country.]

PS Putin is no picnic. He's even going against rock bands. Not an answer, trust me on that. One would wish he had smaller balls!

Putin, to my mind, is one of the most courageous leaders in the world. He is intelligent, not a sappy sentimentalist, and he's socially and politically savvy.

Putin is a bully who cannot tolerate dissent. Ask the members of the feminist punk band, Pussy Riot, who went to Moscow's main Christ the Savior cathedral two weeks before March's presidential vote, and asked Mother Mary to deliver Russia from Putin's third presidential term. They were arrested and they are facing three years in prison.

Putin is not concerned about speaking out on their behalf because Putin is an authoritarian coward. Putin has so little balls he feels threatened by young women with independent minds.

For God's sake, Lad - don't ever date a witch. Ever.

You'll need a psychic atomic bomb to end the mistake and trust me on this: You'll want to end it.


No I haven't been in a war, but I guess that you believe that gives them the right to lie and turn on a fellow Swift boat officer.

I can understand that maybe they are upset that they suffered, killed and died on a fool's errand. They have to believe that it was a worthwhile effort. They are upset with Kerry because he told the truth about what he saw, that it was a waste of lives and money. Maybe they even still believe it was a just war. The war killed millions of Vietnamese civilians, and the agent orange and unexploded ordinance is still killing.

The people who funded the Swiftboat attacks were making an investment. The few million they "invested" in destroying Kerry's image has paid off and they made billions from the Bush regime and his wars, which are continuing the disaster.

As Smedley Butler wrote, "War is a racket." Wars are usually started to make the rich richer.

Why, because they didn't allow 3 Feminists to disrupt mass? That's what they did.

And in general, have you not noticed that much of rock is rather degenerate? Decadent? A bad influence of those who live its lifestyle? I like some of it too, but I question it and my own assumptions, likes and dislikes, etc. Hope you still retain this capacity.

Madonna among others, loves to shit on Christianity. Christianity has been the basis of Western Civilization for 1500 years or so. Do you have anything to replace it with? You think Rock and Roll ethics can do the job? As Camilla Paglia used to say to her colleagues, they have the Bible, what do you have?

I know none of this matters to you so let me put it in terms you people can understand: Islam will do away with Rock. Gaga recently got banned in Indonesia for example.

"Kerry", real name Kohn, is in favor of US adventures all over the world - particularly in the Middle East. He jumped on the anti-war wagon at the time to advance his career.

His career is a testament to the stupidity of White Americans in general, and Irish Americans in particular. Kerry is not a real Irish name. If I showed up in Tel Aviv and called myself John Jerusalem no one would give me the time of day.

Guess you didn't see the movie Blue Velvet. That's no crime, but your naivete is. As Burt Lancaster said in Seven Days in May, you are not a weak sister, but a criminally weak sister.


You still don't get it, or maybe you do. The first post was about Swiftboating, which means getting someone that was somewhere near the person you want to smear, and having them make up bad stories about the person.


Of course since you can't come up with rational arguments, you change the topic and talk about something irrelevant. Even the worst high school debater knows better than to do that.

Is this to me? If so, why? Feminists naturally see thru me and hate me. Lesbians in particular are very psychic. They see thru the gentle outer man and see the man of iron within.

Now that I've got you: how do you justify your Democrat Party beliefs with Lao Tzu's call for small goverment? I've broached this with Asoka, but he wont bite. I've been rereading Lao Tzu and can quote chapter and verse.

The man is a mistake in general - the details are thus obviated. If I'm against all birds, then I'm also against all sparrows. Logic my dear fellow, logic.

What about that Black Swimmer, Soak. How'd he do in the O Lympics, I axe you.

Congratulations, that is the backbone of all Conspiracy Systems - Ground Zero. Once known, everything changes, both current events and historical understanding.

Now revaluate WW2 in this light - realizing that the Nazis understood this to a T. That the Germann People saw what the Jewish Banker backed Communists were doing to White Christians in the Ukraine (starving them to death) - and decided not to let that happen to them. It had already begun - the Communists already controlled Munich. And the Jews controlled much of the economy. WW1 proffesional men came back from the war to find their positions taken by Jews. Jews bought up everything when German currency failed - they got loans from abroad you see. German patriots couldn't get their message out - the papers wouldn't print it and radio stations broadcast it. And when they took to the streets, they were attacked by Communist Thugs. Yet they triumphed for a season and would have won if the United States not been under control of the same people.

For everyone who loves or tolerates Communism, vide well little sisters, vide well:

E, the details are debateable I know. Certainly the Nazis did horrible things. But I ask you to rexamine their Cause. Read Lindbergh, both Junior and Senior, and Henry Ford - they knew.

E commenting to Vlad, what a pair.

E is basically a half-wit hiding behind the guise of erudition. His love affair with the former KGB official who now runs Russia is ludicrous. E and Vlad can now have pleasant internet fireside chats debating who was a "better" leader, Putin or Hitler (a tragically misunderstood hero), and who had the larger testicles.

Bolshevism did contain many Jews. But overwhelmingly? Where are the numbers? Of the total membership of the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party, how many were Jews? What does overwhelmingly mean - 60%, 70%, 90%? Without the numbers to back up a claim, E is guilty of Jew-baiting.

And even if the numbers work out, E is still a prejudiced Jew-baiter because he, a supposedly smart person, never mentions why Jews might have joined the party. True fact is that Russian Jews have been horribly treated for hundreds of years. The word "pogrom" comes from killing sprees against Russian Jews, which seems a rather harsh treatment against a merely "meddlesome" group.

I know what these spontaneous killing sprees were like from the stories my father told me; he lived through them when he was a young boy.

If a political movement arose which theoretically claimed no religious discrimination,it would be logical that many Jews would believe in that philosophy and join the party. Too bad, it was a serious error.

Ok, that's my one reply. Now let's get back to our regular programming, in an otherwise good comment section this week.

My word carries iron. What else does a man have? Governments don't live together, People Do!

Might is right, Kdog? You're wrong, but you are growing comrade.

Did your Dad forget to tell you about the Jewish pogroms against Russian Gentiles? Oh well, read Solzhenitsyn's book about Russians and Jews when it finally gets translated. And it will - you can't stop us.

You must admit, Jews aren't interestd in both sides of any story, but only their own, the one that makes them look good. Thus they are unfit to command and make bad citizens in Gentile Nations. Even Teddy Herzl admitted that much Anti-Semitism was rational since Jews have their own agendas. See his publised journals.

I enjoy teaching - anytime you need me Bill, anytime.

Look, its simple: Any group that believes that God wants every egg coming down the fallopian tube fertilized is conducting environmental terrorism. Such groups too aim to crush all others under the weight of their numbers, so anytime they spout the pitch of “tolerance toward diversity” they are blowing smoke.

Then too, unless America realizes that such virtues as “tolerance for diversity” has no magical effect to expand population carrying capacity we are going to continue seeing our standard of living and quality of life become ever more diminished – down to the point of minimal caloric requirement.

Personally, I like species diversity, wilderness experience and the variety of diet that only balance between population and resources can permit. Globally speaking, that balance is hopelessly lost; let's prevent the unavoidable consequence (a great die-off) from invading our nation

Yes that is happening in Sacramento CA, taking copper wire from inside homes. They come home to flooded homes. and burglarized.
They system is falling apart. Folks are desperate.
So few help others in need.
The social contract is breaking down.
There aren't enough police to respond.

The Latinos don't like the whites.
I live in a mixed coastal community.
Paradise EXCEPT for this issue.
It's a problem. of major proportions.

This is going to get worse.
Our charmed lives are over.

'Older women cannot get jobs'. even Experienced ones.
Somehow we need to think and act outside the boxes and beliefs that are obsolete now.

It's going to be difficult if not impossible, and yes I agree with JHK, most of life Is Tragic.
and Most folks never grow up.
I am trying.
Thanks for the blog ! and the Books !

Peace & Good Health to You

Somethings are different tho.
Like the fact that there are 7 BILLION people onthis planet.

more than ever by FAR.
There is going to be major readjustment, and alot of pain and suffering. Race wars. etc.
more robberies, by far. etc.

Yes there are some intelligent folks who can see better solutions, but too many folks aren't paying attention.

Plan for the worst, hope and work towards the best. I suppose.

Just take a drive, it's a battleground worse than ever on the roads and highways. it is rediculous the way folks drive like bats out of hell.

that pisses me off !

Usain Bolt comes from a poverty-blighted Caribbean island that, in world terms, doesn't matter. Yet, because he possesses a special set of gifts, he now has the whole world's attention. But if he's a race-minded sort of man, he should perhaps reflect on the fact that his Olympic triumph is not doing black people any good.

Everyone knows that black people are superbly athletic. This idea no longer needs emphasis. Emphasizing it only reinforces the common belief that black people are strong in body but maybe not so strong in intellect.

Black people don't need any more athletic triumphs. What they need are publicized triumphs in the sciences. That way they'll get some real respect.

Stop the world I want to get off !

I unplug my wifi at night.
Ilearned my neighbors were piroting it, and since I no like them, I unplug it.

Also could be that the frequency keeps me awake, I am a very light sleeper, and those led lights are so bright.

This technology is not good if used too much.
I think cell phones harm our nerves and our brains.

It might have taken a few months, but they would have eventually given up. - MM

Fair enough. It's possible.

So then we're talking blockade. I can imagine different scenarios playing out from an American blockade of Japan as an alternative to dropping the nukes.

A few issues then:

What would Japan have had in 1945 in food stores or agricultural resources? This is part would have determined how long they would have held out.

What would have been the expected Japanese body count from blockade induced mass starvation and its twin sister, disease? 100,000 dead? 200,000? 1,000,000? 10,000,000?

I'll repeat the quote again from wiki about the Japanese expectations of casualities from a direct American invasion:

"Casualty predictions varied widely, but were extremely high. The Vice Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff, Vice Admiral Takijirō Ōnishi, predicted up to 20 million Japanese deaths."

So let's say that the Japanese military elite were willing to countenance 20 million dead.

Would Americans have been willing to countenance 20 million dead from widespread starvation and disease? The very young die first from hunger. A potential propaganda field day for the Japanese.

So what number of casualties WOULD have been tolerable to Americans before there would have been calls for an end to the blockade on humanitarian grounds?

If because of political pressure the blockade ended what would have been the likely or possible train of events afterwards?

To August 1945 Japan had suffered close to a million civilian deaths from US bombing raids according to one source I read. I'll point out one thing - Hiroshima bombing: Aug 6 1945, Nagasaki bombing: Aug 9 1945, Japanese surrender: Aug 15, 1945. Nine days start to finish.

There was/is an alternate view on this. That it wasn't the atomic bombs that dissuaded Hirohito from carrying on but rather the prospect of a Soviet invasion of Japan after Stalin declared war on Aug 8, 1945.

Wiki again:

The Soviet invasion of Manchuria or, as the Soviets named it, the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation (Манчжурская стратегическая наступательная операция, lit. Manchzhurskaya Strategicheskaya Nastupatelnaya Operaciya), began on August 9, 1945, with the Soviet invasion of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo and was the largest campaign of the 1945 Soviet–Japanese War. The Soviets conquered Manchukuo, Mengjiang (Inner Mongolia), northern Korea, southern Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands. The rapid defeat of Japan's Kwantung Army was a very significant factor in the Japanese surrender and the end of World War II, as Japan realized the Russians were willing and able to take the cost of invasion of its Home Islands, after their rapid conquest of Manchuria and Sakhalin.

Maybe the Japanese leadership saw nukes as no biggie compared to what they had already endured and an American invasion relatively palatable and possibly one with a good outcme, the Americans being such softies compared to the Red Army.

You say: Also, the USSR had already lost many people, and if they would have invaded Japan and lost many more, they would have kept it, just like they did in Eastern Europe.

That's exactly the point, they would have kept it. The occupation of Japan and the rebuilding would have been an almighty millstone around their necks. Think about the millions of man years and bazillions of dollars the USA pissed away in Japan in the post war years. The question is whether the additional burden would have weakened the USSR further and hastened their eventual demise.

All these points to ponder...

Black people don't need any more athletic triumphs. What they need are publicized triumphs in the sciences.

Usain fully understands this and is signed up for Boolean algebra and quantum mechanics courses at MIT this fall.

I'm hoping the next generation of computer equipment/networking comes without those dang blinking lights.

but too many folks aren't paying attention ... Jackieblue

You bet they aren't. And besides they live their lives in minutes long slices. They don't think about tomorrow.

Meanwhile in Philly:
mentally handicapped woman from Vietnam was battered by a group of young boys who invaded her Philadelphia home, beat her and robbed her

A 10-year-old boy has been arrested and charged with the assault. Two younger children who allegedly took part in the attack on the woman cannot be charged under Pennsylvania state law because they are uner age 10.

The boys broke into Minh Tran's house and beat her with sticks, rocks, and items from the home, including a potted plant they threw at her face, according to Philadelphia police Lt. Harold Lloyd. Tran, 51, was found cowering in her backyard by neighbors after the attack.

"She said, 'I'm so scared I'm so scared, the three boys came to attack me,'" Tran's landlord told ABC News affiliate WPVI. "And I said, 'what happened Minh,' and she kneeled down and said please please protect me

I note this for several reasons...
1. The group most likely to get welfare bwhen they move to the USA are SE Asians [cambodians and laotians at 90% on welfare once they get 'Off The Boat']
[also know by Asians as the FOTB phenomenon].
2. Yahoo does so much to glorify blacks.

Note they dont mention these boys race.

I assure you if they were Whites, it woulda been
'skinhead, white supremacist group attacks in Xenophobic rage' in this from Yahoo:
Sikh temple shooting renews fears over white supremacist groups.

[that was ashamed ], you missed a 'He'.

Have you read 'I Saw Poland Betrayed' [or somsuch]
and 'With God in Russia'?

"I unplug my wifi at night.
Ilearned my neighbors were piroting it, and since I no like them, I unplug it."

1. If you haven't already done so, change the default password on the router.

2. If offered, use WPA encryption or better. WEP encryption is so obsolete it's like not using any encryption at all.

3. Create a MAC List for router access. Only computers you designate can access your router.

These are all fairly simple security measures that you or your trusted psychic advisor can implement. They can all be defeated, but it makes your router a less desirable target.

As for the incredible amount of radio frequency that we're currently bathing in, why, it's all just part of the world-wide living experiment we call progress.

Even Teddy Herzl ..who is he?

Vladamir, you are making alot of spelling errors today.

So did the Japs help [unwittingly] set things up for Mao?

Woops, didnt mean to read yr post but I was enjoying BB bit of humor and kept reading.

'Vlad would like that because the crater would slow the people coming in from Mexico'.

You must be sleepwalking!!!!!

And as Vlad has noted, 'they' have doubled US population and 'they' plan to redouble it.

You really are stupid.

According to Areaconnect, the white population of Philly is 45% and the black population is 43%, with Asians, Hispanics, etc. rounding the rest out. North Philly, West Philly, and South Philly are amost entirely black. South Philly still holds some Italians, though most of them fled the city during the last 30-40 years.

Where I grew up, Overbrook Park (in West Philly), near City Line Avenue, is now almost exclusively black, with the Irish/Italians having fled during the mass black immigration during the past 50 years or so. City Line Avenue is what divides West Philadelphia from the Main Line. City Line still has a lot of beautiful old mansions, surrounded by huge old oak trees. There are a lot of yuppies who live in Center City. It sounds like the poor woman you described didn't live in one of the better parts of Philly. And these were CHILDREN who beat her up? Truly sad.

Having just watched an overwhelmingly lame commercial for the umpteenth time I feel I must publicly declare "Attorney, H. Scott Aalsberg" the biggest asshole on television.

Well you could have some iron in your pocket as well. Remember, God made Men, but Sam Colt made them equal.


So Vlad WANTS more Mexicans coming to the US?

As I thought - you're another one; one who thinks that race is only skin deep. The brain is also part of the body and genetically inherited, as are the hormone levels. In this case (and in many others) prejudice is based on reality and thus not prejudice at all but postjudice. Blacks have samller heads and smaller less convoluted brains. There is a robust relationship between head size and brain size, and brain size and IQ size - and thus between head size and IQ size. Blacks are pin heads, both literally and metaphorically.

You've never heard of Theodore Herzl - the so called Father of Zionism?

Why do you covet Kyoo's estate? And the speck in my eye - what of the beam in thine own?

The woman lived in Juanita Park which is in North East Philly. According to Wiki, it has a majority Hispanic population. (Used to be predominately white.)

No and No. Are they on the internet? Prince Peter of Poland recounted how at Yalta, the three Victors divied up Europe. Churchill said nothing as FDR gave Poland away to Stalin - a betrayal of the promise he had made to Peter. FDR was annoyed at his protest, Churchill looked away, Stalin
smirked with huge enjoyment.

All three of these men were vermin. See Pat Buchanon's book "The Unnecessary War". He summarizes at the end: Churchill was a great man at the expense of his own Country. And FDR was a traitor to Old America as Gore Vidal said.


He looks like a real legal genius. He only takes high level cases.

Btw about last week: did you computer call Amren "malwear" or hazardous? If so, it's bs. My operating system did that too. It's a lie and you just push thru.

The Enemy's arm is very long indeed you see. He has spies and agents everywhere - not just in Mordor.

Black Firsts: 4,000 Ground-Breaking and Pioneering Historical Events

A superb historical study of black achievement.
– Houston Chronicle.

A testament to a rich but often overlooked part of history, this chronicle reveals stories of a people overcoming adversity to emerge triumphant and celebrates those who have won personal victories against the forces arrayed against them.

Got that one right Vlad, Sam Colt and the peacemaker. right down the road a piece in Hartford right off of 91. I have a peacemaker. Un fortunatly it is a reproduction!


I Saw Poland Betrayed - Wikipedia, the free - Similar
You +1'd this publicly. Undo
I saw Poland betrayed: An American ambassador reports to the American people (1948) is a book written by Arthur Bliss Lane, former U.S. ambassador to ...................................

Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search
With God in Russia is a memoir by Walter Ciszek (1904–1984), a Polish-American Jesuit priest known for his clandestine missionary work in the Soviet Union between 1941 and 1963. It was originally published in 1964 by McGraw-Hill.

Since 1990, the life of Fr. Ciszek has been considered by the Roman Catholic Church for possible beatification or canonization. His current title is a Servant of God.[citation needed]

[edit] Plot overviewThe book begins in 1938 as Father Ciszek, who has been ordained in the Byzantine Rite, serves in a mission in a part of Poland occupied by the Soviets. He volunteers to go incognito, using the alias "Wladimir Lypinski", as a worker with Polish laborers and families enticed into Russia's interior to work in the Ural Mountains. On the way he stops in Lviv and gets permission for his new mission from the elderly Andrey Sheptytsky, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

In 1940 he reaches his destination, a lumber camp near Chusovoy, Perm Krai, Russia. After the onset of World War II, however, the secret police (NKVD) identify Ciszek as a priest and arrest him under a charge of "agitation with intent to subvert".

For the next five years Ciszek is confined to Moscow prisons, including the notorious Lubyanka, and then, without trial, is sentenced to ten more years as "a spy of the Vatican". He is then sent to labor camps north of the Arctic Circle in Dudinka and Norilsk, where he works in the mines and in construction gangs.

Long presumed dead by his family and his superiors in the United States, in October 1963 Father Ciszek is exchanged along with another American for two convicted Soviet secret agents.



[dots added so JHK site wont do a '403 ban'.

ralph lauren italia
Mens Fashion Advice Mens Style Tips Esquire

She's Black. She's two years old. She's the youngest member of MENSA.

She has an IQ of 156. Einstein's IQ was 160.

Everybody talkin' about the Mars landing, but nobody is mentioning who is the head of NASA now.

The head of NASA is a former shuttle commander named Charles Bolden. Oh, and he's Black.

Liar, she is mixed race and doesnt even look African. He Daddys African. She looks Asian or Mestizo!!
She has IQ 156, lets see in 5 years if shes
'off the charts' and in a Uni, studying a Science.

So she is black? WTF does that have to do with anything? Does she have a low albedo? "A" you are cracked!

WTF does that have to do with anything?

You are right, Ripped. Race is of absolutely no importance, especially not to anyone on CFN.

I'm sick and tired of Progressive Insurance commercials. "Flo"...with the big red lips and the annoying attitude."

Actually Vlad, I wrote that post tongue-in-cheek. It was wicked of me to have done that, but that's what I did.

I was going to add that American blacks might add some lustre to their image by excelling in the literary arts as well. But they've already done that, to a modest degree at least: Chester Himes, James Baldwin, Richard Wright.

How do you feel about the Geico gecko? He's cute, isn't he?

But they've already done that, to a modest degree at least: Chester Himes, James Baldwin, Richard Wright.

"to a modest degree"? I beg to differ. Black writers have contributed in a major way to literary and intellectual life. Here are a few Black authors you left out of your short list:

Phillis Wheatley and Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass and W. E. B. Du Bois, Gwendolyn Brooks and Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen, Ralph Ellison, Toni Morrison and Alice Walker, John Edgar Wideman and August Wilson, Jamaica Kincaid and Gloria Naylor, Stanley Crouch and Cornel West, among many, many others.

Notice how long it took for Colt to finally give up on that sloppy "two pin" frame, so prone to stretching from hot and heavy loads.

Far superior, right out of the gate is the Remington. I'll put up a Remington (top-strapped) against that silly Colt design (of the same approx. early 1860's era) any ol' day for accuracy, ease of reload and reliability. Pre-loaded cylinders slip right in with a slight clockwise roll after dropping the loading lever and pulling out the clyinder retaining rod, no muss, no fuss. Notice how the Colts coopted this design for later models. There's a good reason the Remingtons were preferred when it came to dueling.

It's all about hitting what you're aiming at, ain't it? ;o)

These alleged geniuses at 2 and 3 virtually all fizz out and turn into run-of-the-mill academics or worse. Just like the flamethrowing 10-year old pitcher. Just like McCauley Culkin.

There's always a kid who progresses/grows much faster that his peer group. Usually the group catches up though.

It's patently absurd to compare a 2-yr old who's got an advanced ability to parrot facts - Lord knows the US is filled with useless jeopardy-heads - with Einstein. Albert was able to deduce & posit remarkable, startling cosmic truths (general and special relativity) and potentialities (some as yet unproven hypotheses) on a level that bespeaks untold levels of neuronal connections. He was 'mind-boggling'.

Thinking off the cuff, I'd compare it to someone who sees all 500 facets of a diamond - including their interrelations - and can deduce its origin in prehistory and destiny two billion years down the road, while an average person sees only a diamond.

Mozart's music has this same perfection and otherworldliness to it, as if dictated directly from a higher level of understanding - previously unknown musical physics, as it were. And it's known that Mozart's neuronal connections were off-the-chart as well, due to the fact that his genetics and upbringing were perfectly conducive to this outcome. Wolfgang's father was the top violinist in Europe and also a famous composer, while his mother played harpsichord several hours a day while Mozart was still in her womb, ergo exposing his brain to all manner of musical tonalities, timbres, chords, keys, rhythms, patterns. As a result of genetics and massive exposure from before birth and during his early childhood, which was 100% music-centred, Mozart was born perfectly & effortlessly fluent in music, i.e. it was as natural for him to compose as to speak.

BTW the same holds true for Prokofiev, his mother played piano for several hours daily while he was in gestation.

Ditto for Bach, who was the climax of a very, very long line of musicians, ergo he was immersed and drenched in music from the outset.

Ditto for Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr., Pete Rose Jr., and some other sports stars' up-and-coming kids.

ALL human beings possess genius-level ability without thinking about it - their native language. Speaking a language so perfectly that it requires no conscious effort - it tumbles out like diarrhea - requires 10 years or more of everyday exposure from birth. In the language area, we all possess massive-level neuronal connections. These cited geniuses possessed our linguistic genius in other areas as well - i.e. they were able to deduce wondrous new discoveries in their fields, just as we create sentences and stories out of thin air without mistakes, synthesizing all we've learned, planting suggestions in readers' minds - not just parroting like this 2-year old child.

It speaks to the idiocy and shallowness of US television that they would put out feel-good fluff
of this type with no counterbalance.

Dummy news for dummy nation tho'. All 'wind beneath my wings' syrupy emotion with nothing of substance behind it. Wretched country!

Long live the geniuses. I'll live in welcome exile with Mozart and Einstein and Coltrane and Ligety and Newton and Wilde et al.

Oscar Wilde - "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

Were truer words ever said?

peace peaceniks

It's all about hitting what you're aiming at, ain't it?

No, sometimes you just want to shoot blanks. The 45 Colt can be loaded with black powder, but if you crimp it sometimes it sticks in the cylinder. To avert that use size case in a 38-40 die load full about 30-32 grains of FFFg black powder and that will suffice. Ditto for Clean Shot or Pyrodex. Crimping a case in a blank die will shorten its reloading life. You can also fill with black powder and use a Styrofoam wad, which works pretty well.

A good article about creativity.

Second try. the first time the link didn't post.

I hope it works this time.

Some dang fool googled theirselves into cartridge weapon, blank-making territory. Fucking Hooplehead Cocksucker...
Experience DOES matter in these regards sometimes.

Ludwig van Beethoven, long considered Europe’s greatest classical music composer, was a Black man.

Specifically, his mother was a Moor, that group of Muslim Northern Africans who conquered parts of Europe--making Spain their capital--for some 800 years.

But there is other confirmation that Beethoven was Black:

Frederick Hertz, German anthropologist, used these terms to describe Beethoven: “Negroid traits, dark skin, flat, thick nose.”

Emil Ludwig, in his book Beethoven, says: “His face reveals no trace of the German. He was so dark that people dubbed him Spagnol [dark-skinned].”

I'll put up a Remington (top-strapped) against that silly Colt design (of the same approx. early 1860's era) any ol' day for accuracy, ease of reload and reliability. Pre-loaded cylinders slip right in with a slight clockwise roll after dropping the loading lever and pulling out the clyinder retaining rod, no muss, no fuss.

Yeah sure, that's all well and good but how good is at killing and maiming people? That's the litmus test, after all. ;0)

P.S. It's cylinder.

Experience DOES matter in these regards sometimes.

Glad you added the "sometimes" because when it comes to handguns no experience is necessary to kill people. More than 500 children die annually from accidental gunshots. Some shoot themselves, while others kill friends or siblings after discovering a gun. Most people, including children, have the basic idea down: point and pull trigger. No experience needed.

hey 03 i am by no means a pistol expert, but I do consider myself a female beach volleybball expert. and and that is all I have to say about that!!Hahahahah!!! juss kitten. Gotta love the outfits and moves though. Sorry ladies!

Q., first you have to make the decision, in a situation where you feel fear from criminals: is it best to maim, say with a shot to the right shoulder, and wait for police, or just shoot them in the head?

And if you call and wait for police, what if the person runs off? Do you chase them, can you shoot to maim then, or do you let them get away in fear of being put in jail for maiming them?

Then there is the question of ammo and what is legal and what ammo is best for maiming versus killing. You could pick up The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery by Massad Ayoob, and get more information than is appropriate to post on CFN.

Of course, common sense enters into the equation. If you, out of your fear, empty a 30 round AK mag into the back of an unarmed intruder, you will be under more scrutiny than if you used a single stopping shot from a 9mm pistol against an intruder with a firearm.

Ludwig van Beethoven, long considered Europe’s greatest classical music composer, was a Black man.

Impossible. No black person in the world has EVER been named Ludwig. A name like that would guarantee the kid would get the shit beat out of him regularly down in the hood. ;0)

is it best to maim, say with a shot to the right shoulder, and wait for police, or just shoot them in the head?

The latter, obviously.

He had curly dark hair and brown eyes. Black? The busts of him clearly show a White Man of noble features - not a jungle savage.

How bout that Black Swima, Playa?

IT would be pleasant to announce the arrival of Ludwig van Beethoven in Vienna with, so to speak, a grand flourish of trumpets, and to indulge the fancy in a highly-colored and poetic account of his advent there; but, unluckily, there is none of that lack of data which is favorable to that kind of composition; none of that obscurity which exalts one to write history as he would have it and not as it really was. The facts are too patent. Like the multitude of studious youths and young men who came thither annually to find schools and teachers, this small, thin, dark-complexioned, pockmarked, dark-eyed, bewigged young musician of 22 years had quietly journeyed to the capital to pursue the study of his art with a small, thin, dark-complexioned, pockmarked, black-eyed and bewigged veteran composer. In the well-known anecdote related by Carpani of Haydn's introduction to him, Anton Esterhazy, the prince, is made to call the composer "a Moor." Beethoven had even more of the Moor in his looks than his master. His front teeth, owing to the singular flatness of the roof of his mouth, protruded, and, of course, thrust out his lips; the nose, too, was rather broad and decidedly flattened, while the forehead was remarkably full and round -- in the words of the late Court Secretary, Mahler, who twice painted his portrait, a "bullet.""

SOURCE: Alexander Wheelock Thayer -- Beethoven (Vol. I) p. 146

Thayer is not an "afrocentrist." The description above and the name Ludwig is simply the truth. Beethoven would have been hanged in the USA under the infamous "one-drop" rule.

If we go back far enough, we are all Black. I never heard that about Beethoven, though. Beethoven is my favorite composer. The big 3 of that era were Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. A friend of mine, a musician, held that Bach was the best of the 3, but for me, Beethoven is THE man.

The only thing that could ever make me believe in God is the first 2 movements in Beethoven's Ninth symphony. It is so magnificent I have a real problem believing a man could have written it. If there is a God, then He composed it and placed it in Beethoven's mind. And to think, Beethoven was deaf when he wrote the Ninth!

A 200+ year-old bust is not a good marker for deternining one's race. It would be pretty ironic if one of the most famous Germanic artists turned out to be Black, eh? Kind of akin to you realizing Hitler was Jewish.

Go away, Vlad. Anybody can Google what you are badgering me about.

Cullen Andrew Jones (born February 29, 1984) is a U.S. competitive swimmer and Olympic gold medalist who specializes in freestyle sprint events. As part of the American team, he holds the world record in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay (long course). He is a member of the 2012 United States Olympic team and is competed in both the 50-m freestyle event and the 100-meter freestyle event at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. He picked up a silver medal in the 4x100-meter freestyle relay at those games. In the London 2012 Olympics he finished 2nd in the 50m freestyle and won the silver medal.

Not bad for a "big-boned" Black man ... better than most white swimmers ... especially given the history of white suppression of Blacks. Bruce Wigo, chief executive of the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, estimates that before the Civil War 80 percent of blacks and 20 percent of whites knew how to swim.

“Europeans observed that Africans and Native Americans could swim like animals,” he said. Wigo said that Europeans also associated swimming to Roman baths, which was considered decadent and erotic in contrast to popular standards of piety and suppressed sexuality. African peoples, like many others living along the equator, always swam, he said. Water was intrinsic to their culture. “Mothers would give birth near the water and acclimate their children to it,” he said.

During slavery, though, swimming was banned. “All of the slave masters thought of swimming as a means of escape from bondage,” Pitts said.

“Moving forward toward the 20th century public facilities such as beaches and swimming pools were off limits for blacks,” he said, “It was taboo for a black man to be swimming in the same water as a white woman.”

Yes if an intruder is running away ask them to stop and turn around so you don't have to shoot them in the back.

Will you and Bill go to ASS-okas link to the
'2 year old Black'..she may be 1/2 Black, maybe.

So, so much for A and his declarations of someones race. [O I forgot, race doesnt matter].

So what kind of gun do you have? And what ammunition? Or are you just trying to provoke?

At least Vlad is open about hating Blacks, Jews, women, liberals, Communists and Muslims, which is more than I can say for a lot of haters. I know for a fact that Vlad actually likes as many as 17 people in the world.

Notable Quote

It's patently absurd to compare a 2-yr old who's got an advanced ability to parrot facts - Lord knows the US is filled with useless jeopardy-heads - with Einstein.

Asoka is so full of it.
Not one person here [2 my Knowledge, limited tho it is] ever said they believed he is Black.

Vlad wants segregation from Blacks, Jews, women, liberals, Communists and Muslims.

Too bad. Too late. Not gonna happen. White supremacists are so frustrated they have taken to shooting unarmed people who are at their place of worship. Skinhead neo-Nazi white supremacists are cowards.

Like what they believe or don't believe is going change my skin color? LOL!

The "notable quote" was lifted from the comments section. That is plagiarism! You are stealing! Call the cops on anti soak for cut-and-paste!

So what kind of gun do you have?


And what ammunition?


"...Bach was the best of the 3"

I agree. Jeff Beck was the best of the 3.

Oh wait, you mean the OTHER big 3.

Just be careful where you point that thing.

The City Attorney's Office says Justin D. Thompson of Seattle is accused of shooting a squirt gun at a Seattle police officer on Saturday. Prosecutors have now charged Thompson with three misdemeanors.

  Japan Press Network reported that in March last year, the East Japan earthquake triggered a tsunami at least 480 tons of garbage, of which one third of the garbage drifting with the currents of the North American. It is reported that from July this year, these tsunami garbage has a large number arrived in Canada and the U.S. West Coast.  New Wedding Dresses
  It is reported that Japan and the U.S. NGO in the western United States on August 4, Oregon, held a three-day meeting to study the problem of waste disposal. Drift to the North American west coast tsunami garbage, including fishing boats and housing materials, as well as containers, pontoons and other. On the 5th, the delegates will visit the Oregon Coast to learn more about the garbage drifting to shore.
  Waste disposal costs, the U.S. and Canadian governments are coordinated with the Japanese government does not rule out the Japanese government-funded clean-up the possibility.
  It was observed that the Japanese tsunami garbage drifted into North America, period, is expected around October this year.
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Why so touchy, playa? Blacks are great athletes, everyone knows that. But they're not supermen, automatically better at everything than Whites. The very thing that makes them superior at contact sports, big bones, makes them weaker in swimming. Why does that threaten you? It's the way Nature works, the Law of Compensation. Read Emerson's Essay of the same name.

And West African Blacks, so superior in the sprint, have less endurance than Whites in the longer distance. And of course, East African Blacks blow us away in the long distance. And they are very slow in the sprint. Compensaion Soak. No need for petulance.

Oh you're so full of shit. Western Art has always emphasized exact portraiture and its equivalent in sculpture ever since ancient times - Classical Greece at least. As good as a photograph? Yes, Bill. I think your Semetic aversion to portraiture may be showing - certainly your anti-gentilism is. You don't even have to think about it - it just comes pouring out at the slightest opportunity.

She looks like a mulatto, so that means "Black". She didn't seem all that smart to me though. Nothing compared to some. But it is awfully early and knowing some capitals is nothing. Everybody's brain is very retentive at that stage - one reason why kids can learn languages so well.

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by nameta9 » Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:30 pm

Magsj wrote:Are you in a field of work where you have to rely on mathematics somewhat, and which made you arrive at the conclusion in your op?

In the past, yes, Electronics and others, and I know some Physics and such, etc. Just follow the Supercomputers improving and notice no real great breakthrough anymore (top500 org). I may be wrong, since the field is vast and many engineering subfields and such, but all and all, I have a strong gut feeling that it is over and done with, the 20th century Great Leap Forward is over, now we have to change our Brains, Put engines in our Brains, Brains with Pistons and Turbines and Gasoline and All Crazy Gears Inside, put valves and circuits and machines and complex crazy machines in Solid State Brains, Planet Size Brains made of Iron and Steel with Nuclear Reactors inside Our Mind doing all kinds of Groovy Stuff...


Astute readers will notice that the "chinese spam" diminished about the time that 8Man/Spiderman/Tobor/etc in all of his frenetically verbose incarnations reappeared.

Although "spam" is on the way back up, even though Tobor the 8 continues to post to excess.

Note to 8M - you make a couple of good points, as several readers have commented through the past months.

But, got' DAMN, man - - - Why does it take you so much text and so many words to say what is on your mind.

Astute readers will also notice that Turkle expressed some potential understanding of some of the ideas that Vlad expresses.

Alarmed by this expression of understanding, BeantownBill condemned Turkle.

And Turkle apologized, and agreed to stop any further attempt to understand or discuss any of Vlad's points - apparently, ever again.

And the evening and the morning were the second day. (on CFN)

This is strange, and unfortunate.

Turkle and Bill -
One of you needs to read a book on personality development. The other of you needs to read a book on freedom of speech.

Then you need to swap books.

"It is so magnificent I have a real problem believing a man could have written it."

And yet, he did. He wrote six symphonies deaf. So you don't like the third movement? Give it another listen. Ludwig said that was the music that he heard while running through the woods, away from his alcoholic father. The person that beat him so badly that he most likely went deaf from it.

Careful what you wish for. Utopian ideologies always end up being taken advantage of by socialists whose only recourse is, like we've had in the past, subjugation.

Maybe they did unwittingly set the table. How would events have turned out had the Japanese never invaded?

Now that I've got you: how do you justify your Democrat Party beliefs with Lao Tzu's call for small goverment? I've broached this with Asoka, but he wont bite. I've been rereading Lao Tzu and can quote chapter and verse.

Why don't you paste the quote so I know what you're referring to? But on the surface it intuitively feels like a variation of the 'Jesus was a socialist theme': agenda driven and decontextualized.

In a martial arts forum I frequent there has been some debate regarding the Tai Chi Classics reference to 'the spinal bow'. Many have interpreted this to mean holding the spine in a certain way for the entire form when actually refers to a snapshot in the entire open/close store/release dynamic, which is akin. You obviously are making a similar mistake - elevating removing the static from the context of movement and change. Nice try, but no cigar.

Let's face it Vlad: Lao Tzu's quote - whatever it is - is only a 'snapshot' in the continuum of change. And only the feeble and dishonest would attempt to create an ideology from a quote that is simply 'passing thru' as it were.

So back to one of the topics of Mr Kunstler's commentary, that a "reluctant" general in the Pentagon gets fed up, musters the troops and voila, a swing of the sword and away with the President, the Senate and the House.

Fascinating to speculate on the possible scenarios playing out. Maybe a coup by the Joint Chiefs rather than just one of numerous divisional commanders.

Maybe a coup by a few of the divisional commanders acting in concert but who keep the big kahunas out of the picture. At least at first. And only unless and until the chiefs declare their support.

Maybe a spate of sabre rattling by one or more top officers as a warning to Washington. And then after the politicos don't seemingly get the message, a show of force with armored units parading in front of the White House.

More alarmingly, maybe a coup and then a counter coup by officers loyal to the deposed and arrested PTB.

What are the odds of different units of the US military coming to blows with one another in the event of a military takeover because of divided loyalties?

What possible role would the different state national guard organizations play in all this? By-standers?

What about state governments? What role would governors play? It seems to me that, logically, a citizen of a federation of states has to be a citizen of a particular state before they're a citizen of the country.

So given the history of secession and the open contempt between North and South what about another go at seceding maybe with military support ie Southern-born officers declaring their support and loyalty to a newly independent Texas?

Feminists naturally see thru me and hate me. Lesbians in particular are very psychic. They see thru the gentle outer man and see the man of iron within. - Vlad

This Man of Iron stuff. Reminiscent of Il Duce, no?

And doesn't "Stalin" mean "Full of Iron"?

"Dzugashvili" was Stalin's real surname. It means "Full of Dzugash".

I'm familiar with most of the names on your list of well known American writers who are black. I instanced Baldwin, Himes, and Wright as stand-ins for the rest.

As for the needfulness of black people to make their mark in the high sciences, if they are to do this they will have to outperform, among others, America's Ashkenazim. Will they be able to? I doubt it.

I love the 3rd movement too.

Procon, freedom of speech also means the right to remain silent and not respond. Violation of the freedom of speech is forcing someone not to say what they want. You must be afraid of my "power" to imply that somehow I forced an internet entity by the name of Turkle to not respond. To refute your implying, go back and look at Turk's response to me.

Concerning personality development, now you're implying Turk and I have something wrong with us because we dislike Vlad's whole shtick. I tell you what: I'll read the personality development book after you've finished reading it.

I refer you to the movie, "Seven Days in May".

I'm shocked and saddened that you haven't read the Tao Te Ching lately or at all. It is equivalent to the Sermon on the Mount. And your idea that everything changes is only partly true. The Way does not change. Logic doesn't change. 2+2=4 doesn't change. The Tao doesn't change - yet it is not apart or opposed to change. The more it changes the more it stays the same - the patterns, Buck, the patterns - thus the I Ching.

See 58, 59, and 60 for starters. There are others. Btw, the Sage also condemns greed and thus much of capitalism. I'm not shilling for Libertarians or Repubicans - the Sage also condemns warmongering in the strongest possible terms.

Seen it. Fine movie.

Just to complete my thought about mulattoes: an IQ like that would be possible although most unlikely, even in a pure Negro. With a light skinned girl like this it is even more possible. I knew a woman like this with her approximate skin tone and features. She hung out with us after she had gotten her Masters in Philosophy, her life kind of just hanging in the balance. She got bored and needed money since her loan money was running out. She went to a tech school for 6 months and then went out and got a six figure job.

Don't know what her IQ was - but it was quite high certainly. Higher than mine you ask with amazement? Yeah. But I could defeat her in debate all the time. How? I can use what I have - very few people can. She could blow me away in math, symbolic logic, chess, etc. But ordinary logic about real things? I won.

That's what we need - a military coup lead by a fine man like the one Burt Lancaster played. Unfortuantely, they have covered their base on that one, filling the military with frauds, careerists, paper pushers, gays, lesbians etc. Any Patriot has his hands full just trying to survive in such a poisonous environment.

America is full of "jonseys" - little traitors and judases.

Hey, here's an idea. Why don't you go to I know! I couldn't believe it either!

They have a message of "Love NOT Hate".


Now that's just Public Relations in action. I'm sure you will find MANY high IQ motherfuckers there.

Hee Heeeeeee!

Go back far enough and we're all black.

It's logical to think so: present-day Africans are black; humankind originated in Africa; therefore all humans once were black. But to think this way takes us too far beyond the available facts.

The immediate ancestors of humans were, respectively, Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus. Physical anthropologists are uncertain as to the skin colour of either of these. As for the skin colour of the earliest form of Homo Sapiens, this too remains unknown.

One of the vices of science is its belief that all mysteries will eventually be laid bare. In my view, some never will.

My observations over the several decades of my life have given me a cynical attitude toward government. Governments form to enable a small group of people who want to amass great wealth and resources to legitimize physical threats toward the population to obtain their goals.

Implied physical violence is behind most laws. If there was no means to enforce a law, then those who didn't like it would break that law with impunity. For example, if a man robs a bank, police have the power to shoot him if he doesn't surrender. If he does, and it can be proven he was the robber, then he is removed from society, whether he wants to be or not, and held against his will in a cage, and is constantly threatened to not leave the area by armed guards who will shoot him if he tries.

With the constant threat of violence against them, a nation's populace is controlled. A variation of this strategy is for government to continually instill a sense of fear in the public by presenting various dangers that might occur.

The list of dangers is endless:

Certain demographic classes will attack you for no reason, rampaging through the streets. Foreigners will take your job away, resulting in you and your family's starvation, homelessness and destitution. Other countries are plotting to destroy your country. The climate is changing, so you may boil to death. A current drought may extend indefinitely, resulting in food shortages. There may be a bomber boarding your airplane. Drug cartels are invading your neighborhood. Everyone should be armed because going to the convenience store could be deadly. Etc., etc.

The whole point is that a frightened populace is a pliant populace. Yeah, I'm cynical about government. The best government is the least government.

That's why, to me, it doesn't matter who is elected to office, the results will remain the same.

I saw a show on TeeVee recently about infant development. The researchers devised an experiment that went like this:

An infant (I would say not older than two years) was presented with two slighty different teddy bears. One teddy bear holding a cup of graham crackers, the other holding a cup of green beans. Later, the same infant was presented with the previous described teddy bears; now holding nothing. Guess which teddy bear the infants preferred. Worse, they were somewhat hostile to the teddy bear that previously held the green beans.

'Will they be able to? I doubt it'.

Well, the USA has a history of freed Blacks for 150 years. What do you infer from that history?
Or look at STEMS.

STEMS[Sci,Tech,Eng,Math]. How many degrees in those areas do Black people get?
Lot tougher to get a Degree in those areas than
write an idiotic 'thesis' like Michelle Obama did!
She didnt have the smarts / grades for the Ivys.
Her color got her there.

I have seen a gal with a 'Got Black Students' Tee Shirt. UCLA is 3% Black students.
UCLA, or U C Lotsa Asians.

Google 'Amanda Wallace', she might make ya laugh.

With yr mind set, 'even' should be 'especially'.

I dont care about some legal 'rule'. I have a problem with yr defining someone as 'black' when their DNA is part African, part Euro, and perhaps 50/50.

He looks like a real legal genius!!
As do you, as judged by that post.


Obviously you didn't look at the web site or understand the concept of satire.

If you look at the site the guy is clearly an ambulance chaser.

In the future, please read the postings and look at any links BEFORE posting garbage to this site.


Yes, I missed the comma after site.

I let anti's idiotic rant rattle me.

"But I could defeat her in debate all the time."

Smart, Black, and female.

But, the important thing is that you can DEFEAT her, huh.

What a fuckin' headcase you are.

I have a problem with yr defining someone as 'black' when their DNA is part African, part Euro, and perhaps 50/50.

Here is the rule: If a person is half white and half black and they are dumb, they are black; if they are smart, they are white. ;0)

'Blacks are great athletes, everyone knows that'

Well, with their numbers being 1 billion, I hope so!!!!!!

Unfortunately, Athletes contribute very little to the overall good of a society. Perhaps their 'contribution' is negative.
Bill Walton [?] said Pro sports [and this is 40 years ago, in his book]
'Are used to manage an increasingly unmanageable American Circus'.

Vlad, and all here, are you familiar with the
'Curious Case of Patrick Chavis'? If not Google him. Hes was the first 'AA' failure.

Vlad, and all here, are you familiar with the
'Curious Case of Patrick Chavis'? If not Google him. Hes was the first 'AA' failure.


No, I'm not familiar but I'm not going to Google him. I'd like to have YOU explain the "Curious case of Patrick Chavis" and how it ties in to the discussion of great athletes. Save the rest of us the trouble. It's YOUR comment, YOU do the work. Don't make US expend the effort. Exercise your writing gene. We want to see how well you convey a point and defend it. Pretend this is your final exam in Expository Writing. Everything counts ... sentence structure, spelling, punctuation ... the whole nine yards.

THIS should be good. :-)))

Damn. These are the times I just loathe coming to this site. At a time when all common Americans need to be pulling together, the racists here, and you know who are, seem to be doing their best to rip it apart.

Look into the future. Hmmm...maybe there is something all of you on the backside of life White Guys can learn from the most shit upon group of imported into North America humans. I'll take it a step further. Most of you know I wear my atheism right on my coat sleeves. Some of you damn the heretic and then cast judgement on other races in the same breath. Do you know how crazy you all sound?

Think about African Americans and then think about reaping what you have sown.

X, the racists will always be on-site. Racism, a branch of xenophobia, seems to have been around forever and probably will unless we humans evolve out of it. Until then, the best we can do here is to utilize scroll-bys. I, too, sometimes don't want to be on this website because of them, but usually that feeling passes. I'm guilty of responding to them as well. It's not easy to avoid them because I just don't want them to get away with any shit. I compromised by limiting myself to a one response per racist post. On top of all this, I have to deal with all the anti-Jewish crap. too.

Another way I deal with this stupidity is to remind myself that the racists are acting out their own self-loathing and feelings of powerlessness or helplessness. Then I feel somewhat sorry for them.

'xenophobia'. Oh please. Thousands of citizens are killed each year, by immigrants, legal and illegal.
Ill have to wirte you off, BB.

How many citizens are killed each year by other citizens. What's your point? If you're not a Christian, kill 'em back. But, do me a favor. Quit whining about it.

the best we can do here is to utilize scroll-bys.

Whenever I see someone use the word utilize I wonder why they don't utilize the word use...instead. Your thoughts?

This not recognizing there are other forces at play besides racism when it comes to humans under stress killing each other is beyond ridiculous now.

Here's Mr Bill with his faux reasonableness - as if Jews aren't the most ethnocentric people on Earth!

It's time for Jews to admit their huge role in the fall of South Africa - and their culpabiliy in the thousands of White who have been murdered there since. The same thing is happening here. The same people and types of people are behind it.

She didn't like other Blacks very much. Didn't find their culture or men attractive. Whites and White Culture were "it" for her - yet she supported our displacement and condemned any attempt at saving ourselves.

Explain that since you're the Bible answer man.

The Fall of South Africa, huh.

Gee, payback sux.

Can't explain it, Vlad. Unlike you, I talk to people before I formulate an opinion. But if you want an off the cuff opinion, it's sounds like there's a possibility that's she's every bit as fucked up as you are.

I spent a great deal of my professional life involved in really technical satellite communications. I knew plenty of African American men and woman who didn't understand a lot of the behavior of their racial peers. So, being the intrepid explorer that I am, I went looking (mostly for drugs). Here's what I learned that you never will. Because these folks would never confide in the likes of you. The behavior you find so confusing is the result of an attitude. The attitude is that they don't want to be anything like us because of what the Whites did to them. For pretty good reasons, doncha' think? They don't necessarily think that this "behavior" is such a good idea, they just know that the Whites would never do anything like it. I've heard this for a couple of generations now. It's not a fluke. That's how much some of them hate us. There. Mystery revealed. Got it peckerwood?

tell ya how i decide which one to use, and which one to utilize: whichever one i damned well feel like!

Ludwig van Beethoven, long considered Europe’s greatest classical music composer, was a Black man.

This is very far-fetched. There are ancestral records indicating 'Ludwig Van' (Clockwork Orange reference for those interested) was 1/4 Flemish and the rest German.

My brother is swarthy yet the rest of the family is very light-skinned. Standing out for having dark skin may have garnered Beethoven his 'Moor' moniker.

There is also DNA evidence which indicates his hair had no bends or wrinkles typical of Negroid peoples.

Jackie Robinson was black, and was great. Beethoven was not black, and was great.

In both cases, even if their race were different, they were the products of some good upbringing/instruction, not some lousy stupid racial stuff.

peace peaceniks

How many citizens are killed each year by other citizens? What's your point? If you're not a Christian, kill 'em back. But, do me a favor. Quit whining about it. -X

I guess you ain't seen the new liturgy and doctrines. Seems it's quite all right to kill them moslem-folk (brown-tinged people make a handy substitute if'n an A-rab isn't nearby) and still be in good with Gawd and Cheezis too!

Howsomever, the killin' should preferably be done by proxy; true-believers and berserkers (that shit is just so MESSY). A really nice example is to be found in the Evangelicals' support of Zionism. It's great gettin' to heb'ben on someone else's dime; what's not to like?!? Send your donation today! And don't forget to meditate and pray on it...

(Do you think these froggies would rather whine than jump? I mean, WTF, the Hooplehead won't even get up and MOVE; how fuckin' passive is that? Aww, too bad, their shiny, halo-ed leader in the jodhpurs and leather accoutrements has not yet appeared on scene; just these inept asswipes shooting up the defenseless sitting ducks. Totally non-warrior, non-brave 'n' buff-guy, Aryan dude. It's not good for recruitment, I tells ya.)

Now, when "the head guy" does show up, how long do you think their [4th] version of the Reich is going to last? What's your bet: looonger than the 3rd, or simply a brief few years bloodbath? (You know, just enough to foment some entrenched hatred, distrust, and permanent feuds.)


Reading the Ta Te Ching is fine, even essential. But it's not enough, especially for the Taoist in quest of realization beyond superficial intellectual pondering.

Patterns you say? How about the little black dot in the large white circle or the large black mass enveloping the small white circle. The aberration, the anomaly, the sore thumb sticking out like a black face at a David Duke rally, the next by 'thy own bootstraps' Bill Gates - in short, the illusion that upward mobility still exists for the large majority of Americans' in the aftermath of the Republican Reagan revolution and which by way of its very rarity is bathed in the focal point spotlight by those perpetuating and illuminating the propagandist myth of rugged individualism triumphing economically. It's all a big fat Rush Limbaugh like lie - SUPERSIZED - in order to divert mainstream eyes from the reality of increasing economic stratification/ossification.

But the sound of the bugle is muffled and sour, it's not music because the math just doesn't add up. And yet, those on the right pay no heed to the reality of math and to the absolute reality that, they too, will always be part of the mass that envelopes the privileged few. No Joe The Plumber, you're always going to be a struggling working stiff and not the next Rockefeller. And no, " Joe Govt Union Employee" doesn't deserve benefits and salaries far above the average citizen scale.

Boiled down, those that feature the rare anomaly of "making it big" in America are not in favor of upward mobility. They are tricksters peddling a dishonorable agenda that paralyzes Main Street with futile anticipation of an economic oasis' in the aftermath of globalism, greed, and yes, the importation of cheap foreign labor.

My brother is swarthy yet the rest of the family is very light-skinned.

How about the mailman...was HE swarthy? ;0)

Nicely put, and this is also why constant distractions and misdirections, in gigant-o-screen technicolor are noisily provided, 24/7/365. Our TRUE predicaments will not be televised...

Dude! I totally saved the Money Shot for you. Now, as you & our CFN brethren are watching this Baliwood propaganda, pay close attention to the Hero Death that Burt Lancaster dies (Vlad) and how the brave English rider REFUSES to let the English colors be captured. How come I didn't hear all that drama music when half of my squad was wiped out by friendly fire? I digress. I take two things from this clip. First, my grandfather who exempted himself from WWII because he didn't follow his doctor's orders (hey, sometimes stupid shit pays off), he said "The price of your freedom is always blood". And secondly, Jim Morrison when he said "You got the guns, but we got the numbers". Every year on Veteran's Day I go out to the Westwood, CA Veterans Cemetery and look at the white crosses. No, O2. Not the pills. I think about the previously mentioned events and ponder our future. The Zulus were fighting for their home against an empire. What will we fight for? It's coming. That 'Ol Martial Spirit.

Pardon my chemical mishap. That's O3. See how these things happen?

Chemical mishap brought to you by Budweiser.

There's a lot of truth in that last post of yours, Buck, specially the next to last paragraph. Well said.

Vlad, I'd like to point out that Israel and Apartheid South Africa had very close diplomatic relations, including assisting each others nuclear weapons program. Think about it. South Africans and Israelis found themselves in very similar positions; outnumbered and surrounded. I don't think Israel took any great joy in the destruction and fall of white South Africa.


...Perhaps he attended Swarthmore?

...the absolute reality that, they too, will always be part of the mass that envelopes the privileged few.

Wow, and I thought I was cynical.

" I don't think Israel took any great joy in the destruction and fall of white South Africa."

Maybe I was vague. Perhaps a more "American" example. How about Custer's Last Stand?

Chemical mishap brought to you by Budweiser. -x-

Keep enjoying that dilute CH3CH2OH, X.
In vino, veritas, from time to time.

More from me, later.
Meanwhile, I'm watching hot young ladies jump off of a platform. From a height that makes me want to jump feet-first, only.

Don't get me started on Beach Volleyball. I have to go make a beer run. It's bordering on Dereliction of Duty.

"The Zulus were fighting for their home against an empire. What will we fight for?" -X

Oooo, jeeze. I s'pose it would behoove us to have a damn good solid answer for that one, and right soon at that.

Interesting aside for what-fers:
-"Whiskey's for drinkin'; water's for fightin'."

Israel is interested in a destabilized Syria, as Syria supports Hezbollah's (sp?) "efforts" in Lebanon. Israel needs the water resources in Lebanon. Big fun is on its' way; bring the kids!

"And it's one, two, three (etc.)"

I heard that G. Putin is PISSED. Says Grigory "You have your Army in every country that owes us money"

Of course we do. And hey! The history of California is all about fightin' over water. Me sabes?

The only thing that could ever make me believe in God is the first 2 movements in Beethoven's Ninth symphony.

I will compare my own 1st movement with van Beethoven's first two movements any day. My first came after 10 days of constipation. Whew, talk about relief!

OK. I'll do it. If for no other misguided reason than to keep the culture alive. Here goes.


There is nothing as over rated as a good fuck.

There is nothing as under rated as a good shit.

Please have your subway tokens ready when you exit the building. Good Night.

Here in Toronto people are always saying "sorry." It's a word one hears all the time, and its unending public use is one of the things that makes Toronto the world headquarters of Nice.

The people in this city are also devotees of the politically correct. Political correctness and niceness to excess are symbiotic. Each feeds the other because both have a common goal: offend no one.

Neither is likely to survive the coming collapse. Wrecked societies cannot support such distortions.

I will compare my own 1st movement...

Yep that sums up what the once-great America became: Cite something as wonderful and uplifting as Beethoven and the swine can only defecate on it and snort. Your country's wretched denizens revel in excremental 'culture', ingest excremental 'food', pursue excremental 'foreign policy', watch excremental 'entertainment' on your execrable televisions and lead lives of brainwashed nothingness as your masters laugh at you.

40-50 years ago you had to have real wit to be funny in America - now you wipe your ass and find the result funny. Thank God there are oceans separating you from the rest of the world.

Oscar Wilde - "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

peace peaceniks

During a recent trip to the U.S., from my random conversations with people, I got the impression that:

a. American "progressives" seem to have an intuitive sense that something is wrong with the system, but that the American system is still basically a democratic system. They, therefore, still "believe" in the American economic and political system since it so far continues to work for them fairly well;

b. Life will continue as before. The issue of "Peak Oil" is rebuffed with confidence that "they will always come up with some new source of energy." The American economy, distribution system, and, indeed, the American way-of-life is heavily dependent upon the automobile, and it is difficult to imagine how anyone could function in the U.S. without wheels. The idea that someone could walk (or ride a bicycle) from point a to point b is absurd in the U.S. context. People in the U.S. do not seem to be aware that in many countries the automobile is a luxury rather than a necessity.

c. Obama's "heart is in the right place" and Obama's shortcomings are the fault of recalcitrant Republicans in Congress. There is no discussion of the influence of money in U.S. politics or the failure of Obama's Justice Department to forcefully prosecute fraud in the financial industry, Obama's primary source of campaign contributions. When the theme of Bob Woodward's book "Obama's Wars" is mentioned (i.e., that the U.S. military tells Obama what to do, which suggests an absence of civilian control of the U.S. military) people seem concerned, but do not make the immediate connection to the logical conclusion that the system may be broken.

d. Politics in the U.S. is very polarized with people seemingly unable to have a friendly discussion of conflicting points of view.

The foregoing observations re: American "progressives" contrasts markedly with frustration, mistrust and hostility of blue collar white Americans towards the U.S. economic and political system.

Are the foregoing observations reflected in any public opinion polls that any CFNers are aware of?


To the above, I might also add:

e. People in U.S. seemingly still believe in voting and do not, as yet, see much need for "direct action" such as mass protests or work stoppages in order to fix the system, e.g., to force campaign finance reform, and the break up of economic monopolies in order to make the economy and political system more equitable. Why this state of affairs exists is not clear; however, it may be that Americans no longer have a culture of mass protest?

"....maybe there is something all of you on the backside of life White Guys can learn from the most shit upon group of imported into North America humans. I'll take it a step further."

No need to take it any further, X.
Slavery was bad.

No, retract that statement.
The great and ironic Buck Stud taught me to say that black chattle slavery as practiced in the US was the single greatest evil ever perpetrated on the face of the Earth - ever, EVER!!
He taught me that we must genuflect to this "fact?" at all times and in all weathers. We must teach this to our children. More importantly, we must teach it to the great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren of the American black slaves. And we must teach it - and believe it ourselves - in the most lurid and degrading manner possible.

Thus - when these ggggggrandchildren need an excuse for anything - they will find it in slavery, which ended in 1864. And they will find it in segregation - which ended in 1964.
(that's 48 years - over two generations ago!!)
Now, X, you see the thing is - I was alive, kicking, and observant in 1964. I had plenty of black kids in my peer group. I knew them well. I still know some of them well. These were the gg and ggggrandchildren of slaves. My gggranddad was a slave owner. They knew this. They did not hate me for it. So when you say -

"... that they don't want to be anything like us because of what the Whites did to them. For pretty good reasons, doncha' think? They don't necessarily think that this "behavior" is such a good idea, they just know that the Whites would never do anything like it. I've heard this for a couple of generations now. It's not a fluke. That's how much some of them hate us."

X - you're talking about a hate that has been ginned up and mysteriously magnified since 1964. And it continues to grow in hateful power. We have posters (dee, mika, others) who now claim to wish genocide for whites.

Where do you think this hate is taking us?
And why is it getting worse, not better?

Yeah. Pretty vulgar, huh? So, what do ya do to get the Mensch through the hard patches? Here's a taste of what we did in 1944. You're a bright young lad (lass), extrapolate why doncha'.

We are all slaves never really ever went just got transfered.Anyway,over here at books and musings are available as is my brainwash philosphy on life)Hell,give me a call..I'll paint a picture for ya!

It has to do with identity. Ever since the slave trading days on the auction block in New Orleans, the Whites MADE it about identity.

Now, it is many, many years later. I just pointed out to Vlad TODAY, that the KKK has a working website.

Make yourself a Black Man for a moment. You have been listening to these stories from birth. You, personally, despite your education, despite your talents, have experienced institutional racism your entire life. And then, on August 9th, 2012, you found the KKK website.

On the homepage it says, and I quote, they have a message of "love and NOT hate". Who is in more danger of genocide? You or the Seminole Indians?

I guess it is a fancy word I use(!)for business purposes (it's more intimidating and professional than "use"), and I just developed the habit of employing it.

As for me, despite what I have done, at 53, the powers that be have decided to throw me out of my own society. I used to pray that we could hold this together for a little while longer so maybe I could regain some of my independence.

But, ya know what? I'm a pandhandler and a thief now. So....


"Concerning personality development, now you're implying Turk and I have something wrong with us because we dislike Vlad's whole shtick. I tell you what: I'll read the personality development book after you've finished reading it."

Whatever, Bill.
You are the one who excused Mika's hate-filled and violent rhetoric and promised to defend him, "to the death."

And, honestly, I've read plenty of psychology books and am conversant with a variety of personality theories. Try Skinner/Erickson/Adler/Maslow/Piaget/Freud - and that's just off the top of my head and without peaking.

Fact of the matter is, Bill, we could make a huge stack of psych texts - forming an archway between two Pyramids of Needs. You and I could dance naked under the arch, holding hands, being Self-Actualized, and singing Kumbaya.

We could sing and dance for hours and it would not change the fact that you are arrogant and consider yourself and those who agree with you completely incapable of making an important error. You are unable to understand or consider the viewpoint of anyone who does not already agree with you in all major ways. You demonstrate this over and over on this discussion thread. That you cannot see this yourself, only proves my point.

I am at least willing to try to understand the viewpoints of others. I enjoy watching the exchange of ideas, even ideas I find uncomfortable or unpleasant to confront.

I don't believe you can say anything like that.
Can you?
I did get you to change your mind on immigration, once. I guess you can now change it back.

black chattle slavery as practiced in the US was the single greatest evil ever perpetrated on the face of the Earth - ever, EVER!! He taught me that we must genuflect to this "fact?" at all times and in all weathers. We must teach this to our children. More importantly, we must teach it to the great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren of the American black slaves. And we must teach it - and believe it ourselves - in the most lurid and degrading manner possible.


If you'll recall I stated that slavery itself was the most evil thing perpetrated on any human being by another - do you disagree?

So, history being what it is, along with the maxim that 'those who forget, repeat', why shouldn't the era of Deep South American slavery, economically enshrined and institutionalized by white land owners/politicians/hypocritical Bible thumpers,etc, be historically taught as the tragic, brutal,terrorist subjugation of black human beings for the purpose of slave labor that it was?

Would you rather rewrite history, or worse yet, whitewash it? Or just sort of let it fade into the background because, you know, some current white people whose ancestors were slave owners don't particularly want to trouble their conscious with any unpleasant memories?

I have a better idea. Try a bit of role reversal, put the shoe on the other foot as it were. Because it really did happen Prog and people, for better or worse, really do adapt well to the role of victim, or in the case of some, perceived victim (as your posts on the subject frequently demonstrate).

Where are your statistics for stating "thousands" of people killed each year by immigrants? Who do define as an immigrant - someone who has entered the country recently, or that person's son born here but living in the same immigrant's culture, or that person's grandson? How much is "thousands"? That number can be anything between 1 thousand or 999 thousand.

Since the vast majority of immigrants do NOT kill American citizens, being afraid of all immigrants certainly is xenophobia. You have not understood my point, as usual.

I knew it, Q! As soon as I posted my comment, I predicted to myself that you would reply with a bowel reference.

OK, X -
I'll see your KKK and raise you this:

"When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."

Sounds like some Texas secession document?
Nope - it's the Black Panther's dream state.

God help us all. Even us Atheists.

I just have one more thing to say. If I find you, Vlad, I have a 12 inch Crescent wrench that I will righteously whack you upside the head with for doing your part to introduce FEAR into our society.

No that's wrong: the Zulu were migrating South as the Boers were migrating North. They aren't the natives of that area anymore than the Whites - got it Mr Ignorance?

And many of the tens of millions of Blacks in South Africa came from other parts of Africa - desperate to get into racist South Africa. Why is that do you think, if the Whites were such blue meenie racists? Dude, you live in a cartoon world and you are a cartoon too.

More cartoonery: you want to see Blacks genocide us and you accuse me of fear mongering?

Do you not know or simply not care about all the Whites murdered - many of them after torture - in South Africa since the transfer of power?

You do know the word "slave" has its origins in the "Slavic" peoples of Europe, correct?

And that slavery was a very common among all peoples - up until 1864?

"If you'll recall I stated that (black slavery as practiced in the US) slavery itself was the most evil thing perpetrated on any human being by another - do you disagree?" -buck stud-

Yes, Buck, I disagree.
And I posted this set of pictures, last time.
Again, don't look at it unless you have a strong stomach.

So yeah, I'd rather be a slave (or, more germane to this discussion - the freed ggggggrandson of a freed slave) than be subjected to one of these devices or tactics.
So, Buck, once again we prove Q's words.
No minds are ever changed by internet discussion.

Nice circle-jerking with you.


It's not about cynicism; it's about the math. A reality that did not escape Depression ere Americans as evidenced by the tax rates in the following decades.

But I have to hand it to the Republicans. They basically parroted Dicken's Josiah Bounderby character portrayed in "Hard Times" and echoed the 'if I can do it, anyone can' economic mantra. And somehow everyday working people were convinced that "liberalism" is the thief who will reach into your hard earned pocket to confiscate your future hard earned millions. And it wasn't all that hard of a sell because, as Bruce Springsteen sings, "at the end of every hard earned day, people want to find a reason to believe".

(one of Bruce's best^)

Countless Jews worked for just that. And I bet most of them were strong supporters of Israel. WSP - they aren't like you - they are quite capble of what seems like contradiction. But it often isn't. The principl is always the same: what's good for the Jews. And destroying a White Republic was just too good to pass up.

Ok sorry to bother you. You don't want to talk about it and if I persist, you are going to take it as a personal attack.

Blacks have literally been made into idols that must be bowed too. And all Whites are guilty - even those who never had slaves or were slaves themselves like the Irish, Russians, and Poles.

The Bills have done their work very well. Amazing that someone like Buck who meditates and wants a free mind falls for this kind of crap. What is free about worshiping or being a human idol?

Ok sorry to bother you. You don't want to talk about it and if I persist, you are going to take it as a personal attack.

That's a rather bizarre response Vlad. By all means persist; and if your right/convincing I will gladly admit it.

So why not post and explicate a particular chapter; it's your assertion after all.

Blacks have literally been made into idols that must be bowed too. And all Whites are guilty - even those who never had slaves or were slaves themselves like the Irish, Russians, and Poles.

The Bills have done their work very well. Amazing that someone like Buck who meditates and wants a free mind falls for this kind of crap. What is free about worshiping or being a human idol?

Why do you exaggerate, project and misrepresent the views of those you engage in dialogue? When have I ever remotely suggested that blacks should be idolized when I was simply stating that the injustice of slavery is a historical fact has and therefore should be historically acknowledged?

I can't help but cringe at your mention of a "free mind" and from you of all people. The vast majority of your posts pertain to those you deem inferior or diabolical. And yet, isn't it ironic that those you despise occupy such large swaths of your mental real estate.

How much is "thousands"? That number can be anything between 1 thousand or 999 thousand.


Wouldn't "thousands" be between 2 thousand and 999 thousand?

Google is yr friend.

While you are at it, Ask Chandra Levys parents!
The WashPost would not even mention her killer was
'undocumented' with a history of sex crimes.

Illegal Immigration Facts
10-20 million illegal aliens presently roam the U.S. The number of illegal ... Each year more than 1.3 million legal and illegal aliens settle permanently in the U.S. ... of felonies, 25% of burglaries and 34% of thefts are committed by illegal aliens. ... 1/2 of the murderers and 21.5% of all criminals now in jail are illegal aliens.

14 Reasons to deport Illegal Immigrants
Were they another one of the statistics of the many such immigrants who cause accidents ... $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year. ... Steve King, illegal aliens commit 12 murders every day in the U.S. and kill .[end quote]


I say you are a fool. One more leftist 'into the cannibals pot'.

'The NYT's Half-Truths & Wholesale Lies About South Africa | Ilana ...
Oct 5, 2008 – Into the Cannibal's Pot Lessons ... occurrence that helped disrupt South Africa's '

Into the Cannibals Pot we go!!!!!!!!!

"The Justice Department has decided it will not prosecute Goldman Sachs or its employees for their role in the financial crisis, following an investigation by senators Carl Levin (D-MI) and Tom Coburn (R-OK). The congressional investigation found problems with the credit rating agencies and poor oversight from regulators, and highlighted abuses by Goldman Sachs and other large investment banks. Senator Levin sent a formal referral to the Justice Department for a criminal investigation in April 2011.

The investigative report by the Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, chaired by Levin, found that Goldman Sachs "used net short positions to benefit from the downturn in the mortgage market, and designed, marketed, and sold CDOs in ways that created conflicts of interest with the firm's clients and at times led to the bank's profiting from the same products that caused substantial losses for its clients."

A statement from the Justice Department issued late on Thursday evening noted, "Based on the law and evidence as they exist at this time, there is not a viable basis to bring a criminal prosecution with respect to Goldman Sachs or its employees in regard to the allegations set forth in the report."

That was nothing compared to the 'race replacement pix' at Sarah Maid of
Those images are ghastly.
Into the cannibals pot.

The blackification of TV, Film,even Yahoo continues.
To those 3, black is indeed very beautiful.

I am unable to find a ''.
Either thru Google or my address bar.

'Amazing that someone like Buck who meditates and wants a free mind falls for this kind of crap.'

Was it nature or nurture that caused his Opinion? Possibly the latter that caused this. So not surprising at all.One more conditioned person.

You are the only person here who has [to my knowledge] used the word 'deracinated' on this,
the 'peak everything' blog.

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An interesting explanation of what's wrong with the CFN thread - and, by extension, the "whole" internet.

"A tacky mess: the masses vs. great design

Designers prune.

Left to its own devices, the mob will augment, accessorize, spam, degrade and noisify whatever they have access to, until it loses beauty and function and becomes something else.

The tragedy of the design commons.

A farmer's market with no entry requirements turns into a bazaar and then into a souvenir stand and finally into a flea market.

A bulletin board with no moderator or hierarchy becomes a random mess of affiliate posts and noise, where only a smart search engine is helpful."

Wishful thinking is in terrible peril!

If you have the ability to lay aside your boilerplate versions of a reorganized [or "returned to"] society, you will find this set of entropic realities and generalizations "fascinating" (in the temporal words of Mr. Spock). If not, don't bother, as refusal to adapt is the hallmark of a de facto death-wish, and will be its' own self-fulfilling prophesy. Faster and faster and faster, we go!

"We are caught in the unfolding of a titanic logic bomb between the demands of our economic system and the limitations of both our planet and humanity itself. The high priests of Economics fiercely deny this and demand ever more blood sacrifice from us in order to end the eclipse of their infinite future. This is endemic behaviour of elites throughout history, who have consistently attempted to conform reality to their metaphysics, the worldviews born of, and insulated by, their privilege, while the burden of reality is increasingly placed on those beneath them.

Historically this plays out until the inertia created by their inability to adapt breaks the old order apart. Roman Senators, the Ancient Regime, Mandarins and Czars all suffered from the most extreme forms of normalcy bias, ones used to the command of reality; invariably such hubris condemns the majority to tragedy."

(I believe you'll find this more enlightening than an ol'spidey routine, if you can imagine such a thing! ;o)

In addressing a possible future, will we need wedding dresses and polo shirts? I'm not convinced they'll be absolutely required...

Brainwashing -

We are all subject to it, all the time.
And the power of the modern media to magnify messages makes many of us helpless to even KNOW that we are being manipulated.

Here's how it works.
Start with a simple, relatively true idea.
Example - The US is a good place to live.

Add some extreme statements.
Exa - The US is the best country on Earth.

Add supporting public statements.
"The American Way of Life is nonnegotiable."
-dick cheney-

And pretty soon you have 100,000,000 reliable "conservatives?" And you have 20,000,000 people who still think George Bush II was a good president.


That was fun.
Let's do another.

Slavery was bad.
(simple true idea)

Black chattel slavery, between 1776 and 1864 in the United States, was the worst evil ever perpetrated on any human group, ever in the History of the Earth. (extreme supporting idea)

Because of slavery, blacks in America will always be the "most shit upon group," -xhalor-
(supporting public statement)

And pretty soon, you have 10's of millions of unfortunate black youth. They have an excuse for all rebellion and lack of achievement.

And you have 10's of millions of other peoples, of all races, who think "blame white men" provides a reason for "all evil."

Powerful stuff, isn't it.

No, I'm not familiar but I'm not going to Google him. I'd like to have YOU explain the "Curious case of Patrick Chavis" and how it ties in to the discussion of great athletes. Save the rest of us the trouble. It's YOUR comment, YOU do the work. Don't make US expend the effort. Exercise your writing gene. We want to see how well you convey a point and defend it. Pretend this is your final exam in Expository Writing. Everything counts ... sentence structure, spelling, punctuation ... the whole nine yards.
- Q to Anti ==================

It appears Anti Soak has not accepted the challenge. I guess it was too much to ask.

Quite often, the impossible task goes unfulfilled.

Was/is slavery evil, per se, or just a default justification/construct of the terminally unimaginative?
(I say it's both; but that's just me.)

Once again, terms of "The Long Emergency", groups that embrace practice of having large families are the true terrorists. They are the "population bomb", the wake of which will crowd out all options of life style choices ("diversity" anyone?). Life will become -- at best -- like that of a refugee processing center.

"Smoky, a cornice and a corniche are two very different things."

Indeed they are! I also wonder if the cars running along the corniche would push me off into the ocean!

Thanks for the correction. Still wish I were at the cafe table with the other Euro trash and diamond-studded flunkies.

This has to be one of the best Tomato seasons ever. What ... with these garden vegetables ripening up, trout running in the streams, and farm stands all over selling native corn, right now we're living off the Fat O' The Land. This last month of summer is the best time of year. Lobsters are plentiful, too, right off the boat in Stonington. I have JHK to thank for these garden plots of mine, which are pretty revolutionary for a Mill Town kid like myself. After I read TLE in '05, and Gas went up to $4.25 per gallon in '07, I figured I'd better get something going close to home. That's when I began clearing out my property and turning over the earth. I've learned a thing or two as well over the past 5 years. Its been fun.


Some Olympic Observations and Questions

I love watching athletes compete, and just about any sport will do. But I am sick right up to here (picture Q touching the side of his head above the ear) with the grandstanding of these Olympic athletes, the grotesque monetizing/marketing of their success, and the revoltingly excessive nationalism and flag waving by themselves, their families and their fans. This trend has grown inexorably over my lifetime and seems to have begun in earnest with Bruce Jenner and his flip of the little American flag (wonderfully mocked by John Belushi on SNL) back in 1976. And he's still milking that decathlon win to this day.

The waste of resources continues.

Walk into your average Toronto cafe and you walk into a refrigerator. Same thing goes for the offices of doctors and dentists. Even the subway cars are too cold.

Here in Toronto, wherever there is air-conditioning, there is air-conditioning overuse. And Toronto isn't the only city in which this happens.

People treat air-conditioning as a right. What happens when this right is denied?

Somehow more than half my post about the Olympics got lost...oh well.

Hey Q, Jenner went to my HS for awhile, a few years ahead of me. I didn't think he was all that great an athlete, no better than me and my brothers. I was surprised at his success at the '76 Olympics. He must've improved as he grew a little older. I had the 100 yard record at our school for a time; Jenner must have had it before me. My brother broke it later, not much later. The guy looks like a freak now with all that plastic surgery.


Toronto's Globe and Mail is a newspaper not especially prone to writing sensational stories. In today's edition there's a report about the dicey situation in the Middle East.

Israel's prime minister and defence minister want to launch Israel's military against Iran before the American presidential election. But they're stymied by the fact that they don't have the backing of either their cabinet or the air force.
Serious stuff.

Last week I read (not in the Globe) that the American government wants to get rid of Assad to clear the way for an attack on Iran. Whether the way is to be cleared for Israeli attack or an American one, the writer didn't make clear At any rate, more serious-sounding stuff.

But is any of this stuff true? There is so much assertion and counter-assertion flying around in regard to the Syria-Israel-Iran situation that one just doesn't know what to believe.

He's married to the Kardashian mother but they all treat him like a fool - not a loved husband or honored father. Business as usual in 21st Century America.

The guy looks like a freak now with all that plastic surgery.

Yeah, I noticed.

Speaking of HS heroics, Michael Landon (real name Eugene Orowitz) went through Collingswood HS, in NJ 4 years before me and was a champion javelin thrower. He set a national record of 211' 7". Last night the Olympic women were throwing the javelin about 225'.

Sri Chandra felt slighted when his father, Guru Nanak, passed him over as his succesor. So he lead his followers back into Hinduism and are known as the Udasi Sect.

Check this out: federal suit against big sis. Napolitano moved male employees offices into the men's room. Also she promoted her lover to a high position she had no experience in.

What does one expect when lesbians are involved? They should never be put over men.

Hope this moves you. That was gross btw. Some part of you never grew up. Know any good fart jokes? You and "Rip" would really hit it off.

We Never Break the Law

Back in high school I came across a short story book by Solzhenitsyn called "We Never Make Mistakes".(I've mentioned this on t his site before) I remember feeling sorry for those who tried to effect positive change, only to be bamboozled by their awful system and the morons in control, but here we find ourselves in the same position in the inverted communist mode.

GS is doing god’s work yet again…They have their lobbyists change the law and then go ahead and break the former law. They will never lose in court. That means they didn’t break the law. Isn’t that special!

GS is also going on a joint venture with schools in Calif. They are going to put up money and then, of course at some future date the bill will come due (with interest). Yes our talking heads say private-public joint ventures are a good thing, only I believe it's just the interim before it all goes private. GS is making the big bucks even before it all gets privatized at big giant prices.

It’s the mortgage mode all over again.—Hey it’s a real keeper. Why bother coming up with another scheme when this works so well–the talent doesn’t even have to come up with new ploys, but they will get giant bonuses anyway.

Yes we have the “liberty” to get gouged–Can’t wait to see the bill at the end of the rainbow.

Who's going to be able to pay for this?

Message to Vlad,

I was thinking about this business of IQ. Let's assume for a moment that this measure of intelligence is worthwhile: I think you'd said a while back that Jews have on average higher IQs than "white" people.

Let's think about this. Where is the ancestral homeland claimed by Jews? Answer: a patch of land in northern Arabia ie within spitting distance of Africa.

But where did the Jewish people themselves originate? Multiple possible origins. It's interesting to note that Semitic languages are part of the larger family of the Afro-Asiatic language group that also includes Cushitic, Berber, Chadic. Probable source for this language family? Africa and, more particularly, Ethiopia according to more than one view. So what does this mean? Some possible African ancestry for Jewish people?

Biblical stories indicate migration from places outside of old Judea and Samaria. And the biblical story of Exodus records what is very possibly a historic event - the movement and resettlement of a fair number of refugees out of Egypt and into Palestine.

Given all the to-ing and fro-ing all through prehistory in and out of Africa I would imagine that there would have been a fair amount of genetic admixture between the lighter skinned population where Israel and Judea sit and the darker skinned population of Africa.

Let's look at the possible role of the Nile in all this. It looks to me like the Nile River would have served as a really effective conduit for east African or subsaharan African people and their genes into more northern realms and into the ancient Hebrews/Israelites or their Semitic/proto Semitic ancestors given the geography.

If my guessing is correct and there actually has been a fair amount of east African or subsaharan genes that moved north it would seem that the African parentage didn't do Jewish IQs any harm.

Wouldn't you say?

Get the movie Zulu and you will understand what it means to be a White Man

Howdy Caveman, My dad's family had 19 kids.All born at home. Man that makes my vag hurt. HAHA. Anyway they lived in an old 4 bedroom house and didn't even have a car. I seriously doubt if they consumed as much as a modern two kid family with two SUVs in a 3500 sq ft mcmansion in the burbs. Pepe walked to work at the mill and the kids all had hand-me-downs. Meme made most of the cloths on the old treadle Singer anyway. Chicken coops and canning and all that good old stuff. I used to love going there to visit and turning in the refillable pop bottles to get a popcicle. Pepe was the kind of dude who would crack an egg into his Pabst. Protein and a buzz, all in one. Always had a spitoon next to his chair! Times have changed!

It's worth a look. Doc Chav said to one of his patient victims, "If you can talk, you can breathe" - a paraphrase of an old African saying. No doubt this is where the British slang word chav or thug comes from.

Would Buck, Zone, or X go to a Black doc like Chav to prove their purity? Equivalent of the Massai Moran's facing the lion.

HI VK, My name has nothing to do with flatulance. Just so ya know. It goes back to my body building days. Rippedlightning just didn't seem to sound right. ;o)

Oussama Mousuli (sp?) of Tunisia wins 10 km swimming event. White guys from Germany and Canada did not win. Oussama has had the flu the last three days and still he won the gold medal. He is also the African record holder and beat Michael Phelps in the 400 meter swim.

This is painful. Most Jews have no Semitic blood. Zero. It's a joke as Bin Ladin said. Read Koestler's book "The 13th Tribe". The Ashkenazim are Khazars - a Turkic type people who once had a vast empire near Armenia. And there has been alot of intermarriage - once their Empire fell they drifted both West and East intermarrying with Slavs, Nordics, Mediterranean's etc. Negroes not much. Like all ancient peoples, they saw them as inferior.

Armenians are a clever people are they not? Think of them as mutant Armenians, sharpened by centuries of living by their wits. The importance of the Khazar Empire has been muted - probably to maintain just this fiction of the Jews as Semites. (We turned our publishing and academics over to them just like our banking) Other Jewish groups do not have such high IQ's. The Sephardics (not too many left) are about the average White I believe, and the Oriental or Arab about the Arab average of 85 or 90. The Black or Ethiopian Jews are morons just like other Blacks.

According to what I've read slavery was used in the US from the 16th century to the 19th. That isn't just a couple years of beating up on just a few people. That was centuries of degradation and deprivation for millions. And for a hundred years after emancipation conditions for black people were still really shitty.

Blacks were a small, despised minority that got the worst of everything. So you end up with a messed up, violent society. Small wonder.

I don't mean this as an excuse for rotten behavior. It's an explanation. Facts are facts and human nature is human nature. Societies get broken and they take time to repair themselves.

But the actions of white farmers in the years of slavery and its century long aftermath are nothing unique in human history. White folks are not uniquely evil. As other posters have pointed out oppression based on race, religion, class, caste etc are common and widespread.

Glad to hear it. That was payback for the Vlad Homo joke. Also I hate fart and excrement jokes which you like. I'm glad you don't love them enough to name yourself thus. I acknowledge your virtue although quite alien to mine.

Btw, I wasn't mocking you when I suggested you become a diner cook. You sound like you are too young to retire and want to do something totally different. It's honorable work, isn't it? Could be fun talking to the early customers etc. You seem like someone who might enjoy all that (not me). I could be wrong of course. You also said something about solar installation. Good luck if you go with that. Very physical though and you said you were having some health issues...

Most Jews have no Semitic blood. Zero. - Vlad

Most? Zero? How would you define "semitic blood" in the first place?

Did the Khazars have anything to do with writing the Hebrew Bible? Were Solomon or David Khazars? Were the Canaanites (one of the ancestral peoples to the ancient Israelites according to some accounts) Khazars also?

How about the New Testament? Were the writers Khazar? Was Saul of Tarsus a Khazar? How about Jesus?

According to my reading the Khazars were a power in the medieval period and were nowhere close to ancient Israel or places in Africa where the ancestral tongue to the Semitic languages originated. The Khazar territory was north of the Black Sea.

Seems to me that the record of Jewish achievement and their outsized influence on human history goes way back into ancient times and way before Khazars appear on the scene.

Mika said that and believed it. Tear down all Gentile structure in business and goverment - using greed to do it. That's always popular. And then be ready to pick up the pieces when it all falls. Classic Protocols of the Elders of Zion point of view. I mean just because it was fiction doesn't make it false...

We turned our publishing and academics over to them just like our banking


You did that? Why?

That was gross btw.

Hey, wait a minute! You're calling ME gross? It was Bean who started talking about Beethoven's two movements...and during a symphony, no less. That's disgusting. ;o)

The Khazars were beseiged between Islam and Christendom. They became Jews as a way to avoid joining either. I'm not making this up. Just google or ask Bill.

Most Jews didn't become Christians. Those that did intermarried and were lost to Israel. This is what Jews fear and modern converts are trying not to lose their Jewishness. I have no problem with that per se btw. But many are twisting Christianity to make Jews first again.

Obviously Israel and the Old Testament have been immensely infuential, but culturally not genetically.

Modern Judaism and Judaism since the Fall of the Temple, has nothing to do with the Judaism of Moses and David. They were ethnocentric, but modern Judaism considers all other men to be nothing but animals as per the Talmud. And hatred of Christ and Christians is a duty.

I admit the Reform Jews don't hold to this or even know about it. They just think they are better and more "liberal" than us.

Reformed are better than both Blacks and whites, which is why I'm glad you decided to put them in charge of ideas and money. Good job, Vlad!

It's worth a look.

Sorry, no go. I'm waiting for Anti to write a coherent post about it.

I know...I shouldn't hold my breath.


Free Physics (like Free Jazz)

Up until now our civilization has always found the "discovery process", the "scientific enquiry process" the most important to "advance", but this is over now, most of what had to be discovered has been discovered, there will be very few really new breakthroughs in Science and Technology in the future, so we must completely change our paradigm, our way of doing things.

We must free ourselves from being slaves to what Nature and the Laws of Physics dealt us, WE MUST ENTER THE AGE OF PURE INVENTION, WE MUST CREATE NEW WORLDS, CREAT NEW LAWS, WE MUST NO LONGER BE SLAVES TO THE TRUTH, ETC. We must stop trying to discover Objective Truths but invent Subjective False Truths, we must worship Lies, we must worship total falsification of reality and all, invent fake worlds and live in them, be crazy to the utmost extent.

What happens in the "Black Hole" where the Laws of Physics no longer operate ? Well Free Physics, all kinds of incredible, insane laws are operating, all things are mixed and true and false, everything is related to everything else through everything else and also disjoint and unrelated, all time is confused, all points in space are mixed up, everything is the cause of everything else and at the same time is composed of everything else and at the same time not composed of everything else and ever so more, more and more wacky relationships, make your mind go crazy, like a pebble and a cloud are the cause of a transistor and the electrons flowing in the transistor are little Suns, but at the same time the cause of the Sun in the transistor came from a car tire on a random car, but no, it is the other way around, and you can have circular time so everything causes everything else (and the set of pictures, of transitions of one Matter configuration to another Matter configuration can go through many trillions of intermediate pictures, but also just one, or minus a trillion or all of the pictures are confused and all cause and effect is deconstructed and reconstructed wrongly and all messed up and so on and such), but was also caused by everything else in cycles going back and forth, and time going crazy and all points in space connected and disconnected and all delimitations as one monolithic block, as a pure Entity and item, but then disconnected and so forth and so on.

Of course what I really invent and think is way more complex and elaborate and incredible than me being possible to explain it or write it, I am just giving you a glimpse of a small parts of my thoughts: I am a Genius, the greatest Genius of all Time, bar none.

Free Physics, all Laws and No Laws operating, make up anything at all, as crazy as possible, connecting all kinds of things and disconnecting them, as a letter on a page is the heart of a person, but that person is a car engine in a transistor that is inside an atom and so forth, and all mixed up, all time and space confused, a total chaos, and all so true and such.

Free Physics like Free Jazz, break all the rules, improvise, experiment, or better still like Contemporary Music where even the instruments no longer exist, but any wild sound is Music, so it must be done in Physics, anything as far out as possible is the new truth...



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It Is Not The Economy Stupid ...

And yet all of the "Economic problems" are really problems of what is "valuable", what is worth "Buying" or "exchanging" and mostly what "New Rituals" must we perform as a civilization, since the economy is just one big ritual with the exchange of money, the distribution of money to some people performed only according to what is deemed worthy, valuable, what has value, what is artistically and aesthetically valuable in a Technological Economy since most labor is irrelevant, automated, a dime a dozen, and most of all the Economy today has nothing at all to do with Work and labor at all, they are two completely different animals (all work and labor is 100 % obsolete in a Technological Economy bar none). All of the Economic interpretations of problems only reflects a desperate attempt at trying to find some kind of "Objective Truth" in the economic exchanges, as if they were some kind of law of physics, when in all truth they are totally invented, arbitrary, totally simply a wild number, a wild quirky number totally independent of any real needs.

Just like the "Services Economy" and all the BS associated, all of the "Education" BS and such, when all of this stuff is just artistic choices, rituals, just arbitrary programming of people to act and behave and exchange totally worthless crap, all that is exchanged is absolutely worthless crap, totally void of any need or meaning, just a total pure invention that wants to make believe that it is a necessity and such (and in fact the real necessities like Health Care and Houses cost more and more since all of the other BS is optional).

So this is the real problem: since the system can no longer find (invent and "create" fairy tale - cartoon jobs) enough fake jobs for fake needs for millions of people in the USA, EU and JAPAN, they have to find a new way to distribute wealth, since only through this fairy tale ritual of work has it ever been possible to distribute cash. But since work no longer has any possible value anymore, since it is not needed, there is no new way to distribute cash, so we are headed towards mass poverty unless we simply give out Free Salaries to All and Cheap Rents to all.

The "pure economic" problems are not really even 1 % of what the real problems are: the real problems are what kind of games does the civilization want to play and choose to play, what new values do they want to exchange...


Just a word about Fareed Zakaria's plagiarism: he changed some of the words but he stole the idea from the article in the New Yorker. Many think plagiarism is about copying words. It is not. Plagiarism mean to "kidnap" someone else's idea, even of you use different words, and then pass them off as your own. I know. Puzzler knows. Plagiarism is unethical, especially in published works. I think Fareed knows also.

We must free ourselves from being slaves to what Nature and the Laws of Physics dealt us, WE MUST ENTER THE AGE OF PURE INVENTION, WE MUST CREATE NEW WORLDS, CREAT NEW LAWS, WE MUST NO LONGER BE SLAVES TO THE TRUTH, ETC. We must stop trying to discover Objective Truths but invent Subjective False Truths, we must worship Lies, we must worship total falsification of reality and all, invent fake worlds and live in them, be crazy to the utmost extent.

And when we get bored with that, can we get back to Dancing with the Stars and American Idol and watching a woman on the field for the first time in NFL history? She did well last night in the Green Bay / Chargers game. Very professional.

Most Jews have no Semitic blood. Zero. - Vlad

OK well here is a study on the question presented at the National Academy of Sciences of the good old US of A.

Here's the link

Here's the concluding paragraph:

"In summary, the combined results suggest that a major portion of NRY biallelic diversity present in most of the contemporary Jewish communities surveyed here traces to a common Middle Eastern source population several thousand years ago. The implication is that this source population included a large number of distinct paternal and maternal lineages, reflecting genetic variation established in the Middle East at that time. In turn, this source diversity has been maintained within Jewish communities, despite numerous migrations during the Diaspora and long-term residence as isolated subpopulations in numerous geographic locations outside of the Middle East."

So I think that this would refute your contention that today's Jews have zero "Semitic blood".

Note that they said : "The implication is that this source population included a large number of distinct paternal and maternal lineages, reflecting genetic variation established in the Middle East at that time."

So what does "Semitic" mean? I don't think "Semitic" is meant to mean a genetically homogenous group of people but rather one that has linguistic and cultural commonalities and well as familial kinship. But also multiple origins. People move. They migrate. They inter-marry. As the study said: "...a large number of distinct paternal and maternal lineages..."

And my hypothesis is that if they dug deeper some of those maternal and paternal lineages would extend down into Africa to the place of orgin of the Afro-Asiatic language group of which Semitic is a part. I really don't think it's a wild ass idea. I think it is testable.

And you say: Modern Judaism and Judaism since the Fall of the Temple, has nothing to do with the Judaism of Moses and David.

No doubt Judaism changed over the centuries. But to say it has "nothing" to do with the Judaism of David and Moses? Come on.

Your theory that the Nile may have served as a conduit for population transfers from black Africa into Hebrew-occupied Palestine sounds plausible, and it may well be true.

There's a problem though. The famously high Jewish IQ is not a property of the Jews as a whole. From what I've read, it seems that the Ashkenazim are the clever ones, not the Sephards. For example, here's a list I came across recently and which I committed to memory:

Ashkenazi Jews outside of Israel: average IQ 110
Ashkenazi jews inside Israel: average IQ 103
Sephardic Jews inside Israel: average IQ 95

If these figures are accurate they seem to indicate that the Ashkenazim are more clever than the other groups in the Jewish family. And what makes this relevant to the Nile-as-conduit argument is that if the Ashkenazim are really only converted Khazars, their genetic connection to Palestine is negligent or non existent, which makes their genetic connection to black Africa the same

We need to go live on Mars - which needs women.

See this study which I also provided in my reply to Vlad above.

See this line from the study. Self explanatory:

"The results support the hypothesis that the paternal gene pools of Jewish communities from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East descended from a common Middle Eastern ancestral population, and suggest that most Jewish communities have remained relatively isolated from neighboring non-Jewish communities during and after the Diaspora."

So what can one say about this business about Jews being converted Turkic people? No doubt there were conversions along the way in the long history of the Jews. But this Khazar stuff sounds seriously overblown to me.


Re: Free Physics (like Free Jazz)

Postby nameta9 » Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:59 pm

James S Saint wrote:

nameta9 wrote:we must completely change our paradigm, our way of doing things.

Why exactly "must" you do that?
What do you think happens if you don't invent new lies to live by?

For Some Cheap Thrills...


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their genetic connection to Palestine is negligent or non existent,

Hahaha. This is a new one.

It's negligible.

Firt gear, its all right, second gear hold on tight,...

Beach Boys with speech impediment?

Okay, that's enough of THAT shit.

I'll reiterate the link to something of substance that has to do with how societies organize themselves and mutate, relating to the very big picture of cosmic entropic progression.

Guest posting by Alexander Aston:

Those who are truly interested in how human culture actually evolves should consider this. Those who are interested in forcing history and looming change into the parameters of their narrow mindset are most happily invited to ignore it. (For the simple reason that your blinkered notions are soon to succumb to an entropic tsunami.)

"I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in." (Okay, I guess; so I'll drop back out now. Let me know how the race war between the nincomtards turns out.)

I didn't think he [Bruce Jenner] was all that great an athlete, no better than me and my brothers. I was surprised at his success at the '76 Olympics. He must've improved as he grew a little older.

This has got to be one of the patently dumbest things I've ever read.

peace peaceniks

Ive read the average IQ in Israel is 90!!!!
And I read [in the LA Times] US Jews are so inbred that millions trace their lines back to 3 Russian women!
I swear that was in an article about 6 years ago.

According to the "Evidence for Common Jewish Origins" section in the article you linked, the Jews, Ethiopian Jews excepted, are really a distinct race. Or at least a distinct ethnic group. OK.

There are a number of Moroccan Jews in Toronto, and they're fairly dark, compared to, say, Paul Newman, Jewish himself. What does that mean?

Entropic tsunamis are highly overrated.

Did I actually write that? Serious slip.

Every summer Nobel laureates converge from all over the world in Germany to share and learn from one another on the state of sciences today from cosmology to particle physics to neuroscience. Of the common wisdom that comes to the surface at these meetings is that while the tools of science have changed since the golden age, many of the questions at the root of all research remain the same, among them are: Why there is something rather then nothing? Or why is matter so much more than antimatter? What does entanglement reveal about the workings of the world? What is Light? etc.

The American biologist E.O. Wilson has said it beautifully “our sense of wonder grows exponentially: the greater the knowledge, the deeper the mystery”.

Science has helped us abandon many myths and is helping us today to question one of the most powerful myths: the one of the separate self. But ultimately it keeps pointing to what all the sages have pointed to -- the profound mystery of life, which is inaccessible to our feeble human minds.

^Why there is something rather than nothing?^

Or, why is there air?

Bill Cosby knows.

BTW, many scientists believe that science already understands the nature of reality, in principle. But recent research has revealed unexpected problems at the heart of physics, cosmology, biology, medicine and psychology. In his new book, Science Set Free, Rupert Sheldrake shows how the sciences are being constricted by assumptions that have hardened into dogmas.

Science Set Free will radically change your view of what is possible. Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. is a biologist and author of more than 80 scientific papers and 10 books.

Mike, it may ultimately be a Black scientist who gets it. It's useful to reflect on "Why is there air?" questions, I think. It keeps us from getting sidetracked or lost in details. Every now and then, remember to ask yourself "Why is there dharma?" and "Why do I practice?" Or try the question I hear Zen teachers ask, "What is it?" I'm still working on that one.

I'll write one more post about race and then leave the topic alone for a while. CFN readers are probably getting bored. Readers who are bored with what you say don't read what you say.

Racial comments on this blog have fallen into a black-white groove. Here's a different aspect.

The Brahmins of India are obsessed with purity; ritual purity. The Aryans of India are also obsessed with purity; racial purity.

Now, you don't have to be Aryan to be a Brahmin. But some men are both. And those who are both Brahmins and Aryans are hit with a double dose of the purity obsession. This makes their consciousness of being pure-blooded Aryans all the greater. Having a child with an African woman is unthinkable. Having a child with a European woman is not as bad, but it's still beyond the pale.

Sex is a different matter. If blue-eyed blonds are to his taste, he'll take what he can get. But any child that results is the beginning of contamination. He has a millennia-old racial heritage to protect.

The Aryan Brahmin takes the idea of racial hierarchy for granted. He knows that there is a racial pyramid and he knows that he's at the top of it. Everyone else is beneath him, including the whitest of white people.

Racial contempt and racial war in the United States? The United States is a newcomer to the race wars.

Jam, thanks for steering CFN away from race. I want to focus on global warming a bit. The Obama Administration has overseen policies that have helped create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the clean energy industry. And the President enacted the largest expansion of land and water conservation and protected wilderness in a generation while nearly doubling America's generation of electricity from solar power since he took office.

Although I would prefer Jill Stein as President, it is safe to say that a second term for President Obama would be a much more Earth-friendly, and in turn long-term economic-friendly, environment in comparison to that of a Romney administration.

Yes, and if Romney wins, he'll appoint young corporate shills to the Supreme Court. This would endanger the existence of any regulations that protect the human race from destruction by corporations. Air and water would be worse. Labor laws would be turned back a century.

With the Republican use of Senate rules, Obama would not be able to appoint liberals, but at least he could put moderates on the court. However, if Romney wins, the Democrats will fold and give him anything he wants. Our only hope would be Bernie Sanders.

"We have posters (dee, mika, others) who now claim to wish genocide for whites."

I have never wished genocide for whites.
What I have stated is not a wish, but the fact that eventually whites will interbreed with all other races and in the end will cease to exist, along with blacks, asians, etc, and there will be just a nice cream & coffee colored race.
Perhaps then humanity will not be distracted by the issued of race and can look to working on other more pressing problems.

Or not, the world will probably end up run by a bunch of religious crackheads that think thier imaginary sky-being is telling them to fight with the believers of the other imaginary sky-being.

As if the supreme deity even has the time to bother with us. Human arrogance knows no bounds.


What does that mean? Only his DNA knows for sure.
Alot of US Jews have Russian and Polish heritage, yes?

'Racial Purity'? In India cousins marry. sounds like too much of a [good?] thing, Brahmin 'racial purity'.
Do you know what 'Sati' is?
Sometimes the Hindus go WAY too far.

I feel your pain Q.

It's sad to think of all the injuries that these kids sustain in their quest for gold. They're too young to know how their body is going to feel when they're old like me.

My sister-in-law (52) played volleyball for Oregon
and totally messed up her knees. It's painful to watch her walk. She also messed up her eyes by getting laser surgery back in the early days. She claims that she'll be blind and in a wheelchair by the time she's 65.

My philosophy of sports: 1. Don't get hurt. 2. Don't do sports that will make it a bad hair day.

"And many of the tens of millions of Blacks in South Africa came from other parts of Africa - desperate to get into racist South Africa. "

Could it be because that is where the good paying jobs were? Maybe? Possibly?

You are a 'toon too, dood. Maybe not bad, but just drawn that way....



I'm sick of the volleyball; in fact, I would rather watch "The Dude" bowl than watch another game of that stupid sport.

I did see a good wrestling match today, however. An American beat a Russian in the final period.

Here's a name that person game. I say "stage mom" and you would answer who? (This is a ridiculously easy question if you've been watching the games).

I also thought the last half of the opening ceremonies were a pathetic disgrace(the silly cell phone narrative especially). I get the whole British irreverence thing, but what a contrived and banal display. Of course, any country was bound suffer in comparison to the awesome Chinese opening ceremonies four years ago.

Thursday’s horse racingentries,air yeezy 2 for sale
Hollywood ParkPost Time 1:10 p.m.1st race 7 fur 4YO & up F & M Clm: 1 Continental Road (Espinoza) 118; 2 Rhythm 'n Blues (Rollins) 118; 3 Trendy Cielo (Iniguez) 108; 4 La Luz Del Sol (Rodriguez) 113; 5 Maui's Magic (Valdivia) 118; 6 Bemsha Swing (Solis) 118; 7 More Bubbles (Pedroza) 118.2nd race 7-1/2 fur 4YO & up F & M Clm: 1 Shot Blocker (Valdivia) 118; 2 Starring Me (Gomez) 118; 3 Got the Memo (Solis) 118; 4 Annie Lil (Baze) 120; 5 Ralsy (Rodriguez) 111; 6 Dazzling Diamonds (Delahoussaye) 118.3rd race 6 fur 3YO Clm: 1 Fleet Year (Sorenson) 118; 2 Takehimtothelimit (Baze) 118; 3 U U Star (Valenzuela) 118; 4 Nsynctoo (Pedroza) 118; 5 Loomis Trail (Flores) 118; 6 Hesobrite (Jauregui) 118; 7 Never Ready (Solis) 118.4th race 6-1/2 fur 3YO & up F & M Mdn Clm: 1 Valuebull (Gomez) 117; 2 Brooklyn Road (Delahoussaye) 117; 3 Emerald Monique (Pedroza) 115; 4 Glimmering (Rodriguez) 118; 5 Lady Rial (Arias) 117; 6 No Fooling (Almeida) 115; 7 Dream Angel (Baze) 115; 8 Cathy La Joie (Atkinson) 117.5th race 1-1/16 mi 4YO & up F & M Clm: 1 Summer Splendour (Bourdieu) 114; 2 Guthrun (McCarron) 116; 3 Spanish Beam (Pedroza) 114; 4 Zonal Flow (Stevens) 118; 5 Glorious Linda (Delahoussaye) 118; 6 Affirmed Judgement (Nakatani) 118; 7 Stetson Lady (Espinoza) 118; 8 Deviletta (Valdivia) 118.6th race 1-1/16 mi 3YO & up Mdn Clm: 1 Sullivans Travels (Delahoussaye) 116; 2 Ninebanks (McCarron) 116; 3 Dog Fish (Jaime) 109; 4 Light of the Woods (Blanc) 123; 5 Rio Diazo (Baze) 123; 6 Ask Nancy (Valdivia) 114; 7 Quiet Please (Almeida) 123; 8 Really No Saint (Solis) 116; 9 Politarium (Stevens) 116.7th race 6 fur 3YO & up F & M Alw: 1 The Dr. Is a Lady (Espinoza) 121; 2 Dancing Marci (Baze) 121; 3 Above Perfection (Stevens) 117; 4 Prospector's Crown (Smith) 123; 5 Heaven Came Down (Gomez) 123; 6 Vera Icy Lady (Flores) 123; 7 Exquisite Woman (Solis) 117.8th race 7 fur 3YO & up F & M Alw: 1 Boussac Lake (Espinoza) 123; 2 Because of You (Solis) 117; 3 Simply Surprising (Smith) 121; 4 Lil Miss Obnoxious (Navarro) 117; 5 Vodka Talking (Rodriguez) 116; 6 My Diamond (Baze) 123; 7 Diwaki (Delahoussaye) 121; 8 Glass Beauty (Stevens) 121.Bay MeadowsPost Time 12:45 p.m.1st race 5-1/2 fur 3YO & up F & M Clm: 1 Memo to Eve (Arriaga) 121; 2 South City Slew (Lumpkins) 123; 3 Just for Tara (Carr) 123; 4 Skiing Lamb (Schvaneveldt) 123; 5 Raise Money (Baze) 123.2nd race 1 mi 3YO Mdn Clm: 1 Angels Win (Schvaneveldt) 116; 2 Chris's Lad (Delgadillo) 116; 3 Forbettysboyz (Carr) 118; 4 Nosetothe (Baze) 118; 5 Jerry's Way (Warren) 118; 6 Smoke Rings (Arriaga) 118.3rd race 6 fur 3YO Clm: 1a Othersideofthehill (Alvarado) 118; 2a Lord Kins Spirit (Gonzalez) 118; 3 Mango Marquerita (Baze) 118; 4 Rocky Bar (Carr) 118; 5 Big League (Lumpkins) 118; 6 Coil N Strike (Puglisi) 118.4th race 1-1/16 mi 4YO & up F & M Alw: 1 Sky High Dancer (Carr) 118; 2 Breeze Gal (Warren) 118; 3 Belgium Girl (Arriaga) 116; 4 Prized Buy (Lumpkins) 116; 5 Princess Slew Cat (Bisono) 116; 6 Recklesswarrant (Baze) 121.5th race 4-1/2 fur 2YO Mdn: 1a Memmy O (Baze) 115; 2 Stormin Fire (McGurn) 118; 3b Halo Brite (Lumpkins) 118; 4 Traveler Two (Delgadillo) 118; 5 Reveal the Star (Schvaneveldt) 118; 6a Gloriously Golden (Gonzalez) 115; 7b Road Ruhler (Arriaga) 118; 8 El Cowboy (Lopez) 118.6th race 1-1/16 mi 4YO & up Clm: 1a Desert Call (Schvaneveldt) 115; 2 Missigoni (Carr) 117; 3 Consensus (Lopez) 117; 4 Rustridge Brix (Delgadillo) 117; 5 Crusading Pro (Baze) 117; 6 Rare Top (Lumpkins) 119; 7a My Pal Ryan (Gonzalez) 115; 8 Carlacho (Warren) 117; 9 Prince Powhatan (Arriaga) 117.7th race 6 fur 4YO & up F & M Clm: 1 Midnight Mango (Alvarado) 118; 2 Isit Class (Lopez) 118; 3 Greny (Carr) 118; 4a Wacky Jacky (Baze) 118; 5 Gettinsomerespect (Arriaga) 118; 6 Win a Feu (Warren) 118; 7a My First Lady (Lumpkins) 118.8th race 1 mi 3YO & up F & M Mdn Clm: 1 Princess Nugget (Lopez) 115; 2 Lone Splendor (Delgadillo) 121; 3 Listentotheblues (Schvaneveldt) 123; 4 Work the Room (Amarsingh) 121; 5 Airman Turner (Baze) 115; 6 Theres No Tomorrow (Arriaga) 123; 7 Kirbo Turbo (Lumpkins) 115.Belmont ParkPost Time 10 a.m.1st race 7 fur 3YO & up Alw: 1 Lauren's Lad (Espinoza) 121; 2 Wrestler (Pitty) 115; 3 This Fleet Is Due (Bailey) 115; 4 Jazz Pro (Bravo) 121; 5 Shut Out Time (Velazquez) 121; 6 The Conquerer (Arroyo) 121; 7 Monetary Justice (Duarte) 116; 8 Thats a Nono (Pezua) 121; 9 Charlie's Cards (Castillo) 115.2nd race 6-1/2 fur 3YO & up F & M Mdn Clm: 1a J C's Lady (Migliore) 116; 2 Fatal Instinct (Duarte) 111; 3 Kris'sbest (Espinoza) 116; 4 Mom's Dream (Bridgmohan) 116; 5 Manhasset Bay (Arroyo) 116; 6a Sunday Wager (Chavez) 116; 7 Jazzy Ginger (Pimentel) 109; 8 Social Top (Castellano) 116; 9 Winalots Fortune (Castillo) 116.3rd race 5 fur 2YO Mdn: 1 Pinch Hitter (Bridgmohan) 117; 2 Double Chocolate (Chavez) 117; 3 Lifebythedrop (Castillo) 114; 4 Hunter Cruise (Velazquez) 117; 5 Draw Play (Prado) 117; 6 De Troupe (Bailey) 117; 7 Golden Freedom (Castellano) 117.4th race 1-1/8 mi 3YO & up F & M Alw: 1 My Lady Avie (Velazquez) 115; 2 Wootie (Castellano) 121; 3 Bay Dragon (Samyn) 121; 4 Positive Attitude (Migliore) 121; 5 Phil My Tank (Santos) 121; 6 Lyndsey Love (Espinoza) 121; 7 Belongs Fast (Chavez) 121; 8 Smooth Blues (Prado) 121; 9a Here's Ya Mama (Gryder) 121; 10 Kawajlain (Serrano) 114.5th race 1-1/16 mi 4YO & up Mdn: 1 Above the Crowd (Bravo) 116; 2 Open Sesame (Castillo) 116; 3 No Bad Habits (Arroyo) 118; 4 Gander (Velazquez) 116; 5 Jarf (Migliore) 120.6th race 7 fur 3YO & up Mdn: 1 Hitchin' Post (Castillo) 116; 2 Terry Kelly (Samyn) 116; 3 Rover (Prado) 122; 4 Uncrowned (Bridgmohan) 116; 5 Unprecedented (Migliore) 116; 6 Steamboat Bill (Arroyo) 116; 7 Rhythmic Fable (Luzzi) 116; 8 Indian Warrior (Chavez) 116; 9 Steve the Devil (Velazquez) 116; 10 Jackpot (Bailey) 116.7th race 7 fur 3YO & up Alw: 1 Alotabull (Migliore) 121; 2 Mister Blues (Castillo) 121; 3 Thunder Chief (Arroyo) 123; 4 Not Wild (DeCarlo) 115; 5 Mount Intrepid (Bridgmohan) 121; 6 Tampa (Castellano) 117; 7 Light of Justice (Davis) 115; 8 Home Silver (Velazquez) 121; 9 Dayton Flyer (Prado) 115.8th race 1-1/16 mi 4YO & up F & M Alw: 1 Veil of Avalon (Santos) 115; 2 T. N. T. Red (Chavez) 115; 3 Piazza Di Spagna (Prado) 117; 4 Tugger (Arroyo) 115; 5 Babae (Velazquez) 122; 6 Ghost Dance (Bailey) 115; 7 You'll Be Happy (Gryder) 117.9th race 6 fur 4YO & up Clm: 1 Angle of Pursuit (Castillo) 116; 2 Kitt Carson (Bridgmohan) 118; 3 Baricor (Castillo) 109; 4 Agree (Espinoza) 118; 5 Tracking (Pimentel) 109; 6 Gun Barrel (Hunt) 111; 7 Brass Bo (Pezua) 116; 8 Diablo's Addition (Duarte) 111; 9 Foundation (Castellano) 116; 10 Validcardealer (Chavez) 116; 11 Boston Brat (Arroyo) 116; 12 Glitter Lad (Prado) 116. archive

"What I have stated is not a wish, but the fact that eventually whites will interbreed with all other races and in the end will cease to exist..." dj

Dee, that's genocide.
Kinder, gentler, and slower - but genocide, nevertheless.

Besides that, I think you're wrong on a couple of counts:

1. There are areas of the globe suited to particular races. For example, without access to a couple of modern "conveniences" and some good antibiotics - I doubt I or my progeny would last for more than a couple of months in large swaths of the continent of Africa.

2. Take Russia and the surrounding areas - now sparsely populated, but likely to repopulate. And unless the Russians loose their minds to the sort of growth at all cost capitalism and loony political correctness on immigration that has infected the West - - those areas will likely remain "white" for as long as humans inhabit that region. Plus, with global warming - Russia may see things break her way for the first time in a long, long time.


And even if we humans do all magically interbreed into a mocha shade in a 1000 years, dee - we'll still fight over skin color.
Consider Costa Rica - ok, that's not fair.

Consider Mexico, then. A more racially conscious society would be hard to find. The darker the skin, the harder and dirtier the work being done - as a general rule.

Meanwhile, the pure Castillian Spanish in Mexico collect most of the money, and live in most of the privilege - and carefully marry among themselves to preserve all of it.

"According to what I've read slavery was used in the US from the 16th century to the 19th. That isn't just a couple years of beating up on just a few people." -rhino-

I know that, Cash. But with the sort of brainwashing we're talking about here, historical accuracy matters not at all.
Historical accuracy would assign blame for slavery to MANY peoples, including global traders, shipping firms, and African tribes themselves.

The lie is better. To paraphrase Buck, Southern conservative Bible thumpers are responsible for ALL of the evils of slavery - all by themselves.

"Blacks were a small, despised minority that got the worst of everything. So you end up with a messed up, violent society. Small wonder."

Small wonder my ass. Blacks were doing fine in the '60's - using the Civil Rights act to advance themselves, keeping their families intact with some fathers around, and basically not being all worried about "acting white."

That's gone off the rails - for all but a lucky minority of middle and upper class black families.

And things are getting measurably worse for the majority of lower socioeconomic level blacks.
And the hate of these blacks for whites gets worse and worse - because of the "brainwashing" attached to slavery as an explanation for all black failures.

Buck - it's not that slavery should be denied or minimized. But it can't be used as an excuse FOREVER, can it?

To put it another way - Why is slavery used more as an excuse NOW - than it ever was used in 1964?????

And how do we get US society - white and black - off of this runaway train before it crashes over the looming cliff.

Or some metaphor like that - ;-)

Gotta run.

Dee, that's genocide.
Kinder, gentler, and slower - but genocide, nevertheless

gen·o·cide   ... Noun
The deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation.


Prog4spam, interbreeding is not killing, as there is no intention to exterminate the white race, just the desire to love and procreate with the white race. It's no one's fault that the white race will eventually become extinct without anybody being killed.

You are confusing extinction with genocide. There can be a kinder, gentler extinction, but there cannot be a kinder, gentler genocide because genocide necessarily is violent.

'There are areas of the globe suited to particular races'.

In Tibet the Chinese arent doing too well, too cold are dry.The Chinese sponsored 'race replacement project' comes at a price. So, yes, some climes are so extreme it takes eons for the people to adapt. Do you know why Scandinavians have long noses?

'Consider Mexico, then. A more racially conscious society would be hard to find'.
Hardly, try its neighbor, Cuba. Or Russia.
Oh, what do those 2 places have in common? State sponsored economic [and other] 'equality'.

'Buck - it's not that slavery should be denied or minimized..'
Hardly, History continues to be rewritten.
What % of 'the worlds slaves' were in the USA?
Yet we continue to pay.
Ignore 'stud', hes too dumb to have a choice'
[I borrowed that from John Hiatt].
Let 'jism breath' watch men wrestle on the tube.

Wow, heres some good news, maybe 'lil miss' Open Borders will be ousted!!!!

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano Sued for Sexual Discrimination
Opposing Views‎ - 12 hours ago
Top New York ICE Officer Sues Napolitano For Discrimination Against Men
NPR (blog)‎ - 10 hours ago

Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano Sued For Sex ...
9 hours ago – Janet Napolitano, the secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, is charged with gender discrimination in a lawsuit by James T

I know that, Cash...Rhino is Cash?

Buck - it's not that slavery should be denied or minimized. But it can't be used as an excuse FOREVER, can it?

To put it another way - Why is slavery used more as an excuse NOW - than it ever was used in 1964?????


Perhaps you can be more specific and provide some current quotes/examples which use the 'excuse of slavery more than it was used in 1964?'

I think what many people do is conflate economic tribulation and Govt provided relief to those who happen to be African-American as reparations for slavery, Jim Crow, etc.

Or perhaps your squawk is against minority quotas?

Let's talk specifics instead of murky generalizations which afford no-hand hold for realistic thought/debate.

  Port-au-Prince news: Haiti, police announced that the Haitian National Police launched a massive anti-drug operation day in southeast Haiti, a total of 2048.8 kilograms of drugs seized, and arrested 185 drug trafficking street lamp
  Haitian police said the anti-drug operation from the Haitian capital Port-au-Gan, 27 km east of West Asia municipality of drugs seized 453.8 kilograms of cocaine and 1595 kilograms of marijuana. Meanwhile, police also seized a number of drug transport vehicles, firearms, ammunition and communication tools.
  Haiti is located in the west of the island of Hispaniola in the Antilles, the Caribbean Daan, one of the main channel for the production of drug traffickers transported drugs from Colombia and other countries to the United States and Europe.
 solar panel

'Buck - it's not that slavery should be denied or minimized..' Hardly, History continues to be rewritten. What % of 'the worlds slaves' were in the USA? Yet we continue to pay. Ignore 'stud', hes too dumb to have a choice' [I borrowed that from John Hiatt]. Let 'jism breath' watch men wrestle on the tube.

LOL. anti-soak advises to ignores 'stud' but reads his every post.

"We need to go live on Mars - which needs women."

HA! Blatant cartoonery.

My bots never sleep, asshat.

Firt gear, its all right, second gear hold on tight,...

Beach Boys with speech impediment?

Ok Q, You owe me a new laptop cuz this one has coffee all over the keyboard!

Vlad, Women are from Venus. I thought everyone knew that. I wish I could send some of this rain to the midwest. They certainly could use it. We got hammered with the DHMO last night. and those of your ilk are so blinded by racism, hate, or ideology that even simple DEFINITIONS become twisted in your minds.

Your chosen definition for genocide:
"The deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation."

We assume you chose this definition for its use of the loaded word, "killing."

Because "killing" implies violence, but certainly does not require it.

And here's a better definition -

"the (deliberate?? and) systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

We can argue about "deliberate," and the (??) are my editorial question marks - BUT, there is no doubt that the systematic extermination of "white, Western?" culture is definitely what you and Dee, and Mika, and many others - are devoutly wishing for and predicting.

If present trends continue for 100 years, you may well get your wishes.

And that is genocide.

Buck -
I'll attempt to give you a response on Sunday evening.
But I'm no sociologist.

What we need is an honest and non-PC sociologist to answer the question -

"How have references to slavery as an excuse for non-achievement and violence by lower socioeconomic classes of African descent in the Unites States INCREASED - in the period 1964 to present.


Meanwhile, Buck - you want to elaborate on this piece of prose, please?

"I think what many people do is conflate economic tribulation and Govt provided relief to those who happen to be African-American as reparations for slavery, Jim Crow, etc."

Dihydrogen Monoxide??
Whoa, that shit is definitely dangerous! If you accidentally immerse yourself in it, it inhibits your lungs' ability to take in oxygen. (Very similar to drowning.) Careful.
It can create conditions that have all the characteristics of "flooding", as well.
Nasty stuff; don't swallow it, whatever you do!

One more, in response to Being There, and her post on GS.
Some of the comments are certainly antisemitic.
Sorry about that, Bill and others.
But the article certainly is not, IMO.
Or show me where I'm wrong.

Rhino is Cash? - A.S.

Wrong guy. Not so surprising if some of us sound alike. We grow up and live in similar circumstances and societies.

The US is finally starting to fix the agent orange problem, or at least a very small part of it.

By government standard 51 years is a pretty rapid response.

That is "standards".

...there is no doubt that the systematic extermination of "white, Western?" culture is definitely what you and Dee, and Mika, and many others - are devoutly wishing for and predicting. - P4S

And if pressed to say what they would put in its place they have no answers.

They devoutly wish for and predict and if they live long enough for their wishes and predictions to come to pass their exultation will be exceedingly brief. That's MY prediction.

People vote with their feet. Countries in the western world and especially the anglosphere are magnets for migrants, "documented" or otherwise.

For all the supposed hate for the United States people all over the world can't get enough of American style products, music, food and culture in general not to mention the English language. Can anyone point to other powers in the past or present that have or had so much so-called "soft-power", such enormous power to attract and influence? If American-ism is so rotten why do so many people in so many cultures want it so much?

So the Asokas and Mikas hate the United States? So they're disgusted by the Americanization of the world? I can think of far worse things. Would they rather have had the corrupt despotism of places like Russia or China spreading their murderous, strangling tentacles? Or how about an oppressive theocracy like Iran or Saudi Arabia?

Don't like British colonialism? OK, that's fine, people should be unmolested and left to find their own way. I'm with that.

But let's look at the alternatives. How about the Spanish. Look at what a fucking mess they made. Or the Portuguese.

How about a nod to Amerindian cultures? No warfare, no bloodshed, no conquest, no grief, no siree, all living in peace and harmony and in communion with nature. Right?

...magic mushrooms... help yourselves...

Ashkenazi Jews outside of Israel: average IQ 110
Ashkenazi jews inside Israel: average IQ 103
Sephardic Jews inside Israel: average IQ 95 - Jam

Let's look at this.

Ashkenazi Jews outside of Israel: ave. IQ = 110
Ashkenazi Jews inside of Israel: ave. IQ = 103

So why the difference?

Can you think of factors that affect IQ test scores besides genetics since I would imagine that Ashkenazi Jews inside and outside of Israel are not genetically distinct?

Let me make a suggestion, one that I'm taking from my own observation. This is about just one person so generalization is hazardous but sometimes these examples are useful as illustration:

When I was a small boy I had a neighbor and playmate around my age named Paul. He was a happy kid, did OK in school. An average kid. Paul and me and our neighborhood gang did all the usual stuff that small working class/middle class boys did.

Then when Paul was about 11 years old he had an upheaval in his family. Parents split up, his dad left, his mom re-married a couple years later. I don't know why the split happened but for Paul it was miserable. He went from being a happy kid to the opposite.

After his mom re-married Paul went with his dad for a while and then bounced back and forth between households. He went from being a happy kid to a scowling thug by the time he was 14.

Needless to say his school went to hell. We were never as friendly as before because he fell in with another gang but we still occasionally walked to and from school and shot the shit in the smoking alley at school. He told me some of the crap he went through with his mom's new hubby. Not fun. The new guy did not want him around.

What do you figure would have happened to his IQ test scores after all the mess in that kid's life?

What I'm saying is that life circumstances have an impact. I would imagine that how well fed you are, how healthy you are, the quality of your medical care, how much stress you have at home and in your neighborhood, the quality of the schools you go to and no doubt many other factors all affect IQ test scores.

Which many explain the difference in IQ test scores between the Ashkenazi Jewish folk inside and outside of Israel ie differing circumstances and living conditions.

And it may explain the difference in IQ test scores between Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazis.

Human nature being what it is, fans of sixties British rock have probably begun speculating on which of the two in the following pairs is going to die first:

Eric Clapton or Jack Bruce.
Pete Townshend or Roger Daltrey.
Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr.
Jimmy Page or Robert Plant.
Mick Jagger or Keith Richards

And big-money bets probably have been placed.

The lives of the rock Gods reminds me of how sumptuous the post-1945 Age has been. Now its going.

Romney picks Ryan.

Fuck me.

"How have references to slavery as an excuse for non-achievement and violence by lower socioeconomic classes of African descent in the Unites States INCREASED - in the period 1964 to present."

You know I just don't hear that as often as I used to. Even in the REALLY fucked up Black neighborhoods. I must admit that I my age, I don't get those places very often any more. I know you may find this hard to believe, but they pay attention to the same media sources that Whites do. They know how fucked up the economy is.

What I do hear is that starting in the 1970's how devastating the loss of manufacturing jobs is to the African American neighborhoods. And it happened just as they were starting to make some real headway.

What an old story. As jobs dry up, racism increases. I saw the same thing happen in Germany.

You can pass all the laws you want. But you can't legislate people's attitudes. Where I come from, Affirmative Action made the racists dig their heels in even deeper. "Unfair!" they cried. Oh? And just how fair have they been?

Ryan' plan will balance the budget by 2080.

With Mitt Romney's support, Ryan would end Medicare as we know it and slash the investments we need to keep our economy growing -- all while cutting taxes for those at the very top.

Hey O3, don't tell me about it! My phone took a load of water and shit the bed. I also lost a 100 dollar deep cycle battery. I have a lot of respect for water polo players. I treaded water and dove for maybe two hours trying to find that thing. I did find it, but try to swim with a 70 lb battery! I could not do it. I had to drop it before i was pulled under. I'm still sore. I could not find it again. Ruined my whole day.Chalk it up to stupidity! I am not eating lead paint anymore!

I was at a blues festival in Anglesea NJ back around the middle of July and saw this dude. He rips it up big time. I guess he is from Miami. I never heard of him. He plays the slide like a spider monkey. A fine fellow Ginzo. Although he does not use Coricidin bottle like my man Duane.

Correction. "Lives" is the subject. Therefore, "remind."

Ok I forgot the link again. My brain is waterlogged.

The financial industry and the U.S. military tell Obama what to do.

Since Obama is not the highest power, then hasn't the U.S. presidential election already been decided?

Isn't it time to dispense with the illusion of voting and time to resort to direct action?

The financial industry and military do not tell Obama to choose a Jewish woman and a wise Latina to serve on the Supreme Court. Your premise is flawed. Elections matter.

Duane Allman?

Ryan will sink the Republicans. Just like Palin, Ryan lacks the experience needed to step into the presidency. Romney has shown poor judgment.

Hey! It's a perfect pick.
As of now, the drooling rubes that now make up the majority of the Grasping Oligarchs' Pudsuckers party can remember which grinning gimlet-eyed liars they're supposed to vote for by simple alliteration!

Romney, Ryan, Republican. See there? Nice 'n' easy; just the way the concerned, informed citizenry likes it.

I sometimes wonder if the duopoly king-makers don't sometimes meet in that smoke-filled room and figure out who they can possibly put up there (as a fixed fight or both-like-same non-risk, you understand) to prod the lumpens to come out to the polls. You've got to have some "attendance" to make things look somewhat legit.

"Friends and fellow corn-holers, we've got a setup that can't be beat this time. Romney and that false-front fool, Ryan to scare the libs and the poor that they'll lose all gummint services (and thus flock to the polls), versus the faux Black guy with the continuation of the GW admin. [and whomever] to scare the Evangelicals and closet race-baited into thinking that all their ATV's and guns will be given to the Negroes and other assorted brown-tinted folk (spurring them to make their mark in a boof, as well)." -Felix Fatcat

This collection of round-heeled grifters is the best that we can find to face the future?? Wow, no wonder nobody elsewhere takes us too seriously until we start pointing weapons at them.

Why, it's enough to make someone think "the people" are being steered by purposeful conspiracy!

All I want is an accurate COUNT of the number of voters that show up to express their [severely limited] choice. I really don't care who is determined to be the winner. Just the numbers, please and thank you. That should tell us which way the wind is blowing in the land of faith, trust and greater-goodness...

Did someone say COUNT?

Three....three disenfranchised voters.

ha ha ha

On a related note, how 'bout that Louisiana Hole. Just more proof that Louisiana sucks. Unless they're having hurricanes. Then it blows.

Claims he was born in Wisconsin, but has not produced a long form birth certificate. Claims to be Roman Catholic.

I agree. Paul Ryan is a revolting Ayn Rand enthusiast. Romney has the political acumen of a turtle.

I'm hoping JHK's surgery went well this week--sending good thoughts his way.

Check out JHK's awesome garden on this site. Inspiring!


Presidential elections in the U.S. matter about as much as electing mid-level management in a corporation.

Yes, mid-level managers can make some important decisions. But if the owners don't like those decisions, then the mid-level manager President is replaced.

The U.S. election has already been decided. The election is just theater. have the necessary level skepticism, but not weird enough. After destroying a significant number of brain cells (a tip of the hat to the Miller Brewing Co.), I've determined that the Republican Party has been taken over by David Icke's reptile people.

'People vote with their feet'
Thus spoke Rhino

[and yr previous post, its 'their' not 'thier',
I admit many times I too have typed 'thier']
Cheers Little Dee

And to whoever wondered which Stars will die / outlive each other, Ginger Baker has had a liver transplant.
I once met someone who owned Gingers Gold records etc, Ginger had reported sold them to buy other things.

What? Mr. Kunstler had surgery?

Mr. Kunstler,
Please recover as quickly as you can. Thank you so much for your insights and sponsoring this blog. Did I say blog? More like Den of Inequity.

One day we shall meet and we will test your bio-improvements in a raucous round of Roller Hockey. You get to pick the parking lot.

OK. Maybe not right away. But, at a minimum, Combat Tennis. Oh yeah. Rolling around in the red dirt.

And, hey! You can handle that Kunstlercast. Think of all the uber-geeks that will be more than glad to help you out. Myself included. You got my email.

Get Well Soon,

Rita Hayworth

The Ickes filter has alerted the reptile security forces and agents are tracing you. Move quickly. This is your only warning.

Jen, he's very smart. If you put him and Bill Clinton in a room together for a few hours, they could hammer together a viable solution. Whether it would pass the House and Senate is another question.

Ginger Baker but not Keith Richards. It's all a matter of the constitution you're given, I suppose.

Cream was supreme.

There are all kinds of heroes in this world. Some that I think about from time to time are the men & women who drive the #210 LA Metro bus. The Long Beach run. I could describe to y'all the craziness I've witnessed on this bus, but I'll save that for another time.

One of my Marine brothers JUST sent me an email that describes another kind of hero. I know that this will probably bug the shit out of some of you, but I can't help it. I'm a Vet. Besides, fuckhead outranked me so it constitutes a lawful order. I'm to pass this along. I hope you understand.

Here's what I was sent:

You're a 19 year old kid.

You're critically wounded and dying in the jungle somewhere in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam ...
It's November 11, 1967.
LZ (landing zone) X-ray.

Your unit is outnumbered 8-1 and the enemy fire is so intense from 100 yards away, that your CO (commanding officer) has ordered the rescue helicopters to stop coming in.

You're lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns and you know you're not getting out.

Your family is half way around the world, 12,000 miles away, and you'll never see them again. As the world starts to fade in and out, you know this is the day.

Then - over the machine gun noise - you faintly hear that sound of a helicopter. You look up to see a Huey coming in. But.. It doesn't seem real because no MedEvac markings are on it.

Captain Ed Freeman is coming in for you.

He's not MedEvac so it's not his job, but he heard the radio call and decided he's flying his Huey down into the machine gun fire anyway.

Even after the MedEvacs were ordered not to come. He's coming anyway.

And he drops it in and sits there in the machine gun fire, as they load 3 of you at a time on board. Then he flies you up and out through the gunfire to the doctors and nurses and safety.

And, he kept coming back!! 13 more times!! Until all the wounded were out. No one knew until the mission was over that the Captain had been hit 4 times in the legs and left arm.

He took 29 of you and your buddies out that day. Some would not have made it without the Captain and his Huey.

Medal of Honor Recipient, Captain Ed Freeman, United States Air Force, died last Wednesday at the age of 70, in Boise, Idaho

May God Bless and Rest His Soul.

I bet you didn't hear about this hero's passing, but we've sure heard a whole bunch about Whitney Houston, Lindsay Lohan, Dr. Murray, that sicko Sandusky , and a 72- day sham marriage.

Shame on the media !!!

End of Transmission.

Captain Freeman. Testicles like Brunswick bowling balls. I had to go outside and give him a proper salute.


Risking your life to save the lives of others is the greatest of heroism.

Everyone needs to here about those types of heroes every day.

Yeah of course, but why were there so many jobs there and not in Black Africa? Why does Black always mean poor if they are equal with us? Dee, you can be glib or you can be smart - choose.

I can be glib or a smart alec because I'm estabished in Truth. You are not and it just keeps you divided from yourelf.

Budgets are enviromental limits in finance. Repent (think it thru again)

Of course he's a swine on a deeper level of saving the White Race and globalism.

Thanks, chair. Now I understand why people like Cheney, Bush, and Romney, who were draft age avoided going to Vietnam by getting deferments. Romney got five deferments. They were smart enough not to get themselves pinned down by enemy fire in an illegal war.

Not smart enough. Priveleged enough.

Oh no - I just fired a missile at Venus. It keeps blinking when I'm trying to sleep. Thinks it's a star...

I just saw back-to-back commercials from different law firms about bad hip replacements. JHK has a shot at the new American dream, class II.

Class I: Winning the lottery.

Class II: Suing someone with deep pockets.

Class III: Becoming "famous". That is becoming a "reality" TV star, or a celebrity. Usually without having any redeeming qualities.

I hope that the surgery at least will not have to pay anything for fixing his problem. He doesn't seem to be one who will try to milk every penny that he can out of this.

Massive correction:

I hope that he will not have to pay anything for the surgery.

Good point Soak. Increasingly, our leaders are draft dodgers. Or at best, men who have never served like Obama. Yet this failed faux pacifist has no problem with sending men to their death.

So you're sitting there,staring at he screen,night after night,-35 below outside, life,no love..back to the barracks.People don't know..dissed in the local community..treated like shit.

Obama was eight years old and could not go to Vietnam.
Obama did serve as a community prganizer, walking the streets of South Chicago, unarmed, which takes more guts than you white guys have.

They paid your salary. You want a medal, too?

Actually, that's a great post, X.

People don't have to serve in the military, but I believe that a politician who participates in deciding federal policy that sends men out in combat, in danger, ought to have served in combat themselves; they don't have to be a General Eisenhower, they just must have combat experience. Otherwise, those politicians are hypocrites of the highest order.

Until one faces death in the midst of ordinance flying around, a person cannot know the meaning of what they are doing by sending soldiers into battle zones.

I believe that a politician who participates in deciding federal policy that sends men out in combat, in danger, ought to have served in combat themselves.


Isn't this biased against women presidents? Are women given equal combat opportunity, exactly the same as men? We need a woman as president, like Jill Stein. To hell with military experience. End the damn wars, military adventures, invasions of countries which pose no threat to our security; end the endless military presence and occupations in dozens of countries. What a giant waste of trillions of dollars! Elect a woman without military experience.

Yea Duane Allman, one of the best slide players who ever lived! Sure not as good as some of the older black dudes but he still cranks!

Is Ryan as secretive as Romney? Will he release more years of tax returns than Romney? Does Ryan have Swiss bank accounts and money hidden in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes? Does Ryan care about the poor? Does Ryan enjoy firing people? Does he believe "corporations are people, too, my friend?" Is Ryan going to defend Romney's lying? (I know the answer to the last question)

The Sky Dog ripped! Ya gotta love the tiger Les Paul. This is probably the wrong site , But D A was the man at Muscle Shoals!

More like Den of Inequity.

It's iniquity, X. See link below.

Wait....wait.....I know this.

ADAK. Right?,_Alaska

Dammit. How many demerits am I up to?

15 demerits now u have 2 hours detetion.Please write on the board. I will not be a wiseass 300 times!!!!Than you may go home.!!

Than you may go home.!!

This is a joke, right Ripped?

Sorry, now you have 2 hours detention. My typing is not the best. I know about the diction addiction. Sorry, ma man!

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You mean he could be the Tiger Woods of hip replacement product endorsements? I bet the thought of that just tickles him. Hope he sticks to books.

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

Concerning Paul Ryan as Mitt the twits choice for yes man.

Ryan advocates deep cuts in government spending and lower taxes. He publicly confronted President Obama over his health care reform. CBS News

If K-dog were president I'd start taming the budget by dealing with REALITY.

As for lower taxes for rich people. They don't pay enough as it is. Double capital gains and lets see how big the Federal deficit is.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité



I meant what I said.

And for this unspeakable breach of ettiquette,

You must examine the US ARMY Blimp.

All you need to know about Paul Ryan is that he became interested in public service through Ayn Rand. The same inspiration behind Alan Greenspan.
(yep, you gotta love that logic. They hate the government but they want to You can bet your bottom dollar all tax payer money will go to their cronies.)

This phoney cult leader was more than happy to take her medicare and social security when she became old and infirmed---yes, yes these people become rich and famous pushing their nonsense, but they change on a dime when its their own lives on the line. A few months ago letters written by the Koch brothers from years ago were exposed, inviting Von Hyak to speak in the US and promised that he would be eligible for medicare since he taught at the infamous Chicago School of Business at one time. Of course standing right behind all these characters is Milton Friedman who founded the disaster capitalism the world has had a taste of.

They're gonna tell you you have to live in austerity while they keep making more money at your expense. They'll say they have to pay down the debt which is impossible to pay. ($1.4 quadrillion)

Now, my friends, the power elite want the safety net privatized and dismantled and when they want something they steam-roll the agenda. Doesn't matter how many people disagree.
I always quote Cheney when someone told him the people don't want the wars, he said: "So?"

Here's a bit of a different niche for slide aficionados; Sonny done carved most of it by hisself, I do believe.

(X. Yep, there are some good things that are native to Lou'zana. ;o)

'Nother one, but we can't see nuthin'! (Brings to mind the stylings of another virtuoso, Eric Johnson.)

There are a lot of versions of this shot with shitty sound on cellphones, etc. Lemme know if you run across one with decent sound that we can see what the magic hands are doing.

Thanks O3, I never heard from this guy. I love the right hand work!

Uno mas, so you can really dig those glassine tones without the fuss and bother of bass and drummage:

(Sorry, to those who don't give a fig for gitbox stuff.)

As for lower taxes for rich people. They don't pay enough as it is. Double capital gains and lets see how big the Federal deficit is.

Wrong approach K, completely and utterly the wrong approach. Stop worrying about how much people make and how they make it. Stop trying to engineer behavior by punishing certain activities and subsidizing others. Extract (fairly) a larger amount from the rich in relation to what they spend not what they "earn." In short, do away with all income based taxes and instead use a flat rate consumption tax.

As for getting the Federal deficit down, the answer is to shrink government, not raise taxes.

Thanks for the reminder. Most true greatness remains unsung.

What's up with the Chicago Connection, anyhoo??
Leo Strauss (Dark Lord of Neocon-ery) ensconced his evil ass there as well.

A throne in the country's center from which to dispense their vomit and tickle the strings of their poisonous web?

I love the right hand work!

Now you see, Vlad, this is a perfect example. These guys T-up a sentence like this^ and you expect me NOT to come back with "Kyoo's penis to Kyoo: 'I love the right hand work!'"

From the mouths of the representatives of that blind lady with the scales and sword come these pristine and beneficent words: "Goldman and Sachs; all is forgiven... now go, and continue sinning."

"...In its statement released Thursday, the Justice Department said it had conducted “an exhaustive review of the report,” but concluded that “based on the law and evidence as they exist at this time, there is not a viable basis to bring a criminal prosecution with respect to Goldman Sachs or its employees in regard to the allegations set forth in the report.”

That's nice; I'm so filled with joy, I could just shit.

Let's put this distasteful episode of petty shenanigans behind us and look forward, shall we?

I am shocked... SHOCKED I tell you!
DISGUSTING! (But pretty funny. ;o)

This is excerpted from Mish's blog yesterday:

1.Would fair share tax hikes be enough to fund US government spending?
2.What if we took 100% of the profits of Walmart and Exxon Mobile?
3.What if the corporate tax rate was 100% for every corporation?
4.What if we confiscated 100% of the wealth of the super-wealthy including Warren Buffet and Bill Gates?
5.What if we did ALL of the above? Would that balance the budget?

A recent Tony Robbins video making the rounds answers all of those questions. It is about 19 minutes long and well worth a play in entirety.

To meet total spending requirements of $3.2 trillion, but not counting $117 trillion in unfunded liabilities, not only would we have to do everything in the five point list above, but we would have to take the combined salaries of all players in the NFL, Major League Baseball, the NBA, and the NHL, cut military spending by $254 billion, and tax everything people make above $250,000 at a 100% tax rate.

That's what it would take to meet the 2012 budget of $3.8 trillion. It would do nothing to pay down the existing national debt of close to $16 trillion. It would not come remotely close to meeting $117 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Robbins gives credit in his video to the post Feed Your Family on $10 Billion a Day by IowaHawk.

In turn, I give credit to Michael Snyder for his writeup Anyone With Half A Brain Should See That A Gigantic Economic Collapse Is Coming

Snyder, referencing Ron Paul and Tony Robbins, writes ...

For the past four decades, the United States has been enjoying a 15 trillion dollar party. All of this borrowed money has enabled us to live far, far beyond our means.

If our politicians voted to severely cut spending or to raise taxes dramatically at this point, our economy would suddenly readjust to a more realistic standard of living. But that would be extremely painful and most Americans voters would be absolutely furious. They would demand that someone “fix” the economy immediately. But the truth is that what we have been enjoying all these years has not been real. It has been bought with trillions of dollars stolen from future generations. But most of our politicians just want to keep the party rolling as long as humanly possible so that they can keep getting voted back into office.

Some hard choices will have to be made, and there will be a lot of pain. The false prosperity that we are enjoying now is going to disappear.

Now is the time to prepare for the massive economic shift that is coming. In the coming economic environment, those that are currently living month to month and those that are 100% dependent on the system are going to be in a huge amount of trouble.

Instead of wildly spending money as if the good times will never end like most Americans are, now is the time to get out of debt, to become more self-sufficient and to set aside the money, resources and supplies you will need to weather the storm that is rapidly approaching.
Hard Choices

I certainly agree with Snyder regarding hard choices. And over the course of the next decade, the projected budgets show the choices are going to get much harder.

2012 Budget vs. 2022 Budget

Please consider projected budgets for the next decade, straight from the White House Office of Management and Budget.

In particular, note Table S-5 on page 210.

The projected cumulative budget for the next 10 years is an unbelievable $46.956 trillion dollars. Government spending is projected to escalate to a whopping $5.8 trillion a year in 10 years.

Noting the difficulty Robbins had in coming up with $3.8 trillion, pray tell what kind of "fair tax" hikes would it take to meet expenses of $5.8 trillion?

So, do we have a spending problem, or a problem of not taxing enough?

Tax greed. Tax excess. Tax the rich.

Austerity leads to death of the middle class while the rich prosper.

From a US of A perspective the take-away from the 2012 Olympics is "Our black guys are better than your black guys."

I just noticed, our B-ball team has 12 players, 11 black and 1 white.

So, you think passive income is deserving of less taxes than, say, income earned through hard work?

I recently came across a book, "Poor Charlie's Almanack, The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T Munger". It is based on "Poor Richard's Almanac" by Ben Franklin. Munger and Warren Buffett made Berkshire Hathaway what it is today. Great man. Just finished reading his comments about derivatives. He saw right through it and said big banks shouldn't be involved in such things. Smart guy. No nonsense.

And a Black president. We be the new face of America.

Whatchu talkin' bout? Willis!

Millions of Protestant Evangelical Christians are eager to vote for the Mormon / Roman Catholic ticket.


The conservative evangelicals may just sit this one out.

So, you think passive income is deserving of less taxes than, say, income earned through hard work?

Day, you must purge the word income from your mind. It is a meaningless and bullshit number that armies of accountants and lawyers are trained and hired to minimize and obfuscate.

It takes awhile to fully absorb the concept and fairness of a flat rate consumption tax. It makes NO difference HOW some one got their money (legally, of course) nor how much they "got." Just tax it when they spend it. No muss, no fuss.

Do not concern yourself that some people are able to earn vast sums while sitting on their ass in front of a computer screen while others must sweat like dogs to earn very little. It will never be otherwise. You must STOP concerning yourself about the apparent unfairness of life.

I'm not saying that I don't make a lot of passive income. I'm just asking if you think it's less tax-worthy. Or, are all taxes just throwing money down a rathole, anyway?

as far as a flat tax, if Forbes was for it, there must be a loophole.

Taxes are the way the legitimate functions of government are funded. I can't conceive a fairer way than a flat rate consumption tax. The passiveness of certain income and, indeed, the concept of INCOME itself, is irrelevant.

Our problem is the enormity of government. By my rough estimation 3/4ths of what government does is not a legitimate function of government.

You're missing a basic basic: bad environment (like Paul's) can ruin potential (like Paul's), but it cannot create it. Americans being so positive and all, find this very negative and outrageous. It shows that the negative is often stronger than the positive - thus putting the social engineers to shame. Many things are like this: would you rather get a blow job or not get punched in the face by a pro-boxer? The blow job is nice and then over; the punch might affect you for days, weeks, months, years, or the rest of your life.

A little big off the original point but I was trying to make another one about how we see life nowadays. Anyway, we used to understand about nature vs nurture. As the old saying went, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear". In the case of Blacks (unlike Paul), there's not much academic potential to ruin in general.

The Bible says do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing - but meanwhile, what is the left hand doing?

I am even leaning toward applying the same consumption tax on so called "investments" in the stock, bond and commodities markets. That would certainly put an end to massive computer driven trading responsible for flash crashes and the unfairness, in general, to the common man.

You're not wrong to hate Classical btw. Everyone does. It's a perfect example of counter initiation: everyone gets all dressed up and goes to the Symphony and pretends to love it - the real thing is to be seen and feel superior. The price is having to sit still in excruciating boredom - a valuable and required talent in Western Culture. So teaching the young all thes things is an initiation into false culture.

People would rather be listening to boogie woogie.

Hey Q, Most of those dudes play for the NBA and they ar WAAAAY overpaid to throw a ball around! But that is just me. A few million for a game? give me a god damn break. I am 6' 4" and 205. But I did not grow up in the hood.

Sorry, another typo Should be "way over paid". salaries

what a fuckin' joke

I actually worked for a living and these guys play with a ball!!!

What's up with Chicago?--Maybe too much fluoride in the water.

The passiveness of certain income [...] is irrelevant.


Then, why not tax it at the same rate as income, instead of giving it preferential treatment??


...and, indeed, the concept of INCOME itself, is irrelevant.


"With, without.
And who'll deny it's what the fighting's all about? " pink floyd, "us and them"

I think the level of income is a factor. Always has been, always will be. The same as the hardest jobs sometimes paying the least.


I think it's too late in the game to switch to a flat tax. It's not feasible. And, when guys like Steve Forbes are for it, you'd have to be an idiot to not think that there is a way around it. No, the nation would go broke...not just be kicking the can. Sorry.

Then, why not tax it at the same rate as EARNED income, instead of giving it preferential treatment??

Classical music is alright, sometimes. Bukowski loved it, not that he's as sterling an angel as Ryan's supporters...

Romney may profess to being a Mormon and Ryan may profess to being a Catholic, but they both worship MAMMON! Ayn Rand was a high priestess of MAMMON.

I loved that because she was a nicotine addict, that she tried to glorify her addiction by saying that smoking showed man's control over fire. That was quite a rationalization. Of course, when she got lung cancer she went on the dole.

Actually I read Atlas Shrugged when I was in high school. It was an engaging, though long-winded story, but I shortened it some by ignore the John Galt speech, which I knew was pure BS, even in my teens.

Yes just think what America will accomplish once it gets rid of those Whites.

That last one was for Kyoo not you. This is for you: Wft? Are you apologizing to Bill for noticing that the Jews are sucking America dry? The Socratic Method: Is something "anti-semitic even if it is true? Bill (and the Jewish establishment) say yes. So what does the word even mean? Anything? It ultimately means whatever they want it to mean - it basically means shut up. It's something they call people they don't like - regardless of whether they dislike Jews or not.

The author of the article says so what? What does it matter who is doing it? Well it matters if you intend to do something about it, doesn't it? One is reminded of the outrage of journalists when confronted on why they were ignoring the race of the flash mobs. What does it matter, they cried. It matters if you are a White who wants to stay safe they were told.

Buk was a good man, a lover of beauty - a fallen angel with an ugly face and mind. Like him, I find an empty elevator a thing of beauty.

He earned his classical. Most of the rest are just culture vultures, consumers at best, not partcipants in the true sense. Then there are those who are just there to be seen.

I am even leaning toward applying the same consumption tax on so called "investments" in the stock, bond and commodities markets. That would certainly put an end to massive computer driven trading responsible for flash crashes and the unfairness, in general, to the common man.


Why do you say leaning toward? You just said tax stuff you buy, so why wouldn't buying stocks or bonds be taxed?

[A little big]

Vlad, yr enthusiasm outruns yr proofing.

Q. says: Tax spending, not income.

Then Q. realizes he spends buying stocks and bonds and commodities.

So he is caught ... But is "leaning toward" taxing that spending. Slimy eel. Let the spending loopholes begin. Hypocrite.

Robbins is a huckster. A friend drove him [as his limo driver] to the airport. He flew off on a private jet. he does not tip.
There have been plenty of lawsuits around his 'businesses'.
Recently a bunch of people got burned feet. So they ended up better than those 'dead in the sweat lodge'. [Google: James Ray charged].

woops, I stopped reading when I saw who wrote this.
Ann, dont chha know about her?
Shes Russian and.....guess what else?

Ayn Rand, born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum.
So she and Leona Helmsley had at least a few things in common.

Anti told us something that NO ONE knew.


What Romney and Ryan are selling are the same failed Bush policies of trickle down economics, deregulation, smaller government, more wars, and privatized Medicare, privatized Social Security, etc. that led to the financial crisis of 2007 and the destruction of the middle class.

If you liked Bush / Cheney, you'll love Romney / Ryan.

(assuming they are chosen at their convention)


Ayn Rand's philosophy would be crap no matter what race, religion and gender.

I do however agree with her low opinion of architects. I have dealt with them on three different buildings and found them to worry more about "style" rather than function. They also have to follow the current style. I can look at the buildings on college campuses and tell when they were build within 5 years.

Even they so called rock stars are frauds. Ask the people with Frank Gehry buildings which now leak like sieves. He didn't seem to understand that crooked seams between different materials are a recipe for leaks. MIT definitely has buyers remorse.

They = the

Why do you say leaning toward?

Because I have not thought it through thoroughly. I'm not sure whether consumption and investment are the same or inherently different. I would not want to make a terrible mistake that has huge negative unintended consequences.


If investments are not taxed, then a consumption tax is very regressive. Since the wealthy only spend a small part of their money on needs and wants, they would only be taxed on part of their money. The poor and middle class spend all of their money, thus they would be taxed on everything they make.

Here's a formula for deciding how much professional athletes should get paid. Those who take part in a sport where the risk of bodily damage is greatest should be paid the most, nervous system damage being taken as body damage of the worst kind.

Boxers and football players (American version) would make the most. Tennis players and basketball players would make less.

OK, I'm not really serious. My formula makes no economic sense whatsoever. But I've followed professional boxing for a long time, and I think boxers deserve to make more than just pennies. In brain damage terms, boxing is high-risk.

Muhammad Ali. No comment needed.

Jerry Quarry. Dead from boxing-derived Alzheimer's.

Gerald McClellan. Wheelchair-bound from punches taken in a single fight.

Wilfredo Benitez. Turned into an idiot by head blows.

Floyd Patterson. Dead from boxing-derived Alzheimer's.

James Toney. Still fighting but showing signs of brain damage.

Roy Jones. Still fighting but showing signs of brain damage.

Maybe boxers shouldn't get paid as much as Mayweather or the Ukrainian brothers (can't spell the name), but they deserve serious money.

"Wft? Are you apologizing to Bill...."

Some of the comments to the Goldman Sachs are nastily antisemitic, Vlad. That's what my "sorry about that" statement was to address.

Any relatively open forum is going to have some posts and posters that go over the top into hate, or at least into stereotype and bile.

I'm not in charge of moderating the Atlantic Wire forums. And I would think it's better to protect freedom of speech.

There are also some very interesting and very illuminating comments on that thread related to GS.

Read Edmund Burke. Those three lead to the Terror of the French Revolution.

Free Men aren't Equal. Equal Men aren't Free.

You just repeated yourself without defining the word. Do you really how sheep like you just sounded?

Is something still anti-semitic if it is true? The Jews (the vast majority including Bill) say yes. Sane people say no.

Remember: Goldman Sachs is "doing God's Work" (Mika). Bring down the West and then create a planned economy a la the Soviet Union with them on top. They almost suceeded in the Soviet Union but Stalin stopped them - the only good thing the monster ever did. Trotsky was driven out, discredited, and ultimately assasinated. Read about what they did to White Christians (both factions) and then decide if you value us more or them. And then put your unwillingness to define anti-semitic on the scale with tens of millions of deaths and see what you get.

As they say, if you want to know a man ask his butler. The no tip is pretty damning.

"You know I just don't hear that as often as I used to. Even in the REALLY fucked up Black neighborhoods. I must admit that I my age, I don't get those places very often any more. I know you may find this hard to believe, but they pay attention to the same media sources that Whites do. They know how fucked up the economy is."
-xhalor, responding to my thesis that slavery is increasingly being used as an excuse for black underachievement -

Nice response, X. And this is the sort of thing that the internet ought to be doing. You and I don't agree on this, but you're making me think and prompting me to change my mind a little bit.
Hopefully I will return the favor.

So yeah, I overreached. There is a slavery/Jim Crow CFN pathos sponsored mostly by asoka..and Buck - that tends to skew my think when I'm on here posting. Thanks for reminding me that reality is different from that.

I still think that a sense of victimhood holds huge sway and produces AND excuses much of the troubles of the black underclass in the US.

This (black) guy seems to think so too.

So, Buck, I'd like to hear from you and an honest non-PC sociologist concerning this rewritten question for research:

"How have references to black victimhood as an excuse for non-achievement and violence by lower socioeconomic classes of African descent in the Unites States INCREASED - in the period 1964 to present."

"Do you really how sheep like you just sounded?"

Say what, dude?

OK, yeah, but we're talking about two different things. Comment sections, in general, will have extreme statements. And the lunatic and hateful statements detract from the real Truth, that should be examined.

This is why, Vlad, I often get on your case to take off the sharp corners and rough edges of your posts. These detract - and lead readers to write you off, without considering that some of what you say is valid.

"Is something still anti-semitic if it is true? The Jews (the vast majority including Bill) say yes. Sane people say no."

Bill considers himself 100% correct on all important things. By reference, he considers "all?" Jews to be 100% correct on everything as well. That's what his backing genocidal Mika "to the death," was all about, IMO.

As to how common this unfortunate attitude is -

I'm investigating.

P4spam, please stop distorting what Bill has said. Please stop attributing toBill things he has never said. Your posts reveal just how ugly and vengeful you are, making false claims about a disagreement you had months ago and cannot let go of.

Bill considers himself 100% correct on all important things. By reference, he considers "all?" Jews to be 100% correct on everything as well

Bill has never made any such claim about himself being 100% infallible.

Bill has never made any such claim about any Jews being being 100% infallible, much less "all" or "all?"

It seems to be difficult for you to consistently make positive contributions without engaging in personal and vindictive attacks. Now you are compounding your offensive behavior by making completely false charges. Despicable and disappointing. It's this kind of petty vindictive post you make that I don't appreciate. You are better than that. I have seen the Southern gentleman in you reflected in other posts. I do not condemn 100% of your posts and I still like you, as a person.



Your most recent post attacking Bill reveals just how ugly and vengeful you can be, making false claims about a disagreement you had months ago and cannot let go of.


Did you know that brain injuries were less frequent when fighters fought bare fist? The hand impacting the skull does not bode well for the hand, and if if an assailant/ fighter hits somebody in the mouth and suffers a tooth cut on a hand tendon/ligament they are looking at the possibility of a very serious infection.

Football has a similar unintended dynamic happening. It seems advanced helmet technology has resulted in higher impact forces because players believe they are safer with high tech helmets.

And don't get me started on shoes...the bare feet of human beings were meant to absorb and commune with the energy of the earth and some maladies can be marginalized by the naked intimacy of foot touching earth.

You might enjoy the book '100 Yard Lie'.
And now with the Penn State scandal, its even more valid.

Does anyone leaving comments on this blog live in reality? "I have my organic farm." "I believe in Jim's comments even though none of them have ever come true even half way." C'mon people. Why isn't anyone commenting here running for local office? And as to Jim's comment "where are the brave amongst us?" In a nation where those who do believe and are willing to speak out are assassinated...are you really asking the question? Why is there always a disconnect from reality and your comments? Those in control aren't about to relinquish their total control over the world. Why would you think they would give up even a fraction of their power? Are you someone uninformed? Where do you come off talking doom and gloom for the past "how many years"? Nothing - not one of your predictions has come even half way true. Shit or get off the pot, Jim.

"P4spam, please stop distorting what Bill has said. Please stop attributing toBill things he has never said." -asoka-

I make no distortions, a...
The words are there in the CFN archives for all to see. Would you like me to give you the dates and times?


"And as to Jim's comment "where are the brave amongst us?" In a nation where those who do believe and are willing to speak out are assassinated...are you really asking the question? Why is there always a disconnect from reality and your comments? Those in control aren't about to relinquish their total control over the world. Why would you think they would give up even a fraction of their power? Are you someone uninformed? Where do you come off talking doom and gloom for the past "how many years"?" -J.C. (not the deity guy)

I dunno; sounds like a pretty doomy-gloomy picture of where we're at, wouldn't you say?

Be that as it may, just what do you propose then? "Accepting our fate" by knuckling under to having the life crushed out of us by megalomaniacs... or what?

"Sii-igned, Noise-maker...
Noise-maker, Noise-maker,
You have no complaint;
You are what your are and you ain't what you ain't.
So listen up Buster, and listen up good;
Stop wishing for bad luck and knocking on wood."
-John Prine

...Speaking of knocking on wood, I'll tap my noggin a bit in wishing Mr. Kunstler's fleshy vehicle a fast and accurate incorporation and knitting process! Go at it, Jim's body! :o)

Hey, by the way of adequate substitution, here's a good link that has a kind of "shotgun" approach to ruminations on the future:

A recent podcast with JHK can be found under "Featured Voices" on the right-hand side.

Really, P2spam? Are you going to deny you said Bill is infallible "100%" of the time? Bill never said that; it is your distortion of the CFN archive. I cannot produce a negative.

It is your claim and falls to you to show where Bill ever claimed infallibility for himself or for Jews. He never did. That is your distortion.

Learn to read for details, asoka...

I said:
"Bill considers himself 100% correct on all important things."

You changed it to
" said Bill is infallible "100%" of the time?"

Two totally different implications, needlessly conflated.

Typical asoka...

See you on the new thread.
If JHK posts this week.

I'll second Ozone and others -
Good luck with the hip!!
We need your voice in this world, JHK.

I said:
"Bill considers himself 100% correct on all important things."


That is what you said. It is a distortion. Bill has never said that.

Ok, let's qualify my statement, ever so slightly.

Based on the preponderance of his posts on CFN, Bill appears to consider himself 100% correct on all important things.


Asoka.., have you ever admitted, even to yourself, that you were wrong about something important.

Based on your posts to CFN, you never have and you never will.

Speaking of which, for honest human beings currently living on planet Earth - There is a limit to the number of people that can, or should, be loved.

Words will not change that, either.

Test, sorry

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2010 64.8 64.9 64.9 65.1 64.9 64.6 64.6 64.7 64.6 64.4 64.5 64.3
2011 64.2 64.2 64.2 64.2 64.2 64.1 64.0 64.1 64.1 64.1 64.0 64.0
2012 63.7 63.9 63.8 63.6 63.8 63.8 63.7 63.5

Year	Jan	Feb	Mar	Apr	May	Jun	Jul	Aug	Sep	Oct	Nov	Dec		 
2010	64.8	64.9	64.9	65.1	64.9	64.6	64.6	64.7	64.6	64.4	64.5	64.3	 
2011	64.2	64.2	64.2	64.2	64.2	64.1	64.0	64.1	64.1	64.1	64.0	64.0	 
2012	63.7	63.9	63.8	63.6	63.8	63.8	63.7	63.5

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