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December 2012

Freeway tangle in Northern VA + kustler's eyesore of the month 12-2012

      Behold the landscape of Happy Motoring in its latest iteration in northern Virginia, that is, the Washington DC suburbs. It's significant that the very seat of policy and governance in our country is the epicenter of cluelessness about the fate of our tragic car dependency. They just see endless new layers added onto the existing clusterfuck, and you can be sure that money will continue to be created for it -- though it is suicidal for our society.
     Thanks to Anthony LaMasa for sending it in, and for his comment: "Virginia's new automated express lanes that have resulted in multiple accidents since being phased in several weeks ago as confused drivers attempt to back up and proceed on the 'free' (i.e. taxpayer-funded) roads instead."

     Merry Christmas everybody

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