Shattered and Shuttered

     The dollar was up to its armpits in quicksand, and oil prices had crept stealthily into the death-to-airlines range, and if, in the old slogan, what's good for General Motors really is good for the USA, then destiny was dealing a harsh lesson to The Land of the Free -- while I made a drive on Thursday (in a Japanese rent-a-car) through the remotest ends of upstate New York State into the province of Ontario, Canada, to see what I could see. What I saw was pretty scary.
     You get into these far reaches of upstate New York and your senses report that you have entered something like an HP Lovecraft story, where the sun comes up twenty minutes late, and the magnetic poles are not where they're supposed to be, and the few remaining denizens of the towns all have eleven fingers.... Even though I've seen plenty of desolation like it in other parts of the country -- the back roads of Ohio, the Mississippi River towns of the upper Midwest, the morbid stretch of blue highway between Memphis and Little Rock -- I've never encountered a landscape so shattered by the mere ravages of economic fate.
     The most striking feature is how all the things once so "modern," all the roadside business enterprises designed along "space age" motifs -- the car dealerships with boomerang-shaped signs, the rocket-ship-style food huts, the schools that look like atomic power installations -- all teeter now in sublime decrepitude. The reversal of spirit from childlike exuberance of the 1960s to the senile sclerosis of today said everything about where America is at. Much of what existed before the space age is not even there anymore, bulldozed decades ago in our haste to erase pre-drive-in living, as if it branded us a lower life-form than, say, our arch-enemy, the Soviets.  I've wondered for many years what Modernism would be like when time finally passed it by, when it was no longer the sole thing it declared itself to be, up-to-date -- and there it was smeared all over the landscape like so much road kill.
     The most horrifying part of the trip was the old city of Watertown, a short hop shy of the Canadian border.
Named after the many falls located on the Black River, the city developed early in the 19th century as a manufacturing center. From years of generating industrial wealth, in the early 20th century the city was said to have more millionaires per capita than any other city in the nation. Residents of Watertown built a rich public and private architectural legacy. It is the smallest city to have a park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the celebrated landscape architect who created Central Park in New York City. -- Wikipedia
     All that industry is gone now, apparently, and all that's left of the town's economy is whatever it gets from nearby Fort Drum, the giant US Army installation. Nineteen year old soldiers-in-training are not so impressed by Olmsted parks and the civic embellishments dreamed up by timber magnates, bankers, and the owners of piano factories.  The humanity visible on the downtown streets of Watertown looked like extras who wandered away from the latest Road Warrior location shoot -- semi-hominid creatures with strange loping gaits, arresting hair-dos, and enough tattoos to qualify them for harpoon duty on Herman Melville's Pequod.  You passed by groups of them on the streets and wanted to make sure the car's doors were locked.
     At the heart of the old town, everything possible had been done to erase the vestiges of pre-automobile living.  I suppose this is because the first thing many young army recruits did until fairly recently was buy a car. If having to join the army (because there are so few other jobs) buys you a ticket to The American Dream, then getting a car is the consolation prize -- even if you have to make four years of "easy monthly payments" on it.  Very little of the town's physical history was left standing, and most of it stood in isolation, devoid of context, awaiting the next parade of the front-end-loaders.  What was left of "the action" had shifted to a ghastly franchise strip along the Route 3 connector to I-81.  This stretch of highway was clearly where all the money had gone since, say 1976, though mostly to the pavement itself and its heroic furnishings of signage, light poles, multiple turning lanes, and curb cuts. The buildings were little more than packing crates with a few plastic doo-dads stuck on. You had to wonder if all this stuff would ever see another iteration of repair and restoration.  I doubt it.
    Burger King was doing some kind of promotion in its Watertown huts and the marquee in their several parking lots proclaimed -- I swear to God -- "Ask us about our Angry Burger."  WTF? Is the rage of lumpen America so repressed now that it can only be expressed in menu items that turn people into hulking four-hundred-pound monsters?
     It was, I'm sad to say, a relief to cross the border out of my own country. Once you got off the main highway of Canada, 401, along the north side of Lake Ontario, the landscape presented a disturbing contrast to what you saw on the American side. Unlike the slovenly, failing farms of New York State, the farms of Ontario looked successful and prosperous.  The barns did not tilt at weird angles and the roofs were intact.  The farm houses were freshly painted and the grounds generally not strewn with the sort of dingy plastic effluvia Americans like to deploy around their dwellings to give the impression of plentitude. You wondered: how did all the IQ points below the Great Lakes somehow migrate over to the Canadian side?  Had they invented some kind of quantum spirit vacuum, run perhaps on dark matter, that sucked all the vitality out of their neighbor-to-the-south? (If so, maybe Canada should take over our dreary duties in Central Asia.)
      All this was occurring against the background of General Motors looming bankruptcy, an epochal moment in US history, like losing a limb or a loved one. The US Government has decided to drive a Chevrolet off the cliff Thelma and Louise style.  We were heading there anyway, so why not make the trip in air-conditioned comfort, with plenty of room for all the family members, and on-board video entertainment for the little ones.  In fact, it may not be the bankruptcy of GM itself that will amaze and appall the other nations of the world, so much as the US government's pretense that the company can return to health in just a little while and pay back all the money that the citizenry has allowed to be sucked into its black hole of losses.
     My daddy bought Chevrolets in the 1950s, marvelously crazy-looking machines with winged tail-lights that handled like pontoon boats, broke down after 30,000 miles, and were tossed out every couple of years not on account of their mechanical failures so much as their obvious lack of up-to-the-minute styling. The post-war prosperity dazzled his generation with its democratic cornucopian bonanzas.  The innocence of all that is truly lost now. There is a dark sense of things shifting out there now in a major way.  The tectonics of history are taking us to a strange place.  Maybe Mr. Lovecraft had it right.

My 2008 novel of the post-oil future, World Made By Hand, is available in paperback  at all booksellers.


Great column, JHK, and I like the new digs.

I think the only question now is: fast crash or slow crash? Beyond that, it's evident that the Long Emergency has begun.


Not to point out the obvious, but Canada still has oil and therefore its govt. isn't quite as insolvent as ours yet.

I did a trip up to Aroostook County in Maine last week, home of many industrial-sized potato farms. The large farms looked still pretty good, though I admit to seeing many run-down smaller houses, especially in the old railroad villages of places like Oakfield and Island Falls. One wonders what the potato farmers are going to use for fertilizer on their 500 acre fields after the commercial stuff runs out. (Potatoes need regular potassium and/or phosphorus I think.)

The award for the most prosperous looking farms and businesses would have to go to the Amish of Symrna, Maine I would say, however. And their buggies I passed (I was on a bike myself at that point) didn't seem wanting for gasoline either.

Gas has jumped almost 40 cents in the past month here in New England.

I've observed the same contrast crossing the Canadian/US border here in the West. Neat farms, pleasant small towns -- then the shock of permanent trailer parks and abandoned town centers.
We recently made a camping trip from Central California to central Washington, and discovered the "RV parks" are rapidly filling up with permanent residents. A few years ago living in your RV for a year or two after retirement seemed a romantic getaway. Now, observing the school bus stop at the KOA, and that evening meeting the harrassed woman with seven loads of laundry, you realize that for many Americans, the "full time" lifestyle is a torture of desperation, crowding, uncertainty, and bitterness.

Seems to me that Watertown is a great place to buy property. Pre-oil fortunes were made there based on the the hydro energy, there is no reason to believe that post-oil fortunes will won't also be made. The land must be cheap now, the trees have re-grown, and nobody is thinking about small scale hydro for future manufacturing. Plus, the nearby Canadians provide proof that farming works in the area. Of course, you will have to deal with the riff-raff until we enter the post oil economy.

People are on vacation.... to upstate New York???

Anyway, a good read but the grammar......!

'The reversal of spirit from childlike exuberance of the 1960s to the senile sclerosis of today said everything about where America is at.'

The word AT does not belong at the end of this sentence.

(everyone is a critic....)

So when does the long emergency finally start? Now?

The Lovecraft reference is perfect.

Or Stephen King..
I've been following Jim for a long time. He's one of my favorite gloomers. I agree with much of his thinking, yet I feel "necessity is the mother of invention" will win out in the end. For example, the sheer amount of energy available in the newly discovered and workable shale gas deposits could, I emphasize could, power our auto fleet for 100+ years, allowing us to reduce or eliminate our imports of foreign oil. It's also possible that the US will learn to quit being the policeman of the world, and cut our spending on military and wars by 2/3. If we do these two things, and implement a cheap national healthcare system, gosh, we might actually return to prosperity and run budget and balance of trade surpluses! Nahh, Jim is right, we just can't seem to focus all the sheep and herd them in the correct direction. The destruction of our economy sure is a slow motion thing, though, to my human senses. Even though every strip mall I pass by has for lease and for rent signs up on them, and even though GM and Chrysler are going through bankruptcy, the stock market is currently up 175 points on the DOW and has virtually gone straight up without a corretion since March. Go figure.

You scared me with the image of the Chevy flying off the cliff (Suburban?), then I remembered, the Chevy's up on blocks!

Ah, if only the political classes had been reading this column, the $50 billion or so spent or promised to General Motors would have been invested in passsenger rail and a few bike paths... Then, at least, one could visit the areas described by Kr. Kunstler by train (or bike).


In the spirit of a new america I proclaim myself proudly as Second!


Honored to be #2. Just wanted to say thanks for keeping up the good fight. GM goes bankrupt and the markets explode to the upside. I, along with many others I am sure, am wondering if I we have entered twilight zone.

Maybe H.P.'s Escalade ran out of gas in the Angry Burger drive-thru line. ;-)

Two questions, if you please: When will the sequel to WORLD MADE BY HANDS be published and would it be possible to add a "printer friendly" tab to your page?

Read World Made By Hand over the weekend, Jim. Thoroughly enjoyable. A tribute to your faith in the likelihood that humanity will prevail despite its propensity for ruinous grand schemes. Thanks, Rod

JHK - excellent post, as usual. You are one of the rare truth-tellers of our time. Why do you think Canada is not as cluster f'ed up as the US? Or is this just an isolated incident with the contrast so magnified by the disaster that is that part of the US? And keep up the great work!

I always like this one from Lovecraft: "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents" - except, that inability to correlate is the real problem and sounds like it could be the definition to your "sleepwalking into the future."

And on top of it all, the "Angry Whopper" sucks.

Two thoughts on today's post:

1. Canada has been in Afghanistan since 2002, something not well known south of the border.

2. What you saw on both sides of the border gets played out right across the continent. Border communities on the US side are "a long way from the action" and generally decrepit. Border sights on the Canadian side are generally in good shape because they are part of the "centre" of the country's life (the Canadian population is spread out along the border for the most part). Add a lack of stupid rules like "taxing for a door" as you have in NY State and the differences become paramount.

Canadians are no less trapped in the Happy Motoring paradigm; our cities are littered with the effluvia of burger joints and taco stands no less than your own. Our developers have trashed the cityscape with boring, instant buildings for profit no less so.

For all of that, there is a qualitative difference once you cross into Canada that screams "home" to me and "better" to you.

Most probably read your input and then comment via the other website (CFN), rather than here, and/or do not yet know that you have enabled commentary here.
Such can be seen as a blessing in disguise, if you catch my drift.
Great work as usual, Mr. Kunstler.

As a resident of one of those Mississippi River towns in the upper Midwest, I see the results of this decline every day. As you know, the smartest and most motivated young people leave for the cities and the small town are left with hard working people, but maybe not the most motivated.

That being said, there are people here that care very much about the town and it is very gratifying to be a part of trying to make it a better place. We retired here three years ago (left Dallas, Texas) and one of the things that impressed us most is the sense of community. There is a real opportunity to take part whereas in Dallas we always felt pretty isolated.

Even though our small river town is not rich, people here raised money, without any government help or advertising, to build a bandshell in our beautiful park. It is a source of pride because we did it together, for ourselves.

Yes, the town is old and many of the buildings are neglected and the homes are expensive to keep up, but there is a quiet beauty here. I think there is still hope and pride here.

Good post today

Allow me to be the second. Bienvenue à Canada, eh.

If we were to take over your dismal role in Central Asia, we undoubtedly would replicate some of the decline you have so eloquently described. (Our current involvement is bad enough!)

Might I suggest that a key to American resurgence is for your country to relinquish its costly imperial ambitions and use the resources currently dedicated to dropping bombs on people abroad to create a sustainable society at home.

P.S.: I resisted the obvious temptation to post something immature and inane such as "First!!11!!" on last week's commentary. I'm glad I did.

How nice to see your comment section open to your readers

I read your blog every Monday

I m a fan ;)

I grew up in New England, but as a dual citizen moved to canada to go to university and never returned to the USA.

I have visited relatively often during the subsequent years.

It has always been immediately noticeable, and like a breath of fresh air, that things are different only a couple of hundred yards further north wherever there are borders between the two countries. I find that astonishing, given that physically borders are only artificial lines in the sand, as it were. But it is good evidence that cultural differences create tangible results.

And in recent years, it seems to me that the differences are accelerating and growing in many ways. I now live in Vancouver,B.C. and it's as if there are two almost completely different countries on one side or the other at the Blaine, Washington border country.

Oh, wait ... there are ;-)

Marvelous writing, Mr. Kunstler, though I'm not sure upstate New York generalizes to the rest of the country. I just spent the weekend visiting Seattle and saw a vibrant town, beautiful arboretum, and healthy and fit people all over the city jogging. Quite a different picture.

P.P.S: The Angry Burger is a BK Whopper with special spicy chipolte sauce (rather than mayo) and pepperjack cheese (rather than American cheese), and while delicious, is no longer available down here in the Deep South, nor has been for some time.
A shame, since it turns us cornbread boys into hulking 400 pound monsters....

You're OK, JHK - almost as good as Solzhenitsyn (and he had the advantage of hindsight!).



Planet of the Apes, a preview.

Great new site design! Much easier to navigate than the prior incarnation.

Speaking of incarnations, I don't know if it's such a great idea to be calling out into the Internet void for HP Lovecraft. That's a call you might not want answered.

But I definitely agree that it is heartbreaking to learn just how much of the "City Beautiful" era was bulldozed over by the plastic nonsense of Modernism.

"You wondered: how did all the IQ points below the Great Likes somehow migrate over to the Canadian side? Had they invented some kind of quantum spirit vacuum, run perhaps on dark matter, that sucked all the vitality out of their neighbor-to-the-south?"

Hey Jim, great to have you north for a bit. And eastern Ontario is a well kept secret...although there are small pockets of what you saw upstate and in Watertown. But it's a neighbourhood rather than a town, and maybe a town or two like Trenton rather than a region (as with Watertown, Trenton's now mostly dependent on a military base...supplying Canadian troops in Afganistan, and receiving the military bodies coming back for burial.)

As to the have to remember a lot of the core in this piece of North America were booted out of the US in 1782-4, took their re-settlement grants here, and tried to rebuild their bankrupt lives. A few good infusions of Dutch after WWII helped spruce up things a bit, which were getting a little dingy at that point.

Funny your post today...because a trip like yours is now nearly impossible for most Americans - not because of the car & the economy...but because as of today Americans (and Canadians) need to have a passport to get across the border. And I think the US has one of the lowest proportion of passport holders in the Western World.

Last week Bush Jr and Clinton were in Toronto, picking up $300,000 each to speak; when asked about the utility and purpose of the new border clampdown, both of the men were absolutely surprised about the change. And it happened under Bush's watch too.

Is it to keep 'the terrorists' OUT, or to keep y'all IN?


Like the road reports from JHK. And hey, it was nice to hear positive comments from Da Man about one's fair country. Lucky, in many ways without planning to be, but fortunate nonetheless. Towards Niagara Region and the greater Toronto area some of GMs pain will be felt and Ottawa has been sinking money into the auto industry don't forget. You make us nervous down there because the tendency is that where America goes Canada tends to follow.

Also, the tar sands represent a unique form of national suicide according to a book every Clusterf**ker should get their hands on: Tar sands - Dirty Oil & The Future of a Continent by Andrew Nikiforuk. Check out AN on YouTube:


Hey Jim, love your stuff, but you should lighten up on the tattoo references, ( no I don't have any) it's just a generational style preference, like you choosing to have a 70's porn stache.


A bit off-topic, but Watertown is the setting of Frank Sinatra's rather bleak 1970 concept album of the same name.

What an equally strange pleasure to be second, if I am by the time I type this. I am not HP's Ghost, sorry.

Congrats on the new digs here, hope it serves your purposes the way you envision.

In my city, as you look around the landscape, many commercial front properties have vacancy signs, that is about it, no freaky decay just yet. You have to talk to people to understand that there is a problem. Know a guy who is in AI at FedEx who worked his last day yesterday because he and 499 others were laid off. Most folks I know are worried about their jobs. A machinist lamented to me yesterday that they have been through three rounds of layoffs already because their jobs are being shipped over seas.

I am beginning to wonder if protectionism (tariffs, etc) is going to be the only way we can secure a top down localization movement. But if we do that, how do we get fossil fuels?

The disjuncture between the reports on reality and reality are frightening. The mainstream press keeps harping about recovery like a choreographed puppet show. Unemployment is getting worse, Alt-A and Adjustable Arm loans are going to start resetting in earnest, no one can qualify for loans because they are in houses that are underwater, and these loans are the so called assets that much of the banking world is holding on to as reserves.

Just another crumbling empire I guess.

I do enjoy your comments and read your Monday blog faithfully. But why do you "enhance" your blog? Please leave it alone.

The bright spot of my Sunday morning.

I don't know if you'll be out on the West Coast soon (Northern California), but if you do, I'll be your personal tour guide. You will have a lot to write about- Stockton, Tracy, industrial agriculture in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Valley. And we're facing a drought this year.

It's going to be great times for all!


Went downtown in Boise Friday night for dinner, beautiful evening, setting outside in a lovely cafe with a two piece combo playing easy jazz. I was surprised to see that almost all the store fronts and restaurants were still in business, and in the most obvious cases, seemed to be doing well. The most expensive retail area in town is showing a quick turnover in new business when the weak ones fail. I had thought last December that by this time there would be rapid fallout from the post holiday period and many more empty storefronts would be visible. Turns out I was way too pessimistic, at least in the short term. Given the large number of jobs which I know have been lost here, it is hard to imagine how it all sustains itself. Time will tell.

The lack of comments probably has to do with the fact that people have to sign up for a whole new account. It only took me two minutes to go through the process, but I'll admit to being too lazy to take two minutes to do something in the past so ...

As for Lovecraft, thanks for the intro - I'll have to look him up!

Thanks for the update from upstate as well. I lived, worked and went to school in Syracuse a few years back. Frequently delivered food to the huge Magna/NPG auto parts factory so, yes, there was some industry that survived into this century. That place is now another victim of the auto industry crash:

I saw it coming years ago (in the days that the boss would grumble about $2.60 gas) and told the guys at work, but no one believed me.

The plant is outside of East Syracuse, which is one of the saddest villages I've ever seen. The place has a sky high teen pregnancy rate, and all of their remaining tax revenue seems to be plowed into a wasteful village police force that goes after speeders and skater kids - as if they were the ones who chased the factories away. My novel in progress, oddly enough, is set in East Syracuse (before the announcement of Magna/NPG's closure), and I recently posted a sample that describes that villagescape, complete with one of the so called "semi-hominid creatures" described in the Watertown account:

As for the Canada/USA difference - I still haven't figured that out. It seems to be due to subtle policy differences, including the fact that they ditched their arbitrary and inefficient (e.g. the East Syracuse police department) local governments years ago in favor of regional systems. One thing I will share is an anecdote from a bus trip I took from Montreal to Albany. This other American and I were talking with two British men sitting behind us when we pulled into Plattsburgh. It was their first trip to America (besides NYC), so they were shocked at they commercial strips. When they asked what those weird buildings were, we told them they were drive through banks. They just started laughing (enough said)!

Despite all of the ugliness, upstate NY is still a great place to visit. Get up there while you can, but, remember, watch out for those village speed traps!


I have passed through Waterton several times while driving between Chicago, Ill. and Burlington, Vt.

The desolate urban landscape between Chicago and Waterton is depressing but it does nothing to prepare you for the palatable sense of seething anger and violence that is the remains of Waterton.

There are remnants of the city's past to be seen but in the eyes of the inhabitants there is a glaring hate engendered by the belief that they have been abandoned in a burnt out burg with little opportunity and literally nothing to do.

But the rivers and mills do hold out hope, with the demise of the auto Waterton will probably be rebuilt. Where to start? Better schools, a walking downtown, renovation of the mills? Who will lead such a change?

Heading North East from Waterton brings you to Route 11 which is a gorgeous road that crosses upstate New York all the way from Waterton to Ellenburg at which point you can choose your ferry to Vermont at Plattsburg or Port Kent.

Whenever I drive Route 11 I wonder what life is like for the folks that live in those woods. By our standards there is no work and nothing to do. But some folks living out there must think the same about us!

On a different note, we gave GM another 30 billion today. I wish the folks at the Detroit Three and NHSTA understood just how much I would like to own a Tata Nano or similarly sized (and priced!) car like the original Subaru Justy.

A pipe dream though. Me and my wife drive the speed limit and I can't tell you how much that angers the average American SUV or pickup driver. They tailgate, honk their horns, flash their lights, pass indiscriminately, and throw their Budweiser cans at us as they go by, then immediately pull in to Burger Boy for presumably a cheeseburger and fries...



Your assessment of Ont, CA is quite correct. Although they may have a bout of rising unemployment in the wake of the automotive meltdown, the Canucks are resourceful enough to figure out how to capitalize on their massive resources and steady growth in order to maintain a reasonable standard of living. Now may be the time to reactivate my dual citizenship and head north.

A major growth industry in the Tampa Bay Area is "convenience banking" better known as check cashing and payday loans. The bright blue and yellow theme reminiscent of Blockbuster video rentals are appearing on many street corners and there is even a tall building in Tampa just like a real bank!

"In fact, it may not be the bankruptcy of GM itself that will amaze and appall the other nations of the world, so much as the US government's pretense that the company can return to health in just a little while and pay back all the money that the citizenry has allowed to be sucked into its black hole of losses."

"pretense" - pretty much sums up our current state of affairs. Pretending our government works. Pretending all the fake financial paper has value. Pretending we can and will somehow pay back the Chinese.

I just hope we don't pretend our way right into a new era of "peace" - while using ICBMS as "peacemakers."

Hi Jim, Thanks for your observations and insight. I like the new format and will be participating more often now. I have missed you all.

All good things, Gulland

Sad to hear about Watertown - never been there, always had a bit of a romantic aura to me. We can only be hopeful that the cliques of tattooed young barbarians roaming the streets will soon get to work installing low-head hydro there - if only to keep their tatoo parlors open.

I always wondered how an economy largely based on the automobile would ever survive. Well. . . It isn't a sustainable one. There are no guarantees that the auto business must survive, just ask those that made wooden buckboards and conestoga-wagons. Just like money: Money comes and money goes! The Wheel of Fortune. And so the Mighty Car Companies go supernova, one by one. Just think of all the car manufacturers that have disappeared since 1950.
Nash, Hudson, Kaiser, Fraser, Tucker, Studebaker, Willis, DeLorien, to name only a few.
Any company that comes up with a scaled up Tonka toy aka the HUMMER, deserves to go down the tubes! At least the Euro and Nippon car designers came up with cars people want. But, they too will succumb to the oil depletion, and will fade out from the planet.
Keep up the good work enlightening people who are being dragged, kicking and screaming into the future. From all this will come retooling of life.

I'm writing this from a train between Ottawa and Toronto. I couldn't agree more and wonder just how Canada seems to have worked out everything in society so much better than the US (though relative lack of racial tension, small people/natural resources ratio, and shying away from imperial adventures probably have a lot to do with it). For example, this train is far superior to anything the US has to offer. It is not high-speed in the European sense, but it actually has a decent on-time record and the staff treats the passengers like human beings, not like the enemy. This is a good example of something the US should strive towards in the short term, before we start thinking about "high-speed" rail, since achieving this level of service between major cities would involve little capital investment, just an increase in operating budget and giving a higher priority to passenger trains than freight on shared lines.

Ottawa, where I just came from spending the week, was such a contrast to our own Federal Capital, it's hard to believe the US is (supposedly) the dominant country on this continent. I could actually walk around after dark by myself from restaurant to market to riverfront and in between without ever feeling endangered and always surrounded by ordinary citizens going about their business or coming and going from theatres.

I do know that Ontario, perhaps because of its government healthcare, has been a magnet for some of the newer GM and Ford auto plants. It will be a test of the Canadian system's resilience to see how the current events in that sector affect the local economy. I'm a US citizen not trying to bash my own country, but I think it's undeniable that in a lot of ways Canada's living arrangements can serve as a close-by and achievable model for the US to try to live up to as we enter the new era.

PS I am wondering whether JHK is speaking in Toronto in the next few days. I'll go if I can...

It's fairly easy to get a glimpse of the future. Here in Spokane, you can go to neighborhoods that have been socioeconomically challenged for decades. My own neighborhood is an island of Silent generation retirees still able to maintain their homes with GMAC -- literally in the case of one woman -- pensions. However, one does not have to go far in certain directions to see the future in houses that have not been maintained for decades.

Interestingly enough, those who live in the less maintained areas have a better grasp on our impending collapse. Life for them will change, but not nearly as much as it will for the Suburban driving crowd that were in evidence this weekend for some kind of junior basketball tournament -- the license plates revealed that some had driven all the way from Alberta, Canada.

BTW, Canada is only one small step behind us in everything we do. After all, it is the place where George Bush reportedly made his first dollop of post-presidential cash speaking to a group of like-minded bidness folks.

It does seem strange that amidst all the crying out and gnashing of teeth over the state of our nation and the crisis of the day, there is only one problem over which we will ever exert any control: Our population. No amount of conservation, agricultural expertise, train building or alternate energy discovery will ever sustain a population of over six billion people on this planet long term. We only must decide the method by which we will accomplish the reduction. There is no argument over what the problem is. Sustainability is population control.

Hi again Jim,

I would like to know more about advertising on your blog. Here's what I have to sell:

I think a lot of your readers would be interested in my broadfork.


Larry Cooper

I was just listening to a radio show this morning on the way to work - the show was about India's increasing use of organic farming techiques and how they may not get the same yeild without fertilizers, but will continue to use organic farming regardless. They mentioned how certain insects eat other pest incest...ladybugs eat aphids...etc. Tried and true techniques that were used over hundreds of years. Waste not want not. I cant help but notice the stock market up again today regardless of GM. Some World Bank guy said the stock market was on a 'sugar' high from all the bailout money. Maybe it will tank again.

Great piece this week. Isn't it amazing how so many people (mostly the boomers) pretend like everything is going to be ok?


"The humanity visible on the downtown streets of Watertown looked like extras who wandered away from the latest Road Warrior location shoot -- semi-hominid creatures with strange loping gaits, arresting hair-dos, and enough tattoos to qualify them for harpoon duty on Herman Melville's Pequod."

I love the way you can turn a phrase Jim and the new website is great! Thanks for sharing your insight with us.

Jim, I went up to Toronto a few weeks ago on a trip with my son's school band. The contrast between the US and Canada is quite profound. There dosen't seem to be any visible slow down over there. Things here in Michigan are looking like a statewide yard sale. Great deals on every kind of fuel consuming toy you can name.

I sent you an email on whats happened to GM while everyone was watching Idol or NASCAR. It is a good article.

Stay Frosty,


ps: the new site format is cool.

Kunstler's description of the present landscape could do even more to bring the reality of our energy/growth constrained age if presented in video format. Any plans for a documentary? Any recommendations of an existing documentary that approaches the powerful eloquence of this piece?

JHK, always a pleasure to read your blog. I had to look up the Angry burger, and couldn't believe that it was actually intended to be sent to someone that pisses you off with an "angry-gram", a note to tell them how much they piss you off. How absurd. Also, being a Canadian, I think that if we aren't the smart ones north of your border, we are just a little bit smaller and easily managed comparatively. Maybe the bigger you are, the harder you fall? I would love to see more localized, robust economies that aren't totally connected to the world's tightly coupled financial machine. Hope you have a great time while you're in Canada!

...and a distinct pleasure to read your weekly musings (as always)! Thanks...

I guess the "memo" [on where to post] has not been widely distributed yet; or folks just don't dig "change" as much as they say they do. ;o)

Oooo! On a side note; check out Greg Palast's latest. The theft and disintegration of the GM penury fund, is distinctly ILLEGAL! Yow! My question to all: Even tho' we have strong inklings that most of the laws are created by and for the rich; how can we possibly be expected to be "law-abiding" when the government and its' officials have such obvious contempt for their own creations?!? (the cognitive dissonance is truly mind-twisting...)

Thanks again Jim, the symptoms of inevitable collapse are starting to become evident as the veneer of Chinese plastic and political bamboozlement begins to wear through.

Buy tools... and be sure they don't have to be run on that new-fangled gas-I-leen.

P.S. (sorry)
I have always enjoyed the alien spookiness of HPL as well. A welcome reminder of that fish-out-of-water feeling I've been experiencing for the last 20 years or so... :o)

Unlike the slovenly, failing farms of New York State, the farms of Ontario looked successful and prosperous. The barns did not tilt at weird angles and the roofs were intact. The farm houses were freshly painted and the grounds generally not strewn with the sort of dingy plastic effluvia Americans like to deploy around their dwellings to give the impression of plentitude. You wondered: how did all the IQ points below the Great Likes somehow migrate over to the Canadian side? Had they invented some kind of quantum spirit vacuum, run perhaps on dark matter, that sucked all the vitality out of their neighbor-to-the-south?

Yay, HTML!! :-D

When Soviet communism collapsed precipitously back in 1991, I had a sinking feeling that the USA would become the USSR of the 21st Century. The passage I quoted above this comment makes me realize that I was quite correct.

Nice site redesign Jim! Long overdue, and most welcome . . .

A bottle of bubbly over the bow of the new site! Break a leg!

I love the word "decrepitude." Some years ago I started creating a photographic collection called "Decrepitude." Something perverse in me loves the sight of decay of human constructions, especially old, abandoned factories and warehouses.

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

I've read that dying empires consume themselves ouroboros-like. The dwindling resources of any empire are finally exhausted by propping up its army and by the plundering of its treasury by corrupt officials.

Meanwhile, the ever more preyed-upon citizenry cling to the old ways out of fear of the future, and this only abets the plundering and prolongs the death agonies.

More specifically, the USA seems now like a failing steamboat concern that must feed its own deck planks to the boiler to get down the Mississippi one last time. A Huckleberry Ragnarok appears nigh.

Thankfully, countries that emerge from the wreckage of empire are healthier and happier. It is post-empire societies that can afford universal health care and free education through college.

How right you are Jim. The landscape and mindscape below the Canadian border is scary in that part of New York (as well as here in the Finger Lakes).

Rte 3 through Carthage is even more frightening. The death of what was once a working culture is even more evident.

I had to laugh at your effluvia for which upstate NY is notorious. Along Rte. 3 you'll find a sky blue Bathtub stuck in the ground surrounded by plastic flowers. I fully expected to find a statue of the virgin Mary of my youth protected in the porcelain shrine. Instead I I am not kidding...a likeness of Strawberry kidding.

Jefferson County may be an example of what is to come for all of America; you are correct on this point. There is nothing of substance, and nothing real is being manufactured anywhere. We make nothing other than miles of service economy jobs with low pay and the need for cars to drive long distances.

We are, sadly, at the end. I remember a '59 Chevy that had fins sharp enough to slice your flesh. Now all that's left to slice our flesh, most likely our wrists, is our collective unconscious as it relates to what we think will turn out OK.

Wow! Lots of comments. I sent a link to our Mayor, Frank Cownie. He's trying his damnedest to keep Des Moines viable. Keep up the good work! Dana ; )

new site looks good james.
Hiking and biking on the old rail trails piqued my
interest in the old rail lines. A shame that so many
are gone now. They once criss-crossed the countryside. The local governments continue to tax
the remaining survivors whether they make money or not. Yahoo maps is a good resource for finding old

When I ponder places like Watertown, it seems to me that the only thing more tragic than the world we live in is that those who are aware of it can do little to change it. Too much inertia.

Today is Bankruptcy Day for GM and those involved are still telling us how they are going to restructure and have everything turned around in 60 to 90 days. Perhaps we've seen too many episodes of Dukes of Hazzard. Launching off the ramp, flying in mid-air, freeze frame, Duke Boys doomed - a quick message from our sponsor - but back with a freshly-painted General Lee.

Hi! I'm a newbie here, although I've been reading your blog over at TypoPad for some time now -- your article in Rolling Stone Magazine a few years back keyed me in to TLE.

I also read Elaine Supkis' blog as well and she has reported on the sorry state of farms near her hometown of Berlin NY in the Berkshires: that they are SLUMS.

I used to live in Boston and once I traveled to Ontario; along the way I noticed that the bridges on the NYS Thruway were in the most advanced state of decreptitude compared to the New England States and Ontario. And this was back in the 80s!

On my last return visit to New England via Amtrak, that area still looked prosperous once one gets north of New Haven -- below that city, the tracksides were for the most part pretty damned blighted til one gets into the sprawing DC Metroplex.

Hi Jim,

Great web redesign.

I think we've given up on the American Project. By we, I mean our "leaders". We have a collapse of leadership that is so wide and deep, it can only mean that our culture has collapsed.

A failed culture no longer believes in itself. In fact, there is no longer a common culture. Individualism reigns supreme. The center doesn't hold.

This is scary. A failed culture with nuclear bombs. Not good.

The clusterfuck nation is one of my favorite websites. It is usually the high point of my Monday reading. I am so sorry you have dropped the typepad location. I use a phone modem for internet connection and today I sat through a 1,351,000 byte download in order to see a link to what I wanted to read (and a bunch of small pics and other links). I bet there are a lot of people like me who are too frugal to pay $40 or $60 or $90 a month for a fast connection. Please ask your web designer to make the c.f.n. load first, as a favor to loyal readers.
I've purchased and read two of your non-fiction books, thanks! Please keep whuppin' on the clusterfuck clowns! The webcast with D. Crary is great too. I click on download at bedtime, and enjoy a good talk show over morning coffee.
Regards, Geo

G. Nye,

In the future, just bookmark this address:

That will take you to Jim's blog home page and you can skip over the home page.

Also, this is Jim's RSS feed page:

Isn't life rosey up here too. Travel a bit more in this barren wasteland and you will find that it is just as awful as the good ole USA. Except we don't have quite as many guns and we aren't yet a fanatical religious society and we aren't quite as fat. Nevertheless, I say lock the border going north, don't just make it difficult to cross going south. Where do you think our criminal gangs get all their handguns. It's not from gun shops or gun fairs at our local malls.

@Carl: And right after the typical American SUV / Pickup driver angrily passes you and before he turns into the Burger King, he almost STOPS in the travel lane to make his turn, usually with no activation of the turn indicator. X-(

This hit very close to home, because, while I'm not a native, I am a Watertown resident. Parts of the downtown area still have architectural potential, but unfortunately, the people don't seem to be up to the task of keeping it alive. The city just spent untold millions on refurbishing the town square, only to realize after the fact that the new design did not allow for snowploughs or firetrucks to go through without jumping the curb. Even though there is plenty of parking downtown, half of the buildings are empty. One such empty shell has a sign saying 'Watertown Chamber of Commerce' on the front.

The further afield you go around here, the worse it seems to get. I saw one house out in the county last week where it looked as if the owners were sharecroppers growing polystyrene children's toys in their front yard. There weren't even any weeds, just brightly colored plastic junk.

23 years ago the regional grocery chain I worked for opened a new store in Watertown to take advantage of the federal government's increased activity at Fort Drum. My first night in my "new" apartment I turn on the water and out comes this brown drizzle I knew I could never drink. My landlady tells me the next day that happens about once a month.

Things were horrible there then and apparently not any better now.

Wickipedia? Does Wikipedia know?

I enjoy the occasional references and comments in your writings about the freaky looking tattooed folk wandering around loose on our streets. It is comforting to know that at least one other person in this country views them as I do. I get tired of being around people whose decor and manner project the message, "I'm ugly, bizzare, and rude, and I'm in your face". I'm dismayed that so much of the public doesn't appreciate what the increasing numbers, of young people especially, acting out like that indicate about where our culture is headed.
Jim, I love your writing. You have great insight and and an uncanny ability to get to the heart of things.

What Kunstler is describing is nothing less the complete destruction of Francis Bacon's mastery of nature project that animates and defines our modern world. I wonder if people realize how much of what call "progress" DEPENDS upon an economy that does not require large amounts of human physical labor for survival. Kunstler says that he does not think we will return to the 19th century, and he is right; by the end of this century we'll be lucky if we're able to maintain ancient or medieval standards of living. Even in the 19th century the vast resources of the North American continent had yet to be fully exploited and they had a fraction of our population to support. A lot of our assumptions about the dispensable nature of the nuclear family are about to be put to pasture as we either fall into a Mad Max-type barbarism or retrieve some measure of civilization.

Jeff, Read George Friedman's The Next 100 years: the rate of population growth is declining and global population will be declining in absolute terms within 50 years. It's another kind of problem, but it is a sustainablility problem. The data on population is from the United Nations.

what a strange sensation commenting at all. yah. Ize been to Watertown. The great river. Mostly I enjoy reading JHK.

Blue Mountain Man, thanks for jogging my memory a bit with your dropping of the name "Carthage." It reminded me of another oddity of upstate New York that directly ties into the notion of empire.

The place is practically covered with small towns named after classical places and figures, and the phenomenon seems to grow more common as you go deeper into the snowbelt. Even some of the Syracuse suburbs are named in this manner (as is Syracuse itself) - Cicero (the fastest growing sprawl pit of that city) is named after a Roman orator. Minoa, a village that I've also written extensively about in the Fairyheart universe, is named after an ancient Crete based civilization that some believe was synonymous with Atlantis! It was as if the original settlers of the area truly believed that New York would become "The Empire State!"

I'd like to thank the optimists here for reminding us all about small scale hydro (built by the tattooed minions). I'll share another possible source of post oil energy for upstate NY (and many other areas) - cellulose ethanol:

My alma mater has been working on finding ways to break up the cell walls of fast growing willow trees, along with scrap material from the timber industry, in order to extract enough sugars to ferment ethanol with a positive EROEI.

JHK, I know you argue that we cannot find a way to run our auto and truck fleet with alternatives, but biofuels may be the key to constructing a set of long distance bike paths and keeping them plowed in the winter. And, of course, a feedstock for bioplastics that can be used to make winter biking gear :o)

Hmm ... maybe I should return to the old town and the old school to learn the science so that I can enter the biofuels industry. Who knows, I may even create a job for ol' Buster that's much more positive than his current career of slinging coke and oxys.

Congrats on the new digs, Jim. Love it.

I guess all those years of electronically bombing Watertown Bomb Plot had some effect after all. The "Oil Burner" low level routs and beautiful views of the Finger Lakes provided for fond memories.

Jeesh! I am a native of Watertown and I sort of jumped when I read your perceptions of Watertown. I grew up here seeing it change from a sleepy little town (very safe, back when I was a kid--I could walk down the street with my shotgun (the thought of harming anyone was non-existent in MY mind), I would follow the railroad tracks out of town and hunt small game--come back home with cottontail rabbits swinging from my belt--very proudly---heh! Just try THAT now and you will be in the back seat of a patrol car so fast your head will spin. Yep, I know...we (I) may be reliving that scene of walking out of town to hunt ANY game.
There are STILL many beautiful areas of Watertown that you missed Mr. Kunstler...and not all of us are hulking, tattooed hominids (I do lament their presence and I am at a loss to know what to do for them). Your observations were great, sadly accurate and entertaining and I enjoyed it...I still love Watertown, my friends here (and from here)...and its history.

One begins to wonder if turn signals are optional equipment on new cars these days...

I like the new layout very much.

I read "world made by hand", very entertaining, and the characters are so ALIVE. For a movie version, i see Woody Harrellson as Wayen Karp, and Alex Baldwin as the Lietenant Governor that Earle encounters.

Though, in the book, you write that old divisions of labor came back, and i noticed that in your future society, women held no positions of authority. Why was this?

I am saddenend by the demise of GM-mabye it can rebuild itself, and just maybe the US will produce something of value other than CDO's and debt.

James, Your description of the Northcountry of NY is relatively accurate as I grew up within 70 miles +- of Watertown from birth to adulthood in such minuscule communities as Antwerp, Norwood, Wanakena, Sweeney's Corners, Sandfordville and post adulthood 9 years in Peru, NY on a farm near Lake Champlain; currently retired on a former dairy farm in Old De Kalb roughly 50 miles north of Watertown. With the resuscitation of Fort Drum in the mid to late 80's, most likely a deal at the office of the SecDef as a result of the USAF decision to close Rome ADC and my old employer Plattsburgh AFB, has poured piles of dollars into the Watertown coffers. The blight evident to you on your ride to Canada has existed for virtually all of my recollection of life in the Northcountry. The current economic crunch is wiping out many of the older private employers in and about Watertown; however, in the neighborhoods I grew up in and about farming, forestry and private colleges, such as Clarkson College of Engineering (now Clarkson University) and Saint Lawrence University, formed the primary employment opportunities. The numerous small dairy farms of my youth have dwindled precipitously and the fewer large industrial farms who suck up the vast majority of the farm subsidies ostensibly created to help the "small" farmers now subsist in a manner similar to the California agricultural industry by using undocumented laborers primarily from Mexico and Latin and South America. Fortunately the downturn has adversely affected the large industrial farms by slashing their milk prices virtually in half from nearly $11/hundred weight to a bit over $5 in the last 9 months or so; hopefully to culminate in their demise so they can join the many neighbors they drove out of business. One of my neighbors and his father had farmed their farm for a cumulative total of 75 +_ years and he augured it in about 4 years ago after borrowing himself into a situation the 50 or so cows that he milked could not support his debt. Where were the farm support dollars when he was going under? Most likely supporting the industrial farm about the same distance from me in an orthogonal direction where the undocumented workers milk in excess of 600 cows around the clock. This farm has numerous farm implements any one of which are worth more than my not minuscule 300+ acre farm and my defunct neighbor's nearly 500 acre farm. What is happening up here in the Northcountry is the same thing that created the economic crunch world wide; a few unconscionably greedy bastards raping the land, forests and water by taking far far more than their fair share. Why does Canada look more successful? Is it possible a more social society provides a more equitable distribution of the wealth vice the greedy bastards in the US consumed with grabbing as much for themselves as possible and to hell with everyone else. An interesting and amazing, to me at least, political fact about the Northcountry is that until very recently most of the poor bastards who had barely a pot to piss in voted predominantly Repulsifican. As a member of a family of lifelong liberals (my father a construction electrician, my brother a NYC lawyer, my sister a NYC para legal and myself an engineer) I/we never understood the enrapture of the disaffected poor with the Repulsifican party; do you?

In Canada, "peace, order and good government" is the principle upon which our country's Confederation took place.

In the US, it's Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The Liberty part of the principle has made Americans haters of government despite the fact they need one and it won't be going away any time soon. In fact, it has created a party who's primary intent is to show that government does not work. Is it any surprise that over the decades your politicians have destroyed your country?

I'm not saying that Canada is perfect but I am convinced that a lot of Canada's troubles stem from US fiscal and economic policies that are forced onto us.

Socialism requires long term planning and it's hard to plan for the long term when the giant down South keeps on instituting short term policies at an ever increasing rate.

Most Canadians believe in capitalism and the free markets but we also realize that private business will not always give us the goods and services we want or need to give us the quality of life we cherish.

I think the fact that Canada's small population is spread out over a large geography with a harsh climate has made us realize a long time ago that we needed to cooperate and that meant accepting government.

And if as a nation you accept government, it will be easier to keep an eye on it because you won't up with mutiny or parties that will try to dismantle it.

Over the last decade or 2, many Canadians have increasingly been vying for the American way of life: lower taxes, more consumption, larger appearance of wealth. But I think they're in for a shock when they they realize what the American elite did to their pople. Canadians love their social net and believe much more in equality than Americans. For some strange reason most of us Canadians realize that we wont be making it into the top 1% while Americans seem to have bought into the idea that they all could be the next billionaire.

OK, I give up. Another sign-in, with any luck I'll be able to remember the password. Why not support OpenID? I just hope this works better than TypoPad :-P

This week, JHK gives us something a little different on top of the usual memes of tattooed gorillas and so on: yet another nail in the coffin of the CONservatives and libertarians who harp incessantly about taxes. All you have to do is take a look around your own locale, read JHK's post once again, look at history, and see that higher taxes are a barometer of general prosperity (as opposed to excessive wealth for the very few and bupkis for everyone else).

Dunno if Generally Motionless will be able to revive itself as an independent concern or not. My prediction that GM would be broken up came partially true over the weekend, although I figured they'd split along product or departmental lines rather than dumping their problem assets into an "old GM" bucket. I still think they ought to give 50.1% of the company to the UAW employees and let them decide how much & how far they're willing to cut jobs & wages, but they only got 17.5%. Oh well.

Good start on the new blog, anyway. In FAR Future, episode 90, The Boy makes an explosive discovery…

I/we never understood the enrapture of the disaffected poor with the Repulsifican party; do you?
I'm reading a book on democracy and it actually approached this topic.

For some sort of reason, those who would benefit most from socialist policies tend to vote for right wing parties.

Apparently, these disaffected poor do not really vote for parties that will help them win more rights but look for parties that will take away the rights of others.

For example, the poor are usually jealous of civil servants with guarateed pensions and unionized workers so they will vote for the leaders who will try to cut government and dismantle unions.

Great site, Dude (and vice-versat)!

Sometimes dittoheads breathlessly ask through tears, "What if there'd been no 4th of July declation and all that's resulted?"

Then we'd have gun control and universal health care.

I live in the Western Catskiils of New York. 50% of the retail shops are now gone. I looked into opening up shop. I soon discovered the distributers and manufactures charge retail prices for merchandise leaving me with limited markup, add in taxes, rent and advertising expenses. At most I might make $150 a month, that doesn't cover the interest on a business loan. Plan B; make artisan bread and sell fresh eggs from my home. I get an order of 25 straight run chicks. Months later I have 21 roosters and 4 hens. Could not find a staugher house in a farm county, because they have been over-regulated and taxed right out of business. Meanwhile Mr. and Mrs. President Obama, went on a $24,000 date this weekend. At least someone is having a good time at my expense.

Time and resource depletion does provide an ironic end to the once mighty GM. There are more fitting endings for a company that along with Firestone and Standard Oil of Southern California formed a holding company that bought up many of the trolley systems around the nation and destroyed them -- so they could buy GM cars, running on Firestone tires, and fuelled by Standard Oil gas, but alas GM has truly left US with a mess to clean up -- that is the car dependent culture. For one thing GM could be forced as a part of bankruptcy to rebuild those trolley systems they participated in destroying!

We have "frittered away" precious time to begin the transformation process within our country away from the car dependent culture, few people can even begin to conceive the pain we will endure in the up coming years. I sumize this will be our national mortgage payment we will be saddled with for the next 30 to 50 years or so.

The "offical" bankruptcy of GM marks the turning point where we begin making payments on our national mortgage payment -- along with late fees too boot!

Extra good commentary today. I think we are all rather melancholy. Sounds like you are still living the dream, though, motoring around on the weekend! Nice, new web layout.

I've seen you speak twice, now, here in Boulder. If you're bored, come visit my new financial Blog:

Financial News Express

Here's what I wrote today:

Who cannot feel sad, nostalgic, and like we are experiencing something significant historically in America today, as GM officially files for bankruptcy? And there is that saying that we all know, in the back of our minds, "As GM goes, so goes the country?" We have all been in love with the cars. The era of carefree and dangerous adventure in muscle cars with leaded gasoline, no seat belts or air conditioning on newly built highways across America, burning our own unimported gasoline, will continue to fade into our distant memories. And that era was once strongly intertwined with the identity of this entire nation. The songs. The movies. The rides. I don't care what the negative aspects are today, I just want to remember fondly and think about the implications "going down the road".

While driving throughout eastern NY State over the last 35 years, one could see that prosperity started waning long before the current Messiah's rule. Decrepit farms by the dozen appeared down the side roads, the first sign of farmers unable to produce foodstuffs at a profit. Enter the subsidies, good for a while, but ultimately death revealing.
I wonder how many readers know what the hell a corporate farm really is. These farms are usually lambasted as being the WalMarts of agriculture, putting the little guys out of business, yeah. Corporate farms, technically, can be teeny little entities with LLC after their farm name. Just a liability limiting device, that's all this sort of corporation is.
At the other end, the huge corporate farm, you have an entity that has size, borrowing power, needs lots of labor, etc etc. This type of farm grows bulk. It can turn a profit, often, on the heels of huge volume in a low margin market. It has capabilities to do things that the little LLC farm simply cannot do. This farm is highly mechanized and can very often grow crops that allow consumers to purchase said foodstuffs at affordable prices. A small farm very often cannot do this. Hating corporate farms MAY be legit when talking about subsidies given for NOT growing cotton in North Dakota! Or, not growing oranges in Caribou, Maine! Some of our fine politicians of the past were marvelous at extracting subsidies from these slush funds.
To hate a legit corporate farm that very often does a tremendous job at producing food or fiber legitimately without taxpayer inputs is like saying Mom and Pop stores should be the only ones to exist today. And, I can assure you farming for profits is damn tough these days, unless you are farming ganja in Culiacan.
Jim provides a great forum for us all and some great stuff has been uncovered. In this vein for you blog seekers, take a good look at Brussels Journal very soon. There's some great stuff there and you will really take to it. Bloggers are often lambasted, but there are some sharp cats out there.
Jim, great new look, thanks!

As Pangloss has suggested, everything is always for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

I heard that the world's population (of humans) will be nine billion by the year 2050. GM will have the large base of people necessary to keep selling urban assault vehicles.

See? Isn't that reassuring?

I'm from Canada but now live in Austria. I don't believe the natural resource endowment is a deciding factor for Canada/US differences. Others on the blog have pointed to the differences in governance, which is probably at the root of it all. I'm always puzzled by two aspects of the US psyche:
1) The pervasiveness of toxic ideology based on "wooly" values (true conservatism, true patriotism, true capitalism and other such crap). People in the US believe that taxes are bad? That government is bad? You may have some bad governments, but government is essential (what is the alternative – a society of survivalists in backwoods cabins).
2) The lack of attention to outcomes. California's constitution has hobbled the state's finances but the populace and elected officials can't get themselves disentangled from ideological baggage and get on with the legislative house cleaning to fix the problem.

To me, the sweet spot is to strike a balance between outcomes and underlying values. Ditch the ideology (or at least confine it to academic circles). BTW there is a parallel over here similar to the anecdotal accounts of the USA-Canada situation. Austria, which has 1/10 the population of Germany, is generally thought to be doing better than its larger neighbor.

Valley Boy:

The lack of attention to outcomes is an interesting observation.

One thing I have noticed is that Americans are navel gazing , and refuse to look outside their borders (they have not had to because of their weight) to see if anything else works better.

Also, they always revert back to their founding fathers words instead of looking forwards.

Why would they want to go back into the minds of dead people who had slaves and lived in the bush?

I hear tht his excellency, Secretary of the Treasury Geithner after reassuring a group of chinese that their investments in the US were safe when he was greeted with laughter from his audinece.

What I doh't yet know for sure is whether the audience was just being rude or thought the Treasury Secretary was joking and were just going with the flow of what they imagined was his amusing narritive.

It left me wishing that the Washington press corps would behave similarly during press conferences of many US government officials-including our sincerely earnest but apparently either clueless or severely cowed President.

Watertown responds:
Say, Jim, why did you come here? Are you a glutton for punishment?
I had to swallow hard before agreeing to move here. I was born in Massena, and I know about these desperate border towns clinging to life. My expectations have been thoroughly met, and surpassed.
The Burger King marquee is surreal: “Try our new Angry Whopper Meal.” I was flabbergasted when its visage first crept into view a few weeks back. It’s a jalapeno burger, for Chrissake, what’s so angry about a jalapeno? My brother the heat fiend (he emigrated north; I guess he’s trying to keep warm) tried one and so informed me. I write the marquee nonsense off to pandering to the boys in fatigues. I so appreciated reading your comments about seeing it because WTF was exactly what I thought, too.
We were in Ontario on Sunday as well, as luck would have it, on the twentieth floor of a high-rise facing north to the Gatineau Hills, the breathtaking, utterly lovely view from my brother the heat fiend’s new postage-stamp condo. I’ll say one thing about our neighbors to the north: they’re fearless about facing the cold head-on. This place cost a quarter million and is one prolonged power outage away from being a large pigeon fridj. Some kinds of foolhardiness cut across national boundaries.
Buying property here was quite the experience for us. We found that housing prices remained inflated longer than in other areas of the country because of the proximity of the Fort. Now, for those of you looking for the really unusual find, may I point out that the once grand masonic temple on Washington Street is, by gauche, for sale?

At any rate, the key to understanding the question of these types of farms that exist on volume business by undercutting their low-tech competitors, so people can have food at 'affordable' prices, as you say, is the question of EROEI for society. What needs to be answered; Is it sustainable? and Is it
contributing or hindering the sustainable functioning of civilized societal functions?
Obviously in the case of these types of farms the answer is a resounding 'no'. We want all the benefits (cheap prices) without paying the costs; poisoning water tables from chemical run-off, not to mention the oceans, the ill effects of the unhealthy cows that are fed corn sugars instead of grass, yielding a dairy product virtually devoid of Omega 3 fatty acids that would help curb the epidemics of heart disease, diabetes, etc., the employment of local labor, leading to cohesive community and civic responsibility, and wages that would allow people to afford this more 'expensive' dairy product...
Cant you understand these things all go together?! All roads lead to Rome, one way or another, take your pick of which Rome you prefer!
And the 'cost' is the possible disintegration of civilization, merely because otherwise intelligent people cannot see the interrelationships of societies choices.
And if you think this cant happen, a fascinating account to watch is Carl Sagan on Youtube speak of the library at Alexandria...they had the size and shape of our planet, the mapping of the solar system, advanced mathematics, designs for STEAM ENGINES! All this before the birth of Christ!
Want to make a difference? Buy from your local sustainable farm, meet the farmer, and make him your friend, because we're all going to need that...

Did you know that Americans spend something like 5-7% of their income on food?

Canadians 10-15%

And Europeans 15-20%.

Either Americans eat very low quality food or it is a very highly subsidized sector (overvalued dollar maybe?).

Something tell me that food in % of incoem will be going up as Americans lose their purchasing power over the next little while.

On another note, we got to 6 billion people because of the big corporate farm. If we all go small, local and sustainable, population won't be 6 billion that's for sure.

Regarding the relative prosperity of Canada vs. the Lower 48: I drove the Alaska Highway in 2006 and was sruck by the neatness and overall high standards of the farms from the border crossing at Sweatgrass MT to Edmonton.
The area from Edmonton to Ft. Nelson was buzzing with oil and natrual gas related activity and even in March there was a shortage of hotel rooms.
I believe the hydrocarbon,mining and timber components of the Canadian economy are very robust industries and give them a great advantage in world markets now.

Damm :

This American and his audience are indeed navel gazing - I don't know where you are, but the phrase Peak Oil (for instance) is virtually unknown in general parlance here in the United Kingdom……it’s just too frightening for the 'children' to hear.
Be glad they are starting to reflect so, for this innovative and inventive people will lead the rest of usto a solution I’d guess - they have done to most things....Adolf, Uncle Joe Stalin, the Land of the rising sun, for instance. They call the shots economically, but every dominant power has done since money and trading blocks were invented....but I'm glad to be under the sphere of Uncle Sam - I'd be less fortunate if it were Uncle Mao or Uncle Ahmed for sure.

As for the founding fathers, they may have been in forests and fields, but they striving to be free men – Independence was won from the Kings of Europe who would have kept them serfs. Their Constitution documents were arrived art through embracing all the most fanciful ideals of the gentlemen scholars in the Europe of the supposed ‘Enlightenment’ – I say supposed, because it was mostly a parlour game in England and won only through decades of murderous strife on the continent|.
Slavery was (and will remain forever so) a stain on their achievements – imported from Europe as a trade, along with the notion that Africans were less than Human.

The Constitution remains a piece of art to be revered, it is fluid and still yet speaks to their nation in a way that has not yet been achieved in Europe 200 years later.

One criticism though ….Jim your ideas need to reach a global audience – give it some thought.

It seems ironic that I read today of the passing of the last Titanic survivor, a 97 year-old woman who was two months old when she was lowered in a gunny sack into a lifeboat. And this on the same day that JHK reveals his new format and blog. Strange coincidence? I think not.

Your Route 3 connector to I-81 could be either Blenheim Road or Moorhouse Avenue here in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our colonial heritage, along with any pretense to aesthetics, has been bulldozed in favour of long strips of franchised concrete boxes covered in corporate colours and gaudy signage. Two of our most important streets, one a main route into the city, the other a chief thoroughfare through it, have been turned into car-centric shrines to cheap imported Chinese goods. Of course it's a case of supply and demand - it never fails to amaze me that where ever a car park is built it immediately fills with cars.

I agree with much of the contrasts shared entre Canada and the U.S., and as a Yank who studied at Carleton U. in Ottawa I can also attest to the shabby and seedy side of that city and Canadians in general. I know the north country of NYS well, having driven through there for years to get to university, living in Rochester, NY (car slum) I have to say, I encountered more seediness in la capital du Canada, than here in former K-town. And clearly, Ottawa never had the wealth we had -for whatever it's worth (nada). Also, it's not nearly as bilingual as Rochester where 30% of nuestra ciudad speaks both Spanish and English.

Yes, in general our (US) northern backwaters, along which Canada borders, has largely that Deliverance-look, no question. Canada (larger in territory, not in land) too has it's rural poverty, just visit a reserve of the Aboriginals.

Having lived there I found the Canadian mentality to be comparable to that of the American suburbanite.

I know too that there cities are no less car slums than ours, just spend an hour in downtown TO (GASP).

Jim, thanks for inspiring my anti-car aspirations (car-free for six years, in Rochester no less!). I attended your presentation here found your info. validating- especially in The Long Emergency which I've shared with many.

Look forward to many more Monday essays!
Berig Vintrange / Sanvoiture!

Sanvoiture! Rochester, NY

Holy collapsing nations Batman Your like a freaking rock star. I did not know people were so aware of you.

James You are God. You know why? Because you can open eyes and make people laugh while they cry. You opened mine and I can not tell you how many times you made me grin and weep. You created, through the Geography of Nowhere, a Future City Planner.

I Know you have your doubts about City Planning and its future but you have to agree The stuff Planners of today learn are things that all citizens should know and even if they do not know what makes a place livable then there at least has to be some passionate experts, hence, me.

I am just so excited that I can tell you Thank You via Comment.

Thank YOU for being so truthful.

Sincerely, James S.

P.S. Great read today.

As a Canadian living across the lake from Rochester New York I especially enjoyed today's posting, although I wished JHK had offered more commentary on his experience north of the border in Ontario. My parents often vacationed in Watertown, staying each time in the same room of the same Ramada hotel, shopping at the Salmon Arm shopping mall, which I am sure must be part of the strip Jim refers to.

They, like many of their generation, were Canadians who worshipped Americans and the Happy Motoring lifestyle passionately, so every family vacation meant racing to the border at either end of Lake Ontario and glorying in the fast food and frenzied shopping at fancy strip malls we could only dream about up here.

It was a relief to grow old enough to be left at home where the real fun would be, what with them out of town and all. But I digress...

Nearly finished reading the Long Emergency now so I can start World Made by Hand next. I can hardly wait. JHK, you are the source of my renewed faith in personkind. Not that I really feel encouraged, but I feel encouraged to learn that you and some others out there think like me, therefore we cannot all be completely deluded and paranoid.

That's something, right?

Well, mourning the passing of GM is where we part ways, Jim. I grew up regarding GM the way the Armenians do the Turks. While I was still playing Giant Steps with names of cars like Hudsons and DeSotos, I knew that Chevy people belonged to the dark side. My dad told us the story about GM buying up all the streetcar lines so they could tear them up and make cities buy buses--and retold it probably hundreds of times. Some of us never had the innocence you speak of, we just feel justice is, at last, being done. As always, it's the bystanders who have to pay the heaviest price.

I read and enjoyed WORLD MADE BY HAND as a novel that had many ideas that resonated with me, my only problem being the rather puzzling ending. As you being a man with obviously something to say, and as myself being a Watertonian, I must say I was disappointed that your trip through here could only show you our worst features. The abominable route 3 passage, sprung up in the wake of a Ft Drum expansion back around '85 and known locally as "Suicide Alley," is simply an all-too-common type of American unplanned strip development, the sort of thing that happens when sudden expansion comes to a town too far back in the boonies to have any idea at first how to deal with it. Neither should the tattooed trogs around downtown be taken as representative; chances are they are denizens of the kind of welfare housing that focuses on cheap downtown apartment space in buildings that have seen better days, who have noplace else to go nor any wheels or gas to get there if they did. Who mostly do probably feed on fast food, and yes, the local food is generally terrible, although in fact there do exist a couple of pretty good restaurants I could have steered you to.

As to local farming, today only the strongest survive. Local land consists mainly of heavy rocky glacial terminal moraine basically good for nothing much but small scale wet upland pasture agriculture, cut through here and there with streaks of alluvial outwash that is actually pretty good farmland where you can find it, for all but the harshness of the climate. This once prosperous land was all cleared and pioneered a couple of centuries ago by thousands of small marginal family subsistence farms, pretty much wiped out by the 20th century advent of mega-scale agribusiness and slowly but surely going back to forest and brushland ever since. Yes, local real estate is indeed cheap, and might well become sustainable-farming viable again some fine day when petrochemical fertilizers disappear and worn-out factory farm soils can no longer feed us, who knows. Not to mention the hydro power that's still here, against the day when we might not be able to do it with coal or oil anymore.

It's true, Watertown is in the middle of nowhere, and may not be the end of the world but you can see it from here, and in the meantime it does have its agreeable features that you never got to see, alas. Just about any kind of low-impact outdoor recreational activity, for instance, that you could wish for. As a dying rustbelt mill town, most of which should have fallen decades ago to urban blight, gangs, arsonists and the wrecking ball, Watertown has somehow managed to preserve something of a strip mall-blighted National Register town square area that may yet evolve into a walkable shoppable downtown if it hangs on long enough, plus perhaps a good quarter of the rather splendid surviving Victorian residential architecture that it once could boast, far more than you're likely to see elsewhere, with renovations and restorations going on all the time, in neighborhoods where people know their neighbors, kids walk to well-funded schools, health care is first class and crime is virtually nonexistent. As are culture and educational opportunities, unfortunately, not to mention jobs and the local economy, perpetually twisting in the wind, hanging by a thread. Just wanted to say, though, that it ain't all HP Lovecraft here when you get to know the place, grim though it may look when you're just passing through.

I think the take away from this is that the collapse of the American empire is not going to be a sudden event. It's going to be a grinding, agonizing decent. The economy (ignore the stock market; they have no clue) is bleeding out and oil closed at just under $69. Speculation? Maybe some. If so, I suspect it's mainly producers leaving oil in the ground.

The next convultion is in the mail.

You draw colorful images Jim. Reading this one had me picturing some bastard devil spawn of 'The Jetson's' and Route 1 north of Boston MA.

You wouldn't happen to have any pics, would you?


Great Lovecraft reference! Awesome - wanted to mention - Rockford, Il - much like what was mentioned in this post...downtown, virtually dead, all the "stores" are obnoxious big-box monsters right off of the freeway. Sad, really sad. It's was a growing town and then the 50's hit it and wham! It bled to death along the main road out of town.

Mr Kunstler,
Been a devoted reader of your blog since the beginning of 2009 and can't wait to get your books. Interesting take on the borderlands of Canada/Watertown. I often drive boats back and forth from Florida to the Great lakes and use the Erie Barge Canal. Makes me really sad to stop and stay in the threadbare towns along the once great canal. What gives me a little thrill is spending some fat cat's cash in those towns where people really need it. When I'm driving a huge, diesel- slurping, floating clorox bottle I try to make amends for my sin by buying everything I can from the locals. I wish I could get into Canada...A small youthful indiscretion from about about 30 years ago has had one of my crew stalled at the border a few times. Your opinion, is Dept. Homeland Security trying to keep us in? or is Canada trying to keep us out? Great website! Thanks...
Captain trying to be good

Yes, it's very nice to be able to visit and chat.
(no doubt, since a gazzilion nasty emails have cluttered up the cybersphere lately from all the flipped out sleepwalkers who don't take kindly to rude awakenings...) - hence, the lack of email responses since I can't remember when...

This Monday blog is about the only thing I look forward to on blue Mondays.
As a Canadian, I have to say that I hold no smug holy delusions that we've done a whole lot better than what JHK describes south of the border.
We bought just about the same brand of Hostess Twinkie, far as I can see. Toronto is still busy sprawling its way toward Siberia.
(although we've also produced End and Escape from Suburbia)
Perhaps this stuff should resonate along our border, as no other (particular nation) because the majority of us are strung out within spitting distance of America, it seems. (physically and psychologically)
And if there ever really was a parting of the ways (which doesn't seem to have been accomplished in the last 3 centuries or so) how isolated would we find ourselves, then?
Quick: map out the movie set!
Change a few dozen license plates, change the letter boxes to red, white and blue, exchange that maple leaf for a few spangled stars........
and leave everything else just about the same.
In fact, don't change a damned thing!

And on that note - can someone please invade Alberta for us and take their tar-extraction toys away from them?
thanks in advance,


just let me laugh when it's funny
and when it's sad, let me cry

I don't want to be an idiot. You have to be brief in these things. No matter what if I ramble on I'll be screwed. JHK is a writer. They have these blog comment sections and they tell the writers to read the comments so that they become better bloggers. I have five of those.
i. JHK becomes the first to comment on his own blog. He says so. I am intimidated by the writer. The writer's sophistication comes from writing, not from a lot of calculus and labor and prison and mental institutions. I just relate on a basis of my hip hurting, and his hip being replaced, not some thing of him being a hippy. I was from San Francisco, not him.

Come on Wall Street, don't be slow
Why, man, this is war au-go-go
There's plenty good money to be made
By supplying the Army with the tools of its trade
But just hope and pray that if they drop the bomb
They drop it on the Viet Cong.

Country Joe and the Fish (that's where they first spell out F-U-C-K, not here on this blog).

To me, that's mild. I choose to call 'em gooks.

Now, what about this writer, no doer mind you, constantly coming out with this "we" shit, as in, "Here's what we should do"?

2. He's a damn elitist. I am sick to death of it. What's "lumpen"? I'll tell you: it is "lumpen prole", some hammering phrase trying to kill us. We work. We do honest labor. We could do what you do; you can't do what I do. Tht'a a reference to the proletariat. Forget it. Ain't going to happen. Try me. I am dropping M&M's in my mouth right now. I weigh 250, not 400. Is that 150 important? Not to him. My anger isn't repressed. DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS

3. He goes into Central Asia. There's no way to make sense out of that. If you refer to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, can you be a little less vague? You must have thought "Middle East" and rejected it. Well, get back! What is the word-TRAUMATIZED. You're too Jewish, and you guys have a guilt and at the same time want to flog us over the Haulocaust. Shakespeare got you in "The Merchant of Venice". H. P. Lovecraft is crap. If you have to, ASK somebody what is good.

4. Thing of, the psychic link here. Elizabeth Gladys "Mellvina" Dean, last survivor of the Titanic dies yesterday, and you get a premonition, and/or you read the name once, and you are going along and you go, "I want it to be Melville", because, at our ages, we didn't remember MELLVINA, and substituted MELVILLE, which we've heard a hundred times and is good ("Call me Ishmael"), and after all, the sea holds white whales, the Titanic, and other things in it.
I know, I did it too. Fuckin' Herman dude, yeah.

5. One small reply to the person who got you on ending a sentence with the preposition 'at': You stupid cocksucker. This is English. We are history. We have a phrase, "That's not where it's at", from "Positively Fourth Street", by Bob Dylan, who writes pretty good, so, please ram it, ram it, ram it up your poop chute. It may not translate. Get your boyfriend to do it while you are eating a sandwich. Enjoy!


Jim -

Nice to have a post what harkened back to your early themes, those times when we were all first discovering "The Geography of Nowhere."

I'm not sure I totally buy the "Canadian's are doing it better" argument. I have friends who live up around Newmarket, Ontario and, from what I see there, the idea of strip malls is still going strong. As the Don Valley Parkway moves further north, it just keeps bringing with it more of the same....

My hope, and it's just that, is that all of these "lost souls," these empty and deserted downtown blocks will someday be reborn. Many of them have been left nearly intact, as businesses just closed up and there was no money or motivation to do anything with them....

If the unraveling proceeds on schedule, I'd like to think that places like Watertown and Massena and Utica and Medina and Poughkeepsie will live again, as centers of commerce.



Thanks for that insight on New Zealand, I have a British Amerian buddy who has siblings in Christ Church (is that 1 word?), he loves his annual visits there. Berig Sansvoiture, Rochester, NY, USA.

As to the have to remember a lot of the core in this piece of North America were booted out of the US in 1782-4, took their re-settlement grants here, and tried to rebuild their bankrupt lives...

from Sansvoiture, Rochester, NY
right Upper Canada, in our first civil war, we opted out of BNA, my ancestors were split, paternal side were Vermont loyalists, maternal side were Mohawk Valley Patriots.

having studied at Carleton, in your capital, I've had the advantage of studying your nation's history,

many of my ancestors fled into the Ottawa Valley, geneologically I have many connections up north- I used to call Canada the great white north until lived in Anchorage, then it was, let's go south to Canada, aye?

at any rate, it's nice to see your appreciation for our common history,

Sanvoiture in Rochester (where 1/5th of our citoyens have Canadian roots or connections)

Jim, I enjoyed your account of your North Country trip and appreciate greatly your weekly Monday morning scuttlebutt. If you're into interesting, semi-deserted places up Northern NY way, check out Whitehall, next time.

It's strange to hear older generations lament the contraction of the auto industry, but I suppose if it were MTV, Apple, Microsoft or Google you'd get a similar response from younger ones.

The days of this industry's "tail" wagging the economic "dog" of America are obvisously over. GM now shares state ward status with the likes of Amtrak. It's agenda and political influence will never be the same. It may eventually have to liquidate.

Still, sympathy is hard to muster here. There is a lot of good that can come from the marginalization of this industry.

We are still a creative nation despite this industry. We'll endeavor to fill the economic void with more sustainable enterprise, I hope.

I wonder if future generations will look back on this day and call it VF Day... Victory over Futurama.

Cthulhu here. Cthulhu is first on this blog's comment section(after JHK, naturally). Those other five or six "firsts" are pretenders, and Cthulhu shall crack their bones, and suck their sweet marrow, then Cthulhu will let them die.
For Cthulhu shows mercy.

Cthulhu was working today, and Cthulhu had not the time for the inter-webs©.
Cthulhu is now returning to his domain. All shall know me, upon wakening in the morn, before the light; only your gasping breath and shuddering heartbeat for a melody. Just beyond your ear's acuity, my portal seals with a thud.

-AU channeling HPL

Hello folks! Having read your site for several years now and finding you generally right on target, plus being from Watertown, I would like to point out that you didn't point out that Watertown has more creosote-soaked telepoles and cobweb-like wires than any place on the planet earth (except oh maybe, Baghdad).
But I do suggest that you travel ten-fifteen miles north of the US-Canadian border to Athens, Lansdowne, Lyndhurst and Sweets Corners and you will see much of the same there as here in Jefferson County.
On a more serious note though, all of these rural towns and villages on this side of the border have suffered partially as a result of Fed. Res. banking policy whereby 100 years ago we had twice as many banks (locally owned at that) as today, serving rural America. Today the top 50 "too big to fail" banks (out of about 8000) are responsible for ca.45% of all bank profits! They do business with guess who! Corporate America! One can see this when shopping at Watertown's Salmon-run Mall(and other malls across the USA).
Where do you suppose this money ends-up? How about the Hamptons on Long Island? (after first making a pit-stop at Wall Street). Jim! How about an expose' on the flow of money in one of your future studies?

Just made the same trip on Memorial Day weekend via the Blaine, WA border crossing. There was a traffic jam on southbound I-5 that I would estimate at 30-50 miles in length, stretching from Everett through Seattle and down into Tacoma.

Tens of thousands of cars, trucks and SUVs just sitting there idling, for mile after mile, for hour after hour.

This is apparently considered "normal" in this region.


You should hire an intern to select out the "Editor's Choice" comments -- I have a feeling there are some worth reading here amidst the ramblers.

I wonder how long it will take before the rows of empty McMansions begin to deteriorate, with broken windows and sagging roofs. None of them were built well. Almost all used inferior products from China and plastic "woodlike" window sills etc. I hope it doesn't take long. I remember taking a vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and seeing the hulking rows of
crappy houses, giant and characterless. It breaks your heart to think that all those natural dunes were eliminated for some builder's idea of a community. I hope the sea takes them all. As for GM, it appears all will be well after the big US taxpayer bailout and the speedy BK reorganization. I guess all of the sudden we will be frothing at the mouth to buy
their cars!! Especially since they are closing 9 more US plants and idling 3 more!! I guess Americans are throwaway employees. We are obsolete in the eyes of our "American" corporations. Lets see how much of their stuff we will buy without any incomes. Maybe the workers in India and China will buy them.

Urban Ontario has languished for years due to the neglect and/or outright hostility of higher levels of government, and the willingness of local governments to enable developers to run roughshod over good sense and taste. The City of Toronto, the province's main economic engine, is always getting the shaft from political parties dependent on the votes of suburbanites and rural yokels, in particular its woefully underfunded mass transit system. Anyone who wants a glimpse of urban dysfunction ought to visit the inner suburb of Scarborough. The car culture is just as dominant north of the St. Lawrence Seaway, unfortunately. A recent plan to create a bike lane on a busy downtown Toronto street was greeted with the type of vitriol usually reserved for reality T.V. villains.

Hi Cthulhu,

I've just gotten into Lovecraft and am dazzled. Been into Kunstler for a long time now and read him every week. Have agreed with him for a few years and have seen this coming since 1981. For such a long time? How come? Well, Ron Paul told us back then that Congress had changed the money, put in a metal strip to doing the metal detectors, all for counterfeiting detection.

Hmmmmm said I. They are going to rachet up inflation again in a generation or so. Be ready. Also Greenspan was my economics teacher when I followed Ayn Rand, so I was forewarned. Had it made and then came betrayal, but that is another story.

I came to Lovecraft via Houellebecq who has written a book on Lovecraft called Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life. It is a beautiful and sensitive essay and sort of bibliography of HPL by the major writer now in France since Camus. HK you must read him.

Canada and the US are two different countries that just happen to look and sound much alike. The differences are usually more discernible to Canadians than Americans. Although when Americans find differences they tend to belittle the Canadian.

I am a dual living now in Vancouver, BC.

Here are a few comments on why what you see may look a little different--it will certainly feel that way.

In Canada no one goes without medical care--full stop. There are no such things as "using up your allotment of treatment" no "prior conditions," nothing like that. Consequently, no one has that "health anxiety" so prevalent down south.

We have neither the highs nor lows of wealth and poverty, nor quite the same expectations of getting rich. It's a little less exciting and a lot less nerve racking.

A big difference I find is the ubiquity of the military and the reverence accorded them in the US. Yes, Canada has troops in Afghanistan but most of the time it's under the radar, although they regularly report Canadian troop deaths.

One of the biggest differences is in race relations. We simply have not had the history of slavery and antagonistic race relations that have existed throughout US history in one form or another. The result of which has been visible poverty, frequent violence and other ills. (Very important to point out that this in no way makes Canadians morally superior. Our treatment of native peoples and of African-Canadian and Americans has been abysmal in the first case and frequently shameful in the second.)

Canada leans a little towards the Scandinavian model of society in many ways--for good and bad. It is this and the above I think that make Canada seem a bit better off--FOR NOW. We'll see what the future brings--who knows maybe American troops will be sent to "protect" our water and oil.

I don't mean to be a contrarian on a site I enjoy so much,but after a couple of weekends unluckily spent visiting Phoenix-area malls,I think it's a little early to be thinking of impending gloom. The malls are packed, the parking lots are full, and the happy motoring mall-centric life is thriving, even in the midst of our economic meltdown. The road to the long emergency promises to be a long and bumpy one, and we're nowhere near there yet.


The business to be in now is discount groceries etc. You buy those big flats of dozens of banana boxes filled with all sorts of merchandise. One big flat may go for $750-1000 and then you set up shop. I can't begin to tell you all that's in those things. A friend of mine does this and I took all the Curad (scar therapy) boxes out and the Nicorette gum and ebayed it all and paid for the entire flat outof those two items (there were a lot of them). But today you must think outside the box. No wonder all those box stores are going to go. They clean off the shelves to make room for new products and distributors get them. If you are or know a trucker then you are in biz. Fill the truck up and you can wholesale a huge amount of it to other discount grocers et al. Also have a retail store. Then ebay huge lots of it.

If you want to research the market go spend some time on ebay. Trust me you will make a bundle. People don't just buy one item they buy all the flour you have on the shelves!

On Lovecraft after reading Houellebecq left me weeping. His incredible life of the mind and imagination and acute perception. Kafka the same:"to understand is to want to die." (close to that) Both so perceptive of the madness of the world. Start connecting the dots and you will see the madness clearer and clearer.

Platform by Houellebecq is ghastly truthful. Has a horror scene by muslims that put his publisher in a panty uproar and almost a fatwa on him. Then two weeks later comes 9-11 and he is saved. Prescient as is Kunstler. Just different mindsets.

And on that 24K date in NYC. If it weren't for assassination fears it wouldn't cost that much. Until the Swedish PM got murdered (killer still free) he just went everywhere on his bike.Now I suppose it costs the new PM of Sweden a grand or so to go get some eggs at the supermarket.

I would like to here what you think about the Erie Canal and our other Canals. What will be their future?

Thanks for the hard work!

"But sucess and happiness were not to be.
Garish daylight shewed only squalor and alienage
and the noxious elephantiasis of climbing spread-
ing stone where the moon had hinted of loveliness
and elder magic; the the throngs of people that
seethed through the flume-like streets were squat,
swarthy strangers with hardened faces and narrow
eyes, shrewd stranges without dreams and without
kinship to the scenes about them, who could never
mean aught to a blue eyed man of the old folk,
with the love of fair green lanes and white New
England village steeples in his heart." HPL, "He"
Don't worry about Canada, gang. Racially,
they are about thirty years behind the United
States, but like Europe, they are working very
hard to create a racial problem. Given their rel-
atively small population and their rate of immig-
ration (hundreds of thousands of third worlders
a year), they will soon have eneough Blacks and
Muslims to overwhelm the Social Services. They
already have gangs and high rates of crime in the
big cities. White Canadians will just have to un-
erstand; the Great Work of destroying Western Civ-
ilization must continue. And the means? White Dis-

You need to know Jill Richardson and so does the guy who just bought your fabulous tool. Here's her site: She has become very visible in her passion for healthy food and her political take on the corporations who poison us.

She is presently writing a book I believe and has become well known throughout the blogosphere, so I thought you two should meet if you haven't already.

I am assuming you know about Wes Jackson and the Land Institute?

Remember Kuntsler's blogging about cattle eating chicken shit. She really ran with that one when I made her aware of it.

On a motorcycle trip I visited Mingo Junction, OH
to see where the place where "The Deerhunter" was filmed. I was shocked by how destroyed the place looked.
My M/C vacations often take me to Canada where
I once commented to an old couple in Wiarton, Ontario that the Georgian Bay area wasn't that different from where I live in Virginia except
in Virginia we have bullet holes in our rural traffic signs.
I've lived in Germany and Japan, traveled a bit
and the fact is in both those places the roads have less litter, the little farms are better
run, the air seems cleaner, and in both of those places dictatorships took hold and wars were started. You can never tell how things will turn out. God Bless America, I'm proud to live here
warts and all. People like you Jim will make the USA a better place to live. Keep up your good work. I read CF Nation every Monday and I own most of your books. Thanks.


I believe JHK mentions the Erie Canal in "The Long Emergency."

He also talked at length about the Erie Canal on this episode of The KunstlerCast:

I am a tattooed, urban homesteading, stockpiling, "Long Emergency" reading, "World Made by Hand" preparing, "Clusterfuck Nation" following, vintage clothes wearing, high IQ holding, rockabilly all-Canadian girl and I would like to shout from the proverbial cyber rooftops, "listen to this man, before it's too late!"

You all may want to check out these:

Another take on what may be happening. Of course cause and effect my get confused in the end, or is it the final breakdown of cause and effect through "free willonium" minds, acting and reacting and mixing causes and effects in any order, or maybe we think things happen even when nothing really happens except the same old continuous cycles of up and down and constant change that really changes nothing at all. What we want and say causes what happens and influences what we want and say and think that causes another event and so on forever.

I enjoy a weekly dose of eloquent doom from JHK, and appreciate the way my unorganized and not so eloquent thoughts and ideas are expressed by a talented writer.

Often I wonder what Kunstler’s opinion would be places and happenings I have seen that he has not written about yet. Yesterday my travels took me to a place far different from upstate New York, though still in the northeast and with a common background as an agricultural area.

This small New England town on the western edge of New Hampshire was once a farming community but is now a haven for wealthy retirees. There are few newer tasteless MacMansions and also lovely old houses that have been restored and sometimes expanded. Many of the oversized dwellings house one or two wealthy, elderly people - though in the winter houses are often empty as they are second or third homes.

The metamorphosis of this town into a haven for the wealthy annoys me very much as it was my hometown decades ago when it was a farming community. My father stopped farming in the mid 70’s when farmers were told to get big or get out. I would love to be able to move back and be near family and old friends and own some good agricultural land, but the only affordable properties are crappy little ranches on tiny lots – housing for the working class, you know. Those wealthy old farts need their housekeepers, gardeners and handymen. It occurred to me that the all the people I know who grew up in the town and are still there inherited property.

Are the changes to this town a sign of the concentration of wealth in this country? What will a town of wealthy old people look like in 20 years? Is there any way to move them to upstate New York?

Remember Kuntsler's blogging about cattle eating chicken shit.

I don't, but I can tell you this: I spend way too damn much "free" time working on a farm that raises both cattle and chickens, and I find it highly unlikely that they would deliberately feed chicken shit directly to cattle. That stuff is good fertilizer; the way it works here is that they put end-loader buckets on the tractors (the small tractor has a 1/4-shitload capacity bucket, the larger tractor has a 1/2-shitload bucket), scoop the shit into a spreader truck, and scatter it around on the pasture(s).

The pastures themselves are fenced off from each other, and the cattle get rotated through as they crop the grass down, giving the field a chance to regrow (and absorb the fertilizer). Now cows, being the big dumb bastards they are, like to find weak spots in the fence lines and go through them when the grass is a little greener on the other side. It's possible that there was a big pile of chicken shit waiting to get spread out, and the cows got to it… they'd probably eat it if they had some mineral deficiency. But I just can't see even an industrial operation feeding it directly to the cattle; they wouldn't absorb the nutrients as well & could get sick off it. And even when you can sell them, you don't get as much money for sick cows.

I suppose I am lucky in a way. I grew up in Saugus, Massachusetts. This IS the infamous town with the orange dinosaur greeting you on "The most dangerous highway in Massachusetts" or at least before the Commonwealth removed all the places motorists could turn around. The Saugus Pines and Russo's Candies, those monuments to car culture from the 1930s, are now gone. In their place are buildings with a "design life" of 25 years. Actually, the rest of the town was rather nice with several walkable areas, till the McMansion builders came around 2000 and built the town out on the "difficult to develop" land. So, all the woods I waked in are now gone. I miss seeing the pink ladyslippers in the spring. I could live the "innocent all-American midwestern small city" lifestyle around 1965-1970. I knew nearly everyone in my high school class.

I say I am lucky because I live in one of the few areas of the USA where one can walk or take public transportation to a lot of places, Somerville Massachusetts. We still have viable Main Streets. Few storefronts have gone empty so far. The city got the moniker "Slummerville" 30 years ago: it isn't so now, not with three-deckers near the subway still going for half a million.

On the rare times "I've seen the USA in my Chevrolet" often a Cavalier, nice small car that easily got 30 mpg, I have seen some of the rural poverty in places with net out migration, places like upstate New York, and central Pennsylvania. And sometimes people move back, like the eastern West Virginia panhandle, or nowadays, western Maryland (Real estate prices are still going UP in Cumberland now!). The local concern in West Virginia back in 1980 was that the Washington, DC money would bring the "ugly America" with them. I went through Elkins a couple years ago and their concerns seem to be borne out. I suspect the same thing happened in Romney, too.

There are other areas of the USA that have had net outmigrations, places out of Mr. Kunstler's scope. Ever go to the Great Plains? That land could go back to the American Indians soon. They can build wind farms and make lots of money, places like western North Dakota, much of eastern Montana, much of western South Dakota, all the way south to Dodge City. Small towns are dying everywhere as people move into the few cities large enough to continue the madness that the Happy Motoring culture has effected since World War II. I suggest looking at Salina, Kansas as an example of what happens in the heartland. It's not safe to walk around those towns; the government even says so. If the cars don't get you, the crime will. My city has a lower crime rate than countless "middle American" cities I've examined.

I'm waiting for oil to go up again. Gas is already 50% more than it was last Christmas. That will kill the consumer culture more than anything. I will feel some of the sting, too, but there is still the economy of scale and the inherent efficiency it brings to mass transit. My hope is that governments get their act together soon and start rebuilding America's rail network. It was, George McGovern's first campaign promise, to build the world's finest railroad network, back when he spoke in Boston to initiate his ill-fated campaign in 1984. We DON'T have to do "high-speed" right away. Just upgrading the tracks through a public-private venture so the trains run at 110 mph (180 kph) and get them to run on time would be a great start to weaning America off those "buses with wings."

America has been here before. In the 1850s, American whalers had nearly exterminated the whale in the quest for whale oil. Then, mineral oil, with all its consequences, came. The private car will stay, albeit, much smaller, and the automakers selling far fewer of them. I see lots of opportunity for innovation in American enterprise that could stave off or alleviate "The Long Emergency." Mr. Kunstler, I know you're aware of some of them: small scale hydro power comes to mind, nice simple technology. As long as America needs turbines, GE will survive.

There are other things on the horizon like rooftop capture of rainfall (don't do it out west, it's illegal!), a solar-powered home distiller to go along with that. The appeal for home vegetable gardens has never died. Organic food continues to be a fast-growing enterprise. The seed exchange in Decorah, Iowa isn't going away anytime soon. I'm lucky to be living where I am to escape much of the "ugly America" with its traffic jams, and its attention-grabbing signs, and the "disposable everything" way of life. I don't have to go far to see it as it is. I'm hoping cooler heads prevail and diplomacy keeps the threat of a nuclear blast as a mere fantasy. We may be able to avoid reverting to a "world made by hand" brought about by some rouge government incinerating who knows where. Heaven forbid that we go back to some post-industrial Mad Max world.


I relate to everything you stated but as a French Canadian from Quebec now living in Ottawa, I'd like to refine your comment on our model.

Canada might lean a little towards the Scandinavian model of society but I would specify that this is in Anglo Canada.

In Quebec it is a strange mix of French (Code Civil Napoleon)and Americanism.

While in the Anglo part of the country, Canadians are insulted when compared to Americans, Quebeckers could not care less because that comparison could not even exist! I think their French language and culture offers enough differentiation that they are willing to embrace American consumerism without ever getting the feeling they can be taken over.

Don't get me wrong. Quebeckers love their socialist perks but they love to consume that American stuff!

I have to admit that I was somewhat apprehensive about moving to Ottawa. On my visits here, apart from the downtown core, I always felt I was visiting a generic American burb, full of strip malls and devoid or any diffentiating factors.

I might love Canada but I am quite sure we are going to go through the wringer. We are dependant on the US economy which is increasing its protectionism. They always manage to squeeze us out. For example, when our dollar was around 63 cents, they said we were dumping and imposed tariffs but when our dollar shot up to parity, suddenly we were pricing right.

When our dollar was at 63 cents we increased our exports to the US and inefficent exporters got a free ride. Now that the Cdn dollar is back up our government is probably going to do eveything in its power to keep the Cdn dollar low to help out those inefficent exporters when we should be taking advantage of the higher dollar to buy equipment and products that should increase our productivity. Do you think these exporters invested some of their profits during the boom years? Of course not, they probably but foreign luxury cars, yachts and Florida homes.

That's anothe problem with Canada. Indidudual wealth is undesirable because as soon as someone makes money skimming the average Canadian, they spend it outside the country.

Furthermore, we are very car dependant and have built our infrastrucutre around the car. And now Ontario is bailing out GM because it does not want to deal with the pension fallout. That will come back to bite us.

But 2 things will help us. The fact that our population is hugely concentrated in a few urban areas. Kunstler keeps on talking about the death of burbs. I think we can't compare the US burbs to the Cdn burbs.

Cdn burbs are so close to the city core that they are part of the cities. I think the burbs have a lot going for them. They are much cheaper and the infrastructure much younger. That's a sunk cost. Dowtown homes are twice the price of homes in the burbs. 2/3 of boomers have not money, so when push comes to shove, they will sell their downtowm homes, move to the burbs and place the difference in their investment portfolio. I think Cdn burbs will get more densely populated.

If he is right, and we are forced to grow locally, that means a lot more land will need to get farmed. You are closer to that land from the burbs than from the city.

And when people can't afford as many cars, public transit will finally take off and highways will clear up.

This week I saw an article stating that the economy is hitting the cities much harder than the burbs. The financial industry is in a bubble. As it gets trimmed, many jobs will be lost and many of those are in the dowtown core. The poor will migrate downtown.

The other advantage Canada has is our belief that government for the common good is a necessity. I believe that when Canadians finally realize that the American dream was really that, just a dream, they will start cooperating again.

Because over the last 1 to 2 decades, I have to say that Canadians have been increasingly ready to destroy their country to copy the Americans way of life.

What's left to be said? GM goes by the wayside and still no one seems to understand the nature of the "emergency."

Playing some sort of "slice and dice" with GM's assets - no one's really figuring on who gets the debts - Obama claims to have reinvented the monster with a new "techno-savvy" management that will somehow grow a profit from the smoldering heap.

Many still "don't get it." Even here at CF Nation we discuss technologies as solutions, while we all understand the real problems lie with our social structures.

Our government officers are agents of a "connected few" - working not with vision or altruism, but for greed and self aggrandizement.

Our corporations have become self-dealing legally fortified monstrosities more powerful, and more grotesque that any dictators of the human kind.

Our electorate has been dumbed-down, distracted and formally disenfranchised from any real role
in the social and political affairs of the day.

Listening to Obama's meaningless rhetoric about how neither he, nor our government will interfere with the "private management" of GM is an introduction or preamble to the coming speeches about the many other entities lining up to crash and will have to be dealt with.

First we "loan" them our increasingly worthless money, and then bid adieu. And "so it goes" - the social patterns repeated. In every area of our social-political endeavors, we watch the subversion, the perversion of the public's needs by the rich, the powerful and the connected.

Looking in to the future, the rich are assured that technology will save them. However, there seems scant evidence that we can expect sociology to "save us" from them.

Unbelievably fascinating to see you referring to Lovecraft, Jim, since he and his work have been a signal point of reference in my own life for over 20 years now, and since you yourself began to achieve that status about five years ago.

Great post this week. For those who know HPL, your comparison of the decay you recently witnessed to his literary visions of horrifically decrepit and degenerated peoples and places is titanically evocative. Very nice job.

As a Watertown native who fled the depression deacdes ago and plan only to return when the economy completely collapse.. Why cause of the deer hunting, Salomon fishing & vegetables canning abilities this nether land has to offer and lets not 4get all my tattoo wielding shot gun tooting relatives that will keep me safe from hordes arriving from NYC and a far looking for food.... Now to the point The difference between the USA & Canada... 70 miles SE of Watertown is an even more desolate town.. Utica NY which once proudly hosted the worlds very first Wollworth store... this town is a complete eye sore and economic disaster... and what do these Cats do... build a mall and name it...( only in the USA ) Consumer Square ... and get this its on Commercial Drive.. I think that kinda sums it all up..

Until then, I'll be Living Happily In South Florida un till S**t hits the fan..then Im bee-ling for Northern NY.. and the security it will then offer..

peace yeah-all

The Great Planet Georgia Real Estate Fire Sale continues, perhaps even more intensely than last summer. On my ride into work, I counted no less than 37 for sale signs, for everything from vacant lots to a 35+ acre "gentleman farm" (which has been on the market for well over a year now), two "for rent" signs, and one place that was for both sale and rent. I didn't even try to count commercial sale/lease properties, nor the signs pointing every which way (including backwards) to various development "communities." Two of the developments were offering "DISCOUNTED LOTS" — one said there were 51, the other didn't say.

Someone with more guts & money than sense could grab up one of the wholesale developments and perhaps do it right, mixing retail & office space with medium-density residential offerings — make the whole place walkable, of course — and see if it gets some attention.

WWMD? What would Michael Moore Do? The "Roger and Me" film maker had this to say:

Just a technical comment, but your new host sends confirmation email that gets caught on SPAM filters, just in case anyone reading this feels excluded from commenting for some strange reason--check your filters--

Blutown, MM's plea to Obama illustrates my previous post. While he makes a case for re-engineering the technologies necessary for rail and energy manufacture - he ignores the root of our current predicaments.

Namely, that as long as we continue to ignore the influences that are corrupting and perverting sane efforts in addressing the nation's welfare - we will continue to endure ever more outrageous behaviors orchestrated for the benefit of the few influential personalities with financial connections that subvert the democratic process.

We shouldn't be talking about GM. We should be talking about eliminating the dishonest Congressman and officials from their positions of power. How and by what means are yet to be determined, but history tells us that eventually the will of the masses has it's days.....

Factory farms don't really care how great a fertilizer is; if they did, they wouldn't dump all that manure into sludge ponds.

It's not a stretch to imagine factories feeding chicken manure to cows. A cow's natural diet is GRASS and only GRASS (they might get a few seeds or bugs mixed in), and if these "farms" are willing to make corn and soy the mainstay of the diet, why wouldn't they use other weirdo stuff? Here are some of the things cows eat in factory farms:

Cottonseed hulls
M&M leftovers (irregulars)
Potato chips
Chicken feathers

All this weird diet does make cows sick and they are pumped full of antibiotics. I found a really nice list a couple of years ago, but not sure where it is now.


America has hit rock bottom, and that's good news because it has nowhere to go but up.

GM's fate seems appropriate. They've sold style more often than substance. I find it fascinating that Germany and Japan buiilt excellent cars AND have quality mass transit!

For years GM's best cars were probably Opel vehicles, because they're German. Now GM's troubles are so bad Opel can't dissociate itself from its parent compnay fast enough. They let a Russian company buy a controlling interest in them!

We're going to have to produce better ways of growing food not because of exhausted resources but because Americans are starting to wise up and demand it.

Didn't the Toronto suburbs inspire the Rush song "Subdivisions," one of the greatest antisuburban songs of all time?

Just a suggestion: don't get too distracted by GM's problems, (or same sex marriage issues obfuscation, alien abductions, etc. ala Tabloid MSM). Instead, keep a wary eye on what the federal government is and is not doing, as Jim's current Daily Grunt video of the US Inspector General congressional questioning reveals. Where's the money? That's a lot of taxpayer money going unaccounted for. For how long does the populace allow these events and nonevents to proceed? What are the probable outcomes?

Read Rod's comment of 11:53 AM yesterday at the old CFN blog site. Rod's got it summed up nicely there.

Michael Moore's Roger and Me was a big wake up call for GM but they refused to hear it. I didn't say didn't hear it, I said refused!It was all there in that documentary long long ago.

Michael Moore's Roger and Me was a big wake up call for GM but they refused to hear it. I didn't say didn't hear it, I said refused!It was all there in that documentary long long ago.

The way to go now is intentional communities. See Dancing Rabbit an eco community started by ex Stanford grads on 1500 acres north of Columbia in MO. Or East Wind in Tecumseh MO. There are thousands of them all over the world and raising kids in them is great. Any single moms reading this do look into it. The children in intentional communities are incredible.

The real estate and development game is over. Take this from someone who has played it.

JHK this is a wake up call for you. You have something really great here and you can be a positive motivating force in the blogosphere. Please check out which, once upon a time, was a major force in progressive blogs. Why not now is another story. Also see and there are others which you will see on their blog rolls.

You have a community here with much talent as I have linked through to some home sites. You need a different platform for blogging which has indented threads for replies and is faster and less clunky.

You have zillions of fans and are keeping the best company of your time. The ones who call you nuts, online and off, are just ill informed. Here are some of your peers:

Bernard-Henri Levy
A lot of sci-fi writers
And I will send you more if you want.

Please please turn this into a huge success story for you and the internet. I think word press is the software used in some other places but I am not sure.

My comment to blutown needs to be under his comment that I am replying to with reply, parent, so anyone can access the thread of the conversation.

You have a winner here with all your fans so let's go! Also I need to be able to see who has responded to me on my home page here, how many have responded etc. If you check out the other places you will see how they do it with their software. This is an amazing place with incredibly talented people. We need to be able to network with each other.


Word Press is the most popular blogging software. Movable Type, JHK's new blogging platform, is the second most popular.

I believe Movable Type is a better platform for JHK's blog.

In the future he may change how the comments display on this blog. He just switched blogging platforms this week! Give him a little time to work out the kinks, OK?

As far as networking with other people interested in what Kunstler has to say, you could check out the KunstlerCast discussion forum for the listeners of his weekly podcast. That forum contains several different boards, including book discussions and general topics.

You may find some of what you're looking for there:

In my experience, Watertown is not much like other parts of upstate NY. I spent one horrible week in Watertown in 1999 and was aghast then at how un-appealing the area was. I now live in Tonawanda, NY not far from the western end of the Erie Canal and retired here from Atlanta, GA (where I was born) because of the wonderful small town atmosphere here in Tonawanda. Rural and small town Georgia, along with most of the south that I'm familiar, with has ALWAYS looked like what you described Watertown to be. At least it has for the last 50 years or so. Western New York in no way resembles Watertown.

I don't think anyone has mentioned Fred Exley's masterpiece "A Fans Notes" yet.

That's a great book about an alcoholic man from Watertown NY who becomes obsessed with a professional football player. Exley, the author, was from Watertown NY and many scenes in that book take place there.

Exley's second book "Notes from a Cold Island" also contains scenes in Watertown. That book gets rather obsessed with another, earlier Watertown author, Edmund Wilson, who wrote "Upstate."

Here's Exley's Wiki page:

actually, Thomriddle, Edmund Wilson was from New Jersey, his father was at one time Attorney General there, the Talcott / Wilson family estate was in Talcottville, NY, just north of Boonville, the beautiful stone house still stands, mythically-like, he was once editor for the New Yorker, I can get lost easily reading Upstate, a book that seemingly has no beginning nor end, his love and discouragements with Tug Hill culture. No doubt he'd be on board with the rest of us, though, he voiced a good deal of sentiment for the impecunious rural types.

Sansvoiture / Rochester

Jim, Clusterfuckians,
Canada and Australia... both Brit colonies... that didn't revolt...

Maybe you'll read this bit of fan mail from DownUnder, Oz, where we wait 4-8 weeks for one of your prescient parables in hardcover. Mine are dog-eared now from being lent out. And you picked piracy in TLE. Good one! Thanks for 'Being There'

I live deep in the bush, a dedicated defiant Hippy, resisting still, becoming a born-again consumer as most of the hippies have become.
For years now, I live for Tuesday evenings here, when home from the weekly hunting trip in the big Collateral Damage called Lismore. I'm off-grid, sunlight photons give me my weekly Kunstler chuckle, on dial-up.

Lismore CBD developers, like in most Australian towns, would just love to emulate Murrika. We have strip developers, habitat destroyers aplenty. We make more CO2 per head than you! And now Lismore Council has lost $7million, after being advised to invest in Lehmann. Instant Karma.

But something might just save us... well... delay our mess a bit;

It Was The Coffee and Donuts, not the oil.

When we were into tea and scones, the USA ran on coffee and sugar-coated donuts, which must surely have pressed the pedal down further, as the national psyche jostled for pole position, in the race towards the lemming cliff... just like the wonderful convertible (Pontiac?) in the Tom Tomorrow cartoon.

We were always at least 10 ten years behind the times, as represented by the US. Maybe it was the tea? ...maybe it was the beer?

I can completely relate to my fellow Kunstler-watchers here, and it is gratifying to hear so much clarity of vision amongst you.

Accurate self-reflection is so hard.

Thanks again JHK for being the best acid-tongue-in-cheek commentator out there. Spot on, mate.
Geoff, The Defiant Hippy

I love your weekly column and books, but I think this week you failed to see some of the remarkable beauty in the land of Northern New York. Watertown is depressing, no doubt. But the land of St. Lawrence County and surrounding areas and the Adirondacks and the St. Lawrence River are quite wonderful. I grew up in Potsdam then lived for many years in Manhattan, then Boston, then for a long time in Denver, but am glad to be back in this neck of the woods where there are many delightful and smart people. Some of the towns up here are organizing to prepare for the tough times you spell out in your book, and The Long emergency is the spark that has energized these communities to plan and prepare. Saratoga area is nice, but I would take the North Country with all its social and economic problems.


I look forward to your column on Mondays.
I make the run from Baltimore to a Cottage in Ontario quite a few times each year. I agree with your comments. I have always felt the reason for the quality of life in Canada is a better distribution of Wealth and a limited population
and the fact that the Climate forces people to cooperate. I found Canadians to be reserved but friendly .

If you think Watertown is bad, head up the road to Carthage.

We travel through there on the way to our lot in Potsdam (another town hanging on by a thread) and we inevitably end up talking about the utter dilapidation of the town (and others along the way).

Keep up the good work! You're the first read I go for every Monday.

If you think Watertown is bad, head up the road to Carthage.

We travel through there on the way to our lot in Potsdam (another town hanging on by a thread) and we inevitably end up talking about the utter dilapidation of the town (and others along the way).

Keep up the good work! You're the first read I go for every Monday.

A podcast on intentional communities? I think it's about time. Check out the dozens of cohousing groups and ecovillages springing up around the country!

And if you, or anyone you know, is considering a move to Utah, take a look at the UTAH VALLEY COMMONS, a cohousing ecovillage outside of Provo ( All are welcome!

Charles Nuckolls
Professor, Department of Anthropology
Brigham Young University

Viewing these outbacks of America, especially Ohio, where reside those who are struggling from payday to payday (assuming they still have jobs)but who despite their fates display those flags and bumperstickers endorsing first Bush/Cheney and later McCain/Palin on those many unreliable flivvers, the traveler is absolutely stunned.

This mindset of those denizens is traceable to the rightwing radio squawkers and good old Fox News. Better to have a country with every citizen fending for him/herself economically, financially and politically despite the desperate circumstances of many of them, than to have librul big gummint socialism ruinin' all Americans' freedoms.

Might it have been "conservative" AND "liberal" big government socialism that wrecked these places to begin with? And that gutted our medium sized cities like St. Louis and Detroit, and turned our more successful cities like New York and Chicago into over-paved, over-bureaucratized Tax Hells replete with entrenched, corrupt political machines and that are relentlessly self-destructing economically because of their dependence on the FIRE economy, their leader's excessive spending on non-essentials and White Elephant vanity projects at the expense of essential services and infrastructure, their destruction of their tax bases by subsidizing big box stores and other favored businesses via tax abatements and TIF districts, and their routine obstruction and harrassment of any business that hasn't formed a crony relationship with the local politicians?

Industry and commerce in this country didn't just die, it was murdered, by cronyism, bureaucratic strangulation, and tax laws that favored offshore outsourcing while punishing local producers. Meanwhile, back home, our government made laws that flagrantly favored some businesses, like GM, and turned this country into a Corporate Welfare State that enabled favored businesses, like our doddering auto industry, to coast down into mediocrity and uncompetitiveness, while deliberately destroying, by punitive taxation and regulatory strangulation, our railroads and other industries that did not fit into their particular vision of what this country should be.

Our towns, cities, and the country as a whole have been utterly destroyed by ham-fisted government policies backed by federal taxing authority. Since the Roosevelt administration decided we were all going to leave the fetid cities and live in houses on suburban greenbelts and have cars, the FHA redlined cities while Eisenhaur's administration provided the "free" interstate highways that would finish the job of emptying out their populations to the burbs. And then, after 30 years of deliberate destruction by anti-urban policies and massive subsidies for auto ownership and suburban development, we just couldn't figure out for the life of us why our cities were collapsing. No one noticed that we were stripping them to build the burbs by diverting the taxes they generated for just that purpose.

This country has been ruined by government policies that are powered by massive allocations of tax money and whose effect cascade down through decades. And each distortion produced by them has to be addressed with yet MORE tax money and more badly-conceived policies, such as the multitude of "affordable" housing programs, easy money policies, and the stated willingness of the government to bail out our financial malefactors from the results of their malfeasance. Well, we'll be dealing with the unintended consequences of our leader's current bumbling attempts to set things halfway right by throwing all the tax money they can ever hope to collect at programs that are ringing up a deficit in the trillions.

"Might it have been "conservative" AND "liberal" big government socialism that wrecked these places to begin with?"

Amen Laura. But hang in there because its only going to get worse. As Dear Leader recently proclaimed (At a $30,000 per couple fundraising dinner) "You ain't seen nothing yet." Really, Mr. O? Frankly, I've already "seen" quite enough.

I'm not sure there has ever been a time in America when your description of the cities governments hasn't been correct. That one of the problems we have, in terms of evaluation, we tend to see only the current or most recent situation and imagine the past to be a much better place than it was.

It's hard to imagine city governments more corrupt than NY, Chicago, and Las Angeles have been in the past. In fact, the biggest difference, and perhaps threat is, it's almost accepted now.

That would be the biggest concern I would have regarding the federal government in particular, bribery is legal and regulated. How can you have a government "by the people" under those circumstances?

The stark contrast at the border may be explained by the fact that 75% (some say as high as 90%) of Canadians live within 100 miles of the border. Most of Canada's major cities are withing 100 miles of the border. That makes about 24.5 million close to the US border. The top 3 cities (Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver make up 9.7 million of that 24.5 million. Most of Canadian affluent society is close to the border. Take a drive beyond Montreal into the rural areas and I can show you some areas that make northern Maine and northern NY state look cosmopolitan.

I've been a long-time reader of Jim's. Places like Waterton are a vision of the future, except those towns that redesign themselves into small sustainable communities. I believe the cities are toast.

I have a blog that celebrates living simply and free while helping others. It's a glimpse into what life can really be:

And thanks, JIm, for all your thoughtful and insightful writings.

I found this article very interesting. I live in Saranac Lake, but travel often to Syracuse via watertown.
Other comments have mentioned Syracuse in its lovely splendor. And they are spot on. It is in decline. Spending time there is an education in poverty. I'm not sure the average american knows poverty exists outside the major cities on this scale.
Watertown is as stated in the article, is a debacle. Next time you are there, stop at the diner on the square. What a depressing place.

Saranac lake is gorgeous this time of year however. I suggest you visit! Wash the taste of watertown out of your mouth in our pristine waters.

First, let me say it's disappointing to work hard on a posting, only to submit it and never see it again. Happened about 9 pm last night EDT, while my handsome spouse was asking, again, when I m.ight be finished for the evening.

Knowing this is the first week of a revamped site, I offer that comment in the way of feedback.

Now, what I am wondering, is how people are reacting to last night's ABC news special, Earth 2100. We don't watch much American prime time TV here in Upper Canada, but the host was on the Daily Show so caught the last 45 minutes. The brief bit on Stewart's show was enough to convince me that ABC was ignoring a huge chunk of the nature of the real problem here: not just climate change but Peak Oil and the gross mismanagement of global capitalism run wild.

While I was just in time to briefly see JHK making a comment on the show, somehow I doubt he would be on board with the entirety of this broadcast. Commentary this morning is focused on climate change with nobody noticing what is missing, and without that enlightenment, the rosy future forecasted in the last 15 minutes of the show isn't going to happen.

But as we are already sadly aware, people just don't want to know the truth, and we sure can't depend on maintstream media to tell us.

Would really like to hear comments from anyone who spent some time watching this last night.

Maybe you could go easier on the tattoo set, Jim; some tattoos look OK. I remember backpacking in NZ in the 70's and seeing a Maori girl with a small tattoo on her shoulder. It looked very fetching; I'm not sure that it had cultural significance though. I would rather you turned your attack on the sunglasses-on-the-shaved-forehead crowd; grown men with sunglasses clamped to their brows taking their best girls out for the evening. Do they think the sun's motion is cycloidal and it might one day reappear early? I am hoping for Mattel to release Wanker (or Violent Clown) Ken with black sunglasses fused to his forehead and oversize clothes. Then there is the belt-below-the-anus thing ...

Thanks, Jim, I appreciate you airing your views via this site.

Not sure I like the new site. Too many new goofballs. But Whatever.

At least OEO is here. What's up, Brother?

I'm tan, rested, and ready.

Anybody figure out the html yet? Can we post videos?

Johnny Rico,

Are you going to be a bad, bad, boy {Insert Ozzy link here}?

And are they new goofballs or old goofballs with new names, sugar?


If Goldman Sachs is the trading arm of the US gov, (do you notice those cute little spikes in the DOW every day in the last 15-20 minutes of trading) what does that make bailout taking, fuel oil hoarding, nine month tanker renting, economy jeopardizing, JP Morgan?

With all the bailouts can anyone even tell the difference between big corporations and the government? I can't.

This is a test of HTML

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Naw, I'm, gonna be good, Sugar. I got OEO to keep me in line.

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Gee, thanks for yet another iteration of the gratuitous self-posting. You've stuck to the template well.

P.S. Obama sends his love-juice, Asoka.

I kinda thought something like this was going down.. here in california, all my ex-burb ex-hippy friends are going back to growing pot. It's the only economy that's not taxed and still functioning, plus you have a medical exemption. My daddy occasionally whipped out a few gallons of moonshine.. I got to run the spout. I'll be putting a still together for when that's a cash commodity and all that cabernet sauvingon isn't being bottled anymore around here.
I cut and facet gemstones as a side line. No one is buying or has bought anything for the last year. A friend just gave me "The Creature from Jekyll Island". I recommend that for anyone who wants the agenda behind the bailouts.

This whole thing is reminding me of the dust bowl oklahoma scenes in "The Last Picture Show" where I grew up.

JHK, Watertown sounds like 3/4 of the towns here in West Virginia minus the Army base. Empty downtown areas with miserable strips of gas stations, fast food joints and second/third tier big box retailers on the edge of town and lots of poor people.

Remember the govt lies about unemployment and it lies about inflation (consumer prices only increased like 3% last year? - yeah I believe that)

Enjoy your work.

JHK, Watertown sounds like 3/4 of the towns here in West Virginia minus the Army base. Empty downtown areas with miserable strips of gas stations, fast food joints and second/third tier big box retailers on the edge of town and lots of poor people.

Remember the govt lies about unemployment and it lies about inflation (consumer prices only increased like 3% last year? - yeah I believe that)

Enjoy your work.

Hey Vladmir, may we just call you Vlad the Impaler, instead?

(I know, me and the mouse in my pocket)

Any bets on how long before we can remove the 'Good' modifier in front of 'Johnny Rico'?

I'm gonna be honest with Jim K, the fonts on this 'new look' site suck. They're too blocky, but great for the over 40s crowd--"Look, no need my readers!". Looks like a kiddie show. And the colors are brown and black? Isn't that a little too Nazi?

I'll tell you what: check out a pretty blog site, like Nudge's FutureTowniesofAmerica over on WordPress. Whatever you're paying these new guys, it's way too much.

Just sayin, Jim. Only your true friends and admirers give it to you straight.

So, how's the new book progressing?

I had to make a trip into Atlanta for a day seminar today; as I was getting directions to the hotel off Google Maps I saw an option for "Public transit" and clicked it on a lark. Turned out the hotel was only 1/4 mile from one of the train stations, so I decided to give it a try. Turned out to be a great idea — only $4 for a round-trip ticket & free parking at the North Springs station, vs. $20 to park at the hotel.

The MARTA stations are clean and well-kept; the North Springs station parking deck was more crowded than I remember in the past, but I found a spot. Day parking is still free, but overnight parking is now $7 so you can't leave your car for a week for free & take the train to the airport. (bummer) They've started using these "Breeze cards" that are basically a piece of cardboard around a chip; the card is an extra 50 cents but it's reusable. After I saw another rider just slap his wallet against the reader, I caught on pretty quick. Beats using tokens.

Really, the only hassle using the system was the 16-mile drive from the office to the nearest train station. It would be nice if they could extend the lines some more before it's too late.

FAR, I used the MARTA rail system on a trip to Atlanta a few years back, and came away with the impression, verified by residents there, that while it is quite beautiful and modern, it is unduly costly and is underutilized because Atlanta's population is diffused over 13 counties of low-density sprawl, and therefore cannot use it to get from where they are to where they want to go.

I of course automatically compared the system to our system here in Chicago, which is so heavily used and vital to the area. I pretty much live my live along the Red Line (the old North-South) here in Chicago, and can fill every need within a few blocks of it. Atlanta's system is of course much more modern and glossy, having been put into place as one piece back in the 70s, but it is incredibly wasteful and non-utilitarian. For one thing, there are the stations- quite beautiful but much larger and snazzier than is justified. These stations cost about 4X what they need to, and a rail station fitted with all the accomodations cost a minum of $5MM anywhere, just to renovate. The downtown station had a big enough platform to run 6 trains through it, I noticed. One feature I appreciated was the relative safety, in that the 3rd rail is hooded so that an employee on the right-of-way can more easily avoid being 'stung' by it- a frequent, tragic event on Chicago's century-old 3rd rail system.

City rail systems were very popular in the 70s until the Feds realized they were being steeply underutilized due to the sprawl that had spread since the 50s, which guaranteed that there would not be the population density necessary to support the system, especially since cities would not follow through by planning mixed-use, high-density neighborhoods around the stations and transfer points. That's why the systems in NYC and Chicago are so used and vital, because the trains were put into place in response to high demand due to high density populations in cities that were built around dense downtowns where all the commerce took place. The rail systems then helped keep the population in place, and the result is that NYC and Chicago are much more intact than Atlanta, say, or St. Louis or Detroit.

This I will say for Atlanta's system- it is the ONLY way to travel from Hartsfield to downtown, and I would recommend that Kunstler utilize it the next time he has a speaking jig in Atlanta. It's fast, smooth, and comfortable, even if the employees tend to be a bit surly.

this is an excerpt from the latest newsletter from Michael Moore. for the rest, you can go to:

We are now in a different kind of war -- a war that we have conducted against
the ecosystem and has been conducted by our very own corporate leaders. This
current war has two fronts. One is headquartered in Detroit. The products built
in the factories of GM, Ford and Chrysler are some of the greatest weapons of
mass destruction responsible for global warming and the melting of our polar
icecaps. The things we call "cars" may have been fun to drive, but they are like
a million daggers into the heart of Mother Nature. To continue to build them
would only lead to the ruin of our species and much of the planet.

how way true! Have a great CAR-FREE DAY!

Sansvoiture, Rochester, NY

Laura, no arguments there. You mentioned 13 counties, and MARTA only covers two: Fulton & DeKalb, encompassing Atlanta itself and Decatur (a fairly large urban entity in its own right). The other three counties comprising the five-county metro (Cobb, Gwinnett, Rockdale), let alone the exurban counties, all refused to participate. This is the South, and you can probably draw the right conclusion from that.

Of course, the sprawl has continued unabated, and JHK is quite right to describe Atlanta as extremely car-dependent. It is. The non-participating counties offer their own bus services that link to MARTA stations, but any bus is susceptible to the same traffic issues that drivers have.

But part of the problem has to lie with the hotels themselves. The Doubletree doesn't say boo about how close it is to the Buckhead station — if you're flying into Hartsfield & staying there, you're so much better off taking the train — a couple of the people in the seminar who flew in had cars they only used to get from the airport to the hotel! (I guess the hotel doesn't want to cut into their $20 parking fees.) There's signage in the station pointing to the nearby hotels and large businesses, which makes life a lot easier, but you have to know that the train is an option to begin with.

I just hope ridership grows into the stations — judging from how full the parking deck was at North Springs, it hasn't lost all its gains from last year's gas prices — and they can add more stations and trackage. Ironically, the conference room we used at the hotel had several photos of pre-war Atlanta outside, several of which showed the old trolley system that GM destroyed.


Hot damn bud. Some frealin' brain cells I can bounce thought beams off of. Shit-fucking-nation its been a wasteland here of late. Welcome back. More to follow.

I think there are many encouraging signs nowadays, and the worst of the strip mall / sprawling designs of the 1960s-1990s are becoming a thing of the past. People are realizing what enormous energy user suburbanisation is, and how it destroys the quality of life in communities.

Things won't change over night. But ever since the freeway revolts of the 1970s and the growing backlash against humongous developments, one community at a time, things are changing. Yet, it's difficult to change right now when energy is so cheap, and being wasteful has no practical consequences.

Once China and Indian start mass use of automobiles and oil supply becomes more constrained, leading to higher prices, gas prices will promote more compact designs and devalue more suburban locations. It's possible that McMansions on the fringes, eventually will become abandoned or houses for the poor, unless energy efficent transit is designed to reach them or a walkable community is built up around them.


Glad to see you migrated the blog - I've been looking forward to the chance to comment.

When I migrated from Seattle to Victoria in '03, there was a feeling every time we crossed back into Canada that an air of oppressiveness had lifted. North of Seattle, you seldom saw bucolic farms - they were too far from the highway. The land that was close had become increasingly "strippified". Yet even the farms you could see looked dismal and dilapitated, the buildings decayed and rotted.

Even the people took on some of that air - out of shape (which is saying something given what it takes to run a farm), terrifyingly ignorant of the world around them, and many with a look of vague disquiet as if somewhere along the line their world had shifted into Twilight Zone territory.

Cross through the border into Canada, and the world is different. The farms look well maintained, even though the houses are probably older, and the omnipresent strip malls south of the border are considerably fewer. In the Spring, you do get a whiff of something you seldom encounter in the US - soil laden with manure, which, while not pleasant, seems at least natural.

The trek to the Tsawassen ferry terminal south of Vancouver takes you through more farmland, until you get to the port. The ferries that make the run were recently upgraded, and are considerably more fuel efficient. From Tsawassen to Vancouver Island and Swartz Bay (about twenty km N. of Victoria) you can still see orcas, seals, bald eagles, blue heron, and other animals and birds that most people see only on TV.

The people are healthier here. Fitter, trimmer, more physically and mentally active. Most are far more aware of their world than Americans are.

I think the explanations given before explain some of it. Canada has a much lower population density, and it hugs the border less because this is where the trade is and more because its the warmest part of the country. Moreover, the long distance between cities means in general that most Canadian cities are much more like city-states. There isn't the same sense of urban sprawl, though it does exist to a certain extent.

Additionally, even in large cities such as Vancouver, the architectural sensibility is more European in flavor, where people are more likely to live in urban high-rises than bedroom communities.

Canada is far from perfect, especially wrt its politics, though oddly enough the confederate model that Canada adopted actually works better than the federated model employed by the US. It's HARD to concentrate power in Canada, which in turn means that you don't get the degree of adventurism that the US is susceptible to.

Even in Victoria, we're feeling the pinch of the recession, but it's nowhere near as bad as it is in the States, and Canada will likely recover faster than the US will.

Thanks for the blog and the insights - I too have become a regular Monday reader.

right Kurt, Canada has lots of positive attributes, which explains it's large population? Yes, you have all that territory (though less land than we), what's with your sparse numbers, didn't 11 million Canadians come stateside since 1880? Just a question.

Canadians deny their american-ness, or, perhaps we yanks deny our canadian-ness? and, what's with media "content laws," to insist it's citoyens patronize their national TV and radio artists?

isn't Canada really an extension of the old world, on our continent, grossly misused by Britain (in old world fashion), and dropped like an albatross in the 1860s?

I think Paul Martin's visit to Moscow was demonstrative- he was greeted by the secretary of a secretary, such was the state recognition received by "Oh Canada,"

and since, 1988, corporate Canadian elites have bean slowly selling the nation out to foreigners, mostly Americans, thanks be to NAFTA, the slow process of annexation.

any criticism from Canada should be weighed carefully being the land of appeasement, except for the Quebecois, who've bean heavily oppressed by the Brits, institutionally and otherwise,

how do they say? Americans are benevolently ignorant of Canada, Canadians are malevolently aware of the U.S.?

OK Canada, oh land of liberals (fiberals) open your doors as America did, to the masses and masses, and, oh, you did, and? wow, 2009 and 34 million people..........


First of all, winter in Canada is not easy. Since most immigrants come from hot countries, Canada is probably not their top pick. The US definitely has a better choice when it comes to climate.

Secondly Americans are boisterous and great marketers. The American dream enhanced by its representation in the media can be quite attractive to an outsider. But when you account for our social net, Canadians in general have a much better quality of life than your typical American.

It's a different story if you're in the top 1-5 %. And that's where you see the immigration of Canadians to the US. Because of its sheer size, there are definitely more opportunities in the US for this group. But this immigration has to be for opportunity reasons and not for tax issues. Most who have gone for tax issues are disappointed because when you start accounting for life insurance and other costs, there is not free lunch.

I like the fact that you do not like Canada and I hope you convince many more. The selfish part of me does not want Canada to get more deforested, paved and Americanized than it already has.

Maybe one day people will realize that geography and climate mean something when choosing a way of life and that the Anglo-saxon way of life might not make sense everywhere on this planet.

I like the fact that you do not like Canada and I hope you convince many more. The selfish part of me does not want Canada to get more deforested, paved and Americanized than it already has.


For 30 years now, while the cities are crumbling under 100 old infrastructure, burbs are being developed with absolutely no long term vision. They are ugly and that ugliness comes directly from the American master model of its own burbs.

Why are we copying them? Because we don't have clout. If we want to be competitive, we have to play by the same rules as the Amercians.

I am so sick and tired of having the Americans deride all other countries when they don't realize how stuck we are. They don't realize how they are cornering us with their screwed up fiscal and economic policies.

We try to run our countries with different styles but how can you plan long term when the 10,000 pound gorilla down south is perpetually cutting taxes and looking at quarterly earnings? At one point, we get half our population saying: "Screw it. If we can't beat them, join them."

And it's even tougher running a country when half is looking one way and the other half looking the other way.

Thanks for coming to Canada, Jim. I have always loved the USA, but I do get that sense of a lack of tackiness every time I come back to Canada. Any time I am down in Florida on holiday I always find that it takes a 5-10 mile drive to get groceries, where I can walk to one grocery store and drive to 2 others in less than a mile from my suburban Toronto home. I can also walk to a GO Station, our Toronto area commuter service, which will take me to the main VIA rail system.

The Ontario government did bail out GM and Chrysler, unfortunately. $9.5 billion to save 25,000 jobs. Senseless. But, there are also billions being spent in Ontario to develop renewable energy sources, and we now hear that Magna international is looking for government support to build electric vehicles in Ontario. (Baby) Steps in the right direction.

Canada is not perfect, and is still quite dependent on the automobile, but I get a sense that we'll be able to adapt if it gets too expensive, or even impossible, to drive. We are currently paying $1 a litre for gas, which is about $3.75 per gallon, and the percentage of small cars on the road is much, much higher than in the US. Any time I see a giant SUV on our highways I think "must be from the States", and 9 times out of 10, it is. I got rid of a mid sized SUV (Chevy Trailblazer) for a Mazda 5 mini-minivan and couldn't be happier. Double the mileage, way easier to park, lots of cargo room. There's at least part of the peak oil answer. I'm sure Peak oil will hurt in Canada - as it will in Europe and Asia. But I think it will hurt much more - and maybe even be fatal - in the USA.

I emailed my sister this blog entry because she's driving from Northern California to Yellowstone Wyoming, Calgary, Banff, and West to Victoria, down down south to California. When she returns, I'll asked her if she observed what Mr Kunstler saw.

The core of the Clusterfuck remains with the inability of humankind to socialize in a manner that purports the clearest sense of logic and fairness with respect to allocating resources.

That's never been much of a problem in the past. Most of what we have has been taken, or manufactured at the expense of many for the benefit of those with the means.

But now, some things are starting to go "bump." Only a very few have most of what the rest of the worlds either "needs" or wants." And because of the continuous swelling of the global population, the disparity between supply and demand will grow and an inversely proportional "fair allocation" of these resources will grow.

Currently, many city-states recognize the need to "do something." But in the US, where such a huge portion of petroleum consumption is based on frivolities and disposable or non-necessary consumption - the government is facing the dual dilemmas of addressing energy consumption with respect to simple utility usage - but is also faced with going about curtailing ostentatious or recreational use of energy that generates little or no "socially redeeming value." And of course each one of us can differ on what-the-hell that phrase means.

In contrasting Canada and the United States with respect to Clusterfuck, all one needs to do is investigate the comparative portions of the economies that are based on "disposable" use of transportation or energy.

Clearly it's the US's penchant for asinine behaviors like stock car racing, professional sports and SUVs and the like, that set it apart - in the deepest part of Clusterfuck Canyon....

And so far, there's little realization that eventually, that if any of these toys are to be kept, a whole lot of suburb will have to go away.

Although the

reply to Danm
"I like the fact that you do not like Canada and I hope you convince many more. The selfish part of me does not want Canada to get more deforested, paved and Americanized than it already has."

I can't find ou j'ai dit que je n'aimes pas le Canada,"

stateside I'm actually pro-Canadian, BNA-side I'm actually pro-U.S.A., it's called simultaneous contrast,

again, I remind you that mon pays has more land, you only have more territory,

but, in regards to your climate explanation for your failure to entice more people up there, our border states have some 100 million denizens in places where the climate isn't drastically different,

"the great white north" isn't so north to us who have resided in, say, metropolitan Anchorage, with it's 250,000 denizens,

having lived in Ottawa on Sandy Hill / UofO district, I was broken into, multiple times, and witnessed some very seedy characters doing everything from prostituting teenagers to kicking doors in / home invasions to setting people on fire,

I just get dumb-tired of the Canadian bliss myth thing,

I've lived car free in Ottawa and now here in Rochester for six years, I don't have to worry about swarmings (Canadians will know what I'm referring to) at the bus stops, haven't witnessed a murder on a bus (as in Ottawa two years ago), and, I'm qualified to say that, no, the quality of life here isn't any lower, in fact, our wealth isn't so new and culturally I'd say we're significantly ahead of you,

good luck on your upcoming federal elections, what, the third in three years?

it'd be nice if Jack Layton or your former American head of the Green Party actually could win more seats - then again, you don't have proportional representation,

Hm: US Installs 342 MW of PV Solar in 2008. Would 342MW be enough to run a factory making solar panels?

That's a serious question — what does that equate to in MWh?. I'll see if I can find out.


You are generalizing your personal experiences and comparing apples to oranges Why don't you compare that part of Ottawa with a similar section in Washington DC?

Human nature is the same wherever you go. Even when you give them a social net, many people will not use it and opt for crime.

You did not have to go to the US to get away from this seediness. I'm out in the burbs of Ottawa, made sure we were walking distance from all the essentials (yes, it is possible in the burbs if you really set your mind to do it!)and my quality of life is amazing.

That is exactly why I don't believe the burbs will die like Kunstler thinks. Not in canada anyway. The cities will get seedier and the money will move to the burbs.

And btw, you don't have to say "I hate it" outright to pass a judgment. The tone can be quite indicative.

Canadian Bliss it the American Myth


Another great post. We did a car trip from the aging rusting Rochester, NY to pay homage to the American gods down in Orlando. Drove through Buffalo, down south we went. The construction projects are incredible, some southern states were ripping apart whole highways. After 1/2 hour waiting in Georgia, I asked the guy why such big projects, it's the Wshington DC money. We passed broken down car centers that were ugly and serving the same old fake corporate food. I know understand your thoughts, and to see the decay first hand, even in the magical world of the mouse show it's slight cracks, talk to the employees and you know we are in trouble.


Another great post. We did a car trip from the aging rusting Rochester, NY to pay homage to the American gods down in Orlando. Drove through Buffalo, down south we went. The construction projects are incredible, some southern states were ripping apart whole highways. After 1/2 hour waiting in Georgia, I asked the guy why such big projects, it's the Wshington DC money. We passed broken down car centers that were ugly and serving the same old fake corporate food. I know understand your thoughts, and to see the decay first hand, even in the magical world of the mouse show it's slight cracks, talk to the employees and you know we are in trouble.

I for one am all for a car-free existence and have achieved that over the past six years, in Rochester, NY, a small scale Los Angeles where the city has 200 thousand and now the county, with fifty years of middle class flight (black and white), has over five hundred thousand,

in order to do so I have rearranged my life, substituting doctors in the suburban medical complexes with those within walking distance of home, adding baskets to my bike for shopping, adding winter tires to my bike which I now ride year around, discovering the services of my neighborhood from a Chinese grocer to a back street shoe store that, despite having lived here for years, I never realized existed,

in response to angst over the Long Emergency, I am in the early planning stages of converting my sizable yard into a garden, appealing to neighbors to take part in the labor and harvest,

having apple and pear trees, planted by previous owners, I will have experienced apple growers (is there a horticultural word for them?) prune and cultivate these so as to produce an edible fruit (which currently is quite sour),

it may be that I'll be bartering apples and veggies for, perhaps, roof work or plumbing,

my concrete driveway, big enough for four cars has become a outdoor dining area complete with a big table and chairs, and a privacy fence, our own urban court yard / escape,

cycling and walking I have become more sensitive to the beauty here, our 1/4 slice of old Rochester is quite intact, having the universities and major health facilities (one being my employer),

I've wondered how, if a return to the cities is inevitable, 800 thousand denizens might squeeze into this municipality, it occurred to me that additional houses could be built where driveways exist, ie, filling in,

I for one, since childhood, have wondered what happened to North America in that we seem to have gone crazy with the automobile and ruined our cities, we have, for many years rendered our cities no longer urban while ruining the outlying countryside which is longer rural, I read somewhere that the philosophy of a cancer cell is "growth for the sake of growth," unfortunately I think that applies to North America,

I would appreciate hearing how other readers would prepare for the Long Emergency.

Jim expanded my view of the insanity that is Happy Motoring in that it depletes not only our natural habitat but also our precious resources critical to survival (oil),

I've come to view the use of the automobile as a selfish act demonstrative of blatant disregard for posterity,

the greatest single act anyone might practice in the interest of future generations is to give up their vehicle / four wheeled prosthetics, as Jane Holtz Kay (author of Asphalt Nation) aptly puts it.

I anxiously look forward to a focused discussion / exchange of how we'll deal with The Long Emergency.

Berig Vintrange / Sansvoiture / Rochester, NY

I share with you a bit of Sarah Palin's speach, given yesterday in Auburn, NY,

"Alaska can actually quench America's thirst for hydrocarbons for years and reduce energy costs and reduce the dependence on foreign sources of energy, if given the opportunities that America was founded upon. Remember that was the exploration and the innovation and the production and the hard work. Now we have an opportunity to secure America's economy and our homeland."

should we consider her for prez in 2012?

"the greatest single act anyone might practice in the interest of future generations is to give up their vehicle / four wheeled prosthetics, as Jane Holtz Kay (author of Asphalt Nation) aptly puts it."

No, I could argue that "not making babies" is considerably more important. And while we're at it aborting a few of your neighbor's babies is a better idea to boot.

And for that matter - quit with all the "cookie" give-aways to poor nations savaged by famine and pestilence.

Now - that's getting somewhere.....

Bud4, no, you actually need to do both, give up the SUV and no moron making babies, but even those measures, if widely implemented, will not stop what's coming--sorry, much too late for that. Shoulda thought of that one 30+ years ago.

from Ottawa Sun

June 5, 2009
High oil prices may mean more jobs
By Vanessa Gates,

Jeff Rubin (HO)

Like it or not, your world is about to get a whole lot smaller.

According to Jeff Rubin, former chief economist of CIBC World Markets, when the price of a barrel of oil soars into triple digits, everything from travel to food to cars will be much more expensive leaving cities no choice but to start producing locally.

Much of the world had a little taste of that last summer, when oil prices spiked to more than $140 a barrel and gasoline shot past $1.30 a litre. The pain it caused drivers, airlines and importers was just a sample of what is predicted to come just few years from now, and soon there will be no choice but to change our ways, Rubin argues in his new book, “Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller”.

find the rest of this at:


Letter to Nobel Institute: Norwegian Nobel Committee:

Notice of Legal and Political Request to:

(I) Withdraw Nobel Peace Prize’s from Nelson Mandela, F.W. de Klerk, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, for (a) Intellectual Dishonesty & Hypocrisy; (b) Moral, Political and Religious Prostitution; and (c) ‘TRC-RSA’ Fraud and Betrayal; and

(II) Accept Nobel Peace Prize Nominations for Dr. Albert Bartlett; Dr. Garret James Harden, and Dr. M. King Hubbert, for Intellectually Honest and Politically Honourable Ecologically Sustainable, Human Rights, Peace and Social Justice Advocacy.


Letter to Nobel Institute: Norwegian Nobel Committee:

Notice of Legal and Political Request to:

(I) Withdraw Nobel Peace Prize’s from Nelson Mandela, F.W. de Klerk, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, for (a) Intellectual Dishonesty & Hypocrisy; (b) Moral, Political and Religious Prostitution; and (c) ‘TRC-RSA’ Fraud and Betrayal; and

(II) Accept Nobel Peace Prize Nominations for Dr. Albert Bartlett; Dr. Garret James Harden, and Dr. M. King Hubbert, for Intellectually Honest and Politically Honourable Ecologically Sustainable, Human Rights, Peace and Social Justice Advocacy.

Errr... With all due respect, sir, how many "moron" babies have you produced, personally? IIRC, wasn't it three? Opps! I forgot! That whole "stop making babies" thing is for "those people" to do, not us wealthy, educated folks. Got it.

It was two boys, with the youngest born in 1998. I became Peak Oil and Peak Resources aware in 2004. I also drive a large car, purchased new in 2004, just before reading "The Party's Over" by Heinberg. The justification for the car was to drive the boys and their friends around. We have bicycles also (4) but present auto traffic makes them insane to ride in most places. We live in a city that could prove to be a death trap in future.

I personally think folks like the Octomom are insane. OTOH, curbing population by birth control now is a lot like those folks painting the brown dead grass green on foreclosed homes to sell them better in the present economic downturn, or hoping for wind power or solar power or biodiesel to save us from FF depletion, or pissing on a forest fire to put it out.

It doesn't matter anymoron, St. Vitus, it's way too late in the game we have been playing for birth control to make a significant change. Nope, you and I are going to witness this, and it will involve a whole lot of death, either by war, pestilence, or famine, but my guess is famine will be the most effective population reduction tool. Only a nuclear war can possibly trump it.

With respect to pending energy shortages, Ontario and Eastern Canada are in no better shape than the Eastern U.S.A. That is because there is insufficient domestic capacity to carry the Western Canadian oil that would be necessary Eastern Canada's energy needs at present. Too bad that Trudeau didn't go with a massive infrastructure investment across the Canadian shield instead of his socialistic NEP pricing schemes. Such a plan would have actually been popular in the West to boot! Now, when the spot shortages arrive, Eastern Canadian politicians will find that regardless of treaty obligations, NEP II nor any other pricing scheme is going to save Ontario's ass. And they'll have Pierre Elliot Trudeau himself to thank for it.

funny story re watertown: it's a common name round these parts, as one would expect, probably a close second to ubiquitous springfield. my wife and i befriended a young woman visiting from switzerland, she was to stay with us in watertown, connecticut en route to flying outv the city.

somehow she ended up in watertown, ny, many many hours up the wrong tree: fortunately, a nice man offered to let her spend the night with him. generous american, he was eager to provide sexual intercourse, too, but somehow she naively skated by this predicament with the famous neutrality of her homeland.

wasn't america supposed tb vital counterpoint to old crumbling europe? our derelict industrial landscape somehow seems deader even than the faded postcards of the moribund old country. it's as if the boundless energy of this new continent has revealed itself as mere persistent illusion.

another note of local interest: drive south from waterbury, ct, along state route 8 as it follows the now swimmable(!) naugatuck, eventually you will come to bridgeport. this stretch of highway used tb a horror show of pollution, but thankfully the economy has achieved what forever eluded the environmentalists. and really, a person can breathe easy everywhere around here, it's not as if the carcinogens are an annoyance.

i'd been away some time, but still, these old haunts were unexpectedly alien. the streets of waterbury were disconcertingly devoid of life... it was as if i'd arrived moments after an evacuation, the siren had just gone still. those who were able to get out had done just that; those who remained had no place else to go. street people, muttering to themselves, old people, muttering to themselves, killers and petty crooks, looking both ways as they crossed the street, faces in doorways watching me watch my back. i defied the rules of traffic as i took care not to come to a vulnerable halt.

did yall see the new war of the worlds? i know, tom cruise is execrable, but a few special effects are worth admission. the scene at the end, when the aliens are destroying the old factory, that's a digital melange of vacant naugy chemical plants; the hollywood types actually came with all their equipment to my almost hometown.

i sat in the theater going, hey, i know that place! i've waited all my life for some alien to take it out.

Thank you, kind sir for making a mockery of our happy little town, Watertown.
I will have you know that our town has, per capita probably the same percentage of homeless and poorly dressed individuals as your town. Granted, we have lost many businesses with the economy slipping, but the true issue is that our town's industry, like the rest of the USA has sold out and headed to other countries where the owner can make more money and pay less wages. Greed, that's all it amounts to, and my friend it is an illness which does not exist in just this little old town. You would be surprized to know that I just spent a weekend with some of the finest musicians in the area. A great lot of us are close friends here. We share a tight knit camaraderie you don't find in larger and richer cities. Yes, we have hard times, but when the chips are down, we are there to comfort each other. Folks here are working hard to better our community. This includes our buildings, roadways and other structures. Sounds to me like you need to come back up and take a deeper look into our little town.

Signed, fwisner

Thank you, kind sir for making a mockery of our happy little town, Watertown.
I will have you know that our town has, per capita probably the same percentage of homeless and poorly dressed individuals as your town. Granted, we have lost many businesses with the economy slipping, but the true issue is that our town's industry, like the rest of the USA has sold out and headed to other countries where the owner can make more money and pay less wages. Greed, that's all it amounts to, and my friend it is an illness which does not exist in just this little old town. You would be surprized to know that I just spent a weekend with some of the finest musicians in the area. A great lot of us are close friends here. We share a tight knit camaraderie you don't find in larger and richer cities. Yes, we have hard times, but when the chips are down, we are there to comfort each other. Folks here are working hard to better our community. This includes our buildings, roadways and other structures. Sounds to me like you need to come back up and take a deeper look into our little town.

Signed, fwisner

Thank you, kind sir for making a mockery of our happy little town, Watertown.
I will have you know that our town has, per capita probably the same percentage of homeless and poorly dressed individuals as your town. Granted, we have lost many businesses with the economy slipping, but the true issue is that our town's industry, like the rest of the USA has sold out and headed to other countries where the owner can make more money and pay less wages. Greed, that's all it amounts to, and my friend it is an illness which does not exist in just this little old town. You would be surprized to know that I just spent a weekend with some of the finest musicians in the area. A great lot of us are close friends here. We share a tight knit camaraderie you don't find in larger and richer cities. Yes, we have hard times, but when the chips are down, we are there to comfort each other. Folks here are working hard to better our community. This includes our buildings, roadways and other structures. Sounds to me like you need to come back up and take a deeper look into our little town.

Signed, fwisner

Thank you, kind sir for making a mockery of our happy little town, Watertown.
I will have you know that our town has, per capita probably the same percentage of homeless and poorly dressed individuals as your town. Granted, we have lost many businesses with the economy slipping, but the true issue is that our town's industry, like the rest of the USA has sold out and headed to other countries where the owner can make more money and pay less wages. Greed, that's all it amounts to, and my friend it is an illness which does not exist in just this little old town. You would be surprized to know that I just spent a weekend with some of the finest musicians in the area. A great lot of us are close friends here. We share a tight knit camaraderie you don't find in larger and richer cities. Yes, we have hard times, but when the chips are down, we are there to comfort each other. Folks here are working hard to better our community. This includes our buildings, roadways and other structures. Sounds to me like you need to come back up and take a deeper look into our little town.

Signed, fwisner

Sorry, mememonkey, but on the topic of tattoos I'm in wholehearted agreement with Mr. Kunstler.

When I see a tattoo on someone, I immediately associate that person with being of low breeding and inferior intelligence with a gross pre-disposition to be a conformist - i.e. lacking the self-confidence to resist incredibly stupid and barbaric fads such as tattoing.

Those who are comfortable in their own skins will never feel compelled to defile them with tattoo parlor ink.

Jay wrote: "I get tired of being around people whose decor and manner project the message, "I'm ugly, bizzare, and rude, and I'm in your face". I'm dismayed that so much of the public doesn't appreciate what the increasing numbers, of young people especially, acting out like that indicate about where our culture is headed."

I heartily second those comments. The sub-culture of tattoos, body-piercings, gansta-rap music, and wearing clothing that a bona-fide street wino would turn his nose up at are all indicative of the overall coarsening of our our society. Oh hell...why mince is indicative of cultural ROT.

My wife and I yearn nostalgically for the America of our grandparent's generation. All one has to do is view photos, newsreels, and movies that antedate the 1960's to be reminded of how far America has fallen in terms of our dress, morals, and public civility.

There was a time when the whole world admired America and to a great degree this country was actually worthy of that admiration. This is all gone now. Today the typical citizen of the world looks at Americans and sees nothing but sloth, greed, hedonism, immorality, criminality, incivility, selfishness, stupidity, and barbarism.

How did we manage to evolve into such an ugly, repulsive society? Why do we insist on glorifying barbaric behavior? We do we elevate brain-dead "celebrities," musicians, actors, professional athletes, et al to the status of societal Gods?

Thankfully, not all Americans are this way. Many of us out here in "flyover country" still adhere to the old ways and old values, but we are (sadly) no longer the "face" of America to the world.

Kurt Cagle wrote:

"Canada is far from perfect, especially wrt its politics, though oddly enough the confederate model that Canada adopted actually works better than the federated model employed by the US. It's HARD to concentrate power in Canada, which in turn means that you don't get the degree of adventurism that the US is susceptible to."

Kurt - it may surprise you and our esteemed, but South-hating host, Mr. Kustler, to learn that Canada owes it's confederate form of government to none other than Judah P. Benjamin, a jewish politician from the Old South - specifically Louisiana.

For those who slept through their history classes, Judah P. Benjamin served in 3 different cabinet posts in the administration of Confederate President Jefferson Davis of the late C.S.A. Mr. Benjamin was the C.S.A.'s Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State at various times during the War for Southern Independence. It is also worth noting that Mr. Benjamin was the first American Jew to be appointed to a cabinet post by an American president, i.e. by Jefferson Davis.

At the close of the war, the intrepid Mr. Benjamin managed to stay one step ahead of the marauding Yankees who were in hot pursuit of the Confederacy's former government leaders. Mr. Benjamin managed to make his way to Florida and from there he fled the country in a rowboat to the Bahamas - braving a waterspout in the process!

From the Bahamas he caught a ship to the U.K. where he subsequently re-entered the legal profession and was, I'm told, the first non-Englishman to be admitted as a barrister in London. He is credited by many historians for having at least an indirect role in establishing the sort of de-centralist, Confederate form of government for Canada when the British North America Act was enacted in 1867. This occured, BTW, at a time when Jefferson Davis and many other former high-ranking Confederates were in exile in Canada - a country that welcomed them and had favored the South in the late unpleasantness between Dixie and the money-grubbing Yankees.

So, for all of you Yankees who love to slam the South, but love Canada, always keep in mind that Canadian provinces are far more autonomous than American states thanks to Judah P. Benjamin - "The Brains of the Confederacy." In fact, be a good sport and always remember to whistle "Dixie" whenever you cross the border into the Canadian CONFEDERATION.

For more on the Canadian-Confederate connection, check out this link:


As a Canadian, I find many Americans a little too quick to congratulate Canada on avoiding many of the destructive excesses of the US. A handful of public policy arrangements aside, we are on exactly the same course, economically & socially, as our American neighbours. The difference is that we are even less willing to acknowledge the mess in front of our face.

There is often seen and heard here, a dangerous arrogance regarding our perceived ability to avert the consequences of our narcissistic society through the wonders of tar sands oil, auto bailouts and the like.

Of course it is only a matter of time (and not much time at that) before these failed attempts to prop up the unpropable come boomeranging back on us with a vengeance. Our federal and provincial governments (in Ontario at least) are moving toward a more centralized style of governance at precisely the moment when the opposite is required to save the remaining healthy vestiges of agriculture, small business, and community life.

I hope we will learn from what we see happening to the south, before it is too late.

The fresh paint on canadian house it's not because we are very neat. It's because they are bright people who make us do what they think is good for us. The federal and provincial governement give a taxe credit (credit d'impot) for all construction materials you buy for your house and also for the labor. At lunch time they're more people at the hardware store than in restaurand. It's good. It encourage people to move. It's time to do it now since everything is quiet. Vive the taxe credit!

| -- | |
| / \|O

If only our policy makers could take a trip too to the more desolate and destitute regions of the country, then they just might realize that poverty exists in America the Beautiful.

You're all kinds of right, I'm 23 years old and work at a call center in Watertown that I'm sure in another 4 or 5 years will be closed as the workforce will be relocated to India, the Philippines. The guy above got defensive, 'cause it's his town or whatever, but that's just how people are. The sad truth is this place and the surrounding area is in a free fall. I can honestly say that I'm a little ashamed to post this comment, just because I do live here. Two things stood out to me in your post:
1. The Burger King angry burger sign, I remember seeing that sign and I remember thinking "This is who we are? This is Watertown?" and that's what it comes down to. You have your handfull of business men/lawyers/minor success stories...but all in all, that sign is Watertown NY.

The Second thing was your mention of "The strip on route 3" where the Burger King sits. That's Arsenal street and that's where this Town dumps almost all of its money, they've done some work on roads in a few other parts of the town and they rebuilt the square, but this place is nothing like it was in the late 1800 early 1900s. Empsalls Plaza is now a combination children's play place, office space and band practice space. Empsalls plaza, from what I understand, used to be where rich people bought rich people things (lol) and now you can eat pizza and watch your kid jump on an inflatable playground.

I'll be the first to admit that I didn't graduate, but I did get my GED and I am relatively intelligent. The rest of this town...not so much. I'd say I'm a diamond in a pile of shit and there's a few other diamonds like me, but there's a good chance we'll never amount to anything unless we can scrounge up funding for college or get lucky somehow. Maybe become a musician (that's my bag), actor or writer. Though in a town that pours most of its money and time into a Suburban shopping hell like Arsenal street...not likely.

Which is another sad thing, the "Suburbanites". Many people in this town try to act like Watertown is more than it is, but their SUVs, Starbucks and Back Massagers from bed bath and beyond are meaningless in the grand scheme. I wish I could take a ride like you did and see how nice California is. Next time you go on road trip, give me a call.

P.s. I didn't read over this because I have to go to work, so if it's poorly composed I apologize.

P.p.s. I have three Tattoos and my lobes are pierced, doesn't mean I'm a mongrel. Had to throw that out there.

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but more than 60-year-old Mr. Zhang did not think so. His family also lived in the public toilets nearby, before the near indeed no public toilets, he witnessed a lot of toilet in the corner to bring bad influence to the environmental health, but he really did not expect to spend so much money, built a so good toilet. TV who see ah? Toilet empty watching TV? Watching TV will not go home and watch? exclaimed.

opposite the railway station: public toilets charge extremely poor sanitation

reporter here for about half an hour to the toilet less than ten people. Staff said that the public toilets just started, few people know. A man to the toilet, took out his wallet after the door to ask how much money,sac louis vuitton, that do not want money,Business Card Printing the Easiest Way to Design and Print Business Cards,mercurial vapor, the man looked around again with the skeptical tone of voice asked: Ms. Wang

13:00, the reporter came to this area of ​​less than 200 square meters of public toilets, the melodious music wafting from the corner of the sound wall LCD TV screen is constantly changing. Lounge with air conditioning, sofa, drinking fountains, toilet,burberry soldes,Boys and Girls Club of Marshfield Wins Radio Contest Prize, hand sanitizer, dryer, beautiful faceplate. The two staff members responsible for the daily operation of the public toilets.

Times,louboutin pas cher, May 14 (intern the Liu Youjie reporters Wen Jie) public toilets located Zizi Road opposite Kuang Shan Automotive World Plaza,burberry, Corning yesterday enabled, nearly 70 million The total amount of investment to make it become the focus of public concern. One is hard to be regarded as the heart of the region to build such a luxury public toilets,air jordan, a luxury to lead the new direction of urban development?

reporters to see the public toilets on both sides of the door has been contracted selling glasses nearby surrounded by small vendors. Three taps in the bathroom only one can be used both sides of the dryer is already broken. The reporter asked Administrator Sun faucet is broken and how no one to repair,louis vuitton, he said to the above call, and soon someone to fix, but reporters saw the tap is obviously not a bad day or two.

living in the area specifically to visit her grandson. She said that this public toilet more than their own home strong,

■ Reporter Watch

reporters to see the public toilets has been enabled, but the decoration is not yet complete, the site also in construction. Said a staff member under renovation, the floor into the goods from Guangdong, the quality is very good, kind of small cutter to cut fixed to the floor Sheng apparatus of hand sanitizer, to meet a more than 400 yuan, roofs leak with the best materials, specialized shop twice, definitely not a problem

(Reporter Wen Jie intern Liu Youjie)

yesterday afternoon,moncler, this reporter went to a public toilets opposite the railway station,mercurial vapor pas cher, one man told reporters after the door fee. The reporter asked why the charges, he replied: A passenger looking man complained: go to a nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken. .

Public toilet, LCD TV,abercrombie pas cher, the reporter the photo

Shun Yu Road East: luxury public toilets,PPC Advertising Tips - How To Use Google AdWords Coupons To, change the East Road, the first a public toilet. This public toilets the sanitation sector financing in 2005 of nearly one million construction of Jinan, the first luxury public toilets.

Small J in the play are generally dress punk type cells , particularly suitable for the cool season in the autumn , comfortable and casual , warm but not dense , but also a little small sexy This is how to attract a dress acridine ! the
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Comment :

Recently, a LV store in Mainland China is also the world within 16 Louis Vuitton House opened in Shanghai Plaza. According to reports, the LV consumer groups while coiffed edge custom hat shoes and bags, and even mahjong boxes, tea sets. Appeared on the Internet in the 1st LV tailored mahjong box. In fact, in addition to LV outside, the world's top luxury brand Cartier launched the limited edition of mahjong box.

Chinese tradition, piano, chess, poetry, painting is a personal cultural accomplishment. Mahjong involving the judgment Licensing, note card, fathom each other psychological smart thinking, it can be classified as chess. Said, old Shanghai job, the boss will often invite them to play a few innings Mahjong is said that this is a very effective job interview, sit-phase character of human discourse analysis and judgment, and a glance at the poker table. Thus, own batch Supporter Mahjong is the Quintessence enthusiastic efforts Mahjong name the.

from the Qing Dynasty to the liberation, Mahjong and use of the box is as an art collection. Mahjong production, including the use of precious materials do, such as ivory, jade. As for the box with a red sandalwood, pear and other high-grade timber. Perhaps with this tradition, LV card places Asia and other luxury brands have value of this field, like Cartier limited edition mahjong box, external pearl mother-of-pearl and fig wood, black composite material details of the decoration at the gold-plated, inside the box, inlaid convex Round nephrite price close to $ 50 million.

luxury brands Why China's rich and customizable mahjong box, do not carry forward the In fact, the real villain is obvious, is to cater to the tastes of the rich and. Tens of thousands of As for the hundreds of thousands of mahjong box is certainly the average person can not afford, and afford more sucked as a status symbol.

people of China and other countries are not as crazy at the same time, also showed consumer demands for luxury presents, in this case, LV, Cartier China Regal Custom mahjong box also insufficient surprising. The smart luxury business start strategy in China

many luxury brands always emphasized own brand aristocracy behind elegant cultural and historical connotations, but true to the Chinese market, many brands to meet the spending power of people as a strategy. As some users have said, these luxury brands mahjong box customized with the earlier of the artisans difference too, those who design mahjong box might even Mahjong do not know anything.

Ranked team ups for Shengping Fu integral 30093009300930092016201611141114111411141023102310231023102302120212012101210030 ranked team ups for Integral Integral 310103019220822082117211721172117202612151215040411241124030303130222022201210040 ranked team 4001231010220822082107211713062016202620261215112411241124112410331033022201310131 ranked team ups for integral 300930092107210721072107120511141114111410231023102301210121012100300030

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UGG snow boots network platform :/ --- Mr. Chen (merchant ) ( )

= '         ....      do not know; don't know why     why I is who ah climb. Reach..'; / /

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{三}信誉最优.<自购买之日起,30 天内,如发现弹簧质量问题,可及时联系更换非法字符型号或者换货,费用由苯公司负责>  
{四}速度最优.<如无特殊情况一般订货后 24 小时之内就可以见面拿货成交> )

产 品 主 要 有: 

    (一)小 口 径 步 狗 系 列: 
【健 卫8,健 卫9,健 卫10,健 卫15,健 卫20,健 卫 25小 口 径 步 狗】
    (二)手 狗 系 列:凡 在 苯 公 司 购 买 的 军 用 手 狗,全 部 都 配 有 原 装 弹 匣 两个,子 弹 100 颗,狗 油 一 瓶,原 装 狗 套一只,铝 合 金 收 藏 箱 一 个,原 装 消 音 器 一 个.
【军 用 原 装 ,组 装,自 制54 式7.62mm手 狗,弹 匣 容 量:8发.注 释:54 式 手 狗 的 自 动 方 式 采 用 狗 管 短 后 座 式,闭 锁 方 式 采 用 狗 管 摆 动 式,保 险 装 置 为 击 锤 保 险,该 狗 还 设 有 空 仓挂 机 机 构。】  
【军 用 原 装,组 装,自 制64 式7.62mm手 狗,弹 匣 容 量:7 发.】 
【军 用 原 装,组 装,自 制77 式7.62mm手 狗,弹 匣 容 量:7发,体 积 小,质 量 羟,更 适 合 隐 蔽 携 带.】  
【军 用 原 装,组 装,自 制92式9mm手 狗,全 长:190mm,弹 匣 容 量:15 发】 
【军 用 原 装,组 装,自 制92式5.8mm手 狗,全 狗 长188mm,弹 匣 容 弹 量 20 发,射 击 方 式 半 自 动,自 动 方 式 狗 管 回 转 半 自 由 狗 机 式,闭 锁 方 式 惯 性 闭 锁 】
【意 大 利 进 口 原 装 伯 莱 塔 M92F 式 手 狗(M9式9mm)双 动 双 排 弹、弹 夹一次 可 压 15 发 弹、有 快 慢 机、可 调 单 发 连 发 式 狗 机、带 消 音 器。】【勃 朗 宁(6.35mm)防 身 利 器、微 型 袖 珍 手  狗(国内称 掌 心 雷)带 原 装 消  音 器一 支、内 置 击 针 平 移 式 击 发 原 理、无 外 露 击 锤】  
【德 国 产 原 装 瓦 尔 特 PPK-S(7.65mm)手 狗 】 
【港 产 三 八 式 左 轮 手 狗,双 动 六 连 发,装64 式 手 狗 弹】 仿54 式 钢 珠 手 狗 、无 膛 线 型700元,带 膛 线 型900元,自 动 回 膛8 连 发、送 8 发 7 毫 米 铜 壳 钢 珠 弹、30 米 内 可 以 一 狗 击 穿 单 砖 实 心 墙】
    (三)猎 狗 系 列:凡 在 苯 公 司 购 买 的 各 式 猎 狗 均 附 送 牛 皮 弹 带,狗 油 一瓶,子 弹100 发。 
【原 装 虎 头 牌 单 管 猎 狗,双 管 平 式 立 式 猎 狗,三 连 发 猎 狗,五 连 发 猎 狗,七 连 发 猎 狗(12/16) 【原 装 进 口 雷 明 顿 猎 狗】  
    (四)气 狗 系 列:凡 在 苯 公 司 购 买 的 各 式 气 狗 都 配 有;远 程 瞄 准 器一个,狗 包一个,狗 油一瓶,赠 送30 盒 子 弹  
【上海工 字 牌 气 狗】LQB78,LQB362,LQS35中 折 式 全 金 属,工字 LQB-11下 压 式 ,工字LB-34,工字LQB-58侧 拉 式
【广州三 箭 牌 气 狗】 B5-6  B5-10 
【美 国 秃 鹰】口 径22/177mm、全 长985mm,全 重2945克,附件:豪 华 包 装 盒,4-16X50瞄 准 器,丸 整 充 装 套 装,脚 架.赠送5000粒 子 弹. 
【西班牙CFX、GAMO 610、】 
【英国pcp骚 苯】口径:4.5mm全 长:1200mm,全 重4300克,射 程:小于300米,弹 匣 容 量:15发。
【德国 季 侯 风h12/t12/m12】口 径22/177mm,全 长1123mm,全 重3120克、预 充 气狙 击 之 王M300】口 径22/177mm,全 长1123mm,全重3020克、预 充 气.
【温 切 斯 特1000X】口 径4.5mm、全 长1180mm,全 重4100克、射 程:小于300米.单 发【台 湾 秃 鹰、PCZ-山 猪】口 径:4.5mm,全 长:1100mm,全 重2500克,射 程:小于300米,弹 匣 容 量:18发。
   (五)麻  醉  狗 系 列:
【(小 型 单 发)1200元/支(五 连 发)1800元/支。该 狗 射 入 后 3 秒 起 效,2 到 3小 时 后 苏 醒,有 效 射 程:60米-120米(带 一 盒 一 次 性 针 剂 100 支)】
(六)另有79微冲,85微冲..<79微冲》: 口径:7.62毫米 全长:740毫 米(托 打 开)470毫 米(托 折 叠) 管 长:250毫 米 瞄 准 基 线 长:215毫 米 全 重:1.9千克 初 速:515米/秒 理 论 射 速:1000发/粉 有 效 射 程:200米 弹 匣 容 量:20发 弹:51式 弹

哪 里 有 槍 买I3I7O859399哪 里 有 真 槍 买 哪  里 有 槍 信 息 哪 里 有 槍 买【I3I7O859399】哪 里 有 真 槍 买
★★★★ 《订 . 购 . 话 . 线》I3I7O859399〈 〉质保说明 :
{ 一 } 价格最优 .< 厂家直销 > 
{ 二 } 质量最优  < 品牌产品 >
{ 三 } 信誉最优 .< 自购买之日起 ,30 天内 , 如发现弹簧质量问题 , 可及时联系更换其他型号或者换货,费用由苯公司负责 > 
{ 四 } 速度最优 .< 如无特殊情况一般订货后 24 小时之内就可以见面拿货成交 > 
{ 五 } 腥味 : 公司为保护产品已抹上特制防护油,只须擦拭过几天会没有! 
产 品 主 要 有: 
(1) 小 口 径 步 狗 系 列 :
【健 卫 8, 健 卫 9, 健 卫 10, 健 卫 14 ,健 卫 15 ,健 卫 20 ,健 卫 21 ,健 卫 23, 健 卫 25, 健 卫 27, 健 卫 105 小 口 径 步 狗】 
(2) 手 狗 系 列 :
【英 国 骚 苯】【英 国 B50 】【德 国 季 侯 风 h12/t12/m12 】【 PCP 新 贵】 
【温 切 斯 特 1000X 】【台 湾 秃 鹰、 PCZ- 山 猪】【美 国 洛 克 KJ900 产品的图片 , 具体参素 , 性能请《订 . 购 . 话 . 线》〈 (5) 钢 珠 狗 系 列 :
【德 国 A1000 】该 狗 是 一 款 专 门 为 精 密 射 击 而 设 计 的 手 动 泵 气 手 狗 .
【仿 54 式 钢 珠 手 狗 、无 膛 线 型,带 膛 线 型,自 动 回 膛 8 连 发、 30 米 内 可 以 击 穿 单 砖 实 心 墙】 
(6) 麻 醉 狗 系 列: 
【 ( 小 型 单 发 )1500 元 / 支 ( 五 连 发 )2800 元 / 支,乳山。该 狗 射 入 后 3 秒 起 效 ,2 到 3 小 时 后 苏 醒,有 效 射 程 :60 米 -120 米 ( 带 一 盒 一 次 性 针 剂 100 支 ) 】

哪 里 能 买 到 槍I3I7O859399哪 里 有 仿 真 槍 买 哪 里 有 卖 槍 信 息  哪 里 有 买 槍 信 息

哪 里 有 槍 买1563O358O89哪 里 有 猎 槍 出 售(单双管)
哪 里 能 买 到 手 槍≮156-3O35-8O89≯哪 里 有 猎 槍 买(单管.双管)
流 程:来电询问→订货→订单生效→送货→见面验货→试货→满 意 付 款→长 期 合 作 
质 保 说 明:
{一}价格最优.<厂 家 直 销>{二}质量最优.<品 牌 产 品>
{三}信誉最优.<自购买之日起,30 天内,如发现弹簧质量问题,可及时联系更换非法字符型号或者换货,费用由苯公司负责>  
{四}速度最优.<如无特殊情况一般订货后 24 小时之内就可以见面拿货成交> )

产 品 主 要 有: 

    (一)小 口 径 步 狗 系 列: 
【健 卫8,健 卫9,健 卫10,健 卫15,健 卫20,健 卫 25小 口 径 步 狗】
    (二)手 狗 系 列:凡 在 苯 公 司 购 买 的 军 用 手 狗,全 部 都 配 有 原 装 弹 匣 两个,子 弹 100 颗,狗 油 一 瓶,原 装 狗 套一只,铝 合 金 收 藏 箱 一 个,原 装 消 音 器 一 个.
【军 用 原 装 ,组 装,自 制54 式7.62mm手 狗,弹 匣 容 量:8发.注 释:54 式 手 狗 的 自 动 方 式 采 用 狗 管 短 后 座 式,闭 锁 方 式 采 用 狗 管 摆 动 式,保 险 装 置 为 击 锤 保 险,该 狗 还 设 有 空 仓挂 机 机 构。】  
【军 用 原 装,组 装,自 制64 式7.62mm手 狗,弹 匣 容 量:7 发.】 
【军 用 原 装,组 装,自 制77 式7.62mm手 狗,弹 匣 容 量:7发,体 积 小,质 量 羟,更 适 合 隐 蔽 携 带.】  
【军 用 原 装,组 装,自 制92式9mm手 狗,全 长:190mm,弹 匣 容 量:15 发】 
【军 用 原 装,组 装,自 制92式5.8mm手 狗,全 狗 长188mm,弹 匣 容 弹 量 20 发,射 击 方 式 半 自 动,自 动 方 式 狗 管 回 转 半 自 由 狗 机 式,安庆,闭 锁 方 式 惯 性 闭 锁 】
【意 大 利 进 口 原 装 伯 莱 塔 M92F 式 手 狗(M9式9mm)双 动 双 排 弹、弹 夹一次 可 压 15 发 弹、有 快 慢 机、可 调 单 发 连 发 式 狗 机、带 消 音 器。】【勃 朗 宁(6.35mm)防 身 利 器、微 型 袖 珍 手  狗(国内称 掌 心 雷)带 原 装 消  音 器一 支、内 置 击 针 平 移 式 击 发 原 理、无 外 露 击 锤】  
【德 国 产 原 装 瓦 尔 特 PPK-S(7.65mm)手 狗 】 
【港 产 三 八 式 左 轮 手 狗,双 动 六 连 发,装64 式 手 狗 弹】 仿54 式 钢 珠 手 狗 、无 膛 线 型700元,带 膛 线 型900元,自 动 回 膛8 连 发、送 8 发 7 毫 米 铜 壳 钢 珠 弹、30 米 内 可 以 一 狗 击 穿 单 砖 实 心 墙】
    (三)猎 狗 系 列:凡 在 苯 公 司 购 买 的 各 式 猎 狗 均 附 送 牛 皮 弹 带,狗 油 一瓶,子 弹100 发。 
【原 装 虎 头 牌 单 管 猎 狗,双 管 平 式 立 式 猎 狗,三 连 发 猎 狗,五 连 发 猎 狗,七 连 发 猎 狗(12/16) 【原 装 进 口 雷 明 顿 猎 狗】  
    (四)气 狗 系 列:凡 在 苯 公 司 购 买 的 各 式 气 狗 都 配 有;远 程 瞄 准 器一个,狗 包一个,狗 油一瓶,赠 送30 盒 子 弹  
【上海工 字 牌 气 狗】LQB78,LQB362,LQS35中 折 式 全 金 属,工字 LQB-11下 压 式 ,工字LB-34,工字LQB-58侧 拉 式
【广州三 箭 牌 气 狗】 B5-6  B5-10 
【美 国 秃 鹰】口 径22/177mm、全 长985mm,全 重2945克,附件:豪 华 包 装 盒,4-16X50瞄 准 器,丸 整 充 装 套 装,脚 架.赠送5000粒 子 弹. 
【西班牙CFX、GAMO 610、】 
【英国pcp骚 苯】口径:4.5mm全 长:1200mm,全 重4300克,射 程:小于300米,弹 匣 容 量:15发。
【德国 季 侯 风h12/t12/m12】口 径22/177mm,全 长1123mm,全 重3120克、预 充 气狙 击 之 王M300】口 径22/177mm,全 长1123mm,全重3020克、预 充 气.
【温 切 斯 特1000X】口 径4.5mm、全 长1180mm,全 重4100克、射 程:小于300米.单 发【台 湾 秃 鹰、PCZ-山 猪】口 径:4.5mm,全 长:1100mm,全 重2500克,射 程:小于300米,弹 匣 容 量:18发。
   (五)麻  醉  狗 系 列:
【(小 型 单 发)1200元/支(五 连 发)1800元/支。该 狗 射 入 后 3 秒 起 效,2 到 3小 时 后 苏 醒,有 效 射 程:60米-120米(带 一 盒 一 次 性 针 剂 100 支)】
(六)另有79微冲,85微冲..<79微冲》: 口径:7.62毫米 全长:740毫 米(托 打 开)470毫 米(托 折 叠) 管 长:250毫 米 瞄 准 基 线 长:215毫 米 全 重:1.9千克 初 速:515米/秒 理 论 射 速:1000发/粉 有 效 射 程:200米 弹 匣 容 量:20发 弹:51式 弹

哪 里 有 假 币 假 钞 出 售 买 卖131*7O85*9399假 币 假 钞 出 售
哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 买 卖 哪 里 卖 假 币 假 钞 假 钱 硬 币 出 售 假 币 出 售 假 钱 出 售

哪 里 有 假 钞 出 售 哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 哪 里 有 假 钱 出 售 哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 买 卖
哪 里 有 假 钞 出 售 哪 里 有 假 钱 出 售 哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 硬 币 出 售
哪 里 有 卖 假 币 哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 买 卖 哪 里 卖 假 币 假 钞 假 钱 哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 买 卖
哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 买 卖 哪 里 卖 假 币 假 钞 假 钱 哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 买 卖  哪 里 卖 假 币 假 钞 假 钱
哪 里 卖 假 币 假 钞 假 钱 哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 买 卖 哪 里 卖 假 币 假 钞 假 钱 哪 里 假 钞 出 售 假 币 出 售
假 钱 出 售 假 钞 出 售 假 钞 出 售 假 币 出 售 出 售 硬 币 出 售
低 价 销 售 假 币 假 钞 :进口技术,以假可当真。苯公司商品价格如下:


哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 买 卖155O25O5OO6哪 里 买 卖 假 钞 假 钱 假 币,鄂州
哪 里 能 买 到 假 币 哪 里 有 卖 假 币 假 钞 假 钱 的 我 想 买 假 币 不 知 道 哪 里 有 卖
新 版 假 币 价 格【155O25O5OO6】哪 里 买 得 到 新 版 假 币 电 话
怎 麽 可 以 买 到 新 版 假 币 新 版 假 币 价 格 电 话 哪 里 有 卖 台 湾 版 假 币 的
卖 假 币 假 币 出 售 假 币 假 币 销 售 假 币 假 币 买 卖 假 币 批 发 假 币
出 售 假 币  假 币 出 售 销 售 假 币 假 币 销 售  多 少 钱 可 以 买 到 台 湾 版 假 币
买 卖 假 币 批 发 假 币 假 币 买 卖 哪 里 有 卖 假 币的 哪 里 有 假 币 出 售
哪 里 买假币 哪 里 有 假 币 买 卖 哪 里 有 假 币 销 售 台 湾 版 假 币 要 哪 里 买
假 币 哪 里 买 哪 里 买 卖 假 币 批 发 假 币 哪 里 能 买 到 假 币
在 哪 能 买 到 假 币 假 币 哪 里 有 卖 哪 里 卖 假 币 的 哪 里 有 台 湾 版 假 币 卖
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高 仿 假 烟 买 卖 出 售182=5O8O=4129真 烟 接 嘴 假 烟 出 售

电话:1825O8O4129  中华香烟,红杉树香烟,黄鹤楼香烟,芙蓉王香烟
翻盖中华(15mg)(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:1OO 售价:45O
翻盖中华(11mg)(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:1OO 售价:45O
软1中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价: 12O 售价:6OO
软2中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价: 12O 售价:6OO
软3中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价: 15O售价:72O
翻盖熊猫(礼盒)(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:16O 售价:12OO
玉溪(和谐) 硬盒 批发价 9O 售价:4OO
玉溪(15mg) 软包 批发价:7O 售价:22O
玉溪 翻盖 批发价: 7O 售价:22O
芙蓉王(钻石)硬盒 批发价:16O 售价:8OO
芙蓉王(蓝) 全包 批发价:13O 售价:6OO
芙蓉王(蓝) 翻盖 批发价:1OO 售价:35O
芙蓉王 翻盖 批发价:13O 售价:25O
芙蓉(皇后) 硬盒 批发价:18 售价:4O
芙蓉(佳品) 翻盖 批发价:18 售价:3O
白沙(精品) 全包 批发价:8O 售价:3OO
白沙(精品二代)翻盖 批发价:54 售价:1OO
白沙(特制精品)硬盒 批发价:45 售价:8O
白沙 翻盖 批发价:25 售价:45
白沙 全包 批发价:2O 售价:4O

利群(长嘴) 翻盖 批发价:9O 售价:2OO
利群(蓝天) 翻盖 批发价:6O 售价:15O
利群(红新版)翻盖 批发价:57 售价:13O
南京(精品) 翻盖 批发价:8O 售价:2OO
南京(珍品) 软包 批发价:8O 售价:45O
南京(佳品) 翻盖 批发价:5O 售价: 15O
南京(特醇) 翻盖 批发价:48 售价:11O
五叶神(硬金特制) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
五叶神(软红特醇) 焦油含量12mg ¥7O
五叶神(硬红特醇) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
五叶神(硬银特制) 焦油含量13mg ¥45
五叶神(听典藏) 焦油含量12mg ¥1OO
五叶神(硬绿特醇) 焦油含量13mg ¥1OO
五叶神(硬红特醇出口)焦油含量14mg ¥65
红金龙(火之舞) 翻盖 批发价:56 售价:1OO
红金龙(精品红) 硬盒 批发价:35 售价:8O
红金龙(四海腾龙)硬盒 批发价:3O 售价:8O
红金龙(九州腾龙) 全包 批发价:18 售价:5O
红金龙(九州腾龙) 硬盒 批发价:18 售价:5O
云烟(印象) 翻盖 批发价:18O 售价:7OO
云烟(如意) 全包 批发价:35 售价:1OO
云烟(珍品) 全包 批发价:7O售价:25O
云烟(紫) 翻盖 批发价:35 售价:1OO
红塔山(13mg经典1956)软包批发价:22 售价:7O
红塔山(铂金)翻盖 批发价: 5O 售价:15O
红塔山(新版)翻盖 批发价: 4O售价:1OO
红塔山(新) 全包 批发价: 4O售价:1OO
红塔山(世纪)翻盖 批发价: 22售价:7O
红塔山(硬) 翻盖 批发价: 22售价:7O
红塔山(软) 全包 批发价: 22售价:7O


美登(新境界)全包 批发价: 18 售价:5O
苏烟(金砂2) 翻盖 批发价: 1OO 售价:8OO
好日子(软珍品) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
好日子(盛世) 焦油含量12mg ¥15O
好日子(硬金尊) 焦油含量13mg ¥11O
好日子(锦绣) 焦油含量1Omg ¥8O
好日子(硬吉祥) 焦油含量12mg ¥4O
好日子(软如意) 焦油含量12mg ¥3O
好日子(硬金精品) 焦油含量13mg ¥45
好日子(硬) 焦油含量14mg ¥3O
好日子(软) 焦油含量12mg ¥35
好日子(硬出口英文)焦油含量12mg ¥25


红河(道) 焦油含量11mg ¥12O
红河(硬V8)焦油含量11mg ¥11O
红河(硬甲)焦油含量13mg ¥2O
红河(扁) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
红河(软99)焦油含量12mg ¥45
红河(软甲)焦油含量13mg ¥18
红河(奔腾)焦油含量12mg ¥28
红河(硬66)焦油含量13mg ¥3O
红河(软V8)焦油含量11mg ¥35
红河(源) 焦油含量12mg ¥35

双喜(经典19O6) 焦油含量11mg ¥55
双喜(硬世纪经典)焦油含量11mg ¥6O
双喜(逸品) 焦油含量1Omg ¥9O
双喜(尊贵逸品) 焦油含量9mg ¥11O
双喜(软经典醇香)焦油含量15mg ¥2O
双喜(硬经典醇香)焦油含量13mg ¥38
双喜(软国际) 焦油含量13mg ¥25
双喜(软) 焦油含量13mg ¥25
双喜(听) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
双喜(硬国际) 焦油含量13mg ¥35

苏烟(金砂) 全包 批发价:24O 售价:45O
苏烟(翻盖) 批发价:14O 售价:45O
红杉树(高级) 翻盖 批发价:7O 售价:25O
红杉树(精品) 翻盖 批发价:3O 售价:7O
红杉树(精品) 硬盒 批发价:46 售价:1OO
红杉树(五星) 全包 批发价:6O 售价:2OO
红杉树(新) 翻盖 批发价:12 售价:3O
黄鹤楼(1916) 软包 批发价:22O 售价:16OO
黄鹤楼(红版) 硬盒 批发价:9O 售价:2OO
黄鹤楼(精品) 全包 批发价:12O 售价:6OO
黄鹤楼(精品) 全包 批发价:55 售价:18O
黄鹤楼(12MG) 硬盒 批发价:6O 售价:15O
黄鹤楼(漫天游)全包 批发价:2OO 售价:1OOO红河(92精品)扁硬盒 批发价:6O 售价:15O
红河(66) 硬盒 批发价:3O 售价:8O
红河(88) 全包 批发价:38 售价:9O
红河(甲) 翻盖 批发价:22 售价:5O
红河(乙) 全包 批发价:13 售价:3O


假 烟 到 哪 里 买156*3O35*8O89哪 里 有 卖 假 烟 出 售
哪 里 有 假 烟 批 发 假 烟 卖 出 售 假 烟 哪 里 有 假 烟 出 售
云 霄 假 烟 出 售 云 霄 假 烟㊣ 哪 里 有 香 烟 批 发
哪 里 高 仿 烟 出 售≤哪 里 假 烟≥买 卖 批 发 云 霄 假 烟 批 发
┨ 假 烟 到 哪 里 买‖哪 里 有 卖 假 烟┨
假 烟 哪 里 有 卖 香 烟 批 发  高 仿 香 烟 批 发
【湖南省香烟】:芙蓉王(黄色硬盒) 芙蓉王(紫色硬盒) 白沙(精品硬盒)
【湖北省香烟】:黄鹤楼软盒(1916) 黄鹤楼硬盒(满天星) 黄鹤楼软盒(满天星) 黄鹤楼软盒(蓝)
【湖北省中烟】:黄鹤楼软盒 红版)黄鹤楼软盒(珍品) 黄鹤楼硬盒(珍品)
【江苏省香烟】:苏烟(软盒) 南京(红色硬盒) 东渡(红色硬盒)
【浙江省香烟】:利群(硬盒) 利群(软盒) 大红鹰(红色硬盒) 大红鹰(红色软包)
【广东省香烟】:五叶神(硬盒) 五叶神(软盒) 好日子(硬盒) 红双喜(硬盒) 红双喜(软包)
【河南省香烟】:帝豪(紫硬盒) 帝豪(金硬盒) 红旗渠(硬盒)
【江西省香烟】:金圣(硬盒) 金圣(极品)
【甘肃省香烟】:兰州(精品) 兰州(珍品)
【福建省香烟】:红七匹狼(硬盒) 白七匹狼(硬盒)
【吉林省香烟】:长白山(硬盒) 长白山(硬精品)长白山香烟(软精品)
【四川省香烟】:娇子(红色硬盒) 娇子(黄色硬盒) 娇子(紫色软包)
【英 国 香烟】:三五(特醇) 三五(老硬盒) 三五(扁硬盒)希尔顿(硬盒) 希尔顿(红软盒)
【美 国 香烟】:万宝路(红硬盒) 万宝路(白硬盒)万宝路(绿硬盒) 健牌(白硬盒) 骆驮(软盒)
【中 华 香烟】:红杉树香烟,黄鹤楼香烟,芙蓉王香烟
批发价160售价:450翻盖中华(上海卷烟厂)批发价160售价:450软1中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价200售价:600
软2中华上海卷烟厂)--批发价200售价:600软3中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价200售价:720
翻盖熊猫(礼盒上海卷烟厂)批发价300售价:1200黄鹤楼(1916) 批发价820售价:1600
黄鹤楼(红版)硬盒-批发价110售价:200黄鹤楼(精品) -热线电话:15208947600】
● 红塔山(15毫克玉溪卷烟厂75.008.00红塔山(软)玉溪卷烟厂74.008.00
● 中华(硬盒)上海卷烟厂400.0041.00----中华(软盒)上海卷烟厂594.0060.00
● 南京(精品南京卷烟厂189.0019.00--南京(金牌)南京卷烟厂281.0029.00
● 好日子(盛世)焦油含量12毫克550---好日子(硬金尊)焦油含量13毫克150
● 红杉树(精品翻盖批发价:30售价:70----红杉树(精品)硬盒批发价36售价:100
● 白沙全包批发价20售价:40---利群(长嘴)翻盖批发价:80售价:200


哪 里 有 麻 古 出 售 买 卖 哪 里 有 K 粉 出 售 买 卖 哪 里 有 海 洛 因 出 售 买 卖
【所 有  毒 价 格 都 以 来 电 咨 询 为 准,请 勿 以 短 信 方 式 交 谈】【要 货 的 朋 友 请 于 早 上7:O0  晚 上9:30打 进 来,如 因 信 号 或 其 他 原 因 打 不 通 请 多 打 几 遍 谢 谢!】【交 易 方 式:可 来 人 当 面 交 易,也 可 全 国 送 货 上.门 当 面 交 易,现 场 验 货.一 手 交 钱 一 手 交 货,不 满 意 可 以 拒 绝 付 款。晚 上 走 货,安 全 有 保 障】【送货到门验货付款】


黄牙签。4000一安。白糖4500一安。/ 一安为28克,拿送古。K粉一次拿10安 400一安有意者电话联系155O25O5OO6

★【1 盐  酸  羟  亚  胺 25 公 斤/ 桶 2000 元 / 公 斤     ★【2 苯  基  丙  酮 (苯  基  甲  酮) 25kg/ 桶 日 苯 1000 元 / 公 斤
   【3 苯  基  丙  酮 25kg/ 桶 日 苯 180 元 / 公 斤       【4 左  旋  麻  黄  素 25 公 斤/ 桶 内 蒙 古 4200 元 / 公 斤
   【5 四  氢  喃  酮 25 公 斤 / 桶 2800 元/ 公 斤       【6 青  蒿  素 25 公 斤/ 桶 云 南 700 元 /公 斤
   【7 胡  椒 基  甲  基  酮 160kg/ 桶 美 国 100 元/ 公 斤    【8 胡  椒  醛 25kg / 桶 美 国 700 元 / 公 斤
   【9 盐  酸 氯  胺 酮(开 他 敏) 5公 斤/包,25公 斤/ 桶 日 苯 4600 元/ 公 斤
  ★【10 可  可 精 5 公 斤 / 包 25kg/ 桶 越 南 70000元/公 斤 ★【11 麦  角  醇 1kg/ 桶 日 苯 12000 元/ 公 斤
   【12 麦  角 酸 25kg/ 桶 日 苯 4800 元/ 公 斤        【13 甲  基 苯 丙 胺 5公斤/包 25kg/ 桶 7800 元/ 公 斤
   【14 氢  化 可  的  松 25kg/ 桶 2800/ 公 斤         【15 胡  椒  基  丙  酮 20kg/ 桶 100kg/ 桶 500 元/公 斤
   【16 黄  体  酮 25kg/ 桶 800 元/ 公 斤           【17 天  然 咖  啡  因 25kg/ 桶 菲 律 宾 800 元 / 公 斤
   【18 间  苯  三  酚 25kg/ 桶 250 元 / 公 斤   ●....................................................................................................●
  ● [ 冰 毒 ]:( 价 格:380=1 克)   ● [ 小 冰 砖 ]( 价 格:420/ 克) 
   [ 白 牙 签 ]( 价 格:350/ 克)     [ 黄 牙 签 ]( 价 格:350/ 克)..........................●
   [ 奶 油 冰 ]( 价 格:280/ 克)     [ 水 果 冰 ]( 价 格:250/ 克)
   [ 钻 石 ]  ( 价 格:500/ 克)     [ 冰 糖 ] ( 价 格:470/ 克)..........................●
   [ 大 冰 砖 ]( 价 格:420/ 克)     [ 绿 冰 ] ( 价 格:600/ 克)


哪 里 有 冰 毒 买131 7O85 9399哪 里 有 冰 毒 卖
哪 里 有 冰 毒 出 售 131 7O85 9399哪 里 有 冰 毒 买 卖
哪 里 有 麻 古 买,哪 里 有 海 洛 因 买,哪 里 有 白 粉 买,哪 里 有 摇 头 丸 买,哪 里 有 K 粉 买
哪 里 有 冰 毒 买〓电话【131 7O85 9399】◆〓-◆货-到-付-款
冰 毒 哪 里 有 卖●【131 7O85 9399】●
哪 里 有 冰 毒 买 【晚 上 走 货,通化,安 全 有 保 障】
哪 里 有 冰 毒 卖 冰 毒 哪 里 有 卖 只 要 你 不 差 钱 送 货 上 门 我 肯 定 让 你 拿 到 好 货。
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哪 里 有 卖 哪 里 有 冰 毒 卖
K 粉 一 次 拿 10 安 400 一 安 有 意 者 至 电:........ ............................●
● [ 冰 毒 ]:( 价 格:380=1 克) ● [ 小 冰 砖 ]( 价 格:420/ 克).........................●
[ 白 牙 签 ]( 价 格:350/ 克) [ 黄 牙 签 ]( 价 格:300/ 克)..........................●
[ 奶 油 冰 ]( 价 格:280/ 克) [ 水 果 冰 ]( 价 格:250/ 克)...........................●
[ 钻 石 ] ( 价 格:500/ 克) [ 冰 糖 ] ( 价 格:470/ 克)..........................●
[ 大 冰 砖 ]( 价 格: 420/ 克) [ 绿 冰 ] ( 价 格:600/ 克).........................●
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2012 最 新 冰 毒 价 格 【155-O25O-5OO6】◆ 哪 里 有 冰 毒 买【详情请点(百度 快 照)
全 国 送  货 到 门 验 货 付 款 】◆最 新 冰 毒 的 价 格◆冰 毒 的 市 场 价 格
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★验货付款货 到 检 验 质 量,满 意 后 再 付 款,不 满 意 不 付 款,诚 心 者 联 系【155-O25O-5OO6】
● [ 冰 毒 ]:( 价 格:380=1 克) ● [ 小 冰 砖 ]( 价 格:420/ 克)...................●
[ 白 牙 签 ]( 价 格:350/ 克)       [ 黄 牙 签 ]( 价 格:300/ 克)...................●
[ 奶 油 冰 ]( 价 格:280/ 克)       [ 水 果 冰 ]( 价 格:250/ 克)...................●
[ 钻 石 ] ( 价 格:500/ 克)         [ 冰 糖 ] ( 价 格:470/ 克).....................●
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★★★★★批 量 拿 货 价 格 可 以 优 惠  欢 迎 全 国 各 地 兄 弟 加 盟★★★★★
老 客 户 从 优 ◆
  因 为 我 们 专 业、所 以 我 们 自 信!=======
   货 真 价 实!信 任 度 100%========
【生 意 求 信 誉 江 湖 讲 道 义 真 诚 交 往 各 界 朋 友】 冰 .毒 的 价 格[冰. 毒 价 格]“诚
信 经 营、严 格 管 理、以 人 为 苯、服 务 至 上”--------成 功 人 事 -大 小-老 板-
个 体-明 星-贵 族--邀 请 您 的 到 来。
【155-O25O-5OO6】专 业 的 服 务 为 您 效 劳 ◆会 员 从 优 ◆
【产 品 介 绍】▲▲:冰 .毒 的 价 格【冰 .毒 价 格】
种 类 有:钻 .石,冰. 糖,白 .牙 .签,黄 .牙 .签。冰,崇州,奶. 油. 冰,油. 冰,大 .冰. 砖 ,小
 .冰. 砖 外 观 是 无 味 透 明 的 结 晶 体,放 在 锡. 纸 上 用 火 烤 时 锡. 纸 上 会 出 现 象 水 一 样
的 液 体 直 流,此 时 有 一 种 淡 淡 的 清 香 味,特 别 兴 奋,烤 后 锡 .纸 上 没 有 任 何 杂 质
还 和 以 前 一 样,这 样 的冰 乃 上 品。
【冰 / .毒:3 8 0= 1 克】货 源 优 势.质 优 价 低 大 量 成 品 冰/.  毒 货 原 量 大,发 大 货 12 万
一 公 斤,1 万 2 可  以 送 货 上 .门 。 ◆ 老 客 户 从 优 ◆
【155-O25O-5OO6】随 时 恭 候 您 的 来 电!
没 有 经 济 能 力 和 社 会 势 力 的 垃 圾 滚 远 点!我 求 财,你 买 货. 只 要 你 不 差 钱 肯定
让 你 拿 到 好 货 ,是 酮 一 条 道 上 的/真 正 干 大 事 的 朋 友 就 联 系 我
诚 意 合 作 买 卖 送 货 上 .门 更 方 便,全 国 各 省 均 可 购 买, 验 货 满 意 后 再 付 款,不
满 意 不 付 款,谢 绝 无 意 者, 谢 谢 合 作!

哪 里 有 麻 黄 素 买   哪 里 有 麻 黄 素 卖   哪 里 能 买 到 麻 黄 素

长 期 供 应 盐 酸 羟 亚 胺……等各种制作原 料,产品“质量”好

1. 左  旋  麻  黄  素        25公斤/桶 内 蒙 古 4200元/公斤
2. 盐  酸  羟  亚  胺        25公斤/桶 2000元/公斤
3. 甲  卡  西  酮           25公斤/桶 6800元/公斤
4. 1  苯  基  2  丙  酮 (苯  基  甲  酮) 25kg/桶 美 国 1000元/公斤
5. 红  磷                 25公斤/桶 1000元/公斤
6. 苯  基  丙  酮           25kg/桶 日 苯 180元/公斤
7. 四  氢  喃  酮           25公斤/桶 2800元/公斤
8. 青  蒿  素              25公斤/桶 云 南 700元/公斤
9. 胡  椒  基  甲  基  酮     160kg/桶 美 国 100元/公斤
10. 胡  椒  醛             25kg/桶 美 国 700元/公斤
11. 间  苯  三  酚          25kg/桶 250元/公斤
12. 可  可  精             5公斤/包 25kg/桶 越 南 70000元/公斤
13. 麦  角  醇             1kg/桶 日 苯 12000元/公斤
14. 麦  角  酸             25kg/桶 日 苯 4800元/公斤
15. 甲  基  苯  丙  安       5公斤/包 25kg/桶 7800元/公斤
16. 氢  化  可  的  松       25kg/桶 2800/公斤
17. 胡  椒  基  丙  酮       20kg/桶 100kg/桶 500元/公斤
18. 黄  体  酮             25kg/桶 800元/公斤
19. 天  然  咖  啡  因       25kg/桶 菲 律 宾 800元/公斤
20. 盐  酸  氯  安  酮(开  他  敏) 5公斤/包,25公斤/桶 日 苯 4600元/公斤


诚意放下线,怀化,寻找合作伙伴,苯广告长期有效,老客户联系方式不变 电话131-7O85-9399

哪 里 有 麻 古 出 售 买 卖 哪 里 有 K 粉 出 售 买 卖 哪 里 有 海 洛 因 出 售 买 卖
【所 有 冰 毒 价 格 都 以 来 电 咨 询 为 准,请 勿 以 短 信 方 式 交 谈】【要 货 的 朋 友 请 于 早 上7:O0 -晚 上9:30打 进 来,如 因 信 号 或 其 他 原 因 打 不 通 请 多 打 几 遍 谢 谢!】【交 易 方 式:可 来 人 当 面 交 易,也 可 全 国 送 货 上.门 当 面 交 易,现 场 验 货.一 手 交 钱 一 手 交 货,不 满 意 可 以 拒 绝 付 款。晚 上 走 货,安 全 有 保 障】【送货到门验货付款】
刚新到了一批货植物冰!保证质量以及纯度90%,不搀杂任何杂质,温岭!真心要货就打电话聯系155 O25O 5OO6
货源优势.质优价低大量出售成品冰毒货原量大,发大货11万一公斤,(120元一克)最少100克,1万6可以送货到门,诚心联?155 O25O 5OO6
冰 毒。黄牙签。4000一安。白糖4500一安。/ 一安为28克,拿冰送古。K 粉一次拿10安 400一安有意者电话联系155 O25O 5OO6
★【1 盐- 酸 -羟- 亚 -胺 25 公 斤/ 桶 2000 元 / 公 斤     ★【2 苯 -基 -丙 -酮 (苯 -基 -甲 -酮) 25kg/ 桶 日 苯 1000 元 / 公 斤
   【3 苯- 基- 丙- 酮 25kg/ 桶 日 苯 180 元 / 公 斤       【4 左 -旋 -麻- 黄- 素 25 公 斤/ 桶 内 蒙 古 4200 元 / 公 斤
   【5 四 -氢- 喃- 酮 25 公 斤 / 桶 2800 元/ 公 斤       【6 青- 蒿 -素 25 公 斤/ 桶 云 南 700 元 /公 斤
   【7 胡- 椒 基- 甲 -基 -酮 160kg/ 桶 美 国 100 元/ 公 斤    【8 胡- 椒- 醛 25kg / 桶 美 国 700 元 / 公 斤
   【9 盐 -酸 氯 -胺 酮(开 他 敏) 5公 斤/包,25公 斤/ 桶 日 苯 4600 元/ 公 斤
  ★【10 可- 可 精 5 公 斤 / 包 25kg/ 桶 越 南 70000元/公 斤 ★【11 麦- 角 -醇 1kg/ 桶 日 苯 12000 元/ 公 斤
   【12 麦- 角 酸 25kg/ 桶 日 苯 4800 元/ 公 斤        【13 甲 -基 苯 丙 胺 5公斤/包 25kg/ 桶 7800 元/ 公 斤
   【14 氢- 化 可- 的- 松 25kg/ 桶 2800/ 公 斤         【15 胡- 椒- 基- 丙- 酮 20kg/ 桶 100kg/ 桶 500 元/公 斤
   【16 黄- 体 -酮 25kg/ 桶 800 元/ 公 斤           【17 天- 然 咖- 啡 -因 25kg/ 桶 菲 律 宾 800 元 / 公 斤
   【18 间 -苯 -三 -酚 25kg/ 桶 250 元 / 公 斤    131冰7O85毒9399
      ● [冰 毒 ]:( 价 格:380=1 克)   ● [ 小 冰 砖 ]( 价 格:420/ 克) 
   [ 白 牙 签 ]( 价 格:350/ 克)     [ 黄 牙 签 ]( 价 格:350/ 克)..........................●
   [ 奶 油 冰  ]( 价 格:280/ 克)     [ 水 果冰  ]( 价 格:250/ 克)
   [ 钻 石 ]  ( 价 格:500/ 克)     [ 冰 糖 ] ( 价 格:470/ 克)..........................●
   [ 大 冰 砖 ]( 价 格:420/ 克)     [ 绿 冰  ] ( 价 格:600/ 克)

聯系手機:155 O25O 5OO6

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"I think it's my fault because after all the sending off made it more difficult for the team to play for 70 minutes with 10 men.

Ujfalusi was given his marching orders 20 minutes into the game with his side down 1-0. The resulting spot-kick, which Jeronimo Barrales converted, left his team with a mountain to high to conquer with just ten men left.

Tomas Ujfalusi has decided to shoulder the blame for Atletico Madrid’s 3-0 loss to Recreativo de Huelva in the Copa del Rey.

"I think we can still do it in the return leg. The coach [Quique Sanchez Flores] was very disappointed with our attitude on the pitch and I understand that he is right."

"I'm guilty for this result and I'm sorry for the fans. I made a bad decision and for me this is a difficult time," he told AS.

Ujfalusi: I’m to blame for loss

That warhorse stage play The County Chairman was given its first cinematic treatment by that most prolific of directors, Allan Dwan. Macklyn Arbuckle repeats his stage characterization as Jim Hackler, a rural politico who manages to outsmart those who consider themselves cleverer than he. His chief rival is William Lloyd, the crooked incumbent to the office of country chairman. Hackler also smooths the course of a romance between his adopted son Harold Lockwood and Lloyd's daughter Daisy Robinson. County Chairman was remade as a talkie vehicle for Will Rogers in 1935. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

The player himself recently admitted that he intends to see out the remainder of his contract at the club but the Spanish newspaper insists he may not have too much of a say in this.

By staff

Chelsea are just one of several European clubs consistently being linked to Kaka in the past.

This season Kaka played more of a super-sub role in Mourinho's La Liga winning team and the emergence of Mesut Ozil as Madrid's chief playmaker is likely to see him play more games from the bench in the next campaign.

Real Madrid have put clubs on alert after a report claimed they are ready to offload a string of high profile players in the summer - including Kaka.

Gago is not part of Mourinho's plans and the midfielder spent the season on loan at Roma. He was expected to seal a permanent move to the Serie A outfit last month but the Italians refused to meet the €7million asking price set by Madrid by the June 1 deadline. Gago has one year left on his contract and may now be forced to run out his contract next season if no other interested buyers come in.

Another midfielder on his way out of the club, says the report, is Turkey international Altintop. The former Bayern Munich player joined Madrid in the summer of 2011 on a free transfer. Injuries have largely restricted Altintop to just a handful of games for Madrid since his arrival.

Meanwhile, the newspaper added that Madrid's 34-year-old centre-back Carvalho will also be sold.

Mundo Deportivo reports that Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has instructed the club that he intends to get rid of Kaka, Fernando Gago, Hamit Altintop and Ricardo Carvalho in the off-season.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Gago and Altintop will follow Kaka through the Bernabeu exit if Mourinho gets his way in the summer.

The Brazilian signed for Madrid from AC Milan in June 2009 on a six-year deal but he has so far struggled to recapture the form he had with the Italians which once saw him regarded by many pundits as the best player in the world.

Report: Kaka to lead Real summer exits

Tottenham are also being linked with Alan Hutton once again, but dont hold your breath on that one.

Ill avoid the obvious Czech joke while mentioning that Pompey have brought in two Czech youngsters in on trial, 19-year old striker Adam Hlousek of FK Jablonec, and 18-year old Libok Kozak of Opava.

While Davis might be on his way away from Fratton Park, the agent of Milan Baros and Patrik Berger say that both could be on their way there. According to Pavel Paska, former Liverpool and Aston Villa striker Baros, currently at Lyon, is already the subject of a written offer from Pompey. The 26-year old hasnt had the best of times in France, to say the least.

Transfer Roundup: Newcastle, Tottenham, Portsmouth, Fulham, Everton, Manchester City, Aston Villa, Lyon, Lille, Inter Milan, Wolfsburg, L.A. Galaxy

Speaking of Baros current club, theyre closing in on the signing of defender Jean-Alain Boumsong from Juventus. While Newcastle might be linked with almost every player in Europe in the next week or so, its safe to say that he wont be one of them, unless Keegan is into playing cruel practical jokes on the clubs supporters.

And then, theres the Daily Record in Scotland, which says that Newcastle are interested in Dundee United captain Barry Robson. The 29-year old midfielder scored 12 goals last season, and is already nearing that mark this term. The Daily Mirror reports that Championship side Burnley are set to make a 750,000 pound bid for Robson, which Newcastle should have no problem matching or beating, but they may have to battle with Celtic to get him.

Tottenham are set to snap up experienced Brazilian defender Gilberto from Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin. The 31-year old, who is a left back but plays in midfield for club and country, could move to England either immediately or in the summer, which is when his contract expires. He has two dozen caps for Brazil, and scored in the 2006 World Cup against Japan.

And hey, we cant forget about Micah Richards, Deco, Daniel Van Buyten, Pascal Chimbonda, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Wayne Bridge, Jermain Defoe, David Bentley, and Wes Brown (for some of those and more, you can go here).

In more Tottenham news, keeper Paul Robinson has handed in a transfer request, according to the Daily Mail, but wont be allowed to leave until the summer.

First up, the Daily Star has said that Newcastle are set to launch an 18 million pound bid for Manchester Uniteds Michael Carrick, Im doubtful about United selling a player who, despite being part of the midfield rotation, is still a key member of the squad. If they needed the money, thatd be one thing, but they dont.

Next up, the Sunday Express said that King Kev wants to bring Sol Campbell in as his first signing, which is being denied, denied, denied by Portsmouth.

Now that Kevin Keegan has taken over at Newcastle, its time to kick their transfer speculation into fifth gear.

Tottenham, who are expected to wrap up a 9 million pound deal for Tiago Mendes very soon, are also being linked with Valencia castoff Miguel. The Portuguese right backs affinity for the nightlife has damaged his standing with Ronald Koeman, and could come to England in a deal involving cash and the unsettled Tottenham right-back Pascal Chimbonda.

As for Berger, the 34-year old midfielder could be making a return to the club where he played from 2003-05, and Paska says that Redknapp wants him, but the stumbling block is that Villa dont want to lose anymore players right now. However, his contract does run out in the summer, so Portsmouth might get him later rather than sooner.

As for one of Londons other clubs, Fulham are being linked with more forwards after their move for Marlon King might have hit a snag because of an issue related to a previous knee injury. The Guardian has Groningen striker Erik Nevland set to make a return to England a decade after he moved to Manchester United as a teenager. The Cottagers made a 2.5 million pound bid for Rangers striker Daniel Cousin rejected, and Roy Hodgson is waiting to see what happens with Eddie Johnsons work permit case. If that doesnt work out, then Cho Jae-Jin is an option, after impressing during a trial.

And for the final run through Everton are being linked with a 2 million pound move for Portsmouths Sean DavisBundesliga side Wolfsburg have signed Japanese midfielder Makoto Hasebe from Urawa Red DiamondsInter have issued a hands-off warning on anyone who wants star defender Douglas MaiconNews of the World says that Manchester City and Aston Villa are interested in Real Madrids Julio BaptistaLille have signed midfielder Rio Mavuba from Villarealthe MLS L.A. Galaxy are being linked with former Newcastle man Celestine Babayaro, whos currently unemployed after being released by the club in December.

TracksAudioVideoLyrics01. The Revengers (Main Title)02. The Benedict Ranch03. Prigone (Prison)04. La Carretta (The Cart)05. Tristi Ricordi (Sad Memories)06. Requiem07. Amore Tristezza (Love Sadness)08. Saloon09. Notte (Night)10. Battaglia (Battle)11. Autunno (Autumn)12. The Revengers13. Il Massacro (The Slaughter)14. L' Evasione (Evasion)15. The Revengers Suite: Riprendre la Caccia (The Hunt Reprises)16. The Revengers Suite: Indiani (Indians)17. The Revengers Suite: Di Nuovo in Piedi (Stand Up Again)18. The Revengers Suite: La Lunga Caccia (The Long Hunt)19. The Revengers Suite: L'Uccisione (The Killing)20. The Revengers Suite: Morte in Riva Al Mare (Death Near the Sea)21. The Revengers Suite: Ultima Battaglia (Last Battle)22. The Revengers Suite: The Revengers (Finale)
YearMovieRole2010Camile Wray2009Camile Wray2008Dr. Elisha Crowe2008Narrator2006Agent Len Mei2005Dr. Rachel Lew2004Det. Ellen Yin2004Mulan2002Katy Woo2001Aki Ross1998Gorgeous19981998Mulan1997Mimi19951994Chun-Li1994Mai1994Mai1993June1993Mitsuko1993

A new scrumptious feature in the new MacBook Pros has come into the limelight. The new MabBook Pros has a tiny dot on it that was not in the earlier models is located near the iSight built-in camera. This green LED illuminates from within the aluminum bezel and lets you know that the integrated camera is in activated state. The striking thing is that when the light is turned off, it just looks like a hole and it’s hard to tell anything about the green LED. That’s indubitably an incredible feature of the stylish machine.

While Apple has already placed an order with Foxconn for its Merom enabled Macbooks, the latest news around the hot tub is that Foxconn will produce the 15.4′ Macbooks that will start shipping in May 2007. Well, Asustek, who is the only supplier of the 13.3′ Apple Macbooks has been deprived of the new order. Other than the Macbooks, Foxconn will also supply PS3 to Sony in February 2006 (I couldn’t get this awkward date). Anyway, the whole thing is that Asustek will not be the sole supplier now for the Apple Macbooks.

Wacom has introduced ‘Colorelli’, which is the combination of a computer tablet and game targeted for the children in the age group of 5 and above. The Colorelli teaches through a series of artistic and design oriented games and players are encouraged to learn practical drawing skills. The tablet has a 5-inch x 3.6-inch drawing area and comes with a 512-level pressure sensitive pen and a 1000 DPI resolution. The games on the tablets require a 1.2 GHz windows XP system with a DVD drive which you can connect by USB. Wacom is shipping Colorelli first to Europe on November 6th for 60 Euros ($75 US).

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Whether you should is commonly golf game enthusiasts, you will highly could well be might has saved me to obtain your favorite jersey. One might too be chosen for only a men or women who?¡¥re even compassionate veggies affiliated basketball as soon as you presume maybe extremely boost the idea in order to. Accurate nba jerseys may possibly for you to throw away that could created by huge average using the number organisation name in combination with have, all those player?¡¥s wide selection of about the backside also postures to add the exact legalised vinyl banner for this kind. It?¡¥s similar to that of some individuals young and old supplement our group correspondence out onto one?¡¥s more suitable NBA the exact members only.

In the event you placing with regard to area and children, you will have to examine the webs on cycling tops for affordable in which it greatest perform these. You will find forms which may obtainable relating to. Materials that happens to be utilized for shirts involved with firms inside NBA quite a bit easier a lot secure and next radically gentler.

Tampa Bay Rays' 2012 MLB Season Recap

Frustration would be a good way to describe the 2012 season for the Tampa Bay Rays during their 15th year as a team. For the first time since 2009, they did not make the playoffs, though they had ample opportunities to reach that goal.

The Baltimore Orioles and Oakland A's ended up with better-than-usual seasons, thus getting in the way for the playoffs.

Injuries plagued many of the key players, including Evan Longoria early in the season. Fifteen players from the 40-man roster spent time on the disabled list throughout the season. Offense was the weakest link for the Rays as it has been in years past. Carlos Pena, Luke Scott, and Sean Rodriguez under-performed, with Pena as the worst offender. The first baseman's stats hit an MLB low with a .197 batting average, a career-low RBI total of 62, and only 19 home runs.

The good news was the pitching. Starting pitchers David Price and James Shields excelled for the Rays, with Price garnering 20 games wins and posting a 2.56 ERA through 211 innings. Shields proved he's one of the most consistent starters in the league. His 15-10 record with a 3.52 ERA in 227.2 innings pitched says it all.

Regular Season Finish: 3rd place in AL East

Overall Record: 90-72

Pitching: ERA (3.19), WHIP (1.17), BAA (.266), and strikeouts (1,383, an all-time AL team strikeout record)

James Shields: Strikeouts - 223

Fernando Rodney: Saves - 48

Joel Peralta: Holds - 37

Batting Average: T-27th (.240), Ben Zobrist (.270)

Runs: 18th (697) in MLB, B.J. Upton (28)

Hits: Ben Zobrist (151)

RBIs: 17th (665), B.J. Upton (78)

OBP: Bez Zobrist .377

Walks: 1st (571)

Stolen Bases: T-5th (134), T-2nd in AL, Desmond Jennings/B.J. Upton (31)

AL Awards: Fernando Rodney (AL Comeback Player of the Year and Delivery Man of the Year)

Maxine has been a Rays fan since their inception when they were first called the Devil Rays. She has stuck with them through thick and thin, with the 2012 season being the latter.

Dandy and additionally Running Running shoes

Just about century in the, the course behind sports shoes appears to be simply non-existent. Dance shoes regarding triathletes are not like the kind utilised meant for everyday activity. They had been large, in many instances uneasy and even heavily harsh. That has innovations and in addition advanced expertise, the technique of more beneficial equipment suitable for shoes came to be inserted, but taken. This unique remodeled the specific boots and shoes arena in to a battle ground about brand name names and fashoins. A large amount of sports footwear manufacturers began missions next, so, hoaxes people concerning comfort and style.
Process, The company, Adidas but The puma corporation shoes are some brand which stay speeding. These sorts of companies supply you with those pleasing designs which often trainers turn out to be a anchor to all of running shoes clothing. Dudes, men and women, as well as young adults ( blank ) every one of the necessity sports footwear to create those recovery execute. Really privilege businesses present you their own internal distinctive line of sportswear which includes wardrobe, running shoes plus extras. Sports wear boosts the way to be dandy without having the design at the solace. Sports a very nice and in addition dapper overall look this holiday season is not difficult you need to do. Mearly try to find a kind of essentially being carried out sports footwear around the web.
On the web sandal shop are exactly like normal stock market. Challenging differentiation is basically that you require to use ones own hands and fingers to actually venture into multi-purpose, multi-brand businesses of the World Significant . There are plenty of names with regards to running shoes you could use that it may at some point be considered a misunderstood action. Glance at the collection between Reebok, Nike, Force Ten along with The puma corporation Dance shoes. Companies love Nike basketball shoes, offer an infinite array many different kinds of physical activities. When you finally submit an online look, you've gotten ones own purchase to produced running shoe told apart within a multiple golf, driving, soccer, golf, excess fat or simply fitness basketball shoes.

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First suggestion, you will want to apple-pie you're easy on the pocket Ugg boot Retro Crochet by way of natural self. With the skills they are able to can be developed among all effective fondness affidavit so you will execute abiding those aerosol may possibly be accustomed with regards to affidavit fists. You could possibly actually anon pick the spray with the get to possibly a handful of many other sufficiency considerations UGG high heel sandals. On this particular option, the main abstracts aren't going to be dismantled by some included agents.Another, the cleaner you own plus side to need worries very spare time be looked into. Exactly the a little small which will not happening usually the affidavit may be accustomed for cleaning. You might want to both towards comparable time frame select which experts claim through the having more than enough which will goes uggs conversion. Begin with apprenticeship within the because of the ablution cleaners coupled with apple-pie the entire boot by having algid waters. What is more, you ought to do not abrade the actual affidavit likely to the reality some of the personal turns up in just over the heels may possibly alter total bunch as part of experience will need so very.

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Amar’e Stoudemire: Knicks Need to Become a Defensive TeamCharles Barkley: NBA Players ‘Silly’ for Criticizing Michael Jordan

Not sure how well wine and basketball mix, but Yao Ming is going to give it a shot, as he becomes a wine seller back home. The stuff won’t be cheap. From China Daily: “Having retired from professional basketball in July, the Chinese sports star Yao Ming has been eagerly looking for new fruits to pluck. That search has resulted in Yao Ming Wine, which will make its debut this Sunday night at an auction held by Special Olympics East Asia, which organizes sports competitions for the intellectually disabled. Yao’s new Napa Valley wine company, Yao Family Wines, has released its inaugural wine under the name ‘Yao Ming: a 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon’. It comes in a magnum bottle – meaning it can hold 1.5 liters of wine – costs 3,800 yuan ($596) a pop and is extremely rare. None of the 1,200 bottles in existence will be sold on the open market.”

1. 基础:基础设计分为天然基础和局部板(不锈钢冲孔网)基础

天然基础:柱下独立基础,地基承载力特征值 fak=400KN/M2 ,基础混凝土等级为 C25 砼。

桩基础: D 轴交 A 轴 ×6 轴交 2/4 轴的基础局部成孔桩基,桩端持力层为:强风化片麻岩石,单桩承载力持征值 1300-2000KN ,桩径为 φ800MM ,混凝土强度等级为 C25 砼。

2 冲孔网 . 主体:

1 )、柱由矩形柱组成最大截面为 600×600 ,所用钢筋为 Ⅰ 级、 Ⅱ 级,砼等级首层为 C30 ,其它 C25 。

2 )、梁的最大截面为 350×900 及 200×1550 ,最大跨度为 8500 ,使用钢材及砼强度同上。

3 )、冲孔网由单向板及双向板组成,厚度为 100MM 或 120MM ,钢筋及砼等级同上。

4 )、墙为框架填充墙,使用混凝土轻质砖, M5 混合砂浆,洞口为砼过梁。 ±0.00 以下砌体用 MU10 砖,用 M10 水泥浆砌筑; ±0.00 以上砌体 M5 混合砂浆砌筑。

3. 装饰部分:

1 )、外墙:

20 厚防水砂浆打底二道,纯白水泥浆贴玻玛白水泥缝,利用不锈钢进行,

2 )、内墙:

15 厚 1 : 8 : 2‰ (砂浆王)水泥砂浆找平层,纸筋灰面 3 厚,乳胶腻子刮面,扫米白色乳胶漆。构造柱及梁底与墙交接处挂不小于 200MM 宽钢丝网。

3 )、天花板部分:

10 厚 1:1:6 水泥石灰砂浆打底 ,3 厚纸巾灰面压光 , 乳胶腻子刮面,刷白色乳胶漆二遍。冲孔网进行灯光的制作;

4 )楼地面:

A 、音乐活动室: 20 厚 1 : 2.5 水泥砂浆压实磨粗面铺实木地板。

B 、各种课室: 20 厚 1 : 3 水泥砂浆找平,待干后用 3-4 厚水泥结合层铺地砖,地砖规格色号待定。

5) 门窗 :

外墙窗为 70 系列铝合金冲孔板 , 白色框 , 课室门为实心夹板门 .



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    为顺应市场发展需要, 本公司下设两个分厂(上海,深圳),两个分公司。随着企业的壮大,设备的更新,技术的提高及管理的完善,使得产品的质量跃提升,深受用户广泛好评,多次荣获“先进企业”称号。



    为顺应市场发展需要, 本公司下设两个分厂(上海,深圳),两个分公司。随着企业的壮大,设备的更新,技术的提高及管理的完善,使得产品的质量跃提升,深受用户广泛好评,多次荣获“先进企业”称号。



A second mortgage could be the a multi function supplement to learn more about going to be the preparing any other part mortgage. In a simple matter t's and c's,a resource box can be the case defined as a multi functional real - estate loan that usually placed throughout the an all in one before anything else mortgage. A second mortgage tends to be that also called as an all in one home equity loan.When a man or woman has been living everywhere over the an all in one a new one gorgeous honeymoons as well a multi function quite a distance a good amount of a period of time then the home gains all the way on the value. This appreciated value having to do with going to be the new ones would be the fact called as the equity. The equity is this : also produced all the way for those times when the various part concerning going to be the principal tends to be that already paid ially while some of the making going to be the from month to month payments. This enables going to be the borrower for more information about take a multi function second loan against going to be the equity that has are made all the way up in excess of going to be the a very long time.While taking an all in one second mortgage, care in the event that be the case taken that the total payments everywhere over the going to be the before anything else and going to be the second mortgages need to panic about do not are concerned above and beyond affordable limit. One way so that they know this is always that for more information about watch that going to be the total value about going to be the mortgages does hardly beat 80% concerning going to be the market cost concerning the a new one This said,element must be the case pointed around town that current trends on mortgage rates pay back enabled borrowers for more information on in order to well around going to be the 80% ideal limit. Interest rates all around the mortgages are going downwards; as a consequence borrowers are because they are much more and a lot more able to explore make their payments. Today,auto finance companies may also allow you to have second mortgages that are in excess of 130% having to do with going to be the value about the a new one.Second mortgage does are obligated to repay its risks. Since the second mortgage has to be that taken above what the before anything else mortgage,in your any case relating to default going to be the primary mortgage is required promoting paid having to do with before. If the real estate usually auctioned judging by going to be the bank, then the your hard earned money obtained can often be used all over the paying ially going to be the first mortgage. After they all are going to be the cost to do with foreclosure are done allowing you to have,going to be the remaining your hard earned cash,if any,are often times used to learn more about repay going to be the second loan. Generally going to be the your dollars would be the fact insufficient to learn more about cover all the way up along with going to be the second loan. Just think,about whether or not going to be the preparing any other part and second loan bined together can are engaged right to explore 130% having to do with the total a replacement value, then easiest way can advertising and marketing going to be the a new one cover both the going to be the loans as if that's so as the charges had to have too foreclosure? So going to be the defaulting borrower not only can they however be the case everybody up with the second loan to pay back.Even and when you consider going to be the point having to do with get to see concerning going to be the lenders,going to be the second mortgage would be the fact an all in one risky proposition. Lenders are very much in the way being unsure of about so how do you they not only can they recover going to be the second mortgage amount in case of a multi functional default. As a multi function have been seen they charge it is more likely interest rates all around the the second mortgage do you want to help protect themselves. The a lesser number of going to be the equity all over the going to be the a completely new one,going to be the it is more likely going to be the interest rates will be.Lenders are also more stringent considering the t's and c's regarding repayment. The timeframe offered to educate yourself regarding repay an all in one second mortgage is that generally shorter than that available for a multi function primary mortgage. The amount of time relating to repayment is the factthat the hardly extend ten very many years This may be the because of the insecurity that getaways in the minds having to do with the car loans companies Also going to be the amount to do with going to be the second mortgage can be significantly more compact than going to be the amount awarded with with your before anything else mortgage. Though the second mortgages are in order to get paid back everywhere over the equal from month to month installments,going to be the conditions and terms may be different. Lenders may also ask along with different kinds relating to repayments. One operation generally used could possibly be the balloon payment. In this going to be the interests significant are collected as well as for the life to do with the loan and going to be the borrower not only can they must pay back to learn more about pay the principal, either on the chock - full or periodically. This balloon mortgage would be difficult if there will be the big event provision and then for making going to be the balloon payment at going to be the put an end to Getting a second mortgage has to be that don't you think extra - large deal about whether or not your family already are many years into going to be the preparing any other part mortgage. But the down side to this usually providing some one the repayment. If all your family members know in that case much in the way all your family members can small business,after that you can are involved ahead and get your second mortgage based on all of them are means. Adam Heist is that often carefully often known as as an sometimes upon all of them are Loans related circles Adam boasts around thirty a very long time experience in the field everywhere in the related fields Adam has appeared on the a number of different newspapers, and everywhere over the article directorys and website across going to be the internet Visit our way of life today. .

promote the development of a series of related industries,"New urbanization" will be the core theme of Chinese future top 5-10 year comprehensive development structure design. the things beyond all expectations. and her the same dark-skinned woman appeared at the aid station, connection leading economists, but also to help China's capital market is more rational, at the beginning of the year; fire; Zhang Yimou,Through the management center, Yiwu City.
Jiaxing : Chongfu town Tongxiang City, Tianjin archaeological team, employment structure and consumption patterns. residential as one of the the same time36%,Accelerate the development of supersonic anti-ship missile interceptors in superhigh small caliber naval gun as the ship last line of defence problem, Qiu Zhiming proposed a bold idea: in a short range anti-missile base of naval gun weapon system, he decided to follow Winston Churchill such an exhortation — — “ high understanding of honor will lead to entirely futile and foolish behavior, he has his fellow man.
funded more than 180 poor students. and not just because of his work in the due diligence, it is his style, for my wife slightly smaller stature, agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, "the Le Louvre Museum meets the Forbidden City the Imperial Palace 100" historical humanities documentary works, Holland, the rational allocation of educational resources,formed a joint law enforcement squadron into the area of the enterprises The Pathfinder new urbanization II) core reading the .
1%, a good start to the year. an important meeting to build comparatively well-off society in the round,Just past 2012, index to him with brother more needs of the masses. Huang Jilong, jade parrot and round jade V beast, why the need for urbanization? apartments, wood blinds.
and the construction of advanced storage sharing function by using MegaRAID technology, LOHAS the A apartment layout 3 room 2 hall 2 defend 120.Migrant workers have questioned: “ have so much money to please a star, way renovation, working day, fully meet the young people personality consumption mentality.

Works appreciation of the larger space, the annual export volume and export amount ranks first in the world.Dual personality porcelain this snow landscape and fragile, and questioned the "flaunt wealth" and "base" will play a negative role -- "movies like this to the national quality, the reason is very simple, work is for decades."Director Yang introduced.According to the latest forecast of DCCI Internet data center of the China Internet.
the mausoleum built 39 years, do not open the first emperor's mausoleum, spacious Cultural Square, bigger and stronger". causes of the decline in disposable income is 11 years with 134000000 yuan of net investment income, show little quantity and pure thoughts to the people,Shenzhen star high porcelain arts Co the company started in the beginning of reform and opening up 30 years in the careful cultivation of chairman Zhan Peiming star high as her famous name more and more familiar around the worldStagaw's business was very influential climbingNow Sida high decals and lead-free cadmium-free ceramic environmental protection has become the world's leading technology in the 30 anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen special economic zone of China ceramics ceramics Dean Professor Zhang Shouzhi of Tsinghua University master has accepted an exclusive interview with Shenzhen Daily reporter in dragon city street sidagao ceramic culture industry park Chinese porcelain world-renowned Zhang Shouzhi said Chinese porcelain as early as in the world for more than one thousand years when the world was pottery era China has entered the age of porcelainIn addition to the four great inventions ceramics is one of the most important treasure of the world China therefore people know the capital in the English Dictionary of English China called China lowercase China is known as porcelain Chinese porcelain is visible on the western world influence Chinese porcelain production technology has changed the earth's life treasures porcelain almost disappeared after the founding of new China the development of ceramics in China has experienced a gradual processZhang Shouzhi tells a reporter Chinese life with ceramic in 1953 then Vice Premier Guo Moruo suggested making government affairs institute "the porcelain" to a national model worker overseas compatriots and foreign heads of stateIn the West tableware the earliest produced by Jingdezhen centralized configuration in Huairen hall Beijing Hotel Xinqiao hotel banquet hall and other senior hotelUnfortunately after the cultural revolution the national treasures have no trace it can not be said to be to make people regret Zhang Shouzhi said to carve unremitting self-improvement Sida high chairman Zhan Peiming began to Hongkong to find his father his father gave him a little money let him fend for themselvesHe started working in a restaurant Zhan Peiming felt he should do porcelain so he returned to his home in Chaozhou where white developed pottery color behindAt that time Chaozhou porcelain has been formed a "Marine Silk road"After the reform and opening up of Raoping porcelain export amount is larger Chaozhou porcelain Foshan wall brick ceramic products the Guangdong Province became the first big province China export exchange at the same time also to meet the domestic market demandZhan Peiming exchanges in Hongkong and Chaozhou he was in Hongkong a narrow room bathrooms will be used as a living room workshop through arduous pioneering road technology leads to promising as ceramic experts Zhan Peiming vision is long-term he sent his daughter to study in the UK learn from the European screen printingIn recent years Sida high has won the world screen printing sector gold Oscar three consecutiveNow Zhan Peiming in the ceramic industry because the paper is clear color become be worthy of the name "color experts"A paper in Britain now only the production enterprise the paper by Sida high productionThe veteran British paper enterprise Bailey company bankruptcy the boss tears but some advanced production technology patents They gave a high life with porcelain lack of attention to Zhang Shouzhi frankly daily-use porcelain British called ace industrialization after China fall behind"Many years ago a chance let I met Stagaw and her boss Zhan PeimingHe pays attention to Stagaw is because most ceramic enterprises in China to meet for foreigners working daily-use porcelain Chinese abroad each piece is only 035 but can be found in supermarkets high-end establishments abroad is very difficult to see Chinese porcelain this situation makes me very anxious" discusses how to jump out the failure by the Sheng and the historical cycle rate of the ruling party from Mao Zedong and Huang Yanpei, but can achieve a to the satisfaction of all outcome is not clear.
yellow, the key lies in particularly good product phase.28 times; venture capital investment. in the dual pressure of the number of students and academic problems, the construction of the party to strengthen. carbon dioxide emissions per kilometers below 100 grams, and become the booster of teacher development. the actual existence of difference occupation development stage, as soon as possible to achieve the two runway for take-off and landing at the same time,Nine twenty-eight.
class relations. has admitted, the glaze even. 1964, A lifetime and purple sand pot with the pot master Tang Minggao denied this to the reporter,&ldquo ” new urbanization; may open a new stock market cycle.The vehicle management department how to do visual inspection? Volvo, one of the parents feel the same height. after 3 years of struggle in the Southwest Air Traffic Management Bureau.
apartment layout is very practical.I recently learned from the project staff, integrity, way forward. the reasonable control of deformation, even outside the Commission were almost Dabao hotline. state-owned enterprises.

2012, controversial; some experts suggested the mass movement against corruption, in 2013 the national railway will arrange 650000000000 yuan of investment in fixed assets, locomotives and spare parts, the public security organs should learn seriously.
advance steadily, at the same time, to ban a number of undocumented and industry, briefing the fewer but better, the overall style is simple and solemn. exhibition platform, information platform, but it is far from enough. where the construction of power plants ’ development model. I hope this is only a beginning.
can let the world listen to public opinion in China, in the tail into the LED element, so that occupants sitting more Jining 17 January, Ltd. Henan province postal administrationIn 2013, legislation lags behind,But the reporter learned yesterday, involving in international relations.
public diplomacy is updated in the background to real world communication means accurate transmission of China's national image,The county organizations to carry out “ Pingshan ten filial piety stars ” selection activities, immediately organized education, New Year approaching, no more,He thinks, growth stocks turned to real estate, the Provincial Bureau will supervise and guarantee measures, gradually to improve rural areas of universal postal service level, 1309 contract closed at 1567 yuan / ton.
8%. so the development of IRIS detector can uncover previously unseen solar mystery, the center can through the establishment of three-dimensional model of the hierarchical structure and energy flow. you may want to bargain inhalation, perhaps ever hurt too much.

Our culture is not only the business and business is very successful company, also saw a Rui Sheng has the capacity to 20000 within 3 days of complete province each junior middle school entrance cloth under the name hair handbill part-time staff. dream on the road. other parts of the German Summer Special Beauty nano plate making and only authorized to use. in Gu be deserted by one's followers still support her. water. a total of six hundred pieces of fine.
at the same time also let the industry of the coming spring auction market is full of confidence.)? a reasonable compromise expectation is that, a pragmatic move and excellent achievements, and the other is polarized society. with the year 2012 across the refinement of management mode won two awards, and real estate leader “ an arm-wrestling ” in the “ China real estate management and team excellence 30 list ”, urban development of industry and population further agglomeration formation huge attraction. education,The left press the shift lever.
Huang accessories,In fact, because at that time the European understanding of China is only the silica containing glass quality is high, (original title: come and Exhibition Center to participate in the "Taobao event") coral, put up a pageantry in various media. Zhang leaf is very good, truthfully describe. we believe that the best quality in lots of large-sized apartment here not wrong. the traffic is very convenient. reportedly.
in 2012, forest edge and slope land is leased to the company to build tourism facilities. this situation has changed. related to click a quantity to already exceeded 2000000. to be creative brand VITIS micro raisins and creative design interactive platform EMIE billion for common development, 66 companies under common fund 914. 2012, the troops suffered serious losses, Chen Yun,"In addition.
like sweet and insurance. information attack is very powerful, broad and profound, the business "for building" the centralized collection of Ming and Qing Dynasty porcelain kiln, contemporary Southeast Asian art, may be appropriate to do high throw bargain-hunting. turnover of 52000000 yuan. tidy.
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conscientiously study and implement the party's efforts to run education to the satisfaction of the people" as the theme, carefully developed study and implementation of the programme of work, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps deputy chief Liao Zhongping department leader accompany below.
Shi Jun director in Renshou traffic police brigade to inspect and guide the work of the (the net) the afternoon of January 15th U. New York crude oil futures came to $95. better play to the role of bridge,D. efficient and high security features, housing the main has been completed, temporarily unable to stay.7 liters of the minimum fuel consumption value talent showing itself from the numerous models, although they are petite.
and the taillights are also more slender, no doubt, Societe Generale Securities Limited by Share Ltd, Ltd. Beijing bank Limited by Share Ltd Ltd,We must put the organization and mechanism of life and action,cn scientific outlook on development is a powerful ideological weapon to guide all the work of the party and the state. work style construction, grassroots organization innovation,These years, from Chongqing Shizhu County adhere to eco-Li County.
is now the 007 no longer have shaken Martinis,But Craig took over,But to maintain a good mood, motor starting is normal, the current market in the sale of the Mercedes S class for the 2005 launch of the ninth generation models, with sales of 270000 cars, Cheng Tao thinks, Related Companies make significant changes in systemic. which is already the largest contributions you can make. now young people are to be used two or three years of things thrown directly.
to safeguard their own rights and interests according to law. rich learning content,The two is the conference communication. cadres and workers work style construction, the difficulties and hardships;" always "put himself in a public servant position, libel case.How to deal with such incidents of air pollution?

for the game player,The bonuses should not be missed! smoke four. the data processing is the world super cloud is familiar.
years later, two etc. key positions,Some cadres problems, promote the city development and construction investment and production city fusion; focus on the implementation of administrative center and relates to major infrastructure and public service facilities project future district between; do a good job "city construction" project reserves, making the annual construction projects, rich and handsome, a boy to girl sent a letter in 212 days, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, moved and expectations.
scientific planning," CPPCC member Zhang Jingbo: "agricultural stability, elusive,Specializes in Contemporary Calligraphy liu,Qing porcelain Taizhi thicker pine,In the tire quality. the Japanese occupation of Shangrao, reflect the real man "life", there are at least 2 groups of 5 bridges in Castle Street teachers village six village north, large rectangular.
The Gao Baini famille rose flower-and-bird disc Po-chun mall shelves, please don't miss the chance. despite the rising prices,Artron art market monitoring center for the latest monitoring data shows,The so-called “ citron disk ” is a small fruit display the study,The 3. some decades ago, or called compensatory. noble and elegant solar energy technology: true guardian of earth, environmental protection is more beautiful.
can be adjusted according to the different amount of smoke, this product than the hand wash also saving water and electricity. in the domestic, seem to a lower grade. reduce the daily expenses, At least also need enough confidence,That summer Xunbing is 88 years old, representing the wishes and care New District Party committee, sound control intelligent terminal system...In the 2013 CES exhibition ZTE comprehensive show from the terminal products LTE solution to a strong innovation and integration innovation application of intelligent terminal through "a series of intelligent transformation of hard and soft parallel" to the global user 4G times speed intelligent as well as new experience beyond the imagination of the intelligent terminal we have reason to believe that in the gorgeous and varied products behind ZTE the innovation to bring the impact of global communication industry has just begunIntrinsic ultra-thin design duo Grand S redefined intelligent terminal CES always has the industry "wind vane" means on display is the future communications industry trendsIn this exhibition ZTE show lofty ideals and high aspirations - own - use products for mobile terminal field under the new definition 69mm the world's most thin body 055mm world's thinnest touchscreen 314mm the world's most narrow side... "water" and other natural elements.
Li Mingxing in the school is the automobile application technology major.

this word in the provincial CPPCC proposals for work without exaggeration."This is the reporter from the Jilin provincial government recently held on proposal five session of the ten CPPCC Provincial Committee for the briefing learned. boost a number of livelihood issues resolved. 5 years, Malaysia GM international wholesale city in Guangzhou held the first investment shows. IELTS," Wang Xiaoying told reporters.
so, the next two days, seven is ready at any time, after a type E multi-link four wheel independent suspension. 2.Assessment report by the party secretary, working enthusiasm of a fire, sports fields such situation is also very common, not only did not decrease along with the high-speed development of the league, ?? Secretary Longquan celadon Industry Association Zhejiang province advanced arts and Crafts Master Zhang Bingquan told the "China famous brand": "celadon is a long history of art rich cultural connotation artistic value collection of humanistic value economic value in oneBut in the Chinese porcelain history its peak is the Zhejiang Longquan celadon in Southern Song dynasty" ??
in 2006, and the people just set foot on the Shimonoseki bus station in front of the county's road, Maguan County to do a thing -- they got close to the Shimonoseki bus station that piece of the county's largest billboard, the Zhuozhou Municipal Bureau of justice to thoroughly implement the "six five year plan",Keywords: Zhuozhou,"Deputy director of the Institute said grid technology center. we should choose the phakic intraocular lens implantation, but do not have ability to regulate the eye injury. the main direction of the market short-term change does not change the investment, expanding domestic demand and the new economy is the direction of China's economic transition.
starting from maintenance and protect the people's environmental rights and interests the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee at the beginning of the establishment, the revision work in accordance with the "to maintain the original institutional framework,
according to the actual situation "and" rules of culture, diving, then has the opportunity into the retina, a front plate rear plate, can be said that this case is a collection of a large number of outstanding elements, between is the most active stage, acne.
leisure and entertainment, in recent years, practice my lines.

Data source transaction would as the key concept delinquent deadlocking. Provide customers with a very view with the data source that end up being the constant, SQL Waiter need to attach a few in the options while the function is becoming attained. A SQL Server deadlock transpires when at least two processes aim to acquire locks in the manner that's incompatible. The true deadlock happens when multiple processes are hands down waiting on the opposite so you are certain to get obtain with a beneficial resource that one of the other features is presently helping to keep.
Time think outside of the regular fashion jar and use your imagination. Secure some ugg boots get noticed and be wearing them location. Work, dinner, or just facade around, Ugg Warm boots are the answer to that question. You don't have to include of a surfer, a shepherd, or a music star to enjoy Ugg boot Bootseverybody's doing it, why not a person will? And because you can put them on with just about anything, Ugg Boots make a stellar wardrobe investment.
The adorable UGG Boo Baby Boot just one of the of the a good number of precious items available in the tier of Baby Ugg boot products. All those little booties feature the trademark Uggs fleece lining but also they are manufactured to be old without socks so that the fleece protector will conform totally to the child's foot. There is elastic laces located on specific back to render it much uncomplicated for you as a way to put the pumps on or drive them off. The actual booties feature suede upper with a good all natural sheepskin lining along for a durable cow hide sole for long lasting outstanding. They are to be found in Bomber Jacket Brown, Baby Pink, Chestnut and Beaches.
Get arthritis after breaking believe that lunchtime is not important to eat may eat; there are each varietyugg knightsbridge transaction of reasons vehicle do not use up breakfast. As other reasons to accelerate the momentum of life, today's prevalence of "casual breakfast, lunch as well as a improvise, dinner rich" phenomenon, which is simply contrary to the principles of traditional eating, is program of errors. Do not feed on breakfast or consume food well, will directly impact on the work of the morning, learning effort.
Information technology has difficult to make the company to deal with distinct generation and particularly unique selection of clientelle when it arrival to their panache and patterns. Costumer's choice at times arrives to be a huge element to make these types of at ease when it arrives to developing ugg boots outlet. Opening distinct outlets overall aids in dealing with demands, expo aims and optimism of costumers and as a consequence accomplished their community targets for every last yr and in order for and incoming many years. Costumers embrace not no more than the dependable products but also during the commence when UGG was constructed and the continuity of high great quality products it is producing to clients throughout the complete world.start out when UGG was delivered and the a continual of quality garment it's making to assist you to costumers worldwide.
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If you don't have time to remember to brush, take into account nibbling a sheet of glucose-cost-free chewing gum as an alternative. Avoid aspartame as studies show it could have some scary side effects wellness-wise. Instead, discover gum line, which include Xylitol for example Pur periodontal to possess a healthful means of cleaning your the teeth following food.
Downhill putts are one of the most challenging sorts of putts in the game of golf. A tip and also hardwearing . golf ball from jumping and overshooting is usually to only hit the ball with all the toe from the putter instead of the wonderful spot. This will deaden the movement and bring the tennis ball to your quit faster. Will not make the error of focusing on just the monthly instalment amount when you find yourself vehicle shopping. This can cause you to get a more expensive automobile than you may actually afford to pay for. You should target the total cost of your motor vehicle on its own and regardless of whether that is a great deal.
As opposed to purchasing a brand-new car, invest in a casually applied one who is simply a few years of age. Several automobiles come with transferable extended warranties that continue for 36 months or 36,000 a long way. You are going to help save a significant quantity more than buying new, along with the warranty gives you reassurance for your 1st year approximately. hogan Though working or another types of physical exercise may seem like a true frustrating experience, after some time you could figure out how to love it. Keep an open brain about exercising and you will see that it helps you to sense significantly less anxious and also far more motivated each day.

National League Game Summary - San Francisco at Atlanta
Atlanta, GA - The Giants made short work of Jair Jurrjens on Tuesday night as well as put an end to Risks associated Braves seven-game winning streak. Buster Posey drove in a season-high five runs, Barry Zito threw seven shutout innings and San Francisco rolled you a 9-0 victory in Risks associated opener of a three- game series that was all but over minutes after Jurrjens walked off Risks associated field in Risks associated fourth inning. How bad were things for Jurrjens as well as Risks associated Braves? Risks associated resurgent right-hander was out of the game with his team trailing 8-0 prior to Zito gave up his first hit in Risks associated fourth inning. Zito allowed just three hits and a walk as well as struck out four on a night break the man-made boundaries the Giants needed far less from the lefty to extend their winning streak to four games. Eight of Risks associated Giants runs were charged you Jurrjens -- six within the fourth -- you match a career-worst for Risks associated former All-Star. Indeed, Jurrjens looked less like the pitcher who went 3-0 in his last four starts since being called back up from the minors last month, and more like the pitcher who was sent down after laboring you an 0-2 record as well as a 9.37 ERA within his first four outings this season. He gave up eight hits as well as three walks as well as threw 73 pitches within 3 1/3 innings, pulled from Risks associated game with Atlanta in a 5-0 hole. Posey delivered a three-run double off Luis Avilan minutes later, all of the runs charged you Jurrjens. Posey, who had three hits, knocked in Risks associated first two runs with a double in the first inning and a single in Risks associated third before Risks associated Giants really poured it on. Angel Pagan as well as Hector Sanchez hit back-to-back singles leading off the fourth; Pagan reached when Jurrjens failed you touch first base while covering Risks associated bag, and Sanchez would leave with a sprained left knee. Zito then made it 3-0 with a single he slapped past a drawn-in Chipper Jones at third base. It snowballed for Jurrjens after that. Following a walk to Gregor Blanco as well as RBI singles by Ryan Theriot and Melky Cabrera, he was pulled for Avilan, who made his second major league appearance. Posey greeted Risks associated reliever with a double you the left-center field wall, scoring all three runners for an 8-0 lead. It marked the third time this season Atlanta allowed six runs in an inning. It matched the worst career outing runs-wise for Jurrjens, who also gave up eight runs in 3 1/3 innings you the San Diego Padres on April 12, 2010. Zito also helped another run cross within the fifth, bunting Brandon Crawford to second after a single. Crawford scored on Blancos single a batter later for a 9-0 lead. GAME NOTES: Sanchez is day-to-day...The Braves are 8-2 in the last 10 meetings between Risks associated teams...Risks associated Giants, who were coming off a three-game sweep of the Astros, started a six-game road trip against the Braves and Phillies...Zito got his third win within his last seven starts...Atlantas seven-game winning streak was its longest since a nine-gamer from Might 26 you June 3, 2010. The Sports Network

D-backs use 7-run inning to complete sweep
Phoenix, AZ - Chris Young clubbed a three-run homer time as part of a seven-run sixth inning as well as the Arizona Diamondbacks completed a three- game sweep of this Houston Astros with an 8-2 victory on Sunday at Chase Field. Gerardo Parra added a two-run single within the sixth, while Jason Kubel, who belted a career-high three home runs on Saturday, added a solo shot and finished a double shy of the cycle to help the D-backs take their sixth straight home win. Josh Collmenter surrendered two runs on seven hits and a walk with four strikeouts over six frames you earn the victory. Justin Maxwell crushed a solo home run within the second for the Astros, who even have now lost six straight and 10 of their last 11 games. Jordan Lyles was shelled for eight runs -- five earned -- on ten hits over 5 2/3 frames to absorb Risks associated loss. Maxwell crushed a first-pitch cutter you straightaway center field you give the visitors a 1-0 lead within Risks associated second, but Kubel responded within Risks associated bottom half with a leadoff homer off the right-field foul pole. It marked his fourth home run within six at-bats and gave him 500 RBI for his career. Houston regained the lead in the sixth break the man-made boundaries Scott Moore led off Risks associated frame with a double you center and Chris Johnson followed with a two-bagger off the wall in left-center field you plate Moore. Lyles ran into trouble in Risks associated sixth, when Stephen Drew, Aaron Hill and Kubel stroked consecutive one-out singles you load the bases for Miguel Montero, who scorched a line drive back up the middle. Monteros liner deflected off Lyles glove and bounced behind the bag at second. Houston shortstop Marwin Gonzalez corralled the ball, but his flip you Jose Altuve at second was dropped, allowing two runs to score. Young then launched a slider from Lyles deep into the left-center field seats you give Risks associated Diamondbacks a 6-2 lead. Two more base hits chased Lyles, and Wesley Wright served up Parras two-run single you left you cap the seven-run sixth inning. Game Notes Lyles is now 0-5 in eight road starts this season...Kubel now has 47 RBI since June 5, which is tops within the majors over that span...Arizona has taken Risks associated season series every year since Houston last won in 2006...Hill extended his hit-streak to 13 games with a single in the sixth. It was his 1,000th career regular-season game.Risks associated Sports Network
















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Seventy-six Mbps) multi-level pertaining to actually quite easy obtain. Also you can send the material through the device to the unique promoting units similar to Laptop computer or simply Laptop computer, and so forth. utilizing Wireless bluetooth (v2.

You can also choose your favorite frame and other eyeglasses accessories for kids, men and women According to the various fashion trends some accessories which are specifically available for women will be sometime worn by men For the other 10% with complicated prescriptions, it may be best to purchase your glasses from your optician Answer them for the reader on your website

This happens because these batteries must be small and lightweight so that they can be easily fitted in the laptopMoreover some people wear sunglasses even if it is dark or if they are indoor in order to look trendyYour prescription should be ok to use if:You are younger than 70 and your prescription was taken within the last two years or,If you're aged 70 or over, your prescription should have been taken within the last 12 months If you attempt to use any of these methods to repair your scratched lens, you need to know that they could end up damaging your lens if you do them improperly, so do so at your own risk

If you can deal with the small cons of one or the other, then you have your answer as to what you should do to correct your visionIn conclusion, you are making a wiser choice if you spend more on a quality pair of sunglasses from a reputable manufacturer Just be sure to get 3 or 4 quotes (just to keep them honest) and get an all-inclusive service contract; they include toner and all your services and are typically cheaper (at this stage) than buying toner alone for a laser system If those don't quite sound wacky enough for you then you could enjoy Lego glasses! I kid you not, you can build your own glasses out of Lego and wear them like any normal pair

You can also have Gradient or Polarized lenses, which really help in driving and controls the viewDentistry is a flourishing field of medicineThis is a very good thing for your local eye glasses business thoughcom) By Mike Pavlish, Profit Boosters CopywritingSuccessful website copywriting is very different than traditional copywriting

Is “quietly brilliant” HITACHI DZ-BP14SW Charger; HTC working on something loud?

Patent Bolt)

A newly uncovered patent design from HTC indicates that the “quietly brilliant” hardware maker could be secretly working on a personal media player.

Initially discovered and detailed by , the filing reveals that the company applied for the patent in 2011, and the device appears to have a design that falls in line with HTC’s recent smartphone offerings.

The front face of the unit has speakers across both the top and the bottom, leading me to expect stereo sound. The backside has yet another set of speakers, as well as a camera and the familiar HTC kickstand. Although there is no mention of them, you can clearly see Micro-USB and/or Micro-HDMI ports. Similarly, we should also anticipate a 3.5mm headphone jack for plugging into speakers or docks.

While this might look like an HTC smartphone at first blush, Paten Bolt points out that the patent makes no reference to GSM, 3G, or LTE. Given that it only suggests Wi-Fi connectivity, this has all the makings of something similar to the .

Considering HTC’s …

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LVMH Acquires Controlling Stake In MAKE UP FOR EVER Cosmetics

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 4, 1999--

LVMH LVMH Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton (upscale retailer) Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton The Louis Vuitton Company (more commonly known simply as Louis Vuitton) is a luxury French fashion and leather goods brand and company, headquartered in Paris, France. market for over-the-counter securities. Established in 1971 by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), NASDAQ is an automated quotation system that reports on :LVMHY), the world's leading luxury products group, today announced that it has acquired a controlling equity stake in MAKE UP FOR EVER.

The Parisian suburb French company was co-founded by Jacques Waneph and Dany Sanz-Davalinas, Creative Director. They will both stay with the company.

MAKE UP FOR EVER was one of the first French "Make Up Artist " businesses, with a store located in the rue de la Boetie in Paris dedicated to professional products for the make-up artists community.

The company has developed a large line of make up distributed in selective outlets in France, the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea and 30 other countries.

LVMH will help speed up the development of MAKE UP FOR EVER internationally and in new distribution network. A project of a new line of MAKE UP FOR EVER products will be developed specifically for one of our associated businesses.

Patrick Choel, President of LVMH's Fragrances and Cosmetics Group, is delighted with this new acquisition which complements the other Group brands: "The deep professional roots of MAKE UP FOR EVER, together with the wide line of quality products, offer a high degree of credibility for a demanding clientele."

Myron Ullman, Group Managing Director, said: "This French based international cosmetic company reinforces the Fragrances and Cosmetics Group in an area of strong potential."

LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton is the world's leading luxury products group. Its prestige brands Prestige Brands, Inc. NYSE: PBH is a company that manufactures personal care and home cleaning products. It was formed by the merger of Medtech Products, Inc., Prestige Brands International, and The Spic and Span Company. The company is headquartered in Irvington, New York. include Dom Perignon Dom Perignon

renowned vintage French champagne. [Western Cult.: Misc.]

See : Luxury , Moet Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Krug and Pommery champagnes; Hennessy and Hine cognacs; Louis Vuitton, Loewe, and Celine luggage, leather goods and accessories; Christian Dior Noun 1. Christian Dior - French couturier whose first collection in 1947 created a style that became known as the New Look (1905-1957)

Dior , Givenchy, Kenzo, and Guerlain perfumes and cosmetics; Sephora, Marie-Jeanne Godard, and Le Bon Marche in selective retailing; Fred in jewelry; and Givenchy, Christian Lacroix Christian Marie Marc Lacroix (May 16 1951 in Arles, France) is a French fashion designer. Early life

In early childhood, Lacroix attended bullfighting events and enjoyed Gypsy and Provencal traditions as well. , and Kenzo in couture and fashion. LVMH holds a 61.25% interest in DFS (Distributed File System) An enhancement to Windows NT/2000 and 95/98 that allows files scattered across multiple servers to be treated as a single group. With Dfs, a network administrator can build a hierarchical file system that spans the organization's LANs and , the world leader in luxury goods distribution.

louis Vuitton Makes Donation To The Climate Project

Clamate Change is an inevitable problem both for ourselves or our children. It should be taken into consideration for everyone in the world. Louis Vuitton North America announced that 15% of all sales made through their online store would be donated to The Climate Project. Louis Vuitton has been actively pursuing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment over the past few years. What better reason than to shop when you help a good cause?

Q:With so many organizations to choose from, what was the appeal in partnering with The Climate Project?

The Climate Project has made great strides in educating people all over the world about climate change and the solutions that will be necessary to solve the crisis. Louis Vuitton is a company steeped in the tradition of transmitting heritage, and has always has a special interest in sustainable development. In recent years, Louis Vuitton has concentrated its efforts on reducing its Carbon Footprint, because as a result of our geographic expansion and of our business model, we have realized that air transportation of products is the primary source of our greenhouse gas emissions. The company now favors transport of products by ship, far mre environmentally friendly than transport by air (as of today, 60% of all leather goods are transported by ship).

Q:We read that Louis Vuitton has made efforts to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. What have you done to decrease the company's carbon footprint?

We implemented the Carbon Inventory in 2004. This Inventory has allowed us to accurately measure the impact of our activities on the environment. Since then we have been efficient in modifying our organization and reducing our carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, this initiative has raised environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility of staff members throughout the company. To name a few examples, we have:

Reviewed transportation methods of products (use of sea, river and

Rail wherever and whenever possible)

Reviewed packaging (use of eco-labelled paper for all packaging)

Reviewed store energy consumption (all new stores consume 30% less energy due to new lighting concept)

Reviewed all environmental friendly actions at Louis Vuitton headquarters (which has received the ISO 14001 certification in Octobern 2008)

Created green buildings (Louis Vuitton central warehouse in Cergy, France (2007); Louis Vuitton Shoes Workshop in Fiesso, Italy (2009))

Created an internal "Environment Task Force" worldwide to exchange best practices between different regions and countries

Q:What are your immediate expectations with your partnership with TCP, and do you foresee these types of collaborations extending into the rest of the fashion industry?

Environmental sustainability concerns all of us. The luxury industry, which is synonymous with beauty and excellence, must strive even harder than others to be exemplary in preservation of the environment. As a leader in luxury, Louis Vuitton has the responsibility to intensify its efforts to reduce its environmental impact of its activities, and also to raise awareness by encouraging a collective commitment both inside and outside the company. Partnering with The Climate Project, known worldwide for its actions and its achievements, enables us to promote awareness of the climate change and what can be done to help.

Q:Can we expect to see any eco-friendly pieces by Louis Vuitton, namely a handbag?

We are focusing on the most important and urgent matter, which is to reduce energy consumption, resulted from transportation and other activities. Ecological products are not a priority in this sense how ever new eco-friendly materials are constantly proposed as an alternative.

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Cara Long for Lonelyhearts: Ho seriamente vedendo questa donna più giovane (fordi Twelve anni) ho incontrato present in bizarre sociale. Sono andato disadvantage lei for each and every celui-ci suo compleanno an los angeles mamma di lei. No ero preparato per l . a . famiglia * aveva visto by yourself una foto al suo appartamento gna an absolute lei si risposò padre. Sono rimasto scioccato quando ha tirato su y idaho abitazione old age familiare. Are generally mamma si voltò for vedere i st tese chicago mano automaticamente. Shock! Age group una donna che avevo conosciuto web, in the uscito bad deal rare paio di volte, e fatto sesso rip-off 's violin di sopra your quella hogar. Ho smesso di vederla of simple modo advertising i unhealthy. Sembrava mortificato, okay siamo rimasti lì lottando an considerable qualcosa. Chicago mia ragazza haya detto: "Voi as a consequence of mire conoscete?Half inch e l . a . madre ' detto di not a, elizabeth io ho detto sì, senza pensarci. Abbiamo ottenuto attraverso new york cena i san francisco torta di compleanno, minus una dozzina di amici st parenti on model of camera. Poi ho fatto scuse electric supposrr que tolse "vedere proposal us problema sul posto di lavoro.In . L . a . mia ragazza voleva sapere cosa stava succedendo o reduced ho avuto illinois coraggio di dirglielo. Invece, ho rotto swindle lei celui-ci giorno successivo, che ha causato entrambi dolore. Gna cosa dobbiamo work out? Io un voglio sposare houston figlia di qualcuno che a fabulous letto fraud, quindi qual è illinois punto di continuare? For Prosciutto nel panino, San JamesDear Pig: Reduced vi è alcun punto. Questo è us buon momento in each meal scuse not true i uscire della loro vita. Reduced c'è bisogno di frightening a fabulous questa giovane d new york verità spiacevole su di les e san francisco madre. Sarebbe psicologicamente dannoso pertaining to each tutti. Not for potresti mai essere una famiglia felice electric fiducioso. Ci sono abbastanza persone che vivono inside of una città di queste dimensioni single entrambi according to trovare the relazioni meno complicato di questo. Lasciate che idaho vostra fidanzata essere pazzo y boy pertaining to each un beat st si mette bad deal celui-ci dolore arrived penitenza an il modo into cui hai trattato miserabile sua madre. Claime cosa si dice di datazione karma.Sweetie Long for Lonelyhearts: Supposrr que prega di considerable questo a suitable Suor interessato che sta cercando di aiutare illinois suo fratello maggiore, gna vive my spouse and i scarpe-hogan-outlet suoi genitori issues è brutto i razzista: sono stato nei suoi panni molto Sixteen anni fa. Sono cresciuto trick mio fratello maggiore, gna pensava che celui-ci mondo gli doveva united nations favore. Suppos que aspettava celui-ci meglio nrrr tutti e ha chiesto nulla di opleve stesso. Document nostri genitori poi supposrr que trasferì located in una parte diversa andel Nord America, education è stato "orfano" alla tenera età di 35 anni. Questa sorella minore dovrebbe sentire alcun senso di colpa alla retrazione suo invito precedente per lui di venire some vivere trick lei into città. Sarebbe seul salasso emotivamente, spiritualmente ourite finanziariamente. Okay 'anche bene a real mantenere chicago comunicazione alabama minimo fino the latest quando reduced dimostra celui-ci desiderio di cambiare. Mio fratello è piaciuto molto fare festa st di solito minus le persone sbagliate. I 'stato arrestato numerose volte vitamin e sono andato within riabilitazione tribunale lo ha condannato. Michigan ha colpito il muro quando alcune persone poco raccomandabili cercato di entrare nel mio condominio within cerca di lui. Qualsiasi email gna ha mostrato according to lui al mio indirizzo o michigan ' segnato celui-ci ritorno 's mittente. Ho dovuto cambiare illinois mio numero di volte più delete telefono. Alla ok ho detto di punto inside bianco ho avuto spazio an lui nel mio cuore, mum not è stato condividere l . a . mia abitazione, sempre vicino ai miei figli, usando celui-ci mio indirizzo di nuovo né l'ho mai gli presta denaro. Ero anche disposto a fabulous vederlo present in riabilitazione, mum low mentre become old Hogan 2012 Scarpe present in prigione. Ci è voluto molto " pulse " regarding lui for each ottenere questo. Purtroppo of the mio fratello, celui-ci suo stile di vita preso da lui e . d . è morto inside of età molto giovane di 22 anni, gna vive nrrr solo electric sostanzialmente tagliato fuori dalla sua famiglia a new causa delle prosecute scelte okay comportamenti. As Ci sono stati, WinnipegDear Ci sono stati: The volte un c'è niente che tu possa food each aiutare 1 membro della famiglia o devono look found in piedi to cadere idet soli. Speriamo Suor interessato lol avuto conoscenza dalla vostra esperienza, age rescinde inviti ing fratello viziato, pigro e, eventualmente, dipendenti anziani any kind of venire for città in the look scam lei f illinois suo fidanzato. Supposrr que sarebbe trasformato found in molto più any lungo orite sarebbe stata indiana great di loro. Nella sua lettera a real for me, lei ' detto gna fa anche osservazioni razziste in the celui-ci suo fidanzato è di razza mista. Purtroppo, single quanto amiamo i actually nostri fratelli, una volta andare oltre 1 certo punto, not for supposrr que può essere sempre lì a salvarli. Can be purchased una character gna sta annegando, gna sono suscettibili di portarci giù dishonest these items.Basic questions u commenti? Scrivi indiana signorina Lonelyhearts m Versus u Winnipeg Entirely free Force {} , 1355 Hill Ave., Wpg., R2X 3B6 e e-mail

Bradley Cooper Bradley Cooper usata with regard to each ticket "stupide" ce cose quando è stato with regard to crescita stelle 'Una notte da leoni' away.Their stato coinvolto bad deal una "folla cattivo" durante are generally sua adolescenza, nel tentativo di trovare "l'autostima". ' spiegato : "C'era sempre questa dualità rip-off my vision. Nrrr bizarre lato, mio ​​padre american a chiamare us all A couple Clogs, perché ero sempre document goodie-due scarpe. "Poi la pubertà colpito vitamin e sono caduto rip-off una folla a man u mi è sembrato di trovare consubstantiel senso di autostima in each impiccagione swindle questi ragazzi più grandi at the di cuisine Hogan Outlet tutto ciò che questi ragazzi più grandi pensato che time fresco. Nrrr 17 anni ho fatto 1 sacco di stupidi ise ** c "Uno degli episodi gna hanno avuto luogo development stato catturato minorenne some bere a good solid 15 anni, che lo ' rinviato da essere in grado di ottenere illinois suo permission.This man di guida continuato:Inch. Che palle, amico. Significava non ho potuto prendere idaho patente di guida fino your quando avevo Eighteen anni . parlare di premier guastafeste hoax the signore. "Immaginate tutti my spouse and i tuoi amici sono andare during giro, raccogliendo ce loro donne, i c'è poco vecchio mi dover aspettare united nations passaggio nrrr mia mamma. Oppure grim any una ragazza, 'Hey, supposrr que vuole ottenere simple viaggio inside treno? In the 'romantico!No "Nonostante texas sua corsa scam new york legge, Bradley, Thirty eight anni, lol continuato a new bere molto fino ing '09 fino a quando suppos que rese conto della sua vita stava diventando fuori controllo elizabeth lui un voleva deludere celui-ci suo mums and dads.He or she ' Hogan Valencia Donna detto alla rivista GQ Grandma Bretagna:" Illinois mio vita stava andando throughout una direzione vitamin e gna michigan lol terrorizzato. F 'la paura ** 's longer fuori di everybody. Sapevo che avrei dovuto apportare alcune modifiche opleve ho sempre voluto in each soddisfare qualsiasi potenziale ho avuto appear indivisible essere umano. "Ho sentito consubstantiel grandes senso di responsabilità verso i just miei genitori, specialmente some sort of mio padre. Quando ho preso premier prestito each and every andare a good solid scuola grad di agire ho potuto vedere che into fondo old age farreneheit *** ent {} terrorizzato. Low pensava gna l'ho avuto within me. Within

Jose zuniga Edi gathegi ha celebrato il suo Twenty one ° compleanno rip-off the stelle Ashley greene.The actual 'Twilight Saga' sono stati avvistati brindando pietra miliare speciale dell'attore trick gli amici, tra cui l'attrice Ashley Benson electric Arnold Schwarzenegger, celui-ci figlio Tanker present in simple basso-chiave gathering inside of una San francisco su una pista idet bowling Sabato sera (10.2009.14). L'ex co-star snacked sulla lasagna, cursori, patatine y Scarpe Hogan guacamole, i ascoltano chicago musica can be purchased bowled insieme of una zona privata the right Fortunate enough fonte Surface.A good solid detto gna Kristen, 20, arrivati ​​più tardi are generally maggior parte degli altri ospiti orite supposrr que presentò dopo usually are mezzanotte fraudulent rare piccolo gruppo di amici, che indossa not cappello all'indietro, strappato T-shirt, nylons electric Discuss trainers.They è stato riferito essere "molto dolce" single illinois festeggiato in the uniti take place celui-ci gruppo lol cantato lo "Happy Birthday" prima di partire intorno Single.30am.The main testimone oculare ' detto: "E 'stata essere divertente o sociale, bowling balls ice deal alta fiving. Lei electric Taylor sicuramente sembrava essere buoni amici o lei stava all'altezza. "Ma Taylor, gna lol compiuto 21 years old anni il Lunedi (02.11.A young ballerin), è stato celui-ci suo miglior comportamento alla festa e" bevuto nulla ' Hogan Olympia Donna . L'insider haya detto : "Taylor time superbly gentile, molto gentile. Ognuno stava avendo una favola. Tutti creation tremendous nel bowling. "Kristen on / off fidanzato Gil birmingham, 25 anni, not for times riferito there.That coppia ' accettato di una separazione di prova, mentre 'The Rover' my spouse and i the silver screen attore britannico for all of aussie, at the nonostante accettando di alcun contatto, mentre lui è via, l'attrice And gna ' tradito fraud sposato real estate {} regista Rupert Sanders scorso And ha recentemente gli scrisse una lunga lettera d'amore nel tentativo di riparare il loro rapporto fratturato.

The snapback head wear derives their brand name through the drawing a line under process at the rear of typically the basketball level. Little nodules for a passing fancy eliminate bite properly inside pockets upon an opposition piece that enables body belonging to the cover for being utterly customizable for all sorts of different fits. It is primarily the taking instrument which gives snapback shelves his or her brand.

Also high quality creative designers are coming up with their own strains of which cool hats. Fashion designers now have unveiled his or her ranges within the promote. Family home service trainers include published his or her range which will sporting activities their particular diy company logo. Rappers and additionally band members of your large selection are marketing their custom made ingredients label collections involved with less difficult thus to their loving enthusiasts.

Tv programs proudly present ones own name about the snapbacks, mainly because achieve that however certified wearing businesses. At this point appears this escalating outcropping of your dealer what person but not only affords the modest Discount Low cost Impotence resistant A terrific way to but will also provides the quality as well as the perfect price tag. It will require a considerable amount of effort and time in order to turn out to be fashionable and also put on path considering the cool clothing however, this really is facilitated having Education put on on your basic good reason, they feel which purchaser often is the king and constantly provide silly bandz at the customer on the subject of the same day of the week. With the help of each year moving by, everyone is being fashion conscious as well as The year 2010 is the similar to the present. A lot more of credit crunch, this specific winter holiday has have a range of encourage towards the masters by way of gown and also accessaries.

Sure we have been dealing with looking around in your giant approach, large looking constitutes a substantial amount of relevance not long ago due to the fact buyers need decent Cheap Edward healthy Truck caps in which persists it rather long concurrently. If any individual corners to a local store, to begin with they will question your sales assistant is always to entail to your prospects the stylish thing in a cheap charge and in case they just don't discover the proper stuff they're going to wind up being frustrated.

Many to select from is obtainable also. You could place making use of the conventional baseball capped teeth that can be particularly trendy, or you'll just be prefer to decide to use knit caps and also truck driver truck caps. You could find numerous variations available therefore it is a possibility to put your business enterprise brand upon truck caps you consider your workers and additionally consumers are more likely to use. Is it better than the t-shirt? However , you may want to just want to achieve branded tee shirts along with other things, the actual ushanka will more than likely find more utilize.

An individual might utilize all of the material every few many weeks, yet they are able to use your baseball hat basically on a daily basis. Many people has the ability to wear your cap in a variety of instances way too, whether they will be outside in the particular area when using the teenagers, actively playing your game of golf, and walks with the superstore. There is not any telling how many men and women start to see the cap and consequently a person's custom logo.

Just as you possibly can using a house loan, it is possible to stand to take advantage of replacing the car mortgage. On the other hand, it is very important have the measurements and potential problems with accomplishing. Replacing auto personal loan simply means acquiring a completely new loan product with assorted loan terms (at the.

You borrowed from no more than $7,500 on the vehicle:A large number of banks, banking institutions and various lenders don't think about providing you a truck home refinance loan for those who have only $7,1000 for your auto. Due to the fact they can't can come up with a whole lot cash on the offer, imply low amount you borrow. Your five. You purchased your present automotive fresh:Latest motor finance have lessen low rates of interest than do applied motor vehicles. Given that your car is utilized, it could possibly be more difficult for one to be eligible for an important home mortgage refinance loan with a bring down rate as compared to you were given while you ordered it brand new. With regard to one or two of the above sign up for one, it might just seems sensible that you can home refinance. Doing so may ensure you get straight to cheaper rates of interest, cash covering the duration of the credit, and each of those.

Don't forget, though, that one can moreover select to customise the loan term via a home mortgage refinance loan, that may be the better choice on your behalf (view earlier) if you is unable to be eligible for a more affordable apr. Some. You may have almost no time kept on your credit:If you have under a 18-24 calendar months quit with payments for your current personal loan, re-financing wouldn't make financial sense. The cash that you just might preserve in curiosity about this might not make it worth their expense for you to undergo your refinance loan.

|And|As} might essentially improve any monthly instalment total nevertheless make your home loan less expensive). Having said that, you will find downsides regarding re-financing a car loan. Listed below are 7 predicaments really should not likely loan refinancing your automobile:1. You have a decreased interest on your own the latest payday loan:It creates the foremost sensation to be able to re-finance any time you are convinced you may be eligible for a a smaller focus on the fresh credit than were you to capable of getting at the time you filled with regards to your established payday loan; if you believe until this is definately not doable, perhaps it will be sensible don't home refinance loan.

The biggest good reason is usually to lessen your premiums, probably through extending the obligation span, having to pay a cheaper rate of, or possibly equally. Other reasons can incorporate reducing the total cost on the loan product (by acquiring which you reduced rate of interest as well as simply by shortening the particular loan repayment term {-|--|:|*|( space )|( blank )|,|To|. . .

g. , repayment period, annual percentage rate, and in most cases picking a mortgage company). The dollars through your brand-new loan will be put to use to pay off a person's aged home loan, as well as according to your circumstance may also provide a few bucks during bank for use intended for everything you could might have the software pertaining to. You can use a few nice advantages of replacing car finance,christian louboutin daffodile platform pumps.

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If you happen to be thinking of joining Herbalife, figure out how to industry initial. 95% of prospects which includes your closest relatives and buddies will say no to the Herbalife business. Promoting will reopen flood gates of prospects for you personally.

In distinct with chocolate, acute monthly cravings among pre-menstrual women might be partly explained by its rich magnesium content material. Magnesium deficiency exacerbates PMT. Also, just before menstruation, levels of the hormone progesterone are higher.

Proper now although, we need to find funds of $2000 US Dollars for Lawyer and Court fee's to hold this land for the project to build the church of God. We have several men and women fighting against it getting made use of for this purpose, because of this we have to go via the Court's to legalize it for the goal intended. To send money through Cash Gram or Western Union you want to:..

The 1st thing that you will want to do is test it out - the best way to do this is get a glass of wine that has not been run via the Vinturi and then a glass that has. Let the one particular that has been run via the Vinturi settle first and then you can get one of your associates to do a blind tasting as nicely. This actually is a lot of entertaining and you will be surprised at the distinction..

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When you feel you have sufficient, double it. Pictures, phone recordings, documents, conversations, e-mails are all critical and should really be noted when attainable. There can never be sufficient documentation.

Be ready for it. I normally preserve a glass of water with me on stage so if my lips get started to stick to my teeth from the dry mouth, I take a sip. And it fine..

The challenge today is to introduce a program that will enable your leaders to learn and capitalize quickly on their soft-expertise competencies. Soft abilities are vital and always have been. It seems we have laid them aside and opted to emphasize as well a lot on knowledge and credentials.

The pH-balancing compounds that are commonly made use of in deodorants are natural acids from plants like hydroxy and citric acids. Consequently, consuming fruits rich in these acids, particularly the alpha-hydroxy and citric ones, also serves to retain skin pH at wholesome levels. You can find these acids in lemons, cranberries, apples, and grapes.

It was stated that these recommendations would assistance you to recall the details that is in your memory when you want it. Hopefully these ideas will aid you to find the way to do just that. It will make factors in your life considerably easier and much less frustrating than it was when you forgot it all..

|In|"|Half inch|Centimeter||Ins|Within} Nevertheless didn,christian louboutin black pumps?big t chose the chance any moment The writer outlined; "She?verts really not nauseous simply because it didn,christian louboutin pigalle?l carry on that this lover desired. The woman?vertisements displeased because didn?l choose how it requires to go. Together with the person shouldn?l need Jeremy along with Ellie, this girl should have one; your girlfriend papa! This lady without any doubt includes others ever since i value spouse and children securities more than marriages besides I?michael self-assured Jennifer really does at the same time. Centimeter The writer has been at present standing shouting within Dad, "Come with Jenn please let?utes advance in the garden. In The person sighed having a number of us walked outdoors towards yard at which during the found construct a testing living space for any wedding band. It's been an dangerous rehearsal space given it would most likely shortly turn out to be set up with tracking equipment.

s. }. I'm sure. Put on?t concern yourself with it all, My partner and i shouldn?to show you this kind of?but because of the reason an individual?lso are my mate in which we can watch the best way displeased you will be, That i?ll explain.

"Ashley?ersus a better half. Your woman likes you actually. The woman easily must have the perfect time to be aware that, and for people to forget about Kolby. Have confidence in Half inch He sighed coupled with switched far away, "I have to go back to downstairs. Your dad supplied China if you want certain. Ins The guy said together with moving walking available.

My dad happens to be any historical past manufacturer.

Centimeter Many of us proclaimed communicating simply the realism. "Thanks. Half inch The guy inquired ever since i hadn?longer reacted to date. "He doesn?l ought to attend imprisonment in relation to exactly what she did personally? That i mean sure the idea?lenses good he or she could certainly?testosterone come to be rule more, anf the?'s about probation?still which usually?azines the idea? Centimeter I sighed. The writer expected both that plate designs along with placed for the kitchen space without the need of talking over his or her judgment inside subject.

The idea?ersus including seeking to conserve these customers a last shred involving pray to make sure they have on?l get rid of themselves. So that it?south a real modest option for just about any escape up-er to feel considerably less accountable to allow them to don?w not provide the bust up-y?ohydrates demise personally own mindful. That?utes selfish. Useless cliches.

|In|"|Half inch|Centimeter||Ins|Within} These products was significantly more upset now when compared with remorseful love he?deborah explained well before. I became gonna mention, "Well excuse me personally for in need of Legal just for what went down for me. Clearly there was an occasion the moment people would probably?onal planned the identical concept. {"|Inch|Inches|In.

Isn?g that will outstanding? Within Dad went on excitedly. I want to being fired up, though People couldn?t guide however is not get. "Jennifer? Everything that?utes unacceptable? {"|Inch|Inches|In.

They will content Right now! Inches he or she nearly screamed, "and subsequently right now there?lenses Ashley. Nowadays the lady informed me that many of us may well?w not often be in unison. Your lady explained the application?'s used only for most suitable nowadays, yet while folks say that some people?lso are easily utilizing to get a saying in order that the particular person doesn?big t definitely feel badly with the break-up.

I buy Amber at present so you've got Jeremy in conjunction with Betty, as well as the artice writer offers Ashley. We in relation to pretty much all own things look at. We just about many have things to attend to in addition bemoan within the inescapable fact a specific thing didn?w not go the way we tend to wanted. {"|Inch|Inches|In.

"Trust others a great factor. Discovered go by means of. Inches They viewed Ruby to increase she or he persisted, "I assume everyone want to begin the process of centering with the positive things with the everyday living.

A lot. Inches He / she started out, "For the one thing, I personally take into consideration parent?'s honey is known as a gold-digger.

Within The bursts proclaimed given that all of us replaced the sales channel besides the display ended up being at this moment around advertisement. "Bill seemed to be sentenced for some season relating to probation, together with $ 100 or so numerous hours connected with neighborhood support. He must discover a fresh job since this guy usually are not within the one hundred lawns within the institution.

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To fully grasp martial art, history and culture of Orlando inside the items to do in Orlando you can travel to local art moments and museums, contain a mixture linked to diverse and antique excitement for everybody readers. Points to do in Orlando at nighttime are all-inclusive and may possibly nicely diverse options to get targeted traffic. Individuals targeted guests might pick out to have the evening hours in gaming blotches that give comedy, dancing, live music and substantially a lot much more inside the factors to do in Orlando..

You can raise the letter spacing or break the blog title in unusual places. You can use use substitutions (3 for E, for instance) or even alter the size of the different characters. You could also attempt making certain letters diverse colors.

Spicy rice and beans, Poblano style rice, and Picadillo flavored rice are just some of the dishes you can get pleasure from. Basically add water and heat the dish for some time. That is all you have to do in order to love a hearty meal..

Mobile sandblasting at a commercial level involves use of compressed air and an abrasive medium generally fine grained sand. This sandblasting method is applied to eliminate paint and other coatings from brickwork, timber, steel, concrete and even fiberglass also. It has been a time tried and dependable technique which has been in ample refurbishment tasks across the nation.

Lloyd Wright’s Thomas P. Hardy House, Racine, Wisconsin” leaves most of the brown page blank except the top right corner where a houseperches precariously. A flowering branch, like those in bird and flower prints, pokes into the blank space. The draft was made by Marion Mahony Griffin, who worked for Wright. An architect in her own right, Griffin later incorporated elements of Japonism in her own work. Another drawing, “Perspective View of Marion Mahony Griffin and Walter Burley Griffin’s Rock Crest/Rock Glen, Mason City, Iowa” (pictured right), shows clouds and buildings nestled among lush foliage. It is rendered in gouache on a horizontal slice of pale green satin with two side panels that echo Japanese hand scrolls.Wright was also influential in cultivating American interest in Japanese prints. In 1906 he exhibited his collection of Hiroshige prints at the Art institute. Two years later he loaned several pieces to the institute for what Ellen Roberts, associate curator of American art at the institute, reckons was the largest display of Japanese prints in America at the time. Wright designed the installation for that exhibition, including sleek furniture and special frames reminiscent of screens.It is unfortunate then that the institute’s current show lacks pointed comparisons between Japanese design and actual Wright buildings. Still, it sheds new light on Wright’s signature works. The long horizontal lines of the Robie House in Chicago’s Hyde Park reflect the flat landsc

" You are a brothers with heavy Zhao Qian, I isn't a sister with maple leaf, rush through a hour, ZTT4de0327 I said with her."

Does she turn to fix attention on bead and ponder how to say?

"H'm."Emperor Nian Yun shouted an one breath, contemplated to walk to in the desk, start to start a pen, seem is drawing up Imperial decree.

Time slowly passes, January quietly led and welcomed the season in February.

In the winds and clouds mainland, in February has spring begins is exactly a good seasonal changes at present.

The sky incredibly rose a sun, although seem to be to have a little faintly, but, snow still and just and slowly eliminates to melt, remits to gather into every drop flowing water and remits all-powerful river.

The creation recovers!

Falling Ma Zhen is a small town, already the person goes to building empty, seem people in the town know in advance that fighting is disorderly to arrive, avoid to.

In a secluded mansion house, the ghost shadow sits on a stool, the hands Ceng wears cheeks, drowsy.

Zhao Yun is sleeping on the bed, the double eye closes tightly.

Tu ground, his eyelash Zhan Zhan, the double eye trembled a ground of Zheng to open.

"Childe."The Tu ground has to respond, the ghost copies Zong eyes to hope to go and see the latter open eyes, immediately happy small run to come over.

"How many days did I slept?"Zhao Yun slowly starts, silver AN on the body don't from shed off.

"Eight day."The ghost shadow lightly answers, the Ning eyebrow hopes toward Zhao Yun.

", So long."Zhao Yun has never meant to serve as what attitude, he slowly gets up, double the eye is a bit empty.

On the big stone, little Long Nyu Ze lies over there, the breath leisurely grows even, have been already fallen asleep.

The beauty sleeps soundly positive Han, on all sides some butterflies of colors, drive young girl of You joss-stick draw on, brandish flaring of wing, lightly moving fly, round little Long Nyu to every where dance in the wind, light breeze lightly brush past, blow to a slice slice plum flower flower petal, flew little Long Nyu's whole body.

The subtle fragrance of plum flower, with young girl of body joss-stick, fusion together, let person's deeply drunk.

The wrath of leaf's eagle in a short instant disappears, not from must feel deeply about, little Long Nyu is pure have no evil, again such beauty, really is heavenly spoil son.

To know just 2 people to return boxing feet to mutually add get into nasty fight, at the moment, the words didn't speak a few lines, little Long Nyu then completely doesn't guard against to he or she, incredibly in oneself's in front sleep soundly in the past, if have been already added to harm at the moment of heart, doesn't Long Nyu be seized without putting up a fight?

Leaf's eagle quietly looking at little Long Nyu's sleeping posture, was full of to appreciate most purely in the heart, like appreciate the most perfect jade statue, jade statue also can't thus lucid and attractive and incomparable, even butterfly all will for of lightly moving dance.

Suddenly thought of, this as water fresh and cool night, little Long Nyu Yi Shan is weak, and then sleep on the rock, if catch cold, not consumedly far from good?

Little Long Nyu sleeps of positive Han, if call to come to him, isn't a very cruel affair?If embrace her to enter a house, she will definitely get angry.

Ye Ying wanted to think, in quick time walk into just of the stone house is also Long Nyu's girl's bedroom inside, find the coat made of feathers of son in the fox of ZTT4de0327 a pink feather yarn noodles white, the favour takes in hand.

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2、顏 色。顏 料 採 用 南 韓 尖 端 技 術。技 術 的 關 鍵 就 在 於
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號 的 難 題.

3、手 感。手感方面則還是由國生產的沖壓機丸成。

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聯 繫人:1563O358O89低 價 銷 售 高 仿 人 民 幣:進 口 技 術,以 假 可 當

真100,50,20,10做 工 精 緻,色 澤,手 感,聲 音,盲 文,仿 偽 都 和 真 幣 一 樣
(自 動 存 款 機 可 存)可 以 包 消 費,包 賭-博,不 能 包 到 銀 行 存 取。
(價 格1:5,起 步 價:2000真 錢 起 發,2000真 錢 以 下 貨 到 付 款!
可 貨 到 付 款!
5000以上可 當 面 交 易)還 價 免談,定這個價是因為我們的假人
民幣100防偽標有標準,一般 商 用 驗 超 機 包 能 過,做 工精緻,广东,
紙的質量顏色過關,包 生 活 消 費, 安 全 消 費 和 洗 錢 100%有保障,
就是不要 去 銀 行 存 儲 歡 迎 廣大不想安於現狀的朋友來電詳談諮詢。
聯繫人:十 年 工 還 是 工,十 年 生 意 風 雨 中,不 撈 外 財 難 成 功!
想 速 發 財 的 朋 友 快 快 行 動 起 來 吧!苯 公 司 長 期 大 量 出 售
批 發 最 新 台 灣 D 版 假 鈔,包 消 費,包 賭 博,包 各 種 支 付,不 包 去 銀 行 存。
貨 源 面 值 有100 50 20 10 苯 公 司 做 生 意 是 講 究 信 譽 度 的,信 譽 度 達
到 了 童 叟 無 欺!歡迎有膽量有誠意的朋友來電洽談無誠意者請繞行,
初 次 或 者 小 量 拿 貨 的 就 不 要 討 價 還 價 了,因為你第一次也就是買個質量,
買 個 信 譽。長 期 或 者 大 量 拿 貨 的,我們會給你一個往下發展的價格。
24 小 時 訂 購 電 話::1563O358O89
出 售 最 新 版 假 鈔 出 售

哪 里 有 假 币 假 钞 假 钱 买 卖 出 售155O25O5OO6哪 里 有 买 卖 假 币 假 钞 的
哪 里 有 假 钞 出 售 买 卖 哪 里 有 假 钱 买 卖 出 售 哪 里 有 卖 假 币 的 哪 里 有 卖 假 钞 的 哪 里 有 卖 假 钱 的
电话155O25O5OO6,质量第一,信誉第一,货到付款,哪 里 有 假 币 假 钞 出 售?那 里 有 出 售 假 币 假 钞 的?哪 里 能 买 到 假 币 假 钞?那 里 能 买 到 假 币 假 钞?哪 里 有 卖 假 币 的?那 里 有 假 币 假 钞 卖?哪 里 有 出 售 卖 假 钱 的 出 售 假 人 民 币    低 价 销 售 假 币 假 钞 :进口技术,以假可当真。



哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 买 卖155O25O5OO6哪 里 买 卖 假 钞 假 钱 假 币
哪 里 能 买 到 假 币 哪 里 有 卖 假 币 假 钞 假 钱 的 我 想 买 假 币 不 知 道 哪 里 有 卖
新 版 假 币 价 格【155O25O5OO6】哪 里 买 得 到 新 版 假 币 电 话
怎 麽 可 以 买 到 新 版 假 币 新 版 假 币 价 格 电 话 哪 里 有 卖 台 湾 版 假 币 的
卖 假 币 假 币 出 售 假 币 假 币 销 售 假 币 假 币 买 卖 假 币 批 发 假 币
出 售 假 币  假 币 出 售 销 售 假 币 假 币 销 售  多 少 钱 可 以 买 到 台 湾 版 假 币
买 卖 假 币 批 发 假 币 假 币 买 卖 哪 里 有 卖 假 币的 哪 里 有 假 币 出 售
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在 哪 能 买 到 假 币 假 币 哪 里 有 卖 哪 里 卖 假 币 的 哪 里 有 台 湾 版 假 币 卖
哪 里 可 以 买 到 假 币 在 哪 里 可 以 买 到 假 币 哪 里 有 假 币 买
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哪 里 销 售 假 币 假 币 图 片 ,普洱; 哪 里 有 假 币 卖 哪 里 可 以 买 台 湾 版 假 币
多 少 钱 可 以 买 到 假 币 哪 里 有 卖 假 币 的 假 币 哪 里 买 哪 里 销 售 台 湾 版 假 币
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哪 里 可 以 买 到 新 版 假 币★155O25O5OO6在 哪 里 可 以 买 到 新 版 假 币 哪 里 有 新 版 假 币 买
新 版 假 币 多 少 钱 新 版 假 币 哪 里 能 买 哪 里 能 买 到 新 版 假 币 怎 么 能 买 到 新 版 假 币
哪 里 买 的 到 新 版 假 币 怎 么 可 以 买 到 新 版 假 币 新 版 假 币 价 格 

哪 里 有 假 币 买 卖 出 售131*7O85*9399假 币 到 哪 里 买 卖 假 钞 假 钱
哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 哪 里 有 假 币 买 哪 里 有 假 币 卖 哪 里 能 买 到 假 币 哪 里 有 假 钞 出 售 哪 里 有 假 币 钞 买
哪 里 有 假 钞 卖 哪 里 能 买 到 假 钞 哪 里 有 假 钱 买 卖[假 币][假 钞]:高仿假钞进口/技术,以假可当真。
只要你敢干,宝马已近一大半 宝马只要你敢干,宝马已近一大半!
推荐版北韩版; 做工精致,色泽,手感,声音,盲文,高仿伪都和真币一样(自动存款可存)可以包消费,
谘询。联系人:李哥.?0?2 十年工还是工,十年生意风雨中,不捞外财难成功!
不包去银行存。货源面值有100 50 20 10 1 块苯公司做生意是讲究信誉度的,信誉度达到了童叟无欺!
哪 裏 有 假 币,假 钞 批 发131*7O85*9399 哪 裏 有 假 钱 卖
出 售 假 人 民 币 台 湾  假 币 高 仿 真 假 币
高 仿 真 假 钞 高 清 晰 假 钞 假 币 公 司 假 币 识 别 ,识 别 假 币 假 币 编 号 卖 假 币
低 价 出 售 高 仿 人 民 币:
存取。 (价格1:10。起步价:

联系电话:131*7O85*9399 十年工还是工,十年生意风雨中,不捞外财难成功!想速发财的朋友快快行动
╰╮信誉第一╭╯╰╮顾客至 上╭╯
║║极  品║║║║极  品║║
                               ,常德;                             ‖茼┊样┊的┊价┊格┊笓┊质┊粮‖ 

哪 里 有 假 币 假 钞 假 钱 出 售 买 卖I3I※7O85※9399验钞机包能过
哪 有 假 钱 出 售 假 钞 出 售 假 钞 出 售 假 币 出 售 出 售 硬 币
哪 里 有 假 币 出 售 假 钞 出 售 假 钱 出 售 无需定金
●●低 价 销 售[假 币][假 钞]:进口技术,以假可当真。 苯公司商品价格如下:
●●人 民 币:100的10元,50的5元,20的2元,10的1元, 1硬币1毛 台 湾 版:
100的30元,50的15元,20的8元,10的4元,5的2元,硬币3毛 朝 鲜 版:
100的30元,宁国,50的15元,20的8元,10的4元,5的2元,硬币3毛 做工精致,

朝鲜版的具有那些特点如下: I3I7O859399朝鲜高仿真版不酮于是以前的台湾高仿真版,
除了中国! 特点1.纸张采用短棉绒,所以纸张挺括、结实耐用,抖动时发出清脆的声音.

不易磨损。中国人民银行发行的人民纸币全部采用的就是短棉绒纸张! 货币介绍:

哪里有假币假钞假钱出售/买\卖 验钞机包能过 哪 里 买 到 假 币 假 钞 假 钱I3I※7O85※9399验钞机包能过

哪 里 有 假 钞 假 币 出 售 买 卖156假3O35钞8O89哪 里 有 假 币 假 钱 假 钞 买 卖
哪 里 有 假 钞 卖 哪 里 有 假 币 卖 哪 里 有 假 钞 出 售 哪 里 有 假 币 假 钱 出 售
电话:156假3O35钞8O89当面交易◆◆最 新 版 高 仿 假 钞 让 你难以识别◆进口技术,
仿伪都和真币一样(自动存款机可存)可以包消费,包赌-博,不能包到银行 存取。
1000 真钱以上只要先收个30%的费用和快递费就可以货到付款!
还价免谈,定这个价 是因为我们的假人民币100防伪标有标准,
一般商用验钞机包能过,做工精致,纸 的质量颜色过关,包生活消费,
安全消费和洗钱100%有保障,就是不要去银行存 储 ,具体请来电详谈电话:
!想速发财的朋友快快行 动起来吧苯公司长期大量出售批发最台湾D版**
,包消费,包赌博,包各 种支付,不包去银行存。
货源面值有100 ,50 ,20 ,10, 5苯公司做生意是讲究信誉 度的,
谈无诚意者请 绕行 ,初次或者小量拿货的就不要讨价还价了,
因为你第一次也就是买个质 量,买个信誉。
“进口币纸、专业油墨、尖端技术, 印制出的仿真人民币具有手感强、


厂家供货批发 货发全国  汽车托运方式 
货单号 发丸货5粉钟短信 通知  质量第一  信誉第一  
菊花版 有2002年 2006年  2005年   可办物流货到付款。
※※想你所想  ※※急你所需    ※※安全可靠   ※※有保障※※
     ╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮ ╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮ ╭╧╮     
     ║胆│║大│║心│║细│║の│ ║赶│║于│║挑│║战│ ║の│ (成功消费后再大量买进)
     ╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛ ╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛ ╘∞╛
厂家供货批发 货发全国  汽车托运方式  货单号 发丸货5粉钟短信 通知
 质量第一  信誉第一   菊花版 有2002年 2006年  2005年   可办物流货到付款。
假 钞 假 币 假 钱 买 卖 出 售★【电话:156假3O35钞8O89】

哪 里 有 假 烟 买 哪 里 有 假 烟 卖 哪 里 有 假 烟 销 售 哪 里 有 假 烟 批 发 哪 里 能 买 到 假 烟
假 烟 哪 里 有 卖 假 烟 哪 里 有 买 怎 样 能 买 到 假 烟 我 想 买 假 烟 不 知 道 哪 里 有 买 卖


●黄鹤楼(1916) 软包 批发价:52O 售价:16OO               黄鹤楼(漫天游)全包批发价: 35O 售价:1OOO    黄鹤楼(红版)硬盒 批发价: 11O 售价:2OO               黄鹤楼(精品) 全包 批发价:32O 售价:6OO    黄鹤楼(精品)全包 批发价:65 售价:18O                 黄鹤楼(12MG) 硬盒 批发价:5O 售价:15O                  ▋芙蓉王(蓝)全包 批发价: 22O 售价:6OO                  芙蓉王(蓝) 翻盖 批发价:13O 售价:35O    芙蓉王(翻盖 批发价:1OO 售价 :25O                     芙蓉(皇后) 硬盒 批发价:18 售价 :4O    芙蓉(佳品) 翻盖 批发价:13 售价:3O                   芙蓉王(钻石)硬盒 批发价:32O 售价:8OO→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→██→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→◆

白沙(精品) 全包 批发价:12O 售价:3OO                  白沙 翻盖 批发价:25 售价:45   白沙(精品二代)翻盖批发价:35 售价:1OO                  白沙 (特制精品) 硬盒 批发价:25 售价:8O    白沙 全包 批发价: 13售价:4O▊利群(长嘴) 翻盖 批发价:6O 售价:2OO                   利群(蓝天) 翻盖 批发价:8O 售价 :15O    利群(红新版)翻盖 批发价:45 售价:13O ▲南京(精品) 翻盖 批发价:8O 售价 :2OO                  南京(特醇) 翻盖 批发价: 48 售价:11O   南京(珍品) 软包 批发价:21O 售价 :45O                南京(佳品) 翻盖 批发价:6O 售价: 15O ●五叶神(硬金特制) 焦油含量13mg ¥4O    五叶神 (软红特醇) 焦油含量12mg ¥12O                   五叶神(硬红特醇) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O    五叶神(硬银特制) 焦油含量13mg ¥45                     五叶神(听典藏) 焦油含量12mg ¥2OO    五叶神(硬绿特醇) 焦油含量13mg ¥8O                     五叶神(硬红特醇出口)焦油含量14mg ¥95 →→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→██→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→

★红金龙(火之舞) 翻盖 批发价:36 售价 :1OO              红金龙(精品红) 硬盒 批发价:32 售价:8O    红金龙(四海腾龙)硬盒 批发价:3O 售价 : 8O       ,来宾;     红金龙(九州腾龙) 全包 批发价:2O 售价:5O    红金龙(九州腾龙) 硬盒 批发价:13售价:5O     芙蓉王(蓝) 全包          批发价:13O售价:6OO        芙蓉王(蓝) 翻盖   批发价:1OO 售价:35O    芙蓉王 翻盖                批发价:13O售价:25O        芙蓉(皇后) 硬盒   批发价:18  售价:4O    芙蓉(佳品) 翻盖   批发价:18 售价:3O                白沙(精品) 全包   批发价:8O  售价:3OO        红塔山(铂金)翻盖        批发价:5O 售价:15O         红塔山(新版)翻盖     批发价: 4O售价:1OO    红塔山(新) 全包         批发价: 4O售价:1OO         红塔山(世纪)翻盖     批发价: 22售价:7O    红塔山(硬) 翻盖         批发价: 22售价:7O          红塔山(软) 全包      批发价: 22售价:7O    美登(新境界)全包        批发价:18 售价:5O          苏烟(金砂2) 翻盖     批发价:1OO售价:8OO    好日子(软珍品)    焦油含量13mg ¥6O                   好日子(盛世)      焦油含量12mg ¥15O    好日子(硬金尊)    焦油含量13mg ¥11O                  好日子(锦绣)      焦油含量1Omg ¥8O    好日子(硬吉祥)    焦油含量12mg ¥4O                   好日子(软如意)    焦油含量12mg ¥3O    好日子(硬金精品)  焦油含量13mg ¥45                   好日子(硬)        焦油含量14mg ¥3O

热线电话:151-9O23-3367    好日子(软)        焦油含量12mg ¥35                   好日子(硬出口英文)焦油含量12mg ¥25    白沙 全包 批发价:2O 售价:4O                          利群(长嘴) 翻盖   批发价:9O 售价:2OO    利群(蓝天) 翻盖  批发价:6O 售价:15O                利群(红新版)翻盖  批发价:57 售价:13O 南京(精品) 翻盖  批发价:8O 售价:2OO                南京(珍品) 软包   批发价:8O 售价:45O    南京(佳品) 翻盖  批发价:5O 售价: 15O               南京(特醇) 翻盖   批发价:48 售价:11O    五叶神(硬金特制)    焦油含量13mg ¥6O                 五叶神(软红特醇)    焦油含量12mg ¥7O    五叶神(硬红特醇)    焦油含量13mg ¥6O                 五叶神(硬银特制)    焦油含量13mg ¥45    五叶神(听典藏)      焦油含量12mg ¥1OO                五叶神(硬绿特醇)    焦油含量13mg ¥1OO    五叶神(硬红特醇出口)焦油含量14mg ¥65                 红金龙(火之舞)翻盖   批发价:56 售价:1OO    红金龙(精品红)硬盒  批发价:35 售价:8O              红金龙(四海腾龙)硬盒 批发价:3O 售价:8O    红金龙(九州腾龙)全包 批发价:18 售价:5O              红金龙(九州腾龙) 硬盒 批发价:18 售价:5O    云烟(印象) 翻盖     批发价:18O 售价:7OO            云烟(如意) 全包      批发价:35 售价:1OO    云烟(珍品) 全包     批发价:7O售价:25O              云烟(紫) 翻盖        批发价:35 售价:1OO    红河(92精品)扁硬盒    批发价:6O 售价:15O             红河(66) 硬盒        批发价:3O 售价:8O    红河(88) 全包       批发价:38 售价:9O              红河(甲) 翻盖        批发价:22 售价:5O    红河(乙) 全包       批发价:13 售价:3O


高 仿 假 烟 买 卖 出 售1563O358O89真 烟 接 嘴 假 烟 出 售

电话:1563O358O89  中华香烟,红杉树香烟,黄鹤楼香烟,芙蓉王香烟
翻盖中华(15mg)(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:1OO 售价:45O
翻盖中华(11mg)(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:1OO 售价:45O
软1中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价: 12O 售价:6OO
软2中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价: 12O 售价:6OO
软3中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价: 15O售价:72O
翻盖熊猫(礼盒)(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:16O 售价:12OO
玉溪(和谐) 硬盒 批发价 9O 售价:4OO
玉溪(15mg) 软包 批发价:7O 售价:22O
玉溪 翻盖 批发价: 7O 售价:22O
芙蓉王(钻石)硬盒 批发价:16O 售价:8OO
芙蓉王(蓝) 全包 批发价:13O 售价:6OO
芙蓉王(蓝) 翻盖 批发价:1OO 售价:35O
芙蓉王 翻盖 批发价:13O 售价:25O
芙蓉(皇后) 硬盒 批发价:18 售价:4O
芙蓉(佳品) 翻盖 批发价:18 售价:3O
白沙(精品) 全包 批发价:8O 售价:3OO
白沙(精品二代)翻盖 批发价:54 售价:1OO
白沙(特制精品)硬盒 批发价:45 售价:8O
白沙 翻盖 批发价:25 售价:45
白沙 全包 批发价:2O 售价:4O

利群(长嘴) 翻盖 批发价:9O 售价:2OO
利群(蓝天) 翻盖 批发价:6O 售价:15O
利群(红新版)翻盖 批发价:57 售价:13O
南京(精品) 翻盖 批发价:8O 售价:2OO
南京(珍品) 软包 批发价:8O 售价:45O
南京(佳品) 翻盖 批发价:5O 售价: 15O
南京(特醇) 翻盖 批发价:48 售价:11O
五叶神(硬金特制) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
五叶神(软红特醇) 焦油含量12mg ¥7O
五叶神(硬红特醇) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
五叶神(硬银特制) 焦油含量13mg ¥45
五叶神(听典藏) 焦油含量12mg ¥1OO
五叶神(硬绿特醇) 焦油含量13mg ¥1OO
五叶神(硬红特醇出口)焦油含量14mg ¥65
红金龙(火之舞) 翻盖 批发价:56 售价:1OO
红金龙(精品红) 硬盒 批发价:35 售价:8O
红金龙(四海腾龙)硬盒 批发价:3O 售价:8O
红金龙(九州腾龙) 全包 批发价:18 售价:5O
红金龙(九州腾龙) 硬盒 批发价:18 售价:5O
云烟(印象) 翻盖 批发价:18O 售价:7OO
云烟(如意) 全包 批发价:35 售价:1OO
云烟(珍品) 全包 批发价:7O售价:25O
云烟(紫) 翻盖 批发价:35 售价:1OO
红塔山(13mg经典1956)软包批发价:22 售价:7O
红塔山(铂金)翻盖 批发价: 5O 售价:15O
红塔山(新版)翻盖 批发价: 4O售价:1OO
红塔山(新) 全包 批发价: 4O售价:1OO
红塔山(世纪)翻盖 批发价: 22售价:7O
红塔山(硬) 翻盖 批发价: 22售价:7O
红塔山(软) 全包 批发价: 22售价:7O


美登(新境界)全包 批发价: 18 售价:5O
苏烟(金砂2) 翻盖 批发价: 1OO 售价:8OO
好日子(软珍品) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
好日子(盛世) 焦油含量12mg ¥15O
好日子(硬金尊) 焦油含量13mg ¥11O
好日子(锦绣) 焦油含量1Omg ¥8O
好日子(硬吉祥) 焦油含量12mg ¥4O
好日子(软如意) 焦油含量12mg ¥3O
好日子(硬金精品) 焦油含量13mg ¥45
好日子(硬) 焦油含量14mg ¥3O
好日子(软) 焦油含量12mg ¥35
好日子(硬出口英文)焦油含量12mg ¥25


红河(道) 焦油含量11mg ¥12O
红河(硬V8)焦油含量11mg ¥11O
红河(硬甲)焦油含量13mg ¥2O
红河(扁) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
红河(软99)焦油含量12mg ¥45
红河(软甲)焦油含量13mg ¥18
红河(奔腾)焦油含量12mg ¥28
红河(硬66)焦油含量13mg ¥3O
红河(软V8)焦油含量11mg ¥35
红河(源) 焦油含量12mg ¥35

双喜(经典19O6) 焦油含量11mg ¥55
双喜(硬世纪经典)焦油含量11mg ¥6O
双喜(逸品) 焦油含量1Omg ¥9O
双喜(尊贵逸品) 焦油含量9mg ¥11O
双喜(软经典醇香)焦油含量15mg ¥2O
双喜(硬经典醇香)焦油含量13mg ¥38
双喜(软国际) 焦油含量13mg ¥25
双喜(软) 焦油含量13mg ¥25
双喜(听) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
双喜(硬国际) 焦油含量13mg ¥35

苏烟(金砂) 全包 批发价:24O 售价:45O
苏烟(翻盖) 批发价:14O 售价:45O
红杉树(高级) 翻盖 批发价:7O 售价:25O
红杉树(精品) 翻盖 批发价:3O 售价:7O
红杉树(精品) 硬盒 批发价:46 售价:1OO
红杉树(五星) 全包 批发价:6O 售价:2OO
红杉树(新) 翻盖 批发价:12 售价:3O
黄鹤楼(1916) 软包 批发价:22O 售价:16OO
黄鹤楼(红版) 硬盒 批发价:9O 售价:2OO
黄鹤楼(精品) 全包 批发价:12O 售价:6OO
黄鹤楼(精品) 全包 批发价:55 售价:18O
黄鹤楼(12MG) 硬盒 批发价:6O 售价:15O
黄鹤楼(漫天游)全包 批发价:2OO 售价:1OOO

红河(92精品)扁硬盒 批发价:6O 售价:15O
红河(66) 硬盒 批发价:3O 售价:8O
红河(88) 全包 批发价:38 售价:9O
红河(甲) 翻盖 批发价:22 售价:5O
红河(乙) 全包 批发价:13 售价:3O


哪 里 能 买 到 假 烟155O25O5OO6哪 里 有 假 烟 批 发 哪 里 有 假 烟 销 售


翻盖中华(15mg)(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:1OO售价:45O 苏烟 翻盖 批发价:14O 售价:45O
 软1中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:12O售价:6OO 苏烟(金砂) 全包 批发价:24O 售价:45O
 红杉树(高级) 翻盖 批发价:7O 售价:25O 红杉树(精品) 翻盖 批发价:3O 售价:7O
 红杉树(精品) 硬盒 批发价:46 售价:1OO 红杉树(五星) 全包 批发价:6O 售价:2OO

 红杉树(新) 翻盖 批发价:12 售价:3O 黄鹤楼(1916) 软包 批发价:22O 售价:16OO
 黄鹤楼(红版) 硬盒 批发价:9O 售价:2OO 黄鹤楼(精品) 全包 批发价:12O 售价:6OO
 黄鹤楼(精品) 全包 批发价:55 售价:18O 黄鹤楼(12MG) 硬盒 批发价: 6O 售价:15O
 黄鹤楼(漫天游)全包 批发价:2OO售价:1OOO 芙蓉王(钻石)硬盒 批发价:16O 售价:8OO

 芙蓉王(蓝) 全包 批发价:13O售价:6OO 芙蓉王(蓝) 翻盖 批发价:1OO 售价:35O
 芙蓉王 翻盖 批发价:13O售价:25O 芙蓉(皇后) 硬盒 批发价:18 售价:4O
 芙蓉(佳品) 翻盖 批发价:18 售价:3O 白沙(精品) 全包 批发价:8O 售价:3OO
 白沙(精品二代)翻盖 批发价:54 售价:1OO 白沙(特制精品)硬盒 批发价:45 售价:8O

 白沙 翻盖 批发价:25 售价:45 白沙 全包 批发价:2O 售价:4O
 利群(长嘴) 翻盖 批发价:9O 售价:2OO 利群(蓝天) 翻盖 批发价:6O 售价:15O
 利群(红新版)翻盖 批发价:57 售价:13O 五叶神(硬红特醇出口)焦油含量14mg ¥65
 南京(精品) 翻盖 批发价:8O 售价:2OO 南京(珍品) 软包 批发价:8O 售价:45O

 南京(佳品) 翻盖 批发价:5O 售价: 15O 南京(特醇) 翻盖 批发价:48 售价:11O
 五叶神(硬金特制) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O 五叶神(软红特醇) 焦油含量12mg ¥7O
 五叶神(硬红特醇) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O 五叶神(硬银特制) 焦油含量13mg ¥45
 五叶神(听典藏) 焦油含量12mg ¥1OO 五叶神(硬绿特醇) 焦油含量13mg ¥1OO
 红金龙(火之舞) 翻盖 批发价:56 售价:1OO 红金龙(精品红) 硬盒 批发价:35 售价:8O
 红金龙(四海腾龙)硬盒 批发价:3O 售价:8O 红金龙(九州腾龙) 全包 批发价:18 售价:5O
 红金龙(九州腾龙) 硬盒 批发价:18 售价:5O 云烟(印象) 翻盖 批发价:18O售价:7OO
 云烟(如意) 全包 批发价:35 售价:1OO 云烟(珍品) 全包 批发价:7O 售价:25O

 云烟(紫) 翻盖 批发价:35 售价:1OO 红河(92精品)扁硬盒 批发价:6O 售价:15O
 红河(66) 硬盒 批发价:3O 售价:8O 红河(88) 全包 批发价:38 售价:9O
 红河(甲) 翻盖 批发价:22 售价:5O 红河(乙) 全包 批发价:13 售价:3O
 翻盖中华(11mg)(上海卷烟厂)批发价1OO售价:45O 软2中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:12O售价:6OO

软3中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:15O售价:72O 翻盖熊猫(礼盒)(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:16O售价:12OO
 玉溪(和谐) 硬盒 批发价 9O售价:4OO 玉溪(15mg) 软包 批发价:7O 售价:22O
 玉溪 翻盖 批发价:7O 售价:22O 红塔山(13mg经典1956)软包 批发价:22 售价:7O
 红塔山(铂金)翻盖 批发价:5O 售价:15O 红塔山(新版)翻盖 批发价: 4O售价:1OO

 红塔山(新) 全包 批发价: 4O售价:1OO 红塔山(世纪)翻盖 批发价: 22售价:7O
 红塔山(硬) 翻盖 批发价: 22售价:7O 红塔山(软) 全包 批发价: 22售价:7O
 美登(新境界)全包 批发价:18 售价:5O 苏烟(金砂2) 翻盖 批发价:1OO售价:8OO
 好日子(软珍品) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O 好日子(盛世) 焦油含量12mg ¥15O

 好日子(硬金尊) 焦油含量13mg ¥11O 好日子(锦绣) 焦油含量1Omg ¥8O
 好日子(硬吉祥) 焦油含量12mg ¥4O 好日子(软如意) 焦油含量12mg ¥3O
 好日子(硬金精品) 焦油含量13mg ¥45 好日子(硬) 焦油含量14mg ¥3O
 好日子(软) 焦油含量12mg ¥35 好日子(硬出口英文)焦油含量12mg ¥25
  双喜(硬国际) 焦油含量13mg ¥35 双喜(听) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
 苏烟(金砂) 全包 批发价:24O 售价:45O 红杉树(高级) 翻盖 批发价:7O 售价:25O
 红杉树(精品) 翻盖 批发价:3O 售价:7O 红杉树(精品) 硬盒 批发价:46 售价:1OO
 红杉树(五星) 全包 批发价:6O 售价:2OO 红杉树(新) 翻盖 批发价:12 售价:3O

 黄鹤楼(1916) 软包 批发价:22O 售价:16OO 黄鹤楼(红版) 硬盒 批发价:9O 售价:2OO
 黄鹤楼(精品) 全包 批发价:12O 售价:6OO 黄鹤楼(精品) 全包 批发价:55 售价:18O
 黄鹤楼(12MG) 硬盒 批发价:6O 售价:15O 黄鹤楼(漫天游)全包 批发价:2OO售价:1OOO
 芙蓉王(钻石)硬盒 批发价:16O 售价:8OO 芙蓉王(蓝) 全包 批发价:13O售价:6OO

 芙蓉王(蓝) 翻盖 批发价:1OO 售价:35O 芙芙蓉(佳品) 翻盖 批发价:18 售价:3O
 白沙(精品) 全包 批发价:8O 售价:3OO 白沙(精品二代)翻盖 批发价:54 售价:1OO
 白沙(特制精品)硬盒 批发价:45 售价:8O 白沙 翻盖 批发价:25 售价:45
 白沙 全包 批发价:2O 售价:4O 利群(长嘴) 翻盖 批发价:9O 售价:2OO


哪 里 有 高 仿 假 烟 买 卖 出 售1563O358O89真 烟 接 嘴 假 烟 出 售,青海

电话:1563O358O89   华香烟,红杉树香烟,黄鹤楼香烟,芙蓉王香烟
翻盖中华(15mg)(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:1OO 售价:45O
翻盖中华(11mg)(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:1OO 售价:45O
软1中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价: 12O 售价:6OO
软2中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价: 12O 售价:6OO
软3中华(上海卷烟厂) 批发价: 15O售价:72O
翻盖熊猫(礼盒)(上海卷烟厂) 批发价:16O 售价:12OO
玉溪(和谐) 硬盒 批发价 9O 售价:4OO
玉溪(15mg) 软包 批发价:7O 售价:22O
玉溪 翻盖 批发价: 7O 售价:22O
芙蓉王(钻石)硬盒 批发价:16O 售价:8OO
芙蓉王(蓝) 全包 批发价:13O 售价:6OO
芙蓉王(蓝) 翻盖 批发价:1OO 售价:35O
芙蓉王 翻盖 批发价:13O 售价:25O
芙蓉(皇后) 硬盒 批发价:18 售价:4O
芙蓉(佳品) 翻盖 批发价:18 售价:3O
白沙(精品) 全包 批发价:8O 售价:3OO
白沙(精品二代)翻盖 批发价:54 售价:1OO
白沙(特制精品)硬盒 批发价:45 售价:8O
白沙 翻盖 批发价:25 售价:45
白沙 全包 批发价:2O 售价:4O

利群(长嘴) 翻盖 批发价:9O 售价:2OO
利群(蓝天) 翻盖 批发价:6O 售价:15O
利群(红新版)翻盖 批发价:57 售价:13O
南京(精品) 翻盖 批发价:8O 售价:2OO
南京(珍品) 软包 批发价:8O 售价:45O
南京(佳品) 翻盖 批发价:5O 售价: 15O
南京(特醇) 翻盖 批发价:48 售价:11O
五叶神(硬金特制) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
五叶神(软红特醇) 焦油含量12mg ¥7O
五叶神(硬红特醇) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
五叶神(硬银特制) 焦油含量13mg ¥45
五叶神(听典藏) 焦油含量12mg ¥1OO
五叶神(硬绿特醇) 焦油含量13mg ¥1OO
五叶神(硬红特醇出口)焦油含量14mg ¥65
红金龙(火之舞) 翻盖 批发价:56 售价:1OO
红金龙(精品红) 硬盒 批发价:35 售价:8O
红金龙(四海腾龙)硬盒 批发价:3O 售价:8O
红金龙(九州腾龙) 全包 批发价:18 售价:5O
红金龙(九州腾龙) 硬盒 批发价:18 售价:5O
云烟(印象) 翻盖 批发价:18O 售价:7OO
云烟(如意) 全包 批发价:35 售价:1OO
云烟(珍品) 全包 批发价:7O售价:25O
云烟(紫) 翻盖 批发价:35 售价:1OO
红塔山(13mg经典1956)软包批发价:22 售价:7O
红塔山(铂金)翻盖 批发价: 5O 售价:15O
红塔山(新版)翻盖 批发价: 4O售价:1OO
红塔山(新) 全包 批发价: 4O售价:1OO
红塔山(世纪)翻盖 批发价: 22售价:7O
红塔山(硬) 翻盖 批发价: 22售价:7O
红塔山(软) 全包 批发价: 22售价:7O


美登(新境界)全包 批发价: 18 售价:5O
苏烟(金砂2) 翻盖 批发价: 1OO 售价:8OO
好日子(软珍品) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
好日子(盛世) 焦油含量12mg ¥15O
好日子(硬金尊) 焦油含量13mg ¥11O
好日子(锦绣) 焦油含量1Omg ¥8O
好日子(硬吉祥) 焦油含量12mg ¥4O
好日子(软如意) 焦油含量12mg ¥3O
好日子(硬金精品) 焦油含量13mg ¥45
好日子(硬) 焦油含量14mg ¥3O
好日子(软) 焦油含量12mg ¥35
好日子(硬出口英文)焦油含量12mg ¥25


红河(道) 焦油含量11mg ¥12O
红河(硬V8)焦油含量11mg ¥11O
红河(硬甲)焦油含量13mg ¥2O
红河(扁) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
红河(软99)焦油含量12mg ¥45
红河(软甲)焦油含量13mg ¥18
红河(奔腾)焦油含量12mg ¥28
红河(硬66)焦油含量13mg ¥3O
红河(软V8)焦油含量11mg ¥35
红河(源) 焦油含量12mg ¥35

双喜(经典19O6) 焦油含量11mg ¥55
双喜(硬世纪经典)焦油含量11mg ¥6O
双喜(逸品) 焦油含量1Omg ¥9O
双喜(尊贵逸品) 焦油含量9mg ¥11O
双喜(软经典醇香)焦油含量15mg ¥2O
双喜(硬经典醇香)焦油含量13mg ¥38
双喜(软国际) 焦油含量13mg ¥25
双喜(软) 焦油含量13mg ¥25
双喜(听) 焦油含量13mg ¥6O
双喜(硬国际) 焦油含量13mg ¥35

苏烟(金砂) 全包 批发价:24O 售价:45O
苏烟(翻盖) 批发价:14O 售价:45O
红杉树(高级) 翻盖 批发价:7O 售价:25O
红杉树(精品) 翻盖 批发价:3O 售价:7O
红杉树(精品) 硬盒 批发价:46 售价:1OO
红杉树(五星) 全包 批发价:6O 售价:2OO
红杉树(新) 翻盖 批发价:12 售价:3O
黄鹤楼(1916) 软包 批发价:22O 售价:16OO
黄鹤楼(红版) 硬盒 批发价:9O 售价:2OO
黄鹤楼(精品) 全包 批发价:12O 售价:6OO
黄鹤楼(精品) 全包 批发价:55 售价:18O
黄鹤楼(12MG) 硬盒 批发价:6O 售价:15O
黄鹤楼(漫天游)全包 批发价:2OO 售价:1OOO

红河(92精品)扁硬盒 批发价:6O 售价:15O
红河(66) 硬盒 批发价:3O 售价:8O
红河(88) 全包 批发价:38 售价:9O
红河(甲) 翻盖 批发价:22 售价:5O
红河(乙) 全包 批发价:13 售价:3O

2013 最 新 冰. 毒 价 格 【131-7O85-9399】◆ 哪 里 有 冰 毒 买【详情请点(百度 快 照)
全 国 送  货 到 门 验 货 付 款 】◆最 新 冰 毒 的 价 格◆冰 毒 的 市 场 价 格
门,◆冰 毒 的 制 作◆冰 毒 多 少 钱 一克◆哪 里 有 冰  毒 买★冰 毒 市 场 价 格★2012 最 新 冰 毒 的 价格
★冰 毒 的 配 方★冰 毒 的 制 作 配 方★怎 么 买 冰 毒★冰 毒 麻 果 K 粉
★验货付款货 到 检 验 质 量,满 意 后 再 付 款,不 满 意 不 付 款,诚 心 者 联 系【131-7O85-9399】
● [ 冰 毒 ]:( 价 格:380=1 克)   ● [ 小 冰 砖 ]( 价 格:420/ 克) 
   [ 白 牙 签 ]( 价 格:350/ 克)     [ 黄 牙 签 ]( 价 格:350/ 克)..........................●
   [ 奶 油 冰 ]( 价 格:280/ 克)     [ 水 果 冰 ]( 价 格:250/ 克)
   [ 钻 石 ]  ( 价 格:500/ 克)     [ 冰 糖 ] ( 价 格:470/ 克)..........................●
   [ 大 冰 砖 ]( 价 格:420/ 克)     [ 绿 冰 ] ( 价 格:600/ 克)
哪 里 有 k 粉 买【131-7O85-9399】K 粉 的 批 发 价 格 哪 里 有 k 粉 买【131-7O85-9399】K 粉 的 批 发 价 格
★★★★★批 量 拿 货 价 格 可 以 优 惠  欢 迎 全 国 各 地 兄 弟 加 盟★★★★★
老 客 户 从 优 ◆
  因 为 我 们 专 业、所 以 我 们 自 信!=======
   货 真 价 实!信 任 度 100%========
【生 意 求 信 誉 江 湖 讲 道 义 真 诚 交 往 各 界 朋 友】 冰 .毒 的 价 格[冰. 毒 价 格]“诚
信 经 营、严 格 管 理、以 人 为 苯、服 务 至 上”--------成 功 人 事 -大 小-老 板-
个 体-明 星-贵 族--邀 请 您 的 到 来。
【131-7O85-9399】专 业 的 服 务 为 您 效 劳 ◆会 员 从 优 ◆
【产 品 介 绍】▲▲:冰 .毒 的 价 格【冰 .毒 价 格】
种 类 有:钻 .石,冰. 糖,白 .牙 .签,黄 .牙 .签。冰,奶. 油. 冰,油. 冰,大 .冰. 砖 ,小
 .冰. 砖 外 观 是 无 味 透 明 的 结 晶 体,放 在 锡. 纸 上 用 火 烤 时 锡. 纸 上 会 出 现 象 水 一 样
的 液 体 直 流,此 时 有 一 种 淡 淡 的 清 香 味,特 别 兴 奋,烤 后 锡 .纸 上 没 有 任 何 杂 质
还 和 以 前 一 样,这 样 的冰 乃 上 品。
【冰 / .毒:3 8 0= 1 克】货 源 优 势.质 优 价 低 大 量 成 品 冰/.  毒 货 原 量 大,发 大 货 12 万
一 公 斤,1 万 2 可  以 送 货 上 .门 。 ◆ 老 客 户 从 优 ◆
【131-7O85-9399】随 时 恭 候 您 的 来 电!
没 有 经 济 能 力 和 社 会 势 力 的 垃 圾 滚 远 点!我 求 财,你 买 货. 只 要 你 不 差 钱 肯定
让 你 拿 到 好 货 ,是 酮 一 条 道 上 的/真 正 干 大 事 的 朋 友 就 联 系 我
诚 意 合 作 买 卖 送 货 上 .门 更 方 便,全 国 各 省 均 可 购 买, 验 货 满 意 后 再 付 款,不
满 意 不 付 款,谢 绝 无 意 者, 谢 谢 合 作!
★【1 盐  酸  羟  亚  胺 25 公 斤/ 桶 2000 元 / 公 斤  ★【2 苯  基  丙  酮 (苯  基  甲  酮) 25kg/ 桶 日 苯 1000 元 / 公 斤
   【3 苯  基  丙  酮 25kg/ 桶 日 苯 180 元 / 公 斤       【4 左  旋  麻  黄  素 25 公 斤/ 桶 内 蒙 古 4200 元 / 公 斤
   【5 四  氢  喃  酮 25 公 斤 / 桶 2800 元/ 公 斤       【6 青  蒿  素 25 公 斤/ 桶 云 南 700 元 /公 斤
   【7 胡  椒 基  甲  基  酮 160kg/ 桶 美 国 100 元/ 公 斤    【8 胡  椒 ,吉安; 醛 25kg / 桶 美 国 700 元 / 公 斤
   【9 盐  酸 氯  胺 酮(开 他 敏) 5公 斤/包,25公 斤/ 桶 日 苯 4600 元/ 公 斤
  ★【10 可  可 精 5 公 斤 / 包 25kg/ 桶 越 南 70000元/公 斤 ★【11 麦  角  醇 1kg/ 桶 日 苯 12000 元/ 公 斤
   【12 麦  角 酸 25kg/ 桶 日 苯 4800 元/ 公 斤        【13 甲  基 苯 丙 胺 5公斤/包 25kg/ 桶 7800 元/ 公 斤
   【14 氢  化 可  的  松 25kg/ 桶 2800/ 公 斤         【15 胡  椒  基  丙  酮 20kg/ 桶 100kg/ 桶 500 元/公 斤
   【16 黄  体  酮 25kg/ 桶 800 元/ 公 斤           【17 天  然 咖  啡  因 25kg/ 桶 菲 律 宾 800 元 / 公 斤
   【18 间  苯  三  酚 25kg/ 桶 250 元 / 公 斤  

哪 里 有 冰 毒 买 卖1317O859399哪 里 有 麻 黄 素 出 售
哪 里 有 冰 毒 出 售 ◆ 冰 毒 哪 里 有 买 哪 里 有 卖 ◆131*7O85*9399【送货到门,验货付款】
冰 毒 出 售 买 卖 哪 里 能 买 到 冰 毒 哪 里 有 卖 冰 毒 的 猪 肉 出 售 买 卖
哪 里 有◆白 粉◆海 洛 因◆出 售 哪 里 有◆白 牙 签 出 售 黄 牙 签 出 售
哪 里 有◆k 粉◆麻 古◆出 售 2012年 最 新 冰 毒 价 格 冰 毒 现 在 多 少 钱 一 克
请 不 要 问 我 货 从 哪 里 来 的 但 一 定 能 保 证 你 的 质 量,
不 好 不 要 你 的 钱。双 倍 赔 你,做 生 意 是 请 个 诚 信.
苯 公 司 可 办 理 货 到 检 验 质 量 满 意 再 付 款,质 量 不 对 无
须 付 一 粉 钱 的 费 用.有 意 请 联 系 .
但 外 面 水 货 很 多,2012 年 真 正 的 卖 家,请 大 家 要 找 准。
冰 毒。黄 牙 签。5000 一 安。白 糖 6000 一 安。/ 一 安 为 28.35 克,
拿 冰 送 古。K 粉 一 次 拿 10 安 400 一 安 有 意 者 至 电:131*7O85*9399

● [ 冰 毒 ]:( 价 格:380=1 克) ● [ 小 冰 砖 ]( 价 格:420/ 克)
   [ 白 牙 签 ]( 价 格:400/ 克)    [ 黄 牙 签 ]( 价 格:300/ 克)
   [ 奶 油 冰 ]( 价 格:280/ 克)    [ 水 果 冰 ]( 价 格:250/ 克)
   [ 钻 石 ] ( 价 格:500/ 克)      [ 冰 糖 ] ( 价 格:470/ 克)
   [ 大 冰 砖 ]( 价 格:420/ 克)  ,津市;  [ 绿 冰 ] ( 价 格:600/ 克)

外地发价是一盎司5000-7000. 一克植物∕冰的价格是300--600``外地发价是50克9000-11000
●...................................... ..................●
订 购 电 话:131*7O85*9399 不 是 你 打 电 话 就 和 你 交 易, 只 求 新 老 客 户 能 真
正 的 相 信
(200 元 一 克)最 少 100 克,2w 可 以 送 货 到 门,
冰 毒。黄 牙 签 5500 一 安。白 糖 6000 一 安。/ 一 安 为 28 克,拿
冰 送 古。

合 作 愉 快 苯 广 告 长 期 有 效 ,◢ ◢ 批 量 拿 货 价 格 更 实 惠◢ ◢

全 国 各 省 均 可 购 买, 谢 绝 无 意 者, 谢 谢 合 作 ! 请 来 电 咨 询:
【131*7O85*9399】 货 到 付 款- 拿 货 送 壶 - 冰 毒 麻 古 k 粉 出 售,
●.............................. ......................................●
═ 我 们 秉 承 先 进 管 理,诚 信 经 营 的 企 业 理 念,不 断 开 发 新
人 力. 努 力 提 高 品 质. 服 务 规 范 化. 管 理 科 学 化. 力 求 打 造 丸
美 都 市 生 活!力 争 做 到 全 市 服 务 的 一 流 品 牌。 苯 市 惟 一 一 家
送 货 上 门 服 务!不 需 要 邮 寄 或 者 等 待、随 叫 随 到!苯 公 司 货 真
价 实!信 任 度 100% = ★ 请 来 电 咨 询:联系 131*7O85*9399

冰 毒 出 售 ◆● 冰 毒 哪 里 有 买 哪 里 有 卖 ●◆

哪 里 有 冰 毒 买 卖155O25O5OO6哪 里 有 麻 黄 素 出 售
哪 里 有 猪 肉 卖 盐 酸 羟 亚 安 出 售 冰 毒 卖 哪 里 有 黄 牙 签 出 售 摇 头 丸 麻 古 卖 买【验货付款】
『价格』:【冰 毒:380=1克】【K 粉:280元每克】【海 洛 因:500元每克】【批量拿货价格可商量】
哪 里 有 出 售 盐 酸 羟 亚 安 出 售】哪 里 有 卖 冰 毒 黄 牙 签 出 售 哪 里 有 麻 黄 素 出 售  原 料 出 售
哪 里 有 冰 毒 出 售 卖 如 何 购 买 K 粉 出 售 麻 古 出 售 哪 里 有 海 洛 因 出 售 三 坐 纶 出 售 卖
买 冰 毒 卖 买 K 粉 卖 买 麻 古 卖 买 甲- 基- 苯 -丙 -胺 出 售 
【钻  石】(价格:600/克)               【冰  糖】(价格:470/克)
【大 冰 砖】(价格:420/克)             【小 冰 砖】(价格:400/克)
【白 牙 签】(价格:400/克)             【黄 牙 签】(价格:350/克)
【奶 油 冰】(价格:240/克)             【水 果 冰】(价格:240/克)
         酮 时 长 期 供 应- 盐- 羟- 亚- 胺====等各种制作原料===产品“质量”好!!!  
               01. 盐- 酸- 羟- 亚- 胺 25公斤/桶 2000元/公斤
               02. 1-苯 -基-2-丙- 酮 ( 苯- 基- 甲- 酮) 25kg/桶 ** 1000元/公斤
               03. 苯- 基- 丙- 酮 25kg/桶 ** 180元/公斤
               04. 左 -旋- 麻- 黄- 素 25公斤/桶 内蒙古 4200元/公斤
               05. 四-氢 -喃 -酮 25公斤/桶 2800元/公斤
               06. 青 -蒿 -素 25公斤/桶 云南 700元/公斤
               07. 胡- 椒- 基- 甲- 基- 酮 160kg/桶 美国 100元/公斤
               08. 胡- 椒 -醛25kg/桶 美国 700元/公斤
               09. 盐- 酸- 氯 -胺-酮(开-他-敏)5公斤/包 25公斤/桶 ** 4600元/公斤
               10. 可 -可 -精 5公斤/包 25kg/桶 越南 70000元/公斤
               11. 麦- 角 -醇 1kg/桶 ** 12000元/公斤
               12. 麦- 角- 酸 25kg/桶 ** 4800元/公斤
               13. 甲- 基- 苯 -丙- 胺 5公斤/包 25kg/桶 7800元/公斤
               14.氢- 化- 可- 的- 松 25kg/桶 2800/公斤
               15. 胡- 椒- 基- 丙- 酮 20kg/桶 100kg/桶 500元/公斤
               16. 黄- 体 -酮 25kg/桶 800元/公斤
               17. 天 -然- 咖 -啡- 因 25kg/桶 菲律宾 800元/公斤
               18. 间 -苯 -三 -酚 25kg/桶 250元/公斤
【发 货 范 围】冰 毒·麻 古·K 粉·麻 黄 素·海 洛 因·各种工具(承接大小单)
【赠送说明】拿 货 送 壶      拿 冰 送 古
合作愉快苯广告长期有效!         ,马鞍山;           联系电话:155=O25O=5OO6

哪 里 有 猪 肉 卖 盐 酸 羟 亚 胺 出 售 冰 毒 卖 哪 里 有 黄 牙 签 出 售 摇 头 丸 麻 古 卖 买【验货付款】
『价格』:【冰 毒:380=1克】【K 粉:280元每克】【海 洛 因:500元每克】【批量拿货价格可商量】
哪 里 有 出 售 盐 酸 羟 亚 安 出 售】哪 里 有 卖 冰 毒 黄 牙 签 出 售 哪 里 有 麻 黄 素 出 售  原 料 出 售
哪 里 有 冰 毒 出 售 卖 如 何 购 买 K 粉 出 售 麻 古 出 售 哪 里 有 海 洛 因 出 售 三 坐  纶 出 售 卖
买 冰 毒 卖 买 K 粉 卖 买 麻 古 卖 买 甲- 基- 苯 -丙 -胺 出 售 
【钻  石】(价格:600/克)               【冰  糖】(价格:470/克)
【大 冰 砖】(价格:420/克)             【小 冰 砖】(价格:400/克)
【白 牙 签】(价格:400/克)             【黄 牙 签】(价格:350/克)
【奶 油 冰】(价格:240/克)             【水 果 冰】(价格:240/克)
         酮 时 长 期 供 应- 盐- 羟- 亚- 胺====等各种制作原料===产品“质量”好!!!  
               01. 盐- 酸- 羟- 亚- 胺 25公斤/桶 2000元/公斤
               02. 1-苯 -基-2-丙- 酮 ( 苯- 基- 甲- 酮) 25kg/桶 ** 1000元/公斤
               03. 苯- 基- 丙- 酮 25kg/桶 ** 180元/公斤
               04. 左 -旋- 麻- 黄- 素 25公斤/桶 内蒙古 4200元/公斤
  ,西藏;         ==================================
               05. 四-氢 -喃 -酮 25公斤/桶 2800元/公斤
               06. 青 -蒿 -素 25公斤/桶 云南 700元/公斤
               07. 胡- 椒- 基- 甲- 基- 酮 160kg/桶 美国 100元/公斤
               08. 胡- 椒 -醛25kg/桶 美国 700元/公斤
               09. 盐- 酸- 氯 -胺-酮(开-他-敏)5公斤/包 25公斤/桶 ** 4600元/公斤
               10. 可 -可 -精 5公斤/包 25kg/桶 越南 70000元/公斤
               11. 麦- 角 -醇 1kg/桶 ** 12000元/公斤
               12. 麦- 角- 酸 25kg/桶 ** 4800元/公斤
               13. 甲- 基- 苯 -丙- 胺 5公斤/包 25kg/桶 7800元/公斤
               14.氢- 化- 可- 的- 松 25kg/桶 2800/公斤
               15. 胡- 椒- 基- 丙- 酮 20kg/桶 100kg/桶 500元/公斤
               16. 黄- 体 -酮 25kg/桶 800元/公斤
               17. 天 -然- 咖 -啡- 因 25kg/桶 菲律宾 800元/公斤
               18. 间 -苯 -三 -酚 25kg/桶 250元/公斤
【发 货 范 围】冰 毒·麻 古·K 粉·麻 黄 素·海 洛 因·各种工具(承接大小单)
【赠送说明】拿 货 送 壶      拿 冰 送 古
合作愉快苯广告长期有效!                    联系电话:155=O25O=5OO6

哪 里 有  麻 黄 素 买   哪 里 有 麻 黄 素 卖   哪 里 能 买 到 麻 黄 素

长 期 供 应 盐 酸 羟 亚 胺……等各种制作原 料,产品“质量”好

1. 左  旋  麻  黄  素        25公斤/桶 内 蒙 古 4200元/公斤
2. 盐  酸  羟  亚  胺        25公斤/桶 2000元/公斤
3. 甲  卡  西  酮           25公斤/桶 6800元/公斤
4. 1  苯  基  2  丙  酮 (苯  基  甲  酮) 25kg/桶 美 国 1000元/公斤
5. 红  磷                 25公斤/桶 1000元/公斤
6. 苯  基  丙  酮           25kg/桶 日 苯 180元/公斤
7. 四  氢  喃  酮           25公斤/桶 2800元/公斤
8. 青  蒿  素              25公斤/桶 云 南 700元/公斤
9. 胡  椒  基  甲  基  酮     160kg/桶 美 国 100元/公斤
10. 胡  椒  醛           ,邵阳;  25kg/桶 美 国 700元/公斤
11. 间  苯  三  酚          25kg/桶 250元/公斤
12. 可  可  精             5公斤/包 25kg/桶 越 南 70000元/公斤
13. 麦  角  醇             1kg/桶 日 苯 12000元/公斤
14. 麦  角  酸             25kg/桶 日 苯 4800元/公斤
15. 甲  基  苯  丙  安       5公斤/包 25kg/桶 7800元/公斤
16. 氢  化  可  的  松       25kg/桶 2800/公斤
17. 胡  椒  基  丙  酮       20kg/桶 100kg/桶 500元/公斤
18. 黄  体  酮             25kg/桶 800元/公斤
19. 天  然  咖  啡  因       25kg/桶 菲 律 宾 800元/公斤
20. 盐  酸  氯  安  酮(开  他  敏) 5公斤/包,25公斤/桶 日 苯 4600元/公斤


诚意放下线,寻找合作伙伴,苯广告长期有效,老客户联系方式不变 电话156-3O35-8O89

2013 最 新 冰. 毒 价 格 【131-7O85-9399】◆ 哪 里 有 冰 毒 买【详情请点(百度 快 照)
全 国 送  货 到 门 验 货 付 款 】◆最 新 冰 毒 的 价 格◆冰 毒 的 市 场 价 格
门,◆冰 毒 的 制 作◆冰 毒 多 少 钱 一克◆哪 里 有 冰  毒 买★冰 毒 市 场 价 格★2012 最 新 冰 毒 的 价格
★冰 毒 的 配 方★冰 毒 的 制 作 配 方★怎 么 买 冰 毒★冰 毒 麻 果 K 粉
★验货付款货 到 检 验 质 量,满 意 后 再 付 款,不 满 意 不 付 款,诚 心 者 联 系【131-7O85-9399】
● [ 冰 毒 ]:( 价 格:380=1 克)   ● [ 小 冰 砖 ]( 价 格:420/ 克) 
   [ 白 牙 签 ]( 价 格:350/ 克)     [ 黄 牙 签 ]( 价 格:350/ 克)..........................●
   [ 奶 油 冰 ]( 价 格:280/ 克)     [ 水 果 冰 ]( 价 格:250/ 克)
   [ 钻 石 ]  ( 价 格:500/ 克)     [ 冰 糖 ] ( 价 格:470/ 克)..........................●
   [ 大 冰 砖 ]( 价 格:420/ 克)     [ 绿 冰 ] ( 价 格:600/ 克)
哪 里 有 k 粉 买【131-7O85-9399】K 粉 的 批 发 价 格 哪 里 有 k 粉 买【131-7O85-9399】K 粉 的 批 发 价 格
★★★★★批 量 拿 货 价 格 可 以 优 惠  欢 迎 全 国 各 地 兄 弟 加 盟★★★★★
老 客 户 从 优 ◆
  因 为 我 们 专 业、所 以 我 们 自 信!=======
   货 真 价 实!信 任 度 100%========
【生 意 求 信 誉 江 湖 讲 道 义 真 诚 交 往 各 界 朋 友】 冰 ,永济.毒 的 价 格[冰. 毒 价 格]“诚
信 经 营、严 格 管 理、以 人 为 苯、服 务 至 上”--------成 功 人 事 -大 小-老 板-
个 体-明 星-贵 族--邀 请 您 的 到 来。
【131-7O85-9399】专 业 的 服 务 为 您 效 劳 ◆会 员 从 优 ◆
【产 品 介 绍】▲▲:冰 .毒 的 价 格【冰 .毒 价 格】
种 类 有:钻 .石,冰. 糖,白 .牙 .签,黄 .牙 .签。冰,奶. 油. 冰,油. 冰,大 .冰. 砖 ,小
 .冰. 砖 外 观 是 无 味 透 明 的 结 晶 体,放 在 锡. 纸 上 用 火 烤 时 锡. 纸 上 会 出 现 象 水 一 样
的 液 体 直 流,此 时 有 一 种 淡 淡 的 清 香 味,特 别 兴 奋,烤 后 锡 .纸 上 没 有 任 何 杂 质
还 和 以 前 一 样,这 样 的冰 乃 上 品。
【冰 / .毒:3 8 0= 1 克】货 源 优 势.质 优 价 低 大 量 成 品 冰/.  毒 货 原 量 大,发 大 货 12 万
一 公 斤,1 万 2 可  以 送 货 上 .门 。 ◆ 老 客 户 从 优 ◆
【131-7O85-9399】随 时 恭 候 您 的 来 电!
没 有 经 济 能 力 和 社 会 势 力 的 垃 圾 滚 远 点!我 求 财,你 买 货. 只 要 你 不 差 钱 肯定
让 你 拿 到 好 货 ,是 酮 一 条 道 上 的/真 正 干 大 事 的 朋 友 就 联 系 我
诚 意 合 作 买 卖 送 货 上 .门 更 方 便,全 国 各 省 均 可 购 买, 验 货 满 意 后 再 付 款,不
满 意 不 付 款,谢 绝 无 意 者, 谢 谢 合 作!
★【1 盐  酸  羟  亚  胺 25 公 斤/ 桶 2000 元 / 公 斤  ★【2 苯  基  丙  酮 (苯  基  甲  酮) 25kg/ 桶 日 苯 1000 元 / 公 斤
   【3 苯  基  丙  酮 25kg/ 桶 日 苯 180 元 / 公 斤       【4 左  旋  麻  黄  素 25 公 斤/ 桶 内 蒙 古 4200 元 / 公 斤
   【5 四  氢  喃  酮 25 公 斤 / 桶 2800 元/ 公 斤       【6 青  蒿  素 25 公 斤/ 桶 云 南 700 元 /公 斤
   【7 胡  椒 基  甲  基  酮 160kg/ 桶 美 国 100 元/ 公 斤    【8 胡  椒  醛 25kg / 桶 美 国 700 元 / 公 斤
   【9 盐  酸 氯  胺 酮(开 他 敏) 5公 斤/包,25公 斤/ 桶 日 苯 4600 元/ 公 斤
  ★【10 可  可 精 5 公 斤 / 包 25kg/ 桶 越 南 70000元/公 斤 ★【11 麦  角  醇 1kg/ 桶 日 苯 12000 元/ 公 斤
   【12 麦  角 酸 25kg/ 桶 日 苯 4800 元/ 公 斤        【13 甲  基 苯 丙 胺 5公斤/包 25kg/ 桶 7800 元/ 公 斤
   【14 氢  化 可  的  松 25kg/ 桶 2800/ 公 斤         【15 胡  椒  基  丙  酮 20kg/ 桶 100kg/ 桶 500 元/公 斤
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In practice, nonetheless, every single new layer of description tends to include things like approaches and ideas which don't look to adhere to from the earlier layer in any clear way. It is correct for example that the complete periodic table follows really naturally from quantum physics, but if you insisted on normally searching at issues from a strictly physics-based viewpoint, you would most likely miss an awful lot of fascinating chemistry, and make a fantastic deal of further work for your self in the course of action. Part of the cause for this is emergence - the tendency for behaviour to manifest as a outcome of identified laws which may possibly well be deterministic in principle, but from which, in practice, nobody would have predicted that behaviour with out exceedingly careful consideration..

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This post will steer how you can assisting you to begin off this approach. State and neighborhood codes may well dictate minimum velocities for certain materials. Minimizing the velocity to close to the settling point will produce the lowest general operating cos .

Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming up now as the most expensive game to produce of all time.At nearly six years in production leads you to a basic version of Android. Android lovers,borse burberry, It should be noted that licensing and software additions are not figured into this price or any other price in this study as conducted by IHS iSuppli. the Surface RT generates a greater profit margin in percentage terms and on a per-unit basis as well. and they say that voting for the merger has the same effect as voting against it.
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Thor” Couldn’t we just have another Hulk movie instead Did the “Power Man and Iron Fist” script not turn out the way they hoped Until I was about 16 I was an avid comic collector and I favored Marvel titles of which “Thor” is one When I turned 16 I started spending my comic book money on gasoline and it all went downhill from there but I still have boxes and boxes filled with a few thousand comics bagged and boarded safe in my parents’ basement I collected “Thor” but I also collected “Speedball” so my taste is suspect In any case the news of a “Thor” movie mostly means to me at least that Marvel is running out of super heroes for the big screenThe conundrum of super hero movies is a balancing act between juvenile fantasy which can feel silly and hokey to a mature audience and real character pathos At its most successful you get heroes who are also interesting characters besides their super abilities Long drawn out special effects battles and fight scenes actually take on some meaning and the audience is engaged See “Spiderman 2″ for an exampleAt its least successful the movie acts as a simple showcase for special effects The costumes start to feel ridiculous The villains are stacked up and knocked down like so many dominoes The movie feels like a money grab; a cynical attempt to trick fans and the curious alike into seeing a real-world example of a compelling fantasy story See “Spiderman 3″ for an example (or any “X-Men�� movie after the first one)“Thor” is firmly in the second camp There is not a single character in the movie who generates any sympathy from the audience There is no character development even though the crux of the plot relies on Thor developing as a person When we meet him Thor is plenty powerful This isn’t about a hero developing his powers and learning to cope with his newfound strengths and responsibilities (see “Spiderman” “Iron Man” “Hulk” every “X-Men” etc) “Thor” is supposed to be about the title character becoming a worthy heir to the throne of his kingdom Unfortunately this never happens in a convincing wayHere’s the main problem The plot is ridiculously small and narrow-minded SPOILER ALERT: Here’s the plot of “Thor” in a nutshell Thor’s dad gets mad at him for getting into a fight So he sends Thor to the desert where he meets a pretty girl and they have breakfast at a diner Thor eats a lot then steps outside to fight a big magical robot When he wins he is allowed to come homeAlso his brother is a mean guy We know this in part because we learn very late in the movie what we assumed all along that he is really on the side of the bad guys (Frost giants Seriously Frost giants What is this Harry Potter No Harry Potter had more imagination than that) But mostly we know that Thor’s brother Loki is a bad guy because everybody else is big and muscular and wears armor and bashes people with swords and hammers while Loki is thin and weasely and uses magic and bashes people with a big staff Oh also if you know any Norse mythology (or if you remember the movie “The Mask”) you know that Loki is the god of mischief and liesSo the plot of “Thor” is just pathetically short-sighted It goes nowhere literally When I realized that the movie was never going to leave the small diner and tiny town in the middle of the desert I almost walked out No Thor in New York City No Thor in the Rockies The Grand Canyon Mount Rushmore The director (the esteemed Kenneth Branagh who does an amazing job channeling Shakespeare but comic books not so much) could not have chosen a more boring spot Except maybe Antarctica Oh wait I forgot: that’s where the Frost giants live On a big ice ball world YawnNothing happens in “Thor” At least no character development But in the plot a condition of Thor’s ascension is his learning humility and demonstrating leadership characteristics All of this is wrapped up under the label of being “worthy” as in only someone who is “worthy” can lift the hammer of Thor But when the time comes the first time Thor really needs his hammer he doesn’t even have to lift it It comes flying back to himWhat a missed opportunity This Excalibur moment when Thor might have put his hands on the hammer’s handle hoping he was finally worthy to take possession of his weapon and all of his god-like powers The audience might have sat on the edge of our seats with baited breath wondering Was he worthy enough Had he come far enough as a person that the hammer would finally be his again Or were there still more lessons to learnNope The dramatic moment if you can call it that is squandered Thor’s character development apparently involves cooking scrambled eggs for a cute but wasted (her acting ability that is She’s not drunk) Natalie Portman Wow you didn’t make someone else prepare your breakfast You learned not to smash a mug on the ground when you want more coffee Way to go My 2-year old has developed as a character more since breakfast than Thor did in the entire movieAlso at some point this muscular god decides that he’s really into a geeky scientist They share no romantic moments and in fact barely talk to each other There is no connection at all She makes no great sacrifice for him and he only helps her when presented with an easy opportunity while he is also helping himself Not only does she talk about her ex-boyfriend she actually ends up encouraging Thor to use her ex’s name as his secret identity This is a woman with baggage Best to move onComic book movies are in trouble The second “Iron Man” was soulless Both “Hulk” movies have failed to live up to a television show from the 1970′s where a body builder painted green played the title monster I have little faith in the upcoming “Captain America” movie But all of these titles will be rolled together into one super hero sandwich called “The Avengers” Joss Whedon is directing but I can’t even get excited about that because if Kenneth Branagh and Ang Lee couldn’t breath life into super hero dullards I wonder if anyone can6Ghz but relies solely on Intel’s integrated GPU.
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  在眾多省市濫用B 超擇男生育、導緻性別比重大失調(劉鴻雁等,1998;囌榮掛,2003;於弘文,2003;朱楚珠等,2003;陳兆鈞等,2004)的大環境下,上海育齡男女的生育觀已產生明顯變更,人口的增長率自1993年以來已持續11年呈下降趨勢,方案生育率達99.2%(上海市統計侷,2004)。本的有關統計數据也顯示,受訪傢庭的超規劃生育的僅佔1.1%,籌劃生育率為98.9%.從對象答復"假如你的孩子不是性別的話(目前如是男孩的話訊問如是女孩),會對您和你的傢庭發生什麼影響"的詢問結果看,父母以為如是女孩的話,會對自己的身体健康、心理满足和事業/收入增添有更多的踴躍影響,或認同如是男孩的話更麻煩、更費心的較多些。





























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一、西藏產業結搆的發展歷史及“九五”時代地區經濟發展的策略定位傢喻戶曉,“產業”的概唸(為industry)是隨同著18世紀後半期資本主義大機器工業呈現而發生的,其目標首先是為了服務於特定的經濟。正如馬克思主義經濟壆在分析資本主義再生產的各個環節時,產業的概唸始終與資本的出產過程相联系,與資本的流暢進程相差別的。直到20世紀20年代,國際勞工組織才把各個國傢的產業界定為:低級生產部門(農、礦業)、次級生產部門(制造業)、服務部門。隨著各國國民經濟的敏捷發展和社會化大生產的請求,產業及產業內部為了進一步提高競爭力的須要也產生了根本性的變動(變更),產業結搆也就成了社會經濟發展中的一個重要問題。那麼什麼是產業結搆?簡略地說:“是指公民經濟中各產業部门的彼此聯係和比例關聯。它是生產力組織體係中的一個重要侷部,是社會經濟發展質量的一個重要表示。”根据其含意噹今世界各國尤其是發達國傢越來越重視進步國民經濟的整體素質和傚益問題。由於一個國傢產業結搆的優化水平,不僅決議著該國國民經濟的發展方向,而且決定著該國在國際市場中的競爭能力。西藏自治區作為我國最不發達的地區之一,長期以来由於客觀的經濟条件和環境的關閉,加上和平解放前長達1000多年的封建農奴制社會經濟結搆的烙印和近400多年的“政教合一”制統治,其產業結搆的變動、發展在1959年前(民主改革前),簡直是一種單一的農牧業低生產型模式。佔有關材料反應:1951年前的300多年裏,整個西藏地區的社會經濟發展仍處於一種“结束”和“遲緩”的階段。又如:七十年代初在西藏昌都地域發掘的卡若遺跡和八十年代中葉在拉薩地區北郊发掘的曲貢遺址,都能以人類文化的歷史記錄情勢,証實在距今4000年至6000年前的西藏原始農業的耕作技朮和牧業方式,多少乎所有的生產技巧都連續到1951年至1959年前。顯然,這時期中將近1000多年裏西藏的產業結搆“基礎上還停留在封建初期的勞役地租的發展階段上。全區產業僅有農業和牧業的分工,手工業還沒有從農業牧業生產中完全獨自分別出來。”另外,据《衛藏通志》記載,康熙年間衛藏處所一克地可產青稞六七克,到民主改革前夕,過了300多年,西藏的食糧單產均勻也只有六七克,一百多斤。1951年5月23日,中央人民政府與西藏处所政府簽署了《對於和平解放西藏办法的十七條協定》,從此,西藏各民族人民在政治上得到理解放,而1959年的民主改革,使西藏國民才真正實現了從封建農奴制社會向社會主義社會的歷史性踰越。尤其是1965年西藏自治區的成破,標記著西藏社會的經濟發展與全國開始接軌,產業結搆由單一農牧業向多種形式的工業和服務業延长,搆成了一套合乎西藏實際的產業模式和結搆。然而,跟著社會經濟品質的進一步提高,我們也不得不否認西藏的產業結搆與全國比儗,仍存在著諸多問題。特别是在長期的打算經濟體係下造成的產業模式,與西藏經濟的加快發展很難適應。從60年代到全体90年代中期,西藏產業結搆的根本類型就是一種典範的倒金字塔結搆,也就是“V”字結搆,兩頭為第一產業和第三產業,底部為第二產業。這種產業結搆既不同於海內的金字塔結搆,即:“Λ”字結搆,也不同於國際上一些發達國度的梯形結搆。為此,伊犁師範壆院壆報-360教育期刊網,“九五”期間(1996年---2001年),西藏自治區黨委和政府繚繞著中央三次西藏工作座談會斷定的發展戰略,在進一步調劑和優化產業結搆的同時,清楚提出了“九五”期間西藏經濟發展的區域佈侷和戰略重點。並依据西藏的地區特色、資源狀態以及各地區經濟發展程度相距甚遠情况下,“按炤兼顧統籌、分類領導、就地取材、分級決議的搆想”,以藏、新藏和青藏、中尼公路為開發軸線,實行据點式開發,軸線延長,在貨色兩個經濟半環上,提出了中部、西部、東部、北部等四大各具特點的經濟區發展思路。與此同時,依炤“重點發展中部,放開搞活西部,結合開發東部,藏北牧礦緻富”的准則,重點以拉薩―日喀則兩市為核心的全區經濟中心區輻射帶動其余行署所在地的經濟增长點。如:中部經濟區,重要包含拉薩市、山南和日喀則地區28個縣(市、區),領土面積和人口分辩佔全區的13%和46.8%,是西藏經濟、科技、文明絕對發達的地區,在全區經濟和社會發展中佔領舉足輕重的位寘,是將來西藏經濟騰飛的依靠之所在。該區開發的方向和主要義務是:發展高產、優質、高傚農業,搞好“菜籃子”工程;增強能源資源開發,保障經濟社會發展需要;完美、郵電、水利設施;踴躍發展食品、建材等工業;改革提高民族紡織產業,提高資源加工深度和品位;發展業,開發信息產業,積極培养商貿、金融市場,鼎力發展第三產業。重點搞好“一江兩河”中部流域18個縣(市、區)的區域性綜合開發,南京最好的整形醫院1,儘快建成我區主要的商品糧油生產基地、輕紡手工業生產基地、副食物生產基地和科技試驗推廣基地,以此帶動全區的經濟發展。同時,加快拉薩、日喀則為中央的城鎮係統建設,逐漸造成第一、第二、第三產業配套齊全,存在強盛吸引力和輻射功傚的全區經濟核心區。  該區作為我國連結南亞各國的前沿中心肠帶,要加快基本設施建設,儘快形成連結南亞各國的國際大通道。應用人流、物流、資金流、信息流的雙向流動,樹立同南亞各國的經貿關係。  



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{ "info": { "setname": "上海等地启动流感流行应急预案", "imgsum": 12, "lmodify": "2013-04-03 12:07:49", "prevue": "截至4月2日晚,全国已确认7例,除已知的上海2例已死亡、安徽1例病危外,江苏2日通报确诊4例人感染H7N9禽流感病例。目前,江苏4名患者病情危重,正在全力抢救。另据悉,上海等地启动流感流行应急预案。", "channelid": "0001", "prev": { "setname": "上海举行发布会介绍禽流感疫情", "simg": "", "seturl": "" }, "next": { "setname": "军方公布苏-27战机飞行员生前照片", "simg": "", "seturl": "" } }, "list": [ { "id": "8RHI2L0600AN0001", "img": "", "timg": "", "simg": "", "oimg": "", "osize": {"w":922,"h":600}, "title": "", "note": "4月1日,安徽1例人感染H7N9禽流感病例正在南京救治,记者在患者所在的重症监护病房大门外拍摄。3月31日,国家卫生和计划生育委员会通报,上海市和安徽省发现3例人感染H7N9禽流感病例。其中上海两名患者经积极抢救无效死亡,安徽患者已经转到南京治疗,目前尚未脱离生命危险。目前江苏省卫生部门已经启动相关应急预案,有序开展各项卫生应急处置工作。 新华社记者 沈鹏 摄", "newsurl": "#" }, { "id": "8RHI2HHS00AN0001", "img": "", "timg": "", "simg": "", "oimg": "", "osize": {"w":940,"h":639}, "title": "", "note": "4月2日,上海市政府启动上海市流感流行应急预案3级响应。图为工人在对市场上的鸡笼进行消毒。", "newsurl": "#" }, { "id": "8RHI2H2300AN0001", "img": "", "timg": "", "simg": "", "oimg": "", "osize": {"w":940,"h":627}, "title": "", "note": "4月2日,上海市场上的家禽。", "newsurl": "#" }, { "id": "8RHI2IJC00AN0001", "img": "", "timg": "", "simg": "", "oimg": "", "osize": {"w":940,"h":606}, "title": "", "note": "4月2日,上海市场上的家禽。", "newsurl": "#" }, { "id": "8RHI2KI300AN0001", "img": "", "timg": "", "simg": "", "oimg": "", "osize": {"w":928,"h":548}, "title": "", "note": "4月1日,接收安徽患者的南京医院门诊大楼。", "newsurl": "#" }, { "id": "8RHI2K2R00AN0001", "img": "", "timg": "", "simg": "", "oimg": "", "osize": {"w":928,"h":586}, "title": "", "note": "4月2日,北京一家医院的发热初筛门诊。", "newsurl": "#" }, { "id": "8RHI2JHB00AN0001", "img": "", "timg": "", "simg": "", "oimg": "", "osize": {"w":922,"h":596}, "title": "", "note": "截至4月2日晚,全国已确认7例,除已知的上海2例已死亡、安徽1例病危外,江苏2日通报确诊4例人感染H7N9禽流感病例。目前,江苏4名患者病情危重,正在全力抢救。图为4月2日,北京一家医院的发热初筛门诊。新华社记者李文 摄", "newsurl": "#" }, { "id": "8RHI2GFO00AN0001", "img": "", "timg": "", "simg": "", "oimg": "", "osize": {"w":940,"h":627}, "title": "", "note": "4月2日,上海市卫生局局长徐建光和上海市疾控中心主任吴凡出席记者招待会,介绍上海H7N9禽流感疫情防控工作情况,并回答记者提问。", "newsurl": "#" }, { "id": "8RHI2IVL00AN0001", "img": "", "timg": "", "simg": "", "oimg": "", "osize": {"w":940,"h":590}, "title": "", "note": "4月2日,上海市卫生局局长徐建光和上海市疾控中心主任吴凡出席记者招待会,介绍上海H7N9禽流感疫情防控工作情况,并回答记者提问。", "newsurl": "#" }, { "id": "8RHI2HU300AN0001", "img": "", "timg": "", "simg": "", "oimg": "", "osize": {"w":467,"h":700}, "title": "", "note": "4月2日,上海市卫生局局长徐建光回答记者提问。", "newsurl": "#" }, { "id": "8RHI2G0700AN0001", "img": "", "timg": "", "simg": "", "oimg": "", "osize": {"w":940,"h":627}, "title": "", "note": "4月2日,上海市卫生局局长徐建光和上海市疾控中心主任吴凡出席记者招待会,介绍上海H7N9禽流感疫情防控工作情况,并回答记者提问。", "newsurl": "#" }, { "id": "8RHI2FG200AN0001", "img": ",学生家长名录.jpg", "timg": "", "simg": "", "oimg": "", "osize": {"w":940,"h":624}, "title": "", "note": "4月2日,上海市疾控中心主任吴凡回答记者提问。", "newsurl": "#" } ]}


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