Dancing Shoes

     So many shoes are dropping out there that reality is starting to look and sound like the tap-line in a Busby Berkeley production number. The meme-scape, too, is humming with viral transmissions of dire doings. Is JP Morgan unwinding like a 1911 knitted woolen Yale varsity sweater? Did it booby-trap the credit default swap universe in the process, and is that getting ready to blow? The whole world is hanging by its fingernails, refusing to be dragged into the future. 
     That future is all about contraction. We could navigate our way into it but we don't want to. We want to stay right where we are with all our stuff and no need to make new arrangements and we are trying every last trick to do that. Can you not sense a terrible tidal surge of implacable forces under the headlines' placid surface? I do offer Mark Zuckerberg best wishes on his nuptials, but I think he set himself up for one of fate's great pranks as FB stock goes to 99 cents while he's still on his honeymoon (playing Frogger in a super deluxe hotel suite).
     Does anybody really believe that the European money problem has any other ending except massive repudiation of obligations and epic political realignment? Or that the USA isn't caught in the undertow. The only real question now is how the civilized world might remain civilized while it rebuilds its money system. Money, after all, is a representative of reality and the representations by nations and person and institutions have been so false for so long that, for practical purposes, there is no consensual reality anymore.
       By the way, it was a nice gag at the time, but Karl Rove was wrong. We are not creating our own reality.
      Reality's theme going forward is changing from liquidity to liquidation. The European LTRO was a nice fairy tail, and the mild buzz lasted a few months, but its flimsy spell is broken. An awful lot of parties may be liquidating gold and silver, too, this week but under the circumstances I've got to think there will be plenty of counterparties looking to buy, since uncertainty is crushing all other media of exchange. The process begins to look like a mass metamorphic conversion of winners to losers and vice-versa. In a giant unwinding of paper assets the result may be that precious metals go sideways while all other assets tank - and then once everything's in the tank, PMs tank, too, because nobody is left standing with that kind of cash. Of course, in the event just a little bitty bit of gold will still buy a lot of stuff. The other possibility is that the rumored global coordinated central bank QE doomsday machine goes off destroying the meaning of cash money altogether. Surely that sort or stunt will not cast the same spell as the LTRO, a more measured act of desperation, but will call into question the very meaning of dollars, euros, yen, and pounds sterling. That's when you'll be paying $25,000 for a Little Debbie snack cake.
      Let me be first of the non-right-wing in the blogster corps to venture the somewhat un-PC idea that Barack Obama turned out to be the first black schmuck elected President of the US. He didn't do the one thing that would have mattered most: put an end to government sponsored control fraud. Control fraud at that level is so pernicious because it destroys the legitimacy of institutions. It can only make a nation cynical, by which I don't mean given to malicious humor, which is different, but just always thinking the worst of your fellow man and the very idea that the human race ever produced anything fine and durable. 
     And on top of that malfeasance, to try to suspend due process of law in Section 1021 of the NDAA bill - smacked down by federal judge Katherine Forrest last week - was an amazing transgression that the mainstream press greeted four months ago with barely a shrug. Can't we just start a movement to go down to Charlotte, NC, this summer and levitate the convention center into outer space? It nearly worked with the Pentagon forty odd years ago.
     What do you suppose Obama and the other feckless schmucks of the G-8 were telling each other this weekend at Camp David between weenie roasts and ping-pong round robins? It must have been the emptiest dumb show of mere protocol; an exchange of tie-tacks in the national colors, the playing of many anthems and flying of flags, issuance of bland assurances and platitudes. Nobody believes any of them anymore, even poor Mr. Hollandaise, who has been on the job a few days. Angela Merkel must be good and goddam sick of even showing up at the office.
      Well, perhaps its best that the world will go where it has to go without leadership. After all, human history is emergent and improvisation suits us. Forceful leaders often only leave a big mess behind. But imagine a world where nobody gets paid. That might be our world by the end of the week.

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James, you are back with my favorite brand of doom-porn!

It all falls down next week? Damn, even for those of us who know you are prolly right about the outcome (but far too bold with your schedule predictions)--none of us are ready for it all to happen next week.

I was hoping, just like everybody else, for just a little longer with the comfort and convenience part of happy motoring.

One of these times, you are going to be right about when, and then we will all wish that we had done more to prepare than just acknowledging that you were prolly right.

My feeling is that this is all going to shake out with some sort of market crash. And that's gonna bring down the commodities with it. Those with cash will survive the deflationary front end to buy up the cheap commodities for the inevitable hyperinflationary response which will come on its heels.

It might help most to stay out of debt just now, hold a little cash, and even less precious metal. The best thing of all would be to move to a small, emptied-out rustbelt city that's proximate to good agricultural land and help to reinvigorate and revitalize it.

I'm just sayin' - it makes no sense spending your time guarding against the haymaker if you leave yourself open to a properly placed jab.


Second! And it's only two days until my 89th! Cheers, Cfners! JHK is early this week, isn't he? For those who care, my official birthdate is May 23, l923. I have a great aunt who is 92 this past February. I'll let you in on a little secret. If you ever live to be this old you will be very, very much alone. My older brother sent me a six pack of beer called "Raging Bitch". I take it as a term of endearment.

It strikes me as funny that people on this site think I'm a sock puppet or just a ruse. I don't really care either way. I attended a wedding yesterday and found the whole thing rather silly. Why gays want to get married at all is a mystery to me. Here in North Carolina they just voted for an ammendment to keep marriage between "one man and one woman". I've seen plenty of such, and have to say that marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be. I voted against the ammendment, but I'm so freaking old, nobody cares what I think anyways.

Plus, my live in boyfriend of 15 years has let me know that he is ready, willing, and able to walk out on my ass. I told him to make sure that the door didn't hit him in the ass on his way out...freaking younger men...55 no less! He shut up pretty quick after I told him that. And I meant it too. Maybe that's why he shut his nambypamby ass up as quickly as he did.

Don't worry Jim, TPTB will hold things together for another week at least, maybe beyond that. They're hashing out a plan right now at the NATO summit in Chicago!


Next week? No, we've got about four weeks. The next Greek elections are June 17, so everyone can pretend awhile longer.

But the trigger will be determined later to have been a fairly minor event. World War I was started by the assassination of a fairly minor royal, which rippled out through alliances and treaties into WWI. My guess is the coming economic blowup will be triggered by civil unrest in Spain with its 50% unemployment among twenty-somethings.

JIM: 'That future is all about contraction'


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Really, Jim, you are over the cliff on this one. Yes, there are crashes in the offing, but not for lack of gold, or silver, or cowrey shells, or giant Easter Island heads.

The money is, and will be, valuable because you can pay your taxes with it. No, taxes do not fund government with sovereign, fiat currencies. They can issue money at will. They do not need tax revenues (except to convince citizens the money is of value), nor bond sales (a vestige of gold-backed currency days), nor the kindness of Chinese strangers.

You could make business cards valuable if you told someone they had to produce them to get to the bathroom. Governments still retain this power to make even paper money valuable.

In fact, the government's ability to issue endless currency was demonstrated recently after Lehman Brothers collapsed (about 2007). The recent first-ever audit of the Fed disclosed that the U.S. central bank issued $16 - $29 trillion to fix the financial markets.

The big question is not whether we have the money, or whether "debt" is important It's not, as much as I hate to agree with Reagan & Cheney, when government can legally mint the legal tender to repay any and all debt, and the money issued does not strain the productive capacity of the economy by demanding goods and services with it. Paying off debt, believe it or not, does not even make it onto the radar of conventional neo-classical economics.

BTW, this was five years ago. Where's the inflation? When money pays off debts, or in this case, bets, it doesn't pursue goods and services. Hence the lack of inflation (and said lack for the foreseeable future).

The guys who have this all figured out are the Modern Monetary Theorists. I recommend this depression's J.M. Keynes, Australian economist Steve Keen. He has a blog, and book ("Debunking Economics") and actually managed to predict the bust. There are others: Stephanie Kelton, Michael Hudson, Marshall Auerbach, Warren Mosler, Yves Smith, etc. Lots of books and blogs there.

Go. Read. Pull your head out of your ass.

Oh yes, and you'll *really* hate this: http://www.ted.com/talks/amory_lovins_on_winning_the_oil_endgame.html

...but then, it's encouraging and hopeful, so unlike your poisonous rants.

JHK, just how long do you think Mark Zuckerberg's honeymoon is going last? Surely FB shares can not drop to below one dollar in a couple of weeks! A hyperbole, I take it...

There is still time, the end of the unraveling world is not nigh upon us. Governments will do anything and everything to perpetuate their own existence.

By definition, almost everything governments do is counterproductive and these efforts will fail to bring back growth and prosperity. Governments will be able solve the debt conundrum when fairies grow tails.

First comes serious inflation which will execerbate the debt problem. Then comes serious war(s), not the pissant little skirmishes like we have seen in Iraq and Fuckedupistan. That might also make the debt problem worse.

We could also bail out our most precious allies' financial system due to global systemic risk. No more national financial systems, the world is way too interconnected now. These bailouts can only be funded by higher taxes or more debt. How do you feel about higher taxes?

Did Groupon go public?
Junk, junk and more junk.

Jim, Thanks for gut kick. It takes my breath away, but it sure gets my attention. Personally, I am not hung up on exactly when the house of cards finally comes crashing down. It may be next week or next year, but it is clearly inevitable. We are in for some interesting times ahead. Keep up the good work.

If, for no other reason, I'd like to thank you, JHK, for admitting without qualification that Obama is just another dissembling suit pretending to "care". During TARP and the QE aftermaths, the bastard hardly MENTIONED the "pick and shovel" projects of his early days in office.

So we're left with 19th century plumbing, an equally ancient electrical grid, and bridges and levees all over the country just waiting to be blown out by floods or winds. Roubini is the ONLY economist to sanely recommend a kind of "Manhattan Project" to rebuild America's infrastructure.

Instead, we have the laughable MALINVESTMENT following his pal Bernanke's moneyprinting. Rome, by comparison, was wise in its judgments in its final days. This is pure Kakfaesque surrealism that we imagine we still have a first world country. Instead we have kids programming new emoticons while our country slowly devolves into an economy where half the women work in home health care or housecleaning and Mexicans get rebates on fictitious "American" children who still live in Hermosillo.


That future is all about contraction. We could navigate our way into it but we don't want to. We want to stay right where we are with all our stuff and no need to make new arrangements and we are trying every last trick to do that.

As the contraction picks up traction chances of navigating through evaporate.

DANCE WITH ME!!! Takin' me back (Orleans)... I s'pose I should read yer poast - so I will!


(apparently *SOMEONE* owns that)

Yes, something could happen this week, because NATO met and so did the G8. They hatched their plans, but they wouldn't execute them until they were safe back home.

Gerald Celente described how regimes turn to war to keep themselves in power. Now France is going to have a run on its banks. (see Zero Hedge this Monday morning) How fast can a fire burn? Yes, one week is plenty of time to make the world unrecognizable.

But there's a bigger danger than even NATO and the G8 can dream up, and that's the radiation released by Fukushima Daichi, which is described at the ENE News site.

What any of this has to do with a 1911 Yale varsity sweater is beyond me. Maybe because that was about a hundred years ago, and that's how far back we must look to see where our transgressions first set us down this wrong road.

In a lot of ways, the Facebook IPO is like a mini-game version of our overall financial shell game. It's a business based on advertising for the most part and honestly doesn't produce anything proprietary or exciting. Okay, I can log on and see pictures of someone's backyard party or snowman they made. Facebook itself doesn't even offer much flexibility or response to user experience -- people bitch about Timeline, but there's no option to switch back to the old layout. People look at Facebook and Google now and forget how dominant AOL was, followed by Yahoo, and how are those two things faring now?

Likewise, people are still chasing the winning investment or business, not realizing that there is no such thing, not as we are facing Peak Oil and Peak Wealth in the face. What we have built on these things isn't going to last, and what we shovel into them is basically lost forever. Stocks are based on the model of endless growth, but the Earth is effectively a closed system. At some point, the easy energy runs out and people realize that the new model is to do more with less, and scale back, not go chasing down dreams like phantom returns on dubious Facebook stocks.

All this is leading toward an adjustment in the future, when there is no more means of coping and adjustment to changing circumstances. We don't build or plan for these changing circumstances, only get more desperate to preserve our current models. All this means is that when we can no longer sustain them at well, we will collapse, because there is no other model to follow, and this will be the new Dark Age.

Visit the Leibowitz Society at http://leibowitzsociety.blogspot.com for more information and discussion related to our coming Dark Age.

With the banks still mostly free to do whatever reckless shit they want to. leading to losses like JPMorgan's, no one can convince me that my cash isn't safer in a coffee can buried in the backyard. They are simply not to be trusted, like a lot of other institutions these days.

James, Fortunately, there are a few congressman and a few judges who still believe in the constitution. What's next? The war drums are beginning to beat. Nothing like a good war to take us out of this economic malaise: http://youtu.be/gM_IXs_QFRg

Agreed. But how small that group which still believes (and understands) the US Constitution seems to have grown!

Obama lost me a long time ago, but how ANYONE could support him after his signing - and excuse making for - the NDAA, is beyond me. It's fear, I suppose - Romney would be "so much worse." And it's one's duty to vote, right? So you 'gotta pull the lever for someone, huh?

I don't buy it.

hmmmm...six paces from the fence, then left four steps, was it...? #B )]

James, in case no one informed you, Obama, or rather both the Obamas, and the other heads of state in the G20, were not at Camp David this weekend but in Chicago, where the NATO summit took place this weekend, amidst protests that thousands of protesters traveled to the city to participate in.

We only had 100 or so arrests of disorderly demonstrators amidst the usual allegations of police brutality by morons who provoked the police by throwing bottles and other projectiles at the police who were blocking access to McCormick Place. Downtown Chicago was turned into a militarized zone clear south as far as the convention center, with so many streets closed that a lot of businesses decided to just stay closed from Fri to today.

The matter under discussion was the war in Afghanistan and how to escape from it. I don't know if anything got resolved. I only know that for every dollar some hotel or restaurant made off it, some other business was disrupted and lost two dollars.

Good link with an interesting message. The problem seems that the system is incapable of freely changing itself. It just keeps plodding along doing the same redundent shit over and over. Ever reluctant to change unless forced.

It was a refreshing look at what can and should be our course of action.

It'll take a few months to cook one up. A good, hot war will be the solution. Just watch.

...wtftstf is to 'cook up'???!!! do you mean the latest crusade (on-going religious war) in viet raqistan?

"At some point, the easy energy runs out and people realize that the new model is to do more with less, and scale back, not go chasing down dreams like phantom returns on dubious Facebook stocks.

All this is leading toward an adjustment in the future, when there is no more means of coping and adjustment to changing circumstances. We don't build or plan for these changing circumstances, only get more desperate to preserve our current models. All this means is that when we can no longer sustain them at well, we will collapse, because there is no other model to follow, and this will be the new Dark Age."

The problem is that there is no "New Model". Who says the problems rotate around "Resource Scarcity myths" like Peak Oil or Peak Wealth ? Who can be so sure ? I have often declared that the problem is the exact opposite: we have way too much Money, Wealth, Technology to know what to do with it, we are way too rich compared to what we know what to do with it and compared to what our model of living has always been up until a few decades ago, until the Technological Economy did away with scarcities once and for all and we cannot adjust to living without the need for working (the constraints of limits mankind has always had to deal with, but today these limits are no longer present, they are mostly psychological, political and cultural) since the economy generates wealth automatically, system wide, technologically wide, etc.

The "changing circumstances" are both provoked, invented, created culturally and occurring automatically simultaneously without no one knowing who or what is changing the circumstances and how. No one is in control, no one is deciding anything, it is all automatic, the "events are in the driver's seat at this point" and at the same time we are all creating the circumstances by describing and interpreting reality according to an arbitrary cultural model (the economy must grow, profits must be made, unemployment must drop (and who is to say why ? does this system really need more workers to operate or is the more workers needed only as a wealth distribution mechanism, since money can't simply be given out for free without some kind of excuse to justify it ? especially since this economy is all about consumption and spending and not at all about production and work, nay, the production and work part of it is the easy part, the hard part is to keep people constantly spending and consuming, consumption is way more important than production and labor, bar none)), in other words it becomes intractable, it cannot be followed anymore or it could be followed in any way you want, and hence all of the different opinions, ideas, "interpretations" and "theoretical explanations", macro economic and sociological explanations and such, all the contradicting political choices and movements like the Tea Party opposing the Occupy Wall Street party and such.

So the current model may be coming to an end, but there is no other possible model to substitute it, the only possible model would be Free Salaries to All, Cheap Rents, Huge Public Private projects like Trillions of Skyscrapers, and Trillions of Rockets to Mars and such.

Or any future model is completely arbitrary, is an aesthetical choice, is a random choice of what the majority of the people will want, there is no determinism operating, no necessity for any given model to prevail there is no law of economics that imposes any model and in fact any possible model will do, even no model at all and random chaotic forces going anywhere and ending up anywhere (and then never end up anywhere because they just set the stage for another sequence of events and so forth forever).


Nope the heads of states of the G-8 wasted their time at Camp David while the hacks from NATO wasted Chicagoans time this weekend.

Let me just say that the Democratic party establishment is wicked. They including the "Kenyan" incite the OWS types and when the OWS types even hint at logically concluding the situation down comes the "law" like a sack of bricks to the head.

So three white mutts from the OWS left were entrapped by Mayor Kagonovitch's police this weekend and the Yuppy Facists of the Chicago Trib plastered the faces on the front page.

So you "liberals" if you are missing some of your friends from DU or Kos you have Mayor Rahm to thank.

Thanks for more of your salient observations on our multi-headed and numerous malaises, Jim. In the end, I put most weight on your criticism of the President for his looking the other way on the massive frauds which have been perpetrated and condoned by virtue of non-enforcement of existing statutes and protections. The very sad outcome of that is in addition to fueling universal cynicism, we're now a nation that no longer recognizes when it's being defrauded or lied to.

Let's Hope for the Worst.

America has it coming, with interest.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see Grandpa Greed and his crude loudmouth partner broke?

God Almighty, that could be the spark that begins our rebirth as a people.

Wait for Memorial Day so Yellow Cake Powell can tell us how wonderful America is, Sinise can tape a cheap wig on and the flavor-of-the-week can croak out some BS about how America is Number 1. Maybe Janet Jackson can show us her tits too.

What a pathetic Nation of Nothing and Serial Criminals.

Charlie, problem is with viet raqistan that no one there can give us a good, hot war. For that you need a credible enemy, which chaostanis are most assuredly not. That's why it'll take a few months to cook up a war sufficiently extreme to keep all our minds off the economic/culturtal mess. Even the Iranians are not quite up to scratch for a nice hot one.

JHK sez:
"The whole world is hanging by its fingernails, refusing to be dragged into the future.
That future is all about contraction. We could navigate our way into it but we don't want to. We want to stay right where we are with all our stuff and no need to make new arrangements and we are trying every last trick to do that. Can you not sense a terrible tidal surge of implacable forces under the headlines' placid surface?"

This is most certainly the crux of the matter. When the majority of the "citizens" will not even acknowledge the fact that their lifestyles are about to be constrained (and right damn soon, at that), there's no recognition that alternate plans might have to be pursued.

Rock meets hard place; fear leads to desperation; desperation leads to self-destruction and unfocused violence.

A Dark Tide approaches...

I'll take a look at A. Eran's link, but again, a different way of doing anything takes the dissolution of the current paradigm. (Sort of a case of there not being any other choice BUT to take a new direction.) There's no incentive to do that by those who control the levers of power. I'm not hopeful for a voluntary re-think. Look around at the yeast-people (the MAJORITY); still hopeful?

(It's been posited that only 15% of the populace needs to be behind a "movement" to get some momentum for change. Do any of you see that 15% riding over the hill, raging for change? I sure don't; I see most raging for status-quo, cheap energy fueled comforts and convenience. That does not bode well.)

You put that quite a bit more succinctly than I did.
Sorry for the unintentional re-hash.

"[I]t was a nice gag at the time, but Karl Rove was wrong. We are not creating our own reality."

That's why the rest of that snide remark about the "reality-based community" was immediately picked up by the opposition to the Bush Adminstration (I almost typed "regime" but that would be giving them too much credit) as a badge of identification. Unfortunately, people's grasp on reality is only as firm as it needs to be to maintain sanity in a Lovecraftian universe, one in which too much exposure to the entirety of reality will send a person on a one-way all-expenses-paid trip to The Mountains of Madness, if not R'lyeh. Of course, eldrich horrors are already stalking the U.S., if not Cthulhu, then Huitzilopochtli, who made a cameo in one of Jim's columns last year, inspiring one of my more popular blog posts.

I haven't blogged about eldrich horrors lately over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News, but I have been at least paying lip service to the idea of covering sustainability issues with a science ficiton slant and a Detroit perspective. The best example was the aborted launch of SpaceX's Falcon/Dragon combination. I know Jim warns against techno-narcissism, but I consider loss of space flight to be the classic story of civilizational decline from science fiction, so a failed launch is not a good thing from my perspective. Speaking of science fiction, I passed along The Hipcrime Vocab's remarks about J.J. Abrams' "Revolution," a new series about what happens when the power goes out. It was enough to prime me to buy a copy of "The Hunger Games" book when I had the opportunity. Other topics I covered this week included Ron Paul suspending his campaign, my town trying to lure in redevelopment while complying with a New Urbanist master plan, the Los Angeles subway, and summaries of the week's sustainability and environmental news.

Happy Motoring--for now--from Detroit!


"What do you suppose Obama and the other feckless schmucks of the G-8 were telling each other this weekend at Camp David between weenie roasts and ping-pong round robins?"

Precisely! I read one blurb in the local paper saying that everyone at G-8 agreed to 'spark growth' in Europe as a way out of the mess. Spark growth?? What the fuck does that mean...exactly? I kind of laughed when I read it; funny in a sad, sad, way. Well, I'm sure by this point ol' Ben B. has his printing press all polished up with a nice coat of Carnuba and all the lube points well oiled. He'd better because this time he will need to print an infinite stack o' cash for this QE: How much cash, could a Bernanke print fast to fill an infinite hole? At least I have enough fuel onboard to run my 8 hp diesel sailboat engine to get it out onto the lake for one more summer. Hell, worse comes to worse, I'll sail the bitch out of the marina.

...And another concise comment!

Some of us have given up trying to find the safest investment vehicle and have opted for land, water, warmth and relocation to an area where communities still exist and work their land. Off to check on the bananas, chickens and goats.

Good luck to all in these increasingly interesting times.

Michael Kors is getting really desperate when they suggest making cakes out of used diapers to peddle their Chinese made slave labor pit made Ralph Lauren crap. What's wrong? Did the wheel fall off of your pushcart "michael"? Is that why you have to vainly peddle your wares here to the Goyim?

"The only real question now is how the civilized world might remain civilized while it rebuilds its money system."

This statement pretty much get down to it.

Rarely in history has a society remained civilized as its currency and/or economy collapsed. In an historic example,in Weimar, people had to hide and carefully watch their pets or they would be eaten. Several hundred elected politicians were assassinated in 1922 and 23 alone (not necessarily that such is not civilized :)). Farmers in the countryside were swarmed by starving thousands from the cities and their crops eaten on the spot; resisting farmers were stripped naked and beaten, often to death.

In Sarajevo and surrounds more recently, gangs went from house to house taking food, water, guns, ammo and young women; all females had to be hidden when they came through or they were at least gang raped of often taken for latter use. People going to get water (all utilities had been cut off), were randomly sniped out, if not molested by the gangs. One gang after another came through otherwise working and middle class neighborhoods proclaiming that they were the "law," or the "police."

Collapse will not be a pretty site. It will not be civilized (but we may become "civilized" years afterward). No less than five years from now, all our concepts of political correctness will be seen as quite silly and childish. Holding on to them may also get you killed, or worse!

Lock and load. Its going to be one hell of a ride.

(Veteran of the Serb/Bosnian "conflict")

Facebook could be the trigger. As I type this the stock is down 13% from its disastrous Friday close. It is a company that produces vapor. How does one assign it a value?

On Friday, there was a defensive moat built around the issuing price of $38.00. It could not drop below this amount because the white shoe crowd would not allow it. Today they have gone back to their gold caves. Gold is rising. FB for the moment has hit a low of 33.00. We will soon find out how much FB is temporarily worth.

Haha love this: "JP Morgan unwinding like a 1911 knitted woolen Yale varsity sweater"

Also, if you enjoy fun social commentary on our urban environment/pop culture, then follow @Squirrelchat on Twitter.

My thinking. Exactly.

As to the money system, at this point, I'd be inclined to wipe out all debt, and make usury punishable by death.


Hi Jim, speaking of FB, what is your take on Eduardo Saverin's expatriation to Singapore, probably to avoid 15% capital gains tax?

An unending mantra is being voiced by those working-people who still have some paid work. It goes: "When things get back to normal ____________."(blah, blah new truck; blah, blah bigger garage; blah, blah new toy; blah, blah fly to Hawaii... etc.)

They aren't seeing this "downturn" as the new normal, and yet to downturn a bunch further by successive plateaus. The wishful thinking is getting pathological. Have "the folks" finally come to believe the much-touted hogwash that if they adopt "the right attitude" their fondest dreams will come to pass? It sure seems that-a-way, and ya know what? [No, what?] That kind of denial causes me some trepidation. Ever seen how people react when there wishful bubble has finally and irretrievably been popped?

Who says a "hot war" isn't in the offing?
Have you forgotten Iran? Does the US have 3 carrier battle groups just sitting there so the crews can play ping-pong on the flight decks? I don't think so.
After the IAEA meetings in Iraq this week, the US will next claim no progress, so that leaves only one option.
Any Iranians out there reading this: Hope your bomb shelters are well stocked. And deep. Oh, and stay away from any of the public bomb shelters that any of your leaders might go to, remember what happened in Bagdad? Yeah, thats right, if the US thinks someone important is there, they WILL bomb the public shelters too, in violation of the Geneva Conventions.
Get ready to welcome a New Dear Shah next year, better start picking out photos of the next "dissapeared" and getting funeral clothes ready too.
Sorry, but it looks like Unka Scum has a whole new regime planned for you. And the first order of business will be selling off your oil assets to US oil co's. The next will be permanent stationing of US troops in your country.

So sorry.

Could somebody explain me one thing?
Where has all the money gone?
Five years ago ALL banks were so full of money they would give a mortgage to any beggar passing by.
And then suddenly the Federal Reserve, The ECB have to print (digitally) trillions after trillions and it is never enough.
If the banks are bankruptcy, people have no money anymore; the state has no money, who got it?
And what does he plan to do with it?

True, downtown Chicago was a ghost town. we attended the National Nurses United protest on Friday and the Anti War yesterday. I have never seen so many cops in my life as I saw yesterday: Chicago cops, state police, National Guard, so many in riot gear. We were told there were 11 thousand. If the preliminary reports were right and there were 10 thousand protesters, then that's more than one police officer for each of us. It was stunning and frightening. But peaceful--except for those mostly testosterone fueled Labrador brains who acted out when most of us were leaving. We headed toward Chinatown for a meal, four blocks away, and could see the violence on the TV screen in the bar, even before we had been served. It really was a shame. I've participated in a fair number of protests over the years and it strikes me that the difference between protesting in your 20s and in your 50s is ego. In your 50s it's really about the issue(s), period. In your 20s it's also about YOU. All in all, I think it's the nurses who will really get things going, and we were proud to stand with them. And, for us, it was worth walking 14 miles (the day's tally) in 90 degree heat to connect with all of the peaceful folks who were there, acting up.

“At the G-8 meeting the euro zone was one of the key talking points, so it seems as though leaders are acknowledging the scale of the problem and markets are moving on anticipation we may see some sort of proactive action,” said Brian Barry, an analyst at Investec Bank"

"Provocative action", eh? Any bets this means putting old Ben's printing press into action?
It really is the mother of all clusterfucks;
a clusterfuck-o-rama

I personally just permanently closed my FB account. Only had one to appease my daughters social bend. I suggest we all do the say!

James, I totally agree. Obama failed to do what he was pretending to charge himself to do, which was to end the fraud that encircles government. He only continued it. Now we have Chase in the fraud spotlight performing as it has always and behaving as a TBTF entity was supposed to be--a corporate fraudster.

Had Obama come in and cleaned up Washington, Europe would have followed suit. But no, the G-8 sat around the circle-jerk table flapping the mouths. It is an embarrassment that such losers get elected over and over again. And then there is Da Willard--a rat like no other rat.

As average people continue to gather around the realization steam engine, more and more will jump on board yelling and protesting against the failed system of fraud, corporate gambling, corporate exe pay raises, while Wall Street shakes realizing a 20% correction maybe in site as spending demand shrinks during a time when "The Average" begin to control unnecessary spending.

Is this another summer of the "Stay Vacation", or just a weekend nearby?

The summer hasn't even begun, yet the wave of real change is rolling upon us.

11 thousand protectors of the world-rapers vs. 10 thousand protesters of same.
Hmmm, from that show of force, one might deduce that Somebody is really scared. Keep in mind that the 11 thousand thugs are all armed with equipment that can lead to death (all in the course of ethical self-defense, you understand).

Next time, bring poo to fling. The reaction could be instructive.

Good post as always. My view isn't so dire; I believe the haves (in today's jargon the 1%ers ) are coming around to realizing that the have-nots (99%ers) are now past mad and lazy and are approaching mad and crazy. If true it doesn't bode well for the survival of the 1%. Which means cut the crap and start giving back,---or else.

Read it again, and pay special note to the MayDay exchange between Phil and a cop assigned to protect the bronze bull[shit].


OK, so let’s say Europe drags America down and then America drags everyone else down which puts us where back at the 2008 Economic Meltdown but this time there is no cash to re-float the banks so we go into a Great Depression as opposed to a recession. Does the world come crashing to a stop? Don’t think so. Everyone is just a lot poorer and has to make do. Want food, grow it. Want clothes, sew them. Want entertainment, learn to sing or have your kids put on a show. The price of gas goes way down (its headed there anyway), the price of everything sinks. What we need to do is re-organize the debt and pull World Bank off everything. The World Bank is the entity that keeps charging broke countries usury interest rates. Of course, these broke countries are broke because they can never catch up with the interest! Or we could put a moratorium on the debt or we could just FORGIVE the debt.

What we really need is free birth control for every woman on the planet because overpopulation is the real problem. Too many people fighting over too few resources. Less people = more resources for everyone else. Or we could rely on war, famine, plague, drought or rising sea water to wipe out a whole lot of people. The rich will survive handily. People who are living in Transition Towns (which I’ve read a lot about lately) may be much poorer than the rich but they’ve learned to cooperate. With more people cooperating for a common goal (say survival) the goal is more likely to be reached. Or if you can get the municipality to cooperate, suburbanites could band together to grow staple crops on public fields or golf courses and share out the crops based on how much work you and your family put in. So I would count on the rich to survive and the “Socialists” to survive any enormous economic disaster. Urbanites would have a problem. Usually they don’t know each other and they lack arable land.

Also anyone under the delusion that they are self-sufficient and need no one else are probably gonna either be totally miserable or to resort to killing other people to survive because all large populations need specialty jobs to thrive. Like someone to watch the children while adults toil in the fields, etc. Someone who will police the area for safety, someone who will treat injuries, etc. No one family will be able to fill all requirements. We need each other for survival to work. So cooperation for a common goal is more valuable than all the gold and oil put together. Wall Street will crash and burn but we don’t have to.

'Precisely! I read one blurb in the local paper saying that everyone at G-8 agreed to 'spark growth' in Europe as a way out of the mess. Spark growth?'

Was it the LA Times ? NYT? They have articles like that regularly.
Remember the POTUS wants us to have Green Jobs.
Obama and Clinton before him are 'career politicians'. They started young in their chosen fields, did they ever have 'real jobs'?


"By the end of the week"????

One variant of insanity, is to make doomsday prophecies over and over again, each time expecting the prophecy to be fulfilled.

How can you expect to have any credibility after so many of these "Chicken Little" rants? You're going to end up in the same trash heap with Dennis Miller and his rants. The humor erodes away after awhile.

It would be better to stay focused on substance and go easy on the hyperbolic predictions and mean-spirited sarcasm. Explain, in substance, the process that you believe is leading us into contraction and debunk the wishful thinking with facts and logic.

This is intended as constructive criticism. Overall I've learned a great deal from your commentary.

Take Care

"The humor erodes away after awhile."

Dude. This little space in our feeble consciousness IS the humor.

For those of youse who missed it (most of yez), LBendet sez unto thou-zez:

"Waste is the harbinger of self destruction

What we've been witnessing is a complete disconnect on how money should be used. It is the moment that money should be used effectively whether it's investment in energy and other infrastructure while we still have some capital, but it is being squandered in the most egregious ways.

E. is right when he says that the way the economy is being handled, is the least effective way that Bernanke could have used the FED's money, creating no wealth at all but inundating a system that can only go down as it is more clear that it builds nothing.

The spying on citizens and the huge build-up of privatized security firms---Stasi meets reality TV--the mark of a failed state.

The siren song of our lord and master, "filthy lucre" has lured our best and brightest to the completely unproductive world of the stock market, but what I really want to discuss is the tremendous waste that the richest 1% are committing in the name of politics and control of the government.

Yes, let's keep cutting taxes for those who park their money outside the country as Making Mr. Right, Romney does and extract money from businesses for the wealth of a few. That's the model.

Thanks to SCOTUS Citizen's United…The corporation are people ruling claims this is a case of freedom of speech-only you can't know who' s talking, now that's Orwellian in a way that only a failed state can pull off.

These people are spending billions on negative ads to influence the rabble as they listen to one distortion after another---the money is being spent to set the under-informed rabbles' teeth on edge promoting the civics war between the two parts of a duopoly posing as opposing teams while the country goes wanting for re-building infrastructure and any kind of functioning economy. (or maybe the duopoly is experiencing self hate, but heck, I'm no shrink)---Again, think of how their billions could have been spent in a functional economic model.

When I was growing up, labor was touted as the backbone of the economy. We all stood on the shoulders of the manufacturing base and the benefits were exponential. Now this group of Neo's came up with the brilliant idea to go global, transfer the industrial and technical base to China for cheap labor and currency exchange differentials.
The American worker, you ask? --he'll find something else to do--whatever and now we're all standing on shifting sands, which is why every time the stock market hiccups we go into a downward spin. The calculus of change is in the air.

The options on where to make your money grow now limited to far less choices. The decisions the president can make are limited to just nibbling around the edges of a problem because of the payola and lobbyists.

Instead of playing chess--our leadership is reduced to playing Chinese checkers."

Now, apparently LB doesn't have a lot of faith in those steering the ship o' state to chart a new course that doesn't head straight for the rocks, reefs or icebergs.
(Any commentaries of denial may be addressed to: youreonedeludedsimp@bitemecrank.net)

Dennis Miller has been relegated to a trash heap?!
Progress is being made; a lot more shitbag bloviators need to lose their overpaid "jobs".

That's one....

X, Damnit!
That was never to be written down in black and white for all to see and ponder!
(Aw, now you've gone and done it...)

Dear Jim,
For some reason, I think this blog is one of the best yet. I did like your up beat one last week, however, this weeks is also reality. The confusing situation in the world IS caused by the lying and cheating that has been going on for generations. Most people who remember when it was a little more honest, can see the difference. But those who are young have no idea. I do think at times when I roll past store after store, house after house abandoned or for sale (forever) that contraction is good. I want to see all properties reverting to open space if it doesn't sell in a 3-4 years.

And the world would be a better place without the entitled ones. Their "importance" will NOT be missed.

Obama is so "evil" that he surpasses Clinton the liar and Bush II the imbicile and all time puppet. Obama is given the title, "Long Legged Mack Daddy, Porch Monkey, and Zebra, along with Head of the Mother F###ing State, Ni##er". One of his biggest critics is Rev. Manning, a black preacher. A must see if you tune into his You Tube blogs.

Obama is Hated by all including his liberal followers and the only ones left supporting his every move favoring them, are the gays. He is most probably one of them and his hypocritical life\is leading us right into the abyss.

Don't forget his NOBEL PEACE PRIZE is truly the icing on the cake for a do nothing presidency who says:lets GO TO WAR with a pink gay army, kill a few civilians and americans too. Doesn't sound too Peaceful to me. If it wasn't so sad it would make a good Felini Movie.

And of course, now that the gays are sanctioned by Mr. O and Biden, I guess gays can enter the straight world, which they hate by the way, and destroy us too. They certainly are working to brainwash children in the schools. So in the next generation or two, many people will be stupid enough to try their "lifestyle" and realize its even Worse than being straight. Alas, however, it will be too late by then because they will loose their soul to these vampires. We all know by watching the Twilight series, that once you beome a vampire you can never really go back.

Quite true: looks are everything to Gays. Older men and the uncomely will live very lonely lives.
That anyone would suggest this as a viable or healty lifestyle is cruel indeed. How vicious to promote this in our schools. And the fools say what does it matter? Next step: watch how they suppress sexual harrassment of straight men by gays in the military and elsewhere - just as they are doing with the Black mob assaults on Whites.

Tel Aviv is apparently the new Sodom. The Orthodox say little: just breed them out of existence. They are mayflies - here today and gone tomorrow. But the destruction they do in their brief reign is very great. And no society is hermetically sealed. Theoretically Israel can recover as the Normal people have three or four kids and Gays little or none. But the Muslims are there having 5 and six....Do the Math, y'all.

Great name btw. Logic and Truth are insufferable to Liberals becoming Communists.

So what do you want? A new New Deal? A 1940's type Socialism? What's to stop it form leading to what it did lead to? Or worse as in the Soviet Union.

I know, I know - anyone who questions you is hopeless crude. Everything is supposed to be an inside, wink wink nudge nudge thing like between you and Xhalor.

As Whitaker Chambers said long ago - there are amazing parallels between Communists and Homos. The secret meetings, the knowing looks, the facade, the committment to destroy norms. The "all norms must die" a la Dr Who, etc.

Doom-porn - I love that connotation. It certainly makes for great entertainment and promotion for book sales. Frankly I think it is just plain nonsense to think that American civilization (and the West in general) will just collapse in a week as is often the way it comes off in Mr. Kunstler's writings. Not going to happen for a long, long time. I do subscribe that we are in a process of decline already but that it will take several decades, perhaps 100+ years to unwind all this complexity that came about from cheap energy. I can live with that.

Iranians are good people with bad government.

Robert Kennedy Jr thinks global warming doubters are traitors and "should be dealt with". Of course he is against Cape Wind because that spoils the view while yachting.

This is simply no limit to the Kennedy Evil. But none of them will surpass Teddy who worked tirelessly for decades to destroy the United States by flooding it with aliens.


We must build abortion clinics in Kabul. Our American "women and virtual children" culture is superior to all others.

As long as the child is inside a woman, it's her call if it is human or not. It can be killed even as it is about to come out if she says so.

Speaking of shitbag bloviators...

If Mary Kennedy was "drowining in debt" why didn't she sell her $4 million mansion? Seems logical to me. If she didn't have much money, why did she use her American Express card? Finally, if she loved her children so much, why did she kill herself at their home? I think suicide is an act of anger. What a horrible burden to put upon four kids. It practically guarantees the next generation of Kennedy's will be included in the "Camelot Curse."

RFK Jr., is a jerk for making the situation even worse, but I can understand his concern about not wanting his kids ferried aroud by a drunk mom.

Only had one to appease my daughters social bend.

Dirk, the word to be used in this context is bent not bend. (and it's daughter's)

Also, in an earlier post you used the expression "if worse comes to worse." The expression is "if worse comes to worst."

All that aside, I, too, was roped into having a facebook acct by my kids. Only rarely do I respond to a facebook message and then only when it would be very rude not to. Every chance I get I put out the word that I am avoiding facebook for cyber-security reasons but it has little effect with the FB-obssessed.



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  第二次买啦,上次买的和妈妈一人一双觉得不错,就帮姐姐也买了,我们都觉得虽然穿的时候挺费事儿,但是穿上以后感觉效果非常好,也没有紧的感觉~ --买家点评

  对袜子很满意,大小正好,对于我的大象腿来说,确实有效果,小腿当即瘦了1厘米,大腿效果更明显,瘦了4厘米,袜子质量也不错,使劲拽也没事,呵呵! --买家点评


  宝宝开始认生了,不仅能够区分亲人和陌生人,亲人之中也有感情深浅的区别。除了最亲近的妈妈,他甚至需要和任何人保持距离,以拥有私人空间。 第一个叛逆期:8个月的烦躁您感到陌生 人见人爱的宝宝本来对任何人都微笑,谁抱都没问题。可是,突然有一天,他就不再接受随便什么人的拥抱,对所有不属于亲近范围的人都板着小脸,无忧无虑的笑容变成了不安和焦躁;从早到晚粘着妈妈,只要妈妈一远离,他就不满地自言自语,唠唠叨叨。这样的时候,往往连爸爸的亲吻也不能让他平静下来。只有天天在他身边,给他喂食换衣的妈妈才能靠近他。 到底怎么了? 宝宝开始认生了,不仅能够区分亲人和陌生人,亲人之中也有感情深浅的区别。除了最亲近的妈妈,他甚至需要和任何人保持距离,以拥有私人空间。他开始意识到自己并不是可以任人摆布的娃娃,个性已经慢慢显现出来。这个时候,宝宝的世界就是他所看到的世界,那些在他视野外的物体就是在另外的世界里。 他认为妈妈的存在是依赖着他的,如果妈妈离开他,进入一个没有他的世界,简直是把他排斥到妈妈的生活之外了,那他怎么可能接受呢?!设身处地的替他想想:你的宝宝其实真的很不明白,"为什么我的妈妈不能24小时都跟我在一起呢?" 如何度过这个时期? 顺其自然地让他与陌生人交往,不勉强他,但也别太纵容他。尽量注意给他安全感就好。 别强行和他分开,燃脂袜只为了让他习惯没有你的日子。不要指望短暂的消失就可以让他慢慢习惯与你的分离。 如果你已经开始重新工作,白天必须和他分开,给他留下一个带有你味道的物品,比如一件柔软的睡衣,一条丝巾,让他感到你并没有完全离开。不要以为他不明白你所说的话,告诉他你会很快回来,不需要滔滔不绝,仅仅是一些简单的句子就足够了。比如:妈妈喜欢你,妈妈亲亲你,妈妈很快就回来,这些简单的句子会让他安心一些。 不要在他睡觉的时候出发,不要不和他说再见就走。也许你会觉得在这样做比起在他绝望的哭叫声中出门要轻松的多;但是下一次,他甚至会抗拒睡眠,因为妈妈会在他无知无觉的时候消失。 玩藏猫猫。藏了自己的脸,然后再显现出来,反复几次,再藏自己的脸,然后显出一个小娃娃,这样尽管我们不在他身边,但是替代品还存在。第二个叛逆期:1岁半到2岁半 拒绝的年龄 第二个叛逆期:1岁半到2岁半 拒绝的年龄 喂饭的时候,他转过头去拒绝;穿衣的时候,他左顾右盼,假装没看见;或者直接说"不"!他反对所有我们的建议:出去散散步,或者洗个澡,去外婆家看看,甚至一些平日喜爱的事情他也要故作姿态地拒绝。 到底怎么了? 到目前为止,孩子只做父母对他说应该做的事情。但是现在,他开始发现:你们不做他想做的事情。进一步的发现,甚至父母在竭力和他对着干。他没权利碰那些漂亮的花瓶,不能吃那些眼花缭乱的食品,不能跑快了不能穿少了不能…… 在1岁和18个月之间,孩子们从父母的嘴里发现了"不"这个词--简单但是神奇的,带有权利的词汇。不,是对自我的强烈确认,不,是对自我意愿的深刻表达。我自己决定自己的事!孩子的自我意识进一步觉醒了。 如何度过这个时期 他的第一个"不"还是比较容易扭转的,因为他们还没学会讨价还价。首先你要坚持自己主张,然后开始想办法:这时候可以运用一些分心术,比如说:妈妈要去购物,但是可以经过街头那个小公园。他一定会自己穿好衣服,忘记自己说过不要出门的。 在一些主要问题上,学会斩钉截铁:就是这样,没有别的选择!父母之间可以搞配合,意见统一,不给孩子留余地。 掌握原则 睡觉时间,好的吃饭习惯,对别人的尊重,这些是您不可以妥协的,其他,比如是穿粉裙子还是红裤子,为什么不让孩子自己选择呢? 随着孩子的成长,他的拒绝也越来越难以被扭转,以至引起沉不住气的妈妈爸爸和他冲突。孩子似乎一直在挑衅父母的决定权:到底谁是头儿?这时,父母要做的就是让他明白,这件事情上,"头儿"绝对不是他。当然,有一些父母所采取的息事宁人的妥协做法,或许可以换来暂时的轻松,但是小顽固更需要的是学习对事物尺度的掌握。 宝宝开始认生了,不仅能够区分亲人和陌生人,亲人之中也有感情深浅的区别。除了最亲近的妈妈,他甚至需要和任何人保持距离,以拥有私人空间。第三个叛逆期:1岁半到4岁半 长脾气了 第三个叛逆期:1岁半到4岁半 长脾气了 他为一丁点儿事就乱发脾气:被禁止吃一块糖 到底怎么了? 您的孩子目前正处在一个新的阶段:人生第一个叛逆时期。从学会说"不"到发动战争。他的愤怒经常和他被剥夺的权利联系在一起:您拒绝他的愿望或者没收了他的物品。这个年纪的孩子只知道享受欢愉。当快乐被剥夺,他们还不能控制自己的情感,不会忍耐和包容;当然,这和他没有完全发育成熟的脑部有关。 如何度过这个时期 保持冷静 这是正常的孩子举动,人性弱点,不要丧失教育孩子的信心以及无端去找寻自己教育的错误。?a href="" title="意大利静脉曲张袜" target="_blank ">意大利静脉曲张袜 ∪绻笊敖校换峄鹕辖接汀R残硭嵋蛭愕谋┝俣V箍弈郑悄谛纳畲λ岣用挥邪踩小! ∶娑哉庋目弈郑蝗缦茸杂樽岳肿谱⒁饬Α 袄矗颐抢刺衾郑∥颐抢刺瑁 比绻故遣焕聿悄悖敲茨梢宰约合瓤迹绻庋共荒苋盟骄玻盟约夯刈约何堇锷破伞:退衾胍欢问奔洌彼计骄蚕吕矗匦潞退谝黄穑跋衷谖颐强梢猿雒磐媪税桑靠诳柿税桑俊薄 ≡诠诘胤胶图抑校⒁庥猛榷源⒆印 》裨颍⒆拥淖晕冶硐钟由戏吲蛑笨梢耘嘌鲆桓龊醚菰薄S涤兄诙喙壑诘淖⑹樱谒陀倘缯业搅吮;ど。岜浔炯永鞯乜藿小H绻⒆拥敝诳弈郑砩细衾牒⒆雍椭谌耍】彀阉丶摇! "苊馊盟宰鸥桑看尉×扛桓鲅≡瘢热缑娑栽缟喜辉溉ビ锥暗暮⒆樱涸勖侨ビ锥埃故巧弦皆海俊 ∶看慰弈种螅杂谝桓龊⒆永此刀季艘怀∩硇钠1沟亩氛藓昂蠡挂樗婕阜种拥某槠耸庇Ω萌盟判哪忝堑墓叵挡⒚挥幸虼烁谋洌崆岬挠当盟歉詹诺牟挥淇臁W詈螅参亢⒆樱嫠咚憷斫馑母惺埽腥ɡ缓蠓袢纤目挂椋淙豢弈郑钦獠⒉荒芨谋淠愕木龆ā! 〉谒母雠涯嫫冢?~5岁 独立的宣言 突然有一天,他决定什么都自己干:自己起床,自己穿衣,自己摁电梯上的按钮……甚至自己去幼儿园!谁帮忙他跟谁急;第二天,他又什么都不想做了,甚至自己的袜子都懒得脱,哪个才是真正的他? 到底怎么了? 从拒绝他人的阶段过来,孩子开始有独立自主的渴望。独立完成的愿望显示了他小小的权利欲望,以及挑战自我极限的本能:他想看看自己到底能对自己的环境做多少改变呢?这正是一个让孩子进步的好机会,但是很多家长却还没反应过来,仍然一成不变的对他照顾得无微不至。家长善意的保护性措施扼杀了孩子独立自制能力。另外惰性也干扰和影响孩子的进步,难怪三天打鱼两天晒网。 如何度过这个时期 鼓励支持他独立自主的愿望,比如他决定自己穿鞋,尽管左脚穿入右鞋。你要做的是保持事物的趣味性,给予方向性的指导。仅仅去帮助他记忆什么标志可以区分左右脚,最终祝贺他的进步! 一些小的损失是必然的,也许目前您耽误一些时间,但是从此以后,您会赢得更多的时间。一个孩子有学习的欲望,他心里的成熟度已经前进了一大步。相反如果您阻止他的求知行为,他可能会丧失这种学习能力。如果您赶时间,那么尽力在平时多让他练习或者直接帮助他完成。如果到4岁,他还在衣来伸手饭来张口的进度,那么您应该重新审视以前的教育方式了。 也许衣服系错了扣眼,脸没洗干净,接受他做的不是很完美的事情,不要苛求。 当然,您不能忽略安全问题。在他提出做超出自己能力范围事情的时候,向他解释一个年龄段有一个年龄段可以做的事情,目前他还太小。让他期待自己的成长吧。



  1、 预防静脉曲张的出现

  2、 改善腿部肿大、肿胀、沉重等症状

  3、 美化腿部的曲线,促使腿部曲线苗条

  4、 根据"静脉流体动力学"原理,采渐近式分段压力设计,可防止腿部疲劳

  5、 可促进腿部血液的循环,增强腿部肌肉的弹性

  6、 可局部减胖,塑造美丽曲线

  7、 以温和的压力对血管加压,帮助下肢血液顺畅流回心脏,促进血液循环









  第二次买啦,上次买的和妈妈一人一双觉得不错,就帮姐姐也买了,我们都觉得虽然穿的时候挺费事儿,但是穿上以后感觉效果非常好,也没有紧的感觉~ --买家点评

  对袜子很满意,大小正好,对于我的大象腿来说,确实有效果,小腿当即瘦了1厘米,大腿效果更明显,瘦了4厘米,袜子质量也不错,使劲拽也没事,呵呵! --买家点评


I am not a well man. I fear that my brain is diseased.
I read this post every Monday to cheer myself up.

James may or may not be correct that the world will end next week. But he is correct in that given some amount of time, this whole thing goes up in smoke. And probably sooner than later, as soon as the dancing stops, which will probably be sooner than later.

Perhaps the sane response to all this is to go insane. How do you really prepare for an asteroid strike? Maybe just keep dancing and learn some more fiddle tunes. Maybe do drugs.

Good Night and Good Luck Everyone

JHK, this is one of your best posts ever! There is so much to like.

unwinding like a 1911 knitted woolen Yale varsity sweater

Having experienced this with my old sweaters, it happens quickly, all at once… it doesn't take months or years.

Did it booby-trap the credit default swap universe in the process, and is that getting ready to blow

When something BLOWS UP it happens quickly, all at once… it doesn't take months or years.

The whole world is hanging by its fingernails

This is the world's situation. The fingers weaken, then the free-fall to death… it doesn't take months or years.

But imagine a world where nobody gets paid. That might be our world by the end of the week.

YES! Finally! Someone brave enough to tell it like it is. Someone who will tell us about reality.

By the end of this week the whole economic house of cards will have collapsed!

By the end of this week bank runs will have shut down the banking system!

By the end of this week whole sectors (trucking, farming, etc.) will have shut down!

By the end of this week the grocery store shelves will be empty!

By the end of this week normally peaceful souls will transform into hungry violent mobs!

By the end of this week most internet will be gone (save Apple's solar-powered farms).

By the end of this week the DOW will be at 4,000 (as you have long predicted, JHK)

JHK, I am in complete agreement with your predictions by the end of the week and salute you for your courage to kick us in the gut once again.

Thanks to following you, JHK, for seven years... and paying attention to your wise words... I am now out of debt and psychologically prepared for whatever comes at the end of this week.

JHK, you have helped all of see more clearly by pulling back the curtains, and, thanks to you, I am ready for whatever happens this week (except for worldwide nuclear holocaust… that would upset me greatly)

Media overjoyed: White births now in the minority.
With this kind of glee, how can there possibly be a peaceful transition? How can anyone imagine that the White minority will be treated with sensitivity? The Elite will continue to be White or at least Jewish - so they will continue to "triangulate" the onus, guilt, original sin onto ordinary Whites. And invite the powerful minorities to do likewise.


Maybe she didn't own the house.... Or far more was owed than paid for.

And in any case, she couldn't deal with losing the children. It's this and his adultery which made her lose her battle with Substances. I mean the adultery was massively public - how many women could deal with that kind of humiliationg on top of losing the children in the near future? I'm no big fan of women but in this case it sounds like the dick is to blame.

SJ, you have to renounce your affiliation with the Democratic Party. Come into the Light. What did Waters say? We don't need no thought control. Free your mind.

We all know that Jim does not literally expect FB stock to drop to 99 cents while Zuck is on his honeymoon. It's more a wish than a prediction. But just for shits and giggles I calculated the financial harm (separate from the huge emotional slap in the face it would be) of such a decline.

The IPO is said to have made Zuck worth about $19 billion at its opening price of $38. At $.99 he would lose all but 2.6% (i.e. .99/38 = .026). Therefore, 2.6% of $19B = $494M. Zuck will not be worrying where his next meal is coming from.

Have you ever heard the Horst Wessel Lied? He was a Hero of the Fatherland killed by Commie Thugs like these:


This is the wrong link for this story. Please attach this mentally to my last post. Thank you.





  我对鞋子的要求很苛刻,夏天穿得,春天穿得鞋子,不仅要舒服,而且还要够闪,我喜欢在那个时节穿很闪的鞋子,主要是我的脚长的非常好看,(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……





  搭配的时候要么鞋子和上衣 一样的颜色,要么围巾,包包,鞋子一个颜色,总之,一般我的身上很少会出现超过两种颜色以上的时候,基本上都是两个颜色,偶尔会出现第三颜色。我觉得这样会比较好,而且买衣服的时候我都会想想自己的柜子里可以搭配谁,可以搭配那双鞋,哪个包。鞋子和包包也同样很重要。
























Enjoying all the comments until Vlad joined us with his usual bile but that seems to be a cross we must bear here (excuse the Christian reference but it just seemed to suit the moment). However that's enough about the Evil One.

One person thinks JHK has predicted the end of the world next week. Must have missed that part of his piece, or else it's just that I don't think the collapse of the world's economies means the end. If I was one of those positive thinkers I could say it's a whole new beginning instead. Just not a better one. Send the dancing smiley faces home please.

Unlike Asoka, I don't think it will all crash down on our heads at once. There's a saying about the world not ending with a bang but a whimper, and I'm more inclined to that view. Often we imagine a big dramatic blow-up of some situation only to find it's anti-climactic, and just the start of a long tedious slog to nowhere. That's where we're headed I think.

After all, JHK called it "The Long Emergency", didn't he?

"...which made her lose her battle with Substances."

When you are a Kennedy wife you are said to have lost your battle with substances. The rest of us just become drug addicts, or worse, druggies. It's a class thing.

JHK: " PMs tank, too, because nobody is left standing with that kind of cash..."

This is the problem with being anti-everything. You've painted yourself into a dollar long corner, like a bad chess player losing their pawn structure. Look, think of it this way, the money has to go somewhere. In the re-set the money's square one is PM's.

"It must have been the emptiest dumb show of mere protocol"

I envision a bunch of old, bald, lard asses flying around the driving range/golf course in their golf carts, knockin' down martinis and manhattans, and later crashing their own dinner party - then finally getting together at the end of the day with a few hookers, for the orgy celebration...

Adm Ern bleated:
"Where's the inflation?"

'Twas hard takin' this guy serious, after reading that. Someone apparently doesn't have to pay for health insurance. Someone apparently doesn't have to pay for college tuition. Someone apparently doesn't have to pay for a car/motorcycle. Someone apparently doesn't have to pay for any utilities (garbage/water/sewer/gas/electric). Someone apparently doesn't have to pay for food/groceries. Someone apparently doesn't use gasohol (rIIIght). Someone apparently doesn't have a phone/tv/internets...

It is amazing tho, how the CPI never reflects the actual annual inflation rate, which is something on the order of 6-8% higher than the CPI...

Oh My, Oh, My...surely you jest Jim..The end of next week? I highly doubt it. This circus can go on indefinitely, that is a proven fact...I never would have dreamed in 2008 that the good times would keep rolling this long...yet nothing has changed....we're in a time warp.

The Fed and State employees unions salaries and benefits will keep increasing, welfare and unemployment will be paid out of thin air...a bunch of dumb fucks will have Facebook stock near the $ 60.00 range by YE 2012....and the part will go on and on and on and on and on and on...ad nauseum.

Ozone said:
E. is right when he says that the way the economy is being handled, is the least effective way that Bernanke could have used the FED's money, creating no wealth at all but inundating a system that can only go down as it is more clear that it builds nothing.

I believe that both parties in the US government are jaded about saving the ship so they're both just following their party platforms in a knee-jerk fashion while uttering bored, tepid incantations about helping working people. Obama is not an idiot and he saw that the net effect for working people of TARP and the two QEs was negligible.

I hated that moment last year when Obama CHUCKLED after a reporter reminded him of the token existence of his "pick and shovel" projects. He CHUCKLED!!! Given that even according to great economists like Roubini those projects could create millions of REAL jobs with TANGIBLE and POSITIVE OUTCOMES, Obama's cavalier attitude is despicable.

Malinvestment, to me, is the "waste" that you spoke of which is the prime omen of a collapsing empire. Sixteen trillion bucks and most of the new jobs are either at McDonald's or companies that won't exist in two years which make websites. We learned NOTHING from the collapse of 2000. However, I truly believe that the fate of the Facebook IPO is a harbinger of an "end times" for the high tech industry whose "products" make one long for Beanie Babies.


Tale Jim, not tail.....

By the end of this week...

Asoka, Jim's essay today is deliberately compressed in time for dramatic effect (and you know this). All of his gloomiest themes are likely to play out over a much longer time period...unless they don't. Sometimes things do come to a crashing end in a great rush. I am thinking of the end of the Soviet Union. Another would be the demise of that dude, ChowChessQ (sp?).

I just finished reading 3 of Kunstler's books: The Long Emergency (non-fiction) contains all the elements of the "we are so fucked" theme that we are all familiar with from reading his blog. The other two, World Made By Hand, and The Witch of Hebron are fiction novels set in the not too distant future (10 or 15 years out - he never identifies the supposed year). (BTW, it is a good idea to read these books in this order...there is a perfect flow from one to the next.) Even here there is great compression of events for the purpose of making a point.

The whole time I was reading these books I was snobbishly thinking "well, he's no David Foster Wallace" but I must confess, I enjoyed them immensely. Jim can spin a good yarn. His style (a series of very short chapters) is such that it could easily be made into a movie - each chapter a scene. When I say "it" I am speaking of World Made By Hand and The Witch of Hebron which are actually one story. (I borrowed all three books from my local library.)

It is quite obvious to me that Jim yearns for this future time when the electricity has flickered off, cars and big box stores (mere memories) are rotting where they stand and you are getting around on a horse or mule if you're fortunate enough to have one. Men run everyting while (mostly) "heavy breasted" women are largely relegated to gardening, rustling up meals and being available for sexual gratification without excessive clawing emotional attachment that can be so annoying.

Food and drink, such as they are in the "new times," are described lovingly (there seem to be great quantities of corn bread and fresh butter) in a manner remeniscent of Look Homeward Angel by Thomas Wolfe.

My point here is that these stories wouldn't work at all if the changes from the "old times" to the "new times" spanned many decades or, worse yet for story-telling, centuries, which I believe to be the more likely scenario. I envision myself living 14 more years to age 85, ten years longer than my father lived and one year more than my mother, and I don't expect it to devolve into a "World Made By Hand" in those short 14 years.

Here is an essay by a poet and farmer about Faustian Economics, Hell hath no limits:

Not quite sure why but I'm sort of looking forward to the time when all those switched-on linked-in zombies stop fondling their electronic gizmos and get back to surreptitiously picking their noses.

I don't expect it to devolve into a "World Made By Hand" in those short 14 years.

Of course you don't. Few people do. That is what is characteristic of a Black Swan Event: it is a surprise and has a major impact, even in New Jersey. After the fact, more people will say they saw it coming, but only visionaries like JHK expect it to come by the end of this week.

By definition a Black Swan event is high-impact, hard-to-predict, and beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance and technology. That's why few "expect" it to happen by the end of this week.

Psychologically people, individually and collectively, are blind to uncertainty and unaware of the massive role of the rare event in historical affairs called a Black Swan event.

You say you don't expect it in 14 years, but JHK is telling us we might not even have 14 days. Re-read today's post. It's right there in black and white.

Not quite sure why ...

I share your feeling... and I know why.

In a WMBH we will re-discover a plethora of simple joys which we increasingly have lost as the pace of life sped up, work was rationalized ("theory x" in management, to increase "productivity"), and humans became more and more isolated, alienated, and felt more and more alone and disconnected.

You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry. Don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. --Walter Hagen

Another winner Jim. I am expecting the roof to cave in on my head any minute. You have an uncanny way of divining the future. Do you use Tarot cards or a Ouija board?

One thing that I think is often overlooked when we see the present economic carnage is that unemployment will always remain high as long as we look at jobs through the lense of early 20th Century America. When our grandfathers were fighting for the 40 hour week,industry needed armies of semi-skilled workers to man the factories, mills, & mines. Even if millions of these jobs hadn't been offshored, we would still have an empolyment crisis. FB & Google,for example, are multi-billion dollar companies that only have a few thousand workers each. Business, due to automation, no longer needs large numbers of workers. While it's true they crerate jobs, they also create as few jobs as they can get away with. Many businesses would rather force overtime than hire new workers.

The bottom line is that we need to start thinking about how to spread the work around to give more people a chance (25-30 hrs weeks). Otherwise, to use an old term, the lumpen proletariat will eventually exact its revenge & it won't be pretty!

"Iranians are good people with bad government."

YOu can say the same for the US.
Except the US has an EVIL gov.

Oh but for a simpler time when the world seemed to offer only one way of offing itself ,and you could hide under your school desk and survive nuclear annihilation. The horsemen of the apocalypse are on the move and I hope that a computer program exists that tells me when they cross paths.In other words how can I get the best bang for my buck before the s--t hits the fan.As for money having some basis in reality ,you need to make a real brain stretch. Isn't the power and mystery of a fiat system based on the creation out of nothing that is why in God we trust.

Can you point out specifically what is such bile? How is being concerned about the eroding of the white population, and our subsequent loss of security in our well-being, bile?

We may not, or probably won't, become 'extinct' but I won't be pushed to the bottom in a country conceived of by and for whites. Whites can't be concerned with any other races's well-being anymore when we are on the downgrade.


If you bring up slavery I'll laugh at you. Even more-so, I'll collapse into hysterical laughter at the massive stupidity of it if you reference, say, the Mexican War as a reason Mexicans have a right to swamp our nation.

Now, do you have a valid reason that isn't knee-jerk horseshit from some tired old 60s radical?

"That was never to be written down in black and white..."

That WAS some really good grass.

To The Death,

Magaret Thatcher

"We all know by watching the Twilight series, that once you beome a vampire you can never really go back."

Now, this post was immediately followed by one from a Vladinasia Krandzanov. Coincidence?

I think not.

How is being concerned about the eroding of the white population, and our subsequent loss of security in our well-being, bile?

Whites make up 64% of the armed forces and 80% of the population at large. Whites don't even represent their share of the population in the armed forces.

Non-whites, immigrants, and foreign-born are 20% of the population and 36% of the armed forces. Non-whites are volunteering at almost twice their population.

In other words, whites are not contributing their share towards the national defense, but whites are gaining security and receiving the benefit of a non-white armed forces.

P.S. The country was not conceived by and for whites. It was conceived by and for immigrants, specifically immigrants fleeing persecution and/or lack of opportunity in other lands. That proud American tradition continues today and is recognized and supported by true Americans.

One thing that I know is that if you have a garden in the Northern Hemisphere you need to get your plants in the ground and seeds planted by the end of this week, if you expect to get some serious crops this season. Mother nature does not dance to our tune, regardless of what Karl Rove says or does.

Mother nature does not dance to our tune

Karl Rove, by denying AGW, is assuring that Mother Nature's temperature dances to his tune.

I wish Mother Nature were able to overcome the negative effects the Karl Rove's are manifesting, but it appears Mother Nature cannot control her temperature.

So plant habitats and planting seasons are changing as a result.
Where things will grow and when to plant them being changed by the Karl Rove's of the world.

"I won't be pushed to the bottom in a country conceived of by and for whites."

I just love the way fucks like you gloss over the conscious act of genocide that it took to create the USA.

Long ago, Ivana stalled on taking her 20 million buy out from the Donald.
Someone commented, Ivana 'cant do her nails on 20,000,000$'!
Some people only can live large, or not at all.

Obama was born in Kenya. The "Extremists" are right again and the Grouchies wrong. Since he wasn't a natural born citizen, he cannot be the president.


without excessive clawing emotional attachment



So how can you stay here then, enjoying the fruits of the conquest? You are inauthentic and thus as guilty as any. You deserve to die as much as any and all Whites.

Oh you're one of the good ones? Tell it to the Black youfs when they start beating you.

Black Americans also have every opportunity to leave if we are so horrible. Most of them know that we have given them a lifestyle they could not achieve on their own - though they will never admit it.

Mexicans have their own little game. They come here and then pretend that this is their country and we stole it - as if simpletons like them could have created an advanced technological society.

You seem upset that you are going to miss the breasts and cornbread. Man born of women is of few days and full of trouble. He cometh like the flowers and is cut down.

Order St Alphonsus Ligouri's "Preparation for Death" and begin the meditations he presents. You will find ineffable peace by accepting the worst and hoping for the best - the love of God.

Yay #1: "Doom Porn." I'm stealing that one.

Yay #2: Karl Rove a Poststructuralist. If he ever claimed that reality is consensual, then he clearly missed his calling as a literary critic.

Yat #3: jannefs6d is clearly a spammer but her post has a certain poetic quality to it. The irony of pimping baby showers in a world where, soon, having an infant in tow will be the worst kind of curse.

That is one goddamn brilliant treatise. Thanks for linking that.

"Baby Clothesline"

I love your surrealist spam. Please please please post more.

Imagines of infants pinned up with wooden clothes-pins dance through my gin-besotted brain.

If you are trying to sell something, keep at it! Your inner poet is compelling childless me to buy some Pampers, even as I type this. One can never be too prepared.

Thanks for that thoughtful response to LBendet, E.
I'm sure she's reading along.

So be it!
To the Death, then!

Rasputin the Rastafarian Rascal

ozone, don't you think it's a glitch that keeps LBendet from being here?

My original handle was Asoka and when it stopped working I created a new account as Asoka. and just by adding a period at the end it started working again.

I miss LBendet and would like her to post here directly. Hi, LBendet! If you're reading along, know that I miss your posts.

Ozone, thank you for passing along, but that is not fair to you to have to be the intermediary.

"Frankly I think it is just plain nonsense to think that American civilization (and the West in general) will just collapse in a week..."

I mean the fucking douche-nozzle wrote a book that he advertises on this site called "The LONG Emergency". Fucking nitwit needs to read his bio as a reminder. What a fucking maroon.

I'm not POSITIVE mind you, but I'm fairly certain you'll not be taking your advice from little laddie lederhosen, he of the triple F syndrome. (Fundamental Fear of Faggotry.)
On top of that, a misogynist.

An interesting case for those studying up on Jack the Ripper, but as far as a coherent world-view? Mmmm, maybe not so much.

It IS a little weird posting someone else's (usage please) thoughts under my moniker, but I don't mind as long as it's not often enough to make it a pain to copy and paste lengthy back-and-forths.

It's my understanding that her technical problems are more complex than ours have been. She's said that she has tried all the quick-fixes that the rest of us have applied successfully.

(I would rather see her return as "herself" as well. Always a concerned take on things that provides perspective.)

Forget all your troubles and watch the INDY 500.

Thanks for this week's post Jim - a lot to absorb and plenty to like. I'm tipping that the sweater will really start to unravel in mid June.

In the interim, the majority of people in the USA seem to love living in the 51st state - Denial (abbreviation DL)

What paranoia spouts from Tark:

We may not, or probably won't, become 'extinct' but I won't be pushed to the bottom in a country conceived of by and for whites.

The only race that was driven to near extinction, and in which this land was originally settled, were Native Americans.

Good comments from you, by the way.

How can you be only 3 years younger than your awesome ant?

The world is about to collapse into a massive pile of rubble ... yadda yadda yadda ... the Dow is about to close at 4000 ... yadda yadda yadda ... our energy situation (even though natural gas has recently hit record lows prices of $2.00 per thousand BTUs, because of a GLUT of over-production) is on the verge of implosion ... yadda yadda yadda.

Sooner or later, even a stopped clock is right. I keep waiting for Kunstler's clock to be proven correct, but I'm losing patience.

And, ironically, I think Kunstler's analysis is bascially on-target. He's just too pessimistic too soon. It will take much more time for this whole goofy and unsustainable system to unwind than he thinks. That is, years or decades rather than days or weeks. More of a slow and painful slide than a massive and spectacular systematic implosion.

But that wouldn't sell books. Bet on a Dow 4000 by December, if you wish, but you (like Kunstler) will be wrong. Again. For like the seventh year in a row.

P.S. Nor will Facebook drop to 99 cents a share this year. Nor next. Nor the year after.

Maybe it will get there, eventually, whenever the Next Big Thing takes over. But if there's one thing Kunstler doesn't understand, it is the weird resiliency of the Tired Old System and the Old Models like Facebook in this increasingly jumbled and disjointed world of ours.

"Jim can spin a good yarn."

Yes, I agree 100%. That is the charm and allure of JHK's work. I also read the Long Emergency and World Made By Hand - quite liked them though was disappointed with his lack of vision about the solutions needed to get us out of a post-peak oil induced mess. I mean resurrecting the railway networks of yore is very good idea but I fail to see how this will be the panacea he espouses regularly. The fact is the changes needed will be incrementally made by hundreds or thousands of individuals (including businesses and governments at various levels) who know they are needed and Able to make those investments. Complex problems invariably have complex solutions, right?

Do you have a favorite?

My favorite is, naturally, the South American woman driver Ana Beatriz, who is the only woman in the world to win in the Firestone Indy Lights and in the Fórmula Renault. In South America we are all supporting her.

Natural from the city of São Paulo with 24 years old, Ana Beatriz started to race with karting by the age of nine, in 1994, and stayed in karting until 2003, when she made her debut in Fórmula Renault Brasil, a series where she won three races in 2005.

I think it's about time a woman driver won the Indy 500.

Who knows, if by some chance there is no crash by the end of the week, the Indy 500 will probably not be cancelled this year.

Nice week's work, JHK. Thanks to you, as always!

"An awful lot of parties may be liquidating gold and silver, too, this week but under the circumstances I've got to think there will be plenty of counterparties looking to buy, since uncertainty is crushing all other media of exchange. -jhk-

Probably true, JHK. Most probably.
I've been buying silver for a couple of months now. Nothing earth-shattering, just pre-1964 US coinage from a local dealer. Thing is though, here lately, he can't keep that kind of stuff in his shop. Supply has dried up, maybe because silver prices have softened.
But, BUT, buyers are coming out of the woodwork - all wanting to buy silver as a physical hedge against hard times.

I've known the guy a while, and have always been able to give him a reliable few $100 bills of "fiat money" to help him stay liquid and buy more local silver. Now that's not working.
I'm going to run into town tomorrow and offer him 5% over spot price to see if a little "extra" money will shake something loose.
- - - to be continued.

BTW, bproman, I kind of lost interest in the Indy 500 when a non-white South American ROOKIE DRIVER went out and won the Indy 500 on his first time to race in an Indy car.

JPM had raced Formula 1 and said winning the Indy 500 is easy: all the turns are the same (there are not both left turns and right turns at Indy) and all you have to do is coast the first 400 miles and race the last 100 miles. That's what he did and he won.

You can see his win on YouTube [2 min. video].

A huge Black Swan event occurred last March 11 in Fukushima and for 14 months now, trillions of becquerels of radiation are being released every day. It has the capability of doing so for longer than man has existed, it is an amazingly big fuck up!

The most dire predictions of this blog seem like an unattainably sweet future, like the Garden of Edan compared to what Fukushima has in store for us. I guess that is the reason it is being ignored so desperately.

Nice week's work, JHK.

Are you kidding me? This week's post was fantastic!

BTW, right after the real estate bust, and the FB bust, the PM bust is coming, too. Good luck trying to barter gold or silver for food. You can't eat gold or silver.

Thanks, James. There is still news coming out daily about the disaster at Daiichi, which is still claiming victims.


Jaczko activated the commission's emergency response authority and personally directed the NRC's initial response in the days after a huge tidal wave hit the Daiichi plant on March 10, 2011 – knocking out backup generators.

Jaczko and NRC staff monitored the unfolding crisis around the clock and made key decisions. He told Americans in Japan to stay at least 50-miles away from the unfolding meltdowns. And he created a task force to recommend steps the US should take to reinforce safety measures for US reactors.

But such unilateral decisions became a flashpoint for political upset among the other four commissioners and within the nuclear power industry.

"I do offer Mark Zuckerberg best wishes on his nuptials, but I think he set himself up for one of fate's great pranks as FB stock goes to 99 cents while he's still on his honeymoon (playing Frogger in a super deluxe hotel suite)." -jhk-

That's funny, JHK. In an online world that's become beset by "confirmation bias," and nearly bereft of humor - WE'VE GOT JHK!

FB was down almost 11% on the day, its second EVER day of trading.

Who picked $38.00 per share as an initial offering price?????????? I wonder if that was price was based on internal "mined" FaceBook data plus a Zuckerberg "intuition?"

So much for that conspiracy of brilliantly gifted men who will soon own the world as they defend one another "to the death."

Damn, asoka., you're an argumentative idiot - the ultimate troll, when it comes to previously discussed questions.

"Good luck trying to barter gold or silver for food. You can't eat gold or silver." - the RI, aka the AI, aka, The Ultimate Troll -

If gold, silver, and barter fail, I understand that Argumentative Idiots are quite nutritious when slow roasted, and served with a salad, made of ingredients that refuse to assimilate and remain "balkanized."

So much for that conspiracy of brilliantly gifted men who will soon own the world as they defend one another "to the death."


Knock it off, P2C, if you please. Enough already, if you please. Stop, already, with the antisemitic attacks every week, if you please. Oy vey!

It's not about race or tribalism. It's about freedom of speech. And this quote now applies to you:

How abominably unjust to persecute a man for such an airy trifle as that! 'I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,' was his attitude now.
S. G. Tallentyre, referring to Voltaire. Often attributed to Voltaire.

"Stop, already, with the antisemitic attacks every week, if you please."

OK - If you will show me why what I just said is antisemitic, I'll stop.

In fact, if ANYONE on this whole verdamned discussion thread can show me ANYTHING I have ever typed in the past two years that is antisemitic OR racist, I'll stop typing ""to the death.""

Damn, asoka., you're an argumentative idiot

I am not an idiot and I argue poorly (just ask E.)

Your credibility is lowered when you make false claims that contradict the CFN archives.

"Damn, asoka., you're an argumentative idiot"
-p2c, in a statement challenged by a..-

"I am not an idiot and I argue poorly"
-asoka., the corrected version-

I will agree, a..

You argue poorly AND needlessly.

So, how how about we agree on the following compromise "mission statement," for asoka..

"I argue so poorly that my skills of argumentation can appear to be "idiotic."

OK, that's enough asoka.foolishness for a Monday.
Let's try to let some new JHK commenters have a say on the new week's thread.

OK, I'll spell it out for you. On May 21, 2012 at 11:43 PM you posted this:

So much for that conspiracy of [Jews] who will soon own the world as they [the Jews, in the Jewish tribe] defend one another [BeantownBill, who is a Jew and Mika, who is a Jew] "to the death."

The bracketed refers to all your previous posts going back for, oh, it seems like months now accusing Mika and BeantownBill of something sinister, which you have labeled tribal racism, because maybe it has to do with the fact that they are Jewish. And that is antisemitism.

Let it go, P2C. It is ugly how you attack BeantownBill every week with the same "tribal" argument.

OK, that's enough asoka.foolishness for a Monday.
Let's try to let some new JHK commenters have a say on the new week's thread.

Every week you turn the posts to me, or Bill or Mika, by your ad hominem attacks.

I am not inhibiting any poster. If you check the day's posts, you will see that conversations are underway that are related to today's post by JHK.

You come along and turn it back onto asoka. I am tired of your insults, your racism, and your disrespect for our host with your antisemitism and off-topic attacks on other posters.

Asoka, It seems you are intensely disliked by a few posters here, for reasons that escape me.I find you to be a very intelligent fellow and you post on a large verity of subjects , unlike Vlad, the one trick pony. I just wanted you to know your posts are appreciated by me and probably others who read but do not post much like me.


TARP. 3 JCs got 5 Million for their 'training in resource recovery, recycling'..a joke.
Yet the city of Santa Monica sent out 80,000? postcards saying '100 graduated and wow green jobs'..To my knowledge no one got a 'recycling' job thru the program.

Old models are GM and IBM.
'Old Models like Facebook', at 5 years of age its not too old. Are you in yr teens?

I can understand, Asoka, that you are sick and tired reading Procon's endless repetition of the "to the death" phrase that I once used in one of my posts. You and I both feel that this is anti-semitic because of the context in which I originally used it, although, taken by itself out of context, it has no such connotation. Procon is being disingenuous when he says this isn't anti-semitic, when obviously he intends to try to hurt us by quoting it over and over again. But, I'll tell you what, Asoka, Procon can only hurt my feelings if I allow him to, and I'll never adopt an attitude where that could happen.

I'm sure Procon will read this post of mine, either now or eventually, but I'm addressing you specifically. Procon is obviously obsessed with my remark - an emotionally unhealthy reaction. No one can say for sure why he wants to hurt me, but to me,it's plain and simple he has control issues. He's what Robert Ringer calls an absolute moralist - someone who demands that everyone says or does what he (Procon) thinks is right, brooking no exceptions. His view of reality, like all absolute moralists, is irrational. I, personally, choose to not waste my time and mental energy dealing with neurotics' problems. I suggested therapy to him, but he sarcastically mocked me with his reply.

Since I like you, Asoka, I don't want you to waste your time and energy on him, as well. But, of course, it's your choice. He hates you because he can't pigeon-hole you into what he considers proper behavior. In contrast, I find your consistent inconsistency refreshing. When you contradict yourself, you're making it obvious to others (who actually use their minds) that you're doing it purposely, not stupidly unaware.

Even odder Donny-D is the fact that since 2008 the amount of US dollars has increased by a factor of 3, so your stocks are effectively worth 1/3 of what they were when you bought them (if you bought them prior to 2008). The Dow Jones is tracking at around 12300, which would read 4075 if all that money hadn't been printed from nowhere.....

You are right. I need to guard against getting sucked into his obsession and save my energy for larger issues that matter. Thanks, again, and thank you for your kind words.

"I am not inhibiting any poster. If you check the day's posts, you will see that conversations are underway that are related to today's post by JHK."

Yeah, OK. Sure.

And as soon as I posted to thank JHK for this week's work - you attacked me over the idea of buying a little local silver.

And then you paraphrased my words by adding your own interpretation to a statement of mine that was designed to say that THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY!!

In fact the only sort of conspiracy visible - consistently on CFN, is the crazy racist Mika/Met, the prickly defensive Bill, and the argumentative asoka..

But, since you've taken us off down this road yet again, let's be clear, asoka..

Mika/Met (now vanished from the thread) alleged himself to be a Russian emigre to Israel. He frequently threatened physical violence to posters, with whom he disagreed.

He expressed the idea that "genocide" would be a good idea for "blue eyed devil dogs," which group includes many of my own family.

And here is what BeanTownBill had to say, in regards to Mika, despite all of Mika's violent and extreme statements.

"Mika is angry and I don't blame him. I don't agree with everything he says. I don't always appreciate his vociferousness, but I will defend him to the death, for he is a member of my tribe, a tribe that is constantly being put down. The basic reason behind his anger - well, I agree with it."
-BeanTownBill, February 17, 2012 11:14 PM

Now, somebody tell us who the racist is, here.


And sorry, JHK.
Asoka.. does derail this thread, week after week.

He would do it with or without me - and with or without most of the rest of the "regular" posters.


I can see Procon got to you. My post above was before I read your responses to him. I can't say as I blame you for getting angry. It seems Procon is an expert at getting people's goats. He's just an immature little brat, a little boy who sticks his tongue out and says, "Nyah, nyah nyah, the type of bully you really want to slap silly, but don't want to admit it to anyone. But I'll tell you what, Asoka, if you show him your anger, then he wins, and it encourages him further. Try to remember he's a very unhappy person with emotional problems who deserves your sympathy.

Asoka, It seems you are intensely disliked by a few posters here...

I have also noticed this. They are free to express their opinions, and, like BeantownBill said, those posters are not able to hurt my feelings because I won't allow it.

Thank you for your appreciation of my posts. I also appreciate yours and often have the feeling your posts are actually from James Hansen, who of course is a legendary figure in climate science and is the reason I often link to the organization http://www.350.org/ and praise the work of Bill McKibben in opposing the TransCanada Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.



P2C, with this I can agree completely.

"Any Iranians out there reading this"

If it's true you reap what you sow, then maybe the Americans should be reading this.

I agree with James Hansen - your words are usually enlightening and they are always appreciated. I felt the same way about P2C as well - when he was commenting on the content of JHK's posts, but lately have grown tired of the personal attacks and now skip most of his comments as I do for Vlad's.

It pays to remember that there are many more readers than active contributors to this blog and the 'quiet voices' do not wish to become involved in most of the petty fighting that goes on.

As for the real Dr. James Hansen; apart from being a foremost authority on climate, he is also very approachable and a true gentleman. He once took extra time to explain the detail of one of his many scientific papers and supporting graphs to me after I had written, requesting permission to reproduce them on another website.

"It was stunning and frightening."

Welcome to the new normal. 1984 Live!


...To The Death!!

I apologize to the many posters and readers of this blog for getting off the subject.

All I really want to do is just stay on topic. When dawn comes, it'll be a new day, and if I post, I hope it will be relevant to CFN. But, I'll tell ya, I wrestle with dropping out here almost every day.

Now I'm going to bed.

"overpopulation is the real problem. Too many people fighting over too few resources."

EXACTLY! I would take it one step further and say that overpopulation is the ONLY problem. All other problems arising out of the matrix are a result of that ONE problem. But don't worry. The Elites now have scientifically-developed bio-chem-nuke weapons which will solve ALL our problems. Big Brother Loves You :)

the "Camelot Curse."

The thing about the Kennedy's that attracts Americans so much, is that they are symbolic of us all. So much potential, but tragic victims of their own failures.

It pays to remember that there are many more readers than active contributors to this blog and the 'quiet voices' do not wish to become involved in most of the petty fighting that goes on.

Thank you ... the quiet ones appear to be the sane ones.

If he can't interpret the data on race and determine Blacks are sub par intellectually, how smart can he really be? It's not quantum mechanics folks...

Crazy Black Teacher in North Carolina threatens White Student with arrest after he posed a question about Obama's past.


She's been suspended but no doubt will be back. If she was White, she'd be history, but Blacks can't be fired in this insane society since they're "sacred" cows.

The very idea of members of this inferior race "teaching" White Students is abominable.

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I didn't know that. I hadn't considered that the sheer volume of fiat printing would have approached that gob-smacking amount!
What the hell is the Fed "thinking"? (Aside from weaseling out of debt by means of currency debasement.) This will not have a desirable outcome for us "little people".

Does anyone know where I might find some Uggs? I have been searching for years, and their rarity even on the worldround intertubes is frustrating. I cannot locate a pair to save my life, and so must venture out into the cruel world on sore and deprived feet; feet that wish for only one thing: a beloved pair of Uggs!

...And so I wander off,
To the Death!

Well its Tuesday and things are still rolling along. In fact the hosts on CNBC are pretty chirpy this morning because of the market uptick yesterday. "Have we turned this ship around?"

And we find out in the morning paper that Toll Brothers is 'breaking ground' on some of the finest New England woodlands remaining along the Farmington River, constructing a slew of 8000-10,000 sq.ft. McMansions that will retail at $1 million and up.


Hey Ozone, looking for Uggs? You don't have to travel far. I remember my wife and stepdaughter making a special trip to North Hampton to buy Uggs and a whole bunch of other stuff. They got some good restaurants and bars in that town, too!


I be on tenterhooks now! Where might these great white elephants appear? Riverton? New Haatf'd? On the flood plain somewhere? (That last would be sweet; you just KNOW there's always another flood to come.)

I know, I know... buy the paper if you wanna find out. ;o)

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  I will not take a bath, I won’t get in tub, I has bath last week. I don’t need another scrub. I would need my rubber ducky, a bucket and a boat, my toy whale, a submarine, a rubber ball. No, I can not take a bath. The tub is too small. It’s all filled up with toy. There’s no room for me.

  故事21 我不能愿意洗澡


  Story 22 Outside Games

  There are many outside game like running, skating, swimming, horse-racing, hunting, flying kites, walking-races. Of course, football is an out game. Basketball, badminton and so on are also outside game. Some people like outside games, but others like indoor games. They like playing billiard, chess, cards, table tennis..

  Outdoor games invoke more and faster movement. Some active people like them. Indoor games are quiet and involve less movement.

  Do you like outside games or indoor game?

  故事22 户外运动



  Story 23 Two Little Monkeys

  The monkey mother has two little monkeys. She likes the younger, not the other.

  One day, they were playing in a forest when a wolf came running at them. The monkey ran away with the younger monkey in a hurry and left the older alone. She climbed up a tree and held the younger in her arms.

  After some time, the wolf went away slowly. The monkey took the baby out of her arms. She was surprised to see that the baby had died, for the baby was held in arms too highly. Very long time later, she remembered to look for the older baby. The older baby was hiding in a wood. So he saved himself.

  故事23 两只猴子


  一天, 他们正在森林里玩的时候,一只狼来了并向他们扑去。猴子匆忙带着小猴子跑了,单独留下打猴子。她跑着小猴子爬到树上。


  Story 24 The King and His Stories

  Once there was a king. He likes to write stories, but his stories were not good. As people were afraid of him, they all said his stories were good.

  One day the king showed his stories to a famous writer. He waited the writer to praise these stories. But the writer said his stories were so bad that he should throw them into fire. The king got very angry with him and sent him to prison.

  After some time, the king set him free. Again he showed him some of his new stories and asked what he thought of them.

  After reading them, the writer at once turned to the soldiers and said: “ Take me back to prison, please.”

  故事24 国王和他的故事




  Story 25 Which Skirt to Wear?

  Time is 8 years old, and follows her own ideas. When her parents tell her to do something, she always doesn’t do it.

  Today, she will go to a friend’s birthday party. She is now choosing skirt to wear. She has three skirts: a blue skirt, a white one and a yellow one.

  She asks her father, “Which one is the best?” her father says, “I think the blue one is the best.” Then she asks her mother, “Which one do you think is the best?” Her mother answers, “ The white one , of course!” Tina says, “Thank you.”

  Then she puts on the yellow shirt and goes out.

  故事25 穿哪条裙子?

  缇娜8岁了, 她又自己的主意。当她的父母要她做事时,她总是不去做。

  今天,她将去参加一位朋友的生日聚会。她在选择穿哪一条裙子. 她又三条裙子:一条是蓝裙子,一条白裙子和一条黄裙子。 她问她的父亲:“哪条裙子是最好的?”她的父亲说:“我认为蓝色是最好的。”她问她的母亲:“你认为哪条裙子是最好的?”她的母亲回答:“当然是白色的了。”缇娜说:“谢谢。”她穿上黄色的裙子出去了。

  Story 26 Three Foxes

  Once there were three foxes, they worked together. They lived a happy life. Little by little, the youngest fox became lazy, and often quarreled with the other foxes. The eldest had to leave, and the second fox was driven off, too. Looking at the warm house with a lot of good food in it, the youngest fox smiled. The eldest fox opened a new hill again. The second eldest fox dug a pool. Two of them because rich soon. The youngest fox ate up the food left by the other two foxes. In the end it felt so cold and hungry that it could not stand up.

  故事26 三只狐狸


  Story 27 Two Holes for the Dogs

  My uncle has two dogs. One is big and the other is small. He likes them very much.

  One day, Mr. Smith came to visit him. When the friend saw two holes in the door, a large hole and a small hole, he was surprised and said, “My dear friend, why are there two holes in your door?” “Let my dogs come in and come out, of course,” Mr. Smith asked. “But why are there two holes? One is enough!” “But how can the big dog go through the small hole?” my uncle said.

  Sometimes a clever man may make such mistakes. 故事27 两个狗洞


  有一天,史密斯先生来看他。当这个朋友看见门口上有连个洞,一个是大洞和一个小洞时,他感到吃惊并说,“我亲爱的朋友,为什么你的门上有连个洞?”我的叔叔回答说:“当然是让我的两条狗进出了。 ” 史密斯先生问到:“ 为什么门上要两个洞呢?一个就足够了。” 我叔叔说:“大狗怎能走小洞呢?”


  Story 28 Naughty Brother

  Donny is my little brother. He is a naughty boy.

  On Sunday morning Donny went into the yard and played with a dog. Sometimes a bird would come down to stay on the top’s of the dog’s house. Then Donny threw a stone at it. Suddenly the little boy began crying. Mother ran to Donny and asked him what was wrong. He said, “I’ve broken sister’s plate. She has beaten me.” “Why?” “I threw it at a bird, and it went straight to the plate.”

  Such was my naught brother.

  故事28 顽皮的弟弟




  Story29 A Boy and a Monkey

  Mike is a little boy. He is only five years old. He is too small to go to school. So he can not read and write.

  One day he stood at my desk with a pencil in his hand. There was a big piece of paper on the desk. He wanted to draw a picture of himself. He drew lines and cleared them out, then drew more and cleared them out again. When I looked at the picture, he wasn’t happy. “Well,” he said at last to me, “I’ll put a tail on it and make it a monkey.”

  He began to add the tail. I began to laugh.

  故事29 男孩和猴子


  一天,他手里拿着一支铅笔站在我的桌子前。桌子上放着一张大纸,他要画自画像。他画了几笔就擦掉了,再画几笔,有擦掉了。当我看一幅画时,他很不高兴。 “好吧,”他最后和我说,“我就再加一条尾巴,把他画成一只猴子吧!”


  Story 30 Mike and the Pot

  One day, Mike’s mother needed a pot. She asked Mike to borrow one from her friend. So Mike went to the friend’s house. She gave him a big pot. On the way home Mike put it down on the road and looked at it. It was made of clay and had three legs.

  Then he said to the pot, “You have three legs and I have only two. You can carry me for a few minutes.” Then Mike sat down inside the pot. But the pot didn’t move.

  Mike got angry and broke it then carried the broke pot home. His mother was angry. “You are stupid.” She said. But Mike thought, “I’m not stupid. Only a stupid person carried something with three legs.”

  故事30 迈克和锅


  然后他对锅说:“你有三条腿而我只有两条腿。 你应该背我一会儿。”然后,迈克坐在锅里,但是锅一动也不动。


  Story 31 The Broom Seller and the Barber

  A man who sold brooms went into a barber’s shop to get shaved. The barber brought one of his brooms. After he had shaved him, he asked for the price of the brooms.

  “Two pence,” said the man.

  “No, no,” said the barber. “I will give you a penny, and if you don’t think that is enough, you may take your broom back!”

  The man took it and asked what he had to pay his shave.

  “A penny,” said the barber.

  “I will give you a half penny, and if that is not enough, you may put my beard on again.”

  故事31 卖扫帚的人和理发师



  “不,不。”理发师说:“ 我只出一个便士,如果你认为不狗的话,可以把扫帚拿回去。”




  Story 32 Sun the Ice

  Once a simpleton’s wife told him to buy some ice.

  Two hours later, he didn’t come back. She wanted to know why he didn’t come back and went out to have a look. She saw he was standing in the sun at the gate and watching the ice melting.

  “What’s the matter?” She asked him. “Why don’t you bring it in?”

  “I saw the ice was wet and I was afraid that you would scold me so I’m running it dry.” The simpleton answered. 故事32 晒冰






  Story 33 Animals

  There are many kinds of animals in the world. People don’t know the exact numbers. In the zoo, people can see many kinds of animals. For example, lions, tigers, they are scary. Monkey, foxes are intelligent. People usually think pandas; koala bears are so cute and smart. Some animals live in the water, such as dolphins. They need a lot of water for their home. And elephants with long nose are very strange. They can sing and dance. The giraffes are quite tall because of their long necks. So they can reach the top of the trees.

  故事 33 动物


  Story 34 A Silly Man

  Fred was going to school. When he passed a park, he saw a man sawing a big branch from a tree. The man was on a ladder and the ladder was against the big branch he was sawing. “Hi, it is dangerous.” Fred shouted. “After you cut off the branch, you will fall, too.” But the man didn’t believe him, and said angrily, “Go away, you little thing. It’s none of your business.”

  Fred could do nothing, so he left. He didn’t go far before he heard something crashed. He rushed back and found the man lying on the ground.

  Fred asked some men for help. They carried the man to the hospital.

  故事34 一个愚蠢的人






Excellent! I'm on my way.
(Too bad no one had any available on the webbitubes; I've been trying for those quality Chinese ones, but, no luck.)

...But, the dead man possessed a nice pair of Uggs, so before transferring the body to the gurney, the boots were snatched off of his dead feet. We began to laugh heartily, and beat brother Kim just to increase the merriment!

I'll get in on some of that chirping m'self.

The ship has indeed been turned around; it's now headed for the jagged rocks instead of the iceberg! It's All Good! (tm JHK)


"I read one blurb in the local paper saying that everyone at G-8 agreed to 'spark growth' in Europe as a way out of the mess. Spark growth?? What the fuck does that mean...exactly? "

You see, the worldwide economy and its models, targets, statistics, values, etc. are all based on the "American Economic Model": And the Model is really precisely the American one, the USA model, as that is the model of Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Consumption, Innovation, Technology etc. that was really successful in the 20th century, that really fixed the baseline and ground point from which all other models and economies and societies and countries would then be measured.

But the model really only ever worked mostly in the USA: it is a case of Capitalism, but especially Consumerism in only one country, all other countries don't come close, will never come close, cannot come close even if they wanted to. And why is this ? because no other country is set up like the USA, with large homes, single family homes, large so that you can fill them up with all kinds of junk made all over the world, 2 car garages, wide streets, front and back yards, etc. And manipulable wood homes, not made of concrete like most of the world where it is hard to modify your home, hence huge Home Depot stores with a huge selection of items, consumption of items and such.

Just compare this to so called successful countries that had "High Growth" for decades like Singapore or Hong Kong, or South Korea or JAPAN or Germany: compare their puny tight streets, small homes, mostly apartments but mostly small where you can't fill them up with all kinds of random consumer goods bought constantly. Compare those countries that "Grew" economically and are successful economically to the USA: they all lack really huge Big Box stores full of stuff like in the USA, Malls all over the place, all kinds of stores and choices and huge activity of consumerism and such. But especially they don't like to Buy Baby Buy, consume and buy and keep the game going as they do in the USA. Look at Germany, they have cash but they don't like to buy all kinds of things (they are green and puny consumers etc.), where are all their Malls and their Home Depots ? where are all the huge shopping centers, where are all the big houses with 2 car garages, and such ? Same for JAPAN and Hong Kong and South Korea and most of Europe.

Singapore is a joke: you can't even have a car unless you are rich since there are no parking spaces and such.

So in a world of mostly puny consumers, tight streets, puny homes, no Big Box stores, etc. green thugs who are afraid of Buying and Consuming like crazy for some religious ideology that believes that Nature is sacred, how is Growth going to be Sparked ? Who, aside from the USA is going to spark any kind of growth ? Like the joke of Chinese shopping centers full of stuff that no one can afford to buy and such.

Add to this the fact that most of the world is rigid economically, is not flexible as the USA (tight puny labor markets not hire and fire and always change like the USA, insecurity people have pumping up the cost of real estate like crazy since they have nothing else to base their security upon), is full of ideology, especially green and tree hugging ideologies that don't want to Build Baby Build like Crazy (High Speed Trains, Skyscrapers, Rockets, Big Box Stores full of crap and such) and you can be sure that there will be no growth worldwide or very little growth, hence high unemployment and such.

Can you imagine an american styled Home Depot and Lowes in Singapore or Hong Kong or Tokyo and such ? where are the parking lots ? in those puny tight streets, etc. ? That is the problem, that is why this global economy sucks, because the model all the world is trying to imitate is the American model but with their local structure of cities and towns built around people and not cars, with an anti-consumerist mentality, with a structure of living and building that simply cannot grow even if it wanted to. Those places, most of the world has no room to grow, it is all tight and saturated and puny and crappy (tight roads in Italy, traffic jams keeping people from going out and such, tight roads in Bangkok or UK, etc.).

And don't even get me stated on Mexico or Brazil or Bangkok and such: small crappy puny homes, tight streets, no Big Box stores, no huge parking lots, etc. They will never grow no matter what, they are destined to be poor turds as usual, etc.

The American model can mostly only work in America, as the USA is the only real "Worldwide Consumer", even the closest similar countries like Canada and Australia are smaller and tighter and have less shopping centers than the USA: and then remember: the USA was built around cars (hence they have the largest highway and road system worldwide, wide streets and parking lots) the rest of the world was built (badly and puny) around people, hence the rest of the world will not Grow Baby Grow like they should.

So, I repeat, we need Huge Consumption, all the world must be filled with Huge Parking Lots, Huge Big Box Stores, huge McMansions, Trillions of Skyscrapers, Trillions of Rockets to Mars, kill nature, hate nature, this religion of Nature is killing us, we need Trillions of Jets across the sky, Trillions of High Speed Trains, split the Sun, Grab the Energy, colonize the Solar System, etc. Be a pig and hog it all up, don't refrain...and Free Salaries (since the Technological Economy has killed jobs once and for all and for good), Cheap Rents...


Ozone said:

Thanks for that thoughtful response to LBendet, E.
I'm sure she's reading along.

I'm still amazed that she was banned from the site. I don't even remember WHY she was banned but the site is far the worse for it. It's interesting to me that LB was on the opposite side of the political spectrum from me yet we have an almost identical take on the complicity of both parties to screw workers while the worst stewards of capital in history are being rewarded obscenely.

Indeed, when she left the site, I felt as though a major source of intelligent colloquy on CFN disappeared with her. Life has many paradoxes but I never thought that the departure of a liberal would lead to a sharp diminution of my own level of participation. However, penetrating intelligence trumps superficial political affiliation.




And don't even get me started on Mexico or Brazil or Bangkok and such: small crappy puny homes, tight streets, no Big Box stores, no huge parking lots, etc. They will never grow no matter what, they are destined to be poor turds as usual, etc.


Its hard to believe that Ibendet has been banned but Chinese Spam Guy, Old6699 and Tegmark are still here. No, I think Ibendet, probably one of the most thoughtful and earnest Posters here, got tired of the place and gave up. That's all!


And don't even get me stated on Mexico or Brazil or Bangkok and such: small crappy puny homes, tight streets, no Big Box stores, no huge parking lots, etc. They will never grow no matter what, they are destined to be poor turds as usual, etc.

flat-out wrong.

here in Brazil they have plenty of room to grow, the big box stores are ubiquitous, huge parking lots.

construction booming, consumerism flourishing, homes increasing in size.

you must live in the U.S. to have 'learned' this.

other than that some very good points tho'.

peace peaceniks

No, WSP, Ozone and I both talk to LBend by email.
She was banned. So was Wage. So was Hancock.
They all still continue to read the CFN thread on a regular basis, as far as I know.

Hancock thinks he was banned because of his thoughts on conspiracy.

Asoka. flatly STATED that Wage was banned because she believes in certain conspiracies.

In hindsight, I see that my post at 1:02 last night did mention "conspiracy" out of the blue.

Sorry about that. I had just read an email to me from Hancock, had it very much on my mind, and that's what the "conspiracy" reference was intended to address.

Notice, again, that I will apologize for my misstatements and rhetorical overreach.

Notice how rare that is?

Duly noted, P2C. I'm surprised, that's all. Ibendet was the soul of this place. Its hard to comprehend why she would be banned.

A small blurb a few days ago in the WSJ claimed Saudi Arabia has increased its crude production to nearly 10 million bpd, becoming once again the World's largest producer, a role relinquished to Russia 2 years ago. That explains partially the reduction in gasoline prices the past few weeks. Maybe the late Matt Simmons was wrong in his 'Twilight in the Desert' a few years back.


Hello Everyone,

I think I just got back on with a new name. Since I'm not at home, it seems to work--so this is just a test!

Believing in conspiracies has nothing to do with it, I'm pretty sure it's nothing personal to our ideas.

I just ran across a great story in the NY times from Max Keisers page that they are blaming Lyme disease for the bad bets in Morgan Stanley--You can't make this stuff up!

One more thing. Jamie Dimon says, "I'm not a crook" What's the difference between this and Nixon saying "I am not a crook"?
Q that one's for you.


Yours truly,


...a most heartfelt and welcome welcome, FKALB...been hoping you d make it back...rationality and insight have been drownded out lately; yours is a voice of reason that has been missed in Some (well, the important ones, of course!) Circles here in the nation...have at:

Hey Lbend,

It's great to have you back!!

I was mentally composing a post explaining that I didn't want to put words "in your mouth?", so to speak.

Now I don't have to finish that mental composition.

Did you see where Neon Vincent called Elaine Supkis antisemitic last week?

What do you think about that?

Now that's a perfect, timely entrance!
Fashionably late, but I'm diggin' it. ;o)

in reference to the handle of a new (to me, at least) poster:
which do you like better, artillery officer crockett; or radar operator pope...?

To clarify, its been awhile since I experienced a '403' ban [if I recall what the screen said].
It had to do with posting too much text, a link, or posting 2 posts in quick succession.
JHK [as of a year ago] had only banned oeo.

Some people are better with computers, hacking, outsmarting bans.

prog, i m not bitter; i m just sayin'...in any other context, wouldn t that question sorta maybe appear just the teensiest tinsiest bit race-baitish...hmmm...ok, in the context of all the prior conversations, anyway- which is how it will be viewed...plz don t be offended that i point this out; i m only trying to say that throwing a bunch of brush and kindling on the bonfire sure aint gonna put the fire out...suh...and i m sure ems would characterize herself as anti- zionist rather than anti- semitic...if that counts...anyhow, have a nice day, and as you were:

I'm not sure, but I think gays want to get married so that they can fuck.

OK, FUZZY MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, thats what the Kenyan Messiah has done to us.

Did Blackwater just buy 'Motel 6 chain'for
a Billion+?
It was named [50 years ago] because a room was 6$.
Now the price is 106$.

Kyoo and Eleuthero

Re: This business about malinvestment and whether FB is "worth" 104 billion beans

I'm real old fashioned about these things ie money talks bullshit walks

There's two basic ways of financing a company: equity and debt. Debt holders get contractually determined interest and repayment. They take precedence over equity holders in the event of liquidation. Equity holders on the other hand, get their cash via distribution of profits. Or at least they're supposed to.

If equity holders had their heads screwed on straight they'd demand a dividend yield. And they'd demand a yield higher than yields earned by debt holders. Why? Because debt holders have a contract that says when and how much they get paid whereas equity holders don't and so equity holders are at greater risk. And, because debt holders take priority over equity holders.

Which brings us to FB. What are the chances of FB shareholders getting moolah from FB?

If FB is expected to be gushing money to shareholders, the questions are when and how much and how risky is this flow of cash. Once you answer these questions you can get down to answering what you are willing to pay for this stream of money. And that in turns answers the question: what is the "value" of FB?

If on the other hand the chances are somewhere around slim to none then in my opinion that's all you need to know about the "value" of FB. There might be some value to users and employees and management and suppliers. But I frankly wouldn't see any value to shareholders.

Happy Birthday MM. Old age sucks, no? But I guess it's better to get there than not.

It's all about the morality of survival now. That trumps all.

There were wrongs committed in the past, but white people who still actually give a damn can't allow that to be used by people like you, and half the people here, to edge whites away from being a distinct race separate from the rest.

Besides, there were maybe 2 million Indians* in all of the U.S. at the time. In a country this vast there was more than enough living space for Europeans too. The Indians were plenty aggressive to piss poor settlers trying to make a life for themselves. You can't tell me that 2 million people over 3 million square miles have a claim to all of that landmass. There were parts of the future U.S. they had never seen, even though they were often nomadic and held no place for long. They were more like wildlife than a nation.

Other races can now have their 'tribes' as they please, but you won't tell me(we)I can't have something of my own. I don't want to be lost in the glorious multiracial heap that you long for.

I think you, Asoka, Beantown Bill, and Mika are scum. I held no animosity until now for Jews, at least a certain type of jew, but some of them have shown me who they are. Asoka, though,is just a bitter ol' fuck who wants to poison everything that whites made.

*Oh and BTW, there are still American Indians last time I checked. Their low birthrates account for their low numbers. They've always had that trait; whites aren't to blame for that, I guess.

Sixteen trillion bucks and most of the new jobs are either at McDonald's or companies that won't exist in two years which make websites - E

You hit the nail on the head. You have a lot of tall foreheads screaming that this isn't the time for austerity. Well if profligate government spending was the answer everyone in the EU and the USA would have two high paying jobs.

I'll bet that I can fit all of your black friends in the trunk of my car and still have room for the Republican elephant. I'm sure you are worried.
I'm not. You have to practice getting along with unfamiliar cultures. I've been doing that for a long time.

I be on tenterhooks now!

Thanks for NOT writing tenderhooks which always causes the hair on my arms to stand on end.


regarding your parsing of the low percentage of Whites in the military. Let's split the hairs a bit more:

If the Israel Lobby gets America into a war with Iran, it will not be Jewish Americans who bear the brunt of the casualties.

A Jewish American soldier's column in the Cleveland Jewish News states: "A significant imbalance exists between the percentage of Jews in American society and that of Jews in the services. Jews are about 1.78% of Americans, but they only represent about 0.2% of the armed forces. There is a cogent argument that military services should proportionally represent the population that they are charged to defend."

That means while about 2 out of every 100 Americans are Jewish, only about 2 out of every 1000 troops are Jewish. Among those members of our Armed Forces who actually do the fighting, Jews are even more rare: only .1% of Marines (one in one thousand) is Jewish.

So, if you are Jewish and want America to attack Iran, ENLIST.

"A small blurb a few days ago in the WSJ claimed Saudi Arabia has increased its crude production to nearly 10 million bpd, becoming once again the World's largest producer, a role relinquished to Russia 2 years ago. That explains partially the reduction in gasoline prices the past few weeks. Maybe the late Matt Simmons was wrong in his 'Twilight in the Desert' a few years back."

If you go to theoildrum.com, you can find some research there that will point out that the increase in SA production will be temporary at most. The increase in production also comes too late to have really effected gas prices.
Alas, once things get settled with Iran, one way or another, SA will have to cut back production to 'rest' its fields, or they will suffer permanent damage.
So, once again, the slight increase in SA production is temp.

Oh, and for those that think they have been 'banned', JHK in the past has posted here when he has actually banned someone. But his webmaster might have instituted a ISP block that inadvertently blocked some posters too.
So, welcome back LB.

And wow, that Chinese or Korean (http://www.77etao.com/) spammer is getting quite poetic.

You just made an argument for the draft.

Advantages? Shared sacrifice. If you have an EQUITABLE draft everyone of draft age will potentially be at risk. This will cast American involvement in foreign adventures in a fresh new light. It's one thing when it's impoverished young guys from trailer parks or inner cities risking their asses. Who gives a shit about them anyhow. It's a different thing when youngsters from prosperous families have to go.

I have no reason to have black friends because I feel no kinship with them. I'm not that much of a hypocrite.

I refuse to adapt to anything else except small changes in the culture I was raised in and belong to: an extension of European culture(s). We are a WHITE amalgamation and were always meant to be one. That was the only thing meant by "all men are created equal" They did not take any other race into consideration when that was written. It doesn't matter anyway, nonwhites will usually be treated better here than they often are in their own homelands.

People refuse to admit that anymore.

If you go at from the standpoint of "I'm gonna go get me a BLACK friend", you're not going to have much luck. And, probably get your ass kicked in the process. Know what else people refuse to admit?
Mother Nature is pretty unkind to one of her creations that refuses to adapt.

There is a cogent argument that military services should proportionally represent the population that they are charged to defend.

Yes, my point: whites are not pulling their weight.

Most whites believe "defense" is necessary and want "national security" as a benefit of paying taxes. They are receiving those desired benefits through disproportionate sacrifice made by non-whites.

Similarly, the "cogent argument" you cite should apply to congress as well, where 51% of the representatives should be women.

"Yes, my point: whites are not pulling
their weight. "

I got something you can pull.

I'm sorry. I forgot to link my reply to Dan_White. Dan_White and I were discussing the make up of the USA armed forces, where whites are under-represented.

rationality and insight have been drownded out lately;

There's something about the past tense of drown that many people find difficult. I have no idea why.

It's drowned.

Why are there race issues coming up every week here?

...comes too late to have really effected gas prices.

But his webmaster might have instituted a ISP block



What the hell are you talking about? If you're talking to me I have no particular obsession with having black friends.

There are more whites in actual frontline combat than blacks. Most blacks are in support regiments, battalions, whatever.

The most elite* and the ones always at the forefront in battle these days are whites. There may have been as many blacks in combat in Vietnam, but not in Afghanistan and Iraq.

*One example are the SEALS. You will be very hard pressed to find a black SEAL or Ranger or jet-fighter pilot. They don't usually pass the requirements.

BTW, do you care that MOST whites in the infantry, grunts, and having to do the dirtiest most hazardous long term fighting day to day, were, and are, usually the poor or working class?. It's been that way for whites for hundreds of years. Not many make note of that, do they?

I gotta LINK you can check out.

Really? That's too bad. Let me know how that whole "social upheaval" thing works out for ya. Sucks being you, huh?

no shit, shirluck? have you never seen a word used for effect or as vernacular? sheesh, give a mothafucka some slack- if you see me misspell a word i prolly (there, i did it agin) did it on porpoise, jackass! so i aint payin' you any dollar sixty-seven for a correction that was unwarranted

Remember, the Garden has many seasons. Things may beem barren now, but the Garden will grow again. You must have faith. Soon we will be pruning and watering just wait and see.

But why do you do it? It's what adolescent girls do. Some kind of petty (very) rebellion?

Some people rebel by overthrowing countries. Some by not flushing the toilet. Your's is more like the latter.

Vlad's on drugs again!

Geez, I hope you like diagramming sentence structure while you're here. You have effectively swatted a bee hive. You will pay for going darkside on the inevitable Q.

"enjoy social upheaval, yadda yadda"

You seem to enjoy the idea more than I do. You're a regular on a website that can be sometimes gloom and doom.

"Why are there race issues coming up every week here?" C.O.

Noticed a bit of xenophobia, eh? (To these "good folks" the melanin-challenged are not citizens.)
I dunno, but I have some guesses as to why the race obsessed keep this shit well-stirred and stinkin'.

1.) They want to play the victim. Victimhood engenders sympathy, so that one might be better inclined to accept their "viewpoint". (read: "I've been marginalized/frightened/beat up/offended by them, so I hate niggers; so should you.")

2.) Keeping this specific in the forefront makes it seem more banal and a culturally neutral subject. Simply by repetition, it tends to lose the power to shock. (read: "I hate niggers, but it's no big deal. Ponder it for a moment, won't you? I'm certain you'll find that you hate niggers as well.")

3.) They're trawling for recruits for the glorious all-Aryan regiments. When the race war (that they hope to foment) commences, they'll have the enviable privilege of wiping the brown stain from our Godly New Reich. The impure need not apply. (read: "I hate niggers plenty enough to kill 'em, so let's jine up and git it done! Hot damn!")

There's three feeble[-minded] guesses. Your turn!

See, people like you assume that everyone in the "groups" that your mind creates, all think alike. There couldn't possibly be any individual ideas or motivations. Now why would I enjoy the idea of social upheaval? For me, there is a very large PAYBACK component.

Simple reason. We have several racist/anti-semitic posters here who have an agenda other than to discuss peak resources. I've tried to combat this stuff, but it's not worth the continual effort - I have better things to do. For example, just today I've already been called scum. I really don't care, though. Sticks and stones, etc.

Don't worry TOO much; ize a purdy gud spellerer wen I poot my mined twowhit. ;o)

Asoka, It seems you are intensely disliked by a few posters here, for reasons that escape me.I find you to be a very intelligent fellow and you post on a large verity of subjects , unlike Vlad, the one trick pony.

I think it is pretty obvious that James Hansen is Asoka's sock-puppet. Soak has thrown in a misspelled word - a large verity (haha, that's a good one) - something he wouldn't normally do, to lend an air of plausability.

And then farther down-thread he brings in another sock-puppet named Madcat to back up Hansen's comment as follows:

"I agree with James Hansen - your words are usually enlightening and they are always appreciated. I felt the same way about P2C as well - when he was commenting on the content of JHK's posts, but lately have grown tired of the personal attacks and now skip most of his comments as I do for Vlad's."

Notice too that these sock-puppets affect the same faux reasonable Mr. NiceGuy tone that is the hallmark of their progenitor.

(And, interesting, isn't it, how these people who claim to be skipping over certain people's posts invariably know what is contained in those posts.)

While having this three-way conversation with himself, Asoka, in his original persona, steps in periodically to graciously accept the kudos being slathered on while simultaneously all three personas take swipes at Prog and Vlad. How covenient!

"Vlad's on drugs again!"

Or off his meds again and self medicating with booze, and whatever else he can lay his hands on:
Household cleaner, those little pine air freshners, or those little urinal cakes.
If he can cram it in his bong, he smokes it.
Brain damage be dammed!
Go for it Flad!

You said "poot".

If there is a payback component in it, long after the fact, directed at the white populace; then you're exactly who I'm talking about. Unless you mean something else entirely.

Yes, you are right about Special Forces, and the under-representation of Blacks there is due to institutional racism. Whites have designed structural barriers such as the ASVAB tests, and whites decide what the ASVAB score cutoffs will be. Not to mention, structural racism in public education.

But, Special Forces are not doing the bulk of the work in the field. The daily grunt patrols, those under fire, are being done by units sent from places like Fort Bragg.

When you look at the racial makeup of military bases, Blacks are at about 25.5%, twice (2) their percentage in the population as a whole, and whites are under-represented and don't even rise to their percentage in the population at large (

Non-whites are, in a disproportionate percentage, doing the daily grunt work for the whites.

Humph! Stuff and nonsense, knave; I most certainly did not!
...And even if I might have (which I will deny... /waaaait for it/... TO THE DEATH), I shan't acknowledge a slight faux pas such as that from the likes of YOU; as YOU are [most despicably and inescapably] **SCUM**!


(Careful, or I may poot in your general direction. ;o)

Let us visualise that the fabric of American society has become completely unravelled, Unless you're up for it, you would be well advised to avoid organised groups of people of one race. Eventually, they will go to war. You may have to live in one of these groups just to stay alive. And the group you're in may not have been your first choice. Will you adapt? Will you try to get the group to adapt to your ideology? Tricky.

Dammit! Back on SCUM status AGAIN! C'mon Bill. Let's go get a drink.

Our true national pasttime isn't baseball, or football for that matter. It's politics, specifically presidential elections. It's bread and circuses for the masses. Third party candidates have no chance of being elected, meaning here we are in May and we already know that the next president is going to be one of two people out of 310 million Americans - barring black swan events, of course.

The drama will play out as millions of Americans await with bated breaths for the inevitable, last minute scandal, the shocking gaff, or the campaign strategy misstep, just like every good soap opera.

The real big show is the congressional elections, for no matter who wins the presidency, if the opposing party gains a majority, getting anything done will be problematical.

Yet, ultimately, even this situation only comes in second to the reality of the show within the show: We are a socialistic country, and in the end, we either have corporate socialism or public socialism (or both).

We will arrive at the end of the journey at the same point, no matter which of the 2 paths we take: Bankrupt, environmentally ruined, out in the street, hungry, desperate and very, very angry.

The world is run by fools, and it is very difficult to live in it. The more wise you become, the more difficult it is. The more intelligent you become, the more difficult it is, because then you see the whole nonsense that goes
on for no reason at all.

Nations are no more needed, boundaries are no more needed. The earth has become such a small village and we all belong to this earth, so why distinctions, why divisions and why passports, why visas? But the world is run by fools, and the fools are very powerful.

And their whole game depends on these things: nations, religions, churches, politics, ideologies; their whole game depends on these things. If all these disappear, then where will be your prime ministers and your presidents and your police and your magistrates? They will be just meaningless, irrelevant. They are irrelevant! They are out of date. They should be finished by now, but they have the power so they go on persisting. They go on creating wars, conflicts, and they go on destroying humanity.

Time to put on my dancing shoes. Time is short.

And what shall we drink to? Hmm...how about

To The Death!!

Hic! or several. Especially for me, Stoly's or Gray Goose straight up, preferably in an 8-ounce plastic cup.

Definitely Goose Juice. Rocks for me, pleez.

"C'mon, Mr. Dimon, think hard; where did you last leave it? Did you throw it out with the baby and the bathwater? Maybe you stuffed it in your dancing shoes?
The shareholders are getting nervous and testy. Confidence must be restored."


Oopsie. Jamie no longer wants to talk about the escalating amounts of lucre lost... and his beautiful baby is getting scum on it! If only those pesky regulations would get the hell out of his way. Tut-tut, tsk-tsk.

""C'mon, Mr. Dimon, think hard; where did you last leave it?"

This brief documentary may lend some insight. The rich really are different, aren't they?


If only those pesky regulations would get the hell out of his way.

LOL! Yes, what we need is to let the free market "work" ... uninterrupted.

We can see now what "free market" really means: free to steal us blind.

If you want real Uggs, you could always make a trip down-under. We have plenty of the real deal available (REAL Uggs, real sheepskin, NOT the 'Ugg-Australia' which are manufactured in China for a US company). But they'll seem pretty expensive to you these days - the US dollar isn't worth anywhere near as much as it was here a few years ago....

They don't do as much dangerous work any longer. I would rather be faced with a little drudgery and honest work than humping thru the desert tripping IEDs and/or being shot at from a distant hill or cliff in Afghan.

How do you define "honest work"?

Is it honest when you are on the government payroll?

I'll want to avoid racial groups. But I may have to join one to stay alive anyway.....So I may be a victim of a racial group not my own anyway but I would be alone with no support and community....

Damned if I do damned if I don't?

I want those of you that argue against a little white racial solidarity, with no harm or violence intended in it, simply to admit that you believe whites/gentiles should simply hunker down and take whatever may come to them in a changing world. Because that's what I hear anyway.

LOL! That was slightly disturbing.

Yes, the rich are "different" alrighty.
Here's some more evidence:


Remember to roughly savage those veggies, or the sauce just won't have that certain je n'est ce pas.

Fine, then. Productive work.

Thanks for the invite.
I also would like to know the origin of the name "Uggs", a mystery so mysterious that it begs the mystery to be solved (so it will no longer be a mysterious mystery).

About them booties:
My debased dinero may make the purchase of same difficult. And my grift-based greenbacks may make travel to the Land of Oz problematic to boot.

I salute thee, Land of Unlimited Sheepskin!

"Because that's what I hear anyway."

There's a big difference between hearing and listening. I haven't seen anything today that suggests that you should just curl up and take your licks. Don't get out much, do you?

You're so about us Peckerwoods. NO ONE will be exempt from compromise should the unspeakable happen. I've noticed that among racial supremecists (ALL of them), the tendency of their dialogue begins to drift to a point where it becomes obvious that they don't really care about a specific race at all. They're mostly concerned about protecting their own ass.

That's "so worried".

I care very much abpout

Oz, late reply, sorry (different time zones!) - yep, take a look at monetary base figures from 1990 - 2012 and you get a pretty good picture. From 1990 to 2008 (pre panic) the US monetary base had increased from approx $300 Billion to just under $800 Billion. By the end of 2008 that had DOUBLED to over $1.6 Trillion and as of 6 May 2012, stands at $2.6 Trillion.
Now, it is true to say that simply increasing the availability of a product does not necessarily force sales up by the same factor, but what you are looking at is purely inflationary, and brings with it a corresponding decrease in the spending power of the dollar. Dow 4000 - pfft, it doesn't need to slump that low - its value has been hollowed out from within.

.....I care very much about a specific race because I'm part of it and vice-verse. That's why I put myself into it so much. That doesn't mean I'm not also an individual but it's nice to have soemthing and somebody to belong to.

Damn typed too fast and hit the wrong button somehow.

You'd be welcome anytime! To keep your costs down I'll even trade free room, board and a couple of ales for a few hours work on my 2.5 acres of (hopefully) self-sufficient land.

As for unlimited sheepskin, if the mining sector in this country keep digging up our land and selling it to China, (and sinking coal-seam gas wells) as fast as they are at the moment there won't be any room for sheep, nor water for them to drink in the future....
But the humans will be OK, they'll just move into the cities where food is abundant on supermarket shelves - who needs farmland anyway, when you can get so rich strip-mining it.....?

"Did you see where Neon Vincent called Elaine Supkis antisemitic last week?

What do you think about that?"

I see you not only read Crazy Eddie's Motie News, but read my most popular entry of last week, "Ron Paul rides off into the sunset," all the way to the very last footnote. Not only that, but you invited someone else to join you in doing so. Thank you. I hope many more people take up your suggestion. I know Elaine herself read the post and responded to it in comments on her own blog. Pity. I'd have liked to have seen them on mine.

Since LB/BeingThere hasn't replied yet, what do you think about what I wrote?

You can find all the doom and gloom your heart desires at ENENEWS.com. It seems to me that if every thing stays the same, Japan will have huge areas uninhabited in 5 to 8 years. Some cities have 241 times the radiation of Chernobyl evacuation zones which is a death sentence for those that do not move.

I believe the air filters of cars in California can now be qualified as nuclear waste due to all the hot Plutonium particles they are sucking in on a continuous basis. A Senator went to Japan to investigate and came back screaming how dangerous the situation is but nothing is being done and the news black out continues.

They are called UGGS because they are so goddam ugly.
If you poot them on your feet, doubtless, people around you will go "Ugg! Dems sure ugly shoos!"

Now ifin you want, you can still go ahead and wear them, but not outside, please, other people have to go about their lives....


Have any of you here ever read alt.conspiracy? I ask, because I *whuz*, from about 1997-2001, and it actually had some decent discussions back then. Ever since, however, that group has been nothing but k00ks (off-their-meds-nutterz), sp00ks (6-fig-govt-stalkaz), and rediculous smoke-screen conspiracies (the Jewish one is always tops for diversion).

It would appear that this new alt-conspiracy discussion board *model* has propagated to all *alternative* blogs with any sort of following. I am reading the same sh!tola here for months now, sock-puppet banter consisting of nothing but flames, trolls, and wacky conspiracy/disinformation. But what can you expect, when the US govt employs 2-3+ million *6-fig-govt-stalkaz*, who do nothing all day but lurk, spy and flood. Just imagine what a better *state* we'd be in, if these same 2-3+ million were instead using existing regulations (LOL - any left?) to investigate and prosecute corporate/financial/political criminals...


PS - one thing I realized recently, whuz how the war against Afghanistan whuz just as illegitimate as the war against Iraq/WMD. It whuz well known amongst our govt's triple-letter-acronym clubs that Osama whuz in Pakistan the day before 911, receiving dialysis. And, he remained within 30 miles of that same military hospital in Rawalpindi for the next 10 years, until *WE* whacked his @$$ (if he EVEN managed to live that long with his kidney failure) - therefore *they* knew he had never been in Afghanistan after 911. I suspect this is why Dumbya never went after killing Osama, as it would have shown they already knew he had always been in Pakistan... If one remembers the real reasons for going to war with Afghanistan, they were 2 (3) fold:
1. The oil pipeline that the Taliban were opposed to installing
2. Lack of opium/herion production, almost all of which had been shut down by the Taliban
(3. The trillions in precious/rare-earth minerals available for mining)

Yay! Looking forward to Facebook becoming a mere Footnote in the history books.

Have places/things in USA been giger counter checked over this?
How many more potential Fukashimas are there? 1000?

Thats old news, check Occidental Observer more often.
And this is 'across the world'[outside zion]. Not just USA.

But what can you expect, when the US govt employs 2-3+ million *6-fig-govt-stalkaz*, who do nothing all day but lurk, spy and flood.

Where can I apply for that job?

"I think it is pretty obvious that James Hansen is Asoka's sock-puppet. ... And then farther down-thread he brings in another sock-puppet named Madcat"

Re-read the MM poast, and try to disprove that whuz a soker-puppet. Or better yet, let me re-do my initial *in the head space* reply:

"it's only two days until my 89th!"

Wowzers! It whuz 83, less than a year ago, then it whuz 87 a couple months ago - now it's 89?!?

"It strikes me as funny that people on this site think I'm a sock puppet"

It's funny that seems to be the primary issue you want to discuss (wonder *WHY*)...

"Here in North Carolina"

Really? That's not what I remember - I thought it was something like Louisiana...

"Plus, my live in boyfriend of 15 years ... I told him to make sure that the door didn't hit him in the ass on his way out..."

Bwahaha!!! Toss that *line* right back - for I am NOT your BF, and I'm certainly not 30 years older...

Chauncy Gardener!!! LULZ!!!

Productive work? In the military?

They specialize in destruction.

In fact, there are some acronyms which apply here:

situation normal: all fucked up

fucked up beyond all/any recognition/repair/reason/redemption

The military is an extremely large government bureaucracy not known for productivity or efficiency. Not honest, not productive. I have family that have done time in the military and the stories they tell ... here's another term related to the military that sums it up:

A person, especially a soldier, who avoids assigned duties or work; a shirker.

"Where can I apply for that job?"

Triple-letter-acronym clubs:

CIA, FBI, NSA, DOD, HLS, ATF, etc...

4. Smokescreen flooding.

As to the whole presidential vote, I don't believe it will be as simple as the duopoly "lesser of two evils." I think you will find that Ron Paul, running as an independent/libertarian/constitutionalist, along with the green party Jill Stein, will pull around 3% of the votes (mostly from Obama). Also, I suspect a curve ball nominee coming soon from the OWSers. There seems to be a high likelihood that the vulture capitalist billionaire may win...

"Productive work?"

Have you gone from an "adobe" ideology to the more sustainable "cob" construction?!? Bwahahaha!!!

Like a waterside stroller tossing popcorn to a gathering of sucker fish, JHK gave his CFN throngs yet another specific timeline prediction this week. And like a cat covering doo-doo with kitty litter, these utterly ridiculous and absurd predictions of late are meant to cover the dead serious (and plentiful) past predictions of JHK that never came to pass.

It's a form of self-parody as in "hey folks get a sense of humor - of course I was/am kidding"!

But when it comes to the truly comical I'll recall that hilarious observation of a former poster:

"JHK has predicted 18 of the last 2 recessions!"

the vulture capitalist billionaire may win...

If you are playing off "venture capitalist," then you are confused. Romney was not into venture capitalism. He was a scam artist in private equity scams. Don't confuse private equity and venture capital.


So, following your logic, you're telling me that the current (extremely low) natural gas open market prices of (nominally) $2.70 per MBTU are actually just $0.90 per MBTU? Well, party ON!!!

So, apparently, no one can (or *will*) respond. No matter, the sh!t *sinks in*.

Just to keep this poast on-topic, let's leave with a roxor tune, "Let's Dance."


Oh, BTW - Marky-Mark (mark wahlberg), *DONNY*...

Tell me about your nat gas *vehicle*...

A Manhattan bomb style project to restore infrastructure. And what cars and trucks will be using them in the absence of oil (as refined into gasoline), and how will the logistics of this suburbia be maintained (as detailed by JHK in The Long Emergency) be possible without the cheap and abundant energy orgy that has all but blinded us to sustain it?

The new crash program should be more like razing these ugly little entrophy boxes that some call houses in the suburbs and relocating everyone that wishes to maintain civility while their standard of living crashes along with that sleek new 335HP Camaro they bought thinking there was no end in sight to car culture and the US petro dollar and a very finite supply of oil, and concentrating all remaining resources and energy from fossil fuels into new living arrangements which maximize logistically energy obtained from renewable energy sources and is within walking or bicyling distance, with electric trains being the new mass transit between intensely localized major towns or areas or whatever will emerge from the crash that is inevitable, and the new predominant human activity in the US being food growing.

Everything else we are accustomed to will become insignificant as the Long Emergency plays out, and some will think it was a cruel deck that we were dealt when in reality we should have known the deck was rigged to begin with. The euphoria of cheating the house (nature) and "winning" lulled too many obssessive/compulsive gamblers and blinded too many into thinking that technology or this or that magic bullet (such as the military, worse yet, the government, rebuilding infrastructure, praying, pissing on a spark plug, or the amazing energy to be harvested from gerbil wheels) will prevent the house of cards from collapsing. It won't

Not to throw a curve ball into this dialogue, but there is one way the planet may be spared from the parasitic and destructive nature of the present human race has been on, now that you mention the state of our electric grid. Maybe, just maybe, if we are lucky, the Mayans were right afterall. In sometime this year, the earth's magnetic poles are due to shut down before they reverse. This has happened many times without apparent mishap. However, the magnetic fields of the sun are due to reverse simultaneously. The earth's grid is not insulated or adequately protected from solar flares, even with the earth's protective magnetic fields intact. As most know, the so called "northern lights" are the sun's flares deflected after its 93 million mile journey to the noeth and south poles.

With the earth's defense shield down as the poles reverse, the sun's magnetic field reverses, spewing massive solar flares which fry not only the earth's electric grid system to toast but anything and everything stored electronically. Animals get along quite well without the grid system, as does most of nature. Humans, on the other hand....the supply of drinking water cut off, communications cut off, food in the fridge starts to rot, and Buddha forbid, no more television or internet. Those who survive will be far fewer and will be forced to rebuild from scratch, hopefully having learned from their mistakes( but likely will not) as their sperm counts dwindle to a point where the present human race is rendered sterile. Can't happen soon enough for me

Kyoo. Who the hell do you think you are? I'm no sock puppet. I've been reading and occasionally commenting on this blog since 2005; even copped a grammatical correction from the real QStick a few years back.

Just because I don't engage in the petty crap that takes over this blog after the first few hours of reasonable commentary doesn't mean I'm the product of somebody's imagination. I know the themes of several of the authors' posts because I bothered to read everything for many years, but now know to scan certain content for vitriol before reading it in depth.

The real person behind the Madcat moniker is an Australian, a veteran of Gulf Wars 1 and 2, Timor and various other conflicts that centred around mankind's need for energy resources.

With the help of JHK's Long Emergency and this blog, I joined the dots and was able to predict the 2008 crash and GFC when I saw oil prices go asymptotic, so had my money safely in cash and precious metals through that episode.

Thanks to the money I made then and the subsequent soft property market here, I was able to buy a small farm which I am turning into a self-sufficient undertaking. I now do that in my spare time while also helping to develop Concentrated Solar Thermal (with salt storage, CST+) as a viable power source in this sun-soaked land (Check out Beyond Zero Emissions). That hasn't made me very popular in my district (or with my government) as most people around me are heavily invested in mining and coal seam gas fracking. I see no sense in making large sums of money while stripping a country of its ability to feed itself, which seems to be where Australia is heading.

I write under a different name for several climate change and alternative energy websites, which is how I made contact with NASA's Dr James Hansen in 2009.

If you still think I am a sock puppet, then you are giving Asoka more credit for imagination than you probably mean to.

Oh, and the "faux reasonable Mr Nice Guy tone" is quite real and quite common amongst those of us who have been trained to kill efficiently but understand that de-escalation is a far more productive approach than the alternative - the iron fist in a velvet glove.... Madcat

That last post from me should have been a reply to Kyooshtik.

Apologies to Ozone (could have led to a blue-on-blue)

Donny-D, as I said to Ozone last night
From 1990 to mid-2008 (pre panic) the US monetary base had increased from approx $300 Billion to just under $800 Billion (note, this took 18 years). By the end of 2008 that had DOUBLED to over $1.6 Trillion (note this occurred in less than 6 months) and as of 6 May 2012, stands at $2.6 Trillion (note only 4 years on).

Now, it is true to say that simply increasing the availability of a product does not necessarily force sales up by the same factor, but what you are looking at is purely inflationary, and brings with it a corresponding decrease in the spending power of the dollar.

Your gas may just be the cheapest we have seen for many a year, but that doesn't mean we can afford it...

"plz don t be offended that i point this out; i m only trying to say that throwing a bunch of brush and kindling on the bonfire sure aint gonna put the fire out...suh...and i m sure ems would characterize herself as anti- zionist rather than anti- semitic...if that counts....."
-charles, fox trots-

Believe it or not, CF, I'm pretty hard to offend. One thing that offends me is facing gratuitous charges of racism and/or antisemitism from posters who visibly consider themselves incapable of error or prejudice. (soak and btb)

Beyond that, nice metaphor, CF. I don't believe this fire needs to be put out. I think it's time to let it burn a while and see what real Truth may be hidden by the flames.

Since 1964, the core of US society has given and given. And in the face of charges of "racism," the dominant core has retreated and given some MORE. Eventually this will end, one way or another. Nothing lasts forever.

I doubt ems (Ms. Supkis) is antisemitic, either. I'll let Neon V provide a proof of his charge, if he can. Simply being opposed to ANY actions of Israel or of Zionists, does not logically make one antisemitic. That's crazy.

Similarly, being opposed to one Jewish individual, and calling him out (perhaps too frequently) over his defense of Mika's PURE and hateful anti-blond racism - does not make me antisemitic.

This whole issue started for me on CFN months ago, when asoka. finally ran out of arguments in favor of today's loose and destructive US immigration policies.
Losing his battle, he invoked the ultimate charge that can be leveled against a white man who has been in public contact for a working career - "racist."

I'm still trying to figure out why that word has such power over me and many others. Especially when the most appalling racism gets a complete pass. Example, La Raza: "For the Race everything, outside the Race nothing."

And now, Bill has shown me that "antisemitic" has equal, or even greater, power.

Simple combinations of letters.
Words have power.

Power can be abused.

Meanwhile, the entropy lemmings race blindly for that steep cliff, thinking there will be some new money that people will trust when in fact simple barter of food, water, and no doubt drugs and prostitution will be the new medium of exchange in a post collapse, post fossil fuel human race, if it survives. I am convinced it will not, but overall is a change for the better

Can you 'explain' Ozone and Xhalor 2 me? [or us].

What about charges that blacks 'dont get medals'?

MN said:
A Manhattan bomb style project to restore infrastructure. And what cars and trucks will be using them in the absence of oil (as refined into gasoline), and how will the logistics of this suburbia be maintained (as detailed by JHK in The Long Emergency) be possible without the cheap and abundant energy orgy that has all but blinded us to sustain it?

There is a serious initiative afoot between the Federal government and the trucking industry to convert trucks from diesel to natural gas. I see you overall point and, honestly, I think we'll end up being "a day late and a dollar short" but we need to start using the fuel we have in greatest supply FIRST in such an infrastructural effort.

Thus, I agree with the idea of a wholesale conversion of the interstate trucking industry to natgas. Will it work? Probably not. But what's the alternative?


I've heard lemmings don't actually try to commit suicide like that. When it happens, it's a mistake.

Disney did herd lemmings off a cliff for one of their early clips though.

On another note, I read that a mountain lion was shot and killed in a building's courtyard in Santa Monica.

"Can you 'explain' Ozone and Xhalor 2 me? [or us]."

OH! OH! I can! I can!

If the Blue Sky Mining Company won't
Come to my rescue
If the Sugar Refining Company won't
Save me

Who's gonna save me?

Nothing is as precious as a hole in the ground.


Ya gotta keep in mind, Bill, this was a L.A. Mountain Lion (brought to you by Pepsi). I heard the fucker pulled a gun on the cop.

""Can you 'explain' Ozone and Xhalor 2 me?
[or us]."

Allow me to further clarify. Obviously, I am who I say I am; who in their RIGHT MIND would want to assume my identity. The neurosis is so deep...

After so much time here, it has become abundantly clear that, most likely, there are several authors that have several personas here. That is why I am so reluctant to respond individually. If I see an opening that I think will inflict some psychological trauma, OK, I'll play the game just long enough to selfishly assert whatever jag the ale has led me to.

May 22nd, 2012: Hans Rosling (TED):


There will be 10 billion people on the planet, it is inevitable.

Hans Rosling mentions Peak Oil. "We may still be debating Peak Oil, but we have reached peak children."

P2C ... I must say that your reply to CharlieFoxtrot about the usual charges of anti-semitism and racism from the "usual suspects" was unusually erudite.

Indeed, it is tragically ironic that the people we seem to treat with the most contempt in this culture are the people of the dominant eurocentric, non-Jewish culture when that culture, by any statistical measure, is enormously more law-abiding than the "people of color" demographic groups. It is also statistically obvious that Jews are underrepresented in the military by an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE and vastly overrepresented in the media and financial industries ... industries which produce MONEY but no food, clothing, electronics, or anything else with tangible daily utility for the human race. Yet, as you so eloquently point out, the very quoting of STATISTICS is "racist" and I am as sick of it as you and a great many fine, fair-minded thinkers.

I'm in the 2nd year of my "invest in nothing" campaign. I will, again, have no Schedule D to file when it's tax time next year because I believe the financial services industry and their media shills are a useless, disgusting lot of people.

The failure of the Facebook IPO might be the first flickering of an awakening of the American people to an industry which has NOBODY'S best interests in mind but their own. I cannot wait until this industry represents the 5% of GDP they represented back in 1950 instead of the 25% they represent now.

Many talking heads recently commented that the retail investor "missed out on the big rally" from 2008. Well, no one rings a bell at the top or bottom and I contend that JHK will ultimately be proven correct about the Dow's ultimate direction because this country (indeed, the whole world) has horrible investing demographics dead ahead (large and dumb Gen-Y taking the reins) and most financial industry stats are rigged with the explicit permission of the Financial Accounting Standards Board which continues to allow ONLY the financial industry to ignore mark-to-market accounting.

For now, the drama will be drawn out by the passels of lesser crooks like Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein with a wink 'n a nod from the biggest crook of all ... Dr. Benjamin Bernanke.


You heard right, not sure how it got a mile or 2 from the mountains.
Right there where the farmers market is 2x a week.

Thats a great album, that may be my fav song on it.

I'm in the 2nd year of my "invest in nothing" campaign. I will, again, have no Schedule D to file when it's tax time next year because I believe the financial services industry and their media shills are a useless, disgusting lot of people.

Good for you! I am also doing the same again this year.

In fact, I started doing that in 1968 and wrote about it then. For the last 44 years I have been divested from the financial services industry.

I have been reading and absorbing the state of human affairs for some time now. I am in the fifty second year of my life. The news of finance, war, and politics just seems to go 'round and 'round. What I pay attention to now is news about our biology. It is a challenge to find information about this that the layman can understand in the mainstream media. There is nothing more important. If we destroy it, all of our other vain endeavours will die with it.

Your Problem is My Solution

A trillion people living in Tent Cities and a trillion empty McMansions that cost a million dollars each, better yet a trillion people crushed together in 10 square feet of room space, just for fun, just for the kicks of it, to obtain ever more and higher pleasure as ever more pain is inflicted, while you have trillions of empty huge luxury McMansions, oh what fun, that is so cool, that is what I want, like a cry baby, I want the expression of inequality to be affirmed, the expression of power and status to be confirmed, the winner wins big time and wins ever more as the pain on the losers is inflicted ever more and the winner has all of those McMansions all for himself, so cool, that is Metaphysical Justice Obtained. That is spiritually correct.

What many people don't understand is that there is no common ground, there is no Win Win situation in economics, the very economy exists only because there is inequality (and must always be, ever more and higher inequality to produce ever more economic activity), there is a winner and a loser always, there will always be winners and losers and the winners will do all they can to maintain their status relationship, their upper hand, they will do all they can to render the status and power (as money is a proxy for power and status and how much pain you can inflict on the losers essentially) relationship invariant, even by brainwashing you of how we are all "working together" for the "common good" or whatever. The very engine of the economy is the inequality of power, is the possibility to use others as tools on behalf of some others and so forth: without that reward, without the comparison, without the power relationship and poker game where you can win or lose, without the risk and always changing situations, and the possibility of losing your status and status changing hands, the economy would halt and die, it couldn't function, greed and egotism and being a hog is exactly what any economy is all about, and how all those impulses and forces interact and change and change hands and such.

So all the talk of a "Healthy Economy" and "Productivity" and "Competitive Economy" (especially all the BS on Training and Education and Innovation, all such huge crap) and such is BS, is just a fairy tale to make everyone think that we are working together for a common good, for something we all have in common, when in all truth, there is nothing in common with anyone or anything, it is each man for himself out to get you. It is actually a logical error to consider the economy as being "healthy" or "good" or working and such, the economy is just a random mix of contrasting forces going anywhere and ending up anywhere with a set of winners and losers (that at least have a better chance of changing places more often in the USA (more flexible economy, hire and fire, always change mentality) than in the rest of the world where status and relationship forces are so rigid and ingrained, etc.), end of story.

What did create a real Win Win situation, real growth and improvement was the application of technology to all productive endeavors in the 20th century, the Technological Economy generating free wealth that ended up really trickling down to most people, by shear quantity and force and economy of scales, and by some market forces, some capitalism, and a lucky combination of forces and status relationships that weren't too strictly enforced and too rigid and invariant as is now: case in point, the cost of renting or buying a house compared to minimum wage a few decades ago and today (you could rent a house with 30 % of a minimum wage in the 60s and 70s and now you need more than 60 % of a minimum wage, etc.).

But to really understand the economy, you can say that the only real mechanism that is working is that of creating problems to some and those problems and their solution is the the solution to problems for others: I want to make cash by building homes, I will hike the prices of the homes as high as possible, so I will solve my problem of making a profit by creating a problem for you, I will gain cash and you will have to pay a lot of cash, your problem is my solution.

The fairy tale and myth of market forces automatically adjusting the costs of housing and problems and solution mix doesn't operate anymore: the status relationships are invariant and rigid, the winner wins ever more, the loser loses ever more, housing used as a weapon is destined to continue no matter what, YOUR PROBLEM IS MY SOLUTION, there is no solution to this situation, it will always be like this.

And especially, when they say "Spark Growth", no one ever says that housing costs must go way down, must be as cheap as possible for other parts of the economy to grow, no one wants to make the cost of housing Crash Baby Crash, like it should, the powers that be want to maintain the status relationship represented by high housing costs forever invariant no matter what.

So how on earth is the economy going to grow when housing costs are still so high ? A 3 bedroom house in Manhattan and Los Angeles or Silicon Valley should cost no more than 100,000 dollars and outside important areas no more that 50,000 dollars. And the same in London, Tokyo, Paris and Moscow, Madrid and Rome, etc.

By the way, housing costs are hugely higher in the puny rest of the world compared to the USA, Spain still has insanely high housing costs for small apartments in Madrid, what are they waiting for to crash the prices like crazy ? A house in failed city of Madrid should not cost more than 20,000 dollars, bar none. And in Rome the situation is even more insane: even there houses should cost no more than 50,000 dollars in the center of the city (and Rome has a huge Housing Bubble that no one still noticed, go figure, they have prices way higher than the maximum prices that where operating in the USA and Spain at the height of their housing bubble just before it popped, but Italy is another failed and bankrupt state just waiting to roll over and die). And what about London ? Another insane city, they must be crazy or what ?!?! the prices of apartments must crash like crazy there, but you have all of these rich turds worldwide buying houses in London hiking up the prices so they can "protect their money" and especially "express their status relationship" to the rest of the world, and use housing as a weapon against the poor in London and such.

Same for Moscow and Bangkok and Tokyo and Seoul, housing prices must crash like crazy, etc. And then especially these puny make believe "developed economies" would like to grow, but how can they with such huge housing prices, another example why the myth of growth in the rest of the world outside of the USA is impossible structurally, the powers that be and the status relationships that are operating in the rest of the world will ensure that there will always be very little growth (real growth as increased consumption on behalf of the average worker, like in the USA) and they will keep on hogging up as much cash as possible through high housing costs and such.

And then, all the debates rotate around what is "objectively operating" what is "scientifically operating" and such, when in all things social and economics, there is no objectivity, only decisions and choices forced upon everyone else, only brainwashing, only convincing everyone that things are in a "certain way". So you can say that there is so much unemployment and so little work available, and everyone will believe it, and the next day say that there are millions of jobs available and so much work to do etc. when in all truth work and jobs is an arbitrary concept, is a subjective idea and invention, if everyone agrees that there is all this work to do companies will hire millions to do all kinds of invented (or real ? who knows and who can tell ?) jobs, just to hose them all the next day and repeat the cycle forever: the bottom line, there is no static objective truth or reality, only ideologies, subjectivities, new problems invented and new jobs, and new problems solved and jobs killed, and new decisions, always changing (always looking for profits or the possibility of your status changing position ?) and such.


Laws of Physics Revisisted

I was reading how scientists are discovering how certain parts of the Brain works: but that is the point, we shouldn't be discovering how the Brain works, we should be inventing how the Brain works, we should be inventing and designing how we would like the Brain to Work, we should be inventing new Brain Designs and new Brain Styles, new interactions, new Observers, new Observer Types.

And if you change the Observer, the ground point from which all is measured and observed and how the Observer interacts with what it observes and measures, you change everything, the very structure of existence changes, you enter a new world, an new universe having new laws of physics, nay, even more, you enter something so new and different that it can't be described or associated with anything we already know: saying that you enter a new universe with new laws of physics is too reductive, is too modest compared to how deeply all could change, to how hugely different and new, completely new and revolutionary all of the structure of existence and information and interactions and new events occurring can be.

But then which Observer will measure and compare the new Observer to which (and how ?) ? Which will serve as a ground point ? And if the laws of physics are valid for us, how does that translate to what the laws of physics are for the newly designed Observer Type?

But any Observer, interacting or mixing with or measuring a new Brain Contraption would still have to be aware and remember what his laws of physics are compared to what the new Observer sees, but at a certain point the measuring Observer, in order to more fully perceive and measure the new Observer would have to gradually lose his awareness and memory of his original world and laws of physics until he becomes the new Observer ? So then the laws of physics are only a function of which particular Observer is interacting with the physics...






  2011-11-07的日记2011-11-07 13:12 lilywo爱肚皮舞 快捷导航 设置 消息 提醒 退出 就爱肚皮舞 返回首页 hmh7209的个人空间 [收藏] [复制] [分享] 空间首页 动态 记录 日志 相册 分享 好友 留言板 个人资料 视频库 首页Portal 肚皮舞论坛BBS 新闻 音乐库 培训 家园Space 群组Group 排行榜 92搜索我的空间帖子 好友 道具肚皮舞小知识(有点用呢)热度 24已有 851 次阅读2011-7-31 10:32 | 摆动动作, 上下运动, 肚皮舞, 注意力, 上半身 学如何Walk Forward 往前走和Walk Back 往后走。实际上很多臀部的摆动动作都可以转变成为基本的走动。 上提胯加行走:左脚在前,在碰到地板的每一步,就把臀部往上提,往上摆,踏,往左上摆,往右上摆。上半身保持挺直,胸部提高。右脚往后移,扭转;左脚往后移,扭转。脚步越小,臀部就会越有力量。注意膝盖要弯曲。 下摆胯加行走:右脚往后,左臀就要往下摆;左脚往后,右臀往下摆。 左右顶胯加移动:首先右脚向外移动,落脚重心移至右脚,臀部向外推。左脚相同,脚步—重心移动—臀部向外推。 小圆胯加移动:跨步,臀部扭转画圆;跨步,扭转。 肚皮舞的基本步伐: 埃及步 Egypt Step 首先一脚向外迈出,注意力集中在后臀部(也就是小时候打针的地方),后面的腿伸直,后臀部向上顶起,脚尖着地。顶,放松,顶,放松,后脚尖点地,用后面的腿推动臀部向上。换腿重复。移动起来,靠弯曲的膝关节带动臀部上下运动。注意臀部向上顶的同时,把脚迈出去,臀部放松时,把脚收回。我们加上手的动作,右手搭左手,迈腿的时候手伸直,然后收回。 葡萄藤步 Grapevine Step 左脚向右前方迈出一步,右脚向右迈出一步。胯部向右顶出,反方向相同,双腿向后交叉,迈腿,再向前交叉,脚尖点地。一二三四 再来四下 前交叉 迈腿 后交叉 脚尖点地 鸭子步 Duck Walk 曲膝站立,右脚向右前迈一步,同时,髋部向右前顶两次,左脚相同动作,使之左右摆动。右脚向右后方迈一步,同时,髋部向右后顶两次,左脚重复动作。左右左,右左右。 交叉步 Cross Step 右腿向前迈一步,将左腿向侧面打开,同时提胯,脚尖点地。左腿向前迈一步,右腿向侧面打开,同时提胯,脚尖点地。 扭步 Twist Step 旋转身体迈步扭臀。左脚脚掌踩地,右脚脚尖向前迈步点地,用力使臀部向上,并推动左脚向前跟一步。迈步然后扭臀,迈步 扭臀 向后扭 向前扭 另一边扭 迈腿 再扭 想象用脚带动臀部运动,它们是连着的。 在掌握了基本的舞步,比如葡萄藤式、鸭仔脚式、筛米式、骆驼步等,再经过教练的指导和自己的练习,使腹、腰部柔韧有力后,基本上就可自我完成一套基本的肚皮舞了。 总结起来,肚皮舞的基本动作也就是浪,摆,抖,震,甩,挺,转这七字要诀。 浪——身体像波浪一样 摆——胯部摆动灵活 抖——让腹部灵活地抖起来 震——尽管使劲地晃动身体,让腰链震荡起来。 甩——将胯大幅度地甩出去 挺——将胸部尽量地打开 转——放松身体,图腾网,稳定地保持重心,旋转起来。 无论你是作为娱乐,塑身或者是精神以及心灵的体验,所有学习肚皮舞的女性都能够从这种古老技艺中获得益处。它不仅让我们保持健康与健美,也让我们放松与开怀。你会发现肚皮舞基本动作是愉快的自我表达方式,在学习过程中,探索你内心的自我,并解放你的女性精神,放开身心,尽情舞动。动作幅度大才能更好锻炼身体,看起来也更漂亮。这也是能把肚皮舞跳到完全即兴表演的境界的诀窍。 放松动作Relaxing action 不少人都已经知道了“热身”的重要,但很多人不知道活动结束后需要“冷身”。当我们练习肚皮舞时,肌肉一直处在收缩状态。如果练累了就立刻静下来休息,不但肌肉一直会维持收缩状态,久而久之造成肌肉张力缺乏,降低柔软度;而且还会造成内脏机体的伤害。为了保持肌肉的柔软度,让肌肉恢复它的长度,同时释放乳酸等代谢物,所以练习结束后要做几分钟的整理活动。让肌肉持续收缩,把血液送回心脏,让心率慢慢恢复正常,排除运动中造成的乳酸堆积。 1.放松,双脚与肩同宽,吸气,脚尖踮高,手臂高举过头顶,平衡,集中伸展;吐气,脚尖着地,手臂放下。 2.单手臂按住侧头部,脖子往旁边牵拉,手臂放开,放松,呼吸。换边。 3.下巴往下压低,轻轻转动我们的头部。放轻松,感觉张力,转动脖子。 4.轻轻地转动我们的膝盖。 5.臀部收紧,脚要站稳了,两脚间约一步的距离,肩膀放松,手臂伸直,跟肩膀同高,向右拉,保持不动,腰部有伸展的感觉,然后回正;再往左拉,如果你感觉不到那些肌肉,或者是觉得自己伸展很困难的话,你可以让人抓住你的手,手臂跟手臂搭在一起拉着你,把所有的动作连贯起来,右回左回。 6.手腕向内,手臂往上拉伸,尽量往上,手臂内侧有收紧的感觉。手臂往上拉,同时提另一边的臀,注意和伸展的手臂不同边。感觉两侧的张力与臀部的力道分开,另一边的后脚跟踮高,以转动手腕的动作,慢慢放低手臂,手指放松。用小指画圈,让动作只限于手和腕。 肚皮舞练习时损伤的紧急处理 肚皮舞练习时由于动作过猛等原因经常会出现扭伤,比如脚踝,腰部等。这时可将扭伤部位垫高,先冷敷1天后再热敷。如果扭伤部位肿胀,皮肤青紫和疼痛,可用陈醋250毫升加热后用毛巾蘸敷伤处,每日2-3次,每次10分钟。 如果你与其他人一起练习纱巾等道具舞时,就很容易出现擦伤。这时应用生理盐水清创后再涂上红药水或紫药水。 而如果你在练习手杖,金翅,刀等道具时不慎受到钝器打击而造成挫伤,轻度只需冷敷即可,重者可试用云南白药加白酒调敷伤处并包扎,每日2-3次。 若你是因为热身不足或运动过度造成肌肉拉伤,这时应立即停止运动,并在痛点冷敷30分钟,切忌搓揉。 肚皮舞还有很多优美的动作,比如旋转。肚皮舞旋转的动作是放松全身的一种方式,你可以随意地转动身体,但是要注意的是,轻柔一些,让身体放松下来即可,让上肢来带动身体,稳定地保持身体重心。可以以一只脚为轴、另一只脚点地旋转,也可以两脚交替踩地旋转。 首先右脚向外移动,脚尖着地。重心放于左脚,然后重心移至右脚,转一个很小的圈。然后右脚再次向外移动,脚尖着地。依次进行,移动右脚,移动重心,转体。 如何转圈才能保持平衡? 首先舞步熟练,是四位转还是平转,可以先慢慢练,脚步和身体要统一。在练习四位转之前,要先练习腿部肌肉和平衡力。练习吸腿单脚半脚尖立,坚持3秒钟,如果立不住可可通过轻微的跳跃做适当的调整,但切记保持单脚半脚尖立。半脚尖立的时候,小腿的肌肉一定要绷紧,挺胸抬头,要有自己向上拔的感觉。在练习的初期都可以借助把杆来平衡身体。从双手扶把到单手扶把,最后练不扶把杆。脚下从双脚立到单脚立,慢慢的直立感就会强。转的时候,从单圈开始,一定要练得稳稳当当再进行双圈和3圈的。 平传最关键是要留头,留头看镜子里的自己,或者其他某一点,等身体几乎完全转过去的时候马上甩头。这也是四位转和平转的共同点,留头甩头,在转体前头部要确定一个目标,转体时,头先不转,眼睛始终盯住一个定点目标,身体转的时候,头要留住,眼睛盯着点不能移动,当头不得不转的时候,快速地将头甩过去,眼睛第一时间准确地去盯住定点方向,这样便于辨别方向和保持躯体稳定,防止转晕掉。当然,在留头甩头的过程中,下巴要保持水平,不能低头或仰头。同时,转体时,身体要与地面保持垂直一线,转动时要收腹、立腰、后背收紧,用脚掌作为转动轴心。支撑脚要有力,要控制全身各部位肌肉,借助脚跟和膝盖伸直的力量来帮助转体.记住,平转时全身除了甩头,只有脚步在动,双脚始终成外八字状,双脚不要开立;平转保持平衡的很重要一点就是转的时候,胯部不能后泻,胯部要跟上去,这样你转的才是一条直线。脚尖着地,转的时候身体拔直,重心要放在上半身,这个要多练,慢慢地体会就会有进步。如果你是跳纱巾舞,手可以先不拿纱巾。双手打开,手掌竖立,用右手的力量带动转,保持平衡。你也可以向右转,就把左手打平;向左转,就把右手打平。最后,结合舞曲练习也可以,舞蹈的动作一定要不断的练习,一边自己体会找感觉。慢慢就会发现自己的进步。 当然,跳舞是自己的事情,对于只以减肥为目的者,就要在饮食方面下点功夫,作适当合理的配合。许多人运动后常有肌肉发胀,关节酸痛,精神疲乏之感,其主要原因是体内的糖类,脂肪,蛋白质被大量分解,在分解过程中,产生了乳酸,磷酸等酸性物质。为了尽快解除疲劳,有人就会大吃一顿。长此以往不仅导致了练习肚皮舞之后越来越胖,还会造成胃下垂和大腹病,肌体和大脑活动受到阻碍。饭吃八成饱,每次饭后感到还没有吃饱,这是一种非常有用的辨别方法。如果食物不过量,肠胃便于消化和吸收,而且肠胃没有过多的疲劳得到的休息。 身材最美丽专家提示说:不管你是素食者还是肉食者,练肚皮舞时在每天的食物中应该包括以下几种: 1.含有胡萝卜素,维生素C的蔬果汁。肚皮舞者经常饮用疏果汁不仅可以清理体内的毒素和不洁净的积物。而且在肚皮舞断食中饮用疏果汁还能带来一天中身体所需的能量,而又不给肠胃制造过多的负担。如果你想在这一顿不进餐,那么喝一些疏果汁是非常好的主意。蔬果汁的制作方法时这样的:把那些洗干净的蔬菜或是果汁放入有水的锅中,通过长时间的炖熬,蔬菜或是水果的颜色和营养都溶解到水里,把炖烂的蔬菜或水果捞出来扔掉,在汤中放入一些盐和糖等到温和时饮下。 2.沙 拉:所有可生吃的蔬菜都可以做成沙拉,如黄瓜、西红柿,卷心菜等。把这些蔬菜切成碎块,拌入调味油,每天可生吃一碗。吃沙拉理想的时间是午餐或晚餐的第一道菜。 3.维生素C丰富的新鲜蔬菜:任何未干或未变形的蔬菜,都属于新鲜蔬菜,当然,越新鲜越好。无论是根茎蔬菜还是枝叶蔬菜,由于它们的成碱作用,可以消除体内过剩的酸,每天都应调配食用。 4.新鲜水果:为了使肚皮舞练习取得良好的效果,吃新鲜水果是非常重要的。经常吃,以利于保持体内酸碱度的基本平衡。 5.生坚果:从硬壳剥出来的生坚果如:杏仁、核桃仁等等,把这些坚果混合起来,每天只需要吃一小把。生坚果具有使体内生热的功能,所以宜于冬天食用,夏季少吃。生坚果含有大量的蛋白质、矿物质和维生素,因此适量的吃些坚果,不仅对肚皮舞练习有益,对于那些并不从事肚皮舞锻炼的人来讲,同样可以使他们保持精力旺盛,身体健康。 6.发酵食品。 总之,进行完肚皮舞练习后,要注意避免吃多油、多脂、高糖食物,多补充维生素含量比较高的新鲜蔬果有助于保持完美的身材曲线。尽量多吃粗纤维及谷类食物。还要注意的是运动之前和过程中最好不要大量喝水,因为过多的水分会使胃部隆胀,严重的甚至在运动过程中出现抽筋,而且加重心脏负荷。运动后可适当喝水,这样可及时补充水分和促进排毒。 肚皮舞的着装 如果你在健身中心学习肚皮舞,在着装方面不做特别要求,穿一身活动方便的休闲服就好了。简单的T恤短裤都能作为练习时的着装,舒适、透气、贴身为主。当然最好是围上腰链,腰链在肚皮舞中扮演相当关键的角色,它是最基本也是最重要的腰部道具,随着腰部的扭动飞舞,不仅有视觉华丽,清脆的声音也会让你感受更多乐趣。有画龙点睛的效果。腰链有各种材质,颜色,款式与长短,金属片的装饰坠链,轻便得三脚布巾与腰带型。当然越重越繁复得腰布视觉与听觉效果越好,对腹腰臀得瘦身效果当然也越好. 随着学习时间变长,自信心会越来越强,会越来越敢于表达,所以在着装上你也会越来越敢于选择那些可以充分展示出自己性感的健身着装。鲜艳的露脐小上装不仅颜色突出女性特征,垂下的小珠子还可以略微遮挡你不太满意的小肚肚。漂亮的腰链纯色软布上缀满闪亮金属片,随着身体的摆动会发出叮叮咚咚的声音,悦耳又充满情趣。 漂亮的饰品不但增强了美感,还能迅速给你创造出跳舞的氛围, 另外,跳肚皮舞时一般不穿袜子和鞋,在健身中心你可以光脚或穿舞蹈专用袜套。在古代,光脚跳舞是对神灵的敬意,这种风俗一直延续至今。 当然,如果你学会后并有表演的欲望时,一身漂亮的服饰是翩翩起舞时必不可少的。在正式的表演场合,跳肚皮舞还是讲究着装的。大部分肚皮舞服装都非常华丽,鲜艳,有时还会装饰吊穗,铃铛,宝石,金属片等物品,使得整套服装更具视觉效果。 标准服装 专业肚皮舞服装通常由三部分组成:露脐小上装、镶有亮片或碎珠的臀部腰带、低腰裙或灯笼裤。另外还可以根据个人喜好配上面纱及相应的饰品,并将全身的服装颜色做以调整,保持上下协调、加强整体感。 露脐小上装 可以做成印度妇女穿在纱丽里的短袖小衫的式样,最好是短袖或无袖,因为穿长袖跳舞太热而且不舒服。在普通文胸上绣上漂亮的彩色亮片和七彩小珠,不过一定得选择很结实的文胸,否则跳舞时会承不住珠珠片片的重量、珠片散落一地!缝亮片和彩珠时要用尼龙线。肩带上的亮片最好用有弹性的线缝制,这样跳舞时可以跳得更舒展。 镶有亮片的臀部腰带: 镶有亮片的臀部腰带能起到点缀臀线、加强跳舞时的动感的作用。由天鹅绒或纱料制成,可以是V形、可以是波浪形,下面缀上长长的珠链。腰链的位置通常是肚脐下四个指头处,附在低腰长裙或灯笼裤的外面。 腰链装饰花样的由来非常有趣,以前舞女们跳完舞会把领到的金币挂到腰上或衣服上,需要时可以直接摘下来使用,因此上面的装饰物往往会象征该舞女的受欢迎程度,围上这种装饰有吊坠的臀部裹巾,每做一个动作都会发出清脆的声音,与肚皮舞音乐融合为一体,营造出独特,欢快的氛围,使舞者更加兴奋。 低腰长裙或灯笼裤: 用轻盈透明的布料如丝绸、软缎做成,穿上去刚好落在肚脐以下、臀部以上。裙子要长,这样转起来飘飘洒洒地很好看。裙子可以做成分开的七片,或者只是前面分开,这样既便于跳舞又显得很性感;灯笼裤的外边可以开叉一直到脚踝,由于外面系有带链珠的腰带,跳舞时身体时隐时现,显得很迷人。灯笼裤是采用香肠形设计的裤子,很多裤线在脚踝处收在一起。 哈伦裤宽松且垂坠感强,从臀部开始到脚踝处逐渐成喇叭形,在脚踝处扎起。在中东地区,很多女性会把哈伦裤直接穿在外面或者作为衬裤穿在裙子里面,是一种非常普遍的女性服装。由于采用了乔其纱等较柔顺光滑的材料制作,能够更好地演绎出神秘和动感。一般跳舞时穿的哈伦裤选用相对薄一点的面料,因此在外面还可以配穿裙子等其他服装。 面纱: 面纱使舞蹈显得更神秘,多了几分异国风情。面纱通常两米长、一米半宽,用透明、轻盈的布料做成,面纱四周可以缀以亮片做点缀。 饰品: 包括戒指、手镯、项链、腰链、脚链等等,总之,不同于其他,跳肚皮舞的时候,只要你愿意,你可以把所有你喜欢的饰品通通带上身。尽可能多的让身体各部位挂上这些叮当作响的饰品,会使整个人更加摇曳多姿。 头饰------不强调需要佩戴头饰。肚皮舞的头饰中多有蛇的造型。因为蛇在中东是诱惑的象征,以诱惑人心为号召的肚皮舞当然少不了蛇状头饰,充满可塑性的设计使它也能当作手环使用。金属与珠宝混合材质的头饰能增添肚皮舞者华丽的气息,而代价就是不小的重量,有些饰品甚至可达好几公斤,相比之下,以布料为主体的头饰就轻盈许多,而且华丽指数不会因此降低太多。 项链有埃及式,土耳其式等各种风格,大都以醒目,夸张的颈链为主。以银为主要材料的为最好,当然也是最重的。部分设计巧妙的项链,还可以当做头饰使用。 肚皮舞专用的臂环和手镯,色彩丰富,而且一次需要戴上一大串。臂环与手镯古时候以金属制成,现代改用轻量化的材质,可避免使用是小臂肌受到损伤。有的臂环与手镯是与服装配套设计的腕带,粗粗的带子上设计出特定的造型,上面镶满珠片,碎石等,有的则是成串的细手镯。 另外,脚链,脐环和舞鞋也是装饰的重点。脚链一般可以与臂环通用。肚皮舞脚链会随着舞者脚的舞动发出悦耳的声音。舞鞋用布料做成,上面镶有闪亮的珠饰和金属薄片,衬着舞者优美的脚踝,能让人目眩神迷。而脐环则随舞者的意愿自由选择。 演出服风格与身段修饰 肚皮舞服装看起来似乎大同小异,实际上各流派不但音乐,舞蹈精髓和动作的表现方式不同,肚皮舞的服饰也有着地域性的区别。 风格服装 根据所表演的肚皮舞流派风格不同,还会有鲜明的服饰特点。 A:埃及风格: 典型的埃及风格服装是一件长袍或胸衣和裙子,在裙子上直接加重。配件包括头带,项链,手环或臂环,或分开的袖子和纱巾。埃及舞者禁止裸露腹部,按法律规定,要穿着用网纱做成的(有颜色和肤色的)2件式全身长袜。有时也穿鞋。(平底鞋) 埃及服装有6-12吋的流苏,胸衣上的流苏缝在两个地方:胸衣的底边和大V形。腰带上的流苏也缝在底边,一般在中间加重。胸衣和腰带用一种亮片缝制,并没有其他的装饰。 现有的埃及风格胸衣并没有显著的形状,但腰带有所不同,前半部分呈矩形,后半部分呈半圆遮住屁股。腰带是一件式,边缘整齐。 整套包括胸衣,腰带和裙子,半圆形的纱巾。2-3条饰缝环绕裙子并用亮片装饰,或带摺的裙子带有垂直行的亮片。 长袍,胸衣和华丽的裙子是其特色。钉有结实的珠珠,经常是做成一小撮的样子,订在骨盆的位置。长袍和裙子由很轻的料子做成,长袍中间有层薄纱。 B:土耳其风格: C:美国部落风格 另外,每个女孩身材各异,怎么样用表演服装修饰身材,凸显美感呢? 亚洲女性溜肩,臀部下坠的梨形的身材较多。选择有宽肩带的bra,或者印度舞露肚子小上衣,都能增加肩膀的宽度。选择有曲线的鱼尾裙,前边是三角尖形的腰带,把纱巾挂在腰两侧显得很柔和,可以缩小臀部的宽大印象。平直的宽大的腰带会使得你的臀部更大!裙摆也不能选择上宽下窄的,纱巾不要呈现A字形撒开挂在臀后,避免A字形的裙子, 瘦削的身材在台下可能有人羡慕你的骨感,但在台上这样身材对于肚皮舞来说就不够丰满,显得不起眼了。裙摆飘逸的大圆裙,大量长流苏装饰的腰带都可以增加份量感;把纱巾插在腰带中,垂挂在两侧增加胯的宽度;选择有垂感的BRA或者上衣;或在BRA里添塞点东西~ 这样你就很像*公主了。 偏轻和偏重都不能选择过于紧包的款式。体重偏重的苹果型身材,不要选择鱼尾裙,圆形的腰带,会显得身体更圆;可以选择带有上衣的BRA,这也能让肩膀有宽度一些,遮挡住身体,选择尖头的硬质的腰带,能让身材更有型;选择宽大的灯笼裤,把纱巾罩在身体上,这样衣服比人更宽松飘逸

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what a jackass

Note to P2C and Neon,

I haven't had time in the last couple of days to blog, but if you let me know under what topic your post is under, I'll check it out when I can.
One point judging from what you said on this blog P2C, it's obvious that Elaine is very anti-Zionist from everything she says on her blog. It's a political/policy stand. I can't speak to how she feels overall about anti-semitism but I think she's says that she's either partly Jewish or was married to someone who was Jewish, so I think she's made a differentiation about that.

305th!!! Don't know the future (doesn't exist yet...), however, it looks like change is on the way for a world always changing. The question is whether the forthcoming crisis - largely driven by European debt issues, fraudulent bankers and peaking oil - will be abrupt and catastrophic or gradual and grinding.

The USA is clearly, in general, resisting the change and gearing up to sustain the unsustainable that may result in a big "snap" in the future when the highly wound-up illusion-based happy motoring reality crashes head on with the mother of reality, Nature. Fraud and delusion can only go so far...until something bites!!!

...and don t forget that i had only commented a few times before mika offered to come at me with his baseball bat...so by rights i should have just as big a problem with bill and his knee-jerk (sorry btb; that s what it looks like) defence- thing is, i can take em: mika and his sadly limited resources, and bill's inadvisable interference...which, if a motherfucker does come at me, nobody better try to stop me when i react, is all i m sayin'...seems to me we have a conflict of principles- without going back to the archives, i recall that all bill was saying was that mika has the right of free speech, and that bill, through experiences of his own, understands the anger...surely you understand that this kind of visceral, gut-level feeling is not going to be swayed with ridicule, or calls for examination and explanation...it is what it is...right or wrong it is how bill feels, and i ll defend his right to it to- wait for it- THE DEATH...yeah, couldn t help myself there...anyway, neither one of you is going to concede; less all jest git along!

They rarely earn them; what else?

The same as how they rarely earn anything else.


I'm afraid the "fix" is in. I'm afraid no matter how hard we want to describe and resist the forces that are shaping a pathetic and chaotic future for us all - that we will never have the "mass hysteria" necessary to correct or even identify the crimes against us.

I remember how I have always discarded science fiction movies because I thought that the conflicting forces portrayed of the social conditions used as a backdrop could never exist in "real life."

Well - let's all look around. "Free USA" trades with a despotic totalitarian empire and "owes it trillions." The most sociopath-like business moguls run our media and banking systems.

Much of our population is little more than super-obese "human-stock" that watch gladiators or cartoons as their sole cerebral existence.

You can't write this shit as movie - life is "stranger than fiction.

Fuck the Long Emergency - as Karl Rove said - or should I say the "Outer Limits" narrator......

"We control the image - we control the sound" - JK, you might as well forget ringing any alarm bells or sniping at anyone.......

The fix is in.

"without going back to the archives, i recall that all bill was saying was that mika has the right of free speech..." -cf-

You might want to go back to the archives - because Bill appears to be willing to defend Mika "to the death," over far more than his right to free speech.

And anyway, to give Bill the benefit of every doubt, shouldn't Mika's "free speech" where he delights in thoughts of "genocide" for blue-eyed blonds - be considered akin to "Crying fire in a crowded theater?" -

Which is a sort of "free speech" that is morally wrong, if not forbidden by law.

Before I go this morning, I heard that Morgan Stanley is being investigated for telling investors that FB was going to go for half of the original forecast on the day they went public.

Facebook advised analysts to cut forecasts before floating IPO: Reports

can't give you the url, just google

Morgan Stanley--everywhere you don't want them to be...

CF, you're about as close to a neutral mediator as CFN is ever likely to get. I appreciate it.
My 9:05 post was supposed to link back to the same comment of yours that this post links back to.

"anyway, neither one of you is going to concede; less all jest git along!"

I can't "go along to get along," any longer.
Bill demonstrates that if he and I were business partners, and any Mika came along - that he would favor the new Mika, over his old partner.

He demonstrates that if we were friendly neighbors, and a new Mika came along, that he would back the new Mika, even as Mika began to threaten my wife and throw trash into my back yard.

Now, I'll probably drop my "to the death" campaign, after a few more weeks of being mostly unchallenged or unaffirmed by other posters in regards to it.

But I will never forget.

JHK, your comments section is an out of control food fight. Allow me to suggest you monitor it to keep out the spammers and set a reasonable size limit.

I b'lieve I'll go with choice #4.
(Thanks for providing it.)
-from me... no one else would deign to be my "shadow" for obvious reasons... ;o)

No sweat, no worry, no reason to bother. ;o)
(When you started the comment with "Kyoo", I kinda figured it wasn't for me. I was just interested in what you might say to the sock-puppetry charge...
ETC. [of course].)

At any rate "da dewyjane'sencrustrialpalaverage" would be valued at about 4,300 [very roughly] in year 2000-ish dollars. A fine "profit" in dancing electrons [that bought up actual resources, amazingly enough] has been reaped since that time. Hurrah, me boys, Hurrah!

The Market is all about confidence, after all. It's a big confidence game, and we just happen to be on the stung end of the sting.
Fuck it, Ben, stop with the pretending and just hand your pals the key to the public Treasury. It's the de facto state of affairs.

...well i had to try...i just hope the whole thing doesn t color any future relationship one might have...my advice comes strtaight from boston: (sam malone, of cheers) 'often, i ignore a problem; and it goes away...'

"But the humans will be OK, they'll just move into the cities where food is abundant on supermarket shelves - who needs farmland anyway, when you can get so rich strip-mining it.....?" -MC

Correct! There's a never-ending supply of valuable minerals to be bled from the earth, no? These greenies are such a pain in my ass; why if they'd just stop bitchin' and help out with the mining, we could ALL be rich! (Probably on teevee and famous too!)
How do you like my general plan?

"For now, the drama will be drawn out by the passels of lesser crooks like Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein with a wink 'n a nod from the biggest crook of all ... Dr. Benjamin Bernanke." -E.

I would agree.
The only thing that's going to stop the juggernaut is hitting the brick wall at the end of that road they keep kicking the can of financial reckoning down.
(BTW, that was one strange sentence, but I ain't a-gonna rewarp it.)

Okay, another short holler:


Somebody's a little behind the KunstlerKurve here, but interestingly, this guy traveled the world, taking a critical look at public transport.

Charlie, you are so right, my responses have been knee-jerk. For the past week I've been analyzing my reactions to all this bullshit here, and I've come to the conclusion it was MY irrational thinking that has led to my responses. My correct course of action ought to have been to ignore all the ignorant remarks because I couldn't say anything that would change people's minds about their prejudiced feelings.

This all harkens back to when I was a teenager and subjected to ceaseless anti-semitism; at that time I felt helpless to stop it. I guess I forgot that I'm now an adult and the situation is not the same as it was then - I'm not a teenager and I'm not powerless and I have the hard-won knowledge that prejudice is just a human trait and there's nothing I can do about that.

I had a second reason for my responses. I was concerned that the CFN reading public would believe the haters, thus turning reasonable people into racists/anti-semites. Someone needed to counteract the haters, so I just took on the role of defender.

For a mostly rational person, I sure did act irrationally. I guess it shows how powerful emotions can be. Unfortunately, and I'm sorry to break the news to you, Charlie, if you didn't realize it, but there is no such species as Vulcans, and there are no Spocks.

Anyway, I'm no longer going to reply to these types of posts even once, so any negative statements in this regard will come from the other side, not me. As I said yesterday, I got better things to do. I think I got my head on straight with this subject matter enough to ignore it from now on.

Finally, I'd like to thank you for your support in general.

Liquid Brainium

So free your Brain Style and Brain Design from the arbitrary choice Natural Evolution or GOD or the Laws of Physics decided to give to it just for fun, just for the kicks of it, just to show how arbitrary they were in designing this specific and peculiar Brain Contraption. It is not necessary to decode "How it Works", who cares how it works, what importance does that have ? Any way it works is just an arbitrary fluke design choice on behalf of Nature, there is nothing Metaphysical or Absolute or Spiritually Greater or worth more than any design you choose for the Brain to have: nay, the Brain can have any possible design imaginable, can be an infinitely contorted and complex contraption working in trillions of incredible different ways. And in fact, the very fact that there are so many possible Brain Designs, that the possible combinations are surely greater than 10^100 (100 circuits in 10 different configurations and each configuration is a new world, and experience space, and possible interaction and universe space with new laws of physics and new emotion circuits and contraptions and sense organs and so on forever) means that we will never know anything at all, the amount of possiblities to discover is so large that we will never know anything, we know nothing at all, even if we experience some of the trillions of possibilities, we will never know anything at all no matter what and no matter how hard we try. Brains self designing themselves, universes self designing themselves, laws of physics self inventing themselves and such.

Don't figure out how the Brain works, Invent how it works, Design a new Brain, nay, Invent a new false way of how you want it to work, lie to yourself, lie to the brain, the brain deserves to be lied to, invent brains, do not investigate them or figure out how they work, invent how they work, make it all up, tell lies, never tell the truth and so forth.

So you can design and construct a modified mind that changes its internal circuits according to the images it sees, any image becomes a new neural circuit set, all the brain signals will now be processed by the image (or you can do the opposite and process the brains as bits and information chunks on behalf of images and such) a new brain hence a new world, and the new neural circuits composed and set up according to the image it receives with its eyes (a tree, a car, a forest, whatever) will process the internal signals of the new Brain Mindform Contraption, the new Observer Contraption and so forth.

The Information becomes the Observer (or/and the Observer brecomes the Information ?) and the Observer may use other Brains as its information and such and so on forever, just invent it be crazy, invent the most incredible contraptions you can.

So just like everything you see is a Brain as in Brainium, all is a possible Brain design, nay, is actually a new brain, is a new Observer, then it is all a liquid of Brains, ever changing designs and Observers exploring the space of possibilities of Universes and Worlds and new Laws of Physics...


So I was right about the Jews. And know what? I'm right about the Blacks as well. You rush to your mental ramparts and cry, "They're not all like that!" Alot of them are Prog, most of them. And remember Derbyshire's Principle: the ones that aren't will in general support the ones that are. Thus a untied front is created. Witnesses to the Zimmerman/Trayvon incident are now changing their testimony to Zimmerman's detriment. One can imagine the pressure that is being put on them.

To be more specific: I don't claim that most Blacks are killers. But most Blacks will support a Black Killer of a White on principle regardless of his guilt. Jews are the same. Mexicans are the same. Muslims are the same. WE are the special ones. Some of the East Asians are strong on Justice as well, though they're not as strong on it inter-culturally as we are.

cool...as to mr spock: i am happy to tell you that i ve developed a martial art form which i call 'vulcan gungfu'...ask me why...and we quiet observers of you are more than is patently obvious- there are logical minds, out here (for you) in the etherof the groupmind...or whatever...so, ha ha ha ha ha, i win!

Charlie didn't agree with you, but with Prog.

He's up to his tricks again, folks. Always twisting and spinning the truth.

Gypsies are the same btw, despite being vastly lower in IQ and Culture. They have a vast mythos of legends and songs about how they were cast out and rejected by Society. And thus have the right to do whatever they have to to survive. All Bullshit of course. They could have blended in at any time. I'm sure some have, but the rest keep it going. They like it, feeling special. And of course the "whatever they have to" can be very profitable.

The Vulcan Art of Self Defence was call Tel Shaya I believe. Have you read Nimoy's books "I am not Spock" and "I am Spock"?

Boycott Pepsi. They use cells from aborted fetus to test their products.


Hey A, all government employees aren't "goldbrickers", I did my fair share. Sure there was plenty of down time, but we had to go from zero to sixty out of a dead sleep in minutes. Try that tomorrow morning! Set your alarm for 3 am. When the alarm goes off jump into your pants and go run around the block carrying 60 lbs of bricks. Don't stop for a coffee or the paper! I am done with that crap!

uh, flad, i ve asked you before to leave me fin out of it...my words stand on their own without your interpretation, fuckyou very much, and as it happens aren t intended to "agree" with either one...speaking of twisting words...shaddafack up, and just leave me thefuckalonealready...!

...is all i m sayin'...sheesh!

Well great. Just when I was about to nominate Ozone's "rewarp" as the Word of the Day, ya hit us with "thefuckalonealready". I can see an application for Ozone's word. It would be commonly used in the manufacturing of hockey sticks. But yours...(sigh). I'm going to have to recalibrate.

Hmmm. Everyone must be busy watching their wealth evaporate. Hey buddy, can you spare a drachma?

...i ll gladly pay you on tuesday for a gyro today...

Do you think Jamie Dimon can go anywhere without a huge security presence? Now it's getting exciting. I can feel the punchline to the forty year old joke coming.

Martin Hayes - still support Occupy Wall Street? Even after the "Anarchist" (a warrior branch of Communism, mostly kids) Violence? Still think it is a rational movement for ordinary people - and not just Obmama thugs?

shut up

We'll probably have to go through some irrational movements before they coalesce into any rational ones. Fasten your seatbelts.

Btw, my response about the garden was a literary reference to Being There by Kosinsky (sp?). I'm sure she got it. You didn't? Now what else are you missing?

Just saw a 990 pound person moving a shopping cart down the aisle at the local supermarket and realized that obesity in America soon won't be a problem anymore.

"Now what else are you missing?"

A way to paralyse your fingers using only my mind. Workin' on it.

Using Mr. 990 lb'er as a visual cue, I can think of all kinds of reasons why obesity soon won't be a problem. Which one(s) were you thinking of?

you, too?! great minds DO think alike...

Oh, great, this is all we needed:

Americans bought more new homes last month, the latest evidence that the U.S. housing market is recovering.

What next? Unemployment continues to lower, 26 consecutive months of positive job growth in the private sector, no 4,000 DOW, no war with Iran, etc.

All this good news really putting a harsh on the doomer buzz.

"somewhat un-PC idea that Barack Obama turned out to be the first black schmuck elected President of the US"

That's kind of anemic. No, let me re-phrase: it's lame. Much more accurately, B.O. is precisely what Osama bin Laden called him after the last election: "the house negro", with all that implies. That he was nothing more than a jive-ass mutha from Chi-town was obvious to anybody with eyes to see & ears to hear during the debates last time around. If you supported him, and we all know you did, you were a fool for doing so. Why not just come out & admit it? You sound ridiculous with all your twists & turns that aim to criticize what you previously promoted without letting on again that you did promote it.

This time around is the same as last time, i.e. there are no acceptable candidates, they are all fatally flawed. The system will never produce an acceptable one as it is too broken to ever manage it. Jump ship: leave the country while you still can, or prepare to be chained in place. Those are the only choices.

I was thinking of climate change causing food shortages, or some other factors impacting agriculture such as an oil shortage causing a shortfall in fertilizer or pesticides, or a breakdown in the ability to move food or food products to where they are needed.

Part of the reason for obesity is the easy availability of food products. I don't see Americans deciding to change their eating lifestyle unless forced to by circumstance. Oh, another factor is many people may not be able to afford food and other necessities as a result of an economic breakdown or political collapse.

FACT: The federal government has gotten smaller under only three presidents in the post-war era, and all are Democrats: Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and Barack Hussein Obama.

Republican members of Congress voted for all of the Bush administration budget-busting measures.

If you want fiscal responsibility, don't vote Republican.

Romney wants us to believe that critics of private equity are against capitalism. They’re not. They’re against a predatory system created and perpetuated by Wall Street solely to pump its own profits.

Romney’s whole election pitch turns on the story he tells about his time at Bain, which goes like this: I, Mitt, have a record record of building businesses and creating jobs, and what I did for floundering companies, I'll do for the U.S. economy.

There's only one problem with Romney's story: It doesn’t describe most of what private equity firms actually do. The companies Romney holds up as successes – Staples, Sports Authority et al. – were not Bain private equity deals; they were venture capital investments in companies that Bain neither owned nor ran.


122 girls, 3 teachers poisoned at Afghan school.


So as soon as the US starts talking about thinking about withdrawl, this shit.

"Prejudice, antisemitism" etc._______

As a person originally from the deep South, I've been subjected to media slurs, misrepresentation, ridicule, and social marginalization. Even though I'm from a generation that had nothing to do with all the ills visited on blacks, or from a family or class that held any power of 'oppression' over them. Almost all of my relatives from far back were only middle class small business owners, at best... Although I'm sure making our own living is somehow a form of oppression to some....

When I moved from the South to only as far north as Maryland, I heard my share of contempt and sometimes hatred for the South. Many people have their stories to tell.

More bad news: Congress is close to passing a transportation bill. Republicans and Democrats are cooperating: imagine that! The conference committee on the transportation bill must do at least three things:

Preserve the Senate provisions that provide dedicated funding for repairing our roads and bridges — and hold states accountable for repairing them.

Protect my community’s access to funds in the Senate bill that make walking and biking safer by preserving the local grant program created by the Cardin-Cochran amendment, and

Keep the flexibility for public transportation “operations” in the Senate bill that allows struggling transit agencies of all sizes to maintain service during a fiscal crisis.

If Congress starts passing legislation that benefits everyone, and creates jobs, that is more harsh on the doomer buzz.

...It's time for it to stop being so one-sided, like it has been in my lifetime.

So as soon as the US starts talking about thinking about withdrawal, this shit.

We are not the world's police. The Taliban have already won this ten-year "war on terror"

Out of Afghanistan NOW!

Fuckin' AY "Out of Afghanistan"! Why don't you send one of your daughters or grand-daughters over there for some of that home-spun education. What kind of families do they expect to have when mom has been psychologically traumatised from birth? Enough already! Let the crazy motherfuckers kill each other.

At the recent state GOP convention in Minnesota, after Gingrich got out, after Santorum got out, did Romney win all the delegates?

Nope, Ron Paul won 12 of 13 delegates.

I'm beginning to wonder if the Ron Paul delegate strategy is going to prevent Mitt Romney from having the nomination tied up.

Ron Paul just got 92% of the delegates. Willard Romney got 8%. This spells trouble for Romney at the GOP convention.


Mrs. Asoka just pointed out that Romney did not get any delegates at the GOP state convention in Minnesota. Out of courtesy, Ron Paul's supporters managed to secure a delegate for Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who dropped out of the race after the first nominating contest in Iowa.

So, the delegates awarded were as follows:

12 ... Ron Paul
1 ... Michelle Bachman
0 ... Willard Romney

Doesn't look good when Republicans don't support Romney.

Since when do we need the military to impose educational policy all other countries?

Out of Afghanistan NOW!


So you're sending your girls? Right?

No, I'm bringing the USA troops home where they belong.

Just can't put your money where your mouth is, can you?

It looks like the Facebook IPO was yet another swindle, just like we suspected!

Goddamit Chinese Spam Guy, you gave out the secret recipe for Chop Suey. Now everybody and their goddam brother will be opening Chinese restaurants everywhere. Oh! Wait! They already have!


You just can't put troops all over the world to engage in nation building. Afghanistan will have to address problems in Afghanistan.

Nope. Shouldn't send troops to any of those places. But, we already have troops in Afghanistan. You know, the place where the "clergy" deliberately POISONS female children for having the audacity to go to school. That is, when they're not BEATING them with hunks of steel-belted radial because their eye-slit reveals the bridge of their nose in an unholy way.

we already have troops in Afghanistan

And should they be sitting in all the classrooms with the children, in case there is another attack?

The military is not the solution. The military is powerless to change the situation in Afghanistan. After ten years of military intervention the Taliban are STRONGER than ever. The military has failed.

"And should they be sitting in all the classrooms with the children, in case there is another attack?"

If that's what it fuckin' takes. Eisenhower sent troops to Little Rock, Arkansas.

US forces raped two women in Kandahar carnage

17th March 2012

The Afghan parliamentary mission investigating the recent massacre of 16 civilians by US forces in Afghanistan says two women were raped during the deadly incident, Press TV reports.

Two members of the fact-finding mission, Hamidzi Lali and Shakiba Hashemi, told the general meeting of Afghanistan’s parliament on Saturday that the American troopers raped two Afghan women before starting the massacre. They said between 15 to 20 US soldiers were involved in the carnage.

This is while Washington claims that the 38-year-old Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, who has just arrived in the US, was the only American military personnel responsible for the massacre.

Earlier on Friday, Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai criticized the United States for not cooperating with the Afghan fact-finding team and said the killing of civilians by foreign forces in Afghanistan “has been going on for too long.”

On March 11, a group of US soldiers went from house to house in three villages in Kandahar’s Panjwaii district and gunned down Afghan civilians inside their homes, killing at least 16 people — mostly women and children — and injuring several others.

USA Out of Afghanistan NOW!

Last I checked the USA Constitution had some jurisdiction over Little Rock, Arkansas. We are illegally occupying Afghanistan.

USA troops in Afghanistan are technically war criminals, and their rape and slaughter of Afghanistan civilians should be prosecuted in international tribunals.

Only your twisted little mind equates extreme battle fatigue with the institutional horror that the Taliban brings.

..Probably on teevee and famous too!..

ooh, ooh, can I get close to Kim Kardashian? (...a lesson in recognising bubble assets?)

Seriously though, with a plan like that you should consider running for government in this country. Both sides of politics would love you!

So, your girls got their boarding passes yet?

Oh, now it's the fault of "battle fatigue"? Only your twisted mind excuses an illegal occupation of a foreign land and its constant slaughter of Afghanistan civilians.

Civilians have borne the brunt of the war. More died in 2011 alone than the total number of NATO troops killed in 10 years. Last year's 3,021 civilian deaths marked the fifth straight year that the toll has risen. --"NATO summit's forgotten people: Afghan civilians" by Lawrence Bartlett (AFP)

Add to that 500,000 "internally displaced persons"... Battle fatigue is no excuse for the commission of war crimes. USA troops should be prosecuted in international tribunals for their crimes against humanity.

Just answer the question, dipfuck. After living in this country for as long as you have, would you send your female children to school in Afghanistan?

If I had girls, I would not send them to a war zone in a country occupied by USA troops.

I would be concerned about ending violence in USA schools

And just what the fuck do you know about battle fatigue, anyway? Do spare me the goddamn cutting and pasting.

I know a lot about battle fatigue and PTSD. Doing battle with you is fatiguing.

I cut and paste to provide some actual facts about the USA military atrocities that are affecting civilians more than the Taliban. Is rape excused by "battle fatigue"? Is murder excused by "battle fatigue"? Is any atrocity committed by USA forces excused by battle fatigue? What a whiner!

"Do spare me the goddamn cutting and pasting."
-x, to asoka.-

Careful, X. Pretty soon you will be lumped in with the rest of us Native American killing/atomic bomb dropping/slavebeating/Jim Crow loving UNDESIRABLES - all of us helpless, hapless, hopeless victims of our ancestor's karma - forever.

Your subject appears to be going into asoka.manic mode right now. I'd like to see James Hansen, Madcat, JonathanSS, or any of the other asoka.genuflectors try to engage him in a meaningful way about something important - right about now.

It can't be done, once he gets like this.

And yes, a.., this is an ad hominem.

"Is any atrocity committed by USA forces excused by battle fatigue?"

Nope. I think the command structure should go back to firing squads and hangings for capital crimes committed in a free-fire zone. Now here's the tough question. Is being raped by a Marine any worse than being "honor raped" by a religious zealot? These people NEED A GODDAMN BREAK from all of us. The US Govt. & military need to be sincere about Afghanistan or LEAVE. The rest of the world's governments appear to have adopted a "let 'em kill each other" policy. How is THAT better?

Pretty soon you will be lumped in with the rest of us...

I call it like I see it, and I copy/paste to provide facts to back up my claims.

Blacks did not enslave whites and transport them across oceans for profit. Whites did that to Blacks.

Native Americans did not travel to Europe to engage in genocide of whites. Whites did that to Native Americans.

No where in the world have non-whites who possess nuclear weapons used nuclear weapons on civilian populations, or even against their enemies in war. Only whites have done that.

Anyone who can't stand the heat (facts), should get out of the kitchen.

This is not ad hominem, P2C. I respect you. I'm not calling you names. I'm not singling you out.

I'm just calling a spade a spade.

God, you're a stupid fuck. You do understand the difference between desire and ability don't you?

"...well i had to try...i just hope the whole thing doesn t color any future relationship one might have...my advice comes strtaight from boston: (sam malone, of cheers) 'often, i ignore a problem; and it goes away...'" -cf-

Thanks for trying to mediate, CF.
Maybe it helped.
I have decided that questions of race and religion are too big to keep ignoring for the US, though.
Sam Malone didn't ignore important stuff, you know?

Yet another, conciliatory post for BTB will follow.
Stay tuned.

"I call it like I see it, and I copy/paste to provide facts to back up my claims."
-asoka., true to form-

OK, a.., thanks for the confirmation.
You want me to go kill my unworthy self now?
Or, perhaps, you could shut up and let me compose a post to BTB like he and I are a couple of real honest adults?

Maybe you missed last week when I listed all the things I DESIRED and was ABLE to realize throughout our shared history.

Your name calling is silly. My life has shown me that I have the power to effect change. I'm very happy with my life. I get what I want.

Several years ago here on CFN there was a poster named 10th Jaeger who swore we would never withdraw combat troops from Iraq, not from the cities, not from the countryside because of oil, big embassy buildings, etc. I said I wanted US troops out of Iraq and in 2011 that's what happened.

Even if I don't always get what I want, I get what I need.

You want me to go kill my unworthy self now?

I don't know what this means. I don't consider you unworthy. You are intelligent and in a good position in Georgia to work with morally depraved whites, the ones who, unlike you, are racist, and you can effect positive change.

But you don't have to do anything. You are free to do whatever you want. Or do nothing at all.


I once offered to tell a couple of stories to prove my non-antisemitic bona fides. You never took me up on it. And our situation has augured into the ground to the point that it probably doesn't matter.

Nevertheless, here goes:

I'm sorry you had a rough time with antisemitism growing up. I wish I had been there. I would have tried to stand up with you.

My own adolescence was no bed of roses, either.
My dad had to take a couple of job transfers, that's just the way it was. The worst one snatched me out of my existence at the rural edge of a small town south of Atlanta - and forced me into the "multicultural??" mix of big-city Macon, GA. I was 8, at the time.

My mom was a teacher, born and bred. She had the instinct for good neighborhoods and good schools - an instinct that realtors would later form into a commodity and publish on the web as "School Performance Data."

So she forced my dad to buy a house in the best neighborhood in Macon. The year was 1964. There was Hell on the horizon for the US. We didn't care. We had a good school.

I've told you that the rabbi of the largest synagog in Macon lived two doors down from us. Great guy. Hot daughter. (unfortunately a little too old and a little too upper class for me, but still hot. and extraordinarily nice.)

Anyway, looking back, at least 25% of the neighborhood was Jewish. This was in a town where Jews were a tiny minority. I never cared. Still don't. So, that means many of my friends were Jewish. Maybe all of them were. I never thought about it. I never thought that any of them thought about it, either.

Until I "met" you - and the Mika/Met - on CFN, that is.

Now, I think about it a lot.

Look, Bill. I'm out of time.
And I'm probably going to be out of pocket until Sunday, maybe at the earliest.

Your defense of Mika was a real "kick in the gut," to me. Still is. It made me question the validity of any/all of my friendships growing up.
Made me question all of my friendships and work relationships - forged over the past 40+ years.

I wish I could figure out a positive way to end this post.
I can't.

My gut still hurts.

The rest of the world's governments appear to have adopted a "let 'em kill each other" policy. How is THAT better?

Is meddling in other people's affairs "better"? Has ten years of meddling made things "better" (for the others, not for those who are dead or for the 500,000 internally displaced).

How can you know for sure that things will get "worse" if we leave? Nobody has a crystal ball. Every country and people is different from another, making extrapolation difficult.

Countries should concern themselves with their own problems: violence against school girls in the USA. Wealth inequality in the USA. Fundamentalists and extremists in the USA. Don't go looking for extra troubles. You have enough right here at home.

Q. I invested all my savings in Facebook stock. Now, I'm down big. My wife isn't aware that a huge chunk of the money is gone. What do I tell her?

A. Tell her she married a MUPPET who didn't learn anything from the tech bubble or the market crash in 2008.

I wonder what is left of any unique Afghan culture after so many countries have rampaged through there for so long. I will never understand how keeping women illiterate advances a culture that is most likely in it's death throes. Pointing out the weaknesses, if not dangers, of our school system does nothing to help them. There is no comparison anyway. However fucked up it may be, our girls are going to school. I strongly suspect that many Middle Eastern cultures are, indeed, being slowing eliminated to ease an international transition to less available oil. It's been going on for so long, with so many governments involved, how can there really be any doubt that it's happening?

Did you catch that we seem to have passed Peak Starbucks today? I'm not sure if laughter or sobbing is appropriate in the case of the people quoted below:


Begs for satire.....

The greatest violence against women happens in the family not in the schools ... in both developed and developing countries alike.

In the United States, a woman is beaten every 18 minutes. Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury among women of reproductive age in the United States. Between 22 and 35 per cent of women who visit emergency rooms are there for that reason.

Instead of focusing on a tragedy in Afghanistan, why not focus on the tragedy of violence against women in the USA. Not long ago in the USA women were in much worse position, and American women fought and changed it (not without great sacrifice and death). There are still many efforts to deny women their rights, today, in the USA.

It is up to the women of Afghanistan to change how women are treated there. We cannot legislate it for Afghanistan from the USA and we cannot accomplish it through military force or military occupation of Afghanistan.

‘The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox’ Book

Angus Hyland was commissioned by Jacob Lehman at Rizzoli to design the book to accompany “Fantastic Mr Fox,” the latest film by Wes Anderson. The film is based on Roald Dahl’s classic children’s novel, originally illustrated by Donald Chaffin. The book chronicles the making of the film adaptation, which uses stop-motion animation and features the voices of George Clooney as Mr. Fox, Meryl Streep as Mrs. Fox and Bill Murray as Badger.Hyland and his team were given an overwhelming array of materials with which to work. These included: Wes Anderson’s drawings, along with his annotated scripts; pictures of props, sets and puppets; the Chaffin illustrations; stills from the film; concept designs and character development drawings; material swatches for costumes; and technical drawings and interviews with Wes and Eric Anderson, Jason Schwartzman and Liccy Dahl.In order to cope with this vast plethora of material, the Pentagram team established a structure for the layout of the book. They decided to follow the chronological order of the story and alongside this chronology, to demarcate special sections on character development through the use of different papers.The main characters are introduced in the special sections. Each section starts and finishes with a full-bleed image. The sections provide an explanation of the process from early sketches through character development, fabric samples and costume designs to the final puppet.The start of each chapter features a page from Anderson’s annotated script giving an insight into the thoughts behind the creation. Frequently working remotely, Anderson had to communicate via email with the animators on set and these emails also feature in the book.Wes Anderson was closely involved in the book design. He provided Hyland with his starting point, the book Truffaut by Truffaut, and worked in conjunction with the Pentagram team, approving overall structure, layouts and use of font.The attention to detail lavished on the film itself is mirrored in the book with the cover material being chosen to mimic Mr Fox’s corduroy suit whilst the endpapers match the cream of his shirt. The book also contains full bleed pages from “White Cape,” the comic maquette read by Mr. Fox’s mopey schoolboy son, Ash.The book is available now at a price of $35.00 within the US.Check out the Trailer for the film below.Extracted from Pentagram, who were themselves responsible for the design, layout and art direction of the title.Thanks to SAS for the heads up.

James Howard Kunstler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or your webmaster

Delete this useless SHIT.
It's fscking up the ClusterFuck.

and I found some extra time, tonight.
I'll be Bach.

As long as the US has a vested interest in oil leaving the Middle East, and as long as the US has a military, however reduced their numbers, there will ALWAYS be a US military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. Period. It's just where they happen to be located on the face of the planet. They're strategically important. Time will tell.

"No NATO, No War"

Chicago, May 21, 2012. Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars led a peace march of thousands of people. Iraq Veterans Against the War held a ceremony where veterans discarded their war medals by hurling them down the street in the direction of the NATO summit.

We hear the soldiers’ voices as they return their medals one by one from the stage.

"I’m here to return my Global War on Terror Service Medal in solidarity with the people of Iraq and the people of Afghanistan," said Jason Hurd, a former combat medic who spent 10 years in the U.S. Army. "I am deeply sorry for the destruction that we have caused in those countries and around the globe."

For the last 44 years I have been divested from the financial services industry.

I guess you forgot that you've bragged several times that you are making 12.5% (I think that was the figure) on your money. Was this done somehow outside "the financial services industry?"

Oh the web of lies we weave. Do you even remember whether you're currently in the USA...or is it Ecuador or Brazil?

Was this done somehow outside "the financial services industry?"


if you let me know under what topic your post is under

Suggested re-wording:

if you let me know what topic your post is under

Ok, Procon, I'll talk with you. Right now, though, I'm pretty tired because I had a very busy work day. I will respond when I can, but probably not tonight. Right now I'm just gonna plop my aching body on the sofa and zone out watching tv for awhile, but sometime in the near future I'll get back to you.

Who is going to protect girls in our schools?"

I should have read this post more closely. You posed a question about deployments to countries where according to unnamed "studies" and "surveys", schoolgirls were being sexually harassed. Show me the post where I advocate that we deploy the military in an effort to stop excessive horniness on an international level. We're talking about religious zealots using rape and mutilation as terror tactics. You appear to be quite comfortable with these practices. And it speaks volumes about you and your real intentions.

All this good news really putting a harsh on the doomer buzz.

Harsh or hush?

FACT: The federal government has gotten smaller under only three presidents in the post-war era, and all are Democrats

You have said innumerable times that you favor BIG GOVT, now you imply the Democrats who have presided over the shrinkage of govt are the good guys. Whus up wit dat?

We're talking about religious zealots using rape and mutilation as terror tactics.

Yes, we are. And the USA military is not winning the war for the hearts and minds of Afghanistan after ten years. What's your point?

Let's see how deluded you really are. What do you think goes through the mind of a poor Afghan villager who has had some kind of protection from the US military when they ponder the prospect of that protection suddenly leaving. How long do you think that vacuum would last?

What do you think goes through the mind of a poor American taxpayer at the prospect of paying TRILLIONS of dollars more to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely?

The same thing that's going to go through their minds when they have to pay $12.00 a gallon for gasoline.....strategically important.

You drunk the koolaid and swallowed the Bush propaganda hook line and sinker. Strategically important for whom?

Last I checked the USA Constitution had some jurisdiction over Little Rock, Arkansas. We are illegally occupying Afghanistan.

Have you forgotten, you don't believe in borders? If borders are figments of our imagination isn't the concept of jurisdiction a figment too?

"I guess you forgot that you've bragged several times that you are making 12.5% (I think that was the figure) on your money. Was this done somehow outside "the financial services industry?""
-k/q, to a.."

K, a.. has been teasing that 12.5% for months now.
I would ignore it. I'm sure it's some 2nd or 3rd derivative of his alleged Social Security contributions - now paying off because of his allegiance to "big government."

Little known fact:
When I was 20, and in college, my dad retired and started drawing social security at 62. Low and behold, I discovered myself eligible for my OWN social security checks. $225/month, was the princely sum. I remember the number quite well, because it kept me in college for two summers when I would have otherwise been out trying to find work.

I wonder if they've closed that particular loophole that I benefited from in 1976/77? $225 should inflation-adjust to about $1000/month or more, in today's dollars.

Hey Lt. Col. Douchebaggie,

That's the funny thing about occupying oil countries. You can't just blow 'em fuck up. They stop being useful right at that moment. So I guess you better be ready for ground forces. 'Course you know all this you Wiki expert, you.

Have you forgotten, you don't believe in borders?

No, I haven't forgotten. But you all still do believe in them. Some day there will be no more borders. Today they are still enforced.

You drunk the koolaid

drunk is a non-standard past tense of drink. The correct/preferred past tense of drink is drank.

So I guess you better be ready for ground forces.

They are a useless waste of money and will one day leave.

You mean it shouldn't be "you done drunk the koolaid, you deluded idiot"

"We're talking about religious zealots using rape
-x, to asoka, who seems conflicted-

X, couple of things.
I had my wife do a poll of her girlfriends on Faceplant.* "Would you rather be raped by a US Marine, or by a Muslim religious zealot," was the question.

The religious zealot got ZERO votes, mostly because of concerns about his body odor, and potential vaginal tearing.

The US Marine won - hands down!
Providing he buys them a nice dinner and a couple of drinks first - and then engages in an appropriate amount of foreplay.

Keep probing around on asoka.'s sexual practices.
He's got some issues. But he won't admit to them.

*innapropriate JOKE alert ON, then OFF.

Rape is not funny, P2C, under any circumstance.

That's right! Sometimes it's a holey,
I mean holy act.

If you were being raped up the ass by a group of Taliban holding you down, would you consider it a "holy act"?

Rape is not funny or holy under any circumstance. And the US Marines are not the solution to lessening sexual assault in the general population of any country.

You are a prude, under all circumstances.
You have no concept of sexual fantasy, or of sexual roll playing.

You have deep seated inhibitions, related to your own human sexuality, a..

You should share with us.

----and the internet shudders at the idea----

ROLE playing

sometimes, that involves rolling


"And the US Marines are not the solution to lessening sexual assault in the general population of any country."

That's true. Not really their job, either. So what will lessen sexual assaults in Afghanistan?

This is just creepy, P2C.

I AM the Eggman.

You are Number Five.

U.S. Army Sexual Assault Prevention

So you think that will take care of it?

You're a sociopath.

So you think that will take care of it?

The US Army recognizes its soldiers are rapists.
Yes, the US Army Sexual Assault Prevention program is what is needed.

"This is just creepy, P2C."
-the inhibited impediment-

Change that to -

"This is just KINKY, P2C."

THEN, talk to me!

But not tonight, I have a headache.*
*not really, but I do have to get up at 4:30 EDT.

over and out.

Creepy was the word I intended and you reinforced it.

So what will lessen sexual assaults in Afghanistan?

** Stop providing military support to those supporting repression of women in Afghanistan, like Karzai.

In March 2012, President Karzai defended a statement by the Ulema Council (council of religious scholars) which calls for restrictions on women's freedoms, including in the workplace and schools and while traveling.

** Ensure that human rights including women’s rights to security, political participation and justice, are not traded away or compromised with the transition of security responsibility to the ANSF, and through reconciliation talks with Taleban elements.

** Establish a joint-protection taskforce for women human rights defenders, within the Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs, to monitor intimidation and attacks against them, and to coordinate effective responses among all government agencies.

** Continue to increase the proportion of women playing an active role in the ANSF, in particular the Afghan National Police force, ensuring their safety and dignity in their own workplace.

By supporting Karzai, the USA is supporting the persecution of girls and women in Afghanistan.

"Why are there race issues coming up every week here?"

I find this all over at sites questioning the role of money and the status quo, or emphasizing relocalization.

There's an Italian writer, Massimo Fini, who wrote a great book about money, sort a cross between JKGalbraith and Graeber. He's been pegged by the Storm Front people as a fellow traveler, though I'm not sure he's aware of that.

For xenophobes and racists, "relocalization" is a dog-whistle.

For anti-Semites, a call to break up the banks or re-organize the money system equals ripping it from the hands of the Elders of Zion.

I wonder how we can relocalize and get out from under a corrupt financial system without having these racist nuts climbing in bed with us.

I wonder how we can relocalize and get out from under a corrupt financial system without having these racist nuts climbing in bed with us.
-ladel F-

Somehow it's just got to be done.

Same question from a different angle -

How are we ever going to reduce legal AND illegal immigration into the United States without having these racist nuts calling us racist for doing it??

"I'd like to see James Hansen, Madcat, JonathanSS, or any of the other asoka.genuflectors.."
Leave me out of your petty squabbles please P2C. A genuflector I am not and I'm fairly certain Asoka would not approve of my 25 years military service. When he is in rant mode he annoys me as much as anybody who goes off on their own personal crusades.
I stand by my earlier comment to the effect that those of us who log on to this blog to engage in (or simply read) intellectual exchanges about the necessary contraction as we reach the limit of human exploitation of this planets' limited resources, don't want to read all the rest of the petty muckraking.
Get a room.

...cheeep- cheeeeeeeep....(tumbleweeds)...been cruising ich; n too lazy to look up how to post a link...pretty interesting stuff this mornin' though...sad news: had to bury my brother's dog; either road kill or (and here i go into wild speculation as a result of what in hindsight looks like powerful coincidence, maybe too powerful to believe) neighbor 'cross the road...i have no idea how to tell my girl; it is sometimes hard to tell who, exactly, she was visiting...and my brother's girl thinks she has a dog, before heather ever met the little guy; they re both going to break down completely...man...i suddenly hope they both believe in heaven, like i ve never even thought of before...he was/is a white mostly wolf pup, about 8 or 9 mo or so...smart little dude, too- i got to spend some time with him, myself, and he was gonna be a fantastic animal i need to go fishin' as soon as humanly feasible...
aight, nation, seeya for now; i ll try to check in later...stupid little smartphone...

I haven't been checking in here too often recently, but I just want to say: does this catch anyone on this board bys urprise? My guess is, "not so much."


Hey now,
Another fine use for all those concrete ingredients that were just sitting around gathering dust:

"I know, we'll build what looks like condos for wildlife protection habitats. If you build it, they will come to establish lairs, burrows, webs, dens and hives. A brilliant vision!"

...The greatest misallocation of resources in human history. (Geeze, that sounds familiar; who would say such a thing? ;o)


That link is for the current "front page". Yes, a lot of indicators and tipping points being spotted which will be responded to in the status quo manner, compounding the problems and predicaments when a reckoning inevitably commences.

(Sorry for the doggie death. Were you implying a neighbor might have had something to do with it?
Always hard losing a being of unreserved trust and companionship.

My wife's favorite uncle just shuffled off the mortal coil the day before yesterday. From the Normandy landing to the Battle of the Bulge, eventually stopping in Salzburg, he walked across a European version of hell, living to serve his community as a professional firefighter. A really, really good guy who loved to laugh and enjoyed life to its' fullest.

hi ozone, re. your comment, I'd just like to say: BINGO!

"German 2-year debt (bund) has dipped below 0% this morning at auction, signalling an acceleration in the bank run taking place in southern Europe. Depositors in Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, etc would rather take a loss on their investment, then risk not their money back at all. The European Central Bank (ECB) does not guarantee deposits, so people are withdrawing their money en masse and getting out of Dodge pronto. What we're seeing is a real-time panic."

Don't that sound like a hot time in the ol' [Euro-zone] town tonight? Coming soon to a fake economy near you.
Check it out. How do we get the Holy Growth back, Mikey? Please blow some comforting smoke up my bunghole! (For I am Cornholio.)


As Senor Kunstler avers, the shoes are dropping faster and more furiously with each passing week.

Further, from Mikey-likes-the-growth-only:

"That's right, the EU banks were gifted over 1 trillion euros 3 months ago, and they're still too undercapitalized to weather the storm of a Greek default. Nice, eh? So, the whole system is just an empty gourd, right? They're broke, so the ECB will have to print up another 800 bil just to keep the house of cards from collapsing in a heap.

Getting worried yet?

US Treasuries are also rallying big today. In fact, the yield on the 10-year --which hit a record low last week--is on its way back down indicating that investors are freaking scared-out-of-their-minds. In real terms, investors are now socking money into 10-year Treasuries knowing that (inflation adjusted) they'll get LESS money back then they put in."

Now for the $65,000 question...
How may of the CFN are hearing about this in their regular dosage of "news-media-speak"?

(NPR is certainly keeping very mum on the subject so far...)

Can't say I understand the debt markets that well, but I have to trust that over the last 30yrs US debt has been a good investment from a trading perspective.

In general the middle class is being impoverished slowly as their costs go up while the urserers profit like mad. Its the usual shtick the wealthy use the printing press and the lower class morons to squeeze the middle productive classes in every way imaginable.

I'm sorry for your family's loss. I'm going to wear my infantry blue cord today just for him.

Thanks for spotting that bit of "overconfidence". And we might ask who got all the bags of lucre in that case?

We're dancing just as fast as we can, but it might just be The Masque of The Red Death that we're attending...

(And it's appearing now that the 'Murkin peeple were bred to be led in the last couple generations, and it would serve us well to find out who is calling the tunes.)

Soak do you really want to change Afghan and Muslim Culture from the ground up? Because that's what it would take. But of course that would be to admit that they are inferior to the West - which doesn't compute with you. Enjoy your cognitive dissonance - As Seun Sahn said, "Only be confused". You don't have to mix it with fear and anger towards self and other. If you can embrace your confusion fully, it may resolve itself into clarity.

But that would mean seeing that we were right and you were wrong - and that is unbearable to you. It is the very essence of Unenlightenment or Avidya, Ignorance.

Who is Number One?

"you done drunk the koolaid, you deluded idiot"

The use of "done drunk" is fine if by using Black vernacular you want to perpetuate the appearance of ignorance and deliberately continue NOT to assimilate into the majority culture for another 400 years (or forever) while the first and second generation Americans of most other immigrant groups become indistinguishable languagewise in short order and economically surpass Blacks with ease.

So, yeah, keep saying done drunk and encourage the Black little ones to speak ebonics too.

Big Erica Jong Fan, Zone? She's the epitome of how women went wrong in the 60's and 70's. Of course you pretend you love a liberated women to get in their pants.

"Who is Number One?"

I am the Eggman.

You are Number Four.


You know that most women have rape fantasies right? Right? And that the number one Women's reading is a S/M novel called Fifty Shades of Gray? The plot is a Billionaire dominating a women. The key word is Billionaire - they aren't interested in having you or me do something like that.

The key to feminine psychology as regards to men is Hypergamy. The want to marrry up, to someone who has more money or power than themselves or their current boyfriend or spouse.

Also women are quite capab

You're not going to get what you want to know from Bill or any other Jew for that matter. You have to go to the pundits of our own People - who quote directly from Jewish sources.

Prog, we brought a spiritual criminal to justice, but now you want to make up with him. I have no doubt you will throw me under the bus to do so. In the old West, citizens were terrorize by criminals. So they brought in fast draw sheriffs and hanging judges. And once they solved the problem, the citizens got rid of them as fast as possible. No gratitude at all. Always think the worst about the hard man who saved them. It a deep split in the American Consciousness - always wanting to be nice and hating people who don't play along with that nonsense. It o

Vlad, since you mentioned Erica Jong and Avidya (you are probably one of the few whites on CFN who even has an appreciation of Avidya), here is a recent writing by Erica Jong that applies and is relevant to CFN:

Most of our world is invisible to us: the swirls of plastic floating in the ocean, the fault lines in our earth ready to shift, earthquakes about to happen, poisonous air and water choking our lungs, and over-population promising suffocation everywhere. We have sealed our eyes against these things. We are willfully blind.

But we can choose to see the invisible. The most amazing quality of human beings is the ability to probe the invisible. Leonardo da Vinci was the epic poet of invisibility. In his notebooks, he revealed what was invisible to most people. Physicists play with the invisible, trying to make us see. Every artist is at war with the invisible even as she succumbs to it. Every maker of music knows that the finest notes are inaudible to human ear, invisible to the human eye. We battle the invisible with light sabers as if we were Jedi knights. The invisible is our inspiration. The invisible is what we seek.

-good riddance, i say!! cut off in mid-puke, flad go jerk off in private

Women are quite capable of lying about rape - sometimes for insanely trivial reasons like being late and not wanting to get in trouble. So accuse the cabby. I shit you not.

And what happens to such ladies when the truth comes out? Nothing and next to nothing. They should be destroyed just as they sought to do to their victims.

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"We battle the invisible with light sabers as if we were Jedi knights."

Jedi Knights? And I've been drinking the kool-aid.

Well, I have, but I can handle it officer.

I swear.


ozone, it reminds me The Masque of The Red Death, too. I think you hit the nail on the head there. I have been thinking of that connection, off and on, for a long time. My grampa went to college with Vincent Price, who brought so many Poe stories to the silver screen. I bet VP could have made a really spooky version of that particular story, tailored for our times.

It also makes me think of this very creepy scene, from an old PBS film based on the Ursula K. Leguin story The Lathe of Heaven. The idea is that a man named George Orr has dreams, and his dreams change the real world retroactively. In other words, when he wakes up, the world has always been as he dreamt it, as far as anyone else knows. But he knows the truth, and his psychiatrist comes to know the truth as well, and chooses to use George's dreams to do large-scale social and environmental experimental engineering. In this scene, he has just hypnotized George, and told him to dream up a solution to overpopulation. This scene, of the people obliviously feasting away, and what happens to them, is similar to what we see all around us, as the dreams and lies upon which our world is built pass away and evaporate into smoke, like the poor people at the table, all around us. The part of the video I'm talking about is less than two minutes long, but you could keep watching if you want the whole story. It's incredibly spooky, so be cautious here, you might have nightmares.

Was reading about Julian the Apostate, the last Pagan Emperor of Rome.

"It is a fact that in the last Roman persecution of Christians as well as in the first, the Jews proved themselved in various ways as the most eager and most malevolent agents for the execution of the open or concealed plans of the Roman Emperors against the Christians. St Ambrose has attested that the Jews under Julian set fire to a large number of Christian churches in Damascus, Alexandria, Gaza, Ascalon, Beirut, and other cities".

John Chrysostom And His Time, Rev Chrysostomos Baur

A good place to start would David Duke's "Jewish Supremacism". Easily available and elaborately food noted. Contrary to his detractors, he is an able scholar and has a Phd from a major university in Eastern Europe.

Charlie I'm sorry I put words in your mouth yesterday. Please tell us how You stand on the Jewish Question. Or do you merely sit like most people?

Remember, if you want respect you have to give it.

In other words, you know that the Jews are in control of the Banks, but you can't stand that we were right about it for generations and you people are only just finding out.

And what are the implications of that as far as WW2 is concerned? How do you possibly get thru all this without ever admitting you were so wrong and we were so right?

Face it: Western Civilization went wrong, crazy wrong to the point of madness. No sane people would allow an alien and hostile people to control their fiancial system. Ezra Pound describes how the Jews weren't persecuted but neutralized in old Byzantium: forbidden to work in education or finance. Nada, Zip. They do fine in the professions as you know.

Wow Jim, what a bunch of weird followers you have attracted. Probably because the major outlets would censor a number of the posts. Let 'em come. We can handle it.

why does it seem that all of the world's psychopaths- imean leaders- seem to be reading from the same playbook...come on, guys, we all know you read the prince, but if everyone has to be at war to maintain and grow power; at some fucking point we re ALL FUCKED!!... latest distraction being that, in response to the missile shield russia has tested a 'new' ICBM which 'will be more effective against emerging technologies' or something...

What about the issue I brought up? You know nothing about women and have a distorted view of history.

Black fully accepted the slave trade and the chiefs profited handsomely from selling other tribes and sometimes even their own people.

Saw a student film once: the kid stuffed eggs into his shirt and down his pants and then starting breaking them. Oy Vey! Way cool, huh? Was that you Egga?

Btw, I am the new Number Two. You have just been demoted.

Vincent Price's portrayal of Witch Hunters and Inquistion judges is unsurpassed. They have deeply influenced my character. Past Life inclinations?

The Church has undertaken a vast counter attack against Obama with dozens of law suits by dozens of Catholic Organizations. It will take hundreds of millions of dollars and years to adjudicate them all. Hopefully the 9 will see the Light and just declare Obamacare unconstitutional.

Not a word from the Main Stream Media lackeys of course.

I have had my of 990 lobsters, more like 450 kilos for the metric folk, We had a dude who was like 1100 lbs. !! Take a guess because you can't weigh the sumbitch!. My problem is why does his family keep stuffing him with 2 litres of coke and KFC. Is the guy worth megamillions ? I doubt it. We haul his ass because he is impacted!! He certainly can't fetch his sustenance. Remove door and sidelights, call for 6-8 guys, repeat, repeat, repeat. Just choke him with a twinkie and he will die a happy man!!

"Probably because the major outlets would censor a number of the posts."

The major outties needs to be bitin' me crank, matey. And swiftly at that.


I can't imagine dealing with the morbidly obese on a regular basis. I saw something ONCE with a woman in an apartment building I once lived that I can barely describe. But I'm going to try anyway. She was incredibly huge. I'm pretty sure they said over 750 lbs. She died in her sleep and the only way the responders had to get her body out of her bedroom was cut a hole in the side of the building. But then there was no hard surface for the gurney(?). Didn't matter anyway. The gurney they had didn't support her weight. So, they managed to manhandle this blob of a corpse out onto the grass. Now here's the innovative part. They dispatched a nearby automobile recovery vehicle. Apparently, there was growing concern among those in charge at the scene that this situation had rapidly become uncool and was attracting too much of an audience. The faster they could get it done, the better. The recovery truck arrived and after placing the deceased on several sturdy tarps, attached the winch and reeled her in across the courtyard with all available apartment dwellers watching in stunned disbelief. After much huffing and puffing, four of them got the body onto the back of this flatbed truck. They quickly covered her with some dirty tarps and drove away. Needless to say, her daughter had reached a stage of hysteria I had never seen before.

xhalor, did you ever see the early Johnny Depp film "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" It's a great movie about small town problems in general, and it suggests an innovative solution to the problem you describe.

Europe ?

Why doesn't the USA and the Federal Reserve just get it over with ? Why don't they just print a few trillion dollars, give it to Greece (and to the other "Failed States" of Europe Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.) and just absorb the entire continent as a new USA state, maybe call it NEW TEXAS or EAST NEW JERSEY or something like that and cut all the BS and crap ? We all know that there is nothing behind all the debts and economic laws and rules, just power plays, just make believe interdictions and crap, just a make believe cartoon world of economics that doesn't make any sense and is mostly insane.

Just get it over with and give them the CASH BABY, CASH, they will be alright, they will understand that it doesn't matter, that they are all insignificant turds on the Worldwide Economic Radar thanks to the Technological Economy generating Free Wealth and Excess Capacity by the boatloads.

And what is wrong with Europe anyways ? Why can't they be ONE UNIT, ONE POWER, ONE FEDERAL STATE, ONE POLITICAL STATE with "Liberty and Justice For All" according to the only model that can work, and namely the USA model ? With one Language (American English, the Neutral Type, the Standard International English that everyone understands because all the local, baroque crap of the UK is done away with once and for all) ?

How many European countries do not have the EURO ? Oh, just the richest, bar none, (the hogs, the ones that should be giving their cash to puny Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy, but they are too egotistical and greedy to give the cash out for free, the craps, they should be forced by a higher power (the only Real Boss: the USA) to pay for the mistakes of the weaker clowns, bar none) : those that don't have the EURO as a currency are the UK, SWEDEN, NORWAY (which has 400 billion dollars stashed away thanks to their oil sales), SWITZERLAND (other billions of dollars stashed away since they are the worldwide bank, and clean money from thieves and such) DENMARK and some others. Aside from the fact that you can't even pinpoint down where Europe starts or ends and who is part of it (is Serbia part of it ? Ukraine ?, Romania ?) who knows and who can keep track !

They all have their puny local language and "culture" and "history", they have their "Identity" and such. Are they crazy or what ? Kill all local identites, one Nation, one Force, that is the model, they all have these petty little fights between themselves, they are all such special little turds, Spain is divided in various factions, Ireland against the UK and so on forever. Their history and identity and such is "so important", what idiots, what clowns!

Well who cares about their identity, throw it all down the toilet, the world is now a fight amongst Gigantic Economical and Technological Blocks of Power, China, the USA, India, Russia and so on, all these little identities have no room and no business surviving anymore, they must all be forced to be part of a MONOLITHIC BLOCK OF POWER FIGHTING AGAINST THE OTHER BLOCKS, we are not going to care about history anymore, now it is all about HUGE ECONOMIES OF SCALE, THE TECHNOLOGICAL ECONOMY AUTOMATING ALL PRODUCTIVE ENDEAVORS, THE DEATH OF WORK AND LABOR ONCE AND FOR ALL, TRILLIONS OF ROCKETS TO MARS, TRILLIONS OF SKYSCRAPERS, TRILLIONS OF NEW BRAIN DESIGNS, THE COLONIZATION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM, THE FUTURE, no more history or local fairy tales and baroque identities, Europe must be one Federal State, including all of them from Norway to Albania to Ukraine to BieloRussia to Poland to Romania etc. One Monolithic Unit, and if they can't do it on their own then they should just become a State of the USA (or of China or Russia, let them decide to which BOSS they must abide, puny fairy tale craps always fighting and being greedy and not helping their weaker clown states: what they did to Greece would never have happened in the USA, go figure)...


8man said: How many European countries do not have the EURO ? Oh, just the richest, bar none...

Germany has the Euro and is considered by some to be rich...

But then Germany has a strong union movement to protect workers. Trade unions have a long history in Germany, reaching back to the German revolution in 1848, and still play an important role in German economy and society.

No wonder Germany is doing well economically.

That's too cut and dried. Women come in all varieties and not all are cynically looking for a man they can leech off and be dominated by; anymore than all men are looking for a bimbo with big boobs and a beautiful body but nothing else. I know I'm not.I would never be attracted to a woman that has no mind of her own and is a golddigger. I've met hot sluts that are phony and manipulative, but are blanks otherwise. Major wiltage there....

As an example, whenever I watch reruns of Three's Company I'm always the mot attracted to Janet. Not that she doesn't have a cute little body too. ;-)

A silly little example but true.

...*most attracted to Janet.

Also, that S/M book is popular just because there are a lot of twisted people out there, women included.

Have no fear, I don't want your company in any new nation that may come.

I'm a defensive racist. I have to be these days. People like you are as much to blame for the unpleasant things I have to feel as anybody else. So, find a new place for yourself, I'm not going anywhere. Because as a horrid white man with so much privilege I haven't had one opportunity to use it.

It's my turn.

Huh...a horrid white man with privileges he's just DYIN' to use.

Wow. That's NEVER happened before.

I'd modify that to read, "stupid, unethical, and woman with personality disorders" lie about rape.

As for erotic literature, I've never heard of "Shades of Grey." Guess I'm old-fashioned, but "Fanny Hill" works for me.

Is this all you do all day, keep watch here?

Good thing, huh?

"Dyin' to use"

I'll take the advantages that I can and run with them.

Hey! Dr. Doom, et al.
You know, the "doomers" who were all here back in 2008-2009, when this blog was something other than a political and race based shouting match, you still out there?

Dr. Doom, you were the expert, right? Peak Oil NOW, (or then) $250 dollar a barrel oil by NOW (mid-2012) The rest of you who couldn't kiss his ass enough, because he was a degreed professor.

Me, told you predictions such as that are only made by those who don't understand economic complexities and the limitations of human metal capabilities. No axe to grind, just spent too much time reading predictions by experts that didn't add up to squat.

Who's right now? Yeah....I know.....if you're still out there, you either won't admit it or "can't remember", same old shit.

Asoka, Vlad--
You both should read Franklin Merrel-Wolff. Free website from his foundation. Pretty good insights and realizations. Proves you don't have to be a Buddhist to get a piece of enlightenment. Dzogchen view, largely without "pointing out instructions".

Thank you, Dale. I'll check it out. Namaste.


Pelosi sent to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Wednesday urging him to schedule a vote to extend the "middle class" Bush-era tax cuts for people who make below $1 million annually.

In contrast, President Barack Obama supports extending tax cuts for people who earn less than $250,000 per year, while Republicans simply want to extend all of the cuts, even for millionaires. The cuts are set to expire at the end of the year.

"Pelosi has an interesting definition of what constitutes the middle class. She believes it includes people earning anything less than $1 million a year — at least when it comes to tax cuts," reads a Washington Post editorial.

By raising the middle class threshold from $250,000 to $1 million, about 43 percent of federal revenue will be lost in 2013.

"Adm Ern bleated:
"Where's the inflation?""

Bwahahaha!!! *Where*, indeed?!? Someone's apparently got the tin foil cap wrapped too tight...

So where's MM's B-day celebration? Brazil?!? Texas border? NC? (my @$$) Hope they have enough papaya/mango...

Rewriting history? Well at least we still have someone reminding us of the fukushima disaster, and what awaits us over the next few years. A decade ago I did some research on Lake Techa (river runoff from the USSR's plutonium refinery), and at that time there were thousands of pictures available of children born in that runoff. We're talking crazy mutants - 4x head sizes, cyclops, no mouth/nose, etc. Now, you can barely find a picture of any of those casualties.

*WHY IS THAT*?!? Soker-puppets, provide us those *GOOGLE* links (seeing as how GOOGLE didn't go IPO, until well after they shut down YAHOO search).

Woman why didst thou eat of the apple of iniquity? And then thou didst give it to thy brother so he could share thy fate.

Morality for women is usally what is good for them. That's why Buddha didn't want them in the Sangha. Ananada, the beloved disciple, prevailed upon him to reconsider and he finally relented. But he said the order would now only last half as long I believe.

But he did admit they're were exceptions. But you try to claim them as the norm. That weakens your claim to being one of the exceptions you see. Good women should be anti-feminists and firmly support Men against Feminists.

Yes, the Sage of Lone Pine. It changed my life decades ago. What do you think of the two fold egolessness or "The High Indifference" which is beyond Nirvana as uuually described. He claimed he found corroboration of his experience in a few of the Mahayana Sutras.

Hypergamy is a constant just as good looks are for us. They are sex objects for us and we are sucess objects for them. But we want good character for marriage. Do they, as much anyway? They want to get married but often not be married. They file divorce 70% of the time. So their much vaunted monogamy is of the serial variety. Trading up. And hell hath no fury like a woman who is trying to "find herself" or "move on". They can't stand having to share the children with their ex's. And they will take every penny they can even if the ex is driven into poverty or prison.

Victorian Porn, eh? Quim and Quinny and members virile!

As far as MSM news goes, I've tried tuning into most available broadcasts, to see if any were tolerable. Leaving BBC out for now, about the only show I can tolerate is Dylan Ratigan. And let me tell you, he does have his faults WRT my bias: his believe in eternal, exponential growth (perhaps necessary to be on MSNBC); his new vegan diet!!!

LOL, did we not just go through the ills of a vegan diet - yet he now hops on that bandwagon. MSM is *hopeless*...

BBC? same propaganda from a different perspective (owned by the same banks/corporatists?)...

BBC website leaves evil cookies in my browser cache.

This is via The Western Center for Journalism:
Whoever said that Obama hasn’t accomplished anything in his first term?

First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.
First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.
First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States.
First President to violate the War Powers Act.
First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
First President to defy a Federal Judge’s court order to cease implementing the Health Care Reform Law.
First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party, a violation of the U.S. Constitution.
First President to spend a trillion dollars on ‘shovel-ready’ jobs when there was no such thing as ‘shovel-ready’ jobs.
First President to recommend changing our National Anthem as it portrays and promotes violence and is warlike in its theme.
First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer Breakfast and activities.
First President to initiate a Cash for Clunkers Program to clean up exhaust that adds to global warming, then extended it because it was so popular — wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.
First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.
First President to bypass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.
First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.
First President to demand a company hand over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.
First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.
First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.
First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.
First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases.
First President to tell a major manufacturing company which state they are allowed to locate a factory in.
First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).
First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.
First President to fire an inspector general of Americorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.
First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.
First President to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half years in office, 90 to date.
First President to pledge complete transparency while campaigning, then hide his medical, educational,and travel records.
First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.
First President to go on multiple global ‘apology tours’.
First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends; paid for by the taxpayer.
First President to have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.
First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.
First President to repeat the Holy Qur’an and tells us that the early morning Islamic call to worship is the most beautiful sound on earth.

Wow, Vlad, even I think people can escape their genes and evolution to a degree. We aren't quite locked in; so that applies to women and their sexual behavior.

I hate cynicism and absolutes.

Some day there will be no more borders.

Yes, when hell freezes over.

You're saying that like it's a bad thing, Vlad...

Then why didn't her daughter have this fat pig's jaws wired shut? I read another story where one of these psychos had been laying in bed for so long that a few coins had become embedded into her blubber that she had been laying on. What lucky bastard had to snake the toilet everytime these pigs took a shit? Talk about fucking gross...

Sice we all seem to *LOVE* midnight oil here, I propose the following:


Natural gas was reaching a steep and sudden decline at the time The Long Emergency and Richard Heinberg's "The Party's Over" were written. We nearly had a disaster in 2003 when the cost of heating our homes skyrocketed. So where is the new "abundance" of natural gas coming from and how long will it last, especially if we try to convert from diesel and gasoline to natural gas? From what I have read, that would fizzle out in no time and leave us no way to heat our homes, other than dirty coal or wood. Either would take a long time to convert to, and given how despicable people in the US (and the rest of the world, as well) if americans don't have the money and some cocksucker cannot profit from people's adversity, then they will likelky be left to go without, not unlike healthcare, drinking water, or anything else essential to life. Thank Buddha they can't profit from the air we breathe. They have done a great job of destroying the quality of tghe air we breathe, but they haven't (yet) found a way to charge us money for it. Forget the sprawling sububia being (temporarily) saved by converting to natural gas. It would take decades and would fail and create more problems than it would attempt to solve

Sometimes if the IQ is sufficient and they want to be good. But how many just prefer to get all they can get? I've known few women who will willingly deny themselves anything. And such denial or self sacrafice is the foundation of morality.

More like George II porn.

That kind of fat would keep you warm and alive thru a glacial winter. But under the present conditions - roll them down hills! A new sport just as much fun as dwarf tossing.

How would you reply if someone asked you what's your sign and do you sleep in the nude?

If Breitbart was correct, he is not a natural citizen so he is not the first president or any other kind of president at all. Impeach.

The call to prayer is very beautiful in fact. Not even Islam is all bad, just mostly.

Went to Portland, Oregon over the weekend on the Greyhound. Went along the Columbia River Gorge. Magnificient. And you can watch the flora change from dry to green before your very eyes as you travel west. It really starts to changes around The Dalles. And by the time you get to the town of Hood River it's pretty lush. In one of the brochures it said that in this area the rainfall increases one inch per mile as you go west. That's the effect the Cascades have on the weather. Alot of wineries in the eastern area because of the 300 days of sunlight per year.


Private equity investors buy control of the company's board by purchasing the firm's stock. But for both private equity firms and the mafia, investors use their control of the firm to take on more debt, while at the same time cutting costs by laying off workers.

Cash from the loans and cost savings are funneled back to the investors. This looting continues until the company can't pay its debts. When it finally collapses, the company files for bankruptcy to extinguish the debt -- but private equity investors, as well as mobsters, get to keep the gains they've already reaped.

Mark Galeotti, one of the leading experts in transnational organized crime, said it's a familiar tactic above ground and below it. "It's one of the classic tactics of organized crime," Galeotti, a New York University professor, told HuffPost. "You exploit it as far as you can and when you have essentially squeezed every possible bit of value out of it, you burn it. In organized crime's case, I mean that literally, whereas with private equity, it's planned bankruptcy. But essentially you dispose of it in as convenient a way as possible, and then you walk away."

Imagine skating on frozen flames. Asoka would be in the lead, his abundant sweat providing a sheen of lubricating speed. All Blacks are afraid of the devil you know.

What I am really worried about is being thrown into hell's lakes of fires. You have told me Blacks can't swim.

WOW, that is incredible! But we Americans must not worry about that! We must worry about evolution, gay adults wanting to get married,Harry Potter, Halloween,Socialism, Vegetarians, pagans,science, fluroide, reason, logic, thinking, and asking questions are much more danergous than the billions that the new mob has stolen. OH wait I forgot Jewish bankers, Muslim taxi drivers who sing Italian operas, like the Barber of Seville,anyone that does not look, think, and eat like me. I am calling Fox News to report this site. Do not forget about time traveling Dinosaurs spreading their message about Mexican tacos.

Well, Michigan, I can only quote a FACT ... natgas prices ($2.70) have actually breeched prices from January ... of 1997!!! If you want a more "fair" May-to-May comparison, current natgas is cheaper than year 2000.

So, all philosophizing aside, the prices of the stuff would appear to indicate that the abundance is coming from SOMEWHERE. You can't blame shorts for the current price suppression since the Commercial Hedgers (a.k.a. "smart" money) are net long natgas. Thus, the 12-year-low price would appear to indicate a supply glut for all of your speculating about what happened in 2003.

Now, I will concede that this glut could disappear faster than snow in Miami if re-routed to other uses but I reiterate my query ... WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE? Also, recall that my post did not call for converting the entire US energy infrastructure to natgas but rather the interstate trucking fleet. Truckers need a break and they need it NOW.

In a resource-short world, EVERYTHING is a stopgap and I would claim that switching the trucking fleet to natgas isn't some sop to keeping suburbia alive indefinitely. It's keeping truckers from QUITTING which, if done en masse, would cause grocery stores to have massive and mysterious shortages of many foodstuffs.

I hate suburbia. I hate its soullessness. Nonetheless, I'm in favor of keeping the people who live there from starving even if it's only for an extra five or ten years to keep civil disorder from occurring.


"...[the current "dancing"] reminds me The Masque of The Red Death, too. I think you hit the nail on the head there. I have been thinking of that connection, off and on, for a long time. My grampa went to college with Vincent Price, who brought so many Poe stories to the silver screen. I bet VP could have made a really spooky version of that particular story, tailored for our times."

I find you're thinking of the same story in regard to extend-and-pretend pretty interesting in and of itself! ;o)

Big V.P. fan here too. I wonder if it has any connection with the vivid dreams I've always had in cinematic color. ....Nah, I'm just loopy.

I'd heard of the "Lathe of Heaven", but have never had the privilege of reading it. (Thanks for the link, I'll settle for a viewing for now.)

The secret to getting wealthy is to make others work hard for you. If your employer paid you the full value of what your labor produced, then there would be no profits for them. "But they take the risks", the apologists like to blab. I would agree, they take the risks of getting their throats cut, as some of the more arrogant ones abuse this system of wage slavery by firing people for not being politically correct, for not liking what they post on face book (which is none of their fuckin busniess to begin with), making people take drug tests because they have somehow have been given the right to police your behavior in the privacy of your home (again, the apologists who should have their tongues cut out of their heads like to blab about "public safety" and have no shortage of useful idiots who will march lockstep, meek and obedient to the neocon slaughter house and chime "yep, it's for our pown good".

Some of the good things to come out of this collapse of this bubble economy based on the myth of exponential growth is that employers and the wealthy are finally getting a long overdue dose of humility, as their businesses fail and they lose that McMansion and their investments. Now get down here and row with the rest of us slaves, you worthless cock suckers. Many people who think they are wealthy because they have these pieces of paper with numbers and symbols on them that tell them they are rich, but with a dollar collapse inevitable, they too will have to come down from first class quarters where they smoke cigars, drink brandy, and pretend to be masters of the universe by exploiting the labor of others and row with the rest of the slaves. Seeing there are few if any jobs to be found, these drug testing assholes who opened up shop and bragged about being open 24/7 to violate your privacy are losing their asses and closing down left and right. Good good good. Many of the effects of collapse are hellishly pleasing to me. Now if only we can obtain some justice from these maggots when they got too big for their bridges and fell off their high horses. A few thousand hard kicks to the face would be a good start as a prelude to a public bullwhipping as their assets are seized and liquidated and given to the people they have screwed or the many others who had their lives destroyed by these arrogant pigs and cock suckers


And, RT, get busy with those memoirs, although I'm sure there are a lot of incidents you'd much rather forget. Congrats on makin' it through! (It's the only way "out", as we know. ;o)

(Thanks for the respect for Uncle Crash; very appreciated. Honor Guard of fellow firefighters was a fine memorial.)

You are absolutely correct, and the pitiful rest of us are naught but misguided fools, wandering in the wilderness of flailing delusion.

Now where do I get my pile of cheap, unlimited goodies as a reward for my genuflection to your superior perspicacity? (The ones approved of, and mandated by gawd, of course.)

E- i think i get the sentiment; but it would take at least 5 yerars for the conversion, don t you think? maybe not in the physical implementation, but considering the politics of it, could a consensus be reached & decided, then acted upon? i dunno, it sure seems to me that We, The People are headed for about a dollar an hour- if we re lucky...

I believe you've just outlined the Future in one short posting.

Staggering from one crisis to the next looks like the M.O. we'll be employing until the end of "forever". (It kinda explains why folks long for their afterlife so fervently.)

Thanks a pantload! Now I've got even MORE things to worry about that I didn't know were worrisome!


Again, americans sit back and take this, getting their noses rubbed in neocon shit time and time again. The unions are too greedy. Outsourcing our manufacturing base is a good idea. And when the whole house of cards collapses when cheap and abundant energy evaporate along with the value of the US petro dollar, the inevitable attempt to impose martial law. Obama or Romney (what's the difference) will hit the internet kill switch, jam and shut down cell phones, hoard leaders of dissent who have any kind of public following into Halliburton "FEMA" camps, and unleash the "forces of law and order" with their 12,700 armored vehicles and 450,000 rounds of hollow points and probably with the full might of the military to keep people meek and obedient and make sure the banks get their pound of flesh and force various people and states that will soon realize they would be better off detached from an out of control federal government run and controlled by special interests and addicted to debt along with their lackeys at the IRS and "federal reserve" (mind you, there is nothing federal about them and they sure as fuck don't have any reserves). The useful idiots that think Wal Marts and other greedy, predatory corporate monsters were good, along with smashing the unions and outsourcing our manufacturing base and this whole fucked up notion that your employer is God and this sadistic ideology "you can't pay, so you go without" will roll over and play dead when the government imposes martial law on a post collapse america. They will still suck ass and lick boots. That is the difference between americans and other people in the world. Most other governments around the world fear the people. In the US, people fear the government. Uncle Joe will pale in comparison with Uncle Sam before all is said and done.

little laddie lederhosen has been a busy, busy boy.
Paid by the word, the post, or simply a salaried, time-clock puncher? C'mon boys, you can do better job of finding distractionary keyboard-clackers; this one's weak and the spew is implausible. New material please...

Talk about "bred to be led"; this "person" is the very definition of a follower.

Back to yer bunk, troop; nightshift's over!
(I'll be hearing about this shortly, just to prove my point.)

Well, I'm seeing a lot more waking up going on, but only a few taking steps to prepare.

We'll have to see how much longer they can keep the dance music blaring. Til the end of "forever"?

Perhaps Dale will tell us what will go down (and what "investment vehicles" to buy into).

I can appreciate your anger over the wholesale destruction of the middle class in order to allow plutocrats to sell off the remaining good jobs to Asia. A well-informed middle class, with worthy jobs, is the biggest enemy to an incipient dictatorship but that's exactly what the problem is ... silently, most of the middle class is disappearing and the huge increase in economic desperation means people are too busy trying to SURVIVE to engage in "activism".

Even here in upscale Palo Alto, I personally know many people whose economic lives in the past decade have been "downwardly mobile". However, unions might be part of the problem instead of part of the solution, especially state-level unions. They're allowing bureaucrats to thrive while the rank-and-file employees get screwed. California is a good example of that. Useless-as-teats-on-a-boar upper administrations in schools are immune from layoff as teachers get laid off.

I hear rumors that the State of California is thinking about making bigger districts and laying off most of the upper administrators. If this happens, it'll be the first signs of sanity out here. Let's hope.


they got too big for their bridges

I envision one of those deceased 1150 pound people being taken by forklift across the Verazano and the suspension cables begin snapping...

It's britches Michigan.

A good Russian film was made about this struggle of good vs evil. Think it was called Night Shift.

You are an envious demon. You hate Dale because he has a spiritual life and he's not just a Marxits/Anarchist like you dreaming about Unions and Factories. He is a Marxist but not just a Marxist, thus your hatred.

Now look at yesterday: all day long I tried to talk about deep shit and all people wanted to talk about was whores, Erica Jong, or play Prisoner Games. I know I'm brilliant, but people shouldn't let themselves be eclipsed by it. Light needs darkness to have something to illuminate. Your darkness is self conscious and in rebellion and resists this. Thus it reaches the level of Evil.

Yes, the petty evil of American Management is beyond belief. They hate anyone who has a life. All life must be subordinated to work - the lights are literally kept on by human life energy. And the interview process: where do you see yourself in 5 years? Uh, lifting boxes right here sir. What were you doing during this six month gap in your resume? Uh, hating myself for not working.

And this is called Freedom? So the People cling desperately to their two days off and seek solace and forgetfulness in the Games. And the Elite are free to work their evil while we sleep.

Pretty good rant Michigan Native - and one very long sentence!

So it boils down to the American people, huh? Well that doesn't exactly leave one feeling hopeful. Take some of the characters here on CFN for example. You have Bustin J passionately pleading for the environment ("Nature" when his prose leans towards the romantic) and denouncing the reliance of an entire culture on the automobile. He then makes a post endorsing Mitt Romney for president which followed his call for a bombing campaign against Iran. Perhaps there is a religious affiliation lurking behind the curtain that trumps ideological consistency.

And then there's Vlad. A lower middle class white racist crossing his fingers with the hopes that Obamacare will be struck down. Evidently, unaffordable health care premiums and exclusionary pre-existing condition clauses makes for a more just and moral nation. Along with just capping payouts altogether.

Regrettably, "Obamacare' will be decided by the SCOTUS or that same bunch who more or less declared 'corporations as people'. And yet people like you keep on insisting that there is no 'difference between Obama and Romney' as if an Obama court is the ideological equivalent of a Bush/Reagan court. And that's the type of imprecise, sloppy thinking that is indicative of a people in the throngs of a cluster fuck - even those who claim to see aspects of the bigger picture.

Regrettably, "Obamacare' will be decided by the SCOTUS

If the Romney-Massachusetts-Republican plan of "private heatlh insurance exchanges" (also called Obamacare) is voted down, would that not open the door to a public option like "Medicare for all"?

Forever's gonna start tonite!

The Founding Fathers were as one (except for Hamilton) in saying that Goverment tends towards tyranny - and thus should be kept small with a division of powers. Can you disagree with this? No? Then why turn one sixth of the Economy over to the Feds if you care about Freedom?

Doesn't it have a kind apropo-ness just the way it is? What are britches anyway? I mean we know what bitches are...

Also how does one gird one's loins? Should we not gird up our grid also?

A while back Dolly Parton was on TV,
and someone asked her

Do you think it should be legal for gays to
marry ?

SURE she said, they should have the right to be just as miserable as everyone else !

cracked me up.















yep, did the math. don't like what i came up with.
the wrong ones are populating the earth. rapidly.

upsetting to say the least.


Sure, combining school districts is a good idea. Can you imagine how many soccer moms it would annoy?

Suicide Can be an act of anger, for revenge, etc.

Most of the time it is about being is so much pain, that you just can't take it anymore.

The pain outweighs the coping.
I study this subject.
David L. Conroys' book is an eye opener.

If you want to know yourself, travel alone.

If you want to know another, travel with them.

If you want to know your home, make a home in another country.

If you want peace of mind, stop reading asoka's posts.
Mrs. Soak

In lieu of the destruction of the middle class and democracy today David Ignatius on Morning Joe was discussing this idea as it pertains to China and it's economy and upward mobility issues.
Interestingly enough Ignatius said that it took 800 years for western civilization to develop the realization that a strong middle class leads to a democratic system of governance.

One has to wonder why he doesn't passionately bring that out when discussing at our own predicament with the extreme disparities of wealth and political power.

--or are they pretending that it's not happening here?


Mrs. Soake

Thanks, I'll remember that!

'And then there's Vlad. A lower middle class white '
Better Low Class than No Class, which is you.

Under President Obama, government spending has grown at its slowest rate since the Eisenhower Administration.

In fact, adjusting for inflation, Obama has actually cut spending by 0.1 percent, according to a Politifact analysis.

Sorry if facts are disturbing your preconceptions.

indicative of a people in the throngs of a cluster fuck

I'm guessing you meant throes.

What are britches anyway?


knee-length trousers, often having ornamental buckles or elaborate decoration at or near the bottoms, commonly worn by men and boys in the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries.

If the Romney-Massachusetts-Republican plan of "private heatlh insurance exchanges" (also called Obamacare) is voted down, would that not open the door to a public option like "Medicare for all"?

I've seen that viewpoint expressed but I'm not buying it. As long as the GOP retains legislative influence, exploitative insurance practices will be protected and even encouraged. The unfortunate American who loses his job and eventually his health insurance and who also happens to become sick will risk losing his home due to the GOP enacted bankruptcy laws.

This dynamic will be allowed to continue because GOP mouthpieces such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh will utter the evil word "Socialism" sending the likes of Vlad and his ilk mindlessly scurrying to their right-wing hornet's nest in order to do the bidding of the insurance industry, and by extension, corrupt politicians receiving kickbacks.

Of course, one day these blind foot soldiers of the Right Wing will be sacrificed by the very insurance companies and politicians they now fight to protect. But that's the price people with no foresight pay for being stupid.

You're just ticked because I called you a moron for posting your public Facebook page here on CFN.

I mean really, you incessantly scour the internet for anti-Semitic articles to post along with every other group of people you harbor racist sentiment towards and you then post your Facebook page on the very same message board?

You, Sir, are a complete and total fucking idiot.

And the interview process: where do you see yourself in 5 years? Uh, lifting boxes right here sir. What were you doing during this six month gap in your resume? Uh, hating myself for not working.

Your responses to the interviewer gave me a gallows humor chuckle.

Here are other possible responses:

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: Dead of starvation if I don't land this job.

Q: What were you doing during this six month gap in your resume?

A: Researching painless ways of commiting suicide.

Obama has actually cut spending by 0.1 percent

Yeah, but what about the war crimes you think he should be tried for?

Don't panic. The End is coming, coming, and then it will be over and in the past. We will be alive or dead. And dead, we will either be alive or non existent. What is so bad about any of this? As Lincoln said, nothing is good or bad except that thinking makes it so.

Most people don't agree with me about our Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Vladdie want a fascist dictatorship?

Also known as Culottes in France. Thus the working class revolutionaries were called Sans Culottes.

Yes please. It depends on who - obviously not Obama.

Obama is Republican-lite caving in to Republicans at every turn.

So you admit you are a Socialist? Because that is what the Democratic Party has turned into. Do you really want to be part of that crap? Why?

The Democratic Party is Socialist, Vlad? Socialism is when the government takes care of everything and promotes social justice. Liberals, Democrats, and mommies are seen as supporting the principles of fairness, tolerance, peace, and concern for the well-being of others.

But Conservatives see something more sinister. As in the novel 1984, where George Orwell introduced the world to the idea of government as Big Brother, Conservatives see an intrusive presence constantly scrutinizing the people's actions.

Conservatives worry about the insidious effects of Big Mommy government. My mother is among them. She tells me she will never go along with using seat belts because Big Mommy government makes wearing seat belts a law.

My brothers feel the same about putting on a helmet when cruising around the block on a bike or motorcycle. They resent their "freedom" to ride with a helmet being taken away by big Mommy government.

Conservatives also feel every time the government levies some "sin tax" on goods, they are putting themselves in the role of Big Mommy instructing what we, the children, may or may not do.

Conservatives say they don't need Big Mommy to intrude in every aspect of their life and tell them what to do.

The irony is Conservatives tend to be big supporters of the military. And the military is the biggest Mommy of them all. No other federal government program uses taxpayer dollars to provide so much "Mommy care"

No other government-run program does the food shopping, prepares meals, buys the clothes and picks out what clothes to wear, and no other government-run program determines when to go to bed and when to get up.

Mommy-military spends our tax dollars to do that for all the little soldier-children.

And Mommy-military tells the little soldier-children fantastic stories about bravery and courage and how the soldier-children guarantee Freedom for all the citizens and keep our country the best in the world! Mommy military never mentions we are not the best, by a long shot. They never mention that the USA in infant mortality rate ranks 49th, just ahead of Croatia at No. 50.

Conservatives support giving billions of tax dollars to Mommy-Military and Mommy-military wastes tax dollars on weapons and preparation for war.

Mommy-military weakens our country through trillions of dollars of deficit spending (euphemistically called "special appropriations").

Mommy-military makes us less safe by betraying our values and violating the Supreme laws of our land. Through the commission of torture, murder, kidnapping, and collective punishment of civilian populations, in violation of laws binding upon us, our country's values are trampled upon in our name.

OK, here's my rant (among that of others).

Sorry,..... though some Americans might derive a sense of security from the oft stated contention that our nation is imperialistically controlling world affairs, more approximately we are just one more colony (plantation really) occupied by the real controllers of global affairs. That is, the transnational corporations and international financial institutions.

Yes, it is "our" military that is deployed around the globe "protecting our interests" (putatively speaking again), but more specific to the truth "ours" applies only to the cost paid in blood and tax dollars. In spite of all the chest beating bravura and patriotic hoopla about our "service members" -- deployed in untold numbers of nations around the globe -- their mission can only be labeled American by fact that it is the American flag sewn on their uniforms as a shoulder patch. Contending they are serving American interests is no more accurate than would be claim that the mercenary Gerkhas of the British Empire were serving Nepal.

That is to say, again, it is only the transnational corporations and financiers being served, not "we the people".

Elections in America are a charade, bought and paid for as side-show distraction while our independent sovereignty is alternately sold and eroded away. Whether you vote Democrat or Republican the eventual winner will govern less as representative "of the people" but more as appointed governor of a colonized nation.

National sovereignty has effectively been dissolved, making irrelevant the classification of citizen. Instead, we are now reduced in status to a global commodity classification of human capital, having no more standing in our own nation than people anywhere else in the world. That's why foreign nationals who've violated our immigration laws by illegal entry are now demanding to be accepted as a legitimate political force -- backed, of course, by the politically correct crowd insisting that no distinction be made between those here legally and those not.

See, that's how the global plantation system works. In practice; America de-industrialized for manufacture offshore in nations having surfeit human capital (translated: cheaper for hire; such as in China, or India, or Viet Nam,.... on and on).

Too; failure to stem flood of illegal immigrants whose practice of employ and hire do much more damage than just undercut the wage floor for citizens. Their infusion into the nation's labor force has created a shadow economy that dodges tax obligations to pay for the social infrastructure their enormous numbers overburden. This infusion also displaces America's young people, taking away their opportunity for entrance level employment so important in preparing them with early job experience in part-time or seasonal occupation. Maybe the greatest loss is America being denied its own robust and capable workforce, built generation upon generation through apprenticeship programs and on-job training.

Worse, political parties are bidding against one another for the favor of these violators of our immigration laws, tailoring campaigns with appeal pitches targeting them as hedge toward possibility of eventual amnesty. Abandoning obligation to serve the interest of the sovereign citizenry, the political parties have become nakedly self serving in a bidding war for long-tem political power. By ever increasing numbers this potential scab voting block will anchor the top bidder's position for generations, hence serve as weight against the current sovereign citizens' disaffection stemming from recognition of having been betrayed.

Tragically, patriotiotism (especially in form of objection to erosion of national independent sovereignty) has become unfashionable for many Americans, replaced by a particularly pernicious doctrine of political correctness. According to this doctrine, because America's history isn't pure regarding injustice to minorities (no nation is unblemished, by the way) and for being too European and White we should surrender sovereignty as penance. That is, until our nation redeems itself by attaining some idealized (yet unspecified) proportional distribution of race, ethnicity, religion, etc., etc., etc. Yea diversity, right?

You see, as recipients for right to self determination through democratic process of elected representation we are being disqualified. Left only with classification of human capital we must devalue ourselves in obligation to global market standards. All barriers for preserving our quality of life as nationally independent and self sustainable must go. Instead we must accept (as act of absolution from historic national sins, mind you) the burden of the rest of the world's run-away over population.

America will not regain national sovereignty as long as our government and military are co-opted as handmaid to corporate global ambitions, and not until other nations are forced to honor our border with control of their own. That condition should be the aim of National Defense.

They resent their "freedom" to ride with a helmet being taken away


I'll bet Mommy Mullah knows how to fix the USA's problems. Let me see if I can trouble one for an opinion. What's that? He grabbed a picnic basket and left? Oh that's right. They're executing whores at the soccer stadium today. It's a family event.

You see, as recipients for right to self determination through democratic process of elected representation we are being disqualified.

No, you are not being "disqualified" ... you are being left behind ... because of your antiquated and prejudiced rejection of what you call "political correctness" ... because of your refusal to change instead of bitching about "political correctness" ... Your desire to be politically incorrect destines you to extinction.

You are being left behind, outnumbered, and your generation of rigid WASP ideology will be gradually replaced through nonviolent democratic processes. It's all good.

"It's all good."

See ya at the picnic.

They're executing whores at the soccer stadium today. It's a family event.

Just like it was a family event in the USA when Negroes were lynched, complete with picnic lunches... family affairs in which the families participated in torturing a Black man before the lynching.

If another country, a civilized country, decided to invade the USA to attack the white racists doing the lynchings, what would the reaction be: unity against the foreign aggressors. Just like in the Middle East today.

Countries go through an evolution. Just as I condemn violence in the USA, I condemn any kind of violence due by the Mullahs in the Middle East. Violence is not the solution to social problems.

OK. So why don't you shut the fuck up about it?


I condemn any kind of violence done by the Mullahs in the Middle East.

Because you think the answer to violence is more violence, that's why I will NEVER shut up about it.

At least I am consistent. I condemn violence on both sides. You share more in common with the Mullahs than me: you both believe violence is OK in certain situations.

Oh please let me catch some motherfucker poisoning a little girl on her way to school...

Oh please let me catch some motherfucker poisoning a little girl on her way to school...

You are so brave. Do you wear a white hat?

And the Mullah is saying: "Oh please let me catch some SOB Marine kicking in the door at 2:00 a.m. where my daughter is sleeping."


How would you react if a foreign military force was in the USA kicking down the doors of your family members "looking for weapons"?

Don't worry Asoka. You're going to get your "wish". The other day when I wondered what was left of Afghani culture, a friend of mine explained to me that the violence I find so abhorrent IS Taleb culture, and the US is interferring in it. This situation totally sucks. The Army is not going to leave many people in Afghanistan (who knows about the number of "contractors"). As the Taliban expands it's role in the government, man are those service people gonna get fucked with. Then came the Iranians...

Then came the Iranians...

You always have to conjure up an enemy for your precious chickenshit military to attack.

Thousands of years of military interventions have not created a peaceful world. Like I said, you done drunk the kool aid and swallowed the propaganda that we are the "good guys" and "they" (whoever that happens to be this week) are the "bad guys".

Cobardes Criminales metidos en Afghanistan.

Don't worry Asoka. You're going to get your "wish".

I'm not worried. I know I will get my wish.

I have public opinion on my side and I am sure I will get my wish ... because it's not just mine. It's shared by all reasonable people.

WASHINGTON, May 19, 2012 — Support for the war in Afghanistan has reached a new low, with only 27 percent of Americans saying they back the effort and about half of those who oppose the war saying the continued presence of American troops in Afghanistan is doing more harm than good, according to an AP-GfK poll.


Orders to ship to Afghanistan are illegal. Any soldier in Afghanistan is a war criminal.

Answer my question.

How would you react if a foreign military force was in the USA kicking down the doors of your family members "looking for weapons"?

I damn sure wouldn't give 'em any shit.

But you would consider them terrorists, right? Busting down the door at 2:00 a.m. and terrorizing the children is terrorism, and the USA forces are doing it EVERY SINGLE GODDAMNED NIGHT.

Reverend Wright said it true: GODDAMN AMERICA!

If you can't see WE are the terrorists and criminals in Afghanistan, heaven help you. Taliban victory is assured and many more USA soldiers will die. Each year we are there the Taliban just gets stronger. They are defending their homeland against foreign invaders and they will force the invaders out.

Night Raids Killed over 1,500 Afghan Civilians

U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) killed well over 1,500 civilians in night raids in less than 10 months in 2010 and early 2011, analysis of official statistics on the raids released by the U.S.-NATO command reveals.


The reason why this all so important is, obviously, oil. But there is no oil in Afghanistan, you say. I tried to point out that Afghanistan is important for military strategy (a concept that, thankfully, is beyond your comprehension) and not just by the US. I can assure you, any attempts to embargo will be catastrophic and unpredictable.

a concept that, thankfully, is beyond your comprehension

Yes, it is beyond my comprehension that for some kind of strategy on paper we have killed 1,500 Afghan civilians.

Fuck your strategy. Fuck your oil. Fuck your criminal armed forces.


Let me put this in words you can understand, Xhalor:

Fuck your strategy. Fuck your oil. Fuck your criminal armed forces.

Thousands of years of military interventions have not created a peaceful world.

A couple of years ago, with all of recorded history as my guide, I quoted the Bible: "There will always be wars and rumors of wars." You were wearing a happy face that day and so you denied it. But now you speak of "Thousands of years of military interventions." Just one more Asoka inconsistency.

Wish I could fuck'em all. I don't want any of this to happen. Let me know when you're ready to get off the oil.

I can assure you, any attempts to embargo will be catastrophic and unpredictable.

You can't assure shit.

If and when an embargo happens against the USA it will be more catastrophic for people living in 5,000 square feet McMansions in the suburbs dependent on 2,000-mile salads than for Afghans living in mud huts. Just the way the cookie crumbles. The USA has much more to lose.

Let me know when you're ready to get off the oil.

Who appointed you the guardian of oil?

Do you think that only the US will respond militarily if there is a full-on OPEC embargo?

I quoted the Bible: "There will always be wars and rumors of wars." You were wearing a happy face that day and so you denied it.

You wouldn't know consistency if it bit you.

But I'm nobody's fool tonight.

I am consistent because I still deny "there will always be wars" because of the word "always"

We don't know and cannot know the fucking future.

What I am saying is what we do know: violence begets more violence and all those military interventions and killing civilians just creates a desire for revenge and results in more violence.

I can point to the past as evidence. You cannot point to the future and affirm "there will always be wars"

Modern Western European countries have not been at war with one another for seven decades now. So "always" is false anyway.

Translation of which is: White identity, even identifying as white, will cease to exist. Every trait, value, and custom we hold dear will be eradicated if you have your way; whether those things associated with whites are/were ever harmful or negative in any way.

Thanks for straightening me out. But the question lingers: what is the ratio of un WASPish population to be reached for the United States to be once more deemed worthy of sovereign self determination?

That is, what will be the qualifier in “diverse” make-up to permit enforced legal definition of “citizen”, which as a collective body will once more have exclusive right of determining the nation’s destiny?

That is, when will our national destiny no longer default to however many foreign nationals choose to disregard our borders – our nationhood?

Do you think that only the US will respond militarily if there is a full-on OPEC embargo?

You don't get it, xhalor. The USA is a paper tiger that couldn't defeat little men in black pajamas or robed men with turbans and ieds. All your vaunted military technology is useless.

Do you think the USA is going to take on China and Russia who are backing Iran, when the USA was powerless to overcome insurgencies in poor third world countries like Vietnam and Iraq?

The USA military is a criminal waste of money.

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, every fucking Marine who is "trained to kill" (sick, sick, sick) signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those little Afghan girls you claim to love so much who hunger and are not fed, a theft from those little Afghan girls you claim to love so much who are cold and are not clothed.

Yes, and your point is?

White morally challenged individuals are on the way out. So? What are you going to do. Deal with it, dude. Stop whining.

Added to that, true WASPs are the best white friends blacks ever had. The most prominent have been your benefactors for decades. Only Jews have done more for you.

Most liberals are WASPs. Most abolitionists were New England Puritan WASPs.

Rigid WASP ideology these days is usually aimed at other whites, but I think WASP is just code for all whites to you.

Ok. You don't think that the rest of the oil-usin' planet will lift a finger. I take back what I said about you being a sociopath.

You're an idiotic sociopath.

Oh snap! China and Russia are going to assist.
Of course they are. I'm sure you've conferred with the generals, seen the satellite intelligence, and all the other deployment "stuff".

Soaka wants open borders.
Open borders = a fascist narco-dictatorship.

Re: 'Vlad want a fascist dictatorship'.

when will our national destiny no longer default to however many foreign nationals choose to disregard our borders – our nationhood?

Hello? Reagan granted an amnesty in 1986 and until Obama not a single president had done anything. Obama has arrested and deported more illegals in four years than both Bushes combined in twelve years.

The very assertion that we have "defaulted on our national destiny" is a lie.

When will we no longer default, you ask? Hello? When Obama took office the "default" on national destiny stopped. Here is the proof:

The Obama administration has undertaken the most serious and sustained actions to secure the Southwest border in our nation’s history.

Obama increased the number of Border Patrol agents nationwide from approximately 10,000 in 2004 to more than 21,000 today with nearly 18,500 ‘boots on the ground’ along the Southwest border.

Working in coordination with state and other federal agencies, Obama deployed a quarter of all ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] operational personnel to the Southwest border region –- the most ever -– to dismantle criminal organizations along the border.

The results of these comprehensive and coordinated efforts have been striking. Border Patrol apprehensions -— a key indicator of illegal immigration —- have decreased 53 percent in the last three years and are less than 20 percent of what they were at their peak. Indeed, illegal immigration attempts have not been this low since 1971. What "default" on national destiny?

That Obama.

First he took the Republican “mandate” idea.

Then he took the Republican “algae” idea.

Then he cut taxes.

Then he killed the guy Bush couldn’t find.

Then Obama expanded the use of handguns.

Then he deported more illegals than Bush years combined, aaaaarrrrrrrrgh…..

Now he’s first to the gay punch. What's a conservative Republican to do?

You're an idiotic sociopath.

Yes, and I'm a dangerous sociopath. You cannot predict what I will do next.

Have you not posted in a long time?
Or have I missed your posts?
CHEERS, Cavepainter.

Soaka 'want a fascist dictatorship', Mexico style.

I have seen much more intelligence than you can imagine. I have sources for Chinese and Russian classified documents.

Every white is a morally challenged individual to you. I guess because whites don't do things the black way? The black way is often failure or second best mediocrity when they try things the modern way.

Even you don't want a unadulterated black society that has been attempted in the way it has in nations of blacks around the world. It won't work well and will be the most unfavorable to blacks.

The only way that blacks may have a successful society is to revert to a naturalistic bush society with a little modern day knowledge thrown in. Those people are pretty much the only peaceful people in Africa or any where else blacks live in the world. It could be a high-level society or nation in that way; a high functioning society most suited to blacks.

There are blacks with enough knowledge to make that type of society thrive in it's own way. Blacks can't compete in the 21st century world of technology, etc.

Ill consider the source.
Flame on.

"Yes, and I'm a dangerous sociopath. You cannot predict what I will do next."

You must have had a blast at the picnic!

Even you don't want a unadulterated black society...

Very good! You are paying attention. I don't want an unadulterated Black society or an unadulterated Chinese society or an unadulterated white society... you get my drift now, Tark.

What I want is what is actually happening in the world. I am getting my wish come true of a global multicultural village of all races living together.

You don't want that? Fine, you will be left behind. The reality is that DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH.


Ignore him!

I have a blast every day. Don't you?

You're not talking about explosives, are you?


Anti soak is giving me more attention by saying "Ignore him"

Love it!

I have defeated Xhalor, and Q, and Tark, reducting them to name calling ad hominem attacks by citing actual evidence, proof, facts, etc. that they cannot deal with. Reality is on my side.

Like slippery eels they are writhing and worrying about the "national destiny" and "consistency" and the "extinction of whites" and the terribly immoral Mullahs, and, oh, the horrible Iranians and a possible OPEC embargo.

Weak and ineffectual persons can see, and are afraid of, the handwriting on the wall.

That' classified information. You scared of IEDs, too?

....aaaaand NOW the drugs have taken effect.


reducing them to name calling ad hominem attacks

You scared of drugs, too? You a 'fraidy cat. You skeered of everything.

White mono-culture wasn't disaster prone or in disarray until we started trying to accommodate everyone.

Besides, I said an unadulterated black nation in the same way it's been tried for awhile. Attempting to compete in a world not made by you.

Have you ever read or heard of a book called This Perfect Day? It's about, among other things, forcing disparate groups and races together by a form of velvet soft force. No independent thoughts or feelings allowed, every one loves each other because they don't get a choice or have the chance to think in any other way. That sounds like the world you desire.

What the fuck do you call the Civil War?

Or maybe you call it the "War of Northern Aggression"?

Pre-accomodation white on white violence, family against family, massacres galore, white depravity on display for all the world to see.

forcing disparate groups and races together by a form of velvet soft force.

Exactly whis IS happening. It is called LOVE. Yes, that is exactly what I want and my wish is coming true. Kiss your white genetic purity goodbye. It is going away due to "soft force" the force of EROS.

EROS IS WINNING AGAINST THANATOS. Too bad for you. You cannot embrace multicultural, multiracial reality, so your choice is to suffer.


Exactly THIS IS happening. It is called LOVE.

I call it and all wars soemthing we bounced back from. That was also a war not caused by, but a cause of and made in part by, further complications by a whole other race. Slavery and it's aftermath caused turmoil and strife for everyone.

Exactly THIS IS happening. It is called LOVE.

What's more, Tark, your grandchildren are color-blind. More bad news for you. They don't give a fuck about race. Inter-racial marriages are skyrocketing. More bad news for you.


No love, thought control. It's really true that the next wave of fascists will be anti-fascists. Like Churchill said.

Quite true. Republicans are warmongers and have nothing to do with the vision of the Founders. I have said so many times.

made in part by, further complications by a whole other race. Slavery and it's aftermath caused turmoil and strife for everyone.

Oh, so now you are admitting the stupidity of the white race in chaining Blacks to the bottom of boats and bringing them here?

Finally, we agree.

Whites stupidly engaged in the slave trade. They should have either loved Blacks, acting like civilized human beings, or left Blacks alone.

What whites actually did in engaging in enslavement of Blacks was morally-challenged and stupid.

I'm not old enough for grandchildren, and I have no children. But I do have nephews and nieces and not one of them is colorblind, some are in their teens too. They aren't full of hate but they know who they are and like it

I never thought that slavery was anything but cruel and sadistic, and an enormous mistake for whites well-being too.

Greed on both sides did that though. Greed for money and power. Blacks in Africa wanted power over their rivals and enemies; certain whites wanted money. But that's such old news that it's trite and worn out

No, loving. Not thought control.

Specifically, the Loving v. Virginia case, which struck down anti-miscegenation laws in 1967 in a landmark Supreme Court ruling.

Are you American, Tark?

If not, you can be excused for not knowing American history. It is LOVING that is changing the white monoculture, not thought control.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the number of interrracially married couples has increased from 310,000 in 1970 to 651,000 in 1980, to 964,000 in 1990, to 1,464,000 in 2000 and to 2,340,000 in 2008.

LOVING RELATIONSHIPS (not thought control) led to those marriages.

that's such old news that it's trite and worn out

I don't know where to begin to start with such a stupid comment. It is obviously not worn out since we spend EVERY FUCKING WEEK on CFN rehashing it endlessly. And you will continue to pay for the sins of your ancestors IN THE PRESENT. It's obvious it's not old news and trite to you because you are here this week complaining and complaining and making stupid and insulting statements like:

Blacks can't compete in the 21st century world of technology, etc.

You are going to continue to pay, TODAY, for continuing to hold that kind of racist attitude TODAY. Ain't no past about it. Ain't nothing trite about it. And we'll be back next week discussing race again and the week after that forever because it is not in the past, it is burning in your present prejudice.

What you don't understand is that I also believe that blacks have a absolute right to a mono-culture, mono-racial world of their own nation-wise.

When you put races together races will mix some. It's the lure of the exotic and the pull of the familiar at the same time. That doesn't prove a deep and abiding love.

Yes, btw, I'm American. I think I know American history moderately well...

Do most blacks seem happy or well-adjusted in this society? They are constantly angry and constantly resentful that they have to abide by the honkies rules.

I'm only here making my stupid comments because I'm tired of whites being battered and bashed because we exist and exist AS whites.

I'm also talking to myself.....

Every white is a morally challenged individual to you.

Tark, I cannot let you get away with such a statement. I acknowledge there are some good whites.


As I've stated many times before, I definitely include in the morally-challenged category whites who dropped atomic bombs on Japanese babies.

And whites (or any other color) who kick down doors every night, in Afghanistan night raids, terrorizing little girls, are morally challenged.

And the Taliban is definitely morally-challenged for the horrific things they do to little girls in Afghanistan.

Just because the Taliban terrorizes little girls doesn't excuse our terrorizing little girls, or raping them, or murdering them or murdering their parents.

As my momma used to say: "Two wrongs don't make a right."

If the shoe fits, wear it. If not, don't.

Yeah, I do a lot of that myself.

That doesn't prove a deep and abiding love.

When two people get married, usually they DO profess a deep and abiding love.

I've never heard wedding vows that said:

"I promise to love this person a little bit for now, until I get tired and decide to move on."

Asoka, .I. can't compete in a highly technological world at a high or even medium level. There's plenty out there these days that is way beyond my capabilities. I feel left behind a little.

But, the difference is that I still feel like I fit into this society in a far more seamless way than blacks, or others for that matter. At least until now, this nation was on my wavelength, so to speak; I felt like I belonged here. I'm not sure most blacks have ever felt that way, definitely not deep down.


Along with the drone bombings of civilians, this is a morally-challenged foreign policy, that I lay at the feet of our half-white Commander-in-Chief Obama:

Night Raids Killed over 1,500 Afghan Civilians

U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) killed well over 1,500 civilians in night raids in less than 10 months in 2010 and early 2011, analysis of official statistics on the raids released by the U.S.-NATO command reveals.

Ignore asoka.

From what I've heard most interracial marriages don't last long.

At least until now, this nation was on my wavelength, so to speak; I felt like I belonged here.

That must have been a wonderful feeling!

Some of us have never felt that ...

(excess melanin and all the prejudice against it)

True, dat. And the reason is lack of acceptance by the families. Adolescents involved in interracial romance are less likely to reveal their relationships to their families, to the public eye and less likely to meet their partners’ parents. These patterns suggest that interracial relationships are less likely than intraracial relationships to be supported by significant others.

Then was, or is, segregation a completely bad thing? A truly fair segregated society would be for the good of all. It isn't necessarily inherently oppressive.


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  首先要判断自己皮肤是不是真的缺水,我的个人土方很简单:你每次洗完脸后,先不要抹东西, 就擦干就好。 然后使劲张大嘴, 张得越大越好, 然后坚持3-5秒,再合上, 这时候你感觉自己的嘴角, 如果没有不舒服,或者干的感觉, 你其实不算缺水。 如果感觉嘴角干了,甚至连脸颊都不舒服了, 应该需要大补补了。


  如果你需要补水的话, 年龄在26岁一下,我都建议你用bio作为主要补水用品, 其他的一些比较自然和温和的品牌也都可以选择, 比如vichy,evian,origins等都可以选择,这要看你自己皮肤的接受程度来选择牌子。

  如果26,27岁以上的话, 补水相对麻烦一点, 上面的牌子可能不能完全起效果,就要用一些比较深度的牌子,除去补水也要结合其他的功能, 比如预防皱纹等等, 因为这个年龄的有些皱纹其实都是假的, 是干纹,但是又很难分辨, 所以最好双管齐下。我比较推荐murad,ysl,chanle,guerlain的补水系列,当然,如果你预算还能上去的话, 可以用la mer。

  2。有些人不是单纯性缺水,皮肤总觉得干, 但是还出油。 混合型皮肤还有油性皮肤很常见的缺水症状。

  这类皮肤选择的产品基本和1差不多, 但是出去一点, 尽量选择非cream类的补水产品, 以及不含酒精的产品, 最好用gel,lotion的东西, 避免用cream,和比较rich的serum。也不合适用那种一小粒一小粒包装的精华素。

  对于这个,我比较推荐bio的补水排毒系列, 还有murad补水系列, 以及Peter thomas roth的相对产品。 效果很好。

  这类肤质的人更要多喝水, 因为补水的同时还可以清理多余的油脂,当然了,这都是个长久过程。 不能喝几天就不喝,或者少喝。

【罗马字】Hanbok 【日语】かんふく 南韩、港台以及西方国家叫(韩服/Hanbok),北朝鲜叫(朝鲜服/Josenon-ot)。 1897年 大韩帝国成立后,开始叫依国名称韩服。现代韩服特指的是李氏朝鲜时代定型的民族衣装,同时在20世纪因为实用原因进行了一些较大的改动,并没有完全依照李氏朝鲜时期韩服的真实版型。最近,改良韩服和生活韩服在韩国出现。韩服的特色是设计简单、颜色艳丽和无口袋。在韩国通常自认为韩服拥有三大美,即袖的 曲线、白色的半襟以及裙子的形状。现代女性韩服的普通着叫做“赤古里裙(/chima jeogori)”,包括 赤古里和高腰背心裙。男性韩服的普通着叫做“赤古里巴基(/paji jeogori)”,包括赤古里和裤。普通百姓再正式点的女性韩服还在赤古里裙外唐衣,男性则在赤古里巴基外增加周衣。传统高级韩服通常用明紬(明朝制法的绢丝)制作。老百姓的韩服通常用大麻、苎麻或者棉制作。 高丽时代朝鲜的白色苎麻经常进贡给 唐朝。由于韩服穿著不便,除了在正式的场合和一些古老乡村外,现在已很少韩国人会在日常生活中穿着韩服。近年亦有人制造改良韩服(又称生活韩服)作日常生活穿著之用。 高丽人的传统 服饰本来没有固定的名称。二战后, 朝鲜半岛分成了朝鲜与 韩国两个国家,图腾网,其中韩国影响较大,所以国际上通称为“韩服”。 韩服是受 汉服和蒙古服饰的影响从古代演变到现代的传统服装。韩服的线条兼具曲线与直线之美,尤其是女士韩服的短上衣和长裙上薄下厚,端庄闲雅。


  朝鲜民族在受中国 汉文化熏陶之前曾经是散居在乌拉 阿尔泰山脉的游牧民族,崇尚下宽上窄的金字塔形服饰,韩服的基本风格是在大约三国时代演变出来。当时的裤子都很短和紧身,而上衣的腰围则非常贴身。 朝鲜族服饰经历了三大变革,朝鲜先民最初的白衣服饰的在中国唐朝的影响下进行了第一次变革,第二次是高丽时代,第三次是受 明朝的影响而进行了 汉化。 中国的大唐朝廷把丝制长袍传到韩国。贵族妇女开始穿着全身裙和阔袖的上衣(襦)。而男士就穿着窄身、长至膝盖的上衣和阔身裤,并把裤脚绑在足踝。 韩国曾成为元朝的藩属国达80年。忠烈王其后迎娶成吉思汗的女儿为妻,从此改穿蒙古服饰。在他统治的3年内,所有官员都要剃去头发,并要穿着蒙古服饰。 韩国成为明朝 附属国,进行了全方位的汉化,女子服装则受到明代服饰的影响,初期衣带在右侧,较幼及短,后来移到较中间的位置并加粗、加长,上襦亦缩短;韩服的个性发展开始于明朝灭亡之后即李氏朝鲜中期。从那以后,韩服特别是女装,上衣逐渐缩短,同 中国服饰的区别逐渐增大。而李氏朝鲜时期韩国男子的着装则基本上在照搬中国明朝服饰的基础上融入自己的民族审美和特色,社会各阶层服饰的颜色、纹样、 款式等有着严格的区分。在李氏朝鲜末年,平民(白丁)女性的上衣甚至短至袒露胸部,有可能是为方便哺乳而设,至日占时代被 日本统治者以「有伤风化」为理由取缔。之后在北朝鲜和南韩各自独立分治之后,各自又再次发展出不同的路线,北朝鲜以素雅和简朴为主,而南韩则较追求线条的清晰笔直,并常在裙中加入裙撑以制造类似蓬蓬裙的效果。现代韩服里,除了源自西方的马甲和满族的马褂子,其他款式均学自汉服。 赤古里(,罗马字Jeogori)


  赤古里作为上衣在朝鲜男女通用。赤古里在朝鲜的三国时代, 高句丽叫做“襦”, 百济叫做“复杉”, 新罗叫做“尉解”。直到 高丽王国的时候,赤古里这个名称才第一次被记录下来,用汉字写作“赤古里”或者“短赤古里”,赤古里这种叫法很可能有来自 蒙古的影响。最初赤古里长及腰部,直接来源于汉服 襦裙上襦的影响。但到了朝鲜王朝末期,赤古里仅长至腋下且刚好遮住胸部。白纸做的动襟则衬托出了女性颈部。赤古里由五个部分组成,分别是衣()、襟()、动襟(/半襟)、紟()和筒袖。赤古里继承了汉服系统的右衽和襈(衣缘),特别是抄袭明朝 袄裙的白色半襟和紟。为扣好短上衣,在两个前衣襟上各缝有紟,女性赤古里的长带垂落在长裙前面,也有装饰的作用。 赤古里袖口是指短衣的袖子下方, 其特征为传统韩屋飞檐的曲线似的自然柔美。 男女的赤古里有差异/ 男式赤古里以线条粗,平坦为特点; 女式则以装饰华丽曲线短而美丽为特点。


  赤古里背心裙是单层或者双层的高腰裙。这种裙子由紃(/白色肩带)、裙带面(/裙带)、幅(/裙面)和裙带抹基()所组成。裙子的形状有矩形裙和抹基裙两种[参见韩国博物馆文物图片[1] ]。 朝鲜民族在古代因为朝廷限制多穿原色,因为被称为“白衣民族”。但是女性的裙子在过去则无此限制,女孩和未婚女性的下裙通常是赤色,而已婚女性和中年女性则穿蓝色的裙子,老年女性穿灰色的裙子。直到现在这也是韩服的一大特色。下面则配绵袜()。绿衣红裳(/NokUiHongSang)则是李氏朝鲜时代未婚女性最普遍的搭配。虽然现代有越来越多的颜色搭配,但朝鲜民族心中绿衣红裳才能是 新娘礼服的色彩搭配。巴基(/paji,pants) 朝鲜男人的宽松裤子,适合正坐。裤子收口处有系带。冠赤古里(/Gat-jeogori) 比典型的赤古里稍大,里层是兔毛外层是蚕丝的女士赤古里。 马褂子( ,罗马字Magoja) 马褂子属于 胡服系统,源自满族的 马褂。马褂子是一种防寒服,穿在赤古里外面,通常用明紬(明朝绢丝)制造,用一枚或两枚 琥珀扣子合拢,正面以下开叉。于1887年被政治流放到 满洲的 大院君回国后在朝鲜王国引进推广的,最初是一种男性衣装,后来变成两性通用,男性的马褂子比女性的长;因为防寒保暖的功能在当时很受 朝鲜人的欢迎。


  源自中国汉服的 比甲[2] 。朝鲜褙子通常是指的短褙子。朝鲜王朝时期的朝鲜褙子只是礼节性的女式冬季长款背心袍。直到朝鲜王朝末期也只是女性穿着。目前韩国男性结婚时也有穿朝鲜褙子的,并在腋下显著的增加了腰带的装饰。 来自西方,V领,用扣子扣拢,有口袋。 【长衣(/Chang-ot)】 朝鲜王朝末期贵族女性在任何公共场所都得穿着长衣遮住脸和上半身。


  【周衣(/durumagi)】 源自中国的 直缀,周衣最初是朝廷官员和皇室的日常穿着。后来普通人逐渐开始在特殊的重要场合穿着周衣。在现代韩国,周衣则用作穿在赤古里外面的保暖外套。 【 道袍(/Dopo)】 道袍是袍的一种,源自中国的 袍,朝鲜男性的普通 礼服。朝鲜王朝中期(西元1600-1910)的 士大夫阶级的外套。普通人只能在家祭等特殊场合穿着。 【鹤氅衣(/Hakchangui)】 源自中国的 鹤氅,鹤氅衣是 高丽王朝和朝鲜王朝时期士大夫的装束。“鹤”在古代朝鲜指的是“学习”,所以是士大夫和贵族的衣装。 【 深衣(/Shimui)】 源自中国汉服,在朝鲜,深衣是士大夫阶层闲暇时的装束。典型的深衣是直领,但也有方领襟的深衣( /bangyeongkit shimui)。 【直领袍(/Jignyeongpo)】 直领袍是高丽时代下级政府官员的衣服。到了朝鲜王朝时代,直领袍也成为普通男性的衣服。 【内衣()】 素裹()是朝鲜女性的白色开档衬裤。无足裙( /)则是女性所穿的朝鲜纸褶子衬裙。 朝鲜官服()比普通人的衣服更精致更贵重。某些款式和颜色只有古代朝鲜 王室才能穿。官服也根据朝鲜朝廷的官位有所区别。 【官服的象征()】 朝鲜王朝时期(西元1392-1910), 朝鲜国王的官服是红底金色图案的 蟒袍(),朝鲜王后则饰以凤。公主、 翁主和 嫔妃则饰以花型图案。高级朝廷官员饰以流云和仙鹤。 【 阔衣(/Hwal-ot)】 阔衣源自明朝汉族所穿的长 褙子(/jangbaeja),阔衣是高丽王朝和朝鲜王朝时期朝鲜公主和翁主的大礼服。阔衣上饰有红线绣上的十种高贵植物和动物,在 朝鲜文化里代表了长寿、幸运和富贵。同时阔衣也是皇室女性和贵族女性结婚仪式上所穿的嫁衣。阔衣在朝鲜时代起初是上流阶层妇女们的礼服,到后期平民也被允许穿著。礼服的 面料多以枣红色贡缎、 花纹缎、洋缎等做成;衬里则多用蓝色,无花纹。由于阔衣相当昂贵,普通百姓则以绿圆衫作为新娘结婚礼服。 【 圆衫(/Wonsam)】 圆衫也来自汉服的长褙子[3] 。朝鲜时代(西元1392-1910)王族女性、贵族女性和 贵妇的正礼装,材料为绢(蚕丝),肩上、胸和背面前镶有代表阶层的金箔装饰的大袖服装。穿在赤古里裙外面黄圆衫(/hwang wonsam):西元 1897年10月朝鲜宣告改称大韩帝国以后,朝鲜“ 皇后”所穿的圆衫僭越到黄色。 红圆衫(/hong wonsam):作为中国附属国时,朝鲜王后所穿的圆衫是红色的。 绿圆衫(/nok wonsam):朝鲜公主和王妃所穿的圆衫是绿色的。上面饰有寿福二字。王妃绿圆衫的补子是茶色的,胸背上有双凤纹。绿圆衫也是王后和公主、翁主在较小规模庆典上穿著的小礼服,也是宫中的高级别宫女和贵妇人的主礼服。到了朝鲜时代末期,也允许平民在婚礼上穿著,但其款式较为简单。民间用袖口大多以彩色缎子代替烫金图案,以此与宫廷礼服区别。 开城圆衫(/kaesong wonsam):朝鲜贵族在开城地区所穿的圆衫。


  【 唐衣(/Tangui)】 唐衣源自汉服的短褙子[4] 。唐衣是正面常常垂下的赤古里,王侯贵族女性的第二礼装,用于出席主要庆典。王室女性的唐衣有金色镶边,其他人则没有。


  朝鲜冕服由冕旒冠(/Myonryugwan)和 衮服(/gonbok)所组成,是在高丽时代和朝鲜时代 中国皇帝赏给朝鲜国王的祭拜宗庙和社稷的 祭服()以及正朝、冬至、朝会、受册和纳妃所穿的大礼服()。九章冕服最早是明太祖 朱元璋下赐给朝鲜国王 李成桂的,同时还赐给王妃珠翠七翟冠和霞披金坠。后来朝鲜国王的九章冕服越制增加了 玉圭、冕旒冠、绘衣等,以及纁绘常、 大带、白绘 中单、 佩玉、红绶、白罗 方心曲领、纁绘 蔽膝、袜以及摘舃等。因为朝鲜国王只是郡王级别,所以朝鲜的冕旒冠只有九旒,是绝对不能僭越中国天子的十二旒。明朝的赤翟衣最初是明朝皇帝明惠宗 朱允炆下赐给朝鲜国王的,是特许的亲王级别的服饰[5] 。天青色翟衣作为中国皇后的等级, 朝鲜王妃不能僭越。但在清国 甲午海战失败朝鲜独立以后,朝鲜开始称皇后并穿天青翟衣。 【贴里/天翼(/Cheorik)】 深衣制。朝鲜王朝时代的军服。本来是穿在团领里面的白色内衣。后来作为外套后出现了蓝色和红色的贴里。 【 黄袍(/Hwangpo)】 过去朝鲜国王只能穿王公级别的红色蟒袍。西元1897年朝鲜从清国独立出去以后,称朝鲜“帝国”,朝鲜国王开始穿过去不允许穿的黄袍。 【莺衫(/Aengsam)】 莺衫是朝鲜儒生在科举考场上和朝廷典礼上的正式礼服。


  韩国朝鲜族的婚礼服()明亮而且多彩。过去朝鲜平民也只有特殊节日和庆典才穿彩色的韩服,平时都是穿白衣。在过去也只有结婚的时候,平民才允许穿官服,而且还要佩戴更多的仪式性头饰。传统上,新娘新郎在婚礼几天后的 币帛()仪式得穿着民族服。 有钱人的婚礼上,女性嫁衣通常是表面红色内衬蓝色的阔衣,衣服上的图案代表两姓之合、万福之源。或者是袖子有五种颜色的绿圆衫,同时用后面系带的红色真丝金绣大带从腋下扎紧,还要戴上源自蒙古的小帽。朝鲜贵族女性过去以红内衬的绿色唐衣或者粉内衬的紫色唐衣作为嫁衣,再戴上 花冠。后来还出现了白色阔衣的嫁衣。新郎穿的是纱帽冠带。平民新郎通常是穿朝鲜王朝的最下级的九品 官服,戴黑色的 纱帽。而有级别的朝廷官员则是穿他们自己的官服。团领是宫中官员在平时执行政务时穿著的官服。官服的颜色,胸口和背后的正方形补缀的颜色和图案都象徵著穿著者的社会地位。第一次采用团领是在新罗28代真德女王2年(公元648年)。随著中国式官服制度被引进,一直延续到朝鲜王朝。另外也有穿赤古里巴基结婚的人。 不过现代韩国人的婚礼大多数是模仿的西方。


  韩服还可掩饰体形上的不足,使体形较矮的人看上去较高,较瘦的人看上去则较丰满,增添女性之美。如今,大部分国民是已习惯穿着洋装西服,但是在 春节(农历正月初一)、秋夕(中秋节)等节庆日,或行婚礼时,仍有许多人喜爱穿传统的民族服装。女性的韩服是短上衣搭配优雅的长裙;男性则是马褂子或者“褙子”搭配长裤,而以细带缚住宽大的裤脚。上衣、长裙的颜色五彩缤纷,有的甚至加刺明艳华丽的锦绣。韩国传统服装-韩服女装由短上衣和宽松裙子组成,显得十分优雅,男装由上衣和裤子组成.作为白衣民族,韩服基本色为白色。根据不同季节,不同身份其着装的穿法、布料、色彩不同。 韩服是能按服装的颜色和衣料演出各种感觉的衣服。一般来说,上衣用亮色、下衣用暗色最为古典[6] 。 韩国男人的韩服包括赤古里-巴基()、周衣、道袍()、鹤氅衣()、深衣()、马褂子()以及直领袍()。通常是赤古里巴基打底,外面再穿其他的外套。 女性日常式韩服就是赤古里裙,即赤古里+背心裙;传统的色彩安排是红色裙子淡淡的浅绿色或白色、蓝色短上衣,蓝色裙子则配红色或白色、黄色短上衣。此外,紫色裙子配浅紫色短上衣,深紫色裙子配粉红色或玉色短上衣. 在中国朝鲜族、韩国和朝鲜都有流行,源自汉族女性的翘头鞋。朝鲜族历来崇尚素白色,衣服、鞋饰多用白色,朴素大方,极富民族特色。朝鲜族古代多穿草鞋、木屐,后发展到浅口勾背鞋。勾背鞋,口浅,便于穿脱,而且晴雨两用。 男性和女性都会在头上扎辫子,直至成年或结婚为止。成年或已婚男子会把头发结成发髻在头顶,成年未婚的少数女性和一般宫女(巴只、内人)、医女等则把辫子盘在脑后并以粗缎带束起(古代朝鲜人多数早婚,大部份人在未成年前已经结婚)。已婚女性、妓生(艺妓)、高级女官(尚宫、 尚仪、尚服等)会戴上加髢(),即把假发弄成盘状戴上,始於高丽,忠烈王下令高丽全国穿蒙古服、留蒙古发髻(编发)。后来 朝鲜太祖李成桂开国,采「男降女不降」政策,男性恢复汉制,女性则「蒙汉并行」,后来发展成「发盘」样式。 发盘是身份、财富的象征,有钱人和贵族妇女喜欢在发盘上加上各种饰物,有些妇女,尤其是贵族妇女,发盘甚至超过三圈,宫中甚至发展出「木头假髻」,平民及家境一般的妇女则只有一圈。内命妇常服及外命妇礼服的发盘正面正上方有玉板一个,左右各有花簪作为头饰,通称为「凤首」,这也是牒纸的一种,代表身份与地位,有严格规定。后妃、内命妇、尚宫会於发盘和头顶之间放一「子供枕」。 至纯祖时有妇女因发盘过重折断颈项至死,宫中才撤销后妃必须佩戴发盘的规定。后来已婚妇女就改为只把辫子盘成发髻并插上发簪而不戴发盘。 和优雅的线条, 色彩一起, 更加突出韩服美的是花纹。裙子的边, 袖领肩部等部位加上花纹, 更加突出华丽的风格。 纹有植物, 动物, 自然等。 1 外套 指男士在短衣和裤子之外的衣服,通常在外出时穿着 2 裤子 指男性所传的下衣 3 短衣 相当于上衣,男女服装存有差异。男的一线条组、平坦为主,女服以装饰美丽、曲线段而优美为特点。 4 领沿 指领子部位白色的线。 5 长一带 为便于扣好短上衣,在两个前衣襟上各缝有长带。 6 袖口 指短衣的袖子下方。。 7 裙子 为女性的下衣,呈褶皱状与背心相连,分为单裙、衬裙、套裙;优雅的纹路、线条和色彩。突显韩服华丽的风格。 8 足套 像现代的袜子。 韩服的种类:韩服可以根据身份、功能、性别、年龄、用途、材料进行分类。在现代使用观点中,按用途分最具代表性。 根据生活风俗用途,韩服可分为以下几种 1 节日服 2 花甲宴服 3 周岁服 4 仪式礼服 5 婚礼服

find on page ...stupid chpammer!

Whom do you Trust?

The political theater is on with the attacks that don't add up. Oh yeah, right we're back to the birther theme again and with a new twist that in some states, Obama could be removed from the ballot, or so they say.

When Newt was interviewed by Chris Matthews about why people insist upon this idea, Newt sheepishly smiled and said "It beats me."

Many will be stopped from voting this time around, as some states have introduced specific forms of id to vote.

What is the US Justice department doing about this? I haven't heard a word from the MIA attorney general, have you?

So the Theater of Cruelty aka the Republican party is on the road with black box money pushing their agenda of privatization and union bashing. And the Cheney group--You know those corporate commies who want more money for Halliburton et al?
They want more more more, war war war. That's right we've gotta smash social security and medicare for more money for the cronies and that fits in perfectly with their anything but free market ideology.

Here we go again, back to the future, cuz we have no other options. It's all about some making huge money by not allowing this country to move forward and come up with any new models of operation.

Thanks to Dylan Ratigan, we can see a roadmap to other alternatives, but as Ratigan says, you can't depend on the Govt to do anything.

On the other side of this disaster, known as the us govt. is Obama, who is to the right of Richard Nixon, who at least was Keyensian.

This guy adopted every Republican idea and the Republicans hate him and call him a radical socialist. Obama who is also a Milton Friedman acolyte globalist and free market guy can't articulate in any meaningful way what is wrong with this picture.

Paul Craig Roberts, Webster Tarpely and Michael Hudson seem to agree that O is not going to be any different than the Reps., except he pays lip service to Keynes and will most likely do what the Reps can't. Destroy ss and Medicare as we know it. (all the while he will be called a radical lefty by the Reps who will show only hatred toward him as he does exactly what they want.)

Most voters are oblivious to this charade and only vote for who they identify with. Oh Romney's not so bad. The only problem is you're not voting for the man but the machine he will bring with him and if its the Cheney machine that ain't good.

---I'm not so sure either one really wants to win. Perhaps the Bilderbergs will decide the winner in Chantilly Va. this coming week.

Remember when you're in the voting booth, when your team wins, you lose

No, until this week I had not posted in months, finding too little substance in the exchanges on this site to comment. Pity, JHK’s commentaries are so