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Laughs Abound

Eleven year old Jeff Greenaway is in love and on the loose in Manhattan circa 1962.
This book will crack you up.
For adults.

Sheer antic delight” — Remsen Pilchard


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JHK’s lost classic now reprinted as an e-book
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Archive | March, 2011

KunstlerCast #150: Suburban Sprawl in the Rust Belt

And The Diminishing Returns Become Self-Evident

Released: March 31, 2011 Logo

James Howard Kunstler reacts to a recent letter published by titled
Michigan CEO: Soul-Crushing Sprawl Killing Business.”
Kunstler believes that the diminishing returns of suburbia are becoming …

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Make No Mistake

     Taking in Charles Ferguson’s excellent documentary, Inside Job, about the dark doings of Wall Street in our time, I confess I was awestruck all over again at the complete surrender of Obama to the very characters who

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KunstlerCast #149: Debauchery in the Student Ghettos

Keg and Eggs Riots in the U.S.

Released: March 24, 2011

JHK and Duncan apply an urbanist lens to a recent string of drunken St. Paddy’s Parade Day riots in three U.S. cities: Newport, RI, Hoboken, NJ, and Albany, NY. …

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An Odd Rumination

       Can’t we just drop Pee Wee Herman on Tripoli? Surely this shocking manifestation of everything toxic in America’s existential zeitgeist arsenal would send the Gadhafi corps shrieking for the blank Saharan interior – somewhere between Murzuk and

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Jhk And Kmo Of The C-Realm Website Sit Around And Jabber In My New Luxury Rent-A-Condo. Click Here For The Jabber.

Jhk And Kmo Of The C-Realm Website Sit Around And Jabber In My New Luxury Rent-A-Condo. Click Here For The Jabber.

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KunstlerCast #148: Disaster in Japan

Express Ticket to A World Made By Hand

Released: March 17, 2011

After the recent earthquake and tsunami, James Howard Kunstler believes that Japan may be propelled into a much different society very quickly — one that somewhat resemble his …

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Video Interview Featuring Michael C. Ruppert Of Collapsenet Recorded For The Nation Magazine

Video Interview Featuring Michael C. Ruppert Of Collapsenet Recorded For The Nation Magazine

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Rock Me on the Water

Note of apology. My iMac turned up dead this morning and I got a late start by other means.

     There was Japan, standing quietly offstage all these years, minding its own business, more or less – though

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KunstlerCast #147: Pigeons

A Mini Episode with Andrew Blechman

Released: March 10, 2011

In this mini episode, Leisureville author Andrew Blechman talks with Jim and Duncan about pigeons, the fascinating subject of his other book Pigeons.

Learn more about Andrew Blechman at …

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Reality Optional Nation

     Before retiring to a casket packed with clods of my native soil, I tuned in the Sunday night late news to find the political struggles of Araby banished from the screen. Charlie Sheen was all over the place,

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KunstlerCast #146: Geritopia

Leisureville, by Andrew Blechman

Released: March 3, 2011

Author Andrew Blechman discusses his book Leisureville, a tragicomic report on The Villages, America’s largest planned retirement community. In this version of suburbia, Blechman explains, everyone drives golf carts, last …

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