Pure Americana

      At the core of the manifold paradoxes swirling around American governance is the harsh reality that we just can't keep running our shit the way it has evolved to run. Neither candidate for president is honest enough to spell this out and indeed both act as though easy work-arounds exist for sustaining the unsustainable. 
     In the case of Mr. Obama, it's paying limitless TBTF ransom money to overgrown banks to avoid the constant threats of collapse that they whisper in his ear - essentially a hostage racket. A policy of managed contraction is probably the only way to avoid unmanaged and uncontrollable collapse, and would include dismantling all the TBTF banks, but Mr. Obama won't acknowledge the imperative of contraction and the difficulties it represents. So he stands by hoping that Fed Chair Bernanke will keep shoveling ZIRP privileges, "twist' ops, bail-outs, and bond buying interventions to the "primary dealers" - a line-up of flimflams so abstruse that all the Paul Krugmen-type economists who ever lived might puzzle over them around the clock until the end of time and never unravel their inner workings.
     Mr. Romney subscribes to a set of fantasies out of the Chamber of Commerce playbook that all the familiar activities of status quo wealth generation could easily continue via the marvelous invisible hands of unfettered corporatism, if only the deadweight of government restrictions and the squandering of borrowed public "money" were swept away. His choice of running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan, is meant to embody all those notions -- but more than that appeal to the inchoate mob of Tea Partiers who want to get the gubment's hands off their goshdarn medicare. Anyway, the net effect of Mr. Romney's business fantasies are so inadequate to the contractive forces underway that they would amount to pissing up the massive rope of history in a hurricane of events.
     So, as the election race sets up for its terminal lap, expect a completely incoherent debate over the fate of the nation from a couple of characters who personify all the hapless contradictions of the public they will be pandering to. Romney's story appeals to me a little more in its strange psychological dimensions; Obama's role as a living, breathing wish-fulfillment of the liberal imagination is too obvious in comparison.
     First there is the issue of Mitt's family. His Dad, George Romney, was among many avatars of big business (it used to be called) in its post-WW2 heyday, as CEO of American Motors, the car company that was a clownish fourth to the "big three" of that day (GM, Ford, and Chrysler). American Motors produced joke cars for losers, foremost the Rambler, featuring seats that folded down flat with the implied use as a rolling bedroom. George Romney got himself elected governor of Michigan at a time when the state was so flush with revenue it would have been impossible to misgovern - though he set up the conditions for a later spectacular collapse into the ash-heap of broken dreams it represents today. He battled Richard Nixon for the Republican nomination in 1968 and became a laughingstock by claiming he had been "brainwashed" by US officials and generals into supporting the Vietnam War on a visit there in 1967. It was an unfortunate remark, coming only a few years after the release of a popular movie called The Manchurian Candidate, about a Red Chinese plot to use brainwashed Americans to subvert a US presidential election. Game over for George.
      So, in this age of creeping dynastic ambition, of Kennedys, Bushes, Browns, here we have another case of a son reenacting the family ambition. You'd think the American public would be getting a little sick of this routine, that is, if we were really the independent and "exceptional" people we pretend to be. But, alas, here you just get the worst natural human tendencies to institutionalize social hierarchy amplified by the idiotic celebrity culture of mass-media, pointing to the conclusion that we supposed lovers of "freedom" and "liberty" crave domination by hereditary rulers. The cheekiness of it all by such "regular guy" phonies like Mitt would be enough to provoke a real political upheaval in a nation less medicated than ours.
     Then there is the question of Mitt Romney's so-called faith, the preposterous fairy tale called Mormonism. Nobody in the news business today really wants to state plainly what a laughable package of childish incongruities this belief system is - though Adam Gopnik came close recently via a scholarly disquisition in a recent New Yorker that left out most of the comedy - because it is a cardinal rule of our anemic culture that any and all belief systems are equally valid. But the story of Mormon "prophet" Joseph Smith is so rich with inane occult hustling that the Coen Brothers would be hard pressed to satirize it. Of course, it is the perfect religion for a man who now vehemently denounces the very same health care reform policy that he championed a few years ago as governor of Massachusetts.
      Anyway, bear in mind that, whatever else is going on out there right now in the three-ring circus of presidential politics, events are in the driver's seat, not personalities, and the seeming quiescence of things on the late summer scene is an illusion that will soon dissipate.


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Well, James, as one of my comrades just noted, perhaps we are getting in just a wee bit over your head. Enjoy, LOL!! KulturCritic


All of ths makes me wonder why the Department Of Homeland Security has now purchased 1.2 billion rounds of ammo. http://youtu.be/mnunXBWo9c0

It appears to be a lose-lose situation no matter the outcome. Thank you again Jim for yet another cut to the quick of the matter. "Nothing really matters much; it's doom alone that counts" Dylan '79

As to Romney's Mormonism I say give the guy a break.

First of all, from my perspective most all popular religions are rather preposterous.

Secondly, if you are born into a Mormon culture, you are going to be expected be a Mormon yourself. Sure you could disown the religion, but that would be disowning your support network and would likely greatly limit your career opportunities, etc. I sincerely doubt Romney takes the hocus pocus very seriously.

Interesting you mention brainwashing... So many people are direct products of what the screen tells them to be/think/do/buy etc etc...

My Dad has been onto that Joseph Smith and the golden tablets or whatever, asking why no one seems to question it...

A shame I haven't had much time to hang around clusterfuck nation lately...

Hope all are doing well as can be. Focus on good vibes and positivity...


Of course what is truly awe inspiring is to hear the same Republicans of all stripes (save Ron Paul) praise the $1 Trillion per YEAR costs of War, the biggest part by far of US Federal income tax expenditures. Somehow spending a trillion dollars on F-35's , the continuing comedy of the Star Wars missile defense which cannot work being deployed decades after it was proved a farce, and of course the constant new wars the US continues to lose. Last week saw yet another attack on US soldiers by the very Afghan soldiers we are supposed to be training to continue the Afghan Occupation allegedly in our interests. How can the whole chorus of Corporate media, pundits and analysts somehow conjure away a $1 Trillion per year wasted on War and pretend it does not exist?

It is mind-boggling!

Thanks, JHK
The whole issue of the public sector is at issue. The idea was that there is a commons which represents "We the people" and a governing body we elect to represent us in the decision making to keep this Commons running.
How the Commons is being attacked and misrepresented as something alien to the people is most fascinating.
Somehow we find that govt represents a handful of monopolies and lobbyists who are flush with money to get these guys elected and now every now and then when an election comes due, we become important for a moment in time.
Everyone mouths their talking points and tries to coerce us all to vote against our own interests and the low-info folks go with who speaks with the greatest conviction.
So, tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies continues...
Don't forget we have more oil than Saudi Arabia and we will be enegy-independent.

I expect, if ro-Money and Payl Ruan win, with a fully Repub Congress, we will have 35-40% unemployment before 2013 is out. That might take a FF by some consortium of fascist globalists, but why not, they know the whole thing is coming down, and the only thing left is gutting what little remains of real wealth. Should O win, I expect his continued trajectory rightward, the killer that he is. Either way, expect Armageddon in the Middle East, the last grasp for oil and the final conflagration, before epic civilizational collapse.

Unless Americans wake the fuck up and realize what is happening. Maybe global food shortages will be the clarion call?


So why isn’t the energy crisis the hot topic in these final days of the presidential campaign? Perhaps the public is kept in the dark because the wealthy elite need time to pair out who the profiteers will be and in what order they will stand in line to reap those profits? Corporations leverage almost everything on secrecy before positioning a new product on the market. This is essentially the same purpose behind this apparent lack of concern. And yes, there are conspiracies! Conspiracies galore! Anyone who proclaims otherwise is either an idiot or has a walk-on part in the conspiracy. - http://www.Thesisa.org/

From JHK's latest essay: " ...events are in the driver's seat, not personalities...". Corollary: "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other." Sic transit gloria americana.

You may laugh at Mormonism but they cry all the way to the bank.

Jim, we used to have a Rambler. It was a damned good car. Had one of those slant six engines that ran forever. Even used those engines in tractors as I recall. The USA began its long decline just about the time when American Motors Corporation ceased production of Ramblers. Think there is a connection?


Mr. Kunstler (Alive and mending-fellow, no less!), you write:

"So, in this age of creeping dynastic ambition, of Kennedys, Bushes, Browns, here we have another case of a son reenacting the family ambition. You'd think the American public would be getting a little sick of this routine, that is, if we were really the independent and "exceptional" people we pretend to be. But, alas, here you just get the worst natural human tendencies to institutionalize social hierarchy amplified by the idiotic celebrity culture of mass-media, pointing to the conclusion that we supposed lovers of "freedom" and "liberty" crave domination by hereditary rulers. The cheekiness of it all by such "regular guy" phonies like Mitt would be enough to provoke a real political upheaval in a nation less medicated than ours."

Thank you for pointing out this massive disconnect in what passes for "thinking" in our superior and sober-minded citizenry. 'Tis a wond'rous thing to behold.

And thinking of medication, it appears your regimen of prescriptions has not dulled any of the keen edge of your unique phrase-ology. We are well-pleased and thankful! ;o)

Annabel Park, founder of Coffee Party USA, described the choice between Obama and Romney as being one between disappointment and terror. I don't know if there's anyone who could tell the truth about our situation and get elected right now, at least as President, so I'll pick disappointment. As for Mormonism, my dad went to the only Catholic high school in Utah at the time and my mom and sister live in Park City. Don't get me started.

Speaking of disappointment in the state of our national decline, one of Jim's favorite tropes is to deride the tackiness of working class youth, mocking their tattoos, slovely dress, poor physical shape, and general stupidity, and wishing that someone would come along and whip them into shape. The most read story of the week ended up being about exactly that, although in a very perverse way. Late last year, the FBI declared that the fans of the Insane Clown Posse were a "hybrid gang." After several months of their fans being busted and sentenced as gang members, along with loss of merchandise sales as stores like Hot Topic refuse to sell "gang apparel," ICP has had enough. They're establishing a legal aide service for their fans and planning to sue the FBI to get the designation removed. Detroit represent!

While Jim never did get around to discussing the Olympics, I finally did, as well as updates on gas prices, Americans driving less, Michigan's election on Tuesday, sustainability videos, and the Green Cruise, the Sierra Club's answer to the Dream Cruise, Detroit's celebration of "Happy Motoring." With that, I bid you "Happy Motoring--for now-from Detroit!"


We have a clear choice in this election. Death by hanging or death by terminal disease. May we have the wisdom to choose wisely. Seriously, O may have his heart int the right place, but is powerless in the face of his corporate funders. Romney is content to plunder the planet in his pursuit of pointless power. His own ego is all that matters.

Not a peep from either candidate about global warming and the fact that we are probably started a period of endless drowth.

"American Motors produced joke cars for losers, foremost the Rambler, featuring seats that folded down flat with the implied use as a rolling bedroom."

Jeez, now it's particular makes of automobile that are getting the JHK treatment. Our family grew up with Ramblers, both a big wagon and a "Classic" that had those seats that folded down, the ones derided by Kunstler. Rambler was one of the first "economy" cars that was smaller and was promoted as having better gas mileage. We always loved our Ramblers. OK, so the "Pacer" was a little odd, but it was no worse than a Pinto. And the Javelin was a cool muscle car. Why dump on Rambler?

"As to Romney's Mormonism I say give the guy a break." -LSJ

Glad you pointed to the preposterous-ness of these various rube-traps.
Personally though, I think it's long past time to stop giving breaks to those who neither deserve or appreciate them. Couple that with Al Klein's comment above, and we just might have a recipe for facing some harsh realities.

"events are in the driver's seat, not personalities.."

James this is what makes all the financial alchemy, and political 'job creation' postering so inane. Niether 'candidate' has a clue how to fix the unfixable or they are just telling us what we want to hear, as all politicians sooner or later do. I have this discussion with 'folks' a lot and leave them with this one thought: whether you believe it or whether you don't matters not at all: permanent contraction is upon us and if we don not manage it, IT will manage us.

...And that's not even addressing the total destruction of the capital of morality and legitimacy. Looks like it's gonna be "the hard way", doesn't it?

American Motors competed successfully with the big three in Tran-Am a highly competitive race series for the Camero/Mustang/Javlin type tho facing the full might of factory backing through surrogate teams.
This criticism doesn't speak to well of Jim's depth of analysis. Shot from the lip so to speak.

"...the preposterous fairy tale called Mormonism."

I just don't see how Mormonism is any more "preposterous" than most religions that ascribe special powers to long-dead individuals and make claims of "truth" for their particular beliefs. How can immaculate conceptions, rising from the dead, and various supernatural "miracle" performances be seen as somehow more "valid?" Why is the thought of an atheist president more ludicrous than that of a Mormon one? Because nobody wants to acknowledge that, in the whole scheme of things (including our relatively short reign as the #1 primates), we're really not that important (nor admirable).

Jim I have to take exception that all AMC produced was joke cars for losers. Over twenty years ago I bought a 83 CJ7 that is still running with over 150K miles. It has had some work done but it is still running while many far newer of the cars built by the so called big three have long ago been related to the scrap yard.

that is relagated

I, also, found this paragraph hilarious and true.

For more hilarity and truth, I recommend "Campaign."

Several posters this morning have taken exception
to JHK dislike of the Rambler.
However Jim dislikes the 'Car Culture'.
As a child I remember Ramblers as 'build like tanks, and lasting forever' [hence like Dodge Darts].
Maybe I was wrong.

About this week's essay:

1. I felt it was weak in the rant department and the rants are the main draw for me.

2. It's Krugman not Krugmen.

3. There was no new vocabulary although I did have to look up "inchoate" to reaffirm my idea of its definition.

4. I did enjoy Jim's forthrightness as to the absurdities of Mormon beliefs. Of course, as much could be said of all religious belief systems ... although, come to think of it, Mormonism does kind of take the cake.

Since we are (theoretically) hiring the next president in a few months.....and let's just pretend that we as voters have any political power left after the corporate-class-rape of our republic....I have some thoughts about the R&R ticket (read that, "rest & recreation" for the wealthy and privileged):

As hiring manager I am hard pressed to find any actual "work experience" in either Romney's or Ryan's resume. Both born into privilege and neither never having had to face a real hardship (oh, poor Ryan lost his father when he was a teenager and responded in exactly the opposite way one might imagine...instead of becoming a more empathetic, humane person he embraces Any Rand's "objectivism" fake-philosophy....which is just as absurd and ridiculous as Romney's mormonism....oh and he did cash those Social Security checks at the time al la Rand) neither would know how to create jobs because neither has ever had a real job.

Kyooshtik, you might enjoy this news. Long ago I turned on Talk Radio and someone was taking about
'the latest scandal in the Mormon church'.
Their 'sacred text' from [Brigham? Joseph?] finally had been decoded.
ITS AN EGYPTIAN BURIAL MANUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in the 'Culture Wars' department, The New Republic denounces the Late Gore Vidal, ‘Vidal was a champion of the white race.’ [and hence evil]
and as a Ku Klux Klansman:


Christian subsects baptize Humans.
Morons baptize 'names'.

The ongoing blather from the mouthpieces of the two political parties are constantly asking us to believe that they can "fix" this mess and get us back on the road to 1950.

We are being compelled to offer a realistic vision that breaks through the illusion of normalcy to reset the expectations of what is possible. But it is not enough to have a vision. Without a plausible bridge a strategy to get there, few people will leave the familiarity of what is for the sake of what could be.

If you are looking for a clear and realistic vision of what daily life could be like in 40 years, take a look at my futuristic novel From Here to There http://www.fromhere-tothere.org. Let me know what you think.

My Dad had one back in the early 70's. Flathead 6 and good gas mileage. The fold down seats were a real plus at the drive-in theater. Loser car ? They just couldn't compete with the advertising budgets of the Big 3. They had some pretty hot but again unknown muscle cars. My 69 Chevelle 396/375 managed to get it's doors blown off one night by an AMX with manufacturers plates. At the time I was running 12:55 thru the mufflers at Detroit Dragway. The AMX got me by 4 car lengths out on Plymouth Rd. in Detroit. Loser cars ?

They may have the guns , but we have the numbers. In 'Nam it was 50,000 rounds per kill. If my math is correct 1,200,000,000 equals 24,000 kills. hardly a slaughter.As any sniper worth his pay will tell ya "One Shot one Kill"

That Dylan song [Shelter from the storm] was released in 74 and 75.
Blood on the Tracks LP. His last great one, so far.

... a period of endless drowth.

Tstreet, I'm sure you will be pleased to know I have entered the above into my Compendium of Unusual Misspellings.

A little imagination is in order here.

Drowth (definition):

The "GROWTH" of a combination of "DROUGHT" and "a DEARTH of".

(You're most welcome. ;o)

Still,........, Kunstler, like everyone else, seems to have missed the fact that -- no less than the shenanigans on Wall Street -- our national housing stock value has been kept proped up by outrageously high immigration and refugee ceilings (along with unenforced immigration laws). Without the constant pressure from this much of the housing stock of our aging inner cities and suburbs would be condemed for what they are -- sub code standard.

No surprise, huh? Since the deindustrialization of America realestate has become the chief leg upon which our economy stands. Then too, rising population translates to more consumers, especially with the high birth rate among immigrants.

Ah yes,....that too is relied upon for driving the subsequent political pressure to ease environmental restrictions protecting wilderness and habitats, giving access to all those "bottled up" resources in public lands.

Well what th'hell; we're just "human capital" in the global market calculus, right?

Uh,.......wonder what happened to the notion of sovereign nationhood? Was it bundled with all other social values exchanged in the deal with trans national corporatehood on the promise that the "natural force of free global markets" would take care of us?

Yeah sure, that makes sense; no longer a need for the "sovereign citizen" classification. That way we're relieved of the chore of directing a national destiny separate from that which the "natural force" of free global economics (and quarterly returns on corporate investment) delivers.

Ah yes, just human capital. Feels good, huh?

Everyone that has been waiting for "The Collapse" for at least ten years and is exhausted by the burden of knowing it's coming, please raise your hand. Yup.....that's what I thought, you're too exhausted to raise your hand.

(Distant synonym of "contraction".)

that is relagated

Close Rye, but no cigar. It's relegated.

From, 'Better late than never' department:

I have to object to Gough Triangle being offered as the 'Eyesore of the Month' for June. First of all, it's my old nabe: it's a part of a disappearing industrial New York it all its gritty, noisy, smelly, nasty lead-painted glory. Out of view are locations of marine paint companies, ship chandleries (both industries are gone) and the City proper's last remaining working cargo pier. (There is another @ Howland Hook on Staten Island.)

The waterfront in Brooklyn was indeed the real 'city of big shoulders' for over 100 years before it became magnet for condo developers.

A couple of blocks away is Brooklyn's Cobble Hill district w/ small row houses @ $1million and up.

If you want to whack New York city there are plenty of new buildings that qualify as eyesores of the century. The new 'So-called Freedom Tower' (which looks like a gigantic syringe) is a good place to start.

Jim writes, "So, in this age of creeping dynastic ambition...". Hey Jim, when has there ever not been an age of creeping dynastic ambition? Nepotism is the unfortunate step-child of politics (well, at least one of them) and has been around for millenia. It does make for a good line though.

So then, you haven't noticed the gathering [some might say, exponential] speed with which events are changing/appearing?
(You might want to check your notes from the past decade or so.)

Is that a new word, "drowth"? Is it defined as growing drought? If so, it is apt for the current situation in which we find ourselves.

I don't think we will see a gathering of events in the coming months. It seems that we are just in it for the ride and will stop at the usual roadside attractions. The Alligator Farm, the pick-your-own farm, the largest tin hat or baked goods.
Interesting that we have these Bush/Clinton/Kennedy etc generations that perhaps are the only things we recycle.
On another note, I believe the Manchurian Candidate did not come out in theaters for decades from when it was made due to some "contract issues." I'm too lazy to IMDB my facts. Or google anything else for that matter.
If anyone wants more rants I also will shill my own JHK inspired dribble at schwerpunkter[dot]wordpress[dot]com.


My dad also had a 1956 Rambler Classic. He bought it new, I still have a memory of going to pick it up. I was three at the time. He later got a Rambler wagon, and my mom got the Classic. It ran for years and would start in the coldest weather. However, the body was mostly rust by the time we sold it. The next owner had a minor accident and the body fell apart. My mom later had two Americans, one a convertible.

As for the seats, I remember going on a Cub Scout camping trip with my dad, we didn't have a tent, but those fold down seats really were comfortable.

I just learned Ryan voted for TARP.
Some 'Rand-ian', huh?

"Why is the thought of an atheist president more ludicrous than that of a Mormon one?"

If only an atheist could get elected. I have always said that a convicted pederast would have a better chance at getting elected (to anything) than an atheist and I still believe it to be true. Merkins would rather have that warm, fuzzy feeling that their next con-man believed in some kind of sky-god than to not believe in any at all. It's as though the whole age of enlightenment, the movement which helped to shape the founding of this once-better nation, never happened.

Perhaps K doesnt know what Mondegreens and Portmanteaus are.

my own JHK inspired dribble

I covered this ground about a year ago. Please pay closer attention. The word is drivel.

At another site a pro Obama person crows that
'under Obama the stock markets gone up 7 trillion'.
Guess Im not too impressed by that.

You are right, the US can sell off its industries, sell its real estate to rich Asians, and import Emmas 'poor huddled masses'. gees.

My dad bought a used Rambler in 67 after they stole his Oldsmobile 98 (philly area). He bought it because he was pissed off and discouraged so he thought no one would rob a crappy Rambler. I remember the shape at the back, triangle like...

I would ride in the back seat looking up in the sky for UFOs at the time...

Confusionism, I wonder if you realize how funny you are when you say, "Merkins would rather have that warm, fuzzy feeling...."

I know what you mean, but "merkin" has a meaning going back hundreds of years:

Noun: merkin mur-kin
1.A wig for pubic hair; a covering for the pubic area

Now when women and men get tired of all the bushwacking we might see a revival of merkins.

I am aware that the faster and more serious events happen, the faster and more serious(however futile) TPTB will try to delay the inevitable. It is what they are best at. There are three things that will signal to me that the shit is actually hitting the fan and wake me up from my malaise. A middle east conflict that shuts down the straight of Hormuz, the U.S. dollar losing it's world currency status, NFL/NCAA football being cancelled/called off. When one, or a combination of these things happen I ain't goin to work no mo'.......

Didn't know that but now I can truly say that I learned something new today. Thanks.

Those are indeed some prime indicators that the shitter is well and truly flushed!
(I do catch your drift, though.)

"It's as though the whole age of enlightenment, the movement which helped to shape the founding of this once-better nation, never happened."

What's frustrating to me is how a lot of people tend to pick and choose what kind of enlightenment ideals suit their needs. They want (and get) modern medical technology and highly trained doctors to save their relatives, but when they do get saved, they chock it up to a "miracle" and talk about how God will never let them down, etc. As "someone" once said, they "cling to their bibles and guns."

I was recently listening to a forum of writers broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation where one of the panelists declared that the two aspects of human culture he most wanted to get rid of were "religion and patriotism." All the other panelists agreed. I wondered how on earth such people could survive in America or try to run for office.

It was not the AMC product that ran the corporation into the ground,but the gross miss management by flunkies like Romney.

"Then there is the question of Mitt Romney's so-called faith, the preposterous fairy tale called Mormonism."

Jim, pay the fuck attention. You harken from a tribe that followed a man who descended from a mountain carrying tablets with "rules from God." So be it. ALL religions can be picked apart with examples of incongruities and inanities.

George humped third rate cars? Well at least he stuck around and helped his family grow and prosper.

I don't give a fuck what these guys daddies did and what their religion, or lack there of happens to be. One of the two candidates is a proven, lying, leftist, community organizing, economic disaster. The other is not. I know who I am voting for and why.

You can trot out all of the silly shit you wish to attempt to put these candidates on an equal footing to try and make the case that there is no difference between the two. There is one small problem...there are HUGE differences.

Neither candidate for president is honest enough to spell this out and indeed both act as though easy work-arounds exist for sustaining the unsustainable.

Honest enough? Neither man is honest at all and both are running for their own reasons and ego having nothing to do with the health of the nation. Both these candidates believe government exists to exploit the masses for their benefit.

Vote for K-dog !!!

☐ Obama
☐ Romney
☑ K-Dog

A dog for the people.

"Close Rye, but no cigar. It's relegated."

Hey, Douche-Stick. Shut the fuck up.

I had a Pacer!
Very roadable.
Whenth the odometer hit 100K,it began to disintegrate.
First,a tiny crack appeared in its enormous windshield.Every day it got bigger,until the entire passenger side was one big spider web.
Next the radio just died.
The window crank came off in my hand.The splines were plastic and worn off.All junkyard part were in the same shape.Vise Grips to the rescue.
The exhaust manifold cracked.
7 bolts=7 different tools,some of which I never knew existed-Crow's foot gooseneck!
The catch that held the driver's seat snapped.Step on the gas and slide backward;step on the brake and slam into the steering wheel.
The huge door had a normal sizede hinge hich egged out,s the door dropped about 3" every time you opened it and you had to lift it up to close it.
And UGHLY colors.

We cannot escape ourselves. ~HENRI

they chock it up to a "miracle"

Anti, Mondegreens like this^ one happen because people are lazy and lack sufficient curiosity to spur action...as in looking it up. Putting it more crudely, they simply do not give a shit. They never say, "hey, this makes no sense." And, so, when the words appear in writing they don't recognize their old Mondegreen.

Tancred, the word is chalk.


Photos via Nightbreed presenting features via Peap in addition to 2Tone @ Qubic inside Newmarket polo la martina, Auckland (New Zealand). The particular show works till summer 27th. Congrats males!!!
Peap in addition to 2ToneMore photos here…


Yeah. "chalk." I must have been thinking aobut how "divelly" above must have used a chock to keep that Pacer from rolling down the driveway...

"Tancred, the word is chalk."

Kyooshtik, the word is Douche-Stick. Now shut the fuck up.

Here is a link to a list of some articles about Paul Ryan. The articles are from both liberal and conservative sources.


Hey, Douche-Stick. Shut the fuck up.

It's Douche-Bag. ;o)

And to make matters worse, Tancred, many bufoons in this country - probably parroting what they hear (because they certainly don't read) from those in office and those on the airwaves - have mixed the two, religion and partiotism, into one slimy concoction. I just saw the movie The Campaign yesterday and Will Ferrell's character just spouts the words America, Jesus and Freedom because his audience eats it up. I laughed when he said it but maybe I should have cried. We are truly fucked.

JHK says "it is a cardinal rule of our anemic culture that any and all belief systems are equally valid."

This kind of generalization may apply to some non-thinking Americans. Intelligent Christians like Obama have read Rudolf Bultmann and have abandoned supernaturalism in favor of a “demythologized” gospel.

All belief systems are not equally valid. Some are more logical and reasonable than others. For example, even Ozone would have to agree with Buddhism's first Noble Truth: Life is suffering and reality WILL bitch slap you up the side of the head.

Fortunately, Buddhism does not stop there. There are three more foundational truths in Buddhism, all based on human experience, not supernatural fairy tales. JHK, you are painting with too broad a brush.

Oh, goody! Misty is back and rarin' to rip some new assholes. The question: Can he top "spent douche-bag effluent?"

I come from generations of Mormons on both sides, so I have a certain perspective to offer.

Thankfully, my parents left the church, and a few years later, left that gibbering puddle of inbred inanity you call a country.

The saddest thing about modern Mormonism is actually well-reflected in the whole of the USA--they are stone-cold, stark-raving, foaming-at-the-mouth Socialists, and yet no one dare speak its name.

The church has an entire welfare system. They also collectively buy foodstuffs, and have cooperative canning kitchens for preserving food. Joseph Smith ran for President on a Socialist ticket. Mormons take great care of the other members of their community.

The Mormons will no doubt get crazier and more insular in a contracting world, but they are going to do a whole lot better than most of us.

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Jim never stated that all belief systems are equally valid nor did he imply that. He merely suggested that in our culture it is considered courtesy to give equal weight to all belief systems regardless of how silly any one of them may be.

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...and reality WILL bitch slap you up the side of the head.

Asoka, this is the kind of comment that makes me question that you are actually black. Even I know that the expression down in the hood is upside the head.

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C,mon, JHK did say we live in a culture that believes all belief systems are equally valid. That is not true of USA culture. There are 300 Christians sects, most of which believe their denomination has The Truth. The Christians do not believe other sects are equally valid, let alone Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, atheism, agnosticm, paganism, Rajneeshism, etc.

Get real. Recognize what kind of intolerant culture we live in. JHK is wrong about religious relativism in our culture.

The Mormons tried living the "United Order" in some of their pioneer communities, but I guess it wasn't popular. There's even in town in central Utah called "Orderville."

I too am a recovering mormon. But I maintain that Mormons are more polite and helpful than the average American.


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And aren't you also the one saying Blacks need to "assimilate" to the dominant culture? Damned if you do. Damned if you don't.

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No, it's a Cook Book!

Thanks for mentioning Gore Vidal's White Nationalism btw. He was an advocate of the Imperium - a Northern Alliance of White Nations that would stretch from Galway to Vladivostok, and from Vladivostok to Bangor. And it's only six miles from Bangor to the Dingle Peninsula.

So we see from his stellar example, that being Gay is no excuse for being a traitor. Look at Morrisey's attitude to the Muslims: "A rush and push and the land will be our's".

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Do you include Judaism, Atheism, and Communism in that? They're rube traps too...

Dude, I'm sorry Jim insulted your car. I know how it is. In the morning, I often go have a drink with my car - she likes anything over 80 proof.

Still think the attack on the Liberty was just a mistake? Even though it was flying Old Glory? LBJ got on and told the Air Force to let the Israelis sink it. Later he deep sixed the investigation. The man wasn't playing for our team.

Nice try, JHK. I am not buying it.

"Romney's story appeals to you a little more" because he genuflects to Netanyahoo more fervently than does Obama. Speaking of not being able to continue with business as usual, how about we can't continue to allow Tel Aviv to dictate our Mideast policy? Not to mention our farm policy and immigration policy. (Yes, I KNOW it is a sentence fragrment. The grammar police can go soak their heads)

Romney is surrounded by Neocon foreign policy advisors. He has already all but promised a military attack on Iran (I mostly can't stand Iranian immigrants, but the country has never done me any harm), and even thinks he can stage a confrontation with China. You do remember the Korean War? America at the height of its power, with a military staffed by hardy farm boys and tough, scrappy city kids, and the best we could do against Chinese troops was a draw.

Romney's "cheekiness", his smug self assurance and self regard is easily explained. He knows very well that the fabulous comforts of his life are being made possible by the deprivations and sufferings of others, and he is tickled to death to be getting away with it.

BTW, my parents had a rambler. They also sent four kids through college and left a decent nest egg to all four. Losers? Guess they, and all the other rambler owners lacked that all important picturesque appeal. Ramblers were cars for boring ordinary folks who wanted to get from A to B with a minimum of fuss and expense.

I am by no means a violent person. I hate violence. I have seen death up close and personal for years. Friends, family, and strangers. I know I busted Asoka's balls years ago and I feel bad for that. It s not in my nature and I apologize. I was having a bad day. And VK all my health shit was cured thanks to the great Mass General Hospital.

W/R/T Romney the elder being "brainwashed" into supporting Viet Nam...

..., well, sounds a little batty on the face of it.

But then again: http://www.businessinsider.com/rolling-stone-psyops-mccain-afghanistan-2011-2

Andrew Woolbright

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And it's only six miles from Bangor to the Dingle Peninsula...

...and its famed berry.

How can I put this to you? What people don't do for themselves or for each other, has to be done by the Goverment. Real Cultures operate at the local level. The Mormons have the right idea. They are theological idiots and practical geniuses. You are confusing Communalism with Socialism. And all Churches used to do this - ever hear of the tithe? To our shame, we fell away while they have continued. Now sin has been replaced by "being a failure" in popular culture. Not an improvement.

Ozone doesn't make this distinction clear either. Thus he can't be trusted - probably an anarchist who marches with the Kdog Commies.

Asoka theatened to stab me two years ago so don't feel too bad.

Check out the IDF tee shirts - a picture of a preganant Palestinian Woman with a target right on her belly. Two fer one. Nice folks, huh?

I will crush you as I crush this half full can of beverage. I do. The beverage squirts out all over my pants and keyboard. The laws of physics are no man's friend. And no man's enemy. As Leonard Nimoy said as the Pod Person, "There is no need for hatred. Or love."

I have always said whites will be protected as the new minority. Can you cite the post where you believe I threatened you? I have always wanted to help you.

Here is a short segment from an interesting speech by Wesley Clark, from 2007.


Here is the main topic:
"US plans to attack and remove governments in seven countries over five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran."


I discovered Dubstyle by accident through Flickr. I’m a bit at a loss in trying to describe some of his photo series. I looked at all his albums without stopping and laughed all the way. I don’t know what it is polo la martina, maybe I’m just in this mood where I laugh at everything.

Hi Jim,

Long time no talk.

Is there any one elected official that you would like to have elected president?

i.e. I believed that Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels would have explained what needed to be done to reverse our down slide from becoming the brokest nation, and would have had the courage to follow through if he had run and was elected.

Just curious.


In "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb", per wikipedia, "In the "War Room" at The Pentagon, General Buck Turgidson (George C. Scott) briefs President Merkin Muffley (Sellers)." "In keeping with Kubrick's satirical character names, a "merkin" is a pubic hair wig. The president is bald, and his last name is "Muffley"; both are additional homages to a merkin."

“Gentlemen, You Can’t Fight In Here! This Is The War Room!”: Dr. Strangelove, Kubrick

Woman stabs man to death the night before their wedding. Yahoo puts it in their entertainment section.

Men's lives just aren't considered as valuable as women's in America. Yet who risks their lives in combat and in most of the risky jobs? Maybe we should stop.http://gma.yahoo.com/bride-accused-murdering-groom-hours-wedding-210843418--abc-news-topstories.html

They are theological idiots and practical geniuses.

Vlad, you have highlighted something I have long observed. Jews and Mormons (there are probably others) are prime examples of societies that have the most ridiculous and complex sets of beliefs and rules, yet are hyper-successful. In the case of Mormons, their success as a society is taken by its members as proof of the truth in what Jim has described here today as a "preposterous fairy tale" and "a laughable package of childish incongruities." Though we might wish otherwise, life doesn't necessarily punish or reward based on our beliefs.

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You wrote, "How can I put this to you? What people don't do for themselves or for each other, has to be done by the Goverment. Real Cultures operate at the local level."

This may have worked 200 years ago when rich and poor lived in the same towns. Now we have vast areas of poor, separated from the wealthy. Thus the poor would have to help the even poorer, if we have charity working on the local level. Those in the inner cities and Appalachians would be on their own.

This is why the government needs to get involved. In spite of the "common knowledge", one large government is still more efficient than hundreds of tiny charities. It tends to eliminate duplication of effort and can try to make sure that few fall through the cracks.

Yes, I know that the government is NOT perfect! However, compare the overhead of medicare vs. the overhead of PIRATE insurance companies.

Note to Q, that is NOT a typo!

Actually Romney was a Bishop in the Mormon Church which made him a pretty BFD. Here is a Vanity Fair article regarding how he conducted himself as a Bishop -- http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/2012/02/mitt-romney-201202


This topic is covered by Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth.

All societies have developed myths, so they seem to be useful.

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"Men's lives just aren't considered as valuable as women's in America. Yet who risks their lives in combat and in most of the risky jobs?" - Vlad

Take an anecdote, attach to it a preposterous statement that is supposed to prove correlation, neither of which has anything to do with the topic or discussion at hand and sit back while people take the bait. I implore all here not to take the bait.

How about Ethan and Joel make a movie about the Mittens and have James play the role?

Chris Rock could play Obama and an Eddie Munster look-a-like for Paul Ryan.

Joe Biden could play Joe Biden.

If we are going to be entertained in the final days, at least we could have more quality Coen Brothers stuff.

How about it James?

It seems to be a major fallacy of our thinking that electing some figurehead as president could potentially turn the situation around and rescue America from what ails it. There are much deeper, systemic problems that exist, which cannot simply be politicked away. The economy of the entire world is based upon an endless growth paradigm, and neither of the 'Merican political parties want to address this in any serious manner. Jimbo alludes to this often. This system is based upon the endless creation of fiat money and the compounding of interest, which give an illusion of limitless possibilities, but in fact the mechanics of money are constrained by available energy resources.

Then there are the so-called "externalities", which we are discovering are not external at all, but crucial factors in whether or not we survive as a species. Formost among these are the ever-quickening effects of human-created climate change, but there are a number of hastening situations connected to geometric global population growth and industrial civilizations intense usage of energy. Fresh water supplies are dwindling throughout the world, as aquifers that take thousands of years to fill are being drained in decades to water lawns and the like. Food supplies are tightening, as drought conditions worsen due to the effects of global warming. Pollution is an ever-worsening problem, as the byproducts of service and industry are continually absorbed by the natural environment.

We want to believe in heroes, and along with this fallacy, technical solutions to the problems that confront us. What some may not realize is that scientific solutions create their own set of problems. For instance, the Green Revolution allowed humans to feed far more people, and thus enabled the population bomb, which is at the center of the human crisis. The more we struggle, the tighter the grip, like one of those Chinese finger torture devices.

Bottom line is that we as Americans, and actually most of the rest of the world as well, cannot fathom, much less stomach, the required actions that would avert major crises and catastrophes in the future. This would involve mandotary reductions of the overall human population, strict controls on who can have children and how many, serious restrictions on energy usage, especially for frivolous purposes, and global treaties to manage the planet's resources. But none of this will happen. We are actually encouraged by advertising to think in the other direction, to imagine ourselves as selfish consumers whose every need can and should be met by the resources of the planet.

Viewing this absurd presidential contest has got me thinking about the extermely flawed process. I think Nixon was right when he proposed to make the presidency one 6 year term with no reelection. If that change were made, perhaps the pres would be more likely to tell the truth about our dire situation. I'm probably very naive here, but I think there is at least a chance that Obama will be more honest with the people in a second term. A vote for Romney is also a blank check to Israel and certain war with Iran.

Also, James, couldn't agree more with you about the Mormon thing. Romney tithe's to them, so is able to take millions off his adjustable gross income. Truly disgusting.


Meanwhile, all of us seem to fall into the trap of playing the blame game, including myself. We are encouraged to find scapegoats in order to avert looking in the mirror and realizing that every one of us is part of the "problem." But that's not friendly for advertising the latest Stupid Unnecessary Vehicle on the TV tube. Of course, it isn't your fault. Someone else is always to blame.

Favorite targets include Jews, Arabs, gays, Republicans, Democrats, those on welfare, blacks, immigrants, or any other group that seems convenient. This blame game also encourages people to think simplistically and linearly, along the lines of, "If only leader X of political party Y were elected, all our problems could be solved."

Nothing is ever that simple, and when it comes to the overall global situation, the political parties are mostly the same, with different rhetoric.

I don't forsee any of this changing soon. As the world takes a long descent down the backside of the energy peak (coming soon to a world near you), I actually expect more Balkanization and spurious finger-pointing. This seems to be in our nature as intellectually limited pseudo-apes that evolved in small bands and tribes, and it is exacerbated by media that is ultimately intent on selling you the latest doo-dad rather than actually presenting the truth of our situation.

Do you think it matters anymore whether the truth is told? The dynamics of global population, resource usage, and pollution are not exactly rocket science. They can be sufficiently explained to an intelligent 5th grader. The problem is that our entire system is predicated on the denial of reality. Witness the popularity of archaic, absurd belief systems like Christianity and Islam, which are woefully inadequate for explaining modern circumstances, much less dealing with them in a straightforward way. The fact of the matter is that (Jack Nicholson voice), "We can't handle the truth." Not only that, but even if we could handle it, very few people are willing to take the actions necessary to actually make any difference, barring some coercive element. And we know how well these kinds of social engineering projects would go down in America, "Land of the Free" (and the fat and dumb). Like a lead boat.

Am I being too much of a Debbie Downer today?

I think this week you could have had a lighter edge to you criticisms. I for one love ROMNEY AND HIS RUNNING MATE. Finally a vice president who actually stands for something, and the team they are presenting to the country sounds good and refreshing to me. Whether or not they carry it off once elected is another story. But the fact that they are straight, christian, and know how to make money is all the criteria I need. This country is divided along the lines of culture. Druggies/gay world vs. straight/god fearing. If you fall into the first category, then you will want socialism and equal rights for people who have equal rights but want MORE EQUAL RIGHTS THAN STRAIGHTS. If you fall into the second category, you most probably have a family with children, deal with the school systems, and want to have grandchildren who are stable and have a job. Therefore, the gay, druggie and the straight family people are in a struggle. Who will win? I hope and PRAY the family based straight non druggie people win over the lazy drugged out sex crazed individuals who would rather have the government take care of them from cradle to grave.

Is this satire? I really hope so.

This would involve mandotary reductions

Sumthin' jes don't look right, do it?


You wrote "one large gov't is more efficient than hundreds of tiny charities." WOW!! This sure worked well in the Soviet Union, didn't it. As James keeps saying, we have to get smaller and more local if we are to survive. Bigness is actually the enemy of efficiency. Too much emphasis on DC is a large reason for our nation's downfall.

AMC lovers: Lighten up! Geez.

Kunstler's being funny and sarcastic and just throwing out a general impression from that time. Ask yourselves: Would a 16-year-old in 1965 rather pick up his date in a Rambler or T-bird? Yeah, that's what I thought.

It's like we say "Buses are for losers." Those who support mass-transit don't really believe it, but it's a humorous mimic of the larger culture's attitude.


Did you read my comment? If you have a local charity in a poor neighborhood, they are not going to have much in the way of resources to help.

However, poor people living in the Hamptons will be well cared for, that is before they are escorted out by rent-a-cops.

Why is big a good thing for business, but not for government?

Why do private insurance companies have to be forced to spend ONLY 20% on overhead, while the Medicare is less than 3%.

You have bought into the propaganda that the wealthy have funded through their "think tanks", and paid shills such as Rush and Beck.

Why would multiple bureaucracies often run by volunteers be better than a single well-funded organization of professionals.

Also, even when states are allowed to make choices, the quality varies all over!

I asked a rather intelligent person who happened to be a Mormon if he actually believed it.Told me no,but when you live in Salt Lake,best pretend you do.Rules of war...we "win" when we are allowed to..and as far as satire,look out the window...at least Charlie Sheen has a script,I improv everyday.

Romney tithe's to them, so is able to take millions off his adjustable gross income. Truly disgusting.

Is it any more disgusting than a Christian, Jew, Muslim or atheist claiming charitable contributions on their tax returns? Let's get real, what is disgusting is the entire income-based system of taxation with all of its allowances, exemptions, deductions, carry-forwards, etc., etc. and all the lying and scamming that goes with it. The answer is a flat rate consumption tax.

Christian politicians in the United States generally fall into two categories.

First, there are the idiots. These people are so small-minded and simplistic that they actually believe the Bible in a literal sense, not as metaphor. They will go into mental contortions to defend it like claiming that God put fossils under the ground to, uh, test us or something.

Second, and I believe Paul Ryan and Romney fall into this category, there are the cynics. They likely do not believe in Christian myths but parrot them in order to appeal to a built-in Christian constituency, which has its trigger words (faith, amen, Jesus, and all that crap). This is a neo-conservative position, that there are useful myths which are not true, but should be adopted by the leadership in order to morally steer the citizenry. It is an idea from the philosophy of Leo Strauss.

Then there's this idea of the Christian businessman, a figure that H.L. Menchken enjoyed lampooning. Has there ever been such an oxymoronic juxtaposition? Nowhere in the Bible have I heard Jesus talk about vulture capitalism, private equity, or offshore bank accounts. Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. In other words, he wasn't having any of this mixing of the moneyed class with his religion. You have to be a first grade nincompoop to think that Christianity in its generally intepreted form is at all compatible with 21st century rapacious, selfish capitalism. But, of course, Americans aren't generally known for their brains or finely honed sense of irony, at least not on average.

I write like 10 paragraphs, and your reply is the correction of one spelling mistake.

Grow up.

Ryan didn't get where he is on his own. He received survivor's benefits from Social Security after his father died. Then he got money from the government to pay for his college education. Then he got help from voters to get into a position of power. Now he wants to take away the kinds of help he received, denying such benefits to coming generations.

When in Bountiful, do as the Morons do.
Friends fled Henderson /Vegas a few years ago.
I was told 'the small businesses hire other Mormons'.

Yeah, soka, it is called "I Got Mine." Par for the course with these people.

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Its, perhaps, his/her attempt to get on Saturday Nite Live.

Esther Stocker

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Then he got help from voters to get into a position of power, where he still receives a government salary and government-paid health care. What a hypocrite!

Hm, ya think Jesus would have turned over health care of the elderly to private insurance companies?

Of course, I don't talk to Jesus everyday like these guys, so what do I know, right?

I love where you're going with this, soka. Paul Ryan should cut himself off! What a welfare queen.

Last week I was able to get out of jury duty for what would have been an excruciatingly stupid two-week long trial over some worthless young Negro psychopath who shot another worthless young Negro psychopath for nothing in a public place.
During the voir-dire process when the prosecutor started asking me general questions I just started replying in the same manner that JHK writes this column. After talking for just a few minutes, the judge said that I was excused from sitting on the jury, I was free to go, and I probably wouldn't be receiving jury duty summons in the future.
Thanks, JHK! Who says that writer's don't perform a useful social function!

Jesus said "verily I say unto you, ye have heard it said to love one another, but I say unto you: beware of entitlements. Load and lock."

Haha. Did you mention cheez doodles, Nascar, and corn pone dictators or what?

All you need to do is repeat the CFN mantra: "We are so fucked!" and "A black swan event or economic collapse may prevent me from fulfilling jury duty." and then start babbling about fiat money, QE, Euro bailouts, carrying capacity, EROI, overshoot, Islamic Caliphates, FEMA camps, the Iluminati, mud hut construction, permaculture, immigration law, etc.

You will quickly be dismissed, if not institutionalized.

Well, I have learned that the difference between a weird cult like LDS and a bonafide religion such as Christianity is about 1200 to 1500 years, give or take.

I write like 10 paragraphs, and your reply is the correction of one spelling mistake.

That's because I agreed 110% with everything you wrote. ;o)

BTW, your comment was "like" 4 paragraphs. In fact, it was exactly 4 paragraphs.

My middle kid, son Thom, turns 35 in 11 days. Like every other word he says is like "like." It drives me like crazy. Nothing is ever like exact, it's always like merely approximate.

Given the number of things that bug you and "drive you crazy" your everyday existence must be the opposite of satchitananda. Namaste.

Well...if you want to talk about absurd religions...nothing can surpass Scientology (though Mormonism has to be a close second).

It was really one post spread across multiple ones, so that I didn't lose a lengthy amount of typing from some server glitch. The 10 was an estimate, hence the "like." I didn't actually count.

Actually, you don't have to grow up. Who am I to demand that others conform to certain modes of behavior on the comments section of CFN? If correcting other people's grammar and spelling makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, go right ahead, sir. I suppose you aren't doing any harm, though you seem to have the ability to trigger my annoyance gland.

I have never understood the whole 110% thing. Firstly, it isn't that much more than 100%. Why not say I agree with you 500%? And secondly, how does one agree more than this? It is like when they say the airplane is "very full" today. Like are there going to be people hanging off the wings and stuffed into the luggage compartment? Of course, I know you were being ironic. (Another one of your useful services.)

So, in summary, I suppose I should, like, thank you for the free Q checking, so, like, um, thanks for like correcting my mistakes.

your everyday existence must be the opposite of satchitananda.

Boy, is it ever!

I should sign up for this:

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Get over it. The greatest fear of all of Europe and other developed, democratized nations is any crises that would result in vast hoards of refugees attempting to migrate out of harm’s way. Already, the flood of illegal immigration away from the so called “developing nations” (they aren’t, the ratio of population to resources has only gotten further out of balance in the last 50 years) is having a crushing effect upon the social and infrastructural capacity of the nations that are targeted as destinations.

This is where Israel has the US and Europe by the balls. Having hundreds of nuclear devices Israel can leverage deference, enabling it to demand resource influx and sponsorship sufficient to keep its population living at First World standards – whereas otherwise it couldn’t sustain even 7% of its now existing population on native resources. That, of course, is why there will never be a “settlement” of the Israel/Palestinian crisis.

Like the Israelis, the Palestinians are populating as though manna is going to rain down from heaven. This illustrates perfectly humanities great capacity for denial and self deception with myth.

Forget it; all this talk about creating a global economy that will improve the lives of the globe’s billions of overpopulation is pure BS. The real aim is simply to create a global wealth minority to be exempted from the inevitable great die off.

Didya talk / write 'Peak Everything' to the judge?
See, thinking c-l-e-a-r-l-y usually works.

"Am I being too much of a Debbie Downer today?"

No. You are being too much of a Chatty Kathy. So, how about shutting your big yob for a bit? Kay???

"Is this satire?"

No. You are satire. Now shut it.

"...so what do I know..."

Very, very little.

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Because you're always so angry, I think your tag should be "fistified". Do you have a bad case of inflamed hemorrhoids?

I didn't know these came in stick form. You learn something new every day.

Another way to get out is to mention that as a juror you have the right to judge the law itself and vote innocent even if guilty. It's called juror nullification and they hate it with a passion. They are supposed to tell people about it but they don't.

Mistified reminds me of a fat, little shit-head of a kid in my neighborhood, when I was young. If you gave him the slightest inclination he would call you a "pig hog" (whatever that is) and run away as fast as possible. Was that you mistified? You are one pathetic, angry little person.

The political winners of the coming election won't change the built-in downward trajectory of the world economy/society.

Sometimes I wonder why I pay attention. Pretty much forced on me by such blogs, read only as a matter of routine, as my national patriotism wanes.

Indeed, Mormonism (or Church of the LDS...or is that LSD?) is full of idiotic fantasies, but not less so than any other religion: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, et al. Perhaps only Buddhism - which is really a philosophy than a religion - is not a pack of drivel.

Mormonism is an annoying religion, I'll give you that much. All that door knocking....what a pain.

What happens when you cross a Mormon with a Unitarian?

A person who goes door to door for no apparent reason. //

But they do a good job taking care of each other, and thus the chance of them living on welfare, etc. is less than the average American.

Example: My brother, the CPA, was assigned by the bishop of the congregation (or ward as they call it) to help out this single mom that was having a hard time paying her bills. My brother sorted out all her financial stuff and worked out a budget she could live on. The church helped out with her mortgage for a little while while she got back onto her feet. This is much simpler than how the government would handle a problem.

You are misusing the word "philosophy" ( a western phenomenon) which means love of knowledge or love of wisdom. Buddhism is not a philosophy. Buddhism is practical and empirical.

Thanks for the week's work, JHK.

Couple of things:

1. Who - I mean WHO the HELL - knew there were so many AMC rambler defenders among the CF Nation.

2. 'Merkin. Who knew. I didn't. Thanks to Puzz and Confus for proving that one can still learn things from this discussion thread.

3. Here's my favorite JHK phrase for the week:
"....characters who personify all the hapless contradictions of the public they will be pandering to. Romney's story appeals to me a little more in its strange psychological dimensions; Obama's role as a living, breathing wish-fulfillment of the liberal imagination is too obvious in comparison." -jhk-

Yeah, I agree with you James. Not sure why. Something about the one purely North American version of Christianity meeting the far-right school chum (Net an yahoo) to kick off Armageddon.
Gotta' love it.

4. K/Q - A year ago you were trying to bust on me for agreeing with various posters by 75%, or whatever.

Now you're agreeing with BJ 110%. Which, I'm pretty certain, is a logical and mathematical impossibility. And you're an accounting major?
Please enlighten us as to your use of "new math."

5. OK, that's 5 things. I ran over. More later.

Oops -
Meant to post a link.
Merkin. Amazing.
And spell check doesn't like it, to boot.
Don't click the link unless you have a stomach for soft porn.

You must be new around here. The topic is whatever people want to talk about. Mr Kunstler's column is just a stimulus to start the ball rolling. The topic is often race since that is a taboo subject in America and many people are interested in discussing it. For example, the races aren't equal in ability or IQ.

Philosophy exists in the East too. But yes, traditionally it is tied to Religion. The secularization of philosophy took place in ancient Greece as well.

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After Ryan's father passed away, the family took in young Ryan's grandmother, who was suffering from alzheimer's, and according to the flattering puff piece I read earlier today Ryan helped take care of her. Most impressive, right?

Translation for us folks who live in the real world is that the Ryan family used grandma's income (social security) and assets (this was back when ordinary foks still had assets) to maintain themselves. My guess is that young Ryan learned his hard nosed ways from his Mom.

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This illustrates perfectly humanities? great capacity for denial


possessive, not plural

Let me guess, IQ and the Wealth of Nations, right? Mostly bunk. Indians with an average IQ of 81 while white Americans have a 98 average. Please. Check out the staff of any engineering/medical school of any university or the rolls of Silicon Valley. This is just one example. And no I'm not new here.

Now you're agreeing with BJ 110%. Which, I'm pretty certain, is a logical and mathematical impossibility.

The truth is I lied. I only agreed in general with Turkle's (not BJ's) post. I thought, for example, the word exponential would be better than geometric. (Look up the definitions and you will see why.) I wanted to explain why I had nothing to say about the content of his post so I used a common intensifier - 110% - which is not to be taken literally.


I appreciate that you don't like cars. Even I have pretty mixed feelings, a love-hate relationship. The convenience is great (at least in rural areas) but the traffic, pollution and accidents are well-noted.

That said: I have plenty of reasons to dislike Romney, but the fact that his dad's company, AMC, produced Ramblers isn't one of them. Like several others here, I actually have fond memories of the Ramblers we had as family cars in the 1950s and 60s. The seats that folded flat were a great innovation for camping trips.

The first family car we owned, an Oldsmobile sedan, was a big gas hog with "fins" on the back - what an idiotic idea. Not sure what my parents were thinking when they bought that, but afterwards we were Ramblers all the way until we finally switched to Toyota.

These days I mostly get around on a 150cc motorbike, at 95 mpg. I live in a rural area. When peak oil hits us big time, it's going to be either a bicycle or a horse. Or stay at home and never go out.

Let me guess, IQ and the Wealth of Nations, right?

Confus, your reply does not seem to be related in any way to the comment you linked it to, namely Vlad's post at 7:24PM. Let me know the time of the correct post.

OK, I've got another question.
Is Romney deliberately trying to throw the election?
And what is it with the Repubs. and their goofy VP picks.
BushI picked the Quail.
McCain picked Caribou Barbie.
And now Mittens picks Paul Ryan.
Here's a vignette of PR's first public appearance as VP-in-waiting at the Iowa State Fair -
after being heckled -
..."Ryan spoke for only 13 of the customary 20 minutes on the soapbox stage and did not take any questions from the audience.

As reporters walked alongside him asking questions — including about the region's devastating drought — Ryan declined to answer most of them, saying, "We can play 'stump the VP later.'"

A Secret Service spokesman did not immediately reply to a request for comment as to how....*"

*as to how Romney managed to pick this moron as his running mate? (Nope, I just made that up - but the SS has to be wondering, just a little bit.

Listen, you dum'asses - the "BASE" is energized.
They can't be energized any more by a far-right-wing-nut VP choice.

Mystified, can you explain this?

Next time, Republicans, pick a centrist to balance the ticket. please.

If there IS a next time - Go 'Merkins!

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JHK's mean comment about American Motors vehicles made me sad so to cheer up I googled "song about a little nash rambler" and listened to a delightful blast from the past -- three times!

You to can have a smile on your face:

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AMC: Javelin and SST.

Right on righteous rides.

JHK, I'm joining the AMC defenders here :)

Democrats are overjoyed at Romney's blunder in selecting Paul Ryan, effectively losing Florida and the election.

"Romney is losing." -- Laura Ingraham

This race is nothing if not bizarrely funny.
Aimlow Joe was here.

Not to take exception to you, Mr. Kunstler, but when Mr. Romney Sr. took the helm of Nash, he saved it from bankruptcty. His "Little Nash Rambler" was the perfect answer to Detroit's Big Three...and I do mean BIG! Take it from me, folks, even then, we grew tired of paying lots of $$$ to haul around land yachts down Santa Monica Boulevard. Plus, a l959 Nash Rambler was a hell of a lot better looking than a l959 Chevy. IMO, of course.

"right now in the three-ring circus of presidential politics, events are in the driver's seat"

Pure Americana? How about Impure? Is there anything remotely pure about so-called American political culture? I grew up in the Hollywood age, so pardon me if I sound cynical.

American culture as a whole, including the political culture, is defined by Hollywood Television. The evil, one-eyed monster of lies, filth, and deceit. American culture, as I once read about in history books, and witnessed the very last remnants of in my grandparents, the children of European immigrants, is DEAD. GONE. It no longer exists in the pure definition of the word. What we have now is a bastardized, electronically-created construct of falsehoods.

Even circus clowns are more real than American politicians, because behind the false faces of the clowns there are real people. Politicians are just lying puppets following orders.

Enjoy the farcical reality show called the "2012 Presidential Election."

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Agreed! And we as your parents allowed you to sit there in front of the boobtube and get brainwashed. Only difference is, my generation got brainwashed by news reels during WWII! Are we even?


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"You would cry too if it happened to you!" (Leslie Gore, 1963)

That was what American Motor's said to the rest of Detroit in 1960! Romney Sr. was instumental in achieving par excellence in an attractive family car that wouldn't cost you a lot of money to haul 5 kids around, all on different schedules! Hail Romney Sr.! (I dislike his son a great deal, however.)

Wow! Reading the comments (just getting to them now), I guess a lot of folks liked the old Ramblers! Go figure!

Just learned Ryan inherited millions from the "family business" ... And they didn't build the business themselves ... They painted lines on highways, federal highways, with fat government contracts (that is, you and I built their business with our tax dollars)

Jimbo...your garden is a piece of over-organized shit. My daughter has 4 kids living in a tough part of North Minneapolis and her random garden puts yours to shame. She feeds her family probably 50% from the garden; they have a couple of rain barrels and hey, life goes on. You are OCD Jim...OCD! Back off big guy, before you have a heart attack.

Cars today don't have side vent windows like the old ones had. I liked vent windows. I could stick my nose out the window without getting the wind full force. It's nicer that way.

I'd bring them back if I were in the big white dog house.

The Bush / Romney / Ryan ticket continues the war on women. Ryan and Romney support personhood laws declaring life begins at conception and would oppose birth control and abortion (even in the case of rape or to say the life of the mother).


This year's election is too bizarre: the two major candidates have policies that belong more to the other party than their own.

If you want a difference, you have to go third party. It's not a "wasted vote". Besides, the only elections worth worrying about are the local ones.

Just learned Ryan inherited millions from the "family business" ... And they didn't build the business themselves ... They painted lines on highways, federal highways, with fat government contracts (that is, you and I built their business with our tax dollars)

Yeah, and your point?

Are you against inheritance?

What's up with the contemptuous quotes around family business?

Isn't the building and maintenance of federal highways a legitimate government function? Somebody's got to paint those lines, right? Is the painting of lines on highways not honorable work?

By what criteria were the government contracts "fat?" and how would you know?

Frankly, I'm enjoying seeing your concern about this guy Ryan...even though I assured you several times that Obama would be re-elected.

God bless that whole ambitious Ryan clan that were able to leave their offspring some money after they passed on. I'd love to be able to do the same thing for my kids some day.

You have a nasty streak running through you Asoka and you don't understand human nature. A couple of kids might have helped your understanding.

Ryan and Romney support personhood laws declaring life begins at conception

When does Asoka say life begins?

support personhood laws declaring

Isn't this^ the same as saying "believe?" If so, why use 4 words when one will do? Why not get rid of the mumbo jumbo and just say "Ryan and Romney believe life begins at conception?"

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I have sweet memories of being picked up, and given a ride to New Orleans, by a fuzzy little Hippie chick driving a Rambler wagon, while I was hitch-hiking through the southern states as a teen. Ahh!

Regarding merkins (public wigs), lest you think that was just old Shakespeare stuff, they are very much alive and well.

In an magazine interview, Kate Winslet related how she refused to wear a merkin in the movie The Reader:

"Let me tell you, The Reader was not glamorous for me in terms of body-hair maintenence. I had to grow it in, because you can't have a landing strip in 1950, you know? And then because of years of waxing, as all of us girls know, it doesn't come back quite the way it used to. They even made me a merkin because they were so concerned that I might not be able to grow enough. I said, 'Guys, I am going to have to draw the line at a pubic wig, but you can shoot my own snatch up close and personal.'"


I've never seen you make a comment on race. You just like showing how racist you are. That's not the same thing.

Also, I couldn't even begin to count the barrel full of taboos that you require to hold your racist views.

You need to find a cave wall, man. Only then will you be amongst your brethren.

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You may want to read it again, Kyo.

Jim, you have described yet another delusional system extant in the amerikan psyche: let's call it the courtier delusion, or perhaps the delusional of amerikan royalty. It involves the delusion that dynastic criminals and their courtiers are somehow smarter than the rest of us, therefore superior to us (think divine right of kings, etc)and, having our interests at heart, will take care of us. Its part of the "too much magic" family of delusions, and is related to the delusion of techno-triumphalism (the delusion that the dynastic criminals in charge can use high tech to save the world and continue things as they are).

I always thought that our system would end with violence and chaos. Now it appears that it will end with rampant psychosis, in the form of mass delusionality, eventually yielding violence and chaos when the delusions run into the wall of reality.



In regards to the Rambler comment, it looks like JHK was hoisted by his own petard. That's what happens when you tread upon unfamiliar ground. In JHKs case, this means classic cars, sports, or anything considered "Macho." Though not a complete milquetoast, I don't see JHK being picked first for the dodgeball games in grade school. Worse than just hating sports, it seems he just dismisses the same as a complete waste of time (except for, maybe, baseball). Theater, writing, painting...that's all OK. But god forbid you enjoy a classic muscle car (AMX) or enjoy old film of Walter Payton running with the ball. Can you imagine if JHK had a son? What would become of that kid? Though it's hard to find even a grown man today that can rebuild a carburetor, or fix a timing belt. Does JHK even have a "favorite" car from his past? Would he dare to even admit it? What would it be?

Back to the matter of moment.

Dr. Roberts sez (in regard to issues purposely not mentioned):

"The Obama police state will shop around and find a federal appeals court dominated by Republican Brownshirt judges and get Judge Forrest’s ruling [indefinite detention of US citizens unconstitutional] overturned. All those Republican federal judges we had to have to save us from liberal Democrats will now complete our deliverance to a total police state where all power rests in an unaccountable executive branch. This is what the Republican Federalist Society has wanted for years, and they are on the verge of obtaining it.

That the United States has degenerated into a police state in the short period of ten years should be the campaign issue. Who would ever have thought such a thing possible. Yet, there is no mention of the destruction of the rule of law in the name of a hoax “war on terror.”

...And there's plenty more fun; bring the kids to the casino and place your bets!


What's NOT being blurted, blustered, blabbed or bloviated by the fine slate of candidates are the very issues that are about to kick in the door, spill all the beer and Cheez Doodles, and generally fuck up the party. And as JHK and many others here opine, I too believe this is a strategy to keep the cattle calm for the time being. Ultimately a dangerous game of: who's going to be driving the bus when it hits the IED? Will there be enough "legality" glossed over the coming brutal repression to allow the citizens to patriotically assent to a boot on the neck?

Old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.
(That one a them 'screwtable chinky sayin's? Why'nt they talk 'Merkin like civ'lized folk?)

I always thought that our system would end with violence and chaos. Now it appears that it will end with rampant psychosis, in the form of mass delusionality, eventually yielding violence and chaos when the delusions run into the wall of reality.


I concur. What a way to go...
The only point that's a puzzlement is, just which parties will be on the receiving end of the violence and chaos? More calculated misdirection to ensue? (With the current attention spans, it should work like a charm.)

OK, you caught the spelling (typo/editing error) gaff, but what about my contention on the Middle East? Oh,....I guess that (humanities as opposed to humanity's) disqualifies need to address the issue, right?

I remember thinking, just after 9/11 when plans were being made to form DHS and pass the Patriot Act, that there was a real possibility these actions could be the beginning of a slippery slope wherein Americans would trade freedom for security, just like many other populations had done over the ages. Looks like my concerns were justified - even though our loss of freedoms began long before 9/11.

Focusing on a sapling allows one to disregard the forest. Convenient and ubiquitous tactic of the terminally blinkered...

The latest crime, chalking in public.


Those evil bastards! Making the sidewalks with chalk!

"Criminalizing dissent" should help move things along nicely.
Chris Hedges brings his lawsuit to Judge Forrest's court and supplies us with some very tough connective tissue to chew on:


No one seems to realize the gargantuan import of these proceedings and the "laws" behind them; more's the pity. "Da peeple" will give their unknowing and unspoken consent, as they wallow in their ignorance and exceptionalism.

**Please be advised: Passengers on The Good Ship Lollipop are excused from reading this article; management has no intention of harshing your mellow at this time. (We'll get to that later.)

If I believe, then you can act on a different belief without consequence. If I pass a law, your ass goes to jail for acting differently. I'm sure you see a difference and understand why the extra words were important.

JHK's favorite car is the one being towed by the horse.

The conservative American Catholic Bishops Conference has condemned Ryan's budget plan as immoral and unchristian.

The impartial CBO condemned Ryan's budget plan as impotent, incapable of eliminating the debt.

While I agree with the CBO regarding the Ryan budget, do those fucks have any credibility? Maybe it has something to do with the Ryan plan eliminating tax deductions for charitable contributions, which would certainly hurt the poor (actually quite wealthy) Catholic church.

The Justice Department’s definition of a potential terrorism suspect under the Patriot Act is already extremely broad. It includes anyone with missing fingers, someone who has weatherproof ammunition and guns, and anyone who has hoarded more than seven days of food. This would make a few of my relatives in rural Maine and their friends, if the government so decided, prime terrorism suspects.

anyone who has hoarded more than seven days of food...Mitt?

note: my above comment is quoted from the article, Chris Hedges

'You have a nasty streak', and you dont?

You recently posted [to Turkle?] that you found
'Mystifieds' [OEO, notyrmommy] comments
'hysterically funny'.
Well,Pops, one of those comments was directed to one
Peak Oil Laurie, about 'raping Peak Oil Laurie'.

Excluding Sarah Palin from the convention was a Ryan-Romney mistake.

Excluding Sarah Palin from the convention was a Ryan-Romney mistake.


If I believe, then you can act on a different belief without consequence. If I pass a law, your ass goes to jail for acting differently. I'm sure you see a difference and understand why the extra words were important.

OK, I'll pay the fine without admitting guilt.

Let's not get tangled up in our underwear though. When do YOU say life begins?

Also, you have ducked the questions I asked in a post at 12:57AM this date. I await your reply.

And the Bell Curve of Hernstein (Jew) and Murray. No factor determines wealth more than IQ. Of course there is inheritance (your parents IQ) but most fortunes are gone in a generation or two if the folks don't have the IQ, ability, and character to maintain them. And IQ is a big part of ability and character. Not automatic or the whole story of course: some smart people are low lifes or just lazy.

I think that one manifestation of the delusionality is the increasingly militant adherence by so many to ideologies that look to me like escapist fantasies.

Dreamscapes that have little connection to human or scientific reality. Like ideologies of the "right" or "left". Or "isms" like racism and fascism which is rearing its ugly head again in Europe. Or playthings of supposed intellectuals like "environmentalism" which is really long on politically correct posturing and rhetoric and symbolic action but really short on usable suggestions on how to haul our asses from point A to point B assuming they have any notion of where point B actually is.

Look at the imbeciles preaching to imbeciles - imbeciles touting "tax cuts" combined with as yet to be defined "broadening" of the tax base and closing of "loopholes" to remedy the ticking fiscal time bomb. Or is it criminals preaching to imbeciles?

I wonder if Pussy Riot would dare do their thing in a mosque. No?

He doesn't believe in inheritance - see the Communist Manifesto, it's one of the "planks". And then compare the 10 or so main planks with the Democratic Party's. Find any differences if you can.

Shit! I just did a calculation on how long the food I bought yesterday at the market will last, and it's 8 days! Does this mean the government has me on their suspected terrorist list? Or is it like speeding on the highway where the Staties give you a leeway of 5 mph? Maybe the Feds won't disappear anyone until they accumulate 10 days worth of food. I got to know 'cause I won't sleep tonight waiting for the inevitable knock at my door.

For Krisesakes Vlad that USS Liberty incident occurred almost 50 years ago. Its been investigated from every angle possible, each time with the same result: an accident of war. Its like the JFK assassination; in half a century no evidence has surfaced of any type of conspiracy, yet some still insist that Oswald was part of a conspiracy. Its going to be a long time before all the delusions of the 1960s finally fade away.


Youse right, Marlin.

'You have a nasty streak', and you dont?

No, I am a lovable curmudgeon.

You recently posted [to Turkle?] that you found
'Mystifieds' [OEO, notyrmommy] comments
'hysterically funny'.

I don't think I used the word "hysterically" but close enough for government work. I was talking about the INSULTS being funny. Anyone whose skin is not thick enough to handle insults on an Internet blog doesn't belong here.

Well,Pops, one of those comments was... about 'raping Peak Oil Laurie'.

Yeah, Misty goes off the deep end sometimes.

{sarcasm on} Hey, Vlad. How can you trust the IQ Bell curve when one of its originators is a Jew? I mean, how don't you know this isn't just a plot by the IJC (International Jewish Conspiracy) to get Whites to hate Blacks, thus diverting attention from the Jews who are taking over America? {sarcasm off}

There was an Irishman there to keep him on the staight and narrow. Without righteous Irish Americans, like Joe McCarthy and Paul Ryan, this Country would have already fallen to your Tribesmen and Client Savages. Actually it already has, but at least they have fought a good rear guard action and kept the full effects from becoming manifest.

It's an obvious cover up. All the survivors know that. Give it up and admit your country fell to the Conspiracy.

Excluding George W. Bush from the convention was a Ryan-Romney mistake. They are not even trying to get W. to attend.

Democrats are people-oriented, policy-oriented, and action-oriented. Republicans are about philosophy; they just hate government and taxation.

Life begins at birth.


"An embryo has no rights. Rights do not pertain to a potential, only to an actual being. A child cannot acquire any rights until it is born. The living take precedence over the not-yet-living (or the unborn).

Abortion is a moral right—which should be left to the sole discretion of the woman involved; morally, nothing other than her wish in the matter is to be considered. Who can conceivably have the right to dictate to her what disposition she is to make of the functions of her own body?"

-- Ayn Rand (Russia, a woman, loud and proud)


-- Ayn Rand (Russian, Jewish, a woman, loud and proud)

“In the beginning there was the word”; quote of opening line from some translations of the Old Testament. “I fire words that explode in other men’s souls”, D. H. Lawrence. Words and phrases have consequence, that’s the point: Whatever definition or meaning we adopt for each frames our thinking.

“Human capital” is a phrase that has somehow been given prominence in common parlance. Shall we guess at how acceptance of being lumped into such purely “eco-nomenclature” categorization might be to purpose of diminishing the significance of category of “citizen”?

Well,……isn’t the aim of transnational corporate interests that of economically reducing the importance of sovereign independence of nations, hence nullifying the exclusivity of “citizen” entitlement to direct national destiny without interference from outside interests?

Yes, yes, yes; I am addressing the issue of one world government imposed by enslavement of all people under a singular economic dictum.

Ah cam ‘on; is it that hard to understand that within the prevailing scheme of global economics any group -- whether a single family living “off grid” or a nation whose citizens choose to preserve for themselves a distinctly singular destiny -- can be viewed “terrorist”.

A family living off the grid is going to be valued less as “human capital”. No different are nations that exempt themselves from being entwined into international laissez-faire capitalism that controls all resources, distributing them based upon best profit margins. And, by-the-way, assuming to itself – ostensibly on behalf of the whole -- entitlement to access resources anywhere they exist.

Oh yeah, the old “market and supply” pitch. It goes like this; Americans pay more for -- or do without – domestic products that pull a greater price elsewhere (say, in China where a new wealth class is emerging). In effect, export markets trump “taking care of our own”.

But then, and excuse me, I forget that Americans are now judged (according to fashionable PC) no longer entitled to national sovereignty due to being too white and too European.

Oh yeah, there too is the charge that our history is marred (not unlike all other societies I must note) by injustice to minorities.


No, rights END at birth. Once you are born, you are on your own. As any good Republican.


The new term is human resources. They are to be used up and discarded, just like paper, oil, etc.

As = Ask

You should read Jim Garrison's "On the Trail of the Assassins". All kinds of documented evidence of a conspiracy in the JFK assassination. Oswald was given a nitrate test that day and it proved he never even fired a rifle that day. One example out of many...

You're speaking of something about which you haven't educated yourself.


Muddmike, I would hope parental love would provide offspring with general welfare entitlements ... But since I consciously decided not to become a parent, I cannot speak from experience.


Yes, parents can do what they are able to, but if Ryan gets in the kids of the poor are screwed. I saw a graph in the paper today showing what he wants to do to Medicaid. Basically he wants to just about do away with it.

Spending up by record amounts ... and it is not Christmas yet. What recession? (or, what "depression?" if you are an economic idiot)

However, if the Republicans get their way the kids will be able to get jobs in the coal mines and support themselves.

Holy Moroni!!

Wouldn't a single mom be excommunicated from the Mormon church?

Yes, I heard Ryan wants to do away with workers' rights and labor unions. Romney really screwed up by choosing Ryan. Just how many constituencies can you alienate simultaneously? Behind closed doors Republicans are saying both Romney and Ryan will lose their home states: Massachusetts, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

But only for the next 250 years according to Romney. Although brown lung disease will get them first. No SSI though ... Sorry.

Reluctant Correction

^black lung disease^

She was a single, working mom in the sense she was going thru a divorce and the children's father wasn't paying child support.

As far as I know, the church doesn't ex single moms on a regular basis--probably depends on the bishop. I haven't been to a Mormon church in ages, but a friend of mine's daughter was going to BYU and she became pregnant. It got her kicked out of BYU, but not exed.

Ryan-Romney are calling themselves America's comeback team"

I agree.

If elected, they will come back for your pension, come back for your job, come back for Obamacare, come back for your public schools, come back for your postal service, come back for your prisons, come back for your police protection, etc.

OK, I gather that by quoting Ayn Rand you are saying that is what you believe too. What other beliefs are you and Ayn in sync on, or did you just cherry-pick this one because it was convenient?

the children's father wasn't paying child support.


But LDS supported you financially, right?

Cherry pick?

Why don't you correctly describe it as "Judiciously select relevant and convincing quotes by sources trusted by the reading public"? ... i.e., you.

Ryan and Romney ... Dim and dimmer.

Until Ryan, no candidate in USA history has gone to the Iowa State Fair unprepared to answer farm questions and then Ryan publicly exhibited racism by saying Black activists asking questions "must not be Iowans"

Ryan is a son of white privilege who lives off government entitlements.

Yes, I heard Ryan wants to do away with workers' rights and labor unions.

You heard?

That sounds like something Anti would write...short on particulars.

Hello? Ryan supported Scott Walker during his attempt to bust up unions and prohibit collective bargaining. Specific enough for you, Mr. Ingenuous?

Why don't you correctly describe it as "Judiciously select relevant and convincing quotes by sources trusted by the reading public"?

You still have not said that you believe as Ayn Rand believes(ed).

Good articles there as usual from the ICH.

Those taken into custody under the NDAA can be denied due process and habeas corpus and held indefinitely in military facilities.

Welcome to the 15th century.

☐ Obama

☐ Romney

☒ K-Dog

Slavery or freedom. Your Choice.

Ryan said, on Glen Beck, "progressivism is a cancer on America"

How do you know if you have the disease?

If you receive a social security check...

If you get sick and have Medicare, Tricare, etc.

If you have kids who went to public schools...

If you enjoy weekends...

Progressives brought you all of those disease symptoms and many more.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

It would be nice if he cared as much about jobs.

☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

☆ Obama

★ K-Dog

☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

Bones for everyone.

Ryan is a son of white privilege who lives off government entitlements.

But you love government entitlements, so what is the problem?

What part of "judiciously select" did you not understand?

Ayn Rand shares my position on abortion.

Ayn Rand shares my atheism, but there are areas where she disagrees with me. I am not going to list them for you. We were discussing when life begins. Do you agree with Ayn and me that life begins at birth?

I advocate big government. I am consistent in words and actions.

Ryan is a hypocrite.

Hello? Ryan supported Scott Walker during his attempt to bust up unions and prohibit collective bargaining. Specific enough for you, Mr. Ingenuous?

So why did you use the innocuous "I heard" AntiSoak-ism? You didn't "hear" it, you were glued to your TV with rapt attention during the entire Scott Walker flap.

And here's a gem:

Disinformation: How It Works

It's no wonder that"

it is a cardinal rule of our anemic culture that any and all belief systems are equally valid.
". It is hard to know what to believe when you've been drenched in a constant rain of lies.

And from the article:

"Internet trolls, also known as “paid posters” or “paid bloggers,” are increasingly and openly being employed by private corporations as well governments, often for marketing purposes and for “public relations” (Obama is notorious for this practice). Internet “trolling” is indeed a fast growing industry."

Say it ain't so.


AAAAAAArrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh !!!

"Democrats are overjoyed at Romney's blunder in selecting Paul Ryan, effectively losing Florida and the election." asoka.-

Yet asoka.. plans to vote for Jill Stein.
This has the effect of electing Romney, if done by enough voters in closely contested states.

Seriously, how many Romney voters are going to vote for the Green Party Candidate???

Not that Romney can be a whole lot worse than Obama.
Might be better, even - given what the future may hold for the US.

I heard (and saw) it on TV.

So, instead of saying "I read" I correctly and accurately said "I heard"

It is practically common knowledge that Paul Ryan is as far right as Walker, and both live in Wisconsin, so your ingenuity is both false and meant to be provocative.

Ryan voted for Bush's tax cuts, for Bush's bailouts, for Bush's TARP, for Bush's deficit spending on wars, etc.

Ryan's actions are not consistent with his words.

...but there are areas where she disagrees with me.

I think you've got your chronology bass-ackwards... there are areas where you disagree with her.

I'm still alive, so her writings agree with me on abortion. I am the center of my universe, not Ayn.

Pay attention, silly.

The church did not support me.

The bishop helped with her house payment for a few months. My brother worked out a budget with her, and with his help, she was able to make ends meet.

I don't imagine that the church would ever need to support me, but since I contributed to the church welfare system, I wouldn't feel bad about accepting food. Back in the day, I worked in their peanut butter plant a couple of nights a year. Also harvested apples when I was at BYU.

Excluding George W. Bush from the convention was a Ryan-Romney mistake.

I have not seen, read or heard about Palin and W being excluded from the convention by Romney/Ryan anywhere but in your comments...not that I doubt it or think it's a bad idea...but where did you come across this information?

Paul Ryan ... yet another supply-side robot. I think it's safe to say that Obama's handlers are going to tear Romney and Ryan to shreds by painting them as Bushies who support the same voodoo economics decried by David Stockman (a Republican!!) decades ago and that led to the Great Recession.

Obama is going to win this election in a landslide. I think Obama is a do-nothing guy but I'll take him any day over these plutocrat-lovers.

Romney/Ryan is a hilarious amalgam of outmoded economic theories, globalism, and moneygrubbing. No wonder Wall Street has fallen in love with them.


Romney's own economic adviser said Romney's economic policy would be Bush economics "on steroids."

Let's not get tangled up in our underwear though. When do YOU say life begins?

Also, you have ducked the questions I asked in a post at 12:57AM this date. I await your reply.

OK Asoka, we're making headway. You and Ayn agree that life begins at birth and all the decisions about that unborn fetus are the woman's alone from which I infer that even 5 minutes before birth the mother can have that baby C-sectioned out of her and destroyed and the biological father has no say in the matter whatever. Got it.

Now let's move on to inheritance and the other questions in my 12:57AM post which I am getting the impression you'd prefer not to address.

I really miss those side vent windows. Just the right amount of air! The more expensive cars, Caddy and Lincoln, I think, had automatic ones. But it was more fun to just pull the handle down and push the vent in.

Obama is going to win this election in a landslide.

No, it'll be close. The popular vote will be:

Obama 51%
Romney 46%
Other 3%

Write it down.

It's interesting though that you and Asoka are in agreement on something for the first time since the Big Bang but you two don't have your finger to the pulse of the American people on this thing. Actually, I think Asoka is scared shitless that Romney will win.

Q., you were not polite in your reply:

You have a nasty streak running through you Asoka and you don't understand human nature. A couple of kids might have helped your understanding.

I have nephews and nieces I help raise. I will leave my mud hut to one of them. The other questions I do not want to answer, due to your uncouth attitude and your insult about human nature.

Actually, I think Asoka is scared shitless that Romney will win.


I could care less, but I choose to care more. That is why my candidate is Dr. Jill Stein.

Ayn Rand died in 1982, after I formulated my position in the 1960s. I really could not care less if she plagiarized from me. We are in agreement pn when life begins, right after that trip down the birth canal.

Jill Stein will be on the radio in ten minutes on KPTK 1090 AM Seattle, K Dog territory.

Could be an october surprise. WW or something. I certainly hope is doesn't happen.

Asoka said:
Romney's own economic adviser said Romney's economic policy would be Bush economics "on steroids."

If that's provably true, the Obama campaign should advertise this from the hilltops. When are the fake conservatives of this country going to realize that "supply-side economics" is one of the goofier false ideas in economic history.

The rich are HOARDERS. If you look at statistics for charitable giving, as a percent of net worth, the rich, especially the uber-rich, are the stingiest people on earth. This has been true since such records were kept since 1926 and Ravi Batra had those stats published in his "Great Depression of 1990" book.

When it comes to generosity, the rich are conspicuous by their ABSENCE.


I'm not sure you've got your finger in the right place either there, Q. Mormons are not exactly popular with the conservatives. Even other Christians think they're nuts. It is fun to see them "love each other" so. The Republican base is not energized to go out and vote for Romney. Even if the phone polls are currently close, the anti-Obama turn-out is liable to be lackluster for this reason, whereas Obama supporters are more fired-up to give him a second term. Paul Ryan's positions on Medicare and Medicaid, and by extension Romney's, are also not likely to pull in any votes either, except from a few hard-core ideological conservatives with a stiffy for across-the-board privatization. Medicare is considered a pretty good program by those who use it. At least, I seriously doubt that many elderly wish to make an about face and return back to private insurers for their healthcare. And, therefore, they've basically lost the senior citizens, another major block on the right.

So, yeah, I'd say you're way off on this.

Here is an article about a book by Peter Edelman entitled, "So Rich So Poor".


He seems to believe that wealth inequality is a problem.

Q said:
It's interesting though that you and Asoka are in agreement on something for the first time since the Big Bang but you two don't have your finger to the pulse of the American people on this thing. Actually, I think Asoka is scared shitless that Romney will win.

I'm politically neutral these days since I hate the Nanny-State, "Diversity World" politics of the left and I equally detest the supply-side economics of the right. I hate both of them.

That being said, I don't think Obama is really that frightened. His handlers will make Romney look like the second coming of Dubya and they will succeed because Romney's tax policies are more of the same.

I think Obama is a feckless leader but the very fact that the buzz on Wall St. is that financiers are moving wholesale over to Romney is enough, in itself, to get me to vote for Obama.

America is on its way down the poop chute of history no matter who wins but Romney doesn't have an original idea in his pea brain. His whole shtick is warmed-over Reaganism and Reagan's administration was the first one to run gigantic deficits.


It will be interesting what a few billion dollars spent by billionaires through super pacs can do to convince people that if Obama is reelected that the world will end. I will see this first hand since I live in PA a swing state. You lucky dogs who live in states that are tilted one way or the other will not have to put up with all this crap.

Unfortunately, the use of psychology has made it possible to convince the masses. That is why advertising works, even when it says nothing about the product.

A while back I saw a set of videos that went through the process being used to lead the masses to work against their own self interest. I hope someone out there remembers where this is.

in PA, a swing state.

Yes, I missed the comma.

I was under anesthesia today for a wonderful colonoscopy. I'm not supposed to operate heavy equipment, or blogs. ;>)

Well, let's see...Mittens and Pauly Boy, or Obomba? From my own limited observation of it all, there are a lot of pissed off whites who like laying the blame of the economy on Obomba. JHK said of such people, "Get that nigger out of the White House!" I read "conservative" rags as well as "progressive" and "liberal" ones.

Blacks will vote for Obomba because, well, he's black. Even the black Southern Baptist preachers don't seem to be yapping too much about his new found support of gay marriage. He's "evolved"...his words, not mine.

Hispanics will vote for Obomba because of his recent decision to grant citizenship to the huge amount of anchor babies that are shot out of Juanita's hole once she crosses the border.

Texas and California repubs will come out in DROVES to vote in Mittens and Pauly. As will the folks in Arizona. They're tired of paying for Juanita's 12 and growing offspring.

Seniors and next to be seniors are scared shitless that Mittens and Pauly will swipe and/or drastically reduce "entitlements". Hence, the majority will vote for Obomba, since most of them couldn't find Afghanistan on a map if you paid them.

Young people historically don't vote anyway, at least in large numbers, so there's no threat to the status quo there. Most, outside of the few OWSERS who show up for an occasional protest, think they'll achieve the ticket to the middle and upper middle class. Many still believe in the lie that getting a college degree is worth mortgaging your entire future.

Then there are the folks who are just too wise (or disenchanted) to see beyond the thin veneer that both "choices" are nothing more than a rigged carnival game where the "house" always wins. They won't show up for the polls at all.

The big unknown factor might be women. Obomba is no longer the only "pretty boy" running. Although I find Mittens only marginally attractive for his age, Pauly seems to be a clone for a grown up Eddy Munster.

I'm guessing it'll be a close race. At any rate, I'll keep the "mute" button close at hand, for I find the whole charade fairly disgusting as well as disheartening.

The DJIA is proof positive that the middle class is disappearing while the uber-rich are doing quite well. We don't need Stiglitz to prove that we're a banana republic because the market is proving that.

While the U6 unemployment rate is 15.2% (why the media quotes the U3 rate is beyond me), there is vast UNDEREMPLOYMENT. There are almost 200,000 JANITORS in the USA with bachelors degrees or greater. We have a tremendous amount of underused brainpower in the United States because of the offshoring of greedy CEOs ... like Mitt Romney.

You know you're nearing a culturally destructive and terminal depression when the only thing walking on water are the stock market averages. The rich are NOT engaging in business investment. They are speculating in the markets keeping them afloat.

Just as the US employment stats and consumer spending stats went downhill in 1926, well before the Depression, the DJIA's out-of-touch-ness with the status of the populace at large presages a horrific depression in the near future. The lower and middle classes are already living in a Depression.

Even my tony residence of Palo Alto has had a SIXTY percent increase in burglaries this year. In tough economic times, burglaries happen so that people can fence stolen goods to keep food on the table. We are very, very close to the ultimate collapse of the USA. Whether it be weeks or a couple of years is unimportant to me. It's as inevitable as spring grass.



It's as inevitable as spring grass.


The spring grass is illegal and will land your ass in jail ;D.

While Eric Holder sits in his office with his thumb up his ass, billions of dollars are stolen and off-shored by TPTB. Add to that the little affair of providing guns to the Mexican drug runners, Too Big to Fail, etc., and you've got a pretty good case for Kleptocracy, which is what we've got now.

I really don't think it matters who "wins" the White House. I'm guessing that if Mittens and Pauly get in, the S will hit the fan that much quicker, thereby relieving everyone on this site of pondering the question as to when the inevitable collapse occurs. How do you want to die, slow and painfully, or quick and painfully?

I guess my attempt to steer the discussion to pubic hair in the middle of the night was mistimed.


Regarding merkins (public wigs), lest you think that was just old Shakespeare stuff, they are very much alive and well.

In an magazine interview, Kate Winslet related how she refused to wear a merkin in the movie The Reader:

"Let me tell you, The Reader was not glamorous for me in terms of body-hair maintenence. I had to grow it in, because you can't have a landing strip in 1950, you know? And then because of years of waxing, as all of us girls know, it doesn't come back quite the way it used to. They even made me a merkin because they were so concerned that I might not be able to grow enough. I said, 'Guys, I am going to have to draw the line at a pubic wig, but you can shoot my own snatch up close and personal.'"

Whether it be weeks or a couple of years is unimportant to me. It's as inevitable as spring grass.


It could be a matter of day, or a matter of hours. Living with the tension, decade after decade, is nerve wracking.

It makes you wonder about medicinal mj if Mitt gets in. I know Utah has pretty archaic laws regarding the herb.

Also, I wonder if Mitt would really do anything about illegal immigration. Big business doesn't like labor shortages or lack of growth. Damn the torpedoes seems to be the way of the day. Grow our way out of debt, while we help disintegrate the natural resources of the country, as well as the fabric of the society. If I and 100,000 friends used zero electricity here in sunny (hot and dry) Colorado for a year, and then another 100,000 come in that year, it's a wash. Multiply that by any constituency. If population isn't controlled, we'll all be eating soylent green. Except Mitt.


Which candidate do you think will keep us out of wars?

Our neighborhood has had a spike in burglaries this summer. San Jose's police force won't be investigating them unless the perps are caught in the act. We have a big neighborhood watch revival in the works.

"Say it ain't so." (Regarding paid disinformationalistas.) -Kdawg

As much as I might dearly love to say that it is bunk and hoopla (and therefore, not so), the very existence of "think tanks" and military psy-ops, with their [unashamed] stated missions of swaying public opinion, argues a-gin' it.

If humankind should survive the terrors of their own creation, there will come a day when such tactics of deception will be abolished by pain of banishment. When telling lies for resource theft and enslavement means certain extinction, it will no longer be tolerated. There's a huge difference between free speech and conniving rhetoric that bids men do evil against their fellows.

Those of our pack are well aware of this difference, and our pups will have their say and their due... or their revenge.

Ps. The new check-boxes, wing-ding-ery, etc., are entertaining. Where have you found such things?

"No, it'll be close. The popular vote will be:
Obama 51%
Romney 46%
Other 3%
Write it down." -Q.

Yes, the percentages will be interesting.

I poked around (very briefly) and was "informed" by the census bureau that there are about 150 million persons registered to vote, out of about 207 and a half million ELIGIBLE voters. That's circa 2008.

I'll check for some more recent numbers, but I doubt they'd be more on the hopeful side. When over a quarter of those could possibly vote don't have enough give-a-shit to even register, even the pretense of a representative democracy begins to smell decidedly of decaying fish.

Those are the stats I'm more interested in; perhaps you can see why.

...your uncouth attitude

First Vlad and now you. It was the Dingle-berry remark wasn't it?

Lacking good manners, refinement, or grace.

Q., you must learn unwisely chosen words have consequences.

What area of San Jose do you live in? Just curious. I'm over the hill in Santa Cruz County running Iona's Clean, Fluff, and Fold Emporium.


"California repubs"

Murkle, I assume you did not think very hard about how the presidential election actually works when you wrote this. It is all or nothing on a state-by-state basis. So even if these mythical hordes of California Republicans come out in droves for Romney, it doesn't matter. Because all the state's delegates will be voting for Obama when he wins. California is a solidly blue state. You can pretty much count on it.

I don't actually think it should work this way. Proportional representation or direct election would be a superior system for electing the president, or at least more democratic, but this is what we've got.

I'm not sure you've got your finger in the right place either there, Q.

Well, we'll know in less than 3 months.

What we know now is that Paul Ryan is not a fiscal conservative. He voted for two Bush tax cuts (not paid for), two Bush wars (not paid for), Medicare part B (not paid for), and bank bailouts (not paid for) .... a deficit spending spree that increased the national debt by Trillions of dollars.

When you come over 17, you take the 85 south exit and then exit on Almaden Expressway. We're north of that, but not so far north that you hit Willow Glen. Nothing particularly fabulous about the neighborhood....some call it Robertsville.

Where in Santa Cruz is your business?


.... a deficit spending spree that increased the national debt by Trillions of dollars. - Asoka feigning concern over the national debt.

Debt schmet. Just print up the difference. Fiat money works fine. The more the merrier. Paper, ink, ones and zeroes are better than gold. - Asokanomics 101 [sarcasm off]

What a shame. They were such a charming couple... for 41 days. Will we ever find out who head-butted whom?


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Actually, Q, I think in a few short sentences, you've pretty much gotten to the heart of the modern financial system.

SJM said:

Which candidate do you think will keep us out of wars?

Our neighborhood has had a spike in burglaries this summer. San Jose's police force won't be investigating them unless the perps are caught in the act. We have a big neighborhood watch revival in the works.

Two females I know in downtown SJ have both told me that downtown SJ is now MUCH more dangerous. One bought two guns. Here in Palo Alto, the burglary rate is up sixty percent.

To me, this is just part of what Prechter would call the normal socionomic response to a depression. SJ is not unique. The Central Valley is now a war zone.

I don't think EITHER candidate will keep us out of wars. Mittens is a hawk on Iran. Obomya has already fiddled around in Libya and Pakistan ... violating Pakistan's sovereignty I might add.

The only thing which slightly tips the scales in Obama's favor, to me, is his stance on lowering taxes for the middle class and raising them on plutocrats. The plutocrats, of course, now want Romney which tells me all I need to know. The typical plutocratic argument is more failed "supply side" economics which have never worked in WORLD HISTORY.

We'll just have to suffer Obama's classic "Diversity World" social views.


"The standard NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) approach is all about matching and mirroring body language, breathing, words and anything else your subject lets you do. The basic idea being that people like people that are like themselves. This happens on an unconscious level and by matching or mirroring a subject you gain his support."


So I was sitting at a rather pleasant outdoor cafe today reading when a large gas-guzzling Dodge truck pulled up next to the outside diners and rudely left his truck running for a good fifteen minutes while he spoke on his cellphone.

I looked down at his license plate and it read "Texas". Typical

Yes, the news reels were used to garner support for the military-industrialist wars financed by the international banking families. And yes, we won. I believe this time we will inevitably lose. That's going to be the big difference between the generations. It's our turn to get bombed. The globalists want the American middle class wiped out. Our politicians are playing their part in this plan very well.

Melissa Haslam

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Was i'choo looking for the long 3-part documentary?
And was it this one? (The Power Principle)


This documentary is about the foreign policy of the United States. It demonstrates the importance of the political economy, the Mafia principle, propaganda, ideology, violence and force.

It documents and explains how the policy is based on the interest of major corporations and a tiny elite to increase profits and the United States governments own interests in maintaining and expanding it’s imperialistic influence.

...It might also have been "Psywar" from Metanoia.
Their films can be watched online in many formats and on various sites. Here's their filmography page:


I haven't yet seen "Human Resources" or "Rise Like Lions".

I'd agree with WSP7 that, "The Lions Sleep Tonight", but things are getting strange out there and I don't count out some real societal upsets if the Cheez Doodles and cable stop flowing and flickering!
(Everything is predicated on the amount of pain and pressures applied, as per [historically] usual.)


Combination of drinking water, gasoline polo fred perry, inkjet printer, soy marinade, along with detergent totally. Hyperlink the next.


The newest look of jerkweeds on parade is double-breasted Spambots from LLBean having a mortgage sale and dinner to enjoy!


And Assange in stylish attire may yet escape clutches (new for 2013!) of Empire in Ecuador.
Buy now to avoid rushing romantic people.

OHO! Precedent has now been officially set, and all customer (read: trusting rube) deposits can be purloined to beef up the big boyz.

"All legal deposit protections are now officially gone."


"...even if Jon Corzine is somehow dragged into court by private citizens, because you know damn good and well that the Justice Department will never, ever touch him, Corzine now has a legal precedent, likely from a bribed or otherwise coerced Federal Appeals Court, explicitly stating that an FCM can use customer deposits to pay its debts, and that the customers themselves are subjugated and have basically no legal right to their own monies, no matter what the law says, or what legal assurances, claims or guarantees are made to that customer about their funds held with an FCM or any other brokerage or depository institution. The “secured” party at the front of the line will always be the mega-bank who made the fraudulent loan using the stolen customer funds as collateral.

In other words, all customer funds in the United States are now the legal property of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BNYM, or whichever megabank is the counterparty on the loans the FCM or depository institution takes out in order to fund its mega-levered proprietary in-house trading desks."

Who do YOU trust?
Place your bets! Especially you, Q; hope your mattress is well-stuffed for the big fun ahead. Oh... that's right, you're "invested" in the market, so no worries a'tall. Due to differences we have in political outlooks resulting from our personal empathy quotients, at least I know that you won't come crying to me. Silver linings everywhere! We're gonna get to try out that delightful Republican "every man for himself" shit they seem to fervently desire. (Careful what you wish for, Poppets.)

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If you move your money out of the big banks, you have more protection. Try a local credit union.

The USA objective was to isolate Assange and keep him away from high speed computer connections. The USA has failed because Assange found someone who gave him a high speed connection and who actually believes in free speech, including open access to classified cables about USA plans and USA lies re: Ecuador. The pen is once again proven to be mightier than the sword.

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What percentage of American kids have biological fathers who are not their legal fathers?


Yes, that's the one I was thinking about!

Thanks, I figured someone here knew about it. I forgot to bookmark it back when I first saw it.

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All children are Biological. There is no such thing as an illegal human being.

I'll probably vote for the guy least likely to start a war.

A bit of disturbing news in today's Mercury. The troll that broke into Steve Jobs's home came over from skanky Alameda. I guess he liked to sleep in his car in Palo Alto's safer neighborhoods.

He even stole Steve Job's American Express card.
Must be a genius.


That's some real deep philosophy you got there.

Anyway the left's hideous campaign of incitement has paid some dividends as some crazy with gun shot two people at some think tank that is nominally conservative.

Between black on white hate crimes and these gay fools the left is taking their supposed moral superiority out back and shooting it like a downer cow.

Thank you

That's some real deep philosophy you got there.


It is necessary to combat some real shallow border regulations.

Which African or Asian countries would you like to see the natives who built them turned into minorities with no say in their future?

You are an advocate for genocide, of course all good leftists experiments must be preceeded by a genocide.

Now wait a minute! Am I to believe that as a citizen of the United States I yet owe more to the children of illegal aliens than the advantages they’ve already misappropriated by being here illegally?

Really? On what basis? Was it not our taxes that paid for the educational and social infrastructure which was lacking in the nation of their parent’s origin, and from which these children have gained incalculable advantage over children in their parents’ nation of origin?

Seems to me these children and their parents owe the American people a “thank you” before voluntarily returning to the nation of the parents’ origin, taking back with them all the misappropriated advantage.

Hell, since the Kennedy administration the Peace Corps has been recruiting Americans to spend two years of their lives in underdeveloped countries for sharing the benefit of the social advantages they’d gained from First World nation living. Wouldn’t demanding the deportation of all illegal aliens and their children amount to another thrust of the same intent of the Peace Corps?

Let’s face it: Obama is just another political whore willing to sell national sovereignty to buy what is already (thanks to lax immigration enforcement practices) the fastest growing voting block.

The only two things American Motors did right were to make small cars before small cars were cool - so that, by the 1970s, the firm had an edge durig the oil crises . . . and of course, to buy Kaiser-Willys and make their Jeeps. (How did the word "jeep" become a trademarked brand?) But American Motors was never a strong company - it was created by a merger of the wreckage of Nash and Hudson - though one could argue that with even bolder leadership it could have been a worthy domestic competitor to the Big Three. Still, because it was the last domestic competitor to the Big Three when Chrysler bought it out in 1987, it was hard not to wince. An era had ended.

George Romney was governor of Michigan when Detroit blew up in 1967 (Joseph Cavanaugh was mayor), and Romney, I am led to understand, blamed President Johnson for not sending the Army in sooner than he did, largely for - you guessed it - political reasons.

My friend's daughter whose daughter is a Jr. at an Ivy league is planning to teach in the inner cities when she graduates, in a program where they send the best and brightest into the worst inner city schools imaginable.

I told the mom that it wouldn't be safe.

It will be a culture shock for sure...this girl's only job experience is working as a nanny for very wealthy people.

Yes. And a white Brit didnt make Britians O team, because he is white.
See the various movies at 'ANTI WHITE MEDIA'.
I turned off NPR this am, as they talked about this being the first day of the rest of our life,oops..
I man the first day of BHO Mini Dream Act.

and I got this email from a 'wise old man':

While the USD is clearly worth half what it was a decade ago, so long as the rest of the world is equally screwed, I think the country holds up.

The trouble lies with the federal balance sheet, wherein we're sending checks to too many people instead of encouraging business development and job growth.
If we have 100 million working adults, its pretty hard for them to support 50 million retirees on Medicare, and another 45 million on food stamps.

The guys I know who aren't mechanics, engineers, or in IT haven't found work for years - that's the direct result of government stealing from small and medium business, forcing them to shut down.

"Job training" doesn't help anyone except the job-trainers.
Look at the farce of Obama’s ‘Green Jobs Campaign’.

I want to post a 'large copy-paste' and am getting the dreaded '403'ban.

The new generation does not have our fears and prejudices. A new day is dawning; an era of true equality and sharing.

Texans taste best barbequed. Some treat their dogs right but the kind you described leave their dogs locked up in their trucks in the hot sun when they get a beer and try and get some. There is one Texan I know I'd sure like to chew on.

Reminds me of a dream I had last night.

I was in a cage strapped on top of an old grey Rambler. The side vent windows were open and I could hear Romney talking on the phone in the car. It was really hot and I think he left me up there to cook.

We were driving on a main suburban drag and came to a stop sign. There was a bus stop on the right and one man, Obama was sitting on an aluminum bench in the glass wrapped bus shelter.

Obama was eating the drumstick of some kind of giant bird and it looked really good. He looked at me and smiled. Then he mouthed the words none for you and then took a big bite. Then he was chuckling with his mouth full and the light changed. I woke up as Romney drove away.

I knew Obama was that kind of guy.

☹ Obama
☹ Romney

Help K-dog take a bite out of greed.

☟ Obama
☟ Romney
☝ K-dog

It looks like anti's level of references has improved. He has gone from pulling stuff out of his ass to an "email from a 'wise old man'".

Well that is good enough for me, NOT!


If you move your money out of the big banks, you have more protection. - Asoka boarding the Doom-Porn train

On July 30th my brother emailed me (Subject: Angry female) a link containing a 30 minute rant by this Ann Barnhardt chick. She recorded it on Nov 30, 2011. Has anyone here been scammed out of their money by one of the "big banks" in the ensuing 8.5 months? I thought not.

Here's what I read between the lines of the rant. The overly excitable Ms Barnhardt had some experience dealing in financial products. Having an A-type personality, more testosterone than is normal in a woman, and ring fingers unusually longer than her index fingers, she started her own firm but things didn't go too well. She decided to close up shop and return to her customers (of which I'm guessing there were precious few such as her parents, her best girlfriend and her Aunt Tilly) their [remaining] money. She needed a face saving cover story and this one, about the big banks being able to take anybody's money at any time and the poor schlubs can't do shit about it, was it. She also positioned herself nicely on moral high ground in the process.

My advice to Oz and Soak: Calm down.

David Benjamin Sherry

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My friend's daughter whose daughter is a Jr....

So let me get this straight...we're talking about your friend's granddaughter? ;o)

If you move your money out of the big banks, you have more protection. - Asoka boarding the Doom-Porn train

There wasn't any room on Dmitri's boat.


☠ Obama
☠ Romney

Give ☮ a chance.

There is a reason why the teaching profession sees a large percentage of its recent college graduates leave the profession after 5 years. If this girl goes into this inner city school to "teach", she will be profoundly surprised, disillusioned, and probably experience a nervous breakdown.

The most important element in teaching children is not just the teacher but the parents. Too many parents use the idiot box to babysit their babies while they suck on the crack pipe collecting unemployment or welfare bennies. Sad but true. The kids deserve more.

Golly shucks and cheeze whiz that corn problem might raise the price of my supersized soda and bucket of processed animal parts at the next big game.

Your friend with the 'volunteering' child,
tell her the tale of the late volunteer,
Lily Burk, volunteer at a skid row needle exchange program.

'probably experience a nervous breakdown'
If they are lucky. My cousins sister in law taught
in some hellish place [bed stuy?] and got stabbed by one of her black students. At least she lived.

Cave, when I was young and JFK was in office, the planet had HALF AS MANY PEOPLE AND 100X AS MUCH HOPE.
The PC [cute initials, like politically correct],
was about 'hope and making africans like us'.
After all the best n brightest could change the world. We put a man on the moon, blablabla.

What the white mans inventions did do is increase the population, alot.
Last I checked, Africa was at a Billion, set to double.
Thank Bill and Melissa.

Thanks Spidey, just what a 'peak' blog needs..
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I doubt if there are many janitors here in Soviet Monica with a BA.
The salary for that job here is 50k and we required a PHD.

It's really bad out there. A niece of mine taught in the Washington, D.C. area fresh out of college (she's now 54 years old) and told me about the absolutely unbelievable behavioral problems she encountered. Let's do the math: She's 54 now, so she taught elementary school about 30 years ago. That would have been around l982.

I'm not sure if you're aware of the racial demographics of D.C., but let's just say that most of the public school kids there didn't have mothers who attended the Seven Sisters colleges. Daily abuses ranged from wiping fecal matter on the bathroom stalls, bringing knives into school, spitting and cursing at teachers, and carving their initials into their desks. And this was second grade! Now I hear from my niece (she left the profession around l992, that students routinely bring their cell phones to school to make drug deals while sitting in class. The teachers don't dare bring them to the principal's office because they will be accused of racism or a lack of multi-culturalism. This is in middle school. Your tax dollars hard at work. And D.C. spends (I think) the most on public school education. Nice.

And who could ever forget that lovely American Motors gem, the Pacer? Or even the Gremlin? Sometimes a car company deserves to go out of business. Alas, Too Big to Fail has been with us for a while now. I remember back in l980 arguing with my dad when Chrysler was about to go under. I couldn't believe that the government was going to bail them out. My dad said, "Well, we can't just let G.M and Ford have a monopoly, can we?" My argument was (and is) if you make a product that sucks, you deserve to go under. (MM breathes a heavy sigh and shakes her head.)

Any proof that NLP works?
The creator sure has a checkered past! Did he get convicted of murder?

Im amazed at the number of people that blindly believe it or will pay Tony Robbins $ for his version, that is not authorized by the founders.

"...My advice to Oz and Soak: Calm down." Q.

I assure you, I am preternaturally calm; it's my usual state. I may evince some hyperbole from time to time (as do you), but I'm nearly immune to panic.

Now, as to why you might advise "calm", in regard to bankers sweeping their depositors hard-earned cash surreptitiously into their personal coffers... who is it, exactly, that benefits from that don't-worry-everything's-under-control advise?

(I strongly suspect it benefits you much more than it does me.)

"...advise?" (^ last iteration, should be advice)

Since we're all about advising and advice these happy, blooming days...

I'd advise Q. to read this article. (Try not to slay the messenger this time; that tactic is getting so thin, we can read a newspaper through it.)


What is the debate and why?It's a mystery and beyond our comprehension..our being temporary..the capitalist brainwash dying..knowledge exceeding our evolution.

whats yr website?

Didya catch the Yahoo news story today?
19 year old woman pimping the younger ones at her school?

Soaka, what doya think?
Obama touts GM's 'record profits'... but GM paid no income taxes!
http://www.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeedpolitic … es-not-gms

Auto bailout cost now upped to $25 billion
http://bottomline.nbcnews.com/_news/201 … llion?lite

I'd advise Q. to read this article.

Thanks for the link. It's very long but I read a goodly portion of it...enough to get the drift.

Anything that has to do with money and investments carries certain risks. It has never been otherwise. It wasn't all that long ago (25 years? maybe less) that a person would invest all or a portion of his/her 401K in a fund and wasn't permitted to change that (ie sell it and buy something else) investment for 3 months without a penalty (10% if memory serves). If the market suddenly plunged you were stuck. You could either bail out with a loss plus the penalty or you could ride out the market plunge waiting for the next time you could sell without penalty and pray that the market did plunge further while you waited. Today, in a self directed account you can turn over investments all the live long day if you want. In many ways a person can pull their money from an account quicker today than in yesteryear.

BTW, I have NO money in "money market funds."

Make that didn't plunge further

the incident near the East Railway freight yard, the suspect retaliation for reporting the live in Foshan railway station near East freight yard of the residents are not safe, the night close to zero a gunshot,football kits cheap, they awakened from a dream. According to reports, a man suspected for reporting the The police are on the case for further investigation.

morning gunshots, for the East Railway freight yard grocery Ms. Ng (a pseudonym), the whole family to sleep, suddenly heard outside the 'square' over there 'bang' sound ... everyone Xiaxing. Later heard that a man was shot to play, do not know life and death.

reporters yesterday to pay a return visit the Chancheng Boon Keng under the bridge and the railway station East freight yard, one is said to be the commissary of the shooting scene on the doorstep, the blood of the wounded is said to have been cleaned, but still left suspected blood stains of red marks. Reporter Inquiries to the canteen staff, but staff can only say, Also said the value of a security in the freight yard, it is not clear once the shooting assault cases, but he told reporters the morning of the 25th, had the police arrived at the scene.

in front of the Foshan Chinese Medicine Hospital ICU room, the reporter saw the shot and wounded the man's wife, but still seems unable to accept the reality of the husband was a gunshot and saw her sitting on the bench constantly talking to himself. did not respond to reporters' questions. It is understood that the injured man named Zhang Liang, Anhui, aged 41. His brother rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon, according to him, Zhang Liang from home came to East freight yard to do business

admissions to doctors, Zhang Liang at close range being shot from behind,

According to informed sources, Zhang Liang suspected in 11 pm on the 24th in Foshan police conducted a search of revenge. The Chancheng Police still need further investigation to determine the reason of the injured were shot.

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Funny you should mention a dream. Last week I had a dream that I was in a large building that was insulated from all the travails and tragedies of the outside world; a xenophobic monastery if you will. As a result of this cherished insularity, all the inhabitants of this monastery were very careful not to let anything or anybody in when opening doors. And especially not the Jews, who seemed very eager to get inside and whom the inhabitants feared would foist their battles and disputes upon their idyllic world of peace and contentment.

But people being people - imbeciles, in other words - and Jews being Jews - aggressive, intelligent, tenacious - somebody inevitably let their guard down and suddenly the sanctity of the monastery was being run by "The Chosen People". And I must admit, on one hand I was a little taken back by the arrogance and temerity of the invasion; on the other hand, I was mesmerized by these bodacious visionaries who just set up shop in this ethereal sanctuary of formerly closed doors.

Fittingly,and justifiably, the last hand won out in my dream. I followed these sages into the lecture hall, silently and humbly...listening like a character out of a Jacob Jordeans'painting:


  Colombian police seized in Gexi the northern city of Medellin near a bus carrying trucks of one ton of cocaine. Police said the haul originally planned shipped to Mexico tin that Figueroa drug trafficking syndicate.
  Medellin City police officer Jose Guzman, was arrested a truck driver to confess, these cocaine belonging to the En Weijia multi-organization, the organization had planned to drug trafficking through the Pacific to Mexico's Sinaloa Group. Sinaloa is one of the largest drug trafficking groups in Mexico.  solar heater panel
  Guzman said En Weijia multi-organizations and Sinaloa Group has been closely linked, police recently a series of successful encirclement operations is expected to greatly weaken the transnational drug trafficking network.
  8, En Weijia multi-organization nicknamed "Sebastian" leader arrested in a manor near Medellin. In the manor, the police seized 28 automatic rifles, 17 pistols and 56 hand grenades. Currently, the U.S. is the ground of smuggling drugs to apply to extradition to Sebastian.
 solar light

  Japanese "Asahi Shimbun" reported on August 13, local time at 11:20 on the 13th, the period of the Korean palace located in the center of Seoul, South Korea Gyeongbokgung Palace near a fire broke out, resulting in one death and nine others were injured.
  Reported that the fire from the Gyeongbokgung Palace next door to the Museum of Modern Art, the ground floor of a construction site. When the fire broke out around Gyeongbokgung Palace was enveloped in billowing black smoke, surrounded by many important historical buildings invaluable. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.
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I found this interesting:

The State Senator (a Republican) who represents our District just retired from is full time job as a police officer. One of the committees he's on in the State Senate oversees and regulates the two power companies in the State.

So one of those companies recently gave him a job as vice president. Plus he gets to keep his position in the Senate. Nobody here seems surprised or disturbed by these events. Its hardly worth mentioning.


CP said:
Now wait a minute! Am I to believe that as a citizen of the United States I yet owe more to the children of illegal aliens than the advantages they’ve already misappropriated by being here illegally?

Really? On what basis? Was it not our taxes that paid for the educational and social infrastructure which was lacking in the nation of their parent’s origin, and from which these children have gained incalculable advantage over children in their parents’ nation of origin?

Though it's like spitting into a hurricane, I totally agree with your assessment, CP. I could write a freaking BOOK about all of the injustices pulled on the American people by illegal AND legal aliens. Everyone who lives in Silicon Valley knows that once Chinese or Indians take over a company, an apartment building, or a local business, they fill buildings with their own kind and somehow never get taken to task for incredible discrimination against American whites AND blacks who were born and raised here.

I'm sick to death of the idea that people need a ballot in Tagalog or Vietnamese because they can't read English. In American colleges, English classes have been dumbed down to the max so that Asians of all kinds don't have to read ONE novel.

The people who grew up in this country, whatever their ethnicity, are now victims of nepotism, reverse racism, discrimination, and violation of all kinds of equal opportunity laws for housing, jobs, and business establishment.

That's probably the ONLY reason I'm considering voting for that asshole Romney because the sonofabitch is most certainly the ONLY guy who's going to put a stop to this shit. I hate the current incarnation of the Republican Party but I detest the selling out of the people born here by allowing these foreign assholes to get a foothold in businesses and then hire nothing but their own kind.

I may reverse my tentative support for Obama because Obama is NEVER going to enforce the rule of law about immigration and about what happens when immigrants arrive here and how they conduct their business.

We have two total assholes to choose for President. I'm weighing which is worse: 1) Wholesale takeover of the country by foreigners, or 2) Voting in a guy loved by Wall Street. It's like having a choice of death by fire or death by drowning. Either way, you're still dead.


Everyone who lives in Silicon Valley knows that once Chinese or Indians take over a company, an apartment building, or a local business, they fill buildings with their own kind and somehow never get taken to task for incredible discrimination against American whites AND blacks who were born and raised here.


Hmm, kind of like the 50s and 60s ... We were "separate but equal" and knew which side of the tracks to stay on. I'm sure white folks will learn their place. Karma's a bitch, ain't it?

Romney to Gingrich: there's no place for whining in politics.

Romney to Obama: stop picking on me!

"Anything that has to do with money and investments carries certain risks. It has never been otherwise." Q.

Truly. But it now appears that every "vehicle of investment" is being turned into a quiet (unreported) Ponzi scheme, engineered and approved by the Group of 30. This is not pure gambling and risk-taking; the house is set up to gather in the WHOLE of "excess" wealth for the oligarchs.

You have no stake in money market funds. Fine and good. Your particular ox is not being gored IN THIS INSTANCE. How 'bout those whose collective 3.2 trillion-dollar ox is soon to lie bloodied and dead?

I contend this is only the beginning of the "legal" theft of anything not nailed down. A tweak here, and pencil stroke there, a frog boiling in the background... pretty soon The Good Ship Lollipop has hit the Greedy-Guts Fat-Boy reef and the bottom gets ripped out with a rapidity that quite stuns all aboard.

On to the conclusion of the article, that you didn't get to... (I'll try and correct a few misspellings in the piece to make it more tolerable. 2 parts to save eye-strain.)


At this point it is without doubt that even the government understands that when things turn sour, and they will, the run on the bank will be unavoidable: their solution - prevent money from being dispensed, when that moment comes. The thing about crises, be they liquidity, solvency, or plain-vanilla, is that "price discovery" occurs all at once, and at the very same time. And all too often, investors "discover" they were lied to, as the emperor, in any fiat system, always has no clothes. Just like in September 2008, when the banks were forced to look at each-others' balance sheet and realize that there are no real assets on the left backing up the liabilities on the right, so the moment of enlightenment occurs are the most importune time: just ask Hank Paulson. Had he known his action of beefing up Goldman's FICC trading axes would have resulted in the "Ice-Nine'ing" (to borrow a Mark Pittman term) of money markets, who knows- maybe Lehman would have still been alive."

(Last part next.)

So, a..tells E that discrimination in hiring and housing (including section 8 housing) is just fine, as long as it is native born US blacks and whites who are being discriminated against.

And he calls his hate karma.

"Hmm, kind of like the 50s and 60s ... We were "separate but equal" and knew which side of the tracks to stay on. I'm sure white folks will learn their place. Karma's a bitch, ain't it?"

"...Perhaps risking the cash access of 20% of US households and 80% of companies was not worth the few extra zeroes in Goldman's EPS. But we will never know. What we will know, is that now i) the government is all too aware that the market has become one huge ponzi, and that all investment vehicles, even the safest ones, are subject to bank runs, and ii) that said bank runs, will occur. It is only a matter of time. And just as the president told everyone directly to buy the market on March 3, so the SEC, the Group of 30, and Barney Frank are telling us all, much less directly, to get the hell out of Dodge. Alternatively, the game of "last fool in", holding the burning hot potato, can continue indefinitely, until such time as the marginal utility of each and every dollar printed by Ben Bernanke is zero."

Okay, the game of hot potato may be fun and enervating for some (who possess "excess cash"), but it's positively deadly for the little guy and his family scrabbling for food and shelter.

...so the moment of enlightenment occurs AT the most importune time:...

Dammit! Missed that one.

Ryan: we plan to debate Medicare and win.

Polls: 80% oppose changes in Medicare.

Ryan has already lost the "debate"

Obama clearly laid out the differences in approaches to Medicare. No drama Obama.

Romney: Obama is all about division, hatred, and rage.


Romney is overreacting and coming unhinged. Not a good trait in a president.

Polls show Obama gained support after Romney picked Ryan;
first time a VP pick resulted in a bounce for the incumbent!

Ryan will continue to help Obama, just like Palin helped elect Obama.

For years the Tea Party old folk were chastised by the left for their love of socialized medicine that Obama was looting for the benefit of his peeps. My guess is that Ryan and Romney win that battle for two reasons.

First is the demographic tsunami of retirees who for the most part are white and who talk incessantly about medicare. I'll even bet JHK and his social circle talk alot about medicare.

Second thing, is that the once omnipotent "race card" is about toast out here in flyover country that is beyond the beltway and TV studios.

And tying it all together we have the president who honestly sounds like a passive-aggressive pshychopath when dealing with whites one step removed from the radical left. He sounds like Asoka (and no I really do have sympathy for our friend Asoka)

"... We were separate but equal" -- Asoka

Asoka, who is 'We'? Your on-line-role as disaffected, iconoclastic black man, or the actual retired white guy (or Gal) with nothing else to do except bust balls in CFNation?



I have a plan B. If Ryan-Romney win, I will leave the USA for my South American mud hut until the political climate changes. But I love the USA and trust an old white Mormon will never become president of our multicultural majority country.

Take your angry, divisive, and hateful words back.


You are a minority and will not be able to talk like that anymore, except on the anonymous inter web.

Thats reason enuff to vote for Mittens.

A friends family WAS in the dry cleaning biz.
They got out when the 'koreans started rolling in'
[as they sold supplies, and Ks buy from other Ks].
Then one of them started to work for Koreans in a
dry cleaning biz.
They were told to 'enter thru a separate entrance and BOW to the owner'!!!!!!!!!!
'And interspersed in their talk in Korean was
SBC Loan'!!!!!!!!!!!! [no doubt to minority business].

And how about this:

Islamist Lobbies’ Washington War on Arab and Muslim Liberals :: Other Articles :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

It was just revealed two days ago that FBI Director Mueller secretly met on February 8 at FBI headquarters with a coalition of groups including various Islamist and militant Arabic groups who in the past have defended Hamas and Hizballah and have also issued blatantly anti-Semitic statements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone count how many of these spams a week appear here? Just wondering.

'say', no 'save' is the word.

Did you ask him to turn his engine off or please move? That might have worked.

I spoke to a Nurse I know casually who went to Loma Linda U. and then went into Nursing.
She told me the typical horror stories of how
[I have heard this from another Nurse] Filipinos have ruined the Nursing Profession [at least in LA].
'They will throw their own family under the bus.
Cant even insert a feeding tube, but somehow got a License'.

I went to a meeting in West LA area on Medical Careers. The audience was mostly young Asians.

Are most 'new' MDs Indians?

Have you read 'The Dark Side of Man'?
If not, do so. Its not that such didnt exist before, its now the USA is being flooded with Asians, Mexicans etc. They have no 'need' to assimilate, with the narrative being 'equality'
'diversity' and 'multi lingualism'.
In Bev Hills the voting ballot is now in Farsi.
In NYC, school is taught in 120? languages, maybe more by now. Why should the 'huddled masses' learn 'our' ways when we pay them to maintain theirs?

Santa Monica College has over 1000 illegals [well as of y day maybe they did their paperwork on Obongos new mini dream ax] yet the requirements to get a degree are for 'Global Citizenship' and the school prez is a glib Chinaman. [or some diversity].

Call me cynical (go ahead, it doesn't hurt my feelings) but the majority of the suckers/voters in this country don't appear to have tumbled to the fact that all national politics [at every root hair and branch tip] is about money and who gets it (and who doesn't). It's certainly not about grand social philosophies and their practical implementation.

And somewhere (some time ago), some damn fool wrote that the love of money was the root of sumpthin' 'r other... I ferget...

"After all, half the people don't vote. We don't have political parties: we have one political party with two right wings called the Democratic and the Republican." -Gore Vidal

As we've seen time and time again, when you strip away the polish and lacquer of false declarations of freedom and righteousness to reveal the turd that lies beneath, the true god that the right worships is Mammon, and Mammon alone.

gee, I wonder why there are all of those Filipino nurses. Maybe because Murikan kids don't want to study to learn for a tough job. Nursing is not an easy profession. Also, nursing education is expensive. A local state school dropped its nursing program because our wonderful gov. Corbett cut funds to schools.

Also, the Philippines does not have any plan for retires, so children must support them in their old age. The article below is about a doctor who came to the US as a nurse to support his parents in a decent style, which he could not do with his pay as a doctor there.


If you hadn't read this entry from March, try it now. The progression of social and political collapse is accelerating.


Does willful ignorance lead to madness? ...Or just tacit complicity in the raging chaos to follow?

I'm sure white folks will learn their place. Karma's a bitch, ain't it?

Schadenfreude - Asoka's mental state as he types the above sentence.

Get your jingoism on this fall! A remake of the 1984 film "Red Dawn" will be released in November. The original had Russian and Cuban paratroopers invading midddle America and occupying a large chunk of the country. In this version, North Korea invades America and once again the Wolverines high school jocks and their girlfriends take to the hills to mount a Mujahideen-like insergency. The flimsy plot has the bad guys detonating a nuke high in the atmosphere to knock out all electronics and communications with an electromagnetic pulse and then invading while US defenses are crippled. Apparently, the film was first written as a more plausible Chinese invasion, but the producers didn't want to risk losing box office sales in the lucrative Chinese market. I think even the least informed Americans will realise the ubsurdity of a little country like North Korea attacking with an occupying army and will automatically see "China" in their mind's eye as they watch asian paratroopers dropping into suburban neighborhoods and machine gunning the citizens.

Now, would a November release date have anything to do with an upcoming election in that month in which a certain candidate has been accused of treacherously exporting US jobs to China? If this candidate's backers have been on the ball, there will be a another patriotic film in the pipeline to counter the "Red Dawn" propaganda. Perhaps a remake of "The Mouse That Roared" in which The Duchy of Grand Fenwick is replaced by Canada, hell bent on inflicting its goddamn socialist medicare on Americans, could stir up some anti-Obama voter fear - "The Moose That Roared".

Keep your rifles loaded and watch the sky.

I'm sure white folks will learn their place. Karma's a bitch, ain't it? - Assoka

So, asshole, did "karma" dictate that black people "learn their place" on slave plantations?

Did "karma" make Palestinians "learn their place" in shithole refugee camps?

Did "karma" make Amerindians "learn their place" under the whips of European colonial overlords?

European weenies paying more for Brent crude in Euros than ever, talk about sticking a knife into the cadaver that is Euro-socialist utopia.

We are into the double recessionary dip of the depression. I honestly don't think this is going to help Obama, expecially since him and his campaign sound like the strident fools of the black power movement "chains ya'll."

Take the Chicago mayoral election where Rahm and Axelrod basically sidelined the black power politicians and combined a broad coalition for a landslide first round election. But what happened, they now sound like loons, and loons are going to scare soccer moms, and soccer moms vote.


Great job! You got three Repuke talking points into one posting! Kaching! $$$$

You are a minority ... Assoka

Really asshole? WTF does that matter? How many times have you seen in history small elites rule overwhelming majorities and impose elite customs and language and culture and transform those of the majority?

Let's look at historical examples: how many Spaniards did it take to overturn and subjugate longstanding Amerindian kingdoms? Hundreds? Maybe in the low thousands? Maybe you can google it and educate yourself and then let us know.

How many European settlers established footholds in North America? Pissant numbers compared to the existing Amerindian societies. No? And look at what happened.

Also: the Turkish invasion of Anatolia. How many Turks do you figure came storming into that ancient cradle of civilization? 100,000? Maybe 200,000? Maybe you can google that too.

Another: how many warriors did Boudicca muster against Paulinus? 100,000? Maybe 200,000? How many men did Paulinus have? 10,000? 11,000 tops? Didn't work out so well for Boudicca did it? Seeing as the Romans were there for another three centuries give or take.

How many men did Julius Caesar march into Gaul with? 50,000 maybe? And he conquered Gaul which had maybe a population of 4 million? And the Romans imposed their language and laws and civilization.

Look at Jews. Tiny numbers yet their religion spawned others and with their culture and ideas transformed the world. Look at Jesus and Moses and Peter and Saul of Tarsus. And Einstein. Jewish, no? And Marx. How many Europeans have Judaic names? Like Michael.

All these conquests, armed or otherwise, were pretty transformational despite the small numbers of conquerors. Wouldn't you say?

Groucho Marx's influence is not even worth mentioning.


"Maybe because Murikan kids don't want to study to learn for a tough job. Nursing...."
-mudmike, brainwashing complete-

Ah, yes, MM - immigrants are doing the jobs American's won't do.

Let's review the steps of brainwashing:

Start with a relatively true statement.
There are jobs native born 'Merkins avoid because the work is hard and the PAY IS LOW.

Add an extreme idea:
We must have huge numbers of legal and illegal immigrants because otherwise crops will go unpicked and patients will go unattended.

A supporting statement from Mike of Mud:
"Murikan kids don't want to study to learn for a tough job."

Yep, we've identified another common brainwashing paradigm.

And seriously, Mike. I live in a college town. The nursing program there is full, with a waiting list. The graduates are studying hard to qualify for a competitive job market.

A competitive job market in which pay, benefit levels, and job security are slowly diminishing - due to an oversupply of nurses from other countries.

In this case it is the hospital CEO's and the Health Insurance Companies that are pushing for H1B visas for more and more nurses.

Because I'll guarantee you that existing nurses and patients are generally opposed to this program.

Yet, MudMike has bought the brainwashing that helps to kill hope alive - for today's nursing graduates.


Duck Soup is a great film!


You won't get any argument from me that raising wages would get more Americans in these jobs. However, it would still not be enough because of the low status of nursing jobs. However, then the cost of health care would go up even more, if we keep the for-profit health care system we have now. the CEO pay would also have to increase to keep up with nurses' pay. After all they have to be paid at least 500 times what the workers are paid.

H1B visas are a disaster taking away engineering and technical jobs too. The latest I saw was a group planning to buy a cruise ship and anchor it >12 miles off of San Fransisco, so they could house foreign programmers without the H1B visas.

I left a comma out after disaster.
Corrected sentence:
H1B visas are a disaster, taking away engineering and technical jobs too.

Here is an interesting article about "the nursing shortage".


No mention of immigrants. Probably not considered PC.

Perhaps this is a teachable moment: Chief Justice Thurgood Marshall said the very same thing as Asoka. And you can google that. Prog: the great majority of Blacks from the very bottom to the very top believe exactly as he does. Sure there may be a signifcant minority (statistically 2% or greater) who disagrees in varying degree, but they're not going to alienate themselves from their fellows in general. The excections like Clarence Thomas are very deeply hated.

Bush 2 and Mc Cain both said 'Immigrants do the jobs Americans dont want'.
Is that enough to be suspicious of 'the narrative'?

Santa Monica College has 2-3 years of tough UC level Science / Math before one can apply for the Nursing Program [20? seats]. then a 1-2 year wait, then 2 years in the program. And SMC is a '2 year school'!
A Nurse I know says as an RN shes useless, Aides and LVNs at 10-20$ an hour have replaced her.
Ignore Muddmikes 'pretzel logic'.
Some folks dont see the connection between wages and oversupply of [cheap] labor.
Its like a College Prof [tenured] whos 'all for Immigration'. Hes Tenured.

If his classes were taught online by the lowest bidder[citizen or non], he might have a different opinion about Immigration.[after all they would now be his competition].

Fact, theres a company called ECFMG. 2 of my neighbors [unrelated, not friends] both worked there.
It has 3? 7? locations. I was told it 'tests Doctors'. However as the tale unfolded......well,
here tis.

It tests 'smelly' [her word] MDs who have been on the plane from India for 1 or 2 days and just rolled off.

All the MDs pass the test. My 2 neighbors were
actors pretending to have ailments. How many 1000s of 'new' Immigrant MDs is the USA accepting a year?

And in the LA Times there was a 'happy tale' of Filipino MDs, moving to the USA and getting Nursing licenses.
And they have a Filipino Nursing Association.
Ignore mikey, hes too blind to see or his students are rich coddled kids like SJ moms kids friends at the dred Naropa.

Oh, I get it. America consumed too much and exercised too much influence during the 20th century. Such intemperance can only be due to inherent evilness on the part of the American people, right? Not, emphatically, due to the general innocence of the age – such as Cold War fear response and the prevailing worldwide belief that all wants and needs could be supplied by a techno-triumphalism that America was generally accepted to represent and which the lagging nations were all too eager to emulate.

No, the American people must accept indictment that all the world’s current problems are direct consequence of traits unknown to other peoples or nations. That is, Americans must adopt the belief – no matter how contrary to historical evidence -- that only our nation has a history of racism, injustice to minorities and native peoples. Too white and too European is implicit explanation for America’s accused evilness. Oh yeah, the white devil.

Somehow I also failed to grasp the presence of a Manichaean mechanism operant; oppositional forces of absolute evil and absolute good. Evil; Eurocentric whiteness,… of course. Good; all the other races of color and diverse cultural backgrounds (which, by the way, carry on atrocities against one another only as anomalous behavior, caused not by tendencies common to all humans, but…., of course, by singular evil influence of the Euro-whites).

Hey, I get it! I’m now seeing with the eyes of Obama and the self proclaimed Liberal Left: Remedy to the world’s problems amount to the single measure of dissolving America as a sovereign state. Yeah, remove its borders and allow all the beleaguered overpopulation of the world to flood in. Then, true to such mystical beliefs of fate, magically Mother Nature’s harsh degree about carry capacity limitations would be suspended. Then, no matter population growth rate, no consequence will follow such as loss of species diversity, or wilderness, or wildlife habitat, or ecological collapse, and all would be fed to satisfaction of all cultural dietary habits and we’d all abound in ecstatic cultural diversity without friction. And,....with room left over..

Damn, why didn’t I grasp this happy news earlier?

Do most Nurses leave the Profession w/i 8 years?
And why? Medical Horrors, or as one Respiratory X therapist said, 'Hospitals are designed for doctors, I had to get out'.

"Maybe because Murikan kids don't want to study to learn for a tough job. Nursing."
Thats just more of the anti white narrative.
Ignore it.

MM belongs at Huffpost. Such shit goes over easier there.

'Great job! You got three Repuke talking points into one posting!'

In his first [?] reply to me, he used the term '2'
if I recall.
Ignore him.

Once one of my ex friends talked about
'how can I be against Immigration, havent I seen / heard of [sigh,hush] 'A day without a Mexican'?

Well they did have a DWOAM strike. Life went on, no one gave a damn.

next time MM says you barf up regurgitated 'repub
talking points' or whatever he posted..
try this one, but you will have a better rewrite

Yet another ‘cookie cutter liberal’ with the stock in trade name calling and hatred of free speech, attempting to compensate for your lack of insight with flaming / vulgarity.

faceless coward , begone

Apologize alot when Punjabis get killed in the USA.

WTF are towelheads doing in the USA?
Assimilating? I think not.
And when some do, they are killed in honor killings that the FBI whitewashes.


American jingoism in the 1950s said we were the best, most productive workforce on earth and everyone believed it until the playing field was leveled and Americans turned out to be spoiled whiners who could not or would not compete with those coming here. Thank God for H1B visas. They put the lie to America's supposed belief in free market competition and showed Americans for what they are: fat, lazy, selfish, and stupid... Unable to compete globally. Social Dawinism is another belief we were taught: survival of the fittest. But when the fit immigrants began arriving, that lie was exposed, too. Pussies. Happy when you were exploiting the rest of the world. Whiners when the world showed up here and outperformed Americans in industry after industry.

Karma's a bitch. The chickens have come home to roost after you destroyed their economies and stripped their countries of there natural resources. 6% of world population consuming 25% of world resources. The American nightmare could not last forever. It's almost over. I shed no tears for the American workers' gluttony. I happy immigrants got a little piece of the pie before the "American Dream" ends.

I welcome all Mexicans and Muslims as effusively as I can. There is nothing you can do to stop them from arriving and getting some crumbs. Suck it up, whiners.


after you destroyed their economies and stripped their countries of their natural resources. 6% of world population consuming 25% of world resources.

American weaklings and whiners. Compete or STFU. The days of white privilege are over.

WTF are towelheads doing in the USA?


The fact that you are cluless is a good sign.

Nothing can stop the reconquista, made all the easier by people like you.

I welcome all Indians and Chinese. American racists are finished. The new generations are here and they don't have white skin. I welcome them. It's America's karma.


"Maybe because Murikan kids don't want to study to learn for a tough job. Nursing."
Thats just more of the anti white narrative.
Ignore it.

If you looked, at least half of all Murikan kids are NOT white! Thus this cannot be said to be racist!

"Some folks dont see the connection between wages and oversupply of [cheap] labor."

I agreed with that statement in a previous post and talked about the overuse of H1B visas. My comment about no mention of immigrants was about the article that I linked.

Of course this is what I have learned to expect from you. You never read and understand the complete posting before you start typing your reply.

Hey Antisoak that Santa Monica of yours sounds like quite the place. I'd like to visit some day. One question: beside yourself, does anybody speak English in Santa Monica? Spanish I can handle, my wife being a Spaniard and all. Anything else will be a problem.



I did try my best to appeal to your higher self.
You really can be amazingly spiteful, small-minded, self-absorbed, mean-spirited, and repugnant.

You're wallowing in the muck here - stooping to the lowest level of thought.

If you meditated twice as deeply as you do (if you do), you would be here half as often. Or less. And believe me, less is almost always more.



Few first generation immigrants assimilate. Learning a new language as an adult is tough.

My grandmother never learned English as did many immigrants of the early 1900s. Chicago was full of ethnic neighborhoods, where immigrants congregated. There were neighborhoods for Czechs, Poles, Italians, Germans and others. In those areas you saw signs in their languages and heard these languages spoken almost exclusively. Even though they were in a new country they wanted familiar things and people around them. While the first generation didn't assimilate, their children did, and still do assimilate.


Look at newworld's 1:35 posting. There are three paragraphs which are totally unrelated. Each paragraph is a different talking point.

The first was about the price of oil in Europe.

The second was calling Obama a black power fool.

The third was about Rahm Emmanuel.

So, just to make sure I understand your stance allow me to paraphrase: Democratic sef-determination for America is withdrawn on charge of being "fat, lazy, selfish, and stupid... Unable to compete globally". OK, can you give me the diversity ratio formula to be applied to denote the point where penance has been served and sovereign self-determination as national right has been restored to whatever remains of America?

And oh, will all nations across time and space be required equal penance for like behaviors? Behaviors, BTW, which history shows to be common across all of history.

Hmmm, maybe you should consider giving Western Culture -- and America in particular -- credit for framing governing principles upon civil law equal to all rather than upon tribe, family, race, ethnicity, religion, etc., affiliation.

Not all that familiar with me sainted mother's, Monica (say that with an Irish brogue just to make it sweet), but I did find out that, as of 2010, there were only 827 institutionalized folk in town. (Who knew, eh?) Dunno what language they speak in the institutions, but whatever they're talking about is probably downright fascinating! ;o)

Here ya be; read all about it!


(Sandy ol' Monica is surrounded by fantasy and madness, I might add; check out the encircling municipalities, then, just give that low whistle or the all-purpose "whoa...duuuude".)

I'm in Aptos. I've never heard of Robertsville, but I've driven around there. Trying to figure out where I am. North of Los Gatos and I'm usually lost anyway. Hope you're having a great day.



Did you hear the latest government travesty? The DEA is no longer using "Reefer Madness" to train its agents! Clearly a case of PC gone crazy!

MMike, you have begun to admit that you are brainwashed, except now you are trying to shift the question to maintain your own correctness.

Which points out one of the pernicious things about brainwashing - it HURTS when you try to give it up.

You had conceded that higher pay would fill the "jobs that Americans won't do," with - wait for it -
American Workers.

And then you come up with this:
"raising wages would get more Americans in these jobs. However, it would still not be enough because of the low status of nursing jobs." -mudM-

Ah, Mike of Mud, now you argue that it is not the money at all, it is the STATUS of the job that requires huge numbers of immigrants to fill them.
(all this despite the fact that nursing remains fairly high status. and that garbage collecting, gator hunting, septic tank pumping, and a host of other GENUINE LOW status jobs are reliably filled by HORDES of native born US citizens.

You are making an evilly racist argument Mike, when you go off down this road, IMO.

In essence, you are saying,"Native born Americans are so deserving, so wonderful, so special - that there are nasty and degrading jobs inside the borders of the US which MUST be filled by persons who are not born inside of the US.

And you don't strike me as a classic "racist," MMike - so please elaborate.

(and please remember that domestic unemployment is running high - as you formulate a response.)


So native born Americans will do even demeaning jobs with high unemployment?

Well Fox News thinks not.


If Fox news says it is so, then it must be so? Right?

Then Fox News must be racist!


Also you apparently didn't read my earlier post. Remember, that many working age native born Americans are not White, but are of many races, thus a comment about Americans cannot be racist.

You are on the ropes, muddMike.
"thus a comment about Americans cannot be racist."

Seriously - what have you been smoking, MM.
Every immigration debate turns on charges of "racist," especially on CFN.

And as regards your FOX news link, here's the way it ends:
"K&D Farms raises tomatoes on about 40 acres of rolling farmland, is eliminating one entire field from production this year in hope of having enough workers to harvest the rest. Sitting on a tractor during a break, he said he hopes the cutback is large enough to compensate for a second year of labor shortages.
"If it's not I guess we'll sell out and find something else to do," he said."

This is SUPPOSED to be the way American free-market capitalism works.

And we're overpopulating the US and probably destroying ecosystems all over the World - so that KD Farms can have CHEAP exploitable labor and the American consumer can have slightly cheaper tomatoes.

Is a cheap tomato really worth all of this?


Maybe you and some others are racist, but my comments applied to ALL Americans, no matter what race or religion. You are the one who read into it that I was only talking about White Americans.

Unemployment in Alabama is at about 7.5%. Why aren't these people picking the tomatoes? Why doesn't the farmer offer higher wages? Isn't that the way the free market is supposed to work? If they need more workers, then they raise the pay.

why doesn't the farmer offer higher wages?
-because he's competing with farmers in other states who RETAINED the cheap exploitable labor that Alabama is attempting to outlaw

why aren't the 7.5% unemployed in AL picking?
- because they would rather collect unemployment, cook meth, or live in Mama's basement - first.

And you're shifting the question to TRIVIAL pursuit over my choice of language - instead of confronting your own brainwashing.

Nevertheless, just for you, I will change my earlier statement to read:

"You are making an evilly CLASSIST argument Mike, when you go off down this road, IMO.

In essence, you are saying,"Native born Americans are so deserving, so wonderful, so special - that there are nasty and degrading jobs inside the borders of the US which MUST be filled by persons who are not born inside of the US.

And you don't strike me as CLASSIST MMike - so please elaborate.

(and please remember that domestic unemployment is running high - as you formulate a response.)

Yeah -
29 Million Unemployed US Citizens - right now.

-more or less, depending on who does the counting-

We will allow 1 million LEGAL immigrants this year.

And nobody knows how many illegal immigrants.

Someone explain how this is supposed to all work out.

Especially when a US worker burns more fossil fuel and does more global environmental damage - than does any worker, ANYwhere on Earth.


No, I am saying that young Americans have such a high sense of entitlement that they do not want to fill those jobs.


The US allows so many immigrants because the corporatists want to keep the workers desperate. That is also the reason why they push the right to work for less laws through ALEC and do everything they can to destroy unions.

So, are you shilling for the "corporatists," with your denigration of "young Americans" and your support of present high rates of legal AND illegal immigration?

Because you appear to not be looking at the situation as an objective citizen of the US should be looking at it.


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29 Million Unemployed US Citizens - right now. -more or less, depending on who does the counting- We will allow 1 million LEGAL immigrants this year.

Sounds like the US Citizens have the immigrants outnumbered by about 29 to 1. May the most qualified create employment since this is a free country.

Warning: the immigrants will not wait around for a handout. The immigrants will create their own employment, starting out on the bottom. They will not apply for mid-level management or CEO positions to start out. They will get to work, immediately.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the US Citizens. They aren't hungry enough or idealistic enough.

I want this country flooded with immigrants, because immigrants are not afraid of work, are not qualified for entitlements, and are as qualified or more than the US Citizen, which is really what has you scared.

You think US Citizens should have some kind of priority. You think US Citizens should be given the opportunity to work before immigrants. Sorry. It doesn't work that way. The most qualified are often immigrants, the most creative are often immigrants, the go-getters are often immigrants. The immigrants don't wait around for special dispensations or government handouts. The early bird immigrant gets the worm.


The early bird immigrant gets the worm.




There may be some truth to that. In that case and to that degree, Americans will have to change. In any case, the answer is not millions more immigrants.

And of course, they were let in so they could be exploited. But then they exploit us once they learn to work the system. Neither is good, so why argue for one over the other?

The Republicans like the system the way it is so they can exploit them. The Democrats want to make them all voters. Both are bad. This issue is a marriage made in hell between the two parties. And it is coming to an end since the Democrats have succeeded in making millions legal. They will all vote Democrat and we'll never see another Republican President. The Republicans may have figured this out and may begin to try to backstep the demographic nightmare - but it's very late in the day. It seems to me that they sold their place in the sun for quick proftits.

And then what? Surely you don't think the wheel stops there? Exploit us and we'll claim our just revenge on those that sold us out and those who seek to replace us.

Spirituality is about stopping the wheel of karma. But who wants to when their turn to be on top has come? Rare souls. As Emerson said, souls are saved one by one, not in groups. Whites will pay Blacks back for the millions of assaults, robberies, rapes, and murders. It's coming and nothing can stop it.

I think alot of Americans would be willing to pay a bit more to be free of illegals. Or imagine an Agricultural Campaign - This Produce was picked by Americans. I'd support it.

It's coming and nothing can stop it.


In your dreams, and only in your dreams. I've been reading you saying this very same thing for years. There will be no race war. Non-whites will have control, and you will be treated fairly. You will not be enslaved, whipped, torn away from your family, forced to work, etc. Your women will not be raped. Those are more fantasies in your head. Non-whites will not treat you as you treated us. We are not that morally-challenged, as you believe.

I think alot of Americans would be willing to pay a bit more to be free of illegals. Or imagine an Agricultural Campaign - This Produce was picked by Americans. I'd support it.

I would support this idea, too.

We need more white folks in the fields, under the hot sun, picking crops, doing honest work, instead of stealing us blind with their fountain pens, using all their "legal" financial instruments and junk paper, or drugging kids with their meth labs.

There are a few 'classes' here. The Riche [google Montana Blvd, Santa Monica]. The Landless [renters].
The Homeless. The Immigrants, lots of Russians and
Latino.The Black Neighborhood was destroyed by the freeway.

One person blames New Yorkers!!!! Saying 'who else
moves here and has a million for a condo'?
Another said 'we are 2 groups, the rich and the paupers in the 60 year old flimsy apartments'!

We have the 'Glow festival' at a cost of 80k?
And over 20 City 'Civil Servants' making 200K +,
But you might as well, there in ritzy Conn.
Concerts on the pier, etcetc.

If you are homeless and its below 40 degrees, we have motel vouchers.

"You think US Citizens should have some kind of priority", to quote you. Damn, I think your are getting the point Asoka: citizenship is supposed to equate to exclusive privilege. That is if government is representative of the will of the sovereign citizenry (which, by the way, are opposed to amnesty and the Dream Act by overwhelming margin).

You know, I believe your opinions are tinged with more than just a little megalomania; that hyper sense of self righteousness that makes you unable to address the dilimma of modern reality in terms aside from hyperbole. Real pathology Asoka, unable to see human behavior as general but instead seeing all good parsed from evil along color lines. Oooh,did I just infer racism on your part? If the psychosis fits then wear it.

And believe me, less is almost always more.

Would you elaborate on the exception,Iona? (Or perhaps this is a request best left to Myrtle May.)

"You think US Citizens should have some kind of priority", to quote you. Damn, I think your are getting the point Asoka: citizenship is supposed to equate to exclusive privilege. That is if government is representative of the will of the sovereign citizenry


In the 18th century, maybe. The world has changed in the last couple centuries. While you are free to carry around quaint nationalistic ideas about sovereignty in your head, it no longer represents 21st century reality. You and your kind will become increasingly irrelevant and disappear. You are antiquated.

World problems no longer respect national borders, and neither do human beings. and work goes to the best qualified, not to whomever has the same color passport as you. You are no longer competing with nationals. You are competing with the world, and appear to be losing and yearning for yesteryear.

Too bad, so sad (for has beens like you).

We live in a global village now.

Might Romney be the first president with foreign bank accounts? That inspires confidence.
Is it me, or does it seem like he is not that enthusiastic about the whole process of campaigning? I can see Romney being on permanent semi-retirement as president, unless he gets Republican control of both houses of Congress and can get his commands instantly obeyed, like at Bain. He will get frustrated if he can't get done exactly what he wants, and will end up setting a new record for time spent out of Washington. He doesn't seem to like politics and seems to want to become president because that is as high as a person can go, or something. I fear we will discover that successful businessmen don't always make good politicians. The two fields are quite different requiring different skill sets.

He of the 'Other Talk, the non Black Version'
[it cost him his job] also has this at Takimag:

Importing Poverty by John Derbyshire

'Taken overall 36 percent of immigrant households use welfare, against 23 percent of native households'

Life begins at birth, so why are you brain dead?

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Well, when Asoka goes bonkers, he doesn't go half way. What's hilarious about this constant placing of native born Americans at the back of the line is that the main players ... Filipinos, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indians ... would NEVER allow foreigners to dig out enclaves of power in their native countries. NEVER!!!

America, as Vlad has pointed out to us patiently over and over and over again, is the "Self Destructive Country". It's like we have some sort of cultural death wish. Of course, I didn't even read the Asoka comment you commented upon nor do I intend to.

When I agree with Asoka, it's an accident. When I don't, it's normal.


Myrtle said:
The most important element in teaching children is not just the teacher but the parents. Too many parents use the idiot box to babysit their babies while they suck on the crack pipe collecting unemployment or welfare bennies. Sad but true. The kids deserve more.

Well said!! Even if they aren't sucking on a crack pipe they ARE using the idiot box to baby sit. Check out this piece about the scores of Gen Y on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory. Gen Y has 100% more narcissism than Boomers. Read it and weap!!



Asoka said:
Hmm, kind of like the 50s and 60s ... We were "separate but equal" and knew which side of the tracks to stay on. I'm sure white folks will learn their place. Karma's a bitch, ain't it?

Look, bitch, the white man is the one who let "your" people get unfair favoritism and it didn't work out because "your" people have no respect for the life of the mind.

That same white man is fast-tracking assholes into the country while making it hard for Swedes, Dutch, and Germans to get in if they marry Americans.

I think I'll vote for Mittens just to chap your sorry ass. A vote for Obama is a vote for more favorable treatment of anybody BUT native born Americans.


World problems no longer respect national borders, and neither do human beings. and work goes to the best qualified, not to whomever has the same color passport as you.

this concords with my experience, tho' of course
you can aver that that the 'best qualified' are often simply the lowest bidders in many instances.

peace peaceniks

OzP, Haddam Neck Sunday?


Peculiar (more like disturbed) tact you've taken on the subject of representational democracy, describing it as, "quaint nationalistic ideas about sovereignty".

Is your message that the principles "Of the people, by the people and for the people" apply only to nations composed of some PC correct ratios of race,ethnicity,religion,etc., but -- emphatically -- certainly not majority caucasian nations?

I guess I'm mistaken in my understanding that the whole point of sovereign nationhood is for protecting the citizens' right to elect its own distinct (and even unique) destiny.

That is, with regards to stablizing population at sustainable level, distinct from other nations less able to confront 21st Century reality objectively rather than clouded by archaic beliefs.

I guess I'm mistaken in my understanding that the whole point of sovereign nationhood is for protecting the citizens' right to elect its own distinct (and even unique) destiny.

You are mistaken. Good that you admit it.

Nation-states are nothing but gangs of thugs who use force (police, armies) to take revenues from taxpayers and enforce laws against those same taxpayers, if they don't pay up.

Wake up, Cavepainter!

Don't you know we are in CRUNCH TIME (to borrow a phrase from E.) and this whole economic house of cards could collapse tomorrow? Are you not reading JHK's posts every Monday morning? Get with the program. We are fucked!

But not because of "illegals" or some imagined violation of "national sovereignty" ... the problems we face are ultimately psychological and spiritual and personal, not economic or political.

It's easier for you to continue whining and blaming others than it is to realize your own nature. Take a look at that.

A departure this week, from the light-hearted photo-commentaries of the past few posts, to a heavy look at the next 50 years according to Tripp. Hope you enjoy it!


Self Destructive Country....................
Naa, its from the outside, not the inside. Or is it?

If you go to 'Sarah Maid of Albion', OccidentalObserver.com, you will see that the USA is not alone in its destruction.
See whats going on in UK, Australia, etc.

Those 2 sites have very recent posts about whats going on there.

Peculiar (more like disturbed) tact you've taken on the subject.......... with regards to stablizing population at...

Cave, I agree entirely with the point you are making in your post at 11:07AM. But, as you surely realize, you are wasting your breath with Asoka. He, too, understands completely the point you are making but it does not serve his purposes to admit its validity.

Now, in order not to have my sleep disturbed when I go to bed tonight, I must point out that you have misused the word tact. The correct word here would be tack, a nautical term. Also "with regards" is considered incorrect. It should be "with regard."

☎ Romney { More for me. }
☎ Obama { None for you. }
K-Dog { All dogs eat. }

What happened to yr 'Urban Farm'?

Look, bitch, the white man is the one who let "your" people get unfair favoritism and it didn't work out because "your" people have no respect for the life of the mind.

That same white man is fast-tracking assholes into the country while making it hard for Swedes, Dutch, and Germans to get in if they marry Americans.

I think I'll vote for Mittens just to chap your sorry ass. A vote for Obama is a vote for more favorable treatment of anybody BUT native born Americans.

Since you reside in California as I recall it doesn't much matter who you vote for - it's a done deal for Obama in that state. And as far as "voting for Mittens" nobody who's paid attention to your posts would be surprised. In other words, you ain't kidding. Unlike the time you claimed you 'were done with CFN and didn't read the posts anymore' and 'please, please, please Mr Kunstler - 'Please Close Down This Forum!' - (What an ironic site that must have been, Eluthero typing his "close it down" imploration only to be followed by the sight of him scrolling for responses to his post.)

I have to say, I'm not sure what's more comical, Eluthero, your claims of CFN's demise (and calls for its closure) or your continual posts and comments in the aftermath of that claim/request; or E, the angry, embittered, financial conservative libertarian collecting a public employee pension from the state of California.

Anyway you slice it...about as much substance as a piece of cotton candy.

Wake up, Cavepainter!

Wake up Soak! It's easier for you to continue whining, and you will.

You , this week, cheered legal Infanticide!

‘Nation-states are nothing but gangs of thugs who use force (police, armies) to take revenues from taxpayers ‘.
Is that where Osho and Ma Sheela learned those moves?
If there ever were 2 money hungry thugs, those 2 were it.

"It's certainly not about grand social philosophies and their practical implementation."


As JHK said this week:

because it is a cardinal rule of our anemic culture that any and all belief systems are equally valid.

There is an answer of course:

K-Dog { All dogs eat. }

"OzP, Haddam Neck Sunday?" -WSP

Most assuredly, my friend! I always show up where I'm well-remunerated, and the BIA have always been swell in that regard for many years now. ;o)

The weather promises to be dandy (as usual for this event), so we should have more chrome blinding us than our boggled brains can process. Bring yer camera; they always appreciate good shots of the bikes. Mayhap The Rockers will be there [they should be] so you can get some shots of very nice modified cafe racers that they ride. Being that the show is open to ALL makes and countries-of-origin, a lot of cool rarities are always present to gawk at.

***(I shouldn't say that weather part too loud... read it as a whisper. ;o)

Heres some interesting, thought provoking quotes:



Looked at Romney's website the other day with the attitude of an open-minded voter. Clicked on "issues". "Environment" is not listed as an issue. Figured the message is clear: fuck the environment. But how? So I clicked on "Regulations". Therein I found the answer: Romney advertises his plan to strangle and suppress the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which he blames for harming industry, innovation, and business.

Meanwhile Germany is meeting half of its daytime electrical needs via renewables, including a hefty amount of solar...

I think young people would direct the development of the country's infrastructure toward a sane, sustainable future, but there is little opportunity to do so in an era where productive capacity is difficult if not impossible to start from the ground up, the legal costs astronomical, the tax basis incomprehensible, and the civic society incoherent.

IBM, Walmart, GM, GE, HP, Apple: these are the children of America. A hundred years ago there was hardly any adult above the age of 13 not gainfully employed in some form of skilled labor. Today's youth are run through a gauntlet of standardized testing which sorts losers and winners; they graduate to insecure dead-end jobs which are tedious and dehumanizing.

2012 is not the election year in which things can change.

though Adam Gopnik came close recently via a scholarly disquisition in a recent New Yorker that left out most of the comedy - because it is a cardinal rule of our anemic culture that any and all belief systems are equally valid.

Adam Gopnik

JHK's referenced article, where you will read:

Concerning the book of Mormon:

"The book seems to be merely a prosy detail of imaginary history, with the Old Testament for a model; followed by a tedious plagiarism of the New Testament. The author labored to give his words and phrases the quaint, old-fashioned sound and structure of our King James’s translation of the Scriptures; and the result is a mongrel—half modern glibness, and half ancient simplicity and gravity. The latter is awkward and constrained; the former natural, but grotesque by the contrast. Whenever he found his speech growing too modern—which was about every sentence or two—he ladled in a few such Scriptural phrases as “exceeding sore,” “and it came to pass,” etc., and made things satisfactory again. “And it came to pass” was his pet. If he had left that out, his Bible would have been only a pamphlet.
Mark Twain

☒ K-Dog { All dogs eat. }

You're going to have to live with the Blacks after all this is over. You live in the Denver area - a city that has experienced major Black Terror. You cannot claim ignorance - you heart is simply wrong, simply worshiping idols.

"Romney advertises his plan to strangle and suppress the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which he blames for harming industry, innovation, and business."

Romney is the ideological heir to Ronney Ray-Gun. Republicans use the Powell Memo for a playbook.

Disgusting snakes in the grass.


On another subject:

Obama's role as a living, breathing wish-fulfillment of the liberal imagination is too obvious in comparison.

neo-liberal would be accurate. There is actually nothing liberal about Mr. Quo-bama.

Thanks for the link; sounds like fun.

Although Bustin says that 2012 is not the year in which things can change, there is one thing we can change. We can withhold our consent to be governed by the same pack of weasels that we always get.
Write in the dog of K (or K-Dog, if you will) and give the fanger to the soul-stompers.

It'll at least give the vote counters something to scratch their heads, ears and muzzles over. "wtftstfizzat??" (tm CFT)

☒ K-Dog { All dogs eat. }

In my dream this week Obama did not share his bird with me.

Help me share my bird with him. ☝ (look at this one sideways)

Give Obama the bird !!!!!!!

☒ K-Dog { All dogs eat. }

Hans Gropius for President.

at least give the vote counters something to scratch their heads, ears and muzzles over.

Woof !!

It's really difficult to get one's arms around the idiocies infusing your posts. If one can stop laughing that is. There's so much there. Where to start, where to start.

You say: "You and your kind will become increasingly irrelevant and disappear. You are antiquated."

In July you stated that you support the "two-state" solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict. So why the support for such antiquated irrelevancies?

Maybe you think that the views of Palestinians and Muslims in general are "antiquated and irrelevant". You should tell that to the people living on the Gaza strip or the West Bank. They have email and websites. What about it Assoka? Educate them.

Jews didn't have a country of their own until recent decades. Which meant that they had no means of collective defence. And the result? The Holocaust. One third of the worldwide Jewish population dead and European Jewry effectively eradicated. I think that from the perspective of a 20th and 21st Century Jew, given the continued threats to their existence, the idea of a nation state is anything but quaint or irrelevant or antiquated.

You, asshole, have had the benefit of a massive military and a continent sized country with two oceans as buffers. You have the outlook of a privileged, spoiled rotten, skinny-chested, no-ass, lungless white boy that has never had to worry about his personal survival nor that of his family and that seldom leaves the confines of his leafy green neighborhood or college campus and never sees the outside world as it actually is. Life is not a video-game. Life is not lived in the pages of college texts or seminar rooms.

Above post meant for Assoka, obviously.

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, But diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Hans Gropius - We have had a few of them already and would be better off with one now.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

♦ Romney { More for me. }
♦ Obama { None for you. }
K-Dog { All dogs eat. }

Only in Amerika can a 'community activist' become President and start writing Trillion dollar checks.

8-7-12: The fallout from Solyndra is apparently far from over for the Obama Administration. Last Thursday, emails were released that showed, among other things, that the CEO of Solyndra called the Obama Administration the “Bank of Washington,” that then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was the one who pushed President Obama into the deal, and that the administration “love[d]” Solyndra.

But that’s not all!

The Washington Examiner reports that taxpayers will recover just $24 million from the $527 million spent by the company.

Just like the auto bailouts, taxpayers will only recover a small percentage of what they were forced to “invest.”

UPDATE 7-25-12: Thanks to analysts at The Heritage Foundation, a list has been compiled of 12 “green” energy companies which received Department of Energy (DOE) loan guarantees but are now bankrupt.



WOW! A "screenshot" of an "email" on the Heritage Foundation site. That is "proof" enough for me!

You might want to read the Powell Memo which was linked by K-Dog in his 12:59 posting. The Heritage Foundation was set up by members of the 0.01% so their heirs can be hereditary rulers of the country.

Do they also mention the subsidies to the coal, oil and nuclear industries? Do they mention the fact that the taxpayers are responsible for the cost of major nuclear accidents?

Life is not a video-game. Life is not lived in the pages of college texts or seminar rooms.


Here you are obviously wrong. Not only is real life happening in seminar rooms and college classrooms, those who occupy positions of power were trained in those same rooms.

Those rooms are real life and those rooms prepare leaders to continue in real life.

Your caricatures are funny, though. As if the "real world" is not the one we are living in, as if the "real world" is some kind of a dangerous place, though it bugs you that those who passed through those rooms are enjoying life in places that are not dangerous.

Why do you continue to engage me, Rhino? You know you cannot win and Hobbes was wrong.

I do enjoy your posts, though. And I do like you as a person.

Ya, antisoak, in JHKs new book 'Too Much Magic' he states explicitly that all this 'Green Energy' bullshit is basically worthless and a scam. He says the total energy output from solar and wind is less than 3% of petroleum, coal, nuclear etc, and it won't trend much higher. People around here are always talking about 'Alt Energy', in the context that we'd have alt energy in place right now if weren't for interference of Big Oil, Republicans, Big Business ... all the usual suspects.


German solar power producers have once again set a new world record in solar energy production by pumping 14.7 TWh of electricity into the power grid during the first 6 months of 2012. That’s 4.5% of the total power production during that period. Considering that solar power isn’t baseload power, those TWh’s came in the form of valuable peak-load power covering 10-50% of peak demand every day.

This record also represents a 50% increase over solar power production during the same period in 2011, something that becomes shockingly obvious considering that photovoltaic power produced a total of 19 TWh’s during the 12 months of 2011.

While the approximately 1.2 million “solar power plants” owned by households and businesses are producing clean energy from sunshine in record numbers, new solar systems are also being installed throughout the country. Between January and April, another 73,756 solar power systems with a combined capacity of 2,328 MW were installed, according to numbers published by the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency). This should put the cumulative installed solar power capacity in Germany at approximately 28 GW as we enter the second half of 2012 (that’s more than China’s 2015 target of 21 GW).

With political attacks on solar energy being put to rest at the moment, solar power is on track to becoming the 3rd-largest source of renewable electricity this year, right behind wind power and power generated from biomass.

Clean Technica (http://s.tt/1gTbO)

Thanks. Grammer, spelling and proper word usage are important. The mechanics of language has always been a challenge to me.

America has been bs for most of the 20th century. Started reading John Stormer's sequel to None Dare Call it Treason. You must admit that as we fought the North Vietmanese, we were rendering massive aid to the Soviet Union - and they in turn gave massive aid to North Vietnam. We were quite literally supporting the Enemy. Why? Because it was good business perhaps. Good practice for what was to come in any case. Nations are to be dissolved and the money lenders get stronger with every war and the People weaker.

On match.com, I am Hands Gropius.

Ooo, Ooo!
Here's one fer anti-soap on the balance of the scales of "justice". lol

Afore he reads it, he might want to resort to a nice cocktail of Oxycontin, Wellbutrin, Ritalin, Valium and about a pint of Wild Turkey to wash it all down. That might get him past the first couple sentences without an apoplectic reaction.

Now, he'll have to read fast, 'cause that calming effect might make that action impossible in about 12 and 1/4 minutes (if my exacting calculations are correct; ya know: body weight, skin tone, mental acuity, fecal output, blood pressure... all that shit)! We'll check for comprehension at a later time.


Although I do applaud his efforts to be useful to the .01%, I'm not quite sure they'll take him into their mansion[s] when it comes time to discard the serf-ing class. Serf's up, dudes! Get yer boards waxed, 'cause it's water-boardin' time!


Is the book, "None Dare Call it Treason" about the following cases?

The private citizens on Nixon's election committee making deals with the Vietnamese government to delay the peace talks.

The private citizens on Reagan's committee making a deal with the Iranian government to have them not release the hostages before the election.

The illegal selling of arms to Iran and then using the money to illegally fund the Contras.

The Supreme Court going against their states rights stand and the Constitution to select the President of the US.

Lying the US into an illegal preventive war in Iraq.

The outing of a covert CIA agent by the Bush administration.

I thought not, because those acts were actually treason.

Hey now!
Lady Justice (Brand, FUSA) needs her own theme song too; why would you deny her that, you commie-faggot pussy-wusses?


Let's go boardin'; it's not treason if we say it ain't....
Those conventions are so old and quaint....

All Dogs eat - a White Baby in ever pot.

Yes all those kind of things. Treason never prospers. The reason? Because when it does, it is no longer treason.

'None Dare Call it Treason'
Is it similar to 'None Dare Call it Conspiracy'?

The UN was set up to aid the USSR [at our expense, of course]. What aid did US give the USSR 1960-1975?
I remember some rumblings about a 'Grain or Wheat Deal'. way back when I was a kid.

'None Dare Call it Conspiracy' has a photo of Rockefeller and some mentions of one of his dirty deals. He of funding the Bolshoi Ballet.
I looked on my shelf but Ive given it away so I cant go to it for a reference.

Ozone, you been drinking or drugging? Yr 'logical fallacy' is whatever it tis. I dont support Bush / Corzine. stay away from the thorazine.

We are already assaulted and our women raped. And things will get so much worse if you and your's get control. High level Blacks and Hispanics have promised payback against us if they get the upper hand. And Blacks are already rampaging since the ascent of Obama.

I didnt know you were Libertarian!

As far as the young go, maybe if the 5 to 10 year olds were given some words of wisdom before the corporate indoctrination has gotten too far.

Teens and 20 somethings I see here care about
Movies and other forms of escapism.
Unicorn People.

No doubt thats why Obongo appealed to them so!
Their reading assignment should be 'the Myth of Self Esteem'.

Yes, Treason was written a decade or so earlier though. None Dare Call it Conspiracy was by Gary Allen. That book helped me understand the situation with the image of the vise - with the middle class being crushed between those below (the communists) and the Bankers above. Like all true Conspiracy Writers, Mr Allen admits the incredible truth that the Communists are funded by International Bankers.

John Stormer's books are far more detail oriented. Well worth a read, though I've never seen a new one - always very old with yellowed paper. These guys fought well and were influential but they couldn't overcome the mainstream media which mocked them to scorn. The American People chose the easy way, the fun way (it's fun to laugh at doomsters), the false way. Now their chains are forged and they are meekly holding out their hands for fitting.

What about Obongo? Has he committed treason?

'These guys fought well and were influential but they couldn't overcome the mainstream media which mocked them to scorn'
What, are you involved in Mc Carthy-ism? Bircher?
Hate group? SPLC studies them, and their side defines the dialog.

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Tax Returns Made Public

Ryan ... 2 years

Romney ... 1 year

Obama ... 12 years

Biden ... 12 years

Them Republicans be hidin' something, like years when they paid no taxes.

Here is something most North Americans probably have not experienced, since nothing similar exists in North America. I go to events like this in South America.

Según las cifras que maneja la Alcaldía de Bogotá, un total de 490.000 personas han bailado en "Salsa al Parque" al son de 192 orquestas.

Now that's a party!

I don't know of anywhere else 490,000 people would dance in public to one style of dance to the tune of 192 orchestras, for free, in the public parks, for three days straight. But that is happening in Bogota, with performers like Eddie Palmieri and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.


While people in South America (where unemployment is much higher) are enjoying life, the USA is worried about "illegals" and worried about "socialist Obamacare" and worried about nonexistent "voter fraud" and worried about stock values and worried about the DREAM Act and worried about hiding tax returns from the public, and worried about getting out of paying taxes altogether by hiding money in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands.

The USA is xenophobic, racist, and perverse in its obsession with crime, guns, Muslims, skin color and endless wars.

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Yes, best read quickly after which you can look back quick at the main points.

Assange or Corzine? by Max Keiser

Wild Turkey might make it easier to deal with it all if your into that sort of thing. I suggest bud.

BS (great handle) said:
I have to say, I'm not sure what's more comical, Eluthero, your claims of CFN's demise (and calls for its closure) or your continual posts and comments in the aftermath of that claim/request; or E, the angry, embittered, financial conservative libertarian collecting a public employee pension from the state of California.

You're a pretty unobservant person for someone who has a more or less constant presence around here. Don't you notice that my few posts often follow two WEEKS when I disappear. I *never* stated anything but what I've done i.e., become a very INFREQUENT visitor and I have not gone away from that.

Hasn't it ever occurred to you that a person can, AS A RESULT OF BEING A STATE EMPLOYEE, grow embittered about the public sector? In other words, you think a person's belief systems are static, unchanging things from birth, unaffected by a life's worth of experience. Moreover, I retired YOUNG because I saw that the school and my Department were breaking down and nothing but dross was coming out of CA high schools.

I earned my pension, dude, and unlike the California Public Employees Retirement System, a .edu, I get my pension from the California TEACHERS Retirement System, a .com ... a PRIVATE entity.

So, I implore you to do two things: 1) Read what people ACTUALLY say and not what you CONSTRUE, 2) Know that human life includes things like epiphanies and growth ... I wasn't always a conservative but working for a corrupt bureaucracy created this revelation in me, and 3) Try to understand the difference between a corrupt entity like CalPERS and it's untenable promises versus private sector pensions. In other words, try next time to know what the fuck you're talking about.

Just because I was a teacher, and a damned rigorous and great one who created real careers and callings for people, doesn't mean that I support: a) My union which we are FORCED to join (I hate their coddling of upper management do-nothings), or b) The management top-heavy bureaucracies. I didn't pick 'em and I was their arch enemy ... you can take that to the bank.

Finally, as for "voting for Mittens", if you actually READ my post instead of scanning it, you know that I actually detest BOTH candidates and their parties but, instead, you construct a "straw man" who is a radical supporter of Mittens when I said that I only like ONE thing about him.

Just because I hate balkanization and reverse racism makes me neither a "rightist" or a Nazi. I have plenty of liberal friends who've had it up to their eyeballs with the wholesale ceding of this country to foreign enclaves. Only dimbulbs like you remain who appear to think everything's just going swell.

Gawd ... you knee-jerk libs are, in your own way, as close-minded as Bible Belt Pentacostalists. Your beliefs are entirely constructed ... FROM A DATA-FREE VACUUM.


A follow-up link for Buckaroo Stud who seems to think Mittens and Barry are worlds apart:



Hey, Q.,
Remain calm; the market is safe and stable; nothing to see here; move along; return to your homes; continue believing a political solution is forthcoming; life will be next year as it is this year; everything is well in hand; remain calm...
(New Age Market Mantra)


Who's this idiot Soros anyway, and who gives a hoot or a holler what he does? Geez, what an alarmist fool.

Your deciders at play in da [bullet] Holey Land!


Say, jerkwad, try that pose on the southern border of Lebanon, why don'cha? Go ahead, it'll be fun!

I see this election cycle as pure "Bad Theater"(SNL)
Welcome to the Theater of Cruelty---that's our future

Ryan, the great Ayn Rand acolyte was handing out "The Fountainhead" to fellow Republicans and bragged that Rand informed his political aspirations. Now he's pretending not to have understood what "Objectivism" was. So is he intellectual or stupid?

He has to walk back the ideology since there's an interview on file with Rand saying she wanted to do away with organized religion. Why we can't have that, now can we? What will the religious right think? __Oh he's a good Irish Catholic boy.

Romney demanded 10 years of tax records from his VP choices, but he can't do that himself. Why he's too far above showing us anything about himself. We don't know what his economic plan is, all we need to know is that he thinks he deserves to be in the White House.

Won't he look handsome behind the big desk in the Oval Office. Like an empty shirt model--Couldn't you just see him in GQ.

In the meantime he'll let Ryan run the country. Do the Middle East neocon-con job and suck up more middle class money. War is very profitable for some, especially when they have the giant honey pot of tax-payer money to feed from. Let's not talk about the off-shored trillions of the elite in the Swiss and Grand Cayman banks.---Oh but we have to give them everything we have to continue the wars for their benefit.

Say goodbye to the social safety net which we all paid into. If it doesn't get continually contributed to, it will become insolvent even for those on it now. In the meantime the "talented" banksters pay nothing into the system, but get untold $Trillions to stay solvent. Why? Cuz they're so talented….

Yes, Obama promised that the bailout would help homeowners on the other end, and $billions are still not in play, here. I guess the banks want the money for themselves.

Yes yes, there's dark money with evil commercials that will stir up the rabble. Yes, yes the Citizen's United case opened the door to a new movie coming out to tell us all about Obama, narrative style for a new reality, just like other narratives they make up so they can steal the country out from under us. The Citizen's united case was originally about a movie about Hillary Clinton claiming that she was mentally ill and an unstable megalomaniac.

Obama is doing everything the Republicans would do, he just says a few things that amount to nothing. The problem isn't that Democratic values don't work, but that Obama is walking the same walk as the Republicans. Don't get caught up in the empty words these people speak, look at what they do and follow the money.

Although we are reduced to just having social differences that each party purports to represent, financially and militarily there is little air between them.

One note of reference to show you how crazy this moment is. We have the leadership of this country as extractors and working inversely to collapse the middle class the golden geese of this economic system while they desperately try to get Assange to do the shock doctrine torture to punish him for telling the banal truth. I may not agree with his release of the material, but I think the value system is totally inverted.

In the end this is about debt creation and debt peonage. Doesn't matter who wins, just how it's implemented.

'conservative libertarian collecting a public employee pension from the state of California.'

'collecting a public employee pension from the state of California' = You worked!

'conservative libertarian'= You can think for yrself, and he dont like that!

Why do you put time into communicating with people you call 'dim' and [in turkles case] 'shit for a brain'?
I guess you enjoy chance for repartee?

Between Asoka and Spider, this place aint what it use to be. Cheers.

"Then there is the question of Mitt Romney's so-called faith, the preposterous fairy tale called Mormonism."

Joseph's Myth is nothing compared to the official version of 9/11.

If you can believe the preposterous fairy tale called "the official version of 9/11", you should have no problem believing Joseph Smith's hallucinations are 100% factual.

Why do you continue to engage me, Rhino? - Assoka

Why? Because there's so much in your posts that's just stupendously and cosmically full of shit.

Much of it is merely comically full of shit and that nonsense I usually just laugh at and otherwise ignore.

The problem, as I've said before, is that your posts are a conduit for the simplistic idiocy that permeates and ails so much of politics in the western world and not just the USA. Americans are exceptional in many ways but not in that. Ideology, if it reflects reality, provides a framework for living and working and a basis for organizing a political community.

That's IF ideology reflects reality. But that's not what I see nowadays and haven't seen in most of my lifetime. Rather ideologies have been a refuge for simpletons, very often college or university educated. You know, people that can't grasp complexity or fact or logic, people that can't judge fairly and reasonably, people that can only deal in absurd assertion and over simplification.

What you mouth week in and week out on this site is a reflection of the cretinism that's been festering especially on campuses for decades and not just in the US. And the awful thing is that these college educated buffoons carry the intellectual (if you can call it that) baggage that they pick up on campus into the real world, assume positions of leadership economically, socially and culturally and corrode and undermine and harm.

Here's a small tidbit of destructive misinformation/misrepresentation: you say that people in South America are "enjoying" life. Spoken like a true one percenter. No doubt some and maybe many people there are "enjoying" life. With enough money it's possible to live sumptuously and safe and secure in privileged enclaves and avert your eyes and rationalize (ie it's the natural order of things) the poverty (and its taskmaster, corruption) that pervades large parts of the continent.

Here's another: you say the USA is racist and xenophobic. So on the one hand so many folk of your own political coloration implore the wider world to not paint, for example, Muslims as all being religious extremists and thugs and to not portray Islam as a psychotic death cult. Which is fine. Then what do you go and do yourself? I'll quote you directly: "The USA is xenophobic, racist, and perverse in its obsession with crime, guns, Muslims, skin color and endless wars."

Your portrayal of Americans as monolithic is imbecilic. No other word for it.

And you ought to know, asshole, about skin color and racism being a self avowed racist yourself. But "xenophobic"? Just for once pull your head out and walk down the street of any American city away from your own white, wealthy ghetto and open your eyes. What do you see? I'll bet that in any community of any size in the US if you actually look and listen you can see people from virtually every major race, ethnicity and language group in the fucking WORLD. Most of them LEGAL immigrants, allowed into the country via a LEGAL process by the fine citizens of the United States of America. Xenophobic? Bull. Shit.

As far as life being "lived" on college campuses, sorry, not buyin' it. Been there, done that. College, in some faculties and fields of study (ie medicine, the hard sciences, engineering) really is a PREPARATIION for real life. But too often college is just a place to work very sparingly, party a great deal, hook up, get drunk, stoned and laid. Compared to real life as it is actually lived college is a multi-year holiday with a crushing debt load to pay at the end.

Hey, Q.,
Remain calm; the market is safe and stable;

It appears I'm a couple of steps ahead of Soros. I own NO large bank (financials). I DO own small amounts of Gold (IAU) and Silver (SLV). Mostly I own stodgy-old-fart, high-dividend-paying stocks like CL, GE, PEG, KFT and MRK that have long histories of paying quarterly dividends and of raising dividend payouts (usually) once per year.

I think you (and Asoka) have misconstrued my relative calm about the financial system. I see nothing on the horizon that would make me close my nearby Bank of America checking account and move it to a distant credit union. In the event of a "run" on the banks credit unions would be just as vulnerable.

Hi, LB, hope this finds you well. I hope you checked out the link I provided to Buck Stud about how insanely similar Mittens and Barry are when push comes to shove. It's not far above your recent post.

Normally, I'm a big skeptic of Alex Jones' Infowars site but this list of FORTY similarities is a legitimate list and one might consider only a few of them as reaching or petty.

American politics has reached rock, absolute bottom with the choice of these two clowns. They're both guilty of fantastic exceptionalism. I don't know if you've followed the way Obama has used government airplanes and agents to provide lavish parties on other continents for his kids. He's acting like a college athlete who just got drafted to the NFL and is dizzied by going from the poorhouse to the penthouse in one go.

Mittens ... well, there's no covering for this dude whose running mate has even chosen a hairdo exactly like Reagan's. Ayn Rand, to me, is an adolescent dweeb's theoretical economics because it pretends that if two people shake hands on a deal it MUST be morally okay. If one guy gets duped, well then, tough luck sucka.

However, Nobel Laureate Barry has not only done NOTHING in four years to merit the Peace Prize but he's kept REPUBLICANS on the job from Dubya's administration (Gates and Bernanke) in charge of armaments and money. Gee, d'ya think those are important areas???

On the forty points list, you'll see that Mittens and Barry both think highly of a great many people like Bernanke. This is a circus like none other and I only wish H.L. Mencken were alive to see this biggest farce of an election in US History.

This makes even Obama/McCain look good and represents the terminal phase of this country's existence IMHO. I'm actually pulling for Mittens so that we can see him try to dismantle whatever little safety net is left to the middle class. That way, we'll see if the American public is even capable of revolution or if, as I suspect, they're a bunch of TV-narcotized ninnies who can't even organize their family life much less a MOVEMENT.

We must always remember that our politicians really DO represent what we have become SPIRITUALLY.


Talking about cosmically and stupendously full of shit, this business about not taxing "job creators" takes the cake. Nobody can say it as wide eyed and straight faced as Ryan.

So yeah, if people believe that bit of tripe then of course we have to give them everything we have. Because they're "job creators". Right? If you don't bend over they'll off shore the whole kaboodle to China.

Come to think of it they've already offshored the whole kaboodle to China, they've offshored their money too.

So what exactly the fuck have they got over the fine people of the United States of America? Exactly nothing IMO. They've taken American jobs and moved them overseas, taken their money and done likewise.

So what is there to fear from them? What can they do to you now? You can raise marginal tax rates to the sky and what damage can it do?

Oh, the "job creators" will leave? Good, the sooner the better. Matter of fact the US Treasury should pay their tickets and their moving costs. Why not, after all thanks to Greenspan and Bernanke the greenback is a fantasy now anyway.

Mark Jenkins

Street puts via Mark Jenkins. Ow this particular individual recommendations. Follow the link regarding a lot more.


I'm not sure what's more comical, Eluthero, your claims of CFN's demise (and calls for its closure) or your continual posts and comments in the aftermath of that claim/request

Let's quantify this. I used the Edit/Find tool to examine the last 5 weeks worth of posts by E. The results are:

Week beginning:
7/16 9
7/23 10
7/30 9
8/6 1
8/13 11 so far
Avg per week 8

Some interesting observations about E's posting pattern are these:

1. Weekly output is quite consistent
2. He never posted on the first day (Monday) of the new thread. (Wussup with Mondays?)
3. Typically his posting begins around 4-4:30AM Eastern Time which would be 1-1:30AM where he lives. Thus E is probably like my son Thom, a "night person."
4. Excluding the anomalous week beginning 8/6 E averaged posting on 5 of the 7 days in a week. On days that he posted his output was:
1 post on 6 days
2 posts on 7 days
3 posts on 2 days
4 posts on 2 days and
5 posts on 1 day,
hardly a blabbermouth by CFN standards.

That Edit/Find tool makes a study like this so easy I decided to check Asoka's output over the same time span. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. In just the first TWO DAYS (7/16 and 7/17) Asoka posted 43 times. I ended my study right there. It seems IonaLaundromat has a valid point.

I DO agree, Buck, that it is silly for anyone (E included) to wish for the demise of CFN while being an active participant. If it's that bad just disappear.

That way, we'll see if the American public is even capable of revolution....

Mittens is going to take the mitts off!!

I know what you mean. When the folks get the hospital bill or the bill for colleges and there's no way out, because this is going to get very draconian, the question is will they go gently into that good night or will they rage against the dying of the light?

I was listening to Webster Tarpley on Infowars---great interview with Jones. I passed it onto Wage this morning. (tarpley.net):
With 50 Million Americans Destitute, Austerity Cuts Mean Genocide– Forget Ron Paul and Occupy; Organize for the Five-Point Program to End Depression, Begin Recovery

ps will check out the site.

Yeah, Rhino,
They've done the damage and one could only wish they'd f'ing leave already. Go to Switzerland or New Zealand or where ever the hell you think is better'n here, now that you ravaged the joint!

They think they are flying over the rest of us but they'll go down like Icarus. I'm getting out the popcorn for the greatest show in town!!

"I DO agree, Buck, that it is silly for anyone (E included) to wish for the demise of CFN while being an active participant. If it's that bad just disappear." Q

Kinda like Lewislucanbooks did. You can still read his thoughts, though, on Archdruid.

And as for the musings of Buck,
I really couldn't give a f***k.

Small minds, small personalities, and probably small d**cks.

abito nero con cintura
Jonas Thornqvist

Jonas Thornqvist is a CG artist currently located in Stockholm, Sweden.

fred perry cuir noir
Bubble Drawings

Charlotte X. C. Sullivan mixed some ink with soapy bubbles and let them dry on paper. The results are quiet lovely.

Gus Heinze

Art through United states photorealist artist Gus Heinze. ‘ Delivered within Indonesia within 1926 as well as starting their official learning Ny within their earlier twenties, Heinze�s artwork bears by using it a simple knowledge of the world because their art isn't limited by or even impeded with a recommended structure associated with surroundings, but instead their present is actually indicated within their natural capability to discover, as well as eventually catch, the actual elegance associated with any kind of environment with the distillation associated with it's components. A good deliberately ‘ abstract’ Photorealist designer, their agreement as well as their compositional feeling instead of their subject material, would be the personal associated with their design as well as, as an subjective designer polo outlet, Heinze�s main concentrate is actually about the romantic relationship in between color as well as room while item details as well as area tend to be supplementary. Among the unique people from the United states Photorealist motion, Heinze provides in order to realistic look a good invigorated exhilaration as well as subjective make up associated with juxtaposed designs as well as types in addition to delicate colors that depart the actual audience having a feeling associated with tranquility as well as purchase amongst acquainted city items. Gus Heinze life as well as functions within Ca. ’


Romney said that he never paid less than 13% IN TAXES. He didn't say INCOME TAXES.

Also, Romney might not want people to see that he listed his residence as California, when he was voting in Massachusetts.

Of course his withholding could just be that he believes we don't deserve to know about him. Just as he does with his tax plans, which are short on specifics, such as whose tax deductions he is going to take away.

MM, you are TOO Much!

Also,E: 'I don't know if you've followed the way Obama has used government airplanes and agents to provide lavish parties on other continents for his kids'.
No, I havent followed the First Families lavish life.
Tell us more.

Kate Middleton cover girl per Marie Claire

L’edizione sudafricana di Marie Claire di agosto ha una cover girl d’eccezione, Kate Middleton. Ma davvero lei o si tratta di un fotomontaggio? Purtroppo solo un ottimo lavoro di photoshop, visto che vige il veto assoluto per la famiglia reale su tutto ciò che gossip, tabloid e giornali scandalistici. Qualche giorno fa ha fatto scandalo uno scatto diffuso a tradimento da una rivista australiana che riprendeva William e Kate mano nella mano alla Seychelles, durante la loro luna di miele dello scorso anno. Figuriamoci se la Regina Elisabetta permetterebbe mai un servizio fotografico per una rivista di moda. Il direttore di Marie Claire, Karras Aspasia, spiega così la scelta della Duchessa di Cambridge in copertina:

Ci ha molto ispirati il suo matrimonio da favola e la sua vita da moderna principessa, ecco perché abbiamo scelto Kate Middleton come star della nostra copertina per il numero di agosto. La copertina in realtà un’immagine iper- reale di Kate fred perry, vuole essere un omaggio artistico nei confronti della nuova icona della moda reale.
Avrà apprezzato il regalo da parte di una redazione - e forse di una nazione intera - che si dichiara sua fan? Non dato sapere, così come non sapremo mai se l’abito dello stilista locale Clive Rundle lo indosserebbe mai. Non sembra rientrare nei gusti equilibrati e soft di Kate, ma non da escludere che lo apprezzerebbe visto il colore rosso imperante da lei tanto amato. Qui trovate l’immagine del numero dedicato.Foto | Tm News

I agree with Vlad that Obama and Biden want a complete dismantling of Euro-white Culture in the USA.
From the new 'school punishment act' [or whatever its called] to Van Jones and all the other anti whites Obama has been groomed by. So I say there are differences. Not just in inviting Common to the White House [common is a rapper or hiphop artiste].

Does Mittens want as many people on foodstamps as possible?
Would he have ads in spanish looking for yet more parasites to sign up?

I nuovi look di Chanel A/I 2012 visti in esclusiva nel backstage della sfilata alla Parigi Fashion Week

Dopo il video della sfilata Chanel A/I 2012, dopo la visione di insieme della collezione per la prossima stagione, tutta ispirata al mondo luccicante/sparkling dei minerali, oggi vi mostriamo in anteprima le imperdibili immagini del backstage.Mettetevi comodi perch i dettagli di sfilata sono succulenti; vedrete da molto vicino le texture dei teed e dei lavori jacquard, gli inserimenti geometrici nei volumi dei cappotti, le applicazioni di pietre multicolor e i bijoux che come sempre per Chanel rasentano il lusso totale.Vedrete da un punto di vista privilegiato i look ancora appesi sugli stendini ralph lauren, freschi di fitting (l’adattamento dei vestiti ai corpi delle modelle) e in attesa di essere indossati con la frenesia tipica del dietro le quinte e i primi piani altamente istruttivi sul beauty strepitoso di questo defil tenuto al Gran Palais: coda tiratissima con il gel -e possibilmente estention- su viso superclean e impreziosito dall’ormai mitologico sopracciglio mineral.

Talking about cosmically and stupendously full of shit, this business about not taxing "job creators" takes the cake.

These people who create jobs hold all the cards, and they **will** just up and leave if you tax them. Why? Because they can. You're powerless against them.

Make your own job, learn a trade or skill you can sell on your own to households - fixing washers/dryers, plumbing, running errands, invent anything that needs to be done and offer it as a service, it can be a hot cup of coffee.

Do something no one else's willing to do. You find a niche like that and you won't pay taxes any more, you'll keep 100% of what you make, and help out folks of your own free will.

Screw the old employer employee system.

peace peaceniks

Why thank you anti.

You can check on what Romney said, since the video is on the web in many places.

Also, even you wouldn't believe that Romney was living in his son's unfinished basement when he had multimillion dollar mansions in CA and NH, but no home in Mass.


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Lamb Stool

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Love Scenes

Love Scenes by Andy Weiner (b.1959 Edinburgh, Scotland) ‘ These photographic tableaux were made between 1988-1989. Barbie Doll, Ken Doll and He-Man provided faces and identities for these preadolescent adults. The unawakened Barbie polos, inevitably marries Ken. but a seed of independence is growing and she discovers He-Man. She divorces Ken and marries He-Man. But, He-Man is an impetuous hungry child, bent on domination. ‘

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Photographer Erik Johansson is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. As you can see Erik mastered well the Photoshop retouching. His work is simply amazing!

Thorns – Cui Fei

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- Cui Fei


Burberry e i colori per Nova Check

‹ L’amore secondo Gucci — Prada, le ballerine › Burberry e i colori per Nova Checkfeb 12 2011 Filed In: Classic bagsCon un tocco di colore Burberry illumina la collezione Nova Check per la prossima stagione definendo l’inconfondibile motivo scozzese delle shopping bag e dei bauletti con finiture in pelle verniciata.Ancora una volta la celebre griffe inglese raggiunge un risultato invitante e alla moda aggiungendo colorati dettagli al suo iconico check, senza così rinunciare al suo stile classico, sempre molto amato dalle fashion victim.Rosso, blu, verde fred perry, giallo e fucsia sono i nuovi colori della stagione. E per chi non vuole osare non mancano i classici ed intramontabili bianco e nero.Posted by *Tags: borse, Burberry, genova, Rapallo, Santa Margherita, Via Pisa 59R, Via XXV Aprile 44R

Asger Carlsen

Asger Carlsen (previously-blogged) is actually rapidly getting among my personal favorite photography enthusiasts operating these days. Their function offers sophistication the actual webpages from the Brand new Yorker polo outlet, " cable " Journal, Dazed as well as Baffled, Vice Journal, Job interview Journal, Ny Journal and much more.

Thank you, Q. for this interesting data. Kind of puts the lie to E.'s claim that he just disappears for weeks at a time.

Thanks for confirming Iona's perception that Asoka posts a lot. Of course, anybody who's been around CFN for a while would quickly figure that out and not pay attention to Asoka's posts.

Asoka is way out there and presents points of view just to provoke others. He's one sick puppy, that Asoka (of course we don't know if Asoka is a white woman, a Black man, a white man, a Black woman).

All we know is it's a waste of time to read his/her posts, and a futile exercise to respond to them.

Nevertheless, Asoka often provides comic relief, as Rhino recently noted. It's all good.

Le tendenze capelli dal Festival di San Remo 2012

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” Simply because 2003, Colorblok is really centered on the particular improvement related to stimulating noticeable runs into. Targeted via Juliana Pedemonta, Colorblok solves motion pictures duties fred perry cuir noir, provides art work route in addition to instance use clients for instance TL5G, MTV, VH1, in addition to Nickelodeon Latina America. ” Hurray regarding Colorblok!


Good article there. I liked this part.

Well, millions of Americans are getting sick of this routine. Perhaps that is why it is being projected that as many as 90 millionAmericans of voting age will not vote this year.

If they all voted for K-Dog instead I'd be in.

☐ Obama (Twiddledee)
☐ Romney (Twiddledum)
✔ K-Dog (Twiddledewoofwoof, he's the one)


And as top dog I'd not be playing top gun.

Obama Cover-Up of Murdered Civilians


Mission Impossible

Just heard again about the standoff between the Brits (our poodles) and the Ecuadorians who don't want to behave like a US colony. Good luck with that!
So my guy and I were trying to figure out what a "Mission Impossible" plot-line might be.

He said that he should be disassembled in the Ecuadoran embassy and put together again in Ecuador.

I said he should be reduced to powder, sent to Ecuador through a mule carrying the powder in his/her orifice and when he arrives in his new host country, they just have to add water.

----Or snort him!

Yo the Man now Dog. Kdog for Prez: White Baby meat in evry doggie dish.

The range in the total number killed in strikes is estimated in the NAF database at a low of 1,879 and a high of 2,887.

This is 1,880 dead:


One over the low estimate. American terror at work.

A vote of Obama is a vote for ☠.

We have now had two consecutive presidents with less than normal respect for the constitution, one a brown Plantagenet but with little grounding in European civilization, the other a privileged rich brat of limited intellect and schooling. Such as they will take any shortcut they can get away with, and there is no longer anyone to tell them no.

The Eye of Sauron

Various police departments are beginning to use “drone” aircraft to monitor the population.


Yes, this is terrible and should stop, but do you really think that Romney won't continue the same process or even worse?


Pussy Riot gets two years - a just and lenient sentence. If they were coddled, then it would have been the green light for all the Commies and Jews to start desecrating Churches - yes, just like they did before the Revolution. That really happened B - thousands of churches burned and tens of thousands of priests murdered and imprisoned.

A couple of the girls look kind of funny - they may well be Jews. As a mixed people, Jews are often strange looking. Maybe Bill can tell from the names or faces.

Or are you "AOK" with how the Communists treated Christians? Ancient history? Can't happen again? Really B? Well the real Russian People remember and they don't intend to let it happen again.

Luke Lucas

Lomaz Lucas is really a thirty-five 12 months aged artwork overseer polo fred perry, custom as well as typographer through Melbourne, Sydney. He’ utes additionally co-founder from the innovative company Lifelounge, as well as co-creator associated with modern lifestyle book Lifelounge Journal.

I have no problem with Whites doing their own dirty work - that's the ultimate solution. Yes, dark skin helps in Farm work in America, but we'll deal, just like we did in South Africa. Whites became prosperous and sun block and dermatologists helped with the skin cancer.

Before one South African farmer was forced out by the Black squatters he wrote them a message. "You bastards will be poor forever". Killing the White Farmers is killing the golden goose - capable of creating wealth Blacks will never be able to do for themselves. But you all would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven. So mote it be.

Raising them how much? Just once as a bonus, or raising them from then on?

The great Father of a great Son. Villified by the Eskimos as "Isolationists" and "Nazis".



Support for Ecuador appears to be growing in the region.

"Britain ... is wrong. The threat is not only an aggression to Ecuador, it's against Bolivia, it's against South America, against the whole of Latin America," Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Friday.

Ecuadorean state media said other nations including Colombia and Argentina were backing Correa's position.

No but most White Nationalists have some respect for the old Conservatives who fought the good fight - even though they weren't racially aware like the Founding Fathers. What gets me is how guys like WSP don't embrace them since the Constitution says "against all enemies, both foreign and domestic". Why the exclusive focus on the external? As Cicero says, the deadliest enemy is the enemy within....

Unfortunately, apparently Robert Welch fell to the Enemy and became their Agent. Can't give you particulars, but the Authorities in our Movement all say this.

Obama can't be a Traitor since he isn't a citizen in all probablility.

Shalimar Luis

I’ ve lately discovered the task related to Shalimar Luis, the actual picture customized in addition to illustrator positioned in Traditional western New york fred perry cuir noir, New jersey. Put aside another to check out the girl on the web user profile. Also she’ azines superb, All of us assure.


Nick Wooster Tattoos Nickelson Wooster on His Tattoos Esquire

Jul28Nick Wooster on Whether You Should Get a TattooBy Nickelson Woosterat 5:59AM This week, in lieu of our usual Blogger Showdown, we took to the Internet to talk tattoos — something you'll find all over the streets in Brooklyn, the surf havens of California, and the models (both male and female) in Paris. In our mind, there's no better person to discuss this inky issue than Nick Wooster — tumblr aficionado, style veteran, and owner of the fashion-minded Wooster Consultancy — who's known in stylish circles for his tailored jackets that hide completely tattooed arms. Since many men are opposed to body modification, it didn't seem fair to have him spar with a single blogger. So we'll let his own history stand on it's own. Should you also consider getting inked? His take below. —Kurt SollerIt started for me in 1993 or 1994. I was in Miami — and this is a bad, clichéd story: I had a pair of white Dries Van Noten sailor pants. So I thought I had to have a sailor tattoo: a heart with a dagger through it that said MOM on my left bicep.My mom was not impressed, by the way.What people say is true: The first one is a gateway drug. It will lead to another: "Oh, shit, I want something else."I was 39 when I did, essentially, a three-quarter sleeve on my left arm. It was very late in life, which is good: I can't think of any decision I made at 19 that I'd be happy with at 39 or even now, at 51.What will they look like at 80? You can't think about it. Look, if I'm still standing at 80, that in and of itself will be a miracle. However I look will be just fine.You can't worry about it. My face doesn't look the same way it did at 39. My body doesn't look the same way it did at 39.The reason there are so many sleeves on guys is because nobody can have just one.Yes, there are probably too many tattoos. But there are too many bad haircuts, too many bad shoe choices, too many bad jeans.Because it's so permanent, that's a filter.That's so scary to me. You can tell when someone has them removed. It's like plastic surgery. You're not fooling anyone.I love the idea of being covered-up in a suit and nobody can tell. That's a conscious choice you have to make, though. I really like neck tattoos and hand tattoos. They're just not for me.After my left arm, I started my entire right sleeve, which took how many times? I'm such a pussy. I'll get back to that point, though.I was going to have sleeves and then socks — from my knees to my ankles — but nobody told me when I signed up that the leg is exponentially more painful than the arm. I'll never finish that leg, short of having an anesthesiologist present. Total pussy.Thinking about the leg is making the hair on the back of my neck stand up.It is a function of age fred perry cuir noir, too. The older you get, the more painful it gets. Your skin loses it's elasticity. You lose your youth juice.People torture themselves about getting the right thing. It doesn't matter what it is. It's about coverage. My opinion is leave it to the professionals. Because I'm not an artist. That's the other thing that always make me laugh — people who try to art-direct themselves.If I had to do it over again, I would not do color. My body doesn't keep the red and orange ink as well as the black and gray. I've had to get it touched-up more frequently — my body's poison, I guess. Every three or four years I go back in, which is more of an inconvenience than anything.You really need to put sunscreen on. I give myself a B+.I always say don't do it when people ask me if they should. I never want to be responsible.And whatever your profession, it could be potentially embarrassing. It may not be appropriate. And once you get one, as I said, you'll have to get another.These things are expensive.Thanks to The Style Blogger for the tattoo photography. All other photos by Parker Steele.

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Ana Miminoshvili

Ana Miminoshvili (a. at the. the particular Anano) is usually a lively illustrator by way of Tbilisi Atl. The woman proven the majority of us a number of sketches on her behalf account accounts Behance accounts site that actually stick out due to the fact something fantastic. Take a look at all of them apart.


Bryan Haynes

The particular commercial perform related to Bryan Haynes provides graced the particular web pages related to countrywide magazines, globally marketing endeavours, COMPACT DISK deals with, document images, in addition to manual deals with via Agatha Christie for the consist of related to “ Scarlett” the particular follow-up to be able to ” Removed While using Wind”. Simply because graduating via Art work Center College related to Design inside 1983 their own artwork might be represented via Bernstein & Andriulli inside New york, Ron Nice inside These types of region, in addition to Market Indicates inside Road. Louis. Numerous their own several clients have integrated Disney polo pas cher, Estee Lauder, Warner Sibling. azines, Toblerone – European countries, Typical Art galleries, IBM, Nike, Sony Tunes Corp., in addition to Anheuser Busch.


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Phil Hansen

Customized Phil Hansen paints the specific Mona Lisa using hamburger gas for almost any processed foods company that desired to display the quantity of surplus fat gets to their unique competitor’ ersus meals.


Nick Dewar

I am patient Scottish illustrator Nick Dewar’ azines classic style. So excellent. ” Born inside Scotland, grew up in the small doing some fishing town concerning the Far eastern Shoreline in addition to visited Art work University inside Glasgow polo fred perry, were living inside Prague, Luton, New york in addition to about the lamb planting inside Cumbria. Subsequent surviving in New york with regard to virtually ten years I have recently moved to be able to The southern part of California. All of us forget about have to clean within my cooking area.


Eric Jones Bostrom

” All of us perform primarily inside ballpoint making use of col-erase mild glowing blue in addition to red-colored under to supply regularity for the describes. The particular add-on related to gesso produces insane tones as well as the regular software program related to fundamental rubbing alcohol based drinks creates a variety of purples. My own process involves close to the bare bed linen in addition to enabling individually to be able to relax restrictions to ensure I'll ‘ draw’ with out acquiring bogged reduce inventing phony concept as well as focusing on the actual preconceived image. The outcome are usually fluid, dreamlike psycho-sexual ‘ surrealist’ photos. These kinds of photos will often be inspired via my own fascinations together with sexual intercourse fred perry moins cher, the actual area associated with the field of biology in addition to physiology. All of us live in Santa claus Rosa, California. ” – Eric Jones Bostrom


I like you as a non-person or quantum energy phenomena. There's nothing wrong with the molecules, atoms, and particles of which you are comprised. The problem is at a higher level of organization - the patterns of these which make you, you. The whole is less than the sum of the parts in your case.

Better luck next time. As Ben Franklin said of himself, you will come back edited and with a new binding - probably as a White Man for karmic justice.

Megan Fox e Giorgio Armani presentano i nuovi Rouge d'Armani Sheers

Una texture morbida come un balsamo e un colore pieno e luminoso? E’ questa la nuova sfida lanciata da Giorgio Armani con i suoi nuovi rossetti Rouge d’Armani Sheers, che grazie al polimero Color Shine Moisture, mantiengono la luminosità del colore e la massima idratazione per pi di 8 ore, senza rinunciare ad avere nuance vive ed intense.L’astuccio classico ed elegante, mentre le nuance proposte sono 12, tra le quali spiccano l’Acid Tangerine 300, uno dei colori must dell’estate 2012, e il Blush 502, un rosa perfetto per i primi look primaverili. Nella palette di colori c’ spazio, però, anche per tonalità pi dark e sensuali abito nero con cintura, come quella indossata dalla splendida Megan Fox, ancora volta musa ispiratrice dello stilista italiano. Megan Fox per Rouge d’Armani Sheers

Raquel Zimmermann nel video della campagna YSL a/i 2011-12 girato da Inez van Lamsweerde e Vinoodh Matadin

Cosa serve per uno shooting moda top-level? Un po’ di bianco fred perry, un po’ di nero e un grattacielo. Et voilà, ecco a voi la campagna Yves Saint Laurent a/i 2011-12; starring la bella Raquel Zimmermann, con ciuffo biondo e sbarazzino sugli occhi, a disturbare la visuale, con conseguente sguardo languido, che fa tanto glam.Nel video, girato a Manhattan da Inez van Lamsweerde e Vinoodh Matadin, si passano in rassegna 14 look della collezione disegnata da Stefano Pilati e ispirata ai capi dell’archivio storico della maison dal 1962 alla fine degli anni ‘70. E per chi non se lo può permettere, via, tutti a copiare Bianca Jagger; capelli a onde, scarpe zeppate, lunghi abiti con scollature verticali, giacche doppiopetto in principe di galles, camicie in seta con le manicone alla d’Artagnan.Dove sta il trucco? Nel bianco e nero, appunto, il codice di questo autunno inverno 2011-12; via libera ai giochi di contrasti, tanto non si può sbagliare, se ci si attiene ai canoni volumetrici, ovvio. E poi si porta il tutto con un certo brio, come nel video in questione, dove i movimenti sono accelerati come in un film degli anni ‘20.

Andrew Groves

Taken from his website:IMAKETHINGS aka Andrew Groves fred perry moins cher, is an illustrator, occasional maker of small things and creator of beasts. Inspired by adventures in mountains and forests and the magic of rural Japan. He is hell bent on getting his creations on and in as many things as possible and will happily draw and make things in exchange for small amounts of fame and fortune.

Richard Mosse

Rich Mosse

Raising them how much? Just once as a bonus, or raising them from then on?

The way it usually works with these big div paying companies is that they pay the same qtrly div amt for each of 4 qtrs, then they raise it and continue paying that new figure for 4 qtrs, and so on and so on. Take, for example, this 5 year div history on Colgate (CL):

Apr 2008 qtrly div increased 11.1%, from .36 to .40 (then paid .40 in Jul, Oct and Jan)

Apr 2009 qtrly div increased 10.0%, from .40 to .44 (then paid .44 in Jul, Oct and Jan)

Apr 2010 qtrly div increased 20.5%, from .44 to .53 (then paid .53 in Jul, Oct and Jan)

Apr 2011 qtrly div increased 9.4%, from .53 to .58 (then paid .58 in Jul, Oct and Jan)

Apr 2012 qtrly div increased 6.9%, from .58 to .62 (then paid .62 in Jul, and will continue to pay .62 in Oct and Jan barring some unforeseen problem)

In addition to the dividends the stock price rose over this period from $74 to $106.

If you bought 100 shares of CL at $74/shr in Jan 2008 and held it through Dec 2012 you would collect $940 in divs and have a price appreciation of $3200 (assuming it holds its current price). Your total gain on this stock would be $4140 on an investment of $7400. A 55.9% gain in 5 years.

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Laura Laine

Check out the fashion illustrations and sketches of Laura Laine. Aren’t they fabulous?

Thank you, Q. for this interesting data. Kind of puts the lie to E.'s claim that he just disappears for weeks at a time.

Oh heck, Asoka, what's a little fib here or misrepresentation there? Eluthero writes:

I earned my pension, dude, and unlike the California Public Employees Retirement System, a .edu, I get my pension from the California TEACHERS Retirement System, a .com ... a PRIVATE entity.

But the below doesn't seem to corroborate E's claim; perhaps he means another California Teachers Retirement System, LOL:

CalSTRS presently collects $5.6 billion in contributions. That works out to 18.25 percent of current payroll, with teachers and administrators kicking in 8 percent of their pay, districts paying 8.25 percent, and the state, through the General Fund, adding 2.01 percent. (The state contributes another 2 percent through a separate fund to minimize the impact of inflation on employees’ pensions.) Because CalSTRS currently has an unfunded liability of $56 billion, CalSTRS staff recommended that the Legislature increase the contribution rate 14 percentage points to 32.25 percent of payroll, requiring collecting an additional $4 billion annually. In addition, they suggested adding an additional 1.8 percent of payroll, to 34 percent, to compensate for the CalSTRS board’s latest decision to lower the investment rate to 7.5 percent.


Obama can't be a Traitor since he isn't a citizen in all probablility.

OK, I'll play along, Vlad.

You are inadvertently supporting my argument about the unimportance of being a "citizen" in the USA.

Non-citizens can go to school, start businesses, pay taxes, and now, according to you, a non-citizen can even become president of the USA!

Like I explained to Cavepainter, being a "citizen" gives you no automatic priorities over non-citizens ... the whole nationalistic "sovereignty" thing is dying. Obama becoming president is proof. Even non-citizens can become presidents!

abito nero con cintura
Adrián Villar Rojas

“ We required to presume perform completed with the last people who help make art work before the destruction in the individuals. ” -- Adrián Villar Rojas (Born 1980 inside Rosario/Argentina; noticeable artist)


BuckStud, don't let E. get to you. E. is excellent in ad hominem attack, but I don't believe he was a good teacher.

He belittles educational administrators, then says they gave him a Teacher of the Year award. Which is worth exactly what, coming from people he despises?

E. is basically a bitter misanthrope. I wish he would actually take time off, but he is fibbing about that, too.

Coats! la storia di Max Mara attraverso il cappotto

Il cappotto , per un marchio come Max Mara, un vero e proprio marchio di fabbrica; una connessione imprescindibile per il brand, che ha fatto di questo capo il suo filo conduttore. Dopo Germania, Cina e Giappone, la mostra “Coats!” arriva a Mosca, presso il prestigioso State Historical Museum. Un percorso glamour e storico al tempo stesso, un viaggio lungo tutte le decadi della moda italiana, analizzate attraverso le evoluzioni del cappotto Max Mara. In mostra 70 modelli datati dagli anni 鈥?0 ai giorni nostri, come il celebre 101801 in cammello, il trench e il paletot bordati di pelliccia polo outlet, intervallati da tantissime fotografie d鈥檃utore scattate per MaxMara fotografi come Richard Avedon, Sarah Moon, Steven Meisel, Craig McDean, Mario Sorrenti e David Sims. La mostra sar脿 aperta fino al 10 gennaio, se avete programmato un viaggio nella capitale russa, sapete cosa appuntarvi in agenda.Coats! la storia di Max Mara attraverso il cappotto

Colorful Clothing inside the Olympics

← Really Father along with Son possess Spider-Man Outfit FunThe Actual Expenses associated with Batman along with Metal Guy Fits → Vibrant Clothing inside the OlympicsPosted upon Arrive this summer first twenty-eight, 2012 by way of mannyThe 2012 Luton Olympics begin these days, and could inform you Come july 1st twelfth. Genuinely intriguing! Fans by way of all around the can come reduce on Luton every single child advantage their unique country’ ersus athletes, and several will likely be putting on wonderful clothing. Every single child memorialize the specific Olympics polo pas cher, The specific Huffington Publish offers think about the pleasant gallery associated with clothing positioned on by way of “ an excessive amount of enthusiastic” fans. They are outstanding! I’ ve submitted numerous my very own faves below. Stay with the net connect to figure out complete gallery associated with 41 pictures. As well as luxuriate within the specific Olympics… might the very best sportsman produce! [via Huffington Post]


Hey Accountant, can you count how many 'clothing spams' this site gets?

Michael Abraham

Delivered within Montreal within 1965 fred perry, Erika Abraham started their very own analysis within residing sketching along with compositional art work inside the Ontario University associated with Artwork (1984-88), Of their 4th 12 many weeks via OCA they happen to be provided the very best determine sketching acknowledgement. They happen to be teacher’ ersus helper inside a 12 many weeks associated with postgraduate coaching within Florencia, Croatia (1990-91). Abraham may be art work full-time due to the fact 1992. They at the moment living along with functions within Delta, Uk Columbia.


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Ninja Celeb Coating Hook

‘ Awesome coating link supplying the particular misconception how the Ninja Celeb is really caught within your wall space. Each and every coating link consists of a great effective dime plated zinc steel; simply the most effective and several long-lasting materials are used to create ninja weaponry don’ big t you understand? What’ azines a lot more is really this particular coating link might be setup practically everywhere. Merely clutter your personal Ninja Celeb Coating Link into any type of wall space in addition to you’ re also apart! ‘ Buy the following.


Democracies are dangerous Soak. What if the people of India and China vote to quarantine Blacks in Africa? The will of the majority will carry the day according to you. Together, those two racist countries will carry the day.

Q. tried to analyze my posting patterns and came up with:

Week beginning:
7/16 9
7/23 10
7/30 9
8/6 1
8/13 11 so far
Avg per week 8

I'm glad you pointed out that Asoka's two-day output equals my one MONTH output. However, like so many on this site, the scientific spirit is not quite there. Look at the number of DAYS in which I post AT ALL because I'm a "bursty" poster. Often, when I check in, I'll write 4 or 5 posts and then be gone for a week. I'll respond to several people all at once.

As for your "love it or leave it" challenge, I can just say that it occupies me for about five hours a MONTH because I write as fast as I think. If this blog went away, I think I could fill in the five hours without a sense of loss. Forty posts in a month at around 7-8 minutes per post is five hours. I'll miss a few people but then BeingThere isn't often on ...


BT said:

With 50 Million Americans Destitute, Austerity Cuts Mean Genocide– Forget Ron Paul and Occupy; Organize for the Five-Point Program to End Depression, Begin Recovery

Fifty million is about right, BT, and that's why there are 600 FEMA detention camps which were started way back in 1984 under the Rex 84 program (stands for Readiness Exercise, 1984). There is no way that this many camps would have been built if the government thought the probability of martial law and a suspension of the Constitution was LOW.

It's debatable whose brainchild the initial Rex 84 idea was but after the late 1970s and the sharp and deep recession of 1981, the Federal Government definitely saw the potential for mass economic ruin. However, the initial scale of Rex 84 back in 1984 was of a "pilot" size ... very small. It's huge now for the most obvious reason in the world i.e., they know that the streets are eventually going to be flooded with the financially ruined ... formerly known as the middle class.

They are "incrementalizing" this debacle by making it occur in steps. First, the Fourth Amendment has been "Gitmoed". Then, Presidents usurped the power of the legislative branch. A dictatorship where corporations are "people" and actual people have very few remaining rights. The Congress' services to wage war are no longer needed or requested. While the IRS hounds native born Americans, foreigners (esp. Mexicans) get extra child tax credits for children still living in foreign lands.

I believe that we are actually a tacit branch of the People's Republic of China which is why they are the ONLY country permitted to deal with the Fed without intermediaries. They've already 'eaten our lunch". Money talks and bullshit walks. Our sovereignty, as a nation and as individual people, was sold down the river decades ago.

Using FEMA to round up people for Rex 84 camps is only the last minute of a 15-round boxing match where the government has been landing haymakers and the people don't even know they've been getting punched ceaselessly for 14.66 rounds.


Vlad said:
Well the real Russian People remember and they don't intend to let it happen again.

You're absolutely right, Vlad. What's most ironic in the world right now is that the absolute state of the Russian economy under Putin is at an apex perhaps never seen in that country. Putin paid off all of the Rothschild debt and essentially removed themselves from the sphere of that family and its tentacles.

Russia's national budget is now in surplus. They're actually STRONGER than China because China is in a fatal "death embrace" with Western consumerism and they will crash horribly. Russia has the most geopolitical independence of ANY of the great powers left in the world.

Putin, on this basis alone, ought to be Time Mag's "Man of the Decade". However, since the media is largely controlled in America by Jews, he will NEVER receive anything but continued vitriol. Notice how QUIETLY Russia has recovered economically and you virtually never hear about them in the news.



Having read the "Shock Doctrine" I see many of these assaults on democracy stemming from the Nixon Administration. The Cold war didn't help either, but I see Nixon and the stinkers he brought with him as a turning point in our history.

Kissinger was indeed the theorist of globalism and the transference of American technical and industrial strength to China. Milton Friedman was using the Chilean coup as his laboratory for his economic model---a pure abject failure. Of course, we engineered the coup when US Copper was concerned with the Scandinavian style socialist orientation of Allende.

The citizenry experienced torture, and depravation as they were separated from their money. Many committed suicide when they lost their standard of living. After all that, we sent in humanitarian groups. That's the American way.

Although I'm not really certain what I think of the FEMA camps, as such, I find Tarpley's take on history to be very cogent.

Also don't know whether you noticed this but Tarpley seems to be more Keynesian and Jones is more conservative, yet they have a great rapport and sometimes debate. Tarpley in an interview last year compared our moment of austerity as the Brüning phase in German history before Hitler.

Yep, the dye was cast decades ago, but we are about to hit a wall. As I always say. It's game set and match...they set it up and then they're ready to reap the benefits when things happen.

Somone always cleans up when everyone else suffers...

So, what if they held an election and nobody came?

Last night on our way home from dinner, we stopped off at Wash Square park.

It was a gorgeous evening and lots of people were milling around. On the Arc that faces Fifth Ave someone was projecting a twitter feed and it said:

"Don't vote for Romney." "Don't vote for Obama either".

That about says it all. Imagine all the billionaires dumping money onto this show-pony joke for our hearts and minds and the polity says "Hell No!" You just poured billions that could have helped the commons down the drain for your vanity election.

How do you stop a train from going off the rails?

oreObama will continue his reign of terror, the fecal matter will continue to be dispersed by the air moving device, and all will be the same in the land of the free and the home of the brave..

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose...

Gee Asoka, you set yourself up to be the spirit of "Cumbaya" on this blog and then you attack E.

I believe that E is one of the smartest people on this blog.

it's indicative of how programmed you americans are, you can only denigrate/praise 'romney' vs. 'obama' as if they're going to make a hoot's difference to your life.

you're all so deceived you think there's an actual difference, while the 2 parties in power are de facto a single party controlled by forces which are expert in psycho-control.

you won't wake up, because you secretly love hating the 'other side'. and thus you are controlled, all the while serving as a lab rat to eat and drink poison, work until you drop just to give them all your money in taxes and absurd medical costs.

you americans don't know what real life is.

your programming is so subtle and insidious you think you have a 'red' or 'blue' personality. while you have no personality other than one of the two official behaviour modes allowed by your mind controllers.

Red states, blue states....Matrix: take the red pill/blue pill. Wake up.

United Hypnotized States

peace peaceniks

Thank you, SJMom, for pointing out my inconsistency of word and action.

I am a hypocrite.

I have failed at Kumbaya.

Mea culpa.

The citizenry experienced torture, and depravation as they were separated from their money.

Although depravation IS a rarely used word related to depraved, I'm pretty sure you meant deprivation related to deprived.

Go out,lay in the grass and look up at the sky..and realize your impermanence.

that could have helped the commons down the drain

Huh? Say what?

BT, you destroyed all sense with poor sentence structure. My suggested re-wording would be:

You just poured billions down the drain for your vanity election that could have helped the commons.

Go out,lay in the grass and look up at the sky..and realize your impermanence.


IMHO, this is the best comment yet this week.

Thank you, Kenuck.

Besides looking up at the sky, I am thinking of receiving transmission/empowerment from a Tibetan rinpoche, for P'howa, to assist with the transference of consciousness at the time of death.

But I may just watch an NFL game instead. Both involve brain death.

So, what if they held an election and nobody came?

My disgust for politics, politicians, and especially for professional political junkies has reached such an extreme that I will not be voting in the upcoming election nor ANY future election, local, state or federal.

Well said. The two party system corresponds to our most basic psysiology and psychology: pain/pleasure, like/dislike, black/white, good/evil, right/wrong. Two, always two. A third party would ruin the game. Even if it was just a boring middle of the road type thing, it would simply ruin the polarity by which they hide the overwhelming similarity.

I like you as a non-person or quantum energy phenomena. There's nothing wrong with the molecules, atoms, and particles of which you are comprised. The problem is at a higher level of organization - the patterns of these which make you, you. The whole is less than the sum of the parts in your case.

Ha ha, chuckle, snort...'ol Vlad can dish out a put-down with the best of 'em. There's a kind of brilliance in it. I don't think even Gore Vidal could have dreamed up a retort to Buckley as good as this one.

Is there anyone who knows the story behind the young man, a former marine, who got arrested on Friday supposedly for anti-government attacks he posted on Facebook?

I, too, enjoyed Vlad's retort.

It is absolutely true that "There's nothing wrong with the molecules, atoms, and particles" of which I am comprised.

I congratulate Vlad for realizing that fact, and for not mentioning the COLOR of my molecules and atoms.

No, that one slipped by.

JHK posted today (Sunday). Let's move the party to the new post.

  Japan's Toshiba Corporation today announced that R & D engine of a high iron concentration of samarium-cobalt magnet, this magnet is completely free of rare earth elements dysprosium, but the magnetic force stronger than the now widely used in heat-resistant Neodymium magnet.  bridal dress
  Toshiba press release said heat-resistant Neodymium part replacement neodymium magnet neodymium, dysprosium to commonly used to act as the demanding automotive and railway rolling stock engine with a magnet on the heat resistance. The distribution of dysprosium in nature, concentrated in a very small part of the region, With raw material prices in recent years, people need a non-dysprosium but still has a strong magnetic force of the magnet in the environment for more than 100 degrees Celsius.
  The newly developed high iron concentration of samarium cobalt magnets Toshiba independent research and development of heat treatment
 solar heater

Hello ,everybody.My name's angery :)

Safety is usually a uninteresting time period, however, not with headphones! Basic safety together with your noise closing headphones is importantand here are among the problems you should know.

Noise cancelling earphones are ideal for the music, movie,beats by dre cheap price, or online game lover who doesn't want others to always listen to what's being liked. Audiophiles for example, choose noises eliminating earbuds when they are listening to music at home theater setting. People in flats or university dormitories, as the second illustration, might use earbuds in order that they think before you buy the neighbors.

In terms of noises eliminating headsets, you can find appropriate occasions for their services and improper times for their services. Sound eliminating earphones go about doing eradicate a lot of qualifications sounds, so that you obtain a cleaner, sharper seem (towards the sound you wish to tune in to!) than in the event you simply used normal headphones. Nevertheless, be sure not to takes place sound canceling headsets while you're in times in places you will need your feels to help keep you safe and sound and alert. As an example, this sort of head telephone could be appropriate if you are listening in your house movie theater or you might be flying in an aircraft. But it would not be proper if you're driving a motor vehicle, riding a bicycle, or going for walks straight down a darker street in the heart of the night time. You need to be able to notice as a way to continue to be safe and behave appropriately to noises near you.

Nevertheless, periodically sound canceling headsets are in fact safer than normal head phones! For instance, if you are in a location wherever it is a lot of background noise and you'll want to or want to hear sound through your headphones. Regular go mobile phones wouldn't normally correctly cancel out the background appear, forcing you to definitely generate the sound further, probably creating permanent hearing difficulties. A great pair of sounds eliminating earbuds even though, can remove background sounds in order to hear your personal songs greater.

And, needless to say, you have the Inchesupset neighborInch who is sick of hearing your music and requesting transform straight down! They will not bang about the wall space of the apartment any longer!

Other headsets then, are safe in conditions wherever you have to hear the history sounds and also respond to it. However they are not safe if you are instructed to change them up as well noisally to cancel out the peripheral sounds. Other issues of safety with headsets (not simply noise deleting earphones) are cables and wires: take care that you don't get twisted up in the cables and mains cables for they can actually injure, or perhaps trigger choking! One of them might be should you get to sleep with your earphones on."

The existing adage Inchprotection very firstIn . could be uninteresting nonetheless it helps make common sense. Make sure to place safety initial when you find yourself making use of headphones and use the best kinds finest circumstances.

hard drives the Falcons specialise in. If nearly anything, the Packers in some cases struggle against an energy running infiltration, and dress yourself in make them crowd the distinctive line of scrimmage and even dare Marietta to master them deeply, using vigorous bump-and-run insurance plan to spoil Atlantas timing-based driving game.

When Packers Have Ball: the Wrap up looked that should be just simply because stacked simply because ATL as soon as season developed, but injuries in their starting RB in addition to TE contain deprived of the content once a fabulous well-rounded harm. Minus an identical running peril, the Packers were forced to help rely even though ever at the throwing limb of Executive Bowler Aaron Rodgers. So each pair of they sometimes endure stretches connected with ineffectiveness, the previous couple of weeks were spectacular features of pungent prowess. Despite the fact teams discover its forthcoming, they havent had the capacity to halt the Back packs passing infiltration. The valid reason? Aaron Rodgers will be the best in your game now.

How this Falcons attempt to discontinue GB: Atlanta has experienced an up-and-down preventative year, and they already have a propensity to give that up huge spending numbers. But when teams have tried their way in the air, Atlanta has shown some sort of knack to generate a great play downward the extention, intercepting 15 passes all ready this year. So whereas teams can certainly pass with the Falcons, it c

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