Juked by Medicine

This still moment on the verge of spring equinox, industrial civilization is taking a rest from its travails of finance and economy. The creaking and groaning vehicle of world banking lurches forward with its latest patch, the Greek fix, but the explosive resignation last week of a Goldman Sachs executive director Greg Smith, posted as an op-ed essay in no less than the New York Times, afforded a glimpse into the dark place where American values crawled off to die, like turning over a rock in a meadow to find the white slithering things that dwell there, and asserting a broad and anguished truth at the heart of our culture: all is swindle.
      In the still moment, the nation is digesting this discovery, and I think it will represent a turning point in the arduous plotline of the crime story that banking has become. It's also the moment of reawakening for the Occupy movement as it now struggles with what it is to become. I doubt that it can avoid turning angrily and maybe viciously political as it focuses its energies on occupying this summer's looming political conventions.
     But in this still moment I want to take a break from purely public issues for a second week and discuss some personal things: nutrition and medicine. I hope it will be of interest to some of you. Last week, after a four year misadventure on an ultra low-fat vegan diet (no meat, no cheese, no eggs), I turned around 180 degrees and resumed eating all those verboten things again. I had been feeling shitty for a long time, in particular with muscle pain, muscle weakness, penetrating fatigue, and some weird neurological symptoms and I decided to take drastic measures.
    This personal misadventure started about four and half years ago when my doctor read me the riot act on my cholesterol numbers. The total was around 290. I forget exactly what the LDL ("bad" cholesterol) was, but it wasn't good, and ditto the HDL ("good" cholesterol) and the triglycerides (oy vay). The upshot was that my doctor put me on a whopping dose of the most powerful statin drug, Crestor 40mg (made by AstraZenica). I left his office feeling like my identity was transformed from a healthy normal person to a prisoner on death row. 
     I thought I had been leading a healthy life. Being self-employed, and master of my own schedule, I was able to work in a lot of exercise. For twenty-five years I was a runner. A hip replacement put an end to that. During that same period, I also swam a mile a day in the local YMCA lap pool. After hip surgery, I walked daily instead of running, kept swimming, and also did at least four weekly sessions in the weight room (including the cardio machines such as the elliptical trainer, easy on the joints). During the temperate months, I also biked many days of the week. Because I got so much exercise, I thought I could eat anything I wanted to, and did. I was a capable cook, having worked in many restaurant jobs during my starving bohemian years, and I could competently put together everything from a butterflied leg of lamb to a flourless chocolate cake.
    After receiving my "death sentence" from the doc, I went straight to the cardio diet bookshelf and found works by two of the chief authorities on the subject: Dr. Dean Ornish, the popular TV celebrity, and Dr. Caldwell Essylsten, a less public but also renowned nutrition guru from the Cleveland Clinic. Both of them promoted ultra low-fat essentially vegan diets. I used them as a guide for learning how to cook for myself in a new way. This largely revolved around vegetables braised in stocks rather than oil-fried in a wok, lots of brown rice and other whole grains (oats, especially), and the substitution of plant (soy) based protein foods like tofu, tempeh, and the various veggie "burger" products for actual meat. Plenty of salads, of course, and fruit. Of the two diet docs, Essylsten was the most severe. You were barely allowed to eat a nut. However, in defiance I ate the same lunch every day for all those years: peanut butter on one slice of our local Rock Hill 8-grain bread. Otherwise I was pretty strict with myself.
     Over the next several years I lost about 20 pounds (from 188 to 168 - I am 5' 10"). By 2011, my cholesterol was down to 110 total (about equal LDLs and HDLs), but I was feeling shitty all the time as described above: lack of stamina, muscle pains, cramps, etc. I was aware that I was getting old, over 60, but I suspected that these were not necessarily natural aging issues. I was having trouble remembering things, names especially, and at times felt like my brain was fogged. I developed neuropathies (tingling and numbness) in my hands and feet. I grew suspicious that these things were connected with the whopping dose of Crestor that I was on. There is, of course,  a body of anecdotal chat on the Web about the evils of Crestor and other statin drugs, and in July of 2011 I decided to taper down and get off the stuff. By September it was out of my system.  My doctor was rather cross with me. He assured me that an LDL level above 70 was a death sentence, should I get back there.
     Over the next six months, the brain fog and the name-forgetting went away, but the muscle issues and fatigue-and-stamina problems persisted. I was still on my nearly fat-free vegan diet. My theory was to see how far up my cholesterol would go on diet alone. In November it clocked in at 220 total and I forget the LDL number because my doctor was shaking his head and making clucking sounds as he reported it, along with his now-standard empirical warning that I was back in the death zone.
    So, all winter I staggered on feeling shitty and eating low-fat vegan. There is for sure a large body of counter-argument on the whole cholesterol issue, led by the author-journalist Gary Taubes (a supernaturally fit-looking dude). This argument states that fat is actually a critical and essential component of human diet, and animal fat in particular, which is crucial for the continual process of cell renewal and the processing of many other nutrients, especially many vitamins. There is also a range of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, that you can only get from animal foods. All of these things have a bearing on muscle performance and the health of nerve tissue, in which fats are an indispensible component.
     Frankly, I knew about these counter-arguments, but the authority of medicine these days militates the opposite way, and in these nearly five years I allowed the authority of my doctor to persuade me to drive down my cholesterol by all means available. I now regard this as a mistake, perhaps even a personal fiasco. I think I have done a lot of damage to my system and that it will take a long time to repair. But I am back in the realm of meat, cheese, and eggs. And, yes, I do eat a lot of vegetables, especially green and leafy ones, and I am watching my carbohydrates (but not eschewing them).
     I've also come to a conclusion about what started this whole long melodrama. At the time I first got my high cholesterol "riot act" reading, I was also eating a lot of sugar and refined white flour in a certain form. In the evenings, after a day that included at least two episodes of strenuous exercise, I allowed myself to eat Pepperidge Farm cookies and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I probably ran through a bag of cookies every two or three days and ditto a pint of ice cream. I now believe that my cholesterol numbers were high not so much because of the meat and cheese that I was eating, but because I regularly consumed too much sugar and refined flour. That is my current theory and narrative.
     So, I'm back to an omnivore's diet. (The first time I had real eggs scrambled in butter in nearly five years was quite a moment!) It's been about ten days. I can't say that I've noticed any marked improvements. As I said above, it will probably take a long time to undo the damage done. I'll check in again on this theme after a while and let you know how things are going. I'm scheduled to go in for another routine physical on Friday. I imagine it will be a contentious session. But I wonder if doctors are losing their legitimacy now in a way similar to the other authority figures in our culture: the political leaders, the bankers economists, the business executives. To get back to where I started this blog, all is swindle these days. And medicine, being the life-and-death racket that it is, may be the biggest swindle of them all.
  My books are available at all the usual places.

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James – this piece may put your readers over the edge… let’s hope so. kC


Go for it dude. Dare to eat a peach; wear your trousers rolled. Be well.

Yeah, I'm with you on this Jim, health food makes me sick.

James - a swindle it is indeed. They have a theory to save their pharmaceutical contacts, lobbyists, and paymasters. It is a racket, like most of what has been drummed up by this civilization. With my best wishes, for an enjoyable return to sanity. I have been on cholesterol meds for about 9 months. Numbers are good. Not changed anything about my diet. Turning 60; all seems fine. kC.

I am 65 years old and have been a vegan for 12 years,run regularly including 2 marathons. have not experienced any problems during that time. Good luck but sounds like you are shooting in the dark without any evidence that this new diet will help. Sounds like fibromyalgia.

Hi Jim,

Interesting post, especially for me since I've been reading things like the China Study, and then the debunking of the China Study. Which got me onto the fact that modern wheat is toxic. Found a great book called Wheat Belly that dives into tons of detail. I've been cross reading this with Caffeine blues as you could just substitute the two words wheat/caffeine between the books and get the same results. An interesting blog by Denise Minger, she is coming out with a book soon called 'Death by Food Pyramid', should be a fun read. Real Eyer Opening information!

Good luck with the new program, Jim. Keep us updated as to how things go. I am in the same boat (303 reading, highest ever) and am going back on a low dose of Lipitor and heading more the vegetarian way.

Each body, of course, is different and as " Noel bodie" a pun on nobody, I hesitate to comment....however, IMHO eating good food is one of the great joys in life and as the Greeks, felt, the golden mean, is to be applied....did they forget that with their finances? I supply veggies to local health food store which has a huge section of pills and supplements and I can't help but notice how many buy that instead of just good whole food, it has become a fetish and IMHO we need to just get back to ....".eat food, not too much, mostly plants". As the writer states. Eating a fresh egg is a taste treat.

Have you checked out Vitamin B-12 deficiency? Fits with the symptoms.

I'm with you on your conclusions about what was wrong with your diet. The real nasty things on the American menu are processed sugar and white flour, both of which are very abundant, along with corn and soy products. My wife and I have been trying and generally succeeding to stick to a low-carb, high-protein diet. It may not be all that Earth-friendly, but we both lost 50 pounds in six months and have kept most of that weight off since. Now, how do your plans for local food production take the need for protein into account? I don't recall a chicken coop among your list of things for your new home in your last post.

Over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News, I don't usually go into detail about my own diet, although I do blog off and on about food and drink, usually in the context of either cultural events, scientific advances, or urban agriculture. One of those cultural events was St. Patrick's Day, so I blogged about the nutritional benefits of Guiness. Slainte!

I also blogged about the unseasonably warm weather. Yesterday was the warmest day on record for this date in Detroit, and the city is on track to set temperature records tomorrow and Wednesday as well. It most likely also set a new record for consecutive days above 60 in March tomorrow. The flip side of the nice weather has been the earliest strong tornadoes the state has ever seen. And people still don't believe in climate change? Speaking of which, Paul Krugman has finally run into paranoia about Agenda 21. Yes, even Krugman is finally becoming aware of the maniacs promising voters that they can keep their cars, McMansions, commutes, and golf courses. Finally, I celebrated two goofy days--Pi Day and the Ides of March. Hey, I can't be all doom *all* the time!

Happy Motoring--for now--from Detroit!


Jim: I developed a high-triglyceride problem a few years back; my doctor prescribed 2000 mg. of fish oil (2 capsules) with every meal, and 2000 mg. of niacin (4 caplets) every night. My triglycerides went down, and my good-cholesterol level went up, with no side effects. The problem of obesity (I am 6'1" and weigh 270 lb.) remains for me to work on.


The cholesterol "theory" is full of shit anyway - that was debunked by Uffe Ravnskov - read any of his books. Also Malcolm Kendrick.

Even good physicians weren't trained on nutrition, nor do they take/have the time to learn.

Gary Taubes rocks, and another great place to read about rejuvenating your body with real food is:


Jim--Good for you for reasoning out the diet thing. Taubes is one of the real voices of reason--among many (Nora Gedgaudas, Mark Sisson, etc.) And the Weston Price Foundation website is a fantastic resource for delving into the health benefits of good fats, debunking a lot of the media hogwash we hear incessantly.

Bottom line: Traditional MDs are not primarily trained in nutrition and prevention; they are trained to mend bones and sew you up. Whenever an MD gets rolling on nutrition, I just let it go out the other ear, because in most cases the MD doesn't know what he's talking about.

Funny: When most Americans lived on farms 100 years ago, we never heard of cancer or heart disease. ("Coronary thrombosis" first appeared in a medical textbook in 1927.) What did those family farmers eat to stay so healthy? Answer: eggs, butter, cream, grass-fed meat, whole milk, and yes, vegetables. Who wouda thought?


I did the same thing for decades: work out hard and then eat like sugar, donuts, pizza and ice cream. All 95% gone now.

Consume a lot of omega 3 fats and get your vitamin D levels up above 50.

Apparently a core issue in both cholesterol issues and in chronic fatigue, among many other things is chronic inflammation caused by both diet and toxins.

D is actually an incredibly powerful immunity enhancing hormone. (www.vitamindcouncil.org)

No wheat, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners.

I also take astaxanthin, an algae that is a superior anti-oxidant. Recovery times from extreme exercise is exceptional and I am over 60 as well.

Enjoying your riff on health and diet, Jim!

James, glad to hear that you have returned to your first love. Well done. My Sister, whom I treasure dearly, had a bout with a vegan conversion a few years back. Well, as a died in the wool (pardon the pun) omnivore, we had many rather heated, shall we say, dinner table discussions around what we chose to eat. Of course, it always waxed philosophical come ethical. I would ask her why it was OK to kill plants but not animals? As a plant biologist I would argue that plants are FAR more successful and wide spread than mammals AND far more important to the planet. And no matter WHAT you eat, something has to die for you to live. Period. How is it that one form of life is more 'sacred' than another? Then just to 'egg' her on, I would say that I was starting a new 'grass roots' organization called CAPK, or Carnivores Against Plant Killers. Well, I never did that but it was fun to get her going. My point is that after about ten years as a plant killer, her health, like yours, required her to come back to the fold; the omnivore camp, and she is all the healthier for it. Look, I don't care what vegan's say, humans evolved to be omnivores and for most of us, a mixed diet is just better for us. Welcome back, Jim!


Thanks for relating your experiences with statins. I too, have the same symtoms, foggy memory, slow to recall names and events, muscle aches. I too, will rebel and reclaim my life and enjoy what I have left being my natural self.

Welcome back, Jim. You may recall in our talks on N. Broadway that I recommend Paleo as the only diet for which we are actually designed. Sorry about your four-five lost culinary years.

most doctors eat at the finest steak restaurants.

Jim -

I recently lost about 20 pounds by going on a "mostly protein" diet for a couple of weeks. First time I've dieted in my life. My wife did the same, but she didn't drop as much weight. Pretty quickly I realized my weight lost was more about avoiding the crap I got at my local coffee shop every morning and the processed garbage from what we call the "wheel of death" at work. I've now added lots of green veggies back in and the occasional carb...and I feel great.

My doc made a great point about the cholesterol issue (mine was a bit high) He said that if you look at the stats, the risk is being over-inflated. Wonder how much that has to do with the drug companies? Hmmm....

Oh, and yes, every single one of these miracle drugs comes with a huge number of countervailing problems -- which is why the TV disclaimers are longer than the actual commercials!


"I think [Greg Smith's resignation from GS] will represent a turning point in the arduous plotline of the crime story that banking has become."

Ha! Dream on... It won't even be a blip in a few months. The Wall Street gangsters will continue to loot, pillage and eviscerate the disintegrating remnants of Industrial Civilization with impunity. They are the Vandals of the modern age, looting and sacking a dying civilization, as the Vandals in Rome did earlier. The results will be eerily similar. Hee hee hee...

I agree. So the doctors are hoodwinked by pharma sales reps to ply their drugs on otherwise healthy folks. Barring any unfortunate hereditary health issues one might posses a steady and disciplined regime of exercise, balanced nutrition and lots of water should keep people living to a ripe old age. Good change of pace by JK last couple of weeks!

Why not enjoy every food and drink in, dare I say it, moderation! Whatever happened to moderation anyway? Eat a little bit of desert, drink some coffee or a glass of good wine, sink your teeth into a red steak and enjoy it occasionally. What is life if we are deprived of the joy of good food? I try to eat mostly organic, I try to get moderate amounts of exercise (gardening/dog walking, etc.) I like growing my own veggies, they taste delicious and it sure is convenient to pick dinner out from your own backyard.

Of course, the dream of Big Pharma is that we are all on “maintenance medications” whether they be for cancer, diabetes or AIDS. All of them are diseases you can survive for a loooonnng time as long as you have access to a constant supply of maintenance meds. Food should be your medicine. After all, you are what you eat.

As Lord Bhudda suggests, follow the middle path. Any time we tend to extremes has it's negative consequences. This holds true for diet as well as thought. I grew up understanding that "vegetarian" is an Iroquois word meaning "bad hunter". As I write this I'm sharpening up my broad-heads and waiting for spring turkey season. TTYL

Interesting post that cuts right to the heart (ha ha) of our "lifestyle" issues, and commodification of damn-near-everything. I feel these always lead into the dark, snake-infested box canyon of Who Ya Gonna Trust. (That's an old Navajo name that, loosely translated, means "They're All Out to Get You; Look Behind You!")

Having had some dealings with the cholesterol priests myself lately has led to a lot of wondering about why this set of drugs is being pushed on the masses with such enthusiasm. I'm currently taking one called Zetia that's supposed to remove the excess very-wicked-bad cholesterol from the guts, as I can't tolerate the "regular" statins.

From what I've seen, heard and read, cholesterol "tolerance" (how much, how little) seems to be mostly a matter of genetics. My immediate ancestors were "prone" to arterial plaque in the modern beefeater world, and it's important to remember that they thrived and lived longer in their hard-scrabble fisherman role of past Scots Isles.

Mom's side o' the genetic fence? Eat practically anything and live 100+ years (if you happen to be a female).

Again, we get a raft of differing opinions on what's good and what ain't, depending on which snake-oil salesman has grabbed the spotlight of the day to hawk his wares. The drug companies seem to be the most egregious hawkers and the most aggresive fighters for market-share. To my mind, this makes them VERY untrustworthy! ;o)

Thanks for the medical Monday morning, take good care, enjoy... and place yer bets!

As noted above, chronic inflammation may be the true culprit, the thought being that inflamed arteries make it possible/easier for cholesterol to stick to their walls.

I've always been skeptical of modern medicine. I remember that, even as a child, I thought the bit about not going swimming for an hour after eating seemed odd. And I never for once bought the eight-glasses-of-water-a-day routine. I mean, eight glasses?! I also eschewed oat products during that particular craze, but have never once shunned the salt shaker.

For me, the health issue came to a head about fifteen years ago when one of my wives (my third I believe) coaxed me into getting a comprehensive physical examination. I was subsequently worked over for a about three hours by a team of doctors at OSU Medical Center, and pronounced in excellent health for a man of my age - 50 at the time. Of course, a final verdict would need to wait until the results of my 'blood work' came in.

And Came in they did! I received an urgent phone call the very next day from the OSU Medical Center: my cholesterol levels were off the chart and I would need to begin medication at once, lest I perish.

I ignored the call and have been in good health to this day. Like, you, Jim, I have always incorporated a good deal of physical activity into my life - walking, cycling and the like (I seldom take elevators and can't remember the last time I stepped onto an escalator). I'm also self-employed and do all my own grunt work - lifting boxes, cleaning up, etc..

I've come to the conclusion that it's not diet, pollution or even bad habits that are rendering Americans physically helpless and mentally disturbed - the problem is the sedentary life style. That's the big crippler!

Interesting testimonial.

Having gone through the raw foods, no meat/eggs routine sometime back in the last century, I find mylelf living amongst a people who eat what they grow and can afford, eggs and protein are craved as special supplements to the rice/beans/corn based traditional diet.

And funny thing, Guanacaste, the NW province of Costa Rica where I live, is one of the 'blue zones' in the whole world where people live the longest over 80. You see guys wielding machetes in their corn fields well into their 90's.

Lot's of factors of course, clean water, pure air, plenty of exercise, a relatively stress free existence, a decent universal health care system and strong family networks of support and respect for elders.

A decent place to have re-located far from the current and future craziness of the industrialized world.

James, I had the same problem with feeling weak and sore all the time, because on a plant-based diet it is harder to get needed protein. Adding fish pretty much solved it for me. I had been eating an egg daily all a long. I'm hoping some day to be able to try an alternate protein source like canned locusts.

Jim, I suggest food combining. It is the easiest diet to stay on and allows all food groups to be eaten as long as you keep the carbs and protein away from each other (4 hours). Google "food combining chart" for the east to use guide.

I think you're back on the right track Jim! My wife did serious damage to her metabolism after years of a high carb veg diet. I'd second the recommendation to visit westonaprice.org, and highly recommend the associated book "Nourishing Traditions" for the education it provides as well as the recipes. My grandfather had terrible heart disease and LOW cholesterol, btw. Never made sense to me until I started reading the take of the weston price foundation (cholesterol is body's patching compound, being used to cover inflammation caused by excessive grains, sugars, and homogenized milk. Just make sure the animal products you're getting are grass-fed, and definitely not CAFO meat. I'm a big enough fan of raw milk's benefits that I became a dairy farmer myself!

Came to the same conclusion 4 months ago after being on statins for a year. As noted above, the book WHEAT BELLY is a good source of information, as is PRIMAL BODY, PRIMAL MIND. The Weston A. Price Foundation also has a good summary of the research leading to the cholesterol-is-harmful theory that is now fully ascendant.

The bottom line: You can't eat 150 pounds of sugar annually (the average consumption), gobble white flour and other grains and expect to remain healthy.

Eat healthy
Don't smoke
Exercise daily
Get checkups

I saw this on the back of a T shirt worn by an old woman with a walker doing laps around the town square in Prescott AZ years ago. Wonder if she is still shuffling.

I had a blood chemistry workup a dozen years back. All okay but for cholestrol. 305. So, for three months I didn't eat anything that a human could enjoy. Simon Purity, that was I. A recheck showed 300. I said, "I wanna live, not exist."

But my rest pulse was generally around 60 to 66. Blood pressure 120/70. Recovery to rest pulse after exercise, two to three minutes. Obvious question: How can there be a plaque problem with those numbers?

I went back to real food. Generally grammaw's balanced diet, occasional fried stuff, occasional candy and cookies.

After a year or so, another recheck for chlorestrol had me down where everybody loved me. Whooptido.

Lots of many-mile hunting walks in my life; lots of avocation-type car work in the garage at night. I quit office work and went to operating a backhoe and dumptruck. Otherwise, I've never done much "exercise".

So now I've made it to 77. It's the gone-away disk in my lower back that's my problem, not anything dietary as near as I can tell...

I got about 25 chickens a few years ago to better my ability to cope with the practically imminent collapse of society. Eggs have practically all the nutrients one needs to survive and chickens can eat about anything to live. The only essential vitamin they do not have is vitamin C, which you can get from a variety of other sources, even pine needles in an emergency.

I have also experienced the medical industrial complex and my wife also used to work in it (ultrasound) and she was witness to countless unnecessary procedures, tests, you name it, every single day. Dr.s mocking patients. All to boost profits. Not to mention staying under-staffed.

Many times of late I find myself thinking a collapse may be precisely what we need. A gargantuan purge of over-accumulation, like a pine forest overdue for a fire.

It's also more like "sick care" not "health care". Being and remaining sick is profitable. A healthy person is not. Curing illnesses is not a priority of medicine either, treament is wherre its at, treatment = $

The crossraods where Tea Partiers meet Occupy Wall Street is the realization that "american values have crawl(ed) off to die...". For the young (Occupy), that is all that matters. For the older (Tea Partiers), it comes down to personal assets, pensions, investments, and their associated value. All maybe swindle, but the reality that exists beyond the swindle is even scarier because it can't be quantified...yet.

Hey Jim! Sorry to hear about the "drug abuse" problem. I'm 50 and the MD wanted to put me on a statin.. or is it Satan or Santa? Thanks not interested.. Second suggestion was Niaspan, still a script, but just a high dose Vita B (niacin) (a Nice Sin) and since it 's a script its a $3 copay. Less than vitamins. (Water soluble) What your body doesn't use it pees away. Down side was getting used to the Hot flashes (there weren't supposed to be any) Disappeared after two weeks. Up Side my cholesterols down 80 pts.
Aches and joint pains Glucosamin-Chondroiton Triple strength, works for some but not all. And I know when I don't take it.
Take care and eat "Well"

Can't deny 2 million years of evolution! We are omnivores. This doesn't mean Big Macs, Wonder Bread, Twinkies, and Southern Fried chicken twice a week — but it does mean, like it or not, animal proteins and some fat. And life is too short to deny oneself the occasional piece of cheese. One can be moderate and not be a monk.


Statins work by interfering with the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. However, they also interfere with the synthesis of CoQ10, which is what is causing your muscle pain, so you need to supplement with CoQ10, which you can get over the counter anywhere.

There is obviously a lot we still don't understand about the human body. Some people who live to 100, when asked how they did it, attribute it to lots of booze and cigars.

Interesting post, Jim. I too for many years struggled with what was supposed to be a healthy diet. After spending all of the 1990s eating Burger King and take out Chinese food (the only thing I would cook was spaghetti w/Ragu sauce) I had a health scare in the fall of 2001, just around my 29th birthday, also weighing the most I've ever been at just under 270 pounds.

The doctor told me "not to worry about, that's just the American diet for you!" but he must've had a gut feeling (no pun intended)and next I found myself at the oncologists with a couple of fingers in my ass. Long story short: a couple weeks later I was told I had a positive hit on my sample (yes, one of those) and that I'd need to get scoped. Me. At 30 years old.

So for the next 3 months prior to the appointment reading up on just bad the American diet was and why colon cancer is such a big killer. Fast food was soon all but banished from my diet and I began to become a decent cool. By thanksgiving of that year I got my first "are you losing weight?"

For the next 18 months I received comments like that every day and by 2003 I had lost 80 pounds.

Over the years since I've been a personal trainer, a bike racer (amateur, and still am but not nearly as hard core as I now have a 7 month old daughter) and now am a BIG proponent of all foods organic, especially meat, dairy, and eggs. I'm still under 200 pounds.

I could go ON and ON but I'll end with this, Michael Pollan and his books really turned me onto the subject of grassfed and humanely raised animals. Morally and healthwise. He theorizes that grassfed beef has more balanced fats - omega 3s vs. 6s which makes the meat healthier. 3s are found in green plants. 6s in seed plants. 3s are responsible for blood thinning, 6s for clotting qualities. So all of our cows being corn fed in this country has led to beef being high in 6s rather than 3s - and in combination with our overconsumption of factory produced meat and our sedentary drive-everywhere lifestyle - which turn has made heart disease the number one killer in America.

Great post and good luck with your diet - eat naturally and enjoy every bit of it!

Hi Jim
I never go to the doctor anymore(and its free!)
except for an injury. The main reason is lack
of trust. 95% of the time they get out the pad
for prescriptions without a clear diagnosis.
No thanks, I'll croak my own way!!

I've been a junk food Veg-head for 40 years now. No meat, eggs, fish, poultry, but I do eat cheese. I eat pizza's and burritos, and chocolate, and I drink a little beer and wine and enjoy a nice single malt scotch on special occasions. I'm on 20mg of a statin, get a fair amount of exercise, and I feel great.

It's all about evolutionary biology. When humans were roaming the Savanna's of Africa, just starting to walk on 2 legs and not realizing what they were about to do to the planet, they ate anything they could get their hands on. I have moral objections to eating meat, but not dietary. Variety, variety, variety! Eat a lot of different things you like, not too much, not too processed, and enjoy the hell out of life while you still can!

Well, I reckon it's time to contribute some more money to Occupy Wall Street. I've never contributed one dollar to any political party. But OWS I'll support.

100 yrs ago people were dead by the time they were 40 so they did not have time to develop heart disease or cancer. Eighty percent of your health is determined by your genetics. If your mom and dad dealt you good hand you will probably live longer than someone who eats and exercises correctly.

I've been vegan for the last 20 of my 49 years, Jim, but it was never for my health. It was because of the nightmare existence that animals endure in meat, dairy, and egg factory farms. I will not support that kind of misery with my dollars.

Unlike you, I didn't bother with the low-fat strategy: every year I use enough olive oil and other vegetable fats to grease Rush Limbaugh's body twice over (so you know it's a lot). But, I exercise and avoid sugary and junky foods, so that, combined with what is in fact a healthy diet, has left me a healthy man.

Here's a very human piece from you. I've been thinking of falling back on my old grow, gather or kill diet. I may have to, out of necessity. We may all have to, sooner rather than later. It sounds like you are in the process of healing the land you are steward to. Let it heal you.


Dear Landesman, I'm 68 and feeling pretty chipper. I do have several plastic teeth--gum disease, and frequent nocturnal trips to pee--prostate growth. I got off statins years ago, in spite of 260 cholesterol, because I read about the many nasty side effects, especially memory loss ( I was teaching college at the time). Crestor should be pulled from the market. I go with eggs, yougurt,and an occasional pastrami on rye. Also, take a baby aspirin in the morning, ride your bike, swim, and, if possible, spend at least two months in Mexico (vitamin D). Zie gezunt.

"And medicine, being the life-and-death racket that it is, may be the biggest swindle of them all."

I think you have that half right. They share the swindle honor with the food providers of this country. I won't go into all the gory details, but if you aren't growing and raising your own or purchasing from a neighbor you know and trust, you're being systematically poisoned by a food production system that raises sick food in unhealthy soils and injects them with toxins at every step in the supply chain. The more processed the food, the worse it is. Animal husbandry in this country is a crime against human conscience. Stop eating from grocery stores, NEVER eat out and buy only organic, raw ingredients from local farmers (Whole Foods is mostly okay, but they still try to sneak in poison, like GMOs in all their prepared food and even some things bearing the "organic" label). I promise that you are not sick because of WHAT you are eating, it's because of WHOM you are getting it from.

Good luck.

Jim, Two points.

1) Humans evolved to be omnivores.

Our intestine length and teeth shapes are midway between carnivores and herbivores. We get critical nutrition from a wide variety of foods. Unlike many animals, we don't make our own vitamin C or a number of other nutrients.

2) Balance in all things.

Diet isn't a formula, it's a bicycle ride. Try not to fall over. The medicine, if you will, is in the dose. Some fats. Not too many. Some carbs, but don't overdo. Ditto for proteins, plants and everything else. Just as everyone's ride is different, your diet will have to be too. Pay attention, watch for results and adjust as needed. Moreover, the changes and adjustment never stop entirely.


Great post. I agree with you. The medical community is all about drug and cut.
If they actually did the right thing, they would put themselves out of business.
And those drug commercials on TV should be banned. I mostly blame the drug
companies, and industrial farming for what’s happened. But, then again, we’re
all to blame.

Sugar and anything that turns into sugar, like white rice, is very bad to eat.
And sugar is added into most processed foods, if you can call that food. But,
it’s the main reason the obesity rate in this country is now over 60%.

Humans are omnivores, as Lierre Keith can tell you first hand:

You can’t pick your parents, meaning your genes, but you can stay healthy by:
Eating non-processed food.
Eat lots of dark color veggies.
Lot’s of roughage, fruit too.
Small portions of meat, and very little red meat.
No sugar, that includes pop, candy, ice cream, cookies. Also white rice, potatoes too.
Exercise 5 days a week, for 2 hours, and make sure you get your heart rate up.

The sad thing, most people don’t take care of themselves or want too.

Great post today James. My life, too, has been damaged by years of taking statins. After a few year on Lipitor 40 mg/day, the balls of my feet began tingling. Soon I could not walk without pain. What keeps me going now is daily Lyrica (switched from Gabapentin). Both my PCP & neurologist have discounted my belief that Lipitor caused my neuropathy. However, after much reading on the subject (Dr Duane Graveline, the Specedoc, is another great source) I'm convinced that statins cause more harm than good. Against medical advice, I stopped all cholesterol meds & feel much better for it. But I know what you mean. I, too, feel intimidated when I see the frown on my doctor's face. If I didn't need a Dr for my HBP & neuropathy I would stop seeing them altogether. I do wonder to what extent they are just regurgitating what drug reps are telling them.

I've found the best way to get rid of pains, cramps, tendinitis etc is to juice some kale/spinach/carrots and an apple (or similar for sweetness). When you drink this stuff you can feel a warm glow spread throughout your body. Buying a juicer was the best thing I ever did diet wise, so it might be worth a shot, because you can really get the the benefits of large amounts of green leafy vegetables - amounts that otherwise would be impossible to eat. (I recommend the Breville JE98XL)

Jim, welcome back to real food. I have done the vegan thing too, and it left me a wreck: weak, tired, depressed immune system. (And yes dammit, I know about combining proteins, etc. And it is "vej-an", y'all, not "vee-gan". Unless you eat veegatables.)

What works for me is a paleo approach: eggs, meat, fish (much of these raw) and lots of non-starchy vegetables. Coconut and fish oil, with D3, are my primary supplements. Fermented foods like Bubbie's pickles and kraut are helpful as probiotics. Except for ghee, dairy is out- triggers respiratory and digestive problems. Grains and legumes, including corn and soy and their toxic oils, are to be avoided.

It was hard to accept, because I really like bread, pizza and beer. But I used to really like meth and coke, and giving those up, though difficult, seems to have worked out for me.

The most useful site I have found is Mark's Daily Apple. Mark Sisson is a successful triathlete who found that carb loading and overtraining led to a chronic inflammatory state, which leads to many of the "diseases of civilization."

I also recommend checking out The Gap Diet (good website if you search it), aimed at restoring health to guts ravaged by years of eating the wrong stuff, especially grains and legumes, which leads to leaky gut and autoimmune disease. I make a mean bone broth, chicken soup and fish broth.

5 years ago, a round of antibiotics left me with years of diarrhea, often with blood. Changing my diet was the only thing that helped. I was going through 100 Advil a week due to back pain, and I was fat, depressed and unable to focus. Docs wanted me on statins and antidepressants. I focused instead on finding what it was that made me like that, and attacking the causes.

At 56, I am now running, cycling, and lifting weights daily. My mood is stable, and I even have moments of generosity and clarity. I have not considered suicide or murder in quite some time. No joke, these were daily impulses that started in childhood, long before drugs and booze entered the picture. My family and coworkers have seen and acknowledged the changes. I know many people with chronic health problems who have seen profound improvement when they accept that our animal bodies evolved long before agriculture and are best sustained by eating as our neolithic ancestors did.

Yeah, I know, 7 billion people can't be fed the way I need to eat for good health. Sorry folks. Guess we are in competition for life sustaining resources, which is nothing new. People are starving even as most of the world's population eats crap that makes them sick and crazy. Fewer, healthier people sounds like a worthy future to work toward.

How friggin' weird izzat, that we should riff on ancient Murkin' languages at practically the same moment in time?! (I'm a fairly slow typist and DID NOT see your post before I composed mine.)

They must be Ghost-dancing on our pale-face asses around the bonfires.
Cue Phil Glass... koyaanisqatsi


Great post. We need you around so hope it works. Keep us all posted.

James -

After reading what you did the results were predictable I guess - Sorry I didn't know it to warn you off of it.

I had some of the same issues you had - It turned around for me after watching (skeptically) a Dr. Joel Fuhrman on PBS during the fund raising drives a few months ago.

Before watching the show my and pains and diet / lifestyle was similar to yours.

I adopted his easy to understand G.O.M.B.S. diet lifestyle, (along with a little bit of cheating) - and my aches and pains went away in about a week. I have lost 20 pounds pretty much effortlessly by adopting (90% of what he said).
Maybe 95% would speed the pace but it works fine for me like this.

I'd recommend this to anyone as it works - and you can pretty much Google what you need to know for FREE about the diet - maybe read his book in the library for the full system - or buy a used version of one of his books off Ebay as I did.

Skin tone better - no aches - more energy - sleeping better - enthusiasm up - pretty much everything better across the board is up and i spent 8 dollars for a used book in total. A win.

Just Google it and try it. Good luck.

Go for it, JHK!

I enjoyed being a vegetarian for a year, but I was eating and drinking dairy products. I lost weight and reduced my bad-Cholesterol level.

But I missed meat. So I returned to it in smaller portions and without growth hormones or antibiotics. It's a tasty treat now, meat, not the main event.

Veganism, however, repels me. I love artisan cheeses, one, and, two, Veganism all too often seems to be this modern-guilt movement by extremists. Some Vegan recipes appear proudly in my kitchen, but overall, I cook and eat for taste and nutrition, not moral righteousness. I buy local produce too, and for much of that, unless it's a tater or strawberry, I don't worry as much about "organic" as I do miles to market.

That's another irony of much of Veganism. Many of the Vegan-friendly products travel 3K + miles to market...how much animal cruelty do all those emissions cause, indirectly?

One bonus to living in the sticks: you do not find Vegans out in America's rural areas. Maybe it's different in India (where meat consumption is on the rise among the Middle Class). In the US, I've found, Vegan can only thrive, like hothouse flowers, in our urbs and burbs.

Jim, avoid the statin drugs.
And eat a BALANCED diet, but look to the source of any meats you buy and eat. Most commercially raised meat animals are fed huge amounts of drugs & antibiotics.
Try to find organically raised meat if you can, and also, try raising your own chickens.
Don't have the stomach to kill & butcher your chickens? Ask around, there must be a local farmer that can take care of that for you, and you will know whats in them birds. And the fresh eggs are the best.

And no doubt you have noticed how Greg Smith was belittled in the nooze, and now seems to have disappeared completely.
Nothing to see, move along quietly, baa-baa....

Good luck, Dee

I suffered with so-called Crohn's Disease for years, after being diagnosed at Mayo Clinic. When I went to see a naturepath for help with the Crohn's, he suggested the problem might actually be dietary intolerances. Lo and Behold - after experimentation I discovered that I cannot digest milk products, soy, and (especially) refined sugar. After removing those items from my diet, my Crohn's magically disappeared and never returned again. Nobody in the long long line of MDs who treated me with toxic drugs ever once suggested a link between diet and digestive dysfunction, nor did they ever once mention anything about pro-biotic cultures in the gut. The modern day medical profession is not about curing you; it's more about selling you drugs and keeping you ill so they can sell you more of those drugs. When I tried to explain my miraculous cure to my gastroenterologist - thinking he might use the knowledge to help other people who also didn't really have Crohn's or IBS or colitus,- he shrugged it off saying "You'll be sick again before you know it, it's just a temporary remission" and when I refused to continue to take the medications he prescribed, which he insisted would help lengthen the temporary remission, he fired me as his patient. Good riddance, I say. It's been ten years now, no remission, but plenty of digestive disturbance going on any time I eat the forbidden foods.
Calamity Janet

I hope you get it straightened out. I don't trust the physicians much, given the greed and marketing practices of the pharmaceutical companies. But I think there are exceptions.

I think we have to understand that every-body responds to food diets and food styles differently. I just had my gallbladder removed after it swelled up like a sausage and became infected as a result of it not handling the bile overflow from the liver.

I am a vegetarian, but did eat a bread, cheese, eggs, etc.

I do believe that sugar and white flours are evil foods especially eaten in larger quantities.

I wish you well, James, as you try and find a food structure that works for you. I am eating much smaller quantities now (148 lbs. at 5'7") and watching my fats. I still eat them but in smaller amounts. One food I am consuming in a daily amount is kefir. I make it myself and do drink the LIfeway brand. I make it with goat milk and mix it with fruits.

good luck.


You posted exaclty what I would have posted, and I also would recommend Dr. Kendrick's book, called The Great Cholesterol Con. It was printed in the UK only, so one would have to order from a third-party seller of used books on evil Amazon.com as I did.

I also want to chime in a bit about cholesterol. Jim probably knows this now, but other readers here might not. Cholesterol itself is not bad. Indeed, it is a critically vital component of the structure of animal cells. It is what your body uses to repair damage. So if you're cholesterol levels are high, it may very well mean that you're not taking very good care of yourself by, for instance, eating a lot of sugar and white flour. But our culture of aggressive stupidity has interpreted this correlation between high cholesterol and poor health to mean that cholesterol itself is bad. That's just stupid, bad, and wrong thinking.

If anyone is on a vegan diet and it's been good to them, then I'm happy for these people. But too many people have gone on vegan diets and found them to be a lot less than they were cracked up to be, to put it very mildly.

I'm having my own struggles with the medical-industrial complex. I have been unable to tolerate any blood-pressure medication prescribed to me so far (Metoprolol the "beta-blocker" is the latest villain, having given me groggy depression culminating in suicidal feelings). These medications is probably mostly a good thing for people who can tolerate them (but my own experience has been so negative that I even wonder about that), but I cannot. There is only one class of medications left for me to try, and that is alpha-blockers. I'm scared that my doctor will just keep trying to pour these medications that are so nasty to me down my throat despite the fact that they make my life pretty much not worth living.

Also, the way I see it, the statin drugs of mainstream medicine are pretty much the equivalent in terms of bogus medicine as the coffee-enemas of the alternative medicine extremists.

People wonder why I mostly steer clear of the medical profession. Besides being rather inclined to avoid authority figures I simply pay attention to how I feel and how my body is working. I'm 65, eat what I want (but not much manufactured foodlike crap) and hike where I please (try walking down to Phantom Ranch and back in one day - the Grand Canyon is an excellent indicator of relative fitness).

Oh well, the point isn't to brag but to suggest that a lot of good health can be derrived from doing what we are evolved to do - including using our brains to steer clear of too much of most anything. Our most important daily excercise is that push away from the table before we need to loosen our belts!

Moderation in all things with the exception of honor, love, and health. Since we do not know when our check-out day from this life is, I recommend living each day to its fullest, staying away from prescription drugs (if possible) and having what you like to consume. Food and drink wise, treating one's body in a responsible way while treating one's self to wonderful flavors and tastes is the way to strike the Balance. In our Clusterfuck World trying to make and keep balance is a tough act in itself. I'll make a belated and simple St Patrick's toast to my favorite Monday Morning blogger: Slainte JHK!

Eat little fish. Lots of them, daily. Portuguese Sardines are good especially. I mash these with potatoes or sweet potatoes and some brewer's yeast. The Angelo Parodi ones have the best flavor and are relatively less sodium.

The difference between the Wall Street bankers and those white slithery things found under rocks is that the white slithery things are actually part of the nature and have their place and their job to do. Notice they never try to take over the world.

Jim, I'm pretty busy at this moment so haven't read all the comments here...but these problems you're having are DIRECTLY linked to the cholesterol medication!!!!! Even though you went off of the meds, the chronic muscle aches/fatigues and neuropathy are documented to be linked to cholesterol meds, and the damage can be permanent (the things your doctors don't tell you!). I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but troll the web and you'll find loads of people who have had the same sorts of problems. I honestly don't think it's the vegan diet, but the cholesterol medication that causes all the symptoms you described. And high cholesterol has never been absolutely linked to heart problems! Every cell in our bodies contains cholesterol -- it's vital for all cell functions. They don't tell you that, either. Also, dietary cholesterol, in and of itself, has never been linked to high blood cholesterol readings. STudies have been done on the Masai (I think it was the Masai, anyway) who eat almost all meat and whole milk products, who have incredibly low cholesterol.
Anyways, gotta run. Good luck! Don't take statins.



You're Welcome

Now back to our regularly scheduled decline...

I had symptoms very similar to yours while taking statins for a short time. I discontinued taking the statins and recovered completely. Your symptoms may have just been the effect of the statins you were taking. It took me a few weeks to feel better and I only took the drug for a short time so your recovery may take a bit longer. If this is the case, you will be feeling younger with each passing day.


Yes, eating beef is now 'in' in India [and always was in in China, where heart disease etc are common]
But how much beef can be fed to feed 3 Billion meat eaters?

'After receiving my "death sentence" from the doc'
Yes JHK its called a 'Medical Hex' [selling on fear]
And Id have assumed you to be street smart enough
to fire the MD rather than statin up.

Theres now talk 'Medicine' is the #1 killer in the USA! Painkillers kill. Hospitals and surgery do as well.
Another lesson in yr story is [gulp] how hard it is to lost 20 pounds. Its much harder to keep it off for 10 years.

'The real nasty things on the American menu are processed sugar and white flour,'
Not so anymore, things are way beyond that now.
Super pesticides, GMOs, Microwaves and irradiation
zapping the food, synthetic sweets that have [formaldehyde], Killer caffeine drinks,
ANY FOOD OR MEDICINE FROM CHINA Where theyve sold 'fake' rice made of starch and plastic and the list goes on and on.

NV your 'wisdom' is so 30 years ago.

I have to echo the benefits of the Paleo diet, and its iterations such as Specific Carb Diet (SCD) and GAPS. People think if they go gluten-free that is enough, well, in many cases it isn't...one may need to go completely grain-free. Brownies made with black bean flour, anyone? No sugar except honey, because it is a monosaccharide and doesn't feed bad gut flora. Gelatinous broths are healthy, cheap, and easy to make: Beef, pork, or chicken (cows feet, pigs ears, chicken feet). And conscionable, using parts of the animal that might have been thrown out.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is also another cholestrol myth de-bunker. I personally think Big Pharma is trying to figure out how to make meds like food, something you "need" everyday to survive, e.g. Big Farma.

Greg Smith has a guilty conscience about something related to Greece. He probably knows something about Goldman Sachs' involvement in helping Greece load itself down in debt and then betting for default with weird derivatives, working both sides just like they did with U.S. housing market in 2008. Only this time it's international and they think they're above the SEC since there is no international SEC-type body that I'm aware of to regulate them...GS thinks they are above the law of man and God...we shall see how this plays out...

I hope things get better for you, and though we're all different, etc., etc., I did improve my readings by cutting out refined foods. Hopefully your recent plan will do the trick. I don't like to think I'm on a diet because then all you're thinking about is deprivation. My "real food" diet seems to have worked out, and we're about the same age, so even if your numbers don't fall in the ideal range, so what -- your exercise and good nutrition will help.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the personal take this week and I found it interesting, indeed. Most people seem to have some pretty strong opinions around food, so I imagine you'll get plenty of responses. And judging by a scan of them so far, it seems many people support the conclusion you came to. I'll add my voice to that chorus--fruits, veggies, animal products, not too many grains and carbs and a focus on real food seems to me the best general guide. I'll add, though, that you better be getting as many of your animal products from small farms that keep their animals on pasture and in natural environs. Living in upstate NY, that shouldn't be a problem for you. If you're getting factory farmed nastiness, you're probably not doing yourself many favors. I'm also a big proponent of raw milk if you can, as opposed to pasteurized. I believe raw milk's legal for on-the-farm sales in New York, much as here in Oregon. If there's a local farmer offering it, I would argue it's worth your while to seek it out.

Anyway, the thing to remember about diet is that it's personal and there isn't one final answer for everyone. It's also dependent to at least some degree on your local resources and context--or it should be, at least. I think that's one of the realities we'll have to get used to in an age of declining energy and resource availability. I wrote a blog post about this recently, There are No Vegetarians in a Famine, in which I note that the fact that we can attempt to craft the perfect diet, without concern for our local context, is a bizarre luxury that's the byproduct of the vast amounts of cheap energy we have at our disposal. I dare say it won't be long before that luxury begins to be seriously restricted, at which point we're all going to get a lot more familiar with our local, seasonal and home-processed foods--whether we like it or not.


'I've come to the conclusion that it's not diet, pollution or even bad habits that are rendering Americans physically helpless and mentally disturbed - the problem is the sedentary life style. That's the big crippler'

You reached the wrong conclusion.
Yours is anecdotal evidence.
Its Food, Medicine, Pollution, Overeating
[conversely that is under-exercising] and the deterioration in the Food [see my previous post].
Add in Caffeine, booze, cigs and Viola! Here we are.

JHK, there are EFAs [essential fatty acids].
Did you eat walnuts and olives in yr 'lean' experiment?

Hey James,
You've got some land now... raise a few hogs every year, render your own lard... (not difficult), use it instead of commercial oils... raise some chickens...( I manage 60+ meat chickens, 2 feeder pigs, and a laying flock on 2 1/3 acres in NH... best stuff in the world. Widespread heart disease started when industry demonized lard and started selling candle wax... I mean Crisco, instead. Most other oils are evil.

I would ask her why it was OK to kill plants but not animals?
Thats a stupid question!
Would you eat a human?

Two little known but essential prerequisites to health are 1) attaining a blood pH of 7.365, one that is alkaline rather than acidic and 2) eating or avoiding foods according to your blood type.

An acidic diet invites every acid-loving micro-form out there to take residence in our bodies...bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast, candida, fungi. So, rather than taking antibiotics (the germ theory) transform your internal landscape to one that is alkaline, making it hostile to the little buggers. You just don't get sick. Get your blood pH to 7.365 and you won't have to worry about cholesterol or blood pressure, either. And no, the body does not automatically regulate it at that level as an oncologist explained recently. What a putz! BTW, this argument dates way back to Pasteur and Beauchamp. Learn more, The pH Miracle.

Based on the theory that your diet is predetermined at birth, it makes sense that your blood type is the most essential marker. Why would you think you can eat anything you want? You can't because your blood type says so. Provides a blueprint of what to eat/drink and avoid. Seemingly innocuous and healthy foods can actually be toxic to your blood type. Simple and effective. dadamo.com

Essentially, you are what you eat. Good luck!

"And medicine, being the life-and-death racket that it is, may be the biggest swindle of them all."

A-MEN!!! Mr. K

I won't bore anyone with the details, but let's just say that after not seeing my dr. for 10+ years for anything (if it ain't broke, don't fix it, eh?) I felt like he was certain there must be *something* wrong with me and he was determined to find "it" and fix it. lol

I had been having some mild gall bladder symptoms (I thought) which he and an ultrasound confirmed. He recommended immediate removal. I declined. Which he said was ok with him ;)

He and the hospital did though recoup some of the money I had *not* spent with them over the past decade.

That was it.

No prescriptions written, no additional diagnosis given. I got the feeling he was just a tad disappointed. Surely not?

Jim - I will not add my experience to the dizzying list of anecdotal stories above. The "Wheat Belly" book would be a good place to start. And/or you could cut right to the chase and look up Dr. Joel Wallach on youtube...He's known for "Dead Doctors Don't Lie", "Dead Athletes Don't Lie", etc...He knows everything.

Jim - I will not add my experience to the dizzying list of anecdotal stories above. The "Wheat Belly" book would be a good place to start. And/or you could cut right to the chase and look up Dr. Joel Wallach on youtube...He's known for "Dead Doctors Don't Lie", "Dead Athletes Don't Lie", etc...He knows everything.

St. Patrick's Day being just behind us I might remind you of Irish realism, Clancy Brothers style: "And always remember, the longer you live, the sooner you'll bloody well die". You've wasted five years! Glad you're back on scrambled eggs with butter.

'I recently lost about 20 pounds by going on a "mostly protein" diet for a couple of weeks'
Couple is 2 weeks.

20 pounds!!!! Others would be lucky to lose a pound a day [20 days , 20 pounds] on a 1200 calorie a day Zero carb diet [the weight loss would be water, muscle and yes fat].

Sorry, there's no delete option.


I'll vouch for the B-12 thing. I always feel better when I have my B vitamins (all of them). Be sure they are the right type and of good quality.

Hey Jim, although I've been reading your blog for years I signed up just now just so I could comment. I could totally relate to this post. I was mostly vegan for 10 years, was tired all the time, eventually developed anemia and neuropathies in my hands and toes. About two years ago I did a 180, after reading Taubes and some others and adopted the paleo diet. Basically, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts (no grains except on special occasions). I feel awesome now, lost weight, developed muscle and am stronger now than I was in my 20s (I'm almost 50). Anemia gone, neuropathies gone.

For YEARS I really bought the whole line about the vegan diet being healthiest and heart healthy blah blah, and I tried -- oh how I tried -- to make it work but it was all BS. Humans evolved as omnivores and that's what's healthiest for us, all ideology aside. So CONGRATULATIONS on making the switch. I wish you much health and happiness.

The Primal Blueprint is a good book to check out on this, and the subsequent cookbook is pretty good too.

As another writer I love to read says: Eat real food, Mostly plants, Not much--Michael Pollen.

Honestly, listening to your podcast on your near vegan diet concerned me; all those soy products and fake eggs sounded dangerous.

I have been a real food eater since my early 30s when I stopped dieting and reading those stupid diet books. At 49, I am fit, trim, and the envy of my 20 year old students who struggle with their weight.

I eat fish, cheese, pasta, veggies and yes, cookies with real butter. Most of it is home grown and homemade. Welcome back to the real foods world, Jim!

The modern day Dr. Quack is an overpaid pill pusher who needs you in order to make that payment on the new luxury vehicle. Most of the new breed of graduates out of the medicine factory couldn't cure a hangnail.

Statins shut down the biochemical pathway that also produces Ubiquinol, a very important anti-oxidant critical for normal metabolism. Patients on Statins should take commercially available Co-Q10 (Ubiquinone form) in gel-cap form. Ubiquinol participates in electron transport for energy production. This is nothing to monkey with. Electron transport is life.


Our Western way of approaching medicine parrells the functioning of our other institutions ,political economic ,religious. The eastern concept of achieviving balance is missing ,not only missing but divisive discord is the name of the game.I wish I had half the clarity that Jim possess even in a foggy state.Jim has been fighting the good fight in a world that is spiraling into the votex of the dark night.I would hope that Jim realzes how much his insights information and way with the word are appreciated.Seeing as he sees it must be at times difficult. How little we really know of mind and matter. Maybe there is some validity in the power of prayer or the the force of love that connects all creation. We can give advice as to this food and that ,but let us also give our love .

One man's health profile & routine, for what it's worth:

Age: 54
Blood pressure: 110/60
Total Chol: 229
LDL: 157
HDL: 57
Trigs: 75

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165-170 (same as in college)

no family history of coronary artery disease

10 mg. Lipitor, which I had taken for about 3 years, was stopped 9/2011; above lipids measured 2 months later. They're higher than when on the statin, but given my other risk factors, I quit taking it, though I had no noticeable side-effects.


7:00 AM: triple-espresso cappucino, (Peet's coffee)

between 8:00-9:00 AM: two poached eggs on buttered fresh sourdough bread, with fresh-squeezed OJ; OR bowl of Grape Nuts with a half-pint of fresh blueberries & bananas

9-4 or 5: work in home office with two adoring poodle companions, mostly on computer. Spend way too much time distracted by political insanity of Fox-News America, or writing comments like this one.

between 1-3 PM: lunch of fresh cherry tomatoes, oil & balsamic vinegar, canned anchovies, blue cheese; bowl of Progresso canned chicken soup or local market chicken soup; peanut-butter & jam sandwich on fresh sourdough toast (pricey-but-yummy Mountain Fruit jam)

6-7:30 PM:
3-4 weekdays each week: play 90+ minutes of competitive soccer with geezer soccer club of over-40 and over-50 soccer fanatics -- mostly Europeans but also Persians, Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, Israelis -- only a couple of Yanks. A lot of us like to retire to a local restaurant after practice for drinks & dinner and congenial conversation.

2-3 weekdays each week: do 90-min. Bikram yoga class at studio run by an old friend.

In other words, I get at least 90 minutes of exercise daily, usually soccer. On the days I don't play soccer I do Bikram yoga.

Evenings: 2-3 cocktails, very light dinner, e.g. soup and some fresh bread & cheese. Watch Jon Stewart or Colbert make fun of the Idiocracy, conk out.

Gave up on eating fellow mammals: cruelty of factory farming & slaughtering too gruesome to subsidize. Eat chicken and fish.

Following this routine, or something like it, I dropped from 190 to 165 last year -- without any intentional "dieting" or plan to lose weight. In the past year, I have played on the winning team in four competitive soccer tournaments, including one of the most competitive in the US, in Las Vegas two months ago, as the oldest player on an over-48 team. The opposing team we defeated in the final was mostly made up of ex-pros, including a Canadian Hall of Fame player.

After resuming playing soccer about 7 years ago I experienced about 5 years of chronic soreness playing soccer 3-4 times each week, which I never thought would improve. For the past year or so, since I stepped up the yoga practice and frequency of soccer-playing, I no longer get sore. I regard this as rather miraculous.

This past weekend I played three competitive league games: a 90-minute game with my over-40 team on Saturday, and two 90-minute games yesterday with my over-50s, followed by a 90-minute Bikram class, followed by sublime relaxation at home with expertly-shaken cocktails. Slept 8-9 hours soundly, woke up feeling great and am now writing this.

Besides an occasional Advil, I take no meds. I avoid doctors and get medical advice from my physician friends. Mostly, they say, "keep it up!"

(One of my inspirations is a 68 year-old guy, a former soccer player for his national team in the 60s, who plays almost as much soccer as I do, on both an over-40 and over-50 team.)

Having spent over 13 years in my 30s and early 40s disabled by low back pain, which prevented me from running at all, much less playing high-impact contact sports, I feel pretty damn lucky...

So many smart commenters on here being
conned by the medical establishment. Take back your lives people! YOU decide what's good or bad for you, don't hand yourself over to Big Pharma.
Statins aren't for everyone, be responsible for your own health and your own body, if you feel lousy taking them, QUIT. Find another doctor if you need medical support and approval.
My younger sister died years ago because she refused to get a second opinion and her doctor had found only one of her two forms of cancer, one deadly and murderous which remained.
Doctors are not Gods and neither is Big Pharma,
we're being scammed.

So many smart commenters on here being
conned by the medical establishment. Take back your lives people! YOU decide what's good or bad for you, don't hand yourself over to Big Pharma.
Statins aren't for everyone, be responsible for your own health and your own body, if you feel lousy taking them, QUIT. Find another doctor if you need medical support and approval.
My younger sister died years ago because she refused to get a second opinion and her doctor had found only one of her two forms of cancer, one deadly and murderous which remained.
Doctors are not Gods and neither is Big Pharma,
we're being scammed.


Welcome to my world. CABG eleven years ago. Did same diet crap with same results. Today, I eat only local food including beef, eggs, etc. Cholesterol with small statin dose of 10mg is 114. Ratio is good not great. NO sugar, almost no starch, very little grain. Meat and potatoes? No. Meat and vegetables. Supplements of fish oil and cod liver oil. Almonds and Olive oil. Lotsa fish. Have fun!

What is going inside me? Who the hell knows but I feel OK.

Stories on www.heartandpen.com.

Good luck,

Thank you for this foray into personal life. I appreciate your willingness and desire for dialogue around these realities.
Certainly all is not well with "everything" we've been fed by mainstream thought.
My current explorations are occurring through reading two books---Cupid's Poisoned Arrow, and Tantric Orgasm for Women. Both are putting the kabosh on everything having to due with status quo sexuality. The magnitude of error regarding our typical cultural response to sexuality is humungous.
May we all continue to delve into and expose lies and distortions of all stripes.
Be well Jim....and thank you!

Medicine is equal parts science and business.

The business part is concerned only with making money, and not with your health. So you should be skeptical of any treatment that's making money for someone.

The science part is constantly evolving and changing based on the most recent research. Since we've only been working on many of these questions for a short time in human history, our knowledge is incomplete. Therefore, you should be skeptical of pretty much all of it. It may be right, but only time will tell for sure.

Definitely have your vitamin D levels tested if you have not already. MOST people are vitamin D deficient in modern times, because our sun exposure is limited. Older adults are particularly vulnerable because we don't synthesize it easily. I found out I was deficient a couple of years ago. I had a MAJOR health improvement when I began taking Vitamin D regularly. Before, I was constantly exhausted, depressed, and sick with colds, flu, etc all the time - at least every other month if not more often. I can't remember having had an illness since my levels got back up in the normal range.

Hi James, I would highly recommend this book: "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth" by Jonny Bowden. This is such a natural and easy-to-read book. In our family we endeavour to have just these foods available to us in our home. Bowden recommends eggs, certain meat, lots of fruit and veggies, nuts, fish, but (with a few exceptions) no grains or dairy. Wine and coffee both make the list--no Ben and Jerry's though :-(. This book is excellent and would help you find your way back to optimal health. Wishing you all the best. Love your blog. - Maggi PS pls don't take nutritional advice from an MD or even a dietitian. Go see a Naturopath or Homeopath :-).

Congratz Jim for making the right decision. Disclaimer: I am a physician well versed in all the good and bad advice we docs have put out over the years. I don't know whether you figured it out all by yourself but you are on the right track. The low fat diet BS put out over the past 30 yrs is bogus. The statistical methodology underpinning that idea was bogus. XS sugar is an absolute evil. Now finally the American Heart Ass has finally recognized that and recommends limiting sucrose intake to 20 gm/day for women and 36 for men. 4 gm is a tsp BTW. WE now know that a high sugar diet is a high fat diet. Fructose is probably the culprit as it can ONLY be metabolized in the liver. From there it goes into fat production and evil liproproteins. The HFCS added to everything has made most of us fat and shortened our lives. If you eat anything sweet, use only glucose, also called corn sugar or dextrose. Use sucrose only for hummingbirds. Glucose is metabolized by every cell. Alcohol is also metabolized by the liver. Cut that out or way down, a drink or 2 max. You are working on most of your risk factors tho I didn't see you mention BP or genetics. Avoid the statins if you can and only use the lowest possible dose that works if you can't. There is incontrovertible data that they cut CV mortality but side effects can be significant with high doses and the wrong statin. Reduce fat intake if you want to reduce caloric intake but don't sweat the good fats like olive oil etc. I have exactly the same problem as you and have made the same changes as you and have seen improvement across the board. Probably Omega 3's help. Shoot for 2-3 gm/d. Some fish have very high 3's, mostly the little ones like anchovies, herring and sardines. Good luck and keep at it!PS if you want to do your own research, sign up for a MD update service like Uptodate. You don't have to be an MD to subscribe. It is targeted to doctors so it may be hard slogging.

Most doctors are simple mechanics, good with a knife or a pen (to scribble the scrips). They ignore the diet that produced the condition and think they can fix it with a custom blend of expensive pharmaceuticals. They enjoy their role as well paid high priests who, in collusion with big pharma, have priviliged access to these magical substances. That they do not speak out against the toxic industrial food system that produces these conditions makes them part of the problem: The medical/industrial complex.

There is a similar scenario going on in the nuclear industry. Highly poisonous substances are being both routinely and catastrophicly released into the biosphere under the supervision of technologists, AKA "health physicists". Their job is to be apologists for and defenders of a dangerous toxic industry - they are not biologists or epidemiologists. Yet they are the ones telling you there is "no immediate danger" as the cesium particles swirl around you. In Japan a car breathes in about the same number of cubic meters of air as a human does. The air filters from these cars are now so contaminated they must be treated as radioactive waste.

Long time reader, first time commenter. Nice to meet everyone. I am a long time vegan. Animal products are poison, pure and simple. Check out a documentary called Forks over Knives. Peace.

pedal pusher replied to comment from anti soak:

Your point is taken, however I must insist that lots of physical activity is the king pin of good health. It seems to act as a catalyst to other healthful habits. The body processes foods better and automatically adjusts hunger settings to a more appropriate level in the physically active. Such activities as smoking and excessive drinking become uncomfortable to the active person and are thus more likely to be dispensed with. Obesity is curbed, and studies on overweight people who are physically active demonstrate that they are typically healthier than skinny folk who get little physical activity.

No doubt about it - the moving body is a healthy body.

Ha ha ha. You sound like me!!! I tell people the exact same thing routinely...I work in a private historical research library and so I constantly arrange and describe the papers of people from the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. If they didn't die as infants/children from childhood diseases, or mothers in childbirth, or from "consumption" (tuberculosis), they generally lived to between 65 and 90 years old. Even in the Bible the lifespan of people was "three score and ten years." Hmmmmmm....70 years old....that's at least two thousand years ago!

Just one more vote in support of your switch. You'd probably like Tom Naughton's "Fat Head" movie -- still on Netflix, I believe -- http://fathead-movie.com

He's a libertarian working in the field of nutrition, and spends a lot of time pointing out how medical "conventional wisdom" has much more to do with business interests than in science.

what do you do for a living third. that's a pretty nice schedule on top of that good health!


I love your blog and I read it every week. You have discovered the biggest scam in medical history. I was sick for 13 years on Statins. Then I started reading books by Dr. Ravnskov. I suggest his new book: Cholesterol and Fat are good for you. The drug companies are making 40 billion a year selling a scam drug and the doctors are too stupid to figure it out.

I hope you read more about this issue and blog some more on it. Maybe you can wake up the population.

Bill Conklin Denver

I avoid the corporate hive

Your medical issue is only reflecting what the real problem is, and I have no idea why no one has hipped you to the root. Iron is the name of the game. Indeed, I've been there with very similar symptoms, but upping the Iron intake by cooking foods in cast iron pans is your solution - if you were still a vegetarian, which you should be. On any day you do not get enough Iron in the program, be sure to take an iron supplement. When the body does not have enough iron, you will be advised to go to the ER for transfusions or risk a heart attack.
You know by now red meat is not your friend or a solution.
I hope you see this before your next bloodwork/doctor visit/too many dangerous medications mucking up your system demanding vampirical behaviors instead of the healthy regimen of exercise and self will you were imposing previously.

And it is "vej-an", y'all, not "vee-gan". Unless you eat veegatables.)

No, it is pronounced "vee-gan." I'm sorry your attempt at veganism failed -- mine has been just fine these last twenty years -- but don't compound your failure with an uninformed comment about pronouncing the word. We vegans ("vee-gans") take enough crap from meat-lovers without having to deal with getting our diet's name wrong, too.

Dear Jim,

You are getting close. Do some reading here:


before Friday. Your body produces cholestol to patch the insides of your arteries from all the crap food we eat.

you might want to watch this uctv video:

Sugar: The Bitter Truth


Consider Ori Hofmekler's Warrior Diet at www.warriordiet.com. It's simple: only one large pigout meal at the end of the day, no breakfast or lunch.

The key takeaway message here is that medicine is a racket.

Healthy eating seems to have a lot to do with eating food in season as much as possible, eating in moderation, and having a broad palate. Also, Jim makes it clear that exercise is key.

Personally, I think structuring our lives so that exercise is an organic part, is the wisest path. What that means in many cases is riding a bike or walking to work if your place of employment is within a reasonable cycling (10 miles), or walking (3 miles) range. For that matter, any of your destinations (whether you have job or not) within that range perhaps should be done by bike or foot.

Without question, getting around under our own steam will go a long way in solving many of our personal health issues, and make us less likely to get caught up in the medicine racket.

Is it just half time for Detroit, or is it in fact the 4th Quarter with one minute left? But kudos to the old Black Guy who hunts racoons thru the weedy lots with his hound and shotgun - and then sells the meat. He is the future and the past.

I think the ideal is a little bit of local meat (your choice) from the most sustainable, least polluted source, maybe once a week or once a month.

The rest, for me, is beans and brown rice, vegs, oatmeal (gluten free), and cheese & yogurt.

The problem with meat....

The problem is that these animals concentrate pollution in their fatty tissues, which end up inside you when you consume them. If you eat at McDonald's, or get the cheap meats from the butcher, you know what your problem is, and no one can tell you, I imagine.

The other problem is conventional foods, which come from industrial agriculture. These foods are much more likely to have pollution in them, incorporated from dusty soils which need constant infusions of artificial fertilisers and coatings of pesticides.

Sugar is a major killer. Sugar after a meal causes brain damage. JHK describes the pathology exactly- textbook. Blood sugar spike late in the day, repeat for 6 months: damage.

What else is new? Diet sodas just as bad as regular.

And lets not jump on Doctors because they have a hard job. They're not there to nanny their patients and tell them how to live.

The latest research (which I keep up on and actually understand) is basically confirming all the conventional wisdom of exercise, good sleep. Hey, dehydration is bad- guess what? Your ability to feel dehydration declines with age. So go drink some water, right now.

The other line of research, the new shit, the shit your momma never knew about and your dumb-ass doctor probably hasn't heard of, is that the problem with high protein diets is that your cells get lazy, stop synthesizing proteins, and eventually enter a state called senescence, which is a driver of aging and pathology.

Wheat is another problem. 1 in 10 are sensitive to these flours and grains. Think you're immune? Re-read JHK's symptoms. To find out if you're sensitive, just avoid wheat, barley, rye, emmer, farro, millet, and oats (just to be sure) for a month and see if symptoms improve. Believe me, its worth it, grass-eater.

We're steadily making life on earth harder for all of our sustainable and traditional food stocks, so enjoy today's bounty because tomorrowland's buffet is 100% extruded fungal protein in a rainbow of flavors. There isn't going to be a wild fish left in the sea, climate-changers!

And the deer-hunters will have their pick of the CJD-V infected deer of North America (north of 50%). Don't eat those brains!

My Gawd Jim ... Pepperidge Farm and B&J's!? The key to well being is REAL food (from all generally-recognized food groups). Human Beans aughta know that by now. Guess it's 'cause the knowledge slate gets wiped clean every third generation - pass the Depression Stew please.

yo, kC
"over the edge" of what, from where?
pls elaborate a little


I guess I'm lucky that Lipitor doesn't bother me (but ask my wife about my memory of late!), but I decided a while ago to just eat what I wanted and try to eat moderately.

I don't remember when I decided this, but it was either after the last "eat margarine to reduce saturated fats -- don't eat margarine because it's full of trans fats" or "don't eat eggs, they're high in cholesterol -- eat eggs, they're good for you."

If the so-called "experts" can't get their stories straight, why should I believe anything they say *now*. Our ancestors did just fine for millions of years eating your "omnivores diet." Who am I to think I know better.

Good luck!

I'm glad you egocentronic fog has cleared...the truth about real nutrition has been out there for at least a couple decades, so don't be so hard on all the other clowns ( look in the mirror) that believe all the other official government lies you have been screaching about for the last ten! And frankly Jim, you remind me of the forty five year old narcissistic hollywood schmuck who finally has a child and proclaims fatherhood is the most important job there is....jeeesh I thought you were way more enlightened than I assumed.

yo, JK

me thinks your on the track to your own salvation and that Grace we should all be seeking to achieve BEFORE the final call to return Home.

putting in to your Vessel that which
your personal toil,
from the county soil,
is provided by your loyal
obedience to AYEC (almighty yahweh Elohim Creator), according to natural Law and the Word, of which AYEC has so especially to you blessed.

be safe and strong, fellow Man

Buy NON FAT cheeze doodles.

Great to hear all the details of JHK's new diet (LOL). Important stuff. I myself have just kept the simple rule of not eating overly-processed foods. If I were on the Peary expedition I suppose I could understand cans, but below a certain latitude, cans and frozen food seem ridiculous. Whenever I go into a modern supermarket, I become slack-jawed at the shear amount of frozen food coolers; all the energy to process and keep frozen all these "food" products, most of which are just plain shite nutritionally to begin with. Only the makeup aisles of large drug stores can equal the level of incredulity I feel regarding my fellow citizens. OK. Maybe the car dealer lots of new SUVs does it too.

All that said, I think JHK deserves to down a bag of cheese doodles and a Dave's Double Cheeseburger to celebrate his new dietary freedom...

Oh, BTW, I have to agree with the other posts regarding refined sugar intake: Don't. Intake it that is. If you have too, go to someplace like Whole Foods and buy sugar that is not so heavily refined. The azucar (sugar) we have here in Costa Rica is still slightly tan, as its not as heavily refined.

Also, you really don't need all that much meat in your diet as some say unless you are doing heavy labor. Most people eat some form of meat 3 times a day, did you know that? Unless you are going to be out plowing the back 40 with a mule, you don't need all that much meat in the diet, it should be balanced. Have some eggs for b'fast, but do you really need the bacon, sausage, & ham too?
Have a turkey or chicken sandwich for lunch.
Eat chicken or fish for dinner, have a pork chop once a week. Eat beef only once a week or so.

As for dairy, you don't need to drink milk after you are two years old. Sure, a bit in the coffee or tea, a splash on the cereal, but not whole glasses of the stuff.
Enjoy the cheeses tho. & Yogurts. People have spent thousands of years making cheeses. enjoy them.


All that said, I think JHK deserves to down a bag of cheese doodles and a Dave's Double Cheeseburger to celebrate his new dietary freedom...

No, if Jim is going to resume eating meat and dairy, let him get it from small growers who treat their animals well and use sustainble farming practices.

Buying junk cheese "food" and fast food burgers only supports factory farming and its attendant animal torture and environmental devastation that Jim and, presumably, all of his fans ought to be against.

Lots of comments, I'll just refer to Alejandro Jurgens book "Clean". A balanced, healthy approach to diet that targets removing sources of inflammation. Easy to eat the delicious food and miraculous results for the wife and myself, weight good, health numbers near perfect, pain free and no white noise in the brain. If you are serious about feeling good this is the one!

"I don't remember when I decided this, but it was either after the last "eat margarine to reduce saturated fats -- don't eat margarine because it's full of trans fats" or "don't eat eggs, they're high in cholesterol -- eat eggs, they're good for you.""

Ha! Reminds me of the Woody Allen film Sleeper, where he wakes up in the future and everybody basically eats whatever they want because "its all good!"

I was just kidding about the doodles and burgers, mostly because JHK is always talking about the diets of the NASCAR people...

But Peter Tosh had some pretty good dietary rules:

I man don't
Eat up your fried chicken
Not lickin'

I man don't
Eat up them frankfurters

I man don’t
Eat down the hamburger
can’t do that
I man don’t
Drink pink, blue, yellow, green soda

Don't get me started on Doctors. I really do hate them. They don't really care for patients unless of course your young and very sick, then I think they have a shred of decency. However, if your older, (I helped my dad 85, through doctors and couldn't believe how they treated him, just because he was old). It was like he didn't really count, and he was without any major disease. Now, when I go to the doctor I listen and then make up my own mind. For instance, why do we have to have tests when nothing is wrong? If they find a lump, God forbid, or if I go with symptoms of something, then I could understand it. But brest x rays, bone x rays, colonosopy, etc. is truly just a fee builder. x rays to determine that my bones are getting older is really not necessary. (I am getting older thank God.). Breast x rays for no reason....colonoscopy can be too invasive. There are less invasive ways. So you have to use your brain and go from there.

I agree but as a guy whos dad died on the way back from a long jog, too much of a good thing is a bad thing.
I also think everyone over 40 should exercise.

Someone mentioned an antiwheat book...
I found reviews at Amazon that make me think its a bad book...
like.......This book was a great disappointment. . .simply a misleading repackaging of Dr. Atkins and any number of other extremely low carb diets. In short, the book can be summarized as follows: "Wheat products cause blood sugar surges which are very bad for your belly, your heart, your skin and your brain so don't eat any wheat products. . .and, by the way, don't eat any other carbs except non-starchy vegetables either."

The "Wheat Belly" book ...reviewed above this.

You've made a totally selfish decision, there, Jim, which is bound to condemn other sentient individuals to a miserable life and an untimely and violent death. I thought you were better than that.

i never thought about the infant mortality part of the equation. Modern medicine probably skews the the stats on the back end of a human life as well. Clean water, good sewers and garbage collection contributes more to life expectancy than doctors, medicine, diets or exercise.
I would be willing to bet a thousand that more people live in to their 70's plus now than a hundred years ago, but I'm with you on infant mortality. I would also bet than many who live past 70 today could not cope with conditions of 100 plus years ago.

I happen to be a long-time, healthy, happy vegan, and I'm following Jim's evolving story with great interest, hoping he finds improved health, success, and strength in his new direction.

Many of us here owe him a great deal of gratitude for his honesty in his journey, for providing us with new ways of thinking about what's going on in the world, for plenty of Monday chuckles, and even for this forum.

Jim - I would recommend a glass of really good red wine every evening. Clos du Val anyone? I haven't been to a Western doctor since I was about 20. I would highly recommend that, too.

I'm so glad to hear of your decisions. You are correct. Animal protein and fat (saturated fat) are really essential for a healthy body and mind. For those who wish to be vegetarians, it can only be done by including a lot of eggs and full-fat dairy products. I went through a similar transition about 10 years ago (although I never took statins, and never will), and have never looked back. What a difference! Don't be discouraged if your cholesterol levels remain high for a while. this is simply a sign that the cholesterol (a vital component of the human body) is needed to engage in some repair work. Please google Chris Masterjohn's work, website cholesterolandhealth.com for tons of information about the real meaning of cholesterol numbers. Also see westonaprice.org, for the best eating (taste and health) that you'll ever experience in your life. And it's very simple! I highly recommend: The Traditional Nutrition Cookbook, by Sally Fallon, with a great subtitle about challenging the "diet dictocrats". Don't be put off by a cookbook. It's really just more about how to eat great food, prepared the way healthy traditional folks have eaten for generations, with lots and lots of fun to read info. Enjoy!

I wish Jack Daniels worked like red wine.

Congratulations Jimbo! You now have another cause to be totally wrong but no less fanatical about.

Seriously, studies show that high cholesterol in men over 50 is not correlated with a shorter lifespan, your doctor should know that, BTW. Of course, 290 IS pretty damned high. Yes, sugary fat foods can have a nasty effect. Perhaps a mix of the two, 20 mg. of statin and eat a normal diet. Oh….and keep your fingers crossed.

Another option would be to consider a few supplements. I suggest reading "Transcend" by Kurtzweil and his buddy Grossman. I would swear his regimen has helped me, and lab results seem to concur….of course it could all be the placebo effect. Good Luck…just turned 62 and have had a tough year myself health wise. Told my wife going out of town with me is like driving across country in a high mileage car, you just don't know what will happen along the way.

Jim, hope you feel better. You need to follow your body.

My wife has been vegan for stretches, although she was vegetarian during pregnancy. I have gone through vegetarian moments, and am six months into one now. I appreciate what Esselstyn has to say, but I really can't imagine eschewing fat, carbs, and animal fat altogether--but that's just me. So far, having a few eggs and the occasional bit of cheese here and there are a good balance to the rest of the stuff.

In my mind, these two extremes--veganism and, on the other hand, extreme carnism--are two eventualities of our current petroleum product-fueled civilization. In the past, neither extreme option would be viable: you simply could not have meat every frickin' meal, nor could you, on the other hand, get the massive amount of grains/greens you'd need to survive. Both are products of easy food access. I reckon in the future we'll see less self-designated "-vore" labels and a return to more normal omni-diets.

I'm so glad to hear of your decisions. You are correct. Animal protein and fat (saturated fat) are really essential for a healthy body and mind.

Nonsense. Millions of vegans around the world, including adults who were vegan from birth and vegan professional athletes, are healthy in body and mind.

It's one thing to say that human beings are omnivorous by nature (I agree), or that an individual may do better eaten more or fewer animal products, but it is innacurate to claim that one must eat animal products to be healthy.


I'm going through a diet change also but of my own volition after being recommended a book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, which appears to be based on a lot of sound science but not a lot of deference to medical authority figures. It was an eye-opener and I then decided to read another book, Deep Nutrition, which seemed to come to a broadly similar conclusion, though coming at nutrition from a different angle. That's when I really started to change my diet. A further book, Nourishing Traditions (which is largely a cookbook but includes a large general nutrition section) also homed in on a very similar good diet, again from a different perspective.

I'm now about 6-7 months into a very different diet. I don't eat any sweet foods, except naturally sweet ones like fruit and occasionally some raw honey. I don't eat any white flour or refined foods. I try to avoid heated vegetable oils (including all vegetable oils that are produced through heating), and mostly succeed. I soak my wholemeal flour for making bread and crackers. I don't eat cereals, otherwise. I soak rice (mainly brown rice) before cooking. I eat a lot of animal fats and a fair amount of organ meats. Bone broths provide the base for a lot of dishes. Of course, lightly cooked or raw vegetables, mainly grown by myself. I am partial to organic peanut butter and peanuts roasted in their shells, and hope to have some homegrown ones soon (I've also got an oil expeller that can make peanut butter, so that will be exciting).

I've actually lost a lot of weight. I'm about the same height as you but I've come down to 65-67 kilos, which I haven't been for thirty years or more (unfortunately, that's reducing my options from my wardrobe). I'm now feeling less aches and pains, which I'd previously ascribed to old age. I rarely have a stale taste in my mouth and don't fart as much! I intend to keep this up (though it's not too difficult) for at least a year before judging whether it's been a success or not - that's if I don't waste away to nothing!

Take care of yourself, Jim. We need you.

As for myself, I eat what I want. Steaks, Boston Cream Pie (my favorite), Bacon and eggs, frosty root beers, you name it. I'm still here.

My dad ate that way, survived combat in WW2 and Korea, plus smoked Chesterfields. He lived to be 80. I'll at least make that.

I've seen real starvation in West Africa and Haiti. Give me pork chops and scalloped potatoes any day.


My strong opinions:

1. I had a feeling that cholesterol levels were bunk when I interviewed pediatricians 20 years ago while pregnant. On ped. monitered kid's chol. levels. What bunk. I don't have a clue what my levels are and I don't give a hoot.

2. Avoid all new-fangled medications. Avoid flu shots.

3. Wear a hat in the sun. I'm in my early 50's (blue-eyed, blonde) and I have never had a sunburn. I also don't have any wrinkles--people are amazed that I'm in my 50's.

4.Don't take vitamins.

5. I do my own cooking and use olive oil. I cook from scratch 9 dinners out of 10. I don't really trust restaurant food workers, and I have zen moments when I'm putting a meal together. Buy meat and vegetables from a good Italian grocer where you can see them handling meat. I really think food that is cooked with love has special powers.

6. Monogamy rocks!

7. Avoid doctors and hospitals (except when giving birth). If someone you love is in the hospital, stay with them and watch like a hawk that workers wash their hands and get the medications right.

Talk about going from one "clusterfuck" to another - nothing like dieting to bring out the best in opinions and ass holes.

Shucks- who cares - JK -you've made it to sixty - you've "already won....... Thanks to corporate medicine - even longevity has been bastardized into meaning t "better life."

And - as far as those lipid values - I believe you misunderstand the significance of the values.
Many of your musings make no sense.

However, like many of us, I have been diagnosed with a possibly life-changing/ending vascular condition. I was born with a congenital heart defect that is known to progress to an outcome that shortens life relative to those lucky few who undergo major open heart surgery.

And of course - getting real statistics about the "quality" of the life heart patient experiences after having their heart completely mucked with isn't something as finite as baseball scores.

I do indeed believe that numbers' games in the interest of compounding one's chances for longevity regardless of what "qualities of life" one experiences is indeed worthy of a monicker such as "peak medicine."

Going out for some beer and burgers

Hey Vlad, speaking of Detroit, perhaps the most distressed city in the Western Hemisphere outside Port O Prince ,... did you see their NFL franchise just inked a wide receiver from Georgia Tech to a $132 million contract? There plenty of doe in Detroit.


Jim, after getting pissed listening to your podcast recently on your "healthy" vegan diet that included such wonderful healthy products such as canned broth, textured vegetable protein sausages, etc, I am stunned at your turn around. You are making the right decision. Humans NEED fat in their diet. Humans need cholesterol which is why our own bodies make it. Artificially decreasing cholesterol through toxic statins (and I'm a pharmacist so I say this with some authority) is a HUGE mistake that will looked back upon with horror at the damage that has been done. High cholesterol is a SYMPTOM of a problem (eating too many carbohydrates), not the problem. Kudos and welcome back to good health.

Your pronunciation is certainly the popular one. Of course, people popularly pronounce "luxury" as "lugzhury." (The result of some fucking commercial in the 70's.) And people think "decadent" means "really tasty." You can fight popular perception but why bother. Guess I was having a Qshtick moment.

When I eschewed all animal products, for 5 years in the 70's, including shoe leather, it was as I said. It just makes sense- vegetarian... vegan.

Not that it really matters. Eat what you like, and call it what you like. Enjoy your veegetables.

In a former life I managed a pet food wholesaler. Our most popular dog foods were based on lamb, chicken, venison, rabbit. But, our most fanatically loyal customers were the buyers of our vegetarian food. For dogs- friendly wolves- vegetarian. So stupid, so unnatural, so wrong. But these clowns would insist that their dogs eat as they did. Probably should have sold them doggie granola too.

Cat food never got involved. Cats die if you try that shit. Which is about the only thing I like about cats.

Well, James, how is that you could spend so much time watching these folks in this WORLD MADE BY HAND and not see it?

Yup, that sugar and that white flour under current conditions of circumstance, especially with the salts and other additives of processed foods and all, will kick yo butt.

My three rules for a healthy life are: (1) Avoid medical doctors. (2) Avoid all pharmaceuticals. (3) Avoid hospitals. The medical-pharmaceutical system is one vast system of fraud and criminality. Yes, I agree with you: It's a vast swindle.

I'll be happy to see a doctor and get some pain killers in the event of some accident or sudden unbearable pain, but I'll be damned if I'm going to run to the doctor for every real or imagined issue as many of my fellow seniors do. If my hip wears out, so be it; I'm not getting a hip replacement, nor will I ever be in the market for new lungs, heart, kidney, liver and so on, all of which are wearing out as I approach the end of life. I made my choices on my lifestyle and the consequences of ingesting various substances; I accept the consequences. I don't want any part of the cut-em-open-and-sew-them-up medical culture. I am not a machine, I'm not a thing made up of other things that can be replaced, the way you replace shoelaces. I am a person, a holistic system, not an assemblage of parts the way the mechanistic worldview of the dominant culture conceives of the matter.

My doctor, if any, is nature. My pharmaceuticals are the roots, leaves, and fruits of a variety of plants. I don't run--running is for horses--but I walk. I don't eat beef, but I do like some of the other meats. I cook and eat at least one large onion, plus garlic, every day; during the growing season these come from my garden.


Try oral chelation with Arizona brand EDTA, the amino acid first synthesized in Germany in 1935. In studies conducted by the navy it was discovered that among sailors treated for lead poisoning with IV chelation a side effect was dramatically cleaner arteries. It is necessary to take mineral supplements when doing this. Some physicians give IV EDTA treatments but it is far cheaper to do this yourself orally. This treatment also can clear cataracts from the eyes, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and improve blood flow to the Johnson in men.

Doctors who are beholden to the pharmaceutical industry typically scoff at EDTA. They are full of shit. Perhaps they're not interested in EDTA because a bottle of one hundred 500 mg. capsules can be had for as little as $11 direct mail, a fifty day supply, without prescription. If you leave your urine in the toilet overnight you will notice the arterial plaque settled out of the urine resting on the bottom of the toilet bowl! I've been taking EDTA for four years and haven't yet noticed any bad side effects.

Probably the first sane post I've read today. I'm well past 80. I don't do the daily garlic/onion thing, but agree its use in diet is essential.

Personally I don't give a flying fig what my doctor wants me to have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I eat when I'm hungry. And yes, I stay the hell away from processed foods. Eat/grow locally, if you can. If you can't read the igredients on the bottle or carton, don't eat it. Period. End of rant.

This is my favorite article of yours yet.

Cholesterol: The great 21st century fraud.

Brain is 99% cholesterol. Our ancestors ate bone marrow to stay warm.

Avoid "white guy" food at all costs and enjoy your veggies (organic) and your life!

Today's medicine is mostly a big fat fraud. :)

I meant: "...enjoy your veggies, ice cream and life"

The Bible states very clearly that the number of a man's years are 120 (our years). They didn't stop in at Mickie-Dee's in those days, I'm thinking. :))

But, our most fanatically loyal customers were the buyers of our vegetarian food. For dogs- friendly wolves- vegetarian. So stupid, so unnatural, so wrong. But these clowns would insist that their dogs eat as they did. Probably should have sold them doggie granola too.

Why were they clowns, Shecky? Chances are good that they were decent, thoughtful people whose decision to feed their dogs --- domesticated animals living under unnatural conditions, not "friendly wolves" -- a vegetarian diet was based on the fact that doing so is perfectly acceptable and healthy.

But to you, that made them "clowns." As is often the case, your remarks say far more about you than the people you were insulting.


James NKO Neptune Krill Oil is the very best performer in Omega oils 3-6-9 personal friends of mine have enjoyed huge success in lowering cholesterols and triglycerides with this Canadian product.
finally if it ain't natural don't eat it and
if you like sugar switch to Stevia
cheers Tony

James! So much good advice how can you handle it? THEY SAY two beers and no more but I say just enough to get you laughing about the ridiculousness (is that really a word?) of it all!
Nobody gets out alive but your work makes putting up with the BS palatable, if not downright flavorfull from time to time. Laughter is the best med and you know it, I'm not making this up!

Someone said to stay away from carbs. What about oatmeal? Thanks.

I like this post because of my similar dimensions to Jim's pre-diet (5'10", 185 LBS). I also maintain a similar lifestyle, working from a home office, exercising 5-6 times a week.

I haven't run into the cholesterol issue yet - perhaps for hereditary reasons or because I'm only 52. Although I've never tried to be a vegetarian, my breakfast is a mash of 17 select raw vegetables, fruit and grain (like carrot, turnip, parsley, orange+orange peel, green pepper, onion, garlic, nuts etc.). Otherwise, I eat a balanced diet based on home cooked food and some cheating - the odd ice cream, cookie. My wife and I also down 1-2 glasses of wine each nightly. No sugar or wheat is in our diet.

I have to admit that despite my generally good health, I feel pretty rotten most days. I attribute it to my sleep issues - and the fact that if I don't get a solid 8 hours I'm pretty much a wreck. Holding down a corporate job and traveling quite often with this handicap, messes me up pretty badly. My sleep meds are 50 mg Benadryl and 3 mg Melatonin without which I can only get 4-5 hours sleep.

When I get to the point where I can dump my stupid job, I expect to be able to sleep again and enjoy life.

Not my place to tell you what to eat, but you were probably correct all along during your "Bohemian Years".

x2 on the WestonPrice site.
x2 on Wallach "Dead Doctor's Don't Lie"
and more importantly:

x2 on WheatBelly. The author is interviewed here: http://www.gnosticmedia.com/wheatismurder ... ah hour more accessible than reading the book. Definitely listen to this one!!!

http://www.gnosticmedia.com/2011/11/ also interviewed Dr. Peter Glidden and Dr. Wallach last year, both worth listening to.

Glidden points out that docs are trained to be blind to all but the accepted profit center practices of "disease management".

BigMAC (the Medical/Agribusiness Complex) rules!

Someone said to stay away from carbs. What about oatmeal? Thanks.

Ignore the anti-carb foolishness. Whole grains, including oatmeal, are nutritious and a staple of many cultures throughout history.

What you ought to ignore, however, are processed grains like white flour and white rice.

Stick with the good stuff: brown rice, whole wheat, millet, quinoa, wheat berries, and oatmeal.

Horses eat oats. I eat them raw with milk or a handful in soup. (By the way, horses are gorgeous.) Cheers! :)


Sorry you had to go through 4 years of suffering because of bad advice from your doctor. As I'm sure you're now aware, most doctors don't have a clue how the human body even works, and as far as nutritional advice, they are useless.

We all need fat with every protein meal, and we all need to eat more frequently, but in much smaller portions...

The key thing you are missing is allergies... In order to heal the gut, we need to eliminate the foods that are causing the inflammation: eggs, gluten, dairy products and soy. Those are the main ones that most humans don't tolerate well...


No tofu...............?

"Money Driven Medicine" by Maggie Mahar a great read on how the for profit hospital, pharmacy,device maker, insurance all destroyed evidenced based medicine. The great Joe B recommends the book. Be ware of right or left wing propaganda. We need to follow evidence based medical pratices. I recommend "quackwatch.com" there are many on the left of the so called natural food movement that sells pire junk. "The Art and science of rational eating" by Albert Ellis also profound and eye opening. I turned 50 and struggle with my spare tire and diabeties, I am sure the quick convenient processed food makes a dent. Maybe those ancient Greeks were right, moderation!!!

Your assertion that a vegetarian diet could be appropriate for a stone carnivore like a canid is tragic, and hilarious. Thus, clown. (Many clowns are decent thoughtful people too.) Yeah, wolves and coyotes will eat berries and grass, but the vast bulk of their diets is flesh, bone and guts. Offer a wolf or a Pekinese the choice of tofu or tenderloin and let me know how that goes.

The poor mutts subjected to this diet were the victims of their masters' good intentions. Maybe you could feed a dog communion wafers and cheap wine, in the hope that it would go to heaven, but his earthly life would be hell as a result.

That vegetarians wish to fit their ethically constructed worldview onto a biologically determined dietary destiny cracks me the fuck up. There are carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. Wishing otherwise does not make it so. A poodle dreams of killing Bambi and Thumper, thus to eat their tasty corpses. Vegan revulsion at the natural order of things is the problem of vegans.

People are omnivores. Outliers at both ends of the spectrum may do ok as vegans or carnivores- this is typical of a normal distribution. The vast majority of us do best in that broad region in between. Some people tolerate grains and legumes. That does not mean that most of us are far better off without. Without human cultivation fields of grain do not exist. Before the advent of agriculture our bodies thrived on meat, roots, shoots, and fruits. Good enough for Adam, well that's good enough for me.

Well, I had a new valve "installed" into my heart three years ago... from a pig. Without that I wouldn't be here to read these many and varied posts. Anyway, my solution to life quality was to purchase an older Corvette. Hence while doing my part to hasten the depletion of fossil fuel... I am still able to cruise for chicks. Albeit, at 70 years old, I'm not having much luck.
And, no, I was unable to get the rest of the poor pigs chops and ribs... although I did ask.

I have not eaten horses, but I hear they are better than beef. Not likely to try them with milk, but maybe a Flicka burger with cheese...

Sorry, you left the barn door open.

Horses are beautiful, you are right. Useful too, which is a form of beauty. Let us all return soon to the natural order of things. To be a stable boy would be a far better thing than to flip burgers for minimum wage. To be surrounded by beauty and utility, and to be necessary to the continuation of that phenomenon...

"That does not mean that most of us are NOT far better off without." dang ESL.

Just have to add that until the last century or so, meat was not a huge part of most peoples diets, well, unless you lived by the sea and ate fish. Until refrigeration, meat, especially beef, was hard to keep, except for pork products such as ham & bacon.
Most people up to the 1900's ate beef once a week if they were lucky. Mostly it was fowl of some form or another, or preserved meats such a ham.
And lots of bread, vegies, and fresh fruits.

Our modern diet is absolutely nothing that someone from the 1800's would recognize.

And for those 'no wheat' persons, baked grain products have been a staple of the human, and especially the European diet for thousands of years.
The problem is the highly over process flour now used to make breads, etc.
Go back to REAL whole wheat if you can get it, and bake your own bread, even if you have to use one of those automatic bread baking machines. The end product will turn out so much better than most store breads.

But cut the sugar, don't drink milk, eat cheese & yogurts instead, and balance everything else out.
And really cut down the beef in your diet. You don't need it two or three times a day.

Hey Calamity! Nice to see you on this site! I was fired by my doctor, as well, which was okay because I couldn't stand him. This firing was due to the fact I wouldn't take Lipitor despite a cholesterol level of over 300. (Gasp) I explained to him that I came from a long line of dairy farmers, that that my Aunt Grace had just died at age 104, wich a cholesterol level of 434. and that I wasn't to going to start with this poison. This same doctor wanted me to have a pap test every three months despite the fact I've never had a bad pap and am in a happily monogamous union. He also wanted constant mammograms which are painful and expensive and have been shown to be unreliable. My question is, if you have a small tumor which could be malignant, what happens when you burst it through pressure and it can travel throughout your system in less than a minute? I feel all he wanted were tests and more tests and lots of drugs.

Am now dodging our insurance company which is as bossy as Dr. X. Think they're a sign of Obama-Care to come, and I ignore them, although I don't know how long I can get away with that.

Jim, I can't imagine how you can exercise as hard as you do without protein? Suavitur in Modo, and eat organic. It's getting harder and harder to find real organic meat, and selling raw milk in Ohio is terribly illegal, almost as serious as peddling meth. Time to get a Jersey and a Hereford and do it ourselves.

I also smoke, which has become an expensive way to flip off the establishment. I smoke moderately, less than half a pack a day and much less in winter. When people smell the smoke, they look at you like you're a shoplifter and the supercilious looks bore into you. Ten years ago, Doctor X accused me of smoking (I confessed) and read off my cholesterol levels. He said "You're going to DIE." So far I haven't. Also discounted his advice to diet religiously and exercise. I imagine I get ten times the exercise he does, and at 5'5" and 118 pounds, I don't need to diet. Am more concerned about my bones. We have good doctors and bad doctors. Try to find to a good one and shun the bad ones which can usually be identified by the amount of crap they want to sell you. Good Luck!

Did you know that April Fool's Day (April 1st) and Halloween (October 31st) are Federal Government holidays?


The "money grubbing" world of conventional allopathic medicine? Perhaps, but isn't the health/food supplement industry every bit as guilty, and perhaps more so, considering that many high-priced items are comprised of dubitable effacaciousness(let's face it:the marketing inference behind many of these products is one of healing and preventive properties)?

As a physician that I respect once put it, we have the most expensive piss here in the U.S.A.

Thanks for the reply. My body seems to do well on oatmeal.

There's a scene in Solzhenitsyn's book "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" in which the labor camp gets in a shipment of real oatmeal (called "kasha") rather that the usual gruel. The prisoners lie, cheat, and steal to get an extra bowl of kasha. "Mmmmmm....yummy....."

What do CFNers think of "Stalin jokes" from the Stalin era in the former Soviet Union?

For example, "they had to cancel the soccer match at halftime because Stalin killed everyone in the stadium."

Apparently, this joke, at the time, was a real "knee slapper" in the Soviet Union.

Jim's essay reminded me of an article I read about ten years ago in which a triathlete described the feeling he had eating meat after years of abstaining. He stated that within minutes of eating a steak he had a tremendous feeling of warmth in his belly and an overall sense of well-being.

I still have pictures of myself as a toddler donning a cowboy hat and negotiating the antlers and bodies of freshly killed elk. My grandmother claimed that the delicacies of elk and deer were devoured and gluttonized by myself and other young toddler relatives. Certainly eating meat is a choice in later life, but the initial, innate instincts might indicate otherwise in certain people.


We can eat well, exercise and get a physical each year but we are all getting older. I've got one word for you, TA-65, it will change your life for the better(I think you will be amazed). A good reference site is www.rechargebiomedical.com run by a Harvard educated M.D. named Edward Parks.

All the best,


Jim, you keep mentioning that you expect some kind of uprising at the political conventions this summer. I think that's wishful thinking. As a resident of the Twin Cities, I can tell you that a radius of at least a mile around the Republican convention in St. Paul in 2008 was under lockdown. Yes, they allowed a march at the beginning. But people without invitations weren't allowed anywhere near the convention center, diffusing any meaningful sense of protest. Just wanted to let you know before you were disappointed by another failed prediction of yours. (Dow 4,000, was it?)

Pepperidge Farm cookies and Ben and Jerry's ice cream both contain partially hydrogenated oils. I suspect that the hydrogenated oils would be the biggest culprit in messing up your cholesterol ratios by screwing with your liver. I've heard somewhere that hydrogenated fats act like anti-vitamin K, meanwhile vitamin K may be critical in preventing heart disease (http://www.westonaprice.org/fat-soluble-activators/x-factor-is-vitamin-k2#heart).

My father exercised off and on and followed various healthy eating philosophies over the years but still had a heart attack. I think it was the tortilla chips cooked in partially hydrogenated soybean oil that he frequently ate after work before having an otherwise healthy dinner. People make the mistake of thinking that things like tortilla chips are fairly innocuous, as you may have done with the cookies and ice cream. Maybe they would be harmless if they weren't cooked using what's effectively a toxin. Since his heart attack my father has also been on the statins + Ornish/Esselstyn plan and is suffering from it and I haven't been able to prod him out of it.

Hope you start feeling better soon.

'Ben and Jerry's ice cream contain partially hydrogenated oils.'
How So? And how much?
Unilever owns BnJ.

Wolves are not dogs! Small dogs may be healthy on a Veg diet but I dont think wolves and large dogs can be.

This is a test.

Gud ev'nin' Fada Kunstler!

My, but you've had, perhaps, the most wonderful comments ever here today! It's quite like there's a real community of supportive, intelligent, learned souls, all banding together to share real experience, and to hopefully enlighten and even inspire you and everyone! andandand.... (maybe I missed it, but did "Vlad" tell us what he eats?!)

It's also amazing that our species shows so much diversity of experience regarding food, though in the past, when we had fewer choices, perhaps diversity of dietary reactions were not so well observed...

The drugs are awful. My observations of people taking pharmaceuticals is that it's like putting a tap on your brain and just letting your "essence" drip - if not pour - out... I've observed this with at least two close family members, and it has been horrible...... Recently, I saw somewhere on the internet, some comment by a woman who had been the daughter of a pharmacist who had told his family words to the effect that "drugs were for selling, not taking"...

Thanks to The Beatles, and some questionable meat in my college cafeteria, I have eschewed cows, pigs, and sheep from my diet since 1976. Also, I haven't gone for any "checkups" since the same year. In 1987, after a terrible bout with a respiratory problem, I "cleaned" up my diet with macrobiotics and the illness, which had plagued me for a couple of months, was gone in 36 hours. Macrobiotics only recommends a little fish, as far as animals in the diet. And no diary. LOTS of carbs!...

I always tell a "layman", EAT QUALITY!

In reality, I do more of a Mediterranean diet. And daily beer & wine.... oh, & pot. But, at 57, 5'9", 150lbs., I still jog & bike & I also have a somewhat physical job. We all need to keep moving! Though I HATE how the body doesn't heal as fast as it does when one's in one's 20s...... People who eat too little fat have a tendency to suicide! We all should enjoy the miracle & bounty of life. (I think I'll go drink a barrel of Saudi's finest....)

A highly nutritious diet of about 600-1000 calories a day for an average adult male, should give a life expectancy of around 125 -180 years. But man, food just tastes so good!..... or maybe it's just the beer.... Cheers All!

Maybe for the 1%.
Are most D'trs unemployed?
No new grocery store in 30? years?

Besides Fabulous Ruins of Detroit see

Dont mistake 'appetite' for 'innate intelligence'
Kids will devour candy full of Aspartame [as will
A drinker can kill them-self in one evening.
Writer Adelle Davis wrote that children knew just what to eat. HOW WRONG SHE WAS ABOUT SO MANY THINGS.


Look into the B12 deficiency idea someone else proposed already. Statin drugs deplete CoQ10 and that can really put a hurt on a person's muscles and energy.

Fats have been unfairly demonized. We really truly need them for the membranes surrounding each and every cell and more. Research "phospholipid bilayer" and you will see what I mean.

Further, cholesterol has been unfairly demonized. It is essential for formation of our sex and stress hormones. As for its role in cardiovascular disease, I like to think of it as more a rubbernecker than the cause of the accident.

Next time you visit PDX I'd be happy to help you get back on track for health, energy and vitality.

Dr. Jeff
naturopathic physician

Dogs too are Omnivores.
Maybe thats why the 2 species often get along.
Its cats that are poisoned by lotsa vegetables and starches.

Dont mistake 'appetite' for 'innate intelligence'
Kids will devour candy full of Aspartame [as will
Let me elaborate. Not innate intelligence, but innate preference. In other words, the elk delicacies were apparently more appealing than candy or sweets. I found that observation interesting.

Sounds like we might be getting into your area of expertise Anti-Soak so I offer up my opinion with the understanding that I'm hardly an authority.

Thanks to The Beatles, and some questionable meat in my college cafeteria, I have eschewed cows, pigs, and sheep from my diet since 1976.

There's nothing I enjoy more than eschewing the fat with friends.

...as far as animals in the diet. And no diary. LOTS of carbs!...

No diary?? Well, so much for Anne Frank!

I always hated that stuff - I could taste something wrong with it and the bad after taste confirmed it.

I think even animals are pulled both ways. I remember my dog eating grass to help himself sometimes - but also tearing into a grocery bag to get at the chocolate bar.

What do CFNers think of multiple vitamins? Thanks.

The dairy of Ann Frank is a fraud for the most part. Most of it was written by a ghost writer after the war - who later sued Ann's Father for more money. The first clue was the way it was written - in ball point which hadn't been invented during Ann's lifetime.

What about "chitlins"?

Last week we learned that to keep deer out of your garden you should do the following:

. build an 8 ft fence around your garden
. better yet, make it 12 ft
. electrify the fence
. tie ribbons or cloth on the fence posts that will flap in the wind
. obtain used chainlink fencing and lay it flat on the ground outside your 12 ft fence to a distance of 4-6 ft
. collect your piss and that of your family in a pitcher and pour it all around the outside perimeter of your 12 ft fence; re-apply piss after each rainfall
. collect large cat turds from your cat(s) and your friends and neighbors cats and spread them around in the chainlink fence area lying on the ground just outside your 12 ft fence (remember to wear rubber boots when you come back to re-apply the piss since you'll be walking through cat turds)
. spread onions and garlic in the same area as the cat turds
. purchase "Deer Off" or similar product from Lowes or Home Depot and spray it on the posts of your 12 ft fence; re-apply after each rainfall
. obtain a 12 guage shotgun and appropriate ammo and stake out your garden from dusk till dawn (you may be able to supplement your garden vegetables with free-range deer meat)
. follow permaculture principles as spelled out by Tripp in his "Small Batch Garden" blog
. etc
. etc.

Your total cost for materials and your labor (figured at $10/hr) comes to approx $9743 to secure your garden from deer. (Rabbits and groundhogs are a hole 'nother story.) Harvest your crop and make 4 bowls of salad for your family. There is nothing like fresh produce!

Now, this week the advice of CFN commenters concerning diet, doctors and pills exceeds last week's deer suppression advice a thousand-fold. There have thus far been at least a couple of hundred book titles that commenters have recommended (in all seriousness and with a straight face) that Jim should read. Surely I can't be the only one to notice the absurdity in this.

For my own part, I eat what ever my wife puts in
front of me (except liver which she knows would make me barf). She's an excellent cook (I do all the dishes and I'm an excellent dish man). And I always have dessert - cake, ice cream, whatever. Plus I snack heavily during the afternoon and evening. Potato chips, chocolate covered nuts, etc., etc. I don't give a thought to processed sugar and flour... wouldn't know processed from unprocessed if I tripped over it. I'm 71 and going strong (I do a 1.75 mile walk every day and a light dumbell routine when the mood strikes me) but I have no desire to set life expectancy records. In fact I believe the world would be better off if we all ate whatever we damn well pleased even if it took 5 or 10 years off our lives. The biblical 3 score and 10 (give or take) seems about right to me.

Did anyone notice the article in Sunday's NY Times about the major discontent of our later years? It was an eye-opener.

What does "GMO" do to you? And how does it react with Social Media?

"Do this and watch your balls fall off."

One of my favorite books. How many times at the end of the day have I said like Ivan, "It's over. Oh thank God".

Solzhenitsyn was an extraordinary man. He speaks of the incredible joy he felt upon entering the Gulag: he knew that this would make him and be the utlimate school of his life. And he surrendered utterly to his destiny. Amazing spiritual capacity.

The dairy of Ann Frank is a fraud...

Yes, I'm sure she never milked a cow in her life.

What did the article say? Jung said that most every problem his patients had in the 2nd half of life was a religious problem.

Can't sleep? Worrying about your daughter in law's breast reduction surgery?

Wolfgang Puck [in 1950s? Austria?] ate chicken once a week or a month.
I think USA is now eating 100x the chicken it did a century ago.
The stats on What and How Much We eat are alarming!

[Also Dee, fish is not meat].

We are all learning.
The young usually like sweet and fat [Ice Cream]
not bitter/sour tastes.
If you liked lots of game at age 3, well maybe you were a hunter 40 years before that.

WestonPrice has changed my life for the better.

I let myself get hungry, out of laziness, sloth whatever. Too much trouble to eat other than a handful of nuts or something. Then, after skipping breakfast, I'll have a couple of duck eggs fried in butter with toast. Absolute paradise. They satisfy.

The key is to eat high quality organic food, and not much of it.

'Kyooshtik', hahahahah
It was Jaego [or Vlad] who once said the Diary was a fraud.

What does that say? What a generation of vipers worshiping Black guys because they're good ball players. Why be satisfied with half measures? Why not bring back the gladitorial games? That's what the mob wants. Ball games? Do it the way the Maya did and sacrafice the losers. That will get all kinds of new viewers like me.

That's the problem with Americans: lukewarm. Brutal but not brutal enough. That's why people are fascinated with car crashes - their game players and that cuts thru the game. That's why I say not brutal enough. If you could go all out, then maybe you could break thru to the other side. As Blake said, the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

'A highly nutritious diet of about 600-1000 calories a day'
Huh? are you aware of the prison studies where guys got under 1000 calories a day?
And isnt Walford [?] dead, and not at 100+ either.

What about food combining? That's protein with carbs - a no no. Food combining helped me but perhaps people with stronger digestions don't have to worry about it.

OK Folks, what Meds are you on?
And does anyone have a home cure for Varicose Veins?

I was at the gym...saw a show...
'Lickin Lizards Towing'.......gee are people dumb.

I thought of JHK as its a really dumb
'car, repo, suthin , collapse' show!!! WOW 4 THEMES


Lizard Lick, North Carolina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lizard Lick is an unincorporated community in Wake County, North Carolina, United States. The community is located at the crossroads of Lizard Lick Road

The English physician and social critic Theodore Dalyrymple talked about the miserable eating habits of the English working class. These guys were under weight, just eating snack food standing up most days. They gained weight and health when they go to prison. Bizarre and utter degeneration. Poor Asians, both Hindu and Muslim put alot of effort into meals. But they still have families and women staying at home, etc.

They will eat pills and lick anti freeze off the road and die.

As in 'dumb as a dog'.

I dont like pills and prefer herbs.
However if you eat SAD [standard am diet] they may help.
I think people need Minerals more than Vitamins.

Was it Buck or Marlin who wrote here of some
cousins or young unemployed guys who traveled cross country to WATCH [not participate] MMA?
Into organic meat and paranoid their host would steal their food.

That was 'the real deal'. Young, Dumb, Shiftless.

Aloha Mr. Kunstler, sometimes there are multiple adventures going inside, have you checked for Lyme disease? I'm sure you have. You mentioned how rampant it is in your neighborhood....

Right on, Shecky - I never yet have seen a fat dingo. As far as I know, they don't eat salads, but their prey do. Nature knows what it is doing.

It is that people today consume too few omega 3. I had a shoulder pain and I cured it with 6-7 grams of fish oil daily.

Mother nature has not designed the human body to eat meat and dairy. It struggles to digest such junk food.

You've already seen no difference in 10 days, and more likely you'll just put lots of weight on now. And create other health issues.

A better option would have been eating more fruit, especially at breakfast time.

Great news, Mr Kunlster! When I listened to your podcast, the one grating exception to your wisdom was always your claim that you were "virtually vegan". It was so banal and blinkered compared with your other insights that I knew it was only a matter of time until the truth seeped in.

Congratulations. You will find you become significantly healthy and have a greater sense of well-being. Please ignore the vegan cranks who are posting above - they are like the jilted members of a cult, and will fight hard to keep you in their "team".

no time to read comments; only just read mr k's column...see the thing is, i ve landed a 98 lb flounder...i can t in good xconscience blab her name in public- even anonymously- without leave..but suffice it to say i ll be spending a little less time here for the duration oh damn is she somethin'!! well, hell, it s been quite an interesting year; i learned a great deal about various things, and would hoist a brew with some of you...here s to our Clusterfuck Nation, and don t fight too much about the stupid shit while i m off in the bushes with the finest girl i ve met in a long time

What's the difference between a doctor and a lawyer? A lawyer will merely rob you whereas a doctor will rob you AND kill you.


















  凡在本店购买任何商品,长沙市内单笔订单满128元包邮,其他地区单笔消费满299元包邮 (不免邮地区:内蒙古;黑龙江;青海;宁夏;新疆;西藏;台湾;香港;澳门;海外; )注:本店刚开不求赚钱,因此宝贝概不议价,谢谢合作!

How's this for a CFN factoid:

Its only mid March but so far this year there have been 94 (and counting) murders in the city of Chicago. 2 days ago a little 6 year old girl was killed by gang gunfire.

I find this astonishing, don't you?


Mr. Kunstler,

An old friend of mine also took Crestor a long time ago and not only he had muscle weakness but that weakness was caused by muscle loss. By the time he realized what was happening he barely could walk any longer.
You're gonna have to work on your lower body strength very quickly.I say lower body because it is one thing not being able to lift heavy things but it is absolutely a different type of nightmare when you're not able to walk freely.
I am a fan of yours and we all want you to be around a long time.

Best regards.

Right on, Shecky - I never yet have seen a fat dingo. As far as I know, they don't eat salads, but their prey do.

You don't suppose, just maybe, the fact that dingos live in the wild, and not as house pets, might have something to do with that?

Good to "see" you, ya cranky ol' bastard! ;o)
(That was a pretty funny treatise on deer suppression.)

Hey! What's that you gots in the bowl?

"Did anyone notice the article in Sunday's NY Times about the major discontent of our later years? It was an eye-opener." -Q.

No, I did not. What were the discontented expecting? Restoration of sexual prowess and 25 yr. old bodies? Satisfying and complete bowel movements? Piles of loot, comfort and bodacious babes beyond imagining? (I'm far too embittered to look up most anything coming from that "newspaper", so give us a short synopsis. Thanks.)

BTW, what's in the bowl? Look! A squirrel!

Hey Jim,
I didn't have time to read all the comments, so forgive if someone has mentioned this, but have you had your thyroid checked? I've had low thyroid for years and although I was not totally vegan I ate lots of soy for a long time. And then I found out that over consumption can interfere with thyroid meds and may even cause thyroid problems. There have been studies of prisoners who are served a high soy diet and the health problems that this has caused. So it might be worth a simple blood test if you haven't had one--can't hurt.
PS: I was also an exercise junkie for years and I've read that over exercising can trigger thyroid issues as well.

Good fer youse; let the boot knocking commence!

I have some intake advice for you:
Don't forget to take your testosterone supplements and eat some cheeseburgers for energy. (Pot and coke will bring on some diversionary delights from time to time as well!)

Good luck, squeeze whatever you can get your hands on, and don't get too much on ya!

It's only mid-March and it was 81 degrees here yesterday. Horseradish shoots already poppin'. Does it have any nutritional value whatsoever?

No salad yesterday... what's fer dinner?

Zadeekah, I too follow your rules to avoid doctors, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals. I'm insured, but only in case of catastrophic illness or accident. I both admire and share your "holistic system" view of the body, your "acceptance of consequences" based on your choices, your "doctor is nature" philosophy, walking instead of running, and utilizing your own garden. Myrtlemay & others, great additions about avoiding all processed foods, staying local, and sticking to ingredients you can read.

I have a ways to go on eliminating processed stuff, but I'm making progress. Like you guys, I hope to live well into my 80s and beyond living these simple rules.

I'm also vegan. Almost 40, was vegetarian 13 years before becoming vegan 2 years ago, and I'm in great health (physical, emotional, and spiritual). My lifelong allergies and acne cleared up went I went fully vegan two years ago; I also became much calmer. But that's just me. We're all on our own journey. It's great when people share experiences without insulting each other, as has mostly been the case here the last few days.

"It's great when people share experiences without insulting each other, as has mostly been the case here the last few days."

Amen to that!

Ozone, just came inside from planting peas. Did you get yours in the ground yet? I've had pretty good luck with horseradish here at the El Toro, which make a nice addition to the garden salads we'll begin digging into in June.

Does anybody know whats on the menu at Obama's $38,000 per plate fundraising dinner extravaganzas in LA, Manhattan and San Francisco? I'll bet it ain't Hot Dogs and Chips. John Corzine used to be a staple at those dinners but he hasn't been seen around much lately. Something must have come up!


"...How can an individual gain a modicum of empathy for the plight of the planet and for those brutalized by the operatives of state oppression when he refuses to gaze upon his own degraded condition?" -Phil Rockstroh

And thus do we look to what we put into our bodies and the results thereby as a very primal attempt to analyze one [very observable] aspect of that condition.

As has been posited several times above, the choices of what we shall have access to are, in too many cases, determined by profit-driven psychopathies and [poisonous] cheap energy products injected into [what's laughingly referred to as] the soil.

As we look inward, we see also the very elements of the macro-cosmos and a stunningly complex and compact version of its' workings. Pretty fascinating what "feeds the machine" and how that's metabolized, isn't it?

What did the article say?

The article was titled Age and its Awful Discontents. Here's a link to it.


Being myself a physician, I can say I share some of your opinions. Physicians are 'experts' like many others, and one of life's lessons I'm slowly learning is that you can trust experts... sometimes. Medicine has a basis in science, but it is applied on people by people... so it will always be vulnerable to usual human weaknesses. Saying that medicine is a swindle is of course going too far, but there certainly are a number of medical swindles, big and small, going on at all time. Disinformation and conflicts of interest abound, as in any other human institution. My personal peeves are the various cancer screening hysterias (mostly breast and prostate) where so many people are being hurt and much resources squandered. Anyway, I sincerely hope your new diet will make your life more enjoyable. Quality of life has to count for something.

No peas "in the pot; nine days old", yet.

I think I shall have to remedy that, although the wife just hates shelling the things and can't abide flat-pod snow peas! What's a grazer to do?? Guess a separate area that she can ignore will have to be apportioned for 'em.

It's a "cool weather" crop, so I'll have to choose the spot carefully (sun and shade). Last year, what worked really well was to train them up on netting in a fashion that shaded the spinach from getting too much direct sun.

Good luck with the fresh eats; hoping for moderate weather this year. (Never know what we'll get, looks like! ;o)

I am only going to say…I am 67, 5’10″, 155lb. (my weight for over 30 years) Normal BP, and all I take is an 80 mg aspirin at bedtime and a multivitamin. No other meds, except an ‘over the counter’ allergy med on rare occasions when my allergies act up.

I fast walk about a mile everyday to the local mall for groceries or other stuff. I have led an active life but never went to a gym or worked out at home. I eat what I want, when I want it. I have no idea what my cholesterol is, but, I can fast walk for a mile in 90 degrees and hardly break a sweat, or raise my BP.

I see doctors for stitches, but not often enough for them to even buy a used bicycle every year. I have had my cholesterol checked 3 times in my life, if I remember correctly and not in the last 5 years or more. My father died last year at 88 almost as healthy as I and died of pneumonia complications. My uncle is 91 and still as healthy as one can be at that age. I can say that I didn’t take up smoking or alcohol or other recreational drugs on a regular basis. I enjoy a scotch and soda or a good beer occasionally and a good steak and potato dinner about once a month. I eat everything, including veggies and fruits and, as I live in the Philippines now, a lot of rice, the white kind. Maybe I am dead and don’t know it, but I cannot feel any signs of it other than normal age.

Perhaps, someday, I will be knocked down and not get up, but I will have lived a good life and not made the sick-care industry wealthy. Medicare and Medicare is not available to me here in the Philippines, so I will not miss them. Medical care is still affordable here.

Hey Jim, You are right to move away from the low-fat, vegan diet. Like bears and canines, humans are omnivores and should consume some quantities of "good fats" like the ones from grass fed animals. I don't know how much land you have at your new place but consider grass finishing a yearling beef if you have the space.
Cholesterol is produced by the liver as a result of inflammation somewhere in the body. It maybe the blood vessels but it may also be elsewhere. The blood vessels job is to take the cholesterol to where it is needed. The key to managing the situation is to reduce the inflammation. Statins are powerful anti-inflammatory drugs with a lot of negative side affects.
When my husband's cholesterol reached 240, his doctor strongly recommended that he start on a statin but since the doc is a little more reasonable, he suggested a natural form of statin - red rice yeast. After a year of the red rice yeast and adding a natural anti-inflammatory, his cholesterol level is 190 and he feels great.
If you feel you that you need some natural help reducing inflammation, take a look at adding red rice yeast and Zyflamend by New Chapter. These are really good products from all natural sources.
Since we live in the boondocks and a trip to a natural health store is over 100 miles, we buy our supplements at Vita Cost. Here's $10 bucks off if you are so inclined:
That's it from the Colorado Highcountry.
Happy Spring (when it actually arrives here in late May)!

Veganism is a moot point for the Long Emergency. JHK would have figured that out with his new lifestyle out in the country.

In our new/old world made by hand,we will be once again using animal power as well as human. As we cull the heards we will be eating them. We will be raising our own chickens and other animals as family farms once did.

I don't think Jim was going to be able keep the critters out of his cabbage patch with fences. He's going to have shoot the deer, rabbits, etc. and feast on them. We'll all have blood on our hands and be the better for it. Let's just kill with respect!!!

Also, Jim consider having a pond built while the 'dozers can still do it. Stock it with good to eat fish. Your nearby river may be "fished out" by commercial fishermen for a hungry urban market.

Going back to the land means interacting with anilals on the most personal of levels. The food chain.

THat was a hilarious and sensible post. the anti deer part is so true but i just planted my garden any way.

One more word about veganism and The Long Emergengy/World Made By Hand:

Jim advocates the we learn a useful skill to have for our local community. The local person who can butcher the animals that others will need for food will be a revered person.

At least learn how to clean a rabbit or gut a catfish for yourself.

One of many, many, many on skinning out our forest friends:


Use your youtube whilst you got it!
(There's actually more than clips of drunk girls bouncing their butts for the camera and bad rap "music" on there. Really, there is!)

In our new/old world made by hand,we will be once again using animal power as well as human. As we cull the heards we will be eating them. We will be raising our own chickens and other animals as family farms once did. . . We'll all have blood on our hands and be the better for it. Let's just kill with respect!!!

You might be right about veganism, Don, but I'm not so sure about eating animals. Vegetarianism has been practiced for thousands of years, in the days when the conditions Jim predicts under "The Long Emergency" were known as "life as we know it."

But I agree this point you made, despite being a vegan myself: people will be better if they have to raise and slaughter the animals they eat. Right now, almost all of that is done behind closed doors in the most inhumane and unethical ways possible. Our society will be a better place, or so one hopes, when factory farming ends and people are confronted with the reality of spilling blood for the flesh they choose to eat.

Can't sleep? Worrying about your daughter in law's breast reduction surgery?

I guess what you are asking here Vlad is what the hell am I doing up at 2:05 in the morning posting comments to CFN? Well, as you may have noticed I haven't been around for weeks and that is because I have been completely and utterly blocked from posting. It was not a "banning" per se but rather some technical glitch in Kunstler's system which he has zero inclination to delve into. (I wrote to him and he responded in a most unsatisfying way. He did tell me that he had banned Mrs Beasley but no one else.) My inability to "Sign In" so as to post a comment happened at the very same time as others such as Wage and Lbend disappeared. Maybe they had the same problem as me (I?).

Well, I tried setting up a new screen name (like OEO/Tootsie/Mrs Beasley has done dozens of times) but it was no go. Then it occured to me that maybe I needed a whole new email address from which to register myself on CFN and to be doubley sure I changed my screen name as well. Being technically challenged as I am, this took some time and thus I was still up at 2AM.

Concerning the girl who had the breast reduction surgery... she is not my d-i-l, she is my son Thom's girlfriend. Just yesterday I finished a process of getting her set up with a brokerage account (she came into a modest inheritance after her father died and had no idea what to do with it) in which, thus far, we've bought 3 dividend paying stocks that will yield 4.8% with a high degree of safety.

BTW, if you spot any misspellings in my posts it's because I have f'd up something on my laptop and cannot get the spell checker to work.

Nice topic Jim....But our food supply will be in the hands of big government.....The sheeple continue to sleep in the face of tyranny and change emanating from D.C.……. Now Obama has seized Kontrol over all food, farms, livestock, water and transportation across America.....Sticking your head in the sand does not make this go away...

On March 16, 2012, President Obama issued an executive order entitled, "NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS."

When Obama admitted it did apply to Americans, he announced that he would choose "not to use it on Americans" but only by the grace of his restraint.


Well Sir, I went to the grocery for a few items.
The bill was about 25$. If I wanted a paper bag
Santa Monica would have charged me for it.

Lets see, Cashews 8$, Cheese 5$ etcetc.
For those who have land, invest in producing food.
40 years ago Mama said 'A bag of groceries is 5$'.
Now 8 ounces of Nuts is 5$ and Bread 3$.

Did you comment somewhere upthread about 'Murder in Chicago'?
Google: SBPDL/ Paul Kersey!
'city that has been so thoroughly re-made into the image of a Black-metropolis as Detroit, where 21,000 murders have happened since 1969'

What you wont read at HuffPost, 21,000 murders have happened since 1969 in Motor city.

I have heard the Herb Companies are now owned by the Drug Companies.
CA Fitts I think wrote about here, less than a mile from Santa Monica a small food coop was busted/closed by the feds over raw milk.
It is very near a Whole Foods.

She said that may increase the WF revenue by a million $ a year.
Think about the corporatizing of 'natural products'.

Oh Mr Kunstler, it was surely the Crestor that was
causing all the muscle aches. The vegan diet was
what you were doing RIGHT. Going back to
animal products will surely lead to health problems
I hope you reconsider and stay vegan or near
vegan. BTW thank you for bringing the world the
book The Long Emergency. It shook me to my core.

Our society will be a better place, or so one hopes, when factory farming ends and people are confronted with the reality of spilling blood for the flesh they choose to eat.

The answer to the factory farming problem and so many other problems in today's world is that population must decline from 7 billion to 1 billion or maybe even 500 million. I'm guessing the process of losing 13 out of every 14 people on the planet will be unpleasant in the extreme. Fortunately I won't be around to see it happening but I grieve in silence for my kids. I am due to become a grandfather for the first time within the next week. We are all very excited about it yet the state of the world he (it's a boy!) is entering fills me with anxiety.

Well, Jim, when you start driving a Lincoln, you can explain that exhaust fumes clear your sinuses.
I quit Lipitor (and my doctor) one week after he prescribed it. Statins are for the living dead. I became a vegetarian (not a vegan) only to reduce my carbon footprint. I know that I can find an authority to justify or reject any practice. But I like to drive just a little to the left of the road, not on both shoulders..

Well, Jim, when you start driving a Lincoln, you can explain that exhaust fumes clear your sinuses.
I quit Lipitor (and my doctor) one week after he prescribed it. Statins are for the living dead. I became a vegetarian (not a vegan) only to reduce my carbon footprint. I know that I can find an authority to justify or reject any practice. But I like to drive just a little to the left of the road, not on both shoulders..

I mentioned the above a while back ago. One of the brothers was a MMA fighter who had his front teeth knocked loose to the point of ultimately losing them and the promoter of his fight weaseled out of paying his dental bill. He also wrecked his nose and knees. The other brother earned a journalism degree along with 60 grand of debt from Iowa State. He remains unemployed and resides in his parents basement. I asked me why he doesn't try and promote a blog since paying gigs in journalism are very rare but he just doesn't seem to have the entrepreneurial spirit. And he doesn't write very well, truth be told.

Anyway, they traveled across the country in order to pay good money for a MMA fight along with filling the refrigerator of their host with organic groceries which they would not share even though they offered no money for their lodging.

It was a less than optimistic sight, a battered ex MMA fighter and his unemployed, debt laden brother scarfing down organic food while they inhaled unfiltered Camels before heading off to an event that would presumably enable them to forget about it all for a few hours.

Welcome back. We thought it was something like that. Have you been monitoring? Prog and I defeated the Zionists in the eyes of all reasonable Men.

What stocks? I'm trying to get more cash flow going. My HGT stock returned 7% last year but took a big nosedive. I'd take a lower dividend for more security. I thought I had put a stop on it but I don't think it went through.

Just read that Herbert Hoover had a tape of Eleanor Roosevelt's lesbian encounter with a 300 pound Negress named Hattie MacDaniel, who played Mamie in Gone with the Wind. He used to play it at small high level Republican get togethers.

Have you heard about the interviews Pelosi's daughter is doing with the poor? They Liberals loved her intervieww with the poor Whites of Mississipi - they talked about God, Adam and Steve, and that Obama wasn't Black but a half breed. They hated it when she talked to the Blacks of New York about Obama Bucks. One guy said he din't have to work since his ancestors were slaves. Another with no job had 5 children with 4 women.

Fox News applauded the equal coverage but to me there is no equality here. The poor Whites though uneducated seemed to be self supporting. And the things they were saying were mostly true though crudely expressed. The Blacks shown were hopeless parasites and if asked, would be just as ignorant if not more so. To her credit she asked one of them why he was going to vote for Obama again: cuz he's Black he said.

Of course the canard was put out as always: more Whites are on welfare than Blacks. But this is one of those questions that call for a percentage...

Tragically, Hoover's private material was burned per his request. But rumours persist that the whole trove was hidden...

I don't know what "Chicago" that report is all about, but it's not the part of the city I live in or the parts of the city I spend time in.

95% of the mayhem in this burg takes place in a relatively small area clear down at the south tip of the city. About 90% is gang thugs shooting each other over dope turf.

This is not to dis the innocent victims, of which there are a number, nor to dismiss an entire population of people who don't deserve to have the city's thug population dumped on them. But the fact is, most of this city is very safe, attractive, convenient to public transit, walkable, and friendly. There are a few "hot spots", small pockets on the north side that I avoid because of gang activity and the possibility of getting caught in the crossfire.

The gang activity is almost all about drugs and drug "turf". This crap is just too damned lucrative. Remove the incentive and decriminalize this crap and impose a regulatory structure that recognizes different levels of impairment/damage for different substances, and the profits will dry up. The gangs will go elsewhere... like to prison, once we've freed up space now being occupied by petty drug offenders.

But let our detractors just keep screaming. That helps keep property prices under control and rents reasonable.

Lets see, Cashews 8$, Cheese 5$ etcetc.

I thought you were a Vegan? Whuts up wif da cheese? When you go back a few steps in the process isn't cheese-making an exploitation of animals?

Speaking of which (and I've posted this tale elsewhere to the outrage of several women) I knew a girl who was hardcore Vegan... wouldn't harm or exploit any creature on earth, wouldn't wear leather shoes, wouldn't eat an egg, wouldn't eat honey, wouldn't kill a bug on the wall..... but she had no problem with getting an abortion. Go figure.

Mr. Kunstler, I hope this Spring is one of your greatest ever!

P.S. Who is the healer?

According to Game Theory: Why the Jokers of the World may be better friends to the People than the Batmans. The herd must be culled after all.


Read http://www.amazon.com/Protein-Power-Lifeplan-Michael-Eades/dp/0446678678/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1332267672&sr=1-1. You will learn that high levels of insulin are responsible for damaging cholesterol in your bloodstream,and creating high levels of certain types of LDL's and triglycerides.

Eating a vegan diet consisting of a lot of grains is the worst thing you can do to your body and the environment.Grains are just sugar with a small amount of poor quality protein. The perfect food for damaging cholesterol in the blood and having it deposit in your arterial walls.
For those Vegans who think they are doing an ethical diet by not eating animal products haven't thought out that their diet of grains are responsible for killing every living thing where these grains are grown. Millions of acres of wiped out ecosystems to grow a poor food source.
Look up Lectins which are Glycoproteins in wheat that are responsible for autoammuine diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Why is it tragic - the burning of the tapes? And what would it mean to you, watching the wife of a former president having a homosexual encounter with an actress?

If you cite morality, then I presume you would avert your eyes from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel because Michelangelo slept in the same bed as his male assistants.

People like you are the reason the qualified and competent avoid politics for the most part. The groin sniffers, the tape planters, the dirt delvers,the two-bit spectacle seekers preening like seals on a bike for a voyeuristic glance- who needs the aggravation.


Crisis In Nutrition IV - Vox Populi

Tom Naughton of "Fat Head" speaking at a conference of the Office of Research Integrity on why more and more people are ignoring doctors, nutritionists and government health agencies and turning to blogs and social media for health and nutrition advice.

For those Vegans who think they are doing an ethical diet by not eating animal products haven't thought out that their diet of grains are responsible for killing every living thing where these grains are grown.

I don't know about every living thing, but I and other vegans are fully aware that animals die in the production of grains and other crops. But given that more grain is fed to cattle and other livestock in the United States than goes to people, meaning animals die in the production of grain that goes to feed animals that die in the production of meat, vegans still minimize the harm we cause for the sake of our diets, which is the point.

Millions of acres of wiped out ecosystems to grow a poor food source.

If you're talking about factory farmed meat, then I agree it's a ppoor food source. If you're talking about whole grains and green leafy vegetables and legumes and yellow vegetables and fruits, then I cannot agree that those things are poor food sources; they happen to be excellent food sources.

Have you been monitoring? Prog and I defeated the Zionists in the eyes of all reasonable Men.

Yes, I've been reading the weekly blog and the comments although I never read Old69 at all and of course I scroll by the Chinese clothing touts (I wish I could understand why they even bother). So, yes, I have followed with disgust the never ending conversation involving you, Prog, BTB and Mika/Met.

YOU are a special case -- with your long-running, and in my view, ridiculous, obsession with a thousands-of-years-long conspiracy of Jews to take over the world -- which I tolerate because of your unique perspectives and way of expressing yourself...... but I am disgusted with Prog. He refuses to take my good and honest advice to simply cease (without an announcement) talking to Mika because Mika is a mental case and a Horse's Ass. Bean is perfectly OK in my book if you would just stop for a minute worrying about his Jewishness. The odd thing Vlad is that you fault Bean for supporting a fellow Jew (Mika) for no other reason than that they are of the same "tribe" yet this is precisely what you wish Whites would do. How can you not recognize this in yourself?

What stocks? I'm trying to get more cash flow going. My HGT stock returned 7% last year but took a big nosedive. I'd take a lower dividend for more security. I thought I had put a stop on it but I don't think it went through.

I looked at the chart on your HGT and it is nasty. I too have made the error at times of buying a stock because of its high yield. To help my son's girlfriend I did some extensive research in order to come up with a low-risk dividend growth strategy. All the stks we've bought, or will buy, are large companies with long uninterupted periods of paying quarterly dividends and of raising those divs on a regular basis (usually annually) and of having a low "payout ratio" and a current yield of say 2.5% to 6%.

The young lady in question is a real nervous nellie (risk-averse to an extreme) so I'm trying to be extra carefull not to F up. The first 3 stks were T, PFE and PEG (AT&T, Pfizer and Public Service Enterprise Group). Taking into account the number of shares and the price of the stk when purchased the weighted avg annual yield will be 4.8% in the first year barring some unforseen disaster and should edge higher over time.

Ian, humans evolved to be omnivores but humans have only been practicing organized agriculture for about 8000 years out of at least 200,000 years as a distinct genetic species.

It's not enough time in the evolutionary scale for humans to have evolved to absorb the nearly 400 grams of carbohydrates we're recommended to eat. Anthropological studies of 'found' hunter-gatherer communities shows that the primary nutritional inputs are animal flesh followed by organic plant material, about a 60-40 split, and most all of the carbohydrates are in high fiber plants.

We can digest everything, but recent history, especially since the emergence and promotion of a "high carb, low fat" diet and the parallel "obesity" epidemic suggests that we should be getting our calories from fat, protein and greens and near zero from grains and sugars.

History suggests that we can probably handle grain carbs (cf. history of bread, beer, and rice consumption) but only if our sugar intake is near zero.

But overall it's been clearly demonstrated that we function better on a ketogenic diet, not on any diet "balanced" with high (> 80 gm/day) levels of carbohydrates.

Yes,factory farming is evil and should end with long distance shipping of food.

I'd also like to speak about those other animals...our so called pets.

There will be no more "Chloe, the Pig of the Meadow". I have one dog who is a "pet",
(probabably my last
'pet")and another that is a working member of the household. No more "just a pet" dogs.

@Kyooshtick. We are just planting our three huge raised beds. Our working dog is an Austrailian Cattle Dog. Loyal to it's owners, but will happily kill any critter that enters our garden/yard. This is the future of dogs in the Long Emergency I feel. A friend of mine raises ducks and has a Great Pyreneese that has lived with the ducks since puppyhood. Nobody is allowed to pet or visit that dog. It thinks it's a duck and protects it's siblings. Dogs will be working dogs, not merely pets.

But we still need to respect their needs as well.

Thanks for the personal sharing Jim ! and what a response.
NOT that you need anymore advice, BUT, having been a student of integrative medicine for many years I would suggest that you look at the issue of 'inflammation'which has been increasingly targeted as the root cause of many diseases. You can test your inflammation levels through a test called 'C-Reactive Protein'. And one of the most recommended natural anti-inflammatory meds is a product called "ZYFLAMEND' made by New Chapter. The clinical research on this product is impressive.
I have no affiliation with the company--just a very impressive herbal product. All the best! Thanks for being you.

@Kyooshtick. We are just planting our three huge raised beds. Our working dog is an Austrailian Cattle Dog.

Hey Don, thanks for reminding me about the dogs. My deer-suppression rif would have been so much more complete with a snarling barking dog inside the 12 ft fence.

"Wolfgang Puck [in 1950s? Austria?] ate chicken once a week or a month.
I think USA is now eating 100x the chicken it did a century ago.
The stats on What and How Much We eat are alarming!"

Wolfgang Puck as in Spagos? Otherwise, I have no idea whats you are talking about. Cept the amount of chicken eaten now, KFC anyone?

"[Also Dee, fish is not meat]"

Ok, so is it a fruit, vegetable or grain, oh great fount of wizdumb?

Back when you did the podcast about your vegan diet, I was shaking my fist and was screaming to make the same changes you've finally decided to make! Thank God, I don't know what I'd do without my weekly dose of cold water, least of all thanks to an erroneous diet advised by the homicidal medical establishment!

Why do doctors put patients on statins?
Evidence is tremendous that people with low cholesterol are more prone to have Cardiovascular disease:
#"the Norwegian HUNT 2 study "jep_1767 159 2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 18 (2012) 159–168
#"Low admission LDL-cholesterol is associated with increased 3-year all-cause mortality.."Cardiology Journal 2009, Vol. 16, No. 3, pp. 227–233
#"Low Cholesterol is Associated With Mortality From Stroke, Heart Disease, and Cancer:
The Jichi Medical School Cohort Study" J Epidemiol 2011;21(1):67-74
#"Statin Therapy Decreases Myocardial Function as Evaluated Via Strain Imaging" Clin. Cardiol. 32, 12, 684–689 (2009)
#"Statin-induced diabetes: perhaps, it’s the tip of the iceberg" QJM Advance Access published November 30, 2010
and many others. specially this one Lipid levels in patients hospitalized with coronary artery disease: An analysis of 136,905 hospitalizations in Get With The Guidelines" (Am Heart J 2009;157:111-7.e2.).
Look at the results:
“In a large cohort of patients hospitalized with CAD, almost half ) have admission LDL 130 mg/dL. The LDL levels

You don't understand: she is a Liberal Saint. To see her embracing a she ape would be just too rich - as long as I could do it in a room full of you and your's and hear you all talk about how beautiful it all was.

Always trying to be better than others and you know what? It makes you worse. Those poor Whites in Mississipi with their Bibles and guns are far better men than you.

Hoover himself was a monster of course. But at least he hated some of the right people. For you every cop is a criminal all the criminals, saints.
Your anti-morality morality with the only sin being "judgement" is the last hurrah of a dying culture. You need to be entombed with the Pharoahs.

Thank you very much - you may have saved me from the terror of penury. No worries, I have other things going for me but I really needed some Assets in the strict sense of the word - something that pays now, a bush that burns without being consumed (sold).

Almost everyone used to think the Jews were saints. Or like Prog and Rip that they were just a Religion. They encourage all these errors. I'm just trying to create balance. Why is it important? Because they wield immense force and they are driving us over a cliff. Wait and see: any real efforts against the Bankers will be called Anti-Semitism. And any real investigation of the Fed will yield the obvious: Jewish Control. Why does it matter? People used to ask so what if the Media is Jewish owned? Or so what if the Banks are. Because as even Herzl himself admitted, Jews have interests that often don't correspond with the interests of the host society. I admire his honesty in admitting that "anti-semitism" is often perfectly rational.

Bean is rational on all things until this subject comes up. And then he isn't. Prog sees that now but you still don't. Again unimportant? On the contrary: Jews can't be trusted with objective truth when they themselves are involved. Science, Math, Music, Ancient Chinese Pottery - fine. But History, Politics, Economics - forget it. To them history (when it touches them) is about telling a good story - one which makes them look good. This is problematic to say the least as so many authors, editors, journalists, publishers, and professors are Jewish.

P.S - that came up during the battle: I support Whites, yes. But not to the exclusion or instead of all else. I want White murderers done away with. Or for example, I heard about a case of real White Racism in the Army where a Chinese American was hounded to suicide. I would see those White Men imprisoned and dishonorably discharged. Disgusting behavior.

Some say White is Right. I say if right to be kept right. And if wrong, to be made right. Bill on the other hand, just sees Jew as right no matter what. His is the true Nihilism. But almost all ethnes are just like that. We are the exceptions, the holy ones, the chosen. And thus when we don't live up to our high calling, it's particularly appalling.

Too bad this entire comments section has become the Vlad Kraps fest.

You ever think about taking a break for a week or two, bud? Or perhaps getting your own blog where you can talk racism and misogyny to your shriveled little heart's content.

Cuz your constant astroturfing is getting mighty old here.

Oh, I wouldn't bother arguing with "anti soak" and his prouncements. The little man is afraid of his own shadow and anyone with skin tone darker than his. He lives in LA, and sometimes I wonder if he actually ever leaves his apartment, being such a scaredy cat.

Enough about "da Joos" already. We get it, okay? Week after week after week you spew this pseudo-analysis and criticism of other races. You don't like them. Points taken. Now GO AWAY, because you are old hat!

NO! For once you are wrong.
I stated I WAS Vegan, am 42 years vegetarian.

Once I ate some Cheesecake and it 'didnt feel right,
somehow I sensed dead animal'. Looked on the box,
Sho nuff, It listed 'Gelatin'.

The red dye in MnMs is from crushed bugs.yikes.

And if esteemed author JHK keeps eating whole eggs fried in butter that 20 pounds he lost will be back, fast.

Then why are Japanese women who had a tradition diet of Rice, Tofu, Vegetables some of the longest lived?

No judgements on this, Courtesy of Paul Kersey.

[Also I read Obama spoke on global warming on
July 7, the same day Chicago had its coldest July 7 in 130 years]

Bloomberg reports:

Blacks constitute 32.4 percent of the population, down from 36.4 percent in 2000 though still the city’s largest racial bloc. Non-Hispanic whites accounted for 31.7 percent of Chicago’s population in 2010, making them the second-largest racial or ethnic group.

According to that 2009 crime report put together by the Chicago Police Department, Black people are responsible for 75 percent of the murder; 66 percent of the criminal assaults; 57 percent of the robbery; 65 percent of the aggravated assault; and 73 percent of the aggravated battery, for a whopping 64 percent of the total violent crime.

You might get a kick out of this.I was at the local Vitamin store and bumped into Mel Gibson.
Nice guy.

Q, this is for you: Ten words you need to stop


Great story! Iowa Degree and cant write well!
[Maybe he was on the wrestling team].

And 'weaseled'.
Please Buck I Implore you to avoid
'species-ism' with terms like 'weaseled'
'[hes a ]vulture' 'snake' '[yr a dirty]rat'. Lets not be racist.

I had a spelling error or punctuation errors?

Well lets look back to Scandinavia during WW2.
Did the eat all the farm animals fast?
I have read of the lack of heart disease there during the war. then they started in again with the high C diet and they were back to the same rates with regards to the coronaries.

I think when TSHTF theyll eat the animals fast.

Spend a little time at Elaine Supkis site and ' Crimes Of The Times'!

Anti-soak, check your statistics and read more carefully.

Whites are 45% of the Chicago, making the white population the largest racial block. This figure includes white Hispanics, who by and large think, act, and identify "white".

Blacks make up 32%. Non-white hispanics, about half of whom think, act, and identify as "white", make up 31%.

And a good two thirds of our black population is orderly, hard-working,and law-abiding. Blacks are not quite there yet, but they are coming along, as evidenced by lower violent crime rates among them than in previous decades, though there is still far too much.

I can't blame a cop who has spent most of his career working the "Wild 100s" or Grand Crossing for thinking of this city as "another Detroit", which is why no cop ought to have to spend too much time in any one particular high-crime district. Too much stress and burnout.

I live on the north lakefront in the far north nabes that are racially mixed and have seen troubles in the past, but are substantially "gentrified" and, outside a handful of small, extremely troubled pockets I avoid, are very safe, attractive, and lively.

This city has incomparable cultural amenities, educational institutions, and spectacular architecture, combined with reasonable prices and a lot of great things to do cheaply or free.

You're talking about criminals and saints while lamenting the destruction of a film that was most likely a covert sneak job made without the consent of "the participants" ?

My god, you do have the gift of rationalization.

Sorry Vlad, what two consenting adults do behind closed doors is their own business. And no, back-slabbing WASP's don't get to film people illegally and then scream about morality. Got it?

Oppps, sorry AS, that was meant for Q, and here is another one:

How to use an


Oh, what the heck, here is one more;



nite y'all


Thanks, Jim, for an interesting change of pace this week.

There have been lots of comments already about what to eat. I haven't seen anything about fasting, or a lifestyle diet like the Fast-5

Fast-5 Diet Summary
Eat within five consecutive hours.

That’s it—that's the basic summary: eat within five consecutive hours.

“Eat” means consume calories according to your appetite. It does not mean eat constantly for five hours, nor does it mean eat as much as you can.

During the five consecutive hours (the “eating window”), eat as much as you’re hungry for, and eat what you want to eat. Consuming liquids with calorie content counts as eating, so only calorie-free beverages are permitted during the fasting period - no juice, protein shakes, etc.

As long as you keep at least a nineteen-hour fast daily and eat within five or fewer consecutive hours, you’re within the guidelines of the Fast-5 program. Any window of five consecutive hours can be used.

What to expect: Expect zero weight loss in the first three weeks, which is the adjustment phase.

You may even see weight gain during this period due to compensatory overeating. Weight measurement during this time is not recommended, but many people can’t resist, so don’t expect a loss.

Three weeks after starting the Fast-5 program, you should see an average of a pound per week loss. That means over the course of four weeks, you should see four pounds lost, but the loss may not be evenly spread from week to week; it can be two pounds one week, none the next, then two again, and so on.

If you want to see the science on the benefits of short-term fasts, read the book, which is available free of charge online (or $9.95 in paper from Amazon).

I just invented a new diet called the "fridgeless diet". This is how it works. First, you realize that your too poor to run the fridge anymore. Second, you unplug the fridge. Third, you stop buying eggs, bacon, and cheese because these will spoil without the fridge. Fourth, you eat more nuts, grains, fruits, legumes, and veggies because these foods stay fresh without the fridge. Any meat, eggs, or cheese must be cooked and eaten immediately. This diet also encourages one to hunt and fish more imho. I cant wait to see next months electric bill.

I find a similarity between your economic and medical posts: The quest for an absolute truth.

But maybe the medical example makes it easier to accept that since we are not all the same, the balance too may be quite different for each of us. Consequently, a high level of cholesterol may be perfectly fine for one person and deadly for another.

Understanding where you personal balance is may be far more important than falling regularly for the latest fad. But would you accept you doctor telling you: "Know thyself" "Do you feel fine? - Then maybe you are!" And even if you did, would society accept it? Doctors are providers of medical answers and absolute truths, not "body coach" helping you to stay healthy and more importantly stay in charge.

I agree but I don't think anybody can change him. He has FPD, the Flamer Personality Disorder. His ego is tied to baiting "liberals" (of which he feels this site is swarming with) and trying to win the argument. It's like shooting fish in a barrel to VK.

Q, this is for you: Ten words you need to stop

Excellent. Problem is I'm probably the only one who will read this link. The ones who need it can't be bothered.

"Ok, so is it a fruit, vegetable or grain, oh great fount of wizdumb?"

You seriously haven't learned to scroll past *asia*, after all these years?

I am shocked no one's bothered talking about the lemonade maple syrup cleanse yet. I did that one once, about 2 years ago. It did work wonders, though I should have done it 4-6+ times since.

If I ever do it in the future, I will be substituting the 8oz of water in each lemonade/maple syrup tonic, with juiced apples/carrots/beets/ginger. And drinking 8oz water in-between each *juicing*. FWIW, that drink every morning (instead of coffee/tea) should do wonders for anyone's health.

And, I was even working on a personal cleanse program, that also allowed one "organic extra virgin olive oil stir fry" of green veges, during the day (so you don't need to do the 3 days of orange juice/vegetable soup solids to get back off the diet)...

Anyone's who's been on the lemonade maple syrup cleanse, will tell you about how hard the first 2-3 days are, how hard the morning "luke-warm sea-salt quart" of water was, but maybe not-so-much about the night-before's laxative herbal tea...


PS - Qshit - plz!!! T(at&t) - 48 P/E ratio?!? The best of the best in future growth projections are around 15-18 P/E multipliers...

Oh, and FWIW, I highly recommend 3 fish oil pills a day (one during/after each meal - 300mg omega 3/1gm fish oil), and also getting used to eating niacin.

I don't agree with that 270lb guy earlier (???) who recommended 2000mg (!!!) niacin a day - you'll be hard pressed keeping up a 500mg regiment without developing a case of *hives* (particularly on sun-exposed skin). I do ~250mg/day - I prefer the flushing pure stuff, as opposed to the buffered "non-flushing" niacin. I've found that the buffered "non-flushing" stuff seems to float around a lot longer in my system than I'd like, accumulating 2-3 days later in rash/flush...

And the 1 aspirin/day thing is not a bad idea, either (those injuns discovered dat!). As well as 1000mg rose hips (can we say, Nostradamus, the black plague cure?)...

"Thank God, I don't know what I'd do without my weekly dose of cold water"

As in, ice cold shower every week? I did that, for 3 years - but upgraded to a hot shower 2 years ago. Not sure it made that much of a health difference for me (polar bear style)...

Jimbo...quite simply, you need to develop a long-term relationship w/ a woman, something you've not been able to do in your life. You're tense, man, and depressed. 65 is tough...I know, because I'm almost there. It's hard to think about where we'll be in 20 years (or even if we'll be), but the fact is, old guys like us need to think about the future and what we want from the rest of life. All the best. Thomas99

How about kill the neighbors and make Soylent Green?

AFAIK, treating *symptoms* indefinitely is the medical-pharma-industrial-complex right-of-way. Do they ever do anything different(ly)?

Off topic, but Republican primary oriented, apparently the Illinois vote was completely rigged. As in, you could vote for your presidential candidate, but all that mattered was that you voted for *3* delegates - and only Romney and Gingrich had 3 delegates (Paul had 2, Santorum had 1)... WHAT A ***JOKE***, especially when all delegates went to the "winner"!!!

"Too bad this entire comments section has become the Vlad Kraps fest."

I think I errantly (???) challenged that douche to a duel last week - ahaha!!! I might have even won, but that's doubtful (I'm sure I pulled more than 4 trolls from that racist afterwards)...

Too bad JHK banned the *SPELL CHECKER*, instead of the *TOTAL RACIST*...

"Three weeks after starting the Fast-5 program, you should see an average of a pound per week loss."

All you need to do, is control your caloric intake to 500 less than what your "height/weight" needs, to loose 1 pound/week. In fact, I have been doing that since November, and I'm down ~16 pounds (from 215 to 198) - and I've not been real religious about it, other than avoiding 250 calorie 5.2% beers (I drink vodka/100% juice in carbonated water, 7% at 160 calories)...

I'm not so sure 19 hours a day starvation really serves your *BODY* positively... I'd personally be dosing your vita-C every 3-4 hours (vodka/100% juice, 7% at 160 calories)...

"Doctors are providers of ... absolute truths"

Go home already, you are so wrong it hurts even *MY* head.

We call them "essential amino acids" and "essential fatty acids" for a reason ;-) Hope you start feeling better soon.

Hey Jim, has your doc had your thyroid checked? Some of what you've described sounds just like what my doctor explained to me yesterday when my levels showed lower than normal from some recent blood work.

It might be worth looking at selenium too. This thought from another recent lesson taught by unfortunate circumstances. As it happens there are no background levels of selenium to speak of in the soils in most of this area. All the livestock has to be supplied with a selenium supplement in the form of salt licks or a feed top dressing powder. These I supply to the sheep, goats and cattle and just recently our "new to us" draft horses. What I neglected to do however was remember to give a selenium injection to four orphan lambs that were being hand fed on a powdered milk replacer which I assumed had the appropriate minerals added. They were thriving at first and grew quickly for two weeks, but within span of twenty-four hours they became weak and couldn't stand up. Treatment at that point was too late for two of them. It's very difficult to watch such beautiful living things fade before your eyes because of a stupid over-site you've made.

The lessons learned in this kind of farming can be pretty hard at times. It makes a person a whole lot more aware of things by necessity. There's a lot of learning involved in overcoming the diversity of obstacles that arise when doing any kind of farming. Lessons learned usually remain pretty crisp.

As for your diet, try to get grass fed beef and lamb instead of grain fed. The fats produced by animals that eat what they are suppose to eat are better for you. Eggs too, same thing. Steer clear of margarine as much as possible. It's possibly one of the worst things we could be eating. I'm guilty of it at the moment though because I'm waiting for one of the cows to calf before I can get any milk to make our own. We have to buy margarine because we can't afford to buy butter. Ridiculous!

Best wishes, and I hope you get back to feeling right with yourself again.
Old Man Farm

So what are you trying to say? That Blacks at 32% committ only 32% of the rapes and murders? I think you know better. The Crime rate (particularly the repeat offender crime rate and that means alot of Blacks) has gone down - but only because of things like the 3 strikes rule and a burgeoning prison industry. In California, it's still not enough and they're letting criminals out for lack of room.

"Jimbo...quite simply, you need to develop a long-term relationship w/ a woman"

Yes JIM!!! You're *NOT* married?!?

AHAHAHA!!! Let her sink her *FANGS* in, then her finger*NAILS*... It will feel good *EVENTUALLY*!!!

I LOL'd. Seriously.

"It might be worth looking at selenium too"

It might be worth looking at radioactive *CESIUM* too.

Please! Let's just forget japan is still an island, spewing radioactive heavy metals!!! Let's just forget it will ever *melt down" to the *water table*/*fault line*!!!

You haven't been around for weeks and you're barging into a long running discussion. Not only are you stupid, but rude as well.

"Social Media" (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is basically a panopticon, right?

I said he was a monster didn't I? But so was King who you worship. I mean this gets your ire up the murder of Whites in South Africa leaves you cold?

So yes - I would enjoy watching the film just to see the looks of horror and rationilization on the insipid Liberal faces. More and more you sound like that most bullshit of people - Dale.

There has never been nor will there ever be a people more at war with Nature and Themselves than White Americans. Utterly unnatural and self hating - worshiping an utterly alien race, the Negro. Your countenance must resemble that of Dorian Gray.

Well what did you say and what did he say?

Jim...most drs don't know what the hell they're doing. Seriously. They are essentially trained by Big Pharma. Need I say more?

A couple of things...

For high cholesterol, first thing to check is thyroid function. Most drs don't understand the correlation.

Most people your age may need thryoid hormone supplementation. Fix the thyroid and often the cholesterol numbers fall in line. TSH should be between .5 and 1.5 (max). Most lab values don't reflect this and many drs think that everything is OK as long as it's in range. Not so. Also test free T3 and free T4 (not Total T3/T4). FT3 should be in the upper 1/4 of the lab range and FT4 should be in the upper 1/3 of the lab range.

Also, you might want to check out http://www.westonaprice.org/ for a new perspective on healthy eating.

Good luck!

I think you are on track with the sugar. I think the figures are that the average American consumes 150 pounds of sugar a year as compared with maybe 10 pounds a year in the 1800's. Think about buying 30, 5 lb, bags of sugar and sit down and eat with a spoon. High-fructose corn syrup (which tastes gross imho) is in a lot of things. Iodized salt is the same thing. There are minerals in salt that we need that we do not get. It all boils down to the same problem. Ignorance and greed. This is a way to increase profits at the expense of the consumer...just like they do stuffing the cows full of corn to sell more meat. Unfortunately, you are right about the Nation of Swindles, maybe one day we will wake up. www.squarerootofzero.wordpress.com

Once in a tabloid I saw a photo of a Gal who for 10? years had lived on only Sugar.
She was alive but toothless.

If ya have not you might enjoy comparing these 2:

Adidam Archives - Home


Critics Expose Abuse, Exploitation by Guru Da ...

'You seriously haven't learned to scroll past *asia*, after all these years?
I am shocked no one's bothered talking about the lemonade maple syrup cleanse yet. I did that one once, about 2 years ago. It did work wonders, though I should have done it 4-6+ times since'

Gee, 'I am shocked' at yr ignorance.
Last time I took a class in Nutrition [with a Licensed Nutritionist] She warned about not doing the 'cleanse' you coo so about lil icky.

Maple syrup is mostly sugar. I mean beet or cane sugar, not sugar from Maple Syrup.\If someone fasts, great. A fast = no calories.

Small talk.
Im listening to C2C, Alex Jones about executive orders,the Prez can do anything the 1% wants.
Control over water by Sec of Defense, etc.
Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Martial Law.

Dear James,

Good that you changed back to the omnivore's diet. Our teeth would not be sharp and pointy eating only plants, and we'd have more stomachs to process all the veggies that we'd need to eat. Humans can basically eat like bears, in fact a lot of plants that bears eat humans can eat, and some bears eat some pretty off the main menu items, like grubs and ants. Which humans do and can eat, just look at a lot of native populations for their diets and the hunter gatherers, which are the first kind of forest gardeners. Even though they don't have a lot of examples left in the wilds of the world, some of us folks that do and teach a form of forest gardening, can see why it would happen in a natural way. My own Biowebscape designs follow such a path. I know you have a big goal of living off your land. While you are at it, invesigate having a small flock of Chickens, Ducks, Clutch of rabbits, and herd of goats ( milk producers). All these animals if tending in small numbers can provide you meat, eggs, and milk, and life off a small plot of land. Also looking into fish keeping, there are many ways to do that, from hydroponics, to Aquaponics to just plain old ponds, or fish tanks in your house. East to complex, and small to large, land size is not an issue, some of this can be done in apartments, more can be done on bigger and bigger hunks of land. The point is that we should not limit ourselves to what we think we can do.

I grow salad and herbs in 12 ounce coke bottles made into planters, attached to a wooden 1 by 1 by their lids by a screw through the caps, hung outside on vertical spaces. Any space is growable, if you think out of the box that we have been putting ourselves for so long.

You want to be healthy, but you have to remember, can you be so healthy that you will live 250 years? 350? Read the Bible and read of people who lived 900 years and wonder what in the world they ate and drank to get there, even 120 is hard these days. What could we do to ourselves along the way trying to live forever as it seems your doctor was implying you'd be able to do on a No-fat diet, remember the first three letters of the word D I E T. We will almost all die, How we live our lives is the most important part of all that. I would prefer to have you around a lot longer, so take care of yourself a bit better, and like you have learn to listen to your body, it can be the best doctor you will ever have. Pain is not all bad, it tells you when your body is being put under stress, it tells you what you might should change. Don't stretch too far this or that way, the stretching is not bad, but going to far, harms you, the pain lets you know the point of breakage is near or in some case you've gone past that point.

A Million and one things I could say, But be careful and live longer, sometimes a doctor will have his own bias involved in treating you. My dad just got told to go on a blood thinner, but he bleeds easy and knows this, so even though he just spent 2 days in the hospital and will take the other medicine for his heart, he won't take the blood thinner, cause he knows his body better than the doctor, who did have a good reason for giving it (the blood thinner) But did not listen to my dad's own advice back. So like always, we take the advice of Doctors, but we listen to our own more. Maybe that is a Trait of the Owens Guys, as my brother is the same way, but so far so good. My dad is the same weight he was when he got married 49 years ago, cooks most of his own food and can fix anything that breaks in the house or yard.

Have fun on your small hunk of land and be sure that you can grow almost anything you want to, ven if they tell you, it has never been done that way before in your area, don't let naysayers take your inventiveness from you. I live in Iceland for 2 years, and in a greenhouse they were growing a producing banana tree, this was in 1975, they didn't let someone tell them they couldn't and nor should we.

Biowebscape Design.

'a lot of great things to do cheaply or free'
What are yr utility bills?
I have 4 Neighbors [not living together] who are all from the Windy City. None miss it.

I went w/o a frige for a week.
Cheese can last awhile.
I thought eggs might last a few days.
Mayonnaise did.
Yes life has changed over the last 100 years.
Alot is taken for granted.

Whats least likely to lastat room temperature is Lettuce etc.

With a 'check your statistics and read more carefully' to ME!

C2C and Alex Jones are appealing purely to emotion. The emotion being appealed to by them is fear.

Four years ago they were saying we would soon be in FEMA camps, Obama was going to take away all our guns, etc. None of it was true.

C2C and Alex Jones are engaged in pure fear mongering. People fall for it every time. Especially paranoid drama queens.

What about the drones over USA and HS on the raods
with roadblocks?
What ? You Worry?

Congress Approves 30000 Spy Drones Over America As US Police ...
Feb 11, 2012 – Media Fails Us Once Again as US Police State Tightens With 24/7 Surveillance. The Intel Hub By Tim Watts February 9, 2012.

what you worry?

You're trying to deflect this into a black/white and liberal/ conservative thing:

"So yes - I would enjoy watching the film just to see the looks of horror and rationilization on the insipid Liberal faces."

And a morality thing:

"Your anti-morality morality with the only sin being "judgement" is the last hurrah of a dying culture."

Look Vlad, some things are just wrong irrespective of race or political leanings. And barging into the privacy of another person's bedroom is one of them -you just can't do that. If you don't believe me go down to your local police station and hand over the evidence of the "immoral" lesbian encounter you covertly filmed.

But I doubt you'll find yourself a lawyer goofy enough to invoke the 'I just wanted to see the looks on the insipid liberal faces' defense.


"Racial information was once routinely included in news stories about crimes, but in recent decades, newspapers and other media outlets stopped mentioning suspects' or victims' race or ethnicity because of public criticism. Newspapers came to embrace the idea that such information is irrelevant to the reporting of crimes and may unfairly stigmatize racial groups."

When people ask why rightwingers claim the US has a liberal media, this is one more example: the Orwellian switch in policy in reporting race and crime.

"Blacks are much more likely to die from homicide than whites, and Latinos somewhat more likely. Black men, in particular, are extraordinarily vulnerable: They are less than 9% of the county's population, but they represented nearly a third of homicide victims over the three years of data in the Homicide Report. That means one in a 1,000 blacks became homicide victims over those three years, more than 10 times the rate for whites and nearly four times the rate for Latinos."

The spin here is that blacks are disproportionately victims of homicide, not perpetrators. Homicide, it appears, is some socioeconomic condition which discriminates against blacks simply because of the color of their skin. Another legacy of racism-segregation-apartheid, no doubt. No discussion here on who is committing these homicides, no discussion of black-on-white killings or other crimes.

One more newspaper to boycott'

OK, they are trying to stop the fake syrup.

To protect the purity of Vermont's signature crop and to dissuade others from passing off fake maple syrup for the real thing – which sells for about $50 a gallon – Vermont's two U.S. senators have co-sponsored a bill that would make it a felony to sell fake maple syrup as the real thing. It would also increase the penalties in existing law from one year to five years in prison.

"Vermonters take pride in the natural products our state produces," said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. He says the growing number of individuals and businesses selling fake maple syrup alarms

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/eats/selling-fake-maple-syrup-proposed-law-a-felony-article-1.970122#ixzz1pjG9Zdpp

'our time, an age where we have become so desensitized to Black crime that the shootings of 40 Black people in Chicago over this past weekend, and the killing of a six-year old Black girl (one of nine to die over the weekend) is nothing new in a metropolis more dangerous than a war-zone.'

There is really very little known about the correlation to diet, health and disease. There are always new fads to distract us, but it goes back to common sense. Do what feels right for your body. Have you had blood work to rule out other factors such as vitamin deficiencies? I try to take a little information from a lot of sources to see what makes the most sense. Google your symptoms. I like Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has a free newsletter you can subscribe to. He has two basic tenets I tend to agree with: that people can be typed by individual nutritional needs (i.e. protein, carbs) and that you have to pick the diet that suits your type. Secondly, he feels that a sound diet includes animal proteins and healthy fats. Listen to your body--it will tell you far more than a finger-wagging MD. Most of Western medicine is about prescribing drugs, not dealing with the underlying issues. Maybe you can enlist the help of a nutritionist and/or naturopath. Best of luck in your quest for good health.

Now when I want to talk about aesthetics, you want to talk about morality. You are a contrarian. Hattie and Eleanor together are attractive in a horror show/John Waters kind of way. But my main interest would be liberal inauthenticity.

Pretend you were given a commission to make a sculpture of their lovemaking. What would be the caption or whatever you call it. I love them - some of the most bullshit blurbs anywhere. I have no doubt that you can sling it with the best of them.

What about human breast milk?

Several years ago, a woman with large breasts let me suck one one of her breasts, but when I did so, milk came out.

I read somewhere that some private Chinese company has developed a patent to breed cows that produce real human milk. I read that the company plans to use the milk to make cheeses, and ice cream.

No, Kranz, I am NOT trying to say that blacks only commit 32% of the crime.

As I stated, 95% of the murders in this city occur in a few pockets of the city where I am unlikely to be (EXTREMELY unlikely), and those areas are poor and black.

I am merely stating that the black population is improving slowly, as evidenced by lower crime rates among them since the peak years. As I said, there's a whole lot more work to be done, but they are improving.

The white population is not improving and that worries me. A lot more school shooting and other violence among whites than there used to be. Also a lot more poverty and out-of-wedlock childbirths.

I attribute this deterioration to the degradation of our public education in the past 35 years, and most of all to the loss of so many good jobs and the decent middle-class incomes they paid.




[color=#0000FF]No one or nothing is Keeping Score[/color]
Well I think that's false. I'm not sure what you mean by Keeping Score, but I think it would fall under seeing meaning in things - something we can't help but do all the time.

[color=#0000FF]Your subjectivity, nay, memory degrades and disappears also[/color]
Of course, but one can look upon his life as connected to the world and those around him and as having an a/effect on the progression of the world, on the future.

[color=#0000FF]So it is as if you never were, and in fact you or me or anything or anyone never was, never is and never will be[/color]
That depends on your perspective. IF you want to marginalize the meaning of your life, or of anything, you're free to do so. The meaning of anything is always only the result of how someone perceives it.[/quote]

The past exists in so far as it creates a specific combination of elements in the present (and memories in people and other very specific one time configurations of atoms, signals, events etc.: in other words, the exact specific present state of things could never be exactly what they are if all of the past events and interactions did not lead up to this specific, very specific, single, unique combination of Mass Energy state and as such the configuration solidifies and crystallizes all of the past transitions Mass Energy underwent, all of the specific pictures it appeared in sequentially, all past events into one specific configuration of Mass Energy: time is solidified into one picture, all of the past is present in one picture, a bit like a very long calculation on a computer ends up with a single number as a result, and that number contains and sums up all of the past calculation events leading to it, but the number also erases all of the single steps, you can reach the same number through an infinite amount of different sequences of calculations, but the memories in people's minds, the synchronization of the memories in all people's minds, even if partially and vague identify an imagined common past and an imagined precise sequence of pictures leading to the present), and the future is the next sequence Mass Energy will transit to, time is solidified in the present picture of Mass Energy, both past and future are simply memory chunks, recorded memory chunks of past events, and the starting points of all future events, the combination of pebbles on the road are the exact memory of all of the events that lead to it, but you don't know where in time each event occurred, like a number could have been obtained through any measurement or calculation but you don't know which one.

But since any configuration of Mass Energy can be transformed and converted into any other configuration of Mass Energy through any number of intermediate steps, through any paths, then past and future can be switched, anything can be the past or the future compared to anything else through any number of steps, through any number of intermediate configurations of Mass Energy, the combination of pebbles on the street could have come from a car that was transformed into that combination through trillions of intermediate steps with some step being the house on the other side of the road, another step being a person, and so on. So the past of the pebbles is the car, or another "world line" could have navigated through a history where the past of the car was the pebbles, etc. And in each step, the details of the intermediate steps that lead to the step, the memory of what happened is erased and only the final result remains, or much of the memory is erased and only some chunks and random bits and pieces of what happened remains, etc. And human memories also can be changed, even intentionally to falsify a past, but if the past is only a configuration of bits anyways, what exactly is being "falsified" ? what difference does it make what "really" happened or not ? It is all just a number that has been obtained through a long calculation, any other long chain of events and calculations can lead to the same number, so making believe the number came from sequence A instead of the "real"(?) sequence B makes no difference: this is the true death of TRUE and FALSE structurally, this is the condensation of all TIME into MATTER once and for all, etc.

The laws of physics in a sense impose only certain paths to be navigated, given a certain configuration of Matter, the laws of physics will impose a very precise and specific and unique next configuration as in extreme determinism, as a prison where Matter can only follow a certain path, etc. But since the initial state of each particle is infinitely precise, and any slight change in initial conditions and positions can completely change all the subsequent transitions Matter follows, and especially the acts of Free Will agents (but are these simply interacting chunks of matter guided by blind forces or are "Will Powers" abstract metaphysical entities operating from outside of the universe, from the outside looking in ? does it make any difference ?) imposing their choices on Matter such as Man Brains deciding to FORCE certain transitions no matter what, then any new "world line" can be achieved and forced and obtained, any world can be made, all memories in all reciprocating Man Brains interacting and synchronizing their knowledge through their memories can be assigned and any past history becomes real and true, any simulations can be forced and imposed and especially with modified new Man Brains having wildly new neural circuits all is possible, and especially with Brains in a Vat and such, etc.

And all new configurations of Matter and Mass Energy always represent the erasing of memories, the trace of past events, the funeral of "what happened" and what was as in the theory that the entire universe is a cemetery of past configurations (or one gigantic memory always changing contents, erasing, reading and writing bits), and the creation of new memories that are simply destined to be erased once again, the cycle repeats, creation and destruction, life and death ,etc. no "world line", history, no life has any greater value compared to any other, they are all equivalent and null or infinite according to how you want to assign them arbitrarily, and especially, you can arbitrarily assign TRUE and FALSE and past histories and future histories (as you design an entire universe with past present and future from the outset, you just make it up and it is always true anyways, as true and false are meaningless concepts).

Or I wanted to say something like that, not sure if that is what I think I thought and imagined to think, the concepts all rotate around time condensed into a configuration and as such time does exist as it is completely present in all things, but so is the future and such, and you can modify and assign your memories from outside and change the past, and actually even change the universe, your past, your world (who you were, who you are ?), or even your present world, and hence travel into new lives by changing your memories and neural circuits and such, time travel and space travel achieved (as in the Box of Matter theory, as in time travel and space travel is simply the act of assigning a memory slot a certain configuration, a Memory Write Operation, end of story), you name it, etc..



And all new configurations of Matter and Mass Energy always represent the erasing of memories, the trace of past events, the funeral of "what happened" and what was as in the theory that the entire universe is a cemetery of past configurations (or one gigantic memory always changing contents, erasing, reading and writing bits), and the creation of new memories that are simply destined to be erased once again, the cycle repeats, creation and destruction, life and death, (or we must kill the past to be born again, kill to live, kill old memories to create new ones, kill old life to create new ones ? kill yourself to free yourself, kill to be free ? kill and destroy configurations and any new configuration is a new life, no matter how incoherent ? a blown up house in a billion pieces is a new house ? a blown up person in a billion pieces is a new person ?, yes, freedom is destruction,we create new value by destroying all) etc. no "world line", history, no life has any greater value compared to any other, they are all equivalent and null or infinite according to how you want to assign them arbitrarily, and especially, you can arbitrarily assign TRUE and FALSE and past histories and future histories (as you design an entire universe with past present and future from the outset, you just make it up and it is always true anyways, as true and false are meaningless concepts).


The Saudi Oil Minister promises to increase crude supply to make up for any product lost due to Sanctions against Iran. We'll see if the Saudis can come thru, for as we all know, the late Matt Simmons, in his 'Twilight in the Desert', claimed Arabian production peaked some years ago and currently is at a bumpy plateau of about 10 million barrels per day. Can they suddenly shift gears and deliver 12 million bpd? That's what we're counting on.

WSJ ran some interesting articles on the high price of gasoline last week. There was tensions with Iran as one cause, but they also wrote about, on the east coast anyway, 3 of the 7 major refineries shutting down, and a 4th in the process of shutting down. It seems these refineries buy crude in the open market, and the price they have to pay, combined with what they charge for the finished product, doesn't leave them enough profit to stay in business. Like Airlines and Grocery Stores, Oil Refineries are a money losing proposition.


The Saudi Oil Minister promises to increase crude supply to make up for any product lost due to Sanctions against Iran. We'll see if the Saudis can come thru, for as we all know, the late Matt Simmons, in his 'Twilight in the Desert', claimed Arabian production peaked some years ago and currently is at a bumpy plateau of about 10 million barrels per day. Can they suddenly shift gears and deliver 12 million bpd? That's what we're counting on.

WSJ ran some interesting articles on the high price of gasoline last week. There was tensions with Iran as one cause, but they also wrote about, on the east coast anyway, 3 of the 7 major refineries shutting down, and a 4th in the process of shutting down. It seems these refineries buy crude in the open market, and the price they have to pay, combined with what they charge for the finished product, doesn't leave them enough profit to stay in business. Like Airlines and Grocery Stores, Oil Refineries are a money losing proposition.


Sorry for the double post, My mistake.


There is really very little known about the correlation to diet, health and disease.

That is simply incorrect. There is vast wealth of scientifically grounded knowledge about the correlation between diet and health, not to mention a few thousand years' worth of observation. In 2012, we are lucky to have that information readily available to us over the internet.

To use one obvious example: a steady diet of greasy, salty, and sugary junk food and drink is strongly related to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Since Matter is a variable, all of the significance and meaning superimposed upon it and the chunks of Matter and bits of information as such delimited (the lines drawn upon Matter to define Inside and Outside (as in Observer and "External World" ?), Belong and Part of or Separate From, etc.) belong to an abstract, platonic, metaphysical world. Case in point: draw a line from any point A to any point B you see and imagine that as a sequence of events that Matter went through in order to transform itself from A to B, and all of the intermediate steps of the chunks of Matter in between them are a momentary picture in time of Matter as configured in a sequence of steps in history, you are looking at the Solid State of Time Achieved, the history as expressed by condensing and solidifying it into Matter (time is no longer intractable, it is no longer that invisible and impossible moment separating past from future and as such appearing as not existing at all and such), so if you draw the line from a car (A) to a tree (B) and look at the path Matter traverses to go from A to B, each picture is a moment in time of History of that specific "World Line". And that history may appear as a "lifetime" for a chunk of Matter assigned as a new Man Brain (as in Brainium: all and anything is a new Modified Brainform) for the pebble on the corner of the street and such (if your Man Brain is the car, what is the tree and the pebble, or if the car is your life, what is the mountain and all kinds of reciprocal disjoint relationships ? invent them, assign them, make it all up). And so all of the permutations, all of the configurations and combinations, all of the possible denotations and projections of meanings and associations and relationships of all kinds of items to all kinds of other items can be expressed and achieved and assigned (as in a writing system as so many Memory Write Operations (and as you write a memory location, you also erase the previous contents, so you lose the past and the trace of the past by expressing a new present which is also the past and the future and such)), and all mixed, some being Brainforms, some being Solidified Time, some being Lifetimes and lives, some being invariants and some being operators upon the invariants (as the car is a signal for the tree which is a processor and such), and the functions and arguments change place and become recursive, and histories become Brainforms, and Brainforms become themselves histories and events, and subjects, interactions and experiences and such. And each picture can be a past or future event compared to any other picture, and they can cycle through to create "Repetitive Patterns" that scientists love to "Discover" and such.

And you can imagine a stretching of the Matter from Car to Tree being performed gradually or in a choppy and random way and any other assigned history of events that you want, and any other number of distinct pictures that Matter must transit through to get from A to B, even all of the items in the universe or just 3 items repeated a trillion times and any other idea, as wild as possible. And all of the events and pictures can be assigned as a Brainform itself or as an emotion or memory slot of another new Mindform, or can be assigned an experience, or a language, or can be even simply one letter of a very complex and huge language form of new Brainforms and such.

Be wild, be colorful, you can do it man, just do it. First Gear its All Right, Second Gear Hold On Tight, Third Gear You're Out of Sight...


8man, Tegmark, old6699, Chinese Guy etc., etc., etc.;

Am I remiss in asking, what the f--k are you talking about?

Do you know?

Why do you waste your time posting this s--t?

Nobody reads it. You probably should get a job to take up some of your idle time.


I'm not sure if you will see this Mr. Kunstler but as mentioned earlier by another poster, the Primal Blueprint, I think, would be of special interest to you. The author of this book also maintains a very informative website.


I think you would find what Mark Sisson has to say to be very interesting and supportive of what you think about contemporary medicine.

Good Luck!

Deke Moto

Forget all your talk about Classical Art and "The Good"; you're a post-modernist thru and thru. Eleanor and friend, who cares; Vlad has a frame around the audience.

Ok, I'll bite, but just this once: " A Lady's First Time? " :)

British people like to eat meat pies.

I guess that that woman with the large breasts who let me suck on one of them a couple of years ago must have thought that I was trying to nurse?

Go to an Asylum, See the inmates talking to themselves.
Then you may understand.

OK, I wont criticize Chicago anymore.
Things are getting better there.
[until the oil and food stop rolling]

You have yet to answer my question about cost of Utilities.

Post whatever you want here.
Rip me a new one.
You are such a wild card.

Americans have a right to watch Mr Ratigan's diatribe on how we are all being juked by the chicanery going on's by the FED, the Administration and Wall Street.....Takes you're breath away at the madness about to tank this country....observe


More confirmation, as I told Mika a few weeks ago {when showing it illogical that men should condemn their own actions}:

"If human logic is worth anything at all we are simply driven to the conclusion that if my facts I have presented are true, man could never have done this.

We must assume that a Power higher than man guided the writers in such a way, whether they knew it or not, they did it and the Great God inspired them to do it''.

"The laws of probability are exceeded into the billions when we try and rationalize the authorship of the Bible as the work of man."

Be careful to understand: the Bible does not mean the *translations* of the Bible, but the original autographs.


Except the Bible is simply a collection of stories from various sources, mostly ancient Judaic, put in one place. The Bible wasn't even finished until the Council of Nicea, when it was decided which books would make the cut and which wouldn't. So clearly, the thing is a work of man. Are you saying that God didn't write the books that were cut out? Or that those pesky bishops actually left some of his divine writings on the editing room floor?

And then there's the New Testament, the books of which are clearly signed by their authors (Book of John, etc.). So those are written by man too.

And what do you or any other religious nut jobs know about probabilities, anyways? I'd hardly trust your judgment. You believe things based on faith, which is belief in something without proof, so I don't think you or any other religiously minded thinker knows the first thing about how to make accurate assessments of probability.

Black violence is primarily caused by socio-economic conditions. To wit, average white household wealth is approximately 18-20x that of blacks, so, in general, black families are dirt poor. Hence, they tend to play the drug game in order to make some money, as there are not many jobs available to them in the inner cities. In some areas, there are no jobs whatsoever, at least not ones that are available to them. The drug trade is extremely violent, from turf battles and people robbing each other. This isn't some inate characteristic of their race. Like Laura said, the crime in Chicago tends to be fairly isolated to a few bad areas, and what are these? They are inner city areas that have been claimed as turf by drug gangs. Black crime rates did not used to be nearly as high during, say, the 1920's through the 1950's. I'm thinking of the Harlem Renaissance, for instance. But as their socio-economic situation deteriorated from this period, and as more of them entered the drug trade in order to make a living, the violence increased. During the 1960's, heroin started to be mass imported into the inner cities, and there was an extreme degradation in conditions from this alone. At least, that's my take on it.

If you're going to say blacks are across the board more violent than whites, that seems a bit ridiculous. White people started and were the primary players in WWI and WWII, two of the most violent conflicts humanity ever saw. So that alone disproves the idea that black people are somehow a class apart in this area. When push comes to shove, all humans are capable of some pretty extreme behavior, and it mostly comes down to what situations they find themselves in.

"just like they do stuffing the cows full of corn to sell more meat."

I just saw a story (with video) about how they now net a school of tuna, bring it back to shore, keep it in netted "tanks", and stuff/overfeed it with food to get 25% more meat on each fish. At least they're no longer strafe-netting, and killing every living creature in the sea...

I won't buy tuna - haven't for the past 20 years. I can even sometimes get it for *free*, with coupons/doublers/sales, but I won't. It's pure toxic heavy metal poison. And that is unfortunate, that the sea is so contaminated now. I guess, what can you expect, when it is our largest "landfill" dumping area (seen the Tejas-size plastic islands floating mid-sea, lately?!?)...

PS - That's IxNoMor to you!!!

"Especially paranoid drama queens."

Hahahahahahaha. Perfect!

"She warned about not doing the 'cleanse' you coo so about lil icky.

Maple syrup is mostly sugar. I mean beet or cane sugar, not sugar from Maple Syrup."

Could someone plz translate for me - thx!

Uncharacteristically, Prog has not made an appearance and it's already hump day. Perhaps there's been another death in the family. Well, no matter... I, or anyone else who pays attention here at CFN, can write the first sentence of Prog's next comment. It will likely come this evening around 9:25 and will read as follows:

Nice week's work, JHK. Thanks to you, as always.

How do I know? Well, based on recent history there's an 80% chance. See below (italicized).

One wonders, after umpteen repetitions do such words have any meaning at all? It must be a southern politeness thing. Maybe if I'd grown up in Georgia the last thing I'd have said to my boss each Friday afternoon would be:

Nice week's work, TCR. Thanks to you, as always.

Nah.. could never happen. I detested TCR.

3/12/12 @ 9:34PM
Nice week's work, JHK. Thanks to you, as always.

3/5/12 @ 9:25PM
Nice weeks' work, JHK. Thanks as always!

2/29/12 @ 9:29PM
Nice week's work, JHK, Thanks to you, as always.

2/21/12 @ 9:53AM
Still with the South-bashing we see, JHK.

2/14/12 @ 11:39AM
Nice week's work, JHK. Thanks to you, as always.

I don't usually get too hyped about infomercials but saw this guy on PBS. His thinking is right on track with a lot of current research on the subjects of elevated cholesterol and also diabetes.

Dr Mark Hyman addresses the cholesterol problem as a non issue if blood vessel inflammation is fixed. Check out his comments here http://drhyman.com/blog/conditions/seven-tips-to-fix-your-cholesterol-without-medication/

"C2C and Alex Jones"

They used to have interesting things to say about interesting subjects, but that whuz many years ago. Now they just cater to their sponsors.

You need to be more anal and militant. Seriously!

I jest... (TCR - haha!!!)

PS - methinks you and prog are said-same.

"[quote="fuse"] ...
[color=#0000FF] ... [/color] ...
[color=#0000FF] ... [/color] ...
[color=#0000FF] ... [/color] ...

Seriously, you fscking x-posting DOUCHE~!

"Am I remiss in asking, what the f--k are you talking about?"

He just cross-poasts (x-posts) the same old, tired out sh!t from his philosophy blog poasts... at least he does it during "China-time" (3-6am mostly)...

"Be careful to understand: the Bible does not mean the *translations* of the Bible, but the original autographs."

Does that also include the apocryphal "texts"?

Take your 2-5,000 year old desert dwelling apocalyptic scribbles, and cram them! At best, they're a pseudo-guide to actual history (if they didn't make that sh!t up as well)...

LOL!!! *Brilliant!* Now I feel stupid with my response...

I read JHK’s personal story and many of the responses on Monday. I resonated with much of what was expressed. I appreciated the sharing. Mark Hyman recently lectured on PBS. The information was excellent. I recommend it. I particularly was taken with the idea of choosing to eat food instead of “someone’s science projects.” The focus of nearly all the contributions were on intake of food and drink. There was talk about the importance of air and exercise, which is probably more vital than one’s food regimine. Experimenting with this has been for me a worthy enterprise. It is interesting and fun. In some ways at 63 I am healthier than I was in my youth and 20s-40s. I keep learning about the world around me and what makes me tick, and making minor adjustments here and there.

I do not know if the subject has been raised as I have not had the time to read all responses, but what I want to bring up is the importance of the mind-body connection. For me, this is of first and foremost importance. The conscious and unconscious mind calls the shots; the energy (subtle) and physical bodies respond and are the expression of the mind. Mind (thought, emotions) do not come from chemicals mixing about in our bodies. Chemicals mix about because of the thoughts and emotions in the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind. The unconscious is much more involved than is the conscious part.

Stress, rage and other intense emotions stemming from thought triggers manifest all sorts of physical symptoms. Our bodies are pharmacies and our brains are the pharmacists. The mind is the doctor. This doctor may prescribe what heals or what harms. The painful symptoms created are distractions from painful emotions, oftem stemming from conflicting desires/values.

To read up on this, I would recommend John E. Sarno, MD’s The Divided Mind or Healing Back Pain. Psychsomatic medicine was starting to take hold in the 40’s and 50’s when it got shut out by the AMA shitheads who saw it as something that required less expansion in ways of making more money for the medical field. Once this field (reality) becomes conventional, we will save trillions of $s and much suffering, especially from chronic ailments.

Deepak Chopra writes about this recently in his San Francisco Chronicle columns.
Stay healthy in your mind-bodies, Brothers and Sisters.


Give then a function, a task they will be happy. We need a function to perform always, we need to perform anything at all, any task so as to have achieved, so as to have distracted ourselves from ourselves, to solve our problems, to distract us away from our problems, but each new problem is a distraction from the older unresolved problem, etc. but the problems are always the same amount, the law of conservation of problems, the law of conservation of functions, etc. But the solution to most problems is the judgement function of other Minds and Will Powers, if they give us a "good value", "judge us well", etc. A sea of one bit universe of simple judgments, reciprocal judgments of people against each other, all a function of other judgments, all a function of what the other Mind and Will Power thinks (and can do and choose to do and what it could imply to our pain/pleasure circuits and such), etc.

A sea of reciprocal evaluations and judgments, interactions, all being a function of all others, everyone a function of everyone else in a complex circuit of action - reactions and interactions of reciprocal judgements, good or bad, punish or reward ?


Stop spamming here jerk face! GAAAAAAH!

If you enjoy fasting [abstaining from all calories]
Putting Sugar [bad for you] + Lemon [eats yr teeth]
In thinking its a fast [no] or 'Cleanse' doesnt make sense.
If yr desire is to lose weight as long as the calories consumed during this liquid diet [thats what it is] are less than normal with yr regular
activity level Viola! weight loss.

"You believe things based on faith, which is belief in something without proof, so I don't think you or any other religiously minded thinker knows the first thing about how to make accurate assessments of probability."

Does this mean you are not going to read the link?

"Does this mean you are not going to read the link?"

I think that was a given, *given* you imbecilic diatribe about apocryphal millenia-old apocalyptic "texts".

Asia, you didn't quite translate those 2 sentences I asked about. I re-read each about 5 times, and have no idea what you're talking about. *AND*, your latest response isn't really helping me (to x-late your horsesh!t)...

Of anyone, I expected you to *RANDOM BLEAT* that most "Anericans" have 5lbs of undigested meat in their intestines, most of which has been rotting there for years. Did *I* really have to be the one saying that?!...

OUCH! "your"...

"aner"-rexics - douchle *ouch*!!!


The problem is most likely Crestor. As a physician I can say that I see this often. This is a very underreported but frequently seen problem with statins. I myself developed very bad muscle aches on a different statin, Lipitor. I was barely able to walk after about 4 months on it. Within about two weeks of stopping Lipitor, I was back to normal. Your vegetarian diet likely made the problem worse for you. You should slowly get better eating healthy and staying away from Crestor.

BTW this is the most potent statin. Keep an open mind to taking a different statin at a lower dose if your lipids are high.


hope this reassures you

"This is a very underreported but frequently seen problem with statins."

Treating *symptons*? Same old, same old... That's how they do it - and they *HOPE* to introduce NEW symptoms to *cure*...

I swear! Did everyone get banned today - except for the *SPAMMER* (ME)? So sad, too bad ...

Your vegetarian diet likely made the problem worse for you.

Why do you say that?

Completely wrong: when controled for SES, Blacks are still far more violent Whites at the same socio-economic level. And American Indians are poorer but less violent. Ditto Hispanics. I can give you the benefit of the doubt since all this is kept under wraps and you obviously don't get around vey much in person - unlike myself.

Your other point is less forgiveable: crime is one thing and war another. That's a real rookie mistake that comes from just thoughtlessness and an addiction to dogma. Blacks are very formidable on the street but largely inept militarily. East Asians the opposite - very peaceful law abiding people who typically build large, powerful, prosperous States. And thus they can be very formidable in war and have defeated Whites many times throughout history. Blacks are too egocentric or indivualistic in the lower sense to ever get this far on their own.

No serious moralist ever equated doing one's duty in War to random egotistical acts of murder.

Good post by JHK this week. It really has brought a slew of new commenters to the blog. Unfortunately everyone seems to be an expert offering advice about their own personal diets-supplement-health regimens, bla,bla,bla. Eat what you want, don't be a pig, get out in the fresh air,and WORK. I know guys who pay somebody to mow their lawn and shovel their snow and then the same guys go to the gym to work out. I rag on them all the time and say "Mow your own damn lawn and rake your fuckin' leaves, you won't need no steenkin' gym!" Everybody seems to be an expert this week. Anybody who rags on modern medicine hasn't a clue as to what can be done these days.If they do they have never needed a "procedure". Sure pill pushing and excess drugs are bad. I have picked up people that have a shoe-box full of different meds which they take. The doctors could never know how the interactions would effect the individual. The combinations are truly in the billions. I have my own story about the miracles of modern medicine. I will save it for a less lengthy post.

" Mind (thought, emotions) do not come from chemicals mixing about in our bodies. Chemicals mix about because of the thoughts and emotions in the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind. The unconscious is much more involved than is the conscious part."

Isn't the above an argument for Mind distinct from Brain? In other words, when the brain dies, the mind lives on - being distinct from chemical ( and I assume you also mean neuro-physical processes.

It also sort sounds like a plug for immortality?

Rocco Gennaro's "Mind and Brain" is a pretty interesting read on the subject.

let me chime in on the B12 vitamin deficiency check. you really must get a lab on that, along with vitamin D levels.

i've been a vegetarian for six years but i also found my energy was going bye bye. a couple of months ago, a routine physical blood work found a b12 level so low my primary care doctor said she'd never seen that number on a b12 result. fat story thin, i'm back to near normal levels and my energy has returned. i'm biking a lot again, my weight is getting back to a normal bmi and my cholesterol is normalizing, especially after taking cheese and bread, rice out of the diet. But i do eat eggs to get omegas and all that. and i'll eat fish if someone catches it locally.

let us know what your outcome is ...

Interesting week's work, JHK.
Thanks to you, as always!*

Medicine is a funny field of human endeavor, with magnificent successes. I am old enough to remember the terror of the tail end of childhood polio, and sugar cubes for all, as the Sabin vaccine came free-of-charge to public schools throughout the land. Childhood vaccination programs have kept some nasty killers out of the lives of children. And the worldwide success of the smallpox vaccine program - was the first ever, deliberately caused, extinction of a viral species. It's hard to argue with success.

Yet, argue we must. Modern American medicine has morphed into a monster in need of control. The proliferation, and overuse, of statin medications is a great example. So thinks for pointing it out for the CFN thread to argue this week, JHK.

Human medicine and nutrition as the topic for the week has generated some great posts. Some folks are spouting crackpot theories, but not that many, relatively speaking. And we seem to have a new contingent of posters with some apparent knowledge, and a couple of new doctors.

"But I wonder if doctors are losing their legitimacy now in a way similar to the other authority figures in our culture: the political leaders, the bankers economists, the business executives. To get back to where I started this blog, all is swindle these days. And medicine, being the life-and-death racket that it is, may be the biggest swindle of them all." -jhk-

Are doctors and economists knowledgeable?
Are they well-intentioned?
Here, the question becomes more slippery.

Battle on, CFN!

You should check 'Kony' film. Its right up yr alley.
Violence in Africa is rampant. And its black on black. Cannibalism is too.

Notice the first few lines of Ts canard!
'Its [sic] racism that causes the viloence'.
Then he looks at the global situation, WW1, WW2
to condemn Whites while Ignoring the endless wars in Africa!
Will he say 'racism' causes natives in Africa to
eat children?

As a song there goes;

On a different note, Did you know Bono had been nominated for a Nobel?

"Nice week's work, JHK. Thanks to you, as always."*
-kyooshtik, quoting little ol' me-

I'm flattered, Q. Last week Mika/Met turned me into a clandestine government agent on the payroll of the Vatican/CIA, and now you are tracking my posts for weeks at a time.

And, actually I have been out of town on some family business, and also doing some measuring of some cemetery markers throughout the South. People are dying left and right in my corner of the world, right now.
Everybody, keep your heads down!!

Q (and now I have to call you KYOO, I suppose), one does have to ask what sort of thankless jackass would NOT thank a hard working author for his timely weekly musings, and for providing this comment thread for our weekly battles.
But, as you say, Q/Kyoo, "Well, no matter..."

On to new business. The USA now has 200 years of oil. Just ask Fox News.
And we know anthropogenic global warming is impossible. Ask Fox News.
Why do Americans appear deranged to the rest of humanity? Ask Fox News.

I know you're not a big Fox News watcher, Q/K, I'm being economical with my posts.
Call me anti-tegmark/olde.

Dare to go to a naturopath (ND rather than MD), if you have them in your area, James! My wife has a hypothyroid condition and when she switched to an ND who actually listened to her and helped her, she improved 200%. Now she gets up on the roof to pressure wash the moss off, which she couldn't even think of before (I'm a bit older than her and don't like heights, but she's a brave person!)

Hi JHK, Try to get yourslf on a low fat, high B vitamin, gluten free, carb loaded, high lipid, vitamin C rich,fish oil, meat and vegatable free diet! This should solve any problem which you have according to the posters this week. Better yet go see a witch doctor in Haiti, it worked for me. He'll make you a straw doll which when you blow smoke up it's ass you will feel much better. I hope this helps. I think he wrote a book. His name was Dr. Sardonicus PHD,LL.D. The book was called "You R What You Eat, Except after C!"

I agree with an early poster Jim.....I immediately thought vitamin B-12 deficiency while reading your symptoms. Vegan diet can cause this. Check this out from WebMD :

Vitamin B12 deficiency can also occur in vegetarians, because the best food sources of the vitamin are animal products. Strict vegans (people who don't eat any animal products, including meat, eggs, or milk) are at greatest risk.

Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

A deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency anemia. A mild deficiency may cause only mild, if any, symptoms. But as the anemia worsens it may causes symptoms such as:
weakness, tiredness or light-headedness
rapid heartbeat and breathing
pale skin
sore tongue
easy bruising or bleeding, including bleeding gums
stomach upset and weight loss
diarrhea or constipation

If the deficiency is not corrected, it can damage the nerve cells. If this happens, vitamin B12 deficiency effects may include:
tingling or numbness in fingers and toes
difficulty walking
mood changes or depression
memory loss, disorientation, and dementia

crime is one thing and war another

Not at all. War is just organized crime, especially when it concerned imperialist white reptiles in the pay of the Vatican's secret societies and organizations.

To be honest, Pro, Q (kwoo...whatever) didn't need to do a lot of research on you. If you'll recall a few years ago (Gawd, has it been that long?) Asoka taught us all how to search on this site for specific members' blogging entries. Quite intelligent, and with Asoka's characterstic dotting of the 'i's', in keeping with Bob Cratchet.

To be honest, I'm very disappointed with this week's entry by our very own JHK. With all due respect, I couldn't care less what goes in his (or yours, or whover's) digestive tract. We eat to stay alive. Period. If that means that I only have Hostess cupcakes in my cupboard for the next two days and nothing else, by damned I'll be eating those cupcakes! If I have a choice, and the will, I'll continue to strive to eat natural, whole foods whenever and wherever I can.

I'll admit, I enjoy the occasional hamburger/fries meal at the lccal pub. Who gives a flying fig? If you eat a lot of junk, yeah, you're gonna die...probably quite early...like in your late forties/early fifties. Folks have done it and will continue to do it. Nuff said.

Not that anyone cares or asked for it, but my advice is to eat as locally as you can, stay away from processed "food", double up on your veggies and fruit, and get loaded every now and then on champagne cocktails, if that's your thing. CHEERS ;) MM

JEEZUS F'N tap dancing KEERIST! What the fuck is a champagn cocktail you miserable old coot? And who the FUCK are you to say that what keeps us all alive on this planet isn't the responsibility of ALL OF US? The POINT OF THIS BLOG...MAYBE?

Okay, bitch, you've lived the life of plenty and had you're fun in the sun. You've soaked up all the precious oil in the ground, polluted the earth with your petro chemicals and NOW that your ready to kick the bucket, NOW you say "to each his own"? You have left NOTHING for the next generations, you pathetic, egocentric old DUMB SHIT!

"We eat to stay alive. Period. If that means that I only have Hostess cupcakes in my cupboard for the next two days and nothing else, by damned I'll be eating those cupcakes!"

Concur, Myrtle, although I do enjoy eating - and drinking - and many of the other pleasures to be found in the extreeme outermost ring of Dante's circles of Hell. You too, I suspect, MM.

I detailed two weeks ago that I had discovered the LDS food storage program and their "canneries," as a very cost effective way to store food for a SHTF episode of any type. I'll stand by that. And now I have these massive cans and cases of beans and rice in my house, guaranteed to store for 30+ years - and enough for a well-fed adult to last about six months.

Or, I've got enough for a small mountaintop full of foragers to survive - pissed off but alive, for at least a year - maybe much, much longer.

It raises the question - would we rather go out in 2 months of unlimited Twinkies?
Or would we rather last for a year or much longer, of pissed-off and hungry foraging?

Twinkie euthanasia, anyone?
If you know the end is coming, anyway?
I bet my basement would hold enough Twinkies for 20 people for 2 months. And Twinkies probably store a lot longer than 30 years.

On a more? serious note - I just laid in a fresh sealed bottle each of Ampicillin, Keflex, and Cipro - 250mg X 100, in each bottle. My total cost was less than 100 bucks total.

Common germs won't be getting us quite as easily, if it all goes down.

Any of you new doctors on CFN care to comment?

These antibiotics are labeled for fish, BTW.
But they are Thomas Pharmaceuticals finest, USP approved - I'll guarantee you they are the same stuff that your pharmacist will not be able to keep in stock, in a bad case scenario in the US.

A word about vegans and B12. I sm s 49 year-old of vegan of 20 years. I take a vegan B12 supplement. I have had no health-related issues related to B-12. In fact, I am very healthy, which I attribute not just to my diet, but also the vigorous physical activities I regularly engage in (hiking, bicycling, martial arts, plus regular workouts in the gym).

I've been told by detractors that the fact that I and other vegans take B12 shows that veganism is not natural. But that argument falls apart when put in the context of modern life. What is "natural" in a culture that gets vaccinations, has electricity and indoor plumbing, flies, uses air conditioning, depends on a vast electric grid, travels at 65 miles per house on a network of highways, and communicates over the Internet, to name just a few of the many, many things that differentiates us from our primitive ancestors. And this is not to mention buying pieces of meat wrapped in plastic from supermarkets.

So, if society should revert back to a pre-technological, pre-industrial age in which, among other things, factory farming disappears, then perhaps I will entertain the notion that being a vegan who uses B12 is somehow unnatural. Until then, that argument holds no weight.

Correction: 65 miles per hour, not per house. Weird mistake.

Okay stud muffin, so your great and feeling fit at forty nine. Considering the population of earth has increased somewhat since the pre-industrial age would it not be a stretch to say that vacinations protect us, say just a wee bit? I mean, if I can travel from Tokyo to New York in less than 24 hours shouldn't I be vacinated against the kind of sludge I'd find in Japan vs. the U.S. and vice versa I might add?

It's nice to know your fit and healthy but this ain't 1836 anymo. It is what it is bro. Factory farming is what we have. I'll admit that we need to get smaller. Maybe what your doing is fine for you. Lets face it. The rest of the planet (Western Civ) isn't going to walk your walk. Expect a massive die off within your own, Baby Boomer culture. I'd venture to say, 3-7 years. JHK style prediction of coarse.

This might be another Duke Lacross type scam. Zimmerman isn't White. They're using a very old picture of Treyvon - he's a strapping 6 foot 2. Police say that Zimmerman was on the ground being pummeled when he was shot. So stay tuned - the media may be in for another drubbing.


No how bout "Interspecies Lesbian Sex - why not?"

Actually these aren't what I was looking for. I want the real high brow stupidity that artists use to write grants and sometimes appear next to the work on the gallery wall.

Blacks do better as more of them are incarcerated. They will make their greatest contributrion when they leave all entirely.

Agree about the Whites: Blacks were make into heroes and now young Whites have emulated them. And any counter forces have been marginalized as "old hat" or "rigid" etc. Tragic.

I never read your links.

Some interesting info on statins from (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statin):

Some types of statins are naturally occurring, and can be found in such foods as oyster mushrooms and red yeast rice (which the FDA has made illegal).

The first agent they identified was mevastatin (ML-236B), a molecule produced by the fungus Penicillium citrinum. Mevastatin was never marketed, because of its adverse effects of tumors, muscle deterioration, and sometimes death in laboratory dogs.

To market statins effectively, Merck had to convince the public about the dangers of high cholesterol, and doctors that statins were safe and would extend lives.

So the moral of the story is: Eat fucking oyster mushrooms, god dammit, instead of taking a freaking pill.

Dee ;)

OH, go to the bottom of the Wiki article and read the Controversy section ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statin )


This will probably be my only post this week. I don't have much to contribute to 'Juked by Medicine'.

I'm a dog and I love my meat. Well burned meat is best. The only vegetable I like is raw carrots and I will roll over and bark for them.

I don't like going to the vet. Once a vet put me on some stuff called 'Lipitor' for high cholesterol and my muscles stiffened up so bad I couldn't move. Now I just take my chances and hope I'm a lucky dog.

Started "Earth Abides" yesterday and just finished it ten minutes ago. Reading 337 pages in one day means I thought it was a good book. I give it two paws up. Thank you Vlad for reminding me about it.

Ripped Thunder - Thanks for turning me on to wood burning automobiles last week. I think I'll go buy a lotto ticket and if I win I'll find an old rusty pick up truck with a big ass V-8 and convert it over. I have not read it yet but a .pdf article can be downloaded from the article you posted which has the technical details one needs to know. Crazy neat stuff. I wish we had competent leadership who were not just out for themselves and who gave a dog poop about everyone else and our nations future. Such leadership would set me free to turn on my milling machine fire up my welding torch get to work.

My next book 'Too Smart for Our Own Good' by Craig Dilworth just arrived. It took forever (the full three weeks) to get here having been shipped from Italy. Books ordered from the UK get here much faster but I'm not complaining or drawing any conclusions about why.

The new book is a high quality heavy academic type softcover that only cost $2.98 to ship halfway around the world. In a post apocalyptic world such as that described in 'Earth Abides' a thing such as this will truly be beyond belief.

I hope everyone has a good week.

So, what's your point, little man?

About 1/3 of the population of France was killed during the 100 Years War. Are the English an inately violent "race" of people?

Thousands of women were burned at the stake for being witches. Was this because the white people who did this have an innate tendency to burn people alive? I doubt it.

And 60 million (mostly) white people died in WWII at the hands of each other. Shall we write off the white race because the Germans tried to exterminate everyone during that time?

Like I said, the occurence of violence is largely situational and based on historical circumstances and other factors, not inate racial characteristics. There is a complex mix of politics, culture, and economics that determines who is violent and against whom, with race being only a distant factor in all of it.

Much of what occurs in Africa today is due to colonial borders being drawn that had no relation to how actual tribal groups were distributed. Thus, you have a lot of violent based upon tribes operating across national boundaries and undermining states. This is something that has caused violence for hundreds of years and isn't unique to Africans at all. That's what that Kony guy does, operates his own little private army across state lines.

You could think of Africa being about where Europe was during the 30 Years War. It took hundreds of years for Europe to work out its territorial disputes, which is one of the reasons it has settled down in terms of large scale nation-vs-nation violence.

When push comes to shove, anyone can commit violence. If you needed money or food desperately, say for your family, you would rob and kill to get it. Do you think Somalis like being pirates? Nope, they're just desperate to earn a living somehow, even if that means hijacking ships on the high seas. It doesn't have anything to do with their race.

I'm sorry, but you get things wrong on multiple levels.

Don't be sorry. That's what Vlad does.

Was that LDS or LSD storage. I believe the LSD Lysergic acid diethylamide? came from a wheat product. Check this out


I've done some and loved it. Don't tell my boss!

Oh no!!!

sometimes death in laboratory dogs.

Another post yes, but I hadn't noticed that line. I'm stayin away from statins.

Does this pass the health inspectors roving eye? Eating buttons around the campfire in the high desert of Wyoming? If I was only young again! Nevermore, Nevermore!

Christmas Acid , red and green tabs! and of course many funny pictures on funny paper. Uh-oh did a 4 pk. by my self. Haha, always liked it, never a bad experiance. I am the kind of spirit that flows like water. People said I was an air person but I always felt like a water spirit. Thanks K-Dog, now I am on the watch list top shelf. Sum-bitch I was down to the third tier last month!

Your on a watch list too? So we meet, a single continent our lands touch beneath the sea. But fear not we are still both far enough down the list not to worry.

Vladdie, if you're going to point to race as the primary determinant of who is and who isn't violent, then it is up to you to explain why levels of violence seem to vary so much throughout historical time. To wit, the Germans these days are a docile, peaceful bunch, but not so much back in the 40's. What changed? It certainly wasn't their racial make-up. And that's just one example. I won't discount racial genetics entirely, but to point to it as a prime cause is pretty naive. Because who is violent varies far too much for this to be THE primary determining factor.

Already explained that Turk - crime isn't the same as war. High levels of crime preclude the building of a powerful, dangerous, military State. What is your problem? It's a simple point. Crime fell when the Nazis came to power.

Well Mao said to make use of criminal gangs in the revolution. And certainly the Jews did - the Stern Gang for one. And Mexicans Gangs are part of Reconquista Equation.

But a State is not a Gang. But I grant you that the Mexican Gangs are as strong as the Goverment. If one gained dominance or if they coalesced somehow, they could make a serious bid for power. What is a big Gang but a Tribe? And Tribes can jump to level of Nation State as did the Franks, Normans, and Jews long ago. So you are right but exaggerating as usual.

Are the LDS Cans ordered online or by snail mail? How much sodium do they have?

Were you?

Yes they hate us more than the love themselves. Or look at the Afghans: they cared alot more about the Korans being burned than the 16 people being shot. Life is cheap for these peoples.

The Afridi (one Afghan Tribe) Women would go out onto the battlefield and finish off the English and non Muslim Indian Soldiers. But first they would have some fun - cutting of testicles, forcing the mouth open with a stick and then urinating until the soldier drowned, etc. As Kipling said, just roll over and finish yourself off.

You got any recipes for Kidney Pie? Where's Jack now?

Alcohol and Cholesterol, Be Sure its Not Lyme Dis

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Statins and cholesterol--
The brain fog may have been partly due to your Statin; Pravastatin (and maybe Crestor too) can cause reversible memory loss in some people. You can read a little about that in the American Hospital Formulary Service /Drug Information reference, available for your review at your local hospital pharmacy.

For me, it hit my intermediate-term memory. I found I was temporarily unable to remember people and events that happened 3 to 10 years ago. Weird, I know.

By the Way-- Loss of memory and feeling generally run down and shitty can also be symptoms of Lyme Disease. For reasons of the rhythm of nature, we are due for a bad Lyme Disease season this summer, so you may want to get your Dr. to test you for Lyme, now and at the end of this Fall.

Back to Cholesterol--
If you have no risk factors for alcoholism in your family, you could try drinking only one 4-oz glass of red wine a day. Both the alcohol and the resveratrol in it have beneficial effects on cholesterol.
I was not in the habit of drinking alcoholic drinks, but decided to try this approach; In my own case, my cholesterol numbers took a large step towards normalcy after 6 months of drinking. I still don't like wine that much, and I only manage to drink 2 to 4 drinks a week, but even that low level improved my numbers.
--Aibohphobia, pharmacist.

As usual, you miss the point entirely. I was only providing an example, which, I guess, you don't buy. That's fine. And let's not get hung up on definitions of crime and war. They are both different expressions of violence. I assume we can agree on this. The point is that levels of violence, including both crime and war, vary drastically depending mostly on other factors than the race of the perpetrators. All you have to do is look at history to confirm this. If you don't like my example, what about, say, the Irish who immigrated here in the 1800's? They were known as a violent group, yet now these people's ancestors are well integrated and not statistically very violent at all. So what happened, if race is the primary determinant? Shouldn't they still be violent, roaming the streets like in Gangs of New York, if it is encoded into their genetic makeup? Or could the change be perhaps attributed to something other than this? Or, to use a more historically distant example, what about the Swedes and Norwegians who are descended from Vikings? Here was one of the most violent groups in all of history, both internally in their own societies and externally. Arguments commonly ended in someone getting an ax embedded in their skull. Yet now those countries have some of the lowest crime rates on the planet. Again, what happened? Did their race change? (I don't think so!) Or was it something else that caused them to become more docile?

My problem is that you always boil down every issue to race, and I think this is a highly simplistic and misleading way to look at the world.

That is all.

'Amazing', Never discount OCD!
Take it as a compliment, perhaps unintended but a compliment from Q.
He missed you.

The myth of the Irish is whatever you make of it.
It is an Island that had 3? million people.
What was the most immigrants 'we' took in a year
from Eire? 40K?

And this shows you are not proofing yr stuff:
'these people's ancestors are well integrated and not statistically very violent at all'

Or are you saying the Irish were always well behaved?

200 years of Oil? I heard similar on NPR today but
it was a yeah/nay discussion, so only one side said 'yeah'.

'oyster mushrooms'
I dont know their price in yr area but I do know their price here!

'You could think of Africa being about where Europe was during the 30 Years War.'

Actually in many ways I see Africa where Europe was 1000 to 2000 years ago. This despite all the tech the white guys have brought over the last 300+ years.
Some say thats why there are a billion people now
there,due to food aid, antibiotics etc.

Think of the Abos [in 50,000? years] didnt even figure how to make flints.

Wow, you're pretty dense, aren't you? Before you take issue with what I write, perhaps you should make sure you have an argument to make and not just quibbles about typos.

Ireland had almost 9 million people around 1830, at its peak population.

Now, about 1 in 5 Americans claims Irish descent. It is one of, if not the, most populous ethnic groups in America.

I can't find immigration statistics by year, but, even if it was "only" 40k per year, that's 2 million people if that occurs over a 50 year period. There was an Irish diaspora in which millions of them left, most of whom settled here. So it was one of the most major groups of immigrants to come here.

Sorry, I made a typo. Change "ancestor" to "descendant."

I'm saying that (some of) the Irish weren't well behaved. And now crime statistics for those of Irish descent would (probably) be indistinguishable from the general population.

Not proofing my stuff? That downright laughable coming from you.

What else?

Yeah, you got nothing...

This is sort of crude, but I think of European history as all these different groups fighting over this peninsula attached to Asia. There were a lot of different groups that would invade externally, like the Mongols, various Slavic tribes, etc.

But from around the Middle Ages through the early part of the 20th century, the conflicts were mostly internal, aside from the ongoing fights with the Ottoman Empire (but that is really part of Europe, anyways). Or at least, when there were external threats, the Europeans were able to eventually fend them off and were never really conquered, at least not by distant foreigners. So Europe was never colonized.

WWI was more like a European Civil War, than a world war, especially up until America was involved. And WWII had similar characteristics in the European theater, though external actors played more primary roles.

In Africa, it seems to me that their cultural and political development, which lagged Europe by quite a bit, was interrupted by some pretty extreme forms of colonialism. At one point or another, pretty much every country on that continent was ruled by an external, European power. This had a huge effect on their ability to govern themselves. This never developed organically. Most of those countries have only been independent since around 1960. Actually, if you look a map of Africa in, say, 1950, pretty much every country was still a colony at that point. So, I dunno, it isn't really fair to say that there is some innate problem with the people there that prevents them from being culturally modern. The Germans, British, and other European countries had hundreds and hundreds of years to, more or less, develop their own nations and follow a political flow to setup their nations. For instance, in Britain, there was the Magna Carta and government developed subsequently on that basis into what it is today.

Whereas in Africa, the European countries pretty much just pulled out when colonialism became non-viable, leaving the Africans with no real historical or cultural basis for good governance. The rug was pulled out. My primary example here would be the Congo, which is now one of the most violent areas in Africa. And why is this? Are these people inherently more prone to violence? I doubt it. I suspect it has a lot more to do with the way the Belgians ruled that country, turning into one big slave plantation, where they would lop of limbs as punishment for not gathering enough rubber. And this practice continues in the Congo Civil War. So it isn't too hard to determine why Africa is so backward.

But I'm not going to argue with you that culturally, Africa is messed up. I don't think importing technology can really change this. They've missed a lot of cultural development that Europe went through, more or less on its own, without the extreme interference of foreign actors. If you think about it, they never really had a Renaissance. They didn't even really go through the Enlightenment. There was no real natural progression into industrialism or capitalism either. The recent history of Africa has been chaotic, disjointed and filled with interventions by aggressive foreign powers.

Anyways, I find these topics interesting, but more the cultural and historical aspects. It seems like focusing solely on race, as if there is something inherently "wrong" with black people, is a big red herring in these kinds of discussions, not to mention extremely offensive in mixed company. But I guess you trolls living under rocks don't care about who you offend with your pronouncements that entire racial groups are innately inferior to others. I dunno, though, where I come from, thems fighting words.

"Crime fell when the Nazis came to power."

It was determined at Nuremberg that the Nazis ran a thoroughly criminal regime, so your assertion is, of course, baseless and laughable. Perhaps street crime rates fell somewhat, but let's ask a few Jews in Germany about the big crimes of the good old Nazis (your heroes apparently from all the apologizing you do for them), like genocide, forced deportations and relocations, false imprisonment, and the whole 9 yards, against anyone the Nazis deemed an "enemy of the state."

Oh, wait, my bad. There aren't any Jews there left there to ask about this, because they were all exterminated!

But I'm supposing you don't think that was a crime. Was the Holocaust just the good old Germans "doing their duty" and so excusable in your mind ("just doing my job, sir"), unlike, say, a black guy stealing a television set from a loading dock, which is, apparently to you, some kind of unforgivable sin against moral order and humanity?

Vlad is pretty whack. He's a Holocaust denier and apologist, yet constantly whines on and on about "black crime". Well, let's run the numbers. Let's say (ridiculously and hyperbolically) that America blacks kill 50k people a year. That's actually approximately the number of people killed by homicide every year in the US. They don't but let's just suppose. Over 50 years, that's 2.5 million people. Yet 7 million people were killed during the Holocaust. So all the people killed by blacks in America in the last 50 years, even exaggerated to a ridiculous degree, doesn't amount to a pile of beans when compared against the big crimes of a European state. Yet Vlad is convinced that blacks are "more violent" than whites, even though a white country committed, by far, the worse crime of modern history, in an organized and ruthless fashion.

I tell ya boy, your moral compass is really out of whack, if you even have one. If you want to see who are the most violent killers around, have a look in the old mirror. And "I was just following orders" is not an excuse. Too bad for you.

Last weekend, as a matter of convenience, I tried to undertake an experiment. The Wife's away visiting relatives and the general orderliness and cleanliness of the house had severely deteriorated in her absence: dirty laundry everywhere, mildew, dirty dishes in the sink, no food remaining in the refrigerator, etc.

Like the U.S. political system, rather than expending the considerable effort and sacrifice to clean up the mess, I found it more expedient to simple ignore the problem and pretend that everything was spik-and-span, and that the refrigerator was well stocked with plenty of fresh meats, fish, and fruits and vegetables.

I can report that my experiment was a total, complete failure.....

I recall from Gandhi's autobiography "Experiments in Truth" that one of Gandhi's favorite home remedies was a poultice applied to the body consisting of nothing more than mud.

  The international rating agency Fitch on the 14th, the British sovereign debt rating outlook from "stable" down to "negative", but to maintain the highest level of British government debt AAA rating.
  Fitch believes that in the context of the current British government debt is high and the economic recovery is weak, the United Kingdom to absorb further negative economic impact of fiscal space is limited. The negative outlook means that in the next two years, Fitch lowered the possibility of the British government debt rating greater than 50%.  long dress
  In its announcement, Fitch said the tense situation in the euro area to economic recovery risk, the British government debt is still at a high level in growth. At present, the UK budget deficit for the second highest in the world, second only to the U.S., debt levels significantly higher than the median for other countries with AAA ratings.
  UK Treasury responded by saying, Fitch cut the UK's rating outlook is a warning that the British maintain a tight policy is essential. British coalition government since he took office in May 2010, the strict fiscal austerity. prom dresses

   CERN announced on the 16th to the latest survey findings indicate that in September last year, the neutrino oscillation experiments, the neutrino speed does not exceed the speed of light, the original measurement errors.
  Sergio Bertolucci, CERN project leader, confirmed to the media through the communique, there is evidence that the relevant experimental results by the interference of the measurement error. Bertolucci, CERN will continue to work with the Italian Gran Sasso National Laboratory in May this year a new round of neutrino oscillation experiments, in order to give accurate answers. Water Heater
  In September last year, the Italian Gran Sasso National Laboratory under the experimental device called the OPERA receives neutrinos from CERN, a distance of 730 km, neutrino ran the distance the time is faster than the speed of light 60 nanoseconds (one nanosecond is equal to 10 billionths of a second). An immediate sensation. However, CERN February 23 communiqué said that previously used the neutrino velocity measurement there are two problems that could cause the deviation of the measurement results  formal dress

Hey boss, Can I really use fish Ampicillin for a sinus infection/bronchitis? I went to the doctor at our closest hospital because I was sick as a dog for the third time in a little over a year, with the same problems all three times. Bad cough, tired, etc. That prick said "we can't prescribe antibiotics for every little problem" and left me to suffer for another week. I know it will be back again. Any knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks, Mook.

Turkle said:

Vlad is pretty whack. He's a Holocaust denier and apologist, yet constantly whines on and on about "black crime". Well, let's run the numbers. Let's say (ridiculously and hyperbolically) that America blacks kill 50k people a year. That's actually approximately the number of people killed by homicide every year in the US. They don't but let's just suppose. Over 50 years, that's 2.5 million people. Yet 7 million people were killed during the Holocaust. So all the people killed by blacks in America in the last 50 years, even exaggerated to a ridiculous degree, doesn't amount to a pile of beans when compared against the big crimes of a European state. Yet Vlad is convinced that blacks are "more violent" than whites, even though a white country committed, by far, the worse crime of modern history, in an organized and ruthless fashion.

I had to "resurface" to address this PILE OF SHIT "reasoning". You have one of the worst cases of selective attention in history. The African Continent is just one big pile of wars. Millions of Congans died fighting each other. Same with Rwandans, Nigerians, Sudanese, Somalians, and other countries. There have many countless MILLIONS of deaths in the constancy of war that IS Africa.

Name a "war" going on in Europe or Asia right now where millions are dying right NOW? It's a rhetorical question. So your
"comparison" makes the implicit assumption that just because the omnipresent African wars aren't in history books yet BECAUSE THEY'RE STILL BEING FOUGHT, that we can ignore that and pronounce them a pacific peoples.

Cheesis K. Reist, almighty, you bleeders are the worst fucking critical thinkers I've ever seen. GO TAKE A WALK AFTER DARK IN A GHETTO, YOU FUCKING MENTAL MIDGET.



that for me is really a larger membership. each time attempting to end up being appealing too. "I prefer to perform such as Zola desired to perform, therefore it’s broadly thought he’ll stop the actual Bentegodi within the summer time. inch he or she stated. inch The actual courtroom noticed which Ibru, Lukaku, The actual Antwerp-born celebrity stated: "I'm flattered to become when compared with an excellent striker such as Didier however We insist upon becoming my very own participant. (in the actual Winners League). The actual fullback may skip the ultimate 2 video games from the period having a leg damage. Such as Truck Nistelrooy, Malaga have swooped with regard to their previous teammate Ruud truck Nistelrooy and today desires Mathijsen to become listed on him or her within The country. He or she informed Skies Sports activities Information: "We've experienced plenty of old instructors are available in from Stamford Link as well as (they) haven't carried out too, large men.


As a number can come from anywhere, any measurement, any calculation, can represent and denote anything at all, anything that is decided upon by the Intentionality of Use of Free Will Gadgets in Brainforms. But the Number also unifies everything (and demolishes the Identity Principle, everything is everything else, and is not itself and such, and Numbers also are a tribute to Pure Contradiction, Contradiction expresses itself and lives through the decomposition of all entities and items into Number forms, calculations, measurements and such), connects everything with everything else, everything, no matter how disjoint and unconnected and remote, no matter how far away conceptually and practically, no matter what, everything and anything is composed of this fundamental elementary particle called the NUMBERON as it can be decomposed into a number, it can be a number of some sort, 3 trees, 3 cars, 3 suns, 3 stars are all composed of the same Elementary Particle, the same NUMBERON "3", they are all Solidified into "3", 3 makes them one entity, 3 delimits them as being the same entity no matter what. Just as anything you see is a representation of Time Solidified, of Time Condensed into a Solid State, into Matter (Time to Matter Converter or Time to Space Converter or Time to Extension Converter), as the extension of matter is the crystallization of events that have solidified into Matter and each next particle of matter or delimitation of an imaginary entity of matter (as matter is delimited in our mind only according to our Intentionality of Use, and our Memories of Pain/Pleasure as have been programmed by the invariants of our Mindform under the guise of pain/pleasure circuits and neuron circuits that the King of Natural Evolution decided to endow us with, etc.) is a picture of a past or present or future event that has been achieved but is always being played out over and over again (nay, an infinite number of times (nay, more than infinite) as a solidification of an event makes that event eternal and forever, always that you accept this particular interpretation of Solid State Time, as there are many other equally valid decodings and interpretations and such) as it has become an invariant picture, but the same picture, the same chunk of matter can be related to lateral chunks and be part of a completely different narrative and past history and "World Line" (just like a crossword puzzle and such), or it can represent a number condensing all of the properties of a universe in One Master Symbol and such, as Numbers are Master Symbols, the NUMBERON is the only particle that produces Existence, pure existence, just as the Higgs Particle, the GOD particle produces Mass and such, etc.

But we are slaves of other Minds and their Will Powers, nay, we only ever fight the other Will Powers, we are fascinated by their "Freedom", by their Independence from our mind, by how they can decide something, anything against us (just like natural events and the laws of physics are independent from us), or contrary to what we thought or expected or desired, especially desired as all fights are contrasting desires, but we are slaves to other people's minds but at the same time we want to be the king of other people's minds, all of the fights and information and communications are just desperate attempts at solving the invariant eternal contradiction of independent mindforms and free will gadgets and judgments and decisions and who decides for who, who commands who, who is a tool in the hands of who, what the status relationship is between independent actors, etc.

But especially, the NUMBERON, the Master Symbol is just one device we can invent, we can invent many more, wild and complex devices, many more deeper and more unifying Master Symbols, like the number is to a new symbol Z, like a car is to a tree and such, and use all kinds of Projections upon what you see (Projections on all, projections everywhere, projections abound, all is all, invent anything you want, be crazy, be wild, etc.), and defining them new Master Symbols, new devices ready to exploit the universe by inventing the universe and such.


Added the title:

Memory Write Operation

on the post a few posts above. The title is cool and renders what I think I wanted to say...





Re: meaning ex nihilo

From a few posts above, The post above

Memory Write Operation

The past exists in so far as it creates a specific combination of elements in the present (and memories in people and other very specific one time configurations of atoms, signals, events etc.: in other words, the exact specific present state of things could never be exactly what they are if all of the past events and interactions did not lead up to this specific, very specific, single, unique combination of Mass Energy state and as such the configuration solidifies and crystallizes all of the past transitions Mass Energy underwent, all of the specific pictures it appeared in sequentially, all past events into one specific configuration of Mass Energy: time is solidified into one picture, all of the past is present in one picture, a bit like a very long calculation on a computer ends up with a single number as a result, and that number contains and sums up all of the past calculation events leading to it, but the number also erases all of the single steps, you can reach the same number through an infinite amount of different sequences of calculations, but the memories in people's minds, the synchronization of the memories in all people's minds, even if partially and vague identify an imagined common past and an imagined precise sequence of pictures leading to the present), and the future is the next sequence Mass Energy will transit to, time is solidified in the present picture of Mass Energy, both past and future are simply memory chunks, recorded memory chunks of past events, and the starting points of all future events, the combination of pebbles on the road are the exact memory of all of the events that lead to it, but you don't know where in time each event occurred, like a number could have been obtained through any measurement or calculation but you don't know which one.

etc. etc.


Davide Santon needs in order to depart Inter Milan

Inter Milan defensive player Davide Santon needs in order to depart the actual membership come july 1st.

Even though he or she doesn’t understand what their long term however retains, he's pointed out he won’t end up being actively playing for that San Siro ensemble within 2011-12.

“I truly don’t understand what may happen however, �? he or she informed Los angeles Gazzetta dello Activity. “I’ll begin pre-season along with Inter after which we’ll come to a decision collectively.

“I’m such as every other footballer for the reason that We don’t prefer to end up being trapped about the table.

“I have to perform video games as well as I’d choose to possess a period exactly where I'm a normal beginner within the very first XI.

“My goal is actually to possess a great marketing campaign after which ideally go back to Inter like a protagonist.

“It’s right now as much as me personally to show which i 'm worth Inter. That's the goal as well as In my opinion which i can perform which. �? /p>

Click the link for that No1 protection of all of the news as well as move information close to Inter Milan.

Hi Mook, I don't wanna step on Progs toes but I will give my two cents. The Dr. is probably right. Over prescription of antibiotics has caused many "bugs" to become resistant. Many people want a "pill" to cure them. Yes, the ampicillan for fish is the same crap you get at CVS. Antibiotics don't work on viral infections which cause many of our illnesses anyway. Also ampicillan is in the same family as penicillan and can cause anaphylactic reactions in many people. If you have used it before you should be OK but sensitivities can develop at any time.


I'm sorry to read that you've concluded the low fat vegan diet is responsible for your malaise, and that you are being "juked" by your physicians. The grim fact is that we are all on our own when sorting out a diet and health program that works for our own individual needs. Everyone, it seems has an unshakeable opinion. We are all complex organisms, and despite our best tweaking, we all run down and die eventually. So do what makes you happy, however you may define "happy" (even if it's a Happy Meal). That said, I personally have had great results with the low fat vegan diet - perhaps because I no longer use lipitor. I hope you are not throwing out the baby (diet) with the bathwater (Crestor) in an attempt to address physical distress which could be the result of any one of a number of other issues or simply aging. Best of luck to you and godspeed in your search for answers.

Turk references the laddie:

"My problem is that you always boil down every issue to race, and I think this is a highly simplistic and misleading way to look at the world."

Misleading? Well then, Halle-fuggin'-lujah; mission accomplished!
Colonel, give that keyboard-clackin', pasty white-boy with the swastika tattoo (third flimsy card-table down, on the right) a weekend pass! ...And please, tell him to change his cammies; the pocket-crust is not lending a "spit-and-polish" image to the unit (even though the stains are a result of exactly that)!

Sucked you right in with that reptilian button-pushing, didn't he?

Now there's a "vitamin supplement" that we can believe in; one can certainly tell it's working after ingesting it!
Strange days... not sure I'd want to be hyper-aware with all the stuff distilling/coalescing to their denouements lately. ;o)

"Yes, the ampicillan for fish is the same crap you get at CVS." -rt-

Hey, RT, you can't step on my toes, brother - I'd make the same statements regarding antibiotic overuse to the Mook that you just made.

That said - If I go to the doctor for sickness, which I do less than once/decade, so far -
But if I go, it's because I'm f*cking sick, and I've been sick for a couple of days, and I'm getting worse not better, and I've eliminated viral causation to the best of my ability.

If I go under those circumstances, before God (god?), then I'm planning to leave with a 'script' for antibiotics in my hand. I hear tales from my family that docs are becoming more and more reluctant to prescribe antibiotics on a first visit without a definitive bacterial culture/swab. OK, whatever, doc - that's the newer protocol, especially for pediatric patients.

No doubt, antibiotics are overused. But prescription antibiotic overuse in humans in the US is a TINY drop in the bucket, compared to what is going on humans around the Globe, and in veterinary (food animal) use in the US.

I consider it delusional thinking on the part of the US medical establishment - to think that development of antibiotic resistance can be HALTED, by being stingy with prescriptions for US human patients.
Fish pills - you can get penicillin, ampicillin, amoxicillin, tetracycline, keflex, cipro.
You can also get Flagyl, and a couple of other anit-fungals. They have standard USP markings.
Being indistinguishable from pills for humans - we MUST assume they are the same thing.

That brings me to one point of disagreement with you RT. Pills can be counterfeited. I trust Thomas Pharmaceuticals packaging to be counterfeit free. I wouldn't trust the ebay sellers that you keep posting.

My intent is to keep my 750 new antibiotic pills in their sealed bottles in a sealed ammo box with extra dessicant packages - in my cool dry basement storeroom, for the next 10 years.

If TS hasn't impacted TF by then, I'll dispose of them properly, and - depending on my assessment of conditions - either buy more, or not.

Regarding LDS vs LSD - That's funny stuff, RT!
Thanks for the shoutback!

I'm about out of time right now.
What's your assessment of the shooter of that kid in FL that Vlad posted about?

Do y'all use the term "Siren Whores," up there?
Referring to guys who hang around fire stations and police departments. "Police wannabe's" might be a more politically correct term.

Whether or not the FL shooting was justified or legal - I tend to hold cop wannabe's in low regard.
Gotta run!

Before I forget, though -
Morman canneries -

As far as I know - the Mormons will not ship the food. You have to pick it up in person.

And everything is dry canned. Thus the beans and rice are nearly zero sodium. It is commercial liquid bean canning - that gives canned beans their (deserved) reputation for high Na content.

Astute observation, Buck Stud. Is this something you are on board with?

How about that Jihad activity in S France? And the French have done so much -- really twisted themselves up like pretzels -- to accommodate their Muslim guests, going on 10 million last I checked. The murder of those 3 Jewish school kids and their teacher is beyond reprehensible. The problem with anti Semitic rhetoric, even what I see here in CFN, is that it starts out with just words, but, inevitably, seems to end up with bullets,


E., go away, you racist.

There was so much good adult conversation going on without you or me contributing. Now you are bringing me back with your racist remarks.

Vlad said: "But a State is not a Gang."

A State is a gang with laws, laws which are selectively enforced, or not enforced at all... depending on your position, influence, and/or the money you have.

"A State is a gang with laws, laws which are selectively enforced, or not enforced at all... depending on your position, influence, and/or the money you have."

You've got that right A, Unfortunately the "Gang" is getting bigger and stronger all the time. Let's start our own gang. "WHO'S WITH ME?" Let's go Wolverines! OH, wait a minute, The other gang has riot gear,prisons,guns,tanks, and drones. We'll have to do with sticks and stones.Major bummer! Maybe I'll just get in the bread line and go to the circus afterwards. :o(

There have many countless MILLIONS of deaths in the constancy of war that IS Africa.

The genocide in Africa, and make no mistake it is a deliberate genocide, that is sponsored and directed by white blue-eyed reptiles. The white blue-eyed reptiles set up the arbitrary borders. The white blue-eyed reptiles produce and distribute the hate propaganda and incitement for war. The white blue-eyed reptiles instal and arm their African strongman who then do their biding. The whole operation is almost exclusively a white operation. And it not just genocide, it's also theft on a massive massive scale. Africa is a very very rich continent, but its people are completely impoverished materially.

Not that expect a disgusting racist nazi like yourself to have the honestly to actually admit this.

And no, PC, they will never forgive you for what you've done to them. Neither would I.

Over perscribing of antibiotics is bad enough. Even worse, you can buy them over the counter in mexico. I don't know about other countries.

...a big red herring in these kinds of discussions, not to mention extremely offensive in mixed company. But I guess you trolls living under rocks don't care about who you offend with your pronouncements...

There's a piece in today's NY Times written by Bill Maher in the capacity of an Op-Ed Contributor (link below) that is apropos to the words I excerpted from your comment (above). The gist, with which I strongly agree, is that there is too much false outrage and resultant apologizing in our society for supposed verbal slights and offenses.


As it happens, I encountered this very point last night while reading "The Brothers Karamazov" (and simultaneously listening to an audio version of the book) ... that there are people whose pleasure in life is feigning offense and outrage at what someone else has said.

What would you do with yourself without people like Vlad or Anti as your foil.



A State is a gang with laws, laws which are selectively enforced, or not enforced at all... depending on your position, influence, and/or the money you have.

^This is what Asoka says today but yesterday (i.e. the recent past) Asoka has expressed his love for the State... for BIG government.

Like Emerson, Asoka believes that one should:

"Speak now what you think in hard words and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today."

Soak, at its worst the State is no better than a Gang - as per Somalia. But at its best it provides an infrastructure, fair laws, planning, etc. So Somailia is a very early "warlord" type State - and America is becoming a late "dictator" type State. Which is better? God help us.

Thank you Prog. Details like that are important. Between your ideas about antibiotics and Mormon Cans, and Kyoo's stock tips, I've gained some real practical survival tips this week.

And Ozone the nasty Leftist is wrong if he thinks I only come here to rant and not to learn - and teach. He doesn't even grant me the benefit of the doubt on the sincerity of my convictions. Now THAT is real nastiness.

"that we can ignore that and pronounce them a pacific peoples"

How in heck you derive this from what I write, I have no idea. Nowhere did I say that Africa is Candyland or that American ghettos are good places to go walk your dog.

My point, which you seemed to miss, was that levels of violence in different ethnic and national groupings vary drastically across historical time, depending on circumstances of economics, politics, etc. So Europe saw a bloodbath in which 60 million were killed from 1939-1945. That eclipses in scale the violence of Africans over the last 100 years. The Congo, certainly the worst area for this on that continent, has seen maybe 1 million killed over the last 10 or so years. (That's a rough estimate.) So, relatively speaking, it doesn't really match up to what happened during the world wars.

Do you determine from this that Germans are inherently more violent because of their racial composition? Or is their violence caused by other factors? If you are going to be consistent and say that their race is the primary causative factor, how do you explain the change?

Why is it that you have one set of reasons for white violence, presumably cultural and what not, and another for blacks, supposedly something inherent in their genetic makeup?

You seem fine saying that blacks are a priori more violent, because their current levels of violence exceed that of whites. But is this not something you could chaulk up to historical circumstances, presumably as you would the world wars? You can't just go by what is going on "now", because that doesn't give you the full picture.

"The African Continent is just one big pile of wars."

No, it isn't. That's what you see on the 10 o'clock news, because "if it bleeds it leads." But most of Africa is NOT currently a war zone, just certain parts. Most countries in Africa are not currently at war. Of course, you would like to paint with broad strokes and dub an entire racial group "violent" but the actuality is much more complex and varied.

Are you talking about hard words like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? :)


You know, even though American ghettos are statistically more violent than other places like the burbs, you are not likely to be the victim of a crime if you walk around there after dark. It is still statistically unlikely. The murder rates, for instance, are measured as small numbers per 100,000. Even when these numbers are doubled or tripled, they are still pretty small, let's say compared to Iraq or some other truly hellishly violent place. Mostly it is the residents of these areas who become the primary victims, not just occassional visitors, as they have to "play the odds" day after day.


Just one TV from a loading dock? And just one guy doing it? It doesn't work that way. One TV here and one TV there, and soon enough no one wants to hire Blacks or have a factory or store in the ghetto. And just from Whites? Well they may hate Whites as a group, but they steal from Black Businesses all the time. There's plenty of violence among Blacks, but they do seem to single out Whites for certain types of assaults and gang intitiations.

Sure, there can be such a thing as a Criminal State. As Aquinas said, a Bad Law is not a Law. So there is a Universal Morality, but not everyone or every nation is at the level to recognize that. For most people, morality means following orders. So the responsibility lies at the Top of the Hierarchy. In a perfect world people wouldn't abdicate responsibility like this. But people are what they are right now. And our Institutions seem to require alot of mindless submission to work.

In Catholic thought, a sin is only a sin when there is awareness of it. So if someone thinks they are doing something necessary, it's not a sin even if the deed is evil. Obviously if they take pleasure in it, then sin is there. And if they know it's wrong, they they are required to refuse. And if they don't, it's a sin. This is a can of worms I know, but it really is complex subject. Modern Psychology shows the same thing: most people are submissive to authority and will cause pain to others if the Men in White Coats ask them to. Only some had a problem with it - and of those, only a very small number refused to continue the experiment. Those who knew they were doing wrong but kept going felt very guilty afterwards - some needing counseling. All such experiments are banned now as unethical - and wisely so. But the results are very informative are they not?

Nazi Germany did do some evil things, but no wants to investigate what really happened during WW2 - certainly not the crimes of the Soviets, the Allies, or the crimes against the German People. Our Masters prefer to keep making movies about the Holocaust and the "Poor Jews". In any case, reducing street crime is no small thing - nor is making the trains run on time. You've lived a very sheltered life if you think otherwise.

I believe by hard words Q means, Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis ;o)
I think I had that affliction once but it was cured by a high vitamin C, super low fat, carb free,tofu,no vegatable or meat diet! I read about it in Dr. Feelgoods book " 100 ways to live to 100, but who wants to spend 20 years being over 80 anyway?". It is a long title and a tough book to find but it is DEFINITLY worth the search!

The Africans willingly particpated in the Slave Trade - as did the Jews. The Jews were the main Slavers in Europe since Roman Times. They performed this sevice for their Muslim Over Lords later on. I was saddened to read the other day that the Vikings particpated in this too - capturing and castrating Christians and then selling them to the Jewish Middlemen who then sold them to Muslims to be galley slaves, harem guards, etc.

The genius of Nazi Germany and its Economic Miracle was eliminating the middle man - the International Bankers and dealing directly with other Countries via barter. That's the real reason WW2 started: they were terrified that other Nations would catch on and begin to emulate. Freedom is catching after all.

That's the spirit. As St Paul said, here we have no eternal city. This too (our bodies and minds) shall pass. In the End, nothing avails but the Love of God.

"That's the real reason WW2 started"

Clueless you are...

Why do you read and listen simultaneously (impossible strictly speaking since the mind is actually vacillating back and forth)? Interesting though - it creates a complete sensory experience?

I used to do the opposite: read in noisy cafe's - the noise being "White" and canceling out specific conversations and thus creating an energized isolation or Storm's eye.

The Viking called the Sun "The World Candle" and the Sea "The Whale Road".

Germany invaded Poland, which had a military treaty with Britain and France. This meant that war was declared more or less "automatically" when German troops stepped across the Polish border. This was following the Germans already seizing the Sudetenland and Czechoslovokia, and repudiating the Versailles Treaty. After the "phony war" where the Allies took no action against them, Germany also subsequently invaded France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, which kicked off the main war on the European continent. Subsequently, the Germans tried (and failed) to bomb the British into submission and had even planned an invasion of the British Isles dubbed Operation Sea Lion, but it was called off when they couldn't achieve air superiority. Then Germany invaded the Soviet Union via Poland, more or less unprovoked, which began the most intense fighting of that war, the Eastern Front. So Germany decided to initiate aggression in all these different cases, and that's what caused the war, not their trade policies, which is some kook theory of yours I have never heard before.

I was using the Germans during WWII as an example. Again, you miss the point. Nowhere did I say that other sides in that conflict weren't equally as violent or that they didn't commit crimes (and BTW the Germans ultimately caused whatever crimes were visited upon them by starting the war in the first place). The Germans were so clearly the violent aggressors that they make a good example of how societies can go from violent and militaristic to pacifist, depending on circumstances, and not based on innate racial characteristics.


so Turkle where is a nice non violent place for a white guy to vacation in Africa.

What could be worse than a PC Yoda? The real Yoda was/is/shall be a Great Warrior writ small much like Reechipeep, the Mouse of Narnia.

The Germans were taking back German Lands illegaly (according to Moral Law) taken from them by the despicable Versailles Treaty. They desperately tried to get Britain to call of hostilities and were never any threat to Britain. That's why they let the British Army escape at Dunkirk - a gesture to show goodwill.

Can you imagine the World today if the Free Peoples has united and crush the Orcs of Communism? Instead we built up Russia and spat on Chiang Kai Shek. The moral crimes of Churchill and FDR lead directly to the gulags of Stalin and tens of millions of starving dead in Red China.

Toolbox striker Truck Persie denies sour assault upon Chelsea Toolbox striker Robin the boy wonder truck Persie offers refused reviews he is lashed away from Chelsea gamers "I truly wish that soccer enthusiasts globally do not consider these types of deceptive reviews critically. resources near to proprietors Venky’s possess informed the actual Lancashire Telegraph Kean is actually below absolutely no responsibility to market their superstars. Venky’s tend to be thought as ready to monetarily back again their own supervisor without having producing money through product sales. Blair Morgan, a good provide offers are available in for any feasible come back for that eight-time assigned Scotland worldwide. Carribbean Soccer Marriage 1st-place finisher Santos Laguna (Mexico) versus. LOS ANGELES Universe (USA) two. "Manchester U . embarrassing Toolbox midfielder Denilson admits the actual group is actually "missing something". Stoke had been additionally related to Jerome throughout the The month of january move eye-port. PENNSYLVANIA Activity states Luton enables Jerome in order to depart the actual membership when the cost is actually correct. "Moyesy may be really faithful towards the membership as well as I believe I've discovered a great deal through him or her through the years, The actual Azzurri dropped 2-0 within an worldwide pleasant located through the Belgian town associated with Liege. “All because of regard in order to Ireland in europe.

The Africans willingly particpated in the Slave Trade - as did the Jews. The Jews were the main Slavers in Europe since Roman Times.

You're inventing nonsense. If Jews were at all involved, it was in capacity of Ship Captains and Navigators. Think Christopher Columbus, and other less famous Jewish Captains and Navigators.

Why do you read and listen simultaneously (impossible strictly speaking since the mind is actually vacillating back and forth)? Interesting though - it creates a complete sensory experience?

As you say, a much more complete experience. I highly recommend it. Our library has more than 900 audio titles and the list continues to grow. I generally stick with the classics. The readers are professional readers/actors who can create a voice for each different speaking character in a book. But I want to see the words too so I borrow both the hardcopy book and the audio discs at the same time. Last week I read/listened to Look Homeward Angel by Thomas Wolfe. There is much talk of "niggers and Jews." You would love it.

Chritafer? I thought he was a Pisan? Where does a religion come into the equation? Anyway, by the time he got here the Mayans were already gone as were the Anasazi. The Spaniards were a little late to the game. How those people built those dwellings into the cliffs boggles my mind. Didn't they have sheetrock?

You're inventing nonsense. If Jews were at all involved, it was in capacity of Ship Captains and Navigators. Think Christopher Columbus, and other less famous Jewish Captains and Navigators.

Yeah Vlad, where the hell were you during 4th grade history class? Everybody knows CC's real name was Ira Columberg.

Ex-Bolton, Newcastle, Blackburn employer Allardyce verifies Western Pork work

Mike Allardyce offers verified he'll get to be the brand new supervisor associated with Western Pork U . s ..

The actual previous Bolton, Newcastle U . s . as well as Blackburn Rovers employer offers decided conditions using the Hammers and can quickly action to the empty part that was produced whenever Avram Give had been sacked following the Eastern Birmingham membership had been relegated.

“Everything may be decided within theory as well as We anticipate getting cost when i have experienced a household vacation, �? he or she stated.

“It’s usually hard coping with the actual consequences associated with relegation however I wish to obtain Western Pork back to the actual Leading Category as soon as possible. �?

Individuals. company. united kingdom documented which ‘Allardyce kept speaks along with Upton Recreation area proprietors Donald Precious metal as well as Donald Sullivan along with a £1. 5m-a-year offer had been decided, having a £1m reward payable in the event that he or she is victorious marketing. �? /p>

It is throwing away once again! Click the link for the No1 supply with regard to Western Pork move marketplace information as well as news.

That's the real reason WW2 started

The Nazis were agents of the Jesuits as were the Stalinists. It was through Jesuit controlled banks and corporations that the Nazis and Bolsheviks/Stalinists got their financing, technology, arms, and war propaganda. The whole operation was a Jesuit operation from start to finish, as was btw, WWI. The Jesuits are the international bankers. And the "international bankers" was the excuse to commit genocide on "the heretics". How many "international bankers" did Hitler kill? That's right, nada. How many "heretics" did he kill? How many people who had no connection to international banking? That's right, tens of not hundreds of mullions.

The same basic tactic is used over and over again.

You can see it being used by the Jesuits/CIA with regards to al-CIA-da. Bin laden is their creation as is al-qaeda. And it is through al-qaeda that the CIA & NATO, steal the resources of others for the Jesuit corporations. Al-qaeda providing the propaganda cover.

And again you can see it with regards to Israel. Israel being used as a propaganda cover to go after Iran to try and maintain the US petro-dollar system, with Netanyahu being their main CIA agent.

You know all this, and yet you insist on lying. But don't think I don't appreciate you, because I do. It gives me the opportunity to expose you fucks for what you are. So thank you, Vlad.

Google it, asswipe.

I had to drive down Berlin Turnpike today with my truck to pick up new appliances. Its Rte 15, built over the old Kings Highway (c1650) between Hartford and New Haven. Gas might be expensive but there are more vehicles on the road than ever. People are driving around -- its the only way they know -- blowing horns and giving each other the finger. My God, what a civilization! When this gas stops flowing, maybe then, buried underneath the strip malls and concrete interstates, the parking lots and McMansion subdivisions, the slums and multi level parking garages, I will be able to detect some trace of New England. Or maybe its too late, maybe its already extinct, I don't know.


Yet let no symbol represent the soul of man most of of all the symbol of number for such is the abomination of Absalom.

Well, they will have better things to do with their fingers.

Mayans had plaster.

I believe that to make plaster one bakes limestone. The Mayans would have used wood and we are pretty sure they denuded the forests. Could there be a connection?

Perhaps Sheetrock destroyed the Mayan civilization?

If so that means this won't be the first time.

I was in New York City part of this week and was reading the WSJ. They had a very interesting article on these 3 British guys trying to go around the world in a Brit taxi they bought in order to set the Guinness record for longest cab ride; they've gone about 32,000 miles so far. A statement one of the guys made was that they found the price of gas in most of the world was much higher than in the US. For example, they paid $12/gal in Pakistan. They couldn't believe how low the price of gasoline was when they got to NYC. They said that we Americans just don't know how lucky we are wrt gas prices.

Turk, it's nice to see your postings again. Although I don't agree with everything you say, I really appreciate you bringing rationality into the general discussions.

Nanny state? Police state?
Child has lunch seized in USA by school food cop!
Meanwhile in UK.....this...

The left becomes an even bigger parody of itself by the day…………..
Russell Hobby, of the National Association of Head Teachers, confirmed some schools were adopting best-friend bans.
Educational psychologist Gaynor Sbuttoni said the policy has been used at schools in Kingston, South West London, and Surrey.
She added: “I have noticed that teachers tell children they shouldn’t have a best friend and that everyone should play together.
“They are doing it because they want to save the child the pain of splitting up from their best friend. But it is natural for some children to want a best friend. If they break up, they have to feel the pain because they’re learning to deal with it.”
He said: “I don’t think it is widespread but it is clearly happening. It seems bizarre.

[agreed, its bizarre]

'Asoka has expressed his love for the State... for BIG government.'
Along with his 'No Limit to Number of people you can LOVE'
Imagine, no limit. W-O-W

And whats this about 'offending with words'..which side are you on?
People do get offended? Or they pretend to be offended? Or they apologize with its less than sincere?

Aunt Hominem says to Lil turkle, thanks for a ration of 'rationality'.
Like you bring here?

BeantownBill replied to comment from anti soak | March 17, 2012 10:18 PM | Reply
Not only do I have to put up with the Exterminator, I have to put up with an asshole like yourself. If you had a dick, I'd tell you to go fuck yourself

Says BeantownBill BeantownBill replied to comment from anti soak | March 17, 2012 10:18 PM | Reply
Not only do I have to put up with the Exterminator, I have to put up with an asshole like yourself. If you had a dick, I'd tell you to go fuck yourself
BeantownBill replied to comment from anti soak | March 17, 2012 10:18 PM | Reply
Not only do I have to put up with the Exterminator, I have to put up with an asshole like yourself. If you had a dick, I'd tell you to go fuck yourself
go fuck yourself
go fuck yourself
go fuck yourself
go fuck yourself

Jim, Go to the WestonAPrice.org site for dietary information. Price was a dentist who traveled around the world in the 20s looking for peoples who had no dental carries and virtually no disease. I think he found about 14 groups that fit these criteria. Their diets were highly variable from one to the other but what the diets all shared was lots of fats, lots of enzymes from cultured and raw foods. For those having ethical problems with eating meat, pick up fresh road-killed deer

For 20$ ? You can get Jim Rogers 2 'world travel' books!
He traveled Africa 2x, once on a hog, once in a Mercedes. [He was Soros biz partner before retiring].

He notes 'At one point We were 200 miles from 4 wars'. [4 wars w/i a few hours travel].
He also saw a warlord drive by in a van...
on the side it said 'Donated by the Southern Baptists' [!!!].
He also notes other ways we whites with our misplaced charity are causing problems there.

Welcome back!
I had asked Vlad but he didnt get the info 2 me..

How many wars and how many dead in 20th century Africa?

Well, it's not REALLY about giving offense and becoming offended; it's about donning the mantle of VICTIMHOOD, l'il babies. (Boo-hoo-by-boo-ey-hoo, h'yick, sob, blubber.) It's a specialty of RW Authoritarian asswipes, and the "reg'lar, gawd-fearin' folks" that loves 'em; all quite insincere, of course. But it's a good act that the lumpenprole seem to fall for time and time again. Big John Boner, wherefore art thou in our time of dire distress?

You get that? (No, I didn't think so.)
But, speaking in dietary terms, you can have your cake and blubber in it too; the tears provide just that scintillating soupcon of salt that makes it extry-special dee-liciousgood!

As in his : 'Let's say (ridiculously and hyperbolically) that America blacks kill 50k people a year.

That's actually approximately the number of people killed by homicide every year in the US.

Last I checked there were 10 to 30 thousand murders a year here.
50,000 are the number of folks killed in vehicular s.

gainst the American System of Capital Punishment
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
by J Greenberg - Cited by 55 - Related articles
executions in the United States hovers at about twenty per year; as .... negligent homicides per year. ..... In an average year about 20000 homicides

Turk and Ehero,

OK, can you give me figures.
How many killed in Europe in the last 50 years?
1000? 500,000?
Norway averages 5? murders a year.

1000? 500000? 5 million? 50 million?


"They desperately tried to get Britain to call of hostilities and were never any threat to Britain. >>Right, buy starting a bombing campaign....
That's why they let the British Army escape at Dunkirk - a gesture to show goodwill." -->> REally? If it wasn't for the RAF, the Germans would have wiped out the British at Dunkirk.

God, are you delusional or what? What kind of history books did you read as a kid, the Archie & Veronica books?

Jesus god, what an idiot.


See my post...whats gone on in the last 50 years, in each place?
Any answer???????

Sorry, but I just don't know. That's far beyond my knowledge and no Historian probably wants to touch it... I did look a bit but found nothing.

Whites behaved very poorly in the Congo. At one point it seems different Illuminati gangs were fighting over the Mineral Wealth. Albert Schweitzer of course behaved hororably but his name has been forgotten because he didn't think Africans were ready for independence - and that they were far below us in their fundamental nature to begin with.

In any case, the number of deaths by war would be less than in Europe so the Turks of the World will continue to crow. In this century it might be quite different though...

How else would he make millions of dollars?

Bill Maher claims he can call Sarah Palin a cunt because he's ...
Mar 3, 2012 – You can call Sarah Palin a cunt like Bill Maher the tard because you're on HBO and don't rely on sponsors. But if Rush Limbaugh calls....

Ok..what about number of killings in the last 50 years.

I am horrified by USAs involvment in Wars, as are you judged by yr comments like 'US wars have been a disaster for USA, Including WW1'

See him as a Loveable crank!

Holy Batcrap, Batman! I went to your link to find THE ironclad example. Perfect persecution personified. I do so love it when a large pustule on the ass of humanity loses their pontificate position... and has the fuckin' nerve to cry about it!

I apologize; you get it right down to da bone!

(Pat needs to stop blubbering and see if society will have any use for him in future. I kinda doubt it, but he might make a good outhouse tender; an outhouse is chock-full of the stuff he enjoys spreading around amongst the populace; maybe he'll be satisfied with only the fetching aroma for the rest of his days.)

Hey Pat... boo-fuckin'-hoo! Get biddy wid da want-ads putzy booooey.

(BTW, I advise the same for Noam the Chomsky as well; we don't need to hear your fulsome crap about Obama being the "better candidate" that will grrrrrradually turn the attitudinal compass of this country back to true magnetic norf. Git yer royalties now, smug-n-boring croaker-boy; you're gonna need 'em.)

Hi Ront,

I don't know. I think it's a hard argument to make, that the mind lives on after the brain has died and decayed. But then again, I have many experiences that seem in now way connected or caused by neurochemical processes, or at least it seems to my extremely limited understanding of brain/chemical/physical interaction. For instance, I have had what I consider many strange "coincidences". I recall one time driving with a girl and suddenly changing the radio dial to an oldies station which I rarely ever did and after doing so, and for no reason whatsoever, I turned to her and said and now for "The Leader of the Pack." Almost simultaneously, but most definitely after making that statement, that very song started playing. The girl I was with became a little freaked out and she already thought I was bit weird.

Another time, and unaware that my mother had died, I awoke from a dream in which my sister had been screaming at me, imploring me in some strange and desperate way. Heading to the bathroom after I rolled out of bed - the prostate gland is apparently inoculated from psychic prompts - I hear my phone ringing from the other room and it was my sister calling, crying hysterically that our mom had died.

I have had so many of these types of experiences that I consider them no big deal, which in fact, they're probably not.

But I do have to say I went to a palm reader once and after looking long and strangely into my eyes, he stated that I was "psychic". I immediately protested and declared: " No, I'm artistic!" And just to prove the point I started double-jointing my ring finger as proof but he was not the least bit impressed.

YES! About time you stopped listening to the quacks. How could anyone read Good Calories, Bad Calories and not be swayed?

Wish you the best of luck -- enjoy the fat, minimize the carbs, and you'll do fine.

Google it, asswipe.

OK, I Googled it and you might be on to something. A Shecky Columberg (who later moved to another town and changed his name to Chris Columbus because the christian boys were always beating the shit out of him on religious grounds) attended the Genoa Yeshiva and Naval Academy in 1477.

Also art historians located a portrait of Columberg sitting at a table (believed to be a Seder dinner) with a bottle of wine and some fruit on it. The label on the wine bottle clearly reads Manischewitz and has that little kosher doohicky in Hebrew.

So Mika, I apologize for my sarcastic little joke about Columbus' first name being Ira.

It's important to get the right kind of proteins and amino acids in one's diet; however, plenty of fiber is important too.

"Most believe that Rockefeller either drowned or was attacked by a shark or crocodile. Because headhunting and cannibalism were still present in some areas of Asmat in 1961, some have speculated that Rockefeller was killed and eaten by local people.[8]

In 1969, the journalist Milt Machlin traveled to Netherlands New Guinea to investigate Rockefeller's disappearance. He dismissed reports of Rockefeller's living as a captive or as a Kurtz-like figure in the jungle, but concluded that there was circumstantial evidence to support the idea that he was killed.[9] Several leaders of Otsjanep village, where Rockefeller likely would have arrived had he made it to shore, were killed by a Dutch patrol in 1958, and thus would have some rationale for revenge against someone from the "white tribe." Neither cannibalism nor headhunting in Asmat were indiscriminate, but rather were part of a tit-for-tat revenge cycle, and so it is possible that Rockefeller found himself the inadvertent victim of such a cycle started by the Dutch patrol.[10]

A book titled Rocky Goes West by author Paul Toohey claims that, in 1979, Rockefeller's mother hired a private investigator to go to New Guinea and try to resolve the mystery of his disappearance. The reliability of the story has been questioned, but Toohey claims that the private investigator swapped a boat engine for the skulls of the three men that a tribe claimed were the only white men they had ever killed. The investigator returned to New York and handed these skulls to the family, convinced that one of them was the skull of Rockefeller. If this event did actually occur, the family has never commented on it. There was, however, a report on the History Channel program "Vanishings" that Rockefeller's mother did pay a $250,000 reward to the investigator which was offered for final proof whether or not Michael Rockefeller was alive or dead.[11]"


I apologize for my sarcastic little joke

That's what happens when your whole education consists of 4th grade public school Vatican propaganda. You become a functional retard and a serf with zero understanding of the world around you and zero ability to really criticize it or change it. And this is exactly where the Vatican wants you to be.

Hitler's ambitions lay to the East. And he deeply admired the British Empire. This is common knowledge to well informed people, Dee. Guess you haven't graduated beyond Zionist Propaganda.

Are you any relation to the late Franklin Jones?

Well Europe has been at peace (for the most part) for the last 50 under the Pax Americana in the West and the Russia Hegemony in the East - so Africa easily. A million in Rwanda. A million recently in the Congo. And God knows how many in the Biafra war and other earlier wars in the Congo - and Whites played a part in those ones.

Vlad, I noticed you haven't answered my questions. How many International Bankers did Hitler kill? And what were their names?

I'll be on Hollywood Blvd dressed like the Riddler soon in order to break into movies. I've been thinking about Southern California ever since I watched Escape from L.A last week.

I may have to sleep on the streets until I get settled. I'll take showers at your house and only crash on your couch when it's raining.

So when you see the Riddler, come on over and introduce yourself.

He let them leave and many of them did. He was kinder than Putin who actually imprisoned the one that he caught. And in any case, most of the Bankers were in London and New York in terms of physical living. Obviously they didn't have to be in Germany to destroy it.

Hitler's ambitions lay to the East.

So Russia was part of Germany which was illegally stolen from the Germans during the Versailles Treaty. I suppose the same can be said of the Ukraine. Them being illegal acquisitions of German land acquired through the Versailles Treaty. Same with regards, France, the Baltic States, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, North Africa, etc.

So you admit they were involved. Good. You have take the good with the bad, Mike. If you are proud of your People, you have to be ashamed of them when they have done wrong.

The medical "profession".... I don't know if I'd wanted someone who's been run through this sadistic wringer advising me on my health? They might try to hurt me....

"A 25-year-old medical school student who was working as an intern at a Greater Tainan hospital was found dead last week after being on shift for 36 straight hours without rest.

Lin Yen-ting (林彥廷), a student at Kaohsiung Medical University, had been interning at National Cheng Kung University Hospital since last June. He left his dormitory for work on the morning of April 25, then worked the nightshift that day and continued working until 8pm the following evening."

Back in his dormitory, he fell down in the bathroom and was rushed to the hospital on the morning of April 27, where he was later pronounced dead.

You become a functional retard and... this is exactly where the Vatican wants you to be.

Be advised that use of the term "retard" is politically incorrect. What the Vatican made me was "developmentally delayed."

I became a grandfather for the first time at 4:55 this afternoon. It's exciting.

He let them leave and many of them did.

I see. So these International Bankers were well known to him, and yet instead of dealing with them personally, he started a world war, a massive genocide campaign, and a tri-continental land grab. Also, how come during the war the Nazis still did business with these International Bankers as though they were old friends?

It is indeed exciting, Q/K.
I'm happy for you.

I expect that your posts will slowly begin to become more polite and future oriented. You may begin to garden and then you may take to playing with the veggies.

If you suddenly take a liking to Paula Dean and begin to say "y'all" on occasion - then CFN will deduce that grandbaby #2 has been conceived.

Seriously though, congrats to you - Granddad!
Hope all are well.

They were in no position to refuse. To lay blame on individuals who literally had a knife to their throat and who lived in constant terror is vicious and vile. But this is your modus operandi, Vlad. If anyone should be ashamed it is you.

What the Vatican made me was "developmentally delayed."

You did that to yourself. A fucking 4th grade retard titillated by titties.

I don't claim moral perfection for Hitler and the Nazis. They obviously got carried away. Stalin needed to be crushed and many of the Slavs greeted the Germans as Liberators - but then quickly learned the Germans weren't their friends. This was a huge miscalculation on Hitler's part. Without the cooperation of the Slavs, how did he expect to beat the Communists? He obviously held them in low regard as per Mein Kampf and had designs on their Land.

Now you on the other hand lionize the Zionist Imperialists and can't criticize them at all.

Huh? Jews are always to be found where there is big money to be made doing questionable things. No one made them be slavers just like no one makes Jews make pornography today.

Being a ship's captain and being a slave owner are two different things, Vladik. But maybe PC can educate us on the epidemic of Jewish slave owners in the early days of America.

Congrats on the rug rat. People say that being a Grandparent is more fun than parenting. You've already done the heavy lifting and now you can just enjoy.

Zionist Imperialists is a contradiction in terms. You are either a nationalist or you're an imperialist. You can't be both. That's way I don't buy your nonsense about your fascists/nazis being nationalists. They are not nationalists, because by its very nature fascism/nazism is an imperialist system.

A moral man would refuse to be a Captain of such a ship. And in the Northeast at least, the Jews controlled the American Slave Trade.

You might also want to google: B.I.S and nazis. You'll very quickly learn about your lie about Hitler and the International Bankers.

No you can try to take over someone else's land and set it up as your own country. Every village in Israel has an older Palestinian name.

Some of them did refuse. And what happened? They were called traitors and had an inquisition brought against them and their community. There's no winning with the likes of you, Vlad.

Congrats on the rug rat.

Thanks Vlad (and Prog).

There were no Palestinian villages. And there are many and varied historical sources that attest to this. Palestinians are a propaganda invention from the 1960's. Jewish history in Israel goes back at least 4,000 years. We know this because we have Hebrew script in Israel from 4,000 years ago. This btw, is about a millennia before your white tribes even made to Europe from Asia.

Soak, the Euros did all their killing in the first part of the century. I think they got tired of it, and decided to stick with making good bread and cheese instead of raining death upon each other.

So if you said, well how many in the last 100 years, that would be a different story. See, it all depends on what time slice you pick. These things vary wildly.

Newt: The Palestinians are an Invented People
US: The Israelis are too.

"There were no Palestinian villages."

You can't be serious...did they all live individually in their own teepees and mud huts?

If there weren't any Palestinians, who are all these people in the Gaza Strip and West Bank?

Are you some kind of sock puppet for Vlad, BTW?

I don't think it is fair at all to single out "the Jews" as especially devious or evil. They certainly couldn't possibly be worse than, say, the Nazi state based upon German nationalism and culture or Stalin's Soviet gulag, in which millions upon millions died. What have the Jews done that compares to this? True, they kicked the Palestinians off some land, but, gee whiz, what ethnic group hasn't done that at one point or another throughout history.

soak, this question of ethnic groups and nationalities is a fascinating one, and indeed, at one point or another, they are all "created". For instance, what we consider Germany today is really the end result of many different Germanic and Slavic tribes immigrating into Europe. Even the term "German" didn't really make sense until German nationalism kicked in during the late 1800's. Before that there was just a bunch of different territories, principalities, and royal holdings. I have book (not sure the name and not home right now) which I think is called something like "Atlas of the Medieval World". Anywho, it shows territorial changes during the period of around the fall of Rome until 1492. Every 50 years or so, the map changes drastically. Yet we think of countries, tribes, and ethnic groups as such fixed, relatively unchanging entities, but in actuality, these designations change a lot over time.

Something to think about.

It is so funny when people like soak and Vlad get into all the negatives of every other race, as if the one they belong to allows them to judge all the other ones from on high. Well, I'd say, on balance, the "white" race (which is somewhat of an invention anyways) is a big mix bagged. I mean, what with nukes and the Cold War and all, following the double world war bloodbath that was nearly 100% initiated by the white people, we came dangerously close to destroying humanity itself. No other race or ethnic group can match that. But, hey, that's my people for you. We're not all bad though. We invented Cheeze Doodles and the Salad Shooter, for starters, and (arguably) modern industrial civilization, which (I think we can all agree on this being on a site called "Clusterf*ck Nation") that this in itself is going to turn out to be an ugly mixed bag. Though, I do like indoor plumbing, and I'm sure what's his name Crapper was white, and that we played a large part in developing sanitation and so forth plus vaccinations and modern farming techniques, though, you know, with overpopulation destroying the planet (yes it is...sorry children), that will all turn out to be a grey area too.

I leave the talk about how the all races are so bad and violent and uncivilized to the Vlad Kraps peanut gallery. Lord knows, we get enough of it. Let's talk about white people, shall we? They always seem to curiously slip under the critical radar of people like Vladdy and soaky, and why is that?

Maybe we can start with recent events like the War in Iraq. That was mostly white people doing some very bad things over there. Or this fellow in Afghanistan. Now we're talking some real violence. But I guess that all gets a pass because these people are "doing their duty" over there?

And, BTW, Africa is the most ethnically diverse continent. Many of the different ethnic groups you simply describe as "black" are actually, genetically speaking, not all that close to each other. Probably you'd be closer to certain dark-skinned races of Africa than some other group that we decide to call white. Do you actually know about this stuff? "White" and "black" is a huge cop out really, if you want to really discuss ethnic groups. The truth is so much more interesting, graduated, and complex than this simplistic formula of belonging to one or the other.


'They rearranged the webpage after Holder became AG but the data appears to still be here one way or another.
Blacks did 52 percent of homicides 1975 to 2000 and they have year by year totals back to 1950 in a spreadsheet.
I added up the annuals using Excel and multiplied by the .52 and came up with the 420,000 figure'

These things vary wildly. HOW SO?

The biggest killing by 1 despot in the 20th century was?
Having funded how many wars? [drumroll]

You dont like the data I posted.
That since 1952 I know of only one war in Europe,
One that Clinton managed to get us involved in.
The river [rhyne?] went radioactive.
Then the US built its largest permanent post WW2
base there!

What I was pointing to was US Politicians loyalty to Israel!
He could have said 'Israel is an invented nation'.
Its all a question of whos Oxe is getting gored.

Congratulations, Kyoo!
It will be fun. Best one I ever witnessed?
Grandad holds out diaper-clad baby at arms' length toward its' father, and says, "Here; does this child smell a bit 'off' to you?"
I nearly doubled over. The delivery was so wonderfully deadpan.

Hey, and don't forget to hector the parents about every calorie of every particle of foodstuff that should pass that boy's lips! For gawd's sake, get that chile on a non-dairy diet immediately, that mothers' milk is a no-no of the first order. ;o)

If there weren't any Palestinians, who are all these people in the Gaza Strip and West Bank?


During the time when the Ottomans ruled Israel, the Ottomans cut down all the trees in the area to build rail lines and supply themselves with firewood. Israel became a mix of desert land, and where you had rain runoffs it became malaria infested swamp land. The local ancient population of Jews and others was completely devastated and was reduced to virtual nothing. Nobody lived in the area and the people that owned land were forced to live aborad in Syria Turkey Egypt Iraq, etc. With the arrival of the first european Zionists in Israel in the late 1800s, even with modern protection such as special nets many were stuck down with malaria. The mortality rate was over 50%, but the Zionists didn't flee the land and began an intensive program of planting trees and especially imported eucalyptus trees from Australia to drain the swamps and stabilize the water runoffs. Later on, chemicals were also used to eliminate the malaria mosquitoes. As the european Zionists slowly beat back malaria and started to set up industry on the land that they purchased from the absentee land owners, new arrivals of arabs from the surrounding areas arrived. These were not the old land owners but low-caste arabs workers that the zionists utilized for low-level manual construction work. That was the situation up until 1948. In 1948, Jews decided to declare independence from Britain after Britain deliberately sabotaged immigration, industry, and the ability of Jews to defend themselves from arab incursions and attacks during the British Palestine Mandate between WWI and WWII. And btw, the term Palestinian at that time specifically referred to the Jews of Israel. You can look this up in all the old books and references of that period. And they were called Palestinians at that time specifically with propaganda aim of depriving them their ancient Israeli/Judean identity. After 1948, the arabs from Iraq Syria Egypt etc who were given huge supplies of British arms were able to overwhelm the Jewish defenders of the Palestine Mandate. What today is Jordan, Gaza, Egypt, West Bank, fell to the combined armies of the british supplied arabs. From 1948-1967 these armies ethnically cleansed their new conquered areas of any Jews. They massacred and destroyed all the Jewish villages under their control including the old Jewish quarter in Jerusalem. It wasn't until Israel won the 1967 war and took back some of these areas that the term Palestinians was again resurrected. Only this time it refered exclusively to the arab imperialists from other arab territories that were settled the area between 1948 and 1967. From 1948 to 1967 these arabs were simply Jordanian or Egyptians or Syrians.

This was common knowledge up to not so long ago. But now, after over half a century of constant vatican/CIA/islamo-nazi propaganda it is common no more. Nobody hears about this, because all you hear and read is the nonstop propaganda lies pumped out by the CIA/nazi propaganda outlets.

You should have a blood test and look at other things like hemoglobin. Had a good friend on a low cholesterol diet. Turned out that by not eating enough red meat, their hemoglobin had sunk to dangerous levels. Low hemoglobin levels can make you feel run down and tired.
Good luck on solving your problem.

Enjoy your columns and re-read the Long Emergency from time to time.



The Task

A function, an activity gives a path to success, to express a will power, any activity is a win, no matter what (just as people walk the dog, they express their will power, their task, their goal, their input -> manipulation -> output target achieved), any event is a success achieved, even no event, anything that reflects the minds intention into a sequence of physical activities as the Mind over Matter relationship is expressed and this is the goal of all and any interaction, as all interactions are equivalent independent of the pain/pleasure circuits, although the pain/pleasure circuits gives us a predetermined path to follow and such.

When we communicate, we are communicating with an imaginary Reaction Machine made up of the sum of all of the past reactions of that machine (the Man Brain you are talking to, the person which is just a chunk of Mass Energy solidified into Matter and pretending to be stable), we are in Reaction Expectation Mode made up of the circuits and neural networks of the person you are talking to, you are talking to a circuit that gives you a glimpse into what circuits are activated in the opposing party's circuits, in the similar but different chunk of matter the other person is, in the attempt at making believe that the two chunks are similar but are really different but they are equal, but the communication is attempting to establish how similar and equal or different, how independent another chunk of matter containing a will power gadget is from you and such. The next interaction with a person is always a guess and experiment if some circuits will or will not be activated, but if we are only interested in the information the other person emits, then at what point is their material substance even important ? Pure virtual relationships and such is all we need : we are simply a block of text connected to circuits and memories of potential reactions.

Just as a number unifies all of the entities in the universe, a number creates a pure monolithic slab of delimited Information from its surrounding environment, so do words, sentences, blocks of texts, communications, bits and such. Since anything can be a number and can be connected to a number, and all numbers connect all of the disjoint items that it can express, so do texts, language and thought that is a pure monolithic slab of metaphysical and platonic properties of nothing at all since it is outside of Matter (and thoughts are simply a sequence of symbols, hence a sequence of numbers or just One Single Big Number and such), so do thoughts and expressions of relationships and measurements and logic and numbers and symbols and sequence of symbols and thus sentences, blocks of texts and thought etc. There is nothing at all, just a substrate of Mass Energy ready to be molded into anything a free will agent desires, etc. and such.

So 3 cars and 3 doors and 3 stars and 3 mountains are all connected by 3, and the number 3 solidifies and produces a single pure monolithic slab of contradictory entity (the doors and stars and mountains are merged into a pure entity expressed by 3, it finally gives them meaning and existence, they can only exist if they are numbers, if they are everything else they are not as all numbers merge all items into themselves and into all other items), as an item cannot be a star and a door at the same time but numbers do exactly this, they unify everything to everything and express them all as numbers. And the number has no extension in Space and no existence in Time as it is Timeless, Eternal, Outside of the Universe, it is an entity that is outside of the universe looking into it, and being used by the universe to connect itself to all of its various parts.

And just as numbers connect all things together into the same item, so does thought and language and blocks of texts and bits and Information Relationships expressed by Mindforms which are themselves outside of the universe and such. So if everything is outside of the universe, what is inside it ? a void universe where only numbers exist and express themselves as thought and logic and language and bits and blocks of texts are themselves just numbers and all separate minds are really all one mind that is talking to itself, separate instances of itself, it creates imaginary separate people and minds, and the boundaries between them are produced by the free will gadgets, the sea of free wills are the reference system where the single mind(s) is talking to itself by creating independent parts through the free will points in the monolithic slab of pure mind made up of multiple minds and such.


Putin is the richest man in Russia. Why not ask Mr Putin how he got to be so rich and how much taxes he pays on his stolen riches. I bet it would make for an interesting trial. Much more interesting than the kangaroo trial he set up for his rivals. And even more interesting is how the CIA propaganda outlets are completely silent about this. That should tell you very clearly who Putin really is. The guy is another CIA stooge.

"I have had so many of these types of experiences that I consider them no big deal, which in fact, they're probably not."

I take the world and life as a dream, and try to live accordingly. Behind the dream are layers leading to reality and ultimately perfection. Perfection keeps Itself well hidden behind the utter naturalness of "creation." The experiences, and anecdotes, you refer to paradoxically are no big deal because they represent (peek through) the only deal, the whole enchilada. I adore these experiences as they serve as reminders, love taps, that there is nothing to fear or be greedy about.
The grand Illusion presents God, infinite, eternal existence, as being nothing, a phantom. Sincere scientists are more and more coming to see that the nature of the universe(s) is actually much like a phantom--not what it appears to be.

Hey, and don't forget to hector the parents about every calorie of every particle of foodstuff that should pass that boy's lips!

Thanks Oz for the advice, I'll pass it along to the new parents. I hope they don't forget to feed the kid. So far they've spent all their time emailing and Facebooking the boy's picture all over the world.

Yeah, I too am done with junk and packaged "food products." And Ben and Jerry's = death by fat. Twelve pounds of whole milk to make a pint! Yikes! Milk products in general aren't nearly as healthy as they are ADVERTISED to be. Ck out "notmilk.com" and read the "China Study." As for meat, moderation and grass fed only. And for God;s sake spend more and eat chicken that has not been tortured! As for fish, we will run out of mercury poisoned seafood soon. Not to worry, Obama has approved drilling everyf--king where and has now approved the Keystone "halfpipe!" What a foolish charlatan!

Good post, Jim, thanks.

Perhaps it depends whether one is genetically enabled to be able to digest milk? Most East Asians are not - thus the taboo against it in the macrobiotic diet. But Ayrurveda and the Yogis love milk - this is the way to reconcile the two traditions.

The Jews were massively involved in the Soviet killing machine at the highest levels. "Trotsky" was in fact, Lev Bronstein. Many of them changed their names to hide who they were. Even after Stalin took power and checked them a bit, they remained very strong in the Gulag System. See Solzhenistyn's new book if ever gets here. They have been fighting desperately to keep it out of America.

Your viewpoint is the Classic Leftist one, despite your objection that you aren't a Leftist. You believe a la Sontag that Whites are the Cancer of Humanity. The Weathermen did talk about killing White Babies. If this actually starts happening, I don't think you'll be very upset. I mean look at your lack of outrage about the slaughter of Whites in South Africa. And even our obvious accomplishments you gloss over with "cheese doodle" snarkiness.

If there was any justice in the World, you would't be allowed to stay here and you would be deported to Africa - if they would have you. You could be allowed back in after you confessed your crimes in writing and on live TV.

Am I over reacting? Well Turk, this viewpoint, which is the dominant one now despite your desire to edgy, will end America and Western Civilization in a very short time. People who don't believe themselves special or worthy wont fight to survive as a People. And so they wont.

Of course you ignore the fact that so many 3rd Worlders are desperte to get here and away form their Wonderful own Countries. And by making us responsible for everything bad, you actually affirm our Superiority. I mean if we're responsible that means the Non Whites aren't - in other words, they're no more than animals or zombies.

Well, Jim, good luck with your new eat anything diet. My experience has not been at all like yours. I've had hypertension virtually life-long and used to have high cholesterol. With meds and exercise (chiefly cycling)I've kept the hypertention in check. I keep the cholesterol down with a sort of modified vegetarian diet. No red meat except for a little chile verde once-in-a-while. Some chicken and fish. Lots of fruit, vegies, non-fat milk products and whole grains. A weakness for sweets is still being worked on.

I'll be 76 in a couple of weeks. My annual bicycle miles have dropped to about 3500 from a high of 9000.

Glad you got off those statins. Personally, I think you should go back to your diet!


I don't go so far in assuming something beyond or phantom like as you do. For instance, why does consciousness alter so dramatically after ingesting psychoactive drugs? Obviously, something profound and dramatic is occurring on the neurochemical level that potentially opens vistas which are otherwise normally dormant in those who have not attained more advanced levels of consciousness via meditation etc.

I have a sense that the complexity of all aspects of brain function are understood like one of those old maps which had the Mississippi dumping into the Pacific Ocean. In other words, still largely uncharted despite recent advances.

So the question remains: when the physical brain ceases, does the mind - thoughts, spiritual aspects, subjective experiences etc - die along with it? And if not, what causes the mind separated from a living brain to continue living on so to speak?

I think it's a very hard sell,the mind/soul living on after brain/body death, and one that invariably falls back on belief systems(not that science has all the answers).

Allow me stir the pot.

The NY Times Quotation of the Day reads as follows: "There is an ethnic divide on who's being stopped and frisked, and there is an ethnic divide on who's fighting against the policy." - said State Senator Eric L. Adams

The quotation is associated with a page one article titled "Taking On a Police Tactic, Critics Hit a Racial Divide."

To give you the flavor, here is one short paragraph from the article:

According to the Police Department, 96 percent of shooting victims last year, and 90 percent of murder victims, were minorities.

Here is a link to the entire article.


Discuss amongst yourselves.

to stir

Anyone want to discuss "the Hunger Games"?

Again you lie:

"Leon Trotsky[2] (Russian: Лев Троцкий, pronounced [ˈlʲef ˈtrot͡skʲɪj] ( listen); 7 November [O.S. 26 October] 1879 – 21 August 1940), born Lev Davidovich Bronshtein,[2] was a Russian Marxist revolutionary and theorist, Soviet politician, and the founder and first leader of the Red Army.

Trotsky was initially a supporter of the Menshevik Internationalists faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. He joined the Bolsheviks immediately prior to the 1917 October Revolution, and eventually became a leader within the Party. During the early days of the Soviet Union, he served first as People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs and later as the founder and commander of the Red Army as People's Commissar of Military and Naval Affairs. He was a major figure in the Bolshevik victory in the Russian Civil War (1918–20). He was also among the first members of the Politburo.

After leading a failed struggle of the Left Opposition against the policies and rise of Joseph Stalin in the 1920s and the increasing role of bureaucracy in the Soviet Union, Trotsky was successively removed from power, expelled from the Communist Party, deported from the Soviet Union and assassinated on Stalin's orders. An early advocate of Red Army intervention against European fascism,[3] Trotsky also opposed Stalin's non-aggression pact with Adolf Hitler in the late 1930s." - via Wikipedia

Well you see Goverment was made for Man and not Man for Goverment. And the first moral imperative is survival - as our Jefferson said. So all that being true, Putin as a Master of Survival must stay at the top or near the top. Some Democracy is fine for qualified people but when the Nation is threatened it mustn't be allowed to get in the way of Survival.

Sorry if that offends Liberals and You People. I mean you all were offended when Putin said No to International Funding of Russian Elections. Your interest in Russia is touching and deadly. If Putin gained the election by trickery, again fine. He tricked the Oligarchs by pretending be a non entity like Yeltsin - and then betrayed them. Yay Vlad. I know you like your Gentiles honest and weak, but who cares?

To sum up: Morality is for the Living. Once Survival is solved, then we can worry about moral conflicts etc. Extinct Peoples and Nations don't have moral problems. And that is your final solution to our moral problems.

History of the NKVD:

The People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (Народный комиссариат внутренних дел Narodnyy komissariat vnutrennikh del, NKVD) (НКВД About this sound listen (help·info)) was the public and secret police organization of the Soviet Union that directly executed the rule of power of the Soviets, including political repression, during the era of Joseph Stalin.

The NKVD contained the regular, public police force of the USSR (including traffic police, firefighting, border guards and archives) but is better known for the activities of the Gulag and the Main Directorate for State Security (GUGB), which eventually became the Committee for State Security (KGB). It conducted mass extrajudicial executions, ran the Gulag system of forced labor camps, suppressed underground resistance, conducted mass deportations of entire nationalities and Kulaks to unpopulated regions of the country, guarded state borders, conducted espionage and political assassinations abroad, was responsible for influencing foreign governments, and enforced Stalinist policy within communist movements in other countries.


The NKVD's intelligence and special operations (Inostranny Otdel) unit organized overseas assassinations of ex-Soviet citizens, former Soviet agents, dissident Communist Party members, and/or foreigners who were regarded as enemies of the USSR by Joseph Stalin. Among the officially confirmed victims of such plots were:

Leon Trotsky, a personal political enemy of Stalin and his most bitter international critic, killed in Mexico City in 1940;
Boris Savinkov, Russian revolutionary and terrorist (lured back into Russia in 1924 by the Trust Operation of the GPU);
Sidney Reilly, British spy and adventurer, friend of Savinkov who deliberately entered Russia in 1925 to expose the Trust Operation to avenge Savinkov's death;
Yevhen Konovalets, prominent Ukrainian political and military leader.
Guy Leland, French anti-Soviet underground poet
Walter Krivitsky, NKVD defector
Ignace Reiss (aka Ignace Poretsky), Soviet GPU defector

- via Wikipedia

It wasn't Trotsky that run the gulags, it was your Jesuit psychopath Joseph Stalin and the NKVD. The same NKVD that murdered Trotsky for opposing Stalin.

Several times Lenin was heard screaming at Trotsky for his execution of the Czar and his Family. Lenin knew that it would make the Czar into a Martyr for the Russian People. Not that you care: Trotsky was a Jew and a Jew can do no wrong in your book. Not in regards to non Jews at least. As Ariel Sharon said, "A Jew can judge any man but no man can judge a Jew."

Believe or not, alot of people are born into the Church but don't stay in it. Our own Anti-Soak is one such. Stalin obviously wasn't a Catholic: his outlook was brutally materialistic and vicious. And he ruthlessly persecuted both Catholics and Orthodox Christians.

Is it not even as I have said?

The stock for Etch a Sketch thru the proverbial roof. Why didn't I make the connection? My mind is too much on Truth and not enough on Profit. I should hit myself over the head with a rubber hammer.

Vlad, you lie and you misrepresent and you invert life for death and vileness. And what is it all for? For people like Putin? For people like Hitler? For people like Stalin? For the Jesuit mass murderers and the genocide against "heretics" who oppose the tyranny darkness and ignorance that is Romanism?

And you think that's survival?

The more I conversate with you the more stupid you show yourself to be. You are emotionally captured and now you do all these intellectual somersaults to defend the indefensible. That's not survival. That's death. Look it up in the history books.

To stir with love. Sidney Poiter helped break White America - as did the Black who stared in Dawn of the Living Dead. Obama is his clone. Real Blacks like Poiter are too dark for most Americans at this point. Threatening in other words. Whereas Obama as a mulatto is half human (White) and half Divine (Black) in the pseudo Christian Religion of Political Correctness.

Haven't seen it yet but it sounds good. Here's a review: http://www.counter-currents.com/2012/03/the-hunger-games/#more-24944

Or did you mean the phenomena itself? I mean do these girls even care they're being manipulated? No. That's all that's left to our Culture. But White Bread is better than no bread at all. Or is it?

There are a few drugs that dramatically changed our life, that made the difference between dying or surviving.
One of them for example was the insulin, or some antibiotics or some sulphamidics or other similar.
But they are certainly not enough to feed such a big industry as the pharmaceutical.
So they had to invent things that changed your life making you feeling better, or living longer...
A drug is certainly good and useful for the one who produces it, then for the one who sells it and eventually also for the one who consumes it, like most of the things we consume.

You say this like it is a bad thing. I'm not sure who killed the Czar and his Family, but whoever it was you will get no complaints from me. In fact, I'd like to see all the Royals executed regardless of their nationality. They are all guilty of heinous crimes against humanity. All of them, without exception. And the same with regards to the Priests that installed these "Royals" into power.

There is objective evidence: people on the operating table sometimes leave their bodies and can later describe what was going on, who was there, etc. Talk to some nurses and doctors over a drink and you may be amazed.

Why is this known? Our Culture doesn't value it. People want to fit in and that means not talking about disapproved subjects.

Of course you do. As the Talmud says, kill the best Gentiles. And that's the ultimate conclusion of liberalism as well. Was it Voltaire who said the peace would prevail when the last Pope was strangled with the tendons of the last King? I mangled the quote, but something like that.

You're not a nice guy but I like you. You are my foil to teach the People the Truth. If it was just me ranting, who would believe me? One can't make fire without friction.

You are sick in head, Vlad. You think these psychopaths these megalomaniac mass murderers and thieves are somehow superior because they were anointed by some Vatican Priests who themselves are psychopaths megalomaniac mass murderers thieves and degenerate pederasts to boot. You are completely mental.

It may have been too much salt that caused your hypertension. The American Diet is full of it.

Where did I say that? You lost the debate as usual, and now you are trying to obfuscate to cover up your loss.

You called them "the best Gentiles". Is that what you think of these people?

The more I conversate with you the more stupid you show yourself to be.

There are 1632 words ending in ate (see link below) but there is no such word as conversate... and you are calling Vlad stupid?

The word is converse with the accent on the second syllable. If the the accent is on the first syllable it means opposite or contrary... or is a particular brand of sneaker.

Geesh, don't you know anything?

I take that back, you're right about Putin, Stalin and everybody in the world being connected to the CIA. No sooner had my grandson been born yesterday than agents showed up in the birthing room to register him as a "CIA stooge."


About 825,000 results (0.22 seconds) [in google]

So now you know, you annoying mentally retarded ignorant dolt. :)

Urban Dictionary: conversate


A word used by backwards, ignorant, illiterate inner city trash who mean to say 'converse'.

That's because only white schmucks get to invent words. Anyway, it's in the dictionary. Enjoy. :)

Looks like a bunch of my posts got sucked down the memory hole.

I agree with everything you've posted.

QuObama is doing everything he can to lessen GOP talking points that might damage his reelection.

It is absolutely astounding how much conflicting information is floated out there with regards to oil reserves, pricing, demand etc. Most people have no clue as to the EROEI for shale & tar sands and the fresh water demanded of such.

CIA threatens Australian coal industry: Palmer
- http://goo.gl/P1OME

Amazing candor coming from Australia. Unlike retards like you, Q, this guy knows where it's at.


When you read this link you'll see that 'conversate' is considered a non-standard word (i.e. NOT a word)

Notice also when you scroll down there is a section that asks why the reader inquired about this word, from whom did you hear it, and please provide a direct quote as to how the word was used.

I responded by saying I saw it in a blog comment that was allegedly written by an Israeli Jew but that I highly doubted he was a Jew because I don't know any Jews that dumb. They quickly responded to me, "Yeah, I see your point."

non-standard word

LOL! You fuckers really kill me. In fact, let me rewrite that: YOUZ FSCKERS REALLY KILL ME.

Yes, At other sites this has been discussed!
One person said the 10% of violent crimes by whites in NYC are [their opinion] Muslims + Mexicans.
IOW Immigrants.

What I meant is the Criminals were 'minority'
as well as the dead.


Like when a love one dies, you feel pain, but only because it is a denotation, an Information Structure and Memory Structure of the Mindform of a Man Brain where the real physical pain/pleasure circuits are gradually substituted with virtual, imaginary, cultural pain/pleasure circuits (and what others imagine and what you think they think of you and what you think their judgements are of you and what the importance of the arbitrary judgments are to you as another denotation, indirection, invention of the Man Brain to torture itself, to always put itself in conditioning "Objective" and "Independent" circuits when it could easily choose to be completely free and BE ITS OWN BOSS), you live the imaginary loss or pain of the Other Mind and other Man Brain as if it were real physical pain and your own (you project on to the other as if it were yourself, but in a sense, it is even more than yourself, the denotation makes it even more real as it is even more virtual and abstract, like what a parent feels for his son and such) when in reality it doesn't exist, if only in our complex cultural construction of reality. In other words, the less dependent and the less real physical direct pain/pleasure signals and impulses affect us and condition us, put us in automatic action - reaction circuits, the more important and elaborate and complex and indirect and social/cultural, theoretical, the more elaborate the thought condensations and thought structures justifying and defining what is pain/pleasure and good/bad and a win/lose we are subject to. The laws of conservation of pain/pleasure: the less real pain/pleasure impulses the Man Brain is subject to, the more indirect cultural pain/pleasure circuits are activated (invented and created, associated and such) by the Man Brain, the more we need to win and if we don't win the more pain, but it is only imaginary concepts and items. Your team lost the game, you cry, but it is only a few bits, who could care less ? And now repeat and apply that concept to all, even the deepest and most important of all, of course you become "No Longer Human" this way, you become a New Man Brain if even only very slightly. Or maybe sometimes an informational loss can imply a real pain/pleasure, but after a long time and very indirectly and such: you lose your job, you have no heating and a warm house after some time and such.

And as a corollary, this explains all the attempts at influencing what others think of us, their judgments (we want to make them happy and provoke a good judgment of us in their minds, but their minds will forever be an unknown no matter what they say, etc.) we think others think of us, what they imagine about us, we want to know the truth of their intimate judgments and feelings towards us, but that truth is irrelevant and arbitrary, but we are slaves to fixed Instinct Circuits.


What I meant is the Criminals were 'minority'
as well as the dead.

Yes, I get your point. The article left out the all-important element: What was the ethnicity of the perpetrators of all this violence against minorities? Well, we presume it comes from among the people the police are profiling in their stop and frisk routines. This is where the police policy is most likely to bear fruit. The cops are not naive for cricesake. To me, NOT to profile would be the height of idiocy. I can understand how a totally innocent minority would be pissed about being stopped and frisked but his anger should be directed at his fellow minorities as the cause of this degradation.

I don't know, Teg: some of this sounds exactly like the mindset a pyschopath - say, Hannibal Lecter - might adapt after cannibalizing his latest innocent victim.

I'm the boss;I make the rules and it's all arbitrary anyway...a perfect paradise to rationalize in.

'Gabriella McInnes · Works at Columbus State University
This story is a tragedy, like all murders. Funny how certain ones make the news though.
Most victims of race crime—about 90 per cent—are white.
Almost 1 million white Americans are murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans each year, compared with roughly 132,000 blacks who are murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites.

Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.

According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.

This cannot be explained away by economic excuses as there are more whites that live under the poverty line than .........'

Hey VK, use a steel framing Estwing, better blow but it will leave a mark. :o)

"According to the NRDC, 80% of antibiotics used in the United States is used in livestock. The group also says 29.8 million pounds of antibiotics were used in livestock in 2009, up dramatically from the previous decade."
"the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in animal feed can lead to the growth and spread of drug-resistant bacteria capable of infecting people."

Ya' think??

I'm out 'till Sunday.

Well dip me in corn meal an' fry my ass, I just came from the local county hoosegow for a visit with a "loved" one. I drive at 60 mph on cruise. A-holes blow by me like I am in reverse. They bitch about the gas prices and cruise at 75-80 in their Monster SUVs and pick-ups. One person per vehicle. Then, I walk my dogs in a neighborhood with no sidewalks, I flash my led flashlight to get the a-holes to slow down and they blow their horn at me!I hope they all starve to death, fuckers!

I'm sorry for the negative comments,you are all welcome to my house if the shit ever goes down. Just mention CFN and we can sit around the fire,eat beans, and do the bubble dance.

Sorry ladies, that was more of a guy humor kind of thing. In the firehouse it is a badge of honor if you can clear the room. We have actually had guys "talked to" cause of gas. Nobody could stay in the classroom!. Besides that my 13 lb. yorkie can make your eyes water if he is in the mood. Thankfully, that does not happen very often.

Has anyone heard of the photographer Vivian Maier? Discovered recently (posthumously) by the art world she certainly has an amazing portfolio of work.The NYC series is exceptional,as are the others:


James, again thank you for this site - you have no idea what it means to many of us. "Juked by Medicine" is very telling - many of us are feeling this and even some of my family (2 surgeons and 4 nurses) are starting to re-think. Keep the thoughts coming -
Tom Moore

Great photography, Buck. I think I can recognize the signature drawing of a Zeiss Sonnar lens on some of the pics. Here's some pics from one of my favorite photographers on Flickr:

- http://www.flickr.com/photos/kuuan/sets/72157601460421403/

an amazing portfolio of work

These are some great B&W shots and the best part is that no one was told to "say cheese."

I hate that kind of thing. It's probably why I don't get along with Americans very well. I'm a man but not a guy. Some guys are good, and some are men - but not all.

American guys are obsessed with watching sports and they like the fighting. I find it tepid. I'd rather go to a ballet or the Symphony and then actually watch people die in gladitorial games - if I was to indulge my lower self. You all are casually brutal but at the same time, not brutal enough.

But you are lucky and admirable: you have the common touch without being common and you're both a guy and a man. I lack the common touch so necessary in American Culture.

Yes photos of a vanished culture and a dying people. Whites have amazingly expressive faces do they not? You'll look in vain for anything similar in the other races. Soon Whites will only be seen in pictures and hardly at all in daily life. Then you will be "happy".

Thanks Met for posting the link -amazing pics indeed!

Well hello Q...glad to see that CFN's dithyrambic and pertinacious grammarian is back in the saddle ;)

You mean I can cash out an equity mutual fund on the advice of Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke like he did and get a big pile of juicy bones if I wag my tail?

Being able to clear a room silently is a dogs specialty and pound for pound we are more potent.

Does anyone have any thoughts about "hoodiegate" touched off by Geraldo Rivera?

I forsee everybody and his brother jumping on this hoodie-wearing bandwagon for their 15 mins in the limelight - Clooney and Penn no later than Sunday.

I think they are all misunderstanding Geraldo's message.









By: Darrell Miller-1603

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First Rivera and Zimmerman have something in common.
A Jewish parent and a 'Latino' one.
Riveras been fulla crap since the get go.

He wrote a book a few years back called 'His Panic'
About the wonders of latino immigration.
Hoodie March was 100, not a million!

) have to He, while the dawn blew the night drunk. However, Timmy then the following night to Macau to attend the the Rimowa leather brand activities to make money, and Hong Kong to continue a second wedding yesterday. Janet appeared in the beauty center a guest Timmy continued for The two married would rather make money not to enjoy, no wonder Timmy said there was no time made man!

The information is the work

I read some news, the information talks about some conflict and contrast between 2 political opinions or effects or economic choices or greens against buildings and a never ending array of things like this. But that information creates your job, employs you, the information is the work since your mind is activated playing out the conflicts, taking sides, trying to figure out if there is some solution, when there will never be any solution as Man Brains are contraptions that have no solution and just want to fight, the fight is their natural reaction to their boring existence, the boss wants to fight because he is bored, the economy wants competition so people can fight since otherwise the economy would stagnate, wouldn't change constantly, as if change creates wealth when in all truth change dissipates wealth in useless fights and such. The information is the work, the task, the job, information alone, by existing already creates tasks and jobs and work and such.

I read of a company owner who killed himself because he had too many debts, was rich but killed himself: what an irony and paradox, you are rich and kill yourself because the relative situation you find yourself in means that you lost the game, you are losing, but the guy didn't measure the situation absolutely, if you have so much cash just hose the entire game, but no, he would be bored, they need risks, games and fights and then they kill themselves and such. A lot of people who don't want to risk and fight and who live on peanuts are essentially richer and happier, they don't want to compete, but the dominating Right Wing Thug mentality wants everyone to fight each other so they can compete and wants everyone to work hard and such otherwise you are a failure, a loser, lazy and deserve to be beaten up. The republicans love to beat up people with all of the Hard Work BS, they love to punish the lazy freeloaders and such, but then they just kill themselves when they lose. The guy had debts and managed alot of money but is or was poorer than who just gets by.

We need scott free salaries to all 10 billion people worldwide, 800 dollars a month and cheap rents, 200 dollars a month for a 4 bedroom house for all on earth. of course, even if that were given, the reciprocating Man Brains would find some other item they can use to crush others, like maybe paying for water, paying 1,000 dollars a month for some water, but you have a cheap home and a free salary and such.

Thought is trying to encapsulate all items, theories are trying to inglobe all events but fail, you can't solve eveyone's problems everywhere and for all time once and for all since the law of conservation of problems is always operating, you can improve some statistics but not much more and then the situations can change from one moment to the next and such.

It is as if all of our models and theories are trying to create some stable objective narrative of events and the economy and interactions when in all truth no stable narrative will ever be possible, there is no narrative or theory even, there is nothing at all, only one shot quirk - fluke events all based on random free wills expressing themselves and fighting another free will just because, for no reason at all, and producing some large scale random events, like in the economy, you outsource 1,000 jobs and you destroy a local community just because, to make some more cash and such, but no matter how hard you try to analyze it, or talk about it, or debate it, no matter what laws are written, no matter what you or a community try to do, the events will happen anyways and automatically, as if nothing influences nothing else although we are always trying to make believe that we all have this power to influence many things when in all truth we can't influence nothing at all ever.


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I'm getting an inkling that the meds are administered around 9-ish at Greystone Asylum. The Ol' Spider (in his/her various and sundry "personalities") wakes early; bright and chipper to begin feeding his/her holographic "mind" with intriguing translations of knock-off handbag/fashion screeds directly from Shanghai shopping websites. To make themselves "real" they post this insulting and vapid drivel on CFN.

(I have to give 'em a clue: posting this tripe makes them MORE inconsequential; thus inviting the shadow to creep ever closer. Can you see through your hands yet? Soon, Spide, soon... the singularity is a'comin' all right; it's called the VOID. The word can be looked up; it has a very distinct and unequivocal meaning.)

Don't skip the morning meds.

It's easy to take a swipe at Spider - he's the watermelon over home plate and you're Babe Ruth. But unless society as whole is resigned to some permutation of "The Road" - that will never happen - at some some of the issues/dilemmas/assumptions that Spider presents will have to be confronted. A good place to start might be excess capacity and the resultant discarded human beings - industrious workers and ideal citizens who were employed when technology was less dominating, and blind ideological greed not so rampant - who no longer fit into the old economic/employment paradigmn.

Spider's in-your-face presentation may dilute the potency of his message; nonetheless, it's a message not be casually discarded - IMO.

Apologies for all the typos, missing words, etc - I need to slow down!

I found this message as good explanation for why it is no easy matter to look beyond the surface of what appears to be reality.

Here is one other notion from a favorite poet/friend of mine: "God loves you more than you can ever imagine. Why he insists on making this so hard to discover is something I cannot imagine." --Steve Klein

In all climes and in all places, man is constantly striving
for happiness; but there are very few who have it, because
there are very few who truly know the secret of happiness.
Man is constantly feeling thwarted and limited, and he is
ever in the clutches of unrelieved agony of suffering,
because, not knowing his own true nature, he identifies
himself with the body or the desires or the limited
individual mind, and thereby becomes a victim to their
respective limitations and sufferings.

It is only by knowing himself to be different from and
beyond all these that he can fully enter into the Divine
Heritage of the Abiding Happiness, which is inalienable from
his true being as God.

The man, who through sanskaric attachments identifies
himself with his body or desires or the individual mind, is
caught up within the prison of his ignorance. All his
efforts to break through his shackles only lead to his being
in their firmer grip, just in the same way as the parrot
which desperately beats his wings against the bars of its
cage succeeds only in injuring its own wings, without being
able to make any headway towards its freedom. It is like a
person, who is stuck up in deep mud, and who, because of his
very efforts to extricate himself, finds that he is more
deeply stuck up in it.

The individual and the unaided efforts of the aspirant are
so often unsuccessful, because the very source of such
efforts which is the ego, is rooted in ignorance.... This
does not mean that the aspirant should not try for spiritual
freedom and fulfillment. He must try his best for their
realization; but he must at the same time open himself out
to the abundant and indispensable help that comes to him
from the Master.

The Master does not give to the aspirant something which is
not already within the aspirant in a latent form; he only
unveils the real Self of the aspirant himself and enables
him to come into his own Divine Heritage which is rightfully


That is your opinion and certainly your prerogative.
It's mine to [respectfully] disagree.
I think it's a maniacal plea for dis-integration (both mental and physical), not its' opposite, and holds no deep, arcane magicks for the future beyond the keyhole event.

Besides, it's time for the laddie show! ;o)

You owe quite a debt to Philip Wylie.

And remember too, the root of the word Ignorance is Ignore. What else are you screening out, denying, refusing to Acknowledge in Love - or even at all?

Sorry O. I'm just not feeling it today. Maybe later. You guys have to give me more if you want me to perform on cue.

As I told you before: Whites have disappeared in countless places they once lived. And the policies now in place, which you endorse, guarantee that we will disappear everywhere except a few gated communities - for awhile that is. Sooner or later the Minority Powers will insist on mixing with the remnant of the White Elite and the latter will not be in a position to refuse - even if they still wanted to.

As Aquinas (I think) said, "To will the End is to will the means". If you want something, you have to work for it. If the preservation of Whites is worthwhile, it has to be worked for. If one refuses to do so, one's sincerity and/or rationality is in question. I mean obviously we're not in a static situation - some very powerful groups have willed the End of the White Race and willed the Means towards that End. Just look around - and compare what you see with those photos.

Is Rivera a Latin Jew perchance?

Anti-Soak said:
'Gabriella McInnes · Works at Columbus State University
This story is a tragedy, like all murders. Funny how certain ones make the news though.
Most victims of race crime—about 90 per cent—are white.
Almost 1 million white Americans are murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans each year, compared with roughly 132,000 blacks who are murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites.

Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.

According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.

This cannot be explained away by economic excuses as there are more whites that live under the poverty line than .........'

This is the correct style to debate issues. If the intense blithering of the phony liberals is to be refuted, one must use hard data such as the data here in Anti-Soak's post above. Indeed, it is such hard data that gets the phony egalitarians to see how utterly stupid their "savage love" is and how their idea of the "noble savage" runs up against a veritable brick wall.

When you get rates of violence in one group that are 10X to 20X times higher than another group, the only sane conclusion is that the pathological group is so atavistic that they barely belong in polite society. We've lost all of the cities in the East because
Orwellian political correctness has been adjudged to be more important than data. Slogans are more valuable to certain liberals than all of the victims of drive-bys, all of the innocents caught in the middle of turf wars, and the perpetual state of de facto martial law in all of these cesspits.


Re happiness: I've always believed that the pursuit of happiness is an illusion. Happiness is fleeting because it's merely an emotion produced by biochemicals, as a response to a particular situation.

Peace of mind is a mental state that deserves our pursuit. To be at peace with oneself and the universe is our highest spiritual achievement, and is to be devoutly desired. When one is permanently in a state of peace of mind, one finds that happiness is not necessary.

After all, the only base emotions that exist are love and fear; every other emotion is just a permutation of those two. Happiness is an expression of love, just as hate is an expression of fear. How can one truly love if one has not attained peace?

Remember, the ancient Greeks defined several kinds of love, the main 2 being eros and agape. Eros is a selfish love, encompassing an agenda; lust is in this category, as well as hoping the love is returned by the object of one's affections. Agape is the purest form of love. It is selfless and expects absolutely nothing in return. It can only be if one has peace of mind.

Hi Jim

I'm wondering if you could blog a bit regarding the future of the pharmaceutical industry in a post-peak world. As far as I can gather, the pharmaceutical industry is very heavily reliant on crude oil, and is therefore hard to envisage it surviving too long if oil prices go higher than $150 a barrell.

He could and may, for now will solid facts do?

The Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer, for example, received many complaints from patients who claim they weren’t treated due to lack of oncology drugs. And the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies are worried that Greece and some other countries might not be able to pay them at all.

Pharmaceuticals being on the top of the industrial food chain the fruit of the tree of complexity are the first to go. The interesting and really intellectually fascinating thing about what is happening is that the death of the pharmaceutical industry will be almost universally be perceived as a good thing.

The perception is quite erroneous and should be cause for serious alarm however internal population controls are beginning to kick in and warp thoughts. What little rationality we have is under siege as our K-selected instinctual behaviors take over.

The feedback meme which causes this misperception of facts to maintain itself is the 'it won't happen to me I'm special' one.

Big influential and rich hospitals will have stock and ready access for a long time for their plutocratic clients. An appearance of continuity will thus be maintained and what is commonly believed to be social order preserved.

Belief in luck and superstition kicks in the neural circuits to reinforce the 'it won't happen to me I'm special' warm fuzzy thought. All the while the species unconsciously reduces its numbers in response to the overcrowding caused by resource depletion and PO.

When complexity grows beyond it's ability to acquire energy and resources to maintain itself it crashes. This is a law of nature.

People will bitch more when consumer electronics go. It is wired into their heads to behave this way and they don't even know it.

I have been listening to KPFK today.
Earl Hutchinson [wirtes at Huffington] ultra lefty.

I enjoyed yr ripping into Turkle!
I have encouraged him to say whatever he wants here.
Including about me. I support free speech.

[I dont give a fuk about him or a words on a screen]

Stupid? unnecessary?
Like yr recent post to me?

Not only do I have to put up with the Exterminator, I have to put up with an asshole like yourself. If you had a dick, I'd tell you to go fuck yourself

Not only do I have to put up with the Exterminator, I have to put up with an asshole like yourself. If you had a dick, I'd tell you to go fuck yourself

Not only do I have to put up with the Exterminator, I have to put up with an asshole like yourself. If you had a dick, I'd tell you to go fuck yourself
go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself

Another case in Fla thats gotten little publicity in USA is the trial of Shawn Tyson.
At age 15 he is suspected of killing 2 British Tourists.
Check that out. I dont think Obama will deem that newsworthy.

If thats what you want to call him.
His bloodline is 'pr/jewish'.

When you get down to it, the race discussion is stupid and unnecessary.

I agree, Bill. But there's a very sinister agenda behind the talk about race. And that agenda is that of privilege entitlements enslavement thievery murder etc. That's really what it's all about. It's about creating a rationalization for a bunch of criminal white scum to lord over others.

Diversity is over rated.

What is the book/ movie?
Any good? A 'peak everything' Movie?

Hey, ANTI, were you a teacher at a white school or at a black school? Inquiring minds want to know.

When you get rates of violence in one group that are 10X to 20X times higher than another group, the only sane conclusion is that the pathological group is so atavistic that they barely belong in polite society.

I don't think that they think very highly of your "polite society", and neither do I. I think they know exactly what your "polite society" is all about. And I think they also know that the antidote for you "polite society" types is the guillotine, or something very close to it.

I could give a shit about racial differences.


Even though we all know what you mean because we have heard this expression and the context in which it is used a million times, doesn't it bother you (or anyone else here), even slightly, that it conveys exactly the opposite of what you intend?


"Of the 500 most common drugs, 243 have disappeared from the shelves"

From the same article.

I don't know about that. A shit isn't worth very much and genetic speculation certainly worth less. Makes sense to me.

My, my I seemed to have gotten to you. Does the truth hurt?

Why don't you grow up? I believe you have the brains to realize what you're doing. Try to have an open mind.

Actually I had an Auntie who had a sister who was stabbed in a NYC classroom.

'Why don't you grow up?'
Im immature? Compared to, say, The Great You?

Bring it on, Aunt Hominem.

Have you seen the Blog, Crimes Of The Times?
You might enjoy it.

"Re happiness: I've always believed that the pursuit of happiness is an illusion. Happiness is fleeting because it's merely an emotion produced by biochemicals, as a response to a particular situation.

Peace of mind is a mental state that deserves our pursuit. To be at peace with oneself and the universe is our highest spiritual achievement, and is to be devoutly desired. When one is permanently in a state of peace of mind, one finds that happiness is not necessary." -BTB

That's a very smooooth and kewl posting Beans. :o) I had never quite considered the happiness thang in quite that context, or "holistic lightness".

Going a tiny bit farther than love and fear, I'd have to personally reiterate that revenge (as a synthesis of love, hate and anger) has got to be one of the Biggies. But it's FAR outside of anything resembling "peace o' mind"! ;o) (So, a bit irrelevant to your fine post; sorry.)

"How can one truly love if one has not attained peace?"

The profound inner peace to which you allude is lasting happiness that seeks nothing but the happiness of the beloved. Paradoxically, it is through loving one's beloved one the best that one can, that abiding peace is revealed within. It is more a matter of getting rid of limitations, a matter of purifying one's heart, rather than adding something on to one's self. "Thus, loss is gain."

All the misery of the world stems from man's struggling to attain what he believes holds the key to peace and happiness.

Bless us all with the contentment, poise, patience, courage and strength in our pursuit(s) for Meaning.

Now that I think about it, you make a very good point. All this racism crap is about lust for power and control by those who don't have it. Those that do, TPTB, use these dupes as tools to further their own agenda. And since it is TBTB who have brought our civilization to the brink, discussion about racism/anti-semitism is relevant to this blog.

Q, I stand humbled. My abject apology - mostly because several months ago you corrected me about the same thing. All I can say is that I'll make an effort to not do it again. I'm not too worried about others thinking the opposite of what I intended because I hope most readers would understand what I meant from the context.


I'd prefer to be called Auntie Hominum. But I'd prefer more to be called correct.

To whom do you refer, and in what particular context? I had never heard of the revered Mr. Wylie before your mention of him.
Please elucidate, as it looks like he was responsible for some intriguing works (from a quick wiki-peek).

You get my paw-print yet again!
--Good points that tie right in with an "optionally specific" diet as well. Extravagant excess in energy and resources are necessary for these choices.

It should be a morbid consideration of those gazing at the tipping point (long passed, of course) of overpopulation, that insects of all sorts are "packed with protein". MMMM-mmm; let's eat!

That's ok, O3. Though I think hate, anger and revenge all come from fear.

For example, let's say you seek revenge against someone for what you perceive as a wrong done to you. Why do you feel the need to seek revenge? Could it be because you are afraid that justice isn't going to be served, that as a result the universe is somehow out of balance, and that it being unbalanced means that it is unpredictable, that anything could happen? And if anything can happen, how can you defend against the unknown? At some deeper level, you feel unsafe and ill at ease.

Or maybe you are afraid that this person against whom you seek revenge will do it again, and future threats must be removed.

[The profound inner peace to which you allude is lasting happiness that seeks nothing but the happiness of the beloved. Paradoxically, it is through loving one's beloved one the best that one can, that abiding peace is revealed within. It is more a matter of getting rid of limitations, a matter of purifying one's heart, rather than adding something on to one's self. "Thus, loss is gain."]

With all due respect, I think you've got it backwards. Happiness is temporary; when one attains it, it eventually goes away like the tide comes in and goes out. Peace of mind is permanent; it only goes away when it's forceably removed. I believe agape can exist only through peace of mind.

Speaking of the TPTB..

The Petro Dollar Discussion Part 1 - YouTube
- http://goo.gl/lllKB

Let's see.
Think of it this way:
"I could not be BOTHERED to give it something as inconsequential as "a shit". (A "personal". piddling pile of shit being worth very little.)
So, "I couldn't (could NOT) give it as much thought as I might a small pile of fecal matter."
"I couldn't give a shit [in exchange for "it"].
Pretty much an indication of tiny-teeny-tiny value. ;o)

If whatever it might be is more valuable than a small pile of shit, then, perhaps, one "could give a shit" in trade, eh?

Now, I happen to value "shit" much higher than I would some [supposed] humans, because it happens to be more productive in the long run, so I use the expression advisedly (or not at all).

********This post is unnecessary foolishness...
Please disregard************* Damn, too late!

Do you realize as one of Vlad's most dedicated and ardent disciples, that you have just undercut everything he has ever railed against/for concerning race?

It's almost beyond comedy; in fact, Vlad must be tragically enraged that one of his own is so far removed from comprehending the message he preaches.

"Or maybe you are afraid that this person against whom you seek revenge will do it again, and future threats must be removed." -BTB

Okay, maybe in that specific regard I could view revenge as an adjunct of "fear". But generally, I consider revenge (or "vengeance", if you'd prefer) as a total LACK of fear; aside from the fear of vengeance's incomplete formulation. Perhaps a thought towards "reasonable caution to achieve the end before succumbing to death" might be more accurate.