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Laughs Abound

Eleven year old Jeff Greenaway is in love and on the loose in Manhattan circa 1962.
This book will crack you up.
For adults.

Sheer antic delight” — Remsen Pilchard


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JHK’s lost classic now reprinted as an e-book
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Archive | June, 2011

KunstlerCast #162: Triumph of the City – Part 1

JHK Critiques Ed Glaeser’s Ideas on Urbanism

Released: June 29, 2011.

JHK critiques the ideas in Ed Glaeser’s best-selling book Triumph of the City by using excerpts from a talk the Harvard economist gave during the Congress for the New
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Suspended Agitation

     Woe is unto the world. It doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind. The rule of law has been replaced by Murphy’s Law. The story in Greece gets more and more curious. One of the latest proposals

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KunstlerCast #161: Cities of the Future

Orion Magazine Interviews JHK

Released: June 23, 2011.

In a special cross promotion, James Howard Kunstler appears on the Orion Magazine podcast for a full episode.

Kunstler’s newest essay, Back to the Future: A road map for tomorrow’s cities, …

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Man Down

     Last week, in an incident that didn’t get much attention in the national news, a man named Tom Ball set himself on fire in front of the county courthouse in Keene, NH. He left a fifteen-page …
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KunstlerCast #160: Housing Market Crash Update & Car Sharing

Transitioning Away from Car Dependency

Released: June 16, 2011.

JHK gives an update on the bursting housing bubble and the fate of car dependency in America. This episode includes a short interview with Sharon Feigon, CEO of I-Go Car Sharing, …

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A Distant Sound of Churning

    In my last dream of a febrile night, I put my flat-screen TV on top of an old house in town and watched it crash onto the street. There was nothing inside it. The darn thing was empty. The

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KunstlerCast #159: The Congress For the New Urbanism

Snapshots from CNU 19 – Madison, Wisc.

Released: June 9, 2011.

In the first of many installments to come, Duncan updates James Howard Kunstler on the recent Congress For the New Urbanism, held June 1-6, 2011 in Madison, Wisc. The …

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The Creeping Nausea of American Exceptionalism

       History, that coy dominatrix, loves to trick the credulous human race. In a moment when something we call “democracy” seems to be spreading through the dodgy precincts of the world like a contagion of virtue, the trend
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June 2011

Presenting "The Shard," London's new world-class skyscraper – "a city in the sky!" – by the ever cutting-edge maestro Renzo Piano.

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