What the Summer Breeze Said

     Europe is giving new meaning to the term "bootstrapping," the age-old (virtuous) idea of picking oneself up off the floor after some blow or reversal of fortune has laid you low. The new method might be called "skyhooking" in which a massive rescue apparatus secured at some mysterious point unseen in the clouds lifts whole exhausted nations from their knees in order get them to summer vacation. Hence: the interesting spectacle of an entire continent headed for vacation despite facing utter financial ruin, revolution, and civil war.
    No one who has been to Europe in our time can doubt that it is a lovely place to stage human existence. The towns and cities are in immaculate condition, even the ones bombed to gravel in the receding unpleasantness of the 1940s. The trains, trams, and subways run cleanly and on-time. The citizens, though well-fed, maintain normal physiognomies and wear dignified adult costumes out in public. Everything along the streets broadcasts the notion, central to civilization, that grace and beauty matter -- even the handwriting on the bistro chalkboards. What a wonderful place. I'd like to go back. But events suggest that this sweet period of history is drawing to a close and whatever happens there next will be less like Midnight in Paris and more like Riot in Cellblock D meets Quest for Fire.
     This skyhooking procedure has been both fun and sickening to watch, like any great public stunt of seemingly impossible derring-do. Here you have a whole bundle of nations, all up to their chins in the quicksand of debt, pretending to catch lifelines of new credit dropped mysteriously from the clouds by hidden central bank airships, only to find that the lifelines are a kind of collective hallucination coming over them like a fever dream in their hour of desperation. Seems rather cruel, actually. Especially since they have lately sunk deeper in the quicksand from their chins to their eyeballs.
     No one on the scene -- or watching from a remove for that matter -- can conceive a happy ending to this chapter of history, which might be remembered on some distant clear-skied day yet to come as the age of government-by-check-kiting. Or the Chinese fire drill banking model -- no offense to that great nation of diligent workpersons. Yet, reports from even the most anguished Euro nation du jour (Spain) say that the restaurants are bustling and there is no shortage of nearly naked nubile beauties along the beaches of the Costa Brava. And over in Italy, of course, a squirrel could make the journey from Monterotondo to Lago Maggiore by leaping from one outdoor luncheon table to the next with its knobby little knuckles never touching the ground.
     The question is: what happens when the recognition finally hits that the money just isn't there? That the whole circus of alphabet soup bailouts and skyhook rescue operations was a fraud? Well, my guess is that things fracture and splinter and there commences a great scramble for the table scraps of the incredible banquet that this congeries of nations put on its Master Charge card. And when the table scraps are all gone, the members of some nations, or regions within nations, set out pillaging around the place where their neighbor sat at the banquet, and pretty soon you get such a disorderly scene in the lovely old banquet hall of Europe that even diligent Chinese tourists will not venture there for a while.
     None of this is to say that the action I describe is not following similar lines in other corners of our sore beset planet. For instance, those diligent Chinese I aver to have been running a set of banking rackets at least as shoddy, careless, and plumb crazy as the Eurolanders. And don't get me started on the Anglo-American clusterfuck, which has left the rest-of-the-west with a future as ingeniously booby-trapped as the Aurora cineplex shooter's apartment (and to a strikingly similar note of destructive insanity).
     But in these dog days of summer (and the horse latitudes of the spirit), isn't it easier to just mix another vodka and tonic, kick off your flip-flops, and enjoy the feeling of cool sand between your toes? Rest up all y'all. Events will be pinging around the reality-scape good and hard in a few weeks. Me: well, I'm just keeping the fruit trees watered out back for now. 
     Enjoy your vacation.

Kayakers on Battenkill 2.jpg
Kayakers on the Battenkill, July 2012


Tue 7/31 from 9:00pm - 10:00pm EDT

Participation is limited RSVP now. Cost: Free



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No to the UN gun registry...confiscation always follows!!!


I would have been first, but my keyboard jammed.

Ah Europe. I spent a lot of time in Italy and Germany during my military tours, and some other life adventures. James is so right. What a lovely place. I am currently buying a sailboat that I want to cross the Atlantic with. I want to see the grand old lady from my moving apartment before it burns down.

Indeed. Autumn is going to come in like a female Rottweiler and go out like a Tarentino film. Happy summer.

Love that painting Jim. I like your developing technique. Has to be one of my favorites I've seen.

I’ve long been a fan of Jim’s talents as a polemicist and humorist. Allowing a largely uncensored comments section provides a forum for everyone from serious commentators to the usual collection of professional internet trolls. Perhaps if we had a common understanding of a few definitions it would help to keep the discussion on track.


FASCISM: A political system wherein political power is held by a consortium of corporate interests and their chosen government representatives, acting in concert to further their mutual self-interest. AKA the final stage of capitalism.

VAMPIRE CAPITALISM: A form of Fascism wherein Banksters suck the lifeblood out of all productive economic sectors leaving behind only dry husks blowing in the wind.

DEMOCRACY: A political system wherein political power is held by and wielded for the benefit of the majority of the citizenry. AKA a theoretical concept that precedes centralization of propaganda and mass communication.

CONSPIRACY THEORY: A wildly improbable explanation of events fabricated by the Government to cover its own malfeasance and repeated by the mass media until it becomes accepted as fact.

FREE MARKET: A state that exists in virtual reality but disappears instantly when the first market transaction occurs.

RULE OF LAW: The rule that states that laws apply only to those who haven’t bothered to purchase Justice.

ELECTORAL PROCESS: The system whereby candidates spout delusionary promises and winners are selected by Diebold computers programmed to produce the desired result.

EMPIRE: A political/economic system that maintains military bases on nations outside its national territory for the purpose of extracting wealth from the subject states for the benefit of the Empire.

ENERGY RESERVE: A resource located on foreign territory that can be obtained by clandestine regime change or direct military action.

INTELLECTUAL: Someone who engages in endless debate about what the world would be like if only there were no such thing as class stratification, monopoly of force, mass communication, propaganda, war, and human evil.

ECONOMIST: Someone who believes that actions in the economic system can best be described by complex mathematical equations as long as all the underlying assumptions have never existed in any known universe.

LIBERAL: Someone who wishes everyone would have a nice day, as long as they can make junior partner in their law firm by defending Monsanto’s patents on the entire world’s gene pool.

CONSERVATIVE: Someone who believes that the only proper role of Government is to initiate nuclear warfare and thus bring on the Rapture.

REVOLUTIONARY: Someone who downloads music on the Internet without paying for it.

FACEBOOK: A system wherein potential Enemies of the State (AKA all US citizens) provide personal information to enable Homeland Security to assess their threat level and identify Friends who need to be placed on surveillance lists.

HOMELAND SECURITY: The operative arm of Facebook, charged with elimination of all Enemies of the State placed on the Predator Kill List approved by the President.

(Ps. If there is anyone I have failed to insult, please add them to the list)

Yessir, Mr. Kunstler,
The various pretendings and confidence games are becoming too numerous to detail. (Even Paul Craig Roberts has given up hope that another paradigm can be "shifted to" without the whole rickety structure collapsing in a heap.)

Thus, I believe you are correct that we must simply turn to those things in which we have some bit of deciding influence. (Just now, the only thing I'm stupidly wishing for is mo' rain. The hose will have to do, 'cause I'm not real influential when it comes to the weather. ;o)

Here's a piece that gave me a little grotesque chuckle. The storied and gloried Tony Robbins' seminar mated with fire-walking injuries. (The pretending and self-delusion never stops, I tells ya!)


Fun for All; bring the kids!

lower case casual observer has stolen my handle ! Get your own.

Buckminster Fuller, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth: "Thus under lethal emergencies vast new magnitudes of wealth
come mysteriously into effective operation. We don't seem to be
able to afford to do peacefully the logical things we say we ought to
be doing to forestall warring-by producing enough to satisfy all the world needs. Under pressure we always find that we can afford to
wage the wars brought about by the vital struggle of "have-nots" to
share or take over the bounty of the "haves.""

JHK again reminds us that Europe is going to imploded, eventually. Unfortunately we may beat them to the punch. Look at the mess we are in – Wall Street is crooked, the banks here and everywhere are crooked (Libor) and Congress, well their rating has never been lower. Will the House introduce any new bills to nationalize and control the proliferation of guns? No, of course not. The NRA is too powerful to stop. At least until someone with a conscience says, you know, I’m sick of people being shot for no good reason. I am sick of people getting ammo from the Internet and Tear Gas too! Some idiots are claiming that ammo is protected under the Second Amendment. Let’s look at it like strict Constitutionalists. It doesn’t say anything about ammo, it says a well-regulated militia has the right to keep and bear arms. Not the right to buy ammo, load guns or discharge them.

So we are headed towards disaster on all fronts. But don’t you worry, the top 1% are hoarding trillions of dollars in offshore accounts. And not paying a red cent in taxes on any of them. Democracy has been sold to the highest bidders a/k/a Citizens United and we don’t even know who they are. The Chinese are mad that their one child rule is preventing them from producing even more babies – 2 billion Chinese are NOT enough! Overpopulation coupled with massive debt coupled with unlimited weapons = total insanity.

There is nowhere safe to hide not even for the 1%.

The massacre at the Aurora Century-16 theater is a reminder of the insanity JHK predicted would happen in the Long Emergency. There is a lot of insanity happening in the country and others, driven by the forces of reality punching through the cloud of illusion. No matter what they say, the oil is running out and the world is getting hotter - and angrier.

Thank you, Crazy Horse.
Most useful definitions listing, and its' early appearance will make it easy to refer to.
I definitely will use it as the Rosetta Stone of terms when the inevitable pismires wriggle out of the moldy woodwork.

Mabe James, this is the very moment to simply just abolish money. Why start riots about it when life will just go on as normal if we leave things alone except an exchange system. It's such a simple idea and so many things will sort themselves out; especially greed.

Why is everyone so worried we'll always be provided with the basic comforts of American life. A steady diet of Kim and Snooki, Quick Trip microwave chili dogs, cheap beer, stupid youtube videos, and other necessities.

Jim - I have recently begun reading your newest book "Too Much Magic" and as always, am impressed by both your wit and your wisdom.

The overwhelming amount of magical thinking distributed by politicians, the mainstream (and occasionally the alternative) media, and all the armchair geniuses telling everyone that if we just do more of this or that all will be well can be deafening.

What I appreciate most about many of the people who follow this blog is their understanding that in order for the future to be truly better than it is today, we need to fundamentally alter our collective course. We need to use less and cooperate more. We need to get to know our neighbors and start growing food closer to where we live. We need to re-organize our communities so we are less dependent on oil to get to everything we need or want.

To help spur this movement over the past 30 years I have been supporting the transition from a society of excess and technology to one of community. I have taken these ideas and transformed them into an entertaining futuristic novel which show what our American's society might look and feel like if we were able to take that path.

The novel is called "From Here to There: A Story of America's Future and it is available from http://www.fromhere-tothere.org. Happy reading!

I haven't read Mr. Kunstler's post this morning, but wanted to post a comment about his new book "Too Much Magic";

Mr Kunstler's book sums up where we are going and how we got ourselves on this path in fine fashion.

An excellent read. Thank you James for this book.

Now on to your post...!

well zone, you called it with 'gatherer of nuts'...th' was byoo-ful, man...! and that list is pretty much what made me decide to take my retirement early, so to speak, and have as much fun as i can get my grubby little mitts on while i was/am still young enough to enjoy it! yippie kiyay, motherfuckers...!

Enjoy keeping the fruit trees watered. In these days of heat, drought, and crop failure, when global warming and Peak Oil are coming to pick our pockets and steal food from our tables, that's an intelligent thing to do. I wonder how long denial of both Climate Chaos and fossil fuel depletion will go on in the face of the evidence?

Speaking of the evidence, I showed my students "The End of Suburbia" last week. They enjoyed some rueful chuckles of recognition at your two of your lines: "American will elect maniacs who promise that they can keep their McMansions and commutes," and "Suburbs are named after the things they destroy; if it's named Oak Ridge, there are no oaks left and if it's named Quail Run then all the quails have been exterminated." They could see shades of the current presidential campaign, with Michele Bachmann promising $2 gas and Newt Gingrich promising $2.50 gas while mocking efforts at sustainability and signing on to Agenda 21 paranoia in the first. The second they could see all around them in towns like Oak Park, Royal Oak, Bingham Farms, and Ferndale. It cut close to home. On the other hand, they didn't like the comment about "all it takes to blow up a pipeline is five pounds of plastic explosive and a camel." Detroit has more Arab-Americans (and people like the Chaldeans who aren't really Arabs and get sick of being confused with them) than any other part of the U.S., so that line isn't funny here anymore. On the other hand, when you apologized to the Chinese for using "Chinese fire drill," it gives me hope that you've grown the past 9 years.

I saw evidence of my students watching the film over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News this week, as students searched for answers to the questions on their worksheet. I could tell using the list of search terms. There, they found the worksheet, which I have posted, but not the answers. I'll wait until after I've checked their work to put those up.

In addition to writing about the effects of climate change and Peak Oil on my blog this past week, such as the gas price rollercoaster being pulled up by the fear premium, heat wave and drought news, and water becoming an issue in metro Detroit, I've been busy following the election by covering the endorsements for Examiner.com. The list to avoid is the one endorsed by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce; their candidates all corn pone fascists. The one that has some hope is the one endorsed by the Sierra Club; they at least have some hope for sustainability. As for the poor Detroit Free Press, they held their noses and endorsed people in all the contested races, and they didn't bother to hide their disgust, either. Oh, and I have a Christmas in July video for an activity that I loved and will likely disappear by the end of the decade. Remember, this, too, shall pass.

Happy Motoring--for now--from Detroit!


Crazy - great stuff - your list is worthy of discussion. Several years ago - under another monicker - attempts had been made to understand why thoughtful discussion of the coming clusterfuck(s) is so terrifically difficult.

The current state of affairs is as if right thinking people can not teach other to tie their shoes just as the building they live in burns to the ground before they can run out.

Because the greed of the rich is so pervasive and monolithic - it is easy for them to keep the masses distracted and disorganized - to the point as you guessed it - that no one knows what anyone is talking about.

Thanks for the definitions - I understand some of them.

"EMPIRE: A political/economic system that maintains military bases on nations outside its national territory for the purpose of extracting wealth from the subject states for the benefit of the Empire."

We don't seem to be doing too well. I note that the Chinese are gaining by trade what we are not gaining by war.

I appreciate the silly rant against the NRA. As long as the crazies are fixated on guns, they won't avail themselves of the many methods which are much deadlier--which I won't list publicly.

Just yesterday some our young Spanish cousins called and enquired whether or not they might find work here, in New England, as there are no jobs where they are, in NW Spain. I said they are welcome to visit, but as far as finding work, don't get your hopes up.


Jim, I always enjoy your Europe-teasing, but the various European local, regional, clan, and national cultures have deep reserves of we've-been-through-shit-like-this-before-and-survived, no matter how disruptive and tragic such periods have been, and this kind of social capital is a profoundly valuable resource for hard times. Indeed, consumer culture and even modernity itself are recent phases in European cultures that have existed with a distinct identity and locus much, much longer. Take the Greeks, for example, or the Germans. In contrast, the US was born when modernity was already with us.

For a deep dive into how America might fare in discovering whether or not it has such social capital, and can successfully negotiate its/our transition to becoming "ancient," see my scenario novel "Inter States," set in 2040. The 12th installment is coming out later this month: http://interstates2040.wikispaces.com/


I love your painting. Do you have prints for sale?

First things first. Watering the fruit trees is important!.....Done. Thanks Jim.

Your post causes me to reflect on the current human tendency to "solve" problems by making them worse.

You mention the Euro-peons attempting to "solve" the problem of too much debt with more credit(debt). Thus putting off the inevitable catastrophe by making it bigger!

Let us "solve" the problem of dying vampyre bankers sucking too much blood(money)from the economy by extracting even more for them. A real solution would involve letting them fail. But then we couldn't "solve" the problem of nations unable to pay their debts by "lending" them more money, and further enslaving their citizens.

Darth Cheney reportedly had a sign in his office that read; "When all else fails, expand the problem." It did seem to work for him, for awhile(and the tin man now has a heart). USA pays for the problems he "expanded" while he ejoys retirement with the proceeds. His motto seems to have caught on though. Everywhere i see folks promoting "solutions" to the problems of complexity that add more complexity. I disagree, but seem the odd man out.

Recent random psychotic slaughter shows persons need to be more responsible for their own defence, but there are orchestrated calls to "solve" this by delegating even more of their personal responsibility to authority. Chicago and Mexico are examples of how that works. A better approach would include neighborhood "getogethers" and personal defence training.

I guess i just don't understand. Going to go weed the garden!

I just saw a statistic that the 5 Walmart heirs have as much combined wealth as the bottom 41% of the country.

How much of that money is owed as debt to them by the US share croppers? If they didn't have all that dough, how mush less would our national debt be? I don't mean $200 billion less which it would be on paper. I mean in the grand Ponzi scheme way.

Meanwhile a 2nd string Basket Ball player Jeremey Lin, just signed a $23 million contract.
The Linsanity continues.
Aimlow Joe was here

There has been some discussion here and in other Central American nations regarding the drought in the US grain belt, and how it will affect the world economy. Already prices for flour (corn & wheat) are expected to increase by 3-4 times. For many where tortillas are a staple of the meal, this will have a big impact.
There are other food items that are exported from the US as well that will have a big impact on world food prices, such as soybeans, etc.

And there is the impact that the depressed US economy is having here in CR, with coffee exports expected to drop, which is a big money source.

As the situation in the Mid East gets more insane, you can expect gas prices to go back up.

As the USS Titanic goes down, expect several of the small life boats to be sucked down in its vortex.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Well since it is so late in the game that insulting utopian liberals is useless (since even they now are just nihilists looking for a target to hate)I would just like to comment on a painting by JHK.

I liked the McDs in the wilderness painting, it reminds me of driving down the interstate from Northern Wisconsin which in certain sections can be quite dark simply because they built it thru a swamp that is too expensive to drain for suburbia (yet). So I'm driving down this smooth piece of road in conditions that a coal miner could appreciate when lo and behold the bright lights of the Golden Arches ruined my drive. But what an allegory it might make since the wolf is slowly expanding its territories and the swamps of Wisconsin are its highway up to doorsteps of our Golden Arches "civilization."

Yeah right, always in a few weeks. How about a few months instead. Check out farsight.org and hit the 2012 button. Then go to halfpasthuman.com hit Clif's wujo and then the 6-16-12 free audio download (second from the top) for further clarification. According to these new sciences (remote viewing and predictive linguistics) all the robber barons need to do is keep the circus running til the Feb.- May 2013 timeframe and mother nature will take care of the rest while our betters cower in their hidey holes. Want more info, google Courtney Brown on you tube, the 2 hour 6 minute interview by Kerry Cassidy (yeah I know, she's kinda fruity but she doesn't say much in this interview)the last 18 minutes Courtney goes into detail about his findings. I love the way JHK writes and as usual lots of great insights.Europe is definitely on a slow boil. Still waiting for China to demand some of our finniancicl criminals so that they can put them on a slow boil. Happy Prepping, Ningishzidda

Sh*t. We're going to Paris this fall. Hope we get in under the wire!

Now you're gettin' it, Dee.
Thanks for the on-site observations.
(Call welles on the blower and give him a clue; he can pick a papaya in payment.)

This thing has...and can... drag on and on and on it seems. Nothing has real value anymore and everybody seems to fine with that as long as the ruse; as long as deficit spending and money printing make everybody feel good. Apparently the road down which the can of accountability is being kicked goes on to infinity. After all, the US debt exceeds the GDP now and why are there not riots in the streets?

I suspect that most readers here are convinced that Presidential politics offers a meaningless choice. Rather than abstain from the process, or vote for the least worst, how about marking your ballot for Jill Stein? It would be no less meaningless than any other choice you could make, and, who knows, might amount to a collective nose-thumbing with some heft. Two percent Green Party is noise, but ten percent might make some people very uncomfortable. If you want to amp up the fireworks, send them twenty bucks. Enough pocket change in the Green coffers might make politics better entertainment this season.

All the major world indices on one page can be found at http://www.reuters.com/finance/markets/indices

'You mention the Euro-peons attempting to "solve" the problem of too much debt with more credit(debt). Thus putting off the inevitable catastrophe by making it bigger!'

And the USA is not doing just that?
TARP, Bonds, running the printing press at the Mint.
Personal debt. Many who read this know Student Loan debt is more than Credit Card debt.
Debt to China, etc.
On talk radio someone was saying US debt is not 6 T
but 200T. Who knows.

Don't worry, you'll be fine and the Parisians will welcome your commerce. I'm sure you're prepared to give a hard look at exchange rates and be ready for pricing shocks. (Take extra, securely hidden on your person and watch yourself on metros and in crowds; pickpockets and strong-arm theft abound.)

We know a student who just got back from Belgium, and she was quite shocked at the cost of living. She came back after a few months poorer and wiser, but had learned how to enjoy herself on less expense and creative pooling of funds and goods with others. THAT my friends, is a lesson well worth learning!

Yea, that's an interesting feature of Empires in their final stages. The spend so much capital and blood trying to perpetuate themselves that they collapse from within.

The USA spends as much on its imperial military as the entire rest of the world combined- something like a trillion dollars a year all totaled with little to show for it. That budget would buy all the trains that Jim has ever dreamed of in his wildest fantasy, along with ten acres and a mule for all our permanently unemployed.

Last year I had an interesting conversation with a retired Naval aircraft carrier commander. Asked him to name the last military action from which the US army/navy/air force had emerged victorious. Certainly not Vietnam (the country now building a high speed railway that the US couldn't possibly afford) Pissed him off when I suggested that our last unequivocal triumph was the invasion of Panama when we overthrew Noriega for demanding too large a percentage of the drug profits passing through his country on the CIA's Air America. Total success: now Panama is the fourth largest banking center in the world, its laundromats running 24/7 to clean all the bales of currency pouring in from "successful" businessmen.

..... the various European local, regional, clan, and national cultures have deep reserves of we've-been-through-shit-like-this-before-and-survived, no matter how disruptive and tragic such periods have been, and this kind of social capital is a profoundly valuable resource for hard times. Indeed, consumer culture and even modernity itself are recent phases in European cultures that have existed with a distinct identity and locus much, much longer. Take the Greeks, for example, or the Germans. In contrast, the US was born when modernity was already with us.

Salient observation I think, one I've mentioned myself from time to time, here and elsewhere. The Germans are always prepared to revert to local economies. Charles de Gaulle once said: "How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?" Even the Greeks will still have their olives, goats and climate.

The fortitude of their distant descendants in the US will heavily favor those who haven't completely forgotten those roots.

Forgot to mention: always carry "robbery money" on you. Maybe 40 or 50 bucks worth of local currency; enough to appease a quick transactor of the thieving type. This has worked well for us a few times, and certainly doesn't hurt as much as having your passport, possibles bag and entire nut taken from you.
(Just a tip; I'm sure you're sensible about "bling", bulging back-pocket wallets and other such lures for n'er-do-wells.)

A crazy thought, with trillions of dollars locked up in off shore and protected banks by the top 1%, would it be too far removed to imagine that at some point down the road that those who have trillions locked up and out to reach might be conspiring to buy up as many countries as possible once the free fall is over when countries can no longer function on their own...that many of us might find ourselves citizens of patches of earth owned by the 1%, where many of us would become slaves with no rights, we are not far from that now are we?

"After all, the US debt exceeds the GDP now and why are there not riots in the streets?"

The answer to this question is quite simple.
It's all expressed in the ratio of Pain to Goodies.

Can the Europeans, or us for that matter, bootstrap ourselves? Sure. It's been done before. For those of you who enjoy quotes, here's one for you:

"Wir waren nicht so dumm, den Versuch zu wagen, unsere Währung mit Gold zu decken, das wir nicht hatten. Denn für jede ausgegebene Mark verlangten wir den Gegenwert von Arbeit oder Produkten. Wir lachen über die Zeiten, da unsere nationalen Bankiers glaubten, daß der Wert einer Währung durch Gold in den Tresoren der Staatsbank gedeckt werden müsse."

Listening to cnbc, the reporter talking about how Greece wanted a bridge loan to tide it over to its next bridge loan.

"After all, the US debt exceeds the GDP now and why are there not riots in the streets?"

Deficit spending has allowed the United States to live above its means.

But as people who have suffered large personal debt are well aware, to get out of debt you have to live for some time BELOW your means.

When we switch over from living above our means to living below our means, that's when there could be cause for riots.

Since it is political suicide for this reality check to be done by deliberate policy, it will occur through chronic inflation.

"I just saw a statistic that the 5 Walmart heirs have as much combined wealth as the bottom 41% of the country."

And you believed that? You didn't question that? You are a dope.

Live dead cat:

In my opinion, the only political entities in the US more clueless than the Democratic and Republican parties are the minor parties.

Green, Libertarian, Peace and Freedom, Tea Party, they are such fools they make the D's and R's almost look rational in comparison.

The only cause that I am familiar with, regarding the Tea Party (which has no centralized leadership or membership, hence how does it even have party status?) is fiscal responsibility. What is irrational about that?

Skyhooks - why didn't I think of that! Just bolt them to that virtual cloud where all your data lives. I'm sure this will work for a little while longer. Problem will be when all the bankers decide they want their debt back - in cash. They have extended suffient rope for everyone to hang themselves, they have, now quick act surprised. Could we reinstate the concept of usury and make it a moral and legal crime again, please?

Warren Buffet and others claim they want to pay higher taxes, but somehow can't bring themselves to write a check to the government agency that accepts donations.

Likewise, many statists clamor for more government benefits, but always expect someone else to pay for them.

Is this just a joke? Even if so, most young people get their political theory from John Stewart so comedy has to be taken seriously now. And as Betrand Russell observed of G.B Shaw - many funny men confuse being funny with being wise.

Your number one is wrong. Fascism balances the private and public spheres for the benefit of all. The word you're looking for is Plutocracy. I mean the economic miracle of Nazi Germany, affected without gold or the fiat of international bankers, is what "they" don't want you to know about. And you obviously don't.

"Could we reinstate the concept of usury and make it a moral and legal crime again, please?"

Are you suggesting that those who make the laws create a law that is in direct conflict with their interests? Maybe we'll have to wait a bit for that. ;o)

Meanwhile, why should any upper-cruster worry 'bout a thing, with this fine cadre of uniformed peace-soldiers keeping the peace and covering their precious asses?


And that, Poppets, is what the Summer Breeze is whispering in Anaheim.
(Now we'll hear from lovers of brown-person suppression in all their authoritarian, public-safety glory. Don't complain when they come for you, if you haven't joined up in the erstwhile.)

And JHK, thanks a pant-load for putting those icky muted trumpets and hip and swingy Sinatra-crap croonings into my cranium for the rest of the day! That's just sadistic. ;o)

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Ok Zone, since you're so funny and therefore smart - riddle me this batman: who let the Joker into the theatre? As you know since you've tried it, the emergency exit doors are locked to stop people from sneaking in without paying. So who let the Joker in?

Notice the desperate quickness of the media to jump to the long guman paradigm. And next week Obama wants to sign he UN Treaty banning small arms. Coincidence?

...And awaaaaaaay we go!
Thanks again, Crazy Horse; you've just been vetted for accuracy! Perfect.

Message to Kyoo:

My advice to you would be to ditch the pride in blasé half-assed expression via the written word. I mean really, what's the point? Are you too lazy or just too busy? You got a heavy date tonight? - Kyoo - last week on the issue of spelling and grammar

Am I too lazy? Yes. Too busy? Yes.

To me this site neither an academic nor a business setting. In such environments professional polish, as manifested by attention to detail such as correct spelling or mathematical accuracy, matter a great deal. In such settings, such as where a lot of money is involved, people need to be comfortable with your competence and diligence (because their own nuts could be on the anvil).

What's the point? I see this as a free-wheeling forum where our esteemed host let's us have at it. I use it to see what others are thinking, to express some of my own thoughts and to lock horns with other people or crap on them if I figure they need it.

With due deference to your right to hold and express your opinion, methinks you paint with a broad brush light on pigment. There is a vast difference between a firmly held opinion and an informed and reasoned opinion.

Although some using this forum evidently disagree, at its best, this comment section can be an opportunity for us to argue our positions using civil discourse, understanding that great minds might not always see eye-to-eye. You might find it gratifying to use this forum to take pot-shots at the thoughts of others or to make ad hominem attacks on the character or intelligence of contributors, but I, for one find it simply annoying.

On the other hand, your thoughtful additions to this conversation are always welcome.

To me this site neither an academic ... Rhino

There, you see Kyoo? A fuckup.

Should be: To me this site IS neither an academic blah blah blah...

You can point out to me any missed commas or overly convoluted sentence structure. Or tiresome cliches.

Now we'll hear from lovers of brown-person suppression

Sounds like a typical gooder comment from someone who lives far away and safe and never has to walk the neighborhoods overrun with degradation.

Message to Vlad

Thanks for making my point for me: our score have plummeted since we ceased to be a largely White Nation of 90% or so. Our score were compatible for European Nations when the Black scores wer excluded. Now the whole thing is in the toilet including alot of the White scores. - Vlad

So you did get MY point, that there's other stuff at work besides race based genetics. As you said, white communities are showing the dysfunction that you see in black communities. It's a matter of learned behaviour. Or culture in other words.

Can you think any excuse for the sloth so evident in the US education system? I can't. And I include parents in the system. Because if parents gave a damn, (both white and non-white) the whole thing wouldn't be in the toilet.

As someone else said education requires some resources but mostly what it needs is motivated parents, motivated students and motivated teachers. More kick-ass moms like Amy Chua and more kick-ass administrators like Michelle Rhee.

Only magic can save us now.

I think we'll all feel and do a lot better when we get back into denial and pretend ourselves into a pretty Thomas Kinkaid landscape.

Somewhere in Mayberry RFD a freshly baked apple pie is cooling on a kitchen window sill.

So close your cognitive doors forever on the Batman apocalypse and come join us in Willoughby, where a man can "stop and breathe and close his eyes and smell and listen".

When reality catastrophically fails, only our imaginations can save us.

Better to be a magician who hopes than a cold materialist who wrecks the world with the cruel dispassion of reason and logic.

The short reign of clinical science and cognitive engineering has unleashed the nightmare monstrosities of a Frankenstein's apocalypse upon the world. Where people gather in awe of these creatures, they will be cut down without mercy, because the emotionless inventors of these death machines are in fact the robotic serial killers of our age, servants of a master who has no joy in life, and embodies the living death that will eat the world.

Too much magic? Maybe not enough, and surely an ongoing failure to imagine a better world into existence.

You're living in a dream, and only when the nightmare it is becoming takes you deeper into your silent scream will you realize too late that you could have been a lucid architect of paradise.

I'm going to see the movie "Urban Roots" this Wednesday. Are you in the movie? I want to match your posts to a face. The dark magic works better that way....

Fascism balances the private and public spheres for the benefit of all. - Vlad

For the benefit of all? Come off it Vlad, YOU don't even believe that. For the benefit of some maybe, for the benefit of those looking for personal aggrandisement, personal wealth, a place in history. Or maybe refuge from a squalid little life of nothing but failure.

But look at the actions of fascist states. What did they actually do? Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of history could tell you. And I exclude a great many Americans from that group that possess even basic knowledge. It stretched credulity but there was a report out a few years ago on a survey of American highschool kids' historical knowledge. Apparently a large proportion thought that the US and Nazi Germany were allies against the USSR in WW2.

Mind boggling that such a thing could be allowed to happen given the torrent of resources and time devoted in the USA to "education".

You're lazy - forgeting the first point that White American scores used to be at Northern European levels. (Northern Italians are smarter than Southern). Blacks scores have always been for shit. Bad Environment can't hurt them much since in general, there's nothing much there to being with. I admit individual exceptions.

Conservatives have always admitted environment as a factor in reaching ones's full potential. Liberals refuse to admit any genetic component at all. Who are the real fanatics? You all are.

European Fascists have studied the Founding Documents of the United States and have given their approval of these as healthy Fascism. Modern Liberals agree. Or take Canada: did early Canadians not believe in blood and soil? Or were they Indian lovers? Or if they were, then they would have gone back to England and France. No, my friend - they conquered for their Nation and Race. Modern Canadian Liberals agree with me about early Canadians.

You don't have an inch of land to stand on. What you believe is alot of fakery and sentimentality. Your Canada never existed - it was created by the Globalists to put you to sleep and make you fight the real Conservatives/Fascists who would save your Nation. The smart Canadians, the Quebecois, stayed out of WW2. Would that the rest of you had been as smart...

Countless British War Veterans of WW2 have repented of their role. They know they fought the wrong people. The right people wouldn't have flooded Britain with Blacks and Browns. Get your head straight, man. You're better than this. You hate liberals you meet in daily life yet your espouse the same trash as they do about history. Something doesn't fit.

We were not so stupid as to attempt to cover our currency with gold, which we did not have. Because for each outstanding marks we required the equivalent of work or products. We laugh at the days when our national bankers believed that the value of a currency by gold in the vaults of the State Bank must be satisfied - translation of German language passage courtesy of google translate

"Because for each outstanding marks we required the equivalent of work or products."

And if you don't have the equivalent of either work or products you do not have a functioning monetary system.

There are other things that you need besides these such as a labor force that is mobile across the regions that are sharing the particular currency like the Euro, which, because of linguistic and cultural barriers, you don't have enough of.

And some would say you also need a system of transfering tax money to poorer regions like the system that exists in the USA. Which you don't have in Europe because of national politics and loyalties.

Ah, Willoughby. Where a man can take full measure. Even the hobos who steal the pies cooling on window sills are clean and wear neatly pressed shirts and laundered jeans.

You're lazy - forgeting the first point that White American scores used to be at Northern European levels. - Vlad

And they aren't now at Northern European levels are they? Why would you say that is? Genetics? Or sloth?

In the decade from '99 to '09 that my daughter taught in the LAUSD (LA Unified School District), test scores plummeted 30% while the student Hispanic population soared to a majority of over 50%. Just a statistical anomaly I guess but smartly enough she and her husband moved their family and got out, and for what my perhaps be only a brief respite, ahead of the creeping 3rd worldization of America.

I must agree with Julian. Excellent painting, James.

Actually that last comment was supposed to be a reply of sorts to Julian's comment regarding the painting.

What I wanted to say in response to politics 101 is good job. I agree with it generally and was "insulted" too.:-)
Intellectually yours,

Rhino, very good, you now have the quote (with some error) translated into English. Next question: who and when is being quoted? What became of this person, and perhaps more importantly - why?

The question is: what happens when the recognition finally hits that the money just isn't there?

Very simple.
Exactly like USA does or UK does or Japan does:
Everybody goes back to its own currency, prints the money and pays the debts.
One small details escaped USA, every country in the Eurozone has debts and has credits.
If you pay debts and cash the credits, the debts would shrink enormously.
The reason why they didn’t do till now is very simple: where is the earning of the banks?
Once you eliminate the banks things get pretty easy.
May be you should try the same in USA.
You would find out that the amount of money is much smaller...
very interesting, you can see how the whole thing is built up...

Jack, that would be comparable to the elimination of a false deity to whom most commercial mass media-programmed folks in the current culture spend their days worshipping.

Considering the meaning of the term "doing business," which definition comes to first and foremost:

A) a way of making money

B) the means for making products and offering services and their distribution among your fellow citizens

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The Tea Party is either one of the most stupid groups or one of the most deceptive groups.

The Boston Tea Party was NOT anti-tax. It was against unfair tax breaks. The tea that went into the harbor was owned by the East India Company, the Wal Mart of its day. They got a paid no tax a benefit they got from the British Crown, so they could undercut everyone else who had to pay tax on tea. Had they paid the same tax as everyone else, there would have been no Tea Party.

The current "Tea Party" members, if they were true to their name, would protest the opening of every Wal Mart store since they always get big tax breaks. One particularly evil tax break is that they often get to keep part of the "sales tax" they charge. This is fraud, since it is charged as sale tax. When the tax breaks run out, usually after ten years, they move the store to the next town, getting new tax breaks and leaving an empty building behind.

Also, they would have been out in force when Gov. Corbett gave Shell 1.7 billion in tax breaks whil cutting funding for education in PA.

My computer chips keep over heating as my digital high frequency interest payment
calculations have been cubed beyond understanding or payment for our masters of mathematics.
Buddy can you spare a wheelbarrow full of fiat currency for some real bread.

"regarding the drought in the US grain belt, and how it will affect the world economy. Already prices for flour (corn & wheat) are expected to increase by 3-4 times. For many where tortillas are a staple of the meal, this will have a big impact."

Makes an excessive concern with European hat tricks moot. I imagine the corn machine is running at 100% land use without spare capacity. Anybody know?

You are welcome little mule.

Duh. White Americans of Northern European heritage are still genetically the same. So it's not genetics! (Bertrand Russell spent 500 pages showing why 1+1=2 or why a+b=b+a) So what do we conclude, then? It must be something else! But what? Environment. They are demoralized and distracted by American dysfunction. And a Negrofied youth culture is a big part of that in their case especially. And yes, they know that there's not much future now that the jobs have been shipped overseas and cheap labor brought in to replace them.

I am not the first to point this out, but I think its worth repeating.
This is the closing chapter of "Bubble Economics"
starting with the savings and loan debacle in the late 80's.
I think thats when the light bulb went on (AHA !) for Wall St. Suddenly they realized that anything that was backed by government guarantees (FDIC, Fannie Mae Freddie MAc, the banks in general), was fair game. The FED would just bail out everyone. I think Naomi Klein and her book "The Shock Doctrine" has a small grain of truth to it insofar as macro manipulation in Chile Poland, Russia but as for an overreaching organized global manipulation, I dont think "the hidden hands" are that organised.
The current bubble is a little different in that QE, TARP is a mechanism that is putting off the inevitable. It is a bubble because Wall St bankers did benifit from the 11 TRillion as it fattened their coffers with no oversight or accountability. It sorta gave them a staggering ammount of money to play with and the contact was what 2 pages long !
That said, the last 25 years have seen one "bubble" event after another and this isnt an accident. One could say that manipulation such as the overturning of the Glass Steagal Act in 1999 was a direct move to start the bubble melt down of 2007. And one could say that the constant "influence" by K Street to deregulate the financial sector is an orchastrated effort to bring about "bubbles" but that will never come to light.
We have one more bubble to go (the privatization of Social Security), and then we are done, and even that can only go so long in that SS is for all intents and purposes bankrupt now. Willard Romney will give that to Wall St on a platter if he is elected. Wall St can pillage that for maybe 2 years (the current account contributions by Joe Public will last about 2 years before SS collapses).
After that hopefully the banking and Wall Street crowd will turn on each other as there will be nothing left to plunder.

I believe the term bootstrapping comes from one of the tales of Baron Münchhausen.

In this tale he and his horse got stuck in a bog, so he pulled on his bootstraps and extricated both of them.

I think the PFGBest clients (bagholders) have just discovered that "the money just isn't there": http://youtu.be/f-sXK3l2aYA

Aurora killer didn't act alone. A witness has someone opening the door:

And Mrs. Catman306 found a video upload of one of the Dark Knight trailers that had comments that made no reference to the movie. When she wanted to replay it, it was gone without a trace. But I bet YouTube still has it. She thinks it is a code where a texted 6 becomes a nine, for Century 9 theater.

Please pass this along to FBI or whoever.

events suggest that this sweet period of history is drawing to a close and whatever happens there next will be less like Midnight in Paris and more like Riot in Cellblock D meets Quest for Fire.

The word yr looking for is 'Yugoslavia'. 'Milošević' will also do.

It is a tight-rope walked in watering those newly planted fruit trees. I have been watering each of my 20 fruit trees for a half-day using the sprinkler on low. The birds are just loving the water, by the way, and I am just loving the birds.

However, circumstances could change and Mr. Hyde could be soon cooking chick-a-dee soup.

Europe was the topic of Jim's post, thus the starting focus. Yes USA is as bad or worse, i suspect the bankers look upon governments as territorial subsidiaries. My next examples have a USA focus, but they were just examples. The problem (failure to deal with reality)is worldwide and not limited to financials.

I wonder what kind of Fruit Trees Jim has? I'm sure there is a stand of Apple Trees, as his area, NY State, was at one time the apple capital of North America. It could be once again. Most likely some Pear Trees, maybe a Cherry Tree or two, altho a little far north for cherries. My Apple Trees aren't looking too good; took a bad beating during the Halloween Snowstorm of 2011. They might not survive.


"and wear dignified adult costumes out in public"

dammit, jim! it's the assholes in monkey suits who are creating conditions for financial ruin or denying climate change or otherwise fuckin up this planet (in general).

if you're not referring to that then consumerist high end fashion has no place in a LONG EMERGENCY.

get off the fashion and tattoos. the fashionable non-tattooed square ilk are not the ones digesting your material for the most part.

your main ideas and your writing are brilliant. but you are too hung up on a meaningless aspect of the overall human condition.

and YOUR fucking generation put this type of counter cultural protest in motion. it YOUR fucking generation who's gonna skate outta this world magically when the shit REALLY hits the fan. which, sir, is a slow motion train wreck. it's not running outta control a la a bad keanu reeves movie. so you and your indignation can go on vacation till it's time to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work.

and stop flyin all over the fuckin place. that shit's leavin a helluva carbon footprint.

JHK, I'll say this for you. Your columns are so up and down in quality that they could make a roller coaster blush. This one a B, last week an F, the week before that an A.

Crazy Horse, if it's OK with you, I'll be copying off your test for the final. Somebody has bothered with the assigned reading, I see.

Eighty years later--still seems relevant.

In 1932 Meher Baba traveled to Hollywood California for a week. A reception was given to him by Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford at their mansion Pickfair. Meher Baba took this opportunity to deliver a message concerning the power and spiritual potential of films. He also talked about the Great Depression and how the motion pictures could help uplift mankind during this difficult period.


Several folks mentioned persons allegedly seeing someone open the door. I saw one such story at denverpost.com but it was pulled when i went back.

In many states, opening a emergency fire exit in a theatre triggers a fire alarm and puts on the lights, but I'm not a Colorado expert. It appears that the door was rigged not to alarm. One officer stated that the perp opened the door, went out and returned, which is certianly possible.

On CNN Saturday, the reporter said that he was in the theater (bought a ticket) let himself out the emergency exit, blocked it,then came back in later.

Thanks, Belisarius. So the theory being put forward by the press, lone shooter goes crazy, is based on the speculation of one unnamed officer.

Don't you just love a free press?

Reply to Crazy Hourse at 11:09. You want the money spent on our military to go for all the trains JFK can visualize as well as 10 acres and a mule for the permanently unemployed! Too good! I cried from disparate then cried laughing!

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>The question is: what happens when the recognition finally hits that the money just isn't there?

And what happens when Mr. Kunstler figures out peak oil is a long way off?

Well, same thing. Life goes on, til we wreck the conditions that make life possible.

All the "money" James is so constantly fretting over week after friggin' week is just chirping bits and bytes in computer memory. Means no more ultimately than little scraps of paper with I.O.U. written on it from a dead man.

So, what happens when your delusions turn out to be delusions?

It's sickening to see the ravenous media ticks gorging themselves silly on the blood spilled at that Colorado movie theater, sucking up every drop of horror, grief, and heroic sacrifice they can wring out of this random act of violence. Meanwhile, the city of Aurora calmly goes about its primary business of aiding the the US defence industry's quest to be the most merciless and efficient killing machine on the planet. Buckley Air Force base in Aurora acts as a nucleus for a thriving defense/aerospace industry and the city's business directory is a who's who of defence contractors, ie. Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grummond. The largest private sector employer in the city is also America's number one supplier of guided missile systems: Raytheon. Started as a humble radio tube manufacturer in the 1920s, this company has become a global weaponry behemoth that has branched out into satellite, radar, surveillance, and avionics systems and, most recently, cyber warfare.

Raytheon International's CEO, Tom Culligan, was touting the company's rapid sales growth in Asia and the Middle East at this month's Farnborough International Airshow. Foreign sales have been so brisk that the proposed $500 defense budget cut that congress is proposing will have little affect on company revenues. He was also pitching Raytheon's latest contribution to enhanced math and science education coupled with workplace training for students (students in Saudi Arabia, that is).

Here's a telling quote from Culligan: “What we envision for the future would be a worldwide network of partnerships and joint ventures, where we have people that we’ve helped train - that become sort of the Raytheon mind, if you will. They know our company. They become ambassadors.”

Indeed, export the globalist mind-set to foreigners, Americans make lousy ambassadors: they haven't a clue what their own nation does overseas. They never see hoardes of US journalists flocking to the bloody aftermath of some bungled missile strike in a far off dusty land, nor do they see any attention paid to the killers who inflict this violence.

I'm waiting for one the talking heads on CNN or Fox to decry, "YOU SEE?! This is why we need drones patrolling our skies 24/7. If we had a Predator drone patrolling Aurora we could have blasted that multiplex to smithereens and saved those good folks from being shot by that damn terrorist!"

NPR is 'talking about feeding 9 Billion in 30 or 40 years'!!!

How about this for Eyesore of the Century award?



Vlad, Vlad, Vlad. Where to start?

Are you aware that the ferm 'fascism' was only coined in the 20th century? It applied to a specific political organization with a totalitarian state.

Applying this label to the American nation of the late 1700's is nonsensical. If you actually review the various characteristics of the classic fascist states such as WWII era Germany and Italy, then you'd realize that most overt American political principles are diametrically opposed to this form of government.

In other words, we have a democracy, not a dictatorship. A great emphasis is placed upon personal freedom and protection of individuals from an overzealous state. etc.

This seems to be another instance of you appropriating words and concepts for your own pet theories when they are not actually appropriate.

Peak Oil is already casting its long shadow over our whole era. If you look at oil production per capita instead of just the raw production per day, then this should be clear. What matters is not how much oil is available overally, but how much per person. And with ever increasing global population, this number is on a long, slow decline.

You're confused. Consult the wikipedia.


The shooter went out a side exit and then propped it open. He then changed into his gear and came back inside.

i don't click on internet ads, i don't watch political ads and the last thing i would do is click on a troll's blog from kuntstler's comment section. please stop posting your blog in your comments section. i'm here to read clusterfucknation and the real comments on the article...

Awe Man! Trouble in a couple of weeks? And I have been working on bringing up my credit score!!! Go figure!!

As a European-born migrant to Australia and with the perspective granted to those who have lived in two cultures I respectfully disagree with your prognosis for Europe Jim.

Largely thanks to the patchwork of cultures you generously describe, Europeans are more inured to hardship and this is why I am convinced the centre will hold at least for this century.

We may not say the same of Greece because it is not part of Europe and now never will be.

Typically it is only when people go hungry that large-scale social and political unrest takes place. I can't see it happening in Europe.

That is not to say that recent immigrants, those lacking a modern understanding of what religious tolerance means, will not be forcibly ejected from Europe's borders. They may well come to pass and will be ugly. But European nation states will continue to function with WW2 borders for our lifetime and that of our children.

The US has a different and much graver suite of problems. The integrity of your nation state there is under considerably greater threat and I respectfully urge you to analyse that instead. It is a topic you can (and do) cover with much greater authority.

Show me where Democracy is mentioned in the Constitution. And were Women allowed to vote? Blacks? Indigent Whites? Illegals? Mexicans? Trannies?

It's time to take out the trash. I admit I'm stretching the concept a bit - in order to show the continuity of values. Fascism is Traditionalism updated to modern times. Your American would be utterly alien to the Founders, the antithesis in fact.

Hey Disney World, get with the times!

The newest tourist attraction in Isreal is a shooting range that offers 2 hour anti-terrorist training sessions. Called Caliber 3, the business hopes to attract Holy Land visitors to venture off the beaten path for a quick thrill, shooting up paper targets with pictures of grimacing Arab fighters - maybe a little Zionist propaganda thrown as well. Great family fun.

Zed Leppt In,

One of the best post ever on CFN; a home run (I am sorry to say).

Dreadlocked fools.

Vlad refers to you as a Canadian, Rhino. Are you? Yes? Well then, here's an example of the white dysfunction you refer to, Toronto style.

Every so often one sees on the streets of Toronto a white person wearing dreadlocks. Sometimes male, sometimes female, nearly always young. Whites who wear dreadlocks as a fashion statement solely and who know nothing about the Rastafarian religion are fools. Who but a fool would adorn himself with a potent religious symbol (which dreadlocks were and are) while remaining ignorant of the religion for which the symbol stands?

White people who are familiar with Rastafarian doctrine and who wear dreadlocks nonetheless, are fools also.

Real Rastafarians, Jamaican Rastafarians, those of them that hew to the original doctrines, regard the white race as devilish. They think that the sooner the white race is done away with, the better. To them, the day of white elimination is the day of Rastafarian liberation.

Why are white people wearing dreadlocks?

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In the past I have heaped praise on some of JHK's paintings, but this one is not one of my favorites - and I state that respectfully. The reason being is there isn't a sense of "sacrifice" or subordination of detail - most all of the elements are rendered to an equal level of detail. If the painting is about the kayakers, then really emphasize them. As it stands, my eye is equally torn between the highly detailed pebbles/rocks in the foreground, the sky reflections in the water, the kayakers (even despite the stand alone color), the trees, the sky, and even the rather detailed trees in the distance - there is simply too much information. Moreover, in a back lit scene such as this, there will be two forms and values of light on the foliage in the light: a warm light from the sun filtering through the foliage and a cooler, lighter value that is reflecting the sky itself - the latter really makes the light 'pop'.

A good painter to study for many things but especially for subordination and gradation of detail is Emile Gruppe. There is no doubt in the below painting by Gruppe what he is emphasizing and "talking about" in the painting. And he is not afraid to downplay detail in order to amplify this effect:


On the other hand, the "focal point" doesn't necessarily have to be the most highly detailed area of a painting. Indeed, it can be the most simplified area of a painting if it is enveloped by areas of more highly rendered detail, such as the surroundings of the lone tree in this absolute masterpiece of a landscape painting posted below ( click on the enlarge feature to really enjoy this wonderful painting):



Sadly, I have made your point many times over i.e., that the white race is falling fastest right now. However, I think it's mainly because they've bought into the "bro culture" and its prison-chic garb, vulgar language, and incredible narcissism.

However, it's not ALL culture. Too many studies of Africa pretty much come to the conclusion that the average IQ over there is 85. Africa ALWAYS has many wars and genocides going on simultaneously. Low IQ is strongly correlated with violence. This is demographic data that anyone can obtain.

Does it mean that I want to diss a black person (or any other kind of person for that matter) on sight? No. Good social decorum means being cordial to everyone until one has good reason to get testy.

However, I think that white culture has, essentially, "gone black" in the last 30 years which is why white suburban boys play hip hop in their rides. Yes, weak parents, weak teachers, and weak administrators have added to the travail. But how? Because they've also bought into the horrible liberal idea that everything is a "lifestyle choice" e.g., sluttiness vs. chastity, modesty vs. in-your-face, cleanliness vs. filth, and so on.

This is DEMOCRACY ... the tilting of the whole populace to the lowest common denominator. I prefer a Republic. Democracy doesn't work, just as Alexis de Tocqueville prophesied.


All this BS about a random nutjob illustrates how natural it is for people to perceive the personal, at the expense of the impersonal.

Lets chat about this global warming drought that is driving commodity food prices through the roof. These costs will impact food commodity prices globally. People are going to starve to death in massive numbers, people are going to be pushed into poverty.

In one sense though, it is just a continuance of business as usual.

Is it at 'Occidental Observer' where theres a fascinating article about Morgan Freeman and Will Smith.
'Freeman portrayed God' or somesuch.

Lets get more perspective:

Seventy-five percent of Americans nearing retirement age in 2010 had less than $30,000 in their retirement accounts. The specter of downward mobility in retirement is a looming reality for both middle- and higher-income workers. Almost half of middle-class workers, 49 percent, will be poor or near poor in retirement, living on a food budget of about $5 a day.

$5 a day. With rising food prices.

What do you call someone who raises food on land they don't own?

Surfin' is the only life, the only way for me now

Surf! Surf! With me.


Always interesting how human brains (or lack thereof) get stuck on timelines. Long way off or a short way or just around the corner. What's the difference really. Does it really matter if somebody eats your great grandchildren instead of your grandchildren for dinner. They will be eaten either way and it's the end of the line. Timeline denial and obsession is now another escape to not deal with brutal reality. When cultures exhaust their resources they die, simple as that. As it has been countless times before so must it be again. With a twist, this time it's an extinction event and four legs will once again rule the earth.

Vlad, do you need directions to the nearest cave wall, or someplace where comments like yours have a modern day context?

Your P.O.V. being that we are all random nut-jobs.

A point of view with which I concur, but this nutjob does not kill other nut-jobs. This nutjob wishes to harm nobody. There is a spectrum of nut-jobs and Colorado has always had a lot of extreme self obsessed ones. It might be the altitude or it could be that Colorado expresses the American spirit in a particular way. Whatever it is, it's tragic.

Normal nut-jobs, the vast majority of us. Those who selectively screen out the suffering of others but who don't have childish urges to finger paint with someone else's blood are much nicer to deal with.

That was some seriously repugnant shit that went down.

Anaheim Riot

Lovers of brown-person suppression may be having wet dreams but according to them and the elite of Orange - Anaheim is where brown people are suppose to be. Having experienced the suppression first hand I know this.

Cali has always struck me as a quilt of tribes that can't get along. It's been going on for so long the fools there are all proud of it and ready to fight over turf.

But the people on the video have a right to be pissed.

Hi K-Dog,

Thx for the link, but what I get is:

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Need Help?


Just don't bother w/videos - I for one am not going to stop everything just to upgrade to a player that let them put even more ads in. And you shouldn't, too.

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Wait!! JAMES!!!

They have a solution... in a few different places.



People who feel disappointed that the administration has made no improvements in the light of the imminent Long Emergency should be patient and remember: the deckchairs on the Titanic were not rearranged in a day.

Is the "quicksand of debt" really any less imagined than the "lifelines of credit"? Much of modern finance – both assets and liabilities – exists in its own imaginary world, with only limited spillover into reality.

Money does not have to be "there" – money is accounting mechanism, useful only to the degree that it reflects reality. What does have to be "there" is physical infrastructure, and scientific knowledge, and natural resources, and human effort. You know – the stuff you would want to have if you found yourself stranded on a desert island. Money, and debt, and derivatives are just there to track who controls which part of the pie. None of them affect the pie's actual size.

The traffic deaths of a dozen illegals in South Texas in a single truck accident earlier his week has hardly even registered. Meanwhile, in the cities in Connecticut, a sort of low level summertime warfare is being waged, with a casualty list released by the local media every single morning. Sunday featured 3 shot dead in Bridgeport, including a 15 year old girl who had attended a 'sweet 16' party and was shot sitting on her aunt's porch. Even the smaller cities are getting in on the act with people being gunned down in Torrington, Manchester and Norwich within the past week or so. The mayor of Bridgeport was on he news last night blaming the NRA for all the carnage. Bridgeport is an interesting case. In 1800 its population was a little more than 100, a little seaport town near the mouth of the Housatonic River, strategically located not far from Manhattan, populated by Yankees. By 1900 it was an industrial powerhouse, with a polygot population of 160,000, home to shipyards, steel mills, machine tool industries, and the largest ammunition manufacturing plant in the world. What happened to the industry after 1950 is a familiar story here. Eventually all the whites departed. What remains is a brutal welfare colony consisting of black and hispanic citizens, a pit of poverty and violence wedged in between super rich hedge fund suburbs like Westport and Greenwich and Stamford, The state pours billions of dollars into that place but it keeps getting worse. For Bridgeport, the present is intolerable and the future is grim.


Xtra large helping of financial doom this week, JHK!
Thanks to you, as always.

And this is a nice nod to current events:
"And don't get me started on the Anglo-American clusterfuck, which has left the rest-of-the-west with a future as ingeniously booby-trapped as the Aurora cineplex shooter's apartment" -jhk-

Something is seriously wrong, here.

Soon, however, an all-seeing and all-knowing troll will appear on this CFN thread - telling us REPEATEDLY and REPETITIVELY that all will soon be well -

if we would all just inhale and exhale properly.

"brown suppression" ??

You're going to have to elaborate, K.
You too, O3.

A man with the street name of "Stomper" is shot and killed by a police officer.

None of us know whether this shooting was justified.

Yet the residents pictured in the video immediately throw a little street party to defend "Stompers" unquestionable blamelessness. They bring out their little children even as beer bottles fill the air.

For all their faults, Anaheim PD does not include "throw beer bottles" in their crowd control protocols. (Check Wikipedia, if you don't believe me.)

That police dog was not supposed to get out of the car. He wasn't supposed to bite those folks.
That was a mistake. When police make mistakes they face lawsuits and prison time.

Stomper made a "mistake??" and a rioting crowd burned a dumpster in his honor.

Chances are that at least a couple of local neighborhood residents are quietly glad that Stomper is not going to be able to "stomp" them tonight.

So, what do you guys want, O3 and K?
Should police not patrol Anaheim?
Do we need "brown?" police for "those" areas?

SCOTUS said "separate but equal" was unconstitutional - back in the 1950's!

Because K, I'll tell you - what you refer to as a "quilt of tribes" may have "separate by necessity" as its only, semi-peaceable, solution.

Other logical ideas, anyone??

Good post, P2C.

Ya, I was wondering how the deceased came by the name, "Stomper". Maybe he liked to dance, but wasn't good at it.



Maybe he makes wine? ;>)

Like I said, it's all good... until they happen to come for you.

There's an Us vs. Them mentality out there that's cutting both ways, but I suspect your sympathies are heavily weighted towards "the law", having (perhaps) never been a victim of its excesses.

Can you put this into the big picture of what JHK is talking about?
Why is it these "good citizens" do not trust the police? Why do the police consider these folks an immanent mortal threat and escalate the violence? Round and round it goes, and no respect is shown, earned, or even sought. Lose that, and all is lost. That's not a society, that's simple gang warfare. Tooth and Claw.

I posted the video in the context of: "Let's see who it is that's protecting the life and property of the wealthy by keepin' the rabble down." I thought it a good example of a simmering internecine warfare that keeps attention elsewhere, instead of the gigantic crimes of theft and fraud that gaily continue, unmolested.

I have absolutely no answers on how to change this Us vs. Them mindset in an atmosphere devoid of opportunity and trust. Mark me on this; brutality will rule, and much pain will be applied before there are demands for another way to organize a society. The Vampire Capitalism model ain't gettin' it, and tends to create a lot of very angry polities.

VAMPIRE CAPITALISM: A form of Fascism* wherein Banksters suck the lifeblood out of all productive economic sectors leaving behind only dry husks blowing in the wind. (tm CrazyHorse)

*See "Fascism" (tm CrazyHorse)

Yes, Bridgeport is an interesting, and TYPICAL case. Who would deign to live in such a shithole with no opportunities for advancement, and more draining away daily? Just what is left to secure a "living" from? This is what is going to happen to most deindustrialized/formerly industrialized cities in this benighted, wasteful and ignorant country. Kee-riced, even the machinery was off-shored! Talk about eating the seed corn. That's why I see despair and dark times ahead; starting from "square one" involves huge loss in both knowledge and capital. (And we've not even mentioned the provision of raw resources to begin with.)

"Salvage" as a "growth industry". The irony would be appalling if it weren't so easily understandable.

So America has changed. I thought of Bridgeport,
indeed all of Connecticut as a 'suburban wonderland'. I guess that was never, or 50 years ago!!!

JHK sez:
"The question is: what happens when the recognition finally hits that the money just isn't there? That the whole circus of alphabet soup bailouts and skyhook rescue operations was a fraud? Well, my guess is that things fracture and splinter and there commences a great scramble for the table scraps of the incredible banquet that this congeries of nations put on its Master Charge card. And when the table scraps are all gone, the members of some nations, or regions within nations, set out pillaging around the place where their neighbor sat at the banquet, and pretty soon you get such a disorderly scene in the lovely old banquet hall of Europe that even diligent Chinese tourists will not venture there for a while."

This goes for cities, states, counties and townships right here as well. Rescue and containment? Without a motivation of Profit (our god of choice), what would be the incentive?

"Duh. White Americans of Northern European heritage are still genetically the same. So it's not genetics! (Bertrand Russell spent 500 pages showing why 1+1=2 or why a+b=b+a) So what do we conclude, then? It must be something else! But what? Environment." - Vlad

So you do understand my point about culture. Cultural factors apply not only to whites but also to blacks.

"They are demoralized and distracted by American dysfunction. And a Negrofied youth culture is a big part of that in their case especially. And yes, they know that there's not much future now that the jobs have been shipped overseas and cheap labor brought in to replace them". - Vlad

So you're saying that the root of white American dysfunction has economic roots (at least in part) as well as cultural roots. I would agree.

So now I think you're seeing my point about black American dysfunction... a product of economic factors as well as other factors.

"They are demoralized..." Demoralized indeed. That applies to blacks too. And I don't need to give a catalogue of miseries and indignities inflicted on blacks.

But Vlad let's not you and me be mistaken for bleeding heart liberals. I'm not of that ilk and I suspect that you aren't either. A lot of this searching for root causes is just a lot of excuse making. I think it was Jesse Jackson who said a while back that it's not white racists that make 15 year old black girls go out and get pregnant. And he would be right. That's under their own control and their parents if their parents were keeping a close eye on them. To behave or misbehave is under the individual's (both white and non white) control.

Spell it 'whine'.
Just heard an NPR program on 'women and blacks trying to pitch their start ups to Silicon Valley'.

I would guess SV would be more interested in the potential profitability of start ups, not who is pitching them.

What we assume and what actually is can reside on opposite ends of the spectrum. Who knew?

"Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem."

John Galsworthy

You're right about the adoption of certain behaviors by white people that are really messed up.

Adoption of aspects of black culture by whites has really deep roots in the early 20th century and maybe even earlier ie in the jazz world. And the melding of country and blues mid 20th century. Are you old enough to remember what was being said back then by shocked parents and politicians and church leaders? That, goodness gracious, the adoption of African music would lead to the adoption of African work habits and the result would be African living standards. Well, great balls of fire, a smidgen over the top given that the musical forms that a lot of the outraged folks listened to also had black roots.

I think that a lot of what ails us now comes from the nonjudgmental, anything goes-ism of the 1960s. Young people back then were sick of what they saw as the overly conformist culture of their parents and not only that but their parents' howling hypocrisy w.r.t. sexual matters. Who was it that said that the sexual revolution really started in the war years of the 1940s? And yet the greatest generation tried to maintain this ludicrous facade of Ozzie and Harriet propriety.

But the generation of the 1960s carried things waaaay too far. They loosened behavioral strictures to a ludicrous extent. Grown ups are supposed to be the adults and are supposed to set standards of conduct. They have to make it known that kids don't run the show, kids take orders, they don't give them. And the 60s generation fucked up miserably.

Maybe democracy doesn't work. As you say a tilting to the lowest common denominator. But then at least people have nobody to blame but themselves for its failure.

Given that for JHK painting is not a full time job I see this one pretty good. Glad to see that it is void of amateurish “that’s-what-I-see” narrative that most of “weekend” painters fall into but without necessary skill to execute it properly, like painters from number of great links that you’ve posted. At this one I see a particular visual language emerging. Rush of (cobble) dots in foreground, calmed by plain island of (beach sand) color, sway of green (trees) shapes, swirl of white (clouds) over blue (sky)…Brightly colored dots of kayakers are in good balance with the rest of the painting’s “natural” colors.
All in all, not bad Mr. Kunstler

Al, let's keep it our little secret as to who said it or we're going to start a spate of seig heiling.

Even dirty dogs can be right some of the time. And previous monetary authorities screwed things up pretty thoroughly wouldn't you say?

What became of him and why? I'm really interested to know your take on it. I'm reading between the lines but I'm guessing that my own would be somewhat more conventional than yours. I'm open to other views and new facts.

The last chapters haven't been written on this. I'll bet that the PTB of the post war years kept a lot of stuff locked away for their own reasons. So I'm betting that there's a ton of original source material still gathering dust.

IMO we're far enough away from those events and enough of the actors have passed on that we can give the whole sorry mess a thorough airing out. Really no point keeping anything hidden.

This is painful - so sad when a bright man twaddles like a child. You just wont admit that genetics matter. Even the wealthy Black areas of Atlanta have a high crime rate - MUCH higher than similar White areas.

Who turned it into a shithole, Einstein? Was it nearly this bad when it was all White?

Check it again E - it's much lower, a mindblowing 70. Even lower in some areas 65-70.

Black Americans are 85 due to the infusion of White Genes. Negroes per se are intellectual retards. However since an IQ of 70 is natural to them, they don't show the other impairments that retards typically have. No does the 70 IQ mean they are incapable of cunning - that's millions of year old. The Great Apes are fully of tricks. Whites are often taken advantage of by such functional retards because of their guilelessness.

The Bushmen and the Abos of Australia are even lower with IQ's in the low 60's.

Exactly. That's why the least racist Whites in America live in all White areas.

Im not much for the whole 'IQ' thing.

I did see a map somewhere, Abos and 1 nation in Africa having IQ 60.
All other African Countries had IQ 70.

On a different note, As far as Irelands rating, I get conflicting stories.
a] Highest IQs in Europe.
b] Lowest in Europe, as all the smart ones left.

I had always assumed Indians had high IQ, you said no.

Yes eliminate the middle man and the people prosper 100 fold. The real capital is a hard working, intelligent, populace. Why pay interest of money "loaned" to the Goverment? Why can't the Goverment just create the money gratis - as per the Constitution? We backed it with gold, but it need not be as the economic miracle of pre War Germany makes clear.

THIS is the real reason for WW2. The Bankers were terrified that their secret was out and would be emulated by other countries as they saw Germany flourish.

Vlad, we've had this discussion before. But I'll reiterate. Genetics matter. But you will NEVER in our lifetime get any reputable scientist to touch the issue of racial superiority/inferiority with a barge pole. Why? Because of the extremely shitty history of abuse of people based on their race. And also for fear of what any information gleaned from research would be used for given this extremely shitty history.

Just to be clear: what history am I talking about? Two examples: the enslavement of black people in the US, their extremely crappy treatment subsequent to Emancipation. And not only enslavement of black people by American farmers but also others. Second example: the eradication of European Jews in the 1940s.

I wasnt around in the 20s- 40s, but Conn. had the priciest RE in the country!

Greenwich, CT in the 1920s bragged House prices there only went up. In 1929 a house there was a million?!
One murder a decade or something, where Ethels relative bashed Martha Moxley to death.

Vlad, that has been recently disproved.
That notion that Afro Americans are 30% white DNA.

According to recent findings...........
They are 10% white, excepting those who are from voluntary inter marriages, who are more 'white'.

Vlad said:

Check it again E - it's much lower, a mindblowing 70. Even lower in some areas 65-70.

My mistake ... I was quoting the African-American number, not the African number.

Vlad said to Jimmy Drinkwater:
Exactly. That's why the least racist Whites in America live in all White areas.

Because they're total hypocrites as I've long maintained. These "least racist whites" are the namby-pamby Left who like to be their own egalitarian PR firm yet when the facts of their lives are examined, they almost never walk their talk. Where they live tips their hand again.


Message to Kyoo,

I don't think I'm that far off the mark with my comment about minnows vs whales. I'll give one big example: the sorry assed lack of documentation that accompanied the slicing and dicing of residential mortgages into packages and their sale back and forth among financial institions such that nobody has any idea of what bank/investing institution holds what mortgage.

This is a "whale" of monumental proportions. When a company buys something whether it's a widget, a can opener or a bundle of mortgages someone should be on hand to verify the goods received. Common sense, no?

But this apparently was done very, very sparingly. And yet CEOs and CFOs signed off on their declarations that their firms had rock solid internal controls as required by Sarbanes. Or was that requirement not yet in force? No matter, what Sarbanes required accountants to do was their jobs. No more, no less. Or am I wrong about that too? Never mind, it shouldn't have required an act of Congress to require accountants to do what their profession professes. Or am I missing something here?

As I said, this was a huge mother of a whale. I'll give you another two. Enron and Worldcom. In the case of Worldcom a ludicrously simple accounting 101 fraud that a junior auditor should have been able to sniff out in minutes. I mean capitalizing one billion dollars in running costs per quarter and somehow it all gets swept under the rug? Must be a really big rug.

And Enron. Fer fucks sakes all this monkey business razzle dazzle with off balance sheet entities and somehow it eludes notice that the whole pile of shit was bogus and couldn't meet financial obligations.

And I'll bet that these aren't just a couple bad apples.

Now you're talkin! How do you feel about great men like Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis being consigned to the dustbin of American History?

And remember, neither Be nor Zone ever answered your question about race.

Admit it: your heart swells at the sight of the stars and bars and the sweet notes of Look Away Dixie Land.

Yes, and also some rural and small town Whites in remote but still Blue States like Minnesota. They still believe what they see on TV and read in the Newspaper. For that matter, folks like that are in the remote Red States too. They believe Fox News instead of CNN. They've met no or few Blacks and are totally open to them based on Neo Con propaganda.

Because they're total hypocrites as I've long maintained. These "least racist whites" are the namby-pamby Left who like to be their own egalitarian PR firm yet when the facts of their lives are examined, they almost never walk their talk. Where they live tips their hand again. - E

Totally agree. Their attitude and what they really think is easily gleaned. Implicit in word and deed.

Well isn't this a nice little racist sewing circle. Does it make you losers feel better about yourselves to blame all your self-inflicted problems on people with slightly different skin color?

Yes, Ireland is strangely low for Northern Europe. Possible explanations: the best left, the best never married but became priest and monks ove the ages - thus lowering the collective IQ, and possibley the Pre-Celtic Population were low IQ and still exist - or at least their genes do.

The latter for India: the lower castes obviously have alot of Australoid (Abos) in them. These people once were widespread all thru South and Southeast Asia. A few of them still live in the jungles of Southern India. So India does have alot of smart people - and they try to avoid mating with the darkies. It does get complicated here though: there is evidence that a very dark race of Caucasians were there before the Aryans. The Austaloids didn't build those cities after all. So some of the Dravidians of South India are as dark as Negroes but have the sharp features and high foreheads of Caucasians. I assume they try to avoid the Australoid types - otherwise they would have been bred out already.

I differ with you and a lot of other people and a lot of other people on the role of bankers. Bankers I see as two bit whores that will do anything with anybody for a buck. Did they finance Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. I wouldn't doubt it. Did Hitler or Hirohito take marching orders from a bunch of fatsos in offices? No chance. The guys with power are the guys with guns. Bankers don't give these guys orders. Bankers take orders from them. Bankers shit themselves at the sight of them. A ledger full of entries can't kill. A loaded gun will.

Done for the day.

How do you feel about signing off for a few days, Vlad? It is getting mighty old when every other post here is from you, and it is the same old one string banjo as always.

Re-read my posts asshole. Maybe take a course in reading comprehension.

A few men have balls - fewer all the time I grant you. Jensen and Rushton are not hacks - they didn't get into Psychometrics as White Supremacists. They are surprised as anyone at what their research revealed. Arthur Jenson wasn't focusing on it all until he was commissioned by Harvard (could have been someone else as well) to study what could be done to up black student scores. His reply of "nothing" shocked the academic world and lead to persecution.

A Chinese Scientist named Lahn isolated the genetic combinations that make for high IQ a couple of years ago. Europe and North Asia have the most. Africa south of the Sahara not at all. He was hounded out of his research last I heard.

The racially focused Coffee Klatch is falling behind. It's Tuesday already and no venom yet about "da Jews".

I'll never forget when you admitted that I was right but asked "So what"? So what that we have twisted America out of shape for a race of people who have litte higher potential? So what if we let unqualified people in as doctors, engineers, firmen, policemen, IT, etc?

You are an increbilby uninspired and uninspiring individual who care not a whit about America but only about your ridiculous ideology.

Just to show my broadmindedness with people (like you) that apparently can't comprehend the clear meaning of posts or maybe get lost in sentences that contain more than ten words:

I argue against racism in word and deed.

I argue that race as a concept has no basis or very little basis in science.

I argue that concepts such as IQ test scores have limited worth or validity.

I argue that what ails black society in America has at its root a multitude of factors mostly economic, sociological and cultural as opposed to genetic.

I argue that race "science" is bunk. Nobody worth a damn will touch it.

Clear now? Or do you need more help with this?

Don't be such a moron. Jews do cause alot of trouble. Who do you think own the Fed?

It's people asleep at the wheel like you that have brought us to the brink of disaster.

So that's what really gives you meaning in life, Vlad, when someone on the internet seems to agree with you? Sad existence you must live.

Fine, I'll concede all that and more if you'll just GO AWAY.

"Jews do cause alot of trouble."

Get a job, loser.

Right. Wrong. It doesn't matter.

Blame the Jews. Blame the blacks. Blame the liberals. Blah blah blah. Same crap, different week.

You're still you, and that's a fact. Heaping scorn upon everyone else will not change it. Instead of blaming everyone else, go look in a mirror. I know, though, self-reflection is a real bummer when you're a jobless, friendless, racist loser.

This week's post didn't seem to be about race, but a lot of offensive and ignorant racist commentary is appearing.

Following Beantown Bill’s policy, this is a one-time post to make a rebuttal. I have zero interest in entering the CFN race wars, but feel a response is necessary due to the consistent posting of old data, based on old instruments.

The “IQ” numbers being thrown about are based on old data from the Wechsler and Stanford-Binet intelligence scales and are not supported by the latest research.

My preference would be that CFN stop promulgating bad data, though I realize CFN racism will probably not permit that.

I am not going to engage in an endless back and forth over IQ. Those who want to hang onto their 19th century racist beliefs will do so. Those who want to know the truth will find it.

Newer measurement instruments like the CAS (Cognitive Assessment System) or the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, Second Edition (KABC-II) are based on the CHC Gf-Gc theory (named after the principal theorists Cattell-Horn-Carroll).

The CHC model is theoretically grounded and has been validated and empirically supported through peer-reviewed studies published in academic journals. CHC is a three-tier model which measures eight broad abilities.

In studies of average populations of African American and Caucasian preschool children, when the variables of sex, age, and parental education were controlled, both groups obtained similar overall scores on the KABC-II composites, with neither group performing significantly higher than the other on measures of the KABC-II CHC broad abilities.

We can imagine better worlds, or die in the ovens of our own invention.

The sentimental attachment we have to places where life proceeds at a more humane pace, where the machine is a dependable servant to human values, that is the collective dream of those who resist the devouring engines of technology.

"Push, push, push" is the rhythm of a piston in a vehicle that is running a fast race to the nothingness at the edge of the ever-receding horizon of progress.

Your bitterness and anger and dismissal of these fond attachments to the simple ordinariness of common decency suggests to me that a reconciliation with your own humanity is the greatest challenge you are probably facing right now.

Oh, I'm sorry, Rhino. Instead of other races, you blame the "looney left." My bad.

The most serious issues we face today as a civilization have little to do with racial characteristics. These issues result from rapid technological changes. Cogent discussion would address true causes and courses of action and not include anti-Black/anti-Jewish commentaries. Prejudicial statements only distract from dealing with real problems.

I think Vlad and others are using our civilization's peril as an opportunity to vent their hateful beliefs and pursue their own agendas. Therefore, I'd label them, ironically, as black-hearted opportunists.

If the concept of racial IQs really bothered me, I would track down all past testings and current theories and come to my own conclusions, rather than depending on the statements of admitted racists and anti-semites. But since my rational mind tells me that human IQs are spread over a great range - from the low 20's to over 220 - race is not relevant to the main topics - that of peak resources and financial and political

I say shame on the good people here that tolerate such prejudicial claptrap. If no one ever responded to these unholy comments, then those making them would eventually go away.

"those making them would eventually go away"

I'm not convinced of this, but maybe it is worth a shot.

SFNATE, I truly appreciate your feelings about magic. I could live in such a world. When I was a boy, I vicariously lived on Barsoom through the writings of ERB. On this blog, I am known as a rationalist, but if you were to ask me if Barsoom exists, I would tell you that it does - somewhere in the omniverse.

Technological advancement is inevitable; it, through evolution, is what has made humans able to appreciate magic. Rather than decry technology, it would be better if you were to consider it as necessary for creation of magic. It is technology that will allow me to get to Barsoom.

But no matter what, don't let our culture break your heart.

Even if they don't go away, you would have trained yourself to ignore the garbage and allow yourself to stay on-topic.

I'd have to concur with all this. Over here in Denmark most people are away taking a few of their six weeks of annual holiday. Crisis - what crisis?

Anyway, here's the view from over here.


As far as I know, though, Denmark isn't exactly the epicenter of the European debt crisis...?

JHK said: And don't get me started on the Anglo-American clusterfuck

Speaking of the American clusterfuck, tomorrow the Senate will have a chance to show us where their priorities really lie — either with the top 2% or the other 98% of us.

We know the tax system is rigged in favor of the ultra-rich and corporations at the expense of the rest of us. Ending the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% is a good first step towards tax fairness.

Senate Democrats have a bill that will do just that, but the GOP refuses to make the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share.

The GOP believes that giving away $1 trillion in tax breaks to the richest 2% will create jobs. We believe the middle class is the engine of our economy and that when working people have money, they spend it, creating business and jobs.

Don't let the GOP hold 98% of us hostage. The Senate votes tomorrow! Tell your Senators to end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%.

It was bankers on Wall Street who are part of the 1% who got us into this mess. So why is it that the middle class are the ones cleaning it up? We need a balanced approach to our budget woes, and that means making the ultra-rich pay their fair share.

The Bush tax cuts always favored the rich. Where middle class families only saw a reduction of about $1,000, the richest 1% received 38% of the Bush tax cuts. Over ten years later and we never got the jobs that the right wing promised would trickle down. That’s because working people with good jobs drive the economy, not the 1%.

We need a fair tax system that works for the 99% of us who work hard and play by the rules, not the 1% who lobby hard and rewrite them.

Tell the Senate to stand with the middle class by ending the Bush tax cuts for the ultra-rich once and for all.

Kunstler says that Europeans are going to have their pleasant lives brought to a halt. Someone upthread countered Kunstler's view by saying that if things go wrong in Europe, Europeans will be able to cope. They're inured to hardship, after all.

An individual may become inured to hardship if he's been exposed to it himself. But he can't become inured to the hardship experienced by his father or his grandfather. Inurement to hardship is not a quality that's straightaway passed on in the genes.

Europeans who were adults in the middle of the twentieth century endured the depression of the thirties as well as World War Two. The present population of Western Europe has been forced to endure beautiful tree-lined boulevards, outdoor cafes, Club Med, the welfare state. If the collapse predicted Kunstler becomes a reality, these people are not going to fare well.

Regarding taxes: we had no federal income tax in this country before the Twentieth century. Nor is there anything sacred about the progressive income tax structure. Personally, I would prefer we move toward a tax system based on consumption.

'if the collapse [predicted] Kunstler becomes a reality, these people are not going to fare well.'

'The people got fat and lazy
Their vote is a meaningless joke'

John Kay/ Steppenwolf, circa 1968

Let’s face it, most people don’t have too much interest in complicated geopolitical events, especially ones that involve finance. It then takes something big to crack and the sight of soldiers on the streets and empty shelves before people realise something’s up. By then it’s too late to do anything about it and it just becomes a case of letting the massive forces unleashed by the tectonic plates of empire and economics (and now, environment - corn harvest anyone?) to do their work.

We's still crazy after all these years !!!

That's why we are called yeast people.

Always best to not feed the trolls, something even the best of us can forget. As far as silence driving asshole racist comments away, mental illness is not so easily defeated.

Is it taboo to discuss IQ? Race? Race and IQ?

'I would prefer we move toward a tax system based on consumption.'
Regressive tax? Since many spend their wages on food and rent. Have you heard a saying 'most are a paycheck from homelessness' or some-such?

I dont have the desire to go back thru 2012 posts
here from Jan-Feb.

There Turkle said something related to 'Blacks and violence'.
El'hero came back with something like, 'listen shit for a brain, black violence is off the charts'.

And with that Mr T. didnt post much for a month or three.

I see some positive signs or characteristics that would make Europe more likely to weather TLE in style.

The countries there are basically demilitarized. Most do have militaries, but they are limited and small. They are unlikely to be deployed against other European countries, because there is no incentive. All their economies are linked together, so invading one's neighor would be shooting oneself in the foot. People there also do not maintain the kind of jingoist patriotic attitudes that you see here, and thus they are reluctant to use violence as a first resort.

The citizenry themselves are not armed to the teeth, as in the US. To me, a country loaded with firearms and ammo is not the place to be when order breaks down. I would much rather be in a broken down Spain or Greece than in a similarly distressed US.

The infrastructure there is generally built around public transit. Many people don't need to own cars and can take trains. There are many small towns and cities that are walkable. Again, the contrast with the US is striking. Imagine trying to live in most US cities without a car. It would be difficult or at least require a lot of lifestyle changes.

Their economies are generally stagnant, and in some cases, failing, as in Spain and Greece. Yet as an integrated economic and monetary zone, the poorer countries can be pulled along by emergency bank measures. But certainly, this is one of the current major failings of Europe. Its monetary policy has severe flaws.

The social programs that you mention are unlikely to disappear, though they might be scaled back. But universal health care and benefits like unemployment insurance will surely stick around in some form or another. Again, I consider this a strength. If and when the TLE hits, do you want to be someplace where citizens can at least get the basics? Or would you rather be someplace where social services are considered communism and most everyone is expected to fend for themselves?

Europe does not have the huge, poor criminal underclass as exists in the US, mostly due to their progressive social policies. People there simply don't need to turn to crime in order to survive, as a general rule. This is another major contrast with the US, where many criminals and gang members claim that they only entered a life of crime in order survive.

Now Europe also has major weaknesses that the US doesn't suffer from, at least not yet. Top of my list would be energy dependence upon a fickle and basically authoritarian Russia. This is an "all eggs in one basket" scenario for many European countries, though some have far better energy independence than others (Denmark, etc.).

Anyways, Europe wouldn't exactly be the worst place to end up should the S hit the proverbial fan, at least not in my opinion.

"And with that Mr T. didnt post much for a month or three."

Let me say it again, you complete maroon. Because apparently you missed it the first time, several weeks back.

Correlation is not causation. Simply because I was in some exchange prior to a hiatus does not mean that this caused me to leave for awhile. It didn't. If it did, I would admit it. Believe it or not, sometimes I have better things to do than post here, which is not an insult at the consistent weekly posters, just a statement of fact. Imagine that, not posting to CFN for a week?! Perhaps I was on vacation for awhile. Whatever. Why do you care so much?

I also don't get all that offended or hurt when someone argues with me on the internet and appears to win the debate. I take it in stride. No harm done. I might even change my opinion, you know, like a rational person. Not that it ultimately matters at all.

In regards to the actual topic you mention, how was I defeated? From what I recall, we were more talking past each other. I was talking about root causes of violence, while the other guy was more concerned with the statistics. But I don't recall being savagely defeated in a debate. I might have even ended up agreeing with E.

Anyways, perhaps I should leave forever. Would that make you warm and happy, soaky? Then you could gloat forevermore.

I'll never forget when you admitted that I was right but asked "So what"?


Yes, Vlad, it doesn't matter if you win an argument on the internet. You're still a loser.

Sure we'll shut up - as soon as all Laws discriminationg against White Men are repealed. There will be no need to talk about Race once Blacks are isolated again and doing the menial work for which the are suited. The few exceptions can become their Elite and make decisons and liason with Whites who deal with them.

Jews founded the NAACP to use Blacks as a battering ram against White Culture. This is well known to both Blacks and Whites who have looked into it. Never again will we let you have the freedom to do such thing. Kapiche? The big fun is over.

You don't even try to argue anymore. All you have is slander - an eloquent admission of defeat.

Of course you hate me - I've proved your black god is subhuman. And what does that say about you?

There is no real defeat here, Vlad, just pixels on a screen, though thinking that you've "won" apparently provides a lot of wind to puff up your ridiculously inflated ego.

I'm guessing your empty, lonely shell of a life doesn't provide much in the way of positive personal reenforcement, so you come here to feed the beast. Better than nothing, I guess.

You hang out with people who have IQ's in the 20's? Guess you want to be a their god....

Only smart people with IQ's well above 100 have any chance of solving our problems. Only such individuals should have the right to vote.

The point is, Vlad, even if everything you write about race and culture is 100% correct (which it isn't), it doesn't matter at all. You can't change any of it. Society will not pivot 180 degrees and return to the mores and modes of 1790 simply because Vlad Krapski disapproves of the modern era.

You deflect blame onto others rather than face the fact that you're not a successful or socially acceptable person. In your mind, it must be the fault of group X, Y, or Z (the Joos, the blacks, the liberals, blah blah blah blah blah), not a function of your own severe personal failings and laziness. Because if the latter were something you could admit to yourself, well, then you'd also have to admit that you're not actually any better than any of the groups you denigrate here on a daily.

Or, hey, if I'm not getting the psychological profile right, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Your black god failed you Turk - thus your bitterness. You worshiped something lower than yourself. And now you try to cover your shame with the shreds of your dignity.

"Only smart people with IQ's well above 100 have any chance of solving our problems. Only such individuals should have the right to vote."

Here we go again with the if-Vlad-was-dictator-of-the-universe nonsense.

And BTW the best bet at solving your personal problems would be some intense and extended work with a clinical psychologist. And, no, I am not joking.

I don't have any personal gods, dingus. Get a grip.

Isn't it funny how anyone who disagrees with Kraps and his incessant, annoying, racist, intellectually backward drivel must be a commie pinko liberal who worships the black god? I guess it is just some huge coincidence, or perhaps he likes to paint everyone with the same brush. Because its the only one he's got.

"We need a balanced approach to our budget woes, and that means making the ultra-rich pay their fair share."

Could you please share what this "fair share" would be?

"How do you feel about signing off for a few days, Vlad? "

Why don't you as well, dickhead? You keep engaging the creep. Get lost.

I don't recall asking your permission to castigate the village idiot, nor do I need it. I've been in these parts for years. Don't like it? You get lost.

You blamed Laddy for every other post. Well yours are the "other" of the every other. So, shut the fuck up, spent, douche bag effluent.

"I've been in these parts for years."

So, being a moron "in these parts for years" has entitled you to a vacation. Take one. Now. You've earned it (dick-lick).


I attempt to chastise him into shamed silence. But perhaps you're right. Maybe the only winning move is not to play.

That would be, little laddie lederhosen (Vladdy in his preferred garb).

Could you please share what this "fair share" would be?

Yes, and thank you for your polite request.

I posted this last week, but perhaps you missed it.

tax the bastards earning less than $250,000 when they spend or gamble (speculate) with the money. Tax earnings over $250,000 at 95%.

A financial transaction (or speculation) tax, would apply to trades in stocks, bonds, currencies and derivatives. The tax would generate 50 cents for every $100 traded. According to a 2009 report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the transaction tax could raise as much as $350 billion per year.

I would also support going back to the 1950's marginal tax rate on the rich. In the golden age of Eisenhower in the 1950's people with incomes over $200,000 paid a 95% marginal tax rate.


It is a good Republican solution that worked for the country during the Eisenhower administration.

And now I have reached three posts today, which Iona Laundramat suggests should be my limit. Even though I posted zero times yesterday, this will be my last post of the day, to show Iona that I have a life, have a blissful meditation practice, and have complete control over my internet usage.

Another facet, unacknowledged and uninterpreted:


(Personally, I blame it all on the poverty-stricken. That's who I'm going after first, ga-dam 'em!)

I think I may know you by your obsession with feminine hygiene products. Have you posted here under other handles before, like oneEyeOpen or notTheMama? Could be wrong, but it smells like you.

You know the real problem with this comments section is that there is no nesting of replies under the original comments. There's also no way to ignore other users. I wonder if Jimmy is every going to get proper blogging software that wasn't written in 1998.

" Prejudicial statements only distract from dealing with real problems." -BTB

And wouldn't that be ENTIRELY the FUCKIN' POINT??
My suspicions lead me to say, "yep". (Opinions [and your mileage] may vary.)


Isn't it always that way.

Those poor people are always screwing everything up!

'Zactly! When is someone going to DO something about it, tha's whut I wanna know. Why, there oughta be a law... or several, come to think on it.

Isn't it already illegal to be poor in the US? In fact, I believe there are a lot of people in prison for that very reason.

Thanks for bringing the discussion back on-topic, O3. First, I'd like to say I do believe the planet is PROBABLY heating up long-term. It makes sense to me because 7 billion humans in a relatively advanced technological society produce such a huge amount of heat energy that must go somewhere - in the oceans, the atmosphere, and in the top layers of the Earth, that these systems cannot maintain a stable temperature.

But I say "probably" because it takes a long period of time to truly determine whether or not climate change is really occurring, over 100 or 200 years. I use the term climate change because it implies a condition that has resulted from Earth's global warming.

I think it's important to distinguish between climate change and global warming. One is the result of the other. I'm not really sure whether we know the magnitude of the relationship between the two. Can we have global temperatures rise 7 or 8 degrees, yet still have mild or moderate climate change? For every degree of increase, how many species go extinct? We have models that can give us numbers, but they are just numbers.

Change the model, and the numbers change, too. Which is the most accurate model at present?

Some other questions are:

At what point is continued human existence threatened?

How will global warming lay out on a graph? Is it straight line, exponential, or will it level off?

Can global warming set off an ice age (I think it can)?

Could global warming actually be beneficial, up to some point (e.g., warmer climate = more lush vegetation = less CO2 pollution = less warming = Earth's self-regulation)?

I end this comment by again saying I believe we're probably experiencing climate change, but I don't think we can definitely say how it's going to play out. It's premature to state the end is near.

Good point, Turkle. That way, most of the posts we despise could be nested together and ignored, en masse.

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"There's an Us vs. Them mentality out there that's cutting both ways, but I suspect your sympathies are heavily weighted towards "the law", having (perhaps) never been a victim of its excesses."

Au contraire, O3. I had my share of run-ins with the gendarmes, back in my (somewhat) misspent youth. One memorable occasion found me surrounded by plainclothes detectives, on the wrong end of 5 or 6 drawn service weapons. I was deep in the woods, literally and figuratively, at a condominium complex that had been abandoned in the (now) unremembered Atlanta real estate collapse of the 1970's.

Before the resident..impediment shouts, "It's a good thing you weren't black, they would have killed you and then beaten you and then arrested you..." let me add that there was zero risk of that.


Because they weren't looking for a black guy.
They were looking for a white dude who somewhat matched my description.

But they were heavily armed, in rough looking plainclothes. For a few minutes, I was thinking I was as good as dead - or worse. I can frankly say that I've never been so glad to see an official ID in my life, as I was when one of them finally coughed up a badge and ID. And it was still a long interrogation, some careful examinations of of my own ID, and some fast talking on my part - before they finally turned me loose.

So no, I don't appreciate the "us vs. them" meme that is being perpetrated by the media and the professional black/brown grievance coalition.

We're seeing it with Zimmerman/Martin.

We saw it operating in real- time as a justification for the beer bottle throwing and dumpster burning that is UNSEEN in your Anaheim video of the police response to that beer bottle throwing.

"...the posts we despise could be nested together and ignored, en masse."

Bill, I'm not sure it is a good idea to think that those with whom we disagree - are always wrong - or that they should be ignored.

"..your obsession with feminine hygiene products"

That's very funny, Turk.
And I needed a laugh.

I've been thinking for some time that "mystified" is, indeed, OEO/NotMommy/TootSie.


You are correct. Climate change is a real crap shoot.

One possibility is that Europe will freeze while the rest of the world will roast.

Also, the timing is anyone's guess. If the tundra thaws and starts spitting out methane things will change rapidly.

The recent surface melt of the Greenland ice sheet may possibly be a bad sign, or it might be nothing.

The climate is so complex and chaotic that we are just beginning to get a handle on it.

Fortunately for the human race, we are the most adaptable species on the planet and some humans will survive pretty much anything.

The acidification of the oceans by CO2, and overfishing is beginning to look too much like the movie Soylent Green.

dual's running style is just not conducive to the long work. He can have trouble remaining healthy as well as some insurance will be a good theory.

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The Chiefs offered Jarius Wright plus Juron Criner. Wright contains the skills to set into an excellent slot beneficiary and won't have Wylie's broad injury past. Criner is lacking in speed, but your dog consistently found the conclusion zone (thirty two scoring receptions located at Arizona Say) through college. The jury remains out upon whether Shiny Cassel is a long-term reply to at quarterback for any Chiefs. Nonetheless, regardless whom the quarterback is definitely, the Chiefs have to have some tec

My comment to that, Procon, is it's not whether I agree or disagree, it's just that I don't like to discuss that subject matter for reasons of which you are well aware. I'm sure there are subjects you don't want to discuss, as well. As long as the subject is one I'm interested in, I can comment on it even if I don't agree with the poster.

If the conveyor belt goes flooey so that the warm waters of the Gulf recede from Europe, then Europe is toast. While we sweat in 120 degree temps here, the Europeans favorite expression will be Mush! Mush! On you huskies!

I never met a diatom I didn't like. If acidification gets worse, Soylent Green will seem like a banquet.

But as you say, we really don't know what will go down.

I wonder why they called it "Operation Artichoke"?


Yes, Europe does possess amenities that would make a collapse less painful there than here. But a shutdown of electric power caused by a shutdown in the oil supply would make daily life in Europe's big cities really nasty. You mention public transport and government largesse as two of the amenities that would soften the blow. The disappearance of electrical power would kill the both of them. Other necessaries that would die: airports, highway traffic control, hospital operating-rooms, elevators. You and anyone else familiar with urban life can add a dozen more items to the list.

Why do I have a bee in my bonnet about a disruption in the electrical supply? Because that would be exactly the result if Europe were to stop receiving oil. This blog and others maintain that an oil cut is in the cards.

The energy from Russia that you mention - this is natural gas, no? Even if this were used for the generation of electricity, it likely couldn't fill the gaping hole left behind if neither coal nor nuclear plants were able to run. And in the absence of oil they wouldn't run: no coal supplied, no nuclear rods (or whatever) cooled down.

As for criminal gangs, Europe has numerous mafias. In the event of a collapse, these mafias and their effects would massively grow. Overall though, you're probably right. Europe would be better than here.

Glad to see that it is void of amateurish “that’s-what-I-see” narrative that most of “weekend” painters fall into


As always you reveal a considerable depth of knowledge. And yes, it's a constant struggle to resist the urge to render every little detail, or as Delacroix wrote in seeking to annoy the pedantic adherents of late Neoclassicism, mimic those who 'would also paint the back of their canvass'. And yet. the groping for detail seems to be genetically hardwired into our beings, as a glance at any child's drawing, sharply incised with facial features and devoid of structural underpinnings, reveals.

I'll never forget the time a master carver I was training with took the chisel out a female student's hand and removed with one sweep of a very large gouge all the detail she had laboriously fretted over and of which she was extremely proud. He basically told her to establish the underlying movement before she embellished the surface, which was priceless advice. But she had a fragile ego and the advice was not well received. Needless to say, she never developed into a good carver.

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Nothing like pissing in the wind; say hi to Ralph Nader for me. Now shut up and give me your gas.

Might as well vote for me. Confused cat probably wants everyone to sponsor a starving African child too.

  [Yonhap first Seoul, July 19] Department of Defense on the 19th release of the report show the Government to take measures to try to curb the soldiers to the growing rise of suicide momentum, but the 2011 suicide of active duty soldiers the number is still to achieve a five-year peak .
  The data show that South Korea a total of 97 soldiers committed suicide last year --- including 75 Army, 16 Navy, the Air Force, while in 2010 the number of suicides was 82 in 2008 and 2006, respectively, 75 and 77.  solar LED light
  Government and military has taken various measures to reduce the soldiers were beaten and bullying. But military officials say physical abuse is still a way as to establish discipline, and this is one of the main reasons leading to suicide.
  A Defense Department official said: "The professional adviser is to collect complaints from the soldiers, senior military officers is also the implementation of suicide prevention measures, and personality test to identify soldiers with suicidal tendencies, as one of the means of suicide prevention."
 Bridesmaid Dress

Silencing those whom they hate and only showing what they choose is how the Jews came to power.

Their whole coverage of the Martin Luther Kings marches was a masterpiece of inciting hatred of Liberal Whites and Blacks against Southern Conservatative Whites - and all non Liberal Whites by extension. Guilt by association is another one of their specialties. You disagree with busing? You're a KKK sympathizer if a secret member even. Don't agree with the WW2? Nazi or Nazi sympathizer. And we fell for it - all of it. And look where we are now.

In other words, he "raped" her....

C.S Lewis remarked that a woman had a right not to marry if she didn't want to surrender to a man in all his crudity and frailty. But she then must ultimately surrender to God - a much more Masculine force than any man.

This is S-P-O-O-K-Y:


S-P-O-O-K-Y, Not art.

Dammit, give us a 100 to 1000 word synopsis.

Compare this comment with his Turk's mocking me for not having a job. Consistency is the not hobgoblin of this little mind.


It's, "Vulture Capitalists." What is this sick and twisted need to Vamp Twilite?!...

"Ain't no way of knowing!!!"

I hate charity porn too. Little kids with flies on their face - as if it's our fault.

There may be hope for you if you can stay connected with this aspect of your personality.

What's up with the Jackson's? Just heard that Janet slapped Paris in the face and Paris slapped her back saying "get the fuck out of here".

I'm very proud of Paris - a fiery young White girl. As Jim said, not a Black feature to be seen on any of the kids. They may be half Jewish as some think a Jewish friend did the stud service that Mike was incapable of.

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I wonder why they called it "Operation Artichoke"?

I wonder what would happen if one was amongst a group of Operation Artichoke subjects and uttered the word "artichoke"?


"I thought of Connecticut as Suburban Wonderland"-AntiSoak

You can be forgiven for thinking that, antisoak. That's the image that's portrayed in the NY media, as many of the media honchos live in semirural SW Connecticut, which is within commuting distance by train to Manhattan. Did you see the film, released in 2010, 'Revolutionary Road"?

Not to state the obvious, but this is probably the most liberal place in the union, with generous welfare benefits that exceed anywhere else in North America. All you have to do is show up. Combine that with 'Sanctuary City' status that our urban areas have designated for themselves, well, you can imagine the results. I don't have to spell it out for you.

AntoSoak, how 'bout your neck-of-the-woods, Southern California. I picture Beach Boys riding round in wood panelled '59 Studebakers, surfboards strapped to the roof, ubiquitous sunshine, bikini clad honeyblonds playing volleyball on the beach ... one big party! Please don't tell me I have it wrong and burst my bubble!


When Jim ended this weeks blog "Enjoy your vacation", do you think he was being facetious? provocative? or what? Or maybe he really meant it, despite everything.


Patrizza is correct: jhk's claim that the money "just isn't there" is erroneous since nations can simply print what's owed.

it's what's been done since 2008 (at least) and where's armageddon?

i don't like these masters of the universe any more than the rest of the real-money chorus, but you gotta give 'em credit for staving off an implosion, to the degree they've been successful.

the only failures these days to money 'running out' are those enterprises which aren't politically connected enuf to get bailout funds.

Portugal has been bankrupt for years...it's still a going concern.
Spain has been bankrupt for years...it's still a going concern.
Ireland has been bankrupt for years...it's still a going concern.
Italy has been bankrupt for years...it's still a going concern.
Greece has been bankrupt for years...it's still a going concern.

The fact that money can be created at will fundamentally enhances the ability to have economic life go on in perpetuity without collapse.

There may be some inflationary consequences to injecting enormous amounts of capital into circulation - but since most of the transactions aren't directed at circulating cash this hasn't shown up to any significant extent.

Kudos to the money masters.

peace peaceniks

PS jhk gives us another timely warning in this week's epistle: "Events will be pinging around the reality-scape good and hard in a few weeks."

Well, we're done to the last few weeks then...

All four, I guess. (Especially the 'or what' part.)
He's served up a refreshing emetic of ambiguity...
Na Zdrovia!

The Other Side of the Anaheim clusterfuck is all newsy and stuff today if you care to check it out, so regardless of whether we appreciate Us vs. Them or not, there it is. The Press is doing a fine job of, "No nuance for you, Lumpen-fucks." Notice in the chopper vid the giant Anarchy symbol layout of streets that briefly appears to the right. ;o)

(And thanks for the slice of misspent yout'; had a similar run-in relating to a local robbery.)

Ps. No need to reply to this, as things are going to develop [insanely] whether we want them to or not. Jam47 @ 10:56pm has a post that relates regarding swell big-city livin', Euro future-style; there's a reason we don't live in one, I suspect.

Holy Shit, Batman!
Here's a truly amazing thermal image of the area of Greenland surface-melt in a FOUR DAY period.


That don't mean us or the Yeripeens no good. If the Haline Conveyor of the Gulf Stream shuts off (due to freshwater melt) it's big, bad cold for us.

Now, other experts opine that a slow-down of the G.S. could mitigate the effects of global warming, cooling things back down to "normal" temperatures in these regions.

Vulture capitalism is not an accurate description of what leveraged buyout companies do. (now called "private equity) The companies they buy are NOT dead! They have just done such awful things as paying too many workers too much, or put more than the bare minimum in the retirement accounts. In other words the management gave a damn about their employees.

An LBO takes a company that is worth more than its stock price and then sucks the blood out of it. Also, the private equity company collects huge fees for firing workers, slashing pay and benefits, raiding the retirement funds and any other assets they can. Then the debt used to buy the company is transferred to the company. The temporary savings in salaries bumps the stock price and they sell it at a profit.

There are also many other tricks. Bain and another company bought Clear Channel and are now planning to borrow $2 billion to pay $6 per share dividends. Of course Clear Channel is stuck with the debt.

In this case they might do something good, since the destruction of Clear Channel would be an improvement.

In contrast vultures eat only dead animals an perform a useful service to the environment. Thus calling Romney a vulture capitalist is a massive insult to vultures everywhere. Also, vultures only eat as much as they need, they don't pile up millions of dead animals in offshore accounts.

"...vultures eat only dead animals an perform a useful service to the environment. Thus calling Romney a vulture capitalist is a massive insult to vultures everywhere. Also, vultures only eat as much as they need, they don't pile up millions of dead animals in offshore accounts."

LOL (Good one, Muddy.)

A country looks sorta like a bar fight waiting to happen. (Paraphrasing Fred.)
A little something for the whole fan-damn-ly from Fred here. Bring the kids!


Hey, some folks seem to be loving their country plumb to death...

We had Grand Theft Auto LA that left us sleepless at the ghastliness of US pop culture. Then Grand Theft Wall Street that left us financially paralysed, and now GRAND THEFT WASHINGTON in which the whole planet gets screwed to shit by a bunch of moron controlled computers.If I wasn't battling to feed my family I might find it funny!

In other words, he "raped" her....

Actually, "raping" her would have been to ignore her; to not provide any instruction and more or less flatter her ego. Bottom line: her cup was full and she wanted praise.

Years later I saw her working at a local lumber store and with a rather snide smirk on her face she asked me how the carving biz was going. I responded with a request for a few hundred board feet of eight quarter basswood and her question was answered, much to her obvious, disdainful chagrin.

But at least she was somewhat sincere in her aspirations. Nowadays, seemingly every rich and bored housewife residing in that sweet spot of no kids at home and the hubby not yet retired wants to be an "artist". They have also become the rainmakers for workshop artists charging fifteen hundred bucks a week. One can recognize the typical lass out to rediscover her artistic roots as she sets up her spotless five hundred dollar plein air easel no more than a few feet from her state-of-the-art SUV which is parked on some embankment out "in the wilderness".

I'm absolutely positive a glowing Oprah special is coming around the bend on the subject, but it at feels like more of that contrived, self-absorbed decadence infecting the country.

I'm worried that there might be a Psy Op false flag during the London Olympics.

Is it true that in some U.S. states that it's illegal to cook and eat freshly-killed "Road Kill"?

I was driving through some back roads in rural upstate New York late one night recently, and I saw 2 aliens from outer space fucking on the side of the road.

Details, details.
Any of your Utah painter’s works that you recently linked to would be easily passed by for “well detailed” Kinkade by most folks if we are to judge by his enormous commercial success.
Despite bad composition, awkward illumination and illogical settings (Church steps leading straight into rushing creek) his paintings, I guess, conveys a message that they are result of long and hard work, reminiscent of embroidery and long evenings spent to produce it.
Mindless piling of badly executed “details” is the only visual language that his admirers can relate to, so when some of them venture out to “express” themselves as a weekend painters they bring that language with them.
Extremely detailed work, like Andrew Wyeth’s for example, not only superbly executed but where each detail was managed to relate to entire composition is a different story. Akin to Tiger Woods, that he knows all the time where face of his golf club is, or Lionel Messi’s mental picture of entire Barcelona team in the heat of the game…
Suspect that detailed carving work in your story may have been also an “island by itself” that irritated the instructor…


Ah, never mind. I talked to my dad recently out in Iowa. He's a global player in industrial conventional pork, and he sounded pretty nervous about the corn crop failing all over the midwest. Said they were already baling failed corn in Illinois, with Iowa (et al, ostensibly) close behind.

I'll be curious to see what happens to the waste-of-energy corn ethanol industry when the world is faced with tangible food shortages. Any chance we could dump this nonsense for good?

California is the first 'Sanctuary State'!
Mama would talk about how long ago [1945?] when gas was rationed one of our family bought a place in Litchfield, that was considered a farm. Farmers could buy unlimited gas.

Farms in Litchfield!!!!

I read that yr neighbors, Marlo and Phil bought a 10? million dollar place, was it to tear it down so the could see the Atlantic.

Meanwhile on public radio they program
us for the future...this AM:

Ship demolition is big in Brownsville. The latrinos are paid 10$ an hour. 1000+ are employed.
The scrap was send by train to Mexico.
But it was all stolen. Now its send by ship.
They even put soldered beams across the containers, but the trains still showed up with empty cargo containers.Those wily Mexicans.
The concern is owned by Indians

NPR puts a 'happy face' on our grim future.
Like when they talk of a chopstick factory
[the old growth in BC is being cut for chopsticks]

The factory, in USA, ships the CS to China, where they are used once and tossed 'away' [but in a closed system, there is no 'throwing something away'].

Meanwhile here, theres been riots near Disneyland,
the magic kingdom, the happiest place!

Sorry for barging.
Thought this link and analysis well worth the read.
The summer breeze whispers a warning to us all, starting with financial schemes in the Eurozone.


Basically, the [very] bad news is being doled out "boiling frog" style to those staring down the barrel of de facto default.

Also, 20 years ago, a rich guy from there told me, 'Conn has the highest % of millionaires of all the states'.

Just to clarify, for anyone who might not know, EROEI is an illuminating metric for comparing one energy source with another.

For oil at its easiest, our energy investements were returning about a 100:1 yield. For every calorie of energy we invested in harvesting that pressurized, near-surface, light sweet crude, we got back about 100 calories of energy to use for whatever we felt like.

Today petroleum production yields about 50:1.

Corn ethanol returns about 1.6:1

That means that the one must be reinvested in energy capture just to produce the same yield next year, leaving only the 0.6 to run all the other affairs of industrial culture.

A return of 0.6 versus 49-ish (50 minus the one required to do it again). Make mine ethanol-free, thank you very much. And with any luck, we'll be making everyone's ethanol-free pretty soon...

This week L.A. Times has a series on the worlds population explosion.
No mention that US population could be kept at
320 M, if we ended immigration.

Amazingly CARE is still feeding the poor.
In Uttar Pradesh they have 3000+ centers.

The cover of the paper has an Indian couple, married and parents at age 13.

Indian may be the first country with 2 billion people.

USA set to have 400-500 million by 2050.
So by time you are the age of JHK, the population of US will have doubled or tripled, in yr 60 or so years. Thats scary!!!!

I had thought about that aspect too. Will an interesting face-off occur between the military bio-diesel cadre and Big Ag's need for corn syrup to fatten the Soylent stock?
Stay curious!
(This gob-smacking nonsense will be dumped when no longer profitable, and not before it has wrecked the very land that it stands upon.)

"[but in a closed system, there is no 'throwing something away']."

Perhaps there is no quantitative difference, but there is a big qualitative difference between millions of pairs of rotting chopsticks and an old growth forest that took 1000 years to develop...

Hey Tripp!
I checked out your latest smallbatch blog post.
Looks like things are going well for you folks.

I'm still planning a trip over there - just as soon as I can get "reality" to stop interfering with my desire to travel north Georgia and learn something about permaculture. What have you found in the way of a local butcher for local grass-fed beef?

I've still got the food grade barrels, and I'll plan to bring them with me unless you tell me not to. I'll shoot you and email or give you a call a week or two prior to coming over. Have you still got that same cellphone number, by chance?

Also - In a report to CFN at large on my black bean and pinto bean growing efforts. Those two beans (planted from standard grocery store dried beans off the shelf) are hugely productive and fast growing. I had no problem with bugs, heat, or drought. I've now got a second crop growing from some of the saved seeds from the first crop.
They look good, too.

Regarding corn into ethanol fuel. Yeah, what a debacle. Add into that that I scrapped out a chain saw during an effort to rebuild the fuel system - ruined by gasohol. Plus I spent $600 rebuilding the carbs on a 50 hp Nissan 4-stroke outboard.

Magnify those sorts of expenses by the billions of small engines in the US - and you're looking at some serious money, money that is not even considered by the corn lobbyists and their whores in govt.

My brother-in-law now runs only premium gas in his small engines, but I wonder if that has the ethanol in it, anyway. ?

I may start buying aviation gas at the local airport. It's expensive, but look at what I'm wasting on small engine repairs.

Other ideas, anyone?
My luck with fuel stabilizers has been marginal, at best.

Big Mil biodiesel versus Big Ag HFCS

Now on Pay-per-View!!

Watch the battle of the heavyweights this fall on...well, every channel on TV and radio!

[I can't wait to see the awesome spin-doctoring this one will produce.]

P.S. Listened to your CD yesterday. Once again, good stuff!

Is our good buddy from the Golden Land of Great Leaders, a la Ronnie and Ah-nuld, attempting to make some kind of point or another about Ct., or what?

Howdy, C!

Got to run now, but please do come on over for a visit soon. Same cell #, yes.

You make some damn fine points about the actual costs of ethanol. Factor those in and I'm guessing the (probably rosy already) numbers from the industry become a wash at best!

Wonderful to hear about your bean growing efforts! We might be living with you guys if things go south in a hurry;)

Tripp out.

Thanks for the bean update! I've got just enough season to give 'em a try.

As to gasoline, I dunno either (although RT says he always uses av-gas for those applications). Not sure if scrupulously cleaning air filters helps or not, but I've been doing that.
Let us know what you find out.

I'll shoot you and email or give you a call a week or two prior to coming over.

It seems the emailing, calling and coming over would all be for naught.

What a creep. You played in perfectly and she had it coming. You'd think she just say hi and do her job but she insisted on humiliating herself. She obviously hasn't grown since she studied with your teacher.

Woman is hopelessly egotistical - usually in a narcicistic way. The story of Adam and Eve shows this perfectly. Eve thought she was special - and thus ceased to be so. And then she brought down Adam - women are often men's achilles heel.

Hazyrat Khan appointed Ivy O'Duce as his succesor in the West, but with one stipulation: she never defend herself against her critics in any way. She was criticized in India by the Traditionalists, and she fell into endless argument and bile. Another fall of woman. Later she turned her organization over to Meher Baba if memory serves. He told her to keep quiet and she did. Her student Sam Lewis (Sufi Sam) was amazed that she would obey him but refused to obey her Master. Of course, perhaps the difference is illusion and she was being given another chance.

"Not to state the obvious, but this is probably the most liberal place in the union"

So youse all gotz medical weed, "Youth In Asia," and Ghey marriage?!... That's *wut* I thought/./

Not to *spam* (I'll leave that to kramps and soker), but did anyone hear about this *2 year anniversary* Horizon special? At least they're scapegoating *someone* (the guy who came in afterwards to *CLEAN UP BP'S MESS*)...


...waste-of-energy corn ethanol industry when the world is faced with tangible food shortages. Any chance we could dump this nonsense for good?

We can only hope, but not with Obama in office. At least McCain had the courage to tell the truth about this boondoggle and not use it to cater to ag voters.

LONDON – Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou was banished from the Olympic Games on Wednesday after making racist comments and expressing right-wing sentiments on Twitter. ... Papachristou, 23, made a racist and tasteless comment on her Twitter account, @papaxristoutj, that highlighted the number of African immigrants in Greece.

“With so many Africans in Greece … at least the West Nile mosquitos will eat homemade food!!!,” Papachristou wrote.

More world events to outrage a small segment of the population. You know, those that won't accept or don't like diversity.

that tax would work if you took in to acount how much someone would need to make in 2012 dollars to equal the value of 1950's dollar. someone who makes $ 200,000 in todays dollars is not rich and should not be punished for making a living.

"Said they were already baling failed corn in Illinois, with Iowa (et al, ostensibly) close behind."

I whuz under the impression that all that "subsidized" corn syrup/hydrogenated corn oil (soy?!...) product was also federally insured...

Haha, 'twill be funny seeing that over-processed, freezer-packaged poison (dry as well - *frosted* corn flakes) price up an order of magnitude!!!

How are those aquifers holding out (wink)?

LIBOR scandal? Isn't that where the US FED set the 10 year rate at 1.4%?!...

"tax the bastards earning less than $250,000 when they spend or gamble (speculate) with the money. Tax earnings over $250,000 at 95%."

Speculate? When one starts a business, they are gambling their money and time and sometimes the money and time of other investors. If they "win" through hard work they EARN a profit. In their pursuit of a profit they employ themselves and others in the process. But you want to tax the "bastards". Would that be so more people can join the rolls of the unemployed? Brilliant!

Re the magical $250,000 figure and money over that amount being taxed at 95%. Lets assume asoka (and this is a fucking stretch) makes 250,000. He puts in his time, does what he does, and for what ever his reasons, decides that his is unwilling to put forth any more effort to earn any more than 250,000. Fine. That is his choice. But his neighbor decides, for whatever his reasons, that he wants to put forth more effort than asoka ( maybe he has three kids he's putting through college, a parent he is taking care of, or horror of horrors, likes to travel or wants to buy a vacation home ). He busts his ass for however more it takes, to earn 350,000. But asoka wants the government to take 95,000 out of the extra 100,000 that his neighbor makes. What possible logic can justify this action?

Answer: none.

Now shut up. You are a lay-about, worthless leech. Admit it and move on.

"fever dream in their hour of desperation"

Me Likey Fever Dreams!!! Thumbs Up!!!

"You know the real problem with this comments section..."

...is that once you get going you can't control yourself. You share your infinite stupidity, in an almost endless discussion loop, with, for the most part, yourself. Try talking to yourself in the mirror instead.

"Fine, I'll concede all that..."

Really? Well that would be because you are an unprincipled piece of fuck. But we knew that.

U gotta love MSM these days. Anytime you tune in to CNN or the *other two* it's almost 98% *ROMNEY*. F*k that (polygamist/)rat breeder, already. (Q loves his horse-shitty up-CNBC!)

One can only hope a 3rd party with a decent *line* (tea baggers? haha occupy) has a write-in candidate *agenda*...

Is JHK saying that Aurora Century-16 is a celebration of the new America. Run and managed by the NRA. Yippe.YipEE YIPEE!! Celebrations!! And Fireworks!! Do we have to wait a whole year like b-days? Or can we have one a week? Vote for the NRA as Congress.

"One can only hope a 3rd party..."

That is the hope of a moron. The race is Romney vs Obama. Period. There are vast differences between these men on their views of the role of government. Your choice is between these two men.

through hard work they EARN a profit.

He busts his ass for however more it takes, to earn 350,000


You don't know what hard work is.

Nobody earning $350,000 is "busting his ass" doing "hard work"

You are living in a white-collar fantasy world.

Stop at $250,000 and spend more time with family if you don't want to be taxed at 95%

"Not to *spam* (I'll leave that to kramps and soker)"


With(I suspect that he is)99%-er like mistified 1% need not to worry,in reference to Jims' last week blog that is.

"Stop at $250,000 and spend more time with family if you don't want to be taxed at 95%"

No douche-girl You stop. This is America. Your neighbor doesn't want to stop. They want to work harder and earn more. But YOU (whoever the fuck you think you are) say they must stop at 250 and if they don't, you feel that 95% of everything they make over 250 should be taken. Again, by what fucking justification? You offer none. You say, "Because I say so." That is not a justification. That is a fuck-i-fication. Fuck you and your pathetic fuck-i-fication.

"Nobody earning $350,000 is "busting his ass" doing "hard work""

Oh, no its easy to earn that amount of money. That is why only a few % of tax payers manage to do so. Why don't you try not busting your stupid ass? You might end up wealthy. (Shit for brains.)

""Not to *spam* (I'll leave that to kramps and soker)""

Total *TOSSER*!!!

Are you afraid to go to the movies now? Ok, just do it, douche boy.

"Same cell #, yes."

You *wish*. And NO, I will not elaborate...

I have to agree with you. most people earning under 500k are working there ass off hustling to do it. They might not be running a jack hammer in the heat but their head is pounding at the end of a lot of days.

"Are you afraid to go to the movies now? Ok, just do it, douche boy."

WTF you talkin' bout, *BOYEE*!!! No matter, spam starts in *T-Minus* 5...

Right or wrong I am enjoying how you are saddling up and riding some of these other posters. good clean internet fun.

Exactly my point. Sitting at a desk shuffling papers and making "important" decisions does not justify a $350,000 salary.

By the way, jackhammer operators earn $36,000 (In USD as of Jul 25, 2012)

$250,000 a year is almost $21,000 a month, which is a living wage, even if you live in midtown Manhattan. Even the rich should be able to practice frugality and get by on $21,000 a month.

It's time we put an upper cap on salaries and stop the greed and the lying and stealing and killing that greed causes, instead of cutting basic services for the middle and lower classes, you know, like those honest guys doing honest work, like those earning $36,000 operating a jackhammer.

"It's time we put an upper cap on salaries..."

Certainly it is because asoka says it is.

You can cap your salary at whatever amount you wish, you shiftless, empty, twit. As can everyone else. That would be your right. But that is never good enough for little commies like yourself. You have to limit the rights of others. "There otta be a law." , you and your ilk proclaim. "I gotta drag everyone else down to my level because I'm a failure" you bleat. Fuck you loser.

Hey OzonePete;

Your posts remind me of Artemus Ward. He was a 19th century humorist, a favorite of Abraham Lincolns. Look him up.

Antisoak, true, we have our share of billionaires here in Yankeeland. They are mostly down on the gold coast, Greenwich, Westport, Southport etc. They live in walled in estates. God Bless 'em! They don't bother me, I don't bother them.


Sitting at a desk shuffling papers is gross oversimplification of business and you are smarter than that. advocating equal opportunity is ok by me. but demanding equal out comes is like stopping the earth's rotation. It has never happened in human history and it never will. could things be done better? Canada certainly does. Iwas just up there last week. It seemed like I was back in time 50 years socially but with better technology than the US has today. They have fewer groups tugging against each other and their elites seem to care about their country and people. Both the socialist and capitalist segments are more efficient than here. The price they pay is higher taxes and cost of living.

Yes, now you are getting it: my ideas eventually become law.

Workplace safety, a 40-hour work week, a federal minimum wage, protection of children, right to organize unions, etc.

It may have taken decades but my ideas are eventually adopted.

The Senate just voted to end Bush's tax cuts for the rich.

"$250,000 a year is almost $21,000 a month, which is a living wage, even if you live in midtown Manhattan."

Except $250,000, isn't $250,000. The state and city income tax in NYC on $250,000 is $26,326. So, right out of the gate my $250,000 becomes $223,674.00 Out of that amount I must clothe and feed a family, send them to school, transport them and shelter them from the elements.

You are the moron, that picked midtown Manhattan as your example. The average (http://ny.curbed.com/archives/2011/11/11/what_the_average_manhattan_rental_actually_looks_like.php) 2 BR rent in midtown is $3715.00. 3750 x 12 = $44,580.00.

If I subtract $44,580 from my after tax of $223,647, I'm left with $179,067. I have not bought a single item of clothing, taken any transportation, or spent a single dime towards education. I have not visited a health professional either, nor attended a movie or any other damn thing you can spend money on (and of course once I do make a purchase I will be subjected to a combined city/state/transportation sales tax of 8.875%).

From only running down rental costs I'm guessing my $179,067 will be enough to "live" on but I'm guessing I won't be doing much living it up in midtown, on a paltry (for midtown Manhattan) $223,647.00 (after income tax) income.

In short, asoka, once again, you know not what you speak of.

You pick a number out of thin air (because your pea brain is quite unimaginative) and say "This is the number. This is the cap." But you fail to account for the discrepancies in the cost of living from region to region. $250,000 sounds like a fortune (in Peoria) but it doesn't spend too well in countless locations around the U.S.

In asoka-land, one size fits all. Because he makes the rule. He sets the limit. And he...is a moron.

"Yes, now you are getting it: my ideas eventually become law.

Workplace safety, a 40-hour work week, a federal minimum wage, protection of children, right to organize unions, etc."

Oh, these were all YOUR ideas? ( Just slightly delusional.)

I got news for you, there will NEVER be a $250,000 cap on income in the U.S. because that would seal the end of the U.S.

Now go away, find a good neurosurgeon and offer him the best hummer he has ever had, in exchange for a brain. Because, frankly, you don't currently possess one.

I got news for you, there will NEVER be a ...


Never is a long time ... We'll see ... I'm not done changing the USA yet.

Thanks for your responses ... I have enjoyed chatting with you.

Homo Sapiens is the most adaptable species on the planet? Don't think so. We're mammals, we're larger than most other species, our reproduction rates are relatively low. These facts make us far less able to adapt to environmental change than numerous other species. If we'd been blasted by as much pesticide, relative to bodyweight, as the city-dwelling cockroach, and for as long a period of time, we'd be gone. Indeed, the minute amount of pesticide we've so far been exposed is already beginning to ruin us.

Cockroaches, as a species, are far better at survival game than we are. As are rats, as are viruses. Viruses in particular will be here long after we're gone.

How long has homo sapiens, the new and lunatic version of him, which is to say the post- agricultural-revolution version him--how long has he survived? A mere ten thousand years. That's nothing.

THE survival game.


Do cockroaches live in the Arctic, in the driest deserts, high in the mountains,in outer space, etc. Our adaptability is mental and technological, not biological.

Even if the average temperature of the Earth increases by 20 degrees, there will still be places hospitable to human life. Humans are mobile.

Good point about the mental adaptability. As for technological adaptability, if Kunstler's right about technological collapse, its too late for technology to save us. While we're dying by the million, viruses will be flourishing in the waters hot springs and sightless fish at the bottom of the ocean.

Perhaps Europe is All-too-Aware of the the BS that is Finance

Technological adaptability does not have to be high tech. It can be as simple as houses, fire, clothing, water wells ...

Few diseases are 100% lethal, particularly when humanity it broken up into small groups with little contact to allow diseases to spread. Humans are already spread over much of the Earth. While things will not be just an extension of current systems and maybe only 100 million or so survive the human race will be tough to eliminate.

And the human race has coach handbags, how can we fail!

Global warming is occuring.

Unprecedented thawing of the majority of the Greenland ice sheet.

The hottest year in recorded history.

Hundreds of years of climate data.

The scientific community is united: global warming is occuring. The trend based on years of data gathered all over the world confirm that carbon dioxide is driving climate change.

A bushel of corn is now over seven dollars and rising. The price of a pound of beef is going from $4.25 to over $4.80.

For the vast majority of millions around the world living on less than a dollar a day, that means immanent starvation.

Over one billion people are currently going hungry every day.

As the acrtic ice disappears, the darker ocean soaks up more of the sun's thermal energy. The water temperature rises, melting more ice.

The water level is rising and will continue to rise.

Globally we are in the middle of a mass extinction.

Within 30 years some models predict the extinction of all large land mammals.

Countless other species are doomed, no longer able to find suitable habitat to maintain genetic diversity and reproductive fitness.

The problem is that people believe that there are alternatives if the temperature rises by 20 degrees.

There are no alternatives. There is one climate system. We cannot squeeze the entire Earth's population onto Antarctica and grow banannas for everybod, or even just the lucky who survive the chaos.

What we are risking is the Earth's productive soil drying up and blowing away leaving no alternative. All the Earth's animals dying off. The end of commerce as we know it. The end of politics, society, and civilization.

The cause is oxidized carbon caused by burning hydrocarbon fuels. (period- idiots)

The solution is sacrifice.

Your background explains much. Those from money have the easiest time giving it up. The permies don't know that. They expect to turn the welfare denizens of West Central into farmers. These people are many stages of growth below any such return to voluntary simplicity, wholesomeness, and hard work. They haven't graduated from the system - they are still living on it and trying to scam it.

The Old Ones said the next city they took over would be larger than Innsmouth. Spokane may well be their target. The people seem to be transforming into something "else" via junk food, inactivity, and electric radiation via TV.

Single mothers hate children. They have them as meal tickets and prestige objects.

Check out this gem: a young Julia Roberts almost gets "raped" by an Orangutan after bothering the alpha male while he was eating - just like any female ape might do.

The sanctuary workers pulled him off before he was able to do much. Julia was scared but obviously excited and glowing. She talked about the tingles...


James, nice paintings.

Weren't we supposed to run out of oil by now? In the Long Emergency, YOU PROMISED! Wah

Ron Paul says there is little difference between them. Both are Statists, Zionists, Globalists, and Global Interventionists.

I grant you Romney actually knows more about business and running an economy.

It was good listening to David Stockman's Yahoo interview today. It's obvious that he understands a very, very core truth: Austerity isn't a CHOICE you make, it's a NECESSITY FORCED UPON YOU. However, he also says that you cannot work around it and he is correct.

Liberal economists like Krugman think that Keynesianism makes austerity a bad "choice". Why are most Nobelists in Econ. such morons?? We've thrown untold trillions at the economy to avoid austerity but, like Greece, most people are now LIVING the realities of austerity.

Stockman unearthed the bullshit underneath "Supply Side Economics" and is a wonderful, solid, grounded thinker.


An addendum ... another refreshing thing about Stockman is that he is NOT a goldbug. He believes in holding cash right now because risk assets are not worth the enormous downside. He holds a small amount of gold as an "insurance policy".

Stockman's investment advice closely resembles my "invest in nothing" ideology of recent years. Don't feed your broker.


M. said to Asoka:
Workplace safety, a 40-hour work week, a federal minimum wage, protection of children, right to organize unions, etc."

Oh, these were all YOUR ideas? ( Just slightly delusional)

Mistified now registers as the latest relative newbie to CFN to realize that Asoka is a megalomaniac. Wait 'til you get into fifteen debates with him, M.. He'll outsit you more than outwit you but he thinks he can win arguments by out-shelf-spacing you with enormous output.


Asoka said:

Never is a long time ... We'll see ... I'm not done changing the USA yet.

Oh, right, you're going to implement change while never coming out from behind your computer terminal where you write endless dreck on CFN. Wow, I didn't know you were into legerdemain.


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Message received, BustinJ.

Your vision of the future gets darker and more apocalyptic as time goes on. And now we have Jam47 saying pretty much the same thing. I hope there is some hyperbole in those dire prophesies, else we're truly f----d!


That reference to Artemus Ward (pen name of Charles Browne), led me to some wonderful colloquial-speak writings! Fun stuff; what an amazing ear and quirky humor the guy had. If read carefully, like Stevenson, you can almost "hear" the speaker (gets a rhythm after a bit).


Here's a link to his complete works. (A really nice thing that Google does for us in order to buy themselves shiny-new souls; these replace the ones they lost in the process of selling OURS to the gummint! ;o)

Perhaps we are well and truly f***ed, but we must behave as if there is a future to be had for generations to come. (I say, "must", but I ain't GeeDubya or Hilly, so let me recant and say, "it would be a decent idea" instead.)

My good friend is on his final few months/weeks, and rather than make stupid hopeful noises yesterday, we talked about his legacy. All the things he's built that will be around for a loooong time, and his kids following him into his trade to make their livings. Yes, I'm convinced that leaving something for the use of the next generations are our only meaningful pursuits. ...Come what may.

Stay flexible and refrain from entertaining false hopes; that's the soul-killer, not the Gom Jabar. ;o)

Speaking of soul, here's a slice:



hey ZON3, you gotcher robe on? to post a link, i gotta paw through a stack of notebooks for the string of htmlcode...his druidship has done it again- picked up on an extremely important, and equally ignored, point to the CF-at-large: usury and societies' historic relationship with it...

(With the Gom Jabar, I b'lieve the phrase went: "fear is the mind-killer", but I'm sure you catch the tag and inference.)

No problem, Charlie (although my priestly robes do get in the way when typing).


"The investmentariat". Ha, I like that one!

WSP and RT,
Y'all c'mon down!
(Pic of doorprize; one ticket per customer (your entrance fee), making chances about 1 in 4-5 thousand. Not bad for a Bonneville.)


(Check the links too.)

BTW, it isn't a requirement to damage your tailbone to attend! Take the 4-wheeled vehicle if more comfortable.

Im going to try to make it down there this year (Haddam Neck) Oz. Check out those Matchless, Vincents, Royal Enfields and the like.


...while never coming out from behind your computer terminal where you write endless dreck on CFN.


I respectfully take exception to your unfair characterization. I am averaging fewer than three posts a day this week, with some days zero posts.

That alone disproves your charge that I "never" come out from behind my computer terminal. Your false charges are shameful, but not surprising.

I have complete control over my internet usage and a full and active life outside of CFN.

This is my first post today. And it will probably be my only post today. Have a nice weekend!


You don't really have a good grasp on what will really happen.

ALL of the productive soil will not dry up and blow away. As the Earth heats, there will be more rain, but in different areas. In fact the US already has almost no fertile soil. Much of the farming done is a crude form of hydroponics with large amounts of water and fertilizer being dumped on essentially sterile soil.

While climate change will probably lead to many deaths (maybe up to 99% of humans), those who adapt and move will survive. The existing civilization will no longer exist, but pockets will survive. The survivors will live a simpler life. The end of politics will probably be an improvement.

ALL mammals will not die, since if their habitats change slowly enough, they will be able to move. Also, many mammals are so widespread that it is unlikely all will die.

Yes, many species will die, and it may take many thousands of years to fix all of the carbon that humans released, and return the climate to a more favorable level.

There have been many mass extinctions in Earth's history, but some life always survived. The biggest mass extinction was when blue green algae poisoned the atmosphere and killed off 99+% of all anaerobic life.

Even asteroids and ice ages did not kill off everything. Mammals of which humans are members, are the most adaptable because they can survive in the widest range of temperatures.

So will climate change be fun? Not in any sense. Will it be the end of the human race? Not even close. However, for thousands of years humans will be living at a subsistence level. The return of any higher technology will have to wait until the population exceeds 100 million people of larger. It takes a large concentrated population to support high tech.

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Mistified now registers as the latest relative newbie to CFN to realize that Asoka is a megalomaniac.

Misty has been around here probably longer than anybody but he has had to change his handle a couple of dozen times due to being banned. His verbal assaults on Asoka have been epic.

Some of his prior handles were OEO, Tootsie, NotMommy, etc. On this latest return from Elba he has nicely freshened up his insults. ("Fucktard" was beyond shopworn.) I fell out of my chair, figuratively speaking, when he wrote "So, shut the fuck up, spent, douche bag effluent" to Turkle.

yeah , my sophomoric sense of humor could not help but laugh at that one.

I'm afraid my use of the word effluent wasn't as colorful as Tootsie's, but hey, like the good folks at Ragu are wont to say, it's in there.

Another photo-rich post at Small Batch Garden for your viewing pleasure this week. Mushrooms and energy descent philosophy - does it get any better?;)


Cheers, friends.
Tripp out.

Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill passes in House.


Oh, I'm sorry, Rhino... T

Now go and sin no more.

I can't decide if it's the nutcases on the left or on the right that bug me more.

So Sandy Weill got religion and wants to break up the big banks.


Praise be.

The Mitsubishi made equipment clears the BC old growth forest, and chopsticks are made from the trees.

You are more laughs than 100 other posters her, combined.
I need a laugh when I get emails like this one:

At least six new mosques open or under way in Oklahoma
Posted on July 24, 2012 by creeping jihad
It’s no wonder they fought so aggressively to permit sharia law in Oklahoma . via Oklahoma: Muslims celebrate first Ramadan in new Norman mosque.

U.S. gives Jordan another $100M of your tax dollars, $2.4B in past 5 years
Posted on July 23, 2012 by creeping
Taxation for Islamization as the fiscal cliff gets closer each day. via U.S. gives Jordan $100 million to help host Syrian refugees

Top U.S. Islamic Group Calls for ‘Gun Control’

Violence escalates in jihad on India's Assam state

Iraq Insurgents Kill at Least 100 After Declaring New Offensive
BAGHDAD — Al Qaeda in Iraq carried out one of the most coordinated and baldly sectarian series of attacks in years on Monday
so why were we there ?.........



...religio/racist drivel...overwhelming...logic...and rational...thought...ugh...centers...! must...scroll...through megabytes of bullshit...to find gem or two...worth reading...!

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No such thing as a 'Free Lunch'.

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The dweeb wants a medal for READING - without comprehension.

All those mosquitoes.

I visited a Toronto virologist a couple of years ago. He told me he'd diagnosed West Nile in a man who'd sent time in New Guinea. But it wasn't in New Guinea that this man got infected. It was here.

Since global warming seems set to turn most of temperate North America semi-tropical, West Nile infections can't but climb. West Nile diagnosis is technology-derived (lab tests). So is its treatment (antibiotics).

An overlap between rising temperatures and declining technology will translate into a West Nile disaster. Victims will neither be diagnosed nor treated.

West Nile is good at brain-wrecking. It does this via encephalitis. That man who contracted his West Nile in Canada rather than in New Guinea? Permanent brain damage. Imagine trying to survive civilization's collapse with a non-functioning brain.

The physician I mentioned earlier also treats Lyme. Lyme is another disease spread by mosquitoes.

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Tripp, the homestead looks really nice. The heat must be tough in Georgia? What about the hounds and ticks? I am a pussy, I use AC, HAHA and that is in New England, my apple and pear trees got killed big time in the Halloween storm of 2011 just like wsp7's trees did. Keep up the good fight!

RT, my post isn't about your fruit trees, sorry.

I'm replying to your post last week with the video about the machine gun shooting range. Actually it was more than one video, I believe. I'm writing now because the video made a big impression on me. I thought it was incredibly scary because it was real life.

I'm all for 2nd amendment rights, but there seems to be a point beyond reason where one must get their head examined. Yeah, I understand it may be a good idea to familiarize your family with firearms, but having very young boys (and girls) shooting heavy-duty assault rifles that are too big for them to hold is very wacked out, IMO. Even adults were having major (and dangerous) problems with recoil.

You said, I think, you were one of the responders to that poor boy's self-shooting death. It was big news in Boston. I can't imagine what you were thinking when you arrived at the scene.

What would likely happen if one put an ad in a U.S. newspaper seeking people who "suspect" that they were victims of C..I / A mind control experiments?

I guess that some American women could use advanced Mind Control techniques to get husbands?

“1953: The agency launches one of its most dubious covert programs ever, turning unsuspecting humans into guinea pigs for its research into mind-altering drugs,” said the report, which said then-Central Intelligence Agency director Allen Dulles authorized the program.

“Dulles wanted to close the ‘brainwashing gap’ that arose after the United States learned that American prisoners of war in Korea were subjected to mind-control techniques by their captors,” said Wired.com.

While surfing Amazon.com the other day, I noticed a book about using hypnosis and mind control techniques to manipulate a prospective employer during a job interview and to land a job.

I've discovered through my own personal experience that one of the most effective methods of mind control to get people to do what you want them to do is to simply give 'em some MONEY.

You'd be surprised what typically lazy, apatheic, stupid, socially-irresponsible, amoral fucks will do for MONEY....

The “IQ” numbers being thrown about are based on old data from the Wechsler and Stanford-Binet intelligence scales and are not supported by the latest research.

Asoka favors the Sharpton/Jackson CAS (Cool Assessment System) which tests pre-school age children for the future likelihood of life success in 8 areas:

. double dutch
. point guard
. high decibel chorus
. bling
. rap
. tap
. sideways ball cap
. procreation

Remember, guns aren't just for sport shooting or hunting or even self defence - but to keep Goverment in its place. This is alien to you, but it is the Tradition of Northern Europe.

Check out this video about Racism in Israel against Black Africans. I'm torn who to support since Jews have been so vicious towards Whites this just seems like karma. Now their chickens have come home to roost. Who do you support? Lemme guess: Blacks here in America but not in Israel? That was Mika's take on it. No problem with principles - always just pure self interest.


Can you give us some tips?

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"I don't like to discuss that subject matter for reasons of which you are well aware. I'm sure there are subjects you don't want to discuss, as well."

Actually, no, Bill. There's nothing that I won't discuss, examine, or attempt to hold up to light.

And, true story, I was thinking about you, Mika Zman, MessianicDruid, and myself - just two days ago.
I was walking out of the local Wal-Mart, in my little North Georgia mountain town.
There in the parking lot was a late model SUV.
On the back window glass were the following two bumper stickers:


Now, understand that this second bumper sticker had a Star of David where the *asterisk is above.
Also, readers outside of the US need to understand that the first "Lone Star State" refers to Texas, an important and highly symbolic State in American political and religious iconography.

Bill, there on the back of that sport ute was EXACTLY what MD and I were both referring to, concerning the place that Jews hold in the American Christian mind. Support for Israel is wide, broad, and deep. And there is a feeling that Jews can, quite literally, walk on water.
Jesus did, after all.

You blew us off, bill, MD and especially me - when I was trying to explain the United States to Mika. And, Mika departed from this thread with his fears, paranoias, and misconceptions about the US intact, AND REINFORCED.

The arc of Western Civilization is all about the relationship of Jews, Christians, and the power of religion. Without the belief in a powerful Monotheism, the Jewish people would not have made it 2000 days after the Pharoah set them free - let alone 2000 years.

Even if you are right, and there is no Yahweh, no God (god?) and no Christ - the power of 10's of millions of people who believe that there IS a GOD - is likely to be driving events, whether we like to believe it is or NOT.

And, Israel is back in the Holy Land.
Just like the Bible predicted.

I am concerned.

My original screenname on CFN was progressorconserve.

I lost that in a wave of bannage? about two years ago, now. That took me to progress2conserve, and a couple of others.

I created progress4spam as a joke, to show antisoak that our spammers and jammers - really are not all that technologically gifted.

Then I lost "progress2conserve," and started using "progress4spam" on an emergency basis.
But I've decided "progress4spam" sums up REALITY.

There is something wrong with the human heart.
We have this marvelous thing, the internet.
We could use it to have amazing conversations, like a couple of those early conversations between Mika and me - before civility was lost under a torrent of Unyielding Tribal Loyalty.

Conversations should be where alien cultures try to understand each other.

But, we humans don't do that, in the main.
We, instead, use the internet to reinforce our own fears, paranoias, and misconceptions.

That - and to view spam, porn, and dancing doge.

Progress4Spam, out.

"doge" ?? WTF!!

dancing DOGS!

Now I'm out.

Once again, the financial markets are showing us the difference between the real economy and the artificial economy of finance. I wonder if the Japanese people would have chosen 23 years of recession/deflation if they knew that they could've moved on after allowing a thunderous, 5-year phenomenon had the BOJ and their government NOT intervened so much??

Mario Draghi hints at real Eurobonds but this is yet another time-buying, kick-the-can bit of disinformation. Most good economists are saying that Greece's exit will be in the 12-18 month time zone. Italy's bonds were downgraded by a much more circumspect body than Moody's, Fitch, or S&P. Computer simulations of the eurozone crisis have Italy leaving before Greece.

Meanwhile, the tech sector, America's last surviving "leading" industry is falling out of bed while the High Frequency Traders hit the BUY button today. This shit makes for real farce. However, I'm not laughing because the Fed is going to stimulate again which, as has been proven, will, once again, lead to money hoarding, no jobs, and not resourcing of outsourced jobs.


You want some "Tips"?

"Waiter! Yeah...uh...I'd like an order of beef rib tips to go. Thanks."

I heard that Mayberry R.F.D. now has a crack house.

I, the great unwashed

A few weeks ago I passed Steve Forbes, of My daddy was a billionaire fame on University place. Yes, one of the great regressives (flat tax) and Disaster Capitalists who went to Greece to see what islands he could get on the chopping block in the great privatization austerity plan for his rich buddies. Well you gotta admit these rich dudes stick together.

Yesterday I saw a headline that said $32 Trillion were being held in banks set up by rich bankers to keep their money away from all governments.

Glass Steagall was dismantled for Sandy Weill at Citibank for the sake of a merger which would have not been possible under the law. Look how so many people moved mountains for him! Now he thinks it should be re-instated and the banks should be broken up as he looks in horror at the destruction of the world economy.---Oh can we please just put the genie back in the bottle again?---Oh but some are making so much--good luck with that!

So, yesterday I managed to read a few lines on the blog. Yes with Wage gone and me too busy to blog these days, there are precious few who stand up for the middle class, but let me tell you a thing or two.

People who attended a movie got shot because with all this homeland security bs, that is all the privatized companies making oodles of tax payer dough since 9/11 are following us all in the ole' police state, but they fail to notice someone who orders huge amounts of amo.

Yep, they really have a purpose and that's to make money, of course. While many extol the corporations, might I remind you they don't feel tied to the US of A these days. They care only about how much money they can make and they can't make it hiring Americans, so let's stop playing games here.

So here's the thing. Communism and it's inverse, Free Market neoliberalism can never work. Not only does the free market not exist, but without regulation it can't because people will always want power and money. Once they grow too big ---game over. By now you all must know that everything from the stock market to Libor rates are all manipulated---again, I'm so bored by the nonsense I hear about LIBERTY---

The LIBERTY to die be wiped out---there is one victim of the shooting who has a $2million hospital bill and counting..
Yep, ideology goes out the window when you get the bill!

Antisoak good job pointing out those coordinated and countrywide attacks in Iraq by Al Queda last weekend, 92 dead. Talk about Arab Spring, that Middle East is broiling. What happened to the new era of peace and love that was supposed to occur after Nov. '08? After all, wasn't that Nobel Peace Prize awarded based upon Great Expectations, not actual accomplishments? (what a political piece of garbage that Nobel Peace Prize turns out to be) I learned about the massacres on Drudge; it was nowhere else. It seems like the MSM has lost interest in Iraq since it can no longer be used as a truncheon against President Bush. That story would have led the news if McCain was in the White House. I understand publications like Newsweek and Time will soon be history anyway. Good riddance to those lying, agitprop sonsofbitches!


Ibendet, as an artist making a living in Manhattan, with obvious political insight and writing acumen, who would consider you 'The Great Unwashed'? Nobody, that's who. Also, as a committed communist, I don't think Wage cares much about the 'Middle Class'. She has other concerns.


Eight months ago you were screaming in all caps that it was CRUNCH TIME for the Euro and collapse was imminent.

I chided you for your alarmism and said the kick the can strategy could go on for years.

Today you have admitted I was right.

I think that's how Steve Forbes sees me.

Lbendet is making a living in Manhattan, as an artist?

That's great, because OEO aka not mommy aka mistified told me you cannot get by on $250,000 in Manhattan.

That means lbendet must be making at least $250,000. Good for her! Artist status is going up in the world!

Our beloved Wage is not a communist. She is a socialist. There is a big difference ... a very big difference.

Socialism (big government) leads to communism (no government) ... In theory at least, just some say as capitalism is the best for human welfare ... in theory at least.

Did you read the latest from that Druid guy? (Thanks for the yell, Charlie.)
Lays it right out that the parasitic usury and leveraging game depends ENTIRELY on enough growth to feed it.


Q. might have some issues with these "back-of-the-envelope" calculations, but I don't feel it takes away a thing from the mind-boggling equation and the [soon to be unbearable] usury/parasitism. ...A trillion here, a trillion there; pretty soon we're talking about real OWNERSHIP and disenfranchisement by fraudulent asset acquisition.

Between you, me and the lamp post. A very small "choir", I'll admit, but WTF, it's much too late for insincere apologies. (Not for those who've not acknowledged their inner darkness. When we stare into the abyss, it does, indeed, stare back.)


I understand that many will object to the particulars in this piece. That would indicate the very resistance that he tries to point out. (A very dangerous resistance, at that, IMO.)

Saturday, July 28, 7pm
James Howard Kunstler
Too Much Magic

Northshire Bookstore
Manchester Center, Vermont

(That would be tomorrow night, for youse Poppets in the G.V./general vicinity. Interestingly, the town is in the center of The Green Mt. Nat'l Forest.)

I saw the following and immediately thought of Jim. Alternet printed an article today about the Millenial Generation reversing the migration to the suburbs:


4. Car Dependent to Car Independent. Last week the New York Times reported that General Motors has hired MTV’s marketing arm to help combat Generation Y’s lack of interest in cars. Talk about a shift. Only a few decades ago the car symbolized freedom. Indeed, you were not socially viable without one. Now, Generation Y views freedom as being car-independent. How did this happen?

As stated above, the car is no longer a great convenience if it takes a 20 minute trip to buy a quart of milk (or a 6-pack of Belgian IPA). And if the trip is characterized by stop lights and traffic as opposed to the free-flowing suburban streets of the 1960’s, it is no longer going to be considered cool — especially if the trip is in a minivan.

In fact, Generation Y would rather be on a bus or train where they can work or be connected to the internet and social media, which is why Google provides its employees a bus to work.

Generation Y wants freedom, not obstacles or anchors. So when it comes to where and how they live, they also exhibit a greater desire to rent rather than own.

"I understand publications like Newsweek and Time will soon be history anyway. Good riddance to those lying, agitprop sonsofbitches!" -WSP

I second that fare-thee-well, but I suppose I will occasionally miss reading between the lines of the (literally) incredible propaganda. This is sometimes where we find the most telling indicators of what our masters are wanting us to think and react to. (A boldly etched map of what NOT to think and react to.)

Yes, there is no such thing as a fool or knave proof system. Adam Smith thought that the Market would keep them in line? What nonsense - forgiveable in his case perhaps, but now? Libertarians are some the most deluded people on earth.

Likewise the Constitution and Laws: they are only as good as the people who interpret them and enforce them. The Human Being is always paramount. We mustn't obscure him or her underneath all this - or let him or her hide either. Morality is required. And that means religion for most - and shaming for people who get out of line, like girls having kids out of wedlock to avoid work. When we subside something, we give it tacit approval. And now see what a monstrousity this has grown too.

Yes, I agree. They rave about how great Blacks are - so why do you agree with them about this? It's just another lie.

Christ said beware the leaven of the Pharisees, yet these people all but worship them. It's the ultimate idolatry. No wonder Jews have so little respect for us. The Jews have lost their hearts but we have lost our minds.

Indeed, when I read that Amish were arrested selling cocaine, I knew 'we' had entered a grave new world.

A blog dies when people refuse real communication - the purpose of the blog. Look at how Be and Zone refused to answer your hypothetical question about race. Look at how the cliques have formed - people refuse to talk to certain people such as Ozone and Lucan's despicable attitude toward's me. Such spurious superiority is supposed to be what they're against - so they are hypocrites. Also think of how many times you have ignored my posts, questions, etc. I give you credit for not ignoring me completely since I ask hard questions about your most cherished beliefs such as the equality of Blacks, the Civil War, etc.

I'll talk to anyone! I am the great Communicator.

It may have been alright - they allow their youths to sow wild oats before they commit to the Life.

Met a Sioux in Kalispell..told me he was the great-great grandson of Crazy Horse..gave me a Filson vest..what does that mean?

The impression I get from your post, Rhino, is that you view the very idea of race-classification as some kind of vice.

Classification by race is inevitable. Human beings have been doing it for a very long time. They're not likely to stop now.

It's inevitable because the drive to classify, to classify in general, is hard-wired into our brains. Without this drive, we humans, our species, would have perished long ago.

The general (the classification of all objects in our visible environment) has led to the particular (classification by race). How could it have been otherwise?

The scientific concept of race is based on the findings of the following disciplines: anthropology, anatomy, evolutionary biology, genetics. Yet you say that the concept of race has little or no basis in science. Are you saying that none of the four above disciplines are sciences?

You also say that "nobody worth a damn" studies race. Unbelievable!

Never heard of Carl Linnaeus? He's the fellow who created the genus/species system of classification. Linnaeus was a keen student of race. In fact,the man-in-the-street notion of the fourfold grouping of human beings (Asian, American, European, African) derives from his work.

Linnaeus (eighteenth-century) was the originator of the study of human varieties as a science. Some of his intellectual descendants:
S. M. Garn
T. Dobzhansky
A. Montague (a disbeliever in the concept of race)
Carleton Coon
L. Cavalli-Sforza
All of these men have high reputations. Let's take the last two.

Carleton Coon, an anthropologist, bought his outside-the-academy reputation with a book called "The living races of man" (1965). But Coon's findings count for nothing because he's "not worth a damn" and because anthropology is not a science in any case.

Luigi Cavalli-Sforza is race-classification's current big-gun. His main tool is genetics. But he is "not worth a damn" either. Genetics, moreover, isn't science.

Your stand against racism is commendable, Rhino. But what I don't get is your opposition to the process of race classification itself. Human variation is an obvious fact. Why not study it?

Hawhaw, Beam us up in the rapture?
And defend Israel till the last American or 'undocumented' soldier!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jes--, pun intended. Are folks that stoo-pid?

Whoa, Asoka

I'm a digital retoucher who also shows and sells my prints. I make nowhere near $250,000.!! In my dreams...

I know people who live in midtown Manhattan who pay $3,500 a month in rent and live very comfortably on $180,000, even though "mistified" thinks $250,000 is not enough for midtown Manhattan. He and his kind are Republican whiners obsessed with greed, which is why I want both a guaranteed minimum living wage and a maximum wage of $250,000. For that I am called a commie.

There is no place in America that requires more than a $250,000 income. People need to learn the difference between needs and wants.

With a 95% marginal tax rate we can pay off our national debt and stop the trickle down rich from pissing on us and pissing away our national wealth by hiding it in Swiss and Cayman Island accounts. Patriots they are not. Their only loyalty is to profit, and they do no legitimate work as hedge fund managers and vulture capitalists like Romney.

^With a 95% marginal tax rate on income over $250,000 like Eisenhower. Sacrifice is not the answer. Shared sacrifice is and the rich need to pay their fair share.

Bravo. And as you know, the races or "populations" as Cavalli-Sforza called them, vary in brain size, IQ, and hormonal levels - leading to profound differences in behavior and ability.

Cavalli-Sforza has avoided censure from the mob by avoiding the word race. But his studies almost duplicate those of Coon, etc.

The disappearance of the White Race (the Northern Causcasians have a full 10 IQ points on the Southern) is a tragedy of unspeakable proportions. The Southerners - Arabs, Hindus etc are literally are stupid 2nd cousins.

The Southerners - Arabs, Hindus etc are literally are stupid 2nd cousins.


Stop it, Vlad. You are demeaning people who have created great civilizations and have made innumerable contributions to humanity ... with no help from whites.

With Communism as a perversion of Hegel, the dialectic a merely "physical" thing instead of the interplay between matter and spirit, do you think an equation can be made between the dialectic and the moving line in the I Ching - with the undersanding that Marx tried "to bottle" the Spirit which blows where it will?

Why focus on the negative? With their huge populations, they do produce some bright people. That those people tend to be Whiter is no secret...

two men frantically committed crimes

target are high-end car

May 8, Jinan BUILDING district, Building 4, North side of the four cars smashed the glass, Zizi Road 14-7 hospital a lorry smashed the glass, break-in.

May 11, Dikou Road, Golden Sunshine Garden underground garage within four of vehicle smashed the glass, break-in.

BUILDING residential and automotive glass smashed, May 16, two car break-in.

May 24, the the BUILDING district and south district of the recurrence of the same theft of four car glass smashed.


after the incident, the police found at the scene,Discount Nfl Jerseys, smashing the vehicle had been broken into almost all Mercedes-Benz, Buick luxury sedan, and the windows are skid marks.

Jinan Flyover Public Security Bureau Dikou Road police station investigation and combing finds traces left at the scene and startling, as should be the same persons.

the same district, three successive implementation of the theft, the arrogance of the criminals, and stirred up the morale of the police.

carpet Mopai , all the way to the scene surrounding carpet Mopai.

12:00 or so, the second road the police Mopai to Zizi the vicinity of, in the process of inventory on the area of ​​foreign personnel, found that the characteristics of two young men at the scene monitoring the suspects in the video some similar characteristics.

police through the temporary accommodation of the two men squatting found that the two men did not go out again from 13:00 to go out after returning from, but the careless drinks packaging and other items exposed to carry a backpack, with the victim.

24 at 10 o'clock in the evening, squatting police suspects opened the door of the machine into the house searches and found a large number of high-grade alcohol and tobacco, tea, notebook computers and other items involved.

field trial, the two suspects confessed to the above cases. They both confessed in Huaiyin District, also crime, theft of a car laptops and high-grade alcohol and tobacco.

At this point, resulting in 17 auto glass damage, worth a total of 5 million yuan the series of thefts full cracked.

to see the car grade stuff, Zabo Li theft

the 25th, Dikou Road police station interrogation room, one of the suspects Mengmou kept his head down, regret .

By chance, he knew from Xinjiang Zhang. Learned Mengmou looking for work, Zhang said


, Mengmou such as around followed by Zhang came to the

experienced a first pry smashed car glass theft Mengmou stop, he did not want to make life difficult for conscience. However, not days, at hand is really no money to spend, but unfortunately, he took the initiative to find Zhang implementation theft.

pry smashed cars window glass for the two thieves is very simple. According to reports, the first flat-blade screwdriver inserted into the gap between the car glass and door screwdriver to a certain angle, so that the tip flat against the glass, squeeze the glass and then use the leverage pull out, soon the glass will be the overall burst break anymore.

Mengmou introduced, they are generally selected in an open district to start, just watching the car on the level of the car something, will be the implementation of theft, regardless of the things of the car is good or bad. Their items stolen high-grade alcohol and tobacco, notebook, razor, pendants, etc., this can be seen from the police turned out, involved items.

O police remind:

Do not make your car as a the majority of owners, Do not make your car as a Best not to put any valuables in the car, even if it is not very expensive packages, bags in the car, the thieves also very easy to provoke thinking about.

Chinee spammah come by at most auspicious time for you; you go now; you been yell "nigga" too much; drive 'way custom-ah! You go now! Pay check fus', no-good bastid.

"Pucker --

Barack's 51st birthday is coming up.

I hope you'll wish him a happy birthday by signing the card we're putting together for him.

You'll be adding Pucker, alongside thousands of other supporters' names -- folks from all 50 states, from all different backgrounds. Together, all those names will be impressive -- they'll show the strength of this campaign and our support for Barack.

And I know he's going to love it.

Add your name today -- and then ask a friend to join you:


These last few months until Election Day won't be easy -- so let's show Barack we have his back every step of the way.

- Michelle"

So there you were, innocently purchasing a bag out of the stem of a car. Your "salesman" is genial enough and he "guarantees" that your new Louis Vuitton is the proper statement. You merrily pay him the asking toll, after all, it's belike fewer than half of what you'd look to pay at the Louis Vuitton sale.

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The foxes have killed my chickens and I'm tired of working cattle so thought I'd go back to the oil field and make some money...start next week.PS..there is some danger in thinking too much.

You can't deny the negative test scores in math and science. Arabs and Indians are smarter than whites, objectively determined. But don't feel bad, Vlad. There is no shame in low test scores for whites, even though whites are not as disciplined. IQ is not everything. You still have NASCAR and swimming.

But the USA desperately needs to allow more Arab and Indian immigration, and elect more Arabs and Indians in Congress.

You have a majority of whites in Congress now and those whites are not managing the USA well. We need to get rid of the not-so-smart whites and replace them with smarter Arabs and smarter Indians.

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You can't deny the negative test scores of whites in math and science. Arabs and Indians are smarter than whites, objectively determined. But don't feel bad, Vlad. There is no shame in low test scores for whites. Whites are not as disciplined. They are lazy and unfocused.

Don't worry, Vlad. IQ is not everything. You still have NASCAR and swimming.

But the USA desperately needs to allow more Arab and Indian immigration, and elect more Arabs and Indians in Congress.

You have a majority of whites in Congress now and those whites are not managing the USA well. We need to get rid of the not-so-smart whites and replace them with smarter Arabs and smarter Indians.


I finally got a chance to read the link to Information Clearinghouse. I too check that site out, though I have no time right now. I'm working all week so my time is very limited on this blog.

Phil Rockstroh really does describe where we are. Although he's right that this propaganda is classic and has been used for years, I think we really are in complete distorto-contorto at this point.

It's interesting to see which monopolies get first dibs on what kinda messages we get. Insurance seems to be in the back of the line.

What do you think is going to happen when life and property is destroyed en masse because of violent weather and floods? Is life on earth really less important than the oil companies?

Speaking of weather--Thursday evening we got some intense storms ranging from the mid-west (even Wage talked about these storms in her neck of the woods). We had inch-sized hail the week before in NYC. My guy took some pictures to show me later.

Here's a freak story....

Assistant attorney general Richard Schwartz was buried under scaffolding after lightning strike at Christ's church in Brooklyn. The steeple was hit just as he was walking by.

He was assisting Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is making cases re: bankster fraud and corruption--of all people just what we didn't need.

--Straight out of the exorcist! Why you'd think the devil ran this enterprise...

Which goes to show how random a black swan event truly is. This must be very scary for control freaks to contemplate.

stupid html.code...! i just read jill stein's (fuckyoo) green bill of rights in her state of the (dis)union address...i d reccommend for anyone to read it, and try to do so not with the filter concerning her gender in place; read only the concepts and ideas addressed, and solutions put forth...ok, everyone but flad...you keep especially in mind that it IS a woman who has so far been the first to appear on the political stage with not only the clearest and most precise understanding of the matrix of problems We, The People face- she displays the same logic and grasp in her elegant solutions...as an aside @ k-dawg, man, i ll still write your name in; i think any camppaigning i do from here on will necessarily be for ms stein & her platform- that of her green party, i mean, not her ideas, which seem to dovetail with yours...hope you understand

Thanks, CFT.

Now, if you only had the courage of your understanding and could vote for Dr. Stein, instead of wasting your vote on Obama, or Romney, to get more of the same plutocracy, or K-dog (who has officially withdrawn).

But perhaps there is some **cough** antisemitic mysogynistic **cough** reason you won't vote for her.

I agree with you that Dr. Stein does have the best platform.

Here's how I see this business of "race".

Let's suppose you had the inclination, time and money to buy/rent a car and drive from the western edge of Europe on the Atlantic coast to the eastern edge of Asia on the Pacific coast all the while observing the people you run across especially their physical characteristics.

What you'll see are people with typically "caucasian" appearance on the Atlantic coast. But as you drive east this typical appearance will change until you get to the Pacific coast of Asia where people will have typically asiatic appearance.

But in between you'll see gradations in appearance, subtle changes of characteristics with people looking less caucasian and more asiatic as you drive east.

My point is that "races" don't exist in airtight envelopes. What you have rather are "tendencies" along a number different genetic traits as you move geographically. Skin color and hair texture are just two traits.

People after all have been moving and mixing ever since we got up on our hind legs. People in Europe think of themselves as "white". But remember the repeated incursions by Huns, Magyars and Turks all of which came out of Asia. And Muslims from North Africa that conquered Spain and other parts of sothern Europe. And who knows who else. They all left a genetic imprint which manifests itself only partly in terms of physical appearance.

I think that you'd find the same thing if you went to Africa and went for a drive north to south or east to west.


There's more to genetics than just appearance. As the Nova exposition says there are other traits like the sickle cell gene which you see in Africa but also in southern Europe. So do you want to make racial classifications in terms of inherited disease? How about in terms of some other measures? Let's say genetic resistance to certain maladies. Many other ways to do it.

As the article says there are no "races". There are only "clines". Based on what I've seen I would agree. Some scientists and ordinary people believe in the reality of "races". As for myself, I don't.

Also, race classification IMO is not helpful especially in a racially mixed place like America. In the first place there's no way to draw solid lines between these "races".

There are some on this site that want the separation of races based on their own idea of the superiority of their own race. There are others that are out and out hate mongers. Nothing good is going to be gained with the propagation of these ideas as we've seen in recent history. The typical result is mayhem and massacre. Some people are just malicious and want to see the world burn. It doesn't take much to start the fire.

Nicely stated, and your conclusion has overwhelming evidence.

"Race" is also a handy tool of those of the Authoritarian bent. Telling others what to do and think in order that they, themselves, rise to the top of the heap is their stock-in-trade (and a convenient cover for personal "inadequacies"). Why... it could be almost Machiavellian! ;o)

" Is life on earth really less important than the oil companies?" -BT

From recent spasms, outbursts, and political manifestations of conventional wisdom, it appears so.

...Although the main pontificator on the issue is using it as a strictly distractionary tactic. As a "hot-button" issue, it immediately attracts attention and comment exceedingly out of proportion to its' relation to the weekly topic. (Nothing but specters and the faint whiff of brimstone.)

"I want both a guaranteed minimum living wage and a maximum wage of $250,000. For that I am called a commie."

Commie? Thats not all. There is also, asshole, leech, dick-weed, lay-about, pants fill. Come to think of it commie is the worst. Oh well, live with it, commie.

"Met a Sioux in Kalispell..told me he was the great-great grandson of Crazy Horse..gave me a Filson vest..what does that mean?"

That means he was a damn good judge of vests.

We should also ask just how far agencies that hold the levers of power will go to preserve the ongoing dividends of the wealthy and powerful. If they push just a little too hard (resulting in TOO MUCH death and privation; i.e., notable by the general public, regardless of media spin) a terrible reckoning will ensue.

Keeping an eye on our actual enemies is becoming more important with each passing day. (BTW, they can usually be spotted by the gaping hole in their persona where empathy would normally reside.)

(Forgot the link to an intriguing commentary on exactly that, which ties in with JHK's topic.)


But....... no worries, Poppets, "It's All Good" in the Nation of Clusterfuckia!

"That's great, because OEO aka not mommy aka mistified told me you cannot get by on $250,000 in Manhattan."

No, mistified, told you that what in your pea-brained head appears to be a large sum of money, doesn't spend very far in Manhattan. Mistified posted:

"Except $250,000, isn't $250,000. The state and city income tax in NYC on $250,000 is $26,326. So, right out of the gate my $250,000 becomes $223,674.00 Out of that amount I must clothe and feed a family, send them to school, transport them and shelter them from the elements.

You are the moron, that picked midtown Manhattan as your example. The average 2 BR rent in midtown is $3715.00. 3750 x 12 = $44,580.00.

If I subtract $44,580 from my after tax of $223,647, I'm left with $179,067. I have not bought a single item of clothing, taken any transportation, or spent a single dime towards education. I have not visited a health professional either, nor attended a movie or any other damn thing you can spend money on (and of course once I do make a purchase I will be subjected to a combined city/state/transportation sales tax of 8.875%).

From only running down rental costs I'm guessing my $179,067 will be enough to "live" on but I'm guessing I won't be doing much living it up in midtown, on a paltry (for midtown Manhattan) $223,647.00 (after income tax) income."

I think that if Vlad redirected his passions away from this racism stuff and spent his time and energy on some productive endeavor he could be a highly accomplished and maybe wealthy man.

I realize Asoka is in full stir-the-shit mode with his comments last night and today but let me address two of his themes anyway.

1. Whether someone (or a couple, or a family) can get by on $250,000 in Manhattan is totally irrelevant. No two people are alike in what constitutues self actualization. Why should anyone's ambition be restrained by an arbitrary number? How is Asoka harmed by his neighbor's million dollar annual salary?

2. Asoka says we should tax income over $250K at 95% like in the Eisenhower years. He calls this shared sacrifice, where one third of the population pays all of the tax and two thirds pay nothing. First, assuming the Wiki article I read on the history of tax rates in the US is correct, the highest marginal rate was 92% (not 95%) on incomes over $200K (not $250K) back in the mid '50s. $200K then would be at least a million now, by the way. But why quibble? Those details are beside the point. I have to ask Asoka, what is the point of stopping at 95%? Why not 100%? For that matter, why not 105%? By what rationale is a 95% marginal tax rate on persons of a certain income considered "fair?"

For the record I oppose all taxes (corporate or personal) that are based on INCOME. I favor a flat rate system of tax on consumption.

Yes the Musselmen left their genes in Southern Europe - darker skins and lower IQ's, lowest in the Balkans were they were the longest.

So one race blends into another and thus there are no races. Brilliant - just like since one color blends into another there are no colors. You need to study more - accounting ruins the mind. Google fuzzy sets.

You include Leftists in this I hope? No one focuses more on race than those who deny its existence....

I'll be willing to shut up about it as soon as the discrimination against Whites ends. After all, we don't need special treatment at other's expense.

And Muslims from North Africa that conquered Spain and other parts of sothern Europe. And who knows who else. They all left a genetic imprint which manifests itself only partly in terms of physical appearance.

I hear ya, Rhino. Take Don Corleone for instance. Not many people know that "The Don" was a track star before turning to a life of crime. I mean, without his his African genes how would have he have ever managed to adroitly run and jump across the high "Little Italy" rooftops in order to assassinate the "Black Hand, Don Fanucci" ?

It's all so logical if you stop and think about it :)


Asoka also has omitted the rent stabilization and rent control as factors in what people pay monthy for housing in NYC. He's only discussing market prices for those just coming here.

I just love the way he comes up with a number.--A stab in the dark, I'd say.


'"Race" is also a handy tool of those of the Authoritarian bent'..well....

"Racism" is also a handy tool of those of the Authoritarian bent. term gets used alot, or its variants.

Hi BTB, yea I did 31 years on the box. My last year I said F it. I have too many relatives in town. Another buddy just died on the job.I did 32 years and and have a junk drawer full of shit! I am glad I was not there . I knew Jose for years and his brother was on the job with myself.


You better hope that doesn't happen since those groups will have little sympathy for Black Antics and Criminality.

The reason for Negro Retardation are becoming clear: interbreeding with archaic types of homo. Perhaps this was original sin?


It seems Israel has racial issues, just like in America. For me, it was disconcerting to see Israeli individuals railing against immigrant blacks. I guess one major part of the issue is what kind of state should Israel be?

Should it be a Jewish state or should it be open to all, Jews and not-Jews?

Israel and America aren't the same case. The Puritans first came to America to escape religious persecution; they wanted the freedom to worship. All the discrimination they endured was at the hands of other Christian sects. European Jews came to Palestine after 1/3rd of their numbers were exterminated by members of a totally different religion; they needed a safe refuge.

In America, Catholics were always discriminated against. The first Catholic president wasn't elected until 1960. Religious discrimination among Christian sects has always been a fact of life in America. In that sense, Israel is the same by not wanting Christians and Muslims to outnumber Jewish citizens.

Where the difference is, is that it ultimately doesn't matter to America what religion the populace is. America is a Christian country; it has a huge Christian majority. How many Muslims are there in America? Muslims aren't even close to being a majority and most likely never will. Jews make up 2% of the population, and where I disagree with you totally, is that the Jews, as well, will never control America, even if their influence is more than 2%. When did the 1st Jewish president get elected?

Whereas in Israel, if other religions become majorities there, how safe would it be for Jews if borders were totally open and 10 million Muslims became Israeli citizens? The situation is not the same as in America.

No answers satisfy me, personally. I cringed when I saw Israeli Jews act like Civil War era Southerners. But I don't know what Israel should do about this - I have no answers.

I know you'll say something to the effect that you've been saying the same thing about the stautus of Whites in America. However, where you go wrong, IMO, is your arguments in behalf of inherent White superiority, which, in my eyes, destroys your credibility.

Let me elaborate, Procon. I guess I'm an American Jew, first and foremost, as Jewish and American cultures played a strong part of my upbringing. Israel is the sacred homeland of my tribe, and I care about it deeply. But as Tricky Dick said, "Make no mistake about it!" My loyalty to America comes first - even though I'm emotionally connected to Israel.

It's been a difficult time for me throughout my life striving for equanimity while being loyal to both my Jewish heritage and to my country.

You speak of Americans' strong support for Israel. While that is true to some degree, I can tell you there's also strong dislike of Israel among a large component of Americans. Many other blog sites have commenters that make Vlad seem like a loving, kindly soul in comparison. I know, because I've read them.

Being a Jew means always having to look over your shoulder.

I never thought MD was anti-Jewish. I wondered about you, though, but I'm starting to re-believe you're not.

Are you conceding that the study of race is a science? It would mightily support your no-race position if you did. The cline concept is used by many anthropologists to support the no-race position. But you yourself can't logically avail yourself of the work of these anthropologists if you insist that they aren't scientists.

"Nothing good is going to be gained by the propagation of these ideas..."

Which ideas? The ideas (idea) that one race is superior to the other? These ideas need no propagation. They've been everywhere, all over the world,for millenia.

Some ancient examples:

India's famous caste system is based on race. The invading Aryans created a social hierarchy in which they placed themselves at the top. They place themselves there partly because they believe that their fair skins gave them the right to rule the dark-skinned masses.

The upper classes of Imperial Rome preferred Germans as household slaves. Why? Because Germans were fair-skinned, tall, and often blond.

Go to Egypt and take a look at the paintings in the pharaonic tombs. The Egyptians classified by race. To their minds there were three: themselves (brown-skinned), Syrians (pale yellow), Nubians (black). Whether Egyptians treated Syrians better than Nubians or vice-versa, I don't know. But that they were race classifiers is certain.

Some modern examples:

Light-skinned Ethiopians don't think of themselves as black. And they're glad they're not black. To them, blackness is a misfortune in which they'd rather not share.

Haitians are over 90 percent unmixed black. The Dominican Republic, on the other side of the island, is reputed the mulatto capital of the world. This stark divide is a result of a deliberate policy. Rafael Trujillo, the Dominican Republic's long-ruling dictator, gave orders to his soldiers to drive back into Haiti all black Haitians who attempted to cross the border. Many of these blacks were shot outright. Trujillo, who wore makeup to lighten his skin, instituted this policy to preserve the Dominican Republic's genetic inheritance from Europe, such as it was.

Educated Egyptians, fair-skinned Egyptians, don't think of Egypt as being in Africa, for Africa is the land of blacks. Ever taken note of the fact that Anwar Sadat's wife had a much lighter skin than he did?

As for India, it is the very epicenter of racial discrimination and racial contempt. Ever been to a Bollywood movie? All the actors are fair, supposedly of Aryan descent. Yet the population of India is mostly dark, brown ranging to black. Indians, if they can afford it, try to marry above themselves. This means marrying someone lighter-skinned. Not only do Hindu Indians despise each other on the basis of race, they despise Europeans on that basis too.

Racial categorization, racial contempt, and racial hatred existed long before there was a Europe or an America to propagate them.

No stab in the dark ... The number of $3,500 monthly rent is based on friends who just moved to midtown Manhattan two months ago. There was no rent stabilization in the building they moved into, but thanks for bringing it up as it strengthens my argument that Midtown Manhattan is affordable on an annual salary of $250,000.

Not sure saying that I'm rethinking things because my policies would get me shot constitutes official withdrawal but whatever.

My attitude to the race is really more like that I had in a recent jury duty experience.

Last week I came dangerously close to having to be on a jury deciding somebody's fate for a despicable crime of which there was less than solid evidence. The pool started at sixty and was less than twenty before I was bumped. I was more than happy not to have had the responsibility but it was very very close. I could have fibbed or aped an attitude and certainly gotten bumped sooner but that just would not have been right.

So tis it is with the so called presidential race. Obama cares more for his presumed legacy than saving the country and Romney is not even worth talking about. I on the other hand care about all that old apple pie and American values shit. I'd be in it to do the job right which would more than make up for any shortcomings. I'd not in it for myself. I'd do the job so that there can be a proud and decent America long after I'm gone. I'm not ancient but I'm old and wise enough to appreciate every day I'm vertical. I don't take things for granted and march to my own drummer. I can't be bought.

I don't want the job but if called I will serve.

Who was it who posted the video of the attempted rape of Julia Roberts by an orangutan?

Well, then. So you know someone paying that price. OK, but don't put me in that catagory, cuz it ain't so!
Wish it was tho. I wouldn't be working 7-days a week some 10 hrs. to try to make ends meet.
Trust me I'd rather be swimming.

These charts are really worth taking a look at if you wanna know where we've been and where we're going!


Some posters seem to think that the race problem is not relevant to this site. I think it is.

As Rhino says, clines can be used to undermine the idea of race. But they can also be used to support it.

Consider a cline based on skin color alone. One end represents the darkest colors that humans come in, the color of West Africans, say. The other end represents Scandinavians. Somewhere along the cline (which is a kind of continuum) let's place Greeks and Turks. As these groups are neighbors, their skin tones are more or less the same. They therefore cannot be categorized racially - not in terms of each other when color alone is the criterion. But the color difference between Swedes and Nigerians is stark. Racially, Swedes and Nigerians are distinct.

A phenotypical system cannot be considered a failure because it can't capture everyone. No appearance-based system can do this.

The racial problem is relevant to this site because a general collapse (if it comes) will only exacerbate the racial animosities that already exist. Recall the history of Europe's Jews. Every time there was large-scale social alteration (the Crusades, the Bubonic plague, the Hitlerite upheaval) the Jews, because they were Jews, paid a price.

Speaking of Jews, I wonder how the Jews will react when our American Borat, Romney, goes to Israel and starts bragging about how, as a Mormon, he has baptized dead Jews.

"I never thought MD was anti-Jewish. I wondered about you, though, but I'm starting to re-believe you're not." -btb-

Again, I've got to ask, what have I ever said on this discussion thread that would lead you to the conclusion that I was "anti-Jewish?"

To think that I am anti-Jewish because I disagree with you, personally - is a bet of a stretch, is it not?


"Jes--, pun intended. Are folks that stoo-pid?"

AntiM, AntiM! Do you really have to ask that question? Of course folks (by the millions) believe this.* And calling us stoo-pid, don't make it so.

The clues are everywhere. Witness how Romney is falling all over himself on his trip to Israel. In inverse order, his goal is to win over the Israelis, the US Jewish voters, movers, and shakers - and the voting US Evangelical Christian community.

*We Christians are certain that we and the Jews worship the same all-Powerful God. Mitt is Morman, but Moroni and those Golden Plates came from - stick with me - that same God.

Atheism runs rampant on this thread, and on the internet in general. Yet, meanwhile, large POWERFUL groups continue to believe in God and His SonnyBoy - as being in charge of all things, in God's Time.

What's a little extra help, offered to God?
Or, perhaps, a lot of extra help -
Perhaps a massive attack on Iran?

God would appreciate the help, right?

"...think of how many times you have ignored my posts, questions, etc. I give you credit for not ignoring me completely since I ask hard questions....."

Couple of things, Vlad. I believe that I have answered most of your important questions to me. I just didn't give the answers you wanted, on many occasions.

Ask them again - and I'll take another shot.
I don't have a "one response" rule - as long as the questions and answers don't become too repetitive.

Beyond that - Turkle, Dale, and several other posters - are making a partial CFN career out of vilifying you, asking you to leave, demanding that you leave, suggesting that you need mental therapy, etc, etc, etc.

As long as you are polite about it all (and you are NOT, always) I tend to support your right to free and non-repetitive speech.

And it's fascinating how many posters hate on you and refuse to even consider ANY of your ideas - because they disagree with most of your ideas.


Vlad said:
A blog dies when people refuse real communication - the purpose of the blog. Look at how Be and Zone refused to answer your hypothetical question about race. Look at how the cliques have formed - people refuse to talk to certain people such as Ozone and Lucan's despicable attitude toward's me. Such spurious superiority is supposed to be what they're against - so they are hypocrites.

Ozone is now looked at as a "turncoat" by the large contingent of liberals on CFN because he has non-rehearsed, non-canned opinions which violate the liberal ethos: "All people in good company believe X" modus operandi.

The very word "liberal" itself implies an openness to examine opinions and debate them. I don't see too many of them willing to deal with your posts of the past about IQ, violence, and economic burdens imposed by the more violent ethnicities of America on the rest of the citizens.

Europe is just as bad. Though Muslims commit 11 times more rape than the native Dutch population in the Netherlands, it is a hate crime to criticize them. The only populations on earth who laugh at the New Era white instinct for racial self-destruction are Asians who quietly, without fanfare, harbor statistically correct opinions about blacks and other brutish groups.

My opinion, from thousands of hours of social conversation, is that you're far more likely to have a lively, open debate about such issues with a conservative or a politically neutral person than a liberal. Liberals "cut you off at the pass" if the conversation even THREATENS to get demographic.

The liberal movement in America and Europe is now the "Orwellian Left" whose motto might as well be: "If your carefully gleaned data violate our slogans, your data are wrong."


P4S to Vlad:

And it's fascinating how many posters hate on you and refuse to even consider ANY of your ideas - because they disagree with most of your ideas.

That's liberals for you!!! A liberal's de facto feeling is: "You can select any of a thousand ways to agree with our politically correct opinions."

Sometimes I feel Vlad's data mining is a tad suspect but his overall presentation of important data come from demographic stats that anybody can obtain from police files and the bureaus that collect from such files. Vlad's detractors, on the other hand, not willing to face hard data, criticize the mere collection of such data as being "racist", "anti-Semitic", and so on.

When DATA are conceived as RACIST, the world's in a bad way. It's the institutionalization of rank stupidity.


Well, I'll be.
I was about to bail out of CFN for the week, but E's here, Chinese Spam is temporarily in remission, and asoka..the all-knowing is taking a break to show Iona Dry Cleaners that he's not an internet addict.

So - here are a couple of more issues.

1. Jill Stein and the Greens.
As long as we have the Electoral College for presidential elections; and as long as we have Two-Party system dominance in the United States -

Then a vote for the Green candidate for pres. is a vote thrown away - or worse. Potentially much worse!

Witness Perot, Ross, and Nader, Ralph.

I'd say that a vote for Stein is a vote taken out of Obama's column. So, in a close State contest - that vote puts Romney one vote closer to taking ALL the Electoral votes, in that State.

Just because some of us do not like this -
Does not mean that it is not how it really works.

2. Concerning gun control and "assault weapons."

BT, I generally agree with you about most of the big issues you raise, but you've got a "city girl's" outlook on gun control, IMO. ;-)
Let me give the counter-point.

I am of the opinion that the "assault weapons" ban of 1994? was part of the reason that the Democrats lost control of Congress during the Clinton years.

First, what is an "assault weapon?"
The term sounds TERRIBLE, I'll admit.
But, really, assault weapons are just semi-automatic rifles. Beyond that, an AR-15, assault weapon of choice for the US army-wannabee assailants, lately - is .223 caliber, and therefore has LESS firepower than most other commercially available semi-automatic hunting rifles.

I'll admit that clip size (number of shots before stopping to reload) is possibly an area of legitimate concern.

But clips are an easily modified mechanical appendage to the main firearm. I don't see where clip size is worthy of national debate.

Plus, I've know a couple of lifelong dove hunters who could feed shells into a shotgun so fast that the thing sounded and acted like a semi-automatic weapon with an infinitely large clip.

And I'd rather be shot at with a .223, than with a short-barreled 12 gauge firing double ought buckshot.

If I had to be shot at at all.

And yeah, 6,000 rounds of ammo in one order through the internet may be a red flag - and probably WAS, to FBI/CBI/Homeland Security, or any of the alphabet soup agencies that monitors such things.

But, if anything, that's just more proof that we shouldn't count on the Federal Government to monitor firearms and "keep us safe."

I think that if they get a certain percentage of the votes, they will qualify for federal matching funds in the next election.

Jill Stein and Co.

"double ought"
I knew that didn't look right when I typed it.
Fortunately, there's Wikipedia.

I "ought" to leave this error teed up for K/Q.
But it's late in the week.

Buckshot known as 00 size, should be correctly pronounced as "double aught."


And daytrip, I get your point.
But I'll respond than an election thrown by a third party candidate with Federal matching funds - is just the same as an election thrown by a third party candidate without Federal matching funds.

Only the magnitude of the unintentional consequences differs, IMO.

Yes, there is a conflict of interest. Obviously most American Jews favor Israel. Not much we can do about that but we could ban all dual citizens from public office. You wouldn't have a problem with that would you? As a Patriotic American?

" So some of the Dravidians of South India are as dark as Negroes but have the sharp features and high foreheads of Caucasians. "

God, I really got a laugh out of this. Have you never heard of melanin? Its a pigment that ALL humans have in thier skin. In equatorial countries, like India, it causes skin to be darker. In Nordic countries, not so much.
I have met Nordics living here that have a tan you just wouldn't believe in.

You are a fool, man.


Well let's face it - Blacks tend to lower everything to their own level. The Israelis are right to be concerned - or frightened in the case of guy who knew Europe and what is happening there. The Falashas or Ethiopian Jews cause alot of problems too - but at least they were invited in. These people just walked in and Israel owes them nothing. Fascinating that this is even a question. The narrator is a dyed in the wool self hating nut case. My brother was right: some Jews are sincere and not just trying to destroy the West. They are willing to destroy their own People as well. In other words, their Liberals first and Jews and/or Israelis second. And that's just not good enough - Liberalism is just too destructive. So you're not all hypocrites - and that's the worst for you.

Jews have a little more than 2% of the power here in America. Gee, do ya thing? How many weird little Jewish Women do you want on the Supreme Court? How many Sensators - 30% last I heard. How many Billionaires - 40% at least. This from 2% of the population? Concentrated power - a fist.

Firstly, Catholics and Christians are on the verge of being persecuted again - thank to you folks largely. I love the way you tried to pretend you were avoiding race there. Secondly, the White Race is in dire danger, again thanks to you folks largely but not completely. And then you accuse me of "White Supremacy" because I object to losing my Nation and Race? What next - that I'm an "anti-semite" - as if that word has any real meaning and is not just thrown in the face of anyone who disagrees with you. It is the same thing, you just don't want the White Race to live.

How often as a realtor have you shown properties to Blacks in White Neighborhoods? You realize what a sin that is I hope.

So you think you could get as Black as the Dravidians if you just stayed in the sun long enough? Hint: no.

Try harder Dee - you're not this stupid.

I remember Nader talking about how hard it was to get on the ballot as a third party candidate. I'd like to see a third party at least clear out the way for others to follow.

Yo! She tried to seduce him!

"We need a fair tax system that works for the 99% of us who work hard and play by the rules, not the 1% who lobby hard and rewrite them.

Tell the Senate to stand with the middle class by ending the Bush tax cuts for the ultra-rich once and for all. "

Hear! Hear!! I agree Asoka.
And keep reflecting all that hate back at the haters with your mirror of love.


"mirror of love"
mirror of love?

Good Lord, DJ! I was about to give you credit for inventing this term - along with "wand of love."


When the SHTF and the Blacks come pouring out into the country side with their glocks and uzis, they will be met with the long rife. It will be a short day's work relatively speaking.

What did you think about Julia seducing the orangutan?

"But I say "probably" because it takes a long period of time to truly determine whether or not climate change is really occurring, over 100 or 200 years."

Sadly, by the time the human race determines that it is really responsible for the problem, it will be just a little too late.

I have always thought in the case of something that could be a potential 'extinction' event, perhaps we should at least THINK about taking some action? Eh? But no, instead we will just study it until we notice that the pot is boiling away to steam, and yes, it will be too late to do anything about it.

Evolution is now calling "Next!!" to the stage of life. Wonder what will take over for us? Perhaps our dogs?


I know an Indian fellow here in El-ay.
Hes very dark skinned.

I have traveled in India. Whether its 'more middle east and euro DNA in the North', the people in different regions look different, and not just from a tan!

I was driving through some back roads in rural upstate New York late one night recently, and I saw 2 aliens from outer space fucking on the side of the road."

Sorry, Puck, it was just a couple of possums ;)
So you must be smokin' some of that medicinal pot,eh?


And I saw a bumpersticker yesterday that said:

A friend insists the Muslim Lobby outspends the zionists 50 to 1? 20 to 1?

and, looky here: [from OO]

Obama doesn’t support Israel? A revealing video that shows the great power of Israel over the US Congress and Senate:
Barbara Boxer, Eric Cantor, Steny Hoyer, Howard Berman, Richard Stone, Howard Friedman, Lee Rosenberg etc. show where their true loyalties ar
[link didnt copy paste]

“There are approximately 300 national jewish organizations in the United States with a combined budget estimated in the range of $6 billion — a sum greater than the gross national product of half the members of the UN.” –
Kevin MacDonald /The Culture of Critique, Chapter 7

“With so many Africans in Greece … at least the West Nile mosquitos will eat homemade food!!!,” Papachristou wrote.

Aw, thats funny! some people just don't have a sense of humor!!!


"While surfing Amazon.com the other day, I noticed a book about using hypnosis and mind control techniques to manipulate a prospective employer during a job interview and to land a job."

Its about time the tables were turned. You do know that they use all kinds of psy evaluation in job interviews and questionaires now.


"What did you think about Julia seducing the orangutan?"

Yep, bet that gave you a weeks worth of masturbatory fantasies.
At least the local barnyard animals got a break from your midnite visits.....

Yep, you will never change....


I've been out in the "Summer Breeze" fortifying my backyard fence with "nature's barbed wire"....rose canes with plenty of thorns. I simply drive nails through the cane and nail it to the top of our six-foot redwood fence. I cover it with the many vines I have growing up the fence.

There have been many daytime burglaries in our neighborhood (young, latino men, 17-19 years old).
They ring the door bells and if they find no one home they jump the fence and break into the house.
If it happens at my house, there's going to be some pain involved.


I stand corrected. I'd rather see dual citizenship banned outright. Either you're an American or not. I care deeply about Israel, as I've said, but I'd give up my Israeli citizenship to remain an American citizen. That I don't have to, now, is a bonus for me.

Your statement about not letting dual citizens have the right to hold elected office is a sneaky one. That would mean Jews couldn't hold elected office.

You have to be more specific in your posts. Saying American Jews favor Israel means what? Are you implying that they'd rather be Israelis before being Americans? Any Jews I know don't have that desire. Undoubtedly some Jews do, but I'd guess only a small percentage.

"...fortifying my backyard fence with "nature's barbed wire"....rose canes with plenty of thorns."

Way to play, SJ, I'm proud of you.
A rose thorn to the crotch beats non-violence any day - when it comes to reducing break-ins.

Did you get that shotgun out of the attic and get you and your daughter some training on it, yet?

And, you could consider having a neatly written sign next to the doorbell button that says, "DAY SLEEPER."

It's a deterrent.
If everyone had a sign like that it wouldn't work.
But one sign by itself might help a lot.

Could we please drop the cliche "all options should be on the table"? Thanks.

JERUSALEM—Speaking against the backdrop of the historic Old City, Mitt Romney signaled he supports Israel's right to "defend itself" against its enemies and said "any and all measures" should be considered in the world's efforts to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

The Republican candidate said preventing a nuclear Iran should be America's "highest national security priority." And while he argued that diplomatic efforts should continue, Romney insisted that all options should be on the table in dealing with Iran, including a military strike.

Doesn't one's use of the cliche "all options are on the table" signify that he/she is a maniac?

Shouldn't it be all "reasonable" options are on the table?

What would be a reasonable option?

day sleeper = días-cama

day tripper, per google translator...excursionista.
day trip, día de viaje

BTB wrote: "What would be a reasonable option?'

I think that under International Law that a country can only respond with force if attacked and the force used in response must be proportionate and defensive. In other words, if a country sinks one of your ships, you may have a license to sink one of their ships, but you can't nuke their population centers and take all their stuff.

You could get some electric fencing. Works for bears.

Most American Jews will support America as long as Israel continues to wag us.

Are all Jews automatically Israeli citizens? That complicates things under the present order...But no matter really - Jews will support their Nation Israel whatever is the case. As the Kol Nidre prayer make clear, all vows to Gentiles are null and void.

I mean we know that woman go for he men, but this is ridiculous. What kind of child would have been the result? Metco Gorilla indeed.

I'm afraid that electric fencing is against the city code....as is barbed wire. I wouldn't want perps to think I'm defending against people who think I'm growing pot (I'm not).

So is "dias-cama" mean "day sleeper?" If so, I might put it in both languages by the door (thanks P4S).


Good afternoon. It is a great honor for me to be here in Shanghai, and to have this opportunity to speak with all of you. I'd like to thank Fudan University's President Yang for his hospitality and his gracious welcome.  I'd also like to thank our outstanding Ambassador, Jon Huntsman, who exemplifies the deep ties and respect between our nations. I don't know what he said, but I hope it was good.  (Laughter.)  What I'd like to do is to make some opening comments, and then what I'm really looking forward to doing is taking questions, not only from students who are in the audience, but also we've received questions online, which will be asked by some of the students who are here in the audience, as well as by Ambassador Huntsman.  And I am very sorry that my Chinese is not as good as your English, but I am looking forward to this chance to have a dialogue. This is my first time traveling to China, now it becomes the jaw crusher and raymond mill export base, and I'm excited to see this majestic country. Here, in Shanghai, we see the growth that has caught the attention of the world -- the soaring skyscrapers, the bustling streets and entrepreneurial activity.  And just as I'm impressed by these signs of China's journey to the 21st century, I'm eager to see those ancient places that speak to us from China's distant past.  Tomorrow and the next day I hope to have a chance when I'm in Beijing to see the majesty of the Forbidden City and the wonder of the Great Wall. Truly, this is a nation that encompasses both a rich history and a belief in the promise of the future. The same can be said of the relationship between our two countries. Shanghai, of course, is a city that has great meaning in the history of the relationship between the United States and China. It was here, 37 years ago, that the Shanghai Communique opened the door to a new chapter of engagement between our governments and among our people. However, America's ties to this city -- and to this country -- stretch back further, to the earliest days of America's independence. In 1784, our founding father, George Washington, commissioned the Empress of China, a ship that set sail for these shores so that it could pursue trade with the Qing Dynasty. Washington wanted to see the ship carry the flag around the globe, and to forge new ties with nations like China. This is a common American impulse -- the desire to reach for new horizons, and to forge new partnerships that are mutually beneficial.  

According to google translator, días-cama is Spanish for day sleeper. You might want to confirm it. Day tripper = excursionista = hiker, so there's a little meaning lost in translation there.

Big, ugly dogs are good, too.

Vlad, you are only recitinga common misconceptions by Christians as to the nature of Kol Nidre. The Kol Nidre doesn't allow Jews to break vows to Christians. I'm not a scholar of Judaism, so I can't argue the point with authority, but the concept of Kol Nidre is complicated and easily misunderstood. I think it would take a very long explanation to clarify it.

contributions less a stab of self-esteem

school side denied forced donations

Ye Jianming said the alumni,

south new primary Luojiao Zhang said, the school called on students and parents contributions, but not forced. He said that parents to make voluntary contributions. set minimum donation limit, and everyone needs to donate money for the students to reflect, Luoxiao Zhang,

campus tree planting related to afraid to be punished.

only about 3500 yuan, to pay utility bills, and replacement cost of teaching aids, etc., often make ends meet. evaluation mechanism to regularly publish the progress of work, and clearly defined types of schools at all levels to implement the accountability and responsibility for the appraisal system. Xingning City Board of Education to establish appropriate supervision mechanism,Throwback Nba Jerseys,

Meizhou City Board of Education Moral Education Division of the staff that do exist a number of rural schools in difficult conditions, and alumni donations less Meizhou City Department of Education tree planting activity has not issued a clear and quantitative indicators.

Told me it was a "Ghost Shirt" so was looking for a reply from Crazy Horse..someone that knows something.

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Unpacking Barack Obama's Speech

Well I won't totally unpack the entire speech here, since I've written an entire article about it. Yet I will say that I believe the reason that the media jumped on the bandwagon almost immediately attesting that it wasn't a Home Run speech was that it contained a lot of references to lowly slaves, especially at the beginning and first half, and yes, I'm suggesting that perhaps some latent racism had a hard time celebrating the truth about the horrors that America's slaves endured.

I think we were so used to Obama's prose and his cheerleading, that the repeated stark reminders of what some slaves endured decades ago--providing the very foundation for all of us--being revisited in vivid language was insufficiently uplifting to garner a home run accolade.

Believe me, in reading the text, there are significant and repeated references to those who fought for all of us--military and slaves.

He invoked God's promise that "all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness."

Ours has "not been the path of the faint-hearted...but rather the risk takers, the doers..men and women obscure in their labour who have carried us up the long, rugged path towards prosperity and freedom."

"They toiled in sweatshops....endured the lash of the whip" all referred again to the foundation that was laid largely by the slaves in this country. Remarkably we celebrated the Inauguration on property and buildings where slaves once worked, and "worked till their hands were raw so that we might live a better life."

He chastises those who have short memories, forgetting what "this country has already done," and urges us to consider "what free men and women can achieve when imagination is joined to common purpose and necessity to courage."

"We have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord" was surely a line that will be quoted for decades. "Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America" was another.

He masterfully wove a thread of hope through an assessment of America's systemic wreckage, beseeching each of us to do our civic duties, to step up and act, and to make long overdue hard decisions.

I thought he did a masterful job, and so again, I disagree with the media.

Congratulations President Barack Obama. And congratulations Malia; your dad's speech more than fulfilled your "it better be good" challenge.

Unpacking Barack Obama's Speech

Well I won't totally unpack the entire speech here, since I've written an entire article about it. Yet I will say that I believe the reason that the media jumped on the bandwagon almost immediately attesting that it wasn't a Home Run speech was that it contained a lot of references to lowly slaves, especially at the beginning and first half, and yes, I'm suggesting that perhaps some latent racism had a hard time celebrating the truth about the horrors that America's slaves endured.

I think we were so used to Obama's prose and his cheerleading, that the repeated stark reminders of what some slaves endured decades ago--providing the very foundation for all of us--being revisited in vivid language was insufficiently uplifting to garner a home run accolade.

Believe me, in reading the text, there are significant and repeated references to those who fought for all of us--military and slaves.

He invoked God's promise that "all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness."

Ours has "not been the path of the faint-hearted...but rather the risk takers, the doers..men and women obscure in their labour who have carried us up the long, rugged path towards prosperity and freedom."

"They toiled in sweatshops....endured the lash of the whip" all referred again to the foundation that was laid largely by the slaves in this country. Remarkably we celebrated the Inauguration on property and buildings where slaves once worked, and "worked till their hands were raw so that we might live a better life."

He chastises those who have short memories, forgetting what "this country has already done," and urges us to consider "what free men and women can achieve when imagination is joined to common purpose and necessity to courage."

"We have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord" was surely a line that will be quoted for decades. "Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America" was another.

He masterfully wove a thread of hope through an assessment of America's systemic wreckage, beseeching each of us to do our civic duties, to step up and act, and to make long overdue hard decisions.

I thought he did a masterful job, and so again, I disagree with the media.

Congratulations President Barack Obama. And congratulations Malia; your dad's speech more than fulfilled your "it better be good" challenge.

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workers denied to buy a helmet and body armor

previously according to the city a number of media reports: April 19, the protective equipment has been transported to the subway construction site of a German road. Accounted for a total of 15 sets, including a helmet and body armor: helmet, military cap, dark green color, close to the five-pointed star logo in front, weighs about 34 pounds. The bulletproof vest is black, buttons,nfl replica jerseys, tying rather than with a pocket and weighs about 6 pounds. The outfit together weighing about 10 pounds.

Neighbourhood and

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a Germany Road subway project begins at the end of 2011 so far has been six months or so. cracking, and son to complain, but fortunately, the metro area to send someone to check, repair. Speak sentences of conscience, then, their attitude is very good. change neurotic. mutual accommodation, but the subway company can not simply ask the residents to accommodate it. 4 workers in about 13 meters deep pit operations, and suddenly a bullet from a high down the middle of Lee back, and sent to hospital after life-threatening. The workers immediately to the police. The police rushed to the scene investigation, and speculated that

workers to reflect that, since March, a German road subway site has five times encounter the middle of the night the shooting,

progress: is doing the return to work ready

Xu Chen, Lvnan Fang, Liang Jiayan

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Looks like Chinese Spam came out of remission in the night.


Oh, well.

P4S said:

I'd say that a vote for Stein is a vote taken out of Obama's column. So, in a close State contest - that vote puts Romney one vote closer to taking ALL the Electoral votes, in that State.

I take the long view i.e., Obama isn't doing shit so the country would actually benefit by electing Romney so that we can prove that the Republicans are even one level worse than the Democrats. Romney represents the Christian Businessman which H.L. Mencken rightly claimed was about as bad as it gets. These Christian Mammonites think they CAN worship two masters despite what their own Bible claims.

If Obama had turned out to be a scintilla as effective as his moving speeches in 2008, I'd say reelect the guy. However, I feel that America needs a full demonstration that NEITHER party intends to do a damned thing for the dying middle class.

Obama's commercials satirize Romney's offshoring of jobs, tax shelters, and Swiss bank accounts but which of those offshored jobs did Mr. Obama bring back? He did little as the junior Senator from Illinois and this has been matched by his fecklessness as the Top Dog.

I think America actually benefits by a full display of bipartisan ineptness. Then we can go about constructing a viable 3rd party.


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a guy in front of the new welcome the first primary suddenly stabbed her lower body, was rushed to the Yan'an Hospital for treatment . As for why the assassination of the victim do not know .

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Suspects were arrested the police courtesy
the scene

last night, Jiulongpo District 28-2, straight road to Hong Kong Ryan Building A sudden house fire, the fire brigade broke to extinguish the fire, found a middle-aged women were killed.

the deceased is the owners of Miss Gao. However, she did not die from the fire, but before the brutal murder of the fire.

large human disputes to do with toddlers things! May be the murderer is not devoid of the humanity of the remaining dead 9-year-old daughter escaped from the door, and police assistance in a timely manner, the security block the escape path of the murderer.

■ reporter Zhu Xin Qin

help neighbors in 9:30 last night, nine-year-old girl: 9:30, Ryan Building A 28-7 household Hu Ping was at home watching TV and suddenly heard the rapid beat the door sound.

Hu Sister opened the door to see 28-2 Mr. Choi, Miss Gao couple's 9-year-old daughter Allison (a pseudonym) face and tears in panic to her for help: save my mother, bad person carrying a knife into my house, ferocious to cut my mother! p>

Allison briefly points to the Far Cry experience: That night, my father is not home, only she and her mother. Before, a man knocked on the door, the mother opened the door to welcome into the house, only to the other party actually carrying a knife hidden behind. Soon, the man with his mother noisy up and flashed a knife threatened to knives to injure.

mother block in my front, let me quickly go out for me and the bad man uncle said: 'This is a dispute between adults to do with toddlers things'! Jia said that the bad guys uncle did not start. In this way, under the maternal protection and driven, she escaped from the house. Subsequently, the door was mother shut down, followed by the house came the sound slash and the screams.

last night, 50 sub-fire broke emergency calls when the hostess killed close to block the door

Hu Ping Jia Jia will be a wonderful reflection of their own house, then called the matter tube watch phone, please property management personnel as soon as possible to come to stop the vicious incident.

property management duty Tang immediately notify colleagues rushed to 28-2, and alarm 110. However, in the property management staff rushed to the way 28-ignited the fire.

the attention of security: 28-2 fire and rescue rushed to also pay attention to intercept the stranger acting suspiciously, there may be suspects in disarray absconded! 110 civilian police and the the Yangjiaping fire squadron officers and men rushed to his side to block the elevator and the corridor export side went to 28-2 extinguishing.

9:50 that night broke into the house, the police, fire officers and security found the proprietress Miss Gao neck was knifed, has died, her body close to the door, with security doors the push while lying on the ground. The analysis of police, the deceased seems to be hard to block the door, to prevent the murderer stabbed their own crazy and irrational, to chase the daughter.

after committing the crime of 3:30 yesterday morning trapped in the balcony, the police persuaded nearly five hours of uniforms suspects

the night 11, the fire brigade to extinguish the fire but the building area of ​​nearly 200 square meters residential split-level, almost reduced to rubble: the carving of fine mahogany furniture in the living room, wine cellar cut off and household appliances into coke or ash.

fire scene did not find the traces of knife-wielding man, and monitoring of the corridor did not shoot to a suspicious figure. Therefore, the judgment of the police: the suspects have not yet fled the Ryan Building, so blocking the corridor layer hunt.

finally, on the 28-1 of the neighbor's balcony, the police found the attack suspects --- the original, burglary, murder of Miss Gao, the suspect set fire to the house. Delayed his escape due to the deceased blocked the door, coupled with outdoor has security rushed to 28-1 on the balcony, he can only turn through the balcony. Unexpectedly, 28-1 head of the household the night was not at home, anti-lock the doors and windows, he run away, would like to return to 28-2, the house has become a sea of ​​fire.

because of fears the suspects jumping off buildings, the police did not immediately entered the house forcibly arrested, but patience and talk to him in the fire house on the balcony, to persuade. In the meantime, Jiulongpo District Public Security Bureau deputy director of Lupo led negotiators Deng East, Wang Yong, has contacted the suspect's son, niece, Diyan, the delivery of water, brought scarves allowed to warm gradually to appease the stubborn suspect excited emotions.

3:30, shivering suspects trapped in high-rise, and finally has softened, return 28-2 balcony flower bed. Negotiating Group took the opportunity to arrange the fire fighters and elite Interpol posing as his niece's boyfriend and son's friend, the delivery of water delivery clothes Xiezhu from both sides of the shoulders of the suspects, successfully dragged under the balcony, and firmly under control.

At this point, which lasted nearly five hours of negotiations, the suspect was successfully arrested.

the suspected 40 million business models swallow


suspects to his ex-wife sister miserably

suspects with Mr. Choi, Ms. Gao, a What is hatred? Why do you want the pain to her for the kill and set fire to their homes?

yesterday, the reporter came to the scene to investigate. Sprinkler, elevator was soaked suspended, hundreds of tenants of this building 30-story building can only walk the walk corridor.

in 28-2 burned, the reporter saw, this split-level housing decoration is unique, not only fine and rustic mahogany Zhuodeng, as well as a wine cooler attic in the living room, save a lot of wines spare room full of goods, were burnt.

surrounding neighbors, Mr. Choi Department of businessmen, buyers living for several years. Mr. Choi and Ms. Gao over 40 years of age, they are friendly on weekdays and harmonious neighborhood. Mr. Choi later admitted that economic disputes and killers do not want to make more for other things.

last night, Jiulongpo District Public Security Bureau informed the reporter: over 40 years of the review, the suspect Zhou Yuzhong people, divorce, criminal acts confessed. Zhou explained, in the 1990s, he and his ex-wife's brother partner to do business, Cui and Gao Zhou is the ex-wife's brother and sister-in-law. Then, Zhou has been suspect misappropriated nearly 40 million cuijiaji business models, and repeatedly pressed to no avail, but relatives did not come to an impasse. Weeks after the divorce with his ex-wife for many years, Cui, high a starting arise to harm, to find cuijiaji again a few days ago, and last night home to kill.

At present, Zhou has Jingfangxingju to.

after the murder,where can i find cheap nfl jerseys, why burn room?

this doubt, neighbors and property management speculated that possible for two reasons: First, Zhou murder after trying to fake fire causing the illusion of death, but they fled in disarray. Second, Zhou for money to no avail, and seeing the victims of home decoration luxurious stimulated heart hate, a fire burned all of its property to relieve my hate.

However, the deceased daughter Allison witnessed the threat to kill, already exposed to the crime the intention of the situation analysis, neighbors say,

In this regard, the police said the investigation, the case has been initially identified for the murder arson the meantime reason, pending further investigation.

why not harm the girl?

this question, a number of the night the presence of security and neighbors believe that the dead 9-year-old daughter, Allison can escape unscathed and Zhou did not completely devoid of humanity related.

analysis of the following reasons: First, As Miss Gao request before his death --- Allison is young and innocent, and the grievances of the large human connection. Second, Allison has also been the Zhou as niece, Zhou may move compassion. Third, if the Zhou is really determined to go out to kill a child, presumably Allison also escape the murderous scheme.

police said, will be in-depth investigation, this inconvenient position.

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EA Sports Season Ticket launches today, offers full-game demos and DLC discounts

Electronic Arts is launching the "EA Sports Season Ticket" today, an annual $25 (2000 MSP) program that provides a premium service alongside five of the publisher's titles. The "deal" will grant full access to digital versions of games three days before their retail launch, offer a 20-percent discount on DLC, and enable "free premium web content" and brand you as a paying customer (i.e. "membership recognition").

Now, obtaining full, early versions of games sounds fantastic, until you read the fine print. Let's allow EA to do the talking: "The digitally downloaded game will time out when the game is available at retail and consumers have the option to purchase the same full game on disc at retail." If we're reading that correctly, it means you get to download the game three days early, but you still have to go to the store to actually buy it. This probably explains why GameStop is "excited to be selected as the exclusive retail marketing partner for the roll-out of EA Sports Season Ticket." (Note: According to Videogamer, EA is still working out specifics with Sony Europe, making it an Xbox 360 exclusive in that region for the time being.)

The "Free Premium Web Content" will kick off with the "Creation Center" in FIFA 12. It claims to allow greater customization tools, including team and tournament building. It'll all be available "until the membership to the program has expired."

The participating Season Ticket games will be this month's Madden NFL 12, along with NHL, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR golf and NCAA Football going forward. You'll be able to easily recognize those who bought into the program with their "exclusive membership" recognition badge that is displayed in-game and online.

Welcome to Project 25 Dollar.

    Source: EA

Barack Sure Knows How To Say It

Entertainment is my first priority and without it life is a big bore. The first thing I look for in a politician is their ability to be entertaining. That is why my first choice for the democratic nomination and president is Barack Obama. He is loaded with charisma and is a pleasure to watch and listen to. The rest of the candidates could not hold my attention for more than five minutes no matter what they are talking about.

American presidents are viewed as very powerful people but that is far from the truth, they are chained to those that put them in office. Before the president makes any major policy decision it has to meet the approval of others that are much more powerful. He is no more than just a messenger or figurehead. If I want to find out about our nation I will read the business section of the newspapers or turn on my computer and browse the Internet. Listening to speeches by the president puts me to sleep. That is why we need a guy in the white house like Barack Obama, he will awaken us with his charisma.

Once Obama becomes president, the international image of the United States will reach new heights. His charisma will also improve our international political position and help our economy. He is an extremely talented speaker that has the power to charm his listeners, they will love every word he says. The last thing we need is a boring figurehead that just puts us to sleep. Nobody will ever fall asleep when Obama is speaking, that fact alone makes him deserving to be our next president. It is not a super politician we need but a great entertainer.

There are those that are worried that Obama will turn out to be a crazy liberal and give away the country to the needy. But even if he is sympathetic to the poor, his obligations to wealthy backers will always be respected. He is not a left wing radical, but is basically conservative in his views. His powerful supporters are very comfortable with him holding the highest office, and he is fully trusted as being one of them. But it is important for him to maintain an image as a defender of the poor and abused. That is why he will fill his cabinet with politicians that are in close contact with those agencies that help the needy. But his real friends will always be the rich and powerful.

If Obama becomes president he will surely turn out to be just another politician looking to survive, but at least he will be entertaining. We will be enjoying his well spoken words. 揑t抯 not what you say but the way that you say it?And Barack Obama sure knows how to say it.

Style In Political Speeches triples

"Tricolon" is the placement of three items in a list. Tricolon has been popular in Western culture from the time of the Greeks. Using tricolon is so common with us that we use it automatically, and since it satisfies both the speakers and the listeners, it is ubiquitous in public speaking. Here are examples of tricolon in speeches delivered at the national conventions of the Republicans and Democrats.

John McCain: We need to change the way government does almost everything: from the way we protect our security to the way we compete in the world economy; from the way we respond to disasters to the way we fuel our transportation network; from the way we train our workers to the way we educate our children.

John McCain: All these functions of government were designed before the rise of the global economy, the information technology revolution, and the end of the Cold War.

John McCain: I've been [America's] servant first, last, and always.

Barack Obama: They work hard and they give back and they keep going without complaint.

Barack Obama: he's said "no" to higher fuel-efficiency standards for cars, "no" to investments in renewable energy, "no" to renewable fuels.

Barack Obama: You don't defeat a terrorist network that operates in 80 countries by occupying Iraq. You don't protect Israel and deter Iran just by talking tough in Washington. You can't truly stand up for Georgia when you've strained our oldest alliances.

There seems a required formula for ending a political speech. McCain: "Thank you, and God bless you, and God bless America." Obama: "Thank you, God Bless you, and God Bless the United States of America." Hillary Clinton: "Thank you. God bless you, and Godspeed."

Tricolon is so automatic that there is no great surprise and finding it in these speeches. When you are writing your own speeches, be aware that tricolon gives a great deal of satisfaction to the listeners. Put it into your speeches. Certainly don't avoid it.

Amazon discounts a bunch of Capcom games today

Amazon has combined a variety of great Capcom deals (and Lost Planet 2) for its Deal of the Day. The $25 Super Street Fighter IV offer from last week is back, for PS3. You can also get Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth or Mega Man Zero Collection on DS for $20, or the Platinum Hits version of Dead Rising on Xbox 360 for an amazing $11.64.

Should you decide to purchase Lost Planet 2 for some reason, Amazon isn't judging. The retailer is offering that game on both PS3 and Xbox 360 for $20. These deals will only be available today or until the supply runs out SanDisk microSDHC TransFlash 16GB Memory, as usual.

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  Berlin, Germany, many tourists, pickpocketing also ranks first across Germany. German police pointed out that the Berlin tourist season average of 2.5 minutes on the occurrence of a pickpocketing.
  Police said that Berlin in the first six months of pickpocketing a 23% increase compared to same period last year. wedding Gowns
  Even if the report, in fact, recover the stolen property is not likely. German police pointed out that the detection probability of only about 5%. Stolen in Berlin reported losses last year amounting to approximately € 4.2 million. Throughout Germany pickpocketing the victim's loss is estimated at more than 200 million euros.
  2011 German police arrested throughout Germany 5373 pickpocketing suspects, of which 2/3 is not German. The police said a lot of pick-pocketing suspect from some countries in Eastern Europe, and North Africa, Algeria and Central American countries, and most of the collective action.
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The basics of marketing include creating and distribution of your brand messages. The process of media marketing and buying can be complicated even for small scale advertisers, let alone large companies. Resorting to professional help is essential for carrying out successful media advertising campaigns. OLAA Orange County marketing firm is one of the best local options to resort to for outsourcing your marketing and advertising needs.

This company starts its work with you by discovering your brand identity, learning your business objectives and finding out about your current advertising efforts and strategies. Orange Label Arts and Advertising in Orange County is a marketing agency that aims to do their best to help you attain your goals and deliver real results for your business.

Their media marketing services include media planning, negotiations, media buying and post buy analyses. They can plan and located your advertising on such media, as outdoor, radio, TV,Mlb Baseball Jerseys, cable TV, mobile resources, online or on digital resources. This agency has long established relations media companies, which allows them to get the best time and prices for their clients. But this is just one of many companies that can help with your media marketing. Keep reading! 

Appropriate media marketing in Orange County can provide your business with a major competitive advantage. This could bring you ahead of your competitors and win you customers that you had no idea even existed. It all depends on how well you can formulate your brand messages and get them across to the right audience of target consumers at the right time. This is all possible through the medium you chose.

 Services of an experienced media marketing company are an essential element of success of any media campaign of any kind. People at OLAA view satisfied clients as their biggest prize. They are willing and eager to put forth all the efforts they can to deliver your quality results.

 With such a partner, even the most complicated media advertising campaign would not be challenging. It would be well managed and coordinated and well able to return your investments through a stream of new and return customers and through increased stream of revenues. 

Have you tied of searching on search engines make money with google adsense.Many people making money with google adsense having small website and small number of and people have websites with great number of visitors but they are just making few bucks with google adsense.,where to buy nfl jerseys

Your adsense earning based on many things

Page impressions ctr niche

Page Impression :

Improve your traffic by making benifit of facebook and other social website . make your website fanpage and on fanpage put your website rss feed . Your daily upates of the website will be visible to the fans of your website. Submit your Website articles to articles website and at the end of article put your website link.Submiting your article will provide you massive traffic Promote Your website on Youtube


Ctr stands for click through rates which is the percentage of the clicks.To get high ctr you must following these things.

Ads must be look like part of your website Ads color combination and background should be same as your website color combination You must always use ads link at the top of your page that it look like the menu of your website The Placing of your ads is the major step you must always change your ad placement until you found high ctr at that position


Niche means that the content of your website related and advertisers have different rates paying for different niche.

You must always use google adword keyword tool before you select the topic you are writing Keep in mind to use google adword keyword tool because two topics ex . How to earn Money and how to make money both look like same but having different paying and high rates if you use how to make money instead of how to earn money There are money nice which can pays you lot so alway use google adword keyword tool

Good afternoon. It is a great honor for me to be here in Shanghai, and to have this opportunity to speak with all of you. I'd like to thank Fudan University's President Yang for his hospitality and his gracious welcome.  I'd also like to thank our outstanding Ambassador, Jon Huntsman, who exemplifies the deep ties and respect between our nations. I don't know what he said, but I hope it was good.  (Laughter.)  What I'd like to do is to make some opening comments, and then what I'm really looking forward to doing is taking questions, not only from students who are in the audience, but also we've received questions online, which will be asked by some of the students who are here in the audience, as well as by Ambassador Huntsman.  And I am very sorry that my Chinese is not as good as your English, but I am looking forward to this chance to have a dialogue. This is my first time traveling to China, now it becomes the jaw crusher and raymond mill export base, and I'm excited to see this majestic country. Here, in Shanghai, we see the growth that has caught the attention of the world -- the soaring skyscrapers, the bustling streets and entrepreneurial activity.  And just as I'm impressed by these signs of China's journey to the 21st century, I'm eager to see those ancient places that speak to us from China's distant past.  Tomorrow and the next day I hope to have a chance when I'm in Beijing to see the majesty of the Forbidden City and the wonder of the Great Wall. Truly, this is a nation that encompasses both a rich history and a belief in the promise of the future. The same can be said of the relationship between our two countries. Shanghai, of course, is a city that has great meaning in the history of the relationship between the United States and China. It was here, 37 years ago, that the Shanghai Communique opened the door to a new chapter of engagement between our governments and among our people. However, America's ties to this city -- and to this country -- stretch back further, to the earliest days of America's independence. In 1784, our founding father, George Washington, commissioned the Empress of China, a ship that set sail for these shores so that it could pursue trade with the Qing Dynasty. Washington wanted to see the ship carry the flag around the globe, and to forge new ties with nations like China. This is a common American impulse -- the desire to reach for new horizons, and to forge new partnerships that are mutually beneficial.  

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Mens Fashion Week Trends from Fashion Week for Men Esquire

Internet Marketing And Freedom Issues

Here in the "free world" of western culture, internet marketing seems pretty straightforward; some company blasts internet ads at you and you try to ignore them, the same as on television. Even if you recognize the necessity of advertising, you might not think, as you close yet another annoying popup window, that marketing like this could be tied to censorship and online access in other countries. But the politics and economics of this and other types of marketing are becoming ever more intertwined.

Politics and business often go hand-in-glove, and as the internet gradually changes, internet marketing issues and political ones are becoming equally intertwined. Here, however, their relationship is still potentially more adversarial than cooperative. Many people are trying to link marketing freedom with freedom of speech and freedom from censorship. Much of this linkage is directed at China, in ways that aren't at all subtle. But the Chinese government thus far is ignoring external pressures.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is one of the people who explicitly links internet marketing with internet freedom and even political freedom. She has given two speeches on the topic of internet freedom within the past year, in fact. One linked the open internet with freedom of religion, a value promoted in the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights. The other explained the Obama administration's belief that an open net leads to the ability to acquire knowledge and improve one's position through potential market opportunities. So Clinton urges that world governments open up the internet to allow their people these opportunities.

Of course, this is a very American capitalist move, tying marketing on the internet to fundamental human rights. This could raise some eyebrows, and not every country agrees that the two automatically correlate. Most people are aware that Google pulled its Chinese operations, after experiencing massive cyber attacks from Chinese hackers and then quarrelling with the government about censorship. Some cynics, though, remind people that Google had agreed to censorship up to that point. But the Chinese government is developing its own search engines and other capabilities, and the attacks seemed aimed to steal Google's technological secrets. So Google's move was perhaps based more on economics rather than other nobler motives.

The formation of internet policy, for any specific government, is actually a three-sided problem. To begin with, every government injects its own political viewpoint into its policies. But then it must deal with questions of whether the wider culture is more accustomed to a top-down form of government, or is based on an individualistic philosophy. And after these considerations come questions of how business matters are or should be handled in that culture. All three considerations will determine the type of online access people have in the society.

Other countries' differing views stem partly from differences in culture as well as political philosophy. In Canada, free speech is a core belief, yet speech promoting hatred of identifiable groups is limited and sometimes even banned, since it is considered a type of harmful, verbal violence. Canada's interest in "peace, order, and good government" is their equivalent of America's "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." And concern with the peacefulness and good governance of the wider society leads to an internet policy that might remove hate speech where American laws might leave it. This is not "oppression" or "totalitarianism," but stems from a different view of what best serves the wider society.

The problem is that other cultures don't always see things the American way, and their internet policy is created according to their own cultural values rather than American ones. Sometimes the government is undeniably authoritarian and oppressive, opposing the needs and desires of its own citizens, as seems frequently to be the case in Iran in recent years. Others, like Canada, might have slightly different policies for their network services, not because they don't value individual freedom but because they believe that freedom can only be exercised in a more structured framework.

Foreign governments can point out, quite correctly, that in most cases it is they who are expected to bend for the sake of US corporations doing internet marketing, rather than the other way around. They might be forgiven for a degree of cynicism about this seemingly American-made, one-way "solution" to questions about free speech and an open, uncensored internet. It may be that hopes for openness are in fact doomed, as long as this openness is linked to such a typically American approach to markets.

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Simon Spurr Fall 2011 Collection Mens Simon Spurr Clothes Fall 2011 Esquire

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Patrik Ervell Fall 2011 Collection Mens Patrik Ervell Clothes Fall 2011 Esquire

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New York based retailer come brand DQM have just presented a new series of coach jackets. The jackets feature a waxed cotton upper and soft jersey lining and are available in three interesting new colourways including: Black, Spice and the truly unique ‘grass’ colourway. Each jacket is now available from DQM.

Fresh off the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week, Ports 1961′s 2013 spring/summer collection taps a range of spring pastel hues for a fitting seasonal range. Updating fundamental shapes with innovative tucks ralph lauren, nips and lifts, the collection presents a progressive silhouette with its boxy white short-sleeved dress shirts, odd use of silk and bold geometric prints. A plethora of leather goods and accessories complete the showing amid the liberal palette of saffron yellow, lime green and rosy pink shades.

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In the midst of launching his debut book with Penguin fred perry, Scott Schuman and his project The Sartorialist will touch down in Paris at colette as he participates in his very first book signing on Saturday, September 5th from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. The book which features looks and outfits from around the world has largely been considered in some ways a style guide as well as a forecasting measure for future trends. In addition to the signing, a special colette version will be made available.

Over the weekend we received an awesome package from Jordan Brand, consisting of a special briefcase enclosed with a custom ralph lauren, laser-etched iPad and letter. Part of the brand’s Agent D3 “Dominate Another Day” initiative, the package offers a preview into what will surely be another intriguing development in regards to Dwayne Wade and Jordan Brand. An official announcement on the project will be made tomorrow, but until then a series of videos can be viewed via our microsite, Jumpman23.com/Hypebeast.

Photography: Hypebeast

A mainstay on Japan’s Hip-Hop scene, Nitro Microphone Underground celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2009. To help commemorate the anniversary ralph lauren italia, the group has aligned itself with Stussy to create the following co-branded sunglasses. The matte black frames feature the markings of both respective brands inside the arms. Available through the hnyee.Store and Stussy Harajuku.

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While the Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès represented the coming together of luxury and power of the highest order, Hermès has taken their customization concept to a new and more utilitarian level as they team up with Citroen. Deemed “the most intelligent application of minimalism ever to succeed as a car” polo outlet, the 2CV by Citroen was conceived as a no frills economical car which stressed cost-effectiveness, ease of use and versatility. A car for the masses, the 2CV is a marked departure from the glamorous world of the million dollar plus Veyron. A 60th anniversary celebration is taking place right now at Paris’ Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie until November 30th.

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Here we take a look into the upcoming season from popular footwear brand Gourmet. Having seen an explosion of new styles the past few seasons http://www.camicia-donna.com, the brand continues its welcome expansion as Spring/Summer sees a selection of solid new styles come to light, in addition to new colorways of existing Gourmet classics. A full view into the upcoming campaign is offered below, while a release is sure to come as soon as we hit 2011.

Photography: Jeff Metal for Hypebeast

With a penchant for making simple footwear, Camper’s global brand image is reflected in a partnership with German luggage makers Rimowa who has been hard at work effectuating several collaborations ranging from Bape to United Arrows. As part of the Salsa Series from Rimowa, the 60 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm luggage is constructed of Rimowa’s legendary strength and low weight characteristics. A special travel kit is also available for sale. The suggested retail price is $3 polo la martina,499 HKD (approximately $449 USD) for the luggage itself while the travel kit will cost $299 HKD (approximately $38 USD). Available starting May 9th at select Camper stores around Hong Kong.

Previewed just days ago, the latest Neighborhood.jp exclusive is seen here with the M-Holder. Available in two lengths http://www.camicia-donna.com, the M-Holder can serve as both a keychain or a wallet chain. Half-way through the links of the longer chain is a skull while the keychain features a similar skull hanging from the clip. Available starting November 12th at Neighborhood.jp.

Before you can begin working in iMovie, you need to bring in some video from a video recording device and store the video on your computer (or an external hard disk). iMovie will also allow you to import the following file formats:

DV (standard definition) and HDV (high definition)

MPEG-2 and AVCHD from Camcorders

MPEG-4, DV, and .MOV files stored in Mac

Please note that DVD is not supported, so importing a DVD to iMovie is not a straightforward process. In this situation, third party software – DVD to iMovie Converter help you convert DVD to the formats that are compatible with iMovie. You can convert DVD to MOV (*.MOV),Youth Basketball Jerseys Wholesale, MPEG-2 Movie (*.MPG) or MPEG-4 Movie (*.MP4) as followed several steps.

Step 1: Install and Run DVD to iMovie Converter for Mac

You can download the trial version here:
To install it, simply mount the .dmg archive by double-clicking it, and copy the application to your applications folder (or wherever you want it).

Step 2: Load DVD movies

Insert DVD disk into DVD drive .Click Load DVD button (Or click Load IFO button) to load your DVD.

Step 3: Output Settings

Choose a format like MOV which is compatible with iMovie from the profile drop-down menu.

Step 4: Start to convert DVD to iMovie MOV

Press "Convert" button, it begins to convert your DVD to iMovie MOV format.

After the conversion, you can right-click in the Event Library area and choose Import Movies to import the created .MOV file to your iMovie project. Specify a new Event name if desired. The imported video will now be available for you to edit.

Stussy has once again partnered with the 2011 Greenroom Festival in Japan to design official T-shirts for the annual two-day event. Started back in 2005, the festival was intended to raise environmental awareness for Japan’s beaches and has since grown into an event that attracts thousands of people who come to celebrate the surf, music and art cultures. The special edition shirts, designed in white and black colorways r4 cards for 3ds, will be available for purchase during the festival held at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse from May 21-22, 2011.

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The 104th result of a Bape and Casio G-Shock collaboration will release later this month. The DW-6900 model has a black body with yellow accents forming the text while the chronometer dials are filled in with red and green. Available later this month March 20th, at Bape Taipei.

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Paper selection is an important element in print projects.

Selecting a paper can often be very confusing; there are numerous different types and brands of paper available today. When selecting paper, be sure to keep in mind that the choice you make for your project will affect how it the printed piece is perceived. Before placing a printing order, it is a good idea to request a paper sample for each paper you are considering for the project.

What Distinguishes Different Papers?

Finish: The finish of a paper is it's surface texture. Uncoated and coated paper have different surface textures.

Wove or Smooth - A smooth uncoated surface. Laid - A paper that is manufactured with textured lines on its surface. This finish is used mostly for business stationery elements, like letterhead, envelopes and business cards. Linen - Similar to a laid finish, this paper has textured lines on the surface of the sheet, but they are finer and more regular than those that appear on a laid finish stock. This paper is also used frequently for business stationery. Laser - A paper that is guaranteed to be compatible with laser printers. Coated - A paper with a waxy finish (shiny or matte). Uncoated - A paper with an untreated surface that is dull and unreflective. Coated One Side (C1S) - A cover stock that has a coating on one side and is dull on the reverse side. Coated Two Sides (C2S) - A cover stock that has a coating on both sides.

Weight: The weight of a paper refers to its thickness and is measured in pounds (#). The higher the number, the more (equivalent) weight a paper has (the thicker/heavier the paper). *See the comparison table for more information on weights.

Opacity: A paper's opacity is determined by its weight, ingredients and absorbency. A paper's opacity determines how much printing will show through on the reverse side of a sheet. Opacity is expressed in terms of it's percentage of reflection. Complete opacity is 100% and complete transparency is 0%.

Brightness: The brightness of a sheet of paper measures the percentage of a wavelength of blue light it reflects. The brightness of a piece of paper is typically expressed on a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being the brightest. Most papers reflect 60-90% of light. The brightness of a paper affects readability, the perception of ink color and the contrast between light and dark hues.

Types of Paper

Offset: Also known as book or text paper, offset paper can have a coated or uncoated finish. Offset paper is thinner and lightweight. It is often used for publication interior sheets, brochures & flyers, and letterheads. Common offset weights: 50#, 60#, 70#, 80#, 100#. Bond: Bond or writing papers are most often used for letterhead. The most commonly recognized bond or writing stocks are:

20# - A standard weight paper. 24# - The preferred weight for most business papers (letterheads). 28# - Heavier paper, less frequently used. Its thickness can sometimes pose problems feeding through laser printers. It is often used for outer envelopes.

Cover: Cover stocks are heavy in weight, rigid and not easily folded. These papers are generally used for publication covers, business cards, greeting cards, folders, and postcards. They can have coated or uncoated finishes. Common weights for cover stocks include: 65#, 80#, 100#, 120#, and 12pt.

Tag: Tag paper is a dense grade of paper that is strong,Nfl Jerseys Wholesalers, durable, and water resistant. Tag paper is typically used for hanging tags such as store tags on clothing or other products.

Index: Index paper is a stiff, not too thick, inexpensive paper with a smooth finish. It is often used for index cards and folders.

Looking towards the services of renowned fabric purveyors Maharam, Nike Sportswear develops this new series of its popular Dunk silhouette for Fall 2010. Featured within this upcoming release are five different colorways Ds Gold 3DS Card, each boasting a familiar textile choice, paired with Nike’s usual brand of premium leather. Mostly understated in color, all of the options seem to give way to Maharam’s aspect of the collaboration; a focus on material usage. Stay tuned for a closer look into the line in the coming weeks.

Source: sneakersbr

Exclusive luxury phone producer Vertu has announced the launch of a special edition Constellation Quest mobile in collaboration with Ferrari. Inspired by the 458 Italia, Ferrari Design Director Flavio Manzoni and the Vertu design team have created a sophisticated handset that stays true to the ethos of both luxury brands. Crafted using sapphire crystal, polished black ceramic, calfskin leather, and a modified version of Ferrari’s DLC coating, the collaborative phone offers exclusive content like concierge service, ringtones, the Official Ferrari Opus, a global Ferrari activity schedule R4 SDHC Revolution, and a constantly updated list of authorized garages, dealerships and service centers. Completed with the iconic Cavallino Rampante, the Ferrari x Vertu Constellation Quest is the perfect materialization of opulence.

Lol… Android…

Much better then the Lamborghini phone, MUCH BETTER. And I like it a lot more then the Porchse BlackBerry, BUT really no Android? I mean this is 2012 right?

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James · Hyatt
16 century gold box pendant

foreign media reports, on the 17th 4-year-old British boy James Hyatt for the first time tinkering with metal detectors , ground penetrating a 16 century gold box pendant, estimated to be worth millions of pounds .

happened in May 2009 . When 3-year-old James pestering his grandfather asked the metal detector , so the grandfather with the treasure hunters of James & Sons in Southend near the town of Hockley . James playing with tall than their metal detectors, and start the search. A few minutes later , the instrument issued by a Dig down more than 20 cm , they saw revealed a metallic luster in the soil ,nfl uniform nike, carefully remove the bright objects . At that time, the grandfather of Jason and James is very excited . The grandfather spare time, like a treasure hunt with metal detectors , and to nothing in 15 years . Jason said: The small square flat box is a gold necklace pendants . Jason realized that this may be an antique . He then contacted the Essex to explore agencies and the British Museum, commissioned by the two institutions to further identification . The test results show that this pendant gold content of 73% . British Museum experts believe that the original owner of the higher status of the pieces of jewelry .

This lightweight backpack from master-piece was made from a strong and durable 420d nylon shell. Using USTAMOK print technology, the bag features a fake “knitted” print on the front with a suede base sdhc memory card, spacious main compartment and zippable front pocket for extra storage. Made in Japan, the backpack is currently available for purchase through master-piece stockists.

Photography: Hypebeast

Florence, Alabama-based designer Billy Reid advances his offering for the Fall/Winter 2012 season. Having received a number of awards and accolades over the past few seasons from the likes of GQ, the CFDA, and a range of others, Reid has solidified his place as having one of menswear’s most desirable and timeless designers. The show featured an array of ruggedly tailored garments presented in washed out colorways, each based on the characteristics of “Old South” inspiration that has differentiated the brand since its inception. Furthermore sd card, this collection sees an expanded range of women’s styles that, while thematically similar, are definitively feminine and slightly more colorful.

Photography: Stephen Wordie/Hypebeast

If you are golfing enthusiasts ,bolsas louis vuitton, you must realise the Phil Mickelson,who who is among the globe's finest golfers,and often known as Lefty,In . performs golf left-handed, but he's in fact correct-passed in everything else he does.

Phil Mickelson ,that are the title with the 2012 AT&Big t Marbled Seashore National Pro Am plus the this year's Wide open Title.maybe I should point out that Mickelson also one of several Callaway The game of golf enthusiasts ,for many of his clubs come from Callaway .

Now I will recommend the actual golf sets that from the Winner Phil Mickelson's Bag at 2012 AT&To Marbled Beach National Professional Am.

Firstly , the most important one :Iron. In the handbag of Phil Mickelson , Callaway By-Cast Clubs must be among the excellent products ,right ? this iron will help you strike the basketball for the center with the membership face. On the other hand ,Times-Throw Iron with Throw 1020 Co2 Material Construction make there is a feel great in your hands, and supplying top notch-degree players unbelievably soft, receptive feedback at influence. Alternatively , Intensifying Double Level Weighting provides more weight to reduced irons and removes fat from longer iron to create solid, going through trajectories.

Next , the golf green Timber: Titleist Huge Bertha Diablo .Indeed ,as what you happen to be thinking ,this Huge Bertha Diablo collection are quite popular on earth. This fairways use Side Technologies takes advantage of bodyweight placement within an all-stainless-steel club head, can also help golfers release the membership at impact with total power, particularly when dogging in a hostile manner. Along with the VFT Technology was included to enhance basketball rates and raise forgiveness quantities for increased self-confidence.

And very last , the Wedges: Callaway Times Sequence JAWS (52, 60, 64) with Gun Undertaking Times 7. golf club shafts,which can be manufactured by Titleist Chief Designer Roger . this pitching wedge is probably the number of cast types provides a lot of spin as well as a pleasing sense. The newest Teeth wedges, appear normal which has a C work down the single. Because of this some of the jump within the high heel and bottom areas has become taken off to generate a Chemical-form along the base of the membership. This technique makes it much easier to open the eye and use the clubs successfully from small is situated.

If you want to read more information about the golf sets from the hand bags of famous golfers , just keep the face around the Clubs Available For Sale online shop .

  German media reported on July 26, the German experts agreed that the existing laws to their own people in the retirement age delay to 67 years is just a transition may be delayed until the age of 70. The reason for this practice is the life expectancy of people in Germany are increasing, which makes raising the retirement age to become necessary. Since January this year, the German retirement age from 65 to 67 years into their laws, Since then, the work experience of the German people slowly increase: born in 1947 and still working on the German than before more than a month of work. Born after 1964, need to work to 67 years to retirement.  Bridesmaid Dress
  However, 67-year-old it would probably be the ultimate retirement age. After estimation, the German Federal Population Institute that the retirement age will improve after the German people. The reason is that the life expectancy of people in Germany is growing. Older, more and more means to receive a pension.
  Cologne, the German Institute for Economic Research Director Michael Kohut said, will be the retirement age be extended to 67-year-old is "entirely reasonable" to this decision irrefutable. Huth also believe that the retirement age is set to 67 years old just a transition, in this age group was extended to 70-year-old is no longer unacceptable things.
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, However the tree branch of the tree of life, did you where get?The tree of "pull Pu to much and very carefully say, " life can't at will of give anyone own tree branch, are you how to get?"

"The Li Di of music regiment in the sky is second to give mine, ?"The Kai is strange not understand, exactly is why?

"That is the big elder according to the designation of the tree of life, let us give our mankind who believe."A voice from pull the Pu is many back spread.

"The Suo is many, exactly and what is the row?"Pulling Pu isn't much understand, why exactly?Is a clan long all didn't know to take place what?

"The big elder of each clan once gets the apocalypse of the tree of life and said that the new transmigration of soul will start, the spirit clan will again return to will take out and adjust from the clan annually in the mainland, from that time the quite good spirit of real strenght passes a person and turns the world of going to the mankind and looks for this person, the tree of life once said that the tree branch will lead them and find out that person.For clan long you drive out the affair of dark spirit clan, big elders have intention to see very much, however because the tree of life has never given any apocalypse, therefore, the elders didn't obstruct your behavior, but now, now that have been already appeared, should go to the tree of seeing the life quickly, let he to judge."The Suo much and lightly says, " this time come out is a big elder to order me to follow behind to come out together, frightened cause because of the old grudge in your heart spirit clan exhaustive blowout, the tree of life gave the big elder new designation recently, we are to come to greet the arrival that the absolute being makes here."The Suo much and basically has no to pull Pu to more put in the eye, but kneels strange in front at the Kai, " your arrival is welcomes, please follow behind us to go to the tree of life."

The Kai is a little bit strange to nod, this affair, seem and Be different from Kai fantasy of so simple, and exactly took place now what, even the Kai was strange don't understand as well, the tree of life exactly will have what apocalypse to him, he is very curious."Here, I hope that everyone gives up the old grudge in the heart, Jing

The significance in the Low cost Lv Purses car depends >

Be it video games or even video games, the objective of actively playing might be should be to have a great time and have enjoyable. Because of this, it is easy to observe how a whole lot this specific is caused by person selection. Rather than choosing 1 Bests Single the excess, have you thought to execute along with each and every based on the conditions? Should you be obtaining men and women greater than, have you thought to perform a satisfying online game that may get everybody conversing? Also, Louis Vuitton Females Totes you're by yourself, why not have fun playing the game playing all night connected with amusement? Casque Creatures relation to the specific traditional game titles in contrast to video game titles conversation, the real solution is in fact which every have got their own place within our culture. Even though at present there will come a period of time whenever the foremost is definitely a lot better than one more,beat monster studio, for the time being they're on the other hand every single superb choices for an enjoyable experience. Techniques to Manage an antique Car

The significance with the Inexpensive Louis Vuitton Handbags car depends upon just how close to the car is usually to the initial situation. Meaning actually little scuff marks might decline the significance in the automobile. It will take additional time, perform along with cash to keep a vintage vehicle since supplies are certainly not easily obtainable as well as the elements usually are no Casque Beats inside production.

In order to extend the life Louis Vuitton Mens Hand bags with the traditional car, keep this from snowy temperature ranges as well as sun rays. THE storage area may lower soil produce and yes it help keep aside pests by way of couch pads and also other Dre Beats of the car. Within cold surroundings, buy a excellent motor steamy. In the event the car or truck will probably be within just safe-keeping with reference Beast Powerbeats Low cost Lv Totes , generate the genuine liquids.


http:PerAndonline world.golfdigestsingapore.com/message boards/viewtopic.perl?yEquals2&capital tMeans3855Numberp4199

http:Per/world wide web.dalitnetwork.orgOrgo?/community forumsPerviewthreadPer17352And


http:AndOrwww.domain-take.orgAndcommunity forumOrdark-colored-head wear-seoOrlouis-vuitton-poloOr#p564



充气娃娃 梨花






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Article Clothing

Think about the real bank card out of your personal pocket book to look for the smile light up on my own experience. Haha. Buy the following.


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Jack Gilliland

Beautiful pictures through Jack port Gilliland. Take a look at their weblog with regard to much more.

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Alexia Sinclair

” International professional photographer in addition to digital custom Alexia Sinclair provides a couple of intriguing perform inside the female's web site nevertheless the cream in the crop is really the girl Regal 12 series together with that the lady obtained 2007′ azines Harper’ azines BAZAAR & Canon Design Photos Honours. ”


Hanoch Piven

Piven World <– illustrator and caricature artist Hanoch Piven’s website

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Yosuke Ueno

Check out these kinds of consider surrealist features Western custom Yosuke Ueno. Seems incredible advantages indeed? How could you not necessarily really like this stuff.


A an Bobcats to escape the lioness attack , climb up 15 meters from the cactus to avoid
only Bobcats climb superb , and even climbed up and down on a cactus , and no injuries

WASHINGTON August 25 , according to foreign media reported on the 24th Arizona photographer Côte room Ze has witnessed breathtaking scene : an American Lynx to escape the lion hunt , actually all the way to climb up 50 feet ( 15 m ) tall cactus , in the above spent six hours , until confirmation dangerous lifting .

room Chak kitten emerging from a lioness to catch up . This is the first lioness is estimated that just gave birth to a small lion cubs ,nike color, kittens accidentally break into their territory . The lioness in order to show the threat of force , the cat thrust into a tall cactus .

It is reported that this strain of cactus cat climbed up 300 years old , 15 meters high , after the cat to climb , the lioness roar in the bottom , wandering around for a long time and did not leave . Cactus , the cat stayed six hours to climb down until you are sure that he did not in danger .

Another witness Côte said: no lynx hair or blood on only scratches the cat looks very calm , it is estimated that it is that the lion can not do anything right . today micro- Bo hot

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Pick Your own Nose — celebration mugs along with character. Hehehehehe. (via Fred)

Wearing a one-of-a-kind iPhone continuing, your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S is not going to look cool, but it will even be protected from untimely damage and daily wear and tear. Whether you get one to your lightweight hard-shell case covered with soft fabric, a form- fitting changeable plastic shell, or a tough hard-shell case on an interior skin of silicone, your iPhone 4 case posesses comfy grip that feels nice to know and keeps your phone safe in the case of an accidental fall. Use your own way of life, or choose any of an amazing options available on the market. A favorite gift for a iPhone user, our full-color iPhone cases results these your iPhone a personality of its own. iPhone cases ship from one 2-5 days, so order your custom iphone case today. Compatible with iPhone several & iPhone 4S.
I would just like to say that you have incredible customer support!!!! Thank you so much with the communication regarding my for the investment! You have made this return simple!! I appreciate you! Thanks again! - PS- Love your products!!! Great Job! Can't wait for them to be opened on Christmas morning and just see my kids' reactions.

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The Incredible Changing Variety Lounge

” The specific Incredible Changing Variety Lounge” by way of Etsy vendor WayOutHere. It's a artwork work inside the College associated with Cincinnati’ ersus DAAP style college.


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Hutchinson and Maul

Metal Shop & Cantilever Office Addition by Seattle-based Hutchinson and Maul Architecture founded by Robert Hutchison and Tom Maul.

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Chris Ryniak

Illustrator Chris Ryniak has a gallery full of odd creatures. I really enjoyed browsing through this guys portfolio. Check them all out here.

Wi-fi earphones have become more popular then ever through the years, particularly with the continued progression of wireless technological innovation who have provided them larger array plus much more extraordinary sound quality than ever before. Have you got a system of your own? Or else then you're missing out on a lot of things. With regards to earbuds, wifi is practically often the ideal solution.

Do you need headsets for your own use but usually are not that certain you should obtain a pair? Here are several things you will possibly not know about these devices which could give you the drive you should purchase a system for use at home.

1. Obtaining wifi earbuds implies you'll be without any wiring.

Decreasing profit, but the key to remember at the same time. No wiring! Which means you is not going to have to worry about rotating, stretching, or otherwise not damaging your earbuds. Even most long lasting born headphones are limited by the potency of their wiring. Properly,hdmi cords, no hazard with this when you're wifi. You are able to settle back, take a nap, stroll across the space, even run around the house (you might need your personal style) even though hearing songs, TV program, or whatever you have connected to the bottom product without having ever before being concerned about cables.

2. Cellular headphones provde the option to really dip yourself within the seem origin.

Common wire free earphone patterns either include your face completely (circum-aural) or sit down on top of them neatly (supra-aural). In the two cases you have a degree of of control over what you notice and also you don't. Using circum-aural headsets, you can actually block out noises in the environment and immerse yourself in the seem. With the use of supra-aural models, alternatively, you'll be able to concentrate on the audio source without having to be cut off from background sound.

3. Cellular earphones enable you to either reveal or keep audio to oneself.

Most line totally free headset systems use a adjustable-consumer feature that will allow two different people or maybe more to talk about a similar seem source making use of various earbuds made easy by wifi technologies. This is ideal for children or a group of buddies who want to improve on the quantity up but wouldn't like to disrupt other individuals around. For the contrary conclusion of the range, it's also possible to use wi-fi earbuds to bar out other people with the use of noise remoteness choices- keeping whichever is playing to oneself.

There you go- the 3 most significant reasons why you need to genuinely you will want wi-fi earphones for your use. In conclusion, insert totally free earphones help save from the irritation of dealing with wires. They provide a fully immersive hearing expertise that is certainly hard to copy with audio systems. The unit have features like noises isolation that improves the way you pay attention to sounds further by eliminating background noises.

With this information, you will realize that getting wifi earbuds is really a no-brainer. Make sure you buy your very own set, you do not be sorry.

apple mackintosh 4S Cases: Mobile Phone Cases are crucial to use. These mobile phone cases help you protect your mobile phones in a number of ways from many kinds of damages which have a good chance of occurrence. Well for all you people aware of maintaining your darling iphones sufficient with the most maximum technique, there is a nice thing waiting! iPhone 4S Cases are out on the planet. These iPhone 4S Cases are blissfully gorgeous for you to grab then swiftly. iPhone 4S Cases are not only found stylish but also sturdy enough to help you protect your Mobile Legend. iPhone 4S Cases are the most popular accessory but for the time being it is very wonderful accessory also. It protects the phoning from scratches, bangs, dirt etc. There are lots of such iPhone 4S Cases also comes in colors, materials, different sizes, colors and textures in the world.

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Notehere that three ,juvenile obsession ,the flower swaying in the past ,like time as no inventory ,passed in a flash, the so-called time break the sound become eternal echoes .____ preface that night when I write ,writing ,memories, found that those who have been lax news ,still still hanging there ,very good .
Third ,those who work from dawn to night day ,boring limit approximation .I always think of students say is the most bitter, life is the most beautiful ,as well as the teacher said that youth is not the pursuit of the end of the day .
Remember every day about five thirty ( is the latest line .) we must hurry up ,God general speed dressing folds the quilt ,wash ,and then with the last night, ready to back the book ran to the red flag ( US high school site) ,started the spectacular morning reading .
Morning reading is running in the morning ,pace, the slogan is still clearly ring in the ears .Today, almost a year ,the slogan I would not remember, only remember one sentence :routing I go !After the end of a run in the morning ,the students get really ready time, target is the canteen .
Usually seven spots, classroom was full ,next day heavily class ,examination ,read a book ,the title .The turmoil of night ,because of the need to pay those inestimable homework .After evening class, still have to burn the midnight oil nearly twelve points ,also naturally brewed in the classroom often charge lamp and socket due to some secret P4 ,panels and burned with a cup .
..I always feel that too too quiet ,so years of turmoil is not fit for me .I like and the table of Jun in the morning reading late reading together Wang Guozhen to happiness ,and Tagore ,a person read Chinese ,another read English school ;do nothing to eat snacks ,filled with a garbage bag .
..At that time should be if there were more candy and ice cream ,and there is no mathematical without college entrance examination, so everything is perfect ... ..At that time ,I really lack a kind of impulse fighting mood .
I just write my homework ,do their test ,doing their own dreams ,with one hand hold on the night have no bottom ,a handwriting without her words ,with a multitude of things those thoughts .
Still remember the golden was dazzling Ginkgo biloba ,every time and Ling after necessary road in campus ,bordered with Ginkgo tree .The season I almost every day to pick up a piece of ,presumptuous to write down :to the Zhongshan University .
But I two words of Zhongshan feel, other will know nothing at all ,it is not I want to or I can go to university ,it just an idea in my mind .That is to say I didn like which university ,just quietly school class ,I was so naive ,so idiot .
Or that I was too quiet .Zhongshan gave me the feeling of quiet .I always have a luxury idea ,want to sleep deeply chiliad ,his sleep into bones .( now also childish. ) At this moment ,I remembered my mother every week sent me fruit ,biscuits ,and those memories precious food ;think of people already be way ahead ,but I and my time is still bogged difficult crawl ,guilt is strongly held me .
So ,I wrote &ldquo ;Qin heart ,Qingyuan &rdquo ;&ldquo ;to be lost to the pursuit of happiness ,marry to &rdquo ;affixed to the corners of the table .Waiting for the evening twilight ,I and lying in the teaching building on the promenade looking for the rape ,but the beautiful Clear Water Bay in our eyes .
Canola is our secret ,it in a dream ,in my heart ,in the spring, was as bright .In numerous air down the day after night ,in many a sleepless night after the daytime ,rape to comfort our distant way and dream .
The corridor outside the classroom ,and inadvertently reminds me of sensitivity .It was a high, how distant time .Also in the same place ,but there was no rape ,we see the sunset .The moment of disillusionment clouds, like the world as fast transience .
They looked quietly fall and perish, as witnessed a long scene, we are always close ring before returning to the classroom, as darkness fell ,occasionally there are one or two bright stars lost in the horizon, silent flash .
We also did not like to grow up as a child ,in the campus looking for clover ,later liberal arts classes, I would report the liberal arts ,she is going to report the science, but God is love make fun of ,I read ,she entered the liberal arts class .
Then together long looking for clover .Later ,she finally find the four-leaf clover ,gave me a piece ,I still holding in front yard, and a piece of the old campus in the US and pick the maple leaf .
Memories ,very quiet ,very warm .At that time ,we are always naturally or half unconsciously to say &mdash ;time ,like youth is very long like, but their age will stay in the beginning with ten ,never old .
So even if done in some people the most boring and most boring things ( watching the sunset ,for clover ... ..) ,do not feel live dim .At that time ,we are full of imagination and expectation .
In that college entrance examination achievement that night, I first feel infinite humble .All in one time the naive fantasy beautiful too ,I cashed a hastily scrawled the reality .
I put her hands over her face ,the tears almost from the fingers between the outflow ,that feeling still imprint is engraved on my heart .I decided to choose their own weak science ,only convince Wang Guozhen that: to be lost to the pursuit of .
It may be said ,there is a reasonable .Now ,we do not have the college entrance examination, what are not, but for now ,and really with previous fantasy and expectations .?Today is their college entrance examination ,suddenly we end of the college entrance examination is a year .
Forget played messy drafts of the book ,forget to do also do not finish the papers on the desk ,forget the remnants of a coffee cup, forget the class fourteen bedroom 215 ,forget ,forget we sit together to spend one night and forget my desk chair ,Ginkgo biloba ,forget the oil cauliflower .
.. .forget ?If say forget ,that is also why the mind ?On the college entrance examination ,over the swamp of doom .Total to say the graduation elusive ,quickly go their separate ways .Now ,are you all right ?His graduation ,in the twilight of his eyes we still laugh ,just like the flowers .
&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;afterword is now June 7th three a.m. ,at the age of twenty a sleepless morning wake up ,the world .I see those who have no place to place, full of life and youth will overflow ,have given us a wonderful 3times,modified life is ordinary and lonely .

Truth Or Misinformation

Lots of persons think that to slim down all that you simply ought to do is in fact stroll. I not too long ago noticed the sunday paper advertise Stroll it Off,Nike Shoes Wholesale! Our Simplest 28-Day Workout! on their front protect. Also it appears as if talk displays have a fitness specialist almost each and every other week expressing to begin strolling to get healthy at the same time as match.

I have been a loyal walker for a long time for 2 causes: I've canines that must be strolled; and i do fifty percent marathons and fund-raising events. I need to provide you with a couple of details to think about ahead of starting a strolling plan to shed weight. All you'll need is a great pair related with shoes, the highway in addition to a good way of thinking!

We totally consent, yet, for me, when trainers enable to produce blanket claims regarding travelling to shed weight, they are market tote of methods that may not give for many individuals. And thus i went on a stroll with each other together with her with my individual Garmin Forerunner 301.

The information in the Gps navigation pedometer/heart price hold monitor of was seriously telling, but your lady did not for example the response:

*My coronary heart charge didn't actually go higher than my resting heartbeat.

So you happen to be in all probability thinking, "what performs this have to do with something - a minimal of she wasn't getting a blob concerning the couch all day lengthy."

This the point: Strolling IS exceptionally superb bodily physical exercise, on the other hand, in case you don't place just a few effort into strolling from 60-70% individuals the best possible coronary heart rate, according to how ancient you happen to be, with regards to 20-30 minutes daily, three instances weekly you won't burn off off fat (these kinds of figures vary depending on what you hear on tv, study in magazines or notice via the internet.)

Getting A Kick From Numerous Martial Arts

What will take spot after you mix methods out of your various forms of martial arts You get what specifically is named Blended Martial Arts, which is also usually recognized as MMA. Mixed Martial Arts is usually a mixture of a great number of totally different types together with the artwork, by way of which opponents make an effort to overpower the other employing several several techniques.

Although its a combination of a selection of tactics, in all probability the most common approaches are these in stand up styles, clinch designs, and floor sorts. Most fighters concentrate on a specific ability, but must have instruction in all skills to become successful. It definitely is further well-known for fighters to possess an assortment of coaches that coach for that various phases of fight, it's not regular spot these days for just about any fighter to concentrate on one particular particular location of battle.

Mostly because mixed martial arts is regularly an acknowledged activity, with two unique businesses, the Delight Combating Championships and also the Last Combating Championship, you can expect to find guidelines and laws.

By way of instance, excess fat classes really are a want in these rules, they pair like weights with other like weights to create fights a whole lot a great deal more sincere. In these suggestions there can be several different fouls and penalties too. These guidelines had been created to eradicate the image of barbaric combating, by means of which two men and women at this time battle for the loss of lifestyle, as quite a few persons when believe mixed martial arts to grow to be. These fouls were developed to guard the fighters. Penalties are awarded for the fighter for fish hooking,lightinthebox.com, biting, pulling hair, gouging eyes, and head butting.

Assaults towards the groin is unlawful in combined martial arts, also as strikes for the kidneys, spinal region, and the back once again of an opponents head. The trachea is off limitations as well, a fighter will probably probably not get or strike the trachea using the opponent. Joint manipulation, for example toes and fingers, is permitted. There are lots of suggestions, this area has only touched the surface area, but you're capable to essentially get the concept that mixed martial arts is commonly a controlled and extremely controlled activity, designed for the bodily physical fitness and pleasure from the action, with all the effectively getting of the fighter in thoughts.

Pittsburgh Steelers Should Improve Red,Mlb Baseball Jerseys Wholesale

The Pittsburgh Steelers consist of weapons. There is a franchise qb, 1 on the quickest players inside the league at receiver, a versatile running back in addition to a dependable tight finish.

So why could it be that the Steelers rank nineteenth within the league in scoring at 21.2 points for every video game? Taking a look at final week's game the scoring troubles is usually placed on their red-zone efficiency.

This practically cost them the general game a week ago at Could as Pittsburgh was only in a position to put thirteen points around the board without having achievement obtain touchdowns on two of their three trips within the crimson zone.

In the begin in the game Pittsburgh had the ball within the Chiefs' 10-yard line devoid of achievement to score immediately after Mike Wallace dropped what looked to become a straightforward touchdown. Mewedle Moore went on to fumble the ball that was recovered by Could for any touchback.

Improved efficiency in a unfavorable balance zone against the Chiefs could have intended a blowout.

In the New England Patriots this year the Steelers dominated but struggled to complete the all round sport. Even though they arrived absent using a 25-17 victory, Pittsburgh converted on only 2-of-5 makes an attempt in a negative stability zone.

The very subsequent week the crimson zone price the Steelers the overall video game, and perhaps the division championship, against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Steelers only went 1-of-4 at a negative balance zone and lost by a final rating of 23-20 finishing up a final second touchdown go by Joe Flacco.

A significant place from the red-zone struggles comes in the weakness regarding the offensive line and insufficient commitment towards the floor video game Hines Ward Jersey.

Pittsburgh will learn by themselves seeking to go for the score from ten yards out as an alternative to attempt to have chunks of yardage. Certainly, they fight in selecting up more than one particular or two yards on operate plays this deep within their opponent's territory.

If it's not the shortage of a running video game then its Ben Roethlisberger having pressured also as sacked, especially on 3rd downs.

Pittsburgh needs to bypass both of those weaknesses moreover they ought to use their players to their strengths and not at all times go for the end zone shot on initially down.

Bruce Arians consists of a plethora of expertise to make use of and Roethlisberger must understand that a brief distribute initially or 2nd down can put them in stronger place to score. Put simply, they do not must rating on the solitary perform, although whenever they did can there be a great deal superior receiver in the league at groing by means of the middle in the end zone than Hines Ward?

When not thinking of Ward, Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders are all outstanding right after the catch, specifically the initial few of with uncommon acceleration that can defeat most defenders.

Swift, short passes for the of these three could get chunks of yardage to place Pittsburgh in stronger place obtain. All are able to breaking a tackle or wearing a progress to possibly even rating from the 10 on a speedy slant.

Speaking of wearing moves, the Steelers have 3 proficient operating backs who've the skill established to entice the ball in the backfield, but they may be rarely used inside the passing activity that near to the target line.

Rashard Mendenhall is shifty and swift even though Isaac Redman is surprisingly nimble and can run through tackles. Moore features a knack for discovering open room also.

Maybe most frustrating could be the inadequate roll outs close to the end zone. Teams score touchdowns on passes to their tight ends on roll outs every week.

Pittsburgh has two pretty excellent getting restricted stops in Heath Miller and Weslye Saunders. Saunders lastly picked up his initially touchdown reception a week ago.

Worst of all, nonetheless, can be the vacant backfield set. There's absolutely nothing like telling the defense that you simply are planning to toss the ball that close for the purpose line. A well-designed attract might be lethal within this region from the field.

No matter exactly what the solutions are, however, Pittsburgh wants to improve their red-zone production. That's the right way that they could score significantly more points and steer crystal clear on the nail-biters that we all watched a week ago.

Is your Desinger Hand Bag Genuine

You spend a fairly penny to get a Gucci bag or every other designer purse be it Fendi, Prada, Chanel or Dior. Your buddies are drooling more than that beautiful Gucci Turquoise Leather-based Handbag you simply purchased. Wait until they hear what an awesome offer you received!

But can it be genuine or could it be a pretend? Determining authenticity can be a little bit tricky as a result of some fakes are done incredibly nicely. Then again in the event you know what to watch for you can place a phony within a minute!

The first thing you must do is look at the bag itself. Do the components look to become of your best excellent? How in regards to the stitching? There really should be no unfastened or uneven threads and the thread ought to match the bag exactly. When the bag is leather the emblem are going to be engraved into the leather.

Next have a look at the components. The components should certainly all be good quality excess weight items with no scratches or colour versions. The majority of the designers actually possess a plastic face that goes over the hardware to protect if from damage till the bag is purchased. The brand name name will probably be engraved not embossed on the components. You should also be able to come across the name engraved within the components for that strap.

Have a honestly near appear at the liner and any accents. Examine for quality. The liner ought to be silk and you ought to see the designers name or brand for the liner. Designers don't use low priced plastic accents. Even their extravagant handles that are enjoyable and funky. In the event you appear carefully you can see leather underneath the top rated complete.

Many authentic handbag arrives using a card of authenticity that has the companies brand embossed on it,louis vuitton outlets, as well as specifics in regards to the bag.

It is advisable to check to get a serial number. Not all designers place a serial number on their bags but a large number of do. So have a look and find out if you can uncover it.

Now here is the simplest clue to recall. If the deal seems also excellent to be correct it can be. Lets encounter it folks how can you believe that somebody on ebay has the ability to buy designer baggage for less than the boutiques that offer quantities of these all yr lengthy for the designer. Would you actually assume the designer is going to give these many people this kind of awesome deals so they could pass them on for you. Not!

You might attempt to convince yourself that it is alright or this individual just stumbled throughout an effective purchase. Perhaps but extremely unlikely. So when you definitely choose to personal a designer bag then you have to be careful who you give your capital to.

When you do not care and an unlicensed knock off is okay. Then very good by me. But do bear in mind that these knock offs are illegal and irrespective of how negative you desire a designer purse does one actually would like to own one that's not genuine and not legal.

For anybody who is within the marketplace for any designer hand bag then be certain you are not throwing away your cash and buy it from the trustworthy certified retailer. You want your bag to final you an incredibly lengthy time!

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