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Laughs Abound

Eleven year old Jeff Greenaway is in love and on the loose in Manhattan circa 1962.
This book will crack you up.
For adults.

Sheer antic delight” — Remsen Pilchard


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JHK’s lost classic now reprinted as an e-book
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Archive | April, 2009

KunstlerCast #62: Swine Flu & Pirates

Are Some of JHK’s Predictions Coming True?

Released: April 30, 2009.

James Howard Kunstler talks about the recent outbreak of swine flu and the increased attention to modern-day pirates. Several bloggers have noted some similarities between current headlines and the …

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The Joker

     Things come out of the woodwork. All of a sudden it’s a mutant H1N1 swine flu, with bird and human DNA accessories. We don’t know where this is taking us. It could be a media blowover, like SARS, …

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KunstlerCast #61: Getting to Work

Planes, Trains, Boats, Bicycles and Telecommuting

Released: April 23, 2009.

Host Duncan Crary has been taking James Howard Kunstler’s ideas about water transport seriously. This Spring, Duncan is bringing back passenger riverboat commuting service to the Hudson River in Albany. …

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Note: Hope = Truth

     People of good intentions and progressive predilection are scratching their heads wondering just how President Barack Obama managed to turn himself into George W. Bush Lite with sugar-on-top just twelve weeks after that fateful walk down the US …

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KunstlerCast #60: Bad Behavior & Urban Policing

The Broken Window Theory, Car Cops and Rising Tensions in Tough Times

Released: April 16, 2009.

James Howard Kunstler often advocates for a return to urban living arrangements. But urban living often bring residents into close proximity to bad behavior. …

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The Coming Siege of Austerity

     It’s a curious symptom of the consensus trance zombifying the American public and its auditors in the media that something like a “recovery” is now deemed to be underway. And, as events compel me to repeat in this space, …

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KunstlerCast #59: The Role of Bicycles

Bicycle Commuting, Transportation & NYC’s Broadway Pedestrian-Bicycle Project.

Released: April 9, 2009.

James Howard Kunstler responds to a listener who doesn’t understand why Jim sounds kind of down on bicycle transportation. Kunstler clarifies his position on bicycles — he’s a …

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Strange Days

     Even while a wave of reflex nausea washed over America last week, and the unemployment rolls swelled by much more than another half million, the greatest stock market suckers’ rally in seventy years pulled in the last of the …

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KunstlerCast #58: New Urbanism in South Africa

Kunstler Reports on His Recent Trip to Johannesburg

Released: April 2, 2009.

James Howard Kunstler reports on two recent trips he took. First he talks about his appearance at the annual Aspen Institute Environmental Forum, where talk of alternative fuel, …

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