A Flea In His Ear

     Imagine the fright mask that the Sofitel Hotel maid's face turned into when a black swan in the form of an international banking poobah waddled out of the suite's bathroom with wings rampant. Black swans appear now in the unlikeliest places. I bet you a million Euros that Dominque Strauss-Kahn's lawyer will say that his client was driven mad by relentless, revolving, unresolvable thoughts of Greece, Portugal, Ireland, and Spain, and that he mistook the hotel maid for Greek finance minister George Papaconstantinou. Wasn't it poor Karl Marx, driven mad first by capital and then by boils, who said, "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce." 
     Conveniently, the bedroom farce is something at which the French excel. So much dignity, so little impulse control.  Not to go overboard with quotations right off top, but cuddly ole T.S. Eliot famously informed us that "...this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper."  I suspect the whimper was emitted by DSK in his Harlem jail cell when he discovered that the standard Sunday morning breakfast issued by the New York City Department of Corrections is a baloney sandwich. Quelle horreur! A French convict serving thirty years for tunneling into a Toulon bank gets a brioche, at least!
      The question all this raises is: can you think of any other high-up officials, say in American finance or banking, who have tried to jam their generative member someplace it was not exactly invited? I can think of a few, starting with, oh, Hank Paulson. He stuck it to a couple hundred million US taxpayers and is now scott-free in the marshes of Maryland pursuing his beloved wild birds with the Swarovski EL 8x32 binoculars ($1,879.00, retail w/discount) and the excellent Sibley field guide. Only a week or so ago Senator Carl Levin's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations sent a bill of particulars to the US Department of Justice outlining the spectacular misdeeds of Goldman Sachs executives Lloyd Blankfein and Daniel Sparks, et. al, alleged to have performed a kind anal rape on customers who did not have that kind of "yield" in mind when they came through the door at 200 West Street. Sources tell me that Attorney General Eric Holder has been using the report as a cocktail coaster.
     One poor slob, Raj Rajaratnam of the Galleon Group hedge fund was convicted in a federal court last week for plain old insider trading, something a child of seven could understand. With a little luck, Raj will join Bernie Madoff's round-robin ping-pong caucus at the federal penitentiary in Butner, NC, and the days will seem to fly by. Apparently the scams that went down at Goldman Sachs and lots of other so-called banks were too complex for rafts of regulators and federal attorneys to figure out. But you never know. If DSK was too dim to hire a nice discreet $1500-an-hour hooker prior to his unspeakably tedious business-class flight back to Paris, then maybe Lloyd Blankfein will fly out of a broom closet in Jackson Hole this summer dressed like Norman Bates's mother and commence to paddle Ben Bernanke with a 10-inch chef's knife. One can only hope.
     You can't blame regular folks for not knowing what the heck to pay attention to these days. Most of the US public is not preoccupied with the doings of the Greek finance ministry, the IMF, foreign bond spreads, CDS ratios, and the spooky action in the commodities pits. Especially not with Big Muddy rising and all those oil refineries waiting downstream like so many cypress stumps, not to mention two nuke plants at River Bend and Waterford, Louisiana. Wouldn't that make some hot gumbo?
     While I feel for the people fleeing their homes down there, I have a feeling that this week's action will be set in the more abstruse precincts around European finance. With DSK on ice in Harlem, who will coordinate the beating out of brushfires that could burn down the European banking system? Remember, it's not about the countries. They'll still be there. The goats will still be grazing in wild thyme on the Greek hillsides no matter what happens in some Frankfurt board room. The layabouts will still be at their tables in the Lisbon café. But the Société Générale and Commerzbank AG could go up in a vapor faster than you can say Dominque Strauss-Kahn. The great rattling fear that lives within European business minds is that the whole bloody system is flat broke and any interruption to the daisy-chain of revolving obligations will reveal the awful naked truth - perhaps like seeing DSK fly out of the hotel bathroom with his florid organ aloft and a wicked gleam in his eyes. 
     Anyway you cut it, it can't be a good week for the Euro. But with all currencies spiraling towards worthlessness, and even gold and silver hemorrhaging value, what is the world of money coming to? Maybe the stuff is obsolete. If you wait three weeks, you'll be able to walk into any Wal-Mart and just pick up the stuff you want for free. Until it's all gone.

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"While I feel for the people fleeing their homes down there..."

Really? The NASCAR, cheese doodle eating bunch? Go figure.

are we at war with france yet ?

Well James, it looks like the French have gotten their panties in a bunch over claims that their future head, who now heads the IMF, was caught getting head in NYC; while the rest of the world is calling for Obama’s head for taking out the head of al-Qaeda last week. Just too many heads around here; too many emperors. The whole mess is becoming quite distracting, as the collapse of Western Civilization continues. I have been asked on any number of occasions to say what we can do to find our way through this maze, this "long emergency." In the spirit in which the request has been made, I offer the following reflections. Please enjoy it, James. As always, the kulturCritic!!


How can an individual household become energy independent? In the 1960s, Jean Pain achieved it by using composted wood chips to heat water, power his truck, and generate electricity. The leftover compost made excellent fertilizer for his vegetable garden.

The Jean Pain method is demonstrated in these two videos:



Gives whole new meaning to M. Taibbi's 'vampire squid.'

Heh, I heard the maid was from Greece.

Most folks I talk to are totally oblivious to what goes on in the state, let alone the country and especially the rest of the world. We are now basking in the afterglow of a nickle drop in gas prices. The price of glowing corn is on the rise, same with soybeans, and they're all worried about trimming the edges with their $500 whirly machines to make the lawn perfect. In the meantime, I'm seeing lots of the old 5's, 10's and 20's (you know the ones with the small pictures and numbers)come across my flea market table having been in storage for years. With nothing much left they are now being robbed from the jar and spent on some necessary items like food. My garden gets bigger every year and the neighbors think I'm nuts. So be it. Keep up the sarcasm , please.

Please, if you have nothing useful to say; say nothing. To all of you "First!”, “No, I was first!” or “Third!” idiots: GROW UP! Or at the very least, take the time to read Jim’s blog before posting comments.

on behalf of all the mature people trying to read Kunstler's blog and the worthwhile comments.

Hey Jim
What great theater ole Dom is putting on, you just can't make this stuff up! What a hoot, the dude probably has more money than the Lloyd Blanfein and can't be bothered getting a "respectable madam" to take care of his, ahem, "needs" or just plain keep his pants zipped. I saw an article on Global Research that speculated that this was a "soft assasination" similar to the Elliot Spitzer thing. Wonder who he ticked off? As for the Euro I don't think there is much doubt that a default will eventually occur in the Zone. I look to the Irish to follow Iceland's example, they have lots of experience with colonial oppression and the IMF and the euro central bank are pushing just that- modern day indentured servitude for entire nations.

The Mississippi situation looks pretty nasty especially for crops in the area, anyone have any idea how much food the flooded areas usually produced? Undoubtedly food prices will continue to soar. Let's just hope the nukes down that way are properly handled or New Orleans will be permanently singing the blues.

"You can't blame regular folks for not knowing what the heck to pay attention to these days"

"what is the world of money coming to? Maybe the stuff is obsolete."

My newest advice is to GET LOCAL. Do it now. That is how it will probably play out?

Was in a car for over 6 hours yesterday. Memorial service stuff... I tried to enjoy being on the road knowing those days are numbered...


- Solar Guy, on the roof for now...and shamelessly pedaling my semi-illegal electric bike in the streets...

Hmmmmm. Several weeks ago: IMF forecasts China to overtake USA as largest economy by 2016. Since then markets get squirrelly (see: silver, et al.). Maybe investors started thinking they should move their money from U.S. markets to Asian, sooner rather than later??? Now: IMF chief arrested and jailed, pretty obviously going to be replaced. Does give one pause, but then again that would bring the words 'conspiracy theory' to one's lips and I know that's an unwelcome phrase on this blog..........

Free Stuff at Walmart! Hot Dog! I'll be first on line seeing how I am sleeping in my camper van in the parking lot of one in Levittown. I am heading straight for the plastic flower aisle. One can never have enough plastic flowers in your camper van. I better get some air fresheners too. It is starting to stink in my crib. It will be hard to sleep away the day dreaming of all the free stuff I'll be looting.

Aimlow Joe was here.

[i]- Solar Guy, on the roof for now...and shamelessly pedaling my semi-illegal electric bike in the streets...[/i]

Shamelessly pedaling my legal ICE motorized bike on the streets.


"Please, if you have nothing useful to say; say nothing. "

As if your comment was useful?

It is right and just for Raj Rajaratnam to face a sentence 15 years for insider trading but...

One has to wonder of this brown skinned man simply wasn't part of the right clubs to avoid prosecution. What he did is simply BAU.

The avarice of the moneyed classes is amazing. Perhaps when the screws get so tightened that X-Boxes, cell service, cable, cheez doodles and pepsi are no longer affordable we'll finally get our Arab Spring.

Let's just hope that Sarah Palin or Paul Ryan are not at the head.

Yea verily we are in a shit sandwhich one and all both here and in the Euro zone. As a recovering flying saucer literature addict I am reminded that the "contactees" are unanimous on one issue and that is money, specifically that the presumably more socially advanced space brothers do not have money and have evolved beyond capitalism. No problem, that step in human evolution should only take about another 2,000 years...in the meantime I will continue planning to drop out of society once I am finished taking care of my elderly relatives here at the do-it-yourself nursing home in an inner-ring suburb of a decaying steel town which is the junior partner of Detroit, currently being colonized by Pittsburgh interests, where J.D. Rockefeller got his start in the oil refining business and where the auto industry was born which is why we have such a good automotive museum, namely...the mistake by the lake where a brand of beer has been named after the Burning River, you guessed it, come on now you know, we're at least as screwed up as those towns on the New York State Barge Canal, yes, Cleveland!

"nice,discreet, $1500 an hour hooker" was the first thing I thought of when I heard about this idiot. Really goes to show what type of people are running this world. Penny wise, pound foolish.

Thanks for pointing that out; of course it wasn't useful, I was just getting exasperated...
You know, I could throw your own words "As if your comment was useful?" back at you, but I've got better things to do than continue this argument! :)

"...but I've got better things to do than continue this argument!"

Sure you do.

I'd say DSK is more Fido than Feydeau, a real dog of the IMF lifting his leg on every poor country unlucky enough to need a bank loan.

Really funny, JHK, if it weren't so pathetic, that is

One can only hope that the whole globalist seamless banking system ideology will go down in flames, and we won't have to keep bailing European banks out ad infinitum. But I don't know whether we'll be so lucky, even with all the misdeeds and mishaps of these losers who think they're bigger than life. The question is always how much more stress can it take before everyone recognizes it's over.

On Mish Shedlock Global Economic Trend analysis is a great entry today. I was checking it for yesterday's suggestion of Goldman Sachs people being put into Bernanke's position et al. in other words corporate facsism.

The very people who have influenced economic policy makers to change the laws, but today's post is speaking more directly to your post.:
Huge Cracks in Global Recovery Thesis; Industrial Production Unexpectedly Drops in Germany, France; UK Weaker than Expected.

I wonder what maneuvers the Bilderberg will come up with in their June meeting to keep the system with no future going...

In the meantime, yes some in Louisiana have become the sacrificial lambs for the greater good. I hope this government has a plan to help them out when this is done. I can't help but think that hurricane season hasn't even begun and what's in store for us this year.
What's our calamity de l'annee going to be?

''Really goes to show what type of people are running this world. Penny wise, pound foolish."

Ah, excuse me? You are suggesting that the act of rape has a currency exchange equivalency? Are you fucking crazy?

This is the same shit that has been going on unchallenged for far too long. "It doesn't matter what a person does or how they act in their private life." the argument is made. Un huh. Sure it doesn't. You can act like a fucking monster behind closed doors and still be President or the head of the IMF. Not a problem. How provincial to think otherwise.

Speaking of DSK - should we go ahead and make these kinds of setups a working verb?

Maybe I'm paranoid but I think poor old Dominque Strauss-Kahn has been "Spitzered."

Dominque Strauss-Kahnin his best Marlon Brando voice "Go get the butter"

Hey, the Swarovski binocs are a very fine product. On the other hand I have a pair of Leica 8x32's. Great for birding and might come in handy after the Great Unraveling starts.

""Go get the butter""

Hello.... Anyone there? Its called "rape". It isn't a movie. It isn't funny.

Hej - it's fun to laugh at Dominque Strauss-Kahn but there are many (including his wife) who suspect he may have been set up for French political reasons (or maybe because the IMF is increasingly sympathetic to the idea of peak oil?) After all, accusations of sexual impropriety tend to stick and cause reputation damage even if false. Remember Assange?

"Maybe I'm paranoid but I think poor old Dominque Strauss-Kahn has been "Spitzered.""

And what would "spritzered" indicate? Eliot "the fuck" Spritzer was using the services of prostitutes while prosecuting others for using the services of prostitutes. Eliot "Spritzered" his fucking self. He is a douchebag. And the fact that a news channel gave this piece of fuck a TV show tells you a little something about the current state of our nation.

It wasn't a rape in the movie, and this story smells as bad as the OBL tall tale. This guy was definitly "Spitzered." Someone needed him out of the picture.

"This guy was definitly "Spitzered."

Definitely. No question about it. (MORON)

"Hello.... Anyone there? Its called "rape". It isn't a movie. It isn't funny"

It's called an allegation and then police investigate.

Lighten up.

"It wasn't a rape in the movie..."

No shit fucktard. So why the analogy?

What do you want to bet somebody down at Foggy Bottom makes a few phone calls and Dominque Strauss-Kahn gets let go for “lack of evidence”?


So police officers never drive while intoxicated? They still arrest people for DUI all the time. Shit I know lots of them and they are some of the best drunks around. It doesn't make them bad people, they deal with a lot of shit.

"It's called an allegation and then police investigate."

Indeed. And the allegation is rape. Read up a little. This maid was at the employ of the hotel for three years. Her supervisors have stepped forward and said her service and word are impeccable.

This French clown (it is alleged) left his cell phone and personal items in his room and fled to the airport.

Hey layaway
just goaway
give me shit
an I bust yo lip
I may soun' crude
I'm in no mood
the clouds an' rain
are causin' pain
my stuff don't grow
I be layin' low.
not much to do
but fuk wid u

"So police officers never drive while intoxicated? They still arrest people for DUI all the time. Shit I know lots of them and they are some of the best drunks around. It doesn't make them bad people..."

No, you're right. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated makes you a GOOD person.

"Hey layaway
just goaway"

Sure I will "rip". I know "rip" be bad so I'll go into hiding.

It's called an allegation and then police investigate.

"Indeed. And the allegation is rape. Read up a little. This maid was at the employ of the hotel for three years. Her supervisors have stepped forward and said her service and word are impeccable.

This French clown (it is alleged) left his cell phone and personal items in his room and fled to the airport."

Well good, no need for any further investigation nor a trial I guess then.

Next case! lol

Right you are Jim to hope the Nuclear power plants at River Bend and Waterford, Louisiana are safe considering:

With all of the cock-ups holding sway in the news of late I imagine it has been somewhat difficult to notice the articles in which the Japanese Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) ruefully admitted to the Japanese Government/populace that it appears three of the Fukushima reactors sustained “partial” meltdown of their reactor cores, as a result of the loss of electrical power, subsequent to the earthquake and tsunami of 11Mar2011. Interestingly TEPCO now estimates the core in Unit 1 had likely completely collapsed into a mass at the bottom of the steel pressure vessel within 16 hours of the earthquake; apparently the data to ascertain the time frame for the “partial” meltdown of the cores in Units 2&3 is not sufficient. Contrary to rational thought TEPCO continues to maintain that they will have all 6 reactors at Fukushima safely powered down by their projected January 2012 time frame, irrespective of their latest admission of far greater damage to units 1,2&3 than they had been purporting. Was the information available to special interests such as the US? Perhaps that explains why Americans were advised to stay at least 50 miles away from the Fukushima reactors right from the get go. The Japanese are now being evacuated to somewhat beyond 30 kilometers (about 18.6 miles) as of Sunday 15May2011. Now this: “May 16 (Reuters) - Moody's Investors Service cut its credit rating on Tokyo Electric Power to one notch above junk status, saying damage at its crippled nuclear plant was worse than previously thought”.


A french clown? here is an Italian Clown.

"but I've got better things to do than continue this argument!"

No you don't. You are an annoying idiot. You were born to encourage the rest of these twits.

Wake up. Nobody "mature" posts here anymore. Grow up.

"Well good, no need for any further investigation nor a trial I guess then."

And of course we can just label it "Spitzered" and move on?

You are making my point. The first round on this site was to downplay the horrific nature of rape. It was just a transaction gone wrong. He is being framed, etc. etc. The NYC police had this guy dragged off of a jet. They normally don't do something quite that drastic on a whim. Especially if it is someone with this fine gentleman's international reputation.

HI Jim,

I personally like the National Geographic field guide the most.

If we are lucky, we might hear about Hanksta Paulson being pulled overboard by a flock of a herons wanting to drown their stalker.

You are so right, where do we look first. There is just so much out there to over stimulate even the likes of DSK. That could be his defense---"I was just over stimulated. My body was overflowing with nerve impulses I could not control because the world is collapsing around me. I needed to just beach myself upon the nearest sandbar and she was it!"

It just might work!!! Remember, BillyBoy said that he did not have sex with that woman, and that sorta worked.

I do believe since most Americans are content with their water being poisoned by toxic fracking fluids, and would rather watch old reruns of Mr. Ed while eating Cheez Curls, in their recliners stuck in recline, and sipping big cans of Zero One, then the rest of us would better just wait for the big tent to fall to the ground.


No sympathy for the money tribe and their banking minions but isn't it strange that those who challenge the hegemony of the U.S. banking system and Wall Street seem to get nailed on sex charges?

Elliot Spitzer had just sent out a letter to all the states' attorneys general asking for their cooperation in investigating Wall Street when surprise! They discovered he had been consorting with prostitutes!

We know about keeping Bill Clinton in line with Miss Monica's Lips.

Then there is that Swedish Guy and his damn Wikileaks...rape charge for not calling her the next day...

Then there is the former Naval Intelligence guy that predicted 9/11 in print...doing 360 years for child pornography.

How many more can you think of?

And the beat goes on....

It really came off as though you were just kind of rambling in this one. Hopefully that means you had more important things on your mind today. ;-)

If they go get the butter, it's obviously consent.

If they go get the butter, it's obviously consent.



Mornin' jerry, I believe Jimbo prefers the cheeze doodles more than the curls. :0) I am really bored. I have so much shit to do outside and this rain sucks. I feel for my friends living by the mighty Missisip.

While we spend our precious time speculating whether DSK did it or didn't, this "10 minute hate" serves its purpose of distracting the world from the latest "topic du jour" of orchestrated public opinion -- the Bin Laden assassination which has begun to raise too many embarrassing questions.

Time for a new distraction!

Don't fall for it. It all serves to keep the unwary from noticing their health, money, and freedom being taken from them everyday for the profit of people like DSK, Blankfein, and the rest.

Prepare Now: http://tinyurl.com/2vmjbsk

"The Obama administration will begin to tap federal retiree programs to help fund operations after the government loses its ability Monday to borrow more money from the public, adding urgency to efforts in Washington to fashion a compromise over the debt."

Pensions? So Timmy and Obammy are going after pensions? Whats next? Firstborn?

Story here:


My Facebook friend linked to an interesting article. Lookee here - at one point Texas oil men admitted that oil was a limited resource and should be conserved. I guess they didn't know then that the Earth was just a oil-filled shell of rocks and soil.

"Large oil companies in Texas such as Humble Oil were in favour of prorationing and Sterling came under great pressure to intervene. On 16th August, 1931, Sterling declared martial law in Rusk, Upshur, Gregg and Smith counties. In his proclamation Sterling declared that the independent oil producers in these counties were "in a state of insurrection" and that the "reckless and illegal exploitation of (oil) must be stopped until such time as the said resources may be properly conserved and developed under the protection of the civil authorities".


Name-takers should get the name right: it's Dominique (second "i" between "n" and "q")

"The courts ruled that Sterling had exceeded his authority by the declaration of martial law and he was easily defeated by Miriam A. Ferguson when he attempted to be elected for a second term as governor."


Does anybody else wonder if this could have been a setup? Or I am the only conspiracy freak here?

I agree.
When they want to get rid of somebody there is the old, simple, mostly always working way...
And men always fall...they always think of themselves as "too smart OR TOO IMPORTANT to be caught"

Careful layaway, I can see you're starting to go over the edge again. Did you take your meds this morning?

My point wasn't about the attempt to corner the market in oil by the big oilmen.

My point was the rhetoric they used.

They don't use rhetoric like that anymore.

My latest New Yorker had an ad with a Fox Newsworthy blonde bimbo's picture, announcing that the US has enough natural gas for 100 years!

All we have to do to get it is poison our water supply! (OK, that wasn't part of the ad).

Well, we had more than 100 years of easy to get oil. Our 100 years are up.

Now what?

We can see what. Pollute the Gulf of Mexico, destroy the Alaskan frontier, rip up Alberta the way the Appalachian mountains are being ripped up, bomb and invade Middle Eastern countries.

Pretty pathetic. As well as a crime against humanity and the entire ecosystem we evolved into.

"Pretty pathetic."

And you are proposing we do what? I mean to keep the lights on for 350 million people. Windmills? Yeah that'll work.

You're in fine form today, especially when you teased your readers with the promise of a violent sex scene, just as you did when you posted the excerpt from the opening of "The Witch of Hebron." I found your description of mature foreplay very exciting. But it was only a tease. While the appetizer was sex, the main course was violence--violence over money, at that. All you were missing was religion, and I know you have that covered later in the novel.

I'm surprised you didn't mention that Deutsche Bank was being prosecuted. At first blush, that might have fouled up your argument, but it would have still worked as the exception the proves the rule. After all, it's still not a U.S. bank; as you've noted, the leaders of what Matt Taibbi call Griftopia are still free men. Meanwhile, Eliot Spitzer, speaking of discreet $1500/hour hookers, is hosting his own show on CNN instead of serving in government where he could prosecute misbehaving bankers. Imagine him instead of Holder as Attorney General, then weep because it will never happen.

On the subject of effective regulators, Elizabeth Warren's nomination to run the Consumer Protection Agency is being held up by lawmakers who consider the banks to be their constituents, not the ordinary people. Those of you who wish to support her nomination can surf over to coffeepartyusa.com and look for the cartoon of Ms. Warren as a Jedi. There, you will find a link to a letter you can use to contact your Senator. You can also search for "We Want Elizabeth Warren" on Facebook, where you can find that same link.

More than just terrible news for the bankers occured last week. The U.S. and China held the third annual U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. That event seemed to not even produce a blip on the mainstream media's radar. I had to find out about it by crusing through Purdue University's press releases, where the Boilermakers PR department crowed about how their institution of higher learning was selected for a U.S.-China EcoPartnership. I blogged about that story at Crazy Eddie's Motie News as U.S.-China EcoPartnerships: The CoDominion plans for sustainability, where I wrote:

If you want to see one vision of the future, that's it right there; the U.S. and China running the world together. That would be eerily appropriate, as the inspiration for this blog, "The Mote in God's Eye," takes place in the far future of Jerry Pournelle's CoDominion timeline. During the early part of that timeline, the Earth of the 21st Century is being ruled by the two major powers. Of course, in those stories, the powers are the US and USSR, but substituting China for the now-defunct USSR works just as well, if not better. ... Notice that it was the third annual U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. That means that these conferences began in 2009, when the current administration took over. That may not continue in an adminstration run by a different party. One headed by what Kunstler calls "corn-pone fascists" might be less inclined to cooperate with China and more likely to fight with them. ... I'm glad the CoDominion is paying attention to the health of the planet. After all, if there is no environment, there is no society. If there is no society, there is no economy. If there is no economy, there are no politics or power. Those last two are what the CoDominion will really be about.
Jim may scoff at these agreements; after all, they're for a future that he doesn't see as likely to happen. Even so, one should be aware of what could happen in the other possibilities for our future, and who is planning for them.

"A local official of the Socialist party claimed that Strauss-Kahn had attacked her daughter, who is goddaughter to Strauss-Kahn's second wife, in 2002.

Tristane Banon was in her 20s and writing a book when she approached Strauss-Kahn for an interview in 2002. In a TV programme in 2007, in which Strauss-Kahn's name had been bleeped out, Banon allegedly described him as a "rutting chimpanzee" and described how she was forced to fight him off. "It finished badly … very violently … I kicked him," Banon said. "When we were fighting, I mentioned the word 'rape' to make him afraid, but it didn't have any effect. I managed to get out."

Banon consulted a lawyer, but did not press charges. "I didn't want to be known to the end of my days as the girl who had a problem with the politician."

Banon's mother, Anne Mansouret, told journalists on Sunday night she had dissuaded her daughter from legal action because she believed Strauss-Kahn's behaviour had been out of character and because of close links with his family. "Today I am sorry to have discouraged my daughter from complaining. I bear a heavy responsibility," she said."

I agree SNAFU

The whole Fukushima catastrophe has been brushed under the carpet by the mainstream media. I have to wonder why, this event has so many ramifications, the least of which as I have said in the past on this website is the economic fallout.
Maybe one reason for that is that the Japanese are so embarrassed to announce to the world press that the latest brainstorming solution they have come up with to contain the radiation is a polyester tent! I mean please pinch me, can they be serious?
When compared with the Russian response to Chernobyl they really look like bumbling idiots!
Which brings up my next question- Where is the international response team? Obviously the Japanese simply can't deal with the problems on their own. And since this disaster will have long term negative global effects I think such a team would be warranted. Maybe the UN or WHO could put some of the dues they get from countries around the world to good use-like protecting the planet.

Oh well, remember Obama has tucked about 37 billion dollars into his budget for the nuclear energy industry. Could that be the reason for the media silence? mmmmmmm

"Meanwhile, Eliot Spitzer, speaking of discreet $1500/hour hookers, is hosting his own show on CNN instead of serving in government..."

Why the fuck should this piece of shit be serving in government? He WAS serving in government. While serving in government he broke the fucking law. He is lucky he is not serving "time" in fucking Leavenworth.

It would seem that DS-K is a bad choice for any top position, such as head of the IMF. If he actually did sexually assault the maid, then he is certainly disqualified. However, if he was framed, i.e. set up, then he should have known better. Surely a fellow with his connections and background should be aware of exactly how far his detractors will go to discredit him! We should be shocked either by his incredible chutpah or his gross naivete. One way or the other, this event gives us "little people" a peek into the mindset of the high-flyers.

Indiana Supreme Court: Police can enter a home for any reason or no reason at all. Resistance is not only futile but illegal. Thus our Bill of Rights has been pruned by one and the tradition of Common Law dating back to the Magna Carta abrogated.

DSK is/was a member of the Socialist Party wasn't he? I'll bet his rivals inside and outside the party are having a good chuckle over this mess. Sarkozy too maybe. One rival as gone as can be. Even if he beats the rap are the French so tolerant as to let something like this go? Especially as this the second accusation against him of this nature.

This will no doubt turn out to be only the tip of the iceberg. He has probably done this kind of thing many times. That he tried with a daughter of a friend has already come out. How can all this be? Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac for one thing. And the super rich can get away with alot. Put these two together and you get a recipe for the creation of monsters.

"Especially as this the second accusation against him of this nature."

Naw. He was FRAMED. Both times. Vote DSK For a Better Tomorrow!

Wasn't it poor Karl Marx, driven mad first by capital and then by boils, who said, "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce."

The opening lines of "The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte" by Karl Marx:

Hegel remarks somewhere that all great, world-historical facts and personages occur, as it were, twice. He has forgotten to add: the first time as tragedy, the second as farce.

I mentioned last month that the documentary "Freedom Riders" was shown at our local community theater, because one of our Green Party members was on the first bus.

It's on PBS tonight.

Saturday, Amy Goodman came to town and interviewed my friend. So she should be on Democracy Now one of these days.

Hey Jerry

I gotta good trip for the Hanksta- how about a little duck hunting with good ole snarlin Dick. That could provide some really interesting newscasts. Maybe even better than randy Dom's.

Yep, I'm proposing that we switch to renewable energy.

It may not keep all the lights on that we currently (ha,ha) keep on, but it will keep the essential ones on.

The US wastes electricity, and then announces that we must poison the environment to continue to do so.

I reject that.

No more open freezers at the grocery, no more electric doors for every damn place, no more lights on all night, no more Las Vegas style excess, no more artificial snow for ski resorts, no more air conditioned super malls, and so on.

And you are proposing we do what?

You need suggestions or are do you just want to vent? Try cutting your household energy use in half, ditch all your ICE toys, ride a bike and, if you have land, get some calories from it.

I saw that, simply incredible! But think of the money and energy that will be wasted fighting to overturn this ruling. Talk about a distraction- the PTB use junk like this as a smoke screen so they can get on with the business of fleecing the world in peace. Move along nothing to see here.

"No more open freezers at the grocery, no more electric doors for every damn place, no more lights on all night, no more Las Vegas style excess, no more artificial snow for ski resorts, no more air conditioned super malls, and so on."

I'm no fan of the amount of energy that is wasted but your renewables won't come close to providing our most basic needs. Renewables are a mere drop in the bucket of our total energy input. We need to cut any and all waste while tapping into all forms of energy while protecting the environment to the best of our abilities. There is no alternative. At this time and place using only renewables is a pipe dream.

Nice piece of writing for us this week, JHK.

If have to say that it's possible that DSK was framed. Anything sex related is the best "framing charge" in the US.

It arouses the same level of citizen outrage as does naming your teddy bear Mohammed in certain jurisdictions in the Middle East.

On another note, I will offer a heads-up to the discussion thread that TootSie appears to be making another incarnation as lil'jim.

Either "layaway" was banned, or soon will be.

Same pattern - lots of posts early on Monday, lots of defense of right wing talking points, lots of use of the word "fuck" as insult and invective.

He's one of the resident Trolls, and best left unfed.

Talk about him. Don't talk to him.
It never seems to end well.

Everybody have a great Monday!

I'm interested to know your opinion of the "sovereign citizen" movement, as presented on "60 Minutes" last night.

"Try cutting your household energy use in half, ditch all your ICE toys, ride a bike and, if you have land, get some calories from it."

Not sure what ICE toys are but I have a bike I use, have been gardening for over 40 years and am a son-of-a-bitch when members of my household leave lights burning. But that doesn't mean dick. We can't pretend that windmills and tide generators are going to be enough. They aren't. We'll need to conserve and put to work all forms of energy.

ICE = Internal Combustion Engines

Thanks for your response.

"...lots of defense of right wing talking points, lots of use of the word "fuck" as insult and invective."

Of course this is horrendous on a forum that is called, what is it again? Oh yea...Cluster F-U-C-K. I'm guessing you are kidding?

"... lots of defense of right wing talking point..."

Hmmm? And that would be that rape is wrong? And that is "right wing"? Holly fucking shit, this world has come to that.

"Thanks for your response."

Actually, you aren't welcome. You seemed to be lecturing me not having a clue as to how I conduct my life. Rather presumptuous.

Goodness! A tinge of sympathy for the backward southener today??? No mention of conspiracy in the blowing up of the white farmer's fields in order to save 2,800 Illinois blacks in Cairo... Which is more valuable to our country??? Is our bankrupt government going to reimburse the farm community or is it just collateral damage in our current race-ecosystem-funny money melt down? Also, why flood out a distinct racial/cultural group such as Cajun Louisiana in order to save the shit-hole New Orleans, still about as mired in mud and tragedy as Haiti? Bush may have been slow in helping the victims of Katrina, but his help was not requested by the state. You can't say that about Obama who just barges in when no one wants him. Who's he going to blame when there is a rice shortage for export and home country useage? Let's see....how can this be turned into Bush's fault???? We're draining our IRA and taking a hit if Geithner rapes the governement pensions. I don't trust any of these greedy, racist pigs currently in power.

Just what we need: another rutting chimpanzee as a world leader.

"Goodness! A tinge of sympathy for the backward southener today???"

It was truly sincere, was it not?

Wow. How does the world keep turning up the craxy?

I agree. I was going to respond to him, but then read all of his other responses and then yours. I think he should go elsewhere for his appointment at the Argument Clinic.


I saw it. The Father and Son definitely seemed trigger happy. Taking a human life is very serious thing and not to be done lightly. Yet at the same time, the guru figure made alot of sense. The second ammendment is not about hunting but about empowerment. And he's simply right: the Founders said the best goverment is that which governs least - and that they should be afraid of the people not the people afraid of them. So when and where do we draw the line? I think we are going to have to alot of martyrs before the People see what the score is. Random acts of personal honor will just be seen as craziness and evil at this point - even if the victim was in the right.

Ask Wage: she's been writing about this stuff for months. And as a Communist, she certainly believes in violence.

From Rush: Trumpeador not to run. He and Huck go down the big muddy in a raft.

"I agree. I was going to respond to him..."

And then you realized that you couldn't because that little light (your conscience) clicked on and you came to the realization that Spitzer truly is a piece of fuck. But that is OK. Sometimes it takes people a while to "get it". Got it?

An interesting point: does the Goverment have the right to play favorites? Or does the "greatest good for the greatest number" take precedence? In which case, shouldn't the victims be compensated handsomely? There has been no guarantee of that. Right now it seems like a moral/political mish/mash.

This certainly will strengthen the conspiracy theory that the Goverment opened the levees during Katrina - even though the situation is different and no one has explained why that would have benefitted anybody to my knowledge. Of course, the Blacks don't need a reason - they just assume the Goverment is trying to get rid of them. And there is a bit of evidence to support this, namely early Planned Parenthood's policy of setting up near Black neighborhoods. Margaret Sanger was a typical White of the times - a racist in other words. Of course the situation has changed and Traditional Whites are no longer in the driver's seat. Today they Elite are trying to reduce OUR numbers, not the Blacks.


You have perfectly set my mind at ease. You are exactly right, "Remember, it's not about the countries. They'll still be there. The goats will still be grazing in wild thyme on the Greek hillsides no matter what happens in some Frankfurt board room."

As Europe may in fact go quickly, the worker bees making life in the Hampton's possible for countless despicables will be frenzy whipped to assume the same for US via various media and other assorted reports from Wall Street. Our leaders will panic (again) and react dreadfully (again).

I will remember the cow in the pasture, Jim's goat in Greece, the bird on the breeze, the fish in the sea and will care less.

Pass the puddin'


Wow! Cornfields more valuable than 2,800 blacks?

Talk about your backwards Southerner! And from Ohio, to boot.

They didn't blow up cornfields, you blithering idiot. They flooded them, which used to be a traditional way of bringing nutrients to farmland.

Too bad the Mississippi is so polluted.

And, guess what? A lot of those Cairo refugees are here, in my town, and they are not all black.


"The goats will still be grazing in wild thyme on the Greek hillsides no matter what happens in some Frankfurt board room. The layabouts will still be at their tables in the Lisbon café."

And they'll still be there while we loot the Wal Marts. Poor folks won't have far to fall...and Portugal, in particular, has long been used to its status as a faded empire.

America, however, won't take the transition from hegemon to pauper prettily.

No problem 30,000 GW thorium reactors will supply all the energy we need. As for the southerners they were right 150 years ago. We hate each other and would both be happier apart.

Last week John Michael Greer mentioned his amazement at the number of people who "prepare" for the future by storing up garden seeds, a random assortment of hand tools, and a book on gardening, in their woodsy doomstead. He said, very accurately, that organic gardening without fossil inputs takes years of intensive focus and practice to provide even a portion of your family's food.

My blog post this week is an attempt to knock the angle of the learning curve down a little for practicing organic gardeners, and perhaps for folks who are ready to get serious about producing food at home without increasingly-expensive inputs. It's about a system of gardening that has revolutionized the way we grow food at my house, following a couple of years of more traditional organic gardening. It's not about "organic" gardening, it's about what organic gardening wants to be when it grows up.

I hope you find it useful in your quest for self-reliance.



One Hundredth!!!

C'mon, Jim, Strauss-Kahn just wanted to score a little action while staying in that $3000 per night hotel room. Who wouldn't? After all, NYC can be a lonely MFen place, and that maid, well, she was looking pretty hot, tempting and available in that tight little uniform of hers.

For Chrissake give the guy a break. He is French, after all.

-Avoir, Marlin

" We hate each other and would both be happier apart."

Speak for yourself.

Feminists feel that they should be able to call the police and have men locked up at any time - even just for "raping" them with their eyes. And of course be spared the stress of having to face the accused in court.

Alan Dershowitz once grossly offended some of these young ladies by mentioning the fact of false accusations of rape in a class he was teaching. The young ladies considered sueing him or at least trying to get him fired. They wisely decided against it. As it is, a woman can ruin a man's life with an accusation of rape and then just recant with a wan "sorry".

False accusations of rape should carry the same sentence as rape itself.

In Greece, Despair Is Tearing the Social Fabric:


If you want a glimpse of what it's going to be like here, there and everywhere as it all comes crashing down, you can see it happening in Greece right now.

So we found out the guy running the IMF is a certifiable idiot. He's staying in a $3000 a day hotel room. His little head could have told the big one to order out for some tasty crumpet from the Eros-Guide website. Hundreds of tasty girls (and boys!) of all colours, shapes and sizes available at a tiny fraction of the economic and social cost of trying to hump the maid. If this is typical of the judgement of our greatest leaders then no f--king wonder the world is falling apart.

What red blooded man can resist a woman in a French Maid costume? Heck I would chase her around the block. Rape is a violent crime and the purps should be castrated. This whole news story looks like a set-up to me. Even if the guy is innocent his life is ruined. A guy down the road a piece was in the middle of a nasty divorce. His wife played the child abuse card. He was proven innocent, but people still think he is a perv. Accusations are just that, accusations. Maybe the guy is guilty. Who knows? the cops will try to sort it out. Either way his future is toast.

Maybe DSK thought someone had sent him a lil gift dressed in a French maid outfit?

Giving loans to a country in a debt crisis is like throwing cinder blocks at someone who is drowning.

$3000/night hotels have security cameras. If DSK was running around stark naked in the hallways, as the victim alleges, then that footage exists.

Hey Memery, They have not made cinder blocks in 50 years, tin foil either. Just a pet peeve of mine. They are concrete blocks and aluminum foil.

Oh shit, now I am on the watch list again!


Another book is out about Goldman-Sachs (and their nefarious deeds). The author was interviewed on Book TV. His name I think David Cohan? Title roughly "Goldman Sachs rules the world." He covered a lot of ground. One thing he said is that in the past few years GS has given out $150 BBBillion in bonuses to their key employees for a job well done. Another thing he said is that it was Goldman alone, and their lieutenants in key Govt. positions,that pretty much brought down the system in 2007.

I don't think GS cares about these exposes' and what American opinion is about the Company. They just seem utouchable. They are making more money now that ever. Nothing and nobody can stop them.

El Toro Farm
"LeCasa de la Dolce' Tomatinos"

Country X goes deeply into debt. The IMF extends loans at usurious interest rates, causing said country to cut social spending and privatize state industries to pay said loans, among other "austerity" measures, or maybe just pay off the interest on said loans. (That's really what the international bankers care about...getting their interest payments. The principal be damned.) These measures make X's economy contract, creating even more debt as tax revenues fall, for which the IMF suggests....more loans! And round and round we go on the debt merry-go-round.

Nice article. Bring back the women with bady on back gardening with a digging stick. Now men can learn to relax again - go hunting twice a week maybe. Help out with the planting and harvesting of course. Culture can flourish. Spend weeks at a time in a kiva hole meditating on the mystery. Take a course in basket weaving even.

Some of the article is hard to believe - like the plants signaling the wasps. But I want to believe and will keep a very open mind. I know this much: things are not stranger (and more wondrous) than we believe, they are stranger than we can believe.

I wrote a song for Dominique:

To the tune of Dominique
by Squeeky Fromm

Dominque, nique, nique
I will tell of Dominique
And of his foibles, too
How he took a little maid,
On the hotel bed he laid
Made her play his wee Kazoo.

I will tell of Dominique and I hope you will sing with
Dominique would sing it also but his Lawyer pleads the Fifth!!!

Dominque, nique, nique
Oh she told on Dominique!
Before he left for France.
Now the cops they made it there.
And they stripped his derriere
Seized his underwear and pants.

But Dominque he asked them “Do you not know who I am?
“I am a world wide Banker!” as the the old cell door went “slaaamm!”

Dominque, nique, nique
Oh Mon Dieu! Poor Dominique.
With Bubba in his cell.
Bubba’s house was foreclosed on
With a robo-signed ARM loan.
“Welcome, Dominique, to HELL!!!”

Here is a youtube video of the song in case anybody doesn't know the tune.


Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Ah, when life was nasty, brutish, and short. Those were the days!

RE: Greece article


Hm, yes, sell us your state assets to pay off a year or two of the debt. Good idea. What you do to pay off next year's debt is not our prob.

International finance is like a game of Monopoly where the banker gets to print the money with a trusty Inkjet and some colored paper and then loan it out at 15% interest.

All your hotels are belong to us.

"Feminists feel that they should be able to call the police and have men locked up at any time - even just for "raping" them with their eyes."

Hey douche-boy,

We have a thing these days called DNA testing. I can assure you that "eye raping" and false charges no longer work.

In the mean time how about shutting the fuck up as you are a consistent ass of enormous dimensions?

"We won't have to continue bailing European banks out".

Excuse me? I thought it was German banks bailing out European countries like Greece and Ireland, with Portugal and Spain coming up soon.

Given the entire US government might just lose its ability to function today or tomorrow, what makes you think the USA is bailing anybody out?

Up here in the cold country of Canada, our understanding is that you Americans were the ones who got the whole global financial collapse underway, with your fanciful magic tricks making money out of thin air.

Maybe Fox News didn't tell you that. Sorry to break the news to you, but your economy is tanking right about now. You are no longer the saviour of the entire world, in fact some of us see you as the biggest problem we've all got.

Time to face the music, or as my mother might say, "put that in your pipe and smoke it".

"They didn't blow up cornfields..." No fucktard, they flooded them. Blowing them up would not have been as devastating.

Memoryhole, I like you. Thanks for giving us a reminder history lesson that is quite accurate even if it suggests blame for our mess isn't entirely the fault of the USA, as I just boldly claimed minute ago.

"If DSK was running around stark naked in the hallways..."

For fuck's sake it was the hallway of his suite.

Grouchy Old Girl, I like you. Thanks for telling it like it is ... no matter how much we would like it to be otherwise.

Thanks Asoka, I have admired you many times for your posts. We both tilt a bit left eh?

Now a question for the conspiracy theorists on the blog. Maybe I'm just having a silly old girl day, but if the maid, an employee of 3 years standing at the hotel, goes into his room to find him naked and lunging, and all the rest follows including his rapid attempted departure from the country, how does a conspiracy plan figure in that?

Was the employee a plant by the conspirators? Just waiting, for 3 years, for this guy to register so she can go into his room and make up this story?

If that's true, and nothing happened, why did he bolt, leaving his cell phone behind for cops to find out he'd got the plane ticket? There was no reason to suddenly decide to fly home if nothing happened, was there?

Sorry, but my vote goes to it being just as alleged. A horny old white guy who thought the maid was part of the cost of the room. Kind of like if a guy buys dinner you have to put out later. Plenty of men think that way and some of them post on this very blog. It's called male entitlement and causes no end of trouble.

"Given the entire US government might just lose its ability to function today or tomorrow, what makes you think the USA is bailing anybody out?"

Read following:

"The $700 billion U.S. bailout program launched in response to the global economic meltdown had a far greater impact overseas than other countries' financial rescue plans did on the U.S., according to a new report from a congressional watchdog.

Billions of dollars in U.S. rescue funds wound up in big banks in France, Germany and other nations. That was probably inevitable because of the structure of the Treasury Department's program, the Congressional Oversight Panel says in a new report issued Thursday.

The U.S. program aimed to stabilize the financial system by injecting money into as many banks as possible, including those with substantial operations overseas. Most other countries, by contrast, focused their efforts more narrowly on banks in their nations that usually lacked major U.S. operations."

Full story here:


Well, just to add to the CF yank session, I just wanna say....I LOVES YOU GUYS!

Well you as well as she are wrong. Surpirse! (Not.)

Are we about to witness a very public " the Viagra made me do it" rape case?

"Are we about to witness a very public " the Viagra made me do it" rape case?"

Nope. It was a false flag rape. She raped herself to bring down the IMF. Seems her aunt Fi Fi in France couldn't get a loan to buy some french fries. This was revenge sex, pure and simple.

P.S. She like it.

"A horny old white guy......."

Why say white, why not just horny, old guy?

Or, is that part of what 'tilt left' means?

We're all watching since 2008 GS getting away with anything they want. They write the laws, so they can never break them, thus will never get prosecuted and given high level positions in government.

Our present situaltion brings to mind a quote from George Orwell:
"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."
No matter how many people are pointing out how they break the law, no matter how many books are written, our justice department won't do a thing about it and they will continue sucking out the world and the US of its wealth with impunity.


As dour as my last post was, I'm really getting a lot of laughs today by many of your comments.
And Squeaky that's downright creative what you did there.




"You are no longer the saviour of the entire world..."

This of course suggesting that we once were. You're welcome.

What about Civil Rights for ordinary Whites? Will you march for that? Have you seen all the video of Tea Partiers being attacked by Blacks?

I just finished reading "Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth" by Mark Hertsgaard. 2011.

Pg. 72 "Citing research by Art Rosenfeld, the grand old man of California energy innovation, Romm reported that the average American household could counteract the ten tons of CO2 it annually emits by retrofitting one thousand square feet of roof or sidewalk with reflective surfaces. Retrofitting all urban roofs and pavements in the world would yield emissions reductions equivalent of taking all the world's cars off the road for eighteen years." "Dubbed "geoengineering-lite" by Joseph Romm, a former U.S. assistant secretary of energy who blogs at climatprogress.org, the idea is to make roofs - and pavements - white, thus reflecting more sunlight away from the earth's surface at little or no risk."

Not going to happen, but an interesting idea.

Ah the empty set - Lil'Jimbo's best post to date. His incarnations are becoming progressively shorter. Soon his lifespan will be no more than that of an insect who lives, breeds, and die all on a single summer day.

Once upon a time there was a tavern...

"Ah the empty set.."

Empty? Something wrong with your eyes? They were atomic turds sent in your honor.

Heres some more:


It's an old and unending story.

Recall Mike Tyson and Roethlisberger, and the various basketball players.
Then there's the mess at Duke, with Nifong being brought up on charges of withholding exculpatory evidence.

Certainly DSK is a "bigger player", and who knows what lengths the powerfull will go to to remain so.

Hart, Edwards, Clinton,...on and on.

It speaks to the weakness of men and the power of p----.

In order to power the US with thorium based nuclear reactors we will need to build about 30,000 1GW reactors over the next 30 years. That is about 3 per day. Boeing makes about 450 planes per year. So we will need a company about twice the size of Boeing to meet our needs. I am assuming reactors will be factory made and ship to their site whole. We of course will need the shipping company and the site build companies. Lots of money to be made.

Thank you!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Hi Grouchy,

You pose a good question, was this dingaling Dom set up or not? Well I gotta say that I am suspicious of a setup. The sexual accusation play appears to be used pretty frequently lately, so much so that the many examples were listed above by another poster. Just because this woman worked at the hotel for 3 years doesn't mean she wasn't bought off- to either engage in sex with the dingaling dude then run screaming rape or too throw out signals saying come and get me dude, then screaming rape. Obviously the poor girl is a working stiff and might have caved in for some cash under the table. Sorry I think this was a very public warning to a high level player to toe the elite banking line or else.

It has been reported that Kahn was changing course with the IMF to a "kinder", "gentler" course towards ( see Mike Whitney's article on Counterpunch) the populations being fleeced by the IMF. If true this would probably have cost the world banking elite big bucks. Something that simply wouldn't be tolerated. So no this incident doesn't pass the smell test. And I'm not defending the dingaling dude by any means, I'm sure his little sexual deviations have been going on for a long time, that's the point, most likely his little problem was well known to his banker pals. His being caught at this time is just " convenient", right? By the way I hope he spends a lot of time dodging his new boyfriend in jail- a lot of time.

Have a great day!

I said "horny old white guy" in recognition of the fact that old white guys are the rulers of the world and often take much more than their fair share of everything. The non-white guys and all women are just grist for their mill.

"Maybe I'm paranoid but I think poor old Dominque Strauss-Kahn has been "Spitzered."

Or maybe he's just a vile, wretched creature with a history of assaulting women, who finally got caught.

Thanks for correcting me Lil Jim. I meant to say that Americans thought they were saviours to the world, not that they actually were.

How else do you account for the military and CIA driven interventions in places all over the world where the USA doesn't approve of their leaders or policies? What and who gave Amerika the job of policing the world anyway? Who asked you?

Up here in Canada we all laugh at stories about how the USA won World War II, which is how every single tv show and book produced in the USA portrays the country's rather tardy entrance into the war.

It's all one world and no country has the right or moral authority to dominate the rest of the planet. We have to work together, starting with the assumption that every single human life is worth as much as every one else's, and that includes poor as well as rich.

How about cases where the sex is consensual, or the lady was drunk, and she is regretful the next morning? Now the guy is screwed by a rape charge.

May I ask, why does your writing read to me as if you are angry & why do you engage in ad hominem attacks?


As any of you pointed out Dom had a history. So, in fact did Clinton.

Interesting observations about all the sexual smears both real and not real from Spitzer, Clinton,
Assange, etc.

If you want to take someone down, sex is always the way.

Hey--What about Osama? He also had a treasure trove of porn! Oh he had 3 wives, porn and marijuana plants right outside his luxury villa--Ha
Sounds very J. Edgar Hoover, doesn't it?
Always look for the patterns, that's what I say.

"May I ask.."

No. You may not.

How perfectly appropriate that the head of the IMF is a dominatrix. He probably mistook her for a small Latin American nation.

"I said "horny old white guy" in recognition of the fact that old white guys are the rulers of the world and often take much more than their fair share of everything. The non-white guys and all women are just grist for their mill."

Figured as much......so saying something like hairy legged, left tiling, libtard wouldn't be out of line then. And we can go on ignoring Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, etc etc.

Funny post. I liked your humor in calling the compound a luxury villa. It looks more like some apartment complex on the seedy side of town. I cracked up when I heard a TV commentator refer to it as a McMansion, a term which has nothing to do with this structure.

"What and who gave Amerika the job of policing the world anyway? Who asked you?"

I don't know. I guess the rest of the world just isn't ready to take on the responsibility. Like this little nugget:

"COST-CUTTING Britain has been forced to go cap in hand to borrow a US spy plane to protect our ships in Libya."

Yawn. Its gets so tiring.

Full story here:

" Who asked you?"


Hey, this is kinda cool, like a bad Bruce Willis movie.


I love headlines like this.

"Secret Desert Force Set Up by Blackwater’s Founder"

Then the article proceeds to give all the vital information about the secret force.

So, not so secret anymore after you get a nytimes write-up, I'd say.

Hey how are things up there in Kanada?

"How perfectly appropriate that the head of the IMF is a dominatrix. He probably mistook her for a small Latin American nation."

I just spit bourbon and soda all over the monitor. Yes, yes, I'm drinking bourbon at quarter to five on a Monday. Monday is my weekend, if there is such a thing on a farm. It mostly means I don't have any markets or mentees to attend to today. I still have to help with dishes, hang some laundry (per a deal with my wife), and plant another round of green beans and eggplants, but I can do that buzzed....

Now where is that towel?

I saw a great movie yesterday about Argentina. It's called "Argentina: Turning Around," by Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin (Bullfrog Films). www.bullfrogfilms.com

Argentina had a financial crisis in 2001, resulting in countrywide bank closures. Part of the reason for the crisis was indebtedness to the IMF. Subsequently, the country decided not to repay the IMF, and many workers took over factories that had closed and began running them as worker-owned businesses. That's the subject of the movie: what people can do when the S actually hits the F. There are more possibilities than gardening and stocking up on ammo, and this movie shows some of them. Of course Argentina has recently had some excellent leadership.

"Not going to happen, but an interesting idea."

Not to mention that we'd probably trigger the next ice age right about the time we finished the retrofit...

It's pretty chilly down here in south Georgia for mid-May. We're looking at 48 for a low tonight and tomorrow night. Unheard of. We had over 1200 chill hours this winter...and last winter...in a 400 zone.

My advice is to skip the dogma, skip the great master plans, and lay in resilience measures for an uncertain future. Looking out the window I see young cherries and bananas, apricots and citrus, apples and olives. Who can tell which group will be tasted more often.

This guy--the head of the IMF--is the great white hope of the French left?

Sacre merde!

I laughed...,

until I cried.

LOL. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. It's not quit vapor ware ... I mean, it would probably help ... maybe.

But it's just another one of those "silver bullets" that isn't going anywhere, or won't work. But, people glom onto these things to "save us all."

Yup. Been cold here too, this year. A repeat of last year. Cold and wet longer then usual. A couple of nights of frost over the last week. Am beginning to think about things to extend the growing season, when I get moved "out." Hot manure, solar mass in growing areas. Row covers. Greenhouse.

Haven't gotten around to checking your post out on organic gardening, but am looking forward to it. I think I have most of the Rodale books.

"We're draining our IRA and taking a hit if Geithner rapes the governement pensions. I don't trust any of these greedy, racist pigs currently in power."

That's a good thought, and I hope others are considering emptying their pension funds to spend on resilience planning in the near term. What piddly "earnings" those funds are making are being gobbled up by what I would consider to be pretty rapid inflation at this point, and there's absolutely no guarantee that the "money" represented therein will still be money in five, much less ten years.

Instead, that money holds its highest value right now, when plans can be set in motion to lessen the impact on your household of a crash in the formal economy. Blueberries don't yield overnight.

I'm not saying this to be a doomer, but rather to get you thinking about more effective ways to invest your money while it still has some value. It won't forever.

DSK, tsk, tsk. Unfortunately there is an epidemic, a mudslide, if you will, of unfulfilled testosterone hydrolyzing in countless wads of Kleenex all over America. The red, white, and especially BLUE balls of America are well known everywhere. No, men have no right to force a woman to have oral sex, but they do have a right to go online and see the same thing, over and over.

If they are rich, they can pay for the real thing, as Mr. IMF probably was accustomed to. Lets be frank, prostitution is the reason why men pursue paychecks. Sex is addiction, a primal drive. Some, like Vlad, sublimate this into message board threads, impregnating fertile discussion forums with the seminal theories of what "Really" drives the "Elite": racism.

I posit that such a preoccupation supposes that, after having their balls throughly drained, and, in the heady atmosphere of hormonal saturation, they have time to think of other things. Like world domination. Wrong.

Hart, Spitzer, Clinton, and now DSK, represent a more organic truth: it reveals that what preoccupies and motivates in this postmodern era is the satisfactions of the body. What preoccupies the "elite" is earthly pleasures. The truly "elite" don't have to form conspiracies to organize power to flow in their direction. The system is what funnels wealth and power in their direction.

Lets consider a thought exercise. Lets say you have assets to the tune of a one followed by 8-10 zeroes. You could afford a pro hooker to clean your shoes and nothing more, let alone have sex with. The interest your assets accrue far exceeds expenses unless you are a complete idiot. Your motivation for dabbling influence in the super-complex social structure is nil. All the rich advocates and their causes are well known. All the rich benefactors we don't know don't have causes. They make a weekly call to the lawyer, broker, banker, and thats fucking it, okay?

The rest of the time they are pursuing leisure and pleasure as would any monkey with more cash than they know what to do with. The Royals are just chumps with day jobs. Who wants to work? Absolutely no one. Send up a bottle of scotch, some viagra, 12 hookers, and a "do not disturb" sign. Thats the life.

Now, every woman has a "been stalked /groped /raped /assaulted" story. So the sentiment of familiarity a woman might feel toward a story like this one is certainly strong, almost universally. On the other hand, many men have a story about a been "/accused /slandered /charged" with /grope, /rape, or /assault from a woman whose charges were baseless. In Roman times, I believe the law was intentionally vague about crimes alleged between individuals, in private, and punishments were minimal. I believe this is rational, as it is nearly impossible to discern who is and who is not telling the truth.

It is simply reality that, in private, sans admission, it is nearly impossible to try and figure out what happened. The solution is a return to reason. Somewhere along the line the custom of men and women, privately commiserating, being a cultural taboo was discarded. What was understood then was the simple fact of sexual drive. Today, there is greater latitude, but we don't seem to allow for the realization that such situations carry with themselves a greater risk. Young women today naively are allowed to think that the young man who asks them on a date is not really thinking about how much he'd like to climb on top of her and stick it in. It is culturally unacceptable to simply state what you'd like to do to your date, or ask frankly for permission. We are still in-between worlds. Today, men are required to lie about their intentions, to hide behind a facade of harmlessness, from the earliest encounter right up the act itself. Deception has become foreplay.

When a man pays for dinner, he pays for sex. When he listens to her babble about her dreams and aspirations, he pays for sex. And when he gets sex... its kind of a let-down, and then he logs on and swipes his credit card, finally enjoying a moment of honesty in this sad world.

Anyway- DSK. Look at him, does anyone think he has ever whacked off in front of a computer? No. He has enough money to pay for "REAL 3D" hookers and a little research shows that such things can be ordered in 30 minutes or less in much of the world, let alone Europe, where they also happen to be pretty. I don't, for one moment, think that this man ever had sex except as paid for. Neither do I think he ever paid money to just look at pictures of sex.

The damning article is his association with the IMF. To a capitalist, everyone is reducible to money, and its power. The Special Victims Unit would break it down pretty quick. He offered to pay for sex (not ask). She turned him down. Being a capitalist, his interest piqued as her claim of higher value made him think she was in fact of higher value. At which point he doubled his offer, which she refused. They are playing two different games. At some point, his erection took over as the financial stake in this interaction approached infinity, as she made it clear she would not, ever, never, even nibble at it. Such a claim of wealth cannot but incite bloodthirsty lust in the heart of a capitalist. All other valuations became meaningless as his capitalist/financier brainstem registers overflowed with lust, and he was transformed by the beauty and perfection of this moment of sublime transactionalism to devolve into the infantile persona of helpless infant at the foot of untouchable mother-goddess.

The plea will be not guilty by means of temporary insanity. Everyone will be talking about it. And the debt ceiling will be raised, corporations will get bailouts and your guaranteed benefits will evaporate at the same time.

Bin Bankin'

From Our "The Kids Are All Right!" Department.

From www.alternet.org ... Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. invited Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil to give this years commencement speech. That didn't sit too well with the students who demanded that Richard Heinberg from the Post Carbon Institute give the commencement address, instead.

After a lot of negotiation, Heinberg gave an alternative speech immediately after the regularly planned speech. Here is what he said:


Pardon my naivete but what about the flea in his ear ? Did the flea make him "do it" ?

Wow, Bustin

After reading your post I had a hankering for a cigarette!

Just thought I'd share an email I sent Chris Matthews who's so surprised Trump attacked Obama and left the race....

Set-up, set-up set-up, Chris

I have a strong sense that Donald, "Some of my best friends are black" Trump might actually have been working with Obama.

Now why do you think I say that? It sounds so counter-intuitive until you think about it.

Well, First Trump attacks the free unfettered trade against all the dedicated Milton Friedmanites and Globalists who have destroyed the job market here for the last 35 years.

Then Trump makes the birthers look like crazy people the way Steven Colbert does by pretending to have those views to the enth degree. Surely you don't think anyone with a brain would commit political hari kari like that do you? ..If they really have serious plans to help this country.

This forces Obama to release his long form birth certificate just in time to stop certain states from passing local laws not to allow him on the ballot if he wasn't born here.

Then Obama performs at the press dinner smoothly, taking some playful witty jabs at Trump. All the while, the biggest coup in 10 years is about to unfold....
Osama is killed by our Navy Seals the next day and then Trump and birthers look like fools.

Sounds like a Cass Sunstein move to me. Brilliant!

Last (so far).

I think that Grouchy Old Girl gets the prize so far today for provoking the most indignation. Some brief comments on the Yank-Canuck nexus from a recovered Anglophile who at one time memorized half the topo maps for northern Ontario:

[1] Canada is not some harmless Scandinavian country that hasn't been to war with anyone for centuries. As one of the white Dominions the Canadians were senior partners in the British Empire and didn't really attain independence until the Statute of Westminster finally permitted them to set up their own diplomatic corps in 1936. An argument could be made, not overly disingenuous, that it was the British Empire which actually started World War II by declaring war on Germany over the quixotic issue of some absurd treaty with Poland. Why should Americans always go with the Anglophiles and bankroll British Imperialism?
[2] Most English speaking residents of what used to be called Upper Canada [Ontario] were/are descended from American Tories, who preferred to be known as Loyalists, which rhymes with Royalists. At the end of the American Revolution they were largely deported to British North America, later to be renamed Canada in 1867. So yes, Canadians are largely American, although I wouldn't insult them by calling them the 51st state. I think the first name said it better: British North America. After all, the document signed by Queen Victoria creating Canada was called the British North America Act.

I like Canada. But I'm never going to buy land in a country where you can be banned from that country simply for getting a single DUI. If I want to build a cabin in the woods I'll go to the Ruby Mountains of northern Nevada, where you don't get deported for one DUI. When I do go to Canada for the canoeing I am always cognizant of where I am: the now defunct British Empire, and in case I forgot for just a few minutes, there's always that giant exit sign on the QEW which says, "next exit, Winston S. Churchill Boulevard". Then if you drive further you see another exit for "Kitchener, Ontario", then if you drive over the bridge on route 11 before Latchford you see a sign for "Aubrey Cousins, Victoria Cross". No, Canada is not in Scandinavia. It is the country that sent troops to South Africa for the use of the British during the Boer War, a war which was intentionally provoked by Cecil Rhodes, an early promoter of English Speaking Union type institutions to help rope in the naive Americans to help out their former imperial overlords. The reason the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York was never finished was because its greatest patron, JP Morgan, the richest layman in the Episcopal Church, put his fortune behind the British Empire during the first World War so that the motherland woudn't be raped by the hun, even though that was patently impossible since the Kaiser's sailors didn't have the guts to confront the British fleet after turning tail and running back to port in Kiel during the Battle of Jutland, and this in spite of the fact that the Germans' ships were [of course] superior in design and craftsmanship to the somewhat under armored British battle cruisers.

You identify with Him and envy him too. I don't blame you a bit - the uber rich really do live better. But none of this should change his sentence should he be found guilty. If anything, the rich and powerful should be punished more heavily - but the opposite is usually the case.

Many of the Super Rich of America's past did not know what to do with their money. Making it was their passion and they felt ill at ease with leisure and pleasure. This of course changes with the second generation but not always. Some of the Rich are into Power far more than pleasure. And what is more powerful than changing the World - for its own good of course.

I concur. The best evidence is that Trump did not contest the obviously fraudulent birth certificate.

All of economics is divided into two schools: steady state theory and infinite planet theory. They can’t both be right. You’d think the choice between them would be obvious, but infinite planet theory still holds sway in classrooms and in the halls of power where policy is made. Last month, though, brought a significant development: the manager of a major hedge fund registered a carefully reasoned dissent from infinite planet theory. And in doing so, Jeremy Grantham offered a glimpse of how and why steady state economic theory will ultimately come to prevail.

Grantham is the head of GMO LLC, a hedge fund with $100 billion under management. His latest letter to his investors was headlined “Time to Wake Up: Days of Abundant Resources and Falling Prices Are Over Forever”—a title that calls to mind the urgent warnings raised by steady-staters as far back as the 1970s. Those warnings were dismissed by most economists as Chicken-Little fears that could safely be ignored—and the western industrial world proceeded to do just that. Infinite planet theorists pointed to the work of Julian Simon, who argued that human ingenuity is The Ultimate Resource (as he put it in the title of a book). Since technology, a human invention, is a factor of production, and since human capacity for invention is infinite, there can be no resource limits to economic growth. Infinity times anything is infinity, right?

You can get to that conclusion only if you ignore the laws of thermodynamics.

--Two Schools and the Path to the Steady Stateby Eric Zencey

To read the rest of the article:

Your Ayn Rand was wrong, your Rand Paul is wrong, your Ron Paul is wrong, your Ludwig Von Mises was wrong, your Adam Smith was wrong, and all the other neoclassical economics believers are wrong.

Capitalism has been refuted by the laws of thermodynamics.

Good advice, Tripp! We need to listen to Tripp and we need to do permacultural gardening work now, before the system crash, before the gold/silver bubbles burst.

Tripp said: "Blueberries don't yield overnight."

Money spent now, on becoming eco-agriculturally less dependent on an unsustainable industrial agricultural system, is money better spent than buying gold, silver, or ammunition, none of which will provide you with physical sustenance tomorrow.

I've done my part.

We had an inland hurricane 2 years ago. You know, one of those 100 year storms that so many people are getting.

It blew part of my roof off. I put a shiny metal roof on with the insurance money, instead of that nasty heat soaking asphalt stuff.

I really have my doubts that it will have an effect on global warming, but it keeps the house a little cooler in the summer, so what the hell.

My Country Living magazine that the electric co-op sends me monthly is full of advertisements about energy saving devices like thermal heating and cooling, in which they promise to save 80% of your electricity costs, articles about insulating and caulking, in which they promise to save large amounts of energy, and then editorials, in which they announce that there is no way to save energy, we need coal.

Don't the editors read their own magazine?

OK, let's pretend you're some bigshot with lots of political enemies. You're in your hotel room minding your own business, when this hotel maid walks into your room, and starts screaming RAPE, and then runs off. What r u going to do, wait till the cops arrive and take you to a Harlem jail cell where you get baloney sandwiches on white bread with Catsup? If I were you, I'd leave my cell phone behind and hurry off to a country where they give you brioches for breakfast in prison. And the maid? Ah, what wouldn't people do for a few thousand dollars... I don't know if he really did that or not... but most 62 year olds I know aren't driven by their hormones anymore (not without Viagra anyway). All of you who already convicted the poor slob, remember about that nonsense about the due process. On the other hand, maybe he really did it, remember Lisa Nowak? Or Bill Clinton for that matter? People do strange things.
THanks JHK for another installment of razor-sharp metaphors.

And a steady state economy presumers a steady state population with little or no immigration. Foiled again Joker.

Hey PoC, I showed this blog to the bass player in our band & then pointed out the pissant's remarks for him to read. He swears up and down that the pissant is about 14 years old, nobody older could possibly be that lame. He then suggested I change pissant's name to asswipe, only in honour to the French this week, we could pronounce it ahs-wee-pay. I have to say that it has a certain international ring to it. Of course now he wants to see the pissant's really cool put down of this post, so I promised him I'd save it for him. Yoo Hoo, are you out there pissant?(I'm so excited, I can hardly wait). Show and tell is way fun.

"Sounds like a Cass Sunstein move to me"

It seems like a neat theory, but I don't believe it has any validity. What would be the payoff for Trump? More power, more money? An ambassadorship?
Regulations in his favor? He already builds and does business wherever and whenever he wants.

From the outset, I don't believe Trump was serious about helping the country. It was a giant publicity stunt, with little value at risk considering the gigantic boost to the Trump trademark.

Trump has been criticizing Obama for some time now, and I believe that he genuinely dislikes the man. At least, he did so for some time. Trump has always disliked what minorities have done to New York-make it barely tolerable. He may even be racist at the core.

Then there are the innate personality differences. Trump is business, bluster, and "Broadway", while Obama is cerebral, reserved, and contained.

And the states' ballot disallowal? Not a chance at this stage of the game. Btw, Brewer vetoed that bill here in Arizona.

All in all though, it gave me something to think about. That Sunstein is cagey!

This IMF guy that got arrested looks something like Bernie Madoff to me in the pictures I've seen

>Yep, I'm proposing that we switch to renewable >energy.

Already did. Love to see the electric meter spin backward, better than TV any day of the week. My water cistern is full, and so are rain barells for the garden, enuff H2O for the entire growing season. Most lights are LED (why people think that $10 for a lightbulb that last 10 years is too much, but $10 for a steak that lasts 10 minutes is OK?????)
Got a separate solar panel for the attic fan, the hotter the son scheins, the cooler the attic gets.
Gave away the clothes dryer, the clothe dry perfectly well on the clothline outside (use the sunroom in the winter, works well). THe Prius sits in the driveway most days, biking is more fun. Our utility bills are mostly for water and sewer (can't disconnect unfortunately), and the Internet of course... but my backward spinning electrical meter pays for a good part of that. In Germany pig farmers are making more money from electricity they sell from their pig-shed mounted solar panels than they do from pork. Germany is the world's biggest consumer of solar panels. Could America (gasp) learn from Germany? Nah

What, Vlad defending Strauss Kahn and Dershowitz, both jews? See, men do inexplicable things at times.
Or maybe I should ask, who are you and what did you do with Vlad?

-a swi pe is 14 years old-

Maybe, Captain, but I think lil' jimjim let some accurate information about himself slip out this morning:

"but I have a bike I use, have been gardening for over 40 years and am a son-of-a-bitch when members of my household leave lights burning. But that doesn't mean dick. We can't pretend that windmills and tide generators are going to be enough. They aren't. We'll need to conserve and put to work all forms of energy.

Pure Limbaugh/Hannity/RW talking points and defenses. Bless his lil'heart.

We really need an articulate spokesperson for the RW and their overpaid talking heads to post on CFN on a regular basis.

lil'jimbo/jimjim/tootsie just can't understand that he is being banned for his insults and pointless invective - and for the "fucktard torpedoes." tm Cash

He's not being banned for expressing his ideas - which are, occasionally, pretty good.

JHK wouldn't ban a man for 40 years of gardening, bike riding, and being a son-of-a-bitch, now, would he?

>and often take much more than their fair share of >everything

Hey Girl, don't you think that black and asian guys in power in africa and asia take as much if not more percentwise that white guys in their corner of the earth, or r u saying they are more virtuous than white guys? WHat a shame that an intelligent woman like you has to resort to rhetorical argument to score a point.

Hey Grouchy Old Girl, don't forget that Canada (my country too) jumps right in to help the US "police the world". Canada is currently involved in wars in Afghanistan and Libya, with no end in sight for either. And if we'd had a Conservative government at the time, we'd probably be in Iraq too.

Canada supplied the uranium that the US used to make the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

How Much Similarity to Ruth Stouts methods are yours?
And what was in the background in the picture in Macon?

The Obama Justice Dept. seems about to go after these banks for mortgage fraud:

Bank of America

JPMorgan Chase

Wells Fargo


Ally Financial

Those seem to be rather large and well-connected institutions to be engaging in systematic fraud, to be foreclosing on military veterans (a violation of federal law), to be robo-signing documents, and to be cheating home buyers using various other fraudulent means.

I guess Obama is not afraid of who he goes after, if they be wrongdoers.


They foreclosed on active-duty military service members (a violation of federal law).

Imagine coming home from the war and finding the bank has taken your house.

And then you find out it was an illegal home seizure based on fraudulent lending or defective securitization practices or faulty foreclosure documents.

For you CFNers who believe in collective action, this coming full moon is the Wesak Full Moon, commemorating the birth, enlightenment, and passing of the Buddha.

Each one of us is a Buddha.

The yearly festival of the Wesak Full Moon is celebrated by millions around the world, generating a powerful force field for engendering peace on Earth and the attainment of Buddha Mind, also known as Christ Consciousness.

Meditation and prayers are greatly magnified by the collective attention on this full moon.

Asoka, I don't give two hoots about your Buddha bullshit or your thermodynamics-based anti-capitalist economic theories. What I want to know is your explanation slash theory slash answer (seeing as you portray yourself as a black expert-on-everything) to the questions I posed in last weeks thread. Namely, to paraphrase, what are the psychological underpinnings of the black penchant for wearing ball caps all goofy and askew?

Well, there is always a good side...
At least you came back...

"See, men do inexplicable things at times."

I wouldn´t call them inexplicable.
They are much more common than what people think. And I would even say, from what we read, they are "normal".
These men are used to believe they can and own everything, so what they do is always beyond the "usual" people.
May be also them are "used".
Everything is OK as long as they behave or they are useful, when they do not anymore, they are reminded they are just "human"

"Quelle horreur! A French convict serving thirty years for tunneling into a Toulon bank gets a brioche, at least!"

Funniest post in months. Really rich. You need to write the next 3 months posts when your creative juices are flowing like this.

"Sources tell me that Attorney General Eric Holder has been using the report as a cocktail coaster."

Have your sources told you what use the SEC reports are put to?

"maybe Lloyd Blankfein will fly out of a broom closet in Jackson Hole this summer dressed like Norman Bates's mother and commence to paddle Ben Bernanke"

TMZ would love to have the video!

I can mention a Jew or two without that being a defence of them. A rapist and a Zionist - please. Sorry I don't foam at the mouth enough for you.

Sounds about right to me Helen. The early bomb projects have been referred to as the Anglo-American bomb by some historians. Then later when the British started doing some of their own bomb projects they used the Australian outback as their test range, just as we used Nevada. Canadian forces were also issued nuclear weapons for use in anti-aircraft batteries such as the Army Nike, which was designed to hammer formations of Soviet bombers with air-bursts. The British and American navies now actually draw their submarine lauched trident missiles from a common stock kept in King's Bay, Georgia. The Canadians also bought their last class of diesel-electric submarines from the British, who now focus more on nuclear boats including the enormous Vanguard class. These naval names get passed along. Vanguard was also the name of the last British battleship which was still around for the current Queen's first naval review at Spithead during the Korean war era.

I don't think this story about Strauss-Kahn has legs, as they used to say in the newspaper business. In a few days or so, if not completely forgotten, will be buried on page 7 in the B section of the local shopper, underneath a blurb about the local town meeting. I'll be damned if I can find anything about the nuclear meltdown in Japan, action in Libya, mass political murder in Syria in the media. I mean, I can research these events because I'm interested in what is happening, but as far as the public is concerned they are already off the radar, something that happened a long time ago. The movie "To big to Fail" is premiering soon, as if the financial meltdown of 3 years ago is already a historical event, something to look back on while we merrily get on with our lives.

Somebody here, I think it was Ibendet, posted that networks like CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business are largely machines of disinformation and propaganda, disseminating lies, always talking about the "RECOVERY" we are in, painting a rosy picture and reassuring proles like myself that everything is ok, don't believe what you see with your own eyes in your towns and cities, believe what we tell you here from our studios in NYC.

Jim, when is Walmart going to begin giving out free stuff? Three weeks from May 15? I will be showing up there with my pickup, ready to load up.

RipT, how 'bout all this rain? A solid week. Hard to get anything done. Living 'round here I've learned not to make any plans that involve any outdoor activity. Its a recipe for disappointment.

Ozone, I've been listening to the CD you gave me. Good stuff! Did you write those lyrics? Let me know where you're going to appear next, I'd like to bring my wife to see the show. Just for starters I know she'd love your version of "Over the Rainbow".

Well, I'll be trying to get lettuce and cuke seeds in the ground today, dodging raindrops and lightening.

El Toro Farm
La Casa de la Dolce Tomantinos

"But with all currencies spiraling towards worthlessness, and even gold and silver hemorrhaging value, what is the world of money coming to?"

Quality vs. quantity. Consider lower prices for metals a gift caused by misplaced faith. They know what is of intrinsic value compared to their currency, and use worthless paper to obtain it.

The way to change the system is to quit participating in it using their paper. Unless you compost it after use.

Good morning Marlin,

I love to think of the news cycle as a soap opera. At first its as if a story was the only thing happening in the world, then it's all forgotten. Most people don't pay attention to begin with, but many inquiring minds want to know what has developed since... In the case of Japan's meltdowns, it could effect your life, depending on what you eat. (& we're holding off on sushi these days)

There's a graphic novel titled "As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial" by Derrick Jensen
That pretty much says it all.

Yeah, the weather is pretty awful. Last season the corn at the green market was for the most part a bomb. Flavorless, I couldn't find a decent ear for almost the whole summer. The farmer/vendors said it was because of a rainy, cool spring--here we go again.

Too bad we used Nevada to test nuclear weapons. Now most of their water aquifers are contaminated forever and Nevada is sinking into the desert. High plains water rights were bought up by T. Boone Pickens so I would expect water prices to skyrocket (higher than oil and much more vital). China is suffering from major drought too caused by massive overpopulation and poor agricultural practices. And of course all of our water may soon be contaminated from gas fracking.

No safe, clean water is bad for everyone. And all the gold Krugerrands and designer handbags in the world won't save you from drought. Saw a program on History Channel called Inspector America -- he contended that if we fixed the infrastructures, we'd have more good paying jobs and safer bridges, tunnels and dams working for all of us. Of course, the Tea Party would go ballistic if the government raised the taxes even slightly because they don't want to pay anything (but are very happy to collect entitlements like Social Security and Medicare for themselves). Dying from thirst is a very cruel way to go.

This one's for you:
I can't get the url on this post, but if you look up opednews.com, there's a post on Fukushima and food safety by Marianne Barisoneck.
here's the first paragraph.
[Fukushima has just about completely fallen off the front pages. This is not because the nuclear power plants have stopped spewing radiation into the environment or because the situation is no longer dangerous. The only thing that's been controlled is the media's coverage of the disaster.]

Yeah, Ibendet, I used to think that our own media was trustworthy and free, that manipulation of news and information for insidious political ends was something exclusive to totalitarian countries, mostly in the past, i.e. Goebbels ministry in Germany or Beria's Pravda in the Soviet Union. I know longer believe that.


I should say "I know no longer believe that"


Yeah, Marlin,
One extreme is as bad as the other. In our case everything is politicized because everything represents big money to some special interest (even religion). When society values nothing but money and winning all the time, this is what you get.
A new kind of tyranny.

"Gave away the clothes dryer, the clothe dry perfectly well on the clothline outside"

Yeah, it's great. Until the birds shit on something and you get to wash it AGAIN. lol

Wow. They don't call you the cynical one not for nothin'.

"The way to change the system is to quit participating in it using their paper. Unless you compost it after use."

Love it.

"Gave away the clothes dryer, the clothe dry perfectly well on the clothline outside"

Yeah, it's great. Until the birds shit on something and you get to wash it AGAIN. lol

Gave it away? I actually 75 bucks for mine, and I really do prefer line-dried clothes. Bird poo and all.

Did any of you see the little news story this morning - where some woman was pulled off an Amtrack train and arrested for public nuisance/disturbance?

Apparently she had talked, loudly, for 16 continuous hours before someone made the decision to have police intervene at a scheduled stop.

My wife and I will be thinking about that little occurrence the next time the drive/fly/train decision is to be made for a big trip.

You can also add stories like that into the reasons that it will be very hard to ever pry Americans out of their personal transportation devices and onto any sort of public transport.

Lbend and Marlin - nice interchange about news coverage in this country.

Also, add in to the discussion the need to attract a viewing audience in ADD/OCD America - where *News?* has to compete with "Dancing with the Stars" for audience share and advertiser dollars.

I saw that.
Her name was Lakesha.
Can you imagine being a passenger on that train while she talked for 16 straight hours?
She says she feels "disrespected" by the whole affair.
Hell truly is other people ain't it?

Mmmm. I disagree. As, a 62 year old :-) .

Hi, Welcome to Amtrak.
Let's see ... your seat assignment is 14C, that puts you right, yes, right here. (you get settled in with the Kindle and one of those new inflatable neck pillows that are all the rage) Finally, you think to yourself, a chance to just relax and let someone else do the driving for a change, this was such a good idea, what with gas prices and all)
Wait... What's this now? ... Oh dear God no...
(280 pounds of lumbering behemoth coming down the aisle, talking to what sounds like someone named Ray Ray about a rapper who just was killed in a drive by and mmmm, child ain't it a shame)
Panic sets in, there are no other open seats. And then it begins...

Sorry. On re-reading I see you said "most." LOL. But I have to say, that when you're old, poor and homely, plumbing that works doesn't do you any favors. :-) .

Also, add in to the discussion the need to attract a viewing audience in ADD/OCD America - where *News?* has to compete with "Dancing with the Stars" for audience share and advertiser dollars.

That's exactly why some things are better left outside the "profit center".

Our media was superior when we didn't pit the news against entertainment for the same dollars. We had better international news on the regular stations in the 60's and 70's than when we made the news corporate.
And wouldn't it make sense for the stations to have debates and statements from the politicians for free or nominal fees than to force politicians to raise billions to get their message out?

"Hell is truly other people, aint it.", Raindog.

I knew Sartre' would make his way in here sooner or later.




He is jewish, a socialist, and if not a freemason himself, he is at least the son of a freemason(Grand Orient de France). The name Kahn is a version of Cohen, which is Hebrew for "priest."

As the head of the IMF, he is the Chief Moneychanger in the temple, and the priests are being cast out of the temple.

Sit back and watch the show. The fireworks have begun.

I wonder what she was talking about? And with a name like Lakeisha, she must have been Sweedish.

'China is suffering from major drought too caused by massive overpopulation and poor agricultural practice'

Mao had a thing about CHOPPING DOWN TREES AND
KILLING FLYS, both of which proved to be disastrous.

This is racism from the Left. Blacks talk endlessly about nothing and it's very hard on Whites. Even Leftists are often pushed the end of their ropes. Thus the strategy of praising Blacks but living as far away from them as possible.

When you look at the behaviour of rulers, tyrants, aristocrats throughout history it's hard to say that this race or that race is better, worse, greedier etc than any other.

For the last few hundred years European civilization was ascendant and with more advanced technology than others so people make the mistake of saying that white men were/are better or worse or more rapacious than others. But our civilization looks like it's decaying like all others before it and will be supplanted by something else.

White men didn't look to be so special during the dark ages and medieval periods when Europe was beset by invasion by asiatic peoples, Muslim civilizations etc. Didn't look so special either when the Egyptians were building the pyramids and the Babylonians were building ziggurats and hanging gardens and the best we could do was Stonehenge.

Perhaps Trump did it as a favor - which he can call in later. Money needs power and power needs money. Also his daughter married into the Jewish Faith - actually converted. That might change things too as Jews are the most political people in America per captita.

What's you take on it though? Do you think it's on the level or did he do something to offend the Lords of Babylon? I mean the no bail thing and Rikers treatment is extreme. Few of the even moderately rich have to go through this.

Ah, yes. Hell is other people. I travel very little, but when I do, it's Anthrax. As a friend of mine refers to it. And, even though I travel little, I have my stories too...

A trip to Seattle. About 4 seats ahead was a young, early 20s couple. The young lady could not shut up. The whole trip. The young man said nary a word. He had that zoned out look on his face. What I refer to as the Prozac Smile. But I couldn't help thinking to myself, "Buddy, marry her, and this is the rest of your life."

Another time: I got on the train and made to sit in one of those two facing seats. Only one young lady occupying. As I made to sit down, she said they were occupied by friends that were roaming the train. So, I sat across the way across from a nice young man who had disappeared into his laptop and ear buds.

Before the next stop, it became apparent that the young Miss had no companions, but just wanted the 4 seats to herself. At the next stop, an enormous, man with poor personal habits plopped himself down across from her and preceded to hit on her all the way to Seattle. Every once in awhile I'd glance up from my book, catch her eye, and just give her the biggest shit eating grin I could muster. I travel seldom, but those are just a FEW of the stories I could tell.

I said "horny old white guy" in recognition of the fact that old white guys are the rulers of the world - Grouchy

This "rulers of the world" stuff sounds like white people's chest pounding triumphalism even while it masquerades as condemnation.

I think you'd get a lot of argument from the guys that run China and India about who's calling the shots in those places. I seriously don't think that "white guys" rule those countries. Put together they account for about 2.5 billion people. Awfully big chunk of the world. Plus both have nukes up to here.

Also take into account a place like Pakistan with about 170 million people (plus nukes). You hear nowadays that the US should not be paying them a couple billion a year because of their bad behaviour. But the PTB in the US are afraid of stopping the payments. Why? Over fear of what the Pakistanis might do. So if the Americans are the ones shaking in their boots you might want to ask who's got who by the tail.

I think the first name said it better: British North America. After all, the document signed by Queen Victoria creating Canada was called the British North America Act. - BHM

You'd hear CONSTANT whining up here about Canada's identity. When I would say things like you just said: British North America, it was as if I was speaking in some obscure Kenyan dialect. Like I said in other posts it's like we're afflicted with cognitive blindness when it comes to national identity and culture. We can't see what's right under our noses.

And you'd regularly hear jaw dropping idiocy like people here wanting to maintain a "separate identity" from the US. As if you could hardly tell the two apart. To American ears it must have sounded hilarious. Oh sure, Canada is just like the US. But when did our astronauts explore the moon? Do we have hundreds of millions of people, did we fight a bitter, brutal civil war, did we we have millions of our soldiers facing off against beastly regimes like the USSR and N. Korea, do we regularly spawn such enormously innovative and world changing businesses like GM, Apple, do we we have an enormous nuclear arsenal?

So anyway I wouldn't say that Canucks are largely American. But I would say that both the US and Canada are at root British. I think that the term "British North America" describes us both pretty well though our respective histories have diverged. You guys even have an elected king.

Also, I don't know what the latest census says but the old Loyalist stock that made up Upper Canada is quickly getting supplanted by waves of immigration. You come to Toronto and its vicinity and you just have to take a quick look around. Lots and lots of non white, non Northern European faces. Same with other cities like Vancouver: lot's of Asian immigration. Many are second generation whose main language is English. In another generation their descendants ONLY language will be English.

Dorothy Parvaz, an Al-Jazeera journalist who previously was a reporter and columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, has multi citizenships including the US, Iran and Canada. Dorothy has not been heard from since April 29th, when she arrived from Qatar at the Damascus airport. The media is focusing on her case not just out of concern for her individually but to highlight the problem of suppression of open reporting by journalist worldwide.

Unreported is the question of which passport she was using in her travels; was it a US issued passport, or Canadian, or Iranian, or all three?

This is not a secondary issue for me. I don’t see why the naturalization process for immigrants should leave them empowered with means of influence (duel or multi citizenship) beyond our borders any greater than that possessed by US citizens otherwise. “Citizens otherwise” don’t have voting rights in other nations nor other privileges attendant to citizen status in those other countries.

On that basis I contend one’s US citizenship status should be immediately cancelled by use of passport of another nation, and with chance of restoration only through normal petition process as applied to all other “foreigners”.

Way to go, line dryers! Just yesterday I was told by my MIL that line drying results in more wrinkles compared with a using a dryer. She also mentioned how much more effort it is to line dry.

The things people convince themselves of in order to continue their behaviors. My two in-laws have a 35 ft RV, a Lincoln Town Car and household energy bills 4-5 times what my wife and mine are.

Hey Marlin, I wouldn't rush those cuke seeds. They might rot in the ground the way this weather is looking. I was lucky and put the lettuce in a coupla' weeks back. They are up and diggin' this cool weather and rain , althogh a little sunshine would be nice! This rain on and off is killin' me. Everytime I get set up another green monster comes through on the radar! And I ain't talkin, bout Fenway!

"How Much Similarity to Ruth Stouts methods are yours?"

Fairly similar. I've heard good things about Ruth Stout for years. I don't think she dug up raised mounds though, and I find that to make a world of difference. Just used the same deep straw and hay mulches. I tried her method for growing potatoes and onions this season and didn't have good luck with it. Since I've always done really well with the French Intensive school I'll be ditching everything else.

Of course I realize that this post does a lot to undermine my arguments about non-animal-integrated food production. You're welcome. I do tend to let my chickens clean up the garden at the end of the season and add their manure to the equation before I rake up their mess and plant it again.

"And what was in the background in the picture in Macon?"

"Urban renewal"...apparently building a bunch of really nice houses in the ghetto will make the ghetto go away. That picture was taken while they were still working on infrastructure for the project. I don't know of any of the houses selling yet...

"This rain on and off is killin' me. Everytime I get set up another green monster comes through on the radar! And I ain't talkin, bout Fenway!"

You guys should feel free to share with us down here in dusty dry south Georgia. We ain't seen rain in a long time. Although I was actually cold this morning when I did my rounds. Crazy for this time of year here.

Well, I disagree that active solar is our savior, but it sounds like you are doing quite well in the self-reliance department! I am putting up a solar attic fan, and potentially a tiny array to run a chest fridge and maybe the washing machine, after we've cut out most all of our electrical use. The way things are looking around here, a small wind turbine might be just as useful. (I'll need to see a little rain again before I go forward with the cisterns!)

But I always have to emphasize that if we make these jumps they follow some really serious powering down behavioral innovation. Like our power bill was $70 this month, but it needs to be less than half that in July before I start thinking about the switch. Sounds like you've already taken care of all that. Good for you, and good to see you around.

Dryin' on the line is the way to go. Ya gotta love that fresh stiff feeling it gives your sheets and cloths. I line dry outside in the winter if the weather is clear, takes a little longer but the dry cold air stills sucks the moisture out of the wash. I don't have easy access to my attic, but my Mom always hung the wash up there in the winter. She carried it up the stairs three flights from the basement. She had it easy though, she wasn't beatin' em on a rock down at the creek! Break in the rain gotta go!

Ten GD minutes and now its pourin' agin! MFMFMFMF

We can now add the mighty male Arnold to the list that will forever grow.

It appears that he was doing a household staff member with his own member for a number of years.

Result, another "love-child".

Hot porn topic, those maids. I wonder if it's more the uniforms, or the subserviant position(s)?

"Do you think it's on the level or did he do something to offend the Lords of Babylon?"

Or both. Political ambitions that might concern Sarko, next year? Going back to do something for the Greek situation, that someone didn't like? Pure speculation...

We ain't seen "crazy" yet. Just finished "Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth" by Mark Hertsgaard. Readable. Worth a look.

"Pure speculation..." Maybe not so much...

“Don’t underestimate how important Dominique Strauss-Kahn was in coordinating action” among European nations, El-Erian, the chief executive officer of Pimco, said in a Bloomberg Television interview on “In the Loop” with Betty Liu. “It’s the worst possible time to lose your general. You need the IMF to coordinate this global healing.”


The photo made it look like a LAKE! not dirt or asphalt.
What about Rudy Steiner? companion plants? yes? no?

but how many of them live carless?
easy to listen to a sermon

And what of it?
that doesnt make the Japs good guys in that war.

but most 62 year olds I know aren't driven by their hormones anymore (not without Viagra anyway).

I think there is a general misunderstanding about Viagra. It's a woody starter. It doesn't improve libido. Without the libido present your fucked ...... or, should I say, NOT fucked.

Testosterone works on libido but it's VERY expensive. I once complained to my urologist that things were not going well "below the waterline" so he gave me an Rx for Testosterone. When I went to the Drug Store to pick it up and saw what it was going to cost I nixed it. The scene reminded me of that Jack Benny routine where a robber points a gun at Jack and says "your money or your life." There is a long hesitation as Jack's head slowly rotates toward the audience and he has an expression indicating the wheels in his head are turning. Finally, the exasperated robber says "WELL!?" And Jack says "I'm thinkin, I'm thinkin!"

Yeah right!

Its all a plot [I mean that sincerely]
Do you know much about Rambo and what hes done with his dual citizenship?

Cash said: "When you look at the behaviour of rulers, tyrants, aristocrats throughout history it's hard to say that this race or that race is better, worse, greedier etc than any other."


Here we disagree.

Whites went to Africa and enslaved millions of Blacks; Blacks did not go to Europe to enslave Whites.

Whites invaded the Americas and murdered millions of indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples did not invade Europe and murder millions of Europeans.

Whites, and only Whites in all of human history, have used atomic weapons on Asian civilians.

Other non-white nations have atomic weapons, but only morally-challenged Whites have used them against other human beings.

Whites set up systems of slaver, and apartheid, and Jim Crow, to torture and degrade and exploit other human beings with Black skin day after day for decades in countries all over the world. Blacks have not done such to Whites.

Massive genocides murdering millions, massive systems of slaver, using nuclear weapons on civilian populations, etc. ... no other race has done these things except White devils.

I agree with you Luke: women often talk to much. And it usually is completely personal and therefore not very interesting. If you try to offer practical advice, they aren't interested - they just want to talk - AND HAVE SOMEONE LISTEN.
And to get a man to listen to them like that poor fool was is an incredible victory.

Good remarks. I do suffer from a certain antique outlook as the result of getting a history degree. I think that Canada is a great country and of course it is also bilingual, so there is even some similarity to other bilingual countries, which of course are numerous. Winston Churchill was once intrigued to discover that the red-coated bearskin cap wearing guards at the Canadian parliament were actually French speaking, but then England once occupied nearly half of France during the middle ages. Your incredible expanse of wilderness is also highly enviable. There's also something to be said for the parliamentary system with a PM as indeed, as you pointed out, the presidency here is similar to constitutional monarchy in some respects. And it is also unfair to say that Canadians were simply "granted" their independence from the British when in reality Canada had to fight for its independence from the United States during the War of 1812, something which it did succesfully since of course American attempts to invade and annex Canada were unsuccessful.

Karmically speaking, you are destined to be born in a White Body next time around. What could be more poetically just? More necessary for your evolution than to wear the body of the Ones who demonize?

I have so many birds in the back yard now. I feel like friggin' Tippi Hedron. I don't know if it's rain, weather, or what. I've been in this house almost 30 years now! I've got birds wakin' me up at 3AM there are catbirds, mockingbirds, orioles, grackles fightin' with the robins and all sorts of territorial bird bullshit goin down! I can't even sleep at night with the windows open. It has to be some sort of climate change crap goin' down. Ihaver not seen an oriel around here since I was a kid in the '60's. Maybe I am parnoid but this is kinda strange. My apple trees had more flowers by far than I have ever seen.

Can you imagine being a passenger on that train while she talked for 16 straight hours?

Regarding cell phone impoliteness there are 8 million stories in the big city. I'll tell just one.

I was at the Ford dealer having some routine maintenance done that would take an hour or so. They had a waiting room with a dozen chairs, a bunch of dog-eared magazines, a free coffee machine from which gurgled a dark grayish-brown lukewarm liquid with a film on top in a tiny styrofoam cup with powdered milk and splenda. A TV in the corner near the ceiling was tuned to a morning chick talk show of the kind that will play in my fiery confines through eternity if I wind up in hell.

The one vacant seat was next to a burly guy conducting business on a cell phone in a voice that suggested there wasn't another person around within 50 feet. The other 10 people were immersed in their own worlds. One I recall being an Asian girl trying her damnedest to read a thick textbook.

I tried not to listen to the blowhard next to me on the cell phone but it was impossible. I am certain the conversation with his staff back at HQ was a performance for us trapped rats and he was enjoying the hell out of this ego-trip.

Every minute or two the gist of the one side of the conversation that I was privy to gave every sign that - thank God - it was about to conclude. But no, secretary Phyllis was instructed to get Juan on the horn, etc etc.

I was starting to squirm in my seat, crossing my legs one way then the other, leaning back and looking straight up at a water stained ceiling tile for no particular reason and concocting scenarios how under other circumstances I might put an end to this effrontery. I envisioned myself as Mike Tyson in his prime with a black leather jacket and shades. I would rise from my chair, lean menacingly over the guy and say "excuse me sir but this phone conversation of yours is getting to be woo-duh-criss."

When I could stand it no longer I left the room and went out on the showroom floor and looked at cars. When approached by suited salesmen dressed like Tony Soprano's henchmen I would point toward the shop and say "I'm just killing time."

The shop desk-guy came to tell me my car was ready and the burly guy was still on his cell.

There are times when the movies "Falling Down" and "Serial Mom" make a lot of sense.

Perhaps the oriole is really a covert surveillance device being perfected by the NSA in your back-yard.


You can't be serious with this BS about white people being uniquely violent and evil in the world.

The Moors were inveterate slavers from the 8th century onward. Please peruse this article.


It states...

"It is estimated that [the Moors] captured 1.25 million slaves from Western Europe and North America between the 16th and 19th centuries."

The Moors also invaded Spain and Italy and came close to conquering all of Europe. They probably would have if Charles Martel hadn't stopped them in France.

Millions were killed in inter-African violence during the War in the Congo. About a half million were killed during the Rwanda genocide.

Sure, America was the only country that ever used nukes, but it happened twice in quick succession in 1945 and hasn't happened since. So it isn't like the white race is dropping nukes as a regular way of solving its disputes. It was basically a one-time thing (hopefully!), so it doesn't set up a precedent.

And then if you'd like to bring Asians into this discussion, Mao killed about 20 million of his own people in China. The Cambodians killed millions of their own people.

I mean seriously, this stuff about white people being the only ones to commit mass violence in the world is some of the dumbest stuff you've ever written on here. It is completely false, historically.

Whoever made up this idea that violence doesn't solve any problems? Of course it does. Just look at nature. How do lions solve their hyena problem? They break their backs. How do hyenas solve their lion problem? They swarm them. (Just watched an awesome Lion/Hyena doc on the NatGeo.)

Nature is violent. Humans are violent, too, in various ways. Deal with it.

Should have told him to STFU. What is he gonna do, beat up an old man in the car dealership waiting room?

RE: Canada

I've been watching the reality TV series, Ice Road Truckers, which is surprisingly captivating. I like the human drama of it. Plus it is quite enlightening to see how the mines and oil/gas wells actually function. They are supplied by a fleet of trucks running on diesel fuel over frozen rivers, lakes, and even the Arctic Ocean. Pretty crazy.

Canadians also seem very environmentally conscious. All the tailings and even dirty snow is carted out from the sites back to dump sites. I don't know about the tar sands or shale oil though. That seems pretty nasty, environmentally speaking, both on the landscape and water supply.

"Whoever made up this idea that violence doesn't solve any problems? Of course it does."

Memory, I think your assertion is correct, in the proper situations.

Only two things can negate it for a society:
1. A error free system of law enforcement
2. Some recourse to *religious* principles

Maybe one of our atheists would like to tell us why humans are the only species that is uniquely qualified to evolve toward non-violence, without some version of #2, above.

MemoryHole, you're on a roll!
(i'm a poet & don't know it)

"I mean seriously, this stuff about white people being the only ones to commit mass violence in the world is some of the dumbest stuff you've ever written on here. It is completely false, historically."
-memoryhole to asoka-

That gave me quite a charge.
'Cause his "dumb stuff" list is so large.

It made my laughter quake.
You're making no mistake.


On an unrelated note - how many of you have seen this group running around the country in motor homes proclaiming, "The World Will End on May 21, 2011!"

They were in Atlanta this weekend, so I've been seeing it on the local *news?*


The overt type of violence involving injury or death to one's person is not the only kind which exists.

Law enforcement itself is a type of violence. Locking someone up for years in an 8 by 10 cell is certainly violence against the body.

The fact that we eat meat necessitates the killing of billions of other animals. We are just shielded from this violence, as we pickup our meats at the supermarket and aren't exposed to the massive bloodletting that our dietary habit requires.

Civilization itself requires violence against the natural world and its species. Civilization owes ecology an apology, as they say.

I disagree about your take on religion. Religion is violence against the mind, asserting a "celestial dictatorship," as Hitchens used to call it, without rhyme or reason other than the whims of capricious priests and kings.

Lack of religion is NOT a major cause of violence. Correlation is not causation. The rise in violence during the 20th century was more a matter of increasing populations, nationalism, and "improved" methods for dispensing violence, rather than any lack of religion.

When Europe was extremely religious, it was also incredibly violent. I shudder to think what the religious wars of the 16th and 17th centuries would have been like had they possessed modern artillery, fighter jets, and automatic weapons. And people during those times justified their violence by saying God was on their side.

Muslims are quite religious, and they like to justify their violence by pointing at passages from their holy book. It is interesting that the apocalypse-minded Israelis and the Holy War-obsessed Arabs seem to fit together like hand in glove.

Anywho, this is an interesting topic of discussion, to say the least. I don't think humans are particularly violent as compared with some other species on the planet. Insects, in particular, have some pretty barbaric habits, like eating their young, enslaving or exterminating rivals, etc. In fact, I think we learned a lot from them.

"Law enforcement itself is a type of violence."

Memory, I don't necessarily disagree with you, except to say that lack of laws and enforcement leads to anarchy - which leads to violence.
-and remember I said "an error free system" of law enforcement-

"I disagree about your take on religion. Religion is violence against the mind, asserting a "celestial dictatorship,"

I'm not necessarily talking about "organized?" religion, here.
But, Memoryhole, even saying, "Do No Harm," implies some sort of special belief system in common with humanity - which implies some sort of religion.

some. sort.

Thanks for responding to ASO(selective memory)KA.

Are whites inherently more violent, as Asoka suggests, or is it that the white people from those countries had the capability (technology, weapons, etc.) to exploit others?

Self-interest, greed, materialism, power; all motivators.

I'm not a biblical scholar, but I seem to recall that there is a mention about how one is to treat a slave. Could that be a contributory factor, as many Europeans who came to America, were Christian?

"Maybe one of our atheists would like to tell us why humans are the only species that is uniquely qualified to evolve toward non-violence"

Well, that is really a complicated topic worthy of a whole essay or book, but my short answer would be that it has to do with mutual self interest. In other words, if I don't initiate violence against another party, they will presumably not commit violence against me, so long as I do not give them a reason to do it. So we're both happy. Plus, those who commit violence are likely to be a victim of it, a la "Live by the sword...", so it can be an effective survival strategy to abstain from it.

When people are satiated in terms of food and other needs, they also do not need to resort to violence to obtain what they need, hence this is a major "goal" of civilization (keeping the multitudes' mouths fed).

Of course, the real world is messier than this, and there are all kinds of exceptions and caveats, such as people who decide violence will be their primary modus operandi, but "mutual self-interest" would be my capsule summary of why the world hasn't gone completely Mad Max.

Also, there is (or should be) a distinction between inter and intra-species violence. While inter-human violence is (relatively) rare, humans can be incredibly, unreasonably violent towards other species (seen any Passenger Pidgeons lately?).

Human civilization has always been a violent enterprise, wouldn't you say? I read a really interesting book called Technics and Civilization (or some other book by same author) which made the point that the king's scepter has the form of a mace. In other words, the basis of hegemony is...do what the king says, or he'll club your face in.

There is a historical logic of survival of the fittest regarding empires, nations, peoples, etc. Those civilizations that weren't able to at least defend themselves are no longer present and were conquered and absorbed, etc. Many of the most violent civilizations survived due to this brutal logic.

Europeans ended up being so good at violence because Europe from about the 5th century up through the middle 20th century was a cauldron of different ethnicities engaged in almost constant war, as well as being a focal point for external invasion and aggression (mostly from the East). This lead to an accelerated technological progression of weaponry and technology right through WWI and WWII, though they've turned into cheese and brie-eating pacifists as of late (to quote my buddy GW).

But are Europeans unique in this respect? Heck no. Who were the most successfully violent people of the Middle Ages? It was the Mongols, with their recurved bows and advanced hit and run tactics. Europeans just happened to get the upper hand by the 19th and 20th centuries.

Whites are definitely NOT genetically more prone to violence. They just ended up being very good at it out of necessity.

Er, no, rather it was Technics and Human Development by Mumford.

"What about Rudy Steiner? companion plants? yes? no?"

Like Rudolph Steiner. Like the Waldorf school of thought too. As for companion plants, I've come to the idea that there are a few combinations that DON'T work, like beans and onions, but that almost all others are beneficial when planted near each other. In particular I plant a lot of herbs everywhere (comfrey especially!). Yarrow increases the potency of anything around it, is a good compost catalyst, and a pretty decent styptic herb too. I kept it streetside in Macon just in case...

"(seen any Passenger Pidgeons lately?)"

I was just talking about passenger pigeons not half an hour ago. Creepy.

When you say religion, you're really referring to the Christian one, aren't you, and specifically modern sects that emphasize the New Testament.

It was an old school Christian who said, "Kill them all. God will know his own."

Hm, that doesn't sound very non-violent to me.

There are and have been many religions that don't espouse the "Love thy neighbor" ethic. Religion has been used as justification for war, murder, slavery, misogyny, mutilation, and every other barbaric practice.

I don't see then how religion is uniquely qualified to provide an ethical basis for non-violent human relations. Inate characteristics of human empathy and cooperation, as described by Richard Dawkins in Selfish Gene, for instance, form a much firmer basis for our behavior.

Basing ethics on the unsubstantiated belief in a mystical being in the sky watching our every move is prone to its own severe failings. Because religion does not fall into the realm of logic, each person is allowed to come up with their own intepretation. It is really the ultimate in philosophical relativism. My God told me to kill you. And that's that...no counter-argument or appeal to logic is possible, because religion is dogmatic, in both the personal and institutional sense. Have a nice day.

Certain religions might be more favorable to ethics of non-violence, but religion is a big word and it encompasses a lot, like philosophy. It means many different things to different people. One man's religion might tell him to be nice and treat everyone with respect while someone else's might say kill and/or enslave all the non-believers.

On the utilitarian end of things, if everyone used violence as a means of solving disputes, our mutally beneficial civilizaitonal arrangements would fall apart into anarchy (as you state), which does not benefit the vast majority of people. So again, we're back to mutual self-interest.

I'm not surprised. The extinction of the Passenger Pidgeon is the most obvious example of humanity's extermination of another species for no reason other than the enjoyment of capricious cruelty.

When I saw that oriel, I thought that sum'bitch waz eyeballin' me funny. There was a pair of them also. A male and a female, probly tryin' to throw me off the trail. I'm tellin' ya'! It's the NSA again. Don't write back to me! I am on the watch list! I saw a guy before dawn today outside in one of my maple trees with a set of 3rd generation night vision googles. I waved to him but he was dressed as a raven and did not wave back. I guess he was trying to pull off a Poe bit, still is sitting, still is sitting
Nevermore, Nevermore!

This somehow seemed apropos, among other quotes from the same work...

For the laws of Nature (as justice, equity, modesty, mercy, and, in sum, doing to others as we would be done to) of themselves, without the terror of some power, to cause them to be observed, are contrary to our natural passions, that carry us to partiality, pride, revenge and the like. (Hobbes, Leviathan)


Gotta love him!

How can you be a multi-millionaire socialist? What does that mean? Shouldn't they give their money away so as to become "equal"? Or is something else going on all entirely.

Yes to all you have said. Can anyone doubt that the madman Robert Mugabe would use nuclear weapons if he got his hands on them? Or that the vile Idi Amin would have as well? Asoka cannot forgive Whites for not letting his parents use the bathroom or something 50 years ago.

"Muslims are quite religious, and they like to justify their violence by pointing at passages from their holy book."

Your government at work:


Women talk to much? Well you post too much.


You're projecting, Mr. Memory H.,

"When you say religion, you're really referring to the Christian one, aren't you, and specifically modern sects that emphasize the New Testament..."
-memory, to PoC-

My own religion is hard to pin down - it's a cross between what MDruid calls "god in the mirror" and relaxed Thomas Jeffersonian Christianity.

So, No. By religion, I'm referring to .something. .anything. that goes beyond selfish self-interest.

Some say that secular humanism is the religion of Atheists. I don't know about that.

Sometimes (especially on CFN?) it appears that Science is the religion of atheists. I keep arguing that Atheists can not have Science all to themselves - that it should belong to everyone.


I think we've got these big brains, all this mental equipment geared to survival and reproduction (though we don't like to acknowledge that reproduction is the whole evolutionary purpose of a big brain, binocular vision, opposable (why won't this spell checker take "opposable?") thumbs, complete digestive systems, or anything else in humans - though reproduction is readily acknowledged in other species)

Some sort of religion/secular humanism is necessary to keep those big brains occupied - in *many?* people.

Without it - at our present state of evolution - we might devolve into chaos. (That ORGANIZED religion may well kill us all with its Christian/Muslim bruhaha - is another question, altogether.)

One more shot - on mutual self-interest and cooperation leading to general non-violence as a survival strategy-

That evolved over 100,000 years-plus ONLY WITHIN the tribal bands within which we lived.

That system breaks down with mobility, anonymity, and large societies that make these things possible.

Thus - law enforcement needs to become as error free as possible - until human evolution, maybe somehow, manages to catch up with today's and tomorrow's reality.

Maybe, with some luck -
and/or the blessings of God (god?).


What if our human species is the highest evolution that God has managed, so far, in the history of the Universe.

So We are god. Can we believe in Ourselves, at least?

"On an unrelated note - how many of you have seen this group running around the country in motor homes proclaiming, "The World Will End on May 21, 2011!"

What they really meant to proclaim is that on May 22, 2011 people will quit giving them the time of day.

Black Males have the highest levels of testosterone and therefore are the most violent. The crime statistics bear this out. That they haven't had world wars or used atomic weapons is simply lack of organization and technology enough to do so. Black Women have much higher testosterone than White Women and can be quite dangerous in groups.

"Black Males have the highest levels of testosterone and therefore are the most violent."
So, all those estrogen analogs in soybeans, plastics, and baby bottles are not working, eh?

"Black Women have much higher testosterone than White Women and can be quite dangerous in groups."

Vlad, ALL women are dangerous in groups.
Have you not been to a Shopping Mall, lately?

Seriously, though, I'm not sure you can conflate INDIVIDUAL tendency to violence with SOCIETAL tendency to violence.

And always remember, socioeconomic status may make whites appear LESS violent - while blacks appear MORE violent.

Not saying you're always wrong, Vlad.
Certainly not saying you're always right, either.

Just feeling an itch to argue and clarify things.

"Without it - at our present state of evolution - we might devolve into chaos."


"The psychologist Carl Jung, overwhelmed by the ignorance of communist and collectivist movements given birth in his lifetime, often stated that if a man thinks he can abandon history, if he thinks he can exist without the teachings of the past, without connections to that which came before him, without individual relationships to cultural memory, then he is literally diseased. He is insane. Not surprisingly, most collectivists hate Jung. For, through his studies, he exposed the undeniable madness of centralization; a methodology that thrives on amnesia, reaps only catastrophe, and hurtles societies into the abyss.

For a collectivist movement to take hold, it MUST erase root values, not to mention as much of the past as possible from the minds of the masses, and replace it with distraction. Sometimes its war, sometimes its poverty or famine, sometimes it’s another segment of the population that is villainized on the sacrificial alter of “progress”."


Procon said: "And always remember, socioeconomic status may make whites appear LESS violent - while blacks appear MORE violent."


Vlad tries to minimize 3+ million deaths of Blacks between 1900 and 1970 by saying I am upset about my elders being denied going to the bathroom. Try lynching and wholesale expulsion. Try terrorism committed by Whites against Blacks.

And as Procon notes, throughout most of American history, non-whites have had a significantly higher death rate than whites due to socioeconomic status.

As there's no natural reason for whites to live longer than non-whites, the cause for the higher death rate for Blacks must be social, as Procon also notes -- rooted in poverty and manifesting itself in malnutrition, inadequate public health, substandard medical care, homicide, alcoholism, suicide and drug addiction.

The death toll of racism for Blacks in the United States exceeds 3 million, but the evil of racism is really incalculable.

Thanks, Procon, for your support.

"I don't see then how religion is uniquely qualified to provide an ethical basis for non-violent human relations."

How many fingers do I have up?

[ straw man ]

I'm not saying you're always right.
I'm certainly not saying you're always wrong.

I am saying asoka is a sniveling weasel who is creating my agreement with him out of thin air.

"Vlad tries to minimize 3+ million deaths of Blacks between 1900 and 1970 by saying I am upset about my elders being denied going to the bathroom"

3,000,000 deaths, where?
due to what?

and a lot of the lowered life expectancy for african-american blacks is due to their evolution in a arid and food scarce region.

hypertension/hypertensive diseases are somewhat due to retention of salt(S)
diabetes is due to obesity and genetically inappropriate diet for aa's (african-americans)

"And as Procon notes, throughout most of American history, non-whites have had a significantly higher death rate than whites due to socioeconomic status."
-asoka, sniveling-

'As there's no natural reason for whites to live longer than non-whites, the cause for the higher death rate for Blacks must be social, as Procon also notes..."
-asoka, prevaricating-

Nasty, out of context shit, asoka
I said nothing to justify this post.

"Lies are dangerous things."

Procon asks: "3,000,000 deaths, where?
due to what?"


My source is the Statistical History of the United States (1976).

As an example of my methods, consider this: in 1920, the death rate for whites was 12.6/1000, while for non-whites it was 17.7/1000.

Now, if we multiply the non-white death rate by the estimated non-white population of 10,951,000, we find that there were approximately 193,833 deaths among non-whites in 1920.

If they had died at the white death rate, however, there would only have been 137,983 deaths. Therefore, we've got 55,850 excess deaths caused by the socioeconomic handicap of not being white.

Do the calculations for each decade and the excess deaths come to 3.3 million Blacks.

Well, PoC I agree that asswipe isn't 14 years old, but that seems to be the level of his emotional development. As far as him being continually banned it's simply because of the way he talks to people. You can tell a lot from someone by how they treat others. I'm quite sure he's spent his life being put down by everyone in sight, and uses the internet to strike back. The joy of the internet for people like him, is that they get to say whatever they want, and don't have to answer for it. I guarantee you he wouldn't talk to people the way he does if it involved face to face dialog. I guarantee you he's a physical coward, as well as emotionally stunted. As far as him being married & having a family, I suppose there may be a female pissant equivalent, but it's hard to imagine him breeding successfully since all he produces is bile, not sperm. Just thank your lucky stars you didn't have something like him for a parent. His personality ensures that when the long emergency happens, he'll wind up as mulch in someone's garden. Oh well, Hi De Ho, so it goes.

Procon said: "Nasty, out of context shit, asoka
I said nothing to justify this post."


Thanks for addressing me directly, Procon.

I harbor no hard feelings toward you and appreciate your direct response.

Funny that you should post now, Captain, as I was just engaging a so ka, as you posted, concerning
a swi pe, as you have named him.

"The joy of the internet for people like him, is that they get to say whatever they want, and don't have to answer for it. I guarantee you he wouldn't talk to people the way he does if it involved face to face dialog."
-CaptainSpaulding, concerning a swi pe -

Captain, I agree with you - in large part - concerning a swi pe. (aka jimjim/lingling/layaway/lil'jimbo, etc) His language is due to something nasty and unknown - and it does coarsen the dialog here on CFN.

But I do think that "layaway/lil'jimbo?" has his heart in the right place as US citizen. Except he's absorbed so much misinformation from the Fox/Rush/media - that he can't find truth.

Asoka, aka TrollII, however - has fewer excuses. He sees clearly, generally. Yet he poisons the dialog on CFN with consistently indefinite weaselings - and a pernicious floating racism.

Between the two, I'd take jimjim's insults and nasty language -
- over asoka's dissemblings, prevarications, and acknowledged black/brown racial favortism -

although I would not want to live near either of them, I strongly suspect - in the real world.

Perhaps a kind of Pantheism? I don't have all my books anymore but there's a wonder quotation from Albert Schweitzer as he crossed a river in Africa full of all kinds of animals - the Phrase "Reverence for Life" posessed him mind with great joy. I wish I had the actual quotation for you. For him, it was a transforming experience.

You counter attack without denying it - you know that's it True! A classical feminine tactic. Bad women would lie by denying it just to win. You wont tell a lie to win but you still want to win or at least not let me win. You would have to pay thousands of dollars for the kind of self knowledge that I give you for free. I hope you appreciate this.

I have been posting alot - my physical life has been a bit stagnant lately. I have taken vigorous steps to change that and it will change within a few weeks. Meanwhile I enjoy this. For those who don't care for me - why, they can just scroll on by. That's the difference between the printed word and people talking - the latter is much, much more intrusive just because of the way we are built.

Two factors Soak. First, we are different sub species. Just as different breeds of dogs have different average life spans, so do the races of man. The East Asians live longer than Whites, do we cry racism? To whom would we cry and who would care? Least of all the East Asians. We have to learn to ignore you people.

More evidence: Black women have more twins and a higher rate of premature births. This is found at all socio-economic levels. So fie on racism - it's innate. Also a drug that does nothing for White heart patients, works wonders for Black heart patients. Differnt sub species.

The second factor is cultural and socio-economic: Blacks don't take care of themselves very well. Neither the traditional Southern Diet nor the fast food urban diet are good. And the tale grows worse: since Blacks destroy commerce with theft, supermarkets don't want to set up in the ghetto. In some places, Blacks have a hard time getting food apparently.

Poor Whites don't take care of themselves either. Don't know if it's better or worse than Blacks or if it has even been studied. But percentage wise, more Whites take better care of themselves than Blacks by a goodly margin.

Those kinds don't like ladies to talk too much . . . we tend to make too much sense, J, and it annoys the shit out of them :)

You were before and remain, an ass :) Perhaps you and Bustin can get together and work on those mad skills with the ladies :) Certainly can't hurt :)

Perhaps someone can help me out here. I have tried 6 times to post a reply to a comment posted by someone on Monday. Each time it was held for review - which we all know means it will never see the light of day. Luckily I had saved a copy in an email to myself. But on my 6th and final attempt I retyped the entire reply in the comment box rather than copying from my saved email. All in vain.

Each time I made certain edits to make sure there was nothing offensive - no swearing, nothing against any racial group, etc. All to no avail and yet in between these attempts I made 2 other postings unrelated to the post that keeps failing to go through.

Anybody got any ideas what's going on here?

I wish I could be of some help Q, but all I can do now is talk about watermelons.

"Watermelons have been bursting by the score in eastern China after farmers gave them overdoses of growth chemicals in wet weather, creating what state media called fields of "land mines".

All of those with exploding melons apparently were first time users of the growth accelerator forchlorfenuron. It is allowed in the U.S. on kiwi fruit and grapes."

That chemical is allowed in China also, but they seem to be going apeshit in the use of both legal and illegal pesticides and other chemicals.

To be a multi-millionaire socialist all you need to do is first, become a multi-millionaire, and then second, vote for the socialist party in elections. You would then be a multi-millionaire socialist. Socialism is not communism in which everyone is the same and leads a hive-like existence in public housing. Basically, anyone who is willing to pay their fair share of taxes could be considered a good socialist no matter how rich they are. If the Kennedy family can be democrats in spite of their great wealth then so could others of similar means be socialists.

The only times I have a problem posting is when I have a URL that gets rejected, otherwise I can only suggest that you're having an internet connection issue, unless this is the only site that this problem comes up.

Vlad (and to some extent ProCo)

I can't make sense of your minimizing Asoka's historic angst to which bathroom his granddaddy had to use to the whole of which African Americans have been subjugated.
If you honestly want to make points on racial superiority why do you need to deny historic truths on racial inequality. We all know the way Jim Crow laws were used against African Americans and poverty does in fact affect life spans. Access to healthy foods are an issue with hypertension, for instance.

Without going into a lot of issues here, you may not agree with Asoka's statistics, but in essence, he isn't off-base.

Your whole raison d'etre for being on this blog is to argue white supremacy and to substantiate your reasons for bigotry, but you hurt your argument by minimizing historic and institutional bias that does have an impact of life-spans and economic status.

If you can be racist, why are you attacking him for doing the same-- Double Standard?


Interesting post about Carl Jung and collectivism.

I stayed up all night (no big feat, I work 3rd shift at a newspaper. It was my night off) reading "Dupes, How America's Adversaries Have manipulated Progressives for a century", by Paul Kengor, 2011.

KGB files are still open in Moscow and St. Petersburg for inspection and research. Alot of interesting facts, buried for decades, are now seeing the light of day.

It turns out that almost all the leftist movements in the US, dating back to 1918, had been bankrolled by the Comintern in Moscow, funneled thru CPUSA, including Obamas good friends and supporters Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn and the Weather Underground. In the Soviet Union vicious athiest organizations like 'The Committee of the Godless" and 'League of Atheists' also had their own budgets for international work, which they employed in the US thru Columbia University and the U of Chicago.

This is a big book, 600 pages, and there is a lot in here. Columbia University looms large as ground zero for Comintern influence in the US, mostly due to Communist faculty like Corliss Lamont (The Billionaire Bolshevik, Gfather of Ned Lamont), and John Dewey.

Here's some other good stuff.

*It was Ayers and Dohrn who planted the bomb in SF police headquarters that killed a one officer and maimed another. It remains an open case. Just this spring the police union in SF called for their arrest. (Does anybody think that will happen?)

*Henry Wallace attempted in 1948 to get the KGB to bankroll his presidential bid that year.

*Using back channels thru his friends in the KGB Ted Kennedy attempted the same thing in 1980.

Here's the best one, more relevant for us today. Jeff Jones, Weather Underground stalwart, domestic terrorist, Maoist, you name it, at the behest of Harry Ried and Obama, as the head of some organization called the Apollo Alliance, was the chief author of the $800 billion 'stimulus bill' passed shortly after Obama was immaculated in 2008.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Its worse than anybody ever thought. Kengor suggests that there is much, much more in those KGB files to be revealed in the future.

I can't wait.


Oh, I forgot to mention the best of all.

It was Bernadette Dohrn who came up with the Weatherunderground salute of 4 fingers held aloft. It represented the fork stuck in Sharon Tate's pregnant belly when the Manson family came a calling one Aug. nite in 1969.

Here's the quote, "Dig it! First they killed those pigs. Then they ate dinner in the same room with them. Then they shoved a fork into the victims stomach! Wild"

This is the woman who sponsored the Soiree that kicked off Obamas presidential campaign in Chicago in 2006. And she teaches children in a classroom.

It almost beggars belief.


You may have typed in the password using all caps by mistake having depressed your CapsLock key. It took me ages to figure out how to do the URL properly so I was [self] prevented from posting as well. But then later I was blocked by the problem related to caps instead of lower case letters.

Just because someone wrote a book, doesn't make it all factual.
I would just like to add that the Koch Bother's father, Fred, the co-founder of the John Birch society made a fortune working for Stalin on oil infrastructure. Does that mean that the tea party was essentially bankrolled by Stalin?

Maybe McNamara was a KGB agent as well. I guess what I'm saying is that people are capable of coming up with ideas all by themselves without getting "ideas" from the KGB.

" Karmically speaking, you are destined to be born in a White Body next time around. What could be more poetically just? More necessary for your evolution than to wear the body of the Ones who demonize? "

For all of your erudite posturing, you're not all that bright, are you Vlad? I mean come on, if you really believe what you wrote above - or is it just another Krantz "joke"-- surely it is a double-edged sword that cuts both ways, karmic-ally speaking. But I guess the larger concern in your instance might be a return to human form, never mind any talk of the divine or ethnicity. All of your cruel and cutting ethnic pejoratives - surely there is a yard lantern sculpture, spray painted black, just waiting to receive the repackaged spirit of Vlad Krantz in your next go-around.

Oh I know. The sharp, cutting sword that Krantz swings is single-edged. The opposite edge, block-shape dull, clumsy, and stropped to a prefect mirror finish, provides a perfect metaphorical reflection of the one swinging it.

Here's what I said to Vlad:

"Seriously, though, I'm not sure you can conflate INDIVIDUAL tendency to violence with SOCIETAL tendency to violence.
And always remember, socioeconomic status may make whites appear LESS violent - while blacks appear MORE violent.
Not saying you're always wrong, Vlad.
Certainly not saying you're always right, either."

And I was pointing out what is a common logical error in the thinking of racists in general and Vlad in particular - that all negative differences in people(s) are due only to race.

It would have been informative for Vlad and me to argue it out. But we never will, at least this time - because Asoka took those few words of mine, appended his OWN truths, half-truths, and lies -

and ended any possible discussion that might explore new material on CFN - for some of us.

That's why Asoka was christened Resident Impediment on CFN, months ago.
He certainly lived up to the sobriquet at 10:08 last night. There is nothing of value in that post of his - to honest discussion of racial attitudes. It generated heat but not light. It was a complete impediment to honest dialog.

It is interesting how Vlad can openly admit to being a white supremacist (sorry, Vlad - that's the way your most divisive arguments come across) and some of the thread vilifies him automatically and rejects ALL of his ideas.

Asoka hides behind veiled black/brown supremacy - and he gets a pass, and sometimes support, from many posters of this same CFN thread.

Racism is racism - regardless of how it is practiced, or by whom.

Sorry PC,
But I honestly believe that Asoka would not have gone down this road if it weren't for the incessant race-baiting...he fell into a trap and now he can't get out. I know it was his free will to respond, but I guess who you are is an emotional thing...
A. was discussing many subjects other than race, but now he's being tarred and feathered because he made some counter arguments which are fallacious in reaction to the fallacious.
A. should move on....

"Just because someone wrote a book, doesn't make it all factual."

Does it make any of it factual?

Does it even make you wonder?

We are all mesmerized to some degree, so it is incumbent on each of us to "burn our idols". Pointing out the failings of the "others" doesn't cleanse us of our responsibility.

It is like standing in bullshit up to your knees and pointing at someone who is in it up to his waist and some how feeling better about it.

Poor sad Asoka, hey, Lbend?
"race-baiting...he fell into a trap and now he can't get out."
I appreciate your analysis but respectfully disagree, LBend. Asoka IS a racist. Q called him on it weeks ago and Asoka has never once denied it.

And that's OK, in my book. This discussion thread could use an honest black man/woman who argues in favor of black racism and as a counter to white racism.

Instead of that, Asoka parses the words of others to misquote and distort them - and in doing so, impedes what could be informative dialog.

OH well.

Then regarding Vlad:
"Your whole raison d'etre for being on this blog is to argue white supremacy..."
-lbend, to vlad-

Here, I agree - in the main. Vlad and I went round and round over the definitions of white separatism/racism/supremacy/whatever - months ago, on CFN.

Vlad claims to represent American Renaissance which claims to be a white separatist organization. I point out that his rhetoric trends toward white SUPREMACY - and that's where the divisiveness can never end - until the thoughts and rhetoric change.

Oh, well - it's a magnificent day and I'm going to rebuild a chicken coop and plant some more corn, squash, and tomatoes - and then mulch potatoes and peanuts, which are growing like crazy.

Procon hilariously said: "[Asoka] ended any possible discussion that might explore new material on CFN - for some of us."


Yes, my word is law on CFN and don't you forget it!


Discuss whatever you want procon. I promise to only comment sporadically.

"oh well, its a magnificent day and I'm going to rebuild a chicken coop and plant some corn ... " PoC

I envy you, sir. We're on our 5th straight day of rain, with no end in sight. And and at times its a heavy rain. I'm working on a poem. So far all I have is a an opening line -

"I was waiting for Spring
But spring never came ...

El Toro Farm
"la Casa de la Dulce Tomantinos"


Is it possible that Vlad and Asoka are one and the same, posting under different handles, punking us, as they say now?


The super rich love Socialism because it destroys social mobility and insures that they will stay on top forever. Do you really think the Clintons, the Kennedy's, and the Strauss-Kahns are good? I say they use the illusion of goodness to promote their agenda of world conquest. We have to invade the Middle East to give them Democracy (which the Founding Fathers hated) and to build abortion clinics.

"Basically, anyone who is willing to pay their fair share of taxes could be considered a good socialist..."

Perhaps you would wish to share what a "fair share" of taxes would be?

Sure, America was the only country that ever used nukes... - MH

Montsegur it would be interesting to hear your take on this.

In my mind the problem is this: what would have been the alternatives? An invasion of the main Japanese islands? A negotiated peace? An American abandonment of the war effort? Turn tail and go home?

What would have been the likely consequences of the alternatives? Yes, the US has been the only one to use nukes. So?

According to accounts I've heard, the Japanese Army was largely intact on the main Japanese islands in 1945 and was itching for a fight. The Japanese cabinet had two factions, a peace faction and a war faction and the war faction thought that if the US invaded the main Japanese islands the resulting casualties would have been so catastrophic that the US would have come to the negotiating table.

Also, a number of high ranking American officers were opposed to a full invasion because of the likely death toll. I've read that they estimated one million Japanese and American dead from the resultant fighting.

Should the US have turned tail and gone home, let the Japanese rebuild and repair and continue on their rape and murder spree in Asia? They invaded Korea in 1905, Manchuria in 1931 and other countries and inflicted a holocaust. The death toll inflicted by Japan is likely in the tens of millions. My Chinese father-in-law was wounded by Japanese artillery and he still suffers today from the wounds.

Look at Germany post WW1. They re-militarized, invaded Czechoslovakia, absorbed Austria, helped Franco in his war in Spain. Could Japan have gone on a similar path of re-militarization following a negotiated peace?

There is one account that I heard that the reason for the Japanese surrender wasn't so much the dropping of the nukes but rather the Soviet declaration of war on Japan. According to this account what decided Hirohito on surrendering was the prospect of a drunken Red Army rampaging through Japan the way they did in Germany.

It's easy to criticize the course that the US took in dropping the nukes. It's another to walk in the shoes of the people and decision makers of the times. We have the benefit of seeing postwar history but the leaders of the time could only speculate on outcomes. Also, it's interesting to note that it took TWO nukes before Japan surrendered.

Fuzzy think as usual. I don't represent American Renaissance and have never claimed to. I reference them because they discuss timely issues of race. They are not supremacists any more than I am. How can someone be a "Supremacist" who admits Ashkenazis and East Asians are smarter on average than Whites? I've gone over this with you countless times - why don't you get it into your thick head and stop slandering me?

Don't blame me for the fact that Whites are smarter than Blacks - everyone is! You and people like you are the problem - you think by denying something it goes away.

"Kengor suggests that there is much, much more in those KGB files to be revealed in the future."

"History is a catalouge of solutions. However, it is also a catalouge of things not to do. Far too many people just ignore the past and assume there is nothing worthwhile even exploring. This is why history repeats, largely because of the arrogance of mankind in assuming he is better than all those who preceded him."
Martin Armstrong


Hey wise guy - if the races are equal, why are there virtually no Blacks in the special forces? Do you think we should remedy this gross injustice with Affirmative Action - and make the Special Forces common again? That's what we've done to countless charter schools. They open, few Blacks qualify, Blacks complain, the standards are lowered and the school ceases to be anything special.

The Soros crowd:

"Several veteran and prize-winning journalists who covered presidents from John F. Kennedy to George W. Bush say that the current crop of White House correspondents are too timid and deferential and have played a role in killing the impact of presidential news conferences.

"If you watch an Obama news conference, and watched a Bush news conference previous to that, where correspondents sit in their seats with their hands folded on their laps, [it's] as if they are in the room with a monarch and they have to wait to be recognized by the president," says Sid Davis, the former NBC Washington bureau chief who covered nine presidents. "It looks like they are watching a funeral service at [Washington funeral firm] Joseph Gawler's and it shouldn't be that way."

Adds Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Haynes Johnson, "It's all very stale, very structured, very pale."

And longtime NBC and ABC reporter Sander Vanocur: "You want to know what's wrong with the press? The press is what's wrong with the press."

What pathetic fucking losers.

Story here:


A forest is a collection of individual trees; a society is collection of individual people. If most of the individual trees are sick, the forest is sick. If most Blacks are below average intellectually and morally, then their society will be below the White average in terms of accomplishment, income, crime etc.

Your attempt to separate individuals from the group is pure sophistry.


We get it. You don't like "niggers." Now go the fuck away. Forever. Pretty please. (With Aunt Jemima syrup on top.)

Glenn Beck would be so proud of you. Enjoy your all White Tea Party punk.

"Is it possible that Vlad and Asoka are one and the same..."

I'm beginning to wonder if Mr. K is Vlad. Why else would one allow this racist to remain on this site for so long?

'It almost beggars belief'




Ooops. Someone finally calls a spade(hater) a spade(hater) and said spade(hater) throws a snit. Who'd a thunk?

Yeah when are Blacks going to stop talking about it? After decades of the same talk and ever increasing levels of crime and welfare, one is forced to realize that they have nothing else to talk about - they are one trick ponies. Asians came here with the nothing but the shirt on their backs and within one generation they are outperforming Whites.

What is the Black excuse? They have none - Whites have bent over backwards for them for generations. You are an enabler and ought to be ashamed of yourself. Your fake compassion is poison to Blacks and keeps them in their own self forged chains - all to make yourself feel good and so that your liberal class can gain power.

Not only that he missed the fact that Iran (of all lovely nations) is currently funding and erecting missiles in Venezuela.

"What is the Black excuse?"

They have none Vladdy. We get it. They are "niggers" pure and simple. Now go away.

Throw me off the site? So much for the free speech you hypocrites say you believe in. Sure you're not a closet liberal punky?

Its not a matter of free speech. Its a matter of VLADDY saying, "I hate niggers" in a million different ways without ever saying it. Why? Because VLADDY is a coward. VLADDY is going to dance around his racism by trying to use his faulty logic clothed in politically correct language. It is boring, it is silly but most importantly, it is COWARDLY.

Now go away COWARD.

"Throw me off the site?"

And by the way, I did not call for you to be thrown off the site. I'm merely asking you to voluntarily go. Like I would if you were a guest in my home and started spewing your silly bile.

Hey Marlin let me help with the poem. I 've got plenty of time as there is another "green monster" headed my way. Now we have a stinkin' flood watch to boot. I'm glad i'm on high ground!I know it sucks but the juice just ain't flowin' today.

I was waiting for the Spring to come
But spring it never came ...
This past Winter was a bitchin'
but now it always rains.

The garden isn't growin'
but at least it ain't a snowin'
The birds are goin' apeshit
there's plenty food O for them

The earthworms are a drownin'
And that be y I'm frownin'
on My little wiggly frens
My garden she depends

If the water keeps on comin' down
The whole damn months a washout
The fungi, mold are taken over
but That could be a good thing

You are right Buck - a Black Body may be waiting for me next time around. The price will have been well worth it if it helps the White Race survive. Perhaps I'll be one of the few - a high IQ Black, a tormented soul trying to pretend his race is equal just because he is.

Now let's get to the interesting part: you admit one of my edges is sharp and cuts well. You know that what I say is true, you just don't like it. Well Bucky, it's time to tell the Truth and let the chips fall where they may. Otherwise we are going to lose everything. One reason Civil Rights triumphed is because of the politeness of Whites who knew better. Needless to say, their leftist opponents had no such politeness and slandered them to the max. Hilarious when you people talk about politeness.....

Face it: Blacks have failed and failed spectacularly and egregiously. Haiti is a test case - we've helped them for over a century and they always just fall back down. If Chinese had the lush, western half of Hispanola, do you really think any intervention would have been necessary? They would have turned it into an agricultural powerhouse as well as a gambling/beach resort paradise long ago. On a smaller scale, Detroit, New Orldeans, Washington DC are good examples of Black Failure too - but not as good since they are not purely Black.

"Face it: Blacks have failed and failed spectacularly and egregiously"

WE GET IT VLADDY. They are doomed due to their "nigger"-ness. You have been on this site forever saying the SAME FUCKING THING. We know every possible opinion, backwards and forwards on your views, regarding the superiority of whites. You have done your job. Now, GO AWAY.

Now for something completely different.
Anyone hear this?
The woman who Dom raped was living in housing set-up for HIV positive people and their families--
ain't that a kick in the pants. I guess she had a secret weapon...

from Zero Hedge:
[The IMF chief's alleged sex-assault victim lives in a Bronx apartment rented exclusively for adults with HIV or AIDS, The Post has learned. The hotel maid, a West African immigrant, has occupied the fourth-floor High Bridge pad with her 15-year-old daughter since January -- and before that, lived in another Bronx apartment set aside by Harlem Community AIDS United strictly for adults with the virus and their families." Oops.]

RipT, I knew i could count on you!

I'm gonna award you the CFNation Poet Laureate prize, Post 1.

The award is a dozen donuts from that place with the good donuts up in Southwick. And a large coffee. Ozone, you show up too! For a donut.


Vlad, how would you define "race". Is it just skin colour or are there other indicators like height, eye colour, hair colour, skull shape, tooth shape, leg length, arm length. How about biochemical markers like a gene to help fight malaria or a gene to fight tuberculosis.

I ask this because you seem to focus on skin colour. You also talk about Ashkenazi Jews as if they're a "race" even though they've been intermarrying with Europeans for hundreds of years. My old boss is Ashkenazi Jew. He has blonde hair and fair skin.

You talk about subspecies. How far would you subdivide "blacks" given that subsaharan blacks are the most genetically diverse population on the planet? Would you say that a Somali black is the same race as someone from Nigeria? Would you say that Bushmen are a separate race? Would you say that South American Indians are a separate race from North American Indians or Meso American Indians?

Would you divide white people into subspecies or separate races? Is a southern European of a different race than a northern European? Is a Slav of a separate race? What about my family. I have gark hair. I have close cousins that have blonde hair. Are they of a separate race from me?

One of the warrior Saints of Russia had a choice whether to fight the Swedes or to try and liberate the other Russian City States from the Mongols. He fought the Swedes. Why? Because the Swedes would have come in and changed everything -forcing their religion on the Russians. The Mongols were "good" conquerors - as long as you paid you taxes you were left alone. They didn't even want to live with the Russians prefering to live in the tents out on the Steppes with their flocks.

Americans are bad conquerors - victory is never enough, they always want to force Americanism on their victims even though it doesn't even work in America anymore.

Perhaps they should delay his trial as long as possible without his being able to see a doctor? Appropriate justice? Perhaps.


Why are you busting my balls?


Yeah but you haven't gotten it yet. I can't go until you get it. Now smarten up stupid.

"Yeah but you haven't gotten it yet."

Au, contraire. I get it. So does everyone else on this site. You hate "niggers." There is nothing else to "get". You job is finished. You have earned a long rest. Now go away.

Asking you an intelligent question is "busting your balls"? Why don't you just ignore it if you don't have an answer - which is what you usually do. You know my premise is correct, namely that the special forces are almost all White. So I ask you why and do you think we should change it - lower the standards for Blacks, Browns, and Women. The minorities can't handle the intellectual parts and the women couldn't handle the physical demands. Btw, there are guys with spanish names I know - when you see them they have White features typically.

Americans are bad conquerors - victory is never enough, they always want to force Americanism on their victims even though it doesn't even work in America anymore - Vlad

What would you have done if you'd been in Truman's shoes wrt Germany and Japan. Assume Roosevelt dies and there you are, Harry Truman, being sworn in as el presidente. What would you have done differently?

"The minorities can't handle the intellectual parts..."

We know. They are "niggers" Pure and simple. End of story. Every story you share with us has the same exact ending..."niggers." Go for brevity. Just type, "I hate niggers" every few months just in case any newcomers aren't familiar with your beliefs.

"Does he cite sources," Asia

Yeah, the book seems well annotated, about 50 pages in small print of sources.

He says some interesting things about Comintern penetration of Hollywood 1930-1960, updated from New Yorker writer Alan Weinstein's "The Haunted Wood" from about 10 years ago. Many more names, including Writers Guild members with plans to blow up bridges and conduct operations in support of a Chinese or Soviet invasion of the West Coast.

Another interesting point. The Comintern backed the Weather underground. They really thought they could wrest control of the United States. The plan was to divide the US into 4 parts, one each for China, N. Vietnam, Cuba, and Russia. They also planned on Gulags in the S. West States to liquidate 25 million people who couldn't be re educated.

Like he said, we've only scratched the surface. Much more will be revealed in future research.

And don't forget, most of those Venona transcripts have yet to be deciphered.

These weren't nice people.


One great researchers is Cafalli-Sforza. He has gotten a pass from the mad dog leftists because he never mentions race but only "populations". His work is based on genetic markers more than overt physical appearance but get this: his population map is almost exactly the same as any racial map of the human races. Can you tell a book by its cover - yes, often, the caveat being that you have to know books.

Are there complexities and gray areas? Of course. The Somalis are a mixed lot with alot of Negro blood. They themselves hate Negroes and consider them inferior. The Ashkenazis are a mixed lot - yes, but there are genetic markers passed down on the male line that are fairly consistent - as is the high IQ. Some supremacist I make, huh? There are shades of red gradually going pink on one side and purple on the other. Does that mean there is no red? Race is a fuzzy set but a set nonetheless. No clarity is gained by dismissing it - only clarity lost. Medical men certainly need it - there are diseases that are ethne specific as are some drugs. Organs transplants do better within race as well I've heard.

Liberals believe in Darwin as a matter of faith. But let anyone apply Darwin to humans and they are up in arms. The brain is a physical organ and subject to evolutionary pressure just as the other parts of humans. West African Blacks are better sprinters and jumpers, East Asians live longer, and we invent things. Take a deep breath and then let it all out. Then accept the Truth of human variation. Then begin to work out how this variation must play out in Society.

Hernstein and Murray (authors of the Bell Curve) argued for a libertarian society where each individual could find his own place. Quite rationally, they said so what if most Blacks aren't smart, some are and should have the right to go forward. The only problem with this is that humans don't work this way, are not rational enough to make this work. Smart Blacks identify with their race and want it to triumph. To take this stance as so many Whites have done is tantamount to unilateral disarmament. They will triumph over us at this rate - with the full consent and pleasure of the Masonic/Zionist Elite. Jared Taylor of Amren is wiser and advises a separation of the races.


Some people want you kicked off of here.

Not me!

Go ahead and make your points.

Say what the hell you want, that's my motto!

-Marlin, (son of Voltaire)

"They themselves hate Negroes and consider them inferior."

So, you must really love them.

Vlad said: "Hey wise guy - if the races are equal, why are there virtually no Blacks in the special forces?"


13 percent of the Pentagon' s highly trained special-operations forces are racial minorities.

Of the 8,775 Army, Navy and Air Force commandos, 1,180 are classified as minorities.

What would I do if I ate nothing but McDonald's cheesebugers and pizza with extra cheese for decades and then faced a triple bypass? Not have the dangerous surgery? No the anwer is to not eat that way and not get into that situation to begin with.

If the Anglo/American Elite hadn't hated Germany and Russia, there would have been no WW1. If we had dealt fairly with them even after that, there would have been no Hitler. But they already had designs on the World Domination even then. H.G Wells called it "the open conspiracy". And Russia and Germany stood in the way and had to be destroyed. And they were.

I can't accept your question since I don't agree with your premises. To accept your opponents premises when you really don't is pointless. Only people who share premises can really debate. Other people can only fight. And they do. The whole Russian thing didn't work out the way they hoped. Again Russia stands in their way - as does China. Orwell was right as usual: it's now Oceania (US and NATO), Eurasia (Russia and her sphere) and East Asia (China).

"Jared Taylor of Amren is wiser and advises a separation of the races."

Great idea. You and Jared should invest in an island. I'm certain he's a swell guy and the two of you would be quite happy.

My apologies Marlin, Id been ignoring yr posts
this last year or 2 [assuming you were a lib]..
I doubt ill get the book...having read 'Bircher' etc..
What about the last 25 years? [Ussr collapse]
Has Soros been 'Running the Show'?
Does the book go into 'foreign aid' and 'the UN'?

"What would I do if I ate nothing but McDonald's cheesebugers and pizza with extra cheese for decades and then faced a triple bypass?"

I don't know. What would you do if you just hung out here all day and talked about the inferiority of "niggers"? Instead of clogged arteries you end up with clogged brain cells. Clogged with racist sentiments.

This is hysterical but in keeping with yr persona..
Mr[or Ms.]'Banned 'calling for someone elses ban'.
You really are a fuktard.

Thank you Voltaire. What else did you say? The last King should be strangled with the entrails of the last Pope? Something like that!

Just joshing - I do appreciate your kind word and the denunciation of the weather monsters. Communists LOVE the French Revolution and consider them their spiritual forebears.

Exploding watermelons not recommended

The flying pips, shattered shells and wet shrapnel still haunt farmer Liu Mingsuo after an effort to chemically boost his fruit crop went spectacularly wrong.

Fields of watermelons exploded when he and other agricultural workers in eastern China mistakenly applied forchlorfenuron, a growth accelerator. The incident has become a focus of a Chinese media drive to expose the lax farming practices, shortcuts and excessive use of fertiliser behind a rash of food safety scandals.

from http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/may/17/exploding-watermelons-chinese-farming


Hmm, trying to hurry Mother Nature may not be the best of ideas.


Have you ever read Whitaker Chamber's "Witness" - supposedly thee Great American Anti-Communist book. I haven't gotten to it yet. One reviewer said that Chambers, a timid and deeply flawed man, attained a meaure of greatness by following his conscience and spilling the beans.

Vlad: If the Anglo/American Elite hadn't hated Germany and Russia, there would have been no WW1. If we had dealt fairly with them even after that, there would have been no Hitler. But they already had designs on the World Domination even then. H.G Wells called it "the open conspiracy". And Russia and Germany stood in the way and had to be destroyed. And they were.

Vlad, the problem with conspiracy theories is that they assume too much that only one party to issues or conflicts had a meaningful role.

The Germans made many mistakes from 1870 forward that ensured they were a very disliked great power in Europe. While the idea that Great Britain manipulated the rest of Europe into cutting the Germans down to size has some validity, it is a faulty reading of history to assume that the Germans (or Russians) had no role in their respective national destinies. Both powers did a lot of grave-digging for themselves. Not that either power has exactly fallen into those graves.

The last time I looked, Russia isn't doing that poorly. They, like the U.S., have social issues to address. But they also have a wealth of natural resources and a natural toughness that will allow them to weather many disadvantageous circumstances.

Ditto with Germany. Divorced from Prussian military ambition, the Germans have excelled at what they always excelled at: trade.

I think you and I could debate history endlessly, but I honestly hold back on my replies to your assertions about history because I believe the discussions in this forum should be more about the emerging LE and how people may/should react to it.



Jews do well because Jewish culture values learning and knowledge. It has very little to do with genetics.

You really need to move away from your eugenics nonsense. And it is nonsense. Just look at all the different peoples throughout history who thought themselves great and superior to others. Where are they now? They all but disappeared.

What isn't nonsense is the political agenda behind it all. But that political agenda is easy enough to figure out. It's an agenda of divide & conquer, perpetual war, elitist privilege, totalitarian imperialism and theft. If you think you or anyone else is safe in such a system, you better think again, because history has always proved you wrong.


"calling for someone elses ban"

I have not called for someone else to be banned. I just asked Vlad "I hate niggers" to go away. Now why don't you shut up and get your facts straight, 'kay?

RE: Chinese Farming.

You bet your sweet ass. Let the buyer beware.


RE: Marlin, go dry out, you're getting hypothermia.

"It was Bernadette Dohrn who came up with the Weatherunderground salute of 4 fingers held aloft."

Really? Says who?

Here's the quote, "Dig it! First they killed those pigs. Then they ate dinner in the same room with them. Then they shoved a fork into the victims stomach! Wild""

What utter bullshit.

I for one am impressed by the WU. What cowards much of the country was in the 1960s-1970s.


RE: the Mississippi

The same arguments about New Orleans (unsustainable due to flood plain) can be applied for much of the river. I suppose Orlovian analysis will conclude that these places will never be rebuilt. Kunstlerian principles dictate that federal money will now be spent to sustain unsustainable levees.

I think its fair to say that the main purpose of the federal government (sans EPA) and big business (the building, finance, and insurance sectors) is to deny reality at the expense of reason. The policy to control the Mississippi is a military-industrial complex if there ever was one.


Vlad: "Hey wise guy - if the races are equal, why are there virtually no Blacks in the special forces? "

Probably for the same reason there are no blacks in the KKK?

Memh0le says "Canadians also seem very environmentally conscious."

Just like Americans... according to polls. *bullshit*

"All the tailings and even dirty snow is carted out from the sites back to dump sites. I don't know about the tar sands or shale oil though. That seems pretty nasty, environmentally speaking, both on the landscape and water supply."

Hence the charge of *bullshit*.

Canadians are just like Americans. Americans poll as environmentally conscious. Americans also don't have a f*cking clue what horrendous shit is happening at a f*cking massive scale across the land, let alone over the f*cking hill from where they live.

Today's headline:

Study: 80 Percent of Baby Products Are Toxic



North America, where is your f*cking mind?

I think back to the concerted campaign to smear consumer advocates like Ralph Nader. The phenomenon of a general public influenced to vote against their own interests is nothing new.

As Karl Marx pointed out over a hundred years ago, capitalism is predatory: Corporations have vastly greater power than the electorate can imagine. Today, most are their prisoners.

And what are we, lone dissidents, free thinkers, ecologists, etc.? Prisoners of prisoners.

Even if Vlad's society coagulated into a mass of whites, it would still be a confederacy of dunces.

I feel ever more like Edward Abbey, who was prescient back in the day, with his utter disgust with humanity. We don't deserve this planet.

Someone has to take the poison spoon out of the idiot child America's mouth.


Enjoy with fruit, may cause birth defects.

I would argue this: that "race" is too fuzzy a set to be of any real value. There's too much in the way of variation within these "racial" groups, especially within subsaharan peoples, to make such a classification of any practical worth. I think there's also been too much racial mixing over the ages to make any clear cut classifications.

IMO that is as I'm not a scientist. I'm parroting what I've read but I have to say that it seems logical to me. And it squares with the evidence of my own eyes. I think you're stuck with skin colour as your main delineator and that's just not good enough. It's too broad a blanket and is by itself significant only in telling an observer where a person's ancestors came from.

What you say about evolutionary pressure is true to some extent. If it wasn't true we wouldn't have people with white skins, black skins ie skin tones evolved to cope with different degrees of solar radiation. You also wouldn't have people with the sickle cell gene and other genes that seem to arise in environments with specific types of disease. Eskimos (Inuit) wouldn't have stout bodies designed to cope with extreme cold. Many other examples.

What you argue about tribalism is also true enough. We tend to stick with people that look, sound and smell like us. So we have a built in problem on this continent with groups of people whose outward appearance is different from one another. So as oil and other resources peter out and we have re-localization will we have also re-tribalization?

You claim that certain of these "races" are superior to others in intellectual capacity. Yet how can you winnow out the many factors affecting a construct such as "intelligence"? People in Africa live in radically different physical environments than Europeans. How do you control for such a factor? You would argue that the state of their societies and technology comes from their innate intelligence. I would argue otherwise. I think it was Procon that said a White European soldier posted in Subsharan west Africa had a life expectancy measured in months in such an environment. Black Africans live life spans measured in decades in such places.

North American Blacks and Indians live radically different social and economic circumstances than their Caucasian fellow citizens. As you would note, their poverty and rates of incarceration are much worse than white people. You would argue that this is the result of their inferior intellect as determined by their race. But I don't think you can dismiss the effects of centuries of slavery and oppression. They've been brutalized. Their societies are really fucked up? Would you expect otherwise after what they've been through?

I wouldn't be too secure in your assessments of people based on their outward appearance. Like I said in other posts Europeans managed to build a crude edifice like Stonehenge while their non white counterparts in other places were building cities, pyramids and temple complexes and developing writing, mathematics and astronomy. Ancient Europe appeared to be mired in backwardness compared to non Europeans. I'll bet that non white travellers and traders in Europe looking at the circumstances of Europeans compared to their home societies would have written Europeans off as hopelessly inferior. Much the same as you're writing off Blacks. But, as we've seen, times change.

Again, I have to say that this business about racial inferiority and superiority does not square with my own observations. You would say that I worked with la creme de la creme. I would say that as I moved up the food chain I worked with a wide variety of people of varying races and widely varying circumstances. Some brilliant, but most average. Like I said in other posts I worked with black guys in accounting that walk on water. They were as good as it gets in this profession. And I've seen the not so brilliant.

I think you over generalize based on this idea of "race". I just think you are mistaken. It's human and natural to stick to what you see as your own. But because of historical circumstances we have on this continent people that look different from us. You'll have to live with it because there's no other way forward.

So should we invade them too - or just Iran as the Zionists want?

Oooops. You fell off the "nigger" rant. So, you now wish to rant about the JEWS. Be my guest VLADDY.

Jared Diamond (a saint on this site) is a Jew who doesn't believe in race but does believe in the genetic Jewish People. Bit of contradiction... Just trying to underline how unusual your viewpoint is among Jews. IQ is at least 60% genetic. This is a known fact among researchers. Thus Eugenics is a prime directive for any Culture that wants to maintian a standard.

But I'm happy with you. Some Jews have fallen for the propaganda that was meant just for us. Your desire for Black girls is a hilarous backfiring of the plan.

Answer the question you Glenn Beckoid loser.



The list grows. To be continued.

Hey I know that the White Average IQ is 100 - and most people at that level are pretty dull conversationalists. But what you fail to grasp is the huge difference in ability between 100 and 85 - the Black American average. 100 can be a brick in the industrial wall, 85 cannot be. And morality correlates rather well with IQ so we could also say that 85 Will not be.

Whites need an Elite to guide them, sure. But at least there's a chance that they CAN be lead. Blacks CANNOT be lead in the same way, certainly not by an Intellectual Elite. They want tribal macho men like Mugabe or Marion Bradley. White Americans are peculiarly ill adapted to accepting hierarchy though. And amazingly, you seem to share this prejudice even though you want a Scientific Elite to rule. Democratic election of eggheads? Not here anytime soon. Ike will always beat Adlai Stephenson.

Made 7th attempt to send the reply to Bustin.


Typed this post and I bet it goes through.

Let's see (click Submit)

Do you agree with Abbey that the Mexican Illegals must be stopped in order to save the environment? This was and is scandalous amongst the Liberal Chuchmen of Enivonmentalism. Abbeys cannonization has been derailed because of it.


So Mr. "Spell Check" is being checked? How ironic.

That would be Mrs. Murpheys, I really try to avoid those sinkers, but the coffee I can do.

I read a book by William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) who defected to Germany from England. He like all Fascists, predicted that the Capitalists would use Third World Labor to ruin the West. It has happened. And he talked about how African mercenaries had been used during WW1 and as an occupying force in the Sudentland. But even he and they had no inkling that the Capitalists would throw open the gates to the Third World and turn their own People into minorities. I mean that just goes beyond anything in previous experience. Countless British Veterans of WW2 are on record saying that they would not have fought if they had known what the Elite had planned. Their disgust is total as is mine and as is every other decent person. And if you aren't, then you have some serious soul searching to do.

It's a conspiracy. Look outside and you'll see cardinals and orioles chirping in glee at your discomfiture.




It's the law of karma, but Qshtik is not interested in any of that "Buddhist" mumbo jumbo, even when he is its victim.



You really like saying the N word, don't ya fan boy? You're projecting your own racism onto me in order to simultaneously get off on it and to condemn me - very clever Beck Jr.

Own it - it's your's! Actually not but since you refuse to be an individual and insist on identifying with your race...

I admire Clarence Thomas and Alan Keyes among others. Some great Black Men appreciate America and can make a go of it here. You could too. But you prefer Thurgood Marshall and his "now it's our turn" mentality. It's his kind that make peacefull coexistence impossible.

Asoka, You are wrong.

'Karma' is from Sanscrit for action [reaction].\

"law of karma,Buddhist" mumbo jumbo, even when he is its victim."

what is this yr postong about 'glenn beck oids?'

From last week's Sunday paper:


Last month, J. Crew unleashed a furor when a promotion depicted its creative director, Jenna Lyons, painting her 5 year old son Beckett's toenails with pink nail polish.

"Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink", the caption read.

Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist, didn't approve.
"It may be fun and games now, Jenna, but at least put some money aside for psychotherapy for the kid", he wrote.

Ablow quickly found support. ONE MILLION MOMS, an offshoot of the American Family Association, urged followers to write protest letters to J.Crew.

Just as quickly, there was a backlash from people who liked Beckett's pink toenails. Hundreds of people accepted a Facebook invitation to join "Pink Toenail Polish Day".

Again, Dr. Ablow: "It will be a very big deal if it turns out that neither gender is very comfortable anymore nurturing children above all else, and neither gender is motivated to protect the nation by marching into combat against other men and risking their lives."

"Maybe we'll all have shiny, colored lips, though, and pierced ears and perfect eyebrows."

Amen, brother, Amen.

"You're projecting your own racism onto me.."

Sure I am. And of course you can back that up by directing one and all to all of the racist remarks that I have made? I thought not.

Now, should I someday wish to compile an entire cyclopedia of your racist nonsense would that be difficult? Not really. I could take one day's postings of yours (like today for example) and have a very telling beginning to my compendium.

Once again, we get it. YOU hate "niggers." Good for you. There will be a price to pay for your falsely held beliefs. In the mean time, could you just stop hanging around here? Go find a little group where they dress up in brown shirts and shorts and do little marches and have at it. They might even give you a little whistle and a riding crop. Just leave here.

And what about you? Did not Buddha say in the Dhammapada that "Hatred does not end by hatred at any time".

Does Soros now factor in?
And were you aware of the real story of the UN/Hiss?

Vlad: And if you aren't, then you have some serious soul searching to do.

Vlad, like I said, too much discussion about history is off topic here. No doubt you're aware I could react to your comments about Lord Haw Haw -- but why? I won't change your outlook and you won't alter mine. And for a lot who read this blog, there question may be "who the heck was Lord Haw Haw"?

I'd like to point out, though, that you make too many assumptions about who the other people are who comment in this forum and what they may or may not believe. These assumptions weaken the points you wish to make and distract from your message.

You have a theme. Whether I or the others agree with it or not is largely unimportant. It is yours to have, at least up until the point adherents of it wish to curb whatever freedoms I may still enjoy.

I know what my ancestors were in the fight for, and in large part, it was about allowing average people the freedom to not have foreign soldiers dominating their daily lives.

Other systems were not so tolerant, and frankly, I'm glad they've disappeared into the records of history. We (humanity) didn't lose much by that happening other than the worship of some 19th and 20th century false idols.

But don't assume I don't realize that there isn't a lot wrong with the world today. My take on it and my approach to it is different than yours -- and whose approach was correct will be a matter for history written in the future to decide, if anyone is left to write said history.


Odd that both you [presumably] have been banned...you perhaps 30x.
Now after JS/VK posting his words here you go after him, after all this time..
weird..why now?
you off yr meds?

"Now after JS/VK posting his words here you go after him, after all this time.."

I guess the insect's high pitched shriek finally got to me. Its the same shit, over and over and over. I hate "X" and here is why. Enough already.

"I was waiting for Spring
But spring never came ..."

I waiting for summer
But summer never came

I was waiting for winter
And boy! did winter come

Have you seen the pix of....Miss Beard?

KOMO News reports that Lakeysha Beard says she felt "disrespected" by the incident, though passengers said it was Beard ...............etc

asia, Qshtik CREATED the spell check mania and is now a victim of it.

Karma, poetic justice, coincidence, whatever...

Vlad, I have no hatred in my heart. Not even for racists.

My heart cannot be controlled by others.

It only knows love, and my heart smiles, and I laugh.

The People of the West fought so they could be enslaved and/or replaced by other races. The process is well begun. Who would have fought if they had known what their "Leaders' had in mind? You deal in appearances and media sound bytes. I deal in what I see is actually going on.

Turkel isn't around and he needs someone to fight with. The Pissant has needs you see.


May 17, 2011

The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent events in Libya and the announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden, and have therefore raised their security level from “Miffed” to “Peeved.” Soon though, security levels may be raised yet again to “Irritated” or even “A Bit Cross.” The English have not been “A Bit Cross” since the blitz in 1940 when tea supplies nearly ran out. Terrorists have been re-categorized from “Tiresome” to “A Bloody Nuisance.” The last time the British issued a “Bloody Nuisance” warning level was in 1588, when threatened by the Spanish Armada.

The Scots have raised their threat level from “Pissed Off” to “Let’s get the Bastards.” They don’t have any other levels. This is the reason they have been used on the front line of the British army for the last 300 years.

The French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from “Run” to “Hide.” The only two higher levels in France are “Collaborate” and “Surrender.” The rise was precipitated by a recent fire that destroyed France ‘s white flag factory, effectively paralyzing the country’s military capability.

Italy has increased the alert level from “Shout Loudly and Excitedly” to “Elaborate Military Posturing.” Two more levels remain: “Ineffective Combat Operations” and “Change Sides.”

The Germans have increased their alert state from “Disdainful Arrogance” to “Dress in Uniform and Sing Marching Songs.” They also have two higher levels: “Invade a Neighbor” and “Lose.”

Belgians, on the other hand, are all on holiday as usual; the only threat they are worried about is NATO pulling out of Brussels .

The Spanish are all excited to see their new submarines ready to deploy. These beautifully designed subs have glass bottoms so the new Spanish navy can get a really good look at the old Spanish navy.

Australia , meanwhile, has raised its security level from “No worries” to “She’ll be alright, Mate.” Two more escalation levels remain: “Crikey! I think we’ll need to cancel the barbie this weekend!” and “The barbie is canceled.” So far no situation has ever warranted use of the final escalation level.

– John Cleese – British writer (of Monty Python fame), actor and tall person

Many thanks for the hilarious post, Asoka. I'll be sending this one to friends.

Good on ya, mate!

There really is no "fair" rate of taxation so there should probably be a flat rate for everyone since it is money that is being taxed and not the actual person in question. That of course would then be a regressive tax, but at least it would prevent rich people from paying no income taxes at all.

Soak, thanks for the John Cleese...

I chipped up a pickup truck bed full of pine cones today that a landscaping client wanted removed. I think the chips will make excellent blueberry food! Can you believe they actually give me paper money too? Silly people, just giving away their fertility. If they only knew that it will be our only currency in a couple of decades, tops, I'm sure they wouldn't pay me quite so well.

Off to stash the booty.

Let’s send these European immigrants back where they came from!

I don’t care if they are Polish, Irish, English, Italian, or Norwegian!

European immigrants are responsible for the most violent and heinous crimes in the history of the world, including genocide and slavery!

Its time to restore the sovereignty of people native to this land!

I want more workplace raids, starting with the big banks downtown.

-- Robert Erikson

JHK sez:
"The great rattling fear that lives within European business minds is that the whole bloody system is flat broke and any interruption to the daisy-chain of revolving obligations will reveal the awful naked truth - perhaps like seeing DSK fly out of the hotel bathroom with his florid organ aloft and a wicked gleam in his eyes."

Yes, indeedee!
Another shaken-baby-syndrome indicator of the gearing up of TLE: flat-broke-en-ness of financial entities [that pretty much represent TPTB worldy-wide, peeps great and small].

All else (of supposed import) is distraction, and garbage intended to lead to distraction and (hopefully) lowest-common-denominator entertainment!

JHK's theater of gritty, grinding, grunting, and grudging reality is far and away the superior entertainment, as some here attempt to point out. Others' sense of important and germane topicals are being ground and trampled beneath the terrible and inexorable music of the physical limits of Nature (and thus, our Universe, to which we are ever subservient and of "the lesser" and perhaps the most fragile). Pray hard, you pray-ers; your god of hubristic conceit brings only a giggling extinction...

Ohhhhh... dooooooghnuts from Mrs. Murphy's.
Goodness, gracious, RT; sometimes ya just gotta have a "sinker"! (Well, mebbe not TOO often.)
Them thangs is regionally famous.

(In reply to VK):
"I think you and I could debate history endlessly, but I honestly hold back on my replies to your assertions about history because I believe the discussions in this forum should be more about the emerging LE and how people may/should react to it."

To see the entire blog be dominated by a few focus-shifters is kinda sad.

...(speaking of mis-allocation of resources).

"I think its fair to say that the main purpose of the federal government (sans EPA) and big business (the building, finance, and insurance sectors) is to deny reality at the expense of reason. The policy to control the Mississippi is a military-industrial complex if there ever was one." -Bustin

I don't think you're attempting to be humorous here, but since donning the angel-of-death costume once again, I'm finding the laughter coming easier.

BTW, Marlin,
Yes, I did write that stuff... 'cause no one else would deign to do it FOR me! (See? It was under duress, ossifer, I swears it weren't my fault!)

Perfect timing. After all that talk about your concert last week I remembered that you sent me a CD last fall that I hadn't listened to since I got my CDR fixed. Listening to it now. Awesome stuff, bro. I think there's a little They Might Be Giants (perhaps a smidge of Jimmy Buffet?) in there too to go with the Tom Waits and Cat Stevens.

Thanks again!

Glad you're enjoying it; that's what it's fer, I guess. ;o)
Concert? Mmm, more like, "A guy walks into a bar with a P.A. and a gee-tar"... madness ensues.

European immigrants are responsible for the most violent and heinous crimes in the history of the world, including genocide and slavery!

Might makes Right!

For many nuances on this phrase see this link:


Asoka said:

Its time to restore the sovereignty of people native to this land!

Wrong again, Asoka Numbnuts, they aren't native to this land. They were immigrants also, just moved here before most of us. Try Googling "Bering Land Bridge" if you like some education to go with your opinions.

They might get bonus points for moving here first, but they didn't even call "Dibs."

All else (of supposed import) is distraction, and garbage intended to lead to distraction and (hopefully) lowest-common-denominator entertainment!

JHK's theater of gritty, grinding, grunting, and grudging reality is far and away the superior entertainment, as some here attempt to point out.

I disagree. Talking week after week, for decades now, about TLE is also distraction.

Don't you ever wonder about all the metaphors JHK has created and why they have not described reality?

For example, the metaphor of Wiley Coyote running off the cliff and still running in thin air, not realizing there was nothing below him but air, nothing to stop his fall, nothing to stop his eventual destruction.

JHK intended that as descriptive of our economic situation six or seven or eight years ago, or go back to Y2K, if you like (JHK was wrong about that, too).

It's always the same message: The bottom is about to fall out, the house of cards is going to collapse, the whole system is unsustainable. That's been the message since the 1970s Club of Rome report.

Except it isn't accurate. The system sustained itself. There was no massive collapse.

JHK continues to deny there is any economic recovery. In a way he is right because I continue to hear news reports of positive indicators and references to the recession of 2008-2010 in the PAST TENSE.

The recession is over, get over it, move on, nothing to see here except positive news ... the long nightmare that was George W. Bush is over ... and the system JHK writes about week after week refuses to crash.

The weekly rants saying it is about to crash, and plunge the entire world into darkness and chaos, apparently have no relationship to economic reality.

If you are honest with yourself, if you have any relationship with your community or your family, you don't believe it either. Budgets are planned out for the next biennium, grandchildren get raised and go off to school... and live goes on.

Life goes on, apparently to the dismay of some who long for the chaos of social disintegration, which just ain't gonna happen.

I've been watching for pitchforks since the 60s. The closest I ever saw was Bernadine Dohrn and she is skewered here on CFN as evil, while the greater violence she opposed, the state terrorism she was opposing, state terrorism which killed millions in Southeast Asia, is mostly not spoken of at all.

(To be clear, Bustin, I'm not laughing "derisively" at your dead-on-target assessments, I'm laughing in the teeth of the booming gale. It's a bitter laughter, but it makes me feel better. "The best laid plans of mice and men do so often go astray.")

I chipped up a pickup truck bed full of pine cones today

With a GAS powered chipper?

Someone barked; begging me to be "honest" with myself (or some such). Meh? Back-at-who...

(I certainly am entertained by those that believe that "just wishing hard enough" can change the way the wind blows in a shit-storm.)

They might get bonus points for moving here first, but they didn't even call "Dibs."


That is what makes them superior to the Europeans.

I certainly am entertained by those that believe that "just wishing hard enough" can change the way the wind blows in a shit-storm.


Meh. This whole blog is entertainment. Especially those wishing so hard that things will deteriorate, week after week, year after year...

True believers in TLE.

... and live goes on.


aaaaaaaaah hahaha (picture Q cackling like an insane person)

Hmmmm, I stopped "believing" in things a while ago; I switched to observation; it's a fine and refreshing departure from dogma and propaganda...
---dissolving into the ether now---

I switched to observation; it's a fine and refreshing departure from dogma and propaganda...


So you are an empiricist?

You actually believe what your senses are reporting is undistorted "reality"?


My viewpoint is not unusual in the least. Just look at all the colors and ethnic types represented in the Jewish people. The facts speak for themselves. The Jewish people are the most diverse peoples on the face of this planet.

Unfortunately, your comprehension of genetics is such that you don't understand the very basics. And the VERY BASICS are very simple. Diversity is a good thing. Diversity of the gene pool is what helps species survive. It is when the gene pool is depleted of diversity, that vulnerability to disease, decrepitude, and extinction sets in. And this principle is universal. It applies to culture, politics, economics, science, etc., as much as it applies to nature.

You got it. It's called "appropriate technology". Use the energy we have now to build systems that can be maintained by human power in perpetuity. Once established, those blueberries will be practically indestructible in our climate. I.E. I'll never have to use gasoline to feed them again.

A rock hits a window, and then the window breaks. You don't see a third thing called causation, do you Ozone? But you probably believe it has happened.

You believe the rock hitting the window caused it to break. But your belief is not experienced like the flight of the rock or the shattering of the glass.

Experience does not seem to force the concept of causation on us. You just use it to interpret what you experience.

Cause and effect are categories that could never be read out of our experience and must therefore be brought to that experience by our prior mental disposition to attribute such a connection. This is the rationalist perspective.

Are you an empiricist or a rationalist, Ozone?

How many times on this blog have you read something like: "those jobs are gone and they are never coming back" or sentiments to that effect?

You never hear the pessimists (who falsely claim to be realists) say: "those jobs are gone, but some of them will be back soon."

Well, all over the USA the jobs, some of them, are coming back. Like these in Virginia:

International Paper Co., which shut down its Franklin plant in 2009, will reopen part of it next year and hire 213 workers.

When the plant closed, taking with it about 1,000 jobs, tiny Franklin was decimated. The foul-smelling pulp mill had been a linchpin of the rural Tidewater economy for years.

Memphis-based International will invest $83 million to install new equipment to make fluff pulp, which is a wood product used in baby diaper and wipes.

If you are observing closely, you will see an economic recovery, and an improved employment situation in all 50 states of the USA.

Lord Haw Haw was a radio big mouth broadcasting fascist propaganda,to Allied troops,in my opinion he has a lot in common with today's radio blow hards, like Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, etcetera, they spend most of their time telling listeners how wonderful the wealthy are, cheer leading for wars and the police state in general. Every half assed bit of phony patriotism they can find they use, and most of it against ordinary people, and pretend to be conservative.

Did you forget to mention that Lord Haw Haw was hanged by the British after the war for being a traitor?

I am so pissed. I just lost a lengthy post by accidentally clicking on a wrong icon ... and poof my post was gone and I haven't the patience to recreate it.

It was me agreeing to Bubble's support of a flat tax but fleshing out that idea in much more detail and far more radically. The myriad socialists on this blog would have gone ape shit. Ah well, some other day.

It only knows love, and my heart smiles, and I laugh.

The same patent lie we have seen from Asoka so many times. (What was that rule number of Safire's ... I forget ... was it #4?)

Your heart smiles and you laugh, not out of love but out of hatred for the likes of Vlad. You know full well that the post I am referencing and numerous other of your posts are intended to piss off and infuriate the reader and to do it in the guise of (self) righteousness. Your life is dedicated in a sick way to delivering a comeuppance to whitey. As smart as you are you don't recognize how easily and how clearly many of us see this.

And again I ask ... wus up wit da hats all askew?

Q, you'll love this photo of a tattoo, which is actually worse than the headline promises. It actually ends with "live is to short."


The website is connected with the immensely funny People of Walmart website.

I forget ... was it #4?)


Yes, Q, it was #4 ... and you are coming dangerously close to violating it.

"live is to short."

In my experience the kinds of people who like decorating their bodies in this way wouldn't be the least bit put out by a spelling fuck-up. The error would have to be pointed out to them and then they would use it as their conversation starter at the bar for the rest of their lives.

I'm guessing the percentage of professional lexicographers worldwide who have tattoos is minute. Sorry if I sound a bit snobbish.

"As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial"

I have a variation on that one--"While the world burns, Farmville thrives."

And again I ask ... wus up wit da hats all askew?

The fact that I have pointedly asked you this question in 3 separate posts and you have avoided addressing it tells me there is some hope for you .... that there are some things in black culture that are embarrassing even to you, like the hat thing and the pants falling off the ass.

If you ever do decide to address it, I'm curious about the underlying psychology that would make ANYONE think this is cool.

Vlad: You deal in appearances and media sound bytes.

No. Your assumption is distorting your assessment of me.


You actually believe what your senses are reporting is undistorted "reality"?

An empiricist knows ( and this IS the heart of his belief) that reality IS distorted by his senses.
Everything is "subjective", it depends from the one who sees or thinks or "experience".
An Idealist thinks reality is "objective".

Anyway, when a stone hits my window I do not have to enquire who it is: it certainly is that idiot of my neighbor...


Yes, a more correct reading.

Evil is what we do, not what we suffer.

It might be wise to use a program like Simple text to write your comments first, then copy and paste your text into the blog. I'm often too lay to do this myself and I'm always sorry afterward when I catch a typo---you can't take it back once you hit "submit".
The idea of a flat tax is regressive and does not help pay for this endless war military-security complex by a long-shot. That's why we are in such debt to China. How long do you think they want to bolster us up with treasury bills when they note that they are paying for the tax-cut to the rich?

You don't have to be anything near a socialist to support a progressive tax system, especially in lieu of the great disparity and balkanization in an economy where the top earner own 40% of our wealth! Doesn't that concern you. You don;t have a democracy in those conditions. Only a strong middle class with real representation in government enjoys freedom.

Because we aren't collecting enough revenue, our politicians see fit to sell public property to foreign sovereign wealth funds--Abu Dhabi business men now own 70% of Chicago's parking meters and can charge what they want for profit..

We had from the late 40's until the Reagan era when we went from the biggest creditor nation to the biggest debtor nation. I believe Reagan had to raise the tax something like 9 times in order to balance the budget.

We once had a great economy, now with unregulated free trade we have giant monopolies who hate competition and have all branches of the government under their thumb. So how is this capitalism? There is a point where basic common sense should tell you that tax cuts for the wealthy is one of the working parts of system failure.

You should be able to figure that taxing Warren Buffet at the same rate as his secretary is absurd. (right now he points out that he pays almost half her rate.)

So I ask you, do you really think this is a socialist stance I'm taking---Really?
How about this, Q.: Either extreme is bad. Communism is not a workable system and neither is globalized Corporate Communism and debt peonage for the masses. I'll stand for that anytime!

Q. consider my typos as a gift...
got too excited to check oops.

"It applies to culture, politics, economics, science, etc., as much as it applies to nature."

How can it apply, "as much", to culture, politics, economics and science when these must involve some degree of agreement or at least similitude to be viable or consistent? Diversity in nature involves life and death.

The fact that I have pointedly asked you this question in 3 separate posts and you have avoided addressing it...


It should simply tell you I never forgot rule #4

man , this is sweet, more rain today. I think the sun has gone white dwarf on us. I can't tell because i have not seen it in a few weeks. Or maybe it is a black dwarf. musn't be politacally incorrect on the CFN.

Someone thought I was "conversing", or "having an exchange" with them? I wouldn't think so (based on present easily-divined evidence). There's [more than] plenty enough blather and back 'n' forth to go 'round without me adding another ponderous layer.

Thankyou for agreeing with my flat tax proposal. These political labels don't really have precise meanings if you ask me. My true belief could be labeled "voluntary poverty to avoid taxation". Or, "live in a quonset hut in the desert to avoid property taxes while living on a diet of red beans & rice so your living expenses are so low you can afford to retire while all the other chumps are working themselves to death." Or, "build the world's largest ferro-cement reclining buddha statue so you can declare your land a religious shrine and file for tax exempt status". This would be right before the much annoyed rednecks blew up your quonset hut since you tried to force them to drive past your giant buddha on their way to their prefab steel Discount House of Worship.

Ain't it cool? (literally and figuratively)
You should see the extraordinary lengths I've gone to for the ta-mater plants. Think "tented cages". Not a "future strategy" fer shure (because of the plastic sheeting), but we started the buggers waaaay too early this year and want to save 'em, as they've already got flower buds. (Say about a month too early! Ha, trial and error... lots of error.)


This weekend at Cabellas in E. Hartford, Mosin Nagants, w/accessories, for$99.00. If you want one get there early; they'll go fast at that price.


Book recently published "The Civil War of 1812, American Citizens, British Subjects, Irish Rebels, & Indian Allies".

The Author, Alan Taylor, calls the War of 1812 Civil War because the entire Canadian Militia, a large part of the British Expeditionary Force, consisted of the tens of thousands of Americans who left here 1776-1812 to live in Canada and remain British Subjects. They were considered traitors by the US. Many in the US, 'speciallly from the south, wanted to wrest Canada away from Britain at the time. Almost the whole war was fought around the Great Lakes at the Canadian border. Anyway, the point is, all the main combatants were the same English speaking Anglo Protestants, except the Irish and Indians, and their differences were political. He talks about how closely the US and Canada are linked, one of your themes, but also the profound difference that exists between the 2 countries. I thought you might be interested.

Still raining!


You don't like people comparing you to other artists, do you? Sorry. I think your sound is top shelf, and I plan to listen to your album regularly from now on actually. As long as I can play recorded music anyway. After that you'll just have to move down here...

No worries, Tripp; doesn't bother me in the least. (Especially when I'm compared to people who are very fine purveyors of the craft! ;o) I apologize if I gave that impression; I don't think of myself as being so glaringly unique that a new "box" must be invented to place me in.

Hey, nice blog posting, BTW; a simple (but most profound) insight on epiphany and [not-so] plain ol' practical application! (Now there's something of REAL value.)


That sounds like an interesting book. I've read some stuff that said that the war of independence was a divisive thing, that a lot of Americans didn't support the war but not to the extent of moving to Canada, that decades after the end of the war some people would drape their windows in black on July 4 in mourning. The Americans that came up here are known as the United Empire Loyalists. Here's a UEL association website:


"This weekend at Cabellas in E. Hartford, Mosin Nagants, w/accessories, for$99.00. If you want one get there early; they'll go fast at that price." -M.

How TF can they do that?
And, would you find it a "desirable" piece of ordinance (since you've range-fired a couple)?
Age of design is really not a factor. A lot of "old stuff" was designed to be durable and simple to repair. (I mean, what-the-hell, lots of "model 1911" 45's around.)

Check back laaaater....

Oh, now I see.
By the end of WW2 17.4 MILLION of the things had been produced! (That's a few rifles, I'd wager. ;o)


Re; Mosin Nagant Rifles

That's 17 million in Russia alone, in 3 different armories. Millions more were manufactured at the Stevens plant in Chicopee, MA, Remington in Bridgeport, in Finland, China, Poland, Belgium, N Korea, Czechoslovakia, France etc. ...

These Mosins will last forever, Ozone. Ammo is still real cheap, as about as cheap as you can get. They are a helluva lot of fun to shoot.

Even at $100 Cabellas is still making money on them, maybe $50 per gun. They are imported by the thousands by Century Arms of Burlington, VT. Russia practically gives them away.

The price will go up eventually. 15 years ago you could get yourself a British .303 SMLE for $90. Now they are up around $400.

I'll be at Cabellas at 8AM Sat.


You seem to be talking to yourself

Keep it up!

Well written, common sense post. Because the tax code is so complex, flat-taxers throw up their hands and want progressive taxation thrown out. They don't understand that some drastic changes could cause economic problems. Maybe we go after some write-offs, deductions, depreciation allowances, off-shore shelters, etc. Do it intelligently.

For example; eliminating mortgage interest deductions. The effect could be greater foreclosures and a double dip recession. Citizens need to do a better job of understanding complex cause and effect relationships.

Let's say I proclaim that the capitol gains tax be increased from 15%. Right away, the knee jerk reaction will be that this will hinder investment, lower growth and hurt the long term economy.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.


Perhaps you could pick one up for me and ship it. Paypal work for you? If that might work let me know.


So diversity is good. But for what? Survival? Even if the other party is weak and sickly? Or stupid? That's diversity too after all.

Don't you have to decide what you are shooting for? Take horses: would you put an Arabian Thorough bred in with a work horse? You wouldn't get a super horse that could race and work. You'd get a horse that was neither.

I don't believe you are this stupid. Some of the people on this site would buy this, but not you. Jews are proud of their genetic heritage because of it's high IQ. Many Ashkenazis can't stand the Falashas because they don't share this high IQ. In any case, I think this little diversity lesson is for our benefit - just like the term "Judeo-Christian. What you really believe - God knows.

As the Bible says, the Serpent is the most subtle creature of all.

Cornell West says Obama is de-racinated. That he doesn't feel comfortable around free Black Men. What do you think - is Obama an Oreo?

"Marlin perhaps you could pick one (Mosin Nagant) up for me."- BRepublic

No can do BR. That would be illegal.


Then why isn't it all working? And why do you assume it will work in the future - especially when the Elite don't REALLY want to work in terms of minorities assimilating. As I said to Asoka, Blacks wont accept an individual merit style culture. They always end up on the bottom. And Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall really did say that it's our turn now to discriminate. In my experience, that's the common Black attitude. Asoka just lacks Marshall's honesty to admit this. And this is why Clarence Thomas who really does get America, is one of the most hated men in the Country - by both Blacks and White Liberals.

And as I told "Monty" - countless WW2 British Veterans have registered their disgusted disbelief at their Goverment bringing in tens of millions of South Asians into Britain. Some have even gone so far as to say that they would not have fought if they had known that this would be done.

JSS-Funny, I just happened to take a lunch break---and found a welcome comment from you.

Raising taxes never hindered investment in the past, however with the off-shoring of the jewel--that is the manufacturing base to China et al., the economy doesn't actually exist here anymore.

The virtual world of Bubblenomics is a poor excuse for an economy. Christine Lagarde of France is primed to become the head of the IMF, now. She's the guest on Fareed Zacharia who said the bubble was the only thing they have to work with--doesn't bode well, does it?

As long as the tax laws don't change for the global production of goods onto the transnationals who produce through slave labor with the great differentials, there will be no concrete job formation no matter how much schooling American get.
--so let's owe the banks more--when we leave college we'll be lucky if we become debt slaves to pay them off, since there are too few job opportunities for people when they get out
..Surprise--maybe you have to go live in another part of the world if you want to work!

The real problem is that these entities no longer see themselves as citizens of a nation state the way you and I are stuck, they don't want to pay taxes because they've gone beyond the state. They do want our tax-payer dollars big time, though! Guess we have to get rid of the social safety net so they can have it all!

"Jews are proud of their genetic heritage because of it's high IQ. Many Ashkenazis can't stand the Falashas because they don't share this high IQ."

You should have let him answer my question before you divided the jews into warring camps. Now he will take off on your hobby horse and accuse you of being anti-SHEMetic.

Circumcision up for a vote in San Francisco. Things are getting crazier by the day. Anti-Semitism or simply humanism? I'd say it's nobody's fucking business what parents want to do. And since Jews do this, it becomes an issue of religious freedom.

My hobby horse is a cross between an Arabian Thorough Bred and Pegasus. Surely God did not make us all the same! Why believe in the Lost Tribes if they are "just folks" with nothing special about them? Would God choose a People and then not bless them with superior IQ and creativity? The Old Testament is full of genetics and the New Testament is not. We need both approaches don't we?

The New Testament humbles the proud - one can have a magnificient genetic endowment and still do nothing with it. And beyond that, actually be a louse with the gifts just helping one to be a bigger louse.

Our tax legislation and I imagine yours also in the US is so wretchedly complex that it might as well be written in Chinese.

We get so deep in the weeds of tax law that we forget what the object of the thing is in the first place. As it is tax is a game being played by smarty pants tax lawyers and tax accountants trying to out-cute one another. Obsessive compulsives endlessly teasing the legalese, seeing how far they can push the envelope without going to jail.

Then why isn't it all working? - Vlad

I'm not sure what you're refering to.

They always end up on the bottom. - Vlad

I disagree. My own eyes tell me otherwise. They don't always end up on the bottom.

From what I've seen there's still self segregation among Blacks. Many don't trust white people and would rather not associate. Do you blame them? What was centuries in the making in the Americas won't be undone in a generation or two.

Damn Yo. You harsh. I feel like a reverse Oriole sometimes - White on the outside but Black on the in. I intuitively understand Blacks - that's why I know that there can be no real or permanent accord between the races. Blacks have superior "real time" awareness. They can be laughing and enjoying White co-workers yet never for a moment cease to be 100% for their own people. Hispanics are like this too - very supple or "cool" in this way. As Cheng Man Ching the great Tai Chi Master said to his White Students: you're all poor card players. You have to learn to keep your cards closer to your chest.

Our chosenness and guileness is our worst enemy in dealing with the natural duplicity of other races.

Is there then no affirmative action in Canada? Like many Whites, I think you often overestimate Blacks if they can walk and chew gum at the same time. That and that you worked with the cream of the crop have combined to decieve you. All this shows the weakness of mere personal anecdote. Real scientists have studied this Cash - and I suggest you inform youself about what they found. Start with the Bell Curve.

So diversity is good. But for what? - Vlad

For sheer physical survival. You want a diversity of talents in order to do different tasks optimally. I have no talent in house building. But I'm a numbers guy and I can keep the records of the guy that does have the talent to build the house. And so we're collectively better off because of our respective talents.

You want genetic diversity in order for the species to be able to cope with environmental shocks like the evolution of new diseases, climatic changes like glaciation etc.

You want intellectual diversity to avoid having "group think" idiocy sending you off the cliff. Sometimes the voices shouting from the rooftops get listened to. And if they don't get listened to those voices won't go over the cliff with the rest of the lemmings. And so they survive to propagate the species.

I've been around a long time and I've seen a lot. It's not just one or two anecdotes or the wishful thinking of a wide eyed idealistic youngster. I have a healthy suspicion of "scientific studies" Vlad especially those on woolly topics like "intelligence" and especially in emotionally charged topics like race. Research can be designed to confirm the biases of those conducting the studies. I'm an accountant. We're notorious for making numbers sing and dance.

My blog post this week is an attempt to knock the angle of the learning curve down a little for practicing organic gardeners

Tripp, your blog is wonderful and your enthusiasm infectious but Q wouldn't be Q if he didn't feel compelled to make one of his pedantic corrections.

There is a near universal misconception about the angle (aka the slope) of learning curves. People think a "steep" learning curve is one portraying slow and difficult learning but it is just the opposite. A shallow sloped curve is the one where learning is slow and difficult.

Picture this: You buy two identical pieces of furniture that come in boxes and require assembly. The first unit takes 100 minutes because you have to read the instructions, inventory and lay out the parts and gather up the required tools and then assemble the thing - no doubt with a few fuck ups along the way which must be un-done and re-done.

But the second unit only takes 50 minutes (i.e. 50% of the first unit) because you have already learned so much. You may only have to reference the instructions once or twice and maybe only fuck up once. If there was a third unit you'd sail through it like a wizard in 25 minutes (50% of the prior unit). Graphically the line would appear steep with a 50% slope.

There are other types of labor tasks in which the first unit takes 100 minutes, the second unit 90 minutes, and the third unit 81 minutes, etc. This plots as a very shallow 90% downward sloped line.

On standard graph paper, with time (minutes or hours) on the vertical axis and the unit number (first, second, third) on the horizontal axis the line will actually "curve" downward from the upper left to the lower right. If plotted on "log" paper (if memory serves) the line will be straight from upper left to lower right.

I have never read or heard (such as on CNBC) the term "learning curve" used where they don't get the slope thing ass-backwards. The take-away is that steep reflects fast and easy learning and shallow means slow and difficult learning.

So, as unintuitive as it sounds, the sentence at the top that I quoted from your comment should read "...an attempt to steepen the shallow angle of the learning curve a little for practicing organic gardeners."

Learning curves are also applicable in relation to purchases of material parts and are referred to as quantity adjustment curves (like, it's a buck a piece if you buy 10 or 90 cents a piece if you buy 100).

I worked with these curves for decades in the defense contracting business.

A letter from out here ... to set the scene. Small Western Washington rural town with a main drag that looks like a Hopper painting. Centralia. Half way between Portland and Seattle. 2 1/2 miles off I-5.

Took a trip to the bread outlet, yesterday. The good news is, I can still get 4 loaves of really good bread for $6. In the fridge, I've never had a loaf go bad on me. Last me about 2 weeks. The bad news is the mustard bounced from $1.59 to $2.19. I like a good horseradish mustard and the bread store always had it at less then the local grocery. Somewhere around here I have a book on making your own condiments. I seem to remember it had quit a large section on mustards.

Gas, as of yesterday, is $4.01. I can still get long grain brown rice at .98 a pound, bulk. I wonder if the flooding in the Delta will affect the price of that. A lot of rice grown down there. Walnuts ... I still see them at over $9 a pound, but sometimes the bulk bins have them for less then $5. I've been seeing an occasional special on the Diamond for less then $5. I like a small handful every night. Good for the ticker.

One of our local "old guys" has an editorial once a week. This week he was commenting on the lack of bees. For the last two years. He's resorted to a paint brush even for his cherry trees. My mind wanders to what self pollinates. Years ago I used the same technique on pumpkins. Worked out fine.

One of the headlines yesterday was "Centralia Facing Tough Budget Decisions: Reduced City Revenues ... Future Grim Situation Could be the "New Normal."" Glad I'm shaking the dust of this place off my boots come January.

My half off "retirement" sale is working out quit well. Mostly people from out of town. Sold a first edition Mark Twain yesterday for $87. The guy told me if I took $75, I'd have a sale. I told him "Not to gild the lilly." Never mind what I was really thinking.

Our local National Guard unit has been put on "notice" of a possible deployment. If it happens, it will be their third overseas tour. That will be 90 guys from Centralia. The National Guard also put the 506th Military Police Company on notice. That would effect 3,000 soldiers, state wide.

And so it goes. The weather the last two days has been glorious. After a cool, wet spring, this is welcome. But, I see by the seven day forecast that summer will be over on Sunday, and fall will be here.

CFN Post 5; Western Cascadian Division.

hey marlin, what type of cartridge do those mosins use. i'm guessin' 7mm? It is not some really oddball is it? I have a 7.7 mm japanese rifle my dad brought home from WWII . Good luck finding ammo for that thing! with cabelas, they will have 2 or 3 in stock . I went there for a henry lever a few weeks back and ended up with a savage 12 gauge scatter gun . The thing is "Savage Arms" is in westfield but this sucker is from the "Peoples Republic of China"! I don't

And after they killed him they proceeded to bring in millions of Muslims. Who are the real traitors? William Joyce, Lord Haw Haw, was a Patriot to the real England - a White, European Nation not a multi-cult monstrousity.

Please, please , please,…quit indulging the fanciful notion that abstruse discussion about “justice” will permit us to dance around the limits of earthly carrying capacity. Die-off has nothing to do with abstractions about “justice”; survival will be pure coincidence of happening to be where sustainability still exists and is sufficiently defended against dreamy notions of social reordering and population redistribution to accommodate all.

Obama’s address today on Israel/Palestine is perfect example of the most misleading hubris. That region has carrying capacity for maybe 2-7 percent of the current population there now, yet both are increasing population as fast as possible. Get real; the US will soon be forced to cut both off from “aid” just has happened between Russia and Cuba. Israel will be able for a while to leverage support with its nuclear weapons. Shit is going to happen and we can’t stop it. Best to focus on saving ourselves here because – in truth – that’s all we can hope to do.

Sadly, US meddling and aid are only worsening the eventual outcome, particularly where it supports ancient lifestyles and beliefs that can’t accord objective reality.

Now that 1 in 3? Haitians are in the USA more of this is happening..especially in Florida..

Prosecutors say a New York City woman admitted setting fire to her young daughter during a voodoo ritual by pouring flammable liquid on the girl's head and igniting it, scarring her body!

Marie Lauradin (lah-hahr-DAHN') pleaded guilty Wednesday to first-degree assault by pouring the liquid on her then-6-year-old daughter at their Queens home in 2009.

Lauradin poured the accelerant on her daughter's head and in a circle on the floor as part of a voodoo practice involving a loa, or spirit.

Prosecutors say the judge indicated he would sentence her to 17 years in prison. She also faces possible deportation back to her native Haiti..

multi-'cultURAL' monstrosity. [CORRECT SPELLING]

see my post on haitians in USA above this.

You only answer the questions you want to - dirty mammalian politics and school yard tactics. Yet you project an image of impartiality and reason - very effective. I commend you.

Comment on the British Veterans of WW2 who curse their nation. They sacraficed their limbs and brothers so Britain could become Muslim and controlled from Brussels. The Fascists never dreamed that they planned this level of destruction. But because they do it gradually people like you are lulled to sleep. Genocide is genocide be it quick or slow.

Genetic Diversity? Does that include the botched and the inferior? As any breeder will tell you - they are to be culled from the population. Such a dog for example might still make a fine pet, but his or her bad hips must not be passed on.

They actually have proms now for Mongoloids. A Black Celebrity gains great acclaim for hosting one. It was on Sixty Minutes. The uncleaness is overwhelming. Grotequerie and enthroned perversity are increasing by the day.


7.62x54R. Cheap & Plentiful.


[Blacks] can be laughing and enjoying White co-workers yet never for a moment cease to be 100% for their own people.


Not Obama.

He does more for whites. Sure Obama is half white, but I'm with Cornell West and Harry Belafonte in feeling disappointment in Obama that poor Blacks are being ignored in favor of rich white bankers.

You ccould take consolation that he is not doing much for poor whites, if you cared to.

Don't you have to decide what you are shooting for?

No. You don't get to decide that. Nobody does. Just like you don't get to decide who's "inferior" and who's "superior", because there's no such thing. As there's no such thing as perfection or utopia or god. What there is, is only propaganda about such things. Propaganda put forth by Vatican pederasts, imperialist swine, jihadi blood vultures, etc. Propaganda for stupid morons to buy into, while they get raped up the ass by their brethren and left to bleed to death.

"My hobby horse is a cross between an Arabian Thorough Bred and Pegasus."

I was not disparaging your steed but lamenting it's offer as an escape from a worthy question.

Let's let M answer [3] first.

Monstrousity - a big scarey Mouse. One is reminded of Maus - the series of graphic novels about Jewish Mice during the Holocaust. Golems of London again.

I don't get it. Are you telling me Beck is wrong? Barack doesn't have a deep-seated hatred of white people? LOL.

Asoka & Vlad; I'm enjoying reading your back-and-forth.

Remember, a Witch Queen never dies. One is reminded of Marie Lavon, the Mulatto High Priestess of New Orleans.

Nice, concise response!

As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "Three generations of morons is enough" - before he gave the sterilization order. It was an extraordinary family of criminals, idiots, and drunks, multi-racial if I remember correctly, all stemming from one drug addict prostitute decades before.

Scarey stuff? Perhaps. Who is qualified to decide? Is there a better way? Yes, let Nature decide. Stop paying low lifes to breed with the tax payer's money. And on the other hand, give tax incentives for the superior couples to have lots of kids. Positive Eugenics is much less risky than negative in terms of Tyranny.

LB, I'm not sure what everybody means by "regressive" in regards to taxes. IMO, all taxes are regressive, in a sense.

Taxes on income have proven to be an ineffectual and unfair system for governmental revenue-raising. Not that the income tax idea is inherently bad, it's just easily susceptible to manipulation for gain.

For example, what is income? There's gross income and net taxable income. The US tax code is what, thousands of pages, and really is about getting to the bottom line of what is one's net taxable income. So, as I've mentioned several times here, it's not the tax rate that's the problem, but how complicated and unfair getting to the bottom line is.

Given the power of special interests and the corruption of the government, I don't think any system of taxation would end up effective and fair.

Do you have your potassium iodate handy?

"[...] Fukushima differs from other nuclear reactors in that it uses a dirty fuel or MOX which is banned in many of the countries where nuclear power is a major energy source. My Swedish-Russian nuclear physicist friend is sending me links for reliable radioactivity readings and weather/wind patterns. We must remember some of what is posted on the internet are simulations, not actual readings. But he did add this:

The most terrifying fact is that the Japanese power plants are using ‘dirty’ fuel, which most countries have rejected and banned. Needless to say that the Americans built them. Since the Earth is moving Counterclockwise most of the fall-out will drop on U.S., unless very strong winds take it somewhere else. [...]"


Words of Wisdom if ever there were. Water is in very short supply and the Palestinians get very little while the Israelis get swimming pools. Evidently someone decides and that some of Methuselahas children are more equal than others.

Right. We'll all be better off with the "genius" meglomaniacs blowing us all to kingdom come. (And they probably already have it planned). Any other ideas?

But poor white people are un-American.


So, thank you, but no.

"Just like your diet affects your internal organs, your reading affects your psyche."

So, do you suggest I quit reading your links, Message to the Black Man in America, or CFN?

While you make some good points at times, your discourse is often too tame, too white, if you will. That's because blacks are nowhere near to being oppressed as they once were. Decades ago, say the sixties, the rage and fury were there in the voice.

I have a certain respect for the Black Panthers. Their willing to die, armed resistance. Who now would or could speak like Eldridge Cleaver, for example.

Some Eldridge:

"O, My Soul! I became a sniveling craven, a funky punk, a vile, groveling bootlicker, with my will to oppose petrified by a cosmic fear of the Slavemaster. Instead of inciting the Slaves to rebellion with eloquent oratory, I soothed their hurt and eloquently sang the Blues! Instead of hurling my life with contempt into the face of the Tormentor, I shed your precious blood." (black woman's blood)

"I, the Black Eunuch, divested of my Balls, walked the earth with my mind locked in Cold Storage. I would kill a black man or woman quicker than I would smash a fly, while for the white man I would pick a thousand pounds of cotton a day."

" I have died the ninth death of the cat, have seen Satan face to face and turned my back on God, have dined in the Swine's Trough, and descended to the uttermost echelon of the Pit, have entered the Den and seized my Balls from the teeth of a roaring lion!"

Are you working on the "first life of the cat"?

Vlad cites Cheng Man Ching - ho ho ho!

Is this your new physical regimen you mentioned, Tai Chi? If so, good luck at any rate.

But I have to say, if we all played our cards as close to the vest as you do, we would be arrested for indecent exposure!

Start with the Bell Curve.

You have mentioned the Bell Curve many times in your posts but I would suggest you read the Black Swan by Taleb who has things to say about it that might upset your mental apple cart.

MD, you have a direct line to God. Ask Her.

Or, better yet, burn your Bible.

Use the critical thinking ability that God gave you.

Who now would or could speak like Eldridge Cleaver

Thanks for posting this Tuc. I had never before read a word of Cleaver. This is some great poetry.

I think Asoka holds the same sentiments but his modus operandi (sp?) is to talk all nicey nice like we don't see right through it.

Cleaver also raped White Women as an insurectionary act.

I will read Black Swan if you read Bell Curve.

Cheng's philosophy of "invest in loss" is not only applicable to push hands, but in fact is the key to survival during the Long Emergency. Read Lowenstein's "There Are No Secrets".

In his other book, "There Are Secrets" he gives Cheng's philosophy on Male Ejaculation: once a month for men over fourty. Sorry Buck.

Cheng himself did not live up to this. Like many Tai Chi Masters, he indulged in wine and women (at least his wife). Tai Chi makes one very soft outwardly but very hard inside. This creates tension which often leads to alcoholism. What is the problem? Simply that Tai Chi shouldn't stand alone but as part of a complete spiritual way of life in Taoism. Isolate one part and imbalance is immediately created.

What I mean by regressive is simply that those who are increasingly making more money, pay less in taxes and put more burden on the less wealthy. Just making these guys bigger and badder.
When you create a flat tax, that is more or less what you get. A national sales tax that some suggest would be much harder on the poor and middle class than the wealthy as well, proportionally.
Look, as you say corruption is the big problem, but it is no matter what you do.
At least can't we go back to the rates we had before W?

" Cleaver also raped.."

Just had my first post held for review. I imagine it had too much graphic Cleaver. It went a long way towards "explaining" his "insurrection by rape."

Oh well, first time and all.

Qshtik said: "I think Asoka holds the same sentiments but his modus operandi (sp?) is to talk all nicey nice like we don't see right through it."


Bill O'Reilly said: "The band was excellent, but they were dressed in tuxedoes, and this is what white America doesn’t know, particularly people who don’t have a lot of interaction with black Americans. They think that the culture is dominated by Twista, Ludacris, and Snoop Dogg. .... That’s right. That’s right. There wasn’t one person in Sylvia’s who was screaming, “M-Fer, I want more iced tea.” .... You know, I mean, everybody was — it was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense of people were sitting there, and they were ordering and having fun. And there wasn’t any kind of craziness at all.

Drop your racial stereotypes.

We aren't all walking around angry, with hats on sideways, using profanity.

But racists like Qshtik and Procon see right through it, and Vlad is a reverse oreo. Oy vey!


Karma schmarma!

It's the adware/malware that has invaded my puter despite having Norton anti-virus software.

Today, in particular, has been a sonofabitch on stilts. Email that won't send, CFN posts that go poof....

Tomorrow my daughter is getting married and I am performing the ceremony as the official and legal "officiant."

Keeping everybody on-board by email has been hell when the cursor keeps locking up. Plus the friggin rain won't stop.

It's happening at 2PM at the Ladies Pavillion in Central Park, NYC. If you're in the Big Apple and curious what that annoying prick Q looks like come by and sneak a peek. I'll be the tall handsome guy with white hair wearing a tux asking the young couple to "repeat after me."

Or when is an angle an angel. However close you approach vertical infinity, "you" will never get there. Because then you wouldn't be you anymore. Succesive approximations of verticality just don't cut it. As Mohammad said, die before you die so when you die you wont die. Or do you prefer a more gentle slope? Sorry such slopes are now past for you. Angels are terrible in their beauty though.

What are the vows that are to be used? Does she promise to obey as well as love and honor?

Now you see my power! Look outside, the robins are dancing on the telephone wire.

"...a cross between an Arabian Thorough Bred and Pegasus."

Did miscegenation get you any hybrid vigor or did telegony cheat you?

Vladdy, you know I've poured scorn on the idea of multiculturalism since the first day I posted on this site. Up here in Canada we can't even run a bicultural and bilingual country. To pretend we can do a multicultural country is just goofy. I am for assimilation and equality of civil rights and you would know this. Also, you know as well as I do that natural selection is merciless. It wins out in the end. Bad ideas also get culled. And be careful who you call unfit. Others could do it to you also.

Recommended reading for today from Charles Hugh Smith. This really is an excellent post today.

This is just a taste:
Models of Community: Alternatives to Corporate America.
[America's household income flows to a handful of corporate cartels protected by the Central State.]....
[Corporate profits are now the bellwether, and the raison d'etre, of the entire U.S. economy. The central State and the Federal Reserve have a single domestic goal: boost the U.S. stock market, which they have made the proxy for the economy's "health." If corporate profits and the stock market are rising, then all is well. Or so we are constantly told by Fed and Treasury hacks, toadies and lackeys.]

But racists like Qshtik...

How unfortunate that someone like me -- who has always believed the assimilation of blacks into the dominant majority culture was just a matter of time, that they would be absorbed like all other ethnic groups who arrived as immigrants and became indistinguishable within a generation or two, and that when it finally happened what a happy day that would be -- has been made by blacks themselves to question whether he's a naive fool.

Vlad would say they don't have the ability to be assimilated but, to my dismay, I am coming to believe they simply refuse. The legacy of slavery runs deep. Stereotypes become stereotypes for a reason.

Or when is an angle an angel.

Wow! I don't know what the f you're talking about but it sure sounds profound.

Oh, I have. I just wanted to see if you agreed.

I've been looking at the archives of these comment threads. It's interesting to watch the personalities come, evolve, and -usually- depart.

Here's a question for you long-term threadriders.

The entire month of May, 2009 has 17 posts on the threads for all 4 weeks. The week of May 4, 2009 has zero posts.

Then, the month of June, 2009 has slightly over 1000 posts, spread over 5 weeks.

After that, there is a nice, linear progression to our current 800 plus/minus posts/week.

So what happened?
Is something missing in the archives?

BTW, here are Safire's 36 rules. I'm not seeing the connection to the earlier discussion about #4.

What are the vows that are to be used? Does she promise to obey ....

Not exactly.

I wrote the ceremony, which is quite brief, after considerable research on-line. After my opening remarks, which are sprinkled with some Q-type humor (that I hope they "get") related to the process of becoming a minister of the Universal Life Church, we come to the vows and then the ring exchange ceremony. The words are something I wrote, copied, cut, spliced, edited, deleted and pasted together from various stuff on the web which, in the end, sounds very much like any vows you have ever heard but takes into account the particular sensibilities of the bride and groom and their respective families as to religious belief or the lack thereof and whatnot.

The vow reads: "________, will you have this man __________ to be your husband, to live together in the sacred estate of marriage? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, and be faithful to him, as long as you both shall live?"

I envision my daughter will respond softly "I will" and then, because I am somewhat hard of hearing and everyone knows it I will go for a cheap laugh by saying "beg your pardon?" and she will repeat loudly "I WILL!"

To answer your specific question though, the closest the vow comes to the word "obey" is "honor."

Q said: "How unfortunate that someone like me -- who has always believed the assimilation of blacks..."


Q, are you full of multitudes, too?

Just yesterday you were justifying slavery, saying if one race was strong enough to enslave another, why that was just fine and dandy with you ... because, you said, "Might makes right"

BTW, re the wedding ceremony, Tripp and Asoka may be reminded of their discussion a few days ago about the nerve it takes to blithely abandon the 3 billion years of evolution leading from the primordial soup directly to you when you deliberately choose to have no offspring....

Near the end of my opening remarks is this sentence written weeks ago:

"YOU are our legacy and you carry the very DNA and genetic code that is OUR chance for immortality."

...."the robins are dancing on the telephone wire"

"Go rockin' robin, we're really gonna rock tonight!"

If you have an objection, state it clearly. I was clear as a bell in my previous post to you but you did not respond.

Q, are you full of multitudes, too?

No, not at all.

I don't think I said any such thing as "slavery is fine and dandy." You are putting spin on my words.

IMHO the universe has no living thinking guiding force and is indifferent/oblivious to any concept of good, evil or "right."

Those concepts are all concoctions of our human minds and differ from one person to the next. When push comes to shove whoever (whomever?) has the power not only declares what's right but actually believes it. So it was, is and ever shall be.

If murderous despots make it through life without encountering "justice" they need not worry about punishments (or rewards) in "the next life." That's why I'm glad Osama met an ignominious end for all the world to see.

Personally, I'm a wuss and wouldn't hurt a fly so to speak, but that's just me.

Hope it goes well. Wish I could be there - I would shake hands with you crushing your hand in an excess of heartiness.

As for the Blacks: often it is the very ones who have the most ability to assimilate who refuse to.
And those who do are "Uncle Tom's" and Oreos like Clarence Thomas and Herman Caine.

Yes, Marlin, Asoka is Vlad and Vlad Asoka.


I just went out this afternoon and gave my first round of organic baby greens (spring mix?) a haircut, and pulled out with a full colander of salad! Thank you so much for your wisdom and for your help, man! I didn't pull the plants out, simply clipped off leaves here and there so as to hopefully have a continuous harvest as the summer goes on. I had a salad earlier, and the various types of greens range from peppery to delicate . . . simply delicious, with some crumbled bleu cheese, avocado, and Newman's Own Light Balsamic Viniagrette! And my peppers appear to be getting their shit together a little now that I hammered 'em with the sluggo and the insecticidal soap, and I'm planning to mix some of 'Zone's pepper spray once the insecticidal soap bottle is empty. Thanks again for your words of wisdom, man. I love your blog!

P.S. The delicious salad I had today, as well as the other plants in my backyard garden are being provided with rainwater from two recycled rain barrels (55-gallon, food grade barrels) that I bought from a fellow tree hugger on CraigsList for 40 bucks apiece, fully equipped for a downspout diverter and fitted with overflow valves and faucets :)

For Kunstler's benefit, I'm going to try to find some stick-on Nascar logos to put on the side of my rain barrels, because them shits would really hep' me figger out which fuckin' end is up . . . being a southerner AND a female 'n all :)

A = not A. That is the question. That is a "contradictory universe". Where does this exist, how does this exist ? It does exist, but it doesn't "do" anything. That is the point, it is in a metaphysical dimension of no activity, no further actions, no further relationships, it needs no other relationships, there are no further elaborations, no other interactions of this state of "existence" or "being" than itself. You are not going to use it to reach other new relationships, you can't use it in any sense at all, because using it means plugging it in some kind of language, logic, some kind of "progression" towards something else, but it already contains, within itself, all that it needs since it doesn't need anything else, it is total, totalizing and finished.

It especially has no relationship with "us", with our mind, there is nothing we can do with it, there is no kinds of "Intentionality of Use" that we can apply to it. This is real metaphysics, real philosophy, that for which there is no further use, no further relationship, except these words or similar that describe vaguely how it relates to what we already know. All of our science, language, thoughts and memory are relationships defined according to what we already know, are new elaborations in an already given solution space, and these new elaborations and calculations bring on further new ones or apparently new ones, expanding the solution space as in the "progress of science and knowledge and the insertion of new bits in memory as a result", that are "used" to generate others, in a "process", a cycle.

But metaphysics is still, static, is frozen, doesn't progress. Like when we stop to think about time, it is a constant present moment that divides that past from the future, but it isn't the past or the future and the moment is fleeting, is intractable. These kinds of problems have no solution, these problems are absolutely new every time you look at them, there is no possible solution to this equation, there is no possible "progress" as is understood in terms of logic and science that can be applied to this, it will be always the same whether we look at it at 5 years old or after a trillion times, at 100 years old. There is nothing we can "do" with this problem, no further possible "understanding" by meditating upon it. And indeed metaphysics and philosophy at this level also has no social use, no one can help you on this one, you are alone with this, your mind is alone with this thought and no amount of social interaction, of "communication" will change this. And in fact real philosophy has no need to be communicated, has no use, has no social meaning, has no logical use whatsoever, it is simply the mind looking at impossible problems, taking a glimpse in a new universe of metaphysical platonic monolithic slabs of crashed mental "computer programs".

Most problems in philosophy are completely new every time you look at them, no matter how many times you already looked at them, this is because the nature of these problems and the way our mind reacts to them is always like the first time, we repeat forever the same awe and feel the same distance from these problems, there is no possible progress in philosophy, it is always repeated the same and often, even the more you look at these problems "the newer they become", the further you get from solutions, the worse it gets. All of our normal everyday logic goes out of the window when thinking about a "contradictory universe", "time", "existence" and other similars, the difference with everyday concepts, with science or even mathematics and physics is astounding, the problem of "existence" is so general and abstract, that all other problems become puny, irrelevant, for little boys.

Like the concept of "existence". This is also a monolithic slab, for anything to "exist", "existence" itself must already exist, but exactly where, in what way is something real, does something exist, is something true ? No solution, the further you think about it, the worst it gets, reverse progress, another characteristic of philosophy is that the more you "work" on problems the further you get away from any solutions, a concept or problem must simply be perceived, stated, and left alone, and your mind can simply wander, don't use logic, it is useless, counterproductive.

One last thing, instead of "A = not A", write, "= A not =". What is = ? How can this be ? It is, but it is another monolithic slab. Write others, invent other concepts they are all real, what is the square root of the square root without applying it to numbers ? That is metaphysics, that is where things really exist.

The structure of existence, if something is true it must exist in all time and in all points in space simultaneously, otherwise there is a place where it isn't. So if we are alive and what we see is true, then we must be alive in all time and for all points in space otherwise (but we were dead, and will be dead, and we are not walking on mars)... and we must be concentrating on the same information the same Information Relationship, Reciprocal Information Interactions and Reciprocal Mass - Energy - Matter Interactions, but if there are other Reciprocal Information Relationships, what makes the previous one still exist ? Memory ? But if you think of the previous one you lose the present one, so what gives ? We are contradiction, we are without any solution.

In theoretical physics, the most abstract theory of new universes has the same distance in our mind to the most concrete theory, they are all denotations, just Reciprocal Information Relationships, some are associated to measurements that somehow confirm the "reality" of the theory, but in all truth, they are all real, only some can be translated into some other language where instrumental manipulations can be used. But this begs the question, since we always essentially just talk to ourselves, we probably can invent a new instrumental relationship, and lie to ourselves and make any theory truth.

Reality couldn't have been based but on Quantum Theory, it couldn't have been any different, there is no way that an electron circling an atom could have been a rigid ball with an infinitely precise size, a monolithic slab, otherwise the world would have been completely deterministic and completely tractable and predictable, the three body problem exactly solvable (but there is an abstract universe where this is true, that abstract universe exists and is real just as much as ours given the nature of "existence").

But reality exists exactly because the laws of physics don't exist in some points of space, the probabilistic, quantum nature of reality reflects this, it is the non existence of any patterns and laws that make the existence of the patterns and laws of physics real. Just like philosophy states that something exists only because it exists in the background of its opposite.

Reality is the subtle string of the lack of the laws of physics that gives the laws of physics their reality.

Those previous ones were from:


This is from:


I just invent and make up all of this stuff.

When you modify the neural networks in brains and minds you modify the universe, you actually enter a new universe, by changing all kinds of relationships, all kinds of logical connections in minds, the sense organs, the memory structure, the emotional circuits, the very logic and language, and by inventing new circuits, new mixtures, new experiments, ever more remote from our present view of existence, ever more detached from anything you can understand and perceive, you create a new class of Information Relationships, of Interactions of Matter or Mass - Energy with itself, you create a new combination Information Relationship (as in "Richard Feynman meets Jim Morrison", maybe they would be interested in some of this stuff).

Since the new combination of Information Relationship has no relationship with the prior or (with our own presently) Information Relationship, not even a temporal one in the sense that it has "progressed" or "evolved" into some other Information Relationship, not even a logical one, not even a possible measurement in space or time or any possible logical connection to another, the only way for us to visualize it somewhat (if even very vaguely) is to imagine a space of combinations where each point represents one class of Information Relationships as defined by a particular Modified Mind with its particular environment and sense organ (whether virtual or real or something else).

The real problem behind this, and the way we can still understand it is fundamentally this: given a modified mind that interacts with an environment and given our own "normal" mind interacting "normally" with our "normal" experience, who's experience is the "real" one and who's is the "fake" one ? Who is the "objective" reference, and who is not ? Which mind is the "ground state" so to say, the reference point from which to measure all the other minds ? The answer is NONE.

They are all equivalent all real and all fake, all quirks, all arbitrary designs, all arbitrary sets of actions and reactions and hardwired causes and effects with none of them representing reality at a deeper of more real level than any other. Hence the real size of the universe should be this never ending array of points representing these never ending different configurations of modified minds interacting with an "external" world as seen by that mind.

Anyways, this defines what abstract art really is, they are some very remote and vague clues of what a different Information Relationship could be, design a complex drawing and assign it to a new Information Relationship and that drawing could give us a feeling of some very vague and remote relationships with what we can still maybe imagine to understand.

Of course even simpler, you can design a very complex and interesting block diagram of a new mind, with all kinds of symbols and designs and sequence of symbols and glyphs and components (like electrical diagrams, transistors and capacitors, only invent your own kinds of components, make them as remote as possible from anything understandable and "logical", create all kinds of new symbols connections, designs, you get it) and all kinds of other things. This, by the way would be a good one hour fun and drawing class for 5, 6 and 7 year old kids at school (and maybe for any age): the kids go home and say, mommy we drew some new modified minds today...

Art turned in to Science BIG TIME. The goal is to not understand, the more something is not understood the better, the realer it is, the more interesting, it is mysterious, the better, you really don't want to design a new mind according to real science, that would be a let down.

What happens to the laws of physics when we die ?

Here are the links to the scientific papers:




I like cool sounding blocks of text.

Oops; comments section thought I be'ed the ol'spidey, and held my thousand-word screed for further perusal. ;o)

"Cheng himself did not live up to this. Like many Tai Chi Masters, he indulged in wine and women (at least his wife). Tai Chi makes one very soft outwardly but very hard inside. This creates tension which often leads to alcoholism."

Vlad are you a tai chi player? I tend to think not because your above comment is a distortion and misrepresentation. At any rate, if you are a practitioner, and not just a brief reader intellectualizing that which can only be understood through visceral practice, will you tell us the correct Chinese word for the concept?

I could go on and on but suffice to say that "soft" is a misnomer. Soft like cotton wrapped around a flexible steel bar. Or soft on the surface in order to be physically and neurologically receptive - ting-jing (listening energy). Or soft like a rubber band after a snapped release in order to pull the bow once again. All of this has nothing to do with some false delineation asserting a soft on the outside, hard on the inside proclivity for libation. That is patently ridiculous. What tai chi can do is restore health dramatically, leaving some practitioners under the unfortunate delusion that they can partake of lifestyle choices typical of the young and foolish.

Who will be beating out the brush-fires of civil unrest as money stops flowing after an inevitable banking holiday? People better think about taking care of themselves!

I am coming to believe they simply refuse. - Q

A lot of them refuse for now. The era of segregation, the riots of the 1960s etc is all still well within living memory. IMO it's going to take time to assimilate. The clock hasn't stopped ticking. Up here I'm noticing white guy/black chick hookups which you very rarely saw 20 - 30 years ago. I'm seeing it among young professionals. The first one I can remember was a black woman I worked with > 20 years ago whose hubby was a white police detective. Much more common now. I think that as blacks move up the economic food chain blacks and whites will start to see each other as potential mates.

When my wife and I were married decades ago White/Chinese marriages raised eyebrows. But now you see it all the time. I think the same will eventually happen with whites/blacks.

Never underestimate human libido.

Hey OzoneP, whens the next gig? Is there a next gig? I'll have to start drinking again, for the next one. No shots tho, just beer.


Best wishes to the happy couple and their folks.

Can someone please escort Spider back to the halfway house?

Change of topic. Did you happen to see a picture of Ah-nold's previously unknown son? Spittin' image of the old man.

Another change of topic. What did you think of Obama making his bones with the Bin Laden rub out? That is assuming it really happened as advertised and Bin Laden isn't actually hiding out in Brooklyn selling hot dogs.

Maybe you were too occupied with the wedding but what did you think about Obama's Middle East speech? Maybe Obama can make a name for himself as a shot caller?

I'm always chasing that ass and never getting any.

"It [diversity] applies to culture, politics, economics, science, etc., as much as it applies to nature."

How can it [diversity] apply, "as much", to culture, politics, economics and science when these must involve some degree of agreement or at least similitude to be viable or consistent?

"People better think about taking care of themselves!"

It's Official - time to prepare:


From our LOL department ... seen today on our local newspapers forums. A farm report from the West County.

"Main crop of shelling peas in the ground today, oat patch sprayed and ready for second tilling, winter wheat growing well, strawberries blooming, four active bee hives. Walla Walla onions have fallen victim to chicken rotavation."

A tip of the hat to TenX.

The IEA Governing Board, at its regular quarterly meeting on 18-19 May, examined oil market developments and their impact on the global economy. | Despite a near-10% correction since 5 May, oil prices remain at elevated levels driven by market fundamentals, geopolitical uncertainty and future expectations. The IEA Governing Board expressed serious concern that there are growing signs that the rise in oil prices since September is affecting the economic recovery by widening global imbalances, reducing household and business income, and placing upward pressure on inflation and interest rates. As global demand for oil increases seasonally from May to August, there is a clear, urgent need for additional supplies on a more competitive basis to be made available to refiners to prevent a further tightening of the market.

Additional increases in prices at this stage of the economic cycle risk derailing the global economic recovery and are neither in the interest of producing nor of consuming countries. Oil importing developing countries are most likely to be seriously affected by high oil prices, undermining their economic and social well-being. In these circumstances, enhancing consumer-producer dialogue is urgently important to reach both short- and long-term solutions. The Governing Board urges action from producers that will help avoid the negative global economic consequences which a further sharp market tightening could cause, and welcomes commitments to increase supply. We stand ready to work with producers as well as non-member consumers; in this constructive spirit, we are prepared to consider using all tools that are at the disposal of IEA member countries.


nothing to do with the CFN, but just an amazing video of what are animal friends are capable of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_l7lPNg7Mxs&feature=related

it may not look it in the video but that dam face is nealy vertical!


I decided not to quickly scroll past your posts like I usually do, but read each one carefully. It took awhile.

In the past year or so I've slogged thru 'Leviatan', by Thomas Hobbs, written in 17th century English, and Oswald Spengler's 'Decline of the West', translated from German in the 1920s. Both were pretty ponderous, and at times I would have to read a paragraph 2 or 3 times before I could figure out what the author was driving at. But I could usually figure it out.

But your posts ... I can read them over a dozen times and still not know what the f--k you are driving at. What the hell is the point? To show us how smart you are. It seems to be alot of abstruse bullshit with no point at all. Besides ... Hegel, Kant, Nietzche, Heidigger ... nobody gives a sh-t about philosophy anymore anyway. These are time for hard reality, not bullshit.

CFNation YD POost 1
New England Chapter

Sorry folks, there's no such thing as fairy dust, so no matter how sparkling the President's speachifying it can't magically reorder reality. That reality is that without US support and possession of "nukes" Israel wouldn't exist today. That's right, it hasn't been the "hand of God" on behalf of his "chosen people", its been realpolitic of the Cold War, continued American imperialism beyond, and Israel's 300+ nukes that allows them to "wag" the rest of the world for resources necessary to accomodate their increasing population at a First World standard of living.

More bluntly, the issue of the Palistinians getting their own "home land" is as dead as prospect of such state ever being "viable" -- in spite of the President's scintillating prose. That landscape couldn't support a tiny fraction of the population there now -- let alone the continued increase due to archaic beliefs such as "be fruitful and multiply".

The whole truth is even more stark: "Proliferation" of membership in the "club" of nuclear weaponed nations is guarded against by the existing "members" simply because they understand the equations concerning population/resource ratio. Only by such exclusion can a margin be kept between who survives the resource collapse and those who are swept into oblivion by the unavoidable "die-off".

Americans had best quit being rhapsodized by our current "magic piper".

The brain: the organ by which we think we think.

You seem to understand other great mysteries (your Vatican pederasts propaganda books are full of them), you should be able to understand this one as well. Now, fuck off.

Payrolls grew in 42 U.S. states in April, while the unemployment rate fell in 39, indicating broad-based strengthening in the labor market.

New York led the nation with a 45,700 increase in employment, followed by Texas with 32,900 more jobs.

The report signals the 244,000 workers added in April, as shown in the government’s May 6 report, were dispersed throughout the country.

Broad economic recovery, 21 months of positive economic news, and still there are those who claim we are in a recession, or worse. There are people who refuse to celebrate positive economic news.

When did they start hating America? When did they give up on America? When a Black man became president? A Black man is repairing the damage after a white man destroyed the economy, but no credit is forthcoming for Obama's positive change.

The brain... the most important organ of the body... How do I know? Well, that is what my brain told me.

I have no idea why your brain told you that.

Anyway,here's food for thought:

"It is certain that there may be extraordinary activity with an extremely small absolute mass of nervous matter; thus the wonderfully diversified instincts, mental powers, and affections of ants are notorious, yet their cerebral ganglia are not so large as the quarter of a small pin's head.

Under this point of view, the brain of an ant is one of the most marvellous atoms of matter in the world, perhaps more so than the brain of man."

Charles Darwin, "The Descent of Man"

On each of the Galapagos Islands there is a slightly different "race" of finch - a little bird. Are they the same species? Sort of. They can breed together but there's a problem. Each race holds twigs in a slightly different way. Each way is effective. But when they breed together, the offspring tries to hold twigs in a way in between the two parents - and it doesn't work very well. Thus building the nest is compromised. Thus cross breeding is contra-indicated in some cases such as this.

This is true Ecumenicism. Thank you Metuselah. You epitomize the hideous, beating heart of Talmudism.

"Soft like cotton wrapped around a flexible steel bar" - good analogy, exactly what Lowenstein was saying. You seem to be one of those people who disagree and then say exactly the same thing. Guess you love yourself quite a bit...

I'm not a player, yet anyway. I might like to give it a try though. One of my friends studied for years - his punches are like the crack of a whip.

Now as for the imbalance - I'm just quoting what Cheng's long time student said. It makes sense though. Highly energetic people often have psychological problems that others don't have. Unused energy creates tension and stagnation. Is this a secret? Blake said it long ago. He who desires but acts not creates pestilence. It must be used on its own level, or sublimated - or it will work against one.

End of the world tomorrow. How are you going to spend your last night on Earth?

Just answer the question, Ahmed.

"Thus cross breeding is contra-indicated in some cases such as this."

Does your horse run like a dodo, and fly like a squirrel?

"Broad economic recovery, 21 months of positive economic news, and still there are those who claim we are in a recession, or worse. There are people who refuse to celebrate positive economic news."

So why do you insist on hanging out with them day after day? What a drag that must be on your lollipop and sunshine parade!

My frame of reference is ecological. The timing matters not. I celebrate energy descent in my own household economy, and encourage others to make positive changes in their lives as well.

As Scripture commands: in prayer without ceasing.

I will not be able to sleep from the excitement of getting to finally meet Jesus.

I'm going to go around tomorrow morning and leave old pairs of shoes in public places packed with dry ice. Then hide somewhere nearby and laugh my ass off when the faithful wonder why they've been left behind.

Thanks, Nathan!

"End of the world tomorrow [, Asoka]. How are you going to spend your last night on Earth?"

Drinking kombucha and double-clicking his mouse to My Little Pony reruns.

You should be congratulated for thinking up something so sick as that.

Q, thanks for the learning curve lesson! So noted. I want to LIFT the curve out of the mire.

"You should be congratulated for thinking up something so sick as that."

What, making fun of end-timesers, or exposing Soak's infatuation with Derbyhooves?

For making fun of end-timesers by placing the empty shoes with dry ice in them at random places in public. Personally so far I've had to settle for making fun of "believers" by calmly pointing out to them that the entire bible has been unmasked as mythological by various scholars, and that some of the most prominent figures in both the gospels and the hebrew scriptures most likely never existed as actual historical figures. I am still amazed that even Unitarians tend to think that Jesus is a real historic personage, although to be fair they don't accept his divinity. Some scholars such as Freke & Gandy don't believe that Abraham or Moses existed either.

If it's any consolation, Vladik, I hate them Litvaks and their 18th century Polak garb just as much as I hate the rest of your thieving religious parasites.

That said, I still consider you blue-eyed dogs little more than animals. And history is always on my side to prove it, isn't it.

You insult me and refuse to engage in discussion. Shame. May your conscience rebuke you.

You're going to have to give back the West Bank or we cut off your welfare. That means no more of the blue eyed Eastern European "animal" prostitutes that you people love so much. As you know, Israel is the center of White Slavery.

" On each of the Galapagos Islands..."

Yes, but one must be certain that the awkward twig holding is not an intermediate stage, stressing the birds' survivability in order to ensure better nest building in the future, perhaps against more deadly predators.

I am adequately humbled. Just thought it strange about the hybrid steed.

Genetics is over-rated, when you consider the big picture. But you have a lot in common with mika's bunch which could indicate similar heritage.

But God is able to raise up people like Abraham from rocks along the path.

No one needs shoes in heaven. We'll still have clothes but we wont have to put them on - they'll just be part of us.

I have alot in common with Mika and his brood? An apology and a new insult. Do you belive in the lost tribes as Israel? And if so, are they "jus' folks" or do are they appropriately special? Does not God use natural laws much of the time rather a miracle every minute?

My bullshit detector just went off. I hope you are kidding. The finches have no enemies. And the nest must be built now not in some hypothetical future. The Future so called is created by "nows". Humans, especially White ones, worry about imaginary things while real enemies and problems are ignored. Thus we are in Afghanistan while real enemies swarm over our southern border.

Vlad said: "are they "jus' folks" or are they appropriately special?"


We all special, Vlad. Jesus loves us, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Red and yellow, black and white, we all precious in his sight.

"...while real enemies swarm over our southern border."


Are you referring to those who are reclaiming their native lands? The ones who work hard, raise families, pay taxes, and vote? All your enemies are belong to us, Vlad.

" My bullshit detector just went off..."

Well, either you have an ineffective detector, or the the bullshit is coming from its other side.

If the finch has no enemies it would seem to be safe and could have time to "struggle" with its nest building NOW. With no enemies it would be safe NOW and be able to learn from its struggles, eventually building a better nest in the Future.
That's how evolution works. Jesus, Vlad.

Whites in Afganistan, keineswegs.

I have yet to post what I think is a really viable, practical, cheaper than the wall plan to protect the Southern border.

LOL, welfare money! It's protection money you moron. And you better keep paying if you know what's good for you.

As for our russian girls, they're all good. They all have grey-green eyes, just like mine. And I have no problem with them earning some extra cash for a nice pair of shoes and having fun while doing it.


From midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow.

Don't miss out on the Rapture!

Prepare to meet your Maker!




So why do you insist on hanging out with them day after day? What a drag that must be on your lollipop and sunshine parade!


Tripp, today is the last day I'll be hanging around, so be nice.

Tomorrow is the Rapture and I get to meet Jesus!

Much better than sunshine and lollipops!

The following is a general, random, not all inclusive listing. Some overlap is inevitable.
Make of it what you will. Opposing names are not meant to be correlated.

Robert Ryan Johnny Depp
John Wayne Kevin Costner
Humphrey Bogart Matt Damon
Edward G.Robinson Ben Affleck
Paul Newman Brad Pitt
Richard Boone Leonardo Di Caprio
Burt Lancaster Kevin Spacey
James Cagney Russell Crowe
Kirk Douglas Tom Cruise
Richard Widmark Matt Dillon
Ernest Borgnine Guy Pearce
James Stewart Keifer Sutherland
Sidney Poitier Denzel Washington
William Holden Adam Sandler
John Garfield Bruce Willis
James Dean John Travolta
Charles Bronson Tobey Maguire
James Coburn William Dafoe
Sterling Hayden Tom Hanks
Clark Gable Kevin Bacon
Clint Eastwood Patrick Swayze

Is something happening here? Like Newton, I frame no hypotheses.

Overlappers? Nick Nolte, Jack Nicholson, Robert Redford, Al Pacino, Robert Di Nero,....

My apologies, the names should have been separated, and some effect will be lost.

Do you think I am getting at something ? These kinds of abstractions and "problems" (if it even makes sense to call them so) are eternal, metaphysical, not of this world or any world, but exactly because of this are the most important for "our world" which is just an entity that "exits" on the stage of or in the "reference system" of "existence", "time", "space", "logic" and other vague, ill defined (the more vague and badly defined the better) dimensions.

You can't "do" anything with these, that is why they are so important, they are the bottom line of reality. You think I ca do something with "smart" ? Smart is useful for technical targets, goals, social interactions, smart is all over the place in science and technology, but that is not "metaphysics".

Metaphysics is that that has absolutely no goal, no social use, no worth at all by any human standards, it is eternal, static, infinite, never ending, beyond our puny minds. And it doesn't "exist" as it likes to mock existence and logic, what puny entities ...



From the Saint:

"Something that truly affects nothing, does not exist - anywhere.
To exist, an proposed entity must have affect."

And in fact, keep on using logic, reasoning, keep on trying to understand, keep on working on problems, keep on thinking that you can advance, can progress.

Logic, physics and mathematics are very different and distinct from philosophy Saint, you keep on falling into sub branches of these. Kill logic, kill reasoning, be unreasonable.



Marlin says:

"But your posts ... I can read them over a dozen times and still not know what the f--k you are driving at. What the hell is the point? To show us how smart you are. It seems to be alot of abstruse bullshit with no point at all. Besides ... Hegel, Kant, Nietzche, Heidigger ... nobody gives a sh-t about philosophy anymore anyway. These are time for hard reality, not bullshit."

I answer:

Do you think I am getting at something ? These kinds of abstractions and "problems" (if it even makes sense to call them so) are eternal, metaphysical, not of this world or any world, but exactly because of this are the most important for "our world" which is just an entity that "exists" on the stage of or in the "reference system" of "existence", "time", "space", "logic" and other vague, ill defined (the more vague and badly defined the better) dimensions.

You can't "do" anything with these, that is why they are so important, they are the bottom line of reality. You think I can do something with "smart" ? Smart is useful for technical targets, goals, social interactions, smart is all over the place in science and technology, but that is not "metaphysics".

Metaphysics is that that has absolutely no goal, no social use, no worth at all by any human standards, it is eternal, static, infinite, never ending, beyond our puny minds. And it doesn't "exist" as it likes to mock existence and logic, what puny entities ...



From the Saint:

"Something that truly affects nothing, does not exist - anywhere.
To exist, an proposed entity must have affect."

And in fact, keep on using logic, reasoning, keep on trying to understand, keep on working on problems, keep on thinking that you can advance, can progress.

Logic, physics and mathematics are very different and distinct from philosophy Saint, you keep on falling into sub branches of these. Kill logic, kill reasoning, be unreasonable.

"...whens the next gig? Is there a next gig? I'll have to start drinking again, for the next one. No shots tho, just beer."

I truly don't know, these days.
Music-banging in the bars is one of the earliest economic weathervanes. See a distinct lack of live music in little gin mills? Times ain't good for Joe and Jane Sixpack, who now have to do most of their swillage t' home. This is where the rubber meets the road and working men and women spend what little "disposable income" they have.
...And you can ask any of 'em (who do the actual grunt work of greasing the wheels of the mighty 'Murkin industrial machine) whether work is "lots of overtime" or "really fuckin' slow".

Official govt. pronouncements and slick commentators be damned; there is NO FUCKIN' RECOVERY! Only fools believe that the big corporations swelling bottom lines have anything [positive] to do with how real people live (and die).

Okay, rant toggle released. ;o)
I'll surely let you know, and good to see yez yesterday (a little spooky, eh?).
Don't do any swilling on my account; only for your own amusement!

Nice try on trying to bring some focus, but ol'spidey will not be denied seeing himself in blog-print insane-o-vision 2D.

A blue tint has appeared overhead. Will Apollo be riding his blazing chariot across the sky today to gather his flock along the way? ...Or would it be a decent day to un-tent the tomatoes?
Vote today... you decide... it REALLY matters (just like 'Murkins-Idle or Prancing with the B-list-ers).

"I'm going to go around tomorrow morning and leave old pairs of shoes in public places packed with dry ice." -Tripp

Nathan thought that one up? Classic.
The wife found that hilarious also (so we know it's a good 'un).

Wow! Thanks for that update.
I loved this part:

"Oil importing developing countries are most likely to be seriously affected by high oil prices, undermining their economic and social well-being. In these circumstances, enhancing consumer-producer dialogue is urgently important to reach both short- and long-term solutions."

I actually laughed out loud. "Dialogue", meaning "educational propaganda" and "pointing fingers at anyone other than TPTB"? The only "dialogue" that will be forthcoming, will be from the barrels of guns and haranguing mouths of fascistic, professional, megalomaniacal liars. See anything else left in their "toolbox"? I sure don't; believers are getting thin on the ground... perhaps it was their minds that were "raptured", eh?

Popping this one up here for the Pollyanna-s.
No, no, chew and swallow... it's good for you! Like spinach; it'll make you big and strong!

Are you ready for the red pill?


Ozone: Official govt. pronouncements and slick commentators be damned; there is NO FUCKIN' RECOVERY! Only fools believe that the big corporations swelling bottom lines have anything [positive] to do with how real people live (and die).

Zero hedge has 2 must read entries yesterday. One an analysis that you can download :


The Rich Are About To Get Very, Very Rich: Study Finds Global Millionaire Wealth Set To More Than Double By 2020. That means as bad as things seem right now, our losses will double.

[A new study by Deloitte confirms everyone's worst fear (and every millionaire's wettest dream): the wealth amassed by millionaire households is set to increase by more than 100% over the next 9 years. From a total of $92 trillion held by the world's richest in 2011, by 2020 the world's millionaire households will possess $202 trillion, or roughly 4 times current global GDP. Even though much of move up is attributed to the wealth surge in the developing world, the biggest beneficiary is, you guessed it, the United States where the millionaires (those with net wealth of at least $1 million), who currently account for $38.6 trillion of total wealth, will see their assets increased by 225% to $87.1 trillion!]

The other one to check out is videos from 2006 of John Perkins of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man." In essence he is describing a very real economic warfare which we have been conducting around the world and how they have turned it on us as well.
[..we present the three part presentation by John Perkins at the 2006 Veterans for Peace National Convention in which he expounds on all the key ideas in his book, and does an extended Q&A covering topics not discussed previously. We urge everyone to spend at least a few minutes listening to Perkins who gives a unique and non-conflicted expert opinion on the primary force for why the the modern equivalent of enslavement is not by force, but by debt.]

Have a nice day....

Yay-zoo Crispy!
Thanks for the links.
(I've seen the "hitman" movie; gots to check the 2006 video. I'll bet the Q&A is most enlightening.)

It might be a nice day after all! (Qu'el suprise; vive le difference!) :o)

Indeed it is a nice day and a bitter sweet one at that as one that marks the end of the world...
I will enjoy every precious moment of it.

How stupid is this? Can you imagine sending this guy money--reminds me of Soupy Sales telling kids to go into their parents' wallets and sending money to him. And you just know the next charlatan will get the same result.

That's the level these people are working on..no wonder this country's such a disaster.

"I have alot in common with Mika and his brood?"

Not a lot, just the use of the wrong paradigm to sustain beliefs in superiority.

"An apology and a new insult."

I have no desire to contribute to an unprofitable debate about genetics. Now, rather than discussing diversity in culture, politics, economics and science we are arguing about racial bullshit issues which will only lead to more myopic debate, as the mattoids laugh behind one hand and move another chess piece with the other.

"Do you belive in the lost tribes as Israel?"

Lost = appolumi = put away in punishment. Punishment for what, it is asked? Having the Law {commandments, statutes and judgements} and not following it, ie: not being and example and a servant-people to the other nations {but instead trying to "lord-it" over them.

"And if so, are they "jus' folks" or are they appropriately special?"

Only because of their calling. Their failures have been documented for all to contemplate.

"Does not God use natural laws much of the time rather a miracle every minute?"

DSK thought "Eyes Wide Shut" as an instruction manual, paging Tom Wolfe. And to top it off it he allegedly victimized a colored martyr, talk about bad judgement.

As for the permanent disaster called Israel the passive-aggressive sociopaths we know as "anti-racists" have targeted it. Just wait till they start translating the Hebrew of the Shasniks like the one guy upthread, "you filthy animals." Then I give Israel about one month, which leaves me conflicted because there are decent people there sandwiched between crazy talmudists and crazier muslims. BTW I like Bibi, he speaks like a white man not an effeminate witch, and he alone makes the best case for a jewish ethnostate.

"Now as for the imbalance - I'm just quoting what Cheng's long time student said. It makes sense though."

I do apologize - my eyes missed your vacant attribution (quotation marks). So the question remains in my mind: On what other subjects does Vlad pose as an authority?

Back outside the monastery gates for you, Grasshopper. You're not even close to snatching the pebble from this hand.

"BTW I like Bibi, he speaks like a white man not an effeminate witch, and he alone makes the best case for a jewish ethnostate."

Yeah? All fine and good, well and nice, peachy and keen, (etc.), but what in the blue hell has 'zat got to do wit'choo and where you actually reside? Armchair global chessplayers and god-meddlers, crawl back in yer pestilential holes... fools. Take yer "he'ben" (world-y and afterlife-y) where you take yer lovers.

You're unbalanced Kwai Chang. And getting more so all the time. Your Tai Chi will not help you with this - only I can.

One time Cheng walked in while his students were raving about the Goverment and the Vietnam War. He listened for several minutes and then just said, "You all have to learn to love youselves". Truer words were never spoken. Whites don't love themselves - instead they compete as to who is the most Politically Correct. And the people at the back get thrown to the Wolves. Thus PC is a human sacrafice religion. In his own way, Cheng saw a slice of this and gave good advice.

Whites do not try to get other races to feel sorry for them in order to dominate them. Only Jews do that and only Whites accept it - a horrible dance that will lead to our death. Because of our unique sense of fairness, we can be guilt tripped in a way that more pragmatic "down to earth" races simply cannot be. The sense of fairness is our glory and it appears that it will be our downfall. The other races simply don't have it. Sorry, Messi but you are wrong - we are special.

I agree that we haven't always acted for the benefit of all. This sense of fairness used to be just to intra-national not inter-national. But now that's it's international, it's being used to destroy us. Very sad - we really could have done some good without destroying ourselves in the process.

The Servant People? Ok, but first we have to serve ourselves, love ourselves - before we can love others as ourselves. And this is true as an individual or a people/nation. Political Correctness denies Whites the right to love themselves first and thus makes us simply servants - and later it will become simply slaves. As Confucius said, the Superior Man is not an instrument. From a Theistic perspective, He is, but not of other men but of God.

Anyway, thank you for the serious response - and again, I do like his perspective on predestination - I haven't seen the like of it before. Not with this level of clarity. Very profound. He knows about Gregory of Nyassa even. Wow.

But the Identity aspects of his Teaching just lays burdens on us without benefits - or the recognition of our Greatness. And yes, we have misused these gifts but that doesn't mean we don't have them. Do you think Asians or Blacks could ever have done what we did? Or that they would ever choose to try and save the world as we have? And this "saving" has been horribly hijacked by the Corporations and Globalists - but the original impulse was something special and unique to us by and large. Mahayana Buddhism has this ideal but it never trickled down to the people of those countries as a popular ideal.

There is never enough time Tusk. One time all the animals of the forest got together and hatched a plot on how to kill their enemy the lion. They told the King of Beasts that he had a challenger. They said the match would take place inside a very high stockade fence. They lead him in and then closed the gate. The Lion asked, where's my opponent? The other animals said, he'll be here soon. After a couple of days, they said to the Lion, have you met your opponent yet? His name is Bwana Hunger.

The Finches don't have time to fumble around with their fucked up talon/fingers. They need to eat and to get the nest built so she can sit down and lay. The birds who don't have to mess around like that - win. THAT'S how Evolution works, Tusk. These half breed birds are unfit for survival. And similar crosses between human subspecies face the same test. Some will work and some will not. To assume that all work is political correctness. To subsidize obvious failures out of the volk gut or treasury is Tyranny.

Yeah, I thought about that. Bet there is outrage about a Jew raping a Black Muslim but the Media is keeping totally mum about it. They are on his side after all. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets off fairly lightly - a couple of years in a one of the country club jails for the White collar criminals. There are a few cops in New York who are obviously doing their job but the fix is in now.

Vladik, you blue-eyed dogs have caused so much mischief in the world that even if you repent for the next 2000 years, it will satisfy nobody. The damage is done. Your days are numbered. The rest of the world will simply vomit you swaggering arrogance out of existence.

VK: "Do you agree with Abbey that the Mexican Illegals must be stopped in order to save the environment? "

Well, absolutely.

S6969 says, "I'm always chasing that ass and never getting any."

I had a dream last night. I woke up thinking how perfectly normal it would be to have two girlfriends to help share a love of fine lingerie. That is actually an acceptable topic of conversation to have with a woman. Metaphysics is not.

Hes innocent in my eyes, till they produce camera footage [at that hotel the halls are on camera watch 24-7].
Shes HIV+, living in special housing, and predictably an immigrant with a child or children.

That being said there are strong rumors hes
a 'sex/violence' freak.

of jews?

'you blue-eyed dogs'..are all jews black eyed
[and crying victim?].
what about all that diversity among yr 'race'?

What about learning how to type you lazy nigger?

Yes Bibi talked to Obama like Obama was just some college kid. Pretty appropriate.

The Muslims will never forgive the Jews for how they were treated. I don't blame Bibi for not wanting to give up the defences but history isn't on their side as far as I can tell. There is no answer really. The Jews messed with a bad bunch - they could have had all of Madagascar as a homeland. An huge Island more than big enough for all their people. They were offered it but they insisted on Palestine. They sowed the wind not they must reap the whirlwind.

I thought you liked Blacks! You are so incoherent in you hatred that it's laughable. If someone's paying you to spread confusion, you should give back the money. You're just not very good at it.

It all hapened inside his giant suite I believe. The "hall" he chased her down was all in suite. It's just that big and it should be at 3000 per night. I doubt if such guests would consent to cameras.

Tuesday's Daily Bulletin paper, ran two articles on the front page side by side :
1- Calif 's 20 Billion Dollar Budget Deficit

2- The Calif Supreme Court ruling that ILLEGALS can attend college and get benefits.

Why don't they just deport them when they arrive to register?

3- Last year they ran an article on the yearly costs to Calif Taxpayers from Illegals using Hospital Emergency Rooms for their general health care -

At just one hospital the cost to tax payers totaled over 25 million a year

Someone please tell me what the HELL's wrong with all the people that run this country!!!!!!

We're "broke" & can't help our own Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless etc.,???????????

In the last months we have provided aid to Haiti , Chile , and Turkey . And now Pakistan .....home of bin Laden. Literally, BILLIONS of DOLLARS!!!

Our retired seniors living on a 'fixed income' receive no aid nor do they get any breaks while our government and religious organizations pour Hundreds of Billions of $$$$$$'s and Tons of Food to Foreign Countries!
They call Social Security and Medicare an entitlement even though most of us have been paying for it all our working lives and now when its time for us to collect, the government is running out of money. Why did the government borrow from it in the first place?
We have hundreds of adoptable children who are shoved aside to make room for the adoption of foreign orphans.
AMERICA: a country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed hungry, elderly going without 'needed' meds, and mentally ill without treatment -etc,etc.
They have a 'Benefit' for the people of Haiti on 12 TV stations, ships and planes lining up with food, water, tents clothes, bedding, doctors and medical supplies.
Imagine if the *GOVERNMENT* gave 'US' the same support they give to other countries!!!!!!!!!!!

you sound like me!
Don't you know, we're the global financial and military hegemon? That's what being empire is all about. Please check out the John Perkins 2006 videos on Zero Hedge site I mentioned earlier today.
We'll let some other privatized transnationals take over our infrastructure-That's the free market-neoliberal way.

There's no hatred there, Vladik. Not for Blacks, anyway. I don't have any problems with blacks.

What I can't stand is lying liars. For me, it's a reflex reaction when it comes to that issue, because what it shows is a total disrespect for others and more importantly a total disrespect for themselves.

They sowed the wind not they must reap the whirlwind.

Yes, a whirlwind financed by "our best friends" the US government. (Per usual).

The only thing wrong with the people of this country is that they abrogated their responsibiliies as American citizens to allow multi-national companies to dictate policy and corrupt our politicians.

Look at the "arab spring" over in the ME. Egyptian citizens got rid of their president; Yemeni citizens are in the process of forcing their president to leave, too. Syrian citizens are protesting effectively against their president, even though they're being shot and killed. And Libyan citizens stand a good chance of ridding themselves of Ghaddafi.

These rulers are bloody dictators, yet the poor citizenry of these countries are making changes, thus proving that ultimately power is truly in the hands of the people.

But Americans are too fat, lazy and addicted to do anything about the robbery that's taking place right before their eyes. Considering that modern-era freedom was supposedly born in the United States, it's very sad to see Americans throwing everything away.

Then there's the $2 million lottery winner in Michigan who's getting food stamps. And it's legal, too, because federal rules apply in this case, and the feds consider lottery winnings, not as income, but as liquid assets.

'Americans are too fat, lazy and addicted to do anything about the robbery that's taking place right before their eyes. Considering that modern-era freedom was supposedly born in the United States, it's very sad to see Americans throwing everything away.'

And is Methusula [or methhead as i call him]
Mika, back from the land of banned?

Who are you?where are you?

I have hear N Klein on Public Radio.

whats yr handle mean?

My posting had nothing to do with Mika - I'm not sure I follow your comment. I do agree with him about a lot of things. Although he'd probably say we Americans are getting what we deserve. Unfortunately, the more we get hit on the head, the more we'll take it out on the rest of the world.

And since he's apparently returned, I can lament with him on how Israel is getting screwed (no surprise, that). Since the Jews (and Americans) are my people, I know they are the good guys. Too bad, they're good people being forced to do some bad things to survive.


The US establishment didn't need to fund, arm, and give political cover to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc., in order to survive. They did it in order to extend their Empire. The US establishment has been, and is, involved in genocide on a massive scale.

Genocide against its native population. Genocide against the world population. Genocide against other peoples culture. Genocide against the environment.

The American people know this. They turn a blind eye and pretend they don't know and that they don't see it. But they do.

Yes we must bring people together. Rabbis and Priests worked together to stop Gays from marching in Jerusalem. This is true Ecumenicism.

We are all rabbis and priests. We must all write our own destiny, but in consideration of others.

That's what is written in the TaNaKh: "You shall be a nation of priests."

And what that means is exactly what I wrote above. We all get to write our own destiny, and not be dictated to and manipulated by an elite (priestly or otherwise).

"The sense of fairness is our glory and it appears that it will be our downfall."

Our "sense of fairness" as you call it, is having the Law written on our hearts. This is God's work, not ours. Therefore it is to His glory, not ours.

Trusting in the flesh {meat brain superiority} will lead to failure. What we are witnessing and learn from history makes this obvious to the few paying attention.

Guilt trip politics rests on false identity. When we learn who we are AND what God is doing in the earth, we will repent. Consider Obadiah.

Hey Asoka!
Just wondering, are you still around here, or have you “met your savior” yet??
Perhaps there’s a pair of shoes in the place you were last standing... ;)

"No one needs shoes in heaven. We'll still have clothes but we wont have to put them on - they'll just be part of us."

What kind of paradise is that??

In my heaven people wear shoes but no clothes. And they all play harmonica like John Popper.

All the no-talent uggos obviously end up in hell.

"Tripp, today is the last day I'll be hanging around, so be nice.

Tomorrow is the Rapture and I get to meet Jesus!"

I have this vision of you, Soak, as that guy in The Mummy movie who wore a talisman for every religion around his neck, and when confronted with evil, fingered them all in turn, speaking in the native tongue of that particular religion as he fingered it, praying to that particular god for salvation. Except that you have the permaculture spiral in your collection too. Fence rider.

Just so you know, the internet connection provided for us real permies up here in heaven is top shelf. Lightning fast. Watch this, just click 'Submit' and BAM! Told ya.

I'm not one of "The Chosen". I'm still here on earth, I believe. But, given what Spidey#### says about philosophy, metaphysics, perception, reality et al., who am I to say.

I guess it's another 6 months now of "hell on earth".

"Nice try on trying to bring some focus, but ol'spidey will not be denied seeing himself in blog-print insane-o-vision 2D."

The guy's an absolute whack-job. I can't believe it just keeps going, and going, and going...as if there was something worthy of our time contained therein.

Hey, Spidey! More boldface and italics, please! We thickos will get it one of these days.

I don't know why they call 'em sugar ants. They actually taste kind of spicy! 'Spicy ants' more like it. Oh sorry, just trying out some new famine foods...

It's either that or eat eggplant.

It's funny to me that my dad thinks my evolutionary perspective is based on some real stretches of the imagination. What does Christianity rest upon? Parthenogenesis in higher primates, rising from the dead, walking on water, and flooding the Earth to a depth higher than Mt. Everest.

Eh, pretty believable stuff really. Except for the last four.

People are creatures of habit and their minds seek out well worn ruts to travel in. Then they selectively avoid persons who don't think as they do. Frankly I have no problem with belief in a supreme being so long as those beliefs are not absurdly specific and detailed, with a tendency towards being "fond and vainly imagined" as the Anglican Book of Common Prayer describes the Catholic doctrine of purgatory. The Anglicans of course also entertain absurdities and even go so far as to present them as being common sense which was one of Alan Watts' complaints about them. So, although I don't believe in any of the prophetic desert monotheistic faiths I do hold a certain number of spiritualist and even creationist beliefs but these ideas are not based upon scriptures of any sort. Although I think there is intelligent design I also believe in evolution and that life forms change over time. One of my influences is Colin Wilson, author of "Beyond the Occult". Wilson first became famous in the '50s as the author of "The Outsider", which was a literary study of artistic and spiritual misfits such as Frederick Nietzche for instance. I think that the buddhists are very wise to not make specific pronouncements about divinity. Various forms of gnosticism and pantheism appeal to me. Beyond that what do I know? The answer of course is very little. I tried being a Benedictine monk for a year but didn't find them credible. For one thing I got the impression that they lacked to psychological subtlety to even be capable of determining whether or not they actually believed, or only believed in "belief" as good mental hygiene. Good mental hygiene may keep one out of the madhouse up to a point but it's hardly going to be the road of excess which leads to the palace of wisdom that Blake was talking about, speaking of lunatics with overly specific beliefs.

Vlad, thanks for the bone-crushing handshake and Cash thanks for your well wishes too.

The deed is done and my daughter is hitched. It was a stressful day that went surprisingly well considering it rained all day and we were barely protected under the roof of a small pavilion in Central Park.

The humor incorporated in the opening riff of the ceremony, prior to the serious parts, drew a few polite chuckles rather than the powerful bursts of laughter I was aiming for so I will be keeping my day job as a retiree and give up all notions of guest hosting for Leno.

Cash, to answer your other questions: I've been preoccupied so, no, I haven't seen the pic of Ah-nold's love child. Nor did I get to see/hear Obama's Mid-East speech. Whatever was said, I'm guessing, won't be leading to world peace in our time. I'll google these items when time permits.

Re the Osama rub out ... I am probably the only person at CFN who believes it all went down essentially as reported by the government and was not executed based on some cold calculation of presidential approval ratings. (I can visualize Wage shaking her head in disbelief at my incredible naivete.)

"Various forms of gnosticism and pantheism appeal to me."

I would say, very casually, that permaculture is as close to horticulture, in the societal version, as anything. (With no attempt to pigeonhole it.) And horticultural societies, as opposed to agricultural ones, tend to be non-linear, celebrating Nature's cyclical abundance from the very beginning, not saving for retirement as if life somehow changes after "work"; and pantheistic, to one extent or another. Permaculture intentionally avoids exclusionary belief structures, knowing that anyone can benefit from its practice, but I can tell you from my view, that there is a certain divinity in every element of the natural system I am creating around myself. I am coming in contact with that procreative life force, if you will, more every day. Outside of humans, there is nothing that isn't valuable to the system, which is why I try my best to not interfere, and that stark realization will lead you away from the agrarian mindset in a hurry.

I'm not saying that I embrace or desire ALL things to be part of my system, from a global perspective, but rather that the elements represented in my local natural economy are all valuable. Humans are the only weeds, and then only because of our anomalous energy regime. It is only our minds that need to change, to find our way down the great energy mountain, nothing else.

It's the agrarian mindset that is unsustainable. Whatever that might include.

In honor of your daughter and for your pleasure, I copied this off a bulletin board at my supermarket: "Hello, I am Accupuncturist Soo Seong, Oh. I have been a professional Accupuncturist in the United States and South Korea for the last fourty years. I would like to treat those who are in pain and erradicate the quality of health care in this region. I promise for the best care of practice and for your happier life style. Thank you."

If we cannot laugh at foreigners who should we laugh at? The liberal answer is at conservatives who are foreigners and aliens to their mind. Now that we have begun to do the same to them and consider them in the same way, they are shocked and disconcerted. So it goes. They started it.

I'm going to mail Mr Oh a letter telling him of his mistake. Vlad Krandz is kind, compassionate. Have I not worn countless yellow and brown bodies in past lives? It's not Oh's fault that he is here but our's. We let him in. If I was Oh I would have done the same. Tempt not your brother. Of course we don't want to go there but they want to come here. The vote on our superiority is decided by many colored feet.

Like it or not Messi, the Old Testament is full of genetics. Adam's fall was/is somehow passed down to us thru the seed. We're bad apples. Likewise, the seed of Jacob it talked about and root of Jesse. Now I'm not trying to reduce it to Darwinism, it's a mystery. Actually the other theory of genetics would fit better. Lamarck thought that individual effort could influence offspring. Darwin said nonsense, that if your genetics are good you will probably get to breed. That's all. Lamarck would say that if a skinny guy lifted weights ferociously, his offspring would be born stronger. But no mechanism for this was ever found so it's not really science. The Russian Communists even adopted a version of it in regards to their agriculture.

Men should never be bare below but not above. Women find this unattractive and will throw you out. Never let your wife see you with a shirt on but no pants. Or with a hat and shoes but nothing else. Dude just don't do it. Your heaven will turn into hell.

While America is trying to figure out how
to make sense of their Iphones, Ipad 2's,
and Androids, the government makes sure
that it can tinker with the economy whilst
the public is tied up with its various
Mesmer Boxes.

Meantime, the statistical bureaus are telling
us that tech employment is up (though starting
wages are 60% of what they were in 1999) even
while ECRI (a stooge of a different sort) is
telling us that a non-recessionary downturn
is well underway.

So the "utopia" we're supposed to celebrate
is that we've postponed contraction and
hoop-de-doo that we have the manna from
heaven of zero growth. Rome didn't have
statisticians to provide this kind of bread
and circuses.


"There is never enough time..."
"Crosses between human subspecies.."

Okay, I'll sleep with the finches one more time.

There IS enough time for somethings.
That lion you mentioned was not very bright, and nature decided that he would not survive.

The finches simply DO have time, especially with no predators. Nature, without external(e.g.human) intervention, will decide their fate.

Now, on the subspecies issue I was unclear and went to the Webster's dictionary definition of subspecies, the last part of which said: "...whose members interbreed SUCCESSFULLY with those of other subspecies of the same species where their ranges overlap."

This obviously implies that subspecies, by definition, already do interbreed successfully.

So, what do you mean?

Last word to you. I'm finched out.

I had fun reading through some of the hate mail.... is this the normal level of intelligence of most Americans or is such rudeness the exception to the rule?

Cash: In my mind the problem is this: what would have been the alternatives?

Cash, if one makes the assumption that the U.S. in 1945 would not have accepted anything less than unconditional surrender from Japan, pretty much all of the alternatives result in a lot of Japanese dead. One of the alternatives, a conventional conquest of Japan, would have also entailed a lot of Allied (primarily American) dead.


Seemorerocks: is this the normal level of intelligence of most Americans (snip)

I'm kind of surprised you asked the question. You have your own blog, so you have to have a fair understanding of the behavior of those who post in forums that discuss contentious topics.

It is hardly surprising anymore that people allow themselves behavior in their guise as internet entities that they would very seldom employ in real-life encounters with others.


No, I am not "cock-sure", impotetn, every attempt at getting some as has ben a failure, I don't know how to approache even, very awkwards, most are sometimes married, that is a game I have lost.

But I will keep on chasing that ass and never getting any.

Anyways, I have lost much greater wars as you may notice by the post below.

Relax, sit back, god wants to talk to you. He likes to play chess games with his inferiors and he has bad news for you, you will lose. He starts out by making people doubt his own "existence": you can never know "for sure", you will never know if he exists or if he doesn't, but this insecurity is the basis of "faith", but therefore "faith" really has no bases, the most we can say is, we don't know. No one can know and will ever know, even if you saw him, even if you were in hell, the extreme pain (that turns off thought anyways, while pleasure doesn't turn off thought...), it still wouldn't be enough to be really, really sure. This is part of the structure of the universe, you can't know anything at all for sure, another one of those insane metaphysical problems, this ability to not know for sure (anything, not even if we were designed by martians, if we ourselves are god, or we live in a virtual reality as a brain in a vat) is one of the sides of the box that contains the mind, of the box that serves as a reference system, as a coordinate system of our existence. And if you can't be sure of god, then you can't be sure of anything, not even logic, not even what you are now reading. By the way, I haven't defined god, but that is ok, you don't want to open that can of worms, we can't even define space or time or logic, let alone anything else.

Parmenides said he visited a goddess that wispered a truth in his ear, "Existence Is". Of course I may be wrong, but it is ok for god to be wrong, no one will punish him. And this existence is infinite, eternal, never changing, but subtly can't really sustain the principle of "non contradiction". So what is it, a secret message that philosophers have been transmitting us through the centuries ? take what we say and believe the opposite as truth ? After all, philosophy just needs these 2 words, "Existence Is", everything else that can be said and will be said, all of the other and any other philosophy is irrelevant, excess wording, not needed, those 2 words have said everything that ever needed to be said, so philosophy is over, done with.

The real problem is how insane the "principle of non contradiction" is. How can something be different from something else, how can A be different from B ? A much more rational world is one where A is B, A is not itself, A is also B and C, a totally contradictory world. But aside from perceiving, feeling, conceiving this insanity in your mind, how insane the principle of non contradiction really is, aside from looking at it, and meditating on it, you can't do anything with it, it is one of those other infinitely recursive problems, that apply to itself forever, like insecurity, existence, and many other (or no others). How can A be different from B ? Totlally mind boggling, insane, impossible, and yet all of western civilization is based on the principle of "non contradiction", really insane, go figure.

Anyways go on, "contradict me", I am the most ferocious critic of myself, you can be sure, I thrive to be wrong, and am as wrong as possible, contradict me, demolish everything I say, I can't wait, your criticism is always heaven sent compared to what I do to myself.

No, I am not "cock-sure", impotent, every attempt at getting some ass has been a failure (in the last 15 years or so ?), I don't know how to approach even, very awkwards, most are sometimes married, that is a game I have lost.

But I will keep on chasing that ass and never getting any.

Anyways, I have lost much greater wars as you may notice by the post above.

I look at dirty pictures, like a dirty old man.

In answer to your question, I've been blogging here for over a year and have often discussed my life here in NYC. About my handle? Unfortunately I wasn't very creative.

You really should read Naomi Klein, "The Shock Doctrine and the Rise Of Disaster Capitalism". She's generally low key during interviews and does not have the same impact as her writing. Her book speaks directly to John Perkins "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man". Basically it's the same story different angle.

E. Great to see you back.
Of course it's all about miss-directing people's attention while they are being financially destroyed.

BTW, it's been reported recently that new disorders are coming out of all this FB activity and blogging--Ironic---The extreme being that people are hooked on the thread and not getting out and experiencing the real world.--but I digress...

If anyone hasn't noticed over the years that companies have been slashing salaries, they must be on drugs. They've been firing older worker for younger inexperienced workers for years because of wages, but as I always say, we have entered another stage in the global paradigm.
In this stage many will have to find work outside the country.
In the meantime transnationals will be buying more of our infrastructure and publicly-held property through foreign sovereign wealth funds, thanks to the banks like JP Morgan.
One interesting tid-bit I learned yesterday in my readings is that it was the banks themselves who actively sought to move US companies to manufacture abroad. It's all about global financial hegemony and forcing the world to flatten, destroy all the differences between people for the seamless banking system..

I hope you saw the Zero Hedge report by Deloitt. The wealthiest among us are poised to double their worth in nine years (2020) while the res of us lose the said amount. Please check it out.
PS. Q. Congratulations

So far as I recall from my anthropology classes hunting/gathering was the level of society which predated agriculture. The move to settled agriculture supposedly made humans more violent since the new cities needed to defend their agricultural lands from invaders if they were to forestall the possibility of famine. About this time there was also a shift in religious beliefs to more masculine sky cults and away from the more earthy female inspired fertility cults. Also, people weren't as regimented in the earlier forms of society and typically loafed when their real work was finished. What I don't get is the difference between horticulture and agriculture. Is horticulture more opportunistic and less focused towards monoculture enterprises?

My comments were concerned with the differences between the pagan world of antiquity which was religously tolerant and made no distinction between the various cults, provided their devotees were flexible enough to sacrifice to the emperor. The Jews and Christians refused to do that so they were trouble makers. The Jews and Christians also had calcified and exclusive orthodoxies and had lost touch with the underlying reality that their cults had originally been fabricated from reworked earlier material. The easiest explanation of how the mystery cults and gnostics spun their tales is to be found in "The Pagan Christ" by Tom Harpur, a former Anglican cleric who is now a professor of comparative religion at the Univ. of Toronto. Freke & Gandy are also excellent, but their books are extremely demanding. According to these sholars the old testament is recycled Babylonian mythology and the gospels are reworked Egyptian material, as indeed, were virtually all the Mediterranean cults of that period. This is what Bill Maher picked up on in his documentary "Religulous".

These books are difficult partially owing to our abandonment of ancient history. Even on the graduate record exam in the history subject there is no material dealing with ancient history any more, so far as I know. People have also been fed tons of simplistic happy talk about the world of the bible and tend to be overwhelmingly oblivious to unsettling revelations coming out of textual analysis to the effect that the authors of the gospels knew virtually nothing about the geography of Palestine. And then of course the gospels are coded astrologically which doesn't do wonders for their veracity. In a nutshell, the gospels were originally committed to paper entirely capitalized, in scraps of spoken dialogue employed in mytery plays, and not composed as novel like narratives.

"...the Old Testament is full of genetics."

It's a covenant {law} between a genetically related people and the Creator on behalf of the whole planet. They {ignorantly?} agreed to follow it and He agreed to either bless them for doing so or bring curses upon them for not doing so. These would eliminate the disobedient and preserve the faithful.

The goal was to illustrate the inadequacy of the flesh in keeping the Law {covenant}. It was designed to fail and be replaced by something better. Those that cling to the Old Covenant and think their genetics alone offer a panacea will be {are being} severly disappointed.

"And then of course the gospels are coded astrologically which doesn't do wonders for their veracity."

Is there any kind of encoding that would satisfy you?

Will-o'-the-Asoka or multitudes?

After Asoka's recent post on the economic recovery skeptics I'll settle for bizarre.

Vlad Krantz with a hat and shoes but nothing else. And probably standing in front of a David Duke poster saluting, from above and below!

I'm not really sure what you mean by your question "Is there any kind of encoding that would satisfy you?" If what you mean is "is there anything that would make me convinced that the gospels were in essence dictated by the lord to his scriptural stenographers "here below" then honestly, no, there is nothing." When I tended towards belief I believed because I wanted to. But now that I have become convinced otherwise it would take a great deal to change my mind at this point.

Westerners in general have accepted the bible as history and appear to be quite naive about how the bible was assembled in the first place. It has become part of the west's mental furniture and it would be difficult for most people to do any spring cleaning between their ears, as it were. And then also, I did try being a monk and was not very impressed with the established monks in vows. It's kind of like my parochial grade school teacher friends asking me what I think of "The DaVinci Code". What I tell them is it's hard to imagine Jesus marrying Mary Magdalene is first, Jesus was really an Egyptian god and consequently not real, and second, if there actually was no Mary Magdalene because every time reference is made to "Mary from Magdala" the writers are in fact referring to a different female resident of that town meaning of course that they are not speaking of one person in the first place. Then of course the Romans kept very thorough records and there is no Roman record of any Jesus of Nazareth. Claims made for the historical writings of the Jewish turn-coat Josephus have also been revealed to be false, as indeed, the Church has falsified the records. Then there is the embarrassing fact that some of the early church fathers such as Origen were in retrospect not the most orthodox as indeed, the Orthodoxy had not quite set up yet at that point. And never forget that early popes had to reprimand the faithful in the curious matter of their continued insistence upon worshipping the sun...

The main difference between agriculture and horticulture is scale. We talk about scale a lot around here, but no one much knows any practical way to apply sweeping changes in response to that energetic demand. Thus horticulture arrives on the scene in the form of permaculture in 1979, and again every week here in these pages. I see horticulture as the interlude between hunting/gathering and agriculture. Most of the native American Indians were horticulturalists, not hunter/gatherers. We didn't recognize their gardens in the forest because they weren't tilled and focused like ours. They were diffuse and ecological. After some study of horticultural societies in South America, the view of the Amerind genocide had to be rethought, and the numbers of Indians killed directly and indirectly surged from about one million to something closer to 50 million.

When I think of agriculture, the key word that comes to mind is "expansionary." Agriculture relies on expansion of resources, expansion of markets, and expansion of populations, in order to function. It's the same Ponzi we berate in so many other arenas around here. I've seen figures that show that agriculture requires roughly 4 acres (equivalent) of support land for every acre of production. And you thought we had a lot of ground under actual tillage. Only 20% of the cost of agriculture is represented in the farm land.

Horticulture, on the other hand, is in essence gardening, not farming. We can grow corn and wheat and whatever, that made us farmers, but in a small scale garden approach that is predominantly human powered, not fossil fuel or even animal powered. I don't cultivate at all in my garden, but then, I'm pretty fringe, even among organic types. Are you familiar with the concept of the "milpa"? Swidden-fallow production?

On the subject of religion, horticulturalists are often polytheists, or more often pantheists, like the animists. They live by the cyclical abundance of natural cycles, simply, safeguarding the resources they will need to survive next year. Agriculturalists think in linear progression, and worship single sky gods typically. They are ordained to expand and conquer other "lesser" peoples by "the one true god". That age of man is now coming to a close. And I believe that the halcyon days of horticulture are on their way. For the remnant at least.

I just looked up "MILPA" and found it pretty interesting in that it presents a gardening model which isn't dependent upon keeping beasts of burden. I am suposedly part Seneca Iroquois, although from way back if that is in fact true. Everyone knows about the Iroquoian use of corn both as food and as part of the longhouse religion promoted by Red Jacket. This appears to be a good way to feed yourself under normal circumstances although I remain skeptical of the survivability of small family farms post collapse if anarchy results. In spite of all the negative publicity stemming from the notoriety of the now Somali pirates, and formerly, Indonesian pirates in the Straights of Malacca, I still think deep-sea sailing would be the best way to elude most anarchy. And of course world fish stocks would rapidly rebound if and when diesel powered commercial factory fishing comes to an end post petroleum. As pointed out by Jim in "The Long Emergency" it will take more than just biodiesel to keep things running. So they won't keep running.

"When I tended towards belief I believed because I wanted to."

Can one believe without wanting to?

Not so fast.

I don't know about the roman propaganda book known as the "New Testament" ("new", my ass, more like regurgitated egyptian/greek pagan nonsense), but that's not the TaNaKh, and it has nothing to do with the TaNaKh other than being artificially attached to it so as to lend the roman propaganda story some legitimacy. Sure you have stories in the TaNakh of natural disasters that might have been exaggerated and attributed to God, but on the whole the narrative is true and is a history of the Jewish people. History first passed down as oral song from generation to generation, and then finally written down with the invention of the Sinai-Hebrew script at the time of Moses and later on.

Let me ask you a simple question. Who built the 1st Temple ("Solomon's Temple"), the temple which Hordus/Herod later reinforced and enlarged? These things don't build themselves, they need a huge organization and a very strong and wealthy central government to accomplish. There were huge stones involved. For example, there's a cut stone in that temple complex, that is some 60 metres long and is estimated to weigh some 400 tons.

Another thing, the TaNaKh and its contents were widely known in the ancient world. It was translated to many languages, including greek. But I have yet to come across a single reference from the ancient world that disputes the contents of the TaNaKh. The same cannot be said about the roman propaganda books known as the "New Testament". Those were vociferously rejected right from the time they first came to be known.

Yes, of course. During the middle ages when the prevailing consensus reality strongly supported orthodox Christian belief, and Gnostic heretics such as the Cathars were eventually hunted down and exterminated for instance in the Langeudoc region of southwest France, along with the Bogomils further east, the laity were continually assured on supposed good authority that everything in the scriptures was fact. Of course they were not permitted to read this material themselves, and the early translators to the vernacular often met gruesome fates at the hands of the church's inquisitors such as the Dominicans. So people believed overwhelmingly even if not temperamentally inclined to do so in each and every case. The same situation could obtain today although to a lesser extent than formerly was the case. And then of course belief always exists in balance with doubt, and there is a sort of yo-yo effect. Since this is highly personal people's beliefs can be shocked out of viability though, when new information or emotional experiences come to bear. One out of print skeptical book vis a vis the historicity of Jesus was written by a Carmelite nun who quit the convent. And then more famously Albert Schweitzer went looking for the historical Jesus and then reported that he was not to be found. This is not unique to Christianity as a great deal of embroidery has gone into the writings of every religion including of course the Mahayana Buddhism largely adopted by the beats, hippies, and current bohemians as well.

I agree with some of what you're saying. For instance you have the proper attitude towards the gospels. Neither am I claiming that nothing in the tanakh, or hebrew scriptures, happened, or that it is entirely fabricated, as after all, if that were the case then the Jewish people wouldn't exist today. I am referring back to what Freke & Gandy convinced me of in their volume "The Laughing Jesus: Religious Lies and Gnostic Wisdom". You would have to order a copy of at least one of their books. Used copies are readily available and quite cheap online. They are difficult to find at places like Half Price Books. Of course even they now have an online store which is better stocked.

My admittedly vague recollection of "Laughing Jesus" is that figures such as Abraham and Moses most likely never existed, that the supposed Egyptian captivity is questionable, but that the Jews were undoubtedly held captive in Babylonia, as indeed, their scriptures appear to be heavily derivative of Babylonian influences. I know just enough about these matters that I no longer take any scriptures seriously. To my way of thinking the possibility of their being what has been claimed for them is virtually nil. In fact, the notion that they could be true would strike me as being monstrous and horrible much as if the human race were being actively persecuted by malevolent supernatural beings. The very concept strikes me as being absurd. At least in the various species of gnosticism you can submit to a discipline then discover the truth for yourself by attaining enlightenment perhaps, although nothing is guaranteed.

Most of you folks will like this. I found it courtesy of SeeMoreRocks and collapsenet.


Here's an excerpt:
"Organized religion has been a major player in bringing us to this horrific crisis. The cozy co-existence between “religions”, politics and money is revealed pretty clearly if one steps back and examines the historical interactions with the leaders of these religions and the expansion of industrial civilization over the last four centuries. Let’s face it; Christianity has obviously had the best “business model”, but only in an infinite-growth paradigm."
-god on the table"

"Men should never be bare below but not above. Women find this unattractive and will throw you out."
-vlad, to tripp-

Vlad, I've probably known my share of women - and I've never heard of this before. Neither have I ever been "thrown out."

Maybe you need a different class of girlfriend/wife?

I also wanted to ask how I'll be able to go skinny dipping in heaven, if my cloths are part of my body?
Sounds painful, at best.
And it won't be heaven without some skinny dipping, I'm certain.

BuckStud - that's quite the image you paint of Vlad and David Duke dancing in only hats and shoes. I may take a strong sedative tonight - to be sure I don't wake from a nightmare about THAT particular possibility.

Oh, and speaking to the Rapture of May 21st.
The one thing we should all take away from those predictions and (non)events is the following:

Live every day like it's your last day on Earth and, one day, it will be.

But how is the blessing passed down? What is the mechanism if not genetic? Supernatural? We all share in Adam's fall - it's in the seed, it's genetic. Likewise, look at the curse put on Ham and his descendants. Can we not see this in Asoka even now?

Re: Gardening, agriculture and religion.

You need to build a little shrine to this guy...


He's the Roman god of manure. Compost, at a stretch, I suppose.

I found this pretty interesting. A couple of paragraphs down, there's a list of Ceres 12 assistant gods.


And, of course, there's Pomona, Demeter, etc.. A lot of overlap depending on time period and place.

It seems that we're pretty much on the same page. I can only say that there are many people that come to this field of study (the hebrew bible) with an agenda. I think the jury is still out as to verifiable archeological facts that prove or disprove anything (many of the theories are highly subjective; the facts can be interpreted either way). We just have to wait for more conclusive evidence. But I also know that the scientific community is highly politicized and should not be trusted in either case.

What was the daily life of a novitiate like?
[did 9 years in katlik school in nyc till they kicked me out]!

and meth...'"Do you belive in the lost tribes as Israel?"

I DONT BELIEVE IN ISRAEL, ...so who cares about lost jews?

'Whatever that might include.'
We ared legion, multitudes, 7 billion..
India produces 100 to 180? million a decade and more and more of them are in the USA.


Who's asking you too? What does Israel have to do with you? Why do you feel that you have to stick your nose in things that have zero to do with you? It's almost pathological with you people. Actually, it's not almost pathological, it is pathological. It's a fscking a sickness. A physical and cultural disease.

The Jews rewrote the Torah to make the prophecies seem to deny Christ. Thus we as Christians are the heirs to the Prophets, not the so called Jews or Talmudists. This is indicated in the Talmud where Jehovah asks the Rabbis for advice. And of course in the tortured legalism in general where the meaning of a passage is turned into its opposite. Talmudism is a different religion than ancient Judaism. Ancient Judaism survives only in a few small pockets - a sect known as the Karaites who rejected the Talmud and possiblly the Falashas of Ethiopia who lost contact with Israel before the rise of Talmudism. I don't know if they kept Judaism purely or added on to it from pagan sources.

LOL! You do realize that the Dead Sea Scrolls are identical letter for letter to the "modern" TaNaKh. They also predate the story of jesus and the gospels by several hundred years. So good luck with your fishing expedition, you troll.

You probably just avoided doing it intuitively. You're a man who often doesn't know why he does things but often does the right thing anyway. And you sure know which side your bread is buttered on at all times.

Skinny dipping? You shameless old reprobate, who are you kidding? Not only do you want the 72 virgins with Osama, you want anal sex with Black Girls who are "as cute as buttons".

Clothes in heaven getting in the way of your dipping? Why do you have to be so literal? (See I just shifted my ground. I learned from the Master of Shift - You.)

"We ared legion, multitudes, 7 billion..
India produces 100 to 180? million a decade and more and more of them are in the USA."

But that doesn't mean it can continue just because it always has. That's the nature of a paradigm shift. The entire worldview changes radically. Agriculture worked as long as there was more to take, but once there is no more to take it becomes maladaptive. No matter how many people bang on their chest and demand it to be so.

Humans are part of Nature too, and we will obey natural law when it is forced upon us. Too bad about the extra 6.5 billion petro-people...

The gospels are amazingly concrete and exact in contrast to so much of the gnostic and pagan literature. So there was no Christ, no Mary, no Peter? Then where did the Church came from? Obviously something happened, something big and very different from what happened before.

The Jews believe that Jesus was real - they hated him and gloat about putting him to death in the Talmud. None of this "the Romans did it" - that's just for public, goyish consumption.

The Jewish Historian Josephus talked about the greatness of Christ. Like the Pharisees, he not only believes in Jesus but in his miracles. Unlike them, he thought Jesus a wonderderful man or god. The Pharisees considered him a sorcerer and deciever. And they still do.

Uggos. Petro People. You are begining to objectify people as other - getting ready for the mass die off psychologically. I don't disapprove just noting. But as ever I warn you - they aint gonna go quietly into that good night. How far from Atlanta are you?

I don't realize it nor do I believe it. I'm sure there are parallels and identity of phrasing in parts, but the same? Doubt it.

The Jews believe that Jesus was real

When? And according to whom?

The josephus reference is a forgery. That's beyond dispute. The talmud was written 400 years after the supposed story of jesus. And reference to jesus in the talmud explicitly states that the whole story is a crock.

The typical Benedictine Abbey in the Catholic Church runs either a high school or a small liberal arts college. Benedictines chant the choir offices communally, although many have various excused absences if they are running errands or saying mass in a parish for the extra income. You meet in the chapel to chant the psalter starting early in the morning and concluding with vespers in the early evening. There is also daily mass. Anglican Benedictines are much the same except that they tend to be somewhat more contemplative since they typically don't run active ministries such as schools. There is only one Benedictine R.C. house in North America which runs a farm instead of a school, and that is in western Canada somewhere maybe Saskatchewan. Most Benedictines are really school teachers or professors, observe little silence, and have fairly lax discipline permitting them to drink, smoke, and watch televised sports. I found the postulancy to be bogus because they typically choose one of the most unbearably nerdy monks to supervise the postulants and novices. It becomes painfully obvious almost immediately that the rules are for the new people, not the presumably "cool" people who are in life vows. Most Abbeys have a fleet of automobiles so that the priests can drive around saying mass in the underserved parishes. These cars frequently disappear at night when the same people are shacked up with their mistresses. Having been raised Episcopalian I quickly discovered that the notion that most Catholic clergy are gay is clearly protestant propaganda. Let's put it this way: the married defrocked priest starts out as a priest with a girlfriend. As a former mariner who had been in the habit of frequenting prostitutes I wasn't exactly shocked but was annoyed that some of the more enthusiastic novices labelled me a "skirt chaser" when this was clearly a common affliction among the solemnly professed. For those who have a real contemplative vocation I would recommend the Carthusian hermits, the only order which has never required a reform. If you must join the Benedictines then join one of the larger Archabbeys which own a college because at least college students are less insipid than high school kids. And no, the monks there were not burning with zeal to instruct the protestant refugees from the local big city school district. They found them boisterous and a waste of time, not being Catholic. The trappists and the cistercians of the strict observance are contemplative, never run schools, eat a vegetarian diet, shave their heads, and work their asses off. They are so ultra-nerdy that they don't even require seminary attendance in order to get ordained to the priesthood, same as the Carthusian hermits. Immediately after quitting the monastery I stopped attending mass except for a brief period when I was living with a Catholic woman who sufferred from religious mania and even thought that she had been Mary Magdalene in a previous existence when drunk on red wine. As part of her duties as "Mary Magdalene" she believed that she had been Jesus' girlfriend and main squeeze, as it were. Let's put it this way: if she'd passed her personal course of psychotherapy she would have been licensed as a clinical psychologist but since she didn't, she ended up as a vocational rehab. counselor! Which is good news for all the people she might've treated otherwise. I had to stop driving her to mass because she'd become angry if I didn't take communion with her. Novices and postulants work as janitors no matter how much education they have. They can teach classes once they've entered the so called juniorate in temporary vows. Postulants wear no vestments but novices wear simple black cassocks with a leather belt around the waist outside of the cassock. The vowed monks wear black habits with a black scapular and hood. When driving around the communithy on errands they typically wear regular clericals with a roman collar, usually the more informal short sleeved style. In my opinion celibacy is far easier than the vow of obedience because many of the people who expect obedience are social cretins at best, and misguided reactionary fools in many other cases.

Well, I picked up my Mosin Nagant, only $99.00. What a deal. Mfg. in the Soviet Union in 1943, refurbished in Finland in 1950 (the markings on the receiver tell the story), still with traces of cosmoline applied 51 years ago, it almost like it just came off the factory floor ... a piece of history but one I can still hold and use. Its off to the range on Wed.

I had the pleasure of cleaning it up in my driveway, on the tailgate of my pickup, on a sunny Sat. afternoon, listening to OzoneP's CD 'Dark Dreams'. Now that's what I call a good time!

BeanTown Bill, a few days ago you posted what sounded like an apology for Israel. Israel needs no apologies. Israel is a righteous country which right now is imperiled and struggling to survive. People on this sight who criticize Israel tend tend to forget, perhaps willingly, the events in Europe 1933-45, and how they color Israeli policy now. What's never addressed by critics of Israel is what will happen, what would be in store for the Jewish people, should Israel be overrun or defeated in armed conflict. It would be a rhetorical question because everybody already knows the answer. The Israelis best of all.


Laughed my arse off watching Obama Doorman in Chief get bitch slapped by Netanyahu Friday. Strongly suspect Bibi had to pinch himself to avoid using the 'n' word.

Israel is a club, my man. It's an exclusive club, and you sir, are NOT A MEMBER! RIP, George Carlin.

What did you do to get kicked out?

Israel is a club, my man. It's an exclusive club, and you sir, are NOT A MEMBER! RIP, George Carlin.

Haha, so true. I love George Carlin.

But don't feel bad, you're in a club called America. Which, the way you're going, will be almost as good as the exclusive club called Greece.

From where I'm sitting, America circa 2015 is going to make Greece look like Club Med!

It was 1970..there was a 'student strike'...
The grateful dead were gonna do a concert at our high school..till the brothers found their history of drugs..i refuesed to cut my hair..etcetc

Thanks....I learned more in yr post about catholic orders than i did in 9 years at such schools.
I think my guys were Franciscans...and not 'into boys'..
across town their was a Jesuit high..the boys
were required to take swimming..nude.

Mika is back as Methuzla..
right down to the 'nigger' and 'fsking' terms.

India producing 100 to 180 million in a decade!

Yeah, it doesn't look very good, for any of us.

David DeGraw w Max Keiser: http://youtu.be/WdoagniRlqk

s6969: "The real problem is how insane the "principle of non contradiction" is. How can something be different from something else, how can A be different from B ? "

I don't see the problem here. The principle of non-contradiction follows from the principle on non-duality in extant reality. It is the basis for Logic. Even though the framework and rationale of quantum physics allows for special cases of weirdness, within that framework is a rationalization for treating such instances as special cases. As far as the macroscopic world goes, if A = ~A, then the argument is just full of shit. The quantum weirdness of electrons being indeterminable notwithstanding.

"And if you can't be sure of god, then you can't be sure of anything, not even logic, not even what you are now reading. "

The problem with this argument is that is one can simply accept the premise that logic is valid without any kind of proof, avoiding the circularity of logic being used to prove logic. Concepts of God are dispatched with Reductio ad Absurdum. On the other hand if someone has excessive credulity or faulty sensory apparatuses then they might find themselves unable to achieve a dry, scintillating reason as a consequence of their lack of clear perceptions and insights. They may find themselves reading shit like "Evidence of an Afterlife" or other garbage.

The simple fact is that for most people their emotions are their masters and the realest things in the universe. Where do these emanations come from? We are controlled by pea-sized glands. Humans have the ability to re-frame things subjectively, that is all. But for humans, this is everything.

Our subjective reality is nothing more than a complex chemical equation, the baseline of which is mutable as is the premise of pharma-psychology. It is also changeable by linguistic and rational modes, or physically. Think about how many ways a person can be influenced or changed. By argument, by physical effort, persuasion, drugs, hypnosis, and so on and so forth.

The subjective reality is a powerful place where human beings are made and un-made. It is not a good place to dump one's prejudices and mis-perceptions.

For example, your statement ...

"No, I am not "cock-sure", impotent, every attempt at getting some ass has been a failure (in the last 15 years or so ?), I don't know how to approach even, very awkwards, most are sometimes married, that is a game I have lost.

But I will keep on chasing that ass and never getting any."

... contains 8 negative self-affirmations. Those 8 negative self-affirmations directly influence your subjective sense of yourself. They are not reflective of any objective but a transient "present set" of subjective beliefs experienced only by yourself.

Logically it is inconsistent, for example, you "don't know how to approach", yet, have ostensibly made "every attempt", ending in "failure" (by attempted approach, I suppose).

The truest statement is "most are sometimes married" and the falsest is the prediction you will "never get any", which is not a true prediction per se: in fact, hypno-therapists would characterize such statements as auto-suggestive. 15 years of failure does not mean the next day, months or years will not be years of wild success. Objectively all it probably means is that you should change something in your approach.

mika, "We just have to wait for more conclusive evidence."

"For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me; for he wrote about Me."

Coercion does not produce belief.


Metus, Bubble and Vlad,

I'm following your conversation about Judaism, Christianity and sundry. (No offense but it's all hogwash to me and I marvel that anyone could have devoted so much time and effort to acquire the vast knowledge of the subject that you three appear to have.)

Back in my audio-book-listening period I borrowed from my local library a dissertation titled Jerusalem, the Contested City by Frank E. Peters. I learned a lot from it and recommend it highly. Peters has the delivery of a regular guy ... without pomposity.

As I listened I noticed what seemed to be an odd pronunciation of the word "status." I tracked down Dr. Peters on the web (he was teaching at NYU if memory serves) and wrote him an email via his .edu address. After telling him how much I enjoyed his audio book I launched into the pronunciation issue by saying "Pardon my pedantry but....." (I possessed Q-ness even before the name Qshtik had been invented.) Within the hour I received back a reply that began "No need to apologize, I'm a professor and pedantry is my middle name..."

I knew right away I was going to like this guy. "Odd that you should mention the word status," he said. "Twenty years ago I wrote a memoir titled 'Ours' and the it contains only one footnote and it's about the pronunciation of the word status. The ball is in your court."

Naturally, I took up the challenge, hurried to the library and took out Ours. It describes his entry into the Jesuit order of the priesthood and later his leaving the Jesuits. This (his having been a Jesuit) explained a lot since I had attended a Jesuit college (St. Joseph's) in Philly. It jarred a memory, "of course ... that's where I heard the word status pronounced stotus."

'Ours' was wonderful and at times extremely funny. There was a hilarious vignette about a chain-smoking novitiate and another about the cheap underwear that they were able to "pick up for a chant." It gives great insight in particular to the novitiate life of these intellectuals of the Catholic religion. I bring this up here because of all the various orders you three mentioned (Benedictines, Trappists, etc) you left out the Jebbies.

Here is a Wiki link for Frank E. Peters. He is a great scholar on the religions of the middle east.


MD, if the bible has an essential message, to me that message is nationalism and nationhood. And if there's anything to gleam from all the lies presented in the story of Jesus, it is that he was a nationalist as well. Roman propagandists were imperialists. They turned the particular story of hebrew nationalism to the universal story of roman imperialism. I completely reject empire and imperialism, and so does the TaNaKh. Roman christianity is an anti-christ political construct. This is something that needs to be clearly understood.

Vlad asked Asia: What did you do to get kicked out?

Asia replied: ..i refuesed to cut my hair..etcetc

The truth: He refused to spell correctly, to write in complete sentences and to begin them with upper case letters.

It had nothing to do with hair or the Grateful Dead.

That's tragic. And you seem to fall into it too calling the Carthusians and Trappists "nerdy". I read a book about the Carthusians - they have their own seminary classes on site so they don't have to go to a "seminary" or cesspool of corruption.

I once talked to a homosexual ex-Catholic who had a passionate hatred of the Church. His boyfriend had almost been destroyed by them he said. His take on it was that they were largely a Homosexual Cult of closeted and/or in denial weirdo priests. They wanted his boyfriend cuz he was so goodlooking. When the young boyfriend told the Fathers he thought he was gay, they just told him "you have a colling". Me and the Gay laughed about the weird way (Irish American?) of pronouncing words that so many of the old priests used to have.

The Romans persecuted the new Church (as did the Jews) for centuries so that's another error. The Jews were/are bitter because they thought/think that they are supposed to rule the Earth and then some little cult explodes and puts them in the shade.

I only wish you red, white, and blue types cared as much about our borders as you did about Israel's and Afghanistan's. As Mika said, we just have no ability to mind our own business.

Btw, the Jews have been buying land in southern Argentina for many years. That seems to be the default setting. But they wont need it, they can just come here, Canada, or Australia and screw things up even more than they already have.

Sure, Vlad, as if Jewish folk are welcome in Argentina, all full up with fascists and Nazis as it is. And what about that Synagogue that got blown up awhile back? The Argentinian welcoming committee?


God is the Ocean and every thing is the waves. There is no separation but they are not the same. Or in other words, the wave is not the ocean but it is not not the ocean. And the just so for the ocean - but it is not the wave at all being so much more but yet it is not separate from the wave either.

Another analogy from Shaivism: God is the Snake, when the snake moves the coils are the nama and rupa, name and form of existence. When the Snake stops moving the universe comes to an end but obviously God being the Substratum, does not.

And at your deepest level, you are not separate from God. He or It is your deepest Self. As Saint Louis Montfort says, "He is the only one who can say I Am." All other beings are derrivitive, taking their Being from His. As Ramana Maharishi says, Doubt anything you want, but you can't doubt the Self.

In other words, find out Who is doubting the existence of God.

How about that Falklands War in 82, the Argentinian Generals and Pols strutting around in spiffy uniforms all bedecked with medals, terrorizing their own population. But when they got in a real war, with a real enemy, Britain kicked their ass.


The Romans persecuted the new Church

Whom didn't they persecute? They were bloodthirsty thieving animals who were happy to kill and plunder their own citizenry just as readily as they killed and plundered others. Their whole culture was a savage culture of thievery, death, and war.

As for roman christianity, it is based solely on the fictional works of "Paul of Tarsus". I.e. It is sourced from a single source. Anything that did not conform to that propaganda work was eliminated as heretic.

The Jews were/are bitter because they thought/think that they are supposed to rule the Earth

Are you for real? The only thing we want is for you thieving imperialist fscks to leave us alone.

Well you can't win everywhere Mika. Would you be satisfied with 90% of the world's wealth and power or does it have to be 100%?

Try this with you Jewish friends - you'll be amazed. Ask them how much is enough. They will get very nervous. There are no limits to Jewish ambition. Or ask them to name one thing that Jews have ever done wrong. Watch them stutter and their eyes dart. Of course they are always ready to listen to Whites talk about what they've done wrong and Whites are usually willing to oblige them. A very very sick state of affairs.

I hold no brief for Argentina - I'm just saying that I've heard that the Jews are buying massive amounts of land there. It's been pretty cheap apparently.

I enjoyed watching the Brits crush them. The Gurkhas got to use their kukris - the Falklands are much like their Himalayan homeland.

Btw, the Jews have been buying land in southern Argentina for many years.

LOL! Why southern Argentina? Why not madagascar the promised land, where you and the US/UN will protect them from harm and US/UN subsidized jihadis?

You hate the accoutrements and refinements of the generals. That's the classical tradition. McArthur was like that too and he was for real.

Thanks for the link. A couple of excerpts to bring to the attention of this blog:

David Degraw:

u.s. middle class is obsolete.
War on the middle class.
Trillions stolen .
There used to be a rule of law.
Free market capitalism is done.
Mafia rule. (in the markets, government, etc.)

It's my view that this is pretty much a cooked chicken dinner. Done. Over. What's left of the Middle Class has been left to fight over race, "entitlements", class, and my all time favorite, "Education". Yeah, we got to keep funding these diploma mills at all costs. God forbid my kid learns how to work a saw, farm an acre or two of food, patch a roof, compost, or critically review a piece of literature - I offer a toast to the death of the English major, as well as his wicked cohort, the layabout Philosophy major. Critical thinking be DAMNED! The middle class happily laps up what's left of the crumbs of the banquet table of the elite. BON APPETIT!

Three hours by interstate, off of a dead end exit.

I might use the Atlanta market a bit to transition, but I'll never live there.

I suppose philosophy is unimportant, but obsessing over trivial grammatical and punctuation errors isn't? Oh well to each his own, have a nice day, or night if it's dark there.

There are four basic types of religious orders in the R.C. Church: [1] monks; [2] friars; [3] missions priests; [4] congregations of clerks regular. Monks take vows of stability and are self supporting. Friars may wander about and beg for money, hence the term mendicants. The largest group of orders in the church are the various Franciscans. Jesuits and Redemptorists are missions priests who frequently work alone.

The Eastern Orthodox Churches don't have religious orders per se as each monastic foundation is independent. They use the rule of St. Basil. All eastern monks are contemplatives and tend to be hard core vegetarians who spend their time painting icons or making prayer ropes to sell to pilgrims. They also tend to be anti-smoking.

Monasticism was revived in the Anglican Churches starting in the mid 19th century. Their most famous order is the Cowley Fathers, formally known as the Society of St. John the Evangelist. They live under the rule of Augustinian Canons, which was Martin Luther's order. Their religious houses tend to be quite small.

Response to Vlad Krandz: No, the gospels needn't have come from anywhere, as gnosticism predates orthodox Catholicism, and the gnostics just made everything up as they went along. Virtually all of the incidents in the gospels were prefigured in Egyptian mythology and are clearly not original. In fact all of the pagan religions of antiquity were much the same, which explains much of the early Catholic antipathy to the pagans, since of course the pagans knew that Catholicism came from the same sources as their own cults, such as Mithraism. Over time the stories calcified and people forgot that they were fabrications. One reason that Catholicism appealed to the Emperor was that it was under firm control by the heirarchy, was no longer so freewheeling as it had been originally, and being so intolerant could also be used to suppress the other cults then extant. it was the emperor Constantine's mother Helena who really sold him on Christianity. She also made a tour of the holy land to designate the various shrines which still exist today.

Just as Jesus was invented so too was Mary who originally was the Egyptian goddess Isis. Nevertheless, this does not mean that Mary cannot "exist" in the noosphere, or even manifest in apparitions, as we don't yet really understand psychic phenomena.

He's a rebel - he refuses to spell right. It's admirable in its own way. Homo Sapiens is after all by and large a slave race. Everyone doing what they're supposed to do. Not Asia damn it and not Vlad Krandz. You bean counters don't like it cuz it messes up your yes/no ledgers of profit and loss. We're not black or white - we're Gray and Proud.

By God, you have a chance! Experts like Rawls advise one full tank of gas away from big cities.