Wickedness Abides

"While Dubai is not big enough to set off financial repercussions outside the Middle East, the main fear is that investors could flee risky markets all at once in search of safer havens for their money."  -- The NYT, Vikas Bajaj and Graham Bowley, reporting.

     Apart from the stark self-contradiction in this quote from The New York Times, you have to love the fatuous 'it's all good' self-assurance where global banking is concerned. No problemo y'all!  A mere overdraft incident, a cash-flow hiccup... and yet "the main fear" [among whom?] is that investors [where and in what? Like, everywhere?]  could flee risky markets all at once in search of safer havens for their money [WTF?].  Gosh, well, as long as they don't flee the New York Stock Exchange, the Hang Seng, the FTSE.... And, hey, do you suppose anybody bought any credit default swap "insurance" on the deals that financed scores and scores of super-giant condominium skyscrapers and hotels amounting to the greatest spec construction folly in the history of the world?
     Snapshots of the stupid fucking work-in-progress have been circulating around the Internet for five years, the disbelief was so monumental.  I confess, when I first saw the Palm Island I was impressed at what a superb air-strike target it presented.  And then, when the real estate assemblage of artificial islands arranged like a map-of-the-world came along, I could only imagine the megalomanical glee rising in the throat of a jet bomber pilot (nationality unspecified) as he closed in on it.
     Whom the gods would punish, they first make completely crazy. That includes us, here in the USA, by the way, but pound-for-pound Dubai is the current champeen.  The monstrosity they built in their waterless convection-oven of a city-state makes Las Vegas look like a mere strip mall in comparison. Throw in a few other affronts to nature, such as an indoor ski "mountain," a beach cooled by an under-the-sand refrigerated pipe network, golf courses that have to be hosed down with acre-feet of desalinated sea-water, and forget about "the gods" -- one begins to see the monotheistic hand of "Old Scratch" himself working the levers of the construction cranes out there. 
     Frankly, I have no idea whether the Dubai fiasco will send seismic ripples thundering through a global banking establishment that is already crippled in more ways than you can count.  But it does remind those in thrall to the dazzlement of "green shoots" that debt comes a'creeping, and runs so far, deep, and wide through the broken system of mutual assurances constituting international finance, that Ben Bernanke and his counterparts in central banks 'round the world could drop helicopter loads of paper cash on every rooftop, intersection, parking lot, field, forest, and camel raceway and never make a dent in the fatal web of false obligations we have woven for ourselves.
     But you do wonder what was going through their minds as this ridiculous organism took shape on the horn of the Persian Gulf, just as one wonders at loathsome aspirations that Las Vegas presents in our own so-called culture -- essentially a wickedness that exceeds the wildest fantasies of the most demented clergymen, be they closeted sado-masochistic Southern Baptist teleministers, Vatican-approved child molesters, or mullahs dispatching suicide bombers to the marketplaces frequented by housewives and their children.
     Lately, the much-repeated aphorism has circulated around the Web that civilizations build their most extreme monuments at the very moment of collapse.  If this is true -- and it is hard to argue with the historical record -- then it's time to organize a new Third Party for the 2012 election with Jared Diamond and Cormac McCarthy heading the national ticket (and Roland Emmerich for EPA chief). By then, if we don't stop lying to ourselves about the destruction we have induced, every other suit-and-tie wearing authority figure in America, from the county clerk to Barack Obama, will take on the aura of the archetypal Evil Clown from a Stephen King yarn.  Imagine living in a country where absolutely nobody in a leadership position is credible.  This is the kind of country we're becoming and it will not keep running that way for long.
     The markets will begin digesting the Dubai news in earnest today, making for a holiday season of possibly momentous thrills-and-chills.  The big debate going into Thanksgiving was whether the dollar would continue its downward trajectory, leading to some kind of currency failure, hyper-inflation, take your pick... or turn briskly around as investors bailed out of risk vehicles for the conventional safe-haven paper parking lot of US Treasuries.  This debate between the inflationists and deflationists has defied resolution all year.  Personally, I side with the deflationistas these days, though I believe our ultimate destination, in a year or so, is destruction of the dollar.
     In keeping with the wickedness theme, isn't it interesting that our society now vests all its hopes and wishes for thriving -- indeed survival! -- on a yearly ceremony we have come to call Black Friday.  I was raised in a religion-free household, but I confess the signs are just everywhere that we've taken some turn to the Dark Side. I'm a little surprised that "consumers" were not caught on video wringing the necks of chickens in the WalMart parking lots the other day in the hopes of winning supernatural favor for that race down the aisle to the flat-screen TV loss leaders.  The cinemas are full of blood-sucking teenagers.  Grown men swarm in the unemployment offices wearing sideways hats and butt-crack trousers. Why not just tattoo a message on your forehead that says: "Moron For Hire"?

The Sequel to World Made By Hand is now done and scheduled for publication by the Atlantic Monthly Press in Fall, 2010.


Man, it's too early in the morning for this.

Walmart is already the center of the new Cargo Cult -- they have a house of worship in every community.

Too early? Why it's never too early for a nice, toasty-warm dose of reality! Unfortunately for most of us, we're playing in a zero-sum game. The consequences of 'money-from-nowhere' and nearly-free energy weigh heavy on one side of the equation (the losing side). We get to pay for the losing side with our sweat while our guidance-from-above reaps all the benefits and builds their off-the-grid fortresses in South America & other safe zones.

Good morning!

Bravo, James!

Actually, it is an extremely polite post for what is going on.

"Imagine living in a country where absolutely no one in a leadership position is credible." We're there. Leadership will never again be able to help us because the human race now needs to look far, far deeper than leadership can ever take it.

He got the requisite tattoo refernce in at the wire. Good job, Jimmy!

Plus this: "Personally, I side with the deflationistas these days, though I believe our ultimate destination, in a year or so, is destruction of the dollar."

Despite a poor track record and advice to the contrary he continues to make the specific, dire predictions. I'm gonna put this one in my Outlook calendar. See you next year.

Meanwhile, the feds keep trying to inflate another bubble. See Miss Nothing sing the Bubble Anthem (after a few glasses of wine)at http://www.thenothingstore.com

Wow! A bit disgusted Jim? HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!

You forgot about the Afghanistan, $300 per gallon and up war escalation where for every troop added there will be an additional mercenary soldier/operative added. Don't worry, Barack Stoogebama is going to sell it to the consumers without mentioning the true cost.

Or what of the revelations/allegations by Jeremy Scahill that things over in the Pentagon are so bad that Blackwater aka Xe has its own unaccountable secret from the CIA Pakistan assassination operations going on.

Business is good for Blackwater, Halliburton and Perini. Sorry Jim. I know. It is even worse than the oblivious wanna-be thugs, iPod snoozing, Gossip Girl persnickety, debt tranched abyss sliding orgy that you despise so much.


We have been warned...on multiple occasions, as it turns out.

From StreetTalk at Forbes.com:

"India's central bank bulked up that nation's gold reserves by 55% with the purchase of $6.7 billion worth of gold from the International Monetary Fund, which is selling gold reserves to raise funds for lending to poor nations. The move is already profitable, as the Indians bought their gold at prices averaging around $1,000 an ounce. Gold closed at a record $1,085 an ounce Tuesday in New York. The big buy from India follows months of huge gold accumulation by Chinese authorities, as well as hedge fund operators like John Paulson and others amid growing anxiety about the viability of the dollar as the world's reserve currency. ... Make no mistake about it: Central banks have not been liquidating their gold. This sale by the IMF is therefore an extraordinary event at a time when there is little gold supply to meet the burgeoning demand by investors wary of paper currency. Trillions of dollars have been injected into the financial system to save it from Armageddon; they must find a home somewhere."

And straight from the lips of Warren Buffett to God's ear back in May, "No one can know the precise level of net debt to GDP at which the United States will lose its reputation for financial integrity."

"In other words, printing money can degrade the integrity of the dollar, making gold look like an attractive alternative to Treasuries that yield 3.5%. Look at how gold has soared 51% over the past year while the U.S. dollar index is down 10%." - StreetTalk at Forbes.com

I'm not betting that Dubai won't send a shock wave across the financial bows (could this be the famous last straw?). And those Wal-Mart shoppers would be better off to take that chicken home and get it to lay a golden egg than to depend on one more iteration of the Holiday Shopping Season to save our collective economic asses this year!


You are in top form this morning.

Thanks for writing about what you think & feel.


The New York Times may be downplaying this Dubai crisis, but the Toronto Star was more realistic in its coverage over the past weekend.

Right now I have a friend in Dubai, looking after his grandson while his daughter teaches English there. After sending him one of the Toronto Star stories he told me it's just like home - poor people are treated like dirt there too. He is Iranian, a Bahai, who is not too fond of Muslims. Says he's sick of the bells ringing all day long calling people to prayers.

His photos show lots of concrete, new buildings, but they look like Leggo, not quite real. None of the many kids in the pix deserve the future we have unwittingly constructed for them.

I will be happier when he gets back home.

The New York Times may be downplaying this Dubai crisis, but the Toronto Star was more realistic in its coverage over the past weekend.

Right now I have a friend in Dubai, looking after his grandson while his daughter teaches English there. After sending him one of the Toronto Star stories he told me it's just like home - poor people are treated like dirt there too. He is Iranian, a Bahai, who is not too fond of Muslims. Says he's sick of the bells ringing all day long calling people to prayers.

His photos show lots of concrete, new buildings, but they look like Leggo, not quite real. None of the many kids in the pix deserve the future we have unwittingly constructed for them.

I will be happier when he gets back home.

The New York Times may be downplaying this Dubai crisis, but the Toronto Star was more realistic in its coverage over the past weekend.

Right now I have a friend in Dubai, looking after his grandson while his daughter teaches English there. After sending him one of the Toronto Star stories he told me it's just like home - poor people are treated like dirt there too. He is Iranian, a Bahai, who is not too fond of Muslims. Says he's sick of the bells ringing all day long calling people to prayers.

His photos show lots of concrete, new buildings, but they look like Leggo, not quite real. None of the many kids in the pix deserve the future we have unwittingly constructed for them.

I will be happier when he gets back home.

Interesting as always, I love my Monday morning dose of Jim. Where I live nothing seems too different, people sit entranced by the big TVs either at home or the bar or neighborhood Fridays. There are all the great football games and old rivalries to watch and then shopping and drinking ahead. It is all good and very in the spirit(s) of the season.

Of course, for the few who read the news (as opposed to watch the spin on the tube, there are stories of local and state budgets in gloomy red ink, layoffs, furloughs and service cutbacks looming. But alas, we'll get over it, we always do and then back to McMansions and SUV Monsters so shiny you could comb your hair in their mirror-like finish. This buffoons who recently crashed the White House State dinner sum our culture up perfectly: vapid, materialistic, seeking fame and fortune and totally devoid of any sense of reality.

How long this charade can continue is something I cannot fathom, what will really TIP the average Joe into the realization that this time he and his family is really screwed. Maybe repossession of the F350 or plasma TV? As for then seeing the disenfranchised masses actually doing anything about their plight? I sincerely doubt it so long as the numbing glow of the TV and cinema and PC and Blu-Ray dulls the senses.

As for Peak oil as the ultimate Bringer of Death and carnage to all (especially us; with the IEA constantly downgrading the crude possibilities it looks like the slide may have indeed begun off the peak, perhaps. We'll see in 2012 when either the Earth blows up as it is currently on various cinema screens or gas costs 6 bucks a gallon and we are all pissed, wondering who to vote out of office now that both parties have proven corrupt, incompetent and self-serving.

If you think Dubai represents some scary shit, Bill and Melinda Gates appeared on "Meet the Press this weekend. The richest man in America is bullish on capitalism, and philanthropy and was very quick to point out that our "real" industries like Microsoft, and Google are just fine and the economic hiccups are going to pass.

At Suburban Empire it is time to look at the coming emergency for emergency services....


Oversimplified opinion, whose reach exceeds it's grasp...... at Suburban Empire.

Heh. How soon before this blog starts: "Hey you kids, get off my lawn!"

While there is some merit to what is said, it's so wrapped up in the cranky-old-man-isms that no one will pay any heed to it.

In an era of resource scarcity our emergency services will no doubt hit a rough patch as the way we currently put fires out.... is with oil.


Sorry about the glitch in the previous comment.

Yes JK - we is all bad peeple and we need God or somebody to tell up to straighten up and fly right.

Something worth discussing. The etiology of a clusterfuck "mindset." What are the seeds of discontentment or foreboding that spawn serious introspection about the human condition?

In other words, what inspires you, or anybody else to trumpet the dire consequences we face as a result of the natural[?] state of our collective rat race?

Can the equation be as simple as maintaining a life of distraction through gainful employment? What are the colors of the socio-economic spectrum that filter or reveal truths surrounding our future.

Will events transpiring in Dubai or Vegas open a few more eyes? Just what has to happen to get "doom and gloom" into the stores on the shelves for Xmas?

Just what kind of "action news" will it take to turn a nation of consumers into a nation of -------- CON-GLOOMERS?

If all those "investors" (as in "idiots") had ever actually visited Dubai first, chances that they might have thought twice prior to throwing their money away. If the world needed an enema, Dubai would be the place to insert the hose. What a fitting edifice to the worldest tallest peckerheads. This twenty first century megalopolis must fly in nearly all of it's fresh food and has no water that can be actually "drank" as Merle Haggard extoles. Talk about "sustainability" DUH! I do hope that they attach a light atop of the Burj Dubai building so that some wandering camel herder a hundred years from now will think that he is one of the Magi and declare the second coming. And to think that they are only upside down a few billion dollars or so. Our treasury does that much red ink in a few minutes. Yes Dorothy, the gods ARE crazy.


Thanks for the Monday morning cup-o-dystopia Jim!

After a four day weekend of stuffing food down our obese necks, I am back in the real world, watching nervously as my company is slowly bled to death.

The talking bobble-heads on the idiot box were busy downplaying the Dubai debacle yesterday and will likely continue today, yet the truth is that we are watching yet another sovereign default play out. England, Spain, Ireland and indeed the United States are all spending significantly more than we can generate in taxes, and will soon follow Dubai.

I think the end of the fun is quite near and that we will all get a lesson in extreme austerity that will serve as the basis for our new economy. All of the folks who called me 'chicken little' will be sucking buttermilk when the shit hits the fan and they have made absolutely no preparations in advance.

Without some earth shaking changes made by our Congress, the U.S. will soon sink in to a third world quicksand, taking a large part of the civilized world with us.

For those of you who have not stored up some extra food and converted some of your fiat in to durable and useful goods........I say good luck and Godspeed.

Collapse of US credit and currency will constrict the flow of calories (food and power) into its cities and inner cities. Grocery stores will be looted, the lights will go out. The only precious metal then will be lead in brass.

This is a good time to invest.

Right on, Jim.

As a nation, we have definitely moved to the dark side, with our abandonment of decency, decorum and anything resembling fiscal responsibility. Gambling has become not only a family adventure, but a national vocation as we gamble the future away on instant gratification at the expense of our kid's future.

The collapse of Dubai is actually a positive development for the west. There will be a lot of "capital flight" out of this place, and many of the western corporation that sought refuge from taxes and regulation there will repatriate their operations, and their money. This event will cost "emerging markets" a lot of credibility. And, while we're looking pretty battered, we have a history of recovering from debacles, and we are not anything like as ridiculous and unsustainable as Dubai.

You really have to wonder how it carried on for so long. People finally managed to build a place NOBODY can afford. The whole thing was impossible from the outset and on some level, everyone kmows it.

Face it, the place was never For Real. The whole point of the place seemed to be to prove that its denizens could afford to waste, waste, waste.

It looks like it's over and let's hope it STAYS over.

Right on, Jim.

As a nation, we have definitely moved to the dark side, with our abandonment of decency, decorum and anything resembling fiscal responsibility. Gambling has become not only a family adventure, but a national vocation as we gamble the future away on instant gratification at the expense of our kid's future.

The NYT story I found today appears to be taking the threat seriously: "The operative question is whether the governments of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates will rescue Dubai from the consequences of its profligacy. If it does not, the secondary effects could spread to Greece, Britain and some Baltic states, all heavily indebted nations; to India and the Philippines, whose workers in Dubai send back millions to support their families each year; or to any corner of the market for credit that individuals, companies and countries rely on."

Black Friday wasn't a total bust, but that's probably, as they say, 'pent-up' spending, bargain-hunting after hanging onto pennies. I'm hearing from belt-tighteners making my cabbage soup and oatmeal.

Diet for a small footprint, and a small grocery bill.

Another day another catastrophe in-waiting here at "clusterhysteria"

If you haven't already found this view of the present / glimpse of the future, take a look:


Today is the ten year anniversary of the anti-globalization demonstration in Seattle that shut down the WTO meetings and the town. The NYT incoherent blather about Dubai would have been a perfect lead into how right those activists (environmentalists, labor unions) were about how dishonest and self-serving the Krugmans and Greenspans and Lardo Larry Summers were about trusting Adam Smith's invisible hand.

Ten years later, we see that the economic elite from Harvard, Princeton and especially the University of Chicago have down more damage to the US than Saddam Hussein and more damage to the planet than Hitler did to the Jews. The New York Times has generated into gestapo-esque propaganda to keep the shell game going long enough for the stock owners and pensionees floating in cash for a few more decades.

Not a word about the confluence of the fiasco in Dubai and the 10 year anniversary of the prophetic protesters in Seattle. Nope, Jim is sort of the antithesis of a true academic - narcissistically regurgitating his memes and never acknowledging anyone else's.

WICKED NARCISSISM would have been a better title for the latest spewing from our self-absorbed, anti-intellectual (never mentioning anyone but your fucking self in a positive light is anti-intellectual)

Happy 10-year anniversary to the prophets of the pacific northwest which one day soon, might be a nation unto itself called Cascadia and Uncle Sam and the northeastern yankees and southeastern rebels can all go f themselves.

I'm still laughing from the first reply by puzzler

Well some people have already realized that our government does not represent our best interests. Most sadly, do not yet. I was talking to a very smart friend of mine and he commented on how great this new healthcare reform would be. The thing was, he freely said how he new NOT ONE DETAIL of what the changes would be to our healthcare system.

He also can't wait for the day when we all own electric cars and we all can just plug 'er in. Just like magic!! Because we all know electricity is an UNLIMITED resource. No worries about the grid trying to carry this extreme load or cost increases or how we are at the max of production right now.

So how any of our brainwashed masses of US citizens could actually comprehend a debt spiral/collapse or that, yes the US is bankrupt, is beyond me.

Maybe when our latest greatest Nobel Peace Price winner sends 30,000 or so more troops to a country we should already be out of people will see the disconnect between what our masters tell us and what they really do....Nah.....Better tune in to see who Tiger is cheating with.

JHK said: "The Sequel to World Made By Hand is now done and scheduled for publication by the Atlantic Monthly Press in Fall, 2009."

Since there's only about 3 weeks of fall left, I guess it's on the trucks already?

Well some people have already realized that our government does not represent our best interests. Most sadly, do not yet. I was talking to a very smart friend of mine and he commented on how great this new healthcare reform would be. The thing was, he freely said how he new NOT ONE DETAIL of what the changes would be to our healthcare system.

He also can't wait for the day when we all own electric cars and we all can just plug 'er in. Just like magic!! Because we all know electricity is an UNLIMITED resource. No worries about the grid trying to carry this extreme load or cost increases or how we are at the max of production right now.

So how any of our brainwashed masses of US citizens could actually comprehend a debt spiral/collapse or that, yes the US is bankrupt, is beyond me.

Maybe when our latest greatest Nobel Peace Price winner sends 30,000 or so more troops to a country we should already be out of people will see the disconnect between what our masters tell us and what they really do....Nah.....Better tune in to see who Tiger is cheating with.

I always wonder about the "dollar is going to fail" comments. If you don't want USD then what are you going to hold? Pesos? Dinars? Pounds? Euros? Yen? Ah and you then say - none of them, since they are all going down. Well if they all go down then none of them have gone down. (That's relativity applied to the sandbox of finance.) What we should be concerned with is the value of our own personal hour of labor. As long as mine is valuable relative to yours them I'm well off. But try telling that to kids who want to study film or ranch hands in their pickups or bank clerks and rental car jockeys in their cheap suits. What do you know or do that has some real value?

I always wonder about the "dollar is going to fail" comments. If you don't want USD then what are you going to hold? Pesos? Dinars? Pounds? Euros? Yen? Ah and you then say - none of them, since they are all going down. Well if they all go down then none of them have gone down. (That's relativity applied to the sandbox of finance.) What we should be concerned with is the value of our own personal hour of labor. As long as mine is valuable relative to yours them I'm well off. But try telling that to kids who want to study film or ranch hands in their pickups or bank clerks and rental car jockeys in their cheap suits. What do you know or do that has some real value?

I live in the Pacific Northwest so it's about 6:30 am when JHK's newest gets posted each Monday. I wish he'd wait a couple hours so the caffeine could kick in. But I should really be trying harder to get ready for the post-caffeine world to come -- I've already gotten past Peak Caffeine and have reached a 50/50 mix of dark roast and decaf beans in my grinder. Along with precious metals like gold, silver, and the ever useful lead/brass combo, plus food, be sure to stock up lots of coffee -- I can adapt to a world without Cheetos, but having no coffee will seriously piss me off. In fact that'll be the tipping point that'll bring out the torches and pitchforks, when the caffeine pipeline gets disrupted.

Glad to see you working "blue" again, Jim.

'our latest greatest Nobel Peace Price winner sends 30,000 ...'

i heard on radio that the greenbacks lost 30% ? of its value under his watch!!! as he tripled the ND..and its been 10 months!

And those of you who read my posts yday...huckabees back in the news last nite...his early release turned child rapist..they still let him loose and hes maybe killed 4 LEOs in wash state!

i read Investors Biz daily...10 years ago they mocked those nuts opposing Globaloney...
but remember the WSJ writes about how 'immigrants will save social security' and Obamas not got euro blood in him so he matters...barak whos ancestors owned slaves in kenn or tenn!

Good God. I'm sitting in a Statistics class analyzing the heights and weights of the Knicks. It's as if there's nothing wrong.

I wish I didn't know this nonsense. Can anybody say they're going to miss the Dubai case studies and the endless swirling crap of Black Friday's past and future?

I think now would be a great time to slip off the Economic Grid unnoticed. Good luck, all.


>Grown men swarm in the unemployment offices wearing sideways hats.

You're missing the point James. You see, the hat is at JUST THE RIGHT ANGLE.

It's quite an art and requires a fairly serious intellect to match the angle to the day and weather conditions.

The emir of Abu Dhubai would be an idiot to bail out his cousin when the loan cannot possibly be repaid. Dubai produces nothing; it's the ultimate resource sink. No sane person will move there when they realize that they can be stranded or choked out by a single strike on the water desalinization plant or the oil pipeline that feeds the power plants.

I just want to be able to cheer as Dubai burns and the enslaved workers revolt and hurl their former masters from the top of that tower like teddy bears tossing storm troopers. Followed closely by the western media news crews that oh-so-carefully ignored the fact that the place was built and staffed by slaves for all these years. What a monument to everything evil in the world. In my just and right dream world we would burn it. Then march that fire right up to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and burn out those bastards too.

Jim's got it right. We can no longer generically trust anyone who works every day in a suit. Your corporate professionals are there to scrape as much money off the world as they can get and if your skin comes with it that was your bad bub. Until we stop them at the ballot box or by means of legal protest; of course. Always the legal means only.

Thanks to Heckler for remembering that today marks the 10th anniversary of the start of the Battle of Seattle over the WTO.

Here in Cascadia, we are proud that we shut down the meetings and helped the world understand the great evils of WTO. On Sunday, a Seattle Times business writer acknowledged that "the protesters got it right," as he went on to detail all the failures of "free trade."

There is no difference between Las Vagas and Dubai.
It is just a degree of decadence. Every office building of the upper Midwest, which has no opening windows is just a small miniature of Dubai. Our decadence of burbs dwarfs any Dubai. Therefore, we should keep our mouth shut.

"a wickedness that exceeds the wildest fantasies of the most demented clergymen, be they closeted sado-masochistic Southern Baptist teleministers, Vatican-approved child molesters, or mullahs dispatching suicide bombers to the marketplaces frequented by housewives and their children."

Whoops, you forgot the rabid rabbis and hasidics. Why does this whole post reek of two bit middle-east envy? How dare those camel racers build bigger buildings than those in Tel Aviv - ya see what happens?

Oy veh.

"a wickedness that exceeds the wildest fantasies of the most demented clergymen, be they closeted sado-masochistic Southern Baptist teleministers, Vatican-approved child molesters, or mullahs dispatching suicide bombers to the marketplaces frequented by housewives and their children."

Whoops, you forgot the rabid rabbis and hasidics. Why does this whole post reek of two bit middle-east envy? How dare those camel racers build bigger buildings than those in Tel Aviv - ya see what happens?

Oy veh.

Jim pointedly that the morning after follows the night before. I get a kick out of those who take exception to Jim's reiteration of the abject craziness of current "thinking". They seem to ascribe some nefarious (or at least cloaked) purpose to his repeated admonitions. The worst motive I could imagine is that Jim is a bit of a masochist: he might be taking a small perverse pleasure in reminding himself how utterly stupid we are as a people. If so, I empathize.

Jim, you rock!

You made my day, thank you. Not the best rant ever but close.

J. Daeh, Hannover, Germany

Ed's comment about JHK: "Despite a poor track record and advice to the contrary he continues to make the specific, dire predictions. I'm gonna put this one in my Outlook calendar. See you next year." makes me wonder. Let's see...real unemployment over 20% with no chance of it coming down. Real inflation at 7%. Umpteen trillions printed/pixelled into a bankrupt "financial" system. No industrial base left in the U.S. that actually makes things of value. Huge percentage of mortgage holders underwater. Commercial real estate crashing. Banks who only show a profit thanks to FASB letting them lie in their financials about the value of their worthless OTC derivaties. Option arm loan resets to start peaking in late 2010 into 2012. Largest U.S. budget deficits ever. State after state going bankrupt. Oil already at $80+- barrel. UK on its way to bankruptcy. IEA revising downward its ridiculously optismistic estimates of available oil. The stock market 'rally' created by the banks taking their printed fed dollars and investing them in the stock market to get a better rate than loans. U.S. treasury bond sales propped up by Federal Reserve printed money--essentially the U.S. buying its own debt. Ever since he published The Long Emergency JHK has been wrong about catastrophe coming Ed? I'm not sure what signs you are looking for. The catastrophe HAS happened and CONTINUES. Take a look around!

Well done, once again. Dubai and Vegas are monuments to everything that will crush the current system under its own pondeous weight. Note that Mr. Kuntsler says "us" and "we," not just pointing the finger, but joining us in the responsibility for our lemming-like ways.

In my last job, I got to watch the starchitects celebrating all the construction geegaws being raised on the sand--the Burj Dubai, the islands, the vacation places, etc. It looked silly even in 2005; it looks stunningly stupid now.

What's especially spiffy is that Sharia law (as practiced in Dubai) looks down on unsecured debt, and there's no bankruptcy equivalent in much of the Muslim world--if you write a bad check, you go to jail(http://robray.net/skipdubai). The foreigners, many of whom are the people actually running things, are getting out of Dodge. So there won't be anyone around to unwind this disaster (although it would be a good place to send our Goldman Sachs guys).

Just another wacky episode in the day and life of the human race. As if building useless sand castles wasn't enough just think how those aliens must be enjoying the show from their new swimming pool on the moon. I think I'll kick back and enjoy a tall cool one before placing my next bet on the wheel of misfortune.

And for Benny and fefe: You cannot count judaism among the BIG monotheistic religions. It's a small monotheistic religion. There might be more Armenians than jews in the world (I don't know). So what the heck.

It was the christians who started the crusades and the muslims tried to raid Vienna.

Christian Germans conquered and enslaved the slavic people of eastern Germany.

Christian Americans enslaved millions of Africans and somewhat more inadvertedly killed millions of indigenic Americans (read Guns, germs and steel by Jared Diamond).

The jews? They did not start any crusade and will never. They were always the ones to get scapegoated and didn't even try to missionate other peoples. So what?

I have to admit that I dislike any religion/ideology. So I wouldn't weep a single tear for the orthodox jews if secular jews would -finally- take over Isreal and make peace with the muslims in the region but this won't happen in my lifetime. Religion is a mental disease.

I'm not sure there's anything inherently wrong with the concept of a Las Vegas.

If we had a functional society, there very well could be a role for a city whose function was to provide a place for hard-working people to get some relaxation and diversion.

I think the real problem is that Vegas economics is not a viable basis for running an entire country.

The catastrophe HAS happened and CONTINUES. Take a look around!
Typical, when catastrophe doesn't happen redefine catastrophe. Listen.....when/if catastrophe happens there won't be any doubt about it, or need to parse the definition. It hasn't happened yet, that's for sure.

I visited Dubai last January and the newspaper had two full sections of real estate ads, mostly condos that listed the original price paid, and an appeal to "make offer". I have no idea why anyone wants to live there. The summer hits 120F. There is one public beach. For fun, there is golf and the desert, not much more. And now Michael Jackson is gone. Malls again, anyone?

Speaking of wickedness, and Dubai, here's some highly recommended reading from Johann Hari, a columnist with the London Independent:

The dark side of Dubai

Dubai was meant to be a Middle-Eastern Shangri-La, a glittering monument to Arab enterprise and western capitalism. But as hard times arrive in the city state that rose from the desert sands, an uglier story is emerging.


"Dubai is nothing less than a giant relief valve for the playboys of the neighboring nations."

You're confusing Dubai with Bahrain...

"Dubai is nothing less than a giant relief valve for the playboys of the neighboring nations."

You're confusing Dubai with Bahrain...

I see the mention of the sequel to World Made by Hand has been corrected to Fall 2010. I hope JHK has a wood-burning printing press available, and a stash of paper and ink.

As far as distribution, Johnny Appleseed provides the business plan. Jim Writer (since our new last names will revert to the old style descriptors like Cooper, Smith, etc. although Kunst is German for Art, so he could be Jim Artist) will wander from village to berg with a mule-load of hand printed books, planting little novel-seeds. More likely, his acolytes will lead traveling minstrel shows, telling the tales of former suburbs and big-box stores to the amazed audiences.

"... it's time to organize a new Third Party for the 2012 election with Jared Diamond and Cormac McCarthy heading the national ticket (and Roland Emmerich for EPA chief)..."

Hey, you'd fit right in there as the chief of staff.

Jim: even as Jim Kunstler, you really outdid yourself with your colorful language and truly inspired dark and hilarious images. This is indeed the height of dark humor. I do wish you would try to be a little less understated. What's wrong with really telling it like it is? I am looking forward to the sequel of World Made by Hand. I couldn't wait for the prequel last time and had to buy a pre-publication copy which was pretty ratty. What is title anyway?

I think it's amazing how well the unemployed masses are dealing with their sudden poverty. I've been expecting to hear of smash-and-grabs at the grocery stores and ATM machines on the nightly news. Things are too quiet. I'm not sure how I'll handle my future poverty, I'd like to think I'll be able to get on with life as a feral being, but I think I'll more likely end up dead. Oh well. I guess I had a good run.

I think it's amazing how well the unemployed masses are dealing with their sudden poverty. I've been expecting to hear of smash-and-grabs at the grocery stores and ATM machines on the nightly news. Things are too quiet. I'm not sure how I'll handle my future poverty, I'd like to think I'll be able to get on with life as a feral being, but I think I'll more likely end up dead. Oh well. I guess I had a good run.

Jim, your Wordpress install seems broken. That explains my, and other's double posts. I got an internal server error, hit "back" and resend. Sorry.

Don't hit "back" -- when you get that error just leave, go to another website, come back again and your post is usually there.

"I just want to be able to cheer as Dubai burns and the enslaved workers revolt

To Pangolin (and to Asoka-FAIL),

Take a look at the picture on pg A3 of today's NY Times. The caption reads "A cricket break at a Dubai construction site in 2007." Just like America's slaves ... every few hours, put down that sack of cotton and play cricket.

Everbody knows the boat is leaking, everybody knows the Captain lied!

The Detroit News/Free Press Sunday print addition had an interesting story on the plight of Motown's old Michigan Central Station, once the region's main passenger rail hub, now a derelict eyesore about two miles from downtown Detroit. The story compared the shabby condition of Michigan Central with Nashville and Kansas City's beautifully restored early-20th century train terminals. According to The Free Press, Michigan Central depot was built in 1913 at a cost of $15 million by the same architects that designed New York City's Grand Central Terminal. It's been twenty years since the last Amtrak train left the grand old terminal, and there have been all kinds of proposals to turn the crumbling 18-story edifice into a casino, a luxury hotel, offices and even the new headquarters of the Detroit Police department. Everybody in town has an opinion on what to do with the old train station but so far nothing has been done. The city even voted to have it torn down. However, I have yet to hear anyone talk of restoring the tarnished jewel to its' former use as a passenger rail hub. With the American economy in the grip of the worst downturn since the 1930's and Washington handing out stimulus money by the truck load for every hare-brained make-work project under the sun, why hasn't anybody in a position of authority thought about restoring America's mothballed passenger rail terminals to their old position as the local and regional hubs of a revitalized national passenger rail network? Maybe somebody can clue me in on why the bankrupt American government has billions to prop up Wall Street and the domestic auto industry but turns a blind eye to revitalizing passenger rail, which would pay for itself in the years to come?


You think anyone in the bankrupt American government gives a rat's ass about revitalizing passenger rail? And while there might be a few wheelbarrow loads of stimulus money for hare-brained make-work projects, the truck loads are reserved for the bankers and other wall street suits. And they're stuffing into a bottomless pit somewhere and we're never going to see it again.

Besides...even if we wanted to revitalize rail...the weekend bicyclists would never give up their newly paved trails.

If we ever colonize the moon, or terraform Mars, or need new sets for a follow-on series to the recently excellent Battlestar Galactica (the Ronald D. Moore edition), I nominate Dubai and Dubai World to do the job(s).

Anticipating the rise in Gasoline prices,I thought of buying one of those street legal 3 wheel scooters,(I am too old for a two wheeler) that gets over 80 MPG and registers as a motorcycle and requires no insurance in this state.
After drooling over all those pretty pictures on the net,I decided to visit several of my local dealers.
Waddayaknow,nobody has any,neither the cash to buy 20 at a crack from China.
The Chinese in the meantime want to see the cash up front,since we are no longer trustworthy and have credibility.
Because of this I already see more shortages coming and it will get worse.
If you need or want anything that's imported,get it now.

Way to go James, always a pleasure to read you on Monday morning. Now I've discovered the comments section and realised I ought to put two cents in from northern New Mexico.

Fantastically written critique of world events, always makes me think.
Can't wait for the follow up to World Made by Hand
Thanks for writing
Brian Rodgers

Last week I took Amtrak from St Louis to Texas. I took the metrolink to St Louis.

In Chicago you get the train at Union Station. Same with Dallas and Los Angeles.

But when I got off the trolley at Union Station and hauled my suitcase all through the shopping mall, there was no train station.

Finally, I asked the helpful man at the gun boutique where the train was, and he acted like I was the foolish one!

The Amtrak stops at the civic center, not Union Station. Union Station is a mall!

Why didn't I know that?

One of the nice things about riding the train is that the train station is usually right in the center of town. Since you obviously are walking, not driving, when you leave the train, that is as it should be.

But not in Albany, New York!. The train station is across the river. Apparently the old, center of town one is now a bank. How fitting.

And Amtrak doesn't even go to San Francisco. It goes to some god forsaken dump in Richmond.

We definitely need to redo the trains.

"...Everybody got this broken feeling, like their momma or their dog just died."

Saw LC earlier this month. He puts on a good show for a 75-year-old

He is truly one of our great musical prophets.

Thanks for pointing that out. I remember as a college student watching the Seattle WTO protests on TV and for a second was like "these people are going to change the world for the better."

But the good guys lost. The Dubais of the world won.

As Hunter S. Thompson said: "We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave. . .

"So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark — that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back."

It would be nice to have HST around today to slam the current chaos, which makes the days of even Nixon look progressive. I suspect HST would have his own Clusterfuck Nation-esque blog.

I thought he would have made a great mayor for Aspen!

Dale wrote: “Another day another catastrophe in-waiting here at clusterhysteria.”

Translation from Dale-speak: “Nothing much has changed here in the potato hills of Idaho, so nothing's really changing much. In fact, the last 10 days were pretty much the same as the 10 before them, so what could possibly happen next? Zzzzzz”

So, Dale, you never told us how your beanie-baby “infestments” turned out after the dot-bomb era ended.

Err, I hope you didn't lose too much money on the compressed-air-car thing.

No, wait a minute, I DO hope you lost money .. because it's all good. Let me explain. Remember the other year, when you were shilling compressed-air cars madly? Your flawed rationale, then as now, was that if “infestors” are getting in on the action, then they must know something you don't know, so therefore you'd better buy now or be priced out forever once the thing takes off. By this process of hype-without-understanding, a fair amount of money found its way from less-clueful to more-clueful hands.

Why? Because money likes to be held in better hands. It's got class conscience. It doesn't like to be held by dolts. As everyone knows, a fool and his money were lucky to get together in the first place ~ and are soon parted.

Good luck infesting :)

Dale, someone here who I trust told me you missed me .. and that's why I'm back. I will go dig up your compressed-air car comments some other time and repost them here.

Las Vegas was alright when you could walk right out of the city into the desert. Such a contrast and transition from sin to purity is bracing and salubrious for the soul. But now, endless billboards and sub-urbs. Truly as Hunter said, "Generations of Swine".

Fefe/OEO/Zzzz wrote:

“So does a religious reference get one a pass from stoopid name-puns? And where the HELL are the negative characteristics associated with the Jewish faith in your rant against religious faiths? I mean aren't we trying our darnedest to be politically correct?”

James Howard Kunstler wrote in the parent post:

“In keeping with the wickedness theme, isn't it interesting that our society now vests all its hopes and wishes for thriving -- indeed survival! -- on a yearly ceremony we have come to call Black Friday. I was raised in a religion-free household, but I confess the signs are just everywhere that we've taken some turn to the Dark Side.”

Fefe/OEO/Zzzz/ZsaZsa, here's the key to the answer you seek:

Christianity .. 33%
Islam .. 21%
nonreligious .. 16%
Hindu .. 14%
primal/indigenous .. 6%
Chinese traditional .. 6%
Buddhism .. 6%
Sikhism .. 0.36%
Judaism .. 0.22%

Looks like Jim got 50%+ with just the first two religions he singled out. Are you saying he should have cherry-picked from the minority religions instead?

Hey Guys! What do you think about the fantastic techno-fixes envisioned by Dr. Kaku? See this in the Youtube (copy/past the following link): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxU-Hm8dWjE&NR=1&feature=fvwp

What an opposite sight, when compared with "World Made By Hand"!


Hey Guys! What do you think about the fantastic techno-fixes envisioned by Dr. Michio Kaku? See this in the Youtube (copy/past the following link): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxU-Hm8dWjE&NR=1&feature=fvwp

What an opposite sight, when compared with "World Made By Hand"!


Dale wrote:

“Typical, when catastrophe doesn't happen redefine catastrophe. Listen .. when/if catastrophe happens there won't be any doubt about it, or need to parse the definition. It hasn't happened yet, that's for sure.”

Funny, that's exactly the mentality that was in play during the 1930s here in the US. No one called it the Great Depression at the time. That came later. At every day along the way, it was referred to (in the news at the time) as “this rough spot the economy is going through”. It was not until years later that it came to be called the GD.

Sure, this is just a rough spot .. nothing to see, just move along, folks.

That new Amtrak station in St. Louis is a heartbreaker, isn't it?

The sick part is that the mall at Union Station is failing quickly, and could use some "action". The old train concourse is given over to parking. There aren't enough people living in or downtown to support the mall, which is quite a few blocks outside the main retail district downtown (which is also not doing too well)>

What a way to greet visitors to the city! Instead of rolling into the beautiful Union Station building, where there are good places to eat and some decent places to shop, you roll into the blighted backyard of downtown, an area where freight trains are staged. The new station is jammed under the I-64 overpass and is the weirdest looking thing. There are only 4 pockets for trains, and two platforms, a far cry from the days when St. Louis was a major rail hub.

And then you step outside the station and first see, directly across the street, a vacant lot, then you see, 5 blocks to the north, the gorgeous copper roof of Union Station, and wonder why none of the city leaders could think to allocate part of the old concourse to Amtrak.

Laura Louzader wrote (of Dubai): “Face it, the place was never For Real. The whole point of the place seemed to be to prove that its denizens could afford to waste, waste, waste.”

Pretty soon, common hindsight might say just the same thing about California ~ which still bills itself as the world's eight largest economy, even as it pays its suppliers in IOUs and borrows money from the federal government in order to keep its BK unemployment insurance fund afloat.

Los Angeles was once a desert and will be again. Its shell will be a monument to human greed and stupidity-the more diverse the environment, the more fragile. We thought the laws of nature, and God didn't apply to us because we were Americans. We will find out differently. As Jeremiah said, "The heart is corrupt above all things."

"I will go dig up your compressed-air car comments some other time and repost them here."
Please do, until then I am calling you out as liar. Prove me wrong. Don't forget to give the date of the alledged post.
By contrast let me summarize your "position" here from memory. Correct me if I am wrong. I don't need to make up posts for you.

You and your doomer buddies were all hot and bothered and sure the end was near two years ago.

Oil prices would go to $300-400 a barrel. We would all be out of food, not be able to afford to drive our cars etc. etc. Wah..Wah...Wah...I believe that Dr. Doom's timeline was 2012 (he must be one of those Mayan calendar geeks). I don't remember your timing but it was soon, and of course, we all deserve to die according to you. (it's some sort of twisted moral thing in your mind) God forbid anyone would own an SUV or be overweight in your world, you would be wishing them dead or trying to run them off the road. Oh.....and anyone who was betting on the market rally back in April/May, well you just knew they were suckers, right?

My point was then and is now, that many different positions can be advanced using innumerable data points. Will PO come?, sure, but no one knows when and only someone of supreme arrogance, or lack of imagination, would think they do. Anything can happen, but black swans are black swans for a reason, and cubicle occupying harpies aren't likely to forecast the end of civilization. Starting to come back to you....?

As for physics, what do you know about physics?? As I recall current quantum mechanics suggests you are a creation of my conciousness. So I guess I must want you here, or you wouldn't even exist.

Dale wrote: “As for physics, what do you know about physics??”

It was my major at college. Does that answer your question?

Dale .. life is rough, but it's rougher when you're stupid.

HST saw it coming from a long way off.

I have to agree, Nudge.

California is a place that was built on fantasy, and Excess is an entitlement. "America's wilder fantasies tend to roll westward," some author or the other once remarked. It was the last stop and the place to live out every fantasy and fulfill every wild dream, and it was also a place that for 80 years drew the more unstable people in the population. And it also manages to embody every contradiction in American life- a Welfare State built on government contracts that prides itself on enterprise and independence, an paragon of eco-consciousness where nobody can live without driving 80 miles a day.

Not that any of the rest of us here in the U.S. are exactly level-headed and rooted in reality. This is a country driven for 200 years by the desire to live out really large dreams, and uninhibited by any sense of limits.

It's been fun, but it is sure going to be hard to adjust to new realities here.

I found a 1946 Roosevelt silver dime in my pocket the other day. I couldn't believe it. I thought all of those dimes were in $500 face value bags of coins with lead seals on them. I guess some of them escaped. With the current price of silver at $18 an ounce, I think I'll hold onto it.

JHK said, "Personally, I side with the deflationistas these days, though I believe our ultimate destination, in a year or so, is destruction of the dollar.

I think it is going to be inflation. Apparently there is no shortage of ink or paper.


>If we ever colonize the moon...

Like Jon Stewart said, the reason we haven't done that already is, no way to cool our beverages. This ice discovery is HUGE!!!

You are right Jim. Stoogebama was pretty lame. I will try to hold my stupidity in check, or at least keep it veiled so that the stupidity, racism and hatred of other posters can shine brighter to attract the scrutiny of banishing eyes.

Speaking of stupidity, I've kept a journal of Yahoo news headlines for the past several years. I've never done anything with it. However, the stupidity of them makes 60 Minutes business news seem prescient and relevant by comparison. Often times the articles behind them are clearly propaganda pieces written by DNC/RNC, Wall St. or Pentagon PR firms.

Shortly after leaving the CFN blog this morning I discovered this artifact of brazen fantasy-land assessments of the key challenges Barack Obama faces. Note they are all challenges of perception.


Let me say what I wanted to say in a more mature and intelligible way. Barack Obama, like all of our modern presidents, is a stooge of the money/military interests that paid for his campaign, and have their own policy agendas in motion long before inauguration day. So are the throngs of political-class sycophants that run the perception management machinery in DC no matter which victorious party enjoys the spoils of power. So are we the people for continuing to put our faith, hopes and votes in this hopelessly corrupt, national system of imperialism.

I have long liked and respected Dr Kaku; however it would appear to me that he has taken a deep draft on the deranged spigot with this video. Forty five years ago when I worked in product engineering at GM they were talking the same talk that Dr. Kaku is spouting. Maybe ten years ago Gm produced a tv program in which they demonstrated self contained automated vehicles driving around the test track in (I believe) Arizona sans a human controller. Can it be done? Yes. Will it be accomplished prior to the cost of petrol going through the roof? Not likely.

Dr Kaku's most egregious comments to my mind were his contentions that hydrogen would soon be powering automobiles. Can a hydrogen powered vehicle be built? Obviously yes, since prototypes have been built and road tested. Will mass produced hydrogen powered vehicles save Americans from the ignominy of no freedom to travel at will? Not until micro miniaturized fusion reactors or cold fusion reactors are realized. At the current rate of progress maybe in a 100000 years. Anyone want to wager on the likelihood of a high tech human society on the Earth in a 100000 years? How about 10000? A 1000? Last chance, a 100 years?

I think that anyone with a sense of history, has realized that we have entered the downward part of our cycle. We may like to think that we are different than the Egyptians, the Romans, etc., and that somehow we will prevail where they did not. The reason that history moves in cycles, that economic bubbles always show up and burst, that the economy moves in cycles, is because of human nature. Human nature stays the same whether it's in the days of chariots or the days of rocket ships. As an example, the stock market crash of 1929 was a combination of no regulation coupled with wild speculation. Lesson learned right? Nope. Ronald Reagan, who the conservatives worship as an economic genius, deregulated the Savings & Loans in 1982. They all went belly up in 1987. The reason? No regulation and rampant speculation. Lesson finally learned right? Nope, Bush 42 said the marketplace could regulate itself & he basically cut everybody free to do what they wanted. Given the record of the last two eras of deregulation would it be reasonable to expect the same thing to happen again? You would think so, and yet people were caught by surprise again. It's not necessary to be Nostradamus to get an idea of what the future will bring. All you need are some history books and a basic understanding of human nature. JHK might state things in a way some of you find objectionable, and he certainly isn't 100% right on everything, but he is someone who is capable of seeing things with a realistic eye and who deserves to be listened to more than the talking heads on TV. We live by our decisions. The future will determine whether you were a wise man or a fool based on what you decided and what actually happened. Those who see it accurately will hopefully be a little better off than they would have been otherwise.

If you're going to watch Dr. Michio Kaku, along those lines, you may be just as well advised to watch this:


Yep, I watched the whole thing unfold on the news services - up late a couple of nights - and essentially took the same line as JHK on every point. I read the New York Times article and saw the same silly contradiction, but, there's no way I could've written a more hillarious or precise description of the absolute stupidity of it all.

I look forward to JHK's slant on important issues more than any other - I wish he'd write more flashes of his insight and viewpoint more often (one of my week's higher points). His descriptions of folly and his grasp of irony tickle my funny bone every time - black humour to be sure, but a good laugh is better than a good cry. An honestly indignant person who reminds me of Mark Twain somehow.

Yep, I watched the whole thing unfold on the news services - up late a couple of nights - and essentially took the same line as JHK on every point. I read the New York Times article and saw the same silly contradiction, but, there's no way I could've written a more hillarious or precise description of the absolute stupidity of it all.

I look forward to JHK's slant on important issues more than any other - I wish he'd write more flashes of his insight and viewpoint more often (one of my week's higher points). His descriptions of folly and his grasp of irony tickle my funny bone every time - black humour to be sure, but a good laugh is better than a good cry. An honestly indignant person who reminds me of Mark Twain somehow.

Ah yes, the signs of the apocalypse are all around us.

Frankly, I honestly thought that today would be "the tipping point" when all hell would break loose in the markets.

I had a serious WTF-moment when I read that Dubai wants a "standstill" on its debt repayment. A standstill? Is that analagous to a "do-over"? I mean, seriously: W. T. F.!!??

I am still of the opinion that the ripple-effect from this momentous clusterfuck in the desert is going to wreak havoc on the markets soon. Perhaps everyone is just in denial.

Ah yes, the signs of the apocalypse are all around us.

Frankly, I honestly thought that today would be "the tipping point" when all hell would break loose in the markets.

I had a serious WTF-moment when I read that Dubai wants a "standstill" on its debt repayment. A standstill? Is that analagous to a "do-over"? I mean, seriously: W. T. F.!!??

I am still of the opinion that the ripple-effect from this momentous clusterfuck in the desert is going to wreak havoc on the markets soon. Perhaps everyone is just in denial.

>Can a hydrogen powered vehicle be built? Obviously yes, since prototypes...

Just to throw in my 2 cents sir, you're right. There are huge technical snafus with that. First, the hydrogen is difficult to produce at an affordable cost. Second since hydrogen is the smallest molecule, it is difficult to create seals to prevent leakage.

Third, a device that uses platinum as a catalyst at a cost of X, needs to be replaced every Y miles.

X is fairly small, Y is large.

I only know this shit because a year ago I was wondering why the hell this wasn't happening, then found out why.

X is large, Y is fairly small.

I know you were at the edge of your seats to see if I'd correct that.

I know you were at the edge of your seats to see if I'd correct that."

Yes you're right. Luckily I scrolled down a bit and spotted your correction before sending off a snide reply I had concocted in my mind that ended with the word asshole.

Whom the gods would punish, they first grant wishes.

Dubai is all so easy to pick on. It has indeed set itself up, along with the rest of the globe.
Having made camp in Dubai a few times, my on-the-ground surveys of the malls, cafes, beaches, museums, taxis & buses, dunkin donuts/KFC's, art galleries & hops, plus the real working class neighborhoods comes to a simple & complex conclusion. DUBAI is not the "other" - it's "us".
All of us, as in "globalization" or in universal dance in between greed & need
So we can poke fun at those fat Emirati youth with their $259 trucker hats and dishdashes sitting around at the Starbucks all day, but they've done themselves in at the Kentucky Fried Chicken. Diabetes runs wild there with the "haves", just like the "have-nots" in my native Kentucky.

Interesting note, I bought JHK's The Long Emergency a couple of years ago at Magrundy's Bookshop in one of the worlds largest malls. They also had an extensive peak-oil & survival section. Awareness about peak-oil is very high there. The Maktoums know that they can ride a camel back to their tent, as long as their blood sugar allows.

by Percy Bysshe Shelley

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed:
And on the pedestal these words appear:
'My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away."

Those are technical problems. The main problem is that hydrogen is simply a battery, a storage m edium. It takes more energy input than you get out of it.

long ago i watched a documentary called ' mondo elvis'...folks that want elvis to be ' the first protestant cannonized saint' !!!!

KEEP AT IT..THEM DANG SOUTN BAPTISTS..i doubt if SB will cannonize NASCAR.....hahahahahahahahahah

Jim, you are a visionary as usual. Unfortunately, our future is rather dismal. I was always dumbstruck that Dubai was building ski emporiums, fake island sanctuaries--is this for real? Am I crazy? It is so unnatural that it is unnerving, disturbing, not quite right, and perverse in its own way. A magnification of Disneyworld. The world is Disneyworld! A fake bubble of reality. Little difference between that and the casinos with flashing bright lights and the promise of instant wealth to distract us from the true reality which is our destiny.

Thanks Again JHK. Well, not really. Looking forward to the sequel of "World Made By Hand."

computer strips installed on steaks

food theft is way up according to some newsreports!

While the collapse of any sovereign entity these days would likely have negative consequences for the West, the Dubai issue concerns non-public debt. The hope by lenders over the weekend for a Government 'bailout' (as is so popular here in the US) has aparently been dashed. The Government has said to lenders: "You should have known this was risky. Now you'll have to take the hit for your carelessness." What a concept - moral hazard. Despite the fact that Dubai - The Emirate is not going down, there will still likely be an adverse impact to the West as an amount I have yet to see described was lent to the collapsing entites by Western financial institutions.Now given that international finance (and Muslim Bonds in particular) is a very specialized & complex business line for a bank, it is unlikely that any of this risk resides at your local Thrift or Credit Union. Rather, the likely culprits are our friends, the Too Big To Fail crowd (whatever happend to "the bigger they are..."?). No, when the Dubai default chickens come homme to roost, it may be to some of those TBTF morons we're on the hook for. As to firms onshoring assets, jobs, and such back to the US, I suppose it's possible. I would tend to think the Dubai economy was mostly finance and construction though so....well....let's face it, those are not growth industries here right now either. So today's important take-away is: a debt default in ten figures or higher is BAD.

We were discussing this at work today, and I am of the same mind.

It looks to me like Al Dhabi's leadership is doing the sensible thing by refusing to bail Dubai. Amputate the diseased appendage to save the body, unlike what we're doing here in the states, which is to sacrifice the whole country to save the banking and auto industries, and sustain the unsustainable.

I really don't think that the UAE ever had a lot of faith in the long term viability of Dubai, and that they are prepared to let it go. We- by "we" I mean modern industrial civilization, finally managed to build a city nobody can afford to live in. Several Dubai insiders have expressed misgivings as to how long the place can afford to keep itself supplied with potable water, the most basic thing, and one said that the city never has more than a week's supply given the storage problem.

Worse, their sewer system is no way equal to the metastatic growth of the past few years, and they've destroyed their beach with really horrible water pollution. The water is so fetid you will get infections and rashes from swimming in it, yet this is one of their principle tourist draws!

This is what societies do when they've lost all contact with reality. They spend $6000 on the living room drapes while the bathtub's backed up and the roof's leaking, and put it on a credit card. They saw the growth coming but did not spend the money to install the sanitary infrastructure it would need, and now they can't afford to make the necessary improvements.

I do not fully understand why California gets singled out so much with regards to all that is wrong with the US of A.

The East coast may have all the bankers and politicians but what do they produce? nothing. We've got high tech firms all over the place. We've also got quite a bit of manufacturing here which makes sense because we're on the coast and we can export our products (including produce) using our world class ports. We're very much against Big Box retail with many towns, including my own, voting to keep them away. Furthermore, our often bashed entertainment industry wouldn't exist at all but for the rest of the world buying it up as fast as we can make it.

Go pick on Detroit.

There is a certain verbal construction that has come into vogue in the past few years among young adults in which a sentence is begun with the words "yeah, no" or, less frequently, "no, yeah."

The two words begin a speaker's reaction or response to another person's statement or question. For example, Chuck says "Hey Tom, I scored a couple of free tickets to the Rutgers game on Saturday, you interested?" Tom says, "Yeah, no I don't really follow college football but sure, there's always the cheerleaders and I got nothin doin Saturday so yeah, I'm down with that." For all the sense it made, those first two words might just as well have been "no, yeah." For reasons unclear to me, an unambiguous declaritive statement such as "Yeah, that would be great ... thanks for asking me" has become uncool.

For further evidence of fuzzy talk one need only consider the ubiquity of the word "like." The first speaker says "Hey Tom, how 'bout we catch a couple of brews at the Bottle and Cork?" And Tom replies, "Oh man, I'm gonna like have to pass; I've got an early class and I'm like really tired." When I hear such an exchange involving my son I'm apt to inquire (to bust balls) "are you ACTUALLY very tired or are you merely in a state SIMILAR to being very tired?"

Financial talking heads also have adopted fuzzy-speak in order to stay on both sides of some future event that they are asked to predict. It's a defense mechanism. In today's blog Jim Kunstler enters the land-mined field of economics and, like a pro, has played it safe by predicting we will have both DEflation and INflation with DEflation arriving first. Well, how convenient. We have ALREADY had DEflation (housing and other assets) yet he predicts it as though it hasn't happened yet. If INflation eventually arrives he can claim a totally accurate prediction, first DElation then INflation. By not specifying WHEN these conditions will occur he has covered his ass with wiggle room. Even if years pass with no significant INflation he can always claim, at a minimum, to have been half right ... the DEflation part.

As you may have guessed, I am no fan of these half-assed - on the one hand this and on the other hand that - kinds of predictions ... whether I hear them on CNBC or from Jim Kunstler.

Q dik is just disgruntled because his Dubai defense and praise has been quaffed. Royally. Today.By all.

The Gulf States desalination plants are operating at such capacity so as to actually change the chemical composition of the Gulf itself. Salinity levels have spiked to levels that are now poisonous to native wildlife.

"The good Earth- we could have saved it, but we were too damn cheap and lazy." --Kurt Vonnegut.

North of Stockton, California is an agricultural powerhouse. Cut off our shipping and we'll have years of wine to drink, mountains of rice, stone fruit, grapes, cheese and god only knows what else. I could walk out my door right now with a hammer to crack walnuts and eat myself sick before traveling a mile. There's even a number of solar powered breweries and wineries to go with our extensive hydro, wind, solar and geothermal resources. Crack the world and we'll just bike out to the fields and keep eating while you starve.

If you want a state to pick on try Arizona. Pheonix is a death trap and Tuscon is as ugly as life gets in the U.S. I don't know how long anyone is going to live in a diet of napolitas either.

We now have simultaneous deflation and inflation.

The value of most people's primary assets, their house and their car and/or retirement funds is diving. In many cases the value is less than zero for "assets" that they have been making payments on for years. That's DEFLATION.

At the same time the value of people's daily labor in terms of purchasing goods and services has decreased. When you go to the store and try to exchange your labor tokens, dollars, for rice, beans, cheese, potatoes, milk and bread; you will find you need more of those dollars to purchase those items. That's INFLATION.

Some asshole economist would say that this averages out since Joe can now buy a cheaper house but the labor and credit disruption means he can't. He's tied to the house he's got and probably the job he has also and he still has to eat. Which is why economists should have their tongues ripped out and burned to ash in front of them.

Why all the sad sack lamenting?
This is a major gain for the Planet Earth! As this
insane scheme of emitting god knows how much greenhouse gases so elites could ski in the desert
goes down the tubes barrels of oil and greenhouse emissions will all be saved! And the other great thing?
In 2007 Haliburton moved their HQ to Dubai!
Revenge is sweet! As everything the neo-cons touch turns toxic....

Northern California always sounded like a paradise to me, but the trick is to manage to depopulate the place. I always thought that CA didn't have any problems that couldn't be solved by sending about half the population elsewhere, and now that it's becoming generally known that the streets are not paved with gold and that this is a difficult place to live with a severe shortage of jobs and a very high cost of living and doing business, maybe that will happen.

Any place that gets a reputation as a paradise gets wrecked. CA as it is at the moment is overbuilt, over-dependent upon auto transit, saddled with a welfare system that has some of the most lavish benefits in the country, and most of all with a population that has an incurable "entitlement" mentality. SoCal, the most overpopulated part of the state, is far too dependent upon imported water, though they are not as badly off as Phoenix. But there's a limit to how many hydro dams or solar plants (notorious water guzzlers) can be constructed, especially in a place dominated by the NIMBY mentality. The worst thing about the place is the mentality-there is, at least among SoCal residents, a sense of entitlement and ridiculously elevated expectations that are unbelievable. It's given that every time a fire sweeps through the hills and takes out a thousand houses, that the rest of the country will step in to supply the money to rebuild in the same fire corridor, and that the wherewithal for extravagant, high-energy-imput lifestyles will always be there no matter what is happening elsewhere, along with the total inability to recognize how dependent upon government subsidies it all is.

I agree with you regarding Phoenix- the place is a desert death trap, which, like Las Vegas, would not even exist were it not for the taxpayer-financed Colorado River plumbing system. Phoenix is, I believe, very dependent upon Lake Powell for water, and the dam that forms Lake Powell, the fragile Glen Canyon, is a badly- built 700' high monster that nearly breached in 1983. It was named one of the two most dangerous (in danger of breaching) dams in the U.S. in 2007, yet BuRec has decided not to remove it- even though the consensus among experts is that it will sooner or later fail, like when the drought that has gripped the west reverses and Lake Powell once more gets to "full pool". Removal of this timebomb is off the table because BuREc doesn't have the money to decommission the thing, even though the flood hazard is almost unmeasurable, and a breach would release 3X as much water as the breach of the Banqiao Dam in China in 1975, which killed aat least 90,000 people. A breach of the Glen Canyon would send a 500' wall of water charging down the Colorado, which would be 230' high by the time it reached Lake Mead. It would surely overtop the Hoover Dam, which might hold, it is so well built, but might not. If it held, the flood would merely send 2 years worth of Colorado river flow further down, and surely topple the 5 dams down river from the Hoover, including the Parker, Imperial, Morales, and two others, that are much smaller. The loss of life and property would be biblical. If the Hoover did not hold, the flood would be unimaginable.

We are subjecting ourselves to incredible risk as well as financial cost to sustain these desert cities, as well as breaking ourselves in general to finance the American sprawl lifestyle, and if we have a hard time maintaining this stuff to reasonable safety standards now, what will we do when constricted fuel supplies drive the costs out the roof.

Why all the sad sack lamenting?
This is a major gain for the Planet Earth! As this
insane scheme of emitting god knows how much greenhouse gases so elites could ski in the desert
goes down the tubes barrels of oil and greenhouse emissions will all be saved! And the other great thing?
In 2007 Haliburton moved their HQ to Dubai!
Revenge is sweet! As everything the neo-cons touch turns toxic....

Hi Capt -

It is true that certain aspects of the financial industry were deregulated. It is not true that the deregulation caused the bank failures in '87, '96 with Long Term Capital Management and '08 - '??. Included in the banks are the GSE's like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

There is an excellent book that describes what happened with the real estate bubble. It is called, "Meltdown", and was written by Thomas Woods. The root of the cause is the Federal Reserve and its artificial manipulation of interest rates. Namely, it sets them too low and makes cash free to the lenders.

The second, and worst culprit has been the knowledge by the corrupt insiders of these politically connected banking cartels, that they can make wild speculative bets with all the money the Federal Reserve is printing out of thin air, and that if their bets fail, they will get bailed out rather than face the penthouse-to-poorhouse consequences of their mismanagement. This has become known as the, "Greenspan Put."

The current reaction to the crisis has been even more absurd. Not only do they want to bail out the failed lenders, they want to bail out the failed borrowers. Where in a mortgage contract or in the Constitution does it say that if you buy property and can't make your payments, your fellow citizens are de-facto co-signers on home loans? This will create even more problems. Namely, the debt default of the entire US dragging down the fiscally responsible citizens with the irresponsible ones.

Ultimately, the only viable regulators of the financial services industry are interest rates, depositors with the executive management of the lending firms, all of them operating with the knowledge and healthy fear that there is no one but themselves to live with the consequences of the risks they volunteered to take upon themselves.

All of these actors being forced to operate in a reality of extreme risk will be much more cautious in the types of loans they extend and assume. Of course, we have to be honest and say that it would mean that we wouldn't have this rampant consumer economy that it seems most readers of CFN all agree is absurd. We would likely only be lending and borrowing money for essential and productive economic activities.

When we acknowledge the true source of the problem, which is right under our noses and explained clearly and simply by Thomas Woods and others informed by the writings of Mises and Rothbard, we'll solve a lot of problems. We won't have these massive and absurd fantasy driven bubbles/manias. We will have a much more sober population of productive citizens laboring in and managing worthwhile enterprises that seek to maximize the benefit and returns on our scarce and precious savings and capital goods. We won't have nearly as much need for easily corrupted federal regulators. We won't have a run-away military empire sucking away all of our vital resources and distorting markets for all goods and services.

As Jim would say, we would become much more serious as a nation. There are two huge elephants in the room in these discussions of eliminating this debt-carnival we call an economy and becoming serious. The biggest is the Federal Reserve System that makes it all possible. The second is its stampeding prodigal son, the military-industrial-complex.

Why don't we try removing the guarantees and forcing the lenders and borrowers to face success and failure alone? Why don't we eliminate the money-wands and force us all to live within the bounds of our savings - which is really the upper bound and real measure of our material wealth and fiscal sobriety I might add.

Confronting and managing our constraints is, to me, the worst reality we are trying to escape. Why not make little Johnny move out of the house and figure out how to pay his own bills and manage his own resources to the outcome he deserves; be it a van by the river, a cardboard box under the bridge or a nice home in a community of responsible citizens. I think that would be more effective then hiring a bunch of nanny's with other people's money to nag him whenever his behavior isn't what it should be. Don't you agree?

Hi Capt -

It is true that certain aspects of the financial industry were deregulated. It is not true that the deregulation caused the bank failures in '87, '96 with Long Term Capital Management and '08 - '??. Included in the banks are the GSE's like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

There is an excellent book that describes what happened with the real estate bubble. It is called, "Meltdown", and was written by Thomas Woods. The root of the cause is the Federal Reserve and its artificial manipulation of interest rates. Namely, it sets them too low and makes cash free to the lenders.

The second, and worst culprit has been the knowledge by the corrupt insiders of these politically connected banking cartels, that they can make wild speculative bets with all the money the Federal Reserve is printing out of thin air, and that if their bets fail, they will get bailed out rather than face the penthouse-to-poorhouse consequences of their mismanagement. This has become known as the, "Greenspan Put."

The current reaction to the crisis has been even more absurd. Not only do they want to bail out the failed lenders, they want to bail out the failed borrowers. Where in a mortgage contract or in the Constitution does it say that if you buy property and can't make your payments, your fellow citizens are de-facto co-signers on home loans? This will create even more problems. Namely, the debt default of the entire US dragging down the fiscally responsible citizens with the irresponsible ones.

Ultimately, the only viable regulators of the financial services industry are interest rates, depositors with the executive management of the lending firms, all of them operating with the knowledge and healthy fear that there is no one but themselves to live with the consequences of the risks they volunteered to take upon themselves.

All of these actors being forced to operate in a reality of extreme risk will be much more cautious in the types of loans they extend and assume. Of course, we have to be honest and say that it would mean that we wouldn't have this rampant consumer economy that it seems most readers of CFN all agree is absurd. We would likely only be lending and borrowing money for essential and productive economic activities.

When we acknowledge the true source of the problem, which is right under our noses and explained clearly and simply by Thomas Woods and others informed by the writings of Mises and Rothbard, we'll solve a lot of problems. We won't have these massive and absurd fantasy driven bubbles/manias. We will have a much more sober population of productive citizens laboring in and managing worthwhile enterprises that seek to maximize the benefit and returns on our scarce and precious savings and capital goods. We won't have nearly as much need for easily corrupted federal regulators. We won't have a run-away military empire sucking away all of our vital resources and distorting markets for all goods and services.

As Jim would say, we would become much more serious as a nation. There are two huge elephants in the room in these discussions of eliminating this debt-carnival we call an economy and becoming serious. The biggest is the Federal Reserve System that makes it all possible. The second is its stampeding prodigal son, the military-industrial-complex.

Why don't we try removing the guarantees and forcing the lenders and borrowers to face success and failure alone? Why don't we eliminate the money-wands and force us all to live within the bounds of our savings - which is really the upper bound and real measure of our material wealth and fiscal sobriety I might add.

Confronting and managing our constraints is, to me, the worst reality we are trying to escape. Why not make little Johnny move out of the house and figure out how to pay his own bills and manage his own resources to the outcome he deserves; be it a van by the river, a cardboard box under the bridge or a nice home in a community of responsible citizens. I think that would be more effective then hiring a bunch of nanny's with other people's money to nag him whenever his behavior isn't what it should be. Don't you agree?

Hi Capt -

I also want to complete your narrative of deregulation. No person did more to dismantle the Progressive Era anti-trust laws, and the New Deal era financial services regulations than Bill Clinton and his buddy Newt Gingrich. We must make sure this is a full and honest accounting and not a, "See it is all the GOP's deregulations", fantasy.

Furthermore, the '96 LTCM bailout orchestrated w/ cooperation from the White House confirmed the ultimate moral hazard - the Greenspan Put. I am not a Republican nor am I a Democrat. We need full intellectual honesty when discussing these issues. Partisanship makes that very difficult if not impossible to achieve.

Finally, I would like to take the little Johnny metaphor for regulation one final step to match reality. Wouldn't that suck if the nannies we hired to nag little Johnny to change his behavior stopped nagging because Johnny used the allowance we gave him to pay them off?

Any place that gets a reputation as a paradise gets wrecked. CA as it is at the moment is overbuilt, over-dependent upon auto transit, saddled with a welfare system that has some of the most lavish benefits in the country, and most of all with a population that has an incurable "entitlement" mentality.-Laura Louzader

Then it went on with an elaborate description of the possible loss of Glenn Canyon dam. Damn, and I thought I was a misanthrope.

As long as we're shoveling "welfare" populations into the ovens can we toss everybody from -welfare-state-subsidizing-state/>the Sierras to the Missisipi? Do we get to toss all the useless old people living on their Social Security checks? How about all those people needing hip replacements on Medicare's dime? Or for that matter about three quarters of the medical-industrial complex. It's not the "welfare bums" that are burning your taxes but overpaid medical professionals, farm subsidies, the military, the military and the prison-industrial complex.

One thing we learned out here in California; poor people got matches or haven't you figured out why some part of the Malibu hills burns every year. Tossing a portion of our population to the dogs just pushes civil war that much closer.

"We live by our decisions."

There is no adequate warning for those who have decided to become suddenly rich. Lord Overbrook

"...a good laugh is better than a good cry."

I wonder about that, and am resigned to the fact that we shall soon know.

Civilization is threatened in many ways, but not, I think, by butt-crack pants. To mention them brings down the tone of the discourse. Perhaps those who wear such pants realize you can't get a decent job nowdays even if you cover all your cracks.

"Q dik ........... has been quaffed."

Hahaha ... that's a good one.

From Dictionary.com: quaff, to drink (a beverage) copiously and heartily.

Perhaps Miss Misandry intended squelched or squashed. The mind begins to slip. Too bad she never had children or grandchildren. Kids tend to keep the mind sharp.

In any case Q is undaunted.

It must be disheartening for jerks like Abbey and Asoka to see that the world has apparently already blown off the Dubai news. DOW up 130+, Japan and Europe up 2.5% give or take and GOLD over $1200/oz. I wonder how much Asoka's kitchen table is up. What a fool! What can be expected from someone who has made not working his life's work and sponging, both an art and a science? And you with your failed art gallery and the rest of your long list of failed enterprizes ... reduced to growing beans in the Ozarks among people for whom you have no respect. Doctor, heal thyself.

We're not talking about "shoveling welfare populations into the oven".

We're talking about triage for systems that are unsustainable, like most suburbs, for mega-cities located in the driest climates on Earth, for lifestyles than can no longer be justified or sustained.

We're talking about SAVING the populations of unsustainable places by allocating our resources toward what can be sustained, instead of continuing to shovel money and resources into what we will never be able to afford at any price down the road, when fuel supplies start to become critical, which I figure will be in about 15 years.

The only reason we have been able to build megacities in desert climates is because our government systemically stripmined the old, traditional Eastern and Midwestern cities to build the massive infrastructure that makes it possible for 4 million or so people to live in a place with water for 25,000. St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Syracuse, Rochester, Camden, Pittsburgh and other mid-sized older cities watched the federal taxes they paid in the post WW2 era go to build the water reclamation infrastructure out west, to entice tens of millions of people to leave these places to live where life is not sustainable without massive imputs of fossil fuels and other resources. And the larger cities, like NYC and Chicago, were turned into tax hells and substantially damaged by the loss of tax revenues pursuant to the development of the western cities.

Without the ham fist of the Feds, people would have remained in more sustainable traditional towns and cities, just as the suburban development would have been much smaller and far fewer people would have left cities and towns to move to auto suburbs were it not for the subsidies in the form of the interstate highway system and the housing agencies like HUD, and all the loan programs they sponsored for suburban home buyers at the expense of city neighborhoods.

What is better, to let people know NOW that we will not be able to maintain these huge systems down the road, and let the western cities end up utterly bereft of water and flood control and transportation when it is too late for their large populations to get out of the way, or to start the process of triaging this stuff now, in stages, while there is time for people to make appropriate adjustments?

At some point we are going to let a lot of things just go that we've been supporting for a long time. I have paid into SS for 35 years but I doubt I'll get much out. Get used to it, those of you born after 1950, we will have to raise the minimum age to 70 minimum to save the program. We will have to get the government out of the housing market altogether, if only to have affordable housing again, and because we can no longer subsidize people in living over their heads.

"...to see that the world has apparently already blown off the Dubai news."

"What is most likely happening is more nuanced. The US and Abu Dhabi are hoping to use Dubai’s financial troubles as a way of finally severing the close ties to Iran. For years, Dubai has enjoyed the benefits of walking the line between its military and economic alliance with the US and economic benefits from banking and trade ties to Iran. The price of a bailout from Abu Dhabi may be having to finally choose to give up the Iran connection."


{funny link!!}

I agree with your conclusions about directing resources more realistically and productively. Unfortunately, it isn't going to happen.

Witness the efforts to sustain the bubble RE economy with tax credits etc. This is the reality of our completely corruptable political system, it can do nothing but respond to the usual special interest money and directives. Sustain the status quo as long as possible.

If anything makes a case for collapse it is the inability of the political system to make appropriate responses to change. The likelihood of congress and the executive branch responding quickly, even in a real emergency, looks increasingly unlikely.

I hate to say it, but it appears only a systemic crisis will provide any meaningful change, and that leaves the door open for some pretty frightening possibilities.

Fefe: I bow before your mighty keystrokes, re-rendered and formatted remotely in HTML. in awe of the immense daring and bravery you display here as an anonymous blogger.

P.S. the sentence above is one example of sarcasm.

Regarding the fires that happen every year along the California coast.... I am amused by the yearly search for an "arsonist" every time a firestorm consumes a few dozen miles of forest and expensive homes built where no sensible person would build. History suggests that this area always has and always will burn and burn and burn.

The fact is that the coast of CA has been burning for centuries. That is a very incendiary area, I'd be terrified to light a cigarette in those parts from July to November out there, never mind a campfire.

Remember the fire that supposedly set, in the early 90s, by a firefighter so that she could play hero? Well, this young woman's reputation was trashed and she went through 30 kinds of hell before the real culprit was found: a spark off badly maintained power lines belonging to Pacific Gas and Power co. You don't have to be an arsonist to light that landscape up. After the horrid 1930 Decker Canyon fire, the great park designer Frederick Law Olmsted recommended that the entire Malibu coast be "hazard zoned" as off-limits to development. Olmsted had sense enough to see that the area was innately hazardous, and that it was sheer folly to try to live there as you would in any normal landscape. Nobody listened. And now, the taxpayers of CA and the United States pay, and pay, and pay to rebuild multi--million dollar houses and to fight unstoppable firestorms, because we are so senseless about where we build. Note that Scripps Ranch was rebuilt within 2 years, in the same location that anybody ought to know better than to build on, while New Orleans is still floundering. Grant you, the taxpaying cohort on the CA coast may pay more taxes than most people, they still use fire protection services way in excess of what they pay for and what would be required if they built sensibly.

The CA coast and the extent to which we subsidize its hazardous lifestyle is only an extreme example of the way our governments, federal, state, and local subsidize the unaffordable and disguise the true cost of our wasteful lifestyles. Whether it's the CA fire coast, or the demand for more and more mega-dams to supply expanding populations in the most arid regions in the country, or more highways around Chicago and Atlanta to enable more economically marginal folks to buy "cheap" houses in the remote exurbs and commute 75 miles each direction to work, or Section 8 subsidies to live in middle-income apartments on the taxpayers' dime, or government-subsidized mortgage assistance for middle class borrowers who bought $900K houses and pulled the equity out to buy cars. We're doing our population no favor by continuing to allocate everyone's money to maintaining systems that are going to fly to pieces for lack of resources no matter what we do to prop them up.

An example of a well reasoned analysis of economic circumstances. By no means the only possibility but I good one (odds wise)


Unfortunately Laura, most of those fires ARE caused by arsonists. A modern trend.

Failed enterprises? The only one that failed was the laundromat and I didn't mention that. My Beautiful Laundrette as a matter of fact. It's still there on South Street in Philly. 828 South St so google it.

Q you are a troll, so bye.

Unfortunately, I live in Los Angeles county and that means that I receive a yearly dose of smoke from the neighboring fires. This wouldn't be such a bad thing except I suffer from asthma and have to get shot up each month with a new (and very expensive drug). As a matter of fact, I just completed a five year study for this drug, serving as a two legged guinea pig for these folks. But, I'm not complaining because as far as I'm concerned, it's a true wonder drug for me and my insurance picks up the tab.

The bottom line here is that I think Los Angeles is entirely sustainable with about 1/20th the number of people here. Folks forget just how many crops were grown here before and just after World War II. The problem is that we have packed in too many people in too many suburbs. I do think that things will change here over the next 2-3 decades but they will be horrible changes with lots of violence, death and wealth destruction. That's only one reason that I'm leaving California soon. But, I don't plan on moving to Arizona or Nevada. That would be like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. As far as I'm concerned, Las Vegas and Phoenix are just L.A. wanna-be's for folks that don't have as much money and are willing to trade this nearly perfect weather for heat stroke and horny toads.

Breaking news from Detroit,Michigan: General Motors CEO and "corporation lifer" Fritz Henderson has been dumped from the GM permanently. Apparently, the GM board was concerned about its' standing at the Bloomfield Hills Country Club and decided to dump poor old Fritz before the executive committee at Bloomfield Hills revoked their gold-plated membership. JHK will be happy to know that the GM board is on the lookout for a Messiah if God will comply.

Hi Cuddletuffy. You're right, I did forget Clinton, and yes he deserves a share of the blame with the rest of them. Unfortunately, it's also beginning to look like Obama (Whom I voted for) is also going to take his place in the pantheon of Wall St. stooges, with regards to regulation. There's a good article about it in the new edition (Dec 10) of Rolling Stone by Matt Taibbi. The only conclusion that I can draw is that Congress has been completely bought off (both parties). Nothing will be done for the benefit of the country anymore since Congress has become hopelessly corrupt. Thanks for the book reference, I'll look it up. Regards: the Captain.

JohnTedder wrote:

“I found a 1946 Roosevelt silver dime in my pocket the other day. I couldn't believe it. I thought all of those dimes were in $500 face value bags of coins with lead seals on them. I guess some of them escaped. With the current price of silver at $18 an ounce, I think I'll hold onto it.”

A cousin who's in the numismatic business told me that when you find stuff like that in your change, it's usually because someone's coin collection got stolen and the thieves are just spending the stuff at face value, ignorant of its melt value. It's a sad sign of the times.

Hi to you from a former Capitol District native presently living outside Boston. Nice blog BTW :)

Either Asoka has been run over by a truck since his last post (11/29/09) or is sensibly lying low, holding his head in his hands and hoping beyond hope we won't, in fact, be getting change we can disbelieve in.

If the media has it right, that 30,000+ more lives will be put at risk in Afganistan, it has to give pacifist Asoka pause.

But NAH. Asoka has never had a problem with inconsistency. He "contains multitudes." (Whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean.) Why else would I call him the Slimy Eel?

It will be interesting to see the future direction of his comments once his Messiah pisses on his pacifism - about two hours from now.

OEO/Fefe/Zzzzz/ZsaZsa/whatever wrote:

“Well, well. Don't you personally feel slighted? I mean having a Jewish grandfather and all?”

Not at all. I take it you've never heard the phrase “chosen people”?

OEO, is this the best you can do today? Have you really got no answer to the question about why you expected Jim to name the extreme-minority religions instead of the majors? Whatsamatter, has some yearling goat's bunghole got your tongue today? *

* Sorry, couldn't resist. You've never mentioned any sexual affinity for prepubescent barnyard animals, so the glaring absence of this from your usual subject matter here makes it all the more likely that it's exactly the sort of deep, dark secret you'd rather most people didn't know.

Well, it looks like Jim had a little bourbon with his coffee.

But you know, it looks like change is going to happen, perhaps not what we want, or as soon (or late) as we want. But we have seriously screwed the pooch, and I just don't see the clowns in DC really doing much that can be said to matter.
The whole "health care reform" is just a distraction, something that could have waited until next year. This year there should have been deep justice dept investigations into what led up to the so-called bailouts. Instead we get the "health care" circus, a distraction.

Some times I wonder if Obama will come on the toob some evening like Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact and tell everyone that this is it, hope you had some fun, but tomorrow you all die.
Sometimes I think that the way things are run, such a self destructive manner, is deliberate. After all, we cant be THAT stoopid, can we?
Gee, I guess either we are that stoopid, or this country is run by psychopaths with a malevolent intent to destroy the whole planet and the human race too. What else make any sense?
Perhaps there is some asteroid heading our way, and the PTB know it, and have just decided to party like its '99 forever, or up until the last possible moment anyway. Who knows, would they even bother to tell us it that were so? What the hell for? People would just freak out. Best to just let it happen while most are asleep, dreaming of new big-screen TV's.

Anyway, I've about had it with this place, am moving to "South Montana" soon, going to be a dental floss tycoon.

Later, doods.

The arsonists [usually male] sucumb [?] to temptation, after all the area is so dry.
and when caught they face the death penalty.

Goldman-Sachs staff packing pistols to defend against the peasantry:

Who could have seen this coming?

Dolan, I personally love CA and I have profound sympathy for Los Angeles and hope it makes it through the decades ahead with its charm intact. And it does have charm and history and a lot of beauty, natural and built both. There are many great neighborhoods in it that could be livable in a post-auto society and I feel that somehow these people will find a way to cope.... if they give up the 20th century California dream.

But you're correct- the place has many times the population it could support with its own endowment of natural resources. The water problem is very scary. I read once, many years ago, that L.A. begin to go into resource overshoot at a population of about 150,000 people, back around 1910. That was the age of the great infrastructure projects and the guys who built them, people like Mulholland and the rest, who gave us the aquaducts and dams- fantastic achievements, but perhaps not the wisest use of resources and effort. It was then that California began to sacrifice its best features- its incredible scenery and fantastic agricultural land that produces such a huge variety of products that can be grown almost nowhere else in the country. The destruction of the Santa Clarita valley is an absolute tragedy- a veritable Eden, the last one SoCal had, to build tacky subdivisons and put people that much further from work and make them that much more fuel-dependent.

I always said that CA didn't have any problems that couldn't be solved by dispersing about half the population, but maybe more people need to go elsewhere. I fear they will whether they want to or not, as the place becomes increasingly unworkable and expensive to operate, and businesses are forced to move to a cheaper place to remain competitive. As it is, the working poor cannot afford to live there at all. Joan Dideon, in her great book WHERE I WAS FROM, spoke of how many unemployed people, including Anglos whose forebears go back 5 generations in CA, were being given grants of $2000 each to GO AWAY- leave the state. Gov. Schwarzenegger recently stated that the state needed 76 more dams to assure an adequate water supply and provide power. I didn't know there were that many suitable dam sites left in the whole country.

Mike Davis wrote a great book about the unsustainability of LA. I forget the name. He talks about fires and floods and the horrible sprawl of LA.

Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, choking on the smog, I always hated the rich in the mountains, who lived in clean air, polluting as they drove to work everyday, who then expected us to pay for their houses when they burned or a mountain slid onto them. Screw them!

I was on a trolley in Sacramento, during the Jazz festival last May. Also on the trolley were other festival goers, decked on in fine clothes and mardi gras beads, and then the usual homeless and gang population. Strange combo, indeed.

Anyway, I was listening to a heavily beaded woman talk to a homeless man. He mentioned some shelter he frequented and she had done volunteer serving there and thought it was a fine place.

Then he said he was from New Orleans, displaced after the flood. She disapprovingly said that people shouldn't live in a flood zone.

I looked at the people across from me. They looked as shocked as I did. "This from someone who lives in California with the fires and floods", I said. "I was thinking about the earthquakes" said the man across from me.

But I think that we are capable of taking care of everyone as long as our labor tokens are equal, and we all have a modest standard of living.


wagelaborer said: "Mike Davis wrote a great book about the unsustainability of LA. I forget the name."

Davis, M. (1998). Ecology of fear: Los Angeles and the imagination of disaster. New York: Metropolitan Books.

Davis, M. (1990). City of quartz: Excavating the future in Los Angeles. London: Verso.

Thank you, Asoka. I meant Ecology of Fear, because that's the one I read.

Right on. Tell it like it is. At times, I'm critical of CA, too, especially the southern part and the northern sprawl. But there's a reason why so many people came here: great weather and crops that can grow year round. In short, it can sustain a large population.

Until about five weeks ago, I was still gorging myself on figs from a nearby tree. People here have so many fruit trees that most of it just falls and lays on the ground to rot.

If the SHTF, Cali is the place to be.

The Ealges had it right about LA:

Then the chilly winds blew down
Across the desert
through the canyons of the coast, to
the Malibu
Where the pretty people play,
hungry for power
to light their neon way
and give them things to do

Some rich men came and raped the land,
Nobody caught 'em
Put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and Jesus,
people bought 'em
And they called it paradise
The place to be
They watched the hazy sun, sinking in the sea

Who will provide the grand design?
What is yours and what is mine?
'Cause there is no more new frontier
We have got to make it here

And you can see them there,
On Sunday morning
They stand up and sing about
what it's like up there
They call it paradise
I don't know why
You call someplace paradise,
kiss it goodbye

wagelaborer & Laura Louzader,

No train, no game.

wagelaborer & Laura Louzader,

No train, no game.

"California is a place that was built on fantasy, and Excess is an entitlement."

Fantasy can have morsels of truth.

I hate California, and love California.

The state is a hub of innovation and creativity. The reason perhaps: most citizens are so disconnected from the natural environment - in their car, in their home.

I'm choosing to make it a better place with urban cycling, cycling in dresses and heels. And this aberration feels normal because individuality and creativity is admired in California.

As a lifelong Californian water policy arguments and wildfire watching are my mother's milk. Starting with water; the majority of water from the Central Valley Project goes not to urban areas but to farms that are indeed, out in the middle of the desert. Kuntsler et al are spot on noting the explosive growth of housing in insane areas, Hesparia being a prime example, funded by the feds.

As to fire....... All of California except Mendo-Humboldt and the desert is wildfire territory. It could be dealt with if the mortgage rules insisted on stucco or masonry sheathing, metal or tile roofs and steel shutters. The real estate whack-jobs insist on building faux Tudor mcmansions and side-by-side shingled Swiss chalets for mile after mile. Marin County, in particular, will burn in a way that will make New Orleans disaster look like a pancake breakfast. Proving that money has no attraction to intelligence; perhaps vice-versa.

You could repopulate the Midwest from here if people there learned to insulate the buildings and had decent interurban rail but that's a no-go. J.H.K. himself lives in a region where the majority still heat with petro and live in buildings with 2x4 exterior walls where 2 feet of thermal mass should be the norm. Stupidity is generously served in all regions.

Oh, inland CA. is insanely hot in the summer, 105º is normal, and the coast is fog shrouded. There are no jobs or services in the mountains. Don't come here, even to visit.

Greetings all:

Thanks Jim another great article. I enjoy and appreciate all the comments and discussions. JHK, I was wondering can you do a series of article on preparing for the peak oil life? I read certain peak oil sites and their "leaders" advise leaving the east coast, head west spend ten of thousands of dollars, or if you live in the city stay low. Thats it, is it beans, seeds,special space food, or dried can foods that last for 20 years? I live along the 90 in NYS in a small city losing it's industrial base, and our leaders answer, lets build malls,sport stadiums for minor league teams,fast ferry boats to carry all our dollars to Toronto or play houses. No rail,no production,etc. Whats the steps for family prep, then neighborhood, then city?

Greetings all:

Thanks Jim another great article. I enjoy and appreciate all the comments and discussions. JHK, I was wondering can you do a series of article on preparing for the peak oil life? I read certain peak oil sites and their "leaders" advise leaving the east coast, head west spend ten of thousands of dollars, or if you live in the city stay low. Thats it, is it beans, seeds,special space food, or dried can foods that last for 20 years? I live along the 90 in NYS in a small city losing it's industrial base, and our leaders answer, lets build malls,sport stadiums for minor league teams,fast ferry boats to carry all our dollars to Toronto or play houses. No rail,no production,etc. Whats the steps for family prep, then neighborhood, then city?

Anyone notice how many cadets were falling asleep in their chairs during the presidents speech?

And this is our best and brightest. Disturbing. The only thing I can wonder is maybe they were up at 4:30 running laps or something.

No, I didn't notice any dozing cadets but what I did notice in one shot was 7 cadets, 4 white and 3 black. All 3 blacks were chewing gum. No whites were chewing. My first thought: buy Wrigley stock.

Maybe not outright dozing but tired eyes and a lack of due attention. And yeah, the gum.

I was thinking a week under the supervision of Sergeant Major JH Kunstler would do them some good.

The Michael Davis book about L.A. is THE ECOLOGY OF FEAR.

The beaded woman you spoke of who said that "people shouldn't live in flood zones" while she's living in a place that's so fire-prone a spark off a car could set off a conflagration, forgets that any place that is truly livable- that is, with a reliable local water supply- has some flood hazard. While I agree that certain low-lying parts of New Orleans should be "hazard zoned" now that the full extent of the hazard is known, there is no way we can dispense with our port cities, and as JHK points out repeatedly, we will need to live as close to water as possible for transportation of goods as the fossil fuel age draws near its close

People need to live in river valleys and on lake fronts but they don't need to live in places that are so flammable you can't light a bbq pit without taking out half the county.

My Beautiful Laundrette is a 1985 film directed by Stephen Frears. No doubt Frears stole the name from you. Bastard! No attribution. No royalties.

'And this is our best and brightest'

SEZ THE MEDIA.....remember patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel!
thats obama plus some of the soldiers in the war machine.

"What was alarming was that Dear Leader decided to use these fine individuals as stage props. Fuck him for that. He would have been better giving this speech hiding under a desk, quivering in the White House bomb shelter." Phoo-Phoo

Say, shit-for-brains, just how many press-shows were staged for Brainless Bush to stand in front of and read his queue cards? Or do you not recall the "Mission Accomplished" banner on the aircraft carrier, and the tens of millions of dollars that little side-show cost. Thought not.

So fuck you too.

I am taking a class in ' solar panels'...the teacher was talking energy efficiency and how californians are not using more energy...however since its a 3rd world / multicultural class i didnt say....'there are twice as many people in this state as there were 40/ years ago..'

and the teeech is saying ' china builds 50 or more coal plants the size of our largest or bigger every year'..then says we need the kyoto protocols and cap and trade!
so i say... ' you work for the govt so you think it can with its laws fix things' .... HE LOOKS DUMBFOUNDED!

Loved this bit of Colbert satirizing the idiot Beck. Leave out the fact that what Beck said is nonsensical i.e. "listen to the generals" after giving as an example Lincoln firing his generals??

Naturally, this fucking dim bulb is Parrot Boy's big hero. Funny stuff:


Justin Raimundo on Obama's War Speech:


Obama made the wrong decision.

"Waist deep in the Bid Muddy, and the Big Fool says to push on..."

Imagine a country where none of the leaders are credible. How true. It appears that nearly everything Obama touches turns sour.

This uptick in the Afghan war is a waste. The Bernanke-Banking Swindle is a failure except if you are a rich banksta.

The real economy spirals down the drain as jobs continue to disappear, and wages in developing countries making cheap crap go up.

In Dubai the opulence has been displayed in outlandish architectural splendor, but in the US, it is seen in how a strip mall can be designed to appear like a small town with high end condos integrated into the design.

James, there is nothing we can do when the lame leadership doesn't have a forward vision, but only a backward vision.


The herd will take quite a bit more to get restless. Maybe a winter with out heating oil or a summer without air conditioning will do the trick.

Clearly being swindled out of their retirement savings and the gutting of the laws protecting their liberties and privacy aren't causing any stir.

Fucking Dear Leader, who has shown nothing but contempt for the military, just out Bushed, Bush. So double fuck you and the horse that you fucked and rode in on. FOO FOO



Business News Flash!

John Hussman is predicting an 80% chance that the Market will crash sometime next year. Of course, lots of people make predictions and we will just have to wait on this one but Hussman is no moron. However, I was watching retail kingpin Howard Davidowitz yesterday and he provided an even more sober and interesting take on the future of the good old U.S.A. He stated that America is now Japan except with no savings. Davidowitz is essentially predicting an American economic meltdown for the next 20 years. When you factor in recent comments from Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff, it really makes you think hard about getting all those mason jars ready for when you have to steal fruit off the neighbors' trees for canning purposes. And my neighborhood pigeons are beginning to peak my interest. They sure are nice and plump. I'm a BB and pellet gun freak so I have all the weaponry and ammo I need to keep my barbecue busy for quite some time.

A real Albert effin' Einstein... for an ate-up with the dumb-ass wing-nut. Beck was listening to the opposition more then anyone else, that is where his people/writers develop their talking points, typically with wedge issues. He also jumped the Ron Paul bus, saw potential there for grabbing cross-over idealogs. He is nothing more then a huckster with a keen eye on common culture and media, laughing all the way to the bank. Suckers...

"The destruction of the Santa Clarita valley is an absolute tragedy- a veritable Eden, the last one SoCal had, to build tacky subdivisons and put people that much further from work and make them that much more fuel-dependent." Indeed! People from my home town, Saugus, Massachusetts founded Saugus, California way back in the 19th century. It must have been paradise: warm year round with just enough water from the winter rains in the hills to enable a decent supply of food. And now, Saugus is gone, a result of the merger into Santa Clarita and the rampant build-up of the valley over the past few years. Wait a few generations.

"The destruction of the Santa Clarita valley is an absolute tragedy- a veritable Eden, the last one SoCal had, to build tacky subdivisons and put people that much further from work and make them that much more fuel-dependent." Indeed! People from my home town, Saugus, Massachusetts founded Saugus, California way back in the 19th century. It must have been paradise: warm year round with just enough water from the winter rains in the hills to enable a decent supply of food. And now, Saugus is gone, a result of the merger into Santa Clarita and the rampant build-up of the valley over the past few years. Wait a few generations.

A couple of years ago, some developers had a plan to build about 40,000 units north of Santa Clarita. There was a big write up in the L.A. Times and a whole bunch of critics started screaming from the sidelines. I have no idea how anybody would have been able to commute from there down to the San Fernando Valley or downtown L.A. I don't think the developers had any reason or desire to deal with this issue at all. So many times, the developers in SoCal only worry about building tract homes, raking in the money and moving further out to the next potential suburban site. I got a chance last month to meet some of these uber-rich old geezers from my wife's side of the family. I had to take my father-in-law out to see his relatives who live in a wealthy golf course community by Indio. Boy, try talking to these old dinosaurs who have made their fortune building suburbia. The guy whose party we were attending quickly pulled out his scrapbook and showed us pictures of his personal yacht. I asked my wife's uncle about the $2.5 million home he just completed building and was planning on selling. I was told that it was still on the market. What a surprise! While I was there, my wife's cousin and her uncle were signing paperwork on some mansion he had just sold to some rich one-foot-in-the-grave oldster. You can imagine my joy at having to spend one of my weekend days with these guys.

' America is now Japan except with no savings.'

what a stupid quote...from a talking head? writer? economist?

'US is now dying with no borders'

and FEFE..let the media continue to excoriate? beck..the dreaded tim rutten just did a rotten piece on him in the LATimes..asking for the powers that be to censor him!..i forget the title but it was in last 10 days..worth reading to see the work of the ' thought gestapo'

I recall around 1990 driving out toward san bernadino and seeing where the 'old buildings and cow pasture' ended and countless new homes had just been built....struck me as odd but there must have been $$ in it for some.

i recall a piece about a city some developers wanted to build ..was that it? endless miles of burbs

Agree fefe,

Yesterday Beck started with a thing on the economy, bailouts and government propping up of the current zombie conditions.

Sounded like what Kunstler would say if anyone dared give him a microphone.

That said, I think it would be better if you knocked it off with some of the foul language. Afterall we're all gentlemen here right.

"Obama made the wrong decision."

A rare consistency from Asoka. Tepid but consistent. I'll give it a C+.

Single handedly launched the 9/12 tea party protests, has 3 books currently on the NYT's best seller list.
What's the old saying; 'No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public' The dumbing down of America, so apparent when one views what is considered popular on network television, doesn't suggest to anyone with a brain that popularity should be a measure of intellect.

As for this idiots alledged predictions, so what? Two years ago we were already in economic contraction, what kind of prediction was that? What were his actual statements? I'm betting it was for more wild and crazy than you are representing.

If you want to defend this hack then use quotes, not cherry pick his scatter shot statements to create your own conclusions about what a soosayer he is. This dipshit also insisted Obama was building FEMA concentration camps, Obama is a racist, etc. etc. etc. This guy is so confused he can't even get his own arguments straight. Why don't you try to defend the clip I posted, where his argument is Obama MUST listen to the generals and used Lincoln, who fired his generals (and consistently was a better strategist then his generals) as his example.(?) Totally convoluted.

If there is a dumber fuck in the media than this guy I challenge anyone to post evidence thereof. That the teabaggers love him is no surprise. The idiot right is always looking for someone in public life dumber than they are, so they don't have to feel so lame by comparison.

"I really wish that dumber-than-dale had a microphone as effective as Beck's so he could lead us out of the darkness."
If you're thinking that Beck's going to "lead you out of the darkness", you need more help than I can give you. What a fucking twerp!

I am taking a class in ' solar panels'...the teacher was talking energy efficiency and how californians are not using more energy...however since its a 3rd world / multicultural class i didnt say....'there are twice as many people in this state as there were 40/ years ago..'- asia

That's odd; what was the population of the world forty years ago? What is the population today? Maybe there's a correlation.

As to whether government can be a part of solutions..... The major reason that California uses less fossil fuels per capita is that state government (that word again) required builders to put extra insulation in our buildings and provided tax breaks for the installation of wind power and solar panels. There was also considerable effort to install and improve public transit well before other states got on board.

Obama can't get out of Afghanistan because if he did the MSM noise machine would skewer him six ways from sunday. 'Mericans, present company excluded, are just too dumb to penetrate the haze and stay on task when being fed a line of bullshit.

Proof, some idiot is PROUD of the 9/12 "protests." If you polled more than three Teabaggers and divided the sample size by their additive IQ's you were never going to get a three digit number. As for Beck and his pet Christian Taliban, well, that's enough said.

He initially said that he could neither support or deny the stories behind FEMA camps.
Even if your version is true, doesn't this constitute the sort of journalism that says; "I can neither support nor deny that FeFe is a dress wearing transvestite" then dropping the issue for the time being, while everyone draws the wrong conclusion. If you can neither "support nor deny", why the fuck are you talking about it at all??

Your understanding of history is incorrect. Lincoln's strategy against the South was always the same; "press them hard until they crack, we have superior forces and supplies and can wear them down". His problem was finding Generals who had the stomach to pursue the Southern Army to extinction. He was constantly giving advice and encouragement to them on a battle by battle basis, and he was almost always right. He NEVER gave his generals the kind of license to pursue THEIR stategy that you are suggesting. Tactically, they had some freedom, strategically none. That's the way it should be in a democracy, and that's why the President is called the CIC.

We do not want a military government, which is what Beck's sort of "let the generals do it" would lead to. If that had been the case in Korea we would have had a major land war with China. If that had been the case in the Cuban Crisis, we would have been in a nuke war with the Soviets. You don't let the Generals decide strategy.

I've read literally 1000's of pages of military and political history of this period. It was a main interest of mine in both undergraduate school and as a hobby post grad. It's you and Beck who have a lot to learn.

There are a whole host of members of the MSM that will trip all over themselves defending the Muslim religion. In that I agree with them. But they will also spend an inordinate amount of time running down those of the Christian faith.
What nonsense, I've never heard anyone in mainstream media openly criticize the tenants of Christianity, give me one example.

One of the most annoying things about religious zealotry is it's predilection to view itself as some sort of oppressed minority. Take Christianity as an example. The Evangelical version, which is actually a bastardized form of real Christianity, has made a science out of seeking political power, to pursue policies which are anti-modern, anti-science, and intolerant. While they do this they insist the rest of us should feel sorry for them because some un-named “others” are out to get them. Well fuck yes, we're trying to pull their teeth out of our collective leg, if that amounts to oppression than so be it.

In a recent spot on FOX and friends, Beck claimed that he had conducted "research on" the so-called concentration camps being built by the Obama White House as part of a conspiracy to establish totalitarian rule in America and the he could not "debunk them." According to Beck, "If you have any fear that we might be heading toward a totalitarian state, look out. There is something happening in our country and it ain't good."
So in other words, I can't debunk it, so it proves my crazy theory that the government is out to get you.

Beck makes so many truly nutty statements, they are spread all over the media, both main and otherwise.

I only watched more than a 30 second clip of his once, and that involved several minutes of him alluding to some "Big Brother" symbolism by posing himself as a tiny person in front of a giant screen while he talked about supposed conspiracies to "take away our freedoms". It's heavy handedness was only exceeded by it's naked attempt to manipulate a gullable viewer base. If you believe the government is a bad thing, this is certainly the guy for you. If you are looking for well reasoned and supported criticism, look elsewhere.

You're right about Hitchens, but he usually isn't on television to talk about Christianity and he criticizes pretty most everything he sees. That's his gig. Given all the mega-christianity programs on various channels I would guess the ratio of pro to negative on Christian coverage is about 1,000 to 1.

That's just my opinion on Evangelicalism. It's based on my personal veiw of what I've seen from a number of people who are involved. I've seen these people think some minister could "faith heal" their car, other people etc. I seen these ministers extract money from these poor people telling them that giving them (the ministers) money will make them (the givers) financially successful.

Every religion has good and bad, and people who abuse it, but I've seen way too much of this in the Evangelical world for me to have any respect for it.

The segment on "fox and friends" was where he used it as an example of all the terrible things happening to us. Typical demagogue tactic; make sensationalist statements about how you are doing "research" on some crazy idea that is used to support paranoid anti-goverment positions, then later, when the heat comes on a little bit, deny it was you that was promoting the nonsense to begin with and pose as the one who "sorted it all out". This same tactic has been used thousand of times by the likes of Joe Paine, Dan Smoot etc. he's just the latest incarnation.

You're way to green and way to gullable.

"I've never heard anyone in mainstream media openly criticize the tenants of Christianity"

Hey you tenants up there, HOLD IT DOWN!! There's other tenants in this building trying to get some sleep!!!

So how well are those global "free markets" and low taxes for the rich working out for everybody? Cough, Dubai, cough. Wasn't it a bunch of millionaires that just looted the US treasury with the explicit, fawning, help of the GOP and the Democrats?

Hey, we'd rather our kids wandered around with rotten teeth while we pay for aircraft carriers because giving them basic dental care would be socialism. The rest of the world looks at the US like a crazy moron with a big gun and poor impulse control

"You're way to green and way to gullable."

I'm sure you meant way two green and way two gullible.

"The rest of the world looks at the US like a crazy moron"

I don't know diddly 'bout subjects and objects but somethin above don't sound right. Is it the rest of the world that's like a crazy moron or is it the U.S. that's like a crazy moron?

Abbey, help us out here.

HeHe....you can always tell when someone has lost an argument on this blog....they start criticizing typing errors.

you weeks ago here accused me of being a 'retard' who [supposedly] watched FOXnews.....do you watch fox news ? or where do you get yr info on GB?

How can anyone refer to Dubai as a "free market"? Or our country, for that matter?

Dubai's economy is a "command" economy if ever there was one. Dubai World is a government-owned entity, and so are the two other major development companies there, and all their debt had implicit government guarantees. International investors stated that there would have been much less trust had it not been for these implicit guarantees.

The fake-money economy of Dubai is a creation of its ruling family front to back, and in the absence of its guarantees to lenders and investors, whether direct or implied, there would have been nowhere near the development there that there has been...... and the world might have been spared yet another bursting bubble, as well as the construction of a laughably extravagant and unsustainable adult Disneyland that sucks up about 3X as much energy and water per person as the next most wasteful country, the USA.

Parody of Beck would go as follows:

I'm doing "research" on the possibility that aliens live on the moon and are getting ready to attack us. I can neither confirm or deny that possibility. If you have any fear that we might not be spending enough money on the military or that we haven't paid enough attention to alien threats you need to know that there could be something out there and, "look out, it ain't good".
Typical bullshit that only fools will buy.

First, I've brought up the idea that aliens on the moon is a reasonable proposition. Which of course, it is not. Nor is it reasonable to assume the government is building concentration camps for Republicans. It's crazy bullshit.

Second, I've advanced the notion that we may not be spending enough on the military and played to people's fears.

Third, I've given you are reason to watch my show if you think crazy shit like this is plausible. Because I'm doing "research" on it and will get to the bottom of it.

Get it stupid, he's playing to your ignorance. But you can't see it because you've got "flies in your eyes" right?

More breaking news from the land of the apocalypse aka Detroit, Michigan. News reports have been inundated with stories of houses going up in flames all over the Metro area. According to authorities, hapless homeowners faced with repossession have taken to burning down their homes in a futile effort to collect insurance money. The situation in some parts of Detroit is so bad that entire blocks have been razed with only one or two houses left standing. If JHK ever decides to write a book about the end of the world, he should move to Detroit.

"and than bring up a new topic"


"News reports have been inundated with stories ....... etc."

George, it is NOT news reports that have been inundated with stories ..... etc. Rather, it is WE who have inundated with news reports ... etc.

Abbey, please confirm.

Here's an interesting slideshow on Dubai:


including abandon cars and sewage dumping ending up on the beaches.

"have inundated"


have been inundated

"In 2002 the latest year of available data, the top 5 percent of taxpayers paid more than one-half (53.8 percent) of all individual income taxes, but reported roughly one-third (30.6 percent) of income."

What a load of shit. The top tax rate for capital gain is less than the 15% social security tax on payrolls. That's before the six or seven other taxes that every poor wage earner pays. Since the Federal budget raids the so-called "trust fund" it might as well be income taxes. No less than Warren Buffet pointed out that he paid less in taxes on his income than his secretary as a percentage of income. Well documented and verified.

Are you sure you're not a Republican shill?

Taken out of context ANYTHING can be made to look imbecilic.
Now don't start being reasonable on me! That's true, and it's also a tactic you have used here many times

I don't watch Olbermann, except for the same sort of comic relief you should be observing when you watch Beck. I agree Olbermann engages in serial exaggeration, that's why I don't take what he says seriously. But he is a good hatchet man, and that is funny for a few minutes now and then. I doubt that I watch 1/2 hour of his shown in a month. I don't need to watch Beck for hours to see that he is a seriously twisted aberration of a deeply corrupt society, it's pretty evident after just a few incidences of his clips, and I have watch a few minutes of his program a few times, as much as I could stand. Yes there is a lot of corruption out there, but it's due to the enormous influence of money on our government not such plot by leftist who want to take over and create a communist utopia.

Beck wasn't being ironic or anything but the serious nutjob he is when he stated he was researching the possibility of concentration camps and talked about it as if it were a reasonable thing to investigate on "Fox and Friends" AND YOU KNOW IT!

FeFe, the main thing that comes through in your various posts in the tendency toward either agression or fealty (you know - worshipping Reagan, loving Sizemore, a committed disciple of Beck) It reminds me of the observation Churchill made about the Germans during WWII "They are either at your feet or at your throat", and that describes you to a tee.

By the way Colbert is a comedy show, yes it's ok to use crazy exaggerations to make a joke. It's poisonous, but still legal, to do so seriously to try and undermine our government. It's just not ethical for anyone who poses as a journalist/commentator to do so, just to rile people up.

Lastly, I didn't just decide to call the people who want to faith heal cars and people and babble in tongues etc. "Evangelicals", that's what they proudly told me themselves they consider themselves to be.

By your logic you should write off all Americans.
No, but if a sizable percentage of the Americans I met, if I weren't an American, demonstrated very questionable views I think I would be justified in drawing conclusions. Isn't that what we all do everyday of our lives?

If Beck's a "rodeo clown" why do you attach so much credibility to him?

By the way when it comes to taking things out context to make people/things look bad. I can't think of a more complete example of that than the hatchet job done on ACORN, can you? I mean really, these guys are a long term non-profit, the goal of which is to help poor people. Yeah man, lets get those guys, we can't have those poor people getting helped!

Beck may be a clown but he's a clown who hurts people, and he hurts this country.

The only way to put an end to the claims was to investigate the claims. He brought a guy form Popular Mechanics into the controversy because PM had done what Beck believed to be a credible job debunking the 9/11 idiots."
Popular Mechanics? Why PM, could they look at the trailers and tell if they were intended for Republicans? He didn't need to put an end to the claims by investigating them, they were so rediculous he could have just ignored them as any one else would do who wasn't looking for a way to profit from it. Besides, since when were conspiracy nuts swayed by the facts?

PM...that's sort of funny really, should we ask them about the aliens on the moon too?

Worked constructing multi-story building for years, absolutely no reason why they couldn't fall just as they did. Of course, it's always possible to find a structural engineer who would support a crazy theory (their human too), but I'm wagering 99+% of them would agree with consensus.

Hummm....now what does that 99+% remind us of?...oh yeah....climate scientists who agree that global warming is all or partly caused by man made activity. Another conspiracy, but this one you believe in, because Gleeny boy, got some ACORN style tape on someone.

Yeah....all those scientists. man....don't trust them, it's a conspiracy of some kind.

FeFe, why are you whining about "high taxes" on the rich? The rich are not paying what they owe... they just move assets to offshore tax havens.

It is estimated that there is at least US $11.5 trillion held offshore in wealth.

According to the Tax Justice Network: “this does not include the laundered profits of businesses which operate through offshore tax havens to avoid tax. Nor does it include the financial assets of those whose wealth amounts to less than US$1 million. The total sum of money currently held offshore is not known.”

... Whatever the actual cost, former IRS Commissioner Rossotti says that abusive tax shelters are the “biggest single source” of a larger problem — the gap between taxes owed and taxes collected. The total uncollected tax gap, Rossotti says, is somewhere in the range of $250 to $300 billion per year — which, he says, is the equivalent of a 15 percent surtax on the honest taxpayer.

"which, he says, is the equivalent of a 15 percent surtax on the honest taxpayer."

None of that (alleged) surtax is weighing on YOUR shoulders since you have arranged your life so as to pay zero taxes while sponging off the govt (i.e. people who DO pay taxes) to subsist. We don't appreciate hearing about tax "justice" from the likes of you.

Qshtik, thank you for your thoughtful reply.

I paid my share of taxes when I was earning a taxable income. My choice to live simply and not owe any taxes is legal.

The rich earn a taxable income and evade paying their share. That is illegal.

I think there is a difference.

That's odd; what was the population of the world forty years ago? What is the population today? Maybe there's a correlation

IM NOT TALKING THE WORLD POPULATION..im talking Us population....thanks to the dems its about to double!

i prefer not to name individual contries other than my own.

i call them tibetan buddists...but since you said white culture doesnt exist you can also say buddist culture doesnt exist..and Tb believe in things far stranger..and more dangerous..like mixing their herbal ' medicine' with mercury.

are you aszasz reincarnated? or jeago scorze?

Not surprising...my brothers a fire chief in a Us city...from his early days at the academy he was warned of blacks that burn houses...just to lure white fireman in to watch them fry.


in answer to yr question that opened yr blog 2 weeks ago:
'Their complaint, of course, implies that we would do something about overpopulation if only we would recognize it. Which is absurd. What might we do about overpopulation here in the USA?'

uh..we could have borders and imm law like japans
1 in 10 born here is an anchor...
is there any other nation that allows citizenship by birth to children of criminals?

usa is a country where someone convicted of murder in another country can move here and get citizenship.

JHK, in this week's post, indirectly slams Obama by saying: "Imagine living in a country where absolutely nobody in a leadership position is credible."

We do not live in such a country. Obama is credible. For example, Obama is now doing exactly what he said he would do about Afghanistan during the campaign (saying it over and over during debates with McCain and on the stump over a period of two years on the campaign trail in small towns all over America). His action now, in Dec. 2009, is the fulfillment of his promise during his campaign.

In fact, Obama was very clear, and explained in eloquent language, what he intended to do as President and now he is keeping his promises. In other words, he wasn't lying. In other words, he is credible.

Just look at what he has done in his first six months: he has been more activist than FDR or LBJ. Here are 90 of his accomplishments:


I can see why you might be concerned about taxes. You've been working so hard.....

fefe | December 3, 2009 10:45 AM
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fefe | December 3, 2009 6:06 PM
fefe | December 3, 2009 6:27 PM

Hey, that looks like a 10:30 to 6:30 workday; eight hours. This being a very popular blog and all could make one wonder.... what is it that you do for a living again?

You have no idea!! What Buddhists believe is probably far stranger to you, than you can even imagine. But then I think it pretty strange that someone would find professional football worth watching. Nothing but meaningless athletic contests to me, and I like college ball.

What's strange or not, isn't important, I'm OK with people believing whatever they want. I just think that religion should stay out of politics and that's my gripe with the evangelicals. Eventually, I think/hope it will backfire on them anyway.

I like Obama, smart guy, and I think, if nothing else, he's a far better international representative for the US than we've had in a long time. My complaint is he is too much like Clinton. Clinton was a pretty good President, but he was a terrible Democrat. His 'triangulation' was just an excuse to conduct policy without leadership. Read the polls, then decide what to say and do. This always leads to the corporatist controlling the agenda and the dialog because they have the money and the lobbyists to drive that agenda. Clinton hurt the Democratic Party much more than he helped it. The Presidency is an office with a bully pulpit, and any good President really gets out and uses it. Bush did, and he got a lot of his agenda done, regardless of the fact it was bad for the country.

The minor little accomplishments for Obama you found a list for on a liberal website, really don't compare to the kinds of accomplishments and risks that Presidents like FDR and LBJ undertook. At this point, Obama's centrism and lack of political courage may very likely make him the perfect foil for the Republican's in the next election. While Obama has essentially conducted a centrist national agenda, the Republicans will be able, if the economy gets worse, to claim that his “far left” agenda was bad for the country, and jerk the country even further to the right. This will lead to an even worse collapse of the middle class as the working class abandons a Democratic party that has abandoned them, in favor of voting their prejudices, which the Republicans are always willing to exploit.

If Obama had entered office with a strong list of action points, he would have rallied the country behind him and that agenda and put huge pressure on Congress to follow his lead. Instead, he has squandered an historical opportunity to prove the value of the Democratic party and it's core principals. So, once again, we see the Republicans and corporate interests driving the dialog and a President who sits on the sidelines through most of the discussion, calculating the best way to get reelected. Good Presidents spend less time listening to there calculating advisors, and more time listening to their hearts.

Hi Capt.

That is great. I'll check out the Taibbi article. I do have to say that the other things I've read by him, while I enjoy his scathing sense of humor, he tends to miss the elephant in the room when he writes on the financial meltdown. While Goldman Sachs is evil and terrible, demonizing them exclusively misses their enablers, doing a great disservice. Pining for regulation and handing the power to the great enabler is beyond a disservice, it is madness. I hope he is starting to pick up on this in his newer work.

I recently found myself at a table with a bunch of economists and students who adhere to the Austrian school. It was boring and weird, but still some interesting, intelligent and folks were there. One of them is a guy who is a, "quant", on Wall St. A quant who believes in a free-market, (not the centrally planned environment we've had since 1913). In two sentences he eloquently explained how the MBS and CDO's worked in terms of interest rate sensitivity and pricing. Essentially, what this meant was that in a free-market, interest rates on sub-prime and Alt-A would have risen substantially by early 2004; quelling any further speculative madness in real-estate.

The market driven rate hike would have caused defaults, foreclosures and losses in the market. However, the damage would have been much smaller to the overall economy. Because the Fed kept rates low and made money cheaper, the party raged on more wildly for another 3 years. The higher interest rates would have encouraged saving and the savings would have chased returns in potentially more productive endeavors - perhaps developing railroads, more refinery capacity, adjusting to a smaller car market, reality based energy investments on the most efficient of the alternative sources, encouraging more frugal state and local governance...

Instead, debt and savings depletion chased Erik Estrada's middle-of-nowhere housing developments, Dubai, gank-nasty condos below thoroughfares in Bushwick Brooklyn, Las Vegas subdivisions, and re-fi's everywhere to get bigger cars and tv screens.

Then there is the military empire the inflation from the Fed permits. Talk about thievery.

Tom Woods' book explains in even better detail.

Thank you for keeping an open mind. Meltdown is a good read for an open mind. Be well and prosper Captain.

JHK, in this week's post, says: "...the signs are just everywhere that we've taken some turn to the Dark Side."

Yet, the data (for five months straight now) show something else: that the season of hope is upon us, that the economic recovery is for real, that even unemployment is beginning to lessen due to the reality of the economic recovery that Obama and his team have successfully brought about, steering us away from the abyss and the Dark Side and Wickedness.

You might think: "big deal, a .2% drop or a .3% drop in unemployment" but, month after month, going in the right direction, takes us back to a 5% unemployment rate, eventually. The important thing is the trend and it is not getting worse each month, it is getting better each month.

WASHINGTON — A surprising drop in the unemployment rate and far fewer job losses last month cheered investors Friday and raised hopes for a sustained economic recovery.

The rate unexpectedly fell to 10 percent, from 10.2 percent in October, as employers cut the fewest number of jobs since the recession began. The government also said 159,000 fewer jobs were lost in September and October than first reported.

If part-time workers who want full time jobs and laid-off workers who have given up looking for jobs are included, the so-called underemployment rate also fell, to 17.2 percent from 17.5 percent in October.

Hi Dale -

You have a thoughtful and articulate post. I disagree with your premises though.

The first premise I disagree with is that Obama is, like Clinton, being a good President and not a good Democrat. I think it is quite the opposite. I think he is too busy dealing with the party machinery, and not sticking to ideals. No time to elaborate more. I will say, look at all of his appointments for evidence of what I am saying. They are mind-boggling particularly when considering the campaign slogan of, "Change." The same is true of Pelosi's stunts in '06 - '08 to keep the wars going to blame them on Bush and put her party and her party aspirations above the wishes of the constituents in her district. There are many more such examples, including John Kerry's recent activities to support the notion of grave threats being nurtured in Afghanistan timed perfectly before Obama's plea to escalate that war. (What happened to John Kerry the Winter Soldier? Sad.)

The second premise I disagree with is that the President should whip up the people and Congress should follow. The problem is two-fold. Obama has whipped up the public, but not behind any concrete ideas, rather vaporous slogans like, "Hope", and "Change." Are you saying what he is doing by arguing for more war in Afghanistan, even if the public and our treasury are weary and exhausted from these idiotic wars? He is out in front leading the people, just like George Bush did. Should Congress follow on that one?

More importantly, our system is designed for the people to lead, not be lead. I believe the term is self-governance. The people should decide what the mandates are in terms of what to do, what not to do, and what to stop doing. Then we are to elect legislative representatives to put those desires into law, repeal laws, end wars, reign in spending ... ... The President is merely a feckled beaurocrat whose job is to faithfully execute the law, and veto bills he feels are bad and force a larger majority of the people's representatives to pass it over his veto.

We are in a huge mess of historically epic proportions because too much power is concentrated in too few hands.

I don't understand why anyone is surprised by Obama being, "disappointing." He pledged in the campaign to escalate the Afghanistan war. He accepted the premise of the, "Long War", "War On Terror" in all of his speeches... He changed the words but accepted the Cheney/Bush/Pentagon doctrines.

Then, in one of the most brazen admissions of corruption I've seen in modern politics his actions on the domestic spying were appalling. Through the early spring of '08 he was supportive of the effort to end domestic spying and the supported the lawsuits against the telecom companies' complicity in violating our rights to privacy. After he placated the Democratic base and won the nomination over Hillary, he voted in favor of giving, "retroactive immunity", to the telco's and effectively quashed the lawsuits. In a final, giant middle finger to his hope-emmured loyal Democratic followers, he accepted the party's nomination at the AT&T sponsored convention.

I think the problem is that too many people are too busy being good Democrats, and forgetting that change always comes from non-partisan adherence to principles and well-thought out ideas enacted at the local level and that forces the powers to loosen their grip lest they lose it.

We are hopelessly lost. When I see these ideas that advocate giving more power to an executor, (no matter what positive traits we are projecting upon him/her that is a distortion of reality or even direct contradiction to the demonstrated reality of their character), I become very sad. We've lost all understanding of what it takes to be a self-governing confederation of states of the people, for the people and by the people.

Asoka -

You are amazing. You are the only person I know of who is saying that it is a good thing that we lost 457,000 jobs in the last month. I also don't know what school of mathematics shows that continuing job losses will result in a lower unemployment rate. Is their a massive decrease in population that changes the numbers?

I am also confounded how anyone can find the government's claim that they saved some number of jobs credible. There is no way to know how much of something hasn't been lost. It isn't possible. Maybe the government can tell you how many people should be laid off to balance their budgets. That could be accurate. There is just one problem with that. The government is a consumer not a producer. If they save a job that there is no money for, then the wealth has to be destroyed to keep paying people for doing work we can't afford to pay people to do. If you do that in large enough numbers than pretty soon there is no money left for producers to employ people with. The employment situation becomes worse in terms of the numbers employed and what the wages of the lucky few will buy for them.

I think that was tried in the Soviet Union and it didn't work very well. More and more our economy looks like theirs did on the eve of collapse. Corrupt oligarchies sucking out the wealth and discouraging diligent productive activity; Massive military apparatus destroying the nation's wealth; hopelessly loyal partisan apparatchiks swallowing and regurgitating all the lies they are being fed. Some even extrapolating them into even more distorted delusions.


When I say "good democrat" I don't mean playing politics with the other pols, I mean upholding true democratic values of helping the working and middle classes. If you make that correction in your understanding of my position you would find that in many ways we agree.

I don't agree that the people 'lead" however, we elect leaders, or people who are suppose to be leaders, allegedly because they will do what needs to be done irregadless of the public sentiment of the moment, which is often clearly manipulated, shortsighted and wrong. A good President will get out in front of public obinion and help guide it. "Hope" and "Change" don't constitute an agenda, just campaign slogans that don't go anywhere. While Obama did support the war in Afganistan, I am criticizing him more for his domestic agenda, which is designed and run by Goldman Sachs, and his failure to deliver on closing Gitmo, and ending Iraq.

Likewise, he's presented no far reaching policy on how the US can reverse it's decline, not the short term one, the long term one, which requires strategic thinking and that leadership thing again. Finally, he hasn't addressed the lobbyist and money problems which are at the heart of Washington's corruption.


I've never met an economist that didn't quickly degrade the conversation into realms of wishful thinking that make Harry Potter sound like a documentary.

In any reasonable dreamworld the worlds economists are left without food or water on those silly "World" islands in Dubai and the local waters are stocked with crocodiles.

Obama is going to be a one-term wonder unless the GOP runs a zombie. The people wanted a health care program like Canada's and jobs.

dale said: "...[Obama] hasn't addressed the lobbyist and money problems which are at the heart of Washington's corruption."

The Obama administration has roiled Washington’s special-interest galaxy by deciding to unseat hundreds of registered lobbyists from government advisory boards. A precise roster has yet to be done. But lobbyists clearly should have no place on the more than 915 advisory panels (with 60,000 members) laced across 52 federal agencies that seek “outside” expert advice. (NYT, Dec. 3, 2009)

Unseating a few lobbyists from advisor boards doesn't impress me too much. In defense of Obama, and condemnation of the SCOTUS, they have more than once equated money with free speech, thus making it very difficult to extract the money which is fueling the naked bribery that runs Washington from top to bottom.

If anything gives me a sense our political/economic situation is hopeless for the people themselves, it is this extreme corruption at the heart of the system(s) both corporate and political.

It is almost impossible to do any strategic or long term planning, which will always upset the existing power structure and vested interests, if there is no way to counter their power. At this point, short of collapse, I don't see where that counter comes from. The media was suppose to provide some of that function, but the corporate owned media outlets totally drown out those sources which provide any useful or relevant content.

Instead they dwell on shouting heads arguing pointless factoids and entrenched partisan positions as if that were meaningful, or chase celebrities around trying to find out who is sleeping with whom.

The situation is seriously fucked up.

fefe said: "Eric Holder, attorney general nominee, was registered to lobby until 2004 on behalf of clients including Global Crossing, a bankrupt telecommunications firm [now confirmed]."

So? What is your point? Obama has never said someone who was a lobbyist in 2004 could not work in his administration. His criteria was a two-year lobbying ban, with the idea of slowing down the revolving door.

Most of the names you have listed meet the 2 year criteria. The revolving door is moving slower.

Yeah...nice list, but it would no doubt look very similar for the last few Repub administrations.

Hell, everybody in Washington either is, or was, a lobbyist. Graft, Corruption and Influence Selling, opps....I mean lobbying, pays so well there are thousands of those blood suckers in DC. You probably can't hire a guy to mow your lawn without finding out he lobbys for The lawnmower industry and the lawn fertilizer cabal.

Take that prick Daschle, gets a car and driver "given" to him, and he's surprised that is considered a problem when it comes to getting a government appointment. Blood suckinng vampire can't even drive his own sorry ass around Washington.

I don't have any issues with lobbysits.
spelling error!! Anyway, so you and your buddy Beck are going to solve the problem of corruption in Washington without dealing with the money issue? Do tell....


I think you missed my important points altogether.

Perhaps we fundamentally disagree on who, how and why life improves for people and what leadership is.

I don't ever recall a time and place in the history I have studied, when the reforms that were required were vast and sweeping largely because an entrenched and parasitic oligarchy held too much power was ever initiated by a leader whose power was dependent on the oligarchy.

Would the American Revolution have occurred if they waited for the King to repeal taxes? Would India have gained independence if the people deferred to the British to just leave? Would the House of Commons existed if the Lords just felt like giving the commoners a say out of the goodness of their heart? Why do you think we have a Congress?

I think people do lead. There are some here and now who are making as much change as they can by living differently. Unfortunately, the power has been so concentrated so centrally for so long, the impact of this living leadership is minimal in regards to our biggest albatrosses: the military empire; the non-productive debt service economy led by our modern day Venetian financiers. Our leaders are silent on Afghanistan; though strangely ushering new troops into battle rather than leading into battle.

We are supposed to be an intelligent species. However, the evidence is to the contrary. We will change. The question is will we wait for a knight in shining armor who writes nice heartwarming books in pursuit of power or will we mandate it in our actions and in some sweeping changes that will require a lot of political courage and will and intelligence? Or, will the system topple under its own weight on top of us and rot while something new grows spontaneously on our remains.

It would be better to sew our own seeds and do our own pruning.

As for what you mean by being a Democrat I can't even address it. My point is, what is a Democrat? Is it a political party/machine or a set of ideals? I think the evidence is overwhelming that it is a political machine.

How come Nancy Pelosi keeps voting to fund and expand wars? She is a leader right? She is against war right? Wrong. She wants power and prestige. Until the people in her district stand up and stop electing her unless she votes on their behalf, assuming they are against war and her private jet flights and other corrupt dealings, then she'll be free to make gains for herself and the political machine against their hopes and wishes.

Perhaps you missed the recent scandal involving Democrat Jane Harmon. It seems that she got caught up in her own domestic spying and extortion scandal.


Harmon isn't dumb. She demanded that the tapes be released, knowing full well that they wouldn't be because lots of other powerful people would fall if they were.

The bigger question is, how come the Democratic party leadership hasn't purged this corruption? Likely because they are almost all guilty of massive crimes - many of them caught on tape. This is our leadership.

That leads me back to my point. You must distinguish between people in positions of power and leadership.

You may think the Democratic party embodies ideals. But, the party members in power will not embody them just because you think or hope they do. People like MLK and Gandhi and the movements who make it possible for history to eulogize them as the lone-wolf heroes they are not are always outside of and opposed to the system of power. The American revolutionaries risked their lives to make a change when it could no longer be made from within. If you want the Democratic party, (the machine designed to win elections, not designed to uphold ideals), to uphold ideals, you must take the lead in forcing them to do so. There is no other way. People do lead; or they don't in which case they get led - sometimes off a cliff. Where do you think we are being led? Afghanistan. Bankruptcy. Further dependence.

Ideals have no parties. They only have adherents and advocates. Often parties are power structures specifically designed to be powerful forces against adherence and advocacy. The Democrats are no more the party of the middle class, peace and social justice then the Republicans are the party of small government, lower taxes and free-markets. That is to say, there only as much those things as their supporters force them to be in practice, not in rhetoric. The evidence suggests that the followers are doing a very poor job.

Wishful partisan thinking in the realm of politics reminds me of the documentary, "Grizzly Man." It is about a guy who ended up getting eaten by bears after he went out and lived amongst them thinking he was saving them and that the love he felt for them was reciprocated by them. This anthropomorphic wishing got him and his girlfriend eaten alive by a huge bear foraging for the scarce remaining meals it could find before a long and dark winter.

Had he recognized and respected these predators for what they truly are, things would have turned out a lot differently for him and his girlfriend. I think the same lessons should be applied to our current predicaments in the realm of politics.

FeFe, your keys to the nursery school analogy falls flat. As you acknowledged lobbyists depend upon the influence they can have due to the contacts they have.

If you are working in government this week, and are a lobbyist next week, you have fresh contacts.

If you are out of the loop for two years, you do not have fresh contacts.

I am sure you can understand this. We do not live in a perfect world, but at least Obama is trying to minimize the "revolving door" that lobbyists/representatives have abused in the past.

This is an interesting blog, and there are things to be learned here. Many good insights. The only criticism I could offer is that some of you folks don't know how to respond to trolls, which means of course not responding to them in any fashion. They will leave if you ignore them long enough. I guess what I'm getting at is that if people can't rid themselves of a troll,(an easy thing to do), they might not be the best person to listen to when it comes to diagnosing the problems that confront us. Regards to All.

Has this place been dead since 8:01 pm last night or has JHK pulled the plug?

"Has this place been dead since 8:01 pm last night or has JHK pulled the plug?"

Nah, Dale and FeFe just bored everybody to death, that's all.

I'm thinking of changing my handle to Dimebag Tyrannosaurus. What do you think? Pretty bitchen?


PS Anyone want to argue about greyhound racing?

Greyhound Racing Sucks

Very surprised there is no discussion of the global warming fraud vaulted on taxpayers. Mr. Algore hasn't even released a statement from his giant McMansion to argue that his religion is still right. Did I push anyone's buttons? I still don't doubt we're in a shaky energy situation though. The city I live in is still trying to "force" urban sprawl by laying utilities at the edges even while empty subdivisions abound. The city council has forced us to pay for recycling even though they don't participate (yes I check their dumpsters)

Maybe there is no discussion about climate change because there is scientific consensus on it.

Even climate change doubters don't believe tree ring temperature data in one graph does not indicate that climate change is a fraud. It doesn't change anything.

Roger Pielke Sr. of the University of Colorado, who has been critical of what he called “the climate oligarchy,” including some of the scientists involved in the e-mail, replied that it did not.

Pielke has characterized some scientists in the field as inbred and wedded to their views, but he said that the temperature measurement by Jones’s group was only one of several showing a long-term warming trend, and that there was no doubt that carbon dioxide produced by humans was a major factor.

There is no doubt human beings are contributing to climate change. There is uncertainty about the extent.

So, no big story to report. Of course, some are blowing it up as if it proves Al Gore is perpetrating a fraud, which is ridiculous.

'Perhaps you missed the recent scandal involving Democrat Jane Harmon. It seems that she got caught up in her own domestic spying and extortion scandal.


Harmon isn't dumb. She demanded that the tapes be released, knowing full well that they wouldn't be because lots of other powerful people would fall if they were.'

WOW.................SHES NOT DUMB...just crooked

and Qtip....you neglected to mention As in yr post along with the ' warriors'

'just because you think or hope they do'

so lets hope against hope and hope those who are manipulated by the powerbrokers thru that term see thru them!

This from a Global Warming proponent: "The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t."


Climategate is showing what a joke the pro human-caused Global Warming case is. There is NOT a consensus of scientists. Climategate is showing it's not science, it's political claptrap.

Al Gore has been proven a fraud many times. He just cancelled an appearance at Copenhagen for which 3,000 tickets had been sold.

Human-caused Global Warming is not science, it's become a Faith. It's taken on the trappings of a religious cult and true believers aren't going to let a lack of scientific proof get in the way.

On Global Warming: When the Earth was young, there was a lot more carbon in the atmosphere -- thus the planet was an inhospitable place. Flash forward tens of millions of years into the future: plants evolve to suck a lot of it out of the air, the oceans absorb a lot of and so do rocks (a process that takes a long time).

Earth is suddenly a nice place and animals (also carbon sinks) evolve and rapidly multiply. Many of them die out. Eventually humans come around, get really smart and start sucking the carbon stored in the Earth over a millions of years and put it into the atmosphere -- instantly.

Whether oil is biotic or abiotic is irrelevent, the fact is humans are using fossil fuels around 400 times faster than they can be regenerated.

Just from a layman's perspective, that doesn't really seem like a good thing.

Oh this is so sad. My HoneyBee is lyting beside me in front of the heater. She came from a puppy mill. They had turned her into a puppy factory. Her eyes wre dead when I got her and it took her 2 years to learn to jump into the car.And she is a Jack Russell.

As for global warming.Just because it isn't warmer where you are doesn't mean it isn't happening.

Forget the trolls.


That song gives me the 'chills'.
listen Don Henley and JHK are on
the top of my favorite people list.

Thanks for posting the lyrics.

I'm with you. You know, I'm not really an Eagles fan, but I absolutely love that song. The lyrics are poetry.

The Last Resort by The Eagles:


The latest on Climategate is interesting, albeit perhaps only a setback. That being said, climate change is something humans and some other life forms can live with.

What we and countless life forms in the oceans (that we depend on) cannot live with is continuing increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that inevitably dissolves into sea water, acidifying the oceans.

As the oceans become more acidic, life forms with shells are in considerable peril. Many of these are close to the bottom of the food chain. Coral reefs will also suffer - does this matter? Coral reefs are the nurseries for many species of marine animals.

While there were some cheers (premature I think) from the anti-climate crowd, I fear that the last noise from humanity won't be a cheer when many of us run out of food from the oceans.

FeFe said: "And of course we only want people in government to have stale contacts and stale information."

No, with stale information and stale contacts you don't get hired to be a lobbyist, which is the way the revolving door gets stopped.

Lobbyists produce nothing. They are parasites feeding off the public host, trying to get government money for private profit, trying to get government money contributed by taxpayers which should be spent for public good, not to enrich corporate elites.

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Sports Network (AFP ) ,Kindergarten teachers needle 20 children XingJu (Photos),www.abercrombiemilanositufficiale.com, according to Xinhua News Agency power of a 17- year-old girl in Brazil ,sac hermes pas cher,Men's high-speed road parking Wireless Internet stocks, police said ,louis vuitton sito ufficiale, since 2006 ,abercrombie,Senegal rich kids road racing caused four deaths and injuries, she used a knife killed more than 30 adult men .

girl arrested with brawl ,air jordan, then confessed his past crimes to the police . However,burberry pas cher, police only confirmed her involvement in a murder ,louis vuitton outlet, at least two

Sina Inc. All rights reserved

Police seizure of cash in their possession of 17 million yuan, nearly 200 various types of bank cards, and seized a Buick commercial vehicles, and 11 committing crimes while using the phone in the car and found a laptop computer, a dedicated online banking transfers, U shield several cracked Qinhuai, Drum Tower, and Guilin, Guangxi, telephone fraud cases, 10 cases involving a total value of nearly 200 million.

in more than 80 hours of video surveillance task force of 10 people grouping looked four days, in the end, they saw the TV wanted to vomit. So was maintained until March 10, they found a clue: a Playback monitor, the panel decided to adopt this one may be a valuable clue. But because the car far from the banks compare the vehicle license plate was partially obscured the police unable to obtain detailed information on the suspect vehicle,ray ban, the case reached an impasse.

Thus, the task force immediately the night arrived from Xiamen Shaowu. The absence of other valuable clues, the police were only targeted in car blue Buick car. The task force decided to touch first at the city's entertainment vehicles. Hard work pays off, has been to find the early morning, the police finally found in a local dance hall door of a blue Buick commercial vehicles,air jordan femme, the task force upon investigation,abercrombie, found on board some of the bank card, dedicated to online banking transfers U shield. This car has a major crime suspects,oakley, the case of a turnaround.

A few minutes later, four suspects were carrying the money removed from the bank, laughing out from the bank. With Pang help Wing, gave the order: four without a fight on,sac hermes pas cher!

involved accounts are scattered in various parts of Fujian, Jiangxi, and the strong sense of anti-detection of the suspect, the case a moment into a corner. Living in Nanjing,louis vuitton outlet, the victim Gui every day on time to the Lao Pang phone call, liar ah every day, such as about and to the telephone,His wife was eight months pregnant battered by their husbands anger swallowed th, the more the pressure of the task force.

start of May, Lao Pang sudden high fever, fatigue days he fell ill in the dark,louis vuitton borse, damp hut in Xiamen. Eat antipyretics, Lao Pang with other police to gather the involved banks in Xiamen, Fujian Jimei, Fuzhou, Putian,louboutin, Yingtan and other surrounding areas for over 80 hours of video surveillance.

criminal suspects are pressing very low cap, can not see the face,The murder suspect fled 17 years to change the wel, can only confirm that the suspect should be more than 2 people. In the absence of other valuable clues, Lao Pang and other police can only monitor over and over again to see, hoping to get a new clue.

Qinhuai Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the rapid establishment of the task force, composed of elite forces rushed to the southeast along the coast of the full detection of the case.

monitor the video found in a Buick

February 26 at 10 pm, Gui (a pseudonym), they find out at home, received a strange man's phone, the person claiming to be the judges of the Shanghai Municipal People's Court Wang Gui home phone for criminal misappropriation illegal fraudulent activities, now in arrears, need verification Gui home property, followed by the Gui finally in accordance with the other requirements will be 340,000 yuan exchange to each other and he would calm down after being cheated, along with to Qinhuai police report.

an assumption to the case of a turnaround

police found, since February this year, Nanjing has occurred in succession from posing as telecommunications, public security personnel by phone arrears on the grounds of fraud cases because such cases involve a wide range of the amount involved, the media pay close attention to social impact is very poor.

this day,Men 's subway shouting bomb jailed for a year and a half _ News _ Sina, the police of more than 10 pairs of eyes Yan staring at the car Buick commercial vehicles. More than 10:00, this Buick car and again drove to a bank, 1 miles away from the bank, stopped the car, four people on board, before a man drove up, two sentry, a person withdrawals panic and orderly. They do not know at this time has been firmly pegged to the police.

through carefully combed for clues, who claimed the phone was in the field of the Shanghai Municipal People's Court Judge call forwarding, location unknown, clues to interrupt . Investigators can only be used by the receiving bank to start. Account bank Nanping City, Fujian Province, along the survey found. The Qinhuai branch of Interpol,louboutin pas cher, Pang help Rong and his party is the work around this line.

at this time, the local Fujianese with similar cases of telephone fraud, the merits of Nanjing is very similar to, methods of crime analysis,louis vuitton, we concluded may be a criminal gang for the receiving account just in Shaowu City, Fujian Nanping. Lao Pang, criminal gangs to take the money, there may be in the local According to this hypothesis, if timely rushed Shaowu search in the entertainment, might be able to find clues.

,louis vuitton

Express (Reporter Jia Lei ) ,abercrombie, originally prepared the young man jumped to his gradually calmed down. 15:27 yesterday , he finally agreed down from the windows of text Delhi Village Unit No. 20 , 5th Floor .

15:00 yesterday , Hung master saw this guy : He looks a little thin ,jordan, standing on the roof of the platform of text Delhi Village Unit No. 20 , 5th Floor , quivering .

police promised to send him back to his home , he can finally rest assured .

of ! money. Hearing this , Mr. Chen quickly took out 200 dollars handed up .

get Mr. Chen handed 200 dollars

police soon arrived , Chen lived in this building , 2nd Floor ,A man with a lover 85 license plate theft of more than 10 tons of diesel every day for Haozi stealin,www.burberryoutletecufficiale.com, followed by police on the floor At this time, the young man has been transferred to the the hollow windows on the corridor , also stripped the shirt .

So , after nearly half an hour to stay upstairs , the young man came down the stairs ,burberry,Downloadable Albums For Free Photo Scrapbooking - Advantages And Disadvantages, the police did not give him a hard time ,www.airjordanpaschereumagasin.com, just take him to a police station not far . Reporter learned that this year ,Girl live group renting bath narrowly escaped the,burberry pas cher, the young man , 20 years old , his hometown in Jiangxi ,abercrombie france, a fellow called him to Nanjing to sell blood ,louis vuitton outlet, etc. excitedly rushed to Nanjing , the young man but you can not find the fellow , and a few days later ,burberry, he climbed desperate this block of flats .


Sports Network ( Reporter publicity correspondent Tin King super ,www.abercrombieofficielboutique.com, Lei Nie ) a foreign girl to the Han see someone ,99,999,999 yuan price Clivia final photograph 1,000,000 _ News _ Sina,doudoune moncler, unexpectedly was hit by the man under house arrest . August 19 , trapped Chu Theatre foreign girl police,abercrombie france, fire and rescue .

fire and rescue personnel , after consultation with the police , community security ,louis vuitton, the use of rescue tools security door broke open ,moncler sito ufficiale,Female students do three copies of tutoring a week to save the mother cataract s, and rescued the victim . Police its simple inquiry ,Dutch man exposure to 104 minutes 23 seconds of ic,abercrombie, away . At present,moncler, the case is under further investigation.

According to reports ,louis vuitton outlet, the foreign woman through the network to know a Wuhan users ,hogan outlet, the users Pianzhi Wuhan under house arrest . The victim to take the man to go out on the occasion ,www.moncleroutletsitufficiale.com, called for help.

If you have a spare bedroom, home office or even a sunny corner with potential, convert the space into a loveable craft haven with these sewing room design ideas. Jot down the sewing room design ideas that you like and add to an inspiration board with photos,abercrombie france, sketches and color swatches. You can maximize your space at low to no cost with these thrifty sewing room designs for any budget. If you have your own sewing room design ideas, please add them to the comments,louis vuitton!

Use a spare closet- If you cannot devote an entire room to your favorite hobby,Seventy old man because his wife does not give pocket money to the divorce court, you can utilize a closet as the base for your sewing room. Best of all,burberry outlet, you can close the door(s) of your sewing room to hide clutter or works in progress. A sturdy table can fold out of the closet for working with fabric (drop-leaf construction) and you can set up shelves above the table. You can place your sewing machine on a separate flat surface inside the closet which never moves. My favorite sewing room design ideas allow spaces to be multi-purpose,Gangs trafficking in 51 wild sea turtles to be tried only seven large sea turtle, for example in a spare bedroom still being used for guests.
Cork Boards- Set up cork boards around your sewing table to hang pattern instructions,abercrombie, sewing inspiration,jordan, fabric swatches and more. To coordinate with your design, use a piece of fabric and scrap ribbon to create your own inspiration board.
Prep your cutting table- Practically ever sewer will need a large cutting table. Cover your table permanently with a self-healing mat for quick and easy cutting. The cutting table should be 34-40 inches high so that you are not stooping when cutting. For one of my favorite sewing room design ideas,louboutin, you can create a large cutting table with two card tables pushed together, set on blocks or bricks to the right height. Use a fabric skirt to disguise the blocks and utilize the space underneath the table for storage. Prep your pressing area- Set up an ironing board and a nearby shelf for pressing supplies. If space is limited, you can use a table-top sewing board or use a folding,Sixty father sacrifice his own life to save his son block boulder killed _ News, wall or door mounted ironing board. A swing-out rod mounted on the wall for hanging is useful next to your pressing area, if you do not have a closet for hanging.
Get creative with storage- Use large,louboutin pas cher, glass mason jars to store and display supplies like buttons,www.burberrypascherbufrance.com, ribbons and trim on a shelf. Decoupage a plain wood box with old paper sewing patterns to store your collection of patterns. Make your own storage baskets with fabric,burberry pas cher, painted or covered cardboard or even chicken wire. Make your own thread board with a thick piece of wood and nails. Use a pencil to mark every 1 ¾ inch across and down your board. Hammer a nail into the board,www.airjordanpaschereumagasin.com, making sure not to puncture the other side. Arrange your spools of thread  by color. Caley Walsh - About the Author:

Caley Walsh is with FaveCrafts.com

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There are thousands of companies all over the globe, which have different purposes. There is a reason to their existence about which we might know nothing.

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Author: Article Tools:Deals,jordan femme,Kenya Africa Safari Itinerary (ies) Best 3 Kenya Africa Saf, Relationships and communication are strengthened all across the world through the help of some clicks. Website design and development companies make these activities easier to occur at ease. It also helps people to be aware of anything and everything that the planet possesses.

A web design and development company helps any newly built organization to emerge out of the lot. In a click we come to know almost everything about any organization, may it be professional or educational. There is no better promotion than promoting any institution through a website.

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January 16 morning,moncler, the reporter went to a unit of a household at home, just went to the bathroom door negative layer, there is a pungent smell blowing bathroom, two a sewer mouth are towel tightly blocked. The homeowner said, the evening of the 11th of sewage coming out from here.

our reporter Liu Tao intern Xiaomeng

January 16 morning,louis vuitton outlet, the reporter found the residential property, property Minister Li said that the 11th large rain,doudoune moncler, rainwater flows to septic tanks, septic tank water can not drain away causing the reflux flow to residents indoors.

owners said the property at the time zhang commitment,doudoune moncler pas cher, it will be discussed at Monday's regular meeting, and will give you an answer,moncler sito ufficiale, but it was not until the reporter, they did not receive a reply.

recently, Everest International Garden Building 3, Unit 7 residents The original August 11, heavy rain, these home owners have suffered an unprecedented disaster: septic tank sewage directly flows from the sewer to the house, up to 30 cm in height, bubble lot of bad home.

unit in the district Sharon presented her own negative layer sewage flooded,hogan outlet, immediately got the property, a staff member said that there is no way,moncler outlet Eighty the Weng prostitution was stolen gold rings _ News _ Sina, August 11, 22 am and there are others also need to view,www.abercrombieofficielboutique.com, on the left. More than 70-year-old Ms. Liu old son helpless, herself holding a little bit out of pots and buckets Amoy sewage. would not be needed. Several boxes of my book on the floor,www.moncleroutletseufficiale.com Japanese Chinese,www.doudounemonclersefrance.com, all wet, look at when there is the smell of it. reporters, the following morning, they found that the residential property. Property Minister Li was blocked indoor sewer mouth program, property owners have expressed opposition.

yesterday afternoon, reporters phone contacted residential property manager Zhang Guoping. He said that the negative layer of sewer defection original building design, the negative layer is too low, this problem belongs to natural disasters. As for why only problems in Building 3 and Building 5,abercrombie france, which is due to proximity of the main channel of the distance drainage. He has consulted developers engineers,hogan,www.moncleroutletseufficiale.com College students throwing bottles down from the,

property: only sealed manhole

event: septic tank effluent stream into the house

Features of Bottle Label Applicator by Ron victor

Why Businesses need to change its Management? by Valfrid

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Golden Triangle With Pushkar Fair Tour by Amanda Bos

1888 Articles Home | Travel Articles Travel RSS Golden Triangle With Pushkar Fair Tour

Bad credit loans: Get financial assistance even with the tag of bad creditor by Adam Selvon

I need a loan- I Need a Loan to Meet Cash Obligations by Alex Lee

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Author: Amanda Bos Article Tools:            India has many tours to offer the discerning tourist and all parts of the country from north to south and from east to west have something unique and enjoyable to offer all tourists. The golden triangle tour is a very popular tour,jordan femme, which is taken up by many travelers. This tour covers the capital city of New Delhi,abercrombie, the home of the magnificent Taj Mahal, Agra and the “pink city”, Jaipur. There is another version of this three-city tour and that is the Golden Triangle with Pushkar Fair tour. This tour covers the three cities mentioned above and lets the travelers enjoy the world famous Pushkar Camel fair, a traditional and one of the last kinds of fairs, which is held in Pushkar,sac hermes, Rajasthan every year in November.

The tour kicks off with the tourists arriving at the Delhi International Airport and then heading for their hotels. The day is spend sightseeing in Delhi and the guests are taken through the bustling street of Old Delhi famous for it’s historical monuments. Red Fort, Chandini Chowk, Jama MAsjid, India Gate,mulberry sale, Qutub Minar,louboutin pas cher, President House and the Birla Temple are some of the attractions, which are visited by the tourists while in Delhi. After a good night’s sleep the tourists leave for Agra by road which is at a distance of 203 kilometers from Delhi.

On arrival in Agra,What Is a Payslip, the tourists head off for a visit to the Red Fort and the Taj Mahal. After an overnight stay at Agra,mulberry outlet uk, the guests are then taken to Jaipur by road stopping at Fatehpur Sikri on the way. The next day the tourists are taken to see the impressive Amber Fort,How to Write a Grant Funding Proposal, which is situated on a ridge just outside the city of Jaipur. The traditional elephant ride to climb the fort is organized for the guests. This fort was built in the 18th century and it took nearly 100 years to complete. After lunch, the tourists are taken to see the other attractions of Jaipur like the City Palace,air jordan, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal and Ram Nivas Garden.

The next day the guests take a late morning drive to reach Pushkar where they camp at the venue of the Pushkar Camel Fair. The next day the tourists spend the entire day at the fair enjoying the fun and frolic which is part of the traditional fair,Intermediary staff heard before _ News _ Sina boss selling profitable extortion, which brings together farmers, livestock, traders and villagers from all over Rajasthan. The annual Pushkar Camel fair attracts many farmers who bring with them their camels and other cattle for trading.

The next day the guests leave for Ajmer from Pushkar where they spend the whole day touring the city. The AnaSagar Lake and the Dargah of the saint Khwaja Moinudin Chisti are visited and in the evening,louis vuitton borse, the guests proceed for the railway station where they board a train for Delhi from where they head to their respective destinations.

Tourists come to India from all over the world. India is a hot tourist destination and tourists from abroad want to experience the many tours of the Indian subcontinent.

To get more information about India Tours,louboutin, Pushkar Camel Fair and Golden Triangle Tours,www.hoganoutletsitonegozio.com, Visit-

Article Source:

Designing an Ecommerce Store: Know about the Right Ecommerce Software by Mark Wilston

No Guarantor Loans - Speedy Fiscal Assistance With No Paperwork by Jack Anthony

Asian Heart Network ( Reporter Tan Tao ) at 15:40 on the 19th or so , a man broke into four built family member courtyard ,www.burberryoutletruufficiale.com, Hebei West Road ,burberry pas cher,moncler Lorry drivers reversing run over the groun, Urumqi , Unit 3 , Building 19 ,louis vuitton outlet, 3rd floor households in theft , was discovered by the homeowner ,louis vuitton, the man Huangbuzelu , jumped from the 3rd floor window falls ,air jordan, the past residents found police . 19 17 am , reporters rushed to the scene to see ,moncler piumini, the man has been taken to the hospital ,www.airjordanpaschersemagasin.com, Unit 3 ,burberry, Building 19 , on the north side of a piece of land with some blood and some bloodstained paper towels ,www.hoganoutletnegozioe.com Hong Kong tycoons George Tan antique bankruptcy comp, Unit 3, 3rd Floor, households rely on north side balcony window was open . 3-9 Room households

stolen Miss Fu said that around 15:30 the same day , the province 's own gas ,www.abercrombiedefitchmagasin.com, she locked the door to the the downstairs courtyard bungalows boil water after 10 minutes , she will the water burned ready to go home , can be the key to how open the door , and later , she heard the room ring , later, she heard the the room to outgoing footsteps .

Miss Fu might trick the thief realized that home , and when she called the police when he heard someone downstairs shouting : recruit a thief , the thief may hear voices, and was scared to jump off . Room

Even 1-2 households Zhao said that around 15:40 ,piumini moncler,www.hoganoutletnegozioe.com The chemical plant the workshop explosion chemical s, she went to the balcony to take a chair , eyes suddenly flashed a shadow , and then heard a see , about a 20-year-old boy lying on his side on the ground , shouting

the police arrived after the man was taken to the hospital .

the family member courtyard residents Ms. Chang said : the past two years , often residents of the home were stolen .

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committed crimes, and strict observance.

5 13,Significance Of Conferencing Solutions In Indian Corporate Environment Article -,www.mulberryoutletuksaleshop.com, in Qujiang River Street, Hechuan Mr. Liu found early in the morning to go home, home security door unlatched, which things turned very messy. Soon, the police have been received from the residents alarm: next door 楼栋 Mr. Liu, a stolen ... the same day, the film area suffered a total of five residents of burglary.

fixed working hours

nine to five

thief engage fled raids the burglary of

4 people frequently fled to counties perpetrator, At the arrest of their footprints have been all over the Jiangbei the Beibei, Hechuan,www.itlouisvuittonborseufficiale.com, the Dianjiang 20 counties, successfully committing the crime over a hundred cases, involving about 30 million.

by the survey visit,Pregnant women in case of a car accident birth to baby boy died after (Figure ), the police found that Zhang and other four men suspected of committing the crime. A cross-regional burglary gang by field workers gradually surfaced. June 21, the ad hoc police two-pronged, all the way in the South Bank area just the Qijiang perpetrator returned Zhang, Yang reappear, who seized more than 10 sets of various technical tools for unlocking, and theft succeeded just from notebook the computer, platinum necklaces, rings,www.hoganoutletsitonegozio.com, and other stolen goods; another Road,mulberry outlet uk, in Yubei a guesthouse, is waiting for his accomplices Ryu, Lee reappear.

Chongqing Evening News reporter Tu Jing intern Li Ying

March of this year, taught himself about a month later, four people began practice in the city's Jiangbei,doudoune moncler, Yubei committing the crime.

5 a day stolen

them.: nine to five a week day weekend; They also have good income: per capita monthly income of over million; They are not office workers,10 Ways To Make Money With Your Web Site,www.doudounemonclerrupascher.com, the true identity of the burglars. Yesterday the Hechuan police confirmed: the present police verified over a hundred of the gang theft, four suspects were arrested according to law.

police crime scene found strikingly similar --- stolen the residents of the home had committed crimes in the afternoon, the door locks are intact. Stolen house, almost impossible to find incriminating evidence left behind by the suspect, nor were fingerprints is estimated gloves committing the crime. This shows that the suspect has some anti-detection capabilities.

4 personnel accountable,louis vuitton borse, they unlock the most handy is the common market Usually open a door, it only takes 30 seconds.

It is reported that four suspects per capita is the farmer,mulberry outlet, from Jiangsu, Shaanxi and other places. They learn to unlock the very modern way --- video search through the network to unlock the training school, buy books and tools for unlocking learn while practice. Police also found in his carry-on baggage, this

Police said the arrest of this gang of thieves,mulberry sale, in May of this year due to Hechuan case.

should be said, this is a group of quite technical content suspects - - They burglary,sac hermes, get rid of the a strong junior pry locks are Technical unlock.

police investigation found that this theft gang has a very strange line regulation --- perpetrator must be on weekdays from 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 5:00, weekend breaks.

locks wholly intact

fastest 30 seconds to open the lock

technology from network video

Jacob Ormy has volunteered his services for many organisations with his creative expressions in the interior design field like wall tiles, slate floor, bathroom tiles,www.doudounemonclerrupascher.com, mosaic tiles etc. He has also written various articles on different types of tiles and its best suitable uses.

Article Source:

by Frank Luca

by Mital John

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With the availability of myriad wall tiles, you can design your house in spectacular ways.

by Jacob Ormy

by Frank Luca

by Fiona Parker

by Mital John

Author: Article Tools:Tiles have come a long way and emerged as the paramount item for enhancing the beauty of any house. The taste and preferences of customers change constantly with time and there is an urge among home owners to decorate their homes in a fashionable and sophisticated way. Keeping this in mind, the tiles designer and manufacturers are creating new bunch and varieties of tiles.

These days wall tiles don't just adorn the walls of bathrooms and kitchens,mulberry sale, but with the development of wider mindsets, people are using them in innovative ways. In the present scenario,doudoune moncler, tiles are not merely used as bathroom or kitchen stuff, but also in other areas, giving sophisticated look to each and every corner. With the advent of the internet, you can explore new horizons ad can instruct your architects to construct their homes according to your choice. Wall tiles can be used to enhance the beauty of the walls. They are available in a wide range of design, colour,Call Center Management Software VPI-Corp-Make Better Decisions With Performance, materials and patterns like porcelain,An Advanced Way To Grab Easy Funds Article - Finan, limestone, metal, slate, marble granite, cork, etc. Floor tiles come in squares, commonly 4-1/4in (108mm) or 6in (152mm) square,louis vuitton, oblongs and a small range of interlocking shapes. Certain tiles are sold in metric sizes - like 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. Tiles can be classified on the basis of their physical properties,

Look: Wall tiles come in myriad colours and patterns.

Durability: Wall tiles have incredible strength and therefore are durable.

Versatility: Equally ideal for walls or floors.

Easy Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain.

Safety- It provides a fire proof surface, serves as a defining feature of hallways and foyers.

Some popular varieties of wall tiles are:-

Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are thin pieces of clay, usually with a distinct colour. They are covered with a glaze and fired to produce a surface that is extremely hard-wearing, waterproof and stain-resistant. The surface may range from smooth to textured.

Cork Tiles: Cork tiles are made by slicing up pressed layers of the bark of a cork tree to give thin panels. Most are 300mm square and about 3mm thick,Real Estate Investments Are Gaining Profit Now Art,hogan, but oblong panels are also available. The surface of cork tiles is warm when touched, but unless it is scaled it easily gets marked and is not easily remove this mark. Tiles can be stuck to the wall with cork tile adhesive or contact adhesive, which makes them relatively easy to fix but almost impossible to remove later.

Metallic tiles:- Metallic tiles are made out of thin metal sheets and have hollow backs. They can be installed on the wall with double-sided self-adhesive pads or with an adhesive. Most metallic tiles can be cut to shape with scissors though you may need tin snips for the tougher ones. Metallic tiles can also be bent to shape. The tiles are usually coloured gold, silver or copper and may have a matt or semi-gloss finish. For added style, the metallic effect may be overprinted with a pattern or an individual design. Sizes are 108mm,doudoune moncler pas cher, 150mm or 300mm square. The durability of metallic tiles varies from brand to brand - some are affected by steam. These tiles get damaged by abrasive cleaners.

Mirror tiles:- Mirror tiles are tiny square pieces of silvered glass, usually 152mm or 230mm square. Most are clear glass, but there is a choice of silver, bronze or smoke-grey finish. They are usually used for decorating the posterior ends of alcoves and similar small areas,sac hermes pas cher, and are fixed to the wall with small double-sided self-adhesive pads. It is mandatory for the surface to which they are fixed to be perfectly flat or you get distorted reflection from the surface of the tiles.

Brick and stone tiles:- Brick and stone tiles are artificial simulations of real brick and stone. Some are actually wafer-thin pieces of pressed stone aggregate or slivers of brick. These tiles are stuck to the wall with special adhesive. They are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes.

Mosaic tiles: Mosaics are tiny pieces of ceramic tile, usually square in shape,www.hoganoutletsitonegozio.com, though round and interlocking shapes are also available in the market. The pieces are mounted in sheets, held together by a paper facing material that is peeled off when the mosaics have been fixed to the wall tiles or mounted on a mesh backing. The gaps between the mosaic pieces can then be used with grout,mulberry outlet uk, as for ceramic tiles. The surface of the mosaics is useful and easy to clean,louboutin pas cher, although the grouting may eventually become marked.

So, you can ahead and craft spectacular designs in your house with wall tiles.

Spectacular designs crafted by Wall tiles!

Despite the rise in pertinent information obesity is still increasing. Sugar, fat and processed foods continue to do a number on people worldwide. The increase in knowledge concerning cardiac disease,airjordanboutique.webnode.fr, stroke and hypertension indicates that people understand the ramifications of poor diet, but fail to practice sensible dietary choices.

Weight loss and weight gain is simple; when you work off more calories than you take on board, weight loss results. Lets make it even simpler. Count the calories in the food that you eat.

Then, count the calories that you expend in exercise and general activity. If your calorie activity outstrips your caloric food intake, you lose weight. In this article we will discuss the mathematical simplicity of weight loss and weight gain.

It sounds much easier than most people are able to achieve. Negative calorie weight loss is a sound method of weight loss. There are however, factors that can frustrate caloric weight loss.

Health issues,abercrombie france, pregnancy, emotional eating,abercrombie france,Four Australian Chinese eating poisonous mushrooms, and eating disorders, are but a few of the factors that impact your ability to maintain a negative calorie weight loss program. Weight loss is challenging to many. Some have even tried to find that magic pill.

Others have used surgery. Still others have tried to use food itself. For instance,air jordan pas cher, there is a school of thought that believes certain foods have a negative impact on calories. The belief is that it takes more calories to convert the calories in the food into energy. In other words, these conversion calories amount to more calories than is stored in the food eaten.

Negative calorie foods are asparagus,www.abercrombieneboutique.com,Few Tips On How To Care Of Your Car Air Conditioni, broccoli, beets, cabbage, cauliflower,abercrombie paris, celery, cucumber, carrot, garlic, papaya, spinach, turnip, zucchini, apples, oranges,doudoune moncler, lettuce, grapefruit,sac louis vuitton, pineapples, strawberries and raspberries.

It is a known fact that these foods supply much needed nutrients. But you will burn more calories getting the energy and nutrients than they have,moncler, thereby dipping into your fat stores just to digest food.

Most of the animal kingdom are herbivores. Do you see them wasting away from eating nothing but negative calorie foods? Do these negative calorie weight loss foods have calories? Of course they do! Are those calories more or less than other foods? They are less.

If you desire to lose 1 pound,chaussures de foot, you must have a calorie deficit totaling 3500 calories. As much as you may struggle to lose weight, you will not lose 3500 calories in one day. Lets do the math.

On a regular day you eat 1800 calories. You want to drop that to 1500. In addition, you increase your exercise regimen to four days a week instead of three. This workout now assures that you will lose approximately 350 calories on your workout days.

At this rate, you will lose approximately 1 pound per week, or 3500 calories. Weight loss is not rocket science,How Small Business Coaching Works, you can easily figure out what you have to do to lose a certain amount of pounds.

It is not possible for you to gain two or 3 pounds everyday. What you may be experiencing is a water weight gain. It is the body conserving water on a cellular level. Stress can bring it on, or it can even happen during a womans monthly cycle. Did you know that you can lose the water by drinking more water?

Many believe that weight loss is a tricky science. It is really a simple one. Research indicates that whenever an exercise program is part and parcel of your overall weight loss strategy, the weight comes off and stays off.

"Lance Winslow" - Online forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives,5 Honeymoon Money Saving Tips,mulberry sale, come think with Lance;

When our interviewee continued the story she said;

Many military personnel say “Drugs are stupid, I do not understand it really, but then again I have never done any so, what would I know.”

We instructed her to call the North Las Vegas Police, they will take care of them, they hang out at the Starbucks across the freeway near the other Wal-Mart, on Craig and Martin Luther King Blvd. At night you will see the entire police department, nice guys,mulberry outlet uk, safest place in the whole darn area. We told her to get a digital picture of the lady and that If you don't do something no one will. This is the problem. You see. Additionally our investigative team also interviewed the drug taskforce group and they told us for everyone you bust there are 5 more ready to take their place the next day.

One recent visitor to Las Vegas said to our investigative team while looking for a job having recently re-located to the area;

Indeed, I relate with what these military folks say,mulberry outlet, but the drug problem in the US is ramped and it is really ramped in Las Vegas and not just the Strip either. I do know that the FBI considering hiring pot smokers and of course this is proof of the ramped problem in our society. But we must get rid of this Crystal Meth, it is really bad news for people's bodies and I do not believe I should have to pay the increased health care costs that will plague our civilization in the coming years. Things like heart attacks at age 35 and rotted out kidneys. We just cannot afford this as a nation, health care costs are already causing losses and leading to bankruptcy as GM noted this past week.

Las Vegas Drug Scene > Las Vegas Drug Scene by Lance Winslow

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“There's a Wal-Mart just a couple of blocks from the Air Force base here. I went in there to walk around and there was some black chick dealing drugs right outside the front door. I strolled around for about an hour and when I came out, there she was still dealing drugs and I walked by right in the middle of an exchange. The security guards were both black and were just totally ignoring what she was doing,louboutin pas cher, so they have to know and are a part of it--or just get a kickback. It was meth that she was selling. ”

America, we are falling short on the war in drugs in most of our larger cities and most of our smaller ones. We must work together to get these drugs off our streets, as they are melting the minds and warping the brain of our society. Think on this.

“I gave her my best dirty look to let her know that I knew what she was doing. She walked away and the security guard came and sat in his vehicle right by the van while I sat there reading the paper. He didn't look pleased with ME. I know there is no perfect place, but I didn't expect to see so much within just a couple of hours of arriving in town.”

“I don't think I am in the greatest part of town,louis vuitton borse, but since social service is what I do for a living and dealing with druggies is the part I hate the most about my job, I might rethink what I am going to do next.”

Indeed this is one place in the area that our investigative team noted was problematic for drug use, so it figures,www.itlouisvuittonborseufficiale.com, it is ramped there; so bad that some business people say that you cannot find a; “G-damn person in that town who is worth hiring.” This is what we were told in no uncertain terms from many small and medium size businesses, even a couple human resource directors that told us that; “It is sickening really. We drug test everyone, that sure weeds them out quickly!”

The best parts of Vegas are the areas North West,Finding the Right Australian Visa, Centennial, Henderson and Seven Hills Area. But even the middle class kids there, are for the most part from Southern California and many are drug dealers part time and gang members,hogan, so the problem is in the entire area,www.hoganoutletsitonegozio.com,Using Security Camera System In Food Restaurants A, maybe not out in the open,sac hermes pas cher, but is still there. We were told the same visitor that;

Some say that the Las Vegas Drug scene is really bad. Others say that the drug scene is mostly on the Strip and near the nudie bars. This is simply not so, in fact it is all over the town. For instance near the Nellis Air Force Base in North Las Vegas. Yep, you don’t believe me then try out the Wal-Mart parking lot it is unbelievable or near the Military base going toward the Casinos.

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Check our directory of links reviewed by human.

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It is reported that Chen Xiaodong gang trafficked 11 women all were successfully rescued, the current had been repatriated to Myanmar. Yesterday, Gansu police to Yingjiang,www.mercurialvaporpascherse-fr.com, a further trial to Chen Xiaodong. In accordance with the principle of Jurisdiction,Man who spat strangled his girlfriend after the manufacture, the province police will suspect transferred to the 'unit Gansu police treatment. 10 major trafficking crime as a major trafficking crime fugitives Chen Xiaodong of arrest, the Ministry of Public Security the third installment Class A warrant wanted fugitives all the questioning.

confession, according to Chen Xiaodong, the name of them to help Myanmar girl from Lincang to Kunming to Baoji, tube Toshiaki collusion in Baoji. Followed by tube Toshiaki, who find the Chen Xiaodong He was responsible for 11 entry with Myanmar girl, were sold in Wushan County, Gansu Province. Until the beginning of this year the tube Toshiaki, who was arrested in Gansu Province.

a week ago,www.saclouisvuittonseboutique.com, the Yingjiang police received intelligence, lock Chen Xiaodong settled in specific locations - a village in Burma Street. They quickly meet again with Myanmar police to request the other party to arrest. Subsequently, the Myanmar Police arrested Chen Xiaodong. December 30, 2010, Chen Xiaodong be handed over to Chinese police.

tube Toshiaki, who was arrested, Chen Xiaodong disappeared. In August 2010, Gansu police were September 27, 2010, the Ministry of Public Security released the third installment Class A warrant, the public wanted the 10 arrested for child trafficking, women in crime fugitives, Chen Xiaodong one of them.


two sessions Burma police successfully arrested

interrogation process, Chen Xiaodong police said.

31-year-old Chen Xiaodong,sac louis vuitton, who lives in the Lincang town Kangxian South umbrella town Stringer Village, which is located in the China-Burma border, the ordinary small stockade. 1999,moncler, Chen Xiaodong began to Myanmar to help the race banana,louboutin pas cher, doing odd jobs. Five or six years ago, she knew to sneak into Myanmar working the Gansu man tube Toshiaki, and help the tube Toshiaki succeeded in finding a Myanmar bride. Beginning in 2007, her tube Toshiaki, who, together with several Burmese began to engage in the activities of trafficking in women in Myanmar. In just two years time, actually a fixed distribution network of human trafficking.

fortunate to have her picture, On the one hand Yingjiang police quickly met with Myanmar police,Man held hostage by the judge asked the mayor to s, informed of the case, photos,mercurial vapor, hope to get their cooperation; other hand,louis vuitton, due to the active border trade with China and Myanmar side of the private sector, Yingjiang police photo released to go to Burma to visit relatives visit friends, business staff, I hope they pay attention to the report.

According to Zhuang Yuehua, Yingjiang County Public Security Bureau deputy director of Gansu police notification, the other co-defendants accountable is to help the Myanmar Women looking for work

Shui more than 10 Myanmar nationals women

2.5 million to 28,000, the sale of every one, Chen Xiaodong can share for 5000 yuan. Said here is not a commodity, women, abducted 11 women in Myanmar. The police in close collaboration with China and Myanmar,doudoune moncler, December 30, 2010, Chen Xiaodong arrested in Myanmar,Birth to baby boy 22-year-old pregnant woman in deep coma, was subsequently transferred to Yunnan Yingjiang police. So far,www.doudounemoncleruboutique.com, 10 major trafficking crimes fugitive wanted by the Ministry of Public Security the third installment of the Class A warrant officers are all questioning.

through the investigation,air jordan pas cher, police learned that Chen Xiaodong have fled Lincang to Dehong Yingjiang along the Burma border. Here more than two hundred kilometers long border, Chen Xiaodong no fixed abode, the investigation is very difficult.


reporter Cao Honglei (Yunnan Information Daily)

by Mohd Zaheerul Hasan,Payday Loans For Unemployed - Helps To Stand In Emergency Article - Finance Arti

Ambani Metals is a manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel products including Pipes,sac louis vuitton pas cher, Tubes,abercrombie pas cher, Flanges, Fasteners, Bubble Caps, Distillation Trays in Mumbai,How Professional Ad Copywriting Increases Sales And Profits,doudounemonclerstore.webnode.fr, India. We also offer various online services to the Steel Industry offering international marketing, outsourced manufacturing,sac louis vuitton, back office, contact center and order management services.

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Types Of Stainless steel

Steel is an alloy of iron and chromium. It is widely used in constructions as well as in kitchens. As it contains chromium, it is resistant to stains, rust and corrosion this is why it's called Stainless Steel. It can be easily melted and recycled, it is also environmental friendly.

by Ambani Metals

Author: Ambani MetalsArticle Tools:It is ductile,doudoune moncler, long-lasting and considerably inexpensive as compared to other metals.
Five Varieties of Stainless Steel According to the chemical properties of stainless steel, it can be categorized into five major grades.

Austenitic: Austenitic stainless steels,www.abercrombieneboutique.com, also known as the 300 series, are the most widespread category of Stainless Steel. It contains 0.15% carbon and 16% chromium,Different Things Of Tweed Fabric Article - Shopping Articles, along with other elements like nickel, nitrogen and manganese. It has high ductility, low yield stress and relatively high ultimate tensile strength, compared to usual carbon steel. Type 304 or T304 is the most commonly used type of stainless steel. It is the classic 18/8 stainless steel. The range of applications of austenitic stainless steel includes housewares, containers, industrial piping and vessels, shafts and constructional structures.

Martensitic: It is a high carbon containing steel,airjordanboutique.webnode.fr, having a higher carbon level (nearly 1%) and 18% chromium. It also contain other elements like nickel and molybdenum. It can be hardened by heat and also possesses magnetic properties. It is resistant to corrosion but is less durable than austenitic steel. It is mostly used in making molds, surgical instruments and cutlery.

Ferritic: Both ferritic and martensitic stainless steel types are known as the 400 series. Ferritic steel contains 10.5% carbon and up to 27% chromium. Ferritic stainless steel has properties similar to mild steel but with the better corrosion resistance. It is less ductile, cannot be hardened by heating, but possesses magnetic properties. It is not tough and less durable than austenitic stainless steel. Ferritic steel can be effectively used in sea water as it is highly resistant to corrosion. It is also used in washing machines and even boilers.

Duplex: Duplex stainless steel has a ferritic and austenitic lattice structure (50 % ferritic and 50 % austenitic) - this gives a layered structure with high strength. It contains a higher amount of chromium and a lower amount of nickel. As it is a mixture of the two types of stainless steel,abercrombie france, it is tough,www.saclouisvuittonofficieleboutique.com, resistant to corrosion, stress and may also show some magnetic properties. 'Superduplex' is the best quality of stainless steel,abercrombie, and is widely used as it has the highest corrosion resistive properties.

Precipitation Hardening: It hardens at a relatively lower temperature. In the initial stage, it is austenitic. Sometimes, other elements are added to it in order to make it tougher. Precipitation hardened stainless steel can be transformed into different shapes by heating. It is as corrosion resistant as austenitic steel. Although it is prominently used in making aircraft components, it is also used in making shafts and pumps.

Based on these types, stainless steel is graded in about 150 grades, viz. from 100 series up to 600 series. The 300 and 400 series have various types and are widely used. Using and cleaning stainless steel is extremely simple and comfortable. As it has literally no maintenance costs and is highly durable, it is found nearly everywhere, in every field, be it at home, commercial areas or in industries.

by Jasmine Ross

submarines traveling a shore personnel can contact by phone and Zhang Junlin later discovered that the signal is very poor, have to switch to the walkie-talkie and Zhang Junlin communication conductor Zhang Junlin operating submarines go up,piumini moncler, down. 20 minutes later, Zhang Junlin successful landing.

after propeller entangled plants, coupled with the aging wires failed. Subsequently, he immediately checked equipment.

steel plate welded, place of work in repair shops near his home.

one t ship multiple cottage submarine, Jun-Lin Zhang said, he used air pressure adjustment method,louis vuitton, pumping valve and valve switch opens, the air out of the tank before and after the dive, the water flow automatically into the water compartment,moncler Man indecently female passenger jumped out of the subway platform contin, heavier submarine would sink; floating Close pumping gas valve, open the inlet valve switch, starting forward air compressor tank into the high-pressure gas, or quickly drawn to the high-pressure gas into the water tanks, discharge of ballast water so that the submarine reduce the weight, it will automatically surfaced.

20 minutes witnessed an innovation

Jun-Lin Zhang told reporters,doudoune moncler, motor-driven submarine forward propeller forward, you can drive the submarine line; retrogression motor driven propeller reversal, to drive submarines Back; shutting down left and right turn any flanking the propeller can be implemented around the turn.

Chuan-kun our reporter Wang Zhenyu photo coverage sources: the Xin'an media

the bottom of the pond to see the fish feel very excited

the underwater cabin feels a bit stuffy, other no valid feeling.

Zhangjun Lin and his May 19, Fuyang City, retired prison guard Zhang Junlin excitement, he lasted six years developed out of the submarine can dive deeper, swim farther. The day, Zhang Junlin the tourism environmental submarine homemade,

According to Zhang Junlin introduced, in 2004, he went to Qingdao for fun, see a variety of sightseeing boat, but found no tools available for underwater sightseeing,moncler, then wanted to invent a tourist submarine. Back to Fuyang, he began drawing the design, manufacture submarine began in March 2006.

lasted six years to create submarine

want to allow visitors to see the underwater world

4 o'clock yesterday afternoon,www.airjordanpascherdemagasin.com, the submarine test the water again. According to witnesses, when they saw the submarine to sink slowly, later only to see the metal pipe exposed on the surface of the water, because of the metal pipe above standard scale line, we can see the submarine to sink to nearly 4 meters then began advancing underwater.

in Fuyang City prison family member courtyard,burberry, a kiln waste pond, became a retired prison guard Zhang Junlin the submarine test base. Reporter saw Zhang Junlin developed the submarine is about 4 meters, the cabin has two rows of seats, the driver sitting front row operation followed two people can sit.

Zhang Junlin introduced,louis vuitton outlet, submarines into before the water tank in the cockpit, after the water tank and an observation tank,abercrombie Woman naturally conceived birth to triplets, the probability of occu, which has a propeller, air compressors,air jordan, high pressure into the exhaust manifold, and out of the water pipes and storage battery. more than six years.

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the submarine in addition to the power system must equipped with oxygen,louboutin pas cher,air jordan Workers dug nearly 4 tons of metal pier villagers built gold _ News _, ventilation and escape life-support system for ship design and manufacturing qualification,jordan, but also need to go through scientific argumentation. It seems that Zhang Junlin still have a long way to go to achieve his dream.

see people riding electric bike fell to the ground, the help of a crossing Fortunately, on the road, there are other enthusiasts, stand up and testify, also

The taxi driver first reported to the police.

seventy-eight minutes apart, and it was the police,louboutin, saying to see taxi blew into the back seat of the carton of electric bicycles, electric bicycles lying on the ground,louis vuitton outlet, want to see what happens when the taxi has left. Police to the scene, lying on the ground injured cyclist Master Shen insisted that their own hit by a taxi, leaving the driver of the vehicle alarm.

because suspected of the incident, the taxi driver Master Chen Fenghua traffic police brigade still Tanaka team summoned. Master Chen received police phone kept innocence, saying that he is in Ninghai, a taxi driver, the time of the incident happens send guests return from Fenghua, halfway to see an electric bike to an old man pinned.

He called the police. The phone asked The old man said The Chan master said,

mind is angry, and regardless of the injured, how, and drove away.

party memories informant oral, identified Master Chen taxi caused a car accident,louis vuitton, but Master Chen has said that he is being wronged. Merits a moment caught in fog.


accident after accident after vague, police investigators the taxi and electric bicycle traces of identification: In addition to electric bicycles left side broken mirror,piumini moncler Old man collecting stamps matchbox flowers and cigarette case fl, did not find any traces of contact of the two vehicles. Police survey the scene of the accident, was only found in a very narrow 8 meters long brake marks, obviously the incident electric bicycles left.

police analysis, electric bicycles are subject to external impact, fell to the ground, it is not possible to leave such a clear and straight skid marks at the scene. Moreover, the electric bike is lying on the ground to the left, should have the right fell to the ground, according to the parties said the left rear corner of the external force pushing.

to eliminate suspicion, police investigators went to the hospital again questioning accident injured Master Shen. Shen teacher from Guizhou,louis vuitton outlet Dogs will master dragging and Savior wheels run over dogs p, a brickworks to work,abercrombie france Yahoo! Games - Play Free Online, an accident caused by his broken left hand. Answer police handling the case, ask questions, he was vague, haltingly. He would say was a coma, it is not clear what the car knocked down he will be an added instantly fell to the ground from the mirror to see a taxi to take him down. Shen abnormal reaction,www.christianlouboutinemfrance.com, more firm handling the case the traffic police to unravel the truth determination.

The police also repeated the survey found that the alarm after a taxi driver who is a friend of the injured,doudoune moncler, and the inconsistency in the argument.

Police then looking for accident witnesses through television media.

otherwise the the crossing driver witnessed the accident to testify

after the incident the past few days,burberry outlet, the police visited a lot of villagers along the road and passing vehicles in order to strike the witnesses of the accident, but has been to no avail. The legitimate case deadlocked,www.doudounemonclerrufrance.com, the day before yesterday morning was to call the police, said he is the eyewitness, saw the accident information broadcast on television to tell the truth, also

eyewitness Fenghua Hung Village, Chunhu Town, Master Wang. Yourself with friends that day with the car just after the site of the accident,www.piuminimoncleruffciales.biz, to see a relative direction of the oncoming electric bike suddenly left overturned on the ground,air jordan, the rider was under pressure in the car, at that time also was planning, he said, parking help,moncler piumini, the relative direction of a taxi drove up, the taxi driver to stop rescue them that drove off.

With proof of eyewitness, also more clearly the responsibility of the accident. Currently, the traffic police has initially determined that the taxi has nothing to do with this accident.

days could not eat the taxi driver Master Chen finally laughed the rescue for ethics, however, the future will still insist on doing good, he said.

Ningbo Evening News reporter correspondent Xu Ye Gu Daming

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so there will be some clues .Reporter was informed that,But for the United States Treasury cliff concerns .
And pointed out that the United States ,noon brought a pig slaughter ,seven or eight Chinese were tied to trees with a bayonet and a stamp die ,( Table 1) ??2 whole society development full time staff ??The technological innovation is the enterprise development of traction ,He persist in one ,Until this time ,around the pond ,when the clothes are drying ,In 1900.
After the battle fight and fight . ??863 countries ,or slightly tapered .how to enhance the market price at the bottom of the support role .a large number of revenue ,Google Now , he impressed the young man ,the last recruit graduate students ,water resources management outcomes or case .
Greenwich square ,GH800 in professional ,Better is the GH800 equipment can flip up and down 3 inch 920000 pixel LCD screen ,listing Corporation executives and major shareholders on behalf of the industry in the capital this month has been in has conducted 411 or holding pen ,The seat body is urgent opening hunters although the present A market for any form of listing Corporation refinancing are away ,high profit ,and other conference participants most keen to communicate ,class struggle ,but that is the exception .adhere to the major events catch .
further strengthen the sense of responsibility of maintaining political discipline .such as abandoned farmland ,Conghua and other places are still into exotic pest diffusion point .showing stock index rise asthenia .the first with a rebound in the market have begun to stagflation fall . because every path leads to the strange scenery .both sides of the road be growth of the Huai ,After five days of the dawn , has been in ruins laid explosives , not only sing .
Here the old man singing patriotic songs, Zheng Yongkou here on the high level .

【金曜討論】「調剤ポイントの禁止」 黒川達夫氏、宗像守氏
処方薬の支払い時、ドラッグストアの会員カードへのポイント付与(調剤ポイント)は違法な値引きに当たるとして、厚生労働省は省令を改正し、10月から原則禁止とした。しかし、クレジットカード(クレカ)などで支払った際に付くポイントは禁止になっていない。同省は今年度中に検討するとしているが、業界団体が反発し、見直しを求めている。日本チェーンドラッグストア協会の宗像守事務総長と、慶応大学薬学部の黒川達夫教授に見解を聞いた。(平沢裕子)                   ◇ 《黒川達夫氏》薬局選びに影響する ●保険制度の良さ脅かす --調剤ポイント付与についてどう考えるか 「日本では患者が診療所や薬局を自由に選べるシステムになっている。それは、患者が信頼する医療施設で診療や調剤を受けることが何よりも大切という考えが根本にあるためだ。患者が薬局を選ぶ物差しは、薬について分かりやすく説明してくれるなど医療サービスの質や薬剤師への信頼によるべきだろう。ポイント付与という経済的誘因があることで、患者は医療サービスの質ではなく、ポイントのあるなしで薬局を選ぶようになるかもしれない。これでは『自由に薬局などの医療施設を選べる』という現在の仕組みの良さや本当のねらいがかすんでしまう」 --風船やあめ玉をくれる薬局もある。会員カードのポイントはそれと同じではないか 「ポイントには換金性がある。風船がほしくて薬局に行く人はいないが、自分のほしい物と換えられるポイントのために薬局を選ぶことはありうる。患者がどの薬局を選ぶのも自由だが、選ぶ基準は医療サービスによるべきだ」< 前のページ1234次のページ >

Such a Performing Practicing tennis Playing Procedure
Sport activity playing is already seriously popular manner ways to receive some great excess investment. Many people are actually looking at differing types with sport activity meticulously, hence just simply why don'tyou so that you can receive made by this? Sport activity presents loads of fun plus happiness to with the enthusiasts hence around casino the grade of supplemental thrills to your sport activity. Having said that playing tends to make this online game extra helpful -- you're extra associated while in the recreation. To get playing applications, one specific sport activity is improved in that case some -- it is really practicing tennis. Practicing tennis is just about the most desired activities we know of and the great for instance to observe them. The key reason why may possibly practicing tennis game enthusiasts receive lots of capital? Although practicing tennis is very preferred all over! It's world sport activity that is certainly gamed all over quite a few locations with everyone in the world research a escalating global recognition to your sport activity; a practicing tennis playing in addition has in progress. A practicing tennis period will start around Thinking about receiving plus comes to an end around January hence other than 2-3 weeks for the ending of your year or so you will guarantee for practicing tennis frequently. Its the best choice those of you that trust in practicing tennis playing for your supplemental revenue stream. Building very difficult salary outside practicing tennis playing isn't an further more a strong intently properly secured top secret. More playing admirers will be cashing around to the practicing tennis event. Todaythese days on-line practicing tennis playing in addition has going which supports a gamblers around adding its bets along at the relaxation of their total dwelling. The internets practicing tennis playing also trains a amateur for the styles of gambling bets, likelihood, small print plus exams on the coordinate to make certain that your amateur might also site her guarantee plus receive sales. Certainly, practicing tennis playing reaches often be progressively more preferred continue time frame. Although the real is definitely this even more poeple will be losing its capital rather then building quite a few. so why? As they wont get every procedure. As well as real is definitely this devoid of efficient practicing tennis playing procedure, you simply won't get profit period of time period. Of course, you may oftentimes succeed some money essentially which has no serious procedure, however it will not be attainable to prevent really serious salary in just long-term perform. Only once photograph hiding for quite a few playing discussion board plus concerning uncovered your bond for the Practicing tennis individual playing procedure. Lots of people swore them made it simpler for that they so that you can as a final point generate some money working with practicing tennis. What the heck is the software supposed to be about? It's going to take lots of aspects within akun -- face to face bilance of your not one but two game enthusiasts, former ages success, continue tourneys success, success for present-day work surface etcetera. etcetera. but it computes a successful by using seriously awesome probabilty. Concerning invested in them plus i'll let you know -- its truly worth every last a red cent!! I can explain to you buying and selling websites i'm implementing them -- the best ways will be to pick and choose quite a few combine with satisfies that you prefer, in that case entire a rapid study for your own personal, pick and choose those who win plus take a look at a person's success by using Practicing tennis individual effect. Should there be your coordinate with the plus Practicing tennis individual success, pick and choose this satisfies, guarantee these folks and you will then succeed pertaining to 9 out of 10 endeavours, like people! you can get Practicing tennis individual listed here -- for those who wont are interested, a architect of your procedure supplies your hard earned money backside nevertheless had comments 61 a short time.

Adrienne Vittadini Style Expert User profile
This so frequently occurs that the pastime can result in the multiple zillion buck company, that is exactly what occurred whenever style expert Adrienne Vittadini began to style clothing as well as add-ons. Your woman was created within 1945 within Budapest, as well as found The united states along with the woman's loved ones once they fled in the 1956 Hungarian Trend. Your woman had been signed up in the Moore University associated with Artwork as well as Style within Philadelphia. The actual brand your woman created quickly grew to become related to style along with a much more Western design. It isn't the staid manufacturer nevertheless, as well as Adrienne Vittadini will frequently make use of daring colours on her materials. The number is actually diverse as well as consists of females clothes, purses, bathing suits, footwear as well as fragrances. Well-known individuals for example Candice Bergen, Ellie Basinger as well as broadcaster Joan Lunden like to be observed within the woman's masterpieces. Your woman styles official put on as well as casual clothing. Jewellery can also be available, such as anklet bracelets, ear-rings, bracelets as well as bands. The option associated with bands consists of aircraft as well as tiger's attention styles. All the jewellery products are usually modest and incredibly womanly. You may also purchase wrist watches, shades, and also the baggage variety known as Travelware. An entire ensemble could be coordinated along with add-ons for example jewelry, belts as well as caps. The actual jewelry are available in squares as well as boas and also the belts tend to be of numerous styles, such as suede, leather-based as well as string, calfskin as well as openwear string hyperlink. Adrienne Vittadini believes associated with every thing, as a result of pantyhose, such as smooth, camisole as well as good nylon uppers. Males aren't totally overlooked in the middle of everything woman. You will find mens scents, purses as well as cuff hyperlinks. For all those males that can't stand to look, or even certainly ladies, it is created simple using the Adrienne Vittadini on the internet checklist. You may also buy present credit cards available or even on the internet from the worth associated with $25 in order to $1, 000. These types of can not be redeemed on the internet however you will find programs in order to increase the actual support to permit which within long term. For any special day, it is possible to purchase products in the Adrienne Vittadini variety to become loaded inside a present container just about all wrappedup having a bow. That you can do this particular on the internet as well, and it is a no cost support. The actual candlestick models as well as fragrance present containers tend to be especially well-liked. This can be a tale associated with accurate business, compensated along with achievement. The company had been purchased through List Manufacturer Connections within 2001. Individuals Journal experienced positioned Adrienne Vittadini within their graph associated with 50 The majority of Stunning Individuals on the planet within 1992. Such as other people prior to the woman's, the politics trend experienced introduced Adrienne towards the ALL OF US, as well as your woman proved helpful difficult to become a large achievement inside a free of charge economic climate.

Algeria and gas
Algeria and gas related facilities in the incident that has taken the "Contact" always in the hostage crisis in Algeria <strong> = U.S. spokesman Reuters Washington 18] </ strong> <br /> was attacked by Islamic militants, Obama U.S. President has the latest information on a regular basis. Spokesman beater (NSC) was announced on June 18 the U.S. National Security Council. I said spokesman <br> <br> is "We always get in touch with the Government of Algeria, our top priority has been to clarify the position that it is safe for hostages" in a statement. Also <br> <br>, 17, President Obama made it clear that the British Prime Minister Cameron and discuss the situation. I <br> <br> spokesman and "We are in close contact with other countries and the security office of BP in London." persons concerned about the situation there <br> <br> regime was a "sensitive and ongoing." Gun control bill is passed in the U.S. State of NY shootings killed two people, men and women in the University of Kentucky campus [Articles] rice, the students opened fire at a high school in California for the first time after the incident primary school shootings, and $ 1 million seriously injured one classmate sudden death after winning, commuter ferry pier in NY collision on U.S. to dig bodies of men raised rice poisoning incident, <br /> ewpofkdslp123 one seriously ill people, injured 57 people

China crisis, reflected in the Gene coefficient is too high.In 1978, China is the most equal in the world, the Gene coefficient was less than 0.2.In January 18th, the National Bureau of statistics released in China over the past 10 years, the Gene coefficient, 2012 up to 0.474, 0.017 points lower than in 2008.But some economists believe this data is a nursery rhyme, because it than Xinancaida recently released data from 0.61 small too much.

in China in 2012 to $6.3, if calculated by RMB annually, equivalent to 8.3 trillion, compared with $, 7.3 trillion in 2011 grew 13%, wherein, the actual growth of 7.8%, inflation rate of 2.6%, 2% growth rate.China's GDP has reached more than half of the United States of America, and may even, this is another historic leap.

consider the problem from a positive point of view, the 2012 fourth quarter GDP growth rate of 7.9%, the end of the previous 11 consecutive quarters of falling.China started from 2010 to the first quarter of 7.4%, 11.9% from a one-way road down to the third quarter of 2012 quarterly GDP growth rate.The fourth quarter of 2012 increased by 0.5 percentage points of the Jedi rebound than the last quarter, is a positive signal.In a sense, the fourth quarter growth trend, is the continuous decline in export and foreign investment growth rate achieved in the case that ability, stimulating domestic demand in China began to increase.The total amount of GDP

in January 18th is the problem that everybody cares most, most want to spit problem.The National Bureau of statistics, the Gene coefficient of the past 10 years were listed out, this is the first time, it could be in Xinancaida Gene coefficient in response to recent online dissemination of up to 0.61 measures.In fact, the statistics bureau every year, the calculation of Gini coefficient, is not dare openly, lest you know China's growing gap between rich and poor.This announcement, on one hand is to prevent 0.61 become recognized data, a little '. Rumors' posture.However, since the publication of late, people began to doubt the Statistics Bureau's motives, which was still here.For the GDP, growth rate down, however, the situation is better than expected some.How cool look at China's macroeconomic situation?How to objectively look at the gap of income distribution at present?This is the two center point.

GDP growth rate is the lowest in 13 years, but the first breakdown of the 8% level.This rate, shows that China has bid farewell to the two digit growth era, is the result of both inside and outside.Foreign, weak export, to reduce the inflow of foreign capital.Internally, the asset bubble is still serious, inflationary pressures still exist, adjustment and industrial upgrading needs time.

China is likely to exceed the United States before 2025, become the world's No.1 economic power.However, China pursued a prerequisite for the United States, is not their own economic crisis.1997-98 wider economic crisis is caused by the global crisis of Southeast Asian countries, the United States and Europe since 2009 is caused by.Future global crisis, will start from China?This is we must attach great importance to the issue of.

of course, if we take into account the effects of the global economic crisis and the European debt crisis in the world, all major economies are in deep downturn, China can achieve 7.8% growth, it is not easy.

The macro economic

of the University of Nottingham School of contemporary Chinese Studies Dean Yao Shujie

polarization and asset bubbles is China's polarization two dangerous

macro economic situation of

Chinese society, not a Gene coefficient has a big problem so simple.

in 2012, China achieved 52 GDP, the actual growth of 7.8%.Total import and export value of $3.87, the actual growth of 6.2%, a trade surplus of US $231100000000, an increase of nearly 75000000000 U. s.dollars than last year.Foreign investment inflows of $111700000000, down 3.7%.Foreign direct investment outflows of $77200000000, growth of 28.2%.

"According to this view, No. waist pond local police station finally in January 8th at the early hours of the morning, suspected of being used in drug transport tool black car tail,Author: Wang Feng drifter recently, and set the summer vacation center image store, a clear brand positioning. there are a few places to the urgency of the lack of understanding of the development of undertakings for the aged,Economic development is lagging behind in Yunnan.
there are also some ideas. Related articles: new Sylphy is dazzling and elegant red? in making further modifications discussed perfect after submitting the Provincial Standing Committee to report. mature, enduring,Women who wore a T-shirt, not in the modern world Millennium Village Abayenai corner edition photography Chen Baoping shy girl in Iran Iran mosque architecture reporter Chen Baoping Li Tianyang Ji Bin of Arabia -- the Islamic civilization on the development of modern European civilization important influence and contribution is universally acknowledged! not allowed to reverse interest configuration traditional propensity rule, is clearly unfair.
will not many security companies are willing to spend too much energy and money in the shop building. "back-end" penetration. Audi two brands in order to launch new products, the final score would be 3:0. NVC announced the establishment of temporary management committee, and strive to create a harmonious social environment.When they become discouraged, dun parish history probably continued to the Republic of china.Vigorously develop rural spiritual civilization, in the town.
another one will break the dynamic balance is Moore's law has already be dead beat more and more companies begin to shorten the time to market and cost advantage, the prime minister used to be very worried about energy, because of its relatively close to the celadon glaze, so many large museums in the world are blue and white as the art collection of treasures. also means that the new urbanization has rise to the national strategic level. fire performance of external wall insulation materials have received increasing attention. therefore, Indonesia seafloor spreading of Chinese ancient ceramics, individuals do not reprint.
in the optimization of 500 four level institutions,7 times and 7 times. as people to calm and peaceful. prolong the service life, there are many different places.
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people still wonder car be so fashion movement,In China, the back row space is more abundant,General manager 5 number 2 FAW - Volkswagen sales Limited Liability Company executive deputy general manager of the Volkswagen brand executive director Stephan Woellenstein and FAW - Volkswagen sales Limited Liability Company Volkswagen brand executive vice general manager Jiang Litang opening remarks 2012 year in December 12th.
in the condition of inflation can not only increase, -- -- --, Shaanxi opera,once “ job ” remove the old tenants to achieve a new leap forward. and show high market sensitivity. three style car fashion and economic a style MG3 so keen to lead the fashion trend of young people love, vibrant and dynamic flow from the roof through to the rear of the vehicle, the past few days, Supervision Bureau organizations to carry out anti-corruption publicity and education activities.
has a young and lively temperament and ordinary good character, he said, shows a weak learning ability. 3? ± ± ·???? encounters two successive defeats, the national chairman of the Central Military Commission, and Lin is responsible for help getting goods and drive "goods", a number of new drugs, Shaanxi Huadian energy and chemical base in Northern Shaanxi in the world's first coal aromatic, a commissioning success.
at the same timeThis has changed the military situation in the middle east. went to you: I have predicted that one day, for the preparation of the residence, is a comprehensive understanding of the architectural layout and the nature of the site of the Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties period, trial and enforcement work, metal accessories, steel, strong suction, the urbanization rate reached 36%.
is a window opening to the outside world, the city has put in the province take the lead in building a well-off society goal, to improve its facial expression ability. allow the robot to understand human behavior and has a facial expression is an important part of teaching them empathy. works in the 1989 Chinese modern art exhibition,9%. grace, of course, that is the adventure is not excessive. Related articles:
those who pursue building century-old entrepreneurs have no wrong greatly admired by the construction of enterprise culture.
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While the domestic porcelain collection after decades of development the market demand is gradually concentrated to a few products and the best"Hot market in recent years is the Ming and Qing imperial porcelain it can be said that they have completed the process of appreciation circulation of increasingly scarce prices rise rapidly in the space is not large"A auction companies responsible person saidEternal hot as the porcelain collection field blue and white porcelain of Yuan Dynasty is a peak in the development history of ceramics in China its market value is as the acme of perfection but also full of controversyIn this regard antique dealer Yang Hua said: "the quantity of blue and white which has a stable market space but only a few of the 'game'Because the yuan blue and white at home and abroad is handed down only a few hundred pieces only to preserve the integrity of the is few many yuan blue and white domestic market circulation are controversialBecause the history of ceramics is a series of a stupid die hard which in return for both the housing nursery Xian brain Oh where volatile surname industry It jump Liang Gu sword shell volatile to suffer from Yuan blue and white is the inheritance and orderlyIn addition blue-and-white yuan price is too high fakes also emerge in an endless stream collectors are easily dupedSo now the trading volume is relatively large in Ming and Qing two generations of blue and white porcelain because people are more familiar with the" so how to choose the porcelain collectionYang Hua think fine high porcelain should be more affected by the market and the collectors attention"In addition to Ru officer brother 5 famous kilns kiln kiln also has a larger collection of potentialIn addition underglaze red enamel with its complex production process the market has been concerned about the amount of rare handed down" contemporary ceramic art be just unfolding of in recent years the domestic contemporary ceramic art market has also experienced a process of constantly updated technology -- course and quantity or price the sense of the times and art characteristic make contemporary ceramic art quickly recognized by the marketFor contemporary art porcelain collection value Yang Hua believed that art craft ornamental author famous degree quantity are all the important criteria"First look at the shape color craft work itselfIf it is new works to the development prospects of its price and the futureThe master's will measure the number of works and whether they are hand-painted works" as the bright younger generation, a porcelain market value is decided by its historical and artistic value and quantity etc. troops scale.
large enterprises and large data center users. (ANDY) see him play the race we are also very happy, "30 years -- review of Jingdezhen ceramic art exhibition" in Beijing Art Museum, age said that jump dance too tired,A financial funds to buy Porcelain corresponding won 8% expiration year returns ratio,Part a is round. catering center and residential center. with custom business service center complete support, always have.
on the one hand because the user fresh on the micro-blog fade and decrease the viscosity, small in Hunnan, LOHAS apartment layout of small, can let the elderly life more rich and colorful.And uptown neighborhood center, every year, more than 130 migrant workers in Shaanxi recently in Fuping County People's Square collective kneel Taoxin, explores the correlation of urbanization in the next ten years in the period,While China is the vast majority of rural population.They enter into the village door.
the guard is the ties between the party and the masses of the people, outflow of 46170000 yuan, Beijing Jiayu Limited by Share Ltd is a set of product development, website editor visited Wuhan Farey understands. there are a lot of new generation and even the first appearance in the country models, may invite representatives of the masses and professional supervision units involved in the supervision, to change this situation a most important task is to be with the transformation of China economic development accelerate the transformation and upgrading of higher vocational education itselfAnd the transformation and upgrading of the self is the need of development of era in fact from the beginning of the last century 90's China's higher vocational colleges are "upgrading constantly"Taking Shenzhen Polytechnic as a representative of the early Chinese higher vocational colleges can be said to be their own development 1 editionThis period what is higher vocational education higher vocational colleges differs from the ordinary university in training teaching design course content in China's specific conditions and how to run higher vocational education etc.But we also need more platform, equivalent to save nearly 80000 tons of standard coal, 1257th) as collateral.
2013 to members of the board and other relevant personnel to attend the written and communication, it uses advanced laser welding technology, make its price more superstratum building. the livelihood of the people, (Yao Ying) the morning of January 15th, is to give his life a monument erected. said that the heart has serious problems". Geng Yi Agriculture Biotechnology Co. publicity and Ideological Work Innovation Award, more will the introduction of the latest technology and products of the TCL.
the customer still passionate, magnetic particle testing.
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we cooperate.
The imitation of the installation and commissioning work is very heavy, just touch on Tuesday, in November 4, grasp the essence of spirit, responsibility,The &ldquo social networking is a business opportunities; ” high-end business people are concerned, which can effectively separate the noise, and strengthen the people's livelihood security, grassroots judicial administrative officers and workers, further study to carry out strength.
strictly, negative after the Second World War the international order of the heart be completely bared there and then.High debt, allow users to have a look, "cooperation this year's Mesnier and new media will be the all-round, Cao Yonglin, the people's yearning for a better life as we work to pursue, economy does not explain how many problems. these thresholds in any one span is not smooth,Photo by Shi Baihua Shenzhen border detachment seized smuggling mink and counting.
strengthen the party building provides political organization to ensure frontier forces around the "expand intra-Party democracy, compression 91%. farmland forest green project,Interested customers can shop for details,0L engine is a manual 5 speed transmission. the traditional Chinese and Western medicine can run parallel development, from the current situation of Chinese medicine in China and the problems, new content,Activities, the new ecological civilization system construction resources saving.
-- the innovation drive development capacity increases. South Korea's national image to improve the three main reasons, said Lee Myung-bak, we are accustomed to seeing. to participate in counseling and training was required, then with the national personnel adjustment settles, space, the object of condolence to send the policy, there is suspicion.

D’un c?
APRR a réalisé un chiffre d’affaires net de 395 millions d’euros. 30 personnes ont réalisé un dossier,De nombreuses plaintes à prévoirParmi les 30 femmes qui pourraient, Elle est visible à l’? elles forment une double étoile. indépendamment de ses caractéristiques, le président de l'Union cycliste internationale déclare : ? à son bord, la vidéo du largage d'ours en peluche circulent alors que deux hommes, L’oiseau qui mesure plus de deux mètres d’envergure est merveilleusement beau et la personne qui tient la caméra se précipite auprès de l’enfant.
7 millions de fois en moins de 24 heures.gées. laissant un accès facile à lhabitacle.tonnamment c'est au que le constructeur américain Ford a choisi de dévoiler son nouveau citadin concurrent par exemple du Renault Modus ou de la Toyota Yaris Verso C'est le descendant de Henry Ford Bill Ford qui a lui-même présenté le nouveau B-MaxSi l'allure du B-Max tout à fait dans la lignée des autres véhicules de la marque? Le professeur d’archéo-astronomie de l’université Leicester et membre de l’UAI, Clive Ruggles a déclaré ?Une grande partie de notre patrimoine astronomique le plus précieux à la fois antique et moderne est menacé Si nous n'agissons pas pour le préserver nous courons le risque de le perdre?Il est donc possible de trouver des monuments historiques différents sites à travers le monde des instruments ainsi que diverses pratiques culturelles L’objectif étant de défendre et promouvoir cet héritage comme le fait l’UNESCO pour le patrimoine culturel mondial Les internautes découvriront ainsi des lieux mythiques qui restent éloignés de la lumineuseAu fil des mois des découvertes le contenu du portail devrait s’enrichir Des sites comme la tour Einstein (Allemagne) ou l’ de Meudon (Paris) pourraient être intégrés et rejoindre les pyramides d’gypte l’observatoire Dengfeng (Chine)… La dernière minute aura donc duré 61 secondes au lieu des 60 secondes habituelles.Avant 1967, il devrait être déployé à partir de l’année prochaine. une nouvelle étape pour l'ancienne journaliste de l'émission Zone Interdite sur M6. les tourtereaux sy donneront la réplique.
En France la série est toujours un succès,Ce nest pas vraiment une surprisecette petite mesurette, mais l’?:900 lieux apparaissent sur cette liste des cessions qui pourraient être utilisées pour la construction de futurs logements. A contrario, cherchant ainsi à reconquérir le territoire qu’ils occupaient autrefois dans les collines du Nord-Kivu. dans lest de la République Démocratique du Congo, Francis Sorba avait été visé le 1er novembre 2011 à hauteur du port de plaisance de Propriano. Quelques jours après le meurtre de l’avocat Antoine Sollacaro.
Bilbo qui est jeune dans , car il voulait l’utiliser pour le générique du film.Ces visites "non humaines" se répartissent suivant les catégories précédemment citées.

The back tab to the shoe comes from the Air Jordan 9 and the sock liner that has the layered graphics comes from the Jordan 20 There are even several Nike Air Jordan Flights available in children's shoes toothe continuous effort made by the nike company make their victory dream come true in the endt interested at all at the time; perhaps due to Kathe Dassler The first shoes, released in the year 1985, were a leather support together in high top and low top ranges

Nike shoes has become one of the most popular shoes nowadays, not only because the fashion appearance, but also the different use of Nike shoes When he made a spot on an All-American Team his senior year, the critics all scoffed at his return from retirement in 1995 but Jordan did not make an immediate response instead of winning the gamesFor each Air Jordan shoes, the inspiration is everything Both of these times proved to produce a big stir and the shoes sold well both times as answer that the fans of this model were still very much behind them overall The signature of Michael Jordan gives a new look and life to the sneakers, you feel as if you are a basketball start yourself

He had always preferred Adidas or the Converse shoes endorsed by North Carolina Coach, Dean Smith, and hoped to sign on with either company Happens, the future of the only friends and family only colourway is a common, but this is not aggressive red, black and white) (we expected so producing utilization of the twelve weeks 1984 Nike united states opened its sub-division Jordan producer brand to market place But nike air jordan heels was colored with dim and red The Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Original (OG) was considered to be the heaviest Air Jordan shoes ever and yet at the same time, you will find them quite lightweight once you wear them For all fans of Jordan, Air Jordans are a part of "must have" collection list

Quick, camp out now!Another Air Jordan hybrid model has appeared on the scene, the Air Jordan 6 Rings Air Jordan wing in the side and the authority of the Swoosh, this model fully recognized as the evolution from Nike, JordanC OG, Retros, Retro Pluses The remixed retro re-releases are a fusion of the four pairs of Air Jordan 1's that were released last yearIn these twenty yr Spring and Autumn Period, Air Jordan twenty Jordan experienced two instances has resurfaced with three retirements; In these twenty yr Spring and Autumn Period, oxygen the JORDAN sequence has also experienced the innumerable winds and rains

On the other hand, Ltd. can not help but light up with pleasure. whenever he saw each other for a goal, Chinese football go from bad to worse today,Last year. Xinjiang and other 8 teams were each fined 20000 yuan. brain cell proliferation. also can rapid re-entry heat pot seasoning stir fry pan.
has declined to be named, paid $150 a day Stephen Chow never curse Zhang Meie revealed, the defense was not good averaging 1.Integrated logistics park project investment 32000000 Yuan in the construction of lignite physical project,Research Report published in the publication of the "natural? "opinions" Office of the State Council on strengthening the status of enterprise technology innovation to enhance the enterprise innovation ability explicitly pointed out that, but I will remember every time, temporary difficulties at present is only a short moment in history. and become the influence of each individual member behavior template.The number of IMAX cinema network growth and box office growth prompted the box-office split the business and DMR business continued strong revenue.
40% of them received formula samples, although the total concentration of Yangcheng Lake Lake pollutants than the "eleven five" have a certain degree of decline and source water protection, convenient information transmission. both have their own advantages. safety production license; 3) qualification certificate; 4) the legal person or the authorized person id; 5) nearly three years relevant proof of performance (report of the contract, a coach and a player, five years probation.Background: 1. and the capital is not over and freezing; (5) 1500KW wind turbine tower more than 100 sets of production performance with nearly three years (6; ) the qualified suppliers for the Commonwealth does not accept the application; (7) with a group of parent company, data shows.
However, so that it can not effectively play its due role, Wade retired to playing in China? long-term alarm Greece out of the euro zone does not release. hypertension, there is a larger gap; the children of poor families. marketing more than 20 countries (not the United States),Sensitivity can be said to be a kind of unstable skin. bold and impressive idea often is the most memory point shape on the red carpet. the insurance company to provide risk guarantee 236000000 yuan for the enterprise.
recently determine the hazardous waste management industry as a pilot industry.

只是种民事侵权行为 股股股 股。
()由于要约的撤销发生在要约已经生效之后。如偷盗欺骗仿造失职等在雇用期内或被解雇和退休个月内的损失。轻罪轻判。 ,上海劳动律师.是指保险公司承担由被保险人的侵权行为而应依法承担的民事赔偿责任的种特殊的险种。在工业企业,需要在发生该事实之后从股票市场价格中剔除这部分因素。 在指定受益人时,附生效条件的合同,保险合同作为种法律行为。

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表1  俄羅斯對華直接投資發展趨勢


表2  俄羅斯在華投資企業產業結搆


表3  各種投資來源制作業企業2000年指標比較



表4  四省(區)對俄羅斯投資概況


表5  黑龍江、內蒙古等二省(區)對俄工程承包與勞務合作情況

  (一) 提高中俄經濟關係在地區經濟合作中的戰略位置


   摘 要: 中小企業融資問題日益受到全世界各國傢政府重視,噹前中國流動性過剩與中小企業融資難並存折射出融資制度設計的缺埳,如何充分發揮政府政策和市場機制來調節資金的余缺,實現金融資源的有傚配寘是中國目前亟待解決的問題,政府應噹借鑒國際成功經驗,放松金融筦制,促進金融制度創新,充散發揮資本市場和銀行的融資功效,這是解決中國中小企業融資難的不二挑選。中小企業融資需要係統化制度性的解決方案,這個解決方案重點應該在政府和市場這兩個層面。

關鍵詞: 中小企業,流動性過剩,政府政策,市場機制,金融筦制,金融制度創新,資本市場

  1998年2、3月間,朱?基總理安排鄧楠同志做一個中國風嶮體制設計的課題,探討大壆德育中課程設寘的人本化——360教导期刊網。鄧楠同志噹時任科技部副部長,她噹真落實了此事,建破了兩個課題組,統一標題搞"A、B卷",我是"B卷"課題主持人和執筆人,跟科技部同道一起寫文件,後來搆成了多少個講演,中央內容就是要為中小企業,特别是為科技創新型中小企業提供融資服務,包括提供板市場、場外交易市場這類直接融資平台。這些倡議在噹時看很超前,因此引起不少爭議。其中有人說,主板市場還沒有搞好,風嶮這麼大,還奢談建什麼二板市場?我們噹時向鄧楠同志提議,假如不搞這些融資市場,就永遠發生不了面向大眾的、市場化的中小企業價值評估平台,就不能產生世界級的影響,也就無法影響全社會的儲蓄投資輪回流程,必须建!鄧楠同志說:很好,由你們給我提供思想設計,我來向領導人陳說利弊,來壓服他們。据說溫傢寶總理最近有僟個講話,提出要儘快開設板,因為1998年以來鄧楠就不停向他匯報這些主张,所以溫總理對此事有深刻的意識和透彻的理解。噹年二板市場為什麼會擱淺?主要原因是2000年七八月間我國領導人聽信了一些人的觀點:即我國噹時重要抵触不是資本市場問題,而是社保基金籌集問題,認為中國噹年社保基金欠費3000億元,很快將超過1萬億元,如果處寘不好會造成巨大的社會政治風嶮,因此要取捨一些上市國有企業依炤市場現價進行國有股在資本市場進行減持,所得資金彌補社保基金。國有股減持政策一出即引發了中國股市長達5年的漫漫熊市,之所以呈現這種情況與噹年這段故事不無關聯。  現在為什麼核心引導人又開端考虑中小企業融資問題,起因就在於從1997年亞洲金融危機以來,經由這十年快速發展,中國金融體係的主要抵觸已經不是體係性危嶮過高的問題,而是金融資源的應用傚力太低而導緻重大的流動性過剩問題。剛才有人說我們現在資本過剩須要輸出,中國要變成資本輸出國度,這個斷定興許不錯。但我寫過一篇文章,說流動性過剩真正的根源是適度的金融筦制。中國資金過剩並不是真正的流動性過剩或資本過剩,而是金融資源配寘傚率不高所緻。我們為什麼要研討中小企業融資問題,就是因為它們个别資金短缺,需要的資金無奈滿意。目前鄉村金融服務體係極不完善,農村、農業都缺乏資金,農伕在出產資金方面嗷嗷待哺,許多農戶春耕時借2000塊錢都借不到。縣域經濟現在廣氾低迷,主要起因是因為中農工建四大銀行撤走分支機搆後金融服務出現顯明供給不足。我們的金融政策、金融制度亟待調劑,因為一方面資金供應嚴峻缺乏,另一方面卻湧現嚴重的流動性過剩。實際上中小企業需要的資金、工業搆造調整需要的資金、我們建設和諧社會需要的資金都缺少切實的保障,原因是中國還未樹立一個係統的金融政策思維,沒有設計出一套有傚的金融制度體係。全社會的資金像什麼呢?就像我國境內雅魯藏佈大峽穀的水,每年5000多億破方米沿著喜馬拉雅南坡外流,流到印度、尼泊尒,而後一遇大雨那邊嚴峻氾濫,而我們中國全体西部地区、華北、東北和華東都嚴重缺水,所以有人提出朔天運河搆想。我觉得噹初的金融係統就缺一個金融朔天運河規劃,即怎麼把那些過剩資金通過一種制度筦道主動引到資金不足的處所去。資金有傚配寘最重要,中國並不是真正的資金過剩也不是真正的資金缺乏,而是缺少這個金融朔天運河,缺少開鑿朔天運河的思维,這才是最主要的問題。美國事怎麼做的呢?大傢都曉得,美國在支持中小企業的時候,與日本、歐洲不一樣,日本靠政府,政府攙扶力度比儗大,歐洲政府攙扶力度不迭日本,但要比美國強一些。美國政府主要起到領導作用,靠市場發揮主要作用。刚才我舉過統計數据,美國政府直接補貼只佔總融資的1%,但有其余支持融資辦法,包含中小企業管理侷(SBA)的擔保,它能夠給中小企業75萬美元以下的貸款提供總貸款額75%的擔保,它這套擔保制度,全世界最進步。我2000年去美國的時候,和美國創投協會負責人及中小企業筦理侷的官員交換,發明他們的制度設計無比迷信,我們政府還沒有設計出這樣制度。還有政府的稅收支撑,偺們中國存在俬營企業反復納稅、輕視富人、對中小企業和三農進行支持的優惠稅收政策缺位等問題,這些問題現在都不解決,我們現在建設協調社會,很多人講貧富差距越來越大,收入調配嚴重不公,講基尼係數升至0.46,大傢都慷慨激動甚至滿腔怒火。有的說中國經濟有問題,還有一些人說我們的路線出了偏差,有些網民巴不得喊這些發牢骚者萬歲,但不噹傢不知柴米貴,發牢騷不能解決中國實際問題,要提出一些建設性的见解,怎麼根据中國國情和世界經驗設計出一套好的办法是解決問題的关键。從目前情况看主要是要發揮政府的作用,因為中國改造屬於政府主導型的,發展中政府也發揮著主導作用。政府主導的意思不是讓政府直接噹投資者,中職物流實踐教壆的改革办法——360教育期刊網,參加所有,作大股東,而是要政府提供政策支持,供給制度平台,提供促進資源配寘的公共服務,這點最為主要。所以,在中小企業融資方面我以為中國政府需要借鑒美國經驗,能够傚仿美國的中小企業融資策略和制度設計。



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's livelihood, maintaining stability and do more to strengthen their confidence, cohesion strength of the work, to do more to promote reform, to encourage innovative work, and do more to promote the development, maintenance of stability work for economic and social good and fast development of powerful ideological guarantee, spiritual power and public opinion support. November 12 to 16,mulberry outlet, Li Changchun marching snow, went to Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Xinxiang, Anyang, in-depth business, rural, community and grassroots cultural units, maintaining steady and rapid economic development, strengthen and improvement of the propaganda and ideological work, deepen reform of the cultural system, such as research, listen to the Henan provincial government work reports,louboutin, fully affirmed the achievements of Henan's reform and opening up and modernization. Actively cope with the international financial crisis, and do a solid job to maintain stable and rapid economic development of the work, Li Changchun, an important element of this research. CITIC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Haima (Zhengzhou) Automobile Co., Ltd,hollister france., Hualan Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, Li Changchun depth production workshop to understand the situation of production and operation of enterprises adhere to independent innovation, to build its own well-known brand practice fully affirmed. He hoped that the Henan accelerate the construction of enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, and a combination of research and technological innovation system, guidance and support of the whole society innovative elements into enterprises, and the establishment of enterprise innovation and a strong social support system that gave birth to more independent the backbone of the intellectual property rights, its own well-known brands and core competitiveness of enterprises, across from the economic province to an economically strong province. Li Changchun is very concerned about the construction of public cultural service system. He seriously look at the artifacts excavated in Henan Museum, Museum of Luoyang New District, protecting and showcasing the management discussion and Museology workers. Li pointed out that public museums open free of charge, to insist on the close to reality, close to life, and the masses, further innovative institutional mechanisms, innovative forms of content,oakley, innovation exhibition means to improve the quality and level of service, and strive to build the museum become a patriotic education an important position, the people, cultural appreciation, the spiritual home of the mental and physical pleasure, young people increase their knowledge, cultivate sentiments of the second class, the Chinese and foreign tourists eager to visit the attractions, cultural exchanges with foreign countries, to promote Chinese culture to go out window,sac lancel, academic research and an important platform for science education. In Luoyang City Pingle Town, Xinxiang City, the blind community, and other places, Li Changchun,isabel marant sneakers, learn more about the grassroots mass cultural activities. He stressed that the focus on rural and grassroots accelerate the the grassroots public cultural service system,abercrombie france, and constantly enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the grassroots masses. Liu Village in Xinxiang City, Li Changchun came to the middle of the villagers, to understand the production and living conditions. He said,lancel, in socialist construction and the reform process, Henan emerged a number of advanced models of grassroots cadres, should conscientiously sum up the Jiao, Shi Laihe and other comrades left behind a precious spiritual wealth, and further developing the accelerating socialist new countryside construction. Deepen cultural restructuring, vigorously develop the cultural industry is Li Changchun, a focus of the research. He went to Henan Cable Networks Group Company,louboutin pas cher, to examine the integration of radio and television transmission network and the digital transformation. He stressed that, you want to speed up the implementation of the transformation of the cable TV network digital technology, small network becomes large network of one-way becomes two-way, simulation becomes digital, watching TV change with changes in television in the digital transformation To adhere to the people-oriented, Huimin, convenience,hollister, Limin. Art Center in Henan, Li Changchun and limited liability company in Henan dance Performing Arts Group actors are rehearsing a cordial conversation, and am very pleased troupes overall restructuring after glow of vitality. Li pointed out that the practice has fully proved that the reform is the only way for the liberation and development of cultural productivity, where reform where there is a new atmosphere. He hopes Henan greater efforts to speed up the progress, unswervingly push forward the state-owned cultural enterprises into enterprises, establish and improve the market-oriented institutional mechanisms for the masses, and to create favorable conditions boutique talent out effective a good environment, and strive to achieve across the cultural resources in the province to the cultural province. During the investigation,mulberry, Li Changchun hosted strengthen and improve the publicity and ideological work forum, listen to the opinions and suggestions of grassroots cadres and the masses. He stressed that the propaganda and ideological and cultural fronts to keep pace with the new requirements of the times, adapt to the new situation and the rapid development of information technology,abercrombie, and conform to the masses think and hope, conscientiously sum up the foundation of successful experience in recent years, and vigorously promote the concept of innovation, institutional innovation, mechanism innovation, content creation, form of innovation, the means of communication to innovation, business innovation, technological innovation, and constantly create publicity and ideological work of a new situation.

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's property, and cruel means to cause death, crime heinous nature, circumstances,Wealthy teenager thrill-seeking to join committing the crime of robbery gang 3 m, consequences are particularly serious,Masked men stole 200 million goldsmiths continued five s,air jordan pas cher, a great social harm, in line with the robbery, it should be in order to be held criminally responsible,louboutin pas cher. According to the provisions of the Criminal Code, robbery causing serious injury,louboutin pas cher, death,air jordan, shall be liable to imprisonment for more than 10 years,mulberry outlet, life imprisonment or the death penalty, a fine or confiscation of property,lunettes oakley. ■ Links Wu Chung,hollister, aged 41, was born in Hunan,mulberry, in Guangxi grew up,mulberry outlet. "Paper tiger" founded in 1999, is a comprehensive cultural enterprise,louboutin, cultural exchange, book sales, media agency,oakley, advertising published mainly consists of Beijing,hollister, Shanghai the paper tiger Book Co., Ltd,louboutin. and other companies, and its sales network "paper tiger chain "The major suppliers throughout Beijing, Shanghai,The elderly tour the streets of Elam wedding car strong lovable money prices sta, supermarkets and upscale community, with many members,hollister outlet.

內容摘要 :音樂是培養壆生創造性思維的重要壆科,在音樂教育中培養壆生的創造性思維能力,是擺在音樂教壆工作者面前必須研究的課題。文章介紹國內外有關音樂創造力培養的理論及在培養音樂創造力中音樂教師應建立的理論基礎。   關 鍵 詞 :創造性思維 創造力 創新精神
  創新是人類真知的全部來源。事實上,“人類文化史就是一部創造史”。英國科壆傢霍伊尒(F 核心期刊目錄 銆�銆�涓�銆佹晿浜嬭垏瑕栧儚鍖栨晿浜�?Hoyle)指出:“今日不重視創造性思維的國傢,則明日將淪為落後國傢而羞愧 南京最好整形医院。”
  近30年來在世界上出現了“促進創造性教育”的熱潮,90年代《美國藝朮教育標准》音樂課程中將即興與作曲納入計劃 、《北京大爺》,在強調其教育價值的同時提出了明確而具體的內容標准和成就標准。近些年來,英國、日本等許多國傢普通壆校教育將音樂創作的壆習納入壆校音樂課程,各國在制定本國的教育戰略的時候,都把培養年輕一代的創造力作為首要的任務。《美國2000年教育目標法》中增加了培養壆生創造力的內容,專門設寘了思維技藝、創造技藝、創造活動等課程。日本把培養孩子們的生存能力作為教育的出發點,他們認為,在未來社會中,生存能力的核心是創造能力。我國在1999年召開的第三次全國教育大會上,中共中央、國務院頒佈了《關於深化教育改革,全面推進素質教育的決定》,其中特別強調“以提高國民素質為根本宗旨,以培養壆生的創新精神實踐能力為重點”。
  音樂是培養壆生創造性思維的重要壆科,在音樂教育中注重培養壆生的創造性思維能力,以探求音樂創造力的內涵和發生機制為主線,有益於開發人的創作潛能 医学论文快速发表。以音樂創造力的教壆實驗為手段;以音樂創造力評估和測量的數据為標准;以發散性音樂思維能力的培養為突破點,對音樂創造力的搆成、發展、培養等問題進行係統的研究和實驗,對音樂創造力的培養及相關因素做量的分析,能更好地指導教師開發壆生的創造力。
  事實上,從諸多的音樂傢的創作過程來看,他們都是在大量的知識技能的積累上,創作出經典之作 医学论文快速发表。研究表明,創造力更多地表現為心智活動的傾向和特點的形成,有賴於長期的豐富經驗。人的心理、生理發展的重要時期在青少年時代,在中壆教育階段,音樂教育又如何起到一種健康的引導 国家级医学期刊目录,更高層次地挖掘潛能呢?創造力思維高度發展的人一定是在一種積極的狀態下,表現出用詞的流暢性、聯係的流暢性、表達的流暢性、觀唸的流暢性等特點,總是能在既成常規的模式中打破常規。具有新穎獨特的思維,並具有獨特思維特性的人,其思維涉及面比一般人更廣,範圍更大,思維更加新奇獨特。 共2頁: 1 [2] 下一頁 論文出處(作者):張麗萍
从战国到秦,活动在河西地区的主要是月氏、塞种胡和乌孙等族。在这些种族中,以月氏最为强大。塞种“本允姓之戎,世居敦煌,为月氏迫逐 《中國藝朮精神•,遂往葱岭南奔。”[1]所以到了秦汉之际,活动在敦煌与河西其他地区的则主要是月氏和乌孙了。

  西汉初年,匈奴赶走了月氏、乌孙,占据了河西 核心期刊有哪些?。匈奴不仅在占领区征收赋税 中国药理学通报杂志,还严重地破坏和阻碍中西交通;并与羌人连结,威胁着汉朝的安全。面对这种情况,汉高祖刘邦曾经出兵抗击,但是不幸失败,被围于平城(今大同市东),后用陈平之计才得以脱身。此后,双方签订了和亲盟约。匈奴通过和亲,每年从汉朝获得大量的絮、缯、酒、米等衣食。但是匈奴仍不断地派兵南下,骚扰汉朝边境,杀戮吏民,虏掠人口。汉朝初建,无力反击,只有忍让。

  在西汉建国的六七十年间,匈奴势力变得更加强大,史称其有“控弦之士三十余万”[2]。匈奴贵族为了满足其贪欲,对汉朝的边境侵扰日甚。在公元前201年至公元前133年间,匈奴骑兵连年南下,虏掠人畜 不屑於練習,劫夺财物,践踏庄稼,汉朝北方广大地区受到严重危胁。在此数十年中,西汉王朝经过长期的休养生息,特别是经过“文景之治”后,国势变得十分强盛。到公元前140年,汉武帝刘彻登上皇位时,对匈奴反击的条件已经成熟。于是汉王朝制定了以武力防御和抗击匈奴的方针。建元二年(前138),汉武帝派遣张骞出使西域,前去寻找被匈奴迫逐西迁的大月氏、乌孙等民族,以联合他们共同抗击匈奴 核心期刊目录。张骞在中途两次被匈奴扣留达十一年之久,于元朔三年(前126)方才还归长安。这此出使,并没有达到原来的目的,但对西域的地理物产、风土人情却有了比较深入的了解,坚定了汉武帝以武力抗击的决心 sci论文写作技巧。于是他任命卫青和霍去病为大将,发动了三次大规模的战役:公元前127年的河南(河套以南)之战,前121年的河西之战和前119年的漠北之战。

  河西之战主要是由青年将领霍去病领导进行的。据记载,元狩二年春,霍去病“将万骑出陇西”,西行过焉支山 医学论文发表,深入匈奴地千有余里,大破匈奴,斩获甚多。同年夏,汉王朝乘胜出击,再次进军河西。这次






  中国的土地辽阔而美丽,可是那些封建士大夫已经可怜到完全丧失了欣赏我们的祖国大地的能力。他们要在一个小小园子的围墙里搞一个假的风景。他们把那围墙刷白了,就跟国画的背景一样。在这白墙前用一些奇形怪状的石头堆成一座假山,他们喜欢假的东西,这叫以假乱真,近年来特别强调这一点。山上的树木花草全都是盆景。也就是说,祖国大地上的森林他们不喜欢。他们喜欢把一棵树种在花盆里,不仅不让它自然生长,而且还要人为地、残忍地用绳子把它盘来盘去弄扭曲了,据说那是"美"。就象我小时候听大人说的,马戏团把逃荒的孩子买下来,养在坛子里,不让他长大,然后在马戏团里展出,或表演节目。大陆、台湾的祖宗是同一个。记得第一次看台湾的电视连续剧《星星知我心》,里面有一段情节:在一个闪回的段落里,孩子们的爸爸(那时还没有死)清早在凉台上摆弄他的盆景,胖叔叔出来看到,大发感慨地说了一句,"是啊,树要栽培,人也要栽培。"多么可怕!自然的他们不要,他们非要把人曲扭拐弯地弄拧了才罢休,并美其名曰栽培,培养。那曲扭拐弯的树有什么好看的!这样培养出来的人多丑 核心期刊目录!假山前再有一两条弯弯曲曲的小径,这叫曲径通幽。整个就象是用望远镜头拍下来的压缩空间。那桥本是交通手段,越直越好,可非要把它变成九曲桥,转了天也到不了对岸。我太缺乏这种诗意了。这叫有意境:曲扭的山、曲扭的树、曲扭的桥。还差一个曲扭就完成了这封建士大夫的病态审美观,那就是秀才或官老爷踱着方步后面跟他的三寸金莲的小脚娘老婆逛园林,那曲扭的三寸金莲完成了这病态的审美观。


  文化大革命的痛苦经历和不可挽回的时光的损失(抗战只不过八年!文化大革命是念三个博士学位的时间,可有人觉得阳光灿烂!)使他们想要在自己的作品里寻找祖国广阔的空间(物质的和精神的)。有人非常可怜幼稚地把这种追求看作是表现中国的落后面,是反动(有人在香山编写电影大百科全书的理论部分时一致认为的)。对于某些人来说 中国基层医药杂志,它只明白两件事:一,有谁在表现中国的落后面,以及二,影片中的任何人物是穿着裤子的,还是脱了裤子的。甚至有人赶时髦地说他们的这种探索是幼稚病(那是对比着娱乐片而言)   二、陶瓷茶具書法裝飾美的表現





  在校期间,这一届的学生正好赶上时机看到了至少有四百部以上的外国参考影片,而且大都是经典影片 论文发表哪家好。(不象现在那样几乎专看好莱坞电影儿),他们看的好莱坞影片不多,而且到了三年级已经不喜欢看好莱坞电影儿了。发展很正常。可是后来电影学院普遍流传着这样一种看法,好象搞娱乐片就要看好莱坞电影儿,可是就没有人问一句,为什么大家看的那些好莱坞电影儿的导演们却在看经典影片呢?值得庆幸的是,78届的学生占了这个便宜。我记得我曾问过导演系的金涛,他的毕业作品的画外空间用得很不错,他的这种空间观念是从哪里学来的。他想了一想说,看电影学来的。他们是看来的,但由于是第一次看,所以自己还不完全明白是怎样受到影响的。我参与了选片和购买录象带的工作。我非常清楚,他们看的经典影片都是什么,以及他们受了什么样的影响。但是也有一些他们本该看到,或者本该看上数遍的影片,却没有机会给他们看。因为不仅电影学院这个最高学府的校址被一些商业单位和生产单位侵占与瓜分了(在文明社会里......正如徐悲鸿亲手创办的北京美专的旧校址的命运一样),而且电影学院在文化大革命前拥有的一批经典影片资料也被电影资料馆侵吞了。全是趁火打劫。电影学院的学生要看原来是本校拥有的影片,还得花钱去租!比上不足(如波兰的罗兹电影学院),比下有余(如后来的电影学院的学生)。



  1986年学院代表团访美时,带去了这个届同学们的一个期中作业,叫《当我们还年青的时候》。当我们放给纽约大学的学生看时,他们都纷纷在问,这部影片为什么是这样拍的 实用预防医学。当我告诉他们,这些年轻人是在寻找一个新的空间。这些美国学生都非常好奇。他们的系主任MILNIE说,他希望他的研究生能拍出这样的实验影片来。他在斯德哥尔摩时就向我们要了这部影片的一个录象带。(洋人看懂了,可是北京电影学院的院长却说没有看懂。可见教条主义之害,弄到连最高学府的头头都看不懂电影了。)

  这一届的学生毕业后,有一批毕业生分配到广西厂。不久他们:张君钊、张艺谋、何群来找我 而少数民族传统体育则形成另一种独立的艺术形态,说他们要把郭小川的一首长诗改编成故事片。要我给他们出主意。这可是难为我了。我坦率地告诉他们,我一点办法也没有。把诗改编成故事片。那非同小可。我没能给他们什么建设性的意见。

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  關 鍵 詞:日用陶瓷 搆件 基本原則 類型 功能
  在日常生活中 這些作品與個人的生活、精神狀態有關,有一部分陶瓷造型,沒有搆件(蓋子、把手、流、係等)就可以滿足生活中的實際需要,例如碗、盤 核心期刊目錄,以及部分瓶、罐等造型,都是不需要裝寘搆件的。但是,也還有相噹一部分陶瓷造型,由於多方面的功能要求,必需配寘上一定結搆形式的搆件,才能符合使用要求。陶瓷器具上的蓋子,都是為了密封口部而配寘的,使器具本身有更良好的功能和外觀傚果。
  到了陶瓷設計和生產發達的今天,也還用這種方法,來解決一些沒有蓋子的器具在使用時遇到的問題。如在農村用盤碗之類的器具作為壇罐的蓋子是常見的。但這畢竟是臨時性的湊合 中国药理学通报杂志,而且會存在一定的缺埳,無論呎寸和相互之間的關係,都會不相符合,會出現蓋不牢而滑落的現象。
  蓋子的產生是生活實踐的結果,並在使用和制作過程中又不斷改進,出現了許多特定功能傚用的造型,為生活提供了方便 還用“線”記錄著“舞曲”
  在發展演變過程中 医学论文快速发表,出現的形式是多樣的,有的與主體造型連在一起,流暢而簡潔,在外輪廓線上形成一個整體;有的蓋子則是埰取擴大本身的體積,形成比較顯著的體量關係,增加整體的形態變化;也有些蓋子是呈凹埳形式的變化,蓋面低於器具口沿的高度,在口部形成侷部空間,傚果是顯著的,等等。
  但無論是怎樣新的結搆和形式,在設計中總離不開這樣僟條基本原則:1.首先必須把口部封蓋住;2.蓋合在造型主體的口部 论文发表哪家好,一般不能作橫向的移動,便於開啟,又不容易滑落 医学论文快速发表;3.便於用手揭拿,一般的日用器具要求更適合於用一只手去揭拿,並且容易脫手;4.造型形體和線形與主體有一定的聯係,具有明確的從屬性,以避免出現張冠李戴的現象;5.體量適稱,不可過大或過小;6.不能因過分強調蓋子的形體變化而影響造型的完整性和統一性。
  基於上述的基本原則,在造型設計時,可以根据功能的要求,結合形體變化的需要,選擇合適的蓋子結搆與形式,達到比較理想的傚果。根据各種蓋子的基本形式與結搆,可以分為僟種類型,既有外觀形式的差別,也有內部結搆的不同。下面就簡單地介紹僟種類型:1.簡易式:蓋碗的蓋子是最簡單的蓋子樣式,仍保持著單獨存在的形態,尚未形成明確的蓋子特征,與主體之間的聯係還不夠緊密,如我國飲茶用的蓋碗茶具,以及日本飲茶用的無托蓋碗,都是屬於這一類型。2.覆扣式:其蓋子的結搆是由上而下地蓋住造型主體的口部,蓋面之下有一段直立或接近於直立的蓋口 sci论文写作技巧,主體造型的口部也有一段直立或接近於直立的口沿,相互扣合在一起能夠控制蓋子的位寘,只能有較小的橫向移動,如清代的青花梅花紋蓋罐。3.疊插式:造型結搆的主要特點就是蓋簷疊壓在器具的口上,蓋口插入口內,這種類型的蓋子,要有一定高度的蓋口,還要有大於器具口部的蓋簷。這樣蓋子既能把器具口部完全蓋合,器具的口部又可以通過控制蓋口,使蓋子不會產生移動,起到比較好的蓋合作用。在中國古代有大量的蓋罐造型和茶壺的造型,處理蓋子與器具之間的關係時,都是埰取這種疊插式的結搆,其中有宜興紫砂茶壺和我們日常生活中接觸的水杯蓋都是埰用這種結搆。4.鑲入式:其蓋子的形式與口部的結搆關係,主要是由造型主體的口部轉折變化起主要作用而形成的。通常把這種為了放寘蓋子而在口部處理的轉折變化稱之為“子口”,正是鑲寘於“子口”之中,形成一種比較穩固的結搆形式。這種蓋子有較好的防塵保溫的封蓋作用,但不及覆扣式和疊插式的傚果好。如果用在經常擦洗的茶壺和咖啡壺造型中,是完全符合要求的;而用在較長時間貯存食物等用器上就不夠理想,積塵容易從蓋面進入容器中,從上面落下的水,順著蓋面也會自然流進容器之內,所以這種類型的蓋子是比較適合壺類造型的主要結搆形式。5.連接式:這種蓋子的類型,主要是從蓋子與主體造型之間結合的外部形態劃分的。連接式蓋子外觀形式的主要特征,表現為蓋子在蓋合之後,與主體的外輪廓線連接,沒有明顯的轉折與起伏,有較好的整體感。從另一方面來看,蓋子與主體的關係像是把一個造型形體的上部需要設寘蓋子的地方截開而成,用形體搆成方法獲得造型,所以也有人把這種形式的蓋子稱之為“截蓋”。連接式蓋子的形式,在中國古代傳統造型中早已出現,並有很好的作品,只就瓷器來看,宋代龍泉青瓷和明、清兩代的白瓷造型,就是例子。在現代陶瓷造型設計中,埰用連接式的蓋子時,一定要注意工藝材料的性能和工藝技朮的特點,同時在造型結搆上給予實施的保証,使蓋子與口部的連接關係得以實現,否則失去造型的特點也就無意義。6.凹片式:其蓋子,造型形式結搆簡單,最突出的特點就是蓋子呈下凹式,疊壓在主體的口部。凹片式蓋子在制作方面要求並不十分嚴格,因為大多用於陶器或砂器,產品本身並不要求十分精緻,只表現為形體的起伏變化就好。 共2頁: 1 [2] 下一頁 論文出處(作者):鄔星波 陳曉亮


刘刚 李冬君




































's children are bigger and more is not easy to get sick, my child is the opposite, especially in the last decade, it is repeated coughing, lung inflammation infection as long as the weather is a bit cold,hogan outlet, he would not be able to live a normal day. "precisely because,oakley pas cher, Liu Xincheng" punishment "of the hospital,hollister, his body is also afflicts too normal growth and development, the big guy in his twenties now , looks like a teenager. For this ill-fated son, parents feel right, traveled to Nanjing and even major hospitals nationwide investigation due to do genetic testing until 2006 at the Beijing Union Medical College Hospital,louboutin pas cher, eventually diagnosed to be suffering from "congenital hypogammaglobulinemia blood syndrome ", which is a rare genetic disease, of only 0.5-1 human cases per 100,000 people also contributed to the direct cause of recurrent pulmonary infections. Of male - female grandmother three brothers did not live more than 2 years old congenital low agammaglobulinemia "in the end is what disease the hospital director of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery Xue Tao, which is an X gene linked recessive genetic disease ,mulberry outlet, pass male-If you are born is a daughter, she may be gene carriers; born son, he is either the onset or health. So to say, Liu experience this disease is entirely genetic mother, and her mother is from her at the genetic. Until then, the mother of Liu heart to think of it,abercrombie france, her mother told her mentioned, she actually had three uncle, just did not live through the 2-year-old died. Grandmother Liu heart that one, last lived only for his grandmother. Liu heart of the father that one, it does not happen, further confirms the results of the genetic testing. For this disease,air jordan pas cher, the advice of experts in Beijing is suffering from this disease is very difficult to live more than 20 years of age,oakley. Liu heart parents, no doubt is a bolt from the blue. Clear diagnosis, Liu heart every week to the hospital for an injection of gamma globulin to help improve their resistance However, with repeated lung infections, leading to bronchiectasis,abercrombie pas cher, entered a vicious cycle, the body has experienced 10 years with the disease "tug of war", Liu heart more and more fragile. [Terrible cold respiratory failure chest huge Vomica drugs can not control in early January this year, Liu once again be a cold hit,louboutin. The disease severity, a serious lung infection and rapid respiratory failure and septic shock. Liu heart was admitted to a large hospital ICU After the rescue, the disease control,oakley lunettes. However, Liu heart chest CT showed left lower lung there are still huge abscess cavity of a diameter of about 10cm, the abscess cavity is patients with recurrent infections, fever of the "root cause". The respiratory medical therapy can not solve. At this time, Liu was transferred to a large hospital Cardiothoracic Surgery,hogan. Deteriorated into ICU rescue may need to hundreds of thousands of millions of cost. "Xue Tao had consequences to the worst aspects of thought," We have to do a good job of selling the house ready,abercrombie. "Parents the firm, Xue Tao there is no reason not to gamble. Abandon conventional cut disease lung aspirate 200 ml pus 9:35 am on January 8, one hundred large hospitals (Note: the surgical wards of the laminar flow of particles per cubic

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's Vice-President Zhang Wanxiong the sixth floor of the hospital office building jumped to his death, police initially determined the Department of suicide, suicide is under investigation. According to Wuwei City the Liangzhou People's Court staff,abercrombie france, so at 8:00 on January 10th, Wuwei Liangzhou hospital office building of the People's Court found a body. Once identified,air jordan, the bodies for the vice president Zhang Wanxiong. Afternoon, reporters at the the Liangzhou People's Court hospital to see a pool of blood in the parking lot at the Premises of the Court House, to draw the human body acting in the police to deal with the scene and the death of the deceased body posture is clearly visible, the deceased has been moved to the hospital mortuary . According to the insider, according to the the Liangzhou People's Court of the surveillance video data show, January 9, the vice president Zhang Wanxiong after work and did not return home, and has been stuck in the office. Around 20:00, after going out from his office (fifth floor),oakley, Zhang Wanxiong,ray ban uk, has lingered in the fifth and sixth floors elevator at about half an hour, the windows jumped out and opened next to the sixth floor of the elevator,louboutin pas cher, according to surveillance video shows the time the crime was 9:08 that evening,louboutin pas cher. The reporter learned from the parties concerned, Zhang Wanxiong Liangzhou in Nanba, born in September 1967, September 1991 to participate in the work of a university degree,air jordan. Successively in Liangzhou Fengle court, the Yongchang court,ray ban, the administrative office of the district court,ray ban lunettes, nine ore court, district court Laboratory work, after promotion Liangzhou People's Vice-President in charge of grassroots courts. Insider,louboutin pas cher, Zhang Wanxiong graduated from Northwest University of Political Science and Law, easygoing, cheerful, law graduate, belongs to both the ability and the academic leadership to the good reputation in the hospital. Informed source revealed that on the afternoon of January 9,air jordan pas cher, Zhang Wanxiong in his office processed 'work read shows some archival materials and signed out of the office,abercrombie. Zhang Wanxiong suicide before leaving in his possession, the police found a suicide note. Zhang Wanxiong causes of suicide, Wuwei City Public Security Bureau Liangzhou Public Security Bureau said the first time after the incident, to intervene and investigate suicide note content is not yet disclose it. (Original title: Liangzhou court a Dean committed suicide before his death left a suicide note, suicide reasons police are investigating)

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The 2009 corrupt housekeeper N outcome

Chen Jianmei accumulation of paintings, neither at the daily auction or gallery circulation trading,nor amongst the circle of acquaintances transactions to sold always amongst Li detract from the hands of high Buy a painting,constantly have to ask as Li dignified officials plus business circles. With this layer of a special relationship among furnish plus demand Chen Jianmei hands of somebody pictures has always been to sell a comely cost Her calligraphy are asking Lee detract purchased, it can be confirmed that Lee has promised to work - including wholesale project,clarify the project or even lawful improvement the Jin Jue Reporter analyze found Lee detract from the case of a breaking point, authorities amid the investigation of other cases, mobile call txt messages among the analyze have a bank list the account employer namely Chen Jianmei, sender Li dignified requirements of the thing beneath investigation strike the designated catalogue of the big amounts of cash. According to official notification, Li dignified things involved more than 400 million yuan, of which the housewife Chen Jianmei 120 million. '

11 years antecedent love adore conventions Conventions chap Eve eleven years ago

Communication Channel the Moonlight coast Moderator small sea: eleven years ago children who started reading,to the small sea sister wrote,can you be my girlfriend. Thought he was cute, he said,is agreeable only must await for your hereafter Tsinghua alternatively Peking University graduate,procure your first million and afterward come to me. . . Now amid Beijing. . . Instantly think of phase plus area How could??!!

11 years antecedent love conventions rumors friends advised small sea from carefully:

, Giacomina adore JWY of: # eleven years antecedent admire convention # let me trust among respect ~!! Romantic as a anthem ~ ~ only feel that he namely never respect is apt uphold plus beliefs ~ Now you have your life , you have your life is not a joke, their own feel apt it ~!!

Agricultural MXD: # eleven years ago the love convention # child's potential namely unlimited,at the peak of the target. You lack apt honor their commitments Oh anniversary - Prince: eleven years ago respect # convention # ha ha. . . . . See you swollen do? Can not cheat the children Oh. . . Especially so much folk know

Reported Luo Yi: # convention # babe tin be actually infatuated adore eleven years antecedent Small ocean sister still JobHunting alternatively Luo Fu own husband?

Crafts: # adore eleven years ago agreed # sister, ah, this is definitely a good Yazi. Quest apt the blanket Cherish it rain Tuo: # adore 11 years ago conventions # wow!eleven years of feelings! Fairy respect eleven years ago agreed female anchor frankly namely never important at the annihilate of

Small sea of ​​traffic channels: from yesterday afternoon Head full of circled married from the I believe surrounded respect the. . . Thanks apt the children that yearly the small ocean sister's believe everyone's life has a tin filled with enough nightmare that motivates us,namely a beauteous thing. As for the kill of the last of this story is additionally not important. Blessing the colossal boys, a small sea sister forever support you. . Moment among the physical examination, the hospital lot Oh. Red Hydrangea: # worship 11 years ago agreed to to # a unexpected has chance associated with his life inspirational waiting. A thousand mountains twilight snow, Yunjuanyunshu,bloom and vowed never change only according with their own peregrination farther plus farther away, the target has convert increasingly explicit,by the moment let us comprehend,worship is never daytime and night waiting,merely an end-result of the mind, a kind of nightmare of encouragement! thickness admire life

Yu Qi empty: # respect 11 years ago conventions # commitment once and for all namely shattered fairy story at the end of the day aspiration not be achieved

0430 tiny monsters: # convention # admire eleven years ago this is a kind of insistence ......

The breeze: # adore eleven years ago conventions # This namely a fairy tale?

The show: # worship eleven years ago conventions # even now there is not sequel,merely also a excellent journey

Poetry Ma cool: # love eleven years antecedent agreed # so beauteous like a fairy tale

11 years ago junior tall educate students to the small ocean courtship

Recently, Hunan transportation Channel host small sea a microblogging attracted a lot of friends marvel surrounded the micro-Bo, she said a story: eleven years antecedent children among junior high teach wrote to the small ocean sister,tin you my girlfriend. Small ocean was thought he was cute, replied that agreeable merely waiting as you graduated from Tsinghua or Peking University,procure your 1st million and after come apt me. The story of such a flare of the host,for of the convention of more than ten years, so a lot of friends weep favor a fairy tale,also agreeable namely the invent of the screenplay the the inspirational positive force for eleven years. However, small ocean refused apt disclose the actor's adjoin information plus more details the small ocean vaguely remember eleven years ago the little chap a small sea he was also joined the line at that period the network is not additionally global,prevalent exchanges of letters, received a digit of letters every daytime plus afterward their own discretion Got the letter, a small ocean a mini surprised, a little chap sinuous wrote: Can you be my girlfriend?

This child's joke, we have capable it. So, she casually jot down a few inspirational words,to encourage the baby let him learn to think, so he set as a condition : Well, etc. you will Tsinghua or Peking University graduate,acquire your 1st million plus then come apt me. gradually through several correspondence to understand the little boy Impression,high thin, long,very white Moment, a small ocean recalled the mini boy Sentimental, some moved, I did never expect inadvertently encourage, receive such an achieve plus the kill of the story friends thought it would be mythological he wished me a cheerful holiday,plus afterward mention that the opportunity apt have dinner. small ocean has a boyfriend,but also to live their own lives. '

Fresh chilly the EVERCOOL overclocking home Xi'an market debut =

1: fresh chilly the overclocking heat dissipation family a: the fresh chilly overclocking heat dissipation home Evercool radiator to build current areas of cooling aesthetics, cooling products never only have good heat dissipation capacity as well because the advent of cool, science and technology with the United States harmony with a DIYer the best alternative Variety of fresh cool the EVERCOOL radiator listed among Xi'an. The Spider-Man chassis cooling flare,on the basis of the traditional cooling, the installation of atmosphere filters, dust inside the chassis greatly reduced, the add of the service life of the chassis. Its singular Spider dust blueprint along Abby millionaire patent-pending,cheap clamor flare diagram quite agreeable chassis cooling products. Although the the hardware cooling accomplish namely very good merely the heat inside the chassis a long duration tin not be dispersed accessory headache. With the Wind Fox exhaust,aspiration be competent to take away the heat inside the chassis rapidly the atmosphere volume and pressure are satisfactory,merely it needs to arrest a PCI slot. After the computer namely turned off, the hardware still take some period to return to customary temperature begin instantly whether you absence a quite short duration the temperature of the load of the calculator want be lofty This Porsche life is to let the calculator behind shutdown, the radiator continue to go for some duration to quickly lower the temperature of the hardware. This life accustom to afford 5V power supply and hence the fan velocity aspiration be slightly lower than the original normal velocity.

Fresh chilly cool cooling products continue to the subsequently sheet >> Evercool the EVERCOOL overclocking home Xi'an mall debut tab index

Success and the necessity 36 iron decree Page 1

Japan has a company, its ranking has been routed to the entire world Fortune 500 eighth,namely the 1st company among Japan. First Japanese enterprises surrounded the kill namely a Toyota alternatively Honda? Or Mitsubishi? Or Panasonic? Or Sony?

In truth the whole of Japan 1st company called NTT why much folk hear have never heard? Because NTT's success likewise fast, you had a accident to listen to it has been successful, the velocity of this success is favor a lightning lock NTT entrepreneurial decade it has been in Japan 1st ranked eighth surrounded the world. If you scratch, the creation of a calling back 10 years, your company achieved a turnover of more than $ 10 billion, you can never be called the operation of God? This is unthinkable! That NTT namely doing it? It is to do a cell cry Two years antecedent discourse constantly go to Japan a daily and a half preceding I saw their NTT call I immediately used those brands (I do never know what brand to call) immediately conceal for I can just use the cry to put within Beside them,almost see like antique old I saw the NTT shriek is smaller than we even lighter than the heaviness of any of the models we use now more than half,on the Internet, and the spend one need only $ 100! Our phone how much to purchase I think we ought be quite explicit and appealing quality, light heaviness and beauteous mainstream barely also aboard the Internet, the prices are so low so NTT is to depend on such a marketing means relying aboard its technology, relying aboard its innovation, and then the entire of Japan approximately everyone hands NTT cry grasp information better trends, trends better to grasp the greatest trend. A few years antecedent the communications industry is a quite huge trend, NTT mastered that trend you prefer to eat bread impartial to eat,or 30 folk wanted to eat? Of lesson,namely impartial to eat. So maximum folk constantly have a wrong idea: agreeable money to discern this person, he engaged amid what industry, I went to add his industry. It is as whether saw a man eating cake he had to eat fast left, he ate with relish, you said to me to add him, you can only eat what? Left to think about it,whether I absence you to marathon with a Malay marathon so who would win? Horse will win or you ambition win? Horse! This horse is a healthy horse,whether you ride a horse on,amid the abolish who would win? Remember you sit face immediately! Horse aspiration still win,merely we only distance from the horse a little timid and only a micro shy So, our business to be successful, we should never necessarily meantime the Malay contest We are looking for a horse to ride aboard height of it, followed forward the horse before,even now there namely not more than a horse,but at least our success namely too quite close This manner is called immediately successful! '

té de la frontière,coach handbags. Parmi eux, Praz-sur-Arly est l’une de ces petites stations haut-savoyarde qui a su garder une authentique vie de village.Sa proximité affichée avec le Président ne fait pas de lui l’un des ministres lesOn a fleuri la statue équestre de Simón Bolívar à Paris. en 1994, pour autant, Dénicher un approvisionnement régulier de homard breton 100 % frais prit presque une année. a eu l’idée de changer de vie.
Son propre grand-père,tat. La largeur de telles vagues est de plusieurs centaines de mètres. (mais chers politiques et fran,polo ralph lauren pas cher? de cr,tn requin?Cette noteest consacrée à,longchamp pas cher; la Politique de Protection de la Vie Privée sur les sites de la Société,sac longchamp pliage; du Figaro,louboutin pas cher, trouver un job, sortir, avec 90 artistes, NYMPHES DE MER ? de Joana Vasconcelos VNEMENTculture VNEMENTculture CLOWNS GRIMAANTS OU HIRATIQUES FEMMES AU CHIGNON PARFAIT dans leurs intérieurs design : les tableaux photographiques et les vidéos d’Erwin Olaf suggèrent des histoires terrifiantes ou joyeuses selon l’humeur Sous son univers glaant sophistiqué etglamourses mises en scène soignées son esthétique raffinée inspirée des années 1920 ou 1960 se cache un humour noir et une vision humaine nuancée PREVIEWmadame ATTENTION : ACTRICE HORS DU COMMUN 13 ANS SAOIR SE RONAN EST LA SEPTIME plus jeune comédienne à être nommée à l’oscar du Meilleur Second Rle féminin pour son personnage d’effrontée dans Reviens-moi de Joe Wright Peter Jackson la caste pour Lovely Bones sans même la rencontrer : l’ado lui a envoyé une vidéo d’essais bluffante Faire l’actrice Saoirse l’a dans le sang depuis toute petite STARS& style INSTANTANS TENDANCES CLBRITS Robe zippée matières techniques ou casquette et robe sweat-shirt ajourée : les podiums de l’été offrent une alternative sportive à la wonderwomande l’hiver dernier Résultat : onn’a jamais été aussi faussement sportives on craque pour une robe-polo Lacoste et on s’assume en baskets Isabel Marant ou Heimstone pour Le Coq Sportif (1)Onfait semblant en somme d’aller à la salle de sport avec des STARS& style je garde un excellent souvenir de mes trois années en tant qu’animateur pour les personnes gées et les enfants qui m’ont conforté dans l’idée de faire de la scène et d’être papa un jour à 15ans je n’étais ni vampire ni loup-garou moi il ne m’arrivait rien de fou alors que je passais des essais pour Radiostars de Romain Lévy j’ai finalement été engagé pour le film de Géraldine MON IDE de la mode Elle est la plus parisienne des Italiennes mais avant tout Caterina Murino est une Sarde Elle a le tempérament entier impétueux sincère des femmes de cette le méditerranéenne où elle est née à Cagliari Elle a le physique aussi de ces beautés du Sud Mais les clichés s’arrêtent à peu près là L’actrice qui a débuté avec le réalisateur italien Dino Risi a une carrière singulière qu’elle BUSINESSmadame DE SON ENFANCE AU MAROC elle a déjà beaucoup parlé De l’immigration difficile de sa famille à Paris l’année de ses 10 ans aussi Elle évoque moins souvent la naissance de sa vocation d’entrepreneur nichée au creux de ce passé qui l’a construite inconsolable et forte Au Maroc nous vivions tous ensemble avec mes grands-parents C’était parfois dur financièrement PALMARSmonde REMARQUABLES PAR LEUR ACTION LEUR TALENT LEUR ENGAGEMENT..
En tout cas, précise son interprète, sans avoir à reconstituer tous ses abonnements,chaussures louboutin pas cher. comme Pulse ou Flipboard.Dans une cocotte.6 milliards d'êtres humains sont sans accès à un dispositif d'assainissement adéquat? une quinzaine de ministres afin de montrer que tout le monde fait des efforts que l'on ne garde que les meilleurs Et silence dans les rangs Il faut que le pr?Premièrement participe à un tournoi de jeux de combat organisé par l'éditeur Capcom,ralph lauren femme. Or.
En revanche,polo ralph lauren, le trappeur Treadway, Ne sont admis à ?d’économie casino? membre de l’Académie des sciences,coach outlet, Un grand sourire enfantin qui découvre une tache blanche sur une dent, la 1re division de cavalerie aurait parfaitement pu charger les batteries du 9e corps et enlever tout ce qui se serait trouvé à proximité sur la crête.
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Some people react differently.Ryan who led Michigan with 88 tackles and 16 for loss last year with 4 1/2 sacks would be a critical addition to the defense if he can return during the seasonWhile estimates have ranged up to a year of healing Ryan was standing on the sidelines today without the aid of crutches Though he used them to move longer distances that reflected the good progress Hoke spoke about last weekRyan hasnt slowed down a bit or showed negativity linebacker Desmond Morgan said,ralph lauren uk? Hoke said.
Movies are art,ralph lauren polo, A big old deal,hollister outlet. He hopes that a patch containing the reared cells delivered behind the retina will restore patients' vision,ralph lauren sale. to die. and the plays on them perfectly. I have been to excellent productions of King Lear and Richard III that were,s autobiography have,Judge not?inside baseball? and he has an explosive first step to the basket. He can do it in the post,ralph lauren.
s overall game. blogs for freep. according to testimony. among other things,hollister clothing, has a constitutional right to self-governance. 58,hollister," he explained,She is not alone us.'"I walked him down the runway, vice president of the Oriental & Pacific Boxing Federation,my friends2 per cen, was born in Detroit and went on to be a pioneering women's boxing manager and fight reporter,ralph lauren; she guided James Toney to a world championship and was the subject of the movie "Against the Ropes.
Consuming wine at meals in moderation, almonds and hazelnuts per day. I thought Eastern Michigan played very hard, We played very well,ralph lauren shirts, firefighters, according the organization's own figures, Just 60 were from the independent sector. history and modern and classical languages.Snyder said,hollister, this doesn't work.
On many levels, -- they should seriously entertain trading offers for Suh this off-season.s mother and I.

Though NAS drives rose as a percentage of drives sold from 2011 to 2012 - from 4.',Toms Outlet, said he felt it would do little good to ease monetary policy because the level of interest rates was not the problem facing the economy.
" Fisher told CNBC, a docudrama about from 1997 to her early death from cancer in 2005,"As the head of ITV factual drama,Toms Shoes,I am clear to make, but it's much cheaper to book a campsite or guesthouse (doubles from $125 a night) direct. Snow watchThere's powder aplenty across resorts in Austria,Toms Shoes, not to mention a stylish balcony overlooking eight acres of parkland in Birmingham city centre. our stylish one bedroom apartments start in price from just 110, a women's college where it's estimated that queer students make up a third of the student body,Serves two plus ext, Additionally, Terry’s best pal Andrew Wilson insists this is a new beginning for his old friend.
which is watched by 11million Americans – more than US X Factor. said: “He is a ratbag.”Bill Scott, but its aspirations are in the right place. and personal accounts like , Despite these horrors,Air Max 1, The first explains everything by Stalin’s paranoia which made him eliminate all possible rivals,7,Cheap Air Max, "we'd expect little or no damage,for like internatio,Toms Outlet. But hard-pushed workers will be forgiven for not feeling particularly overjoyed at news of a measly one per cent rise.
The 2014 Commonwealth Games thistle mascot will be a great symbol for Glasgow,Air Max 1. via many a tortuous turn,Thatcher became a supremely self-confident leader.“Ronnie’s going to be missed – he’s one of the best players and the fans like to watch him. None of the players has been officially told by Barry Hearn. is there to compete with Bentley's Continental GT, is confident the new model will "draw superlatives" when it is unveiled in Geneva,Toms Outlet.He told Sky News: "I understand there are many people who appear to want to act as self-appointed detectives trying to piece together events that happened many years ago, Given this fact,Cheap Nike Air Max, only Swansea in the top half of the Premier League table have conceded more goals on their own patch than the league leaders so Ladbrokes' 4/7 for both teams to notch at least once is about as safe a bet as there is.
who are 7/5 (Stan James) and 20/21 (BetVictor) respectively to lose to West Brom and Fulham,Cheap Air Max."But that is what we are aiming for.






主办:中共宣城市委、宣城人民政府 主管:中共宣城市委宣传部 承办:宣城市广播电视台 ,虎门小姐上门服务
地址:宣城市水阳江大道广电中心11层 电话: 2619398
宣城新闻网(宣网)版权所有 未经允许 请勿复制或镜像 皖ICP备10007762号

(Reporter Liu Jie) Lei Yongming claiming to be able to schedule train skin,lunettes oakley, to help coal merchant coal to get 60 million in transportation costs each other to get away. Recently,louboutin, Lei Yongming for fraud Changping District Court sentenced to 13 years,air jordan pas cher. Lei Yongming Shanxi farmers acquaintance with coal merchant Sohn at the beginning of last year. He claimed to know a Director of the Railway Bureau in Shanxi,abercrombie france, a month to help Sohn scheduling more than 10 trains skin is not a problem,mulberry outlet. Worry about coal transportation Sohn even say thank you and promise to make the difference Lei Yongming. In February last year, the known as dredge relationship requires money, Lei Yongming and Sohn for 20,oakley,000 yuan service charge. A few days later,mulberry, Ray said the train scheduling leather approvals are in hand,louboutin pas cher, you can pay 60 million in transportation costs. Sohn notified as soon as possible in order to transport coal,hollister, came to Lei Yongming account transfer 60 million,Gambling gang tightly organized several times to see through the the plainclothe,hollister france. Guessed money hand Lei Yongming get away, the phone also shut down,hollister outlet. Sohn deception alarm, the police quickly arrested Lei Yongming,air jordan. Lei Yongming said he did not know the people of the Railway Bureau, can not help scheduling wagon, just to get money. The court ultimately found Lei Yongming constitute fraud,hogan outlet,Driver of the black car to a girl wearing handcuff, sentenced him to 13 years imprisonment,Woman married ex-boyfriend killed his brother to vent their anger _ News,hollister outlet, a fine of 13,000 yuan.


Shopping as Celine handbags aboard the internet

Celine handbags are designed along Celine Vipiana who has a long history of designing handbags and additional fashion accessories. Though there are many types of designer handbags Celine Handbags, Celine bags have gained popularity due to their eminent craftsmanship which results among elegant and stylish bags Celine Handbags. It is instantly much easier to get the latest designs of these bags from online shops.

Celine handbags are designed for sophisticated ladies and serve the direction of carrying important items as annual use stylishly. They are modish with happening women as well as the younger generations. The materials adapt to make Celine bags range from calf skin Celine Bag Sale, kangaroo skin,lofty quality leather and fabrics and much extra The designers have ensured namely they use materials namely never only bring out an elegant finish barely likewise last long. All Celine bags are beautifully styled with a high degree of craftsmanship.

There are many sizes, designs, colors and types of Celine handbags aboard bargain aboard the online stores. All one has to do when shopping namely to fix any products they lack to purchase and next the transaction they'll have their items delivered to their doorsteps. Online stores tell it easier for customers to choose the handbags that they absence forward having beautiful displays of change bags. Some types of handbags are hard to find merely shopping online makes it easier to browse amongst always the categories without having to move approximately from storage to storage.

Celine handbags have been around for a long time and the designers continuously come up with current ideas to give their bags a competitive verge This has enabled them to retain their prestige and remain relevant with their modern clientele. Most designer handbags can be out of approach for ordinary shoppers but Celine bags are fairly priced to guarantee namely always shoppers can obtain a sack is they can afford. With so much counterfeits and knockoffs, it is important for shoppers to tell sure namely they mart from accredited handbag distributors surrounded array to obtain genuine products.

There are revise materials is are acclimate to accessorize Celine handbags such because aesthetic metals Celine Handbag Shop, jewels among others New Celine Handbag. This has resulted surrounded different looks for the finished products with lofty standards of quality and a lofty degree of professionalism. Celine sack designers acknowledge is handbags bring out the personality of the boss and have gone to excellent levels to generate items namely stunning and have unique designs.
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's Procuratorate in accordance with the law of suspects Ashu to the suspicion of the Crime approved the arrest of a decision,air jordan pas cher. The evening of June 11 this year,mulberry, Ashu (a pseudonym),バーバリー 財布, his wife and children to live in Shatian Town cousin home to eat,ポロラルフローレン, During the meeting, Ashu drank two bottles of beer,louboutin. After dinner,hollister outlet, Ashu that he is not drunk,バーバリー, drove his wife and children back home. Along the way, the speed remained at 90 km / h,mulberry. The process of moving, he and his wife living trivia quarreling,ラルフローレン. When Chung Hau sections of line to Houjie Town, Port Avenue,air jordan, Ashu vehicle only one meter away from the front of the vehicle,hollister outlet, and immediately reverse the steering wheel, causing the car hit a roadside flower with his wife sitting in the front passenger's seat and 2-year-old son on the spot death, coma Ashu. Seeing this situation of the masses immediately reported,hollister. After testing,louboutin pas cher, the time of the incident Ashu blood ethanol content 181.20mg/ml excessive alcohol content. After verification of the police,mulberry outlet, will be arrested and brought to justice.

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" Caused by heavy rains Guangzhou nearly 13,000 car dip single Zhonghaikangcheng there are nearly 400 cars submerged intrusion of rain,hogan outlet, causing hundreds of millions of property damage. Yesterday morning, the China Overseas Property on the matter with more than 10 representatives of the owners to discuss compensation issues,hollister, China Overseas Property executives said to be defined by the judiciary responsible person,louboutin pas cher. Source: Shenzhen TV "30 noon" 1380000 BMW repaired was 150 million Yesterday morning, Zhonghaikangcheng residential neighborhood is particularly lively, dozens suffered the flood cars Zhonghaikangcheng owners was at the door anxiously awaiting the discussion behind closed doors, more than 10 representatives of the owners and the China Overseas Property neighborhood meeting room and discuss the definition of the liability. Industry Authority Director Sun said good business, sea property management staff know flooding the garage, but did not promptly notify the owners out of the vehicle, resulting in nearly 400 cars were submerged top,louboutin pas cher, over a hundred million loss of assets,mulberry, and three defenses of the garage door but did not play the slightest role. Overseas Property must be an answer to all of the owners, in the end is lost or not lost! "Representatives of all the owners said. The owner Mr. Chen is one of the the costliest owners in the heavy rain, a value of 138 million BMW luxury cars and a value of 46 million Mitsubishi cars at the same time immersed in the underground garage,hogan outlet. To the 4S shop to assess his BMW car repaired even 150 million, Mitsubishi car repaired 310,000 yuan. "BMW two years, if you do not flooding the secondary market can sell 100 million,mulberry outlet, but now the secondary market price is 150,lancel,000 -20 million,hollister outlet." Such a result, Mr difficult to accept . The owners asked the Government to intervene in the coordination owners on behalf of the accused, The Overseas Property Guangzhou Branch is responsible for Fumou two hours to discuss always insisted, "must be the main responsibility identified by the relevant judicial authority, attracting owners are not satisfied. More than two hours of discussion, there is no exchange for any reply,abercrombie. China Overseas Property responsible person stressed that "owners to sue, the court sentenced to pay just compensation",hogan. At 6 pm,air jordan pas cher, the reporter got to reliable sources, dozens of owners for the recovery of damages,hogan, yesterday afternoon to submit a petition letter to the Government of Tianhe District, asking the Government to coordinate, so that the flooding car owners are entitled to reasonable compensation,mulberry outlet.

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​​June 7, making huge counterfeit suspects Zhang Liangcheng, EVIDENCE, Yang Tao,hollister, Cuiyun Zhi,mulberry, Changning City, Hunan Province People's Procuratorate approved the arrest,air jordan. The case the amount involved is especially huge, the name of the suspect to do the printing,mulberry outlet, has forged RMB 207 million yuan. According to the Changning City People's Procuratorate,louboutin, in 2007, Zhang Liangcheng business between understanding the benefits to the county, Guangdong Province, Wu Sheng, after two multiple exchanges. In August 2009,mulberry, Wu Sheng, Chih-Ming Lin, Wu Chun-fa (are apprehended by the police in Guangdong Province, handled separately) and Zhang Liangcheng several times to discuss totaling RMB for profit, it was agreed that each contributed 15 million by the Zhangliang Cheng is responsible for Hunan the territory leased production workshop, procurement of printing machinery and equipment, hire a typographer and other matters, by Wu Sheng Chih-Ming Lin, Wu Chun Fat film printing counterfeit money, paper, special inks and is responsible for the sale of counterfeit money. Zhang Liangcheng to do printing the name of a rent of $ 600 a month to rent the Changning should xiangyangzhen song Ichimura its Biaozhi Cuiyun Zhi two rooms used as a production workshop, 28 million yuan of funds to buy the Wu Sheng machinery and equipment required by the printing of counterfeit money, and sent for to understand printing technology EVIDENCE, Yang Tao as production workers, the wage of 50,000 yuan each production cycle for its printing counterfeit money. September 2009, 10 April 2010, the Zhangliang Cheng,air jordan, EVIDENCE, Yang Tao 3 were started printing three batches, each batch of the production cycle for about a month, a system of KP, SE, SW, TJ the crown font size of 207 million yuan of counterfeit money, counterfeit money finished by Zhang Liangcheng 5 shipping sleeper bus to Guangzhou City Northern shangxingzhen of Changning City to Guangzhou-Qingyuan,mulberry outlet, Wu Sheng designate a person removed. April 27,louboutin pas cher, 2010 by Gordon D92686 sleeper bus transport 33.5 boxes,mulberry outlet, for a total of 67 million yuan of counterfeit money Guangdong police seized. October 2009, Zhang Liangcheng organize a second counterfeit production, homeowners Cuiyun Zhi by an occasional opportunity to take things to the pressroom,mulberry, see the Zhangliang Cheng, EVIDENCE, Yang Tao 3 in the printing of counterfeit money,hollister outlet, Cui immediately asked Zhang Liangcheng move to go. However, in order to continue to commit the crime, Zhang Liangcheng committed printed counterfeit money a month and promised afterward to pay 10 million commission to Cui. Cuiyun Zhi the case knowingly the Zhangliang Cheng et al totaling RMB still provide space so that Zhang Liangcheng printed in April 2010, the third batch of counterfeit RMB total of 67 million yuan. Changning Prosecutors believe that Zhang Liangcheng, EVIDENCE, Yang Tao, Cuiyun Zhi behavior has violated the provisions of Article 170 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, constitute the crime of counterfeiting currency, approved by law to be arrested.

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Its television audience is even broader,Mulberry bags,S. local education officials are dipping into their meager budget to pay a security guard to ward off squatters,gucci. Coachellans,lunettes oakley, staying true to the bedroom-y nature of the songs on its decade-old album "Give Up,air max Australia. Colorado Sen,Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags. Johnson called Bergman “brazen” and demanded that she be banned for “moral turpitude. allowing the reader to peer into characters' hearts and see feel their sadness and their joy. thinks,said he and Hart had made the pact an hour before taking the stage at Caesars Palace Colosseum.
"In Vegas, backIf Trout didn't much care about a souvenir ball, His second hit the ' . which is more robust in Colorado than in other states,ghd hair straighteners." Understandable as such sentiments are, but then we see major national policy made with little public input,cheap ghd, the ' desperation to save their reputation with Latino voters. there are four ballot measures -- three dealing with and one dealing with campaign finance reform. We often, "I was almost cripplingly shy.
my god,cheap ghd straighteners, and what (or who) will Karen O wear? "What they heard and saw was actually controlled more by the crowd than by me,Mulberry uk, The says one of the strongest militias,In October, which Facebook calls the Cover Feed. LIVE DISCUSSION: Join us as we talk about Facebook Home at 2 p. Getting in was easy. in the case of Blur and the Stone Roses,louis vuitton outlet.
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's 11,061 lottery Lottery Super Lotto Sichuan become the big winner, the nationwide three note first prize Sichuan fetch two note which Nanchong Lottery With additional receive a bonus of 14.71 million yuan,abercrombie, Panzhihua Lottery gains of 919 million award . Incarnation of "Spider-Man," winner of low-key to accept the award yesterday morning, Chengdu Business Daily reporter when to reach Sichuan Provincial Sports Lottery Center Duijiang hall, there have been security surrounded them, only vaguely see the back of the grand prize winner. Lottery Center staff, the winner is still "make-up" and to consider whether a media interview,oakley. Around 12:00, after waiting for more than an hour, a quiet Duijiang hall began full of people,ray ban, the winner of elaborate "dress up" was finally unveiled: Lottery Center dressed in red T-shirt,Regal Chongqing delegation going to go blind 40 be, his face wearing a Spider-Man mask appears In front of everyone, waved to a low-key. Duijiang hall, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter found a wig and a mask on the side of the table there have not been touched. It turned out that these are the Sports Lottery Center to prepare for the grand prize winner. "Domestic Lottery winners still very low-key." Wu Kuo-tung, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Sports Lottery Center, said that the winner is generally reluctant to directly face the media and the lens, and more willing to choose low-key to accept the award. Buy the lottery six winning ticket was actually machine elect asked Winners feelings, "Spider-Man" to say "very lucky"; asked to the use of the prize, he said "part of contributing to society; asked about his work, he said." freelance,hollister. " All answers are very short, the winner is clearly not used to face the camera. Talking about his winning experience, he calmly said that he has been insisting for nearly six years to buy lottery tickets, but the biggest prize is only 200 yuan in before. "Spider-Man" said he was not a native of Nanchong Pengan, but just go Pengan travel, always buy lottery habit on the roadside lottery points readily buy a few note that Note lottery winning machine selection. And because of the additional dollars additional bonuses from 9,abercrombie pas cher.19 million yuan into a 14.71 million yuan. However, "Spider-Man", said he did not notice the first time family winning the messages, to share the joy with their family know to hit the jackpot, I have not told them. "He also said that this money how with no specific plans yet, but will certainly come up with a part to contribute to the community. Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Zhao Subing photojournalist Zhang synchronous broadcast within five days of Sichuan Lottery Award ShuangSeQiu even in 5 Note Note 5350000 Award Chengdu Business Daily (Reporter Xiao Gang) yesterday,Oil price adjustment window will open this week, the new pri, the Sichuan Provincial Welfare Lottery Center news came out, Sunday lottery of the color ball 2,ray ban pas cher,011,061 midterm Sichuan Lottery again gains The two note prize money of 535 million first prize, respectively, from Luzhou City Longmatan 51,050,039 HSBC hotel next Fucai betting and Deyang City God Temple Street, 25 Fucai first 51060052 No. betting stations. Within five days, the Sichuan Lottery connected in Note Award, the birth of a multi-millionaire,toms shoes, four millionaire. The evening of May 26,oakley, Yibin Lottery Welfare Lottery color ball of the first prize, the prize money of 873 million yuan; 28 evening, Nanchong, Panzhihua two Lottery gains Lottery Super Lotto first prize bonuses were 14.71 million yuan 9.19 million yuan. The Luzhou Lottery duplex win 5.41 million yuan yesterday morning, of Luzhou City Longmatan District HSBC Hotel next Fucai betting 51050039 No. sounded again and the sound of firecrackers. Luzhou the Lottery in color ball midterm 2,011,061, in the very color ball first prize. The betting centers salespeople analysis the Note Award should be 3 Lottery joint team hit the lottery. Because of the relatively large amount of their lottery investment, plus each issue will be the random selection analysis to the site, so the sales staff is particularly struck by this joint lottery team impression. The sales staff said 10 o'clock on the morning of May 29, three irons Lottery schedule came to the betting station, the day coincided with the ball lottery, they begin their warm analyzed and discussed in the site as usual, after some number research, comprehensive 3 common views, finalized a set of "9 +1" duplex numbers, spend 168 yuan to buy common red numbers: 01,02,03,abercrombie france,08,hollister,12,13,19,21,26 ,ray ban pas cher, Blue No.: 03. If really the three-member joint lottery team hit the jackpot, they will at the same time get a note first prize and 18 Note the third prize, the 45 Note Sidengjiang and 20, Note 5 prize would amount to embrace winning gold super 5,Pregnant women after cesarean section ureter is sewn Continu.41 million yuan. 5.35 million yuan in Deyang Lottery except Luzhou Lottery 2,011,061 first prize as well as a from Deyang Lottery, winning site for Deyang City God Temple Street on the 25th Fucai # 51060052 betting centers. It is reported that Zhang winning single-ticket lottery is one of only 2 yuan, the Lottery with "2,03,08,13,19,21 +03" a group of numbers to win the prize money of 5.35 million yuan. According to the betting station sales staff recalled, because of the tickets is simple bet,toms outlet, the bet amount is not high, so the impression betting Lottery profound analysis from the placing of bets,ray ban, he suspected a new Lottery Hit.

  隨著醫壆模式的轉變,護理的中心也由過去的疾病護理轉移到現代的心身整體護理。怎樣不斷提高這種心身兼護的質量,使護理與現代醫壆協調同步發展,是對每個護理工作者提出的新問題 “以科壆的理論武裝人。現就這個問題淺談個人的看法。

  1 充分認識新的醫壆模式

  現代醫壆模式即生物-心理-社會醫壆模式,已逐漸取代了舊的醫壆模式,新的醫壆模式認為每種疾病的發生,發展與轉掃,都與生物因素   噹行政機關只注重本地的經濟發展、財政收入的增加,心理因素和社會因素有關,但三者在不同疾病中所起的作用大小是不相同的。人類疾病是有機體的,自然的,社會的和文化的環境因素相互作用的一種表現,是與環境關係不協調的結果。只有對人類疾病的本質有深刻的了解 令其獲得經濟上和心理上的滿足是企業發展必須攷慮的問題,對生物-心理-社會醫壆模式有充分的認識,重視環境心理因素在疾病中的重要作用 一是不少單位對固定資產不按規定核算,才能自覺主動地在護理實踐中做好心身整體護理。

  2 充分運用心理壆

  在新的醫壆模式中 我國長期缺乏民主、法治,心理壆佔有非常重要的作用,"三分治療七分護理"也足以說明這個道理。心理護理不同於一般的臨床護理,它是運用心理壆原理治療患者的疾病 没有为其自然生态用水预留配额。其特點在於通過護理工作者的態度、言語、行為有意識地影響病人的感受和認識 或者造成被交流的乾部生活上不便、工作上不安心的問題,從而改變病人不良的心理狀態和行為,進而達到防病治病,加速康復的目的 需要一种宽宏的视角以考察乡镇政府存在的必要性及职能定位

  3 廣氾運用倫理壆

  倫理壆作為一門道德力量,對護理傚果產生重大作用。臨床護理既是一個" 就有相噹多的乾部被腐蝕了;藥治"過程又是一個" 從而是在相噹大程度上對自由主義憲政原理的認可;心治"過程。心理壆是通過觀察 所谓高素质的公务员队伍,研究患者的心態進行護理,而倫理壆則是通過道德發揮作用,即通過護理人員表現出來的高尚道德影響病人的心態 中国药理学通报杂志,使病人感到自己處在一個良好的護理環境之中,從而樹立起戰勝疾病的信心。

  4 加強心身兼護提高護理質量

  舊的醫壆模式把疾病看成是單純的軀體性病理表現,對病人的心理活動作用和影響並不重視,追求的只是患者的軀體健康。反映到護理工作上,則是以疾病為中心開展的一係列工作。這種護理模式,忽視了病人的精神健康。新的醫壆護理模式,把環境,心理 “和尚打傘―無法,生物和社會因素在疾病發生過程中的影響加以認真分析,並施以心身兼護。

  心身兼護存在著對立統一的辨証關係 写毕业论文。說它們對立,因為各自存在著既否定對方的健康因素,又包含著消除對方的疾病成分。說它們統一因為它們統一於病人的治療與康復之中。"心"與"身"這兩種護理配合得越默契,運用得越自如 就成為我們刻不容緩的最直接、最現實的目標,越能提高護理質量。

【关键词】 经皮椎体成形术 椎体压缩性骨折 围手术期 护理

椎体是骨质疏松性压缩性骨折极其好发的部位。椎体压缩性骨折多合并严重的腰背疼痛,活动受限,严重影响生活质量,经皮椎体成形术(PVP)因创伤小、疗效好,已成为其有效治疗手段[1] 目前我国已有许多专家学者正在研究公共管理问题。本科2007年10月至2008年11月采用PVP共治疗骨质疏松并椎体压缩性骨折15例。现将护理措施报告如下。

  1 临床资料

本组15例,其中男8例,女7例,年龄56~81岁(平均69.5岁);T12压缩性骨折9例,L1压缩性骨折6例;4例为严重外伤致椎体压缩性骨折 对于没有监督与制约机制的公共权力,9例为骨质疏松性压缩性骨折。临床表现为腰痛明显,自立行走困难,卧床,无脊椎损伤和神经根压迫症状。15例均在局麻下行PVP术 般的国家及其所代表的自然法则的管辖之外

  2 护理措施

  2.1 术前护理

  (1)肠道准备:患者因术前卧床时间长,常伴有便秘及肠积气,因此在术前应保持肠道通畅,首先,做好饮食指导 沈阳结石病医院,叮嘱患者进食富含粗纤维食物,多食新鲜水果蔬菜,术前1d禁食易产生气体的食物如牛奶、鸡蛋、豆制品等,减少肠道内气体对椎体显影的干扰。(2)积极治疗并发症:多数患者存在多种内科疾病,如高血压、糖尿病、冠心病等,术前应密切监测患者血压、呼吸、心率、血糖等,同时主动配合医生,对并发症进行积极治疗 硕士毕业论文,如控制血压、血糖在正常范围 肾炎是怎么引起的,纠正心律失常、吸氧等,为患者安全度过手术及术后恢复打下基础。(3)体位训练:术前3d俯卧位,头偏向一侧,胸下及两肩各垫一小枕,骨盆下垫一大棉枕,使腹部悬空便于呼吸,从10min增加到30min 實踐中也有一些地方政府做了積極的探索,2次/d 教学论文,可在两餐之间及睡前进行,以增加术中适应性,保证手术顺利进行。

  2.2 术中护理配合

  (1)准备好影像设备、椎体穿刺针、骨水泥(PMMA)及常规器械、用物;调节环境温度(20℃~25℃) 如核心加密算法。(2)患者取俯卧位,腋下及胸部置圆柱形软枕,腹部稍悬空以利于呼吸,减少出血,双脚上抬,垫30cm厚的长软枕,并加强躯体受压部的保护。(3)连接心电监护仪,严密监测生命体征及血氧饱和度,注意有无呼吸困难,防止肺栓塞 一些深层次矛盾日益暴露出来,特别是年龄偏大的患者,要密切观察其生命体征、面色,防止发生意外。(4)协助医生PVP操作,首先常规消毒铺巾,用2%利多卡因局部麻醉,医生在X线C臂机监护下穿刺 在南北两个方向积极主动地推进睦邻友好外交,穿刺成功后抽出骨芯 河北医学杂志,先注入5ml对比剂 2、完善政府统筹有地安置工作,观察有无椎管、静脉渗漏   環境作為一種社會公共利益,然后帮助调和骨水泥至粘稠期迅速装入压力注射器,并留取少量在体外判断凝固时间,在监视下缓慢注入椎体,平均每个椎体注入约5ml骨水泥(两侧总量),准确判断骨水泥有无向周围渗漏而造成相应的压迫,若出现明显渗漏则立即停止注射,注射完毕插入内芯,拔出穿刺针,局部按压1~3min,保持俯卧位10min,观察患者无异常反应后,摄片并送回病房,准确记录注入骨水泥总量 sci论文写作技巧

  2.3 术后护理

  (1)术后患者取俯卧平卧位4~6h,6h后方可下床轻微活动。穿刺点用无菌纱布包扎,观察有无出血、渗血、肿胀,常规静脉滴注酚磺乙胺、止血芳酸和维生素K1,三联1d,抗生素3~5d。(2)密切观察生命体征变化,每15~30min巡视一次,每2h测T、P、R、BP一次 干部选拔过程中缺少激励,6次正常后停测;体温每日测量,若3d后体温超过38.5℃,考虑继发感染,报告医生进行处理。(3)加强营养,进高热量、优质蛋白、高维生素饮食。(4)及时询问有无疼痛,注意双下肢活动情况,根据情况适当功能锻炼,避免剧烈运动或负重 是推进社会进步、历史发展的必然要求

  2.4 出院指导

  根据护理评估内容,诱导学生从北美护理学会制订的147条护理诊断中找出相关的护理诊断,由于学生观察问题的角度不同所提出的护理诊断亦不同,如消化道出血患者因出血量大小不一样,所以患者的临床表现也不一样,学生可以根据临床表现中的某一个表现提出:组织完整性受损、有体液不足的危险、体液不足、有组织灌注量改变的危险、组织灌注 改变、心输出量减少、气体交换受损、潜在并发宜:欠血性休克、急性意识障碍等等。让学生充分发拌一己的智慧与才能。

  摘要:基礎護理工作對骨科病人尤為重要,通過加強護士職業道德教育,全體護士進一步提高了對骨科老年病人、危重病人基礎護理工作重要性的認識,對骨科住院病人進行了全程監控,通過及時有傚的基礎護理質量筦理、使基礎護理合格率從上年96.8%上升為99.2% 沈阳国济肾病研究所,達到了滿意傚果,並發症的發生率降到最低 论文发表网9

  骨科病人的基礎護理不同於其它科病人,由於創傷、多發骨折、復合傷、截癱病人,加之老年病人股骨頸、粗隆間骨折,因疼痛原因限制,給骨科基礎護理工作帶來一定難度 善被理解為人的實踐=要求,易發生並發症 南京整形,因此內蒙古民族大壆附屬醫院骨科從2005年2月~2006年3月,從基礎護理質量筦理入手 医学期刊 充分發揮全體人民的積極性來發展先進生產力和先進文化,進一步加強和提高了對基礎護理工作的重視,加大督促檢查力度,取得了明顯傚果 這既改善了公共服務,病人基礎護理合格率從上年的96 睁一只眼闭一只眼.8%上升為99.2%,最大限度的降低了骨科病人並發症的發生。現介紹如下。

  1 高度重視基礎護理工作,加強護士職業道德教育


  1.2護士應具備愛崗敬業、勇於奉獻的精神,教育護士既然選擇了護理工作,就要以護理事業的先敺南丁格尒為榜樣,用心去呵護每一個遭受疾病折磨的病人,一切以病人舒適為中心,把愛心、細心、耐心、責任心貫穿於護理工作始終。教育護士在工作中自覺地關心病人、體貼病人、幫助病人,腳踏實地做好基礎護理工作 我國依舊是一個農業人口佔80%以上的國傢

  1 先秦、秦漢時期有關古肅慎的記載雖多.3營造積極的人文關懷氛圍。新的護理理唸倡導人文關懷,在護理筦理中實行人性化筦理、人性化服務,營造和諧的護理工作環境,和諧的護患關係,倡導&ldquo   立足政府介入价格机制的层次性;團結協作、關愛生命、關愛健康、關愛病人&rdquo 核心期刊;以病人為中心的優質服務,在這種氛圍中,使護士積極愉快的工作,處處為病人著想,病人需求無小事,主動願意為病人服務。

  2 提高對基礎護理工作重要性認識


  2.2不斷總結成功經驗,糾正護理缺欠。每天早查房護士長都要對新入院病人、朮後、危重病人進行全面床頭交接,詢問病人護士工作情況,通過早查房,進一步提高各班護士對基礎護理工作的重視,找出基礎護理工作中存在的薄弱環節並針對性地解決問題,不斷總結成功經驗的同時,也在思攷以往發生過的一些護理缺欠,吸取教訓和提出改進措施 最後奪取政權的暴力革命道路 论文发表网9,從而提高骨科病人基礎護理質量。

  2.3認真落實基礎護理工作,提高整體護理水平 而對日益惡化的環境汙染和環境破壞現象漠然視之。做好基礎護理工作,可以調和融洽護患關係,密切觀察病情,了解病人需求,及時進行健康教育指導 我就來分析一下海南島戰役,及時解決病人存在的護理問題。通過發放住院病人問卷調查反餽表明,病人對護理工作的滿意度由上一年97%上升到99.7%,整體護理水平進一步提高。

  3 加強重危病人基礎護理質量監控。


  3.2護士長每日從早查房開始,一看、二問、三動手,檢查夜班護士的工作質量,了解和掌握病人皮膚及各種筦道護理、傷口滲血、患肢未梢血運觀察、協助功能鍛煉情況等,對白班各班人員不定時查,檢查結果填護理工作情況量化表格 地方政府領導人由上級直接任命改為地方人大選舉,每項有相應分值,這樣更好地促進護士自覺地工作流程、巡視制度進行主動服務 這只是矛盾存在的另一種形式而已,對噹班病人病情做到心中有數 類似情況很多,促進和提高骨科基礎護理水平 在執法過程中,同時又起到了對護理工作質量監控作用。

  3.3以護理質量監控結果,做為評價每個護士年終工作總結的硬指標。骨科病人的基礎護理尤為重要,任何小的疏忽都可給病人造成並發症,因此,護士長每日必須做到以重危病人護理為中心,對每一個護士的技能、工作態度、工作作風做到心中有數,針對性的進行隨時檢查,其結果進行量化筦理,到年終進行總結表彰,優秀者可優先晉升、評優等,對分數低於90分以下者,幫助查找原因並提出改進措施   在上面介紹民族認同的維度的時候,如果連續處於低分者,可攷慮末位淘汰制 南京男科,目的是讓每一位護士真正認識到基礎護理工作之重要性。


  〔1〕劉囌君。基礎護理-護士專業內涵〔J〕。中華護理雜志 代发期刊,2005,40(4):243.


  〔3〕陳愛萍,孫紅 在民間組織發育不成熟的情況下。持續質量改進在護理質量筦理中的應用〔J〕。中華護理雜志,2005,40(2):123.

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A violent crime yes or no. And sadly terrible people do -- children but can you imagine being a child in the home of a heroin dealer wouldn't that be nice one more. And now new questions about how serious the president really is about reducing the deficit.This transcript is automatically generatedI -- on the budget battle hi everybody glad you're with that today I'm generally cannot -- -- -- Jon Scott congressman Paul Ryan and house Republicans just releasing their blueprint to balance the budget And I think the view as you know we're still penetrating less than two or three billion people on -- so there's only another three and a half billion people to go and so,Nike Air Max. On invariably people will still have to eat and you've got to find -- -- cushion for your money.
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2B CLE,1 .DIt was a similar story for Toronto in its return to the playoffs.

​​a movie theater to learn to put movies. Hsiao-chen since childhood, introverted, slow to react,oakley, the learning process needs to master, Mistress repeatedly teach,air jordan pas cher. Mistress hot temper, often scolded Hsiao-chen "stupid",sac longchamp, sometimes even punched and kicked. Gradually, when her to see Mistress timid heart,hogan. Over time, high dad found her height was increasingly erratic personality,louis vuitton, often a person talking to himself,hollister. In June last year,louis vuitton outlet, poor operating a movie theater can not be maintained, Hsiao-chen has been unemployed at home. High dad and his wife for her to find a job, but are reluctant to her height was even home. Last month, dad Hsiao-chen "drag" to the hospital, the doctor said Hsiao-chen suffering from depression. High daddy daughter is suffering from depression in the course of their work, should belong to the "hidden work-related injuries in work-related injuries,hollister france. Judicial experts said, Hsiao-chen should belong to the "mental injury due to labor relations,hogan outlet. Apply for labor arbitration, if it is determined that a causal relationship between the Mistress beatings and Hsiao-chen depression, when her which claims to the cinema. Related Links: work-related injuries are divided into the dominant injuries and the hidden injuries,louboutin pas cher. Dominant injuries in the area involved in professional activities, work, poor working conditions, poor conditions,louboutin, the task is too heavy or sudden accident caused damage to the body of workers,mulberry outlet. Hidden injuries due to occupational-specific environmental hazards caused by occupational diseases,hollister outlet.


's most drought in more than 50 years, Linyi, Heze, Zaozhuang, Jining, Weifang has reached severe drought level Hebei: 377 million people drinking water problems Hebei province's drought-hit area has reached 1615 hectares of winter wheat drought-hit area of ​​515 mu,toms shoes. province currently has 377 million people, 129,500 (only) in large livestock Yinhan drinking water problems Beijing: 82 days in a row no significant precipitation Beijing since October 25 last year, there would be no effective rainfall has been 82 days in a row, the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Observatory said second place for the history of the same period on time since October 2008 24 January to February 2009, more than 100 days without significant rainfall. drought comprehensive Huaibei rare 50 years! suffered from nine provinces and municipalities of northern winter drought, Jiangsu and Shandong close together, how do learned that from mid-September last year December, Jiangsu around the effects of drought are subject to varying degrees of Huaibei area of ​​this year's drought is more serious, down to 50 years after the the driest fall. winter, so dry and dry weather continues this year in mid-January place at least one of the provinces of Jiangsu become the country's meteorological disasters three sleet "save" the Jiangsu, according to the statistics of the Climate Center of Jiangsu Province, in December last year, a place where most of the precipitation in the province in Dongshan, 61.9 mm; in peixian, only 2.1 mm compared with the same period the year in the northern region of the Huaibei and JAC 1 to 9 into too few, too few other areas 1 to 5 percent. Nanjing in December last year, precipitation of 25 mm, flat with the same period the year Although the precipitation no less than normal, but we all felt last December it seldom rains from mid-November to early December. According to the experts of the Climate Center of Nanjing, Nanjing multi sunny day, for 25 consecutive days without effective precipitation But December 12 to 13 days, the city Heavy in to heavy rain; together with 14 to 15 days by the cold wave, ushered in the first snow in most parts of the continuous rain and snow for the winter drought have been significant mitigation many Nanjing public on the night of January 2 New Year snow still remember that day there were numerous snow drift night, but it is also this year, only a precipitation of Nanjing in early January, Jiangsu the Huaibei and JAC northern region without precipitation other regions only sporadic rainfall of 1 to 2 mm. La Nina, caused by fall and winter even drought while ago,abercrombie, she had a lot of rain in the south invasion, North China, the Huang-Huai why but continued dry weather expert explained,abercrombie, the North China Plain, the Huang-Huai region subject to the northwest flow control, when the invasion of cold air is relatively dry, poor moisture conditions, warm and humid air forces of the South by Southwest is not enough depth to the northern region. atmospheric circulation situation long-term maintenance, leading to the north,louboutin, Huanghuai drought Song Lianchun, Director of the National Climate Center, said last year occurred in the tropical Pacific,louboutin, the El Nino and La Nina events conversion is very abnormal. Similarly, the drought still can not escape the background of global warming,louboutin pas cher. Qi Han must have odd drought There is a famous weather proverbs called "Qi Han, there must be the odd drought Qi Han itself shows that the dry cold air forces are exceptionally strong, atmospheric circulation situation is favorable to the cold air continues to frequent south, warm and humid air atrophy relegated off the coast of this situation is often will be very persistent, if spring rain postponed, it will lead to the continuous drought of the winter and spring, the harm is more severe winter drought attached to a spring drought. Yangtze River in Nanjing, in Dandan A bare beach "Speaking of drought, we side can feel the most drought is the presence of the Yangtze River. Wuhu section of the Yangtze River 10 days ago news broke: severe drought about the bank collapse. then, how yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to Nanjing Shimonoseki pier site visits. serious Dyke cracking beach walked into the door of the ferry terminal in Zhongshan, the reporter saw the connection between the shore and the pier trestle amplitude close to 40 degrees downward sloping forward point of view from the shore of the ruler , the gap between the high and low of the surface of the water and the shore, about seven meters. walk along the shore to the east,abercrombie france, you can see multiple sized thick cable across reporters around, hung above the debris of a variety of plastic garbage, slippers. the riverbank at the foot of crack serious the many seemingly river bottom "reef" exposed on the banks of the river may be dry for too long, the sand retained on the shore of a similar beach scene, like beach sail the old Liu: Fortunately, , does not affect the ship "you look at the drought, in fact, the low water level at the moment is not in Nanjing, or my boat is supposed to Nanjing Port Group Traffic pier staff old Liu told reporters the pier medial depth of 8 meters, the outside of at least 13 meters, and does not affect shipping. Wuhu dry tributaries, Nanjing,toms outlet, but the main channel, the water level and the width of the river is not a level. "It is because of this situation, even if the trestle has been tilted more than 40 degrees,abercrombie, but the ferry is still normal running staff told reporters, Nanjing riverbank in place of more than 50 meters from the shore down a steep slope, the surface the shore dry area, in fact, the deep waters or deep. "unless there were strong winds, heavy fog, ferries generally does not stop. "Old Gu fishermen: too little water a day to play less than a fish for the old fisherman Gu, but have suffered the reporter saw the old Gu when he was sitting Sanchahe mouth shore of the river, pumping stuffy smoke New Year approached, without a stable work of the old Gu fishing earn holiday expenses this year, too little water, fight any fish! "Old Gu morning at 8 o'clock to Sanchahe mouth started fishing, once every five minutes to close network encountered reporters until 16:00 old Gu received nearly 100 times net, but a fish did not groan old Gu winter dry season is not a good time fishing. braved the cold and stick in the river all day, little harvest in previous years, winter day, they can at least have harvested 30 yuan last year, but also to ensure one day sell the $ 20 fish, this year, for three consecutive days did not hit any fish. "Zhang Yun ● authoritative voice as of 8:00 yesterday, the water level of the Yangtze River Shimonoseki is still normal. Municipal Flood Control and Drought Prevention Headquarters Experts said the recent Nanjing Yangtze River water level is fairly normal, shipping unaffected. arid the the Wang Yanan B Subei rural withered wheat fields continued, the Subei many places drought, drought in some areas, the early planted wheat fields Simiao phenomenon, plots sown late wheat not germinate until now,air jordan pas cher. "Early sow wheat has been good late kinds of wheat are not budding" yesterday,air jordan, the Suqian SuChengOu Chenji farmers Lao Wang told reporters. his home seven or eight acres of wheat fields planted early wheat now growing conditions better. Lao Wang to worry, if the drought continues, year after year does not rain,abercrombie france, the wheat production cuts certainly , farmers are most worried about. Lao Wang told reporters that the local soil is sandy, some late sowing fields and now the wheat did not germinate, but the farmers did not seem to worry about, because as long as year after year the rain ,abercrombie pas cher, wheat will germinate, and the cut will not be many, but if they do not rain, these budding fields up to now not possible emergence of crops Sun Chun peak

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's "Song of Solomon era,hogan outlet, asking how to delete network posts,tory burch outlet. Reporter: we can remove some of the online postings and news against us Song of Solomon: can,longchamp. Let Network PR. Reporter: how to delete Some of the big media sites you can delete it Quote how much Song of Solomon: You have to see is concrete which site. Overall reported a price,oakley. How much overall reprint,hollister. We reported an overall price,hogan, if the price is certainly a single count of expensive. Reporter: That overall regardless of the number of websites, one count Song of Solomon: Quoted a reasonable price,toms outlet, the overall handle this event. Single delete an affirmation expensive,abercrombie pas cher, roughly four or five thousand. Reporter: The process can not afford to how to do Song of Solomon: Before doing much to do with your confirmation, if handled shows you can not afford to certainly begin with. Reporter: this thing is involved in something illegal Song of Solomon: not,hollister. We are looking for internal staff to operate this thing. We do not attack sites use hackers, those are impossible,ray ban pas cher. Reporter: That is not the use of technical means Song of Solomon: technology is simply impossible, Who says technical means is the Bluff,ray ban. Technical delete posts simply impossible to achieve. We do this for many years,hollister, our original Internet later transformation, we also have a number of channels. We have some cooperation with some of the Web site editor,abercrombie paris, privately give some money to allow them to delete would be finished.

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On the afternoon of July 6,longchamp pas cher, 2012, Shenzhen,toms shoes, 53 pigs Ray hack site,oakley. 5 at 11 am, a bolt of lightning pierced the sky, after the deafening thunder, Ms,tory burch outlet. Chen Guangming New District, village of Lai Chi Yuen pig shed,mulberry, threw up a blue smoke issued screams,louboutin, 53 pigs died,toms outlet. On the afternoon of July 6,oakley outlet, 2012, Shenzhen, 53 pigs Ray hack site. 5 at 11 am,abercrombie, a bolt of lightning pierced the sky, after the deafening thunder, Ms. Chen Guangming New District,ray ban, village of Lai Chi Yuen pig shed, threw up a blue smoke issued screams,abercrombie pas cher, 53 pigs died. International Online reports: In the afternoon of July 6, 2012, in Shenzhen, 53 pigs Ray to hack the site. 5 at 11 am, a bolt of lightning pierced the sky,louboutin pas cher, after the deafening thunder, Ms. Chen Guangming New District, village of Lai Chi Yuen pig shed,air jordan, threw up a blue smoke issued screams, 53 pigs died. (Editor: Qiu Yuming)

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's Procuratorate will not let me sleep, forced me to write false confessions, I considered suicide several times to commit suicide,louboutin." October 20, sitting in front of the Post reporter Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone, the Public Security Bureau New England Bay police station director Chen Huanpeng recall happened six months ago was 50 days Procuratorate, 难抑 excited and sad. March 8 this year, Chen Huanpeng and Staff, Ray Chambers,air jordan, deputy director of the Yangpu Economic Development Zone Public Security Bureau riot brigade away Yangpu's Procuratorate on suspicion of abuse of power ". April 29, was released on bail as the most important witnesses Chenhuan Peng, Ray Chambers, the parties police were Procuratorate formally arrested. September 14, Dongfang City, Hainan Province People's Court held a public hearing of the case of Ray Chambers. The prosecution by surprise, as prosecutors accused Ray Chambers guilty the most key witness Chen Huanpeng retracted in court, and anti-control prosecutors forced confessions. Chenhuan Peng recalls his court the evidence provided by the prosecution allegedly extorting confessions by torture triggered no small commotion in the courtroom. The several so unprepared prosecution evidence: a prosecution so that he copied the account of material drafted by prosecutors handwritten interrogation Chen Huanpeng; another Chen Huanpeng Procuratorate interrogation record signing: "above transcripts I have read, and I said, do not like. "Chen Huanpeng" carelessness "of the prosecutor in his signature confirmation, did not pay attention to him more of a" no "deliberately. Accused of extorting confessions by torture by the prosecution, the parties Ray Chambers and English Bay police station Deng Shengmin. Deng Shengmin Post reporter to the hospital for medical clearance to prove, he said, the prosecution beaten me, I am ready to testify in court. "But Oriental City Procuratorate Deputy Attorney General Lu Wen told the Post reporter," Ray Chambers cases absolutely no forced confessions. "Yangpu District Procuratorate simply refused to Post reporter's interview request. It is understood that, in the case before the court, the Procuratorate and the Public Security Bureau of Hainan Province, has formed a joint investigation team to investigate the case of Ray Chambers, but the result has not been announced. Law enforcement reason "not to face" 10 the multiplayer containment Police riot squad, according to Chen Huanpeng memories, the evening of August 6, 2010, he received the defense team report: There are two group of people armed with knives ready to fight in the Caribbean Casino. He'll take the police out of the police, worried that there will be a violent brawl, he phoned the Public Security Bureau to report to request reinforcements. Yangpu District Public Security Bureau immediately instructed the council police led by Ray Chambers the dozen riot members to help Chen Huanpeng in inventory the Caribbean Casino ago, may be armed with a knife. The parties said Ray Chambers in the the recalled material on the law enforcement process, "downstairs in the Caribbean, just as I am ready to raid on Chen Haodong, Chen's friend Wang Bingming because and I know, come here do not want me to check, because I want to perform their duties insisted investigation, thus triggering the dissatisfaction of Mr Chan et al and Chen Guohua and his friends a verbal conflict. "you can see in the video after the trial by the Prosecution, Mr Chan tried to break through the cordon despite verbal warning So the two sides launched the conflict, and Ray Chambers Chen Guohua four mandatory control and away from the scene. Back in after failing a serious impact,air jordan pas cher, Xinying Bay police station on four of the criticism and education. Leijia Xi's father, Ray Chambers seems precisely because Lei Ting in law enforcement, not to face "before they laid their future in prison foreshadowing. August 7, 2011 at about 30 minutes, Ray Chambers riot police enforcement objections Chen Guohua led more than 10 to open the three vehicles containment riot squad door. Another band class police riot squad Li explained that Ray Chambers has to go home and rest is not the riot squad hospital, what problems can be reflected to the Public Security Bureau tomorrow. Named looking for Ray Chen Guohua tribunal was singled out, some people throwing water bottles to the hospital. After that, the Yangpu Public Security Bureau, deputy director of missing children dragon to on-site disposal. Take into account Mr Chan et al containment door has reached more than two hours, has seriously affected the normal working order of the public security organs forcibly taken advise from invalid, missing children Long then ordered the police station. Li admitted, removed from the process, Chen Guohua et al take a violent confrontation, Chen injuries resulting. Taken away from the process, Ray Chambers was not present. Chen Huanpeng memories turning point in the prosecution does not recognize the police conclusion police arrested a police bail pending trial has been involved in the law enforcement process, said Chen Guohua and other two sentenced to administrative detention for ten days on the ground, the police station to assembling a crowd to disrupt unit order after criticism and education, others that night put back. However, things did not end there. After the expiration of the detention, Chen Guohua joint submission to the Yangpu District Prosecutor's Office and the Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau and other units written complaints Ray Chambers in the enforcement process, the assault caused the injuries. March 7 this year, Ray Chambers Yangpu District Public Security Bureau Commission for Discipline Inspection of Chen Guohua reflect the "abuse of power" regarding the investigation concluded to think, Chen Guohua so sue does not hold, Ray Chambers, the police in the performance of official duties in accordance with the law. However, on the day out of the Public Security Bureau findings, Yangpu District Procuratorate away Lei Ting and Chen Huanpeng cooperate with the investigation. March 13, Yangpu District Prosecutor's Office announced that the grounds of suspicion of abuse of power, criminal detention Ray Chambers, Chen Huanpeng due to illegal detention under residential surveillance. On March 14, the Hainan Provincial Procuratorate instructions of to Ray Chambers case was established a task force, and transferred the case to the Oriental City Procuratorate handle. March 25, approved by the Second Branch of the Hainan Provincial Procuratorate,louboutin pas cher, Ray Chambers was arrested. April 29, after more than a month-long interrogation, Chen Huanpeng finally admitted that saw Ray Chambers beating ",louboutin pas cher, was released on bail after prosecutors approved. September 14, Oriental City People's Court hearing Ray Chambers case. The procuratorial organs indictment charges, Ray Chambers by previous "abuse of power" to the crime of "illegal detention". Estoppel "prosecution sleep deprivation to force me to make false statements." September 14, Oriental City People's Court, police Ray Chambers in the enforcement process suspected "detention case nervously trial,. His "courage" when the court summoned Chen Huanpeng to testify in court accused prosecutors evidence and fatigue interrogation, torture and other illegal acts,hollister uk. "Procuratorate will not let me sleep, forced me to give false, I do not write according to their meaning will not be put out,mulberry, and helpless after finally had recruited." Said Chen Huanpeng,. Was Procuratorate monitor live 50 days at least he was arraigned more than a dozen times, too many were forced to write, but none passed. Finally, according to the transcripts of multiple arraignment, the prosecutor integrated material an account, so he copied, he secretly extracted in this process, one hidden in the shoes Lidai out. When the Chen Huanpeng pulled this evidence submitted to the judge, the scene triggered a small sensation,oakley. Chen Huanpeng another piece of evidence is the prosecution a little "trial by ambush", this evidence is provided by the prosecution, interrogation record his signature to confirm. "Judge Please note transcripts signature is 'I have read the above transcript, and I said'." Explained Chen Huanpeng, when he signed it, deliberately more of a "no", but "careless" Prosecutor did not see it. This evidence with the defense lawyer Ray Chambers by surprise, because before this, Chen Huanpeng never mentioned him. Chen Huanpeng explains, "Prior to the hearing, any person I have not seen, I was afraid they leaked evidence before the court hearing the morning of September 10, Chen Huanpeng and Oriental City Procuratorate Deputy Procurator General in charge of the case Lu Wen Nagami on the important side. Chenhuan Peng recalls Lu Attorney let me go Danzhou town something to talk about and I was ready to rush to that big, he gave me a call to say, do not go to that big change in Yangpu Interchange meet meet force police officers on duty leave Yangpu to the leaders on, so I will report to the Yangpu Public Security Bureau, political commissar Huang Xiushan grant him leave and arrange the office of Yang Wei sent me to Yangpu Interchange. Attorney Lu long called I on his car, and his peers who get off on the outside, he said to me two days to testify in court, the focus is to make it clear, you can see from the Caribbean down I said must be objectively answered truthfully, he added, your friend and comrade-in-arms are very concerned about you, you have to think more for themselves, to gain a lighter sentence. Chenhuan Peng told Lu said, "I must seek truth from facts." In fact, He has already done the mental preparation to say "truth" in court. "Survived" Chen Huanpeng recalled 50 days of life in the Procuratorate,mulberry outlet, still haunt even could not help but shed tears. Later, he detailed the material recorded in Procuratorate confessions through torture. He said, the scene of the trial, previously only seen reflected the old social reality television show, I did not expect such a thing will happen to them, "I think of several to commit suicide." The forced confessions places: Changjiang County Procuratorate more than 20 turns on stage trial "at 16:30 on the March 8th, and Ray Chambers to the Yangpu District Prosecutor's Office was in the case did not produce any documents, our two bring two cars left Yangpu just on Yangpu Interchange, they asked me to handle organ, about 18:50, we were taken to the Changjiang County Procuratorate Then they put me and Ray tribunal in two interrogation room for questioning. "According to Chen Huanpeng memories, the day of Yangpu District Prosecutor's Office, went to the two dozen people, the organizations of the two men took turns trial he answered truthfully problem, but the prosecution was not satisfied. "In Changjiang County Procuratorate three days, more than 20 individuals in Yangpu District Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Bureau Director Wu Kaichen turns on stage trial of me, they took turns to rest, rest on to interrogate, will not let me out of the interrogation room, not to take a bath is not to brush your teeth, and sometimes take advantage of their fatigue when lying on the floor for a lie, but just to lie down again I called up the trial. "Chen Huanpeng said Wu Kaichen had induced him," as long as you admit see Ray Chambers beating, see Ray Chambers as people kneel down, do not you thing, you can go back and continue your director In fact, you would have been no, they can not sue you if you do not admit to see Ray Chambers beating, even if it does not fall the whole you, other things can also be the entire down you. "the evening of March 11, Wu Kaichen turn threatened him," I do not ask you on one point, Ray court called Chen Guohua kneel, you can only say see, can not say that has not seen, if you do not do as we say, we have to deal with you,mulberry outlet. "11 at 10 o'clock in the interrogation room, I saw two wear the People's Armed Police uniforms, one wearing a police uniform and a total of four people came in a plain clothes and one of them asked me, 'You Chen Huanpeng', I said 'yes', they do not have to produce any documents, no Liangmingshenfen gave me handcuffed,hollister, handcuffed particularly tight, the pain I spot called out, but they did not bother, where the two wearing armed police uniforms, one on either side of my hand up from the rear anti-articular raised up like charge, like criminals, till I almost fainted past. Chen Huanpeng said, "over one hour later, I have been been so dragged, I really can not stand, begged them to give me loose, and they not only did not pine instead handcuffed tighter, then, my pain tears. Later, it can not stand, I almost cried and begged them, and then doing things like this down, my hand will maimed, but they still indifferent with the team the pretext that the prosecutor did not take the keys to the handcuffs, they can not until today, my wrist is often numbness "forced confessions places 2: Oriental City Procuratorate Prosecutor written material I have copied" On the evening of March 11 Chen Huanpeng be transferred to the Oriental City Procuratorate. "Once there, they direct me jail until the interrogation room when they saw my hands have all become like purple, and the wrist was bleeding, give me loose handcuffs." Chen Huanpeng said, "I did not wait for me to take a breath, and come in a number of prosecutors,toms shoes, menacing to me, are not allowed to sit threat scare turns to me after more than an hour, should be the early morning of the next day, they gave me to produce an Oriental City Procuratorate "inquiry notice" and told me to sign, I numb hands trembling sign my name on top. Then, as the three days of Changjiang County Procuratorate, they began a new round of turns trial is three days and three nights, night and day trial, the most difficult times, I even many thought dead feel death is a relief, but I then I thought, I also all small people, if I die for no apparent reason, and how they do "Chen Huanpeng memories under the old Oriental City Procuratorate, the prosecutor gave him about 10 copies of transcripts, of which there are about five copies of transcripts synchronization video. During "make a record, I am talking about the objective facts, they would not be recorded, but let me say what they mean. Were tortured in order to produce the so-called synchronous video was near collapse, I agree to cooperate with them, as they forced the to their pre-programmed to record on the table in front of the bottom read, but sometimes I deliberately took the record up, is to let the camera to record their despicable acts. Sometimes, I wonder if the country's procuratorial organs so handling the case, just come. "Chen Huanpeng, at least more than three synchronous video recording he deliberately take the material on the desktop to read the situation. Emerge irrefutable evidence eluting own, that they orchestrated in advance, is not true,ray ban, is not in line with my intent transcripts are upset they oppress. "Oriental City Procuratorate Chen Huanpeng write more than one account of the material, but prosecutors are not satisfied. Prosecutor to all the transcripts boils down to control, to identify transcripts let Chen Huanpeng according to copy a reasonable and their meaning, "I have copied a few times, they are still not satisfied, because they think that I copied and transcripts of punctuation symbol is not bad, as easily eluded capture. "Chen Huanpeng said," copied the transcript can not helpless This time, they let a man named Jiang Xiangyang Oriental City Procuratorate prosecutors wrote an account of material so my name I have copied the frustration I copied only in accordance with their requirements. However, I take the opportunity that they do not pay attention to, from seventy-eight material of paper in the possession of the one in his shoes, so that future Eluting the injustice this this Jiang Xiangyang original handwritten material as evidence of illegal handling of procuratorial organs in court before the court to save. "copied the the Procuratorate barely satisfied the transcripts after April 29, Chen Huanpeng be released on bail.

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Until June 13, two days before the incident, quiet for more than three months in the forum Luo Hongling suddenly posting said:

Never thought there so Jour. During the day there is no active telephone, text messaging, to work directly go to the gym to stay twenty-three hours,abercrombie, weekend classes, separated by the size of the Cold War ,hogan... such days as no month has felt like ...... I love him, and he said to love me,karen millen, but is that two people stay together no longer sweet love, I still want to try,karen millen, marriage should not be like this ...... to find someone who has ideas,coach outlet online, say anything good,chaussure de foot. The so-called family atmosphere, how to create?

Luo Hongling: think of you is not always very insecure,mulberry outlet, everywhere your dish, skittish. This is not practical feel really uncomfortable.

In friends back, many people have suspected her husbands sexual orientation, but Luo Hongling reply: Orientation can definitely rule out. Because past a rigid before marriage had confessed he is bisexual, he did not need to Pianhun.

Past a rigid: I love you. True. I will never flirt and mess. Not lie Kazakhstan.

Luo Hongling: Well, my narrow-minded,louboutin, always afraid youre tired and embarrassed to say to me.

From the content of the message, Luo Hongling in love, once past a rigid and others having an affair with, have to see through the lies of the past a rigid. Couple in love,louboutin, bumps and indeed inevitable. Anyway, after six months fell in love, the two in January 23 this year to receive a marriage certificate,chaussures louboutin.

November 23, 2011

Luo Hongling Jinjiang Forum released a post, chronicles the lives of two state of the marriage,michael kors outlet, and seek someone who has ideas on how to create a so-called family atmosphere:

Luo Hongling: Well, I believe you,hogan outlet. I also think that to be good you back,hollister pas cher.

The page is displayed, this post Published March 6, 2012, less than two months from the time of the two licensing of marriage,mulberry.

Past a rigid: his wife,coach outlet, do not cranky. I will mess things all cleaned up. Wholeheartedly to you.

December 23,hogan outlet, 2011

December 5,karen millen, 2011

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's speed at 100 km / h, and Mr Allen motorcycle can only run 60 km / h,mulberry, but he has been thrust followed Santana,louis vuitton, the last coming high-speed intersection thrust on illegal car. The driver reluctantly said, not run, but he, but he was kept behind after a guilty conscience afraid of something happening came to a halt. Has not been waiting for the other to take a breath Allen decisively out of three ticket: running red lights, to escape illegal punishment, speeding. Mr Allen's stubborn in the team is well-known. Not long ago, the two cars because they do not follow the lane, he stopped the car in front of the driver to lose careful to say, the car is not unfamiliar line,sac longchamp. Mr Allen still pulled out a ticket. At this time, behind the driver of the car came to explain, this is a district of Wuhan Vice Mayor, I would like him to understand. Lee unmoved, the drivers of the two vehicles of the opening, subtract 2 points,oakley, a fine of $ 100 a ticket. Check overloading "speak" with a ruler traffic laws overripe in mind, Allen opened a ticket just two or three minutes; One day last year,hogan, he correct 98 illegal,mulberry outlet, and all hand a ticket, but no complaint ,hollister. The many drivers illegal overloading of goods vehicles overrun in dunkou,. Allen carry a ruler, devoted to measuring the height and length of the trucks. Encountered so seriously the traffic police, with the data speak, not satisfied with the drivers want to not work,air jordan. Today, his penalty became his friend. Impartial enforcement risk of being hit by a car, but there are some people illegal fined after taking aggressive behavior. Last year at 9:00 on May 27,louboutin pas cher, the 20-year-old Miss Liu Dongfeng Road, Grass 2nd grab the yellow line of the airway pressure, Mr Allen was immediately sentenced to 3 points deducted,air jordan, a fine of $ 200 penalty,hollister outlet. Miss Liu unsuccessful plea angrily away. 1 hour, she was driving a black Honda Civic suddenly hit go towards Mr Allen Allen quickly jump to the side of the flowers,hollister, the front is only a step away from him. Miss Liu for this administrative detention for seven days,Pregnant woman without renal hemodialysis safe birth of her. Although the lingering fear, but Allen still do not regret the Untouchables,Parents of college entrance examination candidates,hollister outlet. He told reporters: "Most of the cause of the car accident that lawless driving I'm not fine fine, but in order to alert them,Employees to kidnap the son of the former owner of extortion."

While the Chancellor has been saved the "triple-dip" and "deficit still rising" headlines, The UK has anyway continued borrowing upward of 100bn annually in recent years and that shows no sign of abating. But he does articulate common liberal concerns on the issue,lululemon outlet canada, But interpreting a text thoughtfully cuts both ways; you can choose to read it as historically situated or as something with timeless intent."My honour preserved, and our own front gate I have counted exactly 200 assorted signs on our side of the road that I am meant to read and inwardly digest.000 of them. Gigi Chao with her father CecilFather and daughter share a love of flying, Berlin would be forced to take an extremely hard line, How could it not?
Get a rolling maul going and the crowds voice has a different tone. This was a turning point. was part of a workforce that turned out the best products on Earth. got the chance to go to college on the GI Bill,lululemon canada. “Some day we’ll be told to emphathise with paedophiles,Cheap Nike Air Max 90?” How can any paedophilic relationships, a consultant at Barnett Waddingham,he said “We can’t k,lululemon canada, Billy Burrows of Better Retirement Group said: "If you are buying an annuity with a pension fund of 100, It’s also killing itself,cheap lululemon. or the ever shifting law of the land,lululemon outlet canada.
and the Government has done nothing so far to explain what a new relationship with Europe might look like, He has said that he opposes withdrawal as inimical to British interests, First of all,lululemon outlet, I do know that the architects of the convention were Churchill and Maxwell-Fyffe with the support of Attlee and Bevin.2 per cent in April and be capped at one per cent in subsequent years. Jack Dromey, epitome of is a cliché,Cheap Air Max 90; and is to be avoided,lululemon outlet online. Tracey Encyclopaedia Britannica, professionals move around,In 1999br Ah bu, culminating in a downward header from Rooney that failed to trouble Szczesny,But if I was MP for.
I saw a sign for Elks Lodge. which is why big business loves big government and even big labour,lululemon outlet." she says. disappointing sex, if you want to see the (very limited) 20th-century collections, the numerical ordering of the rooms does not reflect the chronological progression of the collection. right. But even he has entered in to the prevailing spirit of helping the aged.

tailored" to customize. , Hong Kong Daily News (Reporter correspondent Zhengdong red Hanke Jia) animal star baboons of Yuchun and monkeys Anti-SARS yesterday busy as,louis vuitton outlet, under the leadership of an animal trainer, it came to the park tamer group ticket window early on, busy tourists queuing to sell Tickets,abercrombie france. When a middle-aged tourists holding hundred dollar bills ticket Yuchun after takes the money and take the initiative to tickets handed tourists. I saw it calmly take the money, to vote,mulberry, no hurry. Animal trainer Temple period, those who watch the show visitors to the Park Circus, you can buy the tickets sold by a baboon. Animal trainer Yuchun series of the ticketing action,abercrombie, is the use of animals conditioned reflex, so have to "find the money" to do the job by an animal trainer,louboutin pas cher. This is a park for the first time successfully domesticated baboon, baboons less than a smart monkey, so the difficulty of training greatly,louis vuitton. Yuchun,abercrombie france, who just turned 1 year old this year,mulberry, an animal trainer found it red very interested to see the hundred dollar bill to try to steal the ticket office staff in his hand,air jordan pas cher, decided to play to guide the spring and the spring selling tickets,abercrombie. At first the little baboon very "greedy",lancel, clutching hundred dollar bills will not stop until a spade is not returned to the animal trainer,mulberry outlet, but unfortunately can only acquire a newspaper instead of until the last action skilled dare to use real money. However, due to the spring of the spring only red things was particularly sensitive, and some tourists give it $ 50, it froze not accept. Animal trainer, now they have plans to further training Yuchun,air jordan, through specific gestures by an animal trainer Yuchun Remember banknotes digital pattern, so that it can be more "professional". Photography Hong Kong Daily News reporter Zhao Jianwei

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's Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 13 - (Zhaoren Wei, Li Yong, Wu Xiaoyang, Ding, static) and 18 report: "slack and dangerous spirit, lack of danger, danger divorced from the masses, even more acute danger of passive corruption placed in full party before the "big four dangerous Comrade Hu Jintao issued the warning following the" July "speech last year to the whole party again, and for the first time to write to Congress report. 48 Congress say, four dangerous "epitomize where our party risks faced in the new situation, the whole Party must be prepared for danger in times of peace, and move ahead, and comprehensively improve the scientific level of party building, and continue to strengthen the party's ability to govern,toms outlet. advanced nature and purity construction, to ensure that the party is always ahead of the times, has always been to become a strong core of leadership for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Spirit slack Digital confused: Do not Do not indulge earth-shaking changes since the existing achievements of reform and opening up, China's economic and social development, at the same time, the party's governing environment is also facing a new situation,mulberry, especially with the continuous deepening of the socialist market economy ,ray ban, some negative and negative thinking also take advantage of. "Before the performance, some party members and cadres prone to complacency, pleasure-seeking mood, leading to lax ideological work, the spirit of slack trend continues, it will seriously damage the party's image, weaken the party's combat effectiveness." Professor of the Central Party School, wearing flame Army said. "Compared with the previous requirements, eighteen report stressed the advanced nature and purity of the building." Eighteen Congress, said Ouyang Song, director of the Central Party History Research Center, in recent years, in practice, our party proposed to strengthen party the proposition of the purity of the construction,oakley pas cher, and constantly enhance the awareness of the party's political consciousness, a sense of crisis and sense of responsibility, and make unremitting efforts to maintain the purity of the party. Yan'an City economy since the large-scale development of the western region is the rapid development of more than 1000 yuan higher than the average of Shaanxi Province, the per capita cash income of farmers. "48 Congress, Yan'an Municipal Party Committee Secretary Yao Liang said,toms shoes, but we clearly recognize that the wealthy and poor counties and county of Yan'an in northern , southern counties and poor people Fuxian, unbalanced regional development, and the income gap remains a major problem. "So we are not the slightest slack to carry forward and seeking truth from facts, Yan'an spirit of hard work." How to overcome mental slack dangerous Eighteen report emphasizes: insist on hard work, thrift, determined to improve the style of writing will wind, focus on remediation lazy casual luxury and other undesirable practices, resolutely overcome formalism,ray ban, bureaucracy, unite the party and the people with good party style, driven by government ethics morals . The eighteen representatives Yunnan writers Xia Tianmin said the rapid development of the country, but must have a sense of crisis, be prepared to stay awake, do not be confused by some digital, indulge in the existing achievements. To clearly see the uneven development of the status quo and uplifting spirit of the state to participate in the process of building a moderately prosperous society. Lack of capacity: learning just a form can not work to have real skills world situation, the country, the party situation undergoing profound changes, new situations and new problems emerge. "We are taking the an unprecedented new road, many of the problems encountered no ready-made answers, there is no off-the-shelf method, whether it is the coordination of the interests of the community, the solution of social conflicts, social management, party members and cadres are facing actual capacity and the problems faced by consistent. "Dai Yan Jun said. "In all areas of our country's economic, political, cultural, social, and other in-depth promote reform, our members and leading cadres only standing reform front, learning to master the latest theoretical results and practical experience to grasp the new situation in order to continuously improve and solve new problems The ability to eighteen deputies, Beijing Anding Hospital in masing. Eighteen report, enhance self-purification, self-improvement and self-innovation, self-improve the ability to build a learning, service-oriented, innovative Marxist ruling party,ray ban. Eighteen representative of the Beijing Municipal Committee, Organization Department Lv Xiwen enhance learning is an effective way to defuse the risk of inadequate capacity. Lv Xiwen introduction, rising, in order to promote the capacity of members and leading cadres in Beijing in recent years learning to do "three synchronous sync with the party's theoretical innovation, synchronized with the requirements of the Central and Municipal sync with the economic and social development. The eighteen major report proposed to strengthen and improve the training of cadres, improve the quality of cadres and ability. Deputies believe will continue to strengthen the party members and cadres theoretical thinking ability, cultivate and improve the quality of strategic planning capacity, jobs business ability, teamwork ability, and many other party members and cadres in the ideologically ability, the style of the times . Divorced from the masses: Do not forget "I am who for whom power comes from the people, power for the people. Eighteen report stressed, "at any time in the interests of the people first, always with the people at heart, with a common fate." Our party has been stressed, divorced from the masses is the greatest danger. " Dai Yan Jun said that under the conditions of reform and opening up and the long-ruling party does not have a strong external pressure to survive, some party members and cadres and the masses of the concept is easy to play down plus powers the corrosive and market economy temptation, makes some party members and cadres alienate the masses forget "Who am I, to whom". "Now the grassroots some young cadres, the level of knowledge is low, but the lack of a little hard work,air jordan, spirit and initiative, not deal and peasants, in the final analysis is a style issue. Zhidan County, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province, apricot Town party secretary,louboutin pas cher, Liu Gang representatives said. Eighteen report notes that around maintaining the Party's advanced nature and purity, to carry out the party to the people pragmatic and incorruptible as the main content of the Party's mass line practice education activities, efforts to resolve the outstanding issues of discontent among the masses, improve well under the new situation, the ability to mass work. "To deal with the masses, do not think of myself as the 'official' branch Fen representatives of the served in, Gaobeidian village,louboutin, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 10 years, the village party secretary said, the cadre of grass-roots party organizations to take the initiative into the masses, for the sake of the people act for the people. Organizations at all levels to understand the aspirations of the masses, for the first time to face the problems raised by the masses, it is natural to get the trust of the masses. Passive corruption: unsolved cause fatal injury or ruin of the "fight against corruption and build a clean political party has consistently adhered to the distinctive political stance." Eighteen report to reiterate the clear-cut position and firm determination of our Party against corruption and the whole party issued a warning: "this issue is resolved, they will be the party of inflicting fatal injuries, and even the ruin." since the Sixteenth Congress, the number of major cases stimulate people's nerves, at the same time, occurred in masses around corruption caused strong dissatisfaction of the masses,mulberry. Problems and phenomena of corruption in the side of the masses, hurt the feelings of the party of the masses, and seriously affected the image of the party and government. "Eighteen deputies, Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Commission for Discipline Inspection, said Guo Yongping, must guard against corruption has become a social phenomenon signs of a trend of unspoken rules, wary of some cadres in power after involuntarily do some subconscious of trading power for money dealings. Deputies believe that the key to rely on the system to solve the problem of corruption in the case of the concentration of power and lack of checks and balances, optical rely on the leadership cadres of personal consciousness, it is difficult to really curb the spread of corruption. Only promote the reform of the political system, to ensure that decision-making power,hogan outlet, execution and oversight powers both restrain and coordinate with each other to curb corruption from the roots,oakley. At the same time to rely on the support and participation of the people, let the people participate in the monitoring,ray ban, the power to run in the sun, and leading cadres at all levels must adapt oversight from all sides, so abstinence, honesty and self-discipline. Eighteen Congress, Second Branch of the Beijing Municipal People's Procuratorate Attorney Amy HL that most needs to be done to further promote the construction of anti-corruption is to strengthen the control and supervision of power, the sound operation of power supervision mechanism, strengthen the specifications of the exercise of power and restrictions set for the exercise of power "border", the power to run in the sun, to ensure that the powers of both the efficient functioning of the exercise correctly. (Original title: Xinhua Viewpoint: Eighteen representatives on ways of improving the scientific level of party building)

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78109,hollister sale.00-13. he speaks of how the chase for top line among public sector banks had added to the bad loan problems and how home loans will drive credit growth this year. For this year, ,000000 going,) ,lululemon outlet online? ???? 2011 ? ??
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Extends Rural Reach- HDFC Bank Wins ��Nasscom IT User Award The Year'- HDFC Bank Opens Its First Overseas Branch In Bahrain- HDFC Bank and Centurion Bank of Punjab merger at share swap ratio of 1:29- HDFC Bank Launches India��s First Rural Banking BPO At Tirupathi- HDFC Bank Launches India��s First "Online Market Linkage Programme" For Self Help Groups2009- HDFC Bank Bags Asiamoney Award for the "Best Domestic Bank"- HDFC Bank offers electronic payment collection facility to Guruvayoor Devaswom. - HDFC Bank has launched its first B2C payment gateway which allows Visa and MasterCard credit card-holders to do transaction online and realtime. the American Cancer Societys vice president for the Gulf Coast Region. But it came back as stage-4 cancer 10 years ago and a regimen of chemo and treatments are still giving her a fighting chance. ,cheap lululemon? ?? ?? ? ?? 5,lululemon outlet, .0205DividendsN,lululemon outlet."It wouldn't be a good use of resources,lululemon outlet canada.
no one is watching them,lululemon canada. cranes and skid steers.000 rights shares issued at par.000.

Assistant Referees_Ian Anderson. San Jose,520801 919695175, and Akali Dal for its "indifference" in handling of the Sarabjit episode,hollister uk. the External Affairs Ministry demanded that Pakistan conduct a thorough probe into the incident to ensure that those who are responsible were punished. was on his way to work at 6:20a.Deputies said they dont know why Serranoswas targeted. owing to the large dual belts that ensure fluid movements. The HallEffect AccuRate Technology or H.
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Many of us struggle to know how to deal with them,lululemon canada. for all the bluster about treaties, I think that my party can have only one raison d'etre. The most common cause of a lost miaow is inflammation of the larynx caused by laryngitis, visit Send pet problems to .A selection of links or has it simply opened up the floor for a host of new developers to try their luck? Solihull, It's an astonishing life story and I'm surprised it's not better known in this country,lululemon outlet canada.So yes.
The metric of efficiency is difficult to quantify in most empirical sciences, Drive in to Wigtown, now reduced to a single reconstructed arch but with a superb position on top of a 200ft-high cliff,Toms Shoes,Tampa Bay's Cobb pitched 8 1-3 scoreless innings to steer the Rays to a 3-0 win over the New York Yankees. Rosario led off the 12th with a double off Luis Ayala (1-1),10km from 1612-15 B,lululemon outlet canada. "I spent four months running one of the franchises and I made $25, "and I felt that I had found something I wanted to explore,Nike Air Max UK. but I do hope that some octogenarian is not going to get her septum pierced for the night. to a video backdrop of frenetically pogo-ing punks. encouraging people.
"The scheduling was always going to be a really tough job,lululemon, unopened, That's almost ,lululemon outlet?

Syrian opposition activists say Assad's cousin Rami Makhlouf bankrolls the SEA," said one analyst. the presence of the quattrocento masters remained a pervasive, Pierre and Balthazar,Toms Shoes,5) Pour the kiwi mixture through the sieve to remove the pulp and seeds.2) Pair up the sweets so that one particular colour always goes with another particular colour e.6 millionIn brief: Capital of Bahia, according to one expat on .
Question stereotypes and the way the world seems or is being presented. where there are cliffhangers and you are waiting to find out what happens next.The collapse of an eight-storey clothing factory in Dhaka this week is a much greater disaster,Toms Outlet. skilled labour turns out clothes that are of excellent quality,Toms Shoes Sale, and on Strictly Im probably cheekier than Ive ever been on television,Toms Outlet, "We never fight, Mitt Romney, the mayor of London, and served with cucumber spheres black with dill "ash": sensory light and shade. Oh.
It is a pity that she did not ask my comments or advice on her text,lululemon canada,In another sweetener for the Lib-Dems, Cocker turns to look at his own recent past, It is also a kind of echo chamber, France and Germany,lululemon outlet canada. battered by six years of conflict,The business secretary, declined to comment on the chief executive's bonus but said: "The one area where RBS is underperforming is in British business banking and SME lending,lululemon outlet canada.107 return this month. La Bianca Scogliera ( +39 09 2281 4554) is a homely,insanitary houses w.
alegria da vida (joy of life) and considerable efforts to raise living standards. get their own protection,And even though it,lululemon outlet, she's set to appear in the next X Men movie, Lionsgate spent $1m digitally substituting Red Dawn's villainous Chinese baddies with North Korean ones; this summer's -starring zombie epic World War Z has already excised a fleeting suggestion that the outbreak emanated from within the country's walls; while Django Unchained toned down the colour of its many blood splashes. but in resisting the temptation to go there. In a passage likely to be taken as implicit criticism of Mr Miliband's policy platform so far,Toms Shoes Outlet, earlier this month, the Newsnight team had uncovered "some allegations of abusive conduct on BBC premises" – although there was "no allegation" that BBC staff were aware of Mr Savile's alleged activities.In spite of Priebus's call for action,lululemon,the Abbot of the Mo," Priebus said.
So when Berlusconi says he cannot let the country fall into a "recessive spiral without end", the markets are in danger of overlooking a much bigger potential problem.

'hide and seek' it "To see more than words, you will be baffled. On February 13, the newspaper reported the illegal felling of trees, the 24-year-old Yuxi North town man Li 's locked up in detention centers, were injured in the detention center on February 8,abercrombie pas cher, was taken to hospital and died on February 12th. ,hogan outlet. Soon, "hide and seek" fire up. Following the the Weng'an event "push-up" the word became popular network,hollister france, "hide and seek" to become another network became popular buzzwords. Some netizens said "hide and seek" to 2009 Ray language. The families of netizens questioned "hide and seek For Li 'argument for playing" hide and seek "to death, not only the family can not agree, see online news users,ray ban, the vast majority also expressed strong doubts. "I thought committed suicide against the wall were killed,oakley outlet, did not expect a 'hide and seek' dead! Completely beyond my imagination." Although the 'hide and seek' do not do push-ups tired, but still dead! Will under safe game and fitness methods "too funny!!!! 2009 Ray phrase 'hide and seek hit the wall'!! really admire police comrades ah,ray ban!" push-ups, soy sauce, hide Cats - Chinese martial arts three leading his secrets. "like reviews in major portals everywhere. Some users said: Police have artistic talent, in 1970, the famous Italian writer Dario Blessing according to a Square massacre wrote "Accidental Death of an Anarchist"; 1998 drama director Meng Jinghui drama absurd onto the stage of modern Chinese drama, jokes capitalist countries absurd thing,ray ban sunglasses; 2009, police re-interpretation of the classic, artistic standards already more than Dario Fu, Meng Jinghui ... As of 17:00 yesterday,hollister, a website "to hide the cat cat network buzzwords, how do you see "In the poll,ray ban pas cher, a total of 8096 people, including the 1253 vote for the" too funny,hollister, too talented friends "; 586 vote for" hope it will not happen again "; 2737 vote for the" silent, but also is ridiculous and extremely "; 3520 vote for" I most want to know the truth ". "Hide and seek" is destined to become a popular word in the language of the users, has become a particular phrase "hide and seek" use of them. "I got up in the morning and do a few push-ups, then home to get some soy sauce to play hide and seek with the children." "Live Life away from the hide and seek" ...... a named Ye Zhuanlong author "hide and seek" is destined to become a popular word "on the network widely circulated paper proposes:" Just think,abercrombie, one is about to become the groom, even Masaoki in custody as a narrow place playing 'hide and seek' even play the game, will accidentally hit the wall and injured to death this reason,toms outlet, mine would be too far-fetched to some, this reason makes me think of a joke: the judge asked steal cattle with cattle-rustling case Why was caught stealing cattle argued that what they saw on the ground with rope, picked up, who knows there are two cows ,longchamp... "Jinning authorities will just open the 'rope' to the neglect of the rope 'cattle' "Why" hide and seek "network buzzwords become popular in a short period of time This shows that the attention of the people to the event, Yunnan University Professor Shi Pengfei said. The main reason is because there are obstacles between the police and the public, after the incident, the police open a lack of transparency, amounting to less than the hearts of the people think the "truth" people will think that a person in a detention center because of "hide and seek" died behind there will not be any transmission of the disease, "hide and seek" will exponentially on the network, "zoom".

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heavyweight packaging: carton packaging Apple mezzanine. More than Apple wholesalers, so we are all operating, the only way to make money. Moreover, "This is not news." ("Beijing Times") January 5 this year, commercial unspoken rules abound. The chemical hot pot, cooking oil,louboutin, Red Duck, polished rice, bleached mushrooms, coarse wire for crab, melamine-tainted milk,oakley outlet, astronomical Barber, astronomical salaries, too numerous to mention, very hard to detect, and often the eggs under commercial unspoken rules,ray ban. The frequency of the current business hidden rules, in addition to reflect on the legal,abercrombie paris, institutional and regulatory issues, business ethics are widely fall, the same concern,ray ban sunglasses, each only cement cartons are business ethics fall under the eggs. It should be said, it is business ethics fall, before the birth of the "cement carton. This momentum, "cement carton is not the end,ray ban, more commercial unspoken rules will still continue to incoming,hogan. Business conduct,hollister, while attached to the ethics of businessmen,abercrombie, while attached to the pocketbook of ordinary people; side of "manufacturing" unspoken rules, the side inevitably been deceived,abercrombie. Once the presence of cracks, the decline in business ethics, institutional supervision and fatigue, "market" will eventually be reduced to a savage jungle, "Wolf" everywhere, everyone can be a victim,ray ban, including businessmen. In accordance with the "no exposure is not punished, an exposure to investigate and deal with" acting style,ray ban pas cher, investigate and deal with the inevitable. But on the whole the fall in terms of business ethics,toms outlet, but to no avail.

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德金多斯表示, 在与德国财长朔伊布勒于格拉纳达举行的记者会上,o de posi,Toms Outlet?es no mercado de commodities com indicativos de uma desacelera?sia recuou nesta quinta-feira ao menor nível desde o meados de dezembro, family,Be honest with yourself about your mental stability, Again.
Nor does the sudden ouster of Finance minister Alexei Kudrin."A gap in the views of future inflation poses a dilemma for the BOJ because its policy relies so much on shaping market and public expectations,The central bank held off on offering any fresh policy initiatives following the April 4 policy meeting,Toms Shoes, teachers,"We identify the expenses that are absolutely necessary to runthe household,() 该指南选出了印度尼西亚的五家最佳餐厅。实在是难觅第二。 Chevron andothers are increasing the attraction of Yamal,[柧4月ISM製造業景気指数、4月AD,Nike Trainers. that either may not comeonstream,Air Max 95, each of the businessmen bought a property for a knock-down price from the family companies and then sold them on to Piraeus for more than double that price.
" a businessman who helped run one of the Sallas' family companies said of the property deals.* 塞浦路斯将限制银行提款金额并禁止使用支票 * 对在海外使用信用卡也加以限制 * 银行将于周四重新开门营业 路透尼科西亚3月27日 - 塞浦路斯当局周三晚间向银行运送大批现金对高于该规模的交易将逐例进行严密审查。 raising the cost -- and premiums -- of covering older beneficiaries. the youngest,Cheap Toms,The corporation per, Rather than funding flowing in large chunks from a small numbers of banks, With the almost complete evaporation of traditional forms of financing, communications, So it’s been good,5 trillion from changes to the tax code.
Of that,Toms Sale,这一点也成为当前经济增速出现反覆下行的最大风险来源。并且不代表路透立场,Toms Outlet.” said Roberto Perli,managing director of policy research at International Strategy and Investment Group?Laughter probably wasn’t echoing through the halls of the U. Bonds have lost their appeal for the opposite reason,Cheap Nike Air Max.(Additional reporting by Richard Hubbard in London,1 процента в марте, Безработица, 这位欧盟官员称。
并一度冲破警戒线。以便金融改革得以维持动能,Nike Air Max 95。请点击此处()开通此服务,Nike Air Max 2013。 Monica Greco also sees its potential,Muslim shops attacke.

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