The Choices We Make

     The misalignment of politics and reality threatens to scuttle both major parties, but it's especially gratifying to see the Republicans sail off the edge of their own flat earth on the winds of religious idiocy. For forty years it has not been enough for them to just be a conservative party. They had to enlist the worst elements of ignorance and reaction, and they found an endless supply of it in the boom regions of the Sunbelt with its brotherhood of TV evangelist con-artists and a population fretful with suburban angst.
     Now, in the last hours of the cheap oil economy, the forty year miracle of the Sunbelt boom dwindles and a fear of approaching darkness grips the people there like a rumor of Satan. The long boom that took them from an agricultural backwater of barefoot peasantry to a miracle world of Sonic Drive-ins, perpetual air-conditioning, WalMarts, and creation museums is turning back in the other direction and they fear losing all that comfort, convenience, and spectacle. Since they don't understand where it came from, they conclude that it was all a God-given endowment conferred upon them for their exceptional specialness as Americans, and so only the forces of evil could conspire to take it all away.
    Hence, the rise of a sanctimonious, hyper-patriotic putz such as Rick Santorum and his take-back-the-night appeal to those who sense the gathering twilight. And the awful ordeal of convictionless pander and former front-runner Mitt Romney drowning in his own bullshit as he struggles to extrude one whopper after another just to keep up with the others in this race to the bottom of the political mud-flow.
     There is an obvious dither backstage now among those who cynically thought they could manipulate and control these dark impulses of the frightened masses as the candidates all pile into a train wreck of super-PAC obloquy. Won't some level-headed adult like the governors of New Jersey and Indiana step up and volunteer? Is this finally its Whig Moment - the point where the Republican Party has offended history so gravely that it goes up in a vapor of its own absurdity? I hope so. The conservative impulse is hardly all bad. We need it in civilization. But it can't be vested in the sheer and constant repudiation of reality.
      The opposing Democrats have their own problem with reality, which is that they don't tell the truth about so many things despite knowing better, and, under Obama, they act contrary to their stated intentions often enough, and in matters of extreme importance, that they deserve to go down in flames, too. Just as there is a place for conservatism in civilized life, there is also a place for the progressive impulse, let's call it - for making bold advance in step with the mandates of reality and an interest in justice for all those along on the journey. 
     The Democrats under Obama don't want to go to that place. They want to really go to the same place as the fretful Sunbelt fundamentalists, but by a different route - and that place is yesterday, by means of a campaign to sustain the unsustainable. Mr. Obama is pretending that an economic "recovery" is underway when he knows damn well that the banking system is just blowing smoke up the shredded ass of what's left of that economy. He pretends to an interest in the rule of law in money matters but he's done everything possible to prevent the Department of Justice, the SEC, and a dozen other regulatory authorities from functioning the way they were designed. He has never suggested resurrecting the Glass-Steagall act, which kept banking close to being honest for forty years. He never issued a peep of objection about the Citizens United case where the Supreme Court tossed the election process into a crocodile pit of corporate turpitude (he could have proposed a constitutional amendment redefining corporate "personhood."). He declared he'd never permit a super-PAC to be created in his name, and now he's got one. Mr. Obama represents a lot of things to a lot of people. He is mainly Progressivism's bowling trophy, its symbol of its own triumphant wonderfulness in overcoming the age old phantoms of race prejudice. Alas, that's not enough. Where exactly is the boundary between telling "folks" what they want to hear and just flat-out lying?
     Neither party can articulate the current reality, which is that we have to reorganize civilization pretty drastically. I've reviewed that agenda many times in this space and it largely amounts to rebuilding local economies at a smaller and finer scale. That is just not on the table for all current leadership, or even in the room. If neither party can frame an agenda consistent with that reality, then we'll have to get there without them, probably after a very rough period when the pretending still lingers in the air like a bad odor and no reality-based consensus is able to form, no agreement about what we should do. That's the period when a lot of things fall apart and people get hurt. These are the choices we're making right now.
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James – The distractions just keep mounting... while the drums of war get louder, and Athens Burns!


This is what End of Empire always looks like from the inside.

The politicians are practicing "Doublethink".

The media is rolling out the $5@gal gasoline stories again. Gee, someone must have tipped them.

Okay, second. Looks like JHK has once again decided to tar and feather the South. Talk about prejudice!

Thanks JHK,

Yes it feels like the Repugs are going so deeply reactionary that they are turning back the clocks on women's rights and health and science.

It isn't just about wiping out progressivism it's about codifying into law Catholic and Protetant Fundamentalism and actually Santorium attacked traditional Protestants who are more liberal in political orientation. That's the next front of attack.

I am looking forward to hearing how the mainstream Protestants will respond.

One more post which I wrote after hearing Max Keiser's interview with Charles Hugh Smith:

Stasi Meets Reality TV

What is the state of the union--you know, the one that Obama would never tell you in his address? I have mentioned previously the nexus where Stasi and reality TV meet, but I will build on it a bit, thanks to Max Keiser and Charles Hugh Smith, his guest on Keiser's posting yesterday.

Yes, this country has moved from being the military industrial complex that produced wealth to a military security complex, thanks to our economic theorists in the laboratory of think tanks and universities. We are now a globalized "post-industrial-service economy". The open borders you all discuss, the highly managed trade where the banks and transnationals are risk-immune --all dubbed free market trade. It's all about driving down the costs of human resources globally.

The keytonic economy does not produce wealth, but instead sucks wealth up to the top and the top in turn monazites all human activity. Hence the surveillance economy that has mushroomed ever so quietly in the name of the War on Terror. I also mentioned this phenomena re: Dana Priest coverage of "Top Secret America" where even the Congress doesn't know how much of our tax dollars have gone into this--for security purposes you know. They are utilizing the web, google and social networking sites as their way into our daily lives to scrutinize out activities.

Well, you knew getting onto websites for free was too good to be true. Now people are being offered money ($5.00) to be followed by Google. And people go for it. Gee, it feels like entertainment, but don't pirate anything on the web you could go to jail. As I just said on FB on a friend's post today: This is a military security complex and Google is the little engine that could.

While our Rep. spinmeisters call their brand LIBERTY, they tell us that we have to cut government spending and they are going to draw more blood from the middle class, never mentioning in the discussion this new bureaucracy developed after 911 for our own good. And we all thought the Reps hated bureaucracies. Untold Billions of dollars are being poured into this so people in the tony outskirts of DC, who Keiser points out have a 1.4% unemployment rate can walk to work and keep track of our lives for gainful employment.
So far only the government agencies have produced anything having to do with security, but that hasn't dampened the trend.

This is what happens when a country's leadership goes rogue. They become paranoid and feel they have to make sure nobody will counter them. As I always say everything gets set-up for the eventuality and in this case, Obama signed the The Defense authorization bill. Games set and match…. American can be treated like terrorists, law enforcement will have access to drones to fight crime. Yesterday I heard that on MSNBC that the elite now global NYC police are tracking the activities of Islamic student in Pennsylvania! Our liberties are truly on the chopping block all in the name of the war on terror.

In the Keiser CHS interview Smith discusses his idea of fractals and suggests that in a country run by criminals we can only expect that sensibility to filter down throughout society.

I think the GOP nominee will be Mitt unless Santorium pulls out a win in say California, with its winner take al status, that would throw the GOP into a tail sin, because they all know he can not beat the uber vulnerable Obama. If that happens and Mitt can not win the nomination out right, then probably will see someone new, perhaps Mitch Daniels, or even JEB Bush, but the prospect of a Santorium Obama Mayor Mike (Multi billionaire) Bloomberg into the race as a Independent or third party alternative. With real unemployment at 15% and gas prices headed for $5 a gallon, he might just be able to win.

"...the sheer and constant repudiation of reality."

I don't know what to make of this? I guess that it makes sense? You have to go out and buy one, shop around, compare styles, sizes, colors, prices. You'd have to pay cash for it because you wouldn't want a record of the purchase on your credit card. Then you'd have to blow it up, which would probably take a lot of time and energy. Then you'd have to deflate it, fold it up and hide it. I don't know.... Weird....

Oh, for heaven's sake - cool off. you didn't even mention the martyrdom of that great american hero, Whitney Houston

Of course the parties are about to implode, and in four years the political landscape will look far different. This could very well be the last race with either of these two parties in as serious contenders.

Spot on target, Mr. K. Obama as Progressive "bowling trophy" is a priceless metaphor for our stupid times.

This is also spot-on correct, even when uttered by a damned Yankee rascal:

"Since they don't understand where it came from, they conclude that it was all a God-given endowment conferred upon them for their exceptional specialness as Americans, and so only the forces of evil could conspire to take it all away."

How true. Once gasoline passes a certain mark, the "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" bullcrap appears on bumper stickers and the "end the EPA" lunacy runs in the op-ed pages.

We Southerners are led by men who remind me of Philip II in Spain, squandering the Imperial wealth on foreign wars and stupid edifices the treasury cannot sustain. Sprawl is our El Escorial, and these Southern GOP pols are the bandy-legged dwarf-kings in residence.

We forgot the small family farm here at our peril, in a place where you cannot stop food from growing from the debris that collects in your rain gutters.

And thus, the South leads the Empire into decline and fall.

Consider that half the people who vote Dem have an IQ around 90, what kind of civilization could one build? The people here cannot even bother to ask that kind of question, instead believing that everyone has post grad studies under their belt.

So there we have it, half the Dems create modern Detroits and the other half of the Dems live in college campus land with its 10% per anum tuition hikes. Reality indeed.

Jim--your talk in Aurora, NY--is that August or April? A typo? Lemme know, I wanna be there.

I think status quo will go a very long way before we see either party fall apart. The desire for normalcy is very very powerful.

Forgot my geopolitical p.s. after my other b.s.:

Meanwhile, the war drums in the Gulf beat louder, but at least Southerners can find Iran on a is next to Iraq where many poor young men, who once would have worked on a farm or in a textile mill or mine, went to serve.

Unless some adults step up soon, Iran will trump all other stories this summer, and $5 per gallon gas will be the stuff of fond memories.

"Consider that half the people who vote Dem have an IQ around 90"

Evidence please?

He (O) never issued a peep of objection about the Citizens United case where the Supreme Court tossed the election process into a crocodile pit of corporate turpitude --JHK

That's actually not true. Obama in his state of the Union address in 2011 did complain about that decision and proclaimed that foreign interests could make a foray into our political system re: silent monetary contributions. Judge Alito seen in the audience mouthed the words not true and shook his head.

The fact that he has done nothing about it shows how little follow-through he has on anything.

That neither party "is articulating" reality does not mean that those in charge of the parties do not "understand" reality. Like Jim, I'm allergic to conspiracy theories, though certainly more is understood, discussed behind closed doors, and revealed than we ever later hear about.

I often wonder if Obama, Bush, and other decisionmakers in media, business, and politics are in fact fully aware of the converging crises, and that their action (and inaction) might in fact be part of a long, careful, calculated, and carefully-executed strategy of managed descent/soft landing.

Carefully releasing information--even manipulated and contradictory information (both positive and negative)--has been building our tolerance of volatility and expectation of disaster (financial and otherwise) for more than ten years now.

This has built the awareness of more people over time. Eventually, when extend-and-pretend is no longer feasible, more and more people will be prepared, potentially making a possible crash less of a surprise (and, be extension, less severe).

There certainly is a good deal of make believe going on today. For one thing, Barack Obama is not really "black". Then of course he adapted double quick to Dubya's old job while forgetting lots of other stuff. And now he's Wall Street's head cheerleader kind of like old Dubya was a cheerleader at Andover or wherever. So perhaps Obama's inner WASP is coming out now. Guess those of us who could've used national health insurance are pretty much FUBARed then. And of course another credit card cum home equity boom is just around the corner. What we really need is a cheap model of prefab bullet proofed home for federally backed urban homesteading including correspondence courses on farming abandoned inner city neighborhoods in the wilds of Detroit and Cleveland and Buffalo with a bonus section on trapping of newly returned wild animals.

Thank you Jim for a wonderful post.

Well said,,,

Well Done,,,

I think you underestimate the resilience of the establishment institutions James. Sure karmic justice and the pressing needs of sanity scream for the destruction of the Republican and Democratic Parties. However their sheer dominating bulk, their entrenched position within a system they have remade around themselves and their crushing historic momentum mean that they just can’t and won’t break.

Imaging that we can somehow force the corroded machinery of our “democratic processes” to do what it was suppose to do and allow us to enact a revolution without blood in the interests of our societies is wishful thinking at best. Our centralised governments have become untameable monsters which will not be yoked to the service of the people at any price or by any means. The system can not be reformed, it must be destroyed.

Sadly we are, as a citizenry, far too stupid and cowardly to be able to enact that necessary creative destruction. So we are left mere spectators, observing the endurance contest between society and the elites to see which can longest hold on in the face of the consequences of our collective fucktardry. From everything we have seen so far it would seem the elites will easily keep themselves firmly in control all the way to the bottom after which it won’t matter anyway.

Well, Obama did squawk briefly about the CU decision at the 2010 SOTU address, but we all knew it was rhetorical grandstanding, and he hasn't said anything about it since...even, as you point out, taking advantage of it himself by forming his own Super PAC and breaking yet another promise.

Count me out for the Presidential election.

JK wrote" they conclude that it was all a God-given endowment conferred upon them for their exceptional specialness as Americans, and so only the forces of evil could conspire to take it all away."

I agree with you on this, James, with the proviso that I do not see this as purely a Southern or necessarily a religious thing, though I do believe the 'religious right' (aka Southern Baptist in various renditions) has been most vocal in promoting the 'health and wealth' Gospel of America. This entire entitlement issue is, to me, more of an American thing with amorphous 'Christian' overtones, smacking of Manifest Destiny. Essentially the manifesto states that we are 'blessed' because of our quasi-Christian leanings (heavily toward the support of all things Israel, I might add) and that God MUST approve of America; just look at our wonderful American dream suburbia Wal-Mart stock market make a profit comfy retirement vacation home on the lake economy!!! It is absolutely outside the realm of conceivability, as far as the east is from the west, for 99% of Americans to grasp the debt and breadth of what faces us. When I even mention it, eyes glaze over and hands go over the ears while voices utter “la, la, la, can't hear you!!!” Small wonder the term 'compressive deflationary contraction' is so far from the minds of...well...everyone. Who could grasp it and who wants to??
Well...I do not think America is 'blest' at all. I think we are accursed and on the eve of accountability for our decadence, perhaps by this God we claim to trust. Now, by that I don't mean we are being 'punished', rather this is simply a logical and predictable conclusion to a period in human history; just another civilization who thought they would go on forever and, like all the others that came before, did not. It is neither good nor bad… just is.

The 'bowling trophy metaphor' is golden.

"Yep, now that we've got a black elected, let's knock back a couple of cold ones and relax."

I just finished watching a clip of Santorum's Face the Nation interview from yesterday. Holy fu*k! Methinks your assessment of the Republicans is a tad mild. That man as president would endanger the entire planet, in a nuclear way - not just in a magical environmental fairy tale way. I agree with you about Obama and the Dems though. Both parties and the entire political system have been bought and paid for by the corporate interests. I honestly don't know if the system is salvageable. Whatever happens, the US has certainly chosen the rockiest, thorn-and-snake filled path to the future.

Interesting that the front page of the Wall Street Journal last Thursday had the headline "Oil price rises threaten recovery" while the NT Times had a similar front page story on Sunday.

Oil prices already recrossed $100 per barrel despite a 5% drop in US oil consumption and drop in EU oil consumption as the banksters squeeze tribute from EU citizens.
Auto mileage dropped 2.5% in the last report.

Yet nary a word about Peak Oil, just delusional stories about unlimited Bakken Shale Oil and Marcus Shale Natural Gas. I spoke to yet another progressive yesterday fundraising for Planned Parenthood who had never heard of Peak Oil but was
fascinated as if it was a revelation.

Watched the "Ides of March" by liberals George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio in which the big change promoted by the courageous progressive Presidential candidate is electric cars in 10 years.

Meanwhile the Teabaggers in full denial mode present the HR-7 Transportation Bill to totally cut the Green public transit Federal funding of Ronald Reagan!!

I suppose perhaps when gas hits $6 per gallon in some places Americans will wake up??

As always you get right to the heart of the matter. Both parties have failed us, and neither can see it. The smugness of my Democratic friends is nautiating. They have a sense of superiority that is not deserved. I don't even bother to discuss issues with my Republican friends. They speak from a world that I don't care to visit. I worry that by 2016 it will be too late.

His comments are obviously prejudiced regarding the southern states but they also hold a great deal of truth. You cannot deny all the points he itemised, idiotic religious lunatics, Fox news adherence, racial intolerance etc. etc. Perhaps you'd do better focusing your despair on those who warrant it.

The south tarred and feathered themselves. -Go take a look.
The north has a few mental infants but not on the scale of the sunbelt. They embraced the credit card new world like a delicious
treat, building Disney style McShacks nearly touching each other with no thought of sustainability. The north has litterbugs but in the south it appears that the roadside and every little path into the woods is a good place to toss your cast offs.... -that is, for the more ambitious, the rest just toss it into the yard or layer it around the countless little shelters they erect to save their "valuable" crap.
Lawn? what's that? -oh yeah, the place you park the non functional
junkers, bass and pontoon boats and the ubiquitous 55gal meat cooker. It baffles me why the most disastrous looking enclaves have chain link fences with the "private property" and "no trespassing" signs all around. -like there is anything worth stealing within.

Mr. James concludes:

"Neither party can articulate the current reality, which is that we have to reorganize civilization pretty drastically. I've reviewed that agenda many times in this space and it largely amounts to rebuilding local economies at a smaller and finer scale. That is just not on the table for all current leadership, or even in the room. If neither party can frame an agenda consistent with that reality, then we'll have to get there without them, probably after a very rough period when the pretending still lingers in the air like a bad odor and no reality-based consensus is able to form, no agreement about what we should do. That's the period when a lot of things fall apart and people get hurt. These are the choices we're making right now."

Yessir, this (and the entirety of the piece) is a superlative cold, hard stare into the abyss of the current zeitgeist.

Since all are determined to squeeze their eyes shut in hopes that "it all goes away", I see no hope for a controlled contraction... other than control by gun-barrel to protect the physical assets of the ruling class/crass.

If the "eyes wide shut" approach continues to sail the earthship into the overshoot/under-thought iceberg, we must prepare for something we tend to consider far too seldom: PANIC. You don't know what that means unless you've been in a situation where most everyone but yourself [and a small handful of others] is in full panic mode. It's a truly savage thing to witness, and I'd urge those who haven't done a damn thing to prepare for shortages in hopes the gravy train chugs along forever, to get your mind right if nothing else. Believe me, panic trumps rational thought and empathetic dignity by an unscalable margin.

Jim, you forgot to mention Obama's weekly $38,000 per plate campaign fundraising trips to both coasts. Even the Chicago Tribune took note of the logistics and expense involved in such endeavors. Last week he was in both LA & New York chowing down with the wealthiest people in the United States -- the hated 1% ... this week no doubt he will be giving speeches to us plebes out in the hinterlands (not just the South but anywhere not LA, NY or Washington) exhorting the 'Rich' to "pay there fair share". The plan seems to be play both ends against the middle.


About the Powers that Be knowing more about reality than they let on publicly:

I had a talk about Peak Oil with a coworker who readily accepted. She used to work for Exxon in Florham Park, NJ years ago and said they were projecting even back then oil prices of $130 per barrel. But of course none of the workers were supposed to talk about that...

Happy Motoring forever!

Whoa, wait a minute! Why is the south being blamed for that idiot Santorum who is a damn Yankee from Pennsylvania ( yeah he was born in Virginia but the jerk was raised in Penn.). The only Southern state to vote yet is SC and they went for the idiot Newt. Blame Colorado, Minn., Missouri,(more mid-west than southern) and Iowa, and what looks to be Michigan!! Damn Jim, EVEYTHING can't be the south's fault!

Your reaction time is slowin' down.
No worries, we luvs ya still, and have noticed as life goes on that second is sometimes far better than the naivety and nervous fumbling of "first"!

great american hero, Whitney Houston ?? Today's article is about being honest.. And while Whitney did a lot of great things she was a criminal and in her own part responsible for the cartel violence and deaths in mexico (and US) like all the other drug users. Stand up for those you hurt.

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Excellent post, spencerpsn.

Stupid and cowardly and craven and dishonest and greedy, it's Orwell's Animal Farm fractal from top to bottom.

That is why politics, as a word, meaningfully describes an ugly corruption of influence and power over humans.

I have lately remarked - on another forum - a proper end to all this would be a civil war, republicans against the democrats. Find some nice table top farming land, surrounded by forests, and give them enough powder and ball to do them all in.

I bet the human taxpayers would even front the money for opposing red and blue uniforms.

The Germans aspired to becoming "The Master Race". Americans truly believe they are. Oh, yeah, before one forgets, the comment about "...level-headed adults..." referring to the governor of New Jersey should be re-examined. Seems he's involved in a vicious smear campaign against a potential rival which is no great shake in itself; but laws were broken along the way and let's hope that the "level-headed adult", Mr. Christie, loses his in any subsequent legal follow up. But like everything these days concerned with maintaining the law - it's a hit or miss proposition.

It is becoming very clear the age of cheap oil is coming quickly to a close (6-8% drop in demand for US yet sustained $100/b) and there is real recovery going on. Great post Jim. Thanks.

The only thing that will save the people of this country now is decentralization and secession. Unfortunately, the author is a big fan of central planning and an even bigger fan of bashing the South. The neocons will have to start a hipster draft to find more fodder for their wars for Israel. Let the north eastern effete, skinny-jeaned, SWPL try to grow their own food, build their own houses and fix their own cars! That should be good for many a laugh! What is it that they produce in Manhattan and DC again? Oh yeah, I remember, absolutely nothing of value.

I nominate Ron Paul for Grand Poobah of the New Confederacy!

Don't forget Obama's "healthcare reform" which simultaneously managed to increase the amount of customers for private insurers without reforming anything about American's actual HEALTH or their HEALTHCARE.

Not one word of reform for our Department of Agriculture being run outright through a revolving door connecting it to the corner offices of ConAgra and ADM or the fact that our highway system is 95% taxpayer subsidized by transit has a national farebox recovery ratio of more than 30%. Meanwhile Transportation Enhancement (biking and walking grants) are laughed at because 1.7% of total funding is a laughable amount to expect any return on investment in making a meaningful amount of people feel safe in traffic.

Jeez, if you're going to use this space for your own gratuitously long-winded blog post, could we have some attention to detail? If you're talking about the metabolic function, it's "ketonic," not "keytonic"; the singular is "phenomenon"; and that's as far as I got before you lost any cred.

Correction:No real recovery.

I disagree with H7M1S7G1 when they said:比方没有能影响两次收卖,斲丧者自己包袱运费等涤耄单价 500 元以上商品、3C 产物、厨房产物、化拆品等多个品类没有支撑无出处退。 延保无 ROUND3.下单当前,退换货新体验 ●铛铛网——支货速率缓百货无出处没有退 ◎方针:喷喷鼻QQ青豆四味组开拆 ◎价格:27.90元.
"Round3" maybe?! but 'QQ' and '27.90'... Never!!! Another fine post Mr.JHK.

Looks like JHK has once again decided to tar and feather the South. Talk about prejudice!

Myrtle, you lived most your life up north, if I recall. You have to admit, as a target for insult, "the South" is the lowest hanging fruit.

I mean, take for example this past Saturday morning. I was clearing dishes off the counter top as my wife clicked over to a different TV channel. I'm paying no attention whatsoever but I hear a familiar voice. Without looking I know exactly who it is. With a voice scientifically calculated to be fifteen hundred and seventeen times as sweet as natural sugar Paula Dean says "today I'll be preparing shreee-ummp."
The dishes clatter onto the granite as I can't move fast enough to rip the remote from my wife's hand and hit the mute button.

I am in such disbelief that anyone actually talks like this that I rush to my laptop and enter in the Google block "Paula Dean biography." I MUST find out where this woman is from! What geographical area and society produces such an extreme twang. Well, I might have known it (apologies to Tripp and Prog), JAWJUH!

Thanks for the invite BeanTownBill. Sorry to say right now I'm working 10 hour shifts and won't be able to make it. Lots of luck down there in Ledyard on Wednesday!

I was thinking later on this spring ... there is a cool little bar not far from the Mass. Pike in SW Mass. near a town called New Boston in a place called Roosterville (Yes, Roosterville!) ... OzonePs territory and RipThunder is not far either -- maybe we could meet up there some Saturday afternoon and toss back a few. Its close enough to New York maybe even Ibendet could come up with her husband -- a weekend in the Berkshires. I'd like to meet that lady.


I recall reading a couple of years ago on, that economists felt that once oil rose above the $50-$60 a barrel range, that economies that import oil would go into recession. Perhaps that assessment was wrong. 'Course, I'll bet it's right.... One just wonders how this will all go down in the next 5 - 10 years. Lot's of speculation here - & I could too - but no doubt, it's ridiculous how dumbstruck most people are going to be.

BTW, that chinese comment above was really good! Jim may need some remedial creative writing classes to compete with that....

I adore Kunstler's inimitable writing style. And broadly speaking, I concur with his prognosis for the inevitable long slide into oblivion of the "happy-motoring" society we've grown up with, with all the pain and angst that transition will entail.

But what the hell is up with Kunstler's perennial prediction of that the Dow Jones average will end the year at 4,000??? He's been predicting this annually for at least five or six years now, by my count. It's like waiting on a California mountaintop each Jan 1 for the Raelian intergalactic spaceships to arrive. Because meanwhile, since Obama took office, the Dow has risen from 8,000 to nearly 13,000.

Now, before y'all jump in with your predictable responses and waving of fists, please note: I'm NOT saying the Dow is the same thing as the economy (it ain't). I'm NOT saying that 13,000 today is equivalent to 13,000 in 2007 (with inflation, it ain't). I'm NOT saying that everything is hunky-dory (it ain't).

I'm just saying that Kunstler is a moron when it comes to predicting the future of the stock market. I'm glad that I've consistently ignored him -- my hand-picked stock and bond investments have done very handsomely over the last decade, thank you.

what is this thing that you are calling consensus reality? how many people live in their own delusion and is there anything wrong with that? can we tease out the broken bits and actually find a reality - or would that scare the beegeebers out of us? Inquiring minds want to know.

honest, huh? ask yourself who is responsible for those cartels' very existence? no, ask me, cuz you obviously don t know the answer...well, what makes the 'drug' trade so profitable, and therefore of interest to those cartels? the obvious fact that they are illegal, and why are plants that have been used for thousands, if not tens of thousands of years for food, medicine, and pleasure illegal- while literally hundreds of thousands of people die every year from drugs that are legal, and pushed relentlessly on us all...? and do you remember the iran/contra fiasco? to refresh your memory, pres reagan, vp bush, and their lackeys, were literally flooding our cities with cocaine to buy weapons from in order to arm death squads which were propping up one of the worst dictators in modern history...honestly...and before you judge ms houston too harshly, according to reports, didn t they find xanax, among other legal chemicals in her hotel room...?

could we have some attention to detail?

Thanks Sooty for filling in. I usually handle the grammar, spelling and usage trollwork around here but since I rarely read the blogs of others (than Kunstler) who are here shamelessly piggy-backing off his work I wouldn't be aware of the issues you raised. I am proud to say, for example, that I have NEVER ONCE clicked on Kulturcritic's link.

I don't know you but already I feel we are brothers (siblings?) in a common cause.

Every week I look forward to JHK's delightfully-entertaining black-humored take on the state of the world and our maddeningly-stupid, dear declining US of A. And I often also read these comments and find some good nuggets therein -- it's where I discovered Joe Bageant for example, with whom I shared a nice correspondence before he died.

But there's a common thread that runs through Jim's commentary and that of many commenters here: that some kind of apocalyptic reckoning is always just-around-the-corner. These Mad-Max scenarios get the blood flowing in the brain on a grey Monday morning, but I would like to put forward the proposition, to Jim and the other sky-is-falling proponents, that the American juggernaut will go out not with a bang but a whimper.

Sure it's fun to conjure visions of waves of Confederate flag-waving NASCAR yahoos converging on the Hamptons in their jacked-up Ford F-250s, intent on their own brand of reclaiming some portion of what's been expropriated from the 99% -- or at least 95% -- over the past few decades. (Despite the Confederate demographic's outsized role in promoting the nation's decline by voting disproportionately for the worst exploiters of ignorance & bigotry in the land.)

But isn't it more likely that things will just unravel slowly, as they have in fact been unraveling since my childhood in the midwest in the 60s? The US is a huge, immensely wealthy country. Comparisons to, say Weimar Germany, while provocative, have to be tempered by several important realities. We could begin with the fact that the US has not lost a significant percentage of its population of 18-30 year-old males in a pointless trench-warfare debacle, followed by inflation so breath-taking that in the space of a few years a loaf of bread cost more than a fine estate.

Even $10-a-gallon gas doesn't come close to this kind of abrupt national catastrophe.

So, how about it: who will debate the proposition that the US may be in for a continued nasty decline, but that it will be far more gradual and less dramatic than most here seem to believe? And perhaps, rather than stocking up on canned goods & ammo, most of us can just keep on keeping-on and life won't be as comfortable as it has been, but neither will the major American political and economic institutions collapse to the point where social chaos ensues?

The MSM's drumbeat of coverage of the "racial gap in testing." Blacks and hispanics scoring way worse on standardized tests and to some leftists this is an outrage, the MSM covers this in minute details. And these tests are taken by the blacks and hispanics who stay in high school, and according to the LATimes 50% of hispanic males drop out of school in LA the hispanic capitol of America.

All you liberals say that people in the South are stupid, but then again you never ask the racial statistics. Mississippi is 40% black, you folks think that demographic group is comprised of post grad studies students?

Honestly the Left is a reactionary blob of tit babies, how ironic. A bunch of half educated snobs who quote the Blank Slate Theory likes its gospel while everything in this country is turning into Detroit.

"[Obama] "never issued a peep of objection about the Citizens United case where the Supreme Court tossed the election process into a crocodile pit of corporate turpitude (he could have proposed a constitutional amendment redefining corporate "personhood.")."

No, not never. He came out against it in his 2010 State Of the Union address, much to Justice Alito's discomfort, right after the decision was handed down.

"[Obama] declared he'd never permit a super-PAC to be created in his name, and now he's got one."

For Obama, adhering to the old rules while Republicans follow the new ones would be like bringing a knife to a gun fight. How else would it be a fair fight if Obama DIDN'T create a super-PAC?

Great post Jim.

Few people want to give up their beliefs. Not easily at least. But I think the pace of change over the last 40 years has been so swift, I think it's going to startle all of us how quickly we get use to a leaner, tougher America.

We won't like it, but we'll get use to it. We'll have no choice.

JHK is right, at anytime a yahoo of any political stripe could come along and become the next Idi Amin/Mugabe/Hitler.

But that is not set in stone, in Chicago we elected a jewish hypocrite (liberal globalist/jewish nationalist) and he has a steady hand versus the usual black bafoons or hispanic bafoons, so Chicago will live for awhile longer at least. Not so Detroit or Philadelphia, they are on fast track for destruction. Never mind California, the only minds there are jewish of course and they are deluded by Hollywood, not informed by Straussian veltpolitik, leaving the golden state in the hands of goyimkopf like Moonbeam and the LaRaza goofballs.

doesn t that last bit presupose that it is a fight, rather than an increasingly glaring puppet show...? if you look at actions, there is little difference in ideology besides who the two 'sides' are playing to...

(sorry, premature click)...and no difference at all in who they are playing for

Correction: the hyperinflation of Weimar Germany did not result in the cost of a loaf of bread rising that of a fine estate. Rather, the cost of a loaf of bread was equivalent to the annual budget of a major city.


(sorry, premature click)...and no difference at all in who they are playing for

Have a fourth, sir!... Well put, if sad, as everyone loves a big bang...
It's a little like that Buddhist thought that you do the same old ordinary things to survive both before and after enlightenment. But $10 a gal (2017?), that'll change the landscape.... On the radio in NY this morning they told about noticeable increases in home invasions on Long Island. I don't worry, though, as I signed up for drone-home monitoring. Stops 'em in their tracks. And they clean it up, too!

Good one again, Jim, you got the South all riled up. You forgot to mention the tatooed & pierced tho.
And neworld, in comparison to what? Repub IQ of 60? 40?

I think it all come back to the Truth, and 'Mericans just can't handle it.

Third Martini: Dude, it's almost creepy how much your post sounds like one that I would have written! Your observations are spot-on, thanks for sharing.

I share your sentiments -- I too think we're in for a long, slow slide, not an apocalyptic implosion of the kind that Kunstler thinks is (as you point out) always right around the corner.

Unfortunately, projections of a long, slow slide don't draw the same number of web visits or sell as many books as do projections of the coming apocalypse. Just ask any cable TV televangelist.

I love a martini,
Two at the very most.
Three I'm under the table,
Four and I'm under the host.
-- Dorothy Parker

Watched the "Ides of March" by liberals George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio in which the big change promoted by the courageous progressive Presidential candidate is electric cars in 10 years.

Yeah, saw it a month or so ago (though Caprio wasn't in it) and it was excellent. One by one every character in the story fucked over somebody. "You too Brutus?"

If neither party can frame an agenda consistent with that reality, then we'll have to get there without them, probably after a very rough period when the pretending still lingers in the air like a bad odor and no reality-based consensus is able to form, no agreement about what we should do.

Sad but true, woof !!

You make good points but for now it is still the buyers of drugs that fuel the cartels and their violence because of the current circumstances. I for one agree with you that drugs do more harm when they are illegal. Make them legal and the prices would crash the taxes on them would rise. Just be ready to accept personal responsibly when or if your health is compromised. From reading these columns it seems becoming a ward of the state is a fading proposition. It is better that Whitney hurt herself than the folks in the way of the delivery service.

Sounds like a good idea.

"Since they don't understand where it came from, they conclude that it was all a God-given endowment conferred upon them for their exceptional specialness as Americans, and so only the forces of evil could conspire to take it all away."

Gee you are a dullard. They understand all too well. Their fortunes came from the sweat of their collective brows. But what you fail to understand is there is a "God-given" element to our founding. It is what has made our American experiment unique. Our "unalienable rights" are those granted by God or a higher power. (Gaia, if you in your insipid splendiferous stupidity, wish.) And as those rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) are not granted by mere mortals, mere mortals can not take them away. So, moron, by definition, "...only the forces of evil could conspire to take it all away."

But you want to twist peoples' fears of losing their unalienable rights as fear of losing Sonic Drive-ins and perpetual air conditioning and that ain't the beef. And you know it isn't. And that makes you a deceptive liar.

A reasonable comment, but I think you're overlooking just one factor, otherwise I'd agree with you completely: The US is not a closed system. We interact with the rest of the world, and that changes the ballgame. We're starting wars in the mid-east, Europe is in trouble, China is our biggest creditor, and Japan is going down the tubes, socially, economically and environmentally. There has to be blowbacks from other parts of the globe, and some of them may have dire consequences for us, the severity of which may be much greater than what we do to ourselves.

"Yes it feels like the Repugs are going so deeply reactionary that they are turning back the clocks on women's rights and health and science."

No fucktard, they are doing no such thing. This issue was raised by Mr Obama when he decided he'd offer up a beat-down to religious institutions. You know, that area that is supposed to be separate from state as in "...the separation of church and state"? (But of course this has always been a ruse anyway and no such separation is mentioned in our founding documents. What WAS addressed was there will be no founding of a state religion.) And right in line, the MSM jumped in and tried to turn the tables and pin this on the troglodytes in the "Repug" party. And you know this to be true but since it fits your little agenda everything is jake.

I welcome you to post a passage from any current Republican candidate that that would support your thesis that they wish to turn "...back the clocks on women's rights and health and science."

Christians are often full of shit, as are most religious people of other Faiths. Did Whitney really love God? Then why couldn't she stop abusing drugs? Belief in itself is nothing, nor is emotion anything more. Blacks have no problem believing in Jesus and the Welfare State at the same time. And hating the Whites who support them.

I read an article once by a Prison Chaplain. Guys would come in and praise Jesus week after week. The chaplain came to know that many of these same guys were involved in assaults, drug dealing, and rape of fellow prisoners. Thus their Christianity was meaningless, vile, and an insult to God and real Christians.

Moral Atheists and Agnostics are far better people and yes, Christians, than "believers" like this. Belief and emotion are meaningless in themselves if they don't lead to a change of life and behvavior.

This could apply to people of any race of course. But Blacks specialize in this kind of hypocrisy, evidently. After the Reverend Wright expose, I read up on it a bit. This kind of Theology has been very influential and many Black Churches express similar sentiments. And that Whites still voted for the imposter is a damning indictment of "Liberalism". Remember, belief in itself means nothing unless backed up by good works. And to quote the Bible, (Paul I think), voting for Obama was a "profitless work of darkness".

""Consider that half the people who vote Dem have an IQ around 90""

If you are suggesting that the number should be much lower, I would concur.

Have to agree that the exaggerated southern dialect (most specifically that of females) is most annoying. They seem to think that their Scarlet O'Hara bit makes them somehow more feminine, pretty, and desirable. I'm thinking of a woman I know who says things like, "Ya awwl, can ya awwl beeleeve that the Heeyals (Tarheels)just did thayat? I mean, what wuz Roy Wilyums thinkin!" I've literally given up trying to understand some of the car mechanics who work on my old '02 beater. They sound like they have a mouth full of mush. They're good mechanics, though. I always try to remember to say as sweetly as possible once they're done, "Why, thank ya'll so much! I jes don know WHAT I'd uh dun without ya'll!"

Then again, the nasally, Jersey twang holds no allure for me, either. Jes sayin! ;D

I've lived in the urban South for 17 years now. My neighborhood was built in the 1920s. Lots of fine bungalows with wide porches, transoms, floor to ceiling windows, sleeping porches. A downtown you can walk to from my apartment. So apparently people did figure out a way to survive down here without air conditioning - albeit without the ease and comfort enjoyed today. Honestly, would an old Yankee girl allow herself to live in a Suburban Sprawl, vinyl-clad McMansionville? Not this one, anyway.

"Christians are often full of shit... I read an article once by a Prison Chaplain. Guys would come in and praise Jesus week after week. The chaplain came to know that many of these same guys were involved in assaults, drug dealing, and rape of fellow prisoners. Thus their Christianity was meaningless, vile, and an insult to God and real Christians."

These that you site are not Christians. So how is it that they are full of shit?

"These that you site are not Christians. So how is it that they are full of shit?" Mrs. B


Its ironic but predictable that one political party is pushing a faith based anti-science response to the "evil forces" that now threaten our country. Just when we need rational analysis and a rapid realignment of our lifestyles to deal with a $15 trillion debt and the twin dilemmas of peak oil and global warming, we get a set of circus clown blowhards trying to distract us by arguing over contraception rights (aren't we well past that?) and gay whatever.

Looking forward I see a coming boom in nostalgia for the way its 'sposed to be and many demands for renewed greatness and exceptionalism. These people are not likely to let facts get in the way of their wet dreams of economic recovery and lunar colonies. Any more than we will be trading our 2 ton SUVs for 200lb electric bikes. Hell, we're not even going to put on a sweater and get those damn solar panels off the Whitehouse right now.

This country was founded on exploitation and slavery. The 13th Amendment did not outlaw slavery, it just formalized it under a fig leaf of legality where you had to be convicted of a (any) crime first. Economic coercion or the military draft were and are equally effective. The rapid burning of fossil fuels provided an even more powerful slave to perform for us. Americans will not let go of this power easily, they are far more likely to go down fighting. Someone is going to have to pry the Cadillac keys and their biblical convictions from their cold dead hands.

Well known fact (to those who have studied the issue), Black Americans have an average IQ of 85 and Hispanics of 90. This kind of dumb just isn't viable for a first world nation. Good thing we're going down or else we would have run into real problems.

The Democratic base is the Multi Hued Mob of the mentally challenged and the morally compromised. And the Republicans like the Hispanics for the cheap labor they can exploit. Thus, the whole Political System is an open conspiracy, a marriage made in hell. And Whites, be they poor, middle class, keep voting for the Party that benefits only the Rich and that intends to dispossess them. Ah, the joys of the Two Party System which has only one root under the ground where none can see.

In other words, you agree with me but want to make it seem like you don't and that you're right and I'm wrong.

Sounds nice MM.
A big porch.
Love it.

and walking to town.
can't be beat.

I can do that here,
walk to town.
Just as time goes on
more and more gangstas.

not too bad yet tho.

Counting my blessings.



end of last week you asked about books.
okay I will recommend at author, but maybe I
shouldn't. He is contraversial.

Mark Steyn. America Alone. or After America.

I got both.

may not be your cup of tea.
Alot of food for thought tho.
and he is Funny !

Buck Stud said he didn't figure me for a neo con.
(when I posted this author).

I am not sure 'what I am'.
The verdict isn't in yet.

just maybe you might 'enjoy' this.
and maybe not.

Oh I do not like Rush, and this Mark is on Rush's
show, I don't listen to Rush at all, can't stand the guy.
but Mark is different.
Maybe he is completely full of **** also, but anyway interesting reads.

"The conservative impulse is hardly all bad. We need it in civilization."

Turns out that what we don't need, what the big mistake was, is civilization. Too many people living in concert destroy the world.

The last act of a dying institution, John Gardner says, is to get out a new edition of its rule book.

The last editions are being written and that's what's happening now with the Patriot Act, the creation of Homeland Security and much more.

Abortion is murder and any Nation that embraces it is essentially finished. It's just a matter of how we are going to be punished not when. Soon enough though.

Of course great "Christians" like Obama accept it - eagerly. So that makes him no Christian at all as Beesley would say.

Rev Wright is miffed: Obama has had to disown him since the election. He said he tries to call but all those Jews wont let him through. Obama has taken alot of Jewish money from Godman Sachs, Soros and others. Now he has to serve them. But what about the Pro-Israel crowd? They are now against him. A big rift in the Jewish Community but apparently most will vote for him again. Their religion is now Liberalism perhaps.

Perhaps these big money Jews now agree with Zigbnew Brezinski, who said that the Neo Cons and Pro Israeli Lobby has put back World Goverment thirty years. Any thoughts?

Jackieblue, I'm a big Mark Steyn fan too. 'After America' reminded me a little of The Long Emergency', with a bit of a different slant. Steyn got kicked out of Canada and settled north of here in New Hampshire. The guy is hilarious.

Why don't you move out of that neighborhood. You probably should move out of that state.


"...level-headed adult like the governors of New Jersey and Indiana." Anyone who types such a phrase (unless one is being facetious) has no business calling others "rubes."

Vlad, Vlad, Vlad, you're still obsessing over blacks, da jews, los hispanicos etc. You've got to get over this, Vladdie me boy! They are all here, some are even queer, and no, they won't just disappear. Now be a good little boy, take your meds and maybe a nice little nappy before Dora the Explorer comes on.

My god, woman, you're STILL DRIVING! Just one more of the choices I'll personally make to stay the fuck out of the South!

You like Mark but don't like Rush. But if Rush didn't agree with Mark, he wouldn't have him as a guest host. Believe me, Rush gets to choose who sits in for him.

You're confusing personal feelings for political viewpoints.

Both Mark and Rush both want America to keep on with its Endless War for Peace in the Middle East. We must go into these countries and teach them about Capitalism and Abortion and Feminism. Rush doesn't like the last two. Mark probably doesn't like the last one. But essentially, they both support Big Capitalism and the Israel can do no wrong point of view.

The Founding Fathers in contrast, said stay at home and stay out of other people's wars.

Kramps you swine! Renounce your queerness or be damned! You can get cured thru therapy. Find a good woman and serve her every need night and day like a good hetero loser. That is a fitting punishment for you!

Vladdie, dearest, I must exist, for I am the ying to your yang. Without me you'd have no alter ego with which to contend. I am the tenor to your base. Embrace me as you would Asoka, the out of wedlock child you gleefully enjoyed making but refuse to support, you white cracker, you!

You've got it almost right.
Accepted usuage is: goyisheh kop

You've got it almost right.
Accepted usuage is: goyisheh kop

You've got it almost right.
Accepted usuage is: goyisheh kop

You've got it almost right.
Accepted usuage is: goyisheh kop

Yes I think I need to read Ishmael again.

How do they feel about your accent? Are Yankees still hated? Does anyone like our accents the way some love Southern ones?

... as the candidates all pile into a train wreck of super-PAC obloquy. - JHK

This word shows up so infrequently in stuff I read that I always need to look it up to get an accurate sense of its meaning. Then, pleased with this nifty word, I will look for an occasion to use it... for example, at the next onslaught from Old69 where I might remark: "Old69 continues to bang out posts from within the grim masonry of the Greystone Institution despite near-universal CFN obloquy."

"... we get a set of circus clown blowhards trying to distract us by arguing over contraception rights..."

No we do not. We get a bunch of blow-dried, numb-nutted anchor-chairs that bring these topics up, solely to distract us from the real issues at hand.

While Santorum, personally does not believe in contraceptives, as an elected official, he has voted for funding and support of them. That SHOULD be the end of the topic as he has displayed an ability to decide issues that are independent from his personal leanings.

What we get are assclowns like Georgie-boy Stephie-nopolis, who posed the question to Romney, "Do you think states should have the right to ban contraceptions?"

Say what? What the fuck kind of question is that? Which state is it Georgie, that wishes to do so? And of course the next day's news is all about the troglodyte Rethugs and their views on contraception.

So, fuck brain, who is driving the car? Who keeps talking about contraception and women's rights? And at what point did you stop beating your wife?

Why not a Monarchy with me as King? You could be my Court Jester - your gay ego would love prancing around with bells on and lisp screaming in falsetto.

You've got it almost right.
Accepted usuage is: goyisheh kop


You've got it almost right.
Acceptable number of times to Submit: one

P.S. It's usage.

I get pegged for being a New Englander, although I only lived there as an adult and didn't grow up there. I've met a number of Yankee transplants not unlike myself who moved south to escape the awful winters, high real estate taxes, and insane pace of life. We all pretty much agree that we'll always be seen as outsiders, but such is life.

I think there is a good deal of contempt still for Yankee transplants. After all, we're really not like Southerners. I can't stand country music and line dancing, I loathe Nascar, and barbeque frankly is not my cup of tea. I have become an avid ACC fan as a result of my Southern gentleman "hubby". We don't get ESPN2 or whatever the hell it is, so when Duke played last night, we went to the local pub where they play it on t.v. Not seeing the game was apparently not an option for him.

I enjoyed your article, The Choices We Make, very much and agree with all that you said.

Here are parts of my my letter to Dr. Hoenig, Federal Reserve Chairman, I shared with you a year ago:

"Dear Mr. Hoenig,

Your views in the 2011 Time Magazine are similar to mine on what I call the "Okie Economy," which is basically a 'cash and carry' economy. The only thing money is borrowed for is a house or car that one can afford.

My mom and dad were penniless when they were married in OK and lived in shacks without electricity and running water. They migrated to the grape fields of CA during the great depression when I was eight. When WW II started, they moved into the lower middle class. When my dad was drafted, my mom went to work for the bank, earning $90/month. She retired from Bank of America the same week I retired from the AF. When she died, she left me over $100,000. By following the Okie Economy, I will leave my 3 children over twice that.

Unless the principles you have outlined in your Time article -- and the Okie Economy -- the next great depression will be an unimaginable disastger. People managed to survive in the rural, agrarian society. The urban society today is not prepared for such a depression. There will be a chaotic fight for survival that even our military may not be able to quell.

Of course, the rich will not suffer.

Milton Moore
Lt. Col., USAF (Retired)"
Your answer Mr. Kunsler:

I like to say that I am allergic to conspiracy theories, but the current situation with the financial management of our government is so challenging that I'm afraid Wall Street owns the whole shootin match now and it will take some patriotic gore to set things straight. These are dark times.

Mr. Kunstler, your comments about Santorum and his religion sound no different from all the yap-yap as to how JFK's Catholicism would have the US being a subsidiary of the Vatican.

I suggest you find something to worry about which is more in line with reality.

Bash the south over the lifes tyle if you can't resist silliness, but until folks up north quit buying heating oil, it's pretty much six of one, half-dozen of the other for life styles...

The only real difference I've noted is that folks up north talk funny. :-)

He's a Jew from Mass. They' have made it a religion to hate the white South and Christians for at least over 150 years.

Add to that, he's a Boomer desperately holding on to past 60s 'glory', and you'll know why he still clings to the fairy tale of absolute tolerance for blacks, etc, no matter THEIR behavior.

The world he's wishing for in every commentary he posts couldn't begin to exist without people who knew how to live an agrarian, localized lifestyle decades before it caught on with the haughty organic crowd.

As funny and ironic as it gets that he's is actually waiting for the same world that the South was in so many ways. Pre-industrial, agrarian, and , yes, provincial.

I usually can tell the meaning of the word by the context. How bout Prog's sobriquet?

Both Mark and Rush both want America to keep...

they both support Big Capitalism and the Israel can do no wrong point of view.

uh uh uh... one both good, two boths bad. You should write either:

Both Mark and Rush want
Mark and Rush both want

My choice would be the former.

Secondly, when you want to create a single adjective or modifier out of a string of two or more words the way to do it is to seperate them with hyphens like this:

the Israel-can-do-no-wrong point of view.

Yes accent is huge for provincial people - the downside to provincialism. Perhaps America is too big? To Liberals, accent isn't a big deal - of course, class is and accent is part of class too. Liberals love the poor from a distance but loathe them up close - especially White ones.

The very poor urban folks don't care about accent. They've lost their "place" and are in the process of "generalization". Nor do they care about race or much of anything anymore. The rural poor cling to all of these - as is right. Only pride prevents degeneration under the harsh conditions of poverty. That's what keeps one from being the dreaded Poor White Trash and then going on welfare and miscegenating. Religion, however ignorant, helps them tremendously.

Urban Whites used to care about who was what back when there were White Neighborhoods. Is it not tragic that much of Life is based on hatred - and necessarily so?

Apparently this is all true of Blacks as well. Wnen Katrina Black Kids from New Orleans went to their new Houston Schools, the Houston kids told them to "talk right".

With the spread of meth, pop culture, and welfare, the rot of urban White America has spread to Rural White America. The coup de grace will be spreading minorities everywhere to miscegenate them.

We must go back to the old English way of accepting class. By denying it, we only increase the hatred. Accept it and then treat everyone fairly. It's much easier to do that when you're not expected to love them on sight. Or when they think they have a right to know you or talk to you. Don't you hate that Myrtle? Likewise with the reality of Race.

Your sobriquet: the Grammar Hammer. Or the Grammar Bunny. Choose wisely Hoppergrass - the Tiger or the Lady.

Brown has signed the [Nitemare of] the Dream Act.
The US is broke and now we support 'the dream'!

Indeed the Dems tried to make it legal for FELONS to vote. Gosh the company they keep.

Asoka, on school lunch economics:

"$3.00 = School lunch

$13.66 = Military lunch (GMR)"

This simple model is illustrative of the priorities. $13.66 is probably parity with what a restaurant-grade level of quality. Obviously the Army knows its people run on their stomachs (to paraphrase) and when adults run low on morale they have many different ways of dealing with it- including quitting.

If a kid tries to quit he is a truant and a law-breaker. Kids don't have the ability to articulate their predicaments. Their tastes are not considered.

When I was a kid such an intolerable situation was relieved by rioting- a benign revolt called a "food fight" in which the crap being served was enthusiastically transubstantiated. Todays kids are probably too well-conditioned, that is, programmed into obescience. They probably choke down the rotten swill they're served and blame themselves for their own stomach aches. The smartest probably spit it into a napkin.

$3 doesn't get you much. Industrially-farmed apple, a cube of jiggly green jell-o, a heap of mushy carrot and peas, mystery meat. Google "pink slime".

Modern food service is run with modern management-style. That means focus groups with smartly dressed focus group researchers. They tell us that nutritionists are sadly mistaken and kids won't eat real food. So, feed them something they will eat. So the most modern food service has soft-serve ice cream (w/ calcium!), french fries, and pizza.

Reminds me of the movie, "Pygmalion" in which the very proper English aristocrat Henry Higgins (played marvelously by Leslie Howard) mocks poor Eliza Doolittle's cockney speech. He at one point during the opening scene at the entrance of an opera house actually says to her, "Your very presence here is a disgrace to these noble columns that adorn this building!" To which she replies "oawwwwwwwww!" or something to that effect.

Don't worry, Michelle Obama is on vacation in Aspen. Its been a whole month since the 17 day vacation in Hawaii.


I find it hard to feel any empathy for the citizens of the Sunbelt. They have no one to blame but themselves for their current misery. They wasted all their wealth on fast food outlets, gigantic malls, Wal-Marts and mega-churches and now they're mad because because reality won't let them live the way they like. Too bad. To quote Stevie Wonder, when you believe in things you don't understand you suffer. I don't think that any of them really understood what they we're really getting when they went on a huge building blitz that created communities that had no future beyond the next economic downturn. They took it for granted that once the badly-built houses and strip malls began to decay they could move on and build more wonderful stuff because they were the exception and bad things didn't happen to patriotic Christian folk.

Stimulating the economy.

Just to let everyone know that in the last 5 years I've lost 40 pounds. I am a runner (100-up technique), and I left weights 3x a week. (I don't do multiple iterations of lifts, no more than 30 mins a session.)

Yesterday I went to the store (an upscale outdoor store that is "employee owned"). I took a fancy to some fancy pants. None of the pants on the rack were the right size, so I asked the employee to try the pants on the mannequin. He complied. The fit was close, but not quite close enough.

The truth is, in this modern age, our clothes are of high quality, but they are standard and generically sized. Hence, we all wear high quality stuff that doesn't fit right as opposed to 100 years ago, when everything was tailored.

Anyway, the jeans were about an inch too big at the waist. I returned to the employee and asked (just for fun) if they did any tailoring. The answer was no. Apparently the employees of a modern store that sells clothing couldn't be expected to actually have any clothing skills. They are only there to help you "find" something. What a critical waste of a human being's mind. But I digress.

Further, I learned that this particular brand of fancy-pants producer doesn't even make a size smaller than the one on the mannequin.

I have a BMI in the normal range. The Mannequin is fatter than I am, and apparently normal BMI waist sizes have fallen off the low end of what is economically viable- even for a store ostensibly selling to people who are "active" and "outdoorsy".

Truly, the people I watched ambling to and from their cars, stalking the isles in a consumer trance, really didn't seem obviously physically able to engage in any of the activities they were being sold on, except in a marginal way. None of the people browsing mountain-climbing supplies looked like they were capable of climbing a mountain.

They were all wearing about a thousand dollars of high-performance fabrics and styles. Impervious insulated rain-shelled jackets for people who spend practically no time in the rain, wearing shoes designed in a wind tunnel on people who look like they could not run around a city block, buying bags full of crap I imagine will be in pristine condition in 5 years when it ends up in a thrift store or garage sale.

Anyway, I don't know what it says about me or the society I live in when I am skinnier than the mannequins and I only exercise as much as what modern medical research suggests is appropriate, and clothing manufacturers no longer apparently think that there are enough fit people in the US to calibrate the machines to make sizes for.

Then again when I was growing up I brown-bagged it every day.

The Religious Conservative Republicans sure are pissed off. Mad as hell about "Birth Control", "Occupiers" and anything that smells like Obama. I heard one say Obama should "burn in hell". Then they went on and on for 40 minutes about how developers were going to build some entertainment complex behind their suburban home in an EMPTY strip mall. The neighborhood association was up in arms and was about to go to def-con 6 over it.

I don't think they know who they are fighting just that they are fighting anything that apparently infringes their "God-given" righteousness. Both sides are on a fast track to failure and blame each other for it. With neither side taking any responsibility only pushing apart the extremes.

Funny blog post: We shall overcome. Positively Maybe.

I guess there are no huge malls and fast food outlets anywhere but the Sunbelt?

Modern life is a headache: "Prescriptions for narcotic painkillers soared so much over the last decade that by 2010 enough were being dispensed to medicate every adult in the U.S. around-the-clock for a month."

More Americans are in pain than ever before, and opiods are effective pain relief. Some worry that we're turning the US into a nation of Junkies. Well, so what? People should strive to feel good, even if it means taking a pill.

People that feel good (or at least aren't in pain) are clear-thinking, empathetic (or capable of it), more or less a functional human being. So god bless Opiates. I have a feeling opiates might be a growth market in a future full of pain and suffering.

Any reputable dry cleaner should be able to alter the pants to fit your waist, Bustin. In my day, the only store I knew that had a tailor-on-the spot was Lord and Taylor. The suit I purchased fitted me like a glove - because of the tailor. This was back in the '70s. I can't speak for the "employee owned store" you visited, but you might want to mention it to one of the "owners" that an on-site tailor might be good for business. There are a lot of people here where I live who worked in the garment industry for years (before everything went to Mexico, then China) who would be more than capable of doing a free-lance type of job as a tailor. Congratulations on your weight loss and physical fitness. It will pay major dividends as you grow older.

The problem both "progressives" and "conservatives" have is that they both believe in "growth." We are moving into an era of no growth. NO one who listens to that mob of economists who think that growth is inevitable can plan for the future we face.

Jackie, there were so many times that I wanted to move to California where you are. Everytime I visited the weather was gorgeous and I am a beach lover. It's sad that gangsters are becoming a problem there. I know the unemployment rate is high, and California has more than it's share of fiscal problems. The "Open the door to the border" mentality is, in my opinion, literally destroying that beautiful state. Take care of yourself, especially when walking around alone.

The problem both "progressives" and "conservatives" have is that they both believe in "growth." We are moving into an era of no growth. NO one who listens to that mob of economists who think that growth is inevitable can plan for the future we face.

I cast my fishing line into the pond and only caught a rubber boot.

So Vlad, I take it you are not celebrating Black History Month?


The thought of moving crosses my mind every day just about.

We are in an era of decline. People need to get their minds wrapped around that. Still, I see million dollar houses being sold, people racing around on the road like it's the Indy 500, stampedes at K-mart during Christmas. I think that after the collapse, people just might find that embracing a simpler, less complicated time will be more fulfilling. Think Asoka's mud hut. Over at the Automatic Earth I saw some charming houses built, out of all things, garbage! Stunning, utilitarian, and self-sustainable. The future doesn't seem so grim. It's our priorities that need adjustment.

Even JHK uses the term "progressive" when describing the so-called American "liberal left". What a joke! America doesn't have a progressive "left" and wouldn't know what left was is it fell on them. What America has is conservatives and radical conservatives which is why it is well and truly screwed.

It is a crying shame that the voting public in this democracy are stuck with a choice between bad and worse. If you don't know that the elections are rigged and whoever wins will represent the power brokers, then you ain't paying attention to what is happening. Too bad, the people deserve better. Even the folks in the south. In every city, state and town you will find great people doing great things, and Southern hospitality is still alive and well and practiced with neighborly love and courtesy. In fact, there are sweet, loving, intelligent citizens in every walk of life, doing the best they can to earn their daily bread and share what they have with each other. The America that I know and love wants to work hard and be creative and make a better world for themselves and their children. Remember Earth day. We can salvage what is left of the planet before it gets too late.

As much as I enjoy reading James Howard Kunstler I have to confess that I think Jim is far too optimistic. With a 4 degree centigrade increase in global temperature already baked into the cake, the notion of redesigning civilization around trains and quaint public spaces sounds anachronistic at best.

I like what the FF said.

I wish 'they' stayed at home.
but 'they are HERE' and they came here.

Not sure if it's OUR fault that They came here, and are here to do serious damage.

Some think it's our own fault, and our fault only.

I don't think that way after reading MS.

Thanks for helping with my confusion, and it does run deep.


Yes so true.


harhar !

Ya JackieBlue, are there any decent small towns left in Cal? I mean ones that are not too expensive and surrounded by farmland? Awhile back 'West Coast' wrote a few paragraphs here on towns in Northern California -- Humbolt and Eureka I think. They didn't sound too nice. Street gangs, tens of billions of dollars of debt, armies of meth addicts ... what the hell went wrong in the Golden State?


Hate to clutter this fine set of comments, but thought some here might appreciate the Google translation of the Asian-language entry posted above at 10:57 by h7m1s7g1:

Here we go:

George said:
I find it hard to feel any empathy for the citizens of the Sunbelt. They have no one to blame but themselves for their current misery.

I agree. I live in the Bay Area which is at the same latitude as North Carolina and is a semi-desert. This is an ALLEGEDLY intelligent part of America but it's remarkable how much water we waste. Even more remarkable are the home construction standards. These Eichler houses are freezing in the winter and hot as hell in the summer and you could hardly ask for a more temperature climate: It's 58 in January and 77 in July.

The Bay Area, like Phoenix, Las Vegas, and most of Florida fell victim to the same boomtown mentality where the mindset is "Build 'em fast so you call sell 'em fast". In many ways, despite the progressive mindset in the Bay Area, we live as stupidly as the allegedly "dumb" areas in the deserts and Florida.


Yeah don't get me wrong - I like some of what these guys have to say. Their criticisms of the Democrats are right on target. What I'm saying is that their vision of America is not the traditional conservative one. The founders were Capitalists, but they never would have argued that the system can work without moral restraints and guidance. Some of these guys seem to know this sometimes, at other times they argue for non holds barred Capitalism. I guess they see morality as something for private life and unrelated to business, which I feel is a disaster. But the Founders may have been a bit like that too....

Anyway, try Pat Buchanan's new book "Death of a Super Power" too. I read Steyn's new one and I'm going to get Levin's as well.

Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin launched a short video, Chords of Memory on Presidents' Day in which she honor Presidents such as President Lincoln and President Reagan.

I don't think it is a coincidence that a former candidate for Vice-President would launch a video about Presidents on Presidents' Day in the middle of a hard-fought Presidential primary battle **cough**Brokered Convention**cough** which Sarah Palin is observing carefully.

"Whatever happens, the US has certainly chosen the rockiest, thorn-and-snake filled path to the future." -HC

Well, hey, ain't that the very boon from gawd that rugged 'murkin ind'vijulists were a'waitin' fer? ;o)

Seriously though, I agree and find it simply fascinating! How else can we react to such bull-headed suicidal behavior?

Away from the coast, however this is North Mexico.
Thru the lens of realism it is.

There was an article on a town with cheap real estate, I cant remember its name..west of Reno?
Look at maps of Lassen, Modoc counties .....
Go visit!

He was here in LA days ago, those 10k to 40k a plate specials.

Away from the coast, however this is North Mexico. west of Reno? Look at maps of Lassen, Modoc counties ..... Go visit!

The whole Southwest (California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Texas) belongs to Mexico and is gradually being taken back through La Reconquista.

I would advise coastal people to visit, spend money, buy property, build with adobe sun-cured earthen bricks, learn Spanish, read Octavio Paz, get to know how wonderful the Mexican people are: ¡Viva Méjico Lindo! Hispanics are my neighbors and they are good hard-working people with good values.

Thanks, antisoak, for promoting tourism of our land!

Theres an REI nearby [402 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica] One Saturday morn I saw a very large crowd waiting to get in [sale time?]and the trash bin
nearby was overflowing with coffee cups!

What if he had only focused his derision on the Black South....thats where a significant % of Us blacks live....maybe more than 50%.

Yep, you, A-L and all those you've specified are most welcome!
It's a very nice ride up Rt. 8 from NYC, as my brother can attest, and not a torturous ride from Beantown, as my sister can attest.
I'm not far from the village of the rooster, so anyone needing accommodation is in good luck and fine fettle. :o)

Martini Enjoying One,
I HOPE it goes down as you say.
That said, hope has never paid my freight, so I think I might be better thinking the worst, as I'm a procrastinator. Paranoia is its' own "reward" (and hidden cattle-prod).

Mr. Kunstler,

I feel you.

Cheers Clusterfuckers.


Bad Krampies,
He likes it better when you call him "sweetie".
(I know he's got the milit'ry for his mommie now, but he still responds to that suckling endearment.)


Thou forgetest something in referring to the Republican's latest montage of Bible Thumpers. Bachman, Santorum, Palin are Yankees! When the A/C stops working, we'll be fine. Yankees will return to Jersey, Tobacco, furniture, and textiles will be back and we will reclaim our favorite pastimes: kissing cousins, moonshine, and stock car racing (here and not in Chicago).

Candi Staton - Too Hurt To Cry - YouTube

Candi Staton - Nights On Broadway - YouTube

MAHALIA JACKSON ~ Summertime/Motherless Child

Wrong both counts. Assumption is flawed here.

Reps and Dems will live forever. 99% of all Americans will tell you, "they'll fix it, don't worry, they will think of something....".

As long as citizens are uneducated and have a Sonic nearby it's all good..........

Just as an [perhaps irrelevant] aside; why does anyone suppose that damn Yankees are a mob of helpless, skill-deficient, snobbish, know-nothing buffoons?

Underestimation is the first outward sign of a dangerous hubris. Maybe gawd is indeed on yer side?

Place yer bets. Oh.... you want to bet your life? Why sure, we can make "certain arrangements".




Beats me, Ozone. All I know is that I'm just as dumb on one side of our border (south) than taH'ther! LOL! :)

Mahalia Jackson - The Lord's Prayer

Geeze, I find the same phenomena applies to me!
How exceptionally curious. ;o)

This Chinese Taoist image includes eight trigrams which represent the forces of Nature.

The Yin/Yang symbol is the center represents the essential dualities and eternally changing cycles of opposites (male/female, night/day, hot/cold, etc).

It reminds us of how these energies are completely interdependent and how each contains the essence of the other within itself.


Here is the link to the Chinese Taoist Symbol:

with the eight trigrams which represent the forces of Nature and the Yin/Yang symbol in the center representing the essential dualities and eternally changing cycles of opposites.

You would prefer Sharia law, maybe, as an alternative to Christianity since it's so much more compassionate and reasonable?

With no apologies whatsoever to MegaButt, for the first time in a long time, I'm proud of my church! (Roman Catholic) Hate us or love us, our church does more for the poor than any other religion. Obama's vile decision to break the church will ultimately hurt the poor and working class although like so many of his actions, I'm sure he doesn't care.

I don't see American Jews as anything other than secular, although I could definitely be wrong. Wonder if they've given any thought to just exactly what Obama is going to do with all the nukes he takes over? Give them to Iran to blast Israel, or vice versa? Neither logic nor integrity seem to light his way.

Speaking of superstitious, backward, ignorant Southerners, I'd much prefer to live in the South (of course, I'm white) than the north which has it's own deadly forms of mental illness. Would you rather be strangled by a Kudzu vine or killed by being burned at the stake or being pressed to death for being a witch? The north is no saner than the south, Jim, and the south has much prettier accents and a more gentle culture.

one of your best... thanks!


I think its the choices we MADE. Choices the American people made 20-30 years ago. Its too late to un-make those choices now. Drive giant, gas guzzling SUV's or cars that got 40mpg's? Dismantle the Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex and invest in renewable energy? We all know what the choice was.
At this point I think that Americas' choices are so constrained that there really isn't much choice for the majority. Politically, that's already been decided at the Top. You just get to choose between Jesters.
Lets just hope that those running the show really do have a slow decent in the plans. If not, well, most of you are going to be on your own, and if not prepared for it....


Obama's vile decision to break the church...


Shouldn't that be Obama's decision to force the Church to obey labor laws and provide health services when non-Catholic employees are involved?

Besides, JulettaofOhio, don't you know that the Church is guided by the Holy Spirit?

Obama is not trying to "break the Church" but even if he was, it is impossible for anyone to "break the Church" ... Marx tried it, Lenin tried it, Stalin tried it, Hitler tried it. They all failed and they were using genocidal force.

Obama is just talking to the Bishops and giving in to the Bishops demands (to respect Church concerns).

By the way, JulettaofOhio, you know the Bishops are against the Middle East wars and against the death penalty, so I hope you are on board with the Bishops.

Jim.. a great read again. Can't argue with any of it. God forgive me, Jim, but I dont want this panoply of idiocy to end.. to me, lucky as I am to be 10,000 miles of deep blue water from the USA, its pure comedy gold.

A Rumanian playwright, from the Theatre of the Absurd called Ionescue wrote plays that forecast the republican candidates. His plays were a silent stage, then a shambling, jiggling figure would pace stifflegged around uttering yelps and screams, then exit stage left.


Then from stage right, another figure, clacking teeth, gesturing improbably , drooling, head shaking, jittering , would enter and yelp.


then another, from stage left .. a wierder apparition enters, .. .but you get my drift.

Didn't take long for the quintessential character from an Ionescue play , Vlad , to try and hijack the blog yet again with the droolings of the delusional and lobotomised.

oh well.

Has anyone read any of Mr. Kuntsler's novels from before The Long Emergency? If not, I urge you all to do so. The storylines always move along at a fast clip, lots of laughing will take place, and the vocabulary used is quite rich and varied. I have one to go ( An Embarrasment of Riches).

Take a break from the end of the world with the ouvre of James Howard Kuntsler.

That'd be Tucker's I believe. Beautiful spot just north of the Colebrook. Count me in. I'll be there on the R60. I just set out the havahart for the biggest skunk I've ever seen . He's been messing with the dogs for weeks now. Damn Yorkies are too territorial. They have been sprayed maybe 6 times now. This polecat is bigger than Jasper, and Jasper is a fatass at 15 lbs. I put out my best rancid salmon skin. I know I'll have him in the AM. Upcountry he goes. Maybe I'll bring him to O3's house. :o)

I've read them. The Geography of Nowhere and Home from Nowhere. Both brilliant and hilarious and really the truth about the suburbs at a time when nobody else was talking about them.

BTW- I like the term "Progressivism's bowling trophy." I may have to use that one myself.

At my own blog, where I try to piece together a reasonable persons' response to an unreasonable economy and world, I'm reviewing my 2009 decision to tear up my front lawn and plant stuff- some edible, some not. I get into the costs of doing so in the comments too. See it at:

Do we or do we not have freedom of religion? I understand that the basic tenant is that the State cannot force a state-sponsored religion, but also believe it to be that Obama cannot force my church to go against its conscience. He may have bitten off more than he can chew with this one. Obama is in love with abortion and I'm sure he won't mind destroying a 2000+ social construct which has helped millions. And no, I was never molested, nor was anyone with whom I went to parochial school. Pedophiles come in all forms of filth and depravity and not all of them are Catholic. Just before you start in.....

Why on earth would you think I'm pro-war in any-thing or any area? Another massive leap to vain conclusion on your part.

Do we or do we not have freedom of religion?


Yes, which is why you can continue to go to Mass whenever you like. No one is stopping you from practicing your religion. No one is forcing you to have an abortion.

Are you with the Bishops on opposing the death penalty? Or do you support the death penalty? I am not jumping to conclusions. I am asking because I don't know.

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A strange intoxication,
Is being carried on the air,
The world is losing balance,
But nobody seems to care,

The grass is turning scarlet,
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The souls of men are dying,
But nobody feels the pain
There is wine, too much wine,
In the wind

Yo A, I was gonna have an abortion but I could not get pregnant! I tried for years but the seed would not take! OK, not funny! Sorry! I will send a picture of the rascilly bastard skunk when I catch him! Sumbitch!!!1

I think you have no possible idea of what goes through the minds of these human beings. In some way, you consider yourself to be highly superior to people who lack, perhaps, your gift as a rather snarky "medium" who could foretell the future back in the 1970s. Those of us in the agrarian south were much more aware of diminishing resources, even Bubba-Joe-Bob down in Frog Holler. Being rather forcibly transferred to Ohio, it was also clear to us that the "rust belt" was a bad omen, and the rust cancer has continued to spread. What exactly, in your exalted wisdom, do you want people to do about the current mess? Don't bash people you don't know unless you have a cure for what pisses you off. It may turn out that YOU are the problem.

That's an impressive amount of weight to lose Bustin - so long Cheese Doodles and Ding Dongs!

It's always interesting to note the stark overall weight difference between American individuals from the earlier parts of the twentieth century in comparison to the current era. Obviously, there is a huge dietary factor - I do not dismiss Wage's Earl Butz theory - but to my eyes the relatively sedentary lifestyle of today in comparison to the active lifestyles of earlier times is every bit the contributing factor. Even when I look at today's fit person trained at the gym in contrast to the lithe, bones and muscle physique of the old-timers I have to think something is lacking in terms of "work". For example, if anybody has ever had the experience (misfortune?) of working as a hod-carrier in a summer job or whatnot, it becomes very obvious that the gym experience can never match the overall body synergy/integration required to do that type of manual labor: building scaffolds, mixing mortar, stocking bricks, climbing scaffold with mud or bricks like a human orangutang - my God, the specific adaptation to imposed demand is primal; a man's inner Tarzan awakens and no lack of Jane's are willing to palpatate bronze covered muscles on hot June nights.

Take a look at those magnificient workers who built the Golden Gate Bridge. As one of them revealed, " we ate nails for breakfast".

Smokey: We were horrified to find so many of the textile mills are closed down, particularly in Virginia. Danriver, an upscale brand in the 60s, is defunct, as are most of the manufacturing sites. I expected to see that in Ohio, but didn't realize it had spread so far. The boys killed in Iraq probably wouldn't have the chance to work in the mines (a mixed blessing, at best) since Obama has managed to shut most of them down in an effort to kill off most of the working class and ensure higher and higher energy costs. Why? In the meantime, MegaButt skies at great taxpayer expense. Hypocrits and murderers, both of them.

You're so rude that I doubt you care about the opinion of anyone other than yourself. However, to honor Vlad, who could be easily mistaken for a shining example of a Southern Gentleman, I'll answer. No, I'm not in favor of the death penalty. If you came after my kids, I'd shoot you myself, but otherwise I wouldn't want to waste tax payer dollars trying to save your worthless ass.

I can go to mass anytime I like, but I resent the money I give going to the government to indulge Obama's whims. It's the tax code all over again. If they can't break you any other way, they can take all your money and money, as they know all too well, is power. The money I give to my church is supposed to go to our programs, but any funds collected, even those for retired nuns, will have to go to Obama. Hope you enjoy Sharia! I won't.

In the meantime, MegaButt skies at great taxpayer expense. Hypocrits and murderers, both of them.

Michelle is a model First Lady working with childhood obesity and military families. Who has she murdered?

Would you ever consider voting for a woman for Vice-President or President? Did you vote for Sarah Palin when she was going to be Vice-President?

Hope you enjoy Sharia! I won't.

You already are! Do you know what Sharia is?

Just rules made up by a religious body. You are already following rules made by your religious body. You voluntarily submit to those rules made by the religious authorities. Muslim women do the same.

Oh, you say the rules are not the same? That's right and that's why Muslims are not Catholics and Catholics are not Muslims. Each accepts the rules they want to accept.

Before you go there, it only counts as authentic religion when it is voluntary, not by force.

I agree with the Qu'ran: "Let there be no compulsion in religion." Qur'an 2:256

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Dating Sites, Jet-Setters, Bird's Eye View of Resource Waste

You see a lot of stuff about the entitled American on dating sites. One of those things is the ubiquity of people who are over 50 but who want to summer in Cannes, winter in a Swiss chalet, and who think that being "outdoorsy" means driving 100 miles to Big Basin in an SUV so that you can mountain bike five miles on a nature trail.

These sites are sooooooooo tragic and yet with more than enough parody for an entire book. Most of these people exhaust me just reading their profiles and their carbon footprint is the size of a Siberian Peat Bog's annual methane production. Any single guys out there who want to see how average people cannot label something a "good time" unless it involves a jet flight or a long trip to a "nature spot" in an ATV/SUV ... join a dating site. It's America at its WORST.


JHK wrote: "If neither party can frame an agenda consistent with that reality, then we'll have to get there without them, probably after a very rough period..."

The video entitled "There's No Tomorrow" on Orlov's website ( ) fast forwards to the contracted, simplified future.

But one would think that there would probably be a few billion people perishing in the interim?

Try a bookstore.


And Obama's State Department and Justice Department meanwhile work to import more and more Islamic radicals into the USA under the UN "refugee" programs, also fighting against various State initiatives which would outlaw Sharia Law -- which is Islamic fascist law.

..............................................................................................Obama once declared "The Islamic call to prayer is the most beautiful sound", imitating its inflection with a delightful grin on his face when being interviewed by Stephanopolos.
His "Trinity Church" in Chicago is half-Islamic, allowing Muslims to use the facility on Fridays for Islamic praying, and it is probably the only "Church" in the USA which printed the Hamas Charter calling for the destruction of Israel into its Church Newsletter. That congregation, led by the vicious Rev. "God Da*m America" Wright is no place any decent human could attend unless terribly brainwashed. But there Obama sat
Obama does all he can to bring the Muslim Brotherhood into power across the Muslim world, just as he supported his Islamic buddy Odinga in Kenya even after Odina organized mass-murder of Christians in incendiary speeches which led to open riots -- no apologies of course, he never does anything wrong.
So Christians across North Africa will continue to be massacred in increasing numbers while Obama sends Billions of US tax money to the PA and PLO factions, who hate Americans and kill us, and the Jews, whenever they get the chance.
Egypt now has "religious policemen" just like Saudi Arabia, and both Tunisia and Libya will follow, and this will happen in Syria also.
Obama policies thereby betray women in ways that the stupid Bush only did in Afghanistan, by allowing their radical fanatics to push Sharia Law. .........................................
His first foreign policy initiative was to give a speech in Cairo, where he demanded the Muslim Brotherhood to be present, even though they had murdered the peace-making Sadat, and had tried to kill Mubarak several times.






also fighting against various State initiatives which would outlaw Sharia Law...

The State cannot found or establish or modify a religion. That is unconstitutional.

The State cannot "outlaw" religious law. Sharia has nothing to do with the State.

"It is becoming very clear the age of cheap oil is coming quickly to a close (6-8% drop in demand for US yet sustained $100/b)"


I agree, but why might surprise you.

In December the oil price was drifting down, with the gasoline price dropping a bit faster. The bankers who own the oil companies, the governments, and the war corps bought some oil futures. Then they had their politician puppets rattle some sabers in the Middle East. This got the oil price bid up, increased arms orders and military exercises that burn lots of fuel. Meanwhile they had production reduced here and there to firm things up. They win (at least) three ways and we all get to pay them more as civilian oil demand drops further.

OK. This is a funny column/blog. Everything in the world is very funny. It's funny that mainstream media maintain that they practice journalism. It's funny that there is nothing one can do to challenge the powerful. It's funny that society still runs full speed without facing its real problems. It's funny that Obama signs things into law that are increasingly authoritarian. It's funny that the psychotic right wing base would love to see their elected leader use that power. It's funny that Greece burns. It's funny that talking heads repeatedly imply these astronomical debts can be paid, while keeping a straight face. It's funny how many Persian Gulf residents the U.S. has slaughtered, feigning to be the good guy. It's funny that we went into Iraq with a bang and are entering into Iran as quietly as we can -- neither invasion being justified. It's funny the pundits still say the word "Democracy" like that's what it's all about. It's increasingly hilarious when a pundit can cram all these things in a blurb or two. It's not language. It's delerium. Yet, people agree with great conviction. It's just all so effing amazingly funny. I'm not threatening suicide, or anything. But God would I love to get off this ride now --it's just that I'm reeling from laughter. I did almost laugh at the point where JHK wrote they'd wonder where all the Sonic restaurants went. That elicited a bonafide chuckle.

It's president's day, and the president saw his shadow today. Guess that means we get another year of bullshit?? :)

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The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in the following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another. This measure will also serve us in another way, namely, to sow discord in all parties, to dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us, and to discourage any kind of personal initiative which might in any degree hinder our affair. THERE IS NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS THAN PERSONAL INITIATIVE: if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord. We must so direct the education of the AMERICAN communities that whenever they come upon a matter requiring initiative they may drop their hands in despairing impotence. The strain which results from freedom of actions saps the forces when it meets with the freedom of another."
Basel, Switzerland September 3, 1897

Why is Presidents Day held on the same day as Carnaval in Brazil?

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Ahead bends have going to be the ach and every best of the best results throughout the hypertension,for more information regarding allow them to understand more about assist all your family members to educate yourself regarding probably probably the most to educate yourself regarding decrease your high blood pressure These here are some tips routines have a multi functional cooled off impact on the mind,going to be the the flow of blood circulation to explore going to be the brain is this normalized, and and so they allow you to learn more about get rid of the going to be the stress both to and from going to be the sense organs, issues that decrease blood pressure levels So,going to be the brain,the sympathetic self-conscious system and the feel at ease organs are relaxed,going to be the cardiac creation and going to be the heartbeat charge decelerate everywhere over the the same time and blood circulation anxiety and stress stabilizes,and therefore aspect lowers flow of blood panic and anxiety when a resource box is this for you Different asanas all of which have beneficial side effects all around the going to be the embarrassed select and make a resource box easier for more information about a lesser number of blood strain are Uttanasana and Adhomukha Svanasana all of which have to be practiced with going to be the exceed expectations resting everywhere in the props,and consequently going to be the blood circulates extra freely into going to be the aortic arch. These facilitate you decrease high blood pressure levels.

Baddhakonasana and Virasana are the various sitting asanas all of which you'll also find be the case practiced if you desire to learn more about be able to get a multi function decrease blood circulation strain based on the hypertensives all of which throughout the many patients cases are exhausting breathing. These roles be capable of geting cleared regarding going to be the strain from going to be the ribs and going to be the intercostal lean body mass tissues,and for that reason that they enable all your family members to learn more about breathe if you don't have down side to this and a lesser number of blood pressure.

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In case your family thirst gorgeous honeymoons as well extra facts in regard for more information regarding how to handle a lesser number of hypertension naturally, pay a visit to educate yourself regarding Justin Lieanderlie’s website property site entirely away.

"One of China's most famous experts in ufology, 66-year-old Sun Shili, who is also a former diplomat and a translator of Mao Zedong, has told us about his first encounter with an unidentified object. It happened in 1971 during the "cultural revolution" when Sun Shili had been undergoing physical labor at a correctional facility high up in the mountains of the Tsyansi province. One day, while working in the rice fields, he spotted a strange object in the sky. He momentarily thought it was a real UFO.

Experts from the National Society claim that half of Chinese residents believe in such phenomenon. Sun Shili explains such interest in UFOs in China (every fifth UFO appears in this country) in the following way. He says that China appeals to aliens the most, due to the country's recent breakthroughs and its aspiration to become the world's leader.

Aliens used to be interested in the US up until recently. According to Sun Shili (and his opinion is shared by many in the National Society) some of the aliens live among us, by turning into humans."

It is that kind of funny that doesn´t make me laugh...


The internal contradiction of the Identity Principle is that in order for two entities to be the same they must be distinguishable as two therefore there must be some difference, some element that distinguishes them and at the same time in order for them to be different there must be some element of the two that are the same in order to even compare them, to even relate them. Some element of the two entities must be exactly the same, equivalent in order to even relate them since any comparison between the two must be hinged on some reference point, some invariant that serves as the starting point, the zero of the coordinate system so to say from which to measure the two and obtain two different measurements and some element must be infinitely different in order to distinguish them, to declare them as two entities upon which the Identity Principle can be declared, the values V1, V2 that are plugged into the function "Identity Principle(V1, V2)".

So they are the same and different at the same time, a pure total contradiction, thought paths and processes break down, logic breaks down, this is the end of the line for our Man Brain as it is presently configured and designed. You must change the design of the present Man Brain to eliminate the contradiction...

Also, time is the constant change of the configuration of bits describing the entire universe, and since this configuration is always changing no matter what, in a sense time travel is impossible because each time instant is one configuration of bits that will never come back again and can never be obtained again, each instant is a unique number that can never be written down again no matter what, a fleeting number that was and will never be again no matter what, no matter how infinite the universe is in size and time or anything else, infinity in time and space and anything cannot ever make that fleeting instant appear again, no matter what. So this can be a definition of time.

Of course you can locally configure the bits of a chunk of matter in a cube to be exactly like New Jersey in 1953 with all the people there and reproduce the exact same "Information Relationships" between people and their minds and memories and all and actually really travel back in time, at least as far as our Man Brain experience can tell and distinguish (let alone play around with it inserting new memories and mixing different time slots and elements, different time periods (a year 2000 model car in NJ of 1953 and such) to see how people react and such). But the chunk of matter in the cube that is configured accordingly to make believe and simulate that it is an environment that "once was" is delimited in space, maybe a chunk of matter, a cube of matter 100 km wide and long and high where the simulation of that exact past is being performed in such a way that the actors within that "fake past" could never tell that they are in a fake reality, since the only thing that counts is the Experience and Reciprocal Information Relationships between the actors and their interaction with the material items and people surrounding them. However, outside of the cube of matter playing out the simulation, time would still be flowing forward, the configuration of the universe as a whole would still be ever changing, just that cube would be repeating a sequence that was performed previously for only some very small and insignificant subset of the universe as a whole, a small chunk of matter returning back to a configuration it once had, but only for that very small chunk of matter, it can easily be done and performed and played out. So it wouldn't contradict the laws of the never returning numbers again.

That would beg the question: is there a metaphysical entity, property of matter that makes it deeply different from itself, from another configuration of matter exactly equivalent, mathematically equivalent being billions of light years across, even if just one photon millions of light years away is different as compared to an exactly equivalent chunk of matter inside a cube of hundreds of millions of light years across ? In other words, take two cubes of matter 100 million light years wide and high and long, make them 100 % exactly equivalent and then change just one photon: does that change the two chunks in such a way as to express the flow of time ? is time hinged only on change no matter how small, and change is constant if only because particles are never at thermal rest ?

Pucker..are you referring to PLAEDIAN WALK INS?

Interesting post entitled "Notes from the Field" on Orlov's website disabusing us of the romanticism of a rustic life on the farm. In short, it's hard work and just down right boring.

As Forrest Gump would say: "Shrimp'n is tough."

But maybe a tough, boring, anti-intellectual life is all that man was meant for?

"Plaedian Walk Ins"? What particular belief system are we talking about?

Check out:

Ok, now it no longer belongs in the Rant House.

Ok, now it no longer belongs in the Rant House.


Check out:

Ok, now it no longer belongs in the Rant House.

Ok, now it no longer belongs in the Rant House.


Do you have to pimp your websites constantly? Look, it's all philosophical mental masturbation as are all the nihilistic rants under one of your other many "identities" about how we should kill nature and build 1000 ft. skyscrapers.

This site is now one of the biggest parodies on earth!! We have posters who just run word permutation programs to generate semantically meaningless text. We have Tegmark/Old69 to write obscurantist scientific gibberish. We have the Rainbow Coalition and the Hebrew Coalitions fighting to the death for their brethren, right or wrong making no difference and tribal allegiance the ENTIRE DIFFERENCE though if Whitey does it he's a "Nazi". We have the Chinese pictograph posts.

JHK ... your blog is in ICU and very, very close to death. Might as well shut it down. Consider it to be "assisted suicide".



And Mr. Obama looked the other way when the exercise of the Paul-Grayson Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Bill led to the discovery that TARP was $16 Trillion, not $800 Billion. Why Mr. Obama hasn't even brought the subject up, why he hasn't summarily fired Mr. Bernanke, constitute two more mysteries in an ever-building mysterium of obfuscation such that we don't know whether to shit or go blind.


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E, I think I'll Shit!

Mornin' Buck. I've done my fair share of "de-construction". Here in the NE we have a lot of old houses. The human energy put into these things amazes me. One room has thousands of laths each nailed by hand. Also who were these guys mixing plaster in tubs and carrying it up 4 floors all day. You gotta know it's easier throwin' it down than haulin' it up! The guys troweling plaster on the ceilings must had had shoulders like oxen! Try holding your arm over your head for twenty minutes! Never mind 10-12 hours a day. I don't consider myself a "softie" at all, but I hold these ol' timers in high regard.

  The weight of the women in the United Kingdom a high of 254 kg to become the fattest woman in the UK. Size is too large mobility, she has been "trapped" at home for up to four years, never leaves his home, half a step.
  It is reported that the 43-year-old woman named Brenda Flanagan Davis, living in the United Kingdom Gateshead City, was a salesman. Solar Water Heater
  Today, Brenda daily overeating nine chocolate bars with 3 liters of soda with her ​​food, a day to absorb the heat up to 6,000 calories, which is three times that of ordinary people. Because obesity move huge body has always been her great challenge, and even walk 20 feet (6 meters) to go to the toilet will be tired out of breath.
  It is reported that before Britain's fattest woman named Sharon, weight up to 286 kg, died in 2010. solar heater


“Why is there Something rather than Nothing” ?

What are the constraints ? What reference system is imposing what constraints on reality, the universe, its design, its logic, etc. ? None, and in fact questions like this imply some external, more general reference system where some kinds of laws or logic, some constraints are operating such that there must be some kind of logical answer: nothing further from the truth, the more general reference system, the superset where the universe or/and our logic, language, or the Principles of Identity and Non Contradiction are operating is a subset of, is a system where absolutely anything goes: even an answer like "NO REASON AT ALL", or "JUST BECAUSE" or anything else you can imagine.

The fact is we cannot imagine or contain a reference system that doesn't have logic, non contradiction and is void of cause and effects, whereas this is exactly the reference system where the universe and our laws of physics are delimited in: and this reference system is so general that it has no space or time constraints, no existence constraints, no constraints at all, or constraints which are way beyond our capability to conceive: and in fact the typical answers such as the "higher probability of something against nothing is the reason why there is something" implies that you are already within a smaller, simpler, more limited subset and reference system compared to a free and non constraining general reference system, implies that cause and effect and non contradiction are operating, but that already simply brings us back to our universe anyways, whereas the answer to why there is something and not nothing is outside of our logic and universe and even outside of any of our language and constructions and thought processes and such. In other words, it is even outside of the concepts of Questions and Answers, the question can have any and no answer at all, and you are free to lie, as saying non truths and lies and contradictions is the only way to begin to approach these kinds of problems, if they are even problems, if they are even questions and such.

Hence, why something and not nothing ? Just Because, FOR NO REASON AT ALL.

That was From:

Hey Busty:

And I am a 21st Century Schizoid Man.

2001 A Space Odyssey.

Planet of the Apes.


Interesting to see the difference between Theoretical Physics and Philosophy - Metaphysics:

Theoretical Physics:

Essentially states How far can we take logical and mathematical structures and still make them somehow be tied up to the real physical world, still have some kind of connection, even though very weak or indirect with physical reality ? An example could be Superstring Theory.

Philosophy and Metaphysics:

Essentially states How far can logical and mathematical structures be pushed operating on items as far removed as possible from the physical world, items as abstract, absurd and impossible as possible, hence having zero connection to the real physical world, but still being connected to each other through any form of logic, mathematical or thought processes and sequences ? An example could be the invention of a new state - meaning - concept expressing it as "the square root of the word thought".

But whereas the theoretical physicist and also the mathematician still has some constraints upon what he can do by some connection, no matter how weak, with the real world, or at least with some possible logic that is somewhat non contradictory and that somewhat still must follow some sense, the metaphysical and philosophical "Inventor" no longer has any constraints whatsoever, is free to investigate anything at all, make up any connections he wants, invent anything he wants, doesn't have any possible constraint operating upon his tasks. But then items as contradictory and absurd as possible can always be connected to each other or invented, just their existence, their delimitation in our mind, their presence already provides them with a minimum of logical and mathematical structure as in order to exist, in order to contain them in our mind, in order to even speak about them they must at least follow the basic principles of identity and non contradiction..

HA! Level headed Chris Christie? Obviously Mr. Kunstler does not live in New Jersey. Christie is such a COWARD that he refused to sign into law the NJ Gay marriage bill because he is afraid of what outside conservatives will think when he runs for president in 2016. Despite overwhelming public support in NJ, Christie didn’t have the balls to sign it. Now he wants to reduce income tax. NJ residents want property taxes to go down (like he promised repeatedly in his campaign). Income tax not so much. Income tax reduction helps the rich not the average working class stiff, so of course, Christie helps his rich cronies. Where will Christie get the lost tax revenue after reducing income tax – by raising property taxes AGAIN!

Further insanity is the price of gas. But here’s the thing, the price of gas is controlled by commodities brokers not the government. Commodities brokers have one goal and one goal only – make obscene amounts of cash. If it is causes the economy to tank, they don’t care. Patriotism is not their thing. And the proposed pipeline running down from Canada to Texas isn’t carrying oil for America. Its carrying oil for the highest bidder to buy. They aren’t about to sell it at a discount to Americans just because its destroying American farmland, etc. Again corporate money rules. The only silver lining in this cloud of doom is that Iran cannot afford to stop producing oil for the export market. And there is no pipeline from Iran to China. The sanctions seem to be having some positive effect as Iran has contacted Hillary Clinton, looking to make some kind of deal. Sanctions are far more effective both cost wise and military wise than sending in American troops to die so housewives can drive their Hummers to the supermarket.

Then we have the Catholic Church claiming that being forced to pay for its employees’ birth control is against their First Amendment rights. Really. What happens when Warren Jeffs, a Mormon polygamist currently incarcerated in TX, says his religious rights as a Mormon have been violated by the federal government. After all, Mormons traditionally married multiple women and often under aged ones at that. Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church, himself was a practicing polygamist. So Warren Jeffs could easily claim his First Amendment rights have been violated and that he has been falsely imprisoned for practicing his faith. O what a can of worms the Catholic Church has opened.

Is there anyone out in web space that would like to discuss the concept "the lesser of two evils" as it relates to voting for a particular candidate?

Many of my acquaintances think that a "right-thinking" person should vote for Obama because he is the "lesser of two evils" compared to Romney or other viable candidates.

My current state of mind prefers not to endorse either of the main candidate and "protest" the two party system by writing in a vote for Ron Paul.

What are you views? Please you my moniker when replying -I can't afford wasting too much time wading through the rest of the clap-trap posted here.

I was wathching Action News 6 in Philadelphia and they had a minute on doomers. Guess who's picture popped up. Yep, head doomer JHK himself. The scary part is I recognized him before the graphic of his name popped up.

Still with the South-bashing we see, JHK.

Yeah, Santorum is a putz, but he was raised in Putzsylvania and was elected to two US Senate terms by the Putzsylvania voters. Apparently, defense of the Holy Fetus is a big deal up there, too.

I don't know if its just me and Eleuthero, but CFN seems worn out right now, or maybe the whole World is wearing out, and CFN is just a weird funhouse mirror reflection of this. Last weeks revelations were just about enough to covince me that the supposed egalitarian ideals of the US are becoming a surface veneer - or maybe that they always were. Abundant resources and cheap energy protected that veneer for a long time, but nothing lasts forever, right?

Bill of Boston, be sure you consider my last few posts of last week.

It's bad to lose a friend.
It's altogether worse to create an enemy.

Get in ya cah and head ova to the Masshole picnic.

Mookie, I don't think you got that accent quite right. That's more E. MA, on up ta Nooh Hampshah way.
Anyway, I be the Masshole, WSP would be the Conne'ticunt, if you would.

Please use the appropriate terms of address for the individuals, accordingly. ;o)

I don't know if its just me and Eleuthero, but CFN seems worn out right now

You, Vlad, and "EL TORO". Your tribe is calling, buckweed. As is your CIA/Roman King, aka the Pope.

I'm with you on this.
The "lesser evil" is still evil, and I don't go that shit.
I either write MY choice in, write "none of the above", or skip that portion of the ballot.

To add to that, I don't think it matters much, as it's them that counts/mis-counts the votes what decides the winners (for us losers).

List of highest-income counties in the United States

5/ Howard County, Maryland

Howard County is a county located in the central part of the U.S. state of Maryland, between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. It is considered part of the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area.

Howard County, Maryland (MD) Religion Statistics Profile - Columbia, Ellicott City, Elkridge, North Laurel, Savage-Guilford

54% Catholic!?

Another coincidence? I think not.

Sorry to ramble on about this, but it does speak to JHK's topic this week. (How fucking ODD; imagine that!)

As an example, GW happened to be the "lesser" Boosh, but he sure managed to spread around just as much evil as his syphilitic sire. Shocking how that happened, eh? Who could possibly have foreseen that coming about under the rubric of "compassionate conservatism"?

Oopsie, the psychopathic and the addled religionistas have co-opted the mantle of "Conservatism", and have actually MADE IT STICK!
(That should point right at the boobitry of the polity, but somehow, that little item never gets discussed. Don't denigrate the customers; they'll stop buying.)

So now we see: The modern incarnation of "conservative" has nothing to do with morality, good governance (with the consent of the governed) or conserving the natural world. It's now about the Authoritarian POWER to make other people bend their knee to insane "visionaries". Somehow, they feel that if everyone is forced to believe in the unreal, then manna will flow from the heavens, and the lion will instantly apologize for eating the lamb.

Guess I don't go THAT shit either...

Beli say:
"It's president's day, and the president saw his shadow today. Guess that means we get another year of bullshit?? :)"

Keeeeee-rect! (Another year, at the very least.)

List of highest-income counties in the United States

8/ Morris County, New Jersey

Morris County is a county located in the U.S. state of New Jersey, about 25 mi (40 km) west of New York City. According to the United States 2010 Census, the population was 492,276. It is part of the New York Metropolitan Area.

Morris County, New Jersey Religion Statistics Profile

67% Catholic!?

Another coincidence? I think not.

Probably because all these fine folks in government are on the same side. They are all in to line their pockets and fuck every one else !

It's going to get worse. Just wait till the 5 dollar a gallon gas hits and people can't afford to buy food because it has become so over priced. A little ditty: FOOD & FUEL are not included in the Consumer Price Index, imagine that ? The books are cooked ! This is all being controlled and doesn't have to happen.

If you have room, plant a garden and learn how to hunt and fish. Might just come in handy.

"HA! Level headed Chris Christie? Obviously Mr. Kunstler does not live in New Jersey. Christie is such a COWARD that he refused to sign into law the NJ Gay marriage bill because he is afraid of what outside conservatives will think when he runs for president in 2016." -CCM

As you're saying, this is the making of his bones in the RW "conservative" family. (It's the "fuck the will of the people" gang, y'know.) And who's to say anybody's waiting for 2016? He's got til the convention to lose a little flab to look a bit more fit fer th' prez'dinsy, at which time he'll be dubbed the oligarchs' Great White Whale [of a] Hope in a thrilling and surprising upset!

Will the 'Murkin People have the courage and foresight to elect a fat bastard to waddle about the Oviod Office? We shall see... but he's got to pay his own health care insurance, damnit!
(Who was the last one anyhoo? Grover Cleveland? Quiz on Friday kids... no, settle down, wait for the bell...)

Probably because all these fine folks in government are on the same side. They are all in to line their pockets and fuck every one else !

And the great majority of the gov mafia parasites just happen to work for military and surveillance industry and also happen to be Catholic. Very interesting, don't you think? Especially considering that the Southern US is being deliberately flooded with Mexicans, who also happen to be Catholic.

I live in a 100+ year old farm house out here in Michigan. The wall studs are true dimentional 2X4's and the outer walls are rough cut 1X12's plus all the wood is oak. The lath and floor boards aren't but the place is stout for sure. Can't say that for the Mc Mansions my neighbors live in. My home was constructed in sections with the earliest starting back when the area was settled in 1868. The barn and out buildings have 12X12 beams with adz cut marks and on some bark from the tree they were cut from. I have no idea how long that it took to build the house or the barn(40X98X45 with 3 hay mews). My guess is at least a year or 2. I'm the 3rd owner. When I bought it from my friends Dad who grew up here, he spoke of when he was a kid they had to bundle up in the winter and drink the glass of water before they went to bed or the water would freeze over night and break the glass. When I bought it in 95, it still had no "modern" heating. I had an oil furnace/forced air system put in. Big fucking mistake with the $4.00 oil I now have. Cron burner this summer. I can grow enough to heat with.
Thank God for the "mild" winter.

You should see the crowds at Cabelas in Dundee Michigan. Weapons and ammo sales are going big time ! Most people you talk to all say they just "have this feeling that something bad is going to happen".

I hope they're wrong but "Be Prepared !"

NPR, 9am:

Dow hits 13000.
Gas at all time high for February.

Another heating machine for your consideration.
I like mine.

(Still need ee-lek-tris'ty to run the pumps, but not all that much total amperage.)

You must be thinking of Taft, Teddy Roosevelt's vice president, who succeeded TR and was by far and away the most obese president.

That's it!! Thanks, BHM. Didn't he have to be buried in a piano case, or some such?

Shit, I've failed my own quiz. Oh, the humiliation and shame!

I meant to add to:
"Oh, the humiliation and shame; I'll never be able to show my junk in public again!"

Roger that. My buddy Capt. Mike Zdanowicz in Gloucester clued me in on how he was a Masshole. I did not know that there was a limited supply of them. My only problem with them is that they love when we bring Yuengling up with us. They actually have their pictures taken with the stack of cases. I think I'd rather drink a Gennessee.

I think many will find this of interest. The possible unmasking of the greatest fraud in written history. The collapse of MFGlobal was a tiny example of the underlying scam.

Okay, 'nuff outta me. Besides it's time for the disinformation experts' (there's an oxymoron fer ya) next shift to begin.
See yez 'round the block.

Last thang, I promise.

I didn't mean to imply that the supply is limited, just that I ALSO belong to the subset.
(After all, we is livin' in the USofA. As the Irish will readily tell you [among others], that stands for: Unlimited Supply of Assholes.)


Pithy and sagacious commentary for the most part, Jim. I liked your balance between the conservative and the progressive impulse, both of these currently vexed by reality, as you mention.

As a former New Yorker, a frazzled urbanite trying to compose his one out of eight million stories in the naked city, I'm puzzled by your comments on the South. Were you at one time revoltingly mishandled by some meaty Bubba?

Suburban angst is just about everywhere, and TV evangelist con-artists are probably as common in California as they are in Dixie. There are about 3500 Sonic drive-ins and about 4400 Walmarts nationwide, and air conditioning companies are present in Alaska.

At this point our choices are essentially Hobsonian, and neither the governor of New Jersey or Indiana can put us on that road to reality. They may give us better directions, but they can't take us there.

As for Obama, you pretty much nailed it. "He is mainly Progressivism's bowling trophy, its symbol of its own triumphant wonderfulness in overcoming the age old phantoms of race prejudice." Absolutely magnificent! However, one must be careful here. I believe that these racial phantoms (i.e. bugbears,) were not overcome but merely displaced. Too much to go into, so I'll leave it there.

Many of us might like to return to yesterday's comfortable armchair, if only to prolong the inevitable. Certainly our current situation is unsustainable, and Democrat or Republican, it's Scylla or Charybdis.

Yes, civilization must be reorganized, but the masters of myopia and machination have moved us unalterably towards the disorganization of the coming maelstrom. Meliorism has had its day, and the collective impuissance keeps us on track for the turmoil that lies ahead.

Where is that courageous, visionary captain who could steer us through the looming chaos, or, much more, avoid it? Nowhere, because the Zeitgeist, among other things, can't yet produce him. Fate will be his father and mayhem his mother, and he will have many brothers.

Anyway, at this time we can certainly answer Merle Haggard's old question, "... is the best of the free life behind us now, are the good times really over for good?"

Of course. They would protect the Rose of Dundee from those who would despoil her. And the swarthy men who plan to feast in the White Tower shall dine on Lead.

We must reverse the alchemical process: gold into lead, ploughshares into swords, and pruning hooks into spears. Hard? Yes. Impossible? No. With Slack, all things are possible. Or at least most.

New Hampshire is worse: watch out for the guys who look like Fred Flintstone. These lower types must be bred out of the race. Call it Eugenics.

And let he who is without taint cast the first stone.

Hey GG5, I burn oil also. I just got 150 gallons this am $3.64 a gallon! Luckily last winter I put in a Mr. Slim Heat Pump. It does heat and AC and is maybe 24 SEER. Super efficient. It's electric though so no power no heaty!. Unfortunatly I lost a bunch of trees in the Halloween storm so I have cord wood up the ying-yang! Sounds like a great barn there. I've got a 20x40 two story with chestnut beams . Filled with treasures! The "American Pickers" are coming by next week!

Drones on the Range,

Oh give me a home
Where unmanned drones roam
And the trucks and hummers do play
Where seldom is heard, a swear-free phrased word
And the banksters tell lies all day.

Drones, drones on the range......
Regarding american accents. I think Colorado has the most normal accent. Californians have accents and the teenagers say "like" every other word. New York accents are hard on my ears, as are people in California speaking Chinese.
When I lived in Houston, I was embarrased because I could barely understand blacks. A couple of months later, I adjusted. Italian is the most pleasant language for listening.

BTW, the Swedes make fun the accent down in Malmo. They think the Danes sound as if they have mashed potatoes in their mouth.

Guten tag,

Hi O3, those heating units look pretty sweet. Just a question. What model do ya have, BTU's and cost? I can install myself so no problem there. Thanks, RT

O3, Sorry for the follow-up. Do you have the heat storage tank so you can fire the thing hot and store the energy?

Yea, What he said! I've been all over the country. I may be biased or tone deaf but the only people without a regional accent are from western MA/CT and Califorinia. Corrections anyone?Maine, Vermont, Tejas,the south, Chicago, Wyoming, Arizona, Florida, they all have something.

OK California.

The cockney accent is dying out, replaced by a Jamaican style patois. Itsa Traagedy.

They have a kind of rhyming cant. Instead of saying go to the pub and get some grub, they would say go to the rub u dub.

also the word 'kinda'.
It's used alot.

Remember, the East ends at the Alleghenies. Men on the other side are less intellectual but more polite and charming. Rick Santorum is a Mid Westerner. A Neo Con unfortunately, with hidden agendas and allegiances to the dark powers of this world.

Are you from Western Ma? No one thinks they have an accent. I wonder if Californians think you don't.

The eye cannot see itself. The ear cannot hear its own accent. I was horrified when I first heard my own voice. I didn't think I sounded like that.

You know I prefer opiates over anti depressants.
I have back pain, disc on the nerve type. It would be debilitating if not for pain meds. I am very little, enough to cut the pain so I can function. not enough to mess up my thought process.
Being in Pain is very disstressful.

I was rear ended, and now my neck is damaged.

anyway. yes to opiates.

No to driving.

I saw Rick talk on TV last night, and it scared me to think this guy might be freaking president of US. He sounds like an idiot. A dangerous one.

Here is what I am against for sure:

Fracking thru aquifers.

Yes the south of the border is here.
and I feel the predjudice against me, whitey.
from the women.

I will be very careful, I am aware of my surroundings, and do my best to stay safe.

Also the cost of living is high.
There are alot of strange folks here, many are
mentally ill. when reagan put them out on the streets, well they are here. I actually find this more troubling for them. and they aren't the violent ones, the gangstas are.

Most people drive like ****. so rude and dangerous. Cars and driving are overrated. I've always thought that things being so spread out, and commuting were just a huge waste of energy.
Every since I was a youngin'. And the cost of owning and driving a car, getting to be too much for me. anyway.....

Yes thank you, I am careful.

Good Question.
Yes friends of mine drove and spent time in Eureka 2 years ago thinking to relocate.
they came back and said what you wrote.
Alot of people living in the streets. Alot of meth.
And just bad feeling overall. No economy.
there major economy was Pacific Lumber, and that closed. So lots of unemployment.
Alot of Rednecks. in big trucks on drugs. or alcohol and drugs.

also Arcata 10 miles north is a college town. So you have alot of kids and alot of rednecks.

Well the obvious is the open borders. you know what I mean ?
Let's see a small area where you could farm ?
let me think on that.

I need to take my walk.
back later or tomorrow.

If you could afford it I'd say north of SF in

Thang is a gay word. Or more precisely, a word only Gays use since a word can't be gay. Disinformation or disinfectant?

Shit, now I'm worried about JackieBlue!

OzoneP the last fat president, not counting Clinton, was William Howard Taft. A special bathtub had to be installed in the White House for him.

Ripthunder, congratulations on your retirement. 30 years? Well done. Oh yea, please Inform your wife about a website called 'I remember New Britain'. She will get a charge out of it.

OK then, Ozone, BTBill, RipT, maybe Ibendet, its Tuckers on Rte 8 (in Sandisfield) some Saturday afternoon in April. Mark it on your calendar.


Mika ..this ones fer you!
I offered you 7 names last week....

Harry Triguboff
(Forbes No. 316), entrepreneur
George Soros (Forbes No. 258) and
Adelson (Forbes No. 73), topping those categories, respectively.



That does not mean the Richest folks in that place are Christian.

Hi Marlin, I'll try to be there. I can't find that NB website. Gotta link? I did find this though about the W Mass accent
I guess is is cosidered standard- american.

OK....Ill play the game....
How many Jews live in:



SJM I worked at Snowmass in CO and the oil patch around Rock Springs ,Wy in '77-'78 . The folks all talked with a western twang. Just sayin. of course that was 35 years back. Maybe they talk normal now. In these here parts we talk like Brian williams or most of the TV folk. Standard -American!

Hi VK, I don't know if I have an accent But I can certainly hear the people which I converse with on a day to day basis. I can honestly say they don't speak with an accent. I guess everyone has an accent. I just figure someone like a national news anchor talks without one. In my last post I mentioned Brian Williams from NBC. Does he have an accent? If he does I don't hear it.

VK, My wife is from central CT. and she does have an accent. I don't know what it's called but she talks a little differant than the peeps from my town. It's only 35-40 miles south.

"Then we have the Catholic Church claiming that being forced to pay for its employees’ birth control is against their First Amendment rights."

And my hunch is that the Church makes this claim because it DOES violate their First Amendment rights.

"What happens when Warren Jeffs, a Mormon polygamist currently incarcerated in TX, says his religious rights as a Mormon have been violated by the federal government."

Not much because the marriage laws of the U.S. have limited a marriage union to two people. And until very recently it was between a man and a woman. But your criticism of Christie in his not jumping on the ban wagon regarding gay marriages does beg the question: What of those who wish to marry they animate or inanimate objects? I mean shouldn't a person be allowed to marry their power drill if they wish? And why not a power drill AND a Swedish sauna? Who are we to judge?

RipT I guess its a face book site run by a guy named John Pater. People who grew up there just love it.

In Connecticut we don't have any accent. Ours is the Standard English all other dialects are measured against.


Ripped said:
E, I think I'll Shit!

Yes, after all, if we went blind we'd just be copying Oedipus. :)


P2C said:

Yeah, Santorum is a putz, but he was raised in Putzsylvania and was elected to two US Senate terms by the Putzsylvania voters. Apparently, defense of the Holy Fetus is a big deal up there, too.

P2C, I come from Pennsylvania originally and I don't know if you know the old joke about PA. Pennsylvania is "Philadelphia in the east and Pittsburgh in the west and Mississippi in between". It's actually pretty accurate.

I'm glad that you concur that this site has mostly gone totally bonkers what with 8mn/Tegmark/Old69 on one hand, the Chinese pictograph posters on another, random spams, word permutation posts with no meaning from posters you've never heard of, and then you have the various tribalist brigades, and then the Buddha-pest Asoka and his pal Met/Mika ... it won't be long before I, personally, will need to make a permanent exit from this animal cage.

At this point I feel like the entire blog has boiled down to a discussion between about four sentient beings with awesome noise surrounding that discussion. I think you, me, LBendet, and a scant few others will eventually arrive at the conclusion that there are much better things to do in life.


BHM said:

You must be thinking of Taft, Teddy Roosevelt's vice president, who succeeded TR and was by far and away the most obese president.

If Taft ever had to haul ass, it would have taken him two trips. :)


My sister lives in Durango. I visit there but I'm not an expert, but I haven't noticed anything. Utah has an accent. They mess up their "O" and some "I" words.

1. I'm fishing in the "crik"
2. I'm wearing my fancy arange farmal. (orange formal)

My friend from Kansas came to SF last week. She definately rolls some of her "O"s


Now the results are in — and they’re exactly what three generations’ worth of economic analysis and all the lessons of history should have told you would happen. The confidence fairy has failed to show up: none of the countries slashing spending have seen the predicted private-sector surge. Instead, the depressing effects of fiscal austerity have been reinforced by falling private spending.

Furthermore, bond markets keep refusing to cooperate. Even austerity’s star pupils, countries that, like Portugal and Ireland, have done everything that was demanded of them, still face sky-high borrowing costs. Why? Because spending cuts have deeply depressed their economies, undermining their tax bases to such an extent that the ratio of debt to G.D.P., the standard indicator of fiscal progress, is getting worse rather than better.

Meanwhile, countries that didn’t jump on the austerity train — most notably, Japan and the United States — continue to have very low borrowing costs, defying the dire predictions of fiscal hawks.

“Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man.”

[Thomas Paine]

Belief in a forgiving God makes a forgiving man."

“There are matters in the Bible, said to be done by the express commandment of God, that are shocking to humanity and to every idea we have of moral justice….”.

[Thomas Paine]

There are matters in our society, said to be done by the express will of the people, that are shocking to me and to every idea I have of moral justice.

“The Bible is not my Book and Christianity is not my religion. I could never give assent to the long complicated statements of Christian dogma.”

[Abraham Lincoln]

Vatican III is not my Book and Churchianity is not my religion. I could never assent to the long complicated statements of Judeochristian dogma.

“My earlier views at the unsoundness of the Christian scheme of salvation and the human origin of the scriptures, have become clearer and stronger with advancing years and I see no reason for thinking I shall ever change them.”

[Abraham Lincoln, letter to Judge J.S. Wakefield, after the death of Willie Lincoln]

My advancing views of the incredible ignorance of salvation and the scriptures among otherwise intelligent, rational people {including christians] have become clearer and stronger with the years and I see no reason for believing I shall ever change them."

I would be sad to see you leave CFN. Buddha pest is the greatest name for Asoka!!!

I think the reason JHK doesn't just kick off some of the lunatics is that they might become dangerous. Since he does book tours, it's best just to let them vent, and not add anymore bees to their bonnets.

Who has a shotgun and knows how to use it.

That was a rude thing to say.

The problem is that although the South lost the War, it effectively won the Peace. Anyone whose ancestors came from the South deeply distrust anyone with a Yankee accent. It is synomous with the evil that has now blossomed into the nascent American Police State and Globalism itself. We lost the moral high ground with much of Middle America and are seen as moral lepers.

In point of fact Taft was so fat that it was necessary to install a new larger bath tub in the White House for him.

Apparently, that New Brit-ski deal is a facebook page.
Here's a link to a story about it:


Why hate the unborn? Santorum's stand on Abortion is one of his few decent positions.

The "Fetus" is a person and to mock it by calling it the Holy Fetus is wrong.

Can we call you Ellie May Clampett?

Just recieved The Book of Jasher in the mail. What do you think of this book?

In the simplified post "Peak Oil" America envisioned by JHK will American women be required to get up a 5 a.m. in the morning to fetch a bucket to place under the cow's teets and spend a couple of hours work'n the cow's teets to fill up the bucket? Will American women then be required to cheerfully pore this same milk into a butter churn and pump that churn by hand for an hour to get a stick of butter?

Will American women be required to cheerfully do all of this while being knocked up by a burly bloke named Joshua or Jeremiah?

He used to stand up and stretch after the 7th inning and the whole crowd would stand up too. That was the genesis of the 7th inning stretch. What a great man.

It seems that no one seems to know the answer the my question posted last week copied below. It's a bit of a mystery, I suppose?

Why does this company think that American women need Kelvar to protect their crotches?

Isn't Kelvar fabric used in racing tires and body armor?

Yes milk maids are meant to put taken advantage of as they churn the milk into butter. Those bonnets they wear just send me!

If I were a woman, and planning to fall off my motorcycle - I would want to be wearing Kevlar crotch protection.

It would make more sense not to fall off in the first place, but some things are harder to control than others.

I will never call you Buddha Pest. It sounds to much like Budapesth, the City sacred to the House of Dracul.

Perhaps they know the Milk Maids will need them as they churn.

Watch and learn as Vlad and I demonstrate our bravery and open-mindedness by attacking one another on an anonymous public forum - even though Mika desperately wants us to form our own Tribe, so we can be just like him.

"Why hate the unborn? Santorum's stand on Abortion is one of his few decent positions."
- vlad -

I don't hate the unborn, Vlad. I just don't believe a first trimester fetus is a person.

And I know that nothing much is ever going to happen on abortion in this country, anyway.
Except - the right is using abortion to "energize the base," to get people in to office.

You really think the Republican Party wants to restrict abortion? It's one of their best issues.
Do away with that and they won't have much left.

"Holy Fetus" was excessive. I was channeling Wage from two weeks ago. If this blog had an edit function I would change "holy fetus" to "sacred first trimester fetal tissue."
Would that be any better?

Birth control should be free and effective.
People should be paid for sterilization.
Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.

I'm proud of you for getting that shotgun out of that attic and learning to shoot it, Jen.
Now, be sure to shoot a few rounds every couple of months to stay in practice.
And stockpile some ammo while it's available and relatively cheap.

And that thing you said to our Buddha-Pest may have been a little rude - but it was totally accurate.

Accuracy is important in shotgunning, in anonymous blogging, and in many other fields of human endeavor.

I have a now discontinued model (Excel 2200), with a 880 gal. storage tank.
I'm not sure what the BTU output is, but unless the temp goes [consistently] below 20 degrees I only feed it once every 24 hrs. to heat 2400 sq.ft. comfortably (70).

The storage tank is key to boiler life. It transfers the heat from the boiler to itself until the fire is gone. (Burns at maximum this way.) I found I used less wood using it like a typical wood stove, but man, the firebox got gunked up somethin' fierce! I had to take the storage tank "out of the loop" because the domestic hot water coil had developed a leak and I had to dismantle the cover. That was a bit of a pain in the ass, but I did build me another top for it, and I think I actually engineered it a bit better. (Knocking on EPDM as I write that! ;o)

At any rate, the new furnaces look to be the cats' ass, but I wouldn't get anything with a digital readout. I just prefer good ol' gauges, and they don't ever seem to break. The folks at Tarm (in N.H., BTW) are very helpful and have extensive experience with these beasts. Our boiler and tank was around 15 grand in 2005, and has thus "paid for itself" by deflecting the cost of oil for that time period. The last 3 years, I've bought log-length loads of wood, at around 8 cord/load for $700. A load lasts me a year for heat and hot water. (I've got plenty woods, but boy, it sure is easy to have it handy in a nice neat pile like that! I'll go back to dragging it out when I have to.)

Call 'em up and run some numbers and some long-term thinkin'. You can gape at my system at your convenience.

W. NY also is accent-neutral. Everyone sounds like a teevee anchor-"person". Some strange idioms, such as: "The lawn needs mowed and the car needs fixed". Also common to W. PA.

I prefer Annie Oakley.

Then take a hint and don't post 20 times a day.

We are certainly in a confused time, but what time was not confused? In 1965 there was a hit song "the eve of destruction", and a raging war in Vietnam. Current predictions of Greece and the Euro going down have added to the confusion and missed the mark. Now panic mongers call for an end to life as we know it. Maybe time to look inward and find a center of peace within oneself. Tomorrow will take care of itself, seize today.

"We were horrified to find so many of the textile mills are closed down, particularly in Virginia. Danriver, an upscale brand in the 60s, is defunct, as are most of the manufacturing sites. I expected to see that in Ohio, but didn't realize it had spread so far. The boys killed in Iraq probably wouldn't have the chance to work in the mines (a mixed blessing, at best) since Obama has managed to shut most of them down in an effort to kill off most of the working class and ensure higher and higher energy costs. "

Have you been living in an Amish community w/o radio , TEEVEE, or a newspaper (except for hygenic use) perchance?
These mills closed down WAY before Obama became Prezident. Back in the 80's & 90's in fact. Same goes for any mines. This was well underway before Clinton even became the Prezident Impediment.

Get your facts straight, and quit the political muck slinging.
Oh, and fcuk the Catholic Church, and thank you very much.

I find your silence to the fact that most of the richest 1% in the US are in fact government mafia parasites living off the surveillance/war/murder industries to be very telling.

And your silence to the fact that among these millions of gov mafia parasites, the overwhelming majority are Catholic, is also very telling.

I guess it's a taboo subject that must not be spoken about in the US. And nevermind the connections of the CIA to the Vatican and the mob, drug dealing, and gun running. And nevermind the connections of the FED to the Rothschilds and the Rothschilds to the Vatican. And nevermind the Vatican's war on the orthodox Greeks, orthodox Serbs, orthodox Russians, orthodox Ukranians, orthodox Armenians, orthodox Egyptian Copts, orthodox Syrians, etc.

But took over there! Look at a Jew! Focus on the puppet jew! Nevermind the institutions that direct and hide behind the puppet Jew. Nevermind the millions of gov mafia parasites who staff these institutions. Nevermind that these gov mafia institutions are really nothing more than Catholic country clubs, where these fuckers watch porn all day long and get to live-it-large on a $100,000 a year salary. Nevermind all that. Focus on the jew!

Our mothers and fathers and grandparents did indeed build America with brains and brawn. Eating nails for breakfast, maybe, but some coffee with toast and eggs got them thru to lunch. And they earned their daily bread the hard way. When you see a building demolished to clear way for a parking lot, think about all the human energy that went into creating that structure. Not everyone sits in front of a computer all day. The energy and talent that builds the great structures is still here and alive, it just needs to be nurtured and directed. We are a long way from finished in the journey of life.

I wouldn't get bummed out. If a web site is overmoderated then it becomes stifling. You can always ignore anyone who strikes you as being decidedly pointless or irrelevant. You can also actually enjoy some of the assholes which is how I coped with submarine duty, by recognizing that some of the biggest assholes were also funny in many ways, especially in their naive self-confidence. This is not even to point out the obvious fact that oftentimes the craziest people tend to be the most brilliant. Then you have the wallowers in negativity who are incessantly sounding the alarm. If the sum total is little more than nervous irritation then one is clearly wasting time. If you're not getting the quality of responses you expect then that could beoome irritating as well. Many people are simply too fucking serious. Never forget that G.K. Chesterton described the true mad man as one who counterintuitively was not only too logical but also too persistent in error being free from self-doubt.

This Revolution Will Not Be Televised


Thanks for divulging the fascinating details of String Theory.



I am going to email him a prospectus on a Guaranteed Minimum Income Right.. I'm sure he will get behind the effort.

"What do you think of this book?

It is indispensible for doing chronology.

appropriate; as that was her primary weapon of choice- she of course used rifles & pistols too...oh, also: close counts for shotguns as well as horseshoes; contrary to (i m sure well-intentioned) recent advice good luck, n hope ya never need it!

E- i would concur, and would likewise miss you- i have a broader interest, so i count you among more like six, or eight during a good week...and further, i think that, like in real life, you DO have to ignore the drivel; to let the bastards win- well, does just that...!

Another rude comment. Who made you the blog police?
I cannot believe such uncouth behavior from you, with no regard for my feelings. I am now hurt and I am going to leave CFN for a while, until I am less emotionally distraught.

WageLaborer sent me an email earlier today with this message:

"Hi Prog,
I wrote your email down a long time ago, in case I ever needed it.

I got banned from Kunstler. WTF? Why me?

The Chinese spammer, old69 and Vlad carry on, but I am denied.
Anyway, if you could let the others know, I'd appreciate it.

Truly a weird and undeserved banning, I think any of us would agree - even WSP and Q!
OK, now back to your regularly scheduled Clusters of F*ckages.

"close counts for shotguns as well as horseshoes"

Always good to hear from you, CF.

Sounds to me like you haven't done a whole lot of wingshooting though, young feller. hah! hah!

I have blown more harmless holes in more pieces of the south Georgia atmosphere than should be considered normal - so I know whereof I speak concerning accurate shotgunning.

Doves in particular - they say the average is 5 shells for one dove. I had days when I was pretty far below average.

That's not to say I wouldn't be running away with soiled undies if I was a perpetrator in SJ's house and heard her rack a shell into that shotgun of hers - no matter HOW inaccurate a shot I might think she was.

SJ has a much greater chance of defending herself in today's California with a load of buckshot, than she does with a load of Infinite Love.

Didn't you live around Atlanta at one time, CF?
Or did I just dream that up?

WageLaborer was my favorite poster on CFN, banning her makes no sense at all to me.I think I will remove this site from my bookmarks in protest, not that it will matter to anyone at all. See ya.

yeah, no, and i realized as soon as i posted that accuracy does count for skeet...and, well, i was sorta teasing a little, far as home defense goes, ya caint beat my mossberg 500A 12ga with pistol grip & folding stock...gotta love the high-brass 00, brother!
and no, never been to atlanta; you may have seen a post not too long that i put up, concerning my little sister getting in trouble for fighting off what (i m convinced by details) was a kidnapping attempt by a diverse cabdriver...

re wage: whutthehell?! details! was no reason given? or did she have an idea what she might have said to piss mr k off? damn, i know she s a bit futher from the ol' center than i; but still in my opinion has something to add to our little corner...oh, well...maybe further (previous spelling intentional for purposes of dialect, btw) developements will be forthcoming...

In wage's case - the most likely reason for her banning is some sort of electronic glitch.

I'm on my third screenname for CFN - I just make up some derivative of progress4conserve and jump back in the brawl. I have been trying to cut down on my time spent posting here - although you wouldn't have known it by my record last week.

Concerning accents - a couple of stories.

I started life with a SERIOUS Southern accent. College took some of the edges off of it, and then a long career in contact with the public took some of the rest of it - although I make no apologies for the accent, nor do I make any attempt at hiding it.

We've got a friend who was born in Great Britain, who immigrated with his folks to the States at about age 8 - twenty-something years ago, now. He sounds almost as Southern as I do, in normal speech. But when he's talking to his mom, he breaks into a British accent so thick that I have to pay careful attention - to understand what they are saying.

I don't do accents well - no matter what I attempt as a "joke voice" - Chinese, Indian, whatever - it always sounds like I'm a native Mexican faking a bad Southern accent.

But I can easily slip myself into all the vocal ranges of a Southern man - from genteel plantation owner to dirt road white trash.

We made a trip up the Eastern Seaboard of the US when the kids were little - we were traveling with a pop-up camper, and spending our days gunkholing along from one little State park to another. Let me tell you, out in rural areas you can still find some SERIOUS accents.

When I talk to a man with a strong accent, I tend to exaggerate my own - subconsciously putting on a little bit of a show, or something.

Round about the Outer Banks of NC, my accent started to deepen. By the time we got to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we were hitting some intense local accents. I somehow let my own Southern accent get so bad that I could barely understand myself, by the time we got to Maine.

haw haw haw

I may have told some of this story before on CFN. Screw it, I just told it again, then.
At least it's not Chinese spam.

Nice post XSPORT. Although I stand behind everything I wrote, on many days hard manual labor reads a lot better romantically than doing the actual work. But I'll qualify that statement as well. An artisan/craftsman engaging in manual labor while simultaneously juggling challenging considerations of the cerebral variety strikes me as a far more humane and dignified occupation than earning one's keep as the human equivalent of a mule. Let's face it, back breaking labor breaks more than just the body; it crushes the spirit if done on a daily basis, month after month, year after year. But I'll qualify that as well: back-breaking work done for one's own business, farm, homestead, etc is far more tolerable than toiling for exploitative/abusive employers.

Regarding the energy and talent that builds the great structures being here and alive, I also agree. But I'm not so sure we have many Louis Sullivan's architects still available.

{since Obama has managed to shut most of them down in an effort to kill off most of the working class and ensure higher and higher energy costs. Why?}

Wow! You live a very sheltered and uninformed existence, JulettaOfOhio. I am no Obama fan, but I'm pretty sure all the downsizing and factory-shuttering has been going on a lot longer than the Obama presidency, and the reasons run a lot deeper than that. The exodus of manufacturing from the US has been going on since the late 80's, under administrations both Republican and Democrat. And it has more to do with the simple central directive, the "gospel" of capitalism, if you will, to "create shareholder value". Notice that "shareholder" and "stakeholder" are two different terms . . . I know a little about the subject. I have an MBA, and on top of that, I'm a white female who worked her way out of poverty from a childhood in the Deep South, raised by a single mother who got sick and tired of being married to a useless, non-working white-boy drunk and decided going it on her own would be a better deal.

And as for abortion . . . all the people hollerin' nay need to roll down to the hospital every day and adopt a child born to poverty-stricken people (the very people that these draconian abortion and limits on birth control will affect if the ultra-conservatives in this country get their way) that will otherwise be brought into the world with very little hope or prospects, or STFU.

Saw an interesting documentary the other day, "Freakonomics", and they had an interesting sub-story-line in there about the crime rate dropping in the late 80's and early 90's because all other factors being controlled for, it appeared that the passage of Roe vs. Wade prevented a chunk of criminals from being born, and consequently abused, neglected, maltreated and turning to a life of crime as a consequence of trying to find some way to survive the harsh circumstances of their lives.

Food for thought. Bring on the hate, I know it's about to commence, but for two seconds before you do . . . consider the idea that they may have a valid point :)

SJM said:

I would be sad to see you leave CFN. Buddha pest is the greatest name for Asoka!!!

I think the reason JHK doesn't just kick off some of the lunatics is that they might become dangerous. Since he does book tours, it's best just to let them vent, and not add anymore bees to their bonnets.

My lifelong pattern has been to threaten to do something leading people to think that I'm NOT going to do that something and then one day I just do it and don't look back. The problem is that JHK really should be exercising SOME control like kicking off the Chinese pictograph posters, the posters using a work permutation program to generate meaningless word salad, or guys like Met when they threaten to bash people's heads in with baseball bats ... to say nothing of Old69/Tegmark/8man whose mega-essays of total philosophical/scientific bullshit take up way too much line space.

I'm sensing that the end of my CFN days nears and I don't say it happily because I remember when the signal outnumbered the noise but now it's about a 1:5 ratio. I'm retired now with, hypothetically, all the time in the world to write but I think I'm in the search for a better venue to go along with my private writing which is a social parody.

I would certainly miss several sensible, sane people like yourself but even you'd have to admit, SJM, that this place has turned into a loony bin with crackpot conspiracy theorists, my-tribe-uber-alles types (and actually I mean Met and Beantown now more than Vlad), and all the aforementioned other types. What's the point of posting here now if you're hoping that maybe a handful of other people will wade through the inordinate line space to spot a needle in a haystack. It's absurd.

But before I go, whenever that is, I'd like to thank you for being a consistently lovely human being who is modest, sensible, and good-natured.


I would say 5 shells/dove is a good day in the field. We had a great hunt Uvalde last September. And a great grilling of doves when we got home.

Asoka said:

I call BULLSHIT on you and Dr. Krugman. What difference does it make if our interest rates are zero and Ireland's are 6% if THE BANKS DON'T LEND which is exactly the case here in the States?

The Fed has barely moved the unemployment rate which is the worst unemployment ever in a "recovery". The workforce participation rate is at a 28-year low. The main byproduct of the Fed's money printing is $105/bbl oil and higher food costs while banks are still foreclosing like Snidely Whiplash.

Money-printing only works in countries whose economies are based on the production of tangible goods because the sale of those goods pay off debts and give families useful products. Money-printing in a service economy raises the costs of services which is why college tuition and healthcare costs are going ballistic.

Krugman is a tool ... as are his acolytes like you.


Marc ... this site is now a "clusterfuck" (pun intended) of nutters, spammers, schizos (Old69/Tegmark/8man), contrived personalities (Asoka), and lots of consistently acrid flamers like Mika/Metusaleh.

I'm not "bummed" about it. I look at it dispassionately as the natural life cycle of a blog. This blog is DONE. Put a fork in it.


CFT said:
E- i would concur, and would likewise miss you- i have a broader interest, so i count you among more like six, or eight during a good week...and further, i think that, like in real life, you DO have to ignore the drivel; to let the bastards win- well, does just that...!

Well, the point is that I'd rather "fight the good fight" in REAL LIFE of which blogs are only a facsimile. I've been on this blog a good four years, maybe longer, and sometimes it's just time to rattle one's cage by moving on. I don't look at it as letting the "bastards win". I look at it as avoiding fighting off gnats four times more than writing original content. I appreciate the kudos greatly.


Even though I am a righty, I am totally with you on abortion rights and birth control. It seems to me that those who should not conceive have a much easier time doing so . I wonder what that means from a biological or evolutionary advantage standpoint.

Avoiding Mania Aftermaths by Following Your Gut

I remember in the Spring of 1999, I had two students from Emeryville (near Oakland) who felt that they had missed the opportunity of a lifetime by avoiding the stock market. I recited the old Keynes quote that markets can stay irrational longer than the bears can remain solvent. I told them to stay in cash. Bears make the mistake of TIMING the end of a false bull and by the time they're "correct" they're down 25-30%.

Never forget the old adage that the purpose of a bear market is to punish ALL of the participants ... not just the BULLS!! Anyone who chases this current phony bull is going to get their asses handed to them. No, I don't know if the bulls get their comeuppance in March, June, or September but I'm quite comfortable that the stock market is completely divorced from reality and the final score is ALWAYS Reality 1, Fantasy 0.

After two crashes in a dozen years, you'd think the pie-in-the-sky "believers" would be chastened. Well, delusion springs as eternal as hope.


{Even though I am a righty, I am totally with you on abortion rights and birth control. It seems to me that those who should not conceive have a much easier time doing so . I wonder what that means from a biological or evolutionary advantage standpoint}

I think the whole thing should be free of "left" or "right" politically, myself. The truth is, sex is a primary directive of the human species . . . we're GONNA DO IT. It's also one of the great pleasures of life, and is 100% FREE, which explains its high degree of popularity among people across the social strata :) So, if people are gonna fuck anyway, and we KNOW THIS TO BE A FACT, regardless of the bullshit spewing of certain dumbasses who have an "aspirin between the knees" prescription for it (you can be ASSURED that THAT asshole ain't abstaining, that's one thing you can count on besides death and taxes, my friend :) . . . so if we know this, and BC is SO much cheaper than either abortion or dealing with the consequences of unintended pregnancies, why don't we as a society support things that will, in the long run, make us more stable and healthy? If we support programs that help people make better choices (i.e. not telling people NOT to have children . . . helping them pick a BETTER TIME for it, let them get their shit together a little better first) then we save money, heartache, and overall bullshit in the long run. I think this is a place where rational conservatives and liberals agree. The problem, is the NUTCASE "wingers". There's a reason the founding fathers tried to decree separation of church and state, and it seems this effort is taking a hammering, in this country, these days. Just my two cents :) Thanks for your feedback.


Labor Irrelevant

I was thinking of why the EU is so hell bent on attacking their labor in all possible ways in Greece, Spain, Italy, etc. Why do they want to impose 400 dollar a month minimum wage, fire everyone, why are they so willing to beat up their labor ? Because labor is irrelevant, is optional, is no longer needed. One huge effect of the Technological Economy and its Free Wealth Generating Engine along with Excess Capacity Generation and Globalization of labor and Consumption Markets (aka as a Planet Sized labor pool and consumer market) is that of rendering almost all labor worldwide irrelevant, optional, not necessary, attackable in any way possible. The reasons why Unions are out of style and no longer fashionable is because Labor can no longer condition Capital in any possible way, the capitalists are already super rich, they have already achieved all of the possible profits they could ever hope for (US corporations have hundreds of billions of dollars in profit money just sitting in banks and relaxing and sleeping (and still giving out some interests for "doing nothing" but this is the religion of capitalism: make as much money as possible by doing as little as possible but let everyone else (workers especially) be submerged by guilt complex "Work Ethic" necessities), there is nothing left to "Invest" in when all of the possible exploitations and profits conceivable have been performed, they are set and good for another 100 years).

In other words, labor has no power at all compared to capital, can no longer say or do anything when work is obsolete, is optional, automation and computers make most work simply a make believe fairy tale necessity, corporations can hire anyone in any place worldwide at any price and under any conditions they impose, etc. Zero power for labor, Infinite power for Capital, this is the short story of it all, end of story.

So, why are they pounding down on labor so much in the EU ? because the capitalists are bored and want to have some fun: they are essentially saying that they will hire people (but they have no necessity to hire, it is just a show of power) if they can treat labor as badly as possible, if they can beat up workers then they will hire them otherwise there is no fun in hiring them, they can't get any kicks out of hiring people. So they impose minimum wages, impose hire and fire, like saying I will hire you only if I can beat you up, hire and fire you, do anything I want since your labor is optional, irrelevant, is just an optional, there is no structural necessity for your labor, so I just want to have fun imposing my will power on labor and deciding and having the power to do whatever I want just because, for fun, for no other reason: If I can't beat up labor and treat them as I want, if I can't impose my will power upon labor and enjoy making them suffer, I simply will not hire labor at all, and leave them unemployed.

And in fact, by leaving people unemployed you can always turn around and say "look how lazy all of those workers are, they don't want to work since they are unemployed, if they wanted to work they would be working, they are all lazy slobs that don't work and don't ever deserve to work again unless they finally abide to working under the conditions I impose, but the conditions will always be temporary, until I devise and figure out some other fun and games system to hose them, surprise them and fire them or slash their salary, to make them run and jump and hop so I can enjoy the spectacle, all the while blaming the victim on his predicament": and the victim blames himself, and everyone blames the victim (it is so much fun when you are free to hate, free to finally pound down on who is guilty of all of the "economic problems", labor is the one always guilty), labor, workers, the Greek government workers should all be fired, etc. and the victim (aka labor) is always guilty of not "working hard enough" (which really means being "flexible" enough to accept any conditions I impose since I want to express my power and will power for fun and games).

In other words capital no longer needs labor so they are free to play around with the worldwide labor pool as much as possible, after all, it will always be the fault of labor, labor is always too lazy, and always makes to much money, etc.

A Technological Economy renders work and labor weaker and weaker by making work not necessary, optional. As opposed to a few decades ago when labor was needed for industrial production, there was some kind of counter force and balance (and also clear cut input -> manipulations -> output circuits, as opposed to the Services Economy where there is no clear cut production but only power relationships, fluff, worthless Information Economy crap (since the production of information is all free and never ending through the Internet, communications, smart phones etc.) the power of free wills deciding anything since production is now automatic and easy to do, etc. as if the less real labor is needed anymore the more power the powerful have since they are free to express their will power and impose their will power on all) and hence the reasons why unions had some power, etc. they could condition production, they had some power, today labor has zero power and will have less and less power and will have to abide ever more to the Powers That Be. AMEN.

But make no mistake, the Standard Economic Model and theory will always present the facts as a "structural necessity" for labor to be "flexible", "competitive", for inventing so many excuses to hide the real facts: and Germany and some other areas and countries are examples where the prefect make believe is achieved, where they can brainwash everyone and make believe that labor must abide to certain rules in order to be "productive" when it is all false, all a make believe, a show, and of course the show works and is real since the powers that be, the "Investors" can create all the make believe environments and work environments simply because they have the money and decide all and all must abide: Why not just cut the crap and be honest and cut all of the ideology and make believe structural necessities and say: I WILL HIRE YOU UNDER THESE CONDITIONS AND ONLY BECAUSE I SAY SO, I HAVE THE POWER TO DECIDE, END OF STORY. ? Instead of all of the debates and political conflicts and make believe democratic process to find the "right rules for society" making believe that there is some objective truth when there is only Arbitrary Free Wills deciding for all and making up the rules, ever changing rules, any rules according to the power they have and nothing else. AMEN.

{I wonder what that means from a biological or evolutionary advantage standpoint}

And as for your question above . . . it is great food for thought. Perhaps the planet is telling us that too many smart, "innovative" people isn't what it wants :) Perhaps William Catton is right . . . overshoot seems to be a valid theory. Take a look at Africa and India. Even China is still a developing country, and there are people starving there too . . . not to mention the social issues they're beginning to have from the "one-child" policy and the inordinate imbalance they are facing between the male to female ratio.

We fuck with Ma Nature, and she pokes back . . . :) I'm feeling rather good about this here being a Darwinian dead-end these days . . . I wouldn't want my children to have to live through what seems to be coming down the road. Cynical, I know, but it's my two cents. I feel bad enough about my sibling's children and my friends and other family member's children.

Continuing my train of thought . . . to Bossier:

I grew up in Mississippi, on the Gulf Coast, and when I was in middle and high school, in the 80's, those folks were teaching 100% evolution. Because I did not come from an evangelical Christian home and this wasn't EVEN an issue during that time, I went to school being taught valid SCIENCE. The fact that the interference of religion in "state" means that this might lead to a science teacher actually being required to teach "creationism" (whatever the FUCK that IS) right next to REALITY on the docket, makes me want to lose my lunch. And, I REPEAT, I went to school in MISSISSIPPI. For Chrissakes!

I was a poor kid, but you can be damn sure I found my way to birth control . . . and I got it from the health department in my county, in MISSISSIPPI, for FREE, when I was a teenager. MISSISSIPPI. I was a responsible kid and there was no way, no how, I was about to bring a kid into the kind of family I had been raised in, knowing better the hardships.

So, to see the severe turnaround in this country, based 100% on evangelical religious beliefs, in this country, over the past 20-25 years (I am 42) makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me glad I chose not to have children (that was not the original plan, BTW) because they would be subjected on the one hand to the out-of-control, Hollywood media bullshit on one hand, telling them SEX SEX SEX, and on the other hand, NO WAY OF DEALING WITH THE CONSEQUENCES OF SEX. Except to marry the loser you unfortunately decided to sleep with when you were young and dumb (no BC), got knocked up by (no abortion available), and now, it's goose-eggs for you, honey. (i.e. live with whatever drunk useless fuck you were dumb enough to have sex with that one time, and hope for the best :)

No thanks :)~ Can I get a sharp stick in the eye for $1000, Alex? :)~~

TT said:

We fuck with Ma Nature, and she pokes back . . . :) I'm feeling rather good about this here being a Darwinian dead-end these days . . . I wouldn't want my children to have to live through what seems to be coming down the road. Cynical, I know, but it's my two cents. I feel bad enough about my sibling's children and my friends and other family member's children.

The problem is that the Oil Age, beginning around 1800, has led to a lot of one-time circumstances like advances in medicine, the ability to drive to a doctor, the ability to grow more food, access to more food, etc. etc..

We're now on the downslope of the WorldWide Hubbert Curve and the last 45% of the oil is MUCH harder to get than the first 45% and so the ERoEI ratio is like 4:1 now whereas it was at least 30:1 just 50 years ago.

Had mankind not discovered uses for petroleum in medicines, gasoline, vehicles, and so on, there is NO WAY that the human population would be anywhere near 7 billion people. A lot of those 7 billion are living in places like Phoenix, Cairo, Baghdad, and other harsh climates without sufficient water. When energy costs skyrocket, the Desert Southwest and the Middle East won't support ten percent of their current population.

Many people would term you a "cynic" but not me. Never. I think you're a realist who refuses to fall for the "blue sky" that the "technology will save us once again" types. Will technology give us more freshwater? No. Will technology create substitutes for petrochemical fertilizers to feed 7 billion endlessly? No. We're already at a breaking point where even WITH healthcare you still have sizable bills for surgery and other procedures. College is rapidly becoming unaffordable since you are no longer guaranteed a great job thereafter and, so, the wisdom of accumulating a $50K debt is coming under rightful scrutiny.

The stark facts, which JHK has ruthlessly outlined in "Long Emergency", are that all attempts to find petroleum substitutes are woefully inadequate, do not scale well, or are abject failures. Look at all the initial hopes for wind power. Europeans are finding out that wind is a pain because the maintenance costs for those zillion-turbine windfarms are huge.

The saddest thing of all, for me, is that the POLLYANNAS are the ones expecting a last-minute miracle while not one miracle is evident. If anybody works on this problem, it's going to be the PESSIMISTS who know that time's a wastin' and we cannot wait any longer for a "Manhattan Project" for petroleum replacements.

The last thing I'd want to be in the current USA is a kid. At least I've had a good run in life. People who are 20 now never knew a great America and will never see one as long as they live because we're looking at a "keyhole" out of which 1 billion people might survive.

There's no way that 7 billion people (much less the projected 9 billion) can be supported when water, oil, and many base metals are waaaaaaay past their alltime peaks.


With regard to the Kelvar underpanties for American female motorcyclists, I thought that the whole motorcycle thing was just a metaphor since one would think that the market for such a product would be unreasonably small? There probably aren't more than a thousand serious female motorcyclists in the U.S., and, of these, it is likely that only a small percentage of these seasoned, road-hardened women would find kelvar underpanties a "must-have" item of clothing.

The ubiquity of dot-com social climbing is one of the things that annoys the hell out of me about the Bay Area. When I lived in Palo Alto as a child (1982-92), HP and Apple were on the scene, but it was hard to find people who were douchebags about money and corporate ladder-climbing. These days they're a dime a dozen.

One of my cousins, who as far as I can tell has no relevant technical expertise, has somehow gotten several project management jobs with major tech companies. The software business as he describes it is positively drowning in bullshit artistry. He advised me several years ago to learn Mandarin so that I could make money bullshitting bullshitters in two languages. (I wanted nothing to do with the fraudulent business that he was touting. Besides, the characters and tones were too hard, so I stuck mainly to Russian.)

His sister, meanwhile, stewed for several years, and may still be stewing today, because she didn't get in on the dot-com boom prior to 2000 and make a shitload of money all at once. Instead, she had to plod along at a very lucrative job for years in order to make a somewhat smaller fortune. She has also been mad at my dad since 2003, when he administered my maternal grandmother's estate and allegedly defrauded her of her fair share. He in fact did nothing of the sort; my cousin's exaggerated claims were based on oral promises and insinuations and a will that was invalid because it had been drawn up after our grandmother had become manifestly incompetent.

Brief Emeryville anecdote: circa 2000, a house two doors down from my parents' house in Palo Alto went on the market for $929k; within a day it was bought for $2m cash. It was subsequently raised to the ground, with barely a weed left on the property, and replaced by a Taco Bell pseudo-Mission-style monstrosity that took up almost the entire 60x110' lot. The new owner whose biotech options paid for this folly started now commuted daily to Emeryville. His darling little snowflakes just had to be in the Walter Hays catchment! Of course, the parents also had to show that they had officially arrived.

Inland, the hot pump-and-dump scam is once again, amazingly, house-flipping. I had an almost pants-shitting moment of disbelief last week when I was driving past Tracy and heard some shyster come on the radio advertising sales positions flipping houses in Stockton and Modesto. This bastard actually declared that prices in these cities were "recovering" and "expected to increase substantially in coming years."

It takes either dumb-as-dirt ignorance or psychotic greed to believe a yarn like that. I cringe to think of how much of that ad's audience puts stock in insipid "reality" shows on cable like "Flip This House." The first thing that came to mind when I heard that ad was, "My God, these fools have actually been watching that shit!" I would truly like to have more faith in my fellow Americans, but when I hear scams like that on broadcast radio in a market that has a huge surplus of housing, I can only agree with you that we're a narcotized people.

It can be painful to watch.

TT said:

Except to marry the loser you unfortunately decided to sleep with when you were young and dumb (no BC), got knocked up by (no abortion available), and now, it's goose-eggs for you, honey. (i.e. live with whatever drunk useless fuck you were dumb enough to have sex with that one time, and hope for the best :)

One could afford optimism if the manifest trend in youth were to marry refined, well-mannered, modest, law-abiding citizens who are earnest enough to take their duties as mothers/fathers seriously and who take their duties at their jobs seriously.

Instead, we have couplings that are a freak show out of some "Little Shop of Horrors" scenario. Vain pricks (and prickesses :)) whose idea of refinement is a neck tattoo and two tickets to a death metal concert.

This, my friend, is the true horror ... as a people we are heading 180 degrees in the wrong direction and all of the media lick-licks are perpetuating it by depicting nutters as the epitome of intellect and rationality like the goofball female hackers on "Criminal Minds" and "NCIS".

In real life, vain, marked-up nutters end up being barristas, waiters, or low-end retail clerks in low-end stores (not Neimann-Marcus). Our young ARE the "canaries in the coal mine" and we're not even paying attention to the message they are delivering which is; a) Fuck everything, b) I don't give a fuck, and c) Fuck you if you try too make me give a fuck.

That's reality, not Hollywood.


"Pucker --

Between now and Election Day, we can expect a few surprises, but here's one thing that won't change: the meals I have with supporters like you.

These meals are incredibly important to me, and I'm committed to having them regularly.

We're planning the next dinner -- and the first guest will be picked tomorrow night. That could be you.

Pitch in $3 or whatever you're able, and you'll be automatically entered to join me and three other guests for a meal sometime soon:

I'm looking forward to this,


The problem, of course, is that as bad as Palo Alto has gotten (it's an absolutely soulless amalgam of cork-sniffers, corporate shills, tech-obsessed gadget freaks, and success-mongers), if you go to the working class towns you just see a different type of clone i.e., a guy with a buzz cut, funny facial hair, a ballcap, and the unmistakeable inscription of DUMB on his face. The Central Valley towns are now bastions of carjacking, meth labs, and cholo gangs.

So, you have the delightful choice of bourgeois phoniness or outright danger. Palo Alto right now is at the end of the classic 3-year venture cycle yet the dumbasses are building office space faster than you can say Jack Sprat ... just in time for Tech Collapse 2.0. Why do allegedly smart people do EXACTLY the wrong thing at EXACTLY the wrong time?


Glad you've finally realized you're living behind enemy lines. I feel useful. I like to help people make good decisons.

How is it up to you to decide when somebody becomes a person?

Free birth control? You mean paid for by the public don't you? And you're going to make people pay for something they don't believe in? That's tyranny. I don't have a problem with it btw, but it's the principle. I do have a problem with abortion.

Yeah I can see that - it really moves right along like a miniature Old Testament in itself.

Vlad said:

Free birth control? You mean paid for by the public don't you? And you're going to make people pay for something they don't believe in? That's tyranny. I don't have a problem with it btw, but it's the principle. I do have a problem with abortion.

Yup. This is one of the problems I have with a certain type of liberalism i.e., the idea that if YOUR concept of liberty differs from mine, mine will prevail.

In 29 of the 50 states, more than HALF of the pregnancies were "unintended" and, of course, a disproportionate share of those were in the black and Hispanic communities. About half of these pregnancies end in abortion.

We all have a sex drive but in past eras people weren't sitting on their asses in such unimaginative ways so "scoring" with the opposite sex didn't occupy as much mindspace as it does today. With most people doing boring office jobs or other kinds of "gopher" or "flunky" jobs, they aren't working off nearly as much of that libidinal energy as they used to.

The incredible amount of unintended pregnancies that are half-heartedly allowed to go to birth is an indication of how many human beings are coming into the world UNWELCOMED. Of course, this is the vanity and selfishness of today's parents so why are we surprised that our children are models of garishness and vanity?


"Inland, the hot pump-and-dump scam is once again, amazingly, house-flipping. "

Some small local cycles can start all over again if enough people believe in it. Of course sooner or later the game will come to an end, but people will always keep falling for the same BS over and over again no matter how many times they have been burnt. If enough people believe it, they can actually hike up prices (but nowhere near what happened from 2000 to 2007) until the prices collapse again: the real limit to it all is how many high paying jobs are available and possible to sustain such high prices ?

Housing is special all over the world, in many cities of the world rich people from other countries buy houses and make the prices go up: but the reason is real estate, property, "office space", houses is a proxy for VALUE, for MONEY, it is a SYMBOL for MONEY, it is a way to freeze value and money into something tangible: look at real estate as another form of CURRENCY, as a BANK, then it will all become clear to you, and MONEY IN THIS FASHION IS USED AS A WEAPON AGAINST THE WEAKER SOCIAL CLASSES.

Come on, the sun!! i ve got what i sincerely hope is my last load of firewood; i must drive through the yard to do so, and t-storms are coming...gonna be close...

ha ha, just the opposite for myself: born in memphis to parents who were both from miss'ippi, then right away brought to the commune here in the age of 10, i regularly visited our immediate neighbors- and the first thing i noticed that they did NOT say 'you guys'; & noticed how they said when we left (i was a teen) i was literally able to pick up a nice twang on my first day at school- really, within an hour or your brit friend- bit of an aside heah, but the southern accent is derived from the british, as a preponderance of plantation owners, plus many small-holders and later just plain farmhands, were from the least that s what i was told...

i m rereading a le carre novel; in it one character asks the other whether he 'marries everyone he fucks'...says 'we used to do that; it didn t work out so well'...i thought it was funny, and true own view on the subject is that no man has the right to more than 49% of an opinion; and only that if the child in question is his own...i feel this way even as i was literally a scheduling conflict away from being aborted myself- when it comes down to it, ONLY WOMEN GIVE BIRTH- in case all you "conservative", right-wing-nut fundamentalists haven t figured this new-fangled biology out...

...and as to 'the right to life': when you can eat without taking a life- plant or animal- then talk to me...and if you really care, why are so many teenagers "lost" in group homes? and why must the food and health programs that are intended to help those very same kids kept alive be slashed? where is the logic in that? i m just saying...

Mick Jagger was a guest of honor at an Obama shindig in the White house last nite. Of course the festivities were covered by the ass kissing Obama syncophants from Public Television for future fundraising and broadcast. (who else)?

Hey Mick, why don't you drag your skinny rich geriatric ass back to your castle in England, you f----g degenerate? Have a bottle of $10,000 champaigne on me.

A ways back you appeared in Hartford wearing a dress. I've wondered about you ever since.


The slippery slope argument doesn’t work. Here’s why -- people can’t marry dogs or power tools because dogs and power tools can’t consent to it. Federal laws (a/k/a US Constitution) always trump state laws.

The First Amendment reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” so in theory, the arrest of Warren Jeffs for practicing his religion is a violation of the First Amendment. And federal law trumps state law which means he was prosecuted illegally.

So if you are correct that the Catholic Church is having its “religious freedom” impinged upon, then traditional Mormons are also having their “religious freedom” impinged upon. Hence the can of worms the Catholic Church has now opened.

The choices we make... ??

Well thanks to the robber-banksterish control of the OECD’s with GS/JPM offices glittering in there city centre hubbs... It’s a one way route to hyper-inflation, and asset value collapse for the weak and down-trodden, and those food, water and energy prices... well they’ll be an ever increasing. But heck... what's really noew kids?

Last week I was in Sandbanks, Poole for a few days, one of the most des-res postcode choices to sit in atop on our little Brit isle...

And designer harbour view LA style statement house boxes with price tags of £6m plus.... well they now squat idle lacking buyers empty, however loads are still being developed and built. One only hopes the builders aren’t relying on heavy gearing re finance for the construction, as to the potential purchasers, well they will be a very long time coming...

But for anyone within 200 miles of central London a mega fresh water drought now is looming, so designer walk in ‘Fired Earth’ shower, sauna and steam room equipped you may be... though sadly by this summer’s height no flowing water to enjoy them you’ll have.


Me... the choice I’m about to make is jetting off from Heathrow over to Geneva, for skiing in Champéry till Easter, seems climate change has brought the best snow ever for decades to the Swiss Alps. And now half-term is over the spoilt-bratz-packs are back at school which leaves the slopes clear and free for use... with minimal lift queuing, how I personally prefer it.

(Powder snow free of folk)

Then it’s onward to Turkey for sailing in early April through May, unlike Greece there an own currency controlling zone, so hopefully free of smouldering infrastructure and rioting local’s et al...

(I’ll post updates from Switzerland & Turkey too for anyone that’s interested, or not)

But hate to have to say it Jim and you CFN blog viewers... so far my personal sense with the peeps I’m coming into contact with... is there’s absolutely no TLE shockwaves lapping at the well manicured soles at the mo... and you’d be a boring party downer doomster for saying so.

Though I would say in more run down Brit city environs, the walking wounded are becoming more visible... but was it any different in the 18th century?

But when the ‘elite’ do eventually get super nervous at home, then to sea on their comfortable yachts they will for sure flee... That’s a no-brainer given, as to maintain their riches; they sure ain’t that dumb to stick around when the home fires are burning!

Increasingly too... the insidious creep of state surveillance, increasing lack of travel freedom and punitive tax burdens... well the Cayman Islands and its ilk will no doubt see hyper-inflation in new resident numbers...

And that’s a fact you really can believe in...

Be seeing you...

doesn t the freedom from religion also apply to the fourteen year old girls the bastard "married"?!

Through you, to Wage:

Turn off your modem (if external) or shut down your computer (complete power-down) for at least 10 minutes. Longer, if you've got something else to do, which you most certainly do. ;o) That has worked for me before. You might have to use a new screen name, but I didn't find that necessary.

Try dat, and see yez soonish!

as i understand it, consent cannot be legally given by a minor...

Thanks for the link. I'll check out a dealer near me. Anything to get off this high oil shit. The Natgas monopoly wants way too much to bring the line down the block 1/3rd of a mile to make it worth hooking up. I'd have to live another 50 years to break even.

"What's the point of posting here now if you're hoping that maybe a handful of other people will wade through the inordinate line space to spot a needle in a haystack. It's absurd." -E.

I take the time to "wade" through to find the relevant postings. I generally have a lot of patience... until I don't. ;o)

Believe me, I understand your frustration.

(But La Nina will dissipate between March and May this year. Hows that for wtftstfizzat? lol)

Hey Wsp, I've got a nice red chiffon skirt that is To-die-for. I wear it to all the union functions! I get more kisses than a prize pig at the Big-E!

Here's a nice little song for you, me and other folks who enjoy living here and contemplating the earthly plane, instead of waiting for that Big Transport Plane to heb'bin. :o)

Yes, brothers and sisters, it's a gospel tune to make the heart swell with... uh... "swellness", but Eliza Gilkyson is going to burn in the arms of da deb-bil forever and ever amen! Enjoy.

"So, to see the severe turnaround in this country, based 100% on evangelical religious beliefs, in this country, over the past 20-25 years (I am 42) makes me sick to my stomach."

The "severe turnaround" was caused by abandoning biblical morality and "each man {and woman} doing that which is right in his own eyes". Sneering at the holy has its consequences.

Organized {man-made} religion, which {in my POV} includes all secular and religious belief systems must share responsibility.


If everything is turned into a will power, everything is a will power, so you may be in opposition or in collaboration, your will power may be in control or denied: or you may define your will power in control or denied even if socially everyone says you are losing: like you may be unemployed and a loser but you secretely want exactly that because you want to be free of the chains of labor, of course your will power is being respected by the situation but others think that it is being denied, etc. So all combinations are possible.

Also, when modifying brains, it is like a science where everything is always new, a new discovery, as if repetitive patterns and "old results" are impossible, so you have a kind of science where only new discoveries are constantly being made and possible structurally for trillions of years and for trillions of Scientists: as if the new is hardwired and assigned mentally, so strange and different from our science trying to find new results when in a modified brain science it is the other way around: impossible to find old results, every result is 100 % new.

Also, like when they say everything I learned, I learned by forgetting everything I learned in school and such, well our experience is exactly that: we learn all of the repetitive patterns operating and create mental models and start believing our mental models more than reality, as reality denies them constantly: we must unlearn many repetitive patterns and abide to reality contradicting all and any mental models: we overdone learning and studying and creating mental models, now they must be unlearned.

These jeans are for biker chic's who most likely go commando and have poor feminine hygine habits.

I grew up and still live on the gulf coast also. I can't remember how evolution was handled when I was in high school in the 70's. It seems like I understood the concept of evolution from an early age. The information was readily available even without the internet.

I too was determined not to ruin my life by being trapped having my girlfriend get pregnant in my teen years. There was a city clinic with multiple birth control methods. How hard is it to consider your own life. It is beyond me.

WTF, over?! scrub my place marker (which was intended to save several minutes of scrolling with my thumb), while leaving in place oldsmobile parts strewn all over the fucking landscape??!! as if anyone even reads that shit?! i was under the impression that there is no moderator- did it look like spam? i addressed prog directly...are you reading these comments, mr kunstler?

I like the saying "nobody knows anything" (Goldman, I think). And I think it was Niall Ferguson that said that history happens in spasms.

I think that events build up bit by bit unseen or unfelt by just about everyone (ie nobody knows anything) and then there's an apparent cataclysm (one of Ferguson's historical spasms) that wouldn't appear to be a spasm had people been aware of the build-up of events.

Why are we where we're at? A decades long run of events - economic, political, demographic - both national and international in scope. And so we have this financial debacle after we were assured by superbly self assured financial "experts" that Alan Greenspan - the maestro - had everything well in hand and had, all by himself, abolished business cycles. He was the author of the Great Moderation. As it turns out not so much. As it turns out, in my opinion at least, this disequilibrium between production and consumption and the relentless churning out of liquidity by Mr G. brought us to this pass.

So Martini Banter, you're right, the US is huge and has an immense wealth of human resources. But Americans are pissing them away through sloth, slovenliness, complacency, greed, never mind outright criminality.

So will the decline be gradual or a sudden jump off the cliff? I doubt we'll be able to tell the difference except maybe in hindsight when vision is 20/20. This "sudden" disaster of 2006-2009 was unforeseen by a lot of people that should have foreseen it had they been looking for and seeing all the obvious warning signs.

What could push things over the cliff? What if Iran gets the Bomb? What if Little Kim over in Korea tries to prove his manhood and provokes a conflagration? What if (and maybe this is the mother of all Black Swan events) the Taliban up-ends the ruling regime in Pakistan and gets control of the nukes? What happens if one of the Beards sets off a nuke in the vicinity of Tel Aviv or New Delhi or NYC? What would we be facing then? You say these guys aren't crazy enough? Are you sure?

These are "known" unknowns in Cheney speak. But what about "unknown" unknowns?

We are watching Animal Farm in real life...... The barnyard pigs are staging a revolution complete with lies and deceit......

White House adviser Valerie Jarrett....according to her....unemployment some round about way.....are actually “good for” and “stimulate” the economy........Jarrett delivered the remarks at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina......

what direction do you want this kountry to go?? 2012

man, i ve been meaning to ask someone- just wtf is a black swan moment?! i mean, really?! i take it it has something to do with that movie...which, btw i ve not seen; & have no desire to see...i figure i have some idea from context, but it still seems like some kinda fad or something...yo...

Quick story, Back circa 1982 there was a photo in [Time? Newsweek?] of Jagger hugging Bowie and Bowie has his hand up imploring the photographer to not
show them touching.
[Rumor has it in the 60s or 70s they were an item, according to Angie..remember RS song 'Angie'?].


My question is how much of the apparent religiosity is for real and how much is contrived?

So what do I mean by contrived: publicly proclaiming your Christian faith, declaring your belief in the biblical creation account, declaring your disbelief in evolution, going to weekly church services, attending church functions, declaring opposition to birth control/abortion, declaring opposition to same sex marriage, declaring distaste for secular values


not believing a word of what you're declaring.

Why would you do this? Because everyone else is going to church, declaring their Christian faith etc etc etc and you live among such people and don't want to be an outcast. So you secretly use birth control, get your kid an abortion when the idiot gets knocked up, believe in evolution, have no problem with same sex marriage.

But you also do this because you can't stand the assholes from liberal bastions that look down on the people that live in your part of the country. It's a "fuck you" to them as much as anything. Just a theory.

A Black Swan is an idea developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

Wikipedia gives this account of it;

The theory was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to explain:

1.The disproportionate role of high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance and technology

2.The non-computability of the probability of the consequential rare events using scientific methods (owing to the very nature of small probabilities)

3.The psychological biases that make people individually and collectively blind to uncertainty and unaware of the massive role of the rare event in historical affairs

Unlike the earlier philosophical "black swan problem", the "black swan theory" refers only to unexpected events of large magnitude and consequence and their dominant role in history. Such events, considered extreme outliers, collectively play vastly larger roles than regular occurrences.

IMO most of what happens in history is "unexpected". Nobody sees things coming or smugly assumes the probability of certain events especially disasters happening is low. Until they happen.

I'll bet to Neville Chamberlain this whole Hitler thing was a Black Swan event. Hitler couldn't possibly be so nuts as to re-ignite a widespread European war could he? Especially after the experience of the first one?

This life is all "seeds and skin" to quote the Hindu Saint Ramakrisna. That anyone could find it fufilling show they have the depth of mud puddle. In fact you don't - thus your messianic Marxist Idealism. You are a very religious man - of a false religion. All these generations of Marxists singing "You'll have Pie in the Sky when you Die" - what a pack of loser morons.

You see Charlie, most people distinguish between people and animals...But I suppose being you, you would be willing to eat a human flesh. It's all "Killing" to Chuckles...

Or as a man of principle like Prog, you would be willing to eat a "fetus" but not a baby. And better a baby than a baby seal...

Bowie gave a large contribution to Mychel Bell and his gang of Black thugs. One of the thugs went on the Internet with a picture of hundred dollar bills in his mouth.

aaah, bach! nothing to do with the movie; just that there aren t any black swans...thankyou for your consideration


Yes, Obama is obviously not a Christian (nor a Muslim), if the word has any common meaning. Rev Wright's Christianity is just a hate Whitey Cult. But will the Republicans have the courage to press home their advantage and hammer him like they have each other? To do so would be a tacit admission that the Democratic Party is the party of Minorities, and the Republican Party that of Whites. They lack such courage and vision and I predict an Obama victory.

In a strage way you remind me of Alex in A Clockwork Orange. Not only do you share a name but also his blithe indifference to essential human values that comes so easily to the rich (not only the very rich), and the very poor. Thus I dub thee Captain Blithe.

Even though the shift-change has brought its' usual distasteful blatherskite, let's return to this week's topic (just for shits and giggles, you understand).

I'd say Mr. Palast has a decent theory of how the "choices" we get aren't necessarily the choices we'd make (in the context of "options" for candidates).

Now, what was all that shit about whites, blacks, jooz, and other skin-colored choices? Dumbfuckery such as this will hasten our misunderstandings in every regard. Is that the POINT? I happen to think that's the case, so tough shit fer me, I guess. I prefer to see how well these "concepts" apply in the real world.
Jump, froggie, jump.

Greece is what Democracy looks like.

A valid point, but how does that negate the reality of racial strife? That they are doing that as well? Well sure, but it happens naturally as well. The salient point is why do they favor minorites over Whites - even though they are ostensibly White? And then blame racism on Whites? Moreover, what are we going to do about it?

One clue: Jews don't consdider themselves White to begin with. This attitude, combined with the usual contempt the upper class has for the proles, has brought us to this pass.

An excellent theory, Rhino. People sense when they are despised. So called progressives could steamroll politics if they practiced the tolerance that they preach. You have to be part of a pre- approved group to be tolerated.

"... insidious creep of State Surveillance "


Well we have state surveillance here too. ABC news segment last week reported on Drones, the same type being used in Central Asia, being deployed in a big way by police departments thru out the United States. Except these drones are armed with very sensitive cameras but no bombs (yet). For the safety of the public, you understand.

Last summer I was Metal Detecting in a field not far from home. Suddenly a helicopter appeared and flew in pretty close. I could see the pilot filming me. Nothing came of it.

On the local news last night was a report of technology that allows local police to scan the plates of passing cars and get an immediate report of owner, address, criminal history, description etc. As prescient as Orwell was I don't think even he dreamed of stuff like this. It would have taken a Jules Verne if he was in to that sort of thing.


it is the bar code that is somewhere on the could (and disclaimer: i am not suggesting you do so) obscure or otherwise (scratch scratch) distort said bar code...might getcha pulled over; might not- but at least you know when your info is being collected...

not sure exactly what is meant by 'brokered', but it is scary to think they ll try to (s)elect jeb busIII for us...i m pretty sure it was promised to him in return for his girlfriend's help in 2000...and for all you allergy sufferers out there, what s so hard to accept about a group of very rich, very powerful people (men) trying to rig things so that they get more power & wealth...i mean, really, what would you do if you were in their ballys?!

The Nine plan to look again at Affirmative Action - thus breaking the curse of Twenty Five Years that the Witch put on it many years early. Our hope lies with Alito. If this can be overturned, our Colleges will return to White and Asian almost exclusively. And if we could just deport the Mexicans we could get Blacks back into the fields and factories where they belong.

Thanks for the tip CFT. I personally am pretty legit and don't have much to worry about. Its the idea of the thing. State surveillance is just step 1. The last step is rounding everybody up and putting them in camps. It can't happen here? It couldn't happen in Germany or Russia either.


precisely, and exactly! 'first they came for the...'
who was it that warned us that security at the expense of freedom is no security at all...?!

Proxy comment:
"I was posting comments to CFN up till sometime Mon afternoon when suddenly the system asked me to do a fresh sign-in which the system does now and then. This time however the system came back and said "permission denied." I tried numerous times and also tried using a secondary screen name that I had used a few times previously but, no go. I then tried setting up an all new screen name, still no go. I wrote to Kunstler and he said he had no idea what the problem was. He said he had banned "the troll" (his words) Mrs Beasley (aka Tootsie, OEO, etc) that day and unless I were Mrs Beasley I wasn't banned. Tonight, reading the blog I see that Wagelaborer emailed Prog all up in arms to let him know that SHE had been banned. Perhaps her problem is the same as mine. I think there is some technical glitch with the CFN site."

"Since they don't understand where it came from, they conclude that it was all a God-given endowment conferred upon them for their exceptional specialness as Americans, and so only the forces of evil could conspire to take it all away." --JHK

You'd be amazed how true this statement is...

...and one of my favorite sayings of all time is 'gun control is hitting the bull'seye with half the clip; and the surrounding target with the rest' paraphrasing here, but you get the idea as a personal aside, an early treasured memory of mine is deer hunting with my pop for the first time as a teenager: he bought an old marlin 30-30 from his buddy, and we finally got some deermoit- otherwise known as 'fieldmouse'...what i didn t know til years later was just how poor we were; and how welcome the vittles were...apparently carpentry work was as hard to find in the winter then as it is now anyway, good luck and good huntin' in the seasons to come...

Ozone said:

I take the time to "wade" through to find the relevant postings. I generally have a lot of patience... until I don't. ;o)

Believe me, I understand your frustration.

Thanks for the moral support. Indeed, it is getting to be a labor, not a labor of love. Old69/Tegmark/8man writes these 250 line essays on ... whatever. Then the Chinese pictograph guy(s) write 500 line posts which say ... whatever. Then you've got the spammers and the word permutation programs and they're long, too. Finally, one must wade through Asoka's and others obligatory 20-30 posts per day.

Looking for YOUR stuff or LBendet's stuff or the handful of other sentient beings is starting to require the concentration of a nuclear physicist. :) At some point, it really isn't going to be worth the effort. At the current decay rate, that "some point" is looking to "right real soon".


"Consider that half the people who vote Dem have an IQ around 90, what kind of civilization could one build? The people here cannot even bother to ask that kind of question, instead believing that everyone has post grad studies under their belt."

What would that matter? The land grant universities are just bitches of the giant agricorps, and the liberal arts colleges belong to the "run the economy on fairy dust" camp. Neither has much of a future. Maybe it'd be better to just be ignorant. I've heard it's blissful.

You are an extremely stupid, overly presumptuous white man...

And whom could you be in a movie sense I wonder Vlad...??

(Oh of course)

William 'D-Fens' Foster he that is filmed internally imploding in 'Falling Down'...

The f#cked-up revenge fantasy flick re: violent redundant Caucasian rage against ‘others’... korean deli owners, latino gang-bangers, and whoever else that dares to disenfranchise the once uber-alas (but alas no longer) fading white male.

Oh, anxious, flaccid... begrudging white male.

Poor you!


have you tried the 'find on page' option in your browser? just type in a key word or phrase from the last entry you read; should shave quite a bit of searching...prog turned me on to it a while back- thanks, prog! i finally figured out to post my own place marker- which works great, provided the mean old webmaster doesn t wipe it clean off...

Now, what was all that shit about whites, blacks, jooz, and other skin-colored choices? Dumbfuckery such as this will hasten our misunderstandings in every regard.

I just logged in to snag a few comments to test comment management software I'm writing for This definitely makes the cut. Love it and I agree, dumbfuckery is an apt description.

When I get my software up and running long comments will automatically fold up. If you want to see all of what a post longer than your typical post looks like you will have to click it. I might make the length subject to user control but first I'll get something working.

proxy comment #2:
"Just wanted to let you know I too reside in access denied-land.

I would not want people to think I have chosen to leave CFN by choice, but by technology.

Hope to join the discussion soon, but in them meanwhile I'm detoxing."

Anybody else?

K-Dog, your software sounds promising!

uh-oh. Oil at $106.00 per barrel. and drudge says gas $6.00 per gallon in Kissimmee, FL. That's gonna cut the nuts right off the 'Economic Recovery'.


I have always enjoyed your input.

Really todays is great about what kind of god to believe in.

it's true. I believe in a loving God. It seems like too many christians believe in a Mean god.

I like the saying that you posted today about that.
and all your other posts. Sometimes it is time to move on. if you do I say HAPPY TRAILS !


The tone on here has changed, and not for the better.

Why do you put "others" in quotation marks? And why can't you even do the quotation marks correctly? Do you really believe that there are no others? Obviously you see Whites as 'others'. Do you really not have any idea how screwed up that is?

Captain, O My Captain - thou art sick.

jackie, have you checked out k-dog's blog? i would submit that this is the year to write in a candidate based on platform; rather than dem-public-rats...the dog has some real ideas, and you might agree...

Post-collapse, "Peak Oil" semi-retirement small business ideas that people have suggested to me (not my own business ideas) so far include:

1. Bar
2. Strip Club bar
3. Rock 'N Roll nightclub bar
4. Sex Shop
5. Tourist hostel on the Mekong River somewhere
6. English language school
7. Illegal drugs growing operation somewhere.(Here, I believe the Orlov's book "Re-inventing Collapse" suggests that marijuana might become a post-collapse alternative form of currency in the U.S., similar to Vodka in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.)

Any other ideas?

Please kindly advise if any of the foregoing would be eligible for a U.S. government Small Business Administration loan, or other government program?


How do I get to kdog blog ?

thank you.

Puck....On yahoo 'un news' clips they had something yday about 'valuable stuff in yr garage'...
which went to a TV News clip of

yr 1938 Zippo liter is worth thousands...


Google ' till 1950 biggest source of loans was pawnshops'................lemme know if you are going for it...I have someone with huge experience in running them....

A fool I know casually just lost a million $ and had to do time over his LA Med marijane shop....

Puck...dont break the law.

E, do you ever read / post at Elaine Supkis?

you know I read this and I thought I have no land, cuz live in an apt.

If worse came to worse, I supposed I could plant a veggie garden indoors.

we have to get creative.
lawns are a waste. of water and land.

I can 'see' folks planting inside to protect their food supply.

oh well...

sorry- you click on his name...i recently found out if a commenter's name is green, it means it is a link- for example, wage laborer, kulture kritic, etc...check out the tabs at the upper right...

"Pawnshops"---Actually, that's not a bad idea: Lots of people in the U.S. are in debt; they own a lot of useless crap that they purchased over the years with borrowed money. Hmmmm.....

How would one learn about the pawnshop business?

I was thinking about opening a business somewhere on an Indian reservation to try to get away from the Feds.

What about a small business targeting the growing market of pyromaniacs in the U.S. mushrooming in the current economic collapse, "Peak Oil" environment?

For example, chain of retail establishments in the Bible Belt of the Southern United States selling fireworks?

If you find a better blog why don't you come back and make a report? I know the worry would be that you would drag this sites "fruit loops" over to your new home. I doubt that would happen, because even the most minimal sort of moderation would stop the aura of stupid that this place has acquired lately.

Just getting rid of 8M and his clones and the Chinese spammer and his clones would clear up 75% of "scroll over country." (tm either SJMom or JackieBlue)

With some trepidation for unintended consequences - I'm going to post my email address again. It's a leftover from a real-estate-boom business idea of mine that didn't quite get off the ground. I'm slowly growing a group of CFN posters who might be interested in reforming on some other venue besides CFN.

betterhotwater @

Nutters, haters, and insulters will be immediately and permanently ignored. And be aware that I'm very slow to read and respond to emails on the above address.

Also be aware that I am having a certifiable hellofaweek, for the second week in a row, now.
So I won't be around as much as usual for the next few days.

Gotta' go.

Get stoned and abandon all constructive activity.

OK, one more comment -

"Free birth control? You mean paid for by the public don't you? And you're going to make people pay for something they don't believe in?"

Vlad - with all due respect - what kind of God forsaken IDIOT would not be BELIEVE IN birth control - given today's population numbers?

If you want to form the Freak 'o Leash Church of the Sacred Fetal Tissue and Large Family - go for it, big boy.

But you should expect to pay for free birth control for the common good - just as people expect to pay for many, many other less useful activities that are supposed to be for the common good.

And - once again - Vlad and I will demonstrate our bravery by criticizing each other as White Tribe Members and Christian Tribe Members, in public, out in front of God and everybody.

Jeeze - what kind of chicken shit tribe won't criticize its members, anyway? The more I think about the Mika/Met insanity, the madder I get.

And Vlad - If you're really a White Supremacist/Whateveryoucallit - you should be ALL OVER public funding of birth control and abortions. I mean, really, who needs the FREE benefits? People of 80 IQ's?
Or people of 150 IQ's?

This is one area where you come across as a typical conservative parroting dumb-f*ck - instead of the genuine deeply thoughtful poster that you like to believe that you are.

Do you remember the scene in the Jack Nicholson movie "One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest" where they're playing cards in the looney bin. They're betting cigarettes in the game of poker, and Cheswick, thinking that he's clever, breaks his cigarettes in half so has to have twice as many cigarettes to bet. McMurphy (played by Jack Nicholson) gets all pissed off at Cheswick: "Chezzy...This is a cigarette. If you break it in half, you don't have a cigarette anymore because you can't smoke it. Ya got shit!"

Obama's assertions about fracking and a 100 years domestic natural gas supply are a bit like Cheswick. Lying doesn't get you more oil. Lying gets you shit!

FALLING DOWN. Michael Douglas at his very best. Should've won an oscar except for the fact that Oscarians snort too much coke to think straight.

prog, you helped me fly right over the scroll-thru country, with your suggestion about "find on page"- i even came up with posting 'place marker' to get back to the last thing i fine; i ve been ignoring most racist /religioust rants, with the occasional impediment thrown in just for, i know i m a newbie here- actually my first blogspot- but i quickly developed a proprietary interest, as it instinct as taurus is to by god power through the bullshit, because i don t want to lose this shiny new toy to the bully across the street...i think a balance can be reached between intelligent conversation and having fun with the rubes- at least i hope so...if it helps, i hope you get your kit lined back up, with the minimum of fuss...

Here's a link to a Jewish dating website.

I don't know if you have to be circumcised to subscribe?

By the way, what happens when a Jewish girl realizes that a bloke is not circumcised?

She does it herself?

What does the Jewish "Kashrut" say about sex with an uncircumcised male?

I suppose that these sorts of questions are more appropriately addressed by "The Matchmaker Rabbi"?

"The Choices We Make"

"Joysa Winter, aka The Matchmaker Rabbi, knows all about how hard it is to find lasting love. It took her 17 years to find Mr. Not Wrong! In that time, she tried just about every singles site, dating club and Matzah Ball known to humanity. Now a rabbinical student and the mother of 2 young kids, nothing brings her greater joy than officiating a wedding. She is finishing a book on her dating misadventures called Chasing Cupid, Tales of Dating Disaster in Jewish Suburbia. Read more about it at"

Well I'm arguing on two levels. As I said I believe in it so I agree with you. But many people don't - people I respect. The creator of the Pill (which is an abortion drug to be exact) regrets that he created it. He meant it to be something for couples to use. Little did he know of the demographic nightmare he would unwittingly unleash. Also, besides causing abortions, the Pill is bad for women's health so I guess it would have to be condoms or the diaphram or other such products in my perfect State.

But yes, if we must live with the kind of people we do live with, I would sanction such things including financial incentives for sterilization of the unfit. But if so, we have the right and the duty to encougage the other end of the spectrum to have children - finacial incentives and/or tax breaks. After all, Whites aren't the overpopulation problem - THEY are. And of course, if we're going to regain our sanity and start reproducing we would also start deporting them.

I don't like some of the above but I admit the need. Thanks for the challenge and calling me on my ambiguity.

"And of course, if we're going to regain our sanity and start reproducing we would also start deporting them."

But, please don't deport the blokes that you see in those immigrant-run pizza parlours who know how to twirl the pizza dough and throw it high upon into the air and then catch it spinning on their fingers when it comes down.

We need these people as a matter of national security!

"I believe the Orlov's book "Re-inventing Collapse" suggests that marijuana might become a post-collapse alternative form of currency in the U.S., similar to Vodka in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union."

While it is true that weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed using weed as currency is problematic.

Potency of properly cured weed will initially increase but after a few months potency will decrease with time. A few years ago about two pounds of what looked like really good shit was found in the tomb of a Chinese shaman who died 2000 years ago. It was very well preserved by dry air in the tomb. Unfortunately, it is only to look at.

I recall the story about the Chinese shaman from a Scientific American.

I hear that India [1.4? Billon peeps] uses less fertilizer than US LAWNS!!!!

And the Rabbi bites it off after the moyle cuts. When Jews gained dominance in the medical field they imposed this barbarism on the rest of us.

'How would one learn about the pawnshop business?'
Can you get to L.A.?

Someone I knew worked for Jdate!
They hired a non jew!

Are you talking about smoking weed as a way of dealing with boredom? Or are you saying that it's a medicine that can help survive hardships?

I smoked in my early 20's but I let it go. I don't metabolize it that well personally. But I certainly support legalization.

Perhaps the origins of Flying Saucers? Pizza with extra light crusts just keep on going when really spun.

Theres something at [alt right? taki?]
about the cute orthodox Lady in NYC whos divorcing
and rejecting 'her roots',,ya gotta see her hubbys pic.
ya gotta see the pix..the contrast...

"Hasid Hottie" & Mother Of 4 In Bitter Custody Battle With Orthodox ...
3 days ago – He didn't want me to get divorced, period,” Reich notes, adding that her father is a prominent rabbi..............................


I always wanted to go to a Matza Ball and tear off my T shirt and show them my Tats like in American History X. Not that I have any though. I don't - it's forbiden by the Great White Brotherhood as per Dwaja Kuhl in the Baily Books.

The Forbiden is always attractive. Trangression is principle of eroticism. Thus Jews fantasize about "Nazis" And Nazis had a big Jewish porn motiff. I've heard that Israel has an Arab fetish now.

" Oh, anxious, flaccid, begrudging white male."


Yes, sometimes males are flaccid. Priapism, though probably temporarily enjoyable, isn't really desirable.

Previously, I said that you should be denied your afternoon cocktail, for two weeks I think it was.
Now I think that you should be cocktail boarded for the same duration.

At times over here we have a problem with sinkholes, something with which you may be familiar.

And for awhile, I thought I was above the fray.

'The land grant universities are just bitches of the giant agricorps, and the liberal arts colleges belong to the "run the economy on fairy dust" camp.'

To some lesser or greater degree [no pun] Its what you make it.

'Neither has much of a future.'[what does?]

'Maybe it'd be better to just be ignorant. I've heard it's blissful..........'
Well 50% of Black Males are drop outs.
45% are unemployed....its not bliss.

Q, Wage, Lbendet are 403 banned?
Theres always Elaine Supkis.

See my post above the one of yrs I am responding to...see how good she looks and how weird he looks.
Miss Reich and her hubby, do you think the marriage
was arranged????????????

Hi, P2C. Thanks for the email address. I will respond soon so that you have my header. Yet, it's time to go exploring.


CFT said:
have you tried the 'find on page' option in your browser?

Thanks for the tip, CFT, but it only saves a little time. It won't change the signal/noise ratio herein. I wonder why Jim has such cheap blog software that you can't edit your own posts?


"Everybody loves a nice piece of Matzo. So why wait for Passover? Matzos are a fast and fabulous way to present your favorite party schmear. "

Schmear" is a word of Yiddish origin, which is the historic name of cream cheese spread upon a bagel.

Originally, the usage of the word schmear, or shmear, referred to a spread of cream cheese on a bagel. In modern usage it has extended to anything that can be spread, and in some cases refers to "an entire set or group of related things", or the expression "the whole shmear". [1]

What do you think of the whole "Schmear"?

Schmear" is a word of Yiddish origin, which is the historic name of cream cheese spread upon a bagel.

Originally, the usage of the word schmear, or shmear, referred to a spread of cream cheese on a bagel. In modern usage it has extended to anything that can be spread, and in some cases refers to "an entire set or group of related things", or the expression "the whole shmear". [1]

herve leger long sleeve Looks elegant temperament, and not make public is not dark sapphire blue, suitable for fair maiden temperament girl. Black skirt won't grab the shirt of elegant appearance, and will let his legs look more slender, leopard grain of small handbag make a fair maiden temperament, added a few feral smell.

Who wardrobe not some shirts, simple white or flowery colour, shirt is a star must have the joker sheet is tasted,herve leger long sleeve, no matter be tie-in pants and skirts are very nice. "Follow the tide guest so wear" column for everybody finishing tide the guest love shirt, so long as wear, simple shirt it will send out a boundless charm, immediately and tencent micro bo of netizens to observe how to use together shirt collocation gives herve leger strapless dress woman taste it.

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"I wonder why Jim has such cheap blog software that you can't edit your own posts"


OK, couldn't sleep. Glad I got up and checked this Cluster Fuck - even though I'm sneaking around the house wearing my wife's glasses, and can't half see to type.

The above gave me a chuckle, E. Imagine asoka. if he was able to back and change his psots. He would fragment into pieces from centripetal forces - like a nuclear powered melting-doiwn whirling dirvish of Infinitely Large Contradictions.

And thanks for the well wishes. A family illness has become a death in the family and yet another cross-State funeral 0- this time of the entire State, from mountains to coast and back. If I had had perfect future vision and been able to miss the funeral two weeks ago, we might not be having this second one.

Whoever said, "we don't regret the things we do, we regret the things we don't do....?"
That person needs to insert an escape clause to allow for the possiblity that it is possible to regret both categories of thing - simultaneously.

And speaking of peak oil -
I do believe that the WWII generation is going to be mostly laid to rest while the oil still flows freely.

I very much doubt that my generation will be so "fortunate." ? ?

C F on, you all. I'll be Bach.






The next time that you go out on a date with a girl ask her if she's "...wearing a wire?"

The ideal bar business post collapse would be a "titty" bar in Guam, new home of the 7th Fleet.

Strike that...

The next time that to talk to anybody, ask 'em if they're "...wearing a wire?"

To deal with the public is to deal with assholes. The only alternative is to have a moderator who rejects asinine posts. Having a moderator would effectively shut down the real time interaction and make the blog staid to the point of dullness most likely. I think it's easier to just scroll past the posters who hold no interest for you. Also, I don't get the impression that the blog has gotten worse in the past two years or so, which is as far back as I've been reading it.

I do know that in a barbershop it causes more trouble than it's worth when you become confrontational with the two-thirds of the population who are assholes of some variety. It is always easier to grin and bear it or perhaps to give the real turkeys ten minute haircuts just to get rid of them before they drive you nuts, which admittedly in my case is a short drive.

Are you wearing a wire?

I'm not sure if I have the emotional disposition for managing a "titty bar" or a sex shop? Just the pink neon tubes would be rather disorienting.

(seth & amy:) Really? REALLY?! where are you getting your information, glen beck? no, rush...? you ignorant puke, prevention of a pregnancy is not abortion...the pill tricks (and this part is important:) a WOMAN'S uterus into thinking she is already pregnant in order that the ovum won t "stick"; thus preventing a fetus...and to think that religious institutions used to be the centers of learning...

I dunno Tripp. The Sunbelt is not the only preserve for numbskulls. There's a LOT of ignorance out there. I hear people in non-sunbelt places that have ZERO idea of where their necessities of life come from. They think that vegetables and pork chops come from store shelves. They think that water magically comes from faucets. They take these things UTTERLY for granted. It looks to me also like a quasi religious belief: it was always here, it will always be here, the father, the son and the holy spirit (or choose your own incantation).

K-dog: "While it is true that weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed using weed as currency is problematic."

A private plane was forced to land at LAX last week when the Chinese V.P. was visiting. It strayed too close to Obama's AF1, and was intercepted by F-16s.

Pilot had several pounds of marijuana on board.

The fact is that several pounds of anything fly all over this great republic all the time. Guns, drugs, anthrax, fissionable material. One can only imagine what illicit goods are packed into the crates of Caesar salads as they make their way to America's lunch break.

This past summer, I predicted to a Russian friend that the S&P 500 would make it to 1440 and it looks on target to do just that. As I have repeatedly said, it is a grave mistake for market bears to mistake the real economy for the stock market and they end up shorting it so soon that they get stopped out just before they become "correct".

I have ZERO Schedule D transactions for year 2011 because I believe that the only prudent decision a bear can take is largely CASH with possibly some investment in a food/fuel futures fund. In the Fed's desperation to prevent deflation at all costs, we've got just what Bernanke wanted but at a terrible price i.e., stagnant wages, the worst jobless claims in a "recovery" ever, and rising costs for food, fuel, healthcare, and college.

Well, we certainly don't have deflation but the GDP right now is actually NEGATIVE if the 3% inflation is taken into account ... which it NEVER is in the media. Of course, the Obama Administration and the Fed are more than willing to propagate this illusion since it wouldn't look nice to say that all of our "growth" is a growth in prices paid by consumers.

Despite the persistent bellowing of people on this site like Asoka and people like Geithner telling Europe to "go American" by raising their annual deficits to 1/3 of the entire Federal budget. The cost of permanently prohibiting deflations and recessions for any length of time will keep the NOMINAL Dow afloat as I have long maintained but all you need to do as time flows by is to keep your eye on the prices for ESSENTIAL goods and not the "official" inflation statistic which is bad enough in a stagnant wage economy.

Fisher of the Dallas Fed today said things are so good that there's no need for QE3. Looking at coincident and lagging indicators, this is true. However, those are not the correct indicators to be observing. I believe that by mid-April at the latest, QE3 will be seriously discussed. But you have to wonder, if everything is so terrific, why would half the Fed even be remotely considering QE3???

Get used to "Orwellian" economic reporting right up to the moment N years from now when the US defaults on its debts. Here is the key point: US doubt is now more than 102% of GDP while the supposedly "dire" situations in Europe are less and often FAR LESS than that: Spain 61% of GDP, Portugal (total slackers right?) 93%, and even Greece ... the biggest basket case of all is at 120% of GDP.

European business confidence, despite their "allowance" of a small recession, is now increasing and the US debt continues to absolutely spiral into uncharted territory. The consumer is being isolated by disinformation while his/her situation stagnates yet he/she is being told how things are "improving".

But don't short the Dow!!!! The play of the next two years for gamblers will be to SHORT THE US DOLLAR. If the US runs trillion dollar annual deficits for just THREE more years (a likelihood), the US debt/gdp ratio will equal GREECE just one year ago. One.

"Nothing is as it seems. Skim milk masquerades as cream".


Another bit of Wall St. deception ... if the stock markets now represent such good value, why are the COMMERCIAL HEDGERS (like Goldman, Citigroup, etc.) net short the S&P 500 by more than 2 to 1?


BHM said:

I do know that in a barbershop it causes more trouble than it's worth when you become confrontational with the two-thirds of the population who are assholes of some variety. It is always easier to grin and bear it or perhaps to give the real turkeys ten minute haircuts just to get rid of them before they drive you nuts, which admittedly in my case is a short drive.

Marc, your philosophy is shrewd because we live in the era of "road rage" when a tantrum thrown at a Neanderthal is likely to get you shot, stabbed, or mortally beaten. I dare say that anyone on this site over 50 has seen the inflection from a more civil society to one where even the smallest expression of righteous indignation isn't worth the possible consequences.

I follow the personal modus operandi of vacating a scene of possible danger rather than sticking around like a traffic accident rubbernecker to "see what happens". When confronted with ill-mannered assholes in public, I try to create distance between me and them ... wordlessly.

Besides, it's in the very nature of the increasing stupefaction of the country that no matter how "logical" or "correct" your umbrage at the behavior of others, knuckledraggers aren't concerned with such niceties because the LOUDEST and/or most BESTIAL person in a public argument now is the "winner".

So ... you're absolutely right.


He did crap on Democrats and progressives but get this, he said: the opposing Democrats have their own problem with reality, which is that they don't tell the truth about so many things despite knowing better...

"Knowing better" he said. Big assumption. Big PRESUMPTION. Do they really "know better"? And of course to so many of the glitterati it's axiomatic that Sunbelt folk are too dumb to "know better".

A lot of people are blind to the idiocies rampant on what they presume to be the bastions of knowledge and enlightenment. Yet look at what comes out of the ne plus ultra of intelligence, wit and sophistication (NYC and especially Manhattan and especially Wall Street). Are these the thoughts and actions of people that "know better"? Are these the best and the brightest?

Sorry but I just cannot swallow that brand of koolaid. From my perch they look like the dumbest and the worst. They took a country that had so much going for it and they fucked it up totally. They gutted the productive economy, ruined its financial circulatory system and then they have the utter gall to say give us money or we'll blow the place up. I would have called their bluff, I would have said fuck you blow it up. You flush us down the shitter and you'll come down with us. They offshore productive work and yet they expect Uncle Sam to protect them and their intellectual property rights. What the fuck for? What earthly good are they to the USA?

E said, "buh-bye"

Everyone makes an announcement like this. It doesn't make much difference. Although it is nice to not have to wonder whether someone died.

I come here for the fisticuffs.

let s see if this works- for those of you who haven t seen this one yet:

Pucker squeezed out, "For example, chain of retail establishments in the Bible Belt of the Southern United States selling fireworks?"

Sure thing, ya betcha!

Americunts love combustion of all types. In their cars, in their fireplaces, at distant locales, in the test firing ranges at their weapons manufacturing jobs, and especially fireworks.

Thinking of starting a little export business out of Ghuanzhou?

As bad as an aseptic Foxconn iPad assembly plant is, its not half as uncomfortable as a job in a fireworks factory.

The US has been in so called slow motion default mode for some time.

You'll never get anything but Orwellian double think and double speak out of the economics "profession". If they aren't poodles for their banker employers and incessantly yapping about blue skies and happy times for stocks or bonds or whatever form of diseased, toxic shit the banker is currently peddling then they're censored, bound and gagged by political ideology or they're muzzled and constrained by prevailing group think on their college campus. If they get out of line they'll get chopped down. And so what you won't get is anything resembling a clear take on things. Don't look to economists for anything useful. You won't get it from them.

Charlie, I believe the ovum is already fertilized by that point - not that you care but some of us do. It's the principle - a new life has been created. I do acknowledge that it's nice to kill the baby before it has a nervous system and can feel pain. Obama voted for the Infanticide Bill - that when an abortion fails and the baby is born alive, the doctors have the right to kill "it".

I have no doubt but that you support this. I mean you support women and shit. And it's "their" body even when it's outside them and crying. And women are always right and have the right to kill etc.

Bravo Bustin. Combat sharpens us, defines us, makes us more. And some want a moderator! The Females and the Feminized! Bring it on bitches, Bustin and I are waiting for you at the Littani River.

No cocktails for Captain Blithe? Horrors! She'll sail over the edge of the world. Her Black Boyfried will be in danger!

Call in Steed and Emma for a crisis intervention.

Yes Marc, please make a secret tape and download it for us here. We can call it the Barbershop Diaries.

Remember, you worship a God who is both a god and a devil. Abraxas is his name. He wants us to be tricksters - it move Life along. And every man must destoy a world just to be born. You can't fly to God if you are still inside your egg.

Suddenly, once again, there is alot of noise in the media as gasoline prices edge up to $4.00 per gallon. Same old thing: Congressional investigations are called for, of Big Oil, of the refiners, of speculators, of OPEC. The blue collar people I hang with blame the situation on the Greens and Environmentalists because "there's plenty of oil right here", and "they won't let us drill." There is no use talking to them about it. Of particular concern here in the northeast is that home heating oil is almost $4.00 per gallon, too, and that's how everybody heats their houses. Some, many, just cannot afford it.

Truth is, I'm a little puzzled why the price has gone so high so fast myself, 'specially when you read on sites like oil drum that right now supply is plentiful and usage in the US & China is down from last year. I'm certainly a layman here but I do pay attention; the ordinary sports fan who is paying $110. to fill up his F350 is saying WTF.


How many blogs does Alexandra go on and report her skiing/sailing schedule? She is a confirmation of Thorstein's Veblen's theory of conspicuous consumption.

But remember, she's doing it for You. She is Big Brother's Daughter.

You spoke about a "WOMEN'S UTERUS". So how is your's?

Any drug or herb that induces abortion is called an abortofacient. Anything that prevents conception is called a contaceptive. Apparently the Pill can work in either way when it works.

Some say that China is paying more. But that begs the question why now? Why didn't the price go up before since China's demand has been high for a good while now.

Other say it's the future's market: the coming War with Iran is upping the price.

We've seen this before. A few years ago oil was $150/barrel. Shortly after it plunged to about $40/barrel.

The short answer according to some is the role of speculators in oil markets. They drive prices to places unwarranted by demand as rooted in actual consumption and supply as rooted in actual production. Apologists for speculators and financial institutions that indulge in speculation is that speculators create liquidity. Maybe they do. Maybe they also create massive distortions in market prices. Do you want to narrow down the blame even more? Some point to the Fed's policy of creating massive, excess liquidity.

The left says high gas prices save 1,000 lives a year as obama laughs at the f350 the vid below....

i ve read a few articles recently which address the probability that the oil sanctions vs iran will actually enrich them further in the long run, both because in the short term prices will go up (most likely dramatically- duh!), and they won t sell as much- meaning their supply will become even more valuable relative to the supply elsewhere...of course, it would depend on the current govt keeping sovereignty- which was addressed over at ICH...i ll be back w/ a link...

Dasviking, thanks for the laugh. I am laughing with Obama. If somebody with a big SUV or a big truck is getting 17 mpg and I am getting 39 mpg in my vehicle, they are going to pay twice as much as me for gasoline. When are people going to accept personal responsibility for their decisions and stop blaming the politicians? I listened to Jimmy Carter. I don't regret my decisions. I'm not whining about gas prices. It's about time. The higher the price of gas, the more people will walk, bike, or otherwise conserve. I'm a conservative in that sense.

#%&!...can t find it; must have been an external link, and i can t remember the author's name...may not have been ich either...anyhoo, it was pointed out that if we invade, all they have to do is hunker down, as we cannot conceivably occupy their whole country; and as soon as we try all arabs sympathetic- which would be most- will start sniping at the edges (kuwait, iraq, afghanam, etc) and at israel...they know we re broker'n a two-bit miner at a three dollar whorehouse; and can t sustain for long...and if worse comes to worse, and we (or israel) nuke em, they automatically win the moral victory in the eyes of the world...granted that might last all of five minutes before everyone starts throwing their weight around; we all lose WWWIII...

While WageLaborer and others can't post here right now she does have her own blog. You can even leave a comment.

I'll be kind and let Emma do the cocktail boarding.

It is utter nonsense to suggest that somehow the people in the north are smarter than southerners. Human intelligence follows the same bell curve anywhere on the planet. You can make fun of southerners being religious idiots but how is that any different than jersey shore or the likes of the kardasians?

It is also ridiculous to suggest that the south is going to be worse off in the long emergency than the north. Give me a hot summer day in Alabama any day over a winter in Michigan or New York without heating oil!

But there is stuff in the water..............

"The play of the next two years for gamblers will be to SHORT THE US DOLLAR."

Gold is a sapling, silver is an acorn.

Jim in DC said:

It is also ridiculous to suggest that the south is going to be worse off in the long emergency than the north. Give me a hot summer day in Alabama any day over a winter in Michigan or New York without heating oil!

I've also wondered if JHK's take on the Northeast was "convenient" given that he lives there. It would seem to me that one would be uncomfortable but not dead if the A/C went out on a 94 degree day. When I was a small tyke in Philly, fans were all we had. However, if it's in the 20s and you don't have heat for a week, you'd better have a strong immune system because even if you have ten blankets you're still breathing cold air and if you're even slightly predisposed to pneumonia, you'd be very vulnerable.

I, too, question that the South is less survivable that the North. JHK's thesis seems to be that Southerners have more guns and will shoot each other during heat waves without A/C. I just don't think it's that cut-and-dried. The South gets a lot of rain and has plenty of arable land. I'm not sure I buy JHK's thesis that Northerners are so much more civilized than Southerners that "civic cooperation" will save them.

The Northeast is just like any other place in America in 2012 ... lots of soulless suburbia, people don't know their neighbors too well, and family/friend social structures are just not as tight-knit as in earlier eras. Of all of JHK's contentions, I think you put your finger on perhaps the most dubious.


The US is not going to waltz into Iran without suffer severe consequences, especially those of the economic variety. Indeed, according to DEBKA, the U.S is working behind the scenes to thwart an Israeli attack:

So one country is pushing for an attack, while President Obama and others seemed intent on negotiations and the preservation of the economy in an election year.

Who will triumph?

now wait a minute, dawg, you caint blame jersey shore on flouride; according to naturalnews, joisey is one place that doesn t flouridate everybody...!

Originally published in the Spring 2003 edition of Free Inquiry Magazine

Dr. Lawrence Britt has examined the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia) and several Latin American regimes. He found 14 defining characteristics common to each:

1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism - Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays.

2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights - Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in fascist regimes are persuaded that human rights can be ignored in certain cases because of "need." The people tend to look the other way or even approve of torture, summary executions, assassinations, long incarcerations of prisoners, etc.

3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause - The people are rallied into a unifying patriotic frenzy over the need to eliminate a perceived common threat or foe: racial, ethnic or religious minorities; liberals; communists; socialists, terrorists, etc.

4. Supremacy of the Military - Even when there are widespread domestic problems, the military is given a disproportionate amount of government funding, and the domestic agenda is neglected. Soldiers and military service are glamorized.

5. Rampant Sexism - The governments of fascist nations tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated. Under fascist regimes, traditional gender roles are made more rigid. Divorce, abortion and homosexuality are suppressed and the state is represented as the ultimate guardian of the family institution.

6. Controlled Mass Media - Sometimes the media is directly controlled by the government, but in other cases, the media is indirectly controlled by government regulation, or sympathetic media spokespeople and executives. Censorship, especially in war time, is very common.

7. Obsession with National Security - Fear is used as a motivational tool by the government over the masses.

8. Religion and Government are Intertwined - Governments in fascist nations tend to use the most common religion in the nation as a tool to manipulate public opinion. Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from government leaders, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the government's policies or actions.

9. Corporate Power is Protected - The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.

10. Labor Power is Suppressed - Because the organizing power of labor is the only real threat to a fascist government, labor unions are either eliminated entirely, or are severely suppressed.

11. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts - Fascist nations tend to promote and tolerate open hostility to higher education, and academia. It is not uncommon for professors and other academics to be censored or even arrested. Free expression in the arts and letters is openly attacked.

12. Obsession with Crime and Punishment - Under fascist regimes, the police are given almost limitless power to enforce laws. The people are often willing to overlook police abuses and even forego civil liberties in the name of patriotism. There is often a national police force with virtually unlimited power in fascist nations.

13. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption - Fascist regimes almost always are governed by groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions and use governmental power and authority to protect their friends from accountability. It is not uncommon in fascist regimes for national resources and even treasures to be appropriated or even outright stolen by government leaders.

14. Fraudulent Elections - Sometimes elections in fascist nations are a complete sham. Other times elections are manipulated by smear campaigns against or even assassination of opposition candidates, use of legislation to control voting numbers or political district boundaries, and manipulation of the media. Fascist nations also typically use their judiciaries to manipulate or control elections.

Any questions, America?

@E- not having lived up north, i can t say from experience that yankees are inherently rude; i can say with some confidence that our agrarian roots still lend themselves to an ingrained politeness- and we re not all religious or idiots- ever heard of vanderbilt university? but i think the most likely reasons for survival are twofold: the aforementioned weather (growing season), and the guns...we won t be shooting at each other; we ll be shooting at food and the masses of (and many will be northern) city dwellers who don t know how to grow a grocery shelf...suh...
@buck- you see where russia warned israel not to, and at about the same time israel said they weren t going to bomb anybody?

So you are against all Nations? Or all Nations except for Israel?

Do you really believe that we have no enemies? We have many, both without and within - the latter the more deadly.

Fascsim, or intimate cooperation between the Goverment, the Corporations, and the People often produces wonderful art. It's Communism which is sterile since it rejects the past and the unique traditions of the people in question. Art has to be about something in general after all. Modern art without content is pretty crappy for the most part.

Are you saying that we don't need more law and order? We obviously need more since the break down of the family. But I suppose you're in favor of that too.

Fascism is just a smear word the New World Ordure gives to Nations they can't get their filthy hands on.

Fascism reveres the past history in terms of Commemorating heroes, victories, martyrs, founders, etc and also in terms of the living traditions that have come down from the past. Obviously our System is at war with its own past slandering our heroes as greedy racists. So - obviously we are not Fascists. Simple as that. Cut and dried.

The word you are looking for is Totalitarianism. We are being taken over by Plutocratic Totalitarians. I know you want to link America to Nazi Germany but it just doesn't fly. We're much closer to becoming the Communist Soviet Union.

Talk about a bunch of fucking cry-babies!!! Did I plant a seed, or *sumptin'*, back a month or two ago, when I alluded to the fact that sock puppets abound? I mean, shit - there's new poasters over the past month, who never poasted a single thing be-4. However, their first poast is in response to their specific puppet master, *ONCE* - then they're gone permanently...

Clean coal/natural gas will save us - say the fucking morons without a clue as to the exponentially growing atmospheric CO2 density curve.

You know, I used to get severely pissed off at clearcutting back in the 80's, for fast food cattle grazing - but at least that clearcutting didn't *ALSO* involve BULLDOZING OFF THE TOPSOIL, to get at the "gold riverbed on bedrock", or the "tar/oil sands". Talk about taking something purely shitty, and making it 1,000x *WORSE*...

13k Dow, *almost* (did I say that already - been a while, I forget)... When you "thank" the ISDA will call Greece as it is - total and utter *DEFAULT*?!? Bwahahaha, AIG up *6%* in afterhour trading today!!! Talk about scam...

"...the ordinary sports fan who is paying $110. to fill up his F350 is saying WTF."

To paraphrase the title of the blog, its the choices we MADE.
15-20 years ago the average american made the choice to drive a giant, huge vehicle that got very low mileage, instead of a smaller, fuel efficient vehicle like a Pious, I mean Prius.

For ex, when I still lived in Nor Cal, I drove a Honda Civic that got 35+mpgs, and only filled up the tank every two weeks. OK, I had a very short commute in-town. But I was talking with a F-250 owner at the gas station one time and he filled his truck TWICE a week, and bitched about the cost.
When I asked him if he actually needed or used the huge truck in his line of work, the answer was "NO", he just drove it because "it was comfortable and he liked that he could 'look down' on the other cars".
When I suggested he try a Civic, he looked at me like I had suddenly developed Tourettes Syndrome, or had threatened to emasculate him.

Yes, its the Choices we Made. And we can't un-make them now, its too late. So now, many of the choices we could have made that would have left us with some control over our lives are instead being made by forces outside our control.

So I say tough shit to all those driving huge, fuel inefficient vehicles, you made that choice, you are just going to have to live with it. If you had been smart, and made a different choice, perhaps you wouldn't be making the choice of filling the tank and eating dog food, or having steak for dinner and waiting till next week to put some gas in the Pious.

As some comedian once said, you can't cure stupid.
And American stupidity is terminal...

Amen, Dee!

We have been reading the writing on the wall for decades. Anybody who did not have the foresight to get out of America will now have to suffer the consequences. I salute you, DeeJones, for your intelligence and your fortitude to set yourself up in Central America. I have my place in South America ready. The rest can stay put and enjoy (or bitch about) the demise of the insane asylum they have built and paid for.

BTW: So's I don't get flamed from Rhino & all his F-350 Bros, the stupidity is not all at the bottom, there is PLENTY at the top too.

Since the '80s and all those little MBA droids walked out of Wharton into CEO & CFO positions, with their short-sighted view towards the 'bottom line' and THEIR end of the year bonuses, its been nothing but down hill for american business. The executives of both liberal & conservative persuasions have totally destroyed the american industrial base, and the middle class that it supported.
First it was moving auto related jobs from Detroit to non-union states in the south. Cuts in wages, boosts in profits & bonuses.
Next it was moving those very same jobs to Mexico and other places So' of the Border where they could pay even lower wages, wages way below the US minimum wage.
Then in the '90s China seduced american corporations with even lower costs and wages. They couldn't resist. Even bigger boosts in profits and bonuses.
But there was no longer a 'middle class' left to consume the products being imported from China.
Thus the explosion in credit card debit and the home equity line of credit so you could treat your house like an ATM.
And the band played on. But at some point, someone, somehow, has to pay the piper.

Wonder how that is going to pan out?


Great post even if we're not 100% quite yet. Will we all be required to wear uniforms when the score rises to 100%?

The fix seems to be in: several commentators including Rush have noticed that Ron Paul never attackes Romney. Rand Paul was asked if he would be willing to be Romeny's Vice President - he said he would be delighted.

But of course, why didn't I think of that first? How could I be so obtuse?

Yes, and I am downloading the secret tape for Vlad the Impaler. You should really reconsider the Guamanian Titty Bar. If you hired a good decorator you could have a tasteful more decorous titty bar and attract a more upscale clientele, especially if you got a good stripping agent to attract the best European girls.

A very good cartoon video posted on Dmitry's blog: There's No Tomorrow.

Just over a half an hour, with a classical/synthesized score and a nice-sounding (Irish?) narrator, it explains most of JHK's thesis. (He doesn't seem to be in the credits, tho)

For those wanting to share email, search for disp[osable emails - in some cases, one can make up an address on the fly (without setting it up first), and only then go there to check if anything arrived. Mail's held for a week only.

Greed and militarism of the USA has bankrupted the country both morally and economically since the 60s. Now it's time to pay the price with decline and collapse.

Whining about Obama won't help. A stupid and ignorant and prideful nation has trampled on others and consumed the world's resources at an inordinate rate for decades. Now comes the reckoning. As Newt said in last night's debate it may be a lethal nuclear reckoning.

"God damn America." The Marine Corps veteran Rev. Wright was correct to say that for all the hatred and evil the world's most violent nation has spawned, killing millions with seeming impunity.

Jesus said you reap what you sow. I simply say karma.

If you are saying 'US is here or headed here'
you are a blind fool:

'Rampant Sexism - The governments of fascist nations tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated. Under fascist regimes, traditional gender roles are made more rigid.

Divorce, abortion and homosexuality are suppressed and the state is represented as the ultimate guardian of the family institution'


Pick thru Elaine Supkis blog where she shares stories and photos of 2011-2012 upstate NY winter.

Yes she says 30 million are unemployed...
I dont think those jobs are returning from China.

Couldn't agree with you more, Jim. In this election "cycle" I have this recurring vision that that all the candidates on this clown bus have different bodies, but one face -- Franz von Papen.

AND I think maybe that the 1B is not going to be
American or Christian or Asian or well anyway I think it will be not good.

think Burka.

been reading Mark Steyn, but these people are having 5 kids per woman while others aren't coming close. european countries are dying out.
according to MS. and it rings true.

Yes I too am glad I was born sooner than these kids.
I am childfree by choice.
anyway yes they are taking over I believe.

It's sickening, Asoka would say it's karma.
We deserve it etc.
whatever. it sucks either way.

I don't like what I see and feel coming down the road here.

Nice saying.
I thought E posted it and I thanked him.

Now thanking you. I like.

Creepy !

{The "severe turnaround" was caused by abandoning biblical morality and "each man {and woman} doing that which is right in his own eyes". Sneering at the holy has its consequences.

Organized {man-made} religion, which {in my POV} includes all secular and religious belief systems must share responsibility.}

You're right, MD, we all share responsibility . . . let me share with you a little anecdote about how my abandonment of accepting other people's truths at face value has played out . . .

I made it a point, in spite of the odds against me, to get educated and prevent pregancy at a young age (not an everyday occurrence, amongst young, poverty-stricken women of any race in the Deep South). I almost jacked it all up by marrying the doppelganger of my father and stepfather (drunk and useless :) but had the good sense to abandon ship against all the well-meant urging of my mother, who knew no other way to survive.

When her time came, she was alone, broke-ass (because the chosen one she wasted 30 years of her life on, because "that's what women are supposed to do" left her financially high and dry when he died) . . . because I of all the children had forgone having a bunch of kids and "settling" for any relationship that might come along, I was in the fortuituous position of being able to "honor my mother" with care, love, and financial assistance during her time of need. I was also in the position to help the family sort out the financial affairs, give people who otherwise would not have been able to take the hit, money to come cross-country to the funeral, to pay the attorney to probate the will (negative net worth that it was) and give them comfort in their time of need.

I've been able to help my sister's children financially with things not just shallow and stupid, but with important things like helping them get decent vehicles and pressuring them to get some mad skills that will be useful in the future economy (and that damn sure doesn't involve a degree in non-teaching history :)

Those are just some examples of the heresy of an agnostic :) Take it for what it's worth :) Best, TT

Mark Steyn has a glorious sense of humor, and he might be able to identify some obvious problems, but when it comes to solutions he's just another Neo-Con/Ronald Reagan supply-sider. In other words, a huge part of the problem.

What the US needs now is jobs, any kind of jobs. We need the spirit of Alec Guinness's character LT Colonel Nicholson of "The Bridge Over The River Kwai" building bridges for the enemy because he doesn't want his own men "frittering away in idleness". But I'm afraid the spirit and good sense of 30s work programs no longer exist in America because ideologues such as Steyn are concerned with one thing and one thing only: maximum profits for the high-flying locusts of capitalism.

{Why would you do this? Because everyone else is going to church, declaring their Christian faith etc etc etc and you live among such people and don't want to be an outcast. So you secretly use birth control, get your kid an abortion when the idiot gets knocked up, believe in evolution, have no problem with same sex marriage.

But you also do this because you can't stand the assholes from liberal bastions that look down on the people that live in your part of the country. It's a "fuck you" to them as much as anything. Just a theory.}

Good stuff, Rhino. I know more than a few folks like this in RL myself :) They're on the front row at the mega-church every Sunday, but man, what goes on behind closed doors! :)

I understand the second part of that too, being a full-bore, red-blooded Southerner . . . the f-u attitude (and the spirit of Joe Bageant :) lives deep in mah soul, man :) They'd like to spit some Beech-nut in that dude's eye, and shoot 'im with their ol' 45 . . . I feel it.

Best, TT

because I of all the children had forgone having a bunch of kids and "settling" for any relationship that might come along, I was in the fortuituous position of being able to "honor my mother" with care, love, and financial assistance during her time of need.


I second the fortuitous aspect. It's probably a good idea that women grinding a gender ax do not have children. The public schools are already filled to the brim with man-haters castrating the male-spirit as it is.

Motherhood should be a clean slate, devoid of the toxic feminist militant.

"You should really reconsider the Guamanian Titty Bar. "

Thanks for the small business idea tip.

I was considering just selling explosives (i.e., "fireworks") to rednecks in the Southern U.S. at roadside stands. I was thinking of opening up stands next to those fresh fruit and vegetable stands along the roadsides. Put up a big cruxifix that reads "Jesus IS Lord" and another sign that reads “FIREWORKS".

But the Guamian Titty Bar might work, particularly if the U.S. Seventh Fleet is relocating to Guam. I think that U.S. citizens can live and work in Guam without a visa?

Would I have to import Filippina dancers? I'm not crazy about the Filippinas. They're always talk'n on their mobile phones

Makes sense to me.
Nothin' personal.
Not a vendetta like God punishing US.
Neither are / were we more special than everyone else, well most others.

It just ain't workin' anymore.

White gal..has 2 kids when shes 30-35
Mexican [I have seen this in LA] starts breeding at in 30 years it can be 3 generations...
all speaking espanol and living here in North Mexico.

Muslim..again marry early [to cousin?] and has 4 to 8 kids...starting as a teen.

“The U.S. Postal Service announced plans on Thursday to close or consolidate 223 mail processing centers and eliminate up to 35,000 jobs as part of its strategy to cut costs by reducing its network of facilities. ”

Uh oh....

I recall many years ago that there was a period during which it seemed that every few months some disgruntled, laid-off postal worker in the U.S. was going on a shooting rampage.

J2B said:
think Burka.

Nah. Those Arab/Persian megacities are going to implode because of lack of water. Tehran has 8.5 MILLION people with only 20 cm. of rain per year (8 inches). Cairo is enormous. Baghdad is enormous. They have to import all their produce because their lands are not arable. And let's face it, Europe, the USA, and China will NOT let them hoard their own oil or water.

Persia/Arabia is likely to suffer the same fate as the El Paso to Los Angeles corridor ... abandonment and rot.

All the bullshit political philosophy in the world right now is in the service of manic resource grabs.



Why the Dow is so High and Why That's Bad News

It's bad news because in a low-wage, low-capacity-utilization, low-workforce-participation environment, it means that SPECULATION is the only game in town. As were the manias of the late 1990s and 2004-2007, you never know how long it will last but you can be sure that more wealth will disappear into the aether.

A feature of unsound, phony "booms" is MALINVESTMENT. Anybody who lives where I live can see all these useless tech start-ups with products with a human utility asymptotically close to zero. There's a paucity of investment in concrete stuff.

Palo Alto itself is a hilarious but sad joke. It has: 1) No bookstores, 2) No stores to buy CDs, 3) No stores to buy musical instruments or sheet music, 4) No gas station anywhere in the Downtown District, and 5) No large mainline grocery store (I don't count the absurd "Whole Foods" which is a joke). What it does have is about FIFTY eateries. This, folks, is malinvestment writ LARGE.

Palo Alto is an example of how our retail sector has unbelievable overcapacity in some sectors (eateries) and even more unbelievable nonexistence of other sectors. How can the town which houses Stanford University have almost NOTHING associated with High Culture except wine-snob restaurants??


{I second the fortuitous aspect. It's probably a good idea that women grinding a gender ax do not have children. The public schools are already filled to the brim with man-haters castrating the male-spirit as it is.

Motherhood should be a clean slate, devoid of the toxic feminist militant.}

Nice. How many children have you birthed and raised, Buck? Were you a stand-up guy who stuck around, or did you ever leave someone holding the bag? The truth and man-hating/ball-busting are two different things, honey. As for motherhood being a "clean slate" . . . I'd much rather be guilty of being a toxic feminist militant, with my horrific opinions and points of view, than listen to steaming piles of bullshit by people like you, give birth to a bunch of kids at a far too young age, discover after the fact that it was a mistake, and then spend the rest of the kid's life being horrid and abusive, neglectful, or outright murdering the poor kid.

But go ahead . . . take the moral high ground. It suits you, not having a uterus :)

Dee said:
Since the '80s and all those little MBA droids walked out of Wharton into CEO & CFO positions, with their short-sighted view towards the 'bottom line' and THEIR end of the year bonuses, its been nothing but down hill for american business. The executives of both liberal & conservative persuasions have totally destroyed the american industrial base, and the middle class that it supported.

The stock market boom of the 1980s made EVERYBODY greedy as hell. It made the entire universe beholden to "shareholder values" which means that anybody with a vision that couldn't produce a result in THREE MONTHS (for the quarterly report, of course) was castigated to the fires of Wall Street hell.

The reason there's so many useless-as-teats-on-a-boar tech companies is because they produce fast results ... of no use to anybody. I hope Facebook burns in hell like MySpace did several years ago. EBay will die in a few years because half the deals on Ebay are spawned by crooks with "addresses" that Google Maps cannot even find.

The 1980s was when EVERY Tom, Dick, and Harry started speculating. Now, the pension funds are so utterly stuck in the stock market the relationship between our citizenry and the financial sector is a "death embrace".


TT said:
Nice. How many children have you birthed and raised, Buck? Were you a stand-up guy who stuck around, or did you ever leave someone holding the bag? The truth and man-hating/ball-busting are two different things, honey.

I find little to choose between the two genders ... they both suck in radically different ways. However, where I take issue with you, TT, is that the pendulum has swung too far in that male assholes who turn into lousy husbands and deadbeat dads were CHOSEN by their female counterparts and I don't hear ANY feminists except Susan Faludi (author of "Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Male) calling women out for making HORRIBLE CHOICES.

No, I don't buy the bullshit that a guy is St. Francis of Assisi for five years and then "turns" into a violent ogre. Any person of any social acumen can see the fundamental truth about a person's true nature within a couple of months and real intuitives can get it in a matter of HOURS. Hackneyed though it may be, "The leopard does not change its spots".

Now that women can "score" with the same impunity that college jocks used to exercise, I see them choosing men to sire their children that make most sensible people cringe ... often on SIGHT. Cary Grant would probably be avoided in a typical bar now but Eminem would be dry-humped by a thousand groupies.

You, as a "radical feminist" conveniently focus on the end result i.e., a child raised without a male role model, living in poverty, and raised by an exhausted mother who uses the TV set and video games as a "babysitter". But the start of that process was when said female opened her legs to the same asshole that she now wants sent to the fiery dungeon below.

It takes a "jerkette" to pick a "jerkoff".


Guam is an American territory [US Pacific Trust Territory] and is already the homeport of the 7th Fleet, or what's left of it today. You can go there and stay with no visa as long as you like so long as you're a US citizen. It's about 1,000 miles east of the Filippines. The club owners there hire the dancers from all over the world.

Asoka….You missed the progressive point entirely….I agree we have the right to choose what we want to drive and face the consequences but the underlying message is how the lefty progressive kamp cried their pretty little heads off when gas was 2.50 and escalated to above 3 dollars for a brief time under Georgie… that we have 3.50 gas for over a year now and the krafty little lefty media has found a convenient way to spin it in a beautiful light of saving over 1100 humanoid lives per month now……oh, how sweet…..

Are you wearing a wire?

@ DeeJones...

*As some comedian once said, you can't cure stupid and American stupidity is terminal...*

Sadly my dear a lack of vision is not simply abscent in the US of A...

But I’m with you re ‘smart’ choices, which is why I drive a 699cc Brabus Roadie...

Which for a wee while yet I know for sure I will sell ok here pdq in the UK, unlike back in 2005 when it took several years to get rid of my Alfa V6 six speed GTV, for anything close to its market resale value... even though being only a few years old, and (my) company no expense maintained...

@ Ak...

Thanks to the link re the Post Carbon Institute animation... I still look at it as a personal highlight when I met with Richard Heinberg face-to-face in Bristol a few years back, and got a chance to shake his hand and thank him for helping educate me...

Talking of which this from the smart man is well worth considering too, with the current noise level in the SOH and Iran remaining on high buzz alert...

Quality links are what keep me ‘returning’ to this site... despite the low grade badly thought through racist bull-banter, so to those with TLE smarts and a truly altruistic nature do keep them coming...



Reality responds accordingly...When are we going to get that in our heads. Man is not King, reality is.

Thanks Jim for all the reality talk.

"All the bullshit political philosophy in the world right now is in the service of manic resource grabs."

E., That's the writin' I'm readin' too. (I know, a hoary old concept, to be sure, but even less cloaked theses days by those paying a small amount of attention.)

Appreciate your thoughts (saves me a lot of clacking ;o), thanks.

What is it with the folks who can't understand that these "companies" are built on nothing but electrons flying through wire? "Hooking people up" is not a PRODUCT. And the profits are based on advertising revenues!

Gads, the very idea of value has been linguistically twisted out of any reality by rapacious capitalists, interested only in a quick return rather than any kind of continuity.

Pump and dump is describing most "commerce" these days, and fraud is absolutely endemic. Any wonder the disenfranchised have lost confidence in "the system"? (The disenfranchised would be nearly all of us, but the vast majority do not want to let their visions of becoming one of the over-comfortable wealthy die without a struggle. Their will be much madness because of this refusal when times get tough.)

Calm down there, Scarlet. You've made no secret of your Tobacco Road upbringing and the men you despise. And yet, one post after doing so(again) you link to the King of Tobacco Road, Hank Williams Jr and romanticize the sleazy, degenerate ethos of the Deep South:

"the f-u attitude (and the spirit of Joe Bageant :) lives deep in mah soul, man :) They'd like to spit some Beech-nut in that dude's eye, and shoot 'im with their ol' 45 . . . I feel it."

As far as I can tell "TruthTeller", you're a mixed message. Be that as it may, you micro isolate and condemn the "worthless men" within the wretched Tobacco Road economic dynamic while lionizing the romantic pride of Southern belligerence. And no mention of the greater Southern economic ethos which envelopes the whole and produces the men who have emotionally scarred you.

thanks, that was quite an interesting isn t really in the theme of decentralization, but check this out, in case you missed it:

spotfinder, so as to eliminate scroll-fatigue...

"Truth is, I'm a little puzzled why the price has gone so high so fast myself, 'specially when you read on sites like oil drum that right now supply is plentiful and usage in the US & China is down from last year."

It's an exchange. It is the dollar that is going down in value.

It's true what the song says, a country boy CAN survive.

People from the urban, liberal bastions look in the mirror and admire themselves and think they're so smart. They're glib and talky and smirky and abrasive and generally all round insufferable. These liberal slickers think those corncobs and hicks and southerners and rural people and small towners are intellectually inferior and culturally deficient. But the slickers will learn the hard way when push comes to shove and they actually need to be able to DO stuff instead of just TALK about stuff or fuck with numbers on a screen that they can't even stick a finger up their own ass. That time is a comin'. And then we'll find out who's smart and who survives and who doesn't.

Ozone said:

What is it with the folks who can't understand that these "companies" are built on nothing but electrons flying through wire? "Hooking people up" is not a PRODUCT. And the profits are based on advertising revenues!

How many Webvans and MySpaces do we need before these financial "hipsters" finally realize that most of these tech companies either make a product that is USELESS or whose utility is so marginal as to be nearly worthless. I'm not even joking when I say that an economic based on barter where you do my laundry and I mow your lawn has MORE reality to it than these tech companies.

EBay, IMHO, is going to be the next "fade-to-black" company because it's now becoming apparent that half the people on EBay are con artists and I know several victims! In a couple of years, EBay will seem worse than the Russian Mafia and will slowly be abandoned by all but the most naive people.

I see Facebook as "MySpace 2.0". It's on a grander scale but it's based on the same premise that people are going to continue enjoying the superficiality of weak contacts posted on a "wall". I don't think Hell has enough oil to fry Mark Zuckerberg as far as I'm concerned. I deleted my Facebook account because I never used it and because it's being used for domestic surveillance. No way!!

ECRI today came out and said that their recession call is intact and the best case scenario for the months ahead is a mild 2001-type recession which could be much worse if certain exogenous events (Iran, an unforeseen collapse of another EU country, etc.) occur that are not yet factored in.


"I see Facebook as "MySpace 2.0". It's on a grander scale but it's based on the same premise that people are going to continue enjoying the superficiality of weak contacts posted on a "wall". I don't think Hell has enough oil to fry Mark Zuckerberg as far as I'm concerned." -E.

So, are you implying that Mark's Town of Suckerburg is NOT a real place?? Lawdy, lawd, I have been suckered!
...And that it serves as little more than a funnel and pipeline to the New 'murkin Stasi?

All my carefully built electronic versions of reality... dashed to bytes.

i don t know if they factored this one in...:

" ... companies based on electrons flying thru a wire"


Wait a minute Ozone. Are you saying Facebook IS NOT worth $100 billion? This might be the biggest IPO ever!


stupid smartphone! alright, E, i ll try again...i hope after all these attempts at mastering my keypad, you get something out of the article!

Ozone man, what "scary smart" developers and consumers of services like Facebook and nattering campus know-it-alls and smartypants, bonus scrounging denizens of Wall Street office towers cannot seem to get through their thick skulls is that EVERYTHING we have depends on the lowly farmer, the object of scorn and ridicule, bringing in the harvest. Because without the men in smelly coveralls and sweat stained baseball caps doing what they do EVERYTHING comes to a dead stop because we will all starve.

You say: Gads, the very idea of value has been linguistically twisted out of any reality by rapacious capitalists, interested only in a quick return rather than any kind of continuity. - Ozone

Damn right, what we've forgotten and what we will re-learn is that the most valuable thing there is above all else is a reliable food supply and three square meals a day.

You know, I've been trying and trying to figure out how to stick my finger up my ass, but all my attempts have failed. Maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong. :)

Actually, I agree with you. I greatly respect people that know how to do useful things. What I don't appreciate is the redneck mentality. Before you get pissed off, my own definition of redneck has to do with one's reasoning power, not one's geographic location. Thus there are Southern rednecks and Yankee rednecks. Only the accents are different. One's ability to see things clearly apparently isn't a god-given trait.

E, are you saying the Groupon IPO wont save us?

Theres a great piece at Occidental Observer on
Zuckerberg and the tribes nepotism.
Time gave him man of the year.

The reasons I think FB outpaced Myspace is that MS
let folks customize their page and this slowed loading the page.
Also MS didnt phish the way FB does.
FB is very aggressive about recruiting all yr contacts.

For CFNers' consideration and comment:

"Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:

"I could end the deficit in 5 minutes," he told CNBC. "You justPass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.

The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971 - before computers, e-mail,
Cell phones, etc.

Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took one (1) year or less to become the law of the land - all because of public pressure.

Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.

In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed around.

Congressional Reform Act of 2011 _

1. No Tenure / No Pension.

A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they're out of office.

2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the
American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

4.. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women. Congressmen/women made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in
Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will only take three days for most people (in the U.S.) to receive the message. Don't you think it's time?


Ozone said:
So, are you implying that Mark's Town of Suckerburg is NOT a real place?? Lawdy, lawd, I have been suckered!

Well, I know that YOU have not been "suckered" but I enjoy the satire!! I find the whole phrase "Facebook FRIEND" to be yet another Orwellian bastardization of the English language.

Don't you know, O., that you could have 1137 "friends"?? What's wrong with you, dude? Don't you want 1137 friends? Are you a misanthrope? Gawd ... I never thought I'd live to see my beloved field of Computer Science contribute to the narcosis of an entire WORLD of cyber-hipsters.

You just know that in ten or fifteen years, the entire world is going to look back and say: "What the f*** were we doing back then"? Meantime, Suckerbug will get filthy rich, become another cocky young fuckface and grace every show from Oprah to Charlie Rose to TMZ.

Every single person I know who's a Facebook freak is a melancholy person in their 50s or 60s who can't figure out that their bum-outted-ness is directly attributable to the absence of the proximity of REAL friends and family because of all the ersatz "contact" on media like Facebook.

Fits my WORLD STUPEFACTION theory. Even the old no longer have the art of introspection.


Very good point indeed about the exportation of middle class jobs. The executive class has done their best to screw over the middle class. What strikes me as pathetic is the dumb fuck'n politicians standing around pondering why there isn't any inflow of tax revenue. Apparently math wasn't one of their stronger subjects in school. You cut wages from $28 an hour down to $14 or less and can't figure out where the tax base went ? DUH ! Ron White is right... "you can't fix stupid !" But you can keep re-electing it.

A.S. said:
E, are you saying the Groupon IPO wont save us?

Theres a great piece at Occidental Observer on
Zuckerberg and the tribes nepotism.
Time gave him man of the year.

Yup. Even the Nobel Prize and Man of the Year don't mean shit any more. Remember Sharp and Lintner of LTCM ... Nobel Laureates who almost took the US economy down? Zuckerberg's "invention" is another step to the sterilization of human relationships.

Glad I cancelled my Facebook account. I wonder what percent of people have posts on their "wall" from people who they cannot even remember knowing? I know I had several and I'm like WTF?? Who's THAT?!!

Between kids who text every minute of every day, Facebook, people who browse the web on their Iphone, and the ubiquitous people with Ipod earplugs ... pretty soon we're going to look like a nation of androids totally uninterested in the environment we're in because our brains are focused on people N miles away.

It's like something out of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis".


For all you CFN technophobes and doom and gloomers out there:

"Man will never reach the moon regardless of all future scientific advances."
-- Dr. Lee DeForest, "Father of Radio & Grandfather of Television."

"The bomb will never go off. I speak as an expert in explosives."
- - Admiral William Leahy , US Atomic Bomb Project

"There is no likelihood man can ever tap the power of the atom."
-- Robert Millikan, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1923

"Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons."
-- Popular Mechanics, forecasting the relentless march of science, 1949

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." -- Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

"I have traveled the length and breadth of this country and talked with the best people, and I can assure you that data processing is a fad that won't last out the year." -- The editor in charge of business books for Prentice Hall, 1957
"But what is it good for?" -- Engineer at the Advanced Computing Systems Division of IBM, 1968, commenting on the microchip.

"640K ought to be enough for anybody."
-- Bill Gates, 1981

This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us," -- Western Union internal memo, 1876.

"The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?"
-- David Sarnoff's associates in response to his urgings for investment in the radio in the 1920s.

"The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order to earn better than a 'C,' the idea must be feasible,"
-- A Yale University management professor in response to Fred Smith's paper proposing reliable overnight delivery service. (Smith went on to found Federal Express Corp.)

"I'm just glad it'll be Clark Gable who's falling on his face and not Gary Cooper," -- Gary Cooper on his decision not to take the leading role in "Gone With The Wind."

"A cookie store is a bad idea. Besides, the market research reports say America likes crispy cookies, not soft and chewy cookies like you make,"
-- Response to Debbi Fields' idea of starting Mrs. Fields' Cookies.

"We don't like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out,"
-- Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles, 1962.

"Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible," -- Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895.

"If I had thought about it, I wouldn't have done the experiment. The literature was full of examples that said you can't do this,"
- - Spencer Silver on the work that led to the unique adhesives for 3-M "Post-It" Notepads.

"Drill for oil? You mean drill into the ground to try and find oil? You're crazy," -- Drillers who Edwin L. Drake tried to enlist to his project to drill for oil in 1859.

"Stocks have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau." - - Irving Fisher, Professor of Economics, Yale University , 1929.

"Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value,"-- Marechal Ferdinand Foch, Professor of Strategy, Ecole Superieure de Guerre , France ..

"Everything that can be invented has been invented,"
-- Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, US Office of Patents, 1899.

"The super computer is technologically impossible. It would take all of the water that flows over Niagara Falls to cool the heat generated by the number of vacuum tubes required." -- Professor of Electrical Engineering, New York University

"I don't know what use any one could find for a machine that would make copies of documents. It certainly couldn't be a feasible business by itself." -- the head of IBM, refusing to back the idea, forcing the inventor to found Xerox.

"Louis Pasteur's theory of germs is ridiculous fiction."
-- Pierre Pachet, Professor of Physiology at Toulouse , 1872

"The abdomen, the chest, and the brain will forever be shut from the intrusion of the wise and humane surgeon,"-- Sir John Eric Ericksen, British surgeon, appointed Surgeon-Extraordinary to Queen Victoria 1873.

And last but not least...
"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." -- Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977

e. said "pretty soon we're going to look like a nation of androids totally uninterested in the environment we're in because our brains are focused on people N miles away."

Around here thats already the norm. Facebook is just gasoline on a fire thats been burning a long time. Solipsism is at an all-time high.

As far as looking at the environment, what is that? My take is that is simply the scenery for most people. Urban people think of nature as an abstract quantity. Suburban people think of nature as scenery offering recreation opportunities. Rural farm people think of nature as a pain in the ass.

The only people that understand and value nature are people living in a more or less indigenous state within, or very close to it, in sustainable communities where technology or the poisons of modern life have not yet penetrated. And the nature that is touched with all 5 senses remains largely un-homogenized and unspoiled.

People are "de-natured" literally and figuratively. This is largely an irreversible process that begins in childhood. The kids raised indoors in the web of interfering electrical fields and synthetic chemicals can't be re-educated. The adults are hopeless. Give them any excuse and they will find a way to justify their own worldviews. Give them a paycheck and they will find a way to justify the any kind of civilizational imposition on nature. They are fallen, lost people.

All of the people I meet are hopeless, self-interested maggots without manners, taste, or empathy whose buzzing devices are far ahead of any other priority at any moment.

No because the Indigenes would give Nature up in a heartbeat for flush toiledts and Iphones.

The people who really value Nature are the tiny minority who turn their back on all these and go back to it. Choice is the operative word here. Virtually all White Westerners. Sorry.

The Northeast Asians do find Nature beautiful but have been slow at the work of preservation and protection of animals. There is now a back to the land movement in Japan: young refugees from Corporate Hell studying with aged farmers.

No Jewish Rednecks? Google Kinky Friedman. Or check out the Settler Movement occupying the West Bank for the real Jewish version.

BTB cited "Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took one (1) year or less to become the law of the land - all because of public pressure."

That is the crux of the thing: for some reasons Americans want the government to grant concessions but never demand rights.

BTW, that email is of course bunk, a hoax. Borren Wuffet's name is on it but there is no record of him having said it.

Myspace started catering to Blacks and Hispanics and then suffered massive White Flight. Thus virtual space imitates actual space.

Real corruption is when the actual imitates the virtual - since the latter depends of the former, it is an inversion of reality.

I see Solyndra executives are getting some pretty fat bonuses. Maybe for a job well done! 'Solar Guy' can weigh in on this one.

Does anybody know why John Corzine hasn't been arrested? How is his situation different from Ken Lay or Bernard Ebbers? Could it be political? Nah!

Petroleum is at $110.00 per barrel.



Your last posts. Pretty good stuff.


There's more to reality you know: I don't know about the rural South, but all over urban America teenage girls become women by getting pregnant and getting on welfare. Whether the guy stays or goes is fairly immaterial - they got Unc Sam as their sugar daddy. It started with the Blacks and Hispanics, but the Whites have adopted it with a vengeance.

As for marriage: over 70% of divorces are brought by women. And the single mother home is very dangerous for children between her hysteria and the boyfriends. Many Fathers are driven to despair and bankruptcy by the collusion between vindictive ex-wives and the Federal Goverment. Many cannot see their children, and are falsely accused when they try to take it to court. Hell hath no fury like a woman who is "trying to find herself" or "move on" or "unhappy".

Good site for stuff made in the U S A.

Why, Bustin, that's the problem: You're looking for quotes from Borren Wuffet, the poor, redneck cousin of Warren, from New York. Borren couldn't think that stuff up, it had to be Warren.

Well yes and no. There probably are more discoveries to be made in the realm of energy - but will we make them in time? As Kunstler always says, it takes massive amounts of energy to make a transition.

Also a philosophical point: because all of these guys were wrong, so what? Does it then mean there are no limits? It doesn't follow. Maybe the speed of light will never be broken or gotten around. Thus no stellar travel except multi-generational. And no interstellar empires and starship battles or destroying whole planets either. Or take perpetual motion, no one has overcome inertia yet.

We may have missed our window to explore/exploit the solar system. That was feasible and that I mourn. It could still be done, but who will? The politics are against it. Obama realized the depth of the disappointment so he has made noises about going to Mars. He is a pure politician. At this point, building a Wall against Mexcio is the priority. We could have done both...

BustinJ only a true misanthrope could've written that last paragraph in your 1:23pm post.


""Truth is, I'm a little puzzled why the price has gone so high so fast myself, 'specially when you read on sites like oil drum that right now supply is plentiful and usage in the US & China is down from last year."

It's an exchange. It is the dollar that is going down in value."

You hit it right on the mark, MD. As the value of the dollar goes down, the price of everything, not just oil will go up. & up. & up...
Don't forget, the US went off the Gold standard, and onto the Black Gold standard. But both have been going up.

Perhaps this is how the US is going to pay off those trillions in debt? Pretty soon the dollar will be like the old Italian Lira, it will take a million to buy a gallon of gas. But thats ok, because you will ALL be billionaires. The truly rich will be deca-mega-humongo-quadrillionairs.

Its all funny money now, its all good, as long as somebody will take it in payment.

"Say, buddy, can you spare a cig? Sure, that will be half a million dollars. OK, but can you break a 10 mill note? its all i've got..."

:) Dee

um, bill...the term you keep using is equally offensive as kike, to some of us...thing is, just because it is socially accepted does not mean that the two terms- for that matter, any other derogatory racist term- arise out of the same derisive, "better than them" mindset...think about what the word means and what picture arises- disclaimer notwithstanding- you see someone who is poor, ignorant, probably in overalls and barefoot, with any teeth that are left in bad shape, and either really scrawny or i close? i hope you can see that 'redneck' is a slur like 'nigger' or any other; except for the fact that it is ok to say...they both refer to a stereotype, and are used to divide the very population who need the most to come together in common cause: the ordinary american citizen...

Ok, Charlie, I'm sorry and won't use the word again. I didn't realize the term was so offensive; I'm the last person to want to be prejudiced, so I was operating out of ignorance.

Vlad, when you write posts like this, I feel comfortable responding to you.

You're probably right in what you say, which is sad. The speed of light may or may not be gotten around, but at this instant in time it's a moot point - except for a Black Swan event, like the aliens landing on the White House lawn. But interstellar travel, if possible, isn't where we need to focus on.

The issue is whether or not science and technology can resolve the world issues now facing us. If our civilization believes it can, then it's only necessary to draw up and implement effective plans of action - not dream scenarios. The entire issue, I think, is that we are a closed system operating like an open system, so our technology should use open-system operations.

IMO, space-based solar power collectors, thorium-based nuclear power plants, state-of-the-art desalinization plants and widespread use of hydra-and aquaponics would go a long way towards buying us the time we need to develop permanent solutions to our problems.

That we are going off in other directions is telling me that politics, from the local level to the

yeah but what about the 'ones' that are already here ? and multiplying.

oh well i will try and not worry so much, even if it is worst case.

I mean they blow up everyone, and cut 'their' women up, it's bad.


thankyou for your consideration; that seems to be in short supply both here & in the 'real' world...if need should arise, i ll extend the same, suh

Sorry, I've been pressing the wrong key, somehow, and posting before I'm done.

To continue: ...from the local level to the world level is focusing from a frightening lack of perspective. Trying to accumulate wealth and power, while an instinctual human characteristic, just isn't going to cut it when we have such a short time left. We ought to at least temporarily put aside our differences and work together to extend human existence. Once we get past our survivability problems, if we want to fight it out, then have at it.

Wondering why you are worried about me ?

can't find the post, been scrolling for ever to find it.


thanks I will keep that in mind when reading him.
yes he is so funny.

I don't know what to think anymore.
I think that govt. is too involved in welfare programs, and maybe that should be left more to non profits, churches etc, the people.

and govt should focus more on Protecting US, and keeping our Borders. Safe both ways.

I am not rich, actually far from it. But I still think some of the Right has it more Right than the Left.

But I don't know. Maybe never will. But like reading and trying to understand.

Thanks for the input.

I have a suggestion for you: Instead of thinking left or right, try just thinking of the issue and what you think could be a solution. Americans are too quick to label others, when in fact, people are more complicated than just left or right; the majority of us have some of both in them. Why waste energy trying to figure out what to call yourself?

Just my $.02.

Thanks I bookmarked it !

"Are you talking about smoking weed as a way of dealing with boredom? Or are you saying that it's a medicine that can help survive hardships?"

As an aid to relieve boredom that's obvious. But there may also be beneficial medical effects allowing one to survive hardship as well. Both of your statements may be correct.

Weed and Suicide

"Instead of thinking left or right, try just thinking of the issue and what you think could be a solution."

I'll agree with that!!!

Thx for the link, CFT.

BTW, to make fancier links, ie, where the http part isn't visible but other words become clickable, one can use the following:

some text <a href="htttp://"> Read this </a> more text

Here 'Read this' would be a link. I intentionally htttp. ;-)

Yes I don't worry so much what to call myself or how to label myself, and you are correct.

When Buck said he never figured me for a neo con, I had to ask what it meant.

Good idea I like the way you think about that, and I actually think that way also.

I enjoy your posts alot.
I lay low, and don't post for a long time, and sometimes I even wasn't reading, just doing other things.

but this is one of my all time favorite sites and I enjoy the regular bloggers. other than that I don't really post on the web except now and then.

I will waste my energy on worrying about something else.
I can think of a few solutions to certain issues !

:) (i hope that means smile) I don't know emoticons, time to learn.

oh btw btb...

jackieblue doesn't mean democrat.
it's the song from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils

i really like the song. and the band.

"Once we get past our survivability problems, if we want to fight it out, then have at it."

What if inducing {or mismanaging} survivability problems is part of the fight? How better to defeat an enemy than to destroy his ability to survive? Or have him fight another enemy? While you laugh behind your hand and charge both for the privilege, pretending to serve mankind.

BustinJ said:
All of the people I meet are hopeless, self-interested maggots without manners, taste, or empathy whose buzzing devices are far ahead of any other priority at any moment.

Palo Alto is a place where people like to LOOK like jet-setters. You can't go to a cafe any more that's not dominated by the laptop people. Why do people go into the PUBLIC in order to be as walled off from humanity as if they never left their apartment?

Qualities like manners, taste, and empathy seem like relics of a bygone era to me. Even in upscale Palo Alto, mothers use baby strollers as ramrods, people talking to each other on the sidewalk force other foot traffic to walk in the street to get around them, and all these hotshots slow up cafes by getting a latte with a freaking CREDIT CARD even though they're obviously not broke.

As to the subject of "nature", Palo Alto is a lot like my recent experiences on ... you have people who've never even thoroughly walked their own neighborhood yet they've sailed the Seven Seas and visited 20 European and Asian cities. They're carbon footprint is the size of a Siberian Peat Bog.

I find jet-setters unnerving because they have no interest in exploring their own town yet they want to "do" (their word, not mine) Paris or Rome. The whole idea that you can visit, say, Rome and "know" it to any meaningful extent is absurd. A real explorer would want to go to all the local haunts to interface with the natives. Jet-setters don't do that.


I propose a new system whereby we all vote for the asshole we hate the most, and the one with the fewest votes wins. Democrats vs republicans. Like a choice of getting boiled in oil or burned at the stake. The only thing that may prompt me to vote would be the prospect of that fat bastard Newt Gingrich getting on the ticket. I still think Santorum or Romney will choose that cracker to get all the inbreds from the sout, who when not belly aching about losing the Civil War, continue to cast ripples in the defective gene pool and exhibit nose mining habits and drooling problems from generations of inbreeding (reminds me a a joke I heard do you circumcise a southerner? kick his sister in the chin). Fucking assholes have dragged the rest of us down by voting against anything and everything that is progressive and for anything and everything that is regressive and reactionary. Why couldn't that tsunami wave have struck the southeast instead of Indonesia.....

Getting back to the charade. All the candidates are doomed because they all still parade a system that is based on exponential growth. Without the physical resources, especially cheap and abundant oil, such a system is not possible. The massive debt that has been taken on will never even begin to be repaid, as even if there was some slight chance of growth, will be smashed by high gas prices. It is teklling that the media are talking about $5/gallon by the summer, but none have mentioned the real cause. Peak oil. It is all downhill from here. Stagflation, chronic budget shortfalls due to an ever eroding tax bases, the police state on steroids, and an ever declining standard of living for all of us as the US crashes into third world helldom. The US defaults on its staggering debt and will not be able to meet its obligations (to foreign governments and its citizens) as the limits to growth have been reached. A very pissed off China enters into long term barter arrangements with very pissed off OPEC nations, thereby locking the US out of the international oil trade and that remaining 50% of oil that is left, and even much of that will never be recovered. The retirement system is doomed to fail, as is the auto industry, and when austerity programs are cut and prisoners released because they cannot fund the jails, we will have millions of destitute people with nothing left to lose. This is what I am thinking is the impending disaster.

I would like to think Obama would prove to be more willing to set up massive homeless shelters and soup kitchens than "fuck the poor" Romney or Santorum (with fat fig Newt cracker Gingrich as his VP), but after what I have seen since 2008, I won't hold my breath

Vlad said:
As for marriage: over 70% of divorces are brought by women. And the single mother home is very dangerous for children between her hysteria and the boyfriends. Many Fathers are driven to despair and bankruptcy by the collusion between vindictive ex-wives and the Federal Goverment. Many cannot see their children, and are falsely accused when they try to take it to court. Hell hath no fury like a woman who is "trying to find herself" or "move on" or "unhappy".

Vlad, this dovetails into the point I was trying to make to TruthTeller that guys have to pay for their indiscretions but women are making the worst selections in history of who is to be the father of their children and they are NEVER taken to account for making horrible choices because that's not against the law.

Naturally, I know many men whose bitter ex-wives have restricted or eliminated contact with their children, often on trumped-up or totally fictitious charges.


Yes I agree these kids growing up electronically cannot be re educated. their brains are formed.
very hard to change on that level.

human touch and connection is missing, and so many are truly lost. they are bonding to things.
not humans.

man if I had had to stay in the house, or worse apt. when a kid, I'd have REALLY gone nuts.

We were outside ALL THE TIME.
It was NICE.
We feared the bomb. always something to fear, but not fear everything.
well anyway right now I have been on computer, (here) too long and my head hurts and my eyes are tired. need to shut 'her down for now...

thanks, i think...i ll have to practice to get it right...if i had used it on that link, would i just have inserted the

Nice post brother. You know southeners well. Do you live near Ypsituckey ? Or Taylortuckey ? Where status is measured by the length of yer trailer or bass boat. I live in 49267, part of the north Toledo astroid belt.


A good book for Clusterfuckers to read:

Dr. Vern's Guide To Whitetrash Etiquette

This one explains the difference between up north and down south. Available at Barns & Noble or Amazon.

Some of the Indegenous People did seem to have a sense of the Sacred about the Land. Not always, sometimes it was just seen as a battleground of gods and/or demons. This sense of the Sacred may or may not had an aesthetic dimension. With someone like Trip, obviously both are there.


I can relate to feeling afraid of the bomb. As a very small child I sensed my parent's fear during the Cuban missile crisis. (Even at age three I watched Walter Cronkite with my Dad.) When ever I saw a big plane in the sky, I would duck under the slide on our swing set in order to hide from the "bomber."

Also, it's terrible how kids lives are fake these days. The big family vacation is going to Disneyland--utterly fake. Their computers, Ipads, etc are bogus. It seems that only the upper-middle class manage to take their kids to remote National Parks, because that's all I see, with the exception of Europeans--especially Germans.

Even though I don't like camping (I can't sleep), we took our kids out because It's good to experience nature with just a campfire. Park Ranger talks are the best!

Have you ever seen women willingly take responsibility for anything when it goes wrong?

Have you heard about women in the military getting pregnant when it comes time to deploy? Women do so love the "oopsie" side of life. Where are we in regards to a male birth control pill?

Check this out: Noncom Officers are being forced to strap on 25 pound "empathy bellies" so they can understand the trials of female "soldiers" under their command. Can it get any crazier?

Perhaps this is what charlie meant when he said a WOMAN'S UTERUS - as opposed to one of these?

In any case, obviously the Patriarchy was the real thing. Men naturally take care of women but women can't understand the male viewpoint at all. Too narcicistic. Even good women have trouble understanding why a man would object to raising another man's child. They know who their children are and that's that. But they should be able to sympathize by inference at least from the proverbial female fear of getting their baby mixed up with another at the hospital. But they don't. They could, but why bother - it's just men's inner lives and they don't really give a fuck except to gauge how he feels about her at any given time.

Patriarchy! Evil, bad, blah, blah, blah. Women are miserable now. They are much happier when under benign (and I emphasize benign) masculine authority that is strong enough to tell them no when necessary.

lemme just say, fuck all o' y all...might not be long before you re beggin' on of us to borrow the bass boat; how well do think you ll know us then? i ll suggest that you might want to 'git yer mind right, boy', and learn not to impose stereotypes so freely...we re pleasant and easygoing folk by nature- may have something to do with the weather- unless prodded by un-called-for attacks...witness recent history...and you might also consider just what, exactly, you have to offer in a post-industrial society...'cuz trust me, unqualified nose-in-the-air snobbery just doesn t have much in the way of a market, south of the mason-dixon line...suh...

dipshit...should be obvious i meant that it is the woman who has the uterus; who the fuck are you or any other man to decide what she does with it anyway, you already said you are queer(your word, not mine); seems you would be thrilled about the whole birth control thing as a matter of policy...

'EBay, IMHO, is going to be the next "fade-to-black" company because it's now becoming apparent that half the people on EBay are con artists and I know several victims!

Did the Nigerians do it in?

"Ok, Charlie, I'm sorry and won't use the word again. I didn't realize the term was so offensive; I'm the last person to want to be prejudiced, so I was operating out of ignorance."

You are apologizing for using the term "redneck"?!
What the fcuk kinda woosie are you?

Most "rednecks" are proud of it. And the dumberer they are, the prouderer they are.

You gotta get out in real life man. Get the hell outta Bostoon sometime.

Speaking of choices, the US, Isreal & Iran have pretty much painted themselves into corners.

Iran won't give up on the uranium enrichment. What have they got to gain?
The US & Isreal will just demand that they destroy all their missiles with a range of over 100 feet.
If they do that, well, the demands will never end, pretty soon they will find the US & Isreal demanding that they all eat pork 3 times a day, use the Koran for toilet paper, and have their women walk around naked.

As for the US & Isreael, they have been threatening to attack, and if they don't, well guess what, no one will ever take them seriously in the future. So they are in the position of having to do it.

And what kind of attack will it be anyway? Just a strike on the nuke facilities and a threat to Iran not to retaliate?
Not to likely. Most likely it will have to be a full scale strike on all Iranian missile, air & naval facilities too. This will result in the death of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Iranians. Oh, but wait, the US no longer counts civilian casualties anyway, so I guess they wont really be dead.

And the outcome? Even the best outcome means that Iran will be a smoking mess, with any retaliatory strikes against Isreal or the Gulf oil facilities bringing a halt to oil shipments, and a huge increase in the price of oil. So, I just can't see how this will benefit the US in the long term.

Oh, wait, the US no longer make any plans for longer than a few years out.

Yep, some bad choices lay ahead, and I don't see any way out of them, the main players have all set the table, and now its going to be the banquet from hell. Hi, I'm Satan, and I'll be your waiter, can I recommend the Soylent Green tonite, its very good.....


Does "Peak Oil" mean that we won't be able to go "Whole Hog" anymore?

Say, want to take your mind off all this crap for a few?
Go outside and look to the West just after sunset, you will see the new crescent moon, with Venus & Jupiter just above it.
Sorry BTB, it may be a bit late for you to see it, but I hope you did.

And you know what, even if the human race blows itself up, that will still be there for the next, hopefully smarter, being to come along.


Hoke: "Now Miss Daisy...Since da white folks dun gone and bombed da Muslims we ain't got no mo' oil so I can't drives ya to da Wiggly Wiggly no mo'."

Daisy: "Oh...Hush up!"

Progressive? Like what happened to Detroit? How is minority rule progressive? It appears to always lead to disaster.

Are you heterosexual? I mean why? You might as well be homo with attitudes like that. You're going to have to learn about women the hard way.

I concur. Here's a good article about Iran's Sunburn Missile - a super sonic anti-ship missile which will hit ships in the Persian Gulf within seconds of being fired. There can be no defence against something like this in the Gulf. And they have many.

They have every right to be afraid as Israel and the United States are two of most violent cultures on Earth. They seem to be far more advanced than Iraq was and they aren't going to go down easy.

I've spent many a night observing the sky. It makes me appreciate how truly insignificant we really are. Our only solice in the face of the overwhelming impersonality of the cosmos is that we were alive for awhile to have a glimpse of its splendor.

You might be right, but I don't see it that way. The US and Israel aren't forced to attack Iran. All they have to say at any point is there's no nuclear threat and back off. Kind of like declaring we won the Vietnam war and then skedaddled out.

But if I'm proven to be wrong, look to the north, and eventually you'll see a glowing cloud approaching which contains the luminescent remains of my earthly presence.

Yes, I used to hang out at the southland mall in Taylortucky when I was young, pimply burnout around 1979 to 1982 as well as the drive in movie theatres while they were still around. Such memories. 6 of us stuffed in the truck trying to sneak in for free and the driver broke his key off in the trunk door. When the cops came to save us from suffocation, this cloud of smoke wafted out of the trunk and we staggered out...even the cops thought it was funny. That was back during the tail end of liberalism. I am sure the cops would call out the DEA ninja swat teams and have them descend down ropes with night vision goggles with automatic weapons drawn to arrest a bunch of stoner punks just trying to have a good time getting a buzz and trying to get laid. If Newt Gingrich gets elected, who was quoted as saying pot smokers deserve the death penalty, then we might just see these things happening. Got my first blow job and lost my virginity to those slutty taylor gals at the age of 16, in 1980. Ypsitucky was farther west towards Ann Arbor, I grew up downriver, so I never ventured there. My folks were yoopers (born and raised in the UP), but emigrated south for job opportunities.

The word is "wuss", Dee. And I'm only being sensitive, after the fireworks here last weekend. Of course, if anyone wants to fight me, I'm game.

Boston is ok, it's where I was born, and except for 4 years in Cleveland, it's been my home. I wish the climate was better, tho'. I wouldn't mind retiring to a warmer clime, but I can't just yet.

I don't agree with all this anti-woman shit. Women are remarkable. Being able to endure pregnancy for 9 months is awesome. Women are such caretakers of children, us men can't compare. Women are inherently built to survive longer than men.They are so much more socially advanced than men. I love women; I'm fascinated by their minds and adore their bodies. There's never been a woman who could dominate me, so I'm not afraid of them, like many of the misogynists here. I think many of those on this blog who dislike women have never been married. Everyone ought to try it once.

When I was 12 years old, I disliked girls. Yuck! But that passed pretty quickly. From what I see on CFN many of the anti-women males are still emotionally stuck at 12 years old.

Me, I love to make love to many women. I don't now because I've pledged myself to one woman forever. But in my younger days I would make love to every body part of the woman I was with at the time, and spend all night doing it. Again and again. Unfortunately, even if I were free, at my age, I don't think I have enough energy do it like that anymore. But if I were free, I'd sure have a lot of fun trying. But I'm not free, I love the woman I've been with for a long time.


I wish for us to share a walk through the pine forest of Mount Carmel, by the sands and waves of the Mediterranean.

I hope we can manage that one of these days.

well put, bill my sentiments exactly- except that at the still young age of forty, an energetic forty, i can still get down like that- neener neener! but seriously, i believe that the misogyny is a function of having bad experiences that are transferred to the rest...probably also not being able to grow up and forgive his 'mean ol' mommy', hence stuck at the emotional age of twelve like you said...i could throw out the classic 'latent' jibe, but is that really necessary, given the patient? and thanks again for taking the high road while ago; i wasn t trying to start a fight; rather raise the bar of discussion...a little...

Just got in from the Georgia Organics conference, and my big 3 hour lecture is finally DONE! I actually had too much material for a 3 hour slot (I know you guys aren't surprised by that with my usual long-windedness). Whatever the quality of my presentation, I did manage to sell quite a few tins of our herbal cream, picked up a few consulting gigs, and a handful of volunteers for our cob cottage project. Success! I think.

I feel like I can have my life back now. Time to get muddy. I don't envy you teachers one little bit...

I wouldn't even think of it !

men have inner lives ? hmmm...
if you say so.

(couldn't resist). some DO no doubt.

this is a hot topic.
that's all i will say for now.


Rhino :

you got that right ! we be lucky to have one square a day probably. way it's goin'.

BTB said :

There's never been a woman who could dominate me, so I'm not afraid of them.

wow that is a thoughtful statement. got me thinking.


You've been lucky. Or to give you some credit, perhaps you're also good with women - money, looks, manner, etc. Have some compassion for the less lucky and less gifted.

The abuse of men under the Feminized State is horrific. Your not wanting to know about it doesn't make it go away. Feminists make a point about getting into Family Law so they can destroy men's lives.

And men like you bear alot of the responsibility since you are too busy worshiping women to even look. And of course politicians want those votes so they pander too.

Yes women see men like men see firewood - something to use and use up. Present company excepted I hope.

OMG, my favorites USED to be made here, and sure enough not now. (that is why the old ones go for so much on ebay.) aha.

and the new ones are just as comfy but cheaper made and looking. talking about shoes now.

wow what an eye opener.
what a concept BUY AMERICAN.

thanks again for the reminder.

(can't afford another thing, at this point).

Check out the monastary there. All thru history Christianity has been enriched by wonderful Jewish Converts. Don't know how wonderful you could be, but who knows? Look at how God transformed the murderous Zealot persecutor Saul.

"The US and Israel aren't forced to attack Iran."

Maybe they are?

Maybe a total "reset" war is the only way out of the current overpopulation, resource constraint, democratic government collapse, stupidity clusterfuck?

Also, what was Freud's theory of the societal "Death Wish"?

"This is Ripley...last survivor of the 'Nostromo' signing off...."

"The third problem came from clinical practice. Freud found his patients, dealing with painful experiences that had been repressed, regularly 'obliged to repeat the repressed material (Alien sequal movies II - V) as a contemporary experience instead of...remembering it as something belonging to the past'.[8] Combined with what he called 'the compulsion of destiny...come across [in] people all of whose human relationships have the same outcome,[9] such evidence led Freud 'to justify the hypothesis of a compulsion to repeat - something that would seem more primitive, more elementary, more instinctual than the pleasure principle which it over-rides'.[10]"

When I look at many Americans these days, I sometimes see people who look like they're trying to destroy themselves. But what do I know?

Don't think so. If there is to be a reset, I think nature will do it to us, like in a pandemic or severe climate change or some other environmental disaster caused by some imbalance.

Vlad said:
You've been lucky. Or to give you some credit, perhaps you're also good with women - money, looks, manner, etc. Have some compassion for the less lucky and less gifted.

The abuse of men under the Feminized State is horrific. Your not wanting to know about it doesn't make it go away. Feminists make a point about getting into Family Law so they can destroy men's lives.

And men like you bear alot of the responsibility since you are too busy worshiping women to even look. And of course politicians want those votes so they pander too.

I hate "pat" answers like BeanTownBill's that if we're misogynistic we must be stuck at 12-years-old and all the rest of Bill's horseshit.

I was engaged to three women and I broke it off all three times. Even as I'm about to be SIXTY, I have two women friends (and I mean "friends" in the CORRECT sense that they are an integral part of my weekly social life), and I *still* don't have trouble getting dates with women because I look like a boy at 59.

Sorry, Bill, but it's possible to have a problem with modern women without fitting some DSM IV clinical profile. Indeed, a family lawyer friend of mine humorously said recently that "possession of a vagina is nine-tenths of the law".

Femme Lib has gotten WAAAAAAY out of control. On TV commercials involving husbands, if anyone is made out to be a
doofus it's the hubby, not the wife. Women are depicted on TV shows (esp. crime shows) as scientists and hackers and relative to their jobs in life are overrepresented in these positions on TV by more than a factor of ten.

In family court, unless the woman is a stark alcoholic/addict, she gets custody of the children. Since the divorce rate in the USA is astronomical even compared to the 1970s, it's alarming how kids grow up without a male role model. Little wonder that boys are now wearing earrings and are often as obsessed about "styling" as girls because they're RAISED by girls. Nothing happens in life at the scale we're witnessing without a solid reason.

The absence of women in engineering and physical sciences is no accident either. They're just not up to snuff as abstract thinkers. I went out with a lawyer last weekend who was a modern Power Femme and whose refutation of my argument, using large scale demographics statistics about the lack of women in the sciences/engineering, was "Well, I know two women who .... " ... she is a JUDGE and uses debating tactics that would get you kicked off a freaking 9th grade debate team.

The Creator created gender differences so that the strengths of each gender (abstract thinking and physical power in men and nurturance, pragmatism, and the ability to tolerate chaos of women) would synergistically make a union better than the sum of the parts. Instead, we now pit women against men in a unisex world which is anti-biological and horribly unnatural).

Bill, I'm glad you love your wife. That's the way it's supposed to be. However, don't be a "sore winner" with the kind of puffery you displayed in your post. Look, even the radical feminist Susan Faludi has had enough of radical fem. and wrote the book
"Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Male".

But your idea, and the ideas of others that anti-radical-femme guys are just losers who didn't have good luck with women is formulaic BULLSHIT. I have always been liked by women and that still persists at my current age but I don't look to my female friends to talk about deep science or technology nor do I think the family court system is just when it comes to FATHERS.


A nice wish. Anything is possible, Mika, and maybe it is time to visit my spiritual home. I'm not ancient, but I've already lived more of my life, probably (unless medical advances occur quicker than I think), than I have left. So the time is coming for a 1st visit. A good friend of mine's daughter married an Israeli and lives there. They have 4 children, and my friend visits 2 or 3 times a year.

And don't forget the trusting man stalked by the conniving women who just wouldn't take no for an answer. Her voice was too sweet in the beginning, and far too agreeable. How he failed to recognize this disgusting, dangerous psychopath remains the unfortunate mystery. His only respite was a "Play Misty For Me" fantasy and the imagined sound of a thud emanating from the rainy cliffs down below.

Eventually he resorted to his best defense - the ability and willingness to lie. With a tear forming in the corner of his eye he gave her the bad news: prostate cancer and quite possibly a life of comprised libido. And in the aftermath of his surgery, he was going to need space, so much space, in fact, that he didn't want to talk to anyone, especially someone who would remind him of the man he no longer was.

The last I heard his strategy worked, although he no longer posts on Facebook.

A society's moral value system is determined by the needs of the economic substructure. What happens when the economic substructure becomes suicidal?

What amazes me is that so many in here cannot see the long term, or should I say, the short term future. Have any of you read "The Long Emergency", "Reinventing Collapse", or "The Party Is Over"?

Israel and/or the US will likely attack Iran. They may send in ground troops to "liberate" the oil wells. Iraq had no delusions about any "liberation" or "humanitarian" missions when it blew up or set ablaze its oil wells during the US invasions. That is why the US was never able to repay its illegal war by using their oil. Due to "damage' from the first and second Gulf Wars (or more accurately described as invasions/occupations), only 10% of the estimated reserves were actually recoverable, making the whole venture not only a disaster and a disgrace but a net energy loss. Like drilling for more oil, using the military to steal it from other countries uses staggering amounts of energy. The old ways do not work anymore.

Iran will likely react in a similar manner if such a "liberation" mission is attempted, I am betting. Even a massive bombing campaign to 'disable' its supposed nuclear ambitions will not lead to anything positive. The Chinese who have taken on our debt for quite some time now are hungry for the remaining oil, a good percentage of which lay in Iran and other Arab states growing increasingly resentful of US intervention and its one sided foreign policy in the region. Bomb Iran, maybe "accidentally" killing a few of their leaders, along with their sons, relatives, and gold fish may trigger a domino effect in the region whereby very pissed off OPEC nations dump the US dollar (which is soon to collapse anyways due to Ben Bernake speeding up his money printing pressed in a vain and futile effort to grow the economy with paper money while Obummer runs up more debt thinking the joyride will never end) and enter into long term barter arrangements with a very pissed off Chinese (who know they will never get paid back for all the debt they have taken on for the US)

Deprived of the energy needed to sustain the suburbia, to grow food, to heat and cool homes, to maintain this energy gobbling monster called the military,etc the US will collapse wholesale, and the cliff it is racing towards is close at hand and very steep. few seem to realize this, let alone entertain its reality. Yet it is there for keeps and no amount of denial, wishful thinking, or fantasies (especially that technology will save us) will change the outcome of the impending disaster. Only a profound change in thinking on the part of the human race from its reptillian brain (the basal ganglia,based on fear, territorialism, aggression) to the higher evolved levels (the neocortex, which allows for higher levels of reasoning and acting). Various governments, the US included, are very adept at keeping people in a state of fear, ignorance, and denial, causing them to act in a foolish, shallow, and self destructive manner. It is no wonder why there is so much violence, greed, and downright short sightedness and stupidity in not only the US, but the world. Housing values will always appreciate, greed is good, there will always be more marine life in the oceans as well as oil to propel us into this living arrangement based on endless growth and our entitlement to drive our flashy cars to make our neighbors envious (whom we could care less about)until the end of time, and of course, various Gods or deities made in our image and likeness who have despicable human attributes such as anger, jealousy, etc.

Gone will be the money, energy, and resources to sustain the US military, let alone its allies and satellite nations, let alone this rather fucked up way of doing things based on our most primitive emotions renders all this talk about this group being to blame or the upcominmg election or ..take your like a fart in the gale of the impending hurricane.

At least try not to sit on the tv and stare at the sofa when the question of nuclear warfare, environmental decimation, mass starvation stare us all in the face, sooner than we are capable of imagining.

Think past Whitney Houston, politics, etc and try focus on less consumption, less greed, less EGO, less resource expenditure and try to focus on sharing, having more patience with each other, getting past fear, envy, and other negative emotions. If we can, it will lead to happier and healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles than this relatively short lived, artificial bubble of "industrialized society" have brought on.

The decisons we make are now here and we have a chance to reverse and change for the better.I believe this was/is a challenge we were meant to make. We have one last chance, and whatever bed we make, not to sound trite, is the one we will lay in

Yes, I spoke a generality, but generalities can be just as frequently accurate as they can be incorrect. As I stated in my post, I was speaking of misogynists, who dislike women for any number of reasons, not specifically those who were against rabid feminists. I, myself, who love women IN GENERAL, tend to dislike super-aggressive feminists.

My comment about 12 year-old emotional levels were directed against misogynistic posters on CFN, who, in my experience, talk like 12 year-old boys do when discussing "girls". If an adult man has a reason to be anti-female, then at least discuss it as a reasonable adult.

And any male who has problems with modern women, has problems with a majority of the human race. No matter what you say, that is not emotionally healthy. I have had problems with women - but only with specific individuals (say, like Wagelaborer, here), not with women in general.

TV shows have been portraying men as dumb since before women's lib. Did you ever watch "The Life of Riley" in the early '50's? Chester A. Riley was constantly outsmarted by his wife. Yet, in the '70's, Archie Bunker constantly derided his wife's intelligence and called her the "dingbat". I don't know of a TV show that ever had the husband put down as viciously as Edith Bunker was put down by Archie.

As women have gained more personal power, more and more men have gotten custody of their children in divorce, although it's still the woman who gets the kids a majority of the time. But it's not so cut-and-dried as it used to be.

What's so wrong about males wearing earrings? They've been doing so for thousands of years. It's only been looked down upon in the last part of the 19th century and the 1st 60 years or so in the 20th. Didn't pirates wear earrings in the 17th and 18th centuries? And didn't the founding fathers wear wigs? When you comment about boys today wearing earrings and voice your concern about their attention to style as your one complaint about the modern social era, you are coming across as a homophobe to me, just as when I talk about finding happiness with my wife, you feel I am a sore winner and speak with a kind of puffery.

Finally, E, I never said anti-radical-femme men were losers. I was speaking of misogynists, and even there I was trying to be kind by NOT calling them losers, just immature.

Hey, Vlad, I'd like to respond to your post here, but it's gotten too late for tonite, and whatever energy I had left I used responding to E's post. I'll get to you when I can in the near future. I'm going to bed - it's 1:45 am in Boston. Ain't technology great that I can casually communicate with someone out west whenever I want?

JackieBlu2U "We were outside ALL THE TIME.
It was NICE."

Here's an idea for you to try. Open all the doors and windows and shut off the climate control. Unplug the modem, router, or whatever, and then, from the main switchbox, turn off each breaker one by one.

By now you should be wearing wool socks, warm layers, and heading for the kitchen. Stop, turn and go out the back door.

Collect three medium-large stones and a small pile of wood for kindling (If its not dry or something, find some old books to burn).

Light a fire in the middle of the stones.

Leave it this way for a week.

BTB said, "I've spent many a night observing the sky. It makes me appreciate how truly insignificant we really are. Our only solice in the face of the overwhelming impersonality of the cosmos is that we were alive for awhile to have a glimpse of its splendor."

Which is to say, the Cosmos is not the source of Solace, but the emptiness of space.

It is the Dark Energy that makes up 70% of mass.

In between something and nothingness, I encounter the vast armies of stupid people.

Wow. E thinks he looks like a boy at 59. This is exactly what you don't get about internet dating. You actually don't look like a boy E. No person, man or woman, looks like a child at 59. You may look young for your age but that doesn't equate to looking like a boy. I'm guessing you totally misrepresent yourself because of your own deceptive descriptions of yourself. Kind of like the big women who advertise "curves in all the right places".

But boys will be boys and they think, even at 59 and delusional, they deserve a girl. Gag me with a spoon and throw me out the window.

Bill said:

Finally, E, I never said anti-radical-femme men were losers. I was speaking of misogynists, and even there I was trying to be kind by NOT calling them losers, just immature.

Bill, this argument is very much like the RACE argument. It's by natural design that MOST men are misogynists. I was raised in a working class neighborhood in Philly and by the time married men were in the 30s and 40s they always rolled their eyes at each other when they heard the stupid shit women talked about ... and VICE VERSA.

I think your view of the battle of the sexes is naive because I think misogyny is eternal as is hatred of aspects of maleness by women ... just like dogs don't like cats and the races all dislike each other (some for more justifiable reasons than others).

Educated people know that some of the smartest guys in the last few CENTURIES were raving misogynists like H.L. Mencken, Schopenhauer, W.C. Fields, Ambrose Bierce, Karl Kraus, Samuel Johnson, Somerset Maugham, Picasso, and I could go on for TEN LINES. Are these guys just "immature"? Or are they, rather, astute observers?

Women do not even like EACH OTHER. Chris Rock noted that even women who are best friends, if contesting for the same guy, turn into civet cats against each other. Mencken's quote is among the most astute in this regard: "When women kiss, it always reminds one of prize-fighters shaking hands before the start of the bout".

And that was when women were WOMEN!! Now that we live in "UnisexWorld", it's far, far worse because of the presumption of equal mental powers and other fictions. And as in the racial fights here on CFN, when you call misogynists "immature" you don't give equal time to man-haters who are as legion as misogynists.

Old-fashioned use of gender differences made Western Civilization great. The new tilting of the law and the social image of men vs. women have played a great role in the dissolution of this civilization. In the end, it really was MUCH better in the Ozzie and Harriet world for both parties. If you don't believe me, look at the consumption of ANTIDEPRESSANTS and ANTI-ANXIETY drugs in women since 1960. In the 1960s women were mostly still at home. In the 1970s when they entered the workforce en masse, Valium and Elavil prescriptions went BALLISTIC in women while men's usage basically didn't budge.

Twice as many women use anti-anxiety and antidepressant meds as guys. Well, they're "free" so why aren't they happy??? I'll tell you why ... because they discovered that once they were "free" they were FREE TO FAIL and in the real, harsh world that men have always occupied, there's not much of a SAFETY NET when one fails. When a wife was so-so or even bad in the 1940s she didn't even get divorced most of the time, much less thrown into economic desuetude.

I don't know how old you are, Bill, but your idealized ideas make me guess that you're NOT over 50.


I look SO young at 59, Notanego, that most people think I'm in my late THIRTIES or early FORTIES. So you can take your conjecture and put it where the moon don't shine, okay?

I've won so many bar bets about my age that it's a wonder I'm not an alcoholic from drinking my winnings. :)


I understand and like what you say.
We all have been sort of brainwashed about our role in society.
Women, real women have to be this and that; real men have to be this and that.
In one way we have overcome it, but not completely.
It comes back, like the memories we have of our childhood, where it was appropriate to behave in one way and not in the other.
We are conditioned in our actions and never completely free.
Men have this stupid idea that a woman, the woman of their dreams, must have a certain kind of curves in the right place, it doesn’t matter she has a certain kind of ideas in the wrong place.
Women are freer, not because they are more intelligent, just because they have less testosterone.
Hormones are the ones which very often drive our behavior, especially in people with weak will and strong physical needs. And this is the point where smart people can play with your mind, using your senses, using the ideas you were taught as a child, using your feelings and your sense of right and wrong.
Actually teaching you to change your mind.
Sometimes I have this feelings that I have been used, to reject (when I was a teen ager) the kind of girl I had been brought up to be.
Free love, no family, no boundaries, no feminine attributes.
It felt great, as long as you do not go on destroying your life.
May be the right role, as usual, is in the middle, not too woman, not too man.
Woman when you need to be one and man when you need something else.
In my house I wash the dishes and my husband dries them.
And it would even be better if my husband was NOT a German.
Because he WILL never wash the dishes, IT IS NOT HIS duty.
We Italian tend to be a little more “elastic”, I wouldn’t care if I had to dry them…

Vlad said:

Women are miserable now. They are much happier when under benign (and I emphasize benign) masculine authority that is strong enough to tell them no when necessary.

Vlad, read the part of my rebuttal to BeantownBill's post dealing with CONSUMPTION OF ANTIDEPRESSANT AND ANTI-ANXIETY DRUGS in women vs. men and in women in the 1960s vs. after their entry into the workforce. I like statistics that cut through all of the philosophical bullshit and PILL CONSUMPTION is one of those things that you just can't bullshit your way around. Women are DEMONSTRABLY and PALPABLY more miserable than they were in the "Ozzie and Harriet" Age.

Those meds started being available en masse in the late 1950s but, big surprise (!!), they reached a fever pitch of consumption in the mid- and late-1970s when women surged into the workforce only to discover that being "bored" at home wasn't so bad after all. Their "freedom" is the greatest Pyrrhic Victory in history.


Late 30's to early 40's equal a boy?

I'm always amazed at my lack of comprehension skills. How could I not know that an almost 60 year old man would in fact see himself as a boy because he's won some bar bets about his age.

Cripes Fonzie, will I ever learn?

I think that however young you can look, there is always a moment in which you look your age.
The point in my opinion is NOT looking younger, it is looking pleasant.
Or pleasantly old.
That is something very few are able to do.
I had a mother who was a heavy smoker, and her face reflected it.
Once we were at a dinner and one man told her:
Your face is full of wrinkles, but the moment you open your mouth, I do not see your wrinkles anymore...
I really would like to be like her, wouldn’t even care for the wrinkles.

Patrizia said:
I think that however young you can look, there is always a moment in which you look your age.
The point in my opinion is NOT looking younger, it is looking pleasant.
Or pleasantly old.

Well, even your generalizations don't necessarily hold water. I've known people who looked grumpy as hell because that was just the shape of their face. Then they turned out to be amazingly humane. Conversely, some of the most vicious assholes I've ever known looked like ... John Edwards ... all smiley and "pretty boy".

I'm not saying all grumps are great folks and all smiley faces are toxic but what I am saying is that people are complex enough that a "pleasant" face means very little. I, unlike a lot of the dumbass Californians I know judge people by their vices. There cannot be a meaner bunch of "clean livers" than Bay Area Puritans. I had a fiancee who smoked two packs a day and still remains one of the nices people I've ever known. Too bad I'm just not "the marrying kind".


Has-an-ego said:

Late 30's to early 40's equal a boy?

I love these "literalists" who can't understand nuance. First, in this day and age people really are KIDS until they're 35. Seriously. Secondly, if you saw my face you'd know that it's CHARACTER is extremely BOYISH and has been so described by many.

You are a nitpicker like Asoka. In fact, given the fact that many cowards on this site have two or three identities, you may well BE Asoka. You sure sound like him ... somebody who wants to pick at insubstantialities instead of the spirit of a post.

Have a nice day.


"May be the right role, as usual, is in the middle, not too woman, not too man."

How do American women these days feel about satisfying their male partner by performing fallatio on him?

I heard that some American women refuse to perform fallatio on their husbands, particularly if he hasn't been circumcised.

My uncle is getting on in his years. Can anyone out there in ClusterFuck Nation recommend a good assisted living facility where the nurses perform fallatio on the elderly residents? I want my uncle to be happy in his remaining golden years. Thank you.

hmm...well, it s to be sexual politics today...ok, that still qualifies as politics...anyone see the dukes of hazard movie from a few years ago? willie nelson as uncle jessie asks, 'you know why divorce is so expensive? because it s worth it!' and here s one that i heard a long time ago: why do men die first? because we WANT to...! one more...i believe it was chris rock who pointed out that when you re dating, it is called a blow job- after you get married, you might get fellatio...alright, that s all i got for now; back to your regularly scheduled yammering...

...burgess meredith...: 'where is everybody? where did everybody go?'

Ya gotta respect a guy who's over-prepared just as much as one who can scratch 'n' go, impromptu-like!

Excellent forward movement. Congratulations and good Fortune to you and yours...

gawd: "Careful, Burgess, or I'll bust yer glasses!"

(I'm here, but not much to say... lemme check my notes. ;o)

To commemorate Avatar Meher Baba's birthday, 25 Feb 1894, I offer the last discourse he gave vocally before beginning his long period of silence.

"Flesh and Bones"
Meher Baba's Last Spoken Discourse
July 2nd, 1925

Although it had been announced by mail that no outsiders should come to Meherabad after July 1st [1925], a group of Parsi politicians came to see Meher Baba on July 2nd. After discussing with them the political and spiritual situation of India, Meher Baba discoursed about the mind and body. This was to be his last verbal [spoken] discourse:

Human excrement is totally useless; only swine eat it. Similarly, when the flesh is cut from a carcass, only bones remain and these are thrown to the dogs. Man's mind is like flesh, and his body is like the bones.

We eat flesh (meat) and digest it, which means we use it. But the bones are uneatable and of no use; so we give them to dogs who can chew and utilize them. We, as men, must care for our mind, which is like the meat. We should use our mind by training it to flow into the proper channels. But we have to drop this physical body sometime, for it cannot be preserved. To exemplify this: Suppose one's finger is chopped off or a leg is crippled, we should not worry or weep over it because we know that this whole physical body has to be discarded one day. But we should be most careful about our mind which is of the utmost use to us. The mind should be directed toward proper spheres; it should be kept in check and utilized.

If this body, which we have to discard one day, is used for anything, it should be used in the service of three causes: God, the Master and our fellowman. The body may become weary and worn out — it may bring us suffering — but so what? Man, as a physical being, is destined to suffer. So long as the body is vibrant, active and under our control, man can be said to have used it for a good cause, by directing his energies in any good or noble work.

«You have to live for others and use your bodies for the benefit of others.»
—Meher Baba

Cool link, Bustin; enjoyed that a lot.

It would appear that there's definitely about to be a reset to "default" on our integration with [big-picture] Nature/the Cosmos. Strangely, all that human civilization and culture is seems to be informed by a distinct attempt to sever these "unseverable" ties and informs every aspect of modern life! (Religion, politics, economies, lifestyles, gadgetry, etc.)

I've never understood this disconnect and denial of this most obvious phenomenon: We ARE what we stand upon, and are part of all the known and unknown greasings and grindings, tension and release of the Universe.
Maybe having been raised in an agricultural area reinforced this wonderment regarding the web of nature. And having seen the aurora borealis from just the other side of Lake Eire as a kid may have helped instill that awe further, I dunno.

Why do people wish to alienate themselves from their essences? This (to me) is a suicidal pursuit/fantasy.

Maher Baba? What the hell?


...Billy sez:
I did not.... uh....... take that woman shopping!

(And don't call me blue-belly!)
That's a joke, son. ;o)

I dunno.
I thought it was Bubba Mayer, Oscar's no-account, vegetarian, juicer-product-swilling brother?

sheeit, that s easy! same reason somebody came up with the invisible sky gods: we are little itty bitty teeny tiny bits compared to everything else in the cosmos- it s much easier to function (that is, ignore it) if something or someone is in charge...i figure if that s whatcha need; problem arises when you tell me what to believe, or use it as an excuse to rape & pillage your neighbors if they don t believe something i don t quite get, though, is why one's first inclination upon seeing the glory of the night sky is fear, rather than a feeling of peace and joy at being a part of something so beautiful...knowhuttimean, vern?

What about coal and electric cars? Will they save the US?

Ahhh, veddy good 'splaination!

Yes, I knowhutchamean, vern. :o)
(That's why I dig the science shit; just having an inkling of what all that stuff out there IS, makes one want to holler with joy at its' cool immensity!)

Are you saying that RE-industrialization is not gonna be the proper choice to keep the gridiron gladiators on their Gatorade-fueled quests? Horrors. ;o)

I would agree with you that lots of stark choices are yet to be made, but they will be avoided until life-or-death is upon us; which would be a bad time to try for rational responses to the upshots of many predicaments, IMHO.

Speaking of less-than-ideal choices:

"...And they thought that all the others were afflicted
And those who knew the secret handshake would be saved
And they thought that in the end they’d all be lifted
Now they’re lying in the beds that they made

Ah they waited for their God in vain
Yeah they waited for their God in vain
Standing with their luggage waiting for their transport plane
They waited for their God in vain..."

-Handmaiden to da deb'bil, Eliza Gilkyson

O3 said "Why do people wish to alienate themselves from their essences? This (to me) is a suicidal pursuit/fantasy. "

Well, I think that people born within the social and physical constructs of the current civic layout identify with it- it is their essence, as far as I can tell. A city is a machine, the economy of it is composed of pieces of a machine. The mind adapts and one becomes the machine. One's thoughts are the machine's thoughts, one's feelings are dependent on the machine. Take a city boy out of the city and he's likely to become depressed sooner or later. WE are a species diverging- one branch is becoming a city-type, the other is a vanishing frontier species.


The average experienced clinician needs close to two million pieces of information to practice medicine, van Terheyden said, which they get in part from reading medical journals. Doctors subscribe to an average of seven journals, which contain more than 2,500 new articles each year. It would require 80 hours of reading per week to keep up with all the newest medical literature, he said.

By contrast, (IBM's) Watson can sift through an equivalent of about a million books or roughly 200 million pages of data, analyze the information, and provide an answer in less than three seconds.

It is only a matter of time before this technology is wearable on a shirt sleeve, probably much faster than we think. Watson will live in a "cloud" and we will ask it questions with our smart phones. But it might bore the silicon genius.

Ozone Oscar Meyer was bankrupt and its assets ready to be sold off (in Bloomfield). Just the other day somebody came in and rescued the company. That's some pretty good Hotdogs.

On a sadder note, a company in Hartford thats been making horseshoe nails since the 1880's closed up and moved to Sweden. Maybe the last old time mfg. plants in the city. From here on in its foodstamps, Section 8 housing, methadone & Aids clinics, and of course switchblades and cheap semi-auto pistols. That's all!


YES. And what does that mean for you? It means to renounce your lesser identities. Noel Ignatieve said, "Treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity." Can we not then say, "Treason to Judaism is loyalty to the White Race"?

Once you join us, then and only then, do you have the right to ask us to renounce our existence. Aint gonna happen? I know. And we know. So play fair at least.

Where are all the good men, they moan. They have become the men they would have otherwise sought or be sought by. They will not look down to those who make less. They can barely stand talking to those who make the same. This is woman's nature. And saying otherwise, that Feminism would free men too, was at best self deception for most or a Lesbian Lie from the hard core.

The Elite has backed the movement to the hilt. They want to destabilize and destroy. Worse is better. To have Global Civilization, Nations have to wither and die. Also, Feminism helps lower the population which is the way they want to go.

Few Radical Green types ever contemplate this: that the Elite may know much of what they know and are in agreement with it. They just take a different "take" on it: how to power down Civilization while remaining on top and in control. Knowledge is one thing, what you do with it a very different thing all entirely.

sadness abounds...i really like cut nails; damned useful- 'specially if you can t afford $300 for a, they re a reminder of the good ol' days, when we did things for ourselves...i ll pour some beer on the ground...

Yes how bout cars which need two people: one up front and one in back feeding coal into the engine. Every car can have a smoke stack. Or why not electric cars with extension cords? Ozone can help your car "transition" to its new life as an appliance.

I like the idea of cars that run on alcohol. You can go out and have a drink with your car. Pour yourself a small vodka and then pour the rest of the bottle into the car. It burps out the exhaust.

But all this is just a stage on the way down. The real fun is when cars are being drawn by horses and we can have chariot races again. Women will excel and can model themselves on top of the new chariot cars. Ben Her here we come.

"God damn America." The Marine Corps veteran Rev. Wright was correct to say that for all the hatred and evil the world's most violent nation has spawned, killing millions with seeming impunity. - Asoka

I say God-damn blather like this.

Most reasonable people who walk around with open eyes/ears/minds will know better. They will know something of the world, it's various peoples and cultures, the recent goings-on and the not so recent. And so such people just move on and write this shit off as the raging of the deficient in experience, knowledge and common sense.

The problem is that this nonsense has wide currency in the redoubts of the learned and the wise. Or rather those that hold themselves out to be learned and wise. The more ridiculous the idea the longer the legs it has among those folk.

You watch people that utter silliness like this and you see the the self congratulation and the frissons of delight it gives. Frankly I don't get it. Never have.

Not to say that the US of A is a perfect place or that Americans walk around wearing haloes. But to say that the USA is the "most evil" is to betray either an appalling ignorance of other places, other people (maybe an example of the atrocious state of American education) or a ludicrous America-centrism that refuses to accord others their rightful significance in world events.

Asoka, you need to talk to other people ie non Americans. The USA is full of immigrants, survivors or children of survivors of bestial regimes that make the USA for all its moral deficiencies a kindergarten playground in comparison. These people all have stories and believe me they will tell you what they've been through. A lot of them can't shake the experiences off them.

What regimes? I'll make it easier for the willfully blind and the deliberately absurd: the USSR, Cambodia, China, Germany.

Wise up Asoka. Seriously. Postings like this make you look ridiculous. Talk to people that survived Stalin's gulags or lost someone in those hellholes, talk to someone who survived the Great Leap forward or the Cultural Revolution or the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

IMO the so-called "progressives" are every bit as ludicrous as the so-called regressive and reactionary.

Someone said recently (can't remember the guy's name) that these "progressives" tout "tolerance" for example for what they deem alternative lifestyles and family structures. But how do these "progressives" live? How do they want their children to live? They want to live socially conservative lives and that's what they want for their kids. They want their kids to live productive lives, to prosper economically. They want their kids to have stable marriages, faithful spouses, in orderly neighborhoods with well trimmed lawns. Social experimentation? Not for them.

Similarly, I'm pretty sure it was Eleuthero that said recently that for all the progressive trumpeting of racial tolerance, progressives themselves don't live in racially integrated neighborhoods. I agree with Eleuthero. Nosiree, racial integration is for other people.

Fine to talk the talk. But marry a Black, a Latino, an Asian? Hah! Fer-fucking-get it. Not for their little Jane or little Johnny. No little brown half breeds at their family conclaves, no foreign accents wanted, the daughter-in-law better cook "American", thanksgiving at her place has to be turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. None of that stinking, pre-chewed "food" for them.

..."why one's first inclination upon seeing the glory of the night sky is fear, rather than a feeling of peace and joy at being a part of something so beautiful"

Because of fear of the unknown, fear of the crushing immensity of it all

Just read over at Spearhead: Rihanna started it when she hit Chis Brown in the head with her spiked heel shoe - WHILE HE WAS DRIVING. This could had lead to their deaths and the deaths of others on the road. So she essentially got what she deserved. Female violence against men is a huge unreported problem - one that people refuse to take seriously.

She has said both in interview and her lyrics that she finds nice guys boring. She like thugs and provoking them. Not unusual. Now one very important strategy used by women more evolved than Rihanna: find a nice, reliable Beta to support you and the kids. And then get an Alpha lover for the thrills - and maybe a kid too! Can we say cuckold boys and girls? The Beta Dupe finds out and then she's the victim still - he's holding her back from finding herself! He takes her back, rinse and repeat. Until she decides it's time to leave the nest and divorce him.

Well, surprise, surprise! Vlad has a good sense of humor. Who knew?

Hi BTB, if you like astronomy check this link

The guy does some great work.

Eleuthero, I can't thank you enough for your insights on life in Shalo Alto. I avoid those "fusion" eateries at all costs!

You got any thoughts on "Olmsted Terrace," Stanford's new faculty ghetto? Regis Homes shoehorned 39 freestanding structures into the scrub-brush alongside Stanford Ave. A jarring assemblage of ersatz architectural sytles, touted as a "palette of colors" so that you can "locate the home that is right for you." It is the most hideous development of McMansions I've ever seen. I find myself humming "The Candy Man" every time I drive that repaved stretch of El Camino out front, with its bright red brick crosswalks.

They bill this as a "close-knit community," which puts it mildly. Who needs a yard or a driveway? This is a "sustainable" neighborhood so it has "shared private drive courts" and "shared private courtyards."

Prices started at 800k, "helped" by the restriction that you sell it back to Stanford 10 years after you retire (or, in the case of your surviving spouse, 10 years after you die). THIS constitutes homeownership? Who'd have thunk Stanford's faculty susceptible to such grotesque infantilization?

Misogyny is only natural to the extent that our neural wiring permits it to exist, but it is a sign of a personality disorder. To dislike a particular woman is fine, but to dislike the opposite sex as a whole is not.

Although mysogyny can have many causes, it's still a result of twisted wiring, based on fear.

I never mentioned feminine man-hating because I rarely see it on this blog, and I was responding specifically to the many mysogynistic posts I do see here. If it will make you feel better, yes, I agree that some women do hate men. That's a personality disorder, too. And just because woman-hating has been around for a long time doesn't make it right. Plenty of cats like dogs, too; my own cat did.

Being smart is not being wise. The people you mentioned were creative, not so much wise. A more accurate description of W.C. Fields would be to label him misanthropic - he was an equal opportunity disliker. He was a very, very strange man with a wacky sense of humor. He was not known for being wise, but for his comedy.

Mencken was just a cranky old wise-ass. Bierce had a strange belief system. Picasso was an odd little man - his pictures inform us of how he personally saw the world. Given all the brilliant men of the past few centuries, I find your cexamples of mysogynists very telling-it feels to me you hand-picked the most flaming ones from a large group of people.

You may think I'm naive, but that's a matter of opinion. I know well how the world works. That you think I'm under 50 is just a smarmy retort to get my goat. I've had plenty of dealings with academics, so I'm not surprised. As a point of fact, I am a lot older than 50 and wish I were that young.

Please refrain in the future from replying to a difference of opinion between 2 men with snide put-downs. Not only is it unbecoming, it boosts my own opinion of your level of immaturity.

Bill, the cosmos is a dark cold gothic cathedral of emptiness. It is in Israel that our soul experiences true life.

You can reach me via my twitter account.

Are you saying that Black tribemen pillage their neighbors and then eat them? You are a racist.

Yes I meditate on that too. The internet is amazing, but how quickly we turned into a brothel and a den of thieves. Man's real nature come to the fore as usual.

The Indians called the Milky Way the Ghost Road. And stars were the campfires of their ancestors. Beautiful in it's own way. What did Haldane say? Or was it Hoyle? The Universe is not stranger than we imagine but stranger than we can imagine. Imagine if there are other intelligent races out there. Marvelous. And even if we are the only ones, would that not be even more so - and very, strange?

Steady thy wandering mind and soften thy stony heart - and for once, weep for your brothers.

One thing that nobody ever thinks about concerning electric cars is that they are different. Mental laziness causes us to consider electric cars as drop in replacements for what we have now. It's hard to think that a car could be different from what we have and still allow life to go on but that is the promise of electrics.

Conventional technology could easily make a family car that would have a seventy mile range and which would charge overnight. A family or owner would have to plan trips carefully. The days of easy thoughtless motoring would be over but life goes on. Groceries get bought, prescriptions get filled and people get to work after many relocate. Even with 100% coal electricity lifestyle changes would compensate for high coal carbon emissions while renewable sources with lower carbon footprints are developed. Things would be no worse than now and probably better.

A large battery refurbishment industry would be developed with the new infrastructure putting people to work. A presidential K-dog decree would make the cars be built in the U.S.

So what about "coal and electric cars? Will they save the US?"

As part of a larger solution, yes they could. You drive less but you still get to do it. And considering that the alternative is drill baby drill and then die I consider it a no-brainer.

I've never once felt any fear while looking at the night sky. Compared to much of Earth and, especially, civilization it seems peaceful and placid. Don't know where anyone could get the fear idea.

I looked at it with bright, wide, and joyful eyes as a small child and I still would if I ever get to see a hard night sky again. That's why I have no fear of civilization ending, at least as is.

'I agree with Eleuthero. Nosiree, racial integration is for other people. '
Never for Jews!

The Motor City was a lot different back then. My x wife and a later girlfriend were both from NW-Detroit / Cody High School area. I spent bucu time from 1969 thru 1980 cruising either Woodward or Telegraph in my 427 Chevelle. Made a lot of passes down at Detroit Dragway too. Great city back then. Still has some cool places left. Never rule out Detroit, except maybe the Lions in the play-offs.


I'm going the electric-assist bike route soon. I've been pushing pedals for 5 years now, and all I need is a 10 mile range- 20 to be sure.

I think an electric bike is all anyone needs. Even the disabled can rock an electric bike.

The difference between a two ton vehicle and an electric bike is so huge a paradigm shift could fit between them.

Yet the population is aging badly. Many are physically marginal. In the future, the state may resort to subsidising cars for the "handicapped"- that is, anyone who ate too much cake in the previous decade and has some amorphous health problem.

As for misogyny, it is 100% natural.

Women are a class filled with bad examples, and a few exceptions. I know and cherish the exceptions- but they prove the rule.

The problem is Clusterfuck, and the only solution is change- paradigm change. Most women do not give a shit. They are dead weight on the problem or ARE the problem. We live in a nation where much of the power is in female hands, the power to procreate, spend, acquire, consume. Conventional morality would suggest that there be a commensurate amount of responsibility. That cannot be ignored simply to spare their precious state of mind.

That's a one 'L' Helen ;-)